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For over 20 years, in any season, we have been helping you on your path to vibrant health.


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The Term 'Probiotic' Means: Supporting Life.

Everyone on our marvelous planet deserves to be well nourished. But as Earth's population continues to grow, how will we feed everyone? The simplest – and most sustainable – route to nourishing the world is to produce food that uses less of the planet's resources. A seed only requires water some nutrients from the soil, and a whole lot of energy from the sun to become a nourishing plant that can sustain life. When we choose to replace animal protein with plant protein, even for just one meal a day, we save enough resources to give five more people a serving of plant protein. Plant protein is also better for out health, and better for the environment.

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With the approach of the New Year, many of you may be

The Year of Fresh Starts

contemplating resolutions. Change can be made at any time of year, and I believe that it is essential to continually assess and refine your lifestyle to meet your ever changing health needs. There is no better time to start than the present. Some of you may have ambitious plans for 2016 while others may not know where to start. My advice would be to start with small changes that are sustainable. Focus on lifestyle change as opposed to end results. The following prescription is what I like to call “common sense medicine” as it focuses on optimizing your basic needs. Meeting your basic needs is the first step in supporting your body in healing itself.



Incorporate these 7 daily habits into your lifestyle to strengthen the foundation of your health. These will help to improve vitality, balance mood, cope with stress and improve your resilience to illness. Invest in your health with an ounce of prevention each day.

January 23 & 24, 2016 Pearkes Recreation Centre, Victoria, B.C. ShaSha

Move Your Body

Experts say “sitting is the new smoking”. Studies show that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to chronic disease and early death. So get moving! Find something that you love and incorporate movement into your lifestyle. Ride your bike to work, join a running group, take a dance class, do yoga, go for a walk on your lunch break or try something new and exciting.


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Healthy digestion is a foundation of health. Support digestion by eating meals at regular times, and avoid consuming too many fluids at meal time which will dilute digestive juices. Stress wreaks havoc on the digestive system, so slow down and take a few minutes to relax before each meal.

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Being outside in nature makes people feel more alive, and we have the research to back it. A series of studies published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology states that people who spent time in nature had greater vitality, a heightened sense of well-being and were more resilient to physical illness. So instead of reaching for that cup of coffee take a stroll in a local forest, park or beach.

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Invest Time Into the Foods You Eat

Convenience foods may be quick, but they are lacking in nutrition. Prioritize time to cook your own meals from the amazing variety of whole foods we have access to. When you can, opt for local produce and adjust your diet with the season. Eat greens daily!

Mindfulness is the act of being fully present in the moment, with intention, and without judgement. It will help you connect with yourself, let go of stressors that are weighing you down and initiate a relaxation response. Mindfulness can be practiced through daily meditation or through being more present during daily activities such as preparing meals, taking a shower or watching a sunset. As a final note, I encourage you to practice self-love. It is all too common for people to put off loving themselves until they reach an ideal they are striving for. Self-love will help you to develop the self-care patterns necessary in achieving your health goals. I wish you all the best for vital health in 2016. DR. SHANNON SARRASIN, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor at Moss Street Healthcare Centre. She is currently accepting new patients. 143 Moss Street, Victoria, BC 778-406-1177

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Congratulations! Cathy Boone won a $10 Gift Certificate to Saltspring Soapworks in our pages. last month when she found the white

Victoria Film Festival

Emma Dunlavey/JME

No curtain call for McPherson


n yet another case for amalgamation, Victoria City Council is trying to boost the coffers of the McPherson Playhouse by asking Saanich and Oak Bay residents to pony up some cash to support it. Each year, the Royal Theatre receives $480,000 in grant money from Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria, while the McPherson Playhouse receives a $400,000 grant from Victoria alone. The Playhouse, along with the Royal Theatre, is owned by the city and managed by the CRD and the Royal & McPherson Theatres Society. While attendance is lower than it should be, and the McPherson dark, more often than not, it’s important to note the theatre also provided some 87 per cent of its days to non profit groups such as Chor Leoni Men’s Choir, BC Cadet Honour Band, Shriners Variety Show, Victoria Academy of Ballet, Centrepointe Ballet School and Royal & McPherson Community Living Victoria, among many others. Theatres Society, board According to Byron Smith, president and board chairman of the Royal & McPherson Theatres Society, a recent chair Byron Smith. consultant’s report referred to the society as one of the best-run theatre operations in North America. The last thing the community needs is to see the McPherson suffer from lack of funding. While the society board is diligently working to address the issues of equitable regional funding, and continuing to support non-profit arts organizations, a push must also come from the public to support the theatre and to demand more funding for the arts from all levels of government. A city, or region in this case, is only as healthy as its social and cultural life and the McPherson is an integral part of the equation. While we’re talking about City Hall, the folks there have come up with a new way to make the place more accessible to the public. New guidelines have been drafted to allow rental of a variety of spaces in the building – including council chambers. Whether it’s a wedding, non-profit event, workshop or arts and culture event the doors are open, at least for the next six months as the pilot project runs. Kudos to Ladysmith native Pamela Anderson. At 48, the former Baywatch and VIP star turned animal and environmental rights activist, was chosen to grace the cover of the final issue of Playboy Magazine to contain nude photographs. Anderson, who first appeared in the magazine at age 22, has been on the cover 14 times and featured inside 15 times, refused to kiss and tell with interviewer James Franco when he asked her about her heydays at the Playboy Mansion. “You know, when people kiss and tell, they’re usually lying,” she quipped. While being Playboy-worthy at nearly 50 is an outstanding accomplishment, check out Anderson’s phenomenal contributions to non-profit and activist organizations around the world at Let us know what you think - [4]


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Corb Lund and his band play at McPherson Playhouse, Jan. 26. Scott Council photo


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MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET Book by Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux

RING OF FIRE Project Johnny Cash

Created by Richard Maltby, Jr. Conceived by William Meade

HARVEY By Mary Chase


Stage adaptation by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie Based on the original screenplay by Dean Pitchford Music by Tom Snow Lyrics by Dean Pitchford

A LOVELY SUNDAY for Creve Coeur By Tennessee Williams

HILDA’S YARD By Norm Foster


David Cooper Photography

Ladysmith’s favourite daughter, Pamela Anderson.

Enter for your chance to win 2 passes to the VFF Feb. 5 to 14. Go to, click on contests.

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Single tickets on sale Jan 5 | 1.800.565.7738

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Maple Leaf F R E E School of Ballet F R ER EE E R EF Maple Maple LeafFFREE Leaf Maple Leaf School of Ballet School of Ballet School of Ballet

anuary is the perfect time to start a personal transformation. TRIAL CLASS Maybe you are VANCOUVER ISLAND’S PREMIER RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL in our feeling a little out ADULT BALLET PROGRAM of shape from the TRIAL CLASS TRIALTRIAL CLASSCLASS holiday eating season or maybe Balletin our Contemporary you’ve Jazz TRIAL CLASS VANCOUVER ISLAND’S PREMIER VANCOUVER RUSSIAN ISLAND’S SCHOOL PREMIER RUSSIAN BALLET VANCOUVER ISLAND’S PREMIER RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOLBALLET in SCHOOL our in our realized you want to feel and look in our younger. Here are three great ways to ADULT BALLET PROGRAM ADULT BALLET ADULT PROGRAM BALLET PROGRAM ADULT BALLET PROGRAM Low start off *on theImpact right Exercise path. Ballet Contemporary Jazz Contemporary Ballet JazzContemporary Jazz* Improves Jazz Posture Ballet Ballet Contemporary Classes for the absolute beginner to Make the right food choices * Great cardiovascular workout experienced students using Russian * Low Impact Exercise We know what the holiday * Builts confidence season ballet, bringing the joy and grace of * Improves * Low Impact Exercise *entails: Low Impact Exercise * Low Posture Impact Exercise parties, potlucks and about classical ballet to adults. Classes the absolute beginner to Posture * Improves Posture * Greatforcardiovascular workout * Posture Improves * Improves 5,000 calories per day. What better Everyone is welcome! experienced students usingcardiovascular Russian * Builts confidence * Great workout cardiovascular * Great cardiovascular workout* Great way to start off workout the new year than Builts confidence * Builts ballet, bringing the joy confidence and* Builts graceconfidence of by* sitting down and thinking about • 310 Henry Street, Victoria BC 310 Henry Street,Victoria VictoriaSpaurel, BC to adults. for the beginner absolute Classes beginner for theclassical to absoluteballet beginner to Classes forClasses the absolute to your eating habits? 778 433 5323 778 433 5323 Everyone is welcome! experienced students experienced using Russian students using Russian registered acupuncturist at Diversified experienced students using Russian Health Clinic, takes a holistic approach ballet,the bringing thegrace ballet, joy and grace ofthe joy grace of ballet, bringing joy and ofbringing to dietary therapy and 310 Henry Street,BC 310 Victoria Henry BC Street, Victoria BCsays it’s difficult 310 Street, Victoria classical ballet to adults. classical ballet toHenry adults. classical ballet to adults. to change people’s attitudes about 778 433 5323 778 433 5323 778is433 5323 is welcome! Everyone welcome! Everyone Everyone is welcome! eating but a few simple changes can make a difference. “Even just adding a salad to your on gabriola island dinner can go a long way,” she says. “And avoiding sugary snacks, especially over the holidays, is important to feeling healthier overall.” Spaurel adds that making the right choice is simpler than people make it out to be. Stay Active It’s no secret that exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle but it can be difficult to get out, especially in the winter. Luckily for us west coasters, we have 1 800 222 9211 · manageable weather all year round – something that Spaurel says people

the haven

A centre for transformative learning

should take advantage of. “One of my favourite activities is walking,” she says. “We have so many beautiful parks and gorgeous walks. It’s low impact and it’s something everyone can do.” She also says that engaging in the community and learning from others is a good start if you are just getting into it. “Join a rec centre and surround yourself with people with habits that you’d like to have.” Cosmetic Dentistry It might sound extreme, but a simple dental procedure can make you feel as good as new and look better than ever. Dr. Rachel Staples of Urban Smiles Victoria says that she never knows who’s going to come in for treatment. “People just want to feel their best. They don’t want to look younger than they are, they just want to look healthy,” she says. “People associate white teeth with healthy teeth.” Staples says that some cosmetic dental procedures can revitalize people but most of the time, people just need a polish. “Bleaching and whitening is a luxury procedure so the major downside is cost,” she says. “Most people come in and we realize that a polish and a cleaning is all they need.” Whether you are due for a checkup, or just want to kick start 2016, visit a dental professional to find out of whitening is for you.

Programs in self-responsible, relational living Helpingpeople peopleattain attainoptimum optimumhealth. health.Helping people attain optimum heal Helping

Helping people attain optimum health. Helping people attain optimum health. Helping people attain optimum health. Helping people attain optimum health. Helping people attain optimum health. Kenrico Lifetime Ion Shower Head Springless Mini Trampoline

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January 2016 Sunday 3






Thursday 7



A VIENNESE NEW YEAR’S A New Year’s Day tradition celebrating the romantic Vienna of Johann Strauss and his contemporaries.

Victoria’s Story En Francais - Enjoy a tour in French and discover our strong links to French Canada and Francophone culture. 250-384-6698

Tuesday 5

Wednesday 6

your period costume and join Oak Bay Beach Hotel for a 3-course dinner and the premiere of Season 6.

Betrayed, Portraits of Strength - Photos & stories of human trafficking survivors from Sierra Leone, Bangladesh and Mexico. To Jan 5.

created on sight in a portrait workshop at Camas Books. The evening will have poetry, music and paintings, as well as snacks.

through amplification which make audible the gallery’s acoustic environment.

Letter Writing Week - Pen a note at the Royal BC Museum. They provide the paper, pens, envelopes and even stamps.















Downton Abbey - Don

Girls Night: The Musical - This hilarious ‘tell-it-like-itis’ musical takes audiences on a journey into the lives of a group of female friends. International guitar night - The world’s foremost acoustic guitarists are brought together by IGN founder Brian Gore. events.


Elvis Elvis Elvis - Cody Slaughter is the young, hip-swiveling teen idol and Shawn Klush brings life to the jump-suit era of the King’s career.


ROALD DAHL’S RED RIDING HOOD - There’s a wolf, a grandma and a little girl in a red cape. But Dahl has spiced things up.


Tales of Woe & Whimsey - An exhibit of Jan Johnson’s work composed of junkyard detritus welded together to form emotive scenes. Wildlife Photographer of the Year - A brand new selection of 100 of the most stunning images from around the world. To April 4.


VICTORIA GUITAR TRIO - The Victoria Guitar Trio is one of Canada’s premier classical guitar trios. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall.

