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“Scotland needs more champions in the world of motor sport. To be global champions is a very big challenge. It would be very good for the Scottish Government and successful businesses to invest more to develop more talent in motor sport ”. Sir Jackie Stewart, May 2016 

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m: 07989559745


B la ir is a n a mb i t i o u s , 2 1 -y ear- old rally driver – currently the only Scott is h j u n i o r d r i v e r co mp eting in the M SA Junior DMAC K B riti sh Rall y C h a m p io n s h i p . C om p et in g fo r t h e fi r st t i m e in 2012 and af ter only tw o y ears’ ex p erien ce in t h e S co tt i s h R a l l y C hampionship, B lair is on his w ay to th e top , r a l l yi n g i n o n e o f the most f iercely competitiv e rally c h a m p ion s h ips i n Eu r o p e – t he MSA B ritish R ally C hampionship 2017 . T h e C h a mp i o n s h i p w i l l b e televised w ith a reach of more than 1,00 0 ,0 0 0 U K a u d i e n ce. T h is is a u n i q u e o p p o r t u n i ty to both support and be associated wit h Scot la n d ’s n ex t j u n i o r r a l l y C hampion. B la ir h a s t h e ta l ent a n d i s l ooking for for w ard thinking businesses to he lp h im g et to t h e to p o f h i s sport and share in his s u cces s .

SMS Launch, Summer 2016

“Through his hard work, determination and drive, Blair has made his mark on the BRC. After competing in his first year, he has learned a lot and is determined to start next season with top place finishes in every event”. Gregg McEwan, Marketing Manager, The QTS Group. 04

Dalry Test, Winter 2016

Ulster Rally ,Summer 2016

“Blair’s results to date and his professional manner outside of the car prove that he has the potential to go very far in this sport. Whilst his maiden season in the British Rally Championship has been a challenging one, the experience gained from a full season’s competition at National level will stand him in good stead for a serious championship assault in 2017”. Rory Bryant, National Development Manager, Scottish Motor Sports


WHAT WE CAN OFFER Excite your clients, impress your staff, raise your company profile and champion your brand. These are just some of the business benefits that can be gained through supporting #TeamBBR.

Autosport International 2016

GO Motorsport 2016



•Gain brand exposure via a new, exciting channel.

•Blair can represent an investment in a unique CSR story of an inspiring, young, sporting talent.

•Unprecedented press coverage including TV (BT Sport and Channel 4). •Fantastic multi-channel marketing opportunities building your brand through social media. •YouTube Engagement: video diaries, on-board camera footage and more. •Most Importantly – promotion and endorsement of your business at every opportunity. 06

•Using Blair’s story to drive attention and funding to charities that support young people and the less fortunate. •Demonstrate to your customers your commitment to supporting ambitious home grown talent. •Set an example of your commitment to investing in the next generation – promoting hard-work & determination as the path to success.

Ulster Rally, Service, Summer 2016

Autosport International 2016



•Impress clients, close deals and reward staff with First class, VIP on event hospitality.

•Keep your brand in customer’s minds with an engaging story.

•Thrilling test day passenger rides. •Unique in-house customer events offering a team meet & greet.

•Pre and post-event report for company customer newsletter. •Competitions (this could marry up with a radio/ newspaper advertising campaign or social media channels). Prize could be auctioned to raise money for a charity of your choice. •Provide video, in-car footage and action photography for your use on Facebook / website etc. •Display the car pre / post event at company premises. •Your Brand ambassador. •B2B Introductions.



Blair’s interactions with the media, public appearances, coverage in newspapers and magazines guarantees alone a return on your investment. Public appearances over and above competing in the MSA British Rally Championship 2016 included: •

BBC Alba News representing Go Rally Scotland

Reporting Scotland representing Scottish Motorsport funding launch with Sir Jackie Stewart

Autosport International 2016 representing MSA BRC & Rally GB

Cholmondeley Power & Speed 2016 representing the MSA BRC & Rally GB

Ayr Burners Open Day representing the QTS Group

Truck Fest Scotland representing NWH Waste Services

Highly active Twitter, Facebook and website.

