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April 23, 2014


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Business update:

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While some businesses have closed shop, Lake Country’s economic development manager tells us there’s a major commercial project in the works. ...............................


Update District councillor Owen Dickie gives us a quick update on things happening around Lake Country. ...............................


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or over 20 years, the Kettle River, the Okanagan region’s only true fly-fishing trout stream, has been suffering fish kills. A deadly combination of low flows and high temperatures have made the rainbow trout in the river susceptible while illegal harvesting of the largest of the rainbows continues to threaten the prized sport fish. Now, after years of study to pin-point the problem, fisheries biologists and conservation groups can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are proposed regulation changes coming that could try to stop the fish kills. Reporter Kevin Parnell tells the story of the Kettle, a Kelowna man’s efforts to save it and the fisheries biologist behind the proposed changes.

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D L SO Town center. 2240 sq. ft. 4 Bdrms., 3 bath. $374,000 MLS®10068303



D L SO Apex Drive. 2940 sq. ft. 4 Bdrms., 3 bath. $618,000 MLS®10074857

D L SO Darlene Road. 2650 sq. ft. 4 Bdrms., 3 baths. $399,000 MLS®10078984



Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Lake Country CalendarL



Proposal on table for largest commercial development ever R KEVIN PARNELL

results when it comes to business development over the past year as some long-time local

The District of Lake Country has had mixed

businesses have closed and a nearby industrial area has taken a hit. But there are still

many positive signs moving ahead for the community of 12,000 including a proposal for

a large commercial development that, if approved by district council, would be the largest








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SUBARU BC’s first Subaru dealership since 1979



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ever in Lake Country. “The proponent for this project has proposed upwards of 38,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, which would make it the largest commercial development the district has ever seen,” said Ryan Roycroft, Lake Country’s economic development manager. “The project has been in the approval process for some stage as the Ministry of Transportation reviewed the file, but is now moving forward,” Roycroft said. The proposal is in the rezoning process with the next step being a public hearing where members of the public will have a chance to air concerns about the project. If approved the project would be home to several retail outlets, including three proposed food service drive-throughs and one bank drive-through. Other principal uses outlined in the proposal including an animal clinic, government services and a liquor store among the 17 outlets listed as principal use. The development is at the corner of Highway 97 and Oceola Roads, the main access to the Lakes and Carr’s Landing neighbourhoods, immediately across the street from the Tim Horton’s in Lake Country. “Appropriate development will enhance this highly visible corner, provide additional commercial/retail opportunities, offsite improvements and additional jobs and taxation revenue,” district staff wrote in a zoning amendment bylaw. For Roycroft, charged with attracting new business and helping established company’s, it’s a sign of good things to come, amidst a bit of a rocky year. “We have unfortunately seen several long-

time local businesses close, and the nearby industrial area in Kelowna has been hurt by the closure of the railway,” he said. “But increasingly, we are seeing more and more positive news in the community and council is optimistic about long term growth prospects.” Roycroft said there are other good signs for the community as it moves forward. Building permits have started to come back strongly as the district issued 8.3 million dollars in permits during the first quarter of 2014, up from 2.9 million over the same period last year, the strongest first quarter performance that the district has seen since 2010. “Best of all, those permits include single family, multi-family and new commercial development in relative balance, which is particularly good news,” said Roycroft. Lake Country is also taking a more pro-active approach to community promotion than it has in the past. The district has sent staff to three major trade shows across B.C. and Alberta to promote the community this year as part of a more active plan to bring business and tourism into the community. For the first time, the Visitors Information Centre will also be providing mobile services on a trial basis, as well as hosting a brickand-mortar site. “This summer, the district will be pushing a more active business retention and expansion program through frequent one on one business interviews and direct support where possible,” said Roycroft. “This should help council develop a deeper understanding of the local business community to best tailor programs and services to meet its needs.”

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rLake Country Calendar Wednesday, April 23, 2014 A3


Rainbow trout on alarming decline KEVIN PARNELL For the past 20 years, Kelowna angler Travis Lowe has been heading east to try his luck on the Kettle River. A picturesque and winding trout stream, the Kettle begins its 280 kilometre journey at Holmes Lake in the Monashee Mountains, flows though the Christian Valley to Westbridge where it is joined by the West Kettle, and ends at the Columbia River in Washington State. The river is home to several species of fish, including wild stock (fluvial species) rainbow trout that can grow to trophy sizes in perfect conditions. For fly-fishers who love rivers, it’s nearly as good as it gets. “In terms of a true western trout stream fly-fishing experience in our region, the Kettle River is it,” says Lowe, a long-time CHBC cameraman and the founder of the Okanagan chapter of the conservation group Trout Unlimited (see sidebar). “If you love to fly fish in a river for rainbow trout, it’s the only place in our region that offers the experience.” For two decades, Lowe has fished the Kettle, tromping through the woods to access pools and riffles where fish hold. He is passionate and obsessive about it, zeroing in on where the fish are, what they are feeding on and trying to replicate it with rod and artificial fly. But it didn’t take long for him to notice things were changing. “The fishing just kept getting worse,” he says. “There were massive die-offs. It went into this cycle of drought and fish kills. As an angler that has fished there for 20 years, I’ve seen the popu-

lations dwindle. “The thing about the Kettle is it’s in the middle of nowhere. There is no large community around it. No one is watching the place. No one seems to care.” There are many issues on the Kettle that are affecting the rainbow trout (as well as six other species of fish that are all considered species at risk). Water licenses on the river are fully allocated as area ranchers draw from the Kettle to grow crops. The draw from the ranchers lowers the water levels and combines with the Okanagan’s hot weather to heat the water to as high as 26 C, creating a deadly combination of low flows and high temperatures from about mid July to late August. It puts the fish in danger, making them sluggish, easier to target and harder to revive. There is less water for them to find relief. And the periods of intense heat and dry conditions that cause the low flow period aren’t getting any better. “The periods of low flow on the Kettle are becoming longer in duration and it’s becoming drier and hotter so these conditions are not going away,” says Tara White, the senior fish biologist for the Okanagan region. “We’ve spent almost 20 years on this system, evaluating the stock, looking at the productivity in the tributaries and we’ve nailed it down to an adult (fish) issue in terms of habitat constraints during low flow periods. “There is a lack of deep water refuge for the fish.” For the past four years, White has been working with ranchers, anglers and other stakeholders to propose new regulation changes to the Kettle River and some changes


TROUT UNLIMITED member Pete Caron enters the Kettle River to post a catch and release sign, notifying anglers of fish regulations. If proposed changes go through, the Kettle could become a catch-and-release only river. Currently there are only sections that are catch-and-release.

are coming for the 2015 fishing season. She is proposing a full closure of the river from July 15 for four to six weeks, when flows are the lowest and temperatures are the highest. Also under consideration is moving the river to a full catch-and-release river, meaning no one will be allowed to legally keep fish from the Kettle. A third option is a mixture of catch and release, similar to the way it is today. Anglers like Travis Lowe just hope it’s not too late. “It’s better late than never, but absolutely this should have been done ages ago,” says Lowe. “They knew what was going on. For a long time the problems on the Kettle were ignored and from my perspective the warning signs were there.” ••• Two years ago, as part

of her work to try and nail down the problems in the Kettle, fisheries biologist Tara White was performing a snorkel study, diving into one of the Kettle’s deep pools to count and tag fish. She counted seven fish over 40 centimetres long in this particular pool. It was located in a 26 kilometre section of the Kettle, which had been changed to a catchand-release regulation seven years prior. After tagging the large fish, she returned to the same pool a few weeks later. “I found the heads of four of those fish that we had counted and tagged in the pool,” says White. “They were illegally killed. Sometimes it’s ignorance (of the regulations) and sometimes it’s not.” The illegal harvesting of the biggest rainbow trout in the Kettle is a huge problem and always has been, as cer-

tain sectors of the population feel they should be allowed to keep and kill fish. “People think it’s a food, they caught it and should be able to keep it,” says Savas Koutsantonis, owner of Kelowna’s Trout Waters Fly and Tackle, the unofficial headquarters for fly-fishing enthusiasts in the region. “Quite a few of these guys don’t have fishing licenses either and are using illegal gear. They don’t care about the fish.” White admits the regulations as they stand are confusing. Certain sections of the Kettle are catch and release and anglers must use landmarks to note the locations. Other areas you can keep one fish a day. White says making the entire river catchand-release would simplify things. But will it stop illegal poaching?

“You will still get illegal harvesting, even with full catch-and-release,” says Koutsantonis. “You will always get illegal harvest. But what (catch-and-release) will do will reduce the overall number of fish that are being taken out of the river. “If everyone knows it’s catch-and-release it’s easier to regulate, easier for fishermen to be stewards of the river because if they see any fish caught they can say something.” Koutsantonis will be among the stakeholders who will meet near the end of this month to hear the final proposed regulation changes for the Kettle. Fisheries officials will meet with close to 20 stakeholders, from fishing clubs, guides and outfitters and other user groups. They will all get a vote on the changes before a final recommendation

is sent to the provincial government for a decision this fall. Koutsantonis is hoping the river goes full catch-and-release. “The Kettle River is the only river that is fairly close to us and it’s one that we would like to see protected,” he says. “We don’t have a selection of rivers where one could be catch-and-release and another could be one where you could keep fish.” White is hopeful the proposed summer closure will keep the fish from being harvested when they are in danger of death due to high river temperatures. She denies that government has taken too long to act and says they have been working the issue for 20 years, trying to figure out exactly what’s happening. But she does say the time for action is now if the Kettle River fishery is to be saved for future generations. “It’s been a process over the last 20 years to try and nail down the issues and the key bottle-necks in terms of the fish stock,” she says. “We know it’s not a problem with juvenile fish. There are lots of juvenile fish coming out of the tributaries. It’s a balancing act because we have guide-outfitters who make a livelihood off recreational opportunities and we have ranchers who need water. “It’s not an easy situation but it’s to a great benefit. These are big fish that can grow to Steelhead size. From a fly-fishers standpoint it’s like heaven. We want to ensure we have a recreational opportunity for years to come. Otherwise we could lose all of it.”


Watching decline of Kettle River and its trout spurs fisherman into action After years of watching the Kettle River fish stocks decline, Kelowna angler Travis Lowe thought he had better put his money where his mouth was. He had gotten so much out of the river from a personal and spiritual standpoint, he could no longer stand by

and watch it suffer in silence, especially with big agriculture moving in and taking water out of the river and after Big White Ski Resort got in line for any future water licenses that were granted on the Kettle. “I really live my life by one thing when it comes to conservation and that

is that I have no right to be on that river unless I give back to it what I take out of it,” said Lowe. “I’m adamant about living my life like that. It falls on other people to do the same thing. We cannot sit back and think the government is going to look after our natural resources. It’s the grass-

roots people who stop things.” A year before Lowe formed the Okanagan chapter of Trout Unlimited, he had invited a handful of friends to his house to watch some fly-fishing movies, to get a taste of fishing in the winter. It was the beginnings

of what would become the annual Fly Fishing Film Festival in Kelowna, the main fundraiser for Trout Unlimited with all proceeds aimed at helping the Kettle River. During the second year, Lowe moved the film festival to Cabana’s and one of the films struck a nerve. Instead

of just scenes of fish being caught, the film was about conservation efforts by Trout Unlimited in Montana. “People’s reaction to that film inspired me to start Trout Unlimited here,” he said. “I saw that conservation resonated with people and I felt some-

thing needed to be done before the Kettle River was sucked completely dry.” As the Fly Fishing film fest grew, so too did Lowe’s career as a film-maker in what he calls the micro-niche


Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Lake Country CalendarL



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Many ways to L communicate


wonder how many languages there are. I don’t mean how many different spoken/ written languages exist around the world. I can look that up on Google. Rather, how many ways do we have of communicating with each other?

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Inconvenient truths for Earth Day


arth Day 2014 will likely go down in B.C. history as less exciting than last year’s event. That was the day when, in the heat of the election campaign, NDP leader Adrian Dix announced in Kamloops that he doesn’t support the expansion of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline to its Burnaby terminal, because Vancouver shouldn’t become a “major oil port.” As of this Earth Day, it has been an oil port for exactly a century, since Imperial Oil began work on B.C.’s first refinery in 1914, in what is now Port Moody. There were no pipelines then, so crude was moved by rail or tanker. For 60 years, Trans Mountain has supplied the Chevron refinery in Burnaby that is southern B.C.’s last source of fuel. Some of the Alberta crude is piped south to be refined into fuels and some of that product is

BC Views

Tom Fletcher barged back up to B.C. to keep our traffic moving. Today the proposal to expand and upgrade that pipeline, and to build new oil and natural gas pipelines across the north, dominate B.C.’s political scene. In keeping with the educational aspect of Earth Day, here are some things you may not know about energy and the environment. • A recent National Geographic report summarizes the main sources of oil in the oceans around North America.

Media coverage focuses on tanker and pipeline spills, but they only account for eight per cent of the total. Fully 60 per cent of the oil load in North American waters is from natural seeps, where oil leaks from seafloor rock. One of the world’s largest is off Santa Barbara, California, where 20 to 25 tons flows out each day. It’s mostly consumed by oil-eating bacteria that have adapted and proliferated. The next biggest source is leakage from cars and trucks, which collects on pavement and is flushed to sea when it rains. • Earth Day is now preceded by Earth Hour, during which we are encouraged to turn out our lights to join a worldwide gesture of conservation. Many people use the occasion for a candlelight dinner. Given that B.C.’s power is nearly all from renewable hydroelectric

sources, and that the paraffin used to make candles is derived from petroleum or coal, this feelgood ritual produces an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. David Suzuki is now promoting the idea of Earth Month, an expansion of the symbolic effort designed to “raise awareness.” This is a popular notion in the climate change industry, which to date consists mostly of government officials and activists flying around the world to conferences in exotic locations to sign agreements that lead to, well, not much so far. • Unlike Earth Hour, B.C.’s carbon tax on fuels actually appears to be helping to reduce emissions. An update to provincial data is due this year, but what we have shows a 5.7 per cent decrease in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases between 2007 and 2011. Environment minis-

ters have conceded that some of this is due to the recession that struck in 2008-2009. But since the economy has recovered and begun to grow again, emissions have continued to decline. • There are simple things anyone can do, without gimmicks or government programs. One would be to stop protesting increased housing density in your community. By far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in B.C., not to mention old-fashioned pollution, is transportation. By living closer to where we work, shop and play, we can exercise our legs instead of just our gas pedal foot to get around. Tom Fletcher is legislature reporter and columnist for Black Press. Twitter: @tomfletcherbc Email:

one-sidedness and thus of an impoverishment of his human worth and personality, which, in turn, makes it forever impossible for him to interpret adequately the very masterpieces toward which he should aspire.” But then the author took a swipe at musicians in general: “Why is it unhappily true that the musician can rarely hold his own intellectually among, say, literary artists?” That characterization felt unfair. It’s like blaming Hungarians for not speaking fluent English. Or denigrating women for not being men. Yes, “literary artists” can talk intelligently about a wide range of topics. But only in words. Music, I submit, offers an example of a different language. Verbal language has a relatively limited repertoire of sounds and symbols to work with—in English,


We want to hear your opinions on issues going on in our community QThe Lake Country Calendar welcomes letters to the editor intended for publication but reserves the right to edit for brevity, clarity, legality, personal abuse, accuracy, good taste and topicality. All letters published remain the property of the the Lake Country Calendar, which is the sole judge of suitability for publication. Pen names will not be used other than in exceptional circumstances, which must first be agreed on by the Lake Country Calendar. Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. To assist in verification, addresses and telephone numbers must be supplied, but will not be published.

rLake Country Calendar Wednesday, April 23, 2014 A5


British Columbia could explore alternatives to mega oil production

No Boundaries

Kevin Parnell beyond repair. He spoke of the $32 billion it would cost to build a refinery and its related pipeline and the tanker fleet needed to ship the oil to China. He said if we don’t build a refinery, China will. If we do, he added, China will loan us all

the money to build our made-in-B.C. refinery. He said workers would make wages, as much as $80,000 to $90,000 a year, and our kids wouldn’t have to go to the tar sands in Alberta to make big money. He said so much money would be coming in, the loans from China would be paid back in as little as seven years. He spoke of building such a refinery for B.C. as a newspaperman, as opposed to one of the major oil companies— conglomerates without B.C. ownership and little care for our environment. He said Canadian technology would be used and the refinery would produce half of

the greenhouse gas emissions the same refinery would produce if built in China. A made-in-B.C. solution, he said, is much better. To that end—and if oil is the only way—I agree. But what Black didn’t mention were the impacts of continuing to rely on an oil-based economy. There was no mention of global warming and its disastrous effects on the world. There was no talk about alternative energies or a need to find new ways of doing things. The choice that Black laid out to a pro-business crowd at the Kelowna chamber (you could hear the “Wow’s”) came down

to two things: Oil or oil. Refined or crude. If oil is the only way to go, then Black’s idea to refine it in B.C. and ship it to China seems a better answer. It will create jobs, stimulate the economy and give our province a boost on the world stage. But is it the only way to go? The answer is no. There are other options. There are new technologies, innovative ideas, new ways of moving forward that can take us away from the oil-based economy the United Nation’s top scientists are warning against. This month the United Nations reported

Too literal interpretation of ‘In the beginning was the word’ TAYLOR FROM A4

.a 26-character alphabet, a handful of punctuation marks, and 40plus phonetic sounds. Instead, music has pitch, duration, rhythm, and tone. A grand piano has 88 defined notes; a violin or a voice can create infinite variations. (And, 5in inexpert hands, often does.) Written words cannot define rhythm or pacing; written music can. In addition, music can flavour its message by its choice of instruments. A violin is not a trombone is not a xylophone. Instruments add colour, just as paint does; the late Nelson Riddle’s inspired arrangement of “Life is just a bowl of cherries” set the mood with a tuba solo. Add the possibilities of harmony, and I suggest that music may be a more sophisticated form of expression than mere words. I could probably make a similar argument for the use of colour, canvas, and brush stroke in painting; shape and tex-

ture in sculpture; posture, control, and movement for dance. Body language is often overlooked. Skilled actors can carry on entire conversations on stage without saying a word. I’m a wordsmith. I can recognize nuances in word choices that escape others’ notice. But I’m clueless at reading body

language. I misinterpret some body signals; I miss other signals completely. And intuition? I wish I could recognize it. Anthropologists say that worship has been a central act of humans as long as humans have been around. But at least in my religious tradition, worship leans heavily on spoken words, sup-

plemented with a limited range of music. It tends to ignore all other possible “languages” by which humans communicate with each other. And with God. Perhaps we have interpreted too literally the text, “In the beginning was the word.” It seems to me just as

arrogant to believe that there is only one language for expressing ultimate truths as to insist that those truths belong to only one political perspective, one gender, one social culture, or one religion. Jim Taylor lives in Lake Country.

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that between 2000 and 2010, man-made greenhouse gas emissions ballooned more quickly than in any of the three previous decades and warned this dangerous interference with climate will have dire effects. Those effects are already being seen around the globe as major weather catastrophes are happening with alarming frequency. Our reliance on oil and the dangerous emissions it puts into the air have put us on a collision course with disaster. As a country, Canada should be leading the charge to find new alternatives. We should be leading the fight for our planet, not continuing to exploit it for the all powerful dollar.

