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TIMMS Community Centre Grand Opening Souvenir Edition

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City of Langley

on the

NEW TIMMS CENTRE Together we build ! s ie it n u m m o c g n o str

“Preston. A Proud Community Partner for Over 50 Years”



Fraser Valley Wine Festival 200th Street and #10 Hwy • Langley


DL 30568

Mayor & Council Unveiling


The new Timms Community Centre, which opened in February 2016, is designed to meet the needs of today, tomorrow, and beyond. Downtown Langley has a new heart designed to bring people together through a wide range of uses, and it’s called Timms Community Centre. City of Langley Mayor Ted Schaffer noted it’s a focal point and community hub accessible to all residents. “It was really important to council that this new facility be functional for the entire community,” he said. “When our residents walk in, we want them to know they are part of it; that this is their building.” Everyone involved in the process played an important role in seeing the facility come together quickly while staying on time, and on budget. Mayor and Council, staff, contractors, trades, consultants, and sponsors put their personal excitement and passion into the project, and in the words of Mayor Schaffer, “Everyone has done a great and timely job. I’m so thankful to have worked on this with a dedicated, committed team.” Council was unified in its vision and the seven different points-of-view created the best end result. In fact, although council started planning a smaller facility – after touring other community centres – the group agreed to expand the original plan to create something the community would be proud to call its own. “We knew if we were going to build a new community centre, we were going to do it right,” noted Mayor Schaffer. Langley City Mayor Ted Schaffer

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Langley City Mayor and Council, elected November 2014.

With the growth and change in the City of Langley, it was obvious the new Timms Community Centre had to be flexible enough to change with the times and comfortable enough for people to return, again and again. “We’re looking to the future with this new facility,” Mayor Schaffer said. “Not just for today or tomorrow, but beyond tomorrow as well. We’ve incorporated elements of nature with wood, plants, and tile to create a welcoming atmosphere, and we’ve included sitting and gathering areas.” By bringing residents of Langley City together in a civic centre that includes City Hall, the Fraser Valley Regional Library, and the new Timms Community Centre, the community will be strengthened, more vibrant, and more connected now and into the future.

TIMMS COMMUNITY CENTRE WORKING GROUP: Mayor Ted Schaffer Councillor Paul Albrecht Councillor Jack Arnold Councillor Dave Hall Councillor Gayle Martin Councillor Rudy Storteboom Councillor Val van den Broek Francis Cheung Darrin Leite Christine Daum Rick Bomhof

Kim Hilton Gerald Minchuk Darrin Legge Pat Dawson TIMMS Community Centre


Super Save Group of Companies Welcomes

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We would like to thank D.G.S. Construction for building a great facility and choosing the Super Save Group to be the key supplier of services. Please contact us today about our current promotions at 604.533.4423 Email: I I Phone: 604.533.4423 4 Super TIMMS Community Centre Save Ad - Timms Community.indd 1

2016-01-08 4:52:24 PM


WELCOME TO THE NEW TIMMS COMMUNITY CENTRE A hub of activity and connectivity, the City’s civic centre couldn’t be easier to access.

“This is one facility, with a range of uses inside it,” Rothnie said. “Our belief is that… providing those joint uses in one facility allows the community to come together more often.” Openness and simplicity also come together here with entrances off Douglas Crescent and Fraser Highway plus a reception desk provides one main point of contact for City Hall and Timms Community Centre. “The space in the atrium is where connection can happen,” Rothnie said, noting how his firm looked for ways to bring people together.

You’ll find the new Timms Community Centre, right in the centre of Downtown, nestled between Fraser Highway and Douglas Crescent at 204th Street, this stunning, functional facility brings a bright welcoming atmosphere to Downtown Langley, not to mention a diversity of activities and interaction. A reconstructed intersection between the centre’s new underground parking entrance and Langley Mall makes access to Timms Community Centre, City Hall, and the Fraser Valley Regional Library (FVRL) Langley City branch safe and easy for drivers and pedestrians. Plus parking will be a breeze with 168 additional spaces at street level and underground for a total of 225 spots including the former City Hall underground parkade. The parkade also now features the convenience of a public elevator.

