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Installation of Aldergrove water pipeline completed Work to fix leaks will delay opening of third phase By DAN FERGUSON Aldergrove Star


Aldergrove Secondary’s Shion Yamamoto (left) and D.W. Poppy’s Adam Van Der Goes in high school soccer action. Aldergrove Secondary’s soccer boys defeated D.W. Poppy’s side 3-0 in the Tuesday, Oct. 20 game at Aldergrove Athletic Park. Aldergrove Secondary has two away soccer games next week, at Brookswood school in Langley and G.W. Graham school in Chilliwack. Aldergrove is hoping for a playoff game or two at home after that, but this has not been determined yet.

All the pipe for the massive East Langley Water Supply Project has been installed, and water is flowing through some sections. But parts of it won’t be fully operational until January of next year, a report from the Township engineering division says. The $33.5 million project was originally supposed to be finished by late 2014, but problems with terrain, leaky pipes and other unexpected issues have seen the completion date moved back several times. An Oct. 1 unsigned memo to mayor and council says while water is flowing through the pipeline section that runs between Willoughby and Murrayville, “some work remains to address deficiencies” in the section that runs between Murrayville and East Langley/Aldergrove. Testing to detect and fix leaks is continuing on the pipeline between 236 Street and 240 Street on 52 Avenue, the memo states, and cleaning out an “accumulation of foreign debris” from the pipeline will take eight to 12 weeks. Leaks were first uncov-

ered during pressure testing of the line east of 248 Street. A July memo to council said the pipeline manufacturer “has recently advised of quality control issues necessitating replacement of some sections [of pipe].” The East Langley line is the biggest project ever undertaken by the Township’s engineering department, with 14 kilometres of one-metre diameter water main and a booster pump station connecting to the regional Metro Vancouver water system. Township planners expect the East Langley Water Supply will bring an end to the severe watering restrictions that east Langley residents and businesses have faced during summer months to avoid depleting the aquifers. The Aldergrove and Gloucester areas will continue to be served by the existing groundwater wells here but will no longer have to rely on the wells alone as the Metro water will supplement local supply needs. Work on the water pipeline got underway in May 2013. Despite the delays, staff say the project is on track to stay within its $33.5 million approved budget.


2 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | Thursday, October 29, 2015

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Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | 3

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Aldergrove STAr | 3

Aldergrove Star


Drug-making trial set for next year

Casting an Eerie Web



Spiderwebs adorn the home gardens of Aldergrove residences, just in time for Halloween.

Tethering time limit ‘nearly impossible to enforce’ By DAN FERGUSON Aldergrove Star

More staff would have to be hired to enforce a time limit on tethering dogs outdoors in Langley Township, a report to council says. The Oct. 20 unsigned memo to mayor and council by the community development division warns an officer would have to stake out a suspected violation longer than the maximum allowed time in order to prove the limit was violated. “In order to effectively investigate complaints and be able to prove an offence, an animal control officer would be required to be on scene and observe the tethered dog for the duration of the allowed period to prove that a violation has taken place,” the report said. That makes time-based anti-tether regulations “nearly impossible to enforce, due to staff resources required and the practicality of evidence collection” the memo concluded. The memo said a survey of municipalities with no-tether regulations found enforcement action is rarely taken, with one unnamed municipality recording 54 complaints in 2014 without issuing a single ticket. As reported by the BC SPCA, only 19 out of 152 municipalities and two out of 27 regional districts set limits on tethering, but those

limits vary considerably, from a maximum tethered time of 23 hours a day in Whistler to one hour a day in Burnaby. The memo noted some municipalities don’t set a maximum time, but forbid leaving a tethered dog unattended. “The purpose of (that approach to) regulation was to reduce the risk of tethered dogs harming themselves by getting caught up in the the tether for extended period of times.” The issue was raised by an Aldergrove resident in June. Callie McHardy told council she was “surprised” to learn there was no anti-tether bylaw in Langley when she tried to get help for a dog near her home. “Just down the street, there’s a dog that’s always chained up,” McHardy told Township council. Some Langley dogs are left on a tether, unattended, for 24 hours a day, McHardy said. “They just live their lives on the end of chains.” Langley City reviewed the same issue last year and found tethering restrictions would be “extremely difficult to enforce” and “almost impossible to monitor,” said the report by Carolyn Mushata, manager of legislative services. Mushata said the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS)

receives one or two complaints a month about tethered or chained dogs in both the City and Township. Limiting the time a dog can be tethered would be “very difficult” to enforce unless it was banned entirely or only allowed when the owner is in attendance, LAPS predicted. The Mushata report warned restricting outdoor tethering “may lead to even worse confinement conditions within the interior of the home, making the situation almost impossible to address.” “Regulating confinement and tethering of dogs would be extremely difficult to enforce and is not recommended,” the report concluded. The City animal control law was left unchanged. It requires tethering of dogs, aggressive or not, “in such a manner to prevent the dog from leaving the property.” It does not set any restrictions on the time or method of tethering or size of the confinement area. But it does ban the use of choke chains around the neck and confinement of a dog in an enclosed space, including a vehicle, without “adequate ventilation.” The report to City council said provincial and federal laws forbid “unnecessary suffering” by animals, but “the legal test for these offences is high, so it is difficult to bring charges under the current legislation.”

Three days have been set aside for the trial of two alleged senior members of the 856 gang in connection with drug trafficking activities in Langley. But the trial, to take place in provincial court in Surrey, won’t happen until June 2016. Leonard Pelletier, 48, faces five counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and one count of willfully resisting or obstructing and officer. Jason Francis Wallace, 26, is charged with six counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking. Neither man is in custody. In July 2014, Wallace and Pelletier were arrested and B.C.’s gang unit shut down a drug making facility at a mansion on an acreage in Langley. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit seized $400,000 worth of cocaine, meth, heroin, oxycontin and a large quantity of drug-making paraphernalia from a 10,000-square-foot home in the 4600 block of 236 Street. The rented home, which was cut up into apartments, housed a 20-tonne

press to make cocaine bricks, along with other illicit drugs and paraphernalia. Among the drugs, police seized 44 kg of super buffer, which is used to dilute cocaine so sellers can “double their profit.” The buffer was actually pig dewormer. The July seizure was one of the largest CFSEU has carried out and police believe this will put a big dent in the 856 gang’s business and operations. Charges against the two weren’t laid until June 2015. The 856 gang, named after the telephone prefix for Aldergrove, started a decade ago “as a bunch of young punks and thugs in Aldergrove doing street-level drug dealing,” said CFSEU Staff Sgt. Lindsey Houghton. But they have grown and continue to recruit new members from Aldergrove, he confirmed. They aren’t at the level of other gangs in the area like the Red Scorpions, but have become the dominant drug trafficking gang in the Yukon, Yellowknife, NWT, parts of Alberta and northern B.C. “They will muscle their way into a market that is kind of untapped and take it over,” said Houghton.

Aldergrove zoo sold By DAN FERGUSON Aldergrove Star

The Greater Vancouver Zoo has a new owner who has big plans for the 120-acre Aldergrove site. The zoo announced the sale in a press release Monday that did not identify the buyer. It said the new owner is originally from China but has been living in Metro Vancouver for the last 10 years. “Many years ago he began his career as an English teacher but for several years now, he has been a successful

entrepreneur with a passion for creating interesting and exciting places for people to have fun,” the statement said. The anonymous owner has hired an expert in eco-friendly zoo design, Bernard Harrison and Friends to develop a 20-year master plan for the whole facility. The zoo said Harrison and two other exhibit specialists from the U.S. visited the Greater Vancouver Zoo this summer. Greater Vancouver Zoo was called the Vancouver Game Farm when it first opened in 1970.

Squirrel monkeys (left) and maras were recently born at zoo.












4 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | Thursday, October 29, 2015

TheAldergrove AldergroveSTAr STAr | | THURSDAY, THURSDAY,OCTOBER OCTOBER 29, 29, 2015 2015 44 | | The

Located at the Corner of 248 Street & Fraser Hwy





Fire Department salutes salutes‘safety ‘safetystars’ stars’



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WHO’S WHO Who’s who Who’s I N A L D E R G R O V E

Boband and Nimi Nimi Sangha Sangha Bob Couple host Indian tour in support of Langley Hospital

Couple host Indian tour in support of Langley Hospital

Proud Langley residents Bob and Nimi Proud Langley residents Nimi Sangha have joined handsBob withand Bestway Sangha have joined hands with Bestway Tours & Safaris to put together an excitTours & Safaris totour put together an exciting 16-day grand of Northern India, ing 16-day grandduring tour ofDiwali Northern India,of timed to occur (Festival timed to occur during Diwali (Festival of Lights) in 2016. Lights) 2016. Haveinyou ever thought about visiting Have youIndia? ever thought aboutway visiting Northern What better to do Northern betterescorted way to do that thanIndia? to be What personally by hosts who the language and unthat than to speak be personally escorted by derstand customs? hosts whothe speak the language and unA portion of the tour fee will be doderstand the customs? nated to Langley Memorial A portion of the tour fee willHospital be doFoundation and each participant will renated to Langley Memorial Hospital ceive a $500and taxeach receipt. This unique Foundation participant will opreportunity support Langley Memorial ceive a $500totax receipt. This unique opHospital to Foundation will cover several portunity support Langley Memorial UNESCO World Heritage sites and will Hospital Foundation will cover several visit Amritsar, Udaipur, Ranakpur, UNESCO World Heritage sites andPushwill kar,Amritsar, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. visit Udaipur, Ranakpur, Pushis the owner of Surlang kar,Bob Jaipur, Agraproud and Delhi. Medicine he and wife, Bob is theCentre proudand owner of his Surlang Medicine Centre and he and his wife,

Wyatt, Fire Chief for a Day, pracWyatt, Fire Chief for a Day, practises with a fire extinguisher at tises with a fire extinguisher at the Township fire service trainthe Township fire service training facility, as Capt. Brian Ulle ing facility, as Capt. Brian Ulle helps. helps. and extinguished the blaze before and extinguished fire crews arrived. the blaze before fireThree crewsemployees arrived. of Redwoods Three employees Redwoods Golf Course were alsoofgiven safety Golf Course also actions given safety stars for theirwere heroic on stars30. for their heroic actions on Aug. Aug. 30. Following the big windstorm, Following Redwoods wasthe on big day windstorm, 2 without Redwoods was on day without power and running many2 generapower and running many tors, with weddings going ongeneraboth tors, with weddings both days. At around 2:30going p.m.on guests days.started At around 2:30when p.m.restauguests had to arrive, had started arrive, whenspotted restaurant managertoTim LaHay rant manager Tim LaHay spotted smoke rising from one of the gensmoke rising from one ofthe thefront generators running outside eratorsof running outside the front doors the clubhouse. doors thethat clubhouse. He of saw the electrical cord He saw that electrical cord had made contactthe with the exhaust had made contact with the exhaust pipe and arced, causing flames to pipe and arced, shoot to the sidecausing of the flames gas canto shoot the to the side ofLaHay the gas can beside generator. yelled beside LaHay yelled fire and the staffgenerator. ushered everyone outfire and staff ushered everyone out-

tion and infrastructure, ICBC and tion and infrastructure, ICBC and TransLink to look at short-term, TransLink to and looklong-term at short-term, medium-term plans medium-term for the route. and long-term plans forThe the route. road has seen traffic The roughly road two has perseen traffic increase cent every increase roughly two per cent every year, going from 8,880 vehicles per year,ingoing 8,880 vehicles per day 1992from to 12,400 in day in 1992 to 12,400 vehicles in 2011. About 13 to 16 per cent of that 2011. is truck Abouttraffic, 13 to above 16 perthe centaverage of that arterial which carries to is truckroad, traffic, above the five average 10 per cent trucks. arterial road, which carries five to is acent designated 10 Itper trucks. truck route and partItof regionaltruck Major Road is athe designated route and Network (MRN). part of the regional Major Road The corridor Network (MRN). study proposes short-term improvements the The corridor study over proposes next five years that includeover more short-term improvements the next five years that include more

signage and lighting, speed enforcesignage and lighting, speed enforcement, pull-out lanes for slow-movment, pull-out lanesreducing for slow-moving farm vehicles, the ing farm vehicles, reducing the number of driveways and wildlife number of driveways and wildlife fencing. fencing. Medium-term improvements, Medium-term improvements, six and 15 years down the line, six and the 15 Abbotsford years down proposal the line, include include Abbotsford proposal and wouldthealso add two-way left lanes upgraded traffic signals. left and and would also add two-way Long-term lanes and upgradedimprovements, traffic signals. beyond 15 years, call improvements, for widening Long-term the corridor four call lanes. beyond 15 to years, for widening 168 people responded theThe corridor to fourwho lanes. to the and Thefirst 168survey peoplelisted whosafety responded traffic as their to thecongestion first surveyconcerns listed safety and top issues and said concerns widening as of their the traffic congestion 25-kilometre happen top issues androad saidshould widening of the sooner than scheduled. 25-kilometre road should happen sooner than scheduled.

less-than-attractive first impression for visitors, Long told Monday less-than-attractive firsttheimpression afternoon of the Township for visitors,meeting Long told Monday council. afternoon meeting of Township The overpasses are under the council. control the provincial ministry The of overpasses are under the of highways, which sets theministry maincontrol of the provincial tenance standards of highways, whichforsetsthetheprivate maincontractors who perform the private street tenance standards for the sweeping andwho other cleaning. contractors perform the street “What’sand reasonable is to keep it sweeping other cleaning. clean,” Long reasonable said. “What’s is to keep it The rest of council agreed, supclean,” Long said. The rest of council agreed, sup-

porting Long’s proposal to lobby the minister of transportation and porting Long’s proposal to lobby local MLAs for monitoring the minister of closer transportation and and more frequent litter pickup. local MLAs for closer monitoring The maintenance of all provinand more frequent litter pickup. cial The roadsmaintenance in B.C. wasof privatized all provinincial1987, 2,280 roadswith in B.C. wasprovincial privatized employees to the newin 1987, transferred with 2,280 provincial ly-created private road and bridge employees transferred to the newmaintenance companies. ly-created private road and bridge One study companies. suggests the change maintenance savedOne the study government about per suggests the 10 change cent a year on road maintenance. saved the government about 10 per cent a year on road maintenance.

