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Vol. 10 • Issue 2 • Fall 2016



White Rock’s Nicole Munoz pirouettes into her first lead film role — one that taps into her love of dance


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contents VOLUME 10 • ISSUE 2 • FALL 2016




5 Graham Racich, the man behind a

hip White Rock eatery, says everyone should work in the hospitality industry at some point.

13 It’s fall, and the colours are changing. ON THE COVER: White Rock’s Nicole Munoz is bringing her acting career to centre stage. (Photos, cover and above: Kyla Hemmelgarn)

So, too, is fashion this season, and we have the hottest looks for pumpkinpatch perusing.


19 Is it a bird? No. Is it a plane? No. It’s

a float pod. This hot wellness trend’s appeal lies in the fact it’s a natural, non-invasive therapy.

20 Some of British Columbia’s top resorts

offer much more than just rooms. We take you to five destinations designed to relax the mind and body.

From the editor Matthew Hoekstra


he air is cooler, the colours warmer and pumpkin spice is already beginning to find its way into too many dishes and drinks. It’s fall, and if you haven’t yet come to terms with the fact summer is over, throw one last pool party – but do it quick. The sweaters are already coming out. Besides an endless array of tacky Halloween decorations, the autumn season brings us routine. School is back in session, hockey has returned to the ice and dancers are again filling local studios. Whatever recreational pursuit or activity you enjoy, chances are it’s reappeared like an October pumpkin. At this time of year many of us also fall back into exercise routines and wellness regimes. If you’re finding it hard to get into the wellness groove, try one of the travel escapes in this issue. Although a far cry from routine, these B.C. getaways have a lot to offer in improving the body and mind. Healthy living is important to actors like Nicole Munoz, who takes Indulge readers into her world for the fall issue. A lifelong dancer and actor, Munoz is on the cusp of something big following her first lead film role in Center Stage: On Pointe. The physically demanding role allowed the White Rock native to combine her passions of acting and dance. No longer does the 22-yearold dance competitively, so she turns to the 4 Fall 2016 • INDULGE

gym to stay in shape. But she’s quick to remind us to strive for health, not a number on the scale. For a completely different wellness experience, why not try floating in outer space? Sort of. That’s the feeling floatation therapy can offer. Only recently is this treatment showing signs of buoyancy because, as a psychology professor emeritus tells Indulge, its benefits in stress relief are becoming better known. There is also a growing awareness of the benefits of eating local. Locally grown food is packed with flavour, more nutrients and encourages eating food that’s in season – and thus available from a local grower. The people behind The Wooden Spoon know this well. The White Rock eatery – located next to the White Rock Farmers’ Market – is doing great things with local products with chef Stanley Broda at the helm. And if it’s just some fall inspiration you’re looking for to help you move on from the summer season, our fashion feature showcases plenty of looks to jump-start your style. So unpack your sweaters and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte, and don’t forget to get the kids to school on time. Fall is here – a great time to make wellness a part of your routine.

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Uptown goes


Eatery dishes up comfort food while bringing urban vibe to White Rock by Jason McRobbie • photos by Rob Newell

General manager Graham Racich (right) and chef Stanley Broda.


t is a room that smacks of something special, yet familiar. From the reclaimed woods within to the kids play area in the back to the fresh, wild and local ethos that drives its menu – The Wooden Spoon is the brunch and bistro spot every neighbourhood truly deserves. Since opening its doors in June 2013, it has become a local phenomenon in a locale few had found fitting at first. “When we told people we were opening in White Rock, the first question was always, “Where are you on Crescent Beach?” shares general manager Graham Racich amidst the bustle of a busy Friday afternoon. “When we told them we were going to open in Uptown, there was a lot of head-shaking originally, but we liked this location from the start, close to the businesses and plenty of great neighbours. We let it work by word of mouth and it has worked.”

As per its name, The Wooden Spoon has found a near universal appeal, catering to a community that has grown to love its brand of family-friendly bonhomie – and dishes that might give even Ratatouille’s restaurant critic Anton Ego reason for pleasurable silence. For the Vancouver born-and-bred Racich, who was part of the brain trust behind The Wooden Spoon and took over the GM role in 2015, the goal was simple – to bring a slice of downtown Vancouver to Uptown White Rock. The Wooden Spoon brings an upscale take on classic comfort that is multi-generational in its appeal: brilliant benny’s, mac and cheese, a build-your-own monster Spoon Burger, a booming brunch trade and a pasta-andbingo night – to say nothing of a crafty set of taps which pour strictly B.C. brew; the white wine list similarly champions provincial terroir, while the reds give way to a broader assortment of global favourites.

