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Monday, April 21, 2014

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Earth Day 2014 Exploring our relationship with water and the origins of the day. page A6

Horse and Rodeo 2014 4H celebrates 100 years of local food, equine rules and Bull-A-Rama. page A10

B.C. First Nations Dr. Martin Brokenleg gave a speech on tribal wisdom and youth on RSA Day. page A13

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Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Prescribed burn hit the perfect window


Please use the winners entrance. Join us during earth week for the latest in recycled and up-cycled fashions created by Mount Baker art students See inventive and creative ideas of what can be done with trash.

On April 14, 2014, crews from B.C.’s Wildfire Management Branch conducted a low-intensity, prescribed burn in the Bare Mountain area (Lat/ Long 49 10.790 x 115 15.750). The site is very close to Englishman’s Creek Provincial Recreation Site and the Sweetwater Lake Village at Koocanusa Reservoir. Burn boss Andre Chalabi said he was pleased with the day’s outcome. “Safety is our top priority when doing these burns,” Chalabi said, “and this was a safe, low-intensity event—exactly how we planned it. “The ignition crew did

Columbia Theatre


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North end of the Strip 250-426-1882 tf: 855-815-7575


Photo submitted

The prescribed burn in the Bare Mountain area.

TR1200 Treadmill Reg. $1899

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170 Upright Bike

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100 Van Horne St. N. Cranbrook •



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King St.


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e Horn Van


Incline/Decline Bench

Beachcomber Hot Tubs, Culligan & Flaman Fitness

Hwy #3

a great job of lighting up and the containment crew made sure the burn stayed in ‘the box’ at all times.” The 231-hectare site had been logged in 2006 and thinned by Galloway Lumber Company, (Job Opportunity Program crews) in 2008. The prior treatment made the burn easier to initiate in the extremely narrow spring ‘burn window’—when temperature, humidity and wind conspired to create safe and effective conditions. Trench ER Team Leader Randall Harris said: “The burn seems to have hit our resource objectives—it carried better than we expected.” Harris will return to the site in about six weeks to observe and measure the burn treatment results. The area is grazing habitat for Rocky Mountain elk and both types of deer (white-tailed and mule), and is also part of a local ranch’s grazing unit for its cattle. The resource objectives of the controlled burn were to: • Reduce fuels less than 5 cm in diameter by 80% • Kill 80% of ingrown trees less than 3 metres tall • Maintain seedbank and nutrients by creating a moderate impact fire over 75% of the burn area • Rejuvenate grasses and avoid killing grass growing points • Lift live tree canopy to 1.5 metres • Cover 75% of the burn area. The Trench ER program, working with the Wildfire Management Branch, will conduct a handful of prescribed burns in the coming weeks, as long as weather allows. Every effort is made to ensure smoke levels are tolerable, burns are safe and the treatment is effective. For more information on these prescribed burns, please visit entry/prescribed_burns_ scheduled_in_the_east_ kootenay/.

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014

How to reach us: A3

Best Quality and Price in the Kootenays North end of the Strip 250-426-1882 tf: 855-815-7575

Call Toll Free 1-800-665-2382, stop in to our office at 1510-2nd St. N., Cranbrook or visit our web site

Ladies High-End Luxury Outerwear & Accessories Liquidation Sale!

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Job Opening warehouse manager Immediate full time position available to qualified applicant.

Cash Only, GST included

We are looking for an organized, hard working individual to manage our furniture and appliance warehouse. Competitive wages with benefits package based on experience. Forklift experience preferred but training is available.

Down Filled Jackets Angora/Cashmere/Wool Coats Capes/Cloaks Sheepskin/Shearling Coats Leather Jackets Rain Coats Gloves/Hats/Scarves/Shawls Fur Hats/Muffs/Headbands/Purses/Vests And so much more!

Prestige Inn

applicant must have sense of humour

Friday, April 25, Saturday, April 26 Sunday, April 27 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

apply in person at:

209 Van Horne St. S., Cranbrook





125A Slater Rd., Cranbrook, BC phone:250.417.0477 toll free: 1.877.411.0477

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CHILI BURN 3 good things about Chili Burn: 1. Boosts resting metabolism. 2. Promotes fat burning. 3. Allows safe and natural fat loss. BLUE BERRY EYEBRIGHT 3 good things about Blue Berry Eyebright: 1. Helps to keep eyes strong and healthy. 2. High content of blue berry and lutein. 3. Reverses early AMD and helps against cataracts. DIDA 3 good things about Dida: 1. helps restore the balance of digestive flora. 2. Helps decrease bloating and flatulence. 3. Helps eradicate yeast infections and candida.




APPLE CIDER 600 3 good things about Apple Cider 600: 1. used as a diuretic. 2. Relieves digestive disturbances. 3. Reduces post pradial glycemia. "Nutter's; looking after you from the inside out."






Store Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9:30 - 5:30


1107 Baker Street, Cranbrook, BC • 426-5519 Toll Free 1-888-426-5519 2013 DS

Mon.-Wed. & Sat. 9:30-5:30 Thurs. & Fri. 9:30-9:00 Sunday 12-5 Website:





2 DS


1500 CRANBROOK ST. N. 489-5818


2013 DS





Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Challenges of local government “Think Globally, Act Locally.” The actual quote has been attributed to a number of different people but the principle is said to have been put forward initially by a Scots Planner, Patrick Geddes, as far back as 1915. Whatever its origins, it is becoming more widely accepted that effective action, even on global issues, begins at the local level. Not only is this a matter of individual choice and responsibility but also an issue for local governments. As senior levels of government download or back away from responsibilities for affordable housing, health and social services, and the environment, local governments are increasingly called upon to address these needs. At the same time, municipalities across the country face infrastructure deficits and rising costs for core services. Property taxation is one of the few options available for local governments to raise funds yet municipal councils must attempt to keep taxes within affordable levels. Daunting? Yes, but also a challenge - especially when considered in the context of outside influences. Climate change may be a subject for debate but, using water as an example, there can be little doubt that a trend towards warming temperatures and an earlier spring runoff is already having an impact on our own ability to meet the peak summer demands. Upcoming councils will have to consider strategies to address this issue by way of increased storage capacity, water me- 1510 - 2nd Street North, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 3L2 Telephone (250) 489-3455 Toll Free 1-800-665-2382 Classified E-Mail: Advertising E-Mail: Editorial E-Mail: Distribution Email: Open Mon. to Fri. 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

tering, or other means to reduce consumption. The solution will likely be costly and economic factors outside our immediate control will influence our ability to pay for these and other improvements necessary to meet the city’s needs. Taking steps to ensure that services are provided to support a vibrant and healthy community is an ongoing task that requires creativity and an ability to collaborate with other city organizations as well as senior levels of government. All of these issues at some point become topics for council discussion and debate. Despite the direct role of local government in many areas of our daily lives, voter turnout is abysmally low, averaging about 32% across the province. By comparison, the voter turnout for federal and provincial elections is nearly double. Many reasons are given including cynicism about politicians generally, apathy, voter alienation, and the difficulty in getting information to make informed choices. Another factor is simply the number of candidates on a municipal ballot. Federal and provincial ridings are represented by a single candidate while municipal governments have positions for several councillors as well as a mayor. Disturbingly, voter registration is lowest among the 18 – 24 age group. Regardless of voter turnout, municipalities must continue to function. The question for individual electors is whether or not you wish to take part in the decisions that affect you and your com-

Tamara L’Hoost


munity. Information on City of Cranbrook functions is provided together with contact information, council minutes and agendas on the city website: www. Council meetings are open and later televised. As we approach the fall election, there will also be one or more forums to provide an opportunity to hear and question potential candidates. For those who choose to put their names forward and stand for office, it is worth noting that local government is non-partisan. Each councillor is responsible and accountable to electors for his or her own position when voting on city matters. Serving on council involves a considerable commitment of time with limited financial remuneration but for someone interested in taking an active role to ensure that our city is the best it can be, there are less tangible rewards. Ultimately, the choice to have a say is yours.

Photo submitted

Members of the Cranbrook Classics Oldtimers hockey team are seen here with Erin Thom, from the Special Olympics organization. Recognizing the value of sports for all ages, the Classics donated $1,000 to help support the many programs for youth involved in the Special Olympics.

~Cranbrook City Councillor Bob Whetham The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the City of Cranbrook.

Yves Michaud


Photo submitted

Wondering how the pink t-shirt sales did for anti-bully day? With the help of a few local businesses selling the shirts (Max’s Place, Core Fitness, Cranbrook Dodge, and Bridge Interiors) and Mount Baker work experience students helping out, we managed to raise $1800 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cranbrook! Nathan at Slumber Fight helped out with the design and Mount Baker and Laurie were also selling shirts. Thanks Cranbrook!

Lily Durham PromotioNs

Karen Johnston PUBLisHEr

Brian Coombs Editor

Shannon Stewart CirCULAtioN

Erin Carlisle


Bridget Fix


Bob Bathgate mAiLroom

Lynnette Then distriBUtioN

The Kootenay News Advertiser is a community East Kootenay newspaper featuring news of the best buys in the East Kootenay. Published every Monday and Friday at Cranbrook, BC by Black Press Group Ltd. Subscription rates for mailing outside the East Kootenay: $170 per year, $85 per 6 months and $42.50 per 3 month GST inclued. NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT - All rights reserved, entire contents copyright by Kootenay News Advertiser. (Registration No. 164 Serial No. 271043). Reproduction of editorial material or advertisements in whole or part is forbidden without written permission by the publisher. AGREEMENT - It is agreed by the advertiser that Kootenay News Advertiser will not be responsible for errors or omissions and will not be liable for any amount exceeding the space contracted for and then only the portion in which such error appeared. Kootenay News Advertiser is a family oriented community newspaper and therefore reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that in our opinion does not fit our focus. We cannot accept advertisements or letters to the editor criticizing or disparaging other advertisements, firms or individuals or any advertisements directed to a specific race or religion. The views of individuals expressed in Kootenay News Advertiser are not necessarily those of the publisher.

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014 A5

How to reach us:

Call Toll Free 1-800-665-2382 or stop in to our office at 1510-2nd St. N., Cranbrook

Spay or Neuter

Tell mom how much you love and appreciate her We will be running a Happy Mother’s Day section in our classifieds ads

1x2 ad for only $10 +GST

ads will run on Fri. May 9, deadline is Tues. May 6

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A Country Animal Hospital

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A Country Animal Hospital

1510-2nd St. N., Cranbrook 1-800-665-2382, 250-489-3455

natural health by Trent Brereton, ND

Manage joint pain naturally

Arthritis and joint pain can dramatically lower a person’s quality of life. With our active and aging population, joint pain will become an increasingly common medical complaint affecting many of our active boomers. There are many ways you can reduce your pain naturally, avoiding having to use pain reducing drugs that can affect your digestive system and liver. Even more importantly, while NSAID pain relievers take pain away very effectively, they also accelerate the rate of joint degeneration. People who use NSAID’s report lower levels of pain and have joint disease that gets worse faster than those who don’t use NSAID’s, a significant side effect that makes NSAID’s less appealing. The most commonly used pain reducing medicine used in Germany reduces pain without side effects. It is a blend of natural medicines that have anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties. The most commonly used blend combines serratiopeptidase, bromelain, curcumin, papain and a blend of plant enzymes. These natural agents work in a number of ways.

They help to digest what are called circulating immune complexes that trigger inflammatory reactions and elevate pain. These natural agents also help to modulate hormones called prostaglandins. Some prostaglandins promote pain and inflammation while others reduce pain and inflammation. Fish oils also help to promote prostaglandins that reduce pain. Curcumin, an ingredient found in the herb tumeric, is the most widely studied natural medicine on the planet. It has been found to promote healing, reduce pain, lower the incidence of cancer among many other benefits that come without the risk of side effects. Another area that must be addressed is the identification of food sensitivity or allergy. If you are eating foods that aggravate your body you will have more joint pain. While each person has a unique blend of food sensitivity I have found that wheat is one of the most important foods to eliminate for healthy joint function. Changing your diet, adding in some health natural medicines and staying active are key to reducing your joint pain.

Serratiopeptidase Complex

Live with Less Pain 25% off

Kootenay Health Center

Trent Brereton N.D. Naturopathic Physician

#21-13th Ave. S., Cranbrook • Ph. 250.426.5228 Email:

Call Toll Free 1-877-606-3277

New Trainer at Core Fitness:

Sattva Training, the personal training business I started in 2011 is now operating from Core Fitness. This is really exciting because thanks to this new partnership I will be able to train people in the perfect environment with access to a whole array of equipment: caAurélie ble machines, barbells, dumbWiedemann bells, stability balls, Bosu balls, state of the art cardio equipment etc. Additionally, I recently received my CHEK Practitioner Level 2 Certification from the CHEK Institute in California, and cannot wait to share all the new training techniques I was introduced to with everyone. The CHEK Institute has been created by Paul Chek, an internationally renowned expert in the field of corrective and high performance exercise kinesiology, and it offers different levels of certification for personal trainers. Currently I have completed 3 certifications with them: CHEK Exercises Coach, where I learned how to assess posture and create programs aimed at restoring balance on different levels, be it through workouts or lifestyle changes such as improving nutrition and hydration, balancing sleep and wake cycles, decreasing the risk of exposure to fungus and parasites, or decreasing stress levels. CHEK Practitioner Level 1, where I was taught to measure muscle length/tension, looking at whether muscles were too tight or too loose, and incorporating that in training programs by strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles. CHEK Practitioner Level 2, my latest certification, where I was introduced to common lumbar spine dysfunctions and how to prescribe stretches and exercises that are safe and effective for clients that are cleared to exercise with such a condition. If you are interested in knowing more about my training packages and workouts, feel free to contact me at 250-464-4046 or e-mail me at For the latest news check out Sattva Training’s facebook page, and don’t forget to like it! Postural Assessments | Detection & Correction of Muscular Imbalances | Functional Exercises | Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

School District 5 is inviting all three year olds to school!

Ready, Set, Learn is an initiative that recognizes that families need positive connections with the school system and community agencies that provide relevant resources and information. All public elementary schools in Southeast Kootenay School District will be offering an opportunity for all three year olds to come to their neighbourhood school (children born in 2011 who have turned three by the date of the RSL event). This event is a partnership between the province, the district, and the early childhood teachers in Cranbrook, Fernie, Sparwood, Jaffray, and Elkford. Ready, Set, Learn will include opportunities such as a tour of the school, a visit to the kindergarten classroom, activities, refreshments, displays or presentations by school children. Parents and caregivers will receive helpful tips for supporting their preschooler’s learning and development. They will also be provided with information about local services available. Each child will receive a learning kit. Four year olds, those children who will be entering kindergarten in September 2014, will be invited to Kindergarten Orientation in their neighborhood school. Cranbrook Schools April 9 Amy Woodland Elementary 1:00 - 2:00 pm April 14 Pinewood Elementary 9:30 - 10:30 am April 15 Highlands Elementary 9:00 - 10:15 pm April 23 Steeples Elementary 10:00 - 11:00 am April 24 Gordon Terrace Elementary 9:00 - 10:00 am April 25 T. M. Roberts Elementary 1:30 - 2:30 pm April 30 Kootenay Orchards Elementary 9:00 - 10:00 am Elk Valley/South Country Schools April 23 Isabella Dicken Elementary 9:30 - 10:30 am April 24 Rocky Mountain Elementary 9:00 - 10:00 am and 12:30 - 1:30 pm April 24 F. J. Mitchell Elementary 1:00 - 2:00 pm April 30 Jaffray Elementary Jr. Sec. 12:40 - 1:40 pm Early Learning Fairs April 23 Elk Valley @ Isabella Dicken Elem. 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Fernie) April 25 Cranbrook @ T. M. Roberts Elem. 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Kimberley Conference Centre 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (includes lunch) May 9, 2014

Sattva Training Centre

Tickets available at The Bedroom Furniture and Tourism Kimberley

Aurélie Wiedemann Personal Trainer, Certified Exercise Coach, CHEK Practitioner Level 2/BCRPA Certified Trainer Tel: 250-464-4046 •

Now at Core Fitness

The Cranbrook Food Bank needs your help Drop boxes at Safeway and Save On Foods Food Bank ofce 104-8th Ave. S. • 426-7664 (from 10am-3pm)


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

“A Greener, Cleaner Solution”

For our future.

Green Mountain Janitorial Servicing Cranbrook, Kimberley and now Creston

778.520.2280 or 1.877.277.9988

What Earth Day means to the planet

When American senator Gaylord Nelson put

Take advantage of the City of Cranbrook Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program! This initiative provides you with a $50 rebate to replace a high water volume toilet fixture. Visit City Hall or our website for details and application forms.

Help keep our community Green!


otic Environmental is locally owned and operated by Mike and Corinna Robinson. By bringing together staff with expertise in biology, ecology and hydrology, we are offer specialized services in aquatic ecosystems to address challenging environmental issues. Our entire team recognizes our good fortune to live in the beautiful East Kootenay. We strive to give back to the community through sponsorships, volunteer support and donating the time of our professionals to serve on numerous committees and planning groups. We are proud to be part of the diverse community, ensuring a sustainable environment for generations to come.

40-10TH AVE. S., CRANBROOK • 250.426.4211 • WWW.CRANBROOK.CA



Serving the Kootenays since 1988

Reduce your gas consumption by replacing your old energy offender with a new High Efficient Furnace! Rebates available for a limited time.