What better way to facilitate connectivity than a café? Meet with friends, enjoy a latté, or wait for the kids in the new café centrally located in the atrium, near the library’s new expansive entrance. Anytime is ideal for a visit to Timms Community Centre with the extended hours and expanded programming. Plus many aspects of the facility, such as the Fitness Track and Games Room are open for “anytime” drop-in fun. Continued on page 7

Wide open spaces with abundant natural light were essential elements for the new building, which seamlessly connects to City Hall and the library. Architect Stuart Rothnie, principal of HCMA Architecture + Design, saw the project as an opportunity to bring the City of Langley together under one roof. TIMMS Community Centre


6 TIMMS Community Centre

Introduction Continued from page 5

“Right at the beginning we knew this was a pivotal project for the City of Langley,” Rothnie said. “We wanted to be part of that.” It was a significant challenge for Rothnie and his team to create a new structure that could be added to the existing building yet look like one continuous facility. Rothnie also wanted to make the community feel like part of the new centre and ensured accessibility to all walks of life was inherent in the design. Flexibility in multi-purpose rooms enables a wide range of uses – now and into the future. Wide spaces, elevators, ramps, and efficient lighting ensure everyone can find their way in and around the centre. Timms Community Centre also represents the City of Langley’s responsible expenditure for residents. The facility was planned and budgeted for, so neither debt nor an increase to taxes were required for the building. “On time and on budget – it’s a wonderful place to be when you have a new community centre as functional and inclusive as this,” said Mayor Ted Schaffer.

Timms Community Centre Extended Hours

Monday to Friday, 6 am to 10 pm Saturday, 8 am to 10 pm Sunday & Statutory Holidays, 8 am to 8 pm

fast fact Total cost to create the new Timms Community Centre $14.3 million Increase to taxes for development of the building - $0 Debt for the City of Langley - $0 TIMMS Community Centre




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Community Centre Souvenir Booklet

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on the new facility, Langley! A special thank-you to DGS Construction Company Ltd. on facilitating our inclusion in this project!

Design Build Electrical Contractors

8 TIMMS Community Centre

Timms History

STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITY BUILDS ON HISTORIC ROOTS Langley City’s new Timms Community Centre pays homage to the past, while honouring the present community. In 1911, dirt tracks served as main roads through what is now Downtown Langley. It was the year the post office moved, causing the renaming of Innes Corners to Langley Prairie. Also that year, George Younge Timms, his wife, Harriet, and some of their children and grandchildren travelled those dirt tracks to join the community. Though George was almost 70 when they moved to what became the City of Langley, he was still involved in creating thriving businesses of his own, as well as others together with his children. A major part of George’s business endeavours was growing flowers in greenhouses, but there was also a printing business set up in the back of a theatre owned by his son, Edward. Edward inherited his father’s taste for business and his enthusiasm for community. The parade and patriotic rally of 1914 was organized by the younger Timms and the family. The Timms were known to be involved in many activities from social to sporting events. This passion for community is part of the reason the Timms family name was given to the first Timms Community Centre, which opened in 2001. The other reason

fast fact

Painting by Brian Croft of the Timms home and Market Garden circa 1911.

is that when the grand Timms home and the family’s “market garden” next door was torn down, the block continued on as the Timms Block – home to City Hall, the Fraser Valley Regional Library, and now the brand new Timms Community Centre. The first Timms centre was in the former library and offered amenities to the community such as a games room – well-used by youth and seniors – fitness and weight rooms,

and meeting rooms. Built in the early 1960s, the structure began deteriorating and was demolished in 2012. Timms was moved into a temporary location, while plans were explored for this new facility. Part of that planning direction came from the City’s Downtown Master Plan. There was a need for the new Timms Community Centre to serve as a place to connect the Downtown to the community – a central hub. The centre also had to meet design principles outlined in the plan: ensuring a complete neighbourhood, maximizing green space, enhancing the quality of the streetscape, and providing safe and social public places. Get to know the new Timms Community Centre while celebrating our history.

