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The Mission Of Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes, Inc. is a charitable, nonprofit children’s home designed to provide boys and girls with a Christian substitute home. This residential child care program reaches out a loving hand to children from broken and disrupted homes that can no longer meet their needs. Our focus is to reach children in high-risk situations to prevent delinquency, substance abuse, and emotional disturbances. This program began as a non-denominational ministry on February 1, 1961, and has developed into a multi-service program of the very highest quality. Emphasis is placed on modeling Christian family life for children and only married couples are employed as houseparents. Emphasis is also placed on developing the physical, mental, and spiritual potential of each child to the fullest extent possible. Applications for admission are made by a parent or guardian and extensive investigations are made in each case. Approval for admission is based on urgency of need and the ability of the program to meet the needs of that particular child. The program is operated by a volunteer Board of Trustees and is promoted and represented by a volunteer Advisory Board with members from various regions throughout Virginia. We operate on voluntary contributions and no government assistance is accepted. At the same time, we are truly a charitable operation and no child is ever turned away due to lack of funding for support. PHBGH takes great pride in its internal self-help efforts and our efficiency of operations. PH BGP

Corrections On page 18 in the Summer 2011 Orator, the name of one of the brothers of Richard Omohundro Harwood is listed incorrectly. The correct name is Otway Pearson Binns Harwood II.

Photo Credits Some photos throughout courtesy of Big Door Photography.

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In This Issue Max Out the Mission 3 Chamber of Commerce 4 Fall Horse Show 4 Hope For Tomorrow Update 5 Remembering 9/11 5 Updates from Our Cottages 6 Two New Trustees 8 The River 9 “Stand Beside Her, & Guide Her…” 10 Welcome New Residents 16 Ways You Can Help 18 New Patio Dedicated 19 Honor & Memorial Registry 20-21 Patriot Sports 22 Danville Braves Baseball 22 Patrick Henry Taffy 23

The Orator is written by the staff and children at Patrick Henry and original artwork by the children is featured from time to time. The Orator is edited and proofed entirely in-house by Patrick Henry staff. The only aspects of production done outside of Patrick Henry are the design, printing and mailing. The generous support of donors allows Patrick Henry to mail The Orator to supporters as well as to others who may be unaware of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes. Executive Director Robert J. Day The Orator Editor Harriet J. Whitten Board of Trustees, Executive Committee David J. Marshall, President Beverley E. Dalton, Vice President J. Michael Davidson, Vice President William P. Guthrie, Vice President W. E. “Bill” Jamerson, Vice President Kay M. Pierantoni, Vice President Hunter R. Watson, Treasurer Stephen J. Bowery, Asst. Treasurer Bonnie B. Crews, Secretary Teresa L. Sanderson, Asst Secretary A financial statement is available with the State Division of Consumer Affairs. Contributions to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation are tax deductible as allowed by law. Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation is a tax-exempt corporation under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3. Administration - 434-376-2006 Admissions - 434-376-6915 Fax - 434-376-3003 Web -



Max Out the Mission

We here at Patrick Henry have some amazing accomplishments:

~ 50 years of providing hope. ~ 1,000 children loved and motivated. ~ 0 government funds spent to accomplish our mission.

Robert Day, Executive Director

In my short stint here I have been in awe of the magnitude of the impact this ministry has had, both in the lives of individuals, but also in the combined good it has had in this region and state. Remember, each child rescued from trouble is not merely one life touched. That alone is worth all our efforts to be sure, but that child will most likely one day be a parent, a neighbor, a citizen, thereby multiplying the effects of the work we are doing now. The good we do here and now will echo for generations to come, avoiding countless future problems and saving our society millions of dollars. What are we doing to build on the foundation of our past that ensures another 50 years of operations, another 1,000 children served, and all done without government “assistance”? Allow me to introduce a principle that I hope will be a steadfast guide for our work the next 50 years. It is this principle that, if embraced and practiced, will build a stronger and more effective organization that is able to serve more children and families than ever before.

Principle - Max out the mission Any mission worthy of sustained effort must be maxed to its outer limits. Only a mission that is pressed to its furthest boundaries will stand the test of time. The best example of this truth is found in the

Holy Scriptures. Jesus told the church to go to “all” the world and teach “everything” he commanded. Two millennia later his church is still striving unyielding toward that grand mission. When asked, many people say that the mission of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes is to operate a children’s home. That makes perfect sense considering our name and the last fifty years. But others, in order to get closer to the point and max out the mission, might say that the mission is actually to provide a home for children. That slight change in nuance (changing the focus from homes to children) certainly expands the mission boundaries out further. However, in my opinion, it still doesn’t go far enough. I believe our mission is much larger and more comprehensive than even that. When I read the official mission statement, study the history of this organization, witness with my own eyes the impact we are having in the lives of our current residents and families, and listen to my own heart’s dreams about the future, I describe the mission this way: Our mission is to rescue children and families, to save them from their problems and distress and by doing so prevent troubled filled lives from perpetuating more pain to society. Providing a home is one very necessary, albeit expensive, way to fulfill that mission. But there are other ways as well. In this issue of the Orator you will read about some of those other ways Patrick Henry has been serving children and families. You will also read about other ways we could rescue children and families earlier and more effectively all in the pursuit of maxing out the mission. Patrick Henry said, “I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” This issue of the Orator is dedicated to the future and the dreams that will get us to our mission’s end.

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

Patrick Henry Recognized by The Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes has been recognized by the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce with a Small Business of the Year Award for 2011. Winners of the awards were selected on their excellence in the areas of customer service, sales (or client) increase, innovative products or services, leadership, employee satisfaction and retention, and community spirit. We appreciate this honor which helps expand the public’s knowledge of Patrick Henry’s services throughout the region.

“Unbridled Grace” ~ The Fall Horse Show Twenty years ago Patrick Henry Girls Home in Rustburg hosted its first Horse Show. This has now become an annual event for the local horse community. The Patrick Henry Show has developed the reputation as a family friendly show. It has now grown into a series that consists of Spring and Fall Shows that are sanctioned by Blue Ridge Horse Force. On Saturday, October 8, 2011, we hosted 75 horse rider combinations in 62 different classes. The Jim Jennings High Point Trophy was awarded to Emma Pillar. The Reserve Champion Trophy was awarded to Danielle Toms. These two riders rode in both the Spring and Fall Shows to receive the most points at the end of the series.



