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The Mission Of Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Plantation Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation, Inc. is a charitable, nonprofit children’s home designed to provide boys and girls with a Christian substitute home. This residential child care program reaches out a loving hand to children from broken and disrupted homes that can no longer meet their needs. Our focus is to reach children in high-risk situations to prevent delinquency, substance abuse, and emotional disturbances. This program began as a non-denominational ministry on February 1, 1961, and has developed into a multi-service program of the very highest quality. Emphasis is placed on modeling Christian family life for children and only married couples are employed as houseparents. Emphasis is also placed on developing the physical, mental, and spiritual potential of each child to the fullest extent possible. Applications for admission are made by a parent or guardian and extensive investigations are made in each case. Approval for admission is based on urgency of need and the ability of the program to meet the needs of that particular child. The program is operated by a volunteer Board of Trustees and is promoted and represented by a volunteer Advisory Board with members from various regions throughout Virginia. We operate on voluntary contributions and no government assistance is accepted. At the same time, we are truly a charitable operation and no child is ever turned away due to lack of funding for support. The Plantation takes great pride in its internal self-help efforts and our efficiency of operations. PH BGP

About the Cover The cover features our new 50th anniversary logo, symbolizing our rich heritage of caring for children and families for the past 50 years. Also featured is the cupola located at our administration office.

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Contributions: Donate online at, or mail to: Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation 860 Red Hill Road P.O. Box 1398 Brookneal, VA 24528-1398

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The Orator is written by the staff and children at Patrick Henry and original artwork by the children is featured from time to time. The Orator is edited and proofed entirely in-house by Patrick Henry staff. The only aspects of production done outside of Patrick Henry are the design, printing and mailing. The generous support of donors allows Patrick Henry to mail The Orator to supporters as well as to others who may be unaware of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation. Executive Director Robert J. Day The Orator Editor Harriet J. Whitten Board of Trustees, Executive Committee David J. Marshall, President Beverley E. Dalton, Vice President J. Michael Davidson, Vice President William P. Guthrie, Vice President W. E. “Bill” Jamerson, Vice President Kay M. Pierantoni, Vice President Hunter R. Watson, Treasurer Bonnie B. Crews, Secretary A financial statement is available with the State Division of Consumer Affairs. Contributions to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation are tax deductible as allowed by law. Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation is a tax-exempt corporation under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3. Administration - 434-376-2006 Admissions - 434-376-6915 Fax - 434-376-3003 Web -



Celebrating 50 years of Hope— an appropriate motto for this historic year.

Robert Day, Executive Director

Hope has been the central theme here at Patrick Henry from the very beginning. It was the driving force that moved the founders to start this wonderful ministry. Hope has served as the inspiration for the multitude of trustees, staff, and volunteers who have served here so faithfully ever since. It is with a certain measure of hope that donors have supported us so generously for the last five decades. Hope is a powerful thing. It is “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.” Hope has been such a commanding notion for this ministry and the individuals it serves that we named our counseling ministry, Hope for Tomorrow. It is hope, after all, that motivates families to seek counseling or even to voluntarily relinquish the care of their child to one of our seven group homes. There are three things we should remember about hope and the role it will play in this organization for the next 50 years. First, hope must have reference only to things yet to come. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11. I have hope that the best years of this ministry are yet to come. That’s right. It is because of hope that I have the audacity to believe that the future of this ministry will be even better than its magnificent past. I hold fast to the hope that even more families will be healed, even more children will be rescued, and that our world will be a better place to live because of our labor here. Second, we speak of hoping only for something that is desirable, something we should like to see take place. What do we desire? What do we wish to see take place? Children from distressed

situations and troubled backgrounds growing up to be healthy, happy, and successful adults who themselves will participate in the grand work of the Kingdom of God; Families that stay together instead of breaking up; Parents who lovingly raise their children in the admonition and instruction of the Lord; Young adults prepared for life and living productively on their own. These are some of the desirable things we seek. Finally, any hope worth talking about must refer to something within the realm of possibility. Our hope is a reality for us—not just a desirable possibility, not a dream or fantasy, but something guaranteed by promises centered in Christ. The hope we have at Patrick Henry is not the unstable hope of mere man but it is the secure and eternal hope of the risen and living Christ. “Christian hope is the confident expectation of the future event based on the promise of God. It removes the element of doubt; it dismisses as mere superstition the suggestion of luck; it clings by faith to the divine decree when circumstances seem to give lie to it”. Rev. John Kramer Patrick Henry celebrating the 50 years of hope it has brought to this part of the world is certainly a good and noble thing. But, it pales in comparison to the 2000 years of hope that Christ has brought to the whole world. In fact, the last 50 years of this ministry has only been possible because of the hope that we have in Christ, Jesus. May the hope that is found only in Jesus continue to be the central theme of this ministry. May it be our guide in times of uncertainty, our sustenance in times of want, and our strength in times of weakness. Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation— providing children and families help for today, and hope for tomorrow. PH BGP

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

Updates from Our Cottages Things are moving faster and faster as our girls begin to get “old”! It’s been an Bedford exciting season for our girls as three Houseparents: Dan & Kelly of them are now working. In Bedford, Wolfanger like everywhere, jobs are scarce, but Jessica is now working at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Emily B. and Emily S. kept at it until the Applebee’s manager had no choice but to hire them due to their “pluck” and determination. Volleyball was also a big part of the fall season for our girls. Eighth grader Tori is a first-timer, but she made the JV-B team, and Emily B. nailed down her spot on the JV team at Liberty High School. Emily B. also is excelling in the JROTC program and has earned a promotion and held a place on the shooting team. Taylor has continued to be a ray of sunshine and keeps us fed and plump with all the baked goods she churns out in the kitchen. Recently, we have been blessed with a new addition to our family: Asia. She has a great sense of humor, is fun to “hang out” with, and has her eye on a job and sports in the future. We anticipate the arrival of two more new girls soon. The new year has been non-stop for us, as softball season nears and we start the exciting countdown toward graduation for our senior Emily S!


Houseparents: John & Sandra Lewandowski

What’s been happening in Halifax last fall and early winter? Well, since we have four boys (three teenagers and one tween) all prayers are greatly appreciated! And we look forward to a new boy joining our cottage

family soon. Marco, a new member of our family, hails from Danville, VA, is 15 years old, in the 10th grade and has been a wonderful addition to our home. He is a pleasure to be around and seems to have settled in nicely. Dajur turned 15 in December and is in the 8th grade. He has had a busy semester playing football, keeping up with his studies and joining the Patrick Henry Basketball team, along with Marco and Timothy. Joshua is 14 years old, and that just blows us away. Josh is also in the 8th grade. He has been with us the longest, and it is amazing to see the changes in him. He was on the Halifax County Middle School Golf team this past fall and has enjoyed



this new interest very much. Lastly, there’s Timothy, who is now 12 years old and is in the 6th grade. He played in the Pee Wee football league this past fall, and has grown so tall. (Mrs. Lewandowski is now the shortest person in the house!) As always, the Christmas season was busy, but thoroughly enjoyable. We began by ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. The boys were terrific. They never complained, they enjoyed themselves and never felt they deserved any reward for their volunteer work. We could not have been more pleased by their attitude in doing this community service. We, as a cottage, are blessed in so many ways. The generosity of people in our community continues to lift our hearts and spirits. One particular gift a neighbor gave to our boys was a Wii system. This was a great surprise, and has provided hours of fun! Also, our cottage was blessed by a large donation from The Little Theatre in South Boston, which enabled us to purchase new family room furniture. What a blessing! (You would understand if you ever sat on our old furniture.) We were blessed, as always, by the Virgilina Woman’s Club which, every year, sponsors our cottage for Christmas. The faithfulness and love of this group is overwhelming. Our entire cottage looks forward to this party and the games the ladies put together for us to enjoy. The thoughtfulness that goes into the gifts makes all of us feel so very special. We want to thank all of our sponsors for their kindness and generosity, not just during Christmas but throughout the year. Most of all, we want to thank you for your faithful prayers; they are your greatest gift to us.

