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What has eight legs and is covered with medals? Yukon’s contingent to Canada’s national cross-country ski teams.

The upcoming line-up for the Yukon Arts Centre includes a visit by the Museum of Broken Relationships.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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Jesse Winter/Yukon News

Brock Arcand comforts his dog Gunnar after his father Scott’s van collided with a truck on the Riverdale bridge, snarling traffic for more than an hour. No one was hurt in the crash.

Where water tastes like oil PAGE 5 More hedges than a hedge maze.



Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Be wary of natural gas investment: expert

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Jacqueline Ronson News Reporter

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he Yukon Legislative Assembly’s fracking committee is hosting experts this week to learn more about the risks and benefits of allowing hydraulic fracturing in the territory. Fracking is a controversial method of extracting natural gas from shale rock deep underground on a large scale. The Yukon government has promised not to allow it until the committee has finished its work. Yesterday the committee and members of the public heard from Mark Jaccard, a professor of environmental economics and policy at Simon Fraser University. Jaccard’s 2006 book, Sustainable Fossil Fuels, won the Donner Prize for top policy book in Canada. In it he argues that continued use of fossil fuels coupled with carbon capture and storage on a large scale could be key to transitioning to a global clean energy future. “My conclusions are surprising, even to me – someone who has focused on and promoted energy efficiency and renewables during 25 years as an academic researcher, policy advisor and energy regulator,” wrote Jaccard in a 2006 presentation, available online. Yesterday Jaccard addressed a fundamental question related to whether or not natural gas development should be encouraged: If reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the goal, is natural gas better or worse than the alternative? Or, as Jaccard put it, “Is shale gas a climate bridge or a detour?” Proponents say that natural gas is cleaner that coal and diesel, and should be promoted as a replacement for those fuels. Opponents say that any investment in natural gas is lost investment in renewable energy. They also argue that, when the full lifecycle is considered, natural gas could in some cases be a more significant greenhouse gas contributor than diesel or even coal. As for Jaccard, he said the question is more complicated than either side imagines. But overall he is wary of claims that natural gas production on a large scale will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If natural gas is a bridge, then “it’s got to be a pretty short bridge,” he said. We are in a situation where fossil fuels are plentiful, as is the human ingenuity to exploit those resources, he said. There is also no effective global management to steer the planet towards cleaner energy, said Jaccard. Further, people are very good at rationalizing harmful acts when it is in their interest to do so, he said. “Once you gather all of those factors, the odds are not good. Which is why I devote much of my life to trying to help all of us

Simon Fraser University photo

Mark Jaccard is a professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He holds a PhD in economics.

wrestle with this very difficult challenge.” He mentioned, as an example, B.C.’s political push to expand natural gas production and ship it to China, justified on the basis that it will replace coal as fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally. But will the influx of natural gas delay investment in renewables in China? Will it also depress energy prices, causing a spike in a demand and increasing emissions on the whole? Right now there is a global rush to supply natural gas to Asia, where prices are several times higher than they are in North America, where markets have been flooded by the glut of shale gas. But the market is and will remain very competitive, and governments should be wary of companies’ claims of significant returns on investment, said Jaccard. His advice to the Yukon government is to allow companies to take on that financial risk, rather than making commitments on behalf of taxpayers. “If industry is trying to tell you how lucrative this is going to be, say, ‘Thank you, that’s wonderful to know. If it’s going to be so lucrative, then we’re happy to let you cover those costs, of infrastructure and so on.’” Jaccard also suggested that tough regulations can minimize the environmental risks of fracking. “Even though industry might complain and say that’s going to make it more costly, then it might be better that that industry just not get started at this time and these prices, rather than get started and make a mess that you really regret.” Governments should require

companies to develop monitoring systems for fugitive emissions, an often unaccounted for source of greenhouse gas in the natural gas production process. The company’s monitoring system should be checked independently, also at the expense of the company, said Jaccard. Jaccard also advised the Yukon government not to rely too heavily on revenues from natural gas development. “Be prepared for an LNG boom-and-bust scenario,” he said. “As a government you have to be very careful about what kinds of parts of your budget are dependent on that revenue stream.” With a talented team, Jaccard said he could come up with 10 different scenarios to supply all the energy Yukon needs with zero emissions, he said. There are “enormous possibilities” that don’t involve expanding fossil fuels. The real question is the relative costs, and technical management issues, that those scenarios might have, he said. “You really have to wonder about building a lot of infrastructure, either on the production side or the consumption side, for natural gas. And so I tend to be somewhat skeptical of the argument, ‘Let’s rapidly expand natural gas of all kinds, because it will be a nice bridge to this ultra-low emission future.’ “I would be very reluctant to be expanding natural gas for consumption, let alone production, in the Yukon.” Committee hearings continued through the day Wednesday. Transcripts and presentation materials will be made available on the Yukon Legislative Assembly website. Contact Jacqueline Ronson at


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A spirit of openness With new funding, the Jackson Lake treatment program will be able to support recovering addicts at home, too. Jacqueline Ronson News Reporter


ohnny Brass overflows with wisdom. It pours out of him. So much so that he couldn’t help but to take this journalist and a photographer aside at a recent media event at the Jackson Lake Healing Camp and share the words of his ancestors, for almost an hour, around a campfire. His willingness to speak freely is disarming. He is not afraid of reporters. When you fear something, a piece of you hides behind that fear, said Brass. Until you embrace your fear, you will not know your whole self. His uncle told him that. A spirit of openness is key to his work with people who struggle with addiction. “All of the people that we work with, that I work with, I get the very best of who they are. They share their vulnerabilities, or they share their hardships in life. Or they’ll share their successes, too. I just feel very grateful to be in that position to have that trust.” Brass has worked at the Kwanlin Dun First Nations’ Jackson Lake Healing Camp for four years. Since 2010 the First Nation has offered four-week addictions treatment programs at its beautiful property off of Fish Lake Road, just outside of Whitehorse. The idea is to blend conventional clinical treatment with First Nation spirituality in a setting that takes people away from unhelpful environments and encourages a connection to the land. The program is open to all Yukoners. Full evaluation reports from sessions delivered to date are available on the First Nation’s website. Brass is originally from the Key First Nation in Saskatchewan. He is a community outreach worker with the newly minted Jackson Lake Wellness Team, which has a new space in a renovated home in the McIntyre Village. The media event on Monday celebrated a three-year funding agreement with the Yukon government that will allow for more sessions of lands-based addictions treatment at Jackson Lake, and will allow Brass and his team more resources to provide programming and services before and after treatment. Before this year, there was no formal aftercare for people graduating from the Jackson Lake program. That was a problem. On Monday journalists were shown a video about the treatment program, and it followed

Alistair Maitland/Yukon News

The fire pit at the Jackson Lake Healing Camp. Kwanlin Dun First Nation signed a funding agreement for one million dollars over three years for the camp.

the story of Jack Bougaard, one of the participants. He was a full-blown alcoholic by 14, according to the video. “I was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I needed a place to go to surrender myself, to find myself again.” The treatment helped him to start to find his soul again and start to work with his trauma, he said. But lack of formal support outside the program made going back to town a difficult proposition. “There’s no aftercare out there. You end up leaving kind of hurt and distraught, or something, right? And it’s really hard for a person like myself to go, ‘Wow, you know what? I’ve got to go back into society, and OK, I know I’ve got to avoid this place, and I’ve got to avoid these people, and I know where my safety is.’” Bougaard relapsed after being diagnosed with intestinal cancer. A two-week drinking binge ended with him being found half frozen in a snowbank. He was in intensive care for two weeks after. The video’s honest portrayal of ongoing struggles with alcoholism also at odds with what promotional material usually looks like. It was produced by Kwanlin Dun Chief Doris Bill, formerly a CBC reporter. Bill promised during her election campaign in

February that she would bring more openness and transparency to the First Nation government. The Jackson Lake treatment program has garnered interest from around the world, she said in an interview Monday. It was important for the video to give an open and honest look at what the program actually looks like, she said. “We want people to know that rehab is difficult, any kind of rehab, it doesn’t matter.” The video also emphasizes the need for ongoing supports outside of the program. “The outreach can’t just be confined to Jackson Lake, it needs to extend out into our community,” said Bill. Bougaard is doing better today, although he still struggles. “I learnt about my tools at Jackson Lake. And it’s a decision to make, about how to use those tools properly,” he said in the video. Bougaard talks about the importance of having someone to call around the clock. That person is Phil Gatensby, a member of the Jackson Lake team, who made himself available for aftercare support on a volunteer basis. Now Gatensby’s role in aftercare has been formalized, as he is the cultural counsellor with the new Jackson Lake Wellness Team. That doesn’t mean his phone gets shut off at 5 p.m.

lors before they leave Jackson Lake. There is an office space they can go to with familiar faces offering support and guidance. And some of the cultural and spiritual programming that makes Jackson Lake different from other treatment programs will be available close to home. Jackson Lake does things differently than conventional rehab, because the formal system isn’t working, said Gatensby. Conventional rehab programming discourages forming relationships with people, but the wellness team has banished the word “client,” he said. “We develop relationships with people. That’s how support works.” While Gatensby explained the Alistair Maitland/Yukon News group’s philosophy in the cozy Johnny Brass is a support living room space of the team’s worker for the Jackson Lake new office, a puppy next door Healing Camp. howled, protesting being left outside alone. “We come any time. If some“The one thing the puppy thing happens, we’re there,” he doesn’t like is to be separate, and said Tuesday at the office space nobody likes that either,” he said. at 21 McCrimmon Crescent in “All things want connection. McIntyre. Gosh, willows don’t grow by “It’s like a chronically open themselves, they grow in bunchhouse,” added Colleen Geddes, es, right? the team co-ordinator. “We’re “Willows grow together so always here, we’re always availthey’ll support each other. When able.” the strong wind comes, they’ll When the next treatment pro- just lean on each other and none gram begins in July of this year, of them will be broken.” participants will be able to plan Contact Jacqueline Ronson at for their aftercare with counsel-


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fitness hearing takes place for Michael Nehass Ashley Joannou

into inmates and that he has been poisoned. He says that as a young man ichael Nehass was in court he witnessed aboriginal women this week pleading for help. being forced into human trafHe wants someone to listen to ficking. him, someone to believe him and Nehass repeatedly argued he people to stop calling him crazy. couldn’t be ruled delusional be“I’m making these claims and cause no one has looked into his you’re telling me I’m crazy,” a claims to prove they’re not true. clearly exasperated Nehass told Nehass was arrested in Dethe court. cember 2011 and is facing chargThe 30-year-old was before a es including assault and forcjudge twice this week as part of ible confinement. He has been a hearing to decide if he’s fit to charged with additional crimes stand trial. since arriving at the Whitehorse Territorial court judge Correctional Centre. Michael Cozens will make that Local civil liberties advocates ruling Friday. have suggested that Nehass is Nehass, who often spoke for suffering from post-traumatic himself in court, believes top stress disorder as a result of bemembers of a powerful Freeing held in segregation for long mason society have infiltrated periods at the Whitehorse Corkey positions in all parts of the rectional Centre. Yukon government. It recently came to light that He insists that these court he was brought naked and shackproceedings are an attempt by led into a video court appearance that group to keep him quiet last January. about what he knows. His father has since filed a huHe’s adamant he was forcibly man rights complaint claiming sterilized while in jail. He says his son has been held in solitary that jail officials are implanting confinement for 28 months. nanochip mind-control devices The Department of Justice has News Reporter


denied these claims but won’t speak specifically about Nehass’s case, claiming privacy concerns. They say the longest anyone has been held in segregation at one time is just shy of four months. “I’m not crazy, my rights are being wronged,” Nehass said before insisting he’s being “locked in a box 24/7” and “just started getting my human rights” after news of his situation was made public. A 1999 study by the Correctional Service of Canada found that spending 60 days in solitary confinement is “individually destructive, psychologically crippling and socially alienating.” A representative with the United Nations has suggested that no one be held in segregation for longer than 15 days. In court Nehass insisted he has been passing psychiatric evaluations since he was young until now. He says he’s been diagnosed with ADHD. The court also heard he has been diagnosed with a conduct disorder and questioned about possible fetal

alcohol spectrum disorder. Dr. Shabehram Lohrasbe met with Nehass most recently. The psychiatrist told the court Nehass is delusional but stopped short of saying whether that means he is unfit to stand trial. That’s up to the judge, he said. “Even very ill people can put their preoccupations aside,” he said. For someone to be fit to stand trial, he or she must be able to understand the nature of a trial, the possible consequences and must be able to communicate effectively with his lawyer. Nehass insists he can do all those things. Lohrasbe told the court that when Nehass can keep focused, it is quite possible for him to form “situational alliances” with someone like his lawyer. The doctor agreed Nehass seems to understand what the legal consequences of a court case could be. But Lohrasbe testified he hasn’t seen any evidence that Nehass sees that this particular case has anything to do with his actions and not a government

conspiracy to keep him from telling the public what he knows. In his closing arguments yesterday, prosecutor Leo Lane said it’s not enough for Nehass to be able to explain the legal process in general terms. He needs to be able to participate in a meaningful way and have a rational understanding of the situation he is in. If Nehass is found to be unfit his case will be passed over to the Yukon Review Board, which will decide what happens next, how Nehass is treated and when, if ever, he is able to stand trial. When the judge stepped away from the courtroom for a moment, Nehass turned to the group of people gathered in the gallery to watch the proceedings. “Nobody is looking into anything I am saying. Nobody,” he said. “I’m trying to reach out to you guys. Please help me… I’m dying, I’m drowning in corruption… I’m a human being, I don’t deserve this.” Contact Ashley Joannou at

Judge orders new school election in Pelly Crossing Ashley Joannou News Reporter


Yukon Supreme Court judge has ordered a new council

election for the school in Pelly Crossing. The elections at Eliza Van Bibber School were held May 5. In all, nine candidates competed for six

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positions on the school council. Two proxy ballots were mistakenly counted during the voting even though they shouldn’t have been allowed. When the final numbers were counted, two votes was the exact difference that separated the sixth and final winner from seventh place. The Yukon’s chief electoral officer went to court to find out what to do. In his decision Justice Leigh Gower acknowledged that counting the proxy ballots was an

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unintentional mistake. “The returning officer now realizes that she was in error … but at all times was acting in good faith and to the best of her understanding of the election process,” he said. The law around school elections only allows in-person voting, possibly with the assistance of a friend or relative, or mail-in voting. The election was the first one for a Pelly Crossing school council since 1991. All the other school councils after that were chosen by acclamation. A total of 106 votes were cast. That’s about one third of the total population of the community. “It would appear that the election was hotly contested,”

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Notice of Annual General Meeting Canadian Cancer Society British Columbia and Yukon Division 73rd Annual General Meeting Friday June 20, 2014 at 2:00 pm 565 West 10th Ave., Vancouver Every person resident in the province of British Columbia or in the Yukon who has made a donation or contribution to the Society in the calendar year and for which a valid receipt has been issued by the Division or who is registered with the Division as a Society volunteer is entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Gower said. “The atmosphere in and around the polling station during the voting was highly charged. At one point, the RCMP attended to speak with the returning officer.” There was never any dispute over the fact that a mistake was made. The only real question was how to fix it. At a hearing earlier this month, there was some discussion over whether or not invalidating two votes would mean there was now a tie between sixth and seventh place. Under the law, ties are decided by a drawing of lots, But that rule only applies in elections that were handled legally, the judge said. In this case the election was invalid for all the candidates, not just those two. No date has been set yet for when the new election will take place. Contact Ashley Joannou at

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Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Watson Lakers say town ignored oil spills Jesse Winter News Reporter


Watson Lake couple say their drinking water is contaminated with oil and gas after the municipality and the territory ignored spills on their neighbour’s property for more than two years. “Our water smells like oil. It has an oily texture. We can’t even wash our clothes in it because they come out smelling of gas,” said Thomas Rueck. Rueck and his wife Sonja live at 124 Adela Trail in Watson Lake. They say their neighbour, Pat Stevenson, has been storing junk cars, old oil heaters and uncovered buckets of used oil on his land and the adjoining public land for years, and the Ruecks are worried that his mess could have contaminated the groundwater and their well. According to town officials, Stevenson no longer lives in Watson Lake. He could not be reached for comment by press time. “We were so concerned about our health that we called the town bylaw officer. He came and together we did a walk across the property and showed him all the polluted and contaminated areas,” Thomas said. “He promised the Town of Watson Lake would clean up everything before August 2012, and that he would inform Environment Yukon, but nothing was done,” Thomas said. They complained again to the town and to Yukon government officials, and say their concerns went unheeded. By October 2012, months after the bylaw officer’s promise to clean

it up, they had yet to receive a reply at all. Six months and numerous letters later, they were contacted by Charmaine Thom from Environment Yukon. She met with the Ruecks and representatives from the town. The message: nothing would be done until it could be proven that the Ruecks well was contaminated. In early June 2013, a water test on the Ruecks well showed that the water was drinkable. But then things got worse. Later that month the town agreed to let a private contractor conduct vehicle-crushing operations on the public land immediately behind the junk-filled area. The town advertised, telling people they could bring their scrap cars to the area to be crushed and recycled. It promised that the contractor would be qualified to do the work and would clean up the site afterwards. Michael Lexow owns the Air Force Lodge, which also shares a property line with the junkyard. When the crushing operation began, he said at first there were no problems, until one night he was woken up at 3 a.m. to a very loud noise. The car-crush operator was using a forklift to flip cars over, punch holes in their gas tanks, and drain gas and oil onto the ground, he said. “Imagine a big front-end loader, and he was rolling the cars over on their sides, and punching holes in them, then rolling them back again. It was done on purpose. It was very deliberate,” Lexow said. At first, the operator didn’t see Lexow and continued his work. When Lexow interrupted him, the

Submitted photo

Areas of Pat Stevenson’s property in Watson Lake which local residents say are heavily contaminated after a car crushing operation last June.

man got very upset and started yelling, Lexow said. Lexow also complained to the town and to Environment Yukon and the next month the government issued a spill order forcing the contractor to stop the crushing operation and clean up the spills. But according to the Ruecks, the only clean-up that was done was pushing a pile of gravel over the

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contaminated sites. This spring, the Ruecks said they started to notice the smells and an oily taste in their water. When they again complained, the Ruecks say the government told them to stop drinking the water, but said it was up to the family to have their well tested. If they could prove contamination and prove who was responsible for it, they

could consider legal action, they say they were told. Environment Yukon did not respond by deadline to questions about the spill order or the clean-up. Environment spokeswoman Nancy Campbell said that water quality is the Yukon Health Department’s jurisdiction. When asked about whether the crushing operation should have been allowed in the first place, Campbell said decisions about the “appropriate use” of land fall to the municipality. But Health Department spokeswoman Marcelle Dube said the department is only responsible for public drinking water sources. They can provide analysis of private wells, but the testing and remediation costs fall to the homeowner. For it’s part, the Town of Watson Lake disputes that there is any contamination at all. “I don’t accept the premise that it’s contaminated until it is proven that it is,” said Watson Lake CAO Stephen Conway. Even so, the town has offered to have another water test done even though it’s not obliged to. When the results come back, the town can decide how to move forward, Conway said. Conway maintains that the town has been responsive to the Ruecks complaints all along, but that it doesn’t hold responsibility for environmental enforcement. That, he said, is the purview of the territorial government. “We don’t believe we are liable in any way,” he said. “We are trying to accommodate the Ruecks.”


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Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

City gets hi-tech with parking enforcement

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Alistair Maitland/Yukon News

The City of Whitehorse’s new AutoVu licence plate recognition system.

Sam Riches

technology. With more efficient monitoring of parking spaces, the new here’s a new set of eyes system will free up short-term watching over the city - or parking spaces downtown and one eye, specifically. allow better access to businesses A new $60,000 AutoVu licence and services, said Pruden. plate recognition system is now The camera can also be used in in place, fastened on top of the situations other than parking inbylaw department’s Ford Escape. fractions, such as an Amber Alert The sleek camera, only 1.65 sent out over a potential child inches tall, has the ability to read abduction, wherein any vehicle up to 1,000 plates per minute. in question could have its plate “This technology will make entered into the system, allowing us more efficient and allow us to officers to quickly scan for it. monitor more zones,” said bylaw Pruden said residents don’t manager Dave Pruden, standing need to worry about the technolnext to the vehicle at the Public ogy being overly intrusive: the Safety Building in an interview on Tuesday afternoon. “It will free up lens is angled down and takes two photos, one tightly zoomed onto time for other possible parking the licence plate and a second, violations.” slightly wider angle photo. The camera was approved by “It doesn’t pick up images of city council in 2011, as part of the Downtown Parking Manage- people, it doesn’t record video, it just takes the two photos,” he said. ment Plan. It is currently being The information is then used by bylaw officers, in addition to chalking parking zones by relayed to the officer’s computer and is limited to a timestamp and hand, but tickets won’t be issued the GPS location of the vehicle, through the new system alone “digitally chalking” the vehicle, until June 9, a grace period to let but no names or further informaresidents become aware of the News Reporter


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tion is recorded. On Tuesday morning, the vehicle patrolled three zones and found no violations, which Pruden said was uncommon. “I think people are extra aware right now with the media attention,” he said, adding that the vehicle received “a few funny looks.” The read rate of the camera is extremely high, meaning that even in poor and extreme conditions it’s still able to accurately identify licence plates. While dirt and snow accumulation may obscure the view, the camera overcomes this with “fuzzy matching” technology, which analyzes incomplete licence plate reads and alerts the officer of any potential matches. The technology has come a long way in the last few years, said Pruden, describing a much larger rear-mounted camera of the past. “With this technology officers are no longer going to be walking through traffic, they are no longer going to be bending down at the back of vehicles. It makes things safer,” he said.

The camera should last at least five years, and potentially much longer, depending on usage. As the camera passes over vehicles it sets off an audible “bing” inside the officer’s vehicle, alerting them that a plate has been read. When the officer returns for a second pass, the camera will compare the position of the vehicles and those found to be in violation of time restraints or other restrictions will be flagged to the operator. The camera, a SharpX, is manufactured by Canadian company Genetec, which is based in Montreal. Currently, similar technology is being used in the city of Guelph, Ont., as well as Aspen, Colorado, and Brigham Young University in Utah. In Guelph, the camera operates in a 20-block radius of the downtown core, reading around 654 on-street spaces, while BYU has three designated visitor lots, which see more than 300,000 annual visitors. Contact Sam Riches at

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Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Premier and chiefs discuss mining spat Jesse Winter News Reporter


he Yukon government and Yukon First Nations are trying to strike a deal over Class 1 mining activity in the territory. That’s what Premier Darrell Pasloski and Grand Chief Ruth Massie announced yesterday, after the first Yukon Forum in more than two years. Media were excluded from the meetings. Instead, the premier and grand chief made a brief appearance to reporters in a cramped room at the High Country Inn Tuesday afternoon. By July 1, “significant” areas of the territory will be designated as Class 1 notification areas, meaning First Nations would be told of “low level” mining exploration that doesn’t require an environmental assessment happening on their land, the leaders said. The government and the CYFN will eventually sign a memorandum of understanding to that effect, though it may take some time agree on just how to do that. The premier wouldn’t say what “significant” means. But the territory has already agreed to require notification for Class 1 work within the territory of the Ross River First Nation, after the First Nation successfully sued the government over the matter.

Jesse Winter/Yukon News

Ruth Massie, grand chief of the Council of Yukon First Nations, and Premier Darrell Pasloski during the Yukon Forum yesterday.

The Yukon government has also offered similar protections to parts of the Peel watershed. The Liberals’ Sandy Silver recently suggested in the legislature that Class 1 work would similarly soon be restricted in the land of the Liard First Nation and White River First Nation, both of whom lack final agreements, like Ross River. Chiefs are not united on how

to implement the plan. “It’s not easy getting 16 different levels of government in the territory to agree,” Massie said. “I think that our leaders are very pleased with what has come of this meeting. It is the beginning of all of our discussions.” “The approach we agree on respects First Nation treaty rights and are a workable solution for the mining sector,”

Pasloski said. But there is no actual deal yet. “We’re not saying there was an agreement,” said cabinet spokeswoman Elaine Schiman on Wednesday morning. “There was really good discussion and a draft MOU that was developed,” she said. “When we have that MOU signed that’s when we’ll really be able to say in a solid way that we

are proceeding,” she said. The territory and First Nations will next set up an advisory committee to help guide the MOU process. But exactly how to do that will apparently also require more discussion. “We agreed how we’re going to move forward towards an agreement,” Schiman said. Ultimately the goal is that Class 1 notification would be required for all Yukon public lands, she said. According to the Cooperation in Governance Act, Yukon Forums are an opportunity for government and First Nations to “discuss issues of common concern and identify opportunities and common priorities for co-operative action.” There are supposed to be four of them each year, unless more or fewer are agreed upon. But this week’s was only the second forum to be held since Premier Darrell Pasloski’s Yukon Party government came to power in the fall of 2011. Chiefs gathered in Whitehorse in December of 2012 under the expectation that a Yukon Forum would take place, but none did. At Tuesday’s press conference neither the premier nor the grand chief would say why it took so long for this forum to be scheduled. Contact Jesse Winter at

 


  



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Wednesday, May 28, 2014



COMMENTARY Pierre Poutine would be proud of Bill C-23 Linda Leon Open letter to MP Ryan Leef: n May 13, Bill C-23, the Unfair Elections Act, passed. It now awaits rubber-stamping by the Conservative Senate. While clauses with the worst optics for the Conservative government have been removed, Bill C-23 remains a document that Pierre Poutine can be proud of. The commissioner of Canada Elections will still have his hands tied when it comes to investigating electoral fraud. He may not compel witnesses to testify. He may not launch an investigation until he has “reasonable grounds for investigation.” (“Reasonable” is a useful weasel word.) He will have to apply to the Office of the Public Prosecutor to attain the funds necessary to hire investigators and experts for investigations. The commissioner must inform those being investigated but may not inform parliamentarians or the public. Conservatives committed the majority of electoral crimes in Canada since 2006. Two of these Conservatives were rewarded with Senate seats. There have been calls for a clamp down on these offences. Now the investigative arm of Elections Canada has been crippled and Pierre Poutine need not worry. Amendments to Bill C-23 have restored the power to appoint returning officers to Elections Canada. However, the incumbent’s riding association will appoint the deputy returning officer and half of the poll clerks and


registration officers. In 2008, smirking enumerators handed out Conservative electioneering propaganda in the Yukon. While Elections Canada is no longer completely muzzled, its ability to conduct educational programs for adults has been curtailed beyond telling people where and when to vote. It may do studies but may not make them public without permission of the Senate and the House of Commons. Pierre Poutine has been clear. Informed Canadians are dangerous Canadians. Annual political contribution limits have been raised to $1,500 per year from $1,200. Candidates own campaign donation limits increased from $1,200 to $5,000. This increase will allow the wealthy to buy elections. “Yippee!” says corporate Canada. The per-vote subsidy, which provided a merit-based subsidy to parties based on the number of votes received, will be gone by the next election. It compensated, in a small way, for the institutionalized unfairness of our first-pastthe-post electoral system. On May 13, NDP MP Craig Scott said of the replacement of per-vote subsidies with bank loans for members of small parties and independents: “It was unworkable according to the chief electoral officer and unworkable according to the banks.” According to the Hansard, you said, “The member’s argument about resourcing being indicative of incumbents’ positions is not actually the case. I was not an incumPublisher

