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Balancing Act Dolphins sending 11 swimmers to provincials ........................................2


Family and friends remember Lindenbach ....................................3


Former Rockets coach still attending games ...................................9


New resident Kyle Falconer balances himself and gets in some tricks at the Golden skate park on Monday afternoon. Joel Tansey/Star Photo

Bad year for mosquitoes in both Golden and Area A Book review looks at trip down the Columbia ................................11

Joel Tansey Bright sunny skies. Cool evening breezes. Long days. Swimming, golf, mountain biking, rafting and sunbathing by the lake. These are the things that everyone loves about summer. What no one loves are mosquitoes, and residents of Golden and Area have always had to deal with their fair share of the pesky bugs. If it seems like the mosquitoes have been worse this year than in the

past, that’s because they likely have been. The Columbia Shuswap Region District (CSRD), through its environmental consultants Morrow BioScience, conducts treatment and control for mosquitoes around Golden and Area A every year. This can be done through one of two separate, but ultimately similar procedures. The first is a simple operation done on the ground with a blower. The second is a wide scale operation that’s done by helicopter. Continued on Page 2

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 The Golden Star

Canada votes on Oct. 19 Golden Dolphins move on to Victoria Golden Star Staff The 2015 Federal Election has officially been called, and Golden voters can head to the booths on October 19, making it the longest campaign period in Canada in 100 years. Golden, as part of the Kootenay Columbia riding will see four names on the ballot: incumbent David Wilks, Conservative (leader Stephen Harper), Wayne Stetski, NDP (leader Thomas Mulcair), Don Johnston, Liberal (leader Justin Trudeau), and Bill Green, Green Party (leader Elizabeth May). Prior to the election being called, a call went out to Wilks from opponent Stetski challenging him to debates in all the riding’s municipalities. No candidate forums have currently been scheduled. Federal party leaders squared off in their first TV debate Thursday, a mostly polite two-hour exchange of views on the economy, environment and military action overseas. Check back in the Golden Star in the coming months for coverage on local federal election issues.

Notice of Land Notice of Land Disposition Disposition What is proposed? The Town of Golden is selling 336m2 of its property on the northwestern corner of 5th Street South and Riverglen Drive to Donna Mendes-Frobb and Mark Frobb. The property is legally described as the western portion of Block A DL 16415 Kootenay District Except Part Included in Plan 18312 (PID: 008-217-378). The property was originally Crown granted to the Town by the Province for “park purpose” and therefore the Province will receive the $10,000 appraised market value. The Frobbs intend to amalgamate the small piece of surplus publicly owned land with their land at 509 - 5th Street South and as part of a two lot subdivision a walkway will be dedicated to provide connectivity with the Twin Rivers Apartments. It is felt this connectivity will have a higher park value, but the walkway will not be developed for ten years. For more information contact: Phil Armstrong, Manager of Development Services / Planner at 250.344.2271 ext 236 or

Notice Public Hearing Notice ofof Public Hearing Waived Waived

Jessica Schwitek The Golden Dolphins Swim Club has returned from their regional swim meet in Kamloops with some very impressive results. Nine of their individual competitors, and two relay teams have qualified to move onto the provincial competition in Victoria on Aug. 20-23. “It was a really great weekend for all our swimmers,” said coach Caprice Rosentreter. “We had a few surprises too, which was great.” Carter Thorne qualified in the 50 m breaststroke, and Emma Russel will be heading to Victoria to compete in the 100 m backstroke. It will be both swimmers’ first time competing individually at the provincial level. The two will be joined by teammates Zara Johnson, Josh Hiraoka, Hannah LaRoy, Hayley Plonka, Roxy Coatesworth, Quinn Morgan, Kaelan Malaka, as well

Quinn Morgan will be heading to Victoria for the provincial swim meet on Aug. 20-23 after qualifying at the regionals in Kamloops.(Photo from previous meet in Penticton).  Photo Submitted as relay competitors Elyssia McClean and Marika Sutter. Provincials will mark the end of the 2015 season for the Dolphins, so they’ll be working hard over the next few weeks so they can go out with a bang. Although coach Rosentreter says they’ll be careful not

to overwork them. “We’re going to continue focusing on technique,” she said. “But we’ll also be making sure they get a lot of rest before heading to Victoria.” Rosentreter and her fellow coach Hailey Kehler are thrilled with how the season has gone so far, and

couldn’t be more proud of their swimmers this year. “We’ve really enjoyed our time this year, and hopefully our great season will continue for a couple more weeks and in Victoria,” said Rosentreter. “We’re really looking forward to it.”

Monitoring changed for mosquitoes Continued from page 1

A hopper hangs below the helicopter and spreads the BTI, a bacterial control agent, onto stillwater over top of the area at a set number of kilograms per hectare. The active ingredient in the BTI will only Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1356, – Frobb Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. No. 1356, 20152015 – Frobb affect mosquitoes and doesn’t harm any other wildlife. Notably, the treatment must be administered What is proposed? What is proposed? during the larvae stage of a mosquito’s life. The purpose of “Town of Golden Zoning “If you’re too late, the bacterium is not effective, and if you’re too early it’s not effective. So timing The purpose of “Town of Golden Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1356, Amendment Bylaw No. 1356, 2015 2015 – – is critical to having an effective treatment,” said Hamish Kassa, environmental services co-ordinator Frobb” to amend the Zoning Bylaw Frobb” is to is amend the Zoning Bylaw to to with the CSRD. change the zoning of the property on change the zoning of the property on South northwestern corner 5th Street Typically a mosquito will develop from an egg to an adult over the span of 240 hours. Because of South northwestern corner of 5thofStreet and Riverglen and Riverglen DriveDrive fromfrom ParksParks and and increased summer temperatures in 2015, which has had an impact on the temperature of standing Trails –P1 to Twin Residential Trails –P1 to Twin Residential – R2–inR2 in water across the valley, that cycle has been cut in half. a small of surplus orderorder that athat small piecepiece of surplus publicly owned land can be Therein lies the reason why locals may have noticed an increase in the number of mosquitoes this publicly owned land can be amalgamated privately owned amalgamated with with privately owned year when compared to previous summers. low-density residential low-density residential “There was a treatment in the Nicholson area that was missed due to this. Rather than a regular six The property is being The property is being sold sold at itsat its appraised market value and as part of a day monitoring schedule, they needed to be down to approximately two to three days so there was one appraised market value and as part of a twosubdivision lot subdivision a pathway will be two lot a pathway will be large treatment that was missed,” Kassa said. dedicated to provide connectivity dedicated to provide connectivity with with “In Nicholson we’ll typically do three aerial treatments a year. If your timing is not correct, you can the Twin Rivers Apartments, but the the Twin Rivers Apartments, but the pathway will not be developed for 10 years. get a hatch, and that’s what’s happened out there. A wide-scale hatch of mosquitoes are creating a lot pathway will not be developed for 10 years. of issues.” out more? HowHow can Ican findI find out more? That missed treatment happened about three or four weeks ago, meaning that those mosquitoes Background material be viewed the Town 31, 2015 to Tuesday, should be nearing the end of their life cycle and begin dying off. Background material may may be viewed at theatTown Hall Hall fromfrom July July 31, 2015 to Tuesday, August 18, 2015 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. August 18, 2015 fromfrom 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Kassa says that the CSRD and Morrow BioScience are very aware of the issue after that miss in NicholFor more information contact: Armstrong, Manager of Development Services For more information contact: Phil Phil Armstrong, Manager of Development Services / / son and have consequently changed their procedure to reflect that. Planner at 250.344.2271 ext 236 or Planner at 250.344.2271 ext 236 or “They’ve stepped up their monitoring intervals to two to three days there to hopefully not allow that feedback? HowHow can Ican giveI give feedback? to happen again,” Kassa said. On July 18, 2015 Council passed a resolution to waive the public hearing requirement for the Kassa also said that there are things that locals can do to avoid mosquitoes. Common tips include On July 18, 2015 Council passed a resolution to waive the public hearing requirement for the proposed bylaw it is consistent the Official Community waiver is pursuant proposed bylaw as it as is consistent with with the Official Community Plan.Plan. This This waiver is pursuant wearing lighter-coloured clothing, avoiding exerting yourself physically while outdoors and avoiding to Local Government Act section 890(4); however, the also Act requires also requires that notice be given to Local Government Act section 890(4); however, the Act that notice be given the outdoors during peak mosquito times, at dusk and dawn. and does not provide an opportunity for public input. Council will consider giving third and does not provide an opportunity for public input. Council will consider giving third reading and adoption on August 18, 2015 at 1:15pm the Town Council Chambers It can also be beneficial to drain standing water around your home in order to prevent mosquitoes reading and thadoption on August 18, 2015 at 1:15pm in theinTown Hall Hall Council Chambers - 9 Ave South). (810 (810 - 9th Ave South). from breeding in your own backyard.

The Golden Star Wednesday, August 12, 2015 A3

Boat accident victim from Golden was an eternal optimist

Golden native Kamber Lindenbach, above with her fiance Wayne Stretz. Both were killed last weekend in a boating accident on McGregor Lake in Alberta.  Photos Submitted Joel Tansey On the surface, it sounds like something out of a dream. A story meant for television, rather than reality. Golden native Kamber Lindenbach, a beautiful former fitness model who combined a winning smile with a determined attitude and a bright, positively infectious personality to earn everything she had in life was set to marry her soulmate, Wayne Stretz, whom she met at a gym. The private ceremony was to take place at the top of Mt. Assiniboine, with only the pilot and the marriage commissioner to accompany the pair on the helicopter trip to one of the Canadian Rockies’ most famous peaks. Only days away from

what would have surely been a magical wedding, Lindenbach’s remarkable story came to an end following a tragic boating accident last weekend on McGregor Lake near Vulcan, Alta. The accident also claimed the life of her soon-to-be husband. Truthfully, Lindebach’s life wasn’t perfect. Beneath all the smiles lay a series of events that might have knocked a lesser individual out cold. A serious car accident 12 years ago left her with severe injuries, some of which persisted for the rest of her life. Then, in 2011, her older brother Collan, with whom she shared an intense love of the Calgary Flames, died suddenly under tragic circumstances. How she maintained such a positive,

optimistic outlook throughout her 36 years is a bit puzzling to even her own mother, but she did so nonetheless, choosing positivity over bitterness and doing it with an enthusiasm that drew others towards her. “She just had a very strong will to conquer things…she didn’t let anything hold her back,” Irene Kohalyk, Lindenbach’s mother, recalled. While living in Calgary, Lindenbach had a roommate who also provided her with a great deal of inspiration. Kohalyk believes this friend played an important, inspiring role in her daughter’s life. “This girl was terminally sick…and lived with Kamber up until nearly the end so Kamber was somewhat of a caretaker. She just

learned to appreciate what she had in life from this girl,” Kohalyk said. Already very healthconscious, Lindenbach got even more serious about her fitness following her accident, leading to appearances in numerous fitness magazines and to a career as a personal trainer. She was always encouraging towards her clients, making this an ideal career path, and she ran a Facebook page called Kamber’s Fitness Girlz that has nearly 2,000 page likes. “She just loved to see people improving…She was known for being a hard-ass,” Kohalyk said with a smile. “But they loved her for it.” It often went beyond fitness with those she worked with, and Lindenbach was remarkable in the way that she developed friendships with the individuals that she coached. “They just felt free to talk to her. Everyone just felt at ease with her,” Kohalyk said. Among Lindenbach’s numerous close friends was local nurse Christine Svendsen. “She was a really good friend to everybody that she knew. She was very funny and smart…she made everybody feel important to her,” she said. Svendsen met Lindenbach in kindergarten and the two had been friends ever since, staying close

even after the latter moved to Calgary. After kindergarten, Svendsen and her family moved south to Invermere for a year, but that didn’t keep them from remaining close during her time away from Golden. “We were seven years old and she sent me letters and that kind of goes to show... She’s just always been a really good friend,” she said. Even with a busy schedule and such a large multitude of friendships, Lindenbach always found time for family, calling her mother at least once a week. When she was getting ready for her first marriage, Lindenbach made a point to invite her mom along to pick out her wedding dress. “She knows I’m absolutely clueless fashion-wise but she just wanted me to be part of it…this was her special time and she was thinking of me.” A small, private service will be held for Lindenbach and Stretz on Thursday,

Aug. 13, on what was to be their wedding day. Later that evening, a celebration of life will be held at

the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary. All of Kamber’s extended friends and family are encouraged to attend.

