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All sewn up Leisa Gattie-Thurmer plans to update the Golden Thimble, creating a venture that’s part fabric store, part sewing school.

Zach Bell’s cycling team took third in the 30th annual Redlands Bicycle Classic.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


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Gay parents win recognition PAGE 3

Jesse Winter/Yukon News

Yukon Youth Indoor Climbing Team member Sam Lee reaches for another hold during the Peel Climb-a-thon fundraiser in Porter Creek on Saturday. Lee and his teammates climbed a 6.7-metre wall in shifts for 12 straight hours to raise money to support the Peel watershed lawsuits.

Residents consider quitting Keno PAGE 5 Hey CBC, “parkiest” ain’t a word.



Yukon News

Privacy commissioner touts fix to TRC logjam

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Ashley Joannou

Fi r s t N at ion o f Nacho Nyak D u n

Special General Assembly Meeting Notice Agenda: Settlement “B” Lands

Date: Location:

Saturday, April 26th, 2014 Time: 10 am

NND Government House, Mayo, Yukon

Rides, snack, and refreshments will be provided.

TOTAL FIRE PROTECTION SERVICES LTD. 129 Copper road, Whitehorse Yt, Y1a 2Z7 phone (867) 667-2614 Fax (867) 668-4646 email

Basic Portable Fire Extinguisher Use

Training CoUrsEs aPriL 11 & 25 May 9 & 23

CALL TO BOOK YOUR SEATS SENIORS DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE Need to have 10 seats booked or courses may be combined or date changed. If you require this service you can call our office at 867-667-2614, fax us at 867-668-4646, or email us at And we can make arrangements for you.

theatre le ty -s e g in fr ly n o e Th a is back! d a n a C rn e h rt o N festival in

Teamed with Slam-a-Phobia presented by PSAC Regional Pride Committee. 100% unjuried, 100% uncensored, 100% accessible! Tickets at the door: $12 (cash only) Hosted by local performer: Claire Ness with her hilarious “Claire-acters”

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

News Reporter


he territory’s information and privacy commissioner is urging the Yukon government to consider updating the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act so more information could be made public. Our current law exempts some information from being released to the public. Elsewhere, similar legislation often includes an override that would allow excluded information to be released if it was found to be in the public interest to do so. The idea is to “consider whether or not it is, despite those exemptions, still in the public interest to disclose that information when balanced against the purpose of the exemptions, essentially,” privacy commissioner Diane McLeodMcKay said. The commissioner wrote a letter to Public Works Minister Wade Istchenko on April 3, after hearing about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s work to identify students who died or went missing while attending residential schools. “If a public interest override provision were included in the ATIPP Act a public body would be in a position to disclose information to an applicant, such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, after determining the public interest in disclosure outweighs the purpose of an exemption that applies under the ATIPP Act.” As of right now, officials with the Department of Health and Social Services are releasing all the information they can to the commission. But the Yukon’s Vital Statistics Act prevents a cause of death from being made public until 100 years after a person has died. Public interest overrides exist in many other jurisdictions, though each law is a little different. In Ontario, an override has been in the province’s privacy legislation since it was created in 1988. “There are times when an exemption applies under the act for information that has a confidentiality aspect to it. But sometimes there’s a very strong public interest to seeing the record,” said David Goodis, director of legal services for the information and privacy commissioner of Ontario. “The public interest override allows the commissioner to weigh the competing interests of confidentiality and the

Jesse Winter/Yukon News

Yukon’s privacy commissioner Diane McLeod-McKay wants to see the legislature update its access-to-information legislation.

public interest in disclosure. In the right case, say the override applies and the record should be disclosed.” In Ontario, a government department could apply the rule itself, but that rarely if ever takes place, Goodis said. What usually happens is that the request is refused and on appeal someone argues that the override should apply. “The commissioner has the last word on that,” he said. Ontario’s public interest override has been used to release records concerning public safety at a nuclear generating plant, the safe operation of a petro-chemical facility, preservation of a particular building as a heritage building and salary information about senior police officials. The office did not have data for how often the override is used. Goodis said it’s rarely applied, likely around a dozen times in its history. In Alberta and B.C. the override that exists requires there be urgency to the need for information, McLeodMcKay said. “In the case of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, those sections wouldn’t apply because there is no urgency to the disclosure of that information,” she said. “So that’s why I sort of lean towards the Ontario model, because I thought it more suited the purpose.” McLeod-McKay wouldn’t say for sure whether or not all the information sought by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission would be made public if the territory had a public interest override. That would all depend on which model of a law was chosen. But she says it’s a possibility. “That’s the kind of information that these kind of provisions are meant to serve. In terms of giving that extra

look at whether or not there is a compelling public interest to the disclosure of these records, I would say that there may be.” But there is other work that would need to be done before any override could even apply to the information that was sought by the commission. Currently the Vital Statistics Act is one of a few acts in the territory that trumps what a person could see under our access-to-information laws. In her letter to Istchenko, McLeod-McKay says that laws that are paramount over the ATIPP Act may unnecessarily restrict access to information. This is not the first time that a Yukon information and privacy commissioner has called for a public-interest override. In 2011 when the ATIPP legislation was last being overhauled, then-commissioner Tracy-Anne McPhee expressed similar concerns. The act is next scheduled to be reviewed in 2015. McLeodMcKay, who started the job in June, said a public-interest override will be one of the recommendations she makes. Istchenko was not available for comment. Cabinet spokesperson Elaine Schiman said the government appreciates McLeodMcKay’s letter and her suggestions. “In the short term, Health and Social Services has been working hard to meet the needs of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and has, we understand, found a way to provide the TRC with information that does meet their needs.” In the long term, the information and privacy commissioner will be consulted when the ATIPP Act is reviewed in 2015, she said. Contact Ashley Joannou at