Mike Thomas

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bent in the last election but I was resourced. Resources do not equate to election success because the incumbent in the last election in the Yukon spent $20,000 more than he had in the election before and lost 1,500 votes. That resourcing did not equate to election success, and that is not broadly the case across this country.” What exactly were you were trying to say? That you won in spite of fewer dollars or that it didn’t make a bit of difference? Larry Bagnell had $79,778.30 at his disposal during the last election while you had $76,969.97. This is not a significant difference. You received the bulk of your funding from the Conservative Party, which was a lucky thing for you since not one person donated to your campaign. “Resources” had nothing to do with your win in the last election. The progressive vote was split and you won by 132 votes. Regardless, if “resourcing” isn’t a factor in election outcomes, why is the Conservative government spending millions of Canadian tax dollars on partisan propaganda? A government that cared about the right to vote for all Canadians would have kept Reporters

Jacqueline Ronson

Jesse Winter

Ashley Joannou

the voter identification card and found a way to make it secure. According to Pierre Poutine, “Most Canadians agree that it is common sense and reasonable to prevent certain people from voting.” While oath taking and attesting will be allowed, there are sufficient hurdles for voters to jump through to discourage the vote. Many Yukoners, First Nations, rural people and students use post office boxes. It is likely that the number of people who

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Quote of the Day “I would be very reluctant to be expanding natural gas for consumption, let alone production, in the Yukon.” Mark Jaccard, a professor of environmental economics and policy at Simon Fraser University. Page 2

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fail to vote because of difficulties will be in the hundreds of thousands. The Conservative government is in the midst of disputes with First Nations across Canada. First Nations view this government with deep distrust. These conflicts are creating barriers to wealth for the resource sector. Pierre Poutine has been clear. It is strategically smart to suppress the First Nations vote.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Give Darius Elias some space by Graham Lang



arius Elias, the MLA for Vuntut Gwitchin, was recently charged with talking on his cell phone while driving and refusing to take a breathalyzer during a traffic stop. This was followed by a public admission by Elias of a drinking problem and a promise to seek appropriate help to overcome same. This sequence of events inevitably lead the chattering classes to call for further action from Elias, ranging from demands for his resignation from the House to calls for further information from Elias concerning the historical extent of his alcohol issue. There were even calls in this newspaper

for the premier to disclose what he knew concerning Elias’s issues and when he knew it. I take the position that Elias and the government have taken all necessary steps at this point, and that neither Elias, and certainly not the premier, should further publicly discuss a matter that is both a private medical issue and a matter before the courts. Elias is accountable only to the constituents of Old Crow, and needs space to get healthy and determine whether he retains the confidence of his constituents moving forward. The decision to maintain his seat in the House is a decision that is left to the member himself, and should be left as such. The rules that dictate when a member of the legislature is suspended or forced to resign are, funnily enough, set by the legislature itself. The Election Act, the Legislature Assembly Act and the standing orders of the assembly governed by the Speaker of the House set the rules by which candidates may run and when members of the legislature may

changed. Until then we must respect that the current rules leaves the decision to Elias and let him determine the next steps. Further, Elias does not owe anybody the details surrounding his medical issue, be those details present or historical. Elias has admitted that he has a problem, has disclosed that he will seek help and indicated that he will deal with the legal fall-out from the charge whatever that may be. This is a personal issue for Elias and the foregoing is all that is required to be disclosed of an inherently private matter. It would be doubly inappropriate for the premier to discuss Elias’s issues with the public. Elias is afforded a certain sphere of privacy concerning his personal issues, and it would be a betrayal of same if the premier were to chime in concerning those issues. It is clear that the government has faith in Elias to adequately discharge the duties of his position within caucus, and that support is as far as the government and the premier should comment at this time. Rather than comment


Unwilling to pay for ATV rule enforcement I am extremely concerned with the Trails Only Yukon Association’s aggressive push for regulation, noted in the May 23 issue of the Yukon News. Over the last couple of years, I have lost the use of the trails around Whitehorse. Many of these were opened, and maintained for years, by my friends and family for the enjoyment of everyone. During the public consultation to restrict motorized vehicles in the city, many riders backed off knowing that we were still free to enjoy the outdoors further from urban areas. What boggles my mind is how activist groups like TOYA come to believe that regulations actually solve a public usage issue such as ATVs in city limits, or in the bush. The licensing and restrictions on ATV usage in the city has done nothing to control the ATV riders who do not care about other users; it only punishes respectful, law abiding riders. This could be overcome with brute enforcement, but this process is extremely expensive even within the limited size of Whitehorse, and likely impossible to achieve. Are we really going to try to enforce some sort of regulation throughout the Yukon? How are we going to do that? Tires that leave the registration number imprinted in the dirt? That’s not a bad idea; I have several people that I want to frame. Who will pay for it? I’m not willing, and those billion-dollar transfer payments from Ottawa won’t last forever. I see a group of activists who have taken their inch, and now want the mile. They will have to

be removed from the House. The end result of the above noted legislative structure is that there are very few scenarios that force the removal or suspension of a member from the legislature. In Yukon a member becomes disqualified from sitting in the House if the member ceases to be a permanent resident of Yukon, the member is elected to the House of Commons or appointed to the Senate or if the member is convicted of taking a bribe in exchange for influencing a decision or proceeding of the House. In N.W.T. and Nunavut individuals are precluded from sitting in the House if incarcerated for an indictable offence, a disqualification that does not seem to be present in the Yukon Elections Act or the Legislative Assembly Act. All this to say that a member of the legislature is left to decide if and when to resign his or her seat. Elias, after meeting with his constituents, is left to decide his own fate. If we wish to set criteria by which elected members must take leave or vacate their seat then the legislative structure should be

fight extremely hard to get what they want this time. Dyson Hale Whitehorse

Fracking can’t be safely regulated “Go slow,” following the “social licence,” has become the latest buzzword of tricky attempts to introduce hydraulic fracturing to Yukon and other parts of Canada. The idea appears irrelevant as the build-out of frack gas extraction has automatically led everywhere not to spot development, as in conventional oil and gas drilling, but to spatial and seamless degradation of roll-out over large regions. However, it gets the foot in the door. All presenters invited by the fracking committee’s chair, Patti McLeod, to speak this week have expressed their belief in the feasibility of regulations for fracking, except for zoologist Dr. Donald Reid. Bias is continuing against scientists and experiences, shut out by McLeod, that show intensifying frack harms are consistent with the shattering of unconventional shale geology. Demolished lands and infrastructures and always contaminated water are determined by physics as well as biology and are not at all controlled by always improving, but in the frack case fictionalizing and corrupting, regulations. The repetitive economic disaster is always hitting hard at the endgame of short-lived fracking scenarios. Then there is great loss

to jobs, wealth and health, as for example in the Barnett Shale, Texas. Unfortunately the presenters chosen by McLeod have a consistent record of bluffing economic benefits without reality check. However, without qualms, proven and certain harms are consistently distorted and diminished to risks that may not materialize, by these friendly merchants of doubt. None appear to have skills or knowledge in the fields of petroleum geology and engineering as a basis for asserting feasibility, except for John Hogg, vice president of MGM Energy Corp. who is spinning and subsidy seeking for MGM’s frack damages in the N.W.T. In her 2012 report, Dr. Eilish Cleary uses a language saturated with subtle pro-frack bias. On a trip to Ireland Cleary faced firm criticism by a Fermanagh County audience that didn’t buy her “go slow” message. One of her recommendations is for a multidisciplinary advisory committee throughout the lifetime of the fracking industry in New Brunswick. Toxicologist Dr. Lalita Bharadwaj has stated, in support of Cleary’s positions, the safety of the industry in New Brunswick will come down to how government regulates it – predetermining, preventing, prejudging any serious examination of feasibility. Yukon’s Dr. Brendan Hanley, like Cleary, as a chief medical officer of health, has fallen short regarding the finality of health impacts and likewise taken a political position essentially recommending to the frack committee to go ahead, slowly and regulated of course.

further, the appropriate thing for the government and the premier to do is to work with Elias to give him every chance of coming through treatment successfully. At the end of the day Elias is accountable not to the public at large, nor to the local newspapers, but to the constituents of Old Crow. Elias needs space to consult with his constituents and determine a path forward. If Elias feels he has the confidence of his constituents to continue, then he will continue. At the end of the day it will be the voters of Old Crow, either in consultation with Elias over the next few months or on election day, that decide whether Elias remains in the House. Alcoholism is a prevalent issue in the Yukon; it spares no profession nor no class of individual. It is important that we recognize that the first step to treating the disease is admitting it exists, and that Elias has taken that first step. At this point let us give him the space he needs to move forward for both himself and his constituency. Graham Lang is a Whitehorse lawyer and long-time Yukoner.

We thank you most sincerely for showing an increasing concern for the safety of our community. Dr. Mark Jaccard’s 2006 book “Sustainable Fossil Fuels” could very well summarize his presence at the March 2011 three-day energy conference in Whitehorse. In the meantime, he has changed some of his opinions. It’s unclear, if not unlikely, that this includes an understanding of the encroaching frack problem for Yukon.

Richard and Dorothy Martin Tagish

Them’s fightin’ words

Open letter to MP Ryan Leef: On May 21 you sent me an email telling me because I am a member of a Facebook group called “Monitoring Ryan Leef” that I belong to a “little pack of haters.” Peter Becker So do you hold this attitude Whitehorse towards all Yukoners who dare not Thanks for helping Tagish support you, or just the ones who have the balls to publicly criticize Open letter to Brad Cathers, minister you? of community services: It is true that Hansard did I wish to thank the Yukon govmistakenly report that you had ernment for providing a new fire said you had beat Larry Bagnell by truck and at last activating the civic 1,500 votes. address system for the communAnd it is true that I took the ity of Tagish, both of which are an Hansard report and misquoted important contribution to the well- you. being and safety of the community. I did indeed accuse you of The civic address system has been saying something that you did requested by emergency services, in- not actually say, citing a Facebook cluding the RCMP and Tagish’s adpage that is indeed, as you have visory committee, for many years, to reminded me, dedicated to comassist in the pressing need to locate plaining about you. properties quickly and accurately. However, Mr. Leef, there is It was originally promised by absolutely no mistaking or denythen-minister Glenn Hart. He ing that your “little pack of haters” stated that the civic numbering quote came directly from you. system would be in place in Tagish Not from Hansard, not from by December 2006. I sincerely hope Facebook, but directly from your that other rural Yukon communities email to me. do not have to wait quite so long for After reading your email I have the implementation of a life-saving come to the opinion that your address system in their region. career as a politician will be about I thank our MLA, Mr. Kevin Barr, as successful as your career as a for his tireless efforts to keep this UFC fighter. matter active in the government’s Short lived, easily defeated and agenda. It has been a bonus year for very quickly forgotten. Tagish, with reactivated CBC coverage, a new fire truck, a new well, and Jon Wilkie the long-awaited civic numbers. Dawson City


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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More human remains found in Kluane park Ashley Joannou

old German man, Till Moritz Gerull, who went missing in 2011. A more complete search was held off until the weather warmed up. The renewed effort began Friday, with a total of about 30 people involved, including officers with the RCMP, search-and-rescue volunteers from Whitehorse and Haines Junction, Parks Canada officials, representation from the coroner’s office

and a police search dog team, Staff Sgt. Brad Kaeding said. The search spanned Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week and covered approximately one square kilometre. The aim was to look for “more information, more human remains,” he said, adding that the bones that were discovered are only part of a skeleton. Police say all the remains they’ve found are believed

to belong to one person. The coroner’s office has ordered DNA and forensic dentistry tests before making a conclusive identification. RCMP first asked for help finding Gerull in June 2012, not long after he flew from Frankfurt to Whitehorse. According to the RCMP he “planned on walking through the forests of Canada.” His family hadn’t had contact with him in about a

year and reported him missing after he did not make his flight home. Parks Canada calls the Donjek route “One of the most popular hikes for wilderness enthusiasts.” It is about 100 or 120 kilometres long and takes approximately eight to 10 days. The affected areas of the park have been re-opened to the public.

Stanley Parks into our Chadburn Lake Park alone,” said city parks planner John Glynn-Morris. hen people think of On Thursday, Whitehorse famous city parks, Vanresidents will have one final say couver’s Stanley Park or New over how the rulebook for those York’s Central Park often spring parks will eventually be written. to mind. City staff will showcase the But as storied as those places second draft of the new Regional are, Whitehorse’s parkland Parks Plan at the Fireweed would eat them for dinner. Market on Thursday evening. “We have set aside more park- Glynn-Morris is the project land than any other municipalleader behind the plan, which he says will operate like an official ity in Canada. You could fit 19

community plan but for parks. The whole project began after the 2010 official community plan designated the city’s five parks, setting aside more than 30 per cent of land within city limits. “We set them aside as parks, but now we have to decide what that word ‘park’ means and what do we want as a community for this park system to be,” he said. Among the many goals outlined in the draft plan, the city

would seek to identify damaged areas of the five parks and come up with a conservation plan to help restore the ecological integrity of those areas. It would also look at developing a more permanent process for regulating motorboat use in the parks, limit public access to areas that are “too environmentally sensitive for human use” while coming up with alternate viewing options for those areas including re-routing trails and off-site interpretation.

Once the regional parks plan is approved, it will be used as a guiding tool to help decide things like whether to build permanent canoe and kayak facilities at Schwatka Lake, or allow ATV use on all or some of the upper Grey Mountain trails. Glynn-Morris acknowledged that while many people are tired of plans and public engagement, helping shape the regional parks plan is an important responsibility for Whitehorse citizens. “This is an opportunity to really shape some of the best public assets we have in Whitehorse, to shape the type of community we want to live in,” he said.

News Reporter


nvestigators have found more human remains in Kluane National Park during a search that followed up on a grisly find made last fall. Then, human remains were found with a backpack and camping gear, three or four days up the Donjek route. While police haven’t yet identified the remains, the backpack belonged to a 24-year-

Contact Ashley Joannou at

City looks to finalize parks plan

Jesse Winter News Reporter


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Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Yukon News



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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WhiTEhOrSE WEAThEr 5-Day Forecast





20°C q low 6°C high

16°C °C Low: 3



04:51 Sunset: 22:04

16°C e low 7°C high



05:27 Moonset: 22:50


°C 17 q °C low 2


Whitehorse - Southern Lakes Forest Resources Management Plan Public Information Meetings


Work to complete a forest resources management plan for the Whitehorse-Southern Lakes region is now underway. Come out to see what the plan will address, what information has already been gathered, and how you can provide your input.

°C 18 q °C low 1


Public open houses on the plan will be held at the following dates and locations: Lorne Mountain Community Center: May 27 – 5:30 – 8:30pm Marsh Lake Community Center: May 28 – 5:30 – 8:30pm Hootalinqua Fire Hall: May 29 – 5:30 – 8:30pm Carcross Tagish First Nation Administration Building: June 3 – 3:00 – 8:30pm Presentations at 3:30 and 7 p.m.


Whitehorse Old Fire Hall: June 4 – 3:00 – 8:30pm Presentations at 3:30 and 7 p.m.

YuKON Communities



Tagish Community Center: June 5 – 5:30 – 8:30pm This work is a joint initiative of Carcross Tagish First Nation, Ta’an Kwäch’än Council, Kwanlin Dün First Nation, and Government of Yukon. Members of the Joint Planning Committee will be in attendance to describe the process and ask for your input. For more information, check the website or contact:

e 21/7

Natasha Ayoub - Carcross Tagish First Nation (867) 821-4251 ext. 8219 Natalie Leclerc - Ta’an Kwäch’än Council (867) 668-3613 ext. 285 John Meikle - Kwanlin Dün First Nation (867) 633-7859 Bob Kuiper - Energy, Mines and Resources (867) 667-8728 Lisa Walker - Forest Management Branch (867) 393-7406

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w 17/2

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Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Researchers examine hitchhiking along B.C.’s so-called Highway of Tears studied several times in recent in years, including a First Nations symposium in 2006 that made 33 recommendations and the public inquiry into the Robert Pickton case, which in December 2012 called for urgent action to improve transportation along Highway 16. Recommendations have included a shuttle system and other measures to address hitchhiking. The provincial government has yet to announce any significant plans to address the Highway of Tears, and it has faced criticism that it has been slow to respond to the Pickton inquiry report. The province’s justice minister

James Keller Canadian Press

VANCOUVER itchhiking season is well underway in northern British Columbia, and that means Prof. Jacqueline Holler regularly drives by people hoping for a lift along Highway 16, not far from her home in the Prince George area. For some people living in the region, where a grim history of missing and murdered women has earned Highway 16 the nickname the Highway of Tears, thumbing rides is a fact of life. “Some are travelling, some are going tree planting, some are just coming into Prince George to do some shopping,” says Holler, who teaches gender studies at the University of Northern British Columbia. “I don’t see that changing, especially with diminishing transportation options in the north.” Holler is currently working with the RCMP to study hitchhiking in northern B.C. When they’re finished, she hopes to better understand what leads people to choose hitchhiking and what governments can do to make them safer – either by offering safe, affordable transportation options or putting in measures to make hitchhiking itself less dangerous. At least 18 women and girls, many of them aboriginal, have been murdered or disappeared along Highway 16 and the adjacent Highways 5 and 97 since 1969. Many of them were believed to be hitchhiking when they were last seen alive, and some of the recommendations for the Highway of Tears have focused on the dangers associated with hitchhiking and a lack of transportation linking remote communities and First Nations reserves. “Hitchhiking takes on a particular importance in the Highway of Tears discussion because there are serious transportation needs that aren’t being met in the north,” said Holler, who stressed that not all Highway of Tears victims were hitchhikers. “The easy solution is to say, ‘Don’t ever hitchhike, and you’re much less likely to become a victim,’ but it’s just not that simple. For


Dease River First Nation

Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press

Highway 16 near Prince George, B.C. is shown on Oct. 8, 2012.

many people, hitchhiking is an absolute necessity.” The RCMP approached Holler and her colleagues about the possibility of studying hitchhiking, and they officially launched the project in September 2012. Holler and her fellow researchers developed an online survey to ask hitchhikers about themselves and their experiences, while the RCMP has directed its traffic officers in the north to stop and gather information from hitchhikers they come across. At the same time, several commercial courier companies installed GPS devices in their trucks to allow drivers to indicate where they see hitchhikers with the press of a button. Holler said the project has recorded a diverse group of hitchhikers that range in age from their mid-teens to their 70s. Some say they hitchhike out of necessity, while others say they actually prefer it as a way to get around. Aboriginals appear to be overrepresented, said Holler, likely because many First Nations people live in remote communities and may not have the resources to afford a car.

has insisted the highway is safer, and she has singled out Holler’s hitchhiking study as an example of work that’s being done to improve it. Holler wants to expand her study to invite participants from across Canada and to send researchers out into the field to talk to hitchhikers in person, instead of relying on the Internet, which may leave some potential respondents out. But that sort of work costs money, and so far Holler’s requests for provincial government funding, such as a grant from B.C.’s Civil Forfeiture Office, have been turned down.

The one thing the hitchhikers have in common is that they continue to take rides despite the repeated warnings about the dangers of hitchhiking – a message echoed on a series of billboards along Highway 16. The Mounties have shifted their messaging to reflect that inevitability. While the force still discourages hitchhiking, it also launched a poster campaign last year with safety tips, such as ensuring hitchhikers tell someone where they are going and when they expect to arrive. Staff Sgt. Pat McTiernan said traffic officers who come across hitchhikers approach them for the study, hand out safety information and, if the person is in a dangerous area, offer a ride to somewhere safe. “We can talk to people about not hitchhiking, but the reality is, you’re still going to have people (who hitchhike),” he said. The Highway of Tears has been

NOTICE OF ELECTION The Chief and Council of Dease River First Nation is calling an Election for

One Chief and Four Councillors for July 4, 2014. Nomination candidacy packages will be available by June 6th, and can be picked up at the Dease River First Nation Main Administration Building in Good Hope Lake. Included in the Nomination Candidacy Packages are: • A Notice of Election • Nomination forms • Proxy Forms The regulations for the custom elections of the Chief and Council of the Dease River First Nation The nomination candidacy forms must be submitted to Charles McQueen (the Dease River First Nation Administrator) at the Dease River First Nation Main Administration Office no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, June 20, 2014.


Advance Polls will be held in Watson Lake and Whitehorse, Yukon, dates and locations to be posted in the Yukon News, on the radio and in the community. Voting hours are 8 am - 8 pm.

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The General Election date is Friday, July 4, 2014 and said Election will be held at the Dease River First Nation Main Administration Building in Good Hope Lake, B.C.

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P.O. Box 79, Good Hope Lake, B.C. V0C 2V0

online at

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Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Data on births, deaths key to saving lives of poor kids and moms: experts Mike Blanchfield

McCarney is helping to lead a Canadian network of 70 organizations that was formed after Harper OTTAWA announced the so-called Muskoka or one million babies born every Initiative at the 2010 G8 summit, year on this planet, it’s as if they which Canada hosted in Ontario cotwere never here. tage country. That’s how many newborns die on International figures such as the day of their birth, along with mil- philanthropist Melinda Gates, UN lions more in their first month of life, secretary general Ban Ki-moon, the all without ever having been formally Aga Khan and Queen Rania of Jordan documented. are among those who will join dozens That lack of vital birth and death more in the world of international aid registration in poor countries will starting Wednesday in Toronto. be a major topic of discussion at Harper will open the event this week’s international meeting on Wednesday afternoon, and is widely improving the plight of children, new- expected to use the gathering to borns and mothers in the developing burnish Canada’s global aid credenworld. tials, which have faced criticism since Prime Minister Stephen Harper is his government froze foreign aid hosting the three-day conference in spending in 2012 as a deficit-fighting Toronto, after having made the issue measure. his signature international aid priority In 2010, Harper committed $2.8 in 2010. billion over five years to the issue, but Birth registration is a key to McCarney’s network is calling on him making progress on the issue, said to up the ante with a new commitRosemary McCarney, the co-chair of ment of $3.25 billion at this week’s the Canadian Network for Maternal summit. Newborn and Child Health. The government says it will have a “If you don’t know who’s being major announcement this week. born, and you don’t know how long In a series of speeches and anthey’re living, and you don’t know nouncements over the past week, what they’re dying of, how the heck cabinet ministers have been trumpetcan you do good health care policy ing Canada’s – and Harper’s – leaderin countries that are resource-poor?” ship on the issue as they dole out the last of existing money. And they’re McCarney said. “You have to spend every dollar to acknowledging the work that still needs to be done. make it count.” Canadian Press


Dr. Mickey Chopra, the chief of health for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), said not being able to track births has meant an overall lack of funding to help young children. “If you don’t do that, it doesn’t get attention, it doesn’t get resources to make it better,” Chopra said in an interview. “Donors are not putting money into newborn health, and as a result, the progress we’re making on reducing newborn deaths is the slowest compared to maternal deaths or child deaths.” Dr. Peter Singer, the head of Grand Challenges Canada, a government funded, non-profit agency, said getting better vital statistics also has an added benefit: it increases accountability on where the money is spent to Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press make it more effective. Prime Minister Stephen Harper responds during Question “That focus on accountability was Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in absolutely pivotal in saving more lives Ottawa on Tuesday. of women and children,” said Singer. “And that was the prime minister’s “More than 100 developing registered.” and Canada’s leadership with the countries around the world lack fully The proper registration of neworiginal Muskoka Initiative.” functioning civil registration and borns is seen as one way to lower what Harper and Tanzanian President vital statistics systems,” Immigration experts say is the unacceptably high Jakaya Kikwete were appointed Minister Chris Alexander said Sunday 2.9 million children who die within 28 co-chairs of the UN commission in announcing $20 million over four days of being born each year. Another on accountability for women’s and years to the Inter-American Develop- 2.6 million still births occur annually. children’s health in the fall of 2010 ment Bank’s fund for civil registraThe data was compiled in a series following the G8. tion. of papers drawing upon 55 experts A discussion that ties together “An estimated one-third of the in 18 countries that were published accountability and vital statistics is world’s births and two-thirds of last week in the medical journal The to take place Thursday during the Toronto conference. the world’s deaths are not properly Lancet.

Yukon Mining & Geology Week May 7th to 10th, 2014

o Y u k n a T

xhibitors! e d n a s r o s n o p s to our Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining


mining corp

Casino Mining Corp. Selwyn Chihong Mining Chief Isaac Group of Companies Associated Engineering / Summit Environmental Alkan Air Yukon Brewing Air North, Yukon’s Airline Castle Rock Enterprises General Refining Corp. Hurlburt Enterprises Yukon Women in Trades & Technology Yukon Zinc Wellgreen Platinum Alexco Resource Corp.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yukon News

Former U.S. president offers advice on prostitution to Canadian lawmakers Jim Bronskill

“Your decisive leadership in this matter is critical in order for Canada to take this OTTAWA monumental step towards former U.S. president the preservation of human is urging Canada to go rights,” Carter wrote. after pimps and buyers of sex “I hope that you will lead when it revises federal prosti- your nation towards the protution laws. tection of prostituted women In a May 16 letter to Cana- and girls.” dian parliamentarians, Jimmy The Supreme Court of Carter encourages adoption Canada struck down key eleof the so-called Nordic mod- ments of Canada’s prostituel, which imposes sanctions tion laws in December, giving against those who exploit Parliament one year to come prostitutes while helping sex up with new measures. workers leave the trade. Under existing laws, Carter’s letter, tweeted by prostitution itself is legal but Conservative MP Joy Smith, almost all related activities – says prostitution is inherently including communicating in violent, especially towards a public place for the purposwomen and girls who are es of prostitution, pimping trapped in the industry and and running a brothel – are need protection. criminal offences. Canadian Press


Justice Minister Peter MacKay says the government is “exploring all possible options” to ensure the criminal law continues to address what he calls the significant harms that flow from prostitution. The government is poised to release a report on public consultations about how to proceed. A discussion paper published as part of the consultation notes countries have generally taken one of three approaches: • Decriminalization or legalization (places such as Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia; • Prohibition of both the purchase and sale of sexual services (all U.S. states, with the exception of Nevada);

• Abolition, or the Nordic model, which criminalizes clients and third parties but not prostitutes, accompanied by social programs aimed at helping sex workers (Sweden, Norway and Iceland). The discussion paper poses several questions, including whether purchasing sexual services from an adult should be a criminal offence and whether selling such services should be against the law. It also asks those who support allowing the sex trade whether there should be limitations on where or how the activities can take place. The paper also seeks input on the notion of someone making money from the prostitution of another person.

Federal tax cuts since 2005 net Canadians $30 billion, most to low middle class By comparison, the many tax cuts. The PBO did not calculate spending reductions and job OTTAWA savings or lost revenue due to cuts introduced by the Harper anada’s budget watchdog corporate tax reductions due Conservatives will result in says Canadians are payabout $12.5 billion in savings to what the office said was ing Ottawa about $30 billion for the government in the data limitations. less this year – or a little less current 2014-15 fiscal year. Most, but not all of the than $1,000 per person – due tax reduction measures, have Despite some criticism in to tax changes introduced in occurred under the Conserva- this area, the PBO says the the past decade. lion’s share of the tax savtive government of Stephen The Parliamentary Budget Harper, which took office in ings have gone to low middle Officer calculates in a new income earners – houseFebruary 2006. report that personal income taxes have been cut by about $17.1 billion through a vaAvalanche Mixed Martial Arts: riety of changes introduced since 2005. Women’s Only Kick Boxing And the two-percentage Tuesday and Thursday’s for 6 weeks point cut in the GST has 5:00pm - 6:00pm $124+gst resulted in a $13.3-billion www. saving this year. Another way of repre95 LEWES BLVD. senting the numbers is that WHITEHORSE, YUKON Y1A 3J4 PHONE: 668-4628 Ottawa would have a healthy Email: Check us out on Facebook surplus today if not for the Canadian Press


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holds with incomes between $12,200 and $23,000. The lowest and highest 10 per cent of income earners have benefited the least from the changes.


