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2 Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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Shalom Counselling staff working for positive changes in people’s lives BY MARK WEBER

Shalom Counselling has a mandate of helping folks reach a place of healthy, abundant living. Shalom became a registered charity in 2006, although its roots stretch back to the late 1990s, explained Bonnie Joyes, community relations manager. The year 2006 was also when they set up shop in their current location at 5515 - 27th Ave. (Just behind Balmoral Bible Chapel). “Last year, we served 946 individuals through counselling. Another just over 300 were served through our wellness education programs,” she said, adding that in 2015, they opened their Olds satellite office as well. The demand for services continues to grow, added Benno Fath, executive director. “We do draw from Central Alberta,” he said. The spectrum of areas that counsellors address focuses on everything from trauma that is affecting a person’s ability to have a full life, addictions, anger management, stress and parenting skills to pre-marriage support, depression, grief/loss and relationship problems. “One of our goals is that we want to be available to whoever comes,” said Fath, referring to how fundraising helps to ultimately subsidize Shalom’s services for those who need that extra financial help. “The cost of counselling can average $140 a session some people can afford that, but there are many people who can’t,” he said. “So through the graciousness and goodness of people, we are able to raise funds that allow us to offer a session that is $25 per hour for those that can’t afford more. But they have the same emotional or relational concerns and needs as others. “So we are very grateful for those that support our work.”

To the point of raising funds, Joyes described a garage sale coming up in the fall with items currently being collected via a donation drive in partnership with Value Village. “There is also a silent auction at the ATB (on 67th St. and Gaetz Ave.) through to June 15th, and we are the beneficiaries of those funds,” she explained, adding that they also do bottle drives with Cosmos. Meanwhile, Fath said there have been talks about the mandate and vision of Shalom Counselling, also in light of the fact that next year marks a major milestone - the organization’s 20th anniversary. “We are faith-based, and at Shalom Counselling we believe that God meant for all people to have a full and abundant life. Living full and abundant lives leads to stronger individuals, stronger families and that contributes to stronger and healthier communities,” he explained. “So that’s really why we exist. “There are times in people’s lives when something comes up - it might be trauma or they might be struggling. Counselling is one thing that can be helpful for them to get through those times to a healthier place again. “It’s also why we believe counselling needs to be available to those who also don’t have the financial resources,” he added. “We believe every individual is of great worth and value.” Joyes agreed. “Our philosophy is to help them find solutions based on their values and their belief systems,” she said. Another arm of services that has a tremendous impact on the community comes via Shalom Counselling’s wellness programs. “These are topics that are related to emotional or relational well-being,” said Joyes, adding that staff members are often invited to run presentations at schools, businesses or agencies on everything from

stress management to healthy relationships for teens. “We’ve done sessions on responding to bullying in schools and in youth groups as well.” There is also a session for seniors called ‘Downsizing and Moving Forward 1’ set to run June 8th at the Golden Circle from 1 to 3 p.m. There is no charge, but those interested are asked to RSVP to 403-342-6074. Also, ‘Downsizing and Moving Forward 2: Navigating the Emotional and Relational Challenges of Assisting a Loved One to Downsize’ runs at Revera Inglewood June 12th and 14th from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Again, there is no charge but a request to RSVP to 403-342-0339. Meanwhile, exploring what the benefits of counselling might actually mean can be a daunting prospect for some. “It takes courage to make yourself vulnerable,” said Joyes. “But vulnerability gives us opportunity to help people.” Fath agreed. “Therapy is about changing, growth and problem solving. “Sometimes we get stuck in patterns that aren’t getting us what we are happy with. People can think of it as, “I need to find some more tools for my toolbox. Counselling gives me an opportunity to discuss where I am at, what can I learn that will give me more skills, more abilities, and more flexibility in my responses?’ “We are here to help you find new ways to address emotional and relational challenges in your life, and to give you more tools that will help you be more successful.”

MORTAR & PESTO NATURAL PHARMACY #200, 3947-50A Ave., Red Deer, AB T4N 6V7 PH: 403-986-1700 FAX: 403-986-1780

Looking for a HEALTH guide? Mortar & Pesto Natural Pharmacy is Red Deer’s first truly natural pharmacy. We believe in using natural medicine in conjunction with functional medicine to promote health and healing in the body. Jenn and her staff are dedicated to educating, promoting and implementing integrative medicine as part of an overall health plan. Jenn offers private consultations, hosts (often free) group health sessions and is available for public speaking and corporate events.