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Birth certificate rules changing for same-sex parents Ashley Joannou

about the problem from Scott Kent, the family’s MLA and one of the many people they reached out shouldn’t have to adopt my too for help. own child.” Graham said it was clear that Corinne Gurtler is speaking changes needed to happen. about her baby boy. She and her “When I talked with Scott I rewife, Cai Krikorian, have filed a alized that should have been done human rights complaint against and it wasn’t. When we became the Yukon government over how aware of it, we started right away same-sex parents are identified on to make changes.” Yukon birth certificates. Graham said the legislation The couple gave birth to Mirek needs to be modernized but was in January. never intended to discriminate. Krikorian is the baby’s biologi“The legislation was just writcal mother and the couple used an ten in a different time and it needs anonymous sperm donor. this kind of update,” he said. Under the Yukon’s Vital Statics The new law would do away Act, if a same-sex couple has a with the adoption requirement child, the person who gives birth and allow for up to four people to is listed on the birth certificate as be included on a birth certificate. “mother.” If Gurtler wanted her “We’ll have the capacity to name on her son’s birth certificate, include sperm donor, surrogate, she would have to adopt him. parent and parent if that were the She doesn’t plan on it and says case,” said Pat Living, spokespershe shouldn’t have to. son for the Department of Health “If a heterosexual couple uses and Social Services. a sperm donor there’s presumpInformation was not readily tive parenthood for the father,” available as to how many same-sex she said. “Even though it’s not couples have had to go through his sperm, it’s still presumptive the adoption process under the parenthood. How is that any difcurrent rules. ferent?” Graham said the new law will After Krikorian gave birth, the mean Gurtler and Krikorian won’t family began to fill out all the have to go through the adoption necessary forms to get a birth process. certificate for Mirek. “We’re also making it retroacGurtler says at first they were tive so that the two parents who confused by how gender specific brought it to Scott’s attention the forms were, with blank spots will be able to have both of their for “mother” and “father.” names put on the birth certificate “We thought fine, we’ll just fill without going through the adopout the form. We crossed out ‘fation process,” he said. ther’ and put ‘parent’ to fit us. The Department of Justice lawyers hospital sent the form off.” are currently going through the About a week and a half later rest of the territory’s legislation they found out about the adopto see what other laws will need tion requirement. language changes to reflect sameGurtler calls it ridiculous. sex couples. It appears the Yukon governGraham estimates there is likely ment agrees. five or six other pieces of law that Health Minister Doug Graham need to be tweaked. said yesterday that the offending “We’ll have to go through a language will be removed from process to make sure we change the Vital Statistics Act before the them all. Because the worse thing end of the this legislative session. you can do is go through (and) Graham said he first heard change some pieces of legislation News Reporter


before the complaint was made. “We started this long before the human rights complaint because we thought it was the right thing to do,” he said. Graham took Stick to task for raising the issue in the legislature even though she knew the government was already working on changes. Any changes to the law will require approval from all MLAs because it’s happening more than five days after the start of the legislature. “She’s been aware that we’re changing the legislation. She’s been aware that we will need unanimous consent because I’ve already asked her about that. So the motion to me was just a Mike Thomas/Yukon News political ploy to try and gain some Corinne Gurtler, right, and Cai Krikorian at home with their points, I guess,” Graham said. sons, Owen and Mirek Krikorian. The same-sex couple are Stick said her motion calling legally married but the Yukon government says Gurtler for updates to the law is still imhas to adopt the newborn Mirek to be his mother. portant because it publicly holds the Yukon Party accountable to that have unintended consequenc- listed as parents. That can’t hapmake the changes. pen until they are both listed on es somewhere down the road.” “When the family is becomthe birth certificate. The NDP’s Jan Stick brought ing increasingly frustrated by not Gurtler said she is glad the Yu- hearing what’s going to happen, up the situation in the legislature. kon government is committing to then it’s my job as an MLA and as “It’s well past time that these acts should have been amended to making changes, but the family is an Official Opposition member to not ready to drop its human rights bring that forward,” she said. reflect the realities of today,” she complaint just yet. said in an interview. “We led the Gurtler said she’s most frustratSexual orientation has been country in same-sex marriages.” ed because the government “really covered under the Yukon Human had many opportunities to fix In July 2004, Steve and Rob Rights Act since it was passed in Dunbar-Edge became the first this a long time ago and they just 1987. same-sex couple to marry in the simply have refused to do it.” Section 39 of the Yukon HuYukon. But it took a legal battle to In May 2012, then-Liberal man Rights Act says that the get them there. Leader Darius Elias brought forhuman rights act supersedes all Stick says since then the terriward a motion in the legislature other acts in the territory, unless it calling for a full review of the tertory hasn’t kept up. is expressly stated otherwise. “We’re back down at the botritory’s family, child and property “Basically the Vital Statistics tom of the pile again in terms of laws. Among other things, the moAct is null and void in terms making sure that other legislation asked the review to examine of same-sex parents because it tion reflects the reality of today issues related to same-sex couples. contravenes the human rights act,” and provides equal treatment to The Vital Statistics Act was Gurtler said. everyone.” not specifically mentioned in the “So they should be able to With only one name on their motion, though NDP justice critic grant us the birth certificate. son’s birth certificate, things Lois Moorcroft did mention it They should have been able to do once in the debate. The motion have been difficult for the family, it from the get-go, they flat out Gurtler said. never came to a vote. They haven’t applied for a reg- refused to do so.” Elias has since become a memGraham wouldn’t comment on ber of the Yukon Party. istered education savings plan or a social insurance number for their the human rights complaint, but Contact Ashley Joannou at son because they want to both be said the changes were in the works

