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To DIY or not, that is the question


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Modern manners for today’s wedding


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is where your love is this is the main area where you will maintain your intimate connection with your partner.

By Laurel T. Colins


ongratulations! You are about to be married and are embarking on a wonderful new chapter of life with your spouse. As a decorator and Feng Shui consultant, I offer these wise words: create a home that nurtures you both. Three areas I like to focus on especially are considered to be the health trinity: bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Every morning you begin your day waking up in the bedroom, then into the bathroom for self care, and lastly to the kitchen for a meal before you are off and running for the day. At day’s end you are back in the kitchen for a meal before rinsing off the remains of the day in the bathroom, and retiring to the bedroom for restorative sleep where the cycle begins again. THE BEDROOM This is where your day begins and ends. As a couple, the bedroom is your most intimate space. It is also the room where you sleep and rejuvenate, and this room should be a romantic sanctuary. Integral to this retreat

is a supportive, comfortable mattress and luxurious bed linens. The most common complaint I hear from couples is the challenge of managing different body temperatures when sleeping. I recommend using a wool mattress cover in these cases as wool has temperature regulating properties. Feng Shui principles suggests positioning your bed in such a way that it is possible to have night tables and lamps on both sides (representing equal rights), and matching them to reinforce your “pairing.” Do not position your bed on a wall that has a toilet behind it. If you have an ensuite, the door should be closed at night. Blackout curtains are a must for a good sleep and adding soft lighting and a scented candle or some gentle music will promote intimacy. Avoid having the TV or computer in this room, and put your cell phones on airplane mode at bedtime. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining and growing your bond with your spouse in this area. It is essential to keep close and intimate. Make it a priority since

THE BATHROOM The bathroom is equally important in your first home together. You may be lucky enough to have separate bathrooms, but if you are sharing make sure both your toiletries and accessories can be stored conveniently. Purchase stacking storage containers or baskets if no cupboard space is available. Ensure your mirror is the correct height. Never allow one of you to have to slouch or bend to see in the mirror as this person will feel (unconsciously) they don’t belong here. You both need to feel at home, comfortable and relaxed in this room as very important functions happen here. Keep this room very clean and remove garbage daily. It is a good idea to have a plant and some artwork with soothing nature scenes. If you have a bathtub, a jar of sea salts and lavender would be a great addition to this room and a perfect remedy to soak away the stress of the day before retiring to your bedroom. THE KITCHEN The kitchen is vital as it is where you will be preparing your daily meals. Make sure your kitchen is clean and uncluttered, and only keep on the counter the tools you will use regularly. Create a space that is easy for you to cook in — alone or together. If both of you are working, plan meals at least a day or two ahead. A slow cooker is a

wise investment as there are so many recipes for all types of diet preferences that can be prepared easily and ahead of time. There is nothing like coming home to a ready-made meal after a long day at work. Don’t fill your kitchen with gadgets you will never use. These cause stress (often unconsciously) every time you look at them as you are reminded that you are not using them (guilt). Make dishes and cutlery easy to put away after cleaning and use stainless steel, cast iron and eco-friendly cookware. Keep your fridge and pantry organized. Do a little every day so it doesn’t build up to an overwhelming task. Have plenty of storage containers on hand for bulk pantry items used regularly. This can really tidy up the look of your cupboards and streamline your cooking process. According to Feng Shui principles, using the colour white in your kitchen will promote creativity and a harmonious family life. Including a green plant or two helps stimulate good health as plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air producing the oxygen needed for life. Having a space you enjoy cooking in for your family and friends helps keep those important relatioships healthy. Simplifying this process and making it enjoyable is essential, leaving more time for fun and recreational activities to share with each other. You both need to feed your souls to stay happy as individuals, which keeps you happy as a couple as well.


