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APRIL 2020

WHAT TO SEE WHERE TO BE Celebrating 45 years

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our gut microbiome plays an important role in digestion, immunity, nutritional health, and elimination of harmful toxins and microorganisms from the digestive tract. It also influences mood and cognition through the gut-brain axis. Despite its critical nature, the delicate balance of good bacteria and yeast in your microbiome is easily disrupted by stress, poor diet, antibiotics, travel, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and age-related declines. Taking a daily probiotic supplement and regularly eating probiotic-rich foods, such as cultured yogourt and kombucha, are effective strategies for restoring and maintaining a healthy microbiome. The challenge is that probiotic cells are alive and vulnerable to unfavourable environmental conditions. Just being stored at room temperature can be devastating for many strains, while others cannot survive exposure to stomach acid during digestion. Natural Factors offers three unique, shelf-stable probiotic supplements that are far less susceptible to environmental factors and do not require refrigeration: Travel Biotic BB536 is a high-potency probiotic with 10 billion live cultures of Bifidobacterium longum BB536 per capsule. BB536 is one of the most researched and effective probiotics. It is a great choice for supporting digestive health while travelling, taking antibiotics, or replenishing healthy gut microflora daily. ®

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This is a great question and well timed. Supporting your immune health should be a two-pronged approach: first, ensure that nothing is burdening your immunity then adopt habits that bolster your health. Health is a balance between burdens on your body and your body’s ability to cope. If you can bolster vitality then it makes it harder to knock you off keel. For your immune health, consider where you stand on these 5 health habits and then read on for 5 immune supporting supplement choices: 1. Make sure you are getting good quality rest and take extra good care of yourself during the change of seasons or stress. 2. Do your best to take in 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day 3. Stay hydrated to support optimal health. 4. Make sure you consume an adequate amount of protein while limiting sugar. Protein supports the immune system while sugar weakens it. 5. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose, and if you sneeze or cough use your arm (the crease opposite your elbow) to cover your mouth instead of your hand. The mucous membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth are potential portals of viral entry while your hands can be germ vehicles.


Gathering Place

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What can I do to support my immune system? – D. D., Victoria

Cod Liver Oil – rich in essential fatty acids, and Vitamins A and D, which support immune health. Zinc – zinc is an essential nutrient for a variety of immune system pathways. Vitamin C – supports immune cell production of white blood cells (part of your immune army). It is water-soluble, so you will absorb what you need and eliminate the rest, which makes it best to take smaller frequent doses. Astragalus (membranaceus) – is a botanical with a long history of use in Chinese Medicine. It is a tonic for the immune system. Probiotic - the digestive tract is, in many ways, the root of a strong immune system. Probiotics (also called “good bacteria”) help keep the digestive tract healthy by producing Vitamins and competing with less favourable microbes. I hope these tools help you tune up your immune health. ■

Dr. Kim McQueen Naturopathic Physician 778.433.4935 kimmcqueen.com

Dr. Kimberly McQueen BSc, ND is a Naturopathic Physician in Victoria, BC. In addition to her clinic work she has been a consultant to the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence, Camosun College, Rugby Canada and Rowing Canada. Kim McQueen is one of the co-founders of Rumble, the nourishing Supershake.


Cook St. Village Beside Moka House 343 Cook Street


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Fifth at Bevan u



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The Shelbourne Plaza Deep in the

oof Shelbourne Valley - Shelbourne at Cedar hill X road

TD Canada Trust

A&W Restaurant

Wild Birds Unlimited

“Come visit us at Shelbourne Plaza. After all, we’re friends and neighbours!”

Oregano’s Pizza Cards & Gifts and Bistro


City Nails

Mac’s Cycle Centre

Heart Pharmacy

Fairway Market

Ink & Toner Medic

Liquor Distribution Br.

Booster Juice


Cobs Bakery

Merit Travel


M&M Food Market

Little Thai Place

Squeaky’s Laundromat

Imagine the possibilities... We offer a complete service from space planning to installation

3955 Quadra Street, Victoria | 250.479.7151 | lumberworld.net [4]

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Find The M & WIN

With precautions around reducing the spread of COVID-19 forcing cancellation of virtually any event with an audience in Greater Victoria, we're getting creative in continuing our monthly Find the M contest. We've put the pink in this month, but the prize is to be determined. If you're willing to take a chance, or if you entered in March, we encourage you to try again. If you find it, email editor@mondaymag.com by April 22 for a chance to win the mystery prize!

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The Greater Victoria Public Library is your go-to site for access to your favourite learning, reading and entertainment apps. Find the story on Page 8.

Entertain yourself with suggestions from our Top 10 list By Don Descoteau Monday Magazine editor


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t is truly an eerie feeling for anyone accustomed to 5. Try out some new recipes – Expand your horizons attending arts and entertainment events around the when it comes to meal options. Get creative and if community. you have kids, get them involved in the mealmaking Actions designed to prevent community outbreaks process. Why not give everyone a day of the week and reduce the potential for spreading of COVID-19 to pick a recipe or meal to prepare or suggest. have literally ground the out-of-home entertainment 6. Tour a museum – Take a virtual tour of some of the scene to a halt in Greater Victoria – from musical world’s great museums, from the British Museum performances and theatre to opera, dance, in London and the Guggenheim in New visual arts and more. York, to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris and Many people are starting to find Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. Our things to keep themselves entertained, own Royal BC Museum also has an if not avoid getting cabin fever. Some online Learning Portal you can check involve activities at home, others Let us know how you've out. Google your favourite museum take us out to the great outdoors. been combatting cabin fever. to see if they offer similar virtual If you’re still looking for fresh Email a brief description tours. ideas, we asked around and came up to editor@mondaymag.com 7. Visit Broadway from home – with a top-10 list to choose from: and we'll share the best Watch a filmed version of some of ideas with readers at 1. Go for more walks – The region the most popular shows on Broadway, mondaymag.com. has numerous trails and hiking from Newsies (the Canadian College of areas, as well as flatter areas like the Performing Arts’ spring musical version at Galloping Goose Trail if you’re not as aththe McPherson was a casualty of COVID-19) letic. Want an extra challenge? Take a stick and to Rent, Cats and more. garbage bag with you and pick up trash along your 8. Travel from your easy chair – Still dreaming of that walk. And for bonus points, count the number of overseas getaway? You can binge watch YouTube pieces like your FitBit counts your steps! travel videos from the likes of Rick Steeves, Michael 2. Put together a gourmet picnic – With most restauPalin and others (search Travelogues on youtube. rants now offering only take-out service, order a com), to get a taste of where you might want to go meal from one of your favourite eateries and go next. have a picnic in a spot where you’ve got lots of 9. Pull out unread books on the shelf – We’ve all got space. books we’ve been meaning to read. Got through 3. Have a mini listening party – Dig out your old CDs your bookshelf to find the most interesting titles and relisten to them – records anyone? Do you still and dig in! Or check out the Greater Victoria Public own a record player? Library’s treasure trove of online resources for 4. Come blow your horn – Why not pick up that e-books, music, movies, podcasts and more. instrument you used to play in high school, or set 10. Scan bands' social media – Check out your favoudown a while ago. You can find numerous tutorials rite musical artists’ web and social media pages to on YouTube and other platforms, and digital sheet see whether they’re performing live streamed shows music. Getting reacquainted with your instrument in place of scheduled concerts. may inspire or motivate you!

