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Close call The Castor Elks Club hosted their third annual barbecue and swim on a damp June evening. Around 30 people came out to the event held on June 14th. Kevin J. Sabo photo

Erskine resident recounts serious injury while mowing lawn page 4


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County of Paintearth adopts employee discipline policy By Kevin J. Sabo For the Advance

County of Paintearth council members have approved a new policy for dealing with employee discipline. The new policy, which was passed during the June 18th meeting, outlines a standard procedure for County administration to follow in the event of employee performance problems. “This is a new policy, but it has been in draft for quite awhile,” said County Assistant CAO Brenda Hepp. “The procedures have been followed, but it’s never been made official.” The new policy, which has been reviewed by adminis-

tration management and the union, is a progressive tool for the County management to use in dealing with employee issues. The policy sets out three levels of discipline that can be used. The first step is a documented oral warning by the employee’s supervisor. The second step is a written warning, and third step in the process is dismissal for just cause. When a discipline problem is identified, the employee’s supervisor will attempt to work with the employee to resolve the issue. In the event that the disciplinary policy needs to be used, it identifies four questions that need to be answered in regard to an infraction.

The questions identify the nature of the misconduct, disciplinary history of the employee, employee length of service, and finally the impact or the potential impact of the misconduct on the County. Depending on the severity of the infraction, steps of the policy can be skipped. In the case of a termination, any managers wanting to release an employee must bring the request to CAO Michael Simpson, who has the only authority to terminate employees. “This policy brings some level of consistency prior to moving to dismissal,” said Simpson. “The hope is to keep and grow our employees.”

Other highlights of the June 18th meeting of council; • Council has approved a $500 funding request to each the Castor Pee Wee U13 AA Baseball team and the Castor U12 Girls D team for the provincial championships. • Administration has set the Christmas and year-end hours. The County of will be closed Monday to Friday for Christmas week, resuming normal hours the next Monday. The office will close to the public at noon on Dec. 31st to allow all the departments to complete preparations for the New Year. • Council has approved a strategic planning process. This process would require any future to councils to conduct

a strategic planning session in the year after their first year of office. • Council has offered their unanimous consent to Paintearth Regional Waste Management to make their annual donation of $100,000 to Paintearth Economic Partnership Society. • Council has directed CAO Simpson to write a letter of support to Castor and Coronation FCSS, who are working to get more Mental Health services into the region. • As part of their Strategic Plan, council has directed County administration to complete a service capacity and staffing level review. The first department to be reviewed will be corporate services.

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New site admin arrives at hospital N New site admin arrives at hospital The value of supporting local business

Thursday, September 18, 201


continued continued from from front front page page

Prior Prior to to arriving arriving in in Castor, Castor, Coates’s most Coates’s most recent recent posting posting was was as as aa psychiatric psychiatric nurse nurse at at Claresholm Claresholm continued from frontand page Centre Centre for for Mental Mental Health Health and AddicAddictions. tions. Prior to hearriving in Castor, For For now, now, he will will commute commute from from Coates’s most recent posting was Killam, Killam, where where he he and and his his wife, wife, Fran, Fran, as a psychiatric nurse at Claresholm currently live. Coates, who turns currently live. Coates, who turns 54 54 Centre for Mental Health and Addicnext next month, month, was was born born and and raised raised near near tions.By Stu Salkeld Black Press Pigeon Lake and Camrose Pigeon Lake and attended attended Camrose For now, he will commute from Lutheran Lutheran College. College. Killam, where he andinhis wife, AHis fewparents weeks ago about Fran, the live His parents liveI wrote in Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwin, currently live.said Coates, who turns subject of travelling contractors and, to54 and Coates the area is and Coates said the area is “old “old next month, was born and raised near a lesser extent, door tofor door stomping grounds us in stomping grounds for ussalesmen. in many many Pigeon Lake andtrying attended Camrose The point I was to make was ways.� ways.� Lutheran College. mostly something to the effect, “You Outside Outside of of work, work, Coates Coates said said he he should your community His support parents livelocal in Wetaskiwin, is an outdoorsman, with aa pariswhich an avid avid outdoorsman, with parin the end benefits you too.� and Coates said the area is ticular interest in y and“old he ticular interest in fl flcall y fi fishing, shing, he I fielded a phone from a and local stomping grounds for us in many also has aa passion for antiques and also has passion for antiques and resident of the Wetaskiwin area who ways.� collectables. He and his wife have collectables. Hetoo and his bad wifeexperihave aa claimed he had many Outside of work, Coates said he 4-pound chihuahua named Chiclet. 4-pound chihuahua named Chiclet. with outdoorsman, local contractorswith and aonly isences an avid parAsked identify some of Asked totown identify someit seems of the the hired out ofto companies.; ticular interest in fl y fi shing, and he challenges that ahead for the hoschallenges that lie lie ahead fortoo the hosto me this fellow is being a bit fussy also has a passion for antiques and pital, Coates that recruitpital, Coates said said job thatis staff staff perfect recruitand unrealistic. collectables. HeNoand hisever wife have a ment and are often and the bestretention of us make it’s ment and retention aremistakes; often chalchal4-pound chihuahua named Chiclet. lenging for rural facilities. not whether a mistake is made, it’s how lenging for rural facilities. Asked to that identify of has the He said hospital you countssome It reminded Hehandle said itthe the Castor Castor hospital has challenges that lie ahead for the hosthe tt of me benefi of a situation watchedlocal unfoldrecruitsome the benefi of aaI strong strong local recruitpital, Coates said that may staff recruityears ago. ment committee, ment committee, and and may also also be be ment andI went retention are often chalBefore to college in 1993 I lenging forarural facilities. worked for construction company in said the CastorWehospital has myHe hometown of Oyen. did a little the benefi t of a strong local recruitbit of everything, including building ment committee, and to may also grain bins, adding layers grain binsbe

