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Blanche Macdonald Centre Graduate Profiles * Please click the names below to view their profiles.

Make-up Artistry Graduates Andrea Tiller, Make-up Artist, Vancouver, BC ......................................................................................... 2 Jayna Bussiere, Make-up Artist, Vancouver, BC ..................................................................................... 4 Heather Remillard, Make-up Artist, Las Vegas, Nevada...................................................................... 6 Jonathan Seti, Make-up Artist, Las Vegas, Nevada ............................................................................... 8 Elenka Cornejo, Make-up Artist, Mexico City......................................................................................... 10 Lorena Cabrera, Make-up Artist, Mexico City. ....................................................................................... 12 Michelle Meurehg, Make-up Artist, Cuernavaca, Mexico.................................................................. 15 Lily Lin, Make-up Artist, Taipei, Taiwan . ................................................................................................. 18 Linda Chang, Make-up Artist, Taipei, Taiwan . ....................................................................................... 21 Yuichi Ikeda, Make-up Artist, Tokyo, Japan ........................................................................................... 22 Clifton Kwan, Make-up Artist, Hong Kong.............................................................................................. 24

Fashion Graduates Roberta Rodger, Fashion Designer, Vancouver, Canada .................................................................... 25 Matthew Burditt, Fashion Designer, Vancouver, Canada . ................................................................. 27 Theola Wong, Fashion Designer, Boston, USA ...................................................................................... 29 Roger Shum, Marketing Manager, Hong Kong. ..................................................................................... 30 Ashley and Jessica Weaver, Fashion Agency Entrepreneurs, Vancouver, Canada . .................. 32 Irene Yokoo, Production Manager, Vancouver, Canada ...................................................................... 34 Bo Wu, Sales and Merchandising Head, Vancouver, Canada ........................................................... 34 Carmen Watson, Merchandising Coordinator, Vancouver, Canada ................................................. 35 Pat Yang, Assistant Coordinator, Vancouver, Canada .......................................................................... 35

Esthetics Graduates Susan Turner, Spa Owner, Vancouver, Canada . .................................................................................... 36 Kristen Foote, Esthetician, Vancouver, Canada . ................................................................................... 38 Karen Melynchuk, Laser Technician, Vancouver, Canada ................................................................. 39 Fontini Corletti, Esthetician, Vancouver, Canada ................................................................................. 40 Daniela Belmondo, Esthetician, Vancouver, Canada . ......................................................................... 41

Blanche Macdonald Hair Program Career Placements.............................................................. 42

Andrea Tiller Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Make-up Artist, Vancouver BC

Growing up, Andrea Tiller knew that she had a flair for the arts and fashion. As a student in Blanche Macdonald’s Master Make-up Artistry Program, Andrea excelled in various makeup competitions; she was awarded first place for her flawless application at the “Make Up For Ever” Island Competition. She then decided to continue expanding her career path with the international “Make Up For Ever” company. With numerous experiences and editorials, Andrea is represented by NOBASURA, one of the most prestigious artist management agencies in North America. She has grown to be an in-demand makeup+hair artist for fashion shows, print advertising, editorial work and special events. Andrea works extensively in Bridal Makeup and Personal Cosmetic Shopping. She is quickly building a reputation as one of Vancouver’s most exciting new artists and is a top choice for clients. BMC: What were some of the challenges in your path to establishing your reputation as one of Vancouver’s most exciting new talents? AT: Being an artist is a challenging way to make a living, especially in Vancouver; therefore I really had to concentrate on getting the right team together (in my case photographer and wardrobe stylist...with lots of trial and error...but every experience being something that I learnt from) and put my work out there where it could be seen by the RIGHT people in the industry. I also did tons of volunteer gigs where I met different contacts and was introduced to new opportunities. I had and still have a MySpace page, model mayhem profile and now have my official website: www.andreatillermakeup. com. These tools really helped me promote my art and kept the contacts that I wanted to have always updated with my latest work. This allowed me to meet one of my biggest supporters and mentors, Jon Hennessey, who is also a BMC Makeup graduate and is the creative director and owner of the agency I am signed with: NOBASURA which translates to “no garbage” in Spanish. We have a tight roster of artists that are amazing people and that are top-tier in the fashion and entertainment industry. Check out the site: other shoots in California but I was already booked. It was an honor to be asked though! 2

BMC: Tell me about Miss Latina and Miss Universe Canada? AT: For Miss Universe Canada, I just helped out with some of the promo shots for contestants from Vancouver; however, Miss Latina Canada 2009 was a ton of fun. I got flown to Toronto for a week by a client of mine to be her personal makeup and hair artist for that pageant. I am also of Latin descent so it was an amazing time to get reconnected with my roots and help my client take home the crown. The pageant that I was doing the makeup and hair for turned out in the end as the 2nd runner up and winning the title of Miss Photogenic. It’s great because most of my clients end up being lifetime friends, so it didn’t even feel like a business trip. BMC: What was your most memorable editorial gig? AT: As I mentioned before, all my experiences are memorable, but I really love it when there are exotic animals on set from chinchillas to lion head rabbits. I remember doing a shoot where I had to work around 6 snakes (one was the albino python that Britney Spears had for her “Slave for You” music awards performance). I am still scheduled to shoot with a cheetah and a crocodile, cant wait! I also love, love, love working on fashion shows. I work well under pressure when it comes to makeup. On most of my jobs 90% of the time I always go into it not having a clue about what I am going to do, most of it is always “free-styling” and those are the jobs that you always end up coming out of thinking, “Did I just do that? Sweet!”. BMC: With such a busy schedule have there been any interesting opportunities you had to decline due to a conflict in your schedule? AT: Of course! I had the chance to work New York Fashion Week this September, but my schedule didn’t allow it until next year. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to different places but under the circumstances and schedule conflicts the only places I’ve travelled to so far for work include Toronto and various cities within BC. Every job is unforgettable to me. It doesn’t even feel like a job. I am quite blessed and fortunate that I make a living painting faces and meeting great people along the way. BMC: What is life like working at an International Makeup Company like Make Up For Ever? AT: I’ve been associated with “Make Up For Ever” since I was in fundamentals in Blanche. I won their Vancouver Island competition a week or so after I started school and stuck with them ever since. Every artist has their right fit in regards to cosmetic companies. I feel that MUFE represents me as an artist to the T... their products are amazing, top quality and their proactive professional attitude towards the industry speaks volumes. I work at The Make Up For Ever counter at The Bay Downtown Vancouver with a small team of really talented artists that breathe and live this industry. This company allows me to do what I do best without any boundaries. At the counter we do beautiful bridal makeup to extreme Cirque du Soleil style. It’s all about the art and what feels right to you, not about the newest colors and collection that just came out. I am also fortunate enough to be able to teach master classes/ seminars on a regular basis to students and other fellow professionals. I usually focus on high end fashion and photography makeup. BMC: How was your experience at Blanche Macdonald? AT: My experience at Blanche Macdonald was essential. If it wasn’t for Blanche I would have never had the confidence to pursue this industry full throttle and being able to live my dream job. I would have never met the wonderful contacts and most of them were my teachers that still support me in many ways up to this day. I hope to one day share my knowledge with the students there too. BMC: What would you tell future students that are attending to Blanche Macdonald? AT: I have a few but important words of advice for future students that plan to attend Blanche: give it 150% when you’re a student and graduate because it not an easy industry to break into, network network and network....don’t expect things to come to you. Dream big and aim high but work hard everyday for it, be consistent! You’ll have the time of your life at Blanche. I’ll never forget my classmates and the experiences I encountered there.


Jayna Bussiere Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Make-up Artist, Vancouver BC

After studying at the University in Kelowna for 3 years, Jayna decided to pursue her creative passions and study professional Makeup Artistry at Blanche Macdonald. Over the past few years, Jayna has developed a blockbuster career as a busy, busy international wedding, fashion and makeup effects artist. She has worked for such prestige lines as Estee Lauder, Benefit and Bobbi Brown and was recently featured in GLOSS Magazine for her inside Bridal Makeup tips. Jayna has been booked for over 60 weddings this year. One weekend found her schedule packed with up to 6 weddings! BMC: In what parts of the world have you worked as a makeup artist? JB: So far, makeup has taken me many wonderful places from doing weddings in Whistler and Galiano Island to doing photo shoots in Thailand, Mexico and Hawaii... BMC: From your travels have you worked in any unique or unforgettable settings? JB: I did one photo shoot at a temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand that was absolutely breathtaking. I did hair and makeup right there in the middle of the temple with people watching and asking about what we were doing. The model loved the was a hot, beautiful day. I felt very blessed. I also did a shoot on the beach in Waikiki at sunset. It was truly amazing...the beach was crowded with tourists taking pictures of the model and us. The pictures that came from that shoot are some of my favorite work. BMC: How did you come about being a makeup artist for one of the top stock Photographers in N.Y? JB: The photographers Project Manager contacted me from New York and asked if I was available to do two weeks of photo shoots with them. I said I was and that they would want to meet with me and take a look at my portfolio (even though I had a website). I didn’t have a portfolio printed at the time so I had two days to pull one together. I was so nervous and stressed out! When I met the photographer, he was so serious and I was very intimidated...but after the meeting I hugged him and I think it took him off guard. I was told that they interviewed a bunch of makeup artists but


