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Eight-year-old from Cedar wins motorcross title P. 17

Fire department receives support

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

P. 12

Merry Christmas

Three-year-old Cheyenne tells ol’ Saint Nick her secret Christmas wish Sunday night (Dec. 21) during the Ladysmith Fire/Rescue Santa Claus Parade. The parade made its way through Ladysmith in crisp but dry weather Sunday evening, delivering Mandarin oranges and sugary treats to local girls and boys who came out to see Mr. and Mrs. Claus. NIOMI PEARSON


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2 Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

You’ll Feel Like Family.

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Cruising for Christmas lights

Ladysmith grad speaking out on dementia Lindsay Chung

program had a big impact on Booi’s life. “When I was 14, I kept Laura Booi has been on getting in trouble speaking out about de- doing stupid teenager mentia care and advo- things, so I kept on getcating for older adults ting arrested and I was finally put in a restorfor many years. And lately, the ative justice program,” Ladysmith Secondary she said. “I had to do School graduate is get- a bunch of community ting the opportunity to hours, and so they put share her message on a me in different longterm care facilities. It bigger stage. The 27-year-old is just sparked somecurrently doing re- thing where I became search on dementia as obsessed with older a PhD candidate in the adults, long-term care, Department of Geron- dementia and issues tology at Simon Fraser like that.” Booi’s family is inUniversity (SFU). This year, she was ap- volved in care as well, pointed the Canadian as her father is a care Youth Representative aide at the Nanaimo in Dementia and has Regional Hospital, and had the opportunity to her sister is a regisattend the G7’s Global tered nurse. After graduating from Action Against DeSecondmentia Events, as well Ladysmith as the satellite Youth ary School, Booi went Leaders in Dementia to Vancouver Island Events. She also has University in Nanaimo, the opportunity to rep- where she earned her resent all of the Young Bachelor of Arts with There is an abundance Leaders in Dementia at Distinction as a psyof warm coats, boots, the World Health Or- chology major with a hats and mittens ganization in Geneva focus on older adults available for free for at the First Ministerial with dementia. She did anyone who needs them. Conference on Global a Masters of Arts in People have been very Action Against Demen- Health Psychology at generous in donating the University of Brittia in March. coats of all sizes, shapes There are many ish Columbia, and she and styles for the Coats things that have led is currently in the secfor Folks program, and ond year of her PhD Booi down this path. anyone who needs a When she was grow- studies at SFU. coat or knows someone Throughout her acaing up, Booi’s mother who needs one is was a care aide in a demic career, Booi has welcome to drop by long-term care facil- earned a number of 432 First Ave. (the old ity, so Booi spent time awards and scholarGrant Jewellers and there. She was also ships for her work, and Impeccable Jewellers) “hugely” influenced by this spring, she won a Monday to Friday from her grandfather, and $100,000 Technology 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. she lived with him for Evaluation in the El“We have had the most derly fellowship for the a while. incredible response “It was really, really next two years to confrom people,” said eye-opening living with tinue her PhD research Nita Grant. “People are an 80-something-year- looking at older adults so, so generous, and I old as a 20-something- with dementia and how thank the community so year-old, so I just saw to make life better for much.” how society treated them in long-term care. Grant also noted Booi has been a dehim much differently that there are women than I was treated,” mentia advocate since who knit items for this she was 20. She started she said. program all year long. A restorative justice blogging about demenSearching Facebook, we’ve been able to find out where some of the best Christmas lights displays are. So if you’re out for a drive, be sure to include these areas on your route: • By Davis Road • Holland Creek Place • Ryan Place • Davidson Road • Pictou Road in The Diamond • Fourth Avenue Extension across from Hartley Road • Bel Aire above Fourth Avenue Extension • Chemainus Road just after Green Hill Drive • Chemainus Road just before Olsen Road There are probably many more great houses we don’t even know about, so have fun exploring!

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Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, December 23, 2014 3


Laura Booi has the opportunity to represent young leaders in dementia at the World Health Organization in Geneva in March. LINDSAY CHUNG tia when she was 23 or 24, she served five years on the board of the BC Psychogeriatric Association, and she volunteers at the Alzheimer Society of B.C. It’s this work that led to Booi being chosen to represent B.C. youth at a Canadian Young Leaders in Dementia Event in Ottawa in September. “David Cameron, the prime minister of the U.K., sounded the alarm for dementia,” she said. “He said the U.K. is going to spearhead the dementia movement for all the G7. So they have these dementia summits; the first one was in London last year. The second one was in Ottawa in September. I attended the Young Leaders Event, and based on my performance at that event, I was selected to attend the Global Event in Ottawa.” Booi says the World

Dementia Council is trying to find a cure for dementia by 2025. She doesn’t think this will happen because there are so many different types of dementia, and she also thinks a cure won’t be found if nothing changes when it comes to research and the way the search for a cure is approached. “They have the same established people at the table at the World Dementia Council table talking about the same remedies,” she said. “For the last 20 years, we have done almost nothing for dementia research. And this is what they said at this Dementia Event — those are not my words; these are the experts speaking.” At the Global Event in Ottawa, Booi stood up and asked what they are going to do to bring new, young, innovative minds to the table to talk about different so-

lutions for dementia. “Because right now, we have the same people talking about the same solutions,” she said. “Let’s get new, young people; let’s get women. We know that 65 per cent of people who get dementia are women. Two-thirds of all caregivers are women. Where are the women represented? Where are the people with dementia represented? Where are the young people represented? This affects everyone, and it’s only one homogeneous portion of the population talking.” Based on that event, Booi was then chosen to represent Canadian youth in Tokyo at the Japanese event, and she helped facilitate a workshop with Japanese young leaders, where they talked about new, innovative ideas and solutions. In February, she will travel to Washington, D.C., for a U.S. Young Leaders in Dementia program and also the third G7 event. Booi is now working with the executive director of Alzheimer Disease International to create a Global Youth Ambassador in Dementia program to bring together young people who are passionate about dementia to look at helping find solutions. When she graduates from SFU, Booi says she will be either the first or the second person to graduate with a PhD in Gerontology in Western Canada. “There are not enough people in this field,” she said. “That’s what keeps me going. There has to be more people

who care about this.” Booi says it’s an honour to be considered a young leader in dementia, and she feels like with this recognition, she has more weight to throw around and can get more done. “The amount of work I have to do in this area is insane,” she said. “The general knowledge about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease worries me so much, it really concerns me. The way we’re dealing with it as well. The elder abuse that happens for people with dementia is heartbreaking. How we treat and how we warehouse our older population should shame us into all doing something different.” Booi has two years left at SFU, and when she’s finished, she wants to continue to be a loud voice for dementia care. “I think because I’m young and I have so much energy and I can’t sit down, I think I should continue getting my PhD and then continue being a dementia evangelist, going around and speaking to people about dementia, educating people, increasing awareness — because that’s half the battle, education and awareness,” she said. “A quarter of the people who have a dementia diagnosis don’t tell anybody they have a dementia diagnosis because of the stigma. The whole thing is so negative, but I’m pretty hyper and I’m pretty happy. If I can make this message easier to swallow and still get people educated about it, it will be a life well lived.”

Grade 7s will be at Ladysmith Intermediate in September Lindsay Chung

kids who came from Cedar, and elementary school kids should be doing the elementary school things — kicking a soccer ball, playThere will be Grade 7s again at Ladysmith ing around, having fun. There was no real outside space for them at the high school.” Intermediate School in the fall. Rae says the board felt moving the Grade On Dec. 17, the School District 68 board approved a recommendation from Trust- 7 students back to the intermediate school ee Stephanie Higginson that Grade 7 was very important to the community. Ladysmith students attend Ladysmith Inter- “We had heard from dozens of parents that mediate School, effective September 2015. this wasn’t working for them, and also, we Grade 7 students have been at Ladysmith just felt educationally that it wasn’t best for them and it just wasn’t the right place,” Secondary School since September. “Grade 7s are still young kids, and they he said. “That’s something we all felt exshould be in an elementary school environ- tremely strongly about, every single one of ment; we didn’t feel they were getting that,” us, and we decided it was the right thing said school board chair Steve Rae. “The to do. There was talk about delaying it, high school was overcrowded with all the but we just felt it was the right thing to do THE CHRONICLE

right then. Parents were very concerned in Ladysmith about their young people going to a high school when they weren’t ready. And luckily we had a school right down the street that had empty classrooms, so it worked out good.” During the meeting, trustees also voted to enact a 30-day hold on the construction and awarding of contracts at Cedar Elementary to review the long-term impacts of the work on the district. The board has permitted CUPE work that must be completed whether the board decides if the school is best suited as a K-7 or 8-12 facility. Deputy Superintendent John Blain made a presentation to the board about the impacts of a 30-day hold on the Cedar conver-

sion from a secondary to an elementary school. He shared that $2,361,000 has been allocated to the project, and as of Dec. 10, approximately 100 per cent of the local capital has been spent and approximately 55 per cent of the 2014-15 Annual Facility Grant (AFG) capital has been expended. “When we took office, we said we are going to be thorough and thoughtful with every decision that we make, so all this is a stop to review the plan,” said Rae. “Money is very difficult to come by in this district, so before we commit several million dollars to a project, we want to make sure it’s the right thing to do. We have no preconceived ideas of what’s going to happen going forward.”