In the Fall Show, four girls from Patrick Henry competed in Hunter, English Pleasure and Western Pleasure classes. In addition to winning ribbons, the show is used to teach responsibility, sportsmanship and that dreams and goals can be achieved. Peggi Johnson, Patrick Henry’s Horse Program Coordinator, says, “Unbridled Grace is an opportunity for youth to learn about horses and the Lord. Horses are a gift and resource that can be so much more than just a recreational pastime. It is the goal of Unbridled Grace to share with the community the love of horses and God’s Grace through the use of horses.”



Hope For Tomorrow Counseling Opens A Second Location Patrick Henry opened its second Hope for Tomorrow (HFT) Counseling Services in June 2011….this time at 435 Main Street in downtown South Boston. From the first week after opening, the South Boston office has been well received by the local community. The first Hope for Tomorrow Counseling Services opened in the Wyndhurst area of Lynchburg in July 2007. Hope for Tomorrow Counseling Services are a ministry of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes. The mission is to provide help to families and individuals, including those with the greatest need and the least ability to meet that need. All of our counselors are licensed with experience helping children, adolescents, and adults in individual, family, and group settings. Through our counseling services, we strive to help our clients develop a hope for tomorrow that is brighter than the realities of their past. Our counseling services are available to all who have a desire to change. HFT accepts most local health insurances, Virginia Medicaid, and will work with those with substantial limitations by providing counseling for a prorated amount. Jonci Berneche, a native of Halifax County, is our first full-time counselor at the South Boston office. She provides individual and family counseling to children, adolescents, and adults. Her areas of particular interest include anger management, grief and loss issues, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and recovery from

Remembering 9/11 On the evening of September 11th the town of South Boston, Virginia hosted a 10th Anniversary Remembrance of 9/11 program. Forty of our children and staff attended the gathering of 1000+ people. The outdoor venue was held at Constitution Square located on the same street as our new Hope for Tomorrow Counseling Center. The event featured a choir made up of several local churches, local fireman and police officers, and special guest presenters. Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Outreach Coordinator Adam Spencer was among the featured guests, as he sang a special 9/11 tribute song that he wrote. Spencer’s tribute song is a re-write of Larry Norman song titled, “I Wish We’d All Been Ready.” Spencer received special permission from Solid Adam Singing at South Boston's Rock Records to re-write the 1969 classic, in honor of this "Rememberence of 9/11 significant occasion. Tribute program."

traumatic events. Jonci is a graduate of Meredith College, holds a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling from Longwood University, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia. Also providing part-time counseling at our new South Boston facility is Jason Captain, the Director of Counseling Services in both the Lynchburg and South Boston offices. Jason provides individual and family counseling to children, adolescents, and adults. His areas of interest are anger management, grief and loss issues, parenting a child with behavior problems, anxiety, depression, and marital problems. Jason is a graduate of Liberty University, holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from Radford University, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia. For more information about our services, Hope for Tomorrow Counseling in South Boston can be reached at 434-575-0145, Hope for Tomorrow in Lynchburg can be reached at 434-2394949 or via email at

Former Life is filled with fear and war tomorrow isn’t promised anymore Executive Director I wish we’d all been ready see two towers standing tall; Bob McCollough hate collides fear begins to fall I wish we’d all been ready we cannot replace what’s gone, attended the a new day dawns and we must carry on 9/11 tribute Clouds of smoke, we hear the cries bodies broke, our heroes died I wish we’d all been ready event, and stated, missing people you’re not alone we searched for you and prayed you would come home “Adam did a I wish we’d all been ready great job, he Evil spoke people died I pray some day peace will arise Oh dear Lord please bring us hope had everyone’s Be our strength as we must carry on I wish we’d all been ready attention with We will carry on each word of the 9-11-01 song.” Spencer has designated portions of the proceeds from the sale of the song to our Hope for Tomorrow Counseling ministry. You can purchase the song on iTunes or for just .99 cents or you can purchase the CD single for $5 plus $3 for shipping by writing to our mailing address: PHBG Homes, Attention: Adam Spencer Outreach Dept., 860 Red Hill Rd. Brookneal, VA 24528 You can also “Like” the song on Facebook at “I Wish We’d All Been Ready (9/11)” For more information email aspencer@

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

Updates from Our Cottages Wow is it busy here! We are new houseparents and have three girls of our own. WOW! Now we have ten girls Bedford and it’s a lot of fun! The girls are now in school and each day it’s a mad rush to the bus stop. When the girls come home from school they eat a snack and then they’re off to doing homework, playing in the yard or resting from their long day. We recently changed rooms around and just about each girl has a new roommate; and so far so good! The girls are very active in taking care of the needs around the house by cleaning and keeping up with their rooms on a daily basis. We welcomed Angel to our Bedford Cottage in September. Angel moved from the Rustburg Cottage and we have to say she’s a lot of fun! She loves to play outside while riding her bike, jumping on the pogo stick, playing tennis and bouncing her new large bouncing ball that she got the other day. Angel, Tori, Vika and our daughter Elaina have built a tree fort in the woods in the back yard. So when we don’t see them in the house or in the yard playing we know exactly where they’re at! Recently, we took Angel, Vika, Tori and Elaina out to play tennis and now they all think they’re pros! Emily is still working at Applebee’s and is now driving! So make sure everyone is off the roads and sidewalks when she’s on the road. Emily has the awesome privilege of driving herself to work and yes, we think she likes this freedom. Asia is on her way to getting her license as well. She’s going to take the written test soon and then be on her way to driving also. Taylor is enjoying keeping us laughing with her beautiful smile and wonderful personality. She and Asia have had the privilege of having friends over to the house and have enjoyed this. Although Mykala seems shy, she still walks around smiling and enjoys visiting her family on the weekends. David & Wendy Sorrells, Houseparents

We had a fun and eventful summer here in the Halifax cottage. As a cottage we enjoyed fun days of bowling, swimming, Halifax basketball, movies and other activities. Josh, Ke’ante and Dajur had the opportunity to go to the Woodmen of the World’s “Camp Woodman” and came back with great stories. Ke’ante brought back his paper target from the shooting range with all of his shots right in the center, and Dajur and



Josh got to fire a .44 magnum at the range. Dajur loves to play basketball and plans to play for the High School this year. We welcomed Scott to our cottage in the beginning of the summer. He is a sophomore this year and enjoys singing and dancing and wants to be in the Air Force after high school. Our cottage had a blast spending a week in Myrtle Beach hearing about Christ’s love for us with the rest of the Patrick Henry cottages. Josh particularly loved our trip to WonderWorks, where there were three floors of hands on and interactive activities and exhibits. After Beach Trip we welcomed Alonzo, who is also a sophomore. He loves the show Monk and wants to study to be a forensic scientist. He enjoys science and riding bikes. Jonah, in sixth grade, came into our cottage right before school started with a bubbly and energetic personality. He’s a soccer player, enjoys painting and loves science. Kollin came in a little after school started, and jumped right into the fourth grade. He loves the outdoors, playing outside and reading books, and he always comes home with a funny story to tell. We have been blessed as new houseparents to have been able to spend time in the summer really getting to know all of the boys, and we look forward to the seasons ahead. Grant & Kelly Ingvalson, Houseparents

