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Changes coming to Kettle system


As of April 1 the Kettle River will become a catchand-release only system as biologists move to protect its fish stocks. As the changes go into effect, there is a major habitat restoration project underway, thanks to an endangered species of fish you may never have heard of before. Story page A3.

OKIB claim to corridor an issue for the feds

Kevin Parnell

The head of the yes campaign heading into Lake Country’s referendum on purchasing the CN Rail corridor says he sympathizes with the Okanagan Indian Band, but the band’s claim to a large portion of the corridor could muddy the referendum waters . Duane Thomson, a retired history professor and long-time Lake Country resident, says the

Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) have been great neighbours to Lake Country and adds the problems are between the OKIB and the federal government and should have no bearing on Lake Country’s attempt to purchase the corridor, along with Kelowna and the North Okanagan Regional District. “The Indian community in B.C. is extremely frustrated with the federal government and they seem to have no way of communicating with them or getting them to listen,” said Thomson,

who is running a campaign promoting the yes side of Lake Country’s April 25 referendum. “I don’t think it will have much of an impact on the referendum issue. It does muddy the water for sure. I have a lot of sympathy with our Indian neighbours who are good neighbours in so many respects. But they have a really serious issue with the federal government.” On Tuesday of this week the Okanagan Indian


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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 A3



Fisheries biologist Darryl Arsenault of Golder Associates points to a map of the Kettle River system where a $116,000 project to enhance fish habitat is currently underway.

Reprieve for fish in Kettle River system Kevin Parnell

As new fishing regulations get set to go into effect on the Kettle and West Kettle Rivers east of Kelowna, making the two rivers catch-andrelease only, a stream rehabilitation project is underway on the Kettle River system as groups, communities and anglers come together to try and revive the fishing in the Kettle River watershed. As of April 1, the West Kettle and Kettle River will become 100 per cent catch-andrelease fisheries, meaning the age-old practice of (legally) catching and

killing fish in the Kettle system will come to an end, as fisheries biologists move to protect a fishery that has been in decline for at least the past 10 years. The rivers will also both be closed to fishing for a month in the hottest stretch of summer—from July 25 to Aug. 25 in the Kettle and Aug. 1 to Aug. 31 in the West Kettle—a time when low river flows and high temperatures by themselves can kill fish, making trout very susceptible to threats from predators and anglers. “This is the only river-style fishery in the region and is utilized

by avid fly-fishermen,” said Tara White, senior fisheries biologist in the Thompson-Okanagan Region. “The river is managed as a quality fishery. These changes will not only help conserve and protect wild stocks, they will help maintain and enhance angler opportunity on this unique river-style fishery. Hopefully it will also help address compliance concerns associated with it, which has been identified as a significant issue on the system, by simplifying the regulations.” Previously only about 44 kilometres of the 260 km river was catch-

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Hopefully they stabilize the fishery for the future and hopefully they can find a way to police and monitor the river.” ••• Raise your hand if you’ve heard of a fish known as the speckled dace. OK, good. Now stand-up if you have ever caught one. And that my friends would be quite the fish tale. You see, the speckled dace is a member of the minnow family and only grows to a maximum four or five inches in its short four-year lifespan. Believed to be one of the first fish to recolonize B.C. waters after the Ice Age, there are

and-release, meaning anglers had to use signs or markers to figure out where those locations were. Now both the Kettle and the West Kettle are entirely catchand-release only, a move angling groups had been calling for over the past several years. “I applaud the ministry for changing the regulations,” said Travis Lowe of the Kelowna-based Trout Unlimited chapter. “The truth is, killing fish in the Kettle was never an environmentally sustainable model. The fishery is on the brink of collapse and it needed these regulation changes.

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healthy populations of the speckled dace in the Western United States but here in Canada it lives in only one river system. That system: The Kettle River and its two main tributaries of the West Kettle and the Granby River. Close to the CanadaUS border, the Kettle River flows over Cascade Falls and into the US. Due to the falls, the Canadian speckled dace is cut-off from its relatives south of the border and has even developed different characteristics from its American family. The specked dace is abundant in the US but in Canada it is a much

different story. It is an endangered species, listed as an aquatic species at risk by the federal government and protected under the government’s Species At Risk Act (SARA). “The dace are really cool because they are able to live in amongst the rocks,” said fisheries biologist Darryl Arsenault from his Kelowna office. “They are very stocky and strong and can get in amongst the rocks. They are an important part of the food chain. It’s all inter-connected. They feed on algae and small





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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

close-up __________________________________________________________________ MANAGING FLOWING WATERS

Reducing sediment helps rare species survive in Kettle CLOSE-UP FROM A3 invertebrates. They live on those and are able to transfer the energy up to trout and birds that feed on them. One of the biggest pressures on them is sediment coming down the river that takes nice clean rocks and fills it with sand so they can’t access food or hiding places.” Those rocky hiding places and the natural habitat of the speckled dace is the same habitat where rainbow trout thrive. And because dace are listed on the SARA, there is federal money available to try and help them. That, in turn, will help trout, the Interior of B.C.s top angling target. “Anytime you reduce sediment moving down the system you also help rainbow trout because rainbow trout spawn in the same type of gravel these guys live in,” said Arsenault. “If you protect the speckled dace you also help the rainbow trout.” According to Arsenault, past and current logging practices in the area have resulted in increased sediment heading down the river and other practices like agriculture and bridgebuilding have long allowed too much sediment to enter the Kettle system. The logging wouldn’t even have to be in close proximity to the Kettle to have an impact. Sediment is fed into the Kettle system from feeder

streams, many of which come through cutblocks or other areas that have been logged and dump sediment into the main river channel. Over time the sediment impacts the river by eroding the banks and widening it, and lowering the water level as the sediment is deposited on the river bed. Put together with low flows in the summer, intense agriculture practices that remove water from the river and a history of over-fishing and the Kettle system is hurting. To fight the sediment problem, Arsenault, is working on a project to improve habitat for the speckled dace, a $116,000 project with funding through the federal government, in-kind donations as well as a $20,000 boost from Trout Unlimited (TU) in Kelowna. Travis Lowe with TU says his group has been sitting on the money for years, looking for an appropriate conservation project to put it towards. “I think this project dovetails nicely with what our goals at Trout Unlimited are in terms of conserving Canada’s freshwater and coldwater resources,” said Lowe. “It really fits in with what we are trying to do on the Kettle River especially with the rainbow trout fishery because the speckled dace needs the exact same thing as rainbow trout need which is

clean water free from sediment. We have had that money sitting in the bank and have been looking to try to find a project where we can put the money on the ground. It feels really good to see that happening right now.” The project, underway this month, will see willow, cottonwood, dogwood and other plants re-planted on certain stretches of the Kettle, West Kettle and Granby rivers. As the new plants grow they will create a new forest and new stability on the banks, catching the sediment as it flows downstream and also stopping the erosion of the banks. It is expected to eventually create deeper pools in the river, improving fish habitat. “This is the first crack at creating some enhanced habitat,” said Arsenault. “I’m not going to say it’s going to fix the problem. This is really the first effort by people in the watershed to get together and put their effort together to restore habitat. It’s a small effort. It needs to keep going. This is just a first step in a long process of trying to do some restoration and education for people.” ••• Over-fishing, illegal fishing, water licenses, agriculture use, logging. There are many things affecting the Kettle River. But as new fishing

regulations go into effect April 1, there are more and more people working to save the Kettle and revive a unique fishery that is a shadow of what it once was. Last November the Regional District of Kootenay-Boundary endorsed a Kettle River Watershed Management Plan, setting up a plan to work towards four main strategies: 1. Increase community understanding, support and capacity for stewardship of the watershed 2. Improve the quality, reliability and security of water supplies through sustainable management of water resources 3. Improve watershed health and function, and 4. Maintain or enhance recreational, cultural and amenity values. “Now that there is a management plan, that is really important,” said Arsenault. “They are looking at taking that management plan to the next level as a way to keep getting funding and keep things moving forward.” Along with Arsenault’s speckled dace protection project, other work is underway and being guided by the strategies laid out in the plan. The Christina Lake Stewardship Society is planning a lakeshore restoration demonstration and native plant nursery, and funding proposals have been submitted for

bank stabilization and fish habitat improvement on the Kettle River near Grand Forks. A plan is being developed to bring together all of the water suppliers in a water conservation strategy and education program, and a ‘learning garden’ at the Grand Forks Aquatic Centre will demonstrate water conservation, soil improvement, and an ecological landscape design system called permaculture. And while those projects may seem like they are a ways away from Kelowna, the importance of the Kettle River stretches far from the land it crosses. “There is a strong passion and a strong interest for that watershed,” said fisheries biologist Tara White of the Kettle. “There is also a strong sense of ownership amongst the locals which goes a long way to help protect and maintain fish habitat. It’s those kinds of joint efforts,” she said, “where you have stakeholder engagement and community interest that at the end of the day makes a big difference.” For more on the Kettle River go to


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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

news _____________________________________ CN RAIL CORRIDOR

The Revival Group is searching for new team members to join our growing collection of restaurants and lounges in Kelowna. We are currently seeking chefs, sous chefs, line cooks, bartenders, hostesses and servers. Resumes can be forwarded to:

OKIB: Land was never lawfully surrendered RAIL CORRIDOR FROM A1 Band filed a civil suit in B.C. Supreme Court asking for an injunction to stop CN from being

able to sell the land. The lawsuit claims CN is trespassing on the OKIB’s Commonage Reserve and adds the rail corridor along Kalamalka Lake

should have reverted back to native control once it was no longer being used as a railway. “It’s unfortunate it has come to this but we


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make no apologies when it comes to protecting the legal interests of our membership,” said OKIB Chief Byron Louis. “The rail line runs through the Commonage Reserve and the OKIB has never lawfully surrendered the land.” The Commonage claim by OKIB is different than another portion of the rail corridor that passes through an OKIB reserve near Duck Lake. That stretch of line is not included in the negotiated deal between CN and the municipalities while the band claims the entire line along Kalamalka Lake runs through its territory. As far as the interjurisdictional team goes, the group issued a press release Wednesday stating they had invited OKIB to the table at the beginning of the process and the band declined, adding staff and elected officials have met with OKIB council members on numerous occasions to “discuss this and other projects that could be mutually beneficial to all citizens.” “The partners remain unanimous in our commitment to complete this once-in-a-lifetime acquisition,” said Doug Gilchrist, of the City of Kelowna on behalf of the regional partners. “We are proceeding on what has always been our understanding – that CN owns the land outright and therefore has the legal right to sell the land.” The parties have a tentative $22 million deal with CN to purchase the rail corridor and are in the process of removing subjects to the deal. Together the three jurisdictions are expected to raise $15 million of that total while the group has said the extra $7 million is expected to come from either the provincial or federal governments. In the meantime, the OKIB says it has sent letters to Aboriginal Affairs, Northern Development Canada and Transport Canada and has not received any response. A message left with Kelowna-Lake Country MP Ron Cannan’s office, was not returned by press deadline.

sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015

news _________________________________________________ OKANAGAN CIDER

The Okanagan has something new to toast to, and with. BC Tree Fruits is getting ready to launch its long anticipated cider, Broken Ladder. “Our first lot of 100 cases have left our packinghouse facility, and people will start seeing it in BC Liquor stores early next week,” said Chris Pollock, BC Tree Fruits marketing manager. “It’s been a lot of planning and work, and it’s something that our group and our growers are behind and we really want it to succeed.” Six BC Tree Fruit apple varieties, hand-picked from Okanagan Valley orchards, are used for the secret blend. They’re pressed within the cooperative’s own cidery adjacent to the old packinghouse building on Clement Avenue and, without the addition of sugar or flavouring, turned into Broken Ladder. “It proudly lists only one ingredient on the can—BC apples,” reads some of the marketing material for the drink. “Proud” is a word that comes up a lot when it comes to this product. It likely reflects the long journey fruit growers have taken on the way to bringing the product to the marketplace. As is the case with farming everywhere, there are good and bad

Mission gets new van A Kelowna car dealer has come to the rescue of the Gospel Mission after the van it used for outreach work was destroyed by fire. Orchard Ford has given the Gospel Mission a 2006 Dodge Caravan to replace the burned vehicle. The fire, accidentally ignited by street people who camped out behind the mission earlier this month, also damaged the mission’s dental clinic located above where they were sleeping.

you’ll see an old wood ladder, with broken rungs that had been in circulation for far too long by the time it was retired. “They’re not in use anymore, but they’ll be hanging in their barn or workshop somewhere,” he said. “The name is part of the character of the industry and it’s a tribute to those growers.” Beyond that, it’s pretty tasty, said Pollock. “We wanted to look at making a cider the same way you would a wine,” said BC Tree Fruits Cider Company project manager, Mike Daley. “We envisioned a cider true to its natural form. The taste is as real as it gets. Cider is the perfect answer for apples not destined for the fresh market...We have all of the varieties and the best fruit to pick from. It makes sense to add value for these families and consumers by creating a cider, true to their roots.”


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times. During the worst of it locally, there was persistent talk of the cooperative one day putting a strong value-added product on the market, giving farmers a new stream of revenue. This, it would appear, is the sweet culmination of years of those conversations, not to mention the hard work Okanagan farmers have put in to their orchards over generations. “We’ve said this many times—we’re in it for the long haul,” said Pollock. “At the end of the day, our mandate is to maximize returns to our grower base. This product and industry are allowing us to do that. We did the research on it, and we made sure it was something that would make sense to our grower group.“ It’s with that group of 500 families who make up the grower group, the name Broken Ladder came to the fore. “The name is a tribute to our growers who have been growing premium quality fruit in the Okanagan for 80 years,” said Pollock. “We wanted the cider to have character and represent our growers and the work they do.” Pollock explained that if you walk onto any local orchard, chances are



B.C. Tree Fruits ready to pop cork on its new cidery Kathy Michaels A7

B.C. Tree Fruits has opened its new Broken Ladder Cidery in Kelowna.

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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC


Group urges GM apple boycott To the editor: Health Action Network Society (HANS) is speaking out in response to the Canadian government’s approval of the first genetically modified (GM) apple.

LETTER OF THE WEEK We’re very disappointed Health Canada has acted against consumer’s best interests and consumer’s desires. Last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved the GM apple for growth and sale in the U.S., and almost exactly a month later Canada has followed suit. Within days of receiving approval in the U.S., Okanagan Specialty Fruit, the creator of the Arctic Apple, entered into an agreement to be purchased by Intrexon a U.S. biotechnology firm. This will add further economic pressure to bring this apple to market as soon as possible. Concerns with health safety and freedom of informed choice are a couple of reasons we continue to oppose introducing the GM apple into Canada. HANS will step up its campaigning to introduce mandatory GM labeling, as the

Cold supper Cold rice cooked in coconut oil packs fewer calories than when served hot.

Healing pot Cannabis is well known for its relaxing qualities, but researchers are determining if it can help cure serious illness like cancer.

Nutrition free A study found more than half of UK kids aged 7 to 12 don’t eat a single portion of vegetables all day.

Chilly dipper Endurance swimmer calls the Ross Sea: “the most terrifying place” that he had ever swum. The average sea temperature was -1C .

governments have in Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe. Other consumer groups to reject the GM apple include the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network and Society for a GE Free BC. The BC Fruit Growers’ Association (comprised of both organic and conventional growers) officially opposes the GM apple. In 2012, a poll they commissioned found that 69 percent of polled Canadians didn’t want the GM apple. This apple doesn’t brown for 15 to 18 days after being cut. New genetic material, including a plant virus and two different bacteria, is inserted to ‘silence’ the browning gene. The GM apple will look fresh, even when it’s not. More and more stores and B.C. distributors have responded to our appeal not to purchase or sell the GM apples. I am confident this number will grow as the public expresses its disapproval over this unfortunate food product. Michael Volker, director of operations, Health Action Network Society Editor’s note: On its webpage HANS describes itself as “a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to promoting natural health and wellness.”

Control the remote, control the house Glenn Mitchell contributor

One of my many faults around the house, besides the already well documented not-so-handy situation, is that I pretty much have to have control of the TV remote. Now it’s kind of frustrating at one level because I kind of pride myself on being a fairly easy going guy, and I believe (although I know it’s always dangerous to attribute characteristics to oneself because we’re all unbiased on that topic) most people would call me a fairly relaxed individual, relatively speaking. But that’s my public persona and in the comfort of one’s own home the complexities of one’s personality are more likely to come out and be inflicted on our poor families. But at least I’m aware of it at some level, and I know it’s a male thing about being in control, I guess, and it’s not like I haven’t tried to let my wife hold the remote. I’m working on it. However, certain issues arise when she’s in control of our viewing habits, not that there aren’t when I’m at the helm, but I like to think I work the remote a little better to keep everyone happy, sort of. For example she’ll be watching one of her shows,



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like Nashville or one of those fixer-upper shows that may or not be indirectly aimed at one of my other inadequacies, and I’ll say “let me see the remote.” “Why?” she’ll fire back. “We’re not watching hockey.” “No, no,” I’ll say. “If you press this button twice you can watch it in High Definition.” “Whatever,” she’ll say. But I grab it and do it anyway, likely both to prove some stupid point and justify the extra coinage I’m paying every month to get some channels in HD. Obviously I’m cheap enough to want to make sure we’re utilizing a service we’re already paying for. I then give it back in a gesture of goodwill to show I don’t need to be in control all the time. “You see, that hunky, handy guy is even better looking in HD,” I say as I start to walk away to give her her space back. “Right,” she responds. “Actually, there is a Canucks game on, and seeing how it’s a commercial can we just see what the score is for a sec, honey?” I’m pushing it now but she seems OK with it ( as she asks me what channel it’s on, without giving back the remote.

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“Um, it’s either 3 or 6 or 9 or one of those five channels in the 200’s’s kind of complicated these days. Do you want me to do it dear?” She hits the nine button. “There it is,” she exclaims, pleased with her successful efforts, and likely hoping to get rid of me in a hurry. “OK, but if you hit it again we can watch it in HD and we can get rid of that bar across the bottom that keeps me from seeing the puck....” “I thought you just need to see the score and if I do that I can’t go right back to my channel, besides the commercial is probably over already....” She was right and she could’ve added that the Canucks are losing badly anyway but she might not have noticed as she deftly hit the return button to her show, now in HD. “Hey, you’re getting better with that thing,” I offer and sit down to see which house in Italy the American couple is going to purchase. “You’re going to watch this with me?” she asks. OK, it’s official, she didn’t notice the score. “Yup, and you can keep the remote too,” I offer. I told you I’m working on it.

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sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 A9



Constituent questions MP FortisBC on Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51 spokesman says label change a clarification Open letter to Dan Albas, Conservative MP for Okanagan-Coquihalla: Re: Anti-Terrorism Act, Bill C-51 I’ve read your February, 2015 communication, Taking a Look at Bill C-51 [ taking-a-look-at-bill-c-51] that appears on your website and in four different newspapers within your riding. I assume the purpose of the document was to inform your constituents that a new law has been drafted by your party and that it is of such importance it could violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the Constitution) as well as alter other laws such as the Criminal Code, Privacy Act, Immigration and Refugee Act and the Canadian Security and Intelligence Act. In addition to reviewing your document, I’ve walked through key components of Bill C-51, watched standing committee sessions, examined expert opinions, read through parts of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and filtered it through my own values. As the bill currently stands, I believe it to be unbalanced, arrived at arbitrarily and therefore unready. The rationale for my position is embedded in the questions and comments within a six-page reply sent to you directly. The purpose of this response through the newspaper to your document is to hopefully engage constituents in your riding who may have an opinion on such an important topic. After all, you need to be aligned with your customers. The following reiterates some key issues from my six-page letter: • According to legal experts, (with whom I agree) the new bill’s vaguely defined speech laws will likely violate freedom of expression values in the Charter • Expanding broadly defined CSIS powers that transform the organization from intelligence gathering and analysis to include law enforcement are extremely risky according to Justice David McDonald’s 1981 Commission report • Limited oversight for expanded CSIS activities. CSIS has over 2,400 employees with a $500 million annual budget, while the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) which is to manage oversight has approximately 15 staff with a $3 million annual budget • Preventative arrest powers for CSIS will allow a person to be arrested/detained without being prosecuted or convicted. They are charged based on what they might or will do some time in the future • CSIS will have an expanded mandate to “disrupt threats to national security” there is no actual definition of disruption, rather the bill says the actions will be reasonable and proportional. In summary, the bill was held up as a critical piece of legislation that was vital to national security. If this is true why is there such controversy associated with it? Why are there so many objections, cautions and criticisms from a large cross section of people including some very qualified professionals (e.g. professors of law, political science, public policy, practicing lawyers etc.)? Why can a layman, such as myself and others walk through this bill and relate to what these critics say and see? I believe your party rushed through this process and as a result it was not well thought through. Your party missed opportunities to capture skill, ideas and knowledge from a variety of impressive sources who would have added value to this

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of the Central and South Okanagan / Similkameen

bill. You’re now being challenged on the bill’s credibility as you were throughout the Fair Elections Act debacle last year, for which you are now taking a similar truculent posture as you did then. As much as you might disagree, this is not about your party. This is about “the work,” the demonstrated ability to deliver the most principled, objective product for your customers. Given you voted for this bill, and considering the above, please explain why you feel Bill C-51 is in the best interests of your constituents. Keith Garries


Is a ‘fair and just’ price for electricity too much to ask? To the editor: Why is it when I see a Fortis sign or a Fortis label, let’s just say I am not enamoured. Is it because they have this two-tier charge system that is a joke, or is it because they say that, with these new smart meters we will, “experience RF exposure from meters far below the limit of safety....” Exposure is exposure, and we don’t want any exposure, thank you very much. Has Fortis added all the other exposures in our homes we have with cell phones, computers, etc., to theirs? Are they safe when we add them all up? What straw broke the camel’s back? These safety limits are very funny too. For example in our food there is a safety limit on rat droppings, oh yum. Let me understand, Fortis, when we get these smart meters we will get a great big discount because Fortis will fire all those meter men and save? Oh no, we have to pay more if we don’t want to be zapped by RFs. Why did Fortis go to court for these smart meters if they are so good? To be fair and just, Fortis should scrap the two-tier charging, have only one price, and make it fair for everybody. Why, for example, families with children should be punished. To be fair and just, Fortis should not make a fuss about our [old analog] meters or charge us extra, they served us well so far. Why is it that when Fortis makes changes it costs us more? We are all for Fortis being a profitable company— business is business otherwise why bother. But you can milk a cow only so much. For January and February our Fortis electric bill was $660. Two people, 2,400 sqfoot home with all the energy saving stuff, and we were away for three weeks—gouge. Fortis is an important part of our daily life in our community and should act like a good neighbour. Vera Diduch, Kelowna

To the editor: A letter published in the Kelowna Capital News March 20 [FortisBC Billing Manipulative] raised questions about the charges that appear on customers’ FortisBC gas bills. We would like to take this opportunity to further explain recent terminology changes to customers’ bills. The basic charge and charges for gas used will stay the same on customers’ bills. As of January 1, 2015, FortisBC changed what used to be called “Midstream Charge” to “Storage and Transport.” This new wording better reflects what customers are actually paying for, which covers the costs associated with storing and transporting the natural gas to and from our delivery system. This is not a new charge, nor does it mean you are paying more than you did before. Your Commodity Charges include the Storage and Transport Charge and the Cost of Gas Charge and varies directly with consumption and includes the cost of gas, administrative and gas management costs. We adjust these charges four times per year, and on April 1, commodity rates will decrease to the lowest they’ve been in a decade. Delivery items on your bill include your Delivery Charge, which varies with consumption and includes the costs to deliver the gas to your home and the Basic Charge, which ensures you have access to gas when you need it—24 hours a day. The Basic Charge does not vary with consumption and covers some of the fixed costs of delivering gas to your home, including monitoring and maintaining the pipeline system to ensure its safety and integrity. For more information on bills and rates, visit If you are concerned about your bill or are looking for ways to save energy, call us at 1-888-224-2710. Mark Warren, P. Eng., director, customer service, technology and systems, FortisBC

EXPRESS YOURSELF We welcome letters that comment in a timely manner about stories and editorials published in the Capital News. Letters under 200 words will be given priority in considering them for publication. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, legality and taste. Letters sent directly to reporters may be treated as letters to the editor. Letters must bear the name, address and telephone number of the writer. Names will be withheld at the editor’s discretion, only under exceptional circumstances. E-mail letters to, fax to 763-8469 or mail to The Editor, Capital News, 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C., V1X 7K2.


of the Central and South Okanagan / Similkameen

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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

City in Action COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS Park use bylaws updated

Council approved amendments to the Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw, increasing the number of on-leash parks for dogs, updating rules for geocaching in parks, prohibiting the use of drones and unmanned aircraft without a permit, and including electronic cigarettes in the prohibition on smoking in parks. Council is expected to adopt the bylaw at the March 30 Council meeting.

ROAD CLOSURE Removal of Highway Dedication

Council will consider the permanent closure and removal of the highway dedication of a portion of Road adjacent to 1079 Curtis Road on: Monday, April 13, 1:30pm Kelowna City Hall, 1435 Water Street – Council Chambers Pursuant to Section 26 of the Community Charter, the City intends to sell the “Closed Road” under Bylaw No. 11050, being a portion of Road adjacent to 1079 Curtis Road. The public may review copies of the proposed Road Closure and Removal Dedication Bylaw No. 11050, on or at the Real Estate department at City Hall, 4th Floor, from 8am4pm, Monday to Friday, and/or be given an opportunity to address Council on Monday, April 13, 2015, pursuant to Section 40 of the Community Charter. INFO: 250-469-8610

PUBLIC NOTICES Watermain Flushing

Utility crews continue their watermain flushing program to ensure the distribution system is refreshed and healthy. Poplar Point Drive to KLO Road from Okanagan Lake to Gordon Drive March 27 – April 24

City Hall 1435 Water Street Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J4 250-469-8500

NeighbourWoods Registration Now Open

The City of Kelowna’s NeighbourWoods program is a residential planting initiative designed to further grow our urban canopy. A limited number of trees are available for Kelowna residents to purchase at a discounted rate. Order your tree online at parks under NeighbourWoods starting March 27. Tree selection includes Regal Prince Oak, Autumn Spire Red Maple, Japanese Tree Lilac and Cleveland Select Flowering Pear. Trees will be available for pick up on Saturday, April 25 from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mission Recreation Park Arboretum, 4105 Gordon Drive. Cost is $40 per tree. Cash or cheque only. Limit one tree per household. INFO: 250-717-2751


The Review Panel will hold a public meeting for the Bernard Avenue Revitalization Project Local Area Service on: Friday, April 10, 2015 at 9:30am 2nd Floor City Hall, 1435 Water Street Veendam Meeting Room The Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel is held to provide property owners in a local service area with the opportunity to review the assessment roll. The Review Panel must consider any complaints based on one or more of the following grounds for the parcel tax roll: • an error or omission respecting a name or address on the parcel tax roll; • an error or omission respecting the inclusion of a parcel; • an error or omission respecting the taxable area; or • an exemption has been improperly allowed or disallowed.

The Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel will hear any complaints on the following completed Local Area Service work for the Bernard Avenue Revitalization Project for the purpose of street improvements including new sidewalks complete with curb and gutter, street trees and planting beds, light poles and luminaries, and street furniture, including benches, decorative finishes, and other miscellaneous hardware and furnishings to the Bernard Avenue Revitalization Project Local Area Service as indicated: Tax Roll Address


571 680 686 21810 24830 24840 76554 4970 4980 4990 5005 5020 5030 5040 5090 5100 5110 5120 5130 5140 5150 5200 5210 5220 5230 5270 5285 5360 5370 6270 6280 6290 19180 19190 19202

KAP2207 KAP2732 KAP2732 KAP40519 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP462 KAP505 KAP505 KAP505 KAP1347 KAP1347 KAP57113


Lot Block

3 2 1 11 12 13 13 17 18 8 8 9 9 10 11 12 7 8 9 10 3 4 2 4 3 3 5 4 5 A

13 13 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 15 15 15 15 16 16 17 17

21480 21530 21540 21640 22350 22360 24010 24960 24961 24962 33350 33360 34100 36000 36010 36030 39130 39240 39250 39260 39850 48200 54170 63570 66000 67740 70035 71198 71200 74585 75218 75220 75638 75640 75972 77774 79232 79863 79864 79865


A 2 3 5 A B 1 1 2 3 1 2 2 1 2 6 A 1 2 3 A A B A A A A 1 2 A A 9 1 A A A A 1 2 3


If a property owner wishes to file a complaint on the above noted properties, they must provide written notice of the complaint to the Revenue Manager, City of Kelowna, 1435 Water Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J4 by 4pm on Thursday, April 9, 2015. INFO: 250-469-8653

During this period, lower than normal water pressure may be experienced. If water is discoloured, run the cold water until clear. INFO: 250-469-8929

KAP2102 KAP2127 KAP2127 KAP2167 KAP2247 KAP2247 KAP2599 KAS12 KAS12 KAS12 KAP3953 KAP3953 KAP4153 KAP4512 KAP4512 KAP4512 KAP5470 KAP5539 KAP5539 KAP5539 KAP6469 KAP9892 KAP14322 KAP18789 KAP22310 KAP24716 KAP28352 KAS275 KAS275 KAP33293 KAP34771 KAP4512 KAP36251 KAP36295 KAP38133 KAP44871 KAP58718 KAS2235 KAS2235 KAS2235

Removal of Highway Dedication

Council will consider the permanent closure and removal of the highway dedication of a portion of 1502-1504 & 1506 Sutherland Avenue on: Monday, April 13, 1:30pm Kelowna City Hall, 1435 Water Street – Council Chambers Pursuant to Section 26 of the Community Charter, the City intends to sell the “Closed Road” under Bylaw No. 11063, being a landfor-land exchange of a portion of Sutherland Avenue to NOR-CAN Ventures Ltd. where the City would close and transfer 207.0 m2 and receive approximately 199.6 m2 of road dedication and 613 m2 of park dedication in return. The public may review copies of the proposed Road Closure and Removal Dedication Bylaw No. 11063, on or at the Real Estate & Building Services department at City Hall, 4th Floor, from 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday, and/or be given an opportunity to address Council on Monday, April 13, pursuant to Section 40 of the Community Charter. INFO: 250 469-8610

sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 A11

news _____________________________________________________________________

Kathy Michaels

They came, they saw, they breastfed. Area residents dissatisfied with the way West Kelowna city council dealt with a March 10 request to implement Interior Health’s Baby Friendly Initiative, popped the latches on their nursing tops and held a feed-in as Tuesday’s council meeting got underway. There were a couple dozen women in attendance—although fewer than that squeezed into chambers—hoping their presence would convince council to adopt the policy that seemingly amounts to putting up stickers around municipal buildings and identifying nursing-friendly locations. Lisa Ford, of the Kelowna Breastfeeding Café, was one of the forces behind the effort. She told reporters she wanted the feed-in to be a public awareness and education event reflecting what the delegation initially asked for. Although the issue

was deferred at that initial meeting, she said the comments made during that meeting suggested council would have rejected the policy altogether had the public backlash not been so fierce. To that end, Ford said council’s reaction “may have done (them) a favour.” Education around the topic is still needed as only 30 per cent of Okanagan mothers are still breastfeeding at the six-month mark. The recommendation from the World Health Organization is two years. Feeding beyond that age was something former Kelowna councillor Angela Nagy (nee Reid) believes in, strongly. “I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding around breastfeeding. A very small percentage of women breastfeed beyond six weeks to three months, and the initiative is not only supporting breastfeeding, it’s also encouraging and advocating for women and helping mothers to


West Kelowna council educated by breastfeeding moms

Moms breastfeed at a West Kelowna district council meeting Tuesday. women continuing to breastfeed, she said, is the misconception that it is too inconvenient to do

feel comfortable,” Nagy said. Some of the hesitation around

in public and it may cause judgment from those around. “I think it’s important

BLACK MOUNTAIN IRRIGATION DISTRICT NOTICE OF AGM The Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 at 7:00 pm in the BMID boardroom located at 285 Gray Road. The terms of office for Trustees, Gordon Ivans and Alfred Kempf expire in 2015. Gord Ivans will be seeking re-election; however, Alfred Kempf will not be seeking re-election. Other nominations for Trustee will be received at the BMID office until 4:00 pm on April 16th. If an election is required, voting will take place on Thursday, April 30th, 2015 between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm at the BMID office, with an advanced poll on Thursday, April 23rd from 12noon til 5pm. If you require more information on any of the above items, please call at 765-5169.

Have your Say…

to raise awareness that it’s the healthiest food for infants and toddlers and it’s perfectly acceptable,” she said. West Kelowna Mayor Doug Findlater directed staff to provide a report on the costs of the program, if any, and the implications of implementing a Baby Friendly Policy. He also directed staff

to draft a policy, outlining the council procedures for requests for district participation in programs established by outside agencies, and to include such items as the process for consideration of the request, the waiting period to ensure thorough consideration of the request and the financial and staffing impact on the district.

Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District 445 Glenmore Rd., Kelowna, BC V1V 1Z6 250-763-6506 •

Notice of AGM Wed., April 15, 2015 • 7:00 pm The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Landowners in the Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District will be held on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m. at the District office at 445 Glenmore Road. Copies of the 2014 Financial Statements will be available on April 8, 2015 at the office as well as at the General Meeting. The terms of two Trustees expire this year. Nomination forms for these positions are available at the office or at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations will be accepted at the AGM or at the District Office no later than April 16, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. The Election, if necessary, will be held on May 7, 2015 and the Advance Poll on April 30, 2015.


Capital news

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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

news _____________________________________________________________________

Deputy Bank of Canada governor warns about dangers of inflation Angie Brown contributor

Bank of Canada deputy governor Timothy Lane spoke to more than 90 people in Kelowna this week about the core responsibilities of the bank and the economic outlook for 2015. Lane, speaking at a Kelowna Chamber of Commerce lunch, addressed the bank’s role in monetary policy, financial systems, currency and funds management.

Timothy Lane

“Our basic contribution is to try and safeguard confidence in the value of money in the Canadian economy, and keeping the rate of inflation low, predictable and stable,”

he said. The bank does this within a framework that is agreed with the Government of Canada, which is renewed every five years. The agreement is established at a target of two per cent for rate of inflation. “We don’t like inflation. We have a responsibility to keep inflation from being significantly higher than that and also to keep it from being significantly lower.” Lane explained there


are several benefits to maintaining a stable, low, and predictable rate of inflation. “It gives Canadians a greater certainty about the purchasing power of money and implies that nominal interest rates can be lower.” He also said growth and inflation rates that are consistent with the bank’s target foster a Canadian economy that runs close to its economic potential. Producing bank notes is the bank’s most visible

role to Canadians. “Our responsibility there is to supply bank notes that Canadians can use with confidence, and that has a lot to do with security and combating counterfeiting,” Lane said. The bank’s new series of polymer notes are cheaper, safer, and greener than the previous round. The notes also have new security features. Lane said counterfeiting is currently at a far lower level than it has been in the past.


“There was a lot of concern about counterfeiting a few years ago, particularly in British Columbia. But there’s been an effort working with law enforcement and educating Canadians to try and combat counterfeiting,” he said. He said there is almost no reported counterfeiting of the current polymer series, but there is still some counterfeiting of the older bank notes that are still circulating.” When it comes to the

global economy, Lane said growth rates are generally lower than they were before the global financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. “We’ve seen a slow down in some of the emerging market, and as a result global economy has been on a track that’s lower than many people expected.” He does, however, see growth picking up. “We still see relatively large contribution coming to global growth through the emerging world market.”

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Capital News

sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015



nd A13




2015 F-150 SUPERCREW XLT • Power window & locks, cruise, air, tilt, keyless entry LEASE FOR 24 MONTHS @


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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC


50 wins trivial without extended WHL playoff run Warren Henderson

For two years we talked about how great we were with the 50 wins. It doesn’t mean much when you go out in the third round. We’ve gotta play longer and we have to be a team that’s considered a championship team that can win..” Bruce Hamilton

A combined 109 regular season wins over the previous two years ultimately didn’t translate into satisfying playoff results for the Kelowna Rockets. And as much as a third straight 50-plus victory campaign merits acknowledgement, the Rockets’ president and GM said it will mean little if the Western Hockey League team doesn’t achieve a higher degree of post-season prosperity in 2015. In acquiring the likes of Leon Draisaitl and Josh Morrissey midseason, Bruce Hamilton and Co. left little doubt about the Rockets’ intentions and expectations this spring. “Talk is cheap, actions speak a lot louder,” said Hamilton, whose Rockets went 53-13-5-1 this season to finish atop the Western Conference. “For two years we talked about how great we were with the 50 wins. It doesn’t mean much when you go out in the third round. We’ve gotta play longer and we have to be a team that’s considered a championship team that can win. “That’s why we made the moves we did, that’s what we’re here for,” he added. “Now we have to go out and make it happen.” The Rockets will kick off their highlyanticipated playoff run on Friday night at Prospera Place against the Tri-City Americans. Game 2 in the best-of-seven Western Conference first round series goes Saturday in


For the second spring in a row, Madison Bowey (right) and the Kelowna Rockets will battle Justin Gutierrez at the Tri-City Americans in the opening round of the WHL playoffs. Kelowna. For at least six current Rockets, this will mark their last crack at winning a WHL championship. Among them is 21-yearold forward Tyrell Goulbourne, one of three over-age players on the club. The Edmonton native expects experience and past disappointments to work in the Rockets’


favour in the spring of 2015. “I think the previous two years everybody had high expectations and thought it maybe it was going to be a little easier than it was,” Goulbourne said. “I don’t think that’s the case this year, everybody knows what it takes to win and everybody knows what it

takes to lose, too. “We’re going to have to be working as hard as we can,” Goulbourne continued, “taking advantage of the opportunity we have because this really is the best chance we’ve had the past three years.” Goulbourne is also among a group of key leaders that will be

depended on if the Rockets are to have long-term success in the playoffs. At the forefront of the leadership core is secondyear captain Madison Bowey. “It’s all of our older guys’ last kick at the can and we don’t want this to end too soon,” said Bowey, 19. “It’s up to us, the older guys like Leon (Draisaitl) and me to lead the way. We have to be prepared for every game and every shift and lead this team to good things.” With the week off between the end of the regular season and playoffs, Kelowna is rested and gradually returning to health. The Rockets were uncertain Thursday whether forward Justin Kirkland (lower body) would be ready to go this weekend and his status remains day-to-day. Defenceman Josh Morrissey is still two to three weeks away from a return due to a lower body injury.

Hamilton, Lambert award finalists On the heels of another for the WHL’s most stellar regular season, four sportsmanlike player. Chartier took just 16 members of the Kelowna minutes in penalties this Rockets, including the season, while scoring team’s coach and the 48 goals in 58 games. team’s president, have The Eastern finalist been named finalists for the Western Hockey League’s 2014-15 awards. Dan Lambert is the Western Bruce Hamilton Dan Lambert Conference nominee for is Brandon’s Peter coach of the year. Quenneville. In his first season as Rockets defenceman head coach, Lambert Joe Gatenby was named steered the Rockets to a the Western finalist as 53-13-5-1 record and the the scholastic player of B.C. Division title. the year. The 17-yearLambert was quick to share the recognition with old Gatenby averaged better than a 90 per the entire Rockets team. cent average in all of “It’s our staff that’s his classes this year at being recognized, not KSS. Prince Albert’s Nick just the coach,” Lambert McBride is the Eastern said. “I know there’s nominee. not too many guys who The winners, along would say they could with the WHL’s player do this without good of the year, will be players and we have a lot announced Wednesday, of those. The fact that May 6 at the league’s Bruce (Hamilton) and Lorne (Frey) have supplied awards in Calgary. us with so many quality players, allows us to have ROCKETS ALL-STARS… success as a team.” Four Rockets have been The Eastern recognized as Western Conference nominee is Conference all-stars. Regina Pats’ coach John Defenceman Madison Paddock. Bowey and forward Rockets’ president and Rourke Chartier were GM Bruce Hamilton was named to the first all-star named as the Western squad, while defenceman Conference nominee Josh Morrissey and for the Lloyd Saunders forward Nick Merkley Memorial Trophy as the were second-team league’s top executive of selections. the year. Bowey, 19, led all Hamilton, whose Kelowna blueliners with Rockets have compiled 17 goals and 60 points. three consecutive 50-win Chartier led the Rockets seasons and three straight in goals with 48, while B.C. Division titles, is a Merkley was tops in finalist along with Eastern assists (70) and points Conference nominee and (90). Brandon Wheat Kings’ Morrissey, who was GM, Kelly McCrimmon. acquired midseason from Rockets’ centre Rourke the Prince Albert Raiders, Chartier is the Western had 17 points in 20 Conference nominee games with the Rockets.

sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 A15




Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC



SUPERCREW • 5.0 V8 • Bucket seats • SYNC Bluetooth


2015 FORD


• Rearview camera • Heated seats •1.6 Ecoboost • Power seats • Roof rack INCLUDES


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48,990 $ 298

2015 FORD • Automatic • Air Conditioning • Power Windows/Locks

64,024 ( 14,034) ($1,000*) $



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sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 A17

sports ____________________________________________________________________

Sun open balanced schedule July 25 at home For the first time in four seasons, the Okanagan Sun will play a balanced schedule in 2015. The B.C. Football

Conference schedule released this week has the Sun opening its 34th season at home to the Westshore Rebels on

Saturday, July 25. The Sun will play 10 games this season, two against each conference opponent.

“I love the balanced schedule,” said Sun head coach Shane Beatty. “I truly believe the league will be much better this

Finalists unveiled for Heat athletic awards A light will shine on the best and brightest from the Heat’s 2014-15 varsity season when UBC Okanagan hosts its seventh athletic annual awards banquet Tuesday night at the Coast Capri Hotel. The program has been streamlined and the department will recognize four new female and male student athletes each for their tremendous achievements on court and in the classroom. Most Outstanding Athlete of the Year, and Rookie of the Year headline the group of awards with a focus on athletic achievement, and Graduating Player of the Year, and the Student Athlete of the Year award will be given based on combined athletic and academic performances. The following are the nominees for the awards: Men • Graduating player of the year Dylan Abbott—soccer Will Deck—golf Grady Krohman—rugby • Most Outstanding Athlete of the Year Jim Bell—volleyball Tim Coles—rugby Mitch Goodwin—basketball Manny Straith—soccer • Rookie of the year Aldrich Berrios—basketball Adam Kern—volleyball Cole Kingzett—soccer Shaun Pilcher—soccer • Student athlete of the year Jim Bell—volleyball Buzz Truss—basketball Sam Overton—rugby Women • Graduating player of the year Hayley Carlson—soccer Kirsten Dodds—soccer Myrte Schön—volleyball Christine Tallon—soccer

2015 SPRING REGISTRATION Canskate Tots Canskate 6yr + Youth Canpowerskate & Jr Academy CLASSES COMMENCE MARCH 30 & APRIL 1, 2015

REGISTRATIONS On Line: (Visa, Mastercard only)

Angela White—basketball • Most Outstanding Athlete of the Year Brianna Beamish—volleyball Katy Klomps—volleyball Katie Wuttunee—volleyball Hayley Carlson—soccer Carolyn Lee—golf • Rookie of the year Vanessa Botteselle—basketball Siobhan Fitzpatrick—volleyball Sophia Furlan—volleyball Courtney Hemmerling—soccer • Student athlete of the year Hayley Carlson—soccer Jacqueline Dubreil—rugby Carolyn Lee—golf Trisha-Lee Metro—cross country Chandler Proch—volleyball

year. “Victoria will be much better with J.C. (Boice) as the head coach and Doug Hocking as the defensive coordinator. Kamloops will be much better with Brad Yamaoka and the addition of Todd Graham. I’m stoked to get going and I look forward to opening with Victoria.” From 2012 to 2014, the Sun played an unbalanced schedule, including three games each last year against Langley and Vancouver Island. The Sun will get its first crack at the defending BCFC champion Rams on Saturday, Aug. 15 at the Apple Bowl. As in years past, the first three Sun home games will be played on

Regional District News 1450 K.L.O. Road, Kelowna, B.C. V1W 3Z4 • 763-4918 • Fax 763-0606 •

REGIONAL BOARD HIGHLIGHTS – MARCH 2015 Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Budget The Regional Board has approved additional budgetary expenses for 2015 associated with the temporary transport of biosolids for approved disposal. It is estimated that hauling the materials an increased distance for disposal to an approved location previously used in the rural area outside Clinton could potentially cost $356,000 more than initially budgeted. Gas Tax Community Works Fund Projects The Regional Board has approved a proposal to use more than $460,000 of Federal Gas Tax Community Works Funds to complete a variety of infrastructure projects in the Electoral Areas reducing the need to fund through taxation. Next Regional Board Meetings Thursday, April 9th – following 8:30 am Governance and Services Committee meeting Monday, April 27th – 7:00 pm

EASTER HOLIDAY CLOSURES All services and programs provided from offices in the Regional District of Central Okanagan on KLO Road will be closed for the Easter holiday on Good Friday, April 3rd and Easter Monday, April 6th. During this time any emergencies involving Regional District water systems should be directed to 250-868-5299. We look forward to serving you again at 8:00 am Tuesday, April 7th.

Regular curbside garbage collection will continue normally on Monday and the Westside Residential Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre on Asquith Road in West Kelowna will also be open for its normal hours on Monday.

For Information: Phone: 250-764-6289 Email:

The Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan (EECO) in Mission Creek Regional Park will be closed Monday, April 6th.

Please go to our website:

a Saturday night, under the lights with kick off at 7 p.m. against the Rebels, Rams and Huskers. Following the Labour Day bye, the remaining two Sun home games will be Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m. (Sept. 13 and 20) against the Raiders and Broncos. The final two regular season games, the Sun

find themselves on the road in Westshore and Kamloops on Sept. 26 and Oct. 3. Sun season tickets are on sale now for the 2015 season, see www. for more. The Sun will hold their spring camp from May 29 to 31.


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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

sports ____________________________________________________________________ s

Local gymnasts qualify for B.C. championships

Five athletes from the Okanagan Gymnastics Centre in the level 6 category have qualified for the

B.C. championships next month in North Vancouver. All five of coach Megan Ratchford’s girls earn their

spot on the zone 2 team last weekend at regionals in Kamloops. Hailey Pritchard led the competition in the

Level 6, 10- and 11-yearold category finishing in first place overall after claiming the top spot on the uneven bars and silver


Kelowna Crows’ Ricky Schouten tries to shed a couple tackles in B.C. Rugby Union third division action against UBC on Saturday at the Parkinson Rec Centre fields. The Crows triumphed 49-13 to push their record to 5-1. This Saturday, Kelowna will take on Capilano in a battle for top spot. Kick off at Parkinson is 1 p.m.




in the T E Asportsfeatured pages of the

CAPITAL NEWS? Contact sports reporter

WARREN HENDERSON at or call 250.763.3212 The Capital News also welcomes contributed photos and write-ups from parents & coaches.

Capital news

Athletic Scholarships FREE INFORMATION SESSIONS for PARENTS & ATHLETES of all sports

medals on the other three events—vault, balance beam and floor exercise. Naomi Schraeder was third overall in the same division after earning gold on the vault. She also earned bronze medals on the uneven bars and balance beam. In the Level 6, 12-yearold category, Mackenzie Carroll won gold on the uneven bars while Alexsandra Malchyk earned the gold on the floor exercise. Malchyk also brought home a bronze medal for her performance on the balance beam. Both young ladies also earned a spot on the zone 2 team competing at BC Championships. Hayley Zandee competed in the Level 6, 13-and-over category finishing second overall after earning a silver medal on the uneven bars and bronze medal on the floor exercise. In Level 3, Thea Elma earned top spot in the 8-year-old category, winning gold on the uneven bars and silvers on balance beam and floor exercise. Natalia Simeunovic finished third overall in the same category after winning gold on the vault and three bronze on the

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• 10 - 12pm - Capital News Centre (4105 Gordon Dr.) • 1 - 2:30pm - Capital News Centre, Rm 1 • 3 - 4:30pm - Capital News Centre, Rm 1 • 6:30pm - 8pm - Edith Gay Ball Park (305 Moyer Rd.)

Mon., March 30: • 6:30 - 8pm OR 8 - 9:30pm - Okanagan Adventist Academy Gym (1035 Hollywood Rd.)

also won silver on the rings and parallel bars and bronze medals on the pommel horse and vault. Oliver Eisele-McDougall finished third overall after winning the rings event, and won silver on the vault and horizontal bar. Kaelan Greenhalgh won gold on vault, silver on pommel horse and bronze medals on floor and parallel bars. Brady Clegg took the top spot in the Level 4 category earning a gold medal on floor, rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar. He also earned a silver medal on the pommel horse. In the Level 2 category, Jack Nyrose finished in top spot overall while team mate Brent Rambold was second. Nyrose won four events—floor, rings, vault and horizontal bar— while Rambold finished with the high score on pommel horse and parallel bars. Hani Rehan competed in his first competition in the Level 1 category where all athletes earn a colour ranking rather than a score. Rehan earned gold on pommel horse, parallel bars and horizontal bar and silver on floor, rings and vault, earning him a silver finish.

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uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Sydney Ortynski finished with a silver on the vault, while Joelle Pelletier earned bronze medal on the vault. In the younger Level 3 for athletes under 8, Miah Denis finished second overall after winning the floor exercise. She also won silver on the balance beam and a bronze on uneven bars. Gabriella Jugnauth finished third overall after earning a silver medal on the uneven bars and bronze medals on the balance beam and floor exercise. Jade Nyrose won gold on vault, while Piper Campo earned silver and Peyton Johal finished with the bronze. In the 9-year-old Level 3, Teagan Murray brought home three bronze medals for her performances on the vault, balance beam and floor exercise. In the 10-year-old Level 3 competition, Kahlia Kadziolka finished with a bronze overall after also earning third place finishes on the balance beam and floor exercise. In the boys competition, Willis Plant was first overall in Level 3 after winning the floor and horizontal bar. He

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sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 A19

sports ____________________________________________________________________

Big White Racers ‘positive’ results in tough conditions higher elevation and rain on the lower sections for their first day of Slalom. However they were rewarded with their perseverance when Sunday blessed them with a clear day of racing SL. “Over the years I have been around quite the assortment of adolescent attitudes,” said coach Trevor Haaheim. “Given the conditions our crew faced this weekend the only attitude I ever saw or heard was 100 per cent positive, I am very proud

the Westerns U14/U16 in Lake Louise March 22 and 23. Sunday was a two run GS race and Monday a two run SL race which

of every one of them.” Among Big White’s best results, Luke McMillan had three top 20s, including a 13th in GS and 18th in slalom combined. Zander Torres was 12th in the slalom combined on March 22. In women’s competition, Hallie Jenkins turned in a 27th in the slalom combined on the final day. Not to be overlooked fellow racer in his rookie season Connor Laing from Kelowna attended The newly-formed Kelowna T2 Crew celebrates its gold medal win the U15 division at the Volleyball Super Series tournament over the weekend in Kelowna. Coached by Tammy Thomas and Amber McNicole, the Crew defeated the Focus Strikers 2-0 in the final.

were both run on parts of the World Cup course. With more favourable race conditions Laing managed a 25th in the GS

race on Sunday. On Monday he placed 18th out of 37 competitors, season best finishes for this newcomer.

