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April 23, 2014

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STACEY LAVALLIE/Independent reporter

The Gracenotes, who received highest mark in vocal, open up the festival with a rendition of “The Seal Lullaby.”

Full-house for annual music festival STACEY LAVALLIE Independent reporter After a week of performances and competitions, the top acts brought their shows to the Performing Arts Centre in Stettler on April 15. The show saw the best acts in the various categories – speech, vocal, band, piano, musical theatre and dance – performed before a packed audience. Awards were also presented to the performers who were recommended up to provincials. In Musical Theatre, Chloe Shingoose, Dacia Gramlick, Jaycee Davidson and Aaryn Lynham advanced. In Vocal, Aiden Kobi,

Emma Webowesky, Dacia Gramlick, Thecla Wiart, The Gracenotes and the Rhapsody Girls and Tiny Tenors advanced. Miranda Peterson, Shayla Schultz and Jennifer Taylor advanced in piano, and Meg LaRose, Big Valley Grades 5 & 6, and Stettler Elementary Grade 2AH/2DB advanced in speech. The performances at various points had the audience silent in rapt attention or outright laughing. The Gracenotes, a vocal choir, opened the show with a performance of The Seal Lullaby, followed by Black Rode the Wind. The quiet, sad-sounding lullaby was offset by the jaunty sound of the sec-

ond performance. The sulky, pouty and foot-stamping performance of Taylor Roth, Emily Whipple and Kiersten Brittan, as their characters refused to say goodbye, had the packed house chuckling in laughter, but Dacia Gramlick’s strong, operatic voice silenced any remaining chuckles. Her voice, without the aid of a microphone, carried to the furthest levels of the audience without an issue. In “I Really, Really Love You,” Jaycee Davidson, who received the highest mark in musical theatre, used her voice, facial expression and gestures to perform a oneperson act of a stalker in

love with her obsession. The performance started out sweetly, with Davidson at a table singing about love, but degenerated into a crazy, arm and leg flailing performance that showed the character’s dip into insanity. The second half of the show opened with the amazing performance by Issac, Schubert, Rosanne and Roy Hernando. The four played the piano all at once, but throughout the performance of the song, individuals would get up and undertake certain tasks. At one point, only one person was left on the piano – throughout the song, members of the act rode a unicycle, dusted, juggled, applied makeup,

poked and prodded their sibling, and more. Gramlick again wowed the audience with a chilling musical theatre performance. As she paced the stage to a cradle, carrying a child, she sang about how the child looked like his father, who had left them. When the song completed, the audience was stunned into silence, as the beautiful song’s words made it clear the mother couldn’t love her child because of the resemblance to the father, and it had broken her heart. Jennifer Taylor, who took highest mark in piano, impressed the audience with her performance of Bach’s Prelude

and Fugue in B flat major. As her hands danced over the keys, the audience listened in rapt silence. Closing the show as they had opened it, the Gracenotes once again took stage. Unlike the choral opening, the musical theatre act that closed out the show was a humourous performance of “Trashin’ the Camp.” More than 700 entrants competed in the ten-day festival, which has grown from its original three-day format when it started in 1969. More than 100 volunteers annually contribute their time to make the festival flow as seamlessly as possible, and more than $10,000 are given out in scholarships.

Stettler’s fifth graders score big in science fair

Contributed photo

Authors of successful results at the Central Alberta Regional Science Fair: Back row (l to r): Cassidy UnKauf, Hanna Moon, Faith Shuckburgh, Kyla Johnston, and Carly Jones; front row (l to r): Jaden Norman, Chloe Strohschein, Rylee Frank, Katie, Satre, Nicholas Deaver, Emma Werbowesky, Elisa Collard, and Hailie Ripley; missing is Jenna Vowles.

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Submitted Stettler Elementary School fifth graders achieved spectacular results at the Central Alberta Regional Science Fair (CARSF) on Friday and Saturday, April 11 and 12, at the Bower Place Mall in Red Deer. They won a gold medal, two silver medals, four bronze medals, and certificates, as well as other prizes. The students competed in the grade 5/6 category, and had seven of the top 12 projects. “We are proud of our students’ excellent results. They were competing against a total of 26 projects that were the best from across central Alberta,” said grade 5 science teacher, Rob Howell. “Our students successfully competed against many students a grade ahead of them. Their adherence to the scientific method, and their effective use of technology allowed them to compete at such a high level.” Howell was speaking on behalf of fellow Grade 5 science teachers Carmen Fox, Bonnie Lynn, and Stefan Olafson. Faith Shuckburgh won a gold medal, a certificate, and an award from the Red Deer River Naturalists for her project on “Five seconds to a stomach ache.” She grew bacterial cultures from food that had fallen on the floor.

Hailie Ripley and Jenna Vowles won silver medals, certificates, and $50.00 each from the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) for their project on “Brawny Bridges. Rylee Frank and Katie Satre won silver medals and certificates for their project on “Cool mint.” Winning bronze medals and certificates were Jaden Norman and Chloe Strohschein for their project on “Water effects”; Elisa Collard and Emma Werbowesky for “Who wants popcorn?”; Nicholas Deaver for “Sports drinks: Are they worth it?”; and Cassidy UnKauf and Hanna Moon for “Stormy tsunamis.” Kyla Johnston and Carly Jones won an award from the Red Deer River Naturalists for their project on “Melting ice.” “Students integrated knowledge from all core subjects to create their project. They then had to analyze what the information and data they collected meant to reach conclusions that had practical applications to society,” Howell said. “We were pleased as staff to see the passion our students showed in completing their projects. The skills they have learned will serve them well as they progress through life.”

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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An April 21 grass fire east of the auction mart in Stettler started from a brush pile that had been burning, but was assumed to be “out,” according to Stettler Regional Fire Chief Mark Dennis. A spark from the brush pile caught the dry grass and the fire spread. Pictured here is firefighter Devon Dadensky.

County fire permit restriction in place S TACEY L AVALLIE Independent reporter After a long, snowy season, the dry grass is free of the winter snowpack and tinder dry, warns Stettler District Fire Chief Mark Dennis. Dennis has put a fire permit restriction in place after five grass fires in the past week have had the volunteer fire department responding to roasting fields. “It’s not a fire ban,”

Dennis said. “People can still burn in burning barrels so long as they have a proper screen, or a campfire in a proper fire pit with a screen.” At least one of the fires was caused by an individual burning rubbish in a fire barrel without a proper screen, Dennis revealed. A spark, caught by the wind, set the paper-dry grass on fire. Another over the weekend, near Big Valley, was caused when a transformer sparked and

the wind threw the spark into the grass. That fire, fanned by the windy day, burned about a quartermile by a quarter-mile, Dennis said. The fire, on a meadow with a ravine, was not easily accessible. “(Wild fires) are not unusual at this time of year,” Dennis said. “People should just be more cautious and do essential burning only.” Until the grass is turning green, Dennis said the risk of wildfires remains

high. While the county did receive a fair bit of snow over the winter, there was very little frost in the ground, so the water was absorbed right away. “The May long weekend is coming,” Dennis said. “By having the word out now we’re hoping people will be careful.” The restriction of fire permits will prevent people from burning grass or brush on their property, but will not restrict the use of burning barrels or fire pits.

Police nab driver three times over legal limit S TACEY L AVALLIE Independent reporter A Crossfield man is facing charges of impaired care and control of a motor vehicle following a weekend arrest by Stettler RCMP. The RCMP passed the driver at the intersection of Township Road 364 and Highway 56 on their way to Byemoor, where the annual Bull-aRama was taking place, but received complaint about the driver roughly two hours later. He was still at the same intersection when police returned, unconscious behind the wheel. “Upon close inspection of the vehicle, the male driver was found to be at the back of his truck,” police reported. “There was a very strong odour of liquor coming from the male and he was unable to talk or walk.” The man was taken to the Stettler RCMP detachment, where a blood alcohol test revealed the 45-year-old man to be more than three times the legal limit – he tested in with 240 mg per cent alcohol to 100 ml blood. Considering the driver was there for at least two hours, and no alcohol

was found in the vehicle, when the driver stopped at the intersection he would have been “way above that earlier,” according to Sgt. Duncan Babchuk, detachment commander. The 1988 pickup truck was towed and seized for seven days. “People obviously aren’t getting the message (about driving drunk),” Babchuk said. Darryl Shayne Iverson was later released on recognizance and will appear in Stettler Provincial Court on June 12 to answer to a charge each of impaired care and control of a motor vehicle and impaired care and control of a motor vehicle over 0.08. For the most part, Babchuk said the week and weekend was quiet, though with the arrival of persistent warmer weather, there is an expectation of an uptick in activity. Move those vehicles Police are on the lookout for abandoned vehicles, which under the provincial traffic act are any vehicle left stationary on provincial roads for more than 72 hours. These vehicles can be towed, at the owner’s expense, warned Babchuk. Of particular concern for police

are vehicles that are a hazard, either by virtue of being parked badly, not completely off the road, or blocking alleyways and lines of sight. “We see vehicles in the winter that are snowed in, and vehicles with flat tires,” Babchuk said. “As far as we’re concerned, these vehicles are abandoned. If the licence plate is expired, we will tow them.” In the winter, abandoned vehicles in town cause the narrowing of streets, as plows cannot clear the snow adequately to the side and are forced to plow around the vehicles. In the spring, street sweeping activities are delayed or incomplete when the vehicles are left on the side of the road. Vehicles that are considered a hazard can be towed immediately. “If you want to leave a vehicle parked (for a length of time), move it to private property,” Babchuk said. The town also has a bylaw that strengthens the provincial traffic act, requiring vehicle owners to not park their vehicle on town roads for more than 72 hours. Babchuk also wished to remind residents that at no time is parking allowed in alleyways unless a delivery vehicle.


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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Promoting Stettler in the tradition of Carl Stettler

1906 ❤ 2013 Established in 1906. The leading weekly newspaper of Central Alberta. Dedicated to the advancement of the well-being and the preservation of the heritage of the community, which includes Stettler and the County of Stettler.

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Friendship is rare Questions after and somewhat fragile stabbing deaths I occasionally talk with people who tell me that they haven’t any friends. The conversation will usually reveal that there are in fact some friends and acquaintances and I point this out. This will typically be followed by a comment like, “Yes, but I don’t have any real friends”. This begs the question, what is a “real friend”? The Bible uses the word friend and friendship less than 100 times, but the concept, reality and importance of the topic is found throughout the Scriptures. Consistency is paramount. Proverbs 17:17 highlights this, saying, “A friend loves you all the time…” Everyone has their ups and downs, of course, but it is difficult to maintain enduring, meaningful friendships with extremely moody people (those who “blow hot one day and cold the next”). Honesty is also essential. Good friends should be able to be open and honest with each other. Proverbs 27:5,6 states that, “Open criticism is better than hidden love. You can trust what a friend says, even when it hurts.” However, true friendship doesn’t require that we “nail” our friends every time they step a bit out of line or differ from us on some minor point; diplomacy is necessary. I recall someone telling me that they always say exactly what is on their mind. I replied that if we actually practiced that consistently we would be left without any friends at all! Jesus provided some fundamental qualities of true friendship. In John 15:15 He said, “I no longer call you servants, because servants don’t know what their master is doing. But now I call

Calgary is still reeling from the shock of the stabbing deaths of five youths during a party, which was thrown to celebrate the end of the school year. With the funerals just behind us, there are a lot of questions that needs answers in the wake of this tragedy and those questions are not limited to the suspect and his possible motives or state of mental health. The first question that comes to mind is the timing of the incident: The Calgary tragedy came within just days another widely reported stabbing incident in the US, in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, where 21 high school students and a security guard were injured by a 16-year-old student who was apparently deranged. The incident in Calgary also preceded another stabbing in Regina, where four people were injured in a shopping mall by a youth wielding a knife. Were the suspects in the cases in Canada in any way inspired or encouraged by the widely reported US incident? Or was that the case for the Regina youth after hearing the extensive coverage of the Calgary incident on Canadian TV channels? More importantly, was there enough discussion in the media about the saddening events, which came one after another? If these random attacks had involved firearms instead of knives, would there have been a lot more discussion because gun violence has always been a politically laden issue? The next question is how much we really know about the young generation that we are raising. The father of the suspect in the Calgary incident, a senior police officer himself, who is supposed to be informed on how to detect suspicious behaviour, wept in front of the TV cameras saying he and his family were trying to understand what had happened just like everybody else. He said his son, like many other young people, volunteered in the community and took part in fundraising for community causes. So why did he go on a killing spree? Should these stabbings be a wake up call to remind everybody of the increasing isolation of each and every young person due to the widening use digital devices? Which family doesn’t have a teenage member dedicating long hours of their time to their computers, laptops, iPads or smart phones and how much do their parents know about what they are surfing for on the internet? In other words, how much do we know about the extent to which these young people stretch their limits to know more, to see what is new and different, and how much of the new and different is the kind that can be harmful or destructive? One has to admit that the confusion we are facing in our everyday lives is not getting less and it is only likely to get more as the information technology revolution exposes all kinds of people from all age groups to new knowledge and information they have not been aware of before. That means young people continue to need guidance in selecting what kind of information to pursue in the vast oceans of data available in the digital world. But that is where the problem, or rather problems lie ahead. First, most of the middle-aged parents are far behind their children in their ability to use the digital equipment, which is so easily and widely available; therefore who is to guide who? Secondly, in this new age of learning when the young have a much more sophisticated mindset than the generation before, how can a parent be expected to learn as much and even more than his or her children to be able to guide them in the right direction? Is it realistic to expect parents to live up to the challenge? Will old ways of parenting be still useful, functional or convenient? The picture in front of us is quite complicated, it eludes one-size-fits-all solutions and the challenge is not easily surmountable. – Mustafa Eric


We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

STAFF DIRECTORY Mustafa Eric Regional Editor

you friends, because I have told you everything that my Father told me.” Not everything or every detail has to be interchanged, but important, significant and critical details will not to be withheld within real friendships. Jesus also pointed out that true friendship is characterized by sacrifice. “No one shows greater love than when he lays down his life for his friends”, He explained. He then gave a graphic portrayal of this by sacrificing His life for us. Similarly, Proverbs 18:24 describes the Lord as, “a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” A friend, incidentally, that none of us can afford to be without! True friendship is rare and somewhat fragile and like most things that are rare and fragile, it should be treasured...and maintained! Proverbs 18:19 says, “An offended friend is harder to win back than a fortified city...” Friendships are not indestructible and once one or the other within a friendship feels offended, it is difficult to reengage at the same level of closeness, trust and confidence. “Friends are like good health; you don’t realize what a gift they are until you lose them.”

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Get ready to grow marijuana – maybe Part Two In a previous column I noted that the potential of medical marijuana as a new agricultural opportunity is literally growing by leaps and bounds. There are now 450,000 patients and its expanding every year, that is up from 100 patients just 13 years ago. Either the prescription rules were too restrictive back then, or doctors today are a lot more comfortable with writing marijuana prescriptions for a variety of ailments. Perhaps the medical establishment is also trying to send a message about their view on the legality of the product. It wouldn’t be the first time such a perspective was pursued by doctors. During alcohol prohibition in the USA and in various places in Canada (Alberta had prohibition in the 1920’s), doctors wrote out literally millions of prescriptions for medicinal alcohol for their patients to relieve an assortment of ailments. That spawned a multi-million dollar business in mail order liquor from other jurisdictions. After prohibition ceased, and curiously to this day, you would find few doctors prescribing or even suggesting alcohol consumption for any reason. To be fair unlike alcohol, medical marijuana has actually been proven to be beneficial to relieve pain under certain conditions. Health Canada also seems to have relaxed the rules against growing and distributing medical marijuana. This seems to be the compromise with the abolition of growing medical marijuana by patients themselves. That’s seen a number of start-up companies getting licensed to legally grow the product. The plant growing technology is certainly available from the greenhouse industry and from experience in other countries like the Netherlands. That country has become the major source of marijuana seed stock in the world and has a thriving multi-million dollar seed export business. A big chunk of the Canadian greenhouse business is run by Dutch immigrants or their descendants, I expect those business-savvy folks can see the potential in expanding their businesses should the opportunity arise. New licensed marijuana growing companies are probably also looking down the road with what they see developing in the US states of Colorado and Washington, where the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized. Growers, distributors and retailers in those states

perspectives change over the next few years, that potential is not that far-fetched. Interestingly, perhaps some government officials share that future potential as a number of ag departments are quietly supporting research and development of new and better agronomic practices for growing hemp (aka marijuana). It would seem that when the day arrives when marijuana use is fully legalized, some provinces will have in place experienced growers, and established processors and marketers to take full advantage of the new weed bonanza. In the end governments will be reaping their own bonanza in new tax revenue. have seen their business explode into a billion dollar industry. That development would not be lost on investors and grower companies in Canada, especially with the view from Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau that he will legalize the recreational use of marijuana if he became Prime Minister. No doubt, any company in the growing business would want to be well established to take advantage of any new bonanza if and when that political change happens. Interestingly growing marijuana is not a new concept in western Canada. Almost from the beginning of settlement industrial marijuana, more commonly known as hemp, has been grown on the prairies. It’s the same plant species but is the low THC variety used for fibre, seed and oil purposes. It had its cycles and almost disappeared in the 1950s, as growing and processing hemp moved to low cost production areas like India and the Middle East. Its had a checkered history since then, some small scale growing and processing has occurred in the 80s and 90s but the industry was plagued with onerous government restrictions, processor bankruptcies and marketing problems. Somehow it survived and today there is a small and stable industrial hemp business in Canada. Nowadays hemp has expanded into multiple uses from nutrition to cosmetic products. For growers it’s also gotten a bit easier to produce hemp as some of the original growing restrictions have been relaxed somewhat – although probably to the dismay of suspicious lay enforcement officials. What industrial hemp growing has done is create a pool of experienced growers who could probably grow medical marijuana. It’s not a great leap to suggest that when recreational use is approved, the massive new demand will only be able to be supplied by commercial large scale growers. That may not happen soon, but as political and society

Under Pressure Grains are seeing more premium priced in as the complex continues to deal with cold weather and the situation in Eastern Europe escalating (AKA premiums for limited production and market access there are being built in). In the past three months since the Ukraine-Russian debacle really started, the Ukrainian currency has depreciated more than 50 per cent against the U.S. dollar. As such, farmers are less willing to sell old AND new crop as a hedge against the weakened currency, and rather wait until there’s some bounce back. On the flipside of this is the simple fact that with less cash on hand and financing being hard to come by (read: more expensive), planted acres could fall. Accordingly, Agritel is estimating that the Ukrainian 2014/15 corn crop will be decreased 18 per cent from 2013/14 to 23.3 million tonnes while their wheat crop is seen falling 16.5 per cent year-over-year to 18.4 million tonnes. Next door in Russia, fellow farmers are finding same issues as their Ukrainian comrades due to the weakened Russian ruble. As a result, Agritel is again calling for smaller crops in Russia with the corn crop falling six per cent to 9.8 million tonnes of corn and wheat production falling eight

per cent to 48.1 million tonnes. While many U.S. and Canadian farmers are raring to get going in the field, there’s some concern about fertilizer availability. There’s increasing worry across the border from U.S. farmers that as they prepare for Plant 2014, the fertilizer they need to jumpstart their crops won’t be at their disposal. Like grain, fertilizer cargoes are falling victim to railroads carrying crude oil and other freight and, as such, storage sheds at crop input facilities are fairly bare just a few weeks from drills hitting the fields. Further compromising the situation for Canadian producers is the fact that an unplanned shutdown at the Agium nitrogen fertilizer plant in Carseland, AB will remove about 100,000 tonne of urea and 20,000 tonnes of ammonia from the market. As such, the grain trade seems to be less concerned about acres getting planted (in the right conditions, anything’s possible!) but the inputs that will help that crop grow. Further exacerbating the situation is freeze damage starting to hit southern U.S. crops like winter wheat just emerging from dormancy and freshly-planted corn. Accordingly, the U.S.D.A. Crop Progress report for

BRENNAN TURNER the 3rd week of April showed that corn and oats plantings are behind schedule, even when compared to last year’s late start. On the rating front, the U.S. winter wheat crop continues to decline with more of the crop leaving the good-to-excellent rating and heading into the poor-to-very poor section. Continued cold weather (i.e. frost events) will further compromise the yield potential of the crop. Nonetheless, Goldman Sachs is expecting grains prices to fall off by at least ten per cent by this time next year. The Wall Street bank says that while escalation in the Russian-Ukraine situation would force them to switch their outlook to more bullish at any time, they’re forecasting $5.75

per bushel for Chicago wheat, $4.00 corn, and $10.50 soybeans by April 2015. Despite threats of El Nino, Goldman thinks that a cooler, wetter summer in North America would support corn and soybean yields. Interestingly enough, managed money recently dropped its net long position for the first time since January, an indicator of sentiment that prices will not increase any further. We’ll see if weather and Eastern Europe pressures this though. To growth, Brennan Turner President, FarmLead. com Brennan Turner is originally from Foam Lake, SK, where his family started farming the land in the 1920s. After completing his degree in economics from Yale University and then playing some pro hockey, Mr. Turner spent some time working in finance before starting, a risk-free, transparent online and now mobile grain marketplace (app available for iOS and Android). His weekly column is a summary of his free, daily market note, the FarmLead Breakfast Brief. He can be reached via email ( or phone (1-855-3327653).

