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13th annual Peninsula

BUSINESS profiles 2017

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Change happens

Business and residential growth on the Saanich Peninsula is booming


PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

ne can’t help but notice the significant amount of growth occurring on the Saanich Peninsula. A simple walkabout in downtown Sidney alone reveals at least eight different places where new buildings have gone up within the last couple years — or where older buildings have recently been torn down. And that’s just a small sample within a small area. Elsewhere, there are commercial properties along Sidney’s Beacon Avenue and its side streets where redevelopment work is already under way. In Central Saanich as well, new residential and commercial buildings have gone up this year and last — with plenty more on the way over the coming months. And in North Saanich, residential developments are in progress along McDonald Park Road and Canora Road — projects that were approved prior to the last civic election, after which most new development proposals were put on The Marker Group’s The Meridian building on Third Street in Sidney.


(Steven Heywood/News staff)


Over 750 Frames & Over 150 Sunglasses to choose from 250-655-1122 • NEW LOCATION AT 101-2376 Bevan Ave • raydahloptical.ca Conveniently located in Sidney Centre (Facing Capital Iron and Save On Foods) with easy access and lots of parking

Derek and Donna Finlayson are celebrating 15 years in business as the only Saanich Peninsula U-Vint still under original ownership. Having explored the economics of wine-making in the 1980’s, they left professional careers to commence their business in 2002.

The Finlaysons are proud to offer the community On-Premises wine-making services as well as products and equipment for the home vintner at their independently- and locally-owned and operated, family-run business. Their supplier, Peller Estates, purchases juice from top quality wineries and vineyards around the world. Through innovative product development, WINE KITZ creates high quality wines to meet the customers’ exacting standards. The WINE KITZ product, along with Derek and Donna’s wine-making expertise, has earned them awards in local and international competitions.

hold as the municipality began a review of its priorities. Still, there is progress. Even at a public or institutional level, there are new works in play. North Saanich recently finished a renovation and rebuild of its municipal hall and opened new pickleball courts in a park off of Wain Road. In Sidney, construction is under way on the Town’s estimated $14 million community safety building that will replace its existing fire hall. And when that is finally done, the old fire hall will likely make way for a trend of mixed-use development — commercial and residential — growth within the community’s downtown core. On the surface, you can’t help but get the impression there’s a lot of change happening on the Saanich Peninsula. That’s the theme of this year’s Peninsula News Review Business Profiles edition. It’s not so much about individual business profiles this time around, but a profile of our community as it faces new challenges of growth — with a nod to a pair of very large commercial developments on the near horizon.

For more information visit:

Derek and Donna

at their WINE KITZ location

The more things change …

Having a theme of change opens the topic up to many different interpretations — what is change? Is change good? Why do we need change? But one thing is for certain, change is always happening, and the reasons for it are as varied as the people who question it. One person who has been watching the community around him change — and has been a big part of that change in Sidney specifically — is Grant Rogers, owner of the Marker Group. His company has literally changed the face of Sidney over the years. Take the waterfront area alone — the Sidney Pier Hotel, Beacon Park and most recently the addition of the Victoria Distillery — Rogers has contributed to the revitalization of that space and is continuing to do so as the municipality moves ahead with its planning for further change along the shore. Continued on page 6

#5A - 2042 Mills Road West, Sidney 250.654.0300 • winekitzsidney.ca

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

An affordable housing condo building is curently under construction on Fourth Street in Sidney. (Steven Heywood/News staff)

And yet, through economical pricing these world-class wines are available to everyone and for every occasion, from special events such as weddings and family reunions, social entertaining, or simply for personal consumption.


Rogers, who has lived, worked and built in Sidney all of his life, says change is a constant. The only thing that really differs from time to time, is the pace at which it occurs. And the pace is set by a number of conditions — from local government policy and regulations and demand, to federal tax laws as they relate to capital gains. The latter, Rogers pointed out, has affected how communities grow — or do not grow, as the case may be. “Canada has a lot of buildings that last to the end (of their useful lives),” he explained. The owners of those buildings often hold onto them for a long Continued on page 8

What’s new: The Indian Cafe

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

Sahej Singh is taking a chance on Sidney and has opened the community’s first Indian cafe/restaurant on Bevan Avenue at Fifth Street. Singh is a newcomer to Canada and came with a plan. Working with his wife Nav Preed, he used his family’s traditional spices and recipes to create gluten free and vegetarian Indian dishes from his home in Punjab, India. He learned to cook by watching his family, who operated restaurants all their lives. The Indian Cafe is open 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday — and Singh said he hopes to grow, after taking those first small steps to get a new business off the ground. Read more online at www.peninsulanewsreview.com.