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still managed get races off each day. Thursday’s scheduled Giant Slalom experienced lots of heavy wet snow throughout the day which limited the 87 ladies 88 men to a single run race day.  Friday the race officials were more prepared for the heavy snow fall and both ladies and men ran GS in the morning and afternoon to complete a two-run combined time race. Saturday brought snow once again to the


A group of Big White Racers traveled north to the Fidelity U14 CanAm Championships hosted by Revelstoke Ski Club March 19 to 22. Attracting close to 180 of top ranked young ski racers from B.C., Alberta and even a handful from the U.S., these relentless kids were faced with challenging weather conditions that brought the likes of heavy snow, rain and fog. Yet somehow the race officials and volunteers



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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

Well being

Father’s Day walk for prostate cancer awareness returns Barry Gerding

Local awareness about prostate cancer will be given a boost with the return of the Father’s Day Walk/Run For Prostate Cancer, set for June 21 in Kelowna. The fundraiser has been absent from Kelowna for the past

two years, after having been held the previous five years before that under the sponsorship of Safeway. Leah LaRiviere, executive director of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of B.C., said the event is returning due to the new sponsorship support of the financial investment firm Raymond

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James. “They stepped up and said this is something we want to do with you,” LaRiviere said. “The one stipulation for them was there had to be a walk in Kelowna and we were absolutely on board with that.” The event takes place also in Burnaby, Victoria, Kamloops and Chilliwack. LaRiviere said the goal is to raise $350,000 from the various prostate cancer walk/run events across the province. “It’s important from an awareness standpoint but these events also generate about 60 per cent of the foundation’s budget for the program services and research grants we provide,” she said. While awareness of prostate cancer continues to improve, LaRiviere admits it is about 10 years behind that of breast cancer. “Part of the reason for that is men are not inclined to want to publicly talk about it, even to their family and friends, and we don’t have a test

like a mammography that can show cancer in the prostate the same way we have for breasts,” she said. She said it’s important for men to get a DNR (digital rectal exam) when they turn 40, especially if there is a genetic disposition in the family to prostate cancer, and get a PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test on a regular basis going forward. “The most important aspect of this is to establish a baseline reading so a doctor can monitor your PSA readings going forward. A high reading by itself doesn’t always mean you have prostate cancer,” she said. LaRiviere cited another example of how far prostate cancer has yet to go in terms of greater public awareness. She said the Globe & Mail newspaper recently published a graphic of the human body, pointing out all the areas where cancer can be prevalent. “The one area they failed to mention in

that graphic is prostate cancer. It is the number one cancer among men, one-in-seven men will be diagnosed with it, and they failed to mention it in that graphic,” she said. “So when you see something like that, it says we are not there yet in terms of the level of awareness. We have a long way to go yet in educating men about awareness as there often are no immediate signs or symptoms that you have a problem. You can’t simply It’s important from an awareness standpoint but these events also generate about 60 per cent of the (Prostate Cancer Foundation of B.C.’s) budget for the program services and research grants we provide Leah LaRiviere

wait until you can’t pee,” she said. “If you catch it early, there are many different treatments available today to allow you to live a long and healthy life.

But men have difficulty talking about prostate cancer. I know one person who went to prostate cancer support meetings but told his wife he was going bowling. “Some people ask me why I do what I do, and it’s because guys won’t talk about it. It’s a very private thing for someone and difficult for them to talk about, so I talk for them and our foundation offers support.” Participants can register for the Father’s Day Walk/Run For Prostate Cancer in Kelowna online at thefathersdayrun. ca. Kids under 12 can participate for free, and the registration fee of $35 is waived if you fundraiser $125 in pledges. There will be lots of prizes and giveaways for all participants along with special prizes for the top individual and team fundraisers, and the fastest male and female runners although that aspect of the walk/run is meant to be an individual goal. “We want to recognize that side of it but our

intent here is for a family fun event,” said LaRiviere. The event will take place at Mission Creek Regional Park on Springfield Road, with registration starting at 8 a.m., and the walk/run participants starting out at 9:30 a.m. As the presenting sponsor, Paul Allison, chairman and CEO of Raymond James Canada, said his company is committed to making a difference to those individuals and families living with prostate cancer. “We know that prostate cancer, like all cancers, deeply affects individuals and families—our employees, our clients and many others throughout our communities,” Allison said. “We want to help raise awareness and support for prostate cancer across British Columbia and the rest of Canada.” There is more information about prostate cancer available at the website

What is acupuncture sports medicine? Acupuncture for sports medicine is a style of acupuncture that integrates traditional Chinese acupuncture with modern sports medicine practices in order to achieve more effective results when treating pain

and injuries. Integrating these two systems allows us to draw from the respective strengths of both medical systems, for the ultimate benefit of the patient. Western medical orthopedic

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assessments, such as identifying postural imbalances, range of motion testing, manual muscle testing, as well as the results of MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays allow us to precisely locate the site of injury as well as identify the cause and extent of the injury. The Chinese medicine system gives insight into the nature of a condition as well as any underlying internal imbalances in the body that may be contributing to an injury and hindering its recovery. By combining both eastern and western methods, we can activate the body’s healing mechanisms to their fullest and get better long term treatment results for our patients. Acupuncture for sports medicine involves directly treating the site of the injury with local points. We do this in order to increase circulation to the area, release tight muscles and soft tissue, relieve inflammation, and activate local healing. The reason for treating the site of the injury is simplethe body responds to trauma or injury with an inflammatory response. We use Western anatomy and physiology to assess

Needle Notes JAMES KAUFMAN the injury and determine which body tissues are involved. An injury can occur in many different areas: on the shallowest level, the skin, fascia and surface of the muscles can be affected. In the intermediate layers, injury can occur in the belly of the muscle, the tendons, and the ligaments. On the deepest level, the periosteum, bone, and joint capsule can be injured. An acupuncturist in sports medicine can treat all of these types of injures using different needling techniques and depths. In Western medicine, sports injuries are typically viewed as strictly musculo-skeletal in nature. This reflects our Western scientific process of reductionism, the idea that a complex system can be completely understood in terms of its simpler parts or components. However, in Chinese medicine we never remove a symptom

from its wider context. While the injury may be to the knee, that knee is still connected to the rest of the body, and whether that body is young or old, fit or in poor health, are factors which of course will affect the healing process. It is rare for anyone to be in perfect health, even a top athlete. By identifying the deeper more internal imbalances of the body, we are also identifying hidden factors that may be contributing to the injury and hindering recovery. So in addition to local treatment of the injured tissues, we also treat other parts of the body to influence overall functioning and promote homeostasis. This is one of the key differences between the Chinese medicine style of acupuncture versus the type of acupuncture called IMS (intramuscular stimulation) performed by other therapists. James Kaufman is a registered acupuncturist at Okanagan Acupuncture Centre, 1625 Ellis St, Kelowna.

sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 A21



The Prow, outside Scottsdale, Ariz., was architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s home from 1937. Today they house the his School of Architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

The Arizona legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright contributor

Thousands of senior citizens migrate to the Phoenix area each year seeking sun, golf and the good life. Then there’s Frank Lloyd Wright. He landed in the Sonoran Desert as a 62-year-old snowbird in 1929 and went on to generate one of the greatest architectural legacies of the 20th century. Here, in the final, remarkable flowering of a career that ultimately spanned seven decades, he built a winter home and studio; established a school (which still operates today); and conjured a handful of the most influential and inspirational pieces of architecture in America— including New York City’s Guggenheim Museum. Though many of the

masterpieces he crafted during this period were erected elsewhere, he also designed and built about a dozen significant projects in and around Phoenix, many of which still stand and offer public tours. Here’s a small selection of Wright (and Wright-related) sites on the must-see list.


In 1937, having already spent some time in the Sonoran Desert, Wright bought a plot of land at the foot of the McDowell Mountains and started to dream. He envisioned a style of architecture that grew out of the sweeping vistas and sun-baked rocks of Arizona. And piece by piece, with the help of students, apprentices and acolytes, the dream he called Taliesin West began to take shape. Today, the compound

Visi t us at

consists of about a dozen interconnected structures that house the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Together, the buildings function as a sort of 3D sketchbook, introducing visitors from all over the world to Wright’s revolutionary concept of “organic” architecture.

An organic building, in Wright’s view, was one whose site, form and materials coalesced into a unified whole. The apotheosis of this idea is Fallingwater, the architect’s residential masterwork in rural Pennsylvania. It’s built over a waterfall and is so sublimely formed and scaled that it appears to

bloom out of the hillside, instead of sitting on it. Likewise, Taliesin West looks and feels like an extension of the desert— low, rocky, spare and flooded with light. Its walls are masonry; the ceilings are canvas; and in Wright’s time, the windows were wide-open apertures to the desert air. (After he died, his more


Lynn Jacobson

The Cabaret Theater is built with six sides entirely out of the complex’s characteristic concrete-and-stone mixture. The hexagonal shape affords the space almost perfect acoustics.

pragmatic wife had glass installed.) Visitors may choose one of several docentled tours, including the Panorama (one-hour highlights, $24-$28) and Insights (90-minute overview, $32-$36). Devout design geeks should opt for the threehour Behind the Scenes tour ($70-$75), which includes tea in the Taliesin Fellowship dining room, a talk by a Wright specialist and a peek into the architect’s humble living quarters, complete with his books and his surprisingly modern stainless-steel shower. 12345 N. Taliesin Drive, Scottsdale, Ariz. (480-627-5340 or


Wright undertook the commission for this concert hall on the

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campus of Arizona State University in Tempe when he was nearing 90; it was one of his final public projects. While it may not be the equal of his best work—it looks a little like an upside-down wedding cake on stilts—it has an interesting origin story. In the 1950s, Wright designed an opera house for the city of Baghdad, at the behest of Iraq’s King Faisal II. But the king was assassinated in 1958, and his family’s monarchy deposed, so the plans were shelved. Not long after, ASU president Grady Gammage approached Wright to design a signature concert hall for the campus. Wright (the story goes; some details are in dispute) took the Baghdad plans, brushed them off, stripped them down to fit a university

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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

travel ____________________________________________________________________

F.L. Wright infused his architecture with metaphor


budget—and Gammage Auditorium was born. Wright didn’t live to see the 3,000-seat hall built, but today you can tour the interior, with its graciously intertwining curves and tiered balconies, or see a show there almost any weekend night. In earlier days, Gammage hosted artists such as Ray Charles, Johnny Cash and the Bolshoi Ballet; today it primarily presents touring Broadway productions. 1200 S. Forest Ave., Tempe, Ariz. For free building tours, offered on Mondays and also on other days by appointment, call 480965-6912; for a schedule of performances, go to


This arresting building is another Wright project designed for one site but erected on another. It was originally meant to anchor the campus of a proposed Southwest Christian Seminary, but the seminary folded and the school was never built. More than a decade after Wright’s death, his widow granted Phoenix’s First Christian Church the right to implement the plans. The finished structure, with its tall, pointy spire and even taller, pointier bell tower, makes a strange and wonderful architectural gesture: the artist stretching toward the divine. The metaphor holds,

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indoors, as worshippers pass through a lowceilinged lobby into an open, airy room of worship, moving from the earthly to the celestial. All around are rough stones—characteristic of Wright’s Arizona projects—and angles moving all directions, while small stained-glass windows overhead call to mind the intricately patterned skin of a snake. Back outside, the scaly roof evokes another desert animal (though not one native to Arizona): the armadillo. And the 120-foot bell tower confounds: It’s designed to appear triangular from all sides, but it’s actually four-sided; and is said to be constructed of 300 tons of concrete, stone and steel, with no interior supporting structure. Services are at 9 and 10:30 a.m. Sundays, 6750 N. Seventh Ave., Phoenix (602-246-9206 and


This stop on the Frank Lloyd Wright tour of central Arizona was not designed by Wright at all, but by Paolo Soleri, a revered architect, urban planner and philosopher who passed through the Taliesin Fellowship in the late 1940s. Soleri, who was born in Italy in 1919 and died just two years ago in Phoenix, extended the idea of organic architecture in new and different directions. His philosophy of “arcology”—the integration of architecture and ecology—has inspired generations of thinkers concerned with pollution, population, consumption and quality of life. Arcosanti, whose origins date to 1970, was conceived as a kind of living laboratory to explore some of Soleri’s ideas about living structures, communities and urban planning. Essentially, it’s a counter

model to urban sprawl, in which people live, play and work in a very compact area. A windbell foundry is based at Arcosanti, providing much of the community’s income. Arcosanti’s master plan is ambitious: It points ahead to a desert Utopia, where 5,000 people will coexist, sharing values of proximity, reduced consumption, creativity, frugality and so on. However, after four decades of planning and construction, it’s still in a formative stage: Fewer than 100 people currently live on site year-round, with many more coming and going as long- or short-term students, volunteers and visitors. At once visionary and unfinished, Arcosanti’s geometric, concrete forms look oddly like relics of the future. Visitors are welcome at Arcosanti for a day or overnight. Hourlong tours set off from the windbell

#110-3001 Tutt St. OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Style No. B147


Colour: LT Brown, Fatigue, Tan & DK. Khaki

TULIPS N’ TULALIP & MT. VERNON STREET FAIR • 4 days • Apr 16* ... $399 RENO • 8 days • Apr 11* Includes a Free Upgrade at Circus Circus .. from only $339 CLEARWATER & TULALIP RESORTS • 5 days • May 25* .......from $499

our reg.49.99


sale $


ROSES & RAILS PORTLAND ROSE FESTIVAL & OLYMPIC PENINSULA • 9 days June 3 • Ride the Cascade Rail between Bellingham & Portland ......................................... $1399

Ripstop Cargo Work Shorts

SILVER REEF • 3 days • May 6, June 10 ....................................................................................$234 SILVER REEF • 4 days • May 11, 25 ................................................................................... from $319 TULALIP • 4 days • May 11*, 26*, June 2*, 28, July 21, Aug 9 .................... from $369 TULALIP • 3 days • May 19, June 8, July 8, 28, Sept 23, Oct 13 ............................$274 NEW WILDHORSE CASINO RESORT • 4 days • Apr 27..........................................$384 COEUR D’ALENE CASINO • 4 days • May 18............................................................... from $265 NEW ANGEL OF THE WINDS HOTEL CASINO • 3 days • May 12, Sept 8 .........$249 SIPS, SLOTS & SHOPPING • 3 days • May 1*, 8*................................................................$349 4 days • Apr 23*, 30* ...........................................................$449 NEW TULALIP & SEATTLE • 5 days • June 15, Sept 21...............................................$519 NEW FERRIES, FLOWERS & FLIGHT • 5 days • July 12 ................................... from $419 NEW CHRISTMAS IN JULY • 4 days • July 14 ....................................................................$499 BLUE JAYS IN SEATTLE • 4 days • July 24* 2nd coach now filling. Book now!....... from $729 NEW BEST OF THE WEST-WASHINGTON & OREGON • 8 days • Sept 6 ...................$859 EUROPE’S RIVERS AND CASTLES -AMA WATERWAYS • 14 days • Sept 26*... from $7799

Style No. B357 Colour: Desert, DK. Coffee, Moss our reg.54.99




KELOWNA 1835 Dilworth Drive at Harvey next to Scotiabank


Monday - Saturday 9 am - 6 pm | Sunday 11 am - 5 pm




BC Reg # 3015-5. Subject to change. GST on Canadian Tours only. Prices based on dbl incl. applicable discounts. *Indicates Guaranteed Departure.

Central Okanagan

Are you, or someone you know, over 65 and without a family doctor? We can help. Please call: 250.718.8116

or email us at: Proudly supported by Capital news

A GP for Me

gallery/gift shop several times a day ($10). Longer specialty tours focusing on architecture, urban planning, desert birds and archaeology can be arranged for groups with advance notice. A cafe serves buffet meals daily, and simple rooms with desert views can be booked overnight at moderate prices ($30 for a small room with a shared bath; $100 for a suite with kitchenette and living space). Arcosanti is about an hour north of Phoenix in Mayer on Interstate 17. To find a taste of Soleri closer in, visit the Soleri Bridge and Plaza in downtown Scottsdale. Arcosanti, 13555 S. Cross L Road, Mayer, Ariz. (928-632-7135 or Soleri Bridge and Plaza, 4420 N. Scottsdale Road (


El Dorado: The modestly priced hotel of choice for fans of midcentury design. Don’t expect anything fancy, but the rooms are large (with kitchenettes and living spaces) and the whole place has a mod, garden-apartment vibe that’s irresistible. Weekends in April, $125$150/night; 6825 E.

Fourth St., Scottsdale. Hotel Valley Ho: Designed by Edward L. Varney, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, this circa 1956 property has more groovy orange-and-aqua details than Zsa Zsa Gabor had husbands. (Gabor was a regular visitor here, by the way.) Take the 90-minute Magical History Tour offered by the hotel to learn more about the Southwestern brand of modernism ($19.56). Weekends in April, $300-$360/ night; 6850 E. Main St., Scottsdale. Arizona Biltmore Hotel: Wright was a consulting architect on this stunning luxury resort, which opened in 1929. The original hotel was built entirely of precast blocks made of desert sand and imprinted with deco patterns inspired by palm trees. If you’re priced out of staying here, pull up a stool at its Wright Bar, and marvel at the surroundings. Tours of the Arizona Biltmore are offered three times a week. Weekends in April begin at $360/night; 2400 E. Missouri Ave., Phoenix. For more information visit franklloydwrightsites. com/arizona/arizona.htm.

Sunwest Tours

B.C. Travel Registrar #1851-3

Delivering an experience of a lifetime every time.

107-1511 Sutherland Ave, Kelowna

*778-478-3896* | 1-800-667-3877

For more information visit:

SUNWEST SIGNATURE VACATIONS Southwest Explorer - 10 Days - Sept 28 .................$1074 Vegas - 8 Days - May 15 ............................................. $752 Mother’s Day Tulalip - 3 Days - May 9 ...................... $274 Hostfest - 10 Days - Sept 27.....................................$1534 Deadwood - 9 Days - Sept 1 ....................................$1164

SUNWEST GAMING Okanogan Casino - 1 Day - Apr 12 & 26, May 10 & 24 .$30 Mill Bay - 1 Day - Apr 7 & 21, May 5 & 19................ $30 Silver Reef - 3 Days - Apr 29, May 17 ................ $225 Silver Reef - 4 Days - Apr 7*, May 3, Jun 1 ....... $310 Coeur D’Alene - 3 Days - Apr 27, Aug 24, Oct 26....$210 Coeur D’Alene - 4 Days - May 4 & 25, Jun 8..... $260 Ocean Shores - 5 Days - May 24....................... $529 Tulalip - 4 Days - Apr 27* .................................. $334 Northern Quest - 4 Days - May 12, Jun 23, Oct 12 .. $339 Reno - 8 Days - Oct 16 ...................................... $364 Swinomish - 4 Days - Jun 20 ............................ $324 Angel of the Winds - 3 Days - Jun 23, Oct 20.......$240 Clearwater & Silver Reef - 5 Days - Sept 8 ..... $466 Coeur D’Alene & Northern Quest - 5 Days - Jul 27.. $439 Wildhorse - 4 Days - Jun 1 ................................ $324 Angel of the Winds - 4 Days - Aug 17, Dec 1 ... $340 Lincoln City - 6 Days - Jun 21 ........................... $532 Wendover - 7 Days - Oct 24 .............................. $420 Tulalip - 4 Days - Jun 8, Jul 5, Aug 24 ................ $365 Vancouver Explorer - 3 Days - Jul 13 ............... $432

*Guaranteed Tours

COME SEE US AT #107-1511 Sutherland Ave. Mon - fri 9-4:30

sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015

news _______________________________________________ PULLING YOUR LEG

Fun times when papers played April Fool’s pranks Don’t look now, but here comes Wednesday. While some folks become somewhat preoccupied or fixated with calendar dates such as Friday the 13th or the Ides of March— my attention is always somewhat stirred by April 1. It’s an affliction from my earlier days as a carefree chaotic reporter and then later (with slightly more trepidation yet professional giddiness) as an editor. Newspaper issues produced on April Fools allow media hacks the rare opportunity to totally create and exaggerate supposed news stories with absolutely no regard for facts or details—and to do so largely with a sense of impunity and full permission. In fact, it is the one time when absolute absurdity and frivolity are encouraged. Despite the ongoing (and sometimes understandable) perception that most media have no use for facts and simply make up the news—such is most often not the case. Perhaps in today’s high speed competitive world of instant info and equally instant news coverage there is more pressure than ever before to get the story first and the facts later. However, the prime goal of most legitimate media outlets is to get it right. Many moons ago media types would humorously suggest that one should, “never let the facts stand in a way of a good story. Clearly the term was coined with the fullest amount of sarcasm and irony. On April 1 though, all the rules are tossed aside. Every city and newspaper or radio station in the nation likely has an April Fools bluff or two in the archives of legendary proportion. After more than four decades in the industry,

Hodge Podge CHARLIE HODGE I can recall a few gems I was involved with. My fondest (and one of the two more infamous spoofs) was an article penned in this newspaper sometime in the late 1970s or early 80s (fading memories of an old guy). The saga was actually penned by three of us at the Capital News: Glen Schaeffer, Rainer Zigenhagen, and me. The bold headline across the top of the page read. FISH MAY FROLIC IN CITY PARK, with the kicker (sub-head) stating. Downtown Kelowna to sink into Okanagan Lake. With the fake byline of Shafe Zign’spitz and a cartoon-like drawing by friend Jim Krahn, readers should have already known that the full page story was a farce. But most did not. The absurd story

started off sounding slightly plausible and quickly deteriorated into total foolishness, but it was a classic example of how people read what they want, skim most stories, and are willing to believe just about anything if it is printed in the paper. The story perpetuated a myth that downtown Kelowna is built on a thin shelf of land that stretches as far as Rutland and that if a significant tremor hit the valley the entire downtown could easily slip into Okanagan Lake. We quoted all kinds of fictitious experts such as the Minister of Bridges and other Large Concrete Objects, the chairperson of the Kelowna PoopDeck Society (Yacht Club), and the spokesperson Peter Blabalot of the Save the Itsy Bitsy Creature Foundation. Yet people still believed it. To this day, many locals

and newcomers alike will lament how Kelowna is built on a huge very thin shelf of land, which is simply urban legend. Despite having helped pen the myth I still have folks adamantly argue with me and insist that they know, “it is true cause, well, everyone knows that.” While the article caused huge reaction and chuckles, my favourite was the next morning when we all arrived at work. Vern Boehlke, president of the original downtown business association, had somehow hung a huge canoe from his building’s two-storey roof, just above our newspaper office (then) on Bernard Avenue. A number of years later, while running a paper in Parksville, we ran an April Fool’s article which said the province was building a bridge from either Parksville or Nanaimo to the mainland. We received more than a half-dozen phone calls from readers wanting to

The doctor's and staff of Tutt Street Optometry are very pleased to welcome Dr. Bree Anderson to the clinic. Dr. Anderson is committed to providing comprehensive vision care to patients of all ages, as well as contact lens fittings and laser post op care. Saturday appointments are available. Phone: 250-762-3309 2918 Tutt St., Kelowna website: A23

flushing notice Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District 445 Glenmore Rd., Kelowna, BC V1V 1Z6 250-763-6506 •

Watermain flushing The District is continuing its water main flushing in the following zones from March 30 - April 17. This will complete GEID’s Spring Flushing program.

know where they could apply for jobs working on the bridge. Please visit for a complete Of course one of the list of roads to be flushed and daily updates. best Kelowna spoofs was by a Kelowna radio March 30 - April 2 ellison (east of Airport) station several moons ago informing folks that the April 7 - April 8 Quail Ridge (plus Academy Way) government had decided April 9 - 10 Dry Valley Rd area the country was going to change to ‘metric time.’ April 13 - 17 scenic Zone/upper glenmore Bench The station was Main roads include McKinley, Scenic, Valley N., flooded with phone Sexsmith, Arab, Hollywood & Lougheed. calls from listeners commenting on the concept, the majority of Flushing is conducted from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. them outraged by the Fluctuations in pressure and water colour are change. common during mainline flushing. So remember, come Private hydrant flushing within stratas and other Wednesday it is ‘reader complexes should be conducted shortly after the beware’ time. District completes its mainline flushing for that Bring it on boys and zone. A valid hydrant permit is required. girls. Project1_March 20th 18/03/15 2:37 PM Page 1 charliehodge333@






Proper photo ID required upon registration. Payments: Visa, M.C., Debit, Cash and Certified Cheques. Some reserves may apply. Sale subject to additions, deletions, errors and omissions. 15% buyers premium & applicable taxes to be added.


y! ( Cabanossi ) Our Festive Sausage is Fresh & Read READY FOR PICKUP ILLICHMANN’S EASTERe-CHAureMdS• Hom e-Smoked

Family Owned & Operated Since 1967

EST. 1967

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Home-Made • Hom Scandinavian Hams • Boneless Easy Carve Hams, Mini Honey Hams • Whole Bone In Hams • Smoked Boneless Shoulders

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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

news _____________________________________________________________________ SAFE DRIVING

A closer look at what car rental companies call ‘insurance’ How much automobile liability insurance do you purchase? Do you buy the

minimum amount of $200,000 required by B.C. law? I see the magnitude of

Quality, value and savings! specials sTaRT FRiDaY! SpecialS in effect March 27 - april 2 Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm

BisON $ 12 shORt RiBs ..............$17.90/kg LB

8 $ 12 8 $ 79 1 $ 45 1

BEEF ROULADEN .. $17.90/kg


BisON smOkiEs............

100 GR

BEEF & BisON hOtDOgs .............................

100 GR

Just 10 minutes north of the airport at

530 Beaver Lake Rd., Winfield • 250-766-4463

losses suffered by road traffic victims on a day-today basis. Losses regularly exceed the minimum. What happens if you, or anyone else driving your car, cause losses to an injured victim that exceed your insurance coverage? You pay the difference, even if it eats up the equity in your house and wipes out your life savings. You can avoid that risk by driving safely and attentively and ensuring anyone else driving your car does the same. We should be doing that anyway. The problem is that given the horribly inattentive driving culture each of us has grown up in, any one of us might forget, even temporarily, to give full, focused attention to the important task at hand.