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Surveying Victoria’s active live music scene


By Felicia Santarossa Monday contributor Musicians, event organizers and music She hopes as many people as possible lovers can have their say on Victoria’s will take the survey – there are some music scene until April 13, as part of the great draw prizes up for grabs just for Victoria Music Strategy Survey. responding, from trips to event tickets These online puband merchandise. lic survey results will “I’m very curious to help create the city’s see the results and to first music stratesee what people care gy, a collaborative about,” Calder says, project between the adding it’s important City of Victoria’s they hear from people Music Advisory at all musical levels, Committee, confrom young people sulting firm Sound and those just starting Diplomacy and the out in music, to industry pros. “It would be Music BC Industry great to get their Association. The Kathryn Calder hopes people will take input so we have a survey is designed the Victoria Music Strategy Survey. very accurate picture to assess the city’s music communities across genre, ethnicity of what’s going on here.” Calder, a co-founder of indie band and sector, as a way to determine their The New Pornographers and current impact and value across the city. City Artist-in-Residence, says people are While it’s known that Victoria has a engaged in a wide range of activities strong music community, the strategy relating to music in Victoria. will help quantify that knowledge, says “… Not just the actual music itself, but Music Advisory Committee chair Kathryn all the other things that go into making Calder. “Rather than just being something we know, have it be something that a record or releasing music or putting on has some data behind it,” she says. events,” she says. “It’s just a very complex and dynamic world.” Such statistics will not only help define For more information or to take the what’s important to people, a “wide survey, visit sounddiplomacy.com/ consultation process” like this will teach city-of-victoria. City officials where improvements can be made, Calder says.  


Live at a landmark in the Hudson District • Full-spectrum living in the revitalized north end

Jr. 1 Bedroom Homes From Upper 300’s

• Enjoy amazing food at the Victoria Public Market

Two Bedroom Homes From Lower 600’s

• Urban life: walk everywhere • Legendary coffee shops, music stores,

HUDSON PLACE ONE – Easy access. Luxury lifestyle.

restaurants, comic stores & historic buildings

PRESENTATION CENTRE 740 Herald Street, Victoria BC 250.388.0018

HOURS Noon to 5pm Daily Closed Fridays



“Spin and Win” benefit on the closing of their purchase of a suite through a credit on the statement of adjustments. Prices quoted are exclusive of all applicable taxes and may be subject to change without notice. Penthouses are excluded from this Offer. Move in dates noted are an estimate only, subject to change and not to be relied upon. The developer reserves the right to make changes, modifications or substitutions to the building design, specification and floor plans should they be necessary. Images, drawings and digital renderings are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon. This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made with a Disclosure Statement. E.& O.E.


MONDAY MAGAZINE APRIL 2020 mondaymag.com

TOWNLINE - HUDSON PLACE ONE MONDAY MAGAZINE 9.5” x 6.2” - Full Page - Full Colour Process

Fearing among many to stream performance By Don Descoteau Monday Magazine editor a solo artist, as half of the duo Fearing and White and as a founding member of the award-winning Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, the Vancouverborn and Dublin, Ireland-raised Fearing moved to Victoria in 2015 and loves it here. After an exhausting start to 2020, which began at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville with the Rodeo Kings and included a four-week solo tour of the UK and mainland Europe, he looked forward to puttering in the garden of his Gonzales home with his wife and plugging away on house renovations. “It’s nice to just walk down to Oak Bay Village, grab some Award-winning guitarist and singer/songwriter Stephen Fearing is, like groceries and relax,” he said. many artist, on hold for tourin due to COVID-19. He recently replaced a “It’s pretty great to go for a cancelled audience show with a Facebook live performance. walk in the evening, with the mix of lilacs and other flowers in can plan and plot with the best tend to carve out a week where the air.” of them, but for this record, I’ve got nothing to do but write With touring shut down, more than anything I’ve done songs, to sit down with a guiit's a good opportunity to talk before, I wanted to see if I can tar.” about the creative process and find the right people and trust That wound up being two production for the new album. that if a door opens, it’d the weeks in late spring 2019 at It proved to be a bit looser and right way to go.” his in-laws’ home in James Bay, more spontaneous than his He booked studio space with- where he wrote most of the usual efforts, Fearing said. out having material, but said songs for The Unconquerable “I have learned not to secthe process works for him. “I try Past, his 13th solo album. Asked ond-guess myself,” he said. “I and create little notes as I go. I about the title, it came “before I PHOTO BY JEN SQUIRES