able able to to partner partner with with sister sister hospitals hospitals to to provide provide staff staff sharing. sharing. Coates Coates said said he he will will work work closely closely with with both both the the provincial provincial board board and and the the local local governing governing board board to to develop develop able to partner with sister future hospitals “concrete “concrete plans� plans� for for the the future of of to provide staff sharing. care in Castor. care in Castor. Coates said he will work closely So So far, far, he he observed observed that that it it is is aa with both the provincial board and “very “very effi efficient cient and and well-run� well-run� fafathe local governing board to develop cility, cility, and and he he has has also also enjoyed enjoyed seeing seeing “concrete plans� for thethefuture of the the history history on on display display in in the original original care in Castor. around Oyen.constructed didn’t tar. It’s your problem, not mine.� hospital, hospital, constructed beginning beginning in in Soand he observed that it is a It1911 just sofar, happens the owner of the So my relative called us to fix the completed circa 1911 and completed circa 1930. 1930. “very efficient and well-run� company one morning said, “Well, it faproblem. My boss let me know that Coates is aware of Coates is also also keenly keenly aware of cility, and has to also enjoyed seeing looks we’rehe going do he wasn’t going to cut a deal for my the strong tradition of faith that the like strong tradition ofsome faithwork that has has the history on display in the original forshaped one of your wealthy relatives.� It relative. He said she went with the the hospital, its care and the shaped the hospital, its care and the hospital, constructed beginning in turns out one of my relatives, needing out of town guy, who apparently was values values that that are are held held by by its its staff. staff. “cheaper� than us, he ripped her off, some roofing work done on her home, 1911 and completed circa 1930. He Sommerfeld said that He toand and Sommerfeld that let her pay the price for it now. decided hire door keenly to there doorsaid conCoates is a also aware of while the hospital is to serve whilerather the hospital there to serve The one thing I will say for the out tractor than hire is the company the strong tradition of faith that has people of beliefs, the people of all allworked beliefs, the Catholic Catholic of town guy is that he had some atthat her relative for. shaped the hospital, its care and the faith continues to the faith you continues to inform informOyen the delivery delivery Now, must understand sits tractive shingles there. We only put values that are held by its staff. of care, with evident compassion. of care, with evident compassion. on theHe baldand prairie. Out there, we call on colours like dual brown or dual Sommerfeld said that “Our value structure “Our whole whole value structure perpera windbreak of bushes ais“forest.�Not grey; he placed blue, white and grey while the hospital there to serve meates everything we do,� said meates everything we do,� said only that, the darn wind just howls shingles that matched the colour of people “You of allsee beliefs, the Catholic Coates. it Coates. “You seefescue-adorned it in in the the way way everyeveryacross those bare, her siding. It’s just too bad that half faith continuesin to inform the delivery thing of them blew off. fields. thing operates operates in here.� here.� of care, withthat evident compassion. VAN DER VEEN/Advance repor think they should be JOEL VANand DER VEEN/Advance repor The“I were going to repair We repairedJOEL the roof my relative “Ireason thinkwe that they should be very very “Our whole value structure perDarrell Coates, the new site administrator for Our Lady of the Rosa proud of the service they’re delivmyproud relative’s roof service is that the companot only paid forfor theOur initial work, Lady ofshe the Rosa of the they’re deliv- Darrell Coates, the new site administrator meates everything wecare do,� said here .. .. ..know what apparently paid through thedirector nose to of nyering she hired thatbuilt Sommerfeld, senior ering heredidn’t whatorthey’ve they’ve built Hospital Hospital in in Castor, Castor, and and Tracy Tracy Sommerfeld, senior director of ope ope Coates. “You see it in the way everyget the original work repaired. If you Oyen heavy windhe virtually all year.“And over years,� continued. for Covenant Health, pose outside the hospital on Tuesda overgotthe the years,� he continued. “And ations ations for Covenant Health, pose outside the hospital on Tuesda operates in here.� When placing think about it, she thought she was IIthing want to part that.� want to be be asphalt part of of shingles, that.� they Sept. 16. JOEL DERup VEEN/Advance repor “I tarred think down that they should be very windSept. rose, it16. ripped half the roof off saving money, must be or the wind will but VAN ended paying Darrell Coates, the new site administrator for Our Lady of the Rosa proud of the service they’re delivrip them off. And since asphalt shin- and dropped them in the yard, near the quite a bit more than a roof should ering here together . . . what they’ve curb and out in the My and relative Hospital in street. Castor, Tracy Sommerfeld, senior director of ope gles are nailed when placed, built have cost. tried ations to contact travellingHealth, conover the years,� he continued. Live and learn. the hospital on Tuesda a strong wind, in a minute or two, can“And for the Covenant pose outside tractor and, 16. I’m told, the contractor, ripI half off. of that.� Stu Salkeld is editor of The Wetaskiwin wantthe toroof be part Sept.

Furthermore to the point of avoiding travellers‌

Successful start at Theresetta Successful starttoat Theresetta Canadians have become habituated howling for political effect

(a horrible, thankless job), home repair and roofing. We did a lot of roofing

The travelling contractor didn’t tar the shingles. When the next strong

who’d moved on to greener pastures, said “You didn’t tell us to tar, so we

Theresetta as Theresetta reporter reporter as teaching teaching science science some some fun; fun; 60 60 students, students, School has begun and religion. parents, and School has begun and religion. parents, and teachers teachers once Our first once again again and and we’d we’d Our first hopped hopped on on the the bus, bus, like like to to welcome welcome back back week week back back was was full full of of drove drove to to Edmonton, Edmonton, all all of of the the students students and and learning learning and and meeting meeting and and attended attended aa CFL CFL Theresetta reporter as teaching some fun; 60 students, It might beJoining going a tad belief. science teachers. us people. During teachers. Joining usfar tonew newtiveâ€? people. During game. game. The The Eskimos Eskimos has isbegun and religion. parents, and teachers It was our a point for fair saySchool overstatement killing ourthe this year grade 9 hosted this year is is Ms. Ms. SmawSmawthe week, week, our grade 9 objechosted the the Stampeders Stampeders once again and we’d Our first hopped on the bus, tion and even correction. democracy. ley ley from from Consort, Consort, who who students students led led the the liturgy liturgy on on Sept. Sept. 6. 6. Everyone Everyone like to welcome back week back was full of drove to Edmonton, Hyperbole in politics has The connection to conservawill will be be teaching teaching Grade Grade introducing introducing our our theme theme enjoyed enjoyed pizza pizza from from all ofaround the students and meeting and attended a CFL been since theand world’slearning tism was sloppy thinking sand5/6. 5/6. Mr. Mr. Roger Roger Fetaz, Fetaz, for for the the year: year: We We are are Tofield Tofield on on the the way way up up second oldest profession by lazyDuring articulation. Joining us fol-One‌ newbagged people. game. The Eskimos aateachers. former teacher and Following Jeto Edmonton. former teacher and One‌ Following Jeto Edmonton. Cooper, alas, went9overhosted the lowed the oldest pro-sus. this year isworld’s Ms. Smawthe week, our grade the Stampeders student of By the of student of Theresetta, Theresetta, Bywith theanend end of the the bar-The The Grade Grade 9 9 class class fession into existence. U.S. embarrassing ley from Consort, who students led the liturgy on Sept. 6. Everyone has taken on the role first week, everyone led the opening school has taken on the role first week, everyone led the opening school President DonaldGrade Trump isintroducing racking ofour the witness, will be teaching theme insistenjoyed pizza from of principal - as well was tired ready year of principal well tired and and ready for for year mass mass on on Sept. Sept. 17 17 a Canadian testifying hardly the Roger first-toashave gainedwas 5/6. Mr. Fetaz, for ing thethat year: We are Tofield on the way up high office through gifted on invitation from a parliaa former teacher and One‌ Following Je- to Edmonton. manipulation of the fibber’ssus.mentary committee should beThe Grade 9 class student of Theresetta, By the$'( end  of the  !" & 