Press Releases can be viewed at and A full breakdown of media coverage and spectator statistics on the MSA British Rally Championship is available to download at




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THE rev Rally Champed and revitalise weekend ampionship d Britis kicks h and the charge. off Scots are on this The the Stages Newtown-ba se ho sts champio the open d Mi ing rou d-Wales before nship that too nd of a be chief IAN ing relaunche k a year ou d The maCAMPBELL at with Invernesst the helm in event champ . wil with EU DAVID BOGIE l see 2011 Bri beat sta AN THORBURNrenew hostilititish es as they CRONIN,rs like ELFYN bid to EV AN wh ile S ALEX L AFFEY, Bogie’s CA1 and KEITH in a Fiesta tea from Ca rnoustie m-mate In the . , will be right, wil junior class, l BLAIR Camp be flying the BROW was CO bell said: “The flag for Scotlan N, Rally ChLIN McRAE wh most famous d. was chamampion but en he was Bri one challeng pion five tim his father JIMtish GALL AC ed stronglyes. ROBBIE HE MY AD HE and “We ha R did really DREW it is goodver always do well. title back to see David ne really well an an d always his rivalr trying to get d moved been good. It y with Euan the is on ha “Blair the British ral great that it ha s s will be onis a very ambit ly stage. ious jun e to watch ior and for the fut he ure.”

Friday, Ma rch 4, 20 16 ..





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FORD are four of th celebrating after confirme eir race cars were all race at Led for this year’s 24 -hour The new Mans.

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EUAN TH nationa ORBURN rec ck right at l champio pi nshipkons he will be the th i Th T e Du front by the in the world lining up in the best he is up ns dynamo ha end of the op — and he wants enin ral to s BLAIR ly in Wa to be He sai speed when been worki ing BROWN Champio took a regarded d: “The Britis the action stang flat out to ma les. ns as And the hip debut. year out to pre the best h championsrts tomorrow ke sure last few . Kinross pare for turning and it is years have no national cham hip has always ace his Britis t be pio rea tainly a heads in the junreckons that h “We did lly good to be en the best bu nship there been could big ior class FORMER is. The it five or t inv “The Sc step for us. young. this yea be the key to six years olved with has been re-bo lost time British rally cha We ott r. He sai ish we cu ago and rn nt away rve and think we champio wh d: “It is him The Du en he launch mp DAVID BO cer“Now wewe weren’t too nship has be front-run are in a goodand won a fewwe were proba the title mfries ace loo es his BRC camGIE aims to ma bly nin know we want to win worried abou en a great ked ke in “We have g places. Th position now championship a bit pa . lea two are We t res rning -wheel 2011 but the set for a brigh ign this weekeup for think we ready for ult be a comp a R5 car — at is the plan. to challeng s and I “The are ready s. e for the a He went drive cars left change in the t future when nd. develop car was delayit. for it — him in lim Thorb etitive packa Peugeot — thi back to champion he won ing. We five times, ed last no, we s year an his Sc bo. do warm-upurn has alrea ge.” we ship wit yea wn bu re d r in wr it seems dy taken h Bogie sai t can’t wait toottish roots, wh pace no Duns every we iting our own so we spent to the favou events and rec ere he has the sta d: rt “G pa inte the car tes in ek oin rite ce notes kons he Wales . On top rest. ou for abou g ba wo s. the Isle He ad . 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Bogie back. Ev been inv y rivals a year ou n it has be “We are him. , olved witthe stages. eryone s and I think “We we the start. t and no through admitted it had en.” will be Elfyn h the ne w it will be a new car not setting competi re invited to w cham challengethe levels, bu been tough the tor s’ pio me can in the. We will just targets because op no t etings wit nthe foreig insisted t inions that I can . He added: to get as he was to be able to “Th rea high as it is “My pacefirst round. old days n stars comi and seeing na h the BRC to e clim list rea Bri to have we ng in, I thi mes EL of the 90 and I qu has always to go baically afford and tish champion dy for the newb FYN EV give the “W nk s. cha e it shi ck co be ite are wil AN mp p mp Scotl en quite like the l go back is out there S ion round so limit. It stron sta competin ship is great and. Don’t geete at so it was fruthe level to the goand to is t me bu g Thorb I am looking forges in the firs g strating od think an 26 and I think win. I do disag Bogie is against internat I want to be on wrong, the Sc ward to t yo ree with it should champiourn would lov also deligh tional dri it.” ottish internatio “I thi ne out there the jun be a ver nal events world stanship as a ste e to use championk we can is worthy of winlot lower than ior age even we ted to have sna s.” pping sto the do it that but nship.” nt ove ning. red aim. I wo ge. He said: “Th ne to and I I He said: r to the Czech a Skoda Fabia think it if I had uld have been at is everyo the “It is anyb ne’s exciting is a proven carRepublic to picR5 and happen the money bu there years ag od op k y’s in it po Eu up. rope and o “It is a ver rtunity. is to dolike that. Our t it doesn’t it is an y good car very good THE ne champio well in the one aim and been givw-look BRC ha “It has sponsorship be we do have som do well nship. I would British s fronti en the sta treatmen right pa all come togeth hind us this yea e takes us and see wh like to ng the co r t on cka er TV r. ere it .” and we . ge to do The ch verage. Dundon back wil have the the agreed ampionship ha the best-ian Clark is on the undel be very stron job. Elf yn comin e g but, in rdo 4 and BTa deal with Chans sport. Heknown voices of 2011, I wa g us but we g — no one wa s voice of Sport, with the nel going to said: “The BRin the the radarwon it. I am haps talking about C is and JONrally COLIN CL py to go ag televisio make great AR under DESBOR “We are ain. n OUGH K package this year. The there to dif ficult win it. — sport ne is exactly what eds.” experienElf yn has had It will be the ce at wo a lot of rld cars co level, dri nsi going thestently, but we ving re to win are . “It is as sim ple as tha t.”