Our Plymale boys have accomplished a lot this school year. Steven and Damion Plymale are in their last semester of high school Houseparents: Ryan & Crystal and are preparing to graduate this Fulmer spring. Damion was on William Campbell High School’s varsity football team in the fall and is now playing basketball. Dasmine was on William Campbell’s JV football team. Colbie is studying auto mechanics at William Campbell. Three of our boys are holding down jobs in addition to school: Christopher and Colbie worked at Captain D’s in the fall, and Steven is working as an employee of Patrick Henry. Chris, Steven, and Dasmine are all members of the Plantation Choir. During the first six weeks of school, all of the Plymale boys


made the Patrick Henry honor roll. Scott made the A/B honor roll the first six weeks and Steven has been on the A/B honor roll all year so far. The boys enjoyed the football season as Mr. Fulmer is a huge football fan, and many nights have been spent watching games in the Fulmer’s apartment and eating snacks. Also, when the weather was decent, the boys enjoyed going outside after school and playing football with Mr. Fulmer in the field in front of the cottage. Everyone enjoyed Christmas in the cottage. Sunday, December 12th we had a “Christmas Morning,” where all the boys got up, ate a big breakfast, and opened gifts from Santa Sponsors. The Fulmers also prepared stockings for each boy and their own young son, Cohen. The boys were very grateful for and excited about all of their gifts and the various parties we attended in the area.

Last fall and this winter have been pretty busy at our Rustburg Cottage. This year Rustburg we have three seniors: Mary, Sammy, Houseparents: John & Emily and Roxanne. We are excited about them Isaman finishing up this year. Our other girls are sophomores, two of whom, Libby and Savanah, were involved with their church youth group doing outreach teams. Summer, another sophomore, is our resident farmer and enjoys working in the barn. In January, Moesha, also a sophomore, joined our Rustburg cottage family. When it was getting cooler in late October we all went to the Liberty Baptist Church Jamboree in Appomattox. There we enjoyed a hay castle, tons of free candy, pig races, a mechanical bull and a spooky ice ride. In November the Rustburg Cottage was the open (girls) cottage for Thanksgiving break. During this holiday time we enjoyed some days of sleeping in, going to movies and eating lots of turkey. In early December the Southern Cruisers Riding Club came by with “Santa” and gave the residents presents and gift cards. The Rustburg girls love and appreciate all that the Southern Cruisers do for them. Also, in early December the Rustburg girls cut up some fire wood and took it to a young lady whose heater had broken. At our cottage we have some Christmas traditions that we do each year. It all starts with decorating the house. The girls put up three trees with lots of ornaments, hang garlands and lights in the living room, hang lights in the hallways, put up a Christmas village in the dining room and decorate their bedroom doors to look like presents. Our annual Christmas party included painting ornaments, a gingerbread house contest, a huge dinner and opening small gifts that we bought for each other. We are able to enjoy so much in the holiday season thanks to special sponsors and friends.


The Stephens Cottage boys have been on the go! Last fall Al and Tevin played Stephens varsity football at William Campbell High Houseparents: Pierce & Carma School. Al was named to the All-District Foulk second team as a defensive end and he is just a sophomore. Both boys received their letters for making the team and playing, as well as certificates for maintaining a 3.0 or higher grade point during the football season. Larnza was on the JV football team as a lineman. Judah was in the William Campbell High School marching band which placed well in area competitions. In addition, he was selected to be in the Virginia Youth Band Ensemble where he had a solo in the VYBE’s Christmas Concert. Stephens Cottage boys participated in activities with our church youth that included a leisurely walk to the top of the Peaks of Otter. Stephens had two boys make the William Campbell High School basketball team. Tevin made varsity and Al made JV. Devin is playing basketball for the Plantation in the Heritage Baptist Church League. Our cottage enjoyed trips to the mall for shopping in preparation for Christmas. We enjoyed the Christmas Party sponsored by Hurt United Methodist Church (especially the homemade food) and the Annual Christmas Party hosted by the Harley Owners Group. The boys then enjoyed their Christmas break at home.

Wylliesburg Cottage, affectionately known as “Pineland,” has been a Wylliesburg whirlwind lately. With the holiday Houseparents: season, and the blur of activities Jeff & Gina Mosher surrounding it with parties, shopping, preparations, finishing up the school semester, preparing to go home for break, and volunteering… well, lets just say that life at Pineland has been exhilarating, and yet filled with laughter and fun. Along with the activities, we have recently been blessed to have another beautiful young lady join our home, and another moving out and into our Transitional Living Program. With the new year here, anticipation builds for the excitement of the changes that will always greet us. 2011 promises us a new beginning in the life here at Pineland, along with unique challenges and opportunities. PH BGP

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

The Bell Is Back! After sitting in a central spot near the flag poles on the Brookneal campus for many years, our bell was sent away recently for what might be considered a facelift. Thanks to the generosity of The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club through the American Legion Springfield Post 176, the bell was sand blasted, restored to its original color, and a new clapper was installed. The bell is now stored safely in the Craft Shop waiting to be returned to front campus as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration later this year. We appreciate Richard Winstead, 9th District Special Events Coordinator making the contact with the CVM Club. PH BGP

Welcome Lester Ross Last fall Lester Ross joined the Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation team as Director of Residential Care. Born in Detroit, MI, Lester says he “grew up all over”, having lived in Ohio, Charlotte, NC, Williamsburg, KY, and Philadelphia, PA. In college Lester majored in psychology and minored in religious education. He and his wife Susan lived in the Philadelphia area for 25 years before coming to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation. His career experience includes working at Bethanna Children’s Home, serving as a houseparent in a residential treatment facility, working in crisis intervention, being a foster care social worker and a county social worker. Lester and Susan have a grown daughter, Jessica, and a grown son, Aaron. In addition, they are the proud grandparents of one-yearold Anthony. Welcome to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation, Lester. You bring lots of professional and personal experience to our ministry. PH BGP

Find Patrick

L to R David Conner from York Children’s Foundation, Jason Captain from HFT, and Frank Whitten from WFH & CS

Counseling Center Awarded Grant Patrick Henry’s counseling center, Hope for Tomorrow, has received a grant from the York Children’s Foundation (YCF) to supply equipment for the play therapy room. This is the second grant Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation has received from YCF. We are grateful to Whitten Funeral Home & Cremation Services which sponsored PHBGP for both grants. PH BGP



Patrick Henry was the first elected governor of Virginia. As you read through this issue of The Orator, look for Patrick hiding in one of the photos (he looks just like the graphic at he right, just smaller). So when you find him, submit your entry to by April 30, 2011, for a chance to win. Be sure to tell us the page number and location of the picture where you found him. Please include your name, hometown, and affiliation with Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation. From the correct submissions, we will chose at random five lucky winners to receive a gift from us. PH BGP



Equine Program Cheryelle Jackson, Equine Program Even though all of our horses look like fuzzy bears and are enjoying the mud and snow way too much, we are gearing up for the 2011 Patrick Henry Horse Show season! As spring is fast approaching, we are already making plans for our two annual shows. Our spring show will be on May 14 and our fall show will be on October 8. Please be sure to bring your family and friends out to the shows to support the riders and the horses. Admission for spectators is free, but bring an appetite

because we will be selling lots of delicious food. To find out more information about our Patrick Henry Shows and other shows that will be held at our facility in Rustburg, please visit or contact Cheryelle Jackson at 434-390-1277 for show information or any questions about the program. Be sure to check out the next Orator because we have big plans for the Equine Program! Also, please keep us in mind if you have any used horse supplies or equipment. PH BGP

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

Welcome New Residents


Jasmine W. is a newcomer in the Wylliesburg cottage. Originally from Crewe, VA, she was born on November 20, is 16 years old, and in the 9th grade. Jasmine likes to take pictures, and loves her family and her friends. She enjoys quiet times as well as shopping for clothes. Jasmine hopes to do well in school as she continues to meet new friends and experience a new-found life at Patrick Henry.

Keante S. joined the Halifax Cottage family recently. His birthday is June 27, he is 11 years old, and in the 5th grade. Keante came to Patrick Henry from Lynchburg. He is creative, enjoys math and eating, and loves playing basketball and football.