Aldergrove Aldergrove Star Star



side sidetotothe theparking parkinglot. lot. LaHay ran LaHay ranback backtotothe thefire firetotoput put out it out, only to find a jerry out it out, only to find a jerrycan can ablaze ablazewith witheight-foot-high eight-foot-highflames. flames. While While attacking attacking the the fire, fire, hehe was joined by chef Brady Girard, was joined by chef Brady Girard, aamember memberofofthe theRedwoods Redwoodssafety safety committee, committee,who whograbbed grabbedthe thechemchemical icalfire fireextinguisher. extinguisher.Former Formeroperaoperations director Dayna tions director Dayna Birch Birch also also used usedan anextinguisher extinguisherand andtogether together they they put put out out the the blaze blaze with withnono one getting hurt or damage one getting hurt or damagedone done toto the the clubhouse. clubhouse. Township Township fire fire crews crewsarrived arrivedmoments momentslater, later,which which allowed allowed for for some some unique unique photo photo opportunity for the opportunity for the groomsmen groomsmen and and young youngchildren childrenattending attendingthe the wedding. wedding. Brett Brett Savage, Savage,also alsoa aTownship Township safety star, saved the safety star, saved thelife lifeofofa ayoung young woman who was drowning in woman who was drowning in Cultus Lake. Cultus Lake. He jumped into the water with He jumped into the water with his air mattress and brought the girl his air mattress and brought the girl to shore. She was left so weak by to shore. She was left so weak by her ordeal that she couldn’t stand. her ordeal that she couldn’t stand. This year’s Safety Stars were: This year’s Safety Stars were: In the Action category: Troy In Action Troy Naber,theDavid Zhao, category: Brandon Peet, Naber, David Zhao, Brandon Peet, Nicholas Peet, Brendan Black, Nicholas Peet, Brett Brendan Jamie Campbell, Savage Black, Tim Jamie Campbell, Brett Savage Tim LaHay, Dayna Birch, Brady Girard. LaHay, Dayna Birch, Brady Girard. In the Advocate category for proIn the of Advocate for promotion fire safetycategory is Gary Darling motion of fire In safety is Gary Darling and Pat Rosen. the Partner award Pat Rosen. the Partner award isand Monica Stelp,InShandy Edwards, is Monica Stelp, Shandy Edwards, staff from Sandman who helped staff fromfire Sandman helped Township organizewho a conferTownship ence there. fire organize a conference To there. celebrate their achieveTo thecelebrate their ments, 2015 Safety Starsachievehad a ments,day thewith 2015the Safety Stars had special Township Fire a special day with Township Fire Department. Starsthedonned turnDepartment. Stars donned turnout gear, participated in hands-on out gear,atparticipated in hands-on activities the fire training ground, activities at the fire training and were treated to lunch andground, a cerand were treated lunch and a ceremony where theytowere recognized emony where they recognized by fire officials andwere Township of by fire Mayor officials Township of Langley Jackand Froese. Langley Mayor Jack Froese.



Nimi, are long-time Langley residents. Nimi, long-time Langley residents. After aarerecent visit at Langley MemoAfter a recent Bob visit and at Langley Memorial Hospital, his family were rial Hospital, andprovided his family so grateful forBob the care to were their so grateful the made care provided their Mom, thatfor they a $2,000todonaMom, that they made $2,000 donation for shower chairsafor the Family tion for Teaching shower chairs for 18-bed the Family Practice Unit. This unit Practice Teaching Thispatients 18-bedaged unit offers care to frail,Unit. elderly offers care to do frail, aged 85-plus who notelderly have a patients family doctor or whose family doctor notdoctor work 85-plus who do not have adoes family within thefamily hospital. or whose doctor does not work Bob the andhospital. Nimi are excited about this within opportunity to help hospital thatthis has Bob and Nimi arethe excited about cared so welltoforhelp their family. opportunity the hospital that has Interested locals invited to learn cared so well for theirare family. more about locals this opportunity upInterested are invitedattothelearn coming Information SessionatWednesmore about this opportunity the upday, Nov. 18, 7-8 p.m.Session at Township of coming Information WednesLangley – 65 day, Nov. Civic 18, 7-8Facility p.m. at(20338 Township of Avenue) Civic in the Facility Yorkson (20338 Creek Room. Langley – 65 RSVP: 604-533-6422 erin.mcdonAvenue) in the YorksonorCreek Room. RSVP: 604-533-6422 or

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Six-year-old Wyatt Six-year-old Wyatt Flores Flores worked up worked up quite quite an an appetite appetite on on aa recent Wednesday, recent Wednesday, putting putting out out aa car car fire, trying fire, trying out out an an extinguisher extinguisher and and riding in riding in aa fire fire truck truck to to pick pick up up the the mayor. mayor. Wyatt’s name Wyatt’s name was was drawn drawn as as the winner of the the Township the winner of the the Township of of Langley Fire Langley Fire Department’s Department’s annual annual Junior Fire Junior Fire Chief Chief For For aa Day Day concontest, giving test, giving him him the the opportunity opportunity to to spend time spend time with with firefighters, firefighters, wear wear his own own gear his gear and and hat, hat, try try out out rescue rescue techniques and point a fire techniques and point a fire hose. hose. “Riding in “Riding in the the fire fire truck,” truck,” was was the Dorothy Peacock Grade the Dorothy Peacock Grade 22 stustudent’s favourite dent’s favourite part part of of the the day. day. His exciting morning His exciting morning finished finished up with with the up the Safety Safety Stars Stars 2015 2015 lunluncheon at the Murrayville Fire Hall, cheon at the Murrayville Fire Hall, where more than a dozen Langley where more than a dozen Langley residents and Township fire departresidents and Township fire department staff were awarded safety stars ment staff were awarded safety stars to recognize and reward individuto recognize and reward individuals and companies who have gone als and companies who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. above and beyond the call of duty. In all, 14 business people and In all, 14 business people and members from the community members from the community were awarded safety stars —10 for were awarded safety stars taking action to prevent the—10 loss for of taking action to prevent the loss of life and/or property either through life and/or property through preventative measureseither or action in preventative measures or action in crisis. crisis. Brandon and Nicholas Peet Brandon andaward Nicholas Peet were given the after being were given the award after being first on scene to a serious crash first on scene to a serious involving a motorcycle on Aug.crash 12, involving a motorcycle Aug.and 12, that claimed the life of aon father that claimed the life of a father and seriously injured his young son. seriously injured his young The Peets stopped to son. provide The Peets stopped to provide help, stabilizing the injured patient help, the injured arrived patient until stabilizing the fire department until the fire department arrived and was able to take over. andBrendan was able Black to takewas over.awarded a Brendan was into awarded safety star forBlack jumping actiona safety jumping action on Junestar 24,for when flamesinto in a hedge on June 24, when flames in a set fire to his neighbour’s homehedge set Black fire to his neighbour’s homehose grabbed a garden Black grabbed a garden hose


Second 16 Second 16 Avenue Avenue survey surveyunderway underway By DAN FERGUSON Star By Aldergrove DAN FERGUSON

Aldergrove Starof Township The second survey The second of Township residents aboutsurvey the proposed 16 residents about thegot proposed 16 Avenue expansion underway Avenue expansion Monday (Oct. 19). got underway Monday (Oct. poll 19).at the Township The online The online poll will at thebeTownship municipal website up until municipal Nov. 2. website will be up until It 2. can be accessed here. Nov. The poll was ordered by It cansecond be accessed here. council becausepoll thewas first, in July, The second ordered by drew complaints thatfirst, many council because the in resiJuly, dents were away and could not pardrew complaints that many resiticipate. dents were away and could not parThe 16 Avenue Corridor Study ticipate. wasThecommissioned by Surrey, 16 Avenue Corridor Study Langley Township, Abbotsford, was commissioned by Surrey, provincial Township, ministry of Abbotsford, transportaLangley provincial ministry of transporta-

Complaint issued about ‘grungy’ overpasses Complaint issued about ‘grungy’ overpasses By DAN FERGUSON Aldergrove Star By DAN FERGUSON

Star Bob Long TownshipAldergrove Councillor saysTownship drivers Councillor arriving inBob Langley Long from Highway 1 are seeing too says drivers arriving in Langley much trash on the1 road. from Highway are seeing too Long says “appalled” to much trash onhe thewas road. learn thesays overpasses people use Long he was “appalled” to to exit the highway into Langley learn the overpasses people use Township only getting to exit thearehighway into cleaned Langley every 120 days. Township are only getting cleaned The120 result every days. is “the buildup of litter to an unsightly and of a The result is “thelevel” buildup litter to an unsightly level” and a

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The AldergroveSTAR STAr | | 55 Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE

Reunion a ‘blast from the past’

Seasonal Local Produce

By DAN FERGUSON Aldergrove Star

Harvey Rempel and his friend Danny Kitsul have been talking about a reunion for years — something for the people who, like Rempel and Kitsul, went to school in the North Otter and Brown Road areas of Langley back in the 1950s and ’60s. “We all grew up on 240th and 56th,” Rempel said. “We all had to walk to school.” One day, Rempel says, Kitsul announced it was time to stop talking about it. Kitsul, owner of the Poppy Estate Public Golf Course on 248 Street near Fraser Highway, was willing to cater the informal lunchtime get-together. So the friends put the word out — Kitsul by email and text messaging, Rempel by more primitive means. “I’m still on the land line,” he said. More than 150 people showed up, packing the parking lot and filling the golf course restaurant. “Everybody phoned and said they were coming,” Rempel said. Some, like Rempel, an Aldergrove resident, hadn’t moved


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After years of talking about it, Harvey Rempel and a friend organized a reunion for people who lived in the North Otter and Brown Road areas of Langley back in the ‘50s and ‘60s. More than 150 people showed up Saturday at the Poppy Golf Course. very far. Other came from more North Otter takes its name distant locations like Osoyoos, from Otter Road, the historic name Vernon and Ladysmith. for 248 Street between 72nd Ave “A lot of them, I haven’t seen (Springbrook Road) and “0 Ave” since we left school,” the 78-year- (Boundary Rd). old Rempel said. It was named after Colonel Kitsul, who Rempel credits William Dhillon Otter, who served as the driving force behind the in the North West Rebellion reunion, was unfortunately unable and later commanded the first to attend the event due to an unex- Canadian contingent in the South pected illness. African War.


School District in placing SSA students in grades 10, 11 and 12 with local employers to attain practical experience.