I don’t feel comfortable unless I’ve got at least $2 million of liability insurance, and I consider myself one of the safest, most attentive drivers out there. Now put yourself at a rental car outlet in Hawaii where you and your family are holidaying for the first time. You confidently approach the friendly clerk at the counter to pay the fee, pre-arranged by your travel agent, and pick up the keys. That’s when the issue of insurance comes up. You are offered additional insurance that can be as much as the pre-arranged rental fee, doubling your car rental expense. Additional to what? How much insurance is provided with your rental contract? The minimum.  That minimum, required by Hawaiian law, is even less than in B.C.— $20,000 if you have only one victim; more

Achieving Justice PAUL HERGOTT than one and it jumps all the way up to $40,000 (sarcasm intended). What does one do? I paid the nice lady. It turns out that buying insurance when you pick up your rental car is like leaving your cooler behind and buying beer from a beach bar. The smart thing to do is to get your insurance in order before you get on the plane. You might find out that you already have all the insurance you need and you can confidently decline the horrendously expensive insurance protection offered by the rental car company. If not, you can surely purchase the insurance from a less expensive source, such as through

your auto insurance broker or travel agent. What you should not do, in my opinion, is waive the insurance hoping, but not knowing, that you are covered by other insurance. It’s tricky stuff. I’m about as sophisticated as it gets when it comes to these kinds of things and I didn’t have a clue. Certainly don’t just “ask around.” Go to the horse’s mouth, i.e. ICBC and other insurance companies you may deal with. Also look carefully to see what coverage might be offered through your credit cards. It is critical to remember that just because you might have comprehensive (damage to vehicle) coverage doesn’t mean you have liability and other important insurance (like insurance to cover the losses your rental car


WE COME BY IT HONESTLY. Quick, dependable service backed by over 100 years of Lennox® innovation. Only from CORAL HOME COMFORT.





plus up to a $100 iHarmonyTM add-on* with the purchase of a qualifying Lennox® system.

Coral Home Comfort

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OFFER EXPIRES 6/12/2015. *Rebate offer is valid only with the purchase of qualifying Lennox products. System rebate offers range from $250 – $1,800. Lennox dealers include independently owned and operated businesses. © 2015 Lennox Industries, Inc.

company will claim from you while the vehicle is being repaired). It turned out, for me, that I already had something called Roadstar coverage through ICBC that provided the coverage I needed. I confidently canceled the expensive rental car coverage two days after agreeing to it. Want a laugh? Search my column archive for a similar column I wrote the last time I rented a car, during my spring break vacation two years ago.  A quick learner I’m not. This column is intended to provide general infor mation about injury claims.  It is not a substit ute for retaining a lawyer to provide legal advice specifically pertaining to your case. Paul Hergott is a lawyer  at Hergott Law in West Kelowna.

New UBCO sailing club Angie Brown contributor

The UBC Okanagan sailing club hit the docks at the Kelowna Yacht Club (KYC) for the first time on March 21 and 22. The organization was only founded two months ago, but is already one of the biggest on campus, with nearly 80 members. It rents boats from the KYC Sailing Club, which in turn allows sailors to use the docks. Sacha Roberts, the group’s president, said the goal is for everyone to come out and try sailing because “it’s not a sport that many people have access to. “If they like it, we offer subsidized lessons. The long-term goal is to put funding aside and buy boats, so we can create a sailing team from this club.” Any UBCO student is allowed to join the organization. The membership fee is $30 and includes an introduction to sailing


sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015

news _________________________________________________ A25




Rachelle Bowie (left), Nicola Shipman, Bryce Millman and Kasandra Brownridge, members of the UBC Okanagan sailing club, take a boat out for a spin on Okanagan Lake on March 21. The club is less than a year old and has already become one of the biggest organizations on campus.

Consumer award winner 3 years in a row

GUARANTEED Lowest Prices Notice of Sale of Interest in Reserve Land


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weekend, which is five hours of sailing various types of boats. “As long as you’re a student, you can come try it,” said Roberts. This was the members’ first event, but from now on it will be hosting two sailing sets every Sunday. It costs $15 for a threehour lesson, and the sets go from noon to 3 p.m., and 3 to 6 p.m. Roberts said the club is good for helping students get out into the community because the UBCO campus is “really far from everything. “The fact that they have access to come downtown and try a new sport gives them a new opportunity to include themselves in the community. Especially the ones who live on campus,” she said. The group has already attended a regatta in February hosted by UBC Vancouver and plans to get a solid sailing team together for next year.

Roberts explained that KYC is always looking for people to sign up for its summer camps. “A lot of people don’t know that this is open to the public and that it’s really affordable for kids,” she said. “That’s how I got into it. My parents sent me to a sailing school and I never left. We just want people to try the sport and get into it—it’s the best.”


Sailors operating out of Kelowna Yacht Club’s downtown facilities

Learn about British Columbia’s natural gas sector.

March 30 & 31, 2015 Kelowna Delta Grand Okanagan Resort and Conference Centre, 1310 Water Street

Interested in opportunities in your community? • • • •

Live, interactive shows featuring Science World British Columbia Learn about Liquefied Natural Gas Career paths for youth through WorkBC’s Find Your Fit Opportunities for BC Businesses through LNG-Buy BC

For information on registration please visit

Open to all members of the Okanagan Indian Band TAKE NOTICE that the right to possession of an interest in the following lands located on OKANAGAN INDIAN RESERVE NO. 1 shall be offered for sale by the Superintendent in accordance with Section 50 of the Indian Act: Description of interest in land to be sold: • The right to lawful possession of the whole of Lot 144-1 Block 4, CLSR 80912, Okanagan Indian Reserve No. 1. This sale will conclude on July 7th, 2015. • The right to lawful possession of the whole of Lot 145 Block 4, CLSR 75115, Okanagan Indian Reserve No. 1. This sale will conclude on July 21st, 2015. • The right to lawful possession of the whole of Lot 9 Block B FRY SKETCH 319-36 Parcel 2, Okanagan Indian Reserve No. 1. This sale will conclude on August 5th, 2015. • The right to lawful possession of the whole of Lot 10 Block B FRY SKETCH 319-36, Okanagan Indian Reserve No. 1. This sale will conclude on August 19th, 2015. For an information package containing registration and survey information for the interests in land to be sold, please contact Lois Paul at or 1.888.917.9977 (toll free within BC).

TO SUBMIT A BID IN ANY OF THE ABOVE SALES: All bids must be delivered to: Superintendent of Indian Affairs, 600 – 1138 Melville Street, VANCOUVER BC V6E 4S3 Only bids received by 11:59 p.m. on the day that the sale concludes will be considered. All bids must include the bidder’s full name and band membership number, the address and telephone number at which the bidder may be reached, and a 10% down payment (see below). Payment of the successful bid must be made in the following manner: 1. A down payment of 10% of the offer must be made by cheque dated as of the date bidding closes. The cheque must be forwarded with the bid and made payable to the Receiver-General of Canada. 2. The balance of the offer must be paid by certified cheque, bank draft or money order within 10 days of delivery of notice of acceptance of offer. In the event that a bidder does not meet the payment requirements as set out above, the sale is null and void. Dated this 23rd day of February, 2015, at Vancouver, British Columbia. Dawna Tong, Superintendent, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, BC Region, 600 – 1138 Melville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4S3


Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

Showtime Info for Mar 27 - Apr 2


Movie openings THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT (PG) Nightly at 6:45 THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT (3D) (PG) Nightly at 7:10 & 10:00; Sat – Sun Matinees 1:00 & 3:50 RUN ALL NIGHT (14A) Nightly at 7:10 & 10:00; Sat – Sun Matinees at 1:30 & 4:20 CHAPPIE (14A) Nightly at 7:00 ONLY McFARLAND, USA (G) Sat–Sun Matinee 3:55 ONLY THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE:SPONGE OUT THE WATER (G) Daily Matinees 1:25 GET HARD (14A) Nightly at 7:10 & 9:45; Sat Matinees at 2:10 & 4:40; Sun Matinees at 1:55 & 4:30 ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL (G) Sat Mar 28 Matinee at 11:00

Landmark Grand 10 948 McCurdy Rd. KELOWNA

FURIOUS 7 Advance Shows Thursday, April 2nd @ 7:00. 8:00 & 9:55 (14A) KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE Nightly at 6:50 & 9:50, Fri – Sun Matinees at 12:50 & 3:50 (14A) CINDERELLA Nightly at 6:35, 7:15, 9:10 & 9:45, Fri – Sun Matinees at 12:35, 1:15, 3:10 & 3:45 (G) FOCUS Nightly at 7:05 & 9:25, Fri – Sun Matinees at 1:05 & 3:25 (14A) SEVENTH SON (2D) Fri – Wed Nightly at 7:20 & 9:50, Fri – Sun Matinees at 1:20 & 3:50 (14A) THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING Fri – Wed Nightly at 7:10 & 9:55, Fri – Sun Matinees at 1:10 & 3:55 (G) Nominated for 5 Academy Awards, Best Actor Academy Award Winner! AMERICAN SNIPER Nightly at 6:40 & 9:30, Fri – Sun Matinees at 12:40 & 3:30 (14A) Nominated for 6 Academy Awards, Best Sound Editing Academy Award Winner! THE IMITATION GAME Nightly at 6:55 & 9:35, Fri – Sun Matinees at 12:55 & 3:35 (PG) Nominated for 8 Academy Awards, Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award Winner! THE GUNMAN Nightly at 6:45 & 9:20, Fri – Sun Matinees at 12:45 & 3:20 (14A) FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Nightly at 7:00 & 9:40, Fri – Sun Matinees at 1:00 & 3:40 (18A)


This weekend, there are two very different movies being released. One is the latest familyfriendly animated feature from animation giant DreamWorks and the other is a crude comedy featuring the first time pairing of funnymen Will Farrell and Kevin Hart. The only thing they have in common is they are going to do almost equal business at the box office this weekend. Based on the children’s book The True Meaning of Smekday, Home is the latest from DreamWorks


Cineplex Orchard Plaza 5

Rick Davis

Featuring the voices of Jim Parsons and Rihanna, Home is the latest from DreamWorks Animation. (The Big Bang Theory), singers Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez plus Steve Martin as the leader of an optimistic yet inept race called the Boov which invades Earth to make it their new home. As the

Animation (Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon). It is directed by veteran Tim Johnson, who was responsible for the hits Antz and Over the Hedge. Home features the voices of Jim Parsons

for Showtimes, Tickets, Contests & more!

Landmark Paramount 261 Bernard Ave. KELOWNA

MACBETH SPECIAL PRESENTATION - GLOBE ON SCREEN 2015 Sat Matinee 10:00. (TBD) DO YOU BELIEVE Evening shows 7:05 & 9:45 daily; Sat & Sun Matinees 1:20 & 4:10. (PG: Violence). THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL Evening show 6:50 & 9:35 daily; Sat & Sun Matinees 1:05 & 4:00. (G: No advisory). STILL ALICE Evening show 7:15 & 9:55 daily; Sat & Sun Matinees 1:30 & 4:20. (PG: Coarse & sexual language).

Landmark Xtreme

Okanagan Shopping Centre WEST KELOWNA THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE OUT OF WATER (Not in 3D) G Fri-Sun Matinees 1:00 & 3:25 KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE 14A 6:35 & 9:25 (No 9:25 showing on Thurs, Apr 2nd) Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult CINDERELLA G 7:05 & 9:40; Fri-Sun Matinees 1:05 & 3:40 DIVERGENT SERIES: THE INSURGENT (Xtreme 3D) PG Fri-Wed 7:15 & 9:55; Fri-Sun Matinees 1:15 & 3:55 No Passes Accepted: Gift Certificates are Always Accepted (Ends Wednesday) DIVERGENT SERIES: THE INSURGENT (Not in 3D) PG 6:45 only; Fri-Sun Matinees & 3:30 No 3 12:45 SHOWS!! Passes Accepted: Gift Certificates are Always Accepted March 19 & 20 DIVERGENT SERIES: THE INSURGENT 3D PG 9:30 only No Passes Accepted: March Gift Certificates are 21 Matinee Always Accepted Shuswap Theatre THE GUNMAN 14A 7:10 & 9:50 (No 7:10 showing on Thurs, Apr 2nd); Fri-Sun Matinees 1:10 &Arm 3:50 BC Salmon 250-832-1149 or Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult 250-832-5100 or GET HARD 14A 7:30 & 10:00; Fri-Sun Matinees 1:30 & 4:00 Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult 1-866-311-1011 HOME 3D G 7:20 & 9:45; Fri-Sun Matinees 1:20 & 3:45 No Passes Accepted: Gift Certificates are Always Accepted MarchGift 22 HOME (Not in 3D) G 6:55 & 9:20; Fri-Sun Matinees 12:55 & 3:45 No Passes Accepted: Performing Arts Certificates are Always Accepted Centre FURIOUS 7 (Xtreme) 14A *Special Advanced Screenings* Thurs Apr 2nd @ 7:00Revelstoke & 10:00pm UnderBC 14 must be accompanied by an adult No Passes Accepted: Gift Certificates are Always Accepted or 250-837-5345 FURIOUS 7 14A *Special Advanced Screenings* Thurs Apr 2nd @ 8:00pm Under 1-866-311-1011 14 must be accompanied by an adult No Passes Accepted: Gift Certificates are Always Accepted April 16 Thorncliffe Centre Calgary AB 1-866-311-1011 Westbank Shopping Centre WEST KELOWNA

Upcoming Shows

Landmark Encore

April 17 BIG HERO 6 G Daily 12:45 & 3:30 Moose Lodge THE DUFF PG Daily 12:55, 3:40, 6:55 & 9:30 Ponoka AB JUPITER ASCENDING PG Nightly 9:20 403-783-5355 or PADDINGTON G Daily 1:05, 3:50, 7:05 & 9:30 1-866-311-1011 PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR (3D) G Daily 12:45 & 6:45 *Surcharge for 3D* PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR G Daily 3:30 April 18 Memorial Arts UNFINISHED BUSINESS 14A Starts Friday 1:15, 4:00, 7:15 & 9:40 Centre Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult WILD 14A Nightly 6:45 & 9:20 Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult Wetaskiwin AB 780-352-2227 or

Louisiana Hayride



Featuring Tributes To These Great Artists!

Performed by Amazing Live Band & Singers

Lori Risling

William Brookfield • Gil Risling • Mike Melnichuk • Andrea Anderson

Make this a fun night out! Come experience this amazing & unique production!

Saturday, May 2 • 7:30 pm

Saturday, May 2 • 7:30pm Tickets areLions $35 each Community and are available at: Ctre Westbank Lammle’s Western Wear WESTBANK LIONS COMMUNITY CENTRE 2466 Main Street, Westbank, BC


For more information phone: 2466 Main St., Westbank BC

Westbank Shopping Centre, 100B-2330 Hwy. 97N, West Kelowna


or email: TICKETS:


1-866-311-1011 toll-free Ticket Seller accepts Visa or M/C Online service charges apply.

Boov begin to relocate all Earthlings, a resourceful teenage girl named Tip (Rihanna) manages to avoid capture and begins the road trip of a lifetime looking for the location of her mother (Lopez). Along the way, she befriends a banished Boov named Oh (Parsons) who has accidentally notified his people of her whereabouts. Both Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez contribute to the soundtrack of the movie, with the former performing the song Towards the Sun and the latter contributing Feel the Light. Lopez’s participation may have also contributed to the name change of the Boov who calls himself Oh. In the book, he is called J. Lo which, of course, is her nickname. With Parson’s manic and distinctive voice as well as colourful action scenes accompanied by pop tunes, expect a rollicking adventure punctuated by slapstick humour. Get Hard features Will Farrell as James King, a millionaire businessman who is convicted for fraud and the judge wants to make an example of him by sentencing him to 10 years in San Quentin. King is given 30 days to get his affairs in order so he enlists Darnell (Kevin Hart), who the millionaire assumes has been to prison, to get him ready for life behind bars. However, Darnell is actually a hardworking small business owner who has never received a parking ticket, let alone spent time in the joint. If you are looking for something that is going to equally offend you as it makes you laugh, Get Hard is the movie for you. It is produced by Farrell and partner Adam McKay, who together are responsible for Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers and the comedy website Funny or Die.

sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 A27

Give. Volunteer. Act.

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Construct your own meaning from Shuebrook’s art On View LIZ WYLIE to accomplishments and achievements and discoveries of these and other artists. Ron Shuebrook: Drawings was curated by Ontario-based artist John Kissick, and was organized and circulated by the Thames Art Gallery in Chatham, Ontario, in collaboration with the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ontario, the Mount Saint Vincent University Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the Kelowna Art Gallery. Shuebrook is also known nationally as a painter. He has lived in several places in Canada,

and is currently based in Guelph and Blandford, Nova Scotia. It has been very exciting for the Kelowna Art Gallery that the artist added to the ARTIST’S COLLECTION

When visitors come to look at the charcoal drawings by senior artist Ron Shuebrook currently on view at the Kelowna Art Gallery, they will thereby actually enter the artist’s world—his interior landscape. And once they find themselves in there, gallery visitors may notice that these spaces are populated by all kinds of artists and thinkers, even writers and musicians, although the drawings themselves are abstract and not portraits by any means. Shuebrook is an artist who has absorbed a great deal from art of the past and of the modern period, and he is an avid reader and lover of film, theatre, craft, dance, and music. In fact, Shuebrook is a fabulous exemplar of what an artist can achieve with even the simplest of materials—in this case some charcoal and sheets of paper—when he or she has developed an aesthetic and vocabulary, and can draw from both the richness of their education, and of looking at art over a lifetime, for example. It is amazing how Shuebrook’s works can open up for each viewer—there is a whole universe waiting for each of us to step into. Although one may sense this artist standing on the shoulders of those who came before him, this is not to say Shuebrook’s work is derivative. And one does not need to know anything about the history of art in order to enjoy these drawings just as they are. Everyone brings their own experience to their looking and encounter with Shuebrook’s work, and each person constructs their own meaning from this process. But, just as is the case with serious music or fine wine, for example, the more one does know, the deeper that enjoyment can extend. Whiffs and nods to Piero, Cezanne, Hofmann, and Marsden Hartley, to name a few, permeate the works, references that are almost subliminal they are so subtle. Not as fully blown as actual homages, Shuebrook’s drawings give just a slight nod here and there

Ron Shuebrook, Airport (for LPS), 2014, charcoal on Arches paper, 52.75 x 84 in. (134.1 x 213.4 cm).

Artist’s collection Ron Shuebrook, Site of Discourse, 2014, charcoal on Arches paper, 84 x 52.75 in. (213.4 x 134.1 cm).

touring show by creating four huge, brand-new works that premiered in our space. These pieces have lots of big flat shapes, and showcase the artist enjoying the shift up in scale he made to work in such a large size (about eight by five feet).

Thanks to you! Change Starts Here. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of employee workplace campaigns, corporate and individual donors, sponsors and volunteers who invested their time, money or both to ensure the United Way Central and South Okanagan Similkameen (CSO) continues to change lives.

It is a woefully outmoded term, but no other word really does the job as well to describe Shuebrook as the term “master.” And he is a master of the vocabulary and relationships of art: space, line, shape, texture, and scale. He

does not so much grapple with these aspects of art making as he does marvel at them, the way we might as we manipulate a bit of modeling clay in our fingers into recognizable forms. Shuebrook’s issues are ostensibly art issues,

One partner for all your automatic entrance needs

and yet, after we absorb this aspect of his work, there is something more, something less tangible and harder to put into words. In the end, there is so much meaning and emotional content in Ron Shuebrook’s drawings, that each visitor’s experience of them will be totally individual and unique. Ultimately what is the artist talking about or intent on expressing? He summed it up in a line quoted in the show’s accompanying catalogue, saying “I’m chasing that sense of what it is to be alive.” Ron Shuebrook: Drawings will remain on view at the Kelowna Art Gallery until April 26. Liz Wylie is the curator at the Kelowna Art Gallery. 250-762-2226


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news _____________________________________________________________________ NEWS FROM YOUR MP


Want to design a Canadian coin? Here’s your chance F To celebrate Canada’s upcoming 150th anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint is inviting Canadians to design the 5-cent, 10-cent, 25-cent, one-dollar and two-dollar coins that will circulate in 2017. The contest is open until April 30, 2015. Designs should relate to one of five designs: Our Wonders (Canada’s beauty, from nature to monuments) Our Character (Values or principles which define Canadian identity) Our Achievements (Discoveries, exploration or victories) Our Passions (From

culture to sports, to pastimes) Canada’s future (this category is reserved for Canadians 12-years of age and under for the 25cent coin) The winning design per category will be selected by Canadians in an online vote in September 2015. Each circulation coin denomination will feature one of the winning designs in 2017. To enter a design and to obtain full contest rules and regulations, visit Good luck everyone! Meanwhile, its tax time and if you are looking for tax preparation help,

MP’s Report RON CANNAN you’re in luck. As we are getting closer and closer to the income tax filing deadline on April 30, I wanted to remind constituents about the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP). The CVITP supports volunteer community tax preparation clinics that help eligible individuals who have a modest income and a simple tax

situation prepare income tax and benefit returns. Eligible program beneficiaries include: seniors, students, Aboriginal peoples, newcomers to Canada, recipients of social assistance, and persons with a disability. Across the country there are 2,000 community organizations representing a team of over 16,000 volunteers providing free tax preparation clinics. In 2014, CVITP volunteers helped over 600,000 Canadians file their tax returns. The federal government believes strongly in the

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program and is investing an additional $1 million in base funding annually. These new funds will allow the expanded use of technology, providing additional support and building an even stronger network of free CVITP clinics across the country. In Kelowna, assistance is provided by the Seniors Outreach Services Society (250 861-6180 or and the Okanagan College Accounting Club (ocac. For times and dates of clinics and for more information, please go to the CVITP website at tx/ndvdls/vlntr/clncs/ kelowna-bc-eng.html or

contact the organizations directly. Meanwhile, a call for Proposals for the Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) has been issued. The federal government, through the department of Economic and Social Development Canada, is currently accepting funding proposals via the Enabling Accessibility FundCommunity Accessibility stream. Funding will support local projects which facilitate accessibility through renovation, retrofit and/or construction of facilities where programs and/ or services are offered to people with disabilities. The submission deadline is April 27.

Priority may be given to proposals aimed at recreational spaces for children with disabilities, A enhancing access for veterans with disabilities, c and enhancing access for seniors with disabilities. c Organizations who wish to submit a proposal fi should go to www.esdc. d c community.shtml for B more information. F As always, if you fi have any questions or comments regarding information provided in o my column, please don’t E hesitate to contact me at g or 250 d 470-5075. My staff and I t o are ready to help.


Ron Cannan is the Conservative MP for Kelowna-Lake Country.


Six year TB outbreak comes to end

Natural gas. Good for shaving expenses. Heating water accounts for about 20 per cent of your home’s energy use. With natural gas rates at some of their lowest in a decade,1 a high-efficiency natural gas water heater can save up to $270 a year for a family of four, compared to an electric model.2 Rebates are also available. Discover the benefits and savings at FortisBC commodity rate history since January 1, 2006.


Based on the difference between approximate annual costs for water heating in FortisBC’s Mainland service area. Calculations compared a high-efficiency natural gas storage tank water heater with equivalent electric model, using FortisBC and BC Hydro rates as of January 2015. Savings may vary and do not include rebates or incentives. Estimate your savings at


FortisBC uses the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis Inc. (15-019.15 02/2015)

Many people believe tuberculosis has been eradicated but this is far from true. Every year nine million people world-wide get sick with TB and some of those people live right here. In 2008, the illness took hold in the Kelowna area, resulting in a sixyear outbreak that was finally declared over earlier this year. “The end of the outbreak was made possible by dedicated staff, team work, and collaboration,” said Dr. Robert Parker, acknowledging Interior Health’s TB outbreak management team, which worked in partnership with several community organizations and the B.C. Centre for Disease Control to identify and treat new cases and minimize the public health risk. “Prior to 2008 we did see a few TB cases

each year but we didn’t really see active, ongoing TB transmission,” said Parker.“However, in late May 2008 when we identified TB in an individual staying at a local shelter, we knew we had a high risk situation. Additional case finding confirmed we had active TB transmission occurring and we knew that we were probably facing a multi-year outbreak.”  The outbreak occurred primarily among homeless populations in the Kelowna area with a small number of linked cases identified in neighbouring communities. During the course of the outbreak 52 active TB cases were identified and approximately 2,400 contacts were exposed to infectious TB. Dr. Sue Pollock, who led the outbreak management team for the last three years, said many factors contribute to these kinds of

outbreaks.             “Outbreaks among the homeless are strongly related to social determinants of health and disparities in employment, income, safe housing, and access to health care,” said Parker. “They typically last several years and require a tremendous amount of resources and community coordination to bring under control.” The outbreak was challenging to manage, according to Interior Health. Those most at risk were often transient and had little interaction with health-care providers. To overcome this, IH’s medical health officers and the communicable disease unit worked closely with community outreach services including street nurses, shelters and community agencies. Through these partnerships, street savvy outreach workers utilized


NGSpringGeneralPrintAds-4.3125x6.5-BW_PRESS.indd 1

2/5/2015 10:57:41 AM

Duane English & Wesla Wong

The Okanagan’s Weather Team

their connections to reach hard to locate clients and regular screening and symptom checks were offered in locations where the clients felt safe and comfortable. Sharon Cook, Kelowna General Hospital health service administrator, noted the outbreak also had a significant impact on acute services. “A TB outbreak in the community meant we would see more TB patients in our hospital so we needed to take additional measures to reduce the risk to patients and staff. Upgrades were made to our isolation rooms at KGH, we implemented new clinical support tools and provided additional training for our staff.” Managing the TB outbreak also involved a CSI-like science called ‘genomics’ using DNA from the TB bacteria and other data collected by nurses.

d y c

t c t


sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 A29


Fit and flare is the ‘in’ style of gown for today’s brides Angie Brown

they’ve gone for a fitting. “People have a vision of their wedding dress since they were 12 years old, but With all the wedding dress styles when they finally try it on they’re like currently available on the market, ‘Ew, this isn’t going to work.’” finding “the one” may seem like a “We have people who change their daunting task. mind about what dress they want every Luckily, Kelowna’s downtown core single day.” contains reputable shops like Ashbury Delia Miskuski, the owner of L’Amore Bridal Couture and L’Amore Bridal and Bridal at 1607 Pandosy St., has similar Formal that are available to help brides advice. find their perfect gown. “Listen to your bridal People have a Shilo Verhaegen, the consultant, because she vision of their owner of Ashbury at 1619 knows what is going to wedding dress since they Ellis St., says it’s easy to flatter your body shape.” were 12 years old, but get distracted by the Both women say lace when they finally try it on details of a dress when gowns are ‘in’ right they’re like ‘Ew, this isn’t the focus should really be now, and fit and flare is going to work on the cut. the most popular style. Shilo Verhaegen Miskuski says Tuscany “Everyone has a different body shape, so wedding dresses, which you have to find the right are full gowns with a modern twist, are cut and go from there.” also very popular. She says it’s important for brides That being said, brides are to try on different fits until they feel encouraged to be true to themselves. comfortable, and they can focus on all “It’s your day, so reflect on your own the glitter and lace afterward. style,” advises Miskuski. Verhaegen also cautions brides not to “And don’t forget to smile like you make any conclusions on a dress before mean it.”