Our cottage had lots of fun this summer! We also experienced numerous changes! Residents thoroughly enjoyed beach Plymale trip, 4th of July festivities at Red Hill, the Heritage Festival, and some volunteer projects in the community. Also, Dasmine participated in Kings Fest at Kings Dominion and a mission trip to Norfolk with Childrey Baptist Church. Jakell participated in Harvest Camp. The end of the summer brought a “swap” of sorts between our and Stephens cottage, resulting in Tevin, Judah, and Yuri becoming a part of our cottage. We also recently welcomed our newest resident, Harley, from Forest, VA. He is getting along well with everyone and already seems as though he’s been a part of our cottage all along! There was also one more addition as we (the Fulmers) welcomed our second child, Ella Abigail Fulmer into the world on July 23rd. The boys are being great big brothers! We are the “older boy” house for now, and are looking forward to a great school year as two of our residents, Judah


and Tevin, prepare to graduate in the spring. Ryan & Crystal Fulmer, Houseparents

Our cottage has been a busy place! After returning from summer break, the girls enjoyed a week at the beach. We Rustburg welcomed three new residents into our cottage this summer. Cara and Bryanna were a perfect fit for Rustburg because they love to work with the horses. Our other new resident, Raven, enjoys having her brother at Stephens Cottage. Savanah celebrated her sweet sixteenth birthday. Mrs. Peggi Johnson was also a welcome addition to the horse program here at the cottage. School started the middle of August and has been keeping the girls busy since. Anthony & Laura Montoya, Houseparents

Our cottage summer schedule was busy to say the least. We cut a lot of grass and cleaned up around the house, then Stephens went for a swim. Came home, ate supper and went for a swim, came home, took showers, played Xbox and Wii as well as watched videos. Catch the pattern, tough life. Tevin was involved in spring and Summer League Basketball at William Campbell High School. The team had 17 wins 4 losses and won the summer tourney. Tevin also got his learner’s permit, thus increasing the prayer life of all who drove with him. Judah spent part of his summer at Radford University participating in the Central Virginia Governors’ School for Performing and Visual arts. He had a blast. Devin was successfully reunited with his mother in North Carolina and is doing quite well adjusting to life with his mom. We thank the Lord for the reunification and smooth transition. Larnza suffered in Florida visiting his aunt, and then came back to work hard in summer school taking an English class. Yuri got a job working at the PHBGH working in building and grounds. We, the Foulks, went to Liberia in West Africa to work in an orphanage for 12 days. Mr. Day said, “What kind of people work as houseparents 24/7 then take 2 weeks of vacation to work in an orphanage in the bush?” We had a blast. On our


return we found a new addition at Stephens Cottage in the person of James. He comes to PHBGH from Brodnax, Virginia, and enjoys sports and eating, and really enjoys swimming. After the beach trip there were some significant changes in the cottage. Tevin, Judah, and Yuri were all sent to Plymale Cottage, nine year-old Jakell came to Stephens in a reorganization of the cottages. Stephens Cottage is now home to those who are 15 years and younger. As soon as the transition was completed Stephens Cottage received two new residents, 12 year-old Jamie and 9 year-old Isaiah. Both arrived in time for the beginning of school and the 50th anniversary celebration. Pierce & Carma Foulk, Houseparents

Where did the summer go? Fleeting with the winds of change and Wylliesburg bringing in the glorious colors of fall, we are so thankful that God’s mercies become new each morning. We are so thankful for opportunities that Patrick Henry provides in making a difference in the lives of children. We also want to thank Crystal Nester (Former Resident) who wrote the last Orator update for Wylliesburg (Pineland) Cottage. Good job girl! Throughout the summer we here at Pineland participated in many activities that challenged both the mind and body, but also the spirit. Probably the highlight of the summer was the beach trip to Garden City, SC. There we experienced the sights, smells and sounds of beach living as well as going to the Ripley’s Sea Aquarium, Wonderworks, Wild Water & Wheels Water Park. And don’t forget many hours of fun and sun in the ocean and along the beautiful beach. The spiritual aspect of beach this year was one of learning who God is and how much He yearns for a relationship with us. Ours girls walked away with a deeper understanding of who He is, while hopefully developing a lasting devotion to the One who loves us more than life itself. Summer for us meant that some could go home and spend time with their families. For those that remained we took an awesome trip to the Icthus Christian Music Festival located in Kentucky. WOW! What a road trip. Not only did we worship and experience many different genres of music and speakers, but we also volunteered a full day to help others during the five day festival selling ice and parking cars. We continued page 8

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

continued from page 7

Patrick Henry Names Two New Trustees

also went to the Richmond Metro Zoo during this time. All had a great, but very hot day! So, we capped it all off by stopping by Rita’s Italian Ice…yummmmm! Going to the lake (Lake Kerr or Bugg’s Island; whichever you prefer) has become the cottage favorite pastime along with jet skiing, fishing, movies and going to the mall. Somehow, ALL of our girls just love to shop! We also had on occasion the time to give back. Time with Ron & Gail Morehart (Certified Volunteers) is always well spent. The girls on more than one occasion spent time volunteering with Mrs. Morehart at the local Nursing Home in Clarksville. Those days usually ended with having supper with them which made for a long and tiring day, but one that was more than gratifying as relationships were being built. The girls also enjoyed another birthday celebration with Mrs. Mary Robertson Morgan and her daughter Kay Pierantoni. Oh, we can’t forget the night at the South Boston Speedway cheering on our favorite local driver #22 Mr. Ken Morgan. Go Ken! All of our girls: Sarah, Jasmine, Yasmeen, Summer, Rachelle, Rachel and Alexis have started back to school, and so far they all have done quite well. Sarah, a senior, recently earned an award for “Most Improved” for 2010 from the Moreharts. With four young ladies with learner’s permits, finding the time to drive is a never ending challenge. Learning life skills, along with homework, chores, the garden, church and more brings lots of opportunity. Finding ways to balance life with all of its demands remains a constant focus for all of the girls. We are excited that Fall and cooler weather is here…girls get excited about wearing seasonal clothing and jackets; you know, it’s a fashion thing! We wish everyone the warmest of many blessings during the Thanksgiving holiday, and we also covet and thank you for your prayers for this cottage. Jeff & Gina Mosher, Houseparents

Deborah (Debby) Rice Barksdale, life-long resident of Phenix, VA, was named to the Patrick Henry Board of Trustees recently. The daughter of well known Phenix residents, the late Harriet and Millard Rice, Debby brings experience as an educator to the Board. A graduate of Longwood College (now Longwood University) Debby taught kindergarten at Phenix Elementary School for 28 years and later served as principal until her retirement in 2010. She says that she has had a special interest in children and their education all of her life. She remembers going to school in the late 1960s with the Patrick Henry boys at Randolph Henry High School in Charlotte Courthouse, VA. Since her retirement, Debby has become what she refers to as a “taxi grandma” as she now spends weekday afternoons picking up her 6 year-old granddaughter, Caroline, from school and taking her to her various after school activities. Clearly, Debby’s interest in the welfare of children continues both in her own family and beyond.




