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2 Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Year New You


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New Year New You

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 3

Primary Care Network provides programs to help folks bolster health BY MARK WEBER

If you are planning to better your health in a variety of ways this year, the Primary Care Network provides an array of programs designed to do just that. The Red Deer-based Primary Care Network is a partnership between family doctors and Alberta Health Services. Health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, nurses and pharmacists work in clinics alongside family doctors. Programs offered help to improve access to care, health promotion, chronic disease management and coordination of care as well. “I would recommend that people pick up a copy of the ‘My Year of Change’ booklet at the PCN, or print one out online,” said Lorna Milkovich, executive director. The office is located at 5120 – 47th St. “It helps people to set some priorities in kind of a fun way, because you make a ‘lifestyle bucket list’ for those things that you don’t get around to doing,” she explained. “The idea is to set up one thing for the month, and you figure out what it is you are going to do. You then check in with yourself,” she said. Often, the tendency is to ‘overdo’ distinct changes that folks try to incorporate into their lives to better their health. Thus, the relatively high drop-out rate from gyms just a few weeks after making that firm New Year’s Resolution, for example. “I read somewhere that by January 13th you have finished with your New Year’s Resolution,” she added with a laugh. “So now it’s time to make your real New Year’s Resolution; it’s time to work on your lifestyle bucket list. That’s what we highly recommend,” she said, adding that by eating well, exercising and quitting smoking, about 80% of chronic disease would be eliminated. “So there really is so much that is right within our control.”

Meanwhile, the PCN offers many series of sessions that help guide participants to healthier lifestyles, such as Health Basics, Happiness Basics and Anxiety to Calm programs. There’s also a five-week program aimed at helping participants with various sleeping problems. Programs about dealing with grief, relationship issues and chronic pain are also available. Health Basics remains one of the more popular programs, focusing on eating well, weight control and exercise. “It’s positive and it’s empowering - it’s a lifestyle program, and can really help people get going on those things,” she said, adding it’s suitable for those dealing with weight issues, high blood pressure and/or diabetes for example. A reminder - folks can refer themselves to these programs. They no longer need a doctor to do so on their behalf. “The other cool thing about that is that you can bring a friend.” And looking ahead, the PCN is also hosting the 2018 Red Deer PCN Women’s Fun Run which is set for May. To that end, there are some activities planned to help participants prepare for the main event like the online ‘Hawaii Trek’ which was launched recently, but folks can sign up for it anytime. “We’ll keep it open right up until the Fun Run,” she said, adding that participants, via their recorded steps, can see their progress around the Hawaiian Island. On Feb. 11th, together with Bower Ponds, staff from the PCN is also hosting a little Olympic event in the early afternoon. “Dr. Kerri Johnstone is leading a walk/run around the pond and there will be prizes,” she said, adding there will also be a scavenger hunt, skating and hot chocolate to enjoy. Also coming up is a Health Cafe on ‘Beating the Winter Blues’ at the PCN office on Feb. 26th at 1:30 p.m. For complete details and more information, check out

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mation on r o f in e r o m for s. Inquire now to match your interest gram the best pro

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New Year New You

4 Wednesday, January 24, 2018

hit in the past, and they allow folks to really connect with the visiting writers as well. On the musical side, the Laren Steppler Band drops in on March 24th. “The concept of ‘up close and personal’ is there as well - you get the chance to chat (what the artists) afterwards,” she explained. A number of clubs are also held at the Golden Circle, including the Photography Club, Horseshoes Club, the Socrates Cafe (a philosophical discussion group) and the Red Deer Art Club. Support groups are also an important part of what the Golden Circle provides members and the community at large with as well. The Asperger Support Group is set up for people living with Asperger’s. This group meets the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Golden Circle. Family members supporting people with Asperger’s meet the third Thursday of the month, with

Golden Circle continues to expand programming


Staff and volunteers at the Golden Circle continue to develop and expand programming to reach more folks across the region. From fitness programs, musical concerts, Thursday evening dances, various support groups to all kinds of opportunities to learn brand new skills - there is much to explore, said Monica Morrison, executive director. In terms of bolstering one’s fitness, there is the Sit and Be