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Introducing Dr. Andrew Lewis Dr. Lewis joined Peninsula Lifetime Eyecare this August after completing his training in Oregon. His professional interests include primary care, ocular disease, contact lenses and surgery co-management. Dr. Lewis could not be more excited about returning to Vancouver Island, a place he has long considered home. When not working he enjoys playing hockey, soccer and practically anything outdoors. Dr. Lewis is honoured to be joining the impressive team at Peninsula Lifetime Eyecare. He looks forward to meeting you, and providing unique solutions to meet your specific visual needs.

Chloe Cross, PFP Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning 250-655-2122 Chloe.Cross@bmo.com

Dr. Lewis is accepting new patients. Call today for an appointment! Open Saturdays! • Dr. Aisha Cheng • Dr. Mark Bourdeau • Dr. Chris Hewitt • Dr. Andrew Lewis • Dr. Laurie Brennan 2379 Bevan Avenue, Sidney (At the corner of 5th Street and Bevan Avenue)



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come visit our


Location! 101-7111 West saanich road brentwood bay

2017 marks our 17th year of business in the community Very proudly locally owned and operated by, owner and Pharmacist Colin Chan, who has been a Pharmacist for 34 years - 26 of which have been spent in Brentwood Bay. Business partner, owner and Pharmacist Joe DuQuesnay has been a Pharmacist for 30 years in Brentwood Bay. In our new location we are happy to assist with services including easy prescription transferring, prescription delivery and Live Well medication reviews. Customer appreciation and Seniors days are ever popular with a 15% discount offered on most items. We have expanded many areas of the store including a full service cosmetics department as well as a complete section dedicated to Ideal Protein to serve you better. The team lead by, Store manager Gary Mason are happy to help you with any questions you have about a variety of products and services offered at the store. The close knit group of staff members including Pharmacist Greg, Pharmacy Assistants Shayla and Adam, Cosmetician Sherry, cashiers and merchandisers Aara, Susan, Marilou, Hannah, Lisa, Savanna, Juliette, Ava, Makinley, Arla, Aleah, Isabella, Sandra and Abby offer friendly service and always with a smile attached. At Pharmasave, Community Matters. Throughout the year Pharmasave supports many community events including, Variety Clubs “Boat for Hope”, The annual “Join the Fight” Daffodil campaign, Cops for Cancer, Cupcakes for Cancer, the annual Poppy drive as well as many local events. We are also proud supporters of Little League in Brentwood Bay and the W _ SÁNE´C First Nation.

In the heart of Brentwood Bay

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

and we look forward to serving our customers well into the future.

Locally Owned & Operated!

101 - 7111 West Saanich Road • 250-652-1235 Mon-Fri 9 am - 9 pm • Sat 9 am - 6 pm • Closed Sundays & Holidays7

time, wary of selling them when faced with the capital gains tax. Only when they near retirement might their priorities change and until then, they repair and maintain until the buildings sometimes become unsafe. “In Sidney, there are a lot of properties at the end of their useful lives and property values are up to a point where current uses of these buildings are not at their highest value.” Rogers said a lot of Sidney today hearkens back to when much of it was built in the 1950s and ’60s and there wasn’t a lot of value in overall properties. “Today, we are surrounded by some places with the highest property values in Canada,” he continued. “That drives costs — and need — up.”

Live-work and play

The need in Sidney, as in many other communities, requires an investment in homes and businesses that are not the Continued on page 10

Sidney Crossing: big change coming Plans for close to 100,000 square feet of new commercial property near Sidney are progressing after the Victoria Airport Authority sent development plans for a $50 million project called Sidney Crossing, to the Town of Sidney for review. The project is being developed by Omicron Developments Ltd. on airport authority property. When complete, Sidney Crossing would have a new grocery store, drug store, medical office space, daycare space, restaurants and more in nine new buildings. With road and traffic changes included in the plans, as well as a new pedestrian walkway, Sidney Crossing stands to represent one of the community’s most significant changes in recent years — whose impacts are expected to be wide and varied.