Amanda McSwain Morgan, Halifax, VA, resident, has also been named to the Patrick Henry Board of Trustees. An attorney in Clement & Wheatley’s South Boston office, Amanda is married to John Morgan, grandson of Mary Robertson Morgan, who along with her brother C.B. Robertson III donated their family property (site of our girls cottage in Wylliesburg) to Patrick Henry. Amanda and John are the parents of two young sons, ages 5 and 2. A native of Shelby, NC, Amanda is a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the University of Richmond, T. C. Williams School of Law. Following college and prior to attending law school, Amanda worked for a brief period in child protective services. Her practice at Clement & Wheatley consists of general civil litigation, real estate law, commercial transactions, local government and estate planning.



WODI 1230 AM • WPAK Farmville 99.5 FM & 1490 AM 1230 Radio Road, Brookneal, VA 24528 434-376-1230 Office • 434-376-9634 Fax Let us introduce to you our new friends at River Country radio. Located in our home-town of Brookneal, WODI (River Country) is a new supporter of Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes & Hope for Tomorrow Counseling. On September 15th, our Executive Director Robert Day spent an hour in the radio studio sharing with listeners our passion and vision for helping children and families in distress. September 9th, Outreach Coordinator Adam Spencer was a featured guest for the early morning show. River Country radio also caught up with our Volunteer Coordinator Heather Bennett for an interview on location at Brookneal’s Day in the Town festivities. Each interview provided an opportunity for the testimony of our ministry to be shared with listeners. River Country, owned by JKC Media, is the heritage station for Brookneal and plays the best in country music 24/7 featuring today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites. “Our main focus is on being community oriented,” explained station operations manager Sherry Massaro. “We announce birthday and anniversary wishes Monday through Friday at 7:50 a.m. and run the community calendar each day during the morning, midday and afternoon shows. We give the latest updates on country music news as well as entertainment news and each hour update the local weather and run CBS news at the top of the hour. We are delighted to be partnering with Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes to bring positive parenting tips to our listeners and to spread the news about the exciting things that PHBGH are doing.” Massaro, who recently relocated back to central Virginia from a successful career in Nashville, TN, has brought a renewed excitement to the local airwaves. She engages listeners with a joy that is contagious. She brings a passion for engaging in the local community, and we are blessed by our relationship with her, and River Country radio. “I’ve learned so much about Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes and the ministry you are doing, it’s amazing! I think your ministry might be the best kept secret in Virginia,” shared Massaro during her live interview with Robert Day.

One thing is for sure, Massaro is making certain fans of River Country will know about our ministry. In addition to the three interviews, daily updates and commercials, starting in November, River Country will be home to “Straight Talk,” with Robert Day. It will cover topics of family, child welfare, community development, and other current events. Tune in daily at the 5:00 p.m. hour to catch these valuable insights from our Executive Director. All of us at Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes extend our appreciation to Sherry Massaro and her team at River Country for their continued enthusiasm for our mission to children and families in distress. You can catch Sherry Massaro hosting the Morning Show from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., Jerry J. during the midday show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Kelly Careway from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., and John L. from 7 p.m. to midnight. Tune into 1230 AM Brookneal and Farmville 99.5 FM & 1490 AM or listen on line at www.

Manager Sherry Massaro

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

“Stand Beside Her, and Guide Her…”


aturday afternoon, the 17th of September, saw a celebration at Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes worthy of the ages. For all time hence forth, that is, and for all of the ages present as well! They came in the overcast chill and steady drizzle from all points throughout Virginia and surrounding states of West Virginia, Maryland, both Carolinas and Georgia. Over 400 well-wishers and devotees of the children’s ministries in Brookneal attended the festivities celebrating our 50 years of service to the children of Patrick Henry. This was also Alumni Weekend which began with a gathering of alumni spanning four decades at the campus picnic shelter for lunch. It was a meaningful and oft times emotional reunion for returning alumni as they greeted each other and reminisced. Later at the program in the Tuck-Gray Multipurpose Center, the reunion of alumni with Bob and Lois McCullough was a special highlight for every person involved. More than one tear welled up as the moment was savored by the many watching the McCulloughs with ‘their children’ now grown up. The program opened with a prayer by Executive Director Robert J. Day, then the presentation of The Colors by the American Legion Post 16 from Lynchburg, VA. Brookneal Mayor Phyllis Campbell presented The Homes with a resolution from Town Council honoring the ministry’s service of 50 years. The Honorable Kathy J. Byron, representing the 22nd District in the House of Delegates read the Certificate from Governor Bob McDonnell commending the people and services



of The Plantation for 50 years of rescuing and raising the children. The Reverend Jonathan Falwell spoke eloquently of the long relationship between the Patrick Henry children, the Falwell family and Thomas Road Baptist Church. He recalled with emotion the continuing 31 year tradition of November lunch with his family and the children of Patrick Henry Homes. Even as a young boy, he related how the November lunch had always been special to him. Befitting to the day’s reunion, recalling and reuniting aspects, at the conclusion of his remarks, Reverend Falwell was greeted and escorted to his vehicle by one of his childhood friends from the Homes, both now grown in age, blessed with families of their own, both steadfast in devotion and service to Jesus Christ. Delegate Byron then introduced 5th District Congressman Robert Hurt, who thanked Shirley Moorman, Chairman of the 50th Celebration, other Trustees and Mr. Day for the continuing outstanding services provided to the children of Patrick Henry. With a nod of appreciation to the Homes’ current children seated in the audience, the Congressman noted the present economic woes and growing debt service of the nation. His message to the children was to look to their heart first to meet a need rather than the government first. Then came the speakers the children had been anticipating: an American astronaut from Lynchburg who’d commanded space missions and a beauty queen named Miss Virginia with a message for them brighter than her smile. Astronaut Leland Melvin told the audience about challenges