New funding fuels land-based healing Eva Holland News Reporter


he Yukon government announced last week that it will provide $1 million in funding to support land-based treatment programs at the Jackson Lake Healing Centre over the next three years. The territorial money supplements a $1.5 million, three-year federal funding agreement announced by Health Canada and the Kwanlin Dun First Nation in October 2013. The First Nation has been running residential treatment programs at Jackson Lake for the past five years, combining healing through First Nations cultural traditions with more clinical methods. The two new rounds of

funding will allow a substantial expansion of its existing offerings. “It’s absolutely significant,” said Jeanie Dendys, director of justice for Kwanlin Dun. “The federal funding was a fund that would go towards helping us establish core staff. The focus of that fund is going to be on prevention and aftercare.” That core staff, supported by the federal funding, is known as the Jackson Lake Wellness Team, and consists of a team coordinator, clinical counsellor, cultural counsellor and two community outreach workers. They’ll work on expanding the impact of the program to benefit participants beyond its brief residential period – with a particular focus on follow-up care to ensure that the gains made in treatment don’t slip

away. The territorial funding, meanwhile, will go towards expanding the existing residential programs. “(It) will assist us in the delivery of the on-the-land programming,” said Dendys. “We’ll be able to commit to at least two intakes a year, and further develop the program to better meet the needs of all of our communities.” The programs at Jackson Lake are aimed at healing the mental, emotional and physical scars of substance abuse and addiction. While part of the programming is derived from traditional First Nations practices, it’s open to all Yukoners, not just First Nations people or Kwanlin Dun citizens. Program participants live onsite at Jackson Lake for three to five weeks, depending on the particular

offering they’re enrolled in. The camp includes a main cabin with a kitchen, dining and meeting space, woodstove-heated wall tents for dormitories, outhouses and a wash house. On the clinical side, participants engage in regular group discussions and circle work. Traditional First Nations approaches to healing employed at Jackson Lake include a sweat lodge, smudging ceremonies, and singing. The program also includes hunting and fishing, making items like fishnets, drums and moccasins, and visits from elders. Kwanlin Dun has commissioned detailed evaluations of past intakes at Jackson Lake, and has found that the programming has been well received and had a positive impact on a majority

of participants. “With the strong prayers and smudging, I felt lifted – left the bad stuff in there and got a better feeling for self and family,” said one participant. Another noted that being out on the land was a new experience for him. “Not the thing to do (growing up) in an alcohol dominated home,” he said. “Has a healing effect.” As with so many residential programs aimed at healing the effects of substance abuse, the Jackson Lake program faces challenges when its participants return home to their regular lives. The hope is that the new funding arrangements, both federal and territorial, will help Kwanlin Dun tackle those challenges, and to provide expanded, and more effective, landbased healing to more Yukoners.


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Couple pushes for student visa health coverage Jesse Winter

During that time he never once had anyone complain about the health coverage issue, he said. hen Chris and The NDP’s health critic, Jan Olivia Cox decided Stick, brought a motion in the to move to Whitelegislature late last month urghorse together last October, the ing the government to extent newlyweds got an unwelcome health coverage to international surprise: Olivia isn’t eligible for students. Yukon medicare. Speaking with the News, Graham said he would consider That’s because she is an changing the rules to allow for American citizen, in Canada on coverage of international stua student visa, and the Yukon dents, but only in consultation is one of the only jurisdictions with the college. in Canada that doesn’t extend “I don’t know if it’s an health care to foreign students. impediment to attracting “It was a surprise. It was students. I don’t know if things something we had really counthave changed, but in all the ed on. We started looking into years I was there this never other jurisdictions, and they all came up,” he said. cover it but the Yukon doesn’t,” According to the college, this Olivia said. past fall there were 16 interOlivia is a linguistics student national students registered in working on her dissertation credit programs at the college, through the University of Alplus a few more who come for berta, which recruited her from shorter one- or two-month the States a few years ago. She stays to learn English or other Jesse Winter/Yukon News met Chris in Alberta, and the skills. Chris and Olivia Cox want to see the territory adjust its health coverage legislation to intwo got married in July 2012. Jacqueline Bedard, the direcclude people here on international student visas. In Alberta, Olivia’s health tor of college relations, said she care was covered by the provalso has never heard of inter“We wouldn’t have chosen to cording to Health Minister ince, but she and Chris had no a month for basic overage national students complaining Doug Graham, even if the rules come here knowing this. It’s a through Great West Life, on idea they wouldn’t be covered about the medicare restrictions. in the Yukon until they applied top of the international tuition major disincentive,” Chris said. were changed, Olivia wouldn’t She said Yukon College interWhen the couple discovered be covered because she’s not she’s already paying – three here and were rejected. national students are able to get the issue, they brought it to registered at Yukon College. times higher than Canadian Not only does the territory private insurance for substanthe territorial health minister’s “If you’re attending univertuition. not cover Olivia, her new hustially less than what the Cox’s office. They said they were sity at the University of Alberta, “That basically means I can band’s employer’s health plan told that changing the rules you go to Edmonton and you’re are paying. go to the hospital. If I got in a won’t cover her either, unless “It’s not an inexpensive car crash, they could take me to wouldn’t require re-jigging the covered by Alberta medicare. she already has basic health proposition to be an internaentire act, just some political If you got a visa to go to Yukon the hospital,” but that’s about coverage. tional student, period,” Bedard will from the minister’s office – College, you wouldn’t be covThat means paying $200 it,” Olivia said. said. political will which apparently ered by Alberta medicare,” he “When you look at the cost doesn’t exist right now. said. “From what I understand, However, Graham conceded of health care for an internaBasketball Yukon’s tional student, we’re looking at it’s really just a matter of the that even if she were a Yuperhaps $1.80 a day dependminister making the decision to kon College student, she still ing on what private supplier allow it,” Chris said. wouldn’t be covered. (Annual General Meeting) they choose to get their health That may be true, but ac“One of the reasons is becoverage through. Really, in the cause of the small population. Saturday April 26 from ur greater scheme of things, it’s Wed, April 9 & Any increase in the number of 1:00 to 2:30 PM not a lot of money for an interThursday, April 10 people on medicare costs us in the Sport Yukon proportionately a huge amount national student,” she said. Whitehorse Yukon Cinema Whi8thorse But the Coxes are paying Board Room #1. of money compared to say a Basketball Yukon 304 Wood Street Ph: 668-6644 almost four times as much as province like Ontario or Althat for their private insurberta,” Graham explained. ance, which is the cheapest they The other reason, he said, is that the issue simply hasn’t ever could find. “We keep hearing that there come up before. Prior to his stint as an MLA, is such a need for people with expertise like this to be here Graham was the registrar at (PG) Violence – Nightly 6:45 & 9:45 PM and working with the commuYukon College for 25 years. nities,” Chris said. “It seems really strange that COME DINE WITH ME TAGISH golf someone like Olivia wouldn’t trophies be welcome, at least not in this FOODIES, ENTER TO WIN $1000 PRIZE way,” Chris said. News Reporter