Fit program, the Zumba Gold Fitness Class, the Stretch, Flex & Strengthen program, the Move & Groove 50+ Fitness just to name a few. There are also six yoga classes to choose from as well. “We are really focusing on physical well-being,” she added. “You’ve got to keep the body moving - it’s so important. I can’t stress how important it is.” Something new heading in 2018 is a drumming circle, the next session of which runs Feb. 14th. “We did one before Christmas,

and we had over 30 people,” said Morrison, adding a few dates are set aside over the coming months as well. “It’s a way of communicating, it’s an exercise format as well. Apparently there is also something about just getting together through music. It’s very therapeutic,” she added. Also relatively new and popular are ‘Meet the Author’ events. The next one coming up is on Jan. 30th, and will feature Lori Feldberg of Wetaskiwin and Red Deer’s own Miji Campbell. These events have proven a

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meetings starting at 7 p.m. as well. Also in the works for 2018 will be a focus on getting more men involved with programs and activities at the Golden Circle, said Morrison. A recent community conversation was held with other groups in town, and an initiative called ‘Mangagement’ was born out of that. “The whole idea is to look at organizations that are working with men. “What do men engage in, how do you reach them, and what is available in our community? From our conversations we had recently with the other organizations, we now want to figure out a creative way to actually go to the community and invite the guys,” she said. “How that’s going to look, we aren’t sure yet - but we will be really working on projects in 2018 on how we get the older men in Red Deer together.” For more, check out www. or call 403343-6074.

‘Make Some Time’ encourages mental health discussion at RDC

The timing of the event is key as well, with that post-Christmas slump and darkened winter days often exacerbating ‘the blues’, he said. Red Deer College is encouraging students Various prizes will be awarded for sharing to start an online conversation through Make these thoughts throughout the week. This is a Some Time, which started Jan. 22nd, on how Red Deer College campaign and will lead into they maintain a healthy balance. the RBC sponsored Alberta Colleges Athletic The week will be packed with all kinds of activ- Conference (ACAC) campaign, ‘Make Some ities and special events to encourage students to Noise for Mental Health’, on Jan. 27th. build a balanced, healthy schedule in their lives. ‘Movies for Mental Health’ runs at the “Red Deer College offers several programs and Welikoklad Event Centre Jan. 24th, which feaactivities that help complement students’ busy tures four short films, and a panel of speakers academic schedules. Campus Recreation hosts including two students who will share their mena variety of activities and the RDC Students’ tal health journey. There will also be pizza and Association plans a lot of fun events including beverages which will be provided free of cost. several mental health initiatives throughout the On Jan. 25th, there will be nutrition tables and year that contribute to a well-rounded college therapy dogs at the RDC residence. Nutritious experience,” said Steve Lane, associate vice-pres- snacks will be provided starting at 8 a.m. and ident academic, research and student affairs. therapy dogs will be in the Residence Tower “RDC offers resources and services to students hallways from noon to 2 p.m. On Jan. 26th there will be Disney movies and that support their mental health. The Counselling and Career Centre provides free resources to snacks in the living room from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. those who want help in creating a balanced including movies, fort building and snacks. life schedule and finding healthy On Jan. 27th, ‘Make Some Noise file photo ways to manage the challenges.” for Mental Health is running. From Jan. 22nd to 27th, Make Some Noise for Mental RDC students will have the Health is an Alberta Colleges opportunity to discuss Athletic Conference (ACAC) campaign to methods of coping with promote mental health stress using the hashtag #MakeSomeTimeRDC awareness on campuses. on RDC social media. RBC is a presenting part“It’s one of those colner, and the campaign is laborative events where endorsed by the Canadian a number of people will Mental Health Association be involved,” said Lane of (CMHA) in Alberta. the week’s activities. “It also Folks are also invited to culminates with some athletics enjoy some exciting RDC volat the end of the week to try and leyball and basketball action while help ‘make some noise’ in order to try showing their support for mental health and help stigmatize mental health (issues) and initiatives as well. that type of thing,” he added. Register online for a chance to win a $250 gift “That’s the overall goal, to try and put together card to the Campus Store provided by RBC, who a week of events and activities that help to make will choose the winner after the event. RBC will people more willing to speak out or seek help provide pizza prizes for select attendees during and to try and raise awareness around mental the basketball games in the RDC Main Gym. health for everybody. It’s also about creating an ‘We have a lot of young people who are moving environment where those who are suffering from from adolescence into adulthood, and there is a anxiety or depression can reveal that to someone lot of change going on and a lot of things coming and seek some help.” at them,” said Lane. BY MARK WEBER