Faces of Quadra - Works

Discover the Unseen World in IMAX - Travel to places you have never been before, to see things beyond your normal vision. Eat, Pray, Love - The Fairfield Connection Series is a two-hour gathering that will enrich your life with conversation, singing, art & food.


Corb Lund - Hear Lund’s sharp songcraft with a bevy of new sounds, including a mix of Americana, rollicking honky tonk and rousing altcountry.

A Room Listening to Itself - Sound is produced

Stepping Out - A warm comedy about the lives and loves of a group of women (and one man) attending a weekly tap dance class.

LINDSEY HERLE, VIOLIN - Herle showcases two famous works for solo violin: J.S. Bach’s Sonata No. 1 and Niccolò Paganini’s Caprice No. 17.

Westshore Wolves - The Westshore Wolves play the Victoria Cougars in VIJHL action at 7pm at the Archie Browning Arena.

Snowed In Comedy Tour - Four international comedians create one amazing show. With Dan Quinn and MC Craig Campbell.

VICTORIA ROYALS - Victoria Royals take on the Medicine Hat Tigers in this regular season game. Puck drops at 7:05.

Wizard of Oz - Talented

students of Shawnigan Lake School present this timeless tale at the McPherson to Jan 23.

Bijoux-du-Bayou Sizzling-hot Cajun and Zydeco tunes. This band gets the audience singing and laughing.




Evening with James Daschuk - Join Daschuk for a discussion of his book, Clearing the Plains at the Royal BC Museum. Register at

INTO THE WOODS - Canadian College of Performing Art’s Co. C presents Into the Woods by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim.

Out Innerspace - Replete with videos, live projection and moving set pieces, this new group work pushes at the edge of contemporary dance.

Yannick Nézet-Séguin - A world-renowned conductor he has conducted the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics and the Metropolitan Opera. Raffi - Sing along to your favourites like Baby Beluga, Down By The Bay, Bananaphone and more! Proceeds to The Centre for Child Honouring. Min Plays Chopin - Victoria star Lorraine Min returns to play Chopin’s mellifluous Piano Concerto No. 1. Led by conductor Alexander Prior.


Holistic Fair - Psychic readings, massage, energy healing and holistic services help you to discover new, ways to free your spirit.

Happy New year

from all the staff at Monday Magazine



A wonderful Christmas tradition. Perfect for the entire family!


Dec. 27, 28 & 29 2:00 pm

With your Master of Counselling from CityU, you’ll be prepared to help others when they need it most. If you have a bachelor’s degree and want a career as a Registered Clinical Counsellor or a Canadian Certified Counsellor, CityU’s Master of Counselling program could be a great fit.

Featuring the Nutcracker score performed by the Victoria Symphony

Learn more at a Tuesday 7pm info session:

January 12 or February 9

Royal Theatre - tickets on sale now • 250-386-6121

City University of Seattle in Victoria 305 - 877 Goldstream Ave, Langford, BC

P aul D estrooPer - a rtistic D irector - B allet V ictoria


RSVP to 250.391.7444 The term “university” is used under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education effective April 11, 2007, having undergone a quality assessment process and been found to meet the criteria established by the minister. City University of Seattle is a not-for-profit and an Equal Opportunity institution accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. MONDAY MAGAZINE JANUARY 2016


at the mic MIKE DELAMONT @mikedelamont

Calm before the storm

T Jenna & Tristan Photography

onight is the biggest show of my life. Where there was once worry and stage fright, now there is calm. The quiet of the theatre is something else. It’s the calm before the storm. The crew and I work all day setting up lights, sound and projections. At 6pm everybody takes their dinner break, and when you get back, you get ready for the show. I like to stand on the stage in those few minutes before they open the doors. Looking out over the empty 1,500 seats that will soon be filling with people and trying not to be overwhelmed by how far the journey has taken me since it all began five years ago. To stand in the same spot where Charlie Chaplin stood and wonder what he thought in the same moment. After they open the doors, I sneak


around the front and sit at the back and watch people come in. I chat with a middle aged couple about their day, and help an older woman down to her seat while the ushers were busy. No one gave me a second glance because they didn’t recognize me out of context. Why would I be sitting in the audience of my own show? I walk back to the dressing room and sit alone and wait until it’s time. Five years ago I was living in a big city with big dreams and nobody would hire me. I decided to try stand up because it was easier to get three minutes of stage time at an unpaid open mic than it was to get an audition for a play. I worked small clubs writing terrible jokes, and then one day gave up. I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t work this hard for nothing. So I wrote a one man show. My mom paid for me to fly home, and my friend Charles lent me $600 to rent a theatre for a night. I didn’t know if anything would come from it, or if anybody would come out to see it. But they did. Boy did they ever. More than 100,000 people have

come out to support what I do since all of this began. While I have worked hard and taken some risks, I still wonder if I would be where I am if some things hadn’t happened. What if I had never done Atomic Vaudeville and met Jacob Richmond? What if Christina Edwards hadn’t watched my video, taken a risk and given me my first real shot? What if Zoe Rabnett had never asked me to be at Just For Laughs? Where would I be? My guess is still selling furniture at the Bay. As it stands, I have a strange and wonderful career, a wonderful wife who encourages and inspires me, and what I can only assume is the world’s largest lucky horse shoe planted firmly betwixt my cheeks. When this dream comes to an end, as I’m sure it will any day now, I will be thankful for the time I had. For the people who came out to see my shows, and the endless amount of people who helped me to make them happen. And to those who said I couldn’t or shouldn’t – I’m glad I didn’t listen. Thanks for the five wonderful years ... who knows what the new year will bring?

Jane Goodall Institute of Canada and Royal Roads University present

SOWING THE SEEDS OF HOPE an evening with Dr. Jane Goodall

Also available in men’s

MARCH 19, 2016 7:00-9:30 P.M. Tickets starting at $50


Best City

of the









Voted Best Shoe Store in Victoria

718 VIEW ST • VICTORIA • 250-386-3741 [8]

VIP ticketholders will enjoy a meet and greet wine reception with Jane Goodall and Robert Bateman hosted at Royal Roads University on March 18, 2016. To purchase tickets visit the McPherson Box Office website or call 250.386.6121 All net proceeds to the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada PHOTO: MICHAEL NEUGEBAUER


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anadian cowboy rocker Corb Lund’s music defies definition. Filled with country twang, blues, honkeytonk and rockabilly influences, it’s his songwriting that strikes a chord with audiences and earned him frequent Juno nominations and awards. While many of his songs lean toward political issues, he says he writes about subjects that interest him. “I don’t really have an overt agenda, but I guess you could think of it that way,” he says. “There’s not a lot of love songs. I think it’s boring. I mean, I write a few, if they’re real, but a lot of people default to that. A lot of people, that’s all they ever write about. It just bores me.” His latest record, Things That Can’t Be Undone, is his ninth with the Hurtin’ Albertans, the tight group of bandmates who have been together for more than a decade. It’s an album centred around loss, including the death of a young family member. “I wasn’t really intending to make it a public song. It was (written) for some family and turned out well. The band liked it so we recorded it,” he says, adding there’s a limit to how far he’ll go in sharing his personal life. Lund, 46, found music at an early age, listening to his grandfathers sing. “My favourite record of all time is Marty Robbins, a record called Gun Fighter Ballads and Trail Songs, I found it in my dad’s collection when I was in Grade 6,” he explains. “It was my favourite one as a kid and it holds up over time because it’s still my favourite now. I love the songs on it like my grandfathers used to sing. They were ranchers, they weren’t musicians, they were just singing for fun back in the day when there was less options. … I found it fascinating that some of the songs that they would sing were on this record.” He picked up a guitar at 15 and by 1989 was a founding member of hard rock band, The Smalls. “My family are all cowboys and rancher people so for me rock and roll music was really exotic, so I was into that when I was a teenager and did that for years.” He began playing with the Hurtin’ Albertans at the same time and when The Smalls disbanded in 2001, Lund mosied over to country music. “I just like all kinds of music. Doing that underground rock music for a lot of years gave me a different perspective on songwriting. That’s probably why my western songs are the way they are,” he says. Staying away from the mainstream is where you’ll find more authentic music, no matter the genre, he says. “All this stuff that’s really mainstream and on the mainstream radio stations is really corporate,” says Lund. “The way it’s written and introduced and everything, the whole process has a different goal. It’s not individuals – there’s occasional exceptions – but for the most part, it’s not individuals expressing themselves artistically, it’s a group of people putting together music that will appeal to the widest demographic and make the most money, that’s the goal. The music that me and my friends make, the goal is different, the goal is to express ourselves and that’s mostly underground country.” According to Lund, it’s staying authentic to the music that has kept him in the business for the last 15 years. “My audiences are really loyal. They know that what I’m doing is pretty personal and real. I’m not sure I’d like to be a corporate act, I’ve never done that. But I know in some cases your fortunes are based largely on the media tap being turned on, turned off, whereas our peoCorb Lund ple tend to be lifetime fans.” McPherson Lund fans can see him and the Hurtin’ Albertans with Playhouse Jan 26. Daniel Romano on Jan. 26 at the McPherson Playhouse.

Scott Council photo

Best. sale. eveR


Winter Clearance

Tuesdays - Pizza for two and a half litre of wine ...........................$27.50 Wednesdays - Pasta for two and a half litre of wine ...........................$27.50 (excludes dates Feb. 19 - Mar 6) not valid with any other promotion

30%-50% OFF

619 Courtney Street

(at the Magnolia Hotel)

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Aries: Watch your wallet! It’s a bad time for debt. This year we will debate laws related to social media, universities, churches and medical care, plus how we deal with immigration. Mergers and legislation about broadband media will take place. However, the biggest evolution will be to our way of Georgia Nicols thinking about foreigners. Every county suffers from xenophobia because we are all afraid of what is foreign or strange, no matter what country we live in. (Xenophobia is not to be confused with xenofocaccia, which is a bread only others can chew.)


Aries (March 21-April 19)

“We live at the edge of the world, so we live on the edge. Kiwis will sacrifice money and security for adventure and change.”

Lucy Lawless (March 29, 1968)

2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

Yay! This year you can get a better job or improve your existing job. You might get better surroundings or working conditions. You might get a promotion! Maybe you need to get rid of your evil boss? You can have it all! Meanwhile, you are approaching a career peak in 2018, when all your past efforts will bear the greatest fruit. But you have to understand the rules of the game. You must be performance ready! Therefore, ask yourself what training or education you need to get that extra edge? Can you travel this year to flesh out what you need before you step out on stage? Because know this: when you step out on stage in 2018, your effectiveness as a human being will be tested. This is not a casual thing. The last time this cycle occurred for your sign was in 1986-1988. Celebrity Aries In 2016, expect disputes about Jim Parsons shared property, inheritances, insurance issues, taxes and debt. It’s a poor time to get a loan or a mortgage because ego conflicts will hamper the negotiations. This year, as you improve your job and move forward to achieve your goals in 2018, you will rely on yourself because the resources of others might not be available. “The game, Mrs. Hudson, is on!”

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Romantic relationships and friendships will be happy this year because success is sexy, and you will be successful! Since things will go swimmingly at work, your confidence will be strong. You will feel good about yourself! And when you feel good about yourself, others pick up on this, and they are attracted to you. Furthermore, your health will get a boost this year, and healthy people look sexy! Meanwhile, Saturn is now in your fellow Fire Sign helping all aspects of your life to run smoothly. The Sun is your will and Saturn will help you express your will and purpose in life. Therefore, you will feel stronger

Taurus: Be patient, you have a short fuse this year.

relating to others intimately or casually. (‘I’ve got my scene together.’) However, all is not sweetness and light. There are some obstacles this year that will arise in your closest relationships. Basically, these obstacles will relate to disagreements about jointly-held resources, shared property and how to handle shared expenses. How can you deal with this? Remember: Patience is the antidote to anger. Think of all the opportunities for makeup sex in 2016! Home and Family Since the year 2016 is one of the best years for your health and well-being, this blessing will obviously spill into your relationships with family members. In addition, because your work and job will be fulfilling and rewarding this year, this too, will contribute to increased happiness in your home life. But note: This blessing to your health will also bring weight gain because as it attracts good things to you, it attracts flesh to the bone. (Time to let out another pleat in your shower curtain?) In 2011, Uranus entered your sign to stay until 2019 making this one of the most revolutionary stages of your life. Uranus gives you the courage to clear away limitations. It will help you strike a blow for freedom and chart a new course! While it’s true you have obligations to yourself, you also have obligations to others. And while these inflamed qualities might help your personal development, your rebellion against authority might not go over well with family. Ya think?