Lindsey G. moved to our Bedford cottage from Rustburg, VA. Her birthday is August 1 and she is 15 years old. She’s in the 9th grade and loves softball. Her special likes include hanging out with friends and just having fun. When she finishes school, Lindsey wants to become a veterinarian.

Moesha (Moe) B. was born on April 12 and is currently in the 8th grade. She moved to our Rustburg cottage from Chase City, VA. A 14 year old, Moe likes to talk on the phone, do stuff on the computer, playing sports, and cheerleading. She loves music and knows the words to lots of songs. Her bright winning smile makes Moe a person you want to be with!

Rachelle C. came to Patrick Henry in January. She is originally from Oxonhill, MD and is in the Wylliesburg cottage. Rachelle’s birthday is October 14, she is 14 years old, and her favorite colors are purple and pink. Rachelle’s special likes include: English classes at school, reading, singing, being with dogs, and roller skating. She aspires to become a nurse because she looks up to her aunt who is a nurse and has inspired Rachelle to consider nursing as a career.

Yuri N. moved to Stephens cottage on the Brookneal campus just after Christmas. He was born on July 20 in Russia and moved to the USA at the age of 9. Yuri moved from the state of Washington to Woodbridge, VA and from there to Patrick Henry. He is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade at William Campbell High School. This personable young man lists his favorites as: reading, hanging out with friends, video games, and watching TV.





Alumni News Thanks to the efforts of Henry Carter, Patrick Henry’s Alumni Coordinator, several “lost” alumni have been “found” recently. News travels fast once alums are connected on Facebook! • Ashleigh Hoffman Watson had a baby girl named Savannah on December 8, 2010. • Kevin Adamson had a baby named Reagan on December 20, 2010. • Latina Dodd Whitlock is expecting a baby girl soon. She plans to name her Violet. • T his past fall Ken Silby helped build a shelter over the pumps at the swimming pool on the Brookneal campus. • William Hughes did some patchwork at the gym and the craft shop. He also cut down and cleared trees on the Brookneal campus. • David Satterfield repaired Patrick Henry tractors and built and repaired fences at the Rustburg campus. He built water troughs for the horses and did some bush hogging for the Plantation. • Wayne Mays volunteers by creating events for the Plantation and spending time with the Plantation residents. •A  t Christmas Greg Bucknam and his wife Theresa showered all of the Plantation residents with wonderful goodie bags full of holiday surprises.

Our girls visit the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA.

Please send your Alumni News to Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Plantation on Facebook or email

A trip to the pumpkin patch.

Save These Dates:

April 2, 2011 Alumni Association Sponsored 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, YMCA in downtown Lynchburg, VA

June 2, 2011 PHBGP Awards Ceremony, Brookneal Campus

September 17, 2011 PHBGP 50th Anniversary Celebration, Brookneal Campus

September 17–18, 2011 Alumni Weekend, Brookneal Campus Getting ready for Japanese food!

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

50+ Years 1960 House completed for director and six boys.

1961 First boy arrived on February 1. 1963 English Cottage for 15 boys and

houseparents completed and put into operation.

1965 Began reforestation program for planting loblolly pines.

1966 Shop building for repairing and

maintenance of equipment and training of boys completed.

1967 Major grading and landscaping of grounds completed.

1968 “Liberty Farm” received from

estate of Mr. Charlie Stephens. “Claymont Farm” donated to Home by Mrs. Bruce Jones. Stephens Cottage for 12 boys and houseparents completed.

1969 Built cattle barn to assist in

the development of the farm program. Built an indoor play court for basketball and tennis. Established a Scholarship Committee and a Scholarship Fund for high school graduates of the Plantation.

1970 Built an equipment storage shed

for farm equipment. Purchased a pickup truck for use on farm.

1971 Installed a 35,000 gallon storage tank and distribution lines including fire plugs. System designed to meet all future water needs. 1972 Built staff house with office

in basement. This served as residence for Executive Director and main office and mailing room. Paved driveways.

1974 Completed Plymale Cottage

with capacity for 12 boys and houseparents.



1975 Built machine and equipment

shed for farm use. Received deed “Tenn Echo”, 400 acre farm in Rustburg, VA (subject to life estate of Mrs. C.I. Anderson).

1976 Built Legion Craft Shop provided by American Legion and Auxiliary Department of Virginia. Completed work on $40,000 waste disposal lagoon project.

1977 Built cattle corral and cross

fenced low grounds to reorganize farming operation.

1978 Built Dr. O. E. Howe Cottage and dedicated Patrick Henry Girls Home for 12 girls in Rustburg.

1979 Began operation of Patrick Henry Girls Home as a satellite group home, January 22.

1981 Completed Pratt-Administration

Jamerson-Dining Building. Installed new driveways and parking lots, swimming pool at Boys Plantation; completed garage, storage, repaired building at Girls Home and paved driveways.



Of Growth 1983 Renovated “Sunny View Home” for Cluster Springs Boys Home. Dedicated April 28, 1985.

1984 Built Patrick Henry Boys

Plantation Family Counseling Center. Dedicated April 28, 1985.

1985 Built large storage building and picnic shelter.

1986 Tuck-Gray Multipurpose Center dedicated April 19, 1986.

1987 Renovated building at Cluster

Springs Home to provide guest bedroom and recreation facilities.

1988 Built the Robert James Obed

Seward staff apartments, Brookneal Campus. Dedicated May 7, 1988.

1989 Built Jennings Horse Barn at Girls Home, Rustburg.

1990 Built new hay barn, Brookneal.

Broke ground for new Girls Home of Bedford County.

1991 Built Patrick Henry Girls Home of Bedford County.

1992 Built Watts/Williams Annex to the administration building.

1992 Built addition on barn at “Red Hill.”

1994 Built the Mildred Anderson Staff House.

1996 Repaved and installed fence

around the tennis/basketball court.

1997 Renovated cottages and installed sports complex on Brookneal Campus.

1998 Bedford Girls Home swimming pool completed, March 1998. Rebuilt Jennings Horse Barn, Rustburg Girls Home. Water Treatment Facility dedicated November 1998.

1999 American Legion Craft Shop

Addition completed. Dedicated April 28, 1999.

2000 Established and implemented

Independent Living Program for Plantation residents.

2001 Received Deed of Gift of

“Pineland” farm from Mr. C. B. Robertson III and Mrs. Mary Robertson Morgan.

2002 Began construction of new

girls home at “Pineland” near Wylliesburg.

2003 Long Range Strategic Plan

approved by Board of Trustees.

2004 Began operation of the Annie C. Robertson Cottage-Wylliesburg Girls Home. Dedicated May 16.

2005 Completed major renovations

to Brookneal and Halifax boys’ homes.

2007 Completed construction of the

Hock Pool on Brookneal Campus. Hope for Tomorrow Counseling and Transitional Living apartments opened in Lynchburg.

2008 Received confirmation of Reid Foster property in Farmville.

2010 Robert Day became Executive Director, June 1.

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

Remember Charities in Your Estate Plan Remembering the charities that matter to you in your Will or other estate planning documents helps you make sure that your charitable desires will be carried out after you’re gone. Without proper documentation, your executor or family members won’t be able to give assets from your estate to a charity. Here are some examples of the gifts that may be made to charity in a Will:

Cash Bequest Laura W. Keohane is an attorney with Edmunds & Williams, P.C. in Lynchburg. Her law practice is focused on wills, trusts and estates as well as family-owned businesses.

You may designate a specific dollar amount to be given to a charity.

Residuary Bequest In your Will, you can designate where the remainder of your estate will go after all other bequests, debts and taxes have been paid. You can designate your favorite charity as beneficiary of all or a portion of your residual estate. This enables you to pass assets to charity after you have provided for loved ones.

Specific Bequest You may designate that a specific item of property, such as real estate, or tangible personal property (artwork, jewelry, a coin collection, etc.), or certain shares of stock, be given to a charity.