The menu itself is a refreshingly grounded group creation with many of the dishes emerging from favourite food memories of the principals and kitchen crew – for example the red snapper is the dish Racich made to propose to his fiancée and the eggplant parmesan is a mom’s-finest from one of the owners. That said, the beverage list owes much to Racich’s own journey to the heart of the hospitality industry. “I think everyone should work in this industry at some point. It’s inspiring, humbling and honest,” said Racich, who had originally set out to become a doctor at the University of Victoria before deciding the hospitality sector provided a more enjoyable way to take care of people. Unable to penetrate the competitive Vancouver bartending scene without experience, Racich went to work at a private liquor store – and took plenty of mental notes.


INDULGE • Fall 2016 5

One fortuitous conversation later, he found himself part of the opening team at Fraiche in West Vancouver; moving from serving assistant to bartender in two weeks, Racich was on a path that would lead him to even greater things – including a “near” win of the 2010 Food + Wine Pairing Competition at The Refinery in Vancouver. Sitting down with Refinery owners Raymond Staniscia and Peter Raptis, he was made an offer he could not refuse and joined the team; he became GM within six months, ran the bar program and before long took on the GM role for the partners’ other Vancouver restaurant, SIP. It was not long after that their discussions around The Wooden Spoon began – someplace special outside of Vancouver’s core. “We wanted to give people a feeling of downtown with a name that speaks to the homestyle meal, and serve up comfort food rooted with the fresh, wild, local ethos,” said Racich, nodding amiably at a task well-accomplished before breaking into a grin. “We also wanted to originally have 20 B.C. taps, but there just wasn’t room.” Space is similarly tight for Sunday brunches – the same day the White Rock Farmers’ Market is held a stone’s throw away – but fortunately, the restaurant opens Monday and Tuesday exclusively for brunch hours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. – remaining open until 10 p.m. all other evenings for dinner, including the popular Pasta and Bingo Sundays. “The pasta and bingo nights have been a great time, and it’s not for money. We bring out all sorts of gag gifts, from old board games to Englebert Humperdinck records, and it has

We aim to get the kids’ food up first so they can go play, and then the adults can just enjoy.

6 FALL Fall 2016 2016••INDULGE INDULGE

just sort of caught on,” said Racich. For a restaurant that was not originally open Sunday evenings, the demand to do so spoke volumes for Racich and the doors were gladly opened. Now serving seven days a week, and making ample use of the market’s seasonal offerings, the unique blend of comfortfocused, fresh, house-made dishes has found substantial local favour. “Given the community, the family focus was key from the start, and having the space in back for the kids has been huge for the parents and grandparents. Brunch should be fun and relaxing for everyone, so we aim to get

Red Snapper 20 fingerling potatoes, halved 12 oz. carrot puree 12 heirloom carrots 12 spears asparagus 4 red snapper fillets, lightly floured 8 oz. frisee lettuce 1/2 red pepper, diced 3 oz. apple vinaigrette Roast fingerling potatoes that have been cut in half and seasoned as desired in the oven at 350 F for 12 minutes. Remove and set aside. Raise oven temperature to 400 F. Blanch carrots in a boiling pot of water for five minutes, before removing and submerging in a bath of ice water. Blanch the asparagus in same boiling water. When asparagus turns bright green, remove and submerge in an ice-water bath. Lightly flour your fish and season with salt and pepper. Heat a pan with oil over medium-high until it begins to smoke. Place fish presentation-side down for two to three minutes until golden. Flip the fish and place on a baking sheet. Put the baking sheet with the fish in 400 F oven for six minutes. In a separate pan over medium heat, add one tablespoon of butter, then add your vegetables and potatoes; season with salt and pepper and warm through. When fish is ready, dress your plate with

the kids’ food up first so they can go play, and then the adults can just enjoy.” With fall around the corner, those market finds will transform side dishes and work their way into everheartier fare for winter. What is unlikely to change is The Wooden Spoon’s decidedly playful touch. For Racich, the mission remains as clear as his love of the movie Ratatouille – to render would-be critics mute with a room that serves up as many memories as meals. As to which mouthful might yield that magic moment, Racich is relatively unconcerned. “It just really comes back to making all those little connections.”

the carrot puree, plate fish accordingly and assemble. Garnish with fresh frissee and diced red peppers that have been tossed with a drizzle of apple vinaigrette.

