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Rio Tinto fine amount has not yet been decided Margaret Speirs Submissions over how much Rio Tinto Alcan should be fined after being found guilty of killing salmon continued last week in Terrace court. The company was originally charged with one count each of harmful alteration of fish habitat and destruction of fish, two violations of the Federal Fisheries Act, from an event at Kemano where its hydroelectric facilities powering its Kitimat aluminum smelter are located. Those charges stem from an April 14, 2011 incident in which the company decreased the water supply to the Kemano River, a move that followed an emergency request made by BC Hydro regarding repairs the crown corporation needed to make. Rio Tinto was found guilty by provincial court judge Calvin Struyk a year ago and lawyers for the parties were before him last

week regarding the size of a fine and other matters. Penalties imposed on the company could be fines of up to $1,000,000, up to six months in jail or both. With eulachon and salmon in the Kemano River, and the importance of the eulachon to the Haisla people, Alcan had an agreement with the Haisla to give the eulachon priority. But in focusing on the eulachon, salmon weren’t considered, said Struyk in his March 2015 decision. That decision was released from a trial that took place over several days in May and October 2014. In its own statement of May 13, 2013, BC Hydro said it asked Rio Tinto Alcan to cut the flow of water into the Kemano River, which would mean less water going through its generators to produce electricity, because of a “hot spot,” a bad connection on a trans-

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mission line that had heated up and was in danger of melting the connection. The transmission lines of Rio Tinto Alcan and BC Hydro are connected so that if the connection had melted, it could’ve potentially caused “catastrophic damage to the transmission line and surrounding area and result in a longer outage to repair,” said BC Hydro in that statement. It added that a repair was required as soon as possible. On Jan. 27, 2016, Crown prosecutor Michelle Ball said the crown wanted a fine of $250,000 and a Water Survey Canada gauge to be installed at a cost of $20,000 and monitored for 10 years with a cost of $20,000 per year. In replying, defence lawyer Robert Hunter said that if the flow had not been cut to the Kemano River, then the work to repair Contined on page 5

Wednesday, February 3, 2016



Rail jam jammin’ January 29 Kitimat saw some spectacular displays of downhill snowboarding and skiiing skills during the Rail Jam event, which brought in many contestants who challenged the man made ski jump at City Centre Mall parking lot. Photo Chamber of Commerce

Industry vibe still positive: mayor The Premier’s B.C. Natural Resources Forum had Mayor Phil Germuth in attendance to hear about the state of the province’s resources industry and he says the overall vibe is still of optimism, even if no final investment decision has been made on local mega-projects. The event ran January 19 to 21. There were certain takeaways that Germuth took from the event, one being there’s a will be the mayors of communities upstream, midstream and downstream of natural gas proposals who see value in potentially putting together a presentation for the federal government out east to underline the important of LNG to the region. Such a mission follows a recent letter from the District of Kitimat and the Haisla Nation Council inviting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the area.

“The concern is that possibly back east they might be thinking that everything’s a slam dunk,” said Germuth. “Of course we know that’s not true. There’s still a lot of work to be done.” He said the town had received a response from the Prime Minister’s Office following the letter that Trudeau’s schedule is being reviewed to possibly fit in a trip to the Northwest. Meanwhile for B.C. specifically, the provincial sales tax (PST) is becoming a hot topic for LNG proponents. “The PST has definitely become an issue to them being able get a final investment decision because of the price of oil,” said Germuth. The companies appear to be seeking some flexibility in the PST rates to make them more competitive. “The PST does actually become one

of the considering factors for them. So hopefully there can be something there to be worked out,” added Germuth. Companies are also seeking reassessments from their materials suppliers to provide a better rate due to the low cost of oil, he said. The area political leaders, said Germuth, are all seeing the impacts of no FIDs and that is leading the collaborative spirit. “They’re feeling the slow down just like we are. Everybody is pushing for it and trying to work together to see it come through to fruition,” he said, noting the feeling of development is still optimistic from what he’s seen. The Kitimat-based LNG Canada project and the Prince Rupert-based Petronas are still the current top bets for projects that will go ahead, he added.

2 Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Police Beat

RCMP implement arrest plan after 14 hour deadlock Kitimat RCMP During the week of January 17 to January 23, 2016 the Kitimat RCMP investigated 54 files/complaints, some of which are the following: • 4 complaints of Mischief • 1 noise bylaw complaint • 1 complaint of Break & Enter • 7 traffic complaints • 8 complaints in-

volved drugs, alcohol or intoxicated persons. January 22 At 11:45pm, the Kitimat RCMP received a report of a victim of assault who was being treated for serious injuries. Through investigation, it was learned that a dispute occured between two persons known to each other, inside a private residence and at no time was the public at risk.

Both men involved suffered injuries and medical treatment was necessary for each. Several Kitimat RCMP members executed a search warrant at the suspect’s residence, and arrested the suspect without incident. The Terrace RCMP Forensic Identification Section attended and offered specialized expertise. Charges of Aggravated Assault have

been laid against Timothy Tait of Kitimat who remained in custody until his first court appearance yesterday, February 2, in Terrace, BC. January 23 A homeowner at Kitamaat Village contacted the Kitimat RCMP Detachment saying their intoxicated sibling was loading firearms inside the house and had threatened their life.

Members of the Kitimat RCMP were able to safely remove the complainant from their house. With the assistance of the Terrace RCMP, and through consultation with the Kitimat RCMP Detachment Commander, the street in front of the house was blocked off for public travel. After more than 14 hours of unsuccessful attempts at contacting the suspect by way of loud

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BC LNG pipeline decision extension requested One project, Douglas Channel LNG, is the most advanced of the three and would require an extension of PNG’s existing 10-inch line into Kitimat. Two other projects called Triton and Cedar are in the concept stage but would require PNG to build a 30-inch line to feed all three and set in motion the construction of a second PNG pipeline running from the Prince George area into the northwest. But yesterday PNG asked the utilities commission for an

Terrace Standard Construction decisions for at least one and perhaps more smaller liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants near Kitimat remain unknown, based on a filing today with a provincial regulator. Pacific Northern Gas (PNG) was to tell the B.C. Utilities Commission today how large of a natural gas pipeline it was to build to the locations for up to three planned LNG plants, all of which would be located on barges.

extension and a change in detail it would need to provide. The utility is now asking to submit the pipeline size filing “within 10 days of Douglas Channel LNG making a Final Investment Decision on the project,” a statement today from the utilities commission indicates. “The commission is currently considering this request and at this point, we have not responded nor is there a revised date for receiving the filing,” the statement continued.

or who is responsible, please contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. If you wish to remain anonymous, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or visit the web site at www.crimestoppers. ca.

hailer and telephone, an arrest plan was put into place and Roger Green was arrested without incident. Several firearms were located and Green remains in custody. If anyone has knowledge of these crimes or any other


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Terrace Standard By 2018, the equivalent of 50-60 railcars a day of propane could be rolling through Terrace on CN’s main line daily, bound for Prince Rupert, should an export terminal plan announced last week by Calgary-based AltaGas come to pass. The terminal, to cost between $400 million and $600 million, would be built on Ridley Island on land leased from the federal crown corporation Ridley Island Terminals, which in turn leases it from the Prince Rupert Port Authority, another federal crown agency. Up to 1.2 million tonnes a year of propane would be shipped to Asian markets should AltaGas receive its required regulatory approvals. It anticipates making a final investment decision later this year. “We had been looking for a good site for years now on the West Coast and this one really seemed to be the best possible one for us as it’s an existing facility. There’s already a world class marine jetty. It’s brownfield, it’s on an existing industrial site, and we know Prince Rupert, our affiliate Pacific Northern Gas serves Prince Rupert,” said AltaGas executive vice-president John Lowe. “We like the area and it’s a really good fit for us. Whether the railcars would be added to CN’s regular train service or if they would be on dedicated trains has yet to be determined. AltaGas says it has completed preliminary engineering and the front end engineering and design study has begun. (With files from The Northern View)

Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 3, 2016 3

New name, same fun for AFFNO festival Cameron Orr It used to be Winterfest, but the francophone organization AFFNO is rebranding its annual celebration in Kitimat. The new name is the Franco-fun Festival, and AFFNO Executive Director Patrick Witwicki says they are gearing it as 100 per cent family friendly event, which runs February 19 to 21. AFFNO Executive Director Patrick Witwicki says their new name plays on ‘francophone’ and plays up what they want the event to be known for: fun. “Winterfest was just too plain,” he said, adding the name caused confusion with other similar events in the north. “That’s what we want, to emphasize the word fun,”

February 19 is a school-based celebration at Kildala Elementary. The school has been on hiatus for running the annual Carnivale event but it will return for the students. They’ll have special events, and workshops for storyteller Anne Glover. Toffee on the snow will also be made. The free community-wide event happens February 20 at the Kitimat Public Library. They’ll be hosting, and Anne Glover will be there as well, and there will be a drumming workshop - yes, at the library - from Victoria-based band Kouskous. “We decided to make this year’s festival 100 per cent family oriented,” said Witwicki. “That doesn’t

mean if you’re an adult and you don’t have kids you’re not allowed to come. By all means come. But this time it’s anybody of any age can attend.” The event at the library is first come, first serve due to space limitations so get there early if you can. Kouskous will perform live music the next day at the Francofun Brunch at Riverlodge. Witwicki says there will be the usual treats, including sugar tarts, pancakes and a lot of maple syrup. They’ll do toffee on the snow that day as well. He said he’s still amazed there was no snow to do it at last year’s brunch. Tickets for the brunch are being sold at the library.

AFFNO’s 2015 brunch is coming back as are other events for the annual festival, now branded Franco-fun Festival. The brunch was moved to Sunday from its usual Saturday because they’ve heard people are more free to attend that day, and they may get the after-church crowds too. Witwicki believes this is the year that brings the festival

2016 crucial year for LNG Cameron Orr Three years ago then-minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver and the head of Prince Rupert Gas had dinner with Energy Services B.C.’s Executive Director Art Jarvis three years ago and Jarvis says he remembers being told that if no pipes were being built within three years things wouldn’t look good for the province’s natural gas industry. The words used were “We’re not late, we’re too late.” Now three years on, Jarvis sees what little has been done as far as actual construction and says 2016 will be a crucial year to get something started or the boat may be missed. “The big thing is this time frame is competing with the rest of the world,” he said. The United States, he said, will soon have five operating LNG plants in their country. Canada does have an advantage that our ports are a day closer to natural gas destinations, “but that’s our only advantage right now.” Energy Services BC represents contractors and service providers for energy companies, and Jarvis says they’re being hit by a “triple whammy” of issues. Those are that producers are asking their members to cut their rates, while also cutting back their own projects too. The third ‘whammy’ is that they’re facing competition from firms playing fast and loose with government regulations. B.C. has a high tax rate, from PST to fuel taxes, which makes the cost of business high here. But Jarvis said the Peace region, located so close to downturned Alberta, that many companies are coming from out of province and not paying the appropriate fees or rates for business

“I believe it will make us the richest province in Canada if we get it underway.”

back to full force as it was through the first decade of the 2000s. “I think this year is the turning point where we

get it back...towards where it used to be,” he said. “That’s our goal, to get it back, get back in the community.”


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 7 pm Please join us at the WorkBC Employment Centre 562 Mountainview Square, Kitimat

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in this province. Jarvis was in Prince George last week speaking to the Solicitor General on this very subject. The problem has been ongoing so long that they have partnered with the Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition to lobby for better enforcement of provincial regulation to get businesses on the same level playing field. When it comes to natural gas, Jarvis says the pain adds up the longer there’s no final investment decision. “As time goes on we lose more and more opportunity.” He said his pick for the two companies likely to move forward, if at all, would be Prince Rupert’s Petronas and Kitimat’s LNG Canada proposal. But if there’s no FID by this summer he says it will be too late for the province to build up the savings they were touting to pay off the provincial debts. B.C. will take at least four years from an announcement to export, he said, putting us behind. Jarvis does see the potential for B.C. in developing an LNG export industry but seeing real results, and soon, will be very important. “I believe it will make us the richest province in Canada if we get it underway.”



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Looking to be in better shape Of course it’s not yet sunshine and rainbows yet between Unifor 2300 and the District of Kitimat but it’s a pleasure to see the relationship between the two is seemingly on the upswing. The community watching the strike unfolding last year was painful not just seeing people out of their jobs but the divisiveness the situation was putting on the town. Frustration was palpable on both sides as the strike dragged on. Today we’re, give or take, eight months since the end of the strike, but about a full year since it started, to give a sense of how long the whole thing lasted. But the promise made at the time was that the lines of communication would open between the town council and the union, in order to mend the relationship and be more aware of any concerns. There were some surprises that came up as the strike began that I’m sure made negotiations challenging. How do you bargain for issues you didn’t even know about ahead of time? That’s all in the past now. The council and the union had their first face-toface meeting since the strike ended, the start of the fulfilment of the promise to have these meetings and from the sounds of it the meeting went well. The two sides maybe weren’t exchanging their grandmothers cookie recipes but it was respectful dialogue. The fact that Unifor 2300 Business Agent Martin McIlwrath wasn’t even sure off hand who arranged this first meeting — the District or the union themselves — speaks positively. It was just time for them to sit down and it happened. No need to know who’s taking the first steps, just matters that action is being done. Of course communication is just part of the path ahead. Issues will certainly continue such as contracting out, workplace safety, and the hours offered to long-term employees. Those are some of the sticking points which carried through the strike. We still have some years yet before a new Collective Agreement has to be settled but with the encouraging fact that the relationship is better, if certainly not perfect, may be in a far better place when bargaining next happens. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nothing much changes over night, but it’s comforting to be where we are now versus last year. - Northern Sentinel

Bumpy ride ahead for Canadians Well, here we are running into early February 2016 and it is starting to look like it will be another “year to remember” in Canada. There is a strong argument going around that the country is officially in recession with the dollar hovering around 70 cents US, oil revenues plummetting...and no federal budget expected until March. At this point in time, with Canada suffering from an extreme depressed economy, most Canadians are more than a little puzzled about the “stand aside” stance of the new Liberal Government and controversial, high flying Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Personally, I think Mr. Trudeau talks a good game. That is what got him elected. He read correctly the discontent of Canadians about the performance of the last Conservative government and its unpopular leader, Stephen Harper. Throughout the election, all three leaders talked about easing the finan-

Under Miscellaneous by Allan Hewitson

cial strains facing middle class Canadians and the voters seemed to favour the potential solutions presented by the Liberal leader, sweeping Trudeau into power with a majority on October 19, 2015. Six months earlier, Albertans had already had enough of the provincial Conservatives and blew them away, replacing them with that province’s first-ever NDP government, led by Rachel Notley. That was in May, 2015. It seems to me that if there was such a thing as a wish-granting geniein-a-bottle, most Albertans would wish for a reversal of the results of the May election. Unemployment in the oilfields

has skyrocketed about as fast as the price of oil plummeted to below $30 a barrel. At the same time, Canadians are watching with dismay as the Canadian dollar has joined the price of oil at the bottom of that barrel. Reminder to self: cancel cruise and trip to Vegas this year. No doubt, Mr. Trudeau is as seriously concerned as anyone about oil prices and the dollar but since October he does not seem to have much time to spend worrying about the Canadian economy. He seems too busy jetting around the world attending a slew of international meetings including the Climate Change conference in Paris and most recently the economic summit in Davos, Switerland. Between that and the unremitting drive to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, at an unestimated and obviously extremely flexible cost, many Canadians are as worried about Trudeau’s priorities as I am. Continued on page 8

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Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 3, 2016 5

The LNG supply forecast is overblown Last time I closed with the question, what is the outlook for LNG in these turbulent times, particularly when it comes to the proposed projects in our back yard? Depending on what forecasts you believe, the answer is either - like Monty Pyton’s parrot - “it’s dead” or “only sleeping”. Part of the answer lies in the basic demand-supply ratio. The demand side does not paint a pretty picture right now. For example, Korea Gas (Kogas) has seen its sales of natural gas fall nearly 23 per cent from December 2014 to December last year - and it has a monopoly of supply in its domestic market. Japan’s demand for LNG fell four percent last year and China’s, after years of double digit increases, went down by two percent. Those figures are not terrifying if the supply of LNG were to hold at the level it now is. But if you look at the 118.9 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of new production that is forecast to come on the market

Baxyard Banter

by Malcolm Baxter

over just the next two years, you could be forgiven for concluding the parrot is as dead as a door nail. However, I question those forecasts. For example, the list of projects includes 62.5 mtpa from US plants. While the 18 mtpa Sabine Pass (Louisiana) project is very close to shipping product, I have my doubts that Freeport (Texas, 13.9 mtpa), Cameron (Louisiana, 12mtpa), Cove Point (Maryland, 5.2 mtpa) and Corpus Christi (Texas, 13.3 mtpa) are going to be up and running in that time frame. (I should add that Sabine will not be shipping out the full 18 mtpa immediately but rather incrementally and even that it is dependent on market conditions.)