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

Henley & Walden LLP


Henley & Walden LLP has been serving the Saanich Peninsula and beyond for over 40 years. They offer services in many areas, including business and corporate law, wills, estate Dale planning and administration, Henley real estate, family law and civil disputes and litigation. Dale Henley has been practicing law in Sidney for over 40 years and continues to enjoy putting his experience to work for his clients. Chris Straub grew up on the Peninsula and he is pleased to be growing his practice with Chris Henley & Walden and building Straub on existing relationships within the community. Dale and Chris work together on a variety of files, utilizing their skillsets to establish and implement henleywalden.com practical, cost-effective solutions for clients. 250.656.7231

Shared space: Flader Business Centre

lot. In the case of a pair of Sidney entrepreneurs, they combined forces to not only find downtown space for their home-based businesses —but they created another, new business altogether. During a chance meeting on a ferry trip, Richard Flader and Darrel Couzens discovered they had similar needs: their respective businesses needed to grow. To do that, Richard Flader and Darrel Couzens of Sidney’s Flader Business Centre. they needed better visibility (Steven Heywood/News staff) and more room. After searchand renamed it as the Flader ing,” Flader said, adding they ing for space for months, Business Centre, which now have a wait list. a building at the corner of opened in March 2017. The concept, he continJames White Boulevard and Offering office and boardued, is to have each tenant Seventh Street became availroom space to small business- contribute to the operating able. So they bought it last es in similar situations to their costs of the building and to December and retained one own, the six units they had supplement that by renting of its long-time tenants, the available were spoken for even out the boardroom space to Garry Oak Vet Clinic. before they officially opened. small companies that need a The rest of the space, they “That, was pretty surprisroom with access to high-tech renovated and redesigned,

John Bruce

Tony Anna Clemente Clemente

Stephanie David Peat Thickens

services. “Our objective was to get a quality space for our own businesses and share it with others to make it more affordable for everyone.” In addition, Flader said there’s been an added benefit of collaboration between the business owners who have space there. Case in point, Uta Nagel, a designer, put together the Centre’s look, turning a dark space into something elegant and cozy. “We have a passion for collaboration,” added Couzens, “on both small and mass scales.” The Flader Business Centre’s success was recently shared with the Saanich Peninsula Business community, as they were awarded Best New Business in the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce’s annual Crystal Awards. — Steven Heywood/PNR

Bill Knowles

Dan Van der Vlugt

Robin Lewis

Frances Wade

DFH Real Esate Ltd. 2405 Bevan Avenue Sidney 250.656.0131

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s businesses grow, they look to spread their wings a little — or a


Bayshore Home Health’s

Sidney Branch

Award Winning Home Care

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

Meet our Sidney admin team who support our extraordinary care givers on the Peninsula who each and every day are enhancing the quality of life, independence and dignity of our clients in their homes.

re.ca ore.ca

Colleen Frampton

Kerry Bowman

Terra Munro

Deb Short

The former Peninsula Co-op gas bar in downtown Sidney at the corner of Bevan Avenue and First Street has been torn down to make way for redevelopment. (Steven Heywood/News staff) traditional single family homes with picket fences — the dream of home ownership held by people of a certain generation. Rogers said his company has taken a building at the end of its useful life — on Fourth Street in Sidney — and cleared it out to make way for the modern iteration of housing for the audience that Sidney as a community is trying to attract: young families. His new project is called The Quartet and Rogers said it’s an experiment for his company. It’s a 22-unit complex, with 19 one, two and three-bedroom residential units, with three live-work units on the ground floor. “We think young people who are in business are looking for those options,” he explained, “to be able to afford both a place to live and a place to work.” Continued on page 12

The corner of Beacon Avenue and Third Street in Sidney is being eyed for redevelopment in the future. (Steven Heywood/News staff) Lucia White

Stasia Hartley

Bayshore Home Health strives to make a difference in our client’s lives – every visit, every time.