4 Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

Grant opportunity could move filtration forward Lindsay Chung

portunity between the Province of BC and the federal government, and the program provides partial funding for projects that meet specific criteria. The program provides partial funding, where the provincial and federal governments each provide one-third of the project funding and the recipient is responsible for the remainder. The water filtration plant project was put into the Town’s 20142018 Financial Plan and approved at a total cost of $10 million, with borrowing being the major funding source. This came as a result of a 2013 Water Quality Study, which suggested that water filtration was the next step in the requirement to abide by the provincial government’s drinking water regulations. In a report to coun-


Cowichan Valley Transit Holiday Transit Schedule Conventional



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* The commuter does not operate on Dec. 27 or 28.


Transit Info 250·746·9899 • handyDART toll-free 1·855·748·1230

A new joint funding opportunity from the provincial and federal governments could help the Town of Ladysmith move forward with building a water filtration plant. Staff will apply to the New Building Canada Fund — Small Communities Fund Program for up to twothirds of the cost of the $10-million water filtration plant project after being directed to by council on Dec. 15. The water filtration plant was included in the 2014-2018 Financial Plan as an approved capital project, with construction to take place during 20152018, following a filtration pilot study in 2014. The new Building Canada Fund — Small Communities Fund is a joint grant funding op-

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cil, financial services director Erin Anderson says the Town will need to borrow funds to complete the water filtration plant, and borrowing costs would be funded using a combination of water utility rates charges and parcel taxes. “If the Town is successful in its application for grant funding as recommended, the amount to be borrowed for this initiative could be reduced to approximately $3 million,” she wrote. John Manson, the director of infrastructure services, says $10 million is not necessarily the actual cost of the water filtration plant project, but it’s easier to update project costs to a lower number than a higher number. “We don’t have an accurate cost at this point because we’re still evaluating the technologies,” he told council. “We’re technically shooting high in the grant application. We expect as we get through the pilot testing and zero in on the particular technology that we’re using, we’ll be able to come back with a report that would provide updated project costs. Initially, we don’t expect the cost to be over $10 million, and we hope to see it less than that.” Through the Town’s permit with the Island Health, the Town must make a decision on the secondary water treatment type by March, explained Manson. This grant application must be completed by Feb. 18, and Manson says the Town could start design in the spring. Island Health expects this filtration system to be up and running by the end of January 2018, according to Manson.


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Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, December 23, 2014 5

CVRD receives funds for physical literacy Lindsay Chung the chronicle

Recreation providers throughout the Cowichan Valley will have more tools to help more children get — and stay — active after receiving a $25,000 RBC grant. With this grant, which was received Dec. 3, the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) will be better able to promote physical literacy, the first stage of the Canadian Sport for Life national model to encourage lifelong activity. Physical literacy encourages children aged two to 12 to become competent and confident in a wide range of fundamental movement skills, including running, jumping, throwing, agility, balance, coordination and speed. This initiative is designed to address that children nationally are meeting five per cent of physical activity guidelines and are spending more than seven hours per day in front of digital screens in one form or another, according to a press release from the CVRD. “Our vision is that the Cowichan communities will be the most livable and healthy in Canada,” then-CVRD board chair Rob Hutchins stated in the release. “Grant opportunities like this one from RBC help us deliver services to make that happen.” RBC Royal Bank has become a national sponsor of the initiative and is providing


From left, North Cowichan Mayor Jon Lefebure, RBC Royal Bank Duncan branch managerCorrine Thompson, CVRD board chair Rob Hutchins, Island Savings Centre programmer Jennifer Carmichael and Island Savings Centre program and events co-ordinator Jamie Rigby celebrate the CVRD receiving a $25,000 RBC grant to promote physical literacy across the region. Photo Submitted various grant opportu- planning for commu- the region, and we nities. Recreation staff nity engagement and really value the effrom Ladysmith Parks for an education piece forts and the involveand Recreation, North around what physical ment of the staff at Ladysmith Parks and Cowichan Parks and literacy is. “The grant is for the Recreation for their Recreation, South Cowichan Recreation, next 12 months, so leadership role in this,” Cowichan Lake Rec- we’ll be identifying he said. “A thanks to reation, and the Island specifically what that RBC for their sponsorSavings Centre co-or- means in terms of ship.” Clayton Postings, Ladinated a region-wide programs and events,” response and were he said. “Right across dysmith’s director of successful in earning the region, recreation Parks, Recreation and practitioners are try- Culture, says this was the $25,000 grant. A key part of this ing to get the public a great opportunity to initiative is working more active, and spe- work together regionwith health, education, cifically this grant ally, and there could and sport to achieve for ages two to 12 consistency in deliv- will address some of ering this region-wide the concerns around service, and the local childhood obesity and steering committee that kids spend up to includes representa- seven hours a day in tives from KidSport front of a screen.” Elzinga says the Cowichan, School District 79 and Our steering committee Cowichan Communi- will start identifying what events and ties Health Network. John Elzinga, gen- programs are able to eral manager of the be achieved by this CVRD’s recreation grant up until the end and culture depart- of the year, and he exment, says this grant pects implementation enables the recreation would begin early in staff and partners in- the new year. “It’s important to get volved in the steering committee to start activities all across



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be other regional benefits down the road. “It’s been a really positive opportunity for us regionally to get a grant,” he said. “I don’t think we would have received this grant if we had applied for it individually, but regionally, it was a good opportunity. I think the other benefit for us is it allows us to work with our partners in the region to look at possibly down the road bringing in program staff on a regional basis if we can have all of us regionally doing the same program.” Postings says this grant funding and support helps recreation programmers expose families to activities and programs. “I think most of the health reports in the school system are definitely demonstrating there’s less activity for kids in that age group [of two to 12],” he said. “This is an opportunity for us to really educate families and allow youth to participate in programs and expose them to programs.”

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6 Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle


Opinion Merry Christmas!


“Like the pilot he is, he set his sails and off to war he went.” Steve Sulyok, Page 17

We at the Chronicle and Ladysmith Press send you and your families warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas full of joy, love and laughter! All the best for the new year, and thank you for your support in 2014!

Past mayors have done great work for Ladysmith Editor: Re: Mayors — Alderwoman — Alderman

Question of the Week

Are you travelling over Christmas? Vote online at

I would like to make my personal observation of all the mayors that I have known. My father came to Ladysmith in 1910. I have been a resident here for over 75 years. Some mayors have had long terms, some shorter. I read in the paper before Rob Hutchins’s terms, the town was garbage. I take exception to this statement. My reasons: In regards to mayors: 1. Len Ryan — fiscal restraint. He worked hard in tough times. 2. Kay Grouhel — She headed up the purchase of the beach (waterfront property), had Nanaimo Vocational School class come down, level and clean up the property at

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the beach, at no expense to us. Lobbied the provincial government for the Holland Creek Bridge. Purchased a large piece of property in the Holland Creek area for the Town for development — parks, housing, etc. 3. Frank Jameson — worked tirelessly for the Town. Sportsplex. Improvement to the Company Dam for more water storage. 4. Bob Stuart — He worked hard for the Town. Bob was killed back east when he was hit by a car when he was on Town business. Knowing Bob personally, had he lived, he would have done a lot for the Town. 5. Alex Stuart (son of Bob) — He did a great job for Ladysmith. He lobbied hard for an Expo legacy grant and got $500,000 for the Town. This was used for the train station upgrades, waterfront and other things. 6. Rollie Rose, whom I did not know that well — I know that he did a

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Frank Crucil Sr. Ladysmith

North Oyster and Area Historical Society thanks Santa Dear Santa: Once again, you cre-

ated a magical morning for hundreds of people at the North Oyster and Area Historical Society’s Santa’s breakfast this year. Your elves were busy throughout the hall, cooking up a tasty meal, decorating cookies, face and nail painting, crafting, and providing lots of games and prizes. And the best of all was the time you were able to spend with each child, asking them what they’d like for Christmas and having your picture taken with them. Special thanks to you for making this day so special for every person there. Our raffle winners were A. Crossley, Pam Ahl, Maureen Pietrykowski, Lorraine Gould, Ralph Jones, Erica DeFrane, Jack Hembroff, David Sandolo and Cheryl Haldane. May you all have a very Merry Christmas. The North Oyster and Area Historical Society

Publisher/Advertising ................... Teresa McKinley

Since 1908

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great job for the Town for several years. In closing, I totally agree with Rob Johnson on his Take 5 opinions, the need for an RV park. The wages for top salaries at City Hall and my own taxes have gone up substantially in the past couple of years. I phoned the tax people in Nanaimo. They said the Town puts in the figures. Good luck to the new mayor, whom I do not know personally. Be your own person. The waterfront belongs to all of us citizens. As Rob Johnson says, “that’s the way I see it.”

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Vol. 106, #21, 2014

Production Manager......................... Douglas Kent


Lefebure new CVRD chair

John McKinley

For the chronicle

It may be a familiar face at the head of the table. But this could be a new-look Cowichan Valley Regional District board. North Cowichan Mayor Jon Lefebure was elected chairman Wednesday, but not before the new directors served notice this term may be marked by a new way of doing things. New Cobble Hill Director Matteus Clement shook things Veteran Saltair Director Mel up during the election of the chair, by asking for a candi- Dorey supported the move, date question period prior to which eventually passed after some debate. the vote. “It shows that the board is Staff recommended against the move because the board open and that we are not had no chair and doesn’t typi- closed to a new type of thinkcally conduct business without ing, and they will be welcome one. But Clement suggested if at the board table to make new the move broke no rules, then changes if they see that they common practice could fall to need to be made,” Dorey said. Lefebure said he is very opcommon sense. “Common practice should timistic and excited about the involve some transparency board and its mix. and accountability,” he said. “I do not like backroom poli“I think that appointing such ticking, which is divisive. I do an important position — not not like cliques or believe in a only financially, but this is the division between electoral and spokesperson of the Cowichan municipal members. HistoriValley Regional District — cally, there have been efforts to create power bases based (warrants this). “I would like to be able to ask on that division, a practice these people questions that I that is not based in my belief in logic or reality,” he said. haven’t been able to ask.”