As a reporter in Black’s stable of papers, it’s my duty to ask questions, raise concerns and let the public decide for themselves. I believe in this paper and its ability to tell people’s stories and provide more depth to the news than what is currently being generated in this age of what could be called surface-journalism. And there is no bigger, no more important questions that needs to be raised: Is this the way to go? Can we stop global warming? Can we find alternative energies? Can we change the world? The answers aren’t as easy to come by. But we need to start asking the questions. newsroom

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istening to David Black speak in Kelowna last week, it was hard not to get behind his idea of a made-in-B.C. oil refinery that would create thousands of jobs for the hard-done-by communities of Kitimat and Terrace, sparking the B.C. economy and bringing in millions, if not billions of dollars from China. Black, who owns this newspaper and hundreds of others in communities around B.C., spoke about the differences between refined and crude oil. He said refined oil, and its products of gas and diesel, evaporate in an ocean spill, while crude oil sinks and damages coastal ecosystems

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Lake Country CalendarL



Winfield & District Minor Hockey Association Annual General Meeting Wednesday, 2014 May 4,May 20117, • 7pm Wed., 2014 Carrs Landing Room,

9830District Bottom Wood Lake Rd. of Lake Country Winfield Curling Club – Upstairs

municipal building

Time: 7:00 pm

IMPORTANT AGENDA ITEMS: • Positions for election The agenda for this AGMPresident will include: 1st Vice (2 yr. term) - Report of the Directors Treasurer (2 yr. term) - Presentation of Coach Coordinator (2 yr. term) financial statements -Junior Election of Directors Director (2 yr. term) (Executive Committee)

TROUT Unlimited

Okanagan founder Travis Lowe at work as a fly-fishing filmmaker. He is currently working on a film for Pategonia Inc. about the search for a world record brook trout and is contemplating a future film in Russia.

2 Positions for Member at Large (2 yr. term)


2 year term

• Financial Report Presentation 2nd Vice President 2 year term Treasurer Every Minor Hockey family has1ayear voteterm and is (up for re-election for 2 year term in 2015) eligible to run for a position on2the executive. Coach Coordinator year term Junior Director

This chance to be heard. (up is for YOUR re-election for 2 year term in 2015) Come out #2 & speak 2up! Member at Large year term For further information go:

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International filmmaker works in own backyard TROUT FROM A3 industry of fly fishing movie making. His documentary Thai One On, about fishing

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in Thailand was featured in the festival last year. He is currently filming another fly-fishing documentary in Argentina about the search for a world-record Brook Trout and is regularly called to film corporate shoots for the fly-fishing industry around the world.

This year the 6th Annual Fly Fishing Film Festival has grown again and will take place in the historic Laurel Packinghouse on May 2. Lowe has again teamed with the world-renowned F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour, who will bring in the films. The Laurel will al-

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low for more tickets to be sold to the event, which had regularly sold out. There are many tickets left and fishermen and women are urged to come out and support Trout Unlimited, which has raised close to $30,000 for the Kettle with a goal of getting to $60,000. “This is everything for us, it’s the number one fundraiser for the year and how we make our money,” said Lowe. “All the money goes to habitat conservation. For me, my own ethics makes me do this. For other people I just hope they come to the film festival and they can buy a trout a clean drink of water because that’s what this is all about.” Tickets to the film festival are at Trout Waters Fly and Tackle or at the door on May 2, beginning at 5 p.m. with the first film at 8 p.m. —Kevin Parnell

rLake Country Calendar Wednesday, April 23, 2014 A7


News from Lake Country District: Sign up for Adopt-a-Road, community garden ELECTION YEAR 2014 is a municipal election year so come November you will have the opportunity to voice your satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with District of Lake Country mayor and councillors. After careful consideration of the workload, the new four-year term and discussions with my wife Marj, I have decided that, barring unforeseen circumstances, I will run


Councillor’s Report

Owen Dickie

for re-election as Oyama Ward Councillor.

All the signage has been upgraded along Pelmewash Parkway and the barriers at the north end are certainly more visible with 30 km/hr signs installed at exiting and for the curve entering the highway. At the south end, signs for “merge ahead” have been added on both Pelmewash Parkway and the new highway. The berm at the south end has not yet been removed

but that is to be done in the later spring when conditions are drier.


Most of us have noticed the litter and debris along Pelmewash Parkway. With the new highway and the reclassification of the old one, litter clean up by the provincial contractor is once every six months which, by the look of some of the litter in the ditches is

twice as often as the contractor was doing it. Last year I suggested developing an Adopt-ARoad program and while it is still in the organizational stage, it may be coming. Pelmewash Parkway is still owned by the provincial government and we are working with them to get permission set up the program on their land. We are anticipating that they will agree.

If you, your family, your business or an organization you belong to would be interested in adopting a section of Pelmewash Parkway, please email me at or call 250 548 3837 so we can gauge interest in the idea and begin organizing areas. The more who sign-up, the less each of us have to do.


The response to the garden has been amazing from both gardeners and our business community. So many people have wanted spaces that the plans have expanded from 20 plots to 30. There are a few spaces left so if you are interested contact Marj at 250548-3837 or oyamacommunitygarden@gmail. com.

Spring conditions in the backcountry make ATV riding more hazardous


Lake Country emergency crews responded to an accident on Saturday afternoon, April 19, in the Carr’s Landing


down an embankment on Saturday afternoon. The rider was traveling with a group of other riders off Forest

Hills Road. Lake Country firefighters as well as ambulance responded to the scene.

Ten firefighters and two ambulances were called to the scene and the woman was taken to hospital.

Conditions for travel in the backcountry are challenging with the spring melt happening, causing some trails to be

very tough to navigate. Riders are urged to take the proper caution and stay on trails.

Scam artists eager to get your information

Area police have received several complaints of various phishing scams recently and are warning the public to take a few precautions in order to protect their personal and financial information. Local police have received reports of the Microsoft Scam, Canada Revenue Scam and Scareware. All three of these scams are specifically designed to target your personal or financial information in order to take your hard-earned money away from you. n The Microsoft Scam consists of an out-ofthe-blue cold-call from a person claiming to represent a well-known brand, such as Microsoft, advising the victim that they


area of Lake Country. According to reports, a female ATV rider was injured when the ATV she was riding went

have detected a computer problem, infection or virus on their computer. The scam revolves around getting remote access to the victim’s computer in order to demonstrate where the “problems” are and convince the victim to pay a fee for a service that will “fix” the computer despite the fact that there is probably nothing really wrong with it. In the process, your credit card information is compromised as well as your computer, which is a potential fountain of information. The Canada Revenue Scam also begins with a cold-call, or it could be email or a letter fraudulently claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The scam asks you to verify your personal information, such as a social insurance, credit card, bank account, and passport numbers, in order to receive a refund or benefit payment. Providing your personal information will not get you a refund or payment and will only serve to compromise your credit. Scareware or Ransomware is a pop-up message stating that your computer has been frozen or will be frozen unless you pay. The message is designed to create shock and anxiety so that you will respond by

sending money quickly. Your computer will not be unlocked if you pay the money and you will never get your money back. Don’t fall victim to scams. For further information on the Canada Revenue Scam, please go the CRA website at http:// bwr-eng.html For more information on phishing and other frauds and scams, please go to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website at

•4 bedroom, 4 bath •Approximately 2282 sq ft! •Beautiful pastoral views •Family and pet friendly MLS® 10079080 $375,000

2611 Stillwater Way

Valleyview Dignity Memorial

Proudly offering reward miles on all pre-arrangements

Valleyview Funeral Home 165 Valleyview Road • 250-765-3147

is proud to introduce to you...

A get-away is great, but home is more than a place. Home is peace of mind. That’s what Hampton offers. We know peace of mind is valuable. The Hampton was designed with your comfort in mind. We thought of everything from upgrading the insulation for your comfort, to a one-piece molded front cap for extra durability, to enclosing the underbelly to seal the floor. We made your home better.

Please feel free to contact us and we will help you find the correct floorplan to suit your needs.!

OPEN SUNDAY 1-3PM 10742 Quail Road

For us, there is no higher honour than to be chosen to bring loved ones, friends and a lifetime of memories together of a Aron Meier in celebration Glen Whittaker special life. Assistant Manager Funeral Director


•Panoramic pond views •2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, ground floor •Built in 2008, approximately $17,000 in upgrades MLS®10074543 $262,000


Prices starting at


$ 3732 Hwy 97, Kelowna, BC

250-807-2898 • 1-888-456-1808

250-766-3100 • 1-866-488-3101




7840 Hwy 97N, Winfield, BC

Aly Powers


Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Lake Country CalendarL



UBC’s new president impressed with all that’s been done at Okanagan campus ALISTAIR WATERS

nine-year history. Arvind Gupta was introduced as UBC’s 13th president and vice-chancellor in March at events in Vancouver and Kelowna. Gupta told a gathering at the UBC Oka-

The new president of the University of British Columbia says he’s impressed by what the Okanagan campus of the university he is about to lead has done in its short

Calendar Lake Country

Notaries Public www.lakecountry



Your reliable alternativ to a lawyer


Proudly Serving Winfield, Oyama, Okanagan Centre and Carrs Landing since 1951 next to Tim Hortons

March 12, 2014

Inside Highway 97

Regular users of the access and egress to the new section of Highway 97 bypassing Oyama want the ministry of transportation to take another look at how vehicles get onto and off the highway on either end of

and ice SKATINGthe only

fishing are not on sports to be enjoyed the ice of Wood Lake when it’s frozen on solid and safe to be as evidenced by these two having fun with their Flexifoil traction kites.

Pelmewash Parkway. 2 ...............................



that The last faint hope Ashland Chemicals might be able to stay as in business has died the hope of reopening the Kelowna Pacific fades Railway line away. 3 ...............................

Coroner’s report

’s Citizen of 2013 Bev March Lake Country

the death of hunter Tracy Darren De Montezuma has been a ruled accidental by B.C. coroner. 3 ...............................

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She in Lake Country. the at a personal plaque at began volunteering A volunteer with the Bank Oceola Fish and Game the Winfield Food Lake Country commun- Club’s annual banquet in in 1987, before Lake Lake ity food bank, the February. Country was incorporthere Country senior’s centre The Sax Koyama ated, and she is still and the Winfield Hosis presented anapprecimuch Award providing been pital Auxiliary has nually to a Lake Country ated assistance to Phylis named Lake Country who has shown on.  citizen Macphers Citizen of the Year. an outstanding contribuBev assists with the t Bev Marsh was reprotion with direct benefi Citmeals and catering cently named 2013 Sax to the community. gram at Lake Counizen of the Year and Besides being a busy Centre; and Seniors’ try recipiBev ed Koyama Award and great grandma, has been on the Winfi Fish in the since ent by the Oceola Hospital Auxiliary Mayor is very involved and Game Club.  with life of the community Baker presented her

a pa r

Maintenance Free,

(Just turn west at


7 col x 3” (10.33”)

* Plus eEdition fee & GST

of the

Fully Landsc

Tim Horton’s, on


45 65 $ 80 $ 125 $





adult community

Lawn & Garden Feature May 28

Women Business in

M a y

1 4

Jane Smith

let people know who you are, and what you do

Registered Home Care Nurse

Don’t Miss Out on this Opportunity!

Women in Business May 14


Prices are based on a weekly advertising commitment and will be adjusted depending on the frequency

For further information or if you have any questions please contact...

Sheri Jackson Advertising Representative 250-864-1259 • 250.979.7323 Email:

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On Wednesday, May 14, the Lake Country Calendar will be publishing their annual “Women in Business” feature. This very popular section is a showcase for successful business women in Lake Country, and will feature local business editorial highlighting the business spirit of women in the Lake Country community.

Publishes May, June & July

(other sizes & formats available)

4 col x 3”

Year by Mayor James


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Lake Country’s Citizen Baker.


12-4 Thu-Mon 11-4, Tue-Wed Show Home open Lake Country 13075 Lake Hill Drive, in Winfield)

Starting Wednesday, May 28 th the Lake Country Calendar will be publishing a weekly Lawn & Garden feature, which will include full colour, editorial content, and advertising opportunities.

3 col x 3”

one. Her family and volunbeen teering have always a high priority to Bev, it’s and the district say a fortunate to have such citdedicated, involved izen in Lake Country.

,900 - $549,900 Homes From $379 aped Lot


2 col x 2.5”

help2006 in addition to ing out at baby clinics and flu clinics. Bev is cheerful, energetic and a hard worker, always dedicated, happy anyand willing to help

l features: oAdmultinLivgingspecia c ive Act p u e s e t of th



nagan campus he is impressed not only with the campus itself, but also by the work and commitment of its faculty and the spirit of its students. “It’s evident we’re going to succeed here,” said Gupta, who will official-

Deadline May 6

Sit lor incilla feu feuguer ad diamet enissectem quis nos dipsusto od modigna am nis ate elent ad dit irilit aut vercincing ea faccum iniat. Sit lor incilla feu feuguer ad diamet enissectem quis nos dipsusto od modigna am nis ate elent ad dit irilit aut vercincing ea faccum iniat. Sit lor incilla feu feuguer ad diamet enissectem quis nos dipsusto od modigna am nis ate elent ad dit irilit aut vercincing ea faccum iniat. Sit lor incilla feu feuguer ad diamet enissectem quis nos dipsusto od modigna am nis ate elent ad dit irilicilla feu feuguer ad diamet enissectem quis nos dipsusto od modigna am nis ate elent ad dit irilit aut vercincing ea faccum iniat. Sit lor incilla feu feuguer ad diamet enissectem quis nos dipsusto od modigna am nis ate elent ad dit irilit aut vercincing ea faccum iniat. Sit lor incilla feu feuguer ad diamet enissectem quis nos dipsusto od modigna am nis ate elent ad dit irilit aut vercincing ea faccum iniat ad dit irilit autw.

Home Care Services

1234 Address Street, Winfield 250-000-0000 •

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ly take over from the departing Stephen Toope in July. Toope, who is leaving to head the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs after eight years leading UBC, was credited by Gupta in his remarks for moving UBC from what he called a regional powerhouse to an international powerhouse. Gupta deferred questions about his vision for the university until after he has had a chance to settle in and talk with students, staff and faculty at both campuses about where they see the university going. But he did note that what’s key is preparing young people for the jobs of the future, jobs he said that may not even be known yet. “But I think universities are in a perfect position to look ahead and see where we are going,” he said. During his remarks in Kelowna, Gupta noted the pride he saw in people here during a recent vacation when it came to talking about the fact UBC has a campus in the Okanagan. “People here talk with pride about having the

Kelowna Regional Transit

Open House We want to hear from you. BC Transit is working with Kelowna Regional Transit partners on service changes starting on August 31. We want to hear your feedback on the proposed schedules and routes. Visit us at: Wednesday, April 30 4:00 – 8:00 pm Westbank Library, 31 – 2484 Main Street Thursday, May 1

4:00 – 8:00 pm

Orchard Park Mall (in the Bay wing), 2271 Harvey Avenue


Visit to complete our online survey.

City of Kelowna District of West Kelowna District of Lake Country Westbank First Nation District of Peachland Regional District of Central Okanagan



INCOMING UBC president Arvind Gupta talks with first-year marketing student Suresh Kumar following Gupta’s introduction at the UBC Okanagan campus Wednesday afternoon. university in their community,” said Gupta, a renowned expert in research and innovation policy who has forged close collaborations between universities, civil society and business. He said that is not the same in Vancouver. “You don’t hear people in the grocery story (in Vancouver) saying they are proud UBC is there,” said Gupta. He said that sense of pride felt here is something the university can build on and it shows how connected the university is to the community. Gupta is a UBC computer science professor and is currently chief executive officer and scientific director of Mitacs, a not-for-profit organization recognized internationally for nurturing the next generation

of research and business-savvy innovators. His five-year term as president will start on July 1. The UBC board of governors made the appointment following a year-long international search by a 22-member search committee comprising faculty, staff, students, alumni, senate and board members from UBC’s Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, and chaired by UBC chancellor Sarah Morgan-Silvester. “As a member of the UBC community, I know how great a responsibility and honour this is,” said Gupta. “I have the privilege of taking the baton from Professor Toope, who has guided UBC to a strong position. We have exciting days ahead and I relish the opportunity.”

Gupta was welcomed to the position by both the UBC board chairman John Montalbano and the university’s deputy vice-chancellor and principal of the Okanagan campus Deborah Buszard. “It’s a great day and I’m excited,” said Buszard, adding she was looking forward to working with Gupta and learning from him. Telling him remarkable progress has been made here by the university since it opened in Kelowna in 2005, Buszard said she was excited by the opportunities that lay ahead for the UBCO campus. For his part, Gupta said he was committed to coming here as much as possible and meeting with administration, faculty, staff and students. And he urged them to contact him to set up meetings. “I want to hear from you all,” he said. An internationally recognized university, and the largest university in B.C., UBC has more than 58,000 students and 15,000 faculty and staff at its Vancouver campus and 8,500 students and 1,400 faculty and staff in Kelowna. The university has an annual budget of $2.2 billion and makes an estimated $12.7 billion annual contribution to the B.C. economy.

rLake Country Calendar Wednesday, April 23, 2014 A9


It’s time to focus on a healthy lawn so it won’t soak up so much water


hile irrigation of lawns accounts for much of the 24 per cent of valley water used for outdoor residential irrigation, this can be reduced for existing lawns and new ones. Now is the perfect time to feed turf-grass and build up the soil by spreading a one inch layer of organic matter such as Nature’s Gold, well-rotted manure, or compost over your lawn. It will decompose to form new, nutrient-rich soil which in turn feeds your lawn all season long. There won’t be the spike of fast growth, needing more water and more mowing, that chemical fertilizers create. Mulch helps retain moisture. If soil is poor, mulching may be done in fall as well as spring to improve soil faster. Aeration improves water penetration. If you aerate before mulching the mulch will fill the holes. By the time you are ready to mow, the mulch will have settled below mower blades. For more tips on reducing water use on your lawn check Now is a good time to get rid of some lawn not needed for activities. This will reduce main-


Gwen Steele Natural Gardens

topsoil. When laying out the lawn, make sure the shape is easy to mow and will require a minimum amount of trimming. A hard surface mowing edge for the lawnmower wheel eliminates trimming. Make sure the shape fits the sprinkler area so no water is wasted. A shaded lawn needs

our climate than traditional Kentucky bluegrass. Seed and sod need regular watering to get established. Once established they need much less water. To learn more about how you can garden successfully in the Okanagan, and reduce water

use and maintenance time and costs, I invite you to attend my Introduction to the Seven Principles of Xeriscape class. There will be practical information for making changes to an existing landscape, as well as for creating a new landscape and for those who

are new to gardening in the Okanagan. I use photos to illustrate the principles of design and planning, soil improvement, practical turf areas, efficient irrigation, use of mulch, good

maintenance, and appropriate plant selection. Dates: Wednesday, April 23 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Details and registration at or call 250-762-6018.

