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September 17, 2015

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Bear problem big and deadly

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A frustrated conservation officer fired back at criticism from a local resident about the shooting of six bears in the Lac la Hache area recently, while aiming his own disapproval at people not doing their part to keep bears and other dangerous wildlife away from residential areas year after year. “We attempted to educate the public there by going around and telling people to secure their attractants,” says James Zucchelli, a conservation officer in 100 Mile House. “Unfortunately, the message didn’t get through. “The message is: We’re not the ones killing the bears. It’s the people and the lack of responsibility with their attractants that’s killing the bears.” Gary Young, a resident of the Emerald Crescent area north of Lac la Hache where one boar, two sows and three cubs were dispatched in three separate incidents, the latest on Sept. 10, says he and fellow residents are “absolutely [peeved]” about the killings and upset at the neighbours who notified the conservation officers (COs) to the presence of the animals. “We’ve never had a problem,” Young says. “Every once in a while, in the spring or in the fall, the bears come by, but they don’t do anything. Continued on A5

Monika Paterson photo

Mayor Mitch Campsall and Madison Lamb were neck-and-neck during the bucket race portion of the Survivor Challenge at the West Fraser 60th Anniversary Celebration in Centennial Park on Sept. 13. The celebration, which was open to the public, was a huge success and volunteers worked hard to feed and entertain the throngs of people who attended.

Tax break would not prevent closure Ken Alexander Free Press

Many people who are involved with the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #260-100 Mile House are disappointed the canteen has been closed due to financial difficulties. Legion president Bob Wangensteen and other longtime members say they believe the District of 100 Mile House has added to the difficulties because it would not exempt the Legion from having to pay municipal taxes – upwards of $6,000 annually. Wangensteen says the Legion is being treated like the private businesses in town that are being taxed for operating an establishment that sells liquor, when the Legion is a “service club.”

“Yes, they serve alcoholic beverages in the place, but you have to pay for a membership, he says. He adds the other licensed premises in town are there “100 per cent for profit,” whereas the Legions are not. “The financial situation is such that the municipal taxes were really hindering [the Legion] and pulling it down because it don’t make the money in [the whole operation] to pay the taxes.” Wangensteen complains he and other Legion executive members have met with the District, but they haven’t been able to get a tax exemption. “They tell us we’re too late or we’re too early....” District chief administrative officer Roy Scott says there have been meetings with

Legion representatives. “Although the Legion has appeared as a delegation to council to make a case for tax exemption consideration, at no time was a formal application submitted to the District when the District advertised for application intake.” Scott notes the Legion property is listed as Class 6 (business) and class 1 (residential – upstairs apartment) property, according to BC Assessment. He notes the District has advised Legion members to appeal to BC Assessment to change all or a portion of their property to Class 8 (non-profit), which would qualify the property for tax exemption. “However, there wouldn’t be any guarantees [it would get an exemption from the District], but it would at least qualify.”

Wangensteen points to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #261-Forest Grove, which receives a tax exemption. However, that Legion is run entirely by volunteers, with no paid staff, and the Cariboo Regional District is providing the tax exemption. Scott notes the 100 Mile House Legion purchases a business licence to operate a bar annually, and it’s the same licence any other liquor establishment obtains within the District boundaries. The bottom line is when an organization is consistently operating at a deficit of $35,000 [plus or minus], the municipal taxes would account for anywhere from 10 to 20 per cent of that shortfall – depending on the level of exemption.



Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press


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100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015

‘A priority riding’

FAST bytes

NDP candidate opens campaign office in 100 Mile House Gaven Crites Free Press

In an impassioned speech to a packed room of NDP supporters, Bill Sundhu positioned himself as the best local candidate to unseat incumbent Cathy McLeod in the Kamloops-ThompsonCariboo, and frame the NDP as ultimately the best political party to end the close to 10-year reign of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. Sundhu was in 100 Mile House for the opening of a campaign office on Fourth Street on Sept. 9, where he called the upcoming Oct. 19 federal election a “battle for the soul of the country.” While national polls consistently show a tight three-way race between the Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats, the Kamloops-ThompsonCariboo riding has historically been more of a two-way battle between the New Democrat and Conservative parties. The importance of winning the vote here was perhaps underscored by large party rallies held recently in Kamloops, where the vast majority of votes in the riding are held, which saw appearances by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair on Sept. 1 and Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Sept. 14. However, the importance of winning support in the

NDP supporters held signs and rallied in support of local candidate Bill Sundhu at the party's new office in 100 Mile House on Sept. 9.

riding’s smaller and more In laying out part of his rural centres, such as 100 platform, Sundhu used a Mile House, is not lost on number of familiar talkSundhu. ing points – the middle “It’s an exciting class “working day for us,” he says harder and falling outside his office at further behind” the corner of Birch and “a fair econoAvenue, a line of my and good jobs,” supporters standing restoring healthon the street nearby care funding, and holding orange placbeing fed up with Bill ards with the words a government that’s Sundhu “ready for change” “plagued by scanon them. dal.” “We know this is an But a newer issue Sundhu important part of the rid- talked about was gun coning. I’m from the Cariboo trol and Bill C-51, the originally; this has been Conservatives’ heavily a priority for me since I was scrutinized “anti-terror” legnominated 13 months ago.” islation introduced this year.

“Many people are worried about civil rights and privacy and I’ve even been talking to gun owners,” says Sundhu. “I know Stephen Harper has been disingenuous saying the NDP has this policy [on reimplementing the long-gun registry]. It’s completely wrong because we have no intention of bringing back the flawed boondoggle of the Liberals’ long-gun registry. That was their policy. It’s not coming back. “I grew up in the Cariboo. I know hunting is a way of life. What gun owners have to worry about is Bill C-51.”

Sundhu, a lawyer and former judge, says when it comes to fundamental freedoms, civil liberties and privacy, and being able to intrude on people and taking their guns, “Stephen Harper’s Bill C-51 is a bigger threat to gun owners and hunters.” In the last federal election in 2011, Cathy McLeod won the Kamloops-ThompsonCariboo seat comfortably with 52 per cent of the vote, while former NDP candidate Michael Crawford took nearly 37 per cent. The Liberal Party and Green Party took just over five per cent each.

Big donations for Waterpark Society End nearly in sight for splash pad project in Centennial Park

A pair of donations totalling $10,000 has made a nice splash towards the 100 Mile House Waterpark Society’s push to build a spray park in Centennial Park. The group has raised $76,000 for the estimated $150,000 splash pad project, which includes a rain deck and colourful showers and ground nozzles, and is a big hit with families and children in the hot summer months. Best case scenario: the group will have the

remaining funds in place, including donations in kind from local contractors, to start construction in the summer of 2016, explains Jamie Hughes, president of the 100 Mile House Waterpark Society. It was learned in July that if the group raises the remaining funds it needs to build the splash components of the park by the spring, the Cariboo Regional District will cover installation of a corresponding lift station in Centennial Park.

“That takes away $150,000 The recent donaof the project that we don’t tions came from two have to worry about,” sources – Success By says Hughes. “It felt 6, a multiparty early like someone just childhood develtook an elephant off opment initiative, my shoulders when and Rod Dillman we got the approval Contracting, a local for the lift station. logging business. “Just in this week In the last few alone, the money years, the Waterpark Jamie seems to be coming Society has held a HUGHES at us now. We’re the variety of fundones getting calls now from raising events, including people asking how much outdoor drive-in movies more we need. Everyone is for families. The group curon board and it’s awesome.” rently has applications in


for thousands of dollars in grant funding and is taking another crack at the Aviva Community Fund, an online voting competition that funds projects of benefit to Canadian communities. “Basically right now, because we are at the tail end of the project, we are really working hard and hitting grants,” says Hughes. “We still want to do another drive-in movie event next year – hopefully as a grandopening type thing.”

A&W RENO approved District of 100 Mile House councillors have approved a development permit for renovations at the local A&W restaurant. The application indicates both exterior and interior upgrades will be made to “reimage” the restaurant to mirror what is being done at other locations across the country. Applicant HanCon Contractors (for owners Anthem Properties) notes exterior paint, metal cladding and sign/logo replacements, and new LED “boomerang” light boards, and only minor indoor upgrades to washrooms and eating areas, such as paint, tiles and decals will be made.
None of the changes will affect access or egress to the parking lot.


Two scams have come through 100 Mile House recently – one through the mail and the other on the telephone. Both carry the same caution: if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is a scam. The mail scam came to area residents addressed to their names and address specifically. A man named Zhang Wei stated he works for a Hong Kong bank and he offered to split a sizable amount of money left in a deceased client’s account. He asked the recipients to respond to the phone and fax numbers or e-mail addresses he sent in the letter. Our local residents didn’t respond and neither should anyone else who receives such a letter. The other scam was an incoming phone call that has a recorded message that stated: “Press 1 now to put $10,000 into your bank account. I know this will blow your mind, but another $10,000 will go in your account in a couple of weeks.” If you get one of these calls, just hang up.


Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press

Transport truck MVI a wake-up call ing she doesn’t know how it’s all going to get cleaned up. Warner says local residents are concerned about having a fatal MVI along the corridor, and those who

Ken Alexander Free Press

A 70 Mile House resident thought the wind had blown a tree on her house when she awoke to a “huge, huge bang” between 5:45 and 6 a.m. on Sept. 11. Donna Warner says she looked out her back window and realized it wasn’t windy. She then opened the front door of her home, looked out and saw a smashed up semi-trailer truck lying on top of a smashed up trailer in her front yard. At 6:09 a.m., Clinton RCMP received the report of a single motor vehicle incident (MVI) that involved a northbound commercial transport truck that left Highway 97 and crashed one kilometre north of the flashing yellow lights at the 70 Mile House. The 9-1-1 call was placed by a local business owner who was passing by the MVI. When the police arrived at the scene, they found the driver – a 43-year-old Abbotsford man – suffering from “serious” injuries. Warner says she talked to the driver who had got out of the cab unassisted and was sitting on the grassy section of he yard. She adds he told her his leg was badly hurt. The driver was transported by ambulance to 100 Mile District

live along Highway 97 worry about their safety while getting on and off the busy road to and from their homes and local businesses. Continued on A11

Aquatic Invasive Species HANDS-ON WOrkSHOp FREE! Everyone is welcome

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 Lac La Hache Community Hall

10 am - 3 pm

Provincial experts will share information and provide take-home resources about area invasive fish and aquatic plants. Join a hands-on field tour and enjoy a locally catered lunch/refreshments!

register at or contact for more information Julianne Leekie at 1-778-266-0034 Ken Alexander photo

This north-bound commercial transport truck left Highway 97 in the 70 Mile House corridor between 5:45 and 6 p.m. on Sept. 11. It travelled through a residential driveway, down an embankment, snapped a BC Hydro pole, dislodged some large boulders and rumbled through a post-and-rail fence as it gouged a 500-foot trail of wreckage and debris.

General Hospital, says Dennis Huber, a member of the 70 Mile House Volunteer Fire Department. He adds firefighters were called out at 6:20 a.m. and were on scene by 6:30, and they set up a perimeter fire-protection area because there were concerns about a spark igniting the diesel, and they provided traffic control. According to the police report, the cause of the MVI is unknown and the investigation is ongoing. Reflecting on the MVI, Warner says it was a “huge surprise” to have something that she had been worrying about for a long time “finally happen.”

The homeowner adds she had told neighbours that “it was only a matter of time before we have one of these transport trucks in our front yards.” Noting she believes most vehicles travel through the 2.5-km 70 Mile House corridor faster than the posted speed limit of 100 km/h and the highway has very narrow gravel shoulders, Warner adds she definitely wants the speed limit reduced on that section of the road. After walking the MVI scene, she says it appears the transport truck came through the edge of her neighbour’s driveway, rumbled down an embankment, snapped a power pole,

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ran over and dislodged some large boulders, went through a post and rail page-wire fence as it gouged a 500-foot trail of wreckage and debris. The incident damaged her horse trailer,

spilled diesel and spread staples, nails, page wire pieces and splintered post and rails everywhere, she adds. “It’s very detrimental to my cattle because I can’t have that in their field,” she says, add-





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100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015


Local woman on probation after domestic dispute

Ken Alexander Free Press

100 Mile House resident Alana Michelle Sinclair, 31, received conditional sentence after being found guilty of possession of a weapon for dan-

gerous purpose and uttering threats, and was placed a 12-month probation in Williams Lake provincial court on Sept. 8. The charges stem from a domestic dispute in 100 Mile House on June 4, 2014.

Around 6:45 p.m., RCMP responded to a call about a domestic dispute in progress in an apartment on Cariboo Trail. When the first RCMP member arrived at the

residence, he encountered Sinclair and Daryl Anderson, 46, in a dispute. Anderson brandished a knife and made threatening gestures toward the officer and then fled

from the building. At that point, it was alleged Sinclair picked up a knife and threatened the officer. However, she was acquitted on the charge of threatening to


New detachment now open On Sept. 13, the new 100 Mile House RCMP Detachment became operational and is now open for business. The new detachment is located at 841 Alder Ave. RCMP members, office staff and a moving company spent the better part of late last week and the weekend moving everything over and organizing the office to ensure it was ready to open for Monday morning. The previous location at 726 Alpine Ave. is no longer open, although for the time being, it will remain in control of the 100 Mile House RCMP. The phone number for the RCMP detachment is still the same at 250-395-2456.

use a weapon. According to the RCMP report, there was a brief standoff, which ended when Sinclair relinquished the knife. Anderson was caught and subdued during an arrest on nearby Cedar Avenue later that evening.

He appeared in Kamloops provincial court on Sept. 18, 2014 and was sentenced to 13 months in jail, given two years probation and a five-year firearms prohibition after entering guilty pleas to two counts of assaulting a police officer.

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Gaven Crites photo

Danika Burwell posted pieces of paper at the 100 Mile House A&W Restaurant marking donations made during the A&W Cruisin' to End MS day on Aug. 27, when $1 from every Teen Burger sold went to fighting multiple sclerosis.

Experience has its rewards “Daveʼs positive attitude and perseverance paid off. We feel if weʼd dealt with Dave earlier, weʼd likely have sold it years ago.” N. & B. West

L A K E C O U N T RY !

Residents should expect more fines

what do conservation officers do in opposi“They don’t charge tion to their name of anybody or harm dogs ‘conservation’? They kill or anything. everything. And yet these “No one has people call up had any harm the conservaor incident with tion officers them. I’m sick so they can be of it and the killed. I think neighbours here it’s just appallare too.” Gary ing.” Zucchelli, Young Young says he whose career in knows of effecthe field spans tive ways of deterring 16 years, says the critibears, such as using a cism they get is the fire extinguisher to same every year. scare them off, which is He reiterates COs more humane. take no pleasure in “The bears do no killing bears, and harm. And, of course, faults the people leaving From A1

garbage out, not regu- flurry of action in the larly picking their fruit Lac la Hache area, trees, and those Zucchelli says not actively trythe biggest ing to deter the problem this bears from their season is in 108 property. Mile Ranch, “It’s a very which he dangerous situsays is “out of ation. We’re control with discharging bears” because James high-powered Zucchelli people are still rifles in close leaving their proximity to garbage out residences.... We can’t the night before it’s sit back and wait until picked up. somebody gets hurt. “It has to be put out “We’re just the mech- the day [it’s picked up]. anism in place to ensure The garbage cannot public safety, which is be accessible at all – our mandate.” Even with the recent

Please Join

Federal Conservative Candidate

Cathy McLeod At a Meet & Greet Coffee and Snack Reception at her 100 Mile House Campaign Office 530 Uptown Plaza (Pinkney Complex) Horse Lake Rd.

6-8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23 Everyone is Welcome! For more information please call

250-395-7719 Authorized by the official Agent for the Cathy McLeod Campaign

period.” Zucchelli adds the COs can fine people under the Wildlife Act for leaving attractants out. “We’re going to start to come down harder on people who are leaving attractants out. We have no other choice. We’re going to start fining people.” Zucchelli encourages people to call 1-877-952-7277 if a dangerous wild animal is accessing non-natural food sources on their property.

