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Promoting healthy living... naturally! It’s never too late to start! At Ladysmith Health Food Store, our knowledgeable staff are here to answer your questions and be part of your good health We carry a large selection of vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies, quality cosmetics, protein & green powders, eco-gear clothing, Birkenstocks, Think & Finn Comfort, specialty groceries and hemp clothing and much, much more. We believe you’ll feel better knowing there’s a natural alternative. Drop by and visit us. Hours: Monday to Wednesday and Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Sunday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Ladysmith Health Food Store 531 First Avenue Ladysmith, BC 2

250-245-2123 Prime, Fall 2010

Prime 55 +

Prime is a publication of the Chronicle, a division of Black Press.



FALL, 2010


Volume 2, Issue 1

Plenty of ways to maintain health and fitness through Ladysmith Parks, Recreation and Culture

Publisher Dennis Skalicky

Editor Allison Vail

Reporter Erin DeCoste

Production Doug Kent Chris LaVigne

Advertising Kathy Holmes

Office services Colleen Wheeler



Lillian Kredba hasn’t let her 97 years get in the way of carpet bowling

7 STYLE 55 Committed to classic clothing

8 PLAYING GAMES Master a sport in time for the B.C. Seniors Games

9 USE YOUR BRAIN ElderCollege is the place to be to learn new things and study new interests

11 SENIORS CENTRES Just for the 55+ crowd

The Chronicle Box 400 Ladysmith, B.C.

12 WHERE TO GET INFO Stop by the Ladysmith Seniors Office

V9G 1A3 Phone 250-245-2277 Fax 250-245-2260 Online at:

Prime, Fall 2010



Stay active for healthy living Ladysmith Parks, Recreation and Culture recognize the need for the older adult to stay active. Active living and physical activity help us to stay engaged in life. The benefits of active living and physical activity include improved health and an increase in energy levels. Physical activity and exercise can help manage the symptoms of illness and pain, improve mood and mental health, and gives us opportunities to meet new people. Ladysmith Parks, Recreation and Culture offers a wide variety of group fitness classes that are geared towards the older adult. Classes are at the Frank Jameson Community Centre in both the fitness studio and pool. Fitness Lite is a

fun, low impact aerobics class which includes a strength and flexibility component. It runs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Yoga Fitness helps improve musculoskeletal flexibility, range of motion and balance, and is offered on Tuesday and Friday from noon to 1 p.m. During an aquatic-based fitness class, each participant is able to work at their own intensity and exercise at a comfortable water level. Water-based exercise classes decrease the amount of shock which is transmitted through the bones, joints and ligaments. Nifty Fifties is offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Adaptive fitness is another

water-based fitness class, recommended for the older adult with arthritis or other mobility limitations. This class is offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to noon, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.,

and Saturday from 9 to 10 a.m. If you prefer to work out on your own, the air conditioned fitness centre offers an extensive selection of cardio and strength training equipment. See ACTIVE LIVING Page 8

Where a GREAT DAY is par for the course It’s never too late to take up golf or make new friends. Come swing with us!

• 2 for 1 Wednesdays • Men’s League Thursdays 9 am • Ladies League Tuesdays 10 am • Drop-ins Welcome

No tee times required! 4

Ladysmith Golf Club 380 Davis Road (just above Coronation Mall) South Ladysmith


:KHQHYHU \RX·UHKXQJU\ Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

CORONATION MALL • 250.245.7933 Prime, Fall 2010

Local profile

Active at any age She swings, she rolls and she aims. Lillian Kredba of Ladysmith is an avid carpet bowler. At 97-years-old, Kredba is an independent, lively and happy woman. “It keeps me going,” she said of playing carpet bowling. Friends asked her to play and once she tried it, she loved it, she said. Lillian has been playing for six or seven years. “You have to keep practicing,” she said. Born in Toronto, Lillian moved to Ladysmith in the ‘60s with her late husband. She plays every Wednesday at St. John’s Anglican Church in Ladysmith — a temporary space until the new centre is built. She said carpet bowling keeps her young. “Excerise is good for the

legs,” she said. The group of about 12 meet to play, but also to socialize. “Everybody just loves to come out,” she said. “They feel like it’s a social afternoon as well, that’s why most people like coming out.” Along with carpet bowling, Lillian said she likes to shop and go for lunch. She also goes to as many Englebert Humperdinck concerts she can manage. Mary Kredba, her daughter, thinks the group of people has really helped her mother. “I think it’s been really really great,” she said. “It’s a fun group of people and there’s always lots of laughter.” She said the Ladysmith Seniors’ Centre provides a good support network. “It’s a reason to get out when