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YTEC and MCY will be in their new offices effective June 2nd, 2014.

Yukon Tourism Education Council and Multicultural Centre of the Yukon

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Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Arts centre offers a history of heartbreak Visits by Bruce McCulloch and Gabor Mate also planned in coming season

Submitted Photo/Yukon News

The Museum of Broken Relationships exhibit will make its Canadian debut in Whitehorse at the Yukon Arts Centre next March.

Sam Riches

hands, reading, “I love you.” “I got this teddy bear for Valentine’s,” the text read. “He survived hen Drazen Grubisic and on top of my closet in a plastic bag, Olinka Vistica ended their because it wasn’t him who hurt me, relationship in 2004 they had a box but the idiot who left him behind.” full of items that no longer had a Yukoners will have a chance to home. Each item had memories contribute their own items to the tied to it, a reminder of their shared exhibit, which will run next spring past, and while some were easy to from March 5 to May 23, coinpart with, many were not. ciding, intentionally, with spring Instead of fighting over the rem- break-up. nants, the couple decided to start The exhibit is just one of nearly the Museum of Broken Relationships, 20 shows that will be coming to which will be making its Canadian town over the next year. debut in Whitehorse next March “We’re really excited about the as part of the Yukon Arts Centre upcoming line-up” said Katie New2014-2015 performing and visual man, marketing and development arts line-up. director with the arts centre. The exhibit, which began in “I think it’s going to be a fun sea2006, has spanned more than a son with something for everyone.” dozen countries, collecting items Included on the roster is Young along the way. Drunk Punk, a solo-show starring In the first exhibit in Zagreb, Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall Croatia, there was a red Nokia fame. The show is a combination cellphone, it’s cord furled around it, of stand-up comedy, live music and accompanied with a piece of text, assorted insights drawn from Mc“it was 300 days too long. He gave Culloch’s life. me his cell phone so I couldn’t call McCulloch, whose early years were spent roaming around Calgary him any more.” and Toronto, calling various futons A white plush teddy bear sat next to it, a red heart sewn onto its home, is now a “pajama-clad dad” News Reporter


Museum of Nature, the exhibit runs in partnership with the Montreal Science Centre, the Royal Tyrrell Museum and Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre. “It will be an educational program,” said Newman, “and have both an art and scientific perspective.” The exhibit has been seen by millions across North America but this will be its first time in the territory. In the performing arts, Dr. Gabor Mate will star in The Damage Is Done, an intersection of personal essay, video, theatre and modern dance. The show will adapt ideas Nader Khouri photo found in Mate’s novel, In the Realm Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall fame will perform his solo of Hungry Ghosts, which examines the nature of addiction, our show, Young Drunk Punk, October 29 and 30. susceptibly to it and what we can do living in Hollywood Hills, a transi- kon’s largest long-lost residents will to avoid it. tion that he’ll reflect on in the show, be returning home in Ice Age MamThe Damage Is Done will make mals, which will run from the 4th of its world premiere at the arts centre which runs from October 29-30. the month until November 29. Residents will also be able to on September 12, with a second Ninety per cent of the specimens performance the following evening. meet McCulloch in person at a book signing to be announced later. featured in the exhibit, which will For a complete listing of include real fossils, touchable casts The show, which has been on tour the 2014-2015 events visit yuacross the country for more than a and interactive displays, once called Yukon home. year, has received rave reviews. Contact Sam Riches at Produced by the Canadian In September, some of the

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yukon News

Athabasca glacier melting at ‘astonishing’ rate of more than five metres a year Bill Graveland

“We’re losing at least five metres a year on the surface of that glacier.” COLUMBIA ICEFIELDS, Alta. The passage of time is clearly hat’s believed to be the visible at the ice sheet’s base. most-visited glacier in Markers dating back as early as North America is losing more 1890 show the toe of the Athathan five metres of ice every basca Glacier has retreated 1.5 year and is in danger of comkilometres, leaving a moonscape pletely disappearing within a of gravel and rock behind. generation, says a Parks Canada “We’re doing our measuremanager. ment close to the toe of the glaThe Athabasca Glacier is the cier and the amount of growth largest of six ice sheets that form each year is dwarfed by the part of the Columbia Icefield amount it recedes,” said Wilmsin Jasper National Park. It is a hurst. popular destination for tourBob Sandford, chairman of ists from around the world who the Canadian Partnership Initiaclimb aboard huge snow coaches tive of the UN Water for Life to get an up-close look. Decade, said it’s “mind boggling” While it receives about seven because not only is the glacier metres of snowfall annually, the receding – it’s also becoming glacier has been slowly shrinking shallower. for about 150 years. “I first wrote a tourist book “It’s astonishing,” John on the Columbia Icefields in Wilmshurst, Jasper National 1994 and it was generally held Park’s resource conservation that it was somewhere around manager, said in an interview 325 square kilometres. That with The Canadian Press. icefield now is calculated to be “Every year we drive stakes about 220 square kilometres,” he five metres deep into the glacier said. in the fall. We have to return and “Even though this year we re-drill them in mid-summer be- will have had a fairly substantial cause a lot of those stakes on the snow year, what we’re finding is Athabasca Glacier, the one that a that, even with substantial snow years, the summers are warm lot of people go visit, will be lyenough and the fall is prolonged ing flat on the ice at that time. Canadian Press


enough that all of that snow goes and we’re still losing five metres,” Sandford said. “That gives you an indication of how rapidly things are changing.” A recent American state-ofthe-union report has singled out the rapid melt of glaciers in British Columbia and Alaska as a major climate change issue saying they are “shrinking substantially.” The U.S. National Climate Assessment said the trend is expected to continue and has implications for hydro-power production, ocean circulation patterns, fisheries and a global rise in sea levels. The report said glaciers in the region are losing 20 to 30 per cent as much as what is melting annually from the Greenland Ice Sheet, which has received far more worldwide attention. Wilmshurst said it’s estimated that the Athabasca Glacier is about 300 metres deep, but it is slowly disappearing. Water from the Columbia Icefields flow into the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans and the landscape will be much different if it is eventually gone. “It is hard to know in the long term what climate cycles mean to

“Absolutely the glacier will be people. It does mean we should be preparing for drier conditions gone. Not within my lifetime, in the future. I think long term probably, but maybe within my it’s not good news at all,” he said. children’s lifetime.”

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Plan your studies! Credit Programs and Workplace Preparation programs start september 3rd unless otherwise stated. acadeMic and career Business AdministrAtion Certificate and diploma programs preparing students for administrative management careers in business and government. CirCumpolAr studies Multidisciplinary degree program focusing on the Circumpolar World. Delivered through the University of the Arctic, an international network of colleges and universities, including Yukon College. Courses are university transferable. Computer support teChniCiAn Certificate program preparing students for a career in information technology and related fields. All courses are available online. CulinAry Arts Eight-month certificate program designed to meet the need for qualified cooks in the hospitality industry. eArly Childhood development Certificate and diploma programs providing opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to provide and evaluate quality early childhood experiences for young children and families. eduCAtion–yukon nAtive teACher Four-year degree program emphasizing elementary education, Yukon First

Nations and northern content. Application deadline May 24. Late applications accepted if space is available. Program start date is August 29. Call John Wright at 867.668.8833 for more information. Food And BeverAge operAtions Students in this one-year certificate program will master skills in the areas of wine, the art of eating and dining, bartending and dining room service. First nAtions governAnCe And puBliC AdministrAtion Ten-course certificate program focusing on the professional development of executive and senior management staff to enhance the operations of First Nation Governments. generAl studies Flexible certificate and diploma programs that integrate general knowledge and intellectual skills with specific occupational or professional skills. Courses are university transferable. heAlth CAre AssistAnt Nine-month certificate program providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to function effectively as front-line caregivers, and respected members of the healthcare team, in community and facility settings.

heritAge And Culture Certificate program focusing on Yukon First Nations heritage and culture, leading to degree work in the social sciences and humanities as well as careers in heritage and culture interpretation, management and preservation. Courses are university transferable. heritAge And Culture essentiAl skills Completion certificate program teaching employability skills through community-based heritage management and interpretation. Delivered in partnership with local First Nations. Registration throughout the year. liBerAl Arts Certificate and diploma programs in the social sciences and humanities that build transferrable skills for future career and educational pursuits, foster social responsibility and cultural sensitivity, and instil independent reasoning and critical thinking skills. Courses are university transferable. multimediA CommuniCAtion Certificate program combining ingenuity and technology to teach effective communication strategies through web, audio, video and print-based media.

career and university preparation College ACCess pAthwAys Upgrading courses offered in math, sciences, English, computers, etc. that provide the prerequisites for programs at Yukon College and other institutions.

also be eligible for elective credit at the secondary level; check with high school counsellors to determine eligibility. Dual Credit Handbook available at programs/info/dc.

drop-in Centre Academic skill development, College Preparation English and math courses, University level math 100/101/105, pre-apprentice math and science courses, and Communications 192 offered through individualized, self-paced study. GED tutoring also available. Registration throughout the year.

english As A seCond lAnguAge (esl) English language training for non-native speakers of English. Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 3-5 required for Intermediate ESL. CLB 6-8 required for Advanced ESL. Registration throughout year for non-credit section. For more information go to international.

duAl Credit Courses that allow secondary students to earn post-secondary credits while still in high school. Credits can be transferred to other Canadian universities and colleges. Courses may

skills For employment: Trades exploraTion or inTroducTion To office skills Academic skill development in numeracy and literacy is embedded in workplace skills

nAtive lAnguAge instruCtor Certificate and diploma programs offered through the Yukon Native Language Centre and conferred by Yukon College. For more information visit or call 867.668.8820. northern environmentAl And ConservAtion sCienCes Degree program offering a northern perspective on issues such as wildlife conservation, land use and resource management under modern treaties, changes in water quantity and quality, climate change and energy needs. northern First nAtions studies Multidisciplinary diploma program raising awareness of the cultures, history, accomplishments, and political and national concerns of First Nations and other indigenous peoples of Yukon, the Canadian North, and the Circumpolar World. Courses are university transferable. northern JustiCe And Criminology Certificate and diploma programs in justice and criminology in a northern context, leading to degree programs or entry-level employment in criminology and fields related to criminal justice. Courses are university transferable.

northern outdoor And environmentAl studies Multidisciplinary diploma program offering options for exploring contemporary northern environmental issues, outdoor activities, and human/environment relationships. Customizable. Courses are university transferable. northern sCienCe Diploma program delivering a strong northern science focus. Prepares students for scientific or technical work in a northern environment. northern studies Flexible, self-directed multidisciplinary diploma program focusing on northern issues. Courses are university transferable. oFFiCe AdministrAtion Nine-month full-time certificate program providing students with the knowledge and skills required to enter the workforce as accounting clerks, administrative assistants, and general office assistants. Also available online as the Applied Business Technology Online (ABTO) program. puBliC AdministrAtion Master’s degree program preparing students for leadership at all levels of government and in non-profit organizations. Delivered via satellite and over the internet by the University of Alaska Southeast, to students in Alaska and Yukon.

restAurAnt operAtions Combines both the Culinary Arts, and Food and Beverage Operations programs with a Capstone project where students will research, plan and carry out an event that incorporates all aspects of food and beverage operations. sCienCe Courses are available in mathematics and in the earth, life and physical sciences. Certificate of Science is available for students who wish to transfer into an engineering program, or into the second year of a Bachelor of Science program at a Canadian university. soCiAl work Four-year Bachelor degree program focusing on social work practice in northern communities. Application deadline was March 28. Late applications accepted if space is available. women’s And gender studies Certificate program looking at the lives, contributions and experiences of women; the social construction of men and masculinity; and the development and impact of gender roles in a changing world. Courses are university transferable. visuAl Arts Foundation-year certificate offered through the School of Visual Arts (Yukon SOVA) in Dawson City. Transfer to a visual arts degree program at one of Canada’s major art schools. Application review date is May 15. Late applications accepted if space is available. For more information visit or call 867.993.6390.

trades to enhance educational and vocational opportunities. Essential skills are developed through a variety of workplace projects. tArgeted initiAtive For older workers Fifteen-week program integrating mature workers (ages 55-64) into new employment opportunities. No cost, stipend provided.

CArpentry pre-ApprentiCeship Twenty-week preapprenticeship certificate program providing students with theoretical trade knowledge and practical skill development to a level that will enable them to enter the trade as a capable and knowledgeable apprentice and entry-level worker.

eleCtriCAl pre-ApprentiCeship Eighteen-week preapprenticeship certificate program providing students with theoretical trade knowledge and practical skill development to a level that will enable them to enter the trade as a capable and knowledgeable apprentice and entry-level worker. Program start date is October 7.

proFessionaL and personaL deveLopMent enhAnCed lAnguAge trAining Fifteen-week program designed to improve the employability for newcomers to Canada. Registration throughout the year. No cost. First nAtions Community serviCes AdministrAtion Twelve online courses providing training for

For complete program information go to

First Nation government employees in community service areas. Registration throughout the year. First nAtions leAdership trAining Five integrated courses providing the essentials of governance and public administration for First Nation leaders. Contract

training or individual tuition. Registration throughout the year. pArtners For Children Provides relevant and accessible workshops, training and support on early childhood development. Information relates to the health and development of children ages 0-6, their families and communities.

welding pre-ApprentiCeship Twenty-week preapprenticeship certificate program providing students with theoretical trade knowledge and practical skill development to a level that will enable them to enter the trade as a capable and knowledgeable apprentice and entry-level worker. heAvy equipment teChniCiAn pre-ApprentiCeship Seventeen-week preapprenticeship certificate program providing students with theoretical trade knowledge and practical skill development to a level that will enable them to enter the trade as a capable and knowledgeable apprentice and entry-level worker. Program is subject to funding.

to appLy call the whitehorse Ayamdigut Admissions office at 867.668.8710, toll free 1.800.661.0504 or go online to


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Canada loses World Trade Organization appeal as EU seal products ban upheld Sue Bailey

Canada and Norway of the 28-member EU’s 2010 ban on the import and sale of seal fur, meat ST. JOHN’S, N.L. and other products. anada lost its bid to overturn The WTO appeal panel agreed Europe’s ban on imported with the November ruling that seal products Thursday but exemptions do not give the same seized on World Trade Organiza- market access to Canadian and tion findings that aspects of the Norwegian seal products as those embargo breach international from Greenland. obligations. Terry Audla, president of the A WTO appeal decision Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami representreleased in Geneva upheld a ing about 55,000 Canadian Inuit, previous ruling that the European said his people were never conUnion ban is “necessary to protect sulted and never agreed with the public morals” regarding animal embargo or its uneven exceptions. welfare. “I am morally outraged at the But the three-member panel self-righteousness and sanctimoagreed with the prior dispute niousness of the EU’s claim to settlement finding that exempprotect the morals of its citizens,” tions to the ban have not been he said in a statement. fairly applied. Inuit hunters are trying to feed It says the embargo “constitutes their families and make a living in a means of arbitrary or unjustifi- the modern economy, he added. able discrimination,” particularly “It is morally reprehensible because of how exemptions for for anyone to impede those goals, seal products from Inuit or indig- which are the basic rights of any enous communities are handled. citizen of the world.” It finds the EU has not sufThe federal government said ficiently shown how its treatment in a statement the appeal decision of indigenous versus commercial confirms the ban is “arbitrarily hunts “can be reconciled with the and unjustifiably applied.” objective of addressing EU public “Canada’s position has been moral concerns regarding seal that the eastern and northern seal welfare.” harvests are humane, sustainable It also found “considerable and well-regulated activities that ambiguity” in how terms such as provide an important source of “subsistence” are used for Inuit food and income for coastal and harvests. And it raises concerns Inuit communities,” it said. that vague criteria could allow “The ban on seal products seal products from commercial adopted in the European Union hunts to enter EU markets under was a political decision that has indigenous exemptions. no basis in fact or science.” Canada appealed a November Fisheries Minister Gail Shea said in an interview that federal ruling that said while the EU officials are still assessing the 200seal ban undermines fair trade, those restrictions can be justified page decision. “It found that it violates the on “public moral concerns” for EU’s international trade obligaanimal welfare. tions so it does require response,” At issue was a challenge by Canadian Press


she said. “It’s something that we will certainly be monitoring closely.” It’s the end of the line for appeals at the WTO, but Shea said Ottawa will continue to support the seal hunt through new product research and other measures. Animal welfare groups called the ruling a historic victory. “The ban will need some amendments to make it WTO compliant,” said Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society InternationalCanada. “However, those are very small amendments that will happen, I think, very quickly. And ultimately the ban can stay in

place pretty much as it is.” Aldworth said it’s time for Ottawa to refocus its efforts. “We hope that with this ruling, the Canadian government will stop trying to fight this futile battle to prop up the outdated and cruel commercial seal hunt and instead invest its energy in branding and labelling Inuit seal products so that they can once again resume access to the EU market.” Sheryl Fink, director of Canadian wildlife campaigns for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, said the decision could ultimately protect other species. “This is a very exciting devel-

opment. Hopefully it will have positive repercussions for other animals that are affected by trade as well.” The commercial seal hunt off Newfoundland last spring landed about 91,000 harp seals, up from 69,000 the year before but far short of the federal quota of 400,000. About 900,000 seals are hunted globally each year, says the European Commission. Countries that commercially hunt seals include Canada, Norway, Greenland and Namibia. Other countries that ban imported seal products include the U.S., Mexico, Russia and Taiwan.

“I have enough to keep track of, transactions shouldn’t be one of them.”

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


A good cause for everybody

Larissa Rueckenbach and her friends hand out purple roses on the Millennium Trail to the first 65 people that finished the Whitehorse Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Walk on Sunday afternoon.

Whitehorse saw a weekend full of fundraising events for special causes. Photography by Alistair Maitland

Chris Nash and Commissioner of Yukon Doug Phillips, far right, take part in the Purina Walk for Dog Guides fundraiser.

Karen Weinberg and Deborah Turner-Davis, right, during the fashion “Pay It Forward� fundraiser for the Little FootPrints Big Steps charity in Haiti. Right, Premier Darrell Pasloski, far right, participates in the TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes on Sunday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yukon News

Mike Holmes shares expert home maintenance tips in The Holmes Manual Lauren La Rose

lems, said Holmes. Among them: heat loss from the house heading into the attic space. TORONTO “When we have heat loss in the hile many homeowners attic, we have hot meeting cold. have big dreams of beautifyThat can actually mould the entire ing their spaces, handyman Mike inside of your attic.” Holmes wants them to also think of Holmes writes that shingles that the less glamorous side of property are curling or buckling at the edges upkeep: regular home inspections are also red flags. It may be a sign of and maintenance. natural wear and tear. But Holmes “You will save a fortune in adds that exposed bare patches on money if you do this, because if you asphalt shingles – which gradually go ahead and renovate that kitchen lose granules over time – or large before you take a look at the roof amounts of granules in gutters may and it leaks, that’s going to cost be signs of poor ventilation in the you a big amount of dough,” said attic where rising heat tends to acthe straight-talking contractor and cumulate. home improvement host. “If that heat gets trapped because The Holmes Makes It Right star you don’t have a well-ventilated atsaid he has fielded countless questic, it can warm up the roof, causing tions over the years on home main- asphalt shingles to stiffen up and age tenance, from queries about roofs more quickly,” he writes, noting that to sweating windows. With his new the ventilation issues can also cause book, The Holmes Manual (Harper- ice dams to surface. Collins), due out on June 3, Holmes Holmes said while it’s important offers guidance on how to spot for homeowners to be educated and potential signs of property damage knowledgeable about possible probwhile also sharing tips in response lems, that doesn’t necessarily mean to common repair questions. they should take the reins to repair “We look at our cars. We them – particularly when they may constantly check our tires, right? be lacking key skills. … And we pay more attention to “You shouldn’t do the roof unless our vehicles than the single most you know what you’re doing – and expensive investment of our lives – I mean really know what you’re doyour home,” Holmes said in a recent ing,” he stressed. “You shouldn’t play phone interview. with electrical. You shouldn’t play “Yes, you need to pay attention. with your HVAC (heating, ventilaYou need to check your filter on tion and air conditioning) and you your furnace every single month shouldn’t play with your plumbing. because if your filter’s dirty, then “I think the majority of the you’re actually smothering your people are trying to learn what they furnace. You can burn out your mo- need to learn about their house tor because it can’t breathe properly (and) who they should be calling to anymore. It’s not moving air the fix it,” he added. way it’s supposed to.” For reno-minded homeowners, While icicles dangling from the the book offers detailed comparative edge of a roof may seem picturcharts for items, including roofing esque, their appearance is typically vents, sidings and finishes for fences the sign of several different proband decks, as well as step-by-step Canadian Press


SkookuM JiM FRiendShiP CentRe’S

Tän Sakwäthän Youth Diversion and Family Support Program is hosting an

EiGHT wEEk HikinG proGrAm for womEn And GirLS. • • • •

Build friendships and supports with other women Work your way up from a simple walk to a challenging hike Learn tips and tricks to stay safe while hiking Become familiar with several trails around Whitehorse Every Thursday evening in June and every Saturday for the full day in July. This program is free for participants. Limited transportation available, so register early.

For more info contact Marney Paradis at, 633-7683. Registration forms available on-line at A HUGE thank you to TSL Contractors for helping fund this project!

project instructions, like finishing a basement floor. But preventive maintenance remains top of mind for the handyman. And with spring now in full swing, Holmes said the season is prime time for making inspections to ensure that water isn’t seeping

into the home. “You’ve got to look at your eavestroughs – clean them out. Your downspouts – make sure they’re not blocked. …. Look at all the caulking around your doors and windows,” he said. “If you can’t get up on your roof … get a pair of binoculars and

take a really good look around the chimney, make sure that none of the weather has ruined your roof system. “The more you take a look now, the absolute better. Don’t just concentrate on flowers and cleaning up the garden.”

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Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Souper des bénévoles 2014

Les organismes franco-yukonnais s’unissent pour remercier les bénévoles qui ont contribué à la vitalité de notre belle communauté de mai 2013 à avril 2014. Ambiance musicale par Trio Manouche et prix de présence. Bienvenue à tous et à toutes! Le 30 mai, à 17 h, au Centre culturel des Kwanlin Dün. Pour consulter la liste des bénévoles, rendez-vous au Julie Plaisance 668-2663, poste 560 –


Venez encourager Daniel Girouard lors de cet événement qui vise à amasser des fonds pour le développement d’un club de canot-kayak de vitesse à Whitehorse. Les dons serviront à défrayer les coûts pour l’achat de matériel tels que des embarcations, des pagaies et des vêtements de flottaison individuels (VFI). Pour en savoir plus et appuyer Daniel dans la réalisation de ce projet, visitez le jqrz935. Le 1er juin, de 10 h à 13 h, au lac Schwatka.

Mireille de la Prairie à Pacifique en chanson Mireille de la Prairie, Yukonnaise d’adoption, interprétera des succès de la chanson francophone sur la scène du concours et spectacle Pacifique en chanson. N’hésitez pas à aller l’encourager si vous êtes de passage à Vancouver. Le 7 juin, à 20 h, au Waterfront Theatre sur l’île Grandville.

Café-rencontre-bénéfice de la Fondation boréale

La Fondation boréale a pour mission d’offrir un appui financier aux francophones du Yukon en leur allouant les intérêts de son fonds de capital. Prenez part à l’épanouissement de la communauté en mangeant un délicieux repas au café-rencontre. Le 6 juin, à 17 h, au Centre de la francophonie. Julie Plaisance 668-2663, poste 560 –

Appel aux musiciens et musiciennes

Le service Arts et culture de l’Association franco-yukonnaise est à la recherche d’un musicien ou d’une musicienne francophone pour jouer à l’événement Solstice St-Jean, le 24 juin, à Dawson. Virginie Hamel 668-2663, poste 221 –

Bénévoles recherchés pour le Solstice St-Jean

Plusieurs postes sont disponibles du 23 au 25 juin : montage et démontage, service de nourriture, bar, collecte des déchets et nettoyage, sécurité et premiers soins, animation des jeunes, hospitalité et transport des artistes. Nous cherchons également des bénévoles pour accompagner les artistes francophones pour le spectacle à Dawson. Deux spectacles le 24 juin : au parc Shipyards, à Whitehorse et à l’hôtel Westminster, à Dawson. Julie Plaisance 668-2663, poste 560 –

Concentrate on the news that matters.