With his March live concert in Oak Bay cancelled due to COVID-19, musical storyteller Stephen Fearing took to the web last month to give people a taste of his latest solo work. For many online audience members, the March 18 show offered a first listen to material from Fearing’s 2019 album The Unconquerable Past. While the live show with fellow Greater Victoria area musicians Shari Ulrich, David Vest and Richard Moody was cancelled, Fearing hopes to make such a show an annual event. He specifically chose the three artists to help him share his newest music, and more, with a hometown audience. “Years ago when I was working with Bernie Finkelstein (True North Records founder), he told me a hometown gig has to be really special, that you can only do it once every 12 months if you’re lucky,” Fearing recalled. “This is a format I’m hoping to repeat … eventually it could be a way of introducing people to artists who are up and coming and lesser known.” Acclaimed for his work as

had anything,” he said, explaining that he read the line in Canadian author Patrick DeWitt’s book The French Exit. It got him thinking, which is a big part of his songwriting process, he said. “I’m very intrigued by the fact that as individuals we think that we’re disposing of things and letting go, but there’s no getting away from the fact that our past is our present,” Fearing said. He worked with Winnipegbased producer-songwriter Scott Nolan, who assembled a talented group of musicians to help bring Fearing’s songs to fully-formed life. ”I thought, here’s a guy who’s able to create a space and get out of the way. I kind of know what I want to do and I want to work with someone who can help me get there as soon as possible – that’s exactly what Scott did,” he said. With songs ranging from poignant ballads “Emigrant Song” (co-written with White) and “Someone Else’s Shoes,” to the thought-provoking title track and the upbeat “Stay With Me,” the record is sure to get listeners thinking while tapping their toes. Find more at stephenfearing.ca or on his Facebook page.  

Local musician releases 25-year labour of first love


By Nina Grossman Black Press

Victoria musician Rob Nesbitt recently released an album he started in 1995. Mine Would be the Sun is an examination of his first love.

It takes time to process the aftermath of a first love, but for Victoria musician Rob Nesbitt, it took longer than most – more than two decades. A 25-year labour of love and passion, Nesbitt’s first solo record, Mine Would be the Sun, was released this year, under the artist title The SuiteSixteen. The record is full of the searing anguish, desperation and desolation of heartbreak at any age. Nesbitt started his music career as a co-lead singer and guitarist for Bum, a four-person, Victoria-based pop-rock band which gained an usually heavy and ongoing fan base in Spain. Bum’s first album, Wanna Smash Sensation, came

out in 1993, but he soon felt lost in a money-fueled industry quite opposite from the anti-establishment punk he craved. “Rock and roll didn’t live up to what I thought it was going to be,” he said. “When you get in the music business it’s all about deals, and who you gotta please and you got to grease this guy.” After a two-year break, Nesbitt came back to songwriting and began working on music about his first girlfriend, who he met growing up in Maple Ridge. Their relationship was on and off and lasted briefly into his time in Victoria. “She was a person I hung a lot of ideals on that weren’t maybe realistic,” Nesbitt said. “I live very intensely in anything I’m doing, and I put every romantic hope and dream I had ever thought of or heard of in

a song or seen in a movie on this girl.” Both are married – to different people – but his wife supports his musical venture into the ghost of a girlfriend past. The album, and the hundreds of hours put into it, is as much an exploration of Nesbitt’s selfhood and wordy, passionate intensity for life and love – as it is into the girl he once loved. Mine Would be the Sun is also, in part, a love letter to the intensity of youth. For Nesbitt, the lessons it taught him through the next 25 years were one of the most real things he’s ever experienced. The record can be purchased online only at The SuiteSixteen's Facebook or Bandcamp pages. Find the full version of this story at mondaymag.com.

mondaymag.com MONDAY MAGAZINE APRIL 2020


Dig into the library's online platforms By Don Descoteau Monday Magazine editor


Using your electronic devices to access the multitude of digital learning and entertainment platforms provided by the Greater Victoria Public Library is the new reality for many library users. PHOTO COURTESY GVPL




June 27 – July 10

Two weeks of workshops in a variety of artistic mediums: painting, printmaking, ceramics, singing, jewelry, creative writing, weaving, sculpture, a Mentored Residency and more! Bursaries are available for emerging and established artists – apply early.

Explore the arts!

Early registration for Friends of MISSA. Open to all January 28. Visit missa.ca


MONDAY MAGAZINE APRIL 2020 mondaymag.com



our neighbourhood library may be closed, but that doesn’t mean your access to a whole world of knowledge and entertainment is cut off. Quite the opposite, says Jessica Woollard, communications manager for the Greater Victoria Public Library, which shut the doors at all of its branches in early March to help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. “One thing that is certain is we will continue to offer numerous options for our patrons,” she says, pointing to the broad cross-section of offerings available through the GVPL’s digital platforms at gvpl.ca/howdoi/digital/. From the music, film and e-book/audio book repository contained on the Hoopla app (accessible free with your library card number) and the RB Digital magazine collections, to the reading/ listening apps AudioBookCloud and CloudLibrary and the Mango Languages learning platform, there’s plenty to choose from here. One particular platform designed to offer enriching interactive experiences is Lynda.com, an online learning program with hundreds of video tutorials by experts on specific subjects in fields ranging from 2D/3D Animation to Audio/Music, to Business and IT, Photography, Video, Web Design, Writing and more. Want to learn how to become a 3D character animator? Hone your songwriting or instrument playing skills or your understanding of the technical side of music? How about finding and retaining talent for your business or improving your coaching skills as a manager? Maybe you want to learn how to sell your novel to a major publisher, publish an e-book or get better at writing in general? What about getting a good handle on any of the focused software programs used in the IT and data science world? Then again, with all the stress of self-isolation, social distancing and quarantines, perhaps you’d like to work on some mindfulness training? You’ll find all of these ideas and more on Lynda.com, with “Learning Path” times that give you the overall length of all the tutorial’s video components. “Even Arianna Huffington offers a series of courses there on well-being and reducing stress,” Woollard says. The Tumblebooks app, available free with your library You’ll find up-to-thecard, brings picture books to life with animation, sound, moment elements in many music and narration. of the platforms. On Hoopla, for example, you can watch three other movies directed by Bong Joon Ho, the Oscar-winning director of Parasite, which won the Best Picture Oscar, among others, at the Academy Awards in February. “A lot of regular users will get their platforms that they love, but you can also have the fun of exploring different ones,” Woollard says. All of the platforms are accessible by using your GVPL card and work well on a variety of devices. Don’t have a library card yet? “You can start right away,” Woollard says. “Just sign up online, get a number and a password and you’re ready to go! The library travels with you on your device and our virtual branch is always open for you.” Find other information about the libraries at gvpl.ca. (Please note that the phones will not be staffed during the current closures.)  