Lillian Kredba, carpet bowler it’s grey and winter out,” she said. As for Lillian, she said everyone should come out and try carpet bowling at least once. — by Erin DeCoste

How we can help in our community:

COVER: Bruce Whittington is a Ladysmith town councillor. He sits on several commissions, and represents council on the Vancouver Island Regional Library board. He operates Bayview Framing with his wife. Whittington is a member of the Ladysmith and District Arts Council and an honorary life member of the Victoria Natural History Society. He is a photographer and works as a naturalist on small boat cruises with Bluewater Adventures. He’s also a member of the Ladysmith Camera Club and is very interested in birding, participating in water bird surveys for Bird Studies Canada. Whittington set up a publishing company and recently published his book, What’s That Island? Photo by Allison Vail • Caring emotional support for those facing advancing illness and their caregivers • Individual and group bereavement support • Library and resource information on grief and end of life issues

Call today for more information...


Your source for active living in your prime! Prime, Fall 2010

250-245-6424 5


Plenty of options for travelling seniors


ravellers over the age of 55 have an advantage that some people in their early 20s don’t. “People who are 55 and older can easily afford [to travel] opposed to a 20 year old putting it on five credit cards,” said Denise Munn Clarke, Marlin Travel’s travel consultant. “They [can] come in and sit down with us to discuss their dreams and then we design anything that they’d like to do.” Everybody has a different idea about what a good time is and what the best value is. People who are worried about the cost of insurance will be surprised by the flexibility of coverage that’s available for people who are 55 years of age or older. “Insurance varies on a per-

sonal state of health and age,” said Harlene Charley, manager of Marlin Travel. “It would cover them depending on their age and their stability.” Some avenues that people have started exploring are

I’m worth 30 minutes of my own time

REASONS TO EXERCISE • Lowers high blood pressure • Reduces risk of diabetes • Reduces arthritic pain through flexibility • Helps maintain bone density and counteracts osteoporosis • Staying active increases longevity Curves is a smart approach to fitness that has helped over four million women reach their goals. We offer a proven 30-minute workout and common sense weight management program in an environment that’s friendly and supportive.

Strengthening Women

Ladysmith 21 High Street

Southgate Nanaimo 105-50 Tenth, Nanaimo



all inclusive trips with family members to places like Mexico. “You don’t have to think about it because everything’s done for you,” Charley said. “You get good value, good

food and good service.” Another advantage is that the flight is short. “I always tell people that they can eat breakfast here and be there for happy hour,” said Munn Clarke. “But cruising’s popular [because] of the value and you only have to unpack once.” Cruising can be preferential because it’s a different port, a different day and a different adventure. Explore cobbled streets and colonial architecture, talk to locals or try a culinary delight. “Some people aren’t beach people and they want something to do,” Munn Clarke said. “Or there’s river cruising.” These tours are often popular in Europe and Asia because of mesmerizing sights, sounds and See TRAVEL Page 9 foods.

Planning a Vacation? Plan with Confidence We’ll give you: • best value • trust -- when you book with us you’re protected under the BC Travel Assurance Fund • expert guidance & unbiased information • choice and • and in the event of a problem, before, during or after -we are here for you!! Harlene harlene.charley@