John Bryce Jeffery was part of the committee that petitioned for the creation of the City of Langley. The Jeffery family is a gold sponsor of the Timms Community Centre. TIMMS Community Centre


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Langley • h Street, 5451-204th LangleyStreet, •

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Document: R013428476_676043195.EPS;Pag

for your contributions to our great community, our workplaces and our families!

Bringing Music to Life LCMS

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programs for all ages & levels

Congratulations GRAND OPENING ON THE


4899 207th Street Langley, BC V3A 2E4



10 TIMMS Community Centre



Amazing community support created an even better Timms Community Centre. The new Timms Community Centre is the biggest facility project ever undertaken by the City of Langley. The dream of creating a thriving community gathering place belongs to many, and the City of Langley is elated that many people from all walks of life came together to make it happen. One group that deserves special recognition is our sponsors. These community-minded individuals, families, organizations, and businesses believe in supporting a healthy and active Langley City. That’s why they chose to support the new recreation facility. Their generosity offset any impact to taxpayers, ensuring users of the facility received enhanced fitness equipment and other amenities, while keeping the project on budget – without incurring any municipal debt. “We’ve seen such an extraordinary outreach from families and businesses wishing to support the centre,” said Mayor Ted Schaffer. “For this, we can’t possibly thank our sponsors enough.”


SILVER SPONSORS “I believe that the City’s vision for the community is strong and we’re supportive of that. Timms Community Centre is meeting a need in the community.” Marco Paolella The Paolella Family – Fitness Room “I think Timms Community Centre is the Mayor and Council’s response to provide some of these facilities for people, and I expect people who are retired and semi-retired will want to spend more time there.” Peter Redekop The Redekop Family – Multi-Purpose Room “It’s a great location, it will be well utilized. The grandchildren will use the facility. Well, we all will.” Ron Madsen The Madsen Family – Multi-Purpose Room “The Timms Community Centre will become a hub for residents to connect while promoting physical activity.” David Wesik The Wesik Family – Spin Room ”My family and I wanted to give back to the community, and we felt that supporting the Timms Community Centre is a perfect way for us to do this.” Gordon Dams The Dams Family – Multi-Purpose Room

“The new Timms Community Centre is a tremendous contribution, not only for the community as a whole, but for the seniors who live nearby. The walking track, in particular, is going to be well used.”

“This centre is an example of a lot of people coming together to create something awesome. Knowing people in your community has so many positive outcomes for individuals, as well as the community.” Monica (Degemann) Vanderzalm The Degemann Family – Multi-Purpose Room

Mary Polak, Langley MLA Province of British Columbia The Province of British Columbia – Walking Track

BRONZE SPONSORS “There has been a close connection between the City and the Jeffery Family over the years.

We had a family meeting… and we were unanimous, we felt that this was a way to honour the rest of the family.” Bryce Jeffery The Jeffery Family – Gymnasium

“We believe that by us contributing to the new Timms Community Centre, the City of Langley will be better able to provide residents with an enhanced quality of life.” Christian Chia, CEO OpenRoad Auto Group “We have been a long-time business in the City of Langley and it’s time we support our City. We want other businesses to know that this is the place they want to set up their business.” Peter Rainey, IPEX Inc. “We have enjoyed the amenities of the City for over 40 years and feel the new centre is a positive addition as the community grows. We think the new centre will provide a hub of recreation and culture for the current and new residents to come.” Patrick Kerr, The Kerr Family TIMMS Community Centre


12 TIMMS Community Centre


Designed for Efficiency


See for yourself just how the new Timms Community Centre is energy efficient. “The building has been designed to meet LEED Silver sustainability standards, including features such as: water conservation through low-flow fixtures, enhanced construction and operational recycling, and electric vehicle charging stations,” said Alan Nicholson, Turnbull Construction Project Managers.

Water fountains have the ability to fill re-usable water bottles and will track just how many bottles are filled over time.

