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Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia (2008-2017) Chancellor of the University of Western Australia (2017-)


To many impending graduates, the transition from Law School into the employment market is a voyage into uncharted waters. For each graduate there are fundamental questions about the general direction they wish to set in their post-university life — fundamental, because they will be questions about life purposes or goals. The first answers are necessarily provisional. Purposes initially defined and directions initially set are likely to change as the years pass.

The Handbook is intensely practical providing useful advice covering:

There is no one-size fits all blue print for the new graduate seeking employment opportunities. Some may want to have nothing at all to do with legal practice or the courts. There are many opportunities outside legal practice for law graduates — especially if the law degree is leavened, as it is in most cases, by a first degree in another discipline or range of disciplines in the humanities, commerce, economics or science. This Handbook is principally directed to people seeking to begin a career in legal practice, law-related public service, community legal service or the legal academy. It acknowledges, however, that there are many fields which provide rewarding opportunities for law graduates, including accounting, advocacy, consulting, contract management, human resources, investment banking, journalism, politics, public policy and start-ups.

• attending potential employer networking events and social gatherings;

• assessment of the job market — an assessment which should start from the penultimate year of the degree; • identification of options; • making job applications; • drafting a cv; • responding to written employer questions;

• practical legal training post-graduation. A number of law firms have contributed sections to the Handbook, each of which gives a flavour of the nature and expectations of that firm. There is a section about opportunities for employment as a Judge’s Associate in the courts, and employment in various government entities, including the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Australian Law Reform Commission, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Australian Taxation Office and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. Those, of course, represent only a small sample of public service opportunities. Community legal centres and the legal academy also offer opportunities for those whose focus is on social justice or further legal scholarship and law teaching.

If I have one piece of advice, based on my own experience which happened fifty years ago, it is that if you are uncertain about a career in legal practice, it is not a bad idea to seek the experience of graduate employment and practical legal training and to secure admission as a legal practitioner. The graduate will have learnt a good deal from his or her law degree but exposure to the lived experience of legal practice — even at a very junior level — may inform longer term decision-making in a way that reading a law firm’s prospectus cannot. In my case it cemented a long-term commitment. The employer who seeks an absolute commitment at the outset, from a new graduate, to a long-term career in the law is grasping for a mirage. Any such commitment will be subject to life experience and personal perspectives which may change in unpredictable ways. It is, of course, one of the benefits of a university education and of a law degree that it can lead a graduate along paths unimagined at the time of graduation. All that said, the Blackstone Society’s Careers Handbook is a very useful navigational tool for those embarking on the journey of post-graduation employment. The Blackstone Society in publishing it each year provides a real benefit to new graduates. I thank the Society for its contribution to enhancing the employment prospects and choices of its members.



EDITORIAL DAVID SEONG Careers Vice President JIHOO LEE President ANOUSCHA GREEN Marketing Vice President KALINI STEVENS Editor in Chief Welcome to the 2022 Blackstone Careers Commercial law is not the only pathway Handbook, generously sponsored by Herbert open after graduating, and so we have included Smith Freehills! sections titled ‘Articles from the Profession’, The Juris Doctor equips us with the knowledge ‘Community Legal Centres’ and ‘Government’. and skills for the wide variety of career Here, we explore a wider variety of opportunities opportunities open to us all after graduation. available to you outside of the commercial Nonetheless, you may be asking the question, space and hear about the experiences of nonwhat on earth do I do after law school? To help commercial law professionals. We hope you you tackle this question, we have created this take comfort in exploring the various pathways Handbook to help students navigate the various that are open to you after completing law school. opportunities once you graduate. It includes The publishing of this Handbook would not insights and advice from a range of legal and have been possible without the hard work and non-legal professionals throughout the various dedication of many people. We would like to sections. thank the Blackstone Careers and Marketing If you are thinking of applying for clerkships portfolios for their support. Further, we are and graduate positions, then this Handbook is so grateful to the professionals, lawyers and a great place to start. The Handbook aims to members of the judiciary who have taken time guide you through the application process, out of their busy schedules to contribute to the giving you an insight into what firms are looking Handbook. Finally, we would like to extend our for and an idea of the firm’s culture. Despite this, heartfelt thanks to Herbert Smith Freehills, for applying for clerkships and graduate positions their ongoing support of the Blackstone Society, can be a daunting process. It is a period often the Careers Handbook and UWA law students. characterised by pressure, anxiety and dread. However, remember that just because you didn’t get a clerkship means it’s the end of the world or that you are unsuccessful. Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live. Furthermore, take any opportunity to meet members of the profession, grow your network and stay up to date with the current legal environment. Create your own opportunities. Do not wait for them to come to you!

We hope you enjoy the Handbook and that it is an enlightening and useful tool in your upcoming applications. We wish you luck for your future endeavours and hope your career is one that excites and fulfils you.




The Careers Toolbox is to assist you through any application process. Saleem Al Odeh, Kalini Stevens and the Blackstone Careers team have set out techniques for applications, writing cover letters and CVs and attending interviews. We have also set out key information regarding clerkship and graduate recruitment, and the important dates for 2022. We hope the Careers Toolbox is useful during the application process, as well as in the future. The Blackstone Careers team has organised a variety of Careers Presentations during semester one to supplement the information provided here. If you have any questions throughout the year, please do not hesitate to ask a Blackstone committee member.



CLERKSHIPS EXPLAINED What is a clerkship? A clerkship is a legal employment experience What to expect? in a law firm or government department over the Your clerkship will give you real work for real summer or winter university breaks. They tend to run clients. This might include sitting in client meetings for between 2 to 4 weeks and are generally paid. and taking notes for your supervisor, attending court, drafting correspondence, researching case What’s in it for me? law or legislation on complex issues and writing Clerkships allow students to gain insight into memorandums detailing your findings. practical legal work and, hopefully, find the Your work will vary from government departments work environment that suits them best. Clerkships to professional service firms. Expect the job to be give students the chance to see how to work in a quite different from university work and embrace it! professional environment. Firms will often offer Don’t forget that a clerkship is also an opportunity graduate positions to high performers. Exposure to for you to figure out whether you want a career with various firms helps you decide your career path. that firm or in that area of law. Students tend to regard clerkships as necessary because many large commercial international and national firms generally only to hire graduates who have completed a clerkship with them. However, completing a clerkship does not guarantee a graduate position at that firm.

What do they expect from you?

Firms do not expect their clerks to know everything. Firms will run training workshops related to research skills, getting to see the firm’s resources, letter writing and drafting memorandums. You with develop Clerkships give you insight into the areas of law valuable tips and skills, which are transferrable into that you have not been exposed to in your degree. the remainder of your studies and careers. Some students may even realise that practising law Be yourself! Firms want to see how you fit in their isn’t for them, which shouldn’t be alarming as a culture and whether they should invest in you. Being law degree provides students with so many other yourself is also important for determining whether opportunities. Regardless, completing a clerkship you see yourself working and thriving there. will still give students invaluable experience which It is also expected that you will work hard and put will help in all career paths. in the effort to meet and get to know the staff. You must be enthusiastic and keen to learn more about Who can apply? the firm, even though the work can sometimes be It is open to all students to apply for clerkships, tedious or difficult. It is also crucial that you’re however, many firms preference penultimate year professional and courteous. students. If you are a non-penultimate year student, explain why you did not apply in your penultimate Buddy System year or why you are applying early. Spend some time and research to determine which firms would Many firms have a buddy system in place, which means they will pair you with a graduate or junior be best to apply for. lawyer throughout your clerkship. Your buddy is there to help you with any questions you may have and assist you when you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – your buddy was in your position not too long ago. Be sure to interact with your buddy and ask them to coffee if they don’t ask first! 12

Offers Day

The night before

What happens on offers day?

Dress code

You should wake up early on the day as some places call earlier than 9 AM. Most law firms give you a call from a human resources representative or the Partner / Senior Associate who interviewed you. You will receive an email with the contract if you accept the verbal offer. Do not be disheartened if you have not received a phone call immediately. You have until 1 PM to receive a call, and usually, if there is a delay, it is likely because the Partner is busy.

Accepting and rejecting offers



Remember to keep an open mind - don’t just the offer. Unfortunately, I cannot accept it because I have already accepted others (or another reason).’ apply because everyone else is.

Cover Letters

You do not have to accept an offer straight away. The law firms understand that you may need some extra time to ensure that the period or firm fits with you. You can simply reply with ‘Thank you so much for the offer. Can I just get back to you shortly?’ That What no one is going to tell you: said, you should keep in mind that the law firms also Clerkships aren’t for everyone. have a deadline of 1 PM, so as soon as you know Sometimes, clerkships aren’t even for those who which ones you want and don’t want to inform the get them. respective firms expeditiously. If you land a clerkship position, which converts If you are successful enough, you might have to to a graduate position, congratulations! The reject some offers. This is a daunting experience, road to a career as a hot-shot lawyer is much but rest assured the firms are expecting some easier. Many students are dazzled by clerkships rejections. If you reject an offer, make sure you do thinking this is the only avenue out of law school so professionally. An example could be calling back when the reality is very different. and saying, ‘Thank you so much for your time and


Don’t be! Remember that the firm was confident enough in your ability to choose you, so you should be as well! Your first day will usually consist of getting to know other clerks, familiarising yourself with the technology used by the firm, doing office tours and being introduced to your practice group.

Make sure you have a list (mental or physical) of the firms you prefer and in which periods. Make sure you know what period each firm offers. The firm will ask you to give a ‘period preference’. Be sure to have alternatives and be flexible if you don’t get a particular firm or period.


It is normal to feel nervous on your first day.

What to do on offers day?


Most firms have corporate attire dress code which means a suit with a tie or a mid-length dress or blouse and dress pants with a blazer. Some firms don’t require their staff to wear ties, but we recommend that you wear a tie on your first day. Be sure to bring a tie and a blazer to work every day, just in case you need to go to court or a client meeting.

Offers Day is a set date where almost all firms give clerkship offers. You will know well in advance what day that is. Usually, the time for offers is from 9 AM to 1 PM.


Ensure that you have set your alarm and held the train or bus timetables. You do not want to be late on the first day of your clerkship. Make sure you have an early night because you want to feel fresh and ready to go - first impressions count!


general tips


GRADUATE POSITIONS EXPLAINED I’M AT THE END OF MY DEGREE... NOW WHAT? Graduate positions are roles are targeted at students who have recently completed their studies. The programs give you hands on experience necessary to aid your entry into the profession. In law, this typically means a year of practical legal training.

Where can I browse graduate jobs? In most instances, Firms will advertise graduate jobs through their website. Research is the key to finding the firm and position that suits you. cvMail or GradAustralia are great starting points.

Most private practice firms, in-house legal teams and government organisations offer graduate When do I start thinking about programs. However, most graduates sourced by each organisation come from their previous pool of Graduate Positions? The earlier you plan for your future, the better clerks or interns. An initial application will require a prepared you will be for applying for graduate cover letter and CV in most instances. positions. As a rule of thumb, students should watch Depending on the firm, you may also undertake the market from the penultimate year of their degree personality or competency tests or answer questions to make informed decisions about where they want about the firm, position, and suitability. Even if you’ve clerked there, some firms may require you to to apply during their final year. interview again.

WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? Private Practice


Most private practice firms and some in-house legal teams offer graduate programs. The programs are structured for students to integrate in the business, usually in rotations where students spend time in particular practice groups. The rotations will include a learning and development program which also includes non-technical skills development.

An associateship is a role which assists a judge with administrative, research and other legal tasks.

Australian Public Service

expected to hit the ground running from day one. This means the majority of the time, the associate is in the courtroom, ensuring that the judge’s day in court goes smoothly. The ultimate aim of an Associateships is to entrench themselves in the day to day occurrences of court proceedings, learn about standard procedure and build a strong network.

Judges from all different courts in Australia, from local courts to the high court, will hire associates. High court judges will hire two associates, one based in Canberra and one in their home state (known as a “travelling associate”). Other judges Read the Commercial Firm Directory to get an will usually hire a single associate per year. idea from employers about their graduate programs. While there is no official program, associates are

A graduate role here will transition you into a career in public service. The career paths in public service include government solicitors, working for the DPP, LegalAid, advisory or consultancy roles and many more.

Read the Government Directory to get an idea Read the Courts Directory to get an idea from students in these roles. from employers about their graduate programs. 14


What happens on offers day?

• Advocacy

Many firms now make priority offers to applicants who have previously worked or undertaken a vacation clerkship with that firm.

• Consulting

What is an early offer?

• Investment banking

Several firms offer graduate positions to students after completing their vacation clerkship. If you are lucky enough to receive one, it gives you assurance for the year ahead!

• Politics

• Accounting

• Contract management • Human resources / recruitment • Journalism / content writing • Public policy • Regulatory investigation work

What is a market offer? Some firms also use the standard offer system which requires all interested applicants to submit an application and proceed through an interview process before making offers.

• Start-ups • Teaching & academia Just to list a few...

Perth Law Careers Fair

The legal community in Perth is tiny, and people are willing to help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during this process, as help is always just around the corner. Your peers, Blackstone and HR departments are all here to support you during the recruitment period.

Make the most of the people you know!


Building your network is an important skill when entering the workforce. The careers fairs are a great place to start! Here, you will have the chance to meet representatives from the major law firms. Take this opportunity to find out more about their firms and to ask questions about what they look for in applicants, so you can Other Events tailor your applications effectively. Blackstone runs events to prepare you for the To make the best impression, approach firms applications ahead. Our presentations give you with some knowledge and questions. This valuable insight into the recruitment process at Handbook is to gain foundational insight, and some of the firms. Some initiatives include the the fairs are the chance to engage with the Perth Law Careers Fair, Blackstone Mentoring Network, Clerkship Tips and Tricks Session industry. (which usually involve particular firms) and the This year, it is set for Monday 16 May 2022. Mid Year Careers Fair.

Cover Letters

Your Network


finding help


What is a priority offer?

Options to consider might be:


Not everyone uses their law degree for a legal career. There are plenty of rewarding opportunities in other fields.


Similar to vacation clerkship offers, firms will usually start notifying students of offers for graduate positions at 9am on the day. In contrast to vacation clerkship offers, your offer will be valid until 5pm to provide you with some extra time to make up your mind.


Offers Day



law student events Perth Law Careers Fair Monday 16 May Mid Year Careers Fair Thursday 28 July Beyond Commercial Law Careers Fair Keep an eye out (Blackstone will publish on Facebook)


clerkship recruitment


Speed Interview Evening Tuesday 10 May



Applications open Monday 27 June

Review and interview Monday 1 August to Friday 9 September Offers made Friday 16 September (9 am) Offers held open Friday 16 September (1 pm)

First round offers held open Friday 22 July (5 pm) Applications open Monday 25 July 2022 Applications close Sunday 7 August 2022

Offers made Friday 9 September (9 am) Offers held open Friday 9 September (5 pm)


Review and interview Monday 8 August to Friday 2 September

Cover Letters

First round offers made Friday 22 July (9 am)


graduate recruitment


Applications close Sunday 31 July


What do you need?


Often abbreviated as CV, this document showcases your academic and professional experiences and accomplishments.

Cover letter or short answers

A letter providing additional information about your skills and experience to demonstrate your suitability for the role and firm.

Academic transcript

Employers require an original official copy of your university record. You can order a certified digital copy from the university which you access through MyEquals.

Some firms substitute this with specific questions.

Short answer questions Some firms will require you to answer short questions in their application to find out more about you. Use them to write about your achievements, what you can offer the firm, why you decided to pursue a career in law and questions about your level of industry awareness. Where firms use these questions instead of a cover letter, this is your only chance to let your personality shine. First impressions go a long way, so make sure you spend enough time answering the question.

typical short-answer questions Asking you to reflect What do you feel is your greatest achievement, and what challenges did you face in achieving it? How do you relate to our organisation’s values?

Getting to know you Tell us something outside of the law and your studies that you are passionate about. Beyond your results and CV, tell us something about you as a person. This could be a significant achievement or event in your life that has shaped you as an individual.

Your interest in a legal career / their organisation What is your motivation for seeking a career in law? What has attracted you to this firm or organisation?

Technical & research Identify a current commercial or legal issue that has attracted your attention recently. Why do you consider it important? 18

Online Testing In addition to a written application, several firms conduct online testing. These tests are to assess your personality, your intellectual quotient (IQ), your emotional quotient (EQ), and to gauge how you deal with pressure. These tests can vary widely depending on the firm, and you generally cannot prepare for them. If you are asked to complete a test, it is recommended that you give yourself ample time to do so, as online testing can be timeconsuming. When completing online testing, ensure that you find a quiet place where you will not be distracted. Finally, a good tip is to space them out and do them with a clear head. Do not try to ‘smash them out’ all in one day or back-to-back. Afterall, they are part of the assessment process.

First impressions count! Your written application is the first impression you give to a firm so give it everything.

Make sure to address the selection criteria Read the information in the job posting and tie your experience to the values and skills the organisation lists.

Networking Events & Social Gatherings


These events are designed to see how you interact with the firm’s employees in a social Tips environment. They provide the firm with a • Always wear corporate attire; good opportunity to get to know you in a • Be on your best behaviour. Don’t be ‘that person’ more relaxed setting, away from the stresses who drinks too much; of the interview room. • Make sure you try to mingle and meet new people; At these events, it is best to speak to as many people as possible as doing so will help • Just be yourself! The firm has chosen you to be part of this stage of the recruitment process for a reason; you to gain an understanding of the culture at the firm. It is also important to meet other • Be polite and courteous to everyone — applicants and wait staff, firms do not take lightly to applicants as this demonstrates that you discourteous behaviour. are sociable, and these people may even become your future colleagues.

Cover Letters

Make the most of these events. They are great opportunities to meet people from other practice groups in the firm and help you get to know the firm culture and determine whether you would be a good fit. It is important to behave professionally at all social events. You do not want to be that clerk who was too intoxicated or inappropriate.


Many firms host a networking evening or a cocktail function as part of their application process. Firms will usually invite candidates that have been successful in receiving an interview with the firm. And during clerkships, you will probably attend at least one social event to get a break from all stresses of work.


You’re going to get rejected Be prepared for the emails: “Due to the exceptionally high standard and volume of candidates this year, we regret to advise that you are unsuccessful.” Dealing with rejection is never easy, and when you’ve spent days writing a carefully crafting your application but receive generic rejection emails back, it’s easy to get disheartened.


Do not write a generic cover letter Each firm has different values and criteria, so tailor each cover letter and short answer.


Direct your application to the correct firm and person Silly mistakes might cost you opportunities.




CRAFTING YOUR CV Document used when applying for jobs. It is for you to summarise your education, skills and past experiences so you can impress your future bosses by selling your abilities. You might hear it referred to as a resume or CV. A resume is a one page summary of your work experience and background relevant to the application. A CV is a longer academic diary that includes all your experience, certificates, and publications. Honestly, these terms are interchangeable. CV writing is daunting but here are some tips to help you get your dream volunteer role, internship, clerkship or graduate job. The average employer/recruiter looks at each CV for 6 seconds before deciding whether to read more or not. How can you both make sure your CV stands out, looks professional, and avoids doing anything to put off a future boss?

top tips The basics

Experience Outline your relevant work experience, beginning with your most recent employment

Each entry needs your job title, employment duration (use months and years), company name Highlight specific skills and qualifications relevant and a list of responsibilities to the firm’s application criteria Be sure to include the skills you developed and Proofread your CV. Errors can detract from the achievements or accomplishments if you believe quality of your application, so ask someone to they are relevant review it with a fine-tooth comb Keep your CV to two pages

There is no single correct structure to use. Pick a Extra-Curricular professional format you like and be consistent Outline your involvement at school and university Use clear headings to divide the sections outside academics and community engagement. Use short sentences and bullet points Examples include university societies, participating in competitions, sporting team or volunteering Avoid using large paragraphs for descriptions experiences. Highlight the skills you developed in these positions, such as teamwork or leadership. Personal Details

Include your full name, number, email and You can include other headings such as: Interests, Achievements, Leadership or Completed Courses LinkedIn if you have one such as first aid or computer proficiency There is no need for your street address or a photo. Do not list your date of birth, religion or marital Referees status Referees are professional contacts who comment on your work and skills. Avoid including personal Education references, such as family or friends Outline your education history chronologically, If you wish to include referees, two is appropriate. starting with your most recent course No referees or ‘references available upon request’ Each entry needs the name of the qualification, the is also acceptable institution and study duration. For tertiary study, Ensure you include the person’s name, position, you could include your GPA or WAM company name, and contact number. Ask their Feel free to include your secondary study, but only permission and inform them of the position with list your ATAR if it is appropriate the skills they should vouch for 20

content Skills are clearly highlighted

Edited closely for spelling errors, repetition, inconsistent formatting

Organised so most recent and relevant information easy to find

Had a friend or mentor read over and give feedback and edits

Older or less relevant jobs have fewer bullet points

Saved as PDF


Relevant education included


Keywords from job description incorporated



Transferable experiences included and explained

Named document “Firstname Lastname – Month Year.pdf”


Contact information is easy to find

finishing touches



Bullet points begin with an action verb

Work is quantified as much as possible and numbers are accurate and honest If space, volunteering and hobbies added for personality

final checks Easy to understand and clearly outlines your background




__________________________________ __________________________________

Margins are reasonable, 2.54cm



_____________________________________ _____________________________________ Resume is no more than 2 pages _____________________________________ Headers and bullet points formatted _____________________________________ consistently _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Dates right aligned _____________________________________ Position titles clearly distinguished _____________________________________ Resume is easy to read (and skim!) _____________________________________ ________________________________ _____________________________________ ________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ ________________________________ Font is a simple size, 11or 12pt

Cover Letters




Resume sells you as the perfect candidate for the job based on what is in the job description


Bullet points not just about your duties - they share your accomplishments



Susan Carter

Associate to Katrina Bennett Contact 2 Salvado St, Cottesloe, WA 6011 0400 246 987 susiegal99@hotmail.com

Education FEB 2022 – PRES Juris Doctor | The University of Western Australia WAM: 70 | GPA: 6.0 FEB 2019 – DEC 2021 Bachelor of Commerce WAM: 78 | GPA 6.2 Majors: Business Law and Accounting 2013 – 2018 Western Australian Certificate of Education | Harvard College Head Girl ATAR: 89.5 Subjects: Mathematics Methods, Literature, Politics and Law, Chemistry, Modern History, Ecoomics Certificate III in Outdoor Education

Commented [A1]: A recruiter generally does not care where you live. Be sure to include relevant information (name, phone number and email address). Make sure to double check over these to ensure they are correct!

Experience NOV 2021 – PRES Associate to Katrina Bennett • Zane Specter Litt  Casual associate to Lawyer Katrina Bennett in the Commercial Litigation team.  Undertook document drafting, attending client meetings, legal researching, attending court, and document review.  Displaying a high level of attention-to-detail. NOV 2020 – NOV 2020 Vacation Clerk • Bratton Gould  3 week full-time vacation clerkship with the Mergers & Acquisition team.  The position involved document management, legal research, attended court, and drafting documents.  General admin duties such as printing and scanning, taking coffee orders for Partners, and managing the schedules of the legal team. DEC 2019 – DEC 2021 Bartender • The Ritz-Carlton Hotel  Development and making of cocktails and drinks for highend clients in the Perth CBD.  Displaying a customer-focused mindset to create an ‘experience’ and ensure that client satisfaction is met.  Mitigating loss of inventory by stock rotation to ensure products are fresh and safe for consumption.  Part time role whilst completing my undergraduate studies. FEB 2020 – MAR 2020 Group Fitness Instructor • F45 Training  Coaching and motivating members of the studio through workouts and programs.  Set up, clean and break down fitness equipment to ensure safety and wellbeing of members.


Commented [A2]: It is not necessary to add images to your CV - if your application is good enough, they will see you at the interview. Commented [A3]: Create a more professional email address for job applications. Commented [A8]: You may want to order your experiences chronologically or order them be relevance to the role (ie legal experience first and then other experiences). Be sure to be consistent and to have some structure. Commented [A9]: Keep tenses consistent. As a general rule, write in the present - even for roles that you are not involved with anymore (ie ‘undertook’ should be ‘undertaking’). Commented [A4]: Check for formatting. Commented [A10]: You do not need ‘the position involved X’. Be concise and to the point. Commented [A5]: Check for formatting. Commented [A11]: Without violating confidentiality, you could add the sector(s) these tasks related (ie energy and resource). This goes to showing some commerciality. Commented [A12]: A CV is a not a place to shorten words - this needs to read ‘adminstrative’. Commented [A13]: Do not include irrelevant information. Commented [A14]: This demonstrates attention to detail and organisational skills. Be sure to highlight this if asked in your interview! Commented [A15]: Check for formatting. For this application, all places that the candidate has worked are in bold. Commented [A6]: You do not need to add subjects completed for high school. Only add relevant information. Commented [A7]: Check for spelling. Commented [A16]: This is not necessary. A recruiter can join the dots by looking at the ‘Education’ section.


Demonstrated all exercises in the workouts so that participants understand what to do.

JAN 2015 – PRES Business Owner • Susie’s Cupcakes  Created my own business making cupcakes for weddings, birthdays, events, corporate clients and neighbors.  Developed my own brand and logo using Canva software.  Distributing items to customers by way of personal transport or via Australia Post.  Forming clietn relationships and brand recognition.

Commented [A17]: Check for spelling.

Key skills Awards Employee of the Month • The Ritz-Carlton Hotel  Recognizes an employee for a high contribution to the monthly revenue of the bar and does so professionally.

Commented [A20]: Reread your application and ensure Word has not Americanised any of your spelling.

 This recognizes a student for the highest mark in an ATAR subject.

Extra Curricular   

2022 | Blackstone Society Allen’s First-Year Witness Examination 2018 – PRES | UWA Cheer and Dance Club 2011 – PRES | Violin

Volunteer 2021 2018

Commented [A21]: This is a great way to demonstrate your hobbies and interests outside of the law.

Volunteer at Teach Learn Grow Student Tutor


 

Commented [A19]: Read the job description and make sure to cover each required skill throughout your CV and cover letter. It is not necessary to do a section like this without examples.


Commented [A22]: If you are applying through a firm portal that includes a section for references, there is no need to double up the information in your CV. Alternatively, you can write ‘references available upon request’.

Cover Letters

Alex Williams Senior Partner | Bratton Gould Ph: 0415 574 274 E: awilliams@littwheelerwilliamsbennett.com Pina Colander Venue Manager | The Ritz-Carlton Hotel E: venuemanager@theritz.com.au


Highest Achiever in P&L, Literature and Eonomics • Harvard College


Commented [A18]: Be more specific (did you develop a customer aquisition strategy? How did you go about advertising your brand?)

 Microsoft Suite  Time management  Problem-solving  Customer service  Leadership  Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)  Team player  Fluent in French



Interviews 23

COVER LETTERS A cover letter is a job application letter which candidates use to explain to an employer why they are qualified for the position and why they should be selected for an interview. It is the means by which an employer will be able to gain their first impression. This provides candidates the opportunity to make their applications stand out from the rest and show the employer your personality through your writing.

The essentials Set out your personal details in the top right corner of Start your cover letter with “Dear Ms/Mr [Last your cover letter. This includes your name, address, name]”. It is best to avoid addressing them as “Sir/ Madam” or writing “To Whom It May Concern”, as email and contact number. Below this, on the left hand-side, address your it shows that you have not researched the firm.

cover letter to the person’s name, their position, the The job advert will likely advise who to address the application to, usually the Office Manager, organisation’s name and address. Use a bold heading to state the position you are Head of Human Resources, Managing Partner or applying for – e.g. RE: Application for 2020 [Firm] Principal of the firm. If you are ever unsure, ask the Blackstone Careers team or call the organisation to Clerkship Program. ask.

The benefits of a good cover letter

Tips for writing

• Introduce yourself briefly at the start of the cover letter. A great cover letter will show off your achievements and focus • Make sure you state what quite heavily on why you want year of study you’re in and to work at a specific firm. It when you intend to graduate. highlights how a candidate can • Keep your cover letter to one contribute to the firm. Further, page. it shows how a candidate has prepared for their application by • Ensure your cover letter is addressed to the right person. researching the firm, the nature of the position and ensuring that • If you have a particular interest in an area of law you know they address the selection criteria. the firm specialise in, make Finally, it gives the candidate sure you mention this. Be sure the opportunity to demonstrate to mention why it interests you their written communication skill, and relate it to the firm. structure, and clarity of written expression. In an area such as • Plan and write your cover law it is crucial to demonstrate letters well in advance. that you are a good writer! • Highlight your strengths and how you can use these to benefit the firm. • Write in first-person. 24

• Ensure you tailor your cover letter to each firm and are satisfying the selection criteria. • Do not just repeat your CV. Give practical examples building on your CV. • Proofread your cover letter, get family and friends to read over it as well. Spelling and grammatical can make your cover letter look weak. • Avoid using big words and colourful adjectives. You should write in plain English; be clear and concise. • Ensure you send the correctly addressed cover letter to the correct firm (you would be surprised how many people mess up!).


COVER LETTER STRUCTURE introduction Research who you need to address the letter to - the person’s name (if available) and the job title. Outline your studies and the position you are applying for.

about you

Research the firm, their practice groups, people you have met, interesting work and recent matters the firm has completed or recent achievements or awards the firm has received.

Thank the addressee for their time and consideration of your application, and state that you look forward to hearing from them.



_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Cover Letters

Sign off with ‘Yours sincerely,’ if you have addressed the letter to someone by their name (i.e Dear Ms. Recruiter). Otherwise, sign off with ‘Yours faithfully’ if you have addressed the letter to someone by their position, if their name is unknown to you (i.e Dear Human Resources Manager).




Emphasising your skills which tie to the job description such as attention to detail, teamwork and managing multiple tasks at one time. Provide examples of how you demonstrated those skills in a practical setting. It is good to think of this part as almost answering an interview question about a time you demonstrated a skill. This would allow you to adequately structure your answer in a well-structured way.

Outline why you are interested in the specific organisation. Use evidence to support this, such as sharing similar values with the firm or identifying appealing aspects about the organisation.


Set out the skills and qualifications you have that are necessary for meeting the selection criteria. Support with evidence or examples of your employment history, extracurricular activities, and volunteer positions.

the organisation


Put your contact details in the header of the document.



Ms. Donna Paulsen Talent Acquisition Consultant Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams Level 34, Central Park Tower 152 St Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000 Dear Donna, 2022 Clerkship Application I am writing to apply for a Vacation Clerkship position at Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. I am currently in my penultimate year of my Juris Doctor at The University of Western Australia. I have previously completed a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in Law and Society, Political Science and International Relations with a high distinction grade. There are 3 reasons that motivate my application to clerk at ZSLWW. First, the firm’s renowned reputation across Australia and the world, particularly in commercial litigation and environment and planning, providing opportunities to work with colleagues in an international firm and an empowering and supportive environment. Secondly, I particularly like the high level of involvement ZSLWW has in the pro bono space, I understand Mike Ross to be a leader in this practice area within the firm. The participation of ZSLWW to pro bono work, despite being a top tier commercial firm resonates with me as I myself want to give back to the community through whichever means that I can. Thirdly, through my paralegal role with the banking and finance team at Bratton Gould, I believe I have developed the skills requied for the role at ZSLWW. In my experience with the team at Bratton, I conducted legal research including statutory interpretation and contract review for the firm’s clients. I believe my time at Bratton has given me the skills required to succeed in my clerkship at ZSLWW. My involvement as a vice-president of the Dubstep Music Appreciation Society (DMAS) alongside other extra-curricular activities has allowed me to manage my time affectively between university studies and other commitments. My role at DMAS including DJing major social events, coordinating committee meetings, leading a team and liasing with vendors. Something of which I believe will be useful in my clerkship at ZSLWW. My interest to applying to clerk at Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams developed when I met Partner Louis Litt at the Perth Law Careers Fair in May of 2021. Louis and I both had an interest in mudding, as a core activity to relax and unwind from the stresses of work and study.


Commented [A2]: Be more formal than less formal (ie Dear Ms Paulsen). Commented [A3]: This is a good simple heading. If the firm requires you to specify which office you are applying for, state something like ‘Zac Specter Litt Wheeler Williams Perth Clerkship Program 2022/23’. Also, do NOT use the ‘RE:’ - this is not a reply email. Commented [A4]: Justify your paragraphs to ensure a cleaner look. Check the ‘home’ tab in Word or Google ‘how to justify paragraphs in Word’. Commented [A5]: Be concise (ie I have a Bachelor of Arts…with high distinction). Commented [A6]: Numbers one to nine should be in words; numbers 10 or higher can be stated numerically. Commented [A7]: This is a good way to be concise in your cover letter. Use of ‘first’, ‘secondly’ and ‘thirdly’ gives the reader an easy to follow structure. Commented [A8]: Do NOT abbreviate the firm’s name. Show that you have respect for the firm. In Perth, there are no firms with particularly long names. Commented [A9]: Do not say ‘the firm’. The ‘firm’ here is ‘Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams’. Commented [A10]: Be careful name dropping people or the firm’s previous matters/deals. This... [1] Commented [A11]: This statement is not necessary sounds slightly condescending. Commented [A12]: This reads clunky. Be sure to use concise language and write in active voice. Commented [A13]: Check for spelling. Commented [A14]: Check for correct use of language. Commented [A15]: It should read ‘included’. Commented [A16]: Whilst this is a very unique experience, relate the experience back to the role. ... [2]


Overall, by balancing my commitments between full-time university study and my extra-curricular activities, I am of the belief that I will be able to adapt to the fastpaced and high-pressure environment that awaits me in the commercial law industry. ZSLWW not only appears to me due to its pro-bono involvement, but also its core values of honesty, integrity, professionalism and excellence. Finally, I am confident that my experience will aid in ZSLWW achieving these core values through my time as a clerk at the firm and alongside my personal experiences.


Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me via mobile on 0400 456 789 or via email to hazzadawg123@gmail.com.T

PHONE NUMBER: 0400 456 789

Yours faithfully,

Commented [A21]: Whilst it is good to highlight the firm’s values, it is a stretch to say that the firm ... [6]

EMAIL ADDRESS: hazzadawg123@gmail.com

Harold Gunderson

Commented [A23]: Use ‘Yours sincerely’ in letters where the addressee is known, ‘Yours faithfully’ ...in[8]

Commented [A17]: This is great! This shows that you can go beyond public information on the firm’s... [3] Commented [A18]: It is relevant to speak of Louis’ thoughts on the firm’s culture and work (which are ... [4] Commented [A19]: Check for correct use of language.

Commented [A20]: Pro-bono v pro bono. Be consistent. I would use whichever variation the firm ... [5]

Commented [A22]: This is not necessary. The firm will contact you if they want you to interview you. Your ... [7]

Commented [A24]: Consider creating a more professional email address for job applications.

Congratulations on receiving an interview! The firm wants to see if you are a good fit. The interview is your opportunity to showcase your personality, skills, talents, experience, and knowledge of the job. Firms will ask you to elaborate on your CV and cover letter to assess your suitability to work at the firm.

Individual interviews

Video interviews

The interviewers are usually a HR rep and a senior lawyer. They will assess your personality and characteristics and how you would fit into their office culture. In an individual interview you could be asked a range of questions:

Increasingly common in the hiring process - it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with all the variables so you can be prepared.

• General or personal: focus on your personality, experience, and achievements. Firms will generally ask you about things you have achieved, why you chose to study law, and things you included in your CV and cover letter. • Technical or situational: focus on your ability to overcome adversity and your knowledge of the legal and commercial world. It is best to come in prepared for these questions. Research the firms and run mock interview sessions with friends, family, or colleagues.

Group interviews

Designed to assess your ability to work in a team setting - you might be required to discuss a problem scenario or case notes as a group. Some interviews will be live, so The problems tend to be generic you might join a video conference in nature and often focus on ethics link the firm shares with you. Once and technical related questions. connected, you’ll be able to see It is important to communicate and speak with an interviewer on effectively with your team members and work together to achieve a the other end. You might get a pre-recorded video common goal. Showcase both interview. You get instructions on your ability to lead and your how to join the interview. Instead ability to work well as part of a of being connected with a person, team. If there is a member of your you’ll be prompted to answer team who is being shy, ask them videoed or written questions. You for their opinion on the matter and will record your answer to each empower them to be included into question and the firm will review the group. Be careful not to do this the recording later. There is often in a condescending way though! a time limit, and you may have set There will be one or two ‘silent interviewers’ present in the room chances to answer. Dress as though you are attending who will observe the dynamics of an in person interview. Close the team and assess the problem other apps or windows on your scenario. computer.

Networks Use the network of the people you know to ask them questions. This could be your peers, the Blackstone Committee, or relevant HR departments. Talk to people who work or have worked at the firm that you are applying to. Ensure that you are speaking to a range of people to gain a holistic perspective of the organisation. The key is to try to build relationships early and maintain them throughout the year, so your contact doesn’t feel ‘used’ when you need to ask them for help before an interview. Also remember that people love helping one another and that they will feel honoured that you are asking them for their advice and opinion, so never feel afraid to reach out! Don’t be afraid to just cold-call / email lawyers at firms and areas of law you are interested in and ask for a coffee. Be respectful in your approach and don’t let any rejections wear you down. These are professionals and are sometimes just simply too busy to meet up. Most people really enjoy talking about what they do and helping others. Remember they were once in your shoes and know how difficult the process is!

Clerkships Graduates Dates Applications CVs Cover Letters Interviews



INTERVIEWS Preparation & Research A great opportunity for you to set yourself apart from the rest - be diligent and prepare for your interview by conducting research in order to gain a better understanding of the firm. You should demonstrate your interest in law and the firm. Research the firm’s culture, what they look for in prospective employees and the interviewers themselves.

The firm’s website is a good place to start. You will find the firm’s values, various practice areas, employee biographies, recent transactions and information about clerkships and graduate programs. You may also discover whether the firm engages in pro bono or volunteering activities.

How to answer the questions

What to do in your interviews

The Australian Financial Review and Lawyers Weekly Be prepared to answer questions about the experiences are also great sources to help you understand the commercial climate. Many firms will look for candidates you outlined in your application. Further, research the job. You should have an in depth that are up-to-date on current affairs, especially those understanding of the requirements and be ready to that include clients of the firm. express why you are the best person for the role. One method which is widely used is the STAR • Arrive on time. Get to the area with at least 15 method. minutes to spare, but no more than 5-10 minutes early in the office; This method is useful because it provides a framework which you can use to ensure you are adequately • Good presentation, properly dressed and answering the question : groomed; • Situation: Set the scene and give the necessary • Good manners and confident eye contact; details of your example. • Addressing the interviewers by the right names • Task: Describe what your responsibility was in (search pronunciations if you’re unsure or politely that situation. ask when you first meet them); • Action: Explain exactly what steps you took to • Try not to interrupt interviewer mid-sentence to address it. answer; • Result: Share what outcomes your actions • Listen and answer the questions properly; and achieved and reflect on what you could have • Know about the organisation - their values, possibly done to improve. clients and recent major jobs. The best way to prepare for interview questions • If you have lied on your CV, this will be where is to practise. We have included some example you get caught out. It is therefore important to questions below, which you can use to practise the be truthful on your CV so that you speak from STAR method to ace your interview! experience rather than having to make up a story on the spot!

Be Yourself! Don’t walk into an interview pretending to be someone else. You want the firm to hire you for who you are not the person that you are pretending to be. Who you are is something special. Read through your CV and cover letter thoroughly. Remind yourself of all the achievements and experiences that you have listed and be prepared to share anything you may have learned in a well-structured manner. Be honest. Be confident in yourself. 28

personal • Where do you see yourself in five years? • Describe a time you have demonstrated leadership skills? • What is your greatest weakness? • Describe a conflicted you had with another team member.

The interviewers will ask if you have any questions for them - show your proactive nature and that you are prepared. • What is the most exciting/interesting part of working for this firm?

• How often is feedback provided?

• Describe a time when you had to meet a tight deadline. • Does the firm offer any international How did you approach it opportunities?

law • What inspired you to take up a career in law?

• How would you describe the ‘culture’ at the firm? • Does the organisations have policies in place for ongoing/further studies?


Cover Letters Interviews

• What is a current issue facing the legal profession? How • Do you have any advice for someone do you see it affecting the future? interested in a career in law? • What is a recent commercial / legal issue or case that • How is the health and wellbeing of interested you and why? employees encouraged in the firms? • Why are you interested in commercial law? (If you are applying for a commercial law position your answer must ________________________________ ________________________________ show a genuine interest in commercial law) ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ _______________________________ • Why do you want to work at this firm? ________________________________ • What skills can you contribute to this firm and this position? ________________________________ • How do see our firm differentiate itself from our competitors? ________________________________ • If there was one thing you would change about our firm, ________________________________ ________________________________ what would it be and why? • Why this specific area? (If you have expressed an interest ________________________________ in a specific area of law make sure you can answer why) ________________________________


• What made you decide to practise in your area of law?

• Does the firm engage in any community activities, if so what?


• What is your greatest achievement?


• Why did you choose to work here? • Describe a time when you were faced with a difficult • What attracted you to working in your problem. How did you approach it? practice group? • What has been your most enjoyable unit? • What would an average day as a clerk be • Tell us about a time you worked under pressure. like? • Why did you leave your previous job? • What tasks would a clerk undertake?


• Tell me about yourself.

for you to ask





HERBERT SMITH FREEHILLS Adam Tucker As an international Banking and Finance practice, we assist lenders and borrowers from all over the globe to navigate and shape their contractual relationships. In this respect, Banking and Finance is one of the most unique and technically complex practice groups that law firms have to offer; the transactions can be multijurisdictional and in some cases bilingual. For this reason, Banking and Finance lawyers are known for travelling internationally and working in many different countries during their career. The Perth Banking and Finance team at Herbert Smith Freehills assists clients with a variety of financial arrangements, including project finance, property finance, structured finance, capital markets and general banking and corporate finance. We also provide advice to our clients on issues, which may arise during the course of these transactions or throughout the life of a loan. Our team specialises in project financing, where repayment of financing is dependent on the performance of the project being financed. We assist clients with projects across a number of sectors, with a particular focus on mining, energy and infrastructure. Our team has worked extensively on transactions in these sectors both domestically and internationally. For example, in the WA market, we assisted with the financing of the development of the Roy Hill mining project in the Pilbara region and the acquisition of the ‘Super Pit’ gold mine in Kalgoorlie, whilst internationally we have acted for clients across numerous African jurisdictions, including Botswana, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea, Ghana and Kenya.


As a junior lawyer in the Banking and Finance team, you will have the opportunity to work on all stages of a financial transaction, including drafting and negotiating finance documents, preparing legal due diligence and meeting with clients and the lawyers from the other side. Typically, a transaction will require us to conduct a bankability review of the project to determine whether there are any significant risks or liabilities the parties should be aware of prior to investing or loaning funds. As part of this review, we have the opportunity to work with all of the different practice groups at Herbert Smith Freehills, include Environment, Native Title and Aboriginal Heritage, Corporate, Disputes and Projects. Accordingly, if you want a career that gives you the opportunity to travel internationally and exposes you to many different areas of the law, Banking and Finance is for you.



Lewis Whitehurst and Alex Sparrow, Lawyers Litigation is a key practice group for Allen & Overy in Perth, along with the Corporate, Energy & Resources and Banking & Finance. Whilst “Litigation” by name, the team works on matters involving all forms of dispute resolution from domestic court litigation to international arbitrations. The Perth team specialises in large-scale, cross-border disputes involving parties from multiple jurisdictions, and leverages the A&O global network of offices. We frequently work on matters with colleagues across APAC, Europe, US and the Middle East. Dispute Resolution is often considered the practice area that is most comparable to university subjects. This is because our matters generally involve gathering and analysing facts, before applying legal arguments in order to advise and prepare a compelling case for your client. At face value, this is similar to a problem solving exercise in an exam or assignment. However, the actual day-to-day running of these matters brings the added complexity of strategy, commerciality and the unpredictability of opposing parties.

offices to enforce foreign arbitral awards or commence anti-suit injunction proceedings in Australian Courts. For example, we recently worked on an enforcement application with our colleagues in Madrid and Hong Kong. The Perth team works on international arbitrations under a variety of institutional rules, which are often seated in London, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong. This includes arbitrations between private companies, as well as Investor State disputes between foreign investors and the country where their investment was located. In this area, we have recently acted on a number of disputes arising out of renewables projects, including solar, wind and hydropower facilities, based both domestically and across South East Asia. These projects provide an interesting and growing area of work, where the outcomes not only affect the dispute but also prove a base of information and roadmap to potential issues for these types of projects acted on by our transactional teams. A&O’s Litigation practice group includes employment, regulatory, investigations and white-collar crime matters. In these cases, we have assisted offices including; New York, Hong Kong, Belfast Advanced Delivery and London to work on the significant amount of sensitive evidence these cases accrue. Whilst WA may have rather effectively isolated itself from the world for the past two years, through this time, we have still been able to work with our other offices on a substantial portion of our matters. With travel being restricted, this has meant many Teams calls and emails, but with the border restrictions being relaxed, we have had a number of people returning to overseas travel. These trips can be short stints for hearings and case-management conferences or longer trips with recent secondments to our London and Singapore offices. This has supplemented the existing local and international client secondments we have provided.

Clients frequently engage the Perth Litigation team in the early stages of a disputes timeline to provide strategic advice. Given clients’ agreements frequently contain multi-layered contractual dispute resolution processes involving a myriad of foreign investors, principal contractors, subcontractors and government stakeholders, we may end up working through negotiations, expert adjudication, Dispute Adjudication Board proceedings, through to full The team in Perth also regularly acts on both local and international pro bono projects, which provides an arbitration or litigation proceedings. excellent variety from our more regular work. This is a In terms of litigation, we work on matters in the WA great opportunity to get involved in running a matter Courts involving mining, construction, oil & gas and at the junior level. Common tasks can include research insurance disputes. for global humanitarian organisations in preparation We have also recently been involved in court for strategic litigation and lobbying activities, drafting proceedings in NSW, where the relevant agreement case summaries across various jurisdictions on contained a choice of jurisdiction clause in favour of migration and refugee issues, and working on local NSW Courts. We work with our colleagues in other disputes and projects referred from Law Access. 31



Sarah Thiruneelakandan, Lawyer The Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety (WRES) team at Clayton Utz works with clients across multiple aspects of the employment relationship and across the full spectrum of employment law, including industrial relations, work, health and safety, executive remuneration, discrimination, regulatory and compliance, and investigations. The WRES team is ‘hybrid’, meaning that it operates as both a ‘front-end’ (transactional) and ‘back-end’ (litigious) team. As such, the work in WRES in diverse. The transactional work often includes drafting employment contracts, reviewing workplace policies and procedures, providing workplace training and preparing advice on a range of work, health and safety issues. The litigious aspect of WRES involves a breadth of work, including unfair dismissal claims, general protections claims, discrimination claims and regulatory claims before a range of Courts and Tribunals, including the Federal Court and Fair Work Commission. The WRES team has a diverse client base acting for a number of private companies, government bodies and state agencies. Most recently, the area of Work, Health and Safety has been a critical concern for our clients amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the various vaccination mandates announced by the Government which are relevant to employers and their employees. The team’s work in this area has included advice on risk and compliance, investigations into breaches of government mandates and defending claims following termination of employment. The WRES team also has a wide-ranging pro bono practice with our lawyers acting on a variety of matters including sexual harassment and human rights claims.




Corrs’ Projects (disputes) group is highly regarded in the market as a leading practice, ranking First Tier in Doyles Guide and Band 1 in Chambers and Partners. The Perth team continues to excel under the leadership of Chris Ryder, the only Band 1 ranked practitioner based in Perth for projects disputes. Being part of such an exciting practice group is an extremely rewarding professional experience – with opportunities to develop and learn in a fast-paced environment alongside industry leaders. This article provides an insight into everything there is to know about the practice group and why it should be a preference for any law student who wishes to reach their full capacity in the practice of law. For you to gain an insight into the practice group, you first need to understand its scope. Corrs is an Australian firm, with an additional office in Papua New Guinea, with the Projects (disputes) practice group one of the firm’s international practice groups. The Perth team, consisting of 13 members, sits within the international group and is made up of one partner, eight lawyers, one graduate, one paralegal and two assistants. As such, we work very closely with our colleagues in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Port Moresby. This has clear benefits – the opportunity to work with leading practitioners on projects located anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region. It also has its downfalls – we occasionally have to put up with rugby league chat. The practice group is a specialised dispute resolution team. This means it works very closely with our general commercial litigation team. It also means that as a member of the team, you are continuously developing your disputes skill set – which is applicable in the resolution of all disputes, regardless of the subject matter or industry involved. Contract law is the predominant area of law our practice deals with, although expect to be tested in your knowledge of procedure, ACL, negligence and various equities, including restitution and estoppel, from time-to-time.

The practice group works to settle disputes by a greater variety of dispute resolution mechanisms than general disputes teams. Adjudications, appointed under statutes which regulate construction contracts, are a feature unique to the industry. Arbitrations are common, especially where the parties have an interest in resolving their dispute confidentially or by a more efficient means than litigation. Don’t think that you’ll sacrifice going to court, the team has conducted many trials and been involved in the hearing of urgent interlocutory injunction applications.

Timing of the advice Some clients don’t ask for advice until after their role in a project is completed, others will ask for advice midway through construction of a project. This presents its own unique challenges not often experienced by disputes practitioners working in other industries.