Sunshine & string lights S

cott Millard and his bride-to-be, Michelle Roberts, wanted to host their wedding in Scott’s hometown, Nelson B.C. Though they met and now live in Ontario, it was important to them to showcase the unique little city where Scott grew up. Michelle and Scott hoped for a location that was versatile enough for the ceremony and reception, and large enough to host everything in one place so their guests, arriving from across the country, didn’t have to travel between venues. Georama Growers, a much loved family owned greenhouse nestled in the hillside above Tagum Beach, was the perfect fit. The couple situated their ceremony on the west-facing lawn, perfect for late afternoon sunlight. They decorated the large, empty greenhouse with string lights and hand-made 6 | WEST KOOTENAY BRIDE |2017

decorations, and gave each guest a wedding favor made by Kootenay vendors. They also left a generous amount of space at the far end of the greenhouse so their friends and family could crowd the dance floor to the tunes of 80s cover band Val Kilmer and the New Coke. With a desire to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones, and give them a party to remember, Michelle and Scott led by example. They made massive paper mache letters, M and S, to carry around all day, which doubled as excellent obstacles and props on the dance floor. Michelle chose an elegant floor-length, hand-painted gown. Being a practical woman however, she knew it would need an alteration before she could fully participate in the evening’s events.

The morning of their wedding, the sky threatened to rain. A change in plans proved unnecessary when the clouds opened as the couple met in Scott’s parents’ backyard for their First Look with photographer, Bobbi Barbarich of Three Owls Studio. The wedding party then went to Lakeside Park, where Scott spent his summers as a kid, for more photos. Michelle’s dad gave her away and also acted as their commissioner, a heart-warming element of their ceremony. After the nuptials, Michelle and Scott took a few moments alone in the meadow beside the Georama property for couple photographs while guests enjoyed cocktails and local beer. They then walked with their guests up to the greenhouse for dinner. Once bellies were full and speeches were delivered, Michelle’s cousin lead the guests in tango lessons. It soon became clear Michelle’s dress would need that alteration, so she stood on the table and cut it off at the knee, making it the perfect length for dancing all night long under the star-filled sky.

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BANQUET CATERING SERVICES to please and delight your special guests on your special day!

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By Andrea K. Bell

There are those who think the idea of planning their own wedding sounds like a dream come true, and there are those who do not. For some, the idea of taking on a dinner party with 20 guests falls somewhere below root canals and insurance lawsuits on the “Things I’d Like To Do With My Time” list. Meanwhile, there are many who simply cannot wait to start matching tealights to invitation fonts. What may surprise you is that those who think they are the perfect wedding planners often aren’t, and conversely, those who dread the idea of sorting where to put all the fluffy details, often are. It’s not necessarily an easy feat to decide which catagory you fall into, but for the sake of argument, let’s look at some things you maybe haven’t considered and give you some idea of whether hiring a planner or doing it yourself (DIY) is the best choice for you. First and foremost, it’s not just the bride planning the wedding. You will often hear people say the day belongs to both of you, that it’s your partner’s big life moment as well. But we’re not talking about your future other half. We’re talking about their mother.Or yours. Or your best friend. Or those best friends you didn’t know you had until you mentioned the word “engaged.” On one hand, if you are relaxed and have a very laissez-faire attitude around the process, and the event is not massive or complex, it can be an amazing opportunity to bond over shared memories and create new ones as well.

However, and this is maybe the biggest “however” of the entire affair to consider, there are few weddings that didn’t have someone come to the table wielding the Scepter of Wedding Planning Righteousness. If you are not prepared to keep your mother-in-law in line or be honest with your sister about bringing “that guy” to the wedding, then it is often best to hire someone to do that for you. If you think you are merely taking on bows and sparkle, be forewarned: the part nobody wants to talk about is the role you will play as mediator, babysitter, therapist, decorator, organizer, and partner to your soon-to-be spouse. One of the foremost responsibilites of a wedding planner is to relieve the couple from the task of having to answer texts every thirty seconds or explain what stage things are at. They alleviate both your stress and the stress of those who are stressing for you. A planner is paid for their time, therefore it is rarely wasted on trivial questions and constant updates. Being able to defer to, “I’m not sure, you’d have to talk to my planner,” can be a lifesaver in the case of overly-helpful and well-meaning people. “Your wedding planner has your back like nobody else,” says Rebecca Richichi from Nelson’s Florist & Event Rentals. “You deserve to have a stress-free day. This is your day and it can’t be repeated.” Generally we assume DIY will save us money. This can be true, if you are creative already and you don’t spend a