Worried about social distancing?

(Above) Cast members from I Am Not OK With This, a teen coming of age comedy-drama streaming now on Netflix. (Left) Al Pacino and Logan Lerman star in Hunters, a series from executive producer Jordan Peele about a group that hunts down Nazis. It's streaming now on Amazon Prime.



ith movie theatres closed miniseries starring Reese Witherspoon and social distancing recand Kerry Washington. The story ommended, streaming has centres on two families whose lives become more vital than ever for some become intertwined after a fire. The much-needed distraction. show’s seven episodes will be released Luckily there are a number of weekly until April 15. new series to watch just in For Crave subscribers with time for social distancing. the HBO add-on, The New to Netflix is I Plot Against America The likes Am Not Okay with is a new miniseries This, a coming-ofthat imagines an of Netflix, Crave age dramedy based but not and Amazon Prime alternate, on the comic of unimaginable, the same name by have new shows on American histoCharles Forsman. ry where Charles offer to keep you Lindbergh The seven-episode becomes show stars Sophia president and steers entertained Lillis (It) as a teenage the nation into fasgirl who begins to realize cism. Created by The she has superpowers as she Wire’s David Simon and Ed navigates school and a family trauma. Burns, and based on the Philip Roth Over on Hulu, novelist and criticalnovel, the series stars Winona Ryder, ly-acclaimed film director Alex Garland Anthony Boyle and Zoe Kazan. (Ex Machina, Annihilation) has made Amazon Prime is also tackling fasthe transition to television with the cism with Hunters, telling the story of miniseries Devs. The eight-episode a group of Nazi hunters in 1977 who series is being released weekly until discover that Nazi war criminals are April 16 and follows a computer engiconspiring to create a Fourth Reich in neer investigating a computing comAmerica. Al Pacino heads up a stacked pany called Amaya for the disappearcast for this 10-episode series. ance of her boyfriend. For more ideas for binge watching Also on Hulu, Little Fires or a video treat, check out the streamEverywhere brings Celeste Ng’s ing services' websites. acclaimed novel to the screen in a


Video streaming services provide you many options at home

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Triangle Healing Products offers an amazing range of well-researched products that enhance well-being!

770 Spruce Ave. 250-370-1818 trianglehealing.com mondaymag.com MONDAY MAGAZINE APRIL 2020



Roy Dupuis stars as Montreal Canadiens hockey great Maurice "Rocket" Richard in the 2015 film, The Rocket.

Get your sports fix with flicks old and new

If you're having a hard time dealing with the absence on TV of the NHL, NBA, PGA and LPGA and eventually MLB and the NFL, what are your options? Many networks have begun replaying classic big games to keep viewers entertained. But there's an arena full of great sports movies to choose from. Here's a smattering of films to consider from the 1940s to current day: • The Rocket – Canadian film features Roy Dupuis as Rocket Richard • Ali – Will Smith plays brash heavyweight champ Muhammed Ali • Rocky – This first in a too-long series with Sylvester Stallone is still the best • Bull Durham – Life in the minors with Kevin Costner as veteran catcher • Pride of the Yankees – Gary Cooper masterfully portrays Yankees slugger Lou Gehrig in this 1942 film that also includes Babe Ruth playing himself • Slap Shot – Classic 1977 Paul Newman hockey flick retains its charm and humour; it's based on the pre-Victoria Salmon Kings ECHL • Moneyball – Brad Pitt may be better-looking than Oakland A's GM Billy Beane, but in the role of Beane he excels showing how baseball was reinvented • Ford vs. Ferrari – Excellent historical piece about hot rod guru Carroll Shelby • Eight Men Out – Great retelling of the 1919 Black Sox baseball scandal • Blind Side – Football family flick stars Sandra Bullock and Forest Whitaker • The Longest Yard – Burt Reynolds stars in this prison football comedy/drama • Happy Gilmore – Adam Sandler entertains as ex-hockey player turned golfer • Chariots of Fire – Oscar-winning film on 1924 Olympic runners still holds up

Sipping and savouring Sooke


t may not look like much from the outside, but inside an unimposing building just off the main drag in Sooke is some of the best gin in the world – and Sheringham Distillery has the awards to prove it. “Our Seaside Gin (inset photo below) won world’s best contemporary-style gin in London last year,” Sheringham’s Jenn Montagano says. “I’d say we were pretty darn popular before that and that just escalated things. It was just gin, gin, gin!” Sheringham’s distinctive Kazuki Gin, infused with Tess van Straaten Japanese cherry blossoms and green tea, just won @tessvanstraaten Canadian Artisan Spirit of the Year for 2020 – not bad for a distillery that was only started in 2015 by Jason and Alayne MacIsaac in the garage of their carriage house in nearby Shirley. “Seaside Gin was essentially born on French Beach,” Montagano explains. “Jason and Alayne would walk the beach all the time and when they created the gin they wanted to get that experience of walking along the seaside, with the Nootka roses, the lavender, the sea breeze and the smell of the forest.” As I sip and savour a sample in the complimentary tasting room, rose, lavender, citrus and coriander wash over my palette and there’s a hint of winged kelp – harvested from the Juan de Fuca Strait – that it’s also infused with. We then try their delicious coffee liquor and Akvavit, a traditional Scandinavian spirit with star anise, that has a distinctive flavour. “It’s like black licorice with a rye bread finish,” my boyfriend, Shane, comments.

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Circe by Madeline Miller (Available: April 14th)

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel (Available: Now)

Nat Enough by Maria Scrivan (Available: April 7th)

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins (Available: May 19th)

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your food purchase with this coupon. Limited items, dine-in only. House Rules Apply. Expires April 30, 2020

GO WEST Victoria’s West Shore and Sooke welcome you…


A sampling of some of the many fresh baked goods available at Shirley Delicious, located in Shirley, a community of about 650 residents west of Sooke. The cozy café has developed an international reputation for its food and atmosphere.


