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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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Inquest helped bring some closure Luggi said she

worries that recommendations might not be fully implemented FLAVIO NIENOW Maureen Luggi, wife of the late Robert Luggi – one of the two fatal victims of the explosion at Babine Forest Products in 2012 -, said the inquest in Burns Lake helped bring some closure to her and her family. The deaths of Robert Luggi and Carl Charlie were ruled accidental by the coroner’s jury. About 50 witnesses were heard throughout the three weeks of inquest. According to Maureen, hearing what witnesses had to say helped her deal with her loss. “I received so much information about where Robert was; several people said where they saw him last; and that’s really important because I didn’t have an opportunity to say good-bye to Robert,” she said. “To listen to the workers give testimony about him and about Carl, even if it was three years later, it still helped me with the healing aspect of my loss and to provide some sort of closure about that night.” Maureen said that, overall, she was satisfied with the inquest and with what she experienced during those three weeks. “I spoke personally to WorkSafeBC, to the safety officers, and to the people who are managing the mill,” she said. ...see INQUEST OVER

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Regional district bans cardboard

“The overall intent is to minimize the amount of waste,” says RDBN FLAVIO NIENOW At the July 23, 2015, meeting of the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako (RDBN), the board of directors passed a motion to implement a regionwide cardboard ban starting July 1, 2016. This means that beginning July 1, 2016, cardboard will no longer be accepted for disposal as garbage at any RDBN solid waste management fa-

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cility including landfill or transfer station. The ban will apply equally to all residents, businesses, municipalities, industries and institutions including educational facilities and hospitals. According to the RDBN, the overall intent is to minimize the amount of waste that is ultimately landfilled, as waste reduction is a priority of the board of directors. Bill Miller, Director of Electoral Area B, explained that cardboard, although not heavy, constitutes a “very high volume” for RDBN’s landfills. He added that when cardboard degrades in the landfills, it produces methane, which has significant more impact than carbon dioxide. In a press release, the RDBN said they will work ...see CARDBOARD BAN ▼ P3

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The old Shell property will be landscaped, including new pavement, planters, grass and benches.

Lot purchased will be used as part of the downtown revitalization plan

Flavio Nienow In the story ‘Village of Burns Lake working on RV parking’ published in the Lakes District News' July 8, 2015, edition, the Village of Burns Lake had already agreed to purchase a vacant lot downtown, but couldn’t proceed until bylaw 957, 2015, was adopted. The reserve fund expenditure bylaw authorizes the withdrawal of $25,000 from the village’s land sales reserve fund for the purpose of buying “lot four, district lots 6308 and 6309.” The bylaw has now been adopted and the village has recently purchased the property from its undisclosed owner for $18,300 – an amount equal to its assessed value for taxation purposes. The property is located across Hwy. 16 from the Rexall phar-

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macy and adjacent to lands formerly occupied by the Shell service station. Legal fees associated with the transaction added $800 to the cost of the lot, so the village did not require the full $25,000 authorized under bylaw 957, only withdrawing $19,100 from the reserve fund. According to Sheryl Worthing, Chief Administrative Officer for the village, this property will be used to enhance phase two of the downtown revitalization plan. The old Shell property will be landscaped, including new pavement, planters, grass and benches. “The additional property will also be landscaped to match the Shell property with grass so it will have the look of one large lot,” explained Worthing. The new property will allow the village crew to deal with water control issues and snow removal in the area. “It will also allow for better traffic flow and maintenance of the laneway,” she added. Work has already started and the village hopes to have the lot paved within the next two weeks. The entire project should be completed by early fall 2015.


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Lakes District News

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Return depot Nexen Energy’s pipeline rupture adds to pipeline safety concerns collects “We need more assurances of a safer method to deliver oil,” says cardboard Wet’suwet’en Chief



to ensure that, at minimum, drop-off cardboard recycling opportunities are available for residential customers. For institutional, commercial and industrial (ICI) customers, the RDBN will not provide recycling services. It will be the responsibility of ICI sector customers to arrange for cardboard recycling services directly with local collectors and recycling service providers. The RDBN said it acknowledges that this initiative may “initially cause some challenges and raise concerns” on the part of businesses and residents in service provision and cost. “The RDBN hopes that providing sufficient advance notice of the cardboard ban will spur the development of local business opportunities that will add to and enhance the green economy in the RDBN,” said a press release. Christopher Beach, owner of the Burns Lake ReturnIt Depot, said his business has already been collecting residential cardboard. Beach hopes that the Burns Lake Depot will start collecting commercial cardboard before the region-wide ban is in effect. “The Burns Lake Depot would like to be the central location for all cardboard in the area,” said Beach. For additional information on the cardboard ban, contact the RDBN environmental services department at 250-692-3195, toll free at 1-800-320-3339 or e-mail

Flavio Nienow On July 15, 2015, Chinese-owned Nexen Energy ULC discovered a pipeline rupture at its Long Lake oil-sands project, about 36 km south of Fort McMurray. The spill released five million litres of bitumen emulsion - a mixture of bitumen, water and sand – onto the pipeline’s right of way, covering an area of about 16,000 square metres. Since the company’s computerized monitoring system failed to detect the breach, it isn't known how long the substance was leaking. According to a story published in The Globe and Mail on July 22, Nexen Energy ULC revealed the pipeline could have been leaking for more than two weeks. The oil spill is now considered one of the largest leaks in Alberta history and has added to the concerns over pipeline safety in Northern B.C. “What makes it worse is that the pipeline in question [Nexen Energy’s pipeline] was a newly built pipeline,” said Lake Babine Nation Chief Wilf Adam. “This is the reason we [Lake Babine Nation] will never endorse or support heavy oil through our territory.” Wet’suwet’en Chief Karen Ogen spoke on behalf of the Yinka Dene Alliance - a coalition of First Nations in Northern B.C. committed to ban Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipelines from their territories. Ogen said Nexen Energy’s oil spill gives people even more reasons to be worried about oil pipelines. “It builds our case even further,” she said. “We need more assurances of a safer method to deliver oil; its impacts on the environment are devastating and we can’t risk that at this time.”  In 2010, Enbridge Inc. proposed the construction of a 1200-kilometre pipeline from Bruderheim, A.B., to Kitimat, B.C. In June, 2014, the Canadian government accepted the project's proposal, but imposed 209 conditions recommended by the National Energy Board. Suzanne Wilton, Enbridge’s Spokesperson, said Enbridge uses state-of-the-art monitors that would prevent similar spills from happening. “At Enbridge, our service depends on preventing problems before they happen,” she said. “We take a holistic approach that begins with the planning and design of our pipelines and facilities and continues with our operations and monitoring which includes multiple layers of protection built into the system.” “We operate a state-of-the art control centre that monitors our pipelines 24/7 and uses advanced inspection techniques and leading edge technology to ensure the fitness and safety of our pipelines,” she added. There are currently eighteen consolidated legal challenges to the federal approval of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline. The cases are scheduled to be heard at the federal court of appeal in Vancouver on Oct. 1-2 and 5-8, 2015.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

t Editorial

Lakes District News

Published by Black Press Ltd. at 23-3rd Avenue, Burns Lake, B.C.

Flavio Sachett Nienow

tom fletcher

National leaders and pipelines

Sorting out federal election issues

I hope you had the chance to check out Maclean’s national leaders’ debate last week. Although nothing major and unpredictable happened during the debate, the leaders certainly provided Canadians with a clearer indication of where they stand on key issues (well, at least

some of them). It also became clear that, when it comes to pipelines, their position is not as straightforward. Pipelines remain a contentious issue in the country, especially in British Columbia. A recent poll conducted by Insights West suggested that more than half of British Columbians - 52 per cent - are currently opposed to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project while 41 per cent of B.C. residents support it. At the start of the debate, I still had lots of questions about the leaders’ positions on pipelines. And as it turns out, the leaders also seemed to have lots of doubts about each other’s positions. Throughout the debate they accused each other of being inconsistent when it comes to supporting pipeline projects. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau accused NDP leader Thomas Mulcair of saying different things in different languages. “In English he’ll say that he supports the Energy East pipeline; in French he said that it’s out of the question,” said Trudeau about the Energy East pipeline - a 4600 km pipeline proposed to carry 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada. Shortly after, Prime Minister Stephen Harper accused Trudeau of doing the exact same thing. “You go to one part of the country, Atlantic Canada, you’re for Energy East; you go to Quebec, and you’re against it,” said Harper. Green Party leader Elizabeth May takes a much more straightforward approach, saying the Green Party opposes every single one of the proposed oil pipelines. “Every single one of these raw bitumen, unprocessed oil pipeline schemes are about exporting Canadian jobs,” she said. Mulcair said both Harper and May’s current approach to pipelines is flawed. “Opposing these pipelines systematically in advance is just as wrong as supporting them in advance because; in both cases, what you need is an objective study,” said Mulcair. Although Harper was accused of blindly supporting all pipelines, he defended himself by saying the conservatives take a “scientific expert evaluation of every project” before deciding to proceed, adding that he fully trusts the government’s environmental assessments. “All of these parties have opposed all of these [pipeline] projects before we’ve even had environmental assessments,” said Harper. “That’s not the responsible way you do things.” Trudeau’s position on pipelines has been much less predictable than May and Harper’s. Trudeau has openly rejected Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project, saying the pipeline places an unacceptable level of risk on B.C.’s coastal economy and environment. Meanwhile he has consistently supported the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline - a proposed 1897 km crude oil pipeline beginning in Alberta and extending south to Nebraska. Mulcair, on the other hand, opposes Keystone XL, but his position remains unclear about Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion project. Kinder Morgan proposes to triple the bitumencarrying capacity of its existing Trans Mountain line by building almost 1000 km of new pipe between Edmonton and Burnaby. During the debate, May put Mulcair on the spot, asking the NDP leader if he would join the Green Party’s fight against Kinder Morgan’s “risky pipeline” and tanker expansion. “Will you help us defend our coastlines?” May asked. Mulcair provided a general response, saying all pipeline projects would have to be “studied and looked at objectively with thorough, credible environmental assessment processes.” “So you take no position,” said May defiantly.

Last Week’s Question: Do you think the government is managing our grizzly population properly? 42.9% No 57.1% Yes BURNS LAKE


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The first, and perhaps the only complete English-language debate in this long federal election campaign has helped define the issues, and the non-issues. I’m not going to try to tell you who “won” or “came out swinging,” because this is not a sporting event. If you’re paying attention in August, bless you, and you probably have a favourite already. First, let’s deal with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s diabolical scheme to extend the length of the formal election period. This, according to national pundits, is an extension of his evil plot to attract more financial supporters than the other parties, and spend the money. In other words, it’s a non-issue and any opponent who dwells on it looks like a whiner. This is the first election in modern Canadian history to follow a four-year schedule. National pundits spent months telling us Harper was going to use a loophole in his own election law to call a spring vote before the economy tanked. Didn’t happen, and now the Conservatives are rightly under scrutiny about their economic management. Incumbent manipulation of election timing is over, and that’s good. Scheduled elections by their nature create longer campaigns, as demonstrated in B.C. and the United States. So they should be conducted under formal campaign rules, which limit the noise of public sector unions and other special interests. Another non-issue is the nonexistent deficit and recession that supposedly grips Canada. On actual results, there is a slim surplus, and if – a big if – Saudi Arabia continues to depress world oil prices, there may be a modest deficit by next spring. The Bank of Canada’s recent move to devalue the dollar has already produced a rebound in exports and tourism, which any government would appreciate. Have you tried to find parking at the mall lately? Of particular interest to B.C. voters is the contest between NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and Green Party leader Elizabeth May. May used what may be her only national debate appearance to press Mulcair to oppose the TransMountain pipeline expansion project before hearings are complete. Mindful of Adrian Dix’s disastrous 2013 decision to do the same in B.C., Mulcair insisted he would wait for the federal review, even though he considers it to be inadequate. This is, of course, all theatre. Based on their actions, the NDP, Green Party and Liberals are all opposed not just to oil pipelines but export gas pipelines as well. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau wants to cancel capital cost allowances for liquefied natural gas investment that have been granted by B.C. and Ottawa, which could be a deal-breaker for LNG. B.C. NDP leader John Horgan formalized his opposition to the TransMountain expansion last week, in a letter filed with the National Energy Board. But we’re expected to believe that Mulcair has a different position, for now. Harper was forced to admit that his long effort to persuade U.S. President Barack Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline has failed, and the project will have to wait until Obama leaves office next year. The debate also confirmed positions on Canada’s modest role in bombing Islamic State terrorist positions in Iraq and Syria. The Conservatives are for it, and the Liberals, NDP and Greens are against it. Trudeau set the stage for the contest in Quebec, which B.C. voters can only watch from afar to see if it once again decides the shape of their federal government. Trudeau pushed Mulcair on his cynical bid to court the separatist voters who suddenly swung to Jack Layton’s NDP in 2011. Like petroleum prices, it’s beyond our control.

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Lakes District News

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Recommendations will be reviewed in the next 60 days, says Hampton



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“For me to reconcile with this company [Babine Forest Products] was very important; I don’t live my life in bitterness and anger; my children and I have had an enormous loss, and really, our desire is to move forward.” The inquest into the mill deaths concluded July 31, 2015, with 41 recommendations to improve safety in the industry. Although Maureen considers the recommendations to be “meaningful,” she worries that they will not be fully implemented. “I would like the recommendations to be enforceable,” she said. “They mean DON T LIVE MY LIFE IN BITTERNESS sure if anyone is going to take them a lot to creating more change, but I’m not seriously.” AND ANGER MY CHILDREN AND Maureen said that a public inquiry, as opposed to an inquest, would have enabled those recommendations to be enforceable. HAVE HAD AN ENORMOUS LOSS “I would rather see they [the government] enforce these recommendations so our family can rest and have peace,” she AND REALLY OUR DESIRE IS TO MOVE said. “There has to be accountability at WorkSafeBC and Babine Forest Products; the ball is in their court now.” FORWARD Maureen said the community provided immense support to her and her AUREEN UGGI having lunch and coffee being sent family throughout the inquest, including to her every day. “I cannot say how thankful I am to the community of Burns Lake,” she said. “I was overwhelmed by their generosity and by the support that we received throughout those three weeks.” Maureen added that the inquest was not only important to her, but it also helped the entire community heal. “Speaking up is important,” she said. “It’s important that we start speaking to one another and work towards building bridges and understanding.” “This will give our community peace of mind.”