Jon Lefebure

“The truth is that we are all elected…and we come to this table and are tasked with the additional responsibility of being concerned for the entire region.” He will lead a board that will include six first-time directors: Clement, Kerry Davis (Mill Bay), Sonia Furstenau (Shawnigan Lake), Alison Nicholson (Sahtlam/Glenora), Rob Douglas (North Cowichan) and Bob Day (Lake Cowichan). Cowichan Bay Director Lori Iannidinardo — who, along with North Oyster’s Mary Marcotte, was also nominated as chair — is the new vice-chairwoman. Former chairman Rob Hutchins was appointed to the board again despite now being a councillor — not mayor — for Ladysmith. He will sit on the board until June 30, and Mayor Aaron Stone is the alternate for Ladysmith until June 30. Hutchins joins Dorey, Iannidinardo, Marcotte, Lefebure, Ian Morrison (Cowichan Lake South) and Phil Kent (Duncan) as directors returning from the previous term. Tom Walker (North Cowichan) and Klaus Kuhn (Youbou) will also be back at the table after not holding office the previous term.


DEC. 26-31, 2014


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Healing Pathway

1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 6-8 pm

Christmas Church Service



314 Buller St., Ladysmith Come & Worship with us. Dec 24 Wednesday 7 pm Christmas Eve service Dec 25 Christmas Day Service 10 am All other Sunday services are 8 am and 10 am Rev. Susan Hermanson 250-245-5512

Rev. Maxine Pirie 232 High Street 250-245-2183

St. Mary’s Catholic Church Christmas Eve Dec. 24th Carol Singing 8 PM Mass 8:30 PM Christmas Day Dec. 25th Mass 9:00 AM New Years Day Jan. 1st Mass 9:00 AM Mass Times: Sat. 5:00 pm Sun. 9:00 am Father Anthony Gonsalves, OFM 1135 - 4th Avenue Ladysmith, BC


1149 Fourth Ave, Ladysmith, 250-245-8221 Family Worship Service every Sunday at 10:30 am Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Dec. 24th - 5:00 pm (Nursery & Children’s classes available) Mid-week programs for kids, preteens and teens

381 Davis Road

December 24, 2014


4pm & 7pm

8 Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Rain didn’t dampen the Christmas spirit of those volunteering at or visiting the eighth annual Little Town Christmas Saturday (Dec. 20) on Willow Street in Chemainus. In left photo, Katia, Matthias and Kelly Bannister of Thetis Island show off the Christmas swags they made with help from volunteers Mayor Jon Lefebure and Kathy Wachs. Volunteers from the Chemainus Biodiversity Education Project helped with the decorations. At right, Chemainus Rotary Club members, from left, Karen Devlin, Derek Hardaker, Victor Nowoselski, Dean Killam, Joan Takenaka and Tom Andrews serve hot dogs.  Lindsay Chung

Stz’uminus Community School presented its Christmas concert, featuring a great presentation of How The Grinch Stole Christmas and a selection of songs, Dec. 18. Pictured here are: in left photo, Dominic David, Autumn Jimmie-Louie and Monique Rice; Wayne Jimmie-Louie and Teagan Harris; and Clarice Seymour and Ida-Rose Williams. Lindsay Chung

Ladysmith Intermediate School’s Christmas concert on Dec. 18 featured songs by the Grade 4/56/ Choir and the presentation of a Christmas musical, Broadway Santa. In left photo, Santa in Training Lucas Copp looks to Santa (Jacob Dean) for advice, while in the middle photo, Snow Queen Jessica Nakahara listens closely and at right, Ava Kennedy (left) and Amber Pridham perform with the choir. Lindsay Chung

The Fuller Lake Arena was transformed into a winter wonderland when the Fuller Lake Skating Club presented its Christmas Extravaganza skating show on Dec. 17. The show featured performances by the youngest Precan and Canskate skaters right up to senior skaters, as well as power skaters.  Lindsay Chung

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FurnishingFurnishing the Island VICTORIA the Island NANAIMO NANAIMO VICTORIA Since 1977 6241 Applecross Rd. 715715 Finlayson SinceFurnishing 1977 Since 1977 Applecross Rd. FollowVICTORIA the Island 6241 6241 Applecross Rd. Finlayson NANAIMO & 715 Join us for Finlayson the latest Since 1977

6241 Applecross Rd. 1-250-390-1125 1-250-390-1125 1-250-390-1125 1-250-390-1125


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715 Finlayson 250-388-6663 commercials, promotions 250-388-6663 Mon., Tues., Sat. 250-388-6663 Mon., Tues., Sat. Mon., Tues., Sat. & monthly flyer! 9 am - 6 pm

Furniture & Follow Mattress Ltd. 9 am -96am pm - 6 pm & Join us for the latest commercials,

Mon., Tues., Sat. Wed., Thurs., 9 am - 6 pmFri. 9 am - 9 pm Wed., Fri. Wed., Thurs., Thurs.,Thurs., Fri. Wed., Fri. Sunday and am 9 am -99Holidays pm - 9 pm 9 am 12 pm--95pm pm Sunday and Holidays Sunday and Holidays 12 pm 5 pm - 5 pm Sunday and Holidays 12 pm

promotions & monthlyFINANCING flyer! HOME OF • NO DOWN • NO INTEREST • INSTANT

Mon-Fri 9-5 • Sat 9-5• Sun 12-5 | Furnishing the Island since 1977 | Locally Owned & Operated

12 pm - 5 pm 715 Finlayson, Victoria | 250.388.6663 |

10 Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves A Panto by Ben Crocker

December 19 - December 31, 2014 Please Note Special Performance Times: Fridays: Dec 19, 26 Show 7:00 pm Saturdays : Dec 20, 27 Show 1:00 pm Sundays Dec 21, 28 Show 1:00 pm Monday / Tuesday Dec 29, 30 Show 7:00 pm

Wednesday Dec 31 - Special New Year’s Eve Performance 8:00 pm

Tickets: $15 - Groups / 10 or more: $l2 Special New Years Eve: $40 Box Office 250-924-0658 Online

Directed by Alan Watt Musical Direction by Charles L. Harman Choreography by Ann McInulty-Gogo

Ladysmith Little Theatre 4985 Christie Road Ladysmith, BC V9G 1J3

Incident at LSS investigated Ladysmith RCMP are investigating a report of a student receiving a puncture wound at the high school. On Friday, Dec. 19 at 11:55 a.m., staff at Ladysmith Secondary School called the RCMP to report that a student had a puncture wound and was currently at the Ladysmith Community Health Centre, according to a press release from Staff Sgt. Dave Herman. Ladysmith RCMP first went to the school and spoke to staff, who said the student had reported the incident


Boxing Week 80%

FF O O T P U E V A * S ! S E X A T O N Y A P S PLU REWIDE* TO S y o B Z a L e On all Genuin

Island Owned & Operated · Visit us online at: Island Owned & Operated · Visit us online at: Ronald McDonald House Charities®

Courtenay Victoria Nanaimo

2937 Kilpatrick Ave 3501 Saanich Road (at Blanshard) 3200 North Island Hwy (Country Club Mall)



DEC 26: 11-5

DEC 27: 10-5:30

DEC 28: 12-5

(250) 871-6074 (250) 382-5269 (250) 756-4114 DEC 29: 10-5:30

or Toll-Free 1-855-203-0857 or Toll-Free 1-877-452-5269 or Toll-Free 1-866-756-4114

DEC 30: 10-5:30

DEC 31: 10-5:30


*See store for details. Financing on Approved Credit. An amount equal to the GST & PST (12%) will be deducted at time of purchase. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Hot Buys Excluded. No price adjustments Dec 26th or 27th. Although every precaution is taken, errors in price or specification may occur in print. We reserve the right to correct such errors. Not all items available at all locations. Offers in effect until January 5th, 2015 or while supplies last.

shortly after it oc- ing the public’s help as curred to a teacher. they investigate an inPolice officers then cident at Aggie Hall. went to the Ladysmith On Monday, Dec. 22 at Community Health 12:38 a.m., Ladysmith Centre and spoke to RCMP received a rethe student. port of a possible break “The student stated and enter in progress he was in the crowded at the Aggie Hall from hallway and headed to a witness who could the bathroom during a hear banging and glass break between classes shattering. Suspects when he felt a sharp were described as two pinch in his back,” said kids with black hoodHerman. “By the time ies and jeans, and it he turned around, he was stated that they saw many students be- were standing on the hind him in the hallway corner of Symonds and but none he recognized Second. or thought would be reLadysmith RCMP atsponsible. The student tended the area immesaid his back started diately and arrested to hurt and he asked two people, who were a teacher to look at it, subsequently released and that was when the to appear in Provincial wound was found. The Court at a later date. hospital staff advised The estimated damRCMP investigators age to Aggie Hall is unthat the wound mea- determined at this time sured was five millime- but may likely be in the ters wide by four milli- thousands of dollars. meters deep, requiring The RCMP are seekone suture.” ing assistance in getPolice are asking ting to the bottom of anyone who has in- this matter. It is strongformation that may be ly believed there is aduseful to contact the ditional evidence and Ladysmith RCMP at witnesses that have not 250-245-2215. yet come to light. Police are also seek- —Staff Writer