after 3 hrs, they called me to say I got the job. After working with him that time, he wanted me to come with him to his other shoots in California but I was already booked. It was an honor to be asked though! A year later, he came to Vancouver to do more shoots and hired me again. After working together for the second time, he asked if I would produce two weeks of shoots for him. I would be responsible for finding the locations, hiring the models, taking care of the budgets, payments etc. It was a HUGE challenge and lots of work but it felt good to do something different than just makeup and hair for a little bit! BMC: From retail to movies to commercials and weddings, which area is your favorite in the industry? JB: Wow! That’s a tough question! I love that I get to do all of them because it keeps life interesting. A couple weeks ago, for example, I woke up early to get a bride and her 3 bridesmaids ready in Port Moody then I went to Coquitlam to get 2 grads ready and after that, I went to Vancouver to turn a burlesque dancer into a sci-fi sexy snake involved some crazy makeup and a whole lot of body paint. It was so neat to do such a variety of things in one day. If I had to pick though, I would certainly say weddings. I love being able to make a bride look and feel her best. Sure brides are the pickiest clients, but I shouldn’t be working in the bridal industry if I can’t meet their expectations! BMC: 60 Weddings!! That is unbelievable, how did that happen? What would you say is the key to your success? JB: Every summer gets busier. The first year I started doing weddings, I was booked for 6. Then, the following year I moved to Vancouver (to go to Blanche) and was booked for about 15. The second summer in Vancouver I got booked for 37 and this year I’m getting close to being booked for 60 weddings between March and October! If you work hard and keep your clients happy they LOVE to tell their friends about you. I get most of my work through word of mouth! I would say the key to the success I’ve had up to this point is a combination of confidence and personality. I am careful to act calm and relaxed all the time, regardless of how crazy or stressed out I might feel inside. I never want the bride to feel panicked or rushed - only beautiful. BMC: Most memorable makeup job? JB: I was hired to do the hair and makeup for a wedding in Whistler. The bride paid for me to stay two nights in a really fancy hotel with a hot tub by the bed, a fireplace and everything! The surroundings were so beautiful and the bride was so great to work with...sometimes the perks can be amazing! BMC: How was your experience at Blanche Macdonald? JB: Blanche Macdonald was great for helping me build my confidence. I did hair and makeup before going to the school but was unable to reach my full potential until I learned how to use the resources and tools available to me. When I first started out, I did bridal makeup with a blush brush, and angle brush and q-tips. I really had no idea what all those other brushes were for! As soon as I learned all the different techniques, I was able to be even more creative. I made a lot of sacrifices to be able to go to Blanche so I wanted to be sure to get the most out of my time there. I really tried to get to know each of my instructors so that I could gain as much information and advice as possible. Everyone was so encouraging and supportive of my was the perfect place to start!


Heather Remillard Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Make-up Artist, Las Vegas

Heather Remillard always loved glamour. While studying for her Business Degree at the University of British Columbia, she designed and produced fantastic sequined and feathered outfits, and held costume evening soirees so friends could see her incredible creations. Ten years later, she’s turned this passion into a successful career. She’s now the Associate Director of Champagne Showgirls Inc (, a company that provides costumed showgirls, themed characters and models for casinos and blue-chip clients in Las Vegas and across North America. And an important springboard for her success was completing the one-year Makeup Program at Blanche Macdonald. “I’d earned my business degree and I wanted explore my creative side,” she smiles. “So I took a year off to explore the world of makeup – everything from beauty to special effects. I asked around and Blanche was the obvious choice. “In my youth, I’d always done very eccentric makeup as an extension of my personality. I adored costuming, makeup and fantasy. So going to Blanche Macdonald was an expressive avenue for me. Being at Blanche, I could expand my imagination, and make new friends. I found it strict, which was good for the younger students – getting them ready for the real world. Coming from the confines of university, for me it was refreshing.” After graduation, it only took one chance encounter to launch Heather’s career in glitz and glamour. Heather Remillard always loved glamour. While studying for her Business Degree at the University of British Columbia, she designed and produced fantastic sequined and feathered outfits, and held costume evening soirees so friends could see her incredible creations. Ten years later, she’s turned this passion into a successful career. She’s now the Associate Director of Champagne Showgirls Inc (, a company that provides costumed showgirls, themed characters and models for casinos and blue-chip clients in Las Vegas and across North America. And an important springboard for her success was completing the one-year Makeup Program at Blanche Macdonald. 6

“I’d earned my business degree and I wanted explore my creative side,” she smiles. “So I took a year off to explore the world of makeup – everything from beauty to special effects. I asked around and Blanche was the obvious choice. “In my youth, I’d always done very eccentric makeup as an extension of my personality. I adored costuming, makeup and fantasy. So going to Blanche Macdonald was an expressive avenue for me. Being at Blanche, I could expand my imagination, and make new friends. I found it strict, which was good for the younger students – getting them ready for the real world. Coming from the confines of university, for me it was refreshing.” After graduation, it only took one chance encounter to launch Heather’s career in glitz and glamour. “The River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond needed twelve Showgirls for its grand opening,” she explains. “I was asked to be the twelfth Showgirl! I was asked to do radio promotions with their marketing executive the next morning. But when I arrived, their costumes were missing. I suggested we visit my studio, as I had many colourful Showgirl costumes of my own. Off we went and the marketing executive was amazed that I had all these beautiful costumes. Soon she offered me a contract to provide official Showgirl hostesses at the River Rock Casino Resort.” Before long Heather was providing Showgirl super-hosts for the majority of casinos in the Vancouver area and soon found herself relocating to Montreal to meet the demands of Eastern Canada clients. Eventually the sparkling lure of the casino capital of the world proved impossible to resist, and Heather and her business partner moved to Las Vegas. Since then, Champagne Showgirls has been in continual demand at world famous casinos including Caesars, Harrah’s, and MGM; all the while providing costumed models for high-profile corporate clients like MTV, T-Mobile and IBM. Her day-to-day business is the world of costumes, but Heather hasn’t lost her love for makeup yet. “Before Blanche Macdonald, I would create any way I could. At Blanche I learned the techniques needed to get professional results. Now it plays a huge part in what I do. Dealing with hundreds of models every year, I have to give them tips on how they can improve their presence. When you’re a Showgirl, everybody’s watching – you have to understand theatrical makeup. I couldn’t do it without Blanche.”


Jonathan Seti Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Make-up Artist, Las Vegas

Jonathan Seti is a busy man. He’s Head of Hair and Makeup for Las Vegas production studio Dreamvision. He’s been Key Makeup Artist at the MTV Music Awards and the Latin Grammys. And he’s worked with some of the most recognizable politicians on Earth. Not bad going for a man who only decided his future lay in makeup on Halloween night three years ago. “My sister has a Halloween-slash-birthday party every year,” he explains from his Las Vegas office. “My brother had an intricate makeup costume that I ended up doing for him, similar to Darth Maul from Star Wars. Everyone at the party loved it. My brother said, ‘Why don’t you go to school for this?’ The next day I started looking for schools on line. “I requested some information from a few schools and the very next day Mary Hombrebueno from Blanche Macdonald actually called me. That first conversation lasted 45 minutes. A year later I was in Vancouver.” Not only had Jonathan put a well-paid job as a property manager on hold, he was moving from Las Vegas to Canada to pursue an entirely new career. Daunting on paper, but Jonathan had come prepared. “I knew I’d made the right decision before even I got to Blanche Macdonald, because of the people I’d spoken to there. I couldn’t go for a year because they didn’t have room. During that time I spoke to the head of the makeup program and Mary on numerous occasions. People there didn’t know me, but they already believed in me. They could hear in my voice how excited I was about taking that class. They knew I was going to put my heart and soul into it. Being away from your home and your fiancé for ten months isn’t an easy thing to do. You wonder if you’re making the right choice. There are people at Blanche Macdonald who assure you that you are, and before you know it you’ve stopped doubting yourself and doing makeup every day becomes a way of life. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” Jonathan had come to Vancouver with dreams of a career in special effects makeup. But the longer he spent at Blanche Macdonald, the more he realized that he was excelling in beauty makeup too. 8

“I was lucky enough to have some great teachers at Blanche Macdonald,” he insists. “My fundamentals teacher, Sandra Anderson, was a lot of fun. I did a hair program. I’m six foot four. With the size of fingers I have it’s not easy, but I had Michelle Morrison as my teacher who was one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. And then I met Sydney Silvert who I can honestly say was very influential in the way I think about makeup. From that point I knew I was in the right place. My work was making me smile after every application I did. I’d look at it and think, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I just did that’. I was working on a movie after I graduated when I suddenly stopped and said ‘Oh my God, Sydney was right!’ To see everything that he said actually come to life was so right on.” Since graduation Jonathan’s skills have been in almost permanent demand. He’s hasn’t been out of school long, but he’s already the first makeup artist called when America’s biggest events visit Las Vegas. “I was the Key Makeup Artist for the MTV Video Music Awards. That was phenomenal. People were offering me $1,000 for my Access All Areas badge. That turned into me being the Key Makeup Artist for the Latin Grammys. I personally had to make up the tenor Andrea Bocelli in his dressing room while he was warming up his voice. People pay thousands of dollars to see this man perform, and I had my own private show. “I’ve worked with CNN a couple of times. The first time was over All-Star Weekend when the NBA was in town. I got to do makeup for Wolf Blitzer, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and the mayor of Las Vegas. When CNN came back to Las Vegas for the Democratic National debate I got a call from the Head of Makeup and I got to do the makeup for John Edwards and Barack Obama. We had to hop on a trolley from the dressing rooms to the debating hall. It was myself and the two other makeup artists, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and four secret service men. I remember thinking, is this real? Not every job comes with the risk of potential assassination. Sometimes it’s just fun. Like the time Jonathan worked with Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen’s Really Big Show, a two-hour variety show on TBS. “She is exactly the way you see her on Television,” he promises. “She never stops joking around and is always having fun.” “We’re always busy here at Dreamvision too. We’ve done a number of commercials. We’ve worked with VH1. We had Hollywood movies come in.” Jonathan’s life may be busy making pop superstars and presidential candidates look good, but that doesn’t mean he’s had to abandon his passion for special effects makeup. “I did the effects on a short film called Jack The Ripper which won Best International Short Film at the Napoli Film Festival. It was only four minutes long but it was very, very gory. I got to be very creative.” Jonathan Seti is a busy man. But his busiest day still remains Halloween, when the same partygoers that encouraged him to pursue makeup professionally once again call on his services.” “Three years ago I only did my brother,” he laughs. “This past Halloween I did my brother, his girlfriend, my sister, her fiancé and myself. It’s funny, but looking back now that first costume really wasn’t that good.”