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Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Keno residents left in limbo Jacqueline Ronson

else. But the government will not do that, Brad Cathers told the ome residents of Keno are legislature in December 2012, fed up with mining activity when he was minister of Entoo close to town, and are ready ergy, Mines and Resources. to pack it in. “The government is working “There’s very few of us left, hard to ensure the community and we want the hell out,” said benefits from mining activity in Jim Milley, who owns the Sour- the area. The goal is to ensure dough Cafe in town. that mining in the community The town’s permanent, year- of Keno can co-exist and, Mr. round population has dropped Speaker, we believe this is the from about 30 before produccase. tion began at Alexco’s Bellek“For that reason, we do not eno mine to seven, said Milley. believe compensating Keno If residents had known that residents who wish to leave the company would be allowed would be consistent with either to operate so close to town, the goal of supporting developthey wouldn’t have put so ment in that area or governmuch energy into developing a ment’s obligations.” local tourism industry, he said. Ramsey Hart, co-ordinator “Why wasn’t I told that with Mining Watch Canada, before I invested hundreds of visited the community in thousands of dollars in this September. He said the overcommunity?” whelming impression he got The problem has been that was of the historic mining different Yukon government messes left behind. departments have conflicting “The tailings down in the aims for the town, he said. valley, the machinery scattered While Tourism and Commu- around Keno – that stands out nity Services are encouraging against the love and interest residents to stay and develop and enthusiasm the local resibusinesses, Energy, Mines and dents have for that place and Resources would prefer to see their interest in trying to make the town pushed aside for the a go of it there.” benefit of industry, said Milley. And as Alexco continues “What is the government’s to permit more mining in plan?” he asked. “We had one. the area, its operations are of People were spending a fortune increasing concern to residents, to develop a tourism market. he said. “Keno is a resilient little The original Bellekeno mine town, but there’s only so much had an anticipated project life it can take.” of about five years. But as the Nine residents signed a company explores and permits petition in 2012 calling on the more deposits, residents are government to buy them out so left with uncertainty about the future of their community. they could set up somewhere News Reporter



AnnuAl GenerAl MeetinG 7:00 pm Tuesday April 15th, 2014 At the Atlin Fire Hall

PuBliC nOtiCe

Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Receive Trustees’ annual financial report; Read and adopt 2013 AGM minutes; Elect Trustees to replace 3 expired terms and 2 vacancies, 5 in total: the nominees who receive the fourth and fifth highest numbers of votes at the election will be given the 1-year terms to complete the two vacancies; Decide Trustees’ honoraria for the next year; Discuss matters relating to the Improvement District, including: • Atlin Landfill • Atlin Volunteer Fire Department • Water Pump House

and Trustees Election April 15th At the Fire Hall from noon – 6:30 pm nominees for trustee: Athea Boucher Brenda Cowles Tina Fuller Annette Giesbrecht

Glen Harper Gary Hill Chris Moser Scott Odian

John Reed Sheldon Sands Robert Wagner Roberta Whelan

Persons qualified to vote at the meeting must be: 1. 2. 3. 4.

A Canadian Citizen, Eighteen years of age or older, An owner of land within the Atlin Community Improvement District, and A resident of British Columbia for the previous six months, or the legal representative of an owner of land in the improvement district who has died, become insolvent or insane. One vote is also allowed for each board or corporation that owns land within the improvement district. The board or corporation must designate one person to act as an authorized agent to vote on its behalf. This must be done in writing so the returning officer can verify their eligibility when voting. These agency authorization forms are available from the Atlin CID office (tel 250.651.7582). If more than one person is registered on title as a landowner, each one may vote as long as they also meet the other qualifications. However, no person may have two votes unless they meet the qualifications to be an elector, and are also an agent authorized to vote on behalf of a board or corporation. If possible, in addition to your identification, please bring your assessment notice or legal description of your property with you on election day for voter registration purposes

permitting process, residents were under the impression that the mill near town would only be there for a few years, he said. Now, “we’re seeing these add-on phases all the time.” Clynt Nauman, president of Alexco, said in an interview this week that the mill was never intended or permitted as a temporary facility. He absolutely believes that mining can co-exist with the community, he said. “We go to quite some length to communicate with the community and try to work with them in terms of the various Ian Stewart/Yukon News activities that are going on in Keno residents say people are moving away because Alexco the district.” Resources’ Bellekeno mine operates too close to town. In Canada and internationally there are lots of examples Alexco’s planned Flame and would be a real, real challenge, of communities closely knit Moth mine is now before the if not quite impossible.” with mining activities, said Yukon Environmental and The Yukon government Nauman. Socio-economic Assessment completed a health impact Alexco suspended operaBoard. Assessors are now seek- study for the town of Keno in tions at Bellekeno in September ing public comment on that 2012, and updated it this year. in response to declining silver proposal. Brendan Hanley, Yukon’s prices. Although the mill has The company already has chief medical officer of health, not operated since then, an permits in place to mine the said in an interview last month extensive drilling exploration Onek and Lucky Queen depos- that uncertainty about the program in the area is now its. community’s future has real underway. “That’s happening in a way health implications for resiThe company is working that hasn’t really been transpar- dents. hard to make sure that when ent or hasn’t really considered “In some ways the biggest the mine goes back into prothe cumulative effects or the health effect is the stress of hav- duction that the production growing degree of impacts of ing mining in a community. can be sustained, said Nauman. all these different projects,” said “That’s difficult to deal with It is also working on getting Hart. – that uncertainty. It’s definitely permits in place for the Flame “Mining is a dusty, noisy a significant stress for the com- and Moth mine. business, no matter how munity. How do you plan for The Yukon Environmental modern your mining operathe community 10, 15, 20 years and Socio-economic Assesstion is. The ability of that kind from now? Is it still going to be ment Board will accept public of heavy industry to co-exist mining? Is the mining going to comments on the Flame and alongside the kind of tourism shut down? If it shuts down, Moth proposal through May 2. and the activities that the folks will it be back to tourism?” Contact Jacqueline Ronson at in Keno were trying to develop When Bellekeno was in the