The fit and flare-style of wedding dress is very popular amongst brides these days.

A♥TIME♥FOR MAKE YOUR OWN WINE & SERVE IT YOURSELF Now you can make your own wine to serve at weddings, birthdays and other festivities. All you need is a Special Occasion License… and a little help from your friends at Wine Kitz.


#101 - 1980 Cooper Road • Kelowna



Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

bridal ____________________________________________________________________ WEDDNING PHOTOGRAPHY

Getting that special wedding shot takes creativity Angie Brown contributor

Newly-married couples want to remember their big day for years to come, and picking the right wedding photographer to capture the moment is an important step in that direction. Joel Jaszczyszak is a local photographer who has been shooting weddings for eight years. He shot his first wedding when he was in Grade 8, and says his passion grew from there. Although he thinks it’s awesome to see cameras so readily available

photographers shouldn’t stay in an area they feel comfortable in.” The Okanagan is filled with beautiful areas for photo shoots, and Jaszczyszak says it’s impossible for him to pick a favourite. Wineries and vineyards are very popular, and so are photographs down by Okanagan lake. “You can really get creative at those locations, and many brides are coming just for the lake view,” he says. Most of Jaszczyszak’s clients hire him for a full day, which is nine hours on average.

He likes to stay until the end of the first dance so he can get photos of everyone having a great time. His wedding packages start at $2,750 and include six hours of wedding coverage, postprocessing and editing, full printing rights, and an hour-long free engagement shoot. “It gives clients a chance to get to know me and how I shoot.” Jaszczyszak says he can get mostly everything into a six-hour shoot, but he recommends at least eight and a half hours to be safe.


Wedding photography has become increasingly more creative as the industry progresses, says Joel Jaszczyszak, the photographer who shot the images on this page. He is always trying to push his creative boundaries to get that special shot for a newly-wed couple.

to consumers, he still recommends hiring a wedding photographer for your special day. “Photography is more than just picking up a camera and shooting,” he explains. “There are a lot of technicalities to it and there is a lot to study. It’s very in-depth.” Jaszczyszak says he is always trying to push his boundaries as a photographer. “If I come back without doing something I haven’t done before, I feel disappointed,” he says. “Photography is such a rising industry…so


Frozen Treats are the New Cupcakes! As illustrated here, even group shots can have an artistic element added that make them stand out as a timeless reminder of a couple’s special day.

Wedding planner checklist

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Here’s a wedding checklist courtesy of the Perfect Wedding Guide. 12 or more months before: Determine potential dates and times for your wedding. Decide on the size, formality and setting of your wedding. Create a wedding and engagement budget. Reserve the locations for your wedding and reception. Meet with and book your wedding officiant or clergy. Choose your wedding party and confirm the


sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015

bridal ______________________________________________ A31


Set the mood with the right decor Angie Brown contributor

Brides often dream of their perfect wedding décor, but sometimes putting the ideas into motion by themselves can be stressful and difficult. That’s where wedding decorators come in. Yuriko Larson is the owner of Vintage Origami, a Kelownabased decorating company that specializes in vintage décor. Her company offers wedding stylization designs, delivery, set-up, and takedown.

She recommends that brides hire a decorator for ease of mind. “Many of my clients are coming here for destination weddings, and this way they don’t have to worry about knowing the layout of their venue. Plus, we’ve already built a relationship with the venue management and staff” she says. “We’re already a good team and it’s less pressure on the bride.” Larson says she works closely with brides to help them decorate within their budget. “A lot of brides are

going on Pinterest and looking at weddings beyond their budget, or beyond their capabilities,” she explains. “I know what realistically can be created with available resources, and my job is to make sure the whole wedding day is uniform.” She says Pinterest planning can quickly get eclectic, so hiring a decorator helps keep things simple as well as beautiful. Larson says trends differ from year to year, but pastel colours are currently what’s popular.

“It’s still very much about lace, blush pinks, and a pastel theme.” Although she gets requests for pastel weddings often, she still makes every wedding as personalized as possible. Larson says Vintage Origami initially started out as a rental company, but she moved to decorating after seeing how hectic wedding décor can get. “I saw family and friends being busy-bodies on wedding days. They were putting sweat into decorating, and it was hard to see the mother

of the bride taking down decorations,” she says. “It’s really nice to have a decorator take care of the details.” Her company offers two bridal packages – bride from afar, and custom décor. Bride from afar includes all the details couples need for décor on the day. The custom décor package offers items like personalized stationary and custom backdrops. Vintage Origami has been in Operation for five years and won the “Best Wedding Décor” award in the 2013 Professional Wedding Awards.

Celebrate & Say It with

PJ’s Party Cakes!

Every special occasion deserves PJ’s!

Timelines for planning your wedding CHECKLIST FROM A30 participants. Choose your wedding rings. Draw up an initial guest list. Organize your engagement party. 9–12 months before Order your wedding dress and attendants’ attire. Book your photographer and videographer. Reserve a caterer. Arrange for decor, chair covers and linens. Book your live entertainment or DJ. Reserve your florist. Order your wedding cake. Reserve any rental items from the rental company. Register your gift choices at your favourite stores. Research accommodation for outof-town guests. Plan your honeymoon. 6–9 months before Decide on your menu. Reserve the musicians and soloist for your ceremony. Reserve your limousine service. Order your invitations and any other stationery. Order wedding favours for your guests. Choose outfits for mother of the bride and mother of the groom. Check marriage licence requirement 3–6 months before Finalize your guest list. Choose the reader for your ceremony. Finalize your order with the florist. Reserve the men’s

wedding attire. Make an appointment with your hairdresser 2 months before Mail the invitations. Decide on your wedding vows or compose your own. Finalize the reception menus. Confirm the wedding details with the musicians and clergy or officiant. Have the programs printed. Purchase gifts for parents and attendants. Make appointments for nails and make-up. Schedule final dress fitting. 1 month before Apply for a marriage licence. Plan the rehearsal dinner. Meet with photographer and videographer.

2 weeks before Have a party for the attendants. Draft the speeches. Finalize reception details. Call any guests who have not replied. Meet with your hairdresser and make-up artist for consultation. Deliver song lists to musicians or playlists to disc jockey. Confirm honeymoon reservations. 1 week before Finalize seating plan. Determine the order for the procession. Have your rehearsal. Confirm accommodation reservations. Pick up the attire for the groomsmen. Confirm the final numbers with the caterer. Confirm details with the limousine company. Deliver your marriage

licence to the officiant. Draw up a seating arrangement for the reception and write out the place cards. Choose someone to hand out the bombonieres or wedding favours. Choose someone to return any rented items after the wedding. Write any cheques required for the wedding day. Pack for your honeymoon On the day Give the wedding bands to the best man. Give the best man any cheques that need to be given out that day. Present the attendants Flowers for any and parents with their gifts. occasion! Relax and enjoy your special day!

send out your thank-you notes. Send thank-you letters to suppliers and attendants. If changing your name, purchase a kit to make the job easy. For more see http://www. theperfectweddingguide. com/bride_list.html.

250-763-1144 • 651 Grandview Rd., Kelowna

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by design


After the wedding Make a gift list and

Minutes from the city, surrounded by nature.

• Specializing in Weddings •

105-1851 KIRSCHNER RD (NEW LOCATION) 250-860-4457 • MFLORIST@TELUS.NET Contact: Melina Moran (250) 861-4240 ext 211



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HURRY IN FINAL DAYS FOR.... Don’t Pay for 90 Days on Select 2015 Models



Corolllaling Car




st Se e B s ’ World

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CAPITAL news |

Welcome to the driver’s seat 2015 Nissan Leaf

Your last chance to go green for free! by Keith Morgan Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell KIA Soul EV

Tesla Model S

Visit the Auto Show gallery at

Clean energy cars now more affordable

The long awaited rebate incenfleet purchases of clean energy tives designed to encourage vehicles. British Columbians to buy clean ◼ $500,000 for research, energy cars were announced this training, and public outreach week at the Vancouver Internaon clean energy transportation tional Auto Show. technology. Minister of Energy and Mines Bill Today, electric vehicles typically Bennett announced a scheme to The incentives cost about 25 per cent more than offer incentives of up to $5,000 are expected to non-electric vehicles, for the purchase or lease of a new but the incentives will battery electric or plug-in hybrid reduce greenhouse H2 narrow that price gap. electric vehicle, and up to $6,000 gas emissions by Electric vehicle owners for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the equivalent of typically save about 75 When combined with new SCRAPper cent on their fuel taking 1,400 cars IT program incentives revealed costs, which adds up to $1,600 here last week, the total savings off the road. per year. could be up to $8,250 for an An analysis will be conducted to Keith Morgan electric vehicle. identify gaps in the location of The incentives are expected charging infrastructure and determine the most to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the effective way to deploy infrastructure funding. equivalent of taking 1,400 cars off the road and This will include looking at what locations are part of Phase 2 of the Clean Energy Vehicle (multi-unit residential buildings, downtown (CEV) program. The program will distribute parking areas, shopping centres etc.) would $10.6 million from the Province’s Innovative best support increased adoption of electric Clean Energy Fund over the next three years for vehicles. the following purposes: The first phase of the CEV program ran from ◼ $7.5 million for point-of-sale incentives for 2011 to 2014 and helped support the purchase electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. of 950 electric vehicles and the development ◼ $1.59 million for investments in charging of over 1,000 charging stations, and resulted infrastructure and hydrogen fuelling in 57,000 tonnes of direct emissions reductions infrastructure. – equivalent to taking approximately 1,000 ◼ $1 million for incentives for commercial vehicles off the road.



The Ministry of Energy and Mines will administer and implement the CEV program through partnerships with the New Car Dealers Association of British Columbia, the Fraser Basin Council, and the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. Quote: Blair Qualey, president and CEO of the New Car Dealers Association of B.C. is delighted with the announcement. EV “Our members are seeing increasing interest from consumers in purchasing electric vehicles and this program will provide many with the incentive they need to make a purchase.” Visitors to the Vancouver International Auto Show, which closes on Sunday, will have the opportunity to take a clean energy vehicle for a spin. Most manufacturers are also showing their clean energy vehicles inside the Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre West.

If you would like to plug in an all-electric Nissan LEAF at your home, this weekend is the last chance you will have to get one for nothing! British Columbia’s SCRAP-IT Program kindly supplied us with one of the eco-friendly sedans as a prize in our Plug-In to Win Contest, which closes at midnight on Sunday (see below for entry details). The winner will be announced online next week and Driveway will feature an interview with the lucky winner in an upcoming edition. SCRAP-IT announced its new incentive program here last week, which offers a $3,000 rebate for electric car purchasers if they scrap a 2000 or older vehicle. This is in addition to the newly announced provincial government program detailed in our main story today. The LEAF will be on display at the SCRAP-IT booth throughout this weekend at the Vancouver International Auto Show, in the Vancouver Convention Centre West. Qualifying electric vehicles for the organization’s incentive are listed on the website. Take a look because some of them, plus vehicles qualifying under the additional government program will be at the show to view and some made available there for test drives outside.


For information on electric vehicles and charging systems and infrastructure visit Plug-In BC at: For details of the Clean Energy Vehicle incentive program visit: Write to Keith at

Plug in to win!


Vancouver Convention Centre West Weekdays, Noon - 10 pm, admission $15*; Saturday, 10 am - 10 pm, admission $17*; Sunday, 10 am - 6 pm, admission $17*. *Discounts for seniors (65+), students with valid ID, children ages seven - 12 (except Tuesday), multi-day passes, and family packs.


Enter for your chance to win at Presented by




MARCH 24-29 2015

For more information and to purchase tickets:

Greater Okanagan RV Show & Sale Manufacturer Sponsored Event

FREE ADMISSION Donations to the Kelowna Community Foodbank are greatly appreciated.

Sponsored by

Kelowna Community

Food Bank

Site On cing! n Fina ple Banksr

ti fo Mul eting s. p com busines r you

April 3rd- 6th, 2015 Friday Saturday

11am - 9pm 10am - 8pm

Sunday Monday

11am - 6pm 11am - 6pm

at the Kelowna Curling Club - 551 Recreation Ave


Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC


Hole in one for Golf Sportwagon


Austin, TX – The latest seventh generation Volkswagen Golf has been a huge hit, winning the World Car of the Year award, along with the North American Car of the Year and several other titles. The effort and billions of dollars, VW invested in its small car platform, called MQB, is at the core of this success. This lighter, yet stronger platform is so flexible the Volkswagen Group has plans to use it for dozens of vehicles throughout the many brands it builds. The benefit to the consumer




The smooth power, good feedback to the driver…reminds us why this car has won so many awards.


Zack Spencer

is a vehicle that is lighter, can use a smaller, more


$5,000 OFF 0.9% 48 MONTHS FOR UP TO





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Top Safety Pick Plus applies to Outlander GT only.


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$9,998 $1,450 ♮







3,500 LB TOWING CAPACITY Outlander GT S-AWC model shown‡



Available on Lancer SE AWC, Limited Edition AWC and GT AWC §

Excludes Lancer Evolution, Ralliart and Sportback

2015 RVR















Best backed cars in the world*












^ $5,000/$1,500 off purchase price is composed of $2,000/$500 consumer cash discount, $1,500/$1,000 loyalty rebate and $1,500/$0 lease rebate on a new 2015 Outlander SE AWC/2015 RVR ES 2WD leased/purchased and delivered between March 3, 2015 and March 31, 2015. Consumer cash discount/lease rebate will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes and will take place at time of purchase. Loyalty rebate will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. Other conditions apply. ▲ $2,000/$500 consumer cash discount applicable on 2015 Outlander SE AWC/2015 RVR ES 2WD models purchased between March 3, 2015 and March 31, 2015. Some conditions apply. * Based on MSRPs and applicable incentives of Outlander SE AWC and competitive models, plus included features such as Mitsubishi’s 10-year warranty, 3,500 lb towing capacity, V6 engine and 7-passenger seating. ♮ $9,998 starting price applies to 2015 Mirage ES (5MT), includes consumer cash discount of $2,500 and excludes freight and other fees. 2015 Mirage ES (5MT) MSRP is $12,498. Factory order may be required.  Based on MSRPs and applicable incentives of Mirage ES and competitive models, plus included features such as Mitsubishi’s 10-year warranty and class-leading fuel economy. ° $2,000 in extra features applies to 2015 Lancer SE AWC Limited Edition vehicles purchased from March 3, 2015 to March 31, 2015. See your dealer for details. $600 consumer cash discount applicable on 2015 Lancer SE AWC. Some conditions apply. § AWC standard on RVR SE AWC, Limited Edition and GT/Lancer SE AWC, Limited Edition SE AWC and GT AWC. S-AWC standard on Outlander GT. v Mitsubishi First Auto Program applies to Lancer, Sportback, RVR and Mirage (excluding ES 5MT model) vehicles, is applicable to all approved Scotiabank first-time automotive finance purchasers and must be combined with Scotiabank Subvented Finance Rates. Rebate amount will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. Some conditions apply. Please see dealer for details. Estimated combined city and highway ratings for non-hybrid sub-compacts based on Natural Resources Canada new testing methodology: Mirage highway 5.3 L/100 km (53 mpg), combined city/highway 5.9 L/100 km (48 mpg) and 6.4 L/100 km (44 mpg) in the city for CVT-equipped models. Actual fuel efficiency will vary with options, driving and vehicle conditions. ** Whichever comes first. Regular maintenance not included. See dealer or mitsubishi-motors. ca for warranty terms, restrictions and details. Some conditions apply.




Available on RVR SE AWC, Limited Edition and GT models§





YEAR 160,000 KM



2350 Enterprise Way Kelowna | 1-866-796-5167 |



efficient engine and, with huge economies of scale, VW can lower the price. The Golf hatchback along with the sportier GTI is available in the market now and very soon the Sportwagon (station wagon), built on the same successful platform, will arrive. Looks One could be forgiven for not noticing the major changes in this 2015 model but that is the way VW likes to do things-- keep the exterior looking familiar, yet radically update the things that are less obvious. The one thing that should get any buyer’s attention is the new starting price of $22,495, which is roughly $1,100 less than the last model. In addition, the base model gets standard 15inch alloy wheels, heated seats, Bluetooth and a backup camera for a total of $2,000 of additional value. The Sportwagon is sold as the base Trendline, the middle $24,695 Comfortline and the $30,495 Highline, with a $1,400 premium for an automatic transmission and $2,300 more for a TDI diesel engine. Inside This Sportwagon is a true sport utility vehicle. It has the lower, sportier stance of a car coupled with a huge cargo area that would put most small crossovers to shame. The front seats are heated and the rear seats split and fold. The remainder of the cabin is the same as the regular Golf family, with front and rear passenger dimensions the same except for rear passenger headroom, which makes way for the beautiful panoramic sunroof. The dash has high quality switches and dials and even the base model is fitted with a 14.7cm (5.8-inch) radio screen that doubles as a backup camera. This screen size is a bit on the small side but VW will increase the size slightly when the 2016 model arrives this fall. Drive What can’t be seen but is instantly obvious when driving is the new 170hp 1.8L turbocharged base engine, that is so much more advanced and responsive, compared to the old, less efficient 5-cylinder in the previous model. This engine has superb midrange torque and it runs on less expensive regular fuel. It’s efficient too, using 9.5L/100km in the city and 6.6L on the highway. The

optional diesel, with 150hp, but more importantly, 236 lb.-ft. of torque is only marginally more efficient, rated at 7.7L city and 5.4L on the highway. Considering this engine is $2,300 more expensive, the new turbo gasoline engine will certainly be a sensible choice for drivers that don’t pile on the kms. The gasoline engine gets a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic; the diesel gets a 6-speed manual or the high-tech duel clutch automatic.

Golf Sportwagon. It’s too bad both engines are not offered with the TDI’s transmissions. Great news for VW fans, waiting for all wheel drive (AWD), the 2017 model will arrive with AWD in the Sportwagon and that technology should spread to the rest of the Golf line. Verdict Volkswagen held the launch event for this Sportwagon in Texas, hoping for beautiful sunny weather but we were treated to pouring rain. With the wipers plugging away and the radio on, this latest Golf feels all grown up, almost “Audi Light”. The smooth power, along with the good feedback to the driver, plus the well-insulated cabin reminds us why this car has won so many awards. The Sportwagon takes all the goodness of the hatchback and shares it in a slightly longer and more useful package. If you are in the market for a small sport utility, give this truly sporty utility a try. zack.spencer@drivewaybc. ca

The Lowdown: Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon Power: 1.8L turbo with 170hp, 2.0L diesel turbo with 150hp Fill-up: 8.5L/6.4L/100km (city/highway) Sticker price: $22,495$34,195




ALL-NEW CHEVY COLORADO 2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year®


2015 SILVERADO 1500


2 $









CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 Awarded The Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in its Class by Vincentric ‡ CHEVY SILVERADO HD Awarded The “Highest-Ranked Large Heavy-Duty Pickup in Initial Quality in the U.S. ‡‡” by J.D. Power




Includes $4,500 Delivery Credit, $2,420 Package Discount, $2,080 Cash Credit, $1,000 Owner Cash††.



See For Details

MyLink† with Remote Start Class-Exclusive Rear Vision 4G LTE Wi-Fi® ~ Camera Automatic Locking Rear Differential



135 0

145 0





% Bi-weekly for 24 Months with $2,250 Down Based on a Lease Price Of $30,902**. Includes $1,000 Owner Cash for Eligible Customers††, $4,500 in Credits, $1,000 Discount Credit, Freight & PDI.



Bi-weekly for 24 Months with $2,250 Down Based on a Lease Price Of $33,857**. Includes $1,000 Owner Cash for Eligible Customers††, $3,500 in Credits, $1,000 Discount Credit, Freight & PDI.




Call Don Folk Chevrolet at 250-860-6000, or visit us at 2350 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna. [License #6639]


ON NOW AT YOUR BC CHEVROLET DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the purchase, lease and finance of a 2015 Silverado 1500 Double Cab 1WT (G80/B30/H2R) equipped as described. Freight ($1,695) and PDI included. License, insurance, registration, administration fees, dealer fees, PPSA and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in BC Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be required. ‡ Based on Vincentric 2014 Model Level Analysis of full-size pickups in the Canadian retail market. ‡‡ The Chevrolet Silverado HD received the lowest number of problems per 100 vehicles among large heavy-duty pickups in the proprietary J.D. Power U.S. 2014 Initial Quality Study.SM Study based on responses from 86,118 new-vehicle owners, measuring 239 models and measures opinions after 90 days of ownership. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of owners surveyed in February-May 2014. Your experiences may vary. Visit * $10,000 is a combined total credit consisting of a $4,500 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive) for 2015 Silverado Light Duty Double Cab, $1,000 Owner Cash (tax inclusive), a $2,420 manufacturer to dealer Option Package Discount Credit (tax exclusive) for 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Light Duty (1500) Double Cab 1LT equipped with a True North Edition and a $2,080 manufacturer to dealer cash credit (tax exclusive) on Silverado Light Duty (1500) Double Cab LS Chrome Edition, LT and LTZ, which is available for cash purchases only and cannot be combined with special lease and finance rates. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing this $2,080 credit which will result in higher effective interest rates. Discounts vary by model. †† Offer applies to eligible current owners or lessees of any model year 1999 or newer car that has been registered and insured in Canada in the customer’s name for the previous consecutive six (6) months. Credit valid towards the retail purchase or lease of one eligible 2015 model year Chevrolet car, SUV, crossover and pickups models delivered in Canada between March 3rd – March 31st 2015. Credit is a manufacturer to consumer incentive (tax inclusive) and credit value depends on model purchased: $500 credit available on Chevrolet Spark, Sonic, Cruze, Volt, Trax, Malibu (expect LS) ; $750 credit available on others Chevrolet vehicles (except Colorado 2SA, Camaro Z28, Malibu LS, Silverado Light Duty and Heavy Duty); $1000 credit available on all Chevrolet Silverado’s. Offer is transferable to a family member living within the same household (proof of address required). As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada Limited (GMCL) to verify eligibility. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Certain limitations or conditions apply. Void where prohibited. See your GMCL dealer for details. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate offers for any reason in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. Offer applies to eligible current owners or lessees of any Pontiac/Saturn/SAAB/Hummer/Oldsmobile model year 1999 or newer car or Chevrolet Cobalt or HHR that has been registered and insured in Canada in the customer’s name for the previous consecutive six (6) months. Credit valid towards the retail purchase or lease of one eligible 2015 model year Chevrolet car, SUV, crossover and pickups models delivered in Canada between March 3rd – March 31st 2015. Credit is a manufacturer to consumer incentive (tax inclusive): $1,000 credit available on Chevrolet Spark, Sonic, Cruze, Volt, Trax, Malibu (expect LS); $1,500 credit available on other eligible Chevrolet vehicles (except Chevrolet Colorado 2SA, Camaro Z28, Malibu LS). Offer is transferable to a family member living within the same household (proof of address required). As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada Limited (GMCL) to verify eligibility. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Certain limitations or conditions apply. Void where prohibited. See your GMCL dealer for details. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate offers for any reason in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. † MyLink functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth® and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices. .**Lease based on a purchase price of $30,902/$33,857 (including $4,500/$3,500 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit, a $1,000/$1,000 manufacturer to dealer Option Package Discount Credit and a $893 Owner Cash) for a Silverado 1500 Double Cab 1WT (G80/B30/H2R) and Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 1WT (G80/B30/H2R).Bi-weekly payment is $135/$145 for 24 months at 0.0% APR, and includes Freight and Air Tax, on approved credit to qualified retail customers by GM Financial. Annual kilometer limit of 20,000 km, $0.16 per excess kilometer. $2,250 down payment is required. Payment may vary depending on down payment trade. Total obligation is $9,271/$9,796, plus applicable taxes. Option to purchase at lease end is $21,631/$24,061. Price and total obligation exclude license, insurance, registration, taxes, dealer fees and optional equipment. Other lease options are available. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offer which may notbe combined with other offers. See your dealer for conditions and details. General Motors of Canada Limited reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice.<> U.S. government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( + Based on 2014 Large Pickup segment and latest competitive information available at time of posting. Excludes other GM vehicles. 5-year/160,000 kilometre Powertrain Limited Warranty, whichever comes first. See dealer for details. ~ 2015 Silverado 1500 with available 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission has a fuel-consumption rating of 12.7 L/100 km combined (4x2) and 13.0 L/100 km combined (4x4). Fuel-consumption ratings based on GM testing in accordance with the new 2015 model-year Government of Canada approved test methods. Refer to for details. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. Comparison based on 2014 Large Pickup segment and latest competitive information available. Competitive fuel-consumption ratings based on 2014 Natural Resources Canada’s Fuel Consumption Guide. Excludes other GM vehicles. ††† Visit for coverage maps, details and system limitations. Services and connectivity may vary by model and conditions. OnStar with 4G LTE connectivity is available on select vehicle models and in select markets. Customers will be able to access OnStar services only if they accept the OnStar User Terms and Privacy Statement (including software terms). OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. After the trial period (if applicable), an active OnStar service plan is required. ^ The 2-Year Scheduled LOF Maintenance Program provides eligible customers in Canada who have purchased, leased or financed a new eligible 2015 MY Chevrolet vehicle (excluding Spark EV) with an ACDelco oil and filter change, in accordance with the Oil Life Monitoring System and the Owner’s Manual, for 2 years or 40,000 km, whichever occurs first, with a limit of four lube-oil-filter services in total, performed at participating GM dealers. Fluid top-offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc., are not covered. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motors of Canada Limited reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ^^Whichever comes first. See dealer for details.