A Sneak Peek Beyond 2016

As we peek into the future, we see that 2018 is your year for kudos, advancements and promotions. Balloons and streamers, puleeze! If this occurs when you’re younger, it might indicate a graduation, marriage, or the birth of your first child – in other words, something eventful that is important to you. However, more likely, it signals a time when you’re enjoying professional success. It might also be a time when you spin off and become self-employed. At that time, it will be easy for you to get loans, mortgages and financial and practical assistance from others.

My Aries Mantra for 2016

“Good health and a good job are a winning combo!” See more at

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

“I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink – and – I believe in miracles.”

Audrey Hepburn (May 4, 1929 to Jan. 20, 1993)

2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

This year brings a greater emphasis on finances, shared property, taxes, debt and inheritances. Your challenge is the difficulty of getting the support of others. The resources of someone might be cut off. A professional partnership might end. You might find it hard to get a business loan or funding or raise money. This doesn’t mean you cannot earn good money because you can. It simply means that you must rely less on the resources of others and more on yourself. Expect intense encounters with someone over a difference in values. Ideally, you would agree to disagree. But this

year, because feisty Mars will oppose your sign for the first seven months, you are easily annoyed with others and will not compromise! Do not assume something is entirely someone else’s fault because until autumn, you simply have a short fuse. The good news is that despite this lack of support, you are actually moving to a time of harvest. Ever since 2012, you have been out of the gate and moving upward to a career peak that will occur in about five years. So do not be discouraged! Despite difficulties in getting loans and raising money, this is a good year to explore opportunities in show business, the Celebrity Taurus entertainment world and the hospitality Adele industry because doors will open easily.

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Oh wow, this is one of the best years for Taurus for fantastic love affairs and romance! Many will strike up a new romance and enjoy saucy flirtations. Those in existing partnerships will take a lighter approach to things. You will be more playful and want to ‘date’ and go on fun vacations. Your relationships, especially romantic ones, will feel revitalized, friendlier, more joyful. If you can plan a vacation with someone, this is the year to do it because it’s the best year for a vacation that you have had in over a decade! You love cruises because you enjoy fine dining in pleasurable circumstances. There is one factor to consider with all your relationships this year and it is that fiery Mars will oppose your sign for the first seven months, making you easily annoyed with others. Solution? Be patient. You have to own the fact that your reaction is part of the problem. It doesn’t mean that others aren’t annoying; but it does mean that your ability to deal with these everyday annoyances is strained and challenged. Forewarned is forearmed.

Home and Family

Your challenge this year is that the resources of others are hard to get. This is a bad year to negotiate an inheritance or get a mortgage or a loan for your home. Expect serious discussions with the family about financial matters and jointly-held property. With Mars opposite your sign for the first seven months, you will disagree with your kids or your parents. Just remember is that by September, these hard feelings will lighten up immensely! The good news is this is the year for a fantastic family vacation! Enjoy social outings, sports events and the arts. The tone of things at home will be happier, lighter and more playful. Your family might expand through marriage, birth or adoption. Your relationship to family members will improve because you’re ready to express yourself more freely. Your crops will be plentiful and the land will flow with milk and honey. Your family will rejoice and a greater bandwidth will bless your modem.

A Sneak Peek Beyond

Your ability to improve your job is fantastic in 2017. (You will be amazed.) In 2018, partnerships will be blessed and you will start to prepare for a career peak in 2021. In 2019, it will be easy to get a loan or a mortgage and benefit from the wealth of others. Money must be coming your way because you are off traveling

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Gemini: Self-respect, energy and ambition rule! in 2020! Life is so good! April born Taurus’ will be feeling quite defiant at this time. You will insist on carving your own path in society because you no longer feel you have to keep to the straight and narrow that was dictated to you all of your life.

My Taurus Mantra for 2016

“I have the courage to be myself and enjoy life to the limit!” See more at

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

“Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.”

John F. Kennedy (May 29, 1917 to Nov. 22, 1963)

2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

This is an exciting year for Geminis because you are taking your powah! For the last 14 years, you were figuring out who you were and what you could do. Starting now and for the next eight years, you will focus on your accomplishments and reputation. Your ambition is aroused! First, you will demand a better working environment. If self-employed, you might want to buy the premises. You might also want to bring in a family member or be more involved in a family business. You will work so hard you will be bossy about telling others to shape up if they don’t work as hard as you. And you will want credit for what you do! You will also develop a plan of action that will manifest in its ultimate glory – your career peak around 2023. In 2016, it’s important to get physical exercise to blow off pent-up steam that will build up in you. Establish a program of rigorous physical activity. This means your greatest challenge this year is getting others to recognize that you’re not the same person you’ve been for the last 14 years. Things have changed. You have more self-respect, more energy and more ambition. If others don’t acknowledge this – they’re history.

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Perhaps the most significant impact of 2016 will

Cancer: Work hard, play hard – it’s all about you!

be to your relationships. This is because you will undergo a planetary transit that has not occurred since 1986-1988 that will force you to redefine who you are in your own terms. This year you will claim your power for the first time since the ‘80s, and for many – this will be something new! Therefore, your existing relationships must undergo a change. They cannot continue as they were because you will not continue as you were. Celebrity Gemini This does not mean that you’re saying, “Hey – no more Mr. Nice Michael J. Fox Guy.” It does not mean this at all. But it does mean that you will feel more confident in demanding respect for your wishes and needs. Furthermore, your wishes and needs are changing! This is why relationships that are problematic will face even greater problems. And relationships that are just more trouble than they are worth – will end. Therefore, in the next two years, difficult marriages, partnerships and close friendships are more likely than ever to split. This does not have to happen. But it might.

Home and Family

Along with relationships, perhaps the most dramatic change that the year 2016 will bring to your life will be with home and family because this is the best year for you to buy real estate since 2004. (And you won’t have another year that is as good as 2016 until 2027.) That means in a 24-year stretch – this is the best year for you to benefit from real estate. If you do not buy a home, then any investment in your current home will benefit you in the long run and bring you a financial profit in the future. If none of the above is possible, you will still enjoy your home more because you will either move to a bigger home that is more luxurious and spacious, or you will buy something for your home that makes you feel richer. Family relationships will improve because family members will be more caring, loving and more mutually generous to each other. Your family might even increase in size. Wow!

A Sneak Peek Beyond

A peek into the future shows you taking a fabulous vacation in 2017. Not only is this a great year to take one or more vacations, it’s also a great year for love, romance, sports, the arts and the enjoyment of children. Yahoo! After all that partying, your attention gets more serious in 2018 because this is your turn to improve your job or get a better job. It’s important to know this because if you are discouraged where you are working at this time – go for a different job and you will get it! Enjoy improved partnerships and relationships in 2019, which is also a great year to get married!


My Gemini Mantra for 2016

“I am putting down roots to embrace home and family.” See more at

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

“Canada is like a loft apartment over a really great party.”

Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 to Aug. 11, 2014)

2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

In terms of your work, the next few years are a major test. What you do now will bear fruit in 2018. But this can be discouraging because you might feel you’re getting no recognition. Do not be discouraged if you feel overwhelmed because you will get recognition in a few years. But in the meantime, put your nose to the grindstone, which when you think about it, is an impossible position to do anything! Older Cancers can relate back to 1986-89, for a similar time life was this busy. Fortunately, lucky Jupiter will offset these challenges. That’s because Jupiter will guarantee a happy state of mind in 2016! Yes, you will follow Col. Saito’s advice, “Be happy in your work.” (Whistling riff from The Bridge on River Kwai here.) Jupiter will give you an everyday sense of optimism. This also means this is an excellent year for any kind of advanced training in any field of study that interests you, especially something that relates to your work and your everyday tasks.


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Cancer: Work hard, play hard – it’s all about you!


Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Reading cook books counts. Arnold Toynbee hit the nail on the head when he said, “The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.”

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

Neil Armstrong (Aug. 5, 1930 to Aug. 25, 2012) 2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Ooo la la! Zees is za year for loff! This year Mars is in the part of your chart that is all about romance, love affairs, vacations, parties, the arts, sports and hot sex! (Be still my beating heart.) Yes, we’re talking twanging bed springs, swinging chandeliers and banging headboards. You will seek out amusement not only for fun, but also as a form of your own self-expression. “I laugh, therefore, I am!” You will find it easy to be generous and tolerant of others. You will be less judgmental and more forgiving. Your kids will never fight and always do their homework and nothing in your fridge will sour. Yes, we’re talking that kind of power. To be sure, you’re working hard; but you will also play hard, especially in a flirtatious, evocative way. Of course, you won’t be overt – you never are. You will entice and attract. Celebrity Cancer But this year, you will ‘think big.’ Robin Williams You’ll have the courage to make a bid for someone you might normally be too shy to approach. Yeah, you’re a force to be reckoned with – pulsating with flirtatious energy!

Home and Family

You are interested in what affects your home and family because your home is your refuge, and it is where you nurture your loved ones. You run the scene and make sure everyone is fed. In 2016, you will have your happy face on. It will happen without any effort because of the placement of Jupiter. Remember: This wonderful influence only occurs once every 12 years, so make the most of it! Enjoy warm family relations. In September, your focus on home and family will grow even more. From then on, you will want to expand your home or renovate or move to a larger home. If so, this is an excellent time to explore real-estate opportunities because whatever you do will benefit you in the future. Late this year and next year, family members will be generous to each other. Actually, none of this is surprising because it all starts out with a positive frame of mind, which is the key to success.

A Sneak Peek Beyond 2016

Leo: A confident, sexy new you is right around the corner.

Two strong influences will boost your job in 2016. The first influence is money! Yes – lettuce, bread, clams, dough. (What a menu!) This is because for the first time since 2003-04, lucky, moneybags Jupiter will enter your House of Earnings and stay there for an entire year. Ka-ching! Not only will you earn more, many of you will enjoy increased work-related travel and deal with foreign countries and people from other cultures. This is good news! Leos like to have cash in their jeans because they’re high rollers. But hey, money is only useful if you spend it! The second influence is that Saturn will be in your fellow Fire Sign for the first time since 1996-98, giving you support instead of the headaches and challenges it threw your way since 2012. Oy! (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.) Even your body will feel an improvement. In 2016, weak bones and stiff joints will change into strength and endurance; and your fatigue will fade. Major bonus! In addition, you will work hard this year but you won’t mind this because you will easily have self-discipline. Ah yes, you can get back to the thrill of tightrope walking. That’s why there’s ‘fun’ in funambulism. And you will play the cello again! In 2016, you have every reason to be hopeful of improving your existing relationships. If you are single, you can be just as hopeful of meeting someone new because this year, you will be confident and sexy. (Would I kid you?) You will feel adorable! Very important: Leos need to be adored. However, you’re not cruising this year. Singles want serious romance. You want Mr. Right not Mr. Right Now. Even though your confidence and poise are strong, and your increased earnings make you feel playful – you don’t want to fool around just to fool around. In Celebrity Leo fact, you might become involved Madonna with someone older or someone who is parental to you or vice versa. Perhaps you will play a parental role. ‘Who’s my baby?’ When Jupiter changes signs in September, you will start making bigger plans for the future, and your relations with others will be more upbeat. In fact, all your relations will improve because people will admire you. (That’s what you like!) Some of you will meet new romance through relatives, siblings and neighbours. KILOMETRES OF CONFIDENT DRIVING After September, life will be happier and easier.


My Cancer Mantra for 2016

“Positive thoughts will bring me positive results.” See more at

A Sneak Peek beyond 2016

Looking head, I see that 2018 is an excellent time to buy or sell your home, and an equally good time to speculate in real estate. If you don’t do any of these things, you might improve where you live by buying beautiful things for your home or doing renovations. Or you might move someplace that feels bigger and better. The year 2018 will also promote enriched relations with family members.

My Leo Mantra for 2016

“I will use my wealth to create security and happiness for me and my loved ones.” See more at

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

“Always remember your kid’s name … and don’t let them drive until their feet can reach the pedals.”

Love, Partnerships and Friends


The year 2017 will be one of the best years for real estate opportunities. If you don’t buy or invest, you might rent something larger. At the very least, you will do something to make where you live feel better. Family relationships will be warmer as well. The year 2018 is great for vacations, the arts and the entertainment world. You might also expand your family. However, partnerships might be crunchy both this year and next. Ironically, one of the reasons that partnerships might be challenging is you’re starting to be successful in the external world. Your efforts of the previous two years are now paying off!

in 2016. A son or daughter might move back in; or you might have increased responsibilities with a younger child. Perhaps this is why there will be increased chaos and activity at home for the first nine months of the year. Much more activity! This busyness might also be due to renovations, redecorating or a change of residence. Naturally, this explosion of energy means that there might be increased tension with family members for the first nine months. (Ya think?) You will have to be patient and tolerant. Relax; when your money worries are reduced, you always feel happier. And hey, this is nothing you can’t handle.