Rotary Club of Golden


Thursday August 13th 6:00 p.m. Keith King Memorial Park

Columbia Shuswap Regional District AUGUST 20, 2015 BOARD MEETING GOLDEN, B.C. The August meeting of the Regional Board, Columbia Shuswap Regional District, will be held at the Golden Civic Centre located at 806 – 10th Ave. S, Golden, B.C. on Thursday, August 20, 2015 commencing at 9:30 AM. Please check the CSRD website at www.csrd. to view the Board meeting agenda. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting.

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Rossland Slows Down The City of Rossland has done something rare in our motor vehicle centric world where many drivers think that faster is better. Effective on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 the speed on municipal streets has been lowered to 30 km/h. Hmm you say, that’s the same speed as a school zone. Well, not in Rossland, the speed there has been lowered too. It’s 15 km/h in pick up areas and 20 km/h elsewhere. Interesting! Reducing speeds on residential streets from 50 km/h to 30 km/h results in a significant reduction in injury and fatality when a vehicle collides with a pedestrian. Reducing speeds on residential streets results in a more livable neighbourhood. Everyone will be more likely to play, walk or bike because they feel less threatened by drivers. Do you have 30 seconds to spare? The city’s newsletter contrasts travel times on one of the streets before and after the change. It will cost drivers half a minute. It will be interesting to revisit this decision in a years time to see if the citizens of Rossland keep this as their residential speed and to ask ICBC about it’s effect on collision rates. If it turns out to be successful perhaps this is the example you can use to help convince your municipality to follow suit. The author is a retired constable with many years of traffic law enforcement experience. To comment or learn more, please visit

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 The Golden Star

RCMP Report: Police report thefts of kayaks and Town property Golden Star Staff Disturbance at Bar During the early morning hours of August 3, police were called to a local bar for a report of a disturbance. Staff reported that two males were arguing over a female, and that the argument was escalating. Police arrived and were able to separate the two males, with one explaining he was simply trying to get the female out of an uncomfortable situation when other bar patrons stepped in believing he was starting a fight. Vandalism in Park On August 3, Golden-Field RCMP and the Parks Canada Warden responded to the Kicking Horse Campground in Yoho National Park after it was reported that someone had smashed the window out of the pay booth. After entering the booth it was noted that nothing was taken or disturbed.Witnesses who were camping at the park stated they heard glass breaking around 2 a.m. however no further information could be obtained. Police are asking anyone with information

regarding this incident contact them at 250344-2221 or anonymously through Crimestoppers at 1-800-2228477. Collision with Wildlife Police were called to a collision involving a deer on Highway 95 near Mitchell Road on August 3. None of the occupants of the vehicle were injured however the vehicle sustained extensive damage and had to be towed. Public Urination Police received a report of a male urinating in public at the Ten Mile Brake Check on Highway 1 on August 4. The caller reported that a male was seen urinating on the door of the outhouse. Patrols were made for the vehicle; however it was not located by police. Animals in Vehicles Police would like to caution people about taking action on their own after responding to a report of a dog locked inside a vehicle downtown and finding the complainant opening the vehicle door. “The complainant was simply trying to do what she thought was the right thing however the weather and circumstances on that particular day

did not put the animal at risk,” said Cst. Spencer Lainchbury. “We would ask that if you come across an animal that you believe is in danger in a vehicle you call police immediately and wait for officers to arrive or for instructions from police dispatchers.” Collision with Parked Car Police responded to a collision on 10th Avenue South on August 4 after a vehicle allegedly collided with a parked vehicle while changing lanes. Nobody was injured in the collision, and both vehicles sustained minor damage. The driver of the vehicle was issued a violation ticket for changing lanes unsafely. Home Vandalism On August 5, police were called to a residence near 5th Avenue South after the owner returned home to find that someone had egged her vehicle and wrote profanities on the siding near the door. Neighbourhood enquiries were completed by police with one neighbour reporting that she had seen two younger females with their faces covered near the residence the previous

Noticeof ofPublic PublicHearing Hearing Notice Waived Waived

Zoning AmendmentBylaw BylawNo. No.1357, 1357,2015 2015––Dance DanceStudio Studio Zoning Amendment What is proposed? What is proposed? The purpose of “Town of Golden The purpose of “Town of Golden Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1357, Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1357, 2015 – Dance Studio” is to amend the 2015 – Dance Studio” is to amend the Zoning Bylaw to change the zoning Zoning Bylaw to change the zoning of 915 & 917 - 10th Avenue North of 915 & 917 - 10th Avenue North from M2 - Light Industrial to M1 from M2 - Light Industrial to M1 Commercial – Industrial, in order to Commercial – Industrial, in order to allow for the permitted use of a allow for the permitted use of a Commercial School or Dance Studio. Commercial School or Dance Studio.

How can I find out more? How can I find out more?

Background material may be viewed Background material mayJuly be viewed at the Town Hall from 31, 2015 at the Town Hall from 18, July2015 31, from 2015 to Tuesday, August to Tuesday, 2015 from 8:30am toAugust 4:30pm18, Monday through 8:30am to excluding 4:30pm Monday through Friday, holidays. Friday, excluding holidays. For more information contact: Phil ForArmstrong, more information Phil Managercontact: of Armstrong, Manager of / Planner at Development Services Development Services Planner at 250.344.2271 ext 236/ or 250.344.2271 ext 236 or

How can I give feedback? How can I give feedback?

On July 18, 2015 Council passed a resolution to waive the public hearing requirement for the Onproposed July 18, 2015 passed a resolution to waive the public Plan. hearing requirement for the bylawCouncil as it is consistent with the Official Community This waiver is pursuant proposed as it isAct consistent with the Official the Community Plan. This to Localbylaw Government section 890(4); however, Act also requires thatwaiver notice is bepursuant given to Local Government Act section 890(4); however, ActCouncil also requires that notice be given and does not provide an opportunity for publicthe input. will consider giving third andreading does not an on opportunity public input. Council will consider giving third andprovide adoption August 18,for2015 at 1:15pm in the Town Hall Council Chambers th (810 -and 9 Ave South). reading adoption on August 18, 2015 at 1:15pm in the Town Hall Council Chambers (810 - 9th Ave South).

night. Police are asking anyone with information regarding this incident contact them or Crimestoppers. Assault on Highway Police are continuing to investigate after receiving a report of an assault that occurred on August 4 between two drivers on the Trans-Canada Highway. “One of the drivers reported that he had confronted another driver about their driving when he was then assaulted by the driver and had his camera smashed,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Police are still looking to speak with all the parties involved to determine whether charges will be pursued in the matter. Stolen Kayaks On August 5, a local male attended the detachment to report that he had two of his kayaks stolen from his backyard in Parson. The kayaks are described as a Yellow ‘Ocean’ brand and a Grey ‘Hobie’ tandem with peddles. Anyone with information regarding this theft is asked to contact police or Crimestoppers. Vehicle Struck Barricade Two people from Invermere were treated for minor injuries after a collision on Highway 1 near Rogers Pass on August 5. Police and BC Ambulance were dispatched to the collision in which it was reported that a vehicle had struck a barricade. Witnesses stated that the eastbound vehicle had lost control crossing the center and struck a barricade. Both occupants of the vehicle were transported to the Golden Hospital for assessment and were later released. Slashed Tires Police were called to a business on 9th Street North on August 6 after staff reported that the tires on two pickups and one trailer had been slashed overnight.

“The tires appear to have been cut using a small blade,” said Cst. Lainchbury, who also noted that one of the vehicles was keyed. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact local police or Crimestoppers. Vehicle in the Ditch On August 7, police responded to a report of a vehicle in the ditch on Golden Donald Upper Road. A single vehicle had gone off the road overnight. Arrangements were made to have the vehicle removed from the ditch by the owner. No injuries were reported by either occupant of the vehicle. Town Property Stolen Police are investigating after a report was received that parts of the electrical system at one of the Town’s water lift stations had been stolen. Police were advised on August 7 that Town staff noticed that wires had been snipped and parts removed. An electrician was required to repair and replace the components with an estimated damage cost of $1500.00. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact police or Crimestoppers. Drunk Driver Parked on Overpass A 64 year-old male from Alberta spent the night in police custody on August 7 after police received a 911 call from a passerby on the Golden Upper Donald - Highway 1 overpass. Police attended and located a vehicle with extensive damage parked in the middle of the overpass and a heavily intoxicated male, believed to be the driver, sitting with one of the complainants. Police were unable to identify the male as the driver and given his level of intoxication, were not able to leave the male unattended. The vehicle was towed and attempts were made to match the damage to the vehicle

with reported collisions in the province however nothing was found by police. Parson Break&Enter Police are again asking anyone with information regarding a break in that occurred at a residence in Parson last winter contact them or Crimestoppers. “Several items including antiques with extreme sentimental value were stolen in the break in,” said Cst. Lainchbury. A reward leading to the arrest of those responsible may be offered by the owner and/or Crimestoppers. Egging Vehicles The Golden-Field RCMP were called on August 8 for another report of vehicles being egged, this time on Quartz Crescent. “We believe that the parties responsible for this may also be responsible for a similar incident reported earlier in the week,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Police are currently looking to speak to suspects in the incidents but are asking anyone with information regarding these events contact them or Crimestoppers. Resident Attacks Vehicle Police received a report of mischief on August 8 after a male alleged that he pulled into a driveway on Highway 1 west of Golden to turn around only to have someone from the residence come out and start hitting his rental vehicle. As a result of the hits small dents to the vehicle were reported. Police are continuing to investigate the matter to determine whether charges will be pursued. Hiker Needed Medical Assistance Police were called to activate Golden and District Search & Rescue (GADSAR) on August 8 after a call was received that a 53 yearold female who was hiking in the area required medical attention. The female was transported