“ ;




I ,


Hampton Affiliates, the majority owner of Babine Forest Products, sent out a press release after the inquest expressing condolences to the victims and families affected by the mill explosion.

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Corner ommunity Forest

RECREATION SITES All the recent sunny weather makes this a perfect time to take advantage of all the FREE camping available at all recreation sites in the Nadina District!

“The company can only hope this is another step in the long healing process from the events that happened over three and a half years ago,” said the press release. These sites are maintained by the Hampton Affiliates has been in the sawmill business for over 70 years in both the U.S. and Canada. According to the company, they Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society (LORS). had never heard of or experienced a similar type of catastrophic sawmill event. A few rules apply at the recreation sites: “We are eternally sorry for this lack of recognition and have taken many steps at all of our sawmills to ensure this never happens 1) Maximum 14 day stay again,” said Hampton Affiliates CEO Steve Zika. “We are also participating 2) Be courteous to your neighbours – with other B.C. and U.S. sawmill owners to increase awareness and training keep noise to a minimum (especially HE COMPANY CAN ONLY HOPE relating to the risks of combustible dust in a sawmill environment.” after 10 p.m.) The inquest jury and coroner issued a number of recommendations, some of THIS IS ANOTHER STEP IN THE LONG 3) Keep pets on a leash which are directed to Babine Forest Products and Hampton Affiliates. 4) Pack out your own garbage – leave HEALING PROCESS FROM THE EVENTS Hampton Affiliates said those recommendations will be “considered carethe site cleaner than when you came fully,” and that they will be “reviewed and discussed” with all Babine employTHAT HAPPENED OVER THREE AND A 5) Maximum 20 km/hr – watch for children! ees in the next 60 days. 6) Never leave a campfire unattended. HALF YEARS AGO The company added that the new Babine sawmill has been designed to meet Check out the recreation opportunities AMPTON FFILIATES or exceed all current fire, dust and electrical regulations. in your own backyard! “All material fire and emergency systems or safety processes proposed by the jury have already been implemented [at Babine Forest Products],” said the company. For more info on the community forest, call BL ComFor (250) 692-7724 Both the Babine and Decker Lake sawmills recently completed and passed third-party dust audits as required of all members of the council of forest industries in B.C. “Safety is the number one priority for all Babine supervisors and employees, and there is continual and productive dialogue with WorkSafeBC,” said the company. In 2012, Hampton Affiliates hired a director of safety who audits Hampton sawmill safety processes. The director is responsible for sharing safety information with all Hampton sawmills and corresponding with regulators and other industry participants. “Hampton underAFETY IS THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY stands that sharing of FOR ALL ABINE SUPERVISORS AND information and best practices are key to con- EMPLOYEES AND THERE IS CONTINUAL tinually improving the AND PRODUCTIVE DIALOGUE WITH safety of its employees.” During the inquest, ORK AFE workers’ testimony AMPTON FFILIATES cell: 1-250-692-9303 highlighted concerns over discrimination in the workplace. The coroners’ jury recommended hiring an Aboriginal liaison coordinator or worker ombudsman to assist employees with workplace concerns. If you want to sell or buy a home In response to this recommendation, Hampton Affiliates said they are proud please think of of the fact that Babine is partially owned by First Nations and that it has the largest First Nations workforce of any sawmill in B.C. The Burns Lake Native Development Corporation owns 11 per cent of Babine Forest Products. According to the company, when the new Babine sawmill restarted operations, cultural awareness training was arranged for all employees. In addition, It would be my pleasure to work with you Babine Forest Products said the company has six supervisors of First Nations relation, up from one supervisor prior to the accident. “The company is committed to ensuring that it treats everyone with respect and is continually trying to improve communication to ensure Babine is a place where all of its employees want to work,” said Hampton Affiliates. ...see CHARLIE FAMILY ▼ P7


“ –H


. A

B ,


“ S –H


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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

B.C.'s carbon tax and a low Canadian dollar are keeping gasoline prices higher

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Gas prices remain stubbornly high in B.C. despite the slide in crude oil prices, and motorists are feeling gouged. Gasoline is down only slightly from $1.40 a litre a year ago, while crude has plunged more than 50 per cent from around $98 a barrel to less than $44 in early August. But petroleum industry analysts say it all boils down to supply and demand. Crude oil accounts for less than half of the end cost of a litre of gasoline, with government taxes and refining charges the other big factors. "I wish there was a simple explanation," said Jason Parent of the Kent Marketing Group. "There isn't much of a relationship on a day-to-day basis between crude oil and retail gasoline." Expecting gas to move in lockstep with crude oil is somewhat akin to expecting house prices to follow lumber prices, without recognizing scarce land or an influx of buyers might have an influence. Parent said crude and gas prices can go in different directions for different reasons, and gas prices in B.C. can diverge from what other Canadians pay. Most of the difference between B.C. prices and the rest of the country is explained by the higher 17-cent-a-litre TransLink tax in Metro Vancouver as well as B.C.'s carbon tax. Motorists are paying just over $1 in Alberta, a few cents more in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and $1.10 to $1.20 in most of Eastern Canada. But even after taxes are factored out, Vancouver prices are 5 to 15 cents a litre higher than most other cities across Canada. The reason, Parent said, is that Vancouver-area prices follow those along the U.S. west coast, where the wholesale gas supply has been constricted by refinery problems in California, driving prices up. "Wholesale prices have been high there relative to the rest of the U.S. for a month now," Parent said. Some gasoline comes to B.C. through the Kinder Morgan pipeline, but the rest comes from Washington State or other U.S. refineries. If prices were sharply higher in Vancouver than cities to the south, Parent said, gas would flow back to the U.S. – resulting in shortages here – or wouldn't be shipped north in the first place. Another "huge" factor behind why Canadians in general aren't yet seeing much relief at the pumps is the drop in the Loonie over the past year. Crude and wholesale gas are priced in U.S. dollars, so Canadians are paying with a devalued currency that simply doesn't go as far as it did a year ago. So who is profiting from the persistently high pump prices? "Right now, refiners are the big winners," Parent said. They're running close to capacity, demand is up because of lower gas prices and therefore refiners can charge more than usual. If crude oil prices get even cheaper – potentially as sanctions against Iran end and more oil pours onto the world market – there's no guarantee gas prices will follow because of the refining constraints in North America.

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Struggling economy hot election topic

TOM FLETCHER Conservative leader Stephen Harper promised an expanded tax break for hiring apprentices Monday, as parties started an extended summer election campaign. Campaigning in Laval, Quebec, Harper announced that if his government is re-elected Oct. 19, employers will receive a credit up to $2,500 a year for wages paid to qualifying apprentices for all four years of their training. Harper's Conservatives established the program in 2006, with a credit of up to $2,000 per year for the first two years, to encourage hiring and training. NDP leader Thomas Mulcair began his campaign emphasizing signs of weakness in the Canadian economy, with the latest statistics showing the economy contracting in the first five months of the year. "Wages are falling, incomes are stagnant, and household debt is skyrocketing," Mulcair said at his campaign kickoff in Hull, Quebec. "Middle-class families are working harder than ever, and can't get ahead." Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has also focused his campaign on middle-class voters, with a central policy of reducing tax on middle income and increasing it for the top one per cent of income earners. Green Party leader Elizabeth May began the campaign in her home riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands. Her economic platform also calls for tax increases for the highest income earners, as well as increasing corporate income tax rates to 2008 levels. The early election call increases spending limits for parties and caps it for third-party advertisers such as labour unions that have been targeting Harper. It also leaves some ridings without nominated candidates. Another change is in debate formats, as first Harper and then Mulcair declined the traditional debate organized by TV networks. The first national debate is set for Thursday, Aug. 6, hosted by Maclean's magazine. Among the topics will be sharp differences over Canada's role in the international military action against Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Harper renewed Canada's commitment to maintain six fighter jets and special forces support in one of his last acts before calling the election. Both the NDP and Liberals are promising to end Canadian bombing of Islamic State positions. Mulcair would withdraw all military personnel from Iraq and Syria, while Trudeau supports keeping military trainers in place, with both promising increased humanitarian aid.

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Lakes District News

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


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INCLUSION PROGRAM 2015/16 This NEW program provides seniors with an opportunity to make new friends and enjoy a friendly visit while participating in a variety of activities. Afternoons will be filled with games and crafting as well as “Lunch & Learn” sessions providing information on topics relevant to seniors.

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Baby eagles

Local resident Helene Brunette captured these two baby eagles that are showing some white feathers finally - she estimates that they were born sometime last year and came back to their old nesting area.

No comfort for Charlie family


“Babine and Hampton will strive to ensure the safety of its workers and this focus will always be its utmost concern.” The ministry of jobs, tourism and skills training and responsible for labour also sent out a press release after the inquest. According to the ministry, the recommendations from the Babine Forest Products inquest will be reviewed and the government intends to report back in writing to the coroner on the work being done on all of the recommendations. To read all the Babine inquest recommendations, visit

“Someone should have been held responsible,” says Lucy Charlie’s

If you are 65 or older and would like more information on the program or are interested in volunteering, please contact: Kelly Turford, Executive Director @ 250 692 7577

Lakes District Community Services Society

decker Lake

ading PosT r Monday to Saturday T Open9:00am - 5:00pm ice cReam is Back!!

Full line of

waTeR & sePTic Tanks

Pictures & prints 25% off

new Beds & FRames Large Selection of

sTainless sTeel Royal alBeRT cookwaRe china

hunTinG knives

“Good Quality” Gold Pans, Rock FuRniTuRe Lucy Campbell, sister of Carl Charlie – killed in the Babine Forest Products explosion, said she feels the inquest did not bring her Tools Picks & shovels any comfort. oveR 8000 iTems... we dare you to come count them! “Nobody from the mill [Babine Forest Products] or WorkSafeBC came up to me and apologized, or shook my hand,” she said. 7390 Highway 16, Decker Lake 250-698-7686 Campbell, who was amongst the people lobbying for an inquiry, she said she was disappointed that nobody was held responsible for the mill deaths. “Somebody didn’t do their job,” she said. “If this was all preventBox 480, Highway 16, Burns Lake able, and they [the jury] acknowledged it, then someone should have been held responsible.” Doug 250-692-7692 • Henry 250-692-6710 • Office 250-692-7288 In January 2014, the B.C. Ministry of JusThis 14 acre Exceptional opportunity Interesting and NEW PRICE NEW PRICE tice’s criminal justice view property offered in this 44.22 acre affordable rural is offered in property located approxiland opportuTeam branch (CJB) decided two titles, no mately 4 km from the Frannity. Check out subdivision cois Lake Ferry on the north this 160 acre not to pursue charges Concept n e c e s s a r y. side of the lake. This properparcel of Canagainst the owners of Located 10 ty was formerly used as a ada located in minutes south Llama Ranch and all the inthe Cheslatta Babine Forest Products Selling of Burns Lake, frastructure remains. Perimregion of the the yard is large and landscaped, the 25x30 shop is wired, RV parking, greenhouse Northern Interior of BC. This property is accessed via the Francois Lake Ferry south that were recommendeter is fenced with extensive and storage sheds are available, the deck is large and the surrounding are peaceful. corrals and cross-fencing, all completed with 6 foot high chain-link product. Quality of Burns Lake. This property is very private but serviced by good road access and BC ed by WorkSafeBC. The home offers 2260 sq ft of living space with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, birch floors, built barns, shelters and vet facilities are on site. Great lake views in an awesome locaHydro on site. An older homesite does exist with some residual buildings and cement RE/MAX foundation. In the market for a hunting or a piece of Canadian wilderness? custom kitchen, fireplace, large family room and incredible south facing views. tion. Replacement cost far exceeds the list price. Check out the incredible value today. According to a story $ $ $ 261,700.00 87,000.00 295,000.00 published by the Prince Franchise This spacious home This property has You really need to George Citizen, the dehas a lot of room for 7.1 acres with see this top quality cision by the CJB cited a growing family. A a sandy, southexecutive home separate entrance ern-exposed beach in an excellent Office deficiencies with Workmakes conversion to and spectacular neighbourhood on an income producviews. Located in over 1/2 an acre SafeBC’s investigaStaff/ ing property possithe eastern region in town! Inside the tion and the likelihood ble. An open concept of Francois Lake, home features two Store front on the main floor is this property is fireplaces, an oak Babine’s owners would complemented by remote and very & tile kitchen with private. Existing laminate floors. There are super pluses such as  on demand hot water, newer roof, brand new counter tops, a luxurious master bedroom with 4 other bedrooms and 4 be able to show they 528 sq ft cabin is of little or no value. Access by boat in the summer and by sled in the high efficiency furnace installed last year and vinyl siding. Located at the quieter end bathrooms. Outside there is a double garage, a large deck and a paved driveway. Top it could not have foreseen of 8th Avenue, this home also has a nice, private back yard. Come and take a look. winder makes this property a must-have for those wanting to “get away from it all”. all off with an outstanding, spacious in-law suite and you have a winner. Market $ $ $ 117,900.00 109,000.00 317,000.00 the full extent of the Share hazards of combustible Located east of Burns 3.65-acre flat lot 1.25 landscaped acres ofLake on 5.99 acres of that has been subfering a multitude of plants, sawdust. treed land. Trails through stantially cleared. trees, shrubs, berries, herbs and beyond exist for A shop/utility room and flowers. Incredibly This decision promptMaximum the recreationist. Amazdownstairs has a private with established ed many people to ask ing lake and mountain lot of cabinets for perennial gardens, raised views and privacy galore. storage. The masbeds and stone pathways Exposure for a public inquiry, as Double detached garage ter bedroom has that lead to your lakeshore south facing sundecks beautiful planed retreat. Paved driveway oppose to an inquest and landscaped yard comwood on the facand brick walkways comthat can only provide pletes the outside. 5 bedroom 3 bathroom family home featuring laminate floors, large ing wall and in the ensuite. Upstairs the kitchen has a generous supply of beautiful, plement a detached 20x24’ garage/workshop. A small guest cabin augments sauna, living room with bay window and a unique kitchen floor plan. The back entrance offers solid, custom wood cabinets, open counter space, and an adjoining dining area. The smokehouse, custom sunrooms and wine cellar. Unique home constructed with quality TO VIEW ALL OUR recommendations. a main floor laundry room. A solid home for your base of operations. spacious living room is very well lit and the entire upstairs has custom wood ceilings. materials. Custom floor plan offering estimated 2780 sq ft of living space. LISTINGS VISIT: $ $ $ “If you do some235,000.00 104,000.00 429,000.00 thing wrong, you pay Southwest exposed low This property is level Check out this www. bank pebble beach Tchesthe price for it,” said and extensively land1600 sq ft rancher inkut Lake lakeshore. This scaped. It is private, park located on 10.7 property is 1.98 acres and Campbell. like and located minutes acres of private has a meandering private south of the village. wilderness only “I feel really disdriveway leading to an Crushed gravel and conOR 864 sq ft 2 bedroom 1 5 minutes from heartened right now,” bathroom home. Easterly crete pad parking comtown on a no portion of property is tree pliment the double  atthrough road. This she said. “I’m just hopwww. tached garage. A 25x30 covered while the westerly portion offers lawns, RV site, and your own personal beach home features a paradise with an estimated 200 feet of shoreline. The home has a wraparound deck, ing and praying that the custom kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a recent addition of a family room. pole shed provides ample storage. Exterior of home has been recently refinished and vaulted ceilings, French doors and is quality built and maintained. Custom kitchen A detached and heated workshop/garage, RV parking and a metal shop add to this haselevated great curb appeal. The interior offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, cabinets, tile floors, economical LED lights and pellet stove are just some of the fine recommendations will property’s value.  Property is adjacent to extensive system of trails. kitchen area and a great room that combines a dining room with a fireplace. features offered in this spectacular lakeshore property on one of BC’s finest lakes. $ $ $ be enforced.” 179,900.00 389,000.00 299,000.00

RE/MAX Wrightway


✔ ✔ ✔




Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lakes District News

LDM Recognized

Stay in touch with your hometown news!