Contingent Bequest This is a bequest made on condition that a certain event must occur before distribution to the charity. For example, you may designate your favorite charity as a beneficiary if your spouse, children, or other heirs predecease you. Giving a portion of your estate to charity will not only benefit the charity, but could reduce the amount of estate taxes owed by your estate. If your estate is valued high enough to be taxed, a charitable donation,



or a charitable trust set up during your lifetime, can decrease the value of your estate so no taxes are imposed. A charitable remainder annuity trust (“CRAT”) pays an annual amount to a noncharitable beneficiary for a fixed term, at the end of which the remainder goes to the charity. A charitable remainder unitrust (“CRUT”) sets a percentage to pay out annually to a non-charitable beneficiary for the life of the trust, at the end of which the charity receives the remaining money. A charitable lead trust pays an annual amount to the charity for a fixed term, at the end of which the non-charitable beneficiaries receive the remainder. Life insurance also can be used to make a substantial contribution to charity. Under some circumstances, a donor can even deduct premium payments for the life insurance from his or her annual taxes as an itemized deduction. To take advantage of this feature, the donor must actually sign over the policy’s rights and deliver the document to the organization. Using IRA’s or other retirement accounts to benefit a charity is a possibility. However, be sure to obtain professional advice before you change your IRA beneficiaries, because having a charity named with other beneficiaries on the same IRA can affect the tax-deferral possibilities of the other (non-charitable) beneficiaries. To learn more, consult a financial advisor, an accountant, or an attorney who concentrates in wills and trusts. These professionals can advise you on different ways to remember the charities you care about as part of your estate plan. PH BGP



Creative Gifting Past-Present-Future Past As we celebrate our first 50 years as a children’s home, we remember the generosity of individuals, churches, organizations and businesses that have had faith in our mission and have supported us financially over the years to help change the lives of at-risk children and their families. Because of this support we have been able to change thousands of lives!

Harriet J. Whitten Director of Development

Present You can help us continue to change lives by referring families who need help to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation and also to our Hope for Tomorrow Counseling Services. Your financial contributions enable us to serve children and families regardless of their ability to pay. Often those who need help the most have the least ability to pay. When you send your donation, have you thought of honoring special persons in your life? These could include your loved ones, a special friend, your pastor, a favorite teacher, a relative, or someone celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, an anniversary, the birth of a child/grandchild, or a promotion. You may also want to send your gift as a memorial to someone(s) special to you. Our office will send the honoree(s) a card to inform them of your gift, or in the case of a memorial we will send a note to the person you designate. They will be recognized in a future issue of The Orator. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching in May and June, you may want to honor your parents in this special way. What an appropriate way to remember those who played an important part in your life by helping children who may not be as fortunate! I hope you will share the love your parents shared with you by making life

better for today’s children. If you choose to honor your parents in this special way, our office will send them a card to inform them of your tribute, or to the individual that you designate to inform them of the memorial gift. Parents who are honored, as well as the donors, will be recognized in the Honor and Memorial Register in a future issue of The Orator.

Future Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation continues to benefit from the generosity of those who have included us in their estate plans over the years. You may want to do likewise as you make plans for your future. These gifts may include bequests, trusts, life insurance, etc. Please refer to the article by Laura Keohane on page 12. When working on estate plans, it is important to consult your financial advisor, your accountant, or an attorney who concentrates in wills and trusts. Please encourage your advisor(s) to be in touch with our office so we can work together to be certain that your wishes are fulfilled. Thank you for your support! P.S. Does your church or organization need a program? We welcome the opportunity to share the PHBGP story with your group. Please contact me at or 434-239-1139 for details. PH BGP

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

Honor & Memorial Registry For gifts received from October 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010

In Honor Of A Mrs. Thomas Andrews

The Virginia Society Dames of the Court of Honor

Capt. (Ret.) & Mrs. Bill Armbraster

Mr. & Mrs. Haynie S. Robertson, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Armistead

Eric & Janet Brown

Todd, Oscarlyn & Madeline Elder

Rebecca Brown

Frank, Dana & Camille Bacon Cookie & Earl Currin

Dorothy T. Bailey

Mr. Johns W. Bailey

Ernie & Marie Barker

Mr. & Mrs. Waverly E. Copley

Maxine Elder Barnett Mr. Glenn E. Barnett Ms. Mary E. Barnett

The Reverend & Mrs. William C. Crites

Ms. Bruce

Mrs. Betty Cyrus

Todd, Oscarlyn & Madeline Elder Todd, Oscarlyn & Madeline Elder Mr. David A. Shumate

Tamera H. Bennett

Mrs. Betsy Hamlett

Mr. & Mrs. David Blackburn Dr. James E. Blackburn, II

Joyce D. Booker

Mrs. Myrtle B. Fore

John Bosiger

Ash Avenue Baptist Church, Annie Owen Sunday School Class

Jack, Lynne & John Boswell Cookie & Earl Currin

Mrs. Bridie Bradley

Mr. William P. Guthrie

Dr. & Mrs. Lewis Bridgforth Mr. & Mrs. John B. Walker

Oscar Monroe & Mary Jane Fox

Esther & Frank Buzzard

Scott D. Dawson

Chuck & Marsha Friedl

Louise Deacon

Henry Fulcher

Dr. & Mrs. Richard P. DuFour

Mr. & Mrs. Sam C. Dillender, Jr.


Ms. Nancy Davis Cookie Currin

The Lynchburg Sports Club Mr. & Mrs. Joe Parker

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Caldwell

Mrs. Marian Dean

Kelly Callahan

Gray & Sandy Dobratz

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Ranson Ms. Rosalie Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Len Greco Ann Bailey & Linda

Garland & Frances Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Werner F. Rieger Ruby Mew, Century 21 Sunset Realty

Mrs. Dorothy Fore

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Coleman, Sr. Mrs. Elizabeth J. Yeatts

Vicky N. Collie

Mrs. Lucy W. Solomon

Joe & Meredith Collins

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. White

Betsy & Kenny Cousins

Dr. & Mrs. L. Arnold Frederick

Beverley Cox

Ms. Rosalie Kelly

Martha E. Cox

Cookie & Earl Currin

Blackstone Christian Church

G Mrs. Alma D. Gibbs

Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Weidemann

Mrs. Helen Dudley

Glen Gilmer

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Layne


Todd, Oscarlyn & Madeline Elder Mr. & Mrs. Leonard R. Madison

Mr. & Mrs. John Goetz

Dr. & Mrs. Richard P. DuFour

Cole Eaddy

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Goodwyn

Copeland Eaddy

Mrs. Helen S. Gregory

Maelyn Edwards

Randy Guill

Mr. & Mrs. Billy C. Puckett Mr. & Mrs. Billy C. Puckett Mrs. Judy M. Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Edwards, Kyle & Ryan Cookie & Earl Currin

Pat & Wally Ewalt

Ms. Rosalie Kelly

Col. & Mrs. E. W. Cox Ms. Rosalie Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Pat M. Allbeck

Sami & Erik Gilley

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Dorn

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Clark

Mrs. Patricia Clarke

Mrs. Dorothy Fore

William Dorn, II


Cookie Currin

Mrs. Barbara Trimm Wright Ash Avenue Baptist Church, Annie Owen Sunday School Class

H Gayle Haley

Ash Avenue Baptist Church, Annie Owen Sunday School Class

C. Edward Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Farmer Mr. Walker G. Weigel

Katie Farmer & Phil Baxley Ms. Marie D. Coates

James R. Ferguson

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua S. Cornett

Jenny Folker

Ruby Mew, Century 21 Sunset Realty

Employees of the Sunset Beach Food Lion Ruby Mew, Century 21 Sunset Realty

Richard & Kris Ford

Ruby Mew, Century 21 Sunset Realty


Mrs. Myrtle B. Fore

Mrs. Sarah U. Davis

Mr. & Mrs. George Pace


George Ed Fore

Mr. & Mrs. C. Russell Burnette, Jr.

Mrs. Marsha Carwile

Cookie, Maurene & Earl Currin


Mrs. Patricia W. Clarke Mrs. Myrtle B. Fore

Mrs. Myrtle Fore

Virginia Beebe

Paul, Tracy, Scott & Sarah Bennett

Mrs. Ann Bailey

Dorothy Fore

Jean Davis

Lora Rae Callahan

Mrs. Virginia B. Veillette

Lt. Col. (ret.) & Mrs. Eldon W. Cox

Jimmy Brulatour

Mrs. Sitty Baskervill Cookie Currin

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Abernathy, Jr.