Home and Family

In 2016, you will welcome and enjoy the chance to make improvements to your home by buying beautiful things. You will also entertain more. Leos are fabulous hosts. You will also enjoy the chance to be generous to family members because you have a better financial footing this year. You might have increased responsibilities with children

Amy Poehler (Sept. 16, 1971) 2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

Your life has never looked better because lucky Jupiter is in your sign this year. Don’t take this lightly! It occurs only three maybe four times in your adult life. You are fortunate! This is the beginning of a 12-year cycle of major growth and learning during which you will discover who you really are. (Save time – check your ID.) Jupiter will help you to overcome prejudices and narrow attitudes that limit your success. Opportunities will open up to expand your world, especially through travel or meeting people from other cultures and different countries. Your confidence will grow and your communications with others will be direct, proactive and assertive. You will go after what you want! If you need to argue with others – you’re in an excellent position. Obviously, all these qualities favour business and commercial negotiations, especially if you have to bargain with someone or demand favourable terms. In the autumn, opportunities to make more money, get a better job or increase your wealth and assets will begin. This juicy influence continues into 2017. Yay me!

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Jupiter in your sign makes you happier, which makes you more attractive to others. Ya think? Another curious thing about Jupiter is that it makes you look more affluent. You look richer, even if you aren’t. Life is a cakewalk! Plus let us not forget that Mars will linger in one part of your chart for the first eight months of the year making you forthright, direct and proactive. You will look like you know what you’re talking about! Hmmm, rich, happy, confident, proactive – is that sexy or what? As usual, what the large print giveth, the small print taketh away. Neptune opposes your sign from 2012 to

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Virgo: Smoke and mirrors obscure a loved one’s true nature. 2026. Neptune is illusion, perfection, hopes and dreams, smoke and mirrors. It makes it difficult to really ‘see’ your loved one. You might idealize someone or put them on a pedestal creating confusion or a negative codependency. (This can also affect your professional relationships.) Basically, it holds the danger of over-idealizing your relationship out of proportion to reality. You might kid yourself into thinking everything is fine when it isn’t. It tempts you to believe whatever it Celebrity Virgo is you want to believe about the Amy Poehler relationship. Yes, Virgo is the sign of service, and service is a noble thing, but there is nothing noble about being a doormat, even if it has a Welcome sign on it.

might also benefit indirectly from the wealth of others. In 2019, you have the best real estate opportunities that you will have for another 12 years. In other words, this continues to be the time to improve your home by buying and selling, or buying for the first time. If you don’t move, it’s an excellent time to invest in your own home with improvements. And if you don’t make any of these changes – then at least, you will buy things for your home because in 2019, you feel richer and happier where you live. Factoid. The year 2020 is a fun-loving, playful, flirtatious year – great for vacations! Good news – you can improve your job in 2021 and your relationships in 2022, which might be why you get money and benefits through someone else in 2023! In 2024, you’re traveling and by 2025, you will put your name up in lights! Nice work.

My Virgo Mantra for 2016

“I will use my good fortune to secure my home base.” See more at

Home and Family

News Alert! The most significant thing about 2016 is how it will impact your home. Now is the time to establish a firm base for yourself and your family. You want a home that is reliable – a true refuge. Only after you have established this, can you go forward and slay dragons. (Buy a copy of Castle Building for Dummies.) Ironically, many of you changed residences recently because you were seeking the right home. Fine. If you don’t move again, you will do major repairs to where you now live. Your relationship with a parent will be significant now. You might have to take care of a parent or a family member. And if you do not take on the parental responsibility for someone else, possibly they will take on this role for you. Meanwhile, things that used to be important to you, no longer give you the same pleasure. (Whaaat?) Other things might come back into prominence, if they were not resolved. That’s why this is a good time also to seek out counseling. Or take up needlepoint.

A Sneak Peek Beyond

In 2017 and 2018, your earnings will increase. You

Libra: Glam up your world with beautiful things.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

Groucho Marx (Oct. 20, 1890 Aug. 19, 1977) 2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

You will identify with your wealth this year because you see it as a sign of your personal worth. You will work hard to earn money, and spend it, in order to surround yourself with the tokens of success. This might lead to disputes. For example, your idealism is aroused this year, which might prompt you to give away money or possessions, or live more simply. This might alarm someone close to you. This year is the final stage of redefining the new you. (This process began in 2010.) This stage involves honing how you speak, listen and think. To facilitate this process, your daily milieu will change. You will no longer look around you with familiarity. This is why you will change your job or residence. (Possibly next year.) Your new daily environment will force you to see, listen and

think because everything is different. Good news! Lucky, moneybags Jupiter enters your sign in September to stay for an entire year. Fantastic! The last time this happened was in 2004-2005. It will not return until 2028. People and favourable resources will be drawn to you now; and by the end of this year, it will be easy to get what you want. It will be the perfect time to initiate new projects and expand your activities. Many of you will travel more or pursue new studies. It’s all good!


Love, Partnerships and Friends

You like the company of others and hate to end a relationship because you don’t want to be alone. This is why you often stay in a questionable relationship. Sigh. Celebrity Libra This year you want to earn money Russell Peters and acquire beautiful things. Plus you might move or change jobs. These two influences could bring new people into your life, or create problems in existing relationships. One thing is certain: This year you are idealistic and focused on your inner world. Because of this, you will seek out experiences to help you with your inner development like meditation or yoga. You might meet someone who is like-minded. (‘Wanna get together and hum OHM on the Range?’) The first strong indication of an influence that will definitely impact your relationships begins in October, when lucky Jupiter enters your sign. When this happens, you will change. And you will change for the better. You will feel happier, more positive about life and more social. This increased happiness will attract people to you plus make existing relationships happier and more lighthearted. This is a certainty.

Home and Family

The biggest impact on your home this year is that you might move. And if you don’t move, you will improve your home. Meanwhile, you want to earn money because you will equate what you own with your sense

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Libra: Glam up your world with beautiful things. of self-worth, which means you will glam up your world so that you feel richer and luckier! (You like pillows on the sofa, Persian carpets, beautiful window arrangements, overstuffed furniture and good lighting.) This love of beautiful things coupled with your feeling that your wealth is ‘who you are’ will result in some classy changes at home. In October, when lucky Jupiter enters your sign, your life will feel lighter and happier! Naturally, this positive attitude will impact your relations with family members, as well as how you view your home and your personal life. Let’s face it, you will be more content and secretly pleased in your bedroom, in your living room, and even in your kitchen (if you know where it is).


A Sneak Peek Beyond

You have much to look forward to in 2017 because lucky Jupiter is in your sign! In 2018, you will boost your earnings or get a better job; and by 2019, you will do everything in your power to solidify your home base. Certainly, the following year, 2020, is the best year in over a decade to invest in real estate or buy a new home or renovate where you live. The year 2021 is a fun-loving year for vacations and warm relations with children. By 2022, you can get a better job or improve your existing job. The year 2023 is the perfect year to get married.

My Libra Mantra for 2016

“My inner world is constantly creating my outer world.” See more at

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

“I was so naive as a kid, I used to sneak behind the barn and do nothing.”

Johnny Carson (Oct. 23, 1925 to Jan 23, 2005)

2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation This year, for the first time in this century, you have a

chance to show the world what you can do. Not because

Scorpio: The world’s your oyster. Go get ‘em tiger!

of opportunities that come your way, although they may. Not because others will help you, and they will. It will be because you will be more of a fighter for your own rights. You will take the bit in your teeth and go after what you want. Plus you will have high physical energy to do this. This year will be upbeat, independent and a positive time. This combination might not come again for years – but it is here this year – so use it! Meanwhile, this is a popular year for you. Acquaintances, organizations and groups are willing to help you. Many of you will get a promotion at work or public recognition. This year, it’s important to define what you really value. This does not just mean material things. In fact, if material wealth is keeping you from discovering your true values, you might experience loss. Remember: Your greatest asset this year is your own motivated energy because you are hungry to get what you want. But do you know what you want? This is important to establish. Once you know what you want, others will be ready to help you, more than any other time in over a decade.

Love, Partnerships and Friends

The world of partnerships and romance is your strongest gift this year. To begin with, you are admired – what an edge! In addition, this year, a planetary influence will make your interactions with others benefit you. It’s as if every time you meet someone, you come out ahead! (Maybe a great idea, a wonderful introduction or the perfect sympathetic ear – something different every time.) In addition, you’re full of strong, wild, sexy energy! (This blessing is a double-edged sword. What to one person might be passionate and exciting, to another, could be too much and scary! But hey, you would never settle for a wimp.) Basically, your advantages this year in your relationships are that you are energized, sexy and forthright; you are willing to go after what you want; and at the same time, as if by magic, your connections with others seem to help you! When it comes to new romance – the rest is up to you. Existing partnerships will be revved with energy and will benefit – as long as you remember that you are a handful this year. Oh yeah. People will be in awe of you.

Home and Family

With Mars in your sign for most of this year, you will have a high level of physical energy! Naturally, you will

use this to work. However, it can also make you impatient with others, which is destructive to peace at home. Note: Physical exercise will release this pent-up energy. Secondly, 2016 will be popular! You will be active and out of your home a lot. Conversely, you will also invite groups to your home. Thirdly, this year you will learn what is really importCelebrity Scorpio ant to you. (One way to Ryan Reynolds get things in perspective is to imagine losing someone. Scary but true.) When you think of how precious your loved ones are – this makes you see how secondary other things really are. From 2011 until 2019, there is a stronger than average relationship between your home and your health. This means that anxiety about possessions, being house proud and dealing with family members will impact your health. Lighten up about not getting your way at home.

A Sneak Peek Beyond

Good news! In October 2017, lucky, moneybags Jupiter enters Scorpio to stay for a whole year! The last time Jupiter was in your sign was in 2006; and the next time will be 2029. (This blessing occurs maybe three times in your adult life.) It will be like having Lady Luck smile on you. People and resources will be attracted to you. Your self-confidence and poise will increase, which has a lasting effect for later years. Even the spiritual dimension of your life will deepen. Between 2018 and 2021, job changes and residential moves are likely. The year 2021 is the best year in a 24-year stretch for you to take advantage of real estate. If you buy and sell real estate at that time – wonderful.

My Scorpio Mantra for 2016

“My relations with others will benefit me this year.” See more at


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Sagittarius: Hidden love affairs are around the corner! Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

“I’ve been to Canada, and I’ve always gotten the impression that I could take the country over in about two days.”

Jon Stewart (Nov. 28, 1962) 2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

This year is special for two reasons: The first is that Saturn is in your sign for the first time since 1986-88. (Will return in 2045.) This means you’re beginning a 30-year journey, during which you will reinvent yourself in the first eight years. Everything in the next few years will be part of what redefines you. Traditionally, this is a time when astrologers would advise you not to take on anything new. Don’t spread yourself too thin. However, this year (second reason), your ruler Jupiter is at the top of your chart putting your name up in lights! (Won’t happen again until 2027.) This brings acknowledgment, a promotion or kudos. One interpretation of these two influences would be that you would begin a new job or live in a new place, meeting new people and experiencing new events; and yet, at the same time, this is because you have been successful. It’s your pay off! Furthermore, you love this new situation so much, it literally grows on you and by 2023, your life is transformed, and voilá! You are the new you! One thing is certain: your responsibilities will continue to be heavy even though your accomplishments are great. Your main challenge will be to handle an impulse to be introverted and private, while you are out there flying your colours!

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Three different things influence your love life this year. One is Mars, which indicates hidden love affairs. Naturally, not all Sagittarians will have hidden love affairs but a surprising number of them will! The second planetary influence is that you are on entirely new turf. It’s a whole new ballgame! Some of you will experiment sexually in ways that later, you will look back, thinking, ‘Wow, what a ride!’ Others will feel freer to be who they really are because this is a liberating situation. The third influence is Jupiter is making you

Capricorn: Wrap up loose ends and purge, purge, purge.

look successful, and success is sexy! Therefore, your increased confidence and success, combined with your entirely new world, with the added influence of Mars making you do whatever you want, is pretty heady stuff! How you handle this is your business. But for sure, many Sagittarians will experience unusual, unorthodox, exciting romantic relationships – relationships they never thought they would have. Sagittarian, Woody Allen said, “I sold my memoirs of my love life to Parker Brothers and they are going to make a game out of it.”

estate, buying or selling or improving your own home is the year 2022.

My Sagittarius Mantra for 2016

“I won’t look for opportunities this year – I will make them.” See more at

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Home and Family

One of the main influences on your home and family life is the fact that you are setting off on an entirely new path. This began either last year or this year. As such, it could mean a change of residence. It might even mean some of you are in a new country, which is not unusual since you are the most well-traveled sign in the zodiac. The fact that you are on the first leg of the journey of reinventing yourself will affect relations with family. The single planetary influence that directly affects home and family for Celebrity Sagittarius your sign is Neptune – and Kiefer Sutherland this will be a very long-term influence. Neptune, the planet of hopes and dreams, idealism and illusion is traveling through the part of your chart that pertains to home and family. And it will stay there until 2026, so this is a very long influence, and a subtle one. It will certainly make you strive to have your ideal ‘dream home.’