by helicopter to Golden Hospital for treatment. Hit and Run The Golden-Field RCMP are investigating a report of a hit and run on August 8. The complainant advised that he watched a vehicle travelling near 12th Street North and the Highway 1 Frontage Road hit another vehicle and then drive off. Police are looking to follow up with the parties involved to obtain further information. Traffic Services Police with the Golden RCMP Traffic Services Unit impounded two vehicles on B.C. Day after it’s alleged that the drivers were speeding excessively by the weigh scales in Donald. Both drivers were from Alberta, with one being issued a Violation Ticket for travelling at 163km/h in a 100km/h zone and the other issued a ticket for driving 153km/h, at the same location. The two vehicles were then impounded for 7 days under the Motor Vehicle Act. Traffic members also seized a small amount of marijuana after stopping a vehicle for speeding near the Donald weigh scales on August 3. The driver was issued a Violation Ticket for speeding and having his windows tinted. No charges are expected in relation to the marijuana. Police and BC Ambulance attended a collision on Highway 1 near the snow sheds near Rogers Pass on August 6 after receiving a report of a single vehicle rollover. All three occupants of the vehicle including the 18 year-old driver from Vancouver were assessed for injuries. Police believe that the driver failed to negotiate a curve in the road causing the vehicle to go off the road and roll. Speed is also believed to be a contributing factor in the collision.

The Golden Star Wednesday, August 12, 2015

StarHistory A5

Blast From Golden’s Past

Next year the Golden Star will turn 125 years old. Once every month for the year leading up to our big celebration, we will be reprinting interesting stories that were published throughout the years. Your Community Newspaper Since 1891

Rocket Trips to the Moon? You May Live to See Them! Scientists See Possibility August 5, 1948 Rocket trips to the moon within the lifetime of some of those who read this? That is the striking prediction of some scientific thinkers - not fantasy fiction writers - who now believe it is a definite probability. A lot of other Canadians who may become convinced that there is such a possibility after they view a spectacular travelling science exhibit which is starting on a swing around the country from the Museum of Natural History in New York City. It is the memorial exhibit of the work of the late Dr. Robert H. Goddard, pioneer rocket authority. His discoveries were cribbed by the Germans who during World WarII startled the world with the V-2 rocket.

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Fire Hazard Still Extreme August 8, 1973 No woods travel other than industry was declared by the B.C. Forest Service in Golden on Thursday. Due to the extreme fire hazard there can be no hiking, berry picking, hunting, stream fishing or prospecting. There is a special patrol of eight men checking the woods for campers and unofficial forest users. Ranger Sigmund Anderson of Golden reported eight fires in the Big Bend area, the biggest one being at Lylle Creek. In total, there were 87 men working on the blazes. Monday’s rain offered temporary relief but failed to drop the hazard. Two aircraft are patrolling the area every day. All fires were serviced by four helicopters as well as four water bombers and a bird dog guide plane. Activity is concentrated in the area of Sullivan and Bush Rivers.

Dental Situation Looking Better -October 17. 1973 A promising letter came to Council from the College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. Dr. S.G. Marin of Banff has applied for a license to practice dentistry in B.C., with the intention of locating in Golden about the end of this year. Council plans to arrange a meeting with Dr. Marin upon his return from meetings in Vancouver. They will also approach Dr. Reece in Invermere to see whether or not he is considering returning to Golden. A letter was also received from five mothers encouraging Council to give prompt attention to the dental problem. The letter reads: “We… are not at all satisfied that the dentist’s excuse of “health reasons” is the only cause of his practice being closed for unpredictable and lengthy periods of time. “In our opinion this is no way to operate a dental practice and he should be asked to close his business unless he can guarantee service on a regular basis. “Perhaps then another dentist would be more willing to locate here.” Council moved to reply to the letter stating that they are actively working on getting an additional dentist in Golden.

Golden Weddings: Sime-Barber January 15, 1948 St. Paul's Anglican Church, Golden, was the scene of a pretty wedding on Monday morning, January 5th, at 11 o'clock, when Rev. W.J.J. Woods united in marriage Vera Mary, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Barber, and James A., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Sime. To the strains of the Bridal Chorus from "Lohengrin" by Wagner, the bride who was given in marriage by her father, looked charming in a white jersey floor length dress. Her veil of embroidered net was held in place by a coronet of orange blossoms, and she wore a pearl necklace, the gift of the groom. Pink roses formed the bridal bouquet.

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Federal Election Editor,

The election bomb has officially dropped. Last weekend the prime minister visited Governor General David Johnston at Rideau Hall to dissolve Parliament and begin the election set for Oct. 19. This will make it the longest election period - I SURMISE in Canada in the last By Jessica Schwitek 100 years, so we’re all going to be subjected to a more drawn out campaign. This is my first federal election working for a newspaper, and I’m anxious to see how it compares to provincial and municipal elections. After a couple very heated local elections, I’m expecting this one to be a bit more mellow, but I may be proven wrong. Our current governing party has turned out to be quite polarizing, so who knows, maybe the race will get ugly. Regardless of the end result, my hope and prediction for this election is a higher voter turnout. Stephen Harper has angered a lot of people, and I’m optimistic that the people complaining will show up to the voting booths this time around. For those of you out there who haven’t necessarily been complaining, and feel like you don’t know the issues, I’d like to make a recommendation. I have recently found a very interesting quiz online that helps voters understand where they stand on certain issues, and which political parties they tend to agree or disagree with. After answering a few dozen questions on social, economic, education, health care, and environmental issues, among many others, the results will show you what percentage of policies you agree with for a given party. For example, you may agree with 75 per cent of the Conservatives’ policies, and only 59 per cent of the Liberals’ policies. It also breaks down what areas you agree with for a given party, and which ones you disagree with. I’m not saying this tool should be the sole factor in deciding who you should vote for this fall. But if you feel unfamiliar with federal issues, or politics in general, it’s a great way to delve into the topic, see where you stand on certain policies, and see where the different federal parties stand on those same policies. Of course throughout the painfully long campaign period we’ll be able to hear where our local candidates stand on issues that affect Golden (ie. the Trans Canada Highway). But having a basic understanding of the national issues will only make your voting decision easier. You can find the 2015 election quiz at:

Harper’s “Strengths”? - Not so Much "On the economy"? Any student of Economics should tell you - it's not rocket science - that bringing back the home reno tax credit in a couple of years, once the economy has improved and tax revenues are increasing, will (a) be too late for any stimulus during the downturn, (b) add to inflationary pressures during the upturn, and (c) only help a few people, but not the people who need it the most. So not any real economic benefit, just pure politics, like the multitude of Harper's boutique tax cuts and election-time funding for local projects being splashed around. But what else can you expect from someone who single-mindedly cuts the budget during a "downturn"? "On Security"? The deadly attacks in Canada have been carried out by lone wolf, mentally unbalanced guys, with a bone to pick with the government for joining in the U.S. led attacks in foreign countries. To combat that, Harper brought in legislation - and now promises additional measures - to massively beef up the appearance of security, but which will have very doubtful effectiveness. (Maybe more trials for other pitiful mental health cases like the BC couple entrapped by the RCMP?) So, pure politics, not so much for Canadians' safety. But what else can you expect from a politician with an election to fight and not much else to run on?? "Steady hand on the tiller"? More like set in concrete, policies singularly designed to appeal to his base, so seem crafted purely for fundraising, especially since they repeatedly fail the test of being legal. This is not good governance for all Canadians, so this is not a good kind of "steadiness"! But what else can you expect from someone who governs from ideology, not from the facts, and who repeatedly replaces facts with spin??? So, four more years of Harperland, where handing out baubles is good but dealing with recession is not, spying on all of us is essential, and only 30% of the population are counted as "real Canadians"? Or???? Alternatives to the Harper Government? If you prefer to vote conservative, what a pity there isn't a Progressive Conservative - remember them? - to consider. One could wish conservatives would just take back their party. But for now, keep in mind that the NDP proved to be good stewards of the economy in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as have the Liberals federally. And if you also long for a return to Government of Canada days, I really believe it would come true under both the Liberals and the NDP. (Voting Green is voting for principles, not for a government - sorry folks, just a fact.) Harper has given us time to consider the alternatives in this long, expensive election, time to make a reasoned choice. In the words of Brian Mulroney, we do have options. Merriene Duncan Nelson (newly Kootenay-Columbia riding)

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The Golden Star Wednesday, August 12, 2015 A7

Golden point of view

Have you found the mosquitoes are worse this year than last?

Blane Dahlin

Kendall Burette

Shawna Gray

“No, I think they’re normal.”

“No. I actually think they’re pretty good this year.”

“Yes, I’ve heard that from a lot of people in the area. I think they are worse than most years.”

Stars to our RCMP for trying so hard to keep our highways safe in this horrific traffic. Good job.

Wooden Things for the great gift and job at the Golden Seniors Center. Thank you

responsible for the disgraceful condition of the Canadian and B.C. flags at the old courthouse.

Stingers to the people who have their motorhome and black trailer parked on 5th ave. Very hard to see oncoming traffic. Please move.

A ballot box full of stars to our MP for coming out of hiding and handing out pre-election goodies, is the THC next? Hopefully, and riding debates.

A big star to folks at Alpine Auto for the fine work they did on my car. Cheers!

Huge Gigantic stars to Dave at Webb’s

Go to to have your say.