Passing t he test

RISING his QTS rally star Blair paces at Ford Fiesta throBrown puts test sess a pre-season fo ugh its io rest rally Abou n at Dalry, grabbingt 16 cars took pAyrshire. a a rt ch – ance to out and ge ru Brown, wnning after tht their cars e ho is alr eady bewinter. ing


with flyin g colours earmark will race ed as someone in to the Snow watch, Inverne m on Februss with Richard an Rally in a S ry im monds 20. Orga Club, wnised by the Hig hland Ca Inn as thith Arnold Clark r cars are e main sponso and Jurys expecte rs , a b o u d to tak e part. t 70


W H AT I T C O ST S TO W I N A C H A M P I O N S H I P To compete in the 2017Junior DMACK MSA British Rally Championship a budget of £75 989 is required. £46 750 of the budget is secured and a further £29 000 in sponsorship funding and in kind support is essential to complete the season.

Mid Wales Stages, Winter 2016


RSAC Scottish Rally, Summer 2016

EXPENDITURE COST Body Work & Wrap 3574 Brakes, Wheels, Suspension & Steering 5925 Drivers Clothing / Intercom / Safety & In car 787 Engine & Gearbox, Exhaust & Inlet 9970 Event Entry Fees, Licences, Championship Entry & Club Memberships 8706 Flights / Ferries / Accommodation / travel fuel 9699 Incidentals 8000 Insurance 3950 Oils & Fluids including rally car fuel 6891 Promotions, Advertising and Sponsor Hospitality 3317 Test & Tuition days 5630 Tyres 9540 TOTAL 75989 Circuit of Ireland, Spring 2016



Sponsorship Menu 2017

Logo posi on on car


Season 3 events


1 event 1 event




B or C & 2xH


E or F & 2xH

1xG& 2xH












Inclusion in all pre & post event rally reports including press releases Online media Website links Sponsor proďŹ le on BBR website On event hospitality 4x persons

3 events 2 events 2 events 1 events

1 events 1 events

Driver appearances Charitable fundraising opportuni es and company compe


Car and team available for B2B networking & customer hospitality Bespoke PR campaign tailored to sponsors market Invita on to test days (4 persons at event - 2 runs in car) In-car camera - logo on dashboard Employee engagement - meet & greet Money cant buy experience - co-driver day at kingdom stages Logo on race suit Race suit branding Team clothing branding Rally car in company colours


3 tests

2 tests

1 test

1 test

1 event



See below for logo positions on car to corrospond with sponsorship menu:

Customised packages are available to support ‘in kind’ sponsorship.


CONTACT This presentation is purely for guidance to get the process started of how we can work together on a bespoke package to excite and impress your clients, customers and staff, raise your company profile and champion your brand. We’d like to hear your ideas too and will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Please contact Blair in whichever way you’d prefer;

Phone: 07989 559745 Email: Website: Twitter: @BlairBrownRally Facebook: Blair Brown Rallying




Phone: 07989 559745 Email: Website: Twitter: @BlairBrownRally Facebook: Blair Brown Rallying


Proposal 2017  

Blair is an ambitious, 21-year-old rally driver – currently the only Scottish junior driver competing in the MSA Junior DMACK British Rally...

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