A Sneak Peek Beyond

As we peek in the future, we see that next year is a popular year; but what really looks promising is your ruler, lucky Jupiter, will enter your sign in Nov. 2018 to stay until Dec. 2019. This is such good fortune! You will attract so many good things to you; your only worry will be weight gain. In 2020, you will boost your earnings. But the thing to make note of is that your best year for real estate negotiations and investing in real


“I’m not a paranoid deranged millionaire. Goddammit, I’m a billionaire!”

Howard Hughes (Dec. 24, 1905 to April 5, 1976)

2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

You hate waste. You are fixated on achieving your goals. You respect the status quo, and you want respect from the status quo. The true meaning of the word career is your life path because it is based on the old French word, carrier, meaning ‘highway.’ So whether you have a slave wage job or you are retired – you have a career. This is a significant time in your life because beginning last year, you entered a three-year window where you will get rid of what is no longer relevant in your life – jobs, homes, friendships, partnerships and even countries. Do not think of this as loss but rather as a time of lightening up and freeing yourself so that you will be performance ready to begin a new world in 2018. Your primary objective is to finish up things. Circumstances will compel you to do so. Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter will push you beyond your boundaries! Travel, especially travel to foreign countries will delight you. This year extensive travel will teach you something which can affect your job and career. This is your year to get performance ready for next year. This year is an excellent time to go back to school or take a course to enhance your world and make you better equipped to grab opportunities that come your way in the future.

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Your demeanor sometimes makes others think you

 hfirwhyurf. —BKS Iyengar

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Capricorn: Wrap up loose ends and purge, purge, purge. are detached and cool. Actually, you’re passionate and you want intimacy! Fortunately, this year, lucky Jupiter will encourage long-distance relationships or romance with someone from another culture. It can also make you be impressed with money and wealth. Be careful, because if you marry for money, you pay a high price. Meanwhile, Saturn will trigger changes that force you to let go of relationships that are more trouble than they are worth. You might say goodbye to someone either by choice or because circumstances dictate it. This year you could have difficulties with friends because you might resent group pressures or you might find it difficult to work with others. Competition with someone might also get in the way. Generally, you work well with groups, but this year you don’t want to take a backseat position to anyone. Furthermore, you want Celebrity Capricorn credit for what you do! Next year, Betty White things will look different because you will appear to be successful. In fact, this appearance of success will begin late this year for many of you. Success is so seductive, isn’t it?


Home and Family

Home and family are important to you. Your challenge this year will be to wrap up loose ends and face inevitable situations that force you to let go of things. You will go through cupboards, closets, lockers and garages to get rid of what you no longer need. It’s important to remember that there are two major influences this year. As you let go of what is no longer useful to you, remind yourself that you are lightening your load so that you can begin something new in 2018 with fresh vigor. Secondly, at this time, you want to be light on your feet so that you can take advantage of all kinds of new opportunities. This is a time of preparation for next year, when your reputation is shining! So as you go through the process of downsizing, remember what



Aquarius: You’re in the money – ask and ye shall receive.

is coming up next year in 2017 and the following year in 2018. Therefore, as this cycle ends, it is also a time of preparation for what is to come.

A Sneak Peek Beyond

Next year is a fabulous year because lucky Jupiter will travel across the top of your chart promoting your reputation and your status in your community and among your peers. Since this wonderful influence will not come again until 2027, make the most of this! In 2018, you will begin a 30-year journey, wherein you will virtually reinvent yourself in the first eight years. (The last time this happened was in 1988-89.)

My Capricorn Mantra for 2016

“Everything I do this year is in preparation for my future success.” See more at

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

“Which form of proverb do you prefer? Better late than never, or better never than late?”

Lewis Carroll (Jan. 27, 1832 to Jan. 14, 1898)

2016 Wealth, Career and Reputation

Glory hallelujah! The year 2016 is so good for you, your problems are the problems of success! Namely, that you spread yourself too thin trying to meet the demands of everyone. (Gasp.) You have to stop selling yourself out because you count, too. This year, your goal is to integrate your individual self with groups. No problemo! You work well with others. In fact, it’s what you do. You get everyone to sign petitions for important causes because you understand the power of uniting like-minded individuals to make the world a better place. Plus it’s an excuse to drink beer. The reason that your ambition is your main problem this year is because others might feel threatened by you. (Eeeek!) Frankly, things could be worse. And here is the good news – the really good news! Money! This year lucky, moneybags Jupiter will travel through one of your Money Houses, which means

money from others will come to you. You can get a loan or a mortgage. You might receive an inheritance. You might get money back from the government or benefit indirectly through your partner. In addition, you will be able to use what other people own. Ask and ye shall receive. You will get funding and financial support from others. Your ambition will make you work hard to achieve your goals; and meanwhile, teamwork with others will flow naturally. Be grateful life is this good.

Love, Partnerships and Friends

Because you look so good this Celebrity Aquarius year, of course, your romantic Ellen DeGeneres prospects are strong. It’s axiomatic! You’re on top of your game; you’re ambitious; you benefit from the wealth of others – all of which make you look like a winner! In addition, you will enjoy a relationship with Saturn that has not occurred since 1996-98. And it’s a good relationship! Saturn will give you patience, perseverance and make you careful in everything you do, including relating to others. Your life will run more smoothly, which generates the kind of energy that promotes positive relationships. (Let’s face it: When life is horrible, relationships suffer!) So this will be an easy year for relationships and friendships; but there is one caveat. Fiery Mars, the planet that controls your sexual energy, will be at odds with your sign for most of this year making you quick to defend yourself. You will get angry easily. You will feel irritated with others. Hmm. Not good. Fortunately, with so many other favourable influences, this is nothing you can’t handle. Just know that this is there.

Home and Family

This is a great year for home and family. It’s an excellent year to explore real estate negotiations by buying, selling or renting something bigger. It’s also good year to renovate your home. It’s also a good time to buy things for your home so that you feel richer at home.


Pisces: Treat yourself to a pair of shoes that make you want to dance. It will be easy to borrow money to do this by getting a mortgage or a loan. In fact, this is the best year to borrow money in 11 years! Furthermore, the overall tone of your home in terms of happiness and family relationships will be positive this year. Family members will be easy going and generous to each other. You might also entertain more; you might have meetings in your home of clubs or groups to discuss something or do a particular activity. You might also have someone from another country live in your home. You will definitely have a warm feeling in your tummy this year. “God bless us everyone!”

A Sneak Peek Beyond

In 2017, you will travel more than usual. You might also go back to school or take advanced training because something will happen that changes your view of the world. In 2018, lucky Jupiter will be at the top of your chart boosting your reputation in the eyes of others. At this time, you will also begin to dismantle much of what you created since around 2005.

My Aquarius Mantra for 2016

“I am grateful for the support and help from others this year.” See more at

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

“In two decades, I’ve lost a total of 789 pounds. I should be hanging from a charm bracelet.”

Erma Bombeck (Feb. 21, 1927 to April 22, 1996) Wealth, Career and Reputation

This is a stellar year for your job, your career and your reputation among your peers. You will be proud to receive kudos, praise, recognition and promotions. Some will graduate. Some will get married. Someone might have a long awaited child. Others will try self-employment. Many of you will enjoy wonderful success in your job. Essentially, your cherished dreams can come true! There could be some evidence of failure and disappointment, but this will be minor. If you do experience disappointment, just move on because this is your hour to shine! Do not dwell on failure. Look at what you have achieved and build on this. This year is also a time of heavy responsibilities. It’s not time to sit back and rest on your laurels. One of the reasons you are powerful this year is because you have a strong sense of who you are and what you can do – finally! This year will also give you the greatest opportunity to make a positive impression on important people and the world in general. For most of you, this will be one of the most rewarding times in your life because you’ve earned it. Give yourself a pat on the back! Treat yourself to a pair of shoes that makes you want to dance!

en your experience of the world. Indeed, because others benefit you so strongly this year, even lawyers, counselors, doctors, consultants, astrologers (i.e. experts) will benefit you. This year, you feel confident and confidence is sexy! Celebrity Pisces And so is success! Rihanna Admittedly, you will have lots of responsibilities and will have to work hard. But you will enjoy relating to others now because you have nothing to hide. You are out there flying your colours!

Home and Family

It’s important to protect your health this year because you might overextend yourself by working too hard since you are enjoying such success. It’s also important to focus on loved ones and family members because it’s easy to be distracted with your job, status, prestige and success. Gotta know what really matters. Obviously, marriage and partnerships are beautifully favoured. Your partner might earn more money, for example, which takes stress away from worrying about expenses. You will also find that partners are beneficial to you in a practical way – more helpful. They will also be a greater support in a psychological and emotional way as well. Family travels are more likely this year because you are keen to get out of town and expand your horizons. In fact, you will feel the travel bug very strong in 2016. You will also put a strong emphasis on education for family members and perhaps yourself as well this year.



A Sneak Peek Beyond

“Show me the money!” This will be your theme for 2017 because this year, you will benefit from the wealth and resources of others. You can get a loan or a mortgage. You will also benefit from the use of things that other people own. Meanwhile, your career stands strong! Travel opportunities will continue to delight you in 2018, which is also a great year for higher education. In 2019, once again, you shine! (I’m not making this up.) Jupiter at the top of your chart brings kudos,

My Pisces Mantra for 2016

“I am grateful for who I am and what I have.” See more at

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Love, Partnerships and Friends

You are the big winner in 2016, because not only will your career and reputation shine, in addition, you have lucky Jupiter sitting in your House of Partnerships and Marriage. Say no more! You will majorly score this year! This is an excellent year to get married. Quite likely, this person will be older, more established or richer; and they will bring joy in your life. This person could be from another country. Many of you will make friends with someone from a different background or a foreign country because whoever you encounter now will have a consciousness-expanding influence on you. You will learn from them. They will broad-

“Tuneful and vivacious, filled with humour and fun!”



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Anchor. When Mack moved to Victoria in the mid-1980s, to take over the role as anchor at CHEK TV, he didn’t expect to put down roots. “I assumed it would be part of a two- or three-year track, moving here, moving there, to a bigger market, into a bigger pond if you will,” he says. “I fell in love at work and met Patty. We got married in ’88. We love the Island. I’ve never been anywhere in the world where I haven’t been glad to get home.” Mack was born in Calgary, the youngest of four children, to parents Clarence and Murdene. Clarence set the path for Mack, himself a career broadcaster, gaining notoriety as the morning man and program director on the number one radio station in Calgary at the time, CFAC. “He was the inspiration to seek out this broadcasting career,” reflects Mack, whose father died of cancer when he was 14. His brother Gary, older than Mack by a decade, became his idol. “My brother was kind of a north star for me in terms of career path and the importance of integrity and good writing in broadcast and giving back to the community and doing good,” he says.  Gary set the gold standard for the broadcasting family. Under the name Byron MacGregor, he rose to fame in 1974 with a recording of Gordon Sinclair’s commentary, The Americans. MacGregor broadcast the opinion supporting the United States’ willingness to offer aid to other countries facing crises, but being often left to face disaster at home, alone. It became so popular, MacGregor recorded the piece with America the Beautiful playing in the background. The single hit #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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“My brother had a terrific career and was such an inspiration,” says Mack. “He really was my idol. The stuff they used to do at CKLW in Windsor, and later his experience with The Americans was really, pretty cool stuff.” Mack’s career began in 1980 in Kamloops and continued in Prince George. By 1985 he was ready to leave the logging town and was offered a job at the CBC in Edmonton – which he turned down. “I’ve always had a kind of an instinct. I’m a Pisces for what that’s worth. They say that people who are born under that sign are intuitive. I’ve always told our kids to listen to your gut and your gut instinct and it won’t steer you wrong, and … it just didn’t feel right,” he says. “The Edmonton example, it was for the dumb reason of the animosity between Edmonton and Calgary. I was still a recently transplanted Calgarian and the thought of moving to Edmonton just stuck in my craw. When I told Dennis McVarish at the CBC that was why I wasn’t taking the job, he was incredulous that would motivate me to make a career choice that could have ended disastrously.” Mack was lucky though and Victoria’s CHEK-TV made him an offer shortly after. Unsinkable Anchor offers a look into the politics of broadcast journalism, including Mack’s unprecedented move from a solid career at CHEK to take over the faltering New VI as news director – a position he failed to achieve during nearly 20 years at CHEK.  “It was a chance for me to achieve my long-held goal of leading a news department as the news director and kind of reinvent myself at age 44, and to strike out and try something new and challenge myself without having to leave the Island,” he says. Ten years later, Mack was unceremoniously dropped by the station. That firing is where he begins his tale, but its backbone is stories of family, insight into life at the anchor desk and surprising behind-the-scenes moments with local and international celebrities.