$'(   Plumbing  !" & G K foghorn. “ashamedâ€? of his words.  %!#"  has taken on the role first week,$'( everyone led the opening school % !" "  %seem !" to " $'(    G tired K Ashamed? Really? we D P   "#! % of Yet principal - as have well en-was and ready for year mass on Sept. 17


Pipestone Flyer and writes a regular column for the newspaper.

at at Our Our Lady Lady of of Grace Grace leave leave Friday Friday afternoon afternoon for for the the Terry Terry Fox Fox Ru Ru Church. and play games Friday on Sept. 26. Church. and play games Friday on Sept. 26. V To V o o ll ll ee y y -- afternoon afternoon and and SaturSaturTo celebra celebra ball ball has has begun begun once once day. day. Our Our volleyball volleyball the the achievements achievements again. again. Practices Practices are are players players will will stay stay at at aa all all Theresetta Theresetta st st at Our swing Lady of Grace leave Friday afternoon for Terry Fox Ru found culpable in the all of ‘genocide’ and hotel in with Ms. waterslide Friwe will in full full swing with toward Ms. missing waterslide hotel Fri- dents, dents, wethe will gath gath Church. coachingIndigenous and play games Friday on Sept. 26. above? Smawley evening. Good Smawley murdered coaching the the day daywomen evening. Good in in the the school school gymnas gymnas V o l l e y afternoon and SaturTo celebra and girls. Because we have all become girls um girls and and Mr. Mr. FinkbinFinkbin- luck luck Knights! Knights! um where where our our Award Award ball has begun once day. Our volleyball the achievements International agencies are inhabituated to howling for poer To honor er coaching coaching the the boys. boys. To honor Night Night will will be be held held o o again. Practices players stay effect. at a all 3.Theresetta st litical quiring aboutare us in that regard.willthe Our Our first first tournament tournament Terry Terry Fox, Fox, the young young Oct. Oct. 3. Plaques, Plaques, whic whic Prime Justin We shout incessantly in full Red swing with Minister Ms. brave waterslide hotel Fridents, webe-will gath is Deer man, Teare engraved with is the the Red Deer ColColbrave man, Mother Mother Tearesure engraved with st st Trudeau is being assailed cause we can’t be we will Smawley coaching the day evening. Good in the school gymnas lege on resa Halkirk Catholic dent accomplishment lege Tournament Tournament on resa Halkirk Catholic dent accomplishment otherwise be heard. We have seeming to assent the girls and for Mr. FinkbinlucktoKnights! um where our Awara September 19 School and will be September 19 and and 20. 20. and Theresetta Theresetta be awarded awarded to to a accusation againstSchool his fellow lost the art of will rhetorical er coaching the boys. ToGus honor Night willre-be held o The two teams will will Join Wetter students. The two Canadians. teams will will Join Gus Wetter students. becauseOct. we have forOur first tournament Terry Fox, straint the young 3. Plaques, whic debate to have gotten that hardengraved work of with st is the RedThe Deer Col-seems brave man, Mother Te-the are become high-centred on democracy much lege Tournament on resa Halkirk Catholic demands dent accomplishment whether the accusation made more than merely delivering September 19 and 20. School and Theresetta will be awarded to a the Missing Murdered the latest head-splitting The twobyteams willandwill Join Gus Wetter students.mar-

Ridealong Markets & Goods raises $17,000 Ridealong Markets ENDEAVOR  & Goods raises $17,000 

tered an era when things that   Indigenous Women and Girls keting message. D PNot: “Sir, I believe your great      could simply be said must be    enthusiasm before us has led inquiry is true rather than So is our democracy in its


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kids, while 850 students attended the ranch kids, while 850 students attended the ranch in in th th      conduct, or exempts him from        Think of the painfully silly 11 enveloping us. Despite being disciplined by determined genocide is sim 

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 '  Law !#"&  Wednesdays This past summer, the ranch welcomed over 1,00    Wednesdays treats, school groups and the like,  back from !11?  treats, school Šgroups and the like, while while aa 44 Commons committee hearing Canadian Tories. Maclean’s peoples. Troy Media     Monica N. Faupel, B.Avenue Mgmt. C.A.   ! &  5015 Victoria  ! & ! kids, while 850 students attended the ranch in th 5015 Victoria Avenue winter camp isThe scheduled to take takeand place in Febr Febr

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$,&%'()-+* #"  Wecker $,$**(-( )  $,&%'()-+* $,$**(-( )

  +!, "- *)"#


% !" "     742-3411 Main Street, Hanna 

403-578-4014     or 1-800-267-5601 %&  

sity Christian Fellowship of Canada. For mo information, visit



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Phone: 742-4431 •GPlumbing K Phone: 742-4431 •D Fitting GGas K PAWYERS •Gitzel DAir P Conditioning Krejci Dand OTARIES •Gitzel Sheet MetalDand Krejci Peterson •Landman Commercial CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Peterson Anderson 4912 - 51 Street CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Refrigeration Law Office P.O. Box 460


Alliance, AB

Advance •Castor Plumbing OPEN AWYERS MSM •403-882-4044 Gas Fitting Tuesday •*Embroidery Air Conditioning 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. OTARIES *Signs, Banners, Auto graphics Beaver Daycare •Busy Sheet Metal *Direct to Garment printing PHONE: 882-2110 Landman Reule Landman Anderson 5204(print - 52 Ave Printer on golf •*UV Commercial balls,Law hockey pucks, etc.) Office Law Office Offers quality childcare (780) 879-2100 Refrigeration in attendance at Castor DR. CRAIG LARSON



MAIN STREET MEDLEY for ages 0-6 yrs.



Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

Jeff M. Faupel, B. Mgmt. C.A. Monica N. Faupel, B. Mgmt. C.A.

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Serving the

Wecker Big Country

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This is an AMVIC licensed Auto Body Shop offering our community auto body and collision repair, auto restoration, custom auto painting and auto glass replacement. We have qualiÀed staff to look after your personal repairs or can handle insurance claims from start to completion on your behalf. Our estimates are free and our repairs are customer satisfaction guaranteed. Check with Ryan for specials.

$'(  GPlumbing K $'( VOR  ENDEA   G K Performance Phone: 742-4431 D P   "#! %  •D Gas Fitting Chartered G K PAWYERS To advertise here call L & Accountants &   D PBusiness •Gitzel Air Advisors D P Conditioning Paint & Body  Krejci Dand    

         403-882-2163 403-882-2163 OTARIES N • Sheet Metal

  Gitzel Krejci Dand  " "  $  Peterson Old Car  Removal $40 403-882-4044 M cell 403-740-0888    CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 403-740-0888 cell SM ! 

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 ! 4912 51 Street CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Lock Outs CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Towing Available   *Embroidery Refrigeration Lock Outs  Law Office

 ! & Law Office    $ # "* P.O. Box 460  


 %!#"  742-4431 •G !" Plumbing K !"Phone: % "

Thursday, June 27, 2019 A3

Jeff M. Faupel, B. Mgmt. C.A. Monica N. Faupel, B. Mgmt. C.A.

M Markets Market & Market &&Goods Goods& Goo Market Goods S

MM Castor Farmers’ Market


Thursday,*Embroidery July 4


Banners, Auto graphics 10 a.m. to *Signs, 2 p.m. *Direct to Garment printing

5009 – 49 Ave. Castor, AB. (11:30 a.m to 1*UV p.m.) Printer (print on golf

This is balls, an AMVIC licensed Autoetc.) Body hockey pucks, Beef on a bun with baked Shop offeringbeans our community auto body (780) 879-2100 and collision repair, auto restoration, and Caesar salad - $8.00 In Attendance auto painting and auto glass Wednesdays replacement. We have qualiĂ€ed AB staff to look Alliance, Pop, water or coffee $1.00 5015 Victoria A venue ! 4912Available - 51 Street Towing *Signs, Banners, Auto graphics  after your personal repairs or can  handle Call - 403-882-4142 Box 720 Stettler, Alta    Scrap Vehicle P. Sapergia The  ' # OPEN          "! ##!   %   P.O. Box 460 in attendance at Castor To advertise in Auto glass repair $ # "*  *Direct to Garment printing Coronation, Alberta  Automotive from startPhone: to completion Lots of Tables insurance•claims Serving the CASTOR 882-3202 Proprietor Ryan Marquart 742-4431 Plumbing      T0C 1C0 •403-854-4774 Gas G K Stettler, Alta Email:Fitting castordaycare@ * UV Printer (print on golf      882-3202 Removal Free DR. CRAIG LARSON    on your behalf.   $"$$$$ "  &Accessories replacement  403-854-4774 web-site: (F.C. Hunt Agencies) this section Tuesday  

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• Gas Fitting balls, pucks, etc.) G K Phone 1-403-575-0104 Our estimates are free and our repairs are D P • Plumbing      Big& 4th Country LAir AWYERS & 403-578-4014      "#! % 742-3411 (780) 879-2100 web-site: •STETTLER Air Conditioning customer guaranteed. Check Main Hanna or 1-800-267-5601    742-3411 homeop !&( &  Main Street, Hanna OPEN 2nd Tuesdays • Conditioning Dsatisfaction P  call 403-882-4044    9:30 Street, a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Contact Kelsey at Plumbing & Heating Plumbing    Gitzel Krejci Dand & Heating with • Ryan for specials. Gas Fitting MM 4774 403 854 403 854 NOTARIES %)$($(' • Sheet Metal Gitzel Krejci Dand DR.403-882-2755 CRAIG LARSON for a table. Beaver Daycare Alliance, AB Peterson 4774 Tuesday •Busy Sheet Metal 5009 – 49 Ave. Castor, AB.     Proprietor Ryan Marquart PHONE: 882-2110   • Commercial )'"$ ''*"'%&' CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Peterson Landman Reule Landman Anderson Landman Anderson Phone 1-403-575-0104 • Air Conditioning 5204 - 52 Ave

This is an AMVIC licensed Auto Body 4912 -- 12:00 51 Street 9:30 a.m. p.m.  DR. CRAIG LARSON *Embroidery CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS    Refrigeration • Commercial Law Office Castor Advance

Alliance, AB Serving the AfterHunt schoolAgencies) program (F.C. available DR. CRAIG LARSON HOME 2nd &Country 4thAdvance Tuesdays Big •Castor Plumbing

LAWYERS & 403-882-4044 NOTARIES

HEISTAD HOME FURNISHINGS Law Office Law Office Offers quality childcare “ Refrigeration

in attendance Castor a’s0-6atyrs. Soforfages Serving the AfterHunt schoolAgencies) program (F.C. esOME s s available e r H 2nd t Tuesdays t4th Big Ma&Country

Shop offering our community auto body and collision repair, auto restoration, custom auto painting and auto glass replacement. We have qualiÀed staff to look after your personal repairs or can handle insurance claims from start to completion on your behalf. Our estimates are free and our repairs are customer satisfaction guaranteed. Check with Ryan for specials.

es Applianc

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*Signs, Banners, Auto graphics *Direct to Garment printing *UV Printer (print on golf 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. OPTOMETRISTS


  balls, hockey pucks, etc.) (780) 879-2100 PHONE: 882-2110 Landman Reule Landman Anderson 5204 - 52 Ave

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Ac Bus

Jeff M. Monica N





ThisFor is anAA 4 Shop offerin or Plumbing & Heating Chartered Chartered and collisio Services ~& & Accountants Accountants custom auto Business Advisors Business Advisors replacement.