You can dismiss Yamal (Russia, 16.5 mtpa) since their projected start up date is listed as 2018-2021, a clear indication they haven’t the vaguest idea when, or even if, it will proceed. Petronas of Malaysia has a couple of floating LNG plants in the works but at a total output of 2.7 mtpa they are not market breakers. Which leaves the total of 37 mtpa from Australia’s Gorgon (15.6 mtpa), Wheatstone (8.9 mtpa), Prelude (3.6 mtpa) and Ichthys (8.9 mtpa) proposals. (Of interest is that Gorgon’s partners include Chevron (Kitimat LNG) and Shell (LNG Canada), Wheatstone has Chevron and Woodside (Kitimat LNG), and Shell is the big player in Prelude. Ichthys is primarily a Japanese consortium.) Given Ichthys is in difficulties - it originally targeted late this year for first shipments but has now pushed that back to the fall of next year - let’s take them out of the equation. That leaves 28 mtpa of Aussie produc-

Committee driven to improve business community looking for feedback from local business owners about what it’s like to operate in Kitimat and ways that they can be helped to improve or grow their business. Today the committee has 13 members and have begun gathering. “At this point we have approximately 13 people who have volunteered to be part of the committee,” said

EDO Director Rose Klukas. “The volunteers represent a broad cross-section of the business neighbourhoods.” [Downtown, Service Centre, Nechako Centre, etc.] She said they’re still in the inaugural stages of the committee but have met twice so far with “a focus of identifying projects that the group could tackle that would make a positive impact on

Rio Tinto fine Continued from page 1 the hydro lines would’ve taken longer with a “catastrophic” loss of the eulachon fishery and “very significant” loss of the salmon fishery. As it happened, there was some loss of

the salmon but the eulachon were saved and there’s no evidence of long-term harm on the salmon fishery, said Hunter. Rather than ordering Rio Tinto Alcan to install a water survey gauge, it would make more sense to have

access to real-time water levels which exists now but only has certain groups able to access it, said Hunter. A date was made to fix a date later this month with sentencing not expected until spring.

Pipeline Continued from page 2 inch line or a 30-inch line last November and that’s when it was given a deadline of today to file its decision with the commission. The natural gas utility is a subsidiary of Calgary-based energy company AltaGas which is a partner with a Japanese company in both the Douglas Channel LNG project and the Triton one. There are other companies involved as well. A successful development of just the Douglas Channel LNG project would also mean lower natural gas costs for PNG’s existing northwest-

ern B.C. customers. That’s because it would take up the majority of the capacity of the existing 10-inch line, a capacity which became available when previous large scale industrial customers closed down. Since then, PNG’s existing customers have had to pay more to maintain the line, a situation that would then change should Douglas Channel LNG go ahead and begin paying its share of those costs. Both PNG and AltaGas have so far not responded to requests for comment.

the business community and benefit residents in Kitimat.” She said the first meeting was a lot of brainstorming and sorting out the committee’s role. “There is always trepidation with the formation of such a group, worry that the committee won’t meet expectations. But we have a great group, willing to spend the

necessary time.” She said it’s important to have this group because the impact of small business “should not be underestimated” even though Kitimat is historically and largely based on industry. “This committee puts Economic Development directly in touch with the business sector.” She said the group is expected to meet monthly.

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Cameron Orr The Kitimat District’s Economic Development Office is moving ahead in the formation of a Business Revitalization Committee. The committee spawned from a business roundtable the EDO hosted late last year, itself a followthrough from a business walk held the weeks before. The EDO was

tion that can reasonably be expected to come to market by the end of 2018. Again, not a terrifying number since it would require only a relatively modest increase in demand over the next 36 months to maintain market balance. All that said, what happens between now and the end of 2018 in terms of demand/supply/price is not relevant to financial investment decisions for LNG Canada or Kitimat LNG since, even if the green light for either came tomorrow morning, the absolute earliest they could be shipping LNG is 2020-2021. So any FID decision will be based on their best forecast on the cost of building their projects, demand from 2020 to 2060 assuming a 40-year life span for the plants - and, as an extension of demand, what the average price will be over four decades. Projected price is the big one since you have to be confident that revenues will pay all the bills and leave you with a profit. We’ll get into the murky world of price next time.

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Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.

The name says it all: Family Day On February 8 many of us will get a nice statutory day off for this chance to reconnect with our families and spend time with them rather than with our jobs. Kitimat is well positioned to provide a memorable Family Day for you and your family. For starters there’s the free swim at the Sam Lindsay Aquatic Centre on

Family Day. With a waterslide and other water spraying installations, the pool is an ideal place to bring your kids to burn off some energy. There will also be free skating at the Kitimat skating rink. Some gathering places in Kitimat may be closed for the holiday, but that shouldn’t limit a family with a good imagination. For instance, plan ahead a day or so and stop by the Kitimat Public Library to find a movie on DVD or Blu-Ray to watch for a family night


Have a wonderful day with those who mean the most to you.

Phil Germuth

District of Kitimat - Mayor



Comm ity


Kitimat Office: 250-639-9252




Our Hatch family hopes everyone is able to enjoy quality family time.

~ Michael J. Fox


Kiti m

Enjoy Family Day with all the members of your family!

on February 8. If you didn’t plan for a movie night, or wanted to do something a bit earlier, just grab the family and play a board game. Something away from glowing screens can be nice. Bonus points if you get your hands on the Kitimat Adventure board game. Kitimat is a community that thrives on its foundations of family, which makes this a great place to celebrate your Family Day. Rain, shine or snow, there is plenty for you to enjoy.

ane Soci

KITIMAT HUMANE SOCIETY 1000 Eurocan Way 250-632-7373.


Local Presence, Global Capability


Wishing All Constituents a Happy and Healthy Family Day 2016; Enjoy a Great British Columbia Tradition!


Enjoy it together! February 8, 2016 From your friends at

The Kitimat Northern Sentinel K









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4 1:30aytoAquatic Centre

inds Sam L


Robin Austin



Kitimat Ic e Rink

KITIMAT CONSTITUENCY 213 City Centre Lower City Centre Mall Ph. 250 632-9886



#104 - 4710 Lazelle Ave. Ph. 250 638-7906


Tamitik Jubilee Sports Complex 400 City Centre, Kitimat 250-632-8955

Both events are no charge to the public as the BC Provincial Government and Northern Gateway are sponsoring the events.

Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 3, 2016 7

It’s never too early to start planning your retirement With the holiday season over for another year, many of us have turned our attentions to New Year’s resolutions. We’re committing to watching less TV, getting in shape or giving our finances the attention they deserve. While making good on those well-intentioned resolutions often falls by the wayside before January is out, there are a few ways you can make your money work more effectively. Chief among them at this time of year, investing in registered retire-

Mike Forward

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ment savings plans or RRSPs as they’re more widely known. T4s are not far off which means the annual ritual often of filing tax returns can leave us lamenting the taxman and wondering how we

could lighten the burden? To some degree the taxman has heard your lament and offers the RRSP as a means to reduce your tax liability while planning for your financial future. In a nutshell,

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think otherwise, an RRSP can be opened and funds deposited at any time. There are a lot more ins and outs and plenty of RRSP options so the easiest way to find a plan that works for you is to head down to your local financial institution. Envision Financial RRSP experts are available at our branch with plenty of friendly, free advice on how an RRSP may take some of the sting out of tax season and get you on your way to a happy retirement.