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September 30th 4:00-7:00 p.m.

at the 100 Mile Curling Club Lounge. For anyone interested in learning to curl, or just trying it out, we will be offering opportunities October 1-9. Contact Jim Mitchell at 250-395-4237 for times. Visit our website for registration form, or come to the Sept. 30 registration. CRD Recreation Passes will be available at registration. For more registration details, call Joanne at 250-395-2296, or Deanna at 250-395-6770.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press

P.A.R.T.Y. meeting on Sept. 22

Ken Alexander Free Press

Organizers of the South Cariboo P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) program are looking for volunteers and presenters to assist with P.A.R.T.Y. sessions for the current school year. The program consists of many volunteers and stakeholders who put together a day-long session for Grade 10 students that teaches them to recognize risk and make informed, smart choices about activities and behaviours, says local P.A.R.T.Y. acting facilitator Laura Dewar. “Our program is geared toward Grade 10 students; this age group of 15- to 16 year olds, is ideal for P.A.R.T.Y. sessions. They are acquiring some independence, learning to drive and becoming young adults. “They may be experimenting with risky situations, including drug use. In most cases, they are mature enough to handle the graphic situations and topics we present at P.A.R.T.Y.” Noting she has been the coroner for the area for 24 years, Dewar says she fully believes in this program as a way to try to reduce the number of traumatic injuries and deaths in the community. “My role in the P.A.R.T.Y. program is to take the students to the morgue and tell them how their death will impact a huge number of people. They can’t take it back and they can’t redo the day. “It’s almost a brutally, forthright presentation on making good choices in life.” Karen Sinclair helps inform the students from an impactful survivor’s position, as she was in a bad motor vehicle incident (MVI) in 1986 that involved drinking and driving. “I let the kids know what happened to me and what rehabilitation has been like, and I hope they learn from my mistakes.” Sinclair says she sometimes does a “crossing the stupid

line” presentation. “At the end, I ask the students where they draw their lines because there are no take-backs, no do-overs and no second chances once the crashes happen or you’ve killed somebody.” Dewar and Sinclair are organizing a P.A.R.T.Y. organizational meeting at 100 Mile House Fire-Rescue on Sept. 22, starting at 7 p.m. They are looking for volunteers to assist with P.A.R.T.Y. program sessions for the 2015/16

school year, including a “victim” for the Emergency Room mock scenario. We are seeking a young person who can contribute approximately two hours per session, with three or more sessions per school year, says Dewar. Other volunteers are always in demand to help out with supervising the students throughout the day and to assist with setting up equipment, chairs, signage, etc., Sinclair adds.




100 MILE HOUSE • 250-395-5303

They also need more presenters, including doctors, nurses, health-care aides, physiotherapists, paramedics, counsellors and lawyers. Dewar notes they also need people who are skilled in doing theatrical make-up so the “patients” look convincingly injured. For more information on the organizational meeting, contact Sinclair at 250-791-6636 or e-mail karenjsinclair@

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100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015

Campfires allowed throughout area However, Category 2 and 3 open fires still prohibited

At noon on Sept. 10, campfires were allowed throughout the Cariboo Fire Centre's (CFC) jurisdiction. However, the burning of waste or slash piles is still prohibited. The CFC is rescinding its campfire prohibition

due to cooler and wetter conditions and a decreased wildfire risk in the region. The following activities will be allowed: • campfires no larger than a half-metre wide by a half-metre high; • an open fire in an outdoor stove; • fireworks, sky lanterns and tiki torches; and • the use of burning barrels, burning cages and air curtain burners (forced air burning systems)

Anyone who lights a campfire must maintain a fireguard by removing flammable debris from around the campfire site and have a hand tool, such as a shovel, or at least eight litres of water available to fully extinguish it. Never leave a campfire unattended and make sure that the ashes are completely cold to the touch before leaving the area for any length of time. The public is also reminded to never

Public asked for input on 2016 provincial budget Finance Committee providing several options for public consultation The all-party Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services has announced its schedule for the public consultations on the 2016 provincial budget. The consultation period formally opened on Sept. 15 in conjunction with the release of the Budget 2016 Consultation Paper prepared by the Ministry of Finance.

British Columbians are invited to participate by making a presenting at a community public hearing in person, via conference call or by videoconference; making a written submission; sending an audio or video file; or completing an online survey. This year’s consultations closest to the 100 Mile House area will include public hearings and videoconference sessions in Kamloops on Sept. 17, in Williams Lake (videoconference) on Sept. 30 and in Quesnel (videoconference) on Oct.7. Registration for the public hearings opened on Sept. 1. To register to make a presentation, contact the


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new location FiRSt & BiRcH

Are you a Permanent Resident? If you are thinking about applying for Citizenship, join us to learn more about the process, processing times, and fees. Bring your questions! If you would like additional support, 1 on 1 help is available: Learn about Canadian history and geography. Learn Canadian political system, and how to vote. Receive help to prepare for the Canadian Citizenship test.

WHERE: 001-475 BIRCH AVE (Green Building) *We are in the basement so enter the back door closer to the library.

CONTACT: Funded by:



Kimberly at 250-706-3143 or


We need motivated people who are interested in helping our kids make informed choices to reduce preventable injury and trauma. Some specialized volunteers are also necessary - we need:


Open fires Category 2 and Category 3 open fires continue to be prohibited throughout the CFC's jurisdictional area. The following activities are prohibited: • the burning of any waste, slash or other materials; and • stubble or grass fires of any size over any area. These prohibitions cover all BC Parks, Crown lands

and private lands, but do not apply within the boundaries of a local government that has forest fire prevention bylaws and is serviced by a fire department. Check with local governments for any other restrictions before lighting any fire. To report a wildfire, abandoned campfire or open burning violation, call 1-800-663-5555 toll-free or *5555 on a cell phone. For up-to-date information on current wildfire activity and open burning restrictions, visit: www. or call 1-888-3-FOREST (3367378).

The 100 Mile House P.A.R.T.Y. Program is currently seeking volunteers and presenters to assist with sessions for the school year.


Parliamentary Committees Office at 1-877-428-8337, or by e-mail at FinanceCommittee@ Further information on how to participate, including public hearing locations and times, as well as information on the work of the committee, is available on the committee’s website at finance. The deadline for public input is Oct. 15. The committee must release a report on the results of its consultations by Nov. 15.

light or keep a campfire burning in windy conditions. Regardless of the situation or conditions, always use caution when using fire.

• Paramedics • Doctors • Counsellors • Nurses • Physiotherapists • A “Victim” for the Emergency Room • A Theatrical Make-up Artist For more information please attend an organization meeting

Sept. 22 at 7 p.m.

at the 100 Mile House Fire Rescue Station Or contact Laura Dewar at 250-395-1111, or email at

will be publishing a special FIRE PREVENTION SUPPLEMENT


for this supplement. Please email your photos to with identification of members included or call our newsroom at 250-395-2219. Deadline for submissions is Sept. 25/15



Publisher Chris Nickless • Editor Ken Alexander

Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press

Published by Black Press Ltd. #3-536 Horse Lake Rd., 100 Mile House, B.C., V0K 2E0

Drop speed limit


Housing a priority for BC Liberals


ur government remains committed to providing supportive housing and shelter for those who need it most, and our record speaks to the importance we place on housing. Since 2001, we have made a $4.4-billion investment that includes funding for shelters, outreach and supportive housing; transitional housing for women and children leaving abusive relationships; supportive housing for individuals suffering from addictions and mental health challenges; and rent assistance for low-income families. Province-wide, we have added more than 21,000 new units of affordable housing. Of all the communities in British Columbia, none has come close to receiving the same level of support as Metro Vancouver, where we have developed or preserved nearly 11,400 units of affordable housing since 2001.

Throughout the province, seniors best meet their we have more than doubled housing needs, the Shelter the number of provincially Aid for Elderly Renters subsidized apartments program offers cash and shelter spaces for the assistance to eligible B.C. homeless and those at risk seniors who pay rent for of homelessness to their home. 11,000. More than We’ve also seen 17,000 seniors’ the number of households permanent yearreceive assistance round shelter beds through this nearly double, to program. more than 1,800 We recognize beds – compared to that affording to just 880 in 2001. own a home can Success in housing be challenging in Rich isn’t just about B.C., especially ColEman getting people off in Vancouver. the street. It’s also That’s an issue about helping to provide that we are studying, and we a good home for families. are looking at measures that More than 19,000 B.C. might alleviate some of those families live in provincially challenges. subsidized housing. As well as responsibility for We also introduced the Natural Gas Development, Rental Assistance Program, my ministry has 134 which helps more than dedicated housing staff, as 10,000 families on a monthly well as another 700 in our basis with the cost of private Crown corporation, BC market rental housing. Housing – all working hard We are also aware that to address the housing issues housing is a challenge for that B.C. faces. many seniors. To help Our work on housing is not


motor vehicle incident (MVI) involving a north-bound commercial transport truck leaving Highway 97 on a slight curve in the 2.5-kilometre highway corridor through 70 Mile House has steeled the resolve of residents to push harder to get the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) to lower the speed limit through the community. This transport truck passed through a residential driveway at its access to the highway, rumbled down an embankment and wreaked havoc over an estimated 500-foot crash, landing in a neighbouring resident’s cow pasture. Clinton RCMP members responded to the 9-1-1 call just after 6 a.m. on Sept. 11, and they noted the cause of the accident is still unknown and under investigation. While area residents who live near the accident scene realize they cannot determine if the driver was going through the community faster than the posted 100 km/h speed limit, they would still like to see the speed limit reduced to 70 km/h. Around two years ago, local residents organized the 70 Mile House Safety and Speed Reduction Committee to formally meet with the MOTI in an effort to increase vehicular safety in the corridor. Initially, the committee wanted the MOTI to re-engineer and reconstruct the 2.5-km corridor to include turn lanes and frontage roads, so area residents and other motorists can safely get on and off the highway. The committee felt these changes would make travelling at the current posted speed limit safer for everyone driving on that section of Highway 97. However, they were informed by MOTI that these changes were not in the plans. As the meetings between the committee and MOTI continued, residents suggested the ministry reduce the speed limit through the corridor to 70 km/h until the changes were made to the configuration of the highway. While MOTI wouldn’t commit to that request either, the ministry has made several changes to increase safety, including installing a flashing amber/ red light at the intersection of Highway 97 and North Bonaparte Road, which leads to the business centre and into the recreation areas, and large signs “suggesting motorist slow to 70 km/h.” This has given motorist visual warnings of traffic congestion ahead, and MOTI has installed overhead lights into the accesses to the 71 Mile Subdivision and placed reflective posts for the two short frontage roads at both sides of the highway at the Bonaparte junction. However, with traffic flow changing to four lanes immediately north and from four lanes four km south of the 70 Mile House corridor, it’s likely speeding will continue and motoring safety will be diminished – until the suggested 70 km/h becomes the posted 70 km/h. Will common sense prevail?

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driven by politics. Last year, we updated our housing strategy, Housing Matters BC, with more emphasis on affordability for low-income families and seniors, confidence for renters, homeowners and landlords, and safe, healthy communities. Housing Matters remains the most progressive housing strategy in Canada, and I can say with confidence that it has transformed social housing in B.C. The results we’ve seen reflect not only the money invested but also the hard work, dedication and innovation of this ministry’s Housing division, which for all intents and purposes functions as a strong and effective ministry in its own right. Housing Matters is what we believe, and addressing B.C.’s housing challenges continues to be a priority for this government. Rich Coleman is the Deputy Premier and Minister Responsible for Housing.

The 100 Mile House Free Press is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province's newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent within 45 days to: B.C. Press Council, PO Box 1356, Ladysmith,B.C. V9G 1A9. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to

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100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015

Publisher Chris Nickless • Editor Ken Alexander



Published by Black Press Ltd. #3-536 Horse Lake Rd., 100 Mile House, B.C., V0K 2E0

Veteran supports Liberal veteran plans To the editor: I kept a journal during my time in Afghanistan. I stopped writing in August 2008 after one of my best mates was killed in a Taliban rocket attack. My military career ended shortly after I was diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I came home to no support network, no career, and I had no idea where to start. I called Veterans Affairs Canada, but weeks went by without the benefits I was entitled

to and without any income. I know that many vets reach out looking for someone to talk to, but often find their calls ignored, blocked, or dropped. I lived in Ottawa, so I could walk into the Veterans Affairs offices and request to see my case manager. After months of red tape, hours on hold, and giving me the runaround, I finally got some help. That’s not an option for many of us, since (Stephen) Harper closed nine service centres for veterans across the country. Justin Trudeau unveiled his plan for veter-

ans and their families last week. If the support he’s promising existed when I was released from the Army, I’d have had a pension and four paid years of school waiting for me. I wouldn’t have had to work while struggling with my health. The enhanced financial support Liberals are offering would have made all the difference. My wife would be eligible for support, which would help her cope with my PTSD injury. I could have accessed one of the Centres of Excellence Mr. Trudeau is proposing and found the real support I desperately needed.

This is why I support the Liberals and their comprehensive plan that will give veterans a real future. I may have stopped writing my journal, but I’m glad I kept it. Those pages remind me that my time in Afghanistan meant something; that the sacrifices I made for Canadians made a difference. Now, I’m working to make it right for my mates and for everyone after me. Matt Luloff, Cpl (Ret’d) Orleans, Ontario

All-candidates forum needed for local politicians To the editor: I am very disappointed in the decision of our local Chamber of Commerce not to organize and host an all-candidates’ forum prior to the upcoming federal election. When I enquired of them a few weeks ago, I was ill-formed that

Sept. 15 would be the date. Obviously, something must have triggered their change of heart. In my letter to the Free Press at the end of July, I commended the Chamber for inviting NDP candidate Bill Sundhu to speak at one of its regular meetings. However, I have since learned

that some Chamber members walked out before hearing Mr. Sundhu and that others chose not to raise issues and concerns about the local economy but preferred to use the occasion to advance their own politically partisan beliefs. This is very unfortunate. We are facing the most impor-

Pulling our weight against world poverty To the editor: In 1969, then Conservative Prime Minster Lester Pearson proposed to the world’s donor nations that we donate 0.7 per cent of our gross national income to overseas development assistance. In 1970, the United Nations ratified it and several nations in the world do more than that – some are up to a full per cent. Lester Pearson won the Nobel

Peace Prize for his work. The rest of the world is serious about eliminating extreme poverty, and this year, as the Millennium Development Goals expire, they are working on the Sustainable Development Goals, with the target of eliminating extreme poverty by 2030. Meanwhile, back in Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has dragged us down to a humiliat-

ing 0.24 per cent, woefully behind other, less wealthy nations. Canadians need a more responsible government. We do not need a short-sighted, morally bankrupt miser who is destroying Canada’s hard-earned reputation as a strong and responsible global citizen. Leo Young Vernon

tant federal election in recent history, so I still hope the Chamber of Commerce or some other community-minded organization recognizes the importance of hearing the views of all the candidates

seeking to be our next MP. The citizens of 100 Mile House and area deserve it. Laurence Chatham 108 Mile Ranch

Kudos for towing company To the editor: Our pick-up truck broke down south of 100 Mile House and we were pulling a 5th-wheel camper on Aug. 19. We would like to say the tow company, Bridge Lake Towing, went beyond what they were required to do to help us. They towed our pick-up to the dealership in 100 Mile House and towed our camper to the municipal campsite. The next day towed our pick-up to Prince

George with us in the tow truck with them. They came to pick us up at the campsite and they were always very friendly. We would recommend them to anyone for doing all this very promptly and doing whatever they could to help us out. Our thanks, guys, for everything. Wayne and Pat Marsolais Prince George

Protest stunts distract from real efforts


There was a round of this in late August, Unist’ot’en as speaking for their after Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the communities. militant Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs “Our Nations support responsible claimed hundreds of RCMP officers were resource development as a way to bring about to descend on the camp. This echoed First Nations out of poverty and bring previous false claims made by self-styled opportunities for our young people,” said anarchists, such as Victoria’s Zoe Blunt who Burns Lake Band Chief Dan George. has been organizing outside Wet’suwet’en First Nation Chief support for the camp for the last Karen Ogen said job and benefit couple of years. agreements for the Coastal Media jumped at the prospect GasLink pipeline were entered of another Gustafson Lake-style into after careful consideration, confrontation. This prompted and she objected to protests from an unusual statement from Cpl. outsiders, some from outside the Janelle Shoihet of the North country. District RCMP. “Sustainability means standing “To clarify, the B.C. RCMP has on our own two feet, providing no intention of ‘taking down the our young people with good Tom camp’ set up by the Unist’ot’en,” paying jobs, and reducing the 40 Fletcher she said, emphasizing police to 60 per cent unemployment we are not taking sides or acting now experience,” Ogen said. as security for pipeline exploration crews Haisla Nation Chief Councillor Ellis Ross being harassed by protesters, who have has no time for crude oil projects, but token support from a couple of dissident he has been working towards gas-related members of a Wet’suwet’en clan. development as long as anyone. Four elected chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en Ross spoke out in support of the elected issued their own statement, to correct Wet’suwet’en chiefs in their efforts to resolve media coverage that represents the the dispute with Unist’ot’en members.


am tired of managing poverty.” The words of Lake Babine Nation Chief Wilf Adam were quoted by both Aboriginal Relations Minister John Rustad and Premier Christy Clark at their second annual meeting with aboriginal leaders around the province. In her closing remarks, Clark repeated her aim to continue economic development and resource revenue sharing that have dominated the government’s approach in recent years. “Let’s eliminate poverty in First Nations communities,” she said, adding “the only way we can fight poverty is to grow the economy.” Not surprisingly, Clark’s chosen example was the potential of liquefied natural gas development for the Haisla Nation near Kitimat. That and similar proposals require new gas pipelines. And as is customary in British Columbia, what people most often hear about are threats and wild claims regarding protests, such as the Unist’ot’en camp near Smithers, set up to block a gas pipeline.