LDM's Cori Funk was given a plaque by Russ Skillen, President of the Lakes District Museum Society. The plaque was presented in recognition of 17 years of sponsoring a college or university student for four months in a summer job at the Lakes District Museum.

Subscribe today!

Lakes District News Phone: 250-692-7526


Ootsa Lake Fishing Derby


Labour Day Fishing Derby September 5th, 6th & 7th, 2015

1st - $2000

Submitted photo

2nd - $1000 3rd - $500

Many other prizes to be won just by entering!

Registration fee $4000 each

Pre-Registration begins Friday 4-8 PM at Vantine’s, Ootsa Lake. Weigh-ins at Vantine’s Sat.& Sun. 8AM-8PM and Monday 8AM-11:30AM

Action plan to improve workers safety makes progress

Prizes start at 12:00 noon on Monday

WorkSafeBC has implemented 29 of the 43 recommendations

Follow the signs from the south side ferry!

Flavio Nienow

For more information please call

250-692-7526 or 250-694-3658 or 250-694-3377 Advertising partially donated by LD News

Significant progress has been made on WorkSafeBC’s review and action plan to improve workers safety in the province. WorkSafeBC has implemented 29 of the 43 recommendations in the action plan, according to the ministry of jobs, tourism and skills training and responsible for labour, WorkSafeBC’s board of directors appointed Gordon Macatee to develop the plan following the 2012 sawmill tragedies in Burns Lake and Prince George. All 43 recommendations were accepted by government and WorkSafeBC last year. In addition to the 29 recommendations already implemented, two more are in progress and on track. On Feb. 11, 2015, Bill 9 - the workers compensation amendment act, 2015 - was introduced to strengthen WorkSafeBC’s ability to enforce occupational health and safety compliance in B.C. workplaces. The final sections of Bill 9 will come into force through an order-in-council (OIC) passed on Aug. 4, 2015. According to the ministry of jobs, the OIC finalizes government’s commitment to implement the recommendations, building on a number of improvements made since the report’s release. These actions further strengthen WorkSafeBC’s ability to enforce occupational health and safety regulations and ensure a world-class inspection and enforcement regime. The sections of Bill 9 being brought into force by OIC include establishing two new enforcement tools for WorkSafeBC - a compliance agreement to help employers comply with workplace safety rules more quickly, and a new administrative penalty that can be issued on the spot like a ticket for employer contraventions of more minor safety regulations. It is up to WorkSafeBC now to develop the necessary regulations for this penalty Introducing the New Mobile Cash-Back Feature. With exclusive offers for the brands you love & $5 cash-out minimums that will come into efthrough PayPal, you’ll never go shopping without your smart phone again! Introducing the New Mobile Cash-Back Feature. fect at a later date. Introducing the New Mobile Feature. With exclusive offers for brands you loveCash-Back & $5 cash-out minimums In addition, two new With exclusive offers for the brands you love & $5 cash-out minimums through PayPal, you’ll never go shopping without your smart phone again! Introducing the New Mobile Cash-Back Feature. through PayPal, neverBack go shopping yourSteps smart phone again! Getyou’ll Cash in 3without Easy positions are being creWith exclusive offers for the brands you love & $5 cash-out minimums through PayPal, you’ll never go shopping without your smart phone again! ated with occupational Cash Back inReceipt 3 Easy Steps 1. Browse &Get Shop 2. Upload 3. Get Cash Back! Get CashTake Back in 3 Easy Steps health and safety and Browse the mobile app a photo of your Once you reach just $5, 1. Browse & Shop 2. Upload Receipt Get Cashyou Back! for your favourite brand’s andin submit it 3.the money save will Get Cash receipt Back 3 Easy Steps law enforcement expermobile app 2.Take a photo ofapp your Once youCash reach just $5,your 1.Browse Browse & Shop Upload Receipt 3. Get Back! offers, andthe purchase through the be transferred into for your favourite receipt and submit it the money you save them at any storebrand’s PayPal wallet Browse the mobile app Take a photo of your Once you reach justwill $5, tise on the WorkSafeBC offers, and purchase through the app be transferred into your 1. Browse & Shop Upload Receipt Get Cash for your favourite brand’s 2. receipt and submit it the you saveBack! will them at any store PayPal wallet offers, purchase through the of app beOnce transferred into your Browse theand mobile app Take a photo your you reach just $5, board of directors. at anybrand’s store for yourthem favourite receipt and submit it the PayPal moneywallet you save will A new regulation offers, and purchase through the app be transferred into your them at any store PayPal wallet will also reduce the In partnership with

SAVE ANYWHERE. In partnership with In partnership with


Visit to Learn More Visit to Learn More Visit to Learn More

Visit to Learn More


t P9

Lakes District News

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Open fires permitted in some areas of Northwest Fire Centre

Prohibitions remain in effect in the Nadina Fire Zone

Check us out online... Take a trip down “Memory Lane” at

Homeside Antiques

SUMMER HOURS: Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm

After hours call Kelli at 250-692-2310

13797 Stearns Subdivision Road, Burns Lake (next to the old “Coffee Cup”) 15 km East of town

250 692-4300

I ��� �� ���� ����� ��

��������� ����� �� ����

• M�������� • F�������� P������� • D������ ���� ���� B.C. Wildfire Service Photo

Call Jean Marr

With only one wildfire in the Nadina Fire Zone, other parts of the province are experiencing fires still. Aircraft including the Hawaii Mars waterbomber have been assigned to combat the Wood Lake fire near Harrison Hot Springs.

in the Quanchus Mountains area. The Whitesail Lake fire has been classified as a “modifying response fire,” which means the fire is considered beneficial and is not fully suppressed. According to Pojar, the Whitesail Lake fire has shown no significant growth or activity in the past two weeks. The public is reminded to not light a fire during windy conditions and to ensure that all fires are completely extinguished and the ashes are cold to the touch before leaving the area for any length of time.

Amendments pave the way

Investors Group

to book your appointment today. Serving the Burns Lake & Houston areas

Jean Marr Investors Group, Consultant

Cell: (250) 691-1641 Fax: (250) 692-3685 23 - 3rd Ave., Burns Lake 2430 Butler Ave. Houston

time limit to request a review of a WorkSafeBC decision or order related to occupational health and safety matters from 90 to 45 days. Macatee’s action plan recommended a shorter time frame to enhance timeliness and effectiveness of penalties and occupational health and safety orders. According to the ministry of jobs, government’s recent amendments to the workers compensation act, culminating with this OIC, pave the way for the remaining 12 recommendations to be completed. Shirley Bond, Miniswith Burns Lake Automotive ter of Jobs, said workrts store Your pa CH MORE! place safety is a priority SO MU PRODUCTS OF THE WEEK! for the government. “We want workers coming home to their $ $ 56 66 $ 44 families each and every day,” she said. “The Bill 9 amendments to the workers compensation Part #5011 Part #5003 Part #5006 18 MM HD CUTTER act mean that changes 18 MM HD CUTTER 25 MM HD CUTTER Extended length ratchet are being implemented Ratchet lock utility knife Extra heavy duty cutter lock utility knife that will improve workplace safety and ensure $ 34 $ 00 34 $ that WorkSafeBC has a world-class inspection and investigations rePart #1086095 Part #1072198 Part #9036 gime.” SAFETY KNIFE 18 MM UTILITY KNIFE 18 MM UTILITY KNIFE “These legislative Self-retracting safety knife Fiberglass-reinforced autoRubber grip auto-lock with tape slitter lock utility knife utility knife changes establish a balanced enforcement $ 44 $ 22 $ 82 system that is fair to employers, but also Part #1064415 BLADE treats seriously those Part #1075449 DISPOSAL offenders who utilize 18 MM BLACK ULTRACASE Part #9613 SHARP SNAP-OFF For safe unsafe work practices,” TRAPEZOID BLADE disposal of BLADES she added. 10 pack of Blade re-fills cutting blades 10 Pack of Blade re-fills Macatee’s action 98 Francois Lake Dr., Burns Lake: plan is expected to be 250-692-7565 fully implemented by Hwy 16, Fraser Lake: 250-699-8990 early 2016.

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Rawk Camp 2015! A rock ’n’ roll camp in Grassy Plains

WORKSAFE from t P9

and a chance to play for three days with an awesome rock band from Whitehorse:






Buffet/Hutch, Sideboards China Cabinets

Flavio Nienow With the onset of cool and wet weather over the last couple of weeks, open fire bans were lifted in some areas of the Northwest Fire Centre. Effective at noon on Aug. 4, 2015, the following activities were once again allowed in the Bulkley Fire Zone, Skeena Fire Zone and Cassiar Fire Zone: - The burning of waste or other materials in piles; - The burning of stubble or grass; - The use of fireworks and firecrackers. All of these activities will continue to be prohibited in the Nadina Fire Zone until Sept. 30, 2015, or until the public is otherwise notified. A map of the affected areas is available online at On Aug. 9, 2015, the fire danger rating in the Burns Lake area dropped to “very low,” which means that there was a very low risk of wildfires. However, a drying trend and a return to seasonal temperatures are forecast for the southern sections of the Northwest Fire Centre, including the Nadina Fire Zone. “This could result in an increase in fire danger rating for the area,” said Olivia Pojar, Fire Information Officer for the Northwest Fire Centre. There is currently one active wildfire in the Nadina Fire Zone - the Whitesail Lake fire. First reported on July 6, 2015, this wildfire has burned over 437 hectares within Tweedsmuir North Provincial Park,







Dates: August 17th to 19th in Grassy Plains For: Experienced players or beginners; instrumental players or singers. Instruments provided: Guitars, drums and keyboards (courtesy of Yamaha Canada)

Registration fee: $10.00 per Rawk Camper

The number of spaces available is limited. Pre-registration is required, on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information or to pre-register, phone John or Sandra Barth, 250-692-3371 or e-mail

“The Rawk Cam p in Burns Lake is SOLD OUT, but there are stil places availab l le in Grassy Plain s”.





Burns Lake and District Community Foundation


Advertising partially sponsored by LD News


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lakes District News



Everyone welcome FULL SERVICE at the pump and

FRIENDLY SERVICE at the counter!

Convenience Store

with a range of everyday items such as groceries, toiletries, pop, candy, tobacco products, and newspapers. 819D Center Street, Burns Lake


Hours: Mon to Fri: 6am-11pm • Sat 8am-11pm, Sun: 9am-9pm • Holidays: 9am-9pm

Everyone is welcome to purchase gas at our store!

What’s your next move? Nourse Creek Trail Enjoy sweeping views of beautiful Francois Lake as you wander along the path of the Nourse Creek Trail (Total: 3.4 kms). Gaze across the valley at the natural rock formations called “hoodoos” and trek along to the first set of cascading waterfalls. Hike another scenic 1.9 kms and find the second set of breathtaking waterfalls where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Bring a bagged lunch and take advantage of the picnic tables offered along the trail. Please be advised that sections of the trail are steep and narrow and should be used with extreme caution. Driving directions: Head south on Hwy. 35, pass the Francois Lake Ferry Terminal and continue for 14.1 kms along Colleymount Road which meanders along the scenic north shore of Francois Lake. Turn right onto the Henkel Forest Service Road and travel approximately. 1.5 km, turning right into the trail’s parking lot. Submitted photo

TAX-FREE SAVINGS ACCOUNT 2015 Allowable deposit for TFSA’s is $10,000


CALL US to discuss how to plan for your INDIVIDUAL NEEDS

International visitors increase in the Lakes District this year Europeans and Americans account for the majority of visitors

Gordon Hayward Catherine Stovel EPC, CHS


Andrea Stovel

Flavio Nienow


According to Susan Schienbein, Manager of the Burns Lake and District Chamber of Commerce, the Burns Lake Visitor Centre has seen an increase in the number of international visitors. From 2012 to 2013, there was an increase of 19 per cent in the number of international tourists in the Lakes District. Although 2014 250-563-8243 showed a slight decrease of less than three per cent, the number of international visitors was still higher than in 2012. “If the numbers continue as we are collecting them now, 2015 will also show an increase,” she said. Out of the international tourists that visit the Lakes District every year, Europeans are the largest group. Although the chamber does TOLL FREE: 1-800-773-3233 not track which European countries specifically, Schienbein said Germans account for the majority of tourists.  The next largest group of travellers are Americans. “We have a very loyal number of American visitors who stop here in Burns Lake and the Lakes District year over year,” she said. SAVING & INVESTING • RETIREMENT & ESTATE PLANNING SINCE 1982 The number of American visitors is expected to continue increasing as the U.S. dollar remains strong against the Canadian dollar. According to Schienbein, the increase in the number of international visitors could be even higher considering that many tourists choose to find information online, as opposed to stopping at the visitor centre. Eat in o “There is no question that many people are planning their visits electronically and this is partly why our chamber of commerce is encouraging our members and the business community to get connected.” take ou r t! Other parts of the province have also been showing strong growth in international overnight visitors. This growth in the tourism sector is due to a number of factors, including the strong U.S. dollar, lower fuel prices and increased flight capacity to B.C. Statistics Canada figures show an increase in international overnight visitors in B.C. across many important markets. Leading the way from the Asia-Pacific region, visitors from Japan are up 17.5 per cent over last May, Try one of our freshly-made... and from South Korea up 8.6 per cent. Visitors from New Zealand are up 15.6 per cent and up 14.3 per cent from India. Growth from the United States, B.C.'s largest international market, was up 9.3 per cent, with an additional 24,760 visitors over May 2014. Visitors from Europe were up 13.1 per cent over last May, including France up 46.1 per cent, the NethGluten free crust available erlands up 36.1 per cent, Switzerland up 35 per cent, and Germany up 25.5 per cent. KITCHEN HOURS: Sun - Tues: 11am - 9pm • Wed - Sat: 11am - 10pm The numbers reported by Statistics Canada include international visitors who cross Canada customs in B.C. Actual numbers of visitors to B.C. are higher, as people crossing into the province from elsewhere in We offer GLUTEN FREE the country are not included in these figures. SELECTIONS, PASTAS, "Tourism is a key sector in our B.C. jobs plan and is one of B.C.'s top job-creating industries,” said BURGERS, SALADS, Shirley Bond, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour. “We STARTERS + A KIDS MENU... are working hard to ensure that even more people know that B.C. is a world-class tourism destination so Come check out our that we continue to grow visitor numbers and keep our diverse economy strong and growing." family section!