Elenka Cornejo Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Make-up Artist, Mexico City

BMC: What have you been doing since you graduated from Blanche Macdonald? ( I heard that you worked on a lot of photos shoots, weddings, music video and Fashion Week in Mexico) EC: When I was still in Vancouver I did a music video for Michelle Boback, and also keyed a fashion show for Seventy Three. When I got back to Mexico, luckily I was part of Bobbi Brown’s team for Mexico’s Fashion Week, I got to key one show, we did 5 shows in a row, including Nicky Hilton’s line. I also assisted in the cover of Elle Mexico, for Nicky Hilton with Bobbi. I also keyed an event for Roberto Cavalli. I am doing a lot of social make up, weddings, events. I am giving Special Effects courses in a make up agency here in Mexico, and I am also in charge (director) of the whole area of the course, it has been wonderful. I also have been doing commercials, for Toyota and Telmex (biggest phone company in Mexico). I have been assisting in big production movies such as “Navidad” and a Spanish one that still has no name. I am part of Roberto Ortiz’s and Carlos Sanchez’s team (these guys are two of the best make up artists for TV and Film in Mexico), so everything that has to do with TV and Film is because of them. I could not be with better people! And as well, freelancing and creating my own company. Honestly it could not get any better, I am so happy that I have had these opportunities. BMC: What are some of the interesting projects that you have done in Mexico? EC: Being in charge of the course in Make Up Agency, and teaching. Getting started in the film and fashion industries. Working for Bobbi Brown is something that I want to keep doing. I am also focusing on TV and Film (Special FX), as well as fashion. These are the areas I love the most. BMC: Who are some of the memorable faces on which you have worked? EC: I have worked with Adal Ramones (actor, has his own show “Otro Rollo”), we did a prosthetic piece to change his face (an old Santa’s elf) for his part in “Navidad”. Doing the make up for Nicky Hilton was also really exciting.


BMC: How have the skills and experiences at Blanche Macdonald helped you? EC: Without Blanche I could have not gotten to the place where I am right now. I am just starting and hopefully I will get far enough to bring Blanche’s name up high. All the skills, talking about make up obviously, could not be any better, but especially how to network, how to treat people and have a positive attitude are the most important things Blanche taught me. Also giving me the opportunity of competing in the stila contest, and meeting Shawn Peltier, was such an awesome experience. I cherish the friendship that we have built since I graduated. Thank you with all my heart for sharing this with me! Blanche changed my life drastically. Living in Canada on my own, and being part of Blanche was one of the best years I have ever lived. BMC: ¿Qué has estado haciendo desde que te graduaste de Blanche Macdonald? (He oído que has Trabajado en un muchas tomas de fotografia, bodas, música y video, Semana de la Moda en Mexico). EC: Cuando estaba aún en Vancouver hice un video musical de Michelle Boback, y también introdujé un desfile moda para Setenta y Tres. Cuando regresé a Mexico, por suerte yo era parte de Bobbi Brown para el equipo de la Semana de la Moda de Mexico, me dieron una clave para mostrar, hicimos 5 muestras en una fila, incluyendo la línea de Nicky Hilton. También me ayudó en la portada de Elle Mexico, para Nicky Hilton con Bobbi. También introdujé un evento de Roberto Cavalli. Estoy trabajando mucho en bodas,y eventos. Estoy dando cursos de efectos especiales en un organismo que hasta aquí, en Mexico, y también estoy a cargo (director), de toda el área del curso, que ha sido maravilloso. También he estado haciendo comerciales, de Toyota y Telmex (el más grande compañía de teléfonos en Mexico). He estado ayudando en la producción de grandes películas como “Navidad” y un español que todavía no tiene nombre. Soy parte de Roberto Ortiz y el equipo de Carlos Sánchez (estos chicos son dos de los mejores artistas de la TV y películas en Mexico), de modo que todo lo que tiene que ver con la televisión y cine, porque es de ellos. No podía ser mejor con la gente! Y así, independientes y crear mi propia empresa. Honestamente no podía conseguir nada mejor, estoy tan feliz de haber tenido estas oportunidades. BMC: ¿Cuáles son algunos de los proyectos interesantes que has hecho en Mexico? EC: Estar a cargo del curso en la Agencia Make Up, y la enseñanza. Primeros pasos en el cine y las industrias de la moda. Trabajo de Bobbi Brown es algo que quiero seguir haciendo. También estoy centrada en la televisión y de cine (Especial FX), así como la moda. Estas son las áreas en que la mayoría de amor. BMC: ¿Quiénes son algunos de los rostros memorables en los que has trabajado? EC: He trabajado con Adal Ramones (actor, tiene su propio programa “Otro Rollo”), hicimos una pieza de prótesis para cambiar su rostro (un viejo de los elfos de Santa) por su participación en “Navidad”. Haciendo la componen para Nicky Hilton fue también muy emocionante. BMC: ¿Cómo los conocimientos y experiencias en Blanche Macdonald te han ayudado? EC: Sin Blanche yo no podría haber llegado al lugar donde estoy ahora mismo. Me acaba de empezar y espero poder obtener lo suficiente para llevar el nombre de Blanche en alto. Todas las habilidades, hablando de compensar, obviamente, no podría ser mejor, pero sobre todo la forma de red, la forma de tratar a las personas y tener una actitud positiva son las cosas más importantes que me enseñó Blanche. También darme la oportunidad de competir en el concurso stila, y Shawn reunión Peltier, era una experiencia impresionante. Abrigo la amistad que hemos construido desde que me gradué. Muchas gracias de todo corazón por compartir conmigo este! Blanche cambió mi vida drásticamente. Vivir en Canadá en mi propia experiencia, y ser parte de Blanche fue uno de los mejores años que he vivido.


Lorena Cabrera Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Make-up Artist, Mexico City

BMC: What have you being doing since you graduated from Blanche Macdonald? LC: I have been working on TV commercials, photo shoots, theater and film. Also for various large companies in Mexico Pedro Domecq, Telcel, Barcel, Grupo Modelo, Grupo Sadasi, GNP Grupo Nacional Provincial, Universidad Intercontinental, Tetrapak, and Coca-Cola. I have been doing corrective and beauty makeup as well characters and some prosthetic pieces. BMC: Tell me about some of the current projects in which you have been working? LC: I had the opportunity to work on Mel Gibson’s Film: Apocalypto doing special makeup effects like tattoos, scarifications, piercing, facial jewelry and silicon distended earlobes. There was also a hand-application of Mayan tattoos for 1,000 extras. We (the crew) worked on this daily for several months. In theater I did a prosthetics application for the play “The Beauty and the Beast” and I worked in Mexico Fashion Week for different designers. BMC: How has the skills and experience you learned at Blanche Macdonald helped you? LC: A lot, I learned artistic and technical skills and that there is no “but zone”, you can do whatever you want. Be confident about your work and yourself. Experiment and try everything and you will get amazing results! BMC: What would you tell future students about Blanche Macdonald? LC: It’s the best professional experience that you could ever have. The school is amazing and above all teachers are the best, you can learn a lot from people that are currently working in the industry and they teach you how to solve real situations on set. It’s a great environment to learn makeup. BMC: What sort of impact or influence did Blanche Macdonald have on you while you were studying here? LC: I think learning in a place that gives you confidence is very important and Blanche Macdonald did that. I felt after studying at Blanche Macdonald that you can be sure you will do your best no matter where you’ll be working.


BMC: How did you feel about working on Apocalypto? Emotionally, was it overwhelming, scary? How did you build up your confidence to handle this amazing challenge? LC: It was a positive experience. From the beginning, I kept focused on work, always trying to do my best. BMC: How did you decide to come all the way from Mexico to Canada to take a makeup program? LC: I was interested in studying how special makeup effects are created. BMC: How did you hear about BMC’s reputation? Did you hear about us within your community? LC: I knew about Blanche through the Internet. BMC: What did you think about living in Vancouver? LC: Vancouver is a wonderful and cosmopolitan city. BMC: How was your English before you came to Vancouver? LC: I think my English was good initially but it definitely improved by the end of the program. BMC: How did you feel on the first day of class? Was Blanche Macdonald what you expected? Did we meet the expectations you had for Blanche? LC: My first day of class was overwhelming with all sorts of emotions but after few days later I felt more confident. BMC: ¿Qué ha hecho usted después de que se graduó de Blanche Macdonald? LC: He estado trabajando en comerciales de televisión, sesiones fotográficas, teatro y cine. También he trabajado para grandes empresas diferentes en Mexico , como Pedro Domecq, Telcel, Barcel, Grupo Modelo, Grupo Sadasi, Grupo Nacional Provincial (PNB), la Universidad Intercontinental, Tetrapak y Coca-Cola. He estado haciendo maquillaje de corrección, de belleza, de caracterización, así como también algunas piezas prostéticas. BMC: Cuénteme sobre algunos de los proyectos en curso, en los que usted ha estado trabajando? LC: Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar en la filmación de Mel Gibson: Apocalypto haciendo caracterización, al igual que tatuajes, sacrificados, perforaciones, joyería facial y expansiones lobulares de silicón. También hubo que hacer aplicaciones a mano de tatuajes mayas para 1000 extras. Toda la producción trabajamos en este rodaje por varios meses. En teatro trabajé con aplicaciones de piezas prostéticas, para la obra “La Bella y la Bestia”, y también he trabajado en “Fashion Week México” para diferentes diseñadores. BMC: ¿Cómo le han ayudado a usted las habilidades y la experiencia que aprendió en Blanche Macdonald? LC: Mucho, aprendí técnicas tanto de habilidad como artísticas, aprendí que uno puede hacer lo que quiera. Debes de confiar en tu trabajo y en ti mismo. Experimentando y probando todo, así obtendrás resultados asombrosos. BMC: ¿Qué le diría usted a los futuros estudiantes, sobre Blanche Macdonald? LC: Es la mejor experiencia profesional que uno pudiera tener. La escuela es sorprendente, y sobre todo, los profesores son lo mejor. Se puede aprender mucho de las personas que están trabajando actualmente en la industria y te enseñan a resolver situaciones reales estando dentro de cuadro. Es un gran ambiente para aprender maquillaje. BMC: ¿Qué tipo de impacto o influencia tuvo Blanche Macdonald en usted mientras estudiaba aquí? LC: Creo que el estar aprendiendo en un lugar que te da confianza es muy importante, y eso fue lo que hizo Blanche Macdonald. Después de haber estudiado ahí, sentí que puedes estar seguro de que harás lo mejor de ti, no importa donde trabajes.


BMC: ¿Cómo se sintió usted de haber trabajado en Apocalypto? Emocionalmente, ¿fue una experiencia abrumadora, de miedo? ¿Cómo construyó usted su confianza para manejar este increíble desafío? LC: Fue una experiencia positiva desde el principio, me mantuve concentrada trabajando, siempre tratando de hacer lo mejor de mi. BMC: ¿Cómo es que usted decidió venir desde México a Canadá para tomar un programa de maquillaje? LC: Yo estaba interesada en estudiar el cómo eran creados los efectos especiales de maquillaje. BMC: ¿Cómo se enteró de la reputación de BMC? ¿Ha oído acerca de nosotros dentro de su comunidad? LC: Yo supe acerca de Blanche a través de Internet. BMC: ¿Qué le pareció a usted la vida en Vancouver? LC: Vancouver es una ciudad cosmopolita y maravillosa. BMC: ¿Cómo era su Inglés antes de que usted llegara a Vancouver? LC: Creo que mi Inglés era bueno inicialmente, pero definitivamente mejoró al final del programa. BMC: ¿Cómo se sintió usted en el primer día de clase? Acaso Blanche Macdonald fue lo que esperaba? ¿Cumplimos con las expectativas que usted tenía de Blanche? LC: Mi primer día de clase fue abrumador, con todo tipo de emociones, pero con el paso de los días me sentí mucho más en confianza.