 Jeff M. Faupel, B. Mgmt. C.A. C.A. Jeff M. Faupel, B. Mgmt. after your pe Monica N. Faupel, B. Mgmt. C.A. Monica N. Faupel, B. Mgmt. Jeff M. Faupel, B. Mgmt., CPA,C.A. CA To advertise here insurance cla ~ Full Practice ~ Full Practice Monica N. Faupel, B. Mgmt., CPA, CA

 "(%&"* on your beha Services ~ $) Services ~ In ~Attendance Our estimate Full Practice Services ~ In Attendance %+  Wednesdays Wednesdays customer sa In Attendance Wednesdays %&%$("%$# &( 5015 Victoria Avenue 5015 Victoria Avenue with Ryan fo 5015 Box Victoria Avenue Box 720 720

Law Office Law Office4774 OTARIES NBeaver 403-882-4044 D PAWYERS Offers quality 5204 - 52 Ave 403 854childcare L & Daycare    Refrigeration •Busy Sheet Metal •Gitzel Air DLaw P Conditioning Office Office in attendance Castor s Forappointments appointments call Krejci Dand for ages 0-6atyrs. For call '  Law !#"&  • Commercial   droom e OTARIES N Law Office • Sheet Metal Law Office B Gitzel Krejci Dand  Peterson  ! & ! Serving the AfterHunt schoolAgencies) program (F.C. Offers quality childcare Call - 403-882-4142 P. Sapergia The  Refrigeration 1-800-662-7168 • ( Commercial CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS in attendance atyrs. Castor CASTOR 882-3202 Peterson Landman Anderson Castor Advance     for ages 0-6  !     

s Email: castordaycare@ available 403-854-4774 r Caleb Bozek pitches against Okotoks in what would be a Jaxon Rombough pitches the Castor Raiders to a 14 to 3 win vs HOME 2nd &Country 4th Tuesdays 4912 - 51 Street ne DR. CRAIG LARSON Big (4 CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 403-882-404 cli742-3411 ining part of Strathmore Refrigeration e1 victory Serving the Aft erHunt school program (F.C. Law Office Advance $ P.O. -Box 460    dominating 14 R toStreet, athomeop the Castor ballD diamonds, during U14 baseball action at the ballAgencies) diamonds. •Castor Plumbing   CORONATION – 578-3221 Call 403-882-4142 4912 51 Street STETTLER Main Hanna P. Sapergia      Stettler, available  882-3202 OPEN 

 HOME P.O.    BoxAlta 460Castor attendance at 2nd &Country 4th Tuesdays CASTOR email: a weekend of U14 baseball action. Castor won two of three Castor L hosted a tournament over the June 15th and 16th  in Big AWYERS & Serving the %&%"$( Email: castordaycare@ 403-854-4774  882-3202 • Gas Fitting $('## Stettler, Alta Call 403-882-4142 403-882-4044  !" & 

HANNA – 854-3003 (4 Ad 403-854-4774 P. Sapergia The  web-site: (F.C. Hunt Agencies) Tuesday games played over the June 15th and 16th weekend. weekend, winning two games, and then losing against Oyen 

Wecker C Email: 882-3202 Castor     castordaycare@ Big Country 403-854-4774 S TETTLER 742-3411 % !" " Main Street, Hanna Located in the Coronation Mall Ph: 403-578-4122in their homeop   742-3411 Main Street, Hanna (4 

web-site:  +!, "- *)"# • Air Conditioning final game. Dr. P. & Hanna 2nd & 4th& Tuesdays %&   - 12:00 p.m.G. Wilson Heating HEISTAD HOME FURNISHINGS 9:30Na.m. OTARIES S Main Street,742-3411 homeop Plumbing 403 854 4774 Alliance, AB

Proprietor Ryan Marquart Phone 1-403-575-0104


Kevin J. Sabo photo

Phone: 742-4431   

Phone: 742-4431 •GGas Landman Reule Landman Anderson K Fitting 5009 – 49 Ave. Castor, AB.

This is an AMVIC licensed Auto Body Shop offering our community auto body and collision repair, auto restoration, custom auto painting and auto glass replacement. We have qualiÀed staff to look after your personal repairs or can handle insurance claims from start to completion on your behalf. Our estimates are free and our repairs are customer satisfaction guaranteed. Check   with Ryan for specials.

Proprietor Ryan Marquart   Phone 1-403-575-0104

Kevin J. Sabo photo

Coronation, Alberta Coronation, Box 720Alberta T0CT0C 1C0 1C0 Coronation, Alberta T0C 1C0 For Appointments call: call: For Appointments For Appointment call: 403-578-4014 403-578-4014 or403-578-4014 1-800-267-5601 or 1-800-267-5601 or 1-800-267-5601

Proprietor R Phone 1-403

Beaver Daycare A. TETTLER •Busy Sheet Metal Dr. Dennis Heimdahl PHONE: 882-2110 Landman Reule Landman Anderson es c s 5204 - 52 Ave n ’ This is an AMVIC licensed Auto Body a Stettler li a HEISTAD FUR f p FURN p o Dr.HOME P. G. Wilso • Commercial A S HEISTAD HOME FURNISHINGS Shop offering our community auto body OPTOMETRISTS Law Office I ndependent Law Office To advertise here call “ and collision “ repair, auto restoration, Off ers quality childcare Dr.sDennis A. Hei Refrigeration custom auto painting es ’sand auto glass For appointments call ses a acc’ee OPTOMETRIST f in attendance atyrs. Castor oms Castorr A ddo vv af A a nn oWe replacement. have qualiĂ€ed staff to look o Applianc S for ages 0-6 r Appli S d Mattres e B after your personal repairs or can handle 403-882-4044 Serving the insurance claims from startsto AfterHunt schoolAgencies) program (F.C. scompletion 1-800-662-7168 For sappointments ms on yourM behalf. attres e s edroo sse r B e r e t n g t i available n a Our estimates are free and our repairs are l i HOME customer 2nd &Country 4th Tuesdays M 1-800-662-71 Bed Leah Bousfield Din Big Rec satisfaction guaranteed. Check CORONATION – 578-3221 s r e n Call 403-882-4142 g Manager/Advertising Sales i l for e specials. P. Sapergia with Ryan R The cDesignated inin D email: Kevin J. Sabo CORONATION – 57 CASTOR 882-3202 –The Assessment Group conductway Castor Advance Email: castordaycare@ Proprietor Ryan Marquart 403-854-4774 HANNA 854-3003 liners c email: e Din For the Advance R Industrial Properties are ed 234 field inspections in (4 Phone 1-403-575-0104 HANNA – 854-3 Phone: 403-742-2395 Located in the Coronation Mall Ph: 403-578-4122

County Council receives update on Designated Industrial Properties “

5009 – 49 Ave. Castor, AB.