Does the client wish to maintain an amicable relationship with its counterparty in the interests of completing the project? Or is it prepared to sacrifice that relationship in exchange for the prospects a Major projects which the team has worked on better financial outcome? include a dispute over the A$45B Ichthys LNG project in the Northern Territory and a number of multi-billion dollar international arbitrations Contrary to popular opinion, money is not every affecting some of Asia-Pacific’s largest energy and client’s primary concern. Contractors often place resources projects. a high emphasis on reputational risk; their ability Being a member of the practice group involves to successfully tender for construction of a project assisting clients, either during the construction of or often depends on their standing in the eyes of following the construction of, major projects, where project leads. issues arise which are capable of legal resolution. The work performed by a member of the team is incredibly varied which is best understood by the following. Consider applying for a clerkship at Corrs, preferencing our practice group. If you’d like The team in Perth largely works on major resource to know more about projects disputes, consider projects. However, what resource the project enrolling in LAWS5398 Construction Law, which is requires as inputs, and offers as outputs, varies run by Corrs Partner, and Perth Projects (disputes) greatly. It is the job of a lawyer working on a lead, Chris Ryder. specific project to understand, to a certain level of detail, the purpose of the project and the way in which the project operates.

Interests of the client

Interested in a career in projects disputes?

Type of project

Is the purpose of the project to provide electricity to a state during fluctuations inherent to renewable power generation? Or is the purpose of the project to provide a waste to energy solution, the first of its kind in Western Australia? Both are projects which lawyers from our Perth team have provided advice on! Each presents its own unique challenges which means the work conducted by members of the team is never dull. 33


a project. Our work is essential alongside the commercial aspects of a project, and we often work with commercial teams to ensure everything fits and works together from both a commercial and ESG point of view.

Who we are

How can you contribute as a junior in the team


KWM’s Environment, Native Title & Heritage team in Perth is led by Sally Audeyev, a leading partner with 20 years’ of experience in managing native title, heritage, tenure, regulatory and environmental aspects of project development, implementation and closure. We sit within the broader Projects & Real Estate practice group, working closely alongside other Projects & Real Estate teams in Perth and across Australia. While there are formal sub-groups within the practice group (such as ours), key clients and matters will often overlap, which provides opportunities to work closely with other teams both in Perth and in other centres across Australia.

What we do The work we do is about helping clients to develop projects sustainably and with social value. We aim to reach outcomes that deliver long term solutions for our clients and their key stakeholders.

As a junior in a small and busy team like ours, you can expect to see and be involved in the full spectrum of our practice area, working closely with the partner and other solicitors on a range of interesting and diverse matters. This often means you have a lot of responsibility. For example, we undertake due diligence searches, draft legal advice on complex questions, review cultural heritage management plans and apply key legislation to clients’ circumstances. Part of our focus is helping to find practical solutions to tricky problems, and ensuring risks are managed in the process. From our experience, no two days are the same. There are countless opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of matters, across all areas of law that the team is involved in. In the past 6 months alone, we have delved into the provisions of native title agreements, heritage agreements and environmental approval documents, assisted with an assessment of native title compensation following the Timber Creek decision, considered various emerging legal trends such as carbon storage / offset projects, assisted with pro bono matters, and managed various objections in the Warden’s Court.

To do this, we work across all elements of ‘ESG’, particularly agreement making with indigenous groups, heritage and native title laws, climate and offsets, and environmental approvals, risk management and compliance. The laws, policy and ‘best practice’ in our area is always changing and we love the challenge of finding new solutions and agreements that deliver beneficial outcomes Some of our recent and current notable matters for everyone. include:

Notable matters

Who we work for

• advising a large mining company on the implications of the Juukan Gorge incident;

Our client base is broad, covering large and • assisting a large mining company on its medium sized mining and resources companies, Environmental Review Document for submission to key infrastructure players and the Commonwealth the Environmental Protection Authority; government. • guiding various clients through the process of engaging and consulting with Traditional Owners in negotiating Indigenous Land Use Agreements; ESG matters have always been important, but in • advising the Commonwealth government on two recent times they have become a critical factor significant and key projects. (if not the critical factor) that can make or break

Why our work matters




With the depth of a top tier firm in Australia, MinterEllison’s lawyers are able to truly specialise in industries and areas of specific interest. Accordingly MinterEllison has one of Australia’s largest dedicated Government specific teams. Government at all levels and public sector entities confidently rely on us for our deep understanding of the context in which they plan, develop and implement policy, and procure, manage and deliver services. MinterEllison’s Government practice incorporates service delivery to departments, agencies and local councils across the Commonwealth, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and South Australia governments.

Our chosen fields of play MinterEllison’s Government Industry Group is directly aligned to the following industries: • Health • Education

MinterEllison’s Government team in WA MinterEllison is a trusted advisor to a number of WA government agencies and statutory authorities successfully delivering on some of the Government’s most significant projects, and from time to time we are engaged by the State Solicitors Office. We have an excellent network of government contacts and an in-depth understanding of public and administrative law, together with extensive experience in advising on approvals processes and compliance with legislative and regulatory frameworks. We understand the political processes and pressures under which decision makers in government agencies must operate. The interface between government, the public service, the community and the private sector are critical to the successful implementation of policy outcomes. We understand the philosophical values of government which underpin the key elements of policy and the strategic direction of the government’s agenda, as well as the machinery of government. Indeed, MinterEllison is often called upon to advise our clients’ boards and senior officers or directors on the exercise of statutory powers and at times, the limitation of those powers.

We appreciate the delicate balance that Departments, Agencies and Government Trading Enterprises • Energy and Resources. must strike between the requirement to operate on a In addition, we focus on the following fields of play: commercial basis, funding future growth and returning a profit to the WA Government, and obligations to • Transport act in accordance with the complex legislative and • Digital regulatory context of a government agency. • Government Service Delivery Our Perth team has an extensive track record in the • Justice affordable housing sectors and major real estate and • Defence. infrastructure development including PPPs, complex procurement, commercial contract drafting, as well as drafting and negotiation of complex suites of project documentation. This has involved some of the most significant projects in WA urban and regional Insights from each of our state government practices, development. including a leading Commonwealth practice. MinterEllison is also well known in the government sector Transferrable knowledge on effective strategies for having sector specific skills, particularly in the areas of property, planning and environment, administrative being applied in other jurisdictions. Leveraging a national approach in all that we law and statutory interpretation, litigation, complex deliver, ensuring consistent service delivery across human resources matters, investigations, enterprise bargaining and safety. all offices. • Infrastructure

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Practical Legal Training is the next step you will take after completing your law degree in order to be admitted as a lawyer. In this section, we feature profiles from the main practical legal training providers operating in Western Australia.




Ground Floor, Durack Centre, 263 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000 collaw.edu.au/PLT

How does the College differ from other PLT courses? Just like the last metres of a marathon, PLT is the final run you need to become a practising lawyer. You know - the court-appearing, contract-preparing, lawtalking kind. In the final stretch, you need practical and flexible expertise. That’s where we come in. The College of Law’s PLT delivers real-world tasks from real-life lawyers, so you hit your career stride from day one. With rolling intakes every month, part- and full-time study options, and 100% online or blended learning, you can study when and where it suits you.

waadmin@collaw.edu.au How long does the course run for? Our full-time course is 15 weeks. Our part-time course is 30 weeks, and a good option for students who work full-time or have other commitments. When does the course start? With rolling intake dates, you don’t have to wait. Simply start when it suits you best. How do graduates enrol?

Apply via our online application form that will take less than 15 minutes to complete. Simply visit Coursework To go from classroom to courtroom, you collaw.edu.au need to be able to apply the theory you learned at uni. PLT coursework involves a mix of compulsory What work experiences are students able to subjects and 2 electives. In our PLT, there are no formal choose from? lectures, essay writing, or written exams. Instead, you will learn through real-life scenarios with lawyers by Whether you have a full-time legal job or haven’t your side, so you become skilled in the key areas that cracked the job market yet, we have a work experience option that suits your needs. practising lawyers experience day in, day out. Work Experience You need to undertake a set 1. 0 days*: Choose if you are unable to find work experience number of days of work experience to complete your How is the course structured?

PLT. Whatever your situation, the College has a work 2. 25 days: Choose if completing the full required work experience days will be impractical for you experience option that suits you. 1. *0 days work experience + 8-week online program 3. 75 days: Choose if you have accrued or plan to accrue a substantial amount of work experience. 2. 25 days work experience + 5-week online program 3. 75 days work experience + no additional program If you choose to complete your PLT through The College of Law, you’ll have free access to a career coach. Your coach will work with you to develop a structured career plan.

Do you provide full-time and part-time options?

The College of Law offers a range of attendance and study modes to suit your goals, timeframe, and lifestyle. Manage your course load with both fulltime and part-time options. You can also learn when From exploring career avenues, to preparing for you want with workshops available on weekdays interviews, to crafting your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be and evenings. equipped with the tools and knowledge to excel. Continuing Professional Education will introduce you Where are students able to find more to the new skills law firms and recruiters are looking information? for in a modern lawyer. You will complete 10 online Visit collaw.edu.au/PLT or contact us on (08) 9214 interactive modules that will teach you business and 0200 or waadmin@collaw.edu.au technological skills. 38


Just like the last metres of a marathon, Practical Legal Training is the final run you need to become a practising lawyer. You know - the court-appearing, contract-preparing, law-talking kind. And in the final stretch, you need practical and flexible expertise. That’s where we come in. 100% ONLINE OR MIXED


30+ INTAKES A YEAR Start when you're ready with rolling intakes

Learn where you want


15 OR 30 WEEKS


Study at your pace with part and full-time options

Choose day or night workshops that suit you best

Work from your own place

Learn more at collaw.edu.au/PLT



Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Murdoch University, 90 South St, Murdoch WA 6150 www.leocussen.edu.au

How does Leo Cussen differ from other PLT How long does the course run for? courses? The course runs for 21 weeks. Our course is centered around hands-on practical experience. The Leo Cussen PLT simulates a law firm How do graduates enrol? environment by getting students to run their own Enrolment is easy: it takes 10 minutes to complete client cases from start to end, just like a first year online: www.leocussen.edu.au/enrol lawyer. Students are allocated to small groups, with continuous feedback and support from experienced What work experiences are students able to lawyer mentors. choose from? Our blended course is a combination of online with a face-to-face component. You are equipped to face practice head-on, and will be job-ready with the confidence of having completed rigorous training in a simulated practice environment. How is the course structured?

All Leo Cussen students are required to complete 20 days of work experience as part of the PLT, and can do so in any legal environment. Part of that can be completed with previous credit. All Leo Cussen students also have access to tailored one-on-one placement support from our Placement & Careers Advisor.

Our WA PLT is mostly self-paced online, plus 13 days of interactive face-to-face onsite training to practise Do you provide full-time and part-time options? skills and network with local legal practitioners. For students who prefer an entirely online experience, we also offer a 100% online course. This course is based on Victorian jurisdiction but qualifies graduates for admission in every state and territory in Australia.

The WA PLT is offered full-time, but provides flexibility as it is mostly online. If you are unsure if the delivery mode is suitable for you, contact us – we are happy to help!

When does the course start?

Where are students able to find more information?

WA Blended, full time

Read our guide to PLT:

The next intakes are:


• 18 July – 2 December 2022; and

OR, book a time to chat with us about any questions:

• Early February – late June 2023 (exact dates www.leocussen.edu.au/chat TBA). 100% Online, full time The next intakes are: • 25 July – 9 December 2022; • 8 August – 16 December 2022; and • Feb – July 2023 (exact dates TBA).






at Leo Cussen.

Run your own cases in simulated practice and be coached by skilled and supportive lawyer mentors. Join our extensive legal network and be part of our community. Be Ready with a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Leo Cussen.


Virtual Internships Leo Cussen has partnered with Forage to build two Virtual Internship Programs designed to provide students with valuable insight into what it’s like to solve real issues in legal practice. Free


Criminal Law Human Rights Law

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Gaining experience in a commercial law firm offers you an opportunity to develop legal skills and knowledge while working with various practice groups. The experience you receive at these firms go beyond what is taught in law school. There is an abundance of commercial law firms in Perth. We recommend that you spend time learning about each firm’s practice areas, specialities and culture to determine which firms are the right fits for you. This section collates firm profiles for our major sponsors outlining this information to assist you in making the right choice. Beyond the information provided, firm websites are a useful tool to gain a greater insight. Many of these firms will attend the Perth Law Careers Fair (PLCF). Attending PLCF will provide you with opportunities to expand your network and ask any questions you may have.




Level 1, 50 Kings Park Road, West Perth 6005 aghlaw.com.au/ opportunities

About the Firm

How would you describe your firm’s culture?

At AGH Law we pride ourselves on providing, and always Excellence: It goes without working to provide, a genuinely saying that we are committed great culture – we don’t just talk to providing excellent legal about it. services for our clients. Our team are industry experts, innovative We are committed to providing and commercially focused in a supportive and flexible work delivering tailored legal solutions environment, where our team enjoy coming to work (wherever to meet the needs of our clients. that might be!) and can thrive Innovation: We reward professionally and personally. efficiencies, outcomes and creative thought. We focus on how One of our core beliefs is that we can use new technology and delivering exceptional service methods to improve efficiencies, to our clients starts with a happy and our agility allows us to and healthy team, and to do that, continually evolve to exceed the we foster an environment where expectations of our clients in an each person is empowered ever-changing legal landscape. to bring their whole selves to work and to achieve a balance Culture: Every day we work between working hard and together to cultivate a culture of enjoying themselves. respect, contribution, innovation and enjoyment. Delivering A career at AGH Law has the outstanding legal services starts professionalism of a large law with a happy and healthy team. firm, with the personality of a boutique law firm. You get to Collaboration: We use our work on interesting and complex network to our clients’ advantage client matters, with the flexibility so they have the best team on their that comes with a smaller team, side. We believe that success is and you will become part of achieved through collaboration a dynamic, forward thinking and meaningful relationships. and sociable team who enjoy Accessibility: Legal services doing things differently as a should not be exclusive. That’s contemporary and agile law firm. why we are proud to provide Our team are empowered by alternative pricing options. our firm every day to achieve the Clarity: Our core purpose is to goals that they set for themselves provide clarity for complexity in their career. and to do this, we are clientHere’s what some of our recent centric and solutions oriented. What are your core values?


clerks have to say about their time at AGH Law: “At AGH Law I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of challenging and rewarding matters. The team are incredibly inclusive, friendly and genuinely invested in your development, providing valuable feedback every step of the way. It has been my favourite clerkship experience and I could not endorse it more.” (Gabrielle Davey, 2020 Clerk). “If you want to work with approachable lawyers within a superior firm culture and, at the same time, be exposed to a range of exciting corporate transactional work, I would highly recommend that you apply for a clerkship at AGH Law” (Timothy Doukakis, 2019 Clerk and now Lawyer at AGH Law). “AGH Law is innovative, diverse and people-oriented. If you undertake a clerkship at AGH Law you will be working with highly skilled lawyers who also love what they do. I have gained invaluable experience clerking at AGH Law and assisting the team with a range of corporate and commercial law matters.” (Lilley Carney, 2019 Vacation Clerk and 2020 Clerk).

How does AGH Law distinguish itself?

• Omnia Metals Group Limited What kind of pro bono work (ASX: OM1) on its IPO and does the firm engage in? listing on the ASX We take pride in distinguishing AGH Law provides ongoing pro ourselves from other law firms • NickelSearch Limited bono legal support to two groups and doing things differently. As (ASX:NIS) on its IPO and that we sponsor; Ocean Heroes a relatively recently formed law listing on the ASX (a Perth based charity whose aim firm, we had the unique ability to • Dalaroo Metals Ltd (ASX:DAL) is to enhance the lives of those design our firm from the ground on its IPO and listing on the living with autism through surfing) up. and the Claremont Football Club, ASX AGH Law has been designed from • A private tech company on and we are always seeking out new ways in which we can the ground up on agility, flexibility its spin out of its new crypto provide pro bono assistance to and modern technology. business those in need. We focus on relationships, • A private bio-tech company outcomes, and providing on its Series A capital raising outstanding legal services and • Hong Kong based OliveX we aren’t held back by outdated on its Australian IPO and During which periods do you models or systems. We believe subsequent acquisitions offer clerkships? that this translates into greater of UK-based software We run a ‘flexible’ clerkship efficiency, transparency and developer Volution and UK- program, in that we don’t like to ultimately lower costs and a much based fitness and gaming app restrict ourselves to only taking more enjoyable experience for developer Six to Start (creator on clerks within the traditional our clients and especially our of the popular running app, clerkship periods. team. “Zombies, Run!”). In saying that, we can also Our culture is incredibly • ASX-listed Marquee conform to the typical clerkship supportive and friendly, and we Resources on its acquisitions periods to accommodate our have a flat structure, so you get of Argentinian and Australian clerks if that is preferred. to work directly with all of our mining assets. team members, from partners to You can work with us during lawyers. As a law graduate, you • ASX-listed Cycliq on its your university break over a acquisition of AIRhub and its two week period, or for a day won’t find yourself working on patented cycling technology. a week over a longer period of small research tasks, you will be working directly with great clients • ASX-listed Swift Media on time. By the end of your clerkship on interesting transactions from its capital raising via a share you will have been exposed the get go. purchase plan and placement, to a wide range of corporate as well as its contracts with and commercial legal work and Significant work AGH has Atlas Iron, Fortescue Metals, you will know the team both recently undertaken Inpex, Roy Hill, Rio Tinto, professionally and personally. Oracle and Telstra. We think that this is the best way At AGH Law we work with a range of clients – from large ASX • ASX-listed Consolidated Zinc to gain a clear understanding of listed companies to burgeoning on various capital raisings via what your career could look like tech startups. Our clients span rights issues, placements and at AGH Law. industries such as mining and convertible notes. If you’re interested in clerking at resources, technology, retail and Through our AGH Startup Hub AGH Law, get in touch with our fashion, agriculture, property and we advise a large range of team. more. interesting startup clients in a AGH Law has recently advised range of industries. on the following transactions:



How many clerkship positions are available for 2022? Up to 6 clerkship positions. What tasks do clerks usually undertake?

Do you offer clerkships to non-penultimate year students? Yes we do, and we certainly have in the past. Our flexible clerkship program means that we can take on non-penultimate year students who we think have great potential. Non-penultimate year students that clerk with us can also re-apply to clerk with us and apply for a graduate role in their penultimate year.

Clerks can expect to be involved in real, meaningful client matters from the get go. Clerks can expect to be involved in drafting documents and advice, conducting due diligence investigations, legal research, accompanying our lawyers to client meetings and participating in everyday life at AGH Law. On top of that, you will also be able What does your firm look for to get to know everyone in the in a graduate? firm by attending social events. We look for intelligent, enthusiastic On top of this, you will be and ambitious graduates that are exposed to the way that AGH forward thinking. Maintaining Law does things – our operations, a great culture is also very our technology and our culture. important to us, so we look for We encourage all of our clerks graduates that have a willingness to get as involved as possible so to get involved in the culture of that they can really experience our firm and uphold our values so what a career at AGH Law is like. that it is always a great place to work. How can a clerk stand out or How can students apply for a make a good impression? graduate position? The AGH Law team is forward thinking, ambitious and Reach out to our friendly team and innovative, and our entire team start a conversation. Even though plays a role in shaping the we run a more ‘flexible’ clerkship ongoing strategy of the firm. We process, we also understand that reward efficiencies, outcomes many firms work to the traditional and creative thought, and we offer dates, and we are happy encourage clerks to be bold and to work to those dates in terms of put forward their ideas and speak offering positions. up. How many positions are We look for clerks that are available in 2022? enthusiastic, ambitious about their career, ask questions, show Up to 4 positions. a willingness to learn and fit in with the firm’s culture by being a Does your firm offer any team player and getting to know international opportunities for graduates or junior lawyers? the team personally. Not currently.

Graduate Jobs


Interviews What does your firm like to see in a clerkship or graduate job interview? Someone who has a genuine interest in our firm and the way that we work, as well as the work that we undertake. We like to see enthusiasm and ambition, but we also want to meet the real you! How can students best prepare for an interview with your firm? Do your research. Learn about who we are, the work we do, and why we’re different to other law firms.

Student Jobs Does your firm offer any casual or part-time employment? Yes, from time to time. How can students find these opportunities and apply? Get in touch with us. We love to hear from ambitious students who want to get a head start on their legal career.

Experience a new type of law firm. We are a contemporary and commercially minded team that enjoy doing things differently. Our lawyers are ambitious, innovative and experts in our field. A career at AGH Law has the professionalism of a large firm, with the personality of a boutique firm. You get to work on complex corporate and commercial matters, with the flexibility that comes with a smaller team. Our agility means we’re continually seeking out more efficient and innovative ways to run a law firm that look beyond the traditional model. Want to learn more? Let’s get coffee. Connect with us. aghlaw.com.au.


ALLEN AND OVERY (A&O) About the Firm What are your firm’s core values? At A&O, we strive to uphold our values in everything we do – they are there to guide us in the way we work, in decisions we make and in the way we interact with people.

needs to be done, but why it is important. We believe that our people perform best when they are given the very best resources, facilities, opportunities and encouragement to explore their full potential. We believe that teams perform best when they focus on performance rather than hierarchies, and where they are comfortable socialising together as well as working together.

Instinctively thoughtful We nurture relationships built on mutual trust, respect and How does your firm distinguish itself from other inclusivity. Collectively ambitious - We law firms?

work together to turn opportunity A&O was the first global elite law firm to commence operations into advantage. Insightfully inventive - We in Australia. The firm is fully stay ahead by combining expert integrated with the global A&O network and now has over 90 insight and imagination. top tier lawyers in Sydney and Refreshingly open - We thrive Perth. when we are open with each other, with our clients and to new At A&O, we advise on our client’s most strategically important ideas. business decisions. With a track record of advising on complex, How would you describe Australian and cross-border your firm’s culture? matters for market leading We believe in the fundamental organisations, we are able to importance of collaboration and offer the best of both worlds: teamwork, of giving lawyers, the expertise and resources of a graduates and summer clerks global elite law practice coupled tasks that will challenge, stretch with seasoned practitioners with and support them in advancing Australian and international their careers. experience. We have developed a culture Allen & Overy sees the of learning, where lawyers globalisation of the firm as not at all levels are committed to just a branding exercise. Our helping graduates and clerks fully integrated global financial to understand not just what model, coupled with the quality 48

Level 12, Exchange Tower, 2 The Esplanade, Perth 6000 allenovery.com/engb/global/careers/ global of our people, means clients are assured of receiving the very best advice and a seamless service every time they work with us across the network. Our model also enables us to assemble cross-border teams at short notice, devote resources to a transaction regardless of time zone, and draw on cutting edge expertise from offshore. We focus on innovative and expert legal solutions for our clients across a broad range of areas: mergers and acquisitions; private equity; capital markets; regulatory and funds; anti-trust/ competition; litigation and dispute resolution; banking and finance; infrastructure and projects; energy and resources; communications, outsourcing and technology; tax and real estate. What are the training and development opportunities? We take training and personal development on the technical and legal side as well as business skills very seriously. We offer various courses suitable for every level. For example, we offer (all subject to COVID-19): • a dedicated graduate training program held in Sydney (attended by Perth and Sydney graduates); • global “Universities” for our lawyers with approximately 2-4 years of experience these are one to two week

intensive training courses held What significant work in London with associates from has your firm recently around the global network; undertaken? • A&O Business School We have advised: provides dedicated • Sandfire on its USD1.865bn commercially designed acquisition of the MATSA courses that focuses mining complex in Spain, our lawyers towards making Sandfire one of management, finance and Australia’s largest copperbusiness development focused producers and a excellence; and global leader in diversified • a dedicated professional base metals production. development program • an international oil and gas covering preferred legal joint venture on a USD5bn skills, legal ethics and dispute relating to the design substantive law competencies and construction of an LNG to ensure our practitioners are Project, that ran for over five knowledgeable and up-toyears settling in 2021. date in their technical expertise • leading lithium tantalum as well as supporting them in producer, Pilbara Minerals, a range of practical skill-sets. and its subsidiaries on the establishment of a new What are some notable USD110 million debt facility. awards your firm has recently received? What kind of pro bono work • International Law Firm of the does the firm engage in? Year 2020 A&O is very active in the pro • Top 13 LGBTIQ global bono space, both globally and employers by Stonewall for in Australia. In Australia, we past 3 years have established a committee • Band 1 - Capital Markets, comprised of staff from both the Securitisation The Legal 500 Sydney and Perth office that Australia, 2021 are dedicated to community • Ranked Tier 1 in Project volunteering and building our pro Finance, IFLR1000 Australia bono practice. All staff have the option of regularly donating to 2021 our global charity partner Street • Band 1 - Dispute Resolution, Child - which is a UK charity, Global Chambers Global, established in 2008, that aims to 2020 create educational opportunities • Cross-border M&A Legal for some of the most vulnerable Adviser of the Year – children in Africa and Asia. Mergemarket Australia M&A A&O Perth’s office has also built Awards 2020 relationships with other local • Renewable Energy Deal of Western Australian organisations the Year – The Asset Triple A such as the Salvation Army Asia Infrastructure Awards and Edmund Rice Camps for 2020 Kids. A&O has been working

with The Salvation Army – Perth division supporting their homeless accommodation centre, The Beacon. This forms the centre of The Salvation Army’s Homelessness Services Network, compassing five services that include: residential accommodation, street to home, community living program, recovery living program, and beacon catering. Our people attend The Beacon throughout the year to run interactive workshops for residents. The goal of the workshops is to help the residents gain some personal confidence and skills about meeting new people in the community, with a focus on attending interviews (either for a job, or even just with a government department about personal issues).

Clerkships When do your clerkships run? We will be running one program during the university summer break. Our Summer Clerkships are three weeks. How many positions are available? Dependent on business needs, although in past years we have taken between six and ten clerks. What tasks do clerks usually undertake? During the program you will gain practical experience in one of our practice areas, where you will work alongside partners and lawyers on real deals, disputes and other client matters. Before you join us, we will ask you to indicate the areas 49

that most interest you – this is a great opportunity to get handson experience in an area of law that really appeals to you. In addition to your legal work, you will attend training sessions and presentations aimed at broadening your understanding of our business and helping you to develop the skills you need to be a successful commercial lawyer. How can a clerk stand out and make a good impression? There is no such thing as a typical A&O candidate. We are open minded and interested in people who share that quality. Successful A&O clerks are those who thrive in collaborative and commerciallyminded environment. We want to see evidence of great communication skills, teamwork, motivation and drive. Do you offer clerkships to non-penultimate year students?

How can students apply for a graduate position? Law students who complete a clerkship with us will be considered for a graduate role.

• Understand our requirements – prepare some examples to show that you have the skills we are looking for. Dependent on business needs, although in past years we have • Use the same approach taken between three and four to the preparation in your graduates. application for your interview – use the opportunity to Does your firm offer any showcase your potential. international opportunities for • Stay-up-to-date – track graduates or junior lawyers? business and world events, How many graduate positions are available?

Yes. We expect our lawyers to form opinions, demonstrate have the opportunity to work the impacts they might have overseas at some point during on our business and be their career - cultural awareness, prepared to explain them. teamwork and a global mind- • Make the right impression – set are skills that are vital to the dress appropriately, be on success as a lawyer at A&O. time and enthusiastic.

Interviews What does your firm like to see in a job interview?

If you have been invited to an We prioritize penultimate year interview, we already think you students, however do consider have potential, so remember that your interview is an opportunity first and final year students. for us to get to know you better as a person, and vice versa. Naturally, you would want to impress during this time, however What does A&O look for? make sure you remember to be We are open minded and yourself and get the basics right. interested in people who share that quality. Beyond How can students best strong academic performance, prepare for an interview with we want to see evidence of your firm? teamwork, motivation and drive, • Revise and prepare communication skills, planning Remember to revisit your and organisation, critical thinking, application before your commercial awareness, and interview. The interview commitment - both to a career in questions are likely to include law and to a career with A&O. details about your studies,

Graduate Jobs


interests and achievements, work experience, why you have chosen this career and why you want to work at A&O.

• Ask us pertinent questions – it’s a two-way process, so ask insightful questions what will help you decide if we are the right firm for you.

Student Jobs Does your firm offer casual or part-time employment? Yes, casual paralegal roles. How can students find these opportunities and apply? Applications for paralegal positions will be accepted through our website. You can access the portal via the Australian sub-site of our careers page. Candidates will need to attach curriculum vitae, cover letter and latest academic transcript.

Advert - A&O



Level 11, Mia Yellagonga Tower 25 Spring Street, Perth 6000 allens.com.au/ careers/

About the Firm What are your core values? • Driven by excellence • Eyes on the horizon • In it together • Courageous & creative • Fostering greatness How would you describe your firm’s culture?

your career for the long term, our • Best Law Firm (>$200m) illustrious list of alumni and the Beaton Client Choice Awards fact that we’re one of Australia’s 2021 longest running businesses – it’s • M&A Deal of the year; Debt our culture and the way we work market deal of the year; Equity together that really sets us apart. market deal of the year; MidCulture can be a tricky thing to put market deal of the year your finger on from the outside. Australasian Law Awards 2021 We’ve had almost 200 years to • Excellence in Employee Health build ours, and it’s what we think & Wellbeing - Australasian Law makes Allens such a great place Awards 2021 to build a career, but don’t just • Most Innovative law firm- The take our word for it. We’ve drawn Australian Financial Review back the curtain on our culture, and Boss Magazine - 5th year so you can see whether it’s one running you’d thrive in. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and • Topped infrastructure league tables for Infrastructure, visit our early careers website for Transport, Social Infrastructure the inside scoop. and Private Public Partnerships Infralogic’s Infrastructure league What are some notable tables 2021 awards Allens has received?

Shaping the future is in our DNA – whether it’s helping our clients see around corners and take advantage of new opportunities; fostering growth and opportunity so our people can thrive, make a difference and be their very best; or contributing to the development of sustainable, diverse, equitable and just communities where Continuing to shape the future everyone is recognised and means committing to a truly included. purpose-led culture, built on Continuing to shape the future values that reflect who we are, means committing to a truly where we’ve come from and who purpose-led culture, built on we want to be. values that reflect who we are, • #1 Graduate employer in where we’ve come from and who Law - Australian Association of we want to be. Graduate Employers - third year How does your firm distinguish itself?


What significant work has your firm undertaken? In 2021, we worked alongside our clients on some of the largest and most complex transactions and disputes, including: • CITIC on the Sino Iron dispute • Crown in relation to a range of public enquiries

• #1 Graduate employer in Law • Rio Tinto on a wide range of - GradAustralia - second year projects from the Oyu Tolgoi Comparing firms can sometimes running project in Mongolia to its Pilbara feel like an impossible task. While iron ore operations we think there are a few things that • #1 Most popular clerkship employer - GradConnection/ • Oil Search on the $22bn Santos make us unique – like our twoAFR / Oil Search merger year graduate program which offers two 12-month rotations • #5 Graduate employer - • ANZ, CBA, NAB, and Westpac GradAustralia’s top 100 and a commitment to invest in on a wide range of banking and 52

finance related matters • Woodside on the Scarborough Project • Evolution Mining on multiple acquisitions totalling c. $1.5bn

Our people contribute their time and expertise to work with inspirational organisations and people on community initiatives and pro bono matters, with a particular focus on alleviating disadvantage, advancing reconciliation, improving access to justice and promoting sustainability.

complex problems, strengthen teams and enrich client relationships. The more you enjoy working with a diverse range of people, the greater your success.

While we celebrate our differences, it’s important to understand what unites us. These are attributes that our people • Core Lithium on the Finniss lithium have in common. These help project Our proud history of leadership us to succeed as a team and • NAIF on the Australian Potash in pro bono and community work individually: has seen us lead the way on Initiative: a curious mind is vital. Lake Wells SOP Project • Wesfarmers on a range of M&A constitutional recognition, carbon The more adaptable you’re able neutrality, refugee rights and to be and the more energy you activity across their portfolio marriage equality. bring with you, the more you’ll get • Perth Airport on a range of out of a career at Allens. matters including in relation to Excellence: it’s a guarantee we their real estate portfolio • Yara Pilbara Nitrates on their During which periods do you give our clients. Intellectually rigorous, driven and eager to arbitration with Tecnicas offer clerkships? learn. Reunidas Two clerkships throughout the • Financiers to Hoyts Group on summer holiday period and one Commerciality: law is more than an academic pursuit; it’s about their syndicated financing during the winter holidays. understanding the client – their • Newcrest Mining on the Telfer objectives and their challenges – How many positions are Gold Mine as well as the wider commercial • Santos on the sale of an interest available for 2022? environment in which we operate. in the Barossa / Caldita project Approximately 40-45 Flexibility: a key priority is to to JERA ensure our people feel they are What tasks do clerks usually • Snowy Hydro on the Hunter trusted to work in a way that undertake? Power Project allows them to balance the firm’s • Maxcap Group on various Our clerkships are designed to needs alongside the pursuit of give students first-hand exposure their own career and life goals. property financings to life as a lawyer at Allens. Our • Global Infrastructure Partners clerks get involved in work as Commitment: positive people on the acquisition of an soon as they arrive, working thrive in our environment. We economic interest in relation to alongside lawyers and partners look for people who can build the Gladstone LNG Project’s and their peers. The day-to-day sustainable careers with us, and downstream infrastructure tasks our Clerks get are similar to successfully juggle work and a facilities and on the acquisition of those of a junior lawyer, including personal life while maintaining a 49% interest in the Pluto Train 2 attending court hearings and their wellbeing. Joint Venture from Woodside client meeting. Do you offer clerkships to non-penultimate year What kind of pro bono work How can a clerk stand out or students? does the firm engage in? make a good impression? We see it as our responsibility We’re proud that there isn’t an Final year students are also to use our skills and resources ‘Allens’ type’. We know that welcome to make clerkship to help others in the community. diverse perspectives help solve applications. • ExxonMobil on the proposed P’nyang LNG Project in Papua New Guinea



Graduate Jobs

Does Allens offer international opportunities?

In 2012, Allens and Linklaters formed an integrated alliance. Although we remain as We’re proud that there isn’t an independent firms, we work ‘Allens type’. We know that diverse closely together for the benefit of perspectives help solve complex our clients around the world. problems, strengthen teams and enrich client relationships. The Through the Linklaters alliance, more you enjoy working with our lawyers now have: a diverse range of people, the • Opportunities to work on multigreater your success will be. jurisdictional matters with a broader range of clients; While we celebrate our differences, What does your firm look for in a graduate?

it’s important to understand what unites us. Initiative, excellence, commerciality, flexibility and commitment are all attributes that our people have in common. These help us to succeed as a team and individually.

How can students prepare?

Understand what helps calm your nerves: It’s normal and completely understandable to have nerves during the recruitment process. It’s managing your • Opportunities to work on nerves that is key; find out what global deals with market works best for you, whether its leading lawyers; meditation, avoiding caffeine, • Access to global employment; doing some exercise or using • International assignment breathing techniques. opportunities (short and long Do your research: The better prepared you are, the more term); and • Access to leading training and relaxed and comfortable you will be when the interview development. begins. Ensure you’ve developed Graduates have the opportunity an understanding of the firm, to spend their second year in the work they do, their values either London, Hong Kong or and why you want to secure a Singapore. clerkship at that firm.

Building a culture of inclusion ensures our people can reach their full potential. For us, this starts with strong leadership. Our inclusion and diversity strategy is supported by an Inclusion and Diversity Council, chaired by our Managing Partner. This council provides sponsorship, rolemodelling and drives initiatives What does Allens like to see across our firm. in a job interview? How many are available in Ultimately, we are looking for 2022? students who are driven and are ambitious, not only about the Approximately 12-15 law, but have interests outside How can students apply for a their university life and career. Our people are our greatest graduate position? We typically recruit our graduates asset, and it’s having diversity through our clerkship program; and different personalities that however, from time to time we we believe sets us apart. If you will recruit graduates from the can demonstrate your ability to open market. We adhere to the balance priorities, and exhibit open market recruitment dates set that you’re a dedicated budding out by the Graduate Recruitment commercial lawyer, we would love to hear from you. Guidelines.



And finally, as cliché as it sounds, be yourself. We value authenticity. We want to work with clerks and graduates who value this too; we believe you’re able to build better relationships if you are true to yourself.

Come to the interview prepared with some questions: Not only does this give you the chance to gain some new insights, but it shows the interviewers that you’re engaged in the process and have given some thought to your interview. Realise what makes you different can be your signature strength: We want to recruit unique individuals who bring something different, bringing diversity of thought. Consider what is your unique selling point and what makes you different, and embrace it. We take expressions of interest for Paralegal roles, and welcome pre-penultimate students to apply for our Dive In program.

Great change is here. Shape the future with Allens At Allens, we’re focused on equipping our people with the skills and experience they need to be the lawyers of the future. We’re ready to define tomorrow. Are you? With us, you’ll be more than a lawyer. Our people are technical experts, but they’re also trusted business advisers who think bigger, more broadly and more strategically. Together, we solve complex legal challenges, and collaborate across practice areas and disciplines to guide our clients.

We work across borders too, thanks to our alliance with Linklaters. This provides opportunites for our firm and our people, including annual rotations in Linklaters London, Hong Kong and Singapore being available to our graduate lawyers.

An early legal career at Allens includes highly tailored training through the Allens Academy. Developed in partnership with the Australian National University, our Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice will help you transition from law graduate to legal expert and trusted business adviser.

In a rapidly changing world, we seek opportunities to innovate, embracing creative thinking, new approaches and emerging technology. We don’t just seek opportunities to benefit ourselves and our clients, we believe strongly in driving positive change to do right by our community too, as demonstrated through our strong pro bono practices.

Our teams are open, inclusive and encouraging, giving you the opportunity to learn and grow while feeling supported. You’ll have the flexibility to drive your own career, and we’ll recognise your achievements and hard work as you progress through the firm. Are you ready to begin?

CLERKSHIP PROGRAM A clerkship at Allens is the first step in a rewarding legal career, and will give you invaluable insights into our work and culture. With support from a buddy and development supervisor, you’ll work on real matters for real clients and be involved in a variety of projects. The programs: run from three to 10 weeks;

are available at our Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney offices;

feature ongoing support, including a buddy system; and

include exposure to one or two practice groups.

GRADUATE PROGRAM In each rotation, you’ll gain a depth of experience that comes from seeing matters through to the end, and get exposure to stimulating legal challenges. At Allens, we don’t work in silos, meaning you won’t be limited to working with only one partner or by your practice areas. You’ll work alongside a range of partners and lawyers, giving you exposure to a wide variety of tasks. Working with different teams and leading organisations, you’ll grow a solid skills base and develop the agility needed to thrive in our ever‑changing world. The programs include: two 12‑month rotations in your areas of interest;

secondment options in London or Asia, via our alliance with Linklaters;

ongoing supervision, coaching and mentoring;

completing a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (via Allens Academy); and

a 12‑month weekly legal seminar series (Cornerstone Program).

Find out more at allens.com.au/yourcareer Allens is an independent partnership operating in alliance with Linklaters LLP.




Level 7, Brookfield Place Tower 2, 123 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 ashurst.com/en/ careers/

About the Firm How would you describe your firm’s culture? Our vision is to be the most progressive global law firm. For us, “progressive” is a mindset, an approach to how we do things. We instinctively take a fresh perspective on situations, exploring whether there are better ways of delivering practical, commercial solutions to the challenges our clients face in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. We will achieve this vision through our values: • We’re quality


• We deliver collaboration

about through

• We think differently How would you describe your firm’s culture? • Professional • Friendly • Diverse HHow does your firm distinguish itself from other law firms? Ashurst Advance is our NewLaw division which meets our clients demand for innovative and cost effective legal service delivery. We combine alternative resourcing, process and project management professionals, and 56

industry leading technology with Ashurst’s legal subject matter experts in an integrated quality assurance package to provide our clients with legal excellence with efficient delivery. As a global law firm, we’ve built a reputation for providing exceptional standards of service and established ourselves as a leading adviser to local and global corporates, financial institutions, and governments, on all areas of law including finance, M&A, disputes, and competition.

We are proud to have achieved the elite Band 1 status in 10 practice areas, following the release of the Chambers and Partners Global 2021 rankings. In Australia, the firm achieved Band 1 recognition in three practice areas, including Banking & Finance: Acquisition Finance, Banking & Finance: Corporate Finance, Banking & Finance: Property Finance. Ashurst was rated third most popular virtual experience program by Forage students achieving a score of 4.80 out of 5. This ranking is compared to What are some notable 82 virtual experience programs awards your firm has recently across all industries including law. received? What significant work 2020 Awards • Recognised at the 2020 has your firm recently Australasian Law Awards for undertaken? Property Infrastructure and • Ashurst has advised Western Projects Deal of the Year Sydney Airport on its contract • Most Innovative Firm of the with Vanderlande in relation Year British Legal Technology to the design, construction, Awards 2020 operation, and maintenance • Top 100 Most Popular of the baggage handling Clerkship Employer Finalist system for the new Western 2021, Winner 2020 Sydney International Airport. 2021 Awards • Advised Sydney Metro on • Recognised as finalists in two their A$217 million contract categories in this year’s Client with BESIX Watpac to build Choice Awards. the Barangaroo metro station. • Shortlisted for Best Law The station forms part of & Related Services Firm the Sydney Metro City & (>$200m revenue) and Southwest project, Australia’s partner, Martin Coleman has largest public transport been shortlisted in the Best project, which is due to open Lawyer category. in 2024.

• Currently advising Western Areas Limited on its A$100 million equity raising comprising a fully underwritten placement to raise A$85 million and a nonunderwritten share purchase plan to raise up to A$15 million. Proceeds from the equity raising will be used to: • provide funding for nickel mine development capital expenditure at Western Areas’ Odysseus project; • allow progression of studies with respect to the inclusion of AM6 in the Odysseus mine plan and New Morning in the mine plan for Western Areas’ Forrestania mine; and • advance Western Areas’ targeted drilling campaign on its portfolio of exploration assets. • Ashurst has advised Mitsui & Co., Ltd. on its investment in Storegga Geotechnologies, the lead developer of a major Carbon Capture and Storage project to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint in support of the country’s 2050 net-zero emissions target. What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in? Our stand alone pro bono practice is an integral part of the firm and we are passionate about supporting initiatives we believe will make a difference. We work closely with community based legal and charitable organisations to understand the needs of our clients and to identify clients who are most likely to benefit from our services.

We seek to make a positive social impact through partnering with leading community organisations to help them deliver key community projects and services; and by facilitating volunteering opportunities for our people to directly assist community organisations.

responsibility work, but by the firm as a whole. Our current and new clients are incredibly interested in the work we do in this space. It is important that our efforts are led by First Nations voices.


Here’s how at Ashurst you During which periods do you offer clerkships? strengthen your community We help you work towards November – December becoming an outstanding and January – February community minded lawyer. One June – July who supports their community and How many clerkship positions is respected by their community. are available for 2022? Our global pro bono practice 15-20 has a number of priority areas including: Citizenship & Global What tasks do clerks usually Displacement; Climate Crises undertake? & Resilience; Death Row & the The work undertaken by clerks is Criminal Justice System; Financial varied and depends on the team Inclusion & Social Finance; First you are in. Tasks include case law Nations Peoples; Gender Rights; research, drafting legal expertise LGBTI+ Rights; Modern Slavery; updates, note-taking during and Rural, Regional & Remote meetings and contract review. Australians. There will also be opportunities One such project is our Law to be involved in attending court, Reform Project. Our Law drafting advice to clients, client Reform Project aims to provide secondments and accompanying background support for lawyers to a pro-bono clinic. community legal centres and not for profit organisations in addressing their advocacy needs. In Australia, much of this Project, and our broader pro bono work, is focused on First Nations Peoples. This work is deeply embedded within the firm and is guided by Trent Wallace, Lawyer and Corporate Responsibility Coordinator, Reconciliation: As the only Aboriginal person in this position in a global law firm, I’m proud to be supporting Ashurst on its Reconciliation journey, which is influenced not only by our pro bono and corporate 57

What are some things students should avoid doing in their clerkship applications?


What does your firm like to see in a clerkship or graduate There’s absolutely no Ashurst job interview? “type”. We want to actively • Confidence involve a broad range of • Being genuine minds with a broad range of • Listening carefully to the backgrounds, all united by a questions asked and taking common set of strengths. your time before responding • Excellent academic record - shows thoughtfulness and and a passion to develop a you’re more likely to give a career in an elite international considered response law firm • Having well researched • Outstanding communication questions to ask the skills interviewers that shows • Analytical ability, motivation, motivation and a candidate Do you offer clerkships determination, and drive who is well prepared. to non-penultimate year • Commercial awareness • I always appreciate, as do the students? • Teamwork and interpersonal partners, when a candidates We will consider penultimate skills connects on LinkedIn or sends or final year students for our a thank you email after the clerkship. How can students apply for interview. a graduate position at your firm? How can students best After completing a season prepare for an interview with Does your firm offer clerkship, you will be considered your firm? any casual or part-time for the Ashurst Graduate • Research - Ashurst website, employment? Programme. LinkedIn, Legal 500, Yes Chambers & Partners, Lawyers How many graduate Weekly, industry articles, and How can students find these positions are available in business press opportunities and apply? 2023? • Plan travel – get there 10 Apply online careers.ashurst.com 6-10. minutes early • The clothes you are going to Does your firm offer any wear international opportunities for • Don’t book your interviews graduates or junior lawyers? too close together Yes in your final rotation, pending • Prepare your best examples travel restrictions, we offer a for behavioural questions global rotation in one of our • Why Ashurst, genuinely? Asian or Middle East offices. • What areas of law are you interested in? • Prepare questions to ask • Practise with friends and family Poor attention to detail, typos, grammatical errors Generic cover letters that do not articulate why you are interested in Ashurst • CVs that are really long - more than 2-3 pages • CVs that have very little white space, all the margins have been reduced • Photos in CVs not relevant for the role • Not selling themselves

Student jobs


What does your firm look for in a graduate?


Make the difference at Ashurst As a global law firm with a rich history spanning almost 200 years, we’ve established ourselves as a leading adviser to corporates, financial institutions and governments, on all areas of the law including finance, M&A, disputes and competition. We’re renowned for helping our clients navigate through a complex and constantly evolving global landscape. With 29 offices across the world’s leading financial and resource centres, we offer the reach and insight of a global network combined with deep local market knowledge. Our people are our greatest asset. We bring together lawyers of the highest calibre with the expertise, industry experience and regional know-how to provide the incisive advice our clients need. As a global team we have a reputation for successfully managing large and complex multi-jurisdictional transactions, disputes and projects.

Ashurst around the globe

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London Brussels Glasgow Frankfurt Dublin Munich Paris Milan Madrid Luxembourg


Abu Dhabi




Tokyo Shanghai

New Delhi Mumbai

Hong Kong

Singapore Jakarta

Port Moresby Brisbane* Sydney

Perth Melbourne


Ashurst offices

ADTLaw LLC (Singapore Formal Law Alliance)

Faisal Adnan Baassiri Law Firm (In Association with Ashurst LLP)

Oentoeng Suria & Partners (Associated Office with Ashurst)

Indian Law Partners (Best Friend Firm with Ashurst)

Guantao Law Firm (Joint Operation Office) * Brisbane has two office locations


time zones



Begin now at careers.ashurst.com



3,860 people

1,552 lawyers



Connect with us on



Offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney bakermckenzie.com/ en/careers

About the Firm What are your core values? Quality and excellence together with integrity, honesty, candor, teamwork and responsiveness are central in us delivering outstanding service to our clients. • We are passionately global, and leverage our global expertise for our Australian and global clients at every opportunity, recognizing our strength is in our diversity. • We are a truly multi-cultural firm united by a genuine and robust culture of friendship, inclusion and collaboration. • We are commercial pragmatists who make complex issues simple for our clients and we are passionately committed to service excellence.

Baker McKenzie is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive culture for all its employees, with equal opportunity for all to progress and have a meaningful career with our Firm. Our mission is to foster an environment where individuals of every ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, age, disability, career status, and working style may succeed professionally and fully contribute to the goals of the Firm. As the first truly global law firm, we understand that organisations work best when people with different backgrounds and multiple points of view are brought together. Our award-winning diversity strategy, initiatives and programs are focused in five key areas, in which all our people can participate:

• We strive to stay ahead • BakerWomen – gender diversity, including the of the curve, we bring implementation of our gender entrepreneurial energy to our diversity strategy to support work, we embrace innovative the progression of women as change – and our curiosity a strategic priority for the Firm continues to push boundaries. – ethnic, • We actively encourage and • BakerDNA indigenous & cultural diversity support engaging with our community, through our pro • BakerWellbeing – mental health and wellbeing, bono and community service. workplace flexibility and • We want everyone to reach supporting parents/carers their potential so we invest in world-class development • BakerPride – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and and mobility programs for our intersex diversity people.


• Baker Indigenous Engagement – commitment to engagement with our Indigenous community achieving better social, economic and cultural outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and to making a real difference in the lives of our nation’s First Peoples. Our bAgile program encourages a range of flexible work opportunities for all. We invite you to let us know of any reasonable adjustments you require to equitably participate in the recruitment process or in performing the requirements of a role at Baker McKenzie. How would you describe your firm’s culture? Many of our seasonal clerks, graduates and lawyers say one of the reasons they join us is because of our people and culture. In Melbourne, the size of our office enables everyone to get to know each other - plus we have the benefit of a strong global connection to our other offices, offering something unique and special to our people. Our people are genuinely friendly and diverse, and enjoy coming to work every day. Our social and sports committee contributes to the Firm’s social glue - offering regular Firm drinks, events and sporting activities.