Victoria Nanaimo Sidney 778.749.0014 250.370.2253 250.370.2253 778.841.0109 778.749.0014 #380 1900 Rd #204 1650 Terminal AveRd #102 9840 Fifth 9840 St 1900 Richmond #102 Fifth StRichmond#380

Nanaimo 778.841.0109 #204 1650 Terminal Ave

www.bayshore.ca Bayshore HealthCare has been enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of Canadians in their homes since about 1966. Recently awarded a 2017Sidney team To learn more how Bayshore HealthCare has been enhancing the the quality Vancouver Island Business Excellence Award in the Health Care category, a 2016 of life, dignity and Crystal Award for Business Excellence in the in category ofhomes Contribution to the independence of Canadians their since 1966. Recently awarded a 2017 can assist you, call the Sidney branch today! Community and named one of Canada’s Best Employers 2016 by Forbes Media. www.businessexaminer.ca


Vancouver Island Business Excellence Award in the Health Care category, a 2016 Crystal Award for Business Excellence in the category of Contribution to the Victoria CommunitySidney and named one of Canada’s Best EmployersNanaimo 2016 by Forbes Media.

e.ca 10




#102 9840 Fifth St

#380 1900 Richmond Rd

#204 1650 Terminal Ave

Bayshore HealthCare has been enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of Canadians in their homes since 1966. Recently awarded a 2017



A small corner lot at Bevan Avenue and Third Street in Sidney will be redeveloped as a townhouse unit. (Steven Heywood/News staff)

SpineCare Chiropractic At SpineCare Chiropractic, Dr. Stan’s goal is to ensure that every member of our community gets the care and knowledge they need to keep their spine and Nervous System functioning as well as possible. It’s as simple as that! At SpineCare, “Tuning Up” spines is what we do BEST! Call us for a spinal examination and learn how to improve YOUR spine and your overall well-being. You don’t need to wait until your back hurts. Better to get tuned up so that you DON’T hurt! At SpineCare... Dr. Stan Marcus, D.C.

7139 West Saanich Rd., Brentwood Bay 778-351-1215 • www.spinecarechiro.ca

Since 1984, the Sidney Lions Food Bank has serviced the Saanich Peninsula relying solely on the generosity of the community. The Sidney Lions Food Bank receives no government funding. As we head into our busiest season of the year we are appreciative of our community’s continued generosity and donations. To find out how to help The Sidney Lions Food Bank visit sidneylionsfoodbank.com or call us 250-655-0679 Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8AM - 2PM

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

Helping those in need through those who care.


The concept is based loosely on European designs and even the old idea that the proprietor of a store or business of any kind, lives in close proximity to it. “Sidney needs young families and professionals to thrive,” Rogers said, “and new ways of thinking will help make that happen.” Rogers said the goal is to try to make people’s lives more affordable. While he knows his buildings are often used by people who are downsizing from single family homes, many other buyers represent a world that has changed from 10 to 15 years ago. “People are living differently. This new generation is willing and wants to live in a way that’s different from their parents.” The Quartet is expected to start construction early in 2018 and take 14 to 15 months to complete. Rogers has been continuing to bring new ideas to the table for years and most recently his company completed The Meridian of Third Street — a mixed-use and modern structure that took the place of an older building that had once been a furniture store and

which had sat vacant for a while. Today, there are a few other buildings sitting vacant in downtown Sidney. Some are being looked at for redevelopment — such as the corner lot at Beacon and Fourth Street, just down the road from a multi-storey, affordable-unit condo building being built by the Greater Victoria Rental Housing Association. There’s no question that Sidney is looking to grow upwards. Not far away, the intersection of Bevan Avenue and First Street is undergoing change. The site of the former Peninsula Co-op gas bar is being demolished and cleared for redevelopment. And right across the street, the same thing will happen to the former Boondocks Restaurant building property. Right up the road from there, a small lot at Bevan and Third Street has been cleared to make room for a new townhouse project. It seems almost every available square foot of space in downtown Sidney is eyed for change. And Sidney isn’t the only place where change happens. Continued on page 14

Sandown: in a horse race North Saanich’s former horse racing track has been eyed for redevelopment in the years since it closed. Owned by the Randall family, the site has been split in a deal worked out with North Saanich: 12 acres of commercial land and 83 acres transferred to the municipality for agricultural use. The deal is still in process, but already, Canadian Tire has come out as the commercial site’s first confirmed tenant, leading to the idea that the area will be comprised mainly of box stores — or Canadian Tire acting as the anchor for other commercial tenants. Before it all happens, however, the site’s former grandstand out outbuildings have to be demolished.

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

80 Juried Artisans 25+ New


the 28th


Sweet Talk

December 9-10 Mary Winspear Centre

Lingerie, Loungewear & Intimate Apparel

2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney, BC

A great place to buy those intimate essentials that not only make you look good…they make you feel good. Let our professional bra fitters Hazel and Bea transform your silhouette, enhance your well-being and allow you to look and feel your best. New fall warm nightwear is arriving along with elegant lingerie and loungewear that will lend a feeling of glamour and well-being. Lots to choose from. Why not treat yourself…You deserve the best! We offer free gift wrapping with purchase!