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


William E. Hay continues to lead in education STACEY LAVALLIE Independent reporter Six years ago, the staff at Stettler’s William E. Hay Composite High School took a look at its educational model and decided they wanted to be part of a change, and so became one of 16 schools in the Inspiring Education pilot project.

2013’s graduating class was the first class to graduate with four full years of the new inspiring education model, which has been rolled out province-wide. The project shifted the focus of education from instruction hours, also known as the Carnegie Method, which required students to spend 125 hours in front of an instructor in order to

earn five credits. “It’s not the same as it was 25 years ago,” principal Norbert Baharally said. “Not all learners are the same. Some need more time, some need less, and some need about the same (as present).” The change also focuses on “key competencies,” information that is used in everyday life, rather than the

whole breadth and width of a class curriculum. More time is spent on the useful information, so students aren’t going into exams to “regurgitate information and forget it,” Baharally explained. As one of 16 schools in Alberta to lead the way with the Inspiring Education project, there were some dips in the process. While the school’s graduation rate was already high, and continued to stay there, there was a brief dip in diploma levels as students with low but passing grades were allowed to participate in exams. Prior to the project, if students didn’t have a certain mark above a cut-off, they couldn’t take the exam. Now, so long as students are passing, they can. “We give kids hope and opportunity,” Baharally said. “There are no closed doors.” The dip in diploma levels has rectified itself, Baharally said, returning to pre-project levels. Examining and improving the educational method is a passion for Baharally, and he said the past years – and coming ones – will

be exciting for William E. Hay. “It’s very exciting work,” he said. “Alberta is a world leader, not just (Canadian leader), in education.” The school is now part of the Moving Forward with School Design project, Baharally said. It began September 2013. William E. Hay is one of 96 schools taking part in the project. The project takes the lessons learned in Inspiring Education and applies them, focusing on the flexible learning environments introduced in Inspiring Education. “The shift in mindset to focus on student-centred learning happens as a number of key practices are put in place, including personalizing learning, intentionally developing meaningful relationship, creating rigorous and relevant learning opportunities, and supporting mastery learning,” the Alberta Education website explained. The project will look different in each school because each school’s population is different. The support for the students will be based on their needs, which can be affected by factors

such as money and urbanrural characteristics of the communities. The project notes that each school has common goals, but how a school achieves the goals may be different from other schools based on environmental and social factors. “High school redesign will look different in each school, as each school’s local context is different,” the website noted. Success in the project will be determined by both quantitative data – factual, solid numbers – and qualitative data – personal, quality driven numbers. What educators should be doing, through the Moving Forward in Education project, is “making a difference in student engagement and achievement, and teacher practice.” “Change is good,” Baharally said. “It doesn’t always need to be painful.” The project will run for the next two to three years and will factor into policy and practices changes. For more information on the Moving Forward in Education project, visit https:// hsc/redesigning/movinfw.

We’re building Alberta

by taking care of what matters most. Budget 2014 invests in the services Albertans need now: roads and schools; safe, prosperous communities; and accessible health care. 14043DG0 We’re saving for tomorrow too, to support future generations as they shape Alberta for years to come.

The ONE you can trust to perform. Year after year.

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Jen Henderson of Brennan Auto Body Repair Ltd. was the winner of the planted arrangement donated by Debbeez Flowers.

Vicky Bailey of Boys Financial Services was the winner of the bouquet from Panda Flowers.

After a quarter of a century of you always being there to offer a helping hand, a smiling face and a solution to most of our problems we’ve come to the conclution that not many office people would put up with us for that long!

Donna Morris

Thank you Margaret for 25 years of saving our butts!

Thank you for all your hard work!

Stettler Regional Board of Trade and Community Development

Woody's Automotive

Thank You - Lona, Bev, Val & Zena You girls do a sell out job.




uct er A ion

n c e 19 5 3

Debbie For always going above and beyond. Your hard work and friendly smile are greatly appreciated.

Thank You Kathy & Lynda For all you do, we really appreciate it.

Stettler Auction Mart (1990) Ltd.

Next to excellence is the appreciation of it

Thank you for all your hard work; Jordan Dryden and Brett Bignell

The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness. Thank You Jonni


Vicky Your hard work and efficiency are very much appreciated.

Boys Financial Services

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. Thanks Connie Tax & Accounting Services Ltd

Leslie, Lisa, Lorri, Wendy, Susan, Sara, Kristina & Claudia Your hard work and efficiency are very much appreciated!

Johnson Connor Agencies

Thank You, Jen Henderson! We really appreciate all that you do.



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Trade fair survey shows road care highest priority STACEY LAVALLIE Independent reporter

Contributed photo

MARCH 1 – APRIL 30, 2014

Shane Snideman, an Erskine resident, is seen accepting his prize of an iPad from County of Stettler Reeve Wayne Nixon. Snideman took part in a survey at the recent Trade Fair, creating a budget for county money.

A survey by the County of Stettler of attendees at the recent Trade Fair show an overwhelming desire for tax money to go toward the maintenance of existing roads. The county wanted to get feedback from the public on the spending of municipal dollars, and the survey allowed participants to allocate 100 points to different categories. There were eight different spending categories, with 24 possible choices, in all, and according to county spokesperson Niki Thorsteinsson, “most surveys were unable to stay under budget.” Sixty per cent of the surveyed people resided in the country, seven per cent from villages, and the rest from the town, the county reported. Shane Snideman, an Erskine resident and employee of Alberta Prairie Railway, spent about eight minutes filling out the survey and underspent on his budget by two points. Snideman won an iPad for his participation in the survey. “I put most of my budget towards roads and the upkeep of roads,” Snideman said. “Nobody likes a pothole.”

Snideman also said he would like to see water come into Erskine, adding that, “I’m tired of wells.” County of Stettler Reeve Wayne Nixon addressed the water issue. “We are currently working on constructing a Truck Fill station on the east side of Erskine,” he said. “Our hamlets want good water.” He also said he enjoyed the fair, since it gave him and other members of the county administration a chance to speak with constituents. “It is always interesting and valuable to talk face-to-face with our ratepayers, in a casual setting where no agendas have been set. I feel we get real honest feedback,” he said. The top three budget priorities for people in the country were the maintenance of existing roads, weed and pest control, and new road construction – which was almost tied with bridge maintenance. Inside the Town of Stettler, the top three priorities were the maintenance of road, attraction of new business, and disaster preparedness – which also almost tied with fire fighting. As part of the fair, the county also held a draw for a $250 agricultural services voucher, which was won by Roxanne Wakefield.

Stettler events help residents lose clutter ROBIN TARNOWETZKI Independent reporter


4501 - 51 St., Stettler


There are two events coming up in Stettler designed to help people clean out their homes. The Heartland Beautification Committee (HBC) is sponsoring Trash 2 Treasure Days on April 26 and 27 for the first time. “It’s kind of a pilot project,” said Will Brown, chair of the HBC. On these days, Stettler residents are invited to set anything they no longer

want on their front lawns, and anybody can take anything that strikes their fancy. “It’s an incentive program to try to keep some things out of the landfill,” Brown said. After those two days, any remaining items get picked up by the town if they are placed in the back alley. Brown is confident that the new initiative will be a good idea for Stettler, citing the program’s success in Red Deer. “There was a lot of talk about it in the trade

show,” Brown said. “People were asking a lot of questions.” And on April 26, the Stettler recreation department has organized a community garage sale and tailgate sale to take place at the Stettler Recreation Centre (SRC) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Prospective vendors are required to book their spot by calling the SRC at (403) 742-4411. Tables cost $5 each or are $10 for three. Vendors must bring their own float. Those wishing to sell out of their trucks must pay $5. Gerry Little, who works in the recreation department, said they expect to get at least 20 tables. Admission is $2 per person or $5 per family. “It’s just a community event…we just want to make the rec centre a better rec centre for the town,” Little said.

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Spain: A handsome apology The Spanish parliament still has to pass the new citizenship law, but the cabinet has already approved it and Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón is sure there won’t be a problem. “In Spain, a clear majority realize we have committed a historical error and have an opportunity to repair it, so I am sure that law will pass with an immense majority in parliament,” he said. Historical apologies are in fashion – ex-South African president F.W. De Klerk apologised for apartheid, ex-British prime minister Tony Blair apologised for the slave trade and the Irish potato famine, and Pope John Paul II apologised for the Crusades, the Inquisition and the Church’s historical oppression of women – but Spain isn’t just saying sorry for expelling its Jews 522 years ago. It’s offering to give their descendants back their citizenship. 1492 was a busy year for Ferdinand and Isabella, joint monarchs of the recently united kingdom of Spain. Christopher Columbus, Isabella’s favourite explorer, discovered the New World, Spain’s armies concluded the seven-century-long campaign of the Reconquista by destroying the last Muslim kingdom in the peninsula, Granada – and Ferdinand decided to expel all the Jews from Spain. Spain’s Jews were given only four months in 1492 to choose between becoming Christian or leaving their homes forever. Most left, settling in Muslim-ruled North Africa and the Ottoman Empire or in other parts of Christian Europe. They kept their Spanish language in the form of Ladino – Castilian written in the Hebrew script – and became known as Sephardic (i.e. Spanish) Jews. Ladino is now a dying language, but the Sephardim have retained their distinctive identity and are estimated to number up to a third of the world’s 13 million Jews today. Spain’s planned new law potentially covers almost all of them, for it is written very broadly. Applicants for Spanish citizenship need not speak Ladino or even be religious. They need only be able to

show a link to Sephardic culture (it could be as little as a Sephardic family name). In most cases, however, the simplest route to Spanish citizenship would be to have a local rabbi certify their Sephardic ancestry, or to get certification of their Sephardic heritage from a recognized Spanish-Jewish community. Gallardón insists that there are no political motives behind this initiative, and you can actually believe him. His great-grandfather, Spanish ambassador to Romania during the Second World War, saved many Sephardic Jews from the Nazis by giving them Spanish visas, so it’s sort of a family tradition. And to make the current offer more inviting, Gallardón has said the applicants can keep their existing citizenship as well. Spain’s justice minister reckons that only about 150,000 Sephardic Jews will take him up on the offer (which will remain open for two years), and he doesn’t think that many of them will actually want to move to Spain. But he promises that the government will not be strict in deciding who qualifies as Sephardic – “We are opening the door,” he said – and he may be surprised by how many actually apply. What Gallardón has not taken into account is the fact that Spanish citizenship is, for practical purposes, citizenship in all 28 member countries of the European Union. A Spanish passport-holder can enter Britain, France, Germany, Sweden or any other EU country without a visa, take up residence there, get a job or start

a business there. What’s not to like about this offer? Almost half of Israel’s Jews are Sephardim, and Israel is a country where second passports are in great demand. The big Sephardic communities in the United States and Mexico will probably not be tempted, but the remaining Sephardic Jews in Muslim countries, including Turkey, certainly will be. Gallardón is thinking mostly about symbolism, which is important – but his offer will also have a real impact on many people’s lives. Portugal, which expelled its Jews shortly after Spain did, is also trying to make amends, though on a less grand scale. Last year it changed the law, and now grants citizenship to Sephardim who can demonstrate a connection to the Portuguese Jewish community. How much further might this example spread? Not very far, alas. Most of the great expulsions of history have occurred in the context of war, like the compulsory “population exchange” of the Greek minority in Turkey and the Turkish minority in Greece after the First World War, or the expulsion of ten million Germans from their ancestral homes in eastern Europe at the end of the Second. Even the expulsion of the Muslim minority from Spain in the course of the 16th century fits that model, although the wars of the Muslim conquest and the Christian reconquest were long over by then. The real history is a good deal more complex, but the view of the average Spaniard is that the Muslims arrived as conquerors, and when they lost they had to leave. It’s because the Jews of Spain and Portugal were entirely blameless and ruthlessly victimised that there is broad popular support in both these countries for this act of apology and belated recompense. All credit to Spain and Portugal for doing it – but it probably wouldn’t be happening even there if it seriously inconvenienced the majority. Gwynne Dyer in an independent journalist whose articles are published in 45 countries.

All business risk-takers deserve admiration Are all small business owners entrepreneurs? It’s a more contentious question than you might think. Some use the terms small business and entrepreneur interchangeably — I am in this camp. Others, including management guru Peter Drucker, argue that “entrepreneur” is a word reserved only for businesses that innovate. BlackBerry’s founders are entrepreneurs while the couple that runs the local corner store is not. Why does this little definitional spat even matter? Language is important and the word entrepreneur carries a lot of respect in our society. Economists William Baumol, Robert Litan and Carl Schramm make a useful distinction between two types of businesses in their book Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity. They refer to “innovative” businesses as those that develop a new product or service (BlackBerry) or new process to deliver existing goods and services at lower cost, and “replicative” businesses as those who produce or sell existing goods and services (the corner store). Like many economists, they focus on the innovative businesses and define them as entrepreneurs. By their own admission, they give short shrift to the importance of the “replicative” business.

Clearly there are differences between different businesses, but they have much entrepreneurial DNA that is shared. Small business owners all take financial and reputational risks that most of us are unprepared to take. They create employment and improve society’s well-being. They turn raw materials and people’s time into products and services that customers value enough that sales will cover the cost of the materials, meet payroll, and cover other costs like taxes. The effort and creativity to do so is admirable and shared by replicative and innovative businesses alike. And most businesses are innovative to some degree as owners are constantly pushing for how to be better. Defining what innovative looks like is its own definitional conundrum. Since “innovative” entrepreneurs rightly get a lot of attention, let’s focus for a moment on the enor-

mous contribution of the “replicative” entrepreneur who also deserves to be celebrated. One of the great contributions of the replicative entrepreneur is stability. Bakeries, greengrocers, machine shops, and hair salons may not on the cutting edge of innovation, but they do employ a substantial portion of the labour force. They act as a terrific shock absorber in recessions as many have loyal customers and roots in the community. They are also more reluctant to shed jobs than many of their more innovative counterparts, something that many employees are very grateful for with a recession in recent memory. People who take the risk of running their own business deserve the admiration that is conferred by the entrepreneur label regardless of where they are on the spectrum of innovation. Of course, there is a difference between the basement busi-

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ness that goes on to invent a mobile device to send email (Blackberry) and the bakery with mom’s secret recipe for cinnamon buns. But people and the economies in which they participate need both innovation and stability to thrive. Respecting the contributions of both makes sense.


NEWS All the news you need to know - right here in black and white! Stay on top of current events in your area and around the world with our local, national and international news reports.

Laura Jones is Executive Vice President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. She can be reached at laura. Follow her on Twitter @CFIBideas.

S INDEPENDENT 403-742-2395 THE

Stettler County presents

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Tuesday, April 29 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. Stettler County Office/Yard

Learn techniques on pruning trees, hands on demonstrations, keeping trees healthy. Getting trees ready for spring/summer. Lunch provided.

Call (780) 672-4765 for more details. Pre-register by Thursday, April 24

Box 280 (5031 - 50 St.) Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

Tailgate Sale and

Saturday, April 26

Garage and tail gate sale inside the Stettler Recreation Centre from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Bring your stuff to sell at a community garage sale. $5 per table or 3 for $10. Sell out of the back of your truck for $5.00. Doors open at 9 a.m. for set up. Sale runs 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Call 403-742-4411 to book a spot.

Box 280 (5031 - 50 St.) Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

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Saturday, April 26 Clean up of Stettler parks and open spaces will be the week of April 21-26. We ask groups or individuals to volunteer to help clean up Stettler. Call 403-7424411 to find out what areas need clean up. Saturday, April 26 there will be hotdogs and drinks provided by Newalta, Sean’s No Frills and Tim Hortons for volunteers from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Lunch will be held at the Board of Trade parking lot.


Stay the Knight!

Black Knight Inn | 2929 - 50 Avenue | Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

For reservations, please call 1.800.661.8793 or book online:



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Potential end in sight for Stettler’s Internet issues ROBIN TARNOWETZKI Independent reporter Since work started to address Stettler’s Internet woes more than a year ago, Shaw has implemented a solution to its capacity issue, and Telus said its capacity problems will be resolved in the next few months. Shaw has carried out the proposed node-split, which has eased capacity problems in the area. “Right now, Shaw’s problems are pretty much fixed,” said Darrin Bosomworth of Artemis

Computers, who first started working on the Internet problem. “They’ve been very cooperative in getting the problems fixed.” He added that Shaw customers are now getting approximately the level of service that they’re paying for, whereas before those customers were only getting a fraction of it. “It’s enough of a difference that in my case, it’s life altering. I can’t stress that enough,” Bosomworth said. “But that’s what we should have been getting to begin with.”