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Hamilton Farms

Proudly serving the Fraser Valley for over 44 years and will continue to serve the community for many years to come! 6890984

Langley School District will receive $40,000 from the Industry Training Authority (ITA) for

Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) program support for the 2015/16 school year. The funds will support Langley


$ 99



Trades training in Langley gets funding Aldergrove Star

Large Pineapple

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p u b l i s h e d a n d p r i n t e d b y b l a c k p r e s s l t d . a t 2 7 1 1 8 F r a s e r h i g h w a y, a l d e r g r o v e , b c v 4 w 3 p 6



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A leading municipal lawyer predicts cities and senior governments will be under increased pressure to house the homeless as a result of a new court ruling that they can’t be stopped from camping in parks overnight. Jonathan Baker says the B.C. Supreme Court decision that Abbotsford can’t evict the homeless from a municipal park has broad implications for other communities, which may see more camps spring up in public spaces. By making homeless tents a potential ongoing legal fixture in local parks, he said, the court has sent a signal that the problem can’t simply be covered up or chased away. “You can’t govern by shoving a problem from neighbourhood to neighbourhood or from city to city,” Baker said. “You can’t do it with environmental pollution and you can’t do it with mental health. That’s what this means.” He said the Abbotsford decision by Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson was “very balanced” in that it did not require permanent homeless camps to be established. Advocates there had demanded a designated tent city, with facilities including washrooms. It largely mirrors a 2008 B.C. Court of Appeal ruling on use of parks in Victoria. In both cases, courts have held that cities with insufficient shelter spaces for local homeless can’t enforce their bylaws that normally prohibit overnight camping in parks, although tents must come down during the day so parks

Part of the homeless encampment in Abbotsford that precipitated a court battle with the city. can be enjoyed by other citi- and fail to respond to the zens. problem. Some of the homeIn Victoria, that’s meant less simply can’t be housed daily police patrols to rouse conventionally, he said, addhomeless campers each morn- ing some may need a modern ing at 9 a.m. and cajole them type of institutionalization to take down their tents until that blends support with 7 p.m., when they can go back some freedom. up again. That will take political will “Both courts are saying from the provincial or federal that the problem of people government, he said, because camping in parks is really it requires a coordinated a major mental health and approach across municipal social problem and ultimately boundaries. it has to be addressed by gov“If any one municipality ernments, one way or anoth- came up with a true solution er,” Baker said. to homelessness – providing He called it a “marked shelter of some sort – that’s departure” by the judicia- where everybody would go ry from 1984, when B.C. and there’d be a shortage Supreme Court let the City of again.” Vancouver oust sex workers Maple Ridge grappled from the West End, prompt- with a tent city along a public ing them to migrate to other street this year. neighbourhoods. The municipality waited He said sees “tremendous” until a new winter shelter potential for an appeal of the opened and then persuaded Abbotsford ruling –  if either the camped homeless to reloside sees enough potential cate, many of them to subsibenefit for the cost. dized rentals, although offiIn the meantime, he said, cials had been prepared to use all levels of government an injunction if necessary. should redouble their efforts A winter shelter is being to work together to provide opened this year in Surrey, lasting solutions. which is home to the secBaker said too many ond largest number of estimunicipalities are concocting mated homeless in the region new definitions of low-cost after Vancouver and has housing that translate into also sought to remove tent tiny yet expensive apartments encampments.

LETTERS Voting system distorts choices

Editor: Canada’s winner-take-all voting system has significantly distorted the will of Canada’s electors, handing an un-earned majority to one party. Today, we do not have the government that we voted for. Nationally, Liberals earned the votes of 39.5% of Canadian voters, yet the voting system handed them over 54.4% of the seats in the House of Commons as a result. This is a majority government… on only a minority of the vote. The desire for change was clearly evident in the results, but our winner-take-all system granted the Liberal Party many more seats than their vote merits, and shut out other voices. The First Past The Post voting system yielded the Trudeau Liberals a solid majority (elected or leading) of 184 seats, more than the 170 threshold for a majority. A number of experienced, long-time Members of Parliament were swept away with the Liberal landslide. A proportional voting system would have granted 134 seats to the Liberals (less than a majority), 108 seats to the Conservatives, 67 to the NDP, 16 to the Bloc and 12 to the Greens. Today we should have a minority government in place in Canada Regional distortions are also evident. The Bloc, with its geographically concentrated 4.7% of the vote gained 10 seats, but the Greens with diffuse support and 3.4% of the vote only achieved one seat. Last month, over 500 Canadian academics, including several Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, 29 Canada Research Chairs and two Professors with the Order of Canada, called on all political parties to work together to bring in a fairer electoral system. It should no longer be acceptable to have a system that disenfranchises a third of the electorate, forces people to vote strategically, or distorts the will of voters. It’s time we modernized our dysfunctional democracy so that election results truly reflect they way electors vote. Fair Vote Langley is part of Fair Vote Canada, Canada’s national multi-partisan citizens’ movement promoting fair voting reform at all levels of government. For more information search for Timothy Jones, Fair Vote Langley

Township appreciates input

Editor: On behalf of the Mayor’s Standing Committee on Public Engagement, Township of Langley Council, and Township staff, I would like to thank everyone who came out to the three Public Engagement Open Houses and helped make them a success. These interactive, drop-in events were held on Tuesday, October 20 in Willoughby, Thursday, October 22 in Aldergrove, and Saturday, October 24 in Brookswood so that residents from throughout the municipality could express their views on how public engagement could be enhanced in our planning policies and processes. Close to 300 people participated in the Open Houses and we were pleased to see citizens making the time to share their thoughts and ideas on how to improve dialogue between the Township and its residents regarding community planning. When it comes to managing growth and planning our neighbourhoods, people have many different viewpoints, all of which are valuable, and we want to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard. Input collected from the Open Houses, along with other information and feedback received by the Committee over the past several months, will be used to form a new engagement policy, guidelines, and suggested tools for the planning process that will be presented to Council for consideration by the end of the year. Thank you again for all of your help and contributions. For more information on the Mayor’s Standing Committee on Public Engagement, visit Jack Froese, Township of Langley Mayor

‘Trash talk’ not worthy

Editor: “Justin hairdo… you can’t live on fairy tales and cotton candy” … hard to believe these comments were made by a longstanding M.P, who even suggested God is somehow a Conservative. It was my understanding that the role of the opposition was to cooperate in the work of government by providing reasoned debate, and support where there is a consensus of opinion. Mark Warawa has, by his comments, denied himself any chance of being taken seriously in Ottawa. I only hope he has the courage to apologize for his schoolyard rants. No, they wouldn’t be tolerated in a schoolyard. Tony Smith, Langley

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The AldergroveSTAR STAr | | 77 Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE

Tickets selling quickly for tea to benefit Christmas Bureau



Now recycling is easier

at the Aldergrove return-it depot!

• Full refund •

on all alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage containers (including BEER CANS & ALL BEER BOTTLES)

ACCEPTING: • ELECTRONICS • BEVERAGE CONTAINERS, • MILK BEVERAGE CONTAINERS • BATTERIES (household & automotive) • PAINT (Industrial paint not included.) • CARDBOARD • LIGHT BULBS (Flourescent tubes, CFL, LED, etc.) Come check out our

Aldergrove Star

said Schaffer. Schaffer said the tea allows women to dress up and come together. “There aren’t many opportunities for people to dress up anymore and that’s fun,” she said. “It’s a wonderful way to spend the day.” There will be dozens of silent auction items and they are bringing back the popular Christmas cracker raffle. They will have 500 crackers available for $10 each. They sell out fast, said the organizers. There will be one-of-a kind jewelry made by local artists up for grabs among other exciting items. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the Christmas Bureau, Frosting Cupcakery and JD Farms and deli.

cial facility will resume operations on Monday, Nov. 23, with services open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to midnight, including statutory holidays. The Washington State Department of Transportation will open two additional northbound lanes from the U.S. on State Route 539 as of Nov. 9. For more information, visit SR539/BorderCrossing/. For information about CBSA border crossings, visit:

272 St


Countryside Mall



Grand Opening Event 30 % OFF



WITH THIS COUPON (excluding alcoholic beverages)



11:30 AM TO 9:00 PM 27133 FRASER HIGHWAY, ALDERGROVE 604.381.1166

Station Rd (276 St)






The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) advises that changes to the configuration of commercial and regular traffic lanes at the Aldergrove port of entry (POE) will start on Monday, Nov. 9. Commercial operations will cease temporarily, between Nov. 9 and 22, at the Aldergrove POE to accommodate current construction efforts. All medium and large commercial vehicle operators will

be required to use the following alternate ports: Pacific Highway Commercial crossing or the Abbotsford-Huntingdon (Sumas) Commercial crossing. Commercial importers in small vehicles will be able to access the Aldergrove POE through regular traffic lanes. Effective Nov. 9, the Aldergrove POE will be configured with the capacity of four regular traffic lanes. Regular traffic lanes will be open from 8 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. The CBSA Aldergrove commer-

27482 FRASER HWY, 604-856-2992

Fraser Hwy

MON. -SAT. 9 AM - 6 PM • SUN. 11 AM - 5 PM

272 ND ST.

enth year volunteering with the bureau in the sponsorship division. “Last year the generosity of this community in sponsorships was overwhelming, just amazing,” said Schaffer. In 2014, the Christmas Bureau helped out more than 800 families and 1,700 children. The tea started out as the Mayors’ Wives Tea fundraiser but now their daughters, Marilyn and Kirsten, are just as much a part of organizing the tea as they are, the moms said. “I’m seeing a lot of mothers and daughters coming to the tea together. What’s neat for us is my daughter helps out and now my granddaughter, who is 10, wanted to get involved and she is helping too,”


271 ST ST.

Clockwise from back, left: Kirsten Charlesworth, Marilyn Morgan, Debbie Froese and Jean Schaffer will once again present the annual Thank You For Caring Tea in support of the Langley Christmas Bureau.

Traffic changes coming to Aldergrove port of entry By KURT LANGMANN

newly renovated clean, state-of-the-art facility!


254 TH ST.

Langley residents will be able to get into the spirit of Christmas early, at the Thank You For Caring Tea — a fundraiser to benefit the Christmas Bureau. It takes place on Sunday, Nov. 22 at Cascades Casino and Resort. Now in its fourth year, the tea is hosted by the wives of Langley’s two mayors, Debbie Froese and Jean Schaffer, joined by their daughters Marilyn Morgan and Kirsten Charlesworth. The tea, which begins at 1 p.m. and continues until 4 p.m., can accommodate up to 500 people. Last year it sold out quickly. It’s the Christmas Bureau’s biggest fundraiser, said bureau coordinator Leigh Castron. Last year, the tea raised more than $30,000. “We are so grateful for this tea and all it brings to the bureau and families at Christmas,” said Castron. Because it has become such a big fundraiser, a solid crew of volunteers make the entire day go smoothly. As with other years, bureau cochair Jim McGregor will emcee the tea, with Steve ‘Elvis’ Elliott providing the entertainment. The Langley Community Music School will once again provide chamber music. Frosting Cupcakery will provide the delicious desserts. Finger sandwiches will also served and women are encouraged to dress up and wear fascinators or fancy hats. For Froese, it’s knowing the good the tea can do for the Christmas Bureau that makes all the effort worthwhile. “I love the awareness it brings of the Christmas Bureau and how many families can be helped out because of this event,” she said. Both Froese and Schaffer also volunteer at the bureau each year. “It’s humbling, watching the faces of the parents who are able to pick out what they want to give to their kids,” said Froese. Schaffer is going into her sev-

8 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | Thursday, October 29, 2015

Township For the week of October 29, 2015

7:15pm vs. Coquitlam Express 3:00pm vs. Surrey Eagles 7:15pm vs. Surrey Eagles 6:00pm vs. Salmon Arm Silverbacks 3:00pm vs. Coquitlam Express

TWU Spartans University Sports Women’s Basketball Fri Sat Fri Sat

Oct 30 Oct 31 Nov 6 Nov 7

6:00pm vs. North Idaho College* 3:00pm vs. North Idaho College* 6:00pm vs. University of Victoria 5:00pm vs. University of Victoria

Men’s Basketball Fri Sat Fri Sat

Oct 30 Oct 31 Nov 6 Nov 7

8:00pm vs. Evergreen State* 5:00pm vs. Mount Royal* 8:00pm vs. University of Victoria 7:00pm vs. University of Victoria

Men’s Hockey (BCIHL)

Fri Nov 6 7:00pm vs. Eastern Washington U * exhibition game

Valley West Hawks BC Major Midget Boys’ Hockey Sat Oct 31 11:00am vs. Fraser Valley T’birds The Langley Events Centre is located at 7888 - 200 Street For ticket information, contact Langley Events Centre 604.882.8800 •

Rebates are available for purchases made from October 1 November 30, 2015 or when funding is exhausted. You must be a Township resident in order to qualify for the maximum rebate. Engineering Division 604.532.7300

public notices Get Involved and Share Your Ideas for Enhancing the Nicomekl Watershed The Township of Langley and the City of Langley are developing a long-term plan for protecting and improving watershed health in the upper Nicomekl River Watershed (generally east of 196th Street). We are looking for your feedback and ideas in the following areas: • Nicomekl River Watershed key issues • vision or goals for the watershed • potential stormwater solutions • potential environmental mitigation and enhancement projects Visit to complete the online survey and for additional contact information. Engineering Division 604.533.6006

Be Wildlife Aware on the Road The Township of Langley is home to a diversity of wildlife habitat. Our residents share the area with many types of animals – large and small. Preservation of wildlife habitat is considered in planning all of Langley’s communities – let’s keep them safe! Help protect our wildlife by respecting road signs and obeying posted speed limits. Motorists should use extra caution in the early morning and evening hours.

public notice 2016 Museum Advisory Group Appointments Volunteering is a great way to get involved, provide input on important issues, and make a positive contribution to our diverse and growing community. The Township is currently seeking volunteers for the Museum Advisory Group at the Langley Centennial Museum. Individuals with backgrounds in arts, culture and history are encouraged to apply. Applicants should submit a letter and brief resume to: Peter Tulumello Cultural Services Manager with the Township of Langley c/o Langley Centennial Museum PO Box 800 9135 King Street Fort Langley, BC V1M 2S2 Or via email: Current Committee members are welcome to reapply. The deadline to submit applications is Monday, November 30, 2015.