Supper Club founder wins award for work Cameron Orr Sherry LeducBrady will tell you she doesn’t really do anything. She founded the Kitimat Community Supper Club in 2013 (the first meal service happened April 2014), and ever since has been there, with a dedicated group of volunteers, to serve food to people in the Kitimat First Baptist Church every Monday night. No money is required, and the group have always welcomed people from any walk of life. It’s a ‘community’ supper club, not just one for certain demographics. Her dedicated work earned her the attention of two people who chose to nominate her for a program run by the Mr. Mikes company, called Deeds Well Done. With two nominations for her in the program which highlights people doing good work in their community, she has come away as one of 20 people in the entire province who took the top prize. That is aside from her receiving a credit to the restaurant chain,

“I was determined to make Kitimat like I remembered it.” she was given $1,000 to give towards a charity of her choice. It didn’t take her long to choose the Kitimat Food Bank Society for her choice. The two groups often share food, giving surpluses to each other, from lasagna noodles to, one time, 200 packs of bacon. She felt that while food donations are likely the bulk of what the food bank gets, there’s a lot of financial need either from rent and utilities to buying food locally when it goes on sale. Sherry beams with positivity throughout the day. At 9 a.m. on Monday she’s with the volunteers setting up the room at the church with chairs and tables. She was already there the day before preparing the food for the day. As volunteers come in she stops to welcome them and pays them a compliment or two. “You gotta cook with love,” she says, saying a sour attitude

Sherry Leduc-Brady translates to others, and even to the food they serve. Within the nomination piece posted to the Mr. Mikes contest, the person wrote that “Sherry took it upon herself to start up a community supper club for a town with a growing amount of homeless people... Sherry is always looking to reach out to our community and does everything in her power to make sure no one goes without. Warm clothes for the winter, food for the hungry. She does all this because she has such a huge heart.” She says that it’s her way to give back

after she’s been helped so much. She said the genesis of the supper club here began with the death of her first husband in Quesnel. Her church gave her strong support and she joined a group of other single mothers who would cook food for each other. She moved to Kitimat in 2011 and joined a baseball team and heard stories about high rents taking money from people’s food budgets. She began by feeding the baseball team, then it slowly grew to others. Eventually she had to locate a larger kitchen and the Baptist Church is the place that gave her a green light to use their facility. Even today though she still maintains a storeroom in her home of food that she uses to deliver to people who can’t come to the Monday night gatherings. But she’ll still say she doesn’t do anything. “I basically boss people around,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve done anything.” However she does


All Kitimat students are welcomed and encouraged to submit articles/photos about events or issues at your school for the monthly student ‘Buzz’ page to the Northern Sentinel at

see the community as a whole becoming more connected over time and getting people out and socializing is one of the secondary goals of the whole operation. “I was determined to make Kitimat like

was more excited for her nominator, who also won a $25 gift card for choosing the winning nomination, than she was about winning the award for herself. As she says, it’s all about everyone else.

I remembered it,” she said, about growing up in town and remembering how tight-knit everyone was. As for the recognition of being chosen in the Deeds Well Done program, she said when she heard she

Franco-Fun Festival

I N K I T I M AT L’Association des Francophones et Francophiles du Nord-Ouest (AFFNO) invites everyone to experience a taste of Quebec


Francophone culture, food and family fun in a festival you’ll never forget! The Return of


featuring Anne Glover

FEBRUARY 19 at Kildala school

FREE Community Show

featuring bilingual story-teller Anne Glover and


with members of Kouskous Both at Kitimat Public Library


Franco-Fun Brunch Sunday, Febru

Noon to 2pm

ary 21

at Riverlodge

Doors open at 11:30am Tickets available at Kitimat Public Li brary. $15 Adult • $10 Child (6 $5 Children aged -12) 3-5


Call 250-627-1313 or email for more information Sponsored by:

The Chalet K

Kitimat Public Library Association









8 Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Uber-services are inevitable: Transportation Minister Jeff Nagel and Cameron Orr Transportation Minister Todd Stone now says the entry of ridehailing services like Uber into B.C. is inevitable, but the province aims to preserve a significant role for the existing taxi industry. While Stone still maintains Uber would have to get approval from the province's Passenger Transportation Branch and meet various insurance and safety requirements, he acknowledged strong public demand for the service, which connects paying passengers with drivers via a smartphone app. "It's a matter of 'when' not 'if,'" Stone told reporters. "That industry and its introduction into British Columbia is going to happen at some point." He said he wants to ensure any formal entry of ride sharing is "done in a very responsible fashion that also balances the interests and respects the jobs and the investments of the taxi industry." It's a significant shift in tone from stern warnings from Stone in 2014 vowing to send undercov-

“Could be a short term fix if we get the LNG in, but in long term I can’t see it.” er officers to bust Uber drivers if the service launched without approval. Stone said he and his staff are meeting with both Uber and the taxi industry. He cited the convenience, choice and competition a service like Uber would bring to what has been a taxi industry monopoly, adding it could be "very complementary" and not necessarily detrimental to cab firms. "British Columbians are expecting at some point sooner rather than later they're going to have those additional choices." Stone said the taxi industry wants and deserves a "level playing field" and he credited its work to serve disabled passengers with accessible taxis and specialized driver training.

Disability Alliance B.C. executive director Jane Dyson said the safety and comfort of people with disabilities and frail seniors is paramount. "There have been some concerns that the introduction of Uber may weaken the availability of trained taxi drivers working within the taxi industry," Dyson said. In Kitimat there are 4,700 HandyDart trips made per year. "We know that HandyDart rides are increasingly being buttressed by taxi trips and with the aging of the population that is likely to continue. If Uber came into the market we would want to see it strictly regulated, as the taxi industry is." Kitimat taxi operator Kevin Barry said he wouldn’t do an interview on this subject but just offered a quick remark that he doesn’t believe there is room in the local market for an Uber-like service. He said as the legitimate businesses with the licenses they deserve to hold on to the business. Kitimat’s Valley Taxi opera-

tor Chris Knight also doesn’t see a future for Uber, at least not in towns like Kitimat. “In Kitimat, well there are times you can’t get a cab, this is true. But for them to run in legally they’d have to go through the [Public Transportation Branch] and I can’t see it.” He said if too many people start offering Uber rides in a town like Kitimat nobody will be able to make a living. Operating a taxi is also no cheap venture and it costs him thousands of dollars a year just to be able to operate. “Whatever happens with probably won’t take hold here. Could be a short term fix if we get the LNG in, but in long term I can’t see it.” Uber and taxi industry reps have been going from city to city in Metro Vancouver seeking support from local politicians. It's also become an issue in the Coquitlam by-election, where the Liberal candidate has promised to champion sharing services like Uber and Airbnb.

NDP leader John Horgan questioned why Stone has performed a "complete 180" from his earlier anti-Uber rhetoric. He suggested the Liberals are either in secret talks to cut a deal with Uber or are merely trying to "curry favour" in the by-election. Horgan called on the government to put ride sharing and similar issues to open debate in the legislature through a non-partisan committee. "If we're going to throw out what has been a many decades long system that has protected the taxi industry, certainly, and also protected customers, let's have a discussion about that," Horgan said. "Let's do it in a way that's not just more backroom deals by Liberals." He said more answers are needed about the "consequences to family businesses" as well as the degree to which San Josebased Uber would effectively be taking revenue out of B.C. and only returning some of it to its drivers here.