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Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Caribou Legs reaches Yukon border in run for Peel Jacqueline Ronson News Reporter

Caribou Legs is on the move. Brad Firth, a.k.a. Caribou Legs, is a Gwich’in ultra runner. On April 2 he began a run from Inuvik to Whitehorse to deliver letters from the people of the Mackenzie Delta to Premier Darrell Pasloski, urging him to protect the Peel watershed. He made it to the Yukon border Sunday. “I feel up for the challenge!” Firth wrote on his Facebook page Monday morning, contemplating the 100-kilometres ahead to Eagle Plains. “My body is recharged and primed for more mountain road running!” As of Wednesday morning Firth and Trixie the dog were 50 kilometres south of Eagle Plains. “Road is slippery because no gravel at all!” he wrote. “Trixie is slippin n slidin. She needs mukluks!”

watershed,” Firth told the News in February. “And what it’s done for them, how hurt they are right now, how afraid they are, how tense and anxious they are right now.” Firth’s goal is to reach Whitehorse by April 22. On that day there will be a rally in front of the Yukon legislature. Firth will read some of the letters before delivering them to the premier. Beginning in May, Firth plans to run all the way from Vancouver back to Inuvik to raise awareness and support for the Peel. Regular updates on Firth’s progress can be found at the Caribou Legs Facebook page.

Firth plans to make it to Dawson by April 15. “No services for 371 km after today! Looks like we’re ruffin it!” Firth started running about seven years ago. It was a big part of how he got away from a life of addiction, living on the streets of Vancouver. He recently moved backed to his hometown of Inuvik, N.W.T. After hearing about the Yukon government’s plan to open 71 per cent of the Peel watershed to new mineral staking and development, he found a new reason to run. For the past few months he has collected letters from people in Inuvik, Aklavik, Tuktoyaktuk, Fort McPherson and Tsiigehtchic about why they want to see protection for the Peel. “Hopefully (the premier) can read them and get a firsthand sense of our attachment to the land – all the stories, all the history of people living on the land up in the

Contact Jacqueline Ronson at

Submitted photo/Yukon News

Bradley Firth, also known as Caribou Legs, is running from Inuvik to Whitehorse to raise awareness for the Protect the Peel movement.

NDP calls for removal of fence around group home Jacqueline Ronson

close to anything, and it’s on a correctional facility property.” When the facility was transDP MLA Kate White is ferred for the new use, the govcalling on the government ernment agreed to take down the to remove fencing from around fencing around it, said White. a group home on the site of the And they did take down some former Whitehorse Correctional of it – the facility is no longer Centre. fenced in on all sides. White used to work there But some of the tall, barbedwhen it was a correctional facility, wire fencing remains, although it she said in an interview Tuesday. serves no purpose. It is now a group home called “You look out the kitchen winTakhini Haven, managed by dows, or the living space window, Challenge - Disability Resource and that’s what you would see. Group. You would see the fence,” said “It’s not ideal for a group White. home. It’s not deep within a “Do I think that someone neighbourhood. It’s not really in a group home should have a News Reporter


Fire in Porter Creek

the fire department is treating the fire as accidental, Lyslo said. (Jesse Winter) Whitehorse firefighters responded to a house fire just after 3 p.m. Friday Casa Loma robbed on Ponderosa Drive in Porter Creek. According to Fire Chief Kevin Lyslo, 12 officers helped keep a room Police are looking for two men in fire contained. connection with a robbery at the No one was hurt, there was no Casa Loma Hotel on Friday night. Two men entered the bar just exterior damage to the house, and

viewscape of a barbed wire fence? I don’t.” Justice Minister Mike Nixon did not commit to removing the remaining fencing when asked to do so by White in the legislature on Monday. He did not respond to an interview request by press time. Health Minister Doug Graham said in the legislature the question of removing the fences had not come up in the recent past. “I know we have had discussions and I am sure the justice minister and I will continue to have those discussions with respect to what can be done to make the Takhini Haven facility

BRIEFS after 11 p.m. and demanded the bartender empty the till. One of the culprits was wearing a balaclava, the other an ATV helmet. The suspects shoved the bartender to the ground and grabbed a handful of cash from the till before

more welcoming to those clients.” Rick Goodfellow, executive director of Challenge, said in an interview Tuesday that the situation is not ideal for the group home. “We really needed a place like that, and it was the only place available.” Challenge took over the management of the facility in October of 2012. It currently houses five people in need of supportive housing, said Goodfellow. He has been asking for the removal of the fence since the beginning, he said. “We’ve asked for it, and certainly we’d sure like it if they

could take it down.” The facility is intended as a transitional home to help get people into independent living situations, said Goodfellow. While the setting is not ideal, it’s better than nothing, he said. “We have had folks say to us, ‘Why would you manage a place like that that’s on those grounds, isn’t that terrible?’ Of course from our standpoint, it was the only thing available, and if that’s what we have to do to make sure these guys get a healthy place to live, we’ll take with it, we’ll work with it.”

making their escape, according to police. Whitehorse RCMP are searching for the two men, one described as five-foot-seven, about 160 pounds, with a black hoodie. The other suspect is between five-foot-three and five-foot-four and about 180 to 190 pounds with an olive-green hoodie. Both are estimated to be in their 20s.