Wishing You a Wondrous and Magical Festive Season Thank you for your kindness and friendship and the best in 2015 BOUMA MEAT MARKET 1st Avenue, Ladymith 250-245-8131

CHANGES ESTHETICIANS 239 Bayview, Ladysmith 250-245-3521

Non-stop success for Nanaimo Airport Staff Writer the chronicle

In the first six months of 2014, the Nanaimo Airport enjoyed an average of 33.3 per cent growth per month. Year-to-date growth in 2014 is at nearly 20 per cent, and the Nanaimo Airport Commission is expecting to post another record year in 2014. The Nanaimo Airport has seen passenger numbers climb more than 70 per cent since 2008, thanks to the completion of a runway expansion. And the good news doesn’t stop there. Air Canada has announced that it will begin daily non-stop service to Calgary in the spring. “We are delighted to launch our newest regional services at Nanaimo Airport to Calgary next spring, and we look forward to welcoming customers from the Nanaimo/ Cassidy areas onboard Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz Aviation,” Kevin C. Howlett, Air Canada’s senior vicepresident of regional markets, said in a press release. “Customers can fly either point-to-point between Nanaimo and

Calgary or convenient- da and the world.” ly connect at our CalWithin a four-hour gary hub to and from window, there are our worldwide net- more than 25 Air work to destinations Canada flights this in Europe, extensive new service connects North American route to, including multiple network and beyond. flights to Edmonton, Our Nanaimo-Calgary Fort McMurray and flights complement Toronto. In addition our multiple daily to the domestic flights, Nanaimo-Vancouver there are connections flights.” to American and interThe new daily flight national destinations starts May 1 and such as Los Angeles, will be arriving in Las Vegas, London, Nanaimo at 1:15 p.m. and Frankfurt. and departing for CalThis announcement gary at 1:45 p.m. Air from Air Canada Canada will operate comes less than two a Q400 on this route. months after a second This will be in addi- WestJet daily flight tion to the eight daily from Nanaimo to CalAir Canada Express gary began at the end flights from Nanaimo of October. to Vancouver in the summer schedule. “Developing service is key to Nanaimo Airport’s continued growth to ensure safe, reliable transportation for Central Vancouver Island residents,” said Mike Hooper, president and CEO of the Nanaimo Airport. “This announcement is a major indicator of how strongly the MidIsland region is supporting Air Canada’s gateway route from Nanaimo to Vancouver. With those flights at near capacity, this new route will provide additional Air Canada seats for those travelling to Eastern Cana-

Seasons Greetings from

Gifts for the

Holiday Hostess

Bring something beautiful to the table this holiday with our festive collection of holiday florals and home accents. Cedar, Ladysmith, Chemainus, Duncan

Bloooms Direct Line 250-245-3344

Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, December 23, 2014 11

Serving Ladysmith, Chemainus and area

CLASSIFIEDS Town of Ladysmith

SELL!2015 1-855-310-3535 COUNCIL Book yours by Phone

Subscribe 250-245-2277


32 online access


The Town of Ladysmith holds regular Council meetings on the first and third Mondays of FOCUS ONotherwise LOCAL each month unless noted. ISSUES! The meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and take place in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 410 Esplanade, Ladysmith, B.C. The 2015 meeting schedule is as follows: January 5 March 16 July 6 January 19 April 20 Includes July 20 February 2 May 4 August 17 online access February 16 June 1 September 21 March 2 June 15 October 5

Subscribe 250-245-2277



October 19 November 2 November 16 December 7 December 21

Anyway you want it, that’s the way you get it!

Council encourages and welcomes your participation. For meeting agendas and minutes, please visit the Town’s website at or call 250.245.6400.

Municipal Services Committee meetings take place on the third Monday of the month.

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32 Classifieds Sell!

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12 Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

Partnership promotes safety Call us for delivery Lindsay Chung

the chronicle

After all the presents are delivered... Santa stops here for Pizza!

Happy Holidays Roberts Street


20 Roberts Street, Ladysmith Closed December 25 and 26


Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year •Good Food •Good Price •Good Service

Reserve Now

for New Years Day & New Years Eve



32+ items

Cozy Dining by the fireside

Draft Beer Special Fully Licenced Smorg One of the Best Smorgs Serving Ladysmith Since 1999

250-245-3263 112 High Street, Ladysmith (behind the Post Office formerly the bowling alley)


Ladysmith Fire/Rescue members were recently called out to a home where the occupant was awoken by a smoke detector and a house full of smoke. The occupant and the structure are OK, but this is a strong reminder about the value of a working smoke alarm. Providing smoke detectors to Ladysmith residents is an important part of Ladysmith Fire/Rescue’s fire prevention work, and the fire department will be able to make an even bigger impact with that work thanks to support from Island Savings Credit Union. Fire Chief Ray Del- In top photo, Island Savings Credit Union account court explained that manager Rob McIntyre (left) and branch manager Ladysmith Fire/Rescue Brad Lesiuk present a cheque to Ladysmith Fire/ asked Island Savings Rescue Chief Ray Delcourt. Above, Danielle and to join the fire depart- Tim Crooks and five-month-old Aurora receive a car ment in the promotion seat inspection from Lieut. Dan Cross. Lindsay Chung of smoke detection in town by providing free tion Mall. “We think it’s Rescue bags with pamsmoke detectors. a great program.” phlets in them so the “We’re very appreciaDelcourt says most firefighters can put tive,” he said. “We’re of the smoke detection the smoke detectors also hand-in-hand part- has come out of the de- in them and deliver the ners with our car seat partment’s fire budget, package as a whole to program.” so a donation like this people’s homes. Island Savings donat- will help a lot. Delcourt wants to ed a $2,000 cheque to “We’ll be able to spend remind people that as the fire department to money on other things,” we get into the colder buy more smoke detec- he said. season, now is a good tors for the community. Anybody in Ladysmith time to ensure you “We’re just happy who needs a smoke have enough working we’ve been included detector can call smoke detectors in in this program,” said Ladysmith Fire/Rescue your home, as you start Brad Lesiuk, the at 250-245-6436. using wood stoves and branch manager at IsIsland Savings has fireplaces and turning land Savings in Corona- given Ladysmith Fire/ on more heaters.

Island Savings partners with Ladysmith Fire/Rescue for the Christmas tree chipping and car seat demonstrations in early January and supports the department’s car seat clinics. Car seat inspections will be offered at the Ladysmith Fire Hall during the seventh annual Ladysmith Fire/ Rescue Historical Society Christmas Tree Chipping Jan. 3 and 4. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can drop your tree off behind the fire hall at 340 Sixth Ave. on Malone Road. During the tree chipping weekend, donations are gratefully accepted toward the restoration of Ladysmith Fire/ Rescue’s antique 1942 International parade truck. Fire trucks will be set up and ready for children’s enjoyment. Firefighters will also be driving through the community on both days, and if you would like your tree picked up, you can leave it on the curb in front of your residence, and firefighters will pick it up. You can also call 250-245-6436 and leave your name and address to confirm pickup. To learn more about the car seat program, find Vancouver Island Car Seat Techs online at www.vicarseattechs. com or www.facebook. com/VICarSeatTechs.

LOCAL #2 Crofton Proudly Supporting Our Communities Since 1963 Charities contributed to: Cowichan Food Basket Society, Chemainus Harvest House Food Bank, Duncan Volunteer Fire Department (Magic Show), Canadian Red Cross, Help Fill A Dream Foundation, B.C. Lung Association, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – B.C. Chapter, The Disability Campaign, Royal Canadian Legion – BC/Yukon Command, Opportunities For The Disabled Foundation, Asbestos-related Research, Education & Advocacy Fund, Joseph Mairs Memorial Committee, Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society, Duncan Junior Baseball Association, Crofton Elementary School Proficiency Award, Child Find BC “Tournament of Hope”, Children’s Project, BC Lung Association, Canadian Cancer Society of B.C., Bone Marrow Research VGH/ UBC Hospital, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Pulp, Paper and Woodworkers of Canada, Local #5 (Vancouver), The Council of Canadians, NEDFEST 2014, Cowichan District Hospital Foundation, B.C. Teachers’ Federation, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #191 – Poppy Fund, BC Children’s Hospital – Holiday Card Program, Children’s Christmas Project, Cowichan District Hospital, BC SPCA – Cowichan Branch. Bursary awarded: $500 to Samantha Williams.

The Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation needs your help to purchase Anaesthesia Machines for the two new Operating Rooms at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. An Anaesthesia Machine is used to administer a precise and continuous supply of anaesthetic to the patient during surgery.