Spoon Burger 4 of each: Brioche buns; 6 oz. patties (2/3 beef, 1/3 pork); eggs; onion rings; dill pickles (quartered); aged cheddar slices; 1/2 avocado 8 oz. each: smokey garlic aioli; arugula 8 strips maple bacon

Tomato Jam (base) 1/4 pound onions, finely minced 2.5 lbs tomatoes, chopped ½ inch 1.75 cups sugar 1/4 cup lemon juice 1 tsp grated ginger 1/2 tsp red chilli flakes 1/2 tbsp salt 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar Season both sides of burger patty. Place in a pan over medium-high and cook each side for five minutes. After flipping burger, place cheese and two strips of bacon on top. In a pan, crack one egg to cook to desired doneness – we suggest sunny-side up. For the tomato jam: in a sauce pan, sweat onions, then add other ingredients. Cook on medium heat until the jam slowly comes

together when running your spatula down the middle of the pan. Cool. Toast bun before dressing accordingly; zigzag garlic mayo and place one teaspoon of tomato jam on bottom piece of bun. Add arugula and pickle, then slice half an avocado for top. Drape egg over all, and anchor with bun top. Serves four.

Sweet & Salty 8 (of each): thick-cut bread slices; aged cheddar slices; maple bacon strips; poached eggs one portion sweet egg wash (8 eggs mixed with 1/4 cup maple syrup and dash of fresh nutmeg) 1/4 cup maple syrup (to your liking) 1 cup hollandaise sauce (to your liking) 2 green onions, chopped Soak two pieces of toast in egg wash. Place in a medium-heat pan and cook for four minutes, then flip. Add a piece of cheese to the cooked side of the bread and let melt for another four minutes. Flip the bread so the cheese is pan side and cook until crispy. Place your eggs in poaching liquid till desired doneness. Dress plate with zig zags of maple syrup and place two pieces of bread on plate. Put two pieces of crispy bacon atop each, followed by eggs. Finish with hollandaise sauce and garnish with chopped green onions. Serves four. INDULGE • Fall 2016 7


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Getting in

on the act White Rock grad’s acting career heating up with lead role in new film that combines her passions by Matthew Hoekstra


icole Munoz plays tug-of-war with Wilson, lip syncs to Shaggy and poses for creative selfies. Wilson is her dog, Shaggy is a reggae fusion singer and selfies, well, they’re the bread-andbutter of Instagram, which Munoz uses frequently to let fans into her world. What they don’t see are the street-art images she takes while out on walks – captured on disposable cameras.