Retrouvez votre association francophone sur Facebook : AFY.Yukon Présentée par l’Association franco-yukonnaise 302, rue Strickland, Whitehorse (Yukon) Y1A 2K1 Tél. : (867) 668-2663 Courriel :

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yukon News

Reading is rude in the company of others participated in on several occasions). For most concerts, I remain in my seat, giving hearty applause in gratitude for the performers’ efforts. What should I do, then, in instances that I don’t think by Judith warrant standing ovations? Martin I recently went to a business training in which the keynote speaker was given a standing ovation. She was a gifted speaker, but not extraordinary. Everyone in the room leaped to DEAR MISS MANNERS: their feet in applause. I noticed My 62-year-old sister has the I was one of the few people in habit of pulling a book from the room still sitting. I felt like her purse in any social outing remaining seated was calling involving friends, relatives, etc., attention to myself and was and reading. attracting glares from others – She has done so in the lobby as if my sitting was somehow of a theater while our group declaring her training subpar. (which she organized) awaits Thus, I stood too. a dramatic performance. She I realize that “exceptional” is did so as my husband and I, in the eye of the beholder. I have along with several other family seen/heard better performances members, were en route to my than most people, so perhaps I mother-in-law’s funeral via a simply have higher standards. professionally driven limousine. So should I stand with the I consider her behavior the crowd, regardless of how I feel height of rudeness, ignoring ev- about a performance, or should eryone in her presence in favor I reserve my acclaim for what of a book. And I’m a 66-yearI find truly noteworthy? And old retired librarian! May I have where do children’s recitals fall your opinion on her conduct? into this? GENTLE READER: Why GENTLE READER: To doesn’t she use a telephone to answer your last question first: be rude, like everyone else? They don’t. Contrary to human Does she believe that books experience, children’s recitals are presumably more elevating, and other amateur performancand thus exempt from the rule es are considered social events against ignoring actual people because no one attends unless to attend to something you a personal relationship exists obviously find more interesting? with someone involved. UnMiss Manners can assure her bridled enthusiasm is therefore that no such exception is made. expected. Or does the lady claim that Professional entertainment is she has to keep checking the in an entirely different category. book in case there is an emerUnless you are there as a guest gency in the plot (as there so (in which case, “Darling, you often is)? were marvelous!” is mandatory), you are a paying customer, DEAR MISS MANNERS: entitled to an opinion. Growing up, I was blessed to Miss Manners would considhave the good fortune of ater that applauding lightly while tending many live performances remaining seated would express of different kinds of theater and the positive, but not thrilled, music. My parents taught me reaction that you described. about appropriate behavior for these events, like waiting until DEAR MISS MANNERS: The the end of a piece to applaud, mother of a childhood friend or bringing cough drops with is dying of cancer. I no longer wrappers that don’t crinkle. live near this friend and have They also taught me that not been in contact with her standing ovations are reserved since high school, but I always for truly exceptional perforget news of the family from my mances (which I have happily mom, who still lives in the small



dressing. Should I just eat the tomatoes? Cut the lettuce leaves individually in order to eat them also? Take my knife and cut DEAR MISS MANNERS: everything into bite-size pieces After my first child was born, I all at once after an appropriate had a few weeks of high blood moment of admiration? pressure that put me on mediOther foods artfully arranged cation and had me regularly checking my blood pressure. My – both entrees and side vegetamother-in-law required regular bles – provide similar conundrums. I don’t go to restaurants updates about my numbers, to merely gaze at the food; I my doctor’s appointments and would like to eat it and to do so which medications I was put on, which she kept track of in a properly. GENTLE READER: No one notebook. DEAR MISS MANNERS: Now, with child No. 2 on the – particularly not a chef – could What am I supposed to do when fault you for eating the food way, I’m concerned about this a boss scolds you and yells at that is served to you. A moment happening again. A few years you in front of co-workers? older, I’m adamant this time of admiration is polite, but then GENTLE READER: If your about not sharing this type of Miss Manners permits you to boss scolds Miss Manners, you get to work putting the edible should defend her. If he yells at information with her, but I do not want to be rude. artwork into your mouth where her Gentle Reader, that reader How can I let her know, if she it rightfully belongs. should object in private or, if asks, that I will not be sharing If no salad knife has been this is unlikely to alter his behealth information with her provided – and alas, one never havior, to the human resources this time around? I’ve told my is – you must use the tools at department. husband that this cannot haphand. Cut each piece of food as pen again, but am worried that necessary before eating it and DEAR MISS MANNERS: consume whatever appeals to While shopping in a small mar- he’ll have trouble passing on that message. you. Then, if you like, you may ket, I saw a little girl (approxiGENTLE READER: Well, it artfully arrange your utensils on mately four years old) take a the plate when you are done. bread roll out of a bin and put it would be awkward for him to in her mouth. Her mother took say, “Ma, stop being concerned (Please send your questions to the roll away from her child and about Zoe’s health. It’s none Miss Manners at her website, of your business.” No matter put it back in the bin.; to her email, I said to the woman: “What’s how annoying the requests for; or details, it would be churlish to wrong with you? Someone will through postal mail to Miss Manners, come along and buy the roll that chastise her for worrying about Universal Uclick, 1130 Walnut St., you. your child had in her mouth. Kansas City, MO 64106.) The script Miss Manners sugThat’s disgusting.” gests for your husband instead The woman looked at me as is: “We really appreciate your though I was from outer space, COMPUTER ACCESSORIES concern. Basically she seems to then turned and walked away. 207 Main Street be doing all right, but dwellHow could I have betTel: 633-4842 ing on any tiny ups or downs ter handled this situation? I is making us both anxious. I’ll mentioned this to the cashier be sure to tell you if there is as I was leaving, and she said visit mac’s anything significant, one way or it happens all the time. Please underground... Miss Manners, tell me what you the other.” DEAR MISS MANNERS: would have done. to browse our great book It seems that the chefs of the GENTLE READER: Started deals, place special orders, nicer restaurants these days are shopping somewhere else, with or pick up your topo maps! attempting to outdo themselves a more fastidious clientele – although Miss Manners suspects (and us) when it comes to the that this behavior is not unique presentation of our food. While beautiful to admire, to the market in question. 203 Main Street it is often impossible to eat. A direct assault on the OPEN EVERY DAY ‘TIL 9:00 PM mother is both impolite and, as Salads in particular pose a great you discovered, ineffective. You challenge. I was served a salad wherein entire leaves of bibb could have taken the used roll and handed it to a nearby store lettuce were arranged on a plate employee. The trick is to do this to form a bowl of sorts. In the overtly enough that the mother center, three or four cherry tomatoes were diced, along with sees it, without being so obvious that she feels called upon to perhaps one slice of bacon, and The Fair Exchange Rate for the then drizzled with blue cheese defend herself – perhaps with week of May 26, 2014 is: town where we grew up. I am very sad to hear this news and have very fond memories of this woman. Is it kind or selfish of me to write a short note to this woman to let her know she matters to me and that my thoughts are with her? GENTLE READER: How it could be construed as selfish to let someone who is dying know that she is important to you, Miss Manners cannot imagine.

a counter-charge of rudeness, or, worse, with the plea that her poor child was starving.


Are you a person labelled with an

The Yukon Foundation

is accepting funding applications for Scholarships and Yukon related Projects Note: Proposals for Projects must be from a Registered Charity. The deadline for submission of applications is May 31, 2014. See our website at for information and application forms or call 393-2454




Did you know there is local chapter of a national movement in Whitehorse whose members are all people who have been labelled with intellectual disabilities? Are you interested in advocating for yourself? Learning about your human rights and leadership skills? Speaking out about the segregation of people with disabilities? Then check out People First Society of Yukon. Members meet monthly. For more information: 667-4606, or find us on Facebook.

1.05 Cdn for One U.S. dollar


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Four Whitehorse skiers nominated to national teams Tom Patrick

“I’m very pleased,” said Beatty. “It was a goal throughout last season. Obviously it wasn’t ukon’s powerhouse status something I was solely focused in cross-country skiing is on, but I was hoping to have a evident with a read through the strong enough season to qualify national team nominations. for the senior team. I knew Whitehorse will be reprecoming out of the junior world sented by four skiers over three championship, placing 15th and national teams, Cross Country 20th there, that I had met the Canada announced on Friday. criteria. So I was hoping to be Graham Nishikawa, Dahria nominated and I was really exBeatty, Annah Hanthorn and, cited to be named to the team.” not surprisingly, Olympian Beatty had the largest medal Emily Nishikawa were included haul of the Yukon skiers at the in the team and development Haywood Nationals. She won centre nominations. five medals, including three Next ski season will mark a gold, en route to taking first change in course in Graham’s place in the junior women agski career. gregate standings. The 30-year-old has been Next season will be Hannominated to Canada’s Parathorn’s last as a junior and her Nordic World Cup Team to first on the national junior team. continue his work with famed “I was very excited, very Paralympian Brian McKeever, surprised,” said Hanthorn. “I who is legally blind. immediately wrote an email to Graham helped McKeever my mom.” win three gold medals at the SoThis past season was the chi Paralympic Games in March. 19-year-old’s first on the Yukon He doesn’t plan to compete Ski Team, having moved to individually any more. Whitehorse from Fort McPher“I will be just guiding from son, N.W.T., last summer. Trainnow on,” said Graham. “It’s a ing in Whitehorse has helped little bit of a shift. Things aren’t Scott Grant/Canadian Paralympic Committee her along, she said. totally set in stone, but I’m Whitehorse’s Graham Nishikawa, left, guides Brian McKeever at the Sochi Paralympic Games “It was definitely a huge nominated as a guide because in March. Nishikawa has been named to Canada’s Para-Nordic World Cup team and will focus bonus moving here,” said of our success in Sochi at the on his role as a guide. Hanthorn. “Alain (Masson) and Paralympics and I’ll continue to Amanda (Deuling) are such guide Brian over the next couple 42nd place finish in the 15-kilogood coaches and I have really years.” metre skiathlon. good teammates. The waxing is Graham has been on the “That was a pretty incredible phenomenal, and the training.” senior development team the experience,” said Emily. “That Hanthorn’s goal for next last six seasons. He pocketed a first race – the 15-kilometre season is to qualify for the jungold, silver and bronze at the pursuit – I had a great race and ior worlds. She captured three Haywood Ski Nationals – Caneverything came together. It was bronze medals at the Haywood ada’s cross-country championmy first race at the Olympics Nationals in March. ships – in March. Those results and everything about that race “I hurt my ankle a bit before put him second in the aggregate was so memorable.” … and I wasn’t sure how it standings for open men. Emily teamed up with Beatty would play out,” said Hanthorn. Last year he became the first to win gold in the open women’s “I didn’t have any expectations. Yukon male to compete at the team sprint at the nationals. She I wanted to just go there, have Nordic World Ski Championalso won a gold and silver in infun and race my heart out.” ships. dividual races and placed second Two other Whitehorse skiers “Lots has been going on and in aggregate open women. have been recognized by Cross happening pretty fast, but I’m Last season Emily was the Country Canada recently. super excited about guiding and Caelan McLean and Marcus moving forward,” said Graham, first female from the territory to reach the world championship Deuling have been named to who is one of two guides for Canada’s National Talent Squad, McKeever. “I’ll still be in the ski since 1997. “I have some big goals in which identifies up-and-comers scene so it’s a great situation. between the ages of 15 and 18. I’m happy to help Brian do what mind for this coming season,” McLean and Marcus were on he does, to keep winning races.” said Emily. “I’ve had these great opportunities to get experience Emily and Beatty were the Yukon Ski Team last winter. at the world championships and nominated to the senior deMcLean won a gold and placed velopment team and the Alberta the Olympics now and I’m really third in junior boys aggregate at looking to improve on those World Cup Academy in Canthe Haywood Nationals. results internationally – specifmore last week. “It’s great that we still have ically to get some top-30 results Next season will be Emily’s athletes from the Yukon being on the world cup this year.” fourth straight on the team. named to the national team,” Beatty has skied for the na“It’s an honour to get on the said Yukon Ski Team head coach national team,” said Emily. “I’m tional junior team the last four Alain Masson. “It’s nice to see seasons and will be in her first as really happy about it.” we have some young up-anda senior skier next season. Emily was the first Yukon coming athletes who are knockThe 20-year-old, who has cross-country skier to compete ing on the door to national Mike Thomas/Yukon News competed at three junior world at the Olympics since 1992 this teams. It looks good for the next championships, was nominated Whitehorse’s Annah Hanthorn skis in the Marsh Lake past February in Sochi. She led few years.” the Canadian team in two races for the development team’s new Loppet in 2012. Hanthorn has been named to the Contact Tom Patrick at national junior team. in Sochi, topping out with a under-23 subcategory. News Reporter



Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vanier Ridge Run sees repeat winner Tom Patrick News Reporter


or the second year in a row, Caelan McLean left the competition in the dust at the Vanier Ridge Run. The F.H. Collins Secondary student was again the first to complete the five-kilometre course in the annual school run, hosted by Vanier Catholic Secondary on Friday in Riverdale. McLean outpaced 211 other runners from 12 schools with a time of 21 minutes and 52 seconds, 36 seconds faster than his time from last year. “It’s a nice running race to have in Whitehorse,” said McLean. “You don’t have to drive two hours to get to it, like Carmacks or Haines Junction.” McLean, who has competed at the national level in cross-country skiing and orienteering, narrowly beat F.H. Collins schoolmate Marcus Deuling. Deuling, who was second fastest overall – also for a second year in a row – on the five-kilometre course, was just two seconds behind McLean. “It was good. Marcus and I were pretty close,” said McLean. “We were just a few seconds apart.” Both McLean and Deuling were members of the Yukon Ski Team this past winter. McLean won gold in the 15-kilometre classic and placed third in junior boys aggregate at the Haywood Ski Nationals a couple months ago. Vanier’s Darby McIntyre was third overall on the five-kilometre course and first for midget male at 22:02. Yukon Ski Team member and F.H. Collins student Natalie Hynes was the fastest female runner on the five-kilometre course. Hynes, who was in juvenile female, finished in 24:03. Second overall was F.H. Collins juvenile female Zoe Painter at 26:53. F.H. Collins also snagged third overall for females on the fivekilometre course. Friends Regan Fuerstner and Reena Coyne crossed the finish line together and insisted they tie with a time of 28:09. “I like it because it’s challenging, it’s got the uphills and the downhills,” said Coyne. “I don’t like that part of it,” added Fuerstner. A pair of peewee runners were fastest on the shorter three-kilometre course. Elijah Smith Elementary’s

Tom Patrick/Yukon News

Runners leave the start line in the Vanier Ridge Run in Riverdale on Friday. Twelve schools were represented in this year’s race.


Summer 2014 Operation Information Highways and Public Works is committed to providing a transportation system that is safe and effective. The Pelly barge, also known as the Ross River ferry, is an important part of Yukon’s transportation infrastructure and its importance to the community of Ross River, to commercial operators that are working along the North Canol Road and to visitors interested in experiencing this unique region of Yukon is recognized.

Tom Patrick/Yukon News

F.H. Collins runners Caelan McLean, left, and Marcus Deuling tackle a downhill section of the course.

Brooklyn Massie was the top female with a time of 22:47. Ecole Emilie-Tremblay’s Sammy Mather was the fastest male with a time of 19:03. The next day he placed third overall

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out of youth and adults in Athletic Yukon’s annual Haeckel Hill Run. See top-three results on page 27. Contact Tom Patrick at

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Phone: 867-667-6283 Fax: 867-667-3755

Date: The first sailing is anticipated to be on June 9, 2014, subject to local conditions. Restricted Schedule: It will operate from 8 am to 10 am and from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, seven days a week. Please Note: • Local conditions, including the weather, water levels and the Ross River suspension bridge’s stability will be assessed daily and may result in the cancellation of a scheduled sailing if conditions are too risky. • All users will be required to sign a Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreement that makes them aware of the risks prior to using the ferry. • All users are to be aware that the ferry may have to cease operations without warning. • Interested users are encouraged to phone ahead to see if the ferry is in operation. Commercial operators with specialized needs, such as transporting oversize equipment or livestock, are urged to make additional arrangements and book a time to get across the river. Please phone 867-667-5644 or toll-free at 1-800-661-0408 ext. 5644. For more information please visit the Department of Highways and Public Works website at:


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mountain bikers get the rust out at Boogaloos Tom Patrick News Reporter


t’s the start of a new season, but the long Yukon winter didn’t change much in the way of who’s fast on a mountain bike. Some familiar names were on the top of the standings following the sixth annual Boogaloos season opener that started and ended at the Magnusson trail parking lot on Grey Mountain Road on Saturday. Four-time Yukon mountain bike champ Tamara Goeppel of Whitehorse was the top female and Canada Games rider Spencer Skerget of Watson Lake was the top male in the long race on Tom Patrick/Yukon News the “Boogaloo” trails, Left, Watson Lake’s Spencer Skerget rides along the power lines on the way to the finish at the Boogaloos event on Saturday off Grey which get the name from a popular dance Mountain Road. Right, youngsters take part in a kids race. in the 1960s. finished seventh overall in the didn’t go all the way to the top, never really get a break, and if mountain biking again … I “It was fun once which was nice. It was a little don’t know if I’m the only one, series and I’m pretty happy with you lose your focus for a second we finished,” joked Goeppel. “It’s bit faster. Overall, a good, fun a good eye-opener. It’s a great that.” all of a sudden a tree jumps out. but there were a couple of hills course, lots of climbing, you course.” I thought my legs were going to Eleven-year-old Victor Thi“It’s a good way to start James Minifie came in second beault was the top male rider in fall off.” Goeppel, who won her fourth and Shane Phillips in third over- the 10-kilometre short course, all out of 43 riders on the long Yukon women’s title last year, crossing the finish line in about course. completed the 16-kilometre an hour. Skerget represented Yukon at course in about 57 minutes. (OfLuanda Pronovost was the top the Canada Summer Games last ficial times were not recorded.) female on the short course. August in Sherbrooke, Que., plaSammie Salter placed second “(The course) was good, cing 15th in the sprint and 16th and Jeni Rudisill third for but at some parts it was really in the cross-country race. He also bumpy,” said Thibeault, who is women. helped Yukon’s team place sixth Skerget, who placed second a member of Boreal Mountain in the relay race. at last year’s Boogaloo race and Biking’s youth club. “Lots of Skerget attends University of at the Yukon mountain biking roots.” Victoria and this spring took championships, completed the The Boogaloos, which was the 16-kilometre course in about 51 part in the Island Cup Series on first major event on the ConVancouver Island. minutes. tagious Mountain Bike Club’s “I had some good results,” “It’s a beautiful day, it’s a fun calendar for the season, also said Skerget. “I had a sixth place, included a “short-short” fivecourse,” said the 20-years-old. “It was a little shorter, a little less which was better than my previ- kilometre race for kids under 10 ous best result of 10th place. I climbing (than last year). You and the 2014 Run Bike World Championships for kids under six. Call for Proposals A total of 77 riders particiHomelessness Partnering Strategy – pated in the event.

Rural and remote funding stream July 2014 – March 31, 2015 Closing Date: June 6th, 2014– 4:00 pm

HPS Background: The Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) aims to prevent and end homelessness across Canada. It does so by developing partnerships that contribute to a sustainable and wide range of supports to help those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness move towards self-sufficiency. It encourages partners at the federal/ provincial-territorial and community levels to address barriers to well-being faced by homeless individuals and those at risk of homelessness. Rural and Remote Funding: This stream funds projects in communities in rural and remote areas of the country. Projects that address prevention and reduction of homelessness in communities outside of Whitehorse are eligible for funding. This funding stream does not require funding from other sources, although partnerships are strongly encouraged. Please contact CYFN’s Director of Finance in order to receive a Guide to the Call for Proposals and an Application form. Please submit proposal no later than June 6th, 2014 at 4:00 pm to: Karen Lepine, Director of Finance Council of Yukon First Nations – HPS Community Entity 2166-2nd Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 4P1 Phone: (867) 393-9209 E-mail:

Contact Tom Patrick at

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Frotten speeds to bronze at international event Tom Patrick News Reporter


witzerland was good to Whitehorse’s Jessica Frotten. Not only did she post some national qualifying times, she captured a bronze medal at the Daniela Jutzeler Memorial in Nottwil last Wednesday. How excited was the para wheelchair racer? “I forgot to get my medal, but I placed,” said Frotten. “They’re going to mail it.” Frotten won bronze in the 200-metre in the T53 division with a personal best time of 34.41. The 26-year-old finished behind racers from Japan and Bermuda. “It was so great. To be in that

environment with people from all over the world, it was awesome,” said Frotten. “I need to learn some new languages.” Frotten also placed fourth in the 100-metre with a time of 19.62 seconds and fifth in the 400-metre at 1:08.67 – another personal best. The Jutzeler Memorial was just her second international competition. Frotten took two fifth-place finishes and set two personal best times at the 41st Swiss Open Nationals in Nottwil a little over a week ago. “When they announce ‘Jessica Frotten from Canada,’ that’s really cool. I can’t wait to do it again.” Frotten has registered national qualifying times that put her in line to compete at the Canadian Track

and Field Championships next month in Moncton, N.B. In Switzerland Frotten set times that qualify her for the 100-, 200- and 400-metre events at the nationals. She had already qualified for the 400-metre with a time of 1:11.16 – earning her a fourth place finish – at the Desert Challenge Games in Mesa, Arizona, a couple weeks ago. Frotten also took fourth in the 200 and fifth in the 100 in Arizona with times that would have been personal bests but were ineligible due to illegal winds. Arizona was the first outdoor competition for Frotten since she captured three bronze medals at the Canada Summer Games last

Vanier Ridge Run results

Top three finishes Novice female (3 km) 1st Marin Lewis (Whitehorse Montessori) – 35:18 2nd Olivia Vangel (Whitehorse Montessori) – 35:34 3rd Aramintha Bradford (Whitehorse Montessori) – 35:50

Juvenile female (5 km) 1st Natalie Hynes (F.H. Collins) – 24:03 2nd Zoe Painter (F.H. Collins) – 26:53 3rd Kelly Mahoney (Vanier) – 30:44

Bantam male (5 km) 1st Derek Deuling (Whitehorse Elementary) – 24:00 2nd Wyatt Peterson (Jack Hulland) – 25:59 3rd Liam Mather (Ecole Emilie Tremblay) - 26:07

Midget male (5 km) Novice male (3 km) 1st Darby McIntyre 1st Luke Cozens (Whitehorse (Vanier) – 22:02 Montessori) – 24:03 Atom female (3 km) 2nd Ted Schulze 2nd Luke Levesque (White1st Kate Mason (F.H. Collins) – 25:59 horse Montessori) – 28:43 (Elijah Smith Elementary) – 23:04 3rd Angus Endress 3rd Finegand Bradford (White2nd Brynna Lalonde (F.H. Collins) – 26:07 horse Montessori) – 39:20 (Holy Family) – 27:10 3rd Emily Vangel Juvenile male (5 km) Atom male (3 km) (Whitehorse Montessori) – 27:34 1st Caelan McLean 1st Isaac O’Brien (F.H. Collins) – 21:52 (Takini) – 21:56 Peewee female (3 km) 2nd Marcus Deuling 2nd Daniel Phillips-Freedman 1st Brooklyn Massie (Whitehorse Montessori) – 23:46 (F.H. Collins) – 21:54 (Elijah Smith Elementary) – 22:47 3rd Malcolm Muir 3rd Sawyer Adams 2nd Meghan Pennington (F.H. Collins) – 23:41 (Holy Family) – 24:23 (Elijah Smith Elementary) – 23:27 3rd Ruby Ashthorn Junior male (5 km) Peewee male (3 km) (Whitehorse Montessori) – 23:38 1st Andrew Crist 1st Sammy Mather (Vanier) – 25:45 (Ecole Emilie-Tremblay) – 19:03 Bantam female (5 km) 2nd Louis Kedziora 2nd Ben Kishchuck 1st Jayden Demchuk (Elijah Smith Elementary) – 20:16 (Vanier) – 28:23 (F.H. Collins) – 31:01 3rd Noah Kitchen 3rd Naoise Dempsey 2nd Sydney Cairns (Vanier) – 35:28 (Jack Hulland) – 20:36 (Vanier) – 33:35 3rd Emily Muir (Vanier) – 35:11 Midget female (5 km) 1st Regan Fuerstner (F.H. Collins) – 28:09 1st Reena Coyne (F.H. Collins) – 28:09 3rd Alice Frost-Hanberg (F.H. Collins) – 28:27

’s d l i h ly C t r c u e r o I s Y e a t Co r ble Ca r S l l e d ? alua v a re Insta ve lives anidlda’s future. a h ats s in your c e s r t Ca n stme Join us at our Child inve

Receive a free car seat inspection and be eligible to win a $500.00 Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) contribution for your child.

Car Seat Safety Clinic! When: Thursday, May 29 2:00 p.m.– 6:00 p.m. Where: The big yellow tent in the Fireweed Market parking lot.

August in Sherbrooke, Que. Frotten competed for Team Saskatchewan, having moved to Regina for the First Steps Wellness Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to improv-

ing the quality of life for those with spinal-cord injuries. Contact Tom Patrick at


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First Nations Governance & Public Administration is offering three new non-credited workshops. Trust Basics 101 FNA 001

This non-credit workshop is an introduction to the study of trust law and how self-governing Yukon First Nations have utilized trusts. You will learn about why self-governing Yukon First Nations use trusts, key approaches to prepare First Nation communities in the development of a trust, current issues in trust administration and best practices for the effective administration of trusts. June 9-10 |Monday-Tuesday| 9:00am-4:00pm $150 + GST | CRN 30302 Instructors: Victoria Fred and Daryn Leas

Resource Agreement Negotiation FNA 002 In this highly interactive workshop, you will be introduced to what Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) Negotiations are by focusing on Exploration Agreements. At the end of the workshop, you will have learned more about the legal and functional incentives for negotiating these agreements along with the basic components of an IBA. June 11-13 |Wednesday-Friday| 9:00am-4:00pm $200 + GST | CRN 30303 Instructors: Kim Hudson and Daryn Leas Public Policy FNA 003 Learn what public policy is and its relationship within First Nation governments. You will gain a better understanding of why and how good policy development is critical for First Nation decision-making as you are introduced to a First Nation-centric policy framework. June 18-20 |Wednesday-Friday| 9:00am-4:00pm $200 + GST | CRN 30304 Instructor: Kirk Potter Funded by YG Executive Council Office

For more information contact Margaret Dumkee at or 867.668.8700

Continuing Education and Training REGISTRATION: 867.668.8710 | INFORMATION: 867.668.5200 |





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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


by Leigh Rubin


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


WINNERS... Up to five years

Saphire Stack Six to eight years

WINNERS… Up to five years

No Entries Six to eight years

Emma Waldron Nine to twelve years

Caitlin Van Den Hoorn Congratulations to our winners and runners-up and good luck to those of you entering next week’s competition.

Name: _____________________________ Address: ____________________________ __________________________________ Phone: _____________________________ Age Up to five Six to eight Nine to twelve years years years Group:

Dalton Penner Nine to twelve years

Entries for both contests should be dropped off or mailed to:

211 Wood Street, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2E4.

Open to kids up to age 12. Entries for this week’s contests must be received by 12 pm next Monday in order to appear in next week’s paper. If your entry arrives late (which may happen with out-of-town entries), it will be judged along with the contestants from the following week. Please limit entries to ONE PER CHILD PER WEEK. The contests are divided into three age groups: Up to five years, Six to eight years, Nine to twelve years. Drawings for the drawing contest must be on a separate piece of paper and reproducible on a photocopier to win. (Black and white drawings on white paper are easier to reproduce.) Winners will receive their prizes by mail so be sure to include your complete address! Please note that only winning entries will be returned. WINNERS RECEIvE GIft CERtIfICatES fOR “AngelinA’s Toy BouTique”.

Yukon’s Unique Children’s Boutique!

Front & Main Street 867.393.4488 |





Jasmine Stack

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Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014





30 Words FREE in 4 issues

3 PM MONDAY for Wednesday 3 PM WEDNESDAY for Friday




$ + GST picture & text in 1x3 ad any 3 issues within a 3 week period.

30 Words

6+gst per issue/$9+gst boxed & bolded 30+gst per month $ 45+gst per month boxed & bolded $ $ • 211 Wood Street, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2E4 • Phone: (867) 667-6285 • Fax: (867) 668-3755 For Rent ROOM FOR rent, N/S, N/P, immed, $750/mon. all incl. 393-2275 OFFICE/RETAIL SPACE, downtown Ogilvie St, 1,350 sqft, reasonable rent, 667-7144 ATLIN GUEST HOUSE Deluxe Lakeview Suites Sauna, Hot Tub, BBQ, Internet, Satellite TV Kayak Rentals In House Art Gallery 1-800-651-8882 Email: ARE YOU New to Whitehorse? Pick up a free Welcome to Whitehorse package at The Smith House, 3128-3rd Ave. Information on transit, recreation programs, waste collection & diversion. 668-8629 WEEKEND GET AWAY Rustic Cabin-45 minutes from town Hiking Trails in the summer Skiing in the winter Includes sauna. Reasonable rates. Rent out by the week or for a weekend. 867-821-4443 SKYLINE APTS: 2-bdrm apartments, Riverdale. Parking & laundry facilities. 667-6958 HOBAH APARTMENTS: Clean, spacious, walking distance downtown, security entrance, laundry room, plug-ins, rent includes heat & hot water, no pets. References required. 668-2005 Available Now Newly renovated OFFICE SPACE & RETAIL SPACE Close to Library & City Hall A short walk to Main Street Phone 633-6396

Office/Studio Space Available 2000 square feet.   129  Copper Road.   $2,000/ month includes utilities. Space includes kitchen with stove Call Brenda or Michelle @ 667-2614 or e-mail: BEDROOM, RIVERDALE, $600/mon + first & last dd, avail immed, pets negotiable, 456-7900 OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT 2nd storey of building in Marwell. 340-sqft & 190-sqft spaces. Quiet, reasonable rent. 334-7000 or 667-2917 3-BDRM 2-BATH duplex, Copper Ridge, 1-car garage, 5 appliances, lots of storage, avail June 1, refs & dd reqʼd, $1,700/mon + utils. 334-1907 NICE ROOMMATE wanted at Marsh Lake, sandy beach, waterspports equip for your use, animals welcome, N/S, $500/mon, 660-4321 NEW (2013) OFFICES ON MAIN ST. in Capital Hotel Building.   Security system, 170 -245 sq ft, includes heat and power. Reasonable rates.   Archie 668-2648 2-BDRM HOUSE upstairs, quiet d/t neighborhood, Includes laundry, storage, living rm, dining rm, new bathrm, upgraded kitchen, newly painted, N/S, N/P, no parties, $1,350/mon + utils. 633-8430 Newer Shop/Studio/Office/Gallery for lease, 127 Gold Road in Marwell. 1,200 sq. ft. Available July 1, 2014. See Kijiji Whitehorse  Ad ID 587674913 for more info and pictures or call Erica 668-3408 1-BDRM NEW apt, Riverdale, avail July 1, utils included, laundry facilities, N/P, no parties, responsible tenant, $1,200/mon. 668-5558 1-BDRM LEGAL bsmt suite, renovated, bright, well insulated, quiet d/t neighborhood, laundry, new appliances, patio area, N/S, N/P, no parties, $1,200/mon + utils. 633-8430

Beautifully finished office space is available in the Taku Building at 309 Main Street. This historic building is the first L.E.E.D. certified green building in Yukon. It features state of the art heat and ventilation, LAN rooms, elevator, bike storage, shower, accessibility and more.