Langley has a large wildlife population Watch out for animals crossing, particularly at dawn and dusk


Slow down and watch for animals crossing, especially on arterial roads such as 208 Street, 88 Avenue, 80 Avenue, 72 Avenue and the Willowbrook Connector. William Ulrich Community Development Division 604.533.6044

Successful applicants will be notified in December 2015, with terms to start in January, 2016. Peter Tulumello Cultural Services Manager 604.532.3537

road closure Temporary Lane Closure: Fort Langley A temporary road closure will take place along the lane adjacent to the Fort Langley Community Hall, at 9167 Glover Road, from Friday, October 30 until Friday, November 6. The closure will be in effect 24/7. Vehicle access to the Fort Langley Community Hall can be made via MA VMIaSv 96 Avenue and vehicle access is A AvVen to McBride Street can be made Eue via Glover Road/Mavis Avenue. De t Local traffic will be permitted. oDue rR ou te The closure is required to enable construction of underground utility La ne Cl work and to ensure the protection os ed of mature trees. A detour route is outlined in the map. Detour Route MA Ma Motorists are advised to plan RYry Ave alternate routes and allow extra 96 AVnue Av en E time to reach their destination u 96 e AV safely. Visit for the E latest traffic updates. We appreciate your patience.

Have Your Say on Potential Future Transportation Plans for 16 Avenue 16 Avenue is an important east-west transportation link connecting the City of Surrey, the Township of Langley, and the City of Abbotsford. These municipalities, along with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, ICBC, and TransLink, have completed a study of the current and potential future plans for transportation along 16 Avenue. You are invited to review the study and provide your comments. The survey will be available until Monday, November 2. Find the study and survey online at Engineering Division 604.533.6006

GLGlo OVver R ERoad RD

Fri Oct 30 Sun Nov 1 Thu Nov 5 Sat Nov 7 Wed Nov 11

Visit to check a Product Eligibility Search Tool for qualifying models and to apply. Additional rebates are available for purchases made at Home Depot and for Samsung Products.


Langley Rivermen BCHL Hockey

For a limited time only, Township of Langley residents can receive a $100 to $200 rebate on select Energy Star® qualified clothes washers. Rebates are courtesy of BC Hydro Power Smart and the Township’s energy and water programs.

re e

Coming Events

The Township of Langley Fire Department is currently accepting online applications for paidcall firefighter positions in our Aldergrove, Brookswood, Fort Langley, Murrayville, Otter, Walnut Grove, and Willoughby Fire Halls. Applicants must be current residents of Langley Township. If you are a motivated individual, physically fit, and over 19 years of age, you may have a future in firefighting. Candidates must attach proof of NFPA 1001 Firefighter 2 certification, a current CPAT Certification, current Driver’s Abstract, and high school graduation or equivalency with their online application. For more information or to apply, visit our website at Applications will no longer be accepted in person. Applications close Thursday, November 12 at 4pm. Please note: • Only applicants receiving interviews will be contacted. • We thank you in advance for your online application. • Those short-listed will be requested to provide a recent work reference from a non-family member. Present employer and previous fire departments are preferred references. Township Fire Department 604.532.7500

Ee SRt

langley events centre

Is your clothes washer an energy waster and a water guzzler? Are you in the market for a new washing machine?


Township of Langley Civic Facility 20338 - 65 Avenue, Langley V2Y 3J1 604.534.3211 |

Firefighters Wanted: Online Application Process

cB rid

Offices at the Township of Langley Civic Facility and Operations Centre will be closed Wednesday, November 11 for Remembrance Day.

Give Laundry a Fresh Start with Clothes Washer Rebate Program


Thursday, November 5 | 7 - 9pm Community Participation, Infrastructure, and Environment Advisory Committee Civic Facility Salmon River Committee Room

employment opportunity


Wednesday, November 4 | 7 - 9pm Economic Development Advisory Committee Civic Facility Salmon River Committee Room

public programs and events


Wednesday, November 4 | 11am - 3pm Mayor’s Standing Committee on Public Engagement Civic Facility Yorkson Creek Meeting Room

20338 - 65 Avenue, Langley V2Y 3J1 | 604.534.3211

Ft Co F.FLa mm ng le Ha unit y ll y

Tuesday, November 3 | 7 - 9pm Heritage Advisory Committee Civic Facility Salmon River Committee Room



Monday, November 2 | 7 - 11pm Regular Council Meeting and Public Hearing Meeting Civic Facility Fraser River Presentation Theatre

PrRivate R IVAoad TE

dates to note

Engineering Division 604.532.7300 |

Township continued...

Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | 9

Township For the week of October 29, 2015


20338 - 65 Avenue, Langley V2Y 3J1 | 604.534.3211

Remembrance Day Wednesday, November 11

Veterans’ Week

November 5 to 11 “In the Service off Peace” TThe Royal Canadian Legion is asking aall Canadians tto pause on Remembrance Day. On Wednesday, November 11 at 11am, radio and TV signals will sstop. Shops and schools, factories and farms will be still as silence sweeps across Canada like a wave. This is a time to think about war, about peace, and about those men and women who risked their lives to protect our freedom and make the world a safer place. They fought for us, for our country, and for our future. Several Remembrance Day services have been organized throughout the community and Township of Langley Council encourages residents to attend, remember, and give thanks.

Local Services: Aldergrove Legion 26607 Fraser Highway 604.856.8814 10:40am Parade – Procession leaves Old Yale Road onto 268 Street, then heads west on Fraser Highway to the Aldergrove Legion at 26607 Fraser Highway. 10:50am Service at Aldergrove Legion Cenotaph – Fraser Blues flypast, ceremony, followed by potluck lunch and entertainment at the Legion.

Langley Legion 20681 - 56 Avenue 604.534.3615 10:25am Parade – Procession leaves 20570 - 56 Avenue, heads down the laneway, then south on 206 Street to Douglas Crescent, to the cenotaph at Douglas Park.

Fort Langley Cemetery – Cenotaph 9045 Glover Road 10:25am Procession – Leaves the west end of the Fort Langley Cemetery and proceeds to the Fort Langley Cemetery Cenotaph. 10:40am Service at Fort Langley Cenotaph – including Fraser Blues flypast, followed by refreshments at St. George’s Anglican Church Hall, 9160 Church Street and at St. Andrew’s United Church Hall, 9025 Glover Road.

Remembrance Day: Lest We Forget We must remember. If we do not, the sacrifices of those hundreds of thousands of Canadians will be meaningless. They died for us, for our homes, for our families, and our friends. They gave of themselves for a collection of traditions Canadians cherish, and a future we all believed in. They died for Canada. The meaning of their sacrifice and their valour rests with our collective national consciousness.

11am Service at Langley City Cenotaph – Fraser Blues flypast, ceremony, and moment of silence.

Murrayville Cemetery – Cenotaph 21405 - 44 Avenue 11am – Although no formal service will be held, residents often gather at the cenotaph to pay their respects on Remembrance Day. The Murrayville and Fort Langley Cemeteries have twin cenotaphs that were erected in 1921. More than 500 veterans are buried in the two cemeteries.

notice of public hearing PURPOSE:

NOTICE is hereby given that the Township of Langley Council will meet and hold a Public Hearing.

Bylaw No. 5168 proposes to rezone property from Rural Zone RU-1 to Suburban Residential Zone SR-3A.


This application will facilitate a 2 lot single family subdivision.

AT THE PUBLIC HEARING all persons who believe their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the bylaw that is the subject of the hearing.


AND TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that a copy of Township of Langley Bylaw No. 5168 and relevant background material may be inspected between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from October 23 to November 2, both inclusive, at the Community Development Division Development Services counter, 2nd floor, Township of Langley Civic Facility, 20338 - 65 Avenue or online at


Eqprep Earthquake Preparedness Ltd. 4 Ocean Point Drive West Vancouver, BC V7W 3G7


Monday, November 2


Joe McGovern Box 32120 Walnut Grove Langley, BC V1M 2M3




Township of Langley Civic Facility


21805 - 86A Avenue (see map)


20338 - 65 Avenue


Lot 38 Section 30 Township 11 New Westminster District Plan 28291

BYLAW NO. 5168

217A ST

Proposed Zoning Change


Community Development Division 604.533.6034

After-Hours Emergency Contact 604.543.6700

1010| |The Aldergrove STArSTAR | THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 29, 20152015 THE ALDERGROVE | Thursday, October

Hockey Lads Sell Dunkers

Sts. Joachim & Ann Roman Catholic Church

2827-273 St, Aldergrove 604-857-1944 Sunday Masses: Saturday 4:30 pm, Sunday 9:00 & 11:00 am (English) & 1:00 pm (Latin)

Great Food & Drinks!

Great Deli!

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✔ Collision Repairs ✔ Painting ✔ Replacement Vehicles ✔ Free Estimates


Certified Angus Beef


of ICBC’S Autochex Customer Satisfaction Award


Hand cut to order

27441 Fraser Hwy., Aldergrove • 604-856-2594 •

Great Custom Sandwiches Made on Fresh Baked Bread! Call Ahead for Pick Up! Best Prices in Town Ham - Beer Sausage & Bacon lb.




Make your reservation today in the Round Room for fine dining & fun times. Open daily at 10:30 am Restaurant Opens at 11:00 AM

A great place for lunch & dinner






ALL KIDS MEALS $699 We'll Make You A Fan!

27083 Fraser Hwy (downtown Aldergrove)


Aldergrove 26310 Fraser Highway and 19700 Langley ByPass 604-607-0713 • 604-534-5233 locations


2∙0∙1∙5 2 ∙0∙1∙5








21 years experience in Hearing Health Sciences






604.427.2828 HEARING CLINICS

Unit C 20568 56th Ave (located next door to Langley Legion)



The Aldergrove Minor Hockey Bantam A1 hockey boys were in the community raising funds for their season. These fun, hard working and committed young men (from left) Mason Rees, Jayden Thorley, Jaxson Koch and Lewis Nikkel were selling yummy Krispy Kreme donuts at Aldergrove’s Save On Foods. The boys even had puppies there to help bring in the sales.

Spooky family-style fun Aldergrove Star

• The Haunted Graveyard at 4683 204 St. is open Oct. 24 to 31, daily from noon to 9 p.m. Bring a non-perishable donation for the Langley Food Bank. • Pirates for Canuck Place located at 8393 209A St. The pirate ship is open for viewing weekday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and all day and into the evenings on weekends. Mingle among the skeleton crew, Captain Dutchmen, some scary sea creatures and ghouls on the ship’s deck, or visit the prisoners’ cell. • HD Stafford’s Haunted House, built in the basement of the old part of the school, is open from Oct. 26 to 29, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. This year the display has a medieval theme, with many students dressing in character. It is open to all ages, but recommend for 10 and up. Proceeds go to the Grade 8 girls basketball program and a school in Rwanda. Admission is $3 students; $5 adults. H.D. Stafford is located at 20441 Grade Cres. • If you’re brave enough, check out the Haunted Swamp House, full of twisted and grotesque deadness — and zombies. The swamp house has been a main attraction in Delta for a few years, but its creators recently moved to Langley. All the money they collect through donations goes to Ronald McDonald House. Haunted swamp house for charity runs Oct. 28-30, 6:30 to 10 p.m. Halloween Night, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. It is located at 4120 228 St. • Trick-or-treat at Fort Langley National Historic Site and enjoy two great Halloween-style Bobs and Lolo concerts (11 a.m. and 2 p.m.) Oct. 31 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Make a craft, visit the Spooky servants quarters and get a pumpkin-shaped airbrush tattoo. Geared toward young families. Wear your