Access to Care Dear Golden Community, The Age Friendly Community Plan (AFCP) process in 2014 sparked serious discussions on Golden's AFCP #1 priority, “Community Support and Health Services.” Several members of the community have expressed publicly and online their frustrations with trying to access care in a timely fashion. The May 20, 2015 Age Friendly Community Committee (AFCC) Golden meeting resulted in the creation of the “Access to Care” committee, consisting of residents, physicians and politicians who have studied the problem, outlined broad principles and identified potential solutions. The problems stem from a number of factors including: • No agreed upon protocols for transfer of patients with a given condition. Each case has to be negotiated with Patient Transfer Network and receiving centers, therefore causing delays. • Alberta is refusing to accept local patients, even visiting Alberta residents. • Patients must frequently travel to Kelowna, Kamloops and even Vancouver. • There is pressure to transfer patients out of acute care and into their community where locally, services are limited. The Age Friendly Community Committee feels elderly residents benefit from staying in their community as long as possible. To do so, all of their needs, including access to medical care must be as readily accessible as possible. When responding to the Ministry’s Health Policy Paper on Rural Health Services, Doctors of BC stated they “would advise against a standardized approach to implementation of these types of practices in favour of a flexible, incentivized approach.“ The Committee feels this is particularly relevant to Golden. In fact, the “Access to Care” committee believes that Golden is an anomaly in BC healthcare for the follow-

Email your Stars and Stingers to

ing reasons: • Our Regional referral centre, Cranbrook, has limited capacity • The closest full service care centre, Calgary is in another Province. • Many Golden residents work or have family in Alberta. • Golden is frequently isolated due to weather or road closures. During those times, transfers out are frequently not possible. Some of the solutions considered by the committee include: • Increased services at the local level within the constraints of what is deliverable. For example, consistent availability of ultrasound and laboratory services. • Improved local support programs for patients that are required to travel. There are financial needs but one must also consider assistance in navigating access to the many available programs. • Establish agreed upon referral protocols to the nearest suitable facility to expedite transfers and referrals. This should include access to services in Calgary. Continued health promotion through municipal government activities, education and service clubs • Determine what services we should be providing locally based on the needs of the population and what is safe to provide. These issues affect every citizen of Golden. Achieving solutions will require the efforts of the entire community and all health care providers. We hope and trust that Golden’s residents and organizations will collectively and collaboratively lend their voice to push for improvements to health care access for older adults. Signed, AFCC Golden - Access to Care Committee Contact: Ryan Watmough, Coordinator

Stingers for those

Stingers to people who lack patience. It’s a fine virtue to have, you should try and learn some.

Enjoy flavours of summer Cindy Bossio Community Nutritionist with Interior Health Are you heading to the beach for the day, camping for the weekend or having the neighbours over for a barbeque? Grab some local seasonal produce to enjoy along with your summertime fun! There are so many great reasons to eat locally grown foods, but my favorite, by far, is the flavour. Produce fresh from your garden, a farm stand, or a farmer’s market is picked at the peak of ripeness and is brimming with flavours that make summertime so special. It’s a bonus that local foods are better for the environment, keep our hard earned money in the community, and are more nutritious than foods that come from afar.  For me, summer is a time for: · Fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and a mint leaf  bobbing in a tall glass of sparkling water, sipped by the lake.  · A colorful parfait layered with yogurt, whole grain cereal, and freshly picked huckleberries enjoyed while sitting on the patio.   · A big leafy green salad loaded with spinach, kale, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, and shredded beets carried next door and paired with the entrée on your neighbour’s grill. · Crunchy ears of corn with fresh dill from a food truck, bright red juicy cherries from the Farmers’ Market. · Tomatoes and herbs from a Community Garden tossed on a whole-wheat pizza and cooked in an outdoor oven. · A homemade fresh fruit Popsicle enjoyed by a child after an afternoon of running through the sprinkler. · Watermelon sliced and slurped while sitting at a picnic table surrounded by trees. · Celery stalks dipped into fresh salsa made with tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, chili peppers, onions, and passed around the campfire. · Colorful sweet peppers, zucchini, cauliflower, and eggplant, slowly roasted on the barbeque. · The smell of muffins baked in the oven on a cool late summer evening, made from zucchini picked from the garden.

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The Golden Star Wednesday, August 12 , 2015 A8

Sculpting event will be joining Golden’s Ultra Golden Star Staff The Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce is putting a call out to all Golden and area wood artisans and sculptors. The Chamber would like to host a chainsaw/wood carving exhibition during the GoldenUltra 3-Day Running event held September

18-20. On Saturday from noon until 5 or 6 p.m. they will provide for participating artisans a 12x12 space (with electricity if needed) at the Rockwater parking lot next to Spirit Square to carve their items on the spot. Spectators will be ribboned off to watch whilst the artists create their pieces. Upwards of 300 run-

Leave it in the ground with Hellbent Geothermal! •

Let your new or retrofit geothermal heating and cooling installation pay for itself with 100% financing OAC.

Dealer for Nordic heat pumps & Rehau in-floor hydronic systems.


Full Details at:

ners are participating in the Ultra, with the finish line being at the Spirit Square. Items will be secured overnight and live auctioned Sunday afternoon after the trophy presentations. This will be a fundraising event for the Chamber and auction funds will be split 50/50 with artisans and the Chamber. This would be a great event for local artists to showcase their talent and receive a great deal of exposure to people from all over the world. Anyone interested in booking a space (only 6-8 available) to this event, please contact Walter at or at 250-706-1997. Please include any information or literature about yourself and your art when applying, as it may be used for marketing the event.

The Golden Museum

AucTION Monday, August 10 @ 8pm to Monday, August 17 @ 8pm


4 Night Stay for 2 at Purcell Mountain Lodge (Includes helicopter rides in and all meals) Full Day Sled Rentals from Snow Peak Rentals White Water Rafting Trips Full Day Canoe Rentals Blanket Chest Night Stays at Local B&Bs and Hotels 100 Litres of Fuel Massages Meals All Kinds of Gift Certificates


Thomas King’s store in downtown Golden is pictured. The store was located on the site of today’s Remax and Moon River Gallery.  Photo Courtesy of the Golden Museum

The early days of Golden businesses The following story was written by Thomas King about the early businesses to develop in Golden. It’s very interesting to me to see the educated people who chose to come here. While this only begins to touch on some of the early businesses, it does give an overview of the time. “Until survey parties, later the C.P.R. mainline construction crews came through, there was no attempt made to settle here. With the advent of workmen, Mr. Baptiste Morigeau, who was born in 1846, of a French voyager and his Indian wife, started a trading post about 1883 and did business for two years. A Mr. Lang opened a store in 1884, which was a log cabin built on - Turning Back the Pages - the ground where the present Feuz block now stands. He had a son and three daughters, the youngest of whom is well known to many By Colleen Palumbo Goldenites. She built the Feuz block about in 1911 and owned the property where the present Post Office was built. Right up until her death at the age of 92 years she maintained a genuine interest in Golden. When Mr. Lang failed in business, the late H.S. Forster put up the money to continue the business under the management of G.B. McDermot. In 1886, Charles Warren and a partner by the name of Durrick, started a general store in a building situated on the site of the Big Bend Hotel. Soon after, Mr. Durrick retired from business and went into partnership with a Mr. William Carlin, who had an old established business at Ft. Steele, as Carlin and Durrick. After Mr. McDermot withdrew from the store business, the owners formed a company called The Golden and East Kootenay Trading Company. In 1903-04 this company had almost finished the building of a new store on the present post office site, which was of tremendous proportions for the amount of business here in those early days. It was one hundred and ten feet long and forty-five feet wide, with three floors and a basement. Before it was finished, it burned to the ground on May 4th of 1904. This fire also ignited a warehouse belonging to Mr. Warren. This resulted in a heavy loss. Mr. Warren was then financed by Mr. Forster to build the present store occupied by Barlow’s Department Store. This store was ready for occupancy on November 4th, 1904. The stocks of the two businesses were combined. This business was operated under Mr. Warren followed by Mr. T. King. In October 1957, Mr. Fred Barlow took over. Mr. Mike Carlin and Mr. Joseph Lake had been early settlers in the west. Mr. Carlin, a very big man, had tie contracts from the C.P.R. during construction days. Mr. Lake had gone from Winnipeg to Edmonton in a Red River cart before there was a railway connection. They built a store at Field, and in 1891, they built one in Golden, known as the “Big Store.” It was rightly named for supplying so sparse a settlement and retail liquor business. This store was kept in the basement of the store. This immense building also housed living rooms upstairs. Here, too, was a large hall (the first concert hall, which was used for dances and Lodge rooms). The Oddfellows and Masons both used it for their meetings, the latter after the desolation of Donald. In the year 1899, the Charter for this Lodge being Mountain Lodge No. 11, A.F. and A.M. was transferred to Golden.  Continued on page 11

The Golden Star Wednesday, August 12, 2015 A9

Golden Moments: Steinhauer reflects on coaching the Rockets

Don Steinhauer, who moved to Golden in the late 60s, was named the head coach of the Golden Rockets for their first season in 1991.  Joel Tansey/Star Photo Joel Tansey When the Golden Rockets were founded in 1991, the first thing they needed was a head coach. Don Steinhauer, having coached minor hockey for several years prior, had earned his level three coaching certification through Hockey Canada. At the time, level three was the minimum requirement for coaching junior hockey, leaving Steinhauer as the natural candidate to lead the Rockets

into their first season. “I had to go start doing some scouting and recruiting… which I didn’t know anything about,” Steinhauer recalled. Sixty-five kids attended the Rockets’ first tryout camp that year and that led to what Steinhauer calls the most difficult part of his time as head coach. “The hardest thing there is to do is cut a kid because you’re killing a dream. A kid comes here and wants to take that next step and then to have to tell him that he’s not going to make it, it is a tough thing to do.”

There were six local boys on the inaugural edition of the Rockets, many of whom Steinhauer had coached at previous levels, and the Golden team achieved a measure of success in their first season, finishing third in their division before falling in a deciding game 7 against the Columbia Valley Rockies in round one of the playoffs. “The arena was packed, we had great support from the fans,” Steinhauer said. Steinhauer was relieved of his duties the following season. “As things go in junior hockey,” he chuckled. While his tenure was brief, he says he “was proud to be a part of it.” Coaching was always a joy for Steinhauer, a Foresburg, Alta. native who moved to Golden in 1968 and started working at the mill in 1970, where he spent the majority of his career. “(I enjoyed) being with the kids, playing the game that you love and teaching kids…it’s all about teaching life skills as well. How to get along, how to accept disappointment, how to be a good winner…we had a lot of fun,” he said. Having never had kids of his own, Steinhauer was able to coach his teams without any hint of personal bias as well, which isn’t always the case when parents take on a coaching role with teams that include their own son or daughter. His coaching career came full circle in 2012 when Steinhauer and a team of Golden hockey players went on a trip to Europe to play against local teams overseas. “I was the oldest guy on the team and Chance L’Heureux was the youngest guy on the team. I coached him when he was in PeeWee so that was kind of neat,” Steinhauer said. Nowadays, when Steinhauer isn’t skiing, golfing, fishing or riding his motorcycle, he can often be found at the Golden Arena, where he makes a point to attend several Rockets games every season. “I enjoy the fast pace of the game, the kids play a good brand of hockey…a lot of these kids have been going to hockey schools most of their life. It’s amazing skills that these kids have got,” he said.

The Net Result: In Time offers unique plot but thin characters Joel Tansey It’s slim pickings for new content over the summer on Netflix, so for this one we go back to an older Netflix release, In Time, a film that offers an especially unique storyline. The highlight of the entire film is its basic concept. In a dystopian future, time has become the new currency. Once you reach 25 years of age, you have just a single year to live, unless you acquire more time. Individuals in the slums live day to day. Often waking up in the morning with less than 24 hours before they die, they’ll labour in factories in order to acquire another dose of time. The rich don’t have to worry quite so much. Often they’ll have a century, even a millennium of time. Aging also ceases once you hit 25, and the rich can live forever

barring a major car accident or a murder. Dying of natural causes is impossible, provided you have the time. It’s a very neat concept that is in the same conversation with movies like the Matrix and Minority Report as far as sci-fi creativity goes. The story centres around Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) who inherits “a century” from a rich man who donates him the time before committing suicide. With his new found “cash,” Salas ventures into upper-class society and befriends Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried), the daughter of the richest man in the world. The two begin a sort of revolution, while trying their best to avoid the ruthless timekeeper, Raymond (Cillian Muprhy). In Time is fast paced, adventurous and creative. Its very concept builds a lot of suspense and that’s where the real strength of the movie lies.