Winfield United Church 3751 Woodsdale Road  250-766-4458 Sunday Worship and Children’s Church

9:50 a.m. Everyone Welcome! Minister: Jim Hannah JEAN RUSSELL/BLACK PRESS

WHILE deer will browse your roses, your lawn needs

feeding now to not soak up so much water in summer.

tenance time (mowing and trimming) as well as reduce your water bill. Begin with removing lawn where it is difficult to maintain: on slopes, under trees, on sandy soil, in hard to mow or hard to water areas and in very hot, dry places. If you are making a new lawn, take care to locate it on the flat, on at least six inches of good


What question would you like a qualified professional to answer?

less water than one in full sun, so put them on different irrigation zones. Eco-Turf Farms has a water-wise Eco-Smart turf if you are laying sod. Enviro-turf and Ecolawn are two brands of drought-tolerant lawn seed mixes. Both have deep-rooted fescue grasses that are much better adapted to

THRIFT SHOP OPEN: Tues. - Sat., 10:00 to 2:00 Thrift Shop Phone: 250-766-3387

Winfield Community Church Sunday Morning Service for All Ages

10:15 a.m. 9460 GLENMORE ROAD 250-766-2753

To advertise your church services, special religious events & celebrations, please email or call 250-766-4688

Calendar Lake Countr y

Proudly Serving

Cam Manning

Ken Goodwin

With nearly 100 Habitat for Humanity ReStores across Canada, donating to a ReStore is a socially conscious decision, as funds generated are used to fund Habitat homebuilding projects. As well, shopping at a ReStore is an environmentally conscious decision, as much of what is sold is product that is new, gently used or customer returns that would otherwise end up in a landfill! ReStores accept a wide range of new and gently used items. Commonly donated items include windows, doors, paint, hardware, lumber, tools, lighting fixtures, furniture and appliances. Also, make sure you check with our local thrift stores to see if you have items they resell that way your donation stays in the community! To contact your nearest ReStore store call 778-7754346. 1793 Ross Road, West Kelowna, BC.


When is the best time to sell your home?

I’m a big believer in Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Boards statistics. A 10 year average in Lake Country shows June has the highest number of sales for single family homes. Approx 75% of the single family home sales in Lake Country occur between the months of April & September. The listing price to sale price percentage is typically a little higher in the first half of the year meaning that the earlier in the year your home is on the market the better the chance you have of seeing it SOLD for closer to your asking price. This indicates this The other factor to consider is Average Days on the Market. In Q&A is good to go. 2013, single family home sales in Lake Country saw a days to sell median of 85-90 days. You definitely want your home on the market for the months of March, April, and May, that’s 90 days; this will get your home the best exposure in the peak time when buyers historically are looking. Exposure, price, location and marketing get your home here in Lake Country SOLD. Our office has already started off with more sales and much more activity than this time last year.


778-363-0533 • 250-766-0535


Dr. Neil Brown

Professional Realtor ®


I am renovating my house and don’t want to take some of the cupboards and doors to the landfill as they are still in great shape. Where can I take them to be recycled?

Winfield, Oyama, Okanagan Centre and Carrs Landing since 1951

Cam 250-863-9511



How are Custom Foot Orthotics (CFOs) different from orthotics purchased OverThe-Counter (OTC)? CFOs can only be considered custom if your feet were physically casted with plaster, inserted into a foam box, or scanned electronically. CFOs are also known as functional foot orthotics because they aim to improve and correct your unique biomechanics during walking or running. This is accomplished with a rigid plastic polymer or graphite device. They can also be calibrated to your weight and shoe size. Conversely, OTC orthotics are pre-made devices made with material varying from plastic to cork to foam and designed to be accommodating – minimizing changes to your foot function while providing comfort and protection. They can be a worthwhile, inexpensive investment for those needing less correction. While CFOs are well known to help pronators with flat feet in need of greater arch support, they have also been proven to treat heel and forefoot pain of various causes. By distributing pressure more evenly through the bottom of your foot they can also decrease the likelihood of calluses, nerve pain, and diabetic foot ulcers. Numerous modifications of different materials can also be added to different areas of CFOs to treat corresponding foot ailments.

25-1710 Ellis Street Kelowna, BC 778-484-2284

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Lake Country CalendarL



Nepal project has implications for Okanagan water management JOHN JANMAAT

pal through Sustainable Storage Development, was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). CIDA no longer exists as an independent agency, having been integrated into the department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. This places support for international development more directly


I have been participating in a partnership project involving the Nepal office of the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the Okanagan Sustainability Institute (OSI) at UBC Okanagan. The project, titled Preparing for an Uncertain Water Future in Ne-

under ministerial control, and integrates that support with other foreign policy goals of the Canadian government. Nepal is a small country sandwiched between India on the south and China on the north. Its northern border joins some of the highest peaks in the world, including Sagarmatha (Everest), the world’s highest at 8,516 meters.   Nepal is a small coun-

Don’t Harbour a Fugitive

The Choice is Yours! $300 - fine for an unlicensed dog or

$20-$80 - cost for a dog license Licenses available at all local government offices, RDCO Dog Pound (890 Weddell Place) or SPCA branch (3785 Casorso Rd.)

ZERO TO L E R ANCE for do g w it h o s ut a li c e n s e!

Licensed dog owners receive the

Rewards Card Rewards NEW card

Visit for details and to view the NEW Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw

Hello! We have some exciting features coming in May in the Lake Country Calendar. The ‘Weekly Lawn & Garden’ feature and our annual ‘Women in Business’. These are two well read products, both with great exposure and affordable pricing.



esd ay , Ma y 28


Starting We dn Calendar will be the Lake Country feature, kly Lawn & Garden publishing a wee l content, full colour, editoria which will include opportunities. and advertising & Pricing Example Sizetss availa ble) (other sizes & forma

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Women Business in

M a y

1 4

2 0 1 4

hing their annual Calendar will be publis ss women 14, the Lake Country ase for successful busine On Wednesday, May ar section is a showc feature. This very popul ial highlighting the “Women in Business” e local business editor featur will and ry, unity. in Lake Count Lake Country comm the in n wome of business spirit you are, let people know who and what you do

Jane Smith

Registered Home Care Nurse

m quis nos ad diamet enissecte Sit lor incilla feu feuguer nis ate elent ad dit irilit aut am feuguer ad dipsusto od modigna iniat. Sit lor incilla feu vercincing ea faccum nos dipsusto od modigna am quis diamet enissectem ea faccum iniat. irilit aut vercincing monis ate elent ad dit quis nos dipsusto od incilla m enissecte lor ad diamet g ea faccum iniat. Sit Sit lor incilla feu feuguer am nis ate ad dit irilit aut vercincin digna am nis ate elent enissectem quis nos dipsusto od modigna dipsusto od feu feuguer ad diamet feuguer ad diamet enissectem quis nos iniat. Sit lor feu elent ad dit irilicilla vercincing ea faccum elent ad dit irilit aut od modigna am dipsusto nos modigna am nis ate quis diamet enissectem incilla feu feuincilla feu feuguer ad aut vercincing ea faccum iniat. Sit lor ate elent ad irilit od modigna am nis nis ate elent ad dit m quis nos dipsusto dit irilit autw. guer ad diamet enissecte g ea faccum iniat ad dit irilit aut vercincin

Home Care Services

your be recognized for all ents business accomplishm

I am eager to be a part of the great community of Lake Country. If you would like to advertise in the Lake Country Calendar, I will be more than happy to assist you; please don’t hesitate to call me at 250-979-7323. I look forward to meeting with you and helping with your marketing needs.

170 words to share your business story

l 69.6” on4.6”x3

14 : Wednesday, May Publication date May 6 Deadline: Tuesday,

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(MJHPTZY\JJPQ^Ć^JWX (MJHPTZY\JJPQ^Ć^JWX (MJHPTZY\JJPQ^Ć^JWX (MJHPTZY\JJPQ^Ć^JWX AND AND SAVE! SAVE! Browse flyers from your favourite national and local retailers



Browse flyers from your favourite national and local retailers Browse flyers fromyour yourfavourite favourite national and local retailers Browse flyers from national and local retailers

Browse flyers from your favourite national and local retailers


tising Respresent

Sheri Jackson

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is slightly higher at about 1,300 meters. From Calgary, the 2,970-metre peak of Mount Cornwall is just over 70 kms away, while from Kathmandu, the 7,104 metre peak of Pabil is almost 80 kms away.   The fact that Pabil rises almost four kms farther up substantially changes the horizon. Nepal is a developing country, with more than 26 million people in an area that is less than five times the size of Vancouver Island, or about two and a half times the size of Nova Scotia.   It has a gross domestic product (GDP) of about $1,200 per capita, when measured in terms of purchasing power (less than $750 at currency exchange rates). Here in British Columbia, our per cap-

ita GDP is more than $47,000. Nepal’s population has been growing at close to two per cent per year for most of the 21st century, with a drop during the civil war in 2009.   Life expectancy is less than 70 years, and more than 40 per cent of the population is illiterate.   It also falls in the worst 30 per cent of countries in terms of corruption. Life expectancy in Canada is over 80 years, and we rank in the top five per cent of the least corrupt countries. Nepal has abundant water resources, having 7,296 m3 per person per year of renewable water. The U.S. has renewable water of 9,847 m3  and Canada has 87,255 m3.   SEE WATER A11

Kelowna Shelter 3785 Casorso Road

250-861-7722 Featured Retailers

Featured Retailers

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250-864-1259 Email: sales@lakeco

sea level, draining part of the Tibetan plateau. This elevation change occur over distances of less than 200 kilometers, the most extreme on Earth. The images show a horizon, simulated by Google Earth, as viewed from about 800 meters above Calgary and above Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.   Calgary sits at about 1,100 meters above sea level, while Kathmandu

Featured Retailers


Winfield 1234 Address Street, 250-000-0000 • www.h

try, less than 900 kilometers long and less than 200 wide. Along the southwest border with India, elevations range between 60 and 180 meters above sea level, while most of the northern border with China is above 4,000 meters, sometimes substantially so.  The cordillera is punctuated in a couple of places by deep canyons, the floors of which are only 2,000 meters above

Featured Retailers

name your business logo, ation and contact inform


A VILLAGE in the rural countryside of Nepal.

Featured Retailers

Visit Visit flyers. deals.savings savings tips. coupons. deals. tips. Visit

Domestic Short Hair Cross Sex: Male Colour: Orange Tabby Spayed/Neutered: Yes Age: Adult Animal ID: 330225

Hi there, if you like Sweet Potatoes then you will really like me, that is because that’s my name. I got my name for my colour and my sweet disposition. Make sure you come and visit and get in your pets as I won’t last long. If you want to meet me, please ask the Staff at the Kelowna SPCA.

Sweet Potato

rLake Country Calendar Wednesday, April 23, 2014


measure 27.Parka 28.Pulls 29.Prune’s start 30.Diminish 31.Deli breads 32.Resound 39.Schooner

48.Black stone 49.Shelley poem 50.Beam 51.Bar beverage 53.Payable 54.Clod 55.Situate

Like Nepal, climate change will likely reduce winter snowfalls here, affecting water volume


about water manageation across departments, ment in the Okanagan overlapping and confusHowever, Nepal lacks by working with people ing jurisdiction, public Copyright © 2014, Penny Press the resources to both in Nepal? apathy and ignorance— NEPAL IS A make full use of the In spite of the subsound surprisingly fam2. Convertible, 36.Unfinished ACROSS MOUNTAINOUS water it has and to prostantial differences beiliar. 1. quality Bio. class COUNTRY WITH tect the of that 37.Function tween Nepal and Can-e.g. And, fundamentalBlow your systems 4. Cherished one 38.Letter SNOWFALL water. ada, there are some3.simily, people in Nepal and In8.urban areas, water 40.Unkempt larities that stand out.  own hornSERVING AN people here in the OkaExchange supplies are often inadNepal is a mountainnagan are looking for 4. Off one’sIMPORTANT ROLE 42.Unaccompanied 12.“____ Man ANSWER TO PUZZLE NO. equate and not safe to 43.Dobbin’s ous country with snowways to707 sustain and enfeed in Havana” IN SUSTAINING drink. During the monfall serving an importhance their quality of life 5. Casino cube morsel pitchdam- ant DRY SEASON soon,13.Sales flooding and role in sustaining dry in a complex, changing Switch singer ow.6. 14.Head covering age to infrastructure can 45.Choir season streamfl   world.   STREAMFLOW. 49.Voiced be substantial. Like the Okanagan,settings Over the next few 15.Most secure Rentsment out intervention aimed months I hope to pro52.Taking on as will7.likely Months later, many climate change 17.Type of ant one’s snowfall own at helping Nepali comcommunities face water reduce vide a bit more detail on value 18.For takeout: munities has sometimes shortages. crease rainfall, leading to the ways I think working 56.Salvador ____ 9. Conflict 2 wds. had serious unintended Within this context, 57.Hawaiian higher spring (monsoon) in Nepal has provided feast 10.Focus consequences, a story not insights valuable to water our project sought to peaks and less water dur19.Piece of turf 58.Waterless 11.Interfere unfamiliar in Canada.  help 21.Chooses identify those storing low flow periods.   management here in the 59.Gazed 16.Soldier’sMany of the challenage technologies that NepaliatcommunOkanagan. 25.Answer 60.Departed would best help rural ities, like communitiesshoe ges that Nepali academJohn Janmaat is a 29.Related Nepali people sustain 61.Gender throughout the world, UBCO professor with the 20.Tryingics and government ofsound ficials identify—lack of their33.Dove livelihoods in the struggle to find ways toexperience Department of Economics communication between at the I.K. Barber School of face of the many challenwork together on pro34.Deposit eggs DOWN 22.Tropical ANSWERS lack of co- PUZZLE ges that confront them. 1. jects valuable to the fruit disciplines,CROSSWORD Arts and Sciences. 35.Location USE AMERICAN SPELLING Misplaced ordination and cooperWhat can we learn community. WATER FROM A10


26.King toppers 27.Short play 28.“For ____ Eyes Only” 29.At another place 30.Fruit drinks 31.Chew on 35.Leak 38.Soil 40.Green lizard

42.Metal fasteners 45.Summit 47.Team 48.High flier 49.Lip 50.“____ the season . . .” 51.Auction buy 52.Stars’ site 53.Go downhill 54.Bo Derek’s number

Copyright © 2014, Penny Press

ACROSS 1. Picnic spot 5. Tablets 9. Bikini part 12.Bassoon’s cousin 13.Door sign 14.Lamp fuel 15.Duct 16.Traitor 18.Stairs 20.Corn piece 21.Relax 24.Prima donnas 28.Craving 32.Scratch 33.Not young 34.____ Canyon 36.Flowered necklace

37.Exploited 39.Most frightening 41.Pine substance 43.Sprig 44.Yak 46.Hockey disks 50.Most delicious 55.Elaborate solo 56.Tick off 57.Superior, e.g. 58.Profits 59.Pig’s home 60.Hide 61.Astounds

DOWN 1. Stew vessels 2. Border on

3. Judge’s attire 4. Zoo employee 5. By means of ANSWER TO PUZZLE NO. 709 6. Logger’s tool 7. Eat 8. Lieu 9. Large snake 10.Clear (of) 11.Bar beverage 17.Big smile 19.Harmonized 22.Noblemen 23.Make into law CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS USE AMERICAN SPELLING 25.Nasty A11

CoMMunity eVentS Copy deadline friday, 1 pm before issue date

•Lake Country SeniorS Buffet will be having their usual Tuesday lunch on April 29 and we will have chicken and on May 6 it will be pork. For those that can’t have pork call the centre for another choice. •DaViDSon roaD eLeMentary Grade 7 car wash Silver Lake Camp 2014 fundraiser. Sat., May 3, 9am-2pm,Swalwell Park parking lot. Thank you for supporting our efforts . •tHrift Store noW oPen! 3250 Berry Rd. All proceeds go to the Lake Country Food Bank. Run by our friendly volunteers! Open Tues., Wed. & Thurs., 11am– 6pm. Now accepting clean summer clothing! •okanaGan Centre HaLL Sat., May 17, 2-4pm: “Come & Go Tea”. Come celebrate Mrs. Anne Land’s 100th birthday. •tHe rotary CLuB of Lake Country presents Big Night in Lake Country on Sat. April 26, 7pm at GESS/Creekside Theatre. The evening includes local wine, cider and spirit tastings along with appies, cheese, chocolate and more. Fantastic silent auction items and door prizes to be won, including a wake board from Seca Marine! Come out for an evening of fun with friends while supporting local and international projects. Get your tickets at UBR Services 250.766.1098 or from your local Rotarian. •annuaL keLoWna GarDen PLant SaLe Sat., April 26 (rain or shine). Guisachan Heritage Gardens, 1060 Cameron St., 9am-1pm. Information: Alicja Paradzik 250-7170570, Pat Zander 250-769-4174, Linda Edser 250-769-6893. •oyaMa BranCH 189 of tHe royaL CanaDian LeGion will be having a “Spring Fling Celebration” with an open mic starting at 6:30pm, Fri. April 25. Everyone, members and non-members are welcome to attend. If you can sing or play an instrument you are more than welcome. There will be lots of door prizes. The kitchen will be open and the BBQ smokies and chilli dogs are on special. Free admission. •tHe SoutH okanaGan reHaBiLitation Centre for oWLS-SorCo 8965 Hwy 97, Oliver. Annual open house/grand opening of our new clinic Sun., May 4, 10am-3pm. Ribbon cutting ceremony at 11am by The Honorable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of BC. Don’t miss out! This is the only day SORCO is open to the public. BBQ, Kiddies Corner, Exhibitor Booths, Silent Auction. Visit the Burrowing Owl facilities and meet ‘Pilot’, the burrowing owl, and ‘Houdini’ the Great Horned owl and wish him a happy 15th birthday. Entry by donation. •royaL CanaDian LeGion BranCH 189 Ladies Auxiliary notice of cribbage tournament on last Sunday of the month to include 4th Sunday if there are five Sundays in the month. Get your name on the list by phoning the Legion after 3pm. Registration is at 9am. Games begin at 10am sharp. $26 per team, includes lunch. •LC SeniorS BuS SCHeDuLe Mon., April 28 - Prime Time. Tues., April 29 - Winfield Senior Centre Lunch. Fri., April 25 - Mystery Tour. To reserve seat on bus please phone Marg 250-766-3227 or Marian 250-861-413. •Lake Country SeniorS Centre 9832 Bottom Wood Lake Rd. That time again! Lake Country Seniors’ Centre will be holding their annual spring yard sale May 3. We are accepting donated items you no longer want call 250-766-4220 or Dorothy at 250-7664568 to arrange for drop off. •Lake Country SeniorS’ Centre would like to host day time bridge on Sunday afternoon from 1:30 enabling those that wish to play but don’t want to drive at night. Please call the centre and leave your name or tell someone on the Tuesday night group. Call 250-766-4220. •BaBytiMe for aGeS neWBorn to 18 MontHS at the Lake Country Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library. Storytime for children 3 to 5 years old accompanied by parents/caregivers. Join Pokey for FREE stories, action rhymes & more! Fridays at 10:15am until May 2. No need to register for these free programs – just drop in! The Lake Country Branch of the ORL is located at 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Rd. For more info please call the branch at 250-766-3141 or visit •Lake Country Senior’S Centre 9832 Bottom Wood Lake Road have started all their regular programs. Art, Tai Chi, Zumba. JOY Fitness, wood shop, line dancing, lunches, Prime Time, crib and bridge. Call 250-766-4220 for more information. •ViSit tHe Lake Country MuSeuM anD arCHiVeS at 11255 Okanagan Centre Rd. West, Lake Country. Admission by donation. Open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 1 to 4pm, and by appointment. 250-766-0111 or visit the website at www. •Lake Country Senior’S Buffet, 9832 Bottom Wood Lake Rd. Frozen meals available for $5. Call 250-766-4220 to arrange for these and what is available. •Lake Country fooD Bank has an URGENT need for men & women volunteers to join our team. Requirements as follows: half days only-Mon., Wed, & Thurs. (doesn’t have to be all three days); must be physically fit enough to lift a medium size box of groceries; a cheery disposition fits in nicely with the rest of the volunteers. Please see Phyllis MacPherson directly at the Food Bank located in the rear of the Boys & Girls Club, 3130 Berry Rd. on any of the days noted. •PriMe tiMe iS a MuSiCaL entertainMent eVent. It takes place every Monday from 1pm-3pm at the Lake Country Seniors Centre, 9832 Bottom Wood Lake Rd., Lake Country. Tea and coffee is served. There is no charge for this event. If you need transporation, the seniors’ bus is available. For more information call Jimmie at 250-766-2513. Prime Time is sponsored by Lake Country Health Planning Society. •CriBBaGe. Friday evenings starting 7pm at the Seniors’ Activity Centre. Playing 8 games with a chance of winning $12, $10, or $8. Socialize and enjoy an evening out with fun and play. Serving coffee, drinks & goodies for only $2.50. For info. call John 250-766-3026. •WinfieLD uniteD CHurCH tHrift SHoP (3571 Woodsdale Road), is open from Tues. to Sat., 10am to 2pm for shopping and donation drop-off. Call 250-766-3387 for information regarding appropriate donations. •BeaVerS/CuBS/SCoutS/VenturerS reGiStration Registration is on-going for 1st Lake Country Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers (boys and girls ages 5-18). To register or for more information call Kathy at 250-766-4269. •oyaMa LeGion BranCH 189 holds a meat draw every Saturday afternoon at 2pm. All members and guests are welcome. •LC Line DanCerS Tuesdays, 1:30pm & Thursdays, 9:30am in the Seniors’ Centre. Beginners always welcome. Joy, 250-766-0850. •SoCiaL BriDGe Tuesdays, 7pm at the Seniors’ Centre. New players welcome. Eunice, 250-766-3982. •tHe CounCiL of Senior CitiZenS orGaniZationS (COSCO) is an advocacy group devoted to improving “The Quality of Life” for all seniors. Senior organizations/associations wishing to affiliate or individuals wishing to become members please contact Ernie Bayer: 604-576-9734 fax 604-576-9733 or for info. •LC outDoorS CLuB welcomes new hikers. Sturdy hiking boots are a must. Bring water, snacks/lunch & clothing appropriate & sufficient for the weather. For info, to sign up for our hikes, or to post your own hikes on the forum, visit All Community EvEnts will be placed at no charge to all non-Profit organizations.