“Opposition is the easiest job in the world,” he said. “What is difficult is finding an answer when a First Nations mother has concerns about her child’s future. “Politicians are quick to shout out sound bites and get into camera shots, but where are the cameras when another First Nations member takes their own life or when they pass away from highway/ alcohol related deaths?” Ross noted that recent court decisions have put B.C. aboriginal leaders in the best position they have ever had, with governments and development project proponents coming to them “with inclusion in mind” after decades of resource development that has passed them by. You wouldn’t know it most days, but First Nations along both the Coastal GasLink and Pacific Trails gas pipelines have agreed to them. More aboriginal leaders are getting tired of managing poverty, and misguided protesters. Tom Fletcher is legislature reporter and columnist for Black Press. Twitter: @ tomfletcherbc E-mail:


Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press


the province Jail sentence for spitting in fast-food worker’s eye KAMLOOPS - A Kamloops woman who spat in the eye of a fast-food employee after refusing to leave a downtown restaurant has been handed a 10-day jail sentence. Amanda Leigh Teasdale pleaded guilty in Kamloops provincial court on Friday, Sept. 11 to one count of assault stemming from an incident at the McDonald’s restaurant on Victoria Street on Aug. 17. Court heard the 20-year-old refused to leave when asked to do so and became agitated, spitting in the left eye of a female employee. In addition to the 10-day jail sentence, Teasdale — who has a criminal record with a prior assault conviction — was also placed on a one-year probation term banning her from entering the McDonald’s on Victoria Street. Teasdale was asked by Kamloops provincial court Judge Stella Frame if she knew she could not sit in a restaurant for hours on end. “I do now,” Teasdale replied. “Especially after this.” Virginia man charged after hotel stay with 13-year-old Abbotsford - A man from Newport News, Virginia has been arrested and charged after renting a hotel room in Abbotsford and staying overnight there with a 13-year-old girl. Abbotsford Police Const. Ian MacDonald said the teen and the man first met over social media in July of this year. He said the two exchanged numerous texts and began a “very concerning but distant relationship.” MacDonald said the man suggested that the pair meet in person and, on Sept. 5, he travelled to Seattle and then to Abbotsford, where he rented a hotel room. MacDonald said the girl met up with the man, and the two stayed overnight in the hotel. The teen left the next morning and contacted her guardian, who then notified the Abbotsford Police Department (APD) about what had occurred. Officers arrested the man outside the hotel on Sunday, Sept. 6. Joshua Michael Napoli, 33, has been charged with sexual assault against a child, child luring and sexual interference.

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100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015

RCMP dealt with thefts


report 100 Mile House RCMP responded to 98 complaints and calls for service during the past week. Below are highlights of the week’s calls. Tools stolen On Sept. 15, 100 Mile House RCMP received a report of theft of tools from a vehicle parked on the 300 block of Evergreen Cres. A Featherlite ladder and two Dewalt Laser Line Detectors were taken. The theft is believed to have occurred the night previous. Breaks in to sleep On Sept. 13, police were called to a report of a break-and-enter to an outbuilding at a residence located on the

5000 block of CanimHendrix Lake Road. Members attended and located a male inside the outbuilding sleeping. He was subsequently arrested for break-and-enter, and was released the following day for court at a later date. Visiting shoplifters On Sept. 12, RCMP were called to a shoplifting incident from a business located on Birch Avenue. It was learned two males had stolen clothing from the business and fled. The two males were located by police and subsequently arrested. It was determined the males were involved in at least three other incidents of shoplifting from the businesses in the downtown area. They were identified by witnesses and surveillance footage, which

shows the incidents taking place. The males were charged with four counts of theft and one of the males with one count of trespassing. A 16-year-old male and a 20-year-old male, both from New Zealand, were remanded for court in Williams Lake. Immigration and Canadian Border Services Agency are also assisting with this incident.

Deer collision On Sept. 10, police responded to a motor vehicle incident (MVI) on Highway 97 and Easzee Drive at the 108 Mile Ranch after a deer had been attempting to cross the road and ran into the side of small car. The driver received some minor injuries from broken glass and was taken to 100


They want the speed limit lowered to 70 km/h until the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure re-engineers and reconstructs that portion of the highway. The residents have formed the 70 Mile House Safety and Speed Reduction Committee, which has been working hard during the past year-and-a-half to make the corridor safer for not only residents but also the travelling public. Committee member Tom Grantham says the recent MVI enhances his concern about the safety issues. “It brings to light exactly what we’ve been forecasting – because of the volume of traffic and the speed they’re travelling – that when we have an MVI, it could be catastrophic.... It does show you what can happen when the trucks travel at the speed they’re doing.” Grantham says this

incident only steeled his resolve to get the speed limit lowered along that 2.5-km stretch of highway. “You would think common sense would come into play when we have a community out here [with] all these vehicles coming and going from different accesses, that it would

only make sense to slow traffic down to give everybody just that little bit of reaction time to manoeuvre safely.” Meanwhile, he says the committee will

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Mile District General Hospital by ambulance. There have been a number of collisions involving deer over the last few weeks in the 100 Mile House area.

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Residents: only lower speed limit will make 70 Mile House safer From A4


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“Helping people reach their maximum potential – Welcome, Jaydon!” 199 Exeter Road,100 Mile House, BC

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continue pressing the ministry and local and provincial government elected officials to make changes to make travel safer through 70 Mile House.

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Last week 14 mm of rain was recorded. Highs peaked at 28 C, with lows to -1 C. Thursday

High Low

15 7

Mix of sun and clouds


High Low

16 9

Chance of showers


High Low

15 6

Light Rain


High Low

16 8

Mix of sun and clouds


High 16 Low 6 Light Rain


High Low

15 6

Risk of thundershowers

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tundra by Chad Carpenter

“We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage.”

Living with FASD

However, there is help for every member of the family

By Shawna Price Although it may not look like it sometimes, your loved one living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) loves and needs you. More often than not, they are just as frustrated with themselves as others are with them. We misunderstand them and they misunderstand us. Children with FASD don’t set out to make others mad at them. Here are some helpful hints to support children with FASD: • Some children with FASD are very sensitive to touch, movement, light or sound. They are so focused on these they are not able to focus on what people are telling them or asking of them. They might act out and act badly as they try to stop the thing that is bothering them. Try to find out what


your child is over sensitive too and reduce or remove it. • Life is full of change and children with FASD have difficulties coping with change. To help with this create routines so your child knows what comes next in the day. When giving instruction, make them clear and simple, plus break them down into small steps. • Take your child’s age and cut it in half. That is the age you can expect them to act. Children with FASD function at different levels so don’t compare your child to another. • Parents must be patient. Children with an FASD can tell you a rule, but that does not mean they can always follow it. This can be very frustrating. • Re-teach your children everything. Don’t get irritable or short tempered when you have to teach your child the same things over and over again – sooner or later (likely later) they will get it. For more information and support call this writer at the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre at 250-395-5155 or sprice@cariboofamily. org.

What’s happening at Parkside:

G SCACS will be holding their A Annual General Meeting L on October 14th from 7-9pm at Parkside Art Gallery location of L the 401 Cedar Avenue, 100 Mile House E We welcome members and all those R persons with an interest in the arts to become involved. Y

Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press

Helpful websites • National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: www.nofas. org • SAMHSA FASD Center for Excellence: • Center for Diseases Control and Prevention FAS Prevention Team: fas Shawna Price is the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre’s FASD key worker.

All you need is a bike and the passion to end MS!

Thompson River Ride September 20, 2015

REGISTER NOW! Title Sponsor


National Sponsors

Provincial Sponsor

Community Sponsors

The 108 Mile Lions and 108 Ranch Community Association invites everyone to

Dinner and Fun Evening

SATURDAY OCT. 3 at the 108 Community Hall Doors open at 6pm • Dinner & Festivities at 7pm Come out and enjoy a traditional Oktoberfest Dinner featuring Sauerkraut, Bratwurst, Potato, Brezel and Dessert then stay for games and dancing ! Entertainment by the South Tyrolean Yodel Duo

Tickets $25 pp available at 108 Mile Supermarket, Donex and Central GM

100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015


Fall Home Improvement 2015 Ways to brighten your home

MS-Autumn is a beautiful time of year marked by pleasant temperatures and colourful fall foliage. However, as vibrant as nature can be in the weeks after summer has ended, homeowners know the shortened days of autumn mean less light inside their homes, which can become dreary even in the weeks before the arrival of winter. Many homeowners pick up their paintbrushes in an effort to make their homes more colour-

ful, but homeowners need not embrace their inner Picasso to brighten their homes’ interiors. Following are a handful of paint-free ways to add some splashes of colour to your home this fall. • Flowers and plants can make colourful additions to a home’s interior. Flowers tend to be aromatic, that can make a stuffy house, in which windows need to be kept closed, a lot more pleasant. Plants and flowers also can improve indoor air quality.

Several studies have shown that houseplants improve indoor air quality by filtering out volatile organic compounds that can be harmful to human health. • Invest in some colourful throw pillows. Natural sunlight brightens a room come spring and summer. However, sunlight is increasingly scarce as fall turns into winter, and rooms that do not boast too many colourful accents can quickly grow drab Continued on A15


300 Industrial Road 100 Mile House 250-395-4800

Canada’s Mortgage Experts™ Diana Forster photo

Montana Forster, who has been in business since 1971, originally in Langley, and especially wellknown for his restoration of antiques, is seen here restoring a 19th century oak rocking chair.

Home Renovations


UPDATING? We can help with your flooring needs, window fashions and decor.

Deanna Guimond, AMP Mortgage Broker

Find inspiration and design ideas for all your home decor needs! SEARCH: United Floors/ Elements Home Decor

If you’re buying a home, refinancing or renewing your current mortgage, or want to do a mortgage check up… it’s worth a call to find out your current options. Store Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm; Saturday 10am - 3pm; Sun. & Mon. Closed

Check out our Selection of Area Rugs, Matting, Ceramics, Blinds, Drapery & Hardwood

Renovating your home can be an exciting way to put your personal stamp on your family’s living space. Whether it’s re-doing your kitchen with a walk-in pantry and the latest appliances, creating the perfect bath retreat, or putting in an up-to-the-minute media room for you and the kids, a well-chosen home renovation can boost your enjoyment of your home and increase its value and equity. While many homeowners assume that these types of projects are beyond their budget, there are a range of sensible financing options available. I can explain what approach is best for you, and introduce you to some innovative and simple ways to get you started in making the most of your home.


The Cariboo’s TrUsTeD MorTgage broker #2-345 Birch Ave., 100 Mile House 250-395-4535

250-395-1912 1-877-468-4722



Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press

Fall Home Improvement 2015

Freshen home for odour-free living

(NC) Indoor stains and smells can be a challenge to tackle. Fortunately, there are surprisingly simple methods to eliminate them. Here are a few tips to freshen up the most stubborn spots in your home. Eliminate refrigerator odours Refrigerators are subject to a variety of spills and odours, but making time for fridge maintenance can help prevent unusual odours and keep your food fresh longer. To cleanse and polish your fridge, begin by emptying the contents of your fridge and throwing out, recycling or composting any food that is expired or beginning to smell. Next, pull out any removable drawers or

shelving and place them in the sink. Using a damp, soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge, wipe down these pieces, the interior of your fridge and the door with a multipurpose cleaner. Alternatively, you can mix two tablespoons of baking soda with one quart of hot water for a natural soap alternative. Don’t forget the seams of the shelves and rubber door seal. If your fridge requires an extra-deep cleaning, unplug it while you work to avoid wasting energy. Before putting all of your food back into the fridge, wipe down the exterior of each jar or container with a damp cloth. Repeat this process every two or three months for the best results.

Make grout lines shine Tile surfaces are prone to dirt and debris, especially in bathrooms or high-traffic areas. To keep tile looking fresh and new, grab an old toothbrush or electric toothbrush for a deeper scrub. Before you start, wash the surface with water then mix two parts baking soda with one part water. Scrub the resulting paste into the cracks and crevices, then douse with water again. If the grout lines are stained, spray a mixture of equal parts vinegar and warm water onto the area and brush. After a final rinse, the grime will be gone. Prevent a mouldy washing machine If you own a front-loading washing machine, you’ve

probably noticed the unpleasant smell that can linger after completing a load of laundry. Despite being more energy-efficient, these

machines have a tendency to hold odours and harbour mold. To clean and prevent grimy buildup, try this: instead of detergent,

cycle two cups of vinegar and a quarter-cup of baking soda on a hot setting. When it’s done, use a clean sponge to scrub down the inside.

Finally, rinse with a plain-water cycle, and you’ll see (and smell) the results. w w w. ne w s canad a . com


Gaven Crites photo

Century Home Hardware owners Pam and Harley Petersen have a wide selection of paint available at the store on Birch Avenue in 100 Mile House.

For all your Home Improvement needs: * Furniture




3 DAYS ONLY! Thursday, Sept. 17 to Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015 *See details in store.



SEARS DAYS on now! Sept. 17-20


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100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015


Fall Home Improvement 2015 Brighten with throws, pillows and rugs From A13

as summertime sunlight dwindles. Instead of buying new furniture, invest in some colourful throw pillows to give a room a more vibrant look. Patterns can be mixed and matched to provide some contrast and transform a room from somewhere to spend time into a sight to behold. • While many of today’s homeowners prefer paint to wallpaper, those who want a less permanent solution to brighten up their homes may want to consider removable wallpaper. Such paper is less expensive than traditional wallpaper, and many do-it-yourselfers find removable wallpaper is easy to both install and remove. Choose a colourful pattern that can turn an otherwise plain wall into a potent palette that adds some life to your home’s interior. Because removable wallpaper does not require a significant financial investment, you can experiment with various colours or change things up each month if you so desire. • Another way to add colour to the walls inside your home is to hang some colourful artwork. Paintings that feature bold colours tend to draw your immediate attention when you enter a room, and that quality can make you forget the room is not benefitting from natural light. If you want to go the extra mile, find a painting that features colours which match throw pillows or other accessories in the room. This way your walls and your accessories are working in concert to make a room more colourful. • A patterned throw rug is another accessory that can effectively brighten a room without much effort or financial investment on the part of homeowners. When

choosing a throw rug, find one that’s colourful but does not clash considerably with exist-

ing furnishings, as you don’t want the rug to draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

You have more freedom with regard to rugs if you’re furnishing an empty room, as you can

choose whichever rug you like and then choose additional furnishings based on the rug.


For all your home painting needs,

we offer Colour Match!

For all your renovating needs:

Gaven Crites photo

TIMBER MART employee Frank Rooney stood by the new Cascade II hot tub on sale at the store on Exeter Station Road in 100 Mile House.


We do special orders, just ask us!

“La Petite Diane” Restoration or Refinishing of Fine Furniture Antique to Modern - Since 1971 -

Montana W. Forster 250-593-2155


service - selection - value unique gifts - home furnishings - decor & more

205-3 Birch ave. Box 1404, 100 mile house, Bc, v0K 2e0

Save Money! Upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace. New natural gas furnaces are technically advanced and up to 98% efficient.


PLUMBING & HEATING Ph. 250-395-1860

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Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press

Fall Home Improvement 2015

FAWN LAKE LUMBER TUE - SAT 9 - 4:30 250-593-4331 Most Sizes & Grades of Cedar

Improve indoor air quality in your home MS-With winter on the horizon, homeowners who live in locales with harsh winters are preparing their homes for a season spent largely indoors. Unlike the other seasons of the year, when homeowners can comfortably air out their homes by opening windows, winter offers no such opportunities to let nature improve indoor air quality.

S u c h a reality can make a home uncomfortable as winter drags on, but that discomfort pales in comparison to the health risks presented by poor indoor air quality. Radon, volatile chemicals from fragrances used in conventional cleaners and lead from house dust are just a few of the many sources of indoor air pollution commonly found in homes, and these pollutants can be especially harmful in winter, when many people spend more time indoors thanks to harsh weather. However, while you might not be able to change the weather so you can open windows in the wintertime, you can take steps to improve indoor air quality in your home. • Dirty floors take their toll on a home’s indoor air quality. Dust that is allowed to settle on floors may contain harmful chemicals and allergens that can lead to respiratory problems and additional uncomfortable health conditions. Clean your floors at least once per week during the winter months, ideally with a vacuum

that’s equipped with a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is important because it can prevent dust and dirt from being blown back out of the vacuum in the exhaust. After you have vacuumed, mop the floors, as even the most effective vacuums leave potentially harmful dust particles behind. A quick clean with a mop and some hot water can remove any lingering dust left behind by the vacuum. • Place a floor mat near every entrance. Winter is a messy season, and it’s easy to bring in the great outdoors when you enter your home during cold weather seasons. Dirt that sticks to your shoes may contain potentially harmful chemicals, so place a floor mat near any door where people routinely enter your home and politely ask that all who enter wipe off and remove their shoes before moving about the house. • Choose naturally scented laundry products. Everyone wants their freshly cleaned clothes to smell good, but the price you pay when using laundry products that employ synthetic fragrances may be far steeper than you realize. Such synthetic fragrances emit dozens of chemicals into the air, so choose naturally scented detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets when possible. • Unless otherwise noted on the packaging, plug-in air fresheners likely contain volatile organic compounds, which contain a variety of chemicals that can negatively impact both short- and long-term health.