Look at some of the natural advantages:

Natural lighting is complemented by LED lights and dark-sky lighting design (which helps to reduce light pollution), as well as light sensors, and pre-programmed lighting and heat.

A living green wall hangs next to the central reception desk to provide a connection with nature in beautiful, natural design.

Look to the interactive energy dashboard in the atrium area for information on overall energy use within the centre.

“The building is anticipated to use 25% less energy than a standard recreation building, according to the national energy code.” Alan Nicholson, Turnbull Construction Project Managers

The facility incorporates energy-use reduction through heat-recovery systems, robust insulation, and natural ventilation. TIMMS Community Centre


Congratulations on the new

Timms Community Centre

John Aldag

Member of Parliament, Cloverdale - Langley City

613-992-0884 New constituency office opening soon!

14 TIMMS Community Centre



Every room has multiple uses, natural light, and an atmosphere that says, “have fun building relationships and connecting with others.”


“While the Timms Community Centre will have plenty of structured programs, there will also be the opportunity to do your own thing. Drop in and join a slightly competitive pickleball match, try a spin class, play an impromptu game of table tennis, read a book in the library, or enjoy an energizing walk around the Fitness Track.” Christine Daum, Recreation Supervisor, City of Langley.


Christine Daum

RECEPTION One reception desk offers a single point of contact for City Hall and Timms Community Centre.

GYMNASIUM The community gymnasium, the first in the City of Langley, offers a wide range of sports and activities from gymnastics and badminton to basketball and pickleball.

WEIGHT ROOM Complete with the most modern TechnoGym equipment, users will be able to plug their devices in for a truly personalized workout. Machines, stretching areas, and freeweights are complemented by natural light, views of outdoor vistas, and greenery. TIMMS Community Centre



FIRST FLOOR SPIN ROOM Sign up for a spin class and use one of the 15 stateof-the-art stationary bikes that mesh with audio/visuals to make for a complete experience.


It’s the ideal place to wait for family and friends before a class, a central gathering place within the community, or a social area to read a book.

GAMES ROOM Complete with games tables for pool and air hockey, this room will draw all ages in with its flexible, inclusive environment. Puzzles and board games co-exist with electronic devices to give seniors, youth, and care facility residents a welcome, engaging place to have some fun.

CHANGE ROOMS/ WASHROOMS Plenty of space, yet a focus on privacy, highlights these new facilities with low-flow water regulators and light sensors for efficiency. 16 TIMMS Community Centre


SECOND FLOOR FITNESS TRACK At 121 metres, this three-lane rubberized track does more than keep participants fit, it keeps them interested with views of the gymnasium below and picturesque sights northwest of the facility through the large windows.

FITNESS ROOM With its sprung wood floor, this room – on the second level – is ideal for all kinds of fitness classes from Pilates to Zumba and everything in between.

MULTI-PURPOSE ROOMS Ideal for arts classes, dance recitals, social clubs, or other meetings, the multi-purpose rooms will also house City programs and community-organized activities. In fact, one of the multi-purpose rooms doubles as a communication centre in case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster.

COMMUNITY KITCHEN Attached to one of the multi-purpose rooms, the community kitchen – with two complete kitchen spaces – makes basic cooking classes possible while also being ideal for community functions.

TIMMS Community Centre


Proud to Support the Opening of the New Timms Community Centre! Congratulations Langley! Mary Polak MLA Langley

102 - 20611 Fraser Hwy., Langley, BC V3A 4G4 Phone: (604) 514-8206 • Fax: (604) 514-0195 Email: Follow me on twitter

18 TIMMS Community Centre

City Hall & Library


City Hall, the Fraser Valley Regional Library (FVRL) Langley City branch, and the new Timms Community Centre come together seamlessly. From two convenient entry points – off Douglas Crescent and Fraser Highway – Langley residents will find everything they need by way of the new Timms Community Centre atrium. The atrium is a wide-open public concourse and social hub designed to bring people together comfortably – whether they are exercising, borrowing a book, or learning more about local recycling initiatives from City Hall staff.