fortune on supplies. Check out the site PinterestFail.com. If what you find there is more along the lines of your crafting ability, you may want to reconsider the path you take. Also, keep in mind a planner knows the least expensive options you haven’t considered and they regularly get a better price from vendors they work with often. Don’t forget the time it will take. “We are a busy society of people these days. Always on the move and always plugged in,” says Richichi. With a planner “years of experience are now yours to use.” If you plan to DIY any aspect of your wedding, be realistic as to how much time you have and are willing to invest. Never leave things to the last minute and always budget your time. Make sure you are working in a way you enjoy and are not going to enter the downward spiral of regret as you get closer to the event. If crafting is a chore, find another way. In short, if you are very organized and creative, you can likely pull off a gorgeous DIY wedding, possibly with much less expense than going the traditional route. Think carefully about your choice so you don’t get in over your head, and if you do have doubts, there is no harm in simply meeting with a wedding planner to see if that might be a better fit for you and your spouse-to-be. Photos by




hen groom Clay Mitchell first told me he was going to arrive at the ceremony on water skis I was not certain it was a good idea. His plan was to let go of the rope and glide into the arbor, wedding suit on and ready to meet his bride, Mya McLaughlin. On the Friday before the wedding, after much thought and a lot of convincing from me, I finally got Clay to agree to ski into the ceremony in board shorts and then change into his suit when he got to shore. It was the most unique groom entrance I have ever seen. Saturday morning’s forecast was for 37 degrees, and the Hume Hotel staff were hustling around placing 120 chairs in 10 | WEST KOOTENAY BRIDE |2017

the blazing sun while my team and I were setting the tables under the tents for the reception. Once the floral centerpieces were ready to go on the tables, we set them out along with the homemade jam wedding favours. Timing was everything. The ceremony was set to start at 3:30 p.m., so at 3:17 p.m. I had the guests make their way to the beach, called the boat driver and told him he had nine minutes to get the groom to shore. Eight minutes later, and exactly as planned, Clay arrived on water skis, his mobile change-room ready for him on the beach. Once he was dressed, the ceremony began. The day unfolded with a fun, down-to-earth, easygoing vibe.

After the ceremony, guests had time to have a snack and grab a cocktail from the bar or the canoe filled with cold beer on ice. Dinner was served, speeches followed, and the guests hit the dessert buffet table, piled high with many delicious treats, all made by friends and family of the couple. After the sun had gone down behind the mountain and the bistro lights were lit, the sounds of Bon Iver floated through the air for their romantic first dance. At midnight, and once dinner had worn off and the dance floor was full, out came the pulled pork sandwiches, which had been freshly sliced from the roasted pig that had been sizzling in the pit all day. What a midnight feast! Mya and Clay’s wedding was a happy love fest, a great party, and a true representation of who they are as a couple.

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Dream Wedding Yo u r

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Modern manners For today’s weddings

By Lana Rodlie

Times have changed from the very formal weddings that parents planned for their daughters, says Burl Colins, manners consultant at Image School of Manners. And with the advent of computers, social media, photo-sharing and texting from cell-phones, a whole plethora of new rules (and bad manners) has emerged. But the basics are still there. It just boils down to common sense. “When announcing one’s engagement, it is the rule to inform the bride’s parents first, then the groom’s, then all the immediate family,” says Colins. “This should be done in person by a visit, if not a phone call. And certainly, not on social media before the immediate family is told.” Colins adds, “We want our parents’ blessing on such a personal decision. It would be considered impolite to not give that personal connection, giving one’s family a chance to share in your love and happiness. To post your announcement on social media before your immediate family is aware would be considered poor manners and unkind.” Many family members might not use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and would miss the announcement. Also, brides should make sure to tell closest friends, in person, by phone or on Skype. Hopefully, their friends will know enough to let the announcement come from the engaged couple first. Once that’s done, it’s okay to spread the word on Facebook. Wedding websites are popular these days, so friends and family have the opportunity to follow along with the plans. Sites should include location details, directions, attire suggestions, and of course, the couple’s registry preferences, if they have any. A hashtag should be created and others encouraged to use it so all information, announcements and photos wind up in one place. After the outpouring of