By now we’ve worked up an appetite, so we head to one of the most famous food spots on this stretch of the wild West Coast. Shirley Delicious has put Shirley, an unincorporated community of just 560 people just west of Sooke, on the map. “Tourists come from all over the world and people hear about us in the weirdest ways,” says owner Sheena Mercer. “They’ll say, ‘Oh I met someone in Korea and they told me to come here.’” It’s a rainy weekday afternoon in early March, well past the lunch rush, and there’s a lineup of locals and visitors

crammed into the cute, quirky and inviting space, waiting to buy one of their massive muffins, tempting deserts or delicious breakfast and lunch offerings. “This is a slow day!” Mercer says with a laugh. “Normally it’s lined up out the door. A lot of times we have lineups right down to the parking lot and people (who are) happy to dance in line and wait. This is a very energetic place and everyone that walks in the door is a long-lost friend.” The food – everything is house-made, as is the bread baked fresh from scratch every day – lives up to the name. My favourite is the Breakfast Burrito, one of

the Shirley Delicious’ three most popular items (along with the Breakfast Bun and Sgarabotolo Sandwich). “The beaches – Sandcut Beach, Sombrio Beach and Mystic Beach – and the hikes and surfing are big draws out here,” Mercer says. “And Sheringham Point Lighthouse is a must-see.” We decided to stop at the century-old lighthouse (top, right) on our way home. This area icon was slated to be torn down before the Sheringham Lighthouse Restoration Society saved it. Watching the waves crash into the rocks, we look out at the lively ocean and soak it all in.  

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- Frank Lloyd Wright

Private balcony overlooking Long Lake Free continental breakfast • Senior rates • Pet friendly 1.800.565.1144 4700 N. Island Hwy (19A) 250.758.1144 Nanaimo B.C. V9T 1W6


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Pasta Bar perfect for date night


@ AllanJeffReid


ot 1 Pasta Bar may seem a departure for Sarah and Don Blackmore and Michael Ringland of Bin 4 Burger Lounge fame, but these burger aficionados wield a deft hand at pasta too. Lot 1 is a warm modern space with soaring ceilings, clean lines and a honey, white and black colour scheme. Honey-coloured wood tables are paired with either

comfortable honey-leather chairs or benches with a watery pattern in black and white. Interior walls are honey wood with black trim, and blackness frames the large dark plate glass windows and covers the ceiling and exposed ventilation seventeen feet overhead. White subway tiles gleam behind cubical racks, black framed and with honey shelves, on which the bar stock is displayed. The bar itself is black and white marble fronted with white honeycomb tiles and a row of honey-coloured stools. In terms of food choices, three menus are a bit overwhelming. A full menu and a monthly features menu are available online, but the slim lunch menu, offering a selection of entrées (all $13) that come with the non-alcoholic beverage of your choice, must be viewed in person. I was drawn to the least Italian meal in the place: Moroccan Chicken Rigatoni. Rigatoni, I assume, is Italian for jumbo macaroni, which Lot 1 serves tossed in coconut milk with free-run chicken pieces that have been seasoned with Moroccan spices. That could potentially be brown sugar, paprika, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, coriander, turmeric, allspice and cayenne, although Lot 1 does not advertise its specific blend. Suffice to say this dish

Mouth-watering treats since 1956

The Moroccan Chicken Rigatoni at Lot 1 Pasta Bar provides a nicely spiced meal option, and may be the least Italian item on the menu, writes Allan Reid. PHOTO BY ALLAN REID

has a complex and invigorating spiciness that may induce sweating. Sweet red bell peppers, onions and a sprinkling of cashew pieces and whole-leaf cilantro finish it. My luncheon date – not a pasta fan – opted for soup and salad. The soup ($7) changes daily. This day’s was a Tamil-originated curry-based Mulligatawny. Not even close to Italian, but it was creamy, rich and delicious with just a touch of spice that my spice-adverse friend proclaimed delightful. It came served with a load of cashews floating on a raft of apple slices. The small Beet and Pecan Salad ($9) is not so small. The artisanal greens include arugula (inexplicably called rocket by Italians, while we use an Italian word: perhaps one of the

great culinary mysteries of all time). It comes tossed with a maple balsamic vinaigrette, goat cheese and toasted pecan bits. Lot 1 has a warm atmosphere, attentive service, flavourful inspired cuisine and surprisingly reasonable prices. I departed sated and smiling as my taste buds danced all the way home. (NOTE: Lot 1 is currently closed for eat-in due to COVID-19, but is open for pickup and online/phonein ordering and Skip the Dishes deliveries.)  

Lot 1 Pasta Bar 204-815 Cloverdale Ave. 778-265-9311 lot1pastabar.com

Keeping things local since 1988.


Your Sweet Voted



2 0 1 9




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Best City

of the


r fo

th oo



Hottest Food from the Coolest Planet 1150 Cook Street



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Breweries pitch drive-up, delivery services



hereas normally so when you’re out stocking up this column would on the staples, stop by a local be full of upcoming brewery to stock up on craft events, and what beer. you can expect for the next For those unable to make month, things have changed sig- it out of the house, breweries nificantly in a matter of days let haven’t forgotten about you alone weeks. either. Whistle Buoy So now that we’re Brewing, Sooke all hopefully at home Oceanside Brewery taking care of ourand Category 12 selves and our famiBrewing are all lies, what can we do currently offering to enjoy good, local delivery throughout craft beer, all while most of the Capital still being responsible Region, so you don’t and following the even have to leave MATHIEU POIRIER recommendations we the house. They each @matterofbeer keep being told? have set up online One of the great things about stores to offer their beer through the craft beer industry is how delivery, making it even easier to nimble it can be. While tapenjoy their beers without leavrooms are closed, a multitude of ing the comfort of your home. options for pick-up and delivery Expect to see more breweries have popped up in a matter of transitioning to this in the comdays. ing days and weeks. Phillips Brewing is doing their As I write this, new plans from part, offering a contactless pickother breweries may be in the up option where you just park, works, so follow your favourite send them a message of what local breweries on their social you would like, and they come media to find out how you can outside, you tap to pay, they put continue to support them, while it in your trunk, and you’re on still getting to enjoy some of the your way. In addition to Phillips best beer out there. and their drive-up, many other When things start to return breweries are offering some level to normal, the craft beer indusof pick-up options at this time, try and the hospitality industry