Through their Disney-esque pirate Halloween display, Tammy and Derek Condon are collecting donations for Canuck Place. costumes for great photos. (free for valid annual pass holders. Age 2 and under - free; age 3-16 - $6.30; age 17+ - $11.70) Advance tickets on sale at www.brownpapertickets. com. • Fort Langley Historic Site’s Ghost Tours are always popular and usually sell out. This year the walks are being held Oct. 23 to 30. The tour takes visitors through the Fort Langley Cemetery to see centuryold graves, and then over to some of the town’s oldest buildings, and into the 1850s fort itself. The adultonly walks (ages 17 and up) are Oct. 15-18 and 21-30 at 7 p.m., 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. • R.E. Mountain students in the REC Leadership program are hosting a community Halloween event on Friday, Oct. 30, from 4 to 8 p.m. for families in Langley. This event will be held at the school and includes door-to-door trick-or-treating, a haunted hallway, and arts and crafts with a family movie. Entrance is by donation with proceeds going to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The recommended age

is anyone under 13. • Brinkworth Dungeon opens Monday, Oct. 26 at 22260 48 Ave. near the IGA store. Like a haunted wax museum, the Brinkworths have brought their dungeon of terror to Langley after operating it for a number of years in Richmond. The display spans more than 3,000 square feet, and everything in it is handmade. Check out • The family fun continues at the Langley Centennial Museum with its Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls: A Halloween Fun Fest, which takes place Saturday, Oct. 31, from 10 a.m. to noon and again from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The cost is $10 per family and includes an array of “terrorific” crafts, games, and activities. Guests can go “swamp fishing” for candy (or an old boot), create fun crafts, get their faces painted, search for clues during the scavenger hunt, and play a few carnival games. Everyone is encouraged to wear their costumes to the event and each child will leave with a tasty local apple donated by Annie’s Orchard in Aldergrove. The Museum is located in Fort Langley at 9135 King St. To register call the Museum at 604532-3536 or visit • Children aged one to six years old are invited to wear their costumes and enjoy craft making, cookie decorating, story time, and other activities during Halloween Happenings, which will be held Saturday, Oct. 31. One event will run from 10 a.m. to noon at West Langley Hall, 9308 208 St., and another will be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the W.C. Blair Recreation Centre, 22200 Fraser Hwy. Cost is $2 and children must be accompanied by someone aged 16 or older. Pre-registration is recommended. Call 604-533-6170 or 604-8820408.

Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | 11

Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking neighbours in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes. It’s your neighbours and their locally owned businesses that make Aldergrove the most amazing place to shop, live and play.


We are proud to be local. Join us today and get $200*.

We are a financial services cooperative located in the heart of the Fraser Valley. We believe you deserve access to financial products that offer it all - great service, fair pricing and flexible terms. When you choose to become a member of Aldergrove Credit Union, you choose to make a positive impact in your community, to have a voice and to make a difference. Join us today and get up to $200*.

Aldergrove Community 2941 272 Street Aldergrove, BC 604 856 7724 *Terms and conditions apply.

Otter Community 3661 248 Street Aldergrove, BC 604 856 2558

Matsqui Community 5824 Riverside Street Abbotsford, BC 604 826 1201

Mt. Lehman Centre 100 3224 Mt. Lehman Road Abbotsford, BC 604 857 0654

Murrayville Community 22242 48 Avenue Langley, BC 604 534 9477

Abbotsford Community 100 2600 Gladys Avenue Abbotsford, BC 604 870 9990


Call or visit a branch today to learn more.

12 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | Thursday, October 29, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Support Locally Owned Businesses

4. Keeping Dollars in the Local Economy Compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community.

“Independent Aldergrove businesses help give our community it’s one-of-a-kind personality while supporting our local economy.

5. Job and Wages Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and, in some sectors, provide better wages and benefits than chains do.

Buy Local, Be Local.”

1. Local Character and Prosperity In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage. 2. Community Well-Being Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes. 3. Local Decision-Making Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions.

6. Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship fuels Aldergrove’s economic innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class. 7. Public Benefits and Costs Local stores in town centers require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls. 8. Environmental Sustainability Local stores help to sustain vibrant, compact, walkable town centers-which in turn are essential to reducing sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution. 9. Competition A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.

Rich Coleman M.L.A.

10. Product Diversity A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products based, not on a national sales plan, but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, guarantees a much broader range of product choices.

#130-7888 200th Street, Langley Tel: (604)882.3151 Fax: (604)882.3154 Email:

© Institute for Local Self-Reliance.


(Fort Langley - Aldergrove)

WE ARE MOVING! HUSQVARNA HU800AWD LAWN MOWER $ 99 • 22” heavy-duty steel deck Blowout Price 579

• Honda Engine While quantities last Does not include applicable Tax and PDI • 3-in-1 cutting system • Water hose connector for easy cleaning of the deck • Variable drive speed • Premium wheels




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While quantities last Does not include applicable Tax and PDI

Sales & Service Farm & Garden Equipment Commercial & Residential

27452 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove 604-857-9191

service is our “brand” We Sponsor:

Aldergrove Kodiaks

Aldergrove Minor League Baseball

Langley Ball Hockey Association

Proud Members of:

Aldergrove Business Association

Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce


w w w. d i a m o n d b a r e q u i p m e n t . c a

bikes. Come by and see how we can help you out!

starting a business, the survey authors noted. Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | 13

Visit Aldergrove White Spot’s new dining lounge.

Local owners es w a D r e if n n e J Colin & since 1990. oming c l e w f o s r a e y 25 the community!

• • • Now accommodating groups up to 65 Rehearsal Dinners

Catch the Canucks on 1 of 6 TV screens.

Company Parties

Celebrations of Life

• Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties • Anniversary Parties


Baby Showers

Now booking for Christmas! 3070 264th Street Aldergrove | 604.856.0344 |

MEET OUR MANAGER “MY CUSTOMERS ARE EVERYTHING TO ME. I BELIEVE REAL SERVICE IS SOMETHING THAT CANNOT BE MEASURED WITH MONEY AND THAT IS SINCERITY AND INTEGRITY. I WILL ALWAYS GO THAT EXTRA MILE FOR MY CUSTOMERS. DISTANCE MEANS NOTHING WHEN MY CUSTOMERS MEAN EVERYTHING!’’ ~ Lisa Burns Lisa has been with Mark’s for over 14 years. There’s a good chance you will meet Lisa while she is out in the community helping local businesses with their image wear needs. Come check out our newly expanded franchise location. With the new space, we have added lots of new brands like Blundstone, Bogs, Red Wing Shoes, Silver jeans, Blaklader, etc.

NOW OPEN Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 9 pm Sat 9 am - 5:30 pm • Sun 10 am - 5 pm

UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP AS OF MARCH 1, 2015 We look forward to working within the community offering— EMBROIDERY • SILK SCREENING • IMAGE WEAR • FREE IN-STORE HEMMING

LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Aldergrove Village Shopping Centre 26310 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove 604-856-3774

Fraser H ighway

Save on Foods

264th Street




14 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | Thursday, October 29, 2015


pub & grill


Halloween Bash ‘15 Join us for our annual Halloween Bash! Addmission is FREE and there will be prizes for Best Costume and Best Group Costume! The party starts at 9 pm on Halloween Night (don’t forget to set back your clocks for an extra hour of fun)! Awesome food & drink specials, dancing and live music by “SouthBound” & BEST OF ALL, capture the moment at our PHOTO BOOTH!! COME EARLY! Seating is firstcome-first-served.

$5.00 Breakfast from 9 am to 12 pm Weekends and Holidays!

❛❛ I have been owner operator of Extra Foods since June 2010. It has been my privilege to get to know so many of the customers who visit our store as a regular part of their grocery shopping experience. Getting to know the people of the community has provided me with feedback which we use to try and make your shop in our store a better one. One of the biggest changes in that time has been the PC Plus program. It is a great program where you get rewards based on your shopping and those rewards quickly turn into free groceries. Right now customers will notice that we are going through some transition in some of our sections as we are brought up to date with technology. This will lead to a better shopping experience in the long run with better on shelf consistency which we are looking forward to. ❜❜

Get pts towards FREE** groceries! **Minimum redemption 20,000 PC points. Some redemption restrictions apply. See in-store or visit for details.

3100 272nd Street, Aldergrove 604-856-5101


Jeff & Debbie have owned Fox & Hounds Pub since November 5th, 1993 and are proud to offer great food, great atmosphere, & great service. Over the years they have also been a great support in the community by hosting fundraisers for local 4-H Club, baseball, minor hockey, dance clubs & Navy League. The Fox & Hounds is an English style inspired neighborhood pub and family restaurant. It seats more than 200 guests and offers a great variety of delicious, made from scratch meals using traditional recipes and the best ingredients. We support a community of local producers and give you the freshest and most flavour filled produce, cheeses and meats available.

26444 32nd Ave. Aldergrove 604.856.8111

Right next door is their Aldergrove Liquor Store which carries a full selection of wines from around the world, spirits, beers, ciders and coolers. Their sales associates have extensive knowledge and are available to provide assistance with selecting products for any occasion and budget. 7256297


3122 Station Rd. (276th St.) | West Abbotsford (behind Shell) Phone: 604.856.3111 |

Ken Kendall, Owner/Operator of the Aldergrove Extra Foods for past 5 years, is especially proud to support local groups within the community such as The After School Reading Program at Parkside Elementary, Skate Club, Dance Studio, Aldergrove Business Association (of which he is the past President). They also host the After Parade Event at Christmas.


Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | 15


- individual, group racing & venue hire (we host parties & community events) - Check out our website for more info & packages

Cranky’s journey began in 2002 in a 400sqft garage in rural Aldergrove. After a few years of growth it became obvious that a larger more central location was required. We moved into our current location: a renovated farmhouse in the downtown commercial district. Our small beginnings birthed an appreciation for every customer’s contribution to the life of the business. We continue to strive to provide quality service coupled with great products from reputable companies. We also have a great appreciation for the community that supports us and we try to give back where we can through the sponsorship of community events, supporting local fundraisers and providing mechanical support for local charity rides.

A division of


We look forward to growing with Aldergrove toward a bright future!

Like us on Facebook & come in to enter to win a high detailed digital car (value $110.00) Draw to take place Sunday, December 13th SGP powered by SCALEXTRIC Unit #103, 26956 Fraser Hwy Aldergrove 604.901.4988



Re-introducing slot car racing for all ages

2961- 272nd St., Aldergrove

16 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | Thursday, October 29, 2015

16 | The Aldergrove STAr | THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2015


Sports may be submitted via email to fax 604-856-5212 or deliver to 27118 Fraser Hwy.

Potomak to skate for Canada at 4 Nations Cup in Sweden Aldergrove Star

Sarah Potomak will wear the Maple Leaf once again. Potomak was named to Canada’s national women’s team for the upcoming 4 Nations Cup. It will be held Nov. 4 to 8 in Sundsvall, Swe. The competition will feature Canada — the defending champion — as well as Finland, the United States and the host Swedish side. Potomak, who turns 18 in December, is in her freshman season with the University of Minnesota hockey program. The Aldergrove teen has represented Canada numerous times, including winning gold in 2014 and silver in 2015 at the U18 world championships. “We’re excited about the group chosen to represent Canada, and we’re looking forward to getting on the ice in Sweden

Sarah Potomak for the first time together as a team this season,” said Laura Schuler, the head coach of Canada’s national women’s team. “Our players have been working extremely hard, and this event is a fantastic opportunity for them to unite on the international stage as they aim to defend Canada’s gold medal.” The tournament will also act as an evaluation opportunity for the Canadian coaching staff as they get set to select a team for the 2016 IIHF women’s world championships in Kamloops in April.

Betty Gilbert Girls Clinch Playoff Spot in School Volleyball Betty Gilbert Middle School girls’ volleyball team defeated Walnut Grove’s grade 8 girls 3-2 on Thursday, Oct. 22 at Aldergrove to clinch the last playoff spot. The BGMS girls return to play at Langley Fundamental Middle School this Thursday at 3 p.m. Photo at top: from left, Ainsley Young, Jessica Bercea, Kylie Funk and Karly Burns. Photo at left: from left, Dorotka Grahamkova and Jessica Bercea. KURT LANGMANN PHOTOS

Wolf Pack takes bite out of Kodiaks Aldergrove Star


Kodiak Spencer Unger (left) in action against the Langley Knights, Oct. 21.