Healthy Lawns Healthy Trees Healthy Environment Turf Care

• Pesticide Free • Fertilization • Weed Control • Insect Control • Disease Control

Tree/Shrub Care

• Deep Root Fertilizing • Dormant Oil • Insect Control • Disease Control

together a grassroots action campaign to raise awareness about environmental issues, he hardly realized what an impact he would have. Forty-four years after the first Earth Day was celebrated in the United States, on April 22, 1970, this special event is now celebrated around the world. Earth Day gives us all an opportunity to learn more about the challenges we face regarding the environment. Climate change, pollution, reduced biodiversity, and other threats are gaining ground and this is definitely not the time to ignore them. But adopting a defeatist attitude won’t help either — quite the contrary! This is the time to roll up our sleeves, as we all have a role to play in improving the health of our planet. What can you do? Many of your actions have a direct impact on the well-being of the earth. At home, at work, or at school, you can reuse, recycle, and compost in order to produce as little garbage as possible. Leave your car at home whenever possible and walk, bike, and use public transportation. Think about using less water; just the fact of turning off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth will save the need to process and clean thousands of litres of drinking water! Above all, talk to anyone who will listen about the importance of contributing to the health of our environment. On April 22, more than a billion people spread across 192 countries will hear the call of our planet and make concrete gestures towards its survival. Will you join us?

, you Don’t delayualify -q must pre to be by July 4th ! eligible

• Fence Lines • Gravel Areas • Walkways • Parking Lots • Pastures

Residential & Commercial Air Systems, Furnace Sales, Replacement and Installation

Call or email for a FREE estimate on all your lawn, tree or shrub care needs.

Tel: 250-919-3517



Best Quality and Price in the Kootenays

Weed Control

North end of the Strip 250-426-1882 tf: 855-815-7575

• OffiCe • COmmerCiAl • HOme State of the Art Carpet and Grout Cleaning Bonded • insured • reliable

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014

Explore water with legendary filmmaker

Photo submitted

Come and see a filmmaker’s three year exploration of our relationship with water at the Key City Theatre and Centre 64. Submitted Celebrate Earth Week with Wildsight at an evening featuring Edward Burtynsky’s film Watermark and a Ktunaxa speaker on water. Following the success of Manufactured Landscapes, Edward Burtynsky is back with this beautiful new project, a three-year exploration

of our relationship with water around the world. Before the film, a speaker from the Ktunaxa Nation will share Ktunaxa history and culture through a water lens. Come learn about the historic Columbia River salmon run and gain an understanding of the Ktunaxa spiritual connection to water. Wildsight and the Ca-

14-073.5_Earth_Day_10.3125x7_FBC-P2.indd 1 A7

nadian Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Commission present the evening on April 24, 7:30 p.m. at Key City Theatre in Cranbrook and on April 25, 7 p.m. at Centre 64 in Kimberley. Tickets for the evening are available in advance for $10 online at or for $13 at the door. Watermark is a feature documentary film that brings together diverse stories from around the globe about our relationship with water: how we are drawn to it, what we learn from it, how we use it and the consequences of that use. We see massive floating abalone farms off China’s Fujian coast and the construction site of the biggest arch dam in the world – the Xiluodu, six times the size of the Hoover. We visit the barren desert delta where the mighty Colorado River no longer reaches

the ocean, and the waterintensive leather tanneries of Dhaka. We witness how humans are drawn to water, from the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach to the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, where thirty million people gather for a sacred bath in the Ganges at the same time. We speak with scientists who drill ice cores two kilometers deep into the Greenland Ice Sheet, and roam the sublime pristine watersheds of Northern British Columbia. Every living thing requires water. We humans interact with it in a myriad of ways, numerous times a day. But how often do we consider the complexity of that interaction? And, unless confronted by scarcity, when do we meditate on its ubiquity in creating, sustaining and enriching life? Shot in stunning 5K ul-

tra high-definition video and full of soaring aerial perspectives, this film shows water as a terraforming element and the scale of its reach, as well as the magnitude of our need and use. This is balanced by forays into the particular: a haunting memory of a stolen river, a mysterious figure roaming ancient rice terraces, the crucial data hidden in a million year old piece of ice, a pilgrim’s private ritual among thousands of others at the water’s edge. Watermark is directed by multiple award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal and renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky, and is the third part of Burtynsky’s Water project, which includes a book Burtynsky: Water and a major photographic exhibition. Filmed and produced by Nicholas de Pencier and three years in the making, it is a logical

extension of the trio’s previous collaboration, Manufactured Landscapes. In Watermark, the viewer is immersed

in a world defined by a magnificent force of nature that we all too often take for granted - until it’s gone.

Proud to be part of the forest industry. Buyers of cedar & pine poles We sell treated poles Ph. 346-3315 Fax: 346-3218 Scale - 346-3241

4/10/2014 3:28:59 PM


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014 A9

It’s In Your Hands

April 22, 2014 is Earth Day

Earth Day Fun Trivia Earth Day was first celebrated in: A) 1960 B) 1965

C) 1970 D) 1975

Which household appliance uses the most energy? A) Refrigerator C) Dishwasher B) Toaster D) Washing machine Recycling 1,000 kg of aluminum saves enough energy to heat a/an ____________ for 10 years. A) Typical home C) Corner store B) Elementary school D) Restaurant What household appliance uses the second most amount of energy (the first is the refrigerator)? A) Hair dryer C) Microwave B) Clothes Dryer D) Computer The average Canadian home is illuminated by ___ light bulbs: A) 31 C) 51 B) 41 D) 61

You can use ANY yellow bin in the East Kootenay. Here are some quick tips to remember when recycling: • All plastics MUST be clean and have a number between 1 and 6. That number must be in the triangular recycling symbol. If there is no number, it should go in the garbage if it can’t be reused. • All plastic grocery/shopping bags can be recycled -- even if they don’t have a number on them. This is the only item that can be recycled if it doesn’t have a number. All other plastics must be numbered • Styrofoam CANNOT be recycled -- even if it is marked with a number 6. • Tin cans should be well rinsed with labels removed, if possible. • Cardboard should be flattened to save bin space. • All paper products can go in the yellow bins (and Fernie’s blue bag program) -- including hard and soft cover books. Foil covered or waxy papers (like milk cartons or foil greeting cards) cannot be recycled. Milk cartons can be taken to the Bottle Depot for recycling.

The average Canadian uses 36,000 L of water each year for: A) Showers C) Laundry B) Dish Washing D) Toilet Flushing Composting can reduce your household waste by: A) 10% B) 25%

Paper, cardboard, tin cans,

Unused and expired medicines can be returned to pharmacies participating in the Medications Return Program. What’s accepted: All prescription drugs Non-prescription medication Herbal products Vitamin and mineral supplements Throat lozenges

Answers: C; A – Refrigerators use about 11% of a household’s total energy consumption; A - Recycling 1,000 kg of aluminum saves the equivalent of 10,000 L of gasoline; B; B; D - the average toilet uses about 19 litres per flush; C.

Invermere and City of Fernie blue bag program.

What You Need to Know About Glass Glass goes in the yellow bins marked “Glass Only”. The only glass that is accepted for recycling is food-grade glass, which is anything that holds your food or beverages. This includes: • •

jam jars salsa jars

• •

olive oil jars beverage bottles

Dishes, picture frames, trinkets, ceramics, light bulbs, window glass, etc. should NEVER go in the glass recycling bin. They contaminate the load. All lids should be removed prior to the glass being placed in the bin. The Glass Only bins are flat on top with two round holes in the lid and are clearly marked GLASS ONLY. For the location of a glass recycling bin near you, contact the RDEK.

50,000 kg of unused or expired medicines are collected each year

Both your alkaline and rechargeable batteries are recyclable. From AAA to odd size batteries (like the ones in your portable phone), batteries can be recycled in many communities around the region. The drop off locations for old batteries and cellphones in the East Kootenay include: Cranbrook/Kimberley: • Cranbrook Photo • Staples • Kootenay Communications • The Source (Tamarack Centre)

The program accepts residential CFL and tube lights. For commercially generated fluorescents, please email to apply for a collection container or call 1-888-811-6234 for more information.

Recycling Your Old Electronics The electronics recycling depots for the East Kootenay are: Cranbrook Bottle Depot Fernie Bottle Depot 1125 Industrial Rd #3, Cranbrook 1291 Ridgemont Avenue, Fernie Phone: 250-417-0306 Phone: 250-423-2009 • • • • • • • •

Speakers Earphones Microphones Telephones Discman, walkman Radios Cable, satellite and PVR boxes Vehicle audio and video systems

This year the program also expanded to include over 120 new items, such as: • • • • • • •

Blenders Microwaves Food Processors and mixers Bread makers Coffee grinders Clocks and timers Bathroom scales

Columbia Valley: • Selkirk TV & Appliance

There is a Provincial recycling program for residential compact fluorescent and tube light bulbs.

For more information visit

They accept a wide range of electronics, including: • Televisions • Computers & peripherals (keyboard, mouse) • Monitors • Fax machines • DVD/VHS players • Scanners • Stereos, MP3 players & docking stations

Elk Valley: • City of Fernie • Fernie Aquatic Centre

Fluorescent Lights Can Be Recycled

Proper disposal of medicines is important. Check dates on medications today - and call your local pharmacy to see if they are participating in the Return Program.

#1-#6 go in the yellow bins in the RDEK and the District of

In BC, over

What’s NOT accepted: Cosmetics, skin care products Disinfectants/cleaners Contact lens solutions Sunscreen/suntan lotion Mouthwashes and toothpastes

grocery bags and plastics

C) 50% D) 75%

Batteries Included

Medications Return

Recycling 101 - The Basics

• • • • •

Ironing Boards and Irons Portable fans Portable heaters Automatic toothbrushes Electric razors

There are three depots in the Cranbrook/Kimberley area for residential fluorescents: Home Hardware - Cranbrook 1901 McPhee Rd. Cranbrook

Skyway Distributors 304 Slater Road NW Cranbrook

Fernie Home Building Centre 300 Manitou Road Fernie

Incandescent lights cannot be recycled at this time. For more information, visit

Learn More About Earth Day Earth Week is a great time to think about what each of us can do to make a positive difference. Reducing, reusing and recycling really add up. This year, they have a “Make It Count” Challenge, which focuses on four categories: eat, grow, transform and share. The 2014 Earth Day challenges offer: • •

Step-by-step guides that kids, teachers/group leaders can use Tips and activities for individuals, groups and businesses to work together to keep commitments

For more information, contact the RDEK at 250-489-2791 or 1-888-478-7335


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014 A9

It’s In Your Hands

April 22, 2014 is Earth Day

Earth Day Fun Trivia Earth Day was first celebrated in: A) 1960 B) 1965

C) 1970 D) 1975

Which household appliance uses the most energy? A) Refrigerator C) Dishwasher B) Toaster D) Washing machine Recycling 1,000 kg of aluminum saves enough energy to heat a/an ____________ for 10 years. A) Typical home C) Corner store B) Elementary school D) Restaurant What household appliance uses the second most amount of energy (the first is the refrigerator)? A) Hair dryer C) Microwave B) Clothes Dryer D) Computer The average Canadian home is illuminated by ___ light bulbs: A) 31 C) 51 B) 41 D) 61

You can use ANY yellow bin in the East Kootenay. Here are some quick tips to remember when recycling: • All plastics MUST be clean and have a number between 1 and 6. That number must be in the triangular recycling symbol. If there is no number, it should go in the garbage if it can’t be reused. • All plastic grocery/shopping bags can be recycled -- even if they don’t have a number on them. This is the only item that can be recycled if it doesn’t have a number. All other plastics must be numbered • Styrofoam CANNOT be recycled -- even if it is marked with a number 6. • Tin cans should be well rinsed with labels removed, if possible. • Cardboard should be flattened to save bin space. • All paper products can go in the yellow bins (and Fernie’s blue bag program) -- including hard and soft cover books. Foil covered or waxy papers (like milk cartons or foil greeting cards) cannot be recycled. Milk cartons can be taken to the Bottle Depot for recycling.

The average Canadian uses 36,000 L of water each year for: A) Showers C) Laundry B) Dish Washing D) Toilet Flushing Composting can reduce your household waste by: A) 10% B) 25%

Paper, cardboard, tin cans,

Unused and expired medicines can be returned to pharmacies participating in the Medications Return Program. What’s accepted: All prescription drugs Non-prescription medication Herbal products Vitamin and mineral supplements Throat lozenges

Answers: C; A – Refrigerators use about 11% of a household’s total energy consumption; A - Recycling 1,000 kg of aluminum saves the equivalent of 10,000 L of gasoline; B; B; D - the average toilet uses about 19 litres per flush; C.

Invermere and City of Fernie blue bag program.

What You Need to Know About Glass Glass goes in the yellow bins marked “Glass Only”. The only glass that is accepted for recycling is food-grade glass, which is anything that holds your food or beverages. This includes: • •

jam jars salsa jars

• •

olive oil jars beverage bottles

Dishes, picture frames, trinkets, ceramics, light bulbs, window glass, etc. should NEVER go in the glass recycling bin. They contaminate the load. All lids should be removed prior to the glass being placed in the bin. The Glass Only bins are flat on top with two round holes in the lid and are clearly marked GLASS ONLY. For the location of a glass recycling bin near you, contact the RDEK.

50,000 kg of unused or expired medicines are collected each year

Both your alkaline and rechargeable batteries are recyclable. From AAA to odd size batteries (like the ones in your portable phone), batteries can be recycled in many communities around the region. The drop off locations for old batteries and cellphones in the East Kootenay include: Cranbrook/Kimberley: • Cranbrook Photo • Staples • Kootenay Communications • The Source (Tamarack Centre)

The program accepts residential CFL and tube lights. For commercially generated fluorescents, please email to apply for a collection container or call 1-888-811-6234 for more information.

Recycling Your Old Electronics The electronics recycling depots for the East Kootenay are: Cranbrook Bottle Depot Fernie Bottle Depot 1125 Industrial Rd #3, Cranbrook 1291 Ridgemont Avenue, Fernie Phone: 250-417-0306 Phone: 250-423-2009 • • • • • • • •

Speakers Earphones Microphones Telephones Discman, walkman Radios Cable, satellite and PVR boxes Vehicle audio and video systems

This year the program also expanded to include over 120 new items, such as: • • • • • • •

Blenders Microwaves Food Processors and mixers Bread makers Coffee grinders Clocks and timers Bathroom scales

Columbia Valley: • Selkirk TV & Appliance

There is a Provincial recycling program for residential compact fluorescent and tube light bulbs.

For more information visit

They accept a wide range of electronics, including: • Televisions • Computers & peripherals (keyboard, mouse) • Monitors • Fax machines • DVD/VHS players • Scanners • Stereos, MP3 players & docking stations

Elk Valley: • City of Fernie • Fernie Aquatic Centre

Fluorescent Lights Can Be Recycled

Proper disposal of medicines is important. Check dates on medications today - and call your local pharmacy to see if they are participating in the Return Program.

#1-#6 go in the yellow bins in the RDEK and the District of

In BC, over

What’s NOT accepted: Cosmetics, skin care products Disinfectants/cleaners Contact lens solutions Sunscreen/suntan lotion Mouthwashes and toothpastes

grocery bags and plastics

C) 50% D) 75%

Batteries Included

Medications Return

Recycling 101 - The Basics

• • • • •

Ironing Boards and Irons Portable fans Portable heaters Automatic toothbrushes Electric razors

There are three depots in the Cranbrook/Kimberley area for residential fluorescents: Home Hardware - Cranbrook 1901 McPhee Rd. Cranbrook

Skyway Distributors 304 Slater Road NW Cranbrook

Fernie Home Building Centre 300 Manitou Road Fernie

Incandescent lights cannot be recycled at this time. For more information, visit

Learn More About Earth Day Earth Week is a great time to think about what each of us can do to make a positive difference. Reducing, reusing and recycling really add up. This year, they have a “Make It Count” Challenge, which focuses on four categories: eat, grow, transform and share. The 2014 Earth Day challenges offer: • •

Step-by-step guides that kids, teachers/group leaders can use Tips and activities for individuals, groups and businesses to work together to keep commitments

For more information, contact the RDEK at 250-489-2791 or 1-888-478-7335


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser


& Horse &

Your #1 BBQ shop

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April 21 April 27 -

“The Right Clothing for the Right Price” 1923 - 8th St. N. Victoria & 8th St. N. (near Canadian Tire) mwg

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OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 2101 Cranbrook St. N., Cranbrook, BC (250) 489.4555

You want to cut off what?

Celebrating 100 years of local food

Come in and2014 by Olivia Murdoch have a look Cranbrook 4H Multi Club around!


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This March, I went to my Great Grandpa’s 100th birthday party. Lots of people didn’t believe that I could have a Grandpa that was 100 years old. Even my brothers and sisters found it hard to believe we could have a Grandpa that was so old! My Mom said Grandpa has lived to be 100 years old because he has taken care of himself, worked hard and has done good things in his life. This year BC 4H is 100 years old and like my Great Grandpa, you don’t get to 100 if you don’t take care of things, work hard and do good. I have learned lots of good things in 4H like public speaking, running a meeting, helping my community and raising animals. But just because BC 4H is 100 years old does not mean it is outdated. Today, lots of people are talking about how important it is to know where their food comes from. I have heard words like sustainability, food security and the local food movement. I didn’t understand what

April 25th—27th, 2014 Crowsnest Sports Complex RODEO PERFORMANCES Friday, April 25: 7PM—Saturday, April 26: 6PM—Sunday, April 27: 2PM Saddle Bronc— Bareback— Bull Riding— Steer Wrestling—Barrel Racing—Tie Down Roping—Team Roping

Rodeo Admission: $15/Adult $7/14 & Under, Seniors 5 & Under FREE

Fact: Spaying or neutering your cat or dog helps to prevent health problems and unwanted kittens and puppies.

Call us today to book an appointment.