in preparing for space travel with both personal meaning and humor. The engaging space traveler brought the house down when he described the gear worn on the launch, the specifications of the several fuels and stages, and concluded how he then realized he was about to ride the shuttle atop the NASA booster, all of the mammoth structure “built by the lowest bidder!” He then directed his comments about the future’s brightness and American exceptionalism to the children present in the audience. The power of the mind and ideas exhibited by ‘Angry Birds’ (the most prolific, downloaded computer game in Internet history) resides in the young in this room, Mr. Melvin told the children. A future astronaut or cure for cancer could be here at Patrick Henry, he added. ‘The future ahead belongs to you. Prepare to embrace it,’ he concluded to rousing applause from the more than 400 attendees. Miss Virginia, Elizabeth Crot, was the final presenter of the celebration’s program. As Mr. Melvin had spoken of outward challenges of the future, the poised and eloquent recent graduate of James Madison University talked about her internal journey of challenges and her faith in Christ. In a soft but powerful account, she shared with the celebrants how she had learned not to be critical, not to judge on the superficiality of appearances. “We do not know the heartache and trials, the inner turmoil of another human being,” Ms. Crot said. Smiling and heartfelt, she then shared her own story of inner trial of self-worth and lost confidence. Listening intently to her story, nary a rustle of clothing was heard among the audience. When


she concluded, deservedly she received a resounding and extended ovation from the entire community of Patrick Henry Homes present. After a standing and emotional singing of ‘God Bless America’ the Color Guard of American Legion Post 16 receded with The Colors high. Following the benediction by Mr. Day, the buffet dinner tables prepared by Sheldon’s Restaurant in Keysville were uncovered, revealing BBQ and fried chicken, string beans and potatoes, homemade rolls and chocolate cake. No one could have left hungry, unless by self-deprived design! A full year of planning by Mrs. Shirley Moorman and the Celebration Committee she led with distinction is now behind us, a part of our history now. The 50 years of children and those in Christ’s service to our children is both a humbling and stunning testament of God’s love in action. As the gathering on September 17th sang ‘God Bless America’, the words “Stand beside her, and guide her/ Thru the night with a light from above” resonated with additional new meaning. Leland Melvin’s faithful message about the future and all that it can be was appropriately ‘launched’ on this occasion of celebration. With eternal gratitude to all, let us now rededicate ourselves and move forward together in building a Patrick Henry Homes’ future worthy of her past.

celebrating 50 years of hope


50th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photos courtesy of Tom Graves and Jack Henley

50th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photos courtesy of Tom Graves and Jack Henley


the orator

Welcome New Residents Alonzo became a resident in Halifax Cottage in August just before the start of school. He came to Patrick Henry from Capitol Heights, MD, is 16 years old, and in the 10th grade at Halifax County High School. When he’s around home, Alonzo likes to cook and he’s looking forward to “cooking dinner for the cottage” one evening. He is also looking forward to getting his learner’s permit to drive in the near future. Among his other interests are animals, especially riding horses. Alonzo’s favorite subject in school is biology and he hopes to someday become a forensic scientist. His birthday is September 25.

Angel came to Patrick Henry in August from Hillcrest Heights, MD, and she is a resident of the Bedford Cottage. A 12 year-old sixth grade student at Bedford Middle School with a warm and friendly personality, Angel is easy to get along with. Angel is athletic, loves physical education at school, is very musical and likes to dance. Angel’s birthday is October 7.

Bryanna came to Patrick Henry from Galax, VA, and she lives in the Rustburg Cottage. An 11 year-old sixth grader at Rustburg Middle School, Bryanna says her favorite subjects in school are math, science, and history. In her spare time she enjoys being around horses and making jewelry. While Bryanna describes herself as having an “attitude”, she is described by those who live in the cottage with her as a “sweet person”. Bryanna’s birthday is July 7.



Cara is a lively 17 year old who came to the Rustburg Cottage in late September. Born in Thailand and adopted at age 18 months, she lived in Richmond, VA, and Virginia Beach, VA before coming to Patrick Henry. She is in the 11th grade at Rustburg High School. She describes herself as one who loves school with her favorite class being theatre. She enjoys singing, playing the guitar, and writing. While the horse program at Rustburg is new to her, Cara says she loves it. Cara is a compassionate person who is sensitive to other people’s feelings and has a strong belief in God. She hopes to someday become a famous writer. Cara’s birthday is September 25.

Harley is a 16 year-old new resident in Plymale Cottage on the Brookneal Campus who came to Patrick Henry from Forest, VA. He is in the eleventh grade at William Campbell High School and his favorite subject is history. In his spare time Harley enjoys basketball, skateboarding, video games and hanging out with friends. Harley is described as outgoing and easy to get along with. He likes the privileges in the Cottage that come along with responsible behavior. Harley’s birthday is December 19.

Isaiah became a resident of Stephens Cottage on the Brookneal Campus in August. He moved to Patrick Henry from Lynchburg, VA. A nine year-old third grade student at Brookneal Elementary School, Isaiah says his favorite subjects are math and art. He enjoys making new friends both at


school and in the cottage. He describes cottage life as having a “bunch of brothers”. In his spare time Isaiah enjoys playing outside with other kids, riding bikes, playing hide and seek and football. He describes himself as “good at math and a good friend”. Isaiah’s birthday is May 20. Jamie lived at Patrick Henry several years ago and along with his sister, Raven, returned to Patrick Henry from Forest, VA, in August. He is 13 years old, lives in Stephens Cottage on the Brookneal Campus and in the seventh grade. Jamie’s favorite subjects in school are science and physical education. Outside of school he enjoys watching movies, swimming, playing basketball and skateboarding. When asked about changes he notices at Patrick Henry that are different from when he lived here earlier, he smiled and said, “facebook, cell phones, and iPods!” Jamie’s birthday is September 17th.

Jonah came to Patrick Henry in August from Appomattox, VA. He lives in the Halifax Cottage, is 11 years old, and in the sixth grade at Halifax Middle School. Jonah is a good student and especially likes science and social studies. He says he aspires to be a veterinarian or a police officer. In his spare time Jonah likes to play soccer, play video games and he enjoys drawing. Jonah says he likes being with older people. His mom works in a nursing home and he likes to help her there from time to time. Jonah’s birthday is June 24.