Saturday 10-5 | Sunday 10-4 Glorious Food | Live Music | Hourly Draws $4 Weekend Pass | Children Under 12 Free

Pre-Christmas Storewide Sale Nov. 1st. Great time to Shop! 2424 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. • 250-656-1002 sweettalksidney.ca

Cottons and Blues in a transition


here’s a saying about something old being new again ... and it can apply to Sidney business Cottons and Blues in a couple different ways. First, cotton shirts and jeans never really do go out of style and that’s one of the clothing store’s main stocks in trade — ever since Kathy Clarke started the business back in the 1970s. Although back then, it was known to its customers as Denim Disco. Re-branded in 1979 as Cottons and Blues, Clarke Kathy Clarke, left, is retiring after close to 40 years in business in Sidney. continued to grow her busiAnna Savage will be taking over at Cottons and Blues on Beacon Avenue. ness, adapting to the various (Steven Heywood/News staff) clothing trends but at the sourcing those natural fabrics, en over by new owner Anna same time, sticking to what saying cotton is hard to find as Savage, who has worked with she knows best and what her Clarke for the last five yards as customers demanded — natu- more clothing manufacturers turn to alternatives, such as a partner. ral fabrics, like cotton. bamboo. Clarke said she’s had a “You always need to have a Second, on the old is new retirement plan for years and variety of items to serve a vaagain angle, is the fact that wanted to put in place by the riety of age groups,” she said. Clarke is retiring this fall — time she turns 60. And while One of the biggest chaland the business is being takshe’s right on schedule with lenges lately, she continued, is

those plans, she said she’s not planning on going anywhere, as Sidney is her home. “That’s good, ‘cause Kathy is helping us out at Christmas still,” quipped Savage, noting that time of year is still very busy for Cottons and Blues. “We ave a very loyal following.” Clarke added 2017 has been a very good year for the business, with lots of customer traffic. It has set the stage for a positive transition this year. And it’ll mean she and husband Garry will be on track to start their travels. Clarke said she will miss her long-time customers and she would tell anyone getting into business these days to do as she did — and not over extend themselves. “Pay your bills, sooner than later,” she said, adding there’s nothing quite as liberating — personally and professionally — as being debt-free.

9746 5th St., Sidney | 250-656-1970

With our 29th Anniversary just around the corner, most of you know who we are despite a few name changes. If you have not found us yet please hunt us down, just a half a block off Beacon Avenue south of Fifth Street. Our ladies wear has grown to where it could fill it’s own store. Our industrial is still leading the market for value and durability, and our men’s casual and business casual has everything you need for work or after work. Our Holiday collection is arriving daily and looks great this year. Please keep us in mind when shopping for your loved ones or when you just want to look and feel good. Orange should be used as: C-0, M-60, Y-100, K-0 Grey Should be used as: C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-50

For Pantone PMS Colours please contact Watermark 403-228-7949

Thank you allowing us to serve the best little town in the world for 29 years! Doug Bateman

is a travel company offering traditional and unique holidays, cruises and vacations to places around the world. Normand fields enquiries locally at their Sidney location on Bevan Avenue as well as keeps busy with requests from across Canada and the USA for his specialties in Tahiti, Fiji, the South Pacific and unique Small Ship Cruising experiences. Stop by and find out for yourself why we get so many 5 star ratings

for our services.



2407 Bevan Avenue 250385-3001 FarAndAwayAdventures.com

Normand Schafer

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Far & Away Adventures


ANNOUNCEMENT Sidney All Care Residence

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

is pleased to announce Judy Peterson will be taking on the new role of Community Enrichment Manager.  Judy will be managing our recreation department as well as Community Relations. Judy has been with the Sidney All Care Residence family since October 2014 and has developed and led an exceptional recreation team and programs.  She has partnered with the previous Community Relations Manager with many of the events and workload and is acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities in this unique role. Judy has developed robust relationships with our residents, their families and the community of Sidney. Judy is excited about the opportunity to expand her knowledge and her skills in this new role and we are eager to support her to continue to make Sidney All Care Residence the premier senior living community in Sidney. Enriching the lives of seniors has always been her passion.