Chris Gerritsen, the media contact for Telus, said that Telus is working on adding more ports to deal with the high demand in Stettler. “Obviously, this is a priority for us,” he said, adding that the company is working with the community. “Our goal is to have more ports ready in June,” he said. “It will help alleviate some of that strain.” The town had a meeting with Telus earlier this month, and those present signed a non-disclosure agreement. Gerritsen said

that Telus is planning to do more, but cannot reveal details for competitive reasons. “It’s got a lot more serious traction now. About four or five months ago was when it started getting some serious headway; once the town started getting more involved,” Bosomworth said. The more difficult problem to resolve is the geographical aspect of the conundrum. The Internet infrastructure in the east industrial area of Stettler cannot adequately function with the present

demand. “What Shaw has done, they’ve fixed all the pissed off people, but it’s done nothing to help the east industrial side of town,” he said. It would cost Shaw approximately $900,000 to $1 million to lay more cables in the east industrial sector of town. So far the town hasn’t committed to this solution, but CAO Rob Stoutenberg said that it is premature to say that they won’t. It remains to be seen whether Telus will do something to solve this part of the problem.

Bosomworth says that Stettler isn’t the only community experiencing these problems, and they’re all trying to find resolutions. “You get that snowball rolling here, and you get more people that are going to phone in, and more people are going to get on the bandwagon. Because it’s not just us. There are many other people in the same boat,” he said. “Everyone’s going to be squawking, so you need to squawk louder than the rest of them to get noticed.”

Town to sell buffer zone by Lyster Farms ROBIN TARNOWETZKI Independent reporter Norm Lyster of Lyster farms once again presented his case to the Stettler town council to keep a patch of land near his home as a buffer zone at the council meeting on Tues., April 15. “It does feel like we’re an inconvenience to the town,” Lyster said, when laying out the reasons why the town should leave the buffer zone. The town-owned land was designated as a buffer zone between the residential land and the industrial land in the late ‘60s. The town tried to dispose of the municipal reserve in 1993, but the town council overturned that decision with a motion saying that the land would remain as municipal reserve until the Lyster family disposed of the

property. CAO Rob Stoutenberg said since the town owns the land, the town is able to sell it. “The question is, what has changed?” Lyster said. He said since the industrial area is expanding, that means there is more need for a buffer between residential and industrial areas. He spoke of the difficulty of getting renter on his property. “Do you want to live in a place that’s in an industrial area?” he asked council. The problem with the dispute is that there are no longer any records for what the purpose of the municipal reserve land was and what the restrictions are around it regarding disposing of the municipal reserve designation and selling it. “And therein lies the frustration,” Mayor Dick Richards said at the meeting. Lyster also said that the town has a history of saying one

thing and doing something else. “I take issue with those remarks,” Richards said. “I don’t think the town has a tendency to say one thing and do another.” Council asked Lyster if the buffer was actually doing anything, as Richards described the area as just having “some falling down trees.” Lyster pointed out that the distance between his home and the rest of the industrial area helped, and the trees block sound and provide some privacy. “At the heart of the matter, what does it do for the credibility of the town?” Lyster asked council. “It’s sad when a town takes from a few…the far greater issue is the credibility and ethics of the organization.” Council decided in a previous meeting to dispose of the municipal reserve, sell the land, and use the funds for parks development in the town, and this has not changed.

Stettler RCMP sets out new objectives for 2014 Number of people charged declined ROBIN TARNOWETZKI Independent reporter Two representatives from the Stettler RCMP made a presentation to Stettler town council on Tues., April 15, laying

out objectives for this year. “We want to push our presence more in rural areas,” said Cpl. Cameron Russell. He pointed out that when people in rural areas don’t see much of

a police presence, they don’t think to call the RCMP when there are problems, and the police want to change that. Russell and Sgt. Duncan Babchuk presented four main points where the RCMP plans to im-



Call us at


Working together es around power lin

14042KA3 14043KA2

Today’s farm equipment is bigger than ever. That can mean big problems when working around power lines. Plan ahead. Call us at 1-855-277-1670, and we’ll work together to move your equipment safely.

prove this year. The police plan to improve traffic regulation and enforcement, particularly in rural areas. The way to achieve this objective is to sway drivers from committing offences that may cause car accidents and injuries. The Stettler detachment is also planning on educating youth about bicycle safety. The goal for this objective is to increase the number of provincial traffic charges and increase number of

commercial vehicle enforcement actions. Babchuk and Russell talked about how drinking and driving has received a lot of awareness and media attention, but the correlation between alcohol and a variety of other crimes has not. Alcohol has been linked to domestic violence, robbery, assault, and sexual assault. “We spent a lot of time dealing with domestic issues (this winter),” Babchuk said. To combat this, the Stettler RCMP plans to enhance enforcement in recreation areas such as Buffalo Lake and campgrounds in the area. They will also step up presentations to youth on alcohol related topics. The Stettler RCMP also wants to prevent drug use among youth, by ex-

panding drug education programs and by raising the number of drug distribution charges. The last goal for 20142015 is to reduce property and natural resource crimes. The RCMP plans to do this by getting the local population to report crimes in both rural and urban areas. They want to strengthen Stettler’s “Citizens on Patrol” group, renew bicycle patrols in town, increase rural enforcement initiatives, and organize rural crime watch groups. The RCMP report gave a summary on the difference in charges between 2012 and 2013. There was a decrease of 38.5 per cent of youth crimes in 2013. The number of adults charged also declined in 2013 by 17.9 per cent as compared to 2012.

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Prospective museum to display over 10,000 tools The Big Valley Historical Society hopes to open a new museum to display an extensive collection of historical tools donated by resident Rod Miller. “It’s something that you need to put out so the world can see,” said Dan Welter, fundraising chair for the historical society. “Rod has done an amazing job of putting this collection together, but now it needs to be showcased.” The historical society estimates that there are over 10,000 tools in the collection, though Welter said it’s probably closer to 30,000. “There are a lot of tools,” he said. That there are. About 3,500 of the tools are currently displayed in a rail car, from animal clippers to sledgehammers to wrenches to a primitive nail gun. There’s a grizzly trap, a doughnut roller, a hay cutter, and vacuum tube testers – anything you could ever want to do, Miller has a tool for it. The rest of his collection resides in his shop, where there is box after box of spark plugs and jar after jar of old keys. The oldest tool he has is from 1858, but Miller doesn’t know what it’s for. A lot of the tools are from the late 19th century up to the ‘20s and ‘30s. “We need to show this to the world,” Welter said. “To this town, it’s worth a lot. To Alberta Prairie (Railway Excursions), to a lot of the Stettler businesses that kind of benefit from the train, it’s worth a lot. Motels and hotels in Stettler benefit a lot from the train, and this would just up that.” Miller started collecting tools 30 years ago when he picked up two items at an auction without knowing what they were, so he decided to find out. And from then on, the collection grew. “I just kept buying and buying and collecting and collecting,” he said. None of the pieces have been donated to him, and he doesn’t know how much he has spent on the collection. “Just lots,” he said. He has a lot of favourite pieces in the collection. One of those is a large black knife, which he wields with relish while showing it off. “I usually tease women about this one that Henry VIII probably used this on one of his wives,” he said. “I think it’s a butchering tool, and they would split an animal in half.” Now that the historical society has the collection, it’s raising funds to build a museum to house the

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ANNOUNCE IT 403-742-2395

entire thing. The society owns a lot next to the Big Valley Creation Science Museum, which is where the proposed museum will go. As a fundraiser, the historical society is putting on a Vegas Theme Night on June 7. Tickets are $100 and the event includes cocktails, dinner, dance, and live auction. Items up for bid include signed hockey cards from the year Canada won the Summit Series against Russia and a guitar signed by Nickelback, among others. “It’s going to be a major event,” Welter said. “We’re hoping to attract 1,000 people for the dinner and dance.” The historical society hopes that the fundraiser will provide the last of the money needed to begin construction on the tool museum. The society wants to open displays to the public in 2014/2015, and have the entire project done in three to four years. “It’s world class,” Welter said. “You won’t find another collection this size in North America for sure.”

Less Fuel. More Power. Great Value is a comparison between the 2014 and the 2013 Chrysler Canada product lineups. 40 MPG or greater claim (7.0 L/100 km) based on 2014 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption ratings. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption may vary based on driving habits and other factors. Ask your dealer for the EnerGuide information. ¤2014 Dodge Journey 2.4 L with 4-speed automatic – Hwy: 7.7 L/100 km (37 MPG) and City: 11.2 L/100 km (25 MPG). 2014 Chrysler 200 LX 3.6L VVT V6 6-speed automatic – Hwy: 6.8 L/100 km (42 MPG) and City: 9.9 L/100 km (29 MPG). 2014 Jeep Wrangler 3.6 L PentastarTM VVT V6 - Hwy: 9.3 L/100 km (30 MPG) and City: 12.7 L/100 km (22 MPG). 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 L EcoDiesel V6 8-speed automatic - Hwy: 7.0 L/100 km (40 MPG) and City: 10.3 L/100 km (27 MPG). Wise customers read the fine print: *, ♦♦, ‡, ∞, §, The Zing Into Spring Sales Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after April 1, 2014. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing includes freight ($1,695) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees, other dealer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2014 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. ♦♦$1,000 Bonus Cash is available on all new 2014 Jeep Wrangler models and is deducted from the negotiated purchase price after taxes. ‡4.29% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2014 Chrysler 200 LX/Dodge Journey Canada Value Package/Jeep Wrangler Sport models to qualified customers on approved credit through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Examples: 2014 Chrysler 200 LX/Dodge Journey Canada Value Package/Jeep Wrangler Sport with a Purchase Price of $18,798/$20,398/$21,798 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discounts) financed at 4.29% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $107/$116/$118 with a cost of borrowing of $3,425/$3,717/$3,789 and a total obligation of $22,223/$24,115/$24,587. ∞4.19% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo model to qualified customers on approved credit through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. See your dealer for complete details. Example: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a Purchase Price of $39,998 financed at 4.19% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $226 with a cost of borrowing of $7,109 and a total obligation of $47,107. §Starting from prices for vehicles shown include Consumer Cash Discounts and do not include upgrades (e.g. paint). Upgrades available for additional cost. Finance Pull-Ahead Bonus Cash and 1% Rate Reduction are available to eligible customers on the retail purchase/lease of select 2014 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram or Fiat models at participating dealers from April 1 to 30, 2014 inclusive. Finance Pull-Ahead Bonus Cash will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. 1% Rate Reduction applies on approved credit to most qualifying subvented financing transactions through RBC, TD Auto Finance and Scotiabank. 1% Rate Reduction cannot be used to reduce the final interest rate below 0%. Eligible customers include all original and current owners of select Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram or Fiat models with an eligible standard/subvented finance or lease contract maturing between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2016. Trade-in not required. See dealer for complete details and exclusions. ♦Based on IHS Automotive: Polk Canadian New Vehicle Registration data for 2013 Calendar Year for all Retail vehicles sold in the province of Alberta. ◊Based on 2014 Ward’s Upper Middle Sedan segmentation. ^Based on R. L. Polk Canada, Inc. May 2008 to September 2013 Canadian Total New Vehicle Registration data for Crossover Segments as defined by Chrysler Canada Inc. √Based on 2014 Ward’s Small Sport Utility segmentation. »Jeep Grand Cherokee has received more awards over its lifetime than any other SUV. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.

ROBIN TARNOWETZKI Independent reporter

ROBIN TARNOWETZKI/Independent reporter

Rod Miller of Big Valley shows off one of his favourite pieces in his massive tool collection.








107@ 4.29







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HIGHWAY 7 L/100 KM HWY 7.7






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Starting from price for 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland shown: $57,590.§


$1,000+1% Ω






Local actors support the impoverished in Africa AMELIA NAISMITH Black Press A local theatre troupe, ZAP!, has developed a creative approach to international development in a way that helps both local talent to shine and people in deprivation in other parts of the world to receive support. A boys’ orphanage in Mwanza, Tanzania, which is being fully funded by the ZAP! Theatre group, is finally constructed and the boys are expected to move into their new home in the next few weeks. After ZAP!’s ongoing efforts to raise the funds needed to build the orphanage finished up last year, construction began in June of 2013

and ended that November. “And after that, it was getting the electricity in place. There’s not really a grid out there, so it’s solar,” said ZAP! general manager Daniel Allers. Now all funds raised through the group’s latest play, the Three and a Half Musketeers, will go toward operational costs of the orphanage, finishing a kitchen area and purchasing a vehicle to take the boys to and from school. “It’s exciting to see that. International development is rarely done this way, people usually leave it up to the big corporations,” said Allers. While he commends groups such as World Vision for the work they do, he feels the funds raised by ZAP! are a great example of people choosing to take the wellbeing of others

in to their own hands and make a difference half a world a way. “It’s marvelous to see it taking shape.” Zap! mainly consists of teenagers and young adults, and every penny raised by the play is turned over to the orphanage. All production costs of the performances come out of the pockets of those involved. This June, a group of cast and choir members are travelling to Mwanza to see the orphanage for the first time. “We’re heading over to see the orphanage that’s finished and what still needs to be done,” said Allers. The Three and a Half performances will be held at Asker Church on May 9 and 10, and 16 and 17. Allers says it’s full of singing and comedic acting great for the whole family.

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Stettler Golf Ladies League Draft Night

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Stettler United Church Spring Fair May 10 10am - 3pm Fundraiser Sale This year’s celebrations include a children’s area with games & prizes. Many assorted items including a garden section, barbeque and pie sales as well as popcorn and ice cream!

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Watch out for ergot this season ROBIN TARNOWETZKI Independent reporter Seeding is coming up, which brings up concerns about ergot infestations in crops. Ergot is a fungus that affects mainly cereal crops except for oats. In winter, it looks like a black kernel, but in spring it germinates into a mushroom-like substance. It contains seven alkaloids that cause different problems in humans and animals. “As a whole, they poison the animal and restrict blood flow,” said Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist with Alberta Agriculture. Animals who consume ergot can also slough hooves and lose hair from their tails. Ergot consumption is also linked to reduction in growth and reproductive rates. Any animal can be affected by ergot, including humans. “The whole works, it will affect all of them,” Yaremcio said. There are guidelines for how much ergot is safe to feed animals. However, Yaremcio says that much of the information on ergot has come from the U.S. Prairie Diagnostic Services in Saskatoon has been analyzing ergot samples for the last eight months and found that ergot in western Canada is much stronger than ergot found in the U.S. “What (information) we’ve been using in the past is completely wrong,” he said. The only way to really know if the ergot content in grains is safe to feed animals is to send it in to Saskatoon to be tested. People handling ergot-infested crops should wear a dust mask, as breathing in infected dust can cause scabs to form in the nose and irritate the lungs. “When handling grain, you’ve got to have a little more TLC,” Yaremcio said. While ergot doesn’t affect the yield of a crop, its presence can result in rejection or downgrading at the elevator. The Government of Alberta says that cool, damp weather in late spring or early summer is the best condition for ergot to grow. “Since no seed treatments, pesticides or resistant varieties are available as control measures, prevention is the only way to manage this disease,” Neil Whatley, crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture, said in a news release. One of the best ways to prevent ergot is crop rotation. Ergot spores are only viable in the soil for one or two years, so refraining from planting cereal crops for that time helps to stop the spread of ergot. As well, grasses at the field edge should be mown to prevent the spread of ergot.

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Bull-a-rama celebrates 20 years LES STULBERG Independent contributor The Endmoor Arena in Byemoor was packed Friday night for the 20th anniversary edition of the Byemoor Bull-a-rama. Australian bull rider Kyle Loudon rode “Big Rigo” to an 85-point score to claim the 2014 championship. He was also awarded the championship jacket sponsored by The Byemoor Store. The bulls supplied by Outlawbuckers Rodeo Corp. in many instances provided a challenge too great for many of the 32 contestants who entered. Many came great distances to compete in the Byemoor Bull-a-rama, billed as the longestrunning bull-only riding event in Canada, only to bite the dust before the regulation eight-seconds. International cowboys hailed from Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland and Australia while the Canadian cowboys were from B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. Aughtum Wilkie, a Grade 3 student from Big Valley School, won the “Name the Bull” contest with her entry of “Buckington.” She received a prize pack from Outlaw-

buckers Rodeo Corp. The bull-a-rama is organized each year by the Sullivan Lake West Agricultural Society as a fundraiser for the local arena. The society recognized 15 sponsors of the event, who have been sponsors for the entire 20 years, with a plaque presentation during intermission. Agricultural society president Dwight Tucker made the presentations. A mini-trade show had patrons checking out the wares of the convenors throughout the evening. A special feature this year, with the bull-a-rama falling on the Easter weekend, was an Easter egg hunt for the children during intermission. One egg had a ticket in it for a bicycle sponsored by Jim and Gwen Keith of Byemoor and Lorri McLeod, Co-operators Insurance, Hanna. The lucky winner was Cole Schellenberg of Endiang. Ken Gallagher of Endiang won the cowboy boots sponsored by Boulet and Tom’s Boot of Stettler, while Terri Mappin, Byemoor was the lucky recipient of the 50/50 draw. A dance wrapped up the evening activities for the 20th annual Byemoor Bull-a-rama.

Photos by Les Stulberg

Only a few cowboys managed to ride the angry bulls during the 20th anniversary of the Byemoor Bull-a-rama (above) and one of them was an Australian, Kyle Loudon (right), who was presented with the championship jacket from sponsor The Byemoor Store, by young representatives Bronc Buchwitz, left and his brother Ryder Buchwitz.

Contributed photos

The Stettler Thunder bantam lacrosse team (right)take their game on the road, battling hard away from their home rink. The players who graduate from this level of play have nowhere to continue in the town, something the league is trying to change. The Stettler Thunder tykes (above) play here in Stettler earlier this month. The league, which started three years ago, has more than 100 kids playing in each of its divisions.

Contributed photo

On Saturday, the Battle River Shock Midget Football team travelled to Edmonton to play the Edmonton Raiders at the U of A Foote Field. Pictured here is Stettler’s defence, #90 Keegan St. Denis, breaking past the Raider line and setting his sights on the Raider Quarterback. Although the team played well and the weather cooperated, the Shock were defeated 40-18 after four quarters. The season continues on Wednesday when the Shock meet the Parkland Predators.

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Identifying the source of the problem is the first step to addressing dead grass.