We also offer a range of social and financial benefits (including travel insurance for you/your immediate family, massages, discounted movie tickets, study assistance, corporate discounts). How does your firm distinguish itself from other law firms? We have a global approach to development. Because we’ve been global from the beginning, we have well-established regional and global programs and a deeply embedded culture of knowledge sharing, support and mentoring both within and across offices. Our global development roadmap, the Development Framework, clearly explains what success looks like at each career stage at Baker McKenzie. It shapes the way we recruit, select, develop, manage and promote our lawyers. For you, it means always having a clear career roadmap, empowering you to plan and drive your development – formally and on-the-job – at every stage.

the key skills our lawyers need – • One of Stonewall’s Top like people leadership, business Global Employers for 2020. development and project The Firm was one of only 17 management – and which enable companies worldwide to them to foster relationships with have been recognised for international peers at the same its work in LGBT+ inclusion. career stage. Baker McKenzie was also awarded the Global Trans We also provide our lawyers Inclusion Award 2020. with opportunities to attend USA summer school courses and • Identified as one of the best scholarships for full-time legal law firms for women by study overseas, and support them Working Mother magazine, undertake further study locally, Law360 and Euromoney. financially and with study leave. • Silver Employer recognition In addition, the Firm offers at the LGBTI Inclusion Awards opportunities for lawyers at - The Australian Workplace varying stages of their career to Equality Index (AWEI). work directly for clients or with • Australian Law Awards our other offices globally. - winner of the Wellness What notable awards has Baker McKenzie received?

Initiative of the Year 2020.

What significant work • World’s Best Law Firm Brand - has your firm recently Acritas’ Global Elite Law Firm undertaken? Brand Index - 2022 - 12th Locally and globally, Baker consecutive year. McKenzie works on significant • Number one legal brand in the Asia Pacific region Acritas’ Asia Pacific Brand Index 2022. •

Our lawyers benefit from an Australian professional development curriculum based on the Development Framework – from black letter • law to practice-specific skills and business development at the local, regional and global levels. • Our lawyers also attend regional and global training and events/ conferences relating to their practices to help develop networks and legal skills. Further, • they attend regional transition programs at each career stage which provide development in

and high profile matters, for leading local and global clients. We have the experience and expertise, at a local and global Top global law firm for 2019 level, to meet complex demands - Law360 (ranking of top from our clients. 20 firms with greatest global Our clients include nearly all reach and expertise) - 9th of the world’s largest public consecutive year. companies and more than threeRanked number 1 in cross- quarters of the Fortune 500. For border deals by volume over more on our clients and matters, visit our website: bakermckenzie. the past decade - Refinitiv. com/en/newsroom Chambers Global released its 2022 guide, ranking Baker What kind of pro bono work McKenzie in 317 practice does the firm engage in? areas and in 397 lawyer Pro Bono and Community Service categories. initiatives are an integral part Workplace Gender Equality of Baker McKenzie’s mission. Agency (WGEA) Employer of Our Pro Bono, Community Choice for Gender Equality Service and Corporate Social 2022 - 12th consecutive year. Responsibility programs aim to 61

inspire staff to make a difference and collaborate with clients who share the same commitment to social justice. Baker McKenzie staff are actively encouraged to undertake pro bono work.

giving program which we run via attending court/mediations, good2give. attending meetings with In addition, each year, the firm barristers/witnesses, attending selects three new charity partners settlements, and preparing client to support and raise awareness alerts.

internally. This year, our partners are Tuberous Sclerosis Australia Baker McKenzie is a signatory (TSA), Refugee Advice and to the National Pro Bono Casework Service (RACS) and Aspirational Target of at least 35 LeaderLife. hours of pro bono legal work per lawyer per year. Last financial year, we significantly exceeded this target with our lawyers During which periods do you undertaking an average of 47 offer clerkships? hours of pro bono work! Intake 1: 28 November to 23 Some of our work includes December 2022 assisting victims of domestic Intake 2: 30 January to 24 violence seek compensation; February 2023 representing asylum seekers in Intake 3: 26 June to 21 July 2023 court who are seeking judicial review of decisions relating to their How many clerkship positions refugee status; assisting asylum are available for 2022? seekers prepare their statements in support of protection visas; Approximately 30 - 32 helping the elderly, seriously ill clients and young people exiting What tasks do clerks usually the child protection system with undertake? their legal affairs; working with At Baker McKenzie, our seasonal various organisations to prepare clerks experience life as a junior submissions and advocacy lawyer at our Firm. papers to support law and Right from the start, you get policy reform; presenting legal involved in real work and are workshops to vulnerable and at given real responsibility, just risk youth; and much more. like our graduates and junior (b) Community Service and CSR lawyers. You will be exposed to Baker McKenzie staff also have our Australian and international the opportunity to participate in clients through client meetings, a variety of community service phone calls and events, and you initiatives. Our community service will often have the opportunity to programs include the LEAPS deal with clients directly. (a) Pro bono legal services


More specifically, the type of work that clerks get involved in includes drafting correspondence, preparing court documents, drafting advices or agreements, legal research, document review We also have a workplace tasks, attending client meetings, literacy and mentoring program, pen pal programs to build literacy in primary school aged students, Gawura school reading program and Eat Up school lunch preparation session. 62

Working with lawyers of all levels, you will be guided by a supervising partner and associate ‘buddy’. With the Firm’s strong focus on supporting its people to learn, grow and achieve better results, you can expect to be well led, well coached and well mentored. How can a clerk stand out or make a good impression? The clerks who have ultimately succeeded during a clerkship and in securing a graduate position have, of course, displayed excellent legal and technical skills. But they’ve also displayed commercial acumen and awareness, strong communication and interpersonal skills, a clientcentric approach, a performance mindset, enthusiasm, a great attitude, initiative, resilience, curiousity, and a genuine interest (and excitement!) in working with us. They have also made an effort to be a part of Firm life - attending social events and professional development sessions - and have made an effort to get to know our people. Do you offer clerkships to non-penultimate year students? In line with the Law Institute of Victoria Seasonal Clerkship Guidelines 2022, we accept applications from law students in their penultimate or final year.

Graduate Jobs What does your firm look for in a graduate? Baker McKenzie looks for people (including graduates/clerks) who genuinely want to work with us and who understand Baker McKenzie’s unique offering and position in the market. We look for well-rounded, motivated individuals who have a performance mindset and strive to be the best in whatever they do; who are intellectually curious and have sound academics; who display business acumen and are practical in their approach; who have a global mind-set; who are passionately committed to service excellence. We look for people who enjoy a challenge and seek new opportunities; who constantly look for ways to achieve better results while learning and growing; who take proactive ownership and responsibility for their careers. We look for people who act with integrity, honesty and candor in their dealings, decisions and actions; who express themselves confidently while staying open to new ideas; who seek a friendly, inclusive and diverse culture; and who take seriously our role in making a difference to our local and global communities. How can students apply for a graduate position? We generally recruit our graduates from our previous seasonal clerks. Therefore, the best way to secure a graduate position with our Firm is by undertaking a seasonal clerkship with us.

How many graduate positions are available in 2022? Approximately 12. Does your firm offer any international opportunities?

Student Jobs Does your firm offer any casual or part-time employment? Yes

As set out above, our lawyers How can students find these attend regional/global training opportunities and apply? and events/conferences relating We will advertise same. to their practices to help develop networks and legal skills. Further, they attend regional transition programs at each career stage which provide development in the key skills our lawyers need – like people leadership, business development and project management – and which enable them to foster relationships with international peers at the same career stage. Previously, programs have been held in Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. We also provide our lawyers with opportunities to attend USA summer school courses and scholarships for full-time legal study overseas. The Firm offers opportunities for lawyers at varying stages of their career to work directly for clients or with our other offices in the Asia Pacific region and globally. The most relevant (and exciting!) opportunity for you is our international clerkship program. Seasonal clerks who accept a graduate role with the Firm are eligible to apply for an international clerkship, which is an opportunity to work in one of our overseas offices for a 4 week period. The Firm covers costs like flights, accommodation, visas. 63



Staying true to your direction is what defines Clayton Utz. We’ve built a culture that’s unlike any other law firm, but don’t just take our word for it. A good lawyer needs compelling evidence so meet our people and judge for yourself. claytonutz.com/graduates

Academic brilliance certainly counts, but graduates who thrive here have something extra – a natural passion for connecting with people and a strong sense of self. That’s what staying true is all about. If you have these qualities, Clayton Utz is for you.



Level 27, QV1 Building 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 graduates.claytonutz. com/

About the Firm What are your firm’s core values? Trust, Respect and Co-operation How would you describe your firm’s culture? Down-to-earth, collaborative, inclusive, energetic, and entrepreneurial. We think the culture at Clayton Utz is pretty special and reflects the type of people we attract - smart, commercially savvy, true to themselves, and with a strong social conscience. How does your firm distinguish itself from other law firms? Our culture, and our approach to client service. We’re particularly proud of our globally recognised Pro Bono practice, that we were the first law firm to create the role of National Mental Health Manager, and of the way in which our people have embraced our diversity and inclusion initiatives. What significant work has your firm recently undertaken? Our Clayton Utz team recently reached an enormous milestone on the Victorian Government’s landmark AUD $11.1 billion North East Link Project (NELP), with the project’s Central Package 66

Public Private Partnership (PPP) achieving financial close in November 2021. The PPP represents the largest investment in a road project in Victoria’s history and is said to have delivered the “missing link” in Victoria’s transport network. Clayton Utz played a critical role, working with a first-class team from the Victorian Government’s Major Transport Infrastructure Authority, on every stage of the development of the project. We were also proud to have played a role in a historic milestone for the Aboriginal Flag - helping the Commonwealth of Australia to acquire the copyright in the Flag to be able to make it freely available for public use. In another recent high-profile deal, we advised the Australian Commonwealth Department of Defence on a landmark $1 billion contract with Telstra for the continued delivery of worldleading technology and critical network and telecommunications services. What notable awards has Clayton Utz received? Clayton Utz features in GradAustralia’s Top 100 Graduate Employers in 2022 and are committed to continuously improve our ranking, which reflects the time and effort we’ve put in to deliverer a first-class graduate program.

For the eighth year running, we were also recognised as a Workplace Gender Equality Agency Employer of Choice for Gender Equality 2022. We were also proud to be awarded Corporate Citizen Firm of the Year for 2021 and featured as a top employer for workplace giving by Good Company. What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in? Our Pro Bono practice is a dedicated practice area within the firm and doing pro bono work is a fundamental part of being a lawyer at Clayton Utz. We act for low-income and vulnerable people who cannot obtain Legal Aid, and the notfor-profits that support them. In FY21, we provided 59,095 hours of pro bono legal assistance to 727 individuals and 265 notfor-profits and opened 609 new client files. We also worked with 38 Community Legal Centres, Legal Aid Commissions and Aboriginal Legal Services. We prevented 96 people from becoming homeless, provided 1,688 hours of advice on elder abuse matters, recovered $1,134,855 in compensation for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and recovered $684,488 for clients in respect of claims for wage theft, unfair dismissal, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Clerkships During which periods do you offer clerkships? Summer and Winter. How many clerkship positions are available for 2022? Approximately 35. What tasks do clerks usually undertake? Research, writing and drafting memos/letters, attending court and client meetings, pro bono, and assisting with preparation of matters for hearings. How can a clerk stand out or make a good impression? Clayton Utz employs people with a wide range of backgrounds, skills, interests, and competencies. We look for people who can contribute new ideas, who take a creative approach to solving problems, are personable, practical, and commerciallysavvy, as well as flexible. What are some things to avoid in applications? Spelling mistakes! Attention to detail is critical so make sure you allow enough time to review your application in full prior to submitting it.

a clerkship in your penultimate around the world that see Clayton year by answering the relevant Utz lawyers living and working in question. London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Graduate Jobs

What does your firm look for in a graduate?


What does your firm like to We’re looking for people who see in a job interview? are personable, practical, and Someone who is well-rounded. commercially-savvy, as well as We value all types of work flexible. Our lawyers undertake experience, volunteer experience, complex and innovative legal extra-curricular activities, club work, so it’s important that participation, sporting, or other our clerks and graduates are involvement as well as unique motivated individuals who are experiences such as study willing and ready to tackle abroad, travel or immersion challenges. programs. Strong candidates are able to demonstrate that they How can students apply for a have personality, confidence, graduate position? problem-solving skills, flexibility, Apply for a clerkship, as we resilience and an eagerness to hire most of our graduates learn. through our clerkship programs. Occasionally, additional How can students prepare for opportunities may arise, and an interview with your firm? these will be listed on our website. Spend some time on our website reading about our practice areas How many graduate and the work we do, research the positions are available in people who will be interviewing 2022? you, and prepare a couple of questions to ask at the interview. Approximately nine. Does your firm offer any international opportunities?

Yes, International work is a really important part of our practice and we’ve got strong relationships with many overseas Do you offer clerkships firms handling both inbound to non-penultimate year and outbound matters. This is students? obviously very important for our Yes. Although the clerkship clients and the firm but it is also is aimed at students in their beneficial for our people who are penultimate year of study, if you interested in working abroad. are in your final year, please We have formal and informal outline in your application why international placement programs you weren’t able to undertake with various leading law firms

Be prepared to discuss the specific practice areas in which you’re interested, and why.

Student Jobs Does your firm offer casual or part-time employment? Yes. How can students find these opportunities and apply? On our website, they can create a profile and register a Job Alert for paralegal vacancies. 67




DIVERSE, INTERNATIONAL AND COMMERCIALLY-SAVVY. CLIFFORD CHANCE IS WHERE BRIGHT MINDS MEET. WHO WE ARE We are a premier global law firm committed to setting the standard for excellence in legal skills and client service around the world.

healthcare. The matters we tackle include cross-border, groundbreaking global transactions and cases. Clients come to us for large, complex, global deals and disputes that demand a sophisticated blend of business understanding and legal knowledge.

Joining us means sharing that commitment, a drive to innovate and grasp new opportunities as we help our clients to address a wide range of business, financial and legal issues.


We’re looking for the brightest and most talented individuals irrespective of background – ambitious people who offer new ideas and fresh perspectives, and who will ultimately be able to give our clients a competitive advantage.

Today our firm enjoys a position at the forefront of our profession. We are proud of what we achieve every day, working in collaboration and partnership with our clients and wider stakeholders to secure their long-term, sustainable success.

If that sounds like you, and if your aim is to work at the cutting edge of commercial law, with outstanding legal and business training, and equally impressive ‘on the job’ experience, take a closer look at Clifford Chance.

But we are not complacent.

WHAT WE DO We use our quality legal advice, our reputation for excellence and innovation, and our international reach to get clients the best possible results. The firm is built around five global practice areas:

• Global Financial Markets (Finance and Capital Markets); • Corporate; • Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Risk Management and

Our vision is to be the global law firm of choice for the world’s leading businesses of today and tomorrow.

Our strategy recognises that the world we operate in is changing and that we too must be ready to change if we are to continue to lead and shape our sector: • Right markets — ensuring we have market-leading capabilities in the geographies that are most important to our clients today, and in those that are likely to be critical to their future growth.

• Right work for the right clients — ensuring we are the best placed firm to advise leading organisations internationally on their most complex, strategic and reputation critical opportunities and challenges.

• Tax; Pensions, Employment.

• Innovation & Best Delivery — reshaping our services to make delivery ever quicker, simpler, more efficient and more robust; and deliver a truly world class client service every time.

• And in Australia we are focused on GFM, Corporate and L&DR

• Best team — fostering an inclusive, ambitious and meritocratic


• Real Estate; and

as practice areas Client challenges rarely fall within one practice area so we work together through international, cross-practice teams who share deep experience in specific sectors ranging from energy to


environment; ensuring we recruit and develop the very best talent, who can enjoy the best careers. The pursuit of the firm’s vision and strategy is grounded in our most important commitment: to act as an ethical and responsible business.



Our clerkship program is designed to provide you with a real insight into a legal career at Clifford Chance in Australia. Throughout the program, you will work alongside all levels of lawyers, including partners, while you assist with real-time matters.

Graduate offers are primarily made from our clerkship program. However, we also consider applications from students who have not participated in our clerkship program.

What kind of work can a clerk expect to do?

Throughout the clerkship you will hear from various practice areas which helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of life at a leading international law firm.

Who is eligible for clerkships?

Students must be at least in their penultimate year and are available to participate in the 2023 Graduate Program.

Do we make graduate offers to the open market, or just through clerkships?

Important Dates Perth Clerkship Program – Application Dates

4 June – 7 August 2022

Graduate Program – Application Dates

4 June – 7 August 2022

Max Beavis

Office: Sydney Clerkship year: 2019 Joined the firm: 2020 University: University of New South Wales Our firm’s culture is tangible from the interview stage – unlike other firms you are given the opportunity to meet lawyers of all levels, this is refreshing as it gives you insight into the different personalities and backgrounds we have here and allowed me to decide whether this was the right firm for me. The interviews in Australia are CV-blind which ensures the process is unbiased and also gives me impetus to be my true self during the interview. I joined the Sydney office Winter Clerkship in 2019 where I rotated through the Corporate and Litigation & Dispute Resolution teams. A huge highlight for me was the week-long trip to Hong Kong that the firm arranged which allowed us to experience and understand the global network the firm offers. For me, this reinforced the importance of working for a firm that would provide me with every opportunity to better my skills as a lawyer and develop my commercial acumen. Through my clerkship I saw the firm’s structure and flat hierarchy translate into practice - everyone is accessible, and you are always working with a wide range of people throughout the network. My advice: Be ambitious! Clifford Chance is a firm which rewards people who are willing to step outside their comfort zone, be challenged and are committed to taking that extra step for the clients.

It takes immense drive and motivation to stay ahead in a world that’s changing as fast as ours. If you’re excited and inspired by that, Clifford Chance could be the right firm for you. To Learn More or to Submit your Application, scan the QR code For any enquiries please contact Maud van Houten via Grads.Australia@CliffordChance.com





Level 6, Brookfield Place Tower 2, 123 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 corrs.com.au/careers

About the Firm How would you describe your firm’s culture? Corrs Chambers Westgarth is Australia’s leading independent Australian law firm. We’re known for delivering legal excellence, exceptional client service and outstanding results. Through our long-term relationships with leading law firms across the world, we advise on the most significant global matters and connect with the best lawyers internationally to provide our clients with the right team for every engagement. At Corrs, you’ll enjoy the benefits of working alongside a highperforming team with a shared commitment to our culture of excellence, collaboration, commitment and respect. How is Corrs distinguished from other firms? Corrs lawyers are known for their strategic approach with clients. We don’t just focus on legal advice, we provide our clients with strategic guidance to help them mitigate risks and achieve their business goals. Our lawyers work together across practice groups to deliver exceptional results and support you in building your future, wherever you want to take it. 70

Our success is based on the success of our people. “We encourage individuals to play to their strengths. And we bring our diverse and talented lawyers together to create top-performing teams.” The combination of these factors creates a firm that celebrates its independence, is open to new ideas, has the courage to think and act differently from the rest of the market, and thrives on new challenges and opportunities.

What significant work has Corrs undertaken? We let our work speak for itself. We’re proud to work with some of the biggest organisations in the world on their most important matters. Our clients include more than half of the top fifty ASX-listed companies, some of the largest privately owned companies in Australia and a number of global Fortune 500 companies.

We work with well-known organisations like AGL, Amazon, What are some notable BP, Blackstone, CBA, Coles, eBay, awards Corrs has received? Google, Johnson & Johnson, Corrs is a leader in its field. Medibank, NAB, PayPal, TPG We’re proud of our many awards Telecom, Wesfarmers and for world class service, client Westpac. results and for being an employer of choice. This included being We also work with governments, named Law Firm of the Year in the Federal and State, on major 2021 Lawyers Weekly Australian transactions that make the news. Law Awards. A few examples of our recent Corrs is also consistently significant work can be seen here recognised as an employer of - https://corrs.com.au/deals. choice for graduate lawyers, and in 2022 we were one of What kind of pro bono work only four firms recognised in does Corrs engage in? all Australia-wide graduate From local schools to global rankings –Australian Association organisations, we have a long of Graduate Employers and proud history of helping (AAGE), GradAustralia, and those in need. GradConnection with AFR. As a graduate lawyer, you’ll have From Global Guides, to Chambers the opportunity to contribute to Asia Pacific and Best Lawyers, pro bono matters. In 2021 Corrs: Corrs lawyers are called out • Increased overall pro bono for legal excellence across our hours by 73% from FY20 practice areas.

through our dedicated services through our work with pro bono and community the Aboriginal Legal Service of program; WA; Circle Green Community • Acted pro bono for Harold Legal, an independent, not for Thomas, the owner of profit community legal centre copyright in the Aboriginal specialising in employment law; Flag, in the landmark case and the Street Law Centre, a which saw copyright in the free outreach legal service for Aboriginal Flag assigned to the homeless and those at risk the Commonwealth. Corrs of homelessness in WA. For worked on the matter for over each of these, Corrs provides a two years. The Prime Minister secondee one day a week. The announced in January 2022 Perth office also supports Law that the copyright had been Access by providing legal advice secured and the flag was now and administrative secondees freely available for public sourced from our legal assistants. use by all Australians. Corrs also worked with Mr Thomas to mint a non-fungible token (NFT) of the work, allowing Mr Thomas to retain the NFT and his moral rights in the Flag.

Clerkships How many clerkship positions are available for 2022/23? Corrs Perth will offer three, threeweek clerkship programs which will be held in either summer or winter. Each program will have approximately 8-10 clerks. Overall, we anticipate recruiting 30 clerks for our Perth programs.

• Acted pro bono for Mr Noel Zihabamwe on his complaint to the United Nations Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances in relation to the disappearance of his What do clerks do? brothers in Rwanda; The Corrs seasonal clerkship • Established a new relationship program enables you to work with Refugee Legal mobilising alongside some of Australia’s 70+ volunteers following the leading lawyers on high-profile rise of the Taliban and the work for major Australian and consequent deterioration of international clients. the situation in Afghanistan. Our three week clerkships give Over the last three months you the opportunity to connect of 2021, Corrs contributed with partners and lawyers across 1000+ hours of advice the firm, learn what a ‘day-inthrough Refugee Legal’s the-life’ at Corrs is like, and Afghanistan advice line, experience the type of work we helping people prepare visa do and clients we partner with. applications under Australia’s You’ll be exposed to a broad Refugee and Special range of interesting matters. Humanitarian Programme. You’ll also have the chance

research, reviewing and presenting documents, attending client meetings, court hearings, mediations and settlements, as well as shadowing partners and lawyers in client meetings and business development activities. How can a clerk stand out or make a good impression? We look for people who can make a positive contribution to the firm and help us in delivering legal excellence and outstanding client service. During your time as a clerk with Corrs, it is important to be genuine, approach each task with enthusiasm, complete tasks to the best of your ability, be open to receiving feedback and strive for continuous improvement. In addition to this, if you have a great attitude, communicate well and have excellent attention to detail, this will help you stand out from your peers. Do you offer clerkships to non-penultimate year students? Yes – we do accept applications from non-penultimate year students.

In our Perth office, Corrs provides to complete a broad range legal representation and support of tasks, such as conducting


Graduate Jobs What should students avoid doing in their applications? There are a variety of obvious, and perhaps not so obvious, things students should aim to avoid when preparing and submitting clerkship applications. •


What does your firm look for in a graduate?

The reason we continue to attract exceptional graduates and lawyers is simple: we provide you with the opportunity to work with great people; to work on careerExcessive length: We defining matters from the start of recommend one page for your career; and to work and/or cover letters, and a maximum study internationally. of 2-3 pages for resumes. As with our clerks, we celebrate Don’t use screen shots of diversity in our graduates and academic transcripts either! are looking for candidates Not tailored to the firm.: Make who can bring a variety of the effort to research the firm ideas and experiences to the and tailor your application firm. In particular, we look for by referencing partners or well-rounded individuals who deals that interest you and can demonstrate exceptional performance, demonstrate why you would academic evidence of work experience like to work at the firm. (law or non-law related), as Spelling mistakes or well as experience in leadership addressed to the wrong firm positions, volunteering or – yes, this happens multiple community service, and other times every year! Take the extra-curricular activities. time to thoroughly proofread your application or have We are looking for genuine, someone else read it for you. hard-working candidates who have great communication skills Weird fonts, unusual bullet and approach their work with points or graphics. Your enthusiasm. application should be clean and easy to read – We also look for candidates don’t distract the reader who are keen to learn, open unnecessarily from your key to receiving feedback and messages and experience, or continually improving themselves. make it hard to review. How can students apply? Applications that simply repeat information verbatim in Previous clerks will be eligible the cover letter and questions. to receive a priority offer for Please don’t cut and paste 2023 Graduate positions. Corrs from your cover letter to the contacts eligible clerks about the answer the online application priority recruitment process in questions – the firm is asking June, with offers made in late July. these questions for a reason If necessary, Corrs will open and wants to read something applications to the general market after the priority offer process. different!

How many graduate positions are available? Corrs anticipates recruiting 8-10 graduates for our 2023 Graduate Development Program in the Perth office. Does your firm offer any international opportunities for graduates or junior lawyers? Through our long-term relationships with leading law firms and institutions across the world, we offer a wide range of outstanding international opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our international program will allow you to gain experience, skills and relationships that will provide enduring career benefits. In addition to our roles advising on significant global matters, connecting with the best law firms and lawyers internationally, we offer: • International secondment opportunities to premium independent firms in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. • Scholarships to study masters programs at leading institutions including Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.


Student Jobs

How can students best prepare for a job interview?

Do the firm offer any casual or part-time employment?

What does your firm like to see in a clerkship or graduate Don’t underestimate the job interview? importance of good preparation Interviews can be a stressful for your interview, as a lack of or daunting process, so being planning will be evident to those nervous is understandable and interviewing you. A few key tips perfectly ok – most candidates on preparing for an interview at are! With this in mind, we take a Corrs are: relaxed approach to interviews • Plan your trip: Make sure you – think conversation, rather than know where the firm is located interrogation. and how you plan on getting Ideally, we are looking for there. Will you take public candidates who can build transport, drive in or get a lift? rapport with their interviewers • Be well presented: Organise and are comfortable articulating what you are going to wear their experience, as well as in advance and don’t leave it demonstrating why they are to the last minute. Is the outfit studying law and pursuing a professional, comfortable commercial law career. We want to know why you applied to Corrs and ready to go? and what you know about us as • Arrive early: This ties in with a firm. We also want to get to planning your trip. Make know you as a person, so come sure you arrive 10 minutes ready to talk about your hobbies, early to your interview as interests or passions outside of the this demonstrates you are law too. organised, prepared and The interview should also be a punctual. two-way discussion, so asking • Research the firm: Check out questions is definitely encouraged the firm website, as well as and welcomed. media or newspapers to pick up any current issues or news items relating to Corrs, our clients or the legal industry in general.

We recruit casual paralegals to support our busy practice groups throughout the year. Please note that these opportunities are typically offered to candidates in our seasonal clerkship pool but, from time-to-time, we recruit from the open market. How can students find these opportunities and apply? Expressions of interest for casual paralegal opportunities can be submitted via email to the local People & Performance Consultant for their review and consideration. Interested applicants will need to provide a copy of their resume and latest academic transcript, together with an indication of their availability.

• Re-read your application: This will jog your memory on what you submitted and allow you to easily answer any cover letter or resume specific questions you may be asked. • Relax: We want to get to know you as a person, so try to relax and go with the flow of the conversation, rather than being too stiff or rehearsed. 73

Be exceptional.

At Corrs, we bring together engaging, curious, ambitious individuals to create top performing teams. corrs.com.au/graduates 74



Our goal is simple. We want to create the future leaders of the firm. That means giving you the skills you need to become a successful lawyer, but also the experiences to discover where your true interests lie. Find out more at



Level 21, 240 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 careers.dlapiper.com

About the Firm What are your firm’s core values? In everything we do connected with our People, our Clients and our Communities, we live by four values: Be Supportive, Be Bold, Be Collaborative and Be Exceptional. How would you describe your firm’s culture? We’re a global business that’s redefining the expectations of a law firm. We operate across more than 40 countries, but we’re still locally connected. That’s because trusting, collaborative relationships with our clients and each other are at the heart of our success. We’re creating exceptional experiences, outcomes and growth for our clients and people. We make this happen with a culture where you bring your passion and individuality to work every day. No two careers – or two people – are the same at DLA Piper. We want you to reach your full potential as part of a diverse, global team that thrives on collaboration, seizing opportunities and commercial edge. Here, personal growth goes hand in hand with professional development to shape your individual career journey. 76

How does DLA Piper distinguish itself?

of government, we take great pride in our reputation as a firm We help the world’s top that is friendly, accessible and companies with their business- easy to do business with. critical issues. Many of the deals Some recent examples of work we work on are complex and we have undertaken include challenging – transcending not advising POSCO, one of the most just practice areas, but borders, competitive steel makers in the languages and legal systems. world, headquartered in South As a firm, we never stand still. Korea on its USD240 million We think nimbly and seize acquisition of a 30% equity opportunities. We’re ambitious interest in the Ravensthorpe and are never afraid to innovate. Nickel Operation - a West So if you possess these qualities Australian nickel mine and too, there could be a bright future hydrometallurgical processing plant located southeast of for you at DLA Piper. Perth. We also advised Mamba Exploration Limited (ASX:M24) What notable awards has on its AUD7 million IPO and DLA Piper received? ASX listing. Mamba Exploration • Mergermarket: For the 12th is a Western Australian focused consecutive year, DLA Piper exploration Company, with four was the highest-ranked legal 100% owned geographically advisor in the world for M&A diverse projects which provide deal volume year-round access. The projects • Lawyers Weekly: Insurance are highly prospective base Law firm of the Year 2021 and precious metals exploration in the Ashburton, • FT Innovative Lawyers Europe assets Awards: Most innovative law Kimberley, Darling Range and Great Southern regions of WA. firm 2021 What significant work has DLA Piper undertaken?

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in?

DLA Piper in Australia is a fullservice business law firm providing clients with an extensive breadth and depth of service across four capital cities nationally. As trusted legal advisors to approximately a third of the ASX 100 companies or their subsidiaries and all levels

DLA Piper has a longstanding and deep commitment to giving back and making a positive contribution to our local and global economies. This commitment exists at every level within the firm and is part of our culture.

The DLA Piper pro-bono team is one of the world’s largest probono practices. Last year our people contributed over 205,000 pro-bono hours globally. Our pro-bono work is incredibly diverse and we work across the globe to promote access to justice, advocate for victims of gender-based violence and combat climate change. The rights of displaced people is a key global focus area for the firm and we regularly represent asylum seeking women, children and members of the LGBT+ community.

Clerkships During which periods do you offer clerkships? Summer and Winter. How many clerkship positions are available for 2022? Approximately 35 - 40 across our Australian offices. What tasks do clerks usually undertake?

contributing to a client meeting or assisting a large corporate transaction, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to reach your potential.

Among other things, we’ll be looking for candidates who are naturally inquisitive, have plenty of drive, and can show a genuine commitment to their chosen career path. By bringing your How can a clerk stand out or authentic self to work every day, make a good impression? you’ll have an instinctive ability We are seeking applicants that to build relationships with peers, are passionate about a career colleagues and clients alike. in law and becoming a future graduate solicitor. We do not How can students apply for expect applicants to have had a graduate position at your prior experience in law. When firm? applying, we’d encourage you Priority offers will be made to to think broadly about your candidates who participate in experiences and achievements our Clerkship Programme. from your recent-past and ensure these are clearly articulated on How many positions are available in 2022? your CV. We typically offer around 20 - 25 positions across our four Australian offices - Brisbane, Take the time to look into who we Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. are and the type of work we do Does your firm offer any so you can tailor your application international opportunities for to demonstrate why you are graduates or junior lawyers? interested in a clerkship at DLA Living and working in a new Piper. location and experiencing a new culture provides Do you offer clerkships to fantastic personal and career non-penultimate students? opportunities. We provide our Yes. We accept applications from people with opportunities for final year students. secondments to foster a global mindset, share knowledge and work collaboratively across borders. What does your firm look for in a graduate? What are some things to avoid doing in applications?

Our clerkship programme starts with an induction. This induction provides an in-depth introduction to the legal sector and the firm’s practice groups. It also builds your professional skills and workplace capability. Throughout the induction there will be opportunities to hear from Our people come from a diverse and network with senior members range of backgrounds. That’s what sets us apart. By opening up of the firm. Once you are inducted you’ll a range of different and unique have the opportunity to complete perspectives, allows us to service work placements in our different our clients better. You will need practice groups. You’ll be given a strong academic record, and real responsibilities. Whether a real passion for developing a you’re attending a court hearing, career as a lawyer. But it goes further than that…

Graduate Jobs

Student Jobs

Does your firm offer casual or part-time employment? Yes. We have paralegal opportunities. Look at careers. dlapiper.com and by completing our Clerkship Programme.



Level 16, Brookfield Place Tower 2, 123 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 gtlaw.com.au/careers

About the Firm

funny and generous.

We offer an informal and relaxed environment, approachable How would you describe partners and lawyers, diverse your firm’s culture? teams, friendly people who care Our firm is also committed to about the firm and the highoutstanding citizenship. Gilbert performance contribution they + Tobin’s vision is to build a truly make irrespective of their role. outstanding law firm, renowned for our commitment to client service How does your firm and distinctive in our superior distinguish itself from other team of talented, creative and law firms? enthusiastic lawyers. We foster a vibrant and open culture providing We constantly look for ways to personal and professional growth bring out the best in ourselves for all our people. We live out as well as others. This is what our responsibility to support our underlies the positive, productive community and contribute to and personal relationships we our society. Our pro bono legal build with each other, and with our services has a proud track record clients. Interactions that embrace and we champion important what it means to be an individual. causes, such as marriage equality Our clerks and graduates are and reconciliation with Australia’s often attracted to the firm because Indigenous peoples. of the egalitarian, open structure. Our people have the opportunity How would you describe to go as far as they want, the pace your firm’s culture? is fast and constant, but you will G+T’s structure is egalitarian with get to work on matters that interest no hierarchy or bureaucracy. G+T and stimulate you early in your allows its people to tackle new career. G+T challenges people and complex work and to develop irrespective of their role – and that quickly, both professionally and pushes you to do and be better. personally. Our flat structure enables our clerks and graduate lawyers to work directly with more experienced lawyers as well as partners on a variety of matters. Our culture is unique, and at its heart it is a paradox. It is energetic and proactive, incredibly driven and ambitious – but also understated, 78

What notable awards has G+T received? 2022 Best Lawyers Australia 75 G+T Partners recognised across 50 areas of law, including 9 who were named Lawyer of the Year in their respective specialisations.

2022 Chambers 50 G+T Partners recognised across 22 areas of law. We are ranked Band 1 in Acquisition Finance, Corporate Finance, Corporate/M&A, Equity Capital Markets, Private Equity, Competition & Antitrust, Charities, TMT and Fintech. 2021 Australasian Law Awards Law Firm of the Year. Excellence in Technology & Innovation. 2021 Client Choice Awards Most Innovative Firm for the fourth year in a row. What significant work has G+T recently undertaken? • BCI Minerals on its $360 million capital raising; • Mineral Resources on its US$1.3 billion Wodgina Joint Venture; • Northern Star Resources the global-scale Australian gold producer with Tier-1 worldclass projects on its $243 million takeover offer for ASX listed Echo Resources and its Yandal Gold Project; • Sandfire Resources on its acquisition of ASX and LSE listed MOD Resources for $167 million to establish a presence for Sandfire in the prospective Kalahari Copper belt in Botswana; and


• Deep Yellow on its proposed $687 million all-scrip merger with Vimy Resources Limited During which periods do you to consolidate and build a offer clerkships? Tier-1, multi-jurisdiction and • Summer (November/ leading uranium company. December). What kind of pro bono work • Winter (June/July). does the firm engage in? With a dedicated team of four How many clerkship positions lawyers and two partners, Gilbert are available for 2023? + Tobin is a pro bono pioneer in 7 to 10 per intake Australia’s legal sector. The firm believes that lawyers have a What tasks do clerks usually responsibility to ensure that the undertake? legal system is fair, equitable and During your time with G+T you’ll accessible to all. get a taste of what it’s like to work Gilbert + Tobin is a proud advocate of social justice and focuses on providing advice and support to marginalised and disadvantaged clients and the organisations that work with them. The practice covers many diverse areas of law including discrimination, administrative law, defamation and public international law. Pro bono work at Gilbert + Tobin is particularly focused on issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, refugees, people with disabilities and the protection of human rights.

in corporate law. Spending time in one practice group, you will develop invaluable skills and knowledge and gain first-hand experience in understanding the mechanics of legal practice through researching legislation and case law, preparing and drafting memos, completing research, observing negotiations, meeting clients, attending court, meeting clients, or perhaps working as part of a deal team. Throughout the program, you will partake in our customised in-house training program as well as having the opportunity to contribute to Pro Bono and our Knowledge Management practice.

G+T’s large pro bono practice is supplemented by our corporate social responsibility practice, which is focused on three priorities – reconciliation with Indigenous You will work directly with partners Australians, sustainability and and lawyers who will assist with community programs. your professional development and challenge you intellectually, and of course, you’ll also gain invaluable learning on the job, on every matter you work on and from the talented people all around you.

How can a clerk stand out or make a good impression? While strong university results and academic achievements count, we are also looking for people who align with our firm’s culture and values. We are not a prescriptive firm when it comes to our people; we invite individuality and diversity. We also hold ambition, imagination, creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit in high regard. Our people are collaborative, passionate and dedicated, but most of all they enjoy what they do and never forget to have fun. We seek clerks and graduates that will complement our practice groups and do not feel the need to take themselves too seriously. What are some things students should avoid doing in their clerkship applications? Clerkship applications should be completed accurately and include all ancillary documents to support the application. We recommend you double check your application prior to submission. Do you offer clerkships to non-penultimate year students? Preference is given to students in their penultimate year.


Graduate Jobs

has a “best friends” network with top tier firms internationally. We will support you in seeking What does your firm look for opportunities to work overseas, in a graduate? which will expand your We look for graduates who are commercial skills in a global comfortable working in teams, but setting. who are also self-motivated and are able to identify opportunities and work with our firm leaders to act on those opportunities. What does your firm like to


G+T is a supportive environment with enough structure in place for graduates to learn and thrive, but also gives you the space to develop your career how you want to. We will also support people who may want to do things differently. How can students apply for a graduate position at your firm?

see in a clerkship or graduate job interview?

It is important for students to demonstrate enthusiasm, curiosity and to have an understanding and interest in the firm’s practice areas and its strengths. Keeping up to date with current issues facing the legal industry, and more broadly, staying informed of the happenings and developments occurring in the business world.

The primary pathway for graduates is currently via our How can students best clerkship programs. prepare for an interview with your firm? How many graduate Review your CV and cover letter positions are available in before your interview. Your CV 2023? and cover letter have created a Subject to business requirements, we anticipate having 3-5 graduate positions available in 2023.

positive impression, so you now have an opportunity to reinforce this opinion. The interview should be seen as a two-way process: the firm may ask you to expand Does your firm offer any on elements of your cover international opportunities for letter and CV, and you will be graduates or junior lawyers? expected to ask questions of the G+T offers secondment interviewer(s), which allows them opportunities both within Australia to find out more about you. and overseas to experienced Research the firm, its practice lawyers. These secondments areas, and in particular, those provide an opportunity for who are sitting on the interview both personal and professional panel. development. Our lawyers tell us that their secondment experience has been an invaluable part of their career development. G+T 80

Student Jobs Does your firm offer any casual or part-time employment? Casual roles, such as Paralegals, are generally offered to students who have completed a clerkship with us. How can students find these opportunities and apply? We accept expressions of interest for paralegals and other casual opportunities via our careers page on our website.

WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? The G+T clerkship experience is open to students in their penultimate year of study, as well as final year for our Melbourne and Sydney offices. We’re not a prescriptive firm when it comes to our people; we invite individuality and diversity. We also hold ambition, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in high regard. Our people are collaborative, passionate and dedicated – but most of all they enjoy what they do and never forget to have fun. We seek clerks and graduates who will complement our practice groups and don’t feel the need to take themselves too seriously.

WHAT WILL YOU EXPERIENCE? You will complete a three week clerkship in one practice group in either summer or winter. All clerks are assigned a supervising partner, supervising lawyer and buddy to assist with on-the-job training. This is an immediate support network to help smooth the transition from university and assist with your professional development. While your main focus will be corporate work, everyone has the opportunity to assist on pro bono matters, innovation projects and participate in firmwide activities.


WE’RE BIG ON BOLD Standing up for what you believe in and standing out in the crowd. Having the confidence to take risks and the courage to say no. Trusting in the tradition of embracing innovation. Being adventurous, spirited and unexpected. At Gilbert + Tobin, we believe in being bold.

During the clerkship you’ll take part in our customised in-house training, and cover topics such as research, analysis, drafting, developing technical skills, interpersonal effectiveness, teamwork, business development and client orientation. As you progress through your rotation you’ll develop invaluable skills and knowledge and gain first-hand experience of our various practice groups. Understanding the mechanics of legal practice through research, drafting memos, attending court and meeting clients will all help to build your confidence. And we’ll encourage you to contribute ideas and your own fresh perspective.

GRADUATE PROGRAM Our clerkship program is the primary pathway for graduates at G+T, however we also invite interest from graduating students who may have clerked elsewhere or taken up other opportunities in their penultimate or final year of studies. Keep an eye on our website for active graduate vacancies.





6 June 2022

10 July 2022


27 June 2022

31 July 2022


4 July 2022

14 August 2022


HR Manager

+61 8 9413 8411 | lharold@gtlaw.com.au




Level 36, QV1 Building 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 careers.herbertsmith freehills.com

About the Firm What are HSF’s core values?

How would you describe Connect, Collaborate, Lead, your firm’s culture? Excel We’re proud to say that we put people first. Our firm is built on How does HSF distinguish a diverse culture, reflective of the itself from other law firms? societies in which we live and We think it’s a combination of work. That’s why inclusivity is key being a truly global firm and to our success. At Herbert Smith having a leading domestic Freehills, you’ll be valued for what practice. This means that when makes you different and accepted you join, you’ll be working on for who you are. We recognise the the most complex and interesting power of diversity and inclusion matters and also benefit from to drive innovation, collaboration having an international network, and business outcomes. So, exposing you to overseas whether it’s working on the latest opportunities. Despite the global advancements in digital law, nature of the firm, you will feel taking part in some of the biggest supported and connected to your mergers and acquisitions around, or helping people through our local teams. extensive pro bono work – you’ll develop the skills to solve the most What significant work has complex challenges in thoughtful HSF advised on? and innovative ways. • Uber in five class actions filed by taxi drivers in Victoria, What notable awards has NSW, Queensland and WA HSF received? • Sydney Aviation Alliance in its • GradAustralia – Top 100 A$32b acquisition of Sydney Graduate Employers 2021 Airport. The largest takeover and the largest infrastructure • Australasian Awards – Law Firm of the Year 2021 deal in Australian history • Santos and its A$22b oil • Lawyers Weekly – Top Attraction Firm 2021 search merger • CryptoTaxCalculator on its • Social Mobility Foundation – 3rd in Social Mobility A$4m Series Seed capital Employer Index 2021 raise • CBA on the 55% sale of • Stonewall – Top Global Employers for LGBTI+ 2020 Colonial First State 82

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in? Our lawyers are encouraged to participate in the firm’s pro bono practice. This might be internationally or closer to home – it really is up to you. Globally we focus on five key areas: access to justice, international development, social impact investment, not-for-profit advisory work and human rights (particularly anti-trafficking and anti-slavery).



During which periods do you offer clerkships?

How can a clerk stand out or make a good impression?

Summer and Winter

A successful clerkship is one Great lawyers are both curious where you can balance: and creative. We encourage you • Building great relationships to challenge assumptions and across the firm and open yourself up to new ideas – networking with the practices we’re as eager to learn from you, and members of the team as you are from us.

How many clerkship positions are available for 2022? 30-35 What tasks do clerks usually undertake? Every day is different. As a clerk you will be immersed in whatever matter the group has on at the time. You might be researching a new piece of legislation, drafting advice for a client or preparing for an upcoming trial. The tasks you do will vary depending on the group you are in and the matters that are live at the time. We also encourage our clerks and graduates to seek out work that interests them. Whether it be assisting adjacent teams in the group, innovation projects with our Digital Law Group or Legal Operations Group or getting involved with Pro Bono matters. What are some things to avoid in clerkship applications? Some common mistakes we see are: • Discounting their non-legal work experience – we want to hear about all of your achievements • Spelling errors



• Not conducting research into the firm they are applying for • Not being clear on your ‘why’

What does your firm look for in a graduate?

you’re genuinely eager to There’s no single path to learn more about becoming an exceptional • Be enthusiastic – say “yes” commercial lawyer. We look to new opportunities and beyond your academic record volunteer to get involved in and your technical aptitude. We’re focussed on finding people areas you are interested in who have the curiosity to explore • Delivering great quality work all the angles and the empathy to for your team that assists in place themselves in their client’s their ongoing pieces of work shoes. • Showing attention to detail, accountability and awareness How can students apply for a of what our clients’ needs graduate position? might be. We select many of our graduates through our vacation clerkship Do you offer clerkships program. to non-penultimate year students? How many graduate Our clerkship program is positions are available in open to non-penultimate year 2022? students, however we prioritise 10-15 applications from penultimate year students. Our clerks and Does your firm offer any graduates often find it is better international opportunities? to time their clerkship and the commencement of the graduate Yes. As part of our graduate program on either side of their program, you will have the opportunity to apply for an final year of study. international secondment within your first two years in the job. This is a six-month secondment with all the support from the firm you might need to succeed (e.g. transport, accommodation, language lessons). Our graduates have previously been seconded to our London, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong offices. 83


Student Jobs

What does your firm like to see in a clerkship or graduate job interview?

Does your firm offer any casual or part-time employment?

We are not looking for the finished product and we know that gaining legal work experience can be difficult. What we are looking for is your potential. Demonstrate the transferable skills you have gained through the experience that you have – legal or nonlegal.

Yes. From time to time we offer casual paralegal positions to law students. How can students find these opportunities and apply?

These opportunities are advertised on our website and through student law societies such When talking about your as Blackstone. experience, explain how the skills you have gained are relevant to a career in law – and to Herbert Smith Freehills specifically. Consider the way we work and the skills and abilities we look for to deliver a consistently excellent experience for our clients. How can students best prepare for an interview with your firm? • Know where your strengths are and guide the conversation to touch on your experiences that demonstrates them • We don’t expect you to have a great deal of experience or knowledge of specific sectors, but it is worth doing some basic research into what practice areas a firm offers • Put thought into the questions you’d like to ask us


ELEVATE YOUR EXPERIENCE CAREERS IN COMMERCIAL LAW careers.herbertsmithfreehills.com/au/grads




Level 8, Cloisters Square, 863 Hay St, Perth 6000 hhg.com.au/careers

About the Firm

How does your firm distinguish itself?

What are your core values?

What really sets us apart from other firms is the HHG Service Guarantee. We understand that • We care - Ultimately, we want good service is subjective from to deliver the best service and client to client and guarantee that outcome possible at what can we will strive to deliver the best be a very disconcerting time service, no matter how complex a for clients. We value our client matter is. We do this by checking relationships and want to build in regularly and ensuring that our on them, for the long term. clients are receiving the level of service they want, in-line with their How would you describe your firm’s culture? desired outcome and budget.

The six key values that define HHG Legal Group, guide our behaviour and growth strategy are: Teamwork. We are committed to establishing and maintaining collaborative, supportive teams with our colleagues and with our clients. We encourage personal responsibility and accountability.

Client focus. We value our client We can do this by ensuring: relationships. We listen to our • Expertise - The best solicitor clients and respond to their needs will be selected and will with energy, enthusiasm and possess the right legal expertise efficiency. We focus on solutions coupled with real industry or that create value for our clients. matter type experience. As Respect. We are committed a full-service firm, you have to building and maintaining the benefit of having access an environment in which we to multiple specialist solicitors respect each other, in terms of across all areas of law covering talents, personal qualities and every eventuality and giving differences. We appreciate you peace of mind. diversity in thinking and share • Knowledge - The solicitor will what we know. garner full knowledge and Integrity. We inspire trust as understanding of your matter, legal advisors. We deliver on our insofar as possible, during your promises and maintain the highest consultation. possible ethical standards. • Regular Communication Continuous improvement. We Our clients choose their level believe in continuous learning. of service. If they wish we can We embrace change and leave no stone unturned and reward goal-oriented effort and reach out daily however there achievement. We are committed are cost implications, so we to coaching where everyone can will manage expectations from enhance their ability to contribute. the outset. Equally they can opt for a light-touch approach Fun. We enjoy what we do. 86

and everything in between and regular communication ensure our clients are being serviced at the level they want.