Phillips Brewery is among a number of local craft brewers offering enhanced pickup service in the era of COVID-19. Contact your favouriute brewery or visit them online to check availability.

will be needing the support we’ve provided them for as long as we can remember. The events that were postponed or cancelled will make their way back and they



ans of those rustic wines from Southern Italy will likely enjoy Sicily’s Barone Montalto, (inset, left) a yummy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Nero D’Avola (a savoury varietal indigenous to Sicily). Smooth and spicy and soft in the mouth, the Barone offers a juicily vibrant array of red and black fruits complemented by herbal and floral notes and a hint of oak. This is an ideal companion to barbecued meats, pizza and aged cheeses, and an extremely good value at $14.25. I’m indebted to a friend of mine who brought a bottle of

will become a great way to reconnect with friends and family. Pubs, brewery tasting rooms and restaurants will once again be the social gathering places they have

the Gray Monk 2018 Chardonnay over for a salmon dinner – it was a tasty reminder that venerable Gray Monk remains one of the best value-conscious wineries in the Okanagan. Medium bodied and unoaked, this Chardonnay has seductively fruity aromatics and a palate offering apple, pear, melon and a lick or two of tropical fruits. Its combination of fresh acidity and luscious mouthfeel makes it ideal to serve with poultry or seafood. Fairly priced at $19.50. The LDB doesn’t stock as many Riojas as they once did, but you can’t go wrong with the Beronia Reserva 2014 ($28.75). Matured in oak and bottle for several years, this big and bold charmer has intense flavours of plum and black cherry that are combined with hints of

been, and I’m sure we’ll all want to get out of the house for a bit anyway. In the meantime, be safe, be well, and take care of each other.  

cedar, chocolate, and licorice. Medium bodied but crammed with flavour, the Beronia offers complexity and a nice balance of tannins and acidity. Would go well with duck confit or a Spanish cheese such as Manchego. And let’s finish up in Argentina with the 2016 Finca Las Moras Reserve Tannat ($16). Tannat is a lesser-known varietal, but one with lots of character – much of it dark and brooding. This version is smooth, juicy and masculine, with dark fruits like blackberry and black cherry dominating on the palate. Will be of interest to those who like big reds, but make sure to decant an hour before pouring. Serve with robust meat dishes or richly sauced pastas.  

(All prices include tax.)

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visit us at: 2021 oak bay ave. | 544 Pandora ave. 250-813-2456 [14]

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Behind B ars After 5

Culinary arts meets cocktails By Don Descoteau story & photograph

fering approaches to the trade. Cory is a craft beer aficionado who also happens to enjoy the creative side of cocktail development and service. Patrick is an enthusiastic whisky fan – the Hotel Grand Pacific is home to the uber-popular Victoria Whisky Festival – and relishes using the wide variety of n a quiet, but cozy corner of the that spirit in the cocktails he creates. Pacific Restaurant in the Hotel Grand The senior bar staffer of the two by a Pacific, longtime bartenders Patrick matter of months, Patrick started right Woo and Cory Burden are contemhere in the hotel, working room service. plating what to serve a writer who has “I always knew I wanted to end up come to hear their here,” he says. 10stories. ACRES – MONDAY MAGAZINE AD These beverage partners have each Cory spent three years at culinary 4.6” × 6.2” school 03/10/20 been honing their craft at the Pacific and worked in the restaurant Lounge roughly 10 years and bring difindustry before coming to the Pacific

(Editor’s note: Monday Mag stopped in at the Hotel Grand Pacific’s Pacific Lounge before the closures brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak. The lounge is currently closed, but we encourage you to read a little about its senior staffers.)



FILE NAME: 10A_20-0006_Monday-Magazine-Ad DATE: 03/10/20 PROFILE:






Pacific Lounge bartenders Cory Burden, left, and Patrick Woo at their post in the Hotel Grand Pacific’s Pacific Restaurant. Both bring a background in the food service industry into their work creating cocktails at the Belleville Street lounge.

Lounge. He jokingly refers to bartending times,” he says with a grin. as the “booze kitchen,” in reference to Being connected to a busy hotel in the creativity bartenders can exhibit in the heart of Victoria’s tourist district their work. tends to bring a lot of visitors their way, Showing that the pair’s food service from first-timers looking for something background is never far away, they local, to others seeking something enjoy experimenting with different flafamiliar. vours and natural ingredients. A “secret “U.S. visitors like vodka more than spice cabinet” in one corner of the bar Canadians,” Patrick says, despite vodcontains a variety of elements that make ka’s very Canadian traditions. Many their way into future cocktails. customers request local products, he Cory proudly gives me a taste of adds, so they do their best to stock a their house-made caramelized variety of local and Island spirits and honey, a yummy ingredient beers. in Shanghai Nights, one Taking the lead as the of nine original creations senior man behind the bar, "U.S. visitors on their Contemporary Patrick graciously proCocktails menu. I vided us with more of like vodka secretly imagine havhis own thoughts about more than ing a jar of the stuff in the craft and his expeCanadians …" my kitchen at home to riences: put in my coffee. Your claim to fame/ – Patrick Woo After some discussion best up-the-sleeve trick about the menu, I select or technique? Keeping cool, the High Tea, a mixture of calm, and collective. Earl Grey tea-infused gin, Lillet What’s hot right now? Nonblanc aromatic wine, housemade ginger alcoholic cocktails, local spirits syrup and lemon. It’s a light, breezy What traits make a good bartender? cocktail that goes down easy. The gin Strong customer service, efficiency and and Lillet complement each other nicecleanliness. Nobody wants a dirty barly, leaving the bergamot flavour subtender! tle, while the ginger syrup provides a What’s your signature drink? Anything delightful snappy finish. whiskey based The cocktail menu here changes What are you drinking these days? every few months, based on the season. Local craft beers and Soju Heavier combinations and spirits tend Best memory from behind the bar? The to be featured more in winter, while hotel hosts the annual Victoria Whiskey lighter, fruitier drinks come on stream in Festival in January. Many fond memspring and summer. ories from those weekends. Especially There are also the occasional requests one, where a guest demanded to drink for cocktails that were on previous Bailey’s from his shoe! years’ menus, Cory says. They must have good memories to remember the Pacific Lounge Hotel Grand Pacific ingredients, I ask. “If it was a popular 463 Belleville St. 250-386-0450 one, we’ve likely made it hundreds of hotelgrandpacific.com  