250-489-3451 (Cranbrook)

250-427-2733 (Kimberley)

KRA Cabaret April 26th featuring Hey Romeo

$15/Ticket 8:00PM Mechanical Bull—Shooter Bar—Fun Times Tickets available at Crowsnest Pass Husky, Sears, Scotiabank, the Rose Peddler & Sparwood Chamber of Commerce

We care for all animals

these words meant at first, but now I realize I am contributing to these ideas from the things I am learning and doing in 4H. Who said being 100 isn’t cool? 4H members in our area contribute to the local food market by raising animals for sale as 4H projects. This year I am raising a market swine. Like all the 4H kids that raise market animals, I am learning about good husbandry (care and feeding of animals), showmanship, business skills, record keeping and the livestock industry. All 4H members sign the Creed of the 4H Stock Keeper which is a promise to raise your animal with respect and kindness. June 1st, 2014 is the Cranbrook & District 4H Show & Sale at the Wycliffe Exhibition Grounds. 4H members participate in a showmanship event, are judged in a market class which is followed by the auction sale of all of the market animals. This year we have 28 steers, 13 lamb and 16 swine up for sale. I think Show & Sale is one of the scariest but also one of the most fun days. You get to show off your animal and all your hard work and spend time cheering on your 4H friends. I would like to invite the community to come to our Show & Sale. It is a great day to buy locally raised meat or just to come and watch the 4H members demonstrating their showmanship skills. We will be hosting an information meeting for the public on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 7 p.m. at Parkland School. The presentation will talk about how the auction works including proxy bids, cost comparisons, transportation of animals, butchering and any additional questions people have. 4H members with market animal projects will also be available to talk to. So, come and meet your farmer. Let 100 years of tradition feed you. Contact us at for more information. A11


& Horse Your suggestions needed & 2014



Equine Canada rule change proposals are due on May 31, 2014. It is the right of every member of Equine Canada (EC) to propose amendments to the rules, subject to the current policies, procedures and schedules. EC members are invited to submit suggestions for 2015 rule changes. The 2015 Rule Change Proposal (RCP) submission form is available on the EC Website (EC Rule Change Proposals). All RCP’s will be reviewed by the National Rules Committee and

Bull-ARama is right around the corner

the Discipline/Breed Rules Committees. RCP’s will then be posted on the Equine Canada website beginning Sept. 1, 2014 to allow for a 30-day member review. During this time members are encouraged to read the proposals and offer comments. The deadline for member comments is Sept. 30, 2014. The National Rules Committee and the respective Discipline Rules Committees will consider pertinent pub-

lic comments and modify/correct/withdraw any RCP’s requiring attention prior to Oct. 15, 2014. Finalized rule changes will be posted on the EC website by Dec. 1, 2014 to be effective Jan. 1, 2015. Please contact Kari MacGregor at competitions@equinecanada. ca with any comments or questions regarding the Equine Canada rule process.

East KootEnay EquinE VEtErinary sErVicEs

a veterinary practice focused exclusively on horses and dedicated to helping you get the most enjoyment out of your pleasure or performance animal. offering a full array of on-farm services including dentistry, ultrasound, lameness exams and acupuncture. We have the Kootenays only portable digital x-ray with immediate stall-side viewing.

Don’t forgEt it is timE to bE thinKing about spring VaccinEs! call or text

(250) 919-1195 or email: in the meantime, check out the new webpage at

Photo submitted

Support the Kimberley Dynamiters at this year’s Bull-A-Rama.

Coming up on May 3, 2014, the fourth annual Kimberley Dynamiters Bull-ARama and Dance is an event that has local residents and visitors chomping at the bit. This year’s event features live music by the Ken McCoy Band, the usual fine concession fare, a dance and of course, the main ticket–bull riding. The event takes place at the Kimberley Civic Centre. Doors open at 5 p.m. with bull riding starting at 6 p.m. The dance takes place at 9 p.m. See you there!



Serving the Kootenays and Creston Valley as your locally owned and operated Ag. Centre Sales, Service and Parts

MF Garden/Compact Tractors

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014

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MF GC1710 Tractor Loader Backhoe



RTV1100CWXLA Kubota diesel powered, full pressurized cab, AC, heater, hydraulicallydriven workhorse utility vehicle. 25hp diesel, 4wd, 3 range hydrostatic, hydraulic dump box with spray liner, ATV tires, grille guard . 2013 Model Clearout 2 units left

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2009 Kubota M59 50hp Tractor, Loader, Backhoe, like new only 28 hours, Reg $ 50,000.00 .................................................. Spring Roundup ............$44,999 2007 Yamaha Rhino Front Blade, winch, spare tire, 1160 hours. Reg $9,000.00 ...................................................... Spring Roundup ............... $6,999 2009 Polaris 800X2 Front winch only 247 hours. Reg $9,500.00 ...................................................... Spring Roundup ............... $7,699 2012 Kubota ZD331 30hp diesel Zero-turn hydrostatic 60” mower like new 65 hours .....................................Spring Roundup ............$12,499 2008 Kubota B26 Tractor Loader Backhoe like new only 160 hours ...........................................Spring Roundup ........ $28,999 1999 Kubota B1700HST 21hp 4wd tractor, loader, front snowblower & sweeper 975 hours .................Spring Roundup ........ $12,399 1986 Kubota B5100DT 16hp 4wd tractor on turf mid mower low hours like new .........................Spring Roundup ........... $4,999

Tillage & Ground works John Deere 14ft PT Chisel Plow REG $4,000 ......Spring Roundup ............... $2,999 IHC 3 btm 3 pth Plow Reg $ 2,000 ........................Spring Roundup .............. $1,399 Ford 3 btm Reversible Plow Reg $6,500 ..............Spring Roundup .............. $2,599 NEW Braber 10ft Chain Harrows Reg $900 ........Spring Roundup .................... $799 NEW Farm King 6.5ft 3 pth Disc Reg $ 2,440 ......Spring Roundup .............. $1,999 NEW Wallenstein GX720 7.5ft dig 3 pth backhoe Reg $9,000 ..............................................................Spring Roundup .............. $7,999 For always keeping customers needs # 1 For offering great advertising in newspaper & online


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See us at the Cranbrook Kinsmen Home & Recreation Show May 2-4, 2014 SALES: Thomas Macdonald, Bob Legare PARTS: Dave Hulm SERVICE: Russ Miller 428-2254 • email: • 1241 North Boulevard, Creston Toll Free 1-800-262-7151 • See our website


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Kimberley is about to get its own weekday Farmer’s Market Submitted

This summer, Wildsight will bring a true farmers’ market to downtown Kimberley. Shoppers will find local vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, bread, and honey, plus hot food, fresh baking, and crafts from local artisans. “It’s all about make

it, grow it, or bake it at the farmers’ market,” said Erna Jensen-Shill, market manager, “so you can be certain that everything you buy at the market is locally made, baked, or grown.” On Thursday nights from 5 to 7:30 p.m., the farmers’ market vendors will be loading up their tables with

local food and crafts along Howard Street in downtown Kimberley, between Deer Park and Boundary. For 2014, the market will run for the peak of the local harvest season, from July 3rd to Sept 11th. “After the great success of the Cranbrook Farmer’s Market over the past 5 years,” said

College of the Rockies

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Jensen-Shill, who is also the Cranbrook market manager, “we knew the time was ripe for our very own market in Kimberley - and by offering a mid-week market, we can attract vendors who are already committed on the weekends.” Shoppers will find everything from fresh salad greens to local lamb and pork, including farm fresh eggs,

Back on Track For beginners and previous Learn To Run participants Starts April 29 2014 and runs for 8 weeks Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 pm Call(250) 489-0002 for more information

English 100 - English Composition May 5 - June 20  Delivered Online

Meet the English 100 Instructor: This course is taught by Angie Abdou, well-regarded fiction writer with three books to her credit (including Canada Reads finalist The Bone Cage). Angie has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Calgary and has nearly 20 years of teaching experience. For more information: Phone: 250-489-2751 Toll Free: 1-877-489-2687 email:

Public Input Meetings Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs


The success of the Cranbrook Farmer’s Market has prompted a similar market for Kimberley. local honey, garlic, veggies, fruit, and berries. There will be preserves, bread, baked goods, including glutenfree options, plus fresh roasted coffee and tea. Local artisans will show off their crafts, including wood and metal works, candles, soap, jewellery, and more. Of course, there will be vendors selling hot food

as well, so Kimberlites can enjoy dinner at the market while doing their shopping. Over the past few years, Wildsight has grown their focus on food sustainability and in particular on helping locals grow, buy, and eat more local food. Their see Market page 13

BC Seniors Games Zone 7 The East Kootenay Big Game Club is pleased to announce they will be hosting the

15th Wildlife Records Club of BC

awards banquet, dance and fundraiser This event is put on every three years at a location throughout the province. This is the first time for the event to be hosted in the East Kootenay. The top two entries from each big game category that were taken during either the 2010, 2011 or 2012 hunting season have been invited. The wildlife display will be the best the Kootenays has ever seen. There will be a number of items to be won or bid on including rifles, prints, jewelry and more.

The event is on May 3, 2014 at the Colombo Hall in Cranbrook. There are a limited number of tickets still available at Mountain Man Outdoors at $40/person. 250-426-2717

MEETING Wednesday, April 23

10:30 am

Cranbrook Seniors Hall

125 -17th Ave. S. Cranbrook, BC Meetings are held on 4th Wednesday of every month from February to June. Langley dates are September 9-13, 2014

Project applicants for Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs are presenting their proposals to the public. Feedback received at these meetings will assist in identifying the proposals that are important to the communities. The meetings are open to everyone and the schedule is as follows:

September 9 - 13

April 22 7:00 pm Kimberley - Council Chambers - 340 Spokane Street Proposals Affecting: City of Kimberley April 24 7:00 pm Area C - Regional District of East Kootenay Office - 19 - 24 Ave S Proposals Affecting: Electoral Area C (rural Cranbrook, Moyie, Fort Steele, Bull River, Wardner, etc.) April 28 6:00 pm Columbia Valley - Invermere Community Hall - 709 10 Street Proposals Affecting: District of Invermere, Village of Canal Flats, Village of Radium Hot Springs, Electoral Area F (rural Canal Flats to rural Invermere), and Electoral Area G (Wilmer to Spillimacheen) April 28 7:00 pm Area B - Jaffray Community Hall - 7375 Jaffray Village Loop Road Proposals Affecting: Electoral Area B (South Country) April 29 6:00 pm Elkford - Council Chambers - 816 Michel Road Proposals Affecting: District of Elkford April 29 7:00 pm Wasa Community Hall - Wasa School Road Proposals Affecting: Electoral Area E (rural Kimberley, Wasa, Ta Ta Creek, Skookumchuck, etc.) Administered and managed by the Regional District of East Kootenay.

19 - 24th Avenue South, Cranbrook BC V1C 3H8 Phone: 250-489-2791 Toll Free: 1-888-478-7335 Email: Website:

Gardening Special

Run a classified ad selling your garden items in the month of May and you will receive a 1x1 bordered ad for only $5/issue + GST 1510-2nd St. N., Cranbrook 1-800-665-2382, 250-489-3455

Over 3500 BC 55+ Seniors expected to attend.

What’s happening in your region?

Get involved. We’ll show you how.

Play With WithUs” Us” “Come Play

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014 Market from page 12

aim is to give locals food options that reduce the environmental costs of large scale agriculture and long-distance food transport. “We really wanted to give local farmers and growers an outlet to sell locally,” said Jess Windle, Wildsight’s Food Sustainability coordinator, “and to help support new farming and food production businesses in the area. Of course, locals get fresher, healthier, and tastier food with local production too.” Wildsight has a great lineup of local food producers and artisans ready for the summer market. If you grow or produce local food or make crafts, the Kimberley Farmers’ Market is a great way A13

to connect with local shoppers. Vendors can learn more about selling at the market at or by calling market manager Erna Jensen-Shill at 250 427 2535, extension 224. “There is plenty of work to do in setting up for the market every week and keeping things running smoothly,” said Jensen-Shill, “so if you want to volunteer to help out, please get in touch.” “We have some special plans in the works for the first market on July 3rd,” said Jensen-Shill, “so get your reusable shopping bags ready and mark your calendars for a fun evening.” Photo submitted

The 4th Annual Wildfire Charity Basketball game was held Friday April 11th. The Mt Baker Girls managed to squeak out another victory over the Cranbrook Fire Fighters. During the event $737 dollars were raised for the BCPFF Burn Fund. Special Thanks to all the fans, Mt Baker Girls Basketball Team, The Sam Steele Sweethearts, McDonald’s, Sweet Gestures, PT the Clown and the referee’s. Pictured: Courtney Magro (McDonald’s) with this years participants.

BC First Nations Aboriginal connection to SD5 success

Photo submitted

Dr. Martin Brokenleg.

Each year local K – 12 teaching staff from across the East Kootenay collaborate on professional development during a Regional Specialists Association (RSA) Day. This year’s RSA day took place last week and highlighted renowned keynote speaker, Dr. Martin Brokenleg. Brokenleg is co-author of the internationally best selling book, Reclaiming Youth at Risk and co-founder of the Circle of Courage, an approach to youth guidance that draws on Native tribal wisdom in conjunction with early youth-work pioneer and youth development work. It outlines

the four essential elements every child needs in order to flourish and thrive as belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. “As a District we understand this connection”, said Trustee Trina Ayling, Trustee representative for the Aboriginal E n h a n c e m e n t Agreement (AEA). “It’s important for all kids, yes, but especially for those students of Aboriginal ancestry as it speaks directly to who they are culturally.” According to Jason Tichauer, the new Director of Student Learning and Aboriginal Education this approach pays off with higherthan-provincial-average graduation rates for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students. “Provincially, grad rates averaged 62% for Aboriginal and 80% for non-Aboriginal students over the past five years while SD5 averaged 73% and 83% respectively. There are a number of factors responsible for this success and addressing the whole child based on Aboriginal principals is

one of them.” Currently, fourteen percent of SD5 students are of Aboriginal ancestry. The province provides annual targeted funding to support Aboriginal learning. These supports include Aboriginal Education Support Workers (AESW), an Elder’s program and the Welcoming Spaces

Project, an initiative to increase awareness of Aboriginal culture throughout SD5. For more information on Aboriginal education or supports, contact Jason Tichauer @ jason.tichauer@sd5.

Marian B. Gravelle (Notary Public)

Ph: (250) 425-2114 114 Centennial Square, Sparwood, BC

Notary Practice, Wills, Land Transfers & Affidavits

College of the Rockies

Serving Aboriginal Communities

College of the Rockies works closely with Aboriginal communities throughout the region to support their goals for education and training. We deeply value our strong relationship with our partners in education, the Ktunaxa Nation, the Shuswap Band, and the Metis Nation BC Kootenay Region.

Aboriginal Education Support Worker Diploma - offered online! This two-year diploma program prepares graduates for work with Aboriginal learners in the K-12 school system. Aboriginal Education Support Workers provide learner support, help schools to be inclusive of the culture of local Aboriginal peoples, and maintain strong links with family and community resources to help students succeed. With an AESW diploma, students may gain employment in elementary, middle or high schools, or community organizations. Students can also continue on to Bachelor programs in Education, Arts, General Studies or Social Work.

For more information:

Donna Beyer, Aboriginal Education Coordinator/Advisor Phone: 250-489-8209 Toll free: 1-877-489-2687 Ext. 3209 Email:


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

RDEK support for Key City Theatre, MBSS

This week’s feature:


2 WHEELS! Best Quality and Price in the Kootenays North end of the Strip 250-426-1882 tf: 855-815-7575

On April 4th, 2014, the Key City Theatre Society (KCTS) made a presentation to the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) to request their support on the combined Mount Baker School replacement and new regional

educational services and community resources together in a new high school building. According to Mount Baker Replacement Committee chair, Trustee Chris Johns, the process began with extensive public consultations with the community* that led to the determination that Key City Theatre should be a main community component within a replace-

theatre project. Since 2008, the SD5 Board of Education has been working on replacement of Mount Baker Secondary School (MBSS) as a Neighbourhood Learning Centre (NLC), an initiative designed to bring

ment MBSS/NLC. On December 20, 2012 SD5, the KCTS and the City of Cranbrook reaffirmed their relationship with a signed partnership agreement in the design of theatre space in the new MBSS. In February, the trio extended an invitation to MP David Wilks and RDEK Board Chair, Rob Gay to discuss the possibility of expanding their partnership to


Millennium Park • April 24-27





Wristband Noon-6pm



With a Food Donation All donations $ 25 going to the







Creston Valley Gleaners Food Bank




This coupon entitles you to

6 Rides for $15 TAXES INCLUDED



better reflect the cultural diversity and geographical reach of the Key City Theatre and its patrons. “The Theatre is dedicated to expanding community involvement by presenting professional artists spanning a wide spectrum of art and culture”, says Sandra Cave, chair of the KCTS. “As a result of these efforts, over one-third of patrons are from somewhere else in the region.” “This is much bigger than just Cranbrook”, agreed SD5 Board Chair, Frank Lento. “Fundamental to the success of this project is the ability to bring together other community partners to help build the project. Both MLA, Bill Bennett and most recently MP David Wilks have expressed support for this initiative. The next logical step is to engage the Regional District.” During the presentation to the RDEK, Lento made three requests –that they provide letters of support for any applications for grants, that they set aside a Reserve Fund commencing in 2015 towards replacement of the Key City Theatre; and that they consider contributing to the replacement and future operations of the Key City Theatre. In response to these requests, the RDEK carried a motion to provide letters of support for applications for grants and a motion to send a request to staff to report back on the feasibility of setting aside a reserve fund and/or contribute to the replacement and future operations of the theatre. Completion of the report is expected later this year.