for all other inquiries, please email or fax 250-762-3220

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Lake Country CalendarL



Many choices at college to get you into high-paying jobs


lthough I beand depending on the ket. Right now the medilieve most of age of the house and loan pre-tax household us should purcation—a home for income in Kelowna is sue careers that we get about $170,000. around $50,000. For some fulfillment out of, Today, that same families with two adults THURSDAY, APRIL 24,will 2014 there always be those house would probably and at least one child, whoCIVT pick a career, job or KIRO sit at anywhere this pre-tax income A&E rises TSN CHBC CBC CHAN between SNP KNOW KOMO $350,000 and $400,000. to around $82,000. # $ profession % because &they _ ( ) * ` 1 want makeBookaboo as much The Price IsThThe e problem is that Ella theBoth of View these incomes Theto View Doctors Sportsnet Ele. The Criminal :00 SportsCentre The Doctors ” Doodlebops Right ” Jamm ” Minds In APRIL THURSDAY, 24, ”as 2014 10School’ :30 ScoresGolf money possible. wagesFresh have not Connected kept up Jellyare signifi cantly less than The Marilyn Dragons’ Young & Hockeycen- G. Shrinks KOMO 4 Criminal :00 World Poker Fresh Tour Debt/Part Denis Showyou Dencould Restless Debt/Part tral at Noon Clifford-Dog News Minds to 11 :30Muskens In 1994, with infl ation, especialthe $105,000 required Jane TSN CHBC CIVT CBC KIRO CHAN SNP KNOW KOMO A&E SportsNation Noon News CTV News CBC News KIRO News Noon News UEFA PAW Patrol The Chew The First 48 average, housingEuropa marbuy ” Hour ” Now ” ly in the Hour Bucket-Dino ”in Kelowna. ” # $ purchase—on % & _ ( ) * a house ` 1 12 :00 :30 :00 1 :00 :30 10 :30 :00 :00 2 :30 11 :00 :30 THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 2014 :00 3 :30 12 :00 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 4 :30 1 :00 :30 :00 # $ % & :00 5 :30 2 :00 :30 :00 10 :30 6 :30 3 :00 :30 :00 :00 11 :30 :00 7 :30 4 :00 :30 :00 12 :30 8 :30 5 :00 :30 :00 1 :00 :30 :00 9 :30 6 :30 :00 :00 2 :30 :00 10 :30 :00 7 :30 :00 3 :00 :30 11 :30 :00 8 :30 :00 4 :30 12 :00 :30 :00 9 :30 5 :00 :30 10 :30 6 :00 :30 :00 :00 11 :30 7 :00 :30 :00 12 8 :30 :30 9 :00 :30 :00 10 :30 FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014 11 :00 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 12 :00 :30 # $ % & Hockey SportsCentre Hockey Score Golf Off Record World Poker Hockey Tour SportsCentre SportsNation ” ” Hockey Hockey Sportscentre Hockey NHL Off Record Hockey: Hockey SportsCentre Bruins at Score Golf SportsCentre Red Wings World ””Poker Tour Hockey Hockey NHL Sportscentre SportsNation ” NHL ”” Hockey: Hockey SportsCentre Hockey Bruins ” at Red Wings Off Record SportsCentre Hockey ” NHL Hockey SportsCentre SportsCentre ”” Hockey ” SportsCentre Sportscentre ” SportsCentre NHL ” Hockey: SportsCentre Bruins” at Red Wings SportsCentre ”” NHL Hockey SportsCentre ”” ”

DaysDoctors of our The Lives ” The Talk Fresh ” Debt/Part The Queen Noon News Latifah Show Hour Young & Days of our Restless Lives News The Talk ” ” The Doctors Global Nat. ” The Queen CHBC News Latifah Show Fresh Ent Debt/Part Young & ET Canada Restless Noon News Growing Up Hour News The Millers ” our Days of Engels LivesTeacher Global Nat. Bad CHBC News The Talk Elementary ”” Ent

The View Social The ” ”

Republic of Bookaboo Doyle Doodlebops

The Talk The Price Is ” Right Dr. Phil Steven and Let’s Make a The Marilyn Dragons’ Young & ” Chris Deal Denis Show Den Restless Bethenny Coronation Bold CTV News CBC News KIRO News ” Stefano ThisMinute ” Now ” Ellen DeGe- NHL Judge Judy The Social The Talk neres Show Republic Hockey: of Judge Judy ” Doyle ” CTV News Montreal KIRO News Dr.Five Phil Steven andat KIRO Let’s Make at Canadiens Newsa ” Chris Deal The Bookaboo The Price Is CTVView News Tampa Bay KIRO News ”” Doodlebops Right Bethenny Coronation Bold Lightning CBS News ” Stefano ThisMinute The Marilyn Dragons’ Young & etalk ” Ent DenisDeGeShow NHL Den Restless Ellen NHL Judge Judy Surviving The Insider neresNews Show CBC Hockey: JudgeNews Judy CTV News KIRO Big Bang Hockey: Big Bang ” Now ” CTV News Montreal KIRO News Two Men Sharks at The Millers at Five Canadiens News The Social Republic ofat KIRO The Talk Grey’s Kings Two Men ” Doyle ” Bay ”News CTV News Tampa KIRO Anatomy Bad Teacher ” Lightning CBS News Dr. Phil Steven Let’s Make a Motive To Be and Elementary Chris ” Deal Announced ” etalk ”” Ent ET Canada Surviving NHL News The Insider The Queen Bethenny Coronation Bold CHBC News News-Lisa CBC KIRO News Latifah Show ” Stefano ThisMinute Final News Vancouver Late Show Growing Up CTV Big Bang Hockey: Big Bang Young & Ellen DeGeNHL Judge Judy The Millers Two Men Sharks at The Millers ET Canada Daily Show To Be Letterman Restless neresMeyers Show Announced Hockey: Judge Judy The Test Seth Ferguson Engels Grey’s Kings Two Men News CTV News Montreal KIRO News Bad Teacher Anatomy ” Bad Teacher ” at Five Canadiens at KIRO News Elementary Motive To Be Elementary Global” Nat. CTV News Tampa Bay KIRO ”News ” Announced CHBC News ” Lightning CBS News CHBC News News-Lisa CBC News KIRO News Ent etalk News ” Ent Show Final CTV Vancouver Late ET Canada Surviving NHL The Insider ET Canada Daily Show To Be Letterman Growing Up Big Bang Hockey: Big Bang The Test Seth Meyers Announced Ferguson The Millers Two Men Sharks at The Millers


DaysDoctors of our The Lives ” The Talk Fresh ” Debt/Part The Queen Noon News Latifah Show Hour Young & Days of our Restless Lives Early News The Talk Global Nat. ” The Doctors News Hour ”” The Queen Latifah Show Fresh Ent Debt/Part Young & ET Canada Restless Noon News Growing Up Hour Early News The Millers Global Nat. Days of our Engels LivesTeacher News Hour Bad ” The Talk Elementary ”” Ent

Wibbly Ella thePig Ele. Dragon Jelly Jamm Party Poker Ella the Ele. Hockeycen- G. Shrinks ” Rob Robot tral at Noon Clifford-Dog Sportsnet Dive, Olly UEFA PAW Patrol Connected Jelly Jamm Europa Bucket-Dino MLB Maya Bee League Wibbly Baseball: Arthur Pig Soccer Dragon Baltimore Martha Party Poker Ella the Ele. Orioles at Wild Kratts ” Rob Robot Sportsnet the Ele. Toronto Blue Ella Canada Connected Jelly Jamm Sportsnet Dive, Olly Jays ” Connected Jelly Jamm HockeycenG. Shrinks MLB Mega tral at Noon Builders Clifford-Dog MLB Maya Bee Baseball: Baseball: ArthurPatrol UEFA PAW Baltimore Tipping Europa Bucket-Dino Baltimore Martha Orioles at Points Orioles at Wild Kratts League Wibbly Pig Toronto Blue Who Killed Soccer Blue the Dragon Toronto Canada Jays Electric Jays ” Party Poker Car? Ella the Ele. Sportsnet Rob Robot Connected Park MLB ” Mega ET Canada Baseball: Builders The Queen Sportsnet Dive, Olly News Hour Hockey Mega Latifah Show Connected Jelly Jamm Final Jays Builders Growing Up Blue Baltimore Tipping Young & MLB Maya Bee The Millers Orioles at Points ET Canada MLB 162 Electric Car Restless Baseball: Arthur” The Test Rise as Blue One Who Engels Toronto Killed Early News Baltimore Martha Bad Teacher Jays the Electric Global Nat. Orioles at Wild Kratts Elementary Sportsnet Car? News ”Hour Toronto Blue Park Canada Connected ” Jays ” News Hour Hockey Mega Ent MLB Jays Mega Final Blue Builders ET Canada Baseball: Builders ET Canada MLB 162 Electric Car Growing Baltimore The Test Up Rise as One Tipping ” The Millers Orioles at Points


League Sportsnet Soccer Connected


General The View Hospital ” The Doctors KOMO 4 ” News The Dr. Oz The Chew Show ” KOMO 4 General News Hospital News The Doctors World News ” The View KOMO 4 ” The Dr. News Oz Show KOMO Wheel 4 News 4 KOMO Jeopardy! News The Chew Grey’s ” News Anatomy World News General Grey’s Hospital4 KOMO Anatomy News The Doctors Black Box Wheel””

The First Criminal ” Minds The First The First ” ” The First The First ” ” The First The First ” ” Criminal The First Minds The First ” ” Criminal Beyond Minds The First Scared ” The First Beyond ” The First Scared ” The First First The The First ”” ” The First First The ”” Beyond

Jeopardy! The Dr. Oz News Show Jimmy Grey’s KOMO Anatomy Kimmel4Live News Nightline Grey’s News Anatomy World News Black Box KOMO” 4 News News Wheel Jimmy Jeopardy! Kimmel Live Grey’s Nightline Anatomy

Scared The First Beyond ” Scared Beyond The First Scared Beyond ” Scared The First The First ” ” The First The First ” ” Beyond Beyond Scared Scared Beyond Beyond Scared Scared


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If salary is to be the the oil patch have seen leges and universities driver, the best options a significant increase in across Canada that can for students interested in their wages. These wages get you into well-payonly the money are enhave led to decreasing jobs either working gineering, health care es in enrolments by men in the oil patch or workand trades. in post-secondary eduing in an industry associA recentNEWS report indiin Alberta, Sas- WTBS ated with it. KING YTV DISC cation KAYU TLC KCTS cated New- A Jane N Muskens isP the 6that young 7 men 9 katchewan ; and< between 17 and 24 years foundland. at Okanagan Invasion CBC News Auction 30 Rock 19 Kids and Divorce registrar Sesame Today Almost With Paid Prog. Street cont’d of age whoNow opted outKings of There are Counting many cer-Divorce College. Comments can be Flamingo Carole How/Made Family Feud Little Couple Judge Alex Daniel Tiger New Day Squirrel MacNeil How/Made tifi Family Feud Little Couple Judge Alex Super Why! Northwest college and university cate, diploma and deforwarded to jmuskens@ YTV NEWS DISC KAYU TLC WTBS KCTS KING Kid vs. Kat CBC News of ThisMinute Say Yes Antiques KING 5 and6 decided workSons in 9 gree programs col- King Sidekick Nowto With Guns ThisMinute Sayin Yes Roadshow News 7 ; < N P Rated A for Invasion Monster Almost

Kid vs. Kat Flamingo League/Evil Squirrel Sidekick Kid vs. Kat Squirrel Sidekick SpongeBob Rated A for Rabbids Monster Odd Parents Kid vs. Kat SpongeBob League/Evil Invasion Thunder Almost Sidekick Hathaways Squirrel Flamingo Cache Craze Squirrel SpongeBob Japanizi Rabbids Kid vs. Kat Vampire Sidekick Odd Parents Haunting SpongeBob Rated A for Haunting Monster Thunder Mr. Young Hathaways Kid vs. Kat Gags League/Evil Gags Cache Craze

Reshmi Nair Auction Naked and CBC News ” Afraid: Un. Now With Kings Power & Naked and Carole How/Made Politics Afraid MacNeil How/Made ” How/Made CBC News Sons of ” How/Made Now With Guns Lang & Daily Planet Reshmi O’Leary Nair Naked” and ” Afraid: Un. CBC News Fast N’ Loud Power”& Naked” and Politics Afraid CBC News Auction The National Fast N’ Loud Now With Kings ” ”” How/Made ” How/Made Carole The National How/Made Vegas Rat MacNeil How/Made Lang & Daily Planet ” Rods O’Leary ” CBC News Sons of The National How/Made Now With Guns CBC News Fast N’ Loud ” How/Made ” Nair Naked” and Reshmi The National Fast N’ Loud Afraid: The National Fast N’ Loud ”” ” Un. ”& ” and Power Naked The National Fast N’ Loud Politics Afraid ”Rat ” The National Vegas



Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Steve ThisMinute Harvey ThisMinute Bethenny Law &” Order: SVU Two Men Family Feud Two Men Family Feud 30 Rock Simpsons Paid Prog. Steve Mod Fam Harvey Family Feud Big Bang Family Feud Bethenny Big Bang ” ThisMinute Hell’s ThisMinute Two Men Kitchen Two Law Men & Idol Amer. Order: SVU Simpsons Surviving Mod Fam Family Feud News Family Feud Mod Fam Big Bang

Medium Little Couple Medium Little Couple Medium Say Yes Medium Say Yes Gypsy Four Wedding Weddings Gypsy Medium Wedding Medium 19 Kids and Gypsy Counting Medium Wedding Medium Little Couple Gypsy Little Couple Gypsy Sisters Wedding Say Yes Gypsy Say Yes Gypsy Wedding Wedding Four Gypsy Weddings Gypsy Sisters Wedding Medium Gypsy Medium Wedding Gypsy

Seinfeld Judge Alex The Middle Judge Alex The Middle King Mod Fam King Big Bang Community Big Bang Community Browns Seinfeld Payne The Middle Divorce Browns Divorce The Middle Payne Mod Fam Judge Alex Mod Fam Judge Alex Big Bang Seinfeld Big Bang King Family Guy King Browns Family Guy Payne Community Amer. Dad Community Browns Amer. Dad Payne Seinfeld Jeffersons The Middle Jeffersons Mod Fam

Charlie Rose Daniel Tiger ” Super Why! Peg Plus Cat Antiques Sid Science Roadshow Wild Kratts Check WordGirl Joy/Painting Business CharlieNews Rose World ” Sesame PBS Street Peg Plus Cat NewsHour Sid Science Daniel Tiger Pie Super Why! Wild Kratts Check WordGirl Antiques Foyle’s War Roadshow Business ” World Check News Midsomer Joy/Painting PBS Murders NewsHour Charlie Rose DCI Banks ”” Pie

Dr. Phil New Day ” Northwest Katie KING 5 ” News Ellen DeGeDays our neres of Show Lives KING 5 Dr. Phil News ” Today Nightly News cont’d Katie News ” New NewsDay Northwest Ellen DeGeEvening neres Show KING Parks 5 and News KING 5 Recreation News Days of Saturdayour Lives Live Nightly News Night News Dr. Phil ” News ””

Japanizi Sidekick Vampire Squirrel Haunting Vampire SpongeBob Haunting Haunting Rabbids Mr. Young Haunting Odd Parents Mr. Young SpongeBob Gags Thunder Gags Hathaways Vampire Cache Craze Haunting Japanizi Haunting Vampire Mr. Young Haunting

” The National ”” The National Lang & ” Lang & O’Leary O’Leary The National CBC News ” ” The National The National ” ” The National The National ” ” Lang & The National O’Leary ”

Rods Rat How/Made Vegas How/Made Rods How/Made Daily Planet How/Made How/Made ” How/Made Fast N’ Loud Fast N’ ” Loud ” Fast N’ Loud Fast N’ ” Loud ” Vegas Rat Vegas Rat Rods Rods How/Made How/Made How/Made How/Made

Big Bang Steve The Arsenio Harvey Hall Show Hell’s Bethenny Kitchen TMZ ” Sunny Amer. Idol Two Men Surviving Two Men News Simpsons Mod Fam Mod Fam The Arsenio Big Bang Hall Show Big Bang TMZ Hell’s Sunny Kitchen

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Two Men Engels Toronto Blue Who Killed Bad Teacher Bad Teacher Jays the Electric

Grey’s Anatomy

The First 48 ”

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The National Fast N’ Loud Amer. Idol ” ” Surviving

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Midsomer Murders

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The National Fast N’ Loud News ” ” Mod Fam

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Hockey Blue Jays

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The National Vegas Rat ” Rods

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The View The Doctors ”” KOMO The Dr.4Oz News Show