Judi judi.cooperdodd@

Denise denise.munnclarke

Susan susan.maxwell@

Fiona fiona.horth@

Sue sue.archer@

Tel: 250-245-7114 F Fax: 250-245-5268

Coronation Mall - #3-370 TransCanada Hwy, Ladysmith, BC 6

Prime, Fall 2010


Great style never ages Good fashion never goes out of style — no matter at what age. Classical, quality pieces that flatter are the hallmark to looking good and feeling good. “The over 55 set is into classical design,” said Kim Macinnes, the manager of Kinney Clothing Company in Chemainus. “They don’t like to show skin, there’s a different shape with full rise waist and longer sleeves and more comfortable fit pants.” Seniors are looking for items that will last. “They don’t follow fads as much,” Macinnes said. Nancy Howitt, owner of Nancy’s in Ladysmith said she sees her older customers as having more style in mind. “They don’t necessarily care much more about what others

think,” she said. “The don’t feel the need to fit in.” She also said accessorizing is big for the older crowd. “They’re more and more conscious of jewelry and hats,” she said. Macinnes stressed the importance of quality for many seniors. “They’ll spend a little more money on something that won’t be in or out of style, something that will last,” she said. “They often have more disposable income,” Howitt said. “They often can afford better quality and it matters to them.” Howitt said seniors looking at fashion are more concious of how they look. “Fit is much more important to them,” she said.

Nancy Howitt, owner of Nancy’s in Ladysmith shows off some style.

Macinnes said people are more casual when it comes to fashion now. “Not everyone is wearing high heels and hats,” she said. Cathy Barter, owner of The Top Drawer Ladies’ Consignment Boutique in Ladysmith, said seniors are now more fashionable and more willing to stay fashionable. “They know their fashion and their colours and what works for them,” she said. She said her customer base is all over the board. “We can get an 80-year-old who’s just as fashionable,” she said.

One thing that never goes out of style is shopping. “Shopping never dies,” she said. “Women hit the ground running, no matter their age.” — by Erin DeCoste

A Pharmacy First Rexall™ carries the HOME HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS YOU NEED! We’ll make you feel right at home. • Compression stockings • Mastectomy bras and forms • Freedom and mobility products • Raised toilet seats • Bars • Walkers • We offer Free Delivery Seniors Day 20% off last Tuesday of every month Ask Nancy our Nurse’s Assistant for help or Corrine our Pharmacist for all your Medical needs and Health Concern.

9892 Esplanade St. Chemainus BC

250-246-2151 Prime, Fall 2010 321 First Ave, Ladysmith, BC

250-245-5788 7


It’s all fun and games


ports and recreational activities for seniors aren’t limited to the standards of golf and darts, although those activities are certainly enjoyed by those retired. The B.C. Seniors


Games offers a great chance to stay active and meet new people and compete at whatever activity suits a person’s mobility or interests. Keeping in mind some seniors are more active than others, there is a rather unusual offering of events. Archery, badminton, bridge, carpet bowling, cribbage, cricket, cycling, darts dragon boat racing, five pin bowling, floor curling, golf, horseshoes, ice curling, ice hockey, lawn bowling, one-act plays, pickleball, slo-pitch, snooker, soccer, speed skating, square dancing, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, volleyball and whist are

the activities seniors can participate in. The games are held each year in communities throughout the province, offering contestants 55 years of age and older the chance to participate in these events. B.C. is divided into 12 zones from which the participants are drawn, with Ladysmith falling into zone two and Chemainus into zone one. Events often have more than than one age category and some events are recreational and competitive. For info about the Seniors Games and next year’s events, visit www.

From ACTIVE LIVING Page 4 The fitness centre is staffed by experienced fitness and personal trainers who can take you through a gym orientation and get you motivated and started on a fitness program. Some of the benefits of strength training include improved balance, an increase in total strength, and functional performance. There are other options too. Try out Step into Balance. It is a free weekly walking group. Meet new friends and join the group every Thursday night at 6 p.m. for a variety of guided walks through Ladysmith. Urban poling or Nordic walking is a combination of cross-country skiing and walking. Benefits of this hot fitness trend include improved posture, balance and stability. This activity can be done any time of year and is great for anyone who is just starting out on the road to better fitness and vitality, as well as those who may have lower joint pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Ladysmith Parks, Recreation and Culture offers pole walking clinics and participants may borrow the poles. — by Parks, Recreation and Culture staff

Jewellery Appraisal It is important to know what your jewellery is worth! Have a professional appraise your jewellery.