• Professional health advice on hormones, disease prevention, nutrition and lifestyle • Consultations that are often COVERED • Professional compounding - bioidentical hormones, custom formulations • The FIRST and ONLY truly natural pharmacy in Central Alberta • Herbal medicine and essential oils experts on staff • Direct billing, compression stockings, diabetes education and innovation • GIFT for new moms - in partnership with Red Deer Doula Association, just drop in! JENNIFER FOOKES • OWNER RPh., BSc Pharm, Compounding Pharmacist

Contact us about your health options!

Healthy Family Living



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4 Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Healthy Family Living

Local pharmacist offers gifts to help out new moms BY CARLIE CONNOLLY

Jennifer Fookes, owner and integrative pharmacist at Mortar & Pesto Natural Pharmacy, is giving out gifts to new moms. Fookes, who was a single mother herself as a teenager, found out very quickly that there was tons of support in freebies and goodies for newborn babies, but not a lot out there for moms. “It’s not just the birth of a child, it’s the birth of a new mom as well. During the transition between ‘before being a mother’ and then being a mother, women go through a lot of changes in terms of what healthy foods suddenly become not as good in pregnancy. Things that we take for granted suddenly we’re questioning,” she said. Fookes added that she is collaborating with the Red Deer Douala Association, as their stances are the same – maternity care for the majority of women isn’t a medical condition. “It’s a state, it’s not a disease and with the high number of healthy pregnancies now being managed with midwives and Doualas and having a lot of that extra care, support, guidance, reassurance and collaboration, it’s changing the confidence of women in embracing that role of motherhood,” she said, adding that it’s also helping

to encourage them to stay connected in their own lives. The gifts Fookes is working on will include information about switching to safer cosmetic products, self-care and personal care along with information about ensuring that moms have a healthy gut micro bile. She has also worked on having collaborations with The Forum, Stella Bean Sweets and smaller businesses in town so that moms are encouraged to get out, have some coffee and ease back into fitness. So, within the bag there are discounts on massages, natural health products along with a discount on professional health assessments focusing on healthy hormone balance. “It’s a small bag, but the combined value is going to be

between $60 and $75.” Fookes wants to be clear that there are no strings attached and that the bags are to honour the mothers on their journeys and transitions. “In order to have healthy communities we have to have healthy women and we have to have healthy moms.” Fookes will be speaking with the maternity ward soon, so that the nurses can provide a slip of paper to the new moms to head down to Mortar & Pesto to pick up their gift bags. Businesses willing to contribute natural products or services to new moms are welcome to contact Fookes by the end of June to be involved with this gift.

Helping teens with anxiety through the Rise Up Program BY CARLIE CONNOLLY

Offered through Vantage Community Services, the Rise Up Program will take place to help teens cope with anxiety. There will be four two-hour sessions offered beginning this month to a group of 10 people battling anxiety.

The cost is $60 per person, which is a subsidized cost thanks to the fundraising efforts from Vantage’s Grand Gala event. “There’s an element of structure to it and the leader, Melissa Prins (a psychologist) will lead the team,” said Brian Quigg, manager of clinical services. “The program involves teens 14 to 19. There’s not going to be any pre-screen-


ing. It’s a culmination of what they call a psycho educational group and a process group.” The structure of the two hours will include information provided to the teens with some information provided around anxiety, getting structured exercises to look at how anxiety is experienced by the individual and how it impacts their lives and any previous strategies they’ve attempted to do to address it. “You also can learn from watching others participate. That’s why you’re doing it in a group format,” said Quigg. The first goal, he said, is for the young people to understand and relate to the experience they are having and try to find a new balance in their lives. “It’s about trying to move forward in what they call a wellness perspective instead of just trying to get rid of your anxiety. We’re trying to reduce the symptoms of anxiety but also you’re not just trying to reduce it, you’re trying to create a more enriched life.” He added that by being a member of a group, you can see that you aren’t the only person going through this experience. “It takes care of that factor of loneliness. And that’s the power of a group is that you can learn from other people and you don’t

feel so isolated.” There will also be information given out to the teens in the sessions. “There’s going to be self knowledge through these structured exercises where they come to learn about themselves. They might learn, for example, how they’re triggered by anxiety.” Because everybody is different some of the activities will be adjusted depending on who is in the group and how the group is doing. “On top of the planned activities there will be a component where they just talk in what we call a process component. And the process component is open-ended group therapy where you get to talk and other people listen,” said Quigg. At the end of the session is what’s called an experiential exercise. “It could have something to do with breathing exercises, calming exercises so that they transition out of the meeting and they leave the session in a calm way.” Sessions are scheduled to run June 19th, June 26th, July 3rd and July 10th from 6 to 8 p.m. at Vantage Community Services location at 4920- 54th St. People can register by calling 403-3408995, going online or by emailing