According to numbers provided by Accurate Assessment Group, between 2014 and 2018 the County of Paintearth has lost $60 million in designated industrial property value. In 2014, the estimated value of the designated industrial properties was $260 million in the County. Today, the 886 properties in the County barely account for $200 million. “We are seriously declining in designated industrial properties in central and eastern Alberta,� said Ray Fortin, industrial assessment specialist with Accurate Assessment Group. Fortin presented his findings to the County of Paintearth municipal council during their June 4th meeting. Designated Industrial Properties were previously assessed by the local municipalities, however after industry became unhappy with how the rates were assessed, and the variation from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the Province stepped in a few years ago to standardize assessments of industrial properties. Industrial properties that now fall under provincial jurisdiction for taxation include all facilities that fall under the Alberta Energy Regulator,

STETTLER Main Street, Hanna homeop Paintearth County742-3411 out of assessed is currently under Mall in the Coronation Located 14,200 spread across 17 municipalities.

review, and changes are expected for the 2020 tax year.


National Energy Board, or the Alberta Utilities commission. Examples of properties taxed under provincial jurisdiction are oil wells, pipelines, telecommunications infrastructure, and electrical infrastructure. Grain handling facilities are excluded from being assessed as Designated Industrial Properties. Despite the loss in industrial value, there is still new infrastructure coming online. In 2018, the County of Paintearth added 14 new D esig nate d Indust r ia l Properties including 22 new wells. In comparison, in 2014 there were 27 new Designated Industrial Properties including 29 new wells. Industrial properties in the County of Paintearth are assessed by Accurate Assessment Group on behalf of the province. Twenty per cent of existing properties and all new properties are inspected in the County each year. In 2018, Acc urate


al ion Reg


Ph: 403-578-4122 www.4YourEyesOnly email: h Fax: 403-742-8050 4810 - 50 Street, P.O. Box 310, Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

Located in the Coronation Mall Ph:

Dr. P. G. Wilson & Dr. Dennis A. Heimdahl

es Applianc Sofa’s OPTOMETRISTS s s e For appointments call s om Mattres Bedro 1-800-662-7168 s r e n g i l Dinin Rec CORONATION – 578-3221 ATCO is hosting open houses for the Central East Transfer Out Transmission Project email: HANNA – 854-3003

Join Us at our Open House

Located in the Coronation Mall Ph: 403-578-4122

This project is planning to add two staged 240 kV transmission lines between the existing Tinchebray substation near the Village of Halkirk and the service territory boundary near the Village of Alix and the Village of Nevis. Also there are planned alterations to the existing Tinchebray substation. Your feedback on the project is important to us. We encourage you to learn more or provide your input by attending one of our open houses, visiting our website or by contacting us.

Please join us at one of the drop in style open houses listed below between 4 pm and 8 pm.

Halkirk — Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Halkirk Community Hall – 111 Main Street, Halkirk

Stettler — Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Stettler Community Hall – 5101 - 46 Avenue, Stettler

1 855 420 5775 | | (click on “Projects�)

Castor Advance

A4 Thursday, June 27, 2019

Erskine woman recalls potentially deadly injury from mowing the lawn

By Mark Weber For the Advance

Shannon McTavish recalls the day when something as routine as mowing a lawn suddenly turned into a potentially deadly situation. McTavish, who lives near Erskine, was simply moving her lawn in late April when she felt an odd and sharp sensation on the side of her neck. At first, she thought she had been shot. Turns out, a small, thin piece of metal, two and one-half inches in length, had whipped out of the side of the mower and lodged in the right side of her neck. Bleeding, she made her way to her nearby house and called for help - still unclear as to what

had actually happened. “I’ve been mowing this yard since 1996. I was doing my last back and forth run, when something hit me. I thought I was shot, and I could see there was blood. I shut the lawn mower off and staggered my way to the house,” she recalled. On the way there, she hit the corner of her truck with her shoulder, but made it to the stairs which led up to the door. “I laid my head against the door, trying to get my phone off the clip. I stumbled into the house.” She called neighbour Duncan McNeill, explaining she had been seriously injured and time was certainly of the essence. “I felt normal, but they later said I was in shock,” she said.

While she waited, she held a dishcloth against the wound to help control the bleeding. “It seemed like it was seconds before Duncan got here.” McNeill and McTavish immediately headed to the hospital in Stettler in McNeill’s truck. “We drove to town and I made four phone calls on the way there,” she said, referring to making arrangements for her family. Soon, it was time to learn about the actual extent of her injuries. “I told (emergency staff) that it was probably just minor - I might just need a couple of stitches. The nurse said, ‘Are you all right?’ I said, I’m fine I walked in here,” she recalled with a laugh. “Dr. Bailey, who I wouldn’t be

here if it wasn’t for him, came in and looked at me. He looked at my neck and said they were going to tie this off - he didn’t tell me what it was, but he said, ‘We are going to tie this off and stop the bleeding’. “I had all these IVs hooked up on me by this time.”