Financial Planning Centre

114 - 1717 3rd Ave PRINCE GEORGE, BC



Hwy 16 • Cold Beer Store: 250-692-3622 • Pub: 250-692-3078

Having a Garage Sale? For $5 you can advertise it in Lakes District News

Lakes District News

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

CHESLATTA CARRIER NATION CHIEF & COUNCIL would like to thank the following businesses and people for making the

CHESLATTA ANNUAL CAMP OUT a great success... Horizon North Huckleberry Mines Quinton Beach Hampton and Affiliates Tahtsa Timber Polar Medical Rio Tinto Alcan Carrier Sekani Family Services Burns Lake Community Forest Papyrus Starland Timber Mart Grapevine Pub & Bistro Home Hardware Jeff Reckmell Katie Vonzoga Chief and Council of the Nation wish to thank all the Cheslatta Members that attended the annual campout. We would also like to thank all the guests that joined us for our annual campout. This years camp was a success and was refreshing for members and community alike. Thank you to our staff for all your hard work. We apologize if we missed thanking anyone.

Advertising partially sponsored by LD News



Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Lakes District News

World soccer camp held in Burns Lake

Michael Riis-Christianson photos

Thirty-five players attended the World Cup Soccer Camp held in Burns Lake last week. Head coach for the Burns Lake camp was Manny Gomez, a professional soccer coach who also played professionally for five teams, and played for Team Canada’s U20/U23 team. The camp culminated Saturday in a ‘world cup’ tournament featuring players who participated in the Burns Lake camp. VILLAGE OF


N e e g w a l l s i V

to come S P M A C R E M M U S t a re More g .. INCLUDED ARE: x. le ip lt u M e d si ke La e th at provides a variety of llage Recreation Drop In Theme Camp: Vi nteed fun for the kids! themes everyday! Guara m 9am-4pm. Ages 6-13. gust 14th fro WHEN: August 10th-Au Game Day, y, Craft/Fort Day, Board THEMES: Adventure Da p in fee. • COST: $25 per day dro Fear Factor, Sports Day

p: The Future You Camrre nt occupations.

Take a peek into many cu ing typical summer While your kids are enjoy t they will also learn abou camp physical activities, ess. sin bu ps to local places of different careers, take tri gust 21st from 9am-4pm. WHEN: August 17th-Au .00 Ages 6-13. COST: $120

The Big Pig Mountain Biking Festival August 14-16. Hosted by BLMBA. For info: www. Registration now online at:


This free program runs every Friday 1:00-2:30pm until August 28th at the Spirit Square.

Bring your children age 6 and under and enjoy our variety of activities, including craft time and physical literacy programs. The Village Recreation staff will play with your children! Hope to see you on the Wow-Bus. (Indoor PlaySpace is temporary closed during the Summer)

Lakeside Multiplex Membership Rates (with taxes) Category


1 month

3 months


Age 2-6 Toddlers





10 Punch $26.50

Age 7-18 Youth






19+ Adult












Senior 60+






Lakeside Multiplex - 103 Flogum Dr., Burns Lake • Phone: 250-692-3817 Email: or Facebook /

Village of Burns Lake - 15 3rd Ave, Burns Lake BC • Phone: 250-692-7587 Email: •

Burns Lake’s Annual Terry Fox Run Sept. 20 at the Francois Lake Hall. Looking for donations to the Fall Harvest Auction. More info: (250) 692-7438.

Lakes District News

Wednesday, August 12, 2015



Speed Control is ready to ‘rawk’

The 72nd Annual Lakes District

Fall Fair & Music Festival September 11th,12th & 13th, 2015

Saturday & Sunday

Pancake Breakfast Stage Entertainment Vendor Booths • Logger’s Sports Heavy Horse Pull • Gymkhana “It’s A Family A-Fair”

Find us at

Decker Lake

ADING POST R T Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm

We’re the largest


Supplier in the Northwest...


7390 Highway 16, Decker Lake


Yukon band Speed Control is returning to the Lakes District for another edition of their popular Rawk Camps. The band has just released a live performance video for their new song ‘This Time.’ (L-R) Jody Peters, Ian March and Graeme Peters.

The Yukon band is returning for another edition of the Rawk Camps FLAVIO NIENOW Since the release of their debut album ‘F.A.B.’  back in 2013,  Speed Control has been hard at work, touring across Canada and educating youth with their Rawk Camps. The band has just released a live performance video for their new song  ‘This Time,’ which is the lead track off of their sophomore release due out this fall. Lead singer Graeme Peters said their sophomore release will be a split themed album with five songs being more "radio friendly," and the other five being “more aggressive.” “The new album will be kind of a throwback to the early 90's mixed with the intensity of new bands like The Refused,” he said. The songs range from love songs to “very in your face angry songs” that help the band express their feelings on issues ranging from the political landscape to the struggle of an independent band from the Yukon. Since the energetic musicians also love to lift weights, it is no surprise that their new live performance video was filmed inside of a gym. All three members of Speed Control  recently competed in the Northern B.C. body building championships. The release of their new video also marks the start of the band's summer tour which they've named ‘Flex Tour 2015.’ The tour is a mix of the band’s regular live shows and the popular youth Rawk Camps. During the camps, the band takes a group of kids - mostly children who have never played music before - and teach

them how to play instruments over the course of three days. Once they have been properly trained, the children have a chance to feel like rock stars for the first time and perform live at the camp. The band usually starts by breaking the ice to get through any “nervousness.” “We start by asking the kids things like, ‘what’s your favourite colour called purple?’” “They get confused and answer in a confused voice, ‘purple.’ And then we'll




be like, ‘yeah man, you get 10 points towards bacon,’” he said. “We then do the drum test where each kid gets to play the drums; we can pretty easily determine if a kid has a beat or not,” he said. “It's pretty essential to find a kid who can count to four steadily; more often than not, the smaller kids are the ones with the best rhythm.” Once the drum test is done, the kids are split off into groups - the bass and keyboard players go to one room, the guitar players and singers head to another and the drummers stay near the drum kit. “We teach the kids using unplugged instruments for about half an hour and then we come back to the main stage and we let them plug in [the instruments],” he said. “Not only is the sound amazingly loud, but 90 per cent of the time it actually starts to sound like music within the first hour of the first day of camp.” This year, Yamaha Canada is sponsoring the summer Rawk Camps by provid-

ing brand new gear for all of the participants. “This is huge,” said Peters. “Every kid will be able to play through a new amp and new sound-system.” This year’s Rawk Camps will take place in Grassy Plains on Aug. 17-19, and in Burns Lake on Aug. 20-22. The final concert featuring camp participants will be held on the last day of each camp. The enthusiastic band members are no stranger to the Lakes District. They have th performed in the area many times and have helped dozens of children find their beat at the Rawk Camps. “Burns Lake has a very familiar feel, and it has a very welcoming attitude,” said Peters. “The people there are kind, August 13th, 2015 and passionate about their community; it makes us work harder to create a good You are both an inspiration to us all. place and good experience for the kids we work with.” Love your kids & spouses, “The camps are fun, and full of serious grandkids & spouses and great grandkids rawk,” he said. “When you have between eight and 12 people, all on stage for the first time as a band, playing real rock, and playing it real loud, and having the best time ever, how can you not be excited?”  To check the video of the band’s new track ‘This Time,” visit A newly renovated tQw9vZCslDU and expanded liquor store You can also offering a large selection of new follow the band on Instagram @ and unique craft beers and spirits coming in speedcontrol  to all summer long. Specialty wines and a larger get all of their tour updates. For selection of coolers and ciders. more informaOpen - 9:30am to 11 pm 7 days a week tion, visit:  www. Hwy 16 • Cold Beer Store: 250-692-3622 • Pub: 250-692-3078

Lakes District Fall Fair meeting: August 13, 7:00 p.m., held at the Cancer Society Office

on Main Street, Burns Lake.

Happy 65 Wedding Anniversary

Jiggs & Muriel Jessee

! N E P O W O N

Summer Market at the Chamber Saturdays until August 29. Contact the Chamber at 250692-3773 for more info.


t community Invite the whole community Invite the whole community to your to your next meeting, next brownie meeting, hockey game orski gala evening with a couple of swap or concert. clicks. Add your event today. Add your event today.

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Lakes District News

Reinvigorating community garden Michael Riis-Christianson

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Burns Lake’s Partnering 4 Healthier Communities (P4HC) committee hopes to reinvigorate local interest in community gardening. Village councillor Susan Schienbein, co-chair of the committee, said last week the group plans to hold a public meeting Aug. 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the Immaculata Church to discuss community gardening and determine the current level of local interest in it. “We are inviting any members of the community who have an interest in community gardening, creating sustainable food sources, local food security, and those just interested in gardening,” Schienbein said. “In particular, we will be inviting some of the folks who have been coming to the summer market and selling their goods. We will also be inviting the administrators of the seniors’ housing, Lake Babine Nation, and Burns Lake Band.” “Whoever hears these words of Mine and does them, I will A community garden is any piece of public or liken him to a wise man who built his house upon a rock. private land cultivated by a group of people rather And the rains descended and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was than a single family or individual. Unlike public founded upon the rock. But everyone who hears these words parks and other green spaces maintained by local of Mine and does not do them, shall be likened to a foolish governments, community gardens are generally man who built his house upon the sand...” – Matt. 7:24 managed and controlled by unpaid individuals or /THE TRUMPET WILL SOUND volunteers – usually the gardeners themselves. Burns Lake’s existing community garden is located on municipal land adjacent to the Immaculata Church, but Schienbein says its use has declined in recent years. Only a few of the garden’s beds are currently being utilized, and the P4HC committee DAISY is our co-chair thinks the facility’s location may be parnewest and tially to blame. “It is not a great location in that most successful youngest shelter community gardens are highly visible,” she noted. resident. Daisy “This one, alas, is not.  But we don't think that it is a 4-6 week old rules it out completely.  We do, however, believe tabby. She has that for the notion of community gardening to ‘take not been spayed root’, it will require a more public, visible location to reinforce the concept. yet. Daisy is “I think the biggest obstacle (to reinvigorating starting to feel community gardening) will be the location. If we comfortable continue with the existing location, there are some in the clinic, DAISY benefits but visibility is not one of them. The other playing and obstacle might be getting the full support of mayor and council. We will be going to them formally afmeeting new friends daily. If you are ter the public meeting, but we know that this is not interested in adopting her, please call on the goals and objectives for 2016.  But we are 250-692-7476. still going to try.” Advertising donated by LD News Schienbein hopes the public meeting will proSubmitted photo Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic Ltd. vide the stimulus needed to grow community gardening in Burns Lake. She said that if enough local A community garden could grow beautiful vegetables like these tomatoes Lino Punis has grown Fountain Road, Burns Lake • Phone: 250-692-7476 residents express interest in the project, the P4HC in his greenhouse. committee is prepared to invest in it financially. “We received $7500 this year for our P4HC grant, and we have some funds left from last year that we have earmarked for some seniors’ projects that would fit with a garden initiative that directly benefits seniors,” she noted. The Gray family would like to extend our deepest appreciation “We don't know for sure what the costs are to rehabilitate the existing site. If we get enough interest, we'll to all those who have offered such kindness and support use some of the seed funding … to get the garden back into shape. We are, of course, hoping that the Vilthrough this difficult time. lage of Burns Lake public works department might be able to help with the labour part of it. Again, (that’s) if we want to spend the time and effort on that particular location.” We would like to express our gratitude for the tireless efforts While the P4HC committee is prepared to nurture community gardening in Burns Lake, Schienbein said by the Search and Rescue crews from Burns Lake, Houston, that ideally, another community organization or group will take long-term ownership of the project. Smithers, Terrace, Vanderhoof and Prince George “Community gardens need a champion,” she explained. “The previous champion left the community, as well as the RCMP. and very few garden beds are being used. It has been several years since the VBL invested any money or did any work, and the garden is neglected. There is, however, a lot of potential. There is also a much greater To all those countless individuals who spent days searching for our consciousness about local food sustainability and security, and we think that now there may be more interBryce by boat, in the air and on land, we sincerely thank you. est. We also have Northern Health keenly interested as a partner, and this may help the project get better legs.” We are overwhelmed by the love shown by this Schienbein encourages anyone with an interest in community gardening and local food production to community we call our home. attend next week’s public meeting. “If you are interested in local food production, food security, 100 mile diet, shopping local, gardening, A celebration of life for our Bryce will be held at and supporting a healthier community - come to this meeting,” she urged. “We need and value everyone's LDSS Saturday August 15th at 11:00am. input!” Burns Lake’s P4HC committee is a product of Northern Health’s efforts to involve local communities In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the in health care. It was established after residents identified a need to raise awareness of the risk factors for Burns Lake Search and Rescue c/o John Remple chronic disease that are impacting the community. According to Schienbein, the committee is focusing on PO Box 670, Burns Lake BC, V0J 1E0 healthy eating as a social determinant of health.