$125,000 each One Lifetime, One Hospital Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation 102-1801 Bowen Rd. Nanaimo, BC, V9S 1H1

1616 Chaplin Street, Crofton, BC (250) 246-9272 Email: Web:


Donate Securely online at

Waving the flag for small business Lindsay Chung THE CHRONICLE

A month before Christmas, Naomi Yamamoto, the Minister of State for Tourism and Small Business, spoke about the importance of supporting small businesses while in Chemainus. During an evening social hosted by the local BC Liberals riding MLA Naomi Yamamoto, the Minister of State for association last month Tourism and Small Business, speaks to the local Libat Mount Brenton Golf eral riding association in Chemainus. LINDSAY CHUNG Course, Yamamoto, who is the MLA for be part of a party that who coach our kids, North Vancouver-Lon- dictated where you raise money for charisdale, emphasized how had to shop, but I think ties and provide items important small busi- if we educate people for silent auctions. nesses are in smaller and tell them how im- “If we lose and we communities like portant it is to support don’t support the Chemainus. your local merchants, small businesses, and “My portfolio, which is that we’ll end up with especially in smaller tourism and small busi- communities that are communities, I think ness, gives me the op- much stronger, that are you’ll really see a deportunity to make sure healthier, more vibrant terioration of the fabthat our stakeholders and are going to keep ric and the diversity understand that we’re and create jobs in their that makes a commua party that stands for local communities.” nity strong,” she said. free enterprise and, Yamamoto’s message “That’s why it’s impormore importantly, to to people is to look tant for communities ensure that people get at the small business to have municipalities how important small owner and see more that are small-business businesses are to than someone who friendly.” our community,” she hires other people Tourism is also part said. “I’m a huge fan and provides services of Yamamoto’s portand huge supporter of or products — those folio, and she says shopping local ... and small business own- Chemainus is “obviI would never want to ers are also the people ously a town that gets

the tourism component, with the murals,” noting the shift from a reliance on the natural resources sector to the tourism sector. Tourism and small business connect in many ways, as Yamamoto says there are 19,000 businesses in B.C. that are tourism related — the majority of which are small businesses — and more than 130,000 people in B.C. work in tourism. Yamamoto says B.C. is having a “great year” in 2014 when it comes to attracting tourism, and 2013 was a great year. “From all accounts from folks all across British Columbia, almost everywhere we’ve seen another increase year over year in international visitors and room rates [in 2013],” she said. According to Yamamoto, key tourism markets for B.C. are China, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Australia and Mexico. Within Canada, Alberta and Ontario are this province’s target markets.


250.245.3022 13070 Thomas Road, Ladysmith

Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, December 23, 2014 13

th 26Annual

Polar Bear Swim

Jan 1 - Transfer Beach Register: 11am Plunge: 12pm

The fastest event of the year! i 250.245.6424 |

14 Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

• quality footwear for healthy feet • natural fabric & clothing • global, fair trade & local artisans

539 - 1st Ave.


We wish you a Merry Christmas & healthy holidays! from all of us at

Ladysmith Health Food Store 531 First Ave., Ladysmith


From our Pharmasave Family to Yours. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Christmas Hours •Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve 9 am - 6 pm • Closed Christmas Day and New Years Day • Boxing Day 12 noon - 5 pm

Hygrade, one of Vancouver Island’s favourite party rock bands, will ring in the new year Dec. 31 at The Shoe Pub in Chemainus. KahunaJay Photography

Help Hygrade ring in the new year Staff Writer the chronicle

Ring in the new year

Ladysmith Resources Centre Association

Christmas Cheer Fund Donors 2014 Tara Joan Nyhan Annika & Ollivia Klopper Fraternal Order of Eagles Barry & Donna Lamberton Town of Ladysmith – Christmas Party Ladies Auxiliary – Royal Canadian Legion Pearls Quilting Group Fourth Estate Holdings Ltd. Royal Bank of Canada – Ladysmith Branch Doug & Carolyn Campbell Carmel & Ann Hockey Carole & Bruce Laxdal Ann & Mike Batie Gus & Arlene Bergman Vicky Stickwood-Hislop Lauri Ladies Night Out’ Cindy Nicholson Joyce Staton Thomas & Margaret O’Sullivan Ernie & Gillian Dolling Ladysmith Golf Club Joan & Harry Phillips Lloyd & Carole Plaxton Patricia & Jim Kirk Ramona Kain Lillian Adams St. John’s The Evangelist Anglican Church Grace Shelling Hair Haven Ladysmith T.O.P.S. Club BC 2510 Wendy Lautsch Joint Venture Sports Physiotherapy Lilian Muzychka Laurance Craig Allyson Wagner Melinda Joyce Mary & Arend Tiel Rosa & Lars Christensen Barbara Lorimer Pfinn Energy Services Ltd. Ladysmith Secondary School Ladysmith Intermediate School Ladysmtih Primary School E’cole North Oyster School


Locally Owned & Operated

Total to Dec 18:

$12,282.76 This ad is sponsored by

can expect to hear familiar party tunes from bands like 54/40, The Tragically Hip and Steve Earle, mixed with current songs from bands such as The White Stripes, Big Sugar and The Black Keys. “We try to play songs you would hear at most house parties,” Doyle, the band’s founder, said in the release. Cover charge for the New Year’s celebration with Hygrade is $5. For more information and advance tickets, call 250-4160411.

May this season be filled with fond memories, love and joyful celebration


Burial and Cremation Centre

Your local Memorial Society of BC Funeral Home, caring service at reasonable cost NANAIMO 595 Townsite Rd.

LADYSMITH 112 French St.



Wishing our customers the Best of the Season and a Happy New Year!

Call Torrie Jones

441 First Ave., Ladysmith Mon. to Fri. 9 to 8, Sat. 9 to 6, Sun. & Holidays 12 to 5

with one of Vancou- band decided to inver Island’s favourite corporate a new apparty rock bands. proach to its sound The Shoe Pub at by adding Theo Masthe Horseshoe Bay sop to the lineup, foInn in Chemainus is cusing on his “hot bringing in Hygrade rockin’ harmonica,” for a New Year’s Eve notes a press release celebration Dec. 31. from the band. Not Hygrade has been only does this crebringing the life to ate a unique style for parties, dances, pubs songs that don’t norand events for nearly mally have harmon20 years. The core of ica, but Massop’s the band has always vocal prowess also centered around allowed the band to d r u m m e r / v o c a l i s t explore three-part Dean Doyle, with harmony. Kevin Greenhough Covering songs on bass and Tony from the 1970s, 1980s, Perry handling the 1990s and now, anyguitar work. one celebrating New Two years ago, the Year’s at The Shoe


Bulk Water Hauling Drinking Water for Home or Business to fill Cisterns, Wells, Swimming Pools, etc

“Service the old-fasnioned way””

along with helpful community information.

Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, December 23, 2014 15

Do you need to get the word out?



Advertise your small business here! This size - $1525+HST/issue Minimum 4 weeks

Get swept away by 40 Thieves The Chronicle reviews Ladysmith Little Theatre’s pantomime, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Lindsay Chung

tumes are just beautiful, and there are a lot of well-known songs in the show, including “Love is an Open Door” from the movie Frozen, “Consider Yourself” from Oliver Twist, and a terrific re-worked version of Petula Clark’s “Downtown” with “Baghdad” lyrics. The show seems to really appeal to people of all ages, as a full house on Sunday laughed, booed, cheered and clapped along throughout the show. Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves premieres runs until Dec. 31. There are evening shows at 7 p.m. on Dec. 26, 29 and 30 and matinees at 1 p.m. on Dec. 27 and 28. A special New Year’s Eve show and celebration will take place Dec. 31. The show will run from 8-10 p.m. with appies served during intermission. Cast members will join the audience following the show for a latenight meal and to help


Spend an afternoon or evening at the Ladysmith Little Theatre this holiday season, and you’ll be swept away to Baghdad and a world of villains, heroes, adventure and romance with the fabulous pantomime Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves. A Christmas pantomime has become an annual tradition at Ladysmith Little Theatre (LLT), and this year’s production is funny, very well done and fun for the whole family. A pantomime is a type of musical comedy stage production designed for family entertainment. Each one is loosely based on a well-known fairy tale or nursery rhyme and uses popular songs, slapstick, double entendres and topical humour. Typically, the hero is played by a girl, while there is always a “Dame,” played by a man. The fun thing about pantos is that they are meant to be participatory, and audience members are encouraged to sings along, shout out phrases to the performers, cheer the hero and boo the villain. Watching and hearing any children in the audience is priceless. This year’s production of Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves is a great show, featuring excellent performances by Hailey Primrose

Chemainus: Diana 250-246-4463 Ladysmith: Eileen 250-245-0799

Ladysmith Little Theatre’s production of Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves is a pantomime filed with fun and adventure. PHOTO SUBMITTED as poor Ali Baba; younger sister Huma is Hannah Copp as Ali also freed, so Ali sets Baba’s fiancee Safiya; out to find enough Charles Harman as Ali money to free them Baba’s brother Cassim both. and Inge Cathers as Ali finds a secret cave Sharon. filled with treasure, Torry Clark is hilari- but, unfortunately for ous in his over-the-top our young hero, that role as Mum Baba, isn’t the answer to all while Mike Cooper his problems. Soon, is great as the evil evil Mustafa Leikh Mustafa. Kathleen and his thieves disRamsay, Ken Hiebert, cover that someone Gracie Laboucan, has been stealing from Pamela Walker, Jamee them, and they go after Hubbard, Kyra Moore Ali. and Taylor May Tacon It’s a great story, all do a great job of made even better by bringing this tale to the jokes, music and life. The young per- appearance of a camel. formers — Moore, The sets and cosTacon, Hubbard and Laboucan — bring a New PatieNts welcome great enthusiasm to ALL DenTAL PLAnS ACCePTeD. COMPLeTe DenTAL CARe FOR eVeRyOne. the stage that is so fun to see. Set in Baghdad, Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves tells the story of Ali Baba, who falls in love with Safiya and must try to buy In the Coronation Mall Ladysmith her freedom from her owners — his brother Dr. Kenneth McCracken DDS Cassim and his wife & Associates Sharon. Suites 27 -370 Trans-Canada Hwy., When poor Ali comes Ladysmith, BC V9G 1T9 up with the money to 250-245-7151 • HOURS: Monday - Friday 8-5 buy Safiya’s freedom, she insists that she Saturdays (Appoint. by request only) Book Appointments Online won’t leave until her

ring in the new year. Tickets for the celebration are $40 each. Tickets for all other shows are $15 each and are available at the Ladysmith Little Theatre Box Office at 4985 Christie Rd., by calling 250-924-0658 or online

e Sav% Call Now! 250-245-2277 30

NEW IN Shop at Home TOWN? Service Our hostess will bring gifts & greetings along with helpful community information.