congratulations, be sure to quickly post thank-you messages. Keep public posts positive and never bring up serious issues or use the site as a problem-solving base. This is not the place to complain about people RSVP’ing, bringing extra guests or making cracks about future “monster-in-laws.” Don’t make detailed wedding plans on the site either, keep them private. When posting a picture of the engagement ring, keep out the details such as cost or the size of the carat. “Once you have a date set, you can mail or email a Save the Date notice,” Colins says, “especially if you are having a destination wedding and your friends and family might have to save some money to attend.” Send out traditional paper invites for the main event. Email is okay for pre- and post-wedding parties like the rehearsal dinner or morning-after brunch and gift opening. Don’t include gift registry information on your invites, however, you could include a separate card, Colins says. “Invitations should still be sent to those who have said they couldn’t attend. Life is full of changes and their situation might be different by the time they receive your invitation.” If the bride is dealing with two sets of parents, the formal invitation should list her mother and her spouse first, and then the father and his spouse, assuming all parties are contributing financially to the wedding. “Each situation is different, and in some situations difficult. The wedding should be a happy time and be well thought out so feelings are not hurt.” As for inviting single guests, it is up to the bride and groom to include an invitation to their friends’ partners. And since many weddings are mini family reunions, Colins feels seating single guests together is a good idea. WEST KOOTENAY BRIDE | 2017 | 13

“Ask one of your girlfriends to be a hostess to introduce them to one another and to the extended family. As a wedding host, you want all those in attendance to be comfortable and enjoy your wedding.” At the wedding, stay off your phone. A wedding is a time to be in the moment — you can send photos, tweet or text about it later. Enjoy it while it’s happening. The bride and groom may opt to have a friend be the “tweeter of honour” or they could hire someone to take and post photos. Tweets can also be scheduled beforehand, so they’re ready to go without the hassle. Guests should respect the newlyweds’ rights to post their own wedding photos first, unless they’ve asked someone to do it for them. Not everyone can or wants to be a bridesmaid, but you can 14 | WEST KOOTENAY BRIDE |2017

still honour that special friend. “If you want to have her involved in your special day, you could offer her the job of taking photos during the ceremony and reception to post on social media. The bride and groom should not be touching their phones on that day,” says Colins. Guests should stay clear of the professional wedding photographer or videographer the couple has hired to capture their wedding. It’s best to stay seated during the ceremony, and not lean into the aisle or raise your phone over your head (this isn’t a concert). Standing up or moving around can be distracting to the officiant, get in the way of the pros and ruin the view for other guests. Colins advises when considering the options for the gift, many engaged couples have been living on their own or

There’s an app for that: WeddingWire takes the hassle out of planning with great tips on where to begin. You’ll find seating charts, guest list helper, budget, vendor manager and more at www.weddingwire.com. • Wedding Happy at www.weddinghappy.com has an interesting free app to use as your personal assistant, preloaded with tasks to help with to-dos and alerts for approaching deadlines. You can also use it to share your event with your fiancé, family or anyone else needing access to the same information. •Planning a destination wedding and need help finding hotel rooms for up to 150 guests? Check out Skipper at hiskipper.com. Plug in your wedding location, dates, and the number of rooms needed, and the site will populate nearby hotels at a variety of price points. Smaller parties can lock in discounted rates at one hotel directly through the site (in most cases, 15 per cent off). You can select up to four hotels, and a Skipper booking agent will negotiate deals at each on your behalf and email contracts to secure the group rates. •Registry sites are plentiful on the internet. Try Zola, Amazon or MyRegistry.com, which seems to have the best reviews. You make a list of gifts you’d like to receive and when a guest wants to buy something for you, it’s all there — what to buy and where to get it. Newlywish at www.newlywish.com is a site for registering experiences — dance lessons, cooking classes, massages, concert or sporting event tickets. Post links to these sites on your wedding webpage. •There’s even a free website called AllSeated at www. allseated.com that helps with organizing your venue. You send a photo of the venue and it will send back a 3-D rendering showing digitally how to arrange tables, chairs, bars and other furniture. These graphics can be shared with your caterer, rental company to help make sure the room is set up exactly the way you want it.

living together and might not require material items. A monetary gift is quite acceptable. “In the past, it was the family’s responsibility to marry off their daughters to know that they would be looked after the rest of their days. They offered a dowry as further incentive and as a bargaining agent. The father paid for the wedding and provided a meal for the guests. More often than not, the woman had no say as to whom she married,” adds Colins. Today, many couples pay for their own wedding, but it’s usually the bride’s family that does the planning. In this busy world, many families are turning to wedding planners for help. “We can have destination weddings or we can just elope and save the expense of a wedding,” Colins says. “We can do whatever we want as long as we have respect and kindness in ‘doing our own thing.’”