Justin Timberlake stars alongside Amanda Seyfried in the 2011 film In Time. A unique concept drives the film despite some weak character development. Regency Enterprises Its characters are somewhat pedestrian, there isn’t a whole lot of depth or profoundness to any of them. But this isn’t a characterdriven movie, it’s a concept film

that is bound to keep most of its audience’s attention. Far from perfect, In Time is nevertheless an enjoyable popcorn flick that was made for sum-

mer viewing. It’s deserving of 8 mouse clicks out of 10.

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Golden Public Health presents Baby Talk for new parents and kids every Wed., 1:30-3pm in the Early Learning Centre. 12 months and under. 250344-3001 for more info. Hapkido Martial Arts Wed., Arena Lounge 6-7pm (kids) 7:15-8:15pm (adults). Parent and Tot Play Group Wed. 10:30am-12pm at the Rec Plex. Follows school schedule. 3442000 for info. Golden Farmers’ Market, Wednesday market From noon-5 in the CP Parking lot. Tea at the Museum Tea and conversation with music by Tony Bell for the Cancer, Chronic and Life Threatening Illness Support Group on Aug. 12 at 1pm. Kicking Horse Culture presents Summer Kicks: Gary Fjellgaard with Krista and the Krybabies on Aug. 12 in Spirit Square. Shows are all ages, free, and begin at 7pm.

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Fri, Aug. 14 Youth Swim every Friday from 4-5:30pm at the Golden Swimming Pool A.A Meetings Fridays at the Lutheran Church basement 915 - 9th St S. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. Golden Youth Centre drop-in Fridays from 3:307:30pm. Friday Night Bridge at 7pm at St. Andrew’s Centre for Peace. 250-344-5448. Mother Goose Program Fri. 10:30-11:30am at the Early Years Centre. Snacks are included. Special Olympics “FUNdamentals” youth program Fri. 9-10am at APES. For children 7-12 years with intellectual disabilities. Call 250-9190757 for info. FREE Settlement Services to help newcomers to Canada with English language training , citizenship, community resources, banking, housing, and more! Fridays from 9-11am. Call 250344-8392. BCDC the ACDC cover band at the Rockwater Grill and Bar on Aug. 14 at 10pm. Ray Jean Memorial Slo Pitch Tournament & Parson Fall Faire. August 14-16. Events include tournament, Farmers’ Market, family dance, and drive-in kids movie. .

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Sun, Aug. 16 Sunday Howl open mic at the Wolf’s Den Sundays 4-8pm. Magic the Gathering Game Tour nament 12-5pm at Bizarre Entertainment. Ray Jean Memorial Slo Pitch Tournament & Parson Fall Faire. August 14-16. Events include tournament, Farmers’ Market, family dance, and drive-in kids movie.

Mon, Aug. 17 Heroclix League 6-9pm Mondays at Bizarre Entertainment. Picnic in the Park Play & Chat Mondays from 11:30am-1:30pm at the Alexander Park Elementary playground. N.A Meetings Mon. in the Library basement. 8pm. Golden Youth Centre drop-in every Monday from 5-8pm. Nicholson Parent & Tot Mondays from 9-11am at Nicholson School. Crafts at the Seniors Centre every Monday from 1--3pm. Art classes at the Golden Seniors Centre every Monday from 10am-3pm. Hapkido Martial Arts Mon., Arena Lounge 6-7pm (kids) 7:15-8:15pm (adults). Al-Anon Group meets Mondays at the Women’s Centre from 6-7pm. 344-

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Tues, Aug. 18 A.A Meetings Tues. at the United Church 901 11th Ave S. Alley Ent. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. Golden Youth Centre dropin Tuesdays from 3:307:30pm. Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition Tuesdays 6-9pm at Bizarre Entertainment. FREE Settlement Services to help newcomers to Canada with English training, citizenship, community resources, banking, housing, and more! Tues. 1-3pm. 250344-8392. Golden Shotokan Karate Tues. & Thurs. 6-6:45pm (kids) 7-8:30pm (adults). Grab a Granny and Go, Tuesdays at 3:30pm at Durand Manor. T.O.P.S (take off pounds sensibly) Family Centre, Tue., 6-7pm. 344-7228, 344-6492 for more details. English Language Classes, free! Tue. & Thur. 10am-12pm. 344-8392 to register.

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Cover to Cover: Non-fiction book follows canoe trip through valley Joel Tansey Summer journeys typically involve a beat up VW bus, a pile of junk food and miles upon miles of open road. For Robin Cody, however, it was more like a rickety canoe, freeze-dried granola pouches and a 2,000 km paddle down the Columbia River. His trip spawned his first person account, Voyage of a Summer Sun, a 1990 publication that feels like it could have been written now, its stories and characters coming to life throughout the journey. Beginning in Canal Flats, Cody takes the reader through the lengthy journey from start to finish, mixing in a bit of history here and there and sprinkling in the stories of locals and fellow travellers. There are some harrowing aspects of the mostly mild Columbia. Just north of Golden lies the daunting Redgrave Canyon, a narrowing of the river that creates waves that are more or less impassable for canoeists. As a consequence, Cody enlists the help of local Wayne Houlbrook, who helps him through the canyon on a 12 foot aluminium dingy. It wasn’t quite what Cody had in mind, but was certainly better than walking it. From there it’s a long slog around the Big Bend, across the expansive Kinbasket Lake and its whipping winds. In

order to avoid the very real potential of running into a powerful wind gust coming out of one of Kinbasket’s many arms, Cody takes the long way around, dipping into each arm and crossing only when the other side of the shore was mere metres away. His journey on Kinbasket also dispels an old wives tale that I’d never heard before. Because the dam-filled lake wasn’t logged before it was created, the legend goes that at any moment, one of the thousands of trees that still lay at the lake bottom could release from their roots and torpedo to the surface, destroying any unsuspecting boats that might be above it. An interesting thought, but very likely to lie in the world of fantasy rather than fact, as Cody explains later in the book. Like the journey on the Columbia itself, there are some moments where Voyage of a Summer Sun feels like a bit of a task, rather than a joy. It’s a long trip, and some stories are more interesting than others. Still, it’s a detailed, descriptive and mostly interesting account of what must be one of the world’s great flat water journeys, from the quiet Columbia Lake all the way to the roaring shores of the Pacific Ocean. Voyage of a Summer Sun is available at Bacchus Books and Robin Cody’s book chronicles a trip down Cafe. the Columbia.  Oregon State Press

Not having a will means the state takes control Kevin Press Hearing that you ought to update your will is little bit like being told to take up jogging. Everybody knows it’s the right thing to do, but that doesn’t make it any easier to get started. What happens if you do nothing? If you die without a will, it’s called dying intestate. The provincial Public Trustee’s Office will try to protect the financial aspect of your estate by essentially taking over responsibility for your affairs to the point of probate. Probate means that everything is properly done and taken into account in terms of paying off the creditors, etc. If there are children, the office assumes the role of guardian. Essentially, the state takes over and performs the role that would have been performed at a basic level if

you had had your ducks in a row (i.e., power of attorney, will and a living will or healthcare proxy). Under the legislation of each province, where that money goes is all done by formula. What constitutes a will? In each province, they have legislation that sets out what constitutes a valid will. It has to be in writing. It has to clearly set out who you are. It has to clearly set out who you want to give your money to. Any vagueness or ambiguity can create a problem. It has to be clear who it is you’re giving the money to and how to contact that person. It also has to be signed by the person in the presence of two other people who are not in the will. A lawyer is not required but it would be highly imprudent if you didn’t have a lawyer. I’d say 95%, if not 99%, of do-it-yourself wills have something intrinsically defective about them. For

all sorts of reasons, do-it-yourself wills tend to be worthless. How often should a will be updated? You should reflect on what changes in your life occur every year at any given time: could be on your birthday. Did anything change? And then act accordingly. It could be that tax laws have changed. Maybe people you had in your will have predeceased you or you’ve had a falling-out with someone and you don’t want to include them in your will. Whenever any major event happens in your life — illness or divorce, marital separation, whatever it may be — that’s an automatic trigger to revamp your will. All of these life events should trigger somebody to say I need to speak to a lawyer who does will and estate law. This financial column has been sponsored by Shannon Hood, Sun Life Financial.

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Queen’s Hotel opened in Golden in 1884 

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The Mercantile Store was begun by Rolston and Mitchell in 1912, but the latter entered the ministry two years later. Mr. D.R. Rolston continued alone until his death. His son, Robert, carried on the business until he became interested in the motel business. It was purchased by Tony Ingstrup. The Golden Meat Market Business was started in the ‘80s by W.R. Hull and Company of Calgary. Its original site was what is now CPR land almost opposite Barlow’s Store. About 1893, W.R. Hull and Company purchased the site where George Keenleyside operated his butcher shop. About 1948, he added groceries and vegetables to make it a read food store. Mr. J.C. Greene started the Queen’s Hotel in 1884. He had a picture hanging in the hotel. This was entitled, “The Evolution of the Queen’s Hotel,” illustrating it from its meager beginning to its then large proportions. At the time, it was one of the finest in the country. It had the name of being (early in the century) the only country interior hotel that had five bedrooms with bath attached. In fact, it had not been long before that, that a guest at a local hostelry asked for the hotel restroom. He was directed to a “log out back.” Soon, a bullet whizzed passed him, and, looking up to see why, it is reported he was told to go to the other end of the log, as he was on the ladies’ section. How true this may be, I leave it to the reader to guess.”