DISCOVER WHAT’S POSSIBLE Fitness Inc. is a proud supporter of the

$0 Enrollment Fees* BCSPCA Speaking for Animals


*applies to one and two year non-corporate memberships only with a $25 donation to the SPCA. Valid April 1-30. Some restrictions apply. See club for full details


Professionals Connecting Professionals

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Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014 A15

You all know that we have had the best selling truck in Canada for 48 years straight...but did you know we make some of the safest, most fuel efficient cars and SUVs on the road?

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AWD, leather, panoramic roof, Nav, backup camera. DT4156. Was $42,914

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to drive your new Ford today! HOICE AWA S’ C

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Come to

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2014 Ford Escape 4x4

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Payments as low as $119 b/w with 0 down!†

heated seats


*Taxes + 499 Admin fee extra. Payments on new as follows: 2014 Escape – 84 mos @ 2.49%, 2014 Edge - 72 mos @ 1.99%, 2014 Focus – 84 mos @ 0.99%, 2014 Fiesta – 84 mos @ 0.99%, 2014 Fusion – 84 mos @ 2.99%, All payments include taxes and fees and are OAC. In order to qualify for the loyalty cash, must provide ownership for current Car, CUV, or SUV. In order to qualify for F150 loyalty cash, must provide ownership for current truck.

Sales Manager

Ann Hoodicoff Financial Services Manager

Stacy Eaton

Financial Services Manager

Jason Faulkner Sales & Lease Consultant

Shane Berry

Sales & Lease Consultant

Simon Wachon Sales & Lease Consultant

Dan McGifford Sales & Lease Consultant

Gord Wilken Sales & Lease Consultant



14 S 20 RD




Cranbrook • 250-426-6645 • Toll Free 1-800-663-3839


Brad White

Sales & Lease Consultant




Rene Kowalchuk


General Manager

it’s overpriced!!


14 S 20 RD

Braydon Denham


priced G OL D



remember if it’s not



Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser




Rondo EX Luxury shown



Canada’s Urban Utility Vehicle


hwy / city 100km






Offer includes delivery, destination, fees and $5,000 IN CASH SAVINGS. Offer based on 2014 Rondo LX MT (RN551E) with a purchase price of $23,582.












OFFER ENDS APRIL 30TH WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED *5-year/100,000 km worry-free comprehensive warranty.

Offer(s) available on select new 2013/2014 models through participating dealers to qualified customers who take delivery by April 30, 2014. Dealers may sell or lease for less. Some conditions apply. See dealer for complete details. All offers are subject to change without notice. Vehicles shown may include optional accessories and upgrades available at extra cost. All pricing includes delivery and destination fees up to $1,665, other fees and certain levies (including tire levies) and $100 A/C charge (where applicable) and excludes licensing, registration, insurance, other taxes and variable dealer administration fees (up to $699). Other dealer charges may be required at the time of purchase. Other lease and financing options also available. ** Offer available on the retail purchase/lease of any 2014 Rondo model from participating retailers between April 1–30, 2014, upon proof of current ownership/lease of a competitive cross-over vehicle. Competitive models include specific VW, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai, Honda, GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles. Some conditions apply, ask your retailer or go to for complete details. ∞Cash purchase price for the new 2014 Rondo LX MT (RN551E) is $18,582 and includes a cash savings of $5,000 (which is deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease and finance offers). Retailer may sell for less. ΔModel shown Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for 2014 Rondo EX Luxury (RN756E) is $32,195. Highway/city fuel consumption is based on the 2014 Rondo 2.0L GDI 4-cyl (M/T). These updated estimates are based on the Government of Canada’s approved criteria and testing methods. Refer to the EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors. °The Bluetooth® wordmark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. and its subsidiaries. Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. Kia is a trademark of Kia Motors Corporation.

1101 Victoria Ave


[ JOB INFO ] Job # Client Project

K14_Q1_PR_AL_1004 Kia April Rondo Standalone

[ MECHANICAL SPECS ] Live Trim Bleed

None 8.5” x 11” None


K14_81_APR_RONDO_W 250-426-3133 1-888-616-1555 • DL1088 [ ACTION ] Delia Zaharelos

_____ Art Director

Chris Rezner

_____ Producer

_____ Copywriter


_____ Account Mgr Jordan McKenzie

_____ Ship to Publication _____ Collect to ___________________________

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014 | B1

Welcome to tthe he driver’s seat

There’s no better time than now to embrace your inner motorcyclist and have the time of your life. Alexandra Straub

Feel the rush of riding on two wheels If you have ever looked longingly After getting your “L” permit upon a motorcycle as it whizzed by, you might have been bitten There are two steps in acquiring by the bike bug and didn’t even your full motorcycle license. First, know it. you’ll have to pass the MotorIf you have always dreamed of cycle Skills Test portion of the getting on two wheels but didn’t process. Then you’ll have your full know how to go about it, you road test. I absolutely, have been bitten by the bike bug. Riding training If you are contemplating a perfect 100 percent without I absolutely, 100 per cent without time to do it, the answer is now! a doubt recommend a doubt recommend going to a With spring-like weather manigoing to a good professional school to learn how festing itself and more and more professional school to to ride. I’m not saying your bff motorcycles appearing on the who has selflessly volunteered to roads, it’s time to stop dreaming learn how to ride. teach you everything you need to and start doing. Alexandra Straub know about riding isn’t qualified But where do you start? How do or unfit for the task, but they you go about it and what steps do might not be a “teacher.” Sure you need to go through? they have the skills, but can they communicate Over the next few weeks, we will feature a effectively the points that you need to be safe? four-part series on motorcycling. It will cover If yes, then go for it. everything from schools, to gear to buying a But professional schools have professional teachbike and more. As I said, there’s no better time ers. They also know the ICBC system and will than now to embrace your inner motorcyclist teach you above and beyond what you’ll need to and have the time of your life. execute in order to start riding on your own. And Take the test more importantly, to be safe! In order to get your learner’s license in BC, you They will also help build your confidence and try will need to take the ICBC Motorcycle Knowlto help you eradicate bad habits that you may or edge Test. To attain the handbook that you’ll may not know you are forming. need to familiarize yourself with, you can either Granted, most courses aren’t cheap. But they’re download it from the ICBC website, or visit a worth it and so is your safety. Check out regional branch in person to pick up a hard copy. schools or save up to come to the Lower MainAfter you have studied it from cover-to-cover, land. I wouldn’t have done my license any other you’ll need to take and pass the test at an ICBC way. branch, which will then give you your L. Some schools to check out are: Pacific Riding Visit and type in “motorcycle” School, V-Twin Motorcycle School, the Justice into the search bar. That is the easiest way to Institute of BC, High Gear Motorcycle Training get you to the pages you’ll need to work with. (private lessons) and more.



bAnkruPtcy? rEPOssEssiOn? bAD crEDit? HigH intErEst?

You don’t have to start on the road Many of the top road racers in the world didn’t start on the pavement. They started in the dirt. Why? Because it teaches you how to control a bike in less than ideal traction environments. Also, if you fall, it doesn’t hurt as much! You can certainly get your feet wet when it comes to learning clutch and brake control on a “softer” surface, too. Furthermore, you don’t need a learner’s permit if you are riding off road. When and if you want to transition to the street riding, you’ll need it for that. Check out Popkum Motor Park’s Lessons/Training ( program for all ages, as well as the BC Off Road Motorcycle Association’s website ( for upcoming MSF Dirt Bike Schools. Another perk to starting to build your bike confidence on the dirt, training programs aren’t as expensive. So, this is me, the little white angel on your shoulder whispering, “Go on, get on two wheels!” But remember, safety is paramount. Take the test, go to school and thank me later.

Question of the week: Driveway writer Alexandra Straub begins a four-part series on the joys of riding a motorcycle. If you don’t already ride, are you now tempted after reading her introduction to life on two wheels? Please explain why you have made that decision.Go to QUESTION to submit your answer and you could OF THE WEEK! win a $100 Safeway gift card.


Safety Tip: The Easter break can be a dangerous time on our roads. If you’ll be travelling, plan for your trip at and be realistic about travel times – weather conditions are unpredictable at this time of year across the province.

Confessions of a Curber... Meet Walt. He lives with his wife and two teenagers in a quiet neighbourhood. Walt goes to work every morning, provides for his family and chats with his neighbours. Walt has a secret. He’s no Walter White from“Breaking Bad.” But, his love for quick cash and high profits drive him to a sideline that makes us all a little less safe and costs some their savings. Walt is a curber.

It’s a Harley with a lien this week…

Buying used? We’re looking out for you. Find out how at

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we can help.

Right now we have the ability to offer you rates as low as


even if your credit is not exactly perfect. We understand that good people can experience tough times. We would like to help you rebuild your credit without paying more than you should for interest. If you would like to benefit from this great program, call Jason today and see how you may qualify.

1725 Cranbrook St. N., Cranbrook, BC • DL#30708


Phone: (250)426-6614 •


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser


Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel: competes on performance at a price


The already capable and luxurious gasoline versions are less expensive and come with all the regular Grand Cherokee goodness.

Zack Spencer


By Zack Spencer

The introduction of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee showcased the direction of the new Fiat-Chrysler partnership. It went on to win more awards that any other SUV; in fact, I chose it as one of my favourite vehicles that year. Sales have been strong for not only Jeep but the entire Chrysler group. Freshness has been into each new vehicle and this latest 2014 EcoDiesel version is another example. For this model year, the Grand Cherokee gets a refreshed front and rear, plus interior tweaks and a thrifty diesel under the hood. Looks

The most noticeable updates for 2014 include a thinner front grille, narrower front headlights with LED accents. This really makes the latest model pop; especially when you compare it to the last model. The EcoDiesel option is only available in two trim levels, and this an expensive vehicle. The Overland is the cheapest diesel and it starts at roughly $58,000, $3000 more than a V6 model

but the same price as the V8. The top of range Summit diesel starts at $62,000. In comparison, the base VW Touareg diesel starts at $55,000 but most of the other German mid-sized SUVs with a diesel, like the ML from Mercedes or the X5 from BMW also start in the low $60,000 range. Inside

One of the biggest changes at Chrysler has been the attention to detail now placed on interior design and refinement. The latest U-connect computer interface is one of the best in the business; many high-end makers could learn a thing or two from Chrysler. The large 8.4-inch screen is one of the biggest on the market and it is very quick to the touch, going from one function to the next is logical and responsive. Pairing a smartphone takes under 30 seconds and the best feature is the map screen, which enables the embedding of a picture in the same way as picture-inpicture TV does. The dash is covered in stitched leather and the cabin overall is simple and elegant. All EcoDiesel models come with leather seats and the back seats can even be heated. Drive

The biggest change for 2014 is the introduction of an all-new 3.0-litre direct inject turbocharged V6 diesel engine along with an 8-speed automatic. With 420 lb.-ft. of torque, this engine just rockets away from a light and cruises effortlessly on the highway. There is a big premium to get this engine over a V6, or lower trim level V8 gasoline versions, but there are some compelling reasons to choose it. Fuel economy is number one. This heavy truck is rated at 9.8 L/100km in the city and only 7.0L on the highway. With aggressive driving and mostly city, I averaged 12L. I did notice on highway runs that the fuel economy improved radically and quickly. The towing capacity of the

EcoDiesel is the same as the 5.7-litre Hemi V8 at 7200 lbs, but this truck gets substantially better fuel economy. For those that drive a lot without a trailer, the improvement in fuel economy is something to factor in. If you don’t drive a lot each year, the diesel option might not be worth the added cost. Verdict

Chrysler considers the Jeep Grand Cherokee a premium offering but I would not put this on a par with the Mercedes ML, BMW X5, Audi Q5 or a very nicely equipped VW Touareg. It is a very nice truck with as much diesel power and efficiency as the competition but the German brands have been at the whole diesel thing a lot

Clint’s referral program Your referral is worth $100 cash to you if I strike up a deal with that referral. Call me for details and watch next week for the next Trivia Question of the Week


1725 Cranbrook St., Cranbrook, BC DL#30708

Clint Kary Sales

“Come see me for the best automotive sales experience.”

Credit Challenges are Tough...

You’re not alone

We will help you 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Bad Credit Good Credit Cam Can! No Credit Bankruptcy Employed Stable Residence APPROVED!

...make this the easiest vehicle purchase you’ve ever experienced!

Call 1-800-704-1955 Text 250-919-0667 Or apply on-line at

Ask for “Cam”


longer and are a known entity in the market. The Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel would be a very easy choice if it were about

$50,000, not $58,000. If you drive a lot or tow, the diesel might be worth it, but as it stands now the already capable and luxurious gasoline

versions are less expensive and come with all the regular Grand Cherokee goodness.

Confessions of a Curber I guess you could say I was addicted. Only my drug of choice wasn’t coke or meth. No - it was the thrill of getting away with it all. And the easy cash, of course. Throwing the camper into that last deal was a great marketing idea. And, like last time, I decided to branch out again. There’s so much more than just cars! This time I decided to go with a motorcycle. I purchased it off the internet – I guess you could call it a curber-to-curber transaction. Oh, of course I knew every trick in the book by now. The seller gave me my old story and said that he was the real owner. Did I care? Not a chance. It was a nice Harley. And, it was a steal. I knew I could flip it for more. Why? Because I was a better marketer. But I needed to do it fast. And, I had to make sure I had a buyer that was naive enough not to do a lien check through, or the province (bcregistryservices. As usual, I put up a generic, one-line Craigslist ad. With a price like mine, I had a buyer within an hour. I made sure the Harley looked its best. I polished it until it sparkled and filled it with gas. Hey, what’s a few bucks? Then I ran into a small problem. I found out that my seller was the real owner. Wow. But he sold me a vehicle that was about to be repossessed.

Fortunately, he was in such a hurry that he didn’t make me do the transfer – so it was still in his name. No big deal. Bridging* was my friend. I just used his name and hoped my buyer would never ask me for ID. And I was right. The buyer smelled a bargain and took the bait like fish. He thought I was the fool! No lien check, no ID check. Just cash. I was home free, again. And the best part? When the bailiff came for the motorcycle, he didn’t even know my name.

*Bridging – A trick that curbers use to keep their identity secret. Curbers will pay more for a vehicle from an unscrupulous wholesaler or broker if they are not required to immediately put the vehicle in their name. This keeps their name out of the vehicle registry and makes them impossible to locate when deals go bad. Breaking the law is never a concern for them.

“The buyer smelled a bargain. He thought I was the fool!”

Buying used? We’re looking out for you. Find out how at

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014 B3

1101 Victoria Ave

250-426-3133 1-888-616-1555 • DL1088


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Your community. Your classifieds.




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Tuesdays 4pm Tuesday @@2pm forfor thethe following Friday. Thursdays following Friday. Thursdays@@ 4pm 2pm for the following for the following MondayMonday.


Lost Away Lost && Found Found and and Free Give Away ads ads are are no no charge. Example of Rates as follows: 1 issue, 3 lines rates as follows: 1 issue, 3 lines for for $10. 22 issues, 3 lines for $15.28. $14.99. $10.18, issues, 3 lines for Note: Additional lines extra.

Note: Additional lines extra.


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Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


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Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Help Wanted

Wanted urgently: any witness to an accident 4th of March 2014 that occurred at lights at 14th Ave and 2nd St S, approx. 2:45 pm, between a blue Dodge pickup & white Chev Cavalier. Please contact, (250)421-1777

Lost & Found Lost, locking heart charm, Saturday April 12 at the Tamarack Mall. (250)489-9216 Lost: set of keys, about 5 on the set, Grandmother heart charm on it also, all on a long red ribbon, lost Thursday, April 10 around Bulk Barn at the Tamarack Mall. (250)421-1204


Travel CRIMINAL RECORD? Pardon Services Canada. Established 1989. Confidential, Fast, & Affordable. A+BBB Rating. RCMP Accredited. Employment & Travel Freedom. Free Consultation 1-8NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)


CLASS 1 driver needed with 2yrs Experience, Clean abstract & References. Call Phil Postnikoff @ 250-427-3843



Van Kam’s Group of Companies requires Highway linehaul Owner Operators based in our Castlegar terminal for runs throughout BC and Alberta. Applicants must have winter and mountain, driving exp. / training. We offer above average rates and an excellent employee benefits package.

To join our team of professional drivers, email a detailed resume, current driver’s abstract & details of your truck to: Call 604-968-5488 Fax: 604-587-9889 Only those of interest will be contacted. Van-Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility.

BC Built On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

Help Wanted Janitor required in Cranbrook, Monday to Friday, 6:30pm to 11pm, $12/hr. Criminal record check. Call (250)489-2684 or fax, (250)489-2687

Party Rentals Assistant

PT Seasonal (8am-5pm) for Party Division Various jobs with some heavy lifting Great Summer Student Job Resume Required Contact Judy at 250-426-5254 or email to info@

Wanted Labourers

Must have valid driver’s license & be physically fit Email or Fax resume to: 250-865-7600

Help Wanted

Automotive Detailer/ Lot Person Required Melody Motors has an immediate opening for an automotive detailer/lot person in our dealership, experience is preferred. Competitive wages and benefits offered within an excellent team atmosphere. Apply by email: or in person at Melody Motors.


Located in Kimberley, Hwy 95A

Fernie Chrysler has an opening for a

Childcare Available Spaces available, 18mos & up, licensed daycare, 20 years experience, subsidies welcome. (250)489-4668


Help Wanted

JOIN THE AXIS TEAM IN CRANBROOK! Part Time Wrap Around Counsellor



We are seeking a Part Time Wrap Around Counsellor (15 hours per week) who will work closely with the Wrap Around Family Support Team, providing families with therapeutic counselling. Families and/ or individuals referred to the Wrap Around Counsellor will work through issues that will allow them to improve their capacity to learn skills that will improve their resiliency to parent. All work is done in a supportive and safe environment, often in families’ homes. For further information on this position, refer to our website under job opportunities, Kootenays. Email resume with cover letter to or fax (250) 851-2977.