New Year New You


Wednesday, January 24, 2018 5

is the new me ‘If it does not challenge you it will not change you’ is a common phrase you will hear when you’re at an Orange Theory Fitness workout. When I first moved to Red Deer in April of last year, I decided I wanted a change from the typical everyday gym workout. I wanted a challenge. I decided to give Orange Theory a try, and let me tell you, I was quite intimidated when I went into the class for the first time, as the trainer listed off some of the things I should know. That intimidation quickly left as I began my workout and started on my now, almost one-year fitness adventure. The workout is quite unique in that it uses a heart rate monitor to track your progress and keep you in a target zone. Your name appears up on the screen above you while you are working out, and the key is to get in that orange zone. Without going into depth into the science of it all, it’s a great workout and anybody can do it. Yes, it’s challenging and very high intensity, but there are modifications throughout the one-hour that can be done by everybody and anybody. Little did I know that first day when I walked into the studio that it would change my life for the better. The motivating question that’s often asked is, ‘What do you burn for?’ That question really resonates with me, as many of us burn for so many different reasons. We could burn for our health, to prepare for our wedding day or simply for eating that slice of pizza when we get home. For me, I burn for my anxiety and my health. I can honestly say that once I set foot in that studio, my stresses from the day melt away, and I’m able to focus on the challenges of the class. Even though some days I’m sore and don’t necessarily burn as many calories as I would like after the class, I feel better, healthier

Carlie Connolly

and stronger than I did the day before. The workout is also never boring. You switch between the treadmill, rower and floor for weight exercises, and every day is a new day. The exercises change daily and the music is never the same. The one thing that doesn’t change is the constant encouragement and motivation from the coaches. There is also that sense of accomplishment, as the coaches often ask you to high five the person next to you. I’ve never considered myself the most fittest woman in the world,

but boy does Orange Theory make me feel fit. I’m happy to say that I can now do push-ups without falling over and burpees with ease. I’ll be approaching my 100th class pretty soon and it’s been great to look back at the progress I’ve made. Orange Theory has helped me realize I don’t need to do those fad diets and I can still eat what I want while looking and feeling great. I look forward to those days after work where I can go and get a good workout in. I’ve also convinced my man to come along for the ride with me, and it’s nice to have that extra motivation!

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New Year New You

6 Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tips for the healthiest workouts when you are expecting


Working out while you’re pregnant doesn’t have to be a

daunting task. Jack Wheeler, owner of 360


Fitness in Red Deer has laid out some tips for those who are expecting and still want to get a good workout in. The first thing a woman should do is get a doctor’s check. “A lot of times the symptoms of a bad pregnancy might not be on the surface,” said Wheeler, adding that even though people may feel ideal, it’s important to go to the doctor first, and also post-pregnancy, to get checked. He said when it comes to working out while pregnant, there isn’t a whole lot to adjust, but that women need to listen to their bodies a lot more. “You just have to understand your body is not the same as

it was, and you just have to be able to listen to it. “There are some things that pregnant women need to do when they’re exercising to make sure that they’re healthy, that the baby’s healthy and that recovery is key.” Wheeler said a woman needs to understand that her recovery will almost be twice as long as when she wasn’t pregnant. This doesn’t mean, however, that they have to cut their exercise in half; they just need to be mindful of taking that time to recover. “The body might be a little more sore, it might need a little bit more sleep, and you might need a little

bit more in calories,” he said. When it comes to the exercise part, women should tone down or eliminate high-intensity exercises, especially in the second and third trimester. According to Wheeler, some big no’s when you’re exercising are no jumping, no laying flat on your back or stomach and reducing or eliminating high-intensity exercises. “What we mean by that is to keep your heart rate what we consider less than 70 per cent.” He added that 70 per cent is a number they come up with called the maximal heart rate number, a percentage of the number 220 minus your age, which is 100 per cent. “Pregnant women should keep it below 70 per cent of that number,” said Wheeler. Something also to keep in mind, Wheeler said, is that it’s important to remember your body is still strong, it’s just different. “Exercising while pregnant is fantastic for the woman, it’s fantastic for the baby and it’s really good for post-pregnancy recovery.” If women exercise during and after their pregnancies, it can help the heart and lungs. It can also give women an increased appetite and make their muscles stronger. For Wheeler at his own facility, he has clients train with him up until their doctors tell them not to. “The longer we can have our pregnant clients in the gym, the better before birth, and we notice that the closer they can exercise until their due date the faster they come back into the gym, and they’re back to 100 per cent in no time.” Wheeler said any time a woman is going to go through a traumatic experience, the more healthy they are, the better. Especially since the pregnancy process can be a ‘muscular trauma’ for women. “The stronger that their muscles are, especially their cardiovascular muscles, their heart, their lungs and their circulatory system, the better.”