Michelle Meurehg Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Make-up Artist, Cuernavaca, Mexico

BMC: Tell me about your experience working with Gabriela Benito (BMC Makeup Graduate, top TV and Film Makeup artist in Mexico and recent Winner of the Ariel Award for Best Makeup for the film KM 31) in Guadalajara and Guanajuato? What were some of the things you learned from her? MM: “Fabulous!” is the word I would describe for the opportunity to work with Gabriela Benito on a commercial being filmed here in Mexico. At Blanche, we were taught a variety of different techniques and to be able to use them on set strengthened my understanding of it all. BMC: Where else have you worked as a make-up artist since graduating from Blanche? MM: Since graduating I have worked on a few independent films that were such an incredible learning experience for me. You just never stop moving; it’s a lot of work and long, tedious hours but to see the final presentation was a very proud moment for me. I have also been doing freelance work for brides and graduations in Mexico. I am working on building my clientele list and having fun at the same time. BMC: What were some of the challenges? MM: There are always challenges in this industry but you just have to be confident and resourceful - this is so important. Brides can be very emotional and there can be a lot of pressure. Knowing how to deal with all the emotions and to do your job can be frustrating and rewarding at the same time. BMC: How did the education and experience you gained at Blanche Macdonald help you? MM: Everyone at Blanche Macdonald from the directors to the instructors all took time to explain and show me the necessary steps that I needed to reach my goals. They showed me how my dream could become a reality. There was definitely a lot of work involved for everyone but it all came together in the end and I am now on my dream path.


BMC: What are some important factors for working as a Makeup Artist in Mexico’s Makeup/Fashion industry? MM: Working in Mexico is quite a bit different than what I have seen in Canada. It helps to have entrepreneurial skills and know how to use them as the unions and the guidance that we have in Canada is not quite the same in Mexico. To have the skills to do a beauty makeup one moment and then switch to a special effects application is very necessary. The industry in Mexico has grown a lot just in the last couple of years and I hope to see it continue. BMC: How did you hear about Blanche Macdonald Centre? MM: I found Blanche Macdonald on the web, I did not know what to expect as everything was so new to me but I immediately knew that I was not the only one in this position as there were students in my class from other countries too. I made some strong friendships with a lot of my classmates as well as great contacts around the world. It’s always very stressful and scary to actually be out in the industry alone but because the instructors at Blanche Macdonald took the necessary time to spend with me I now have the confidence and the knowledge to succeed in what ever comes my way. BMC: What would you tell future students about Blanche Macdonald Centre? MM: Blanche Macdonald was a home away from home for me and still is. Whenever I come back to Vancouver I always go back to visit with my instructors.

BMC: ¿Cuénteme acerca de su experiencia de trabajo con Gabriela Benito (BMC Maquillaje Postgrado, arriba Maquillaje de Cine y TV artista en Mexico y reciente ganador del Premio Ariel a la Mejor Maquillaje para la película KM 31) en Guadalajara y Guanajuato? ¿Cuáles son algunas de las cosas que has aprendido de ella? MM: “Fabulous!” Es la palabra que yo describiría de la oportunidad de trabajar con Gabriela Benito en un comercial que se filmó aquí, en Mexico. En Blanche, nos enseñaron una variedad de diferentes técnicas y para poder utilizarlos en conjunto fortalecido mi comprensión de todo. BMC: ¿Cuáles son otras obras que han hecho desde su graduación en Blanche? MM: Desde que se graduó, he trabajado en algunas películas independientes que se esta increíble experiencia de aprendizaje para mí. Sólo no dejar nunca de avanzar, es una gran cantidad de trabajo y largo, tedioso horas, pero para ver la presentación final fue un momento muy orgulloso de mí. También he estado haciendo trabajo autónomo para novias y graduaciones en Mexico. Estoy trabajando en la creación de la lista de mi clientela y pasarlo bien al mismo tiempo. Siempre hay desafíos en esta industria, pero sólo tienes que tener la confianza y recursos - esto es tan importante. Novias pueden ser muy emocionales y no puede haber mucha presión. Saber cómo tratar con todas las emociones y hacer su trabajo puede ser frustrante y gratificante a la vez. BMC: ¿Cuáles fueron algunos de los desafíos? MM: Siempre hay desafíos en esta industria, pero sólo tienes que tener la confianza y recursos - esto es tan importante. Novias pueden ser muy emocionales y no puede haber mucha presión. Saber cómo tratar con todas las emociones y hacer su trabajo puede ser frustrante y gratificante a la vez. BMC: ¿Cómo la educación y experiencia adquirida a nivel Blanche Macdonald han ayudado a usted? MM: Todo el mundo en Blanche Macdonald de los directores a todos los instructores se tomó un tiempo para explicar y mostrar los pasos necesarios que se requieren para alcanzar mis objetivos. Ellos me mostró cómo mi sueño podría convertirse en una realidad. Existía, sin duda una gran cantidad de trabajo que supone para todos, pero todos se unieron en la final y ahora estoy en mi sueño camino.


BMC: ¿Cuáles son algunos factores importantes para el trabajo como en Mexico Maquillaje Artista del Maquillaje / industria de la moda? MM: Trabajo en Mexico es un poco diferente a lo que he visto en Canadá. Nos ayuda a tener conocimientos empresariales y saber cómo utilizarlos como los sindicatos y la dirección que tenemos en Canadá no es exactamente la misma en Mexico. Para que tienen la capacidad de hacer un concurso de belleza, maquillaje un momento y luego cambiar a una aplicación de efectos especiales es muy necesario. La industria en Mexico ha crecido mucho sólo en el último par de años y espero que continúe. BMC: ¿Cómo se enteró de Blanche Centro Macdonald? MM: Blanche Macdonald he encontrado en la web, no sabía qué esperar, ya que todo era tan nuevo para mí, pero yo inmediatamente supe que yo no era el único en esta situación ya que hay estudiantes en mi clase de otros países también. He hecho algunas fuertes amistades con muchos de mis compañeros, así como grandes contactos en todo el mundo. MM: Siempre es muy estresante y de miedo a ser en realidad en la industria, sino porque los instructores en Blanche Macdonald tomó el tiempo necesario para pasar conmigo ahora tengo la confianza y los conocimientos para tener éxito en lo que cada vez que venga en mi camino. BMC: ¿Qué le dice a los futuros estudiantes sobre Blanche Centro Macdonald? MM: Macdonald Blanche es un hogar lejos del hogar para mí y sigue siendo. Siempre que volver a Vancouver siempre vuelvo a visitar con mis instructores.


Lily Lin Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Professional Makeup Artist - Taipei, Taiwan

BMC: What are some of the projects you have been working on since graduating from Blanche Macdonald? Who are some of the people you have worked with? LL: After graduating from BMC, I worked for Lola Cosmetics as their demo artist with a couple of former graduates from BMC. We did fashion shows, makeup events etc. all over Vancouver. That was a really great experience to have as a first job. I learned so much about cosmetic retailing and had many opportunities to work on different faces. Since I love fashion, I also worked as a freelance makeup artist on fashion shows and photo shoots. I got to collaborate with many great local fashion stylists, hair stylists and photographers.
After almost two years since graduating, I decided to relocate to Taipei City though I absolutely love Vancouver. The reason behind my decision is that the makeup industry in Taipei is extremely competitive. I hope that under more pressure I will be able to push myself even harder and become a better artist. BMC: Tell me about working at MAC in Taipei? LL: Working in Taipei is very different from working in Vancouver. Everyone’s moving at a faster pace. There are so many things to digest in a very short period of time. I work at the M.A.C Flagship store. It’s the only location that accepts the M.A.C Pro card. Therefore many industry people shop there; I was able to meet many local talents such as stylists, makeup artists and celebrities. It’s very exciting because I don’t know who will be walking into the store everyday! BMC: What are some interesting projects that you have worked on in Taipei so far? LL: One of the projects that I did was a photo shoot with a teen magazine called Choc. I worked on Jaline Yeh (葉羿君), a well-known model/actress in Taiwan. We did a 16 page spread for a shoe company.


BMC: What was it like working on Jalin Yeh? Emotionally? Was it overwhelming, intimidating? LL: It was exciting, although I did not really know who she was at the time but I did learn that she has appeared in many commercials. Emotionally it felt like any other shoot, but I was really stoked about having my work published in a magazine for the first time in Taiwan. She’s a really fun girl to work with, very down to earth. BMC: Of all the faces you have worked on, whose is the most memorable? LL: 潘若迪 (Pan Ruo Di), he’s a really famous fitness trainer in Taiwan. I groomed his eyebrows; while I was working on them he told me “I never ever let anybody touch my eyebrows, you are the first.” That’s such a compliment :) BMC: How have the skills and experiences you gained at Blanche Macdonald helped you? LL: BMC gave me a strong foundation not only with makeup applications and techniques but it also prepared me to become a professional in everyway. The instructors are all very helpful in building a path for every student. Especially Jen D! :) BMC: Was Blanche Macdonald what you expected? Did we meet your expectations? LL: It was actually more than what I expected. BMC really did help me figure out a path, and opened many doors for me. At the beginning of the program, I didn’t really know which part of the makeup industry I wanted to pursue. But with the help of the instructors, I learned and tried different things and at last found my passion. BMC: What would you tell future students about Blanche Macdonald? LL: BMC is a great place to learn and explore. Do what you love to do, follow your dream and work towards it and everything will fall into place! BMC: What would be some important pointers or tips for working as a Makeup Artist in Taipei’s Beauty and Fashion industry? LL: Networking! I’d say that’s one of the most important things. Get to know as many people as possible that work in this field. Have a strong portfolio. Most makeup artists in Taipei take portfolio photos with their own digital camera. If your portfolio is done in a professional way, you will wow the people with the power to hire you. BMC: Any interesting projects coming up? LL: Yes! I will be doing the makeup for Singer Miles Liu (劉明峰) at the Spring Scream. Spring Scream is an outdoor music festival held in early April each year at Kenting (墾丁) in southern Taiwan. The festival showcases a variety of music styles from bands from Taiwan and overseas. It’s going to be so exciting!