How to repair dead grass A patch of dead grass on an otherwise lush lawn can be a frustrating eyesore for homeowners. Whether lawn care is your passion or just something you do to maintain the value of your home, dead grass can be exasperat-



uct er A ion


n c e 19 5 3

ing. But as unsightly as dead grass can be, addressing it and restoring the dead patches can be somewhat simple. Before you can restore grass, however, you must first identify the source of the

SALE DATES Phone (403) 742-2368

Regular Sales ~ Tuesdays - 9 a.m. website: Box 1238, Stettler, AB

Note: Online bidding and viewing each sale at 11 a.m. see

Saturday, April 26 Peggy Tomlinson (Bill Tomlinson Estate)

ACREAGE - EQUIPMENT AUCTION FORESTBURG Features: — 2000 Golden Falcon 28’ 5th wheel — 1997 25.5’ fifth wheel - bunk model — 2004 Dodge 3500 4x4 diesel - 4 door — Lots of tools, household & misc. See website for details

Tuesday, April 29

REGULAR CATTLE SALE 500 head Includes: – 70 Simmental cross fall calves for grass - Pfeffer Farms

Tuesday, May 6


Annual ATB Heifer Auction and Bake Sale 12 noon – All proceeds to Stollery Children’s Hospital. – Heifer donated by the Skocdopole families

LOOKING AHEAD Next Horse Sale - Saturday, May 31 Next Equipment Consignment Auction Saturday, June 21 HEARTLAND BUSINESS PARK Highway #12 - east Stettler NOW SELLING Commercial Properties - Highway Frontage Fully Serviced - The work is done! Smaller lots available Price incentives to early buyers. Central Alberta’s gateway to the east

problem. Grass often dies because of urine damage, which is typically characterized by a dead spot surrounded by otherwise green grass. Grub infestation might be at fault when dead grass appears, and such an infestation often produces patches of light brown grass that are scattered throughout the lawn. It’s also possible that dead grass is a result of human error. If your lawn was overfertilized, then patches of graygreen grass may appear. Fungal disease is another common culprit behind dead grass, and such disease can manifest itself in different ways. Once you have identified why the grass is dead, which may require the help of a professional, then you can begin to treat your lawn. Urine damage Urine damage is often

limited to a particular area of the grass where your family pet routinely relieves itself. Once a particular patch of grass has worn down, the pet may move on to another spot. But if you quickly notice a dead spot due to urine damage, you can train the animal to urinate elsewhere, limiting the damage it causes. When repairing the grass, dig a hole that’s roughly four inches deep and fill it with fresh soil until it’s level with the soil surrounding the dead patch. Then you can sprinkle seed on top of the freshly laid soil and water the spot.Grass should grow in and stay green so long as you prevent further urine damage. Insect damage Addressing dead spots caused by insect damage can be a little more complicated, and some

homeowners may prefer to hire a professional. If you want to handle the problem on your own, apply pesticide to the affected areas so the insects behind the problem are killed. Once the insects are no more, cut the grass, raking the affected area to remove the dead grass and any additional debris. Scatter grass seed over the affected areas and then apply an appropriate fertilizer and water immediately. Professionals may know just the right fertilizer for your lawn, so even if you want to go it alone, visit a local lawn care center to ask for advice about addressing your particular problem. Fertilizer damage Fertilizer damage can also prove difficult to address, as applying fresh seeds too soon can kill any freshly grow-


Saturday, April 26 & Sunday, April 27, 2014

One person’s trash is another’s treasure! Set your unwanted but usable items (furniture, appliances, household items, etc.) on your front lawn on these 2 days. Other residents are welcome to take these items for free. Label your items “Free”, or cut out the label below. Unclaimed items should be placed in your alley for pick-up during the following week of Spring Clean-up. Also, refer to Stettler area Where do I take it? A-Z Guide for local re-use possibilities: Go to and under “Quick Links” look for “Where Do I Take It?” or go directly to

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Sponsored by the Heartland Beautification Beautification Committee

ing seedlings. So grass that has been damaged by overfertilization must first be allowed to fully die. Once that has happened, the grass can be cut and any remaining debris or dead grass can be removed. Seed can then be scattered, and you can even add some additional soil before laying down an appropriate amount of fertilizer and watering the lawn immediately. If you don’t trust yourself to use fertilizer correctly, then hire a professional to do the job for you. This will cost a little more, but you likely won’t wake up to more dead patches of grass down the road. Dead grass can be unsightly and turn an otherwise lush lawn into a patchy eyesore. But addressing dead grass can be easy and can quickly restore a lawn to its green grandeur.

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Alberta government unions’ fact-free pension assumptions Government pension plans must begin to bear some resemblance to the private sector and real-world investment returns By Mark Milke Senior Fellow The Fraser Institute Troy Media Columnist Now that Alberta has reaffirmed its intent to lightly modify government employee pension plans, government unions will again try to divert the public from the facts. For example, after my recent column on the everincreasing cost to taxpayers of public sector pension plans, Guy Smith, president of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees and Marle Roberts, president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (Alberta), cried foul. Here is a summary of their complaints: Government unions are willing to do “their part;” the province refuses to enter into joint trusteeship with unions; new actuarial assumptions from government union reports (and plans themselves) will pan out; the 2008 market crash is responsible for cur-

rent shortfalls, and liabilities in public sector plans will be “paid off” over the next decade. In other words, reform is unnecessary and taxpayers need not worry. Joint control of government employee pension plans is no panacea. Shortly before the NDP government in British Columbia was ejected from office in 2001, it gave employers and unions joint control over four government employee pension plans. The result? Successive contribution hikes ever since - not modified benefits. In fact, as a 2011 actuarial report for the (B.C.) Public Sector Service Pension Plan made clear, benefit security of the plan was a “primary objective,” with stability of contribution rates secondary. In other words, government unions prefer contribution hikes over pared pension benefits every time - no matter the increasing cost to taxpayers. In Alberta, government

employee pension plans were in trouble and costing taxpayers increasing cash long before the 2008 recession. In the case of the Public Service Pension Plan, increases in employee/employer contribution rates occurred in 2003 and 2007 (in addition to 2010 and 2012) because previous actuarial assumptions did not pan out. Other plans have also been hit with pre-and post-recession contribution increases and/or special contributions to make up for pension shortfalls. That doesn’t mean taxpayers are out the woods. Past contribution hikes left taxpayers with permanently higher bills for government pensions. Regardless, the recession angle is a bit of ruse. We can expect more recessions. When prior actuarial assumptions turn out to be incorrect, taxpayers always pay - including ultimately even for employee pension contributions. After all,

government paycheques originate in the provincial treasury funded by the general tax base. As for the claim government unions are willing to “do their part,” the evidence is scant. The AUPE and CUPE opposed a previous proposal by the province to reduce pension payouts for those who take early retirement. And the unions still want early retirement with full benefits. They also oppose attempts to cap contribution rates, an action that would force reform on the benefits side as opposed to tapping taxpayers again. All this points to a core problem: Current pension payouts were designed with assumed higher invested returns and when people lived shorter lives. For instance, life expectancy after age 65 has increased by two years since 1992 (never mind using comparisons from decades earlier). Which means government employee pensions have been - and will be - more costly.

But for government union leaders, none of this matters. When actuarial assumptions are off, or another recession softens investment returns, taxpayers can be shanghaied (again) into guaranteeing retirement benefits. That is the union leaders’ preferred course of action. They demand it even though just 9 per cent of workers in the private sector have guaranteed retirement benefits (i.e., a defined benefit plan). In contrast, 79 per cent of Alberta’s public sector has such plans. In response, government unions say that everyone should have a defined benefit plan. But then we’re back to magical assumptions. The only realistic promise on retirement benefits is what results from money saved plus investment returns, including even in government programs such as the Canada Pension Plan. Anyone who promises more is either running a Ponzi scheme or relying on taxpayers or future contributors to fund

pension shortfalls. The government sector/ private sector disparity is one reason why a 1970s-era Saskatchewan NDP government moved the entire public sector into defined contribution plans. In Saskatchewan, government employees, and those in the broader public sector, still receive good retirement pensions but such plans protect Saskatchewan taxpayers from unrealistic political and union promises. Government employees are a critical part of a civilized society and pensions are one part of their total compensation package. But their pensions must be reworked to bear some resemblance to the private sector and real-world investment returns. Mark Milke is a senior fellow at the Fraser Institute and co-author of Public Sector Pensions: Options for Reform from the Saskatchewan NDP.

Delaying retirement has financial, social benefits The need to save for retirement is something professionals start hearing about from the moment they begin their careers. Whether it’s parents extolling the virtues of retirement plans or employers who encourage their employees to take advantage of their retirement programs, saving for retirement is never far from the minds of professionals. As important as such savings can be, many workers are deciding to delay their retirements. As much as men and women envision retiring to a faraway seaside villa for their golden years, such retirements are not terribly common, and many older workers have begun to recognize the economic and social benefits of delaying retirement. Those undecided about when they want to say goodbye to the office should consider the following benefits to delaying retirement. * Fewer years to worry about financing your lifestyle. Thanks to advancements in medicine and more and more people living healthier lifestyles, men and women are now living longer than in years past. While living longer, healthier lives is a plus, it does have an effect on retirement. Because people can now expect to live longer, they must ensure their money lasts long enough. By delaying retirement, men and women will have fewer retirement years to finance. * More chances to save money. It might be your dream to retire early, but you could be doing yourself a great disservice by ending your career prematurely. Men and women at or near the end of their careers are often making more money than they ever have, which enables them to save more than they have in the past, especially if children are full

grown and supporting themselves. Take advantage of these high-salary years, even if it means working an extra few years. If you do, when you retire you could have substantially more in savings than you would have had you retired early. * Stay socially active. In addition to economic benefits, delaying retirement has social benefits as well. Many people get the bulk of their social interaction with colleagues and coworkers. When men and women retire, these opportunities for social interaction can dwindle rather quickly, and it’s not uncommon for retirees to battle feelings of isolation. Delaying retirement allows you to easily maintain contact with friends and colleagues, and can lead to a better quality of life. * The chance to give back. Many older professionals view retirement as being put out to pasture, where their years or experience aren’t utilized. However, individuals who delay retirement can use their extra years around the office as an opportunity to leave a legacy for the next generation. This is something professionals find especially valuable as their retirement draws nearer and they want to leave a lasting mark, be it on their company, within their industry or in the community in which their company operates. Delaying retirement provides more time to build this legacy, and can create a greater sense of fulfillment when men and women do decide to retire. Delaying retirement is growing increasingly popular. Men and women often see it as a chance to build a bigger nest egg and leave a more lasting legacy within their company and community.


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Class reunion coming up Right out of the shute, I will let you know that I was wrong!! The Spring Fling will be held on April 26, not the 12th as I had originally printed. Hope there wasn’t too many of you waiting outside the front door of the hall last Saturday. I hope to see you all there on Saturday the 26th. Supper will be from 5 to 7 with the silent and live auction to follow. I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend with family and friends to celebrate with. Linda Helmer wanted me to pass on to the community that the Class of 1964 will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and hope to hold a class reunion this summer down in Morrin. They would like to include

the classes of 1962 and 1963 as well, the more the merrier. Please contact Al Gurdung at 403-368-2171 or Linda at 403-368-2170. Please leave a message and phone number when you call. Also, if you know of someone who attended Morrin High School during those years and has moved away, please contact them and pass on the information. The Rumsey-Rowley 4-H Beef club held their Mock-Achievement day on April 21, Easter Monday, in Rumsey. This day was a lot of fun with the kids taking the last of the spunk out of their calves, learning a lot about showmanship and grooming, walking around and around that pen until they are good and

Rumsey Record

By Patty Steen 403-368-3820

tamed (the calves, not the kids). They will, also, be holding their annual bottle and battery drive on Saturday, May 1. All of the club members will be picking up prior to this date so if they don’t call you, make sure you call them. This is their one and only fundraiser so if you have batteries and bottles to clear

out let them know. Rumsey minor ball is gearing up to go for the season. Watch for the kids to be out on the field by May 7. There is still lots of time to register your kids if you missed out on the sign-up day. Call Kent and Jill Holowath at 3683733 for more information. At this time, Kent

said they are looking at a Midget team all the way down to the Coach pitch/ Rookies plus a U12 girls softball team so there should be a spot for everyone. The men’s fastball team is also getting ready for another great season. Their first home game is scheduled for May 23 and plan to host all their home games on Friday evenings if possible, so I will get the dates later and let you know so you can come in and enjoy a good game on a warm Friday night sometime soon. For most of you, the calves are dropping fast and furious but the weather has been good for the most part so I hope you haven’t had any serious problems. Soon the grass will start

showing that tint of green and things will look a lot brighter. I am hoping for April showers myself, to give everything a good wash. For the sake of trivia, I found this bit of info. The phrase “April showers bring May flowers” was stolen from a poem written in 1557 by Thomas Tusser and it goes like this: Always look at the sunny side of life the ups and the downs the truth of a beginning we need water to grow we need seeds to sow What we see today is bringing us more for tomorrow even if we can’t tell as they say April showers bring May flowers.

Get ready for equine action Rodeo season is here again. Why not come and check out the talent as cowboys and cowgirls compete at the 2014 Big Valley Bust Out Rodeo? This year competition begins at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, May 2 at the Big Valley Agriplex, and will continue on Saturday, May 3 at 6:00 p.m. As usual, the Agriplex will host a dance Saturday night following the rodeo action, featuring live music by Cat Country. Then on Sunday, May 4 the Colin Cassidy Memorial Bullriding begins at 2:00 p.m. Come out and join us at one of the first rodeos of the season. This year the Bust Out Rodeo is in memory of Mr. Roy Needam. The Big Valley Golf Club will be holding their annual meeting on Wednesday, Apr. 30 at 7:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse. Everyone is welcome to attend. Of note to village residents; street

sweepers will be in the village on April 28 and 29. Please avoid parking on paved road surfaces on those two days as it makes for a much faster and cleaner job. Thanks! The Hivernant Metis Cultural Society will be holding their annual “Spring Fling” on Saturday, May 3 beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Big Valley Jubilee Hall. This event, a fundraiser for the annual Hivernant Rendezvous, includes a supper, great entertainment and a dance. This year’s music will be provided by “Live Band”. For further information contact Marlene at 1-800-267-5844. Attention, lady golfers. The 2014 golf season is upon us and we hope to have a lot of ladies join us this year here in Big Valley. Whether you have never golfed before or are an avid golfer, come on out and join the fun. There will be an information meeting on Wednesday, May 7

Big Valley Bulletin

By Linda Stillinger 403-876-2479

beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Big Valley Golf Clubhouse. Hope to see you there. For more information please call Sandra at 403-741-6633 or Amanda at 403-7418822. On Saturday, May 10 the Canadian Northern Society will be conducting their annual “Spring Cleanup” at the Big Val-

Busy tournament schedule for all The Jr. high badminton players were entered in two tournaments this past week. They played at a tournament in Wainwright on Tuesday and on Wednesday were in Castor for a tournament at Gus Wetter and/or Teresetta schools. Playing were Tiana Gamroth, Ripley Giffin, Teagan MacGilivray, Hayley McNeil, Abby Musgrove, Brooklyn Perry, Madelyn Schauer and Makenna Schauer. Plus 55 crib tournament was held at the senior center last Wednesday. There were teams from Halkirk, Castor, Big Valley, Daysland, Camrose, Ponoka and Wetaskiwin. Belated birthday wishes go out to Louie Engel who turned 90 years young on April 16. Louie and Fern make there home in Coronation. Floor curling was held at Galahad last week with a Stettler/Halkirk team participating. They were Fern Borgel, Rose Koenraadt, Edna Luft and Wendy Ashbacher. We hope everyone had a Happy Eas-

ley Station to get ready for the upcoming tourist season. Any members interested in volunteering their time, please come to the station at 9:00 a.m. The cleanup will consist of clearing branches and leaves from the yard, cleaning inside the station and some minor maintenance work. There will be a brief meeting in the station prior to the cleanup to update folks on what is going on with the station and provide an opportunity to ask any questions about what plans there are for the future. Of special note; the annual general meeting of the Canadian Northern Society is being held on Saturday, Apr. 26 at 4:00 p.m. at the Camrose station for those wishing to attend. Snacks will be served and a historical presentation is scheduled from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. If you have any questions please contact Rich Graydon at 403-872-4454.

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By Rose Koenraadt & Dorothy Anderson 403-884-2237/403-742-4494

ter. It was so great to see the sunshine at the weekend after yet, another snow storm during the week. Coming up: May 3 – Halkirk Elks are hosting the Alberta Elks walkathon at the Circle Square ranch and is open to anyone who wishes to take part. May 11 – the Halkirk Elks are cooking up pancakes with all the trimmings to celebrate Mothers Day at the Hall from 9 to 11 a.m. It’s a great day for a family get-together.

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14042DA0 14043DA0

YOU TELL US. When it comes to getting somewhere, Albertans have only ever headed in one direction… the future. We’re looking at the Big Picture of future transportation in Alberta and planning for the next 50 years – right now.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Heavy Easter weekend traffic Cash and ham bingo on Saturday night at the Bank Building saw 25 players; five hams won; Paul Dietrich carry out the Easter door prize and a safe loonie pot for next month. Doreen Reynolds was back just in time for bingo. She and her friend Mary from Calgary flew on March 29 to Mesa, Arizona. Some of the highlights of the trip were the beautiful Salt Lake Canyon; Tortilla Flats; the breathtaking Botanical Gardens (hundreds of cacti in bloom); the huge farmer’s market that spans one and a half miles, with everything imaginable and, of course, the warm temperatures, 84 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. They arrived back in Calgary April 18 in time for the, hopefully, last snow storm of the season. Gadsby/Westwoods

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A big apology I would like to send a big apology for the mistake I made in last week’s column. I really apologize to Harriett Hudson for this, as I am truly sorry. I mentioned a farewell to her and I made a big mistake on the name. It is Gloria Ventour that is mentioning leaving in the near future, so I truly apologize. It is NOT Harriett, and she will continue doing and running her business as usual. Sorry Harriett. Tomorrow evening - April 24, come out to the Botha Hall at 7 p.m. for a very important meeting. It’s the BCC meeting time, and they would love to see you. They are always looking for new members with new ideas. So, please attend. This coming Sunday, April 27, make sure you come out to the Botha Hall at 7:30 p.m. to dance to the music from the “Westlake Echoes Band”. They are a fantastic band, and everyone, regardless of age (no age limit) is welcome to join in the fun, so please join in. The comittee would really appreciate if everyone brings buns/ sandwiches or dessert with them to share at their afternooon luncheon. Monday, April 28, come over to the Botha Senior Center at 9:30 a.m. and join the ladies at Quilting Time. They would love to see everyone join them and they are always willing to teach you everything they know about this special craft. Bingo takes place on Tuesday, April 29 starting at 7:15 p.m. sharp, at the Senior Center. The jackpot is growing, which hasn’t been won for quite some time.So who knows, you could be the lucky one taking it home with you. The deadline for the upcoming Floor Curling Tournament (May 8) is today, April 23. So hopefully you have your team registered already, if not make sure you phone Brenda at 403-7426241, now, deadline is tonight. The tournament is being held on Thursday May 8, starting at 9:30 a.m., and held at the Senior Center. The regular floor curling time is every Thursday at 1 p.m., so make sure you attend, as this way you will be definitely ready and waitting for the big game.