Year End Sale GRANBY Double Bottom Tanks Installed $1600.00+Tax & Permit 25 YEAR/$2,000,000.00 LIABILITY WARRANTY 2009 Torch Award Winner

Trust • Performance • Integrity

2010 Torch Award Finalist 2011 Torch Award Nominee 2013 Torch Award Winner

EST. 1958

Customer Service Excellence

2015 Torch Award Winner

Installation & Repair Registered with Worksafe Bc

“Tanks A Lot Victoria!”


Accredited Business


January events victoria’s Ultimate


get out guide

international comedians join forces to create a hilarious and unique comedy show.

JAN 14 TO JAN 17


Follow in the footsteps of gold miners, merchants, labourers and revolutionaries through Canada’s oldest Chinatown. This 90-minute walking tour is great for the whole family. GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST JAN 1 & 2

The Ghostly Walks team will take you on a haunting 90-minute walking tour of downtown Victoria. Spooky murder stories, Songhees legends and more are on the docket for your wandering journey. VICTORIA’S STORY EN FRANCAIS JAN 2

Enjoy a tour about Victoria’s history in French and discover Victoria’s strong links to French Canada and Francophone culture.  Whether you speak French fluently or are learning the language, this tour will be of interest. DOWNTON ABBEY SEASON PREMIERE JAN 3

The 11th annual Victoria Whisky Festival takes place at the Hotel Grand Pacific and features grandmaster tasting classes, whisky wanders and dinner parties. Wassail Jan 17



On the third Tuesday of every month, join this community gathering at the Fairfield United Church for an evening of conversation, stories, food and music. SOHO – VICTORIA JAN 21

SOHO is the perfect opportunity for small business owners to connect in an intimate setting in the province’s capital. It’ll be the most productive day of the year.




“We’re not in Kansas anymore.” The Shawnigan Lake School presents the classic tale of Dorothy and Toto at the McPherson Playhouse. rmts.

Join Sea Cider for their annual Wassail celebrations from 11am-4pm. It’s a day of funfilled, family events at the Farm & Ciderhouse at 2487 Mt. St. Michael Rd in Saanichton.

Dress up in your finest 1930s garb and head down to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel for a three-course dinner and premiere of Downton Abbey’s final season.

Come to Camas Books and Info Shop for The Faces of Quadra exhibit and enjoy an evening of poetry and music. Paintings will be display and snacks will be provided at this free event.


Meet reliable, gifted professionals from your local community and find services that will enhance your daily living. Inspired action for the mind, body, heart and soul to relax and release.


Victoria star Lorraine Min returns to the Royal Theatre to play Chopin’s mellifluous Piano Concerto No. 1 in this concert lead by 23-year-old internationally acclaimed conductor, Alexander Prior.

Graham Macaulay photo

Describe my lonely - Two one-character monologues provide a dual perspective on the ins and outs of dating in the digital age. Jan 19 to 22, Intrepid Theatre Club, #21609 Blanshard St. symphonic conducting of Yannick Nézet-Séguin as a part of its Legacy Series.


Who said golf has no place in the winter? You may be leaving the clubs at home but come to Bear Mountain for glorious winter tours of the flora and fauna.



Get the group back together and enjoy the off-Broadway hit musical that lands at the Royal Theatre on Jan 10.


Stepping Out langham Jan 13 to 20

Victoria Symphony presents a New Year’s Day tradition led by conductor Brian Jackson featuring singers and dancers bringing you the sounds of Vienna. rmts.


Victoria Symphony presents the

This musical intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault fairy tales, exploring the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests. Canadian College of Performing Arts Performance Hall 1701 Elgin Rd. A NIGHT AT THE OSCARS JAN 29 & 30

A warm and funny comedy about the lives, laughs and loves of a group of women (and one man) attending a weekly tap dance class. At Langham Court Theatre.


INTO THE WOODS Jan 28-31, Feb 3 to 6


Come ready to laugh as four

Victoria Symphony presents, as a part of its Pop Series, conductor Sean O’Loughlin’s epic edge-ofyour seat music from Hollywood classics. Hear music from The Dark Knight, Titanic and more. OUT INNERSPACE JAN 29 & 30

Dance Victoria presents a topical

contemporary dance presentation focusing on issues of “insiders” and “outsiders.” CONCERTS FOR KIDS JAN 31

Enjoy Roald Dahl’s spiced-up version of the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Watch Little Red take on the wolf with the help of the Victoria Symphony.



An evening of Celtic, Folk and Roots music at the Oak Bay Rec Centre with two of Canada’s most outstanding young musicians. LUST LIFE JAZZ BAND JAN 2

Join the Lust Life Jazz Band at the Bengal Lounge on Saturdays for a combination of smooth and funky up-tempo jazz music. Take in the beautiful setting of the Empress Hotel while listening to their groovy take on modern jazz. STEPHEN BROWN’S BASTION BAND JAN 3

Come down to Oaks Restaurant in Oak Bay for smooth New Orleans Jazz performed by Stephen Brown’s Bastion Band. Call the Oaks for more details: 250-590-3155. LINDSEY HERLE, VIOLIN JAN 8

Lindsey Herle’s program showcases two famous works for solo violin: J.S. Bach’s Sonata No. 1 and Niccolò Paganini’s Caprice No. 17. Herle will be accompanied by pia-

BLACKJACK & SLOT Mash Up Tournament 4 DAYS • 3 WAYS TO WIN • 2 TOURNAMENTS January 14 to 17 | 10am to 10pm

$10,000 GUARANTEED CASH PRIZE POOL for the TOP 10 Combined Scores


* for ANYONE that finishes in the

$100,000 CASH



$25 Entry Fee | $20 Re-buys | Early Bird Registration opens Jan 4 | Register at Guest Services or online at Encore Card required | *Bonus prize not guaranteed to be awarded.

Visit Guest Services for details on promos, tournaments & events. Sunday-Wednesday: 10am-2 am, Thursday-Saturday: 10am-4 am 1708 Island Hwy, Victoria • 250.391.0311 •

Where the fun starts!



3 cheers to a new year

Jesse Roper

A stellar night of music with Jesse Roper, Band of Rascals, Fox Glove and everyone’s favorite DJ Boitano keeping the groove going in between sets. BEACH HOTEL NEW YEAR’S EVE DEC 31

Ring in the New Year at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. The roaring 20s celebration includes great food, live music and dancing. Canada’s most notorious pub crawl is back. Last year 10,000 joined in on the crawl nationwide. Join the wild party bus ride from club-to-club around Victoria. DINE AND DANCE AT BEAR MOUNTAIN

Dance & dine in the Bear Mountain Ballroom with a gala dinner buffet, and decadent Death By Chocolate buffet, shake your groove to the rockin’ sounds of



The Timebenders are back! Enjoy a musical journey through the last 60 years at the Mary Winspear Centre on New Year’s Eve. FIRE AND ICE AT THE REEF

Celebrate 2016 with Dirk Browne from JackPot Jugglaz & G-Flex from Montreal at the Reef! The Caribbean restaurant will deliver a wild New Year’s Eve party to remember. KENTUCKY BURNING AT THE DUKE

Do NYE country style! Two bands will entertain dancers starting with a traditional country/bluegrass sound up to the countdown then the rockin’ house band will ring in the New Year and play into the night. BLACK TIE AT UPSTAIRS


nists Elfi Gluesteen and Elizabeth Clarke.

Shaky Ground and join in on a balloon drop and some champagne at midnight.

Looking to dress up and dance the night away? Put on your finest party clothes and enjoy dance beats by DJ Yeezy Yee at Upstairs Cabaret. NYE AT DISTRIKT

Dance your way into 2016 at Distrikt nightclub. The annual New Year’s Eve bash will feature DJs Marshall A, Jansom and MF Jones.

Featuring School of Music Performance Faculty performing mixed ensemble works from the Early Twentieth Century, including compositions by Ralph Vaughan

Max Ulis, The Righteous Rainbows and Sean Evans bring a night of live techno to open a hole in your mind and let the love ooze out. NYE AT THE FOUR POINTS

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with the Jason Buie Band at the Four Points Hotel. The event gets underway at 7pm and doesn’t stop at the stroke of midnight. DECADES OF ROCK

Not into the nightclub life? Come to the Tally-Ho Lounge for a tour through rock history from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

om ag .c d ay m

Head to the Shark Club to spend the night rockin’ in the New Year. Victoria band, one2many will be performing their up-tempo new release, Two Shots of Jack. The Temps

Ange Hehr – New Years Eve



Graham Clark and Kristeen Von Hagen are performing at Hecklers Bar & Grill. Live music, dancing and free pizza after midnight are all on the docket for NYE at Hecklers. Northern Quarter ends its first year with a soulful NYE celebration. Live music, food, drinks and of course, dancing, will all be available.


Homegrown indie-rock band, Towers and Trees celebrate their new album, The West Coast, at






Paparazzi Nightclub’s take on a New Year’s Eve bash. With the legendary Gouda Gabor and the glamorous Iona Whipp, plus live DJ music, a delicious buffet and complimentary champagne toast at midnight to ring in 2016!

The Temps play classic hits by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Van Morrison, to modern rock from The Tragically Hip, Foster the People, Radiohead, and U2 at Irish Times Pub.

Sugar Nightclub.

Featuring the UVic low brass faculty and special guest, the Pinnacle Brass Quintet. This program will also feature a tuba concerto and a multimedia presentation.


Another year, another Groove Kitchen NYE party at Hermann’s Jazz Club. Mellow out and enjoy smooth jazz as you ring in 2016.


Williams, André Caplet, and Frank Martin.

TOWERS AND TREES JAN 15 So You Think You Can Dance, Jan 7 at Saveon-Foods Memorial Centre.

NYE 2016 Lucky Bar

16 0 2 E #NY


onday’s ultimate guide to New Year’s Eve

Take an afternoon break every Friday to enjoy a concert of varied repertoire and instruments featuring School of Music students. At the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall. HOME GROWN: JAZZ IN CANADA JAN 16

As a part of the UVic Faculty Concert Series, some of Victoria’s top-flight jazz musicians perform

Angela Hehr is more than just your typical singer/ songwriter. She has a powerful voice and the ability to engage a crowd. Join her at the Bard and Banker for NYE. Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Bartholomews Pub. Prime Rib dinner from 5-9pm, Kooler hits the stage at 9pm, no cover charge.

original music and music by Canadian composers. finearts. RAFFI’S #BELUGAGRADS JAN 16

Relive your childhood at Raffi’s Beluga Grads concert. The Canadian singer-songwriter will be at the Royal Theatre playing all the fan-favourites including Baby Beluga. BAROQUE SUITES JAN 16

Spectacular large-scale baroque suites by Handel, Telemann and

Rameau are performed by one of the largest baroque orchestras ever to appear on a Victoria stage. INTERNATIONAL GUITAR NIGHT JAN 17

In the 16th year of International Guitar Night, acoustic guitarists will gather at the Farquhar Auditorium to perform original pieces. LIEDER AT LUNCH JAN 20

Bring your lunch and enjoy an

30 ©David Doubilet (United States) Turtle Flight

TRAIN FOR A REWARDING CAREER AS AN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR ASK ABOUT OUR EVENING CLASSES! Graduates from CDI College’s Early Childhood Education program can pursue specialization diplomas in the Infant/Toddler or Special Needs Specialization programs. Apply today and earn your ECE certificate in less than a year!

Showcasing the World’s Best Images

CDI College also offers programs in: • Construction Electrician Foundation • Health Care Assistant


• Legal Administrative Assistant

Get tickets at

• And More!

• Social Services Worker Foundations

*Victoria campus, 2014

Financial assistance may be offered to qualified applicants. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is developed and produced by the Natural History Museum, London.

1.888.707.0578 ECE.CDICOLLEGE.CA



100% Employment Rates* for ECE Grads!