Healthy Family Living

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 5

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6 Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Healthy Family Living

How to eat healthy during barbecue season There’s no doubt about it: summer and grilling go hand in hand. If you’re a barbecue enthusiast, here are some tips to help you whip up healthy meals on the grill. First off, know that fat combustion produces smoke that contains carcinogens. Grilling meat at high temperatures for long periods fosters the formation of these harmful substances. Therefore, you should: • Remove the skin and fat before cooking • Marinate the meat in a low-fat preparation that contains an acidic component • Pre-cook the meat (in the oven or microwave, for example) to minimize grilling time • Cook food in foil packets (or cover the grill in foil) to avoid fat-induced flare ups • Keep a good distance between the meat and the fire to limit smoke exposure

• Turn down the heat and don’t burn the meat — and if you do, don’t eat the charred parts • Frequently flip the meat • Clean the grill after each use Eating healthy means varying your meals, limiting your red meat consumption and accompanying your meat

dishes with grilled vegetables. You can even prepare your own marinades: halve the fat (compensate with water), season with spices or fresh herbs, and use quality ingredients (cider vinegar, applesauce, tomato juice, papaya, pineapple) to add the acidity. You could also try dry rubs. Bon appétit!

The five summer weight gain traps Every year people in the fitus fat in summer. Scott ness industry see it over and 1) People stop coming to the over again, things get quiet in McDermott gym or working out specifically. the gym around June. People Being active outside is a great cancel Personal Training or ADDITION to your regular foBoot Camp or stop coming in cused gym session, but it will general because they are ‘too not replace it. Something like busy’ and ‘outside a lot and acgardening is great, but it does tive’ so they think they ‘don’t not replace boot camp, it’s not need the gym’. Guess what? even close. Softball, golf, padWe see them come back every dle board, etc. are all wonderful activities, but they do not have September having gained 5 to 25 pounds of unhealthy body fat too! Every the completeness and the intensity of a year. good workout because they do not ever Look, I do not disagree that summer is challenge your body enough or get your busy and that we are outside more, I am heart going and your body adapting. That too, but we also do five things that make leads to a drop in muscle creation and re-

Have a


summer Barb Miller MLA, Red Deer South 403-340-3565

duced fat burning. I remember one summer that I totally stopped swimming in the pool as soon as the lake was warm enough. The pool drives me nuts; the hours for lane swim are terrible or the lanes are crowded. So I resolved to just swim in the lake, but my swim times got slower and slower all summer. The reason is that in the lake, I can only swim slow and steady – maybe with a few speed games, but in the pool, I can do so much more. Threshold sets, short burst speed, added paddles, or pull a buoy and several different drills. The lake is great, but that hour in the pool is what makes me fast, because of the concentrated effort just like the gym, bootcamp, personal training etc. It is that focused, intense effort that casual summer activities cannot create. 2) Summer means food that may not serve your goals and a ton of excuses for eating off plan. Sure, hot dogs, burgers, ice cream and perhaps a beer are all fun to have once in a while, but if you couple that with a reduced gym schedule, it is a one-two punch that will have you gain pounds! Summer seems to be a free-forall excuse to eat whatever is offered and not worry about it. Potato salad is yummy but that half a plate will pack in more calories than you could ever burn. Barbeques every weekend are great, but if you think of it as a free-for-all to eat as much as you like, you will have to deal with the added pounds in the fall. 3) Alcohol may help you loosen up a little and wine can be good for you, but summer seems synonymous with excessive alcohol and that leads to all sorts of issues. Remember that alcohol is seven calories