Botha Booster

By Louise Bellair 403-742-5317 Wednesday mornings starting at 10 a.m., come out and have a great relaxing time away from your busy schedules with a refreshing cup of coffee with your friends and neighbors. Everyone is more than welcome to attend. Then at 1 p.m. sharp, make sure you come

back to the center for a fun and friendly game of carpet bowling. Everyone has a lot of fun, and they would love to see everyone come on out. Monday May 5, starting at 11:30 a.m. is the monthly senior meeting for this little village. This meeting starts out with a pot luck luncheon, so please bring one of your favourite dishes to share, with the meeting to follow right after. They are hoping all seniors are able to attend. Sympathy goes out to Ray and Rene Blackmore on the loss of his mother (Marian Myrtle Blackmore), who passed away peacefully on April 10, at the age of 75. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families at this time. Are we ever going to get spring? This week and weekend have been chilly, windy and miserable, so hopefully Old Man Winter will give up soon and just go away for a long time, instead of this undetermined weather pattern we have been having lately. We can always keep our fingers crossed. Have a great week everyone.



By Paulette Heer 403-574-2442

Velvet Nickerson got word of a new baby niece, born April 17 to brother Ben and Kristy Nickerson, Quinn Janlin weighed seven pounds eight ounces. Congratulation to all! Fred and Velvet recently headed to Didsbury and on to Calgary where they visited brother-inlaw Joey Prillar who is in hospital on a lengthy stay. Get well Joey. Easter Sunday Fred and Velvet enjoyed their family home for dinner. The highlights being granddaughters Kalli and Cooper and the Easter egg hunt. Mom Angela had also set up “Easter bunny footprints” at home for Kalli, such fun! Gloria Diegel and daughters Richelle (and Jinger); and Tasha had a mom and daughter day out, celebrating Richelle’s birthday with shopping, visiting and dinner at “Love Sushi” restaurant in Stettler. On to Richelle’s for cake and coffee. That night Stan and Gloria; Jim and Dixie all over to Greg and Richelle’s for supper. Easter Sunday Arden, Deanne and girls; Ybiett and family; Greg and Richelle and family and Tasha and Aaron and family all home for dinner. Wade couldn’t be there as he was at work. Bridget, Sophie and Jasmin all stayed overnight with Grandma and Grandpa Diegel. Carol Muhlbach drove to Red Deer to attend the birthday celebrations for Belle Fisher who turned 100! Happy Birthday Belle! Bill and Joyce Hansel drove to Cadogan Saturday to celebrate greatgrandson Dustin Botting’s first birthday. On Sunday Bill and Joyce had daughter Sandra Trennery, Denee and Shaya Johnson for Easter dinner. Sunday night they had a nice surprise when Steve and Janie Rock came for coffee. Mark April 26 as the Gadsby Ball Association presents Yuk Yuk’s fundraiser at Stettler Community Hall. Tickets for the steak and shrimp dinner are available. Call Dan at 403 742 3590. There will be comedians, silent auction and door prizes.

ENDS APRIL 30, 2014

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2014 F-250



295 5.99% $40,499 $




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Vehicles may not be exactly as shown


WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers only valid at participating dealers. Retail offers may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. For factory orders, a customer may either take advantage of eligible Ford retail customer promotional incentives/offers available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof. Retail offers not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). ‡Offer valid from March 1, 2014 to April 30, 2014 (the “Program Period”). Receive CAD$1,000 towards select Ford Custom truck accessories, excluding factory-installed accessories/options (“Accessory/ies”), with the purchase or lease of a new 2013/2014 Ford F-150 (excluding Raptor) or Super Duty (excluding Chassis Cabs) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”) delivered or factory ordered during the Program Period (the “Offer”). Offer is subject to vehicle and Accessory availability. Offer is not redeemable for cash and can only be applied towards eligible Accessories. Any unused portions of the Offer are forfeited. Only one (1) offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle. *Purchase a new 2014 F-250 Super Cab XLT 4x4 Western Edition with power seats for $40,499 after Manufacturer Rebate of $5,750 and $750 cash alternative to accessories are deducted. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after total rebates deducted. Offer includes freight and air tax of $1,800 but exclude optional features, administration and registration fees (administration fees may vary by dealer), fuel fill charge and all applicable taxes. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. **Until April 30, 2014, receive as low as 5.99% annual percentage rate (APR) purchase financing on a 2014 F-250 Super Cab XLT 4x4 Western Edition with power seats for a maximum of 72 months to qualified retail customers, on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest interest rate. Purchase financing monthly payment is $639 (the sum of twelve (12) monthly payments divided by 26 periods gives payee a bi-weekly payment of $295 with a down payment of $1,950 or equivalent trade-in. Cost of borrowing is $7,436.41 or APR of 5.99% and total to be repaid is $45,985.41. Down payment may be required based on approved credit from Ford Credit. Offer includes Manufacturer Rebate of $5,750, $750 cash alternative to accessories and freight and air tax of $1,800 but excludes optional features, administration and registration fees (administration fees may vary by dealer), fuel fill charge and all applicable taxes. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after rebates deducted. ††Until April 30, 2014, lease a new 2014 F-150 Super Crew XLT 4x4 with 5.0L engine and get as low as 1.49% lease annual percentage rate (LAPR) financing for up to 24 months on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Not all buyers will qualify for the lowest LAPR payment. Lease a vehicle with a value of $43,849 at 1.49% LAPR for up to 24 months with $1,950 down or equivalent trade in, monthly payment is $299, total lease obligation is $9,126 and optional buyout is $22,363. 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Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2014

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Services Directory



Box 310 Stettler, AB. 4810-50 St. Stettler, AB T0C 2I0

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FAX: 403-742-8050

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CHECKEL Gerald Allen Checkel was born December 5, 1953 at Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital in Castor, Alberta. He grew up on the family farm, south of Fleet and took his schooling at Gus Wetter School in Castor. During his youth he enjoyed gopher and goose hunting and cruising on his motor bike. Later he took up snowmobiling and joined the Castor Snowmobile Club; travelling with club members to many places in Alberta for provincial Jamborees, which he really enjoyed. He was well known for tearing up the streets and racing the old º mile with his muscle cars. After graduation he went to work in an apprenticeship program for Ray Marquart, at Castor Autobody. After he got his license he continued to work with Ray and hone his craft. When Ray sold the business, Gerry managed it for the new owner for a number of years. In 1977 tired of all the bondo and paint dust, Gerry put down his tools and paint gun and went trucking with his brother Don, hauling gravel and asphalt. They worked from Milk River in the south to Athabasca in the north and many places in between When his nomad life got tiring, Gerry went back to his roots, farming with his parents and eventually taking over the farm. He enjoyed the farm life and working with the cattle and the companionship of his dog. In 1987 Gerry became a founding member of the Castor Trap Club and was a builder and supporter of the club throughout the years. He quickly became very proficient at the sport and began registering targets in 1988. He had 32,400 registered targets when illness forced him to quit. During this time he had many wins in western Canada, Montana and Washington. His proudest moment was when he made the Alberta All Star Team. He never gave up his dream of being able to shoot again, attending Castor competitions to visit and always inquiring how did so and so do this weekend. After a major stroke in 2006, he had to sell the farm and moved into Castor. In 2009 complete kidney failure changed his life again; after 5 Ω months in Red Deer Hospital he moved to Stettler to be near the dialysis unit. During this time he continued to live independently, drive himself to dialysis and became a very good cook, following a very strict diet. He passed away suddenly at his home in Stettler on March 16, 2014. Funeral services will be held at the Castor Municipal Cemetery at 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 3, 2014; with a luncheon at J.C. Grill following the interment. Memorial donations may be made to the Stettler Health Services Foundation - Dialysis Unit. Sympathies may be forwarded to the family by signing the guestbook at PARKVIEW FUNERAL CHAPELS & CREMATORIUM, 403-882-3141, entrusted with the care and funeral arrangements.

STRAIN Bertrum James Jan. 27, 1923 - April 14, 2014 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Bertrum James Strain of Stettler, Alberta at the age of 91. Bert passed away quietly in his sleep in his hometown Stettler, Alberta. Bert was born in Lethbridge, Alberta to parents George and Lydia Strain. He served in the Canadian Air Force during World War II and later married Dorothy Harty on May 7, 1949 in Lethbridge. They moved to Stettler in 1954. His contributions to education were enormous and respected by many. Bert is survived by his brother Art Strain (Eva); sister in law Clara; children Joan Uhrich (Ian), Rick Strain (Diane), Bob Strain (Jackie), Carolyn Cheetham (David), son-in-law Garth Gunther; twelve grandchildren and one great grandchild. Bert was predeceased by his wife Dorothy; their first child Audrey Gunther and his brother Doug Strain. Prayer Services to be held Thursday, April 24 at 7:00 P.M. at Christ King Parish, 4916-54 St., Stettler, Alberta. Mass of Christian Burial will be held Friday, April 25, 2014 at 1:00 P.M. at Christ King Parish. Memorial donations may be made to Heart and Stroke, Audrey Gunther Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund or charity of your choice c/o Stettler Funeral Home & Crematorium, Box 1780, Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0, who have been entrusted with the care and arrangements. To send or view condolences to Bert’s family please visit

IRWIN In loving memory of Helen Beryl Irwin, she was born November 9, 1925 in Marysville, Ontario and passed away suddenly in Big Valley, Alberta December 8, 2013 at the age of 88 years. Predeceased by her husband William Edgar Irwin, she is survived by four sons Douglas, David, Dwight, Duane and their respective partners, numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and a very large extended family. Graveside service to be held at Lakeview Cemetery in Stettler, Alberta on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 2 PM, memorial donations may be made to Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Arthritis Society or Alberta Cancer Foundation. Condolences may be forwarded to the family at STETTLER FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORIUM entrusted with the care and funeral arrangements. 403-742-3422



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Card Of Thanks The family of Lorna McTaggart would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all the kindness and support given to our Mom by Stettler Home Care Services, Points West staff, Heartland Medical Clinic, Dr. Pieter Bouwer and Dr. Elizma Bouwer. We would also like to express our sincerest thank you for all those who helped us with her service, Sylvie and staff at Brennen Funeral Home, Rev. Jan Richardson and the UCW Ladies, Malcolm Fischer, Elaine Hennel, Victoria Chapter Order of the Easter Star and to all of you who sent cards, flowers and food, and also to those who attended her service and made memorial contributions.

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Class Registrations

Baby Shower for

KELLY BIBLE (Kruger) Join us to meet

Hadley daughter of


James & Kelly Bible Come & go shower on Sunday May 4th from 1-3 p.m. at the Stettler Hospital Atrium,

Gun Safety Instructor Non-restricted/ Restricted Courses/ Challenges Reasonable Rates Will Travel

BOSS HILL HORSE POKER RALLY (North of Stettler) Sat May 3,2014 Registration 10:00 AM-12:00 PM More information 403 883-2294 780 372-4384

Stan 403-749-2517 The Stettler


Classifieds PLEASE READ YOUR AD Advertisers should read their ad the FIRST DAY IT APPEARS and report any errors in time for the next publication. The Stettler Independent is responsible for only the first incorrect insertion. RATES: Word Ads - 1st Week 25 Words 1-25 $16.32 each week after $14.28 additional words .27 cents ea. Garage Sale ads $21.85 addditional words .30 cents ea. (5% gst must be added )

DEADLINE:. MONDAYS @ NOON Classified Hotline 1-877-223-3311


Coming Events

FERNE’S FASHIONS A unique clothing store on Hwy 795 north of Falun on the way to Pigeon Lake. In business since 1998 expanded to a 2000 sq. ft. store. Offering many clothing lines from casual to dress wear. Most made in Canada and US. Reg/Plus sizes. New spring/summer styles and colors arriving daily. For a fun personal shopping experience come and see us! Phone 780-352-0933 for info/directions.

Bridal Shower for

Brenda Law and Kyle Simon at the Canalta Hotel on Sunday, April 27th at 2:00 p.m. Everyone welcome.


Coming Events

First Stettler Scouts are having a bottle drive! As our numbers are small this year we are organizing our bottle drive a bit different. We will not be going door to door but we will be picking up bottles from those that offer. If you would like to donate just call Cathy 403-742-4918 or Jim at 403-741-7256 and leave a message with your address. On May 3 before 10 a.m. just leave your bottles on the front step and we will pick them up by 2 p.m. Or you can drop them off at the Scout Hall that day before noon (north end of Youth Center.)

In Memoriam In memory of HERMAN RIGGINS passed away April 14, 1980. You are always in our thoughts, We miss you. Thank Heaven for memories. Forever loved and remembered Eva, Allen & family, Jerry & Sandy & family In memory of Uncle Bill Stauffer passed away April 13, 1992; Brett Stauffer April 14, 1987 Alfred Stauffer, April 14, 1993. There is a bond Death cannot sever, Love and remembrance Last forever. Forever loved and remembered, Eva, Allen & family, Jerry & Sandy & family

Reached a Milestone?

You can also leave a message on our face book page under 2014 Scouts Bottle Drive.

Bridal Shower

Let Your News Ring Ou t


Taylor Falkenberg Saturday May 3 at 2:00 pm

A Classified Wedding Announcement

at the

Christ King Parish Hall 4916 54 St. Stettler

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wish kitchen & gift Bridal Registry



Janene Fox & Jeff Smitten Taylor Falkenberg & Matt Wilfort Claire Aspenes & Tyler Stewart Jamy Stewart & Chais McRae Amber Creasey & Chris Hansel Beth KueÀer & Kyle Gallant Alexi Hiller & Curtis Bauman Amanda Smith & Wayne Dolan Heather Keith & Dustin Derrick

May 31 June 28 July 5 July 9 August 2 August 15 August 23 August 23 August 23

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Main Street, Stettler



EYE SPY… SPY… EYE Look for your name in the Classifieds (stating you’re a winner) and come to the Stettler Independent to claim your prize, compliments of KFC!

Stettler 4904 49 STREET Back Alley Saturday April 26th 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Lots & lots of items to choose from.

Stettler 4915 - 47 STREET (back alley). Friday, April 25, noon-7 p.m. Large quantity of hand-painted items and household misc.


Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2014


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Farm Work

755 Oilfield

CALGARY DOLL CLUB FARM WORKER NEEDED Antique & Collectible Show on grain farm/feedlot & Sale. Hourly door prizes near Stettler. & face painting. Saturday, Must have valid drivers license. Class 1 or 3 license May 3/14, 10 - 3 p.m., Acadia Recreation an asset but not necessary. Complex, 240 - 90 Ave. Duties include driving SE, Calgary. Admission: feedtruck, working with cattle, Adults $5. fencing, driving and maintaining farm machinery. Children under 12 free. Wages depend on experience. Please send resume to LEARN TO EARN $25 - $50/hour+. Window or fax to 1-877-284-2496 Painting Workshop! “Hidden Career”. Insider secrets revealed! Edmonton, May 2, 3, 4. 10 spots only! Oilfield Info and registration; 780-266-1122.


Annual General Meeting


of members of the

East Central Alberta Heritage Society

will be held on Monday, April 28 at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of the Stettler Tourism and Business Development Centre, 6606 - 50 Ave., Highway 12 west, south of the Town Centre Mall and east of Tim Horton’s. Agenda includes election of officers, presentation of financial statements, reports and such other business as may properly come before the meeting. THE BIG VALLEY LADIES GOLF LEAGUE will be having a meeting Wed. May 7th @ 7 p.m. At the Clubhouse. We would love to see some new faces. For more info call Sandra 403-741-6633 or Amanda 403-741-8822

DISPATCHER If you are organized and enjoy working in a dynamic environment, this role may be for you. The successful applicant will have the following: • Strong Computer Skills • Good written & verbal communication • Prefer Dispatch Experience •

Alstar has immediate positions available for: Experienced Low Bed drivers with off - road and winch tractor experience Experienced 45 Ton Boom Truck Operators Competitive Rates and Full Benefits Wages range from $40.00 to $55.00 per hour depending on position and experience Alstar Oilfield is looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Team in Hinton. Alstar has been serving the oil & gas construction industry since 1969. If you have a Desire to be Part of a Growing Company Please apply on our Career Section on our website

The job includes: Coordinating & Dispatching (Labour & Equipment) Monitor Work Schedule Competitive Rates & Full Benefits 8 / 6 Shift


Bearspaw Petroleum Ltd. is seeking qualified candidates to fill Floorhand, Derrickhand and Driller positions. These positions are locally based. Applicants must have all necessary valid tickets for the position applied for. Bearspaw offers a very competitive salary & benefits package along with a steady work schedule. Please submit resumes: Attn: Human Resources Email: Fax: 403-258-3197 Or mail to: Ste. 5309, 333 - 96 Ave. NE, Calgary, AB T3K 0S3

Squeezthee MOST out of your advertising dollars Place your ad in this newspaper and12345 province wide $

Alstar Oilfield is looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Team in Hinton. Alstar has been serving the oil & gas construction industry since 1969.

with a combined circulation of over 800,000 for only...

“Committed to enriching the lives of our workforce, while Providing quality energy construction solutions”

995 plus GST/HST

Value Ad Network

If you have a Desire to be Part of a Growing Company Please apply on our Career Section on our website

Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association toll free 1-800-282-6903 x228 email or visit this community newspaper


Training for life


710 Part-time Receptionist Please send resumes to Aspen Ford Sales Box 1180 4402-42 Street Stettler, AB T0C 2L0 fax 403-742-1544 or email or in person

Agriculture is our life too. Agriculture Financial Services Corporation has been working with Alberta producers for over 70 years. We provide our clients with Financial and Risk Management products in the form of Lending, Hail, Crop Production and Livestock Price Insurance. We are currently looking for an Account Manager in our Stettler Branch Office.

Visit to apply


Alstar Oilfield is looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Team in Hinton. Alstar has been serving the oil & gas construction industry since 1969. If you have a Desire to be Part of a Growing Company Please apply on our Career Section on our website “Committed to enriching the lives of our workforce, while Providing quality energy construction solutions”

In this NEW role you will: Coordinate & Schedule Work Flow/Shop Loading • Coordinate Fabrication Activity • Manage Inventory • Ensure Timelines are being kept

Wage will range from $65,000 - $80,000 per annum depending on experience, with Full Benefits. This will be a Monday to Friday Shift Alstar Oilfield is looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Team in Hinton. Alstar has been serving the oil and gas construction industry since 1969. If you have a Desire to be Part of a Growing Company Please apply on our Career Section on our website


Sales & Distributors


IT NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR required FULL TIME for Red Deer Must have min 3 years HANDS ON verifiable employment which is current. Own vehicle, clean drivers abstract, criminal background check necessary. Please send resume to: stevel@telus. net at Longhurst Consulting or Fax: 403-309-3920


$10 - Adult Students and Children - free

Restaurant/ Hotel

Tickets available from choir members and at the door.


1193509 Alberta Inc., 4629 59 Street, Stettler, AB needs 2 FT perm Food Service Supervisors ASAP to co-ordinate activities of staff & ensure food service and quality control at Subway in Stettler. $13.50/hr, 40 hrs/wk. High School & 1 year experience required. Must be available between the hours of 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. for a variety of shift times and days.