BMC: 從Blanche Macdonald畢業之後,你從事了什麼性質的工作?與什麼人一起工作? LL: 從BMC畢業之後, 我到Lola化妝品公司做了他們的示範化妝師。我跟幾位師姐師兄一起在溫哥華不同的地點做不同的 時裝show,化妝活動等等。這是我第一份工作所以是一個非常難忘的經驗。我從這份工作裡,學了很多關於化妝品零售 的知識及吸收了很多工作經驗,特別在不同的面孔上彩妝。 因為我很喜歡時尚,所以我會自己去接觸有關化妝跟時尚的工作,列如在時裝show和photo shoots做化妝師。從這些工 作幾會中我可以與許多本地有名的時裝設計師,髮型設計師和攝影師合作。 雖然我很愛溫哥華,?但大約在畢業兩年之後,我終於決定搬到台北市。背後原因是因為我覺得台北的化妝業競爭十分激 烈所以我希望能夠挑戰自己去成為一個更棒的化妝師。 BMC: 在台北的M.A.C工作做如何? LL: 在台北工作跟在溫哥華工作是非常不同的。每個人的步伐十分快。要在很短時間內去消化很多知識。我在M.A.C旗 艦店工作。它是唯一接受M.A.C PRO卡的店。因此,許多行業內人士都會來我們的店買化妝品,而我很幸運能夠認識許 多本地的髮型設計師,化妝師,攝影師和藝人。這是非常令人興奮的事,因為我每天都不知道誰將會走進店內! 19

BMC: 在台北工作至今,你認為什麼是最有趣的工作? LL:其中一個project,是在青少年雜誌”CHOC”的專刊拍攝幫葉羿君(Jaline Yeh),一位台灣著名的女模特兒/演員,化 不同style的妝。我們一共做了16頁的專刊。 BMC: 同Jaline上妝時,情緒如何?很緊張嗎?害怕嗎? LL: 當時我並不知道她多出名只知道她拍了很多廣告,所以我感到非常興奮。雖然興奮但為了表現我的專業,所以我就 當它是任何其他photo shoot一樣。 最令我興奮的是知道自己的作品將會首次發表在一本台灣雜誌的專刊裡面。這一瞬 間,感覺很棒!跟Jaline一起合作得非常愉快,她是一位平昜近人,非常有趣的女生。 BMC: 化了這麼多的臉孔之中,最難忘是誰的臉孔? LL: 潘若迪,他是一個在台灣著名的健身教練。我幫他修眉,而當我修完之後他跟我說 我從未讓任何人碰過我的眉毛, 你是第一個。 這個稱讚實在太棒了!:) BMC: 你在Blanche Macdonald所取得的技巧和經驗,對你做化妝師的事業有怎麼樣的幫助? LL: BMC不但給了我在化妝應用和技術方面穩固的基礎,還訓練我如何在不同環景和情況下去成為一個專業化妝師 。教 師時時都很熱心去幫我們學生建設一個途徑。特別是Jen D !:) BMC: Blanche Macdonald是你所想像的嗎?我們達到你的期望嗎? LL: 實際上Blanche Macdonald比我所想像的更棒。 BMC不但幫我找出了一條路徑,並為我打開了很多門。在開始時, 我並沒有真正了解我想追求哪方面的化妝行業,但經過導師的幫助和培訓,加上我的經驗和不停去嘗試不同類的工作幾 會,最後我找到了對化妝藝術的激情。 BMC: 對想來Blanche Macdonald的就讀學生,你會同他們說什麼? LL: BMC是一個很棒學習和探索的地方。去做你所熱愛的事,努力地去達成你的夢想,everything will fall into place! BMC: 關於想在台北化妝和時尚行業工作人士,你有什麼Tips? LL: Networking!這個很重要的。盡可能結識不同的人,特別是同行業的人。組合一個具有吸引力的Portfolio。很多台 灣的化妝師會用自己的數碼相機去拍自己作品來組合他們的Portfolio。 如果您的Portfolio組合得夠專業,夠吸引裡,你 就已經更接進成功的路了 。 BMC: 未來將會參與什麼有趣的工作? LL: 有啊!我會在台灣南部墾丁舉行的”春天吶喊”音樂的歌手劉英里化妝。這個音樂藝術節展示了不同音樂風格的樂 隊來自台灣和海外。真的令人十分興奮!


Linda Chang Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Professional Makeup Artist, Taipei

BMC: Why did you choose to become a Make-up Artist? LC: I was interested in make up and having a chance to be a part of the makeup crew in UBC’s Theatre Department made me want to pursue a career in the film industry as movies are a great passion of mine. BMC: What are some of the projects you worked on in Taiwan since graduating from Blanche Macdonald? Which one was the most memorable? LC: Some of the past projects I have worked on as a makeup artist were; Secret (2007) directed by Mr. Jay Chou, Eternal Summer (2006) directed by Leste Chen, Catch (2006) directed by Chen Ying Rong, as a Special Makeup F/X artist for Heirloom (2005) directed by Leste Chen. BMC: Who were some of the people you have worked on in film? LC: I had the pleasure to work with actors from Hong Kong: Anthony Wong 黃秋生 Eric Tseng 曾志偉, and To Man Zak 杜 文澤. BMC: Which part of the course was your favourite? LC: Special Makeup F/X and Fashion Make-up BMC: How did the education and experience you acquired at BMC help you? LC: It helped me to develop my skills and understand how to properly work in the industry. BMC: What are some important factors for working as a makeup artist in the film/TV industry in Taiwan? LC: One of the most important factors for working in Taiwan is to be flexible under any situation, because most of the time the budget for the film is very small, the working environments are not always the best and so you just have to adapt to every project.


Yuichi Ikeda Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Make-up Artist, Tokyo, Japan

BMC: What have you been doing after graduating from Blanche Macdonald? YI: After I graduated from Blanche Macdonald, I had done some film work and fashion shows (Vancouver Fashion Week, etc.) in Vancouver. Starboard Cruise Service hired me as a Beauty Specialist. I worked on the cruise ship Mariner of the Seas – which is the second largest ship in the world – for 6 months and just kept doing makeovers - more than 800 people. I enjoyed traveling for free in the Caribbean Ocean. That was one of the most exciting experiences of my life! BMC: What are some of the fun things you are doing at Laura Mercier? What are some of the challenges? YI: I always meet new people every day, and love it when I make them happier. Laura Mercier is a well known makeup brand here, so there is lots of room and opportunities for creativity. So I am having lots of fun! Some of my challenges as a makeup artist is that I always need to catch the trend and need to know what is new in the fashion industry and learn what is the current trend for makeup. BMC: What were some of the challenges working as a Beauty Specialist on Marina of the Seas? YI: I was fighting with seasickness during first 2 weeks. I had to work with tight schedules for makeover appointments. I was not only a makeup artist but I was also required to do cosmetic retailing as well. Improving selling skills was a tough challenge for me. I had a sale target number that I had to hit in order to get the incentive. BMC: Which part of the course is your favorite? YI: That is difficult as everything was essential for me. If I had to pick I would say Hair Design and Fashion. BMC: Tell me, what is it like working in Tokyo? YI: Everything around here moves so fast, and it not just the people or the pace in everyday life but even the trends in Fashion. I have been feeling the different energy from all types of people everyday. If you love fashion, Tokyo is the best city in the world, believe me! 22

BMC: How did the education and experience you gained at BMC help you? YI: Oh too much. My school life went by so fast, but I surely believe that BMC has helped mould me to become a creative and innovative person and at the same time, improving my English skills tremendously. BMC: What are some important factors for working as a Make-up Artist in Tokyo’s Makeup/Fashion industry? YI: Be observant and keep checking what is happening around you everyday. Make sure you know which industry you want to fit in otherwise you will be easily overwhelmed with loads of information here and get lost in it.

BMC: Blanche Macdonaldを卒業されたあと何をされていましたか? YI: 卒業後すぐに映画やファッションショー(Vancouver Fashion Week)の現場で働きました。その後、Starboard Cruise Serviceに就職し、観光船Mariner of the seasでBeauty Specialistとして勤めました。この船は世界で二番目に大 きく、6ヶ月の間に800人もの人のメイクを手がけました。それと同時にカリブ海の航海と楽しみました。この経験 は私の人生でもっとも楽しいものとなりました。 BMC: Laura Mercierで働いていて楽しかったことを教えてください。また逆にもっとも大変だったことは何ですか? YI: 毎日新しい出会いがあり、そのお客様が喜んで帰られたときに私自身も幸せを感じました。このブランドはカナダ でもとても有名で、自分のクリエイティビティを試す機会がたくさんあり、私はそれを楽しむことができました。 もっとも大変だったのはメイクアップアーティストとしてそのときのファッションの流行やメイクの新しい技術などを いつでも知っておかなければならなかったことです。 BMC: Beauty SpecialistとしてMariner of the seasで働いていたときもっとも大変だったことはなんですか? YI: 最初の2週間は船酔いとの戦いでした。そしてぎっしり詰まったメイクの予約にも対応しなければなりませんでし た。でも何よりも、そこでは私はメイクをするだけでなく、商品を売るという仕事もしていました。その仕事にはノル マもあり、それを達成するのがとても大変でした。 BMC: このメイクアップのコースのなかであなたのお気に入りのセッションは何でしたか? YI: 私にとってはどれも不可欠なものでした。その中でも選ぶとするならHair DesignとFashionです。 BMC: 東京でのお仕事はどうですか? YI: ここではすべてがとても早いスピードで進んでいきます。人だけでなく、日々の生活、そしてもちろんファッショ ンの流行も。私は毎日様々なエネルギーをもった人々と接しています。あなたがもしファッションが好きなら、東京は 世界一の都市です。 BMC: Blanche Macdonaldでの学習や経験であなたの助けになったことはなんですか? YI: たくさんあります。私の学生生活はあっというまに過ぎてしまいましたが、Blanche Macdonaldは私の創造する 力、革新する力を伸ばしてくれました。そしてもちろん、英語力も格段に上達しました。 BMC: たくさんあります。私の学生生活はあっというまに過ぎてしまいましたが、Blanche Macdonaldは私の創造する 力、革新する力を伸ばしてくれました。そしてもちろん、英語力も格段に上達しました。 YI: 観察力です。日々あなたのまわりで起こっている新しいことをチェックしてください。そして、自分がどの業界で どんなことをしたいのか、ちゃんと見据えて生活してください。そうしないと自分を見失ってしまいます。


Clifton Kwan Blanche Macdonald Make-up Artistry Graduate Makeup Artist, Hong Kong

Models Eunis Chan & Sophie Rahman.