Kitimat’s Economic Development eyes technology sector Cameron Orr As the provincial government looks to amend the province’s school curriculum to embrace information technology, the District of Kitimat is looking to make a name for itself in the technology sector too. The District’s Economic Development Officer Rose Klukas joined the municipality’s IT person Paul Mitchell in attending the British Columbia technology summit held in Vancouver at the end of January.

Klukas says making the town tech friendly is a natural step. “In many ways there is a natural link between the resource industries and technology. I decided to go and see if there are any connections that could translate into new businesses or jobs for Kitimat,” she said. She added that ‘tech’ covers a lot of fields, from gaming to industry, health and many others. “We are living in an age where computer

technology is rapidly advancing, affecting all areas of the economy. We need to keep pace with these changes.” She said there is precedence of tech companies working in smaller communities even if the larger companies are often based in urban centres. “At this point I’m exploring the idea to see how it can fit in Kitimat. We are always keen on diversifying the economy. This is another potential way to add to our local economy.”

Klukas said she feels happy with how the trip to the summit went and she came away learning many new things. “I learned a lot that I hope can translate into tangible results here in Kitimat. Even some new ideas I can share with the existing community,” she said. Other news from

the summit included the Premier announcing new coding curriculums for elementary students. Premier Christy Clark told the conference in Vancouver an introduction to coding option will be available in some schools starting next September. It is expected to be available across the prov-

ince within three years, and Clark said her goal is to make it mandatory for all students entering school. Post-secondary technology programs already include co-op job placements for 80 per cent of students, but any new programs will have to be 100 per cent co-op, Clark said. The province and

federal governments also announced new funding to technology employers to help current and future workers upgrade their skills. Grants cover two thirds of training cost up to $10,000 per employee, and applications can be made at www.workbc. ca/canadabcjobgrant. - Files from Tom Fletcher

Bumpy Ride Continued from page 4 All of it is going to cost a great deal of money and the possible two years of deficits of $10-billion forecast by the Liberals during the election, now look more likely to explode to better than $50-billion over the next two years, according to Bank of Canada economists. All of this will be exacerbated by the costs of the up-to, or more than, $10-billion promised for the “economy saving” Liberal infrastructure stimulus programs. Therefore, I am sure there was as little surprise in your house as in mine when we learned from CIBC that Canadians are holding “a record $75 billion in extra cash and continue to sock away money at a rate not seen in years.”

Could be so; after 2008, would you want your nest egg under someone else’s control or in the stock market and since I do not have access to one of these mysterious “Swiss bank accounts” to squirrel away dollars, I recognize Government would like to get its hands on that $75 billion right now. The economy is reeling. Even with the price of oil in the pits, Canadians are still getting screwed on a daily basis at the gas pumps across this country. And no doubt also in the grocery store. Bought a steak recently? Had a meal out at a restaurant? I see no slowdown in the tidal wave of bad economic news flooding the country. So hang on to your hats (and your wallets) Canada...we are in for a bumpy ride in 2016.

A sign of the times The sign shown above saying “Pipe Up Against Enbridge,” which was featured during the District of Kitimat plebiscite question on if the town should support the project, has found a home in a museum in Ontario. The Canadian Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa requested the sign for their collection, which Douglas Channel Watch gladly approved. The museum is publicly closed until 2017 so it’s not immediately known how the sign will display or fit in to their collection. Submitted

Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 3, 2015 9

Marine safety report for LNG Canada

Kidsport In December MLA Robin Austin presented Kitimat Kidsport, represented here by Cyndi McIntosh, a cheque to go towards the program which provides money for children to participate in sports programs who may not be able to otherwise afford it. The money was presented on behalf of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. Submitted

Cameron Orr A review which specifically looks at a project’s marine safety component has been done for the LNG Canada project. The process, called TERMPOL, is a voluntary one but one which many projects choose to undertake. (Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipelines, for instance, underwent a similar review.) The report’s conclusion doesn’t show much specific concern over the project but does outline certain requirements the company should follow. “While the TRC does not consider the overall increase in marine traffic levels to be an issue, it does support additional measures to promote shared safe use of the project’s preferred shipping route,” it reads. Some of those measures include having an escort tug between Triple Island and the facility, identify mitigations for drift grounding as part of a tug operations plan, and restrictions that limit where vessels can pass each other, depending on the width of the channel. “Work is underway to build Canada’s preparedness and response regime for hazardous

Good outlook for economy and housing investment, economic growth will ease slightly from 2015 but remain moderate." Yu also expects economic growth to average three per cent from 2017 on, with steady consumer activity and higher business investment tied to major project construction. His forecast assumes one large liquefied natural gas terminal will be built in B.C. and Yu cautioned growth would be slower at about 2.5 per cent and unemployment higher by 0.5 per cent if a new LNG plant fails to materialize. He predicts unemployment will edge up slightly in 2016 to 6.3 per cent before declining in subsequent years. The forecast is in contrast

to a new Insights West poll that shows B.C. residents have become considerably more pessimistic about the economy and many are adopting a frugal mindset as they hunker down for financial trouble. Two-in-five of those surveyed expect B.C.'s economy to decline and at least 40 per cent said they plan to slash spending on entertainment, new clothes or dining out to prepare for tougher times. The poll found 93 per cent expect to pay more for groceries over the next six months and 71 per cent expect higher real estate prices. Nearly half of respondents said they've worried frequently or occasionally about the value of their investments.









Fundraiser for Chris Knight

Friday, February 5 at 7 pm in the Legion bar Donations Accepted

newsroom@ advertising@ classifieds@ K

JAM KNIGHT There will be an evening filled with music, food, karaoke, and lots of fun in support of our dear friend Chris Knight. Chris will not be able to work for awhile as he recovers from surgery and we want to help him out. Food Karao ke Music Fun


For Legion members and guests

We can help promote your business. ADVERTISE WITH US! Call the Northern Sentinel

Water surveys equipment they carry will be helping us complete some investigative survey work in the Port of Kitimat. Expect to see them working in the vicinity of the Rio Tinto and LNG Canada marine berth areas from January 15th until around the end of February,” the company said.

LNG Canada












LNG Canada alerted Kitimat residents via their Facebook page that boats such as above would be in the waters by Kitimat doing surveying work. “These vessels and

ad space donated by:










626 Enterprise Ave, Kitimat


Jeff Nagel B.C.'s economy is forecast to grow at a healthy clip of three per cent this year despite growing global financial uncertainty that has seen stock markets plunge and the Canadian dollar swoon in tandem with the dive in oil prices. That prediction comes from Central 1 Credit Union senior economist Bryan Yu, who says the province will lead Canada in growth and should weather the global economic turmoil well, thanks to improved exports and tourism due to the weak loonie. "B.C. will continue to benefit from low interest rates and a lower currency, despite challenges presented by a weak commodity sector," Yu said. "Lifted by household demand

To Serve You Better

and noxious substances, including LNG” the report continues. “Relevant authorities are working towards standardizing procedures in response to the anticipated development of an LNG export industry and related increase in marine traffic.” LNG Canada External Affairs Director Susannah Pierce says the company is happy to have the review. “LNG Canada is pleased to have completed the TERMPOL review process. Our TERMPOL submission was informed by engagement with First Nations and local community members on their local knowledge of the proposed marine navigation route, and the TERMPOL Review Committee’s recommendations and observations reinforce and reconfirm our commitment to safety and ongoing engagement with local communities,” she said.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016 Northern Sentinel

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TATION Specialists E R E BareU inL huge demand. Employers S I R graduates. A T AE want CanScribe great A work-from-home S S Gcareer! E M Train with Canada’s best-rated program. Enroll today. 1-800-466-1535.


Flatdeck Division · Must be willing to run Western USA, BC and Alberta OWNER OPERATORS · Must currently hold a FAST card, orFlatdeck obtain Division one within 3 ·weeks Must ofbereceiving willing a toposition. run Western USA, BC and Alberta ts & Hiring · Benefi Must currently hold Bonus! a FAST 604-888-2928 or 3 card,CallorBob obtain one within weeks receiving a position.