She was soon told she would have a breathing tube inserted and that she would be sent to Calgary via STARS Air Ambulance. “It took us 40 minutes to get from Stettler to Calgary,” she recalled. “I was in ICU for two days at the Peter Lougheed Hospital with a breathing tube.” Surgeons inserted a section of a bovine coronary artery in her neck to replace her own severely damaged artery. Ultimately, McTavish received about 40 staples and more than 700 stitches throughout the course of the operation. Incredibly, it wasn’t long before the breathing tube was removed and McTavish was well on the road to recovery. Today, she still suffers from some nerve

damage in the area. Reflecting on the ordeal, she’s extremely grateful to everyone who helped her, especially McNeill who was first on the scene, Dr. Bailey in Stettler, Dr. Samus at Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary and of course STARS Air Ambulance who had her safely in Calgary in such an amazingly brief span of time. Many throughout the local community have also been extremely supportive, too. McTavish pointed out that there is no doubt she feels differently about things. The reality of how quickly one’s whole life can change is stunning, and this experience has driven that truth home. “I live day by day now.”

Jefferson McClung is seeking the nomination to be the next local conservative candidate By Mark Weber For the Advance

Jefferson McClung is seeking the nomination to be the next conservative candidate for the federal riding of Battle River-Crowfoot. McClung lives just outside of Stettler with his wife and three children. He is currently a Social Studies teacher at Wm E Hay Stettler Secondary Campus. “I’ve always been interested in politics - even as a youth. But I didn’t become really invested in it until my university years,” he said, adding that over the last couple of years he became increasingly interested in public office as well. “I try to get involved wherever I see a need.” Key issues currently run the gamut from ongoing economic recovery and development to restoring and maintaining a strong

trading relationship with China. Crime reduction is also an issue McClung sees as critical, pointing out that he believes there needs to be stronger punishments for repeat offenders. “Currently, we are seeing a reduction in sentencing being pushed through the Senate at this moment. I think that’s going in the completely opposite way we need to be going for our rural communities.” McClung has been busy juggling his campaign commitments along with his duties as a full-time teacher. “I’ve been spending every single day knocking on doors and talking to people personally,” he said. “That’s my favourite part - actually hearing from people directly.” These days, as mentioned, he’s been busy working through the day while also connecting with potential supporters across the region. “My days are long as I still have

Jefferson McClung

all my marking and lesson plans to create on top of my campaigning. I am not a career politician with a team of professional campaigners behind me. I do not have the luxury of stepping down from my job to campaign, nor would I do that to my students right before

they graduate. I am too invested in their success.” A sampling of his past employment would reveal that he has worked as a labourer building oil, water, and sewer pipelines. He has been a missionary for his church. He has done all manner of construction, from building houses and schools to building roads. He has worked on many farms including his own. “I understand the issues facing regular Albertans because I am a regular Albertan. “I have (also) seen how the policies of the Liberal government have hurt the people of our riding. Our economy has been devastated. First, it was our natural resource industry that came under attack, now our farmers are dealing with a trade war. This has affected all areas of our economy. “I am passionate about fighting for what is best for the people of


Visit Screen Test in

Castor Jul 29 - 31 Coronation Aug 6 - 9 Consort Aug 12 - 13

We all have a story to tell and no matter who you are – a mother, a son, a best friend – cancer will change your life forever. But with research, we can change the story and help Canadians affected by cancer to live their lives to the fullest.

Call for an appointment 1-800-667-0604

Join Stand Up To Cancer Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society to learn more about the groundbreaking research and clinical trials that translate into life-saving treatments that may help you or your loved ones. ERIC McCORMACK Stand Up To Cancer Canada Ambassador



Stand Up To Cancer Canada is a Canadian Registered Charity (Reg. # 80550 6730 RR0001). Stand Up To Cancer and the design trademarks are trademarks of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, used under license.

this riding. Alberta deserves better than how the Liberals have been treating us.” As a Social Studies teacher, McClung also has a thorough knowledge of politics, economics and civics. He has been studying these subjects for two decades and intends on using this knowledge to advocate for the people of Battle RiverCrowfoot. He is passionate and vocal about the issues, gives real answers and will fight for real change, he said. “The people of this riding are tired of politicians who will not give a straight answer to questions. I always have, and always will give honest direct answers. I do not talk like a typical politician, because I am not a typical politician, and I am prepared to fight harder than a typical politician.” Nomination selection is expected to be done by mid-July.

(toll free)

A screening mammogram is the best way to find breast cancer early. And it can truly save your life.

Screen Test brings screening mammograms to your area with it’s mobile clinics. Women 50 - 74 should have a screening mammogram every 2 years, and can self-refer.

Castor Advance

Thursday, June 27, 2019 A5

HAPPY CANADA DAY Six things you probably didn’t know were invented in Canada Canadian people and their ideas have made a great impact on the world

Canadian people and their ideas have made a great impact on the world. These are just six of the many things that were invented right here at home. 1. Peanut butter. Originally invented as a source of protein and calories for people with no teeth, peanut butter was first patented in 1884 by a Montreal pharmacist. 2. Snowblower. You can thank Montreal’s Arthur Sicard the next time you clear your driveway with a snowblower. He was inspired by agricultural equipment when he invented this back-saving alternative to shovelling. 3. Instant replay. In 1955, Hockey Night in Canada changed forever when a CBC producer used a kinescope to replay parts of an NHL game a few minutes after they occurred. 4. Insulin. This hormone was discovered in 1922 by Canadians Frederick Banting and Charles H. Best. They found that insulin lowered a diabetic dog’s blood glucose to normal levels. Within a year, they invented a way to purify insulin, and used it to successfully treat a boy suffering from severe diabetes. 5. Garbage bags. They may not be glamorous, but it’s hard to imagine a time before plastic disposable bags were readily available. They’ve come a long way since their invention

in 1950. Garbage bags have become more environmentally friendly over the years, with recyclable and biodegradable versions now widely available. 6. The Caesar. Invented in Calgary in 1969, the Caesar has been a staple of the Canadian brunch scene ever since. This savoury mix of clam juice, tomato juice

and vodka can be garnished with a stalk of celery, a pickled bean or a wedge of lime and is served over 350 million times a year. The next time you enjoy a PB&J, watch a replay of a great hockey play or take your garbage to the curb, know that you have a fellow Canadian to thank for it.

June 24 to July 6

50% off

Books with “Canada” or any Canadian Province or Territory in the title* * Store credit cannot be used for sale pricing

Secondhand Bookstore


HOURS: Mon. - Fri. - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sat. - 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Main Street, Castor

Phone 403-741-7807

Castor Advance

A6 Thursday, June 27, 2019

Remembering Loved Ones



A dvance

REACH OVER 217,000 READERS With one of these great deals!