Call 867-333-0144

3-BDRM 2-BATH 2-level condo, Takhini, N/P, N/S, refs & dd reqʼd, avail immed, $1,800/mon & utils, 335-5248 OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Various sizes available, 400-750 sq ft Central location Second Avenue or 4th Avenue One year lease - deposit required Call 633-4136 3-BDRM, 3-BATH, 3-floor new downtown townhouses available June 1. N/S, N/P, long-term rental only, $1,750/mon + utils. 336-4532 for details QUALITY FINISHED Copper Ridge residence, N/S, N/P, $1,700/mon + utils, refs reqʼd. 334-4741 3-BDRM 2-BATH house, Riverdale, avail June 1, laundry, carport, N/S, N/P, no parties, $1,700/mon + heat & utilities + dd. 335-5976 SMALL 1 bdrm suite, Granger, avail immed, N/P, N/S, refʼs reqʼd. $750/mon + utilʼs. 668-4205 2-BDRM BASEMENT suite, 172 Alsek, Riverdale, L/R, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, N/S, N/P, no parties, $1,350/mon incl heat and elec, 334-3735 4-BDRM 1.5 bath house, Riverdale, avail lst week of June, newly renoʼd kitchen, fenced backyard, N/S, pet considered, refʼs reqʼd, 1-yr lease reqʼd. 335-0993 ROOM IN large home, comfortable, furnished with double bed, TV with cable, wifi internet, utilities incl, laundry facilities/parking available, $650/mon. 667-7733 WATERFRONT, 2-BDRM house & workshop on Morley Bay (Teslin Lake). $1,200/ mon, avail July 1st. Melissa at 336-1296 2-BDRM BASEMENT suite in Riverdale, avail August 1, includes heat, electric, satellite TV, internet, private entrance, laundry, dishwasher, $1,500/mon, txt or message 336-0306 3 BEDROOMS in large executive Copper Ridge home, avail July 1, 668-4779 2-BDRM CONDO, Main St, newly built, N/S, N/P, no parties, $1,700/mon + utils + $1,500, avail July 1, responsible tenants. 333-9590

for rent for rent Approx. 1650 sq ft

of high-end office space available immediately. Independent HVAC system, elevator accessible, excellent soundproofing, move-in ready.

Please call Kevin at 334-6575 for more information.

2,628 square Feet oF priMe oFFice space available for Lease starting June 1, 2014.

Two Suites available for lease. Suites can be leased separately or combined as one. One suite is 1,248 square feet. The second suite is 1,380 square feet. Located in a professional building downtown Whitehorse, this space is ideal for accounting, legal or other professionals.

Move-in ready.

For more information, please contact: 336-0028

Approx. 750 sq ft

of high-end office space with fantastic views available immediately. Elevator accessible, excellent soundproofing, large windows, lots of natural light.

Please call Kevin at 334-6575 for more information.

ANNIE LAKE Rd country home, 1,850 sq ft, pet friendly, 2 bdrm, all amenities, avail August, dd & refs reqʼd, $1,350/mon + utils. 667-6429 1-BDRM DOWNTOWN, newly renovated, utils incl, refs reqʼd, laundry on site, $900/mon + lst & last, 335-0477 3-BDRM 2 bath house, Riverdale, avail June 1, laundry, carport, deposit required, N/S, N/P, no parties, $1700/mon + heat & utils, 335-5976 ROOM IN Ingram, fully furnished, family house, heat, electricity, laundry facilities included, N/S, N/P, no parties, clean & responsible tenant, $650/mon. 334-3186

Wanted to Rent HOUSESITTER AVAILABLE Mature, responsible person Call Suat at 668-6871 MONTREAL RETIRED couple looking for place to rent or house sit in September and October. Contact Laura, 867-333-9663 or Erik, 867-336-2303, or Bert and Lida, 450-829-2535

Real Estate TAGISH WATERFRONT home w/million dollar view, 1,400sqft ranch style, 3-bdrm 2-bath, kitchen, living room, dining room, 20X24 garage, dock, boathouse, oil heat, Property Guys #143589, $385,000. 867-399-3710 ATLIN, BC, 16' x 20' cabin on 50 x 100 lot, no lake view but fairly private, power, phone line, outhouse, $50,000 email or voicemail 250-651- 2253 LAKEFRONT ACREAGE, approx 9.7 acres & 1,000ʼ waterfront on beautiful Crag Lake, treed & sloped, several good building sites, $230,000. 821-6011 HAINES JUNCTION, 2-storey 2-bdrm house, contemporary design, open concept, 10-acre lot, cul-de-sac, fire-smarted around house, 85% completed, 1,350 sq ft, $275,000 as is. 634-2240 5-BDRM LOG house on 2 acres in Watson Lake, $195,000 obo. Call 867-632-9618 for info WATER VIEW, 2-bdrm, 1-bath home located in Haines, AK, remodeled and located in Haines townsite, $175,000 firm. 907-766-2401 5 ACRES (2 ha), Hamlet of Mount Lorne, zoned rural residential cluster, power, partially cleared, maintained road and school bus route, no building deadlines, 45km to Whitehorse, $165,000 obo. 334-8271 2-BDRM 1.5 bath house in Mt. Sima, 276 Moraine Dr. (Lot 66), 2,023 sqft, 3 + acres, 2011, $513,000, open house Sunday May 25 after 10:00am

Business for Sale

After 22 years, we are selling a well-established Yukon Business. Operation consists of flushing and camera inspection of storm & sanitary lines. Turnkey operation, all equipment to operate this business is included. Sale includes 16-foot cube van, which houses camera equipment & high pressure flusher/hydro/vac combo. Currently over $80,000 in contracts. Training will be provided.

Asking $250,000. Serious inquiries only – phone 334-2261

LAKEFRONT PROPERTY, .65 hectare lot on California Beach, Tagish Lake, mountain/lake views, large sandy beach, fully furnished open concept log cabin with 2 separate bedrooms & additional cabin, 456-3303 3-BDRM 2.5 bath house in Faro, 2,100 sqft, laundry room, wood floor in L/R, oil/wood heat, garage, shed, w/d, dishwasher, fridge, stove, $129,900. 335-9272 NICE TITLED cottage lot, 4th of July S/D, Atlin, lakeview with green belt on 2 sides, off the grid property going fast for $75,000. 250-651-2222 or for details LAKEFRONT PROPERTY at 4th of July S/D, Atlin, 2 lots 1.38 acres, 2 cabins and shop, turnkey package reduced for quick sale, 250-651-2222 or for details #5 CARLISLE Pl, 2005 4- bdrm 3-bath home, 2,200 sq ft, double attached garage, landscaped, concrete driveway, fenced yard, west facing deck/hot tub, details/Property Guys or call for viewing, 334-9777 REMOTE TRAPLINE #381, 600 sq mi, several hotsprings on line, good marten country, 750 sq ft main cabin, 3 line cabins, turn-key operation, all equipped, $100,000. 393-2714 2 ACRES, Atlin, nice location, nicely landscaped, newly constructed 18X34 unfinished 2-storey house, mobile home w/basement, well water & septic, $184,900. 250-651-7868 TO BE moved, nice newer cabin located in Atlin, 18X28, $15,000. 250-651-7868

House Hunters




– 4:00 to y, May 29th Thursda Property ID# 143590 Mile 906.74 Alaska Hwy, Whitehorse • 867-393-3401

Amazing 2 bed, 2 bath, log/wood frame home on view acreage 10 minutes from downtown Whitehorse. Perfect for entertaining, over 20’ of granite counter space to prepare food or BBQ on the .40 x 12 x 32 x 10 deck, your guests will never want to leave. Master Suite has breathtaking views with double ended claw tub set up for star and northern light gazing. Immediate possession possible. Priced well below appraised value at $489,000. You are welcome to bring your realtor. You will love this home. See you on Thursday!

Help Wanted ROSIEʼS DAYHOME has opened for children 18 months and older 15 years experience, downtown location Low rates 633-4318 CHEEKY MONKEYʼS DAYCARE is hiring a Toddler Teacher & a Supported Childcare Worker. Looking for mature, responsible, fun-loving individuals to join our dynamic team. Competitive wages & benefits. Drop off resumes to: 95 Lewes Blvd 334-4665

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yukon News

Gold Village Chinese Restaurant Looking for experienced full-time kitchen helper and server Apply with resume to 401 Craig Street, Dawson City, YT Y0B 1G0 Fax resume to: 867-993-2336

:) = full woodshed. Super-dry straight-grained lodgepole pine, $200/cord delivered in Whitehorse. Text or call Doug Martens/Teslin @ 334-7364

PUT YOUR EXPERIENCE to work - The job service for people aged 45 and over across Canada. Free for candidates. Register now at: or Call Toll-Free: 1-855-286-0306. PCL ENERGY - Now Hiring Journeyperson Pipefitters ($40+/hr) and Scaffolders ($38+/hr) For an industrial project in Vanscoy, SK. LOA of $145/day worked and bonuses! We offer competitive wages and benefits. Send resume to: EMPLOYERS C A N ' T FIND the work-at-home Medical Transcriptionists they need in Canada! Get the training you need to fill these positions. Visit to start training for your work-at-home career today! LARGE DOZER OPERATOR Must have experience operating: Komatsu 475, 375 or Cat D11, D10 Dawson area Placer Mine Email resume to TOUR GUIDE NOC6531 Sky High Wilderness Ranch Full time 40 hours/week $17/hour Applicant must have prior experience guiding horse treks and/or dog sled tours Must have Wilderness First Aid Certificate & second language an asset To apply email resume to APPLY NOW: Pennywise Scholarship for Women to attend Journalism certificate course at Langara College in Vancouver. Application deadline May 31, 2014. Send applications to More information: PART-TIME DENTAL HYGENIST required at Whitehorse Dental Clinic Please send resume to 406 Lambert Street Fax: 867-667-4488

DOOR PeRsOnnel Drop résumé off at

The Town & Mountain Hotel 401 Main Street Whitehorse, Yukon

ANTIQUE/VINTAGE STEREO cabinet/record player, Zenith floor model, flips over for compact storage, 333-9020 RV PLASTIC water tank 15 gal. 8”x16”x30”, exc cond, $50. 821-6011 DEEP FRYER, professional quality, gas powered, 105,000 BTU, 10-litre capacity, twin baskets 36”x22”x15”, $600. 456-4922 NEW ENVIROLET compost toilet, stand alone, waterless, odor-less self contained unit, cheaper than septic, easier than digging a hole, $1,500 obo. 633-6502 METAL SHELVING unit, 8 bolted adjustable shelves, 61.25”Hx30.25”Wx11.5”D, $25. 821-6011 STERLING SILVER collector spoons from different countries in display cabinets, 333-9020

THERE IS STILL A HUGE DEMAND FOR CANSCRIBE Medical Transcription graduates. Medical Transcription is a great work-from-home career! Contact us today at 1.800.466.1535

Miscellaneous for Sale BETTER BID NORTH AUCTIONS Foreclosure, bankruptcy De-junking, down-sizing Estate sales. Specializing in estate clean-up & buy-outs. The best way to deal with your concerns. Free, no obligation consultation. 333-0717 We will pay CASH for anything of value Tools, electronics, gold & jewelry, cameras, furniture, antiques, artwork, chainsaws, camping & outdoor gear, hunting & fishing supplies, vehicles & ATVs. G&R Pawnbrokers 1612-D Centennial St. 393-2274 BUY • SELL • LOANS

CHEST WADERS, 5mm neoprene, Browning size LT menʼs, like new, $75 firm. 821-6011 JUKI INDUSTRIAL sewing machine, $250. 668-2626 ABS PIPE, 8 pieces 10ʼ length, 3”, threaded at both ends, $80. 821-6011

31 Ta’an Kwäch’än Council 117 Industrial Road Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2T8 Telephone: 867.668.3613 Facsimile: 867.667.4295


IMPLEMENTaTION TEChNICIaN Regular Full Time | Wage Scale Level 8 Reporting to the TKC Executive Administrator this position is responsible for facilitating the implementation of the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council Final Agreement and Self-Government Agreement. This will involve developing strategies and mandates, work plans and budgets and participating in negotiations. As well, this position will identify and coordinate activities supporting the implementation of Land Claims, Self Government and the devolution and implementation of programs. To access the job description please call Human Resources Department or contact by e-mail Closing date: Monday, May 30, 2014 The TKC Preferential Hiring Policy will apply.

NEW IN box Schlage commercial door lock sets, chrome, 4 complete sets, $100 ea. 335-2648 17ʼ STEEL flat deck c/w headache rack, enclosed b/u lamps, (2) metal tool compartments under-deck mounted, $4,500. 667-7777 10ʼ STEEL truck deck c/w (2) tool boxes attached, (2) 50 gal saddle tanks, headache rack w/mounted b/u lamps, $2,500. 667-7777 6ʼX6ʼ TIN garden shed, $50. 633-6603 60 PIECES of 4ʼ long pressure treated 6”x6” lumber, $300. 633-6603 FENCE POSTS, 4 bundles, 60 posts per bundle,  8ʼx 5-6” treated blunt fence posts, $2,000 for all. 335-2648

Tlicho Engineering & Environmental Services Ltd. (TEES), a division of the Tlicho Investment Corporation (TEES), has a challenging career opportunity as part of the Faro Mine Remediation Project. We are searching for the ideal candidate to fill a key role in our dynamic fast-paced work team. We invite you to join us providing care and maintenance services at the Faro Mine site, which is an abandoned lead-zinc mine situated in Faro, Yukon

Site Superintendent Journeyman Automotive Technician, Full Time Klondike Motors is seeking experienced Automotive Technicians to join our teams in Whitehorse and Inuvik. We are looking for long term employees who take pride in their work and put customer satisfaction first. The successful candidates will possess the following qualifications: • Journeyman Certification; • Valid Driver’s Licence; • Ability to read and comprehend repair orders; • Self-motivated and results orientated; • Dependable, professional and positive attitude. • Interprovincial Red Seal Certification and GM Experience are considered an asset. Locations Available: 191 Range Road, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 3E5 Box 2568, 170 Airport Road, Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0 We thank all candidates for their interest, however, only individuals selected for an interview will be contacted. Please forward your resume and salary expectations to: Human Resources E-Mail: Fax (780) 638-4867 Or drop off a resume in person at our Whitehorse location; Ask to speak with Dean Brown, Service Manager.

This is a full time 4 day on 3 day off position reporting to the Site Manager. Preference will be considered for those who are willing to live and work from Faro. The individual should be a strong leader that has well rounded people skills. Shared accommodations may be available to the right candidate. The Site Superintendent must have northern/cold climate background experience gained in performing water treatment functions, maintenance functions, civil work functions, mechanical repair functions and site security and health and safety functions. The Site Superintendent will provide assistance for a wide range of tasks associated with Care & Maintenance of the Faro Mine complex. Such Job DutieS incluDe, yet are not limiteD, to the following: • Provide support to the Site Manager on an operational level. • Review daily reports for labour, materials, and equipment, as well as conduct audits and perform site inspections • To perform a role with each discipline on site including Civil Works, Maintenance and Trades, and Water Treatment Operations • Communicate and liaise effectively with colleagues, subcontractors, consultants and clients • Think creatively and logically to resolve operational problems while managing all resources • Schedule material and equipment purchases and delivery as well as receive these items on site • Assist in ensuring the project runs smoothly and is completed on time • Organize the project logistics including purchasing and supply chain management • Ensure compliance with all safety and government regulations. • Oversee and provide guidance for Health and Safety, including daily tool box meetings, Joint Health and Safety, and investigations. for more information on the faro mine remediation Project, please visit APPLICATION PROCESS & FOR MORE INFORMATION Please forward your resume “and” salary expectations no later than May 30, 2014 by 5:00pm to with “Site Superintendent” in the subject line. Please note that only qualified candidates are being considered and 3rd party submissions will be treated as if supplied by the candidate.


Yukon News



Heating & Service

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SOLID CORE unfinished maple door, new, 1 3/4” door 32" x 80" with window 24"x30" and fire rated door frame, complete $200 obo. 335-2648 INDUSTRIAL REBAR, 30 pieces 1/2” 40ʼ length, 20 pieces of 1/2” 12ʼ length, 5 pieces 3/4'” 60ʼ length, plus numerous 1/2” angle pieces, $1,000 takes all. 335-2648 FILING CABINET, $75. 668-2972

3 5 M M P E N T A X camera, digital K5 w/18-55mm and 55-300mm zoom, used 1 yr, call for price, 660-4012 HUSQVARNA 'LIGHT 28' chainsaw boots, size 10.5, good cond, $50, text anytime or call after 5:30pm: 335-0233 8 GALLON food-grade containers, $20 ea, 12 available, ideal for canoe or car camping, approx 16”x 13”x13”, 633-2300

12” WHIRLY bird attic vent, brown, never used, $25. 456-4926 ASSORTMENT OF Blue Mountain pottery, all offers considered, 633-4945 HOMEMADE CABBAGE Patch dolls, clothing includes jeans, dresses, tops, shorts, all beautifully sewn, 633-4945 WASTE BINS, cooler/ice box, metal pail, misc rugs/mats, upright toolbox w/drawers, HP94 black computer ink & colored ink, various prices, 633-4547 2 3ʼ sections of 6” inside diameter oil furnace chimney,   $50 ea obo. 456-4926

Applicants should have experience installing all forms of heating systems including forced oil, propane and wood furnaces, sheet metal installation, fuel tanks, HRV systems, wood stoves and fireplaces complete with chimneys.

Qualifications: • Red Seal Journeyman OBT • 5 Years minimum experience • Valid Yukon driver’s licence C/W driver’s abstract • Ability to work unsupervised and manage time proficiently • Ability to train and work with an apprentice • Be clean and professional in appearance • Have exceptional customer service

Please apply in person with resume at: #9 GaRdeN ROad, WhITehORse, YT Y1a 0J1 Yukon Chamber of Mines is seeking an:

ExEcutivE AssistAnt

2 USED 100 lb propane tanks with dual regulator, $125 for the set. 668-7927

The law firm of Austring, Fendrick & Fairman is looking for a legal assistant:

Applicant must have: • Excellent keyboarding and communication skills. • The ability to proofread and edit is essential as accuracy is a must. • Good working knowledge of office procedures, Word and Outlook is necessary. • Experience working in a legal field would be an asset, but will train the right person. • This position is full time and salary will correspond with experience. • We provide an attractive benefit package along with a progressive vacation plan. The successful candidate will have to pass a criminal record check. If you have taken office administration courses or have worked as an administrative assistant, we would be interested in hearing from you. We invite interested candidates to apply with resume to our office by 5:00 p.m., Friday, June 6th, 2014: 3081 Third AvE WhiTEhOrsE, YukOn Y1A 4Z7 Attention: Greg LeBlanc, Manager No phone calls please and only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Salary range: 45,000.00 – 55,000.00 (DOE) + Chambers of Commerce Benefits Package DUTIeS & reSPOnSIBIlITIeS Reporting to the Executive Director, the Executive Assistant is the primary administrative support and first-line engagement for the public and Chamber members. The position requires the incumbent to be self-motivated and able to work in a demanding fast-paced environment with a wide range of people. This position is responsible for providing a full range of administrative support services. This position will assist in all day to day operations, including, but not limited to: • Answering, forwarding and/or taking messages for incoming correspondence, phone calls and face-to-face inquiries; • Maintaining and ensuring that administration filing is done routinely and organized, including maintaining of financial records, board and board committees records, membership information, material and directories; • Booking, preparing, and attending a wide range of meetings, providing secretarial support including taking meeting minutes; • Typing and preparing memos, letters and outgoing correspondence, proof reading all documents before distribution; • Facilitate travel arrangements; • Assist in the coordination of yearly events and special projects; • Contribute to a team atmosphere and provide additional duties as required; QUalIFICaTIOnS The Executive Assistant is the front line representative and must be able to represent Yukon Chamber of Mines in a professional and courteous manner. Position duties require working knowledge of board dynamics, general office procedures, bookkeeping, and strong computer skills (Simply Accounting, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and Outlook). Good organizational skills are essential as well as the ability to use a wide variety of office equipment. The ideal qualifications are a Diploma of Office Administration or equivalent, a valid Class 5 Driver’s license, and 3-5 years experience working in a fast paced office environment. The employee should have a good ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with staff, chamber members, directors, consultants and other agencies. Specific qualifications and skill requirements include: • Excellent verbal and written communication skills - knowledge of business correspondence formats and clerical expectations; Ability to exercise good judgment in recognizing scope of authority and protecting confidential information a must; • Ability to perform secretarial and clerical duties with deliberate speed and accuracy without immediate and constant supervision; The following qualifications will be given priority consideration: • Knowledge of the Yukon and Yukon mining industry; • Experience in event coordination; If interested, please submit your resume and covering letter by 4:00 PM on May 29th, 2014 to the attention of: Samson Hartland, Executive Director Yukon Chamber of Mines 3151B – 3rd Avenue, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 1G1 Fax: (867)-668-7127 e-Mail:

ACTIVE IN YOUR COMMUNITY Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Please check to find more volunteer opportunities.

Arts Underground/ Yukon Arts Society Arts Underground/Yukon Arts Society is looking for approximately 20-25 volunteers to help with assisting at a summer arts festival to be held at the Whitehorse Waterfront Wharf during the week of July 15th-July 20th, 2014. Ideally volunteers will help to assist artists during workshops and demonstrations, help supervise a kids craft tent during the day, as well as interact with the public and answer any questions about festival activities. Funding for this festival is being provided by City of Whitehorse and Yukon Department of Tourism and Culture. Skills needed: Good communication skills, able to work with young

children, able to answer public inquiry. Time commitment: 4 hours per day, event hours will run 11-7pm, Friday and Saturday will run 11-8pm. Dates available are July 15-20. Volunteers are welcome to cover as many days as they like. Incentive for volunteer: All Arts Underground/Yukon Arts Society volunteers are entitled to a credit of $2/ hour towards the cost of taking classes and workshops at Arts Underground. Staff position that will supervise the volunteers: Andrew MacDonald, Coordinator (667-4080 or coordinator@

• Poet (1); • Clean-Up Crew (4); Etc., *numbers in brackets are the amount of open positions* I have a full list if you would like to see it along with specific times. If there are any questions, please give me a call or e-mail me back! Paulette Tran Tel: (867) 668-6280 ext.0.

MASSAGE/PHYSIO BENCH, stationary, 2” high density foam, brown, exc cond, new $750, asking $98. 668-3381 PROPANE CLOTHES dryer, never used, heavy duty, w/propane line + regulator, $1,200. 334- 5214 OXYPEX, 1,000ʼ, NSF61,14, ASTM CSA DIN 4726 14X16X6' WALL tent, double zipper door, chimney through back wall, one window on each side, $1,200. 334-8335 OIL DRIP stove, 13,000BTU, small wood stove approx 10”x10”x16”, $75. 335-9510 Monday pm or later 2 45-GALLON lined heavy duty drums, 667-6649 LIGHT TOWERS, Kubota 8kw $8,000, Perkins 6kw $6,000, new skid shacks, 10'x20' $14,600/trailer. Swede 333-0192 or Ross 332-3293 COLEMAN POWERCHILL 12-volt cooler, powered by 12-volt vehicle or 110 home outlet, $69. 668-3381 HONDA GX160 powerjet industrial pressure washer, 50ʼ hose for hot water, 335-9272 GLASS OFFICE entrance door, heavy, older basic cash register, large 90s air conditioner, offers. 633-5130 SLAB WOOD, $80 per cord, 8ʼ lengths, pick up in town, 8:00am-4:30pm, Darren, 668-4363

DIESEL OIL stove w/ fuel line, Geostove 39,000BTU, gravity fed, ideal for walltent, shop, greenhouse, $950, 334-5214 ROCKWELL SAW, Sawbuck frame, trims saw, 335-9272 GARAGE, FUTURE steel, 30ʼx40ʼ, 335-9272 CEDAR, 1X6 beveled cedar siding, planed one side, approx 2,500lf in lift would cover approx 750 sqft, random lengths from 16'-5', $1,500 for whole lift, located Marsh Lk area, 335-1088 SAWMILLS FROM only $4,397 - MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT. CANOPY CAB for quad, roll-up side windows with windshield, $75. 335-2307 STAINLESS 335-2307

STEEL boat BBQ, $100.

100ʼ+ PLASTIC eavestrough, plastic blue  45 gallon barrel,  3 soaker hoses, 10  5ʼ treated fence posts, 1 brass tile roller,  steel rack for barrel, make an offer. 633-4781 LARGE SPIDER plant, $40, 311B Hanson St. SHOP VAC, $25, 5 cu ft deep freeze, $50. 827-4838 25 GALLON tow type sprayer/spreader for applying herbicides/pesticides on large gardens, hobby farms, gently used, $350, 633-3169 or can be viewed at 18 Wann Road LARGE MIRROR, 4ʼ3” X 3ʼ4”, $150. 334-3822

4 FRONT row tickets to Irish Descendants at Art Centre, June 3rd. 334-6197

You work for a non-profit organization and you would like to add your volunteer opportunities? Please click on


STAINLESS STEEL sink, 60”LX24”WX6”Deep, $100. 633-4375

8 PLASTIC drums, 55 gal, 5 black, 3 white, $40 ea. 456-4755

We thank all who apply and advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

ELECTRIC FIREPLACE, like new, paid $200, asking $125. 334-4206

FREE, FOLDING shuffleboard table, exc cond. 393-3630

PGI Golf Tournament, Yukon Learn We are having our annual PGI Golf tournament on June 28th and are in need of some volunteers. There are various positions that need to be filled, such as: • Registration Tables (3), • Selling tickets (5 or 6); • lunch sales and delivery (4); • Selling 50/50 (3 or 4); • Someone to cook the BBQ (1); • BBQ assistant (1); • BBQ Setup (1); • Hole-in-one (2); • Longest Drive (2); • Photographers (2);

VCR, APT deep freeze, sewing machine, cabinet for 32” TV, china cabinet, BBQ/full propane tanks, quilts, 12ʼ longarm quilting frame, 17” longarm sewing machine, gold nugget jewelry. 667-7440

Community Services

2 1/2 ton floor Torin jack, $50. 334-8318 1 CIRCULATION Booster complete w/attachments, $150, 1 No No Hair Removal System, $100, 1 Bread Man Bread Maker, $50, 1 Older sofa bed in fair condition, $50. 334-3774 GO PRO Hero 2, like new, exc cond, $200, 335-8062 for details

BISSELL SHAMPOO-PRO Heat, Pet 2X, used once, good deal, $150. 393-4333


CANDY FLOSS machine, commercial, new, c/w Ringmaster Cart & accessories to have you up and running, $2,650 obo. Katherine 393-2611

Electrical Appliances CHEST FREEZER, 12 cu ft, 4X2, good cond, $100 obo. 633-2837 REFRIGERATOR, SLIMLINE model, 28 cu ft, as new cond, $200 obo. 633-2837 KENMORE BAR fridge, like new, black & stainless steel, $125. 633-2293

Store (867) 633-3276 Dev (867) 335-5192 Carl (867) 334-3782

✔ Beetle-killed spruce from Haines Junction, quality guaranteed ✔ Everything over 8" split ✔ $250 per cord (2 cords or more) ✔ Single and emergency half cord deliveries ✔ You-cut and you-haul available ✔ Scheduled or next day delivery

OLD 15 cu ft freezer, works great, $25. 633-2293

TVs & Stereos Paying cash for good quality modern electronics. G&R Pawnbrokers 1612-D Centennial St. 393-2274 BUY • SELL • LOANS FREE 27” Sony Trinitron TV, like new, 633-3053 2 BELL satellite receivers w/remotes, good cond, $100. 334-8318 STAR CHOICE digital satellite receiver, Shaw Direct HD receiver, digital satellite receiver, 668-3933 46” TV, $100. 827-4838

Computers & Accessories MICROSOFT SURFACE Pro 2. 128 GB, like new, includes Type Cover 2 keyboard with backlighting, extra stylus, extra power adapter, Microsoft extended warranty, $1,000 firm. 335-6040

Musical Instruments We will buy your musical instrument or lend you money against it. G&R Pawnbrokers 1612-D Centennial St. 393-2274 BUY • SELL • LOANS

BRAZILIAN MAUSER in 8mm Mauser, nice hand made hardwood stock, bedded and floated, recent refinish of whole rifle, sights & rings, $300 firm, PAL req'd, 667-2276 SEARS ROEBUCK J.C. Higgins, 12-gauge bolt action shotgun w tube magazine, blued 27” barrel, walnut stock, recoil pad, all good cond, $200. Bill @ 633-2443 LEE ENFIELD No. 1 Mk III, 303 British, sporterized, very nice bluing, good bore, scope rail instead of rear sight, 10 rd mag, $300 firm. PAL reqʼd. 667-2276

Cheque, Cash S.A. vouchers accepted.