Sales-Inside Sales-Inside Help Wanted Wednesday, February 3, 2016 Wednesday, Northern February Sentinel 3, 2016 Northern Sentinel Telemarketing




Employment Education/Trade Help Wanted Schools Education/Trade Schools

Employment Sales-Inside Help Wanted Telemarketing Help Wanted

Career Employment Sales-Inside Opportunities Telemarketing Sales-Inside Telemarketing

Career Employment Sales-Inside Opportunities Telemarketing Sales-Inside Telemarketing

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Career Opportunities

Millwright Full Time / Casual Full Time / Casual Security Officers Security Full TimeOfficers / Casual STORE MANAGER Security Officers


Millwright Millwright


No phone calls candidate willYhold anThe Interprovincial ideal candidate Red will Sealhold an please! Interprovincial Red Seal A T E U The P ideal S U N N We currently havetwo an opening MillwrightKnowledge at our facility. ticket and have two years of experience. ticket and Knowledge have years in of for experience. in G E M M A E S S

Help Wanted


huge demand. Employers want CanScribe graduates. A HEALTHCARE DOCUMENgreat career! TATIONwork-from-home Specialists For are in AFTERNOONS THURS Train Canada’s Employers best-rated huge withdemand. program. Enroll today. want CanScribe graduates. A great work-from-home career! PERMANENT CARRIER ROUTES 1-800-466-1535. Train with Canada’s best-rated program. Enroll today. 1-800-466-1535.


~ Albatross (65) Wanted Help Wanted ~Help Baxter (40) ~Help Davy, Dunn, Deville, Help Wanted Wanted PERFECT FOR 1103-1235 Tweedsmuir STUDENTS,(95) RETIREES, OR

the operation of an optimizer and the finger operation of machine an optimizer finger jointing Red machine The idealjointing candidate will hold and an Interprovincial Seal is an asset. Apprentices in the is latter an and asset. stages Apprentices of their latter stages of their ticket have two years inof the experience. Knowledge in apprenticeship are also encouraged apprenticeship apply. ofare encouraged to apply. the to operation analso optimizer and finger jointing machine Help Wanted an successful asset. Apprentices the bring latter stages of their The successful candidate willis The bring good troublecandidatein will good troubleapprenticeship are also encouraged to apply. shooting and problem solving shooting skills toandensure problem the solving skills to ensure the continuous and efficiency continuous of theoperation machinery, and efficiency of the PERFECToperation FOR The successful candidate will bring goodmachinery, troublegood communication and interpersonal good communication skills well and as solving interpersonal as wellthe as shooting and asproblem skills skills to ensure STUDENTS, RETIREES, OR a working knowledge and working computer knowledge systems. of digital and computer systems. operation and efficiency of the machinery, ANYONE LOOKING TO of digitalacontinuous Keep your Welding, machining and electrical Welding, experience machining would and also electrical experience good communication and interpersonal skillswould as wellalso as EARN EXTRA be an asset. be an asset.knowledge a toddler working of digital and computer systems. safe in ThisCASH!!! position will be compensated Thiswith position a competitive will beand compensated with a competitive Welding, machining electrical experience would also car. and benefit wage includes andmedical, benefit package that includes medical, NOwage COLLECTING! DIRECTpackage that bethe an asset. dental and pension plan. DEPOSIT. dental and pension Thisplan. position will be compensated with a competitive Learn to Apply wagehow and benefit package that includes medical, Apply in confidence: in confidence: pension plan. install your dental Fax – 250-847-2763 Fax –and 250-847-2763 Email: Email: child’s car seat Apply in confidence: Deadline for applications: February Deadline 15, 2016 applications: February 15, 2016 – 250-847-2763 correctly. CallforFax No phone calls please! No phone calls please! Email: 1-877-247-5551 Deadline for applications: February 15, 2016 or visit No phone calls please!

“Grandma, we’re coming to visit!” “Grandma, we’re “Grandma, we’re Help Wanted coming to visit!” coming to visit!” “Grandma, we’re Help Wanted PERFECT FOR STUDENTS, RETIREES, OR coming to visit!” ANYONE LOOKING PERFECT FOR TO








A R C S H A H S S A D Website: K U L A K K E Y O C E A N I O N S U P P O S I T O R Y S O R B O N N E A M O U N T F I O R D G E S T U R E E N E P A S S E X C E S S MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! O L D S T E R H E A T In-demand career! Employers A U K L I P P Y I R positions E •P Teachers • Teachers have S work-at-home available. Get training MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! • Special Ed Teachers T Y P • ISpecial C A Ed L Teachers R A Nonline I Smithers BC you need from an Employers employerIn-demand career! • Education Assistants • Education Assistants I N D O O R A N E W B L T Join our Team at our Store in Kitimat! • Teachers trusted program. Visit today: have work-at-home positions Part-time opportunity to start Part-time opportunity to start Eonline L or Ltraining IBC S supporting A Lour L E BC E Kyahwood Forest Products is a Finger Joint mill located 1-855available. •G Special EdI Northern Teachers supportingGet our Northern 768-3362 to start you need employerThe Scarlet ofMCompanies The is a Scarlet rapidly Group expanding full is a rapidly Seducated E Group S Astudents. E M educated Ifrom X an Etraining D B forA Ghome in Moricetown, 30 of kmCompanies West of Smithers BC. expanding This entityfull is home students. • Education Assistants your work-at-home career! trusted program. Visit today: Please send your resume and references to: Caseload to E increase in U the Caseload to increase instart the Part-time opportunity toO service security company. In anticipation service of security our ongoing company. and In anticipation of our ongoing and wholly owned by the Moricetown Band. B L L S E S S I N E R or ciency 1-855fall once training & profi fall once training & Centre). proficiency supporting ourCity Northern BC or visit our store (260 upcoming project we upcoming are now accepting project requirements, resumes we areanow accepting resumes A T forE Uis P S U requirements, Nstudents. N Y S Ato I new R 768-3362 start training The Scarlet Group of Companies rapidly expanding full is established. established. home educated START We currently have an opening forisMillwright at our facility. the location and Please becareer sure to ininclude your work-at-home career! for the Kitimat and Terrace Regions for in British the Kitimat Columbia. andcompany. Terrace Regions in BritishofColumbia. Detailed job description Detailed job description to increase in the Graphic Healthcare, G E M MCaseload A E S S A SArts, S service security In anticipation our ongoing and position email. & onlineEducation application online application can fall& once training & proficiency Business, orcan Infor-in your The ideal candidate will hold anare Interprovincial Seal upcoming project we now accepting resumes must at: possess a valid Applicants British Columbia must requirements, possess Security a valid British ColumbiaRed Security be found at: be found isApplicants established. mation Tech. If you haveof in a Rotary START A new career FIELDS is a proud recipient the “Inclusive Employer” award ticket and years of experience. Knowledge in for the Kitimat Terrace Regions in British Columbia. Detailed job description Licence and a valid Driver’s Licence.Licence and have a and validtwo Driver’s Licence. GED, call: 855-670-9765. Graphic Arts, Healthcare, for Click exemplifying diversity the workplace is ranked amongst the the operation of an optimizer and finger jointing machine About Us, then Click About Us, then & and online application can Business, Education or inInforApplicants must possess a in valid British Columbia Security submit your resume by (867) 873-3059 submit your resume by fax: (867) 873-3059 top 100 privately companies byPlease Business in Vancouver. scroll toCLASSIFIED Careers at HCOS scroll to at HCOS beCareers found at: mation If owned you have is fax: anPlease asset. Apprentices the latter stages of their TRY ATech. ADa in BC Licence andor a valid Driver’s Licence. to apply. GED, 855-670-9765. or email: email: Team call: based culture...competitive wages... career advancement opportunities... You will valued! apprenticeship are also encouraged Click About Us, then H A H AS R CS A D S H A H S Website: S D Please Website: submit your resume by fax: (867) 873-3059 scroll to Careers at HCOS TRY A CLASSIFIED AD The successful candidate will bring good troubleU L OA CK E AK NE Y K U L A K K E Y or email: shooting and problem solving skills to ensure the T O SR U Y P P I O O S N I T O R Y I O N A R C S H A H S S A D continuous Website: and efficiency of the machinery, S OO AR M NN TE K U S O R K B O K N N E L A E Y CB O EO U AN N good communication and interpersonal skills as well as FG I E O S R T D U R E F I O R D I O N S U P P O S I T O R Y a working knowledge of digital and computer systems. S EE M NX O EC UE N PS A S O R E X C N E N S E S B O A TS S S Welding, machining and electrical experience would also T E GR E SH O LA D S T F E R E A T I O H R D TE U RT E be an asset. U K E S N PL E I I RP E P Y A U K L I P P Y P A S S E X C E S S This position will be compensated with a competitive P I RC AA NL O I L D T Y P E I R C A H L E A T S T Smithers BCand benefit package Smithers BC medical, wage that includes A N S IE N W D O B O L R T A N E W B L T A U K L I P P Y P I R E dental and pension plan. G RA AL N EI L IE Y S PKyahwood G L Forest I L Products E E is a Kyahwood Finger JointForest mill located Products isSmithers a Finger BC Joint mill located I A C A L I L LE T Apply G M IE D XS O EA D MR BE A G S W E S 30 A M E in Moricetown, BC. This30 entity km West isin confidence: of Smithers BC. This entity is IS N O A inNMoricetown, E B km L West T of Smithers FaxMoricetown – 250-847-2763 wholly Band.owned by the Band. Joint mill located L S EE RS E ES L I B S A Eowned S S ItheO N LO U IN L S L wholly G L I byL EMoricetown E Kyahwood Forest Products is a Finger Email: U PM S II S R AN T E U P S E S U N N Y S A M E XU EN D BY A GWe in Moricetown, 30 km West of Smithers BC. at This is currently have an opening forWe Millwright currentlyathave our facility. an opening for Millwright ourentity facility. Deadline forthe applications: 15, 2016 M AA S E SE S G E M S N wholly owned by MoricetownFebruary Band. BS U L M L A S E S E S S I O E R