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Days our Early of News Lives Nat. Global The Doctors The Talk News Hour ””

European Teams TBA Poker ”Tour Sportsnet Darts ” Connected ”

Wibbly Pig Dino Dan Dragon Wild Kratts Ella the Ella the Ele. Ele. Mega Jelly Robot Jamm Rob Builders

Rated A for Odd Parents Monster SpongeBob Invasion Kid vs. Kat SpongeBob Almost League/Evil SpongeBob

Reshmi Nair CBC News ” CBC News Power & The National Now With Politics ”

Dragons’ at St. Louis Coronation Den Blues Stefano CBC News To Be Now Announced Republic of NHL ” Doyle ” Hockey: Steven” and Chicago Chris ” Blackhawks Bethenny Coronation News-Lisa CBC etalk ” at St. News Louis Stefano CTV News Vancouver Big Bang Blues Ellen DeGeTo Be Big Bang Backstage Spun Out To Be neres Show Announced Seth Meyers Coronation Kirstie Announced CTV News NHL Grimm ” at Five Hockey: ” ” CTV News Chicago Blue Bloods ” ” Blackhawks ” ” etalk at St. Louis Big Bang BluesNews News-Lisa CBC CTV News Vancouver Spun Out To Be Dallas Stars ET Nightmares Kirstie Announced SportsCentre Canada Big Bang Backstage ” The Test Meyers Coronation at Anaheim Hawaii Five- Seth Grimm ” Ducks 0 ” ”

Young & Ent Bold Restless The Insider ThisMinute KIRO News UnforgettaJudge Judy ” ble Judge Judy The Talk Hawaii FiveKIRO News ” 0 KIRO News Let’s Make a Blue Bloods KIRO Deal ”News CBS News Bold KIRO News Ent ThisMinute Late Show The Insider Judge Judy Letterman UnforgettaJudge Judy Ferguson ble KIRO News Hawaii FiveKIRO News 0 KIRO News Blue CBS Bloods News ” Ent The Insider KIRO News Late Show Unforgetta-

Fresh Ent The Queen Debt/Part ET Canada Latifah Show Noon News Kitchen Young & Hour Nightmares Restless Days ofFiveour Hawaii Early News Lives 0 Global Nat. The Talk Dream News ”Hour Builders ”

Sportsnet MLB Sportsnet Connected Baseball: Connected HockeycenTexas OHL tral at Noon Rangers at Hockey: European Seattle Teams TBA Poker Tour Mariners ” Darts Sportsnet ”” Connected ”

G. Shrinks Coast Dive, Olly Clifford-Dog ” Jelly Jamm PAW Patrol New Tricks Maya Bee Bucket-Dino Arthur” Wibbly Pig Lewis Dino Dan Dragon ” Wild Kratts Ella the ” Ele. Mega Rob Part Robot Our Builders

After the 48 The First First 48 ” The View The Killer The Doctors KOMO 4 The First 48 Speaks News ”” ” KOMO The First Killer48 Wheel The Dr.4Oz The News Speaks Jeopardy! Show ”

ble Nightmares Rangers at Letterman ET Canada Party Poker Ferguson Test ” Hawaii Five- The Hawaii Five- Seattle 0 0 Mariners

” New Tricks Lewis ” ”

Last Man ” Kimmel Live The First 48 Nightline ” Shark Tank The First 48 ” ”

Carole The National ” MacNeil ” CBC News The National Lang & Now With ” O’Leary Reshmi Nair The National CBC News ”” ” Power & The National National The Politics ”” Sidekick ” Mr. Young The SpongeBob The National National Squirrel ”” Boys SpongeBob ” SpongeBob Lang & Men in Black Lang & Movie: The National Kung Fu O’Leary ” O’Leary “Men in ” Odd Parents CBC News Black” SpongeBob The National ” ” ” SpongeBob The National Chucks SpongeBob The National ” Assembly ” SpongeBob The National SpongeBob ” Mr. Young The National Boys ” Movie: The National “Menin inBlack Lang & ” Men O’Leary Black”” The National

SportsCentre Dream ” Builders

Blue Bloods ”

Dream Builders

Sportsnet Connected

” Our Part

20/20 ”

The First 48 ”

Chucks Assembly

KIRO News Late Show

News Hour Final

Hockey Blue Jays

Architects of News Change Jimmy

The First 48 ”

Mr. Young Boys

Letterman Ferguson


ET Canada The Test

Lucas Oil Off Road On the Clock

SportsCentre ET Canada ” The Test

Daily Show To Be Seth Meyers Announced

10 :00 :30 11 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 12 :00 :30 :00 # $ % & 1 :00 :30 10 :30 2 :00 :30 :00 FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014 11 :30 3 :00 :30 :00 :00 12 4 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC # $ % & 1 :00 5 :30 :00 :00 10 :30 2 :00 6 :30 :00 11 :30 7 :30 3 :00 :00 12 :30 8 :30 4 :00 :00 1 :30 9 :30 5 :00 :00 2 :30 10 :30 6 :00 :30 :00 :00 3 :30 11 :30 7 :00 :30 :00 :00 4 :30 12 :30 8 :00 :30 :00 5 :30 9 :00 :30 :00 6 :30 10 :00 :30 :00 7 :30 11 :00 :30 8 :30 :00 12 :00 :30 9 :30 10 :00 :30 SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 2014 :00 11 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 12 :00 :30 # $ % & 24 CH Premier

The Doctors The View ” ”

Poker Fresh25, 2014 The Marilyn :00 World FRIDAY, APRIL Tour Debt/Part Denis Show E:60

Noon News Hour

CTV News ”

That’s Hocky. 24 CH Off Record Premier Hockey

Days of our The Social Lives ” The Talk Doctors Dr. ThePhil View The ”” ”” World Poker The Fresh The Marilyn SportsCentre Queen Bethenny Tour ” Debt/Part Latifah Show Denis ”Show E:60 Noon News CTV News NHL Young & Ellen DeGe” Hour Hockey: Restless neres ”Show

That’s Rangers at Hocky. Flyers 24 Off CH Record ” Premier Hockey SportsCentre

Days News of our Lives ” The Doctors The Talk Global Nat. CHBC”” News

The CTVSocial News at Five” The View Dr. Phil CTV News ””

World ”Poker SportsCentre Tour NHL ” E:60 Hockey: NHL Dallas” Stars Hockey: That’s at Anaheim Rangers at Hocky. Ducks Flyers Off Record SportsCentre ” Hockey ” SportsCentre SportsCentre SportsCentre ”” NHL ” NHL SportsCentre Hockey: Hockey: Dallas” Stars Rangers at at Anaheim Flyers Ducks ” SportsCentre ” ” NHL SportsCentre ” Hockey:

Fresh Ent The Queen Debt/Part ET Canada Latifah Show Noon News Kitchen Young & Hour Nightmares Restless Days ofFiveour Hawaii News Lives 0 ” The Talk Dream Global” Nat. Builders CHBC News The Queen CHBC News Ent Latifah Show Final ET Canada Young & ET Canada Kitchen Restless The Test Nightmares News Hawaii” Five0 Global Nat. Dream CHBC News Builders Ent ET Canada CHBC News Final Kitchen

The Marilyn etalk Bethenny Denis Big Bang ”Show CTV SpunNews Out Ellen DeGe” Kirstie neres Show The Social Grimm CTV News ” at Five” Dr. Phil Blue Bloods CTV News ”””

Blue Bloods ”

SportsCentre CHBC News News-Lisa ” Final CTV News SportsCentre ET Canada ” The Test

Republic of Doyle Bookaboo Steven and Doodlebops Chris

” ”

CBC News Vancouver

Big Bang Backstage Seth Meyers Coronation

10 :00 :30 :00 11 :30 SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 2014 12 :00 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 1 :00 :30 # $ % & 2 :00 :30 :00 10 :30 SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 2014 3 :00 :30 :00 11 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 4 :00 :30 :00 :00 # $ % & 12 :30 5 :00 :30 :00 1 :30 10 :30 6 :00 :30 :00 :00 :00 2 :30 11 :30 7 :00 :30 :00 :00 3 :30 12 :30 8 :00 :30 :00 4 1 :30 9 :30 :00 :00 5 :30 2 10 :00 :30 :00 3 6 :30 11 :00 :30 :00 4 7 12 :30 :30


The Queen News Hour Ent Latifah Show Final ET Canada Young & ET Canada Kitchen Restless The Test Nightmares Early News Hawaii FiveGlobal Nat. 0 News Hour Dream” Builders Ent ET Canada News Hour Final Kitchen



MLB 162 Electric Car Rise as One ”


Sportsnet Hockey MLB Connected Blue Jays Baseball: OHL Poker Party Texas Hockey: ” at Rangers Teams TBA Seattle ” Mariners ” Sportsnet ” Connected MLB Baseball: Hockey Blue TexasJays


Party Poker ”

Dive, Olly of Architects CoastJamm Jelly Change ” MayaTricks Bee New New Tricks Arthur ”” Dino Dan Lewis Wild Kratts ” Mega ” Builders Our Part Coast ” Architects of Change New Tricks


Sportsnet Countdown

estate NHL Hockey: Best Recipes Conference Stefano Quarterfinal: Lang & Doc Zone Teams TBA O’Leary ” ” To Be the fifth NHL Announced estate Hockey: The National Best Recipes Conference HNIC Stefano Quarterfinal: NHL & Lang Teams Hockey:TBA O’Leary ” Conference To Be News Quarterfi nal: Announced To Be Teams TBA The National Announced HNIC ” ” NHL ” Hockey: ”

CHAN ” ( ”

Third LucasRound Oil Fishn ” Off Road Real Fishing Paid Prog. House Changers ” On the Powerboat Clock Driving TV All In Moves Sports Stars Simpsons PGA Tour News Hour KIROZurich News PGA Simpsons Golf: Tour KIRO News Global Nat. Classic of Golf Lucas Oil Fishn CBS News News ”Hour New Off Road Real Fishing KIRO News ” Orleans, ” On the Powerboat Entertain16x9 ” Third Round Driving Clock TV ment ’Night ” Paid Prog. HouseHour PGA Tour News Two Men Haven” Changers Golf: Zurich PGA Tour Bad Teacher ” All In Moves Classic of Golf NCIS Sports Stars Remedy Simpsons New ” ” ” KIRO News Simpsons Orleans, ” 48 Hours Show KIRO News Side Global Third Round ” Nat. ” Engels CBS Prog. News News Hour Paid House KIRO News News Final Changers ” KIRO News The Insider Saturday All In Moves Entertain16x9 Paid Prog. Night Live Sports Stars Simpsons ment ’Night ” Paid Prog. ”


19 Kids and Gown Counting Gown Gown Gown Gown Gown

Divorce Seinfeld Divorce The Middle Judge Alex The Middle Judge Alex Mod Fam

Fast N’ Loud Bethenny ThisMinute Daily Planet ”” ThisMinute ”

Gown Gown Gown Gown

KingBang Big King Big Bang

Days of our Lives SesameRose Today Charlie Dr. Phil Street” cont’d ” Daniel Tiger New Day Peg Plus Cat Katie Super Why! Northwest Sid Science ” Doc Martin KING DeGe5 Wild Kratts Ellen ” News WordGirl neres Show

Fast SonsN’ ofLoud Guns:” Auction VegasofRat Sons Auction Rods Guns

Law & Two Men Order: SVU Two Men 30 Rock Family Feud Simpsons Pain Fam Free Family Feud Mod

Gown Randy Gown Unveiled 19 Kids Gown Say Yes and Counting Gown Randy

Community Browns Community Payne Divorce Seinfeld Browns Divorce The Middle Payne

Moveable Business Rick Steves World News Sesame Charlie Rose PBS Street” NewsHour

Days KING of 5 our Lives News Today Dr. Phil News Nightly cont’d ” News

How/Made Mayday How/Made How/Made ” How/Made Fast N’ Loud Mayday Daily Planet ”” Fast N’ Loud Sons of ” Guns: Guns: VegasofRat Sons Sons of Rods Guns Guns

Family Feud Big Bang Steve Family Feud Big Bang Harvey ThisMinute Kitchen Bethenny ThisMinute Nightmares ” Law &” Two Men Order:” SVU Two Men Family Feud News Simpsons Family Feud Mod Mod Fam Fam

Gown Gown Gown Gown Gown Say Yes Gown Gown Randy Gown Gown Gown Randy Gown Gown Unveiled Gown Randy Say Yes Gown Unveiled Randy

Judge Alex Mod Fam The Middle Judge Alex Seinfeld Mod Fam King Family Guy Big Bang King Family Guy Big Bang Community Amer. Dad Browns Community Amer. Dad Payne Seinfeld Jeffersons Browns The Middle Jeffersons Payne

Daniel Tiger Washington Peg Plus Cat Super Why! Charlie Rose Sid Science Doc Martin Doc Martin Wild Kratts ”” WordGirl Moveable Reel NW Business Rick Steves World ”News Charlie Rose PBS ”” Film School NewsHour

New Day News Katie Northwest Evening ” KING 5 Dateline Ellen DeGeNews NBC neres Show Days of our Grimm KING 5 Lives ” News Dr. Phil Hannibal Nightly” News News ”

” Mayday ” Sons of Guns:

Nightmares TMZ Sunny” ”

Randy Paid Prog. Paid GownProg. Gown

Family Guy With Tad Hamilton!” Amer. Dad Amer. Dad

” Live From Artists Den Reel NW ”

NBC Show Seth Meyers Grimm ”

The National Sons of ” Guns

News Mod Fam

Randy Unveiled

Jeffersons Jeffersons

” Film School

Hannibal ”

The National Mayday ” ”

The Arsenio Hall Show

Gown Gown

Movie: “Win a Date

ArtZone Pie

KING News Tonight




How/Made Mayday Mayday How/Made ”” Daily Planet Mayday Mayday ””” Sons of Sons Guns:of Guns: Sons of Sons Guns of Guns Mayday ” Mayday ” Mayday


30 Rock Family Feud Pain Free Family Feud Family Steve Feud Family Feud Harvey


Steve The Arsenio Big Bang Harvey Hall Show Big Bang Bethenny TMZ Kitchen ” Sunny Nightmares Two Men ” Two Men ” Simpsons News Mod Fam Mod Fam Big Bang Big Bang The Arsenio Hall Show Kitchen


Sanjay Bread

Toronto Blue Animals Jays Animals

Better Living Celebrity Movie Night SportsCentre etalk ” App Central The Social SickKids CTV News ” Foundation ” Canada’s It Is Written W5 Worst Better Driver Living ” Cash Cab SportsCentre Orphan Celebrity ” Black Celebrity The Social Spun MovieOut ”Night Mixology etalk Canada’s Motive App Central Worst Driver ” CTV News Cash Cab News Celebrity ” CTV News Celebrity W5 Alpha Dog Movie ”Night ”

KING 5 News

Born-Explore Shipping Sea Rescue Shipping


To Be

TLC Gown < Gown

Doc Martin ”

Marco Polo Wildlife Docs Shipping Finding Stuff Exped. Wild Shipping

News Hour PGA Tour

Announced Doc Zone ” The National HNIC the fifth

New Day Northwest

King King

Wild Kratts Martha

SportsCentre Best Recipes PGA Tour ” Stefano Golf: Zurich


Today cont’d

Daniel Tiger Super Why!

Boston Red Sox at

The Social ”

Worst Driver SickKids Foundation Cash Cab Celebrity It Is Written



World of X Games

Shipping Shipping

Draft Shipping SNP Parks KNOW 2014 KOMO A&E Parks Academy Shipping ) * ` 1 Being Tyson Marine ESPN Sports Shipping

Tavis Smiley Show Pie Seth Meyers

Sesame Street

Powerboat Driving TV


A&E 1

” WTBS ” A

Judge Alex Judge Alex

Flamingo SpongeBob Sidekick Squirrel SpongeBob Squirrel Kid vs. Kat Movie: SpongeBob Sidekick “Men in Kung Fu Rated A for Black” Odd Parents Monster ” SpongeBob Kid vs. Kat Chucks SpongeBob League/Evil Assembly SpongeBob


” ”

Divorce Divorce

Fishn MLB Real Fishing Baseball:

News Hour PGA Tour

Fishn ” Friday Night House Real Fishing SportsCentre ” ” Fights Powerboat Driving TV NHL ” Moves Hockey: Simpsons NHL News Hour Wild at Simpsons Hockey: PGA Tour Avalanche Global Nat. Detroit Boxing:Red Golf Fishn ” at News ”Hour Wings Friday Night Real Fishing MLS Soccer ” Boston ” Fights Powerboat 16x9 ” Bruins”” Driving TV ” ” SportsCentre House NHL News Hour ”” Haven” Hockey: PGA Tour SportsCentre ” NHL Moves Detroit Red Golf ” Remedy Hockey: Simpsons Wings at ” Hockey ” Wild at Simpsons Boston ” SportsCentre Side Show Avalanche Global” Nat. Bruins ” Engels ” News Hour SportsCentre House SportsCentre News Final ” ” MLS Soccer ” Saturday NHL ” Moves 16x9 SportsCentre Night Live Hockey: Simpsons ” ” SportsCentre ”

The First 48 The 48 The First First 48 ”” ” The First 48 The 48 The First First 48 ”” ” The First 48 The First 48 ” ” The First 48 The First 48 ” ” The First 48 ” The First 48 ” The First 48


TMZ Sunny

Detroit Red Wings at Boston Bruins Boxing:

AfterFirst the 48 The First 48 ”” The First 48 The First First 48 The 48 ”””


Mayday ”

NHL Hockey:

KIRO _ Orleans,

The The First First 48 48 ””



Men in Black Lang & ” O’Leary

Powerboat Driving TV

Classic of New

The Dr. Oz News Wheel Show Jimmy Jeopardy! KOMO 4Live Kimmel Last NewsMan Nightline Last Man News Shark World Tank News ” KOMO 4 20/20 News ” Wheel Jeopardy! News Jimmy Last Man

A&E 1


Kimmel Live The First 48 Nightline ”

Fishn SickKids Real Fishing Foundation

Lang & O’Leary

The Chew Last Man KOMO 4 ” Last Man News General Shark Tank News Hospital World ”News The Doctors 20/20 KOMO” 4 News ”

A&E 1

New Tricks ”

Fights ”

It Is Written the fifth Better Living estate

The Chew KOMO 4

” KNOW News KOMO General News * ` Hospital World News

Boxing: Friday Night

Doc Zone ”



The Arsenio Hall Show

CBC News CBC News


Gown Gown Gown Gown Gown Gown GownProg. Paid Say Yes Gown Paid Prog. Randy Randy Gown Unveiled Gown Say Yes Randy Unveiled Gown Gown Gown Say Yes


Paid Prog. Paid Prog.

WTBS Community A Community


The Middle Movie: Mod Fam Fam Mod “Win a Date Seinfeld Big Bang With Tad Family Guy Big Bang Hamilton!” Family Guy Browns Amer. Payne Dad Amer. Dad Browns Jeffersons Payne Jeffersons Mod Fam Seinfeld Movie: “Win a Date Family Guy


With Tad Hamilton!”