The Aldergrove Kodiaks fell 5-3 to the North Vancouver Wolf Pack on Saturday, Oct. 24, to drop to third place in the Harold Brittain conference. The Kodiaks were up 3-1 in the latter half of the second period but the Wolf Pack matched the score by the end of the period and took two more, including an empty-netter, in the third for the win. Scoring for Aldergrove were Eric Callegari from Davin Padgham in the first period, and in the second it was Matt Oliver on a power play, assisted by Quinncy Leroux and Brandon Dolby, and Spencer Unger, unassisted. Callegari was named the game’s third star. The Kodiaks scored on one of four power plays, while the Wolf Pack scored on two of nine. The Wolf Pack outshot the Kodiaks


Richmond Sockeyes

34-27. The Kodiaks have 15 points after 14 games (7-8-0-1), two behind the Abbotsford Pilots and ten behind the Mission City Outlaws in the division. Ridge Meadows Flames follow at 12 points and the Langley Knights trail at five. Kodiaks blank Knights 6-0 The Aldergrove Kodiaks returned to form before a hometown crowd, Oct. 21 at Aldergrove Arena, and were rewarded with a 6-0 blanking of the rival Langley Knights. The Kodiaks took a 3-0 lead in the first period and never looked back, with two more in the second period and another in the third. Scorers for Aldergrove were Joshua Pollock (unassisted), Brandon Dolby, Erik Bocale on a power play, Cameron Davitt, Matt Oliver and Ivan Vilcauskus on a power play. Assists came


from Elijah Vilio, Davitt, Eric Callegari (2), Spencer Unger, Quinncy Leroux, Dolby, Kyle Bosko and Dylan Geiger. Davitt earned the game’s first star, Unger the second and Callegari the third. The Kodiaks outshot the Knights 48-25 and the Knights failed to score on six power plays, while the Kodiaks scored on two of 11. Kodiaks games scheduled Aldergrove Kodiaks host the Outlaws Wednesday, Oct. 28, 7:15 p.m. at Aldergrove Arena, and then travel to Burnaby Winter Club on Sunday, Nov. 1, 4 p.m., to face the Grandview Steelers. The Kodiaks host the Richmond Sockeyes on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 7:15 p.m., travel to MSA Arena to play the Pilots on Saturday, Nov. 7, 7:30 p.m., and host the Delta Ice Hawks on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 7:15 p.m. at Aldergrove Arena.

Delta icehawks



Led Zepagain - Tribute to Led Zeppelin, Tuesday, Nov. 10 at Bell Performing Arts Centre, Surrey. Tickets $39.50 (plus facility fee and service charges) from the Box Office. Charge by phone at 604-507-6355 or online at


Beyond Fibre Artisan Show and Sale - Langley Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild event, Saturday, Nov. 7, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 8, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at Fort Langley Community Hall, 9167 Glover Road. Woven, knitted, spun and felted items handcrafted by Guild members as well as jewellery, pottery, leather work, soaps and more made by other local artists. Visit Wool Room for yarn, fibre, supplies and equipment. Door prizes, a silent auction and ongoing demonstrations of spinning and weaving. Info: Matthew Good - Chaotic Neutral Fall Tour with special guest Scott Helman, Wednesday, Nov. 11 at Hub International Theatre, Chilliwack Cultural Centre. Tickets $39.50 (plus facility fee & service charges) available at Centre Box Office. Charge by phone at 604-391-7469 or online at www. Three’s A Party Tour 2015 Featuring Jason Blaine, Tebey and James Otto, Friday, Nov. 27 at Clarke Theatre, Mission. Tickets $32.50 (Plus Facility Fee & Service Charges) available at all Ticketmaster locations. Charge by phone at 1-885-985-5000 or online at Cirque Musica - Holiday Spectacular, Sunday, Dec. 6, 7:30 p.m. at Abbotsford Centre. Tickets (incl. GST) $25, $45, $55 & $80 (Plus FMF & service charges) available at: abbotsfordcentre. ca, Venue Box Office, all Ticketmaster Outlets, By phone 1-855985-5000. Christmas Craft Fair - Nov 1314 at Saints Joachim and Ann Parish in Aldergrove, 2827 - 273 St. Friday, Nov. 13 4-9 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 14, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Handmade goods from local artisans and crafters, along with baked goods and preserves. Admission is free for shoppers. Whether you’re looking for the perfect present, charming Christmas ornaments, or the ultimate strawberry jam, you’ll find it here. Hungry? We’ll be serving chili and pie for supper on Friday night, or homemade soup, sandwiches, perogies on Saturday afternoon. ESL Classes - free English as a second language classes, start Sept. 15 every Tuesday, 7-8:30 p.m. at St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church, 2035 - 264 St. All are welcome, no charge. Info: 604856-5393. Aldergrove Veterans & Seniors 55+ Drop In Centre – join us at 27247 Fraser Hwy. We prepare a full, hot, home cooked meal including tea, coffee and dessert which we start serving at 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., followed by games. Great place to meet new people, drop in for a coffee to see what we are all about. Open 10 a.m., Tuesday to Friday. Carpet Bowling - at the Aldergrove OAP Hall, 3015 - 273 Street, on Thursdays, 1:30 p.m. Cost per person is $1. Partners Bridge - every Friday except second Friday of each month, 7 p.m. at Aldergrove OAP Hall, 3015 - 273 St. Newcomers welcome. Cost $2. Info: 604607-0504. Natalie Macmaster and Donnell Leahy - Two Fiddles Two Pianos Tour, Thursday, Nov. 26 at Clarke Theatre, Mission. Tickets $42.50 (plus facility fee & service charges) available at all Ticketmaster locations. Charge by phone at 1-885-985-5000 or online at Ham Radio Luncheon - open to any amateur radio operator, third Monday of every month; 11:15

Lube, Oil & Filter No Appointment Necessary Mon-Sat 8-6, Sun 10-5, Except Holidays

Ask our staff how to get FREE OIL CHANGES FOR LIFE!

Around the World in 80 Days - Gallery 7 Theatre presents on Nov. 6-7 & 11-14, 7:30 p.m. with discount matinees on Nov. 7 & 14, 2 p.m. at Abbotsford Arts Centre, 2329 Crescent Way, Abbotsford. Tickets for evening performances are $25 adults, $20 students & seniors, $20 groups of 8+ and $15 for children 12 & under. Tickets for matinee performances are $20 general admission and $15 children 12 & under. Purchase at House of James, 2743 Emerson Street, Abbotsford (1800-665-8828 or 604-852-3701) or online at www.gallery7theatre. com. a.m. at Andreas Restaurant, 202 St. and 56 Ave. Pay your own bill, talk as long as you like. Info: 604-514-3851. TOPS – Take Off Pounds Sensibly – a non profit weight loss support group meets Monday night and Tuesday morning in Aldergrove. For more information phone Susan at 604-856-1138 or Lynda at 604-856-8014. Square Dance Classes - Sundays at 12:30 p.m. at the Aldergrove OAP Hall, Fraser Hwy. at 273 Street. Singles and couples welcome, free admission, first three dances no experience. Info: call Tyler, 604-590-9039. Port Kells Art Club Classes every Monday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. with general meetings third Monday of each month at 1 p.m. New members all levels of experience are welcome. Annual membership $30. The club exhibits three to four times per year in community. Located at 20701 Fraser Hwy., Langley. Info: Linda Hamilton 604-287-6799. Aldergrove Toastmasters Leaders Club - meet the first and third Monday of each month from 6:45 to 8 p.m., upstairs room on the far right, 26245 - 28 Ave., Aldergrove. Info: president Millie McConnell, 604-825-3334. Port Kells Art Club - Classes every Monday 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. with general meetings third Monday of each month. New members, all levels of experience welcome. Annual membership $25. Club exhibits 3-4 times per year. Located in Langley on Fraser Hwy. Info: Rita Evans at 1-604-853-4006. Yoga in the Country - at Jubilee Community Hall, 7989 Bradner Rd. Abbotsford, Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30. All levels welcome. Drop in fee $6 per session, bring a yoga mat. Certified instructors. Glen Valley Watershed Society – Is the future of our local streams health important to you? Join a group of interesting, passionate people that are looking for others with the same interests in NE Langley/NW Abbotsford - to protect our waterways to ensure a healthy environment. Info: Lisa at Aldergrove Toastmasters meets every Monday, 7 p.m. at Aldergrove Community Secondary School in room 125. Boost your self confidence; become a better speaker and have fun. Info: Vicki Austad, 604-856-5970. Volunteer Drivers Needed - to help seniors. No special insurance needed. Kilometres reimbursed. Call Janice at 604-5303020 Ext 302. Brett Kissel - in concert with Jordan Mcintosh, Sun., Nov. 15

at Clarke Theatre, Mission. Tickets $37.50 (plus facility fee and service charges) available at all Ticketmaster locations. Charge by phone at 1-885-985-5000 or online at So You Think You Can Dance - Saturday, Jan. 9, 7:30 p.m. at Abbotsford Centre. Tickets (incl. GST) $45, $52.50, $59.50, $69.50 (plus FMF & service charges) reserved seating, all ages. Charge by Phone 1-855985-5000, also available at:, Prospera Box Office at Abbotsford Centre, all Ticketmaster outlets. 2015 Extreme Freestyle Motocross World Tour - Saturday, Oct. 17, two shows at 2 and 7 p.m., at Abbotsford Centre. Reserved seating, all ages tickets (incl. GST) $15, $25, 35 (plus FMF and service charges). Also Pit Party & Athlete Autograph Session tickets: $10. Available at:, Prospera Box Office at Abbotsford Centre, all Ticketmaster Outlets, by phone 1-855-985-5000. Aldergrove Art Club - join our friendly group every Wednesday from 1-4 p.m. at the OAP Hall, 3015 - 273 St., Aldergrove. Info: Laurie at 604-856-6990 or Sheila at 604-539-0225. People in Pain Network - nonprofit organization which assists people living with all types of chronic pain. A new, free Fraser Valley support group at Aldergrove’s Seventh-Day Adventist Church, on the third Tuesday each month from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon at 26245 - 28 Ave., Aldergrove. Info: Dick e-mail at dick@, or 604-928-0486. Aldergrove ESL Classes - Free English as Second Language classes every Tuesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at St. Dunstans Anglican Church, 3025 - 264 Street, Aldergrove. All are welcome. Classics Book Club - Join the lively discussion at this new book club and get acquainted with the great books of world literature. Meets on the first Wednesday of every month, 7 p.m. at Murrayville Library. Coffee provided. Fort Langley Library Knitting Circle - Wednesdays, 1-4 p.m. Drop-in. Bring your knitting to the library and enjoy the companionship of working with others on your project. Beginners welcome. Info: Fraser Health Crisis Line - recruiting volunteers to provide assistance to people who are experiencing emotional distress. No previous experience is needed as extensive training and ongoing support is provided. Visit website and follow the link for the Crisis Line.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

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Radiator Antifreeze/ Coolant Service


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and Bake Sale - Saturday, Nov. 14, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at 27435 - 29A Ave. Aldergrove. Charitable all-ages event with no admission charge and free coffee. Wide variety of crafts. Donations to the Aldergrove Food Bank collected. Halloween Hoot at the Fort with Bobs and Lolo, Oct. 31, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Free for valid annual pass holders. Ages 2 and under free; ages 3-16 $6.30; ages 17-plus $11.70. Trick-ortreat at Fort Langley National Historic Site and enjoy two great Halloween-style Bobs and Lolo concerts at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Make a craft, visit the Spooky Servants quarters and get a pumpkin-shaped airbrush tattoo. Geared toward young families, wear costumes for great photos. Tickets in advance at http:// event/2402505 2015 Western Canadian National Pigeon & Dove Show - Ag-Rec Building, Abbotsford Fairgrounds, Oct. 30 - Nov. 1. Exhibitors will check in Friday, Oct. 30 after 6 p.m. Judging conducted Saturday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Raffles, “for sale” area for exhibitors wishing to downsize and make available extra birds to new members. Live auction of quality birds on Saturday at 11 a.m. Show ends Sunday, Nov. 1 at 10 a.m. Show is free to the public. Halloween Howler - Saturday, Oct. 31 at Jubilee Hall, 7989 Bradner Rd., West Abbotsford. March Hare Show Band, huge hardwood dance floor, reasonable drink prices (cash bar only). Tickets $30. (includes buffet dinner) available at Wilway Lumberor online at: Doors open at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m. Overnight parking allowed (no plug ins). Info: 604-8564375. Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys - Chilliwack Cultural Centre on Wed., Nov. 4. Tickets: $35 adults, $32 seniors and $30 students, available at Centre Box Office, visit or call 604-391SHOW(7469). Corb Lund - with his band The Hurtin’ Albertans, Sunday, Jan. 31, 7:30 p.m. at Clarke Theatre, 33700 Prentis Avenue, Mission. Tickets $42.50 (plus facility fee and service charges) at Ticketmaster. Charge by phone at 1-885-985-5000 or online at Singalong Songfests - join in or listen while the Autumn-Tones celebrate “the old tunes” with singalongs in Abbotsford, Mondays, 1-3 p.m. All ages, genders and ethnicities are welcome. Song lyrics are provided. Requests welcome. Instruments invited (piano and organ available) at the ASAA Drop-in Centre, on Cyril St. (between Essendene and George Ferguson Way), Abbotsford. Info: Ed 604-853-8624.