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Southside Health & Wellness Centre: Chair yoga every Tues. & Fri. 10:00-11:00 a.m. Foot care, all day by appt., Aug. 13, 20 & 27. More info: (250) 694-3270.

Lakes District Museum is now open for the season Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phone (250) 692-7450.

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SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22: Your life can’t always be a bundle of excitement, Scorpio. Sometimes you have to sit back and enjoy those periods that are not so on-the-go. Relish in the slower pace. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21: Sagittarius, others are looking to you for advice this week. Give any inquiry the thoughtful consideration it deserves, doing your best to take others’ concerns to heart. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20: Capricorn, even if you have a million ideas running through your head, push them aside in favor of some muchneeded rest. You need to take some time for yourself.

Our town The Big Pig registration is now online at: asp?id=9660. Check for more info on the Big Pig Mountain Biking Festival August 14-16th. The trails are in great condition, thanks to all the weed wackers out there! Southside Health & Wellness Centre: August 2015. Chair yoga every Tues. & Fri. 10-11am. Foot care, all day by appt., Aug. 13, 20 & 27. More info (250) 694-3270. Burns Lake’s Annual Terry Fox Run will take place on Sept. 20 at the Francois Lake Hall. We are looking for donations to the Fall Harvest Auction. Will you have produce or flowers, a craft project or treasure. More info: (250) 692-7438. Lakes District Fall Fair meeting:

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ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20: You’re very good at marching to the beat of a different drummer, Aries. But keep in mind that sometimes it’s advantageous to follow along with what others are doing. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21: Taurus, you hope that others appreciate what you are doing for them this week. You may not get a verbal thankyou, but expect some to show their appreciation in other ways. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21: Gemini, many people are willing to lend you a helping hand when you need one. Make the most of their generosity, and then give back whenever possible. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22: Cancer, enjoy the fruits of your labor this week. You worked hard, and now is a great time for you to rest, relax and catch up with some old friends. Good times are ahead. Please drop off your nonprofit coming events at the Lakes District News office by Friday 3:00 pm. (We regret we cannot take items over the phone). Listings as space permits. There is no guarantee any particular item will run on a specific date.

Aug. 13, 7pm, held at the Cancer Society Office on the main street. CRISIS PREVENTION. You are not alone. Support is just a phone call away. 1.800.SUICIDE (1.800.784.2433) is a confidential, tollfree service that is available to anyone, anywhere, any time in B.C. The youth support line is 1.888.564.8336 (TEEN). The 24 hour crisis line for northern BC is 250.563.1214 and 1.888.563.1214. In addition, several crisis lines also provide support through online chat services so young people have a webbased way to reach out. These services can be reached through www. (4:00 to 11:00 pm daily) or Will you be celebrating your 90th or 100th birthday this year? If so please contact Lakes District News - we would love to do a story on you and take your picture.

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Summer Hours: Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 5:00pm Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm • Closed Sunday

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425 Yellowhead 16, Burns Lake (250) 692-3434 toll free 1-888-990-2298 A R T I S T S ’ S U P P L I E S • S TA I N E D G L A S S • S I LV E R B R A C E L E T S • C U S T O M P I C T U R E F R A M I N G • C A R D S

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PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20: Romance is in the air, Pisces. Enjoy this exciting time and take things slowly at first. Enjoy the slow pace and get to know your new love interest.



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AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18: Aquarius, embrace the coming days as a chance to distinguish yourself at work. Extra work presents an opportunity to put your value to the company on display.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23: Libra, now is the time for a change, however big or small that change ultimately may be. You may benefit from adoptiong a new hobby or changing careers.

Week of August 12 - August 18th


VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22: Virgo, a heavy workload may force you to regroup and start over next week when you have more energy and inspiration. This is just a temporary setback.

Hwy 16, Burns Lake Open 9am-6pm Mon.-Fri., 12pm-4pm on Sat.



LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23: Leo, leave room for others to share their opinions after expressing your own. It never hurts to see another’s point of view, and a loved one’s opinion may prove enlightening.

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Vendors Wanted for Summer Market (indoor & outdoor)

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Saturdays June 13 - August 29 Contact the Chamber at 250-692-3773 for more info.


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Wednesday, August 12, 2015



Automotive Center

No need to contact ICBC. We process ICBC glass claims from start to finish.

ICBC Accredited Collision Repair Shop

Free wa sher flu id with win and car wash (in dshield replace side and out) ments.

Phone: 250-692-3805 Highway 16 West, Burns Lake, B.C.

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Royal Canadian Legion Branch #50

Answers in classifieds


Wednesday Saturday: 2:00 - 8:00pm

Fresh & Hand Breaded OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

Lobby Hours: Sun to Thurs: 11am-8:30pm Fri & Sat: 11am-9pm Drive thru: Sun to Thurs: 11am- 9pm Fri & Sat: 11am-9:30pm

Highway 16, Burns Lake


Kitchen is closed for the summer

PERFECT JANITORIAL 24 Hour Service Complete Commercial/ Residential/Industrial Janitorial Service All Floors, Carpets, Windows, Upholstery, made like new Competitive Prices and Contract Rates available

Call Branislav 250-692-1812 The newly renovated

Omineca Ski


for meetings, conferences and events. With a brand new kitchen featuring two stoves as well as dishes and utensils for up to 120 guests, the lodge is a great spot to host your next event or get together.

To book a rental: please contact

Joan & Jeff Ragsdale

250-692-0093 website:


Church Directory FIRST MENNONITE CHURCH Kerr Road, Burns Lake

Sunday School for all ages and Worship Service at 10:30am Pastor Steve Swires 250-692-3259

Island Gospel Fellowship Gerow Island, Highway 35

Sunday Morning Worship Service begins @ 10:30 am Pastor Ed Peters Phone: 250-692-7551

Grassy Plains Gospel Church Sunday Service: 10:45 am 250-694-3756 (Church)



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10. One who analyzes metals 11. To that place 12. Expressed pleasure 14. Fills with horror 17. Find a sum 18. Cognizant 20. Female making debut in society 23. Members of U.S. Navy 24. A group of three 25. And, Latin 26. Fall back time 29. What was that? 30. Inches per minute (abbr.) 31. American/ Canadian falls CLUES ACROSS 27. “Today’s” Roker rodent 32. North 1. Molten rocks 28. “Twilight Zone” 49. Shoulder blades Palestine region 7. More (Spanish) host 50. Noah’s boat 35. Bird beak 10. Artists’ 33. Three-toed sloth 51. A female ogre 36. Manila hemp workrooms 34. Actor 38. Smart 12. Radiant light 36. Lawyer’s CLUES DOWN 40. Threearound an object organization 1. Unkind banded armadillo 13. More threadbare 37. Maldives capital 2. Vestments 41. Short cloak 14. Moses’ elder 38. In bed 3. A derisive 42. Scops owl brother 39. Wedgelike metal remark genus 15. Become aware fastener 4. Japanese apricot 43. 100 = 1 of 40. Winglike 5. They __ afghani 16. Exclamation of structures 6. Soviet Socialists 44. A health relief 41. Mesoamerican Republics resort 17. Swiss river resin 7. Arad river 45. Equal, prefix 18. Mimics 44. Glasses 8. Lined up one 46. Microgram 19. Colored fabric 45. Green beside another 47. Make 21. A bunch of bills 48. Large South 9. Diego, Francisco imperfect 22. Despised American burrowing or Anselmo

IMMACULATA Catholic Church

248 - 3rd Ave. • Phone: 250-692-3568

Saturday 7:30 p.m. Sunday 10:00 a.m. ~ Everyone Welcome ~ THE CHURCH OF


Sunday 10:00AM President Moore 250-695-6654 Hwy 35 & Francois Lake • 250-695-6316

Everyone Welcome


SUNDAY, 10:30 AM Contact: Roland & Lisa Cataford 250-692-9196 ~Everyone Welcome ~

every Thursday until Sept. 17th - 7:00pm.


By donation fee $10 for members $12 for non members.

Worship Service at 10 am Sunday mornings

Prizes at the end of the tournament.

No General Meetings for July & August If you love your freedom, thank a Veteran. Support your local Legion. “Members and bona fide guests welcome”

email: Phone: 250-692-3232





Call Today 250-692-7526 BURNS LAKE


136 - 4th Avenue, Burns Lake

Ministry led by lay leaders Phone 250-692-7202

DECKER LAKE MENNONITE CHURCH Sunday Morning Services: Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. Worship Services: 10:30 a.m.

Pastors - Ken Dyck 250-698-7629 David S. Burkholder 250-692-7057 Everyone Welcome Hwy 16, Decker Lake

Seventh Day Adventist Church Group Meets Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. at the United Church on Centre Street.


Burns Lake Community Church Lakes Learning Centre 10:30 am

Pastor John Neufeld 250-692-7949

Lakes Fellowship 724 Babine Lake Road

Sunday Services: 10:30 am Celebrating the Love of God Pastor Matthew Westergard 250-692-7464

LIVING WATERS CHURCH 766 Mulvaney Crescent, Burns Lake

Please come and fellowship with us on:

Sunday at 11:00am Tuesday at 7:00 pm Saturday at 7:00 pm

email: • James Kim 250-692-0031 PAOC

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Your community. Your classifieds.

250.692.7526 W

fax 250.692.3685 email TO REACH THE MARKET


First advertise in the Lakes District News! ALL WORD ADS go on the Internet for the whole world to see!



Call 250-692-7526 or come by our office. Hours are 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday thru Friday. Fax in your ad to 250-692-3685 or email: advertising@



Come to our office at 23 3rd Avenue, or you may pay with Visa or Mastercard over the phone. All ads must be prepaid.


REGULAR WORD ADS 1 issue, 3 lines $8.50 per week


For anything under $50.00 value. 15 words or less. Ad must contain one item and price. Misc. for Sale category only. Private party ads only (no commercial). Ads cannot be accepted over the phone.

$5 ADS

For anything worth $50 - $500. 15 words or less. Ad must contain one item and price. Misc. for Sale category only. Runs for 4 weeks. Ads must be prepaid - cash only.

LEGAL ADS $16.07 per col. inch


3 lines - No changes - ad runs in: Burns Lake, Vanderhoof, Stewart/Nechako, Ft. St. James, Houston, Smithers, Prince Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat, Northern Connector (1 week) ....................................... $78.88


25 words- No changes - ad runs one week, all papers covering: Lower Mainland .......... $102.28 BC’s Interior ............... $124.95 Vancouver Island ........ $119.00 All of the Above .......... $299.00 Extra cost for additional words


1x1 classified ad. For $31.50 we will run your ad UNTIL IT SELLS, any category, max. 30 words No Real Estate or commercial ads Please call if you need more information on any of our classified packages.


To announce birthdays, weddings, births etc.

2 col. x 2” - $22.25 2 col. x 3” - $32.25 2 col. x 4” - $42.25





Classified Word & Display: Friday @ 3:00 P.M.


Lakes District News reserves the right to edit, revise, classify or reject any classified ad not meeting our standards.

No refunds on Classified Ads. BURNS LAKE





In Memoriam Gifts


Burns Lake Health Care Auxiliary are used to provide financial support, equipment plus comfort and care for patients in our hospital, the Pines and all other community healthcare services. Mail a donation on behalf of yourself or a loved one to: B.L. Health Care Aux. Box 812, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 A tax deductible receipt will be issued

PLANNING a wedding or anniversary party? Looking for plastic flowers for decorations. Call OPTIONS at Nourse House 9am- 3pm Mon. to Fri. Francois Lake Drive. Operated by residents of 8th Avenue Group Home. (250) 692-7845

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Information ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to keep drinking that’s your business - if you want to quit drinking that’s our business. Burns Lake meetings: Tue. & Sat. 7:30pm Immaculatta Church. Women’s group meets Wed., 108 - 2nd avenue at 7:30pm. For info. or transportation call (250) 6929104 / (250) 692-3024 / (250) 698-7325 Only requirement for AA is a desire to stop drinking. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Southside Meetings: Mondays and Thursdays 6:30pm 7:30pm at Grassy Plains Gospel Church. For more information: (250) 694-3682 ANYONE NEEDING information on Alzheimer’s please call 1-866-564-7533 BURNS LAKE RCMP Victim/Witness Assistance Program. 201 Hwy. 35, Box 759 Burns Lake. Open Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm (250) 692-3010 CANADA BENEFIT Group Do you or someone you know suffer from a disability? Get up to $40,000 from the Canadian Government. Toll-free 1-888511-2250 or

Canadian Cancer Society

Make a gift in honour or in memory of a loved one impacted by cancer. Please include the honouree name as well as the name and address of the person you would like notified. To donate please call or mail Box 1301 Burns Lake, B.C., V0J 1E0, (250) 6927203.

CRISIS PREVENTION Call 1.800.SUICIDE or 1.800.784.2433 is a confidential, toll-free service that is available to anyone, anywhere, any time in B.C. Youth support line 1.888.564.8336 (TEEN). 24 hour crisis line for northern BC 1.888.563.1214. In addition, several crisis lines also provide support through online chat services so young people have a web-based way to reach out. These services can be reached through 4-10pm. daily or FOOD BANK INFORMATION Distribution days will be the first and the third Tuesday of each month. LD Food Bank will provide a warm waiting room at the Beacon Theatre. Clients will go first to the theatre. Doors open at 10:45am. This is available until the end of April. The food bank closes at 1pm. The Lakes District Food bank continues to operate due to the outstanding generosity of the community. If you would like to make a donation and receive a tax deductible receipt, please mail your donation to: Lakes District Food Bank, P.O. Box 777, Burns Lake, BC. V0J 1E0 LOCAL HOSPICE (250) 6922448. The Hospice office, located in the Lakes District Hospital, open every Thurs. from 10am - 4pm. A lending library is available. Please make donations to Burns Lake Hospice Program, Box 7500, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1EO

THE ARTHRITIS SOCIETY B.C. and Yukon division is your primary source and resource of the latest print and electronic information, programs and services about arthritis. 1-800321-1433 or visit THE CHRONIC DISEASE Education Clinic at the Lakes District Hospital is open Tue. & Wed. from 8:30am - 4pm. The clinic provides information and teaching on various chronic illnesses such as Diabetes & Heart Disease. A doctors referral is not needed. To speak with the nurse call (250) 6922440

WITH A PUSH OF A BUTTON….HELP IS ON THE WAY Lifeline, the #1 medical alert service, with the touch of a button, provides immediate assistance to seniors in emergency situations, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This service helps you live more independently in the comfort of your own home while providing peace of mind for you and your family. For more information on this valuable service, contact Northern Health at 1800-851-0184 or call Rotary Representative Sandy Dore at 250-692-7761 at the Bulkley Valley Credit Union - Lakes District Branch.