Cross-town run leaves joyful feeling

Celebrate Season THE

I didn’t plan to go for a run through four neighbourhoods. But when John started driving his red mobility scooter down the one-way Fort Street, I knew I’d have ADAM SAWATSKY to chase him on foot or we’d lose him. I had been @CTVNewsAdam hoping to do an interview with John for a-year-anda-half. He’s the happiest person I have ever met and I thought he’d be a perfect person to profile at the end of our six o’clock newscast. When I finally caught up with him, John smiled the most amazing smile you’ve ever seen, and agreed to an interview. He said he was hungry though, and his hands were cold, so he didn’t have time to stop. So I kept running after him and texting the videographer in the truck with updates on our location. I thought we could document John’s commute home and show how he interacts with the people he passes. John seems to have a limited vocabulary but the words he uses have limitless, positive impact. As I ran after him from Oak Bay junction to downtown, through Cook Street Village, he would introduce himself with that big smile, and look deep into strangers’ eyes and tell them they were beautiful. The reason John would be so good on screen is because you can see how his unexpected words transform the faces of the people he’d say them to. People who may not usually feel beautiful seem to feel that way in John’s presence. The videographer finally caught up with us as John turned his scooter into Beacon Hill Park, and started running along. Unfortunately, there were no people there for John to interact with. Instead, he seemed to be singing to the peacocks he passed. He also kept smiling at the videographer – who was running with a 30-pound camera – and asking if he was OK. Although our lungs, muscles and pounding hearts were feeling anything but OK, we felt wonderful being with John. By the time we reached his home in James Bay, I (who don’t do much exercise at all) had run more than five kilometers. John looked deep in our eyes, smiled and opened his arms for a hug. We happily accepted. He told us we were beautiful. The pain from the run disappeared. Then John reminded us he was hungry and his hands were cold and he drove away with a wave. Although we didn’t get the TV story we hoped for, we were grateful to have witnessed the work of a man committing random acts of joy. Adam Sawatsky is an anchor at CTV News Vancouver Island. On the weekend, he hosts ‘Eye on the Arts’ on CFAX 1070.

wat’s up?


GIVE A GOOD NIGHT OUT. Belfry gift certificates make terrific Christmas presents. It’s so easy. Get a Belfry Theatre gift certificate in any value and your friends, family or co-workers can then select whatever production and dates they desire. Call us at 250-385-6815. Belfry Theatre 1291 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria, BC

STORIES SO BIG THEY HAVE TO BE SUNG! The Barber of Seville/Rossini – February 2016

Give the gift of opera - always the right fit! Share the magic of opera by purchasing a 2 opera package for The Barber of Seville and A Midsummer Night’s Dream or give a gift certificate in any denomination, and let them choose!

exploration of the German Lied repertoire with Sharon Krebs (vocals) and Harald Krebs (piano). finearts. ELVIS ELVIS ELVIS JAN 24

Legends of Rock ‘N’ Roll presents three decades of Presley entertainment packed into one wild ride. Shawn Klush and Cody Slaughter deliver amazing impressions and take the listener through the King’s life. VICTORIA GUITAR TRIO JAN 25

As a part of the UVic Alumni Concert Series, the Victoria Guitar Trio will be Performing a program of exciting 20th- and 21st-Century works by West Coast Canadian composers. CORB LUND JAN 26

Corb Lund returns with his band, for a twangy set of new and old sounds. Join Lund at the McPherson Playhouse as he takes alternative country to the next level. CH’IO MI SCORDI DI TE? JAN 29

Visit the University Centre Farquhar Auditorium and take in the UVic Orchestra performing Ch’io Mi Scordi Di Te? VEGAS, BABY! JAN 29 & 31


Victoria’s Starlight Pops’ winter concert will transport you to the Vegas Strip for choral samplings of everything from Dean Martin to Bette Midler and Celine Dion.

Dec. 31, 5-9pm. Free art making event Jan. 9, 2-5pm.


This edition of the house concert series features four world-class musicians and will entertain the listeners with samplings of Spanish music. THE BRIGHT LIGHT SOCIAL HOUR JAN 31


Join Curtis Roush and Jack O’Brien for a night of psychedelic rock at Sugar with the Bright Light Social Hour.


Photographer Tony Hoare presents his photographs and stories of human trafficking survivors from Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, and Mexico. small works BIG IMPACT to Jan 9

Small works on display at Eclectic Gallery, 2170 Oak Bay Ave. The Arts & Crafts Movement in Europe and North America To Jan 9

Drawn to Life Jan 4 to Feb 7

Bill Bartlett’s figurative drawing exhibit is at Shatterbox Coffee Bar, 916 Pandora Ave. Meet the artist Jan. 9 & 10. THE BEST OF BOTH JAN 9 TO 31

Massey Gallery celebrates the collections of Jeffrey J. Boron and Linny D. Vine. Both communicate their love of art, nature and life with an individual and unique voice. Reception Jan. 9.

ROYAL BC MUSEM MEMBERS GET ALL THE PERKS Flash your membership card and indulge your curiosity in our immersive galleries, engage your mind through our variety of programs, and learn about BC’s rich history — all for one low annual fee. Membership includes access to Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 and Mammoths: Giants of the Ice Age. Royal BC Museum | 675 Belleville Street Victoria | 250 387-3287


Design and create an elegant shawl from iridescent silk, super soft merino wool and natural tussah silk fibre. No felt making experience required.

FOUR MORE PLAYS… Stepping out Female Transport Escape from Happiness She Stoops to Conquer

DUNCAN REGEHR: Everlast Jan 15 to 30

Known for his figurative series’, the ‘Scapes’ of Everlast, offer a departure from those works. Opening reception Jan. 16, 2-4pm Regehr will be in attendance. CONVIVIUM Jan 19 to Feb 06

300 MASON JARS Dec 29 to Jan 16

Water + Pigment + Paper Jan 29

Joanne Thomson presents a show of small watercolour paintings, canning, and artifacts on the theme of legacy and heritage. Artist talk:

Call 250.385.0222 or


An exhibition and film project at UVic’s Legacy Art Gallery features work by William Morris, C.R. Ashbee, Tiffany Studios, Frank Lloyd Wright, Edward Burne-Jones, and Liberty and Co.

Shelby Assenheimer has assembled work for an exhibition at Gage Gallery. Reception Jan 22, 7 to 9pm. Gage Gallery 2031 Oak Bay Ave.

Join the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for the opening reception. Free to the public from 8-10pm.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream/Britten – April 2016

January 13 - 30 March 2 - 19 April 20 - May 7 June 8 - 25

Box Office 250.384.2142

THE BUTCHART GARDENS 12-MONTH PASS The Perfect holiday gift for the whole family! Looking for a gift to be enjoyed year round? Give a 5-seasons experience from The Butchart Gardens, with an Adult, Youth or Child 12-Month Pass. Adult only $57.50 The Butchart Gardens 250.652.4422 MONDAY MAGAZINE JANUARY 2016


om a g .c






Monday’s incognito Lounge Lizard imbibes at all the best joints in town. Do you have a favourite pub or barkeep to recommend? Join the discussion online at

CHANTAL IRELAND @chantalireland

Side Dish

West Coast benny at the Village Estevan.

Instagram: chantalireland Facebook: SmileAtChantalIreland

Everything’s better after brunch

While I’m still wiping Christmas cookie crumbs off my face, I’m not going to tell you about juice bars, granola and salads because there’s plenty of other things you can read that will. Instead of giving in to the pressure to commit to a new diet, workout plan or other major lifestyle change, I’m going to talk about brunch. Go the gym, cut out some sugar, eat less meat and any other change you want to make but do it because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. We set ourselves up for disappointment when we take on too much, and in the end, change doesn’t end up happening. If you want to make diet changes, look at cooking with a new ingredient (I chose cranberries and leeks in December), joining the meatless Monday movement or shifting your buying to include more local products. Don’t freak out and think you have to start with kale smoothies on the way to Pilates at 6am. We have so much dialogue and information

overload on food, it should bring joy and nourishment, not guilt and angst. So: brunch. In the Fall I told you about a new location for Fol Epi. They are open now at 732 Yates St., with a cafe and bakery on one side and Agrius, a full service restaurant, on the other. Weekend brunch is served from 10am to 2pm, with a focus on local meats they process themselves from whole animals; egg creations; and simple dishes that really embrace and showcase the quality of the ingredients. The beautiful room filled with pastries, breads, coffee and bustling energy is a top new spot. Watch for patio seating in the Spring. The Village Estevan serves breakfast all day (they have lunch dishes too) and the latkes that lie beneath the eggs and hollandaise are fantastic. They have plenty of great options and portion sizes are perfect. The line on weekends is worth it. Watch Twitter for time estimates. The Village did a pop up ramen night in December with house made

Beat the Winter Chill with class Develop a connection with your food by attending the Beat the Winter Chill cooking class on Jan. 17. Chef Laura Moore will guide participants through an intro-

duction to warm and wonderful winter foods in the January edition of her monthly lessons at the Hudson Market. Moore has taught whole food cooking classes featuring organic

broth, noodles brought back fresh from Hawaii and perfectly cooked eggs. It brought a room full of people inside on a rainy night for ramen and Phillips Beer. With just 60 bowls they were sold out 20 minutes in. Watch Facebook and Twitter for the next one. For more brunch ideas, check my list at Try it, you’ll like it: • A fresh new list of original cocktails every six weeks at Little Jumbo. • Spinnakers Brewpub brunch or roasted root vegetable salad for lunch. All local, great waterfront view, with cider and beer made on site. • Anything on the weekend brunch menu at Relish Food + Coffee. I love the bennies. • Level Ground Trading’s Direct Fair Trade spices, vanilla beans, cane sugar and coconut oil. At grocers around town and online, this local company has high quality baking supplies sourced with a commitment to fair practices.

in-season ingredients since 1999. Come to the January class and tackle recipes like warm yam & corn salad and stir the pot with a hot & sour goji berry soup. For more information and registration:

A new cocktail bar/restaurant has opened up in the former location of Lacey Lou’s on Broad Street. I mourn the passing of Lacey-Lou’s, it was a unique take on going local; the vibe screamed indie and earnest as a young woman tried to start a new business. But after several sighs, it was time to visit the recently opened Saint Frank. Created by the people that brought you Wheelies and Victory Barber you can expect hipster on steroids and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Not only can you eat and drink here, you can also play pinball (once BC Gaming gives its nod of approval) and get your hair cut. It’s like going to the niche-iest of malls. You won’t recognize the place if you’d been there in the days of Lacey-Lou’s but then you will recognize it from any current design magazine – dark, brick walls, Restoration Hardware vibe. The cocktails, of course, are bourbon-centric as you’d expect at any self-respecting hipster bar and it’s a very short list of six. Starting with a Maple Bourbon Sour, I was impressed with the lovely balance, not too tart, the right amount of maple and a nice hit of bitters. The Old Fashioned was built and stirred correctly and for the finalé a Moscow Mule was the only misstep. I was surprised that with all the great vodka being produce locally, and a price point of $9 for a oneounce cocktail, that Saint Frank’s might have gone local but instead they’re pouring Absolut Vodka mixed with a very bland, housemade cardamom ginger ale. Hot dogs or Franks, I should call them are on offer for $11 to $12.



The Hudson Building 1701 Douglas Street, Victoria


Mon. - Sat. 10am - 6pm Dec. 24 10am - 3pm Dec. 31 10am - 3pm

Sunday 11 am - 5pm Dec. 25 & 26 closed Jan. 1 closed

Twitter @vicpubmark



Holiday Party! RESERVE YOUR


Victoria’s Best Restaurants 2232 Oak Bay Ave. 250.590.7424 Open Daily 11am - late night

RESTAURANT At The Gatsby Mansion

Lunch: Wed – Sun, 12 pm – 4 pm Afternoon Tea: Wed– Sun, 12 pm – 4 pm Dinner: Wed – Sun, 5 pm – 9 pm


Hottest Food from the Coolest Planet 1150 Cook Street ✧ 250.385.4747

For Reservations call 250-381-3456 | 309 Belleville Street | TheGatsbyMansion

WING’S FAMILY CHINESE RESTAURANT Enjoy our delicious Chinese buffet.There are 16 different items and deserts for all you can eat. Some items are wonton soup, egg rolls, chinese chow mein, sweet & sour pork, crispy ginger fried beef, crispy chicken. Some other dishes may vary from day to day. Our buffet is the most reasonable price in town. Discount available for children 10 years old and under.


Hours 11 am -10 pm 90 Gorge Rd. West, Victoria 250-385-5564


Greek Cuisine in a casual, comfortable setting

Wednesday Specials Featuring Traditional Greek Meals 101-1075 Pendergast Street (corner of Cook & Pendergast) 250-592-7373 I

Come visit us to see our newly decorated dining room with Western flavour and a hint of Chinese traditional colour. Now open for lunch. Or enjoy our free delivery service from 4:30pm daily. Call for reservations Taste the food created from one of the best Chinese Chef of Victoria that just come join our team. We can cater to groups from 2 to 120 at a time and still have 2 dining rooms left for our loyal customers.