BMC: Tell me what it was like working at Niko Cosmetics and Shiseido? What were some of the memorable moments while working in Vancouver as a Make-up Artist? CK: Working for Niko was a fun experience, because the brand itself was quite new and so was I. It’s nice to grow with a brand; my manager was probably more tolerant towards me because she understood that I was just a fresh grad from Blanche. As for Shiseido, it’s very different because my role was a Makeup Artist, where my only duty was to apply makeup for customers, it did not involve any selling. BMC: WoW! Head Make-up Artist/Makeup Trainer for MAC, Chanel and Guerlain, how did it happen? Was it a challenge? CK: I was actually just Store In-charge when I was with MAC. It was my first job after returning to Hong Kong in 2004, and at that same time they were looking for someone with leadership to take that post, so it just happened. Chanel was different because I decided that a supervisory role was not right for me at that time, so I left MAC and moved on to Chanel. Again, it is very rare to have a company hire a Makeup Artist that did not involve selling, which I liked. Guerlain came along the way in 2005 when I started to gain a little “fame” within the industry and they asked me to become their makeup trainer. It was a challenge because I have never taken such a role, but it’s one that gave me a very good experience. BMC: What were some interesting campaigns and/or faces that you have worked on? CK: I have done makeup for fashion shows, magazines, as well as press events for Chanel. I’ve also worked on Eunis and Sophie who are the top models in Hong Kong. BMC: How did the education and experience you acquired at BMC help you? CK: Oh, it is probably one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my life. Without a diploma from BMC I would’ve been tough for me to even start my career as a makeup artist, hence I have such a good development in this area. The demand for a good makeup artist in Hong Kong is so big that I got a job within 2 weeks after I first returned to Hong Kong, where some of my “normal” office job friends took months to find a job.


Roberta Rodger Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design Graduate World class Snowboarder and Fashion Designer, Vancouver, Canada

Okay, wow, we are impressed. A hit of Google and “Roberta Rodger snowboard” brought up page after page of articles and accolades, photos and awards. Sheesh, what does “slays rails” and “halfpipes” mean? Uhmm, memo to us, must ask Roberta. Roberta Rodger is a world class, world champion professional snowboarder who in her nine years as a professional boarder won the World QP Championship in 200l, was part of Sessions pro-team, part of the Canadian National Halfpipe Team and was a co-owner of an all-female snowboard company, Chorus, who built snowboards for women by women in a male dominated sport. The list of accomplishments is endless for Roberta Rodger who has travelled the world competing and shooting for various snowboard magazines. Who better than to design outerwear and streetwear for the Women’s Spring collection for NOMIS which will be shown at the ASR this Fall. Or currently put her knowledge and skill into designing the California-based Foursquare’s Outerwear Collection for 2009. Rodger’s love of snowboarding, combined with her passion for sewing and fashion, makes her the absolutely right person on all counts. She knows the technical components needed and hip style wanted on the slopes. “I like to design outerwear and streetwear that is more sophisticated with a focus on innovative design, custom-fit material, exceptional quality, clean lines but well balanced with technical features like protection and functionality”, says Rodger. Her collection for the 2005 Blanche Macdonald Graduation fashion show drew rave reviews from the audience as well as “gotta have that reviews” from media.


During her studies in the Design program at Blanche Macdonald, Roger worked at Infamous Management and continues to work with them. “I definitely would recommend the Design course at BMC. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience taking the course and it was a really good time!, says Rodger. I continued to feel supported by the school even after graduating. When I got the NOMIS job, I contacted Lisa Gellert right away for advice and I came in and met with her to discuss the line and get her opinion of what I was working on. As well, when it came time to figuring out how much to get paid, Career Coordinator, Joy McLean, sat down with me and went over the different costs and how to bill for my work.”, says Rodger. “I was influenced and inspired by so many of the teachers at BMC, you get so much one-on-one personal help. Lisa was definitely a big influence. I didn’t have a big background in Art and I learned so much from her. She’s so talented and I totally relate to her teaching style”, enthuses Rodger. Rodger has always stayed true to her modus operandi in both the sports arena and now the fashion industry. “Just stay focused, work hard, and always be nice!”


Matthew Burditt Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design Graduate Fashion Designer, Vancouver, Canada

Matthew Burditt, owner/designer of Oak Custom Clothing and graduate of the Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design Program is an admitted celebrity hound. Musicians, bands and solo female performers inspire his ultra- hip, totally unique, and hand-painted clothing line that he sells on his website: His inspiration is paying off. When alt-folk/indie rock, East Village cool chanteuse Regina Spektor performed to capacity crowds at the Commodore in Vancouver, she wore pieces Matthew Burditt designed specifically for her and had sent over before her concert. He knew he had interpreted her work into performance clothing she could appreciate when she appeared on stage wearing them. Matthew Burditt has designed clothing for indy vocalists CocoRosie and New York City’s Antony and the Johnsons, who have performed with Bjork and Lou Reed. He is also working on garments for a few local bands. After providing some of his designs to Louisa Rino, Vancouver Stylist and West Coast Flare correspondent, for the Georgia Straight fashion pages, he landed a mention in the “Best of Vancouver” section of Flare’s November issue. The hits on his website went up 300%! “Right now, I am selling exclusively online and doing custom work for bands, so my website is very important to my business. It’s the front door of my shop!“ “I have been building Oak Custom Clothing, focusing in on a small run production of custom women’s wear. I really try to follow my inspiration and have found a niche market that I can sell on a global scale. I create my line from home and do everything on my own, from drafting, sewing, dyeing to marketing!”, says Burditt.


“I can’t tell you how amazing it is to sell something to someone in Paris or Norway and receive customer appreciation pictures of them wearing my clothes. Seeing the work I created that has gone out into the world and is making someone happy. It’s a unique expression! The downside is just having enough time to maintain stock and being surprised at what does and does not sell quickly”, says Matthew. Since graduating, Matthew Burditt has also been working in design and production at Copasetic ( Did we mention he was busy? “I got a job in the industry quickly, actually right after graduating, at Copasetic. It is a great job that has given me invaluable experience with every aspect of the apparel industry. I have been involved in everything from logistics to trend forecasting and I work closely with all aspects of the company”, says Burditt. “The education and experience I received at BMC was very important to me acquiring and maintaining my position here. I never know from day to day what skills I will need to use, from illustration to organization, technical drawing to pattern drafting. Even the lingo, which I had never heard before the course. I have learned to be more direct and self-sustaining and most importantly, to look at it as what it is - business”, says Burditt. “My time at Blanche Macdonald was an excellent opportunity for me to formalize my aesthetic. It helped me to better understand that all the processes you are taught are done to help make your creativity flow easier. If you know how to draft the pattern, sew it properly and look after it, you’ll have more time to focus on getting that much more creative with it.” “You can challenge yourself because you have been given the skills to implement and fulfill your ideas and do it well”, enthuses Burditt.


Theola Wong Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design Graduate Lead Designer, Reebok Lifestyle Team, Boston, USA

Theola Wong may be petite but her career is hitting stratospheric heights as the Lead Designer for Reebok’s Lifestyle Team at their head office in Boston. A powerhouse of talent, this Blanche Macdonald Design grad leads the team of Reebok designers responsible for their Skateboard line, which includes the DGK collaboration with Stevie Williams and the inhouse Reebok Skate collection, the dance-inspired street fusion line for women named Rhythm, and the “Bringbacks”, Reebok’s perennial classic collection of old school favourites. And as if that hasn’t kept her busy enough, add 20,000 miles of travel in the past six months with trips to New York, attending Paris Fashion Week, and travelling to Russia where Reebok is opening new stores. A former designer for Dish and action sport companies United Riders and Options NFA, Theola was headhunted by adidas in Germany who now own Reebok. Word obviously travels fast when you are the ultimate pro Theola is. Her design savvy is inspired by street artist and music environments, sports, new technologies, her ability to feel each cities’ vibe and being open to creative challenges as well as business challenges. “Vancouver is a global presence”, she says when it comes to chatting about fashion, music, art and culture in this city. It was on a fast and furious trip to Vancouver that BMC caught up with her. Theola took time out from her busy schedule to talk to the Design and Merchandising students about her incredible career path. A BMC home girl, she has kept in constant touch with her Instructors at Blanche Macdonald since graduating. “There are so many areas of this industry other than design (pattern making, production, etc). It was good to learn about them all at Blanche Macdonald in order to really figure out where to sink my teeth in. It’s been almost 8 years since graduating and I still keep in contact with the school. They have been unfalteringly supportive and enthusiastic about each of my endeavors”, says a very grounded Theola Wong. Her skateboarding and it’s culture, the CBC, art and music of all types, business, computers and family, she uses so many ingredients to produce her special recipe for life and success. Theola’s high standard of work and personal ethics was always apparent. Her commitment and accountability are commendable. It is a pleasure to stay in touch and support her climb to such deserved heights!” 29

Roger Shum Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design Graduate Marketing Manager, Dorian Ho International Ltd.

BMC: What are some of the projects you have been working on since graduating from Blanche Macdonald? Who are some of the people you have worked with? RS: Since graduating from BMC, I returned to Hong Kong and found a job in a company called Dorian Ho International Ltd. I started helping them out during Hong Kong Fashion Week as an Assistant in 2001. It was great as a fresh grad, I got to meet all kinds of designers such as Walter Ma, Lu Lu Cheung and William Tang. Later on Dorian hired me. The company at that time consisted of three lines: Dorian Ho - the office ladies day wear, DSCthe young casual line and Dorian Ho Collection – the prestigious evening wear designer label line. In 2002 the company sold the Dorian Ho and DSC line to focus on the high-end Dorian Ho Collection in which we focused more globally. We started doing shows in Sydney, New York and throughout Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Shanghai, etc. As the company grew, I became the Assistant Designer, the P.A, the PR and Marketing person.