Call Bob 604-888-2928 or email:


Full Time /in Casual To advertise Toin advertise print: print: Security Officers To advertise in print:

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016 Northern Sentinel MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! In-demand career! Employers • Teachers have work-at-home positions available. Get online training • Special Ed Teachers you need from an employer• Education Assistants trusted program. Visit today: 250-632-6144 Email: Call: 250-632-6144 Part-time opportunity toEmail: start or 1-855supporting our Northern BC 768-3362 to start training for Self-serve: The Scarlet Group ofads: Companies is a rapidly expanding full home educated students. Self-serve: Career ads: Career your work-at-home career! Call: 250-632-6144 Email: Caseload to increase in the service security company. In anticipation of our ongoing and fall once training & proficiency upcomingCareer project requirements, we are now accepting resumes is ads: START A new career in Self-serve: for the Kitimat and Terrace Regions in British Columbia. Detailed job description Graphic Arts, Healthcare, & online application can Business, Education or InforApplicants must possess a valid British Columbia Security be found at: mation Tech. If you have a A division of A division Licence of and a valid Driver’s Licence. GED, call: 855-670-9765. Click About Us, then Please submit your resume by fax: (867) 873-3059 scroll to Careers at HCOS TRY A CLASSIFIED AD A division of or email:

trusted program. (TICO#04001400) for a limited time.Visit Calltoday: toll-free: or 1-8551-800-363-7566 or visit: 768-3362 to start training for your work-at-home career! (TICO#04001400)




Travel SEE POLAR Bears, Walrus and Whales on our Arctic Explorer Voyage next summer. Save 15% with our winter sale for a limited time. Call toll-free: 1-800-363-7566 or visit: Call: (TICO#04001400)


more at:










child’s car seat

Keep your toddler safe in Keep your the car. Drive to safe SaveinLives toddler Learn how to the car. install your Learn to child’show car seat install your

Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 3, 2016A11 11

Northern Sentinel Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Real Estate

Financial Services

Business for Sale

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

M&M Meat Shops Franchise for sale in Cranbrook, BC. Owners retiring. Busy main street location. Call Kathy Hosseini @ 1-519-895-2580 ext. 448

LARGE FUND Borrowers Wanted Start saving hundreds of dollars today! We can easily approve you by phone. 1st, 2nd or 3rd mortgage money is available right now. Rates start at Prime. Equity counts. We don’t rely on credit, age or income. Call Anytime 1-800-639-2274 or 604-430-1498. Apply online

Apt/Condo for Rent

Rentals HILLCREST PLACE APARTMENTS Totally Renovated (ask for details) Security Entrance, Dishwasher, No Pets, No Smoking 250-632-7814 KITIMAT

Accounting/Tax/ Bookkeeping PETER NJENGA Chartered Professional Accountant - Accepting new clients. 604-5935447.



Starting at $725 Balconies Security Entrances Cameras for your safety includes basic Now cable Visit our Website Phone: 250.632.APTS (2787)

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FULL SERVICE Plumbing from Parker Dean. Fast, reliable, 24/7 service. Take $50 off your next job if you present this ad. Vancouver area. 1800-573-2928.



Misc. for Sale

REFORESTATION NURSERY seedlings of hardy trees, shrubs and berries for shelterbelts or landscaping. Spruce and Pine from $.99/tree. Free shipping. Replacement guarantee. 1-866-873-3846 or

SAWMILLS FROM only $4,397. Make money & save money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info & DVD:

1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.

Legal Notices

Unifor 2301 Business Agent Martin McIlwrath and 2301 President Sean O’Driscoll presents a cheque for $1,281 to Megan Rothney and Jessica Fredrickson of the Kitimat Disability Resources group. Unifor chose the group to be the beneficiary of 50/50 sales during their Christmas dances because of their support for their work. The group is dedicated to raising awareness and providing resources to people and families with special needs. Recently they purchased a special shopping cart in use at Save On Foods. The group says their mission is to advocate for people with special needs and make Kitimat a more accessible community.

Coming Events

Merchandise for Sale KITIMAT BOXES, BOXES, BOXES You need them .... we have them. Buy one bundle of 10 for $5.00 and we will give you a bundle for free. Come down to the Kitimat Northern Sentinel office at 626 Enterprise Avenue 9:00am - 4:30pm **Most boxes are @ 1 cu.ft.

Support from the union

Free heat & Free Hot Water Furnished & Unfurnished 1 & 2 bedrooms Security Entrances No Pets. No Smoking


• • •

QUATSINO APTS KITIMAT Downtown location Balconies Security Entrances Some furnished suites Call for an appointment 250.632.4511

SANDPIPER APTS KITIMAT Newer Buildings Elevators Security Entrances Covered Parking Balconies


Legal Notices

Request for Proposal (RFP) Canada Post Corporation is requesting Proposals for a mail transportation contract for a period up to five (5) years, commencing as early as April 11, 2016 for the following service:

Terrace (BC) & Kitimat Highway Service The service includes conveyance of mail between Terrace and Kitimat, and requires the Contractor to provide a Straight Truck (cab over axel design) with 24’ length box. Refer to the RFP’s Schedule “A” for the complete requirements. For further information with respect to obtaining the RFP package, please contact:

CANADA POST CORPORATION SOURCING MANAGEMENT Attention: Brian Estabrooks 2701 Riverside Drive, Suite N0780 Ottawa, ON TELEPHONE: 613-734-3000 Ext. 55220 Interested Proposers must complete and submit the RFP in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth within the RFP package. All Proposals must be received at the specified location, not later than 2:00 pm Eastern DST in Ottawa on February 24, 2016.