Samuel H. & Wanda Brown

Mrs. Mary H. Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Armistead, Jr. Mrs. Neva Bryan Mr. & Mrs. Fred S. Bailey


Jack & Ethel Couch

Benchmark Community Bank

Wade & Faye Hamner

Mr. & Mrs. Waverly E. Copley

Lucy W. Harris

Mrs. Dorothy L. Arthur

Mrs. Clara Whitney Herndon Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Ranson

Mrs. Lillian H. Hicks

Cookie & Earl Currin

Audrey Dean Hite

Mrs. Carolyn Hite

Mrs. Charlie Hite

Cookie, Earl, Lyle, Trisha Sterling, Kristin, Dikie, Samuel, Esther, Audrey, Lucy Sterling, Bruce, Henry, Wilson & Maurene


The Hofmann Family

Margaret Moon

Hazel Hunt

Roy A. Moon

Mr. Byron Ricketts Betty W. Warner

Mr. Roy A. Moon Ms. Margaret A. Moon

Shirley & Lewis Moorman Mr. William E. McRorie


United Methodist Women of Indian Mary R. Morgan Mrs. Martha R. Bowden Hill Mrs. Mary W. Gough

Polly Inge

Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Wolanski

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Morgan

The Morgans

Mrs. Ellen M. Carrico

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Jamerson

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Almond

Mr. & Mrs. W. E. “Bill” Jamerson Mr. & Mrs. George E. Almond Mr. & Mrs. Phillip C. Jamerson

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Jennings

Dr. & Mrs. Richard P. DuFour

Robert Jones

Mr. R. David Jones

K Mr. & Mrs. Charles Keener Lee Cundiff

Rosalie H. Kelly

Lt. Col. (Ret.) & Mrs. Eldon W. Cox

Mr. & Mrs. A. O. King

Ruby Mew, Century 21 Sunset Realty

Ferd Kirshberger

Ms. Katherine Kirshberger

L Vivian Lazo

Mr. & Mrs. Jorge A. Lazo

Brenda & Jeffrey Lenhart

Mr. & Mrs. Blaine G. Lenhart

John Lewandowski

Ash Avenue Baptist Church, Annie Owen Sunday School Class

The Lifseys

Mrs. Ellen M. Carrico

Ms. Kelly Lightle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lightle

Mike & Christine Lobue Cookie & Earl Currin

Sidney & Ellen Locke

Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Locke


Mr. Mitchell W. Reaves

Mrs. Clarence P. Watlington The Virginia Society Dames of the Court of Honor

Jennifer White

The Seckman Family

Georgia Yancey & Frances Whitt

Kathy Muller

Mrs. John Wesley Shrader

Harriet Whitten

Paul & Cheryl Mullins

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard R. Madison

Mrs. Frederick T. Morse

The Virginia Society Dames of the Court of Honor Lee Cundiff

Ruby Mew, Century 21 Sunset Realty

Mrs. Eva Myers

Mrs. Myrtle B. Fore

N Dollie Noble

Ms. Doris B. Baldwin

O Mrs. Archer H. Overby

The Virginia Society Dames of the Court of Honor

P Mrs. Jane Paris

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Majors

Roy & Ann Parker

Mr. & Mrs. John Amos, Jr.

Kay Pierantoni

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Layne Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Leonard R. Madison Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Spitzer Mrs. Phyllis I. Howard Lee Cundiff

Mr. John H. Varner Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. White Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. White Ms. Frances O. Martin

Mrs. Muriel Z. Casey Miss Dorothea M. Fuller Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Layne

Myrtle Anne Smith

Mr. Quentin E. Wilhelmi

George Smith, Sr.

Bronna Willis

Bobbi & Dave Stables

Stephen Matthew Wilson, II

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Steenech

Ms. Marjorie Winkelmann

Stetar Family

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert E. Winn

Gary & Barbara Swanson

Mrs. Nancy Worley

Ms. Grace Smith Ms. Grace Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Sumner R. Pugh, Jr. Lee Cundiff

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hiler Ruby Mew, Century 21 Sunset Realty

T Ron & Elaine Tharrington

Ruby Mew, Century 21 Sunset Realty

Cookie & Earl Currin

Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. B. Dale Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Werner F. Rieger Cookie & Earl Currin Mrs. Ann Bailey

Y Wimpy & Freda Yeatts

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Seckman

Mrs. Eldred Yochim

The Virginia Society Dames of the Court of Honor PH BGP

Mrs. Martha R. Bowden

Mrs. Clifton F. Pryor

The Virginia Society Dames of the Court of Honor

Q Mrs. Robert A. Quicke (Anne) Cookie & Earl Currin


Grace McAbee

Katherine T. Reedy

Kathryn McAbee

Mr. & Mrs. Aulden Roach

Susan & Mark McNair

C. B. & Martha Robertson

Todd, Oscarlyn & Madeline Elder

Mrs. Lucy W. Solomon

Betty Warner

Johnny Seamster

Susan & Jason Morris

Jean Whitlow Reaves

Carl McAbee, Satterfield Plumbing


Cookie & Earl Currin

Rev. Dan Ward

David & Jeannie White

David Marshall & Family

Carl McAbee, Satterfield Plumbing

Hubert, Judy & Jason Roop Warren Elizabeth, Aubrey & Jonathan Tuck

Mrs. Louise Walton

Judy & Carl Saunders

Jack Rainey

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin H. Marshall

Mr. Jeff Roop & Ms. Kristy Salce


Hunter Watson

Jane Mapp

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Bass

Hubert, Judy & Jason Roop Warren, Elizabeth, Aubrey & Jonathan Tuck

Teresa L. Sanderson

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Ranson


Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Roop


Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Fitzgerald Mrs. Marie W. Turner Mrs. Mary Riely Pettyjohn Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Ranson Mary Robertson Morgan

Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. McWane

Mr. & Mrs. A. Craddock McWane

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

In Memory Of A William Charles Abbitt Ms. Nancy C. Abbitt Ms. Patricia Abbitt

Robert & Virginia Abernathy

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Abernathy, Jr.

Caleb W. Adkins

Mr. & Mrs. John Moreau

Harry Lee Allen

Mr. Joe H. Allen, Jr.

Howard Allen

Dr. George R. Jarrell

Charlie Allison

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Allison, Jr.

Ida C. Almond

Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Smith

Wilson & Evelyn Almond Mr. David C. Almond

Mary B. Barnes

Anonymous Mrs. Betty Sue Barnes Ms. Stephanie Hamlett Mr. & Mrs. Stanley T. Winfield

William Thomas Barnes, III Anonymous Mrs. Betty Sue Barnes

Patricia A. Barnet

Mr. Charles P. Meeler

Donald Bates

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hix

Jack Bays

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Bartelt

Lunette Beale

Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Dews

Mrs. Lillian E. Beber

Mr. William J. Ellington

Russell Blackburn

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hix

John M. Bohannan

Ms. Geraldine E. Ludwig Ms. Jane Pittenger

Deceased Members of American Legion Post 342 in 2010

Mr. & Mrs. M. F. Bond, Sr.

Mrs. Betty Jo Amos

Ed & Frances Bosiger

Mr. & Mrs. J. Hudson Anderson

Marie Pillow Bowie

Keith Armistead

William Bowler

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Armistead

M. B. & Evelyn Bradley

Mac Arrington

Mrs. Margaret Nichols Brankley

American Legion Post 342, Volens Mr. & Mrs. Merle T. Adkins, III Mr. & Mrs. John H. Anderson, Jr., Amy & Catherine Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr. Charlotte M. Arrington

Ray & Lucy Arrington

Mrs. Roberta H. Helms

Landon & Adeline Atkins

Mr. & Mrs. Furman Layman

B Virginia Moses Babcock

Appomattox Garden Club Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Colbert & Family Mr. & Mrs. Webb Jones Mr. & Mrs. Aulden Roach Maggie Conner, Margie Franklin, Barry Elder, Susan Hunter, Randy Williams, Debbie Guthrie & Gina Trent

James Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Farmer Mrs. Joyce Green

Eva Jones Baird

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr.