I first started out as an Assistant Designer in 2001, in 2003 I became a Marketing Executive. I worked with a variety of suppliers, designers, models, photographers, make up artist and magazine editors. In 2005 I worked for a production house from Aug 2005 - March 2007. We did the Joyce Show, The Lane Crawford Show, and last but not least and the most important one, we did the first Vivienne Westwood Show in Hong Kong in 2006. Ms. Westwood was in attendance with her entourage. I met her, she was lovely. In March 2007 I returned to Dorian Ho International Ltd. as a Marketing Manager. Check it out, we recently updated for SS 2008. BMC: Tell me about life at Dorian Ho? What are some of the design and production projects on which you have worked? RS: Well, the Fashion world is hectic. “But I don’t think it’s always like you see in the movie The Devil Wears Prada maybe some people are...” Our busiest time is before our shows and buyer appointments. We do one big show per season for each line. Dorian Ho is becoming more of a celebrity in the Hong Kong Fashion World. In the Fall/Winter 07 Season we did more then 6 different events including a Dorian Ho Wedding Show. From 2001 - 2003 I was an Assistant Designer. I assisted the design team in sourcing, following samples and coordinated the presentation for buyers. From 2003 onward, I focused more on the shows, catalog image, website, fashion shoots and publicity feature shoots. I became more of a stylist/marketing person. And now, I still do everything... concept developments, theme, image direction, show production, etc... BMC: What are some important skills that a Fashion Designer should have? RS: I would say, talent and design skills, maybe 50%. Creativity on Marketing and Business planning is another 50%. At the end of the day, you are selling your collection. You are like a chef who would create delicious dishes for a customer with all kinds of ingredients. In the end they must be able to eat it and that is the purpose. I tell this to people who are planning to or are already studying fashion. BMC: How did the education and experience you acquired at BMC help you? RS: I think overall, the course covered most areas of what is expected as an Assistant Designer very well. The Fashion Show Production, Hair and Make up courses are excellent. Fashion History is also extremely helpful and Fashion Awareness I and II courses are essential. I think I learned a lot more from BMC than some fashion designer students I meet in Hong Kong. Their course is more manufacturing and production based compared to BMC. But I wish there were more time... Its was like a 2 year course in 1. If it was 2-3 years, I think I would’ve done better.


Ashley and Jessica Weaver Blanche Macdonald Fashion Merchandising Graduate Entrepreneurs of Tickle Trunk and Weaver Agencies, Vancouver, Canada

They say you never forget your first love. For Blanche Macdonald Fashion Merchandising Grads, sisters Ashley and Jessica Weaver, fashion has always made their hearts thump wildly. So when they recently opened their fashion agencies Tickle Trunk and Weaver Agencies in Vancouver, it was the beginning of a stylish love affair. But it was not always so. At one time, Ashley and Jessica were both living in different parts of the province flirting with other careers. Ashley worked as a support worker for people with disabilities and Jessica was off at university. But during a school break, the two sisters just knew it was time to rekindle their passion for fashion and make it a career. So why Blanche Macdonald? “Blanche Macdonald has a great reputation in the industry and a good success rate. That’s why we chose to go there. We wanted to go somewhere where the faculty was knowledgeable and where we could grow as fashionistas! The entire faculty was inspiring. They all have a genuine love for fashion and want to see everyone succeed”, says Jessica. This sister act attended BMC’s Merchandising Program together and had a lot of fun learning about the fashion industry and about each other in the process. In the beginning they helped each other with the assignments and projects but their work resembled each other’s too much. So they started doing their homework in separate rooms. At the end of the night they would always come out of their rooms with similar projects, ideas, likes and dislikes. Total fashion DNA.


“There would be some things that Jessica understood better and vice versa so we really helped each other along in the course. Instructor Ruth Barichello really stands out for us. Her love of wholesaling and method of teaching spoke to both of us”, they say. They jumped right in after graduating and opened two wholesale agencies, Tickle Trunk, their hip kids division and Weaver Agencies, representing some of the hottest lines for fashionphiles of every age. And just like their classes at Blanche Macdonald, they still maintain their close, sisterly bond in business. “We are a partnership. We feed off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If one of us doesn’t understand something, it’s important we teach one another. We both know the fundamentals of our business and everything is split 50/50”, the Weavers say. Tickle Trunk was born from countless childhood memories and the desire to have fun with kid’s fashion. They currently rep Smitten Baby, the stylishly empowering line of clothing for the whole family that combines positive messages and original art, Ooh La La Mama, recently featured in US Weekly, Life & Style and OK Magazine, a fave of celeb Jamie Pressley and rock star parents Slash and Perla Hudson for their little ones and Dream Baby, a line of cute onesies and tee’s for the rock star baby adorned with Sworovski crystals. Paris Hilton bought Sweet Dream Tee’s cute onesies for Nicole Ritchie’s little bundle of joy, Harlow. Weaver Agencies, their adult division, reps star-powered lines like Freedom of Choice, a great fitting, L.A. denim line seen recently in The New York Post, Glamour, Life & Style, Elle, Lucky, WWD and Zink magazines and worn by celebs Kathryn Heigl, Nelly Furtado, Kate Hudson, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon. They also rep Los Angeles-based, uber-surfer Robbie French’s belts, bags and even dog collars with attitude - rockers Dave Navarro, D’Amato, Tommy Lee, Madonna and Velvet Revolver as fans, Dream Tees that mix tattoo designs with Swarovski crystals seen in Fashion and People magazines and hang in JadaPinkett Smith’s, Gyneth Paltrow’s, Jessica Alba’s and Paris Hilton’s closets and Vancouverite Shereen De Rousseau ‘s eponymous jewellry collection that combines vintage coins and modern glamour worn by Carmen Electra and featured in En Route, Flare and Nuvo magazines. Despite their high voltage lines, Ashley and Jessica Weaver remain grounded and determined to make Tickle Trunk and Weaver Agencies a huge success in the business they love. “We went to Blanche Macdonald with a goal. We wanted to gain knowledge of all aspects of fashion, because in the end they all work together in some way or another. The biggest challenge we face is perseverance. It takes time to build a brand and sometimes you have to knock down doors and hear no a lot, but you can’t ever take that as a final answer. You have to make sure you sell something you love and believe in. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sell it. Blanche Macdonald gave us the confidence to start our own agency. We had a dream and could not have made it a reality without the knowledge we acquired at BMC”, say Ashley and Jessica Weaver.


Irene Yokoo Blanche Macdonald Fashion Merchandising Graduate From Operations Coordinator, Uppercut Menswear to Production Manager for Burberry Womenswear in London, England Sold in fashion forward boutiques such as Fred Segal in the US and Eugene Choo in Vancouver, Uppercut is an emerging Canadian Menswear Design and Wholesale company based in Vancouver. As Operations Manager, Merchandising Grad, Irene Yokoo, oversaw everything from corresponding with customers, shipping out samples for magazine photo shoots, prepping for trade shows to receiving inventory and preparing import and export paperwork. This busy girl is even busier now that she is working as one of the Production Coordinators at Mountain Equipment Coop in Vacouver after spending a year working alongside the Production Manager for the Outlet Division Production and Product Development for Burberry in London, England.

“I feel the Fashion Merchandising program at Blanche Macdonald provided me with the fundamentals necessary to take the plunge into the fashion industry. The Instructors and Career Coordinator are great sources of information and provide support even after completion of the program. Being connected to their network circle gave me the confidence to embark on a new career path in this highly competitive industry!”

Bo Wu Blanche Macdonald Fashion Merchandising Graduate

Sales and Merchandising Head, Bong Wear

Nordstroms, Boys’ Co, Aritzia, Below The Belt, Off The Wall, Levi’s Stores, and Smart Set. What’s the link? Bong Wear, a private label manufacturing company that owns factories both locally in Vancouver and overseas in China. Specializing in denim and fashion knit tops for the junior ladies and mens markets across North America, Bong Wear also produces their own hot international labels, London Red, Fiftees, B-Wear and Mully and Pip. Travelling across North America and abroad to work with clients is all in a day’s work for Bong Wear’s Sales and Merchandising Head, Bo Wu. This Blanche Macdonald grad loves his job and he is crazy busy.

“I am having a blast at my job! I would not have had this opportunity if I did not go through Blanche Macdonald’s Fashion Merchandising program. It really laid out a great foundation for what I needed in the real world. Moreover, BMC provided a smooth transition from school to the work field. It really teaches you the essentials required for whatever fashion field you decide to get into!” “Throughout the Blanche Macdonald Fashion Merchandising program, students are given great opportunities to get a sneak peek into whatever field they are interested in entering into. I truly enjoyed my time there!” 34

Carmen Watson Blanche Macdonald Fashion Merchandising Graduate Merchandising Coordinator, The North Face From Mount Everest to Mount Seymour, The North Face is responsible for it’s own kind of global warming with everyone from hip hop artists to trendy urbanites outfitted in their upscale outerwear. Known for quality, endurance and streetsmart style The North Face, according to Wikipedia, got it’s name from the north face of mountains which are generally the steepest, coldest and most difficult face to climb. BMC Fashion Merchandising grad, Carmen Watson’s fashion career is on the rise as a merchandising coordinator with The North Face. A typical day’s work combines merchandising The North Face concept stores, working with key clients in the showroom during busy selling months and researching new fashion accounts. Every day is different and Watson loves that aspect of her job. Not being chained to a desk, she has the freedom to create her own schedule. “Blanche Macdonald definitely helped open my eyes to other opportunities in the fashion arena since the courses were diverse. Career Coordinator Joy McLean was tremendous when it came to helping me find work. She was always available and eager to help. Even when things weren’t looking good she was onto the next opportunity. I speak with her frequently and keep her abreast of what I’m up to.” “Like most things in life, school is what you make of it. If you choose to seriously pursue a career in fashion, Blanche Macdonald is a great school that provides its students with the resources and opportunities to excel in the field of fashion”.