KCTS Moveable N Rick Steves


Peg Plus Cat ArtZone Washington Sid Science Pie Charlie Rose Wild From Kratts Live Doc Martin WordGirl Artists” Den Business Reel WorldNW News ” PBS ” NewsHour Film School Washington Charlie Rose ArtZone Pie Doc Martin



Katie News KING News ” Tonight Evening Ellen DeGeShow Dateline neresMeyers Show Seth NBC KING 5 Grimm News ” Nightly News Hannibal News ” News Evening KING News Tonight Dateline

Live From Artists Den


Show Seth Meyers


English Premier League

Mayday ”

Paid Prog. My 600-Lb. EZ Cleaning Life

Dr Seuss Movie:

Thomas Bob Builder

Turtles Now With BeyWarriors Christine

Mayday ”

Kids News Old House

My 600-Lb. Life

“The Road to El

Rick Steves’ Soccer Viva Espana! Goal Zone

Pokémon-XY Birak Power ”

Yukon Men ”

Paid Prog. Stop Pain

My 600-Lb. Life

Dorado” Movie:

Yu-Gi-Oh! B-Daman

Sons of Guns:


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” NEWS ” 7 The National

DISC 9 Sons of

KAYU ” ; Glee

TLC < My 600-Lb.


” ”

KCTS N Financial Suze Orman’s

NHL Hockey:

KING P Boston

Detroit Red Wings at

UFC MLB Baseball: Sportsnet Connected Boston Red

Machines Wild Kratts Martha Canada Marco” Polo

Saturday Born-Explore Sea Rescue ” ” Docs Wildlife

Shipping Shipping Shipping Criminal Minds Shipping

Splatalot Sanjay Bread Splatalot Splatalot Turtles

Issue CBC News CBC News The National Mansbridge Now With

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” Paid Prog. EZ Cleaning Paid Prog. NASCAR Kids News

Life My 600-Lb. Life My 600-Lb. Life My 600-Lb.

” Dr Seuss Movie: Community Community “The Road

Solutions Thomas Bob Test Builder Kitchen Cook’s Rick Steves’

Sox at MLB Baseball: Toronto Blue Cincinnati Jays Reds at Sportsnet MLB Atlanta Countdown Baseball: Braves Being Tyson Boston Red Sportsnet UFC Sox at Connected Sportsnet Toronto Blue Being Tyson Connected Jays Strong Man MLB Sportsnet Blue Jays Baseball: Countdown Rise as One Cincinnati Being Tyson Sportsnet Reds UFC at Connected Atlanta Sportsnet European Connected Braves Poker Tour MLB Sportsnet Blue Jays Baseball: Connected Being Tyson

Finding Stuff Kingdom of the Cobra Animals Tipping Animals Points Parks Wild Kratts Hope for Parks Martha Wildlife Marine Marco Polo Mystery Fish Machines Finding Stuff ” Canada Animals Heartbeat ” Animals ” Kingdom of Parks A Touch of the Cobra Parks Frost Tipping Marine ” Points Machines ” Hope for Canada Canada ” Wildlife ” KingdomFish of Mystery A Touch of the Cobra ” Frost

Exped. Wild Cash Cab

Shipping Criminal Minds Shipping Criminal Shipping Minds Shipping Shipping Criminal Shipping Shipping Minds Shipping Shipping Criminal Shipping Shipping Minds Criminal Shipping Criminal Minds Shipping Minds Criminal Shipping Criminal Minds Shipping Minds Criminal Shipping Criminal Minds Shipping Minds Criminal Criminal Minds Minds Criminal Criminal Minds Minds

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Christine The Passionate Eye Birak the fifth ” estate ” CBC News The National ” CBC News Marketplace The NowNational With Modern Issue Christine Spies The National Birak Doc Zone Mansbridge ” ” The Passion” TheEye National ate ” Mansbridge the fiNational fth The Modern estate Issue Spies The National The National Mansbridge Marketplace Issue The PassionModern The National ate Eye Spies Mansbridge

” Cash Cab How/Made Yukon Men Licence ” to Drill: Louis. Sons of Mayday Bering Sea Guns: ” Gold Sons of Mayday Cold Water Guns ” Cowboys How/Made Yukon Men Street How/Made ” Outlaws Cash Cab Sons of Bering Sea How/Made Guns: Gold Licence Sons of to Cold Water Drill: Louis. Guns Cowboys Bering Sea How/Made Licence to How/Made Gold Drill: Louis. Cash Cab Cold Water Alaska: The How/Made Cowboys Last Frontier

Old House Racing: Sprint Cup: Paid Prog. Toyota Stop Pain Owners 400 Glee Prog. Paid ” EZ Cleaning ” Glee Kids News ”” Old House How I Met Paid Prog. Prog. Paid Mod Fam NASCAR Stop Pain Big Bang Racing: Glee Mod Fam Sprint ”Cup: Big Bang Toyota Glee News Owners ” 400 Wanted ” Paid Prog. Animation NASCAR ” Domination Racing: ” The Arsenio Sprint Cup: How I Met Hall Show

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to El King King Dorado” The Middle Movie: The Middle “The Great Dr Seuss Anchorman: Debaters” Movie: The Legend ” “The Road of Ron to El ” Burgundy Community Dorado” Family Guy Community Movie: Family Guy King “The Great Seinfeld King Debaters” Seinfeld The Middle ” Movie: The Middle ” “Runaway Anchorman: Community Bride” Community The Legend ” King of Ron ” King Burgundy Paid Prog.

Viva Espana! Goal Zone Cooking Exploration Check Kids News ” NHL Old House KING 5 ” Hockey: Old House News Suze Detroit Red Thomas English PreMake Me Nightlyat News Orman’s Wings Bob Builder mier League ” KING News Financial Boston Rick Steves’ Soccer 3 Steps to Paid Prog. Solutions Bruins Viva Espana! Goal Zone Incredible Backroads Test Kitchen Justin Time ” NHL Health!-Joel Dateline Cook’s” Tree Fu Hockey: Tom ” NBC Cooking Exploration Suze Detroit Red Movie: ” Check Kids News Orman’s Wings at “Platoon” ” Old House KING 5 Financial Boston ” Saturday Old House News Solutions Bruins ” Night Live MakeKitchen Me NightlyTime News Test Justin Independent KING News Cook’s” Tree Tom KINGFu News Lens Saturday Cooking Exploration 3 Steps to Paid Prog. ” Night Live Check Kids News Incredible Backroads ” ”


KNOW World KOMO UW 360 of X News Games * `

World News 2014 Draft Born-Explore KOMO 4 Academy Sea Rescue News ESPN WildlifeSports Docs Wheel Saturday Exped. Wild Jeopardy! World ”of X Movie:” Games “Despicable Cash Draft Cab 2014 Me” UW 360 Academy ” News Sports ESPN Nightline World News Saturday Prime KOMO” 4 News News ” Castle Cash Cab Wheel ” UW 360 Jeopardy! Burn Notice

A&E 1








Bruins English Premier JustinLeague Time Tree Fu Tom Soccer


2 :30 3 :00 :30 10 :30 :00 :00 4 :30 :30 11 :00 SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2014 5 :00 :30 12 :30 :00 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 6 :00 :30 1 :30 :00 # $ % & :00 7 :30 :30 2 :00 :00 10 :30 8 :00 :30 3 :30 :00 :00 11 :30 :00 9 :30 :30 4 :00 :00 12 :30 10 :30 5 :00 :30 :00 :00 :00 1 :30 11 :30 6 :30 :00 :00 :00 2 :30 :30 12 :30 7 :00 :00 3 :30 8 :30 :00 :00 4 :30 9 :30 :00 :00 5 :30 :30 10 :00 :00 6 :30 11 :30 :00 :00 7 :30 :30 12 :00 8 :30 MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014 :00 9 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 10 :00 :30 # $ % & :00 11 :00 :30 :00 10 12 :30 :30 :00 11 :30 :00 MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014 12 :30 :00 1 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC :00 # $ % & 2 :30 :00 10 3 :30 :00 11 :30 4 :00 :00 MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014 12 :30 5 :00 :30 :00 1 :30 6 :00 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC :00 # $ % & 2 :30 7 :00 :30 :00 3 :30 8 :00 :30 10 :00 4 :30 9 :00 :30 11 :00 5 :30 10 :30 12 :00 :00 6 :30 11 :30 1 :00 :00 7 :30 12 :30 2 :00 :00 8 :30 3 :00 :30 :00 9 :30 4 :00 :30 :00 10 :30 5 :00 :30 :00 11 :30 6 :00 :30 :00 12 7 :30 :30 :00 8 :30 TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 2014 9 :00 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 10 :00 :30 # $ % & :00 :00 11 :30 10 :30 :00 :00 12 :30 11 :30 TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 2014 :00 12 :30 :00 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 1 :30 # $ % & :00 2 :00 :30 10 :30 :00 3 :00 :30 11 :30 :00 4 :30 12 :00 :30 :00 5 :00 :30 TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 2014 1 :30 :00 6 :30 :00 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC 2 :30 :00 :00 7 :30 # $ % & 3 :30 :00 :00 :00 8 :30 10 :30 4 :30 :00 :00 :00 9 :30 11 :30 5 :30 :00 :00 :00 10 :30 12 :30 6 :30 :00 :00 11 :30 1 :00 7 :30 :00 12 :30 2 :00 8 :30 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 2014 3 :00 9 :30 :00 10 4 :30 TSN CHBC CIVT CBC # $ % & 11 :30 5 :00 :00 :00 12 :30 6 :30 10 11 7 :00 :30 12 8 :00 :30 :00 :00 1 :30 9 :30 :00 2 :00 :30 10 :30 :00 3 :00 :30 11 :30 :00 4 :00 :30 12 :30 :00 5 :30 :00 6 :30 :00 7 :30 :00 8 :30 :00 9 :30 :00 10 :30 :00 11 :30 :00 12 :30

# $ % & _ April 23, 2014  rLake Country ” Calendar Ice PilotsWednesday, First Story TBA Paid Prog. :00 ”

NHL ” Hockey: ” Flyers at SportsCentre Rangers NHL 30 for 30 Hockey: ” Anaheim Ducks” at ” Dallas Stars Hockey SportsCentre NHL ” ” Hockey: ”” Flyers”at That’s Rangers Hocky.” SportsCentre 30 for 30 SportsCentre NHL ” ” Hockey: ” SportsCentre Anaheim ” ” Ducks at Hockey SportsCentre Dallas”Stars ” SportsCentre ” ”” ” ” That’s SportsCentre Hocky. NHL SportsCentre Hockey: ” Anaheim SportsCentre Ducks at ” Dallas Stars SportsCentre SportsCentre ” ” ”

Block ” Lorna Dueck TV-Torrens Joel Osteen Simpsons Paid Prog. Simpsons News CHBCHour News PGA Tour Global Nat. Golf CHBC News ” Burgers Amer. ”Dad Block ” Simpsons Lorna Dueck Ice Pilots Family Guy ” Joel Osteen CosmosPaid Prog. TV-Torrens Space Simpsons News Hour The Good PGA Tour Simpsons Wife CHBC News Golf News Final Global” Nat. Block CHBC News ” Paid Prog. Burgers ” Paid Prog. Amer. Dad Ice Pilots Simpsons ” Family Guy TV-Torrens CosmosSimpsons Space Simpsons The Good CHBC News Wife Global Nat. News CHBCFinal News Block Burgers Paid Prog. Amer. Dad Paid Prog. Simpsons Family Guy

That’s Hocky.


Movie Night


Final Round

Worst Steele Handyman W5 Kevin New” man Live MasterChef Movie: Canada “Twister” CTV News ”” ” Once Upon a Time” Movie Worst Night The Amazing Handyman First RaceStory Steele Kevin NewBelieve man Live W5 ” Movie:” The “Twister” MasterChef Mentalist Canada ” News CTV News ” CTV News ” The ” Once Upon Movie Night Mentalist a Time First Story The Amazing Steele Race W5 Believe ” ” MasterChef The Canada Mentalist CTV News News ” CTV News Once Upon The a Time Mentalist The Amazing Race

Coronation HNIC Marketplace NHL Our Hockey: Vancouver Tampa Bay NHL Lightning at Hockey: Montreal St. Louis Canadiens Blues at To Be Chicago Announced Blackhawks Coronation ” Marketplace TBA ” HNIC Our ” Vancouver NHL ” Hockey: NHL The National Hockey:Bay Tampa ” Lightning at St. Louis CBC News Montreal Blues at Breakaway Canadiens Chicago ” To Be Blackhawks ” Announced TBA HNIC ” ” NHL ” Hockey: ” Tampa Bay The National Lightning at ” Montreal CBC News Canadiens Breakaway To Be ” Announced ” ” ”

Motorcycle Paid Prog. Racing Dr. Chris-Vet ” Pets.TV ” KIRO News PGA KIROTour News Golf: Zurich CBS News Classic of KIRO News New 60 Minutes Orleans, ” Final Round Motorcycle The Amazing Racing Paid RaceProg. Paid Prog. ” The Good ” Dr. Chris-Vet Wife Pets.TV PGA Tour The Golf: Zurich KIRO News Mentalist KIRO News Classic of KIRO News CBS New News KIRO News KIRO News Orleans, Paid Prog. 60 Minutes Final Round Paid Prog. ” Paid Prog. The Amazing Paid Prog. Race Dr. Chris-Vet The Good Pets.TV Wife KIRO News The KIRO News Mentalist CBS News KIRO KIRO News News KIRO News 60 Minutes Paid Prog. ” Paid Prog. The Amazing Race

Believe ”

” ”


Masterpiece Believe Classic ”

TLC < Gypsy

” Movie:

WTBS A “Lakeview

The Bletchley Circle

Duck D. Criminal Duck MindsD. Duck D. Criminal Minds

Boys Mansbridge ” Invasion CBC News Auction Monsters vs. The Deadliest Almost NowNational With Auction Aliens ” Catch Rev. Flamingo Carole Overhaulin’ Squirrel MacNeil ”

TMZ 30 Rock ” Paid Prog. Anti-Aging Family Feud Family Feud

Wedding 19 Kids Paid Prog. 19 Kids Paid Prog. Little Couple Little Couple

Terrace” Divorce ” Divorce There Yet? Judge Alex Judge Alex

” Sesame Street” Environ Daniel Tiger Super Why!

CBC News Now

KIRO News ”

Noon News Hour

Darts Being Tyson

PAW Patrol The Chew Bucket-Dino ”

The First 48 ”

Kid vs. Kat Sidekick

CBC News Now With

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The Middle Family Guy Divorce Mod Fam Family DivorceGuy Big Bang Amer. Judge Dad Alex Big Bang Amer. Judge Dad Alex Browns Jeffersons King Payne Jeffersons King Browns Rules of Community Payne Engagement Community Mod Fam ” Seinfeld Seinfeld ” The Middle Family Guy The Middle Family Guy Mod Fam Amer. Dad Big Bang Amer. Dad Big Bang Jeffersons Browns Jeffersons Payne Rules of Browns Engagement Payne” ” Mod Fam Seinfeld

Peg Plus Cat Antiques Sesame Sid Science Roadshow Street Wild Kratts Antiques Daniel Tiger WordGirl Roadshow Super Why! Business Pie Railway World News A Promise Journeys PBS to My Father Kevin NewsHour Light Rick Steves Old House Tavis Smiley Charlie Rose Antiques Chef ” Antiques Peg Plus Cat Roadshow Sid Science Antiques Wild Kratts Roadshow WordGirl Pie Business A Promise World News to My Father PBS Light NewsHour Tavis Smiley Chef Old House Antiques

Katie The Voice Today ” cont’d ” Ellen DeGe” New Day neres Show ” Northwest KING 5 The Blacklist KING 5 News News ” Nightly News KING News Days of our News Tonight Lives News Show Dr. Phil Evening Seth Meyers ” The Voice Katie ” ” ” Ellen DeGe” neres Show The Blacklist KING ”5 News KING News Nightly News Tonight News Show Seth NewsMeyers Evening

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Bethenny MasterChef The View ” Canada ” Ellen DeGeThe Marilyn neres Show Following Denis Show CTV News Castle CTV News at Five ” CTV News News-Lisa The Social ” CTV News ” etalk Daily Show Dr. Phil Big Bang Seth Meyers ” MasterChef Bethenny Canada ” The Ellen DeGeFollowing neres Show Castle CTV News ” at Five News-Lisa CTV News ” Daily Show Seth etalk Meyers Big Bang

Power & How/Made The National Jacked! Politics” How/Made ” Sidekick ” How/Made Vampire The How/Made Invasion CBCNational News Auction Squirrel ” How/Made Haunting ” How/Made Almost Now With Auction SpongeBob Lang & Daily Planet Haunting The National Bering Sea Flamingo Carole Overhaulin’ Bread O’Leary Mr. Young ” Gold ”” Squirrel MacNeil Odd Parents CBC News How/Made Gags The Jacked! Kid vs. Kat CBCNational News River SpongeBob ” How/Made Gags ” ” Sidekick Now With Monsters Sam & Cat The National Bering Sea Vampire National How/Made Rated A for The Reshmi River Assembly ” Nair Gold Haunting ” How/Made Monster Monsters Hathaways The National Jacked! Haunting Lang Bering Sea KidYoung vs. Kat Power& How/Made Mr. ”& ” Mr. Young O’Leary Gold League/Evil Politics How/Made Vampire The National How/Made Sidekick How/Made Haunting ”” How/Made Squirrel ” How/Made Haunting The National Bering Sea SpongeBob Lang & Daily Planet Mr. Young ” Gold Bread O’Leary ” Gags The National Jacked! Odd Parents CBC News How/Made Gags ” ” SpongeBob ” How/Made Vampire The National How/Made Sam & Cat The National Bering Sea Haunting ” How/Made Assembly ” Gold Haunting Lang & Bering Sea Mr. Young O’Leary Hathaways The National Gold Jacked! Mr. Young ” ”

Family Feud Medium Big Bang Tattoos Family Feud Medium Big Bang Tattoos Steve Medium Bones Sex Sent Me 30 Rock 19 Kids Harvey” Medium to E.R. Paid Prog. 19the Kids Bethenny To Be The Family Feud Tattoos Little Couple ” Announced Following Family Feud Tattoos Little Couple Two Men Untold StoNews Untold ThisMinute Say YesStoTwo Men ries of the Mod Fam ries of the ThisMinute Say Yes Simpsons Sex Sent Me The Arsenio To Be Law & Say Yes Mod Fam to the E.R. Hall Show Order: SVU Announced Say Yes Big Bang Tattoos TMZ Peter Popoff Family Feud Tattoos Medium Big Bang Sunny Prog. Family Feud Paid Medium Bones Sex Sent Me Steve ” Medium to the E.R. Harvey Medium The Tattoos Bethenny To Be Following Tattoos ” Announced News Untold StoTwo Men Untold StoMod Fam ries of the Two Men ries of the The Arsenio To Be Simpsons Sex Sent Me Hall Show Announced Mod Fam to the E.R. TMZ Peter Popoff Sunny Paid Prog. Big Bang Tattoos Big Bang Tattoos