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Floral Illustration SANDY LEONARD


By Adrian Wagner

The power was out. It was 3 p.m. and Marie-Josee Bourgeois and Patrick St. Pierre’s wedding party was getting ready for the big moment in a string of cabins along the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. As the ceremony time neared, we made the best of the beautiful storm that had risen up in the summer heat — the wind had knocked the power out on the East Shore. Without power, bride Marie-Josee sat outside under the gazebo, working on her hair and makeup using the light from the sky above. The entire bridal party was in fantastic spirits, going with the flow. There is something special about being a photographer in the Kootenays. There is an unpredictability that is always in the air, a dynamic magic that pushes us to create in the moment. 16 | WEST KOOTENAY BRIDE |2017

We must lean into and experience the power of nature around us with open minds and hearts. I find myself working often within a natural environment as vast as the love and connection between the couple. Like a partnership, it is dynamic. The weather can range vastly between rich summer heat, rain and wind, and cool stillness. There are no perfect conditions, but gifts in each that are revealed when we take in the magic of what is. The power was soon restored, and we journeyed onward to the Grey Creek Hall. There was a simple pebble beach that overlooks the vastness of Kootenay Lake. The wind was still blowing, and as we arrived at this hidden gem of a beach, so many natural elements had merged to make the day what it was.

The sky was filled with a rich orange glow from distant summer forest fires and the haze made the lake look like a painting, mountains faded in layers. The sun had come out, the storm had faded, and a strong wind blew off the lake. Waves crashed on the shore in a steady pounding rhythm. And this was the backdrop to this moment of love and union. The flowers, the rings, the incredible feeling of extended family coming together, of tender love, and nervous wonder. All of these elements became more alive in the presence of the natural world. The bride was delighted with the wedding. “The weather that day fueled our fire as a couple. It was so powerful, and so is our relationship. Walking down to Pat that day, with my son and my father was one of the most powerful moments for me,� she said.

Photos by

ADRIAN WAGNER adrianwagnerstudio.com


Columbia Gardens Vineyard & Winery

One of the Kootenay’s most beautiful wedding venues

The romantic ambiance of a vineyard makes for a beautiful wedding setting, creating unforgettable memories and unique wedding photos. Photo by Jennifer Margaret

Start your new life together with a stay in our beautiful

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2017 By Andrea K. Bell After a decade of weddings trying to one-up each other on the personality factor, the time has arrived to embrace the traditional, albeit a much updated and chic version. While recent weddings have spanned the gamut from the burlap and mason jars of a rustic barn theme, to the food trucks and giant glitter balloons of fun hipster, it seems we are looking to get back to the roots of what a wedding traditionally looks and feels like. This coming year is prepped to showcase the best in formal fêtes. Jessica Westerlund from Wink. Wink. Events says, “Anyone planning a wedding should consider using a wedding planner to help along the way. Planners have insight and connections that will end up saving the bride and groom time and money in the end.” She claims hiring a wedding planner to help coordinate on the day of the wedding is a good idea. “They ensure everything runs smoothly and stress-free so the bride and groom can relax and enjoy every moment of the day without worrying about the small things.” Don’t get us wrong, 2017’s look is still about the couple and their personality, but as we seem to have tried on a deluge of nifty looks over the last while, we have been able to let the cream rise to the top and shed the fluff. The new look is pared down, earthy and minimal, but definitely not simple. Hand lettered stationary and letterpress invitations still set the tone for the entire event but rather than overly formal calligraphy, the look is modern and edgy with scripts and fonts that use as much or as little flourish as desired. The paper used is neutral and instead