INDULGE • Fall 2016 9

from page 9 “I could be gone for hours at a time. I just go and take some photos and I think it’s relaxing. It’s quiet, I don’t play any music in my headphones, I just kind of walk and take pictures if I want to,” says Munoz, 22. It’s also a creative outlet for the ambitious Vancouver actor-dancer who continues to focus on a simple goal – work with creative people who make cool stuff. “I’m an actor. I just want to collaborate and work and continue my craft, and study and learn more,” says Munoz, who grew up in White Rock and graduated from Earl Marriott Secondary. “There’s always something to improve on and something to learn – a book to read, a movie to watch, someone to talk to, a script to write.” Her latest project is Center Stage: On Pointe, a Canadian film that recently premiered on Lifetime TV. Munoz plays the lead role in a story about a group of dancers competing for spots in a prestigious ballet company. The film allowed Munoz to combine her passion for dance with acting. “When you get the opportunity to do something that you’ve basically dedicated your life to – when I get to put both of them in one – I’m not going to say no to that.” Munoz plays Bella Parker, one of the dancers Nicole Munoz; and below, with co-star Barton Cowperthwaite. (Photo: Kyla Hemmelgarn) who makes it past the first round of auditions after hurdling a cloud of self-doubt. dutifully drive her daughter to each audition. before switching to Earl Marriott later in high “I think there needed to be another film out “My mom was like Superwoman,” Munoz school. A program there gave her a more there that showed young people: Yes it’s OK says. “I had to tag along with her sometimes flexible schedule. She needed it – her acting to doubt yourself, but don’t doubt yourself so to work so we could balance her work and my career was taking off. much that you handicap yourself from things work. I can’t really believe she managed to do Munoz’s first role came at age four, that you could be achieving. You’re your own all of that for so many years.” around the same time she worst critic, and most people – especially in Munoz’s first acting credit the entertainment industry – don’t realize how started dancing. It was a TV on IMDB.com is “Little Girl” commercial. hard they are on themselves sometimes.” on the short-lived TV series “I got really lucky doing Center Stage: On Pointe is the third film in Jeremiah. commercials. When I started, the a loosely-connected series. At age 13, Munoz “I still have the harmonica first audition had a smaller role in the I used from that set. I used I ever did was second film in 2008, but this to keep so many mementos for an All Fresh time around she landed the from set, but nowadays I can’t Rain laundry lead. get away with taking things detergent Playing a big role – being in anymore. I’m not as young commercial. every scene, every day – taught and cute,” she laughs. I wound up booking that, her about stamina, especially She doesn’t remember much about being and it was by far the biggest since the film was shot in on the sci-fi series, only that the cast and crew commercial I’ve done,” she just 18 days last October. made her feel comfortable. says, remembering being It also gave her a chance to “I’m pretty grateful to have had such a good flown to New York with her work alongside longtime first experience. Had it gone not as well, mom for the advertiser’s Hollywood actor Peter maybe I would have told my mom I didn’t coupon campaign. Gallagher, who she describes like it, and I wouldn’t have continued. That “My mom’s got a whole as a humble and kind was her No. 1 rule: as long as I liked doing it I binder full of all these old veteran, showing his chops could keep doing it.” Polaroids and film snips from by mastering his monologue An acting career is something Munoz wanted set. And one of them is the despite lines being changed from the beginning. By her mid-teens she coupon.” the same day. Photo: Robert Akester decided to get serious and aim for bigger roles. More parts in commercials Growing up in White Rock – with French No longer could she audition for “Little Girl.” did come – 60, by her estimation, between being her first language (mom Louise “I decided to dive in and put all my eggs in age four and 12. Despite Marchand being a Marchand is from Montreal) – she did most of that basket. I started reading acting books and single mom with her own business, she would her schooling at École Gabrielle-Roy in Surrey

There’s always something to improve on and something to learn.

10 Fall 2016 • INDULGE

watching movies just to study them. I’ve been taking acting class forever, but I started taking more. It became less of a hobby and more of something I actually wanted to pursue.” Despite her busy schedule, and missing class time, she graduated high school with honours. She credits that to her one-on-one tutoring sessions she had while on set. Among her most notable roles is playing a lead character in the 2013-2015 TV series Defiance. She landed the part near the end of high school. It took her to Toronto and gave her early exposure to the many talents in showbiz. “That really allowed me to pursue acting and not be worried about it,” she says. “I was just having an incredible life experience. Not very many people at that age got to do what I did.” Now based in Vancouver, Munoz has racked up a good number of science fiction and thriller credits, including one fun role on the TV series Hemlock Grove in 2013, when she played a werewolf. The part involved plenty of prosthetics, she says. No longer taking regular dance classes, Munoz now turns to a 24-hour gym to help stay in shape. “I like to go late at night when no one’s there,” she says. “I do my across-thefloor exercises from back in the day.” But her key to good health is eating well: leafy greens, a lot of water, avoiding toxic

Nicole Munoz with cast of Center Stage: On Pointe. foods. Her favourite healthy snack right now? Something she picked up from fellow actor Julie Benz: a Corn Thin topped with avocado, egg, paprika and salt. “But of course I’m 22, I’m going to eat what I want to eat and I’ll go work out if I need to,” she laughs. Staying fit is important, and the current push for kids to be active is good, but Munoz says there’s a difference between a healthy

obsession and an unhealthy obsession with weight. That’s especially true for young girls in the fields of dancing and acting. “It’s easy to get carried away with trying to get as skinny as you possibly can because you’re worried you’re not going to work if you’re not tiny. But that’s just not how it is,” she says. “What people should be striving for is health, not a number on the scale, because that’s different for everybody.”