CLASSIFIEDS 1-877-223-3311

Place your condolences online.

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HASZ, Donald Gregory






August 27, 1950 - June 19, 2019 Donald Gregory Hasz of Coronation passed away on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at the age of 68 years. He was born August 27, 1950 in the Coronation Hospital to Herb and Rose Hasz. After graduating from Coronation School he entered the Carpentry trade and became a Journeyman Carpenter. This trade allowed him to use his skills of math, precision and design. The majority of his working life started in Coronation, then continued on in Barrie Ontario, Rocky Mountain House, Lacombe and ended up full circle, back in Coronation. In his younger years he liked being outdoors canoeing, camping, fishing and he liked to travel. At any age, he was always up for a game of cards or board game. Don was always willing to help any of his family and friends if he was able to. Don is survived by his brothers: John Hasz and Jim Hasz; nephew-Kevin (Tamara) Hasz, their children Teagan and Aurora; niece Debbie (Jon) Sheldon and their children, Dylan and Jesseca; sister Kathy (Brian) Golby; niece Susanne (Jeremy) Hellman; nephew Steven Golby and many cousins and dear friends. Don was predeceased by his parents Herb and Rose; sister Marlene; sisters-in-law Iona and Irma. At Don’s request no public funeral services will be held. In memory of Don memorial contributions may be made to Alberta Heart & Stroke Foundation or to the Diabetes Foundation. Condolences and loving support may be sent directly to the Hasz families by visiting Parkview Funeral Chapels are entrusted with the care and funeral arrangements. For further information please call 403-578-3777


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Council upholds decision to decline resident request By Kevin J. Sabo For the Advance



Thursday, June 27, 2019 A7


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Castor council has upheld its decision to not assist a residence with replacing his hot water tank after mud entered his water lines allegedly causing his five-year-old hot water tank to burn out prematurely. The decision was made after the resident, Mervin Brigley, attended the June 10th meeting of council to appeal the decision that they made in May. The mud allegedly entered the water system after a water line break in March of 2018. “We had mud in the main line, contaminating our sinks, tubs, our washer, and water heater,” said Brigley “The line was leaking for some time before we noticed it, and it lifted the pavement 12 inches.” Brigley said that the main line was damaged when work was being conducted on the system, allowing the opportunity for mud to enter his line. The allegation is not something that the director of Public Works sees as being possible because when there is a line break, unless the pipe has to

be completely replaced, there is positive pressure kept on the line to prevent contamination from entering it. The primary factor in the Town declining the initial request for assistance, and the appeal, is Bylaw 1037, which states that the, “Town is not liable for damages: caused by the break of any Town water main, water service connection or other pipe for the settlement of any excavation or trench made for the installation or repair of any party of the water utility.” “I’d ask you to reconsider the situation I am in,” said Brigley during the meeting. “If I didn’t think it was legit, I wouldn’t be here. I’m going to pursue it.” The decision on the appeal was made unanimously by council in a motion made by Coun. Lonny Nelner. Other highlights of the June

10th meeting of council: • CAO Christopher Robblee told council about an error in the water system accounting, dropping water system losses from 35 per cent to 26 per cent. He remains optimistic that the losses can be brought back to the 22 per cent range by the end of the year. • Castor is running a .5 per cent loss in the Town’s gas system. The gas system typically varies around a three per cent gain or loss every year. • Town administration has hired a summer student who will begin documents destruction of a variety pf 2013 and earlier documents that the Town no longer needs to keep, in order to make room in the vault. • Council has authorized a road closure in front of the Castor swimming pool for a block party being held on July 5th.

Stettler County continues to work with Paradise Shores developers Reeve for the County of Stettler, Larry Clarke and Chairman of the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) James Nibourg, met with Paradise Shores’ representatives earlier this week to discuss the current project status. “We look forward to actively working towards a positive outcome with Paradise Shores’ developers, enabling them to fulfill the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board’s (SDAB) decision which allows 168 RV sites, once all of the conditions of the SDAB decision have been met,” said Nibourg. Paradise Shores has an appeal filed with the Court of Appeal, on the SDAB decision of Nov. 2nd, 2018 which reduced the allowable density

of their site to 168 units. The County issued a Stop Order for the site in May. The Stop Order restricts day-use or overnight accommodation until the conditions of the SDAB decision have been met. Both parties are working together towards resolving the issues. “The developer will be notified prior to any action being taken in regards to the Stop Order,” added Nibourg. The developer may continue working on the site to bring the site up to compliance. Read the SDAB’s Notice of Decision at www. - Submitted

Around 30 people came out to the Castor Legion’s annual barbecue on June 15th. There was barbecued steak, barbecued chicken, baked potato, tons of salads to choose from, and there was even dessert! Admission for the barbecue was $10. Kevin J. Sabo photo


Castor Advance

A8 Thursday, June 27, 2019

Castor violin students host recital/’hootenanny’ To honour of our PrairiePioneer Heritage, Violin Teacher Carol E. Ries opened a recital held at Castor LongTerm Care on June 15th with old-time barn-dance favourite polka Soldier’s Joy. Then it was the budding vi-

olinists’ turn to pick up their bows, while their teacher accompanied on piano. Jessica Boizard played lively toe-tapping The Cowboy and a lovely classical melody called Andante in C Major Op. 22 No.1 by Edward Elgar.

Chantel Green played favourite folk songs Mary had a Little Lamb, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and famous fiddle tune Bile ‘em Cabbage Down. Tegan Younger played Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Ode to Joy theme, French lullaby Playing Ball on the Stairs and Royal Conservatory of Music repertoire Pony Trot. Rousing Sing-a-long fiddle-&-spoons She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain — complete with ‘Yee-Haws’

— rounded out the ‘hootenanny’ component of the event. Light refreshments and mingling followed the music. Proud relatives (from younger sibling to great-grandmother), school-

Jessica Boizard

Chantel Green

friends, and long-term care residents provided lots of appreciative applause and compliments to the budding violinists. A good time was had by all! - Submitted

Teagan Younger


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Castor Advance, June 27, 2019  

June 27, 2019 edition of the Castor Advance

Castor Advance, June 27, 2019  

June 27, 2019 edition of the Castor Advance