Lost & Found

A female 4 year old Siamese cat lost on 5th Avenue. If you see her please call:

HIP OR knee replacement? Arthritic conditions/COPD? Restrictions in walking/dressing? Disability Tax Credit $2,000 Tax Credit $20,000 refund. Apply today for assistance: 1-844-453-5372.







Education/Trade Schools

Help Wanted

INDEPENDENT Distributor Opportunities! We are looking for an Independent Distributor for the following areas: CASTLEGAR & OKANAGAN AREAS. Weston Bakeries Limited is proud to be a bakery leader in Canada, specializing in producing a wide variety of baked goods. There are excellent business opportunities in the Castlegar and Okanagan areas for an energetic, motivated, self-starter to purchase a route as an Independent Distributor of Weston products within a defined geographic territory. Included is a solid customer base and exclusive distribution rights to a growing business. Interested individuals please contact: Dave Warren 250-979-8006 or via email and or: Scott Craig 250-317-9099 or via email


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The link to your community

is seeking full/part-time serving staff with minimum 6 months experience in the restaurant industry. Must be reliable, flexible, friendly and able to work in a fast paced environment. Please apply with resume during business hours.

Help Wanted

Career Opportunities #30 ROUMIEU DRIVE BOX 307 BURNS LAKE BC V0J 1E0

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! In-demand career! Employers have work-at-home positions available. Get online training you need from an employertrusted program. Visit: or 1-855-7683362 to start training for your work-at-home career today!

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

PH. 250-692-7640 THINK SAFE! BE SAFE!

Tahtsa Timber Ltd is looking for a

full time permanent

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

Polar Park Automotive & Industrial Sales has an immediate opening for a full-time


Your responsibilities will include day to day processing of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and general accounting, while reporting directly to our corporate controller. Previous bookkeeping experience in a similar role is required.


JOB DUTIES: operate and maintain a Steep Slope Tree Harvester, train other operators to work with Steep Slope Tree Harvesters. $30.00/ hour, 8 hrs/day, 50 hours per week, $45.00/hour overtime rate after 40 hours, plus holiday pay. After 3 months Life, AD & D, extended medical and dental insurance starts.

Work is in central and northern BC. Email resumes to or fax to 250-692-7140.

We offer an excellent benefits package. Please apply with résumé and references: Via email to: Or via fax to: (250) 692-3930 Or in person at our store located at: 831 – Hwy 16W in Burns Lake.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

(250) 692-7444 Travel

START A new career in Graphic Arts, Healthcare, Business, Education or Information Tech. If you have a GED, call: 855-670-9765

Logging Supervisor & Buncher Operator Fort St. James, Full Time Logging Supervisor: Applicant must have experience in the logging industry. Applicant is required to go to camp when needed. Applicant will lead, supervise and motivate a variety of operators, employees, and sub-contractors to achieve high levels of production in a safe and conscientious manner. Applicant must have experience on operating multiple pieces of logging equipment, a mechanical background is required and level 3 first aid is an asset. Buncher Operator: Applicant must have 2 years minimum experience on bunching machine. Successful applicants will be offered a competitive compensation package. Please call 250-996-0196 and leave a message if no answer. Resumes can be emailed to or faxed to (250) 996-2217.

The College of New Caledonia is looking to fill the following position: SUPPORT WORKER - ABORIGINAL Reference Number: 15-076SL

Under the direction of the Regional Principal or their designate and in cooperation with community partners and Aboriginal Service Plan (ASP) team members, this position is responsible for developing, planning, implementing, administering, and evaluating an Aboriginal student support program. This position will be responsible for promoting access and supporting students within the programs and services of the Lakes District region. The incumbent will work closely with the student support team and will advocate for Aboriginal students/participants linking them with relevant community and college support services as needed. The incumbent will assist with the promotion and incorporation of traditional knowledge and language within campus daily activities, programs and services. This position requires a person of Aboriginal ancestry who also meets all other necessary qualifications. To find out more information about these and other opportunities, and directions on how to apply, please check our website at: Join us. We offer a supportive workplace, great benefits, and competitive salaries. And we have opportunities to grow, both within our college, and within our communities. CNC - A community for learning and teaching that cares, serves, and leads.


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Burns Lake Health Care First advertise in the Lakes Auxiliary are used provide District News! ALLtoWORD financial support, equipment ADS go on the Internet for plus pathe comfort whole and worldcare to for see! tients in our hospital, the Pines and all other community healthcare services. Mail a donation REACHING on behalf of yourself or a loved one to: B.L. Health US Care Aux. Box 812, Burns PART TIME experienced Lake, V0J 1E0 for busy Call BC 250-692-7526 or wait staff wanted Apub. tax deductible receipt will be come by our Must be office. able toHours multi issued task must A.M. be friendly, are 9:00 to 4:00 Pwork .M., well with thru others andFax work Monday Friday. in well without supervision. your ad to 250-692-3685 Must be willing to work split or email: advertising@ shifts and evenings until 11 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS in the pm in Ifpm you wantsummer, to keep10 drinking the winter. Must have or that’s your business - if you willingtoHOW to aTO Serving it want quitget drinking that’s our Right certifi cate. Must be 19 business. Burns Lake meetPAY yearsTue. or & Sat. older.7:30pm Training ings: Imavailable. Apply in Women’s maculatta Church. Come to our office atperson 23 with meets resume including group -pay 2nd 3rd Avenue,Wed., ortoyou108 may references Rebecca avenue at 7:30pm. For info. or with Visa orcallMastercard Tuesday - Saturday transportation (250) 692over the phone. All ads / 9104 / (250) 692-3024 (250) must698-7325 be prepaid. Only requirement for AA is a desire to stop drinking. CLASSIFIED ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ADMeetings: RATES Southside Mondays and Thursdays REGULAR WORD 6:30pm ADS 7:30pm at Grassy Plains Gos1 issue, 3 lines pel Church. For more informaPART TIME worker for $8.50 per week tion: (250) 694-3682 Liquor Retail Store. Must have be willing to informaget a FREEorADS ANYONE NEEDING Serving it Right cate. For onanything undercertifi $50.00 tion Alzheimer’s please call Must know computers, be value. 15 words or less. Ad 1-866-564-7533 able to work with money, be must contain oneRCMP item and BURNS Vicfriendly, LAKE work well with price. Misc. for Sale category tim/Witness Propeople, retailAssistance experience is only. Private party ads only (no gram. 201 Must Hwy. 35, 759 preferred. be Box reliable, commercial). Ads cannot be Burns Lake. be willingOpentoMonday workto accepted over the phone. Thursday 9am to 4pm unsupervised and be (250) 692-3010 bondable. You will be $5 ADS working two opening shifts CANADA BENEFIT For anything worth $50Group - $500. and two shifts per Do or closing someone you must know 15you words or less. Ad week. Training available. 19 suffer from a disability? contain one item and Get price.up years or older. Apply in toMisc. $40,000 from category the Canadian for Sale only. person with resume Government. Toll-free 1-888Runs for 4 weeks. Ads must be including orreferences to 511-2250 prepaid or - cash only.www.canadaBrenda Steve. benefi

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$16.07 Make a per giftcol. ininch honour or in memory of a loved one imHWY 16 ADS inpacted by REGIONAL cancer. Please MEDICAL Transcriptionists 3 lines - No changes - ad runs in: clude honouree nameTrain as are inthehuge demand! Burns Lake, Vanderhoof, well asCanada’s the name top and address with Medical Stewart/Nechako, Ft. St. James, of the person school. you wouldLearn like Transcription Houston, Smithers, notifi ed. To donate pleasefrom call from home and work Prince Rupert, Terrace, home. today! 1-800-466orKitimat, mail Call Box 1301 Burns Lake, Northern Connector 1535 or B.C., V0J 1E0, (250) 692(1 week) ....................................... $78.88 7203.

BCCRISIS BEST BUY ADS PREVENTION 25 words-1.800.SUICIDE No changes - ad runs or Call one week, all papers 1.800.784.2433 is covering: a confidenLowertoll-free Mainland service .......... $102.28 tial, that is BC’s Interior ............... $124.95 available to anyone, anyVancouver $119.00 where, anyIsland time........ in B.C. Youth All ofBACK the Above .......... $299.00 support lineON 1.888.564.8336 GET TRACK! Bad Extra cost24 for additional wordsline for (TEEN). hour Unemployed? crisis credit? Bills? northern BC We 1.888.563.1214. Need Money? Lend! If you IT ’TIL SOLD ADS- lines InRUN addition, several crisis own your own home you 1x1 classified ad. ForAcceptance $31.50 we also provide support through qualify. Pioneer will run your ad UNTIL IT SELLS, onlineMember chat services young Corp. BBB. so any category, max. 30 words way people have a web-based 1-877-987-1420 Real Estate ads toNoreach out.or commercial These services can Please be callreached through if you need more information on any of our TAX FREEpackages. MONEY 4-10pm. daily or www.youclassified is available, if you are a homeowner, HAPPY ADStoday! We can FOOD BANK INFORMATION easily approve you by To announce birthdays, weddings, Distribution the phone. 1st, days 2nd orwill 3rd be mortbirths etc. figage rst and third is Tuesday availableof 2 col. x money 2”the - $22.25 each LD Food right Rates start Bank at 2 col.month. xnow. 3” - $32.25 will provide a warm Prime. Equity counts.waiting We 2 col. x 4” - $42.25 room Theatre. don’t at relytheon Beacon credit, age or Clients go firstPRICES to the theaincome. ALLwill ABOVE tre. Doors at 10:45am. Callopen Anytime DO NOT INCLUDE GSTend This is1-800-639-2274 available until or the Apply of604-430-1498. April. The food bankonline closes at 1pm. The Lakes District DEADLINES Food bank continues to operClassified & Display: ate due Word to the outstanding Friday @ 3:00 P.M. generosity of the community. If you would like to make a doFULL SERVICE nation OUR and receive aPlumbing tax defrom Parker Dean. Fast, mail reductible receipt, please liable, 24/7 service. Take Dis$50 POLICY your donation to: Lakes off your next job if you present trict Food Bank,News P.O. reserves Box 777, Lakes this ad.District Vancouver area. 1Burns Lake, BC. V0J 1E0 800-573-2928.


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LOCAL HOSPICE 692classify or reject any(250) classified 2448. Hospice office, load notThe meeting our standards. cated in the Lakes District refunds on Thurs. Hospital, Noopen every from 10am - 4pm. Ads. A lending liClassified brary is available. Please make BURNS donationsLAKE to Burns Lake ONLINE AUCTION COMMERCIAL Hospice Program, BoxNEWS 7500, LAKES DISTRICT RESTAURANT Burns Lake, BC V0JEQUIPMENT1EO OPENS WED AUG 12 - CLOSES

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WED AUG 19......... COMMISSARY BAKERY & STEAM EQUIPMENT incl. Doyon Bakery & Cleveland Steam Equipment, Pizza Oven, Electric Convection Ovens, Dishwashers, Canopies, Freezers, Coolers, Fryers, Ranges, sinks AND MORE!!!!! View Weekdays 9am to 4pm @Active Auction Mart - Unit 295 - 19358 96th Ave, Surrey, BC--- view ONLINE & REGISTER to BID --- Tel: 604-371-1190 email:

Misc. for Sale STEEL BUILDINGS. “Summer madness sale!” All buildings, all models. You’ll think we’ve gone mad deals. Call now and get your deal. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422


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Employment Employment Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Lakes District News Education/Trade Help Wanted Schools