of whites and ivories, blacks, grays and even velum are en vogue and we can see the watercolour trend from last season carrying through. When decorating their venue this year, trendsetting brides will be keeping things a simple palette of greenery, white florals and aged wood. The beauty of this look is that it is cost effective and so much less time consuming than fussy arrangements. It’s also a scheme that can be made to fit any style just by choosing the right botanicals. If you really want to go for luxe, order in large scale leaves or be sure to go lush. With such a scaled back and organic feel (greens read as neutral) you can use as much as you want without going overboard visually. Catherine Manna from Garden of Eden in Trail says after three decades her expertise in the “wedding experience” is the traditional bride. She says today’s bouquets transition back to those in the 80s with “long cascading ivy greens and natural sweet scenting white flowers ranging from roses, orchids, stephanotis, lily of the valley and gardenias, (which are delicate to the touch), and of course baby’s breath — classic, royal and traditional in every sense of the word.” The bohemian trend of the past few years transitions seamlessly into the floaty, lacy gown choices for 2017. A little more structure and a bit less relaxed in fit in gowns from Anthropologie, to the higher-end designers such as Sottero & Midgley or Suzanna Harward are showcasing some serious style and with a multitude of choices for all bodies. Vancouver’s Laudae features fashion forward designs using the strength of traditional details while allowing a bride

to feel young and fresh and in her element of fabulous. Reformation has just launched a bridal line that is both fabulously vintage and impossibly modern in design. Of course, for makeup the face is fresh glamour and the tresses are a contemporary updo. The fun in this modern classic style may be in choosing a cake you have planned since childhood in a many-tiered, opulent stack of sugary finessing of the type dreams are made of. If you ever thought you would be a princess at your wedding but feel you have perhaps grown out of the idea of a frothy tulle gown like Cinderella wore, your chance to see that happen is with your cake. While not quite as ornate as those from the storybooks, you will see that although the naked cake trend is still a thing, pâtisseries are beginning the turn back toward fancy. Less novelty and more refined versions are starting to emerge and delicate details are back. In lieu of ribbons of icing you may want to incorporate the greenery trend here as well. Meadow Caya from Cake Betty says, “I feel it’s important to stay abreast of cake trends, primarily so my potential clients feel confidant I can deliver what they’ve seen or envisioned. More importantly though, is talking to the bride and groom, getting a sense of their own style and personality. Whatever design they decide upon, I try and infuse something from their personal tastes and vision towards bringing their dream cake to life!” Photos by

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By Amy Robillard

A destination wedding means wedding guests choose to use their sacred vacation time to travel to a destination of the bride and groom’s choosing, all on their own dime. On the surface, it seems rather demanding, but in practice, it may be the perfect answer for a stunning wedding in an exotic local. The added bonus of having a memorable travel experience with family and friends — open bar included — makes it worth considering. Destination weddings have gained popularity over the last few years for a variety of reasons, one being the average Canadian wedding now costs approximately $25,000 according to a survey conducted by Wedding Bells Canada. Couples today are weighing their options and looking for more affordable, yet memorable experiences, and a destination wedding fits that bill. Having planned my own destination wedding in 2011, I am now a firm believer in the value of destination weddings as the dilemma my husband and I faced had more to do with weather and family spread across the country than anything else. We lived in Nelson, my family lived in Toronto and St. John’s, and Rob’s family lived in Ottawa, plus we had a Nelson “family” who we desperately wanted to attend. What would be the easiest and most cost-effective way of bringing everyone together in one location in the dead of a Canadian winter? 20 | WEST KOOTENAY BRIDE |2017

After much deliberation, we chose to have a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort in Playa Santa Lucia, Cuba. We were planning a cycle-touring trip in eastern Cuba for our honeymoon, so it seemed like a logical and economical choice to combine the two events. We gave our guests one year notice so they could organize their schedules and finances if they chose to come. Our guests in Ontario had a direct flight to the resort area within the same time zone, making the journey relatively simple. The journey for the Nelson folks, and my sister in St. John’s, was a little more logistically demanding — their efforts being my most cherished wedding gift. All guests booked through a single travel agent in Nelson, making the whole process relatively easy for all. The cost of the agent was absorbed in the reservation costs, so there were no hidden fees and she took care of all travel arrangements for all guests. Our wedding week was glorious. Our two families had only met once, so they acquainted themselves for a week over Cuba Libres, strong Cuban coffee, and late-night snacks on the beach. Old friends met new friends playing beach volleyball and participating in salsa dancing, and no one had to cook or clean!