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Wise customers read the fine print: *, †, Ω, ≥, § The Guts Glory Sales Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after March 3, 2015. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing includes freight ($1,695) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees, ther dealer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2014/2015 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. †0% purchase financing for up to 36 months available on select new 2015 models to qualified customers on approved credit through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. etailer order/trade may be necessary. Examples: 2015 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4 (25A+AGR) with a Purchase Price of $27,998 with a $0 down payment, financed at 0% for 36 months equals 78 bi-weekly payments of $358 with a cost of borrowing of $0 and a total obligation of $27,998. Ω$10,000 in total discounts includes $8,500 Consumer Cash and $1,500 Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash. Consumer Cash iscounts are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. $1,500 Ram Truck Loyalty/Conquest/Skilled Trades Bonus Cash is available on the retail purchase/lease of 2015 Ram 1500 (excludes Reg. Cab), 2014 Ram 2500/3500, 2015 Ram ProMaster or 2015 Ram Cargo Van and is deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. Eligible customers include: 1. Current owners/lessees of a Dodge or Ram Pickup ruck or Large Van or any other manufacturer’s Pickup Truck or Large Van. The vehicle must have been owned/leased by the eligible customer and registered in their name on or before March 3, 2015. Proof of ownership/Lease agreement will be required. 2. Customers who are skilled tradesmen or are acquiring a skilled trade. This includes Licensed Tradesmen, Certified Journeymen or customers who have completed n Apprenticeship Certification. A copy of the Trade Licence/Certification required. 3. Customers who are Baeumler Approved service providers. Proof of membership is required. Limit one $1,500 bonus cash offer per eligible transaction. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details.≥3.49% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2015 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT models through BC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Example: 2015 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT with a Purchase Price of $27,998 (including applicable Consumer Cash) financed at 3.49% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 416 weekly payments of $77 with a cost of borrowing of $4,099 and a total obligation of $32,097. §Starting from prices for vehicles shown include Consumer Cash Discounts and do not include pgrades (e.g. paint). Upgrades available for additional cost. ••With as low as 7.1 L/100 km (40 MPG) highway. Based on 2014 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption ratings. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors. 10.2 L/100 km (28 MPG) city and 7.1 L/100 km (40 MPG) highway on Ram 1500 4x2 model with 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 and -speed automatic. Ask your dealer for EnerGuide information. ¥Longevity based on IHS Automotive: Polk Canadian Vehicles In Operation data as of July 1, 2013, for model years 1994-2013 for all large pickups sold and available in Canada over the last 20 years. ≤Based on 2500/250 and 3500/350 class pickups. When properly equipped. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc.

B4 Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC


2015 RAM 1500 ST




in total discounts

get up to




77 @

30,000 LB



Starting from price for 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie Limited Quad Cab w/ EcoDiesel shown: $56,745.§




3.49 %

CANADA’S LONGEST-LASTING DIESEL PICKUP great offers on A 2014 ram heavy duty ¥





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Still sharp looking after all these years: Volvo C30 The Volvo C30 is a compact two-door hatchback that seats four people in up-level comfort. I’m always struck by how attractive and sharp looking it can still look, when I see one on the road, even though its design dates back to 2006 and Volvo last sold the C30 in Canada in 2013. That distinctive big-glass rear hatch is a tribute to the Volvo P1800, a classic 70s era sports car. We join the C30 story in 2009 when a mild redesign brought new standard equipment and added a new R-Design package. Heated front seats, front fog lights and an upgraded 8-speaker audio system with steering wheel-mounted controls became standard features. A base C30 comes with a 2.4-litre, 5-cylinder engine that can produce 168-horsepower and 170 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s mated to either a 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 5-speed automatic with Geartronic (a manual shift mode). Fuel economy is rated at 11.9 L/100 km in city and 8.5 L/100 km on


Compact yet comfortable, the Volvo C30 has a bigger car feel and a sporty, fun-to-drive disposition… Bob McHugh


the highway using the new five-cycle method, but premium fuel is recommended. The T5 edition of the C30 comes with a turbocharged 2.5 litre, 5-cylinder engine that can produce 227-horsepower and 236 lb.-ft. of torque. A six-speed manual transmission was standard and it came with the optional 5-speed automatic with Geartronic. Fuel economy the same as the 2.4-litre. Volvo uses a quiet, low-pressure turbocharger on the 2.5-litre engine and it’s engineered to provide good pulling power at low

Volvo C30.


engine speeds. Comparing it to the 2.4L, the 2.5L can develop an addition 66 ft lbs of torque at an engine speed as low as 1500 rpm. The side doors are extra long and allow good access to the rear seats. However, they can also be awkward to open in a tight parking stall. The rear seatbacks split 50/50 and fold to create a flat expanded load floor with 57 litres of cargo room. Even with the seatbacks up there’s still 37 litres of storage space. The SIPS (side-impact protection) and the WHIPS (whiplash neck injury

protection) are just two of the many great safety features built into a C30. Optional advanced safety systems available included a camera-based Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). In 2010, Volvo revised C30’s trim line up and it came in Base 2.4i, Premium, R-Design, T5 Premium and T5 R-Design trim levels. The 2.4i engine editions were discontinued in 2011. It also got a styling refresh that included new fenders, trapezoidal headlights, lower front valance, and honeycomb-pattern grille with larger badge. Some

small changes followed in 2012 and no changes were made for its final (2013) year in Canada. Compact yet comfortable, the Volvo C30 has a bigger car feel and a sporty, funto-drive disposition, yet it excels in both ride comfort and safety appointments.

Web site, which explains how to verify if their units are involved and includes procedures to follow for product exchange. 2008/2009 – An improperly manufactured power steering return hose may rupture, leak fluid and cause an unexpected loss of steering power assist. Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the power steering return line assembly. 2010/2011 – The gearshift lever stud assembly may not have been tightened to a correct torque setting. If the gearshift lever cable or stud assembly becomes loose, it may not be possible to engage,

disengage, or shift gears. Dealers will inspect and torque the gearshift lever stud assembly to the correct specification. 2011 – A body frame member (in the engine compartment) may have been manufactured incorrectly and may have developed a crack during the forming process, reducing crash performance of the vehicle. Dealers will inspect the member and if a crack is found, Volvo will take the vehicle out of service and replace it with a new one of equal specification. bob.mchugh@drivewaybc. ca

Price Check: Volvo C30 2009 - 2013 (March 2015) Year Edition Expect to pay today 2009: 2010: 2011: 2012: 2013:

Safety Recalls: 2009 to 2013 Volvo C30 2007 to 2010 – Overheating may occur to batteries manufactured within a limited date code range. Dealers will direct customers who have an affected unit to the Garmin

T5 T5 T5 T5 T5

$13,000 to $16,000 $15,000 to $18,000 $17,000 to $20,000 $19,000 to $23,000 $21,000 to $25,000

Prices vary depending on a used vehicle’s condition, mileage, usage and history. A complete mechanical check should always be performed by a reliable auto technician prior to purchase.



















*Pricing applies to a 2015 Outback 2.5i (FD1 BP) with MSRP of $27,995 excluding freight & PDI ($1,650), documentation fees ($395) and battery tax ($30). License, taxes, insurance and registration extra. Dealers may sell for less. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Model shown is a 2015 Outback 2.5i Limited Package (FD2 LP) with MSRP of $37,970 including freight & PDI ($1,650), documentation fees ($395), and battery tax ($30). License, taxes, insurance and registration extra. Vehicle shown solely for purpose of illustration, and may not be equipped exactly as shown. **0.9% lease/finance rates available on all new 2015 Outback models for a 24-month term. Financing and leasing programs available through Toyota Credit Canada Inc. on approved credit. † Limited time $500 Subaru Dollars offer applies only to retail purchase, lease, or finance agreements for new 2014 or 2015 XV Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, Legacy, Impreza, WRX/WRX-STI or BRZ models and is valid until April 30, 2015. One $500 Subaru Dollars offer per vehicle sold. Offer is not cash redeemable. Offer must be presented to dealer up front. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. **Offers valid until March 31st, 2015. See your local Subaru dealer or visit for complete program details.‡ Ratings are awarded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Please visit for testing methods.

Orchard Ford

Leathead Rd


RED URBAN Client: Subaru

2759 Hwy. 97N

Account Manager: Maia



Enterprise Rd

33 Bloor Street East, suite 1100, Toronto, Ontario M4W 3H1 416-324-6330 File Name: SBU-P51961-A_VanProv Creative Team: Brendan/Phil

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Production Artist(s): JC 250-861-6163 Production Manager: Tracy Haapamaki First Ins. Date: March 6 (Due March 4)


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Personalize your truck safely Purchasing a new or used truck is exciting but personalizing it is even more fun. Believe me when I tell you, buying the truck is the cheap part.

Rally driving teaches skill we could all use.

Rally driving an art form


One of the more popular things to do these days is to install a suspension lift along with larger tires and wheels. Ian Harwood


I have seen people over the years spend upwards of $25,000 or more on customization. One of the more popular things to do these days is to install a suspension lift along with larger tires and wheels. If you’re going to tackle this yourself, here are a few things you should know. Installation: Many manufacturers offer manuals for installing lift kits but some installations are quite intricate, requiring some welding or cutting in order to add some necessary components. In this case, having a mechanic or a few knowledgeable friends around will help make the job go smoothly. Additional modifications: Upgrading to taller tires also means that a number of components may require part upgrades or some tuning to compensate. For instance, a truck’s engine is tuned at specific gear


Keep safety in mind while personalizing your truck. ratios to propel the vehicle. When adding taller tires, the gear ratios must be changed accordingly, since the engine has to spin much larger, heavier tires. You will also be required to purchase a speedometer recalibration tool, so you have an accurate reading. Again, consult with more experienced individuals for further insight.

to reduce the strain.

Highway driving: Larger, wider tires can sometimes result in instability on roads or a noisy, uncomfortable ride, particularly at high speeds. Also, more aggressive off road tires tend to wear faster on the highway and traction might not be as great as you would expect on wet roads.

Legality: Some lift kits create such a serious change in your suspension system that it may not be legal. Check the suspension regulations within your province to be sure.

Weight: larger tires are heavier, which can put a lot of strain on your suspension, particularly if it is a stock suspension. Trusted, durable suspension components and lighter aluminum wheels can sometimes help

Handling: Adding a truck suspension lift kit will undoubtedly raise the vehicle’s centre of gravity, resulting in less stable turns. This is a common problem when installing lift kits, but is mostly just a matter of becoming accustomed to a vehicle’s change in performance.

Useful accessories: Before installing a lift kit, it’s a good idea to first examine if any components will be affected by your vehicle’s new height. Here are a few useful accessories that may need to be upgraded: Brake Upgrades: Stock brakes do not always accommodate larger tires, or will wear easily due to the


added strain. Drivetrain and Differential: Axles, gears, differential covers, lockers and more ensure that your drivetrain is up to par with your suspension. Replacement parts: Longer Control Arms and Track Bars to compensate for the additional height of your truck. Shocks: For those taller lifts, longer shocks will ensure the smoothest performance both on and off road. Other parts: Steering linkage, slip yoke, drive shaft length, u-joint angle, and brake lines are all worthy of consideration before installing suspension lift kits. Search the Internet. There are many sites which offer complete instructions on various suspension lifts. You can download a copy before you make the purchase, and know exactly what is in involved. ian.harwood@drivewaybc. ca

Win great prizes: D# 5601


Dalton, New Hampshire – “Every day’s a school day,” is a popular saying of a friend of mine. Some lessons are tougher than others are and we can’t wait for them to be over. Then there are some school days we just don’t want to end. One of those days was with the Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire. Housed on close to 600 acres of land there’s room to stretch out for those new to the art. I call it an art because rally driving is about the fine balance of finesse with throttle, brake and steering input. Make a few mistakes and it’s not a pretty picture. In the journey to master car control skills, there’s also about 10 kilometres of rally-ready trails – which can be driven in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to mix things up – so there’s not much room for boredom. While I’d been to the school previously, the conditions were completely different. The dry, dirt-covered earth from summertime was now replaced with snow, ice and all the slipperiness your heart desires, thanks to Old Man Winter. Equipped with newfound knowledge, or knowledge that was sitting on the shelf and just needed a little dusting off, the short opening classroom session was not only educational,

but fantastically entertaining and funny. With that completed, the group of Canadian journalists headed out to our chariots. They just happened to be Ford Fiestas. If Ford’s subcompact wasn’t fun enough to drive in a “normal” setting, it sure was here. The Fiestas have mainly stock components, aside from rollover bars, fourpoint seat belts, Bilstein heavy-duty suspension components and performance brake pads. Perhaps that’s what was so appealing. Here were these 120 horsepowered cars, slipping and sliding (sometimes) with grace and poise, and the amount of mirth to be had was limitless. The objective of the day was to factor in left-foot braking techniques on an oval, in a slalom and via what rallying calls the Scandinavian flick. It’s frustrating and rewarding at the same time knowing that the difference between doing it correctly or screwing it up is really only within the gentle feathering of the brakes or the addition of a little more



stk stk#VQ1236Z

COMFORTLINE. Only 14,000 kms, cloth, A/C, heated seats, DSG

HIGHLINE 4Motion. Panoramic sunroof, heated seats, leather, A/C, AWD



2012 GOLF 2.5L

HIGHLINE. Fully loaded, leather, sunroof, navigation stk stk#5VJ128AZ

$ 1717 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna

Alexandra Straub




throttle. Once you find the sweet spot, you want to ride it out for as long as you can. Or until you get too confident and end up in a snow bank! Oops. You still have to be mindful of the surface conditions underneath. But that’s what the school is for. Should your vehicle start dancing when you don’t want it too, you’ll be ready to mitigate damage, or avoid it all together. It gives you a feel for the ever-changing environment and how to be proactive rather than reactive. And while it was all fun and games behind the wheel, it was equally a treat to have a fellow Canuck, a pro nonetheless, take us for a couple of hot laps and show us how it’s really done. Andrew Comrie-Picard (ACP for short) was on hand and put my day’s efforts to shame when he combined all the techniques we had learned, blended them seamlessly together, and then did it a hundred times faster. This day, I learned that speed and finesse go handin-hand. That no matter how many times we drove around the same course, it was always different. That school is a lot of fun and that car control is an art. And that I want to be a rally driver in my next life. Visit for more information.







*SIMPLY YOUR BEST PROTECTION • Financing from 0.9% • VW 6 yr/120,000 km Warranty • 24 hr Road Side Assistance • All Vehicles Go Through an Intensive Factory Inspection

• Reconditioned with VW Genuine Parts • Priced Under Market Value • All Vehicles Include a Full Proof History Report

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Coming Events





SHOPARAMA March 28 &29 Vernon Rec Centre, 3310-37 Ave, Artisans, Entrepreneurs, Home-Based business, baking too. 100’s of unique gift items. Door prizes, concession. FREE admission.

SPCA (AUX) Bazaar / Luncheon. Saturday, April 4th, 10-1, First United Church, 721 Bernard Ave. IN FIND IT THE CLASSIFIEDS



ALOJZ (LOUIS) MORELJ JUNE 8, 1920 – MARCH 26, 2014 It’s been a year since we last saw your smile. The day before you began your last journey, will always be remembered as one of my special days with you. Mom misses you lots and Susie, Donna and Frank too. Frank is coming up to raise a glass of Slivovitz and share a few tears as we reminisce about our youth with you at the cottage. You had a long life my Old Man, not all of it easy, not all of it is known as you kept those early years to yourself. But it still seems you should still be here sitting on your recliner, with Sundays just not the same anymore. Our Susie, misses those lazy Sundays as we gathered for supper. And I know she goes to visit you as you are in her thoughts. While we are gathering again this Sunday to remember, it will not be the same, but you will be in our hearts this Sunday and for always.

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FIRST MEMORIAL FUNERAL SERVICE To find out the many benefits of pre-arranging please call 762-2299

Terance Coderre Assistant Manager


In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Memorial Gifts 1265 Ellis Street, Kelowna Phone: 250-763-7161

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#102 - 151 Commercial Drive, Kelowna V1X 7W2 Ph: 250-765-2661 • Fax: 250-765-3057 • Web: Contact: Lisa Hobson • Email:

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Please be aware that all classied advertising is non refundable and non transferable upon cancellation. ATTENTION The Capital News cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. Easter Bake Sale Ukr. Catholic Hall 1091 Coronation & Gordon 9am -1pm Sat., March 28 Easter bread, perogies, cabbage rolls and sausage baked goods.

Lawrence passed away peacefully at Okanagan Hospice House on March 6, 2015 at the age of 92. He was predeceased by his wife, Vera, and his parents: Gustav and Gertrude Swanson; two brothers; a sister; three half-brothers and a half-sister. He is survived by three children: Ellen (Stuart) Mould, Ron (Elinor) Swanson, and Gloria (Garry) Shiosaki. He had eight grandchildren: Deanne, Roni, and Laura Mould, Leif and Nikki Swanson, Brian Smith, Kayla and Carly Shiosaki as well as seven great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. Lawrence was born December 16, 1922 in Elk Point, Alberta, and moved to the Okanagan with his family in 1956. He worked for several employers, including Chapman Van Lines and Motorways Transport, from which he retired in 1988. A celebration of life will be held at First Memorial Funeral Services, 1211 Sutherland Avenue, Kelowna, BC on April 4th, 2015 at 2:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Lawrence’s name to the Central Okanagan Hospice Association, #104-1456 St. Paul Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2E6. To leave an online condolence to the family, please visit our website: Arrangements in care of First Memorial Funeral Services, Kelowna, BC. 250-762-2299


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Box 20193, RPO Towne Centre, Kelowna, BC

250-763- 1040

The eyes have it Fetch a Friend from the SPCA today!


FEB. 18, 1931 - MARCH 23, 2015 Born in Giscome, B.C. He was an air force brat and moved around a good portion of Canada during the war years eventually finishing school in Cultus Lake. He started his working career with Don Lange Jewellers in various stores throughout the Fraser Valley coming to Kelowna to manage the one here February 18th of 1955 on which day he met his future wife. Just arrived in a new town, it’s his birthday, a double blind date has been organized and it’s a blind date for the other couple too.....doesn’t get much worse. Jean was sitting on the sofa looking this new fellow up and down as he takes her sister out on this blind date. Some months later she happens to take her mother in to his store while shopping and on the spur of the moment said “Mom, see that man over there....I”m going to marry him, and some months later she did. They celebrated their 59th anniversary on March 3rd. He is survived by his wife Jean, daughter Cali Linley (Adam) of Williams Lake, and three sons, Matthew and Richard of Kelowna and Hugh (Shelley) of Victoria. There are eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren, one brother Bill in North Bay and a brother-in-law Walter Bradshaw in Gibsons B.C. He was predeceased by his sister Barbara Bradshaw from Gibsons. Terry had been involved in Kinsmen, Gyro, Kelowna Club, Regatta and the Kelowna Pistol Club having won several national trophies and medals. He was made a life member. In 1966 he joined CHBC as the weatherman and a sales representative. He became assistant manager and then resigned to join his wife at TJ Bikes and Hobbies for the next 17 years. As a hobby shop it carried R/C models. He designed the TJ trainer and they were sold as kits. He loved working with his hands. He made furniture, did carvings, painted, built model ships and was a frustrated architect. He designed many homes here in Kelowna and at the coast. He loved art of any sort, reading (sci-fi). He loved metal detecting and his record was three pieces of gold in one morning. He retired to be able to travel and their best trips were to Bali and the Panama Canal re-positioning Cruise. They played bridge and mahjong with friends alternating games weekly. There will be no service at his request. Condolences may be sent to the family by, 250-860-7077.

KEMBEL, THEODORE RICHARD “DICK” Passed away suddenly on March 24, 2015 at the age of 91. He is survived by his loving family, five children: Barbara Jordan, Cherry Kembel, Ted (Colleen) Kembel, Darla Kembel and Brian (Arlene) Kembel; 13 grandchildren; 12 great grandchildren; two great great grandchildren; sister Verna Browning and brother Vern (Betty). A Funeral Service will be held on Monday, March 30th at 10:00 am at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the BC Heart & Stroke Foundation, #4 – 1551 Sutherland Ave., Kelowna, BC V1Y 9M9. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting 250-860-7077.


June 24, 1942 ~ March 24, 2015 Passed away peacefully in Kelowna Hospice House after a brief battle with cancer at 72 years of age. He leaves to mourn his wife Judie of West Kelowna, daughters Gillian (Rob), their son Gabriel Colvin; Emily Vergnano, grandchildren Eric and Elizabeth Vergnano and Austyn Fallis, all of Kelowna. He is also survived by sisters Dianne (Ron) Willett of Vancouver, their daughter Brenda, grandchildren Lindsay and Nathan, great granddaughter Abby; son Rick (Laura) Willett, grandchildren, Olivia and Sam; Louise (Brian) Collins of Prince Edward Island and son Jason (Kim) Vergnano, Nilan and Kyle, daughter Anna and Simone; Lorraine (Barry) Russell of Delta, Ryan, Sara and Catherine; and by his brother-in-law Peter (Pat) Steeves of Peachland, their sons Bill (Tracey) Steeves, grandsons Brandon, Cory and Trevor; Jim (Kristy) and grandchildren Sean, Sara and Ashley. Denny loved the outdoors: hunting, fishing, camping and just walking in the woods, and as a member of the Peachland Sportsman’s Association for nearly three decades, did what he could to ensure there was healthy habitat for fish and wildlife as a legacy for everyone’s grandchildren. He was born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, but moved out to B.C. with his family in time to begin school in Vancouver, where he grew up and apprenticed as a printer at Pacific Press. It was at the Vancouver Press Club that he met and began dating Judie some 40 years ago and both worked at the Columbian newspaper in New Westminster, he in the composing room and she in editorial, before they indulged a mutual dream and moved to a remote corner of the Cariboo. There they built a log home on 40 acres complete with creek, but beyond the last power line and lived for a number of years before the needs of two young children dictated a move to the Okanagan. Denny worked as a printer at the Kelowna Daily Courier for more than a decade before his retirement from the trade when he began working with another great bunch of people at Northside Industries on the Westside until his retirement in 2007. We will all miss you Denny. You were my rock. You always supported me in my professional and volunteer ventures and you kept me grounded. His request was that no formal service be held but that friends and family gather at his home to reminisce, which we will do on Sunday April 5, from 2-5 p.m. Donations to the Central Okanagan Land Trust or the Okanagan Region Wildlife Heritage Fund Society in his memory would help to further his interest in conservation of land for wildlife. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting


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PALMER, OWEN PATRICK (PAT) On March 25, 2015, Pat Palmer went to join his wife Dianne, surrounded by his loving family, at the age of 81. Prayers will be held on Friday, March 27th at 6:00 pm at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, March 28th at 10:30 am at St. Charles Garnier Parish, 3645 Benvoulin Road, Kelowna, BC. In lieu of flowers, memorialdonations may be made to St. Vincent de Paul Society, c/o of the church or the Central Okanagan Hospice House, 223 5 Ethel Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2Z6. Condolences may be sent to the family by, 250-860-7077.

DEGNER, NEIL ALAN Neil Degner passed away in Kelowna, BC on March 24, 2015. He will be lovingly remembered by his wife Sonya, son Dean, mother Beverley, and many family and friends. Sadly, Neil was predeceased by his son Jason, father Harold, and brother Jim. There will be a gathering for the comfort of family and friends at 1 p.m., Saturday, March 28, 2015 at the Meeting Room of Carmel Court, 1450 Bertram Street, Kelowna, BC. To leave an online condolence to the family, please visit our website: Arrangements in care of First Memorial Funeral Services, Kelowna, BC. 250-762-2299


NOVEMBER 18, 1945 ~ MARCH 23, 2015 Gordon passed away at 1:46 am on March 23, 2015, with his family at his side holding his hands as he completed his final journey. He is survived by his loving family: daughter Kellie Quinnell (nee Ettel) and her daughter Jessica Ettel; son Darin Ettel, and Gord’s loving girlfriend Shirley Arrell and a large extended family. A celebration of Gordon’s life will be held on April 3rd, 2015 at 1:00 pm at Army Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada, 270 Dougal Road Unit 376, Kelowna, BC. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior, 399 Royal Avenue, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 5L3. For more information on Gordon’s life or to send condolences to the family, please visit 250-860-7077.

BROWN, JUNE ESTHER On March 19th, 2015 June Esther Brown (nee Heacock) passed away peacefully at the age of 97 years. June was born in Athabasca, AB, and moved with her family to Vegreville AB in 1930. At the outbreak of war she moved to Edmonton where she joined the Alberta Women’s Service Corps. then the CWAC and was on the second draft overseas. At the end of the war June returned to Edmonton and in 1949 married Harry Brown. They settled in Sherwood Park, AB where June became active in the Royal Purple, UCW, and Royal Canadian Legion. After Harry passed away June moved to Kelowna in 1980 and again continued many more years of volunteer service with the Royal Canadian Legion, Poppy Office, Meals on Wheels and ALERT Emergency Response Program. She will be lovingly remembered by her son, Ken, daughter Kathy, sister-in-law Freda Heacock, granddaughter Amanda, numerous nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and friends. June was predeceased by her parents Kenneth and Rebecca Heacock, husband Harry, sister Muriel and brothers George and Harold. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to KCTS9 Public Television BC, the SPCA or a charity of your choice. Condolences may be sent to the family at

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EASTER TEA & BAKE SALE Saturday, March 28 9:30am - 1:00pm Ukrainian Orthodox Hall 1935 Barlee Rd Easter Bread, perogies, cabbage rolls, baked goods and much MORE.

While we try to ensure all advertisements appearing in the Kelowna Capital News are placed by reputable businesses with legitimate offers, we do caution our readers to undertake due diligence when answering any advertisement, particularly when the advertiser is asking for monies up front.

Starting at



Hungarian Easter Bazaar


Sat. March 28, 10am-2pm.

Call the Classifieds to book a space

(beside Super 8 Inn)

Call: 250-769-1609

763-7114 or email: *Birth Announcements appear in the “Moments to Remember” section on the last page of classifieds.