Police recovered at the scene what they believe to be the ATV helmet worn by one of the robbers, and are asking the public to help identify its owner, said RCMP constable Dean Hoogland. Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the Whitehorse RCMP at 776-5551. (Jesse Winter)

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Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jesse Winter/Yukon News

Amelie Janin, who holds a PhD in water science, checks her outfit in a mirror at the Yukon Research Centre while her colleague Katherine Stewart gets some last minute adjustments. Janin and Stewart were part of a group of PhD-holding women from the research centre who modeled clothes for the company Beta Brand last week, as part of the company’s “real women” marketing campaign.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014




Leef’s criminal code amendment is on the right track T

he Yukon branch of the Canadian Bar Association supports the introduction of Yukon MP Ryan Leef ’s private member’s bill to improve access to justice for individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The bill would require the courts to consider, as a mitigating factor in sentencing, a determination that the offender suffers from FASD, if the condition was relevant or contributed to the commission of the offence. The CBA Yukon has been advocating on this issue for years. This bill represents the most significant step forward that we have seen to date in the quest for access to justice for individuals in the criminal justice system born with this neurological disability. The CBA Yukon urges nonpartisan, all party support in principle so that this bill can get to a parliamentary committee for further study and make any necessary amendments. Last summer our Canadian Bar Association, a national organization of over 37,000 lawyers, adopted a policy resolution proposed by the CBA Yukon calling for specific changes to the criminal law as it applies to individuals with FASD. Mr. Leef ’s bill adopts the CBA resolution recommendations to define FASD, order assessments, and treat FASD as a mitigating factor in determining sentences, although it doesn’t include our recommendations for external support orders or changes to the federal Corrections and Conditional Release Act to accommodate FASD as a disability when providing correctional services to inmates with FASD. CBA Yukon has also called on the Yukon government to amend the territorial Correc-

tions Act to accommodate individuals with FASD in the Yukon corrections system. Mr. Leef has acknowledged his bill does not address prevention or programming in correctional facilities, which he agrees are necessary. CBA Yukon shares his hope that his bill will further discussion and will lead to the development of complementary legislation. It is our hope that the Yukon government, which has shown national leadership on the FASD issue, will be inspired by Mr. Leef ’s bill to take action in our correctional system to make a difference for individuals with FASD. Individuals with FASD are in contact with the criminal justice system more frequently than the general population because often their ability to control impulsive behaviour, to understand the consequences of their actions, and to internally modify their behaviour is impaired because of their disability. We can do better than we are currently to address this access to justice issue.

ment so strongly advocates for? Once-wild lands bisected by roads and bridges, mining camps and oil rigs, airstrips and big machines. Only then would a reader like myself, whom unsuspectingly opens up the Friday edition of both the Yukon News and the Whitehorse Star, to find a fourpage insert, a full-colour spread tumble out onto their lap, not be so confused. The title? The Peel Watershed – A Balanced Plan For The Yukon. And for the wow factor? No Heather MacFadgen surprise! A two-page double President of the Yukon Branch, spread of Duo Lakes, rimmed Canadian Bar Association by soaring peaks and the Snake River and its valley, stretching Peel hypocrisy away to infinity. Pure paradise! Heck, with an image like that Have you ever noticed that the you almost feel “balanced.” You propaganda this government can virtually taste the silence, and spits out about the Peel wateryou have a pervading sense that shed always depicts exquisitely gorgeous images of pristine rivers all is OK with the world – just flowing through majestic moun- knowing that there are places like this out there, and that they’ll be tain-rimmed valleys? there forever. There may even be a tent or a I mean, how could they not canoe or a hiker somewhere in be? Who would ever purposely the scene, just to help give you a warm fuzzy, as you picture your- set out to destroy, or in any way self there, immersed in the magic mar, something so incredibly precious? and the mystery of it all. But then you read on. You read But buyer beware! How about the real picture, the more honest the words that your so-called elected officials (not that most portrayal, the one that includes at least some of what this govern- Yukoners elected them, but they Publisher

Mike Thomas

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Operations Manager

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seem to keep forgetting that) are spewing out about balance, and respect, about strong vision and protection. Knowing full well that what they are proposing for the region spells a death sentence – death by a thousand cuts. The more you read the more despairing you feel. The warm fuzzies are long gone, along with the trust, and most alarmingly the hope that sense and justice will prevail.

ing that the public are not only customers of Yukon Energy, but also the utility’s owners. Without the support of the shareholder, you have no project. I urge you to read the final day of transcript from the Yukon Utility Board hearing on April 2, found on the board’s website. There you will find, within the arguments presented, the reasons for the public opposition which were so eloquently and passionately Jill Pangman voiced at the utility board’s Whitehorse community session on March 31. That public session is also Take the power back transcribed on the board’s website. Both transcripts should be Open letter to the Yukon Energy required reading for all Yukon board: people. Wyatt’s cartoon in the April 4 Yukon Energy’s board needs Yukon News illustrated a crucial to arrange for a general meeting with its shareholders, the Yukon part of the proposed liquefied people, as soon as possible. natural gas conversion project that your board has not been Sally Wright mindful of. Kluane Lake You need to start recogniz-

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Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Fatal Accidents Act needs a second look ing the balance between payment and bereavement in a way that by Graham politicians, due to the nature of their job, are unable to do. Lang It is important to note that the current Fatal Accidents Act already provides that children, spouses and parents may sue a wrongful party for out-of-pocket funeral expenses and any quantifiable losses (i.e. the ongoing loss of wages from a deceased breadwinner) stemming from the death he Fatal Accidents Act of a loved one. addresses compensation The proposed amendments received by individuals in the wake of the wrongful death of open the door for those same a family member. The Yukon gov- parties to claim fixed damages as ernment has tabled amendments compensation for grief suffered and loss of companionship. These to the act this sitting, but you probably won’t hear much debate bereavement damages are in addiabout it in the legislature or read tion to, and do not replace, any out-of-pocket funeral expenses much about it in the paper. Such a sensitive topic is nearly and any quantifiable damages already available to families. impossible for politicians to Under the proposed amenddiscuss, as any debate is inevitably ment an individual who loses reduced to the following statea spouse will receive $75,000, a ment: “Mr. Speaker, why is the child who loses a parent receives member opposite against com$45,000, and a parent who loses a pensation for grieving families?” child receives $75,000 (if there are So I thought I would review two parents, each receives half). the proposed legislation before It is somewhat an exercise in it passes unnoticed and provide quantifying the unquantifiable, some thoughts. Before you read on, please be assured that I am in as putting a price on the grief associated with the loss of a loved no way against grieving families one is impossible. Yet the purpose receiving compensation for loss; rather, I am interested in discuss- of the amendment is to quantify