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 The Golden Star

Golden Faith Column: One Penny or Two? Can you imagine being known through history as the widow who gave two pennies to church? Today, I suppose we’d say “she gave her last dime.” (Must be inflation.) We’ve certainly gotten mileage out of that “poor” woman’s offering, and it’s usually a sermon about money. Some years ago, as I came out of a hospital room where a lady was dying of lung cancer, someone said, “Poor dear.” To which her daughter replied, “Don’t say that. She’s no poor dear. She knows more about life than you or I will know for some time.” Why is it we pity the very folks who could teach us so much if we’d just pay attention? - Ron Tabbert Jesus alerts his disciples: Look…this ‘poor’ widow put more in the offering box Pastor Emeritus than all the others. For the others gave out of their wealth, but she out of her poverty, put in everything – all she had to live on. (Mark 12:42) The Greek word here says she was “needy.” She may have begged from others in her church at one time. How humiliating. Remember, single women in that culture– widowed, divorced or otherwise – had little support to rely on. God forbid we or our children should ever have to beg to live. Pity the blind beggar who lives off the pennies of others. Or should we rather pity the poor rich man: “I earned every penny I ever got. I’ve paid for everything I have.” I always wonder where he sends his cheque for fresh air, a 24-hour day, and the eyes blind Bartimaeus begged for. What do you give a man who has everything, including air, eyesight, middle age, even old age? The widow gave more than her two pennies. She gave us all something. She knew how to receive, how to be empty before God. And before her neighbours. She knew how to depend…like a little child…on someone else, even for the basics of life. If we can stand before God empty (-handed) with no claim to rights (how humiliating!)…like a child… we can receive many things. Even eternal life. For Jesus, too, gave all he had. The widow’s mite is not a story about giving. It’s a story about receiving. The widow remembered her Lord, and her gift is one of gratitude and loneliness to One who cared. To the Lord, her only partner. It was also a gift of adventure, of faith. Thank you, Lord. I love you. See me through, take care of me. It’s a story of devotion. She could have given one penny. Who would have blamed her? But as the late Dr. Paul Scherer wrote: Love is a spendthrift, leaves its arithmetic at home, is always in the red. CLUES ACROSS

1. Encase a gift 38. Spoke wildly 5. Tonsillitis bacteria 40. Comically strange 10. Pre-1972 British trial session 41. Fed 12. Family Upupidae 42. Baglike structure in a ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20 LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23 14. Five & dime pioneer plant or animal Public prosecutor Snakelike You’re very good at marching to the beat of a different drummer, Aries. But keep in mind Libra, now is the time for16. a change, however big or44. small thatfish change ultimately may be. 18. Actress Farrow 45. Bishop’scareers. official seat that sometimes it’s advantageous to follow along with what others are doing. You may benefit from adoptiong a new hobby or changing 19. Household god (Roman) 48. Bash ____ Falls, N.Y. 50. Bay Area Eating TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21 SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov20. 22Indian dresses 22. Misjudge Disorders Assoc. Taurus, you hope that others appreciate what you are doing for them this week. You may Your life can’t always be a23. bundle of excitement, Scorpio. Sometimes you have to sit back Actress Zellweger 52. Driver compartment not get a verbal thank-you, but expect some to show their appreciation in other ways. and enjoy those periods that are not on-the-go. Relish incoherent the slower pace. 25. Remove flourso lumps 53. Emitted radiation 26. Obtain 55. Radioactivity unit GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21 SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21 27. Modeled 56. Former CIA Gemini, many people are willing to lend you a helping hand when you need one. Make the Sagittarius, others are looking toFrancisco you for advice this57.week. Give any inquiry the thoughtful 28. Juan, or Antonio And (Latin) Indian your territory, Daman ___others’ 58. Disintegrate most of their generosity, and then give back whenever possible. consideration it deserves,30. doing best to and take concerns to heart. 31. Owl sound 63. “Desperado” band 33. A20 slab of stone or wood 65. Makes into law CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22 CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 35. Of the largest continent Attentiveness CLUES ACROSS Cancer, enjoy the fruits of your labor this week. You worked hard, and now is a great time Capricorn, even if you have a million ideas running66.through your head, push them aside 37. Napped leather 67. Skillful hand movement Encaseof a gift 38. Spoke wildly for you to rest, relax and catch up with some old friends. Good times are ahead. in1.favor some much-needed rest. You need to take some time for yourself. 5. Tonsillitis bacteria 40. Comically strange 10. Pre-1972 British trial session 41. LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23 AQUARIUS – Jan 21/FebCLUES 18Fed DOWN Sound units yourself at work. Extra 12. Family Upupidae 42. Baglike structure in a 1. Point midway Leo, leave room for others to share their opinions after expressing your own. It never hurts Aquarius, embrace the coming days asbetween a chance to27. distinguish 14. Five & dime pioneer animal 29. Relating to the nose Wplant and or SW to see another’s point of view, and a loved one’s opinion may prove enlightening. work presents an opportunity to put your value to the company on display. 16. Public prosecutor 44.2011 Snakelike fish macaw movie 32. Cereal grass 2. animated 18. Actress Farrow 45.ABishop’s officialmeaning seat 34. Sticky or hot-cross 3. word element nitrogen VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22 PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20 4.48.Shot CLUES ACROSS CLUES ACROSS 19. Household god (Roman) Bash ____ Falls, N.Y. 35. Productive land Virgo, a heavy workload may force you to regroup and start over next weeka gift when you have 38. is in the air, Pisces. Enjoy this exciting time and take things slowly at first. Enjoy 20. Indian 50. Bay Area Eating 1.Romance Encase awildly giftdresses 38. 5. Spoke wildly 36. Englut Coasts 1. Encase Spoke 22.slow Misjudge Disorders Assoc. 5.the Tonsillitis bacteria Comically strange 39. Apply with short strokes more energy and inspiration. This is just a temporary setback. pace know your new love interest. 6. Hill (Celtic) 5. Tonsillitis bacteria 40. Comically strangeand get to40. 23. Actress Zellweger 52. Driver compartment 10. British trial session 41. 7. Fed 40. Indian corn genus Decays 10. Pre-1972 British trial session 41. Pre-1972 Fed 25. Remove flour in lumps 53. Emitted coherent 12. Upupidae 42. 8. Baglike structure in aradiation 43. Stroke Hebrew dry measure 12. Family Upupidae 42. Family Baglike structure a 26. Obtain 55. Radioactivity 14. Five &ordime pioneer plant or animal 44. Flowed in contrary directions 9. Venice river unit 14. Five & dime pioneer plant animal 27. Modeled 56. Formerfish CIA 16. prosecutor 44.10. Snakelike 46. Comforts Ablaze 16. Public prosecutor 44. Public Snakelike fish 28. Juan, Francisco or Antonio 45.11. 57. And (Latin) 18. Farrow Bishop’s official seat 47. Point that is one point S of due E Duskiness 18. Actress Farrow CLUES ACROSS 45. Actress Bishop’s official seat 30. Indian territory, Daman and ___ 58. Disintegrate 19. (Roman) 48.13. Bash ____ Falls, N.Y. 49. Shrub fence Enlightened 19. Household god (Roman) 48. Household Bash ____ god Falls, N.Y. 1. Encase a gift 38. Spoke wildly 31. Owl sound 63. “Desperado” band 20. dresses 50.15. Bay Area Eatingpale 51. Organ of balance Unnaturally 20. Indianbacteria dresses 50. Indian Bay Area Eating 5. Tonsillitis 40. Comically strange 33. A slab of stone or wood 65. Makes Assoc. into law and wise 22. Misjudge Disorders 54. Proofreading symbol 17. Acutely insightful 22. Misjudge Assoc. 10. Pre-1972 British trial session 41. Fed Disorders 35. Of the largest continent 66. Attentiveness Your Community 23. Zellweger 52.18. Driver compartment 59. CNN’s founder Turner Newspaper Since 1891 “French Kiss” actress Ryan 23. Actress Zellweger 52. Actress Driver compartment 12. Family Upupidae 42. Baglike structure in a 37. Napped leather 67. Skillful hand movement 25. flour lumps 53.21. Emitted coherent 60. Smallest whole number “Alien” directorradiation 25. Remove flour lumps 53. Remove Emitted coherent radiation 14. Five & dime pioneer plant or animal 26. 55.23. Radioactivity 61. Airforce of Gr. Britain Long-tailedunit rodent 26. Obtain 55. Obtain Radioactivity unit 16. Public prosecutor 44. Snakelike fish DOWN CLUES 27. 56.24. Former 62. A subdivision of a play A wayCIA to ingest 27. Modeled 56. Modeled Former CIAseat 18. Actress Farrow 45. Bishop’s official 27. Sound units 1. Point midway between 28. Francisco or Antonio 57. And (Latin) 64. Exclamation of surprise 28. Juan, Francisco or Antonio 48. Bash 57. Juan, And 19. Household god (Roman) ____(Latin) Falls, N.Y. 29. Relating to the nose W and SW 30. Indian territory, Daman and ___ 58. Disintegrate 30. Indian territory, Daman and ___ 58. Area Disintegrate 20. Indian dresses 50. Bay Eating 32. Cereal grass 2. 2011 animated macaw movie 31. Owl sound 63. “Desperado” band LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS 22. Misjudge 31. Owl sound Disorders Assoc. band 63. “Desperado” Sticky or law hot-cross 3. A word element meaning nitrogen 33. A slab of stone or wood 65.34. Makes into 23. Actress Zellweger 52. Driver compartment 33. A slab of stone or wood 65. Makes into law 35. Productive land 4. Shot 35. Of the largest continent 66. Attentiveness 25. Remove flour lumps 53. Emitted coherent radiation 35. Of the largest continent 66. Attentiveness Englut 5. Coasts 37. Napped leather 67.36. Skillful hand movement 26. Obtain 55. Radioactivity unit movement 37. Napped leather 67. Skillful 39. Apply with short strokes 6. Hill hand (Celtic) 27. Modeled 56. Former7.CIA 40. Indian corn genus Decays CLUES DOWN 28. Juan, Francisco or Antonio 57. And (Latin) CLUES DOWN 43. Stroke 8. Hebrew dry measure 27. 44. Sound unitsin contrary directions 1. Point midway between 30. Indian territory, Daman and ___ 58. Disintegrate Flowed 9. Venice 27. Sound units river 1. Point midway between 29. 46. Relating to the nose W10. and SW 31. Owl sound 63. “Desperado” band Comforts Ablaze 29. Relating to the nose W and SW Cereal grass 2. 2011 animated macaw movie 32. 47. 33. A slab of stone or wood 65. Makes into law Point that is one point S of due E 11. Duskiness Cereal grass 2. 2011 animated macaw movie 32. 34. 49. Sticky or hot-cross word element meaning nitrogen 3. A13. 35. Of the largest continent 66. Attentiveness Shrub fence Enlightened 34. Sticky or hot-cross 3. A word element meaning nitrogen CLUES ACROSS 35. 51. Productive 4. Shot 37. Napped leather 67. Skillful movement balance Organ ofland 15.hand Unnaturally pale 35. Productive land 4. Shot 1. Encase a gift 38. Spoke wildly Englut 5. Coasts Proofreading symbol 17. Acutely insightful and wise 36. 54. 36. Englut 5. Coasts 5. Tonsillitis bacteria Apply withfounder short strokes 40. Comically strange 6. Hill Turner CNN’s 18.(Celtic) “French Kiss” actress Ryan 39. 59. CLUES DOWN 39. with short strokes 6. Hill (Celtic) 40. 60. Indian corn genus 10. Pre-1972 British trial session 41. Fed 7.Apply Decays Smallest whole number 21. “Alien” director 27. Sound units 1. Point midway between 40. Indian corn genus 7. Decays 43. 61. Stroke 8. Hebrew measure 12. Family Upupidae 42. W Baglike structure in a Airforce of Gr. Britain 23.toLong-tailed rodent 29. Relating thedry nose SW 43. 8.and Hebrew dry measure 44. 62. Flowed in contrary 9. Stroke Venice riverto ingest 14. Five & dime pioneer plant or animal A subdivision of directions a play 24. A way 32. Cereal grass 2. 2011 animated macaw movie 44. in contrary directions 46. 64. 9. Venicefish river Comforts 10.Flowed Ablaze 16. Public prosecutor 44. Snakelike Exclamation of surprise 34. Sticky or hot-cross 3. A word element meaning nitrogen 46. 10. Ablaze 47. Point that is one point S of due E 11.Comforts Duskiness 18. Actress Farrow 45. Bishop’s official seat CLUES ACROSS 35. Productive landis one point S of due E 4. Shot 47. that 11. Duskiness 49. Shrub fence 13.Point Enlightened 19. Household god (Roman) 48. Bash ____ Falls, N.Y. 36. Englut 5. Coasts 49. fence pale 13. Area Enlightened 1. Encase a gift 38. Spoke 20. wildly 51. Organ of balance 15.Shrub Unnaturally Indian dresses 50. Bay Eating 39. Apply with short strokes 6. Hill (Celtic) 51. of insightful balance and wise 15. Unnaturally pale 5. Tonsillitis bacteria 40. Comically strange 54. Proofreading symbol 17.Organ Acutely