Hazel L. Ballowe

Mr. Davis P. Ballowe

M. F. Bond, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Bosiger Mr. & Mrs. William E. Green, Jr. Mrs. William E. Green, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. William L. Midkiff, Sr. Mr. Carroll B. Bradley, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Fitz, Jr. Mrs. Marjorie F. Morris

David E. Buchanan

John R. Cole

Dr. William G. Bunch

Hazel Coleman

Paul Burke

William F. Conde

Mr. & Mrs. Mark I. Burnett

Rev. H. V. & Sarah Wilborn Conner

Russell & Pearl Burnette

Mr. & Mrs. John Augustus Cordle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Buchanan Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Wilmoth Miss Carrie Tate Aylor Dr. & Mrs. Gerald C. Burnett Dr. & Mrs. Richard P. DuFour

C Elizabeth H. Cage

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Michaelson Ms. Daphne W. Copley

Dwight Callis

Mrs. Grace T. Marshall & Le

Clyde Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. Aulden Roach

Mr. & Mrs. Morta Campbell Mrs. Ann E. Campbell

R. Earl Campbell

Mrs. Ann E. Campbell

Robert Carey

Mrs. Fannie Mae Tuck

Mr. & Mrs. A. D. Carson, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr.

Mr. Calvin P. Carter

Cookie & Earl Currin

H. Wayne Carter, Jr.

Mrs. Glynn Whitten

Carolyn J. Carwile

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis L. Claybrook

Mr. & Mrs. Emmette Carwile

Mr. & Mrs. George D. Cooper

Henry Wilson Carwile, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Benny O. Marston

Stafford Bray

Mrs. Nancy Tate Castaldo

Kent & Kathy Brent

Nancy Tate Castaldo

William Lee Bridgforth, Jr.

Bob Chaney

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Gale Mr. James H. Brent The Office Employees of Virginia Marble

Jackie L. Brown

Mr. Glen N. Abernathy Mr. J. Willard Greer

Mrs. Martha Tate Bell Laconia Hunt Club

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton

Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Childress

Mr. & Mrs. Clinton A. Childress

Mr. & Mrs. William Childress

Mr. & Mrs. Clinton A. Childress

Pamela K. Brown

Sarah C. Chipps

Daniel E. Bruce

Spencer Clark

Virginia Bruce

Lucy C. Clay

Lloyd B. & Louise S. Bryant

Mrs. Richard W. (Boosie) Cobbs, Jr.

Todd, Oscarlyn & Madeline Elder Mrs. Harriet P. Wood Ms. Ann Shumate Mr. & Mrs. Larry P. Bryant

Glen N. Abernathy Julie Smith

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 79

Cookie, Maurene & Lucy Sterling

Mr. & Mrs. Billy C. Puckett Mr. Bucky James Mrs. Martha D. Conde Mr. & Mrs. Charles Conner

Cookie, Earl, Lyle, Trisha Sterling, Kristin, Dikie, Samuel, Esther, Audrey, Lucy Sterling, Bruce, Henry, Wilson & Maurene

Harold & Kit Cothran

Ashby & David Cothran

Jack & Ethel Couch

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Abernathy, Jr.

Virginia Lee Courter

Mr. & Mrs. Willie C. Averett

Charles Edward Cox

Mr. & Mrs. John Luther Morgan, III

Burwell Crews

American Legion Post 342, Volens

Gene Raymond Crews

Catawba Baptist Church

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Cross

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Lucy, Jr.

Hon. Joseph P. Crouch

Honorable Joyce K. Crouch & Allaina

Greg Crymes

Mrs. Edith C. Clements

Johnnie G. Crymes

Mrs. Edith C. Clements

Roellie T. Crymes

Mrs. Edith C. Clements

D George Davidhizar

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Anita Dawson

Herbert M. Dawson

Mae & Theodore Dawson Mrs. Gwendolyn Goggin

Margaret W. Day

Ms. Rosalie Kelly

Harry Dodson

Mrs. Florris Reid

Nolie Dodson

Mrs. Florris Reid

Helen Jones Doggett

Mr. D. Wade Doggett

Carl W. Will Dowdy

Mrs. Ruth D. Dowdy

Ernestine Duffey Mrs. Ann Trent

Richard Duncan, Sr.

American Legion Post 342, Volens

Edgar G. Dunnavant

Mrs. Pauline M. Dunnavant

John M. & Sallie C. Dunnavant Anonymous




Mrs. Martha Watson Hamilton

Rev. M. Dana Hunt

Enoch A. & Nancy J. Haley

William A. Hunter

Cathy Hall

Margaret & Thomas Hupp

Clyde A. Hall

Nettie Hurt

Penrose & Madeline St. Amant Mr. Enoch A. Haley, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Puckett

Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Dunnavant Mrs. Christine D. Ridgwell

Mable & James Fowlkes

Mrs. Jean Gates Fowlkes

Mr. Glen N. Abernathy Mrs. Kenneth Cassada Mr. & Mrs. Gary P. Gupton

Robert E. (Bobby) Fowlkes

Mrs. Martha Watson Hamilton

Gladys Eanes

Cindy Hicks Fox

Nancye F. Hamner

Craig Edgley

Archie & Ida Franklin

Ruth Hargrave

Mr. & Mrs. D. Quinn Eggleston

Audrey Franklin

Frank D. Harris

Phillip Elder

Lloyd & Ben Franklin

Charles H. Hatcher, Jr.

Mr. Joseph E. Ellington

James B. Fray

Mrs. Alma C. Ellington

Virginia N. Frye

E Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Meadows Mr. Kenneth E. Edgley Mrs. Louise Eggleston Martin Mrs. Elizabeth N. Thornby Mr. William J. Ellington Mr. William J. Ellington

Ms. Mildred Ellington

Mr. William J. Ellington

Mrs. Jean Gates Fowlkes Mrs. Sharon Shifflett Mrs. Augusta F. Dobson Trish Garland

Mrs. Augusta F. Dobson Donald N. Parris Ms. Rosalie Kelly


“Dan” Elliott

Jimmy & Helen Garland

Douglas & Gladys English

Mary & James Gates

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Epperson

Mabel Midkiff Gatewood

Clyde Erwin

Carolyn Simpson Gay

Lamb’s United Methodist Church Mr. & Mrs. Barry Bosiger Mrs. Ann E. Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. Barry G. Hughes

Alise & Robey W. Estes, Sr. Trish Garland

A. Monroe Evans

Mrs. Sarah M. Evans Mr. Donald T. Smith

Trish Garland

Mrs. Jean Gates Fowlkes Mr. & Mrs. Davis H. Gregory, Jr. Grady Simpson Family & Robert D. Gay

Fay Wood Gebhardt

Mr. & Mrs. Martel T. Ricketts

Harry Glover

Mrs. Phillippa Glover

Mr. George Evans

Grover A. Goolsby, Jr.

Pat & Wally Ewalt

James Gordon

Trish Garland Rosalie Kelly

Mrs. Louise E. Goolsby Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton

Linden Delaune Gorman

Mr. & Mrs. Mike O’Brochta

F Mr. Fred Fannon

Mr. John W. Graham

Welford Farmer

Frances Grant

Mr. Arthur L. Thiele Linda L. Cheseldine

Shoat Ferrell

Dr. & Mrs. Harold Crowder, Jr.

Frances Thorpe Foster

Charlene Skelton & S. R. Breedlove

John R. Foster

Mr. William P. Guthrie

Mr. Bob Foster

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Finger

Lou H. Foster

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Green, Jr. Mrs. William E. Green, Sr.

Timmy Foster

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Werner F. Rieger Mrs. Willie M. Mason

Mrs. Frances G. Grant

Mr. & Mrs. W. Otis Tune, Sr.

Louise Greene

Mr. David Pennell

Mrs. Becky Grow

Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett

John Guill

Cindie Reinhold

Bobby Gupton

Mrs. Weston Gupton

H William John Haden

Mr. & Mrs. Gary P. Gupton

Rev. & Mrs. Roy Parker Mr. Hunter R. Watson Trish Garland

Lynchburg Home Rebekah Lodge No. 41

Larry Huskey

Brandon & Joan Yeatts

Penrose & Madeline St. Amant Mr. H. Douglas Hamner, Jr.