Everyone paid their own way, but we provided a few extras like a trip to the historical city of Camaguey, and a catamaran snorkelling trip for our guests at no extra cost, resulting in a group of friends, not strangers, congregating on the beach to witness our union on the big day. Former Kootenay gal, Tara Milne echoes the sentiment after attending a destination wedding with her husband and two sons in Pueto Vallarta, Mexico for her brother’s wedding. “We spent days with all kinds of family. It was spaced over a week so it was a much more relaxed atmosphere. Connections were made in ways that would never have occurred in a different environment.” But what to do if you’re not an all-inclusive traveller and your bestie is tying the knot at one? Tara has some advice — take a break from the wedding festivities. “Being a seasoned traveller I found it hard to be in a resort setting, so we took the boys one day and got on the local bus and took off to explore. We needed the break where we couldn’t be found.

Resorts can be limiting in many ways.” Of course, not all destination weddings are at all inclusive resorts. Tropical destinations are appealing because they offer great value, but it is important for the bride and groom to look at not only the cost, but also at the expectations. If your dream is to get married in a castle in Scotland or on a mountain in the Himalayas, then go for it. But the biggest drawback in having a destination wedding is that some guests may be unable to attend due to financial and time constraints. The wedding couple should be prepared for that. In my experience, a destination wedding was the ideal way to bring friends and family together in a setting the majority of guests would enjoy. Would I do anything differently? I probably would have removed the red polyester table cloths that plague most of my wedding photos. But, I guess at the time, the smiles of my favourite people raising their mojito-filled glasses had me focusing on other things: Rob and I, celebrating our life together witnessed by family and friends on the beautiful beaches of Cuba.



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Chyloe and Solus Chappell tied the knot on September 24 in Nelson where they first met several years ago. The beautiful autumn ceremony took place at Blaylock Mansion, followed by a reception at the Prestige Lakeside Resort. With the help of Dawn Crawford, wedding coordinator at the Prestige, they decided to use the restaurant and open the doors to the patio giving guests the choice to be inside or outside. The weather was warm and sunny and the leaves were dazzling in their resplendant fall colours. With 65 of their closest family and friends the couple said it was the best weekend of their lives and they only wish they could do it all over again!

Photos by

JAIME REICHERT reichertphotography.com


12  11 MONTHS TO GO

groom and bridal party ❏ Reserve a hotel room for the wedding night

❏ Announce engagement ❏ Set a budget ❏ Draft preliminary guest lists ❏ Register for engagement gifts ❏ Gather ideas for the ceremony and reception ❏ Order thank-you notes for engagement gifts ❏ Interview and hire wedding planner ❏ Plan engagement party ❏ Begin dress research ❏ Set a wedding date ❏ Start ceremony and reception location search ❏ Create a wedding website


10  9 MONTHS TO GO ❏ Determine wedding’s color palette and theme ❏ Reserve a ceremony and reception site ❏ Select the members of the bridal party ❏ Reserve a block of rooms for out of town guests ❏ Make bridal salon appointments ❏ Try on wedding gowns ❏ Order and mail save-the-date cards ❏ Start meeting with vendors – photographers, caterers, bakers, videographers, florists, bands & DJs

8  6 MONTHS TO GO ❏ Contact lighting and tent rental companies ❏ Book baker and decide on cake flavor, design and style ❏ Book caterer ❏ Book florist and determine overall style for personal flowers and ceremony and reception décor ❏ Book ceremony musicians and reception band or DJ ❏ Book photographer and videographer ❏ Finalize guest list and mailing addresses ❏ Select an officiate and discuss ceremony service ❏ Pick wedding dress and accessories ❏ Book day of transportation for the bride,


❏ Select bridesmaids’ attire and confirm that each bridesmaid has ordered her dress ❏ Select attire for the flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s) ❏ Provide bridal shower guest list to maid-ofhonor ❏ Finalize invitation design and order wedding invitations with extra envelopes ❏ Reserve rental items ❏ Meet with hair and makeup stylists to discuss ideas ❏ Create song play and do not playlists ❏ Select first dance and other special dance songs ❏ Order wedding rings ❏ Reserve tuxedos for groom, dads and groomsmen ❏ Draft wedding program information ❏ Schedule wedding rehearsal with officiate and bridal party

3  2 MONTHS TO GO ❏ Plan rehearsal dinner, book space and order invitations ❏ Order or make wedding favours ❏ Purchase guest book for guest notes ❏ Finalize flower arrangements for ceremony, reception and personal flowers ❏ Order wedding programs ❏ Mail wedding invitations ❏ Keep a record of RSVP cards received ❏ Schedule a makeup and hair trial ❏ Select gifts for attendants and parents ❏ Write and mail shower thank-you notes ❏ Start drafting the wedding vows ❏ Schedule a tasting with the caterer and confirm reception menu