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The DuckFirst D. 48 ” Duck D. Steven and Let’s Make a The Talk Party Poker Ella the Ele. The Doctors The First 48 CBC News: Ent Ent Sportsnet Hope for Wheel Bates Motel Chris Deal ” ” Rob Robot ” ”” Vancouver The Insider ET Canada Connected Wildlife Jeopardy! Coronation Bold Olly Oz The First 48 To Be Broke Girl Is The Bones Red Bull Air Dive, Henry VIII: Dancing Bates Motel Bookaboo The Price The Queen Doctors Sportsnet HockeyCenElla the Ele. The The Dr. View Criminal Stefano ThisMinute Latifah” Show Connected Jelly Jamm Show ” Announced Race High. The With the Doodlebops Friends-Lives Right tral JellyMind Jamm ” Minds” NHL ” Judge Judy Young & MLB Maya Bee KOMO 4 Duck Mike Remedy Party Poker Fake or Stars Duck Our Young & Fresh Premier G. Shrinks KOMO 4 Criminal Hockey: Judge Judy Restless Baseball: Arthur News Dynasty ” Big Bang ” ” Fortune? Dynasty Vancouver Restless Debt/Part League Clifford-Dog News ” Minds Conference KIRO News Early News Tampa Bay Martha News Duck The Person of The Blacklist Architects Duck D. 48 CBCNational News KIRO News Noon News Sportsnet Darts PAW Patrolof Castle The Chew The First Quarterfinal: KIRO News Global Nat. Rays at Wild Kratts World News Dynasty ” Interest ” Connected Change ” Duck D. Now ” Hour Being Tyson Bucket-Dino ” Teams TBA KIRO News News Hour Chicago Animals KOMO 4 Duck D. CBC News KIRO News News Hour Hockey Hope for News Bates Motel Republic of CBS The Talk Days of Red Bull Air Animals Wibbly Pig General The First ” News ” our White Sox News Duck D. 48 Vancouver Late Show Final Being Tyson Wildlife Jimmy ” Doyle ” Lives Race High. Dragon Hospital CBC News: Ent Ent Sportsnet Hope for Wheel Bates Motel George S Letterman ET Canada Oil Change Fake or Ele. Kimmel Live Bates Motel Steven and Let’sInsider Make a ET TheCanada Talk Party Poker Wildlife Ella the The Doctors The First 48 Vancouver The Connected Jeopardy! ” Coronation Ferguson The Test ” Fortune? Nightline ” Chris Deal ” Rob Robot ” To Be Broke Girl Bones Red Bull Air Henry VIII: Dancing Bates Motel Coronation Bold The Queen Sportsnet Dive,Mind Olly The Dr. The First 48 Announced Friends-Lives ” Race High. The With theOz ” Stefano ThisMinute Latifah Show Connected Jelly Jamm Show ” ” Mike Remedy Party Poker Fake or Stars Duck NHL ” Judge Judy Young” & MLB ” Maya Bee KOMO Duck Big Bang Fortune? ” 4 Dynasty Hockey: Judge Judy Restless Baseball: Arthur News Dynasty The National Person of The Blacklist Sportsnet Architects of Castle Duck D. Conference KIRO News Early News Tampa Bay Change Martha News ” Duck D. ” Interest ” Connected Duck Quarterfinal: KIRO News Global Nat. Rays at Wild Kratts World News Dynasty CBC News KIRO News News Hour Hockey Hope for News Bates Motel Teams TBA Late KIROShow News Final News Hour Chicago Animals KOMO 4 Duck D. Vancouver Being Tyson Wildlife Jimmy ” ” CBS News ” White Sox Animals News Duck D. George S Letterman ET Canada Oil Change Fake or Kimmel Live Bates Motel Coronation The ” Fortune? Nightline CBC News: Ferguson Ent Ent Test Sportsnet Hope for Wheel Bates ”Motel Vancouver The Insider ET Canada Connected Wildlife Jeopardy! ”

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Hockey Sportsnet Being Tyson Connected Oil Change Rise as ” One UEFA

Hope for Ella the Ele. Wildlife Jelly Jamm Fake or G. Shrinks Fortune? Clifford-Dog

News The View Jimmy ” Kimmel Live KOMO 4 Nightline News

Bates Motel Criminal ” Minds Bates Motel Criminal ” Minds

Vampire Invasion Haunting Almost Haunting Flamingo Mr. Young Squirrel

The National CBC News ” Now With Lang & Carole O’Leary MacNeil

The Arsenio 30 Rock Hall Show Paid Prog. TMZ Family Feud Sunny Family Feud

To Be 19 Kids Announced 19 Kids Peter Popoff Little Prog. Couple Paid Little Couple

Rules of Divorce Engagement Divorce ” Judge”Alex Judge Alex

to My Father Sesame Light Street Tavis Smiley Daniel Tiger Chef Super Why!

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Off Record Hockey Motorcycle E:60 SportsCentre World ”Poker Tour Hockey NHL SportsNation ” Hockey: Rangers at That’s Hocky. Flyers

The Talk ” The Doctors ” The Queen Latifah Show Fresh Debt/Part Young & Restless Noon News Hour News ” our Days of Lives Global Nat.

Dr. Phil ” The View ” Bethenny ” The Marilyn Denis Show Ellen DeGeneresNews Show CTV ” CTV News at Five The Social ” CTV News

Steven and Chris Bookaboo Doodlebops Coronation Stefano Dragons’ Den NHL Hockey: CBC News Now Conference Quarterfi Republic nal: of Doyle Teams TBA


Days of our Lives

Let’s Make a DealPrice Is The Right Bold ThisMinute Young & Restless Judge Judy JudgeNews Judy KIRO KIRO ”News KIRO News The Talk KIRO ”News

The Talk ” The Doctors ” The Queen Latifah Show Fresh Debt/Part Young & Restless Noon News Hour Early News Global Days ofNat. our Lives News Hour

HockeyCentral Sportsnet Connected Sportsnet Connected Rise as One UEFA Blue Jays Blue Jays Champions League MLB Baseball: Soccer ” Blue Toronto

Ella the Ele. Rob the Robot Ella Ele. Jelly Dive,Jamm Olly Jelly Jamm G. Shrinks Clifford-Dog Maya Bee Arthur PAW Patrol Bucket-Dino Martha Wild Kratts Wibbly Pig Dragon Hope for

The First 48 ” ” The View Criminal ” Oz Minds The Dr. Storage Show 4 Storage KOMO Criminal News Minds KOMO 4 Storage News Storage The Chew The First 48 ” News ” Storage World News Storage General After the Hospital First 48 KOMO 4 Storage News Storage The Doctors The First 48 ” Wheel” Barry’d



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How/Made Auction How/Made Auction Bering Sea How/Made Gold How/Made

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Power & Politics CBC News Now With ” Carole” MacNeil Lang & O’Leary CBC News Now CBCWith News ” Nair Reshmi ” The National

Rods N’ Wheels Auction Auction How/Made How/Made How/Made How/Made Daily Planet Bering” Sea Gold Licence to Drill: Louis. Jacked! ” Deadliest


Say Yes Say Yes

Kid vs. Kat League/Evil Invasion Almost Sidekick Squirrel Flamingo Squirrel SpongeBob Chucks Kid vs. Kat Sidekick Odd Parents SpongeBob Rated A for Monster Cache Craze


Law & Order: SVU Family Feud Family 30 RockFeud Paid SteveProg. HarveyFeud Family Family Feud Bethenny ” ThisMinute ThisMinute Two Men Two & Men Law Order: SVU Simpsons

Medium Medium 19 Kids 19 Kids Medium Medium Little Couple Little Little Couple Couple LittleYes Couple Say Say Yes 19 Kids 19 Kids Say Yes Say Yes 19 Kids

Seinfeld The Middle Divorce Divorce The Middle Mod Fam Judge Alex Judge Alex Big Bang Big Bang King King Browns Payne Community Community Browns

Charlie Rose ” Sesame Street Peg Plus Cat Sid Science Daniel Tiger Super Why! Wild Kratts WordGirl Nature ” Business World News Greener Quest PBS

Dr. Phil Today ” cont’d Katie ” New Day Northwest Ellen DeGeneres 5Show KING News KING 5 Newsof our Days Lives Nightly News

Japanizi Kid vs. Kat




KING 5 News


League/Evil Boys Barry’d Mr. Young Storage Sidekick Show Storage Squirrel Agents of Storage Vampire The View Criminal Invasion S.H.I.E.L.D. Storage Haunting KOMO 4 Storage SpongeBob Minds Almost News ” Storage Chucks Goldbergs Storage Haunting KOMO Wife 4 Criminal Flamingo News Storage Odd Parents Trophy Storage Mr. Young News News Storage Minds Squirrel World SpongeBob Celebrity Storage Gags The Chew The First 48 Kid vs. Kat KOMO 4 Storage Cache Wife Swap Storage Gags Craze ” Sidekick News ” Storage Japanizi News Barry’d Vampire General After the Rated A Wheel Barry’d Boys Jimmy Barry’d Hauntingfor Hospital First 48 Monster Jeopardy! Barry’d Mr. Young Kimmel Live Storage Haunting The Doctors The First 48 Vampire Kid Young vs. Kat Agents of Storage Nightline Storage Mr. ” ” League/Evil S.H.I.E.L.D. Storage Haunting

CatchN’ Power ”& Rods Politics The National Wheels Deadliest Catch ”” How/Made ” How/Made The National ” CBC News Auction ” ” Lang & Daily Planet Now With Auction O’Leary ” The National Deadliest Carole How/Made CBC News Licence to ” Catch MacNeil How/Made ” Drill: Louis. The National Deadliest CBCNational News Bering Sea The Deadliest ” Catch Now With Gold ” Catch The National ” Reshmi Jacked! The National ” Nair Deadliest ” ”” Catch ” Lang & Licence to Power & RodsLouis. The National ”N’ O’Leary Drill: Politics Wheels ” ”

Family Feud Big Bang Big Bang Steve Harvey Glee 30 Rock ” Bethenny Paid Prog. ” New Girl Family Feud Two Men Mindy Family Feud Two Men News ThisMinute Simpsons Mod Fam ThisMinute Mod Fam The Arsenio Law & Big HallBang Show Order: SVU Big Bang TMZ Family Feud Glee Sunny Family” Feud

Mod Fam 19 Kids Payne Family Feud Medium Seinfeld Medium Little Couple The ModMiddle Fam Little Couple The Seinfeld Medium Middle Medium Mod Fam 19 Kids Family Guy 19 Divorce 19 Kids Kids Family Guy Little Couple Big Bang 19 Kids Divorce Little Couple Big Bang Little Couple Amer. Dad Little Couple Browns Judge Dad Alex 19 Kids Little Couple Amer. Little Couple Payne Judge Alex 19 Kids 19 Kids Jeffersons Say Yes King 19 Browns 19 Kids Kids Jeffersons Say Yes King 19 Kids Payne Little Couple Tyler Perry’s Say Community Little Couple Fam LittleYes Couple Mod the Family Say Yes Community Little Couple Seinfeld Paid Prog. That Preys Medium Seinfeld 19 Kids Family Paid Prog. ” Guy Medium The Middle 19 Kids Family Guy

” Rick Steves Outd’r Idaho Peg Plus Cat Sid Science Pioneers of Sesame Television Wild Kratts Street WordGirl Ruben Daniel Tiger Business Salazar: Man Super News Why! World Frontline Nature” PBS ” NewsHour ” Greener Rick Steves Afropop: Quest Idaho Outd’r Cultural Charlie Rose Pioneers of Light ” Television

The Queen Sportsnet NCIS: Los Party Poker Latifah Show Connected Angeles ”

Dive, Five: Olly High Jelly Jamm Suburban

The Dr. Oz Goldbergs Show Wife Trophy

Storage Storage Storage Storage

Sidekick Haunting Squirrel Mr. Young

” How/Made The National Deadliest How/Made ”” Catch

SteveGirl New Harvey Mindy

Medium The Middle Little Couple Amer. Dad Medium Mod Fam Little Couple Amer. Dad

Peg Plus Cat About Katie a Boy Ruben Sid Science ” Up Salazar: Man Growing

Hockey Young & Fire Person Ellen DeGeNHLNational Person Judge Judy SportsCentre Chicago of The of ” Interest ” Interest NHL ” Restless neres Show Hockey: Judge Judy

Young & Fire Sportsnet Blue Jays Chicago ” Connected Restless Blue Jays

Maya ”Bee The Forest Arthur

KOMO 4 Celebrity

Storage Storage Storage Storage

SpongeBob Gags Gags Chucks

LangNational & Daily Planet News Bethenny The Deadliest ” Catch ” Mod Fam O’Leary ”

Little Couple Jeffersons Big Bang 19 Kids 19 Kids Little Couple Jeffersons Big Bang

Wild Kratts Frontline ” WordGirl

SportsCentre News Hour Hockey: ” at Final ” Rangers

News Hour Early News Final Global Nat.

Marine Martha Machines Wild Kratts

Barry’d Storage Barry’d Storage

Vampire ” to Odd Parents The CBCNational News Licence Haunting ”” ” SpongeBob Drill: Louis.

The Two Arsenio Men Hall Two Show Men

Little Couple Tyler Perry’s Business ” KING 19 Kids Browns KING News 5 Little Couple the Family Afropop: 19 Kids Payne World News Tonight News Paid Prog. 19 Kids Paid Prog. 19 Kids

” Ent ET Canada The Queen Latifah NCIS Show The Doctors ”& Young ” Restless NCIS: Los Fresh News Angeles Debt/Part ” Chicago Fire Noon News Global ” Nat. Hour News CHBC News Hour Days of our Ent Final Lives ET Canada ET Canada The Test Talk NCIS The ”

Big Bang Bethenny ” of Agents The View S.H.I.E.L.D. Ellen DeGeneres ”Show Goldbergs The Marilyn CTV News Trophy Wife Denis at FiveShow Person of CTV News CTV News Interest ”” News-Lisa The etalk CTVSocial News ” Big Bang Daily Show Dr. Phil Agents of Seth Meyers ” S.H.I.E.L.D.

SportsCentre NCIS: The Queen Bethenny Ducks Los Goldbergs ” Latifah Show Trophy” Wife SportsCentre Angeles

News-Lisa CTV News CTV News at Five



Chris CBC News: Vancouver Coronation Stefano To Be Bookaboo Announced NHL Doodlebops Hockey: ” Dragons’ Conference ” Den Quarterfi nal: The National CBC News Teams ” TBA Now ” CBC News Republic of CBC News: Vancouver Doyle Vancouver George S Steven To Be and Coronation Chris Announced

Deal Ent The Insider Bold ThisMinute NCIS The Price Is ”Judy Judge Right Judy Judge NCIS: Los YoungNews & KIRO Angeles Restless KIRO News Person of KIRO News KIRO News Interest ” CBS News KIRO News The Ent LateTalk Show ” The Insider Letterman Let’s Make a NCIS Ferguson Deal ”

ET Canada The Queen Latifah NCIS Show The Doctors ”& Young ” Restless NCIS: Los FreshNews Early Angeles Debt/Part Global Nat. Chicago Fire Noon News News ”Hour Hour ” News Hour Days Ent Final of our Lives ET Canada ET Canada The Test Talk NCIS The ”

Coronation ” Stefano ”

Bold Los NCIS: ThisMinute Angeles


CBC News KIRO News Conference Vancouver Quarterfinal: Late KIROShow News


Jays at Wildlife HockeyCenElla the Ele. Rob Robot Marine


Nature ”

” ”

KING The Blacklist ” P

PAW Patrol The Chew Bucket-Dino ”


King King

KCTS Pie A Promise N

Machines Dive, Olly Jelly Jamm For King and Ella the Ele. Empire Maya Bee Jelly Jamm Arthur High Five: G. Shrinks Martha Suburban Clifford-Dog Wild Kratts ” PAW Patrol Hope for The Forest Bucket-Dino Wildlife Marine Wibbly Pig Marine Machines Dragon Machines High Five: EllaKing the Ele. For and Suburban Rob Robot Empire

Hockey: SportsCentre Dallas” Stars Motorcycle at Anaheim Hockey E:60 NHL Ducks World Poker Hockey: SportsCentre Tour Rangers at SportsCentre SportsNation Flyers ” ”” SportsCentre That’s” NHL Hocky. Hockey: SportsCentre Off Record Dallas ” Stars Hockey at Anaheim

CBS Make News a The Talk ” Let’s Ent ”

Champions League

KNOW KOMO Architects of Castle Change ” * `

Days of our Lives

Steven” and




KCTS Lives KING Charlie Rose Dr. Phil N P ” ”

Mike Big Bang

That’s Hocky.

CHBC News Dr. Phil ” The Talk etalk ”


Kid vs. Kat Hathaways League/Evil Mr. Young

WTBS Seinfeld TheA Middle


Broke Girl Bones Friends-Lives ”

SportsNation Noon News ” Hour

” Off Record Hockey NHL

” The Closer


” Ella the Ele. Monarch of Jelly Jamm the Glen G. Shrinks Clifford-Dog

The Doctors Queen Latifah” Show Fresh Young & Debt/Part Restless Noon News News Hour ” Days ofNat. our Global Lives CHBC News

CHBC News The Doctors Final ” ET Canada Fresh The Test Debt/Part

My Five Wives


Blue Jays HockeyCenSportsnet tral Connected Premier League

SNP KNOW KOMO Party Poker Ella the Ele. The Doctors ) ` ” Rob* Robot ”

YTV 6 Mr. Young



Block The Doctors Paid Prog. ” Paid Prog. Fresh Debt/Part

Red Carpet The View Castle” ” KOMO 4 News

The National Deadliest ” Catch: Twin Sisters ”


KIRO News The Price Is Paid RightProg. Paid Prog. Young & Restless

Revenge ”

Japanizi Japanizi



NHL Zou Hockey: Traveler Flyers at Backroads Rangers KING 5 NHL News Hockey: Nightly News St. Louis KING News Blues at Dateline Chicago NBC Blackhawks NHL Dream Hockey: LazyTown Builders Zou Flyers at Believe Rangers Traveler ” Backroads NHL Crisis Hockey: KING 5 ” News St. Louis KING News Nightly News Blues at The 206 KING News Chicago Bensinger Dateline Blackhawks Paid Prog. NBC LazyTown Dream Zou Builders Traveler Believe Backroads ” KING 5 Crisis News ” Nightly News KING KING News News The 206 Dateline Bensinger NBC Paid Prog. Dream Builders

KING News The 206 Today Bensinger cont’d Paid Prog. New Day Northwest

Off Record Hockey

Bones ”


Joan Miro:

Sid Science formances Cyberchase ” McLaughlin ” Moyers Pie Great CheckPerformances at Weekend the Met Moyers ” Railway ” Journeys Joan Miro: Sid Science Call the Cyberchase Great PerMidwife formances McLaughlin Masterpiece Moyers ” Classic Great ”PerThe Bletchformances at Pie ley Circle Check the Met Reel NW Weekend ” ” Moyers ”” Railway Joan Miro: Environ Journeys Great PerCall the formances Midwife ” Masterpiece ” Classic Pie The BletchCheck ley Circle Weekend Reel NW Moyers ” Railway ” Journeys Environ Call the Midwife

A&E 1 Duck D.

Motoring SportsCentre 2014 ” World NHL Poker Tour Hockey: SportsNation Bruins at ” Red Wings


Disaster Big Bang Movie: Big Bang “Not Big Bang Another Mod Fam Teen Movie” Mod Fam Tyler Perry’s Secretariat Why Did ” I Get Married ” Too? ” ” Disaster ” Movie: Big TheBang Closer Big “NotBang ” Another Big TheBang Closer Big Bang Teen Movie” ” TylerFam Perry’s Mod Movie: Mod Fam Why Did I “Lakeview Secretariat Get Married Terrace” ” Too? ” ” There ”Yet? ” Big Bang ” Big Bang The Closer Big Bang ” Big Bang The Closer Mod Fam ” Mod Fam Movie: Secretariat “Lakeview ” Terrace” ” ” ” There Yet? ” The Closer

KNOW KOMO *Fish News ` Mystery

KIRO CHAN Let’s Make a The Talk ( Deal_ ”

Resurrection Duck D. ” Duck D.