• insurance appraisals • estate appraisals Monthly Jewellery Appraisal Clinic by Appointment Call for booking and dates

432 - 1st Ave., Ladysmith 8


Jewellllers Jewe ers

250-245-3251 Prime, Fall 2010


Work out your


Did you know that, in spite of those all-too-familiar senior moments, a decline in brain power is not inevitable as we age? According to Marian C. Diamond, a leading brain scientist, the thickness of the human cortex (and thicker is better) can increase or decrease at any age, depending on the stimulation it receives. Major factors in maintaining a healthy brain, Diamond asserts, are new challenges (not just a repetition of the same activity), active involvement (not passive observation), and social interaction. What better way, then, to stimulate your brain than to take an ElderCollege course? ElderCollege is a program of the Centre for Continuing

Studies of Vancouver Island University (VIU) and at the same time it is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting life-long learning in the mid-Island area. Membership is open to people 55 and older or to people whose spouse or partner has reached that age.

The Happy Denturist • • • • • • •

Burial and Cremation Centre

Complete Denture Services

#7-8377 Chemainus Rd.

Your local Memorial Society of BC Funeral Home, caring service at reasonable cost

at the corner of Chemainus Rd. & Crofton Rd.

NANAIMO 595 Townsite Rd.

LADYSMITH 112 French St.





A delightful look at family history & favourite family recipes A great gift for someone special or yourself

Call now to reserve -- Ready Dec 2010 Ladysmith and District Historical Society

250-245-0100 | Isabelle 250-2450-2918 Prime, Fall 2010

This year’s wide-ranging course offerings at the Nanaimo campus include meditation for beginners, ecology of Georgia Strait, and computers. All seem likely to provide good exercise for the brain. See EDUCATION Page 10

But there’s other avenues to meet people who share some of your interests. “Culinary tours, wine tasting and cooking classes are popular in Italy,” said Munn Clarke. “Especially in Tuscany.” Travelling for one or two can be alluring but group tours and backpacking often attract kindred spirits. It’s easy to make friends on the road. Getting peace of mind about your travel plans is important and the consultants at Marlin Travel urged clients to book with them instead of an online service. “We get [travel] offers by the minute...” Charley said. “If you needed a doctor to do a surgery you certainly wouldn’t try to do your own surgery.” — by Breanne Massey


Brian Harris

Home & Hospital Visits In House Lab Same Day Relines/Repairs New Dentures / Partial Dentures Dentures over Implants No HST No referrals necessary

From TRAVEL Page 6

Where Do You Want to Be? Helping you make Your best move

Ocean Pointe Realty 250-245-3700


Education From EDUCATION Page 9 Nevertheless, keeping the brain healthy is not the only reason to belong to ElderCollege. For Billi Nicol, one of the program’s popular instructors, preparing and teaching courses helped fill the void left by the death of her husband. Her involvement, she says, was vitally important, “a lifesaver.” Nicol has now taught sixteen courses on various historical periods, and she observes that most of her friends are people she met through ElderCollege, whether as an instructor or as a student in other courses. Ladysmith resident Lynda McCullough became involved with ElderCollege when a friend recognized the possible match between her past work experience and the needs of the volunteer ElderCollege board of management. McCullough now spends a lot of her time as chair of the promotion and publicity committee, spreading the word about ElderCollege in the community. Like Nicol, McCullough has found her

involvement both stimulating and fulfilling, and has enjoyed taking classes as well as her board work. ElderCollege courses are given at either the main VIU campus in Nanaimo or the Parksville VIU campus. They are taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers, and most consist of a two-hour class once a week for six weeks. All classes are held during daylight hours. There are two six-week sessions in the fall semester, and two in the winter. The fee for most six-week courses is $38 plus HST. ElderCollege membership, with an annual fee of $15, is required. To join ElderCollege, to register as a student, or to volunteer as an instructor or in another capacity, call 1-866-734-6252. See — by Elizabeth Marsland, ElderCollege instructor and board of management member.

flowers to receive flowers to give for all occasions or just because . . . call us

The Hickson-Kemp Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities

Investing for Income and Retirement Will & Estate Planning A flexible approach to generating income-- Dynamic Strategic Yield Fund is designed to provide a high level of income by investing across a range of yield-oriented asset classes

Jim Kemp, B.Comm., CA Office (250) 729-3200 Cell (250) 755-6944 Serving Ladysmith, Chemainus & Nanaimo.

