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• Blair Academy Singers recently

• Blair’s dance courses and two studios

completed performance tours in Italy

give students the opportunity to learn and

and Eastern Europe.

explore the various techniques of ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical and ethnic forms.

• Students can participate as a member of various a cappella groups, including

• The Video Production Program has

The Tweeds (coed), The Dames (female)

been in continuous existence since 1999

and Doo-Wop (faculty/student).

under the tutelage of former actress and director, Judith Kahan. Steven Kampmann,

• The instrumental music department boasts an orchestra (with Royal College

director and screenwriter, teaches screenwriting at Blair.

of Music violinists and cellists), a jazz band and a full slate of private lesson instructors

• Blair features a new art opening each

for every instrument. The string orchestra

month in the Romano Art Gallery. Two

performed in Eastern Europe in 2008.

particularly popular art shows are the faculty art exhibition and the student

• Students can direct, write, perform

art exhibition.

and manage the stage and lighting of Blair’s major theatrical productions

• AP courses are offered in Music Theory,

in any one of our three theatres,

Art Portfolio and Art History (which

the main performance stage, black box

includes a spring break excursion to

theatre and outdoor theatre.

Europe each year).

• Blair Academy Players have received

• Additional Fine Arts electives include

numerous FREDDY© Award nominations

Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design and

by the State Theatre in Easton,

Printmaking, Architecture, Photography,

Pa. in recognition of exceptional

Ceramics and Sculpture.

accomplishments in the production and performance of musical theater.

• Popular destinations for graduates

Todd Lewis ’08, a recipient of a Morehead

pursuing the arts include NYU-Tisch,

Scholarship from UNC, won a Freddy for

Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island

Best Ensemble Member in 2008.

School of Design and Cal Arts.

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the arts Bl a ir Ac a dem y

T h e A r t s at

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Whether a budding artist, passionate musician or experienced

th e Art s faciliti e s at Bl air Ac ad e my> • Digital Vid e o L abor atory • Photogr aphy Dark Room • Archit e ctur e Studio

actor, Fine and Performing Arts

• Various Painting/

students at Blair cultivate their

• C e r amics Studio

Dr awing Studios

• Archit e ctur e Studio

artistic talents with the help of

• Bl ack Box Th e atr e

their peers and devoted teachers.

• Armstrong-Hipkins Main Stag e

• Outdoor Th e atr e

Each Blair student shares his or her

creative arts experience with the Blair community through the classroom, gallery exhibits, performances and extracurricular pursuits.

• SoundProof

Pr actic e Rooms

• Two Danc e /Yoga Studios Full d e scriptions availabl e onlin e at www.blair.e du

“I never thought I could be where I am today, embracing abstraction and realism while coming into my own as an artist. Less dependent on elementary skills, I now push the boundaries of my sight.” Tiffany, junior

Blair Academy Arts  

This brochure gives an overview of arts at Blair Academy.