MOSSBERG 4X4 .30-06, stainless steel barrel & action, synthetic stock, fixed 4 power Bell scope, very good cond, $450. 633-2443

45/70 LEE loader, $25. 333-0087

DUKEʼS FIREWOOD Standing Dry Beetle Killed Spruce Wood Prices: 6-cord load - $210/cord $230 for multiples of 2 cords Cut your own - $75/cord 8-cord loads of 20ft dry logs $1,300 per load Cash and Debit Accepted 334-8122 Donʼs Firewood “Service thatʼs often copied, never duplicated” 1/2 - 4 cord deliveries Kwanlin Dun & Social Services $250 per cord 393-4397 anytime

Guns & Bows Case cutlery, high quality hand-crafted pocket and hunting knives available at G&R Pawnbrokers 1612-D Centennial St. 393-2274 BUY • SELL • LOANS

MOSSBERG MVP .223 24” barrel 10X scope bi-pod, 2 mags, exc cond, $725. 333-0087 BROWNING BL-22 lever action .22LR, has Skinner sights, swivels and sling mounted, $450 firm. 335-2182 7MM-08 AMMO, Hornady gmx $20, Husqvarna 6.5x55 model 1896 sporterized, Scout config 2-7x32 scope, nice accurate gun, 335-9510 Monday pm or later TRIPOD FOR spotting scope or camera, $20. 633-5009 REMINGTON 870 Marine Magnum, exc cond, $500, P.A.L. required. 335-0801 NEWER REMINGTON model 7600 pump action 30/06, exc cond, $700 firm. 399-3791

LEFT-HANDED ORIGINAL Mauser 30-06, Remington pump action 300 Savage, needs minor work, call for prices. 250-651-0073


VANGUARD ENDEAVOR ed 8x42 binoculars, like new, $350, Nikon Monarch 2-8x32 scope, BDR reticle, like new, $300. 335-9510 Monday pm or later

WANTED TO buy: FIREARMS. All types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paperwork and transportation. Licensed Dealer. 1.866.960.0045

VIVITAR (CAMERA lens company) scope, fixed 4-power scope with rings, duplex cross-hair reticle, exc cond, $75. 633-2443

WANTED TO rent: Hitch travel trailer (4-6 person) or motorhome for June 16-19 Whitehorse-Dawson. Will Insure. Roger 633-5210

ROLAND CUBE 40XL electric guitar amp, new condition, many functions, $250. 333-9084 JAY TURSER Strat-styled electric guitar, $80. 333-9084 KORG LP350 88 key digital piano, black, exc cond except surface scratches, easily fixed in town, product code LP350-BK, $800. 335-5185 VINTAGE FENDER Bandmaster reverb tube amp, TFL 5005-D.45 watts through 2- 12” speakers, rich, beautiful bluesy sound, priced in $1,200 range, asking $675. 333-9084 KAWAI UPRIGHT grand piano, glossy black, made in Japan in 1970s, good cond, recently tuned, suitable for beginners to advanced, incl adjustable stool, 131cm x 150cm x 66cm, $2,200. 336-2502

Firewood TEN TON Firewood Services $150/cord for 10-cord load - 30ʼ lengths $200/cord - 3-cord load 11' lengths $240/cord - bucked up, discounts on multiple-cord orders Call or text David 867-332-8327 EVF FUELWOOD ENT Year Round Delivery • Dry accurate cords • Clean shavings available • VISA/M.C. accepted Member of Yukon Wood Producers Association Costs will rise. ORDER NOW 456-7432

WORKFORCE TRAINING options this May and June in Atlin: Occupational First Aid, Transportation Endorsement, and Traffic Control Person for certification in BC!  Email Sarina at

Applicant must have: • Exceptional interpersonal skills • Excellent keyboarding and communication skills. • Good working knowledge of office procedures, Word and Outlook is necessary. • Experience working in an office environment would be an asset • This position is permanent full time and salary will correspond with experience. • We provide an attractive benefit package along with a progressive vacation plan. The successful candidate will have to pass a criminal record check.

We invite interested candidates to apply with resume to our office by 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 30th, 2014 to: 3081 Third AvE WhiTEhOrsE, YukOn Y1A 4Z7

Attention: Greg LeBlanc, Manager No phone calls please and only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.



Acting Implementation Official Governance Office

CLOSING DATE: June 4, 2014 STATUS: Two year term SALARY: CTFN Wage Scale Levels 5-9, commensurate with education and experience

PIANO TUNING & REPAIR by certified piano technician Call Barry Kitchen @ 633-5191

SEAGULL ACOUSTIC guitar w/case, like new, $400. Cort acoustic guitars w/case, great shape, $325 ea. Fender Squire elec guitar w/case, $275. Elec guitar w/case, like new, $300. 334-3009

WANTED: DOG-SITTER in your home for 8 lb dog, no other pets, please, for June, July & Aug, Monday through Thursday overnight. Will pay well. 335-0009 for info

The law firm of Austring, Fendrick & Fairman is looking for a Receptionist:

TIKKA T3 Lite stainless left hand bolt action in 338 Federal, exc cond, c/w bases, $700 firm, 399-3791

ROLAND VGA-7 guitar amplifier, great shape, $400. 633-6373

SAMICK 30 watt guitar amp, clean and overdrive sound, $75. 333-9084

SPRING TIME MEANS CLEAN UP TIME! WILL PAY CASH FOR UNWANTED ITEMS: Downsizing, de-junking, moving, estate dispersals Call Brenda @ 993-3689 in the Dawson City area for a free no obligation assessment.

MARLIN .22LR bolt action rifle, black synthetic stock w/ sm survival gear cache, adjustable scope, 10rnd mag, mint cond, PAL reqd. $275, 334-5498

KNIGHT WOLVERINE II 50-cal black powder, as new, $250. 335-5577


SEARS 30" stove/oven, hardly used, $250. 668-2972


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Be part of one of Canada’s most dynamic environmental and socioeconomic assessment processes; working with an energetic, progressive organization. We are committed to the well-being of our employees and encourage their personal and professional development. Our commitment is to be an impartial, effective and efficient organization that provides assistance to all involved in the assessment process.

Network AdmiNistrAtor Head Office, Whitehorse Full-time one-year term position

The Network Administrator position co-ordinates the implementation, management and technical support of YESABs IT network infrastructure. The position handles the deployment and maintenance of YESABs software and hardware while providing user support services to YESAB staff and Board. This position performs systems and administration functions for YESAB and participates in the planning, development, analysis, evaluation, implementation and management of information systems and platforms such as SharePoint and Microsoft Server. The annual salary range for this position is $68,252 – $78,749 based on 75 hours biweekly. If you feel you have the qualifications and desire to meet the challenges of this position please forward a cover letter and resume outlining how your experience and qualifications relate directly to the position. A job description is available at the YESAB Head Office, Suite 200 – 309 Strickland Street, Whitehorse or on our website at Please submit applications to: Finance and Administration Manager, YESAB Suite 200 – 309 Strickland Street, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2J9 Ph: 867.668.6420 Fax: 867.668.6425 or email to Toll free: 1.866.322.4040 Resumes must be received by June 8, 2014.

OB SUMMARY The Implementation Official is responsible for overseeing all the negotiations of programs and services on behalf of C/TFN and for representing C/TFN as a government official on various committees and teams and at various negotiations table. QUALIFICATIONS • Relevant education related to administration / negotiations at a senior level; • Course work or training in the areas of negotiations, research, writing, problem solving, conflict resolution, or a related area; • Experience leading, drafting, initiating, creating legislation, policy, and other government documents; • Excellent organizational skills and communication skills; • Knowledge of C/TFN First Nation history, Final and self Government Agreements with accompanying implementation plans, programs and services transfer agreements and final transfer agreements; • Knowledge of C/TFN practices and standards; • Knowledge of C/TFN book 1: C/TFN Traditional family beliefs and practices: Our place – Our responsibility; and knowledge of C/TFN Book 2: Family Act CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT • Valid Yukon Class 5 driver’s licence • Willingness to travel both in and outside of Yukon may be required • Located in an office environment • May experience stress, meeting deadlines and handling heavy workloads • To function in a potentially stressful environment • May include working extended work hours An eligibility list will be established from this competition. It will be used to fill future vacancies, which may arise, for identical positions in the same department and location. The eligibility list will be valid for a period of one year. We thank all those who apply and advise that only those selected for further consideration will be contacted. Preference may be given to Carcross Tagish First Nation citizens on all CTFN competitions. Candidates’ cover letter and resume should clearly demonstrate their related qualifications, since selection for further consideration will be based on the information provided. PLEASE QUOTE THE COMPETITION TITLE ON YOUR COVERLETTER WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR RESUME. APPLICATIONS/RESUMES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 4:00PM ON THE CLOSING DATE. Please apply to: Carcross/Tagish First Nation, Box 130, Carcross, Yukon Y0B 1B0 Phone: (867) 821-4251 EXT 8213 Fax: (867) 821-3903 Email:


Yukon News

Pet of the Week!



TV antenna for the roof,

TOYOTA SIENNA LE 2005 Auto, driven by one senior in summer only, show room condition, dark red color, 120,000kms, $15,000, call/text 335-5426

WANTED: 50ʼ orange snow fence. 633-2651 LOOKING FOR expert gardener who would be willing to volunteer some time to teach a small group gardening basics. Must be female. 667-2693


We Sell Trucks!

WANTED: GAS lawn mower mosquito magnet trap, working or not. 668-5644

I’m new here to the shelter life, but so far the staff have seen that I am a pretty happy go lucky guy! I get along with everyone, dogs, cats, kids, you name it! For a middle aged big guy, I have lots of energy! My favorite activity is playing, especially with the other dogs here. Come on down sometime and say ‘Hi’. I love company!

WANTED: GOOD used crutch, preferably aluminum. 667-4540

WANTED: LOOKING for ladies and menʼs bike, large, for free, 633-2236 WANTED: TURBO infrared cooker, inexpensive, 668-5188 WANTED: WHITE bathtub with right-hand drain, 53.5”L, 28.5”W. 250-566-1346 TRUCK & camper, $2,500 to $3,000 range, in good condition, 393-2869

633-6019 126 Tlingit Street

Hours of operation for tHe sHelter: Tues - Fri: 12:00pm-7:00pm • Sat 10:00am-6:00pm CloSed Sundays & Mondays

633-6019 WEDnESDay, may 28

Help control the pet overpopulation problem


1-866-269-2783 • 9039 Quartz Rd. •

WANTED: LOOKING for a used YZ 125 in excellent condition, please call 333-9113

Pet Report have your pets spayed or neutered. For inFormation call



• 4th ave pug, male, tan, wearing a black collar answers to Kiowk, contact Heather @ 334-3542 (01/05/14) • riverdale, DSH, grey neutered male, wearing a black collar with tags, answer to J.t, contact Gordie @334-3595 (08/05/14) • Glenna rd, female 6-9 months old, brown and black white on belly, and one brown eye and one blue eye, contact Kim @ 633-2029 (13/05/14) • riverdale, 6 month old DlH, grey male, no collar anwser to Paps, contact clarie @ 335-5705 (20/05/14) • mccrae area, 11 yr old, DlH, tabby, answers to tabby, contact mary @ 336-1769 (21/05/14)



• alaska Hwy, near Kopper King, young female chocolate lab, wearing red collar, please contact laura @ 335-5224 or toodi @ 332-4170 (29/04/2014) • takhini area, small white male dog, contact Stephanie @335-7853 • copper ridge lazlaite dr, cream shihtzu, male, no collar, contact John @334-6015 (08/05/14) • Between lowbride and copper ridge, Female, black with and little Brown on the legs, shepherd x, aprox 10 -12 weeks old, no collar. contact Jim @ 334-4410 (14/05/14) • Elijah Smith School, terrierX, female, brindle coloring with white on chest, no collar, approx 7-9 months old, contact angelique @ 334-2621 (22/05/14)


if you have lost a pet, remember to check with city Bylaw: 668-8382



• 3yr old, neutered male, akita, grey and white (a.J.) • 3 yr old, neutered male, GSD/rottie, black and brown (tristan)

• 7 yr old, neutered male, Great DaneX, tan and white (Spot) • 5yr old, male neutered, GSDX, black and tan (moe) • 7 yr old, male, GSD, black and tan (atilla) • 10 yr old, female, labX, black, (catnis) • 7 yr old, female spayed, rottie X, brindle (Daphne) • 1 yr old, female spayed, staffie/labX, black (Peanut) • 12 weeks old, female, Husky, black (aster) • 3 yr old, female, black and tan (Breezie)

WANTED: USED CB or shortwave tower, 20 to 30 ft tall, 334-6265

Cars 2007 H O N D A Civic, great on gas, winter/summer tires/rims, remote start, manual 5-spd, clear windshield, new battery, maintenance records, detailed, 78,000kms, $12,500. 335-2648 2011 HONDA Civic sedan, white, tinted, like new, 30,000kms, summer/winter tire sets with rims, auto, few extras, $15,000 obo. 633-2101 lv msg 2011 NISSAN Versa SL hatchback, 6spd MT, GPS NAV, c/w winter tires on rims, $11,000. 336-3347 2011 TOYOTA Corolla CE, great cond, well maintained, plenty of warranty, 45,000km, auto, red, block heater, $14,500, 334-7275 or 456-4282 eve 2010 TOYOTA Corolla LE, loaded, keyless entry, moonroof, A/C, good cond, new tires, $11,000 obo. 668-6580 2009 TOYOTA Çorolla standard, dk grey w/tinted windows, low kms, $9,000 obo. 335-0826 2009 TOYOTA Yaris, 61,000 km, sedan, good cond, no body/windshield damage, great on gas, $50 for 500km tank, $11,000. 668-4649 2007 PONTIAC G5 sedan, 95,050kms, P/L, P/W, A/C, C/C, 18” Primax wheels/low profile tires & set of winter tires on rims, $6,500 obo. 334-7822 2007 PONTIAC G5, red w/black&grey interior, 67,000kms, mint, $6,500. 667-6185 2005 SUBARU Imperza Auto Wagen, 210,000kms, well maintained, c/w records, has some body hail damage. Call or text 335-5426

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• none at this time.



WANTED: 334-6265

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

• 7 month old, male, lhasa apso X, cream and lots more brown, (malcolm) • 7 month old, male lhasa apso X, cream and brown (Howard) • 7 month old, female spayed, black and tan (Birdy) • 2 yr old, female, cream, husky (Darby) • 15 weeks old, male, blonde, husky (lenny) • 15 weeks old, male, blonde, husky (carl) • 11 weeks old, female, husky, (Wiggles)

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• Homes needed for retired sled dogs. they would make excellent pets. Please contact 668-3647 or

if your lost animal has been inadvertently left off the pet report or for more info on any of these animals, call 633-6019 or stop by 126 Tlingit Street.

Pets will be posted on the Pet report for two weeks. Please let us know after that time if you need them re-posted.

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2003 JETTA VW station wagon, diesel, 140,000kms, exc cond, $8,000 firm. 456-8838 2003 TOYOTA Solara SLE V-6, 2-dr sport coupe, fully loaded, JBL sound system, original owner, $8,995. 336-1755 2002 SUBARU Legacy GT, AWD, 5-sp, 4-dr edan, loaded, exc cond, 230,000 highway km, all service up to date, 334-7955 lv msg 2001 PONTIAC Sunfire, 2-dr, new brakes, $1,500. 633-3447 1999 SUBARU Forester, great cond inside/out, just over 300,000km, auto, all season tires, $4,000. 335-0598 1997 DODGE Neon, runs, needs some work, $700. 334-3774 1996 BUICK Regal 4 dr. 300,000kms, very reliable, $800 obo. 335-1681 1996 GMC Safari AWD 270,000km, still runs but needs work, good for parts, $500. 335-7904 1996 PONTIAC Bonneville, 310,000kms, 3.8 L, 6-cyl, new front end, good body, tranny slipping, $800 obo. 660-4425 1996 TOYOTA Corolla, white, 275,000km, good engine, $1,300, for $250 you get 4 winter tires on 2 rims, 633-6081 1994 GEO Metro, running rough but good for parts, engine needs attention, $120. 668-6805 1990 CHEVY Sprint, 4-dr white, 3-cyl, good running order, rubber & battery, body needs work. 667-6649 1990 TOYOTA Corolla station wagon, 380,000km, auto, body very rusty but engine/transmission very reliable, $500, 334-5498 1988 COUGAR 2-dr hard top, good tires, good running cond, $2,000 firm. 668-7976 1987 FORD Tempo, runsbut needs work, new winter tires, $500 obo. 336-0893 1983 LINCOLN Town Car, good shape, 40,000km, $5,500. 334-2621 1983 TOYOTA Tercel, runs great, good car but is best used for parts due to rust, drive her away for $500, 333-9876 1981 FORD Granada, in running condition, open to offers, 668-2006 1978 CAMARO, 454 LS6/7, M22 4-spd with positraction axle, about 550hp, new radiator, 3” dual exhaust, high HP project car, $6,500 obo. 667-6641 1976 TRANS Am, project car, $500. 334-3822

the yukon’s best pre-owned vehicles!

+ gst


• none at this time.

2003 ECHO, rollover, engine runs fine, 50,000 km and the vehicle drives, manual 5-spd, can only be sold for parts, all body panels dented, $1,000. 668-2802

el craft 5th Whe er, a/c, 1995 21.5’ Stgrar ez fre e, idg Fr eat!!

rks Everything wo r stove/oven. nace, HW heate microwave, fur shower/tub. w/ rm le! Full bth o. Half-ton towab ape. $5000 ob sh nt lle ce ex Tires in


Call or text 00


211 Wood Street, Whitehorse

✔ I50 point comprehensive vehicle inspection ✔ 3 month or 5000 km limited powertrain warranty ✔ 10 day or 1000 km Vehicle Exchange Privilege ✔ Car Proof verified report ✔ Complimentary Roadside Assistance ✔ Nitrogen inflated tires ✔ Full tank of fuel ✔ First two oil changes FREE


piece of mind

Nervous about your credit? No problem! call us!

2011 F150 4X4, regular cab, long box, V6, 70,000kms, no off-road driving, $23,000 obo. 393-1953 2010 DODGE Dually 3500, mint cond, 29,000kms, all options + DVD, B&M gooseneck hitch, tool box, $58,000, a must see. 334-4206 2010 DODGE RAM 1500 quad cab, under 50,000kms, still under warranty, can package up with 2001 21' fifth wheel, $24,000 obo. 334-3655 or 2010 DODGE Ram 1500, silver, quad cab, 4x4, 5.7 V8 Hemi, 3.92 diffs. RamBox Cargo MNGMT System, 13,248 km, many extra features, exc cond, $33,500. 393-3123 2010 NISSAN X Terra 4x4, very good shape, good glass, good rubber, 62,000km, 332-3928 lv msg 2008 F250 Super Duty 4X4, $20,000 obo. 335-3243 2008 FORD F150 XLT 5.4 Triton V8, crew cab with matching canopy, 99,000km, exc cond, $17,500, Robert @ 332-2901 2008 GMC Acadia AWD SLT1,92,000km, blue-gold crystal metallic, fully loaded (no Nav), 7 seats-3rd row foldable, $18,000 obo. 333-0033 2008 TACOMA, red, 4x4, crew cab, lock tool box, well kept, $21,000. 335-2951 2007 GMC 3500 crew cab 6.0L gas, 2006 Dodge 3500 mega cab diesel, 2005 GMC 2500 crew cab diesel with or without pilot car equipment, 660-4220 2007 GMC Canyon 4x4, ext cab, 4-cyl 2.9L 5-sp manual, 56,600kms, no accidents, non-smoker, CarProof avail, c/w 2nd set winter tires on rims, Softopper, $12,800. 335-6928 2007 TOYOTA Sienna limited AWD 7 passenger minivan, 75,000 kms, power sliding doors/rear hatch, sunroof, all options, new winter tires/rims, possible offers/trades/cash, 333-9020 2007 TOYOTA Sienna limited AWD 7-passenger minivan, 78,000 kms, power sliding doors/rear hatch, sunroof, 2 sets of tires on rims, really nice cond, offers/trades considered. 333-9020 2007 TOYOTA Tacoma, 2 wd with access cab, 84,000 km, $12,000. 336-4301 2007 TOYOTA Tundra 4X4 crew cab, V8, auto, loaded, dealer serviced, matching canopy, 2 sets wheels/tires, 150,000kms, exc cond, $23,000. 334-8912 lv msg 2006 AWD Toyota Sienna CE minivan, 135,000 km, good cond, c/w extra set of tires/rims, Info 634-2422 or 2006 DODGE Caravan, great shape, tires like new, 3.3L engine, very clean, new battery/new trailer hitch and wiring installed, ($460 value), $5,500. 333-9084 2006 FORD F-250 supercab 4X4, 5.4L, auto, 147,000 kms, 8' box w/liner, fiberglass cap w/rack, electric brake, tow package, summer/winter tires on rims, new windshield, clean truck, $14,500. 335-0277 2005 DODGE Dakota 2005 4x4, 2-dr ext cab, 150,000 km, 5-sp auto, runs perfect, 6.5ʼ box w/ clean liner, 2WD & 4WD switchable, no dents, navy blue, $9,800 obo. 335-7904 2005 F150 Super Crew, loaded, leather int, FX4, sun roof, 135,000kms, black, $16,500. 334-3160 or 633-3116 2005 FORD F-450, 6.0 diesel, 17 passenger shuttle bus w/wheelchair lift, luggage compartment, 286,000km, good shape but needs engine work, $4,500 obo. 335-6757 2005 FORD F150 4x4 supercab, 5.4 Triton V8, remote start, box liner, winter/all season tires, new rotors/brakes, well maintained, exc cond, $10,000 obo. 334-3398 2004 GMC Yukon XL,139,000kms, 4x4, 8 passenger, exc shape, low kilometres, mechanically sound, $14,000. 333-0034 for info 2004 N I S S A N Titan Endurance, 157,000kms, very good cond, $13,000 obo. 867-634-2240 2003 CHEV Blazer 4X4, 4-dr, 180,000kms, $4,500 obo. 668-2145 2003 FORD E-350, 1 ton cargo van, clean, shelves & separator, gas, 5.4L engine, auto, good 4-season tires, new battery, 210,000km, $7,000. 335-3674 2000 F350 auto V10, 164,000kms, good rubber, box liner, 668-3933

2002 DODGE Ram 1500 quad 4x4, auto, 625,000kms, commercially maintained record available, runs well, tool box, roof & side racks, towing gear, call or text 335-5426 2002 PONTIAC Montana van, 189,000 km, black w/tan interior, command start, seats 8, alloy wheels, P/L, P/W, mirrors, cruise, new front brakes & tires, $3,500, call/text 867-332-7301 for pictures 2000 DODGE Ram 1500 SLT 4x4 auto, new motor, 4” lift, 33” studded tires, cold air intake, magnaflow exhaust, 2 12” subs/amp, canopy, toolbox, much more, $8,000 obo. 335-8657

CANOPY TO fit 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton truck, galvanized type, to give away. 633-2837 STEEL WHEELS, original equipment GM 6 bolt steel wheels, 2 avail, 16"x 6.5" like new. $50 firm ea. 821-6011 1986 TOYOTA truck for parts, 4X4, $250, 456-4922 MICHELIN SUMMER tires, P225/45R18, used 2 seasons, set of 4 for only $300. 333-9013 or 668-7369 NEW ALUMINUM fuel tank tool box combo single wall, never been used, $1,360 firm. 660-4220

2000 TOYOTA Sienna LE, exc cond, regularly maintained, recently serviced, winter/summer tires on rims, roof top carrier, new trailer hitch, wired, 310,000kms, $3,900. 633-6373

3 P225/60R16 tires on rims to fit Ford Crown Vic, 2 Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grips, 1 Power King winter grip, $25 ea. 335-3338

1998 DODGE Dakota Sport, 4x4, 5 spd manual, rear airbag ride. Nw: front brakes, roters, ball joints, tie rod & a boxliner. Candy apple red. 229,000kms. $6500 obo. 633-3116 or 334-3160

ALCOA POLISHED aluminum 22.5 rim, $200. 335-2307

1995 FORD Aerostar, needs starter & some TLC, partly computerized, $300 obo. 1994 Ford E250 Econoline, runs, needs windshield, $300 obo, $500 for both. 333-9358 1995 FORD F250, 5 spd, 6- cyl, plywood boxes on bedrails, plywood sliding bed cover, runs great, $2,500. 335-9510 Monday eve earliest 1994 CHEV diesel 4X4, 3/4 ton, $6,000 obo. 668-2972

GOODYEAR 1122.5 tire, near new, $200. 335-2307

WANTED: FRONT differential housing for '99 Chevy Tracker. Will consider whole vehicle if price is right. Voicemail 250-651-2253 or email BACK WINDOW for 1980-82 Chev or GMC pickup, $50. 334-4206 THULE, NEW x-Sporter truck rack, incls adaptor, aluminum, load stops $ locks, $475. 335-7330 2 GOODYEAR tires, Trailmark P265/70R16, only driven 5000 kilometers $60 ea firm, 660-4723 or 332-5450


1994 TUNDRA 2, $2,000. 335-9510 Monday eve earliest 1992 DODGE diesel 4X4, club cab, well maintained, tidy tank & pump, 16ʼ rack for loading boat, extras, $4,500 firm. 633-2070 1990 FORD F250 4-spd manual, comes with canopy, $2,000. 456-4567 1990 HILIUX Surf Toyota 4-cyl 4x4 turbo, 5-sp manual, right-hand drive, low mileage, 131,744km, diesel, $3,700 obo. Gus 336-3146 or 393-4796 1990 TOYOTA Hiace, AWD, diesel, auto, excellent fuel consumption, seats 8, middle seats swivel, great camping/handicapped vehicle, 128,000 kms, offers or trades considered. 333-9020 1989 CHEVY flat deck, lots of new parts, new tires all around, exc cond, $2,800 obo. 633-5130 1989 FORD 250 7.3 diesel, c/w canopy, new tires, 5-spd, 320,000kms, some rust, 334-6101 1989 FORD E-350 cube van, 16ʼ box, gas propane, $3,900. 2000 E-450, 23ʼ box, auto, 7.3 diesel. 333-0717 1978 TOYOTA Land Cruiser (gas), $2,500 obo. 667-4002

Auto Parts & Accessories ENGINE STAND, good cond, $30 firm. 821-6011 4 225/55R17 tires & rims, $100. 827-4838 TRUCK CANOPIES - in stock * new Dodge long/short box * new GM long/short box * new Ford long/short box Hi-Rise & Cab Hi - several in stock View at 393-8100 TIRES! TIRES! TIRES! Seasonal Changeover Good used tires–15”,16”,17”,18”,19” and 20”–lots to choose from. $25 to $150 a tire. $25 to mount and balance per tire. Mechanical Services Call Art 334-4608


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

IT'S A DOG'S LIFE BOARDING KENNEL New, clean, safe, family friendly. Heated indoor kennels with covered outdoor runs. Large play area in natural setting, daily walks. 131 Empress Rd, Golden Horn Subdivision 333-9841 DOGHOUSE, 633-3053

LARGE Igloo style, $50.