Chemainus: Diana 250-246-4463 Ladysmith: Eileen 250-245-0799

Carpet, Hardwood, Hardwood Resurfacing DAVID Lino, Tile,Do Blinds you need to get the word out?

KULHAWY Advertise your small business here! Owner This size - $1525+HST/issue Minimum 4 weeks

2727 JAMES ST. 250-748-9977

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Carpet, Hardwood, Hardwood Resurfacing Lino, Tile, Blinds

Thank you to all the families for the honour DAVID of sharing the birth of their children with us.KULHAWY Owner 2727 JAMES ST. 250-748-9977 Wishing everyone happiness andDUNCAN good health. LADYSMITH 250-245-0046 May the light within us all shine bright Reserve Yourcompassion. Directory Space Now! for peace, love and

Call 250-245-2277 Season’s Greetings.

Laurie Untereiner, Yvanne Faught Registered Midwives

Wishing you all the blessings of Christmas

Wishing you peace, health and happiness Jean Crowder, MP Nanaimo-Cowichan Toll Free: 1-866-609-9998 | We will be closed for the holidays between Dec 24- Jan 1.

Enrollment Information: 250.246.3191 K-7 and preschool 9735 Elm Street, Chemainus, BC

16 Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle


these fine businesses and find out why they are the...



Dashwood 250-245-0545

Mid-Island Granite


Top Quality Granite & Marble Countertops

High Street Hair welcomes our two new junior stylists Shailey & Adrienne.

Families First for over 21 years!

All services with Shailey & Adrienne To all my friends and clientsMay the spirit of the season surround you this Christmas with peace, love, laughter and renewed energy! Thank you for brightening our year with your visits in 2014. I look forward seeing you in 2015! Runs Decemberto 23rd 2014

Island Reflexology

Patricia Kew R.C.R.T

Fabricated & Installed Granite from $69.00 S/F 5% discount if you bring in this ad

2059 South Wellington, Nanaimo (250)591-7795 Philip Myburgh President/Owner Runs December 30th 2014

Kitchen Tools • Gourmet Foods • Cooking Classes Unique Gift Ideas for The Chef In You!

Hours 10:00 - 5:00 pm (Mon-Sat) 522 1st Avenue, Ladysmith

10 % 0ff

Full Service Salon Esthetician Service Available Walk Ins Welcome Mon - Fri 8:30 - 5:00 Sat - 8:30 - 4:00 Like us 23 High St, Ladysmith 250-245-4550 January 6th 2015 and onward

Week Island Business of the Island Reflexology Reflexology

Professional Automotive Repairs Patricia Kew R.C.R.T

Patricia Kew R.C.R.T

By appointment only please. MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE by Licensed Technicians using the latest computerized equipment REFLEXOLOGY & LOWER LEG MASSAGE ONE FULL HOUR & LOWER LEG MASSAGE ONE FULL HOUR & LOWER LEG MASSAGE ONE FULL HOUR $65 REFLEXOLOGY $65 REFLEXOLOGY PLUS! Herbal foot soak & hot towel wrap PLUS! Herbal foot soak & hot towel wrap $65 PLUS! Herbal foot soak & hot towel wrap • automotive REFLEXOLOGY & LOWER LEG MASSAGE REFLEXOLOGY & LOWER LEG MASSAGE• motorhome • truck • industrial • buses REFLEXOLOGY & LOWER LEG MASSAGE ONE FULL 90 MINUTE SESSION FULL 90 MINUTE SESSION $90 ONE $90wheel • wrap computerized alignment ONE FULL 90 MINUTE SESSION $90 PLUS! Herbal foot soak & hot towel wrap PLUS! Herbal foot soak & hot towel By appointment only please. GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE NOT COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER SPECIALS


(Hours & Days flexible)-I’ll work around your schedule In business on the island since 2007

For information on reflexology: 620 3rd Ave. Ladysmith • 250-619-FEET (3338)

Ladysmith Marine Services

PLUS! Herbal foot soak & hot towel wrap • professional diagnostics NOT COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER SPECIALS • new vehicle scheduled maintenance MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:00-5:00 MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:00-5:00 (Hours & Days flexible)-I’ll workvehicle around your schedule (Hours & Days alternate flexible)-I’ll work around your schedule • certified inspection including fuels In business on the island since 2007 In business on the island since 2007 • custom pipe bendingFor to 3information inches For information on reflexology: on reflexology: • marine mobile service • designed inspection facility


620 3rd Ave. Ladysmith • 250-619-FEET (3338)

620 3rd Ave. Ladysmith • 250-619-FEET (3338)

Our shop can handle most vehicle repairs & maintenance

Give us a call today!

Full service marine repair and maintenance Wood - Steel - Aluminum & Fiberglass

Cedar Village Square

2A-1834 Cedar Rd. 250-323-8688 • Accu-Pak Bubble Packaging • Blood Pressure Monitoring • Immunization & Injections

Haul out on-site Boat Storage Boat Transportation Full Service Marine Repair & Maintenance Storage for Vessels & Equipment Aluminum Fabrication 40,000 lb Hydraulic Trailer

Edgardo M. Montejo

B.Sc Pharm. Pharmacist / Owner

250-714-6206 Downtown Ladysmith at Fishermans Wharf

For all your prescription needs • FREE Delivery

Bare Windows?

Friendly Service from your Local Expert!



SALES - SERVICE Let me help you choose the right look for your home!

FRAM Serving Clients Since 1980 9396 Smiley Rd. Chemainus

250 924-5679 New Homes, Carriage Houses, Renovations, and Leasehold Improvements


1-250-748-4368 Fax 250-748-4377

460 Whistler St., Duncan

Valley Dental Centre Island King Reno's Cedar Part of the Community for 17 Years Professional Home Renovations

Drinking Water Bulk Hauling Domestic & Construction for Cisterns, Wells, Swimming Pools

Call Torrie Jones 250-714-8460


Kitchen •Bath Tile • Flooring Drywall • Paint Vinyl Siding Interior & Exterior Reno’s

250-754-4721 Blayne Ulrich 250-924-4924 “Service the old-fashioned way”

• Aesthetic dentistry • Family dentistry • Active hygiene program • Facial cosmetics Always happy to meet new patients

Dr. Michael Rockwell • 2C-1834 Cedar Road

Monday - Thursday flexible hours • Fridays by special appointment only

250 722 9448 •


Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, December 23, 2014 17


LSS boys go into break on high note Lindsay Chung

“Peace on Earth... Goodwill to All!”


Ladysmith Secondary School (LSS)’s senior boys’ basketball team is heading into the holiday break on a winning note. Ladysmith hosted Woodlands Secondary School Dec. 18 and beat the visitors from Nanaimo 70-64 in the team’s final game before Christmas. Ladysmith held a close 12-10 lead after the first quarter, and the game was tied 2828 at halftime. The home team pulled away in the third quarter, going up 53-44, and In left photo, Ladysmith’s top scorer, Marika Grubac looks for someone to pass to against Isfeld on Dec. 16, held on for a 70-64 win. while at right, Ladysmith’s Cam Rasmussen goes for a basket against Woodlands on Dec. 18. LINDSAY CHUNG Nick Hayton led the 49ers in scoring with “I thought they played ary on the team this losing 24-77 to Mark year, as they have a lot 18 points, followed well. They’ll be hap- year, and he says that R. Isfeld Secondary of young players, and by Kurt Olson with 15 py with a win before without them, LSS School Dec. 16. it’s tough getting peopoints and Adam Tay- Christmas.” probably wouldn’t Marika Grubac ple out to games. lor with 12 points. Steel was pleased to have a team this year. scored most of Lady“We’re improving,” Coach Randy Steel see pretty balanced The 49ers are now 1-1 smith’s points, with 15 he said. “Our first says he expected this scoring from his team, in league play. Their and at least one point three games of the game to be a close one. as every player on the next game is Jan. 6 at in each quarter. Kelsey season were against “[We] seemed to take court had at least two home against Barsby. Hutt and Amber Swith- the top three teams in the game over in the points, and three were Ladysmith’s senior in each had four points, the league, but after second half, and their in the double digits. girls’ team played a and Sam Kleininger Christmas, it should big guy kind of got Steel has about home game in the final had one point. get better.” into foul trouble in the five players from the week before ChristCoach Daryl Rodgers The girls return to second half,” he said. closed Cedar Second- mas holidays as well, says it’s been a tough play Jan. 13 in Comox.

Eight-year-old Cedar boy wins motorcross title Greg Sakaki FOR THE CHRONICLE

Cedar’s Sebastian Sulyok is the winner of the 2014 Canadian Arenacross Championship series in his 50cc open division. BLACK PRESS FILE PHOTO

Beyond Your Expectations

An eight-year-old motocross rider from Cedar isn’t just an upand-comer anymore. Sebastian Sulyok finished first in his 50cc open division on the Canadian Arenacross Championship series, which wrapped up earlier this month with racing in Chilliwack. Sulyok had accumulated enough points in the eight-stop series that he just needed to place third in Chilliwack to win the title, and that’s what he did. He had been doing well with hole shots on the series, but in the series finale in front of a large crowd, he got hung up on the starting gate and was in 15th place at the start

of the race. “Like the pirate he is, he set his sails and off to war he went,” said Steve Sulyok, Sebastian’s father. Sebastian got himself back up to third place and held the position. “The feeling is abso-

lute euphoria,” Steve said. He said the family is proud to bring the title to Vancouver Island. “Island team, Team B.C. motocross is just a great family, a great network of people,” Steve said.