Pat Yang Blanche Macdonald Fashion Merchandising Graduate

Assistant Coordinator, Insight Film Studio

With film productions like “Blonde and Blonder” starring homegrown Pam Anderson, “When a Man Falls In The Forest” starring Sharon Stone and award-winning docs, Vancouver’s Insight Film Studio is having a banner year. According to their website, Insight’s film production has doubled from the previous year. Wow! As an Assistant Coordinator at Insight Film, Pat Yang, is currently working on a feature film with Kim Basinger. From office-related duties like booking hotels for cast and crew, data entry and ordering supplies to the fun stuff like picking up cast members at the airport, booking Insight’s wrap parties at this city’s trendy restaurants and getting paid to shop, every day is different for this recent Blanche Macdonald Fashion Merchandising grad. “The education I received from the Fashion Merchandising program at Blanche Macdonald helped me get here. The Marketing and Advertising courses gave me an idea as to what to expect in this industry, whether it was fashion or movie related. In my department I am dealing with all the other departments like Props, Set Decoration, Wardrobe etc., and there will be the odd question and it’s good to know that I have the answer. The Instructors at BMC have been so helpful and great!! Donna, Peggy and Joy have all been wonderful. I have learned things that I had no idea about - the Instructors knew the business inside and out and what it is like out in the real world.” 35

Susan Turner Blanche Macdonald Esthetics Spa Therapy Graduate Owner of The Garden Spa, Vancouver, Canada

BMC: What have you been doing after graduating from Blanche Macdonald? ST: I started my career at Shibui Skin Care, in White Rock. The first year was focused on learning spa flow. Each spa delivers their brand of esthetics. Watching, and learning from other staff and management was a tremendous help! After settling into spa flow, my focus was to develop different types of services for clients as well as offer more variety of skill set to my employer. This included relaxation arts like Holistic Foot Reflexology (Pacific School of Reflexology), Chinese Massage for Pain Relief (Kwantlen Continuing Education), Warm Stone Therapy (Ambianz). Taking ownership of The Garden Spa meant risk. But I was ready to try! I went to Denver and took Strategies: A business development course designed for Spas. Over the next few years, I kept trying different things - looking for ways to reflect my values into the business in a practical way. BMC: How did you feel when you were nominated for the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce 2008 Business Excellence Award? ST: Terri, my assistant manager was at the desk when I opened the letter and honestly I was speechless!!! I was so surprised and then so grateful. Grateful to my staff, who care so much to deliver their best, each and every day‌grateful to our spa guests who have supported our business through the years‌and very thankful of those who felt 36

so passionately about our spa that they would go through a very involved process to meet the qualifications of nominating a business. Finally I was so appreciative of the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce Committee who endorsed the nomination, as not all nominations received are accepted. BMC: What was your experience like at Blanche Macdonald? Was it what you expected? ST: From the moment I walked through their doors on the first tour, I immediately knew this was the right school for me! I experienced a very professional and caring atmosphere. Having visited other schools I recognized the quality of Blanche immediately. During my time at Blanche, the educators were committed to us. Not only did I receive esthetic knowledge but students were also exposed to sales and marketing ideas, as well as communication and interpersonal skill development. We received the full package needed to begin a successful career. We were also encouraged to keep learning, keep developing our skills after we passed our program…and to keep in touch! Support in job placement is such an advantage! I am thankful to Debbie Nickel, BMC Director of Esthetics for being so helpful through the years BMC: How has the knowledge and experience you acquired at Blanche Macdonald have helped you in your Career? ST: Because of my experience at Blanche I am a very confident esthetician. I know I have received expert training; therefore when clients have questions about skin or body care, I use the education and skills acquired at Blanche to express this knowledge in a way clients can understand. We work together to solve their skin concerns in a caring and supportive, professional manner. Learning interpersonal skills helped me in all business areas including client and staff, business and sales relationships. The instructors at Blanche always indicated that the education we are receiving is just the beginning. As a graduate your Diploma is not the end of your education…but the beginning. We need to hone our skills and our craft. BMC: What would you tell students that are coming to Blanche Macdonald? ST: That you are entering a place dedicated to your education and personal growth. If you take your training seriously and really listen to all the information you are receiving, you will come out with a wide variety of skills and knowledge to help you begin your career! You truly receive what you are willing to learn.


Kristen Foote Blanche Macdonald Esthetics Spa Therapy Graduate Esthetician, Vancouver, Canada

Enjoying a booming business, radio exposure and a mention in LouLou Magazine, Canada’s premiere shopping mag, is Kitsilano’s Honey Dew Day Spa. Owner and Blanche Macdonald Centre Esthetics grad, Kristen Foote, followed her entrepreneurial spirit and opened Honey Dew at the age of 22. Kristen now has a Massage Therapist and an Esthetician/Nail Technician on staff. In April, she successfully launched “Skin Bar”, fun evenings devoted to custom skin care instruction for her clients with refreshments and lots of steamed towels being served. She loves the challenge of owning her own business. Her goal? To be the #1 neighbourhood spa in Kitsilano and Kristen will make it happen. She shines with her enthusiasm, love of the Esthetics industry and fearless attitude. “Blanche Macdonald was a great school for me. The course was very comprehensive and gave me the skills I need to pursue my career. My teachers were fantastic and very supportive. I still keep them updated on my progress!” Check out Kristen’s MySpace site or Honey Dew’s so-cute website: 38

Karen Melynchuk Blanche Macdonald Esthetics Spa Therapy Graduate Laser Technician, Vancouver, Canada

Putting the boot to aging while softening the blow to clients with non-invasive laser and injectable treatments, is Karen Melynchuk, Medical Esthetician at Dr. Martin Brauns’s Vancouver Laser Centre. She feels that society is becoming more health conscious and is experiencing a natural desire to fight our collective biological clocks. Joining that fight are cosmetic rejuvenation clinics, that according to Melynchuk, are equipped to not just help smooth patient’s wrinkles with Botox, but address the many concerns that plague individuals as their bodies age. “No two people are alike, and therefore, their treatments will not be the same. As new technology continues to develop, we will have even more treatment options available as we battle on in the fight for our ideal face”, says Melynchuk. What is the most fulfilling part of her job as a Laser Technician at the Vancouver Laser Centre? It is her clients’ “over-thetop” excitement” about the results they see from their treatments. “It feels wonderful to know that you’ve played a large part in their new confidence”, say Melynchuk. Melynchuk feels her Esthetic/Spa Therapist training and the support of her instructors completely prepared her for a career in Medical Esthetics. “While studying at Blanche, they taught me about client care, professionalism, and ultimately, how to give each patient I see a “wow” experience”. “ The Instructors at BMC did a great job of not only giving praise and encouragement for the different areas we wanted to take our careers, but they managed to make every single person in the class feel that their individual dream was attainable”.


Fontini Corletti Blanche Macdonald Esthetics Spa Therapy Graduate Esthetician, Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Cold Laser Clinic

It is an exciting time for Blanche Macdonald grad, Fotini Corletti. Not only is she the distributor of Vitasonix Cold Laser in Canada, Greece, Mexico and for various cruise lines, she has recently opened her own Anti-Aging Clinic in Kitsilano. Exciting and busy. Before becoming an Esthetician, Corletti worked extensively in the fashion and and cosmetic industries. She feels very fortunate to be in the Cold Laser/Anti-aging industry right now because of all the options available to Estheticians and to their clients. She finds clients to be very up to date and educated on the latest treatments and credits this awareness to the internet and media. Developing a relationship with her clients and seeing the transformation and results achieved with microdermabrasion and cold laser is the best part of her job. She sees her client’s self-esteem improve and touch every part of their lives. “It is so rewarding to have teenagers, for instance, coming in for the first time, feeling self-conscious abut their appearance because of acne or other skin conditions, and within a few weeks of treatments witness the transformation of their personality as they start to feel better about themselves and their appearance., enthuses Fotini. Fotini credits Blanche Macdonald’s Esthetics program with teaching the most ‘ current education, newest methods, procedures and tools available on the market’ in preparing her for her fast-paced and rewarding career. She also acknowledges the support she received from her Instructors at the Blanche Macdonald Centre. “My Instructor, Sade, went beyond her responsibilities as an Instructor with her vast experience as a Esthetician and her knowledge of the industry. It was invaluable as far as hands-on training, but she was also genuinely interested in each and every one of her students and provided the best experience possible during and following the course”, says Fotini. “I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life and it prepared me for the world of Esthetics in a very profound way. I made some very good friends and the support and encouragement have been continuous. They have been there for me in every way!”


Daniela Belmondo Blanche Macdonald Esthetics Spa Therapy Graduate Esthetician, Vancouver, Canada

Skoah, a hip urban spa, is perfectly at home among the upscale lofts, restaurants, cafes and chic boutiques in Vancouver’s Yaletown district. Skoah’s minimalist, sunny decor and soft jazz attract a very cool clientele of young professionals, jet-lagged business types and sleep-deprived mummies and daddies, who all want the “skoah-glow-ah”. Skoah’s highly-trained, devoted Estheticians are personal trainers for your skin and their workouts deliver the promise of getting your skin into shape. From Skoah’s “facialiscious” facials to “two scoops of skoah”, a combination facial and melting muscle massage, their personalized skin care regimen and high performance skin care products are attracting worldwide attention from clients and media. Blanche Macdonald Esthetic/SpaTherapist grad and Skoah personal skin trainer, Daniela Belmondo, loves the results her client’s see and the confidence they feel after visiting Skoah. “With the opening of Skoah in Calgary, I put to use my previous experience as well as the vast amount of knowledge that I gained in my esthetics studies at Blanche Macdonald. Blanche inspired me to perfect my skills and prepared me to be a leader in the direction that I am taking today. I’m having fun and enjoying where I’m at today. I know there are many more amazing opportunities ahead with Skoah!”


Blanche Macdonald Hair Program Career Placements Graduate Career Placements Chantelle Hodgson – Knock-outs Nicole Kerr – Pretty Baby Salon/ Blo Jennifer Louangxay – Bent Amanda Nichols – Luscious Liz Pederson – Fire Fly Annalisa Sidonio – Aveda Yoko Tsung – Mega Hair Julie Woo – Bryley Jamie Allison – Steiner Transocean Stephanie Barber – Aveda Reeva Calanza – Eva Lasting Hair Designs Linda Chu – Hair Masters Robin Helenius – Arq Hair Workshop Sarah Krook – Pure Glow Katherine MacDonald – The Lounge Donald McPherson – Aveda Adriana Ortega – Bent

Current Students Placed in Part Time Positions Samantha Baxter – Blo Katie Doyle – Blo Pamela Jacek – Blo Kat Macdonald – The Lounge Danielle Mitchell – Bent Jessica Packman – L’Atelier Jennifer Reid – Bryley Salon Zachary Yang – Bambu Rachelle Yates – Bent


Graduate Profiles  

Graduate sharing life after Blanche Macdonald Centre

Graduate Profiles  

Graduate sharing life after Blanche Macdonald Centre