1 MONTHS TO GO ❏ Draft seating chart ❏ Confirm that each bridesmaid has received her dress ❏ Review ceremony details with the officiate

❏ Apply for a marriage license ❏ Send photo shot list to photographer ❏ Send the play list to band/DJ ❏ Attend bachelor/bachelorette parties ❏ Write your wedding speech/toast ❏ Prepare bride and groom emergency kits ❏ Start breaking in wedding day shoes ❏ Attend a hair and makeup trial and (take pictures) ❏ Schedule a haircut appointment for the groom ❏ Find something old, new, borrowed and blue ❏ Attend final dress fitting ❏ Pick up the wedding rings

1 WEEK TO GO ❏ Pick-up wedding dress ❏ Have groom and groomsmen pick-up their tuxedos ❏ Give the caterer final head count ❏ Send reception location manager final seating chart and drop off seating cards ❏ Distribute wedding day timeline to vendors and bridal party ❏ Distribute contact list to vendors and bridal party ❏ Give ceremony and reception location managers a vendor contact sheet ❏ Confirm wedding day beauty appointments ❏ Confirm wedding day details with all vendors ❏ Pack for honeymoon ❏ Assign day-of responsibilities to attendants ❏ Arrange for someone to send your wedding dress to a preservationist ❏ Arrange for someone to return your groom’s tuxedo to the rental store ❏ Organize tipping envelopes ❏ Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner ❏ Drop off ceremony accessories at ceremony site ❏ Give attendants and parents thank you gifts ❏ Get a manicure and pedicure ❏ Mail thank you cards to guests ❏ Send thank you notes to vendors ❏ Send change of address form to post office ❏ Change bride’s last name on necessary forms






Wedding Invitations




Response Cards Thank You Cards

Bridal Gown & Alterations


Headpiece & Veil


Bride/Groom Accessories




Grooms Tuxedo

Total Cost:

Brides Rings Grooms Rings



Bridal Bouquet


Floral Headpiece

Ceremony Musicians Reception Entertainment

Honour Attendant Bouquet

Wedding Cake

Bridesmaid Bouquet


Flower Girl Bouquet Floral Headpieces





Ceremony Decorations


Reception Decorations

Altar Pieces

Ceremony Officiant

Aisle & Pew Decorations

Rental Equipment/Lighting Wedding Licence Food/Beverage/Catering Rehearsal Dinner Venue Rental Miscellaneous Fees Transportation

Foliage Rentals Cake Top Cake Table Reception Centrepiece(s)

Brides Attendants Gifts

Rehearsal Dinner Centerpiece(s)

Grooms Attendants Gifts



Total Cost: WEST KOOTENAY BRIDE | 2017 | 25

Superstitions & Traditions

The custom of tiered cakes emerged from a game where the bride and groom attempted to kiss over an ever-higher cake without knocking it over.

Rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck, according to Hindu tradition.

In the symbolic language of jewels, a sapphire in a wedding ring means marital happiness.

Beautifully renovated and perfect for weddings, events, presentations, classes, or courses. Features full kitchen, stage and wrap around deck overlooking Kootenay River

Contemporar y Lace Jewelr y

Elaborate OOAK lace wedding embellishments created by hand by esteemed knot designer Terese Bowors p: 250.551.6395 nineteentwentylace@gmail.com

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Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

Brides carry or wear “something old” on their wedding day to symbolize continuity with the past.

Middle Eastern brides paint henna on their hands and feet to protect themselves from the evil eye.

• Sexy lingerie for your big day • Bachelorette and Bachelor party supplies


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Offering sophisticated style and elegance, the Prestige Lakeside Resort in Nelson is the perfect setting for your special day. Nestled between Kootenay Lake and the Selkirk Mountains, we provide stunning lake views with endless locations to say ‘I do’. We offer 4,000 sq. feet of ballroom space and can host everything from rehearsal dinners, to waterfront ceremonies and customized receptions. Our staff will work with you to plan a truly unique event, and our talented culinary team from the West Coast Grill will create a menu that is sure to impress.

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Special Features - West Kootenay Bride 2017  


Special Features - West Kootenay Bride 2017