Kollin became a resident of the Halifax Cottage in September. An energetic 9 year-old in the fourth grade


at Cluster Springs Elementary School, Kollin came to Patrick Henry from Charlotte Courthouse, VA. He says he enjoys making new friends at school and he especially likes having a male teacher. Among his favorite subjects are math and physical education. In his spare time Kollin loves to ride bikes, play basketball, play video games, and do pencil and pen drawings. Kollin’s birthday is January 21.

Rachel is a new resident in the Wylliesburg Cottage who joined the Patrick Henry family in August from Lynchburg, VA. A 17 year-old senior at Randolph Henry High School, Rachel has attended a variety of types of schools. Her favorite subjects are math, government, and art. She enjoys writing…. especially children’s stories. An adaptable person, Rachel says the other girls in the Cottage have made it easy for her to fit in. She enjoys “retro things”. Following high school, Rachel hopes to go Liberty University and study to become a social worker. Rachel’s birthday is February 21.

Raven returned to Patrick Henry in August from Forest, VA along with her brother Jamie. She lives in the Rustburg Cottage and is a seventh grade student at Rustburg Middle School. Her favorite subject in school is math. This 12 year-old has made new friends and is enjoying her teachers. A young person with a winning smile, Raven enjoys riding bikes and riding horses. She says she likes Patrick Henry better “the second time around because there are no longer (behavior) levels” and now “privileges are lost if we don’t do our jobs”. According to Raven, this “works better”! Raven’s birthday is February 18.

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Ways You Can Help

Harriet J. Whitten Director of Development

As the end of the calendar year approaches, we hope you will consider a year-end gift to Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes. There are a variety of ways to support our ministry that make a significant difference in the lives of the children we serve.

The Childrens Fund For many years Patrick Henry supporters have given to what we referred to formerly as the Back to School Fund and Santa Sponsors. This combined fund now has a new name, The Children’s Fund, which better describes its function in the lives of our boys and girls. Gifts to the Children’s Fund support a wide variety of activities and needs that directly affect the lives of our children. These include school supplies, school lunches, clothing, shoes, haircuts, personal hygiene items, dental and medical expenses, birthday gifts and celebrations, Christmas gifts and related holiday activities. Please note The Childrens Fund option on the enclosed gift envelope.

Scan the QR code with your smartphone to learn about all the ways you can help.



The General Fund All unrestricted gifts to Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes go to the General Fund which supports the operating budget of our ministry. The operating budget includes such critical items as staff salaries, utilities, vehicles, insurance, food, building repairs and maintenance, and other expenses necessary in running homes and an organization. While parents and guardians of Patrick Henry children are expected to pay according to their ability, the reality is that most of the families are unable to pay amounts even close to the real cost of their child’s care. Without a strong General Fund, Patrick Henry would be unable to accept children regardless of the family’s financial resources. Unrestricted gifts are the most valuable support Patrick Henry can receive because they can be used for critical needs as they arise. The General Fund is listed as an option on the enclosed gift envelope.

Commemorative Bricks In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, Patrick Henry has established a Commemorative Brick Program to provide opportunities to pay lasting tributes to individuals and others who have played significant roles in our ministry. Commemorative bricks are installed in the Harwood Memorial Patio, which is in front of the administrative building on the Brookneal campus. Each brick paves the way to Patrick Henry’s future and allows the donor to recognize a deceased family member or friend, honor a special person or people, or commemorate a special occasion. In years to come, as we read these names we will be reminded of those who have meant so much to the history of this special place. We invite you to join others by purchasing a commemorative brick or bricks, the proceeds from which support the ministries of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes. Each brick contains three lines of copy with up to 18 spaces in each line (includes spacing and punctuation). Bricks are $500 each and may be reserved by completing the order form provided on the gift envelope included in The Orator. Naming dedication ceremonies will be held in the Spring and Fall each year. For questions or for further information about commemorative bricks, please contact Harriet Whitten at 434-239-1139 or


Good Dependable Used Cars With more and more of our boys and girls ready to get their learner’s permit, Patrick Henry needs good, dependable used cars for our young drivers to use to practice their driving skills. If you have a vehicle you would like to donate to Patrick Henry, please contact me at 434-239-1139 or so we can discuss the details.



New Patio Dedicated on Brookneal Campus On October 25 Patrick Henry Trustees and friends gathered on the Brookneal campus to dedicate the new Harwood Memorial Patio. Given by Patrick Henry Trustee Elizabeth Omohundro Harwood and her husband Doug Harwood, the patio is a memorial to Richard Omohundro Harwood, eldest of the three Harwood sons, who died at age 16. In addition to the patio, two memorial benches on the front porch of the administrative building were dedicated; one bench honors Richard Harwood and the other honors Mrs. Harwood’s late father, Richard A. Omohundro. Commemorative bricks, which are installed in the patio, were also dedicated during the ceremony. These bricks honor individuals and groups who have a special relationship to PHBGH. Among those honored

by commemorative bricks at the ceremony were Dr. Bob McCullough (former executive director at Patrick Henry) and his wife Lois, Dr. George T. Blume and Edna Earl Blume, Victoria Christian Church, and the late J. Hudson Anderson and Elizabeth Anderson. We invite others to consider donating commemorative bricks for future placement in the Harwood Patio. These may be in honor of or in memory of individuals or to recognize a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion. Proceeds from brick donations support the ministries of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes. For additional information about commemorative bricks, please contact Harriet Whitten at 434239-1139 or

celebrating 50 years of hope



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Honor & Memorial Registry For gifts received from July 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011

In Honor Of

In Memory Of



Rev. Ray & Gina Bearden

Susan Gayle Abernathy

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Mr. & Mrs. Merle T. Adkins, III Mr. & Mrs. William L. Wellons

Lea Adams

F Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Farley, Jr. Mrs. Phyllis Shrader

G My Granddaughters Mrs. Joey Anne Hudson

Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Wagstaff, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Wilson

Pam Howell Mr. & Mrs. C. B. Robertson, III

K Linnie & Warren Kernoble Mrs. Dollie R. Noble

L Arnold & Gloria Layne Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Proffitt

M Leland D. Melvin Mr. & Mrs. Deems Melvin, Jr.

Mary Morgan Mr. & Mrs. C. B. Robertson, III

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Meadows Ms. Charlotte E. Scruggs

Robert S. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Davis

B Appomattox American Legion Auxiliary Unit 104

Ned Bayne Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Wagstaff, Jr.

J. Howard Blanks, Jr. Louise S. Brooks

Mrs. Christine K. Bowden Mr. & Mrs. Merle T. Adkins, III

Yvonne “Ma”Bowling Mr. & Mrs. Bucky James

Blanche P. Bradley

Mr. Glen N. Abernathy New Hope United Methodist Church Mary Lee Wilson Bridgforth Mr. & Mrs. Sandy White

Allen & Meg S. Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Shumaker

Wilford & Linda Poore Mr. & Mrs. Wade Hamner, Jr.