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New Year New You

What will rock our ‘design world’ in 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 7

As the world takes another trip around the It is a wonderfully simple architectural elsun, we are subject to endless lists of what ement to add ‘cool’ to just about any space. was on the top in 2017 and what is going to Terra cotta has also been declared as an esrock our world in 2018. sential design element, so the aforementioned The predictions are in and colours like deep brick works in nicely with that statement. I’m sure they don’t mean run out and buy violet and an intense yellowy teal are suddenly everywhere as we scramble to trend dress our some dollar store pots or a chia pet but soon homes to be as ‘in’ as possible but before you you will be seeing some artistic products run out and start renovating; here are a few made in terra cotta because it has been deitems that have made it back on the charts for clared! Interesting side tables and yard sculptures 2018 – you may already have these elements in your home! which can be used indoors will be debutI know some of my past clients sure do and ing soon at a local design store and watch I remember decorating often with some of for flooring in brick and terra cotta shades these elements. to begin to dominate in newer homes and show homes. Remember that expensive shower you installed in 2004? While you are considering Kim Good news! Architectural terra cotta brick pavers, keep in Wyse Digest has declared that glass mind the multitude of patterns that can be successfully laid out block is cool again! Can I get an amen? I’m sure with a standard 3x6 or 4x8 brick those of you who have the thouor faux brick tile. sands of dollars invested will be Herringbone is also on the extremely happy that you no trendspotting list and it is the longer have to consider ripping pattern to watch for, especially in hardwood flooring. apart your custom walk-in showI know somewhere out there er; you might get away with a is a client jumping for joy who paint update and a new shower invested in extra installation lafloor installation - perhaps in brick. bour and at least 30% more prodBrick is on the scene for 2018, personally uct to get this desired look who now doesn’t I have been using and designing with it for have to worry that her floor is out of date. However you approach 2018 and no matyears and have not gotten tired of the beauty ter where you search for design trends, rest of this product. The warm, amber tones and the reminiscent assured that something you already have in feel to older buildings has always captured my your home is back on the top 20 countdown. attention and now the powers that be have This is the perfect way to preserve that pair declared it ‘a must’ have for 2018. of shoes from the 90’s that you can’t seem to We are going back to old school, terra cotta part with or to point out elements in your brick which is now hip for walls, floors, ceil- home that have been there all along which ings, backsplashes and fireplaces. You don’t are now on trend. have to look far in the design world to see all Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance dekinds of brick and faux brick for just about signer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/ any application. Ask a Designer’.

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New Year New You

8 Wednesday, January 24, 2018


HEARING AIDS help keep your

BRAIN FIT Untreated Hearing loss

Treated Hearing loss

Diminished communication skills and less stimulation of the brain

Improved communication skills

Accelerated mental decline & higher risk of dementia Trouble with remembering & problem solving

Socially active stimulation of the brain Helps keep your brain fit

A person with hearing loss who does not use hearing aids has a higher risk of accelerated mental decline due to withdrawal from social activities

= A person with hearing loss using hearing aids who is socially active is more likely to have a similar risk of mental decline to a person with normal hearing Source: Amieva et al. 2015.

How do people feel about HearWell? Dr. Towers has made my life so much easier. I don’t feel the need to isolate myself any longer, due to my better hearing.

I’m thrilled with what Dr. Towers and I were able to achieve together for my hearing. He listened to my objectives for the process and had a plan to meet all of them.

Janice R. Drumheller, AB

Ron H. Red Deer, AB

“I went to several clinics in Red Deer and no one could help me before Dr. Towers. He is a gift from heaven. I heard my 3 year old grandson speak for the first time.”

Dr. Andrew Towers, Au.D. Registered Audiologist Owner

Lisa H. Red Deer, AB



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403 556 6402

Creekside Professional Centre 4320 50th Ave, Ste #202

Mountain View Credit Union Building 6501 51 St, Ste #103

Toll free: 1 855 400 6414

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No money down, no obligation, every reason to HearWell today! 21 days to try hearing aids for free, followed by an additional 90 day trial period to return or exchange.


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Special Features - New Year New You 2018  


Special Features - New Year New You 2018