CITY HALL The addition of Timms Community Centre changes how visitors access City Hall. Once inside the atrium area, the central reception desk is the first point of contact for all your municipal needs. Basic questions and services can be dealt with directly by our integrated team. For those looking to access the Finance department for detailed inquiries, the lower walkway to City Hall (closest to Douglas Crescent) will guide visitors to the finance service area. The upper walkway off the atrium allows visitors to meet with the Administration, Engineering and Development Services, and Economic Development departments of City Hall.

fast fact

City of Langley Mayor Ted Schaffer and Chief Administrative Officer Francis Cheung

The library’s book-sorting tool is called an octopus because of its automated ability to scan and sort books from multiple sections.

LIBRARY Just need to drop a book off and go? Make use of the new book drop next to the Timms Community Centre north entrance, off Fraser Highway. Or, come inside and take some time in the more than 13,000 square feet of the Fraser Valley Regional Library Langley City branch. Changes to the library that started in early 2015 were the first phase of seeing the new civic centre come together. “Libraries and community centres are a natural fit,” said Scott Hargrove, Chief Executive Officer of the Fraser Valley Regional Library. “They create a vibrant, healthy space for collaboration and partnerships between the Fraser Valley Regional Library and recreation, culture, and community services.” You’ll find the café at the entrance of the new walkway to the library. Look for a few more things to change in the library soon, to create an even better user experience. TIMMS Community Centre


A new social heart for the City of Langley


Congratulations to the City of Langley. We are proud to be a part of this project.

We are proud to be apart of this project.


20 TIMMS Community Centre



COME JOIN US AT THE NEW TIMMS COMMUNITY CENTRE! Great prices make it easy to try everything the new facility has to offer.

Having access to new and innovative equipment, from free weights and spin bikes, to a Fitness Track and fitness classes might make you think the new Timms Community Centre would be expensive. But with a number of options in rates, this state-of-the-art facility is one of the most affordable and interactive facilities around. Take advantage of the flexible one-year passes. Sign-up for an annual pass to get 13 months for the price of 12 and spread out the cost by using your credit card to make monthly payments based on the reduced one-year rate. Plus, if you’ve got a vacation planned, you can put your annual pass on hold for up to two months. It’s a pass that really works for you!

A family pass enables two adults and children under the age of 19, who live in the same household, to pay one rate and encourages everyone to get in on the fun. Kids can enjoy walking the Fitness Track with Mom while Dad works out in the weight room and the teens play with friends in the Games Room – all in one convenient, affordable facility. Plus, if you bought a pass at the old Timms that hasn’t expired yet, it’s still valid at the new Timms Community Centre. It’s a great way to enjoy everything new at the old price. Get to know the affordable, flexible, fun-filled Timms Community Centre.

fast fact

Enjoy a one-year Games Room and Fitness Track pass for just $10 per person. Yes, $10 buys a year’s worth of unlimited drop-ins!

TIMMS Community Centre


Strength Knowledge


Congratulations Langley residents on your new and improved TIMMS COMMUNITY CENTRE Turnbull Construction Project Managers Ltd. is proud to have provided project management services to the City of Langley. We hope it will serve the community for generations. CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGERS

22 TIMMS Community Centre

Youth & Seniors

EXPANDED, INCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES The Games Room and gymnasium deliver even more to youth and seniors with expanded programming and extended hours. Two groups will think the new Timms Community Centre was designed just for them: youth and seniors! The Games Room on the lower level is almost a community centre in itself. Natural light and open spaces give plenty of room for billiard tables, table tennis, shuffle board, skeeball, video games, game tables, and comfortable furniture for lounging with friends. As a drop-in area, the Games Room is affordable for setting up a card game with friends or simply stop by to see who’s around. Or, look to the gymnasium where seniors’ programming includes table tennis, pickleball, and badminton. Youth can take advantage of new programs like drop-in basketball and other sports, as well as jam sessions.