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We believe

a lit tle he lp go es a lo ng w ay .




elegance As temperatures cool, fall into the right look with style for the season

Photography: ALFONSO ARNOLD Model: KATARINA PRIECELOVA Wardrobe Stylist: SARAH D’ARCEY Hair & Makeup: EMALETH RHYNO Photo assistant: ALEJANDRO C Location: BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery Home 1560 Maple St., White Rock bcchildren.com INDULGE • Fall 2016 13

14 Fall 2016 • INDULGE

INDULGE • Fall 2016 15

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INDULGE • Fall 2016 17

The look: Page 13: Katarina is fall ready with this Grizas top, polka dot pants and scarf – all from Anna Kristina Boutique (604-536-8873), Spectacle Eyewear from Sight for Sore Eyes Optical (778-2941132) and Geox footwear from Turner Ecco Shoes (604-535-5119). Page 14 top: Comfort is found in this Elsewear sweater dress, black tights by Sympli, Felmini boots, matched with ring and bracelet, all from Edge Fashion (604-535-2579). Page 14 bottom and page 15: This off-the-shoulder Elsewear dress is paired with Felmini boots, the look completed with bracelets and ring – all from Edge – along with a Christopher Kon handbag. Page 16 bottom: An Avivit Yizhar top and pants is paired with a necklace, both from Anna Kristina. Completing the look are Kuboraum glasses from Sight for Sore Eyes, Remonte shoes from Turner Ecco and scarf from Anna Kristina. Page 16 top and pages 17 and 18: Katarina is wearing a Michael Kors jumpsuit and leather jacket, along with Fly London shoes and a Lowell leather backpack – all from Zig Zag Boutique (604-5351565). Dita sunglasses from Sight for Sore Eyes and a necklace from Anna Kristina finish the look.

The location: This contemporary craftsman home – valued at more than $2.4 million – is one of six grand-prize options in the 2016 BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery. There’s much to love in this dream home, from the quartz and granite counters in the gourmet kitchen, to the brushed maple hardwood and ceramic tile floors. Situated at 1560 Maple St., this five-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath home boasts a location that’s just minutes from White Rock beach. It also comes outfitted with $100,000 in furnishings, accessories and electronics, along with window coverings, a custom garage floor, outdoor furniture from Wicker Tree and $10,000 cash. For tickets – on sale now through Oct. 14 – and more details of other prizes to be won, visit bcchildren.com

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Floating on air Floatation therapy boasts health and wellness benefits by Matthew Hoekstra

A float pod at SensaFloat.


magine floating in the Dead Sea – or even outer space. That sensation is now possible with a much shorter travel time thanks to float therapy. Float therapy – also known as floating or floatation therapy – provides an experience of sensory deprivation and boasts numerous health and wellness benefits. By floating in warm salt water, wearing nothing but earplugs and being free from exterior stimulation, the body is able to relax and recover from stress pain. Its popularity is increasingly buoyant. Floating emerged as a therapy in the 1950s, but interest tailed off until it recently came back with a splash. There are at least three spas that offer the service on the Semiahmoo Peninsula and several more around Metro Vancouver. At SensaFloat Spa Rest and Wellness Centre in White Rock, float therapy is offered in float pods – similar to isolation tanks first developed more than a half-century ago. Carolina Barreneche, who owns the business with husband Eddie Gacha, says the therapy is enjoying a resurgence, thanks to a growing recognition of its benefits. “People are really using it because of the meditation, the relaxation, the stressmanagement – and the physical wellness because of the epsom salt.” Epsom salt keeps the body above the surface of the water. The salt is high in magnesium – an important mineral that many of us are low in – which can be absorbed by the skin, helping reduce inflammation and chronic pain such as back pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

“When you’re floating, you’re floating in 11 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of epsom salt. It’s basically like the Dead Sea,” Barreneche says. “It’s zero gravity, so you take all of the tension out of your muscles. People who practise sports do it a lot because of the soreness in the muscles.” Its appeal also lies in the fact it’s a natural, non-invasive therapy. No chemicals are used. It also reduces stress. Inside the pod there’s no light, no sound. “We have so much input from all kinds of things: the telephone, the television, traffic, everything,” Barreneche says. “(In a float pod) you let your senses rest from all the noise, all the crazy life that we have. When you let your senses rest, there is production of endorphins. Those are the good hormones.” At SensaFloat, a typical session is 60 minutes. When floaters enter a pod for the first time, their mind usually starts racing. But once they’re able to let go of those thoughts, the relaxation starts. “After awhile, you start letting go. Your mind goes into peace, and you start relaxing. That’s why the session is an hour. Of the people who do it more often, we have floaters that can float for two or three hours.” And during a floating session, relaxation can lead to sleep, which is safe to do since the