For 2014-2015 school year Christ-King Catholic School

Sales & Distributors

Kindergarten Information/Registration Meeting May 1, 2014 - 6:30 p.m.


HOME BUILDING CENTRE, Red Deer Seeking experienced salespeople (contractor desk); also Project Estimator. Building supplies knowledge a must. Wage commensurate with experience. Email resume: 1-403-343-6422.

This meeting will be of interest to Catholic and non-Catholic families interested in a Christian values based program. All parents with children who will be five years of age before December 31, 2014 are welcome and invited to consider our kindergarten program. Please bring your child’s birth certificate.

Little Steps Pre-Kindergarten program is now accepting registrations for 2014-2015. Children must be three by December 31, 2014 for the three-year-old program or four by December 31, 2014 for the four-year-old program. Registration forms available at Christ-King Catholic School.


For more information please call 403-742-0280.

is seeking a



IK NSMEN RADIO DAYS May 3, 2014 9am to 1pm BBQ from 11 to 1

Bids to be made on Facebook and call into radio station on May 3 Check out & like our Facebook page to bid NOW!!

ITEMS OPEN FOR BIDDING NOW! • Canwest Propane - BBQ • Brennan Autobody - Auto Detail Package • John’s Clothing - Keith Urban Tickets • Pheasentback Photography - Picture - Drumheller HooDoos • Todd’s Welding - Char-boil Propane Oil Less Cooker • Guns n’ Games Source for Sports - 2 Man Ice Fishing Shack • Vortex Production Services - 2 Steam Train Tickets • Ted and Ruby Chesla - Doll House

• Family Chiropractic - 4 sessions laser treatment • Stettler GM - Auto Detail Package • Well’s Furniture - Duck Commander Chair (kids) • Shannon Rost - Gift Certificate one full session • Woody’s Automotive - Pressure Washer • Canalta Hotels - 1 Nights Stay • Indulgence Catering - 4 family size meals • Alta-Wide Timber Mart - Router • Hitch to Headlights - Commercial Vehicle Inspection

All items up for bidding are donated by the generous company listed beside them. Would your business like to donate an item or purchase ad time on Radio Days? Please contact chair Terry Chesla @ 403-323-5127



STUDON Electric & Controls Inc. is one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. We are an industry leading Electrical & Instrumentation Contractor that prides itself in having committed and dedicated employees. We are currently hiring for the position of:

INSTRUMENTATION MAINTENANCE (Full-Time, Red Deer Area) The ideal candidate will have the following: • • • •

Journeyman Instrumentation Mechanic CSTS (Version 0.9) Dedication to safety; reflected in practice and experience Supervisory experience with excellent communication & organizational skills • Strong focus on customer satisfaction • Team player

in CORONATION and STETTLER is now accepting applications for a


Live the life style of Central Alberta & be home at night. Work for one of the few family owned dealerships where we care about our employees & customers. Successful candidate will be a team player with strong social skills. Counter and Management experience an asset. Computer literacy & knowledge of DIS Parts program a definite asset but not mandatory. • •

WE OFFER: Competitive Wages Annual Work boot reimbursement RRSP Plan Benefits Package Sick Days Monthly Bonus

Alstar is looking for a self-starter who is motivated • • and organized to fill this • NEW position. • The successful applicant If you are looking for a will have the following: rewarding career with a • General Knowledge of successful and growing Welding & Construction • Able to Interpret ISO organization, then forward your resume to: Metric drawings, P&IDs & Engineered Structural FUTURE AG INC. Drawings Attn: Human Resources • Strong Computer Skills Box 489 • Able to Adapt to Red Deer, AB T4N 5G1 Changing Environments Fax 403-342-0396 or email • Quality Assurance to: Experience an Asset

Cantus Choir

Directed by Gordon Moorlag Sunday, April 27, 2014 7:30 p.m. Stettler Alliance Church



“Committed to enriching the lives of our workforce, while Providing quality energy construction solutions”

Spring Concert

Teachers/ Tutors

Experienced Oilfield Construction Lead Hands Experienced Oilfield Construction Trades Labourers Experienced Oilfield Project Foreman Journeyman Mechanic (Preferred Heavy Duty) Case IH Equipment Dealer


Agriculture is my life.

LIVE in Caregiver (Nanny). Full-time live in caregiver required for 2 children aged 2 years and 5 years old in private household setting in Stettler, AB. Duties include supervise and care of children and assume full responsibility of household in absence of parents. Please email your resume to neetuparmar99


NEW BRIGDEN KINDERGARTEN accepting applications for a 0.5FTE Kindergarten Teacher for 2014 - 2015. Valid Alberta Teaching Certificate preferred. Send resume: 403-664-1241.


Career Opportunity

First Aid Training teaches how to respond confidently when injuries occur.

Employment #700 - #920

Coming Events


“Committed to enriching the lives of our workforce, while Providing quality energy construction solutions”


Caregivers/ Aides


Service Rig

• •

Take notice that the


Page B7

Duties will include assisting customers with pickups and returns, yard and shop labor. Computer exp. req’d. To join our team please fax resume to 403-742-8777 or email darryl@


Looking for apprentice or journeyman mechanic. Pipe bending skills would be a great asset. Wages depend on exp. Going concern shop. Fax resume to:403-346-9909 or drop off at 2410 50 Ave. Phone 403-346-7911 FULL-TIME TRUCK Driver-Track Hoe and Cat Operators wanted. Experience in operating equipment, loading & unloading all types of equipment. Competitive wages & benefits. Must have all tickets. Resident of Whitecourt an asset. Please fax resume to 780-778-2444.

FUTURE AG INC. owns and operates 5 branches throughout Central Alberta selling and servicing CASE IH Construction and CASE IH Agriculture equipment. We are currently looking for

Agricultural Technicians and/or Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanics

with Ag experience for our Stettler and Coronation locations. This is a fast-paced environment & ideal candidate would be able to work with minimal supervision, have the ability to take initiative & consistently demonstrate exceptional customer service. FUTURE AG INC. “People You Can Count On”, is offering the opportunity to grow in your career with a thriving company. We offer an exemplary benefits package, hourly wages, annual work boot reimbursement, RRSP plan, sick days, monthly bonus and continuous professional training in a positive friendly environment. If you have a great attitude and integrity, FUTURE AG is offering you an exciting career opportunity. To apply, forward your resume to: FUTURE AG INC. Attn: Markus Box 1510 Stettler, AB T0C 2L0 Fax 403-742-5626 WANTED WATER WELL rig with driller/helper for subcontract domestic wells. Central/north central Alberta. Also driller wanted for Permton rig. Failing, Mayhew size. Permton Supplies Co. Ltd., 1-800-244-3668.

TELL it all! Tell it well! Make your ads sell for you by giving full description of goods or services offered. Include prices and terms. Phone 1-877-223-3311 for a friendly ad taker.

The right place to find the right person for the job.

Starting Rate: $42.63/hour STUDON offers a competitive salary, and an opportunity to apply your skills in a challenging and rewarding environment. Please forward your resume to the address below. We thank all applicants for their interest; however only those candidates interviewed will be contacted. STUDON Electric & Controls Inc. ATTN: Leanne Colby Fax # 403-342-6505 Email: “People Pride & Service”


Page B8 Misc. Help

Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Misc. Help



Pheasantback Golf is hiring for the following positions: • Kitchen Staff • Servers • Maintenance Crew • Golf Shop Full and part time positions available



“Doors Open” April 28

*Sales and Service Members *Journeyman Automotive Mechanics OK TIRE’s newest store in STETTLER is looking for full and part time employees. Experience is an asset but not required. OK TIRE has excellent benefit packages and is an equal opportunity employer. If you are looking to work in a dynamic, fast paced, customerorientated environment then please stop in at 4809 - 44 Avenue or email your resume to


Starting wages: $28.85/hr - Floor Covering Installers $24.75/hr - Tilesetters 40-50 hours per week Applicants should have a minimum of 3 years of work experience or have a valid trade certification.

Don’t waste time sifting through garbage online. Find what you need from a trusted source.


Please send qualified resumes only to or fax to 403-876-2554

Extend the reach of your print ad. Introducing career ads online

Call for more details 1-800-282-6903 ext 235

Floor Covering Installers and Tilesetters needed

for Jensen Contract Flooring, Big Valley, AB

We are seeking:


Email resumes to

Misc. Help


Classifieds Your place to SELL Your place to BUY


Advertisers in the showcase section maintain Real Estate offices in Stettler, are members of the Red Deer & District Real Estate Board Co-op Ltd., and all offer full multiple listing services.

What to expect with a tree removal Trees serve many purposes for a landscape, providing shade and habitats for birds and other animals and serving as natural blinds between two homes. Trees are often beautiful elements

of a natural landscape, adding aesthetic appeal to a property or even an entire community. But there are times when a tree must be removed, an action that, in many instances, requires the services of a

professional tree service. A tree with roots invading the foundation of a home or infringing on a patio or walkway can become a safety hazard. Other trees may cast shade where a pool is planned

Candor Realty Ltd.

Ph. 403-742-4424 Fran Snowden

Karen Cannady

4908 - 51 Street




GREAT FAMILY HOME located in cul-de-sac. Totally finished up and down. 4 bdrms, dbl. attached garage and fully fenced. $420,000.

GREAT STARTER HOME. Close to school. 1.5 storey and 3 bedrooms. All appliances included and dbl. detached garage. $164,900.

WELL CARED FOR Dbl. wide mobile on rented lot. 3 bedrooms/ 2 baths. Great starter home for young family. $39,900.

BI-LEVEL 4 bedroom, fully finished, main floor laundry, fenced yard and dbl. detached garage. $289,444

FAMILY HOME fully finished up and down. 3 bdrms / 2 baths. Close to school and main street. Dbl. garage and fenced yard. $249,900.

ACREAGE CLOSE TO TOWN. 5 bedrooms / 4 baths, open concept. Finished basement. 3 car garage and fenced property. $445,000.

Locally owned & operated


Bus.: 403-742-3069 1-888-742-6685

1st Choice Realty

Over 28 Years of Experience

5002 - 50th Ave., Stettler


Diamond Award Recipient

4913 - 51 Street



hazards, some homeowners opt to have the stumps ground down into sawdust. This will not remove all of the roots but will take care of most of the above-ground portion of the remaining stump. It is usually up to the homeowner to discard the sawdust or use it as a mulching material. Expect the ground around the former tree to be soft, and there may be a depression depending on how much stump grinding took place. Some people prefer to wait a season for the ground to recover before planting something new. It may take a while for grass to sprout where a tree was once located, and there may be bare spots when grass starts to grow in. Tree removal can be an expensive venture but is necessary for different reasons. Be sure that treeremoval services are fully insured before signing a contract.

Specializing In * Residential * Commercial * Farms * Acreages * Lake Properties

Independently Owned and Operated


branches will be removed to make the tree more manageable. Trees are rarely chopped at the base and allowed to fall, as there simply isn’t enough room to safely take this approach. Sections of the tree will be cut, roped off and slowly lowered. A climber will scale the tree or use a cherry picker machine to reach the top of the tree to facilitate the process. The pieces of the tree will be loaded into a woodchipper for grinding before they are hauled away. Larger, heavier portions of the stumps may need to be moved later on with machinery. Hauling trees off the property may cost extra, so it is important that homeowners read their contract thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. Additional costs may be factored into the bill. These can include stump-androot grinding. Trees will be cut down to the stump. To prevent eyesores or tripping

Visit us at for more listings


or cause disagreements between neighbors when the tree straddles a property line. These are instances when tree removal will be necessary, and a reputable service can advise as to the best methods for ridding the property of the troublesome tree. Homeowners will need to do a bit of planning and research to remove trees safely and securely. It is best to contact a variety of different tree removal services and compare their offerings and prices. The cost of a tree removal will vary depending on various factors, including the height of the tree, its width, the number of branches it has, its location on a property and the proximity of that location to potential hazards like power lines. Tree removal may range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. When a tree is being removed, most of the

“Each office independently owned & operated”

View Stettler area listings at ½ DUPLEX. Great location. “Like New” home built with seniors in mind – no stairs, easy access, wheel chair friendly. Bright, spacious home with open floor concept. Close to downtown, post office and medical clinic. Heated garage. Just move in. CA0034082. $229,900.

Attention: Truckers, Welders, Mechanics — New 1800 sq. ft. excellent shop to do your own work, situated on 1 acre lot in Erskine. Great place to build your dream home with shop/garage already in place. Quick possession. #CA0025709. $239,900.


EQUESTRIAN opportunity! Large indoor VACANT 0.75 ACRE LOT. Great site to build your dream home in Erskine. heated riding arena and horse barn. 40x60 Has water, sewer and gas services on site. Nicely treed and landscaped. Near playground, school and grocery store. Spacious lot that can accommodate a quonset. 103 acres on the edge of town. Lease revenue. Ideal as a large acreage or horse large shop, garage or garden spot. CA00 $116,900. business. Don’t wait! #CA0025826. $825,000.


IN TOWN ACREAGE. Walk out basement. Bright kitchen, fully developed. Very nice! $389,500. Call Today!

“Priceless Unbelievable View”. 3 bdrm, 2 bath home all located on a private & scenic ¼ section with a breathtaking view of the river valley. 36’ x 48’ barn, 16’ x 40’ shop, dbl detached garage, various outbuildings. #CA0016473. $775,000.

Incredible Watefront Property. Like new 1 1/2 storey executive style home featuring stainless steel appliances, hardwood fooring, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, main floor laundry, developed basement, cozy fireplace in “great room.” Lake living year round. #CA0029706. $644,900.

ONLY 3 YEARS OLD. Clean home. Open floor plan. 24x30 ft. Garage. Covered deck, well fenced yard. $315,900.

AFFORDABLE BUNGALOW with double garage on large lot. Fully developed with main floor laundry. Lots of room for a garden. $249,000.




Doug Roberts Broker/Owner

Jill Fisher Associate/Owner

Apryl Cassidy Manager/Owner

Brian Lynn Associate Broker

Norma Leslie Associate Broker

CA0006068 CA0034099 N EW

CA0033459 W CA0006156 EW NE N

Small home on 4 lots with new well in quiet community of Red Willow. $72,500. Call Edna.

Clean 4 bdrm home with dble car garage in back. Central location. $235,000. Call Edna.

Big Valley 1827 sqft open concept home with hardwood. On 4 lots with large shop, fully landscaped . $335,000. Call Jill.

Lakeview property. 4 bdrm hillside bungalow. Ready for your summer fun. $535,000. Call Doug.

CA0005181 CA0031898


CA0003042 CA0032174

CA0004854 CA0033927

CA0002140 CA0029430

CA0002485 CA0025727

Located in Bashaw. 3 bdrm bilevel. With many extras. Dble car garage fully landscaped fenced yard. $239,900. Call Garry.

2001 Mobile Home TO BE MOVED. 3 bdrms, large master suite with jacuzzi tub and walk-in closet. White cabinetry in large country kitchen with island. $85,000. Call Jill.

This home has a covered veranda & staircase that Lends character to this older home. Open concept makes this home excellent for entertaining guests & family. $139,000. Call Atie.

CA0000133 CA0026346

CA322327 CA0028306

3240 sq. ft. 6 bdrm 3 bath home in the small community of Castor. Completely renovated. A Must See $189,000. Call Atie.

This spotless well built 3 bdrm tri-plex is move in ready and located on a mature street with lots of trees. $224,000. Call Doug.

This 5 bdrm 2 bath home has an open concept on the main floor including main floor laundry. Basement is partially finished and ready for your own ideas. $344,000. Call Garry.

UPDATED & MODERN, this 3 bdrm mobile has new windows, flooring & paint throughout together with a mature yard & shed makes this little home a Gem. $88,900. Call Jill.




ice CA0027202 New Pr

ice CA0028178 New Pr

3 bdrm bungalow with many upgrades. Galley kitchen with stainless steel appliances, newer shingles and water heater. Great Starter home and priced right at $214,000. Call Jill.

Edna Stuart Associate Broker

Call Sales Associate today for FREE or enquiries. Calla aCentral Central "Team" "Team" Sales Associate today for FREE adviceadvice or enquiries.

CA0005834 CA0032350 NNEEW W


Garry Rushton Associate

Nothing but peace & quiet on the 9.98 ac. acreage with this 5 bdrm 3 bath bi-level home. This property is fenced with some older serviced buildings. $259,000. Call Doug.

This Beautiful 5 bdrm 3 bath home is spacious and located in a quiet close in Meadow Lands. Open concept makes it great for entertaining with a basement that is ready for family gatherings. A MUST SEE! $429,900. Call Ross.

Atie Turnbull Associate

Kyle Ramstad Sherri Kuefler Associate Associate

Ross Scheerschmidt Associate

CALL 403-742-3344 CALL 403-742-3344(24 (24hrs.) hrs.)


d CA0001500





educe The Team at Royal RLePage Central would like to welcome and introduce

Build your dream on ½ acre lot in Erskine. Gas power and sewer at property line. $69,000. Call Atie.

CA0001726 ice CA0022629 New Pr

3100 sq. ft. Commercial bldg on a 2 acre lot. Vacant and ready for immediate possession. $299,000. Call Ross.

SHERRI KUEFLER Sherri was born and raised in Central Alberta and has been working & raising her family in Stettler for the past 15 years. Sherri has been very involved in our community and has a knowledge of the area and its people. She is excited and ready to help you with all your real estate needs. 403-740-5385



n Pendi

Won’t last long!1300 sqft of completely renovated, modern is what you are looking for, Call today back onto edge of town. $311,000. Call Sherri.

To view more info on our listing check out or



5 bdrm bilevel, recent updates, backyard includes large deck & wooden play center for the kids. Close to all the recreational facilities. $235,000. Call Sherri.


Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2014



PETROFIELD Industries, the Leader in manufacturing Hydrovac trucks, is accepting resumes for the following positions: * General Labourers * Industrial Painters * Sandblasters * Material Handler * Automotive Electrical Technician * Journeyman Welder / Apprentice * 2nd Yr Welder with Aluminum experience

Misc. Help

Misc. Help


FREIGHTLAND CARRIERS, a tri-axle air ride flatdeck carrier is looking for Owner/Operators to run Alberta only or 4 Western Provinces. Average gross $18 20,000/month. 1-800-917-9021. Email:



Misc. Help



GED Preparation Would you like to take the GED in your community?

880 Box 280 (5031 - 50 St.) Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

MECHANIC’S HELPER The Town of Stettler is seeking a mechanically inclined person to work as a Mechanic’s Helper as well as other duties as required for a 6-month term from April-September. The Town of Stettler offers a competitive wage. Interested applicants should forward a resume in confidence to Wayne Stenlund at the Town Shop located at 5104-61 Street, Stettler.

• • • • • • • •

Red Deer Rocky Mtn. House Rimbey Hanna Drumheller Innisfail Paintearth Drayton Valley Gov’t of Alberta Funding may be available. 403-340-1930

Employment Training


INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT Operator School. No Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Sign up online! 1-866-399-3853.