February 5 THE KITIMAT PUBLIC LIBRARY invites children ages 4 and older to an archeology day. Let’s go back in time to dig for fossils, make pyramids, experiment with hieroglyphics and mummify body parts. The fun happens from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Space is limited so please register by coming in or calling. 250-632-8985 February 8 CELEBRATE FAMILY DAY at the Kitimat Public Library. The library will be open from 10:00–2:00 p.m. and will host two children’s programs. Mother Goose StoryTime will take place from 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. targeted at preschooler aged children. Leggo’ My Lego is for all ages and runs from 11:30 – 12:30 p.m. Bring your own Lego or borrow ours. Lego participants and their parents/caregivers/ friends are invited to a pizza party afterwards. To register for these programs come in or call 250-632-8985. February 10 MID-WEEK LENT SERVICE. Begins Wednesday, February 10 and will continue each following Wednesday until Easter. Starts at 6 p.m. with a light supper followed by a Service at 7

p.m. All are welcome. Please contact 250632-6962 for more information. February 29 CHRIST THE KING PARISH Bereavement Ministry Committee is sponsoring “Connecting Each Other with Hope,” a six-week grief support group for adults grieving the death of a loved one. The sessions begin February 29, from 7 to 9 p.m., in the Catholic Church hall. Sessions open to everyone, no matter religious affiliation. To register or learn more call Lidia at 250-632-6292, or Susana at the parish office at 250-632-2215. Ongoing ROYAL CANADIAN Legion Branch 250 in Kitimat holds membership meetings the third Tuesday of each month.. Meat draws every Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. Members and bona fide guests are welcome. KITIMAT SENIOR CITIZEN Association, Branch 129, membership meetings are the third Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. at their facility at 658 Columbia Avenue. (Next to Riverlodge.) No meetings in July and August. PRAYER CANADA. We meet each week on Tuesdays 12 noon to 1 p.m. For location and

further information please call 250-6324554. Or e-mail lesleykitimat@hotmail. com. Do you or someone you know have bladder cancer? You’re not alone. It’s the 5th most common cancer in Canada. Bladder Cancer Canada is here to help... or just to talk. In Kitimat, call Glen Sevigny at 250-6323486. Or BRANCH 250 OF THE KITIMAT LADIES AUXILIARY hold regular meetings every second Thursday of the month. More information by calling Nancy at 250-6324051, or Lyn at 250632-2351. Consider joining the Friends of the Public Library. To do so contact Luce Gauthier at lucegauthier10@ or Virginia Charron @ vcharron@ kitimatpubliclibrary.

org or call 250-6328985. KITIMAT QUILTERS GUILD: If you are interested in joining the Kitimat Quilters Guild please contact Aileen Ponter at 250-6326225 or Janet Malnis at 250-632-7387 for further information. EVERY THURSDAY, the Kitimat Pottery Guild meets in the Riverlodge arts wing, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Interested in playing with clay? All experience levels welcome. For more information call Anne at 250-6323318. THE KITIMAT PUBLIC LIBRARY offers the highly engaging Mother Goose StoryTime for pre-schoolers Monday mornings from 10:30 -11:15 .am. Please register for this free program. HEALTHY BABIES drop in is held every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the

Kitimat Child Development Center. They welcome families throughout pregnancy and up to one year (older siblings welcome). Come meet other parents and infants over light refreshments with support from the CDC staff and a Public Health Nurse. For more information call 250-632-3144. CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE FunSpot drop-in for children aged birth to 5 years with caregivers. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays 10 am- 12 pm. Fridays are now a combined drop-in/multicultural playgroup. All are welcome to attend. Contact 250-6323144 for more information. KITIMAT FIBRE ARTS GUILD: Interested in knitting, spinning, weaving, or any other fibre? For more info phone Maureen 250-632-5444.

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We’re not just a newspaper; we’re a smooth-running machine, gathering the week’s newsworthy events from around the area and distilling them into an insightful, entertaining format that readers look to to stay informed. 626 Enterprise Ave., Kitimat - Ph. (250) 632-6144

12 Northern Sentinel, Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sports & Leisure

Bonspiels have another successful year Submitted There were two Bonspiels that ran simultaneously from Friday, January 22 until Sunday, January 24. The Men’s Aluminium City Bonspiel and the Ladies Snowflake Bonspiel were once held on different weekends, but as the number of curlers have decreased with the population they have been combined into one big weekend. These two bonspiels are our most competitive curling and they have occured off and on for 47 years. There were 8 Ladies teams and 13 Men's teams vying for four winning positions on each side of

the Bonspiel. In total there were 84 competitive curlers. Games lasted 8 ends and took around two hours to complete. Most teams had between 4 and 7 games in that time. The winning results are as follows: Men (Aluminium City) - A Event: John Kennedy Rink (Terrace) B Event: Jordan Johnson Rink (Terrace C Event: Greg Morgan Rink (Kitimat) D Event: Darren Whyte Rink (Kitimat) Ladies (Snowflake) - A Event: Carrie Brousseau Rink (Kitimat) B Event: Barb Thomas Rink (Kitimat) C Even: Jordyn


Tell us about it!

Email or with your information

Bryan Hildebrandt delivers a stone in the men’s Aluminum City Bonspiel in Kitimat. Doug Thompson photo Zanella (Kitimat) D Event: Karina Dziuba (Kitimat) Team Sponsors

were: McElhanney Consulting, Kitimat Lodge, McCarthy Motors, Daudet Creek

Contracting, Northern Gateway, Stelcon Industrial, Your Decor and Bandstra.

Take your first step to the international stage! Applications now being accepted for Miss Teen BC, Miss BC & Mrs BC! To apply visit your community newspaper website and click on contests.

Club celebrates Snow-Kiti groomer Submitted The Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club, after four years of fundraising, took possession of a new grooming machine (already nick named the Snow-Kiti), on behalf of Kitimat) for their 35 kilometres of trails on December 16. On December 26 it snowed enough to make excellent grooming possible and on January 7 representatives from the cities of Kitimat and Terrace, the Regional District of Kitimat Stikine, Terrace Community Forests, Northern Development Initiative Trust and the Ministry of Forests,

Lands and Natural Resources, gathered with club members to celebrate. These organizations were major donors for the new machine and the club wished to express their thanks for their very generous contributions. With the club’s old machines all around the 30 years old mark, purchase of the two years young machine sets Snow Valley up for the next 30 years of continued well groomed trails. And with membership climbing steadily past the 325 mark, 60 children in the lessons program and many more

Ben Thorne up for big award Cameron Orr Kitimat’s world renowned racewalking athlete Ben Thorne has been nominated as a finalist for the Sport BC Athlete of the Year. He’s a finalist as Male Senior Athlete of the Year. The final award will be announced March 10. “A significant number of very strong nominations for each of the categories were

received this year,” said Sport BC President Rob Newman. “The Athlete of the Year Awards provides a great opportunity to recognize these talented and deserving athletes, coaches and officials. This year’s nominees in all of the award categories are certainly a testament to the strength and depth of sport development in our province over

the last 50 years.” Thorne made headlines in 2015 when he earned a bronze medal at the World Athletic Championships in Beijing. He took the medal in the 20 kilomtre race walk event. That event was Thorne’s second Worlds championships, the first in Moscow in 2013 where he placed 20th.

day pass users, hundreds of area residents will be enjoying those trails. Adult lessons continue to be popular on Saturday mornings as well and the club has just received a grant to buy more skis for their rental program so that school groups can be accommodated. With a lit trail for night skiing and rentals available on weekends, the excellent snow conditions and the new Snow-Kiti make this year the perfect year for everyone in Kitimat and Terrace to get out and ski.


Put your baby’s picture in the Northern Sentinel’s

u l f i B t u a a b e i e s B of Kitimat! Enter for a

chance to

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The Beautiful Babies will be published in the Kitimat Northern Sentinel March 16!



Deadline for submission is Thursday, March 10

This is always a very popular feature and your child/ grandchild/niece/nephew or Valued at $99 any beautiful baby you know can be included. Fill in the form below and enter your baby pic today!

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Baby’s Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .................................................... Baby’s Birth Date. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Parent’s Names . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Submit this form along with a photo of the beautiful baby to: Northern Sentinel, 626 Enterprise Ave., Kitimat or email your photo to: Northern Ph. 250 632-6144 fax 250 639-9373. K









$ approx. size of ad is 2"x2" includes photo and text



Kitimat Northern Sentinel, February 03, 2016  

February 03, 2016 edition of the Kitimat Northern Sentinel

Kitimat Northern Sentinel, February 03, 2016  

February 03, 2016 edition of the Kitimat Northern Sentinel