Career Service / Job Search

Career Service / Job Search

Real Estate Advertising Consultant The Kelowna Capital News is a community newspaper with a distribution of over 46,000 copies serving the communities of the Central Okanagan. We are currently looking for an advertising consultant to look after an established account list that focuses on the real estate sector including new developments. The ideal candidate must be motivated and take the initiative to build relationships to help grow their clients’ business. You must be able to work well under the pressure of deadlines and be a team player able to drive and increase revenues in our community, online & feature publications. The Kelowna Capital News is part of the Black Press Group, the leading independent newspaper publisher in Canada. If you are interested in a rewarding challenge and would like to be part of a successful team please submit your resume with cover letter to: Karen Hill Publisher, Kelowna Capital News 2495 Enterprise Way Kelowna, BC V1X 7K2 fax: 250-862-5275 email: Closing date for submissions: April 17, 2015


Inside Advertising Consultant

The Kelowna Capital News is a community newspaper with a distribution of over 46,000 copies serving the communities of the Central Okanagan. We are currently looking for an advertising consultant to look after new business development for our community, online and feature publications. The ideal candidate must be motivated and take the initiative to build relationships to help grow their clients’ business. You must be able to work well under the pressure of deadlines and be a team player able to drive and increase revenues. The Kelowna Capital News is part of the Black Press Group, the leading independent newspaper publisher in Canada. If you are interested in a rewarding challenge and would like to be part of a successful team please submit your resume with cover letter to: Karen Hill Publisher, Kelowna Capital News 2495 Enterprise Way Kelowna, BC V1X 7K2 fax: 250-862-5275 email: Closing date for submissions: April 17, 2015


Refund Policy Our ads are non-refundable when booked for less than 4 weeks (12 issues), when cancelling a 4 week ad you will be refunded in weekly increments only, calculated at the appropriate discount level. Refunds not available for 1/2 price promotion.

West Kelowna, Ross Rd.

KELOWNA Buddhist Temple Spring Chow Mein April 19th. Pick-up between 1 and 3pm Chow Mein $7.50, Sushi $5, Gyoza $3.50 - 3 ways you may order: 1) you can email us your orders to; 2) call 250-860-2980 or 250762-2653; 3) visit our web site to place your order on-line

Alcohol Anonymous Ladies meet Every Wednesday at 11am-noon in basement of The United Church at 3672 Brown Rd., Westbank BC




Dental Hygienist

Peachland Dental has a full time opportunity for a Dental y}ienist in our Üell estaLlished] Lusy dental ofwce in Peachland° We are looking for enthusiasm and great people skills Work in a fun and established practice where we provide a premium dental experience for our patients Previous experience preferred Exceptional compensation package provided accordingly with experience°

Email your resume to:

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


PERSIAN Language Classes. Classes every Saturday 11am2pm.Call (250)-769-4929


Gent. wishes to meet slim, fit lady. I’m 6’1”, slim, 75 yrs., easy going, educated, farm overlooks Lake OK. Some organics, Yuma, L.A.. Please ph. 1-250-494-1999.

Lost & Found

FOUND 3 KEYS on a chain Value Village end of February Call 250-763-7114 FOUND black & white short haired cat roaming Oxford Ave. Call evenings between 8-9pm (250)212-4417 FOUND leather bracelet with silver band and wings at the Kelowna Capital News. It probably happened when you stopped by for the paper on Wed., March 25 Call 250-763-7114 to claim.

LOST: Bunch of keys tied together w/ green shoelaces on Hollywood Rd in Willow Park. Please call 250-868-3742 LOST March 10. Black sweater coat with satin trim, bustop on Hollywood & Hwy 33. Call 250-763-1958

Employment Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

US capable Class 1 Drivers required immediately: We are an Okanagan based transport company looking for qualified drivers for US loads we run primarily in the Pacific Northwest, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. We offer a new pay rate empty or loaded. All picks and drops paid. Assigned units company cell phones and fuel cards. Regular home time Direct deposit paid every second Friday with no hold backs. We offer a rider and pet policy. Company paid US travel Insurance. All applicants must have reliable transportation and a positive attitude. Please fax resume & abstract to 250-546-0600 or by email to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

Education/Trade Schools

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SignUp online! 1-866-399-3853

Job Postings

Farm Workers The City of Kelowna currently has opportunities for: • Planning Technician I • Sport and Event Services Manager • Communications Consultant - PT Apply online at

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

14 Orchard Workers req. for Parvinder Uppal & Baljit Uppal Orchard for June 20 - Oct. 31. 2711 Lakha Road Kelowna. $10.49 hr. 40hrs./wk. Call: 250-491-4069, 250-869-9834 OR E-mail 6 Orchard Workers needed at Paramjit & Harjinder Gill Orchard. June 20 - Oct 31. 2611 Lakha Rd. $10.50/hr. 40hrs /week Call 250-491-9608 JASWAL Farms looking for Orchard Workers from June 15 - Oct 31 $10.49/hr. Picking, all piece work. 250-317-6384

Education/Trade Schools

sCapital Capital News News Friday, Friday,March March27, 27,2015 2015 B9 B9








Farm Workers

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Mind Body Spirit

Garden & Lawn

Moving & Storage

J.B. Bhatti needs labourers for Budding & Grafting. 40 hrs/week, April 15 - Oct.15 10.49/hr. Kelowna, BC. 250862-7678 or 250-718-6577.

EVEREST Restaurant needs Korean Tandoori Cook. 5 years experience. $3000/m. Bring resume to 2430 Main St.

ROCK Island RV Ltd is Hiring! RV Service Technicians Rock Island RV located in the beautiful West Kootenays is looking for (2) full time, 5 days a week, permanent RV Service Technicians. Offering competitive wage & benefits package. We will consider 3rd or 4th year apprentices. If you have what it takes, forward your resume in confidence to OR Fax 250-364-2319

Junior Advertising Sales & Distribution

ABSOLUTELY Guaranteed to be the best massage you’ll experience. Industry Trained. Great Rates. Professional Studio. Sauna Available. Welcoming Atmosphere. New Clients 10% off, Linda 250-862-3929

JOE’S Quality Lawn & Garden Services. Call 778-215-1956 or

A+ Service: JOE’S MOVING Reasonable Rates, Fully Equip’d Trucks, Local-long Distance, Storage Available. No Job Too Small! Free Estimates. Call Joe: 250-470-8194

Help Wanted CAUTION

Experienced Janitor required. Must have own vehicle. $13.00/hr., Phone: 1-250-8592336, Fax: 1-250-764-6460.

EI CLAIM Denied? Need Help? 22 yrs experience as an EI Officer. Will prepare, present, reconsiderations & appeals. Call me before requesting reconsideration: Bernie Hughes, Toll Free at : 1-877-581-1122.

FAMILY MENTOR NEEDED To provide a family with a self contained 2-3 bedroom suite within the mentor’s home. The mentor will provide daily support and guidance to the family as the family gains the skills to live self-sufficiently within the community. A generous monthly remuneration package is provided, including rent & fee for service payments. The mentor will receive ongoing support & training through a family transition worker. Send resume to: Susan Foisy (250-878-6313), The Bridge Youth & Family Services, 760 Highway 33W, Kelowna, BC V1X 1Y4 or email susan.foisy

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

While we try to ensure all advertisements appearing in the Kelowna Capital News are placed by reputable businesses with legitimate offers, we do caution our readers to undertake due diligence when answering any advertisement, particularly when the advertiser is asking for monies up front.

Are you into exercise, motivated and wanting some extra income? Capital News is looking for a person or persons with a reliable vehicle to deliver newspapers door to door in the Kelowna and Westside areas. Various sized routes on Wednesday and Friday. Your papers would be dropped at your home early in the morning for you to deliver, which leaves the rest of the day free. Work as much or as little as you want. To apply for this position, please call Capital News Circulation at 250-763-7575 and ask for Richard.


Collators & Inserters Required Duties include hand collating, straightening papers and pocket feeders on Kansa Machine. Shifts start at Midnight or earlier. Minimum 2 to 3 days a week. Approx. 16 to 24 hours per week. Good, safe working conditions. Interested applicants may drop off resumes to: Kelowna Capital News c/o Glenn Beaudry 2495 Enterprise Way Kelowna, BC V1X 7K2 or Email: No phone calls please.


THE LEMARE Group is accepting applications for experienced gradermen. Candidates will have a minimum of 5 years coastal logging road experience as well as public road works. Resumes to be submitted with covering letter via email at or via fax: 250956-4888. We thank all candidates in advance for their interest, but only those shortlisted will be contacted.

ARE YOU EXPERIENCING FINANCIAL DISTRESS? Relief is only a call away! Call 250-979-4357 to set up your FREE consultation in Kelowna. Donna Mihalcheon CA, CIRP 33 years experience BDO Canada Limited Trustee in Bankruptcy #400-1631 Dickson Avenue Kelowna, BC V1Y 0B5



Okanagan Publishing & Distribution firm requires a Junior Account Executive for the Central & North Okanagan Areas. Distribution of publications is required in addition to sales activities. We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic applicants with some sales experience and knowledge of the Okanagan market, excellent oral, written & computer skills and must be customer service oriented. Base salary plus commission offered. Please submit Resume to Box 102, c/o Capital News or email by April 1st. (Apologies in advance; only those considered for an interview will be contacted)

Labourers F/T SWAMPER, for busy Kelowna moving company. Need to be strong, reliable, able to get to work (McCurdy area), & work weekends. DL preferred. Cell phone required. Wage & Advancement possibilities based on performance. 250860-0500.

Trades, Technical PAINTERS Needed FT. Certpro Painters is hiring experienced Painters for FT positions to join our team of professionals. Med/Dent avail. Pension plan. Opportunity to grow with advancements within our company. FT year round work, long term employment opportunities. Call for details & send resume & painting experience to call 250-878-2704



The link to your community

Drafting & Design

Mind Body Spirit ASIAN MASSAGE. Lovely & Peaceful Setting. $60/Hour, $100/2 Hours. 250-317-3575

WANTED: Draft Person for Patent Application USA Please Call: Help Wanted

THAI Massage. Totally relax & energize your body & mind. (250)-801-7188

Financial Services GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420 TAX FREE MONEY is available, if you are a homeowner, today! We can easily approve you by phone. 1st, 2nd or 3rd mortgage money is available right now. Rates start at Prime. Equity counts. We don’t rely on credit, age or income. Call Anytime 1-800-639-2274 or 604-430-1498. Apply online


M&S Lawn & Garden. Full yard maint & landscaping. Free Est. Jim 250-861-3693 QUALITY TOPSOIL or mixed w/manure. Sand, gravel, decorative rock. Ensign Bros. MonFri. Phone: 250-769-7298 RETAINING walls, irrigation, & So Much More! Diamondback Landscapes (250)-212-5320 ROTOTILLING, power raking & aerating. Ace of Spades, 250-878-1315 VALLEY Lawn & Garden. Reliable Service. Pet Friendly. Since 2001. 250-765-5597

Home Improvements KITCHEN & Bathroom Renovations. Best price in town. Call Joe, 250-859-5032 3 rooms for $299! Price incls. Cloverdale Premium Quality Paint. NO PAYMENT until the job is completed! Free Est. (1) 250-899-3163

GREAT Footcare. In Call 778-754-1544


Accounting/Tax/ Bookkeeping The Tax Pros. Income Tax Service. Orchard Park Mall. 250-762-8206, 250-717-8299

Carpentry/ Woodwork RETIRED Carpenter. Decks, fences,windows, doors, siding, painting,drywall. 250-870-8851

Concrete & Placing DANFORMS Concrete offers certified tradesman for all concrete needs. 250-863-5419 JOE’S Concrete: retaining walls, driveways, steps, stamped. Call 250-859-5032

Electrical ALAN Dignam Electric. Resid/ Comm., Service Calls, Reno’s, Upgrades. Lic’d, Bonded & Insured. Alan: 250-808-6595

Floor Refinishing/ Installations

Painting & Decorating

✔✔100% Guaranteed. Greg’s Painting, Comm/ Res., Int/Ext. Free est. Seniors Dis., European Experience, 212-9961 WWW.PAINTSPECIAL.COM

(1) 250-899-3163

3 Rooms For $299 2 Coats Any Colour

Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations. GEMINI BATHS: 250862-6991. Free Estimates.

OK Roofing All repairs, maint., & re-roofs. Warranty on all work. Free Est., 878-1172


RYDER Roofing Ltd. ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’ Call: 250-765-3191

Roofing & Skylights

#1 DECORATIVE ROCK,, Compost Soil - $25/yard, 250-862-0862 CUSTOM Roto-Tilling Call today 250-826-5774, 250-862-0821 CUSTOM Yard Care. Rototilling & ALL Your Lawn Care Needs!!! 250-862-0821 TERRA Nova Landscaping can help with all of your landscape needs! Design & Construction, for more information on all our services Contact Chad @ 778-215-3130

Machining & Metal Work GET BENT Metal Fab, fences, gates, railings, stainless, steel

Moving & Storage AAA Best Rates Moving $59+. FLAT Rates long dist. Weekly trips BC/AB. 250-861-3400 Allow Payless Moving to do the lifting for you. 1 man + truck $49/hr - 250-808-2938


FAMILY Movers. Moving? Anything, anywhere. Local and long distance trips. Packing service available, weekly trips to Vancouver, Alberta, full and partial loads. Cheapest rates in the valley. Free Estimates, 250-493-2687

(Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls. Cloverdale Premium Quality Paint. NO PAYMENT, until job is completed!

Personal Care Certified Mobile Foot Care and Reflexology. For appt. Call Marion (250)-491-0808

U1ST MOVING 2 men $90/hr. Local and long distance. Call 250-859-8362.

DanMel Moving 2013 4 Ton Cube-Power Lift -Local Movers Dan 250-215-0147, 766-1282


Rubbish Removal

2Girls1Truck Rubbish Removal. We load/haul/sort including electronics and paint. 250-878-5210

Pets & Livestock

Hauling ATTENTION The Capital News cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition.


4 month weaner pigs, castrated & dewormed, ready to go. $150 each. 1- 250-547-8786

Merchandise for Sale

Antiques / Vintage

COUNTRY HOME ANTIQUES Sat & Sun 11am-5, or by appt. Specializing in Swedish Antiques 4262 MacDonald Rd (off Otter Lake Rd) Armstrong 250-546-2529

$100 & Under

Help Wanted

FIREWOOD for sale, 1 large tree cut up. $100 Call 250762-5217

FOR sale Golf Club set w/bag, 2 wheel cart, & accessories. $100 OBO Call 250-763-1598

Regional Manager Position – Kootenay Division, BC CIMS Limited Partnership is a 100% Canadian owned company. CIMS provides unionized, heavy industrial mechanical services for large plant maintenance shutdowns and complex capital industrial projects. We are active in the Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Mining & Smelting, Petro-Chemical and Renewable Energy sectors across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We are looking for an experienced and talented Regional Manager at our Kootenay BC Division, based in Rossland, BC. The Regional Manager reports directly to the Regional Vice President, BC. The ideal candidate will have: • A university degree (e.g. P Eng.) OR Technical School Certification OR Trade Certification such as Pipefitter, Boilermaker or Ironworker. • 10+ years of progressive management experience associated with Heavy Industry, Turnaround Maintenance and Project Work. • Strong Management, Leadership, Project Management and Team Building skills. If you are interested in joining the CIMS Team, please send your cover letter and resume to

828 Fuller Ave. March 28 & 29th 9-3 Patio furn., indoor chair,books & so much MORE!

Curtis < Wardlaw. Weekends 8-3 misc, clothing, russian books, garden, other tools.

ANTIQUE & MOVING SALE! Westview Village Mobile Home Park. Friday, Mar 27th & Sat., Mar 28th 8am-2pm Furniture, lamps, rugs, dishes & MORE!!!!! 117-1999 Hwy 97S Westbank

DOWNTOWN. Mar 28, 8-2. 1310 Bertram at Cawston. Large indoor yard sale at the Unitarian Fellowship.

CENTRAL. SPCA (AUX) Sale. Saturday, April 4th, 10-1. Lunch, White Elephant, Linen, Books, Clothes, Jewellery, Baking. Donations of Sale items Appreciated. First United Church, 721 Bernard Ave.

GARAGE Sale Mar 28, 8-2. 721 Bell Rd. Moving. Tons of great stuff! Tools, outdoor equipment, camping items, etc WESTSIDE Mar 28 8am4pm #9-2098 Boucherie Rd., Tools. Everything MUST GO!!



Community Market

8:00am - 1:00pm Call Ken or Alf 250-765-6516


Full breakfast available!

Kidney disease strikes families, not only individuals. THE KIDNEY FOUNDATION OF CANADA

QUEEN Size foam mattress, clean. $100. Call 250-7625217

$200 & Under

Electric lift chair for seniors. Pewter Colour,Regular $2000, asking $175. 250-868-4848

Outdoor deck or fence paint, brand new -never opened 5 gal. pail. $125 250)860-4049

Set of 4 continental tires 235/65/17 only 18,000 km of use. $200 (250)861-4676

$300 & Under

FOR Sale! Rototiller, 8 Horse power, rear tine, good condition $300. Call 250-860-2101

KIMBALL Electric Organ, Full Orchestra. w/ bench & 3 music books. $300 (250)768-5787

MASTER FLAME Electric Fire Place.TV Stand type. like new. Asking $250. 250-868-0751


Quality Firearms Buy & Sell. Weber & Markin Gunsmiths The Best Little Gunshop Around 4-1691 Powick Rd Kel 250-762-7575 Tue-Sat 10-6

B10 B10

Friday,March March27, 27,2015 2015 Capital Capital News NewsC Friday,

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Free Items

Heavy Duty Machinery

Misc. for Sale

Misc. for Sale

Misc. Wanted


BRUNSWICK Pool Table, 9x12, Oak. including Tiffany lamp +all accessories $700. Scandinavian Queen Size Bed: including mattress, night tables, lamps & bedding. $450. Swiss Raclette Grill $50. Oak Desk: 35.5”W x 30”H $30. Call 250-707-0487

RECORDS Wanted, Pandosy Books #138-1889 Springfield Rd. nr. Bulk Foods, 861-4995

FREE - Aquarium Fish. Call 250-769-2013 FREE: Horse Manure - Dilworth area. You load/we load. By appt only. Call 250-7624600 & leave a message so we can get back to you to set up a time. FREE Horse Manure. Mail Rd Glenmore Area. Self Serve. (250)-765-3093

Furniture TEAK, VINTAGE AND MODERN HOME FURNISHINGS MANY IN-STORE SPECIALS! OK Estates FURNITURE & more 1960 Springfield Road, Kelowna 250-868-8108

A-CHEAP, LOWEST PRICES STEEL SHIPPING Dry Storage Containers Used 20’40’45’53’ and insulated containers all sizes in stock. 40’ containers as low as $2,200. Also JD 544 & 644 wheel Loaders & 20,000 lb CAT forklift. Ph Toll free 24 hours 1866-528-7108 1-778-298-3192 8am-5pm. Delivery BC and AB SCRAP PAPPY Will pay cash for oversized scrap steel, cats, yarders, saw mill equipment, farm equipment, etc., All insurance in place to work on your property. 250-547-2584.


Please be aware that all classied advertising is non refundable and non transferable upon cancellation.

SHOP LOCALLY ATTENTION The Capital News cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition.

Merchandise for Sale

CERAMIC Urns for your loved ones or pets, hand painted. Phone Colleen: (250)766-4405

Misc. Wanted Private Collector Looking to Buy Coin Collections, Silver, Antique Native Art, Estates + Chad: 250-863-3082 in town. PURCHASING scrap gold & old Canadian & American coin collections. 250-548-3670

Merchandise for Sale

Fresh From the Fields

“Local Produce at Your p Doorstep”


To place an the pKelowna Capital News

ELECTRONIC 10” Radial Arm Saw. Plunge Router & Table. Makita 3” plainer, biscuit cutter. Offers, 250-763-0607

S lives here. It’s here in our community. Please make a difference by volunteering.


If you see a wildfire, report it to

1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on most cellular networks.

Sclerosis Society of Canada S Multiple

HAZELDELL ORCHARDS Apple Juice For Sale 5 litre boxes • 2 varieties Call 250.862.4997 for pickup


Sales & Service Directory




250-762-8206 250-717-8299


*We Accurately Prepare All Types of Tax Returns


Light & Medium Duty Diesel, 4x4, Front Ends, Brakes. All Aspects, I Can Help! Mobile Service • Very Reasonable Rates









DCR Contracting


Stamped, Exposed & Broom Free Estimates • Call Dan


Summer Exterior Kitchens, pergolas & gazebos, concrete/wood decks and stairs, new construction, reno’s int./ext. FREE est.

(250) 862-1746

Got Bored


Call Mel: 250-470-7370

sidewalks, floors, foundations, retaining walls, stairs, wheelchair ramps.



SAME DAY REFUNDS* *Some Restrictions Apply

Certified Tradesman for driveways,


Licensed & Insured.


HAIR CUTS TASHA’S CUTS & COLORS **NEW OWNER!** Bring this ad in for a OR

Call Barry @ 250-826-2599





275 B Hollywood Rd. S 250-215-7368

• Decks • Stairs • Railings • Gates • Fencing & Repairs • Doors • Windows • Siding • Expert Painting & Drywall • Multi Trade Skills • References on Request


Pwr. raking, Aeration, Fertilizer, Landscaping, Grass Cutting, Irrigation, Retaining Walls, Excavation, Sewer Connections, Tree/Hedge Pruning, Property Maint. SENIORS DISCOUNT • NOW HIRING


CUSTOM YARD CARE • Lawn Mowing • Maintenance • Pruning • Hedging • Roto Tilling • Bark Mulchers • Yard clean up available NOW HIRING


Kettle Valley

ROCK WALLS Rock Stairs




yard clean up, dump runs, pruning, repairs, decks + fences.


CELL: 250-859-4952 HOME: 250-862-3615




MOVING & DELIVERY • Furniture, appliances • Appliance setups, removals • Hot Shot

CALL 250-826-5774 OR 250-862-0821

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Call Barry @ 250-826-2599

Joe’s Moving Service “The Professionals” Joe’s • Local/long distance Moving • Storage Available Service • No job too small • Free Estimates Call Joe Anytime 250-470-8194


Your torch on & shingle professionals Fully insured, WCB coverage, seniors discounts - plus references.

RYDER ROOFING LTD. Free estimates, senior discounts,


•Artificial Turf •Brick •Decks •Design •Excavating

ECO Landscaping

Mention this ad for 10% off! Spring clean-up, weekly lawn maintenance. Landscaping, irrigation, patios, retaining walls, water features & fencing


JOE’S QUALITY LAWN & GARDEN SERVICES Exp’d/certified/ins’d/lic’d yard & flowerbed clean-ups; weekly lawn mowing; small trees, hedges & shrub pruning. Also aerating and dethatching.

778-215-1956 or 250-448-2379

CONTACT Chad @ 778-215-3130 OR

Call TIM

250-300-1768 or 250-765-0867

Price includes Cloverdale Premium Quality Paint NO PAYMENT Until Job Is Completed! 1.250.899.3163







Call 250-870-1009

Keeping costs low, using your supplies, doing it your way.

SPRING SERVICES SAME DAY SERVICE “More than just mowing!” • Yard Clean-ups • Hedges • Pruning • Mowing • Aeration • Lime • Fertilizing • Rubbish Removal FREE • Leaf Clean-up ESTIMATES

310-JIMS (5467) Book a job at



No load too small • BARK MULCH • SAND • GRAVEL • YARD CLEAN-UP • JUNK REMOVAL • MOVING LIGHT FLAT-DECK Nick Nixon - Trish Nebot Cell 250-862-0821 Office 250-765-2778

$15+up /hr. (Kelowna)

Ceiling and trim extra


Custom tile setting. Travertine, marble, granite & ceramic. Decks, kitchen, baths. Guaranteed work. Credit accepted.


3 rooms for $299 (2 coats any colour)


Artistic Ceramics

•Rock Bubblers •Rock Walls •Sod •Water Features


“No job is too big or too small, our name says it all.”

778-363-ROOF (7663)

•Fences •Firepits •Pergolas •Planting •Privacy Screens


We do all the loading & Sorting

before our spring rush

Free Estimates



member of B.B.B. Fully insured, WCB coverage. All types of shingle roofing & torch on roofing systems. ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’




LANDSCAPING Diamondback Landscaping


Call for Full Service Rubbish Removal

Competitive Pricing

Fast, Friendly, and Reliable Service

Senior’s Specials Experience & Quality Int./Ext. Painting & Ceilings Bondable. Insurance Work

250-769-8204 Ask for Dianne text Terry 250-863-9830 or email


RYDER ROOFING LTD. Free estimates, senior discounts, member of B.B.B. Fully insured, WCB coverage. All types of shingle roofing & torch on roofing systems.


‘From a hole in your roof to



• Fences • Gates • Railings • Rollcages • Ornamental Iron Work • Aluminium • Stainless & Steel. Tube Bending Specialists.


sCapital Capital News News Friday, Friday,March March27, 27,2015 2015 B11 B11






Homes for Rent

Suites, Lower


Adult Entertainment

Cars - Domestic

Cars - Domestic


2BDR, 1000 sq ft. ground level entry, fully furnished, price includes utilities & cable/internet. Ideal for quiet, working person. NS/NP. $1000/M +security deposit. Call 778-4844047 leave messge.

BigSteelBox Corp

FULL SERVICE! HOT PRICE! Massage & Oh So Much More! CALL 778-484-7438

Real Estate


Apt/Condos for Sale

Business for Sale COIN-OP BUSINESS FOR SALE. Pool tables, juke boxes, digital music systems, & various games. All coin operated All on Locations Revenue producing Okanagan & Area. Serious Inquires only Asking $55,000.00

Houses For Sale

Say “OK Big Three”

to advertise in the Capital News, the Vernon Morning Star and the Penticton Western News! Call 250-763-7114 or email your ad to

Lots 2.5 - 3 ACRE park like view lots, wells, paved private road, natural gas, starting at $139,000. 5 mins from Lumby Mable Lake Rd. Call 1(250)317-2807.