Buy it. Classified. It’s the easy-to-access, information-packed marketplace visited regularly — by all kinds of consumers.

Sell it. Classified. It’s the resource you can count on to sell a myriad of merchandise items because our columns compel qualified buyers to call.

Find it. Classified. It’s the solution you’re searching for — whether you’re seeking a home, an apartment, a new occupation or even a stray pet.

GET FREE VENDING MACHINES. Can earn $100,000. + per year. All cash-retire in just 3 years. Protected territories. Full details call now 1-866-668-6629. Website:



Tired of Standing? Find something to sit on in Classifieds

CLASS 3 DRIVERS w/airbrake endorsement needed immed. for waste & recycling. Email resume with a min. of 2 references to:

Business Opportunities

Misc. Help

ATTENTION Students SUMMER WORK flexible schedule, $17 baseappointment, customer sales/service, no exp. necessary, conditions apply. Will train. Call 403-755-6711 www.

Visit our website at: for more details. Our Company has an enthusiastic fast paced working environment, with advancement possibilities for the motivated person, and offers an excellent benefit package. fax 403-742-5544 e-mail:

Truckers/ Drivers


309-3300 1-877-223-3311


Buy & Sell #1500 - #1990 Aircraft ..............................1510 Antiques & Art ..................1520 Auctions ............................1530 Bicycles ............................1540 Building Supplies ..............1550 Business Machines ..........1560 Cameras & Accessories ..1570 Children’s Items ................1580 Clothing ............................1590 Computers ........................1600 Concert & Event Tickets ..1610 Equipment - Misc. ............1620 Equipment - Heavy ..........1630 Tools ................................1640 Farmers’ Market & Food Basket......................1650 Firewood ..........................1660 Lumber ............................1670 Garden Supplies ..............1680 Lawn Tractors ..................1690 Health, Dietary, Beauty ....1700 Household Appliances......1710 Household Furnishings ....1720 TV’s, Stereos, VCR’s ........1730 Hot Tubs & Accessories ..1740 Jewellery ..........................1750 Kid’s Deals........................1755 Misc. For Sale ..................1760 Musical Instruments..........1770 Music Lessons..................1780 Piano & Organs ................1790 Office Supplies ................1800 Pets & Supplies ................1810 Pet Services ....................1820 Cats ..................................1830 Dogs ................................1840 Sports Cards ....................1850 Sporting Goods ................1860 Collectors’ Items ..............1870 Swap, Barter & Trade ......1880 Travel Packages ..............1900 Wedding Supplies ............1910 Recycled Products............1920 Wanted to Buy ..................1930 Items to Give Away ..........1940


NOW HIRING PIPELINE TECHNICIAN – REFERENCE CODE PRT50882225-01 FIND THE MOST SIGNIFICANT WORK OF YOUR CAREER AT TRANSCANADA Reporting to the Stettler Area Operations Manager, the successful applicant will apply their pipeline skills and aptitude to install, operate and perform planned maintenance and corrective repairs on natural gas pipeline systems. This position operates and maintains assigned assets in a manner to meet operational needs in compliance with company and regulatory requirements. The successful candidate will be expected to maintain core operational task qualiďŹ cations and will be required to perform tasks from other disciplines when business needs require. *This position is overtime eligible and will be part of an on-call rotating schedule. It is also subject to 24 hr/day callout for emergency response. *Hours of work may need to be extended as business needs arise. This position may have to travel to other company locations for temporary assignments, meetings or training which would involve some overnight stays away from home. *This position is eligible for domestic relocation, but not cross-border relocation. TransCanada is an equal opportunity employer. For more information and to apply to this position, please visit our website at Everything you do at TransCanada contributes to everything we do across North America. Make more of your career. Help us build long-lasting energy solutions that matter.


AUTO/TOOL AUCTION. Saturday, April 26, 11 a.m. Auto’s, golf cart, tools, parts, surplus, storage buildings, benches, tents, pressure washers. Scribner Auction, Wainwright, Alberta. 780-842-5666; CLOSEOUT AUCTION. Wellington Garden Centre. Saturday, May 3, 10 a.m., 13648 - 142 St., Edmonton. Final closeout of garden centre, fountains, garden furniture, greenhouse fixtures, new fireplaces, plus a complete 2012 Tutti Frutti Kiosk at 11 a.m. For details: or 780-922-6090. COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION! 7th Annual Calgary Collector Car Auction, May 9 - 10, Indoors Convention Center Grey Eagle Casino. Over 100 pieces of memorabilia selling No Reserve. All makes & models welcome. Consign today 1-888-296-0528 ext. 102;

Positions Wanted

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Garden Supplies

ESTATE AUCTION for Larry Thimer. Sunday, May 4, 10 a.m. Machine Shop & North Star Hydraulics, 55103 - Hwy 28A, Gibbons. Also tractors, vehicles, etc. Details: Andruchow Auctions Ltd.; MEIER-2 DAY CLASSIC CAR & TRUCK AUCTION. Saturday & Sunday, May 3 & 4, 11 a.m. both days. 6016 - 72A Ave., Edmonton. Consign today, call 780-440-1860. PREMIER SPRING PAPER MONEY & COIN AUCTION Sunday April 27/14 Time 11 a.m. Olds Air Cadet Hall-52 St. Olds A.B. Approx 400 lots‌ ‌ Viewing is from 9 a.m. to sale time..

Misc. for Sale

Check the web for more listing..

Office Supplies

Pilgrim Auction 403-556-5531 www.auctionsales. PUBLIC AUCTION. City of Cold Lake: Equipment, trucks, Bobcat, shop items, etc. 1515 - 16 St., Cold Lake, Alberta. May 3, Saturday, 11 a.m. Scribner Auction, 780-842-5666; WELDING & FABRICATION. Innovative Solutions, Hayter, Alberta, Fri., May 2, 10 a.m. Selling trucks, trailers, hydrovac tanks, Bobcat versa handler , forklifts, shears, lathes, brakes, benders, welders and shop equipment. Online available: or 1-800-371-6963 WHEATLAND AUCTIONS Consignment Auction. May 3, 10 a.m. in Cheadle, Alberta. Farm equipment, vehicles, heavy equipment, RVs, etc. Consign now! Phone 403-669-1109;

Building Supplies


LOOKING FOR a shop? Post Frame Buildings. AFAB Industries has experience, expertise, reliability and great construction practices . For a free quote, contact Ryan Smith 403-818-0797 or email: METAL ROOFING & SIDING. Very competitive prices! Largest colour selection in Western Canada. Available at over 25 Alberta Distribution Locations. 40 Year Warranty. Call 1-888-263-8254. STEEL BUILDINGS. Hot savings - spring sale! 20x24 $4348. 25x24 $4539. 30x30 $6197. 32x36 $7746. 40x46 $12,116. 47x72 $17,779. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422; STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100, sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206; www.




Semi loads of pine, spruce, tamarack, poplar. Price depends on location. Lil Mule Logging 403-318-4346 SEASONED SPLIT FIREWOOD 4.5 kms. West of Stettler Call 403-323-0744

Garden Supplies


COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE: $1.49/each for a box of 270 ($402.30). Also full range of trees, shrubs, cherries & berries. Free shipping. Replacement guarantee. 1-866-873-3846 or


SAWMILLS FROM ONLY $4,897. Make money & save money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free info & dvd: 400OT. 1-800-566-6899 ext. 400OT.


WHITE 20LB BOND PAPER: 8.5 X 11 10 pkgs. of 500 sheets

$48/case Shop Stettler & Save! 403-742-2395 Travel Packages


GRIZZLY BEAR TOUR. Experience a unique one day charter flight and cruise ship adventure to Khutzeymateen, BC this summer. Calgary and Edmonton departures. 1-866-460-1415;

Agricultural #2000 - #2290 Farm Equipment ..............2010 Haying Equipment ............2020 Tractors ............................2030 Combines & Headers ......2040 Fertilizer Equipment..........2050 Misc. Farm Machinery ......2060 Equipment Wanted ..........2070 Farm Custom Work ..........2080 Farm Auctions ..................2090 Livestock ..........................2100 Livestock - Exotic..............2110 Sheep ..............................2120 Poultry ..............................2130 Horses ..............................2140 Horse Boarding ................2150 Riding Supplies ................2160 Horse/Stock Trailers ........2170 Pasture Wanted ................2180 Grain, Feed, Hay ..............2190 Seed Grain ......................2200 Seeding & Tillage ............2210

Farm Equipment


40’ BOURGAULT, 5710 AIR DRILL, 9.8 spacing, 4� steel packers, good cond. 780-877-2339, 877-2326 FASTER IN THE FIELD! Get more work done faster and save on fuel. Chip Tuning Safely gives you 15% more power. AG equipment, semis. 1-888-920-1351;


BEAUTIFUL SPRUCE TREES. 4 - 6 ft., $35 each. Machine planting; $10/tree (includes bark mulch and fertilizer). 20 tree minimum order. Delivery fee: $75 - $125/order. Quality guaranteed. 403-820-0961.

FLEXI-COIL 6000 AIR DRILL, 40’, 3450 TBH tank, double shoot, 7.5� spacing, rubber packer wheels. All new discs, bearings, air hoses - 2 yrs ago. Shedded & unused for 2 seasons. $60,000 obo. 403-784-3633 or 403-304-2266

Haying Equipment


THIS WEEK’S EYE SPY WINNER IS Helene Heier Please come into the Stettler Independent to claim your prize!



Laverndene Acres Yearling Red Angus Bulls for Sale

Lavern Wideman Castor, AB 403-882-2185 BAR-DALE LIMOUSIN, ERSKINE, AB. 40, two year old virgin bulls for sale at the farm. Fully guaranteed. Call Carole Barclay at 403-742-4825, Terry 403-740-5037 Ricky 403-740-5711. email FOR SALE. Simmeron Simmentals, fullblood full Fleckvieh yearling bulls, polled and horned, A.I. bloodlines, very quiet, muscled. Website: Martin 780-913-7963. PUREBRED red and black Angus bulls. 1 and 2 year olds. Semen tested and delivered. Vicwin farms 403-784-3517, 403-318-7363. REGISTERED Yearling Red and Black Angus Bulls. Various bw’s, born Jan./Feb. quiet, semen tested & delivered. $2500. Also: Unregistered Yearling Red Angus Heifer Bulls, born Apr. light bw’s, quiet & semen tested $1800. Darrell & Lorraine Davidson, Lougheed 780-888-1374, 780-888-1087

Horse/Stock Trailers


HORSE and Stock trailer. Parts and repairs. Axles, brakes, drums, bearings, spring, rims, fenders, lights, and wiring. Pick up & delivery avail. HORSE SHOE TRAILER MFG. AND REPAIR. HALKIRK, ALBERTA 403-884-2173 403-430-0504

Grain, Feed Hay


For sale 100 small 60 lb. square hay bales, covered. $5/bale. 403-747-2384. HEATED CANOLA buying Green, Heated or Springthrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. “On Farm Pickup� Westcan Feed & Grain, 1-877-250-5252. LACOMBE COUNTRY FEED STORE, Come see us at: 4836 45A St. Lacombe, Ab ALL THE FEED YOUR ANIMALS NEED! 403-782-3333 Dealer of Masterfeeds WANTED: Hay land to put up on shares. 403-742-4337

Seed Grain


BRIGHT’S SEED FOR SALE Wheat-Cert. Harvest HRS/Foremost CPS Barley-Cert. Copeland/ Cowboy/Coalition Oats-Seed Oats. Call 780-855-2240/780-678-6329 CERTIFIED SEED FOR SALE. Busby Barley, Stride Oats, Jordan Oats. Guaranteed, fully tested. MAGIC SEED FARM Greg Jones 403-783-6495 or 403-704-6277 COMMON SEAD OATS 97% germ. Colour sorted. Call Glen Lepard 403-740-2872.


Misc. Help


    %$ $"$  ( + ,             !    !           


      !              "         $

Alberta Works April 28 to May 2, 2014 14043DG4 Discover volunteer opportunities in Stettler and how they can turn into career opportunities

Guest Presenters

- Gail from the Stettler Hospital - Crystal from the HYC - Mary from the Public Library

Volunteer your way to success! Wednesday, April 30, 2014 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Stettler Alberta Works Centre 4835 - 50 Street, Stettler Refreshments will be served For more information, call 403-740-4320

#$ #$ "' !$ )!!-& "# "$ !"$ "# "  %""#              

!          !$              "      !

 !$     /14*/23)"      $   !   +  ! $    

#     %  $       %  $  %  $   $  $ 

,(+$/,($1,*0 ,(+$0-/$0).0

Page B10


Seed Grain

Echo Ridge Seeds

Check our lineup of Wheat, Barley, Pea & Oat seed. Available varieties and their traits at 403-883-2503

For Rent #3000 - #3200




Seeding & Tillage

FORAGE SEED FOR SALE. Organic and conventional. Sweet Clover, Alfalfa, Red Clover, Smooth Brome, Meadow Brome, Crested Wheatgrass, Timothy, etc. Free delivery! Birch Rose Acres Ltd. 306-863-2900.




SUITES FOR RENT Two units in the Village of Elnora Manor are available for occupancy. Clean, well maintained units - managed by the Village of Elnora Management Body.

L A R G E One & Two BEDROOM APARTMENTS FOR RENT No pets Phone Ellen Phone Linda or at Ernie 403-742-1568 at 403-742-5005

SUITES FOR RENT IN STETTLER. Sharon@ 403-741-9325



BEST RENTAL VALUE IN STETTLER 1 & 2 Bedroom, furnished kitchenette suites. All utilities, cable, internet. 1 Bedroom, $800/mo. 2 Bedroom, $1100/mo. D.D. $200. Avail. immediately Kimberly 403-690-5828

Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2014

Storage Space

2 ROOMS in fully equipped executive suite in Lacombe w/hotel services, daily and weekly. 403-396-7976 396-3616

For more information, please call Cindy at 403-773-2407. Applications and information may also be obtained during regular business hours at the Village of Elnora Town Office 403-773-3922.

Business and Services Directory Business Services #1000 - #1430




-Residential -Commercial -Farm Buildings -Renovations

Randy Long • Residential • Commercial • Automotive Needs


Buzz Andersen

4607 - 59 St., Stettler

Serving Stettler area over 35 years

(Beside A & W)

Guy Chapman, CA Chris Annand, CA Kendra Walgenbach, CA Naomi Roth, CGA P.O. Box 1328 4702- 51 Ave., Stettler Tel: 403-742-3438 e-mail:


Drafting & Design




• Locks repinned & installed • Windshields repaired & installed • Residential & Commercial Windows & Doors • All your glass & screen needs Main St., Stettler Emergency 403-742-2665 403-742-3628




Health Care

PH: 403-742-4101


403-742-3141 Thorogood Pinches


FAX: 866-305-5686

House Plan Design Small Commercial Shop Drawings As Builts rg

be tahrlvice S a Se nik

Mo rafting D

Phone: 403-742-6612 Cell: 780-935-0540 Email:

Certified General Accountants 4814 - 49 Street, Stettler

403-742-5520 403-882-3740 (Castor)


Health Care



Comprehensive eye health and vision exams Top quality frames, lenses and contacts Treatment of eye disease, injuries and surgical co-management

Phone 403-742-2683 New patients welcome

Dr. E. LYNES Chiropractor 4719 - 49 St. Stettler, Alberta One block East of Scotia Bank

403-742-5810 or 403-742-6443

Legal Dr. KERRY WONG Services

Ph:403-742-5979 Fax:403-742-3656

Stettler, Alberta Box 1796 Phone 403-742-2998

BRYON D. BALTIMORE of McCuaig Desrochers


Barristers and Solicitors Advocates

Physiotherapy, Acupuncture & Massage

2401 Toronto Dominion Sq. Edmonton Centre Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2Z1 Telephone: 780-426-4660 Fax: 780-426-0982

“Keeping people in Motion...�



M.S., R.Aud 4806 – 51 Ave., Stettler, AB Call Barry Harvey

403-742-8838 Electrical

Gitzel Krejci Dand Peterson




“If It’s Electrical We Do It�

403-742-5111 Serving Stettler & Area since 1978

CAGE ELECTRIC LTD. Electrical Contractor Owner: Lou MacDougall Master Electrician

403-741-5523 AUTO BODY REPAIR LTD.

Quality Collision Repair and Professional Service‌ Guaranteed! Find out more about us at: Phone: 403-742-3555 4109 - 48 Avenue, Stettler

JT AUTO BODY LTD. “Serving Stettler & area for  yearsâ€? • Complete auto body repair & painting

Furnace Cleaning


Misc. Services


J & L Garages, Doors & More Jonathan & Elizabeth

Overhead Door; Supply, Install and Repair • Quality customer service • Competitive pricing • Family owned Call Jon at 403-415-4294 Serving Alix, Alberta and surrounding area


Stettler Furnace Cleaning Qualified and Reputable

403-742-3418 Misc. Services


IU’S TILE & STONE V I L Sales and Installation Ceramic, Porcelain, Slate and Travertine Tile Natural and Manufactured Stone Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace Custom Showers and More‌

Liviu Oprea Cell: 403-740-9317 Email:


Legal Services



Personal Services


SEEKING A CAREER in the Community Newspaper business? Post your resume for FREE right where the publishers are looking. Visit: TOP REAL PSYCHICS Live. Accurate readings 24/7. Call now 1-877-342-3036; Mobile dial: # 4486;

Stettler Professional Building 4819 51 Street


Plumbing & Heating


4606 - 40 St., Stettler

Tell them Danny Hooper sent you



  ")')2/.  TEL: 403-742-6277

View our 29 patented and patent pending inventions online at

No. 5. 4707 - 42 Street Stettler, AB


LOOKING for a room to rent, single non-smoking female, full-time job, med. size older dog. Stettler or surrounding area. 403-360-3720

Realtors & Services..........4010 Houses for Sale................4020 Houses Wanted ................4030 Condos/Townhouses ........4040 Acreages ..........................4050 Acreages Wanted ............4060 Farms/Land ......................4070 Farms/Land Wanted ........4080 Manufactured/ Mobile Homes ..................4090 Income Property ..............4100 Commercial Property ......4110 Industrial Property ............4120 Cottages/Resort Property ..4130 Businesses for Sale..........4140 Buildings for Sale ............4150 Lots for Sale ....................4160 Out of Town Property ......4170 Investment Opportunities ..4180 Mortgages Bought/Sold....4190

Houses For Sale




Manufactured Homes

SHOWHOME SALE. Substantial savings to be had! Need room for whole new display! Visit Grandview Modular Red Deer to see the quality and craftsmanship that set us apart. 1-855-347-0417; www.; terry


Cottages/Resort Property

ELINOR LAKE RESORT. Lots selling at 25% off listed price, or 5% down on a rent to own lot with no interest over 5 years. 1-877-623-3990;

Financial #4400 - #4430 Investments ......................4410 Money Wanted ................4420 Money to Loan ................4430

Money To Loan


DO YOU NEED to borrow money - Now? If you own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money - It’s that simple. 1-877-486-2161. DROWNING IN DEBT? Cut debts more than 60% & debt free in half the time! Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation; or toll free 1-877-556-3500. BBB rated A+. GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need money? We lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420;

Gary G. Grant Law Office 4910 - 51 Street Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

Phone: 403-742-4437

Misc. Services

• Complete Plumbing & Heating Services • Commercial and Residential • Water Conditioning & Pumps • 24 Hour Service Service Wise - We Specialize


Get rid of your Garbage with. . .