Help Wanted

INDEPENDENT Distributor OpporINDEPENDENT Distributor OpporBurns PLANNING Lake a wedding Health orCare anPLANNING a wedding or antunities! We are looking for an Indetunities! We are looking for an Indeniversary are party? for niversary party? Looking for Auxiliary usedLooking to provide pendent Distributor for the following pendent following HIP OR knee replacement? HIP OR knee replacement? START Distributor A newfor the career in START A new career in for decorations. plastic flowers for decorations. fiplastic nancialflowers support, equipment areas: CASTLEGAR & OKANAareas: & OKANAArthriticOPTIONS conditions/COPD? Arthritic conditions/COPD? GraphicCASTLEGAR Arts, Healthcare, Graphic Arts, Healthcare, Call OPTIONS at Nourse Call at Nourse plus comfort and care for paGAN AREAS. Weston Bakeries GAN AREAS. Weston Bakeries Restrictions Restrictions in walking/dressBusiness, Education or InforBusiness, Education or InforHouse 3pm Mon. Fri. House 9am- in 3pmwalking/dressMon. to Fri. tĞƚ͛ƐƵǁĞƚ͛ĞŶ&ŝƌƐƚEĂƟŽŶ Limited is proud to be a bakery Limited is proud to be a bakery tients in9amour hospital, the to Pines “A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES ing? Disability Tax Credit ing? Disability Tax Credit mation Tech. If you have a mation Tech. If you have a Francois Operated Francois Lake Drive. Operated leader in Canada, specializing in leader in Canada, specializing in and all Lake other $2,000 Tax Credit $20,000 re$2,000 Credit $20,000 reGED, call: GED, call: 855-670-9765 producingTax a wide variety of WITHIN baked producing a 855-670-9765 wide variety of baked by:ŽďWŽƐƟŶŐ residents of 8th by residents of 8th Avenue OUR REGION” healthcare services. MailAvenue a dofund. Apply today692-7845 for assisfund. todayexcellent for assisgoods. Apply There are busigoods. There are excellent busiGroup Home. (250)of692-7845 Group Home. (250) nation on behalf yourself or 37, 3RD Avenue, PH: 250-692-3195 ness opportunities in the Castlegar ness opportunities in the Castlegar tance: 1-844-453-5372. tance: 1-844-453-5372. Cheslatta Carrier Nation has an extensive archival and Okanagan areas for an PO enerareas for an enera loved one to: B.L. Health Box 820,and Okanagan TF: 800-320-3339 THE ARTHRITIS SOCIETY THE ARTHRITIS SOCIETY getic, motivated, self-starter to purgetic, motivated, self-starter to purcollection of old and new photos, videos, audio tapes, Care Aux. Box 812, Burns Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 a route FX: 250-692-3305 WHERE DO division YOU TURN WHERE DOas YOU TURN B.C. and Yukon division is your B.C. and Yukon is your chase a route an Independent chase as an Independent is seeking full/part-time seeking Lake, BCsource V0J RESPONSIBILITIES: 1E0 newspapers and documents that isneed to full/part-time be digitized, Distributor of Weston products withDistributor of Weston products withprimary and resource of primary source and resource PRIMARY is responsible to plan and of serving staff with serving staff with A taxlatest deductible receipt will be in a defined geographic territory. Inin a defined geographic territory. Ina program toelectronic young children an all print day group setting thedeliver print and the inlatest and electronic indexed, stored and be retrievable. We are minimum 6 months minimum 6seeking months an cluded is a solid customer base and cluded is a solid customer base and issued that enhances each child’s full development, this includes information, programs and serinformation, programs andthe serexperience in the individual to assist experience in the and exclusive distribution rights to a exclusive distribution rights to a energetic and creative in compiling physical, emotional, creative and cognitive development. vices about, 1-800vices about arthritis. 1-800growing business. Interested indigrowing business. Interested indirestaurant industry. industry. organizing their substantial inventory. restaurant this position will be 3 321-1433 visit www.ar321-1433 or visit www.arviduals please contact: Dave Warviduals please contact: Dave WarRoles & or Responsibilities: Must be reliable, flexible, Must be reliable, flexible, ren 250-979-8006 or via email ren 250-979-8006 or via email tWork closely with the Wet’suwet’en First Nation community days per week for a minimum of 3friendly months. friendly and able to work in a and able to work in a families ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS is hereby given that Board of Directors of the fast paced environment. fast paced environment. and Notice or: Scott Craig 250-317-9099 and or: Scott Craig 250-317-9099 t Planwant and implement developmentally THE CHRONIC THE appropriate CHRONICactivities DISEASE the successful candidate will possess the following skills If you to keepDISEASE drinking Please apply with resume Please apply with resume Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako will be considering or via email or via email andyour experiences Education Clinic at the Education Clinic at the Lakes that’s business - ifLakes you during business hours. during business hours. and traits: the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit at a meeting to t E stablish good communication and a sense of teamwork Districtto Hospital is open Tue.our & District Hospital is open Tue. & want quit drinking that’s tChild referrals assessments be held during business hours on Thursday August 20, Wed. from 8:30amand - 4pm. The Wed. from 8:30am - 4pm. The business. Burns Lake meet• Must be computer literate and comfortable with some or tEncourage and assist children practice selfhelp skills clinic provides information provides information and ings: Tue. & Sat. 7:30pm and Im- toclinic 2015 in the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Board t I nform families of events and special health promotions all of the following: Microsoft Word, internet, “Photoshop”, The linkonto various your community The link to your community teaching on Church. various chronic illteaching chronic illmaculatta Women’s Room, 37-3rd Avenue, Burns Lake, B.C. Please contact (dental, vision, etc) toolssuch for the to nesses such as hearing, Diabetes & Provide nesses asparent Diabetes & group meets Wed., - their 2nd scanning, spreadsheet/indexing Programs and CD/DVD help their child to108 meet development needs the Regional District to find out the start time if you plan Heart Disease. A doctors reHeart Disease. A doctors reavenue at 7:30pm. info. or tAny other relatedFor duties Burning to attend. ferral is not needed. To speak ferral is not needed. To speak transportation call (250) 692Qualifications/Requirements: • Possess a keen interest in preserving history with the/ nurse (250) 692-/ with the nurse call (250) 6929104 (250) call692-3024 Pursuant to Section 921 of the Local Government Act, t E arly Childhood Education Diploma (Minimum 3 years 2440 698-7325 2440 (250) • Meticulous organizer and creative imagination experience) Infant/Toddler License to Practice a Regional District Board may #30 allow temporary uses ROUMIEU DRIVE BOX 307 BURNS #30 ROUMIEU LAKE BCDRIVE V0J 1E0 BOX 307 BURNS LAKE BC V0J 1E0 Only requirement for AA is a certification, MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! • able to work without tMust be enthusiastic and willing to work in a fast paced desire to stop drinking. PH. PH.supervision 250-692-7640 for a period of three years or less, extendable for up250-692-7640 career! Employers WITH A PUSH OF A In-demand WITH A career! PUSHEmployers OF A In-demand environment have work-at-home positions have work-at-home positions to another three years, through the issuance THINK of a SAFE! BEMust tExcellent communication skills, both written and verbal ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS transportation. age is not an issue. SAFE!have reliable THINK SAFE! BE SAFE! BUTTON….HELP IS BUTTON….HELP IS available. Get online training available. Get online training tWorkingMeetings: knowledge of the Headstart Program Policies and Southside Mondays Temporary Use Permit (TUP) by Board resolution. you need from an employeryou need from an employerProcedures Working knowledge of Community Resources and ON Thursdays 6:30pm Tahtsa Timber Ltd isPlease looking Tahtsa for abrief Timber Ltd is of looking forlisting a submit background yourself, your THE WAY ON THE WAY trusted program. First Visit: Caretrusted program. Visit: and other Agencies Knowledge of Wet’suwet’en Nation An application has Carebeen made for a TUP to allow 7:30pm at Grassy Plains Gosskills, references and describe why you would be perfect Lifeline, the For #1 medical Lifeline, the #1or alert or 1-855-768Language andmore Culture isalert an asset Must undergo amedical Criminal pel Church. informafull time permanent full time permanent gravel crushing on the subject property, which is not service, the touch of a service, touch a 3362 to with start the training for of your 3362 to start training for your Record Check for the job of Cheslatta archive Clerk. tion: (250)with 694-3682 a permitted usetoday! under the current zoning. The subject button, provides immediate button, provides immediate tPossess a valid BC DriversasLicense and have own work-at-home career today! aswork-at-home career ANYONE NEEDING informasistance to seniors in emersistance to seniors in emertransportation property (SE 1/4, District Lot 4164, Range 5, Coast Feel free to call or email if you have any questions. tion Alzheimer’s call gency situations, 24please hourslevel a of gency situations, 24 hours a tAon bility to maintain high confidentiality District) is located on Tintagel Rd, approximately 1-866-564-7533 tC365 hild days Care First Aid/CPR certificate day a year. This serday 365 days a year. This serPlease mail, email or fax by August 21, 2015 to: 7.5 kilometers east of the Village of Burns Lake. The tClean Abstract vice helpsDriver’s you live more indevice helps you live more indeBURNS LAKE RCMP VicCheslatta Carrier Nation proposed crushing will occur in an existing gravel pit on pendently the comfortProof comfort of Wages toincommensurate with pendently education in andthe experience. tim/Witness Assistance 5 years experience. Minimum 5 yearsClerk” experience. your own whileBox providyour own home while providthe subject property, in the area markedMinimum as “Use Area” Attention: “Archive Box 909 gram. 201 home Hwy. 35, 759 APPLICATION DEADLINE: Until filled. ing peace mind for you and ing peace of mind for you and on the map below, and will operate from 7:00 am tooperate 6:00 JOB DUTIES: and JOB maintain DUTIES: a Steep operate and maintain a Steep Burns Lake.of Open Monday to Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 your family. For your family. For more informaPlease submit updated resume (3) references pertaining Thursday 9ammore to informa4pm with Polar Park Automotive Polar Park Automotive pm, for a maximum of two weeks each Tree year. Harvester, trainSlope Slope other operators Harvester, to train other operators EmailTree Fax (250) 694-3632 to tion on valuable service, tion Educator on this valuable tothis the Headstart Early Childhood aspect to:service, (250) 692-3010 & Industrial hasatan1& Industrial Sales has an contactAttention: Northern Health at 1contact NorthernSales Health work with Steep Slope Treework Harvesters. with Steep $30.00/ Slope Tree Harvesters. $30.00/ LOCATION MAP Janet Whitford, Executive Assistant CANADA BENEFIT interviews will be conducted by the Cheslatta hiring 800-851-0184 or Wet’suwet’en callGroup Rotary- First 800-851-0184 or callfor Rotary immediate a full-time immediate opening for a full-time hour, 8 hrs/day, 50 hours per Nationopening hour, week, 8 hrs/day, $45.00/hour 50 include hours per week, $45.00/hour Do you or someone you know Representative DoreBurns at Lake, Representative Sandy Dore at Committee and will a demonstration of your POSandy Box 760, BC V0J 1E0 suffer from a disability? Get Email: up 250-692-7761 at698-7480 the Bulkley 250-692-7761 at the Bulkley overtime rate after 40 hours, overtime plus holiday rate after pay. 40 hours, FAX: (250) computer skills. plus holiday pay. to $40,000 fromUnion the Canadian Valley Credit - Lakes Valley Credit Union - Lakes After 3 months Life, AD & D, After extended 3 months medical Life, AD & D, extended medical NO PHONE PLEASE Government. 1-888- CALLS District Branch.Toll-free District Branch. 511-2250 or www.canadaand dental insurance starts.and dental insurance starts. Your responsibilities will include Your day to responsibilities day processing willofinclude day to day processing of

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Career Opportunities

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

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Cheslatta Carrier NatioN

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Help Wanted


Accounting/ HARVESTER Bookkeeping

Bookkeeper Bookkeeper

Lost Cancer & Found Canadian Society

Lost Payable, & Found central and northern Work isBC. in centralCarrier and northern BC. Accounts Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payroll Payable, and Accounts general Receivable,Work Payroll is andingeneral Cheslatta NatioN

accounting, whileon reporting to our corporate whilecontroller. reporting directly to ourEmail corporate A healthy local economy depends you directlyaccounting, resumes Email resumes to

Make a gift in honour or in memory of a loved one impacted by cancer. Please include the honouree name as well as the name and address of the person you would like notified. To donate please call or mail Box 1301 Burns Lake, B.C., V0J 1E0, (250) 6927203.

Administrator fax to 250-692-7140.Archive or fax to 250-692-7140. Previous bookkeeping experience inPrevious a similarbookkeeping role is required. experience in a similar role isor required. A female A female We offer an excellent benefitsWe package. offer an excellent benefits package. Cheslatta Carrier Nation has an extensive archival collection 4 year old 4 year old of historic and contemporary photos, videos, audio tapes, Please apply with résumé and references: Please apply with résumé and references: newspapers, surveys, maps and documents that need to The College of New Caledonia The College of New Caledonia Siamese cat Siamese Via email to:cat Via email to: be digitized, indexed, stored and be retrievable. We are Or via fax to: (250) 692-3930 Or via fax to: (250)is 692-3930 looking to fill the following is looking position: to fill the following position: seeking an energetic and creative individual to compile and Legal Notices Legal Notices lost on lost on Or in person at our store located Or in at: person at our store located at: CRISIS PREVENTION organize this substantial inventory. this position will be for 831 – Hwy 16W in Burns Lake. 831 – Hwy 16W in Burns Lake. Call 1.800.SUICIDE or SUPPORT WORKER SUPPORT - ABORIGINAL WORKER - ABORIGINAL a minimum of 6 months. 1.800.784.2433 is a confiden5th Avenue. 5th Avenue. STELLAT’EN FIRST NATION Reference Number: 15-076SL Reference Number: 15-076SL tial, toll-free service that is At the meeting all persons who deem their interests the successful candidate will possess the following skills available to anyone, any-


P.O. Box 760, Fraser Lake, BC V0J 1S0 If you see her If Opportunities youCareer see her please please call: NOTICEcall: OF PROPOSED LOCAL