103 - 26930 Fraser Hwy., Aldergrove (604) 607-7766 * *Off Offers 2015.Coupon Couponvalid validatatJiffJiffy LubeAldergrove Aldergrovelocation location only. ersexpire expireNovember October 31,30,2015. y Lube only.

Breakfast Special $5.50 Take Out or Dine In 604.381.8885 Buy one Second one

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Chinese food & Bubble Tea Except Breakfast Special. Can’t combine with any other coupons or discounted items. Take Out or Dine In. Expires Oct. 31st 2015

Unit 2-2948 272nd St. Aldergrove Hours: 8am - 9pm Daily Closed Wednesdays

New SRI double New1296 SRIsq.ft., double wide wide manufactured home. 2 bed, bath, den, manufactured homes from2$94,900. dining $99,900. New 2room, bed, 1living bath room, from $74,900 New 2 bed, 14x70 11974 bath.- $74,900. Repossessions 2011 Repossessions 1974-2011 Aldergrove & Abbotsford Glenbrook Homes


Seniors Old Time Dances - every second Saturday at OAP Hall, 3015 - 273 St., Aldergrove. Oct. 31, Nov. 14, 28, Dec. 12. $6 per person includes refreshments and snacks. Music provided by alternating bands: Ukrainian Prairie Band, Central Fraser Valley Fiddlers, Hazelmere Heritage Fiddlers. Argonautika - UFV Theatre Department presents Argonautika by Mary Zimmerman from Nov. 12-29, at Chilliwack North Campus, 45635 Yale Rd. Evening performances Nov. 12-13, 19-21 and 26-28 at 7:30 p.m. Sunday matinees Nov. 15, 22 and 29 at 2 p.m. Weekday matinees Nov. 17 and 25 at 12 p.m. Regular tickets are $21 adults, $16 seniors and students. Visit theatre or call 604-795-2814 for tickets. Housing Workshop - Downsizing to a smaller living space? Come and hear useful tips for organizing, and simplifying your move, Wed., November 4, 1:30-3 p.m. at Langley Senior Resource and Recreation Centre, 20605 – 51B Ave. Please register at 604-5303020. Drop-ins also welcome. Free and open to the public. Pioneer Park Christmas Craft Sale - Saturday, Nov. 7, 9 a.m.3 p.m. at 27111 - 0 Ave., Aldergrove. 25-plus vendors, gift baskets, quilt raffles, tea room luncheon available. Ukrainian Soul Food – Perogies, cabbage rolls and borsch available on Friday, Oct. 30 at a fundraiser, 4:30-7:30 p.m. at Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 13512 - 108 Ave., Surrey. Eat-in, take away, or ready for your freezer. Info: 604531-1923 or 604-581-0313. Weavers & Spinners Guild 35th annual Juried Exhibit and Sale, Sunday, Nov. 29, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at Whonnock Lake Centre in the main hall. Handweaving, handspinning, handkitting, basketry, felting and guest artists. Enjoy a tea or coffee and homemade cookies by donation. Info: A Haunted House - Mount Lehman Community Association presents set design, costumes and acting provided by the Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts senior class, Friday, Oct. 30, 5-10 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 31, 12-5 p.m. at 6418 Mt. Lehman Road in northwest Abbotsford. Admission $7 each or $5 each with canned good donation for the Abbotsford Food Bank. Fort Langley’s Céilidh - Kitchen party live music event, Thursday, Oct. 22, 7 to 9:45 p.m. at St. Andrew’s United Church Hall, 9025 Glover Rd. Enjoy traditional music, song and fun, admission $5 at the door. Includes a traditional Maritime lunch of tea biscuits and jam. Next Ceilidh will be Nov. 19. Performers contact: Jack Williamson 604-888-7925, Creekside Villa`s Annual Craft

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2015 | The Aldergrove STAr | 17 Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | 17



Chuck Goetken • 604-830-1960

Thank You! to Bonetti


for their support of 4H, dedication to youth in agriculture, and for purchasing my steer.

Curtis Hlusek C Lower Mainland Cattle Club (4H) 2 YEAR MEMBER

18 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | Thursday, October 29, 2015 18 | The Aldergrove STAr | THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2015

Aldergrove United Church Welcomes you. Come and join our services and enjoy the fellowship

Aldergrove United Blanks Mission

Sundays @ 10:00 am #101 - 27336 Fraser Hwy. • 604-856-8675



Josh Thorley (in white jersey) one-on-one with Mission player and referee Brian Hunter overseeing the action. Aldergrove United U15 boys blanked Mission United 4-0 last Saturday.

T-birds unbeaten in three Aldergrove Star


A division of

The Fraser Valley Thunderbirds picked up three out of a possible four points in their weekend showdown against the Greater Vancouver Canadians. The Thunderbirds improved to 3-3-4 in the B.C. Major Midget Hockey League and are unbeaten in their past three games (2-0-1).

Game one was Saturday at the Abbotsford Recreation Centre and Chilliwack’s Mackenzie Wight led the way with a hat trick while Langley’s Logan Hunter and Mission’s Jamie Housh had a goal apiece. Langley’s Jonathan Stein and Kaelen Anderson each had an assist.

The rematch was the next day at the Richmond Oval with Hunter and Aldergrove’s Baxter Anderson both scoring once and setting up another goal in the 2-2 tie. Stein had an assist. Aldergrove’s Jordan Naylor was solid in net allowing just the two goals against.

Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2015 | The Aldergrove STAr | |1919

Reaching High


“Building a home and financing our business, it’s everything we’ve worked for.�

Aldergrove’s Jacob Kautzman leaps for the ball in grade 8 boys volleyball action last week. Betty Gilbert Middle School boys’ volleyball team lost 3-0 against Langley Fundamental on Thursday, Oct. 22 at Aldergrove.

Karen and Wilfred, Chilliwack Members

Langley City Boxing to host Golden Gloves Aldergrove Star

The final Langley City Boxing event of the year will be the 2015 Golden Gloves. Set for Nov. 6, the night features B.C. Cruiserweight Champion Ken Huber versus Sam Moses in a rematch in which Huber looks to redeem himself. It also features Josh Wright versus Ross Walker for the vacant B.C. Jr. Middle Weight title. There will also be two women’s Golden Gloves finals, featuring Rosalia Calla versus Amanda Pack, as well as Sarah Fraske versus Anna Farrant. Many more fighters from around the province will be on the cards. Doors are at 7 p.m.. Friday, Nov. 6, and the first fight is at 7:30 p.m. Tickets at the door are $30, with ages 12 and under free, at Coast Hotel & Convention Centre, 20393 Fraser Highway, Langley. Bar and food service will be available. All bouts are sanctioned by British Columbia Combative Sports Association.

Join today and get $200* Visit *See branch for full details.




In a recent survey of 2,461 Canadians, when LWFRPHVWRGULYLQJWUDIÂżFWRDXWRPRWLYHZHEVLWHV or visits to a dealership, print and online newspapers rank highest. They outperform TV,

radio, magazines, autoTRADER, Kijiji and social media.

If you’re looking for better ROI from your advertising, perhaps more of your “I� should be in newspapers.

20 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | Thursday, October 29, 2015

20 | The Aldergrove STAr | THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2015

‘Pumpkin Cross’ family Calendar of Events cycling event creeping up

Bands Play 5-9

November 2015

Bands Play 8-12















Karaoke 7-11

Pool Tournament 7:00


Meat Draw 2-5 FRONT PAGE






Dance Lessons Meat Draw 5-7 7-9 Euchre 7



Branch Exec. L.A. Exec. Mtg Remembrance Pool Meeting FRONT PAGE Meat Draw 5-7 Day Parade & Tournament Ceremony Dance Lessons Euchre 7 7:00 7-9 Brian Zalo





Dance Lessons Meat Draw 5-7 7-9 Euchre 7




Dance Lessons 7-9


Karaoke 7-11

Branch Gen. Meeting 7:30 Pool 7:00


Pat Brady Memorial Pool Dance Lessons L.A. Exec. Mtg Tournament Meat Draw 5-7 7-9 CHEEK TO Euchre 7 CHEEK



25 Karaoke 7-11






Meat Draw 2-5 CHEEK TO CHEEK


Pool Tournament 7:00

28 Meat Draw 2-5 **AUCTION** REPLAY



26607 Fraser Hwy., Aldergrove Lounge (604) 856-5423 Office (604) 856-8814



14 Meat Draw 2-5

Aldergrove Star

Local Ride Racing’s 2015 edition of Pumpkin Cross is approaching quickly, and this year’s event will again include amazing cyclocross racing with its much loved Halloween-themed festivities. It will be held on Sunday, Nov. 1 at the North Alouette River Greenway Park in Maple Ridge. Entering its ninth season, the Maple Ridge based Pumpkin Cross has grown to be one of B.C.’s biggest cyclo-cross races – one that has been a big supporter of women’s racing, youth initiatives and high performance. Liv Cycling Canada’s Sandra Walter will be back on board offering her “Women’s Only” clinic at the venue on Oct. 31. This fun and informative clinic will introduce participants to the unique and fun sport of cyclo-cross, while preparing the riders to take part in Sunday’s competition. There is also a $30 special price for first-time beginner women, which includes the clinic, Sunday’s race, and oneevent insurance. Pumpkin Cross is also part of the Cycling BC Premier Cyclocross series, a six-event series that tracks riders’ results in all categories as they compete for the honour of being crowned overall series champion. For information on the series, please go to


Family-oriented spooky fun at this weekend’s Pumpkin Cross. “It is great to see how the cycloThe Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre will be back cross community has supported with their Adapted Wheeled race, Pumpkin Cross over the years. an event that encourages young The costume contest has almost athletes to challenge a course on become a bigger component of the their wheeled machine of choice. event than the race itself. With so There will be full youth categories many partners on board, I am sure and a special price for all riders we will see record numbers for the event,” said race director Barry under the age of 19. Cycling BC’s iRide program Lyster. “We are also inviting sponis returning for 2015 offering sors and vendors to be part of this free coaching and skill develop- cyclo-cross festival.” Registration is now open. For ment sessions for youth. Pumpkin Cross’s free and popular kid’s race more information, to register, and will return, offering riders fun on for vendor and sponsorship opportunities, go to their own race course.

Visit the NEW

Enter To Win a Luxurious Hawaiian Holiday for Two* First Class Roundtrip Airfare aboard Hawaiian Airlines Five Nights at the world-famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel • Luxury Rental courtesy of Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Experience Hawaii like you live here…on-line. Choose an Island that’s right for you, find the resort of your dreams then explore all the activities, shopping and dining that await you in paradise! For more information and to register, visit *Must be 18 years of age to enter. No purchase necessary. Winner chosen by random draw. Odds determined by number of entries. Up to one entry per person per day. Travel valid from any Hawaiian Airlines gateway in North America. Driver must be 21 years, present a valid license, major credit card and is subject to all standard conditions & requirements at time of rental. Cannot be combined with other offers. Winner travel dates, times and package components subject to change & availability. Restrictions apply. Contest ends at Midnight October 31, 2015. Visit Hawaii.Com for complete rules and regulations.

Your complete source for island travel.

Thursday, October 29, 2015 A21

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HIP OR KNEE REPLACEMENT? Arthritic Conditions/COPD? Restrictions in Walking/Dressing? Disability Tax Credit $2,000 Tax Credit $20,000 Refund. Apply today For Assistance: 1-844-453-5372.

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Articulating Crane experience required. Loader experience an asset but not necessary. Job requires out of town work in railway business. Fax resume and drivers abstract to: 604-850-3554 or email:



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MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! In-demand career! Employers have work-at-home positions available. Get online training you need from an employer-trusted program. Visit: or 1-855-7683362 to start training for your workat-home career today!


Bagging Plant Positions

Full-Time. Day shift / Afternoon shift in Aldergrove. Positions Start Immediately! Must have own transportation, not on bus route.

Please Fax Resume 604.856.5644 or e-mail:


Classifieds work. An economical solution to advertise your service!


Must be Certified and have a car. Full-Time. Medical/Dental. $15 - $21/hour post Probation. Please send resume to:




The Langley Concrete Group Wants You!

SunSelect Produce Limited Partnership operation is looking for steady, hardworking, energetic individuals that are able to do plant care, harvesting, sorting grading & packaging and general cleanup and workday preparations. The positions advertised are full time permanent positions for all seasons. Job Location: 349 - 264th St Aldergrove BC V4W 2K1 Wage $10.50/hr plus AD&D benefits. Positions available immediately. English language not required. Positions open to all persons (incl. youth, aboriginals, new immigrants and all others) demonstrating their ability to meet expectations of full time, physical work in greenhouse environment. To apply submit resume: sunselectproducejobs or by fax to 604-607-7656

We are a local progressive concrete pre-cast company based in Chilliwack. Duties include; preventative maint., scheduled repairs, and quick response repairs to ensure our modernized equipment runs efficiently. Routine equipment inspections and repairs are required. The Successful candidate must have good problem solving, diagnostic, interpersonal, and time management skills. Must be able to work flexible hours in a variety of conditions. Experience working with electrical systems and PLC programs would be a definite asset. Minimum requirements include completion of ITA certificate of qualification as an Industrial Mechanic, inter - provincial red seal endorsement, & a certificate of apprenticeship. Previous work experience in a related industry would be an asset.