At HHG Legal Group we are aware that our reputation will always depend on the people behind us. That is why we are committed to attracting staff that not only demonstrate great legal knowledge, but who have the skills to communicate effectively and build close relationships with all types of clients. In addition, we look for those who display our standards of integrity and a commitment to helping those in need. Our philanthropic arm, HHG Giving Back, assists many vulnerable groups by way of charitable giving and fundraising, sponsorships of community initiatives and via our pro bono commitment to Law Access and various community organisations. At a fundamental level, everyone at HHG Legal Group enjoys what we do (and have fun doing it), but we’re not afraid to work hard either. We place great importance

on working collaboratively across our five offices (Perth, Albany, Mandurah, Bunbury & Joondalup) which drives the opportunities to learn from each other and be a valued and vital team member. What notable awards has your firm recently received? In just the last year, the HHG Legal Group team has received several accolades and recognitions including: • Employer of Choice: Australasian Lawyer’s Top 24 Law Firms • 2021 Doyle’s’ Guide: Leading Wills, Estates and Successions Planning Lawyer – Janene Bon, Special Counsel • 2020 Australasian Law Award for Excellence – State/Regional Firm of the Year • 2020 Doyle’s Guide: Leading Wills, Estates and Succession Planning Firm (Third Tier). • 2020 Doyle’s’ Guide: Leading Wills, Estates and Successions Planning Lawyer – Janene Bon, Special Counsel • 2020 Doyle’s Guide: Recommended Wills and Estate Litigation Firm • 2020 Doyle’s’ Guide: Recommended Wills and Estate Litigation Lawyer – Murray Thornhill, Director • Recognition in 2021 Best Lawyers in Australia list for work in Family Law – Simon Creek, Executive Chairman and Special Counsel • Recognition in 2021 Best Lawyers in Australia list for work in Real Property Law – Anne Hurley, Special Counsel

What significant work has your firm recently undertaken? Corporate & Commercial Law

• Representing a global contractor in a multi-million dollar claim against an Australian contractor under a failed infrastructure project

• Acting for Calan Williams business and Racing in Calan’s bid to be an • Complex farming succession matters Formula 1 Driver involving multiple entities and • Acted for the WA based target multimillion-dollar transfers and in a friendly agribusiness transactions merger with a national firm • Complex estate administration • Successfully represented dealing with many types of financial planners pursuing assets, different trusts and damages for a seller’s companies, self-managed misleading conduct and breach super fund issues, assets in of obligations in a business sale Australia and overseas as well • Assisted many in-house and as beneficiaries’ resident in and private lawyers on novel out of Australia and complex applications of Family & De Facto Law Personal Property Securities • Successfully represented a Act provisions family law client in obtaining • Acted for an Indigenous an order so that she retained Corporation’s subsidiary the family home and half the in partnership matters with husband’s superannuation Federal statutory body relating portfolio to a solar power facility • Provided difficult and complex Property & Planning advice to a 10-year-old child • Advising local governments in protection matters where in managing public liability both parents have complex risks in relation to approval social needs and management of unique • Obtained a recovery order for community and sporting events the return of a child where the on public land Father had ‘taken off’ with him, • Acted for a client in a family placing the child in danger dispute over land with a value Crime and Traffic circa $12 million • Advising and representing • Acted for a local government clients across the following in the grant of a 50-year lease areas: over a site with contamination • Criminal Magistrates and Building & Construction Law District Court matters; • Acting for contractors owed • Traffic matters; and money and defending defect claims in various arbitration • Restraining order matters (Violence Restraining Order, matters Family Violence Restraining • Wills, Estate & Succession Order, Misconduct Restraining Planning Order. 87

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in?


HHG Legal Group is committed During which periods do you to supporting the communities in offer clerkships? which we operate. Typically, HHG takes on clerks Over the last twenty years anytime from October through to there have been significant and January, however we also recruit unprecedented cuts to Legal graduates throughout the year, as Aid funding, placing vulnerable required. What sets us apart is we individuals further at risk. To lessen can offer unrivaled exposure to this gap, HHG Giving Back provides matters across all disciplines and free legal assistance clinics and not- client types, whether commercial, for-profit sponsorships, ensuring government or private client, that help is accessible to those in however we do not adhere to need. In addition to this, HHG Legal the strict annual recruitment Group is a very active contributor dates recommended by the Law to Law Access, which assists Schools, due to the dynamic hundreds of Western Australians nature of our firm. per year who cannot personally fund or access government funded How many clerkship positions legal services. In addition to Law are available for 2022? Access, HHG Legal Group assists Four, one per practice group. other community-based legal services with pro bono work; these • Family & De Facto Law include, but are not limited to, the • Wills, Estates & Succession Peel Community Legal Service, Planning Employment Law Service, Women’s • Corporate & Commercial Legal Service, Alzheimer’s WA and (including Employment Law) Fresh Start Recovery Programme. and Property Law In 2020 HHG Giving Back extended its pro bono service and provides invaluable legal clinics for Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren (WA) Inc, facilitated by former Attorney-General, Hon Cheryl Edwardes AM, also HHG Giving Back’s newly appointed Chair. GRWA is a registered charity offering vital support services to grandparents who care for grandchildren on a full-time basis whether it be due to parental drug and alcohol abuse, family violence and incarceration and sometimes this led to court restraining orders and custody battles.


Do you offer clerkships to non-penultimate students? HHG Legal Group offers clerkships to both penultimate students as well as those completing their final year of studies.

Graduate Jobs What does your firm look for in a graduate? At HHG we look for people who: • Convey their passion for the law; • Look for solutions not just problems; • Commercial thinking – good social media profile and exposure; and • Show initiative. How can students apply for a graduate positions?

Application – applicants can apply through our career microsite at https://hhg-legal. breezy.hr/ - we suggest they • Dispute Resolution and Litigation visit our website to find out about our values and practice areas at https://www.hhg.com.au. What tasks do clerks usually undertake? How many positions are • Legal research available in 2022? • Drafting legal articles and At HHG Legal Group we do media briefs not have a fixed number of Law Graduate places each year; it How can a clerk stand out or will depend on the growth of the make a good impression? practice areas and the capacity of • Solid academic record the supervising lawyers. This year • World view or travel we proudly took on 4 graduates • Altruistic community experience who were placed in our Perth, Joondalup, Albany and Bunbury offices.

Does your firm offer any international opportunities for graduates or junior lawyers?


What does your firm like to HHG Legal Group provides legal see in a job interview? services across our five offices • That research has been done! in the Perth CBD, Mandurah, We won’t identify where Albany, Bunbury and Joondalup. because we want candidates Although we cannot offer to show initiative. graduates any international opportunities, what we can offer • Demonstrate any relevant experience and knowledge is a lifestyle choice. of the practice area you are We can offer the corporate keen on. “Terrace” culture at our state-ofthe-art inner CBD office or for • Be prepared to be asked why you are looking at a particular those living in Perth’s northern practice area. corridor, an office close to home with minimal commute time, in • Establish your passion for Joondalup. We can also offer the law, and rationale for a regional and semi-regional why you are today seeking a lifestyle in either the Great career in the legal profession. Southern, South-West or Peel regions, via placement at our How can students best Albany, Bunbury, or Mandurah prepare for an interview with offices. your firm?

Student Jobs Does your firm offer casual or part-time employment? At HHG Legal Group, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic law students and graduates who want to gain real life experience within the firm. Several of our Law Graduates commenced their HHG life as casual interns, gaining a real feel for our processes and culture prior to being offered a formal graduate position. At HHG, our graduate and internship recruitment process is: Application – applicants can apply through our career microsite at hhg-legal.breezy.hr/ - we suggest they visit our website to find out about our values and practice areas.

1st Interview – a video interview initially across Microsoft Personable – we have a Teams or Zoom to discuss reasons collegiate and team culture they are looking to get into law across all practice areas; and establish any preferences for Demonstrate good initiative direction and practice area. for getting relevant 2nd Interview (Shortlist of experience, even if not in the candidates, typically 12) legal space; – face to face interviews with Have good life references; prospective shortlist of candidates Are amenable to working over a couple of days across WA, Great Southern Team building and game and Peel regions; play – we look at all twelve Possess emotional candidates’ verbal reasoning, problem solving, team play, intelligence; and Shows commercial nous communication, leadership and emotional intelligence to go (across all practices). towards the final hiring decision. This is an extremely effective way to ensure graduates possess all the characteristics we look for in an HHG team members and provide a way for them to stand out from their fellow candidates.

We look for people who are: •

• •

• •


Unrivalled state-wide presence


Join a highly awarded, full service law firm that has been proudly assisting WA families, businesses, local governments and individuals for over 100 years. HHG Legal Group has a strong Perth CBD presence, alongside major offices in Joondalup, Mandurah, Bunbury and Albany. Our reputation will only ever be as good as the people behind us. That is why HHG Legal Group are looking for well-rounded candidates who are both passionate about the law and personable. We also look for individuals who have demonstrated initiative in their life experiences, are commercially minded and show a strong commitment to supporting the community. A graduate or clerkship position with HHG Legal Group can provide you with exposure to both private client and commercial legal work, across all our service areas. Private Clients

Business & Government ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Corporate & Commercial Law Property & Leasing Building & Construction Employment Law Competition & Consumer Law Mergers, Sales & Acquisitions Local Government Law Dispute Resolution

Family & De Facto Law Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Estate Administration & Probate Director & Executive Services Taxation & Superannuation Private Wealth Services Criminal & Traffic Law Dispute Resolution

(08) 9322 1966 | careers@hhg.com.au | hhg.com.au/careers









Questions? Call our People Operations team on 9426 6711 or email peopleoperations@jacmac.com.au



Level 17, 225 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 jacmac.com.au/jm/ careers

About the Firm What are your firm’s key practice areas? • Commercial • Construction • Corporate • Dispute resolution and litigation • Energy • Environment • Estate planning and business succession • Insurance and risk • Intellectual property • Occupational safety and health • Real estate • Restructuring and insolvency • Tax, trusts and superannuation

Jackson McDonald is unique as we are one of Western Australia’s largest independent full-service law firms. We have played an integral role in shaping the State by providing our clients with clear, concise legal advice that is tailored to their commercial and operational needs. How would you describe your firm’s culture? At Jackson McDonald, you’ll find a supportive culture where we work together to further our goals. Collaboration is encouraged at every level partners, lawyers and support staff all work together to achieve common objectives. Our staff live by our brand promise of experience, confidence, and clarity. Our people champion the highest levels of professionalism and give back to the community wherever they can.

• Workplace and industrial relations

Graduate Jobs

What are the firm’s core values and what makes the firm unique?

What does your firm look for in a graduate?

We look for enthusiastic self-starters, who can Jackson McDonald stands by five integral core demonstrate the core competencies required for values which shape the way the firm operates. success – strong verbal and written communication Honesty & Ethics: Acting with personal and skills; the ability to work autonomously and in a professional integrity. team environment; and a developing ability to Contribution to the community: Contributing identify key facts and the relevant law. to the legal profession, charities, and community. Mutual Respect & Teamwork: Showing trust How can students apply for a graduate and consideration for our colleagues and achieving position at your firm? results through effective teamwork. At the outset of each year, we recruit a cohort of Client Focus: Building strong relationships with our graduates to join the firm. All vacancies at the firm, clients and understanding their industries to achieve including the graduate program, are advertised on SEEK, LinkedIn and our website. Simply apply by the best outcomes for them. submitting the requested information outlined in the Complete Professionalism: Maintaining advertisement. A member of our People Operations and applying the highest standards of skill and team will contact any shortlisted applicants. knowledge. 92

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in? We advise various local and international charities. We provide charities with professional pro bono advice and representation in all areas of legal need. In addition to legal advice, our lawyers have presented training programs for non-profit boards and management in areas such as risk management, insurance and governance. How does your firm distinguish itself from other law firms? Jackson McDonald is one of Western Australia’s largest independent full-service law firm. We have played an integral role in shaping the State by providing our clients with clear, concise legal advice that is tailored to their commercial and operational needs. Being proudly Western Australian is at the heart of how we operate. What defines every JacMac professional is the courage to be bold. To identify the most salient issues and proceed with confidence. To be honest and speak up for what we believe in. To take a stance and see it through. To leave things better than we found them.


JOHNSON WINTER & SLATTERY (JWS) About the Firm What are your firm’s core values? Looking after people is our top priority: our lawyers, business services professionals and our clients. Our ethos is: “we’re in it together” – it’s the cornerstone of our business and it guides our approach to everything we do. How would you describe your firm’s culture? When you ask our lawyers “why JWS?” the most common response is: “because of the people.” We pride ourselves on being down to earth and approachable, but always high performing. We put our lawyers at the forefront of Australian commerce and offer all the benefits that come with working for a large corporate law firm, but aim to be, quite simply, a better place to work. You will work closely with our partners and senior lawyers, and their doors will always open to you. We value ‘humanity’ and ‘collaboration’ over everything else. We care about the wellbeing of our people and invest time in understanding their objectives to support their development, throughout their careers.

Level 49, 152-158 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 jws.com.au/en/firm/ careers

Australia’s leading independent firms. We now have more than 70 partners, and offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

What are some notable awards your firm has recently received?

Johnson Winter & Slattery was started by three lawyers who wanted to do things differently – focusing on delivering the best legal work and client service. We have no targets for billable hours and less internal hierarchies, so you will be free to focus on getting the best outcomes for your clients.

In fact, we ranked #1 for Overall Client Service against all firms with a revenue over $50m.

We are making our mark on the Australian legal sector. We were named Best Law & How does your firm Related Services Firm ($50distinguish itself from other $200m revenue) in 2021 Beaton law firms? Benchmarks research – the When people come first, numbers industry’s only awards based on take the backseat. client feedback.

What significant work has JWS recently undertaken? Just a few examples of our recent work highlights include acting for:

• ASIC in relation to Our flat team structure means investigations and litigation you won’t be tied down early in arising out of the Banking your career. You will have the Royal Commission; opportunity to work with partners • the class in a high profile nationally, across a broad range class action Allianz Australia of practice areas and sectors, Insurance Ltd and Allianz giving you the best opportunity to Australia Life Insurance Ltd diversify your skills and to shape in the Supreme Court of your own career path. It also Victoria - the first proceeding means you will not be held back. in Australia; Our lawyers take on the work that reflects their ability, not their job • Spotify Inc on obtaining ACCC informal clearance for title. There are no barriers to your its acquisition of Whooshka; success with us. • a senior officer of Arrium Group in complex multiple proceedings arising out of the company’s $2.8B collapse We believe it’s this focus on one of the biggest corporate people that has seen our firm cases to hit Australian courts grow rapidly to become one of in many years; 94

• Microsoft Corporation (USA) on its acquisition of Brisbanebased video editing software start-up Clipchamp; •

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in?


We never lose sight of the During which periods do you responsibility of the legal offer clerkships? The representative profession in the broader We offer three intakes over complainant in the first ever community. summer and winter. Our clerkship Australian Privacy group Our focus is on helping low dates are as follows: action (270,000 Facebook income, disadvantaged or users are represented) marginalised members of the • Monday, 21 November 2022 to Friday, 16 December 2022 against Facebook over its community and the organisations data breaches involving which support them. We work with • Monday, 16 January 2023 to Cambridge Analytica; Friday, 10 February 2023 many established and emerging Unilever to successfully charitable organisations, taking • Monday, 26 June 2023 to defend a two-year ACCC over their legal issues so they Friday, 21 July 2023 investigation into alleged are free to focus on helping the competition law breaches, people and causes they support. How many clerkship positions resulting in no prosecution or Just a few of our pro bono clients are available for 2022? administrative action; include KYUP!, The Social Outfit, We usually take between 6-8 Potentia Capital on its bid Be Centre, Council for Homeless clerks in Perth over the summer as part of a consortium with Persons, Noah’s Ark, St Vincent and winter intakes. TPG Global LLC to acquire de Paul Society Sydney, Legal Aid NSW and Mary’s House. What tasks do clerks usually Smartgroup; We have ongoing secondment undertake? Peabody on its sale to MetRes arrangements with Marrickville of the Millennium coal mine Legal Centre, Youth Law The day in the life of a Clerk is and associated royalty Australia, Law Access and PIAC. learning with the flow of your arrangements; We participate in a regular clinic work – you add value to our Merivale Group on a high advising self-represented persons matters from day one. profile claim relating to the involved in litigation in the • There’s no limit to your alleged underpayments Supreme and County Courts in exposure. You have the of approximately 10,000 Victoria, and accept legal briefs freedom to work closely employees over a six year from Legal Aid NSW. with any partner and lawyer period; across all of our practice We also work closely with areas. Base Resources in relation to Justice Connect and Law Access the project structuring for the to obtain referrals to assist • Be supported by a Mentoring construction and procurement numerous Partner and Buddy Graduate/ other charitable contracting of the Toliara organisations with matters such Associate who will kick-start Sands Project (Madagascar); as constitution reviews, mergers, your learning experience. and lease disputes, obtaining • Involvement in complex and GB Energy on its landmark Deductible Gift Recipient status, challenging matters and see employment advice, privacy underground gas storage how they evolve. project in Gippsland, Victoria. advice, defamation and contract • You may learn something disputes. unexpected and unusual We are signed up to the National through detailed research Pro Bono Target with the in those matters and writing Australian Pro Bono Centre as a articles. part of our ongoing commitment to the community. 95

• Honing in your skills by reviewing, proof-reading, and drafting contracts and memorandums.

How can students apply for a graduate position at your firm?

Student Jobs

Does your firm offer The best way to get into our any casual or part-time • Supporting on the ground by graduate program is to join us as employment? attending and understanding a clerk. We offer part-time roles to our the courts. Apply to our clerkship program incoming graduates, giving you • First-hand exposure to the by submitting your CV, covering the opportunity to gain practical inner workings of a matter letter and current official experience during your final year by attending and sitting in on academic transcript via our of university. client calls and meetings. website, addressed to Wilma Lewis, our Senior People & How can students find these What are some things Development Consultant. opportunities and apply? students should avoid doing Once you have signed up to in their clerkship applications? our graduate program, just let Be prepared and submit your us know if you are interested in application before the deadline. What does your firm like to a part-time or casual role. We’ll Our clerkship program is very see in a clerkship or graduate also reach out to you if we feel competitive. Make sure you job interview? there is a particular opportunity also give your application one Candidates who are well that we think would support your last “fresh-eye” review before prepared, have great career goals. submitting to avoid any last communication skills and show minute errors that could prove a little bit of their personality. detrimental to your success. Interviews are a two-way street, so it’s important that you ask Do you offer clerkships questions too, so you can choose to non-penultimate year the right firm for you. students? Placements are offered to How can students best penultimate and final year law prepare for an interview with your firm? students.


Graduate Jobs What does your firm look for in a graduate? We are looking for people who are not only determined to get the best outcomes for our clients, but who share our values and want to work in a firm where people look out for each other. If you are driven to solve problems or get deals over the line, value collaboration over individual gain, and want a workplace that is low on admin and bureaucracy, then we want to talk to you. 96

We are looking for candidates that have not only excelled academically, but who are ready to bring their ideas and insights. Make sure you tell us why you want to work for us. We want to know about your previous work experience, university studies, other achievements and any other experiences you want to share with us – so come prepared. Of course, we’ll also have a few behavioral questions. It might help to do a little research on common interview questions and have a think about your responses before we meet.

Your career. Your choice. ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER Our flexible team structure means you will not be held back. Our lawyers take on the work that reflects their ability, not their job title. You’ll also benefit from your own structured and bespoke professional development program. There are no barriers to your success with us.



We were named Best Law & Related Services Firm ($50-$200m revenue) in 2021 beatonbenchmarks research – the industry’s only awards based on nothing but client feedback. In fact, we ranked #1 for Overall client service against all firms with a revenue over $50m.

Our business model is different to other firms. We want our lawyers to focus on the quality of their legal work and client experience. That means you won’t be under pressure to meet billing targets. You will compete with your adversaries, not your peers.

Just submit your CV, covering letter and current official academic transcript via www.jws.com.au/careers. You can address this to Wilma Lewis, our Senior People and Development Consultant.



What truly sets us apart is our people. We pride ourselves on being down to earth, approachable, but always high performing. Our ethos is: “we’re in it together” and it’s what we live by.


Wilma Lewis, Senior People and Development Consultant on email Wilma.Lewis@jws.com.au or phone 02 8247 9630. To learn more about our programs, visit our website: www.jws.com.au/careers



Level 51, Central Park 152-158 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 jonesday.com/en/ careers

About the Firm What are Jones Day’s core values?

What notable awards has • A determination to provide Jones Day recently received? We have a culture of team work quality legal services to our It has just been announced that for and mutual support and this is clients with real efficiency the sixth consecutive year, the Firm achieved by maintaining: and within an organization is ranked #1 in The BTI Consulting structured to facilitate, rather Group’s 2022 Client Service • Integrity, both individually and than to impede, the achievement A-Team report, which is based on institutionally; of these objectives; independent research. •A sense of Personal Accountability for every • A true unity of purpose among our lawyers which places the How does Jones Day decision, judgment, and action welfare of our clients and Jones distinguish itself? on behalf of our clients or firm; Day above that of any practice, Jones Day is distinguished by a • Competence is marked by region, office, or individual; and singular tradition of client service; creativity and judgment that the mutual commitment to, and the makes the quality and value • Commitment to Jones Day as a professional endeavor, seamless collaboration of, a true of our services distinctive, and composed of people who partner-ship; formidable legal which our lawyers will enhance have the same professional talent across multiple disciplines by continued professional values and aspirations, the and jurisdictions; and shared growth; most important of which are professional values that focus on • A dedication to our clients’ client needs. contained in these principles. interests and an intensity of effort The Firm’s 125 years of sustained which distinguish our lawyers What kind of pro bono work growth—in experience, reputation from others in the profession; does the firm engage in? and successful client interaction— • An independence which does The scale, reach, success and have been built by its dedication not detract from dedication to the resources of Jones Day permit us to a ‘One Firm Worldwide’ interests of our clients but which to give back in numerous ways philosophy, which fosters the always enables us to determine, to the communities in which we creation of interoffice and cross and to advise, what is in the best work and live. We demonstrate practice teams, assembled to interests of our clients; our deep commitment to ensure that clients receive the • Courage in representing our clients the needs of the public and best possible guidance and in hostile and sometimes individually particularly the disadvantaged representation, without regard to threatening environments; through a wide array of public barriers conventionally imposed • An understanding of our clients service activities. For a more by geography, borders, time that makes us more sensitive to detailed look at the projects we zones or language. their concerns and objectives are working on, please look at and a discipline that makes us - jonesday.com/en/firm/promore responsive to their needs; bono?tab=globalinitiatives 98

Clerkships We do not offer clerkships


Interviews How many positions are available in 2022?

We hire approximately 10-12 Graduates nationally. There is What does Jones Day look no specific target number for the for in a graduate? Perth office, we only make offers We are looking for exceptional to those who meet our academic and independent individuals and culture fit. with strong analytical and communication skills. Apart from Does your firm offer any strong academic achievements, international opportunities for it is important to demonstrate graduates or junior lawyers? an ability to deal effectively We provide extensive training with people in a professional through the New Lawyers environment. You should be program. Each year, we flexible and creative in your endeavor to bring together new approach to work, and be able associates from across the Firm to work cooperatively and at the “New Lawyers Academy” responsibly in a teamwork setting. in Washington for three days of Overall, we are seeking people who want to do the highest quality work in a friendly and cooperative environment, who demonstrate the ability to rise to a challenge and who are committed to constant growth in a dynamic professional environment How can students apply for a graduate position? All applications must be made online. We recruit on a rolling basis in Perth and advertise opportunities through the leading universities. To apply, send your cover letter, CV and academic transcripts to PerthRecruiting@ jonesday.com

hands-on training and meetings with Firm leaders. In addition to helping them understand Jones Day’s culture, organization and operation, the Academy gives our new lawyers the opportunity to meet their peers in the Firm’s other offices.

What does your firm like to see in a job interview? We are seeking candidates who have a strong desire to forge a successful career in commercial law. We don’t expect candidates to have any prior experience or to know what area of practice they would like to work in. We will provide the training and guidance, in return we are seeking individuals who are smart, hardworking, reliable, agile, driven and committed. We want to meet candidates that have enthusiasm to learn and take on new opportunities. How can students prepare for an interview with your firm? The interview process is exhausting, exciting and, yes, stressful. We won’t pretend it’s not. After all, big decisions are being made. Law firms are trying to find the best candidates to carry on their legacy, and law students are looking for a long-term professional home to support, challenge, and reward them. To help you make the decision that’s right for you, we recommend determining what’s important to you. It may be tough to tell at first glance, but firms have different cultures, strengths, and priorities. Before you choose, you need to know what you want. Are you already certain what practice you want to join, or would you prefer the flexibility to try out various practices before joining one?


Student Jobs Once you know Jones Day is right for you, these tips will help Does your firm offer casual or part-time employment? you in interview: • Know your CV: Be prepared We employ students as casual to answer questions about your paralegals in our Perth office. academic achievements, work How can students find these experience, and interests. opportunities and apply? • Know Jones Day: You can and should ask questions about the All applications must be made firm, but don’t ask about facts online. We recruit on a rolling easily accessible on the our basis in Perth and advertise website. Demonstrating that opportunities through the leading you’ve done some research universities. To apply, send your and know some of the firm’s cover letter, CV and academic unique attributes conveys to transcripts to PerthRecruiting@ the interviewer that you are jonesday.com genuinely interested in the firm. • Be yourself: You should be professional, but not cold or stiff. Being a well-rounded, personable human being is important to being a good lawyer. • Be enthusiastic: Law firms want associates who want to be there because it’s much more enjoyable to work with others who are excited about being members of the team.


Working at Jones Day… One Firm WorldwideSM Jones Day is a global law firm with more than 2,500 lawyers in 41 offices across five continents. The Firm is distinguished by: a singular tradition of client service; the mutual commitment to, and the seamless collaboration of, a true partnership; formidable legal talent across multiple disciplines and jurisdictions; and shared professional values that focus on client needs. The Firm’s 125 years of sustained growth in experience, reputation and successful client interaction have been built by its dedication to a ‘One Firm Worldwide’ philosophy, which fosters the creation of interoffice and cross-practice teams, assembled to ensure that clients receive the best possible guidance and representation, without regard to barriers conventionally imposed by geography, borders, time zones or language.

Australia Jones Day’s presence in Australia has grown significantly. The Firm has added new offices in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane over the last six years in addition to our office in Sydney, reflecting our commitment to expanding our service to the Australian market. Our lawyers work in a dynamic and stimulating multidisciplinary environment by collaborating with colleagues from different practices and different offices worldwide. We continue to attract many of the legal industry’s most highly regarded and sought-after lawyers while maintaining our focus on promoting internal talent through the ranks.

The New Lawyers Group Jones Day recognizes that many law students leave law school not knowing which practice they want to enter. We also believe that a more well-rounded lawyer is a better lawyer and that a wide range of experience is valuable to a new lawyer. Accordingly, many years ago Jones Day created the New Lawyers Group, which allows new associates to gain exposure to different practice areas and lawyering styles at the Firm before making a commitment to a specific-practice.

We provide extensive training through the New Lawyers program. Each November, we bring together new associates from across the Firm at the “New Lawyers Academy” in Washington for three days of hands-on training and meetings with Firm leaders. In addition to helping them under-stand Jones Day’s culture, organization and operation, the Academy gives our new lawyers the opportunity to meet their peers in the Firm’s other offices.

Graduate, Summer Clerkship Programs and Paralegal Positions We run summer clerkship programs in our Sydney and Melbourne offices that offer selected positions to talented students who are at their penultimate year at university. We give our summer clerks real work for real clients, to provide them an opportunity to learn what the practice of law at a large firm is all about and we aim for summer clerks to become future graduates of the Firm. In Perth and Brisbane we recruit paralegals on a rolling basis with the view that paralegals have the opportunity to do meaningful work and become future graduates at the Firm.

A Culture of Client Service and Collaboration Jones Day’s commitment to client service means our lawyers work together in a collaborative atmosphere where teamwork is essential, respect for and from colleagues is the norm, and credit is shared for a job well done. In fact, every facet of the Firm is structured to promote an environment that’s client-focused, but also professionally fulfilling for lawyers at any career stage. We expect our lawyers to focus completely on a client’s needs, with the full support and encouragement of their peers. We recognize that partners and associates alike contribute to the Firm in a variety of ways, and we reward lawyers for their overall contributions to the Firm and for promoting the Firm’s values. For further information regarding our recruitment programs, the application process or the interview process, please visit our website at www.jonesday.com. Applications must be made online. Please visit us at 101 www.jonesdaycareers.com/australia

KING & WOOD MALLESONS (KWM) About the Firm What are KWM’s values? We are driven by a simple purpose – to use our mastery of the law for the lasting prosperity of our clients, people and communities. Everything we do is grounded in a set of 8 global principles which guide the way we operate as a leading international firm – how we enable our clients to succeed, how we help our people to grow and achieve their best performance, and how we support our communities to thrive. Our 8 principles that guide our decision-making and behaviour: QUALITY - Strive for Mastery We take pride in our work to the next level. As masters of our craft, we’re passionate about learning, pushing for excellence and raising the standard for every single client. For us, quality isn’t an abstract notion – it’s personal. EMPATHY - Be Emotionally Mighty We are deep, active listeners, taking time and care to truly connect with others on a human level. Law is a people business. EQ and IQ carry equal weight. GENEROSITY - Share by Reflex We don’t accumulate knowledge for our own sake – we build and share knowledge to help clients, colleagues and communities. Collaboration comes naturally. 102

Level 30, QV1 Building 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 kwm.com/au/en/ careers/graduates/ graduates-australia. html CLARITY - Make the Complex Simple How would you describe We are confident communicators your KWM’s culture? who clarify, never mystify. This One of our strategic priorities clarity supports real time decision- is to be a great place to work making and helps clients navigate and grow. We strive to create through complexity. a working environment where CREATIVITY - Break New Ground people have access to the support required to do their We own our creativity and put it job, development opportunities to work. Passionate about what tailored to their needs, and the we do, we are stimulated by chance to contribute to something new challenges and bold ideas. bigger than KWM. By asking better questions and exploring what’s possible we Many of our previous Graduates share one of the main reasons break new ground. they joined the firm was our DYNAMISM - Debate Freely, people. Here’s what our people Move as One have to say: We welcome healthy debate, “The culture at KWM is to take broad thinking and exchanging your work seriously, but not to different perspectives. This take yourself too seriously. In diversity is our advantage. But my experience as a graduate once we decide on a course of solicitor, everyone around the action, we stick to it and move office is open to sharing a laugh, forward together. their time, and their knowledge” TRUST - Trust in our Collective – Andrew McLeod, Solicitor. We hold ourselves to the highest “It’s a great place to work at. Not ethical standard and invest only to you get to work on some in building deep, trust-based of the most significant matters in relationships. Mutual support the market, you also get to work gives us the strength we need to with some really exceptions be daring and perform at our best. leaders and lawyers throughout Trust leads to better collaboration the firm” – James Semit, Senior across teams and jurisdictions. Associate BETTERMENT - Sharpen Your Edge We are experts with an insatiable appetite for learning. The growth mindset we cultivate keeps us at the top of our game, and right at the leading edge – exactly where our clients need us to be.

How does KWM distinguish itself from other law firms?

What notable awards has KWM received?

spend on pro bono work as equal to billable work. Some examples of pro bono work our Perth Graduates have been involved in include attending the Street Law Clinic one day per week as a Law Graduate and the Youth Law Australia (Cyberlaw Project).

King & Wood Mallesons is • Most Innovative Law Firm distinguishable from other law – Practice of Law – Digital firms by the way we grow marketAdvisors in Financial Times leading lawyers. Our lawyers Asia-Pacific Innovative are supported to reach their full Lawyers 2021. potential with our unique future- • Feb 2022 - Top 75 Graduate focussed training experience Employers for 2022. that incorporates legal tech, • Feb 2022 - Grad Connection client centricity and technical Most Popular Law Employer During which periods do you excellence. award. offer clerkships? • 9th in the 2022 Thomson Summer (3 weeks: November – What significant work Reuters Global Elite Law Firm December) and Winter (3 weeks: has your firm recently Brand Index. undertaken? June – July). King & Wood Mallesons advised • #1 ranked law firm in Australia and China (2020 Chambers How many clerkship positions Woodside Petroleum Ltd on its Asia Pacific rankings). are available for 2022? proposed merger with the oil & gas business of BHP Group This depends on business needs. Limited, which would create the What kind of pro bono work largest energy company listed does the firm engage in? What tasks do clerks usually on the Australian Securities King & Wood Mallesons is proud undertake? Exchange, with an anticipated of the ongoing contribution we We offer clerkships that give market capitalisation in excess of make to the community through an insight into what it’s like to A$40 billion. our “KWM Community Impact” be a lawyer at King & Wood KWM also recently supported program. Our 2022 Strategic Mallesons. You’ll get to know Super fund giant Qsuper in its Vision is to inspire & empower our people, the way we work, landmark merger with Sunsuper. our people to address some of our culture, practice areas, clients The new fund, Australian the major justice challenges of and more. Retirement Trust, with over $200 our time and create a more just What you’ll learn billion in assets, is the largest-ever society by reducing inequality & • The day-to-day skills to get you poverty among young people. super fund merger. started – taking instructions, An additional deal supported by Our lawyers provide pro meeting with clients, drafting our firm, was for Reliance Rail. A bono assistance on matters memos and documents, ‘first of its kind’ in the Asia Pacific for not-for-profits, for-purpose managing your practice and Market, KWM assisted Reliance organisations, UN agencies, professional relationships. Rail in refinancing its existing academic institutions and peak bank debt facilities with a 21- bodies, as well as volunteering • The core practice teams at King & Wood Mallesons – year Green Sustainability-Linked at community legal centres to who they are, what they do, Loan (GSLL). The GSLL not only assist individuals in need. We how they’re structured, the supports Reliance Rail’s ESG firmly believe that providing pro clients they work for, and of strategies, but also eliminates bono legal advice to people course, your role within them. in need is part of fulfilling our potential future refinancing risk. professional responsibility and • Our culture – working within helps to improve access to justice. your team, you’ll be exposed We value this contribution by our to (and encouraged) to get lawyers and treat the time they actively involved in the many



activities and events that help create our unique culture.


• Our people – you’ll find that What does your firm look for people from every part of in a graduate? the business will help you by • Intellectual curiosity - to us, sharing their knowledge and intelligence is not measured supporting you through the by your GPA. We want early stages of your career deep thinkers who seek out and beyond. information and diverse views to reach a practical and How can a clerk stand out or efficient solution to business make a good impression? problems. • Tailor the application and think • Client centricity – we work about why you are applying in our clients’ worlds and to the firm. partner with them to achieve • Take your time – don’t leave their business goals. We writing or submitting to the last need people who can stand minute. in the shoes of the client and experience things from their • Be honest in your application perspective. and don’t be afraid to let your application reflect your • Learning agility – the personality. international legal landscape What are things to avoid in clerkship applications? Being late and underprepared. Do you offer clerkships to non-penultimate year students?

is changing every day. We need people who demonstrate personal flexibility and an openness to dealing with change.

• Growth mindset – we are growing the international law firm for the future. We look for people who seek out learning No, however we have our opportunities and embrace “KWM Insight” program which challenges. runs nationally and is aimed at pre penultimate year law • Teamwork - we operate as students. Find more information one family, one firm working here - kwm.com/us/en/careers together and supporting each other across cultures. We want people who build relationships and empathise with others. How can students apply for a graduate position at your firm?


How can students apply for a graduate position at your firm? We follow the first round offers process at King & Wood Mallesons in Perth. Former Summer and Winter Clerks will be eligible to apply for a Graduate position and we invite you to apply closer to the time. How many graduate positions are available in 2022? This depends on business needs. Does your firm offer any international opportunities for graduates or junior lawyers? We offer a domestic secondment or transfer program where we regularly transfer partners, lawyers and other staff between our offices. A transfer can be for a short period of 3-6 months or for a longer period. Transfers between our offices assists with knowledge sharing and experience around the firm, benefitting both our people by developing the future leaders of the firm and our clients. Hopefully, in the near future, this will extend to our overseas offices once again.

Student Jobs Does your firm offer any casual or part-time employment? We do offer limited Law Clerk opportunities to those who have been a former Summer or Winter Clerk. This is discussed during your Clerkship with us.


We are redefining what a law firm can be. Working for some of the world’s most innovative organisations, our people go beyond the law. They are inventors, designers, and pioneers – translating smart ideas into ground-breaking solutions. Grow and thrive with KWM.


Culture of innovation, collaboration and high performance.

Multiple career pathways where you can shape your future.

World-class training and coaching to unleash your full potential.

High impact work for the world’s leading organisations.

Relationships that last a lifetime.





Level 32, 44 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 klgates.com/careers

About the Firm What are your firm’s core values? At K&L Gates, one of our core values is to create and sustain a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture that encourages satisfaction and productivity for all of our lawyers and professional staff. It is our strategic priority to maintain an inclusive culture that enriches the experience of our lawyers, enabling them to better serve our clients. We do this by:

potential. This is achieved through our extensive range of learning and development programs; industry group collaborations; practice group meetings; flexible work programs and health and wellbeing programs. Our people are ambitious and work hard to ensure that our clients’ needs are met. We also like to have fun, connect with each other in an informal and social sense so coming to work is enjoyable.

• Ensuring that inclusion is How does your firm distinguish itself from other always top-of-mind; • Expanding the K&L Gates law firms?

profile in the talent market; K&L Gates is a fully integrated global law firm with lawyers and • Executing a talent located across five continents. In development program that Australia we have four offices in improves lawyer integration Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We are a fully integrated and retention. network of lawyers and legal professionals who believe How would you describe that clients need more than your firm’s culture? technical legal skills; they need At K&L Gates, we believe our insightful and practical advice culture is unique. It reflects the on the diverse issues that affect personality of our people as being their businesses, delivered with down to earth, collaborative, unparalleled client service. Our straight talking, socially combination of practice strength, responsible and possessing a global platform, and unsurpassed strong work ethic. client service is a true differentiator We recognise the individual needs in the legal services marketplace. and differences each person With a strong presence in brings to the firm. Our aim is to key capital cities and world create a supportive culture which commercial and financial centres, fosters an environment where we represent a broad array of everyone can work to their full Global 500, Fortune 100, and 106

FTSE 100 corporations in nearly every major industry, including energy, financial services, health care, infrastructure, life sciences, manufacturing, sustainable development, technology, telecommunications and transportation amongst others. Are you looking for a law firm that really is different? Where you can be empowered to DISCOVER quality work and clients, DEVELOP through opportunities to learn more while growing your career, and THRIVE in a diverse and inclusive culture? Then join our global community of talented visionaries. What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in? We actively encourage our lawyers to provide pro bono legal representation and to participate in other charitable, community, educational, and professional activities. Our annual Global Day of Service program helps to foster and strengthen connections across the firm’s global platform and promote, recognise, and celebrate our commitment to community service around the world. In 2020, we devoted more than 46,000 hours to Pro Bono Cases.

What notable awards has K&L Gates recently received?

Client Service Strategist by BTI Consulting Group 2018

• Ranked #1 as the Top • Listed by Australasian Lawyer Performer SEO Law Firm by as one of Australia’s most Good2bSocial’s 2018 Social innovative law firms for our Law Firm Index and #2 for ground-breaking CLE OnThought Leadership in 2019. Demand offering. • K&L Gates was again among the top five firms — out of more than 14,000 ranked — for most national first-tier rankings in the 2020 U.S. News-Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” survey and were also recognised as “Law Form of the Year” in the area of Corporate Law.

During which periods do you offer clerkships?

At present the firm is not offering clerkships programs. Instead the firm offers a casual paralegal program for final year students. What significant work We take onboard about 4-5 has your firm recently paralegals and involve them in undertaken? meaningful work. Our casual Matters are confidential. paralegal job advertisements can However, here is a list of be found at www.klgates.com and representative clients: advertising commences January • Bill & Melinda Gates 2022 and concludes February 2022, with commencement of Foundation paralegal work in March 2022. • BlueScope Steel

• For the eighth year in a row, K&L Gates was ranked by Law360 • Canadian Solar (Australia) in the publication’s Global 20 survey as one of 20 leading • Commonwealth Bank of Australia globally law firms based on international presence and the • Coty, Inc. (Adidas, Burberry, capabilities to handle complex Calvin Klien, Gucci, GHD cross-border matters. and others) • A broad cross-section of our • EnergyAustralia lawyers continue to be listed • Leighton Contractors amongst Australia’s elite in the Chambers Asia Pacific and • Medibank Private Asia Pacific Legal 500 legal • Microsoft Corporation directories, and the annual Best • National Australia Bank Lawyers listing published in the • Starbucks Corporation Australian Financial Review. • United Petroleum Pty Ltd • The firm is consistently recognised by the Australian • Wells Fargo / Wachovia Government Workplace • Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC Gender Equality Agency as an Employer of Choice for Gender • Westpac Banking Equality. Corporation • Our firm was awarded the • World Wrestling named Employer of Choice Entertainment, Inc. in the large firm category by Australasian Lawyer. • K&L Gates has also been honoured as a top achiever in advancing diversity within the legal profession.


Graduates What does your firm look for in a graduate? • Strong academic results - We pay particular attention to marks attained in black letter law subjects. • Consistent, ongoing work experience throughout university - This does not necessarily have to be in the legal industry. We recognise that client service experience is valuable. • Ongoing involvement in extracurricular activities – university societies, voluntary work, sports teams etc. • Strong communication skills; written and verbal. • Leadership experience. • A diverse range of experiences with people from various backgrounds. • Evidence of business acumen and an interest in commercial law demonstrated in application.

• Recognised as a Leading 107

How can students apply for a graduate position?


We generally recruit our graduates from within the firm (such as previous seasonal clerks or casual paralegals. Stand-out candidates are often enthusiastic and eager to learn with great academic and extra-curricular achievement.

What does your firm like to see in a job interview? K&L Gates is about more than practising law or making a living. It’s about building something amazing—creating a legacy for you, the firm, our clients and the communities we serve.

• Know the firm well - Research the firm, practice areas, lawyers, etc. This is a vital step towards showing your commitment. Have a thorough look at our website, videos and social channels, plus use a search engine to find any news articles we have appeared in. What is our mission or vision? How did we begin and when? What are some of our major projects?

We look to recruit well-rounded, talented people, to provide the opportunities and support for • Target the job description 2-3 positions them to achieve their best. It - Make sure you read the sounds simple, and to us it is. Our key responsibilities and Does your firm offer any aim is to develop commercially requirements for the role, so international opportunities for orientated and entrepreneurial that during the interview you graduates or junior lawyers? lawyers. Solid academic results can weave these and reflect Yes, visiting other K&L Gates are important but to be a future based in your strengths and offices or working with clients. lawyer in our firm you need to experience. This will go a long demonstrate talent and skill in a way towards proving your variety of areas. suitability and capacity for the role, and demonstrates why We are looking for smart, you are the right candidate to imaginative and hard-working Does your firm offer the interview. people with diverse back­grounds, any casual or part-time experiences and ideas to join us. • Be transparent/genuine, employment? Perhaps our search for talented show your passions, values, Yes. At present the firm offers a visionaries and your search for motivations. We recognise the important and impact­ f ul work casual paralegal program for diversity each person brings to lead to the same place. final year students. We take our firm, and our aim is to have onboard about 4-5 paralegals not only great professionals How can students best and involve them in meaningful but also amazing people that prepare for an interview with work. help to enhance our culture. your firm? We also have secretarial roles and opportunities in our support Interview questions aside, overall job interview preparation for areas, such as Client Services. graduates is key to ensuring a positive first impression. You can How can students find these improve your chances of job opportunities and apply? Our job advertisements can be interview success at K&L Gates with these tips: found at www.klgates.com How many positions are available in 2022?

Student Jobs


DISCOVER Looking for a law firm that really is different? Where you can be empowered to DISCOVER quality work and clients, DEVELOP through opportunities to learn more while growing your career, and THRIVE in a diverse and inclusive culture? Then join our global community of talented visionaries. To learn more about how you can discover, develop, and thrive in a dynamic global law firm, visit klgates.com/careers.

THE K&L GATES EXPERIENCE. K&L Gates LLP. Global counsel across five continents. Learn more at klgates.com.



Level 2, Suite 4A, 1 Hood Street, Subiaco 6008 mylodau.lodlaw.com

About the Firm What are your LOD’s values?

How does your firm distinguish itself from LOD is an organisation committed to balance. It’s other law firms? something that drove our inception in 2007 and LOD is the pioneer of the NewLaw movement in continues to this day. We believe that all types of Australia. We’re market leaders in flexible legal people should be able to work as a lawyer in a work and we pride ourselves in thinking differently way that works for them. LOD has also developed about how we work. 5 key ways of working: • We deliver – we make an impact each day, What are some notable awards your firm has we focus on what matters, act as a team and recently received? LOD has won hundreds of awards across Australia • We are creative - we are curious, we seek new and overseas since we began operations. Most ways of working and embrace new technology recently, we were recognised as an Employer of Choice by Australasian Lawyer for the third • We care & collaborate - we find the best in each year in a row. Overseas, we were also awarded other, we show our clients and our people that Diversity Initiative of the Year in the Middle East and we care Excellence in HR Innovation in the UK. • We are inclusive - we are personal and authentic, we embrace diversity and positive engagement What significant work has your firm recently to help us grow undertaken? • We are trusted - we act ethically, we take Our lawyers are distributed across hundreds ownership and earn trust from each other and of legal teams across Australia and thousands our clients around the world. They work for household name companies and provide advice and strategy from How would you describe your firm’s culture? the inside. Our lawyers work across industries, from LOD’s culture centres around flexibility and the world’s leading tech firms and energy giants to excellence. Our lawyers get to call the shots – want financial start-ups and not-for-profits. to work full-time, part-time or project-by-project? Need to fit around family, travel or interests? Fine What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in? by us. celebrate our success

We work with some of the world’s biggest organisations and we expect our lawyers to be more than just good lawyers – they are also commercially-minded, strong communicators and great colleagues.


As our lawyers are predominately on secondment, they engage in the pro bono activities that their organisations are running. In addition to these activities, LOD lawyers are also invited to join the Annual Legal Walk for Law Access.

Student Jobs Does LOD run a clerkship/graduate program?

How do you begin your in-house journey?

Whilst we work with law students and recent graduates to place them on in-house paralegal secondments, we don’t offer a clerkship or graduate program due to the supervision requirements for restricted practitioners. We support junior lawyers by helping them build their legal experience and careers via in-house secondment work.

We love supporting junior lawyers who want to work flexibly and transition from private practice to in-house. Once a lawyer has completed their Restricted Practising period (usually 2-3 years PQE) we can facilitate in-house secondments. We help you kick off every assignment, understand what your clients want and get to grips with market trends and legal updates.

How does LOD employ lawyers?

Does your firm offer any casual or part-time We have the flexibility to employ lawyers in employment? whatever way suits them best. Lawyers can opt to Yes. work part-time or full time and can be offered a How can students find these opportunities fixed-term contract or permanent employment. and apply? We often have paralegal roles available. To explore current roles, please visit: mylodau.lodlaw.com/–

Launch your

career with

Get the freedom to work how you want, the inspiring work you deserve and the support you need to succeed. LOD pioneered the very first alternative legal service in 2007, and we continue to lead the exciting market we created. We support the best legal and compliance teams across the globe with our ‘People+’ model – the best people in the business solving our client’s problems quickly and effectively, supported by the finest legal technology and operations.

Open doors. Fast-track your career. Get practical, relevant experience.

We have: 9 offices across the globe (and the ability to work outside of those locations). Over 1000 world-class lawyers and paralegals, legal operations & tech experts, plus risk and compliance professionals operating across our secondment, law firm and consulting solutions. LOD is still one of the largest and fastest growing alternative legal services businesses in the world. With LOD, you get all the best bits of being a lawyer - interesting work with some of the world's most exciting organistion's. Plus the flexibility and freedom to live your life the way you want. Our people are integral to who we are and our success. For the third year running, we’re proud to be recognised as an Employer ploy er of ofChoiice Choice by Australasian Lawyer.

08 6380 7600 LODlaw.com/join linkedin.com/company/lodlaw



Level 4, Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 m i n t e re l l i s o n . c o m / careers

About the Firm What are your firm’s core values? • We build authentic enduring relationships

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in?

and At the heart of MinterEllison’s Pro Bono and Community Investment • We deliver excellence without Program is our Purpose: creating lasting impacts with our clients, attitude our people and our communities. • We are curious and innovative The program is designed to bring • We make diversity, in all its together the best of our Firm to forms central to collaboration address cycles of disadvantage • We support sustainable ways facing the most vulnerable sections of our communities. It of working We create lasting impacts with recognises the opportunity we our clients, our people and our have to make a positive impact, whether providing pro bono communities. legal advice, mentoring of school We create lasting impacts when students from disadvantaged we consistently live and work areas, other skilled volunteering in the MinterEllison Way. This is or in-kind assistance, amplifying what brings meaning to our work; fundraising and awareness it guides the decisions we make, campaigns, providing charitable and the actions we take, every giving support to not-for-profit day. This is our commitment to organisations, strengthening each other. social enterprises, or working with Our culture is built on the our clients, community partners foundations of trust, integrity and and networks to drive systemic fairness. change. Our Pro Bono and What significant work has your Community Investment Program is driven by a deep commitment firm recently undertaken? to human rights directed across MinterEllison has acted in a four interconnected pillars: landmark cartel case, successfully defending the criminal cartel • Human rights and access to justice action against Citi executive Itay Tuchman. • Homelessness (including domestic and family violence) In a record-breaking year for the Firm, MinterEllison worked on • Empowering youth over 100 M&A deals in 2021. • Alleviation of poverty 112

Last year, MinterEllison won the Legal Firm Award at the WA Attorney General’s Community Service Law Awards. How does your firm distinguish itself from other law firms? We’re driven by a strong sense of purpose. We create lasting impacts with our clients, our people, and our communities. In a world of relentless disruption, we also need to think beyond the law. We’re driving digital transformation and embedding a culture of curiosity and innovation. We’re investing in adjacent consulting capabilities to provide seamlessly integrated solutions to our clients. And our people are committed to making a meaningful difference in the communities they live and work in. What notable awards has MinterEllison received? At the 2022 IFLR Asia-Pacific Awards MinterEllison won the Restructuring Deal of the Year for work on Boart Longyear, and the prestigious National Law Firm of the Year Award for Australia.