with no emotional connection losing an individual nearer the end of their life receives the same payment as someone suffering a severe emotional blow as his adult life begins. Conversely, an 80-year-old father losing a 60-year-old son sees the same compensation as a 40-year-old father losing a 20-year-old son. It would be fairer and more efficient to have flexibility in the awards granted to adults who lose adult family members by granting the courts the authority to determine awards commensurate with loss. Fixed amounts make more sense in cases we are sure that the loss is substantially premature and/or we are reasonably sure of the emotional toll. The losses of dependent children and spouses are examples of such cases. There is no doubt that the loss of a dependent child is premature, and that an emotional connection exists between spouses (or else they would presumably separate). When the Alberta Law Reform commission investigated bereavement damages the main issue they identified was parents being unable to work for long periods after the loss of a child, and the need to ensure compensation for that loss of income. This is


Get involved with your local school council There are important elections coming this spring – Yukon school council elections take place May 5, 2014. School councils play an important role because of their authority to make decisions that have an impact on the direction and quality of public education, at the school, community and Yukon levels. School councils address public education issues that are important to their community. A locally elected school council plays an instrumental part in what and how the students learn. School councils can help build, strengthen, and support the social, cultural and academic knowledge base of their community. Most importantly, school councils keep the public in public education. Get out and participate in your school community! Nomination papers are in school offices as of April 14, and nominations close at noon on April 24. We encourage you to consider being a candidate, or nominate candidates who will work as a member of your school community team. And finally, get out and vote for those you know will provide a broad base of community representation, all sharing a passion and focus on what is best for student learning. For more details on the election, go to www.electionsyukon. or call Elections Yukon at 667-8683 or

that grief and, as Yukoners pay for these damages in the form of insurance premiums, it bears reviewing the balance struck by the legislature. When considering the appropriateness of damages we must first consider the purpose of awarding the damages in the first place. In our case the damages cannot simply be payment for the general grief of loss, as the human condition ensures that we all eventually lose the ones we love. The damages must logically relate to premature loss of life, compensation for the grief associated with losing a close relation sooner than expected, and the repercussions flowing from same. It is in delivering on this purpose that the proposed amendment falls down. The fixed nature of the bereavement damages have the effect of potentially granting large awards to individuals who perhaps do not warrant them, while depressing payments to individuals who do warrant them. As an example, under the proposed amendments a 60-yearold estranged son losing an 80-year-old father would see the same award as a 20-year-old son who lost a father with whom he was close. This is not the most efficient of outcomes, as a person

perceive consent. Violence is becoming a less socially acceptable means of getting your way, and so different parties are coming up against resistance to this idea of consent. In the North, we have epidemBob Laking ic levels of domestic violence. Chair, Association of Yukon Intimate partner abuse is some School Councils, Boards and of the most personally devastatCommittees ing forms of violence that many We need every bright mind people deal with. This happens to help fight climate change cross-culturally, but there are values upheld in certain cultures that make it less acceptable. Consent, in theory, is a simple The fear and hostility that concept. It implies that the other many children face in their home party knew in advance what was situations is the number one reaproposed, was asked about it and son our culture and society need that request was granted. to come to terms with respect In radical consent, both in the within our loving relationships. sexual liberation and the aborigWithin the aboriginal context, inal/environmental movement, consensual relationships with the the term used is free, informed Crown are hard to come by. With prior consent. It’s true that this is every boundary being decided by a radical idea. the court systems, taxpayers are It means that no matter paying a high price for the higher what dress you’re wearing or institution coming to an underhow much you drink, no one standing about consent. Every has permission to rape you. It court case won is millions of means that no matter how much dollars wasted on more tension trauma you suffer from residen- and distrust. tial school, your rights should Our communities today are still be respected as a human facing the greatest challenges our being. And that as a community, species has ever known. Climate we all need to participate in the change means that extreme natural legacy that we are leaving weather events will put everfor our children. intensifying pressure on our curConsent has certainly come a rent infrastructure systems. The long way in recent decades. Many financial costs will run us further people within our society still into debt, but there are ways of have issues with how far consent turning the system around to has come. work for us. There are cultural gaps in This year Exxon Mobil will rethe way that our communities lease a report on how it is assesstoll-free 1-866-668-8683. If you’d like more information about school councils and their roles, contact, or visit

ing carbon asset risk. It is now widely accepted, after this year’s report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that only up to one-third of proven fossil fuel reserves can be burned without sending us into climate catastrophe. It is expected that we may have already blown past two degrees of warming global temperature, which was agreed to universally as being unacceptable at the signing of the Copenhagen accord. However, a tax on carbon emissions that was reinvested in renewable technologies could pay real dividends in energy for the future. Instead of working together as a community, a territory and a country, we seem set to continue a path of tension and conflict. From my perspective, our region in particular needs to come to terms with the challenges and opportunities fast approaching us. In order to address these, we will need every bright mind, every pair of hands and every person as healthy as possible.

a strong economic rationale for introducing a fixed payment, as grieving parents currently have no avenue to address losses suffered from an inability to return to work. Following the above, it is my opinion that we would achieve more appropriate bereavement damage awards by providing fixed payments to spouses and parents of dependent children while moving to a flexible award for other adults suffering losses. Adults suffering losses of adult children or parents would apply to court for a determination of the losses based on a given situation. This does have the downside of forcing individuals to possibly attend court to argue over what a child or parent meant to them, but it will ensure that the damages are commensurate with a given loss. Again, this is a difficult topic to discuss, as it is very easy to create a negative sound-bite out of a given position, but I would encourage the government to revisit the amendment to the act before final reading and bring in a hybrid award system that ensures appropriate bereavement damages to appropriate individuals. Graham Lang is a Whitehorse lawyer and long-time Yukoner.