Granite & Bronze Memorials Granite Benches Cremation Urns & Keepsakes Gravesite Repairs & Maintenance In home consultation or visit our showroom 1-800-477-9996 or 422-3414

A life lived is worth remembering.

Industry competive wages, benefit package and exciting friendly atmosphere. Chrysler training preferred by not mandatory. Apply in person at Fernie Chrysler at 802 Highway #3 or email resumes to

Unique Opportunity

Black Press has a very unique opportunity for the right person.

KALAFUT: Louis Steve Kalafut passed away peacefully at the Rocky Mountain Village on Monday, April 7, 2014 at the age of 88 years. He was born in Hungary on August 20, 1925. Louis is survived by his wife Mary Lou Ferguson with her children, Dawn (Rod) and Jackilyn and grandchildren Heather, Tara, Clay and Katilyn. No services by request. In lieu of flowers memorial tributes may be made to the Royal Canadian Legion. Messages of condolence may be made at Arrangements entrusted to Cherished Memories Funeral Services Ltd.

Serving Families in the Kootenays since 1993 We can assist you in selecting a personalized memorial to reflect the life of your loved one.

Red Seal Certified Automotive Technician

Call Shannon today and get in the largest printed classified section in the Kootenays!

Deadlines: Tues. (for Fri. paper) & Thurs. (for Mon. paper), 2 pm

1510-2nd St. N., Cranbrook 1-800-665-2382, 250-489-3455

We currently have an opening for a sales person to help us with our paid distribution newspapers across B.C. This position means getting out in the community and talking to subscribers about our newspapers and working to build stronger relationships with existing readers of our newspapers. It also includes finding new subscribers for our newspapers and helping introduce them our award winning host of community newspapers. This is not a year-around position and will run from March to October each year. We offer a spectacular compensation package and bonus incentives. Your own vehicle is required, but we cover all travel expenses. This is really a great opportunity for the right person. It is a different type of job, but definitely has different types of rewards. If you feel this position would be the perfect fit for you, then we would love to hear from you. Please email all enquiries to Michelle Bedford at

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014

Full Time Office Assistant

Kootenay Market is seeking a full time office assistant for our Cranbrook office.Candidates should be organized with attention to detail and experienced with computers including Microsoft Word and especially Excel 2010. Flexible hours if needed, Monday to Friday. Please mail, fax or email resume by April 30, 2014 to: Kootenay Market #320-2 Cranbrook St. N., Cranbrook, BC V1C 3P6 Attention: George Wood Fax: (250)426-1847 Email:

All Seasons Motor Sports Ltd is looking for a

full time sales person Sales experience would be an asset

If you have a love for power sports this is the right place for you!! Apply in person at All Seasons Motor Sports Ltd Or send resume to


250-489-1519 A5






Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Financial Services

Part time sales position for a busy men’s & ladies clothing store, must be willing & able to work Saturdays & Sundays. Please forward resumes with references to Box 269 c/o The Kootenay Advertiser, 1510 2nd St N, Cranbrook BC, V1C 3L2. The Heritage Inn & Convention Centre is looking for laundry/housekeeping personnel. Call Collin at (250)489-4301

PICKERS NEEDED BUSY ASPARAGUS FARM Season Starts Approx May 1 - June 15 Attend Information Session Wednesday April 23 at 6pm 1252 Indian Road Creston, BC Accommodation available Evenings: 250-428-2734


position for immediate availability at a local Sporting Goods Store. Retirees welcome Apply:

Box 270, c/o Kootenay Advertiser, 1510-2nd St. N., Cranbrook, BC V1C 3L2 or E-mail Subject line: Box #270

PT/FLEXIBLE hours, $11 per hour, 2 - 6 hours per month merchandiser to service Hallmark and other clients in Golden. Must have computer. We will train. Send resume to

ur Reduce yo Debt by up to • Avoid bankruptcy • 1 interest free monthly payment • Free Consultation


Call for YOUR Financial Restructuring Solution


The Old Bauernhaus Restaurant is currently seeking a full time cook & part time cleaner, Wages DOE Accepting applications until May 15. Reply to 280 Norton Ave, Kimberley, BC , V1A 1X9 or



Robert Osborne 250-365-8070 Toll Free1-877-765-8070 Email

THE AKISQNUK FIRST NATION invites you to apply for the position of: COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE The Akisqnuk First Nation near Windermere, BC, is nestled in the Columbia Valley, between Radium and Fairmont Hot Springs, up alongside the Rocky Mountains. This four season playground offers something for everyone with a small town ambiance and excellent schools. As the Community Health Nurse you will be responsible for client intake, assessments/reassessments

are plans, and organizing services in the home that meet the clients’ needs. The nurse facilitates the planning of activities and strategies to support the community in achieving health outcomes in a holistic and culturally sensitive manner. Please visit for details. Closing date: Friday, April 18, 2014 at 4pm.


New Dawn Developments Ltd. is an organization comprised of professionals committed to providing our clients with quality housing, the latest in design and construction innovation, on time construction completion, and superior before and after sales service, all within an affordable budget.

If you have exceptional project management skills, a can-do attitude & enjoy working with a team that prides itself on exciting challenges & creative problem solving skills, you may qualify for this position.

The Position:

We are seeking a Project Manager with at least 5+ years of residential construction experience in Canada.

Specific Job Description: • • • • • • •

Oversee the whole scope of the project to ensure project is on schedule and within budget Be responsible for quality and cost control Provide strong leadership to construction team members, capitalizing on individual and group strengths Ensure site safety standards are met or exceeded Manage trade contracts and ongoing coordination with sub-trades Provide key communication & input to Site Superintendents to ensure project quality is always number one Be the key liaison with all external stakeholders including owners & consultants

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

Fitness/Exercise COME SEE the expanded show room at Flaman Fitness, we have Bow Flex gyms, Nautilus treadmills, bikes and elipticals. Plus we have a huge clearance section upstairs. We’re located on the strip downtown Cranbrook. Just look for the 7’ tall running man out front 250-426-2691

Carpentry/ Woodwork


New Dawn was founded in 1978 and has built their reputation on great customer service, quality workmanship & value, and over the last 30 years, has firmly established itself as the premier builder in the region. New Dawn is actively involved in building in Cranbrook, Kimberley, Fernie & the Fernie Alpine Resort, Sparwood, Invermere & the Panorama Ski Resort. Located in the heart of the Kootenay region of South Eastern British Columbia, our Cranbrook head office houses our management team, design centre, and warehouse operation.

We are Not Trustees



FAMILY LAW • Cohabitation Agreements • Divorces • Family Law Litigation • Collaborative Family Law • Separation Agreements • Mediation

Donald Kawano, QC 2nd Floor, 6 - 10th Avenue S. Cranbrook, BC V1C 2M8 Telephone: 250-426-8981 Toll free: 1-866-426-8981 Email:

Help Wanted

FREE ESTIMATES 250-489-8647 250-489-2093 Cleaning Services H&D Janitorial. Reasonable rates for all your cleaning needs whether it be your home or a commercial site. We have your needs covered. Please call Heather or Doug at (250)489-2198 (250)421-8296 Whatta’Relief Cleaning Services, residential, commercial cleaning, rates & references available upon request. Seniors discount. (250)421-8345

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

The Requirements: • • • • • •

Minimum of 5 years of experience with residential construction projects as a PM or Senior PM Proven ability to manage multiple projects from start to finish with exceptional organization and efficiency Ability to plan and manage to a project schedule Professional demeanor with strong communication skills Excellent computer skills and experience with Project Management software a strong asset P Eng. in Civil Engineering and/or Building Sciences or Technology diploma with relevant construction experience, or equivalent

The Rewards: • • •

Competitive compensation package, commensurate w/qualifications including health, dental, life, LTD & RRSP. An opportunity to be part of the growth of one of the most dynamic companies in our industry The chance to enjoy the lifestyle that only comes with living in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia

Our company prides itself on the quality of its people. If you feel you would be an asset to our team in the role of Project Manager, please send your resume to in PDF or Word format. Please visit for more information on our company and its projects.


The Trail Times has an opening for a reporter/photographer. As a member of our news team, you will write news stories and take photos of Greater Trail events, cover city council and other public meetings and respond to breaking news stories. You must work well under pressure, meet daily deadlines and be a flexible self-starter with a reliable digital camera and vehicle. This union position is for four days a week, with the potential for full-time work during holiday relief periods. This is a temporary position, covering maternity leave. Computer literacy is essential, experience with layout in InDesign an asset, newspaper experience or a diploma in journalism preferred. Some weekend and evening work is involved. The Times offers a competitive salary and benefits. The successful candidate will be required to become a member of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 2000. Qualified applicants should apply in writing no later than May 11, 2014 to: Guy Bertrand, managing editor Trail Times 1163 Cedar Ave. Trail, BC V1R 4B8 Fax: 250-368-8550 Only qualified candidates will be contacted; no phone calls please.


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser


Pets & Livestock

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate

Real Estate



$100 & Under


Musical Instruments

For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner


Run your classified ad in the $100 And Under classification and it’s


Financing Available On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230


CHIMPS HANDYMAN SERVICE Roofing, Decks, Fences, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Painting, Flooring, Basements and More.

WE DO THAT! Call Doug

250-426-7222 Leave a message

Meadowbrook Horse Drawn Cart,

made of Oak, comes with brakes, also with double tree, like new, $2200 obo. (250)342-0617

Feed & Hay HAY FOR SALE. Large round bales, grass alfalfa mix. Quality horse hay. No rain. $100.00/bale Call 250-421-3022 or 250-919-6652

Livestock Big Rock Simmental Bulls for sale. Polled, red factor, yearlings & 2-yr olds. All semen tested & ready to go. BRPS 668A-BW 92lbs, WW 841lbs, YW 1241lbs. Yes you can have calving ease & performance in one attractive package. All are quiet & want to see you. (250)428-8980


Yard & Spring clean-up, mowing, pruning & small jobs. (250)421-0613

Adorable Springer Spaniel puppies, ready to go to new homes, $450. Brian (250)4318105 A Step Beyond Dog Walking Services. Too busy to get your dog out for walks during the day? Get reliable, trustworthy, mature, dog loving dog walking services, 9am-3pm daily, evening walks can be arranged. (250)919-1723 or


Merchandise for Sale

Home Improvements

RK Home & Yard Care. Seasonal clean-ups, gardening, landscaping, property maintenance & repair. Offering quality service at competitive rates. Call for info, (778)4810046


RV Park Models On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

Swimming Pools/ Hot Tubs BEACHCOMBER HOT TUBS save up to $4010 at the factory year end clearance event while stock lasts, plus we have 8 reconditioned hot tubs starting as low as $800. This month save 20% off HOT TUB COVERS. 100 Van Horne Street North Cranbrook 250426-7999 and RELAX IT’S A BEACHCOMBER

Water Services Culligan can fix that nasty white build up on your taps or cure that annoying red staining in bath tub or laundry. Call Culligan Cranbrook today and let us fix your water right the first time! Call (250)426-2691 or visit our website And remember at Culligan we will always come to your home and test your water for free!

Pets & Livestock

Equestrian 3-horse angle haul Southland horse trailer, bumper hitch, perfect cond., never put away dirty, stored inside all it’s life, everything original, asking $7500. (250)427-7456 Buying old or unwanted horses. Call Rob, (250)489-4293 or (250)464-1372 E-More saddle, fits wide back horse, $700. (250)429-3385

$100 & Under 1 week old ducklings, $5/each. (250)428-4558 Lister 4 Michelin LT 275/70/R18” LTX A/T. Four LT 275/70/R18” lug tread. Four P245/65/R17”. Four P255/55/R18” Michelin. Four P265/65/R18” Bridgestone A/T. Four LT 265/70/R17” 10 ply. All $25/each. (250)417-6603 4 serviced lawnmowers, start at $60. (250)417-2040 6 drawer wooden dresser in nice shape, $90. Large RV sewer tote with hose, $40. 14 metal curb stakes. $25. Mechanics folding floor creeper, never used, $10. Water ski tow rope, $5. 1 piece 8’ gold tile trim, $5. New smoked glass vessel sink with drain, $100. Call or text, (250)4177056 Custom slip on towing mirrors, $15. Electric weed eater, $15. Gas weed eater, $25. Scoop shovel, $20. Call or text, (250)417-7056 Double stainless kitchen sink, ex. cond., $40. Moen kitchen faucet, like new, $45. Call (250)426-3554 Entertainment unit, ex. cond., fits 27” TV. 2 large shelves below TV space. 2 more storage areas with doors on the front & more shelving on left end of unit. 47-1/4”W, 17”D, 47-3/4” tall, medium pine finish, $50 obo. (250)4891535 or email for pics


Full set of right handed golf clubs, w/bag, good shape, asking $50. (250)426-4065 Golf balls for sale, $5/dozen, all brands. (250)421-7933 Ladies 18-spd super cycle, like new, less than 10 miles on it, $100. (250)489-8380 Oval mirror w/gold gilt frame, $40. Kerosene lamp, $30. Dual fuel Coleman lantern, $35. Large hand woven wall hanging or bedspread, $45. “The Canadian Alpine Journal”, 1907, Volume 1, #1, $100. (250)489-4532 Pro Start remote car starter, 2-way communication, $250 new, never used, asking $100. (250)417-6603 Two P245/65/R17” Michelin. Two P265/65/R18”. Two LT 275/65/R18”. Two P185/65/R15” Nexen. Two P235/65/R17” Kumho. Two LT 265/70/R17”. Two Hankook P205/60/R16”. All $25/each.(250)417-6603

$200 & Under 34” storm/screen door, brown, new, never installed, $125. (250)426-3554 4 way aluminum construction ladder, $150. Set of four 15” mag wheels, fit Lincoln LS, c/w adaptor plate, $200. Set of four 16” Jeep factory mag rims, less than 10,000 km, $200. Danby 8000 BTU portable air conditioner, c/w window kit, $200. Call (250)489-8380 5 man dome tent, good cond., $120. 3 man dome tent, $25. Car racks, like new, fit most cars, paid over $200, $50. Maytag air conditioner, good cond., for window, 10,000 BTU, $150 obo. Call (250)9191023 Craftsman 6.5 hp self propelled rear bag mower, like new, $150. Honda rear bag mower, great shape, $150. (250)417-2040


Run your classified ad in the $200 And Under classification and it’s


Mattress topper, King size, 2.5” thick, pressure reducing memory foam, fabric cover, like new, only used one month & was completely protected with a mattress cover, $125 obo. (250)489-1535

$300 & Under 4’x8’ utility trailer, pictures available at $295. (250)422-3312 Wasa


Run your classified ad in the $300 And Under classification and it’s


Office chairs, 2 at $30/each. 1 padded, goes up & down, w/arms, $75. Kitchen Aid mixer, professional model, beater & dough hooks, stainless steel mixing bowl, paid over $400, used about 7 times, asking $275. (250)426-5725

WE PAY CA$H FOSR USED FIREARM ividuals) tate, Collections & Ind


Mountain Man Outdoors

250-426-2717 1-800-796-4666

WANTED: RIFLES, shotguns, restricted weapons, reloading equipment, decoys or any other shooting related items. Fully licensed. Glen 250-428-6750

Free Items Older Alaskan camper, free, you pickup. (250)489-4762

Firewood/Fuel Order early, limited supply, Pine firewood, standing dry, BIG 7 axle loads, delivered 60 km radius of Galloway, $1400 per load. Out of area, call for pricing. (250)429-3248 or (250)429-3748

Furniture For sale: OAK DINING room suite. Table, 6 chairs, 2 extra leaf’s. Excellent condition. $1500./obo


Misc. for Sale A Budget Vacation for a young family, Kristina Creek RV Resort is offering a weekly rental of an RV. Fully equipped & sleeps 4, just bring bedding & towels. The resort has trail, play areas & swimming pool. A truly great place to be active or just relax. The rental of $900 per week includes site fees, power, firewood, propane & GST. See and call (250)424-5403. Located 8 km west of Yahk of Highway #3. RV lots available for seasonal lease in beautiful Kristina Creek RV Resort located 8 kms west of Yahk on Highway 3. No buy in, no hook-up fees. Just 1 annual payment covers everything including power and firewood. Activities include play area, 9 hole pitch and putt, swimming pool and trails with access to adjacent crown land. Only 2 sites left. See us at and phone 250-424-5403


Shed Antlers. Racks. Taxidermy, antiques. Cash paid. Kelly, (250)426-6993

Misc. Wanted Antique coal mining equipment sought for historical display. (780)728-5934

Antlers Wanted,

Sheds & Sets, Elk & Deer. Call Rick 250-422-3444 Collectors Currently Buying: Coin Collections, Antiques, Native Art, Old Silver, Paintings, Jewellery etc. We Deal with Estates 778-281-0030 Wanted: used 12’ older aluminum boat, for senior, don’t require motor. (250)489-2449

DJ SERVICE & KARAOKE Weddings (complete), anniversaries, birthdays & family reunions. Will travel throughout area. *Not expensive - No time limit or extra costs. One price 20+ years of entertaining. Families & guests. CALL ME! Leave Message 250-421-3298,Lily.