Instead of plugging in an air freshener to improve a home’s interior aroma, slice fresh lemons and leave them out in the kitchen and keep fresh

indoor plants in living areas. Studies from NASA have shown that indoor plants naturally purify indoor air by absorbing materials released by synthetic

materials. As winter gets set to return, homeowners can employ several simple strategies to improve indoor air quality in their homes.

Designs for Living HOUSE PLAN OF THE WEEK

Total Living Area: 2089 sq. ft.


Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2.5 Main Level: Entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast corner, powder, laundry and family rooms. Second Level: Four bedrooms, two bathrooms including master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in closet. Garage: Side-entry 19’x19’ 2-car garage with architectural windows. Exterior and interior access doors. Special Features: Classic facade with covered front porch and multiple architectural windows with shutters. Double doors from breakfast alcove to backyard..

Ask an Expert:

Earth-friendly tips for autumn Autumn is upon us, and with the change of seasons comes the fall todo list that must be completed before the arrival of winter weather. Many outdoor jobs are best completed before temperatures drop, while others can be tackled indoors to help save energy and prepare for increased time spent indoors. Outdoor cleanup Autumn means leaves are falling from trees and littering landscapes. Cleaning up leaves can be a timeconsuming task, but it’s necessary to promote the health of lawns and other plants. Grass that is completely matted down with leaves can become starved for light and moisture, and lawns may even rot when forced to spend winter beneath fallen leaves. One eco-friendly timesaver is to shred leaves with a mower (a manual mower is preferable) and leave them as topdressing for the lawn. As long as the grass blades can be seen within the leaves, the lawn should be fine. Shredded leaves will decompose and add necessary

nutrients and organic matter to the soil naturally. Leaves also can be used in annual flower and vegetable gardens to improve the soil. Home repairs Check the roof for any missing shingles. In addition, look for spots where animals or insects may be able to gain entry into your home. Seal these areas and repair any leaks. This will make your home more efficient later on when winter hits its stride.

Remove window air conditioners for the winter. If they can’t be removed, seal them with caulking or tape and cover them with an airtight, insulated jacket. If you have forcedair systems, move furniture away from the vents so that air can flow better around the home and keep it comfortable. Check weather-stripping around windows and doors and make the necessary adjustments. Installing additional insulation also can help reduce energy consumption.

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6755 Hwy 24, 13km east of Lone Butte

PHOTOCOPIES! Available at the Free Press Your Security Is Our Business • Residential & Commercial Alarm Systems • 24 Hour ULC Approved Monitoring • Medical Monitoring • CCTV & Card Access Control Sean Kelly • Fully Licensed & Insured Owner

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TIMBER MART (Lone Butte Supply Ltd.)

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UTILITY CEDAR 2x6 .75 lin ft 1x8 .70 lin ft 1x6 .45 lin ft

Paint • Hardware • LED Floodlights Phone: 250-791-5244 • Fax: 250-791-7344 E-mail:

Located behind the 108 Mall

s r




300 Industrial Road, 100 Mile House Phone: 250-395-4800 BURGESS PLUMBING, HEATING & ELECTRICAL CO. LTD.

100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015

Time to get tickets for Dinner Dance DEKA DISTRICT

Diana Forster 250 593-2155

The Deka Lake & District Volunteer Fire

Department Ladies Auxiliary’s Fall Dinner Dance is slated for Oct. 17. Happy hour is at 5 p.m. and dinner starts at 6. Tickets cost $12 for adults, $6 for children aged six to 12, and wee ones get to eat for free. Reserve your tickets by Oct. 14 by calling

this writer. Everyone is welcome to attend, and raffle winners will be drawn at the dinner. Celebrations Birthday bubbly goes to Tanya Lucente, Carney Myers and Dave McCaw, and especially for Steve Colbert’s golden moment.

Calendar Call the writer for contact numbers. • Kids Space meets 3:30-5:30 p.m., Sept. 18 at the Interlakes Community Centre (ICC). • The Sept. 19 Interlakes Rodeo Grounds tailgate sale is cancelled. • Log Cabin Quilters

meet at 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Sept. 23 at the ICC. • Interlakes Community Association meets at ICC on Sept. 23. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. • Beginners Bridge takes place at the ICC from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Sept. 25 and every Friday.

Family, friends want mural for Keller

Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett notes there a lot of people in the 100 Mile

House area who would like to see a mural painted to remember Jim Keller who recently

passed away. Longtime friend Quill Farnham, family and friends are asking

Cookies support food bank 100 Mile House Tim Hortons has its annual Smile Cookie Week fundraising campaign underway. Store owner Steve MacPhail says 100 per cent of the proceeds from the Smile cookies goes to the 100 Mile House Food Bank. “We’ve done this for the last five years for the Food Bank and there’s

always been incredible support from the community. We’re off to a great start again this year.” Customers can purchase Smile Cookies individually or boxes of one and two dozen – the cookies are $1 each. Folks can have a great treat and support a good cause until midnight on Sept. 20

Toy Run revving up

An upcoming charity ride is an example of the community coming together for a good cause. The 100 Mile House 2015 Toy Run takes place Sept. 20. “We hope to have a lot of bikes show up at the 100 Mile House A&W between 10 to 11 a.m.,” says Tammy

Boulanger, one of the organizers. Kickstands go up and the ride around 100 Mile House starts at 11 a.m. before ending at the 100 Mile House Food Bank to deliver toys and donations.

Fashion for Everyone


Look for the

CANADIAN TIRE FLYER in the Cariboo Connector every Thursday.

Flyer prices are in effect from Friday to Thursday weekly. If you did not receive your Canadian Tire flyer in the Cariboo Connector, please call 250-395-2219

A small appreciation barbecue put on by the Food Bank volunteers will follow the ride. Safeway and SaveOn-Foods have helped sponsor the barbecue to help alleviate the cost to the Food Bank.

anyone who wishes to donate to the 100 Mile House Mural Society for a mural of Keller – to do so. If folks want to donate towards the mural, they

Cariboo ChilCotin Partners for literaCy Kimberly Vance-Lundsbye Community Navigator - Helping newcomers to Canada 778-482-0090

Citizenship information event Sept. 24 at 6:30 p.m.

CCPL Meeting Room, 475 Birch Ave., 100 Mile House (green building)

Are you a Permanent Resident? If you are thinking about applying for Citizenship, join us to learn more about the process, processing times, and fees. Applicants under 55 years of age are required to write a Canadian Citizenship test and show proof they have met the English requirement. Free assistance is available in studying for both exams and with understanding options for meeting the language requirement. Bring your questions!

beCome a lifelong learner Bruce Mack - 250-392-6867 CCPL President Shelly Joyner - 250-395-9303 Operations Manager Melody Newcombe - 250-945-4199 Operations Support Worker


Funded by

clothing • jewellery • gifts Williams Lake 83H 2nd Ave. S. • 250-392-1161 •

can send it to 100 Mile House Mural Society; 6221 Aalton Rd.; 100 Mile House, B.C.; V0K 2E3 – add a note the donation is for Jim’s mural.



Would Like to Thank the Cariboo Regional District and the District of 100 Mile House for their financial donations! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

e Drop In to th! Youth Zone! It’s FREE




What’s On Here’s a convenient listing of upcoming arts, entertainment and cultural events by non-profit groups in the South Cariboo. To be included, call 250-395-2219 at least one week before the event.

• Sept. 18 – The 100 Mile Festival of the Arts’ first meeting of the festival year will be held at 4878 Telqua Drive, 108 Mile Ranch, starting at 3 p.m. The society promotes participation in music and speech arts, holds recitals, sponsors workshops and organizes an annual adjudicated festival. New members are welcome. For more information, call Bruce Madu (250-395-7700), or visit our website at • Sept.18 – The Solid Rock Cafe’ is hosting live music – country, bluegrass, gospel, etc. – at The Rock Youth Centre, 4940 Telqua Dr., (on the church grounds) at the 108 Mile Ranch. Great atmosphere; free admission. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. and music starts at 7 p.m. Information: Pat Melanson at 250-3953846. • Sept. 19 – The Third Annual Doggy Fashion Show is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Andre’s Electronics Experts in 100 Mile House. All proceeds from the event are going to the SPCA and Whisker Kisses Pet Food Bank. Contact organizer Amanda Usher at 250-395-4015 for more information. • Sept. 20 – The 2015 Toy Run will depart from the 100 Mile House A&W and the motorcycles will be on display from 10 to 11 a.m. Riders will cruise the area and deliver their toys and donations to the 100 Mile House Food Bank. • Sept. 23 and 30 – The Eclectica Community Choir invites anyone wanting to experience the joy of music to register for its new season at the 100 Mile United Church at 49 Dogwood Ave., starting at 6:30 p.m. All voices are welcome and no audition is necessary. During the season, rehearsals are at the church on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. • Sept. 26 – There will be a half-day workshop: Seed Saving at Karen Johnson Puckett’s place at 105 Mile. Karen will lead a workshop on seed saving, coupled with a tour of her “backyard.” Her backyard comes complete with heritage turkeys and alpacas and a variety of flowers and vegetable beds. Register before the event as space is limited. To register or for more information, contact South Cariboo Sustainability Society members Peter Jarvis at 250-791-7284 or at, or Shelley Tegart at 250-395-3364 or sategart@ • Oct. 2 - A Lac la Hache Community Coffee House will be at the Pioneer Centre, starting a 7 p.m. It will be a free evening of great entertainment, coffee and snacks. Information: Bruce Wilcox at 250-396-4100. • Oct. 3 – The 108 Mile Lions and the 108 Ranch Community Association are hosting an Oktoberfest Dinner – sauerkraut, bratwurst, potato, Brezel and dessert – and Fun Evening – games, yodeling and dancing – at the 108 Community Hall. Doors open at 6 p.m. with dinner starting at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 each and they’re available at the 108 Mile Supermarket, Donex and Central GM.


We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.


MONDAY to FRIDAY - 9am to 5pm Phone: 250-395-5353 Fax: 250-395-4085 email:


Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press


‘Avant-garde’ artwork on display

Gaven Crites Free Press


or Shirley Gibson-Bull, it isn’t what you paint, but how you paint. “The journey is the important part and a finished painting is the bonus,” is her philosophy. The local artist will have a body of her experimental, “avant-garde” work featured at Parkside Art Gallery in the upcoming “Art Next” show. On display will be watercolour paintings and contemporary mix media, starting Sept. 25 and running until Nov. 7 at the gallery at 401 Cedar Ave. in 100 Mile House. A reception on Sept. 25 goes from 5 to 7 p.m. with an artist talk scheduled at 5:30 p.m. Gibson-Bull moved to Canada from the United Kingdom in 1968. She taught in 70 Mile House before teaching for 20 years at 100 Mile House Elementary School. She took some formal art training in the UK majoring in oils, pottery and silk screen printing, but then came to Canada and took 40 years off, she explains. She doesn’t take courses anymore because she doesn’t really want to do what other people do, she notes, favouring instead a more instinc-

tual and experimental process. “Today I love to experiment. My favourite mediums are watercolour and inks – they encourage spontaneity. “I pour, squirt, scumble and scrape back. I use saran wrap, sea salt, Q-tips, credit cards, rubbing alcohol and sometimes brushes. “I often pour inks on a piece of paper or canvas or whatever I’m using, and see what it reminds me of, and then I’ll add some detail. I never pre-draw and I don’t plan – I just go at it.” Gibson-Bull opened up her studio in 108 Mile Ranch for the recent Studio 2 Studio 3 Self-Guided Art Tour benefiting the South Cariboo Health Foundation on Sept. 12. It was on the inaugural art tour event three years ago when Parkside’s gallery director Barb Brown first came across her work. Brown calls Gibson-Bull a very fine avantgarde artist. “I first saw Shirley’s work on an art tour at 108 Mile Ranch and since that time, as gallery director and as an artist myself, I have been keen to have her works displayed and offered for sale in the gallery.” Gibson-Bull says she never had the intention of selling or putting her work on display before Brown asked her to, but adds she’s excited for the upcoming show.

Gaven Crites photo

Shirley Gibson-Bull opened up her studio to visitors in 108 Mile Ranch for the Studio 2 Studio 3 Art Tour fundraiser on Sept. 12. The local artist's work will be on display during her upcoming show “Art Next” at Parkside Art Gallery in 100 Mile starting on Sept. 25.





6353 Wolfe Rd.

6842 Fawn Creek Rd.

Set on a quiet end-of-road location, this very well built A-frame with loft in Canim Lake boasts the best, brand new and very stylish finishings. Includes the refrigerater, stove, microwave and coffee maker. Also roughed in plumbing for a stackable washer & dryer. Nice view of Canim Lake and the distant mountains. Boat launch close by. Bring your outdoor toys. MLS N247814

So much to offer so close to town. Family home with view of Horse Lake. 2 storey, walk-out basement. Updated & move in ready. Main has modern kitchen, dining & living rooms with views off the deck to the large dog run, pens, chickens, ducks, etc. Upper has 3 bdrms, bath. Master has a balcony with view. Bsmnt has rec room with more room for your own ideas. Greenhouse, storage outside. Close to Horse Lake School & Horse Lake for great fishing. Minutes to town. MLS N246110

Lovely log rancher with loft on heated crawl. Vaulted open plan. Tastefully designed kitchen, full bath with heated floor. Guest bdrm & utility room. Loft has TV room & balcony. Master with ensuite, heated floor & W/I closet. 63'x30' heated log garage/shop, built in 2010. Holds 6 vehicles. 220 volt/100 amp service. Heated with propane. Certified direct vent for garage. Alarms. Private 5 ac. Large 80x80 dog kennel. Close to Fawn & Horse Lakes, close to town. MLS N247670



7962 Little Horse Lake Rd. GREEN LK. AREA

4939 Telqua Dr. 108 MILE RANCH





Privacy plus!! 20 ac. with good grazing, barn w/ horse Cute 2 bdrm mobile w/add set back from the road. New shelters. Two level, 3 bdrm home, unfinished bsmnt. septic system, 3 yr old metal roof. New sundeck & front 2 lg. shops. Crown land on 3 sides. Schedule A applies. stairs. Single detached garage. Schedule A applies.


Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 Tickets will be available periodically at Save-On-Foods and outside of Safeway in the Cariboo Mall, as well as at the 100 Mile Free Press and Hair by Referral BC Lotteries Lic # 76583




takes Check the Winner half the pot! Free Press each week to see how high the thermometer goes.


3890 Roseneau Rd.



LAST YEAR’S WINNER! Crime Stoppers of the South Cariboo volunteer Lorette Penn, left, presented 50/50 fundraiser winner Irene Tinney, and her daughter, Emily, with a cheque for $1,718.50.



Draw Date: Nov. 20, 2015



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100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015


Thrilling start to season Gaven Crites Free Press

Junior B hockey is back in exciting fashion as the 100 Mile House Wranglers opened the 2015-16 Kootenay International Junior Hockey League season hosting a double overtime thriller against the Chase Heat at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre on Sept. 12, before riding into the Eagles' nest in Sicamous on Sept. 15 to snatch a win for themselves against another division rival. The Wranglers beat the Eagles 3-1 and welcomed back to the lineup last season's top scorer, Brett Harris, who assisted on two goals. Liam Cumberbirch opened the scoring in the first period, while Ryan Friesen and Stephen Egan scored goals in the third period. Josh Odelein, Nick McCabe and Tavis Roch also assisted on the plays. Zane Steeves, a 6 foot 1 Red Deer goalie, made 26 saves for 100 Mile House. On Sept. 12, Chase scored a 4-3 win against 100 Mile in double overtime. Kolby Page was named star of the game for 100 Mile House.


FAST bytes CURLING SEASON Curling registration is Sept. 30 in the 100 Mile Curling Club lounge from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for juniors, men's, ladies and mixed leagues. The club is offering new or aspiring curlers free lessons or just an opportunity to try throwing some rocks on Oct. 1 until Oct. 9. Contact Jim Mitchell at 250395-4237 if you're interested in learning the game or trying it out. Contact Joanne at 250-395-2296 or Deanna at 250395-6022 for more information about the leagues.

CIHL TRYOUTS Gaven Crites photo

Wranglers forward Tyler Povelofskie skated up ice ahead of Chase Heat forward Logan Mostat and Wranglers goalie Quinn Ferris in net during the local Junior B hockey club's season opener in 100 Mile House on Sept. 12.