I James Carroll Irby

Ms. Lisa Van Arsdale Mrs. Patsye C. Irby

Ms. Margaret A. Hargrave Harris, Matthews & Crowder, P.C. Glass’s Auto Service, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Andy Hall Mrs. Sylvia B. Kidd Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Wilson

Billy Herring

Mr. & Mrs. John Luther Morgan, III

Juanita Mann Hicks

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer A. Bodnar Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Prince Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Pugh, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kent Ramsey

J. W. Hill

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 337

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hillock

Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson, Jr.

Henry B. Hite

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 337 The Hannah Hite Family

Mr. Charlie Hite

Cookie, Earl, Lyle, Trisha Sterling, Kristin, Dikie, Samuel, Esther, Audrey, Lucy Sterling, Bruce, Henry, Wilson & Maurene

Elson & Lula Hodnett

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Hogge Trish Garland

Anne Chalmers Holt

Mr. & Mrs. Benny C. Rogers

Nancy Holt

Mrs. Esther L. Hutcherson

Augusta Hood

Hood Brothers Garage, Inc.

Ida Horne

Ms. Margaret Gregory

John Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Clinton A. Childress

Sam Hubbard

Mr. Alvin J. Whitten

Betty A. Hudgins

Mr. Glen N. Abernathy

Peter D. Hudgins

Mr. Glen N. Abernathy


J Mildred Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Barry G. Hughes Mrs. Frances Vaughan

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Elton W. Johnson

Jessee C. Jones

Mrs. Edith C. Clements

Dickie Jordan

Mrs. Nancy Parker Mrs. Inez St. John-Crews

Warren Joy

Mrs. Audrey Jean Joy

K Anne Kegley

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr.

Col. Rennie Kelly

Ms. Rosalie Kelly

Carl King

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr.

Dottie King

Mrs. Gilma Shand

Arlie & Ruth Kingery

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Shepherd

Margaret Kinney

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Ranson

Mrs. B. P. (Carol Geipel) Knowles Honorable Joyce K. Crouch & Allaina

L T. Currie & Gladys Lacks Ms. Sandra Lacks

M. H. Lacy, Sr.

Mr. Charles C. Lacy

Ronnie Lawhorne

Mr. & Mrs. Sumner R. Pugh, Jr.

Dr. Sun Guen Lee

Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett Dr. & Mrs. Lucien W. Roberts

Luther Leistra

Lunenburg County Post 9954 VFW

Jack Lewis

Farmville United Methodist Men’s Bible Class

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

Theo B. Lewis

Clyde B. Midkiff

Mrs. John Latane Lewis, III (Elizabeth)

Judson E. Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Guill

Cookie & Earl Currin

Theresa Lipscomb

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Mrs. Dorothy L. Lockridge Mrs. Martha Tate Bell

Bet Loftis

Thelma I. Brown

Ann Loving

Mrs. Sandra K. Rose

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Lucy, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Lucy, Jr.

Elizabeth & Lowe Lunsford

Mr. & Mrs. A. Lowe Lunsford, III

M “Cullen” Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis E. Hamlett, Jr.

Roselle A. Martin

Mr. Leslie N. Martin, Jr.

T. R. Martin

Lorene Lucado & Joan Holt

R. W. & Margaret D. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Glenn Matthews

Mrs. Debra M. Matthews

Willie H. Maxwell

Mrs. Betty Hamlett

Wantena P. Mayberry

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Inge

Annie & Clarence Mayhew Ms. Sandra Raker

Reuben & Virginia Mayhew Mr. Lathan M. Ewers, Jr.

Holly Mays

Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Tinsley

Marie McArthur

Mr. & Mrs. Martel T. Ricketts

Pam McCall

Mrs. Sharon Shifflett

Janet Franklin McCormick Ms. Dianne M. Hudson

Jim McDonald

Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett

Joshua L. McGarrahan

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Saunders, Sr.

Taylor E. McGregor

Miss Carrie Tate Aylor

Joella Means

Mr. & Mrs. Aulden Roach

Donald P. Meeler

Mr. Charles P. Meeler

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Mr. & Mrs. Edd Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. Elton W. Johnson

Perry Mobley

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis E. Hamlett, Jr.


The Hannah Hite Family

Leon Murray

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 337

Wade D. Murray

Ms. Joy Webster Mr. & Mrs. Clinton A. Childress

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Clinton A. Childress

Mr. & Mrs. L. E. Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Clinton A. Childress

Rodger Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Clinton A. Childress

Mr. A. W. Mosby

Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett Dr. & Mrs. Lucien W. Roberts

Sandy Mosby

Dr. & Mrs. Harold Crowder, Jr.

Elaine Hoover Mowery

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 199 Antioch Church of The Brethren Antioch Little Duckling Preschool, Regan H. Laughlin & Mrs. Jeanne M. Lineberry Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Burner Mrs. Mabel Cole Ms. Cheryl Ann Crisman Mrs. Kathryn Dunn Ms. Janet S. Einstein Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Gilmore, Jr. Ms. Jo Ann Good Mrs. Anna M. Hoffman B. C. Hollar Mrs. Alma F. Hottle Ms. Miriam M. Irvin & Family Mr. & Mrs. Norman L. Kerber Mrs. Janie Mowery Mrs. Joycie F. Mowery Mrs. Jessie K. Myrtle Mrs. Anna Mae Ortgies Ms. Velma Painter Mr. & Mrs. Harry D. Pence, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Polk Ms. Cheryl Lynn Racey W. W. Robinson Elementary School Staff Ms. Emily B. Scrimgeour Mr. & Mrs. Jack O. Sheetz Mrs. Ruth M. Sorrells Toms Brook Methodist Church Senior Sunday School Class Mrs. Iva K. Wakeman Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Williams, III

Raymond H. Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Barnes

J. Edward & Evelyn Murray

Joyce Morris

Mrs. Dorothy Meeler

Wallace R. Megginson

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 337

W. Albert & Viola Murray

Mrs. Ona Moyer

Mr. Glen N. Abernathy Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett

Herman Murray

Ronnie Moize

Edith E. Meeler

Mr. Charles P. Meeler


Mrs. Clyde B. Midkiff

Mr. & Mrs. Werner F. Rieger Mrs. Doris R. Murphy

Edward Murray

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 337

The Hannah Hite Family

Ms. Patricia G. Satterfield


Malcolm & Billie Perrow Mr. David C. Almond

Owen B. Pickett

Dr. Cynthia K. Hall

Emma B. Powell Vickie P. Hite

Margie Powell

Mr. Carlton Powell

George “Sport” Newcomb

Lula K. Price

Carolyn & Bobby Newman

Mr. & Mrs. Sambo Puckett

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr. Honorable Joyce K. Crouch & Allaina

Mr. Charles R. Nichols Cookie & Earl Currin

Mrs. Effie F. Nichols

Hunting Creek Baptist Church

Roy David Nichols

Mrs. Patsye C. Irby

Robert Noblin

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff

Marshall Norwood

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 337

Mr. & Mrs. E. W. Nowlin Mrs. Lois N. Paris

Mrs. Margaret Nuttle Anonymous


Ms. Margaret A. Hargrave Vickie P. Hite

Brad & Josh Puryear

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Puryear, Jr.

Joshua Lee Puryear

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Puryear, Jr.

R Charles R. Ramsey

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Ramsey, Jr.

Mrs. Jane Rash

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Lucy, Jr.

Early G. Reams

Mrs. Evelyn A. Webb

Inez & Robert Reaves Mrs. Mary W. Newby

James Reid

Mrs. Florris Reid

Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Reid

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reid

Virginia Arlene Oakes

Kenny Wayne Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Owen

Mr. & Mrs. T. H. Reynolds

Glass’s Auto Service, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. George D. Cooper

P Betty Mae (Doll) Palmer

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Crump Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr.

Bob & Louise Paris

Mr. & Mrs. Benny O. Marston Col. C. L. Reynolds

Norma Gray Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Northington

Steven Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Eades, Jr.