Motorcycles & Snowmobiles TAITʼS CUSTOM TRAILER SALES 2-3-4- place snowmobile & ATV trailers Drive on Drive off 3500 lb axles by Trailtech - SWS & Featherlight CALL ANYTIME: 334-2194 www/ 2007 HARLEY Dyna Super Glide, exc cond, c/w quick release saddle bags, sissy bar, one up seat, windshield, $10,000. 334-6946 2000 BEAR Cat 440 Snowmobile, 120kms on new engine, new skis and track, c/w cover & new adult helmet, all work done at Listers, $2,999. 335-2648 RONʼS SMALL ENGINE SERVICES Repairs to Snowmobiles, Chainsaws, Lawnmowers, ATVʼs, Small industrial equipment. Light welding repairs available 867-332-2333 lv msg Recreational Powersports and Marine (RPM) Repairs Service, repair and installations for snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, chainsaws, marine and more Qualified and experienced mechanic Great rates! Call Patrick at 335-4181 2005 SUZUKI Boulevard, 800 cc, exc cond, shaft drive, electronic fuel injection, well maintained, easy to drive, maneuverable, great on gas, 335-4486

2004 YAMAHA V-Star 1100cc, not a scratch, 4000km, $5,500 negotiable, call 336-4887 2010 RANGER 6x6 side by side EFI 800, 190,000kms, c/w winch, windshield, roof, side racks for box, spare tire & misc, $13,500 firm. 334-6101 2012 KAWASAKI KX 85 with Monster Energy Plastics and graphic kit, exc cond, $2,900 obo. 333-9113 KO-KART, 2 seats, 6hp, runs good, good for kids up to 12 yrs, $600 obo. 334-6519

2006 SUZUKI Boulevard 800 cc, loaded, only 3000 km, absolutely like new, $6,800. 633-6920

19ʼ WELDED aluminum hull jet boat, 350 Chev, 773 Hamilton Jet, 3/4 top and travel top, approx 160 hrs run time, c/w custom built trailer, $16,000 obo. 821-6011

16ʼ HAULMARK enclosed motorcycle trailer, top of line $12,000, new, exc cond, asking $7,800. 393-1891 BUELL X1 Lightning 2002, 1200 sportster engine, Race ECM, carbon fiber parts, 33,500km, clean fast and fun, $3,950. 335-4017 2008 HARLEY Davidson Sportster 883L,  2,700km, windshield,  passenger seat & backrest,  roll-bars & highway pegs, 634-2412 2003 BMW 1200CLS, front ferring, trunk, saddlebags, heated grips, cruise control, stereo, 3,300 mi, exc cond, $6,800. 393-1891 2013 SKANDIC WT/600 ACE engine, only 3,000 km, mint cond, $10,500 firm. 399-3791 COLLECTORʼS ITEM, 1973 Yamaha, GP246F snowmobile, 1,439 original miles, needs a bit of body work, open to offers. 667-4002 1984 YAMAHA ET 340 long track snowmobile, running order, first $200 takes it. 667-4002

Marine PROFESSIONAL BOAT REPAIR Fiberglass Supplies Marine Accessories FAR NORTH FIBERGLASS 49D MacDonald Rd Whitehorse, Yukon 393-2467 21ʼ JET boat. Wood/fiberglass deep V hull, 350 Chev 4-barrel engine, Smith Marine jet in running cond, c/w steel tandem axle trailer, $2,000 as is where is. 667-6641 21ʼ CAMPION cabin cruiser, 350 Chev engine with Volvo legs, fridge, stove, sink, toilet, 15hp Yamaha kicker, must see at 7220-7th Avenue. 667-2344 16.5ʼ MIRROCRAFT, aluminum, 65HP Evinrude, power trim & tilt, 2 downriggers, spare prop, tight & stable, $4,500. 334-8321 OCEAN KAYAK. Fibreglass Necky Arluk III, 18ʼ, sleek & fast., good sized hatches, comes with spray skirt, $1,200 obo. 633-5444 1995 20ʼ Bayliner, cuddy cabin, 250 Volvo Penta inboard, 15hp Johnson kicker, tandem axle trailer, $6,000. (without kicker $5,000), salt water fishing gear also available. 633-2839 for info/view 2002 16.25ʼ Harbour Craft boat & trailer, 50 hp Johnson & 9.9 hp Yamaha, down rig, new winch, life jackets, exc cond, $14,000. 334-8912 lv msg

17ʼ MAD River Canoe ABS, new gunnels, well used, minor repair necessary, much life remaining, $750. 332-0260

The Yukon News is available at these wonderful stores in Whitehorse ☛ THE YuKon nEws Is Also AVAIlABlE AT no CHARGE In All YuKon CoMMunITIEs AnD ATlIn, B.C.


Airport Chalet Airport snacks & Gifts Bernie’s Race-Trac Gas Bigway Foods

Canadian Tire Cashplan The Deli Edgewater Hotel Extra Foods Fourth Avenue Petro Gold Rush Inn

75,000 firm.


BILL MASON heavy duty special 17ʼ6” cedar and canvas canoe in very good cond, built by Paul Fletcher, $2,500 obo. 633-2443

4 ATV/UTV tires, never used, from 2013 Ranger, 2@ 25x11x12, and 2 @ 25x9x12, $500. 334-4206


Twin Yamaha 115’s, 85 hours. Hard top, suspension seats, Wallas heater, Lowrance chartplotter, 4G radar, sonar, downriggers, life raft, Fusion stereo, Maxwell windlass, Rocna anchor, bench seat bed. etc. etc.

2005 ARCTIC Cat 650 V-Twin ATV, exc cond, just serviced, new battery, $3,700. 393-2692

2008 HONDA Shadow VT750C, incl bike cover, 2 helmets, leather saddle bags, 1 owner, gently driven, heated handles, full windshield, 4,400 km, $5,500. 332-0270


Coyote Video Goody’s Gas Green Garden Restaurant Heather’s Haven super A Porter Creek Trails north Home Hardware Klondike Inn Mac’s Fireweed Books Ricky’s Restaurant Riverside Grocery Riverview Hotel shoppers on Main shoppers Qwanlin Mall

1999 CAMPION 552 Explorer, 19ʼ, 4.3 inboard, 5hp Merc kicker, 2 manual d/riggers, rod holders, stereo, VHF, full top/trl tarp, new spare, ex shape, Tagish. $11,000 obo. 587-335-7133

2012 Hewescraft Ocean PrO 22'

$100,000 new. 867-668-2255

2005 SUZUKI 700 King Quad, 3,500lb, windshield and faring, rear storage compartment, low miles, great cond, $5,500. 333-9020


16ʼ PRINCECRAFT boat & trailer, electric winch, $9000 obo. 633-4115

2003 DRZ125, new handle bars and maxxis rear tire, never raced, $1,000 obo. 668-6680

SOLO WHITEWATER canoe, Dagger Ovation, 12ʼ, incl foam pedestal seat, thigh straps, float bags, exc cond, $1,600. 821-6011


1990 18.5ʼ Campion Bow Rider w/190 hp 4.3L V6 Merc, + 1997 Yamaha 15hp kicker, EZ load trailer, 2 Scotty downriggers, fish finder, new full top, low hrs, exc cond, $11,500. 399-3710

MARIN 20-HORSE outboard jet motor, runs good, nice shape, $1,200 obo. 336-0460 12ʼ HARBORCRAFT aluminum boat c/w down rigger and two rod holders, $925 obo. 333-9084

Cruise the beautiful Pacific Coast in your own yacht this year!

2000 MACGREGOR 26X Sailboat/trailer, good cond, 20hp Honda, (low hours); EZ to sail, wheel steering, bathroom; stove/sink, sleeps 6, $17,400. 334-5490 16ʼ STARCRAFT boat with trailer & 25 HP long shaft motor, $2,500 obo. 668-7976 WANTED: ANY free boat parts, seats, etc, rebuilding old boat. 633-2236 18ʼ INFLATABLE ridged V hull, ex coast guard, very safe boat, dual 35hp outboards with controls, tanks, and tow-toys $8,000 obo. 456-4926 18FT V-HULL speed boat and tubes, 70hp outboard, trailer, with controls & tanks $8,000 obo. 456-4926

Fractional ownership can make your lifelong dream a reality right now. North Pacific 38 Sedan / 2 Staterooms / Bow and Stern Thruster / 33% share available - $94,900

YAMAHA 4HP motor, 4-stroke, new, used 4 times, c/w 5 gal gas can & hose, 250-566-1346 604-669-2248

CELEBRATE! Births! Birthdays! Weddings! Graduations! Anniversaries! Phone: 867-667-6285

1 column x 3 inches Wed - $34.02 • Fri - $35.10

2 columns x 2 inches Wed - $45.36 • Fri - $46.80

2 columns x 3 inches Wed - $68.04 • Fri - $70.20

211 Wood Street, Whitehorse

2 columns x 4 inches Wed - $90.72 • Fri - $93.60

RIVERDALE: 38 Famous Video super A Riverdale Tempo Gas Bar

superstore superstore Gas Bar Tags well-Read Books westmark whitehorse Yukon Inn Yukon news Yukon Tire



Kopper King Hi-Country RV Park McCrae Petro Takhini Gas Yukon College Bookstore


Yukon News

OUTBOARD MOTOR mount, heavy duty Garelick, $75. 335-2307

1981 26ʼ Bayliner, great cond, $9,000. 334-1051 for info

Celebration of Life for

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1996 KAWASAKI 750 Seadoo & trailer, low hrs, runs good, $3,700 obo. 12ʼ inflatable Titan boat, aluminum floor, used 10 hrs, $1,800. 16ʼ fibreglass boat & trailer (project not finished), $875. 333-0717 BOAT LIFE ring, $35. 335-2307

Barry James MacDonald

20' FREIGHTER canoe decked in & fiberglassed on trailer, $1,200 obo. 667-4002

will be Saturday, June 14, 2014 2-4pm, Mayo Community Hall.

12ʼ ALUMINUM boat, $1,250 obo. 334-6101

Light snacks provided. Everyone Welcome.

A memorial service will be held for

WHITEWATER SPRAY deck, Snap Dragon, $70. 335-1993 WANTED: RELIABLE 6 to 7.5hp outboard, 393-3753 OLD TOWN Tripper XL canoe, ABS plastic, 20ʼ long, c/w paddles, life jackets, $2,200 new, asking $800 firm. 634-5257 1995 BAYLINER 16ʼ Capri with Force 70hp O/B, 2011/12 Suzuki 4-stroke 6hp kicker, c/w marine radio, fish finder, safety kit, two oars, 4 adult pfds, 4 bumpers, $7,500 obo. 668-7576


16ʼ ALUMINUM fishing boat and EZ loader trailer, Sylvan King Fisher by Smoker Craft, c/w Honda 40hp 4-stroke motor, outrigger, fish finder, exc cond, $10,000. 667-7351

on Sunday June 1, 2014

FLOAT TUBE/BELLY Boat for sale, purchased in 2012 from Cabelaʼs, used once, pd $500 for boat and accessories, asking $350. 668-2866

Cortland Williams from 1:00 - 5:00pm at the Mount Mac Rec centre.

In Anne’s memory, feel free to bring your favourite flower.

Alec “Lucky” Johns March 15, 1934- May 18, 2014

BOB'S SPECIAL 15 Kevlar Canoe, exc cond, aluminum gunnels, ash thwarts, weighs 47lbs, 2 adult Kokatak Bahia adult Pfds, 2 Grey Owl Voyageur Paddles, 1 Roleez Kayak /Canoe cart, 335-0801 16ʼ VIKING canoe, fibreglass, $120. 667-4002

Heavy Equipment 1998 PETERBILT highway tractor, estate sale, $14,900. 30ʼ Jeep (trailer for fuel), $7,900. 1989 Freightliner parts, good tires, $5,900. 6,000ʼ irrigation pipe, estate, $3,500. Patriot street sweeper, ex-City, $17,900. 333-0717 AIR ROTARY drill rig, everything needed for water wells & exploration, $45,000,

Lucky passed away peacefully at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton on May 18th, 2014. Lucky loved the great outdoors, the Yukon and its people. He had many stories to tell, he did well as a rodeo rider, the great love of his life. Lucky is survived by his loving wife Lela, his children, nieces, nephews, and many relatives and friends. Lucky will be returning to the land of the Yukon that was so much a part of him and his life.

A Celebration of Life for

Richard “Dick” Dickson

WOODBUG POWERSAW mill c/w 3-10ʼ sections log dogs, dimension stops, two saws, 2 bars, $2,800. Norwood portable edger w/13hp Honda, located in Haines Junction, $2,800. 334-6101 4 NEW CL729-17.5x25-E3/L3 loader tires, $500 ea. 1 near new Kumho 385/65R 22.5 tire & two rims, $650 obo. 334-6101 1997 CAT D6M LGP 6-way blade with ripper Brand new undercarriage $75,000 Phone 867-536-2265 in Watson Lake 1980 INTERNATIONAL DUMP TRUCK DT466 engine, 13-speed Tandem axle Old but reliable $5,000 obo Phone 867-536-2265 in Watson Lake 2002 KENWORTH T300 FLATDECK 3126 Cat engine, Eaton 10-speed air brakes, 27 ft deck, new tranny, clutch, radiator and rubber. $25,000 obo Phone 867-536-2265 in Watson Lake 2002 GMC 7500 5-ton 24ʼ van body with power tailgate 6 speed transmission, 3126 Cat engine New rubber, very low kms $20,000 obo Phone 867-536-2265 in Watson Lake LINCOLN WELDER, Millar wirefeed and 12 hp compressor and some supplies, 335-3243

Aircraft PROJECT - HAS CRACKED SPAR 1946 AERONCA CHIEF 90HP (no electrics) 2408 TTAF 4 new cylinders roughly 500 hrs ago. Will include very new Federal 1500 skis as well as good shape EDO 1400 floats with airplane all for $10,000 Phone: 867-536-2265 in Watson Lake

Campers & Trailers TAITʼS TRAILERS Quality new and used Horse * Cargo * Equipment trailers For sale or rent Call Anytime 334-2194 Southern prices delivered to the Yukon

1987 BIGFOOT camper, truck bed must be 65” wide, $1,500. 668-4683 CAMPER WITH propane stove, heater & 12V electric fridge, toilet, working good, 335-9272 20ʼX8ʼ WIDE tandem axle cargo trailer, spray foam insulated, 2 new axles, exc cond, $7,500. 334-4206 SKIDOO TRAILER w/side rails, $1700. 668-2972 IMPALA TRAVEL trailer, mid 80ʼs, needs roof work, otherwise fine, $1,200 obo. 633-2837 14ʼ FLAT deck trailer, 2ʼ sides, folding tailgate, 3,500 lb axle, $1,200. 334-8321 7ʼX14ʼ BLACK tandem axle cargo trailer, spray foam insulated, exc cond, $6,500. 334-4206

2000 COACHMEN Mirada 30ʼ motorhome, 66,122 kms. Triton V10, mechanical inspection in July/13. Onan 4000 gen, A/C, separate shower, walk-around queen bed. $21,500, phone 335-5506

MID 70ʼS older motorhome, 7ʼx22ʼ in running cond, Ford chassis, $700 obo. 633-2837

1989 CHEV camper van, 81,000kms, fridge, stove top, sink, good running cond, $3,500. 667-2480 9ʼ CAMPER 2007 Adventurer, 90WS, toilet-shower, fridge-freezer, furnace, twin sinks, electric jacks, rear ladder, roof rack, febreglass siding, stands, great layout, exc cond, $11,500 obo. 335-5709 1992 8.9ʼ Frontier camper, very good condition, clean, lots of storage, many new/upgraded features, a must see, $6,900 obo. 633-4618 2004 PIONEER travel trailer, overall length 28ʼ, large bath, queen bed, full kitchen, stereo, large awning, $12,500. 633-2580 27ʼ V-NOSE snow machine trailer or other toy hauler, fully insulated w/spray foam, 3 fold-down beds & 1 table, good bison hunting rig, $9,000. 334-4206 2000 25' Travelaire Rustler 5th wheel, mint condition, forced air furnace, all the options, hitch and brackets available, $10,500 obo. 668-5882 ATCO 12-TON horse/utility trailer, new brakes, bearings & tires, $4,500 obo. 334-4477 1988 FORD Sterling motorhome, $9,000 obo. 633-4115 2013 WORK and Play WPT18EC Toy Hauler, like new, 19'6" box, full bathroom, dinette, refrigerator, sink, microwave, furnace, a/c, hot water heater, awning, $18,900. 334-8227 UTILITY TRAILER, single axle, 6ʼwx10ʼl, 16” sides, $1,250 obo. 334-6101 CITATION SUPREME truck camper, 10'8" with slide out, fully loaded, immaculate cond, $17,500 obo, 335-0186 CARGO TRAILER enclosed single axle, 6ʼx10ʼ, c/w 3 outside tool boxes & roof rack, $2,550 obo. 334-6101 2009 30' Citation trailer, polarpak pkg, enclosed  valves tanks, thermopane windows dualpane skylights, 50amp power baseboard heaters, slide awnings, 16" wheels, shocks, equalizer hitch/antisway, $33,900 obo. 334-9634 29.5ʼ  2008 Corsair Excella Polar Pac, loaded, many extras, 867-536-7626 or cell 867-536-4590 1995 DODGE Wide Body Camper Van, fridge, stove, microwave, large bed, lots of storage, 141,000 kms gets 16 mpg. $21,500 obo, consider part trade. 335-1681 FLAT DECK trailer, 8ʼx12ʼ, 2 axle, tool box, 335-9272

Sheila Rose will be held at

Will be held in Champagne on Monday June 2nd at 2PM Potlatch to follow

1972 12ʼ travel trailer, new elec wiring, new propane hoses, new spare tire, $2,000 obo. 667-7057

11.5ʼ TIMBERLINE camper by Security, fully loaded, custom built, lots of storage. 334-4477

A Funeral Service for

Dec 21st 1921 May 24th, 2014

HOME BUILT camper, plywood construction, insulated, peaked tin roof, lots of headroom, very solid, 335-9510 Monday pm or later

Whitehorse United Church on Friday, May 30, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.

BOAT TRAILER for 14ʼ boat wih tilted xray for ramp, steel construction, $200 obo. 633-2837 CAR HAULER, two 3,500lb axles, very strong, needs a bit of work but in great shape, $2,500 obo. 390-2313 2004 5TH wheel, 24' Conquest by Gulfstream, great cond, c/w 12' slide, living room rear w/picture window, fully equipped kitchen w/extras, $12,900 obo. 668-7576 18ʼ TRIAXLE trailer with winch on front & ramps, $6,500 obo. 335-3243 UTILITY 633-2837

TRAILER, frame only, $50.

2010 JAYCO 29' BHS trailer, sleeps up to 9, CD/DVD/I POD JK.SND.SYS, 1 slide-out, electric patio awning, micro wave, outside BBQ, like new, $25,500. 393-3123 30ʼ GOOSENECK flat deck trailer, flip over ramps & 3-7,000lb axles, as new, 18ʼ car hauler trailer c/w hideaway ramps, exc shape, 334-6101 2004 COACHMAN 34ʼ motorhome, Class A, low milage (24586), V/10 Ford, c/w 2014 car dolly, can be seen at 44-11th Ave, Porter Creek, lots of extras on coach, 335-4723 FOUR STEP camper stairs for sale, 633-6502 1988 DODGE camper van, 318 c.i., 170,000kms, exc shape, fridge, stove, sink w/pump, furnace, c/w pots, plates, cutlery, mini BBQ, $6,000 obo. 633-6802 27ʼ ROCKWOOD, motorhome, fibreglass, 60,000 miles, new tires, lg fridge, furnace, roof top a/c, built-in generator, very clean, 460 engine, $16,000 obo. 334-0657 32' TERRY 5th wheel, great cond, rear kitchen, bedroom w/new queen bed, huge bath w/large shower, hookup for washer/dryer, winter pkg, insulated floors, heated tanks, double-pane windows, $7,700 obo. 333-9456

Coming Events ATLIN GUEST HOUSE Deluxe Lakeview Suites Sauna, Hot Tub, BBQ, Internet, Satellite TV Kayak Rentals In House Art Gallery 1-800-651-8882 Email: ATLIN - GLACIER VIEW CABINS “your quiet get away” Cozy self contained log cabins canoes, kayaks for rent Fax/Phone 250-651-7691 e-mail sidkatours@ THE ALZHEIMER/DEMENTIA Family Caregiver Support Group meets monthly. A group for family/friends caring for someone with Dementia. Info and register call Cathy 633-7337 or Joanne 668-7713 HORAIRE PISTE Chilkoot/Log Cabin: Multi-usage sauf du 11 au 13 avril : fin de semaine réservée aux activités non motorisées. 867-667-3910 CHILKOOT TRAIL/LOG Cabin: Non-Motorized Weekend: April 11-13. Other weekends & weekdays: Multi-Use. For info: 867-667-3910 YUKON DEVELOPMENT Education Centre AGM Wednesday May 28th, 7:00-9:00 pm at lʼAFY (Francophone Association, Strickland St). Appetizers, presentations, and announcement of new funding for YDEC! Contact for info ESTATE SALE, Saturday May 31, 2014, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Cheryl Klippert yard in Mayo,, 867-996-2368

YUKON INVASIVE Species Council AGM, May 29 6:30pm, meeting room, Public Library. Learn about our projects and become involved in early detection and rapid response of invasive species

YUKON ORIENTEERING Association events June 4 on Riverdale map, call Ross 633-3154. June 11 on Lewes Lake map, call Bruce 668-5032. Start at 6:30pm for both events. All are welcome

YUKON SOURDOUGH Rendezvous Society Annual General Meeting, Thursday May 29, Yukon Inn, Fireside Room, 6:00pm Meet and Greet, 6:30pm Proceedings. Everyone is welcome. Memberships available or 867-667-2148

VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION Night, May 30th 2014, 5:00pm, Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre, Yukon French-speaking organizations unite to thank all the volunteers who played a part in the growth of our community.

THURSDAY NIGHT Salsa Dancing in the Park. Come dance and support the Association for Helping Yukon Youth in Need. Every Thursday Starting May 8th, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Rotary Peace Park.

AGM & Open House Saturday June 7, Yukon Guild of Needlearts @ Whse Public Library 1:00pm-4:00 pm. Join friends for tea & embroidery arts. Doris 633-4026

BABY STORY time, ages: 6 - 24 months & caregiver(s), Tuesday, May 13–June 10, 10:30-11:15am, Whitehorse Library, free registration only, 667-5239 TODDLER STORY Time, ages: 2–3 & caregiver(s), Wednesdays, May 14–June 11, 10:30–11:30 a.m., Whitehorse Library, free registration only, 667-5239 2014 MS Walk, May 31, CK In 11AM @ Copperridge Place. Ends at GCC. Support Myelin Rejuvenators to ensure we can support locals THE MADDISON family invites you to celebrate the life of Mr. Justice Harry Maddison on Saturday, June 14, 2014 from 2:00pm-5:00pm at the Yukon Arts Centre. Contact: 633-3363 or YUKON LEARN Society AGM 2013/14, is on Wednesday June 18th, 12noon-1:00pm at Pho 5 Star. Everyone welcome LOSS, GRIEF and Healing in the Workplace, Practical Tools for Frontline Workers, May 28 & 29 offered by Hospice Yukon and the Northern Institure of Social Justice. For information 667-429,   

FREE RESUME and Cover Letter Writing Workshop for immigrants, Monday, June 2nd 6:00pm Multicultural Centre of the Yukon, 4141D-4th Avenue (2nd Floor).  Contact 667-6205 for information HAMLET OF Mount Lorne Local Advisory Council next regular monthly meeting scheduled for Tuesday June 3, 2014 at 7:00pm at LMCC, Km. 1 Annie Lake Road. Info: 667-7083 STEINER STUDY group meetings 7:30pm Tuesday nights,  exploring and conversing over a range of metaphysical subjects, free. Josef for info/location, 335-2300 SCOUTS CANADA Bottle Drive in Granger, Saturday May 31st between 1:00pm-4:00pm, scouts will be going door to door. Proceeds to assist Scouts with summer jamborees

HOSPICE WALKING Group, Tuesdays until June 10, 6:00pm-7:30pm. A healthy way to receive and give grief support.  To register: 667-7429 or

PORTER CREEK Community Association meeting Monday, June 2nd, 5:15 pm, Guild Hall. More information 633-4829. Everyone welcome, come show your support

HOSPICE YUKON: Free, confidential services offering compassionate support to all those facing advanced illness, death and bereavement. Visit our lending library @ 409 Jarvis, M-F 11:30-3:00, 667-7429,

ACTIVE TRAILS Whitehorse Association meeting Tuesday June 10 7:00pm at Sport Yukon Boardroom, 4061-4th Ave, topics Rotary Centennial Bridge, WTGC, Regional Parks plan, new members welcome.

YEU LOCAL Y010 special general meetings to select delegates to YEU Convention in October, YEU Hall, May 21 and June 17, 5:30-6:00. Contact Tammi at 335-1329 for more info


CAMP YUKON Kids Camp (ages 8-12): June 29-July 5 and July 6-12. Teen Camp (ages 13-18): July 13-19. Cost $285. Register Now:, 668-4817, 91806 Alaska Highway.  Sponsored by Bethany Church CCA YUKON Support Group for Diagnosed Celiacs first meeting on June 5. This is a drop in meeting for information/support, arrive anytime between 6:00pm-7:45pm, meeting ends at 8:00pm LINE OF Life Association Yukon AGM on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 1:00pm, Greenwood Place, 3090 3rd Ave. Join us. 867-667-6945 for information YUKON PRIDE: 24 (more!) Hours of Gaylight, June 11 - 15, 2014, Whitehorse. Parade, picnic, dance and more. Visit for details. CPAWS YUKON AGM & Barbeque on Wednesday, June 4th at our office 506 Steele St. Barbeque at 5:30 - AGM at 6:30. For more info. call 393-8080 YUKON TOURISM EDUCATION COUNCIL (YTEC) AND MULTICULTURAL CENTRE OF THE YUKON (MCY) offices will be relocating as of June 2nd, 2014.   The new offices are located at the corner of 4th Avenue and  Jarvis Street or 4141-4th Avenue, 2nd Floor (Performance Centre Building).   Phone numbers and email remain the same YTEC 667-4733 / MCY 667-6205 FREE CHILDREN'S summer programs, weekdays at Whitehorse Public Library from June 16 to August 1, ages 4-12. For more info or to register call 667-8900 THURSDAY NIGHT Salsa Dancing in the Park, every Thursday night 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Rotary Peace Park , dance lesson at 7:00pm.