S Vicky E. Sprinkle Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lee Wyatt, II

T Frank & Carolyn Torrence

Glenn T. Bridgman Mrs. Glenn T. Bridgman

G. T. Bridgman, Jr. Mrs. Glenn T. Bridgman

Walter Brown Mr. & Mrs. S. Joe Fariss

James Brulatour “Madie” Armstrong Ms. Sharon S. Lunsford

Felcie Ballou Burgess Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Schroeder

Miriam Burnett Notsew Orm Sands Foundation

C Michael Carlton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton

Margaret C. Cocks Mrs. Grace Marshall

Mary Clarke Coffey Ms. Diane Coffey Young

Catherine Costigan Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Wagstaff, Jr.



Mrs. Jeanette M. Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Spain Mr. & Mrs. Marshall A. Thackston

Ms. Jane Owen & Boys

Mrs. Lottie Elliott Harris Mrs. Nan Godbold Mr. J. Willard Greer Ms. Hilda M. Hankins Mrs. Barbara D. Johnston Mrs. Carolyn L. Nichols Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett

Mrs. Irene King Crews Mrs. Georgia R. High Mrs. Charlene Skelton-Breedlove

Mrs. Pamela P. Cumbie Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Blalock Mr. J. Willard Greer

D Carol Davidson

Jil Allen Hazelswart Dr. & Mrs. Lucien W. Roberts

William “Bill”Herndon Chris Chmura Mr. Earl V. Clime Cuscowilla Landowners Association Mr. & Mrs. William K. Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Jordan

William W. Dickerson, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. William M. Burger

Virginia Emerson Miss Carrie Tate Aylor

Roxie Anne Allen Hill Ms. Phyllis B. Hall Mrs. Ruth R. Pillow Ms. Bonny Spruill

Ursula Estep Ms. Bettie S. Herbert

Christie Fariss Hite


Mr. & Mrs. S. Joe Fariss

Rachel Satterfield Ford Hyco Road Ruritan Club

G Bettie Gains Appomattox American Legion Auxiliary Unit 104

Bill Howard Mrs. Phyllis Shrader

David Russell Hudson Mrs. Joey Anne Hudson

Sarah Hudson Mrs. Elnora W. Duffey

Randy Hunt Connie Pollard Staunton River Realty LLC

Lillian Gammon Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Leggett

Grover A. Goolsby, Jr. Mrs. Louise E. Goolsby

Wallace Green Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Wagstaff, Jr.

Louise Greene Mr. David Pennell

J John L. Johnston Mr. Glen N. Abernathy

George Ellis Jones Mr. & Mrs. Page C. Stinnett

Lilburn Greer Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Wagstaff, Jr.

Pasco Grinstead Mr. & Mrs. Billy Reynolds

Eva Claire Neal Guill Mr. & Mrs. Raymond S. Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Ed Chaney, Jr. Halifax County High School

Virginia Gunn Mr. & Mrs. Wade Hamner, Jr.

James William Gunn (Bill)

Mr. Leon T. Goin

Mr. & Mrs. Aulden Roach

Harold Harris, Sr.

Edison Crews

Virginia Babcock

All Mothers & Fathers


Lillian Crouch Creasy

Exie Andrews Pleasant Grove Christian Church Deasoness

Bernice Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Wagstaff, Jr.

Mrs. Phyllis Shrader

Ryland Allgood

Linda B. Andrews


John Crawley

Mrs. Joseph Gunn & Family

H Ann Hailey Mrs. Mildred Stilfield

Julie A. Buchanan Hardman Mr. & Mrs. Gene R. Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Wagstaff, Jr.

K Helen Kent Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Carson

Lucille O. Kidd Mrs. Grace Marshall

Ann Bell Kissam Miss Carrie Tate Aylor

Bill Korst Sardis United Methodist Church

Lillian Krupa Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Wagstaff, Jr.

L Mary Churchill Satterfield Leach Mr. & Mrs. Billy Reynolds



Marshall Mays Mrs. Phyllis Shrader

Mamie McClenny Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. McClenny, Jr.

Estelle McFadden Appomattox American Legion Auxiliary Unit 104

Estelle McKinney Mr. & Mrs. Joe W. West

Alta “Sis” Michael Mr. & Mrs. Clarence N. Irby

Joe Lee Moore Kenbridge Christian Church

Ren Morris Mr. & Mrs. Ernest M. Nichols

Clarence W. (Chuck) Moseley Mr. James E. Cleland, II Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. White

All Mothers & Fathers New Hope United Methodist Church

David C. Murphy Ms. Charlotte E. Scruggs

N Freddy Newby Mr. J. Willard Greer

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Fitts, Jr. Ms. Kathryn C. Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Gregory K. Lewis Mrs. Gilma Shand Ms. Susan Warren Mr. & Mrs. Woodley L. Waller Mr. & Mrs. George S. Satterfield

R Scott Brann Ray

Barton Raye Ruby

Franklin Heights Baptist Church Choir Franklin Heights Baptist Church TLC Sunday School Class Ms. Jayne Mercogliano

S Pete Meadows Family

Samuel S. Osborne Mr. William E. “Shorty” Dodson

Nannie Shields Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Meadows

Donald Sink Mr. E. Fred Blankenship

P John Will Puckett Mr. & Mrs. J. Brian Burton Family of Mary Ann Burton, Wanda Hirschy, Terri L. De Board, Carolann Del Frate & Donna M. Cook Mary P. Burton

Mr. & Mrs. Merle T. Adkins, III

Shirley P. Snead Mr. & Mrs. C. Manly Rucker, III

Erin Strobel Ms. Nell S. McIver

T Helen Wingfield Tanner

Mrs. Joan S. Gillispie Mr. Bruce Atkins Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hamlet Mrs. Linda S. Foster Mary Lynn Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie M. Guthrie Lola Smith Mrs. Georgia R. High Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes Ms. Debbie Jones Raymond M. Tanner South Boston Halifax County Mrs. Grace Marshall & Le Chapter of AARP 4327 Thomas Neavil Teass Garland & Robert Thomas & Family Mrs. Marian S. Kessler Melvin E. Rogers Mrs. Emily S. Pendleton Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Wagstaff, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Horace A. Teass

Jimmy Shelton


Mr. Hunter C. Snead

Barbara Smith Mr. & Mrs. Homer Smith

Mrs. Sharon Smith Ms. Mary Rogers

Ruby Irvin Smith Mr. & Mrs. James M. Brown

Harold (Bud) Smith, II

Ann Thomason Mr. & Mrs. John Wayne Irby

Nelson Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Dunnie Nichols

Hal Watkins Trent, Jr.