per gram (Protein and Carbohydrates are 4cal/g and Fat is 9cal/g). Alcohol is nearly the same as FAT for calories, so that big old glass of beer might as well be a glass of butter. That’s fine once in a while, but if being lean is your goal, several beers or glasses of wine a day because ‘it’s summer’ won’t serve you. And the biggest thing is that once you have a few alcoholic beverages, your food decisions will likely change too for the worse. 4) Going to bed later because the sun is up so long and snacking. Those extra few hours of awake time can lead to snacking over and above your regular routine, and that too, will pack on the pounds. Get some dark window coverings and go to bed at your regular intervals most of the time. 5) Eating out more because of so many things: outdoor patio restaurants, to avoid cooking in your over-heated home, to meet up with friends after a game, etc. In addition to affecting your wallet, all those restaurant meals are designed for taste, which always means fat and sugar. Find ways to stay creative at home and have a healthy meal plan that is fun and changes up. This will protect your waistline and your wallet. As always, I am not saying you cannot enjoy summer and indulge a little here and there, but when summer becomes an excuse to not take care of yourself through regular good habits like exercise and eating well, then you will pay for it later. Stay focused, stay fit! Happy Training! Scott McDermott is a personal trainer and the owner of Best Body Fitness in Sylvan Lake.

Healthy Family Living

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 7

Connecting families to farms at The Jungle Farm photos submitted

Pie-making, preserving and farm education explored at the Farm BY CARLIE CONNOLLY

A lifelong passion of Leona Staples, owner of The Jungle Farm, is education. And that’s something she strives for when kids come onto the land to participate in various programs or activities. “We have over 5,000 children that come through our farm for educational purposes, mostly through the schools, so our curriculum-based hands-on learning is geared towards what the teachers are asking for for their grades,” she said. Although they have a standard program for their younger kids, they do all kinds of different things including the Economics of Farming, talking about the costs of growing a pumpkin or grains, etc. “We even do some high school classes particularly with foods and connecting the foods classes to local foods and what’s the difference and why there’s an advantage to doing that. “Education is a real passion of mine.” A few years ago the ABC program was offered at The Jungle Farm, so it started out with about 10 families taking part in four weeks and now they are up to 70 families participating in nine weeks. “Every week is a different letter. For example, ‘s’ is for strawberries and we’re going to learn how to pick straw-

berries, we’re going to find out the flavour of strawberries, we’re going to slide down our slide and visit our sheep. We’re going to do all ‘s’ things,” said Staples. Depending on what fruit or vegetable is in season, all activities are hands-on and engaging for students and their families, too. “To me it kills two birds with one stone because it’s a passion of mine to do education, but I think a calling of ours here on our farm is to connect families to the farm,” said Staples. She added that there aren’t as many opportunities anymore to interact and engage with food, so they like to connect families and their children to the different types of food that can be grown. There are also fun activities like pie making for the kids. “We have perfected making pies so that anyone of any age can make a pie and we have pie-making class-

es and it doesn’t matter if you are three years old or 100 years old, you can make a pie.” The other key aspect at the farm is the art of preserving, something else that Staples believes has been lost. For more information on events, visit

8 Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Healthy Family Living

Sylvan Lake Aquasplash expands in Summer 2018 BY TODD COLIN VAUGHAN

photo submitted

Sylvan Lake Aquasplash is returning this summer with a larger park and improved conditions. The inflatable obstacle course, which is anchored to the bottom of the lake, saw great success after the closure of Wild Rapids Water Slides Park. “The park is the first open-water splash park in Alberta,� Co-owner Alison Bishop said. “The idea came about four years ago when my husband (Charlie Everest) was managing Wild Rapids.� At the time, Bishop and her husband were on vacation in Kelowna where they saw another park located there. They did not know that the waterslide park would shut down. After deciding they wanted to bring it to Sylvan Lake, they went through a series of environmental regulations to ensure the product would not hard the lake. After receiving final approval, the park opened late in Summer 2016. “My husband sets it up on an annual basis and it takes three to seven days to set up because it is anchored to the bottom of the lake,� Bishop said. “It is an obstacle course and part of the fun for us is seeing people come off so exhausted.� This summer, Aquasplash will be much easier for adults to join in the fun with their kids. “That was one of the biggest challenge for adults was to get

out of the water,� she said. “We have a few more anchoring points and a few more steps this year, so it will be easier for older people.� She added, “We have been able to secure a lease for a large space of water, so we are able to expand significantly. This year, we have secured a few more components and we also have a retail store right at the park.� Bishop expects another great year at the park. “We had a great year last year and we are hoping we can repeat it again this year,� she said. Part of having a great year is keeping up with strict safety standards according to Bishop. “We have experienced guards who are licensed and certified. We have a stringent training program,� she said. “Last year, the park could hold 120 people but we never allowed that many people on the park. “For us it is about keeping a secured head count at any one time.� Currently, the park accommodates children as young as six years old, but Bishop said they are working on rectifying that. “We are in discussions right now to open a junior park,� she said. She added they received a lot of positive feedback last year. “We open on June 16th, of course that is weather dependent. We post daily on Facebook if there is any adjustments. We are really excited about opening and most of our staff is coming back,� she said.