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Amos makes his mark on city By Joseph Blake Monday contributor I first met artist Robert Amos more than 40 years ago. He was painting pictures of buildings and sites that were vanishing from the landscape and he told me he was going to be the artist who painted Victoria. Not long after that, Amos began making pictures of the city’s iconographic images – the Legislative precinct, the Empress Hotel, Chinatown. When he and his wife, artist Sarah Amos, moved to Fairfield to raise their two daughters, Amos began to paint Cook Street Village. Seven years ago, this creative couple moved to Oak Bay and built their current home studio. “The late mayor Nils Jensen met me on his bicycle tour one day and said, ‘I want to make Oak Bay the art capital of the Capital Region,’” Amos tells me. We’re in his studio front room, where he stores his notebooks, diaries and sketchbook archives. There are shelves of them – personal chronicles of his career and development as an artist. There are also a handful of his published books, like last year’s

critically acclaimed best-seller E.J. Hughes Paints Vancouver Island. In October, Amos celebrates the publication of his second volume of Hughes’ biography, and he’s already at work on volume three, the war years.“I just like the way his paintings look!” Amos exclaims, smiling like a Cheshire cat. “I wrote about him, met him and got an invitation to spend the day with him.” Amos then shows me a series of commissioned paintings of a house in Oak Bay documenting a half-century of life for the mother and daughter who live there. It’s another current project, in addition to lectures on Hughes and Emily Carr. “A close look, of what it’s like to paint,” Amos says dramatically. “Ninety minutes of close observation. We’re going to do some video recording of the lectures, too.” Born in Belleville, Ont. in 1950, Amos spent his school years in Toronto, followed by two years at Queens University taking English literature. He got a part-time job lifting crates at an art gallery and that’s when he saw his first art show. “Heart of London!” he says. “That

was the title of the show. I thought … my life could be the subject matter, too – a framed experience, painting. I went to York to study fine art, art history and Japanese art and a professor bought some of my paintings. In my final year, I did nothing but studio work.” Amos landed at Western Front in Vancouver and a waterfront studio on Carrall Street, near Gastown. Performance art, live co-op radio plays, live music and dreams of going to Japan – Amos lived a bohemian life and continued it when he came to Victoria with fellow artist Andy Graffiti, setting up shop in Chinatown above Fan Tan Alley. Amos got a job at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, where he stayed for five years. He saw a lot of Japanese art and was inspired to spend a year travelling in Japan in Thailand, met and married Sarah and travelled more. "We were crossing into Malaysia and I had to declare my occupation, that I was an artist. That was a big moment. I am an artist!” Amos is probably Victoria’s most public artist, working in various neighbourhoods – literally painting

Artist Robert Amos stands in an alley as he paints the back of an Oak Bay house. PHOTO BY DON DENTON

the town. He’s been artist-in-residence at The Empress and Oak Bay Beach Hotel and is a fixture at the Bowker Creek Brush Up. Every Friday for 17 years, Amos has visited Mount St. Mary’s Hospital where he reads to residents while they paint and draw.“It’s probably the happiest times of my life,” he says, smiling. “I love painting landscapes, houses and gardens, cars, dogs – anything, but it’s still a struggle to sell a painting. The art business is still a struggle.” Despite that and after decades of dedication to his craft, Amos has achieved what he set out to do: he’s painted Victoria. And his paintings and drawings are his lasting legacy.  


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1970 Keating Cross Rd. Saanich 975 Langford Pky. Langford

1370 Wain Road, N. Saanich, BC 250-656-0384

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King's newest nightmare film

ROBERT MOYES Lia Crowe photo


mbitious, eerie, and truly disturbing, HBO’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider is a compelling 10-hour binge. It starts out like a standard, albeit grisly crime show as the mutilated body of a young boy is found, bearing teeth marks and other gruesome wounds. Detective Ralph Anderson (Australia’s Ben Mendelsohn, Rogue One) quickly uncovers overwhelming evidence that a Little League coach (Jason Bateman) is guilty and arrests him. Things start to get weird when equally compelling facts prove that the coach was out of town at the time of the murder. And then the weirdness amps up notably with the entrance of an investigator named Holly Gibney (Cynthia Erivo, Harriet, Widows), who not only hangs out somewhere along the autism spectrum but is also a believer in the supernatural. (Hey, this is Stephen King country we’re being dragged into.) After several very similar child murders in other cities are identified, it starts to seem possible that a hoodie-wearing stranger who keeps cropping

up is a malevolent, shape-shifting Doppelgänger with murder on its mind. But can a hyper-rational cop like Detective Anderson ever accept such a fantastical premise, or will his skepticism imperil the investigation and the lives of several people involved in the case? And that’s just the merest outline of a very complicated storyline comprising numerous interlocking subplots and dozens of characters. The series starts brilliantly as the police investigation soon has a smack-up as it confronts the impossibility of explaining the fundamentally contradictory evidence central to the first murder. But when a possible explanation involves the demonic, purist fans of police procedurals may not be pleased. Also, the labyrinthine plot bogs down a bit under all its narrative weight. But these are relatively minor quibbles. King’s novel was adapted by the brilliant Richard Price, himself a gifted novelist who has also written extensively for other boutique series such as The Wire, The Deuce and The Night Of. As such, even the occasional moments of murkiness feel ominously compelling, while the characters are complicated, nuanced, and so rooted in reality that they go a long way to making the story, if not truly believable then undeniably fascinating.