Mobile Homes & Parks MORE HOME FOR YOUR MONEY, SIERRAS You can walk to big box stores, shops & entertainment. Attractive home designs set back from a wide street-scape. Brand new 3bed/2bath homes starting at $199,900.00 with $10,000.00 down & $795.00 Bi-weekly O.A.C. We take trades for down payments, so give us a call about your trades. See show homes at 1680 Ross Road where you’ll discover your next home. ACCENT HOMES 250-769-6614

MORE HOME FOR YOUR MONEY, SIERRAS You can walk to big box stores, shops & entertainment. Attractive home designs set back from a wide street-scape. Brand new 3bed/2bath homes starting at $199,900.00 with $10,000.00 down & $795.00 Bi-weekly. We take trades for down payments, so give us a call about your trades. See show homes at 1680 Ross Road where you’ll discover your next home. ACCENT HOMES 250-769-6614

2 BDR Townhome- on Holbrook Rd W. City View. Newly Reno’d, 5 appl. NS/NP Ref. Req’d. $1050/M Available Now Call 250-860-1011 to view 55+. Quiet adult building. Includes free power with rent. 1 & 2 bdrms available. Clean & Affordable. NS. NP. 1779 Pandosy St. Please call 250801-6404 to book viewing. THE CONSERVATORY

Upscale Condos Conveniently Located.

Units ranging from 1bd & 1bath to 2bd, 2.5bath + den. (778)484-5847

CENTRE of Kelowna. New affordable lux 1&2bd, 5appls, ug prking, NS/NP. 250-763-6600.

Commercial/ Industrial FOR LEASE 1000 sq.ft. Office Trailer fully serviced on fenced 1/2 acre. Zoned Heavy Industrial Including Auto Wrecking. $3000 triple net incl. Fenced 1/2 acre service industrial lot available. Central Westside Location. will build to suit. 250-769-7424

RUTLAND Quiet. brand new 2bdrm, porch, laundry, big kitchen, bus route, park, NP, NS, Avail now. Prefer family. $900 (250)-864-6722.

Suites, Upper ATTENTION The Capital News cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition.

Rooms for Rent

Want to Rent

Rutland furn’d rooms for working man, 30+, living room, kitchen, laundry, utils incl. + shaw cable. $420 + DD. 250215-1561, 778-753-1313

WANTED: Room & Board around Capri area. Man in early 70’s. Reply to box 352 c/o Capital News.


RV Pads LARGE Seasonal RV lot for rent at Shuswap Falls RV Resort Seasonal rate $2,700 from April 15th to Oct 15th, 2015. Price includes Water, Sewer, Power, Fire Pit, Picnic Table, Clean Shale Pad and Driveway. For more info or see my ad at BC Vacation rentals. Call Dave 403-703-9066 or reply via Lot is also available to purchase @$89,900.

Shared Accommodation LRG room near hospital, OC, bus routes, $500 incl’s utils & wi-fi, Available April 15th (250)863-5164 Call or Text. RESPONSIBLE Female pref. Large Lovely, Quiet, Furnished House with Lovely View, a Balcony, Washer & Dryer, Cable & Internet with Private bath $475/mo 250-769-0661



YOU’RE APPROVED 1-800-921-0202 for Pre-Approval



3 lines of text for 3 days! ONLY $19.99!!! Add a picture for $5.00/day. (These prices do not include tax)

Suites, Lower

Cars - Sports & Imports

2bd spacious ste.for very quiet couple NS sm pet Ok covered prk,$895 + utils 250-491-4704 Available May 1st

2004 Mercedes C230 compressor, 2dr coupe, 6spd, 139k, silver, very good cond. $6600. Dave, 403-690-6713 (Kelowna)

at 1670 Dilworth Drive, Kelowna, BC Canada claims a Warehouse Lien Against Pat Bowman of Kelowna, BC for arrears of container rent amounting to $1047.02 plus any additional costs of storage that accrue. If not paid in full, the contents of household belongings and recreation equipment will be sold at public auction.

Escorts MALE 4 Male Erotic Massage $95., Winfield, 9-9 Daily 250-766-2048 SEXY, 42 DDD, 28/32 brown eyed brunette. Sexy & Sweet, Discreet. Enjoys couples & dom, GFE. Kelly 765-1098. SOOO SEXY SANDY The Original K-Town Girl. 38D, 29,34.Let’s Play 250-878-1514

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WAREHOUSEMAN’S Lien Act. Under the terms of the Warehouseman’s Lien Act, Goods and Personal Property of these persons listed below, deposited at Sexsmith Self Storage Ltd., have been seized and will be sold, to recover the cost for unpaid storage rent. Name: Unit # Trent McCartney 99 James Cochran 27 Angeline Kraeleman 203 Jill Hamer 533

Apt/Condo for Rent



$205,000 OWN THE LAND

2 bedroom, 2 bath Moduline home. 45yrs plus, 2 small pets, gas fireplace, all kitchen appliances. 2 extra parking stalls. C/A. 10x18 rear deck, 6x20 side deck. $75/mo. strata fee. 14x32 insulated garage with large storage area. Call 250-769-6446 CENTRAL Home w/2bd suite. Priv. Deck, Beach, Hospital, Furn., A/C, UG Sprinklers. $474,000. Call 250-763-6674. IN FIND IT THE CLASSIFIEDS


$629,000 Carriage home creates $12,000/yr, is rented. Tenant would love to stay. Built in 40’s, 2000sq’, 3bd, plaster cover ceilings, hrdwd floors, outside office w/bathroom. Extensive walkways, patios & landscaping. Sutherland Ave across from Immaculata Church. Call 1-250-860-6146 SxS Dplx. L Mission 2bd+den 2F-bths #3585-87 Scott Rd. $675,000 Ph. (250)-862-3456

By shopping local you support local people.

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AUTO AUCTION Buy Direct and Save Thousands on your next vehicle purchase.

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Cars, Trucks, 4x4’s & SUV’s

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$AVE $AVE Auction Every Saturday at 10am Apt/Condo for Rent


Affordable 1, 2 & 3 Bdrms. AC, near schools, shopping & bus route. Insuite laundry H.Up’s. Across from Park. Clean Quiet & Spacious. Sorry NO Pets. Well Managed Building (250)-861-5605 or (250)-861-5657


irect Buy D $$$ e v & Sa

Bailiff Repo’s, Police Recoveries, Lease Backs, Fleet Returns, Bankruptcies

Legal Notices


R15-199 Mission Creek Greenway Phase 3a Bridge Sealed proposals clearly marked on the outside of the envelope with the words “R15-199 Mission Creek Greenway Phase 3a Bridge” will be received at the Regional District of Central Okanagan Reception, 1450 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC up until 3pm, Local Time, April 16th, 2015. Proposals will not be opened publicly. There is a non-mandatory site meeting on April 1st, 2015 at 1:30pm at the entrance to Scenic Canyon Regional Park, 3965 Field Road, Kelowna, BC.

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent

BEAUTIFUL furnished 2bdrm, Prefer single woman, NP, NS $750 including utils. (250)7688712


AFFORDABLE LUXURY Completely redone, 2148 sq ft on 1 Level. 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, 4 rooms with fireplaces, built ins, attention to detail. Flat lot, large garage, lots of parking, nice country setting, great community. You won’t be disappointed. $427,900. Vernon area. 403-540-2991 DO YOU want professional advice to buy or sell? Call Grant, at Premiere Canadian Properties at (250)-862-6436 FREE EVALUATION. MORTGAGES LOW RATES. 5YR. 2.69% Variable 2.15% Trish at (250)470-8324

Please be aware that all classied advertising is non refundable and non transferable upon cancellation.


2BD, 50+, 1.5bth, insuite lndry, newer appls, glassed-in porch, nr lake/dt, ug prking, 165k. Mgr Doug 250-860-7481

RFP documents may be obtained at no charge from the Regional District of Central Okanagan website (www. or from the Regional District of Central Okanagan Reception, 1450 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC V1W 3Z4.

INVITATION TO TENDER T15-025 Dilworth Reservoir Roof Repairs Sealed tenders, clearly marked on the outside of the envelope with the words “T15-025 Dilworth Reservoir Roof Repairs” will be received at the office of the City Clerk, 1435 Water Street, Kelowna, BC up until 3pm, Local Time, April 9, 2015. Tenders will be opened publicly at that time. The City reserves the right to reject any or all tenders, to waive defects in any bid or tender documents and to accept any tender or offer which it may consider to be in the best interest of the City. The lowest bid or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tender documents may be obtained at no charge from the City of Kelowna website or from the City of Kelowna Purchasing Branch, 1435 Water Street, Kelowna BC V1Y 1J4.

3953 Hwy 97 North • 250-765-5282 Gates open @ 9am

most units sold unreserved


Legal Notices

WAREHOUSEMAN’S LIEN SALE Individuals or Companies listed below, take notice that Mario’s Towing Ltd., 3015 Sexsmith Rd., Kelowna BC, claims a lien pursuant to the WAREHOUSEMAN’S LIEN ACT R.S.B.C. 1979 CA427 and amendment thereto, on your vehicles listed below. If the amount owed is not sooner paid, the below described vehicles will be sold on/after April 4th, 2015 at 10:00 am to recover the amount owed, plus the cost of sale. Jason Downey/ Kent Bradley National Bank   2001 BMW 330XI  2011 Kawasaki ZX600 VIN JKAZX4R18BA025709 VIN WBAAV534X1FT00562 Amount Owing $1051.25 Amount Owing $3386.07 Lindsey Jackson 2009 Dodge Journey VIN 304GG57B59T534533 Amount Owing $5789.58

John O”Reilly 2003 Honda Accord VIN 1HCM56423A819276 Amount Owing  $3290.48

Tommy Jonasson Iain Rogerson 1998 Ford Mustang 2001 Chevrolet Astro Van VIN JFAFP42X4WF115445 VIN 1GNDM15ZXMB198963 Amount Owing $2539.75 Amount Owing $9480.00




Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

news _____________________________________________________________________

Get ready to ride

The warm weather and longer days have given Central Okanagan residents a jump on outdoor activities, including bike riding. While cycling is a great way to get around, stay fit and have fun, those riding

in Kelowna are being reminded to keep in mind the city’s traffic bylaws for cycling—all riders are required to wear a bicycle helmet, obey the rules of the road, and ride with lights before dawn or after dusk.

Cycling is not permitted on sidewalks. Motor vehicle drivers are also asked to drive aware, obey posted speed limits, check blind spots before turning and share all roads with people on bikes, especially in

neighbourhoods and school zones. According to the city,in the spring, more children head to and from school on foot or by bike so extra caution when driving in school zones is required. Parking or driving in

bike lanes throughout Kelowna is not permitted. “We’re all just trying to get around town or to and from school safely, whether we’re biking, walking or driving,” said Mike Kittmer, active transportation

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“My $69 professional group hypnosis: a jump-start and a long-term solution.” — Charles Borden

ttend this two-hour hypnosis seminar and start losing weight-A for good. Charles has practiced professionally for 32 years, has helped 650,000

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octor recommended, safe and proven effective. D Register at the door for this life-changing seminar. ©2015 Charles Borden, Carlsbad, California. Presented by Middle Way Ltd. dba The Borden Method.

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lus p pluss plu plus

Direct from U.S.A. Live! FAQ, testimonials, more …

Register at door 20 min early. Fee only $69 – cash, credit card or cheque – $ 10 discount per person for groups of 3 or more. Free Parking.


KELOWNA • WED, APRIL 15 1pm to 3pm or 7pm to 9pm

Best Western Plus

2402 Highway 97 North

Bring ad for Charles’ Free e-book, 4 Ingredients to Make You Thin

coordinator for the Central Okanagan. “If we’re all looking out for one another, following the rules of the road and being patient, we’ll all get to our destinations safely and enjoyably.” An experienced cyclist himself, Kittmer said it is much more comfortable riding on the road with traffic, or using the city’s pathways when you know the rules, respect other and have a planned route. He suggests cyclists visit for bicycle safety tips and regulations. “When you follow the rules of the road, drivers respect you and are better able to interact with you safely,” said Kittmer. ”This applies to pathways as well, as cyclists should yield to pedestrians, indicate when you are approaching others to pass and all users should stay to the right on the pathway, as you would on a road”. The City of Kelowna is currently sweeping bike lanes and roadways. To make riding safer and more enjoyable, bike lanes in Kelowna


No purchase necessary. Contest open to resid ents of Canada, excluding Quebec, 18 years of age or old er. Od ds of winning d epend on the number of eligible entries received. Five (5) prizes are available to be won, each consisting of a check for $100. Approximate value of each prize is $100 CDN. The selected entrant must correctly answer, unaided, a mathematical skill-testing question to be declared a winner. Contest opens Monday, March 16, 2015 at 6:01 AM ET and ends on Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 11:59 PM ET. For instructions to enter and complete contest rules visit No purchase necessary. Contest open to resid ents of Canada, excluding Quebec, 18 years of age or old er. Od ds of winning d epend on the number of eligible entries received. Five (5) prizes are available to be won, each consisting of a check for $100. Approximate value of each prize is $100 CDN. The selected entrant must correctly answer, unaided, a mathematical skill-testing question to be declared a winner. Contest opens Monday, March 16, 2015 at 6:01 AM ET and ends on Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 11:59 PM ET. For instructions to enter and complete contest rules visit No purchase necessary. Contest open to resid ents of Canada, excluding Quebec, 18 years of age or old er. Od ds of winning d epend on the number of eligible entries received. Five (5) prizes are available to be won, each consisting of a check for $100. Approximate value of each prize is $100 CDN. The selected entrant must correctly answer, unaided, a mathematical skill-testing question to be declared a winner. Contest opens Monday, March 16, 2015 at 6:01 AM ET and ends on Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 11:59 PM ET. For instructions to enter and complete contest rules visit


No purchase necessary. Contest open to resid ents of Canada, excluding Quebec, 18 years of age or old er. Od ds of winning d epend on the number of eligible entries received. Five (5) prizes are available to be won, each consisting of a check for $100. Approximate value of each prize is $100 CDN. The selected entrant must correctly answer, unaided, a mathematical skill-testing question to be declared a winner. Contest opens Monday, March 16, 2015 at 6:01 AM ET and ends on Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 11:59 PM ET. For instructions to enter and complete contest rules visit

Easter Worship Schedule

aster Worship Schedule

Easter Sunday - 10:00am Benvoulin Heritage Church 2279 Benvoulin Road


The Lutheran Church Invites You To Worship! Christ Evangelical Faith Lutheran Church Lutheran Church

250 Gibbs Road W. Kelowna • 250-765-0671

2091Gordon Dr., Kelowna • 250-860-2447

Sunday of the Passion, March 29 9:30 am Worship Service

Palm Sunday / Palmsonntag, March 29

Maundy Thursday, April 2 7:00 pm Holy Communion Service Good Friday, April 3 10:00 am Tenebrae Service  Easter Sunday, April 5 7:00 am Sunrise Service with Holy Communion at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery  8:30 am Easter Breakfast in the Friendship Hall 10:00 am Easter Service with Holy Communion

9:30 am Abendmahl in German 11:00 am Holy Communion in English Maundy Thursday, April 2 7:00 pm Service Good Friday / Karfreitag, April 3 9:30 am Service in German 11:00 am Service in English Easter Sunday / Ostersonntag, April 5 7:00 am Sunrise Service with Holy Communion at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery 8:15 am Easter Breakfast Service times change this Sunday only: 9:30 am Holy Communion in English 11:00 am Abendmahl in German

“Christ is risen, Christ is risen indeed, Alleluia!”

Join us in worship & remembrance

E V E R Y O N E I St. S WDavid’s ELCOME

ChurChPresbyterian of God Church Good Friday

271 Snowsell Street 250-762-0624

Easter Sunday

to am 10:30Our am family invites your family 9:45 join us as we celebrate Easter. Communion German and Worship Service Footwashing Palm Sunday 11:00 am March 29 at 10:00 a.m. English (shoe collection for Sole4Souls) Worship Service

Good Friday

~ P l eApril a s 3eat 10:00 J o ia.m. n Us~ No Sunday School or Coffee time


Easter Sunday

April 5 at 10:00 a.m. Harvey Elke 250-712-0809

Hot cross buns and an Easter treat for the children!

Rod Tribiger 250-491-9474

Sunday School and Nursery Care during the service Coffee and fellowship following all our services.

3 73705 0 5 MMi IsSsSiIoO N n SSPpRrIiNnGgS sDD rive RIVE

sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015

news __________________________ ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION

More bikes on the roads “celebration stations” along the way, all week. Bike to Work Week information will soon be posted to, so participants are being encouraged to recruit team members and keep an eye out for registration opening April 11. A map of cycling routes in Kelowna is available online at transportation.

cycle routes on corridors such as Ethel Street, Sutherland Avenue, Dilworth Drive and Lakeshore Road. This year, the annual Bike to Work and School Week will go May 25 to 31 and the community is encouraged to participate. Cycle to work or school with colleagues, family or friends and enjoy

BIKES FROM B12 are swept several times during the spring and summer. The city is continuing to expand its bike lane and pathway network, with last year’s expansion of the Rails with Trails section from Spall Road to Dilworth Drive. Design work is underway for many other

MARKETING BOARD 2015 New Producer Program The BC Egg Marketing Board is now accepting applications to the 2015 New Producer Program. Information on the Program and applications forms can be found at or by contacting the Board offices (email:; Phone: 604-556-3348; Fax: 604-556-3410). Applications must be “MAILED” or “DELIVERED” to the 2015 New Producer Program Administrator by 4:00 PM, Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Applications delivered in person or sent via email or facsimile will not be accepted. For further information contact Harvey Sasaki at 250-727-0155.

3 — Paid Advertisement —

Treatment for Chronic Foot Pain Available in Kelowna


ain in the feet is one of the most debilitating injuries we can be plagued with; it is felt in the arch of the foot (Plantar Fasciitis), the heel (Plantar Fasciitis or heel spur) or at the back of the ankle (Achilles Tendonitis). Unfortunately, we continuously use our feet, which makes healing from related injuries very difficult.

success, it gives up and healing stops. Shockwave Therapy breaks up scar tissue, restoring the function of the muscle and promoting new blood vessel growth, stimulating faster healing. In fact, in a double blind study published in Journal of the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, 90%of patients suffering from heel and arch pain showed significant improvements with Shockwave. Furthermore, Shockwave Therapy (developed to break up kidney stones) has success rates of between 77%-91% in the treatment of other soft tissue conditions. Results are often experienced within a couple of visits and the treatment is covered by many insurance companies.

DR. RYAN HARRIS Glenmore Chiropractic

Plantar Fasciitis is an overuse injury affecting the fibrous tissue that forms the arch. Heel spurs can form when the fascia tears at the heel attachment and results in pain in the center of the heel. Achilles Tendonitis is irritation of the Achilles where the calf muscle meets the heel and can result in pain in the calf, the Achilles, or the back of the heel. The inflammation from overuse leads to pain as well as deposits of scar tissue, further inflaming the area each time the Achilles or plantar fascia are used. After the body has tried for weeks or months to heal the injury with no

Call 250-763-3580 to book a free consultation. To learn more see Dr. Harris’ You Tube video “Shockwave Therapy Kelowna” or go to www. and click “Testimonials”.

*Results may vary from patient to patient B13


Pain free in 2 weeks. This is what happened to me personally. I tried drugs, acupuncture, magnets and many other methods. Finally after taking a specially processed shark cartilage I was pain free in 2 weeks. It gave me the idea that I could help thousands of the 5 million men and women suffering daily in Canada with the worst pain on earth to have less pain or no pain at all. Nick A. Jerch, President of Bell Lifestyle. <For 40 years I had injections and drugs and finally Bell Shark Cartilage #1 spared me the endless torture I suffered day and night with 3 bottles costing less than $100. Pat Laughlin, Coldwater, ON. <Cancelled knee replacement. 1 was in pain and limping. Have no more pain now. Can square dance for hours. Anton Melnychuk, Porcupine Plain, SK. <At first I was skeptical. I gradually noticed an improvement. Then I took another brand. I was surprised having so much pain again. Eventually I realized that I needed to re-order Bell. Found relief again. Marie Ciraulo, 72, Oakland, CA. <Many people on our website write: “Can walk again for hours”;”Can climb stairs without #1 NPN 80042283 hanging on to railing”;”First time in 15 years can sleep at night” Rheumatoid arthritis in joints down 90%, same for my sister…Also guaranteed for sciatica. Hundreds of testimonials all with full names and towns. Shark bones/cartilage was a previously thrown away by-product of the food industry. No sharks are caught for their cartilage. Don’t let any activist confuse you.

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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

news _____________________________________________________________________ MENTAL HEALTH

Social anxiety disorder is much more than just shyness Everyone knows someone who is painfully shy. More than simple introversion—the person actually seems to fear social situations, public speaking or being put on the spot. And for some, this fear can cause a lot of difficulty in daily functioning. Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common psychiatric conditions, affecting 18 per cent of the

Healing Minds PAUL LATIMER population. It occurs when a person experiences intense fear in one or more social situations, causing considerable distress and impaired ability to function in at least some parts of daily life.

Socially anxious people have a fear of criticism and disapproval, do not like to be the center of attention or to perform under scrutiny. People experiencing social anxiety disorder also often go on to develop other disorders such as depression and substance use disorder. Although the exact causes of social anxiety

are not fully understood, it is thought to be about 20 to 40 percent genetically based with experience accounting for the rest. Although social fear may not sound too terrible a plight, it can be a very debilitating disorder. School-age children may not want to go to school, have difficulty making friends and may have greater difficulty performing in school because of anxiety. They will feel compelled to avoid asking questions or making classroom presentations. They are also likely to resist participating in physical education or other

athletic activities. As adolescents they may have difficulty dating or engaging in important social pursuits. Young adults may lack the confidence to go on to post-secondary education and may avoid applying for jobs because of their social anxiety. Social anxiety disorder often begins early in life —50 percent of those with this condition have developed it by age 11. Some of the earliest warning signs are apparent right from toddlerhood. Children who exhibit a temperamentally anxious predisposition and who show behavioural

inhibition are most likely to develop social anxiety. The good news is that although a child with a shy disposition will likely remain shy throughout life, it does not necessarily have to become a disabling disorder. Childhood interventions for highly anxious children have the potential to prevent the development of full-blown social anxiety and its related issues later in life. Childhood behavioural inhibition typically emerges during the second year of life around the time of normal stranger anxiety – it involves excessive shyness and avoidance behaviour

Register now for the Okanagan’s first half marathon for 2015. Sunday, March 29, 2015. The race starts at 8 a.m. at Okanagan College 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna Runners may also register in person on Saturday, March 28 from 12 - 2 p.m. and on the morning of the race – Sunday, March 29. Volunteers are needed for the race, contact Michelle at 250-762-5445 ext. 4649 or fill out the volunteer form online at Cash prizes will be awarded for the top half marathon finishers • First $250 • Second $150 • Third $100 Thanks to our generous sponsors

EVERY STEP TELLS A STORY Stuart Park, Kelowna • Sunday, May 3 Check In 9:00 AM • Start 10:30 AM Entertainment, Kids Zone, BBQ Lunch


Register now to end MS• 250-762-5850 •

The Okanagan College Half Marathon is a community event with proceeds directed toward Okanagan College scholarships.

Capital news

in social situations. Adverse environmental experiences such as abuse, bullying, neglect or even simple lack of sensitivity to the fears of the child can have a negative impact on how this early anxiety evolves. Similarly, supportive encouragement to social engagement could help in overcoming fears and is quite similar to what happens during cognitive therapy for adults with social anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, many parents do not have the natural ability to respond appropriately to an anxious child. Sometimes this is because they are themselves socially anxious, depressed or overwhelmed by the other demands of life. Families living in poverty often have less opportunity for the social engagement of their children. Social anxiety disorder can be treated with cognitive behaviour therapy and medication later in life but often only moderately so. It’s the same fear that keep socially anxious people from school and work tend to keep them from therapy as well. A focus on early intervention aimed at prevention is likely to be a much more effective solution than treatment after the fact. The sooner a child is helped, the less likely they are to suffer negative consequences of their anxiety. If you have a toddler or young child who seems to be exhibiting more fear or anxiety than other kids, consider talking with your doctor. Paul Latimer is a psychiatrist and president of Okanagan Clinical Trials.

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sCapital News Friday, March 27, 2015 B15

news _______________________________________________

FURNACE TUNE-UP any 2 gas appliances at the same time… $



Parts of Greenway closed temporarily The Central Okanagan Regional District says Mission Creek Greenway users should be aware of additional closures along sections of the recreational trail through April 2. Today (March 27) hazard tree pruning and removal work with heavy equipment will see the closure of the

two-kilometer portion between KLO Road and Mission Creek Regional Park On Monday and Tuesday, the 1.3 kilometer section of the Greenway on the north side of Mission Creek will be closed between Casorso Road and Gordon Drive while work is completed. On Wednesday and

Thursday next week the trail on the south side of Mission Creek between Casorso Road and Gordon Drive will be closed. All sections of the Greenway will be open and accessible again by April 3. Hazard tree removal and pruning this week along the 2.4-kilometer

Casorso Road to KLO Road section of the trail, was expected to


Regional Parks and provincial Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Public Safety and Protection Branch are contributing funds for this latest safety work. For more information about the trail closure, please contact the Regional Parks office at 469-6232.

be complete by late yesterday.




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The news you need—the Capital News



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Dora Vetsch of Mission Liquor Capital News reader Trevor Bott receives two tickets to this of West Kelowna receives his weekend’s Canucks game along Canucks tickets and $500 from with $500 from Christine Mould Teresa Huscroft-Brown of the of the Capital News. Capital News Sales Department.


Get tax savings working for you. There are all kinds of tax relief measures available to help Canadian families, such as the First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit, the proposed enhancements to the Universal Child Care Benefit*, and the First-Time Donor’s Super Credit. Plus, when you file online and sign up for direct deposit, you get your refund faster. Learn more at

Capital news

*Subject to parliamentary approval





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FEB 19, 2015


Leigh Reynolds








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Friday, March 27, 2015 Capital NewsC

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Kelowna Capital News, March 27, 2015  

March 27, 2015 edition of the Kelowna Capital News

Kelowna Capital News, March 27, 2015  

March 27, 2015 edition of the Kelowna Capital News