Bowling — an unlikely summer event that everyone can enjoy BY TODD COLIN VAUGHAN

“Our big program over the summer is always our Kids Bowl Free program, which is an international program that allows parents to sign their kids up,â€? she said. “Each While most people want to get out in the sun during the day they are sent coupons for two free bowling games short Albertan summer, many need a break from the heat and there are family passes as well — so parents can join and bowling could be just the way for families to do so. in if they want to do that.â€? Heritage Lanes Special Event Coordinator Keera Reece Additionally, kids can also participate in summer fun said there are multiple events and programs throughout camps in July and August. the summer that cater to bowlers, both new and expe“There are four weeks between those two months where we have daily summer camps where kids come and they rienced. bowl, do different activities, play in the arcade and have lunch together,â€? she said. For adults, a big hit at Heritage Lanes has always been their all-day, every-day 35-cent wing special. “We also have our Vegas Nights, which is a promotion in its first year,â€? Reece said. “From Sunday to Thursday after 6 p.m., for every $10 people spend — they get a stamp for what we call our passport. “After 10 stamps they are entered into our grand prize draw which will be announced Sept. 1st for a 4315 - 55th Avenue, Suite 100A $1,000 travel voucher to r Las Vegas.â€? Red Deer - Mountain View

Enjoy all the fun activities that Red Deer and Central Alberta has to offer this Summer!

Earl Dreeshen, MP

She added groups booking in can also receive special promotional deals and Wednesday nights feature unlimited bowling for $18. “We always have different leagues throughout the summer,� she said. “We have Women Bowling with Wine, which is finishing the end of June. “We have Awesome Sport for Charity, which starts July 11th and consists of businesses joining together for a six-week league. At the end the team that wins receives $500 to donate to a charity of their choice.� She added, “The great thing about bowling is that it is something people of all ages can do. We have bowlers as young as three years old, up to 80 and 90 years old. It is a great family activity and it can get you out of the heat. “It is one of the few sports that everyone plays. They have a spot on the team and no one gets left out.�

Healthy Family Living

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 9

Lots to explore at the Kraay Family Farm BY MARK WEBER

There is plenty for folks to check out at the Kraay Family Farm near Lacombe, with the signature feature being the famous corn maze. The scenic site features some 40 attractions, and the Spring Sneak Peek is right around the corner on June 9th ahead of the regular summer season which launches July 20th. “The corn is coming up and we are looking forward to a good growing season, so we are excited about that,”said Rachel Kraay of Kraay Family Farm. Visitors can explore the farmyard, the sprawling corn maze, the jumping pillow, mini golf and more. “One of the things we are also known for that we love to do is to create new attractions every year,” she explained. “We spend the winter dreaming up new things - so we have four or five new games for this year at least.” Some won’t be unveiled until the main opening come July, others will be available to check out on June 9th at the Sneak Peek event. “This year we thought we’d

give it a go with this (event) with getting people excited,” she said. Summer season hours run from July 20th to Sept. 3rd - Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fall hours are from Sept. 4th through to Oct. 20th (Monday they are closed except for holidays, but open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 4 – 9 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.) Guests are also encouraged to check out the ‘Flashlight Maze’ evenings in the fall. “Bring your own flashlights, buy a glowstick or try the maze under a full moon for a natural way to walk lit paths at night! The maze is not lit up with yard lights so when the nights get darker the maze gets darker (earlier) too – try it in the light and the dark for two completely different experiences,” notes the web site. Either way, it’s a very fun experience, said Kraay. “This year will be our 19th season - and we’ve grown substantially from when we opened.” Back then there was the corn maze and a few firepits and a slide, but today, some guests don’t even venture

photo submitted

into the corn maze because there are so many attractions on site to check out. “The corn maze is also fun because we can change it every year,” she said, referring to the intricate design changes that keep visitors guessing as they make their way through its twists and turns. “It’s always something we

look forward to doing,” Kraay said, referring to the process of coming up with each year’s design. Last year, the Kraays were proud to honour Canada’s 150th birthday by shaping the maze into a maple leaf. Today, the maze covers about 15 acres. Kraay said she tackles it every year.