Graduate Jobs

During which periods do you offer clerkships?

How can a clerk stand out or make a good impression?

How can students apply for a graduate position?

MinterEllison offers a Summer Clerkship Program in Perth running from late November to early February. If you are successful, you will also be offered a graduate position for 2024 with the opportunity to paralegal in your final year at university. We believe in investing in your career from the first day of your clerkship as that is the day you start your journey at MinterEllison.

We are not looking for people to fit a mould. Academics are just one piece of the puzzle and we recognise the strength that diversity can bring to a team. Work experience, extracurricular activities, sporting participation, music and travel are all important criteria to us. We want you to bring your whole self to work - individual strengths and diversity are what build our teams up to be the successes they are.

If you are successful in obtaining a clerkship with MinterEllison you will also be offered a graduate position for 2024 with the opportunity to paralegal in your final year at university. We believe in investing in your career from the first day of your clerkship as that is the day you start your journey at MinterEllison.

What tasks do clerks usually undertake? Our clerkship program offers meaningful work experience, structured by a comprehensive orientation program and learning on the job to build both technical skills and commercial knowhow.

What are some things to avoid in their clerkship applications?

Tailor your application to MinterEllison; highlight the research you have done and make sure you address why During our program you will: you want to work with us. Start • work closely with partners preparing your application early and lawyers on active matters to ensure you can submit it on time to meet deadlines and proofread your application • produce quality and before you submit it! meaningful work Be yourself! We want you to • participate in tangible bring your whole self to work. We learning & development are interested in learning more activities and about you; showcase your skills, • attend social and networking experiences and achievements. events Do you offer clerkships How many clerkship positions to non-penultimate year students? are available for 2022? We estimate there will be 8 Yes, although our Clerkship Program is most suited to students positions available this summer. in their penultimate or final year of their law degree.

What does your firm look for in a graduate? The same qualities that we look for in successful clerks (as we offer both a clerk and graduate role on offers day). How many graduate positions are available in 2024? We estimate there will be 8 positions available for 2024. Does your firm offer any international opportunities? The junior lawyers at MinterEllison have been on secondment internationally to Hong Kong, Ulaanbaatar and London. They have also been able to do interstate rotations in our other Australian offices.



Student Jobs

What does your firm like to see in a clerkship or graduate job interview?

Does your firm offer any casual or part-time employment?

We like to see people be authentic We offer casual paralegal work in their interviews. Everyone to our future graduates depending has a different story to tell and on business need. we want to hear yours and how you could potentially fit in with MinterEllison. How can students best prepare for an interview with your firm? Research our firm and its people. If there is a particular area of law you are interested in working in, ensure you know as much as you can about what we do in that space before your interview.





Your future. Your choice. Choose to make an impact. At MinterEllison, we provide our clerks and graduates with exceptional training, development and experiences.

Learn by working on real challenges Right from the start you’ll work on real client engagements, preparing you for any challenge. Discover new areas of practice, and learn the technical knowledge and tools you need to achieve your career ambitions.

Discover industry and market insights Our industry programs span across all of our practice groups, ensuring collaboration amongst our teams that creates real impact for our clients:

Health & ageing

Financial services

Real Estate


Energy & Resources



Bring your whole self to work We want our people to be exactly who they are at work by fostering an inclusive workplace. We want you to excel as a future lawyer. It’s all in your hands now.

Make an impact You’ll have the chance to work with our Pro Bono and Community Investment program and market-leading social enterprise practice:

Pro bono

63K+ hrs of pro bono services

RAP impact

Social impact


over 100

pro bono hours supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations

new social enterprise and Indigenous business clients engaged and supported

For information and to apply visit graduates.minterellison.com

MinterEllison Virtual Internship Want to experience a true-to-life day of a MinterEllison lawyer? Our interactive virtual internship offers you an insight into the commercial work we undertake here at MinterEllison. Curious?

graduates.minterellison.com 115


Level 30, 108 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 nortonrosefulbright. com/en/careers

About the Firm

How does NRF distinguish What notable awards has itself from other law firms? Norton Rose Fulbright received?

What are your firm’s core values?

Norton Rose Fulbright is a truly global law firm, providing a full business law service to household-name businesses and financial institutions. We have more than 4000 lawyers and legal staff, based in 50+ cities across Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. And in amongst that global network, you’ll find some of the finest minds in the legal sector – all ready to aid your development.

Quality, Unity and Integrity. How would you describe your firm’s culture?

We pride ourselves on our culture and work hard to maintain it. We are widely recognised as an inclusive, friendly, collaborative and supportive workplace with a genuine sense of community. We are confident you will recognise these qualities from your very first Knowing how our clients’ business encounter with us. works and understanding We aim to leverage the rich what drives their industries is diversity of our people in order fundamental to us. Our lawyers to provide better service to our share industry knowledge and clients now and into the future. sector expertise across borders, We value difference and the enabling us to support our client’s variety of perspectives that this anywhere in the world. brings to the firm. We offer education assistance We recognise our people have support to all staff and design and responsibilities outside of work deliver development programs and that providing flexible addressing our employee’s work arrangements can assist in specific needs. Our award achieving an appropriate balance winning International Academies between a fulfilling career and are delivered to Associates, Senior personal commitments. Associates and Special Counsel at the relevant stages of their career.

• Employer of choice for gender equality • Workplace gender equality agency citation, Australia, 2014-2021 • Silver status for LGBTI inclusion in the workplace • Australian Workplace Equality Index, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 • Family Inclusive Workplace certified supporting partner, 2021/202 • Freedom award – Anti-slavery Australia • International Law Firm Innovation for the 2nd year in a row at the annual Legal Innovation Awards • Project & Infrastructure Finance Law Firm of the Year at the annual Islamic Finance News (IFN) Awards 2021. • Recognised in the 2022 edition of “WTR 1000: The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals” • Environment and planning team in Australia has been recognised in Doyle’s Guide 2022 for New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria across four categories.

We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. We continue to strive as an employer of choice worldwide by valuing difference, promoting a culture of • Advised on 18 Deals of the Year and received the award respect for each individual, and for Legal Adviser of the Year at encouraging workforce diversity this year’s IJGlobal Awards. in all aspects and at all levels. 116

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in?

What significant work has NRF undertaken?

NW Interconnected Power (a consortium between Macquarie, Vestas, CWP, Intercontinental Energy and others) on the Asian Renewable Energy Hub, an energy project developed by a consortium of global energy leaders, to provide legal support for the development of what will be the world’s largest hybrid renewables/hydrogen project. Located in Pilbara, WA, the “The legal profession is a project aims to export renewable profession and not only a energy via a subsea power cable business; its members have a duty to Indonesia and Singapore. to temper the pursuit of individual InterContinental Energy on the self-interest; and that they have world’s largest proposed green a collective obligation to do hydrogen development, the their best to make legal services 56GW Western Green Energy available to needy people. Hub in WA. Once completed Collectively, this is a matter of and producing wind and solar duty, not generosity.” power by about 2030, it will Aside from giving back to the be the largest such energy hub community, undertaking pro bono in the world and will generate work can also help develop your 50GW of renewable energy legal skills, provide a business to create millions of tonnes of development opportunity to green hydrogen and ammonia partner with fee-paying clients for international export. This is equivalent to the energy and improve wellbeing. generated across the whole of We also focus on our Corporate the east coast of Australia from Social Responsibility. Our Melbourne to Cape York. approach to Social Impact and Environmental Sustainability is TotalEnergies SE on a synthetic a strategic objective aligned to infrastructure agreement with the firm’s corporate strategy. The Global Infrastructure Partners program is built upon our Business in connection with its 27.5 per Principles of Quality, Unity and cent interest in the Gladstone Integrity and recognises that we LNG Project in Queensland for have unique skills and abilities consideration of US$750 million. coupled with both the will and Shell on its sale to Global the obligation to make a positive Infrastructure Partners of a 26.25% impact in the communities where interest in the Queensland Curtis we live, work and do business. LNG facilities for US$2.5 billion. This is a landmark transaction globally as it represents one of the first significant acquisitions by The Pro Bono Team Leader is based in our Perth office. One of the primary reasons for lawyers to undertake pro bono work is the individual professional obligation that each lawyer has to ensure equal access to justice given their privileged position as a member of the profession that has the exclusive right to practice law. As the Honourable Murray Gleeson eloquently put it:

an infrastructure player in midstream LNG assets (paving the way for further investment around the world) as well as a multibillion-dollar transaction taken to market and undertaken under COVID 19 conditions. Woodside Energy (the operator of the gas field) with its negotiations with joint venture partners and the governments of Australia and Timor-Leste to transition governance of the Sunrise project from the previous regime to a new regulatory framework established under the Maritime Boundary Treaty Process. Emerald Resources NL on the private equity-funded Okvau Gold project debt facility. This is the first financing of a mining project of any kind in Cambodia. Closing this financing is a significant milestone for Emerald Resources and the development of its 100 percent owned Okvau Gold project, a major focus for the company since 2016.

Clerkships During which periods do you offer clerkships? 1 x 8-week summer clerkship program (Nov 2022 to Feb 2023. How can a clerk stand out or make a good impression? • Be curious and get to know your practice groups and the firm; • Be proactive and show initiative to learn and take on tasks; • Be authentic and bring your whole self to work; and • Be involved in team and firm events and activities.


What tasks do clerks usually undertake?

Graduate Jobs

Our summer clerkship program offers a real taste of life as a Graduate, including attending client meetings and teleconferences, visits to court, research, preparation of court documents, drafting deeds/ contracts, discovery and more!

What does your firm look for in a graduate?

There will also be additional activities for you to take advantage of including: • Key skills training with our Learning and Development team; • Q&A sessions with our leaders; • Presentations about areas and deals; and


• Networking and social events. Wherever you look, you’ll be throwing yourself into new things, all with the support of your supervisor, mentor, buddy and other team members. What are some things to avoid in applications? Be careful of grammatical errors on your application. Make sure to address your cover letter and application to the local HR contact. We encourage you to tailor your application to us and let us know exactly why you’re interested in joining our program.


What does your firm like to see in a clerkship or graduate Although strong academic job interview? results are important, it’s not • Prepare for your interview the only criteria – Norton by researching our firm, your Rose Fulbright seeks wellinterviewer and be ready to rounded candidates who have explain your interest in Norton strength beyond academia, Rose Fulbright; including work experience and • Be yourself and be honest in extracurricular interests. We also your responses; look to candidates with strong • Be prepared to provide specific commercial awareness, a global examples of situations where outlook, open mindedness and issues/obstacles arose and long-term motivation for a career how you overcame it, rather in the law. than giving generalisations; • Make the most of opportunities to meet Norton Rose Fulbright staff during the recruitment Via our Norton Rose Fulbright job process; and board: www.nortonrosefulbright. • Remember, interviews are a com/graduates two-way process, so make sure you ask questions to How many graduate ensure we are the right fit for positions are available in you. 2023? How can students apply for a graduate position?

5 – 10. Does your firm offer any international opportunities?

How can student’s best prepare for an interview?

In addition to the points above, do your best to calm your nerves Yes, given our global reach with and know your CV inside out. 50+ offices around the world, our program provides you with the opportunity to do a six month secondment in one of our international offices within Does your firm offer casual or Do you offer clerkships your first two years with the firm. part-time employment? to non-penultimate year So far, our Graduates have Yes – dependent on business students? done secondments in the United need, we offer casual paralegal Applications are open to pre- Kingdom, Singapore, Hong positions. penultimate and final year Kong, Dubai, South America and students. How can students find these the United States of America. opportunities and apply? How many clerkship positions Via our Norton Rose Fulbright job are available for 2022? board: nortonrosefulbright.com/ 5 – 10. 118

Student Jobs


Nina is a change navigator When you’re playing futsal, you attune to a pace that’s fast. Fast and critical thinking as part of a team comes naturally to Nina. Currently on our graduate program, she’s putting her speed of thought to good use on secondment, walking – or running – in the shoes of our client. We’re providing the next generation of lawyers like Nina with the knowledge, skills and understanding to help our clients achieve their goals on the global stage – always staying one step ahead of the competition. We don’t simply adapt to change. We thrive on it. Law around the world nortonrosefulbright.com



282 Rokeby Road, Subiaco 6008 pragma.law

About the Firm What are Pragma’s values? Utmost Integrity • we are open and honest. • we adhere to ethical best practice. Delivering outstanding value • Our dedication to our clients separates us from other firms. • We strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients in the most cost-effective and timely way. • We do this by working as a team, challenging conventional thinking and always going the extra mile. Forward thinking • We are constantly improving our skills and knowledge. • We engage with new technologies to deliver efficiencies to our clients. Fostering great team members • We build each other up. We recognise, celebrate and reward individual and team contributions. • We treat each other with respect and honesty. Leaders in the community

How would you describe your firm’s culture?

Pragma Lawyers is not a “traditional” law firm. We pride ourselves on being nimble and outside-the-box thinkers. Our firm’s values form the foundation of its success and our culture. We emphasise the importance of living our values, which we have developed together as a team after an extensive selfanalysis process: we act with the utmost integrity, we take pride in delivering outstanding value to clients, we are forward thinking, we foster both great team members and working What significant work environment, and we are leaders has your firm recently undertaken? in our community. Recent work has been varied: How does Pragma distinguish Pragma has advised on the sale itself from other law firms? of significant mining tenements Pragma helps its clients avoid to an international purchaser and resolve disputes so they (encompassing both insolvency can focus on what’s important. and commercial advice), advising Pragma is leading the way in on the sale of The Subiaco Hotel, legal innovation, being one of commencing, and resolving a the first firms to implement cost large dispute between former effective models such as outcome directors of a goldmine in Western based pricing and fixed-fee early Australia, and appearing in the Perth Casino Royal Commission. mediation.

• We have in place activities and processes to stay mentally and physically healthy so we are What notable awards has Pragma received? always operating at our best. • We provide pro bono support to Externally, since the firm was disadvantaged persons on a far established in 2014, the firm has greater per person scale than our grown dramatically in both size competitors. We do this through and reputation. Pragma has been both financial and in-kind support recognised as one of the fastest growing law firms in Australia to the Subiaco Justice Centre. 120

(Australasian Lawyer Magazine, October, 2016) and we were nominated as a finalist in the Australian Law Awards, as well as listed in Australasian Lawyer Innovative Firms for 2016 and 2019. We made the list for the Australasian Lawyer Employer of Choice for 2019 and 2020, we became a finalist in this year’s Australian Law Awards Wellness Initiative of the Year 2020. We were also recently selected as an Excellence Awardee for our Insolvency & Restructuring Deal of the Year for 2021.

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in? Consistent with our values, Pragma undertakes a wide range of pro-bono work including litigious matters such as debts owed to migrant employees, defending violence restraining

orders for the elderly and defending claims brought by banks against individuals. Our clerks and Graduates also assist in the day-to-day operations of the Subiaco Justice Centre, a not-for-profit organisation that Pragma is heavily involved in.

working with. Clerks can expect to undertake a wide variety of legal and administrative tasks that assist in building their legal cache and skillset. Tasks include drafting legal documents, correspondence with parties, assisting Lawyers in their attendance at court or in mediation, writing articles, and conducting targeted or broad spectrum research. Pragma is During which periods do you generally open to cater for a clerk’s particular interests in the offer clerkships? At Pragma, we aim to ‘do things law in providing opportunity to differently’ for both our clients, as work in both team-specific and well as for the people we recruit general capacities at the firm. to be part of our team. Pragma do not formally participate in How can a clerk stand out or the clerkship application process make a good impression? however our recruitment model Know your stuff. We do not want sees us hire casual paralegals you to repeat our website back all year round to be part of to us but know our practice areas our growing team. When we and why you want to join what do recruit paralegals, we are we do. Seek out information looking for team players who from fellow students, there are have a willingness to go the extra plenty of great clerks that work mile and want to be part of a with us currently that can give team that deliver the best possible you insights. Know why you want to be in the interview. There results for our clients. are many firms around that are How many clerkship positions unique in their own ways, find out what those differences are and are available for 2022? seek interviews at firms that align 1-2 with your values and goals.


What tasks do clerks usually undertake?

Do you offer clerkships to non-penultimate year When you are part of the Pragma students? team you are exposed to a wide variety of tasks within the We look to employ students from standard day-to-day running first year through to final year of a law firm. This ensures clerks which provides a diverse range of are well prepared for life beyond students into our paralegal pool. studies and gives an opportunity to those clerks who wish to be part of the team as either a Graduate or a Lawyer, to be nurtured into these future pathways by the staff that they will later be closely

Graduate Jobs What does your firm look for in a graduate? We have a growing team of professional staff members who are focused on delivering results through our pragmatic approach. We’re always looking for positive, motivated people to join our team in range of capacities. How many graduate positions are available in 2022? 1 to 2. Does your firm offer any international opportunities for graduates or junior lawyers? No, we do not. Although at Pragma you will get plenty of opportunities to be involved in matters with our local, national, and international clients. How can students find these opportunities and apply? To learn more about Pragma Lawyers or to be in the know about future paralegal or graduate vacancies, please follow ‘Pragma Lawyers’ on Instagram, visit our website pragma.law/join/ or email through you cover letter and CV to careers@pragma.law.


A culture like no other.

Pragma Lawyers was founded in 2014 to offer a more pragmatic approach to law that better aligns with our client’s interests. It’s an approach that has seen us grow and become a dispute resolution firm of choice.

As a Pragma tradition, everyone from our firm attends admission ceremonies at the Supreme Court to support and congratulate our newly admitted lawyers.

We have also become an employer of choice, too, with a stylish new workspace

If you’re interested in joining

in Subiaco and a culture that encourages

our dynamic young team,

putting in the extra 1%, thinking outside

email careers@pragma.law

the square, and celebrating the wins.

Find out more at www.pragma.law 122

Sparke Helmore’s Graduate Program: become part of our family The Sparke Helmore Graduate Program is a rewarding way to kick-start your legal career, joining a firm that make it all about you. The first year of practising law can be daunting. Our Graduate Program is designed to guide you through the experience, providing you with comprehensive training and mentoring as well as networking opportunities. You will benefit from specialised soft skills training, equipping you with the tools and knowledge you need to become a capable practitioner and strong all-rounder. You will also have access to the firm’s mentoring program, which pairs you with a senior lawyer in another practice group to give you a broader understanding of the firm and its other areas of law.

8:00 am | I’ve arrived at the office a little bit earlier than usual today to help prepare for a hearing. The hearing was originally scheduled to be conducted over Microsoft Teams, but after some frantic 4:30pm emails between the parties the day before, the hearing is now in person at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Having prepared the brief a couple of days ago, I quickly compile all the documents needed for the hearing

We operate in a way that puts our clients and our people at the heard of everything we do—we’re proud to be described as down to earth, practical and easy to deal with. When you join our Program, you will interact every day with our loyal and exceptional client base and quickly become involved in matters that will engage and challenge you, giving you unparalleled opportunity to grow and experience what the law is really like.

The team—a Special Counsel, Barrister and myself—meet to discuss our strategy before heading into the hearing room. It’s eye-popping to hear the issues that had previously only existed on paper (for me anyway) being argued out by both sides right in front of me. Year 11 “Suits”obsessed Cindy would be proud!

Our culture provides the foundations of a welcoming and inclusive environment and we encourage people from all backgrounds to join us. Hear from Cindy, one of our recent graduates, about a day in her life as part of the Sparke Helmore family.

9:20 am | It’s time to head off to the Tribunal. I’m excited to physically see the action happen in real time—rather than on Microsoft Teams!”

1:30 pm | It’s time for a break and we chat through the morning’s events over lunch, before heading back into the hearing room. 3:30 pm | The hearing has adjourned for the day, and we walk back to the office. My afternoon to-do-list includes compiling tribunal documents, finalising a litigation strategy and also drafting a brief to counsel. 6:00 pm | I had made decent headway with the brief and am ready to head home. If you want to know more, why not take a moment to visit our website and learn more about Sparke Helmore’s Graduate Program.

Cindy Huang

www.sparke.com.au/join-us/graduate-program/ adelaide | brisbane | canberra | darwin | melbourne | newcastle | perth | sydney | upper hunter



Level 11, Eastpoint Plaza, 233 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 6000 sparke.com.au/joinus/

About the Firm What are your firm’s core values?

How would you describe your firm’s culture?

• Client-first — putting our clients at the heart of Friendly and down to earth everything we do • Honest — always being authentic, ethical and What notable awards has Sparke Helmore received? behaving with integrity and respect • Respect and inspire people — enabling • 2019 - Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards - Diversity firm of the year (Finalist) people to be their best • Agile — open to change, adapting to • 2020 - Queensland Law Society Awards - Workplace Culture and Health Awardchallenges and uncertainty Organisation (Finalist) • One-firm — working collaboratively towards • 2020 - Australasian Law Awards - Law Firm of achieving our goals the Year (Finalist) • Walk the talk — leading by example and • 2020 - Australasian Law Awards - Corporate showing the way Citizen Firm of the Year (Finalist) How does your firm distinguish itself from other law firms?

• 2020 - Australasian Law Awards - Insurance Specialist Firm of the Year (Finalist)

• Market-leading expertise — we are a full • 2020 - Global 100 - Intellectual Property Law service national law firm who work with a loyal Firm of the Year - Australia (Winner) and exceptional client base. You will be involved • 2020 - Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards in matters that will engage you, challenge you - Law Firm of the Year (Submitted) and give you unparalleled opportunity to grow • 2020 - Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards and deepen your expertise. - Legal Support Professional of the Year (Finalist) • Real legal work — from your first day, you will • 2020 - Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards have the opportunity to get involved in legal - Insurance Team of the Year (Finalist) work that contributes to the firm and its clients. • 2021 - Australasian Law Awards - Law Firm of • Training and development — a combination the Year (Finalist) of formal and on-the-job training that covers • 2021 - Lawyers Weekly - Top 25 Attraction technical and soft skills. Firms for 2020 (Finalist) • Mentoring and networking — we have a proud reputation for mentoring and facilitating • 2021 - Lawyers Weekly - Top 25 Attraction Firms for 2021 (Finalist) relationship building across the firm in a way that fosters personal and career development, networking and the sharing of knowledge, experience and learning. • Opportunities to give back — through our Pro Bono and Community Programs. 124

Clerkships We do not offer clerkships.

Graduate Jobs What does your firm look for in a graduate? • “All-rounders” who engaged in extra-curricular pursuits as well as their studies (our graduates have often excelled at mooting, debating, team sports or student politics in addition to their studies) • Team players • Clear and concise writers

Interviews What does your firm like to see in a clerkship or graduate job interview? Candidates to come prepared and most of all to be themselves! How can students best prepare for an interview with your firm? Research – read up about the people and team members: https://www.sparke.com.au/people/ and always come in with questions for us!

Student Jobs

Does your firm offer any casual or part-time • Experienced in any of the following: summer employment? clerkships, casual paralegal positions, voluntary Yes, depending on business needs. legal aid experience and tipstaffing How can students find these opportunities and apply? How can students apply for a graduate position at your firm? All employment opportunities are advertised We recruit graduates in all nine of Sparke Helmore’s through the ‘Join Us’ section on our Careers Page. offices depending on business requirements. Where graduate positions become available they will be advertised through the ‘Join Us’ section on our Careers Page. • Confident and articulate communicators

How many graduate positions are available in 2022? This depends on business needs. Does your firm offer any international opportunities? To be eligible to apply for this role you must be an Australian Citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident.



are boutique in size and nature. You will work with partners and clients directly, providing you What are your firm’s core the opportunity to contribute in a values? meaningful way. Our values shape our everyday actions and decisions which play What significant work has your an integral role in our success. firm recently undertaken? Collaboration – We work together Like most business law firms we do globally to build trust relationships a broad range of commercial law with each other and our clients. work for a diverse group of clients. Professionalism – We act ethically Some highlights over the past year and uphold the highest standards include: of professionalism. • Working with oil & gas companies as they transition Excellence – We think differently into clean, renewable energy and continuously innovate and providers and miners of the inspire others. materials used to create Diversity – We recognise and batteries to power our cars embrace each person and their and our homes contribution.

Level 21, 300 Murray St, Perth 6000 squirepat tonboggs. com/en/careers firm and encourage our people to bring their whole self to work. We have built a diverse and inclusive culture that makes coming to work each day a pleasure. While we enjoy the challenging nature of our work, we understand the importance of spending time together in an informal social setting. With this in mind, we provide opportunities for staff including social functions, volunteering days and sporting activities. We also offer benefits that reflect your commitment and are designed to support your wellbeing and development.

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in? Responsibility – We are • Advising the team building the new Perth Airport Rail Link The key focus areas for our pro accountable to ourselves, our teams and to ensuring our firm’s • Buying and selling iconic WA bono program are: brands and guiding new tech • Disadvantaged youth success. We support the wellbeing start-ups to access funding to • Homelessness of each other and our communities. develop their innovations • Alleviation of poverty How does your firm distinguish How would you describe your • Access to justice itself from other law firms? • Protecting civil rights Our founding clients included firm’s culture? entrepreneurs such as the Our culture rewards collaboration, • Assisting charitable organisations legendary JD Rockefeller. That accountability and responsibility • Promoting diversity, equity and spirit is reflected in the way in supporting our clients, our inclusion we work – we are connected, people and our communities. Our values are intrinsically linked to • Addressing environmental, social commercial and committed. and governance matters our culture; they are more than While our global network provides words on a page which provide During the past financial year we connections, opportunities, the foundation of the decisions we have provided almost $380,000 worth of fee support and more resources, and international make. expertise to accelerate your We recognise the value that each than 1,000 hours of support on career, our Australian offices individual can contribute to the pro bono matters. The vast majority 126

of our pro bono referrals come directories such as Chambers from our working relationship with and Partners and the Legal 500. Many Rivers and Bloom. For several years running we Many Rivers is a for purpose micro have been recognised as one of finance organisation that provides the top 30 global international support to Aboriginal and Torres arbitration practices by the Global Strait Islander peoples and other Arbitration Review. In addition, we Australians who want access to are also recognised by Law 360 the economy however, for various as one of the top 20 law firms reasons, lack the financial or with the greatest global reach and practical business support to do expertise. so. Bloom is a youth-led non-profit organisation operating in the coworking, university and school What does your firm look for in aged spaces. a graduate? We also provide assistance to Women’s Legal Service WA We recognise diverse backgrounds unique perspectives focusing on assisting women who bring have experienced injury as a result that help us solve complex of a criminal offence understand problems, enrich relationships their legal rights and apply for and strengthen our culture. We criminal injures compensation in are seeking collaborative people who will thrive in our culture and WA. demonstrate proactivity, initiative, Additionally some of the other curiosity, enthusiasm and passion. causes we have supported include: How can students apply? • Ronald McDonald House Apply online via our website. Your Charities Greater Western Law Society representatives will Sydney Ltd be notified when applications • Middle Stump open. Our application process • Teach Learn Grow Inc involves submitting your CV, cover • Wildlife Information, Rescue letter and academic transcript. Shortlisted applicants will be and Education Service, Inc. invited to an online video interview. • Bicycles for Humanity We will then invite a final shortlist • YouthCARE of applicants for an interview with We are a signatory to the our Partners. National Pro Bono Target and are committed to undertaking at least How many graduate positions 35 hours of Pro Bono legal work are available in 2022? per lawyer per year. In February 2022, five graduates joined our Perth office and we What awards has your firm expect a similar number for next recently received? year. Around our global network our lawyers and teams have been consistently recognised in legal


Does your firm offer any international opportunities? Yes, these opportunities arise from time to time. Paralegals and graduates have previously travelled internationally such as to Fiji and Singapore. Being a global firm, we also provide the opportunity to work with international colleagues and clients from our Australian offices.

Interviews What does your firm like to see in a job interview? We want to learn about your experience and interests in and out of the law. Tell us about yourself and not what you think we want to hear. Prepare questions. We encourage you to ask questions and ensure this opportunity is the right fit for you.

Student Jobs Does your firm offer any casual or part-time employment? Yes, we offer paralegal opportunities throughout the year based on business requirements, allowing you to experience working in a commercial firm. In previous years, we have recruited our casual paralegals for graduate positions. How can students find these opportunities and apply? Apply online via our website. Your Law Society representatives will be notified when applications open.


Be Be Yourself You do not need to leave your personality at home to work here. Be committed – Support our clients, our people and our community. We emphasise and reward collaboration, accountability and responsibility. Be connected – Work alongside lawyers across the country and all around the world. Be creative – Help oil and gas companies transition into clean, renewable energy providers or guide startups to access funding to transform innovative ideas into reality. Be commercial – Adapt what you have learned about law to real-time scenarios for real people. Be challenged – Set your own career path using the tools, know-how and options we offer.

We are looking for people who will thrive in our culture and contribute to our success. Be one of us. squirepattonboggs.com

*This artwork was created by our Perth office in collaboration with students from Dandjoo Darbalung at St Catherine’s College, UWA. It represents their families woven into narratives of our values and this country.



Applications Open 27 June 2022

2022/23 Vacation Clerkships

Applications Close 31 July 2022

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45+ Corporate Lawyers and Graduates

“Being a Graduate at Steinpag means that you are joining a family of commercially minded, bright and interesting people. As a grad, you will get the rare opportunity to assist with providing solution focussed advice to clients from the start, which allows you to quickly develop your legal skills and enrich your ability to understand both the commercial and legal elements of deal making. The team at Steinpag is friendly and approachable and the range of work allows you to challenge your problem solving skills each day.” S. Azzopardi “As a Graduate at Steinepreis Paganin you are given a high level of responsibility and can develop your legal skills quickly, whilst being provided with excellent training and support. The Firm has a great work environment, where teamwork is highly valued.” J. Moore

For more information please refer to our Careers page at Growth





www.steinpag.com.au 129


Level 27, Exchange Tower, 2 The Esplanade, Perth 6000 tglaw.com.au/currentopportunities/

About the Firm

How does Thomson Geer distinguish itself?

What are your firm’s core values?

Thomson Geer provides an • Advising UK and Canadian excellent opportunity for junior listed Altus Strategies plc and lawyers, being large enough to United Arab Emirates specialist attract excellent quality work mining and streaming company while maintaining small teams AlphaStream Capital on their that enable junior lawyers to get joint acquisition of a gold exposed to all aspects of the royalty portfolio from Newcrest matters they work on. Mining Limited valued at US$37.5 million. Our small teams also mean that

Thomson Geer strives to deliver best practice legal skills to our clients, doing so efficiently, reliably and with an authentic and transparent approach.

We are focused on enhancing the competitive position of our junior lawyers have excellent clients in whatever circumstances opportunities to work directly they find themselves in. with, and learn from, our Partners This philosophy extends to the and other senior practitioners and way we interact with each other. get to take a hands on role in the Honestly and transparently and matters they work on. supporting each other to be the best lawyers and people we can What are notable awards be. has Thomson Geer recently received? How would you describe • Named as Australian ‘Midyour firm’s culture? Market Legal Adviser of the We create an environment that Year’ and the Mergermarket is flexible, friendly, personable, Awards 2021. collegiate, and professionally • Named by Best Lawyers in stimulating. Australia as ‘Law Firm of the We work hard to enhance this Year’ for Real Estate Law in culture through transparent, Australia for 2022. authentic communication, and by • Named by Best Lawyers in ensuring we are respectful and Australia as ‘Law Firm of the accountable to each other every Year’ for Retirement Villages day to provide an environment and Senior Living Law in where our staff can grow Australia for 2019 and 2021. personally and professionally. • Ranked by Chambers Asia Pacific as a Band 1 Practice for TMT: Media in Australia for 2022 130

What significant work has Thomson Geer undertaken?

• Acting for South African-based seafood company Sea Harvest on its acquisition, through its Australian subsidiaries, of West Australian fishing company MG Kailis for A$70 million. • Advising Kalium Lakes Limited (ASX: KLL) on an oversubscribed A$50 million capital raising to fund the expansion of its Beyondie Sulphate of Potash Project in Western Australia. • Advising mineral exploration and development company Copper Search Australia Limited on its successful and oversubscribed A$12million initial public offering and listing on the Australian Securities Exchange. • Advising Kimberley Ports Authority on all aspects of the construction lease and subsequent 50 year operating leases and licences in relation to the landmark Kimberley Marine Support Base project in the Port of Broome.


• Advising Dato Holdings Pty Ltd in relation to the A$105 million redevelopment of the Kardinya During which periods do you Park Shopping Centre. offer clerkships? We offer two summer clerkships each year. One in the November/ December period and one in the We understand the importance January/February period. of giving back to our community. For us that means helping ensure How many positions are those who need it have access to available for 2022? legal representation and advice. We also seek opportunities to Approximately 10. We only support worthwhile causes. accept penultimate year students. An initiative we are committed to is providing pro bono legal What tasks do clerks usually advice to marginalised and undertake? disadvantaged groups across the Clerks undertake a range of tasks States in which we operate. depending on the practice area Thomson Geer has signed up to they work with. Common tasks the Australian Pro Bono Centre’s include: aspirational target of 35 hours • attending client meetings; of pro bono legal work per • observing court proceedings; practitioner per year (in fact, our lawyers can spend up to • conducting legal research; 50 hours per year on approved • drafting correspondence and court documents; pro bono matters and receive financial credit for this time). We • due diligence and disclosure. are constantly looking for ways that we can connect our lawyers How can a clerk stand out or with pro bono opportunities that make a good impression? will utilise their skills to make a Clerks at Thomson Geer are meaningful contribution to our provided with meaningful work local communities. for real client’s right from the start We provide pro bono support of their clerkship. The best way across all areas of law. Some for clerks to stand out is to of our pro bono clients include • show a real interest in the Arthritis Australia, Choice Passion work and our clients; Life, St Vincent’s Hospital, Mercy Health Foundation, HIV/AIDS • commit to producing high quality work; and Legal Centre, Justice Connect, excellent Maluk Timor, MND Queensland, • demonstrate communication skills. and Together for Humanity Foundation. All of our clerks are viewed as What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in?

graduates that our lawyers need to possess. Our lawyers are genuinely interested in our clients and their businesses. They need a critical and curious mind and are passionate about developing solutions in their commercial context. Our lawyers work collaboratively in diverse teams with both senior and junior practitioners across legal disciplines and jurisdictions. What are some things students should avoid doing in their clerkship applications? We recommend that students proofread their applications to avoid simple errors such as spelling the firm name wrong! Students should also avoid copying and pasting cover letters for other applications.

potential graduates, and all of our graduates as potential leaders. We therefore look for the same qualities in our clerks and 131

Graduate Jobs


What does your firm look for in a graduate?

What does your firm like to see in a clerkship or graduate job interview?

How can students apply for a graduate position at your Our graduates are curious, firm? hungry to learn and committed We primarily hire graduates from to constant innovation and our summer clerks. When we improvement. When we receive look to hire graduates outside of an application, these are the that process, applications can be things that make you stand out made through our website. from the crowd: • A genuine interest in the areas Does your firm offer any international opportunities for of law in which we practice. graduates or junior lawyers? • Demonstrating an understanding of, and We are a proudly national firm interest in, the commercial and while we often get engaged environment, as this helps on matters with international our people contribute to the elements, we do not offer international secondments or success of our clients. rotations. • Demonstrating a dedication to pursuits outside of your university studies. Whether it be in work or community interests, being able to show that you constantly seek opportunities to contribute more than is expected – in both your personal and professional pursuits. We hold in high regard a commitment to continuous self-improvement. • We look for a strong work ethic in our people, so we look for an application that is able to demonstrate that. And importantly, be yourself. A diverse range of people is important to our success, and we love to see your personality in your application.


We like to see some of a student’s personality along with thoughtful responses that demonstrate their passion for commercial law, their understanding of the commercial environments and their dedication to self-improvement. How can students best prepare for an interview with your firm? Our first interview is a video interview and students are provided 48 hours to consider the questions and record their responses. This gives students time to plan and record their answers at the time that best suits them.

Student Jobs Does your firm offer any casual or part-time employment? Yes. How can students find these opportunities and apply? These roles are advertised on our website when they are available.

Reach your potential

Join a major Australian law firm. Starting your legal career at Thomson Geer will not only offer you real, hands-on experience across a wide variety of commercial disciplines and industry sectors, it will also instil in you an ethical code to serve you throughout your working life.

We’re ready for you

Are you ready for us?

With over 560 people, including 128 partners across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, we’re one of Australia’s 10 largest law firms and its 5th largest independent one.

We’re looking for hard-working and motivated law students who have excelled academically, are customer focused, commercially minded, work well in a team environment and are ready to commence their career with a major law firm.

We offer a flexible, friendly and professionally stimulating environment that puts both our trusting client relationships and our staff’s wellbeing and development at the forefront.

We are especially keen to talk to students who have, or are working towards a second degree in technical fields, such as commerce, engineering and science.

From day one, you’ll be an active participant in the team, involved in all aspects of legal practice, and working directly with experienced practitioners.

How to apply Applications for our 2022/2023 Perth Summer Clerkships open on 22 June 2022 through our website.

tglaw.com.au Thomson Geer @ThomsonGeer

Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth | Adelaide tglaw.com.au 133


Level 40, 108 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 tottle.com/careers

About the Firm

How does Tottle Partners distinguish itself?

What kind of pro bono work does the firm engage in?

What are your firm’s core values?

Our lawyers do not have to wait years to do challenging and interesting work; they work directly with our clients and senior lawyers from day one. We operate an ‘open door’ policy and do not work in a rigid hierarchy or team structure, which provides our lawyers with the opportunity to work with many of their colleagues in the firm and gain experience in a range of practice areas. With many of our partners having left large national firms to join Tottle Partners, we know the importance of flexible work practices and enabling our staff to achieve a positive work/ life balance.

We act pro bono for a range of not-for-profit and community organisations. We are a signatory to the National Pro Bono Target and are committed to achieving the goals set out in the Western Australian Pro Bono Services Model and to supporting the statement of principles incorporated into the Target.

Tottle Partners values expertise, service and value. Expertise: Our clients benefit from the extensive capability, experience and consistency of our talented lawyers, who are specialists in the areas in which they practise. Service: We pride ourselves on providing a personalised, direct service. We are well resourced and committed to understanding our clients and their interests and forging strong relationships with them over years of working with them. Value: We are focused on results, not process driven. We have a strong pragmatic and ‘value for money’ approach. We understand our clients’ need for certainty regarding costs. How would you describe your firm’s culture?

What notable awards has Tottle Partners received? The firm and its lawyers have repeatedly been recognised locally, nationally, and internationally in reputable peer and client guides as leaders in the areas in which we practice.

During which periods do you offer clerkships? Our clerkship program is open to students in their penultimate year of study, running for a period of 2 weeks throughout the summer and winter university holidays. What tasks do clerks usually undertake?

Our program provides clerks with the opportunity to gain experience in multiple areas of commercial practice and have direct access to partners. They are not limited to working within only What significant work one practice group. Applicants has your firm recently can read about one of our recent undertaken? clerk’s experiences at www.tottle. Resolving arbitration proceedings com/careers, which is indicative in New Zealand relating to a of the tasks are clerks usually Government prison expansion undertake. program

The Tottle Partners culture is founded on all of our staff supporting and respecting each other and knowing that they are valued for their contribution. We are proud of our down to earth culture, where we work hard but know there is more to life than the daily grind. Acting for a leading University to establish and successful complete its major building program 134


Graduate Jobs How many clerkship positions are available for 2022?

What does your firm look for in a graduate?

letter is always well regarded, avoid trying to put too much information in your cover letter as this can be overwhelming. It should be one page maximum and include all of the items noted in the application process.


Student Jobs

Does your firm offer any casual or part-time 8. We only accept penultimate We look for our graduates to employment? year students. be enthusiastic, proactive and Yes. to embrace Tottle Partners’ core How can a clerk stand out or How can students find these values and culture. make a good impression? opportunities and apply? Students who apply and correctly How can students apply for a Details are available on our follow the instructions on how graduate position? website www.tottle.com/careers. to apply, will be looked at Our application process is favourably. This shows attention straightforward which provides to detail from the first interaction some insight into the type of with us. firm we are. Those details are available on our website www. What are some things tottle.com/careers. students should avoid doing in their clerkship applications? How many positions are A well written and succinct cover available in 2022?

Interviews What does your firm like to see in a clerkship or graduate job interview? We like to see someone who is well prepared, interested in the firm and the values and culture we have, and enthusiastic about an opportunity to join the firm as a clerk or graduate. How can students best prepare for an interview with your firm? Students can research and gain an understanding of the firm, our lawyers and the areas of practice in which we specialise.


At Tottle Partners we want you to have life experience... so we make sure you have a life.

Tottle Partners is an independent boutique law firm. We specialise in litigation, alternative dispute resolution, insurance law, health law, corporate law and commercial matters. www.tottle.com


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When applying for Associateships or similar roles, most people think of the Supreme Court of Western Australia (SCWA). Indeed, the SCWA is where the majority of students that go on to do Associateships end up at. But every court in the Australian system requires Associates. This includes the Magistrates Court, Family Court, District Court, the two divisions of the SCWA, the Federal Court and the High Court. We hope that the series of articles in this section will give you an insight into what it is like to work at each of these different courts.




Day in the life of an Associate

The benefits of being at the Court

You will notice from the articles in this section that the specific day-to-day aspects of working as an Associate differ from Court to Court, and indeed from judge to judge.

The first main benefit is the close relationship you build with your Judge. It is very rare for a junior student / fresh graduate to have a close 1 on 1 relationship with someone at the pinnacle of their career - and that goes for most, if not all careers in the professional services sector. You learn a lot about the law and how it is applied. If your Judge is a specialist in a particular area of law, and that area aligns with your own personal interests - you will leave the Court having been exposed to interesting and niche aspects of that area.

However, you can expect to do the following categories of work: • Legal research and judgment proofing. The legal research aspect is pretty similar to that in private practice – your judge is like the partner that asks you to write a research memo on an area of law. Judgment proofing is another big aspect. This is very different to how proofing is colloquially understood. Often your judge will ask for your opinion on how well he has understood, expressed and applied the law to the facts in his draft judgment; • Administrative duties. These could include maintaining and preparing electronic and hard copy files for hearings, setting up Court, knocking the judge(s) in and out of Court, inCourt duties such as arranging video links, swearing in witnesses, passing materials from counsel to the bench, and keeping everyone’s water topped up; and • Any ad-hoc duties your judge has for you. This could include (as it does in Murphy JA chambers) watering your judge’s pot plants, keeping his printer stocked up with paper, and arranging monthly Judges’ Lunches. 140

The second benefit is the exposure to litigation and advocacy. You quickly realise what it is, and what it isn’t. If you’re remotely interested in litigation and advocacy being at the Court is a great way to be exposed to both written and oral advocacy. You can never rule something out until you’ve tried it. Being at the Court gives you many transferable skills. Critically engaging with submissions, the law, and draft judgments allows you to further develop your analytical skills and attention to detail. And these skills are transferable no matter whether you end up as a front-end projects or M&A lawyer or a courtroom advocate.

Different courts So how do you choose which to apply to? One approach is to think At the SCWA, within each of the about which areas of the law you are interested in and go from there. COA and GenDiv, you may have For example, you might notice from the articles in this section: judicial officers that specialise in • the Family Court deals with family law (often described as a very civil cases (eg, Murphy JA, Kenneth “human” area of the law) and has a quicker turnaround of cases, Martin J, Master Sanderson), or criminal cases (eg, Mazza JA, meaning you get exposure to a higher volume of advocacy; Hall J, Corboy J), or a mix of both. • in the Magistrates Court you will see a lot of high-volume, highturnover cases that might be relatively speaking, legally less complex. It is pretty rare for students to go directly from studying to become • the District Court does the heavy lifting for criminal cases; an Associate at the High Court. • the general division of the SCWA (GenDiv) primarily deals with trials Usually, many High Court Justices (and some appeals), whereas the Court of Appeal (COA) primarily recruit several years in advance, deals with more complex appeals and questions of law; and it may be advantageous to • the Federal Court has jurisdiction to deal with judicial review of have worked as an Associate decisions by officers of the Commonwealth. The Federal Court also at a lower Court and/or have experience in practice. deals with many bankruptcy and insolvency cases.

Supreme Court Buildings and Gardens, Old Court House, Stirling Gardens

Supreme Court of Western Australia, David Malcolm Justice Centre, 28 Barrack Street

District Court of Western Australia, 500 Hay Street

Family Court of Western Australia, 150 Terrace Road



Yasmin Kirkham Juris Doctor, UWA Class of 2022 David Malcolm Justice Centre, 28 Barrack Street, Perth 6000 supremecourt.wa.gov.au/

Why did you apply to be an Associate?

As a part-time Legal and Administrative Associate to President Buss I work 2.5 days a week. The Court of Appeal primarily hears appeals from the District Court and Supreme Court of Western Australia. My main role is to assist the Judge in the progression of appeals.

I was attracted to the idea of working as an associate as I have always been interested in advocacy and how our court systems operate. Despite some experience working in law firms, I hadn’t yet been to court and was largely unfamiliar with the adversarial process. I wanted to see how Prior to an appeal hearing, I help prepare materials judges and barristers use the legal principles I have that Judge will need. This includes lots of printing learned throughout my degree to grapple with and filing (which I find quite therapeutic), collecting complex issues of law and fact. legal authorities and sourcing exhibits. In court, I act as orderly and collect the judges from their How and when can students apply? chambers and maintain order in the courtroom. And Applications for the following year typically open yes, I do get to knock them into court. I sometimes in late February. Advertisements are posted on do legal research which is super interesting. the Supreme Court website and distributed by the We also proofread judgments before they are university law schools. Candidates provide a cover published; while this can be tedious, it is very letter, resume and academic transcript. satisfying when you find a mistake! Some positions also become available throughout Because Associateships are typically limited to the year, such as my position (which was advertised one or two years, Judges want to give you the in May). I was lucky to secure one of the part-time best experience they can. You get to form close roles at the Court of Appeal, which works great relationships with your Judge and fellow Associates alongside my studies. and build a lasting network for your legal career. I have recently begun a ‘themed Friday’ initiative Who can apply for a position? where Buss P chambers wear a different colour To apply for an Associateship, you will need to each Friday. have graduated, or almost have completed your Another benefit of working at the Court of Appeal law degree. is seeing some of the best counsel in the State argue about niche and complex issues of law. It What is the application process? has been a privilege so early in my career to watch Candidates submit their applications, complete an experienced counsel and gain insight as to what to interview at the Court and then receive an offer do in court (and what not to do!). from the Judges if successful.


Do you have any tips? Be yourself throughout the application process. While Judges may seem intimidating, they genuinely want to know who you are and whether you will be a good fit to work alongside them.

If you can, pop down to Court and watch a few different proceedings. Not only will it give you further insight into the role, but it will also give you something to talk about in your cover letter and Don’t sell yourself short! You have worked hard interview! to get to where you are so don’t hold back in Reach out to previous Associates and see what highlighting your achievements. their experiences have been (they are all extremely Include hobbies outside of law in your application. friendly). While it is a competitive application process, it is If you are unsuccessful, don’t lose hope and keep an your personality and your interests that will make eye out as some positions become available later in you stand out. the year. Many Associates have been successful on Personalise at least one sentence in your application their second or third application. to the specific Judge and detail why you are interested in the work that they do. Do some research and find out who works on civil matters and who works on criminal matters.

Apply to multiple judges. However, if you do apply for multiple Associateships, triple check that you have addressed your cover letter and application to the correct Judge!



Catie Hughes Juris Doctor, UWA Class of 2021 David Malcolm Justice Centre, 28 Barrack Street, Perth 6000 supremecourt.wa.gov.au/

What is the role of the Supreme Court?

What does your work involve?

The Supreme Court is Western Australia’s highest The role of an Associate really varies depending court and it has responsibility for both criminal and on your judge. Typically, it involves legal research, civil matters. It is also the State’s main appeal court. proofreading, administrative tasks and preparation The Court is split into a General Division and the for and aiding to conduct hearings. Essentially, your Court of Appeal. The General Division deals with role is support your Judge to carry out their functions serious criminal matters, civil cases worth over as a Judicial Officer. $750,000, criminal appeals from the Magistrates Court and other bodies such as the State Administrative Tribunal. The Court of Appeal hears both civil and criminal appeals from cases in the General Division, the District Court and the State Administrative Tribunal. You should be aware when applying that the role of an Associate can be very different between the two divisions of the Court.

Before a hearing, Associates work to ensure that everything is organised. We correspond with counsel and arrange for persons in custody to be transported to court from prison. We book suitable courtrooms and test the technology and AV equipment which is used to display exhibits or for video conferencing. We prepare all the documents that the Judge will need during a hearing and ensure that they can access them easily.

Why did you apply to be an Associate?

During court, the Associates assist their judge to ensure that the hearing runs smoothly. This includes setting up and running video conferencing, playing media over AV systems, keeping a record of proceedings, filing exhibits tendered throughout and printing documents for the judge to refer to. It might also be necessary to prepare paperwork to release a person on bail or draft orders for the Judge to finalise later.

I applied to be an Associate for a range of reasons. Primarily, I was interested in the exposure to advocacy. Being an Associate is such a unique opportunity to see the best advocates dealing with the most difficult legal and factual questions. Additionally, the Judges will have valuable insight into what it takes to be a good advocate. It is also a unique opportunity to expose yourself to a wide variety of areas of law. You see matters that range from multi-million dollar commercial disputes, to single judge appeals from the Magistrates Court, claims brought by self - represented litigants and prosecutions for Murder. It is all incredibly interesting for different reasons. Finally, I just thought that it would be really cool to work for a Judge! It seemed like an incredible opportunity to be close to and learn from some of the sharpest legal minds in Australia. 144

After court, the focus is on preparing and delivering the Judge’s reasons for decision. The role that an Associate has in this will depend on the Judge you work for. Generally, Associates conduct legal research, proofread the decision or summarise submissions and other material for the Judge to review.