body is on top of the water. “You get into a really good state of relaxation – and it lasts for several days.” Jeffrey Cellier, owner of Float House South Surrey, said float therapy is growing in popularity because people are discovering it works. He said floating, similar to yoga, had its skeptics in its early days. But today, those who float on a regular basis – one to two times per month – are discovering “significant changes.” “Everyone knows that you should avoid stress but so few people know exactly how to do this. Most people think relaxation is drinking a beer and watching Netflix after a long day at work, but once they truly experience what relaxation is then they can no longer look back.” Cellier said physical and mental stress is so common in society today. What floating does is activates the parasympathetic nervous system and suppresses the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, the body starts to get rid of harmful hormones and produces more beneficial ones. “Then on top of this, you get all the benefits you would from normal meditation: drop in blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension, calmness, and clarity of mind.” Floating helps people become good at meditating quickly by removing distractions, he said. “You no longer need 20 years of meditation training to go deep into meditation. The float tank facilitates this for you.” Peter Suedfeld, a psychologist professor emeritus at University of B.C., has researched extreme and unusual environments, including flotation pods. He said the interest in floating is high as the therapy’s benefits are becoming much better known. “Even people who don’t claim any specific improvement in health or functioning as a result of floating do mostly enjoy it. It is relaxing, stress-relieving and mindopening. That’s pretty good for the investment of a couple of hours with no demands on what you have to do – unlike The Float House. meditation or yoga, for example – and a few dollars.” Suedfeld said the best-established health benefits of floating are related to stress. Floating reduces blood pressure in people with normal or high blood pressure, and also reduces heart rate, muscle tension and the secretion of stress hormones.” INDULGE • Fall 2016 19

Escape to Wellness

Five destinations designed to relax the mind and body in beautiful British Columbia by Matthew Hoekstra

Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort, Parksville Inside this Vancouver Island resort is the Grotto Spa – home to a 2,500-sq.-ft. mineral pool designed to emulate a natural stone grotto. The warm-water pool with underwater music is infused with natural minerals and trace elements which detoxify the body and rejuvenate the spirit. The pool area includes a two-storey waterfall, an invigorating cool-splash cascade and a non-mineralized whirlpool. The natural minerals and trace elements in the pool are many – as are the benefits. Bodies that enter the water enjoy benefits such as detoxification, re-mineralization and stimulation of the metabolism, while the antiinflammatory properties can soothe muscle and joint aches. Chief wellness makers at Grotto Spa suggest pairing a mineral-pool detox with a Signature Acai Body Balance treatment. tigh-na-mara.com

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, Jesmond Located in the Interior mountains of B.C., a few hours northeast of Vancouver, Echo Valley Ranch & Spa offers wellness and spa getaways, along with digital detox groups. Besides its offering of wide open space and pure mountain air, wellness facilities here are located within two separate spas. Its authentic Thai spa, the Royal Baan Thai, offers treatments such as a Thai massage, which incorporates specially blended Thai herbs and oils to nourish and soften the skin. Echo Valley’s digital detox package caters to groups of 14-42 people, with activities designed to help participants connect and find balance again – without the use of smartphones. Mornings begin with a guided yoga session. The ranch offers a natural setting to escape from daily digital distractions. But if there is a need to check emails, WiFi is also available. evranch.com

Scandinave Spa, Whistler This 25,000-sq.-ft. outdoor spa is just minutes from Whistler Village and calls itself a “Nordic-inspired oasis of calm engulfed in a peaceful spruce and cedar forest” on the edge of Lost Lake. Guests are invited to soak in the calm hot water while enjoying the scenery offered by Whistler’s mountains. Wellness comes in the form of hot baths, a wood-burning sauna, eucalyptus steam room, waterfalls, massages and mountain air. A popular pick is the Peak 2 Peak and Scandinave Bath Package. Guests first experience Whistler from the air, via the Peak 2 Peak Gondola. After a day of exploring alpine vistas, guests are invited to cleanse their body and mind in the hot baths and waterfalls of the spa. Massage packages are also popular. Whether it’s Swedish, deep tissue, Thai yoga, duo/couple, prenatal or even registered massage therapy, all massage options include a Scandinavian bath spa experience – far from Northern Europe. scandinave.com 20 Fall 2016 • INDULGE

Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon

Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino

Perched on a hill overlooking Lake Okanagan, this resort caters to those in search of a wellness experience. Its 40,000-sq.-ft. KurSpa offerings range from aromatherapy saunas and steam rooms to a tea room and pools. Also available at the spa is Kneipp hydrotherapy – a 19th century European water-stepping technique that stimulates and invigorates the nervous and lymphatic systems. Guests step down knee-deep into pools, alternating between warm and cold water every 20 or 30 steps. The treatment is said to reduce swelling, increase the body’s defence against varicose veins and relax aching muscles. Packages include whole-body wellness, healthy weight loss, cleanse and detox, and a seven-night athlete recovery program designed by kinesiologists for sports recovery. sparklinghill.com

Situated on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, the Wickaninnish Inn adds to the wellness experience this community already offers. Just walking the picturesque Chesterman Beach outside the doors of the inn – and breathing in the fresh sea air – might be enough to rejuvenate the body and soul. But there’s more inside the inn’s Ancient Cedars Spa. One of the newest experiences here is Hydrofusion treatment, delivered by a hightech tub that’s more like a space-age spa capsule. The Spa Jet allows guests to enjoy a variety of experiences, including steam, radiant infrared heat and Vichy shower-heads from overhead and under body. These are combined with light and colour therapy, a massaging foot jet and cool air for the face – all enjoyed in a private enclosure. Guests can choose from two options – relaxation or revitalization. wickinn.com

INDULGE • Fall 2016 21



in the photos • Clockwise from top: Pint-sized princesses show their love to Cinderella at the seventh annual White Rock Princess Party Aug. 6. The event, which featured appearances from five Disney princesses, drew 700 costumed children and their parents to Centennial Arena. A fundraiser for the White Rock Fire Fighters Charity Association and its goal to build an all-abilities park on the beach, the party raised $34,000 for the cause.

• Fred Lee welcomes diners to the first Picnic on the Pier event in White Rock Aug. 11. Guests were treated to cocktails followed by a picnic menu of chilled antipasti, seafood and delicious desserts served on a long table overlooking Semiahmoo Bay. The whitelinen dinner raised more than $30,000 for Peace Arch Hospital & Community Health Foundation.

• Ava Carich performs on the main stage at the White Rock Sea Festival on July 31. The 67th annual weekend-long event drew thousands of people to the waterfront for musical entertainment, a torchlight parade, fireworks show, children’s activities and the waiters’ race. 22 Fall 2016 • INDULGE

invites • Surrey Arts Centre presents It Was a Dark & Stormy Night, Oct. 7-8 on the Main Stage, 13750 88 Ave. A Royal Canadian Theatre Company production, the Tim Kelly comedic play is about guests (below right: Krystle Hadlow plays Belle) who become trapped in an inn. Tickets, $18 to $28, at 604-501-5566.

• Put on your blue suede shoes Oct. 16 and head to the Bell Performing Arts Centre in Surrey (6250 144 St.) for A Tribute to Elvis. The event features two Elvis Presley tribute artists: Pete Paquette (below left) from Toronto and Chris Connor from the United Kingdom. Tickets to the 7 p.m. show are $54. Call 604-507-6355.

• Cascades Casino’s Summit Theatre is presenting Prism on Oct. 20. Tickets, $39.50, at ticketweb.ca or 604-530-2211. The rock band, formed in Vancouver in 1977, has produced songs such as Spaceship Superstar, Take Me to the Kaptin and Don’t Let Him Know. The Langley casino is located at 20393 Fraser Hwy.

• The Great Pumpkin Run Walk (bottom photo) will take over the streets of White Rock for a lively 1K/5K run or walk for Peace Arch Hospital on Oct. 30. The fundraiser, known for its zany-costumed runners and walkers, raised $90,000 last year and had 1,500 participants. Register at pahfoundation.ca

• Vojislav Morosan: The Man Who Painted White Rock, a show of the late White Rock artist’s work, opens Nov. 2, 7-9 p.m. at White Rock Community Centre (15154 Russell Ave.). Morosan was often seen in front of an easel, wearing a white straw hat, with his faithful Yorkshire terrier Pebbles by his side. Free admission.

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Indulge Magazine, September 30, 2016  

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