1321 Quadra Street (Corner of Johnson St. & Quadra St.) 250-385-4405 • E-mail:

Since 1979

Eugene’s Tzatziki, Homous & Pita bread only available at these LOCAL places: Fairway’s: • Canwest Mall • Gorge • Quadra • Oak Bay • Shelbourne • McKenzie • Sidney • Brentwood

Red Barn Market’s: • West Saanich Rd. • Matticks Farm • Vanalman • Latoria Walk • Peninsula Co-op • Market on Yates • Market on Millstream

• The Local General Store • UVic • Sysco Foods • Peppers Foods • Mt. Doug Market • The Root Cellar • Fairfield Market

Thrifty’s: • Broadmead • Cloverdale Country Grocers: • Royal Oak Quality Foods • Langford • 250-590-6973

The Christmas Season is coming!! Eugene’s Homous & Tzatziki is Great for a party platter to enjoy with Family & Friends! Grill up Eugene’s pita bread with a little olive oil and cut into wedges to top it off!!!

Family Night is Fun Here! Enjoy Great Food • Amazing Views Warm & friendly by West Bay Marina • Traditional Meals & Pub Food • Sports Room - 2 big screens • Live music every weekend




with up to $15. Food Purchase until Jan. 31/16

453 Head Street (West Bay Marina) 250-381-1400

Family Style

Authentic Indian Cuisine HAPPY NEW YEAR! & all the best for 2016 298 Island Highway 250.744.3330 • at the corner of Helmcken Rd. & Island Hwy. MONDAY MAGAZINE january 2016


ARTSMARTS @lacouvee


New year brings new kids on the block


he beginning of a New Year often represents a time of making resolutions, plans or changes – for instance: “In 2016, I’m going to include more arts in my life.” Sometimes, however, people are feeling the pinch financially after the holidays. There’s a way to reconcile these two with a number of “easy on the pocketbook” opportunities in January. Victoria’s only free young adult (16-19) chorus, Sing Your Joy, invites new member signups for winter session (Jan.April) on Jan. 4 and 11. If the cost of joining a choir was preventing you from singing, here’s your chance to enjoy music with a fun group of people. Popular local comedians Wes Borg and Cyllene Richmond co-direct Lifetime Networks’ Greatest Most Awesome Show Ever with students from their comedy class Jan. 7 at the Victoria Event Centre. Guests include Carolyn Mark, Kathryn Popham and Eddi Liscious. Award-winning actor Deborah Williams (Mom’s the Word) co-founded popular storytelling event The Flame in 2009, and

recently introduced it to Victoria audiences. Real people share personal, true stories in front of a live audience, Jan. 18 at the Belfry Theatre. Bring it On Cabaret is a monthly cabaret and open mic at Oak Bay United Church with a top-notch feature headliner. Jan. 15. Facebook. com/BringItOnCabaret Theatre SKAM ends its 20th year with The Ami Project Jan. 12-16 as it return to its very first performance venue, now named Bean Around the World, with the first play founding member Ami Gladstone wrote, Plane Jane, and his latest, Text Ed. In association with Atomic Vaudeville. Later in the month, celebrate at SKAM’s Birthday Bash Jan. 23. One of Victoria’s theatrical “new kids on the block”, Catador Theatre, presents Robbie Huebner’s Describe My Lonely, a fresh, snappy comedy about how we communicate these days, Jan. 19-22, at the Intrepid Theatre Club. Actors alternate roles to provide different gender perspectives along the same storyline. The Warren Undergraduate Review presents a monthly reading series, The Rabbit Hole, a venue for students and emerging performers to share their work with a live audience. All types of artistic expression are welcome; in addition to featured performers, there is also an open mic. Jan. 20 at the Copper Owl. Free. Give yourself the gift of quiet, reflection and beautiful notes with A Place to Listen Jan. 20

at James Bay United Church. for details about the concert. Victoria has an active and welcoming spoken word community thanks to the Victoria Poetry Project: Vic Slam and Tongues of Fire. Poets will battle it out Jan. 21 at Northern Quarter restaurant in a qualifying round for the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam (CIPS). The first alumni concert of 2016 at the UVic School of Music features the Victoria Guitar Trio, one of Canada’s premier classical guitar trios, performing a program of exciting 20th and 21st Century works by West Coast Canadian composers. Jan. 25 in the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall. mschool/ for other events; many are free or by-donation. Spend the Day at CCPA Jan. 29. If you know a young person who is interested in a career in musical theatre, here’s a chance for them to experience a day at the Canadian College of Performing Arts where they will watch and participate in CCPA’s musical theatre training classes, and see snippets of an upcoming production. to reserve a spot. Enigmatic Events introduces inter-active murder mystery dinner theatre to Victoria with Vanessa Baylen’s Murder by Midnight at the Ambrosia Event Centre. Participants work with each other to uncover the truth and reveal the lies. Jan. 30 is preview night and the show runs Fri/Sat until Feb 13. Janis La Couvée is a community builder, writer and arts advocate.



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In 2016



t is always a pleasure to collaborate with local designers in the creative community. I love to hear about their creative process and the story behind their work. Victoria has a vibrant fashion scene and it is my goal to help share the inspiring stories of the local designers who make up this community. This month, I teamed up with two talented local designers Teresa Lindsay and Maria Curcic to showcase some of their latest designs. Teresa Lindsay is a couture designer who developed her brand philosophy around the idea of creating a luxury line of clothing that is low-waste and eco-friendly. Teresa uses natural dyes, reclaimed materials such as leather THe look and all of her products are locally made in British Wool Cape $250 - Teresa Lindsay Columbia. Teresa also recently launched Couture her own unisex designer natural fragrance Dress: $125 - Teresa Lindsay called I + I = II TWO which is made here Couture in Victoria. You can shop her perfume and Hat: $180 Maria Curcic Millinery latest collection on her website fashion. Maria Curcic started to experiment with millinery in the 1980s while on a visit to France with her mother. A friend taught her how to make hats using traditional and non-traditional techniques. Maria looks at vintage fashion for inspiration, including styles from the 1920s through to the 1960s which are reflected in many of Maria’s pieces. Her artistic talent is displayed in the bold use of colours in her millinery which is also a reflection of her painting and musical background. Maria’s work can be found on her website and locally at Runway Fashions: 704 Douglas St. For more photos and information about Teresa and Maria, visit my fashion blog If you are a local designer or artist and would like to be considered for a feature in a future issue of Monday Magazine, please email me at laurajaneatelier@ If you have any fashion questions email



enjamin Moore released their colour for 2016 as OC-117, Simply White. Their narrative begins with, “Layered whites, diffused light … ambience, surrender to the complexity of white.” It seems they may have chosen their colour correctly, as Sherwin Williams 2016 colour of the year is SW 7008, Alabaster. Yet in contrast, Sherwin Williams doesn’t think their white is complex, but: “Represents a straightforward and necessary shift to mindfulness. It provides an oasis of calmness, spirituality and ‘less is more’ visual relief. Alabaster is neither stark nor overBenjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams agree - white ly warm, but rather an is the colour for 2016. understated and alluring white,” says Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams director of colour marketing. When I first heard that a shade of white was the 2016 colour, I felt a little depressed. White walls for some of us can be flat, institutional, and well, boring. But the more I thought about it and looked at pictures of rooms in white, I accepted the complexity of white. It must be layered with other textures of white in a room along with elements of wood, or metal. Or, white works beautifully as a contrast to gray, black, or sharp cool colours. Of course, it’s a perfect backdrop to colourful artwork or black and white photographs. White can also be the feature colour of a room. Think of crisp, white painted trim work in a room with ho hum neutral walls. It’s the white that stands out. White can also stand out well in a commercial space, where there might be lots of metallic, glass and wood. I love crisp white on white bathrooms. Simply White or Alabaster might just be a nice relief for 2016. Benjamin Moore is found at Pacific Paints, Hillside, Millstream Road, or Keating X Road. Sherwin Williams is at 2141 Government St. Sheri Peterson has been an interior designer for 22 years in Victoria. She designs for commercial, residential and hospitality clients.

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isney bought the rights to the Star Wars empire for a daunting $4 billion, but will likely make half of that back with the box office receipts from just the trilogy-opening The Force Awakens, expected to be the biggest grossing film of all time. And that doesn’t even count revenue from the hundreds of product tie-ins trotted out for Christmas (Darth Vader waffle maker, anyone?). Happily, while Disney executives were busy making their sinister marketing plans, director J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Mission: Impossible III) was even busier finessing a classy reboot of a franchise that had drifted far, far away from its original energy and charm during the much-reviled Jar Jar Binks years. Cue the theme music and read the familiar-sounding plot preamble soaring grandly across the star-dotted galaxy: the evil First Order has risen from the

a g .c daym mon



ruin of the Empire; and standing in opposition to those cruel schemers and their Nuremburg-rallying storm troopers are the Resistance, a motley crew of aging Rebel Alliance warriors and feisty young newcomers. Two of these carry much of the narrative weight of the movie: Rey (Daisy Ridley), a hardscrabble scrap collector who is unaware of her noble warrior bloodline; and Finn (John Boyega), a defecting storm trooper who only wants to escape the clutches of the First Order but eventually discovers his inner hero after he notices that Rey is brave – and cute – and well worth rescuing every once in a while. The plot kicks into high gear with a desperate hunt for a droid in possession of a map showing the secret location of Luke Skywalker: the First Order want him dead and the Resistance want him back to reinvigorate the faded glory of the heroic Jedi warriors. What results is a rousingly well-executed space opera as a hyper-speed chase through the galaxy combines scenes of ruthless capture and daredevil escape, epic aerial conflicts, obligatory good-guy banter, and creepy colloquies between the Darth Vader-esque Kylo Ren (the great Adam Driver) and the sepulchral Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis). The scriptwriters have shamelessly strip-mined the first trilogy for themes and motifs, be it father-son angst or a seedy bar full of intergalactic critters that resemble a nightmare that’s crawled out of a misguided genetics lab. But even if Awakens is overly predictable, the Force was definitely with Abrams and his crew of fine actors.


The box office awakens

The Force Awakens is a rousingly well-executed space opera.

Particular praise goes to Harrison Ford, all grizzled gravitas and sly humour, who has lots of screen time and definitely earned whatever huge salary he got paid. Enjoy!. The force awakens ★★★1/2 Stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega Directed by J.J. Abrams

COMING SOON: Concussion

after being mauled by a bear.

The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino assembled a great cast – Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Bruce Dern, Channing Tatum, Jennifer Jason Leigh – for an intense whodunit that is set in a post-American Civil War cabin where a motley bunch of lawmen, outlaws, and a prisoner have been trapped by a blizzard.

Will Smith stars in this fact-based drama about the Nigerian-American doctor who went head to head with the NFL to expose the scourge of deadly brain injuries that football players are subject to.

Point Break

The Revenant

The Big Short

The latest from Oscar-winning director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Birdman) stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in a brutal drama about a frontiersman out for revenge when a traitorous buddy leaves him for dead

This remake of a popular 1990s thriller features an FBI agent who infiltrates a daredevil crew of elite athletes who are suspected of pulling off deadly crimes. Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling star in a fact-based drama about some high-finance brainiacs who saw the 2008 market meltdown coming and decided to make a fortune by “betting against the banks.”

Film Fest guide out Jan. 6


he Victoria Film Festival has released some of the international titles that will be part of the 22nd annual festival, Feb. 5 to 14. Academy Award-winning Danish director Anders Thomas Jensen (Adam’s Apples, The Green Butchers) returns to the VFF with his latest film Men & Chicken; Maris Curran’s feature debut Five Nights in Maine stars Academy Award winners Dianne Wiest and Academy

Award nominee Rosie Perez in this film about coping with grief and how we find strength in numbers. For more information on all the films, go to The full 2016 Victoria Film Festival program will be released on, Jan. 6. The guide will be available on the VFF website or at the VFF office at 1215 Blanshard St. and locations around town.

Open House/Career Information Session Thursday January 14, 2016 3 – 7pm

Vancouver Campus – 200 Nelson Street

Independent Films I’m all about the foreign films these days. I’ve been vetting films for the Victoria Film Festival and my highlights much to my surprise are from away except for one. My Canadian favourite is My Internship in Canada. If you saw Monsieur Lazhar then you know this director’s work and he’s at his charming and insightful best here. My three foreign pics are, of course a Danish film, Men & Chicken, it’s so over the top it’s not for the faint of heart. More soothing is a top notch Icelandic film Rams that’s funny and human. Lastly, Hand Made With Love in France, an incredibly engaging look at the masters of craft behind haute couture. If you missed Hitchcock/Truffaut at The Vic then catch it at Cinecenta, it’s a remarkable piece of film history and KATHY KAY beyond that it’s fascinating listening to today’s directors @VicFilmFestival talking about how they’ve been influenced by the master.

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Monday Magazine, December 24, 2015  

December 24, 2015 edition of the Monday Magazine

Monday Magazine, December 24, 2015  

December 24, 2015 edition of the Monday Magazine