Gypsy Wedding Wedding Gypsy Gypsy Wedding Wedding Medium Gypsy Medium Wedding Medium Gypsy Medium Wedding My Five Gypsy Wives Wedding Gypsy Medium Wedding Gypsy Medium Wedding Gypsy My Five Wedding Gypsy Wives Wedding Gypsy Medium Wedding Medium Medium Medium Gypsy Gypsy Medium Wedding Wedding Medium Gypsy Paid Prog. My Five Wedding Paid Prog. Wives Gypsy Medium Wedding Medium Gypsy My Five Wedding Wives Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Gypsy Medium Wedding My Five Paid Prog. Wives Paid Prog. Medium Medium

SNP Blue) Jays

The Social ”

SportsCentre Remedy ” ”

A&E 1

< A N P A13 Gypsy Big Bang Great PerLazyTown

CHAN ( News Final

CTV News ”



Stood Still” ThisMinute Pain Free 30 Rock Two Men Trout TV 30 Rock Livin’ Dream The Office Two Men Paid Prog. Big Bang Stop Pain Two Men Movie: 24-Preview “The Day Burgers the Earth Amer. Dad Stood Still” Pain Free Simpsons Two Men ThisMinute Family Guy 30 30 Rock Rock CosmosThe Offi Trout TVce Space Livin’ Dream Paid Prog. News StopMen Pain Two Bones Big Bang Movie: ” Two “TheMen Day TMZ 24-Preview the Earth ” Burgers Stood Still” Anti-Aging Amer. Dad ThisMinute Simpsons 30 Rock Family Guy Trout TV CosmosLivin’ Dream Space Two Men News Big Bang Bones Two Men ” 24-Preview TMZ Burgers ” Amer. Dad Anti-Aging Simpsons Family Guy


That’s Hocky.

Off Record The Hockey: Ent Talk Hockey ” Avalanche at ET Canada SportsCentre The Wild Bones Motoring The Queen Doctors ”” Latifah Show 2014 ” NHL Young & SportsCentre World Poker Remedy Fresh Hockey: Restless ” Tour ” Debt/Part Bruins at News SportsCentre Blacklist SportsNation The Noon News Red Wings ” ” Hour ” ” Global Nat. SportsCentre CHBC News That’s Days ofNews our NHL CHBC Final Hocky.” Lives Hockey: Ent SportsCentre ET Canada Off Record at ET TheCanada Talk Avalanche ” The Test Hockey ” Wild Bones SportsCentre The Queen ” ” ” Latifah Show SportsCentre Remedy NHL ” Young” & Hockey: Restless SportsCentre The Blacklist Bruins” at News ” Red Wings ” SportsCentre CHBC News Global Nat. ” Final NHL CHBC News SportsCentre ET Canada ” The Hockey: Ent Test Avalanche at ET Canada


Cold Water Cold Water Cowboys Cowboys Cold Water Cold Water Cowboys Cowboys Deadliest Cold Water Catch: Cowboys Season 9 Cold Water Revealed Cowboys MythBusters Cold Water ” Cowboys Cold Water Jacked! Cowboys Cold Water ” Cowboys Cold Water Deadliest Cowboys Cold Water Catch: Cowboys Cold Water Season 9 Cowboys Deadliest Revealed Catch: Cold Water MythBusters Season 9 Cowboys ” Revealed Cold Water Deadliest MythBusters Cowboys Catch Rev. ” Cold Water Jacked! Cowboys ” Cold Water Deadliest Cowboys Catch: Deadliest Season Catch: 9 Revealed Season 9 MythBusters Revealed ” MythBusters Deadliest ” Catch Rev. Jacked! ”

Mr. Young Boys

SportsNation Noon News ” Hour

The CTVSocial News ”” Dr. Phil etalk ” Big Bang


Marketplace Cowboys Doc Zone CBC News ” CBC News the fifth Now With estate Christine Modern Birak Spies ” The National ”” ” Twin Sisters ”” Marketplace CBC News ” CBC News Doc Zone Marketplace ” Now With The National Christine the fifth ” estate Birak Twin Sisters ” Modern ” Spies ” ” The National ” Mansbridge ” ” The National Twin Sisters Marketplace ” ” Doc Zone ”” Marketplace the fifth The National estate ” Modern Twin SpiesSisters ” The National ”” Mansbridge Twin Sisters The National ” ” ” Marketplace

Duck D. Duck D.

CBC News Breakaway Bookaboo ” Doodlebops ” Our Vancouver

Waking the Dead


Compass” ” Victorious Movie: Victorious “Zathura” Sam &” Cat Hathaways ” Assembly ” Cache Craze Movie: Japanizi “Monsters Movie: vs. Aliens” “The Golden ” Compass” Victorious League/Evil Victorious Cache” Craze Movie: Sam & Cat Japanizi Hathaways “Zathura” Japanizi ” Assembly Mr. Young Cache” Craze Boys ” Japanizi Mr. Young Movie: Movie: Boys “Monsters “The Golden Monsters vs. vs. Aliens” Compass” Aliens ” ” League/Evil Movie: Cache Craze “Zathura” Japanizi ” Japanizi ” Mr. Young ” Boys Movie: Mr. Young “Monsters Boys vs. Aliens” Monsters vs. ” Aliens League/Evil Cache Craze

Waking the Dead

News CTV News The View The ” Mentalist The Marilyn Denis Show

” ”




Duck D. Bates Motel Duck D. ” Duck D. Storage Duck D. Storage Duck D. Storage Duck D. Storage Duck D. Storage Duck D. Storage Duck D. Storage Duck D. Storage Bates Motel Duck D. ” Duck Duck D. D. Duck D. Storage Duck D. Storage Duck Duck D. D. Duck D. Storage Duck D. Storage Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Storage Duck D. Duck D. Storage Duck D. Duck D. Storage Duck D. Duck D. Storage Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck Duck D. D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck Duck D. D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck Duck D. D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck Duck D. D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D.

Sportsnet Connected

SportsCentre ” Motoring SportsCentre 2014 ” World Poker Tour

CTV CTV News News at Five”


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The Good Wife

The Mentalist

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The Good Wife

SportsCentre The Good ” Wife

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Hockey MLB Blue Jays Baseball:

KNOW KOMO Jeopardy! The Dr. Oz * `

NewsSwap KNOW Wife KOMO News * ` Jimmy World News

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Dallas” Stars ” at Anaheim

Noon News NCIS Hour ”

CTV News Agents of ” S.H.I.E.L.D.

CBC To BeNews Now Announced


Noon News NCIS Hour ”

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To Be Announced

SportsCentre Engels ” About a Boy

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SportsCentre CHBC News News-Lisa ” Final CTV News SportsCentre ET Canada ” The Test

Canada ”

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Survivor ”

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The National How/Made ” How/Made

Criminal Minds

Engels About a Boy

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Chicago PD ”

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Canada ”

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Peter Popoff to Jail Paid Prog. ”

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Lake Country CalendarL Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Lake Country Calendar

A14 A14

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It is agreed by any Display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisment and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisment and box rental.


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


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Over 40 tables of Crafts.

LECHNER, Edwin (Ed) Jan 21, 1943 - Feb 28, 2014 Died suddenly at home with his boots on. A popular horseman,mechanic, sportsman, and friend to everyone he met.Ed was predeceased by his father George, mother Susan, brother George, and his ex wife Carol. He is survived by his wife Bonnie Taylor, his daughters Cheri Cooper & Tracy Lechner as well as his 4 grandchildren Natasha Cooper, Chelsea Cooper, Chantelle Campbell, and Cole Campbell. The family invites friends to a celebration of his life to be held at the farm on April 27th from noon til 4:00PM.

GET YOUR MOTHER’S DAY PRESENTS HERE! PLEASE bring a donation for the Food Bank Kathy 250-863-0649


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Wanted: Class 1 Propane Haulers, Full-Time Monday to Friday Employment Looking for an experienced driver to cover Calgary, Golden, Castlegar, Kamloops & Kelowna bulk propane loads Monday – Friday. Previous bulk propane hauling an asset but not necessary. Ideal candidate will be flexible, safety oriented and have strong communication skills. Please contact Amy Enger at: 403 723 9272 or via email at: with your resume and any applicable training certificates.

HACKMAN, GENE EDWARD June 26, 1948 ~ April 12, 2014

It is with sad hearts that we announce the passing of our father and friend Gene Hackman. He leaves behind his 7 children: Jeannie, Tanya, Kelli, Shelli, Traci, Robert and Jodi, 11 grandchildren, 1 great grandson and many loving friends. Dad was predeceased by both of his parents, George and Lena, as well as his two brothers, John and Bill. Our father was a great lover of old cars and racing, as well as wrestling and, of course, fishing. He always had a smile on his face for all of his loved ones and big hugs. His vocation of driving eighteen wheelers brought him all over Canada and the U. S.; his loving personality always brought a smile to a stranger’s face. As per Dad’s request, there will be no funeral service. We will be having a celebration of life at a later date. In lieu of flowers please share your memories and stories of Dad with all of us at




Help Wanted

Trades, Technical

Financial Services

PART-TIME cleaning positions available for May-Sept with option to continue through Winter. Pay starts at $13.50 and goes up from there with bonus at the end of summer/contract. Must have transportation to Lake Country, be accustomed to sustained physical activity, and be available for a minimum 3 days between Sun-Thurs. Flexible days and hours. For a full job description, please inquire at: RIVER FLY FISHING GUIDE AVID FLY FISHER, JET AND DRIFT BOATS EXPERIENCE AN ASSET. REMOTE LODGE IN BC. EMAIL RESUME AND REFERENCES TO TSYLOS@TSYLOS.COM

CONCRETE FINISHERS & Form Setters. Edmonton based company seeks experienced concrete finishers and form setters for work in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Subsistence and accommodations provided for out of town work; Jobs@RaidersConcrete .com. Fax 780-444-9165.

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

Vernon Service Company requires Journeyman Service Plumbers/Gasfitters, $36.00/hr Call (250)549-4444 or fax 250-549-4416

IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161.


Help Wanted


CULLEY - EDWARD H. Born March 1st, 1917. The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Bertrand Russell. On April 16, Ed passed away peacefully aged 97 with his family by his side. Predeceased by his loving wife of 64 years, Patricia (in 2011) and his son Dawson (in 2002). Ed is survived by his sister Kathy, sons Paul, Jon (Nicole); daughter Michelle (Bob); granddaughters Sarah (Chris), Elissa (Brett), Tegan (Steve). Born in England, Ed served in World War II. His unit was captured and he spent the next 4 years as a Japanese prisoner of war in Singapore & Thailand. Upon his return to England, Ed met his wife Patricia and together they raised four children. He worked as a physiotherapist and in 1966 the family emigrated to Canada where Ed was Director of Physiotherapy at the U of A Hospital in Edmonton. In 1981, Ed and Patricia retired to Oyama B.C. where they were very active in the community for the next 30 years. Ed wrote an environmental column for the local paper & was President of the Environmental Club. He taught badminton and was a volunteer reader at the local school for 20 years. In 2000, at age 83, Ed was elected Lake Country Citizen of the Year for his outstanding contributions to the community. In 2005, Ed received the Oyama Legion Honorary Veteran of The Year Award. As a lifelong healthy lifestyle advocate, Ed was still weight training and very active into his 90’s. He was respected and admired by many; his optimism and positive outlook on life will be missed. The family would like to thank the staff at the Reece unit, Village at Smith Creek for their incredible care and support over the last year. We invite all family and friends to an open house to celebrate Ed’s life to be held on Sunday May 4, from 1 to 4 PM at the family home in Oyama, 16090-Greenhow Court. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Cancer Society, Southern Interior, B.C. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, click on stories and type in Edward Culley. Arrangements entrusted with First Memorial Funeral Services, Kelowna, BC 250-762-2299


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Unique Opportunity

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We currently have an opening for a sales person to help us with our paid distribution newspapers across B.C. This position means getting out in the community and talking to subscribers about our newspapers and working to build stronger relationships with existing readers of our newspapers. It also includes finding new subscribers for our newspapers and helping introduce them our award winning host of community newspapers. This is not a year-around position and will run from March to October each year. We offer a spectacular compensation package and bonus incentives. Your own vehicle is required, but we cover all travel expenses. This is really a great opportunity for the right person. It is a different type of job, but definitely has different types of rewards. If you feel this position would be the perfect fit for you, then we would love to hear from you. Please email all enquiries to Michelle Bedford at

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rLake Lake Country Country Calendar Calendar Wednesday, Wednesday,April April23, 23,2014 2014



Legal Services

Painting & Decorating (1) 250-899-3163

3 Rooms For $299, (Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls. Cloverdale Premium Quality Paint. NO PAYMENT, until job is completed!

Garage Sales

2495 Enterprise Way. GREAT for the kids to draw on, puppy training, and packing for moving. CLEANER THAN NEWS PRINT! $1 + up. Talk to the girls in classiďŹ eds to purchase yours.


Misc. Wanted


Auto Financing


Fight Back.

Recreation Paradise Year Round!

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Lots 8.92 Acres w/private setting, Okanagan lake view. Unique home with open floor plan, 2bd, 2bth, sundeck, detatched garage. $630,000. MLSR, David Jurome, McDonald Realty, 250-862-1888

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Fishing, hiking, hunting, quadding, snowmobiling or just relaxation. Great access within 3 hours of the lower mainland, 40 km from Princeton and steps to Osprey Lake. 2 years new this 3 bedroom, 2 bath open concept chalet has it all & more. Includes a guest cabin with a bedroom, living/sitting area, kitchen & bathroom. New detached garage for storing the toys. Call Adrienne (Royal Lepage Parkside Realty) at 250-809-6322 for a private viewing.


Misc. for Sale

at The Kelowna Capital News.


TO LEARN WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ON SALE?

GARAGE SALE. Sat & Sun, April 26th & 27th. 8am-4pm. 151 Hallam Court.




Merchandise for Sale


Real Estate

PURCHASING old Canadian & American coin collections & accumulations. 250-548-3670

2 Coats Any Colour

DAN-MEL Moving Services Local & Long Distance. 4 Ton, Power Tailgate 250-215-0147

Merchandise for Sale Collectors Currently Buying: Coin Collections, Antiques, Native Art, Old Silver, Paintings, Jewellery etc. We Deal with Estates 250-863-3082


Moving & Storage A15 A15


The Lakes. Spectacular lake view lot, southern exposure, suitable for Rancher with w/o basement, $189,000. MLSR, David Jurome, McDonald Realty, 250-862-1888





Roosters Barber Shop

Serving the community since 2005 Traditional Old World Service for the Modern Man! Tuesday to Friday 9-6 (Srâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s discount days)

Saturday & Sunday 9-4 Closed Mondays

Frank Geber â&#x20AC;˘ 778-480-5622 13, 11852 Hwy 97N Lakewood Mall Beside Tim Hortonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s



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Professional automotive & light truck maintenance, diagnostics, & repair. Neil Love - Owner

Serving the Okanagan since 1988

5325 Todd Rd, Oyama â&#x20AC;˘ 250-862-6369





/FlCE&AX(250)766-2594 #ELL(250)258-6707 CUSTOM KITCHENS & MILLWORK

and the creative

The new standard i n c a b i n e t q u a l i t y.

Oyama Services

Josef Kalis 250.766.1234


department will design it for you - FREE!





7JTJUPVS PGmDFTIPXSPPNBU 'JU[QBUSJDL ,FMPXOB e Serving thn a g a n a Ok 0 Since 199

250.765.1180 1.866.207.4444 NBEHFSPPĂ OHDPN $BMMUPEBZGPSZPVS '3&&&45*."5&

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Lake Country CalendarL


Municipal Hall Corporate Services Department 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road Lake Country, BC V4V 2M1 t 250-766-5650 (x206) f 250-766-2903


Tuesday, May 6, 2014 | 7:00 pm Council Chambers Municipal Hall 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Rd

Council has been asked to consider Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication (LakeStone) Bylaw 886, 2014 which proposes to close and remove the dedication of 0.146 ha of road along Okanagan Centre Road West just past the Finch Road junction (the “Closed Road”). The District of Lake Country intends to transfer the Closed Road to the adjacent property owner, MacDonald Lakeshore Properties Ltd. in exchange for 0.263 ha of land to be dedicated as road, covering the travelled surface of Okanagan Centre Road West (the “Road Dedication”).

Semi-Annual Utility Bills are due April 30, 2014 Semi-annual water bills for the period January 1 to June 30, 2014 are due and payable before 4:30 pm on Wednesday, April 30. Payments received after the close of business April 30, 2014 will be charged a late penalty of 5% on the unpaid balance. Payments can be made by mail; in person at Municipal Hall 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Rd; at all major financial institutions; or via internet and telephone banking. There is an after-hours drop box to the right of the main door of Municipal Hall. Municipal office hours are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays).

Public Comment Suspended There are NO more general open Public Comment items during Council meetings until after the November 15, 2014 municipal election. Council is still interested in hearing what you have to say though, so the public is invited to write to Mayor and Council or apply to present as a Delegation at a future meeting by contacting the Corporate Services Department 250-766-5650. and the District’s Facebook page

your “go to” places for online community information

Recycle More starting May 2014 Exciting changes are coming to the Central Okanagan’s Recycling program and soon you’ll be able to recycle more than ever starting May 19th, 2014. Here are the 3 big changes you’ll see this spring.

Council will consider third reading of Bylaw 886, 2014 at the May 6, 2014 Regular Council Meeting at 7 p.m. and invites anyone who considers themselves affected to submit written comments prior to the meeting or make presentation at the meeting on this specific agenda item. GET MORE INFORMATION Copy of the proposed bylaw and relevant background documents can be viewed on the District’s website at at the District of Lake Country Municipal Hall (2nd Floor) from Wednesday, April 16, 2014 to Tuesday, May 6, 2014 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., excluding weekends and statutory holidays. Call the Corporate Services Manager at 250 766-5650 (x206). HAVE YOUR SAY Mail to 10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country, BC V4V 2M1 Email Speak at the Council Meeting May 6, 2014 Written submissions are included in the Council Meeting Agenda Package and will be posted on the District of Lake Country website. Reyna Seabrook, Corporate Officer

April 23, 2014

1. More accepted in your curbside cart!  Disposable paper cups  Aerosol cans (e.g. hair spray, food spray)  Wax coated frozen food packaging  Wax coated cartons (e.g. milk, soy milk)  Paper cans (e.g. coffee, frozen juice)  Microwave containers (e.g. single serve soups) 2. Recycle Styrofoam! Starting May 19th you can take Styrofoam such as electronic packaging, meat trays and egg cartons to a local recycling depot. Styrofoam will not be accepted in the curbside carts. 3. Plastic Film (such as plastic bags) will no longer be accepted in the curbside carts and must be recycled at a depot. All of these changes are a result of the Provincial Packaging and Printed Paper stewardship program being launched across BC. For more details visit or

Lake Country Calendar, April 23, 2014  

April 23, 2014 edition of the Lake Country Calendar

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