“I think I should at least see how difficult it really is,” she added with a laugh, noting the longest she has spent in the maze herself is about two hours. For Kraay, working at the farm is a constant joy. “People of all different ages come, and just being able to watch them play and have fun together is great. To me, I

just love that,” she explained. “We also get to work together with our family and with our kids, so that’s a big deal for us, too. To be able to do something that we love with the people that we love. We really feel blessed to be able to do that.” For more details, check out GOLDEN FORK AWARDS

Dragon City Buffet Cantonese & Szechuan Cuisine Fully Licensed

Everyday is Seniors’ Day!

CHINESE FOOD 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards

157, 2325-50 Ave. Red Deer - Located by Value Village | 403.340.3388 | 403.340.3332


Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (10), Steamed Pork Shaomai (10), Steamed Cuttlefish with Curry Sauce, Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce, Steamed Spareribs with Garlic Sauce, Stuffed Sticky Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf (4), Steamed Beef Tripe, Chu Mao Sauce Steamed B.B.Q. , Pork Buns (5), Beef Short Ribs with Black Pepper Sauce

11 am – 10 pm Everyday!



Dinner for Four

2 Egg Rolls Dry Garlic Spareribs Chicken Fried Rice Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls Beef Chop Suey Fortune Cookies

4 Egg Rolls Dry Garlic Spareribs Deep Fried Shrimp Beef with Broccoli Chicken Fried Rice Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls Sweet & Sour Pork Fortune Cookies

Dinner for Six 6 Egg Rolls Deep Fried Shrimp Ginger Beef Lemon Chicken Sweet & Sour Pork Beef with Broccoli House Special Fried Rice House Special Cantonese Chow Mein Fortune Cookies

FREE DELIVERY over $35 within City Limits 10% Off Pick Up Orders over $25 FREE 2L of Pepsi on Pickup or Delivery of $60 or more


Clip & Save

$5.00 OFF

*Dine-in only, 1 per table. Expires July 15, 2018

Dragon City Buffet

10 Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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School’s out - It’s time for summer recess How to choose the right summer camp for your kids

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So, the kids are off for the summer and you have no idea what to do with them? You could let them stay home with the nanny, wake up at noon, play video games and waste time at home doing nothing… Or, you could send them to the perfect summer camp! As a parent, how do you choose the right summer camp for your children? Keep reading for a few tips on how to choose the right one. 1. History Though it might not seem like a big deal, the number of years a camp has been in business does mean something. Although there are an abundance of fantastic new camps out there, many believe that a history of proven success is one of the best ways to gauge the quality and trust of a given day camp. It’s dif-

Sign your kids up for a team sport this summer

ficult to stay operational for long without a good reputation. 2. Specialization You know what interests your children. So when looking for the right camp, be attentive to the types of activities that are offered (sports, science, computers, etc.) and make sure they coincide with what your child likes to do. 3. Communication This is especially important for sleep-away camps. Make sure the camp’s administration has ways of keeping parents in the loop about the various events the camp is throwing and other information that could be important. It’s also important that you be informed immediately should your child get injured or become ill at any point throughout their stay.

You want your kids to stay active during the summer. Sitting on the couch all day in an air-conditioned house just won’t cut it. Why not sign your kids up for a team sport to pass the time during summer vacation? Not only is it a great way to have fun, but it’s also beneficial to your child’s overall development. The following are just a few ways in which playing a team sport can benefit your child. It will improve their physical health It’s no secret that one of the main worries every parent has is that their child isn’t getting enough exercise. Health is important, and being part of a team will keep your child active and in good physical shape — all while having a great time! It will help build their self-esteem We all know that practice makes perfect. In this case, practice can actually help improve your children’s self-esteem. Over the course of learning a new sport, your children will subconsciously set goals for themselves (learn to kick the ball better, practice stick handling, improve shooting). When they complete these goals, they feel a sense of accomplishment that will improve their self-confidence. It will help develop their critical thinking skills Playing a sport forces you to think about what you’re going to do next. Every play is a problem that needs to be solved. Continued practice will improve the way your children think in life and in the classroom.

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