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

to be affected by this application will the be direction given an of the Regional where, any time in B.C. Youth Under Under the direction or of the Regional Principal or and traits:Principal 250-699-8747 • Fax: 250-699-6430 support line Phone: 1.888.564.8336 opportunity to be heard or to present a written their designate and in cooperation theirwith designate community and in cooperation with community (TEEN). 24 hour crisis line for • Must be highly computer literate in both PC and iMac submission respecting matters contained in the northern BC 1.888.563.1214. Service partners Plan (ASP) andwith Aboriginal team (ASP)Microsoft team application. Written submissionspartners sent by and mail Aboriginal to P.O. and proficient some or Service all of thePlan following: In addition, several crisis lines members, this position members, this developing, position is responsible for developing, Box 820, Burns Lake, BC, V0J 1E0; by fax to (250) 692- is responsible also provide support through Word, for internet, “Photoshop”or other photo editing and online chat services so young planning, implementing, administering, planning, and evalu- scanning, administering, and evalu1220; or by e-mail to must be organizing implementing, programs, spreadsheet/indexing people have a web-based way received by the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako ating an Aboriginalnostudent support ating an program. Aboriginal Thisstudent support program. This programs and CD/DVD duplicating to reach out. These services later than August 19, 2015 at 4:30 position P.M. to bewill ensured of be responsible for position promoting be responsible for promoting can be IS reached through • Possess a will keenaccess interest in preserving history access NOTICE GIVEN, pursuant to section 6 of the First Nations consideration at the meeting. and supporting students within and the supporting programs and students within the programs and • Meticulous organizer and creative imagination Fiscal Management Act (hereafter referred to as the “FNFMA”), 4-10pm. daily or www.youA copy of the proposed permit and associated services of the Lakes District region. services of the incumbent Lakessupervision District region. The incumbent • able toThe work without that Stellat’en First Nation (“The First Nation”) proposes to enact information may be inspectedwill at work the office the the student the Stellat’en First Nation Property CANCEL AssessmentYOUR Law, 2015 and closelyofwith will support work closely teamwith and the student support team and CANCEL YOUR timeshare. timeshare. FOOD BANK INFORMATION Duties and Responsibilities: Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako located at 37-3rd Notherisk program stop No risk Law, program stop mortStellat’en Firstwill Nation Property Taxation 2015 (hereafter Distribution days bemortthe will advocate for Aboriginal students/participants will advocate forduplicate, Aboriginal students/participants • Compile, digitize, organize and index Cheslatta gage & maintenance paygage & maintenance payAvenue, Burns Lake, B.C. between the hours of 8:30 first and the Tuesday of referred to asthird the “Proposed Laws”). linking them with relevant community linking them and with college relevant community and college ments today. 100% money ments today. 100% money archival material including photographs, audio/visual A.M. 12:00 noon and 1:00 P.M. 4:30 P.M., Monday each month. LD Food Bank back guarantee. Free consulbackThe guarantee. Free are consulsupport services6,as needed. The support incumbent services willasassist needed. incumbent will assist DESCRIPTION PROPOSED Proposed Laws a will provide a OF warm waiting LAWS: Logging Supervisor: Logging Supervisor: through Friday, excluding holidays, from August 2015 materials, documents, print The media, maps/surveys and tation. Call us now. We can tation. Call us now. We can room at the Beacon Theatre. the promotion and incorporation with the promotion of traditional and incorporation of traditional property taxation law and a property assessment law, both to 20, 2015 inclusive. copy oflogging the proposed Applicant must havemade experienceApplicant in August the logging must have industry. experienceAwith in the industry. help! 1-888-356-5248. help! 1-888-356-5248. physical artifacts Clients will go fi rst to the theaunder the authority of section 5(1)(a)Applicant of the FNFMA. The property permit and associated willneeded. alsoand be made language within knowledge campus daily and language activwithin campus daily activis required to go to camp Applicant when needed. is required Applicant to goinformation to campknowledge when Applicant • Compile Cheslatta anthology and sources tre. Doors open at 10:45am. available at of theoperators, Burns Public assessment law until provides valuation and motivate ities, programs and services. This ities,position programs requires and services. position requires This is available the for endthe assessment will lead,and supervise will a lead, variety supervise andLake motivate aLibrary. variety of operators, • solicit Cheslatta related materialThis through advertisements interests landbank on the reserve lands of the Firstand Nation, of ofApril. The in food closes employees, sub-contractors employees, to achieve high sub-contractors levels ofplease call toa achieve high levels of ancestry For furtherand information the Regional District person of Aboriginal aand person who also ofvia meets Aboriginal all ancestry also meets all online, established archiveswho and message boards at including 1pm. The Lakes District appointing assessors, inspecting property, of Bulkley-Nechako Department at 1-800production in apreparing safe and conscientious production manner. in a safe andPlanning conscientious manner.other • Create on-line Cheslatta archive within the necessary qualifications. other necessary qualifications. Food bank continues to operassessment rolls, and mailing assessment notices. The property 320-3339 or 250-692-3195. ate due to the outstanding website Applicant must have experience Applicant on operating must have multiple experience on multiple assessment law community. also providesIf a process for reconsideration To operating find out more information To about find these out more and information aboutstorage these and generosity of the • Design and implement a safe and secure system of assessments and for a right of appeal to an independent pieces of logging equipment, a mechanical pieces of logging background equipment, is a mechanical backgroundand is directions you would like to make a doother opportunities, other on opportunities, how to apply, and directions on how to apply, GET FREE vending machines GET FREE vending machines for archival materials nation and$100,000 receive tax year. deassessment review+aboard. The property taxation establishes required andlaw level firstyear. aid is an required asset. and level 3 first aid is an asset. can earn per can earn $100,000 +3per please check our website pleaseie:check our material, website at: ductible receipt, mail • Create at:displays framed create ‘display regimeplease thatprovided. taxes interests land in the reserve, and Alla taxation cash-locations All in cash-locations provided. your donation to: Lakes DisBuncher Operator: Buncher Operator: boards’, artifacts Protected Territories. Interest Protected Territories. Interest includes provisions for exemptions, grants, preparing tax rolls trict Food Bank,Full P.O.details Box 777, free free nancing. Full details 2call Applicant have years Applicant minimum must experience have on 2 years minimum experience on • Provide training once you feel comfortable with the system andfinancing. tax notices, the1E0 levy of call penalties andfi1-866-668-6629 interestmust on unpaid Burns Lake, BC. V0J now 1-866-668-6629 Website now Website Join us. We offer a supportive workplace, Join us. Wegreat offer a supportive workplace, great bunching machine. bunching machine. • investigate funding sources to provide on-going support taxes, and the collection and enforcement of unpaid taxes. LOCAL HOSPICE (250) 692benefits, salaries. benefits, And and we have competitive salaries. And we have = AIC (measure of blood glucose levelsand over competitive time) for this project 2448. The Hospice office, loapplicants will be offered Successful a competitive applicants will be offered competitive A COPY PROPOSED LAWSGREAT may Successful be obtained from Recommended Target: 7.0% orabelow opportunities to grow, both within opportunities our college, to grow, and beboth within ourtocollege, and GREAT CANADIAN Dollar CANADIAN Dollar cated in OF theTHELakes District • oversee budget and accountable the finance compensation package. compensation package. Sandra Nahornoff at the Thurs. Stellat’en Store First Nation band offi ce, or Store franchise opportunities franchise opportunities Hospital, open every within our communities. within our communities. department and Chief and Council are available in your area. Exare available in your area. Exfrom 10am online - 4pm.from A lending obtained the Firstli-Nations Gazette, Part I: Notices, atand leave Please 250-996-0196 Please a message call 250-996-0196 if no answer. and leave a message if no answer. plore your with aPlease dollar plore yourcall future with a dollar brary is future available. CNC - A community for learning CNC and - Adrivers community for reliable learning and Must have valid license and transportation. store leader. Calltotoday storeResumes leader. Call 1-877- to make donations Burns1-877Lake Blood pressureto can today be emailed Resumes = can be emailed 388-0123 Program, ext. 229Box or online: 388-0123 ext. 229ororfaxed online: age is not an issue. hours are flexible. Most of the work will Hospice 7500, teaching that cares, serves, and teaching leads. that cares, serves, and leads. Recommended Target: 130/80 mm Hg to (250) 996-2217. or faxed to (250) 996-2217. COUNCIL OF THE FIRST NATION INVITES WRITTEN Burns Lake, BC V0J 1EO be on site at the Cheslatta archive Building located on the

(250) 692-7444 (250) 692-7444 REVENUE LAWS AND INVITATION TOTravel MAKE REPRESENTATIONS Travel Timeshare

Logging Supervisor Logging & Supervisor & Timeshare Buncher Operator Buncher Operator Fort St. James, Full Time Fort St. James, Full Time



Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Do you know your diabetes ABCs?

REPRESENTATIONS regarding the Proposed Laws. Written representations may be made to the Council for 60 days after the date of this notice.

PERSONS WISHING TO MAKE A WRITTEN REPRESENTATION must deliver the document containing the representations to: Chief and Council, Stellat’en First Nation, P.O. Box 760, Fraser Lake, BC, V0J 1S0. Representations should be made on or before 4:00 pm, October 5, 2015 in order to ensure consideration by Council. Before making the Proposed Laws, Council will consider all written representations received in accordance with this Notice. Please note that Council is not able to extend the public notice period. CONTACT INFORMATION: For further information or questions regarding the Proposed Laws, this Notice, or the making of written representations to Council, please contact Sandra Nahornoff at 250-699-8747. This Notice Dated: August 4, 2015


Don’t take your muscles for granted. Over 50,000 Canadians with muscular dystrophy take them very seriously. Learn more at

= Cholesterol Recommended Target: LDL: 2.0 mmol/L or lower. Total cholesterol to HDL ratio: below 4

If you have diabetes, you are at increased risk for heart disease and stroke, and other complications such as eye and kidney disease, nerve damage and foot problems. Keeping your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol in a healthy range can reduce your risk of complications. For more information about staying healthy with diabetes, visit: CANADIAN






southside, approximately ½ mile from the southbank Ferry terminal.

Please submit brief background of yourself, listing your skills, references and describe why you would be the best candidate for the position of Cheslatta archive administrator. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions. Please mail, email or fax by August 14, 2015 to: Cheslatta Carrier Nation Attention: “Archive Administrator” Box 909 Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 Email: Fax (250) 694-3632 interviews will be conducted by the Cheslatta hiring Committee and will include a demonstration of your computer skills.

Lakes District News Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Real Estate

Transportation 19

Burns Lake Automotive PRODUCTS OF THE WEEK!

with rts store Your pa CH MORE! SO MU

Business for Sale


Extremely successful old-time photo studio in Barkerville for sale. High producer, lot of fun and immensely popular attraction. Incl. training & equipment: or 250-392-7119 $139,900

BOAT FOR sale. 1982 21 ft. Campion Skeena. MerCruiser 4.3L engine and a Volvo Penta 280 Leg. Many upgrades, a dual axle trailer is included. Asking $6900. Phone (250695-6484)


Puzzle Answers



Ratchet lock utility knife

Extra heavy duty cutter





Part #9036

Part #1072198

Part #1086095

Rubber grip auto-lock utility knife

Fiberglass-reinforced autolock utility knife

Self-retracting safety knife with tape slitter





$ 44

$ 22



Part #1075449



10 pack of Blade re-ďŹ lls

98 Francois Lake Dr., Burns Lake: 250-692-7565 Hwy 16, Fraser Lake: 250-699-8990


Thrifty shoppers say. . .

“Every Dollar Counts�

Suites, Lower LARGE BRIGHT 2 bedroom suites in a safe and secure building. Close to school and hospital. Large patio, in-suite storage and storage lockers available. On site management. Heat, hot water and cable included for $725 per month. Ask about our Seniors discount. Call (250) 692-3959 and leave message.

For safe disposal of cutting blades

Part #9613

Rib eye steak and prawns, baked potato, sautĂŠed mushrooms and Caesar salad for $21.95.


Part #1064415


STEAK NIGHT every Saturday

Extended length ratchet lock utility knife





Join us for...


Part #5006

HOUSE FOR rent. 2 bdrms, 3 acres, near Endako. $775 per month. First and last months rent required. (250) 696-3202




Part #5011 Part #5003


Homes for Rent





ee PASTA NIGHT: Tuesdays W I FI WING NIGHT: Wednesdays RIB NIGHT: Thursdays xed We have a rela PRIME RIB NIGHT: Fridays atmosphere with STEAK NIGHT: Saturdays great service!

Plus Happy Hour! 3:30-4:30PM 6:00-8:00PM

Monday - Saturday: Drinks & Appy Specials SUMMER HOURS (May 21 - Sept. 30): Mon. to Sat.: 11am-11pm (Kitchen closes at 10pm) Sunday: 4pm-10pm (Kitchen closes at 9pm) Liquor Store open Sun & Mon: 9am-10pm Tues to Sat: 9am-11pm

And they’re right.

If you see a wildďŹ re, report it to

1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on most cellular networks.

Every dollar you spend at an out of town merchant means less money local businesses have to support local sports groups, nonprofit organizations and youth activities. Every dollar you spend outside of your own community makes it harder for your local businesses to remain competitive, or even remain in business.

It’s true. Every dollar counts. Use each one wisely.

Payne Septic Service (2010)

Expanding Your Business? The Comfor/CFDC Developmental Lending Program can help!

250-698-7964 Still serving the Lakes District

For more information, call 1-800-556-5539

Operated by

Lakes District Âą

PRINTING S Serving &SIGN Burns Lake & Area since 1988

374 Hwy. 16 Next to the Royal Bank Burns Lake, BC Phone: (250) 692-7887 Fax: (250) 692-7881 E-mail:

Flyers • Brochures • Forms • Cheques Digital Printing • Posters • Labels Signs • Banners • Lettering • Decals

Keith Wilson

B’s Free Enterprises Ltd.


Burns Lake Recycling Depot




Give us a call for any of your attachment needs.

Bill and Patsy Miller, Owners 29850 Hwy 16 West • PO Box 450 • Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0

Bill & Wendy Imus Certified Appliance Repair & Computer Technicians

HOUSEHOLD AND COMMERCIAL RECYCLING... Including Bottles & Cans, Plastics, Cardboard & Paper, Glass, Metal, Electronics, Lightbulbs, Batteries, Small Appliances - like Microwaves, Power Tools & More. Located across from Multiplex, 113 Park St., Burns Lake PHONE:


Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:30am to 4:30pm

Computer Training, Sales & Service

Pumps Water Treatment Plumbing Repairs

Box 420, 28540 Colleymount Rd., Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E2


Cell: (250) 692-6569 • email:

Personalized In Home Service Delivery of Ink & Computer Supplies

Phone: (250) 692-4353

The Comfort Zone

Advertise your Business or Service here for $2225 per week.

Flying Dutchman Service

High Efficiency Furnaces

Phone 250-696-3211 • Cell: 250-692-9940

For Appliance and Heating Parts & Service Call 250-692-3337

or email: comfortzone@


Located on Francois Lake Drive, Burns Lake Pub: 250-692-0068 • Liquor store: 250-692-0067


Burns Lake & area Starting a Business?



1-877-873-7467 NEW: Cylinder exchange at Overwaitea or fill up cylinders at the Rainbow Gas Bar

Call Lakes District News 250-692-7526 for more information.

Thank you for supporting our local businesses and services

ON NOW AT YOUR BC GMC DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the finance of a 2015 Terrain SLE-1 AWD, Acadia, Canyon SLE 4x2, Sierra 1500 Double/Crew Cab 1SA, and Sierra HD’s 1SA with gas engine. License, insurance, registration, administration fees, dealer fees, PPSA and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in BC GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be required. * Offer available to qualified retail customers in Canada for vehicles delivered between July 30 and August 31, 2015. 0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by TD Auto Finance Services, Scotiabank® or RBC Royal Bank for 84 months on select new or demonstrator 2015 GMC vehicles excluding Yukon, Yukon XL, Sierra 2500 HD Diesel, Savana, Canyon 2SA and Canyon 4x4. Participating lenders are subject to change. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $45,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $535.71 for 84 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $45,000. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. Freight, air tax ($100, if applicable) included. License, insurance, registration, PPSA/movable property registry fees, applicable taxes and dealer fees not included. Dealers may sell for less. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ®Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada.

20 Wednesday, August 12, 2015


0 84 %



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Call Sullivan Motor Products at 250-845-2244, or visit us at 2760 Yellowhead Highway, Houston. [License #5631]

Lakes District News

Mom and me fishing day

Nadina Lake Lodge visitors had a great day of fishing. To get to the lodge turn off Hwy. 16 onto Morice River Forest Service Road, once on the Morice River F.S. Road follow to km 56.5. Turn right on to the Nadina F.S. Road. Follow to km 74, turn right. Follow the signs to the lodge (km 25.5 on the Thatsa F.S. Road). Or give Brad and Wendy a call at 250-695-6788.










Burns Lake Lakes District News, August 12, 2015  

August 12, 2015 edition of the Burns Lake Lakes District News

Burns Lake Lakes District News, August 12, 2015  

August 12, 2015 edition of the Burns Lake Lakes District News