Harriet W. Rice

Mr. & Mrs. Homer Smith

Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Paris

Nathaniel T. & Jeannette H. Richardson

William M. Paris

Mr. & Mrs. Werner Rieger

Grace Mead Parker

Annie & Clarence Robertson

Mrs. Marie W. Turner Mrs. Lois N. Paris Mrs. Lois N. Paris The Sheltons

Mr. Layden B. Wood, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Werner F. Rieger Mr. & Mrs. C. B. Robertson, III

Sandra Parker

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wagstaff, Jr.

Mrs. Louise E. Parrish

Mr. William J. Ellington

Bruce Payne, Sr.

Mrs. Madeline W. Payne

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Perkinson

Miss Carolyn T. Perkinson

Mrs. Ruby Perkinson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton

S Mr. James Robert Salley

Cookie, Earl and All of the White Oaks Farm Family

Clyde & Ruth Saunders Mrs. Marian S. Kessler

Curtis Saunders

Mrs. Maxine Barnett


Jane Quinn Saunders

Edmund A. Saunders, Janie Q. Saunders & Jane Quinn Saunders, Endowment of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia

Davis Sawyer

Mrs. Maxine Barnett

Christine A. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Cliborne Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. Conner Hunting Creek Baptist Church

Lucy Sterling, Bruce, Henry, Wilson & Maurene

Catherine Tharpe

Mrs. Phyllis Dalton

David L. Smith

Curtis & Evelyn Tharpe

Dick Smith

Kitty Tharpe

Mr. & Mrs. Howard P. Hutchinson Maxine, Johnny, Jeanne & Bobby Rigsby

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Boswell Mr. & Mrs. Chris Dalton

Frances Sheldon Thompson

John Henry Watkins, III

Mr. & Mrs. John Luther Morgan, III

Jonathan Kent Watson

Ms. Betty Atkins Watson Santa Claus

Charlie & Beatrice Watts

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Epps, III

John Watts

Mr. & Mrs. Sammy Watts, Jr.

Tom Sawyer

Dorothy McC. Smith

Cheryl Cress Sayre

Jacob & Mackenzie Smith

Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Schermerhorn

Virginia Smith

Hazel L. Thompson

Jon Whitten

Mr. G. A. Schermerhorn, Jr.

Paul Myers Snell, Jr.

Tommy Thompson

Lillian W. Whitten

Charles R. W. Schoew

Jason & Austin Snow

Scott Tinsley

Elizabeth & Douglas Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scott

Johnnie & Mae Snow

Carolyn & Pete Shank

Mr. & Mrs. Carter Southall

Mr. & Mrs. W. A. (Bill & Ell) Shields

Mr. George M. Spaulding

Ms. Charlotte E. Scruggs Mr. & Mrs. Cecil K. Cress Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Lucy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Lucy, Jr.

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Dudley Mr. & Mrs. W. Earl Southall Trish Garland

Honorable Joyce K. Crouch & Allaina

William H. “Billy” Shields

Honorable Joyce K. Crouch & Allaina

Venia Shortridge

Mrs. LaVerne S. Tweedy

Dewey Shumaker

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

J. W. & Eva Shumaker

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Wiley & Eva Shumaker

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Coy W. Simpson

Grady Simpson Family & Robert D. Gay

Denver L. Simpson

Grady Simpson Family & Robert D. Gay

Eunice D. Simpson

Grady Simpson Family & Robert D. Gay

Grady R. Simpson

Grady Simpson Family & Robert D. Gay

Mr. & Mrs. Horton M. Southall Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Smith Mr. & Mrs. Aulden Roach Mr. & Mrs. John Luther Morgan, III Mrs. Joyce Richards

Mrs. LaVerne S. Tweedy Mr. & Mrs. W. Earl Southall Cookie, Earl, Lyle, Trisha Sterling, Kristin, Dikie, Samuel, Esther, Audrey, Lucy Sterling, Bruce, Henry, Wilson & Maurene

Mr. Parker Speight

Mrs. Sue Payne Morgan & Family

Robert W. Speight, Sr. Trish Garland

Stephen L. Stanton

Ms. Susan L. Stanton

Marie Stephenson Scott Stratton

Mrs. Josephine F. Burks

T Anne Marie Smith Talley Mr. Charles R. Talley

Mr. Evans D. Tanner

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Lucy, Jr.

Mr. H. N. Tanner, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Lucy, Jr.

Daniel Tate

Mr. & Mrs. Berkley Glasscock

Gladys Meadows Taylor

Frank Sizemore

Thomas Neavil Teass

Mr. Zac Walker, III

Tom Skinner

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Greene

Ashley Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Mr. Layden B. Wood, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Hodnett Mr. & Mrs. Clinton A. Childress Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Tinsley

Dean Toombs

Mrs. Evelyn A. Webb

Glory “Dean” Toombs

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Piercy, Jr.

Mrs. Dorothy G. Ferrell

Mrs. Emily S. Pendleton Mr. & Mrs. Horace A. Teass

Mrs. Marie Tese

Cookie, Earl, Lyle, Trisha Sterling, Kristin, Dikie, Samuel, Esther, Audrey,

Shirley Wright Wells

Mr. & Mrs. John Luther Morgan, III

Charles & Bertha Whitlow Mrs. Marie W. Turner Mr. Alvin J. Whitten Mr. Alvin J. Whitten Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Raymond P. Williams, Jr.

Mr. Thomas C. Phelps, III

Boyd J. Willingham

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hite Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Townsend

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Wilson

Kenneth Tuck

William B. Witcher

Mrs. Edith C. Clements

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 337 Mrs. Fannie Mae Tuck

Mrs. Fannie Mae Tuck

Mr. & Mrs. Neal Witcher

Ann Snell Womack

Mrs. Edith C. Clements

Mr. & Mrs. John Tuck

Angie B. Wood

Travis (Jack) Turner

Lillie Angeline Wood

Mrs. Fannie Mae Tuck Mrs. Marie W. Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Tweedy Mrs. Maude T. Bailey

Dr. Larry L. Stephenson

James Singleton

Mrs. Inez St. John-Crews

Mr. & Mrs. Merle T. Adkins, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Michael & Jeffrey Sheldon’s Motel & Restaurant

U Mrs. Willie Bruce Underwood Cookie, Earl, Lyle, Trisha Sterling, Kristin, Dikie, Samuel, Esther, Audrey, Lucy Sterling, Bruce, Henry, Wilson & Maurene


Nell & Mokey Boswell David Lacy, Brian Robertson & Susan Martinez

Mrs. Fleta (Henry V.) Wood

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Moye, Jane, Ann & Jim, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Woosley

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Woosley

Mr. & Mrs. William Jesse Woosley Mr. & Mrs. S. K. Woosley

John J. Wright

Mrs. Louise G. Wright


Dr. Edwin B. Vaden

Charles J. Yates, III

Catherine W. Vassar

Michael Kennedy “Ken” Yeater

George & Louise Vassar

Henry Preston Young, Jr.

Miss Carrie Tate Aylor Mrs. Madeline W. Payne Mr. & Mrs. Newton C. Crump, Jr.

John Lea Venable, Sr.

Mrs. Anne P. Venable

All Veterans of Virgilina Unit 337 American Legion Auxiliary Unit 337

W Lillie Wade

Mr. & Mrs. Warren Pulliam

Madleine Benner Wahl

Mrs. Rose Marie Paulette

Bruce & Elizabeth Warden

Mr. & Mrs. George G. Boteler


Mrs. Juanita A. Yates Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence White, Sr. Mr. Glen N. Abernathy Mr. J. Willard Greer

Rev. Ellen Rebecca Yow

Mrs. William B. Canter Vernell, Thelma & Sharon Cassada Ada Marie & Francis Hall Mary Evelyn Jefferson Nell H. Jefferson Ms. Margaret D. Powell Mr. Henry Roediger, III Ms. Betsy Temple Mrs. Mildred Townsend Bruce D. Tuttle Mr. & Mrs. Clark W. Waring


celebrating 50 years of hope


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Orator - Winter/Spring 2011  

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