The Marker Group’s The Quartet, coming soon. (Steven Heywood/News staff)

New buildings have gone up recently in Saanichton and Brentwood Bay and more are coming. Rogers’s company bought the site of the former United Church in Brentwood Bay and is in the process of redeveloping that into The Arbours — a building that will cater to downsizers, helping keep people in the community longer. He said it’s also a live-work concept — a continuation of the experiment he is starting in Sidney.

… the more they stay the same

Judy Peterson

Community Enrichment Manager

For more information or to book a tour please contact

Judy Peterson 778-351-2505 or email jpeterson@allcarecanada.ca

www.allcarecanada.ca Sidney All CAre reSidenCe offerS Complex And pAlliAtive CAre

“Change is always happening.” Rogers, who has lived in Sidney his entire life, has seen that year after year. In some form, there is change — whether that is building a new recreation centre (Panorama) and large hotel on the waterfront (Pier), to what’s possibly coming at the Sidney Crossing and Sandown Property developments. “There are always people who say they don’t want it,” Rogers said. “but I’ve lived here all my life and it’s been changing this whole time.” Most change — or specifically development change — is driven by the largest population to inhabit North America: the Baby Boomers. As their lives change, he said, so do their needs. That’s what is driving new projects on the Saanich Peninsula, supplemented by what new generations are asking for in their own lives. And the latter are looking for new ways to be able to afford the lifestyle they want — and that is getting away from detached homes and yards. “Simplicity seems to be the new reality.” n

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Peninsula, offering hobbyists a great Stormy the Windsor Stormy the Windsor dealDog of choiceand for allthe sorts ofrest projects.


Whether it’s doors, flooring, Whether it’s doors,goods, flooring, mouldings or paneled we have mouldings or paneled goods, we got a variety of choices. We also have run got a variety of choices. We also run a full service door shop, pre-hanging a service shop, pre-hanging ourfull own unitsdoor and offering machine to our ownswap unitsover andservice. offeringWe machine to match also have match over service. We alsoof have oneswap of the largest selections one of the largest selections of live-edge and specialty lumber on the live-edge and specialty lumberaon the Peninsula, offering hobbyists great Peninsula, offering a great deal of choice for allhobbyists sorts of projects. deal of choice for all sorts of projects.

Windsor Plywood on Keating Cross Road has been serving the Saanich Peninsula Windsor Plywood Cross Roadto has been serving Saanich Peninsula since 1975. Comeon by Keating the store, say hello Stormy and talkthe to one of our helpful since 1975. thewe store, hello Stormy and to one of our helpful staffCome aboutby how cansay help youto complete yourtalk home renovation. staff about how we can help you complete your home renovation.

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

Dog andWindsor the rest of the of the Windsor Plywood team has Plywood team has made it our mission our Windsor Plywood on Keating Cross Road has made beenhelp servingitthehomeowners Saanichmission Peninsula to to help homeowners get the best options since 1975. Come by the store, say hello to Stormy and talk to one of our helpful getfor thetheir best home options staff about how we can help you complete for your home renovation. their renovationhome needs! renovation needs!

VICTORIA ∙ 2120 KEATING CROSS RD. VICTORIA ∙ 2120 KEATING CROSS PHONE: (250) 652-5632 ∙ FAX: (250) 652-4324 RD.

VICTORIA ∙ 2120 KEATING CROSS RD. MONDAY - FRIDAY:∙ 7:30am-5:30pm PHONE: (250) 652-5632 FAX: (250) 652-4324 SATURDAY: 8:30am-5:00pm ∙ SUNDAY: CLOSED MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:30am-5:30pm 15 SATURDAY: 8:30am-5:00pm ∙ SUNDAY: CLOSED

PHONE: (250) 652-5632 ∙ FAX: (250) 652-4324

PENINSULA BUSINESS PROFILES November 8, 2017 / peninsulanewsreview.com

It’s more than what donations buy, it’s what donations do.


Donations don’t just build facilities and buy

These and other improvements, including a

equipment; they change lives. That's why we

new echocardiogram service for testing and

are dedicating the next year to raising $2 million

diagnosis, will benefit everyone in our

to support important modernizations of our

community. With your support we can make

hospital, from Emergency to Residential Care

our hospital even better. After all, you never

and Palliative Care.

know when you might need help.

Your donation will help us do more for our patients, staff and community. your community, your health 250-652-7531 sphf.ca

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Special Features - 13th Annual Peninsula Business Profiles 2017  


Special Features - 13th Annual Peninsula Business Profiles 2017