Cash for Containers


Turn your drink, beer, wine and spirit containers into cash! BOTTLE DRIVES WELCOME (pickup available) ACCEPTING:

• Electronics (TV’s, Computers, Fax, Printers, Audio, Video, etc.) • Small Appliances (Microwaves, ice, bread and coffee makers, power tools, vacuums, sewing & exercise machines) • Household Paint • Light Fixtures and Light Bulbs (ex, lamps, Christmas lights, etc...)

Lorne wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lorne Gait


Coast Realty, Ladysmith. 410A First Avenue

Best of the Season to all my Clients, Friends and Family. Thanks for your support in 2014 and I look forward to meeting and greeting all of you in 2015!

Ladysmith 250-245-2252


Ho, Ho, Holiday


Delivering wishes merry and bright to all of our friends and neighbors at Christmastime!

With sincere thanks for your loyal support, we wish you and yours a very merry Christmas!

GREG BUCHANAN See all my listings on the internet!


• Printed Paper (newspapers, magazines, telephone books etc...) • Old Corrugated Cardboard (grocery and pizza boxes, etc...) • Other Paper Packaging (paper cups, aseptic boxes or cartons, etc...) • Polyethylene Film Packaging (grocery bags, drink/water case overwrap...) • Polyethylene Foam Packaging (deli food trays, drink cups, etc...) • Other Plastic Packaging (plastic jars and trays, garden pots, etc...) • Metal Packaging (tin cans. aerosol cans, food trays, etc...) • Glass Packaging (clear of colour bottles and jars, etc...)

Ladysmith Junction Bottle


149 Oyster Bay Drive, (Beside Home Hardware)

Mon - Sat: 9 am - 5 pm Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm


640 Trans Canada Hwy Box 970, Ladysmith, BC V9G 1A7


P. 250-245-3700 C. 250-667-7653 E.

18 Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle A18 Tue, Dec 23, 2014, Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

Your community. Your classifieds.



fax 250.245.2260 email

$2998 plus tax

SELL YOUR STUFF! (99¢ extra lines) Runs till it sells, up to 8 weeks!



%JTQMBZ"ET &RIDAYxxPM -!*/2ĂĽ#!4%'/2)%3ĂĽ).ĂĽ /2$%2ĂĽ/&ĂĽ!00%!2!.#% &!-),9x!../5.#%-%.43 #/--5.)49x!../5.#%-%.43 42!6%,x #(),$2%.x%-0,/9-%.4 0%23/.!,x3%26)#%3 "53).%33x3%26)#%3x 0%43xx,)6%34/#+ -%2#(!.$)3%x&/2x3!,% 2%!,x%34!4% 2%.4!,3 !54/-/4)6%-!2).%



$)3#2)-).!4/29 ,%')3,!4)/.























How would you like to be remembered?

MEET SINGLES right now! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now: 1-800-712-9851.

“A Guide to Planning Ahead.�



Burial and Cremation Centre Your local Memorial Society of BC Funeral Home, caring service at reasonable cost. NANAIMO 595 Townsite Rd.

250-591-6644 LADYSMITH 112 French St.

Greg Lonsdale


250-245-5553 DEATHS

LAYCOCK, Penelope Anne August 7, 1941 – November 25, 2014 Penelope passed away peacefully and courageously in her home, as was her wish, with her three sons gathered from around the world. A private cremation has taken place, and at Penelope’s request there will be no funeral service in Canada, however a ceremony and celebration of Penny’s magniďŹ cent life will be held in ChipperďŹ eld (England) in the summer of 2015, where she has asked to be reunited with her maternal grandparents of whom she had very fond memories. A loving and much loved mother of Graham Western of Barrie, Ontario, Paul Western of Sydney, Australia, and Mark Western of Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong; grandmother to Kara Western, Taila Western and Healy Western. Sister to Fenella Ellis and Tony Gordon-Laycock; and aunt to Peter Ellis and Amanda Blinco and Stephen and William Gordon-Laycock. Daughter of Joan and William Gordon- Laycock; and former wife of John Western (recently deceased). Always there to nurture and support her three sons, her loss is deeply felt but softened by the knowledge she is now free of pain and at peace. Penelope was born in ChipperďŹ eld (UK) and spent much of her childhood abroad – in India, Barbados and France. These early experiences inuenced Penelope deeply, giving her a lifelong passion for travel & adventure; and fuelling her genuine care and concern for those less fortunate. Penelope married John Western (her “only true loveâ€?) in 1962, and had her ďŹ rst two sons (Graham & Paul) in England. The family later migrated to Canada in 1964 where her third son (Mark) was born, and where she spent the rest of her life. In the early years living in Pickering, Ontario, where the boys fondly remember holidays to Prince Edward Island, learning to sail dinghies on Frenchman’s Bay, canoeing and playing ice hockey. At the same time, the family spent seven years building a 40ft sailboat and eventually sailed it to the Bahamas in 1978 on a one-year journey. John and Penelope separated in 1979 and Penelope returned to Toronto (with a mere $7 in her pocket) and continued to raise her three sons as a single parent, living in Cabbagetown and The Beaches. In the boy’s teenage years she is remembered for her compassion, opening her home and heart to boys less fortunate and more troubled then her own. She built a respected career at the University of Toronto (Scarborough campus) as the Manager of Student Residences & Conference Services, receiving many awards and the respect of her colleagues and students. Always curious, Penny travelled widely and continued her passion for sailing yachts, bravely crossing the Atlantic Ocean, plus numerous other sailing adventures around the globe. Penny was also interested in theatre (acting in several plays), golf, gardening, philosophy, and at the young age of 60 received her scuba certiďŹ cation. After retiring in 1997, Penelope moved ďŹ rst to Brighton Ontario where she acquired her beloved dogs (Poppet & Chipper) and lived on the water (a lifelong dream). Penny later moved to Ladysmith, BC, where she settled in a cozy home, surrounded with owers in the garden and a view of the mountains. It was here that Penny passed away. The family would like to thank all the wonderful and compassionate carers that supported Penelope with her ďŹ nal wish – allowing her to stay in her home – and the kind and caring Dr. Kilvert and nursing staff that assisted the boys to provide palliative care in her ďŹ nal weeks. Penelope’s sons will keep a remembrance book for Penelope’s grandchildren. If you knew Penelope and would like to share your memories of her, please email messages and/or photos to:



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Iain S. Smith Manager Nanaimo



SANDS FUNERAL CHAPELS Nanaimo 250-753-2032 Proudly Canadian

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS INFORMATION Advertise in the 2015 - 2017 BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 or email: ďŹ DID YOU KNOW? BBB Accredited Businesses contractually agree to operate by the BBB’s 8 Standards of Trust. Look for the 2014 BBB Accredited Business Directory Eedition on your Black Press Community Newspaper website at You can also go to and click on the 2014 BBB Accredited Business Directory

9/52Ă–#/--5.)49 Ă–9/52Ă–#,!33)&)%$3

Ask us for more info.

CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. NO Risk Program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248.

TRAVEL RV LOT Rentals $8.95 a day. 362 days of sunshine, pets, events, classes, entertainment. Reserve by 11/01/2014. Visit: Call: 1-800-926-5593

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES THE DISABILITY Tax Credit. $1,500 yearly tax credit.$15,000 lump sum refund (on avg). covers: Hip/knee replacements, arthritic joints, COPD. For help applying 1844-453-5372.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION is an in-demand career in Canada! Employers have work-at-home positions available. Get the online training you need from an employer-trusted program. Visit: or 1-888528-0809 to start training for your work-at-home career today!




We are looking for a detail oriented, organized individual to join our team in the Cowichan Valley. You are positive, self-driven and are successful in a team environment. Duties of this position include payroll and all aspects of bookkeeping. We offer a competitive compensation package and professional working environment. Please respond with resume and references to: helpwantedcow âœąPlease note if you applied to the previous ad on Nov 21 or 26 please re-send to the above email address. Thank you for your patience.

TRADES, TECHNICAL Port Hardy, BC. Busy GM dealership looking for two full time positions to be filled immediately. CertiďŹ ed GM technician Ticketed Bodyman Very competitive pay scales, benefits, and flexible schedules. Send resume to SKILLED trades! Experienced welders and completions team members needed in Grande Prairie, AB. Welders, B-Pressure Welders, Painters with Steel experience. Fly in - Fly out with 1 week at home a month. Accommodation provided. Alberta wages without the high rent! Send resume to: hr@wester nmanufactur

PERSONAL SERVICES EDUCATION/TUTORING GRADE 6 to 10 Math, English, Social Studies, special needs students ok. $30/hr, frequency discounts. (250)924-1888.

INCOME TAX PROBLEMS? Have you been audited, reassessed or disallowed certain claims by Canada Revenue Agency? Call Bob Allen @ 250-542-0295 35yrs. Income Tax experience, 8.5yrs. with Revenue Canada. Email: C- 250-938-1944


COWICHAN Hauling & Moving


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HOME IMPROVEMENTS FULL SERVICE Plumbing from Parker Dean. Fast, reliable, 24/7 service. Take $50 off your next job if you present this ad. Vancouver area. Call 1-800-573-2928.