Professional Wealth Management Since 1901

Lait Bloomer Florist

320 First Ave, Ladysmith 10


Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Dynamic Funds is a division of Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd. RBC Dominion Securities Inc. *and Royal Bank of Canada are separate corporate entitities which are affiliated. *Member CIPF ®Registered trademark of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. RBC Dominion Securities is a registered trademark of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. ©Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. TM

Prime, Fall 2010


Where to go ...

for socializing and support Ladysmith We invite seniors 55 plus to come and join other like-minded, active, fun-loving and interesting seniors at the Ladysmith Seniors Centre. Members enjoy sharing a weekly luncheon, line dancing, whist, cribbage, fun bingo, tai chi, carpet bowling, shuffle board, pool or darts. They also enjoy playing the Nintendo Wii bowling game, watching a movie on our television, attending the monthly birthday party, Saturday brunch or Sunday evening dinners. They socialize, are active, and have fun. The members can work and enjoy our annual barbecue, garage sale, Ladysmith Days, Christmas Light Up and our Christmas dinner. We go on bus trips. There is a drama group and crafts. Members can renew old acquaintances and make new friends. The activities and events of the society are limited only by the members’ imagination, desire and participation. The monthly general meeting is held the first Tuesday of the month (except July and August) where our members make plans for the society to benefit our members and our community. We are all looking forward to the completion of our beautiful new Seniors Centre in March 2011 located on the upper floor of the Ladysmith Resources Centre. The annual membership fee is $15. Visitors are welcome at numerous activities, but are required to become a member after three visits. For information phone 250-245-8885 — Submitted

Crofton Retirement is dead. It’s been replaced by a novel concept called living. Anyone 54 and older is welcome at the Crofton Seniors Society Centre. The Crofton Senior Centre has wonderful facilities that offer pool/billiards, shuffle board, darts, and cards. As well, we have weekly carpet bowling and bingo. On the second Thursday of each month we host a catered birthday bash dinner and on the last Saturday of every month we have a potluck dinner. Lastly, we have the weekly soup and sandwich and social lunch. Please come and check us out. Other organizations use our facilities as well, and are always looking for new participants including the Bonsai Club, the Crofton Art Guild and the quilters. There seems to be this myth, when you ask someone why they don’t come to the senior centre, they say, “because there are old people there.” You do not have to be old to belong to a seniors centre. You may be experienced, but that is not old. We look forward to seeing you. Call 250-245-2455. — Patricia Scott, President Crofton Seniors Society

Chemainus The sound of lilting voices, tapping dance shoes and cheery greetings meet any visitor to the Chemainus Seniors Drop-In Centre (CSDC) on Willow Street in Chemainus. From the colourful murals and well-tended gardens on the outside, to the capacious ballroom, numerous activity rooms and well-appointed kitchen inside, there is little about this active, welcoming centre that says “senior.” With more than 500 members, the CSDC is self-supporting and the perfect place to socialize, meet new friends and feel like a real part of the community. The centre provides, recreation, health, fitness and special interest activities to keep members active and involved, and part of a supportive community. Call 250-246-2111. — Submitted

Prime, Fall 2010



Finding information seniors need


ged fifty-five plus? You’re a senior to us. The mission of the Seniors Office of the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association on First Avenue is to co-ordinate, facilitate and provide community services and information in order to enhance the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of seniors in the Ladysmith area. We provide seniors with information and access to programs, benefits, and services. We assist by them sorting out problems and challenges they might be facing in areas such

as health, finances, housing, transportation and safety. We also offer assistance, options, referrals, forms, advocacy, and educational materials. If we can’t help them ourselves, we find someone who can. We have nine programs and services for seniors, mostly co-ordinated and provided by our valued volunteers. Among those services are a computer club, transportation to and from medical appointments and income tax assistance. There are about 60 volunteers involved in our activities. We are always seeking new volunteers so consider joining us.