5 Gallon

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water



Real Estate Acreage for Sale Beautiful 35 acres, w/mixture of timber & fields, less than 5 minutes from Wal Mart, zoned RR60, backs onto crown land, creek runs through corner of property, $535,000. Serious inquiries only, (250)489-9234

Duplex/4 Plex

Newly renovated 3-bedroom up with income 2-bedroom suite downstairs, 1/2 duplex washer/dryer up & down, new windows, roof, flooring & siding, gas fireplace, electric heat, 15x12 deck, across from elementary school and within walking distance to college & mall, 2303 7th St N, 2100 sq.ft., $224,900. Contact Carl/Brenda, (250)489-0688

For Sale By Owner Estate Sale, Kimberley. 2 adjoining lots, 40’Wx100’L. Serviced lot has 3-bdrm, 1-bath house, unfinished basement. Needs TLC, $119,500. Unserviced lot, $60,000. Buyers incentive for purchase of both properties. Info, 1(250)421-7335 or 1(250)421-9935 Rustic log cabin, ex. cond, 390 sq.ft., loft, must be moved, $24,000 obo. (250)421-3885

Misc. for Sale

This little gem will be listed May 1 so check it out now & save thousands in Real Estate fees. Unique well maintained, back to back, very private 1/2 duplex in Cranbrook. New shingles, flooring & water heater. Finished up and down at time of construction in 1988. Large master bedroom, full bath, kitchen, DR & LR up. 2-bdrms, full bath, laundry room & large family room w/wet bar down. Features carport, covered deck w/spectacular views of sunsets, F/S, DW, W/D, full size basement fridge & mini blinds. 2 blocks from golf course & near hospital, College, schools. Must be seen to be appreciated. $224,900. For appt to view, call (250)417-6841

Misc. for Sale

SHOP OUR VIRTUAL STORE For the do-it-yourselfer Certified & Licensed for Pesticide Sale & Application

A Member of Better Cranbrook Pest Control Business Bureau


AUCTION Sat May 3 10am


3400 sq.ft., 2 storey log house with Fisher Peak view 6+ acres, full finished walk out basement, 10” white pine logs, wood beams & log post throughout enhance the log theme. Open concept design, geothermal heating/cooling system. Natural river rock fireplace & great wood stove downstairs, vaulted great room, heated floors, open kitchen with cupboards all pull out drawers. Dining: ultimate 3 sided ceder deck with see through wrought iron railings. Master bedroom suite with cast iron clawfoot tub & steam shower. Upstairs expansive bedrooms with astonishing views. Lower level: cold storage & wine cooler, large office, full bedroom, heated floors, full bath & laundry. Hot tub & waterfall. Suitable for animals $1,128,000 (250)417-6626



Please call Jon Blackmore for your FREE ESTIMATE

Ready for offers (250)489-4762

3650 Hwy 3/95 5 acre revenue acreage with updated house. 2 miles from city limits. Main floor has 3-bdrm, 1-bath, large kitchen with lots of cupboards, hardwood & tile. Lower level has a large rec room, 1-bdrm, shower room, laundry room w/outside entry, 1-bdrm self contained in-law suite. Rentals consist of an up/down duplex & a mobilehome with addition. Rental income $2450 per month. Fenced & cross fenced. There is a double detached garage, workshop & wood sheds. Good well with lots of water. We would be interested in taking a 3-bdrm home as partial payment. The house would have to have 1-bdrm, full bath & laundry on main floor & double garage. $695,000. (250)489-4803


LANE cedar chest; 1980 collectable & functional furniture piece, ex. cond., $400. 250 341-5342

We provide professional quality built fencing at competitive prices.

must be moved. Sunken living room, kitchen skylight, 1-bath, non-smoking, never cooked in, c/w stove, fridge, MW 2000 model,

Available 24 hours

$400 & Under

Specializing in: Chain Link • Privacy • Pet • Elk Fencing

2-bdrm mobile home,

2493 Settlement Road Lister BC follow signs from Hwy 21 and Golf Course Road

Kootenay Christian Academy Market, in the gym at the Alliance Church, Sat, April 26, 10am-2pm. Assorted vendors, PT the Clown, games, bouncy castle, face painting, baking, snacks. Come and have fun!!!!

Upstairs/Downstairs Community Garage Sale, Cranbrook United Church, Sat., April 26, 9am, tables avail. for rent $10. Crafters, downsizers, upsizers, specialty tables & charitable fundraisers all welcome. Lunch bar open from 11am-1pm. (250)426-2022 or (250)489-0170

• Craftsman 12.5 riding lawnmower • Mastercraft 15.5 riding lawnmower • Craftsman 10-29 snowblower • Penwood 16’ canoe • safe • generator • ladders • tools • 2 freezers • hobbysaw • 4’’ jointer • household misc • 1930 bedroom set • radios • oak table\4chairs • plus too much to advertise. • H&H 16 FT CARGO TRAILER has damage to axle and front roof • Air hose reels etc,

SNOPEK AUCTION Creston BC Terms Cash Visa MC 10% buyers fee Lunch by Purple People Feeder

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014

Real Estate

Real Estate

Mobile Homes & Parks


16 Foot Wides Available On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230



per month OAC Home sites available! Financing available! Debt consolidation!

On the Strip

2232 Cranbrook St. N. Cranbrook, BC 250-489-1230 Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

1970’s super clean trailer w/addition, 3-bdrm, 1150 sq.ft. on 70x120’ lot, 2200 33rd Ave N, asking $122,500. (250)9194861 or (778)517-1129

Recreation Paradise Year Round!

Fishing, hiking, hunting, quadding, snowmobiling or just relaxation. Great access within 3 hours of the lower mainland, 40 km from Princeton and steps to Osprey Lake. 2 years new this 3 bedroom, 2 bath open concept chalet has it all & more. Includes a guest cabin with a bedroom, living/sitting area, kitchen & bathroom. New detached garage for storing the toys. Call Adrienne (Royal Lepage Parkside Realty) at 250-809-6322 for a private viewing.

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent



UNDER $999/mo.

On the Strip

2232 Cranbrook St. N. Cranbrook, BC 250-489-1230 Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

Auto Financing

Cars - Domestic

Cars - Domestic

Cars - Domestic

1991 Corsica, good cond, runs great,CD player, power windows, AC, cruise. Ski rack, winter tires, approx. 160,000km, new battery. as is $1500 obo 250-417-6952

2009 Dodge Journey SE, 4cyl auto, Stock #1213AA, $10,883. Melody Motors, DL #5248, (250)427-4224 2009 Jetta TDI comfortline, auto, power group, heated seats, alloy wheels, local vehicle, balance of factory warranty, VW certified available, 93,846km, $17,995, Stock #V40829A. Arrow Motors, DL #5467, (250)489-4327 or call 1-877-689-4327 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL Sedan, 2.5L 4-cyl, FWD, Stock #N70065A, $13,945. Sun Valley Nissan, DL #30313, 1(855)888-6864 2010 Hyundai Elantra GL Sedan, 2.0L 4-cyl, FWD, 4-spd auto, Stock #Y19647A, $13,995. Hillcrest Hyundai, DL #5467, 1(855) 888-6864

2012 Hyundai Veloster CPE FWD hatchback, auto, Stock #X085816A, $19,372. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1-888418-4798 2012 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SR, 4-cyl, auto, Stock #H17726B, $15,900. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888-638-4488 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe, 6.2L 8 Cyl, 6-spd auto, Stock #61420, $49,700. North Star GM, DL #5717, 1-800663-2307 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT 4cyl auto, FWD, Stock #B11224, $14,900. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888638-4488 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT GLS Hatchback, 1.8L 4-cyl, FWD, 6-spd manual, Stock #Y92395A, $19,995. Hillcrest Hyundai, DL #5467, 1(855)888-6864 For Trade: 1990 Honda Civic, 1.5 L, 2-door hatchback, Candy Apple red, new tires, new timing chain, good glass, runs well, looks good, never winter driven, dry stored a lot, good interior, has chrome resonator, so a bit noisy. Trade for ATV in good running cond. Call 1 (250)422-3591

Beautiful upscale, newly renovated, upper level house in Cbk, 3-bdrm, mountain view, spacious deck, gas FP, in house laundry, front & rear parking, n/s, n/p, $1200/mth + utilities. 1(250)908-0244

Suites, Lower Cbk, 1-bdrm bsmt suite, 1bath, private entrance,parking space, WD, n/p, n/s, $725 util inc. (250)531-0101 For rent for the right people. Beautiful 2-bdrm basement suite, must have references, DD, n/s, n/parties, available now, for interview call (250)426-6292 Spacious 1-bdrm, ground level entrance bsmt suite, private entrance & parking, gas fireplace, partially furnished, located 5 minutes from downtown on scenic acreage, suitable for a single person, n/p, n/s, utilities inc., ref req. $700/mo, avail May 1. (250)489-4082 or (250)4260417



The link to your community

Townhouses 3-bdrm townhouse, n/s, n/p, close to all amenities, $950/mth + damage deposit. (250)489-4302


Auto Services

DID YOU KNOW?? Eagle Homes will take your trade!! All trades considered cars, boats, R.V’s, manufactured homes. Your trade can be used as your down payment See your # 1 Modular Dealer today!

On the Strip

2232 Cranbrook St. N. Cranbrook, BC 250-489-1230 Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

Cars - Domestic Need new wheels but your credit has run off the road? Apply online:

or call Travis at Northstar GM

250-489-4711 1-800-663-2307

Antiques / Classics

106 1850 2nd St. N., Cranbrook Phone (250)489-5160 (250)417 1260 Hampshire Apartments, quiet convenient location, inc heat & hot water, n/s, n/p, 1bdrm, $600/mth; 2-bdrm, $775/mth, Call (250)417-7379 Sparwood Heights Condo for rent, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, fully furnished. $900. pm Call 250-910-1227 or 250-4239144 Subsidized Housing - 1 & 2 bdrm units - Sparwood, Fernie & South Country. Rent geared to income & Seniors subsidized housing. WILSHIRE Apartments, central location, incl heat, hot water, games room, sauna, hot tub, n/p, n/s, n/parties, 2-bdrm units, $725-$800. 1-bdrm, $650. Call 250-417-7379

Home & Land Package AVAILABLE New 14×70 2bed, 2bath Free hold city lot Desirable location, close to shopping, bus route, level lot turn key move in ready

Homes for Rent

• On-site Manager

Call 250-531-0025 or email:



• Security Buildings

• 1 & 2 Bedroom units


Lower than posted bank rates. No application fee. Mortgage renewal, refinancing, debt consolidation & pre-qualification. Private Mortgages. Sherri Magis 1-877-489-1691




• Centrally located near malls, schools, college & hospital


Rentals 3-bedroom mobile home, inc. F/S, W/D, woodstove, air, storage shed, waterfront on Cameron Lake, with mountain views, located in small, well maintained 7-unit mobile home park in Wasa, on site manager. Solid references only, DD. $750/mth. (250)422-3445

• Fridge, stove & hot water included

Mortgages A7

Commercial/ Industrial For rent or lease, commercial space in Fairmont, BC Plaza. Call for details, (250)342-1735 (250)345-6654

Duplex / 4 Plex 1922 Kelowna Crescent. 900.00/month, Available immediately! Large fenced back yard, sorry, no Pets. 3 Bedroom 4-Plex, Includes Washer, Dryer, Fridge and Stove. Off street parking for 2 cars. Call or Text 403-590-9290.

Large 2-bdrm duplex, F/S, carport, walking distance to downtown, large rumpus room + 1/2 bath & extra bedroom in basement. 113 6th Ave S, avail May 1. To view call (250)426-2283 (250)426-9667

Homes for Rent SPARWOOD, 2-storey, 3bdrm townhouse for rent w/full basement, close to school & rec centre. (250)425-4448

On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

1972 Chev show truck, 350 CID, auto, 2WD, column shift, bucket seats, nice paint, green with black interior, asking $11,900. 250-427-5895

1966 Rambler Ambassador 4-door station wagon, V8 auto, excellent inside & out, completely restored 1996, 97,000 original miles, asking $5950 obo. To view call (250)426-5371

350 motor, auto trans, p/s, p/b, p/dl, air, power bucket seats, Keystone Mags, ex. cond., white w/black interior, asking $9500.

1985 Corvette, white, 4-spd auto, 350 tune port injection, 169,000km, new tires, $8995 obo. (250)489-0193

Call after 6pm, (250)426-4311

Rare 1980 Olds 442-w30 Final Edition, only 538 Black/gold made. Same owner 32 years, only 170,000 km,T-Top, Hydro- turbomatic 400 trans, P/w, P/s, P/b, tilt. May consider trade for truck $6,000 O.B.O Call (250) 417-6565

1998 Cadillac Catera, 160,000km, beige with beige leather, sunroof, heated front/rear seats, cassette/CD & more, 30+ mpg hwy, $3800. (250)426-7041 1998 Subaru Forester AWD, well maintained, new timing belt, battery, windshield, no rust, 220,000 km, $5000. (250)346-3378 2002 Elantra standard, hatchback, new brakes & recent timing belt change, high kms but runs like a top, $2450. 1 (250)426-7354 2003 Crown Vic, 110,000 km, A-1 condition, summer & winter tires, power everything, $7500 obo. (250)426-1961 2004 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SL Sedan, 3.5L 6-cyl, FWD, 5-spd auto, Stock #N15851A, $9,995. Sun Valley Nissan, DL #30313, 1(855)888-6864 2006 Buick Allure CX Sedan, 3.8L 6-cyl, FWD, 4-spd auto, Stock #N16703B, $7,995. Sun Valley Nissan, 1(855)8886864.

We do foundations

1965 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 Deluxe Sedan, manual, RWD, perfect for the collector or even new driver, new paint, new brake cylinders & ball joints. Just passed BC inspection. Runs like A Top. $7000. (250)426-4034

1979 El Camino SS,

1996 Corvette Collector Edition, 160,000km, 2 roofs, auto, original paint, engine LT4, fully loaded,ex cond, asking $16,000 obo. (250)426-3802

1985 Thunderbird Elan V6 Automatic 78,500 km No rust excellent condition $5,500 OBO (250)421-7054 2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS Sedan, auto, FWD, p/w, p/dl, cruise, air, 2nd owner, ex. cond., summer tires on mags, winter tires on steel wheels, 135,000 km, $5995. Call (250)489-0446

2006 Honda Accord EX-L, 130,000km, fully loaded, ex. cond., $9999. (250)426-9888 2007 BMW 328xi AWD Sport Wagon, 3.0L Inline6, auto, Stock #T4138A, $15,995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1800-663-3839 2007 Ford Focus, 2.0L Inline4, FWD, Stock #T4143B, $8,995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1-800-663-3839 2007 Ford Focus, black, 2.0L Inline4, 5-spd manual, FWD, Stock #P2036Z, $7995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1-800663-3839 2007 Ford Mustang Convertible, 4.0L 6 Cyl, RWD, auto, Stock #Y02274B, $12,995. Hillcrest Hyundai, DL #30315, 1-877-420-2194 2007 Mercedes Benz C280 4Matic, ex. cond., AWD, loaded w/extras, just under 120,000km, asking $16,500. (250)489-9813 or email for pics 2007 Subaru Outback 2.5i AWD Station Wagon, 2.5L 44cyl, 4-spd auto, Stock #F29026, $14,995. Subaru of Cranbrook, DL #10523. 1(855)888-6864 2008 Ford Fusion SEL, V6 auto, Stock #20013B, $10,726. Melody Motors, DL #5248, 1-888-703-2211 2008 Pontiac Grande Prix, V6, 1 owner, no rust, no dents, 111,000 km, $9500. Call (250)427-7094 (250)427-8758


2010 Mazda 3 4-dr Sedan, 5-spd manual trans., air, CD, 2 good sets of tires, under 54,000 km, one owner, mint cond., great gas mileage $12,300. (250)417-7317

2010 Toyota Camry, auto, p/s, p/b, air, am/fm CD & Sat., winter tires on rims ex. cond.,40,000km, lady driven, $18,500. (250)919-4886 2011 Hyundai Elantra GL Sedan, 1.8L auto, Stock #H668620A, $11,995. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1-888418-4798 2011 Nissan Sentra 4-dr Sedan, 4-cyl, auo, grey, FWD, Stock #N46470A, $15,995. Sun Valley Nissan, DL #30313, 1-888-426-6665


Save $1000 if you buy before April 12, $4000 firm, after April 11th $5000 because it will have to be reinsured. 2003 Toyota Corolla CE, newer cruise, air, tilt, power brakes, fold down rear seats, upholstery immaculate, all mechanical well maintained,220,000km, cash only (250)426-8867

Commercial Vehicles 45’ Commercial transport van, heated, new 24.5 rubber, $5000. (250)489-8794

Motorcycles 1982 Honda Interstate, 1100cc, A1 shape, 62,372km, inc. trailer, asking $6500. Call Henry, (250)428-3545 1990 BMW K-1, 1000cc, rare model, red & yellow, flat four, 4 valves per cylinder, fuel injection, stainless steel exhaust, new Michelin radials, 55,000 km, $5500. Must be seen! (250)426-8408 2004 Harley Davidson Heritage Soft Tail Classic, ex cond., 64,000km, $11,500 obo. After 6pm, (250)426-1836 2008 Honda CRF250X, $4800 obo Barely used less than 200 km (250)427-7229

Off Road Vehicles

2011 RS 40,000 kms. asking $29,995 250-489-2599 2011 Volkswagen Jetta Highline Turbo Diesel Sedan, 2.0L, 4-cyl, FWD, 6-spd auto, Stock #V67170A, $21,995. Arrow Motors, DL #5467, 1-(855)888-6864 2011 Volkswagen Jetta Highline Turbo Diesel Sedan, 2.0L, 4-cyl, FWD, 6-spd auto, Stock #V50196A, $21,995. Arrow Motors, DL #5467, 1(855)8886864 2012 Chevrolet Sonic LT Sedan, 1.8L 4 Cyl, 5-spd manual, Stock #1J8560, $16,900. North Star GM, DL #5717, 1800-663-2307 2012 Honda Civic Cpe EX-L, 4-cyl, auto, Stock #B11229, $18,800. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888-638-4488 2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS, 4cyl manual, Stock #H00841A, $14,800. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888-638-4488 2012 Hyundai Elantra GL Sedan, 4-cyl, FWD, auto, Stock #Y36994A, $17,995. Hillcrest Hyundai, DL #5467, 1(855)888-6864