How and when can students apply?

Do you have any tips?

In the first half of each year the Court will advertise • Know what you are looking to gain from the for positions commencing the following year. The experience - there are pretty big differences number of positions available will depend on which between the work you do in the General Division judges are hiring. If you are interested, keep an eye and Court of Appeal. out for the advertisements on the Supreme Court • Look closely into the work that the Judges you’re website. They are also circulated to the Law Schools applying for do, the subject matter that you are in WA, so keep an eye on Blackstone Opportunities. exposed to will be very different depending Applicants will apply directly to the Associate of the whether your Judge is crime or civil and it is Judge they are interested in working for. important that you are interested in the work!

Who can apply for a position? The application process is pretty standard and something that most students will likely be very familiar with. You must submit a cover letter, resume and transcript to the Associate of the Judge you are interested in working for. Successful applicants will have an interview with the judge and sometimes the Associate who is staying on for the following year will sit in on the interview and also ask questions

• Make sure you put some personality into your application - you and the Judge would work very closely together and they are keen to know who you are. Conversely, it is also good to get an idea of who the Judge is and what they enjoy outside of the law. Reading the welcome speeches given when they were appointed is a good way of not only understanding the area the Judge has worked in but their interests outside of the law.

Often the students applying are in their final year • Apply to a wide-range of judges. If you get to of uni or may have already graduated. However, the interview stage, the selection is really based you can apply prior to finishing uni and some on who the judge gets on with the best. Associates are still completing their studies and • Make sure you proofread your application! might be working in a part time position more suited to this. You just need to be aware that most positions are full-time and need to be prepared to juggle your study and full-time work if you take on an Associateship whilst at uni.



Jacinta Cowan Juris Doctor, UWA Class of 2020 500 Hay Street, Perth 6000 districtcourt.wa.gov.au/

How did you apply to be an Associate?

How and when can students apply?

I didn’t. I started at the WA District Court as an Usher. I took part in the Courts Summer Clerkship program and was fortunate enough to clerk with a District Court Judge and Supreme Court Justice. After my time at the Supreme Court, I kept in touch with the Associate who recommended me to her Honour Judge Shepherd for the Usher position. I was in that role for close to a year, and I would highly recommend anyone interested in working at the District Court to apply for both positions. In my case, the Associate moved on, and I accepted the offer to fill the position.

The WA District Court does not have a designated hiring period. Positions open for Judges individually at different times of the year, so it is a good idea to keep checking the court website and job boards.

What does your work involve?

To apply for the WA District Court, you need to submit a cover letter, CV and transcript. The advertisement put out by the court may or may not list the Judge or Judges in the WA District Court who are hiring. The Court employs Associates and Ushers for one year, with the option of renewal subject to the Judge’s discretion. Often the students applying for Associateships are in their final year of university or have already graduated. I completed my final year of university at the court and will be commencing my Practical Legal Training later this year. It’s worthwhile considering how you plan to balance the position and your studies, as this may come up in the interview.

In court, our work involves the practical court procedures of arraigning accused, empanelling juries, administering oaths, managing exhibits, generating paperwork, operating a variety of court systems and equipment, running the benchbook to Applications are kept on file for a period of twelve track the hearing, and providing materials to the months and forwarded to the Judges whenever a judge when required. vacancy arises. So, even if you are not successful Outside of court, our work often involves liaising the first time, there is still a chance that you will with parties in preparation for hearings, managing receive an offer for an interview with another Judge files, drafting court orders, proofing judgments, and later in the year. doing legal research for the judge on specific topics. Every chamber has one Associate and one Usher. What does the application involve? The Associate role has a greater administrative Successful applicants will have an interview with focus, and the Usher role has a greater clerical the Judge. It is common for the current Associate or focus. Manager of the Associates and Ushers to sit in on From time to time, you will be required to fill in with other Judges. While this may be daunting at first, try to view it as an opportunity to see how other chambers operate and to get to know the staff and Judiciary on the other floors. 146

the interview and ask questions. The turnaround time between interviews and receiving offers varies but is relatively quick. I was lucky enough to be offered the Usher position that very same day.

Do you have any tips? Attention to detail is an integral part of the Associate role. If the advertisement lists the Judge who is hiring, be sure to use the correct pronouns when addressing the Judge in your application. If you’re able to access the transcript of the Welcome Ceremony from when the Judge was appointed, be sure to have a read, as it will give you a good idea of what area the Judge has worked in and their interests outside of the law. At the very least, look them up online.

Think about what you are looking to gain from this experience. The WA District Court deals with criminal offences and civil matters. However, some Judges prefer applicants to have a particular interest in criminal law. Be authentic – the Associate works closely with the Judge and Usher, so the interviewers need to see how well everyone will work together. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions in the interview – it shows that you’re engaged and enthusiastic about the position.



Norman Jacka Juris Doctor, UWA Class of 2021 150 Terrace Road (cnr Victoria Ave), Perth 6000 familycourt.wa.gov.au/

What is the role of the Family Court?

Who can apply for a position?

The Family Court of Western Australia exercises jurisdiction over cases under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (for married couples) and the Family Court Act 1997 (WA) (for de facto couples). It’s a one stop shop for all family law matters including divorces, property settlements and parenting arrangements when couples split up. It also appoints Independent Children’s Lawyers to look after children’s interests, as distinct from those of their parents.

The Court takes both current students and recent graduates, so you don’t need to have finished your degree to apply. Obviously, it helps if you’ve done family law, but this isn’t essential. Positions are advertised on the Jobs WA portal on an ad hoc basis during the year, so keep an eye out online!

What is the application process?

The FCWA is unique in that no other state has a The process is pretty standard – you apply online court that deals exclusively with family matters. This with a cover letter, resume, selection criteria means de facto couples do not have to go through responses and your transcript. This is followed by the Supreme Court as they do elsewhere in Australia. an interview and a practical activity based on the work you will do as an Associate.

Why did you apply to be an Associate?

I loved advocacy when I was at law school and knew I wanted to work in an area of the profession where I’d be exposed to that side of things. I also enjoyed legal research and being an Associate lets you combine them both.

What does your work involve? There are really two sides to being an Associate at the Family Court. On the one hand, you help get your judicial officer ready for court, making sure he has his files and notes for the day’s hearings, you bring him into court, call cases, swear in witnesses, and make sure the day’s listings run smoothly. On the other, you take down the orders made in court, make sure they are published, do legal research, summarise case materials and do proofreading. You are also the point of contact between chambers and external parties like lawyers, expert witnesses, the Department of Communities, and the Police.

One of the features of family law is that it often involves court work and matters progress more quickly than other areas of law, so for me, being an Associate is a fantastic way to see great litigators in action and learn from the mistakes of the not-sogreat ones. On the written side of advocacy, you learn what well-drafted documents look like and undertake legal research when needed. You also are privileged to see decisions made that can have You also travel to regional towns when the Court is profound effects on other’s lives. It’s a great way on circuit, usually about three times a year. into the profession in my opinion.


Do you have any tips? It might sound obvious but be your authentic self in your application and at the interview! You will get to know your judicial officer very well and they you, so don’t try to be someone you’re not. As you can imagine, family law is a very human area of law and emotions can run high, so good EQ helps. When it comes to your legal skills, honing your research and writing skills will help a lot. If you can get involved in editing journals through Blackstone, other student groups, or through the law review unit, that will be well regarded. I’d also recommend getting involved in the mooting competitions, especially since they’re so much fun! The other thing that will make you stand out is showing you have an interest in the area. Family law is a fascinating area of practice since it draws in many other areas of law like equity, trusts, and parts of international law like the Hague Convention.`




We have compiled profiles of the major Community Legal Centres in Perth. Volunteer positions are a great way for students to get involved and give back to the community whilst developing the skills you will need for a career in law. Volunteer positions at CLCs can provide you with an opportunity to aid the socially and economically disadvantaged, whilst giving you exposure to various areas of law. CLC volunteers undertake a wide range of work, such as identifying legal problems, writing memorandums of advice, conducting legal research and other administrative duties. Some positions may give you the opportunity to communicate directly with clients. Students often find that CLC experience is highly translatable to different areas of law, and accordingly, volunteering at CLCs is an excellent way to build experience in preparation for clerkship and graduate job applications.




Ground Floor, 445 Hay Street, Perth 6000 www.circlegreen.org.au administration@circlegreen.org.au


Circle Green is an independent, • Undertaking research and not-for-profit community drafting materials in relation to legal centre providing statea wide range of employment, How can students apply? wide specialist legal services tenancy, or migration law Via our website: circlegreen. in residential tenancy law, issues. or email employment law, migration and • Assisting solicitors with client org.au/volunteer administration@circlegreen.org. family and domestic violence appointments. au with your resume, academic (related to newly arrived refugees, • Assisting Circle Green transcript and a cover letter. migrants and asylum seekers Community Legal staff from culturally and linguistically The recruitment consists of a with elements of legal file diverse backgrounds). written application, an interview management. and sometimes a practical task. We provide legal advice, further • Assisting solicitors, staff and assistance, representation, How many positions are volunteers with other duties as duty lawyer services, outreach, available in 2022? required. community legal education, and I5 - 20. What are the skills/benefits of advocacy. taking a position at your CLC? What attributes do you look for in an applicant? Volunteers will be given the opportunity to directly add value • A desire and care to contribute to the sector and our clients. Which areas of law will clerks to clients and holistically to our service; they will learn what it • Skilled in written and verbal be exposed to? communication, being able to Clerks will either focus on one is like to work in a large multieffectively communicate with aspect of our service (see above) disciplinary community legal centre; and they will learn skills solicitors and clients. or may be exposed to multiple that will benefit them in future aspects of our service. • Good time management and career opportunities. able to complete quality written What kind of tasks do student Do you have opportunities for work in tight timeframes. courtroom work/advocacy? volunteers undertake? • Good computer skills (quick


Volunteering may involve a Volunteers may be given the opportunity to participate in law variety of tasks, including: • Assisting with client intake and reform (advocacy). However, more generally they will not interview over the telephone. be provided the opportunity • Arranging appropriate to undertake courtroom work assistance for eligible clients (except for limited opportunities by way of the telephone, or into witness courtroom work). house solicitor appointments.

• Referring clients to specialist Do you offer any opportunities legal, government and to do PLT? community services, as Yes, through the College of Law appropriate. and The Piddington Society. 152

word processing skills). • Strong legal research skills. What advice do you have for students looking to apply? Carefully consider why you are applying and your interest in the various services Circle Green may offer individual clients. Where you apply and respond to an advertised role, make sure you answer the selection criteria and tailor your application to Circle Green.

CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU (CAB) Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) does not means test clients as we believe everyone is entitled to legal advice and assistance. Our primary service is to provide information and referrals on a wide range of issues with the aim to empower our clients to make their own independent decision. We assist clients to prepare legal documents at low cost. We assist clients to apply for grants of probate and letters of administration. We also draft Wills, EPAs, EPGs and some simple Family Court documents.

Level 1, 25 Barrack Street Perth 6000 cabwa.com.au hvolcoordinator@cabwa.com.au

What kind of tasks do student What does your recruitment/ volunteers undertake? interview process consist of? A volunteer will spend time on the telephone, answering queries from callers on a wide range of issues, providing referrals, or booking appointments for our legal team. They’ll also spend time talking to clients face to face on our reception desk, handling cash and providing information and referrals.

The first step is for a prospective volunteer to send through their CV and an Expression of Interest Form, which can be found on our website.

We will review the documents, and if a position is available, will invite the candidate to come in for an interview. We will explain CAB’s services and the role, then Do you have opportunities for ask some questions to determine courtroom work/advocacy? whether the candidate will be a good fit. No.

Do you offer any opportunities If the candidate is a good fit, we We also have a low-cost to do PLT? will invite them in to observe on mediation service. a shorter shift and listen in on No. calls so they can have a better understanding of the role and see whether it is the right fit for them. Which areas of law will clerks After this, the volunteer will come How can students apply? be exposed to? in on their regular day for a full Through advertised positions shift and finish signing all the We pick our paralegals from on Seek and Volunteering WA, necessary paperwork. our pool of volunteers who our website cabwa.com.au/ have been assisting CAB on the become-a-volunteer or email Roughly how many positions telephone. Under supervision volcoordinator@cabwa.com.au are available for students in they assist lawyers to draft some What attributes do you look 2022? legal documents. for in an applicant? It varies; please enquire or send What are the skills/benefits of • Excellent communication skills your expression of interest to taking a position at your CLC? • Great attention to detail volcoordinator@cabwa.com.au On the telephone our volunteers • Computer literate What advice do you have for develop skills to respond to • Team player students looking to apply? queries from callers and providing • Positive and professional Be prepared for a challenging information and referrals. attitude work environment where you • Organised and able to receive assistance to enlarge your work horizon. prioritise tasks





Level 1, 231 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 6000 cclswa.org.au/

We provide free legal advice to WA consumers in the area of banking, finance and related consumer disputes.


Do you offer any opportunity You will learn how to talk to for graduates looking to do clients, what questions to ask their Practical Legal Training? clients, and improve your client interview skills. You will have the Yes. opportunity to partake in different kinds of volunteer roles.


Which areas of law will clerks How can students apply? be exposed to? On our website: cclswa.org.au We assist with issues that come under the National Credit Code What does your recruitment/ and the Australian Consumer interview process consist of? Law. A zoom interview with a case study research task. What kind of tasks do student volunteers undertake? Roughly how many positions Volunteers operate the telephone are available for students in advice line. They take instructions, 2022? draft advice and deliver advice We offer a high number of under the close supervision of the opportunities depending on supervising solicitor. Volunteers capacity. also assist solicitors with case file work, in the delivery of community What attributes do you look legal education, and in drafting for in an applicant? law reform submissions. Our vision, mission and values What are the skills/benefits of are set out on our website. taking a position at your CLC? We want volunteers who have attributes consistent with our You will get direct client contact by values, a desire to help the most providing front line legal services. vulnerable among us, the ability You will receive close supervision to multi-task, strong written and and ongoing training during your verbal communication skills, and time at CCLSWA. strong legal research skills. Do you have opportunities for courtroom work/advocacy? What advice do you have for We do not do court work. Instead, we run relevant cases through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, a specialised ombudsman scheme. 154

students looking to apply?

This is a great opportunity to directly interact with clients and learn how to draft advice.

Volunteering at CCLSWA is a great way to build the skills necessary for the legal workplace. During your time at CCLSWA you will learn where to look for the answers and how to best research. Knowing where to look (and what to look for) is just as important as knowing the answer.

Additional Information Volunteers must commit to one day per week for a period of at least 6 months.

FREMANTLE COMMUNITY LEGAL CENTRE Fremantle Community Legal Centre provides a range of legal and non-legal services to low income members of the local community.

Level 1, Suite 31 Fremantle Malls, 35 William Street Fremantle 6160 fremantle.wa.gov.au/fclc fclc@fremantle.wa.gov.au

The assistance offered is for clients who would not ordinarily be eligible to access FCLC’s day service or is for legal matters that FCLC does not provide advice or We are a non-profit organisation assistance on. : and have been operating for • Family law (children, property more than 30 years, managed by and divorce) the City of Fremantle. • Employment law; Our aim is to provide clients with a service that is specific to their needs. We promote basic human rights including: affordable housing, access to reasonable living standards, equality, dignity.

• • • •

Evening Legal Service: • File note taking What are the skills/benefits of taking a position at your CLC? • Greater understanding of various court processes and procedures and advocacy;

• Greater understanding of relevant legislation (including Minor criminal law; but not limited to Restraining Wills & estates; Orders Act 1997, Family Civil (including debt); Court Act 1975, Family Law Personal injuries; Act 1997, Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 2003, Restraining orders; and Residential Tenancies Act Extraordinary driver’s licences 1987);

• With this aim in mind, we • provide clients with a variety of support services to resolve legal, What kind of tasks do student • Legal drafting and economic or social issues. research skills; volunteers undertake? • Communication & Day Service: management skills; • (Subject to court COVID


legal time

directions) - shadowing • Understanding of working with vulnerable clients lawyers at Fremantle including clients who are Magistrates Court, Family Day Service generalist legal victims of family and domestic Court and Children’s Court service with a focus on family and violence, are experiencing for restraining order duty domestic violence: homelessness, financial lawyer service and referrals • restraining orders disadvantage, disability, from Fremantle Family mental health issues or other Violence Service; • family law (parenting, personal circumstances that property, and divorce) • Sitting in client appointments limit their access to justice. and file note taking; • criminal injuries compensation Do you have opportunities for • Undertaking legal research; • care and protection courtroom work/advocacy? • Drafting of legal documents • tenancy; and (including letters and court Shadowing lawyers subject to • welfare rights court covid directions. documents); and Evening Legal Service provided Do you offer any opportunities by local private solicitors on a • Front admin support: initial to do PLT? client enquiries (answering pro-bono basis. Assistance is phones and walk-ins) and Subject to Principal Solicitor’s, limited to a one-off appointment. Judy McLean’s, discretion. providing referrals. Which areas of law will clerks be exposed to?


Applications How can students apply?

What attributes do you look for in an applicant?

Students can express their interest by sending a Students applying for the day service are expected covering letter and their CV to fclc@fremantle. to volunteer for a full day once per week and for wa.gov.au one semester (often students wish to continue • HR contact email: Laura Sirolli (Legal Assistant) volunteering for longer, which can occur, subject to Principal Solicitor’s discretion). at fclc@fremantle.wa.gov.au We don’t require students to have any prior What does your recruitment/interview process experience volunteering at a community legal consist of? centre or experience working in our practice areas, Students who are successful in the first round of the just a good attitude and willingness to learn. selection process (we get a lot of applications) will be invited to attend our volunteer intake day, where What advice do you have for students looking they will (in groups) meet FCLC staff and hear more to apply? about our centre and have the opportunity to ask Spend some time on your cover letter and make it questions about the day service and evening legal personable. Always double check for spelling and service. grammar. Roughly how many positions are available for students in 2022? FCLC won’t be doing another intake until Semester 2 of 2022. Depending on how many previous students wish to stay on, there will be anywhere from roughly 2 - 4 positions available for the day service on each day of the week.


MENTAL HEALTH LAW CENTRE / RUAH LEGAL SERVICES The Mental Health Law Centre provides free advice and representation for people with legal problems directly related to their mental illness.

255 Hay Street, Subiaco East 6008 mhlcwa.org.au fhr@ruah.org.au

Do you have opportunities for What does your recruitment/ courtroom work/advocacy? interview process consist of?

We run a few intake sessions each year, potential volunteers will need to submit a completed application form, their current resume, transcript of results and a What are the skills/benefits of cover letter. Which areas of law will clerks taking a position at your CLC? If successful, they will attend the be exposed to? • Fantastic opportunity to gain interview and then if successful • Criminal law. experience dealing with they will attend the induction clients directly. day and begin volunteering from • Administration law. • Managing difficult clients will there on. • Mental health law.


Our volunteers can shadow our lawyers when attending the Magistrates Court but do not represent our clients.

significantly increase people Roughly how many positions management skills. What kind of tasks do student are available for students in volunteers undertake? • Working on open files and 2022? learning new aspects of the • Administrative tasks. 20-30. law. • Our volunteers run our Telephone Advice Line and Do you offer any opportunities What attributes do you look to do PLT? take all new intake calls. for in an applicant? Yes. • Provide sufficient referrals • Accurate data entry skills. where our centre cannot • Pays close attention to detail. assist. • Professional communication • Liaise with mental health skills. teams to best assist our clients. How can students apply?


• Shadow our lawyers when Email to Mhari Grant at fhr@ruah. • Emotional resilience. org.au or mhari.grant@ruah.org. they go to court. What advice do you have for au • Draft legal advice letters. students looking to apply? • Contact clients to gather Please ensure you are aware of information for our lawyers. our practice areas before you apply.




12 Old Great Northern Highway, Midland 6056

midlas.org.au What advice do you have for students looking to apply?

Consider what type of workplace you would like to work in and review a workplace’s ethos to see if it sits well with yours before applying anywhere. Also, it’s all about timing, particularly in the community legal sector – so don’t be disheartened if you are not volunteer law students for work successful. What kind of tasks do student experience. volunteers undertake? Please direct any enquiries • File note taking in client you may have to HR via Dayle. meeting Moon@midlas.org.au • Database entry Midlas is a not-for-profit What does your recruitment/ community legal centre based in • Form preparation interview process consist of? Midland that provides financial • Drafting Midlas requires a CV (cover letter counselling, tenancy advocacy, • Legal research optional but recommended). We disability advocacy and legal • Attending Court with a also require Covid-19 vaccination services to people throughout the Solicitor records as Midlas is subject to the North East Metro region of Perth. Do you have opportunities for State Government’s mandatory Supporting people in our vaccine regulations. courtroom work/advocacy? community for over three After a review of your application, decades, Midlas has a longYes. standing strong commitment to Do you offer any opportunities successful candidates will attend an interview – a decision will be improving lives and building to do PLT? made shortly thereafter and the resilience. Yes. candidates will be notified. Which areas of law will clerks How can students apply? be exposed to? In relation to legal graduates, we Family law, restraining orders, have accepted placements for PLT criminal injuries compensation via The Piddington Society. We claims, residential tenancies, are otherwise open to discussing disability discrimination, financial other possible pathways. counselling, outreach. We also occasionally seek

Additional Information

What are the skills/benefits of Roughly how many positions taking a position at your CLC? are available for students in You will receive hands-on 2022? learning in a busy community 2. legal centre. Students tend to shadow and assist our lawyers What attributes do you look during their busy and varied for in an applicant? days, so you will see first-hand what it means to be a lawyer in Enthusiasm, initiative, reliability a dynamic workplace, and as a and a can-do attitude. result, will learn the skills required. 158




• HR contact email: info@ nsclegal.org.au • CLC focus: Generalist practice, older persons rights service, domestic violence crisis, restraining order respondents, tenancy advocacy


10 Cobbler Place, Mirrabooka 6061 nsclegal.org.au info@nsclegal.org.au

What kind of tasks do student How can students apply? volunteers undertake? Email to info@nsclegal.org.au • Taking instructions from clients What attributes do you look • Drafting advice for in an applicant? • Shadowing solicitors • Genuine care for • Research disadvantaged clients, • Sometimes (but less often) including clients with a difficult attending Court and/or history of mental illness, drug tribunals as needed misuse, trauma, prior struggles with police etc. Do you offer any opportunities to do PLT? • Passion.

Yes. We intermittently get PLT • Energy. students and are willing to take • Willingness to step out of Which areas of law will clerks one or two at a time depending comfort zone. be exposed to? on lawyer availability. • Solid results - especially for Depends on the program into postgrads. which the student is placed. Most likely areas of exposure are generalist law (civil, criminal, What advice do you have for Roughly how many positions are available for students in family) and older persons rights students looking to apply? 2022? (elder abuse, powers of attorney/ guardianship, restraining orders There’s no harm in asking. 2-4. etc). Must have a heart for the


Additional Information

What are the skills/benefits of disadvantaged, that is the taking a position at your CLC? overwhelming majority of our Get thrown in the deep end very demographic. Be prepared for early i.e., speaking with clients hard conversations with clients Our capacity to take students directly – generally on 2nd or because you’ll be getting them depends more on the availability of lawyers and our office space, 3rd day, hands-on supervision, soon if accepted. rather than anything else. There management of difficult and What does your recruitment/ is no specific criteria that will vulnerable clients. interview process consist of? ensure acceptance because our Do you have opportunities for Send in a copy of your cover letter, availability varies with caseloads. courtroom work/advocacy? CV and academic transcript. We We recommend that you make an Not to students directly, but then assess each against our application if you’re interested, students can accompany lawyers selection criteria, office space explain the value you would bring to Court and tribunals. and availability of lawyers. to our very busy practice, and made shortly thereafter and the connect your application with our candidates will be notified. mission to help disadvantaged clients. 159


The address remains confidential streetlawcentre.org.au

adminassist@streetlawcentre.org.au (for initial HR enquiries) Street Law is a specialised What kind of tasks do student What does your recruitment/ community legal centre providing volunteers undertake? interview process consist of? information, legal advice, and Assisting solicitors with legal 1. Send in a resume, academic ongoing representation services tasks and undertaking case record, and a statement as to to those experiencing and at risk work and legal research. Case why they want to volunteer at of homelessness. work will include preparing Street Law Centre; Street Law is the only community legal centre in WA that exclusively delivers outreach legal services to its client group at various community service agencies. Street Law delivers a comprehensive Community Legal Education program to both clients and community service workers. This programs focus is to provide education on the legal rights and responsibilities and increase the awareness of the legal problems that impact Street Law’s clients. Further Street Law contributes to law reform projects. Through this contribution, Street Law seeks to create positive systemic change.

Volunteering Which areas of law will clerks be exposed to? Criminal & traffic law (Magistrates Court only), obtaining client’s identity documents, criminal injury compensation applications and criminal injury compensation recovery applications, restraining order matters for both applicants and respondents, discrimination claims, housing issues, fines and infringements matters, police complaints and driver’s license issues. 160

correspondence, liaising with 2. Prepare a case study courts and public authorities, and response, which is an exercise preparing submissions and/or in spotting the legal issue; court documents. 3. Respond to selection criteria What are the skills/benefits of questions; and taking a position at your CLC? 4. Attend an interview. Broad and dynamic skills will be attained by taking a position What attributes do you look at Street Law Centre. These skills for in an applicant? include real life application of We look for excellent legal principles, exposure to communication and interpersonal client’s legal issues as well as skills as well as an ability to strong communication skills. work cooperatively with others Do you have opportunities for in a team environment. We also courtroom work/advocacy? look for someone who can work Opportunities may arise to attend independently, work effectively court with a Street Law Centre under pressure, and demonstrate initiative. The successful candidate solicitor. Do you offer any opportunities must have highly developed legal research and analytical skills and to do PLT? have strong attention to detail. Yes.


What advice do you have for students looking to apply?

How can students apply?

We advise students to be able to demonstrate and develop their knowledge of social justice issues and to illustrate experience working with people from diverse cultural, socio-economic, and linguistic backgrounds and people with substance abuse or mental health issues.

By following Street Law Centre on LinkedIn and Facebook, to see when we advertise for volunteers. How many positions available for students?


Based on placements and secondments, there are 2-4 positions available.


98 Edward Street, Perth 6000 wraswa.org.au welfare@wraswa.org.au

Contact details • Contact person: Catherine Eagle • HR contact email: welfare@wraswa.org.au • CLC focus: Social security law and Tenancy law

Volunteering Which areas of law will clerks be exposed to? Social security law and Tenancy law.

Applications How can students apply? Send an email to welfare@wraswa.org.au attaching a current CV and information about availability and 2 referees. What does your recruitment/interview process consist of?

After we receive an application one of our lawyers will contact the applicant if we have a position What kind of tasks do student volunteers available and discuss the position and assess undertake? suitability. • Research Roughly how many positions are available for • Drafting advice to clients students in 2022? • Helping to prepare presentations for community 1-2. legal education • Some administrative tasks

What attributes do you look for in an applicant? What are the skills/benefits of taking a position • Strong oral and written communication skills. at your CLC? • A willingness and ability to deal with people in • Improving legal drafting skills, developing skills stressful circumstances. in dealing with clients • Reliability. • Skills in preparing CLE materials • Willingness to listen to feedback. • Legal knowledge in areas of practice Do you have opportunities for courtroom work/advocacy? Not for volunteers. Do you offer any opportunities to do PLT? Occasionally but we are a small agency.



Level 1, 445 Hay Street, Perth 6000


Organisation details • Contact person: Stephanie Monck • Reception contact person: Jemah Harrison

Applications How can students apply?

We have a volunteer application through our We are a not-for-profit trauma informed community website. legal centre providing legal advice, support and advocacy to WA women experiencing What does your recruitment/interview process disadvantage, particularly family and domestic consist of? violence. An initial application through our website and a possible follow up interview.


Which areas of law will clerks be exposed to?

Roughly how many positions are available for students in 2022?

Our key areas of law include family law (parenting and divorce), care and protection of children, We are not recruiting volunteers at the moment due Family Violence Restraining Orders and criminal to capacity size. injuries compensation. What attributes do you look for in an applicant? What kind of tasks do student volunteers Attention to detail, communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team. undertake? Legal research, drafting legal administrative tasks as required.


What are the skills/benefits of taking a position at your CLC? Gain a level of understanding about: • the areas of law we practice in • how to assist with clients who have a background of trauma, either past or ongoing • practice and procedure Do you have opportunities for courtroom work/advocacy? Opportunities to shadow Lawyers at Court. Do you offer any opportunities to do PLT? Yes. WLSWA takes on Piddington Society PLT students when we have the capacity to do so.




In this section, we have compiled a directory of various government departments that students should consider applying to if they are interested in working in the public sector. One of the benefits of working for the government is the unique nature of the work that each of the various departments offer. Some professionals choose to work for government departments because of the relatively more structured working hours, and scope of work that commercial firms do not offer.



ADMINISTRATIVE APPEALS TRIBUNAL (AAT) Areas of Law Child support; Commonwealth workers’ compensation; Family assistance; Paid parental leave; Social security and Student assistance; Migration and refugee visas and visa-related decisions; Taxation; Veterans’ entitlements.

How does the AAT seek its employees?

Members of the Tribunal are statutory office holders appointed by the Governor-General. From time to time the AAT seeks to have appointed persons with professional skills or knowledge in areas like aviation, actuary, social work, specialist or general What is the AAT’s main focus? medicine, compensation law and The AAT conducts independent so on. merits review of administrative The AAT also employs staff under decisions made under the Public Service Act 1999 (Cth). Commonwealth laws. They Staff are Commonwealth public review decisions made by servants and are employed as Australian Government ministers, either on-going or non-ongoing departments and agencies and, to perform a range of duties in limited circumstances, decisions including management of the made by state government and AAT’s Registries, conducting non-government bodies. They conferences, legal research, also review decisions made provision of client services and under Norfolk Island laws. support services to Members. The AAT reviews decisions “on the merits”. This means that they take a fresh look at the relevant facts, law and policy and arrive at our own decision. We must make the legally correct decision or, where there can be more than one correct decision, the preferable decision. The AAT has the power to: • affirm a decision; • vary a decision; • set aside a decision and substitute a new decision; or • remit a decision to the decisionmaker for reconsideration. 166

The AAT has offices in all states of Australia and in the Australian Capital Territory.

Level 13, 111 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 aat.gov.au Recruitment@aat.gov. au How do you apply to work at the AAT? The tribunal uses a webbased e-recruitment system for lodgement of job applications. When applying online via the e-recruitment system for the first time you will need to register and provide a valid email address. This will then generate an automatic email that will be sent to your nominated email address and contains a password that allows you to resume or review your job application. When submitting an online application, you will be required to provide a written statement of claims against selection criteria. Your statement against each criterion should be clear, concise, relevant and generally no longer than half a page (approximately 400 words). It is recommended that you check the job advertisements via the link on this page for any specific application instructions. You will also need to attach a current resume.

The AAT is an equal opportunity employer which upholds the APS employment principles and actively encourages a diverse Please check the individual job advertisement for any specific job and inclusive workplace. requirements.

AUSTRALIAN COMPETITION & CONSUMER COMMISSION (ACCC) Areas of Law Competition Policy; Consumer Protection; Industry Regulation What is the ACCC’s focus?

Level 5, 1 William Street Perth 6000 accc.gov.au/about-us/ employment-careers/ graduate-opportunities hrrecruitment@accc.gov.au gradjobs@accc.gov.au

However, as an ACCC graduate What qualities does the ACCC you will be expected to: look for in graduates? • Perform a broad range of tasks across different work areas, such as: analysing information, assisting with investigations, responding to correspondence, undertaking research, contributing to meetings and staff papers/recommendations, and presenting to committees;

The ACCC is an independent Commonwealth statutory authority whose role is to enforce the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and a range of additional legislation, promoting competition, fair trading and • Build professional relationships regulating national infrastructure and work cohesively with others; for the benefit of all Australians. and The ACCC also regulates national • Participate in all formal infrastructure industries where training as required, including competition is low. orientation, investigation skills, Our priorities are reflected in our goals: regulation skills, presentation skills, writing skills and other 1. Maintain and promote professional development competition and remedy market training. failure. 2. Protect the interests and safety What is an interesting piece of consumers and support fair of work the ACCC recently trading in markets. engaged in? 3. Promote the economically Takata airbags, the NBN, efficient operation and investment electricity pricing, financial in monopoly infrastructure. services, digital platforms, the 4. Increase our engagement with dairy industry, criminal cartels, the broad range of groups consumer data and more. affected by what we do. How does the ACCC seek its What kind of work do employees? employees at the ACCC do? • Externally advertised opportunities Duties will vary from rotation to are published in APS jobs. rotation, as the work completed • Apply to our general employment in each of our branches is very register for temporary roles. different.

Successful candidates for the ACCC 2023 Graduate Program will: • Be interpersonal. Analyse, critically evaluate and problem solve. • Be conscientious. • Acquire and apply new skills and understandings quickly. • Deal with uncertainty, be resilient and respond appropriately to new priorities and an ever-changing work environment. • Convey an understanding of and contribute to the ACCC’s purpose and functions to the ACCC’s purpose and functions. Does the ACCC offer opportunities to students who are still studying, and how can individuals apply? We offer flexible working conditions, including the ability to work part-time (minimum 30 hours per week), so that you can continue studying, manage other commitments or just enjoy a little extra work-life balance. Does the ACCC offer opportunities for graduates, and how can individuals apply? Check the ‘current vacancies’ section of our website. 167


Level 23, David Malcolm Justice Centre, 28 Barrack Street, Perth 6000

alrc.gov.au info@alrc.gov.au

What is the main focus of the ALRC?

What are your student and graduate The ALRC is a federal agency operating under opportunities? How can individuals apply? the Australian Law Reform Commission Act 1996 The ALRC provides opportunities for current law (Cth), and the Public Governance, Performance students in their penultimate or final year to work and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act). The ALRC alongside Commission members and legal staff as conducts inquiries – also known as references legal interns. Interns work on a voluntary basis and into area of law at the request of the Attorney- may work with the ALRC for a day a week for one General of Australia. Based on its research and semester, or for three weeks over the summer break. consultations throughout an inquiry, the ALRC Internships provide an opportunity for students to makes recommendations to government so that increase their awareness of law reform issues while government can make informed decisions about also allowing the ALRC to benefit from students’ law reform. research and writing skills. Interns are supervised What qualities does the ALRC look for in future graduates/ employees? Excellent legal research and writing skills, experience in policy development, the ability to synthesise complex information, and the capacity to contribute to work and within a team. What is an interesting piece of work that the ALRC has recently engaged in?

by a staff member, and undertake research work determined by the needs of the ALRC. What advice would you give students seeking to apply to the ALRC? The ALRC will only consider applications that address the selection criteria: • Strong legal research skills; • Ability to analyse and communicate complex information;

On April 2019, the Attorney-General issues Terms of Reference requesting the ALRC to conduct an • Excellent written communication skills, including the ability to write clear and concise documents, inquiry into the Framework of Religious Exemptions including research briefs and memos; in Anti-discrimination Legislation. The Terms of Reference were altered by the Attorney-General on • Ability to work independently with professional 29 August 2019. guidance; and On 2 March 2020 the Attorney-General amended • Work experience, or interest in, law reform the ALRC’s reporting deadline to be 12 months from and/ or social policy development. the date the Religious Discrimination Bill is passed by Parliament.



Level 1, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth 6000 asic.gov.au/

What is the main focus of ASIC?

What is an interesting piece of work that ASIC ASIC is Australia’s corporate, markets, financial has recently engaged in? services and consumer credit regulator. ASIC is an Please see asic.gov.au/about-asic/news-centre/ independent Australian Government body. We are set up under and administer the Australian Securities How does the organisation seek its and Investments Commission Act 2001 (ASIC employees? Act), and we carry out most of our work under the We post advertisements on our Careers website Corporations Act. around June/July each year for Graduates Some of our responsibilities the ASIC Act requires beginning the following year. us to: • maintain, facilitate and improve the performance of What qualities does ASIC look for in future graduates? the financial system and entities in it; • promote confident and informed participation by Hiring grads with degrees in: Maths, IT & Computer investors and consumers in the financial system; and Sciences; Finance, Accounting, Economics & Business Administration; Humanities; Law & Legal • administer the law effectively and with minimal Studies; Sciences. procedural requirements. ASIC seeks to recruit individuals from a broad range What kind of work do employees at ASIC do? of disciplines who can contribute to ASIC’s strategic priorities. ASIC’s vision is to allow markets to fund ASIC’s graduate program is a 24-month rotational the economy, and in turn, economic growth. In doing program, with four 6-month rotations in different so, we contribute to the financial well-being of all business areas. You will be involved in challenging Australians. We do this by promoting investor and and meaningful work that contributes to ASIC’s consumer trust and confidence; ensuring fair and vision for a fair, strong and efficient financial system. efficient markets; and providing efficient registration Your work may include: surveillances, investigations, services. analysing intelligence, analytics, consumer research or even supporting new technologies. The program Does ASIC offer any opportunities to has various streams such as: Law, Commerce/ students who are still studying, and how can Finance/Economics, Mathematics/Statistics, individuals apply? Data/Analytics, and Information Technology. Yes, Internship Programs. Applications via our The graduate program provides multiple careers website. They have just closed for 2022, opportunities to connect with your Graduate Cohort. however will be open later in the year for 2023. There are regular developmental workshops that are designed to develop your professional and Does ASIC offer any opportunities for technical skills. graduates, and how can individuals apply? Yes, Graduate Programs. Applications via our Careers website. They will open up around June/ July 2022.



Located in all capital cities, states and territories (except no office in Northern Territory)


entrylevelprograms@ ato.gov.au

What is the ATO’s focus?

our taxation and superannuation to maximise outcomes The ATO’s purpose is to systems. Innovation - ​ Generates and contribute to the economic and implements ideas to improve our social wellbeing of Australians How does the organisation work seek its employees? by fostering willing participation Planning and delivery - Plans in the tax and superannuation We advertise through ATO and manages work with integrity Careers on our website for to deliver quality outcomes systems. We have two aspirations for everyday recruitment, and for our Problem solving - Analyses and Entry Level Programs, such as our 2023: understands a problem, considers Graduate Program, we advertise • building trust and confidence; the broader context and develops with Seek, GradAustralia and • being streamlined, integrated GradConnect, who link to most practical solutions to best address needs and data-driven. jobs boards in Universities across Graduates and employees do not Australia. What kind of work do need to excel in all these areas, employees at the ATO do? however we expect all Graduates What qualities does the ATO and employees to have a basic The ATO is a large organisation look for in future graduates? that requires skills from many Change fit - Adapts to change, skillset in all areas as a minimum industries throughout the supports change initiatives and and excelling in areas their skills/ community, for example, IT, HR, assists others on their change qualifications align with. Data Analytics, Marketing & journey Does the ATO offer opportunities Communications, Finance, Law, Client service - ​Empathises, to students who are still studying, Commerce, Business and Design. advocates and delivers products and how can individuals apply? and services to best meet client What is an interesting piece Yes we do. We have a University needs of work that the organisation Partnership Employment Program Collaboration ​​Builds that enables students to work has recently engaged in? relationships, collaborates and part-time with the ATO whilst The ATO was charged with values the contribution of others studying. assisting the community with the Government’s stimulus measures Communication - ​​Communicates in providing Job Keeper clearly, actively listens to others Does the ATO offer opportunities for graduates, and how can Payments, Early Release of and responds with respect Superannuation, cashflow boost Data literacy - Sources, analyses individuals apply? for employers and other projects. and uses data and information to Yes, we run a Graduate Program We have also made significant inform decisions and drive value​ and applications open on 7th changes in the digital space with Digital - ​Uses digital technology March and close 8th April. improving digital advancement of



• International Assistance and Specialist Agencies prosecutes matters referred by specialist agencies and provides international assistance in the areas of Mutual Assistance and Extradition;

The Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) is an independent prosecution service established by Parliament to prosecute alleged offences against Commonwealth law. • Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism – It is a Commonwealth statutory prosecutes counter terrorism agency with 10 offices around and large scale organised Australia. The CDPP operates as crime offences; an independent agency within the Attorney‑General’s portfolio. What kind of work do employees at the CDPP do? In 2019–20, 56 partner agencies referred a total of 2441 cases to the CDPP, including 45 Commonwealth investigative agencies and 11 state and territory agencies. The practice is made up of six practice groups and an Enabling Services group. The practice groups are: • Commercial, Financial and Corruption – prosecutes corruption and serious financial crimes; • Revenue and Benefits Fraud – prosecutes general tax, social security, Medicare and identity fraud;

Level 1, 226 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 6000 cdpp.gov.au What are your student and graduate opportunities? How can individuals apply? For information regarding any current vacancies or recruitment opportunities, please visit CDPP’s website. What qualities does the CDPP look for in future graduates?

The CDPP looks for candidates with a strong interest in progressing a career as a prosecutor who • Illegal Imports and Exports also value integrity, honesty, and – prosecutes offences impartiality, and the opportunity associated with protecting to contribute to a safer Australia. Australia’s borders, including Relevant work experience is drug offences such as highly regarded. importation and trafficking; Working alongside experienced and prosecutors, you’ll have the • Human Exploitation opportunity to work on a variety and Border Protection – of interesting and challenging prosecutes child exploitation, matters and develop your legal human trafficking and slavery skills with our Continuing Legal offences, people smuggling, Education Program. migration offences and more. Ideally, candidates will have a The CDPP website has a range of strong academic record, enjoy case reports outlining some of the collaborating as a member of a interesting work being done in team and be willing to embrace these areas. new ways of working in a digitally enabled workplace. Candidates must be admitted as a legal practitioner in an Australian state or territory.



Level 5, Childers Square, 14 Childers Street, Canberra, ACT 2600 ombudsman.gov.au h u m a n . re s o u rc e s @ ombudsman.gov .au

What is the main focus of the organisation?

What kind of work do employees at the Office The purpose of the Office of the Commonwealth do? Ombudsman (the Office) is to: The Office ensures administrative action by • provide assurance that Australian Government Australian Government agencies is fair and entities and prescribed private sector accountable by handling complaints, conducting organisations that the Office oversees act with investigations, performing audits and inspections, encouraging good administration and undertaking integrity and treat people fairly; and other specialist functions. The Office influences • influence systemic improvement in public improvement in public administration in the region administration in Australia by promoting best through collaboration with partner agencies. practice in complaint handling and acting as an The Commonwealth Ombudsman performs the industry leader. following specialist roles: What is an interesting piece of work that the Office has recently engaged in?

• Defence Force Ombudsman; • Postal Industry Ombudsman;

In January 2022, the Office released the report The • Overseas Students Ombudsman; Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ communication • Private Health Insurance Ombudsman; with veterans making claims for compensation. • Immigration Ombudsman; The investigation examined the appropriateness of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ (DVA) • Law Enforcement Ombudsman; and administrative framework to support its • VET Students Loans Ombudsman. communication with veterans making claims for • The Commonwealth Ombudsman is also the compensation for injuries or conditions related ACT Ombudsman. to their service, including DVA’s approach to communicating with and assisting at-risk veterans. Staff are exposed to a wide range of legislation, policy, and procedures from a range of different While this investigation did not identify any agencies, including those with responsibilities for significant concerns about DVA’s policy and policy development and those charged with service procedural framework for managing communication delivery. with veterans during the claim process, eight opportunities for improvement were recommended. For more information about what we do, visit All eight recommendations were accepted by DVA. ombudsman.gov.au/what-we-do. The full report can be found on our website.


How does the Office seek its employees?

Does the Office offer any opportunities to Positions are advertised when vacancies become students who are still studying, and how can available in the Office. All employment opportunities individuals apply? at the Office are subject to the Australian Public The Office is committed to supporting employees Service employment rules. Interested applicants undertaking formal studies that are relevant to both should read the job advertisement carefully. Job the employee’s career and to the Office, as outlined packages can be downloaded from our website in the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and will contain all relevant information. Enterprise Agreement. For a list of current vacancies, visit ombudsman.gov. Does the Office offer any opportunities for au/what-we-do/careers/current-vacancies. graduates, and how can individuals apply? What qualities does the Office look for in graduates? We employ people from a variety of professional backgrounds that enables our workforce to be innovative and successful. We value integrity, impartiality, honesty and service. Our staff are expected to maintain confidentiality. Other qualities we look for include;

The Office engages employees through the Australian Government Graduate Program (via the Attorney-General’s Department) and the Indigenous Graduate Pathways Programs. When these opportunities are available they will be listed on the Australian Public Service Gazette and on our website.

• strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills; • strong written and verbal communication skills; • a strong customer focus, including confidence and resilience when engaging with difficult or sensitive matters; • the ability to effectively manage a high-volume workload (both individual and team), adapt to changing priorities, and ensure compliance with legislative frameworks and internal guidance and timeframes.



Level 5, 45 Francis St, Northbridge 6003 ccc.wa.gov.au

What is the main focus of the CCC?

How does the CCC seek its employees?

The Corruption and Crime Commission (the Commission) aims to expose and disrupt serious misconduct and corruption, to give the Western Australian community confidence that public officers act in the public interest. The Commission also targets persons who have accumulated wealth through unlawful means.

If you would like to work with us, register an account with jobs.wa.gov.au and set up your profile to stay up-to-date with current vacancies at the Commission. What qualities does the organisation look for in future graduates/ employees?

Commission employees have a wide range of qualifications, experience and skills. We value the ability to relate with others, accountability, The Commission offers many rewarding leadership and teamwork. Our staff work with experiences, including the opportunity to appear sensitive information and are expected to maintain as Counsel Assisting the Commission in private the strictest confidentiality. and public compulsory examinations, to represent the Commission in court, to be intimately involved Does the CCC offer any opportunities for with skilled investigators on highly sensitive, topical graduates, and how can individuals apply? investigations, to work with the full range of the The Commission is constantly on the look-out for Commission’s coercive and investigative powers hard-working individuals who value transparency and to draft reports for Parliament. and integrity. To work in our Legal Services What kind of work do employees at the CCC do?

You can see the Commission’s work first hand. If the Commission has any upcoming public examinations, this will be announced on our website and through various media outlets. You can tune in and view the examination live through our streaming program. You can also download the Commission’s past reports - ccc.wa.gov.au/reports. What is an interesting piece of work that the CCC has recently engaged in? Our work is exciting, interesting, challenging and diverse. You can read about our latest investigations on our website and stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Directorate, applicants must have been admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia. The Commission offers other roles that attract law graduates that do not require you to be admitted. We encourage all law graduates to apply for any opportunity that interests them.


Level 25, Exchange Tower Sherwood Court (off, St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 dfat.gov.au

What is the main focus of DFAT?

What is an interesting piece of What kind of work do employees at DFAT do? DFAT works to make Australia work that DFAT has recently stronger, safer and more engaged in? Working at DFAT works to make prosperous, to provide timely and As part of Bushfire Recovery, Australia is more than just a job. It responsive consular and passport DFAT sent products from a range is a career that can provide you services, and to ensure a secure of Australian small businesses with the opportunity to do the kind Australian Government presence impacted by the 2020/21 of work that adds up to something overseas. summer bushfires to Australian meaningful. Whether we are The department provides foreign, Embassies and High Commissions promoting international trade trade and development policy around the world. Using our and investment, helping in crises advice to the Government. We global diplomatic network, we overseas, assisting Australian work with other government were able to showcase the talents travellers, reducing poverty and agencies to ensure that Australia’s of Australian small businesses like supporting growth, we all share pursuit of its global, regional and Highfield Farm and Woodland in a common goal of advancing bilateral interests is coordinated Mt Adrah (NSW) and Disaster the interests of Australia and Bay Chillies in Eden (NSW) on Australians internationally. effectively. an international stage. DFAT is the lead agency managing DFAT’s Australia- How does DFAT recruit? Australia’s international presence. Through We manage a network of 121 India Council grants program, We advertise vacancies at overseas posts in five continents Australian and Indian researchers different times, according to and have 6,078 staff located shared knowledge and expertise operational requirements to fill in Canberra, state and territory in 3D printing and bioprinting to particular roles. All our vacancies drive the development of a 3D are advertised on the careers offices and overseas posts. printing solution that will generate pages of the DFAT website (dfat. Our officers are highly skilled new ears for patients using their gov.au/careers/Pages/careers. at their work which includes; aspx). If you are interested in own stem cells. developing and implementing keeping track of future vacancies, foreign, trade and development DFAT’s Australia-India Council you can visit our website and policy, negotiating international establishes innovative, dynamic register to receive notifications of agreements, delivering an and sustainable links between vacancies as they are advertised, effective aid program, and Australia and India, opening up by using the job alert function. providing high quality consular opportunities for collaboration in assistance. This business is often areas that are beneficial to both conducted in one of the 31 of our countries. foreign languages in which DFAT staff are proficient.


What qualities does DFAT look for in future graduates/ employees?

Does DFAT offer any opportunities to students who are still studying, and how can The department continues to build and renew the individuals apply? workforce by bringing in a mix of people with a Unfortunately, DFAT is unable to offer internships wide range of skills, experience and knowledge. or work experience in Canberra. Some of our embassies and high commissions overseas and For each intake we are looking for: other portfolio agencies do offer internships. • future leaders • strong academic achievers • critical and curious thinkers

Does DFAT offer any opportunities for graduates, and how can individuals apply?