Chase took a 1-0 lead into the second frame. The Wranglers answered back with goals by Roch, who fired one in from the point, and Kolby Page, who got on the board with an assist by his older brother and Wranglers vet, Tate Page. Alex Hanson also assisted on K. Page's

goals; Kolten Carpenter and Egan assisted on Roch's. Chase scored twice more on the power play to take a 3-2 lead into the second period. The Wranglers tying goal could not have come any later, as Justin Bond found the back of the net with 1.7 seconds remaining on the

clock to send the game into overtime. Hanson and Tyler Povelofskie assisted. Quinn Ferris saw 35 shots for the Wranglers. Wranglers coach Dale Hladun says that while the Chase game was likely exciting for the fans, as a coach he was “kind of miserable” because of “dumb” pen-

alties that likely cost the team in the end. “I certainly feel Chase has a good club,” Hladun says. “But I also feel we put ourselves in some uncomfortable positions with some of our penalties and team discipline. I guess we got one point. I'm a little disappointed it wasn't

two.” Egan, a 19-year-old from Smithers, was named captain. “He's a quiet leader,” Hladun says of the third year veteran. “He plays with passion; he practices with passion. He is respected in the room. It was an easy choice to make Egan our captain.”

“Crystal Ball” game at 108 Golf Resort The 108 Ladies Club saw 31 members play a game of “Crystal Ball” in the rain on Sept. 8. Crystal Ball creates great team camaraderie. It is played in teams with each player taking a turn playing with the special “crystal ball” on different holes and calculating their net score for that hole. The best net score of the other three or four players is also counted. Should the player hitting the crystal ball lose the ball at any time, the team is disqualified. Del Gunn made her first birdie ever on the back nine and Corinne French got her first eagle ever on No. 3. Debbie Case birdied No. 11. With a score of 61, the first place team was Shannon Knapp, Millie Halcro and Sharlene Anderson. Second place, with 65, was Debbie Garrow,

Wendy Foster, Gunn and Lori Henderson. In third place with 71 was Carol Ohlund, Janet Roux, Ann Pinkney and Annie McKave. Heather Matsuda and French scored 74 (retrogression) for fourth place. Knapp fired closest to the pin with her third shot on No. 16. Long drives were hit by Ohlund, Knapp and Foster in their respective flights on No. 17. Thirty one 108 Ladies Club members played it a bit cooler at the 108 Golf Resort on Sept. 1 as the temperature takes a dip with the fall season approaching. The ladies recorded long drives, closest to the pin, low gross and low net scores for the weekly round. McKave, followed by Case and Roux, scored low-

est gross in the first flight, while Sharon Cleveland, followed by Shelley Larson and Carol Lidstone, fired lowest net. In the second flight, Char Wahnschaff shot lowest gross, followed by A. Pinkney and Lorraine McCaffrey. Laverne Martin was the lowest net shooter, with Shirley Boyson second and Maureen Menzies third lowest. The third flight saw Foster shoot lowest gross, followed by Pauline Weigelt and Lynn Smeds. Lowest net in the third flight belonged to Sharon Thompson, with French second and Halcro third. Foster birdied No. 3. McKave, Knapp and Foster shot closest to the pin on No. 5 in their respective flights. McKave, Thompson and Foster knocked the longest drives on No. 2 in their flights.

The Lac la Hache Tomahawks are having open tryouts in Williams Lake Sept. 22 (9 p.m.), Sept. 23 (9:15 p.m.) and Sept. 30 (9:15 p.m.). Byron Louie was named new coach of the Central Interior Hockey Club ahead of the 2015-16 season, which starts when the local club travels to Williams Lake to take on the Stampeders on Oct. 17. The Tomahawks' home opener is Oct. 18 against the Smithers Steelheads at the Rolf Zeis Memorial Arena.

TAOIST TAI CHI Classes for Taoist Tai Chi, the art of moving meditation designed to promote well-being for people of all ages and all abilities, are soon starting in the 100 Mile House area. Phone 250-706-8222 or email 100milehouse @ taoist. org for more information. Beginner classes start Oct. 5 in Lone Butte; Oct 6 at the Creekside Seniors' Activity Centre in 100 Mile; and Oct. 6 at the 108 Ranch Community Hall. A health recovery class starts Oct. 8 at Creekside Seniors' Activity Centre.


Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press

New Tomahawks coach looks to build 'winning product'

Gaven Crites Free Press

Byron Louie has a plan to sharpen the Lac la Hache Tomahawks, to turn the local senior men's hockey club, which finished 3-13 last season, into a winning Central Interior Hockey League product. But, competitive edge in mind, the team's new coach is keeping that plan under wraps for now. With the 2015-16 season approaching, Louie, a Williams Lake resident, is replacing Al Navrot as the Tomahawks head coach. While Louie has been involved with hockey all his life, this will be his first stint as head coach after serving as assistant coach under Navrot last season. “It's exciting, for sure,” Louie says. “Having that opportunity and having someone with so much experience and knowledge as the previous coach working with me for a year, and getting him to see what I can do, and him having enough faith in me to step in this year.” The Lac la Hache Tomahawks are having open tryouts in Williams Lake Sept. 22 (9 p.m.), Sept. 23 (9:15 p.m.) and Sept. 30 (9:15 p.m.). The regular season starts on the road for Lac la Hache when they meet the defending East Division champions, the Williams Lake Stampeders, on Oct. 17. The Tomahawks' home opener is Oct. 18 against the Smithers Steelheads in Lac la Hache. The Tomahawks play their home games at the Rolf Zeis Memorial Arena. The organization, in the wake of another losing season, struggled financially with poor attendance numbers in 2014-15. Speaking in a somber tone back in February after the end of the season, then coach Navrot

Monika Paterson photo

Starting goalie Willie Sellars faced a lot of shots in net for the Lac la Hache Tomahawks last season. The Lac la Hache Tomahawks are having open tryouts in Williams Lake Sept. 22, Sept. 23 and Sept. 30.

said some important changes had to be made in the near future to ensure the club's viability . “We want to keep the team alive,” he said. “There are a lot of good quality hockey players around. We're just trying to keep what we have alive.” In response to a question about fundraising and getting fans in the seats this year, Louie responds, “getting the team to be successful and putting a winning product on the ice will go a long way to increasing our attendance.” Louie talks about implementing a new system the team will use in all three aspects of the game – on offense, defence and speciality teams. “So that all our players know exactly what it is we're expecting each game.” Asked what the new system is called, Louie responds with a chuckle: “I don't have a name for it.” The main core of the team is expected to return along with a few new skaters, says the coach. “Our tryouts are open. Historically, it's been a pretty strong First Nations content on the team, but we're always looking for any players willing to come

out and give us their best effort. We hope to see a lot of players come out and skate for us.” The playoff format for 2015-16 was changed in May to allow all seven teams to enter the playoffs. Last season, the bottom two West Division teams and the bottom East Division team (Lac la Hache) didn’t make the post-season. This year, the top team in the East, which includes Williams Lake, Quesnel and Lac La Hache, will receive a bye through the firstround and face the

winner of the No. 2 and No. 3 seeds in the second round. So no matter how the regular season goes, Lac la Hache is guaranteed a playoff spot. The West Division includes Terrace,

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Smithers, Kitimat and Prince Rupert. The Terrace River Kings beat the Williams Lake Stampeders in the 2014-15 finals, two games to one, to capture the CIHL championship banner in February.

100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sighting in for hunting season

By Julian Willsey

Well, it’s that time of year when hunters will be heading out to harvest their favourite game. I am noticing more activity at our Lone Butte Fish & Wildlife Association range. People want their rifles sighted in and ready to take down that buck, bear, elk or moose. Sighting in your rifle should be a priority prior to heading out on your hunt. A lot of people think because their rifle was sighted in perfectly last season, it should still be good. And sometimes it is, but not always. So it’s a good idea to check it out. You don’t want to miss out on that buck of a lifetime because you didn’t make sure your rifle was zeroed in. Some things to take with you to the range when sighting in: a good solid rifle rest, a suitable target, a staple gun or push/pull pins. There are some good life-size deer targets out there that are very helpful. Depending on the distance you plan on shooting, a good set of

Julian Willsey photo

Local resident Ryan Chamberlain took aim at a target at the Lone Butte Fish & Wildlife shooting range. Sighting in your rifle should be a priority before heading out on a hunt, says Julian Willsey, the rifle chair of the Lone Butte Fish & Wildlife Association.

binoculars or a quality spotting scope come in very handy. When sighting in, use the same ammo you will hunt with. That may sound obvious, but I frequently see people finishing off a box of one bullet weight and then hunting with another bullet weight. Prior to sighting in, it’s a good idea to check your scope mounts for looseness. Everything should be nice and tight and the scope levelled. I give my rifle a good

cleaning prior to shooting. Use a lubricant suitable for the weather you will be hunting in. Also, know your trajectories. Most modern hunting rounds are close to 1.5 inches high at 100 yards when sighted in for dead-on at 200 yards. If between 100 and 200 yards is where you will find yourself shooting, I would sight in for a 200 yard zero. If not, consult with a good ballistics chart to help you with accurate hold-

overs. A little trick to pass on to you that was shown to me many years ago by an experienced hunter is that after sighting in, fire four or five shots at a 25 yard target and note where the bullets impact. If it happens you drop your rifle or otherwise bang your scope on something and aren’t sure if you have lost your 200 yard zero, you can quickly check if everything has stayed the same by shooting a few rounds at 25 yards.

Finally, good solid rest is important when sighting in. Take your time doing your sight in shots and avoid getting the barrel too hot. Remember, you will most likely be shooting with a cold barrel, so avoid shooting too quickly. I will shoot, as a rule, at least five shots from a rest to be sure my rifle is printing where I want. I realize that unless you are a reloader, hunting ammo is expensive. Most of our shots in the field will be standing without a rest of some kind. Once you have ensured your rifle is dead on from a rest, I believe it is a good idea to shoot at a target standing because that is most likely how you will take your shot. Don’t forget to sight in your .22’s as well. Head shots on grouse can be tricky, but with a properly sighted in rifle you can shoot with confidence. Good luck this season, safe hunting! Julian Willsey is the rifle chair of the Lone Butte Fish & Wildlife Association

Terry Fox Run is Sept. 20

The 35th Annual Terry Fox Run is being held in cities and towns all over Canada on Sept 20. In 100 Mile House, the renowned charity event in honour of a national icon starts at the Tourist Info Centre on Airport Road. Registration is 9:30 a.m. and the run/walk begins at 10 a.m. starting with a warmup. There is a one-kilometre loop around the 100 Mile Marsh and a five-km route that travels through Centennial Park and Bridge Creek Falls. (Anyone wanting to do a 10-km run/ walk is welcome to do it twice.) Refreshments and snacks will be provided. There is no registration fee and no minimum donation. Limited t-shirts are available for sale. Anyone can register

as an individual or team on the Terry Fox website: www. terryfox .org/ run. From there you can create your own website to request donations and fundraise. Cancer survivors can order a free red t-shirt by registering online and share their story as well. Local run organizer and cancer survivor Shannon Pennicott encourages everyone to take a few moments and browse the site and get refreshed with the Terry

Fox story and the hero he really is. “Come out with your family and friends for a nice walk, run or bike ride and support a great cause,” Pennicott says. “I would love to hear from anyone who has a story to share that would like to speak at the run.” She can be reached via email at pennicott@ Since 1981, the Terry Fox Foundation has raised over $650 million for cancer research, while striving to main-

tain the heroic effort and integrity that ath-

lete and activist Terry Fox embodied.

A Charity Fundraising Event supporting Wetland Conservation

Volunteers Warmly Welcomed Call Chris at 250-395-2219 or 250-791-6616

You’re invited to the 31st


Saturday, Oct. 17th, 2015 NEW LOCATION

at the

100 Mile Community Hall

Doors open 5:30 pm • Dinner 6:30 pm • Auction to follow

Just a reminder to get your tickets early as this very popular event SOLD OUT last year. TICKETS $40 per person, available at Donex, 108 Mile Supermarket, Life Cycle Financial, Royal Bank or the 100 Mile Free Press


Financial Tip of the Week With Did you Know? – Charitable Giving a Fact! You can claim total donations up to Judy Simkins 100% of net income in the year of death Franchise President, & the preceding year? Example – Ms. 100 Mile House Donor had an RRSP worth $200,000.00 since she had no dependants she named her favourite charity/foundation as beneficiary of her RRSP. When she wpassed away her income was $75,000.00; her marginal taxw wrate was 43%, in this case the entire tax bill from the RRSPw w w winclusion is offset by the tax savings from the donation. A taxw saving of $86,000.00! This means that her favourite charity/ w w wfoundation receives the full $200,000.00 donation. w w w wThis information is for general information purposes only and is not intendedw wto provide legal, accounting, tax or personalized financial advice. Please speakw wto your own advisors concerning your personal situation. w w w w w w w w w YCLE wLIFE w w FINANCIAL w w 250-395-2900w w385 Cedar 100 Mile House w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w Here’s what’s happening with w w your Wranglers Hockey Team… w w w w w w NEXT HOME GAME w w w w Friday Sept. 18 at 7pm w w w VS w w w w w w w w w w w Tickets available at the door, arrive early to get w w fantastic seats. Adults $10.50, Student/Sr $8.50 w w w w Away Games w w w w w w w Sept. 25 at Creston Valley Thunder 7:30 pm w w Sept. 26 at Fernie Ghostriders 7:30 pm (MST) w w w w Sept. 27 at Columbia Valley Rockies 1 pm (MST) w w w w w w w For tickets and information call the w w Wrangler’s Offi ce at 250-395-1005 w w w w This Wranglers Rap Sponsored By: w w w w w w w 250-395-4017 w w w 100 Mile House w w 250-395-2414 w w HWY 97, w w 100 MILE HOUSE w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 2 95B Cariboo Hwy 97 v Coach House Square v 250-395-4094 w w w w OPEN 7:30am-10pm w w w 7 days a week w w Coach House Square • Hwy. 97, 100 Mile House • 250-395-2543 w w w w w w Uptown Plaza, Horse Lake Rd. w w Let Us Help You. 250-395-4081 w w w w Watch Your Wranglers online at w w w w w w w Watch this weekly ad for more info w or phone 250-395-1005 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w





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Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press

Chamber provides food, Learn about invasive species baby supplies and cash Free workshop includes handouts, field trip and food

Ken Alexander Free Press

The recent South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce asked participants of the 2014 Awards of Excellence Dinner to donate food and baby items to receive a $5 reduction to their dinner ticker. For those paying full price, the Chamber donated $5 of the ticket price to the South Cariboo Food Security Committee (SCFSC). Through the generosity of guests and the Chamber, five bags of food and baby supplies and $200 in cash were collected. The SCFSC recommended the proceeds be shared by the five organizations supporting food security in the South Cariboo, including 100 Mile House Food Banks, Loaves & Fishes Outreach, 100 Mile and District Women’s Centre Society, Canadian Mental Health Association-South Cariboo Branch Soupe de Tour and Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre (CFEC).

Folks are invited to attend a free hands-on Aquatic Invasive Species Workshop at the Lac la Hache Community Hall on Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This free workshop will provide information and resources to help keep area lakes and rivers free of invasive species, such as smallmouth bass, yellow flag iris, purple loosestrife and Eurasian watermilfoil. Provincial experts will share information about area invasive fish and aquatic invasive plants. There will be free resources participants can take home. Participants will go on a hands-on field tour that will

100 Mile Funeral Service Ltd.





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Lisa De Paoli photo

100 Mile & District Women’s Centre office co-ordinator Joyce Smelter, left, received a $200 cheque and some food from South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce executive director Shelly Morton. The money and food were collected at the Chamber’s recent Business Excellence Awards.

“We are pleased to be able to support the food security needs of children, youth and families, and thank our members for their generosity,” says Shelly Morton, Chamber exec-

utive director. All five organizations are grateful to accept donations of food and supplies for babies and children throughout the year, says CFEC executive director Lisa De Paoli.

Five Rivers Crematorium

“For every cremation ten trees are planted locally in honour of your loved one.”

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Obituaries JARVIS

Karen Irene (nee Jacobson) In loving memory of Karen Irene Jarvis (née Jacobson) who passed away on June 17, 2015 at the North Okanagan Hospice in Vernon after a lengthy

battle with cancer. Karen was predeceased by her husband, Ric Jarvis in 2010 and is survived by her friend Ken; children Chris, Matthew and Alexandra; sister Joan and their families. No service by request. Donations to the Hospice Society in Karen’s name would be appreciated.

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Myra Hindmarsh, front, Asia Hindmarsh, middle left, Misty Lee Luczak and Brittanie Kerr, and Misty Lee’s mother, Amanda Klasson, were selling cookies and lemonade for Muscular Dystrophy outside the Safeway store recently.

demonstrate techniques to help you take action on invasive species. People need to come prepared for outdoor adventuring, and a vehicle will be required for field portion along the lake. Folks will be fed locally catered refreshments and lunch. For more information or to register, contact Julianne Leekie at the Invasive Species Council of BC at or 1-778-266-0034.

