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BACK TO WORK CHECKLIST Get your team together and kick start 2017 by reviewing the health of your business to ensure you start the year smoothly! Organise training for your team to ensure they know how to work safely at heights. Did you know 58% of fatalities resulting from falls from a height in the construction industry were from roofs and ladders?^

Ensure you have workers onsite who are trained to administer first aid. How many first aiders are required will vary depending on the job site. Do you have enough first aiders, or could they do with a refresher training course?

Take some time out to check your equipment. Ensure it’s compliant, has been serviced recently and that there aren’t any noticeable faults. It’s also a good opportunity to send any machinery off for maintenance or repair over the break.

Update your safety equipment. Check things like your safety signage, spill kits and other safety gear and make sure everything is up-to-date to protect your people and your business. Look for better ways to manage your Inventory. Check stock levels to reduce spend and gain greater control of your business

Are you ready to get back to work?


^ Safe Work Australia

Blackwoods Xpress Back to work checklist  

A checklist to start off 2017 safely.