Ben Mendelsohn and Cynthia Erivo star in Stephen King's The Outsider, adapted from King's book into a series for HBO by Richard Price. PHOTO IMDB

And give huge credit, too, to the excellent actors, who have the luxury of 10 episodes in which to create rich and powerful characterizations. This is quite the spook show. Rating: ***1/2 Note: The Outsider is currently streaming on Crave.

ular fantasy series about a young criminal mastermind. Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot reprises her role as the super-powered Amazon princess, in an action thriller set during the Cold War. Co-starring hunky lover boy Chris Pine, and Kristen Wiig as a nefarious villain named Cheetah. COMING SOON: Bad Trip Promising Young Woman The time may be right for this Carey Mulligan plays a vigilanraucously down-market comedy te who pretends be drunk in about two shameless pranksters on We are tothe kitchen equipment experts. bars, and then violently confronts a road trip where they punk unsusthe opportunist men who offer to pecting victims. “help” her while really planning to My Spy have a sleazy sexual encounter. Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Artemis Fowl Galaxy) plays a badass spy who Kenneth Branagh directs Judi befriends a little kid, with predictDench in an adaptation of the pop- ably comedic results.  

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Georgia Nicols ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19)

This month, the Sun is in your sign boosting your energy, which is a blessing right now when so many things are challenging. You can use this edge! It’s your turn to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. This month you will be powerful because in addition to the Sun in your sign, fiery Mars and Jupiter are both at the top of your chart, which makes you ambitious! Doors will open, allowing you to promote your reputation among your peers. As Pat says, “If you’re going to fish – go where the fish are.”


You’re getting mixed signals. With your birthday a month away, your personal year is coming to an end. This means the Sun is “hiding” in your chart this month, which makes you want to seek privacy to contemplate goals for your new year ahead. However, contrary to this influence, fiery Mars and Jupiter want you to do something exciting! They want you to reach out and expand your

You will reach out to others more than usual this month, and they will respond to you. Some of you will be more involved in organizations, perhaps in a leadership role. Discussions with bosses, supervisors, teachers and parents will be important. This is an excellent time to think about your life direction in general. Meanwhile, disputes about shared property, insurance issues and inheritances might arise. Fortunately, because Jupiter is also in this part of your chart, you’ll be just fine!


This month the Sun is at the top of your chart. (This occurs only once a year.) When it happens, it symbolizes that you are thrust into a flattering spotlight, which makes you look great in the eyes of bosses, parents and VIPs. Use this blessing from the universe to advance your agenda. Make your pitch! Keep in mind that even though you make a great impression on bosses and VIPs, with Mars opposite your sign, relations with partners and close friends are testy and challenging. (Sigh.) Nothing is perfect.

This is a strong time for Leos! This month you will zero in on publishing, the media, the law and medicine. Figure out how to expand your world by learning new things, hearing lectures, doing anything unusual that is informative and educational. Meanwhile, relations with authority figures are strong. Don’t hesitate to ask for a favour. Someone will ask for your advice about design, layout, furniture arrangement, regardless of what you do for a living. You will have something to say because you are a creative sign.

VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22)


(symbolically), which means you need more sleep. (Naps are wonderful.) Get your rest because increased chaos and activity on the home front could be frustrating. Focus your energy on renovations, repairs, DIY projects or visiting relatives Some might have a residential move. Of course, these are expected activities because this is the best year in over a decade to improve where you live by making improvements to your current home or moving to something bigger and better. Yeah!

how can you do this? (Wine helps.) Your primary drive will be to do what you want, set your own priorities. Romantic relationships will be lighter. Many of you are more involved with children than usual. Fortunately, relations with coworkers are supportive. Family discussions and home repairs are also on your agenda. Your overall theme of increasing your wealth this year will continue, which is why you’re busting your buns to earn money.



Oh wow, you’re passionate this month. (You’ll be passionate about everything, not just sex!) Your desire to travel and explore opportunities is strong but hey – travel is not an option. Therefore, check out avenues in the media, publishing, the law and medicine. With your ruler Mercury opposite your sign, you’re eager to talk to partners and close friends. Mars continues to make you competitive, playful and prankish. This gives you the freedom to demand to be yourself and express to others exactly who you are.

You’re in work mode this month. This influence happens only once a year and it makes you efficient and effective in everything you do. Look around you to see how you can work better and improve things. You want to be better organized, and you want to improve your health as well! (“If I become perfect, will people still love me?”) Mars and Jupiter continue to enhance your communications making you effective in writing, acting and selling. Meanwhile, Venus opposite your sign makes relationships sweet and cozy.

In April your attention is on home, family and your private life. (You might be more involved with a parent.) However, Mercury and Venus will encourage you to talk to others, explore fun times and enjoy the arts. As mentioned last week, you can do all this because Mars and Jupiter are giving you tons of energy! (Mars is in your sign for about six weeks every two years, and when it happens, you’re PowerPoint on steroids!) Take advantage of this to accomplish as much as you can. You’re like the little engine that could. “I think I can! I think I can!”

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22)



This month, the Sun is opposite your sign, which is as far away from you as it gets all year

This month has fun challenges. Basically, you want to party but if you’re self-isolating,

Whoa Nellie! This month you’re busy juggling tasks, conversations with siblings, relatives


LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22)


knowledge through books, film and study. Meanwhile, someone younger will grab your attention this week.


Your stars for APRIL 2020

horoscope and neighbours plus increased writing and reading. Fear not because this will be “fun busy”, not frantic. You’ll be curious to communicate to others and learn new things. You have excellent moneymaking ideas as well at this time. Meanwhile, you will enjoy entertaining at home as well as redecorating your digs. Some of you are dreaming about real-estate opportunities. (They exist.) Good luck!


This month the Sun is in your Money House. (Happens only once a year.) This makes you think about what you own, plus the abstract values that govern your decisions. It’s time for you to give yourself a report card. Do your possessions serve your needs or are you a slave to them? This month is the perfect time to address this situation. This is a happy time for you because you appreciate your surroundings and you also see how much love there is in your world. Your competitive nature is aroused!  

The Importance of Talking About Mental Health THE HELP YOU NEED 24/7

CALL / TEXT 211 Connecting individuals and organizations to community, social and government resources. Available by phone, text, online and web chat.




Mental Health



Understanding Conditions rapies Emerging The ? Who’s at Risk How to Get Help


Black Press Media is proud to share with the community a special report exploring Mental Health in our region.


WE’RE IN IT TOGETHER Mental Health Resource Guide Publishing April 2 in print & online mondaymag.com | Vicnews.com – Community Partners –


#bc211 @bc211Help

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