Ethel Wall Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Long Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Roller

Alice Faucette Wayne Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burton Mr. J. Willard Greer

Georgia H. Webber-Frye Mr. & Mrs. Clarence W. Goff & Bill

Elizabeth Uldean Wells Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hix

Margaret Wilkins Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Owen, Jr.

Ian Forest Winstead Kirk Mr. Brian Lowery

George Womack Mr. & Mrs. John Hudson, Patricia & Gary

Tyree Lawson Wright Mr. & Mrs. Page C. Stinnett Mrs. Jane Lawson Willis

Y H. T. Yeatts, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Meadows

Mr. J. Willard Greer

Alice Smith Tunstall Mr. J. Willard Greer

Ray & Carrie Tweedy Mrs. Maude T. Bailey

V Polly Vanderspiegel Mr. Walker Jennings Griggs

W Beverly Wade American Legion Post 342, Volens

Billie Emmett Walker Mr. & Mrs. Brian Lowery

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Reynolds

Find Patrick Winners Announced Congratulations to the winners of Find Patrick in the Summer 2011 Orator: Theresa Bowman of Goodview, VA, and Mary Lightle of Lynchburg, VA.

Find Patrick Patrick Henry was the first elected governor of Virginia. As you read through this issue of The Orator, look for Patrick hiding in one of the photos (he looks just like the graphic at the right, just smaller). So when you find him, submit your entry to hwhitten@patrickhenry. org by December 31, 2011, for a chance to win. Be sure to tell us the page number and location of the picture where you found him. Please include your name, hometown, and affiliation with Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes. From the correct submissions, we will choose at random the lucky winner to receive a gift from us. PH BGP

celebrating 50 years of hope



the orator

Successful Start to Patriot Sports If you stop by the gymnasium at Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes on Saturday mornings you’ll hear the pitter patter of little sneakers, echoed by a chorus of bouncing basketballs in every direction. Children ages 2½ - 10 are learning the fundamentals of basketball in our new Patriot Sports community outreach program. On October 22nd we launched Patriot Basketball, a free 8-week basketball program for pre-school and elementary school age children in the surrounding communities. Patriot Sports is a developmental athletic program for children of all ages that encourages self-confidence, physical fitness, and awareness of God’s love.   In our current economy families are feeling the financial strain to pay for any extra-curricular activities. By providing an affordable – free – developmental program, we remove the barriers that might keep a child from participating. Therefore no child is turned away because of finances. The difference between a traditional league and a development program is in the structure. Our purpose is to equip kids with the necessary skills to succeed in the game. “Learning fundamentals is not just playing 5-on-5,” Coach Adam Spencer explained. “You have to start early on practicing the correct ways.” Spencer, whose own children are 7 and 2 years old says, “I want my son and daughter to have some confidence when out on the court. It’s a lot more fun when you are having success, and I want to equip the kids with the necessary skills that will lead to that confidence.” When it comes to the fundamentals of the game, Spencer works with the children on pivoting, using the pads of their fingertips to shoot and dribble rather than the palms of their

Coach Adam Spencer with our 6 volunteer coaches who are Liberty University Students: (Left to right) Adam Spencer, Kelsey Richard, Cord, Kelley Garrett, Jasper-Lynn Sweazey, Brian Lowery, David Oester.



hands, and proper defensive techniques. There are 4 different sizes of basketballs as well as basketball goals for each age group. Character development is as important to Spencer as teaching the proper defensive stance. Each week there is a character-trait theme associated with a color such as red for caring. Each session begins and ends with a reminder of a simple yet important message of God’s love. So far, 37 children from 28 families have participated in the program which includes some of our staff’s children and a few of our residents; Jakell Age 10, Isaiah Age 9, Conner Age 9, and Yasmeen Age 6. However, two-thirds of the families that have attended Patriot Sports thus far, have had no previous affiliation with our Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes. We are excited about these new friendships. Patriot Sports is a great way for our ministry to expose families in our community to our primary services of residential care and counseling. Because our residents come to us as young as age 6, it is significant for us to be able to connect with families with 2½ -5 year olds. Through Patriot Sports we are delighted to be currently serving 17 pre-schoolers. Helping Coach Spencer in mentoring these children each week are a team of volunteer coaches including six Liberty University Students: Kelsey Richard, Corderius Cowans, Kelly Garrett, Jasper-Lynn Sweazey, Brian Lowery, David Oester, and two of our High School residents Tevin and Harley. Spencer, who is in his second year with Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes, has coached high school varsity basketball in Florida, New Jersey, New York and the Hudson Valley Hawks of the National Professional Basketball League (NPBL). “From pre-school to professional, I’ve been blessed to teach players the game of basketball over the past dozen years,” Spencer said. “The number one goal at every level of the game is to have fun.”


Kids, ages 7-10, can join the fun with Patriot basketball on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m., ages 5-7 from 10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon, and preschoolers ages 2½ -5 from 12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. If you would like to donate funds for scholarships for more children to attend, or help us expand the program into more satellite locations in the surrounding communities through a sponsorship or donation please contact Coach Adam Spencer at aspencer@patrickhenry. org. Please make your check payable to “Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Homes” and simply indicate on the memo line of your check “Patriot Sports.” Remember to visit us online patriot-sports-community-programs/ and “Like” the Patriot Sports Facebook page.


Danville Braves baseball is a hit with our kids August 16th nearly all of our residents and houseparents attended a Danville Braves Baseball Game. Interacting with Blooper the mascot, participating in on-field competitions between innings, eating lots of popcorn, and hanging out with friends were a few of the highlights. The game featured “Faith Night” with many area churches in attendance. Our staff networked with the crowd and shared our ministry while the kids enjoyed the game!

Patrick Henry Taffy Makes a Great Gift! Do you like taffy? Do your friends like taffy? Join others in purchasing country style taffy made especially for Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes by Country Candy Kitchen in Pigeon Forge,TN. Proceeds from each box benefit the children of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes throughout Virginia. Taffy is available for purchase, $7 per 16 ounce box, at all Patrick Henry locations: the Brookneal Campus, Bedford Cottage, Halifax Cottage, Rustburg Cottage, Wylliesburg Cottage, Hope for Tomorrow Counseling-Lynchburg, and Hope for Tomorrow Counseling-South Boston. You can also order taffy on our website at For additional information about PH taffy, please contact Henry Carter: or call 434-239-1140.

celebrating 50 years of hope


Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes P.O. Box 1398 Brookneal, Virginia 24528

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