• team players who build relationships with We will advertise for our 2023 Graduate Programs in late March/early April 2022. stakeholders and peers We welcome candidates from a diverse range of • excellent communicators • practical problem solvers, who are flexible, backgrounds. Each year we select a mix of fresh graduates and graduates with several years of adaptable, resilient and resourceful professional experience under their belt. DFAT • candidates who display professionalism and places no limits on the age of candidates. high ethical standards. These are ongoing entry level positions, with We look at each candidate’s application, including graduates commencing at an APS3.2 with a salary their qualifications and professional experience. of $71,163 (plus 15.4% superannuation). Graduates We take into account transferable skills from a range are expected to commence in February/March of employment options, not just those which have 2023. DFAT also offers a generous relocation direct subject matter relevance to DFAT’s work. A package to successful candidates. candidate who has worked in hotel management or other areas of hospitality, for example, may bring skills in problem solving, adapting to change and managing people – all skills strongly relevant to working in DFAT.



Dumas House, 2 Havelock St, West Perth 6005 wa.gov.au/organisation/ department-of-the premier-and-cabinet ODHR@dpc.wa.gov.au

What is the focus of the DPC?

those required during the COVID-19 counterparts in each state, territory, The DPC’s leads the public sector pandemic and subsequent recovery and the Australian Government to share information and develop in providing whole-of-Government implementation. advice and support to the Premier The balance of staff engage in advice for the Premier’s attendance and Cabinet in their service administrative work in areas such at National Cabinet meetings. of the WA community. It also as finance, human resources, The rapidly changing priorities plays a central role in Executive recordkeeping and information of 2020 created a unique Government functions. technology to provide practical environment that saw the DPC fastsupport to Departmental staff, the track remote working methods, Our strategic priorities include: Premier, Ministers and all Members online meetings, and fostered new • Working with the Australian of Parliament together with all levels of collaboration across the Government the staff in their Ministerial and public sector. The DPC continues to deliver a central coordination • Influencing economic and social Parliamentary Electorate Offices. role to oversee and report on development • Delivering key infrastructure and What interesting work has the implementation of the WA Recovery Plan. DPC recently engaged in? major projects • Supporting Aboriginal economic In March 2020, when a State Other interesting areas of work: and social development • Driving digital transformation What kind of work do employees at the DPC do? A large proportion of the DPC’s employees are engaged in research supporting development of policy advice to government. The advice includes preparation of briefing notes, Cabinet submissions and formal responses to various enquiries, both state and national. Many employees undertake project work to implement both our strategic priorities and additional tasks assigned by government on an adhoc basis. A large part of the DPC’s role concerns central coordination across the whole of the Western Australian public sector and state-wide communication campaigns, such as

of Emergency was declared • Leading a whole-of-government in response to the COVID-19 approach to Aboriginal policy pandemic, the DPC established and native title outcomes. the Pandemic Coordination Unit. The DPC has progressed the This drew on resources from across implementation of significant the agency and the public sector native title settlements, including to support whole-of-government the Yamatji Nation Indigenous planning, coordination and Land Use Agreement and the communication. An Information South West Settlement Land Use Coordination Centre, operating Agreement. Working directly from Dumas House, reported with traditional owners, these directly to the State Emergency agreements aim to build a Coordinator. Communications sustainable economic foundation kept the public up to date with with a focus on Aboriginal developments, and also kept them empowerment and recognition. informed as the WA Roadmap for • The DPC’s Office of Digital COVID-19 was rolled out. COVID Government has implemented Safety Plan tools and guidelines improved cyber security were developed in collaboration capability across the public with other public sector agencies to sector, and is delivering a help businesses and communities digital data hub pilot to drive adopt COVID-safe practices. improved data analytics and The inter-governmental relations insights capability across the WA team worked closely with their government.


• The DPC leads delivery of government priorities, implementing the Collie economic development plan and tourism programs, and providing strategic advice on environmental policy, jobs and economic diversification, deregulation and priority commercial matters. What qualities does the DPC look for in graduates? The DPC employs people with a wide range of experience, and is particularly interested in recent university graduates who enjoy working in a team environment, can adapt quickly to change, and have excellent communication skills, initiative and determination. As future leaders in the public sector, passion, commitment and a thirst for knowledge are essential. Graduates don’t need a specific academic background as long as they can demonstrate academic achievements, have an interest in issues that affect the community of Western Australia, and want to think, talk and write about how the Government might solve some of its biggest policy challenges. They will need to be great communicators who think clearly and are not scared of putting up original ideas. They will also require an understanding of the rules and processes around what we do in the public sector and be willing to ask why. To be eligible for the DPC’s graduate program, applicants must be: • An Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or be entitled to live and work indefinitely in Australia • University graduates who have 178

a degree of three years or more How does the DPC recruit? and who have graduated since Jobs are advertised on the jobs. 2019. wa.gov.au website. We are looking for intelligent, passionate individuals whose values align with the DPC’s values and want to contribute their skills and experience for the betterment of all Western Australians. What are the DPC’s values?

Does the DPC offer student opportunities? No. Does the DPC offer graduate opportunities, and how can individuals apply?


The DPC’s graduate program is • We respect and recognise the advertised once a year on the contribution of all colleagues. jobs.wa.gov.au website. • We work collaboratively and The 18-month graduate program includes: professionally. • We are open to and draw on • a comprehensive induction to the DPC and to Government; a diversity of ideas and views. • a series of rotations throughout Leadership the DPC; • We empower and enable • the opportunity to participate others to do their best. in the Public Sector Graduate • We commit to personal Development Program; and development and on-going • exciting training and learning. development opportunities. • We take ownership of our tasks The application process has four and decisions. steps: Clarity 1. Submit a covering letter or • We strive to provide clear written application and an up advice and support, even where to date CV or résumé. there is ambiguity. 2. Do a one-way video interview. • We communicate effectively with others and consider their 3. Complete a written exercise and take part in a 30-minute feedback. panel style interview. • We bring a consistent approach 4. Referee checks and notification to our work. to applicants. Openness The DPC strives to have a • We act in a transparent and workforce that is representative of ethical manner. the diverse community we serve • We make objective decisions and encourages people from all and are fully accountable for backgrounds to apply. our actions. Please email ODHR@dpc.wa.gov. • We make ourselves accessible. au to request further information or register your interest in the 2023 Graduate Program.


Vacation clerkships are offered to law students who are typically Criminal law in their last, or second last year of study. During the two-week What is the main focus of the clerkship period, students will be organisation? provided with an opportunity to The Office of the Director of Public learn about the nature of the work Prosecutions for Western Australia that the ODPP performs. (ODPP) is the independent prosecuting authority for the Does the organisation hire State of Western Australia, graduates directly? responsible for the prosecution of all serious offences committed No. against state criminal law. The ODPP acts independently of the Personal Profile Government in decision making I applied for a position at the on criminal prosecutions. The ODPP because I believed Director is, however, responsible that it would provide me with to the Attorney General for the unparalleled opportunities to operation of the Office. The practice the two aspects of law ODPP does not investigate crime that had drawn me to study a law - that is the role of investigating degree in the first place – criminal agencies such as the WA Police law and advocacy. and the Corruption and Crime Within the first few weeks of Commission. commencing at the ODPP, you will be appearing in court. Within What is the structure of your the first years of commencing at clerkship program? the ODPP, you will be conducting The ODPP actively contributes your very own jury trials. The to the training and development nature of the work is invariably of future lawyers by running a interesting, and can involve vacation clerkship program. The reading text messages between ODPP offers a number of vacation drug dealers and being involved clerkships during the mid-year in high-profile trials. (winter) and end of year (summer) university semester breaks.

Level 1 International House, 26 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 dpp.wa.gov.au dpp@dpp.wa.gov.au With this said, I would not recommend the ODPP for those who have expectations of ruthlessly cross-examining witnesses in front of an adoring jury. Representing the State in serious criminal matters requires compassion, humility and dedication – and it is far more challenging than Netflix might have you believe. The pace and volume of work is relentless. Trials are all consuming and emotionally exhausting. File management responsibilities will necessitate the review of graphic and distressing material. While court appearances and fascinating files will always be perks of the job, it is the people that you encounter that make the job worthwhile. From talented colleagues, committed police officers, and incredibly brave victims of crime, you will be inspired to pursue excellence, and rewarded for it in ways you may never have expected.


INSURANCE COMMISSION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA (ICWA) Areas of Law: Motor Injury insurance, government insurance What is the main focus of the ICWA? The Insurance Commission of Western Australia is a statutory corporation and Government Trading Enterprise owned by the Western Australian Government. We are the State’s insurer providing injury insurance to motorists and self-insurance to Government.

221 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 icwa.wa.gov.au hr@icwa.wa.gov.au

What does the organisation’s graduate program involve? The Insurance Commission actively seeks graduates and young professionals to join our organisation. We offer training and professional development to build your career and help you achieve your goals. Working with us will provide you with public sector experience and a skill set that is transferable to the global financial services and insurance industries.

We provide motor injury insurance to 1.9 million drivers and 2.9 million owners of registered vehicles What are your student and graduate opportunities? in Western Australia. We also provide self-insurance arrangements for Government covering 111 agencies for workers’ The Insurance Commission offers opportunities in a dynamic, flexible and innovative work environment compensation, property, liability and more. for talented people. We value innovative thinking from people who are team players committed to delivering excelling to our customs and stakeholders.



32 St Georges Tce, Perth, as well as offices in regional centres legalaid.wa.gov.au human.positions@ legalaid.wa.gov.au

What is the focus of Legal Aid?

mental illnesses or impairments.

programs. These opportunities Legal Aid WA is an independent • An ability to show empathy and are by agreement between the university and Legal Aid WA. statutory body set up by the Legal sensitivity. Aid Commission Act 1976. Our • A commitment to the type of work Students may also be interested in purpose is to provide quality legal we do. This includes studying applying for paid employment on assistance to those in need and units at university that reflect Legal Aid WA’s Infoline. promote community access to your interest in legal aid work, justice. such as family law, criminal Does Legal Aid offer opportunities for graduates? justice or dispute resolution. What kind of work do • Excellent written and oral Legal Aid WA has limited employees at Legal Aid do? opportunities for law graduates communication skills. Graduate lawyers provide a to undertake their practical Legal Aid WA is committed to range of services in the areas work experience hours with us, increasing the diversity of our of family, criminal and civil law as part of their enrolment in an workforce to better meet the including duty lawyer services, approved practical legal training differing needs of our clients and legal advice and minor assistance, course. Work experience is on a to improve equal opportunity for court representation, alternative voluntary basis and is not paid. our employees. We encourage dispute resolution, community These opportunities are advertised applications from Aboriginal and legal education and community annually or bi-annually. Torres Strait Islander peoples, outreach. people from culturally and Law graduates who have Working for Legal Aid WA means linguistically diverse backgrounds, completed their practical legal making a real difference to the lives young people, women and people training requirements and are of disadvantaged people in our with disabilities. eligible for admission or have community. recently been admitted to practice can apply for Legal Aid WA’s Does Legal Aid offer any What qualities does Legal Aid Graduate Lawyer Program. opportunities to students? look for in graduates? Employment is for a fixed term of Legal Aid WA offers a limited • Strong genuine desire to serve number of unpaid internships for two years, usually commencing on the community, especially final year law students through 1 July. those who are socially and our Voluntary Intern Placement Other opportunities for admitted economically disadvantaged, (VIP) Program. Recruitment for lawyers to join Legal Aid WA in and a demonstrated the program occurs annually in entry level positions arise from commitment to social justice. accordance with the university time-to-time. • Experience with our client recommended recruitment dates Recruitment for all opportunities group which includes children, and is via the WA Government is via the WA Government Jobs Aboriginal and Torres Strait Jobs Board website. Board website. More information Islander people, people Legal Aid WA also offers some about volunteer and employment from non-English speaking placements to students through opportunities at Legal Aid WA can backgrounds, people with the various university internship be found on the website: legalaid. disabilities and people with wa.gov.au/about-us/careers. 181


Level 2, Albert Facey House, 469 Wellington Street, Perth 6000 ombudsman.wa.gov.au human.hrrecruitment@ ombudsman.wa.gov.au

What is the Office’s focus?

What qualities does the Office The office of the Ombudsman look for in graduates? (Office) provides access to Most positions at the Office justice, advances human rights for require excellent conceptual vulnerable and disadvantaged and analytical skills, a high level populations and promotes the of written communication skills, rule of law. The Ombudsman is an strong interpersonal skills and an independent and impartial officer understanding of the principles of of the Parliament who reports independence, reasonableness to the Parliament rather than the and procedural fairness. People government of the day. The Office from diverse backgrounds are utilises all aspects of public law in encouraged to apply for vacancies undertaking their work. at the Office. The Office has four principal What interesting work has the functions, which are: Office recently engaged in? • Providing access to justice to Western Australians In July 2021, the Ombudsman regarding the administration of released his investigation report, An investigation into the Office of the government; Public Advocate’s role in notifying • Making recommendations the families of Mrs Joyce Savage, about ways to prevent or Mr Robert Ayling and Mr Kenneth reduce child deaths and family Hartley of the deaths of Mrs Savage, and domestic violence fatalities Mr Ayling and Mr Hartley. through the undertaking of The report arose following a reviews; request to the Ombudsman by the • Undertaking major Honourable John Quigley MLA, investigations with the powers of Attorney General, to investigate a standing Royal Commission; the Office of the Public Advocate’s • Undertaking a range of (OPA) role in notifying the family of inspection and monitoring Mrs Joyce Savage of the death of functions of particular powers Mrs Savage. The Attorney General given to agencies of the State. also requested that the Ombudsman include in his investigation the Does the Office offer circumstances of OPA’s notification opportunities for graduates? to the families of Mr Robert Ayling The Office advertises positions in and Mr Kenneth Hartley of the the WA Government Jobs Board deaths of Mr Ayling and Mr Hartley. (jobs.wa.gov.au). 182

As a result of the Investigation, the Ombudsman formed a number of opinions regarding OPA’s role. Arising from these opinions, the Ombudsman made seven recommendations to OPA. The OPA has agreed to all seven recommendations. The Ombudsman will actively monitor the steps taken by OPA to give effect to the recommendations. Does the Office offer opportunities to students? The Office provides law students an opportunity to apply for the office’s clerkship program during the university vacation period. Each year, the clerkship is advertised on the WA Government Jobs Board and the office also informs universities when the program is advertised. Contact the person in the job advertisement to obtain an understanding of the advertised role and information about the job, and provide a comprehensive curriculum vitae that details your qualifications and your duties and achievements in your current and previous work. The CV needs to show that you have the skills, knowledge and capacity to do the work of the advertised position.


David Malcolm Justice Centre, 28 Barrack Street, Perth 6000 wa.gov.au/organisation/ department-of-justice/ state-solicitors-office sso@sso.wa.gov.au

What is the main focus of the As a restricted practitioner you SSO? will generally have your own The SSO provides legal advice prosecutions to conduct in the and representation across a Magistrates Court, your own very wide range of areas of advice files to manage and you law to the Western Australian will assist on large litigation State Government and Ministers matters as part of a team. There as well as to individual client is substantial in-house training for departments, statutory authorities junior staff (including mock court and instrumentalities of the sessions before you head to court State. The SSO receives several on your own) and continuing development thousand requests for advice professional and representation each year. opportunities throughout your The office is comprised of the career. Upon the completion of your restricted practice years, following sections: you will transition into one of our • Advice, policy and public law; sections. Those with a passion • Litigation (including civil matters for a particular area of law can and public and general law develop expertise in that area matters); but the opportunity remains to maintain a wide variety of work • Counsel; over the course of your career. • Native Title and State Lands;

What interesting work has the SSO recently engaged in? The SSO undertakes a very interesting and diverse range of work. Some recent examples of the work that the SSO has been involved in include: • representing the Commissioner of Police and the State of WA in the High Court challenge to the State’s border control measures put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19; • advising the State Emergency Coordinator and government on the legal issues arising in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic including the use of the emergency powers in the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA);

Employees have access to a range • advising on the Iron Ore Processing (Mineralogy Pty Ltd) of interesting and challenging Agreement Amendment Act secondment and placement What kind of work do 2020 (WA) and the subsequent opportunities at different stages employees at the SSO do? High Court proceedings in of their career, including the Working at the SSO as a Coroner’s Court, the Corruption relation to that Act; graduate involves rotating and Crime Commission and WA • representing the State and through each of the sections and Police. a number of government engaging in the full range of agencies on a range of Royal work that each of those sections How does the SSO recruit? Commissions including the undertake. This will include Royal Commission into Violence, actually appearing in court on a Each year, our Vacation Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation and Graduate range of interlocutory and other Clerkships of People with Disability and the matters, contractual drafting and positions are advertised on the Royal Commission into Aged assisting in preparing advice and WA Government jobs board Care and the implementation client correspondence, as well as (jobs.wa.gov.au). The SSO also of recommendations arising having the opportunity to observe informs universities when the from the Royal Commission into other more senior practitioners in programs are advertised. Institutional Responses to Child court. Sexual Abuse; • Commercial.


• assisting in the preliminary stages of the planning and development of the new Women and Babies Hospital;

Does the SSO offer student opportunities for those still studying, and how can individuals apply?

• advising on a range of legal The State Solicitor’s Office offers issues pertaining to the 2021 a number of paid summer and State General Election; and winter vacation clerkships for • representing the State in the students in their penultimate or WA Stolen Wages Class Action final year of study. Our structured proceedings in the Federal programme ensures that all our vacation clerks are able to Court. experience as broad a range of the work of the SSO as possible, What qualities does the SSO whilst being supported and look for in graduates? mentored by both junior and While the State Solicitor’s Office senior lawyers in the SSO. looks for graduates with excellent results in their law degrees, we In addition, the SSO employs also want to employ people who professional legal research have a commitment to public assistants on a full-time basis service, and understand that for two years to undertake an working in government can be interesting and diverse range different to working for private of legal tasks including drafting research memoranda on discrete clients in a private practice. legal issues, assisting with Graduates should be able to litigation related tasks including work well with others, and at the the preparation of submissions same time work independently and attending meetings with when required. We need clients and other stakeholders. graduates who are not afraid of These positions are a unique public speaking, and who are opportunity for very capable prepared to take on the challenge law students to work closely of advocacy work at an early with very senior members of the stage in their career. We want to SSO, including the State Solicitor, employ those who are committed State Counsel and the Solicitornot only to legal excellence but General. also to contributing to the positive and supportive culture that all State Solicitor’s Office employees are privileged to be a part of.

Does the SSO offer graduates opportunities , and how can individuals apply? The State Solicitor’s Office Law Graduate Programme is designed to provide an excellent foundation for a career in law with the State Solicitor’s Office. Law Graduates will gain practical experience in the full range of practice areas within the State Solicitor’s Office, by rotating through each of the SSO’s sections in their graduate year. The State Solicitor’s Office will accept applications for employment as a Law Graduate from: • Law graduates who have not completed the coursework component of an approved practical legal training course. • Law graduates who have completed the coursework component of an approved practical legal training course (such as that provided by the College of Law) but have not been admitted to practice law. • Law graduates who have completed the requirements of an approved practical legal training course (such as that provided by the College of Law) and have already been admitted to practice law but have not commenced practice as a lawyer. Each year, our Graduate positions are advertised on the WA Government jobs board (jobs.wa.gov.au) and the office also informs universities when the programs are advertised.





This section of the handbook contains a compilation of articles relating to the pathways that are open to law students and graduates. A range of legal and non-legal professionals have written these articles. For those with aspirations in certain areas of law, we hope these articles impart some valuable information which can aid you as your career progresses.




In 2019, I undertook a four month secondment to an employment legal role within Coles. It was great to be involved in strategic projects (involving food!) behind the scenes of a top brand. A highlight was having the Masterchef contestants cook our team dinner using Coles products paired with Coles wine, and a Mexican themed parade through the office to launch a new product.

Also in 2019, I undertook a pro bono secondment through the Jawun program to Mirima Dawang Senior Associate, Employment, Industrial Woorlab-gerring, a language and culture centre in Relations and Safety Kununurra in the East Kimberley. My role was to support an Aboriginal-run organisation to develop governance How did I get here? frameworks. This required me to experiment with I am a Senior Associate in the Employment, Industrial different communication and consultation strategies Relations and Safety team. I started in January 2014 than we would use in a commercial law firm, including as a vacation clerk and then as a graduate. Prior to by developing ideas through painting. clerking I was uncertain whether I wanted to work in I am currently on secondment to the BHP Group government, criminal law, commercial law, community employee relations legal team. My role involves advice law or perhaps something entirely different. and representation on strategic projects and litigation One of the key reasons I chose to work at a large across BHP’s Australian assets, with a particular focus commercial law firm is the opportunity to work with on COVID-19 response. This has again been a great smart, dedicated people who challenge you to become new challenge to further build my professional network the best lawyer possible. I have met great mentors and understanding of how one of our firm’s key clients here who have helped me shape my career direction operates. and discover new interest areas. I have also had the opportunity to balance my passions for working on Senior Associate challenging, large “front page” commercial matters I became a Senior Associate in July 2020. This and pro bono human rights matters. presented an opportunity to take a greater leadership role in my team with mentoring junior Secondments lawyers and also take on more challenging work. Some of the other key experiences that have shaped In particular, I have run a few merits hearings in the my career journey are the secondments I have been Fair Work Commission as advocate, involving crosson. This has enabled me to diversify my experience examination of witnesses. I also project managed a and develop understanding and empathy for the large matter that involved enhancing a client’s sexual harassment response frameworks to support them to client-side. In 2015, I undertook a six month graduate secondment ensure a safe and respectful workplace, at a time to our London office. The clients that I worked with when this issue was of great focus in the media. included pharmaceutical manufacturers, FMCG companies and self-driving cars. I worked with top QCs, assisted with a Court of Appeal hearing and worked on market leading advice for emerging products (including research on Twitter Tweets for a matter!). I provided EU migration law advice to vulnerable people including trafficking victims, prepared human rights law position papers on issues such the rights of the children of prisoners and an appeal of a murder case from the Caribbean to the Privy Council. 188

A key difference to firm life from law school is that you have people sitting in front of you with a real problem – often involving millions of dollars and non-legal commercial risks and pressures to factor in – and no clear answer. This can be scary, but it is also what motivates you to do the best work and give a clear, commercial answer to help the client. My advice is to always be genuine, be a person of integrity and pick the area of law that is aligned to the kind of professional brand you want to build within

RECENT CLERKS • The interview process was quite conversational and more friendly than expected;

Academia Others

• HSF has an excellent reputation for all aspects of commercial law, both within Australia and • I had fortunately already worked in a commercial internationally; law firm for a few months, as well as in a finance • The opportunity for international secondments; company, so I was able to talk to both of these • The exceptional graduate training that comes experiences in applications and interviews when with being at a firm like HSF; asked about commerciality. However, I know • A strong culture of corporate social many people who had different experiences responsibility, impactful pro-bono work and and were able to speak about commerciality diversity and inclusion policies; and by staying aware of current affairs and business news. My tip would be to read a publication • From hearing about HSF through relationships such as the Australian Financial Review every built throughout the degree, whether through so often during the application and interview firm presentations, networking events or process. Pick a news story that you find interesting otherwise. because it will be easier for you to speak about something you’re interested in. But, don’t get too stressed about these questions – they’re not asking you to solve huge commercial disputes or run a transaction just yet!


• Both HR representatives and senior lawyers made a noticeable effort to get to know the applicants. Examples included the breakfast networking event where there was a oneto-one ratio of student applicants to lawyers (ranging from graduates to partners) and the “HSF Interview Workshops” event, which was helpful because the presenters gave clear examples of what to do and what to avoid;

• However, I do not believe that it is fatal if you do not have any or much commercial experience. You can use any relevant work or life experiences in your interview to demonstrate an interest in commercial law. For example, I discussed how overseas work motivated me to work in an industry with a wealth of opportunities. Moreover, interesting and unique non-commercial experiences are just as relevant to demonstrate an interest in commercial law. My advice when thinking of how to answer the ‘why commercial law’ question is to be honest and draw upon applicable as well as diverse/ unique experiences (whether they be through work, volunteering, hobbies, life etc).


Why did you apply to, and accept an offer from HSF?

• I was fortunate because I had a wide variety of work experiences to talk about. Although I had not worked in commercial law before, I had previously been exposed to the commercial environment working in finance and accounting. This was helpful. Firstly, they aided in illustrating why I am passionate about pursuing a career in commercial law. Secondly, they gave me an idea of what practice groups interested me. Lastly, they gave me applicable examples of how I have developed my professional and personal skills.



Commerciality is a topic that students are frequently asked about in applications and interviews. What unique experiences did you have, and how did you speak to them to demonstrate your interest in commercial law?


the market for at least the following 3 years. That said, no one knows what their ‘forever’ holds when they graduate – the first few years can be trial and error. Working at a large law firm employer gives you scope to change path if you need it as well as grow within your speciality once you find it.


• Volunteering for a management consulting charity It is worth preparing for questions such as: (WAUC) allowed me to draw on some real life case • Why do you want to work at HSF? experience. For example - looking at financial data • Why do you want to work in commercial law? from a client in light of current economic conditions • Why should we give you a vacation clerkship? to suggest an alternate strategy. • It’s all about tying your ability to understand business • What is an interesting legal or commercial development or matter?’ (commerciality) to demonstrate that whilst the law can be black and white, tailoring advice to a client It’s also worth preparing for behavioural questions. means you have to understand the commercial They will be in every interview you do. They can be interests/exposures of that client as well. difficult to answer in an interview environment under • I didn’t really have any commerciality experience, time pressure. If you Google search “behavioural which worried me a bit going into the clerkship questions”, there are countless resources that you can use process. I had only worked in small businesses to prepare. One interviewee dot-pointed experiences before – but everything counts. Being on the ground for each, focusing on how these experiences shaped of a small business counts as commercial experience them and why they made them a good cultural fit. By and is definitely worth talking about. More often doing this, they hoped that as soon as they heard a than not, applicants are in their early 20s and can’t “buzzword”, they knew what experience to talk about be expected to have a vast array of commercial immediately. Key “buzzwords” might include: experience so just work with what you’ve got. • Time pressure, Leadership, Teamwork, Challenge, Organisation and time management skills, When asking around for interview tips, it’s Initiative, Made an important decision, Dedication, common to hear advice such as research Adaptability, Failure and criticism, Communication the firm and prepare questions for the and client facing skills, Problem solving interviewers. How did you go about this (and preparation more generally)? How did you go about preferencing your There is no right way to prepare for an interview and clerkship practice group? Are there any everyone is different. Prepare in a way that makes disadvantages to picking a group you’re interested in, but have no prior experience? you feel relaxed and confident for your interview. A good first step is to review your resume, cover letter and application to ensure you’re familiar with them. This is important as you will be questioned on them, and you need to be able to comfortably discuss them. Secondly, brainstorm the things you want to research and the questions you would like to prepare. One way is to divide the research into three aspects: firm research, general questions and standard behavioural questions.

The strong consensus among the interviewees is to preference practice groups based on areas of genuine personal interest. • Firstly, it’s much easier to motivate yourself to work hard, ask questions and get to know the practice areas and the lawyers better if you have a genuine interest in the field.

• Secondly, the whole point of clerkships is to find out which areas you’re interested in. You might As for firm research, our interviewees looked at HSF’s think you’re set on being a commercial litigation website to find out their history, values, and practice guru when at uni but might discover you really groups. They researched HSF’s corporate social like front-end work. responsibility and pro-bono work nationally and in • Thirdly, HSF (like any other employer) obviously Perth. They also researched the people interviewing expects you to do good work and be competent. me, their practice group, and interesting/recent But they rate attitude and interest above all else. developments in their practice group. This last stage No one expects you to come in as an expert on was important as it allowed the interviewees to better employment law or the nuances of energy and frame their responses and to ask engaging questions resources law. If you’re prepared to give things a at the conclusion of their interview. genuine go, ask lots of questions and absorb the feedback given, you’ll be in good stead. 190

• Get onto your clerkship applications relatively early in the mid year holidays as each application (cover letter, firm specific questions, test/activity) can take at least 3 • Everyone is super approachable and friendly. hours total per firm, which you don’t want to The people at HSF are highly approachable be rushing at the last minute. and have a broad range of backgrounds, interests and personalities. The interviewees • Order your transcripts as soon as you can! all felt like they could ask questions of anyone, • Don’t be scared to talk about experiences that and HR was always there to help out. aren’t that applicable to law (e.g. tutoring,


• Take a long-term approach and invest more time into attending and preparing for interviews. It is definitely hard to juggle everything with clerkship interviews etc on top.

• Try and think of something interesting from the information events to bring up in the interview.


• Listen intently in the two days of training and don’t just eat all the tasty food.

8:30am I’m at my desk and the day begins. As part of our graduate program, we complete three six-month rotations in different teams. I previously rotated through the Disputes team and am now in my second rotation in the Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety team. I start the day off by drafting some forms for an unfair dismissal claim. The work in Employment is very ‘people’ based and moves quickly, so you get to be involved in a range of different matters and variety of work from enterprise bargaining and industrial action to advice to employers on what to do in the everevolving era of COVID-19.


• It’s a busy time of the year when attending interviews and information evenings. Make sure you focus on yourself and stay healthy/ positive.


• You’ve got the grades and experience, they want to see who you are and whether they can Solicitor see themselves working with you for hours and 6am I wake up nice and early to go to the gym hours a week. Keep this in mind! before work. After the gym, I’m wide awake and feeling ready for the day! I have some smashed What’s your advice for applicants? avo on toast or if I’m running late, I pick up some • It can be nerve-wracking but it is a great banana bread from Eat House when I arrive at experience! It’s what you’ve worked towards QV1. On the train, I read a book (think Twilight so put everything you can into it. level of sophistication). As we get closer to the city, • Don’t apply to firms that, realistically, you I have a quick look on my phone to see what work wouldn’t end up wanting to work there. emails have come through and check my work Otherwise you’ll end up applying to too many calendar to see what the day has in store for me. firms and will make more work for yourself.


• The work is highly interesting, real and not made up just to give to a clerk. Expect to get a diverse range of tasks from multiple different people. HSF really values hard work and excellence, and will encourage your development.

swim teaching, hospitality etc) but tie them to something law related. E.g. swim teaching 3 year olds gives you good organisation and problem solving (how to get them in the pool) etc. Be creative and have fun.


• You’ll get lots of interesting work, no matter what team you’re in. HSF are really big on “coffee catch ups” so feel free to reach out to people in other teams to discuss their work/experiences. Your buddy will be a great source to connect you with these people. But, don’t catch up with people for the sake of it – this becomes quite obvious and super awkward.


Having completed a HSF clerkship, how would you describe the experience and HSF’s culture?


10am It’s snack time. In the Employment team we have ‘Munchin’ Mondays’ – a snack and chat morning tea every Monday. We have a roster where everyone takes turns bringing in a savoury or sweet snack for the team. This week someone has forgotten so they’ve done the standard ‘I-forgot-I-was-rosteredon-this-Monday’ and gone downstairs to Mary Street Bakery to get a selection of doughnuts for the team. Delicious! 11:30am I have finished conducting a respondent interview for an investigation we are running for a client. Investigation work in the Employment team has been a highlight of my rotation. It involves drafting allegations, interviewing the complainant and witnesses, reviewing the documentary evidence, putting the allegations to the respondent and making findings on whether or not the alleged conduct occurred. Another highlight of my rotation in the Employment team was going up to Port Hedland for a few days to assist a client on their internal investigations. I stayed in FIFO accommodation and caught a plane up to site with other FIFO workers. They were all in hi-vis, so I stuck out like a sore thumb in my HSF smart casual. 12:30pm It’s lunch time so I head downstairs with some other grads to eat some sushi. We chat about where we’re all going on our next rotation. I’m heading to the Environment & Planning team next which is part of our Real Estate practice. This will be my first front-end rotation and I expect to learn a lot.


1:30pm I’m heading down to the Supreme Court to be the instructing solicitor for Counsel in a matter I participated in whilst in Disputes. I love having the opportunity to get involved in court work. When I was in my Disputes rotation I was lucky enough to get involved in a trial. The trial was based in Melbourne, but our client gave evidence in Perth (COVID time). During the trial, the client, myself, and an Executive Counsel were based on our client floor. I will always be grateful to Dave, our Client Services Manager, for never failing to arrange coffees, hot chocolates and lunches to see us through. It was a great experience helping to prepare our witnesses to give evidence, and watching senior barristers work their magic during the trial. 4pm The hearing is over, and I get my steps in walking back to QV1. As an instructing solicitor, your role is to assist counsel during the hearing. This means making sure you can locate a document quickly. Whilst in Disputes, I also had my first ever court appearance. It was only an interlocutory hearing about subpoenas, which took a grand total of seven minutes, and although I was told exactly what to say, everyone made a big deal of my first appearance, and I won that month’s ‘Onya Mate’ award in Disputes! 5:30pm Back at the office, I do a research task for an advice. Once I have finally found the golden nugget case, I finalise my research memo, submit my timers and head home.


Global law firm

Graduate program


The Perth office at A&O is very collaborative, and so you get the opportunity to really get to know everybody in the office. It also means that in

All in all, working at a global law firm means that you get to work on things that really matter, in ways that will encourage you to push your own boundaries and develop as a better lawyer and person.


I then completed my second rotation in the Litigation and Arbitration team, where I later settled. In Perth, A&O mainly acts in large arbitrations between international corporations or governments, generally based between at least two countries. In this team, I’ve been responsible for drafting submissions, affidavits and advice; interviewing witnesses and drafting witness statements; conducting case research; and assisting with document reviews and discovery. I’ve also expanded my interest in renewable energy by getting involved in A&O’s Climate Change focus group.

Similarly, when a dispute I’m working on involves a discrete question on how the law works in a particular country, I can send an email or make a phone call to the A&O office in that country to get the local perspective on the question. I might also volunteer to join a pro bono team helping to advise an international NGO on how different countries across the world approach a legal issue (such as refugee law), so they can use that to inform their advocacy on large-scale, global issues. There are also opportunities for lawyers at all levels to seek an opportunity to undergo a secondment in an international office.


I completed my first rotation in the Energy and Resources Corporate team. In this team, my work involved helping to draft contracts, preparing legal advice, assisting in negotiations, and conducting due diligence (reviewing a company’s affairs to identify potential liabilities or problems). In addition to mining and gas matters, I had the chance to get involved with renewable energy and hydrogen projects, and prepare presentations to clients on why and how to decarbonise their operations.


The Graduate program at Allen & Overy (A&O) consists of two six-month rotations, as well as an optional third rotation. In any law firm, it’s important to get exposure to different practice groups. Even if you don’t settle in a particular team, you’ll develop different skill sets, meet different people inside and outside the firm, and discover new areas that interest you.

The thing that most surprised me starting out at A&O was just how integrated the international offices actually are. It’s common practice for multiple offices to work together on the same matter, each providing their expertise on a particular part of the transaction. For example, we might advise on a resources project in Indonesia, under a contract governed by English law – in which case, our Indonesian office will lead discussions with the client, the London office will give advice on English law, and the Perth office might offer our expertise on how resources projects operate.





every team you get lots of opportunities to work one-on-one with partners and senior lawyers. Even as a fresh graduate, you feel like your work really matters, you’re given a lot of responsibility and trust, and senior lawyers listen to and value your opinion. At the same time, you’re provided with lots of ongoing guidance and mentorship, so you never feel like you’ve been thrown in the deep end.


LIFE AT A GLOBAL LAW FIRM: KING & WOOD MALLESONS EMILY BRADLEY Senior Associate I started my career at King & Wood Mallesons in 2016 as a law graduate in the Perth office. Similar to most of the international law firms, the graduate program at KWM consists of three six-month rotations, allowing you to try out different practice groups between choosing where you want to settle. I completed my first rotation in Projects (where I ended up working on predominately African work). My second rotation was in Banking & Financing (where I ended up settling) and I was lucky enough to complete my third rotation in the Corporate team in KWM’s Hong Kong office. While I enjoyed each of my rotations, my experience in Hong Kong was an unforgettable experience. As the meeting place of East and West and the financial hub of Asia, I was exposed to a diverse mix of work. The friends I made at KWM in Hong Kong still form part of my support network at the firm.

London experience In 2019, I received a job offer to work at Slaughter and May in London, in their Financing team. The Partner I work for in Perth was extremely supportive of my move, as he felt that it would help me gain significant exposure to a much wider range of transactions and financing matters, which is experience I could return with to the Perth team. I was thankful that my Partner’s support meant I was offered a leave of absence from KWM. I arrived in London at the end of 2019, and the first six or so months were quite normal: commuting in the dark, going to the theatre in the evening, and snow at Christmas. Things obviously changed significantly in March of 2020, but I was lucky enough to be working on transactions that needed to push on through the difficult early days of the pandemic. The financing team at Slaughter and May is a generalist practice (which is coincidently similar to our working style in the Banking team at KWM Perth). During my time in London I was working on a broad range of financing including corporate financing, bonds, project financing and insolvency work – which mean you never got bored! London is such a dynamic legal market, and a real hub for all sorts of work so if you have the opportunity to work in London (or overseas), I would highly recommend it. Choosing a firm like KWM can help you get there for two reasons. First, KWM trained lawyers are highly sought after in London (and New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore) because of the quality of the training they offer junior lawyers. Secondly, a firm like KWM is big enough and has been around long enough to know that losing people for a short period but welcoming them back only serves to enhance the firm’s capabilities in the long run.

The work you do as a graduate in a big firm is varied. Because my experience was all in “front end” transactional teams, it comprised predominantly drafting and reviewing agreements, attending negotiations, and writing legal advice about the transactions. Occasionally, you also help Partners I returned to the Banking team at KWM in 2021 prepare presentations to clients and other lawyers and I cannot speak highly enough of my time at about market developments and updates in the law. KWM (both starting my career as a graduate and Rotations are a really good way to learn different skill returning after London and working as a Senior sets and develop strong networks within the firm. Big Associate). I have been supported at every step commercial law firms have a reputation for being full in my career, and know that there will be further of corporate drones, but nothing is further from the opportunities presented to me in the future. What truth. The people I worked with as a graduate were they are, I don’t yet know, but no doubt they will be interesting and diverse, and I have good relationships interesting, challenging, and rewarding. with all of the Partners I worked with to this day.


BRIONY POLE My Path to Get Here

Government Academia Others

At Minters, we work flexibly and this is in step with most of our clients. While there is still an expectation people will be generally available most of the time during ‘traditional work hours,’ there is a greater ability for people to factor working from home days, sport, family commitments and leisure activities into their work week. Ultimately, if the work gets done within the timeframe and to the In 2016, I joined MinterEllison, where I now work standard required, people have greater autonomy in one of the largest Employment Law teams in as to how they achieve that. Perth. We have 2 partners, 5 senior lawyers and a number of associates and solicitors. MinterEllison Advice for Graduates has offices throughout Australia, as well as in New For those of you graduating this year, you are Zealand, China and London, and several lawyers fortunate enough to be graduating during an from the Perth office have had the opportunity employment ‘boom’ in Western Australia where to spend some time living and working in those there are plenty of jobs available. However, these different locations. things are cyclical, so I encourage you to think about how you can ensure your legal career is a The Work We Do long and stable one. Choose the firms you apply In addition to our local team, MinterEllison has for carefully based on how they treat their people one of the largest and most highly regarded (in good times and in bad), what development national Employment Law practices in Australia. programs they offer, their sustainability platform This provides the opportunity to work on national and the areas of law they practice in. matters for some of our large Australian and Don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive an offer global clients with Partners from our East Coast from your ‘preferred firm’ upfront. Instead, think offices. Technological improvements since about how you can invest time in developing your COVID have made it easier for us to collaborate technical expertise, research skills, plain English and work seamlessly on national industrial drafting and practice management, wherever you relations strategies. The employment law team end up. I can guarantee you will eventually find a at MinterEllison has worked on some ground- way into the firm or practice area you prefer.


I graduated from UWA with a Bachelor of Laws in 2009. Unfortunately, this was the exact point in time when the Global Financial Crisis hit Australia and, overnight, graduate offers became extremely rare. Fortunately, I had been working as a Paralegal in a mid-size firm throughout university and secured a graduate offer there. After a 6-month rotation in Property, I joined the Employment team and never looked back. Employment Law and industrial relations are fascinating and unique and I still find the matters I work on as interesting and diverse as ever.


Special Counsel (Employment and WHS)

Being a global law firm does mean many of our clients have international owners or operations. For example, we have clients with parent companies in Japan, the USA and South Africa, and others with operations in Indonesia, Russia, Africa and North Macedonia. This can introduce an interesting element to our work where we are dealing with not just the law but also ‘cultural norms’. While this can feel unsettling at first, it certainly keeps it interesting. Fortunately, I have only once in my 10year legal career had to wake up at 3am to take a witness statement from someone in Salt Lake City, so having global clients hasn’t yet presented too many challenges in terms of working across different time zones.



breaking Employment Law disputes in recent years and it has been a privilege to be able to participate.



Law firms invest a significant amount of time and cost in training graduates. Having conducted a number of graduate interviews during my career, I am looking for someone who I believe will provide a return on that investment. Think about what sets you apart from your peers – what can you bring to your preferred firm that will make its Partners want to invest in you? This doesn’t just come down to your CV; organisational, problem solving and people skills, loyalty, resilience and a hunger to learn are invaluable to any law Associate, IP Tech practice. Lastly, enjoy yourself! The work we do can often be “Born Global” and “The Truly Global Law Firm” - I difficult, complex and exhausting but it can also be am sure many of you aspiring seasonal clerks have incredibly rewarding, satisfying and exciting. If you come across these descriptions in relation to Baker can hold onto your passion for whatever attracted McKenzie on many occasions. Having been with you to being a lawyer in the first place, you will have the Firm for 5 years now, these really couldn’t be a more perfect description of Baker McKenzie. a long and fulfilling career.


Cross-border work Starting at Baker McKenzie as a graduate, I rotated through our IPTech, Construction and Corporate teams before settling in the Melbourne IPTech team. During my 5 years, I have worked on many different matters and projects, both big and small, across a range of industries, and I can honestly count the number of times such work did not involve an international client or coordination with our overseas offices on one hand! Whether it be advising clients on a global product rollout, conducting a multi-jurisdictional regulatory scan or negotiating a technology outsourcing deal, working with our colleagues and clients from across the globe is an everyday experience at Baker McKenzie. As a result, the “world clock meeting planner” is a saved favourite on my taskbar, as working across time zones and coordinating input from multiple jurisdictions is all in a standard day’s work. For me, the most exciting and rewarding aspect of my cross-border work is that every day is completely different and I’m constantly learning and making new connections. You meet people with different cultural, linguistic and legal backgrounds, learn about the laws of many different countries and get introduced to your client’s global strategy, technology offerings and different ways of working. This has kept things exciting and professionally satisfying.


other recently during COVID and other global crises is truly remarkable. On a personal level, shifting across the world to a new office in the middle of a pandemic with everyone WFH was less than ideal, however, the kindness and support I was shown by my new London colleagues via remote channels made me feel instantly welcome and at home in my new office.

Baker McKenzie genuinely is the Firm that is “Born Global” with one of the great success factors underpinning the Firm being the diverse global experiences of almost everyone in the Firm. If you are interested in a legal career with global experiences, Baker McKenzie is the firm for you!

Criminal Government

clerkship, I helped prepare advice and client training sessions on the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which at the time was a new and uncertain piece of law - little did I know that it would go on to shape privacy laws and practices worldwide and give me a terrific foundation for privacy advocacy work years later in the Asia-Pacific region. Yet perhaps the most memorable moments from this taster abroad came from the team social events (including a Thames river cruise) and client breakfasts, through which I forged friendships and connections with colleagues who I now get to work with on a daily basis.


It’s not just the work that is global at Baker McKenzie - our lawyers are encouraged to venture out and engage with the world and the wider Baker McKenzie community right from the beginning, or in my case, before it all truly kicked off. Before commencing my graduate program with the Melbourne office, I was given the opportunity to complete a 4 week international clerkship with my current team in the London Is this something you are interested in? Having worked with Baker McKenzie for the office. This 4 week program laid the foundations for past 5 years, it is clear how integrated the Firm my career in London today. It allowed me to is and the enormous benefits that this offers to its meet and network with a number of our clients clients and lawyers. The experiences that Baker and with Baker McKenzie lawyers of all levels McKenzie offers its lawyers are also unrivalled, from across the region. It also gave me a taste and to date have been (and continue to be) of the data privacy, cyber security and IT work fundamental to my personal and professional that is now central to my practice. During this growth.


A global outlook

A culture that extends beyond any one office


Further, the care and personal support that our international colleagues have shown to each


From my time with the Firm, I’ve also noticed that whichever office you’re located in, the Baker McKenzie culture of friendship is strong and one that transcends international borders. Nowhere is this more apparent than attending one of the regional training sessions or practice group retreats. Having been twice to Bangkok for regional training programs with the Firm, I can honestly say that every Baker McKenzie lawyer I’ve encountered is warm, friendly, fun-spirited and on average very good at karaoke!



with a young, up-and-coming partner (who would become a CEO of Corrs Chambers Westgarth), John Denton. Nick had worked on the other side of many litigation matters against Corrs, and was attracted to Corrs by the commercial approach they took to matters, fighting when a fight had to be had, but settling when it was in their client’s best interests to do so. After joining Corrs and working in both the Brisbane and Melbourne offices, Nick settled in the Perth office in 2000, where he developed the workplace relations team from a small subset of litigation to a standalone practice group and eventually became Partner-in-Charge of the Perth office. He acted in this role for over 10 years, focusing on the overall direction of the firm, and the Perth office in particular. In his time as Partner-in-Charge, Nick oversaw the move of the Perth office to Brookfield Place Tower 2, where the firm now works in an open-plan setting.

From UWA law student, to partner in Australia’s leading independent law firm, Corrs Chambers Westgarth (Corrs), Nick Ellery has enjoyed a diverse and interesting legal career – which has included working for a future Prime Minister and practicing internationally. In his current role at Corrs, he regularly appears as counsel in the superior courts Now focused on his day-to-day client work, and tribunals in Australia, in addition to managing Nick runs a strong workplace relations practice the day-to-day needs of his clients. and focuses extensively in industrial relations, Born and raised in Perth, Nick graduated from UWA employment, health and safety, discrimination, and in 1991 with a Bachelor of Laws, before moving to government relations. His practice specialises in the Melbourne where he joined Slater and Gordon as an strategic management of significant organisation articled clerk in 1992. There he was directly supervised change, restructures and acquisitions of businesses by Julia Gillard (Prime Minister of Australia to be) and resolution of disputes. As an active litigator in and Bernard Murphy (now a Federal Court Judge). a diverse range of industries including resources, Nick highly valued his time under Ms Gillard and construction, utilities, health, maritime, insurance Justice Murphy and remembers learning a great deal and the government sector, Nick’s days often from both. Ms Gillard had high standards, attention involve providing clients with advice on their to detail and gave strong feedback in a constructive legal rights and responsibilities under the relevant manner, and Justice Murphy had a great strategic legislation, attending client meetings and site visits, mind for the law. His time at Slater and Gordon was and appearing in courts, tribunals and mediations. spent representing unions, most prominently in a Nick is also actively involved in a number of pro number of class actions against high profile clothing bono matters. He was a member of the Board of and shoe manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas for Directors for around 10 years of the Employment Law exploiting migrant workers employed in sweatshop Centre of WA (ELCWA), a not-for-profit community type conditions in and around Melbourne. legal centre which assists vulnerable employees Nick left Slater and Gordon in the mid-90s to travel understand and enforce their rights at work through and work in London for a year as a paralegal with the legal advice, assistance, representation, education Securities and Investments Board, before returning to and law reform. He helped steer the ELCWA through Perth and working for two years as a legal officer for a merger process with two other community legal a union, now known as United Workers Union. This centres into what is now known as Circle Green, a involved a great deal of court work and advocacy in leading community legal centre in WA. industrial relations tribunals. Following his time at United Workers Union, Nick briefly returned to Slater and Gordon, before looking for a change. In 1998, Nick interviewed 198


• Project finance: is the means projects use to fund their development and expansion. This can include infrastructure projects such as gas pipelines, mines, and hospitals.

Associate Banking & Finance

What is ‘banking and finance’?

Examples of common finance transactions are:


• Debt capital markets: more common in the United States, this is when companies raise debt directly from debt capital markets through the Clerkships are an excellent opportunity to explore use of instruments such as bonds and notes in the unfamiliar areas of law. I would highly encourage you to consider a clerkship or rotation in banking international and domestic financial markets. and finance, as the technical and soft skills that junior • Property finance: the funding of an acquisition lawyers develop in this area will improve how you of property through debt. practice, wherever you decide to specialise.


• General corporate finance: this is the means by which companies finance their day-to-day operations. Financiers lend money to companies under a loan agreement, which is often supported by a guarantee or a security interest over the assets of the company.

lawyers receive, there is a whole range of banking and finance-specific training available. As part of the induction into the Banking & Finance team, junior lawyers from each of Allens’ four Australian offices are flown to Sydney for two days of national training with partners and staff (COVID permitting). We also receive weekly training to help build our knowledge of banking and finance law, including by looking at hot topics in the industry.