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was born in Gusakovec, Croatia on September 24, 1930. He was the 13th child and last child born to his parents, Mijo and Dragica. He passed away on July 30, 2015 at the Penticton Hospital from a sudden and unexpected heart attack. He was happy, healthy and very active to his last day enjoying the outdoors and his retired lifestyle. He was born in a small town in Croatia that was vibrant with farms and vineyards. He grew up around horses and enjoyed animals and farm life. He learned to be very hard working from his father. When he was of age he went to fulfill his duty in the army in Croatia. He was part of the army that was supposed to be on cross country skis but it never snowed that year. After he finished his military term he crossed the border into Austria with a few friends in . He worked in Austria for a few years and then he heard about the opening to leave for Canada. Out of 13 siblings he was the only one to leave Croatia and go to Canada to seek employment and adventure. He left by boat on a very long trip and it was then that he realized how sea-sick he could get. To his last day he really never liked to ride in a boat. Once in Vancouver, the immigration office sent him to Parson BC to work in a mill. He came to Canada on August 8, 1958 and although knowing none of the English language and only with a half empty suitcase he found work in Parson BC at the mill for two years and then after 2 years he got a job at the Evans Plywood Plant in Golden BC. He worked for two weeks at both places double shifts until he decided that he wanted to work in Golden at the plywood plant and he continued to work there until his proud and respectful retirement in 1995 at age 65. It was there in Golden that he met his wife Fanika. She was working in what was called the mercantile store. They dated for a year and got married on December 31, 1966 and would have been married 50 years next year. Dad worked hard his whole life and took all of his vacation during his working years in the summer. They had vacationed in Penticton many summers and they decided to buy a retirement home here where they have lived for the past 20 years. He always maintained his devotion to his family in Croatia, he was a member of the Okanagan Croatian Club. He was a proud Croatian Canadian and always stayed true to his roots, making sure to reflect the same pride onto his two daughters. His greatest pride was his family and he was a good teacher, he gave good advice and although he was stern, he was always very loving too.. His passion of gardening, growing fruit tress and breeding European Goldfinches and canaries grew during his retirement. He enjoyed playing Bocce, doing things in his yard, making wine, travelling to Croatia, travelling to tropical places like Hawaii and meeting his friends for coffee. He was a wonderful husband and devoted father. He is survived by his wife of 49 years Fanika and his daughters; Katherine (Randy) and Mary (Matt). Zdravko will be sadly missed by his family and many friends. The funeral date in Penticton to be announced.


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BEUERLEIN, Frank Francis “Frank” Beuerlein passed away peacefully at North Okanagan Hospice on August 2nd, 2015 at the age of 90. Frank was born in Unity, Saskatchewan and raised in Spruce Grove and Calgary, Alberta.  While living in Calgary, he met his future wife, Louise.  They were married in 1953 – a union they shared for fifty-seven happy years.  During his younger years, Frank was employed as a salesman for Canada Packers.  In time, scenic Yoho National Park beckoned Frank and Louise to relocate to the beautiful mountain town of Field, B.C.  This was where they raised their family while Frank was employed for twenty-five years with Canada Parks. Louise and Frank also owned and operated a small grocery store, “Beuerlein’s Grocery” in Field.  In 1984, Frank and Louise moved to Vernon, enjoying their retirement years in the sunny Okanagan. Frank is survived by his loving family: son, Brian (Lynn) Beuerlein of Delta, B.C.; three daughters: Leslie Ann (Larry) Clark of Prince George, B.C.,  Elizabeth Beuerlein of Vernon, B.C., and Roberta (Lonny Ellwyn) Beuerlein of Langley, B.C.; seven grandchildren: Alexandra, Brendan, Brittany, David, Kelsey, Kristine, and Scott; brother-inlaw, George (Jackie) Shepherd; numerous nieces, nephews and extended family members.  Frank was predeceased by his loving wife, Etta “Louise” in 2010; brother, Walter; and sister, Betty Storm. The funeral service was held in the chapel of Pleasant Valley Funeral Home on Saturday, August 8th, 2015. Interment followed in Pleasant Valley Cemetery.  Following the committal, family and friends gathered in the Pleasant Valley Tea Room for a reception. Donations in memory of Frank may be made to North Okanagan Hospice Society, 3506-27th Avenue, Vernon, B.C. V1T 1S4. The family extends sincere thanks to Dr. C. Cunningham and to the staff of Hospice for the excellent care Dad received. Arrangements have been entrusted to Pleasant Valley Funeral Home, Phone: 250 542 4333. Condolences may be offered at

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TAX FREE MONEY is available, if you are a homeowner, today! We can easily approve you by phone. 1st, 2nd or 3rd mortgage money is available right now. Rates start at Prime. Equity counts. We don’t rely on credit, age or income. Call Anytime 1-800-639-2274 or 604-430-1498. Apply online

A-CHEAP, LOWEST PRICES STEEL SHIPPING Dry Storage Containers Used 20’40’45’53’ and insulated containers all sizes in stock. 40’ containers as low as $2,200DMG. Huge freezers. Experienced wood carvers needed, full time. Ph Toll free 24 hours 1-866-528-7108 or 1778-298-3192 8am-5pm. Delivery BC and AB


Misc. for Sale

AERIAL CONTRACTORS LTD. Power line systems built to BC Hydro standards. EC# 19806. 1-800-661-7622.

Hunters Compound bow and long bow for sale at half price by 80 yr old semi retired hunter. Some arrows and arm guard incld. Call 250-3446035. Ask for Ulrich

Home Improvements FULL SERVICE Plumbing from Parker Dean. Fast, reliable, 24/7 service. Take $50 off your next job if you present this ad. Vancouver area. 1800-573-2928.

Household Services KOOTENAY Duct Cleaners & Pressure Washing. Locally owned & operated, affordable, professional and insured Duct Cleaning services. We offer Pressure washing and Softwash services too. Toll Free 1844-428-0522 (Free Estimates).

Misc Services

SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 6 (Rocky Mountain)


School District No.6 (Rocky Mountain), Golden Zone is now accepting applications for casual Education Assistants, effective September 2015.

Merchandise for Sale

The nature of employment for every Education Assistant varies with the unique needs of students, duties may include, but not limited to: 1. Participating in Individual Educational Planning, school based team meetings, parent meetings, Open Houses, etc., which are relevant to the student(s) with whom they are directly involved. 2. Providing instructional support, behavior management support and record keeping support (i.e. home/school communication book, journals, charting and observations, etc. as specified). 3. Assisting in modifying and adapting classroom materials. 4. Assisting with delivery of medical procedures, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech programs as prescribed by professionals. 5. Supervising students on school outings. 6. Assisting with development and maintenance of community work experience placements for students with identified special needs. 7. Assisting students with personal care needs (i.e. toileting, dressing, eating, administering medication, mobility, communicating and facilitating participation in activities). 8. Working with assistive technologies, including computers, peripherals and a variety of software applications. 9. Assisting students to be included in the school community. 10. Behaving in a manner that respects the sensitivity and confidentiality of all information related to staff and students.

Frost free fridge in very good condition $60. Call 250-2900056.

This position is part of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 440, wage $22.42/hour. If you are interested in these positions, please submit a resume, with three references, to: Ms. Meghan O’Neill Human Resources Coordinator School District No.6 (Rocky Mountain) P.O. Box 430 Invermere, B.C. V0A 1K0 Phone: (250) 342-9243 e-mail: Successful applicant will be subject to a criminal record search.

Real Estate Acreage for Sale Spectacular Views on 11 & 1/2 acre parcel 10 mins south of Golden, east side of the Rockies, Drilled well, flat building site, good access. Survey plan available. 1-250-769-4288.


Training and Experience 1. Completion of Grade 12. 2. Appropriate post secondary training (i.e. Education Assistant Program or a diploma in counseling, social work, child care or education). 3. Successful experience working with students with special needs. 4. Additional training in supporting students with Autism or other specific special needs may be required.

STEEL BUILDINGS. “Summer madness sale!” All buildings, all models. You’ll think we’ve gone mad deals. Call now and get your deal. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422


Auctions ONLINE AUCTION COMMERCIAL RESTAURANT EQUIPMENTOPENS WED AUG 12 - CLOSES WED AUG 19......... COMMISSARY BAKERY & STEAM EQUIPMENT incl. Doyon Bakery & Cleveland Steam Equipment, Pizza Oven, Electric Convection Ovens, Dishwashers, Canopies, Freezers, Coolers, Fryers, Ranges, sinks AND MORE!!!!! View Weekdays 9am to 4pm @Active Auction Mart - Unit 295 - 19358 96th Ave, Surrey, BC--- view ONLINE & REGISTER to BID --- Tel: 604-371-1190 email:

Business for Sale Extremely successful old-time photo studio in Barkerville for sale. High producer, lot of fun and immensely popular attraction. Incl. training & equipment: or 250-392-7119 $139,900

Mobile Homes & Parks Move your NEW or Newer Mobile Home onto our lot and we will pay up to

$1000 cash!!


Call Reg Janzen at 250-344-6935 Kicking Horse Village MHP

FIREWOOD for sale. Call 250-344-7677. Wanted Firewood Looking for firewood, preferably delivered. pls call 403308-4268

Employment Agencies/Resumes

Employment Agencies/Resumes

Wednesday, August 2015 Wednesday, August 12, 12, 2015 The Golden Golden Star Star



Apt/Condo for Rent

Homes for Rent

Twin Rivers - 1 & 2 Bdr apts. No parties, N/S. Laundry facilities, security doors. Best deal in town! 250-344-8113.