Our clients include seniors from Nanaimo to Duncan, their family and friends, and sometimes people from out of province. Last year, approximatley 1,000 people contacted the Seniors Office by phone and nearly 700 came into our office. The Seniors Page appears monthly in the Ladysmith Chronicle (except during the summer) highlighting activities, events, programs, services, and contacts for seniors from local organizations and groups. It also promotes programs and services of the Ladysmith Resources Centre benefiting seniors, like the senior and volunteer counselling program, Good Food Box, Medical Loaning Cupboard, and the disabled parking permit program. One of the ways we share information is to hold Seniors Showcases on topics of interest

to seniors in the area. These monthly events are free. We partner with local and regional organizations and businesses which generously donate funds, time, space, speakers, refreshments, or materials to make these events happen. We continue to collaborate and share information with other resources centre programs, the Ladysmith Seniors Centre, the RCMP Community Policing Station and Employment Navigators, to name a few. We suspect that there are many more seniors out there who could use our assistance. Call 250-245-3079, drop in, make an appointment, send an email ( Contact us, we can help. — by Natalie Toppin, Co-ordinator, Seniors Office Ladysmith Resources Centre

Use a scooter safely So you’re driving a mobility scooter, also known as a motorized wheelchair to help get you around town. Do you drive on the road, or make like a pedestrian and zip along on the sidewalk? Scooters are considered as pedestrian traffic. Motorized wheelchairs should be on the sidewalk, or on the shoulder of the road if there is not one. Scooters are required to drive at the same speed as pedestrian traffic. Rules for using motorized wheelchairs, from ICBC’s website: You don’t need a driver’s licence to drive a motorized wheelchair. Registration, a 12

licence plate and insurances aren’t needed. Motorized wheelchairs follow the same rules as pedestrians, and can only be used for what it is designed to do. Safety tips for driving motorized wheelchairs, from ICBC: Ride only where it’s safe and follow pedestrian rules and guidelines. Be courteous. Drive at the same speed as other pedestrian traffic. Watch out for traffic as you approach driveways and lanes. Avoid sudden turns. Don’t use your motorized wheelchair if you’re taking medication or drugs or alcohol that may alter your judgement. Prime, Fall 2010

Vancouver Island Health Authority services Home and Community Care Duncan Home and Community Care, 121 Ingram St. 250-737-2004

Cowichan District Hospital 3045 Gibbins Rd., Duncan, 250-746-4141

Ladysmith Home and Community Care, 1111 4th Ave. 250-739-5779

Central Island assisted living settings

Nanaimo Home and Community Care, 1665 Grant Ave. 250-739-5749 Hospitals and health care centres Ladysmith Community Health Care Centre, 1111-4th Ave. 250-739-5777 Chemainus Health Care Centre 9909 Esplanade St. 250-246-3291 Nanaimo Regional General

Hospital, 1200 Dufferin Cres. 250-754-2141 or 250-755-7691

Chemainus The Steeples, 9910 Esplanade St. 250-246-1805 VIHA Funded Units: 16 Total Units in Building: 16 Ladysmith La Rosa Gardens, 1211 Cloke Rd. 250-245-1016 VIHA Funded Units: 21 Total Units in Building: 60 Residential Care Chemainus Health Care Centre 9909 Esplanade St. 250-246-3291

Full Service Denture Clinic Relines & Repairs All Dental Plans Accepted


250-245-7222 Daniel Hunter Denturist 27 Gatacre, Ladysmith Call for an appointment today

EXPERIENCE INTEGRATED HEALTH CARE For all your health care needs; be fully assessed by our team: Registered Physiotherapist Johanne Tomio Registered Massage Therapist Deb Noa Registered Acupuncturist Tobi Panter Physiotherapy treatment includes manual therapy and exercise programs in pool and gym settings. Modalities are used for managing acute injuries and pain-related injuries.