1974 Honda Trail 90, 1200 miles, stored for 40 years, 4 3.25x20 Radials on custom rims, fits older 3/4 - 1 tons, pre metric. (250)426-7710

Recreational/Sale 1977 GMC Class A motorhome, 26’, 403 CI, FWD, fibreglass body, all new tires, air bags, aluminum frame, good cond., all amenities. Must be seen! $7000 obo. Call (250)426-8408 1984 28’ Winnebago, 454 CID Chevy auto, 68,500 original miles, must see to appreciate, for a list of features, asking $6100 obo. (250)919-0125, (250)426-5666 1984 Vanguard, 24’, new awning, new tires, resealed roof & windows, good cond, sleeps-6, $4800. 1 (250)4207436 1988/1989 Ford Citation Classic motorhome, ex. cond., $8000. For more information call (250)421-0854 1991 26’ Rustler, Jack & Jill bunks, front kitchen, fold out couch, air, full bath, new water pump, newer HW tank, new battery, sleeps-6, $6000 obo. (250)426-5653 1992 37’ Class A motorhome for sale, A1 shape, fully loaded, $24,500. Consider vehicle on trade. (250)489-8794 1992 Prowler 19’ holiday trailer, good cond., inside like new, double axle, $5800 obo. (250)489-5798




1991 Dodge Ram Cummins diesel & 2010 Adventure camper. 140 watt solar panel, television, skylight, surround sound stereo system inside & out. $28,000 obo for both. (250)427-6806

1992 Gulfstream 27’,

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Sport Utility Vehicle

Trucks & Vans

2001 26’ Vanguard, parked on for last 10 years, no bush km since 2003. New roof, 2-yr old awning, double bed in front, Jack & Jill bunks in rear, sleeps 6 comfortably (can accommodate 8), asking $11,000. Call or text, (250)421-1597 2004 24’ Pioneer travel trailer, island bed, as new cond., $11,000. Or trade for motorhome. (250)428-9606 Creston 2004 30’ Arctic Fox, 4 season all weather travel trailer, 2 slides, solid oak cabinets, ex. cond., asking $16,000 obo. (250)426-6550 2004 Trail Cruiser, light weight approx. 3,033 lbs. dry, awning, walk around queen bed, Stock #T3570.1, $11,900. Runners RV, 1-800-663-4824 2005 29’ Holiday trailer, equipped with solar panels, 285 watts, 2000 watt inverter, large slide w/awning, dual wheels, mint cond., $16,000 obo. (250)342-6805

2007 Hi-LOW 22’ tandem trailer, fully self contained w/fridge, stove, air, solar panel & much more. Very rare in this area. Design allows for compact mode when traveling so wind resistance is very low & better on your vehicle for gas consumption. Always stored under cover when not in use. $18,000. (250)489-4748

full bed in rear, hide-a-bed couch in front, 4-burner stove, oven, microwave, large fridge, two 6-volt batteries,

$5500 obo. (250)417-6549

1992 Travelmate 5th Wheel RV trailer, like brand new, $6600 obo. (250)464-5214 1994 30’ Dutchman 4 Seasons 5th Wheel, new awning, walk around queen bed up front, slide out rear kitchen, sleeps 6, new batteries, new propane tanks inspected 2009, good tires, $7000 obo. Nadine or Graham Beam, (250)426-7400

2005 Holiday Rambler, alum., 34’, 3 slides, washer/dryer, air, fan, 2 TV’s, 4 new tires & shocks, many extras, a real home, never smoked in, $19,900. Will sell with F-Diesel truck for $42,000. (250)489-5860 or (250)420-1632

2001 Security 26’, bunk beds, 26’, single bunks, 5,000 lbs. dry weight, awning, Stock #T91408.2, $10,900. Runners RV, 1-800-663-4824

2006 Jay Flight 31’ Bunk House, large slide, quad bunks, AC, awning, approximate dry weight 7,300 lbs, Stock #T9145.1, $18,900. Runners RV, 1-800-663-4824 2006 Topaz 5th Wheel, Model FS280RK, 1 slide, rear kitchen, 8 cu.ft. fridge, air, set up for snow birding, solar panel, double pane windows, good cond., $16,500 obo. Call (250)223-8175 2007 18’ Cherokee , Jack & Jill bunks, approx dry weight 3,600 lbs, AC, awning, well maintained, Stock #T3507.1, $11,900. Runners RV, 1-800663-4824 2007 Citation camper, 8’, fits short & longbox, $8500. (250)426-4765

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

1997 Vanguard Wrangler 5th wheel, 26’, hitch included, asking $8000. (250)426-5535 1999 25’ Salem 5th Wheel, slide, loaded, $6900. Call (250)422-3217 1999 Corsair Excella 28.5’, all season 5th wheel trailer, full set of skirting, well made, beautiful interior, many options (built in vac, AC, MW, awning), perfect snowbird/park unit, $12,500 obo, hitch also available. (250)426-2671

Land Act: Notice of Intention to Apply for Disposition of Crown Land Front Counter BC Cranbrook has accepted an application made by NWP Coal Canada Ltd., represented by Silenus Resource Management Inc. of 1104 Ida Road Cranbrook BC V1C 6W7, on behalf of the Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), Kootenay Region, for a Licence of Occupation – Industrial General near Sparwood, BC on Provincial Crown land and containing 0.11 hectares more or less. The MFLNRO File Number that has been established for this application is 4405461. Written comments concerning this application should be directed to FrontCounter BC, 1902 Theatre Road, Cranbrook BC V1C 7G1 or email to: Comments will be received by FrontCounter until May 24, 2014. FrontCounter may not be able to consider comments received after this date. Please refer to our website for more information. -->Search --> Search by file number --> Insert file number: 4404561 These applications will be available for viewing at FrontCounter BC in Cranbrook, BC. Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be considered part of the public record. For information contact the FOI Advisor at the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations regional office in Cranbrook.

2007 Springdale, Jack and Jill bunk beds, 18’, 4,185 approx dry weight, awning, AC, Stock #T3573.1, $11,650. Runners RV, 1-800-663-4824 2008 Jayco toy hauler, 29’, used 10 times, loaded, 12’ garage. Call for more information. $24,000. (250)426-3568 2008 Pioneer 19’ trailer, ex. cond., barely used, $13,500. (250)421-3885

2008 Supersport Travel Trailer, 26’ w/one slide, rear kitchen, front bdrm, full bath, hitch can be purchased also, very low wear for trailer of this year, $13,900. (250)489-8897 2010 Springdale 26-1/2’, 1/2 ton towable, slide, sleeps 6, used 7x, loaded, $18,000 obo. (250)489-8885 2011 36’ Outback Sidney Addition 5th Wheel, 4 slides, ex. cond., extended warranty until 2017, $32,000. (250)919-7185



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Check out this Great Deal!! 2009 Trail Sport 27.5’ Great family unit. Well appointed, a small slide with kitchen and couch expanding out for great use of space. Queen walk around bed, rear bunks (double and wide single) both with windows. Dinette, 3 pce bath, fridge, stove, microwave, furnace, air conditioning - sleeps seven comfortably. Large awning. Lightweight halfton towable. Very well maintained. Fully transferable warranty valid until August 2015 Priced to sell at $14,000. Call 250-464-0712 for more information. Lance 11’9” side door camper, loaded, ex. cond., $18,500 no tax. (250)426-5118 ONLINE RV DEALS Over 200 new & used motorhomes, 5th wheels, trailers & campers. 0 down financing. Trades accepted. BC’s LARGEST Dealer. Voyager RV Centre, Hwy 97 Winfield. Toll free 1-800-668-1447 Reduced by $1200. Camping & Hunting. Truck & camper, rebuilt motor, trans, drive shaft, 8000lb winch, new water pump, alternator, power steering pump, master cylinder, shocks, 3-way fridge, stove, heater, many more, asking $4700, may consider trades.Call Ray,(250)489-5038 Truck camper, 10.5’, shower etc., clean, no leaks, good cond. for 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck, $2200. (250)423-0328

Snowmobiles 1992 Ski-Doo Safari, electric start, new battery, runs well, $750 obo. (778)517-0915 1999 Ski-Doo 670 long track, good cond., $2000 obo. (778)517-4508

8’ cab over Vanguard camper, c/w 3-way fridge, stove, furnace, fold-out steps, sleeps 4, great for fishing trips & weekend getaways, needs some TLC, $1000 obo. (250)417-3237 8’ Security camper, fits most pickups, good cond., $750 obo. (778)517-0915


2006 30’ OKANAGAN 5th wheel. 2 slides, 1 super slide. Like new! Too many extras to list.

$24,000. To view, call: 250-426-8941 For information, call:


A STEAL OF A DEAL AT $13,500 firm (250)427-3228

2006 Pontiac Torrent AWD SUV, 3.4L 6-cyl, 5-spd auto, Stock #S72352A, $10,995. Subaru of Cranbrook, 1(855)888-6864 2007 Hyundai Veracruz GLS, 3.8L V6, 6-spd auto, AWD, Stock #T4119Z, $15,995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1800-663-3839 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, 3.8L 6-cyl, Selectable FWD, 6-spd manual, Stock #V51845A, $19,995. Arrow Motors, DL #5467, 1(855)8886864 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 4X4, 3.8L, 6-spd manual, Stock #X022113B, $21,999. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1-888-418-4798 2008 Mazda Tribute SUV, loaded, leather, heated seats, sunroof, winter & summer tires, 85,000 km, ex. cond., $14,000 obo. (250)426-9753 2009 Ford Escape XLT, V6, auto, Stock #01614A, $14,683. Melody Motors, DL #5248, (250)427-4224 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited AWD SUV, 3.5L 6-Cyl, 6-spd auto, Stock #Y86109A, $24,995. Hillcrest Hyundai, DL #30315, 1 (855) 888-6864 2013 Dodge Journey SXT FWD SUV, 3.6L, auto, Stock #T500589, $20,999. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1-888418-4798 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD 2.4L 4 Cyl, 6-spd auto, Stock #61474, $28,746. North Star Motors, DL #5717, 1-800-6632307 Silver 2007 Chevy Trailblazer, 4.2L Vortec, auto, 4WD, p/w, p/b, p/s, p/seats, command start, Alpine stereo, 150,000km, $10,000. Call Monday-Saturday, 9-5pm, (250)428-7538

Trucks & Vans Sport Utility Vehicle

Bargain Time. 22’ 2011 Triple E Regal motorhome, clean & in ex. cond, air, corner bed plus bed over cab, 2010 Ford Chassis w/dual wheels & 5.4L engine, only 35,357 km, 7 brand new Michelins, asking $47,000 cash. (250)428-2739 Crown Mountain Weather Station Site E661615, N5521660


4x4, auto, 4.7L 8-cyl, loaded, 6-CD player, DVD, seats 8, leather, heated seats, much more, 120,000 miles, great cond, maintenance receipts,

1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 engine. 4DR 4X4 green with PS/PB/Power windows, cruise control, winter rated tires, trailer hitch. In excellent condition with 330,000 Km . $4800 OBO 250-430-7446 2001 Ford Explorer XLS, 4WD V6, low km, no rust, great shape, good tires, new battery, $3000. (250)426-5765 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT SUV, 4.0L 6-cyl, FWD, 5-spd auto, Stock #F01111A, $7,995. Subaru of Cranbrook, DL #10523, 1(855)888-6864

2004 Mazda Tribute SUV V-6 AWD. Reliable & well maintained, auto, air, block heater, winter tires & extra set of all season tires on rims included. Roof rack and Thule box negotiable. $4300 obo. Located in Skookumchuck but can be viewed in Kimberley or Cranbrook. Call Days, (250)427-5873 Eves, (250)422-9257 2004 Nissan Pathfinder LE SUV, 3.5L 6-cyl, AWD, 4-spd auto, Stock #S58416A, $9,995. Subaru of Cranbrook, DL #10523, 1(855)888-6864 2006 Nissan X-Trail SE AWD, 2.5L 4-cyl, 4-spd auto, Stock #N15609A, $9,995. Sun Valley Nissan, DL #30313, 1(855)888-6864

1982 Ford F250 farm truck, 6cyl, in everyday use, offers? 1982 Dodge Rampage, in everyday use, make offer (250)489-5798 1984 S10 Blazer, 4x4, 350 V8, 700 rear transmission, 9 bolt Curry rear end, $6000. (250)427-7094 1991 Dodge Ram Charger 4x4, c/w spare 318 motor, $500. (250)426-5831 1992 Ford F150 4x4 Supercab pickup, canopy, trailer hitch, 2 sets of 5 wheels & tires, runs great, $2500. (250)489-4421 1993 Chev Silverado 1500 Ext cab 2x4, 350, 4-spd auto, hard cover, running boards, Michelins, tow package, 288 K, runs great, $2400 obo. (250)402-6043 Creston 1993 Ford Ranger, 4x4, shortbox, regular cab, good cond., c/w summer tires & mounted winter tires, $2000 obo. (250)489-2422 1996 1/2 ton Ford, 2WD, standard, 6-cyl, low km, very good cond, no rust, c/w canopy, $5500 obo. (250)489-8151 (250)426-7991

1997 CHEV SILVERADO 1500 ext cab, 2WD, short box, 152,556 km, 5.7L, new tires, brakes, battery, extra alloys, c/w new tires, raised canopy, running boards, cassette/CD, brake controller,

$6000. (250)426-2473

1999 Ford F150 XLT Extended cab, p/s, p/b, p/w, cruise, V8 auto, 165,000 km, ex. cond., $4000. (250)829-0510

1999 GMC Sierra 2WD, Deluxe Chrome Package, New Brakes, Trailer Tow Package, New Alpine Stereo w/Sub, Excellent Shape, 189,500km,

Trucks & Vans

2007 Ford F150 Automatic, Air, cruise, keyless entry CD with IPOD jack, Accident free $6000.00 (250)428-0108

Asking $4550 OBO Brad 250-417-9289

2000 Ford F350 4x4, 7.3 diesel, auto, one owner, all maintained, high rise canopy,

$6995. (250)426-6993

2001 Dodge Ram Van, 8-cyl, auto, RWD, Stock #H06320A, $12,000. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888-638-4488 2001 Honda Odyssey, great family van, 140,000km, asking $6500. (250)489-0725 2003 Pontiac Montana SE Minivan, 3.4L 6 Cyl, 4-spd auto, Stock #S09725B, $6,995. Subaru of Cranbrook, DL #10523, 1-877-420-2194 2003 Toyota Tundra 4x4, 260,000 km, well maintained, good cond., $10,500 obo. (250)489-0771 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 SL, 8cyl, Stock #20613A, $11,925. Melody Motors, DL #5248, 1888-703-2211 2005 Ford F-150 Supercab 4WD, 8-cyl, Stock #09913C, $12,832. Melody Motors, DL #5248 1-888-703-2211

2008 F350 Diesel Super Duty, 4WD, tow device on trans., 6.4L, 3.73A/R, 80,000km, 1-yr Ext. Warranty, new tool box, new 5th Wheel hitch,long 8’ box, many more extras, never smoked in, $25,500. Will sell with 2005 Holiday Rambler for $42,500. Come and have a look, 1429 20A St. S, Cbk (250)489-5860 (250)420-1632 2012 Chevrolet Express, 4.8L, 8 cyl, auto, Stock #61433 $29,942. North Star Motors, DL 5717, 1-800-6632307 2012 Ford F350 Super Duty XLT Power Stroke Diesel, 6.7L 4X4, Crew Cab, auto, Stock #EB34086, $38,999. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1-888418-4798 2013 Chevrolet Suburban LT, 5.3L 8-cyl, Auto, Stock #61456, $46,804. North Star GM, DL #5717, 1-800-6632307 GMC diesel, 1985, 6.2L, heavy half ton, only 95,000 miles, undercoated, very little rust, complete with wood racks, trailer hitch & steel utility box, senior driven with complete log, also, Randell 21’ 5th Wheel trailer, good cond., w/metal roof, all systems in good working order, sleeps 4, large counter area & tons of storage space, great starter unit, complete package $5500. (250)342-6451 Hunter’s Special: 1980 Chev pickup, with Okanagan camper, great shape, comes with canopy, $3500. (250)421-9160

Utility Trailers

2005 GMC Sierra 4x4 Extended Cab HD 2500, 8’ box, auto, air, CD player, 120V inverter, trailer towing package, 370,000km, well maintained, $6800. Call after 5pm, (250)489-5068

2006 F150 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4, 150,000km, black on black, leather, DVD, sunroof, Tonneau, loaded, p/everything, heated seats, Showroom cond, $21,000 obo. (250)464-1330 2006 Ford F150 Supercab, 4x4, p/w, air, new rubber, clean, $14,000. Leave message, (250)427-5162 2006 GMC 2500 HD 4x4, V8, auto, a/c, 260,000km, well maintained, receipts for new parts, $15,000. (250)426-8591 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SXT, 5.6L Hemi, 4x4 quad cab, 192,000km, very good cond., well maintained, 2 sets tires, lots of extras, $13,995. (250)422-3206 2007 Ford F-150 XLT 4x4, 5.4L V8, 4-spd auto, Stock #T4114A, $12,995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1-800-6633839 2008 DODGE Ram, 3500, 4x4 crew cab, loaded w/8’ box,$30,000. Good used work trucks. 1(250)427-6199 2010 Ford F-150, 4x4 ext cab, loaded. Also other good used trucks. 1 (250)427-6199

Flatdeck trailer, 16’x8’, heavy duty, double axle, new tires & spring shackles, $3500 obo. (250)489-5798 Quad trailer, 8’x10’, 15’’ wheels, spare tire, removable sides, 3500 lb axle, $1500. (250)425-5032 Wells Cargo bike cargo trailer, 1500 lb torsion axle, wheel chock, 6 tie points, loading ramp, 6x6x10, $2800. (250)464-0207

Boat Rentals

Trade Ins Welcome On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

Boats 16.5’ open bow Canventure, tri haul, 70HP Merc, low hours, EZ Loader trailer, $3500 obo. (250)417-0506 16’ Boat & 9.9 Yamaha motor, $1600. (250)421-1484 20’ Mariah, low hours, like new cond., only 170hrs, stored indoors, rare 5.7L fuel injected 280hp engine in a 20’ boat, high end quality, interior is in like new cond. You won’t find a nicer boat at this price! $19,500. (250)464-0655 Rare Double Eagle 14’ deep hull, 65 hp Merc outboard, hydraulic lift, ski pole & galvanized trailer, $2500. Call (250)529-7470 Sailboat, CAL 20, 3 sails (main, storm & genua), 8 hp Honda outboard, fixed keel (3’), inc. trailer, asking $3500. Call Henry, (250)428-3545

We’re on the net at


FASHION FOR B9 How do Canadians know if it’s true (or not)? LADIES They turn to the trusted source: Newspapers

Kootenay News Advertiser Monday, April 21, 2014

The Kin Club of Cranbrook

welcomes you to the 40th annual home & recreation show at the Cranbrook Curling Club Friday, May 2 • 5pm-9 pm Saturday, May 3 • 10am-6pm Sunday, May 4 • 10am-3pm

Something for every member of your family Adults $5 • Students/seniors $3 • Family $12 Children under 12 FREE with an adult

New Fashion Trends in print, online, tablet and phone. And, research finds that they trust the ads there too – more than those in any other medium.