Yard Care






Good Fences Make Good Neighbours!

Town & Country Big or Small ‌WE DO IT ALL!

“Contact us for all your fencing needs�

Phone: 403-742-5830 Please leave a message if no answer

Verle Klassen

Ph 403-741-4483 • Fax 403-742-4560

A-STEEL SHIPPING dry storage containers. Used 40’ & 40’ high cube & insulated containers 40’-53’ long. Specials in stock now. Self unloading delivery. Phone toll free 1-866-528-7108;


• Power Rake • Aerate • Lawns ~ cut & trimmed For personalized services call Lana Gross ~ 403-740-3595


DATING SERVICE. Long-term/short-term relationships. Free to try! 1-877-297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call #7878 or 1-888-534-6984. Live adult 1on1 Call 1-866-311-9640 or #5015. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+).


EXCLUSIVE LUXURY RIVERFRONT CONDOS FOR SALE in Downtown Red Deer. Call Renee at 403-314-1687 for Inquiries.

Gorgeous Condo

Sylvan Lake, main flr. w/2 parking stalls, 3 bdrms., 2 bath, 7 stainless steel appls. washer/dryer. relaxing living rm. w/fireplace, balcony. Quiet area w/park & gym. Stylish & modern. 403-614-7598

CALL 1-877-223-3311 Painters/ Decorators


Beverley Plett Fax 403.443.2407 Cell 403.443.0664

& Paint

Shane Mercier Owner/Manager

#2 4707 42nd Street Stettler, AB


Fax: 403-742-5816 shane@stettler


2010 FORD F150 Platinum, crew cab S/B, 5.4 L auto., $6000 worth of access., 2600 kms. $38,900 + GST. 403-783-1606

Fifth Wheels


2006 KEYSTONE Copper Canyon 29’. Sleeps 4, slide-out $20,000 obo. Call 403-784-3633





IN HALLKIRK, $21,000 is a mobile home, perfect for a couple, needs minimal renovations. 780-583-2380



Classified Advertising

Bev’s Valances 403.443.5192


Automotive Services ........5010 Antique & Classic Autos ....5020 Cars ..................................5030 SUV’s................................5040 Trucks ..............................5050 Heavy Trucks....................5060 Vans/Buses ......................5070 Motorcycles ......................5080 Campers ..........................5090 Motorhomes......................5100 5th Wheels........................5110 Holiday Trailers ................5120 Tent Trailers ......................5130 Utility Trailers ....................5140 ATV’s ................................5150 Boats & Marine ................5160 Snowmobiles ....................5170 Tires, Parts & Accessories ......................5180 Auto Wreckers ..................5190 Vehicles Wanted ..............5200 Car/Truck Rental ..............5210 Recreational Vehicle Rental ..............................5220 Trailer Rental ....................5230 Misc. Automotive ..............5240 RV’s ..................................5300


Custom window coverings and more


Condos/ Townhouses

Transportation #5000-5300

DO YOU WANT YOUR AD TO BE READ BY 100,000 Potential Buyers???

DISCONNECTED PHONE? Phone Factory Home Phone Service. No one refused! Low monthly rate! Calling features and unlimited long distance available. Call Phone Factory today! 1-877-336-2274;

Painters/ Decorators

Executive 1/2 Duplex Fenced back yard on creek Lovely area near walking paths, all amenities. Hardwood floors, newly developed basement. Quick Possession avail. 3 bdrms. up, 2 in bsmt. $349,900 Agent selected. 403-396-5516 403-314-4318


NEED TO ADVERTISE? Province wide classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers weekly. Only $269. + GST (based on 25 words or less). Call this newspaper NOW for details or call 1-800-282-6903 ext. 228.

Personal Services

Waskasoo Creek Coronation Park

Manufactured Homes



Home Consultations • Shades & Blinds • Soft Treatments • Fabrics & Hardware

Call Curt or Rob


4912 - 51 Street Stettler, AB Open Mon. - Sat.

CRIMINAL RECORD? Think: Canadian pardon. U.S. travel waiver. (24 hour record check). Divorce? Simple. Fast. Inexpensive. Debt recovery? Alberta collection to $25,000. Calgary 403-228-1300 or 1-800-347-2540;

Phone 403-742-2869

Cabinet Makers

-Gitzel Krejci Building

Misc. Services

All types of Electrical Installation & Maintenance



403-742-4431 Toll free 1-877-742-4431 e-mail: website:

Fax 403-742-2522


Bus.: 403-742-2553 Res.: 403-742-0370


4912 - 51 Street P.O. Box 460, Stettler, Alberta

5002 - 51 Ave., Stettler, AB Phone 403-742-2529

*27 years experience*


Brenda Anderson, B.Comm., LL.B.

Jacquie Mvula,

Box 1595, tree ee et et, t, 4907 - 50 Street, Stettler AB AB



5�Continuous Eaves “Gutter Clean� Leaf Protection


Stettler Eye Care C.R. GLASS LTD. “Your Service Specialists� Dr. R. TROY NELSON

Chapman and Co. 403-742-1330 Professional Accountants LLP

Glass Shops

Household, furniture, business records, etc. Various sizes. Protected by security alarm and fenced and lighted perimeter. Owner: Reg and Darlene Hunter 403-740-9283 or 403-742-3153

Real Estate #4000 - #4190



These suites are non-smoking and no pets are allowed. Units are one bedroom, self-contained, Rooms subsidized, independent living for Seniors – 65 +.


Rooms For Rent



Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Tires, Parts Acces.


Public Notices


WRECKING AUTO-TRUCKS. Parts to Àt over 500 trucks. Lots of Dodge, GMC, Ford, imports. We ship anywhere. Lots of Dodge, diesel, 4x4 stuff. Trucks up to 3 tons. North-East Recyclers 780-875-0270 (Lloydminster).

County of Stettler No. County No. 6 6

6602 - 44 44 Ave., Ave., Box 1270, 6602 Stettler, AB AB T0C Stettler, T0C2L0 2L0 Phone: 742-4441 Fax: Phone: 403-742-4441 Fax: 742-1277 403-742-1277


2014 Dust Control Applications for Farmstead Dust Control will be received at the County Office during regular office hours ending Friday, April 25, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.

Public Notice #6000

Public Notices ..................6010 Special Features ..............6050

Public Notices


Applications must be made in person and must be accompanied by the fee: $1,336.55 plus GST per 200 meters for calcium. For further information please contact Dennis Nelson, Director of Public Works at (403) 742-4441 Tim Fox, Chief Administrative Officer



Stettler Waste Management Authority (SWMA), is now accepting tenders to lease the following SWMA Grazing Lease Land for a two year term (2014-2016):

Estate of

LORNA RACHAEL McTAGGART who died on March 25, 2014

If you have a claim against this estate, you must Àle your claim by June 6, 2014 with

Brenda Anderson at

Legal Description:

NE 33-40-19 W4M +/-100.00 acres (no on-site water)

Tenders Must Contain:

Lease amount per year, name, address and phone number of Lessee.

Conditions of Lease:

Grazing period of June 1 – October 1. Maximum of 20 cow/calf pairs on land. Leases are paid in advance annually. Lessee is responsible for payment of annual taxes.


Box 190, Bay 5, 5002 51 Ave. Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0 and provide details of your claim. If you do not Àle by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

Community Support Services ADULTS/CHILDREN ANONYMOUS Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. For more info Kira & Ian FCSS, 403-742-2339

Closing: 2:00 Noon, Friday, May 9, 2014. Envelopes must be submitted to: Stettler Waste Management Authority c/o County of Stettler No. 6 Box 1270 Stettler, AB T0C 2L0 and marked “ATTENTION: Quinton Beaumont RE: SWMA Land Lease” and include the legal land description. The Stettler Waste Management Authority retains the right to accept/ reject any or all tenders. Please contact the County Office (403-742-4441) regarding the specifics of the Lease Agreement. Tim Fox, Administrator Stettler Waste Management Authority


Box 280 (5031 - 50 St.) Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

403-742-4271; 403-742-1887 403-742-3214; 403-742-2966 or 403-742-4271

AL-ANON 403-742-0990

ALZHEIMERS SUPPORT GROUP 403-742-4263; 403-742-8122 or 403-742-4091



DEVELOPMENT PERMIT NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the following Development Permit Applications have been approved. 1.

403-742-5437 during business hours

BRIGANTIA PLACE (formerly Camrose Women’s Shelter)


No: Legal Description: Municipal Address: Applicant: Proposed Development:

2771-2014 Lot P, Block 1, Plan 2109KS 5702 - 48 Avenue Stettler Regional Day Care

No: Legal Description: Municipal Address: Applicant: Proposed Development:

2776-2014 Lot W4, Block 1, Plan 5128KS 6122 - 50 Avenue Pat Bolin

CELIAC (Gluten Intolerance) Brenda 403-742-3067



Pager toll-free (20 sec. response time) 1-403-357-6266

COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS SUPPORT GROUP 403-742-2337 (parents who have lost a child[ren])




NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS Hot Line 403-342-1444



(STABIS) For more information phone 403-742-6456

STETTLER & DISTRICT FOOD BANK SOCIETY Kathy Elaine Willis -Williams 403-742-4567 403-742-2745 Elaine Williams - 403-742-2745 4820 - 51 Street







T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Grace – 403-742-0681 Vivian – 403-742-3935



Addition to Care Centre



No: Legal Description: Municipal Address: Applicant: Proposed Development:

2777-2014 Lot 1&2, Block 13, Plan 9320648 5106 - 46 Street ENR Distribution

No: Legal Description: Municipal Address: Applicant: Proposed Development:

2778-2014 Lot 6, Block 62, Plan 3049AT 4716 - 54 Street Bernie Jackson

No: Legal Description: Municipal Address: Applicant: Proposed Development:

2779-2014 Lot 7, Block 9, Pln 7721414 4109 - 63 Street Volker Construction Ltd.

No: Legal Description: Municipal Address: Applicant: Proposed Development:


Redevelopment of Existing Gas Station to include a Liquor Store

You may appeal this decision by serving written notice of appeal to the Secretary of the Stettler Subdivision & Development Appeal Board, P.O. Box 280, Stettler, Alberta prior to 4:30 p.m. May 7, 2014. For further information, please phone 403-742-8305. Leann Graham Planning & Development Services

Show Your Appreciation!

With a Classified Thank You Ad in the ANNOUNCEMENTS!


Misc. Employment

Tired of your current position - Need a change? Then send us your resume! Full time - Monday to Friday Contractor & Customer Service & Estimator experience in building & construction is a must. Must have a motivated personality & be able to multi-task. Benefits Package available. For a Growing and Exciting Career please send us your resumes! Preference will be given to those with experience in the building supply or construction industry.

CLASS 3 DRIVER / YARD PERSONNEL Seeking individual who is self motivated, able to work with limited supervision & a team player! Requirements: Class 3 license with Air endorsement Forklift experience would be an asset Knowledge of dimensional lumber would be an asset We offer: Steady year round employment Good compensation with benefits Preference will be given to those with a Class 3 License with Air Endorsement & a forklift ticket. Please fax or send resume to: fax: 403-742-8200 email: 6810 - 50 Ave., Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

Reach your customers where they live, work & farm in their

community newspaper




While this is good news for the bond market, the co-authors are not making a bullish call just yet, since even if overnight rates in both the U.S. and Canada pause at 2.5 per cent for an extended period of time, the bond market in 201415 might not anticipate a long pause and overshoot in their sell-off. “To bond players, rate hikes are like potato chips; once you eat the first one, you go through the whole bag,” says Mr. Shenfeld. He expects bond rates to climb sharply next year, but reverse course in 2016 as central banks take an early breather on rate hikes. He expects 10-year U.S. Treasury yields to top out in the 3.5-4 per cent range in this cycle, about 100-150 basis points below the last decade’s peak. In Canada, he says yields should be lower given the country’s higher credit rating and lower government debt. “While expecting higher yields through 2015, we see the Bank of Canada surprising markets with a pause on rates in 2016 and the Fed doing so after one more hike, helping bond yields recoup some lost ground,” he says. As well, he believes a more gentle climb in rates “will be a plus for equity multiples”. The complete CIBC World Markets report is available at: eiapr14.pdf


Single Family Dwelling with Attached Garage 2780-2014 Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 1759KS 6102 - 50 Avenue Hankook Esso Ltd.

pects for economic gains. The report notes that former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers sees these factors driving industrialized countries, including the U.S. and Canada, towards “secular stagnation”. He is calling for the use of ramped up debtfinanced infrastructure spending as an alternative to another housing bubble to get the U.S. economy back on track. But for Mr. Shenfeld, maintaining a lower path for interest rates, and for Canada, keeping its more competitive exchange rate, will also be key. “If we don’t turn to larger fiscal deficits, monetary policy will have to provide enough of an offset to those drags on growth. Ensuring that the interest rate differential with the U.S. stays narrow enough to keep the Canadian dollar at a level competitive for exporters will allow the economy to tolerate the end of the housing boom,” he adds. He notes that in Canada, the exchange rate has enough influence to complicate estimating the neutral overnight rate, given the importance of overall monetary conditions in a small open economy. “Nevertheless, slowing potential GDP, along with high household debt levels that will increase the sensitivity of spending to rate hikes, both suggest that a nominal rate below 3 per cent might be the longerterm neutral rate today.”


Addition to Single Family Dwelling

Just Dial - 403-742-1155


While it’s clear that interest rates are heading upward, a new report from CIBC World Markets finds that the hikes will be lower than in previous cycles and fall below what many, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, are predicting. “The nature of the upcoming expansion will dictate that, even at full employment, U.S. rates will have to be lower than in past cycles, in both real and nominal terms,” says CIBC Chief Economist Avery Shenfeld. “Similarly, Canadian overnight rates could end up reaching a plateau at surprisingly low levels.” The report, co-authored by Mr. Shenfeld and CIBC Senior Economist Peter Buchanan, shows that in both countries, the neutral rate - the level at which interest rates neither stimulate nor restrain economic growth - could be only 2.5 per cent, well below the 4 per cent the Fed forecast at its latest meeting. Mr. Shenfeld says that both Canada and the U.S. are headed for substantially slower growth in the working-age population, decelerating to less than half the pace seen in the last expansion. Unless productivity soars, he says the pace of potential (non-inflationary) real GDP growth will also decelerate. In addition, lacklustre capital spending and increased savings rates - particularly in emerging market economies - puts a further damper on the pros-

Bulk Fertilizer Storage Bins

CONTACT YOUR INFORMATION AND REFERRAL CENTRE Residents of Stettler and the surrounding area now have access to this free and confidential service. It provides information and referral on social agencies, government services, clubs and organizations, to best suit the caller’s need.

Whatever You’re Selling... We Have The Paper You Need! CLASSIFIEDS 1-877-223-3311

Interest rate expectations: Who is to prove accurate?

Addition to Existing Retail Property


Page B11



Contact our office for all your advertising needs. s. s.

403-742-2395 m



Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Bulls beat cowboys A large crowd attended the 20th annual Byemoor Bull-a-rama on Friday evening. There were 32 bullriders in the bull busting competition with the bulls winning over the cowboys in many of the rides. Kyle Loudon, an Australian cowboy, was declared the champion bull rider of the night with an 85-point ride. He received the championship jacket sponsored by The Byemoor Store. Aughtum Wilkie of Big Valley won the “Name the Bull” contest with her submission of “Buckington.” Cole Schellenberg of Endiang was the proud winner of the bicycle in the Easter egg hunt during intermission. Jim and Gwen Keith donated the bicycle and Lorri McLeod of Cooperators Hanna supplied the Easter eggs and candy. The lucky 50/50 winner was Terri Mappin of Byemoor. Endiang’s Ken Gallagher took home a brand new pair of cowboy boots in the raffle sponsored by Boulet Boots and Tom’s Boots of Stettler. Fifteen sponsors have been with the Bull-a-rama since it started 20 years ago. Their support was recognized with a plaque presentation made by Sullivan Lake West Agricultural Society president Dwight Tucker.

Many folks, especially the younger set, enjoyed the dance that followed with the music of Lori Blake. Thanks go out to all the volunteers who made the bull-a-rama a success. Byemoor/Endiang News

By Les and Rosemary Stulberg 403-579-2403

Congratulations to Dave and Betty Nixon on their milestone celebration held at the Stettler Legion on Saturday afternoon. They were joined by many family and friends to mark their 68th wedding anniversary, Dave’s 90th birthday and Betty’s 92nd birthday. The Nixons were longtime residents of the Byemoor community and now reside at Points West Living in Stettler. Guests enjoyed a nice program, luncheon and much reminiscing. We wish Dave and Betty many more happy years together. Winners of the crib night at the Endmoor Drop-In Centre last Tuesday were Lawrence Wilkie – first and Mickey Tucker – second. The crib season will

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Dave and Betty Nixon celebrated multiple milestones at a social held in their honour at the Stettler Legion on Saturday. The milestones included the couple’s 68th wedding anniversary, Dave’s 90th birthday and Betty’s 92nd birthday. wind up on April 29 at 6 p.m. with a potluck supper and final round of crib. Presentations will be made to the season winners at that time. Crib will resume again in the fall when new

members will be welcomed. Get well wishes go out to Don Grover who underwent hip replacement surgery in Calgary this week. Hope you are home and on

Schedule your Mom’s Day The Donalda Coulee Friendship Club held a workshop Tuesday evening on fraud and abuse which was very informative to all who attended. Thank you to Amy Cockrill for taking the time to present the information to the group. The Donalda School Playground group will host a pancake supper on May 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Donalda Community Hall, funds raised will go toward building a new playground at the school.

Mother’s Day weekend is again a very busy day in Donalda, on Saturday May 10 will be a drive-in movie in the coulees; gates and concession open at 7 p.m., main feature at dusk, time to come early to enjoy a hike in the coulee and then settle in for the movie. On Sunday, May 11, the Donalda Coulee Friendship will host a pancake breakfast and music jam at the Drop-in Centre starting at 11 a.m. Bring Mom out to breakfast and entertainment.

the mend soon, Don. Many folks were either travelling or had guests in for Easter celebrations. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend despite the cooler than nor-

mal weather. Quote for the day: “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.” – Mark Twain

Donalda Diary By Darlene Tantrum 403-883-2100

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Stettler Independent, April 23, 2014  

April 23, 2014 edition of the Stettler Independent

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