Programming options will change and expand to ensure there is plenty of activity for everyone.

fast fact

Those who enjoy walking, but don’t like the sometimes inclement weather, will appreciate the Fitness Track. With expansive windows, this area also has an abundance of natural light while allowing for a view of what’s happening in the gym and beyond the facility.



To the City of Langley on the grand opening of the Timms Community Centre.

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The British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) picked the Timms Community Centre to be a host site for free seniors programming.

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Congratulations to the City of Langley ON THE OPENING OF THE NEW TIMMS COMMUNITY CENTRE


g min




01 ll 2

Developed by JMC Properties • Built by MDM Construction • Designed by Points West Architects 20458 Park Ave, Langley BC P: 604-533-4354 • E:

24 TIMMS Community Centre

Building for Tomorrow

NOW, AND FOR GENERATIONS TO COME The new Timms Community Centre was built to accommodate a growing and changing City of Langley. The new Timms Community Centre was envisioned as a civic centre to house healthy habits, social activities, continued learning, and the municipal government. The requirements for the new facility were a tall order for those tasked to combine a new structure with an existing – not to mention open and operating – facility. Thanks to Langley City Council, City staff, and our team of consultants and construction firms, it has come together – beautifully.

New Timms Community Centre

The original plan was for a smaller community centre, but as Francis Cheung, the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, explained, “Langley City Council toured other municipal facilities to ensure they had considered every angle. I heard over and over again from council members, ‘there’s only one chance at doing this and we want to do it right’.”

New Atrium Existing City Hall and Library

The original scope was expanded upon based on current and future community needs. “Working on this project and considering the existing building and how to accommodate its current uses and programs with the new building was a challenge. But with careful thinking and planning with the [Langley City Council and staff] and our design team [including HCMA Architecture + Design], everything worked out,” said George Rossi, of D.G.S. Construction.


“I actually think that everyone feels very invested in the project,” added Stuart Rothnie of HCMA Architecture + Design. “Everyone had a chance to participate.” “This is truly a community project. It encourages everyone to get involved, and knowing that, it’s a facility the community can be proud of,” said City Mayor Ted Schaffer.


HCMA Architecture + Design - Architects Wicke Herfst Maver Structural Engineers Rocky Point Engineering Ltd. NRS Engineering Ltd. Morrison Hershfield ETA Landscape Architecture Aplin Martin Consultants Ltd. Turnbull Construction Project Managers – Project Manager Stuart Rothnie


D.G.S. Construction – General Contractor BC Altium Building Corporation Creative Doors DL Watts Flooring Ltd. Glenco Electric Ltd. LMS Reinforced Steel Group Metro Roofing Phoenix Glass Pitt Meadows Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Profab Steel (1998) Ltd. Signature Millwork TIMMS Community Centre


CONGRATULATIONS to the City of Langley on the NEW Timms Community Centre!

Ricky’s Country Restaurant on site

Proud supplier of architectural glass and aluminum products for DGS Construction.

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208th Street & Fraser Highway, Langley, BC | 26 TIMMS Community Centre

Outdoor Area

GREEN AND ACCESSIBLE Enhanced outdoor spaces create more flexibility and beautification in the Downtown Langley core. The new Timms Community Centre isn’t just a new civic facility; it’s a new community and cultural hub. Recognizing that, Langley City Council and staff looked at how this building – which will improve the lives of residents – could also improve the area around it.

hancement of outdoor spaces and incorporation of the outdoors into activities. Users of the facility will be able to take part in outdoor fitness, like yoga classes, on the unique rubberized gym surface outside the weight and Games Rooms.

“Not only will this facility improve the image of the area, it will also fulfill the City’s sustainability commitments under the Strategic Plan,” said Francis Cheung, the City’s Chief Administrative Officer.

Seating near this outdoor gym space gives people the opportunity to get together and share some time in the sun, read, or people watch. The concrete space is surrounded by greenery and a fence adorned with metal figures.

Part of the planning for the new Timms Community Centre considered the en-

Access to the facility has been greatly improved for both pedestrians and vehi-

cles with the new signaled intersection running from Langley Mall to Timms Community Centre, across Douglas Crescent. The new Timms Community Centre has done more than improve the civic centre, it has enhanced the Downtown and will improve the lives of people in the City of Langley.