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KAMINSKY, Sylvia Rosalind Katherine Sylvia passed away at home after a brave battle with cancer and on December 8th, 2014, she earned her wings. Sylvia played hard, loved hard and made great friends and greater memories. We are all eternally grateful for having shared our lives with her. Predeceased by her mother Audrey Kinder and husband Gregory (Pete) Kaminsky. Survived by daughter Shauna (Scott), grandchildren Austin and Tyler; and son Drew (Carla); brother Dan and father Bruce (Brenda). Sylvia was a member of the Chemainus Seniors Centre and Center Stage Dancers. In lieu of owers, donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. Condolences may be offered at Telford’s of Ladysmith 250-245-5553

SAW FILER Surrey, BC Major duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: t4XFEHF TIBQFBOETIBSQFOBMMCBOETBXT "SNTUSPOHBVUPTXBHF



t1SPGJDJFODZJOXFMEJOHTBXQMBUF Competitive Wage And Good Benefit Package Offered Please forward your resume to Fax: 604-581-4104 Email: Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tue, Dec 23, 2014 HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES




Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, December 23, 2014 19 A19

* Gutters * Windows * Siding * Moss Removal * Pressure washing Mill Bay/Duncan 250-743-3306 Chemainus/Ladysmith 250-324-3343

PLUMBING A SERVICE PLUMBER. Licence, Insured. Drains, HWT, Reno’s, Repairs. Senior Discounts. After Hour Service. Call Coval Plumbing, 250709-5103.


HARMONY ESTATES- 1851 Sandra Place, 4 bdrm, 2.5 baths Rancher. Lovingly updated with heated floors, new windows, new carpet, 6 fairly new appliances. Fenced yard boasts a workshop, storage unit, separate office/playhouse, RV parking. Wheelchair accessible. To View call Roz 250-701-5751.


Ladysmith author Colin Pickell reads from his new children’s book, Who Will Tuck Me Into Bed?, during a book launch celebration Dec. 14 at 49th CafÊ. The book, which is Pickell’s first and which was completed through a successful crowdfunding campaign, is available at 49th CafÊ, Salamander Books and online at  Lindsay Chung


Residential/Commercial New and Re-roofing 24hr Emergency Repairs

Professional Service Since 1992

250-245-7153 www.r-and-l-rooďŹ

MERCHANDISE FOR SALE APPLIANCES 15 CU.FT. upright deep freeze, $125. 8 cu ft deep freeze, $150. Almond 15 cu ft fridge, $175. White apt. size fridge, $200. White 30� range, $150. 30� almond range, $125. White 30� propane stove, $150. Black 30� range, $200. Kenmore Washer dryer sets, $300-$350. Washers, $150$250. Dryers, $100-$150. Apt size staking washer/dryer, $250. Built-in dishwashers, $100-$150. White portable dishwasher, $150. Black Kenmore built-in dishwasher, $150. 6 month warranty on all appliances. Please call Greg at (250)246-9859.

FIREARMS FIREARMS: ALL types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paperwork and transportation. Licensed dealer 1-866-9600045.

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 5000 WATT 10 HP Generator, 110V-220V, good condition. $350. 1-306-261-9639 (Saskatchewan phone number) Can be viewed at D-3 Osborne Bay Resort, Crofton. HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper? RENFREW SLATE: Patio Stones 2.5 tons, 1 inch thickness, large pieces. To view phone 250-246-4909. SNOW TIRES: 215/70-R16 as-new mounted on GM alloy wheels to fit Astro or Safari van. $400. ph:778-356-3565 STEEL BUILDINGS/metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-4572206 or visit us online at: WINTER TIRES: set of 4, good tread 225/55R17 $300. Two running boards good cond(best offer) 250-416-0346

3%,,Ă–)4Ă–&!34 !.$Ă–-!+%Ă–Ă– 3/-%Ă– #!3( WITHĂ–AĂ–CLASSIĂ˜EDĂ–AD 

LADYSMITH: $1350/mo. 55+ Building, 385 Davis Rd, Ocean & Harbour Views, 2 Bdrm suite avail Dec. 1st. 250-246-5688.

ORN service continues Dec. 26, 27 and 31

Meicor Properties Chemainus: Lockwood Villa. Well kept bldg, 1 bdrm $650 incl heat & hot water, available now. N/S, 1 small pet welcome. 250-709-2765. Meicor Properties Ladysmith: 2 bdrm 4th flr $860/mo. Includes heat & hot water, small pets OK. 250-924-6966.

COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL SPACE avail. at Timberlands Mobile Home Park, 3581 Hallberg Rd. Suitable for restaurant or small grocery. Call 250-245-3647. RETAIL STORE for lease, prime location, downtown Ladysmith, Call 250-245-7292.

DUPLEXES/4PLEXES UPDATED oceanview 2 bedroom lower duplex, hydro extra, non-smoker, references req’d $900/mo. 250-739-0912.

MOBILE HOMES & PADS TIMBERLAND MOBILE Home Park; 2 mobile home lots for rent at $450/mo; 1 on Family side and 1 Seniors. Call (250)245-3647.


ALL PROPERTIES RENTED WANTED Quality Rentals to add to our Property Management Portfolio JOHN BOOTH 250-245-2252 Royal LePage Property Management

528 1st Ave. Ladysmith, BC

SUITES, LOWER LADYSMITH- NEW 2 brdm ocean view suite, 7appls, builtin vac, gas F/P, 2 car carport. $1100+ utils. (250)924-6649.

TRANSPORTATION CARS 2010 SUBARU LEGACY Reduced to $14,800. 35,000 km, Automatic transmission with paddles on steering wheel, Air conditioning, Heated seats & mirrors, AWD. Dark blue. Keyless entry plus many extras including iPod jack, CD player, block heater, “hill holder�, spare tire, etc. Michelle 250-710-7905 (Duncan)


Staff Writer the chronicle

CLUES ACROSS 1. Expression of sorrow or pity 5. Mama __, rock singer 9. Takes off 11. Make an arrest 13. Ear tube 15. Limit 16. Small shelter 17. Cavaliers’ #23 19. Digits 21. French kings’ name 22. Winter time in Colorado 23. Platform 25. Gambling town 26. Vietnamese offensive 27. Fermentation sediment 29. Load anew 31. Bile 33. A wooded valley 34. Soap opera 36. Cervus nippon 38. Belong to he 39. Women (French) 41. Olive, motor and mineral 43. Norse goddess of death 44. Military award 46. Annexes 48. One who adorns book pages 52. Affirmative 53. Fricative 54. Coal blacks 56. Faculty of sight 57. Leans 58. Low, sideless cart 59. Locomotion limbs


Trent Dammel All Types of RooďŹ ng

CLUES DOWN 1. Close to 2. Lactic 3. Burn residue 4. Offer for sale 5. Verb formation (abbr.) 6. __ Romeo 7. Lost weight 8. Soundest mind 9. Sound repetition 10. Sew up the eyelids of falcons 11. Allays sorrow 12. Repose 14. Mirish 15. Devised a new phrase 18. One who feels regret 20. War encirclements 24. Burn the surface 26. “The Jazz Singer� 28. Process of achieving #7 down 30. Miscellaneous collection 32. Express sorrow 34. More foolish 35. Queen of Sparta 37. Associating by treaty 38. Served 40. Satisfy 42. Frozen rains 43. Snake sound 45. High arc tennis shots 47. Cheek 49. Murre genus 50. Multiple 51. List of names called 55. No (Scot.)

Operation Red Nose has been helping people in Ladysmith, Nanaimo and Lantzville get home safely all month, and there are three more opportunities to take advantage of this seasonal service. Operation Red Nose is hosted by PacificSport Vancouver Island and is currently in its 19th year of operation in Nanaimo, Ladysmith and Lantzville. This service is provided during the holidays to individuals who do not feel fit to drive for whatever reason. It is a confidential, safe, and effective way of getting you, your passengers and your car home at the end of the night by allowing a team of volunteers to

do the driving for you. 171, were the evening The service is offered sponsors for the weekfree of charge, but end. donations are greatly Operation Red Nose appreciated and all do- will serve the comnations remain in the munity Friday, Dec. community to support 26, Saturday, Dec. 27 youth sports. and New Year’s Eve. The success of Op- Ladysmith and District eration Red Nose de- Credit Union will be pends on volunteers an evening sponsor for who offer their time New Year’s Eve. to man the phones, coCall the Operation ordinate pickups and Red Nose Hotline at drive people home, as 250-755-6969 between well as the generous 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. on support of sponsors those nights for a safe and community spon- ride home. sors. For more informaOver the weekend of tion on how you can Dec. 12 and 13, 15 Op- become a volunteer eration Red Nose road or how your company teams drove more than can support Operation 2,860 kilometres and Red Nose, call 250made sure 244 people 740-6572. and one dog made it “More volunteers home safe and sound. means safer roads and Columbia Fuels and more people making it the local Royal Cana- home safely during the dian Legions, Nanaimo holiday season,� states Branches 10 and 256 a press release from and Ladysmith Branch Operation Red Nose.

Merry Christmas from all of us at the and the Ladysmith Press

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2014 Remaining 3 Days of the 12 Days of Christmas





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Ladysmith Chronicle, December 23, 2014  

December 23, 2014 edition of the Ladysmith Chronicle

Ladysmith Chronicle, December 23, 2014  

December 23, 2014 edition of the Ladysmith Chronicle