Become a Big Brother

Become a Big Brother,Be orwhere Big Sister, Couples for Kids Canadians look. or In - School Mentor. For more information call 489-3111 or Visit our


How do Canadians know if it’s true (or not)? They turn to the trusted source: Newspapers in print, online, tablet and phone. And, research finds that they trust the ads there too – more than those in any other medium. Be where Canadians look.

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-2pm Sept.28, 8am S 1308 19th St. -2pm Sept. 28, 8am. N 616 17th Ave m Sept. 27, 4-7p -noon Sept. 28, 9amS 2318 3rd St. parking lot) ugh (access thro



m Sept. 27, 2-6p -1pm Sept. 28, 9am y St. 1201 Kootena (across from

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Alliance Chu

-? Sept. 28, 9am .S 221 8th Ave m Sept. 27, 6-8p -2pm Sept. 28, 9amS 2307 3rd St.


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College of The RoCkieS golD CReek CAmpuS

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ad r garage sale e to book you pag Don’t forget Tuesday to be on this by 2 pm on

30pm Sept. 27, 1-5: -4pm 10. Sept. 28, 9am th Lake Rd m-4pm Sept. 28, 10a th Lake Rd 1396 Jim Smi 3248 Jim Smi -1pm Sept. 28, 9amm-2pm 10a Sept. 29, . S 123 8th Ave -1pm Sept. 28, 8am Avenue S on page A24 724 & 728 21st sale listings plete garage See our com

Don’t miss out on any more garage sales!

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How do Canadians know if it’s true (or not)? Help show off the beauty of the East KootenayThey by turn to the trusted source: Newspapers submitting your photos in print, online, tablet and phone. for publication in ourresearch finds that they trust the ads there too And, annual visitors guide. – more than those in any other medium. We want to print your best pictures which show off the Be where Canadians look. natural beauty and fun-spirit of our region. Please identify any people in the photographs, and include the name of the photographer so we can publish a photo credit. Submission deadline is April 26, 2014.

Clip out the garage sale map in our Friday Kootenay Advertiser for a handy guide to all the sales in the Cranbrook area.

Submit color prints to: 1510-2nd St. N., Cranbrook, BC V1C 3L2 or email jpg, tiff or eps images to


Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Things to See & Do To Place a listing in our community news section: 1. open to all clubs and nonprofit organizations. 2. Post your event online at (calendar). events appear on our website oNlY. If you wish your event to be published in the paper please submit to our front desk or email: 3. Notices are published as space permits and for the current week only. This is not a guarantee of publication. We reserve the right to edit information.only non-profit organizations/events will be allowed.

April callINg all orThodox chrIsTIaNs of every ethnicity and all who wish to experience the depth of the holy Week and Pascha (easter) services as celebrated by the eastern christian church from the ear-

liest centuries. saint aidan of lindisfarne orthodox church, cranbrook, looks forward to meeting you. service schedule call or see: 250-489-8006, Facebook or call Fr. andrew applegate at 1-403-554-0193. all services in english. KINdergarTeN ImmuNIzaTIoNs available for children between the ages of 4 and 6 years at the cranbrook health unit. For an appointment call 250-420-2207. clinic dates are: monday april 7, Friday april 11, monday april 14, Thursday may 15.

performance 7-9:30pm eKmTa presentsKnox Presbyterian church “voice” performance 7-9:30 pm

supporting and helping out to promote and improve the trail please attend and show your support.

April 23

April 24

craNbrooK herITage assocIaTIoN meeting at 7 pm at the manual Training centre next to the cranbrook Public library. all are welcome. For more information please contact Karen at 250-489-5298. eKmTa presentscollege of the rockies lecture theatre “Piano” performance 7-9:30pm eKmTa presentsKnox Presbyterian church “voice” performance 7-9:30 pm ForT sTeele c e m e T e r Y cleaNuP daY-volunteers needed, starts 9:30am. bring gloves and your own rake. come JoIN us For The FIrsT INaugural agm of the Northstar rails 2 Trails society 7pm at centennial hall (1004th ave) in Kimberley. If you are interested in

eKmTa presentscollege of the rockies lecture theatre “Piano” performance 7-9:30pm eKmTa presentsKnox Presbyterian church “voice” performance 7-9:30 pm are You aFraId To geT uP aNd sPeaK To aN audIeNce? do you wish you had more confidence? come to cranbrook First Toastmasters and discover that speaking to an audience can be fun! 7-8pm at the college of the rockies rm 210. aPrIl 24 & 25 JoIN WIldsIghT to celebrate earth day week with the film Watermark and a Ktunaxa speaker on water. Watermark is a three year exploration of our relationship with water around the world from edward burtyn-

April 22 have camera WIll Travel-Join Jim Webster & Ian mcKinlay travelogue “Wet & dry”- hiking across scotland at centre 64 7:30pm. admission by donation with proceeds to Kimberley arts council expansion project eKmTa presentscollege of the rockies lecture theatre “Piano”

Our community-minded Canadian Tire is here to provide efficient customer service and deliver an exceptional shopping experience.




NOW 69.99 24V Cordless Yardworks Trimmer/Edger. 12’’ cutting path. 60-2273-4. Reg 139.99


Ninja Makes It Fast. Master Prep Pro. 43-2123-4. Reg 69.99 Now 39.99









Now 139.99 Power Clean Simoniz 1800-PSI Electric Pressure Washer. Includes 23’ hose, on-board pressure hose reel and 4 project/turbo tips. 39-8561-6. Reg 239.99

Now 9.99 Portable Charcoal BBQ. 141 chrome-plated cooking surface. 85-1037-6. Reg 29.99


1100 Victoria Avenue North, Cranbrook, BC • 250-489-3300 • 1-877-330-2323 • Service 250-489-5563 For days like today™

sale, cranbrook united church 9am. Table rentals $10. set up Friday 1:30pm4:30pm or by appointment. crafters, down sizers, up sizers, specialty and charitable fundraiser vendors welcome. lunch bar available between 11am and 1pm. For more information call 250-426-2022 for details or to rent a table. easT KooTeNaY roller derbY league kicks off the summer 2014 season with a doubleheader bout in canal Flats. This is a familyfriendly for all ages! First bout 6pm second bout 8pm. Tickets available at the the door. Please bring an item for the Food bank. For more information go to

Things to See & Do



sky, the photographer and filmmaker behind manufactured landscapes. cranbrook: april 24 7:30pm Key city Theatre Kimberley: april 25 7pm centre 64. Tickets are $10 in advance at or $13 at the door.

See our flyer in Friday’s Kootenay Advertiser All sale prices end Thursday at close




Now 349.99 Portable Power Champion 3000W/4000W Gas Generator. Cold start technology. Runs up to 10 hours at half load. 55-0324-0. Reg 499.99




Now 199.99 Cuisinart Electric Smoker. Five racks with 810 sq-in of total cooking surface to maximize smoking space. Auto shut-off. 85-1153-8 Reg 299.99

Enter to win one of 4 4-$25 gift cards

Name: _______________ Phone: _______________ Draw date May 31, 2014

* Cranbrook Store ONLY

April 26

daNce To ‘The PacemaKers’ at the cranbrook seniors hall 7p.m following the afternoon ‘Jam session’ & Ice cream social at 1:30pm. all are welcome to come out to both events. For more information contact Flo 250-489-2720. home groWN musIc socIeTY presents the coffee house at centre 64 8pm. Tickets $7 at the snowdrift cafesupport our local artists. Ya h K - K I N g s gaTe archIve open house 10am4pm Yahk community hall. donations of old photos, stories, articles, newspapers welcome. any further information contact Theresa vandergeest 250-424-5118 uPsTaIrs/doWNsTaIrs garage

April 27 eK hIsTorIcal assocIaTIoN meeting Noon. guest speaker Joe Pierre For more information contact marilyn 250-426-3070 or skip 250-426-3679. FraTerNal or-

Best Quality and Price in the Kootenays North end of the Strip 250-426-1882 tf: 855-815-7575

der oF eagles PaNcaKe breaKFasT 8:30-11am $5 per person. 711 Kootenay st. cranbrook. all proceeds to Free The chIldreN. come and support cranbrook’s own Kyrie Jackson (miss Teen canada contestant).

April 29 uNITed WaY agm 5:30pm in the community living building 1402-1st s. everyone welcome to attend.

MAY eKmTa (eK Performing arts Festival) presents their showcase at the Key city Theatre may 13th, 7-9:30pm. “eagles sPrINg craFT FlINg” may 2 - 5pm to 9pm, may 3 - 9 to 4, may 4 10 to 4, eagles hall 711 Kootenay st N. For more info or table call 250-426-6006

MAY 7 KooTeNaY rocKIes aTv club agm 7pm days Inn, cranbrook. New members always welcome! For more information go to


have You beeN diagnosed with Perphria? I’d like to meet you. leave message, 489-2670.

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Home Improvement and Renovations Rigorous organization means a better move EK PROOF 2012/13 Please initial Date

• TO: Pack your belong- tain any bits and pieces sure, it’s hard to think ings. select cardboard that will come in handy of everything ahead of FROM: boxes that are easy to during the move. Pack it time, but good orgacarry. Identify each with a first-aid kit, toilet nization will help you Please review this proof carefully, check name, address, telephone number and spelling. box.[1]Photograph valu- paper, tools, cleaning avoid the worst-case If changes are required, please indicate them clearly. able[2]objects. products, and garbage scenarios. good luck fax (250-426-4125) or mail this proof back with your approval immediately or within 5 days • [3] ThenFind someone bags. with your move! run as shown Approved to run with changes indicated to look Approved after tothe chil• unplug all nondren and any pets on the essential devices or day of the move. appliances and tape the The lAsT Few electric cords to their dAys sides (lamps, deep • Prepare a box to put freezer, and home cinin your car. It will con- ema).

KOOTENAY TUB REPAIRS Scratched, Chipped,Cracked or Dull

Refinish it today and use it tomorrow. Repairs to all makes and models of bathtubs. Bruce Seitz P: 250-919-2677

Best Quality and Price in the Kootenays North end of the Strip 250-426-1882 tf: 855-815-7575 Landscape Equipment & Supplies

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It’s all about preparation when it comes to moving your family out of your old home and into your new one. The secret to moving house without stress, or almost, can be summed up in one word: organization. From the moment you decide to move, start making a list of everything that has to be done and stick it on the fridge door. This will help you to meet all the deadlines and get ready for the big, stressful day. As soon As you know The dATe oF The move • Reserve the date with a moving company. Choose a wellestablished business, and don’t rely solely on quotes. It’s better to pay a touch more for good service. • If you rent a truck, contact family and friends who could give you a helping hand. Be sure to call or send out an e-mail to remind them a few days before the move. • Change your mailing address. Companies to contact with your new information: electricity provider; telephone; Internet; cable; insurance providers (take this opportunity to update your home insurance policy); financial institutions; the school your children attend; gov-

ernment agencies; and lawyer. FouR To eIghT weeks BeFoRe The move

• Landscape Rock - Clean, Green & Rundle Colours, All Sizes • Structural Rock - To Specs, Tested & Enviro Approved • Rock Drilling & Certified Blasting - Explosives • Rock & Concrete Breaking - Non-Explosive & Safe • Engineered Designs, Projects &/or Supervision • Landscapes, Roads, Bridges, Snow Removal, Excavation Call Don Office: Cell:

250.489.5222 250.421.1980

a div. of: Miller D. Holdings Ltd. - 1994 King Street, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 6S6 •

Construction Questions How Quick Can You Mop up the Water in Your Basement? by Menno Dueck Heavy spring rain allowed Jeremy to continue to improve his bailing skills. Out came the buckets, mops and fans, not a new experience for Jeremy. In fact, he’s embraced the challenge and is sure he can shave off a few minutes from last year’s record. Partner Ellen dreams of a day when the basement can be used for something more than storing plastic bins of Christmas decorations and kids’ old art projects.

Rain and/or a quick thaw while the ground is still frozen are ideal weather conditions for water seepage. With the ground unable to act as a sponge, water will find its way to the lowest point. If that point is next to your house, the chance of having water seepage increases. Prevention starts with assessing the flow of water. Take a walk around your house and yard, in the rain, to see where the water gathers. Lack of gutter maintenance may be the issue. Do the gutters flow freely to the downpipes or are they sloped wrong, have holes, rusty Corporate Office Koocanusa Publications, Suite 100, 100 - 7th Ave. S., Cranbrook, BC V1C 2J4areas or cracked joints where wa• 1-800-663-8555 • Phone (250) 426-7253 • Fax (250) 426-4125 • E-mail: ter is running or dripping next to the foundation? Are they clear 1/4 Acre Lots starting at $79,000.00 of debris? Is the water that flows out of the downpipes being taken 1/2 Acre Lots starting at $109,000.00 away from the house or is it pooling near the foundation? Annual No Timeline for building commitment maintenance (cleaning, caulking) Community forest on 2 sides is affordable prevention and if the


- SHANE MURRAY 250.427.6215

DAVE GRAHAM 250.427.0372

gutters and downpipes are not repairable, then replace. Do you have gardens that butt into the house? Every time you water that garden, particularly if the sprinkler(s) hit the house, you are watering the foundation, too. Might be a good idea to incorporate a gravel “path” between garden and house and make sure any landscape slopes away from the house on all sides. Other conditions, such as slope of yard and cracks should be discussed with your contractor. If your yard (or your neighbour’s yard) slopes toward your house, moisture (rain/thaw/sprinkler) will collect and run to your house; additional drainage around the perimeter of the house may be required. If there are cracks, they will need to be sealed from the outside which could involve excavation. Seepage can be expensive (damages not usually covered by insurance), create potential health risks for your family (mold, fungus), and make your house difficult to sell (musty smell). Now is the time to get into prevention mode. Leave the bailing to Jeremy. Past articles are posted on under Blog.

Commercial & Residential Construction Custom Building & Project Management

Menno Dueck



Monday, April 21, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

It keeps more jobs close The healthier our to home businesses are, the more We can’t keep or create jobs locally if our tax revenue we gain region isn’t in good economic shape. It’s just good logic.

Thriving companies are able to grow, and as they do, their tax contributions grow. This means revenue for our municipality and benefits for everyone.


Proud Community Supporter

PO Box 2409, #3 - 755 13 St., Invermere, BC, VOA 1K0 Ph: (250) 342-6978 Fx: (250) 342-3091 Toll Free:1-888-982-8888 Email:

I want to invest in my region

Buying locally is logical, unavoidable, and efficient. It is an important strategy for keeping our region dynamic in every way. Together, if we shop local, we can help our community grow and thrive!

Your Home Store

1901 McPhee Rd. Cranbrook, BC Ph: 250-426-6288 Fax: 250-426-8759

It supports economic investment in our region

An economically dynamic region attracts investment. The more investment there is, the more our municipality and region earn in tax revenues. This, in turn, attracts other investors. Investors are like consumers — they are attracted to deals that work!

It makes a difference to the environment

Buying locally made products and doing business with companies from our region is a way to be active in protecting the environment. The less our goods are transported from far away, the less we contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

It helps support community organizations Our non-profit organizations receive a lot of financial support from business people in the region, and these donations are essential. When our local economy is in good health, our organizations are in good health.

Proud to be part ofthe forest industry. Buyers of cedar & pine poles We sell treated poles

Proud to be part of the transportation industry CAPITOL TIRE

Proud community supporter

Ph. 346-3315 Fax: 346-3218 Scale - 346-3241

601 Industrial Rd. #1 Cranbrook, B.C. 250-489-3407

CRANBROOK CRESTON iNvERmERE 820 Cranbrook St. N. 426-5208 • Fax 426-1985 Toll Free 1-800-665-5507

1226 Cook St. 428-9590 Fax 428-8796

120 Industrial Rd. #2 342-6517 Fax 342-6401

It means a bigger choice of products and services

A company depends on business to thrive. When business is good, a company will expand, bringing new products and services to the region.





2375 +deposit


2675 +deposit







for these


items throughout the store

LIQUOR 250-426-2338

Cranbrook • Next to WalMart


hours 9 am - 11 pm , 7 days a week

While quantities last, items subject to change.

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