OUR COMPANY OFFERS: 1.) Attractive Wages & Excellent Employee Benefits. 2.) Supportive, Engaged Atmosphere With Change Minded Management Group. 3.) Company Sponsored Social Activities.



Please e-mail resume, including cover letter & references: HR@



HEAVY Duty Mechanic required in the Hinton, AB area. Must have extensive knowledge in Caterpillar equipment. Responsibilities will include rebuilding and repairs to Cat motors, power shift transmissions and hydraulics. Fax resume with references and drivers abstract to 780-865-9710. EXTRA INCOME Classified ads are a direct line to extra income. Somewhere there is a buyer for the things you no longer want or need. 604-575-5555



RELAXATION BODY CARE 604-859-2998 #4 - 2132 Clearbrook Road, Abby



GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420 LARGE FUND Borrowers Wanted Start saving hundreds of dollars today! We can easily approve you by phone. 1st, 2nd or 3rd mortgage money is available right now. Rates start at Prime. Equity counts. We don’t rely on credit, age or income. Call Anytime 1-800-639-2274 or 604-430-1498. Apply online

Assistant Glazier/ Window Installer

Required for High End Window & Door installations. Full time opportunity. Competitive Wages & Benefits! Please send resume in “word” format or pdf format to:









Vantage Way

April 1943 - October 17, 2015

7979 Vantage Way, Delta, V4G 1A6

Born in Gillingham UK, Eileen was the only child of Mick and Bea Horrigan; she died peacefully at the Hospice in White Rock, BC. She will be forever missed by her adoring husband of 50+ years, Herb, her children Michael, Claire and Vicky and her loving grandchildren Magnus, Felix, and Sophie. A true Renaissance woman gifted intellectually as well as in beauty and spirit. The first in her family and among few peers in the 1960s to receive a university degree, she attended the prestigious Rochester Grammar School and then Bedford College at London University, receiving a BA in Modern Languages and later an Adult-Teaching Certificate from Garnett College and MA in Education from SFU. A career path as varied as her many hairstyles: dedicated mother and gardener, translator, amateur journalist, farmer, beauty consultant, marketeer, Hollywood extra, political campaigner, and most of all, teacher. Eileen met Herb soon after arriving at London University, marrying him in 1965. As soulmates, lovers and best friends, they formed a lifelong partnership. They moved from London to Montreal, to Connecticut, to Vancouver, to a hobby farm in Aldergrove and retired to White Rock in 2003. She survived pancreatic Cancer for 4 years remaining brave, kind, compassionate and zestful for life. ~ We love you.

print online

160 or visit





Full-Time Service Consultant. Full-time Parts Consultant required immediately by busy Import Dealership in sunny Okanagan. Benefits, aggressive salary package. Resumes to Service Manager:

130 7


Interior Heavy Equipment Operator School. Real World Tasks. Weekly start dates. GPS Training! Funding Options. Already have experience? Need certification proof? Call 1-866-399-3853 or

2016 BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis

CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO Risk Program STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248


Pressroom Helpers/ Stackers We have several openings for Press Helpers/ Stackers at our Delta location. Preference given to those with experience in this field, but is not necessary. Shifts are 12 hours/3 shifts per week or 9.5 hours/4 shifts per week. Must be willing to work nights and weekends. References required. Starting wage is $14.31/hr. Interested applicants should email their resume and references to Linda Wischoff at: Competition closes: November 18, 2015

NOW HIRING! Delivery Drivers Must have your own reliable CARGO VAN (minimum ¾ ton) and clean driver abstract. NO CARS, SUVS, MINI-VANS OR PICKUP TRUCKS. • Tuesday Evenings & Thursday Evenings • Pick up newspapers from our warehouse • Deliver newspapers to our carriers’ homes in Langley City, Walnut Grove and Aldergrove

Call 604.514.6770

We thank all those who are interested in this position, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. X

A22 Thursday, October 29, 2015 PERSONAL SERVICES 182






CLEAN HOG FUEL 80 Yarder $175. Delivered

604-307-4607 281




5 month old male MASTIFF PUPPY all shots, tail docked. Also male DOBERMAN, 2 yrs old. $900/each. 778-895-8611 or 778-218-3050


633 MOBILE HOMES & PARKS 778-322-2378 Lower Mainland 604-996-8128 Fraser Valley Running this ad for 10yrs

PAINT SPECIAL 3 rooms for $299

Read the Classifieds



130 or call 1 (604)820-2977

NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring.

NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or

TRANSPORTATION 845 New SRI *1296 s/f Double wides fr $94,900. *New SRI 14’ wides fr $72,900. Chuck 604-830-1960

A-1 Painting Company - Interior / Exterior 20 years exp. Summer Special 10% off (604)723-8434



Full Service Plumbing from Parker Dean. Fast, reliable, 24/7 service. Take $50 off your next job if you present this ad. Vancouver area. 1-800-573-2928



P/B Pitbull Puppies for sale Blue, Fawn, Blue/Fawn, brindle. Both parents avail. to view. Temperament is great. Calm, intelligent, eager to please and loyal. ($1500- $2000 for pick) of litter. M & F avail. Ist shots & dewormed. 604-617-2650 TOY POODLE PUP 7 weeks old. Chocolate brown, male. $800. 604-820-4230, 604-302-7602 UKC/ABKC Reg. Extreme Pocket Size American bully champion bloodline pups $1500 604-763 7063



In the matter of the Warehouseman’s Lien Act, Aggressive Auto Towing Ltd 63 West Railway, Abbotsford, BC V2S 8B6. 604-854-5669 claims a Warehouseman’s Lien against the following vehicle: Sharshakova Irina 3590 Lumsden Road Chilliwack BC V2R 4R4 2003 Chevrolet Impala VIN # 2G1WH52K939347912 Amount owing: $5965.52 If the said vehicles are not paid for and retrieved by November 5, 2015 they will be sold or disposed of to cover costs.


560 JUNK REMOVAL By RECYCLE-IT! 604.587.5865


Premiums available for late night shifts.

Apply for a job today! For faster processing of your application, please visit email applications to preferred location. or visit us in restaurant.

* See individual restaurant for details. ©2014 McDonald’s

ALDERGROVE: * See individual restaurant for details. GLOUCESTER: ©2014 McDonald’s


The Scrapper


MOVING SALE MORGAN CREEK SAT, Oct 24th 9amto1pm lrge furniture, hshld goods, Antiques16348 Morgan Creek Cres GREAT DEALS!

Flexible hours, competitive wages and benefits*.


ALDERGROVE on Swensson Ave Bright 1 bdrm bsmt suite avail Nov 1st, no pets. $700 incl utils/laundry. Call 778-552-4571.



26360Vedder FraserRoad Highway, • 5718 Aldergrove • 45816 Yale Road th 26450 56 Ave, Gloucester • 45225 Luckakuck Way


ALDERGROVE various sizes – fully finished &/or furnished office space for lease. Call Dan 604-857-1100.


Our restaurants are hiring fresh new faces. We’re looking for both part-time and full-time employees for day and late night shifts at the following McDonald’s restaurants in Aldergrove: Chilliwack and Sardis:


AKITA PUPS Championship. $800 each. Call 604-751-0191 in need of caring homes! All cats are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. Visit us at:


ALDERGROVE 50+ Adult Building. 1 & 2 Bdrm apts. Central location. 604-317-1926 or 604-856-4307


(Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint.



Yes, We Pay CASH!

Across the street - across the world Real Professionals, Reas. Rates. Best in every way! 604-721-4555.




Damaged or Older Houses! Condos & Pretty Homes too!


2 coats any colour



Check us out! 604-626-9647

YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899






NEED A LOAN? Own Property? Have Bad Credit? We can help! Call toll free 1-866-405-1228


GUTTER & ROOF Cleaning/Power Washing since 1982. WCB/Liability insurance. Simon, 604-230-0627 ****GUTTER CLEANING**** SAME DAY SERVICE AVAILABLE ~~ Call Ian 604-724-6373 ~~


.Jim’s Mowing. 310-JIMS (5467).




TILES,RENO small or big jobs call 6048185800 or visit



Tree Removal/Topping/Spiral Thinning/Hedge Trimming/Stump Grinding. Free Estimates. WCB/Fully Insured

$25 Off with this Ad

Jerry, 604-500-2163

PETS 477


CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866


SAWMILLS from only $4,397 MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.



Have Unwanted Firearms? Have unwanted or inherited firearms in your possession? Don’t know how to dispose of them safely and legally? Contact Wanstalls and we will come and pick them up and pay you fair value for them. Wanstalls has been proudly serving the Lower Mainland firearms community since 1973. We are a government licensed firearms business with fully certified verifiers, armorers and appraisers.

Call today to set up an appointment 604-467-9232

Wanstalls Tactical & Sporting Arms

Time to declutter or downsize! Use the classifieds to reach more buyers. Your ad is listed in print and online; double your chance of a sale!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | 23




24408-50TH AVE




1 acre with a 1350 sq ft rancher with a full bsmt on a very private North Otter lot. Home needs to be updated but a great location Bring your ideas and get dreaming this one is waiting for your ideas. Quick possession possible.

This subdivision has had 3rd reading and is ready to be subdivided so if you are looking for two affordable lots to buy check this one out. Or rezone duplex or a large single family lot as it is over 10,000 sq ft.(1/4 acre). Make your offer!

Call Dan Flokstra 604-857-1100

Call Dan Flokstra 604-857-1100 27056-27 AVE



HOME ON 1/4 ACRE LOT Big basement home with new roof and new wrap around deck and new lots of stuff, you should have a look here as there is lots of room for everybody. Could be 4 bedrooms on the main floor alone with open country kitchen plan here so bring the family. Home has southern exposed back yard. Make an appointment and make an offer. this one is walking distance to schools as well.

Call Dan Flokstra 604-857-1100



24 | THE ALDERGROVE STAR | Thursday, October 29, 2015




SAVE UP TO $13,003

Abracadabra Low Prices!

DEMO 2015 CTS MSRP $61,015

DEMO 2015 ATS F0388


MSRP $51,510




NEW 2015 SRX F0477


MSRP $43,230






Welcome to the family!



Duke D k



DL #30735

See dealer for details, limited time only. Prices do not include taxes, license or admin fee of $499. CTS price includes $1500 loyalty bonus 0.9%/48mon residual $19522.80 OAC ATS 0.9%/48mon residual $19687.62 OAC SRX 0.9%/48mon residual $16427.40 low KM OAC. Offer good until October 31,2015..















30,299 –$5,316 –$750 –$500 –$750























Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offer. Offers only valid at MSA Ford Sales. Retail offers may be canceled or changed at any time without notice. Limit one (1) incentive redemption per Eligible Model sale. Some offers are not rain-checkable. All prices are plus taxes and fees. See dealer for complete details for all advertised offers. All offers good on in-stock MSA Ford Sales vehicles only. All offers subject to prior sale. All available Ford incentives, Bonus Cash, Ford Loyalty/Conquest, MSA Finance cash, Non finance cash, Non stackable Cash and rebates/rates have been used in advertised prices. Financing/Leasing on approved consumer or business credit. Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment or may not be exactly as shown. For factory orders, a customer may either take advantage of eligible Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited retail customer promotional incentives/offers available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof, subject to incentive rules and eligibility. The Ford Winter Tire Rebate is available in lieu of the ? no charge? winter tire offer. Some incentives may not be combinable or offered with other incentives. Our advertised prices include Freight, and P.D.I., Add dealer documentation and registration fees of $420, and applicable taxes and fees. Advertised trucks have pre-installed boxliners that are not part of offer and can be removed or purchased. Finance payments are calculated at 6.24% over 96 months, on approved credit. Low APR Financing not compatible with Ford non-stackable cash, MSA finance cash, Ford or MSA lease offers or MSA Discounts. Purchasing Customers must credit qualify (OAC) to qualify. Some finance fees may apply where applicable. All vehicles subject to prior sale and have limited availability. All offers expire November 2, 2015 at 6:00 pm (PST).


604.856-9000 DL#31215

F R A S E R VA L L E Y A U T O M A L L • A B B O T S F O R D • M T. L E H M A N R D • E X I T 8 3

Aldergrove Star, October 29, 2015  

October 29, 2015 edition of the Aldergrove Star

Aldergrove Star, October 29, 2015  

October 29, 2015 edition of the Aldergrove Star