You are in great hands.

Joint Venture

Sports Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Frank Jameson Centre | 250-245-5660 Prime, Fall 2010

Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries Public

General Practice of Law • Real Estate • Wills & Estates • Powers of Attorney • Incorporations • Family Law • ICBC Claims • Seniors’ Legal Issues Serving the Community for More Than 22 Years

Robson, O’Connor

22 High Street, Ladysmith | fax 250-245-2921 | phone 250-245-7141 13


Hospice helps during hard times Cowichan Valley Hospice can help at a difficult time. “When my wife Pamela passed away on Feb. 1, 2008, I did not have any immediate family to help me get through the stress of losing a loved one,” says retired fisherman Larry Whyte. “I had a lot of friends and neighbours who helped in so many ways but could not be with me each and every day and night. No one should be alone at the end of their life. That was my greatest fear, that I would not be there when Pamela needed me most.” During her final days hospice volunteers sat with Pamela whenever Larry could not be there, right through the night. Cowichan Valley Hospice can help people facing a life threatening illness or grieving the death of someone they love. Hospice helps by providing: A caring presence with a young couple who has just heard a devastating diagnosis in the hospital. A selection of picture books from the hospice library for a mother to read with

her daughter who is grieving the death of her beloved grandpa. A quiet vigil through the night with a senior dying alone in a care facility. A relaxing care clinic treatment, for a woman caring for her husband during the final stages of a debilitating disease. Cowichan Valley Hospice services are provided by skilled and trained volunteers in Ladysmith and Chemainus. With the generous support of the United Way, service clubs, donors and sponsors, hospice services are offered free of charge wherever they are needed; at home, in an extended care facility, in hospital or in our meeting room at the Lodge on 4th. The volunteers are the most compassionate people, from all walks of life. You never know who will need them next; it may be you, a family member, friend or neighbour. For more information about hospice services or to learn more about volunteering, please contact us at cvhospice@shaw. ca or call 1-888-701-4242 in Ladysmith

Roger Kimmerly is one of the Cowichan Valley Hospice’s longest standing Ladysmith volunteers or 250-701-4242 in Chemainus. Visit our website at — by Gretchen Hartley, executive director, Cowichan Valley Hospice

Notary Public Did You Know... that a Notary can provide the same services as a lawyer with regard to the purchase, sale and/or mortgage of real estate!

• mortgages • home transfers • wills & powers of attorney

Ladysmith 250-245-8022 Beside the “Dollar Store” Coronation mall Photo by David Seath Photography

Joan Phillips Notary Public 379 Davis Road, Ladysmith Victoria Ladysmith Nanaimo Qualicum Beach Courtney Comox Cumberland Campbell River Quadra Island Gold River Port Hardy


250-245-7127 Prime, Fall 2010
















.c om EV ER pu Y





• get connected to family & friends • great selection of computers, laptops, and netbooks • wide variety of ink, toner and consumables in stock • full-service repairs and installation • hard-to-find items available via special order

uforik.computers | Ladysmith - 410B First Avenue | 250-245-2222 Prime, Fall 2010


Pharmasave Celebrates Seniors Every Day! Every day seniors receive 10% off regular prices. On the last Wednesday of every month, seniors receive 15% off regular prices. (some restrictions apply)

Services we offer: • Free prescription delivery • Medication management • Medication compliance packaging • Diabetic metre downloads and reports • “Rx Canada” medication information • Private consultations • Health and wellness clinics • Flu and travel vaccines • Home health care rentals and services • Compression stocking fittings • Full service cosmetics • Great giftware, greeting cards & confections • Lottery, gift cards and phone cards

And, of course, the friendly and knowledgeable customer service you’ve come to expect from Pharmasave.

We have expanded our Home Healthcare selection to serve you better.

Just a trolley ride away from your door. Visit us today. Hours - Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm Sundays and Holidays Noon to 5pm 441 First Ave., Ladysmith

250-245-3113 16

Prime, Fall 2010

Ladysmith Prime Fall 2010  

Plenty of ways to enjoy your 55+ lifestyle in the Ladysmith and Chemainus region.

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