2 bedroom house on acreage at Castledale on Hwy 95 South. $950/month + utilities. No parties, mature reliable tenants preferred. References and damage deposit required. Call 250-344-6710.

Apartment Furnished 1&2 bdr. furnished suites. Utilities included. Close to amenities. No pets, parties. DD. Internet available. 250-344-8429, or 344-0604.

Commercial/ Industrial Golden COMMERCIAL BUILDING 3100 sq. ft. of Retail Space Located DOWNTOWN Excellent High Traffic Area Plenty of Parking 250-344-6710

Cottages / Cabins Cabin for Rent Cozy, quiet 2 bdrm cabin. 10 mins west of town. Partially furnished. No pets, N/S. $650/mo., Sat TV and internet incl. Util. extra. Call 250-344-7008.

Duplex / 4 Plex 3 bdr upstairs 1/2 Duplex. Clean, in town. W/D, sundeck, dishwasher & garage. Avail Immd. $1100, util incl. Refs. No pets. 250-344-5398.

Misc for Rent

FOR RENT Visit our website for complete rental listings Property Management Division Alice Dahlberg, CPM 250-344-2418 or 250-344-8581 (cell) Each ofce is independently owned & operated.

2 Bedroom renovated older house, downtown Golden. No parties, mature reliable tenants preferred. $950/month + utilities. Located on a large commercial lot and is suitable for business use also. Tel: 250-344-6710. 3 Bdr, 2 Bath house with electric heat. $1200/mth + utilities. Heated detached garage. References, NP, NS, long term, adults only. 250-344-6234

Office/Retail GREAT RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE IN PERFECT LOCATION!!! Retail space for rent between Kicking Horse Embroidery and the Golden Bakery Avail.Sept.1. 1800 sq ft. Call Darren 250-344-1065 or 250344-2928. Office/studio for rent: $350.00/month (excld. GST). 200 SF, on ground floor, hydro/heating/wi-fi/ parking/waste disposal incld, private washroom, no smoking, no pets, avail June1. Inquire: 250.344.2443 Konan / 250.348.2591 Vreni.

Rooms for Rent CLEAN fully furnished rooms available. All inclusive,mature adults only. Call 250-3442444.

Storage S TA S H YO U R S T U F F. C O M Storage spaces of different sizes starting at $40/month including heated units. 250-344-3104.

Suites, Upper 2bdr. ground level suite.1109 13st. No pets. References. Avail now. Call Frank 250-3445691

Townhouses 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1500+ sqft townhouse with balcony. Propane fireplace & dishwasher. No pets; no parties. Long term preferred. Good references & security deposits required $1595 per month + utls. 250-344-6710.

Mobile Homes & Pads Mobile Home Lots for rent. First 3 months free! Creek side available. Ph. 250-344-0751. Employment Agencies/Resumes

Fight Back. Volunteer your time, energy and skills today.


Get Paid to Learn

Need to build your skills in a new area? Earn while you learn through a paid work placement! Call us today to find out more.

A: 2 0 5 - 4 2 1 9 t h A v e . , G o l d e n

P: 344-5413

w w w . e k e m p l o ym e n t . o r g The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

The Golden Star Wednesday, August 12, 2015 A15

Golden Business Directory Wood Products 1 (250) 439-9378 One Call Does It All! “Largest plumbing and heating inventory in the area”

Golden, BC

Custom milling of Douglas Fir, Cedar, Poplar, Spruce, Pine, Birch and Larch

• renovations • new construction • service • septic systems • • pumps • water softeners •

10% Seniors Discount – parts only

The French Connection


Cheese and Fine Foods



We build everything from dog houses to dream homes!


23 years experience! Building Group

1411 9th Street S • Across from the High School


Showroom @ 805-9th St. N

solar products at great prices .

Batteries inverters panels and controllers

Pricing and delivery or consultation right away

Guaranteed lowest price for propane! On the highway next to A&W

1210 TransCanada Frontage Rd. CALL 250-344-8515 OR 359-444-4882 Ask for Thad CSI Certified

Call us today for your FREE estimate!

Construction Management General Contracting Licensed Builder Design Build Commercial and Residential Construction 819 9th Street N. Golden, BC

“Grave marker sales, installation and refurbishing”


Kicking Horse Embroidery ~ LASER ENGRAVING ~

Eddie Leigan Shop 250-272-2222 Cell 250-344-0143

Trophies ~ Plaques ~ Giftware ~ Name Tags Signs ~ Acrylics ~ Wood ~ Plastic ~ Glass ~ Granite Tile Leather ~ Painted Metal ~ Anodized Metal WE DO IT ALL AND MORE!

Dave & Susan Poland P.O. Box 1741, Golden, B.C. V0A 1H0

Phone: (250) 344-8351 ContraCting Ltd. Box 599, golden, BC. V0a 1H0

ContraCting Ltd. ContraCting Get ready for spring! Ltd. Call Shaun at 250-344-2215 Box599, 599,golden, golden,BC. BC. V0a V0a1H0 1H0 Box for a quote to have your parking lot and driveway Get ready for spring! spring! atSkid 250-344-2215 Get ready for sweptCall withShaun our JCB Street Sweeper CallShaun Shaunatat250-344-2215 250-344-2215 Call Gravel Trucks, End Dumps, Log Haul Gravel Trucks, End Dumps, Log foraaquote quote tohave have your parking lot anddriveway driveway for to your parking and Units Loader and Skid Steerlot Rentals sweptwith withour ourJCB JCBSkid SkidStreet StreetSweeper Sweeper swept Sand,Loader, Gravel Skid and Landscape Haul, Steer, Snow GravelTrucks, Trucks, Endavailable Dumps,Log LogHaul Haul Gravel End Dumps, Materials Removal, Sand, Gravel Units Loaderand and Skid Steerand Rentals Units Loader Skid Steer Rentals Sand,Gravel Gravel andLandscape Landscape Sand, and Landscape Materials available. Materialsavailable available Materials



•Sales •Service •Construction •Maintenance •Renovations

All Your Electrical Needs 1135 10th Ave N (250) 344-2530 Fax 344-2584 Reg. #22652

Tell us what you’re up to!

Golden THE

Your Community Newspaper Since 1891 413A 9th Ave N 250 344-5251


RE/MAX RE/MAXofofGolden Golden 250-344-7663 250-344-7663

Garry GarryOddy Oddy (250) (250)344-7234 344-7234

DanDan Veselic Veselic (250) (250) 344-1435 344-1435

Bears Paw Heights - 7 Lots Available

Nicholson Creek Road - 3 Acreages Available

1332 Maple Drive......$85,000 1511 Spruce Drive.....$115,000 1503 Spruce Drive......$99,900 1447HemlockStreet.$129,900 1523 Spruce Drive....$109,900 1336 Maple Drive.....$85,000 1523 Spruce Drive....$139,900

LS2 Nicholson Creek Road 30 acres.... $210,000

Land & Building

3 bedrooms

623 - 5th Avenue

3bdrms 2.5 baths 2,430sqft 3.97 acres

405 Riverglen Drive

5 bedrooms

3 baths

3 bedrooms

7 baths


$1,599,000 320 Fisher Road 20 acres

3 baths


Lot A, Campbell Road

4 bdrms 2 baths 3,438sqft 14.22 acres

$1,195,000 1593 Columbia Valley View

4 bedrooms

3.5 baths


Land & Building

$795,000 11 bedrooms

4.5 baths

$249,000 512 - 7th Street

5 bedrooms

2 baths


3 bedrooms

2 baths


6bdrms     4 baths    4,056sqft 3.19 acres


2 baths

5 bdrms 2 baths 2,986sqft 10.28 acres


$589,999 4 bedrooms

3 baths

2 bedrooms

1 bath


$199,600 4bdrms 2 baths 2,668sqft 1/3 in of 2.55 acres


$495,000 4905 Castledale Heights

3 bdrms 3 baths 2,500sqft 5.28 acres

802 Nicholson Frontage Road

5bdrms 2.5 baths 2,180sqft .54 acre

$195,000 #206, 1545 Kicking Horse Trail

2 bedrooms

1 bath


924A - Canyon Creek Road


$279,000 #18, 1333 Aemmer Way

2 bedrooms

Lot 19, 1208 Station Avenue .35 acre

1 bath




1011 - 11th Avenue Building & Land


RURAL ACREAGES 729 Nicholson Frontage Road...................... .613 acres...................................................... $99,000 Lot B, Carlson Road....................................... 2.47 acres...................................................... $84,900 588 Habart Road........................................... 2.14 acres.....................................................$139,600 1382 Black Bear Drive.................................... 2.03 acres..................................................... $140,000 1286 Horsecreek Road................................... 1.03 acres....................................................... $89,500 Cougar Drive............................................ 11 acreages available ................from $129,900 to $199,900 2166A Blaeberry Road.................................... 38.6 acres.................................................... $369,000 1374 Black Bear Drive...................................... 2.03 acres ........................................................... $124,900 1414 Black Bear Drive..................................... 2.07 acres.................................................... $119,900 Highway #95 South.......................................... 40 acres.............................................................$209,000

24.91 acres


$95,000 Proposed 528A - 9th Avenue


1021 King Crescent


2416 Campbell Road


LS2, Thomas Road

1445 Granite Drive

527 - 8th Street

3 bedrooms

$579,900 551 Highway #95, South




$289,000 1009 King Crescent

$330,000 Lot 17, 1208 Station Avenue

LS15 Nicholson Creek Road 40 acres.... $95,000


1001 - 10th Avenue

2 acres

$599,900 1741 Seward Frontage Road

1.15 acre



$1,695,000 1590 Columbia Valley View


1510 Poplar Street

$284,000 592 Habart Road 3bdrms 1.5 baths 2,100sqft .45 acres




$695,000 955 McAllister Road

1256 Horse Creek Road

3 baths

LS10 Nicholson Creek Road 40 acres.... $95,000


4bdrms 3 baths 2,568sqft

1309 Pine Drive

$675,000 6 bedrooms       6  baths    4,000sqft




1205 Trans Canada Hwy

6 bedrooms

Marlon Chambers Norma Crandall Flec Demmon Marlon Chambers Bob Tegart Flec Demmon Bob Tegart (250) 344-0735 (250) 344-0275 (250) 344-8451 (250) 344-0735 (250) 272-4321(250) 272-4321 (250) 344-8451



Wednesday, August 12, 2015 The Golden Star

$415,000 901 - 11th Avenue Land & Building


$339,900 1615 Gareb Road

4 bedrooms

4 bedrooms       2  baths 



$289,900 508 - 5th Street

3 baths


$389,900 1327 Pine Drive

4 bedrooms

2 baths


Golden Star, August 12, 2015  

August 12, 2015 edition of the Golden Star

Golden Star, August 12, 2015  

August 12, 2015 edition of the Golden Star