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The new weight room is filled with TechnoGym fitness equipment that enables users to turn the machines into a personal device during their workout.

TIMMS Community Centre


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Congratulations on the opening of the

Timms Community Centre

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Time Capsule

CREATING A GLIMPSE INTO THE PAST A time capsule makes use of the space under the stairs.

Kim Hilton

Often a new building project will include some fun for future generations. Much like City Hall, the new Timms Community Centre will have a time capsule filled with current memorabilia enclosed within its walls.

Kim Hilton, the City’s Director, Recreation, Culture and Community Services, credits Council with the idea. The City and the architects found a way to showcase items while making use of space under the stairwell.

What’s different is that unlike the City Hall time capsule, which has remained secured in the archives since the construction in 2000, the Timms’ time capsule will be on display – for all to see – while still being enclosed and protected.

“It’s a visible time capsule, so people can see the items and reminisce, while the artifacts remain preserved,” she said. “The windows even have UV protection on them to ensure the items don’t fade or degrade.”

When you enter the atrium, look under the stairs for the window that reveal a number of items saved for the future. How many can you spot? • Photograph of 2014 City Council • Photograph of City staff • 2015 & 2016 Tax Rolls

• Langley City’s 2015 Annual Report • Official Community Plan

• 50th anniversary book, pin, and pen • 2015 City Council Christmas card

• Councillors Arnold and Martin 25 Years Service Certificate from Union of BC Municipalities

• Langley Advance newspaper – February 18, 2016 • Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers – February 24, 2016

• Langley Times newspaper – February 19, 2016 • Technology (e.g. Blackberry, iPhone) • Playing cards from Cascades Casino

• Langley Good Times Cruise-In poster

• McBurney Lane Summer Series poster

• Timms Community Centre promotional leaflet • Langley Advance’s Timms Community Centre Grand Opening 2016 – Souvenir Edition

• Program – Official Opening of the new Timms Community Centre – February 24, 2016

TIMMS Community Centre


ME Plaza Congratulations to the City of Langley on the completion of the new

Timms Community Centre C u r r e n T & u p Co m i n g T e n a n T s retail:


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TIMMS Community Centre


Langley City Council

From Left to Right: Councillor Jack Arnold, Councillor Paul Albrecht, Councillor Rudy Storteboom, Mayor Ted Schaffer, Councillor Gayle Martin, Councillor Val van den Broek, Councillor Dave Hall.

Thank You

It gives us great pleasure to express our appreciation to you who built our new Timms Community Centre that will be a lasting legacy in the heart of our city. Thank you, Langley City Council

General Contractor George Rossi, Dennis Rossi, Dan Rossi and Bill Schill

Architects Stuart Rothnie, Craig Lane and Federica Piccone

Project Manager Grant Turnbull, Dare Peklenik and Alan Nicholson

Other Significant Contractors:

Metro Roofing Dan Lindsey

BC Altium Building Corporation Todd Collins

Phoenix Glass Jim Lebedovich, Sunny Minhas

NRS Engineering Ltd. Consulting Electrical Engineers Ray Ziemer

Creative Doors Mike Van’t Hullenaar, Greg Lund

Pitt Meadows Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Wes Robinson

DL Watts Flooring Ltd. Rob Gaw

Profab Steel (1998) Ltd. Heidi Morrell

Glenco Electric Ltd. Les Coughlan, Scott Edwards

Signature Millwork Douglas Mathews

LMS Reinforcing Steel Group Ron McNeil

Wicke Herfst Maver Structural Engineers Brian Maver, Florencio Bautista

Rocky Point Engineering Ltd. Tom Popovich, Richard Corra and Mark Shantz Morrison Hershfield David Fookes, Harold Louwerse ETA Landscape Architecture Gerry Eckford, Doron Fishman Aplin Martin Consultants Ltd. Rob Wridgeway, Lee Mcbain


February 25, 2016  
February 25, 2016  

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