T: 250 395 0918 F: 250 396 7615 W:



MACDONALD Bernice Donna

Sept .19, 1944 – June 24, 2015

It is with deep sadness we announce the passing of our beloved wife, mom, nanny, and great‐nanny. Bernice will be lovingly remembered by her devoted husband, Kenneth MacDonald, of 53 years who was her soul mate, best friend and with whom she shared many great adventures. Warm, caring and servant hearted, Mom was all about taking care of her family. With a smile for everyone she met and her down to earth, playful personality, she made friends easily and always enjoyed a good laugh. Mom loved and cherished animals and loved spending endless hours working in her yard on a hot, sunny day. She leaves a hole in the hearts of her children Barbie (Steve), Rose (John), Mary Ann (Mark), Kenny (April), Donna (Rob); and in the hearts of her grandchildren Charlie, Justin (Trina), Rachelle, Trevor, Mackenzie, Zachary, Emily, Michael, Jordan, and L.J; and her great granddaughter Serenity. As she will also be missed by her many friends and relatives. Good bye to our little hummingbird, our small wonder, we will see you again. A Celebration of Life will take place on Sept. 19, 2015 at 1 p.m. Lone Butte Community Hall

these local flyers B for in this week’s I N When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. G 250 O Read it. Live it. Love it! 395-2219 Save-On-Foods • Sears • Safeway • Pharmasave • Exeter Forest & Marine

100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sept. 30: Help Take Back The Night

Ken Alexander Free Press

People are going to be able to speak out about violence against area women and children in the 100 Mile House on Sept. 30. The 100 Mile House & District Women’s Centre Society is hosting the annual Take Back The Night Candlelight Walk and folks are urged to gather at the 100 Mile Community Hall on Sept. 30, start at 5:30 p.m..

This year, organizers another in our effort are holding the event to end violence against at the comwomen and munity hall so girls and there will be a all of their great commufamilies for nity presence, good.” says Women’s She adds Centre executhe women’s tive director centre is also Sonja Ramsay. including Sonja “Sept. 30, the White RAMSAY 2015 is going to R i b b o n be the best pubC amp ai g n , lic event the [Women’s which was organized Society] has ever put on. by men working to end Men and women will men’s violence against come together and stand women. together to support one The campaign is ded-

icated to the 14 female engineering students who were murdered by gunman Marc Lépine in the massacre at the École Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec on Dec. 6, 1989. The Sept. 30 event at the community hall will run from 5 to 8:30 p.m. and will start with opening remarks and a blessing from the Shuswap Nation, followed by an RCMP-escorted walk around the downtown core. After that, there

will be light refreshments and snacks back at the hall, followed by guest speakers, a belly dancing demonstration and closing thank-yous. Participants are encouraged to wear purple and white, which can be picked up at the Women’s Centre (#102 475 Birch Ave.) for a suggested donation of $2. “Please bring your musical instruments and let’s make noise. Together we can break

Cariboo Connector upgrade complete A major four-lane expansion of Highway 97 between 74 Mile and 76 Mile is now completed, according to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Delivered one month ahead of schedule, approximately 4.3 kilometres of Highway 97 are now upgraded, tying

together the previously completed Stormy Road and 70 Mile House North four-lane sections south of 100 Mile House. The completion of this Cariboo Connector project means there is a continuous section of four-lane highway approximately 32 kilometres in length

extending from just north of 70 Mile House to six kilometres south of the District of 100 Mile House. This expanded section of one of British Columbia’s most important corridors will improve safety and efficiency for families, commercial traffic and tourists trav-

elling this route, says Transportation Minister Todd Stone. All nine Cariboo Connector Phase 2 projects will be complete or underway by

2017. When completed, almost 50 per cent of the 440-kilometre highway between Cache Creek and Prince George will be either three or four lanes.

the silence of violence to the Women’s Centre and build peace.” Society will be available. There is no fee to There is a new memberattend this event and ship format: individual, candles will be provid- $5-$100; and corporate, ed. $150-$1,000. Participants areLAMPLIGHTER asked MOTEL Corporate sponsors to bring donations of will be highlighted on Call Toll Free 1-800-563-7401 money or non-perishthe Women’s Centre able food. website, which is schedIndividual and cor- uled to be completed by porate memberships the end of the year. Jacuzzi Suite • Sauna & Whirlpool Satellite • Kitchens Coin Laundry • Air-conditioned Golf & Ski Packages • Senior’s Rates

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Dealer order or trade may be required. * Offer available to qualified retail customers in Canada for vehicles delivered from September 1 and September 30, 2015. 0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by TD Auto Finance Services, Scotiabank® or RBC Royal Bank for 84 months on all new or demonstrator 2015 Spark LS 1SA, Sonic LS 1SA Sedan, Cruze LS 1SA, Malibu 3LT, Impala 1LZ, Camaro 1LS & 2LS, Trax LS 1SA Manual, Equinox LS AWD, Traverse LS FWD, Colorado 2WD, Silverado 1500 Double Cab 2WD WT / Crew Cab 2WD WT and Silverado HD’s 2WD WT with gas engine. Participating lenders are subject to change. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $40,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $476.19 for 84 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $40,000. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. Freight and air tax ($100, if applicable) included. Licence, insurance, registration, PPSA, applicable taxes and dealer fees not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ®Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. ^ $10,380 is a combined total credit consisting of a $3,000 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive) for 2015 Silverado Light Duty Double Cab, $1,000 Owner Cash (tax inclusive), a $1,200 manufacturer to dealer Option Package Discount Credit (tax exclusive) for 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Light Duty (1500) Double Cab LS equipped with a Custom Edition and a $5,180 manufacturer to dealer cash credit (tax exclusive) on Silverado Light Duty (1500) Double Cab WT 4WD, LS, LT or LTZ which is available for cash purchases only and cannot be combined with special lease and finance rates. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing this $5,180 credit which will result in higher effective interest rates. Discounts vary by model. †† Offer applies to eligible current owners or lessees of any model year 1999 or newer car that has been registered and insured in Canada in the customer’s name for the previous consecutive six (6) months. Credit valid towards the retail purchase or lease of one eligible 2015 model year Chevrolet car, SUV, crossover and pickups models delivered in Canada between September 1st and September 30th, 2015. Credit is a manufacturer to consumer incentive (tax inclusive) and credit value depends on model purchased: $500 credit available on Chevrolet Spark, Sonic, Volt, Trax, Malibu (except LS); $750 credit available on others Chevrolet vehicles (except Cruze, Colorado 2SA, Camaro Z28, Malibu LS, Silverado Light Duty and Heavy Duty); $1,000 credit available on Chevrolet Cruze and on all Silverado’s. Offer is transferable to a family member living within the same household (proof of address required). As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada Limited (GMCL) to verify eligibility. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Certain limitations or conditions apply. Void where prohibited. See your GMCL dealer for details. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate offers for any reason in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. ‡ $2,500/$3,000/2,000/$2,250 is a combined credit consisting of $500 September Bonus (tax inclusive), $1,000/$500/$500/$750 Owner Cash (tax inclusive) and $1,000/$2,000/$1,000/$1,000 manufacturer to dealer finance cash (tax exclusive) for a 2015 Cruze/Malibu 3LT/Trax/Equinox which is available for finance offers only and cannot be combined with special lease rates and cash purchase. † $4,500/$7,695/$5,250/$4,000/$5,450 is a combined total credit consisting of $500 September Bonus (tax inclusive), $1,000/$500/$750/500/750 Owner Cash (tax inclusive) and a $3,000/$6,695/$4,000/$3,000/$4,200 manufacturer to dealer cash credit (tax exclusive) for a 2015 Cruze/Malibu/Impala/Trax/Equinox, which is available for cash purchases only and cannot be combined with special lease and finance rates. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing this $3,000/$6,695/$4,000/$3,000/$4,200 credit which will result in higher effective interest rates. Discounts vary by model and cash credit excludes Cruze LS-1SA/Malibu LS and 3LT/Impala 1LZ/Trax LS 1SA Manual/Equinox LS AWD. ¥ Offer available to retail customers in Canada only. $500 September Bonus applies to new 2015 Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu, Impala, Trax, Equinox and Silverado LT Crew Cab delivered between September 16 and September 30, 2015. The $500 September bonus includes HST/GST/QST/PST as applicable by province. Limited time offers, which may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. See dealer for details. ‡‡ $5,000 is a combined credit consisting of a $1,000 Owner cash (tax inclusive), $3,000 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive) for 2015 Silverado Light Duty Double Cab and a $1,000 manufacturer to dealer finance cash (tax exclusive) for a 2015 Silverado 1500 which is available for finance offers only and cannot be combined with special lease rates and cash purchase. ** The 2-Year Scheduled Lube-Oil-Filter Maintenance Program provides eligible customers in Canada, who have purchased or leased a new eligible 2015 MY Chevrolet (excluding Spark EV), with an ACDelco® oil and filter change, in accordance with the oil life monitoring system and the Owner’s Manual, for 2 years or 40,000 km, whichever occurs first, with a limit of four (4) Lube-Oil-Filter services in total, performed at participating GM dealers. Fluid top offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc. are not covered. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motors of Canada Limited reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ^^ Whichever comes first. See dealer for details.





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Stock # 15314B







Shop with the professionals - we have over 50 years combined knowledge and experience. WE are your neighbours.
















2010 GMC SIERRA 1500 SLE







Stock # P887

10,380 +
















% 84 0$3,000 FOR




% 84 0$2,000



% 84 0$2,250




Stock # 15228H

199 Exeter Road, 100 Mile House, BC

250 395 4017 Toll Free: 1 877 395 4017

























$4,000 $








Stock # 15172A








$4,750 $






$3,500 $





$4,950 $










Call Central Chevrolet GMC Buick at 250-395-4017, or visit us at 199 Exeter Road, V0K 2E0, 100 Mile House. [License #10683]

Stock # P893

*0% on selected models OAC. Conditions subject to change. Taxes and Doc. extra. See dealer for details

DL 10683

Cariboo Community


In 100 Mile’s

Let Us .Beside 100 Mile Free Press Help You




SEPTEMBER 17, 2015­— B1 • connecting the community •


Free to all non-subscribers




Helping You Is What We Do!

96 Hwy. 97, 100 Mile House 7120 Levick Cres., Hwy. 24 (By Tim Hortons & Red Coach Inn) Interlakes Corner

Tel: 250-395-3424 Tel: 250-593-0326 Toll Free: 1-800-663-8426

West Fraser Celebrates 60 years

Ken Alexander and Monika Paterson photos

Centennial Park Sept. 13


~ Specializing in Gas & Electric Heat ~ We Offer Service, Repairs & Replacement for: Gas & Electric Furnaces Appliances Gas Fireplaces Water Heaters, Softeners Water Filters & RO Systems Boilers

Also Offering Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

JOE SHAVER Licensed and Bonded Gasfitter

Shaver Comfort Solutions, Ltd.

Ph: 250-395-5344 Unser Techniker Spricht Deutsch.

Did our Free Press photographer take YOUR picture? If you don’t see the picture you want, please come into the Free Press office as we have many more available for reprints.




100 Mile House and Surrounding Area

7962 Little Horse Lake Rd.

GREEN LK. AREA • NOW $169,000

Privacy plus!! 20 ac. with good grazing, barn with horse shelters. Two level, 3 bdrm home, unfinished basement. 2 lrg. shops. Crown land on 3 sides. Schedule A applies. MLS#N245982

In the Red Caboose, Save-On-Food’s Parking Lot



4939 Telqua Dr.

108 MILE RANCH • NOW $99,900

Cute 2 bedroom mobile with addition set back from the road. New septic system, 3 yr old metal roof. New sundeck & front stairs. Single detached garage. Schedule A applies. MLS#N245974


6712 Katchmar Rd.


Build your dream home here! Cleared 10 ac with lots of visiting wildlife. Older mobile with addition to live in now. Electrical Inspection 2011. Several outbuildings. Mobile has no value. MLS N247369

KATHY FIRTH Cell: 250-706-9776




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The The The



If It’sworthy s r u newn o y t c ta …co spondent! corre


Run For Cancer Cancer Research For For Cancer Cancer Research Research For Research

Vic Popiel 70 Mile 250-456-2321


These are your neighbours, and they help ensure the Free Press offers regional coverage of the communities in the South Cariboo. Their names and contact numbers are published alongside their columns so call them when you have news, important information about upcoming events or neat stories to share with your community.

Diana Forster Deka Lake/Bridge Lake/Interlakes 250-593-2155

Your community, your correspondents…

Doris Rufli Forest Grove 250-397-7775

Sunday Sunday


Your Community Newspaper Since 1960!

Monika Paterson Lac la Hache 250-395-0918

September 20, 20, 2015 September September 20, 2015 2015 | 1 888 836-9786 | 1 888 836-9786 || 11 888 888 836-9786 836-9786 for kidney transplantation and organ donation | 1 888 836-9786

A Step in the Right Direction Could Save a Life. for kidney transplantation and organ donation Who are you walking for?

CHURCH SERVICES Come Worship With Us

LAC LA HACHE COMMUNITY CHAPEL A ministry of the Cariboo Presbyterian Church WORSHIP 10am Sunday, Little Church, Timothy Lk. Rd. 7pm Sun. eves, at F. G. Legion,Forest Grove. 7pm Wed. eves, at Bonter Residence, Hwy 24 For Info call 250-396-4251 Minister: Bruce Wilcox

HORSE LAKE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Meetings at the Good News Centre 5827 Horse Lake Road Bible Teaching Meeting ...... Sun. 11:00am

“We preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake” For info telephone 250-395-1070

September 20, 2015

Start Location: South Cariboo Visitor Info Centre Registration at 9:30am • Run Begins at 10:00am

100 Mile House & Area

Reg Berrington 108 Ranch 250-791-9235

Al Jones Horse Lk/Lone Butte 250-395-5193

Gisele Poliseno Watch Lk/N. Green Lk 250-395-9082

Katie McCullough Clinton 250-459-2172

Did we take your picture?


9am & 11am Sunday Service 7pm Wednesday - Youth Church Huge Kids’ Ministry Real People, Real Problems, Real God, Real Answers Church 250-791-5532 email: Website:




ST. JUDE’S CATHOLIC MISSION CHURCHES 5691 Horse Lake Road 250-395-4429 Fax: 250-395-4228

Rev. Vernantius Ononiwu

WEEKEND MASSES: Sat: 4:00pm - OAPA Hall, Lac la Hache Sun: 9:30am - St. Jude’s, 100 Mile House Sun: 11:30am - St. Augustine, Canim Lk. Sun: 2:00pm - Holy Family, Bridge Lk. WEEKDAY MASS: at St. Jude’s Mon.- Fri. 8:00am, and Sat. 9:00am

for kidney transplantation and organ donation

A Step in the Right Direction A StepSave in the Could a Right Life. Direction Could Save Life. Who are youa walking for? Who are you walking for?


Pastor Kevan Sears Sunday Morning Worship ~ 10am

One in 10 individuals in BC and the Yukon has kidney disease, and many are in urgent need of a kidney transplant. Your steps can make a difference. Help us raise critical funds to support kidney patients. Taking these simple steps could save a life.

American Sign Language available Sundays


SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30am Pastor Andy Kahle Horse Lk. Rd. (just over the bridge) Phone: 250-395-5159

BETHEL CHAPEL (Affiliated with PAOC)

550 Exeter Truck Route

William Stewart, waiting for a kidney Jasleen and her friend, Harleen, touched by kidney disease

One in 10 individuals in BC and the Yukon has kidney disease, and many are in urgent need of a kidney transplant. Your steps can make a difference. Help us raise critical funds to support kidney patients. Taking these simple steps could William Stewart, waiting for a kidney save a life. Jasleen and her friend, Harleen, touched by kidney disease William Stewart, waiting for a kidney Jasleen and her friend, Harleen, touched by kidney disease

Register for your local Kidney Walk at

One in 10 individuals in BC and the Yukon has kidney and many urgent need One in disease, 10 individuals in BCare andinthe Yukon has of a kidney transplant. Your steps can make kidney disease, and many are in urgent needa 100 Mile House: Centennial Park difference. Help us raise critical funds to support of a kidney transplant. steps can make a September 27,Your 2015 kidneyRegistration: patients. these simple could difference. Help Taking us raise critical fundssteps to support 9:00am 10:00am save aWalk: life. kidney patients. Taking these simple steps could save a life. Register for your local Kidney Walk at

SUNDAY SERVICE 10:00am Photo reprints may not be used for commercial purposes.