When I was a student, I had next to no idea what a banking and finance lawyer did! Are banking and finance lawyers smooth-talking corporate fixers, like Harvey Specter from Suits? Are they geniuses with photographic memories, like Harvey’s protégé, Mike Ross? Or are they menacing figures lurking in the shadows, like Hall from Billions? Having worked in the Banking & Finance team at Allens, I can now firmly debunk these myths! And if you are already in the know, you are certainly well ahead of me. Banking and finance teams require lawyers to The Banking & Finance team is a transactional group draft and review a significant volume of financing assisting lenders and borrowers to negotiate and contracts. Junior lawyers are often called on to draft complete their debt-financing transactions. Given the first ’cut’, or draft, of a contract. This provides the nature of finance, where projects and companies excellent drafting experience, which is a highly require debt funding at short notice, banking and valued skill for a corporate lawyer. finance lawyers often operate in a fast- paced environment, where short deadlines must be met, and What support and training do junior lawyers highly commercial advice is expected. Banking and receive? finance transactions vary significantly, depending on Allens places enormous emphasis on the training of the type and scale of finance being sought. junior lawyers. In addition to the training that all junior


Given the fast-paced nature of banking and finance transactions, junior lawyers are often called on to assume significant responsibility on transactions. This frequently includes undertaking client-facing tasks from very early on, such as attending settlements, emailing the client, and opposing counsel, as well as picking up the phone and speaking with clients. While these tasks can be quite intimidating at first, their learning value is significant, and the skills they help you develop accelerate your progression as a lawyer.


Alastair joined Allens as a clerk in 2017 and went on to join as a graduate. He shares his insights into a The role of a junior lawyer on a banking and finance transaction day in the life of a BAF lawyer.



• Acquisition finance / leveraged finance: this involves the borrowing of debt to acquire another company. This method can significantly improve the returns on equity to the sponsors (purchasers) and is common among private equity firms.



President of the Court of Appeal of Western Australia On 1 February 2006, I was appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Western Australia including as a Judge of Appeal. Since 18 July 2016, I have been the President of the Court of Appeal of Western Australia. Between 1 March 2010 and 30 April 2014, I was the Deputy Presiding Member of the Western Australian Industrial Appeal Court. Since 1 May 2014, I have been the Presiding Member of the Western Australian Industrial Appeal Court. In the Supreme Court I have always sat as a Judge of Appeal and I have always sat in all areas of the Court of Appeal’s jurisdiction. The sittings of the Court of Appeal are organised in two monthly blocks. Cases are listed for hearing when they are ready to be heard. The Registrars of the Court of Appeal prepare a draft list of cases with judges allocated. The draft is prepared and given to me about two months before the commencement of the two monthly block. I settle the list of cases including the allocation of judges. I decide upon the judges to sit on each case having regard to any special experience of the judges; whether the judges have previously sat on a similar or related appeal; the current workload of the judges; and the necessity to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of the workload, including the opportunity to sit on cases of particular interest. Urgent cases are listed within a settled two monthly list as and when necessary.

outcome of the appeal. Reasons are then published at a later date. The Court of Appeal is a specialist appellate court. The Chief Justice, the President and a number of other judges have commissions as Judges of Appeal and commissions as Judges of the General Division. The Chief Justice sometimes sits in the Court of Appeal and sometimes sits in the General Division. The other appeal judges sit on a fulltime basis in the Court of Appeal. A Judge of Appeal may sit occasionally in the General Division. This has occurred with Judges of Appeal who wish to sit sometimes at first instance in the criminal jurisdiction. Judges of the General Division do not have commissions as Judges of Appeal. Some of them do, however, sit occasionally as Acting Judges of Appeal as and when needed.

I have established (with the approval of the Attorney General and the Executive Government) a judicial exchange arrangement between Judges of the Court of Appeal of Western Australia and Judges of the Court of Appeal of Queensland. This arrangement reflects the increasingly close connection between intermediate appellate courts in Australia. Western Australia and Queensland are, in a number of respects, sibling States within the federation. The Criminal Codes of Western Australia and Queensland are very similar. There are numerous identical provisions. Each exchange is for a period of two weeks. President Walter Sofronoff from Queensland has sat as an Acting Judge of Western Australian court and I have sat The objective is that judgments including reasons be as an Acting Judge of the Queensland court. Other delivered and published within three months of an Judges have also participated in the arrangement. appeal hearing. It is not always possible, usually because of the overall burden of work, for this The Court of Appeal has not previously sat outside objective to be met. We sit and hear cases in the first Perth. That is not feasible with civil appeals because three weeks of each month. The last week of each invariably the litigants and their lawyers are not month is ordinarily set aside solely for judgment located in regional areas. The Court of Appeal writing. Where the delivery of a judgment is urgent, does, of course, permit counsel to appear by video the court may deliver judgment, without reasons, as link from interstate and also from regional areas soon as the judges have finally decided upon the in Western Australia. Appearances by interstate 200


counsel, both in person and by video link, occur regularly. I have been endeavouring for some time to arrange for the Court of Appeal to hear some criminal appeals outside Perth. That is about to occur with a sitting in Bunbury. The Judges who will be visiting Bunbury will present a seminar for lawyers who practise in the South West of the State.


My work gives me great satisfaction. I find legal problems, especially novel ones, interesting. I enjoy identifying and resolving the problems. I like writing reasons for judgment. My objective in writing reasons is to explain the nature of the issues in the appeal and to determine those issues by a clear and transparent process of reasoning.

Criminal Academia Others

Finally, it is essential that law students have time for life, including pleasure and fulfilment, apart from their legal studies. Work is part of life, but it is not everything in life. We all need time for leisure and social interaction. In my case, this includes time with my wife, my children and our Labrador retriever.


I recommend that law school students focus on acquiring a sound understanding of all areas of law which they study. A broad knowledge of the law increases a lawyer’s understanding and consciousness of the law as a whole; in particular, the lawyer’s understanding and consciousness of the law as a coherent and living body of principles. In my experience, all areas of the law are interesting if the area is studied in depth. Learning the law, and how to apply it, is a lifelong journey. Working as a lawyer demands constant learning. It is important for law students to obtain an overall perspective of the law. Law students should also strive to acquire the ability to express ideas and opinions in a clear and logical fashion.



Chief Judge of the District Court of Western Australia I was sworn in as a judge of the District Court of Western Australia on 28 January 2005 and as the Chief Judge of the District Court of Western Australia on 2 May 2020. I graduated with a B Juris LLB in 1985. Law students from my year at UWA Law School were probably surprised by my appointment because when I was at UWA I had minimal interest in the law and devoted my student days enthusiastically to all things extracurricular. My focus changed when I commenced articles at Legal Aid WA and started to practice in criminal law, mainly in the Children’s Court in my restricted practice year. Most Legal Aid clients are not in a position to represent themselves. The responsibility of representing a person who is not able to speak on their own behalf is enormous. Acting for an accused person comes with responsibilities and challenges, however it was a task that I thoroughly enjoyed.

is varied and complex but always interesting. The District Court deals with all criminal jury trials except for homicides and deals with complex criminal sentencing matters. Civil matters range from personal injury to commercial and contractual disputes. The District Court jurisdiction also includes appeals from District Court registrars and from Magistrates Court civil matters, criminal injuries compensation appeals and worker’s compensation appeals. The District Court sits in Perth and in 12 regional locations from Kununurra in the north down to Esperance in the south. As the intermediate court of record and Western Australia’s circuit court a District Court judge travels all over Western Australia. Every judge takes an oath or affirmation: To do right to all manner of people according to laws and usages of the State without fear or favour, affection or ill will.

While at Legal Aid WA, I appeared as counsel in jury trials, Magistrates Court trials, sentencing hearings and appeals. I left Legal Aid to set up my own practice as a sole practitioner at 524 Hay Street, Perth in 1991. The 524 Hay Street Chambers at that time were mainly occupied by criminal lawyers many of whom became fantastic mentors and great friends.

To stay true to their oath judges must not only know the law but must be independent, keep an open mind and not be judgmental and be able to communicate with the parties be they senior counsel or self- represented accused suffering impairment. A judge must enjoy being the “referee” and not want to descend into the “arena” with counsel and litigants. Most importantly a judge must be able to In the 1990s Perth experienced a heroin epidemic. listen actively to all sides before making a decision. My client base started to offend more seriously I do not believe that there is a clear career path because they were motivated by heroin misuse to becoming a judge. If you enjoy the law, then and tragically many of my clients died from heroin- I encourage you to take up every professional related deaths. It was a harrowing time that led me opportunity that comes your way. Be involved in to embrace the introduction of therapeutic courts the development of the law and take part in social that were solution-focussed and provided supports and legal activities by volunteering for committees and boundaries for drug-using offenders. I wanted and providing assistance whenever the opportunity to be a part of a different approach to dealing with arises. Pro bono work is very enjoyable and crime and I was excited to be appointed as the personally rewarding. inaugural Drug Court magistrate in 2000. I encourage you to seek out mentors and to do your After four years as a magistrate, I was appointed best to mentor and support others in the profession as a judge of the District Court. District Court work when you can. 202


Francis Burt Chambers


the close relationships that solicitors and regular clients can often develop, mean that it can be


That doesn’t mean that it is easy to say no. Because we work for ourselves, and our overheads are lower than those of solicitors, it can be tempting to say yes to a brief even if it means you are working all weekend because you know that you will earn a direct reward for your work. As a barrister I work long hours pretty regularly, but these days there are very few lawyers who don’t, and it is some comfort, believe it or not, when you are sitting at However, I was very pleasantly surprised to your desk on a weekend when other people are find that the Bar is also a very collegial place. having their leisure time to say to yourself “I could Even when we are directly opposed to a fellow have said no to that brief”. barrister in a case, my experience has been that So, to sum up, the work of a barrister is varied, relations are cordial far more often than not, and interesting, and intellectually challenging. It can barristers regularly help each other with advice also be stressful and exhausting. It can be very on cases, and refer work they can’t do themselves lucrative, although there is no guarantee you to their colleagues at the Bar. will earn a cent, and you don’t get paid leave. If there is one characteristic that I would say is the But lawyers exist first and foremost to serve the most important one for a barrister as opposed to community by helping to uphold the rule of law. other lawyers, it is “independence”. The pressures And it is very rewarding to feel that you are doing that clients can sometimes put on solicitors, and that.


During my time at the DPP, it was a very collegial workplace (and I am sure it still is). The work its lawyers do is often factually and legally complex, court work is demanding and stressful and criminal law can be highly emotionally charged. My experience was that we all tried to help and support each other in the difficult and demanding role of prosecutors, and I did not expect the same level of collegiality at the Bar.


hard for solicitors to see things with the same detachment that is so important to what a barrister does. It can also be very hard for any lawyer to give clients bad news, or advice they don’t want to hear, but the fact that a barrister’s relationship with the ultimate client is at one remove from the solicitor-client relationship means that barristers can more easily give that “frank and fearless” advice. I did not appreciate the value of that In some ways, that career path is not uncommon. independence before I came to the Bar, but it has The SSO and DPP are well known to provide come home to me many times since. excellent training and opportunities to develop On a more personal level, I have enjoyed my 11 skills as an advocate, and advocacy is often years at the Bar a great deal. The work is varied, seen as the core work of a barrister. But my you are your own boss, so you are answerable path was also atypical in that I came to the Bar to no-one for how many hours you bill (apart, comparatively late in my career, and for many perhaps, from your bank manager), and if you years at the DPP, I never felt the desire to leave. are too busy, you can (and should) just say no.


I joined the Bar in 2011, after more than 21 years in the profession, all of them in the public service. I had started my career at the Crown Law Department (as the State Solicitor’s Office was then known), and moved to the DPP’s office in 1993, a little over a year after it was first set up as an entity independent of Crown Law. After 18 years at the DPP, I made the move to the Bar at Francis Burt Chambers.





Albert Wolff Chambers

I never really intended to be a defence lawyer. In Most of my work is in jury trials. However, I still do fact, I never intended to be a lawyer at all. some serious work in the Magistrate’s Court and the I had never been steered towards the profession Court of Appeal. by my family or friends as none of them had any connection or interest in the law whatsoever. After a year at university, however, a number of my friends were moving into law after the first-year prerequisite in the Arts faculty, so, for whatever reason, which I cannot presently remember, I decided to join them. I found law was generally very interesting but parts of it were more exciting than others. I was lucky to be exposed to Criminal Law while doing some work experience in the holidays of my penultimate year and I think I knew then that that’s what I wanted to do. Property transactions, arranging peoples wills and sorting out their divorces was all very well but I wanted to be at the coal face of the law as I perceived it. More than 40 years on, I am still there.

Being Senior Counsel, a privilege I’ve enjoyed since 1997, means that the sort of cases you get are usually of such complexity that they require a team, involving (sometimes) junior barristers and (always) instructing solicitors. I have always enjoyed the camaraderie of putting together and working with a cohesive defence team. Teaching them what I can of the processes and techniques of defence advocacy, learning from them and benefitting from their youthful exuberance at the same time.

Of course, there are good times and bad times. When the verdict goes your way, it is more of a relief than anything else. Contrary to popular belief, there are no extravagant celebrations. The A wise old man once said to me that if you really acquitted accused person usually emerges broke, enjoy your job, you will never work a day in your devastated and with their reputation in tatters. But it life. I am fortunate to say, with very few exceptions, is better than being convicted. that every day of my working life over the past four Enduring a conviction, when in your own heart you decades has been a joy. believed the client to be innocent or considered The challenge of mounting a defence against improbable odds and the massive resources of the State is something I have always enjoyed- the David and Goliath battle. When you win, it’s even better- not that that is a regular occurrence. Obviously, some of your clients will be guilty and plead guilty. You soon discover that the notion of criminal barristers taking on cases where they effectively know (or believe) that the client is guilty is simply a fiction. You might sometimes form a view one way or another during your preparation for the case but there are many occasions where once all the evidence is disclosed, you will find that you were very wrong.


that the prosecution case did not establish the alleged facts beyond reasonable doubt, is a galling experience. Despite my long experience and (I like to think) comparatively thick skin, there have been times when I’ve gone home and been physically ill following a verdict. Sometimes the devastation of seeing (what you believe to be) an innocent person go to prison for a long time is very difficult for a barrister to cope with. Some counsel deal with it better than me, but anyone contemplating a future in Criminal Law ought to take this on board as a challenge that will inevitably await you.

Commercial Criminal Government

Despite having none of that, I still consider myself more fortunate. I enjoy getting out of bed every day and going to work and I suppose that is the greatest recommendation I could give to anyone who is inclined to consider the defence bar as a career.


The other downside is that, compared to other areas of law, particularly Commercial and Corporate Law, there is really not a lot of money in defence work. I guess that is the downside of having a job you really love. At a recent celebration of a significant anniversary of our law school class, I was speaking to one of our number who had spent his entire career analysing stamp duty problems. I asked him if that was interesting? He said that it wasn’t. I asked him if he liked going to work every day? He didn’t. I asked why he did it? He said that the financial rewards were very attractive: he owned a palatial home, a fabulous holiday house in Eagle Bay, had a massive superannuation fund set aside for his retirement and took first class holidays around the world every year.

Academia Others 205


Professional Research Assistant to State Counsel Introduction

What work does a PA undertake?

I am a final year Juris Doctor student at UWA. However, my study experience has been a little different. I have been working full-time at the State Solicitor’s Office (SSO) since the start of 2021 and will continue to do so until I graduate at the end of this year.

The PA roles are unique because you are exposed to the most complex and challenging matters within the SSO while at a very early stage of your career, by virtue of shadowing the most senior positions.

Not many people are even aware of the PA opportunity, so I truly hope that this article assists those who might be looking for something a little different to a traditional commercial clerkship.

In my role particularly, I am very often down at court with State Counsel and have been given the rare opportunity to assist in instructing counsel in both first instance and appellate matters.

I am regularly tasked with drafting submissions and other court documents, drafting significant My role at the SSO is titled ‘Professional Assistant’ and politically sensitive advice and briefing notes (PA). This is a unique, 2 year-long position that is to the Attorney-General, undertaking complex designed specifically for law students to undertake legal research and attending meetings with clients, before entering the Graduate Program. witness proofings and hearings.

The PA Role The PA roles are a longstanding tradition within the SSO. There are 4 different roles available: PA to the State Solicitor, State Counsel, the Solicitor-General and the Deputy State Solicitor. Each PA ‘shadows’ their assigned boss and the roles therefore differ but all roles are essentially comparable to that of a Research Associate. The roles require balancing full-time work and part-time study, which can be challenging and requires a high degree of organisation.

I have been involved in such a wide variety of matters including large-scale commercial litigation relating to mining tenements, significant judicial reviews relating to environmental approvals, coronial inquests relating to deaths in custody and alleged police misconduct, an international parental child abduction under the Hague Convention, a religious discrimination claim in the State Administrative Tribunal, High Risk Serious Offender matters, Corruption and Crime Commission matters, two High Court special leave applications, liquor licensing matters, prosecutions for pollution and animal cruelty, prosecutions for destruction of an Aboriginal Heritage site, mediations over the State’s compulsory acquisition of land, advice in relation to construction of State infrastructure, defamation claims, advice on the exercise of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy and charitable trust disputes.

I am the PA to State Counsel, who is currently Alan Sefton SC. State Counsel is the highest advocate position within the State Solicitor’s Office. In essence, State Counsel is responsible for representing the State in high-level and complex disputes, with appearances at both trial and appellate levels in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the Federal Court and the High Court of Australia. He is I feel like I work in a different legal area daily and kind of like an ‘in house’ barrister, and solicitors in am constantly learning new things. the Office will brief him on complex matters. State Counsel is also responsible for providing a range of advice to the Premier, Attorney General, other Ministers and government agencies. 206


Final Remarks

There is a strong misconception that the SSO only practices in ‘public law’ subjects like administrative law and constitutional law. However, as is evident above, the SSO’s work covers almost all practice areas. Further, while I work in the more ‘litigious’ or ‘back-end’ practices of the Office, the Office also has an incredibly significant ‘front-end’ practice with talented practitioners who advise the State on commercial agreements and negotiations, native title and property matters, and advise agencies on how to comply with their statutory obligations. The SSO also undertakes, in collaboration with WA Police, a significant body of COVID-19 related work, including drafting the COVID-19 directions. And it goes without saying, that the SSO advises on significant law reform and other politically sensitive government initiatives.

The SSO has over 250 staff, including over 150 lawyers. I have met a number of incredibly impressive mentors and friends during my role, and have felt strongly supported by the people around me while working on matters that are well beyond my years and expertise.

Obviously, I am not a graduate at the SSO. However, I have observed a number of benefits for junior lawyers at SSO at my time in the Office, including that:

• Graduates themselves get to appear in court(!); • As soon as the Graduate Program is complete, you get carriage of your own files as a Restricted Practitioner, meaning you get a large degree of autonomy and responsibility; and


• Junior lawyers do not need to ‘settle’ in a team until 3 years after completing the Graduate Program, so there is plenty of opportunity to find your niche by undertaking work across a range of diverse practice areas.


• Graduates rotate through every practice area at SSO, so you don’t miss out on trying anything;

The next round of recruitment for PA’s will be for the roles commencing 2024, with applications to be submitted in 2023. I would strongly recommend the program and if you like the sound of it, I am always happy to answer any questions.


The SSO offers 2-week long paid clerkships, and a 1-year long Graduate Program.

Clerkship and Graduate recruitment happens every year.


Clerkships and the Graduate Program


The SSO’s Work



Director of Higher Degrees (Coursework), University of Western Australia How Did you Begin Your Career?

Why Do you Stay in Academia?

I was born and raised in Canada (so, among other things, I am a maple syrup expert and can speak French). My career is not that of a typical academic. I started freelance writing for Canada’s largest newspaper, The Toronto Star, when I was 14 years old. I wrote freelance for the newspaper for about six years.

I have been an academic for about 11 years. I stay in academia because it never feels like work (even the marking). I love teaching and engaging in interesting debate with students and colleagues.

When I studied for my Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Degree at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, I worked part-time as a television producer at Matrix Produxions and created and managed an online magazine, On The Wall. After I graduated, I moved to Perth because my boyfriend at the time was from here. I then graduated with an LLB (Dist) from the UWA Law School and commenced working as an articled clerk in a law firm that specialised in commercial litigation on the Terrace. Why Did you Choose to Enter Academia? It was not my idea to become an academic, but I am delightfully grateful that I became one. In February 2011, when I had been a lawyer for almost a year, my mother suggested that I apply for a tutoring job at a law school. She had been an elementary school teacher for about 50 years. It never occurred to me to teach professionally previously. I applied to each law school in Perth, and I was fortunate that the Dean of the University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Campus, offered me a position to lecture Evidence. I accepted the offer.


Also, I love that the job is a hybrid of intellectual rigour and creativity. For example, in my Social Media and the Law unit, I decided to teach a lecture on celebrities, social media and the law. I ask students to dress up as a celebrity for the tutorial on the topic. It is always good fun, though admittedly I make a pretty unconvincing Kim Kardashian, notwithstanding my long, black wig and sunglasses. (Other students have dressed as Rhianna, Katy Perry, etc.) In the unit, we also review the AFL’s social media policy and I make my own memes that sometimes feature my Mini Schnauzer, Hero. I am also grateful that as an academic I can choose any legal topic that I find interesting to research. This is as opposed to my work as a lawyer, where typically I cannot choose which cases to work on, unless I run my own firm (or if I am a partner). I research legal issues that I am passionate about, like Body Image Law and social media and the law. I note that I still practice law part-time and hope to for the rest of my career. I enjoy practising law and my students find my ability to discuss relevant stories from practise useful.


What Advice Do you Have to People who Want to Enter Academia?

I wish you the very best of luck with your career!


Also, when you start your career, you often have to perform menial tasks. For example, when I was an articled clerk, the colleague that I was closest to was the photocopying machine. I spent most days photocopying documents to arrange trial bundles. Over time, tasks in your career get more interesting and you receive more responsibility. Hang in there.


If possible, say yes to every opportunity that you can. When I started my career in academia, the offer that I received to lecture Evidence was made two weeks before the semester started. While some people may understandably have turned down this offer because of the lack of preparation time, I said yes. Of course, I consumed my weight in coffee that semester (I have since given up coffee and may be the only adult in Perth who does not consume the beverage), but it was worth it.


Complete an honours undergraduate degree, if you can. You will learn valuable legal research and writing skills. You may be able to go straight from an honours undergraduate degree to a PhD program. Speaking of PhDs, I highly recommend that you obtain a PhD if you seek to become an academic. Jobs in academia are very competitive. If you would like a permanent position, it is often expected that you have one. Finally, it’s important to develop a thick skin and not take professional criticism personally (though this is an important skill, no matter your profession). In academia, we receive constructive criticism through anonymous student surveys, peer reviews about our research, etc. Try to learn from the criticism and remember that it is not reflective of who you are as a human being.

What Advice Do You Have For Students?

Academia Others 209


when we are at our lowest: lonely, angry, worried and frightened for the future?

• A higher risk of professional complaints. Family Lawyers account for a disproportionately high number of complaints to the Legal Practice Complaints Committee. Practising law is a privilege Barrister & Solicitor, Principal at and comes with great responsibilities. We must be Kavanagh Family Lawyers held to account. However, don’t assume that just Thinking about family law? Think again. Family because you do the right thing, behave ethically and Law is not for precious snowflakes who are totally professionally, you will be immune from complaints. unprepared for the real world. A father who is not seeing his kids is more likely to blame you than himself. Relationships, Children and Money


What could be more important to your clients? Think about how vulnerable a young mother coming out of an abusive relationship is. How afraid a young father is that he won’t see his kids? Imagine what it’s like to lay awake at night worrying about paying the bills? As a Family Lawyer, these are your clients and their issues. You’re the one they look to for advice. What you say will change lives- for good or for bad. That’s a huge responsibility. This time, you’re not at law school. You don’t have the luxury of sitting on the fence. Often you’ve got to tell people what they don’t want to hear, at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. Having What it Takes

Serious Upside If you’ve got what it takes, being a Family Lawyer can be a great career. The upside is huge. • You won’t be bored. Every day is a rollercoaster and an adrenalin rush. • Huge job satisfaction. Getting results for clients is a great feeling. Helping a father to see his kids for the first time in 3 months is incredible. Maybe corporations are real people too, but nothing beats helping everyday people. • As much court time as you like. If advocacy is your thing, then family law is for you. Also, good chances judicial officer appointment, if that’s your ambition.

Your clients need a lawyer with empathy who can objectively assess the situation and deliver cold, hard • The opportunity to set up your own firm. Many Family Law firms are sole practitioners or firms with advice. Your clients do not need a lawyer who will less than five lawyers. fan the flames or become emotional and immediately adversarial. Family Law is all about rising above the • Diverse colleagues and clients and opportunities. The majority of family lawyers are female. The emotion and getting your client to a settlement as current Chief Justice is female and many of the quickly as possible with the minimum emotional and judicial officers are female. There are many LGBTQI financial cost. We’re the adults in the room. Does this practitioners and clients of all races and ethnicities. sound like you? • Really interesting legal issues: international Is Family Law for You? relocation, LGBTQI rights, surrogacy, sexual identity Family Law is for resilient, smart and practical lawyers. issues- to name just a few. But, you’ll have to put up with a lot. • Ongoing frustration with judicial officers and the To the Best of your Knowledge and Ability family law system. Sometimes you’ll want to scream at the unfairness of it all. But you won’t, you’ll bow your head and say, “yes, your Honour.” And if you can’t do that, the Law is not for you. You do the very best job you can and respect the Court’s decision … and then appeal if you’ve got good grounds.

Soon you’ll be admitted as a lawyer and you’ll promise to practise law to the best of your knowledge and ability, without fear or favour. Whatever area of law you choose, I hope you practise with passion and commitment. Give it everything you have. Think about whether Family Law is for you.

• Emotional, sometimes very angry clients who cannot “Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of understand why the court doesn’t do what they want some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.” on the timeline they want. Who of us behave well James Joyce 210


Junior lawyers, graduates, and paralegals at Wotton + Kearney are exposed to these different areas of law. Our firm is split into three practice areas:

Managing Partner – Perth Wotton + Kearney

Criminal Government Academia Others

My accidental journey to insurance litigation began whilst at law school in Melbourne where my team and I were competing in the International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot. After the final rounds of the competition, a Partner at Phillips Fox (now DLA Piper) who was judging the • Financial Lines Litigation – this area involves Moot asked if I’d be interested in working as a defending all manner of professionals, from paralegal at his firm. lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, directors & offices, who are alleged to Despite having absolutely no idea what Phillips have been negligent in the performance of Fox specialised in (turns out it was insurance their professional duties. Their professional law), I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I indemnity policies (or directors’ and officers’ know at the time, but this relatively swift decision insurance) will provide cover and (most would focus the direction of my life and journey importantly) Wotton + Kearney’s specialist in the law for the next decade. I spent 7 years at services when faced with difficult times in their Phillips Fox/DLA Piper working across a variety professional career. of insurance litigation – from Trade & Transport, Marine Insurance, Public Liability and Class • Property & Energy – this part of our firm Actions. It gave me a wonderful base on which focuses on providing complex and detailed to grow as a junior lawyer and eventually led to coverage advice to insurers under ‘’first me joining Wotton + Kearney. party’’ insurance policies. These policies are engaged when major mine sites and After a number of years in Wotton + Kearney’s other industrial assets are shut down due to Melbourne office, I was asked if I would move a variety of factors, often leading to heavy to WA to lead our Perth office as its Managing business interruption losses (think billons, not Partner. Having visited WA previously (and just millions). knowing the surf on offer down in Yallingup), I was very keen to make the trip West, which I The most satisfying aspect of insurance litigation have called home for the last 6 years. is the variety of claims, industries, and areas of We have around y30 staff and 3 partners in law that we are exposed to each day, combined Perth, making us one of the largest insurance with the incredible people we work with and serve as our clients. We do not work on one big litigation firms in WA. matter for many years, subjecting our paralegal Was that a bushfire or an insurance claim? and graduates to the despair of large discovery. Our aim is to develop well-rounded, valueImagine walking into work each day not knowing driven litigators that love what they do. whether you will be investigating exploding candles, inmates rioting at a maximum-security prison or entire country towns being wiped out by bushfires.


From wintry Melbourne to sunny Perth

• General Liability Litigation – which involves catastrophic injury claims sustained in all areas of life (sporting events, rollercoasters, whale watching, shopping centres) and property damage, fire, and other claims where our ‘’insureds’’ are being sued for damage allegedly caused by their negligent actions.



That’s pretty much the life of an insurance lawyer at Wotton + Kearney. We don’t do ‘’crash and bash’’ or ‘’workers’ comp’’, but a vast array of insurance-related disputes and litigation that traverses many areas of law.


Surf’s up


There are many journeys that one can take in the law and there is no right or wrong path. Since walking into Philips Fox all those years ago, I had no idea that it would lead me to where I am now and working with the incredible people and clients It’s hard to easily capture the life of an in-house that I do each day. lawyer as no two days are the same. It’s a less The law is a demanding profession, especially homogenous experience than life at traditional when learning the base-level skills that will make large law firms. It’s much more dependent on the you a valuable asset to your firm. It is vital to ensure nature of your organisation. If you work at a global that you take control over your own balance during bank, your typical day is likely going to look quite these formative years and build strong routines different to your day if you worked as in-house that will last throughout your career: clock off at a counsel at a tech start-up or for a government reasonable time, don’t make weekend work a habit department. and have something else to ground you outside the To provide a general idea of what life is like within law. For me, that is getting out for a surf whenever in-house legal teams, LOD spoke with a few of I can. its lawyers on secondment. We thought that the Good luck to you all on your journey through the law wherever it takes you. Feel free to get in touch with us if a career in insurance law sounds like it would suit you. D: +61 8 9222 6909

easiest way to illuminate the life of in-house lawyers is to paint it in broad brushstrokes that sketch out common activities and advantages. So, here are some things you might expect to experience as an in-house legal professional:

E: William.Robinson@wottonkearney.com.au

Less handholding There is more autonomy in-house – there is much more ‘up to you’ to solve. A real positive that flows out of this independence is you gain greater experience in a shorter amount of time than law firm work. You are not just expected to get involved in matters; you’re expected to complete them. To do this, you do need a level of legal judgement already developed – this is typically done after graduation via law firm graduate roles and through the College of Law. It’s quite important to have a little bit of background knowledge and experience before moving in-house as you are expected to be able to get on with it. Closer to the action While commercial negotiation for junior lawyers at law firms is usually a legal-only affair, in-house professionals can expect to negotiate more directly with the commercial experts. You can get down into the nitty-gritty matters with the commercial expert in a way junior lawyers at law firms never could. This more direct negotiation has the added bonus of being a more efficient process with less back and forth as you’re dealing with the end-users of the contract.


One of the key advantages we hear most from our in-house lawyers is that you actually get to see the fruits of your labour. It’s not a view from an ivory tower, it’s an on-the-ground experience. Did you help negotiate the purchase of a marine vessel? You get to see it. Did you help formalise a partnership agreement? In a short amount of time, you can see the benefits of that partnership on the business or organisation. This tangible experience helps boost work satisfaction for many in-house lawyers.

Life as a junior in-house lawyer is a rich experience that often comes without some of the trappings of law firm life. You can work closer to the grindstone and feel more than a small cog in a larger corporate machine. In-house life is a fantastic option that lawyers should start to consider early on in their legal careers.

Variety is the spice of life

Closer to the subject-matter experts


Working from the inside of an organisation means that you often find yourself part of a multidisciplinary team. You work with colleagues from across several different functions and this exposes you to different commercial and technical experts. This rich environment allows you to learn from the subject matter experts that are directly impacted by your legal work. For many of our in-house lawyers, this collaborative way of working is deeply satisfying and broadens their perspective to move beyond purely legal.


As the person inside the ‘client’, you are far more in control of timeframes than law firm lawyers. While naturally there will be external demands on you that cannot be controlled (regulatory events, external affairs, commercial negotiations with counterparties) you are much more in control of the timeframes. You can expect to deal with less ‘please do this overnight’ and more ‘please get it done by the end of the week’. This means that your work hours are more predictable and less harsh than private practice.


Control the timeframes


In-house life can also be a slightly more unpredictable experience. You can expect more ad hoc requests from across the organisation for a wide range of matters. While this can have its productivity drawbacks, it does make you feel closer to the inner workings of an organisation. This feeling of greater involvement cascades down into higher job satisfaction for many of our in-house lawyers and it also provides a great incentive to work better.




See the benefits in the real world



standardised product at a fixed price. PLS enhance access to justice by assisting people with legal problems at a more affordable price point than bespoke legal advice. A fantastic example of a free PLS is the “Dividing Fences App” from Subiaco Justice Centre which helps people resolve dividing fence issues with their neighbours.

• Increased demand for legal advice on new and emerging technology e.g. AI, smart legal contracts, blockchain, 3D printing, digital Senior Legal Counsel assets like Non Fungible Tokens, autonomous vehicles, internet of things, cryptocurrency and Chevron Australia cyber security. Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Fantastic news - an exciting, intellectually Revolution, where technological development is challenging legal career awaits you! fast outpacing the law. As new lawyers you’ll spend more time on higher level strategic legal analysis than any previous • Legal advice and services focused on a positive client experience and delivered in new and generation, all because of tech! The repetitive, unique ways to meet the needs of the client (e.g. routine (aka dull) legal work is increasingly being use of interactive decision trees, automated flow undertaken by technology. Happily, that means charts, and enhanced graphic design elements you’ll be liberated from the routine to focus on such as attractive colour palettes, fonts and the type of complex legal problem solving which icons). This is called Human Centred Design. attracted clever people like yourselves to the law in Legal Careers may include new roles in: the first place.


So, the practice and business of law is changing • Legal Operations: optimising the delivery of legal services through more efficient processes, – fast. And while it’s impossible to predict exactly capturing cost efficiencies and deploying how things will develop in the future, it is certain to technology. Legal Operations roles are available be very different to the past. Here’s a preview of in law firms and organisations with in-house what’s already on the horizon: legal departments (Government, Not-For-Profit, • Lawyers routinely use increasingly sophisticated Business). technology to automate tasks, generate insights and predict outcomes. In particular, Data • Legal Innovation: rethinking the delivery of legal advice and services using problem solving skills, Analytics and Machine Learning, a type of off the shelf technologies and legal automation AI where systems learn autonomously from expertise. Legal Innovation roles are available information and experience, will be deployed in law firms, organisations with in-house legal by lawyers in new and unique ways to deliver departments, legal start-ups and legal tech faster, better, more cost effective legal services providers. Top tip: zeitgeist savvy lawyers are and to gain deep insights into the legal market continuously on a journey of legal innovation! and potential new business opportunities. • Lawyers (even those without coding experience) • Legal Tech Start-Ups and Legal App development roles: building apps to support lawyers or build their own legal apps using low code creating productised legal services. and no code platforms. This is called Citizen Development and in the future, more legal apps • New and Emerging Technology Legal Practice: will be built by lawyer citizen developers than understanding new and emerging technology. professional coders. Working with clients as partners on product development. Advising on legal considerations • Burgeoning market of Productised Legal Services and compliance under existing laws and ethical (PLS). PLS are offered, typically online, as a 214

5 Superpowers to Future Proof Your Legal Career


Government Academia Others

I am currently employed as a Business Human Rights Consultant at Allens-Linklaters (Allens) within the Disputes and Investigations (Commercial Disputes) practice group. The role involves risk and compliance consultancy in collaboration with Allens’ Business Human Rights legal team, which involves working directly with Associates, Senior Associates, Managing Associates, and Partners at the firm. My role focuses on ESG, and business human rights


• Empathy and connection, these human even prior to the commencement of my law degree. qualities are - more than ever - key skills for Perhaps unsurprisingly, few legal practitioners exclusively practice as human rights lawyers. As many lawyers in a highly digitised world. Wishing you every success as you commence law graduates begin their careers at commercial your legal careers in the dynamic and exciting firms, much of the human rights work available to commercial lawyers tends to fall within the pro bono world of legal innovation and technology! work undertaken by the firm. Alternatively, there are Chair, Legal Technology and Innovation also limited opportunities available in human rights Committee, ACC Australia legal practice at community law centres, not-forWinner Women in Technology WA Tech [+] 20 profits, NGOs, and in the public sector. Given that Award 2021 commercial opportunities in human rights tend to Advisory Board Member, Centre for Legal be few and far between, I did not initially anticipate working in a business human rights capacity at an Innovation international commercial law firm. Nevertheless, as au.linkedin.com/in/schellie-jayne-price fate would have it, I have fortunately been able to employ my commercial undergraduate background, legal training, and human rights work experience in an international commercial law setting.


• No matter what legal path you choose, here’s some skills that will help future proof your Juris Doctor UWA Class of 2022 career trajectory: Human rights law concerns the protection of the • Curiosity - keeping up with what is new and inalienable civil, political, cultural, social, and emerging in technology and reflecting on the economic rights of human beings. While multiple intersection between technology and the law. human rights are protected by domestic law, in legislation, the common law, and the Commonwealth • Adaptive resilience – the ability to pivot and Constitution, human rights law is largely guided by adapt quickly to the continuous and increasing international soft law standards. Internationally, pace of technological change the leading human rights instruments are generally • Innovation – challenging the paradigm, considered to be the Universal Declaration of Human driving and influencing change in pursuit of Rights (UDHR), the International Covenant on Civil continuous improvement and Political Rights (ICCPR), and the International • Entrepreneurial spirit – the ability to see Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights beyond the traditional legal practice model to (ICESCR). new opportunities which can be leveraged at Given my proclivity for social justice, it had been a scale goal of mine to gain employment in human rights law


guidelines which predict future regulatory direction. Influencing and creating new and unique legal frameworks.


exclusively, namely matters concerning modern slavery, anti-bribery and corruption, ethical procurement, work and labour rights, and whistleblowing laws. The recruitment process consisted of three stages; a phone interview with Human Resources (HR), an assessment centre task; and an in-person interview with a Managing Associate and Senior Associate. While the phone interview took a typical interview format that consisted of standardised interview questions, the assessment centre task and in-person interview were designed to assess competencies relevant to the position. So far, my experience at Allens has been an overwhelmingly positive one. The firm places a significant emphasis on training, collegiality, mentorship, and feedback. Every recruit at Allens is allocated a buddy in a related practice area, which is hugely beneficial in aiding the transition into the workplace. There is no single pathway to a career in human rights practice or ESG risk and compliance. Personally, I have found that years of demonstrated interest in the practice area coupled with related work experience was key to securing the opportunity at Allens. As such, the best advice I can give students who are seeking employment in human rights – whether at a commercial firm, at a consultancy, in a policy capacity, or at a community law centre – is to demonstrate your interest in the area through your employment history and an active involvement in related not-for-profits or NGOs. I have found that a demonstrated interest in international law may also contribute to your success in gaining employment in human rights. My heavy involvement with human rights organisations, such as Amnesty International, throughout my tertiary studies, played a significant role in leading me to my current position. I also had valuable corporate social responsibility advisory work experience in the resources sector in addition to experience at an international law firm, barristers’ chambers, and international law journal that was also instrumental in landing my current position. I encourage students to pursue an array of related opportunities while completing their studies.


Our alliance with Linklaters connects our clients with an international network of legal leaders that spans 40 offices in 28 countries. Our global teams act as one, sharing knowledge, best practice approaches and talent to help solve our clients’ most complex problems. While we’re market leaders in our own jurisdictions, we’re even stronger together. A unique combination of in-depth local knowledge and global scale gives our clients a single entry point to the best strategic advice in multiple geographies and practice areas. Through complementary practices and close collaboration, we’re structured to combine seamless service with consistent quality advice for our clients. Our global network also allows our people to accelerate their careers, offering international secondments and opportunities to work with the world’s best lawyers on the most complex multijurisdictional matters in the market. For our people, the alliance means: • Opportunities to work on global deals with market leading lawyers. • Opportunities to work on multi-jurisdictional matters with a broader range of clients. • Access to Linklaters job opportunities globally. • International assignment opportunities (short & long term).

Having international counterparts allows us to experience new things, develop new thinking and If you are interested in pursuing a career in human constantly evolve. rights, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be contacted via email at: chelsea.francis@allens. com.au or hrlegalgroupwa@amnesty.org.au.


Academia Others

‘In particular, I really enjoyed working on big cross-border, cross practice transactions with people from all across the world. It was energising to expand my professional network and learn from some of the most experienced commercial lawyers in London. It was exciting to work directly with clients, run smaller transactions from start to finish and provide input at board meetings and client calls. I believe these experiences provided me with learning opportunities that have expedited my development as a junior lawyer.’


Andrew Huxtable, a Perth-based Lawyer, had the opportunity to go on secondment to the Linklaters office in London in March 2020. Despite working from his bedroom for the majority of the year, he had an incredible time living and working in London. Andrew had been on holiday to London before, so he knew how it is normally a fast-paced and diverse city. Nonetheless he found it fascinating seeing this atmosphere being translated into a corporate context.


best resources from each firm, advice and If you would like to learn more about our assistance in a consistent style and manner alliance with Linklaters and making the most out and, ultimately, one invoice. of international opportunities, please visit our • ‘Integrated’ is hence a distinct and important website for further details. difference from ‘merged’. There are firms that are merged but that are not necessarily integrated. Whilst we operate as if merged, we believe we can provide integrated client service without the sacrifice of independence and our local brands that would come with a merger.


Andrew found it interesting to see how the Allens and Linklaters alliance works from the other side, and quickly realised from his interactions with colleagues and clients that Allens, and Australian lawyers in general, have a fantastic reputation overseas. It was clear that Linklaters What exactly is the relationship between enjoy working alongside Allens, and the two Allens and Linklaters? firms share key values in how they go about their • Both firms remain independent partnerships, business. but we operate through joint ventures. ‘I encourage all university students to consider • The two firms have an integrated alliance. working overseas at some point in their career. This means our clients receive a seamless Commercial law can take you to every corner service no matter where they want it. This of the world and deciding to start my career at includes one engagement letter and lead Allens has allowed me to do that at such an partner, a single unified team drawn from the early stage of my career.’


To date, we’ve had approximately 150 secondments between Allens and Linklaters. In addition, each year four of our second year graduates are seconded to Linklaters London, one to Linklaters Hong Kong and one to Singapore.



Here are some tips I found helpful when applying/ things I learnt along the way.


One of the biggest things to factor into applying for clerkships over east is the pool of law students (and really good law students) is significantly larger. With Melbourne being a larger city, with an internationally recognised and ranked law school, the competition is much greater. The work experience and extracurricular opportunities that many candidates over east have are also superior to what’s available in Perth (e.g., working or interning at law reform commissions/policy centres/barrister chambers/more opportunity to get involved in charities and non-for-profits… the list goes on).

Juris Doctor UWA Class of 2022

Make sure you know your reasons for applying

The clerkship season (if you decide to go through it) is by far the most stressful and draining part of your law degree. There’s a lot going on and you’ll get information hurled at you left, right and centre. If you’re someone that’s thinking of venturing into the clerkship process over east, you might have questions where the answers are not as accessible. However, not to worry! I’ll do my best to share some tips and insights about my experience applying in Given many firms (particularly the big six commercial Melbourne. I had quite a few reasons for applying for a clerkship law firms) have offices in Perth, the question you need to ask yourself when you’re applying and ‘answer’ over east in your application is ‘Why should they offer 1. I was interested in working interstate at some stage after someone based in Perth a Melbourne clerkship?’ my law degree For me, one of my main reasons was exposure to a 2. I was interested in the type of work and the legal market larger legal services market away from the niches over there (ie I’m not much of a mining law fanatic) of Perth’s prominent mining and resources sector. Be prepared to discuss the ‘Why Melbourne’ question 3. Mere curiosity. While I was keen to shoot my shot at working at length in interviews because you will most interstate, I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one certainly be asked.

basket, so I applied for a mix of clerkships in both Sell your unique qualities/experiences Perth and Melbourne. I used to get so annoyed when I would ask older students or lawyers for clerkship tips and they Melbourne Clerkship Process The clerkship process in Melbourne is pretty much would come back with the cliché, classic response the same as in Perth. The key difference is that of ‘BE YOURSELF!’. Well, having gone through the Melbourne adopts the Law Institute of Victoria’s process, I am telling you it’s one of the best tips in (LIV) guidelines. These guidelines are signed by trying to sell yourself in the pool of law students over almost all of the firms and set out details as to east. A useful thing to remember is that cities like when applications open/close and what offers Melbourne and Sydney don’t just get applications can be given etc. I highly recommend checking out from students within their respective cities – there these guidelines as you will notice the Melbourne are applications from other cities like Adelaide, clerkship dates are a good three weeks behind Brisbane and Hobart where many large firms don’t the Perth dates. This will mean that you will likely have offices in. I think the key tip here is you want be left waiting on edge for a few extra weeks after to make sure you stand out in your application and all your friends find out and celebrate their offers interview. Bring your personality, draw on those in Perth. However, there is usually a wider window experiences or situations that are unique to living/ for submitting clerkship applications in Melbourne studying/working in Perth, using them to tailor your compared to Perth so there’s more time to perfect answer back to the question – but also bringing it back to the overall question of ‘Why Melbourne’. that cover letter. 218

If you’re planning to apply for clerkships in multiple cities, I would highly recommend being strategic about the office you apply to and not applying to multiple offices for the same firm. Some firms will explicitly state this on their website, but I also think it doesn’t really help with showing why you want to work or move to a particular city. The decision is a lot scarier when you have to factor this, but it means you can spend as much time as possible tailoring your application to a particular firm and city.


I can only speak to the firm I applied for in Melbourne, which was a US international firm which had the application, online testing, a video interview and 2 rounds of partner interviews. There was no cocktail night, and the interviews were online, so I adjusted my interview preparation accordingly. In other years, many candidates from Perth have flown over for interviews/cocktails nights and if that is the case for you, I recommend checking out Calvin Rokich’s Victorian Clerkship Applications article in the 2020/2021 Careers handbook.


Another tip to note is to do your research about the process of each firm and to seek advice or read up on blogs (Law students over east go NUTS on Whirlpool forums – so this might be helpful. However, I will disclaim that nothing is ever verified or guaranteed to be accurate, but it’s a good starting point if you don’t know anyone else to ask for insider information).

There’s no denying the clerkship process is tough – but if you prepare well and show genuine interest, it can be immensely satisfying. Best of luck!


This might seem like general clerkship advice you’d receive if you were applying for Perth clerkships, but it is probably one of the biggest must-do’s in applying for clerkships over east. If you’re applying for a firm over east that doesn’t have a presence in Perth (e.g., US international firms or other mid-tiers), showing that you have researched (have shown an interest) into the firm, their work and other random news/insights will likely earn you brownie points with HR/your interviewer. The fact you have gone to discover the firm in the first place, where they may not have HR representatives coming to career fairs to advertise the firm already shows initial interest and initiative. So, if you can execute the ‘Why [insert firm]’ question on top of that, it will put you in good stead.


Be strategic about where you apply


Do your research about the firms

Others 219


Senior Associate at Pragma Lawyers Enjoy Uni

Don’t be afraid to make the bold choice and go somewhere new and find ‘your’ people who will allow you to thrive in your career. Marks aren’t everything, experience isn’t everything, nothing is everything The leading personality traits most law firms look for today is to competent individuals who fit with the team they are expected to join and who exhibit the capacity to learn and grow.

I’m sure you feel a lot of pressure to get the best grades possible and have 10 firms on your CV before you graduate. In actuality: neither will give you the golden ticket to the job you want. You have hopefully ensured your grades are as good as they can be and you may • The last year of university goes quickly. Hopefully have been lucky enough to clerk whilst you’ve been you’ve enjoyed your time but remember it’s not over studying. However, ensuring you are the right cultural yet. Savour what is left of it; don’t just let it pass you fit is usually the single greatest factor a firm look at in deciding whether to bring on a graduate or not. by; and It might seem odd that in a careers handbook you’re receiving advice to enjoy what is about to come to an end. No matter how you’ve got to the near end of your degree it is important you enjoy what is left of it. This is for two reasons:

• Cement the friendships you have made. Most graduates will go in different directions that may lead them to different firms in Perth, in Australia or overseas. Having a good group of friends from university can help you with getting through the ups and downs of legal practice, whether that be to let some steam off on a Friday or have a ‘brains trust’ from which you can ask questions. The law is full of all types of people, ‘your’ people are out there, you may just have to find them Being offered a graduate role is a truly exciting part of the transition from law school to practice. However, for some, the starting blocks of their careers can be difficult if they find they don’t align

Mentors Mentors can be vital to help you throughout your legal career. The significance of a mentor at the start of your legal career can be huge, especially where you’re only finding your feet in the profession and trying to develop your skills. There are numerous bodies which run mentor programs and I’d highly recommend you join one (or more) of them. Admit Mistakes I hope you don’t make too many mistakes in your career but in what we do, they will happen from time to time. It is largely assistive to develop sound practices that ensure, as a matter of process, you catch mistakes before they have any impact. However, even if you’re able to do this, mistakes will inevitably happen. Own them.

with the people they work with. Most lawyers in Perth are collegiate and welcoming but if you don’t feel like you fit in where you accept a graduate role to, the Everyone who has come before you have made mistakes. Some have made big mistakes and still world is not over. have gone on to have exceptional careers in the law, The law is full of different personalities, including rock including as Silks and Judges. Acknowledging that performers, athletes or vintners, whom all engage in everyone makes mistakes can be important in ensuring a range of exciting, interesting areas of work. It may you own yours. Speak up when you make them and be the area of law for you is right but you just ‘click’ seek guidance. Most senior members of the profession better with another team. Or, it may be the area of law will not (contrary to what you might think) turn the world you thought you were interested in, you in fact find very upside because of the mistake. unfulfilling. They will work with you to correct the mistake and help you get better. 220








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Technology and the Law

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