MC RENOVATION Construction & Renovations Laminated floor, siding, decks, tiles Kitchen, Bathroom, Doors, Windows Framing, Board, Drywall, Painting Drop Ceiling, Fences No job too small Free estimates Michael 336-0468 - INSULATION Upgrade your insulation & reduce your heating bills Energy North Construction Inc. (1994) for all your insulation & coating needs Cellulose & polyurethane spray foam Free estimate: 667-7414 FROGGY SERVICES PEST CONTROL For all kinds of work around the house Windows & Wall Cleaning & Painting Clean Eavestroughs Carpentry Yard Work etc. References available 867-335-9272

FINANCIAL LITERACY for Seniors, free workshops, May 27 banking, May 29 credit, 12:00pm-3:30pm, lunch provided. For more info call 667-4637 or email

YUKON RIVER Trail Marathon, early bird registration until May 30th, capped at 325 runners.

FH COLLINS School Council Regular meeting at 6:30 pm, June 4, 2014, in the Fine Dining Room at the school, everyone welcome

THOMAS FINE CARPENTRY • Construction • Renovation • Finishing • Cabinets • Tiling • Flooring • Repairs • Specialty woodwork • Custom kitchens 867-633-3878 or cell 867-332-5531

22ND ANNUAL Children's day service, June 8, 10:45am. Neale Bacon and His Crazy Critters will entertain.  Free hot dog BBQ to follow.  Church of the Nazarene, 2111 Centennial St.  Call 633-4903 or

ARE YOU a coach interested in forming a Northern International Coach Federation Chapter? Join fellow coaches interested in support and professional development by contacting Tanya Lanigan at

TRY TENNIS Open House at the Mt. Mac Tennis Courts, Thursday, May 22 and May 29 from 5:00 to 8:00pm, everybody welcome!

BACKHAULS, WHITEHORSE to Alberta. Vehicles, Furniture, Personal effects etc. Daily departures, safe secure dependable transportation at affordable rates. Please call Pacific Northwest Freight Systems @ 667-2050

SHARPENING SERVICES. For all your sharpening needs - quality sharpening, fair price & good service. At corner of 6th & Strickland. 667-2988


PUCK POCKETS AGM will be held June 6th, 2014. Location 17-9th Ave Whitehorse, Yukon at 19:00 hrs


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Anonymous MEETINGS:

Wednesdays 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm #2 - 407 Ogilvie St. <BYTE> Fridays 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 4071 - 4th Ave. <Many Rivers>

ow! N e l lab Avai

TOPSOIL Call Dirtball


AL-ANON MEETINGS contact 667-7142

Has your life been affected by someone’s drinking ???

WEDNESDAY 12:00 noon Hellaby Hall, 4th & Elliott



7:00 pm Lutheran Church Basement Beginners Mtg ( 4th & Strickland ) 8:00 pm Lutheran Church Basment Regular Mtg ( 4th & Strickland )

do you have a problem with food? meetings

mondays 7:30 p.m.

4071 4th avenue •


Post an ad in 126 newspapers. Reach more than 2 million people for only $395/week for a 25-word text ad or $995/week for a formatted display ad! Book by province or whole country. Save over 85% compared to booking individually. or 1.866.669.9222


MONDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. 8:00 pm New Beginnings Group (OM,NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. TUESDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. 7:00 pm Juste Pour Aujourd’hui 4141B - 4th Avenue. 8:00 pm Ugly Duckling Group (CM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. WEDNESDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St.. 8:00 pm Porter Crk Step Meeting (CM) Our Lady of Victory, 1607 Birch St. 8:00 pm No Puffin (CM,NS) Big Book Study Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. THURSDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Grapevine Discussion Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. 6:00 pm Young People’s Meeting BYTE Office, 2-407 Ogilvie Street 7:30 pm Polar Group (OM) Seventh Day Adventist Church 1609 Birch Street (Porter Creek) FRIDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Big Book Discussion Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. 1:30 pm #4 Hospital Rd. (Resource Room) 8:00 pm Whitehorse Group (CM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. SATURDAY: 1:00 pm Sunshine Group (OM, NS) DETOX Building, 6118-6th Ave. 2:30 pm Women’s Meeting (OM) Whitehorse General Hospital (room across from Emergency) 7:00 pm Hospital Boardroom (OM, NS) SUNDAY: 1:00 pm Sunshine Group (OM, NS) DETOX Building, 6118-6th Ave. 7:00 pm Marble Group Hospital Boardroom (OM, NS)

NS - No Smoking OM - open mixed, includes anyone CM - closed mixed, includes anyone with a desire to stop drinking

AA 867-668-5878 24 HRS A DAY

LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE 30-min consultation for $25+tax. 1.800.663.1919 604.687.3221 DIAL-A-LAW Access free legal info on BC laws. 1.800.565.5297 604.687.4680

Funded by the Law Foundation of BC


Beaver Creek Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Carcross Y.T. Wednesday - 7:30 p.m. Library Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre Carmacks Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Dawson City Y.T.

Thursday - 8:00 p.m. New Beginners Group Richard Martin Chapel Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre Saturday 7:00 p.m. Community Support Centre 1233 2nd Ave.

Destruction Bay Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Faro Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre Haines Junction Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Mayo Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre Old Crow Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Pelly Crossing Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Ross River Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Tagish Y.T. Monday 7:30pm Lightwalkers Group Bishop’s Cabin, end of road along California Beach Telegraph Creek B.C. Tuesday - 8:00 p.m. Soaring Eagles Sewing Centre

Teslin Y.T. Wednesday - 7:00pm Wellness Centre #4 McLeary Friday - 1:30p.m. Health Centre Watson Lake Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre


Yukon News

Request for Proposals Ayamdigut Campus

Design Services – CNIM Building Yukon College RFP2014400 Closes: Noon PST, June 10, 2014 Design services, including schematic and fast-tracked design, and tender and construction administrative services, are required for a stand-alone Industrial Trades Training Building at Yukon College in Whitehorse. It is expected the building will be approximately 15,000 sq feet in size and include a large shop area, classrooms and offices. Complete packages are available on MERX service (, or by emailing Procurement and Contracts at (867-668-8864).

Notice of iNteNtioN to AmAlgAmAte tAKe Notice that 39825 Yukon inc. intends to amalgamate with 10895 Yukon ltd. in accordance with the Business corporations Act, R.S.Y. 2002, c. 20, unless any creditor of 39825 Yukon inc. objects to the amalgamation within (30) days from the date of this Notice . on the effective date of the amalgamation, all of the properties and assets of 10895 Yukon ltd. and 39825 Yukon inc. will continue to be the properties and assets of the amalgamated corporation, which in turn will continue to be liable for the obligations of 10895 Yukon ltd. and 39825 Yukon inc., including the liabilities of 39825 Yukon inc. to it’s creditors. this Notice is given pursuant to s. 187 (2) (b) (ii) and (3) (a) and (c) of the Business corporations Act, R.R.Y. 2002, c. 20 DAteD this twenty-second day of may, 2014.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MAN WITH 3/4 TON TRUCK for hire for Yard clean-up, garbage, et cetera Phone 668-3534

IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It's That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1-800-587-2161.

REDʼS YARD WORK & HARD WORK Lawn work and those other odd jobs getting you down? Let us do it for you. Reasonable rates. 668-2866 or 333-9958

LOG CABINS: Professional Scribe Fit log buildings at affordable rates. Contact: PF Watson, Box 40187, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 6M9 668-3632

DROWNING IN DEBT? Cut debts more than 60% & DEBT FREE in half the time! AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Free Consultation. or Toll Free 1-877-556-3500 BBB Rated A+

BUSY BEAVERS Painting, Pruning Hauling, Chainsaw Work, Yard Cleaning and General Labour Call Francois & Katherine 456-4755

GET RESULTS! Post a classified in 125 newspapers in just a few clicks. Reach more than 2 million people for only $395 a week for 25-word text ad or $995 for small display ad. Choose your province or all across Canada. Best value. Save over 85% compared to booking individually. or 1-866-669-9222. HOUSECLEANING, Spring Cleaning, Detailing! Safe, reliable, bondable RCMP check available on request For into call 334-7405

PAINTING DONE RIGHT! Interior/exterior, oil, staining. Professional work at reasonable rates. 17 years in Yukon. Also serving the communities. (Williamson Yukon) Phone 456-2043 or 333-0403 LANDSCAPING 25 years experience Mowing • Pruning • Edging • Trimming Fertilization program • Aeration Overseeding • Power Washing • Hauling Trail Blazing Quick, reliable service 333-9596

TITAN DRYWALL Taping & Textured Ceilings 27 years experience Residential or Commercial No job too small Call Dave 336-3865

SUPER CLEAN WINDOWS We clean eavestroughing, siding, and do pressure washing too 668-2998 or 336-0125

JOSEF GRAF PAINTING Certified Journeyman for 20 seasons Residential & Commercial Free estimates and consultations 335-2300 Master quality in the Yukon

ELECTRICIAN FOR all your jobs Large or small Licensed Electrician Call MACK N MACK ELECTRIC for a free estimate! 867-332-7879


Site Master Plan – Yukon Place (Ayamdigut Campus) Closes: Noon PST, June 18, 2014 The College requires a Site Master Plan for its operations that will help us implement our strategic directions in land planning (including the newly established reserve land), in planning for future growth (construction), in participating in community/ economic development, and in ensuring sustainability on the Yukon Place (AyamdigutCampus) site. The Plan will consider all existing operations on the site and develop recommendations with a focus on the requirements of Yukon College.

39825 Yukon inc. Complete packages are available on MERX service at www.merx. com or by emailing Procurement and Contracts at purchasing@ (867-668-8864).

Secretary and treasurer

Request for Tender

Request for Tender

The purpose of this project is as follows: LSCFN want to build a new energy efficient home.

The purpose of this project is as follows: LSCFN want to build a new energy efficient home.

Project Description:

Project Description:

LSCFN is looking to construct a new energy efficient home minimum of 1200sqft 3 bedroom home with a full basement.

LSCFN is looking to construct a new energy efficient home minimum of 900sqft 2 bedroom home with a full basement.

Bidder Qualifications

Bidder Qualifications

• Bidders should provide the following items as part of their proposal for consideration: • Description of experience in planning, building, • List of how many full time, part time, and contractor staff in your organization • Examples of 1 or more construction projects • Reference from past clients • Valid business license and WCB insurance • A full estimated plan

• Bidders should provide the following items as part of their proposal for consideration: • Description of experience in planning, building, • List of how many full time, part time, and contractor staff in your organization • Examples of 1 or more construction projects • Reference from past clients • Valid business license and WCB insurance • A full estimated plan

All proposals must include proposed costs to complete the tasks described in the project scope. Each bidder must submit 2 copies of their proposal to the address below by May 30, 2014 at 4:30pm PST.

All proposals must include proposed costs to complete the tasks described in the project scope. Each bidder must submit 2 copies of their proposal to the address below by May 30, 2014 at 4:30pm PST.

Proposal package can be picked up in LSCFN Capital Department. For further information please contact Jeremy L’Heureux, Capital Projects Manager at (867) 863-5576 ext 229.

Proposal package can be picked up in LSCFN Capital Department. For further information please contact Jeremy L’Heureux, Capital Projects Manager at (867) 863-5576 ext 229.

Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation PO box 135, Carmacks Yukon Y0B 1C0

Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation PO box 135, Carmacks Yukon Y0B 1C0

JOURNEYMAN CARPENTER/PAINTER 30 years experience No job too small. Free quotes. References available. 335-8924 Leather Repairs & Alterations Jackets, vests, seats & saddlebags Everything and anything Brent at 335-3488 KLONDIKE INSULATION Spray foam insulation Competitive Prices - Price Match Phone 867-335-6886 PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS Inner Journeying • Reiki • Energy Healing Reflexology • Flower Remedies Tune into your bodyʼs birthright, wisdom, awareness & healing Shift issues & regain your vitality Susan 660-4224 WINDOOR RECYCLER We buy & sell new & used windows & doors Have Triple Pane double & single pane vinyl, wood and metal Now carrying new oak kitchen cupboards Package deals on green house glass 333-0717 MOD CONSTRUCTION New Construction • Renovations Flooring • Siding Fencing • Decks No job too small Fast, friendly service Ticketed carpenter with Red Seal Call Reg @867-335-3690 PASCAL PAINTING CONTRACTOR PASCAL AND REGINE Residential - Commercial Ceilings, Walls Textures, Floors Spray work Small drywall repair Excellent quality workmanship Free estimates 633-6368 Licensed and Professional Automotive Repairs 20-year Journeyman Mechanic Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Call Brian Berg 867-633-6597 DREAMWEAVER SESSIONS The ultimate musical vibrational healing sound therapy. The Dreamweaver facilitates energetic balancing, deep relaxation, eases stress, & relief of physical & emotional pain. Contact Barbara/Shalandra @ 660 - 4022 for more details NORTHRIDGE BOBCAT SERVICES • Snow Plowing • Site Prep & Backfills • Driveways • Post Hole Augering • Light Land Clearing • General Bobcat Work Fast, Friendly Service 867-335-1106 S.V.P. CARPENTRY Journey Woman Carpenter Interior/Exterior Finishing/Framing Small & Medium Jobs “Make it work and look good.” Call Susana (867) 335-5957 ANGYʼS MASSAGE Mobile Service. Therapeutic Massage & Reflexology. Angelica Ramirez Licensed Massage Therapist. 867-335-3592 8 Versluce Place Whitehorse YT, Y1A 5M1 MILLENNIUM GENERAL SERVICES -Spring Yard Cleaning -Power Raking -Aerating -Cut and Vacuum -Fertilizer -Install New Lawns -General Bobcat Work Make a Reservation First-Come, First-Served 633-3404 / 334-4474 FINISHING CARPENTRY & RENOVATIONS For Clean, Meticulous & Tasteful Quality Work INTERIOR Design & organization of walk-in closets, laundry & storage room, garage Kitchen & Bathrooms, Flooring, Wood & Laminate, Stairs. EXTERIOR Decks, Fences, Insulation, Siding, Storage Shed DIDIER MOGGIA 633-2156 or cell 334-2156

3-LADDER TREE stands, 1 holds 2 people, $75-$125, 1 tripod stand, $65. 668-3381

TAIGA TILE & STONE Ceramic, porcelain, glass, slate, stone & cultured stone kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, fireplaces and exteriors 6 years in the trade Excellent references Contact Adam, 867-335-6526

ARC TERYX Bora menʼs large, good cond, older style, $150. 335-9510 Monday pm or later

Lost & Found

BLIZZARD SURVIVAL bag, never used, light weight, reusable, $75. 250-566-1346

A R M Y M U M M Y sleeping bag, $40. 250-566-1346

FOUND: 1 pair of mens reading glasses in soft case Saturday May 3rd on 2-mile hill. Call 667-6116 if yours 

BIVY BAG advanced by outdoor research, $320 new, asking $160, located in Haines Junction, 250-566-1346

Business Opportunities

HIKING BOOTS, new, Montrail Mountain Masochist, sz 10, paid $110, asking $75, running shoes, new, menʼs sz 9.5, Saucony Mirage 2, paid $110, asking $65. 668-6867

GET FREE VENDING MACHINES Can Earn $100,000.00 + Per Year. All Cash-Retire in Just 3 Years. Protected Territories. Full Details CALL NOW 1-866-668-6629. Website WWW.TCVEND.COM.

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MIYATA VINTAGE bike, lists on E-Bay for $550-$1,200, asking $350, racing bike, red, 633-6543 4 WETSUITS sizes small to large (MEC brand), great shape, paid $99 ea, asking $50 ea. 668-6867 KOKATAT TROPOS Dry Jacket, sz M, paid $160, asking $90, Kokotat Tropos Dry Pants, sz S, paid $98, asking $60, Kokotat Guides PFD, sz S, paid $220, asking $100, all in exc cond. 668-6867 ARIZONA TRAIL Complete Map Set, covers entire 800 miles, exc cond, $40. 668-6867

40 FEET chain link fence, $60. 668-2972 Do you have a horse-crazy child who would like to learn more about the care of horses and riding? Registration open now for beginner workshops for children ages 6 - 12 Workshop 1: May 23 - 25 Workshop 2: May 30 - June 1 Friday 6 - 8 Saturday and Sunday 9 - 12 Northern Tempo Equestrian Centre 633-5047 or WANTED: UNWANTED horses 3-12yrs old, no time/no luck with training, I'd be interested, prefer horses be sound/good confirmation/healthy, will make reasonable offers depending on reason for rehoming. 335-4123

Baby & Child Items CHILDRENʼS CLOTHING in excellent condition, given freely the first & third Saturday monthly at the Church of the Nazarene, 2111 Centennial. 633-4903 BABY CAR seat, newborn-12 mo, $40, auto baby swing, $50, 2-pc infant snowsuit, new, 1-pc infant snowsuit, new, all in good cond, 334-7061 for details GRACO INFANT car seat, $20, basic white crib, no mattress, $45. 334-7061

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MENʼS BIKE with childʼs Trail A Bike attachment, red menʼs bike with child carrier, pre-schooler boyʼs bike, prices negotiable, 668-4010

CHILDRENʼS BOOKS, toys of different sizes, stuffed animals, backpack, free. 633-4547



CAR SEAT, gently used for less than 5 yrs, $20. 633-5009

QUALITY YUKON MEAT Dev & Louise Hurlburt Grain-finished Hereford beef Domestic wild boar Order now for guaranteed delivery Payment plan available Samples on request 668-7218 335-5192

3-WHEEL JOGGING stroller, Expedition Sport model, pneumatic tires, exc cond, $45. 668-4082

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Sports Equipment BOWFLEX BLAZE, 1.5 yrs old, barely used, c/w free 28" LED TV still in the box, $00 obo. 335-6937 SCHWINN GT Pro, dual suspension mountain bike, like new, $300 obo. 334-4477 2 20” bicycles, good shape, fully functional, $20 ea. 633-4018 ADULT BIKE, $50, teenager bike male/female, $75, all in good driving cond, call or text 335-5426 60”X108” STIGA ping pong table, exc cond, includes paddles, balls, net, $50. 334-6908 ROME SNOWBOARD pants, sz L, great cond, used 1 yr, $40, Burton Rampant snowboard boots, sz 11, paid $300 asking $80, 32 Project boots, sz 10.5, new $330 asking $100 obo, great cond. 633-3982

REquEsT FOR PROPOsAL OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE MOBILE ABATTOIR 2014 Project Description: To provide professional slaughter service in a mobile abattoir unit that will allow inspected red meat product to reach the Yukon market place at the retail level. Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is June 18, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 - 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Kevin Bowers at (867) 667-3043. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. View or download documents at:

Energy, Mines and Resources


Yukon News

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

HORSE HAVEN HAY RANCH Dev & Louise Hurlburt Irrigated Timothy/Brome mix Small square & round bales Discounts for field pick up or delivery Straw bales also for sale 335-5192 • 668-7218 Hay & Straw For Sale Excellent quality hay Alfalfa mix 60-65lb $14.50 Timothy/grass mix 60-65 lb $14.50 Brome hay 50-55 lbs $12 Straw bales $7 Nielsen Farms Maureen 333-0615 or

PUBLIC TENDER YUKON WORKERS’ COMPENSATION HEALTH AND SAFETY BOARD BUILDING ADDITION Project Description: Construct a ten-thousand square foot addition to current building at 401 Strickland Street. Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is June 25, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 - 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Jim Stephens at (867) 667-8210. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. Bidders are advised to review documents to determine Certificate of Recognition (COR) requirements for this project. View or download documents at:

Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board

1 CARRY-ON type, baby, $30. 633-2837 LARGE PLASTIC playhouse, price negotiable, 668-4010

Furniture LOVESEAT. KROEHLER brand; high quality foam & construction. Smoke & pet-free home. Factory Scotchguard protection. L 65.5", W 35", H 35.5". Antique-type pattern w/light jade/salmon/cream colours, $290. 821-6011 DESK CHAIR $5, sewing table $10, bookshelves $10 each, coffee/end tables $10, chest drawer $10, ladies golf clubs/bag $10, glass computer table $20, 6 Carnelian Court, Copper Ridge, 633-6953

6'X4' WOOD fired cedar hot tub, seats 6, go anywhere without electricity, $2,700.00 obo, 336-1412, can deliver for a fee. See YouTube Root 66 cabin for details BOOK & misc shelves, different sizes, misc small shelves, 2 beige chairs, folding chairs, lounge chair/bed, 3 small tables, red ottoman, cream-colored ottoman, various prices, 633-4547

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BEDROOM SUITE, bed, mattress, headboard, 4 end tables, $100. 668-2626 COMPUTER DESK & black leather armchair, $100. 668-2626 BEDROOM SET, 7-piece solid hickory wood, $700 obo. 668-2972 OLDER STYLE computer desk with stand, 49x24 with stand 54”, 667-6649 DESK & table, 335-9272 MAPLE 7-DRAWER desk, $75; Maple rocking chair, $85; Duncan Phiffe double drop leaf table, $225. large unique mirror, $75. Serious inquiries only, evenings, 311B Hanson St. TWIN WARDROBE, new, $50. 633-2837 KITCHEN TABLE w/ 4 olive green leather chairs, very modern, table has black cylinder stand, $300. 633-4139

Personals CITIZENS ON PATROL. Do you have concerns in your neighborhood & community? Be part of the solution! Volunteer valuable time to the C.O.P.S. program. With your eyes & ears we can help stomp out crime. Info: RCMP 867-667-5555 ARE YOU MÉTIS? Are you registered? Would you like to be involved? There is a Yukon Metis Nation that needs your support Contact 668-6845 DRUG PROBLEM? Narcotics Anonymous meetings Wed. 7pm-8pm #2 - 407 Ogilvie St. BYTE Office FRI. 7pm-8:30pm 4071 - 4th Ave Many Rivers Office

Announcements 4 SNOWMARK all season tubeless tires, M&S P185/65R15 86ʼs, 20% worn, 667-6649

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS NOTICE is hereby given that Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of


of Carmacks, Yukon Territory, Deceased, who died on February 27, 2014, are hereby required to send them to the undersigned Executor at the address shown below, before the 16th day of June, 2014, after which date the Executor will distribute the Estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard to the claims of which they have notice. AND FURTHER, all persons who are indebted to the Estate are required to make payment to the Estate at the address below. BY: Marty Johnathon Box 75 Carmacks, Yukon Territory Y0B 1C0


Project Description: The project will provide project engagement coordination in support of Yukon Development Corporation’s ongoing evaluation of new hydro infrastructure in Yukon. Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is June 19, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 - 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Ryan Hennessey at (867) 3937075. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. View or download documents at:

Project Description: Government of Yukon is soliciting proposals for the provision of terrestrial and aquatic environmental services related to Yukon mine remediation projects. Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is June 17, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 - 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Monique Raitchey at (867) 6337966. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. This tender is subject to Chapter Five of the Agreement on Internal Trade. View or download documents at:

Interested parties are invited to submit expressions of interest relating to Historic Sites Unit, Tourism and Culture are seeking expressions of interest for the repair and restoration of a log building in a remote area near Whitehorse. Access to the site is by boat. Replacement logs are on the site and have been peeled and stacked on dunnage, however, the majority of work will be with the original logs. Historic log shaping techniques will be required using traditional hand tools. Written responses to this request should include previous experience or building and/or restoring log structures, training and/or credentials and contact information. Written submissions clearly marked with the above project title, will be received up to June 19, 2014, at Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 - 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0M2. Technical questions may be directed to Barbara Hogan at (867) 667-5386. Please note: This is not a Request for Proposal or a tender call of any type. The responses will not be ranked or used to pre-qualify or assess the respondent’s ability to provide goods or services. Interested parties may obtain the information package from or by contacting the Procurement Support Centre.

Energy, Mines and Resources

Energy, Mines and Resources

Tourism and Culture




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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Check out the Sentra some of the reasons why Nissan is



77 0





% $ APR


in the non-luxury segment.º










1.8 SL model shown




CASH DISCOUNT: Get $2,000 cash discount on the cash purchase of any new 2014 Sentra models (except Sentra 1.8 S MT, C4LG54 AA00; and includes $250 dealer participation. The cash discount is based on non-stackable trading dollars when registered and delivered between May 15 – June 2, 2014. The cash discount is only available on the cash purchase, and will be deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease or finance rates. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Conditions apply. NISSAN FINANCE Lease or Finance discount: The $3,500/$3,000 discount is available on the lease or purchase finance of a new 2014 Sentra 1.8 S, VOP Package (C4LG54 BK00), M6 Transmission/all other 2014 Sentra models (except Sentra 1.8 S MT, (C4LG54 AA00); and includes $250 in dealer participation. The discount is based on non-stackable trading dollars through Nissan Finance with standard lease or finance rates when registered and delivered between May 15 – June 2, 2014. The discount will be deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease or finance rates. Conditions apply. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Conditions apply. ≠Representative semi-monthly lease offer based on new 2014 Sentra 1.8 S (C4LG54 AA00), M6 transmission. 0% lease APR for a 39 month term equals 78 semi-monthly payments of $77 with $0 down payment, and $0 security deposit. First semi-monthly payment, down payment and $0 security deposit are due at lease inception. Prices include freight and fees. Lease based on a maximum of 20,000 km/year with excess charged at $0.10/km. Total lease obligation is $XX,XXX. $1,035 NF Lease Cash included in advertised price, applicable only on 2014 Sentra 1.8 S (C4LG54 AA00), M6 transmission through subvented lease through Nissan Finance. s Models shown $XX,XXX Selling Price for a new 2014 Sentra 1.8 SL (C4TG14 AA00), CVT transmission. Freight and PDE charges ($1,567/$1,567), provincial taxes where applicable, certain fees, manufacturer’s rebate and dealer participation where applicable are included. License, registration, insurance and applicable taxes are extra. Finance and lease offers are available on approved credit through Nissan Finance for a limited time, may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers except stackable trading dollars. Retailers are free to set individual prices. Offers valid between Offers valid between May 15- June 2, 2014. ºNissan is the fastest growing brand in the non-luxury segment based on comparison of 12-month retail sales from April 2013 to March 2014 of all Canadian automotive brands and 12-month averages sales growth. ^Based on 2014 Canadian Residual Value Award in Subcompact Car/Compact Utility Vehicle segment. ALG is the industry benchmark for residual values and depreciation data, +All information compiled from third-party sources including manufacturer websites. Not responsible for errors in data on third party websites. 12/17/2013. Offers subject to change, continuation or cancellation without notice. Offers have no cash alternative value. See your participating Nissan retailer for complete details. ©1998-2014 Nissan Canada Inc. and Nissan Financial Services Inc. a division of Nissan Canada Inc. ††


2261 Second Avenue cAll lee At 668-4436 Monday to Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm Sales OPEN Saturday 10 am to 2 pm For service on all makes call 667-4435

Yukon News, May 28, 2014  

May 28, 2014 edition of the Yukon News

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