Reprints from these and many other digital photos taken by Free Press photographers are available in various sizes and prices. Drop by our office to view the photos and place your order today! Hours: Monday - Friday • 8:30am - 4:00pm

250-395-2219 #3 Uptown Plaza 536 Horse Lake Road, 100 Mile House




A Spirit-filled ministry SUNDAYS 10:45am

Pastor Dennis Smith 250-609-1027 New Location: South Cariboo Business Centre (Green Old Provincial Building)


Corner of Hwy. 97 & Tatton Stn. Rd. Prayer Time - 9:30am Sunday Worship 10:30am Pastor Dean Denlinger Church Office 250-791-9253

100 Mile House Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015 Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015 B3

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Memorial Donations The Canadian Cancer Society appreciates your generous support. Please send the name of the deceased, name/ address of next of kin and name/address of donor for tax receipt (VISA/MC accepted) to: Canadian Cancer Society, 1633 Pandosy Street, Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 1P6. or Phone: 1-800-403-8222. Memorial donations to the 100 Mile House General District Hospital Auxiliary can be sent to: Box 851, 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2E0.







Help Wanted

Financial Services

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Trades people required at North Enderby Timber. We offer a competitive wage and a comprehensive benefit package. Please fax resume to 250-838-9637 or email to

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Personals JOIN US at the United Church, 49 Dogwood Ave at 10:30 AM on Sundays, where faith and spirit grow.

Memorial donations to the 100 Mile House SPCA can be sent to: Box 1948, 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2E0. Memorial donations to Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children can be sent to: 3550 Waybourne Way, Burnaby, B.C. V5G 3K9. Memorial donations to Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon can be sent to: 729 Victoria Street, Kamloops, B.C. V2C 2B3. The South Cariboo Health Foundation welcomes memorial gifts in support of our local Acute and Residential Health Care facilities, as well as, Community Health projects and activities. Mail donations to: S.C. Health Foundation, Bag 399, 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2E0 or drop them off at the hospital. Donations can be made to the Gideons by phoning 1-888-482-4253, using your credit card. The Gideons will send a card to the bereaved, so have their address handy. For funeral display or other information, contact Pete Penner at 791-6302

Funeral100 Mil Servicee Ltd. Sponsored by

• Funeral Arrangements • Internments • Cremations • Memorial Services • Bronze & Granite Monuments

225 Cedar Ave., 100 Mile House, BC

Locally Owned & Operated


Employment Opportunity

Payroll Assistant The Gold Trail School District requires a Payroll Assistant effective 05 October 2015, located at the School District Administration OfƂce in Ashcroft. Please refer to the school district website, for details of the position and required qualiƂcations.

Memorial donations to the Canadian Diabetes Association can be sent to: 5363 Dawson Rd. 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2E1. Memorial donations to the 100 Mile District Hospice Palliative Care Society can be sent to: Bag 399, 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2E0


Submit applications with an up-to-date resume and references not later than 4:00 p.m., September 18 2015, to: Diana Hillocks, Human Resources Assistant PO Box 250, Ashcroft, B.C. V0K 1A0 Email:

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities



The Gold Trail School District requires Relief/Casual workers for on-call work in all district communities for the following positions:

r r r r r

#DQTKIKPCN 5VWFGPV 5WRRQTV 9QTMGT $WU &TKXGT (Class 2 and Air Ticket required) %WUVQFKCP (9*/+S CertiƂcation required) MCKPVGPCPEG 9QTMGT 5EJQQN 5GETGVCT[  OHƂEG %NGTM (Secretarial Skills Test required)



A healthy local economy depends on you


Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities



Part-Time 20 hours per week The Toosey Indian Band has an opening for an Alcohol & Drug Counsellor. Reporting to the Health Director, the Alcohol & Drug Counsellor will be part of the health team in the Toosey community. Working with one or more team members, the A&D Counsellor will assist in the delivery of health promotion, prevention and aftercare programs. DUTIES: tMaintain confidentiality on all matters related to the Toosey Indian Band, and members tProvide one-on-one and group counselling sessions tMake referrals to outside agencies when needed tDocument all counselling sessions and maintain accurate files tProvide the Health Director with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports tCoordinate, and participate in workshops tMore specifics will be addressed with the hired individual POSITION REQUIREMENTS: tGrade 12 minimum tSuccessful completion of substance abuse counselling certificate program t2 year minimum counselling experience tKnowledge of Chilcotin Language would be an asset tStrong verbal and written communication skills tStrong case planning and client assessment skills tDemonstrated skills with addictions based counselling techniques tMust comply with the conditions of a criminal records search and oath of confidentiality tValid Drivers License with reliable vehicle


Applications are hereby invited for the permanent full-time position of Senior Bylaw Enforcement Officer, located at the Cariboo Regional District South office in 100 Mile House. The focus of this position is to maintain excellent community relations, work to achieve public compliance with CRD bylaws as well as oversee complex enforcement files. For a detailed list of responsibilities please visit our website at Please note this position involves both inside and outside work, considerable driving between site locations, walking over rough areas and exposure to site hazards. The ideal candidate will have strong dispute resolution skills and have significant experience in enforcement activities. Additional requirements include: tCompletion of Grade 12 or an equivalent tKnowledge of local government functions and legislation, and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation tAbility to understand and interpret applicable CRD Bylaws tSound knowledge of court procedures tLevel 2 Bylaw Enforcement and Investigative Skills Certificate from the Justice Institute of BC, or an equivalent combination of experience and education tOver 5 years’ experience as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer with local government, or experience as a peace officer tExceptional communication skills, both orally and written tThe ability to deal tactfully and firmly with the public and deal professionally with community leaders, other government agencies and officials as well as CRD staff tTraining and experience dealing with difficult and angry persons in an enforcement atmosphere tAbility to diffuse hostility, determine personal and public risk and take appropriate action tAbility to work independently, exercise discretion, and sound judgment; tAbility to use Microsoft Office, Outlook, GIS and records management system; tPhysically fit and able to work outside in all types of weather, to walk long distances, to climb stairs and drive long distances tAs a condition of continued employment, the incumbent must possess a valid BC Driver’s license tCandidates must be willing to submit to a criminal record check

Salary: To commensurate with experience Closing Date: September 18, 2015

This is a Union position and is covered by the terms and conditions of employment as set out in the Collective Agreement between the Cariboo Regional District and the BCGEU. The terms of this position include a wage of $33.32 per hour and a 35-hour work week. A standard probationary period will apply.

Apply to: Teresa Johnny, Health Director, Toosey Indian Band Box 80, Riske Creek, BC V0L 1T0 Fax: 250-659-5601

Applications will be accepted by the undersigned until 4:00 pm, September 30, 2015, and should be in the form of a resume with an accompanying letter detailing your experience and qualifications relative to the position. The Cariboo Regional District thanks all applicants; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Resumes with cover letter and three references will be accepted by mail, hand delivery, fax or email. The Toosey Band thanks all applicants, however only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Bernice Crowe, Human Resources Advisor Cariboo Regional District, Suite D, 180 N. Third Avenue, Williams Lake, BC V2G 2A4 Phone: (250)392-3351 Fax: (250)392-2812 Email:


Thursday, September 17, 201517,100 Mile House Thursday, September 2015 100 Mile Free Press


Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Financial Services


Misc. for Sale

Food Products

Food Products

LARGE FUND Borrowers Wanted Start saving hundreds of dollars today! We can easily approve you by phone. 1st, 2nd or 3rd mortgage money is available right now. Rates start at Prime. Equity counts. We don’t rely on credit, age or income. Call Anytime 1-800-639-2274 or 604-430-1498. Apply online


Antiques & Collectables Sale Vernon Collectors Club 27th Annual Vernon Rec Centre 3310 - 37 Avenue Next to Curling Rink 120 + tables of collectables! Fri. Sept 18 2 - 8 PM, Sat Sept 19, 10 - 4 PM Admission $3.00 is good for BOTH days ENTRANCE at WEST SIDE OF building (backside) Table Rental 250-379-2587


Saturday, Sept 19 10:00 am

108 Mile Ranch

Cars, Trucks, Vans, Sets of Tires, Tool Chests and Roller Cabinets, Power Tools, Olympic Elec Kiln, Pellet Stove, Fire Hose Tester, Furniture, Electronics, Porcelain Dolls, Fishing Rods, Display Cabinets and General Merchandise.

Please call first

Consignments Accepted


DENNY’S Sewing Machine Repair and Servicing 4765 Telqua Drive, Ph: 250-706-8565

Pets & Livestock

Feed & Hay Excellent quality cow & horse hay, large round & large square bales. Phone early a.m. & evenings. Deliveries available (250)398-2805


1122 South Lakeside Drive Williams Lake


BIGGEST Restaurant Equipment Auction In Canadian History! Kwik Auctions 2 Day Sale. Sept 14/15 - - Online Bidding Available Via Bidspotter!

If you see a wildfire, report it to

Sheep & Goat Auction Sunday Sept. 27th, 11:30AM 4071 McLean Rd., Quesnel All sheep must be tagged. All livestock must be in the yard Saturday September 26th. BC & Alberta buyers please consign early. Phone BC Auctions (250)992-2459/(250)983-1239

Pet Services

Cariboo Pet Crematorium Est. 1997

Hand crafted urns complete with name plate.

1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on most cellular networks.

Misc. for Sale 115” RETRACTABLE Awning $280., New Tires All Season, 235/70R16 $200.(new $600.), Huge Picnic Table $120., Insulated Dog House $95., Washer & Dryer $140. 5505 Park Dr. Friday, Sept 18 9am - 7pm

250-395-3330 Private or Group

BLAZE KING Catalyst Wood stove with fan. Used 3 winters. New cost $3800 asking $1800 obo. 250-395-2524

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Real Estate

BEFORE YOU SELL: • ASPEN • BIRCH • COTTONWOOD • PINE - SPRUCE - FIR PULP LOGS Please call NORM WILCOX (250) 395-6218 (direct line) • (250) 706-9728 (cell) (250) 395-6201 (fax)



• Landscaping and Lot Development • Land Clearing • Wetland Work • Demolitions • Gravel Materials & Hauling • Premium Mix Topsoil • Driveways • Basements

Acreage for Sale

250-395-2311 982 Alpine, 100 Mile House

Lakefront Acreages

Big Country Storage Terminal Ltd.

133-264 acres, good fishing & hay producing, middle of the best farming & ranching area of BC.Visit our website for more properties starting from $27,000. Contact: or Call: 604.606.7900 Website:

44 Heated Units 65 Non-heated Units Freight Agents for: VanKam Freightways Clark Reefer

Houses For Sale SEWING & CRAFT SALE, Beads, ribbons, material, buttons,. By appt only CALL 250-395-3380. All proceeds to be donated to Hospice.

100 MILE, 2 Family Yard Sale Some collectibles, some furniture, some household goods. 114 Blackstock Rd. Sept 19 10am - 2pm. Weather permitting.


100 MILE: 4.4 cu ft Fridge $75.00. 40” Flatscreen TV Samsung $100. Blow up bed, totes and more #6, 208-8th St. 9-3 Sat., Sept 19.

Newspapers We’re at the heart of things™ Help Wanted

HELP WANTED Office Clerk & Production Dept. This is an exciting career opportunity for the right individual to join our friendly staff. The successful applicant is looking for a part-time, casual position at a fast-paced, deadline-driven community based newspaper. The applicant should possess good computer experience, a friendly personality for the reception desk and phone, and strong organizational skills. Computer experience is also necessary to use InDesign and Photoshop for the creation of advertisements, posters and pagination for this award winning weekly publication. Training is available. Applicants should mail or drop off a resumé, and a cover letter to: Chris Nickless, Publisher 100 Mile Free Press Box 459, #3 536 Horse Lake Road 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2E0 Phone: (250) 395-2219 • Fax: (250) 395-3939 Or, E-mail: Deadline is Friday, September 25, 2015.

Box 67, 100 Mile House B.C. V0K 2E0

Professional Services

108 MILE, A Little bit of everything! 4992 Canium Crt, Sat. Sept 19, 10 am - 3 pm. FOREST GROVE, Sat & Sun 9am to 3pm. Moving Sale, great deals, all must go! 4578 Canim-Hendrix Lake Road.

100 MILE: TOPS Fundraiser Yard sale, Sat. Sept 19 from 9am - 2pm at 200 Eighth St.

HORSE LAKE, Moving Sale. 4’x8’ Util trailer, 10” Table saw, Carpenter Tools, also fridge and table, 6 chairs. 6481 Fallsway Rd. Sept 19, 9am 3:00 pm.

103 MILE, Curtains, housewares, new underlay and end of the roll carpet, tools. 5505 Park Drive. Friday, Sept 18, 10am - 6pm.

LONE BUTTE, furniture household items, tools. 6439 Erickson Rd. Sat, Sept 19 & Sun. Sept 20 8:30am - 2:30pm

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


250-395-2447 Across from Ogden Sr. Sec. School

Box 115, 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0

• Travel Trailers • 5th Wheels • Toy Haulers • Truck Campers • Tent Trailers • Cargo Trailers • Utility & Equipment Trailers

• Sales • Service & Repairs • Parts & Accessories • Secure Storage


5430 INDUSTRIAL FLATS RD. 100 MILE HOUSE (At Hwy 97 & 24)

For further detail on this week’s job postings get in touch with us.

Our Team Delivers!

Laborers/Movers Processor Operator Skidder Operator Logging Truck Driver Traffic Control Personnel Labourer Life Skills Worker Picker/Sorter Buncher Operator Bookkeeping Registered Dental Hygienist Dangle Head Processor Operator Detailer/Car wash Attendant COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES 250-395-5121 • 808 ALPINE AVE.

(just down from Sunrise Ford) • Website: X

Find quality employees.



Located on Industrial Flats Rd. corner of HWY. 97 & 24

• Safe & Secure • Fully Fenced • Sizes from 5x5 to 12x30 • Outside Storage • 7 days/week keypad gate access • Monitored and Alarmed PH: 250-395-2512

anted Most WContracting Ltd. Licensed Residential Builder Custom Homes • Remodeling

• Ralf Baechmann • Ph: 250-706-4706

Professional Services


111 Mile Sand & Gravel Division of Mykat Contracting Ltd. Excavations • Hauling • Driveways • Basements • Demos • Land Clearing

For all your aggregate needs from Crushed Rock, 1” and 3” Crush Mulch, 1” and 3” Drain Rock to Rock Chips and Fill • and much more • WE DELIVER WE NOW HAVE TOP SOIL

250-395-0210 • 250-395-0166 250-396-4999 PACKIN SUPP IEG S AVAILALB LE


Cost effective storage solutions for personal and business use. Sollows Cres.

• Units from 25sq.ft. to 360sq.ft. • 10ft ceilings • Outside Storage Client: • 24/7/365 Electronic Gate Access • Fully Fenced • Safe/Secure Exeter Station Rd. ss: 250-395-2443 • info@caribooss.comAddre 680 Sollows Cres. (off Exeter Rd.), 100 Mile House Moore Rd.

? E 100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17,B5 2015

Ad #

Water Wells LStaldes. Rep.: Weston Licenced Drillers

says he is pleased to see Shian, and several past scholarship winners, This year’s Tim pursuing medical studHortons-100 Mile ies. House scholarship “Shian has been awewas awarded to Shian some. She has been Remanente. with us for three years The restaunow, so a nice long rant employee is tenure with us and she moving on to University has been a tremendous of Northern British asset to our business. Columbia in Prince “It has been a pleasure George this fall, where to have her on board.” she will study health The 2015 local gradusciences. ate was born and raised She says the $1,000 in 100 Mile House, and scholarship will go a also earned scholarCarole Rooney photo long way in helping her ships from Peter Skene Tim Hortons-100 Mile House owner Steve MacPhail was pleased to present Ogden with tuition. Secondary “It’s exciting; it helps employee Shian Remanente with a $1,000 scholarship, which will help her School and Norbord. with tuition at University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. She a lot.” adds people 9 also earned two other local scholarships. 1MacPhail 5-22who 9 3 ) 0 5 (2 Shian won the nationknow Shian and e: Phon al Tim Hortons award Hortons] Camp Day for the Williams Lake into medical school to customers who rememPRESS 0 ber her will have Xbut 0 FREEdays, X 0 X ILECookie M C for her essay written on 1and Smile Timberwolves for two become a doctor, an 0 B 0 , XXXX 221 2503of95community theLtopic and I’m also involved in years. I have played in meanwhile, she will see opportunity to see her service, both at work hockey. Kamloops [with that how Fax:her health studies back in the community andN through her own “I played on Rec team], too.” and grades go. 219working at Tim y: 50) 395-2and ted B equesfor R hone: Tim(2Hortons PLocal involvement. teams most of my Down the road, Hortons again during 29 [at Tim life, and I have played Shian says she may go manager Steve MacPhail -3the93Christmas 765was 9 “It break. AND (250) 395 100 Mile House Free Press 17, 2015 NNA LSeptember DOThursday, Fax: Carole Rooney Free Press

Apt/Condo for Rent


rt Date:

250-593-4307 #: Jerry Weston PO

CARIBOO GARDENS Clean, large, bright 1&2 bedrooms Seniors Welcome


For reliable service call Penny


Toll Free: 1-866-448-5592





Located off Exeter Rd. Past Tim-Br Mart on McDermid Rd. 100 Mile House, BC

Now Featuring Watkins Products We also offer Vacuum Sales, Parts and Repairs!


486-A Birch Ave. S. 100 Mile House, BC

M. Kim Darling BA (Honours),PCP,CPB

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Small Business Specialist 6137 Higgins Lake Road Lone Butte, B.C. V0K 1X3

Phone: 250.593.2127 Fax: 250.593.2126


space, street level, in Rosewood Building, for rent or lease. Across from Donex. 250-396-7334 or 604-5304224.

Duplex / 4 Plex

email: Web:

classifie Townhouses Trucks & Vans

BC Housing is now accepting applications for housing from persons 55 years and older as well as disabled persons 19 years of age and older. Eligible tenants pay 30% of gross monthly income for rent. $0.00 contact: For applications 250-395-4743 or 1-800-834-7149


3 BDRM duplex in Forest Grove. $700/month + utilities. Ref. req. $350 DD. Immediate occupancy 250-397-2754.

Homes for Rent 100 MILE 3 bdrm house near school. NS. NP. Renovated. $1100/mon. includes utilities. 250-395-1311. Avail. now. 105 MILE, 3 bdrm, 1 bath on 1 acre. $830/mo incl water & wood stove as backup heat. Hydro and Gas not included, 250-395-4602.

1 Office/Retail b. of Inserts: Office/Retail N 04/21/2010


Now Open - NW Trailers Etc Cargo / Utility / Equipment trailers Sales / Parts / Service 6784 Trans Canada Hwy. Savona (the old blue buildings across from the lake)

We are on yourBroute alance: or only a phone call away 250-373-0097


Your new Continental Cargo and Rainbow Trailer Dealer

108 MILE, 1 bdrm very clean log house, 5 appl., gas & elec heat. NS, NP, Ref. Req’d. Oct 1, $900/mo. 604-329-8870. 108 MILE, Log cabin, suitable for a couple or single person Furnished, W/D $650. Oct 1st Ref req’d 604-741-7708. 4 BDRM, 2 bathrooms with a quiet ranch view. Good for retired couple. 4.5 km from Forest Grove close to Ruth Lake. Newly renovated Appl. incl. New heating system-wood & electric. NP. $900/mon. 250397-2935, evenings.

Rooms for Rent 100 MILE Room 250-395-8488.



Call Maureen at


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Cars - Domestic 2007 JEEP Grand Cherokee Laredo, New winter tires, new brakes and rotors. 200,000 km. Lady driven, well maintained $8,500 obo 250-7060477




Scrap Car Removal

100 Mile New & Used Auto Parts Ltd.

.0 $•0Quality Buildings • Good Locations of 1 ageof1 Parking Multiple Zoning • PLots $0.00



“The Only Ministry of Environment Approved Scrap Car Recycler.”

Moving Or Starting A New Business? COMMERCIAL, RETAIL & OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 0 500-10,000 sq. ft.

L & A Development Corp.

100 MILE, 3 bdrm avail Oct 1, NS, NP, Ref req’d $850/mo including utilities. 250-706-8766 or 250-395-3691.



Utility Trailers

100 MILE, 2 bdrm, right in town, walking distance to all amenities. $850./mo plus util. NS, NP, D/D & Ref Req’d. Avail Oct. 1st. 250-395-1877 2 & 1 BDRM units newly renovated, in 100 Mile. Call 250397-2041 for details.

Premiu m Bottled Water on Tap!

“Taste the ” ce Differen

250-395-0809 100orMile 250-395-0168

Paid Amount:Commercial/ Industrial 1250 sq. ft. commercial retail Total Price:



eepress.n Rentals ds@100milefr Transportation



Inquiries call Sta


Tim Hortons awards scholarship

Specializing in Residential Wells Family Owned & Operated Since 1981 Environmentally Friendly Free On-Site Consultation Guaranteed Workmanship


e l p am

ition, Excellent condr seats, low kms, leatheCD player, s, power windowt, no rust! new pain



$12,000.00 o phone #

1 col x 2” Display Classified Ad with Photo For 4 weeks for $50.00 plus GST

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Private Party ads only (non-commercial) under Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, ATVs, Snowmobiles, etc. One (1) item per advertisement please. All advertisements must be prepaid. Private party only. No refunds.


Toll Free: 1-877-395-1133 *Certain restrictions apply. Call for details

Utility Trailers BIG TEX 14 ft Flat Deck trailer with loading ramp ideal for 2 four wheelers or one side by side. $1800. 250-395-2524

Charge by phone





Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press

Community events listed must be of a non-profit nature and will be published free of charge one week prior to the event. Deadline for submissions is Friday at noon. Events for the online calendar can be submitted to the calendar feature on the home page at www.100milefreepress. net. However, online calendar submissions are not automatically picked up for the Free Press.

100 MILE ❑ People interested in assisting with the amazing Prevent Alcohol and RiskRelated Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.) program, which teaches Grade 10 students to recognize risk and make informed, smart choices about activities and behaviours, are encouraged to attend an organizational meeting for the P.A.R.T.Y. program at 100 Mile House Fire Rescue Hall on Sept. 22, starting at 7 p.m. For more information, contact Karen Sinclair at 250-791-6636, or e-mail karenjsinclair@ or leave comments or messages on the South Cariboo P.A.R.T.Y. Program Facebook page. 100 MILE ❑ A Daddy and Me Playgroup for dads, uncles and grandfathers with children newborn up to six years of age will be held at the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre (486 Birch Ave. in 100 Mile House) on Sept. 26 from 9 to 11 a.m. For information, call 250-395-5155.

The Calendar

LAC LA HACHE ❑ The annual Turkey Dinner event will be held at the Lac la Hache O.A.P.O.’s Pioneer Centre on Sept. 26. Doors open at 5 p.m. and everyone is welcome. Dinners are $13 per plate and there is a take-out option at the back door. 100 MILE The 100 Mile House & District Garden Club, which meets the fourth Saturday of the month at the 100 Mile House District Library, is starting the fall season on Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to noon. For more information, contact Debbie at 250791-6472 or Frances at 250-397-2429. LAC LA HACHE ❑ There will be an aquatic invasive species hands-on workshop at the Lac la Hache Community Hall on Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The free workshop will provide information and resources to help keep area lakes and rivers free of invasive species. Free resources to take home; hands-on field tour and locally catered refreshments and lunch. Info or to register: Julianne at 1-778-266-0034. 100 MILE ❑ The 100 Mile House Kidney Walk will be held at Centennial Park on Sept. 27, with registration at 9 a.m. and the walk starting at 10. Pledge forms

are available now at Safeway, Lakewood Inn Beer & Wine Store and the 108 Mile Esso. If you are interested in volunteering for this event, e-mail Michell at 100milehousewalk@, or call 778-485-1933. 100 MILE ❑ The 100 Mile House & District Women’s Centre Society is hosting a Take Back The Night Candlelight Walk and White Ribbon Campaign at the 100 Mile Community Hall on Sept. 30 from 5 to 8:30 p.m. There’s no fee and candles, light refreshments and snacks will be provided. Please bring donations of money or non-perishable food.

100 MILE ❑ The 100 Mile and District Concert Band practises on Tuesdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and welcomes new members. Call Eric Grummisch at 250706-5076 or Wendy Jalbert at 250-791-6606 for more information.

INTERLAKES Bridge Lake Photo Group meet at the Interlakes Community Centre on Thursdays from 7 to 9 pm. Call 250-593-9376 for more information. 100 MILE ❑ The 100 Mile House & District Women’s Centre is partnering with the Legal Services Society to provide free 30-minute information appointments at the South Cariboo Business Centre (475 Birch Ave.) on Mondays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. LSS community partner Ken Tassell is an advocate (not a lawyer) who can help people access legal aid services. Appointment: 250-395-4093.

If you dIdn’t read thIs thursday’s


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Contact us for…

Bar and Concession


100 Mile................... 250-395-4855 108 Mile................... 250-791-5656 Forest Grove 94 ...... 250-397-2892 Hwy 24 Interlakes .. 250-593-4582

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Bear problem big and deadly ‘a priority riding’ tax break would not prevent closure P.a.r.t.y. meeting on sept. 22 ‘avant-garde’ artwork on display “Crystal Ball” game at 108 Golf resort sighting in for hunting season sept. 30: help take Back the night terry fox run is sept. 20

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Carole Rooney photo

along with Cariboo Health Centre Sept. 1. the South Cariboo and staff on at centre, toured Mile House dignitaries Terry Lake, together District of 100 and Health Minister Regional District and MLA Donna Barnett Health, Cariboo Cariboo-Chilcotin Hospital District, Interior Chilcotin Regional


up hay Drought dries


are removed – 3 dam boards field ... we are in a Category[in downstream to its hay last two ence GM. Level right now On Aug. 28, the across from Central the Drought and streams takes a full bales rolled off Island, low rivers This summer, it truck, the Cariboo]. four dams on on have round water to flow and little precipitati harvests ranch on a customer’s “We’ve got 24 hours for away, crop water licencFree Press led to poor he adds. the ranch, seven from just one kilometre the large, historic es, and there isn’t water in any and the dry stream banks the Cariboo-Chilcotin. While across across Ranch the irrigation, this it, he explains. creeks and all Drought conditions Locally, 100 Mile local ranch has absorb most of impacted water of those Messner says a flow rate of lack of surface the province have are dry.” need manager Greg season’s “We dams the t in calls a to 50 equipmen the ranch’s of 300 gallons farmers and ranchersare now he is fielding 20 Messner says has rendered that Bridge upwards who ranchers looknotes. South Cariboo licence on Little every day from useless, Messner hay with skyjust from the though we water normally brings water Continued on A4 scrambling for “For us, even ing for hay, not dislicences, Creek after the also from more several water rocketing prices. Exeter Lake – wide area, but Columbia have didn’t make a differ- from provinceBritish the of While tant parts it just worst in the drought is at its and Alberta. on Vancouver south-west and

Carole Rooney


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100 MILE ❑ The Creekside Seniors Activity Centre schedule of daily/ weekly events is as follows: Pool – Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9 a.m.; Senior exercise – Monday 10:30 a.m.; Carpet Bowling – Monday and Wednesday 12:45 p.m.; Crib – Tuesday 12:45 p.m.; Bridge – Friday 12:45 p.m. Square Dancing, Tai Chi or shuffleboard are available. 50-plus. Information: 250-3953919 or 250-395-3346.

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100 MILE ❑ The South Cariboo Food Security Committee is looking for non-perishable donations. For dropoff information: Debbra at CFEC (250395-5155), Loaves & Fishes (250-395-2708), Women’s Centre (250395-4093), Food Bank


n’s Assault at Wome

Centre on Aug.


and he police arrived to building before in the area. employee jumped found says, adding the out was later ed and arrested on her door and her feet and pushed the assailant He was apprehend member knocked door. and locked the 9-1-1. on for assault. told her to phone 10 women in the of the office directed at any man pounded “The assault wasn’t targeted. The Ramsay notes the to get back in; Noting there were man, who was it wasn’t Ramsay says a the door and wanted and pounded one person; the office 27, local office, l had been in had been in the returned Aug. and on away, individua staff been p.m. went to he for Around 2:40 call known that day, he had before leaving to be agitated in responded to a before, but on on the door again office before, appeared n. and had come RCMP members at the 100 Mile and he was causing a commotio the good. consuming alcohol, Continued on A6 about an assault RCMP Cpl. Brian asked to leave, Women’s Centre. 100 Mile House When he was left the to the House & District the suspect had executive director assailant threw the employee , she Lamb says Women’s Centre on then a client intervened says she was talking Sonja Ramsay staff floor and office when a the phone in her

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100 Mile Free Press Thursday, September 17, 2015

Daddy and Me back in action

Dads, grandfathers and uncles invited to bring youngsters to free event

A Daddy and Me Playgroup for dads, uncles and grandfathers with children up to six years of age will be held at the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre (486 Birch Ave. in 100 Mile House) on Sept. 26 from 9 to 11 a.m. Daddy and Me promotes the importance of fathers in parenting

children. There will be game, activities, free books and a free breakfast for the participants. It’s a great way for men and their children to start the day. Daddy and Me Playgroup sessions will be held on the last Saturday of the month September, October and November at the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre (CFEC) from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Call the CFEC office at 250-395-5155 for more information.

New dancers wanted

The Lac la Hache Caribooters are looking for some new all young at heart and not so young dancers. Starting Sept. 28, they will be dancing at the Pioneer Centre, 4822 Clarke Ave. South, in Lac la Hache every Monday (except on holidays). There will be Round Dancing cued by Helen Hall from 1:30 to 2 p.m., and Square Dancing with caller Dave Abbs from 2 to 4 p.m. The club fees are reasonable and everyone welcome. Folks don’t need to know how to dance and group members will teach newcomers for free. For more information, call Ron Boehm at 250-396-7298, or Kai Rasmussen at 250-7915503



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WHEN YOU PLACE A GARAGE SALE AD IN THE 100 MILE FREE PRESS KIT INCLUDES • A 4-line or less classified word ad ($1.00 per line charge for additional lines) • Large garage sale signs to hang up around the neighbourhood • Colourful balloons to grab everyone’s attention • Felt pen for completing signs and marking prices One Week Special $16.50 plus GST Two Week Special $23.50 plus GST

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Connector Cariboo

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! In the Pinkney Complex on Horse Lake Road in 100 Mile House


Please contact Chris Nickless: 250-395-2219


HELP the HUNGRY! The need in our community is again


and YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. There’s a FOOD CRISIS in the South Cariboo. The South Cariboo Food Security Committee has put out a plea for food donations to support the hungry families and individuals in need this summer. Local gardeners with extra produce in their plots, and the general public through non-perishable donations, are being asked to help with this food crisis. Children, youth and families are challenged daily in having enough to eat, especially nutritious food. With the ever increasing need for food, our shelves are really low. The following staples would be greatly appreciated at the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre, Loaves and Fishes and the Womens Centre. • Pasta • Macaroni and Cheese • Canned Soup • Canned Beans • Peanut Butter (small jars) • Oatmeal • Rice • Size 2 and Size 5 and 6 diapers • Formula And anything else that a community member might have as a food donation. We will make sure that all donations are used by those in need. We also all greatly appreciate fresh food including eggs, bread, vegetables and fruit. The newly established Community Place Garden at First St. & Birch Ave. is now harvesting; so help with watering, weeding and picking would be greatly appreciated; to learn your way around the garden, come down there on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. and speak to one of the co-ordinating gardeners. That produce is there for the benefit of the vulnerable population, and those who are hungry.

For more information, or to donate, please contact Loaves and Fishes 250-395-2708 100 Mile House & District Women’s Centre 250-395-4093 Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre 250-395-5155 Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre 250-706-0424 This ad has been donated by the 100 Mile House Free Press

Wise customers read the fine print: *, †, ≥, >, ◆, §, ≈ The All Out Clearout Sales Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after September 1, 2015. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing includes freight ($1,695) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees, other dealer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2015 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. †0% purchase financing available on select new 2015 models to qualified customers on approved credit through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. ≥3.49% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on new 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package/2015 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package models through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Examples: 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package/2015 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package with a Purchase Price of $19,998/$19,998 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discounts) financed at 3.49% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 416 weekly payments of $55/$55 with a cost of borrowing of $2,928/$2,928 and a total obligation of $22,926/$22,926. >3.49% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on new 2015 Dodge Dart SE (25A) models through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. The equivalent of $7/day for the 2015 Dodge Dart SE (25A) is equal to a Purchase Price of $17,498 financed at 3.49% over 96 months with $0 down payment, equals 416 weekly payments of $48 with a cost of borrowing of $2,562 and a total obligation of $20,060. §Starting from prices for vehicles shown include Consumer Cash Discounts and do not include upgrades (e.g. paint). Upgrades available for additional cost. ≈Sub-prime financing available on approved credit. Finance example: 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan CVP with a Purchase Price of $19,998 financed at 4.99% over 60 months, equals 260 weekly payments of $87 for a total obligation of $22,605. Some conditions apply. Down payment is required. See your dealer for complete details. **Based on 2014 Ward’s upper small sedan costing under $25,000. ^Based on IHS Automotive: Polk Canadian Vehicles in Operation data available as of July, 2014 for Crossover Segments as defined by Chrysler Canada Inc. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC used under license by Chrysler Canada Inc.

B8 T:10”






DBC_151138_ID_DODGE_AOCO.indd 1






55 3.49















55 3.49








� � O � A __��_ Thursday, September 17, 2015 100 Mile Free Press






Starting from price for 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew Plus shown: $34,490.§





Starting from price for 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroads shown: $31,785.§

/DAY >


Starting from price for 2015 Dodge Dart GT shown: $23,690.§


9/9/15 4:30 PM

100 Mile House Free Press, September 17, 2015  

September 17, 2015 edition of the 100 Mile House Free Press

100 Mile House Free Press, September 17, 2015  

September 17, 2015 edition of the 100 Mile House Free Press