It is time for us to all to work towards enabling every citizen to participate in the building of our collective future. And a crucial component in all this is free prior and informed consent. Sarah Newton Whitehorse

So much for ‘balance’ Definition of propaganda: “ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.” The Yukon government insert in Friday’s paper featured a beautiful panoramic view of the Peel River. The grandeur of the photo evokes a sense of awe and it implies that this government also values this land and strives for good stewardship of it. Actually, the so called “balanced plan” is a direct betrayal of the Peel and the people who love and honour it. Anne Macaire Whitehorse

Letters to the editor The Yukon News welcomes letters from its readers. Letters should be no longer than 500 words and must be signed with your full name and place of residence. A daytime phone number is also required for verification purposes only. We reserve the right to edit letters for clarity, length, accuracy and legality. You can send submissions to They can be faxed to 867-668-3755 or mailed to 211 Wood St., Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2E4.


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Critics brand Harper government’s victims bill of rights as political cynicism Colin Perkel Canadian Press

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. rime victims would have more say as their cases wind their way through the justice system under a new Conservative government bill that veteran lawyers immediately denounced as crass politics. The long-awaited legislation, part of the government’s ongoing law-and-order theme, aims to fix what Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday was a broken part of the system. “The rights of criminals have received far more attention than the rights of their victims,” Harper said at a seniors’ centre. “Justice is not only for the accused; it is also for the victims.” The proposed law – similar to one passed in Ontario almost 20 years ago – would ensure victims are given information about cases in which they are


involved, such as a copy of a bail or probation order, or details of a criminal’s parole. Other measures would mandate judges to take into account the safety of victims during bail proceedings, and the harm an accused has caused during sentencing. Several defence lawyers branded the legislation as a calculated political ploy that victims of crime had fallen for. “The (bill) is an example of a community that has sold itself to the Conservatives for a mess of porridge,” said Clayton Ruby. “They need rehabilitative programs and services, and compensation from the government, and they’ve dropped all those expensive demands in favour of shallow symbolism.” Other measures include a standardized victim-impact form that could also be used by review boards deciding what should happen to someone

found not criminally responsible by reason of a mental disorder. Another section would give victims the right to ask a court to consider ordering restitution for offences where financial losses are easy to calculate. Frank Addario, another Toronto-based criminal lawyer, said the Conservative government’s agenda is to position itself as tough on crime, even though it knows its measures have little real-world effect. “It’s cynicism masquerading as policy,” Addario said. “We did not need a new law for government to tell itself that it should communicate with victims about criminal cases.” Several victims rights advocates were on hand for the announcement, including former pro-hockey player Sheldon Kennedy, who was sexually abused by his minor-league coach. “I’m not naive to think that

we’re going to flip a switch and everything’s going to be better,” Kennedy said. “But being able to have this announcement…is going to start the process of trying to be better at the way we handle victims, not only through the court process, but really understanding the damage that happens to victims.” Some critics wondered who would pay for a new complaints mechanism that federal departments involved in the justice system would have to set up for those victims who feel their rights have been infringed. The money, they said, would be better spent on victim services than on a whole new bureaucracy. “I don’t think this bill was necessary because basically what’s needed is education and properly funded victim services across the country,” said Bill Trudell, chairman of the

Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers. Harper made no mention of a proposed change to the Canada Evidence Act – contained in a few paragraphs in the 68-page bill – that would give prosecutors free hand to force spouses to testify against each other. The lawyers said they did not expect the measure would have much impact given that spousal testimony comes into play in relatively few cases, and compelled evidence may be unreliable anyway. Harper did say he was aware of widespread concern that giving victims more rights could bog down an already overloaded criminal justice system but said the legislation avoided that pitfall by not creating “victims as litigants.” The Assembly of First Nations said the government had not properly consulted First Nations about the legislation.

Yukoner to lead Conservative investigation of Eve Adams controversy Jennifer Ditchburn

horse is heading up the probe into allegations by the Oakville North-Burlington riding asOTTAWA sociation that MP Eve Adams has abused her position and Conservative party membehaved poorly in her bid to ber in Yukon has been tasked with sorting out an ugly represent the riding in 2015. Prime Minister Stephen nomination battle in suburHarper instructed the party ban Toronto that has grabbed to investigate after his office national headlines. received a letter of complaint Michael Lauer of Whitesigned by 14 of the association’s board members. New Inventory Harper said little when asked Arriving Weekly! about the matter Thursday. “In terms of a member of Parliament, as you know, there’s a nomination process in Canadian Press


The new Yukon home of 1•867•668•2137

place,” Harper said during an event in Mississauga, Ont. “To the extent there are disputes around nomination processes, these disputes are referred to the national council of the party. In our party, the leader does not appoint candidates and he does not run the nomination process. These are led by the national council of the party.” Lauer, the head of one of the party’s internal committees, immediately began emailing members of the riding association board to gather information. He is a longtime Conservative and member of the national council. Lauer was originally the person tasked with overseeing the nomination in the riding since former executive director

Dimitri Soudas was supposed to have nothing to do with the process. Soudas and Adams are engaged. Instead, Soudas resigned Sunday amid mounting concerns he was actively helping Adams secure the nomination, a violation of the terms of his contract. Adams is running against Natalia Lishchyna, a local chiropractor who is supported by most of the board. Among the allegations against Adams is that she was verbally abusive to members during a tense meeting last month, an incident she says has been exaggerated to benefit her rival. The board also shared its concerns that Adams has had an unfair advantage by gaining

access to party membership lists, and using her House of Commons mailing privileges to contact those members. Adams has said that she has followed all rules. She had also been the subject of an earlier complaint to the prime minister by an Ottawa gas station owner. John Newcombe accused Adams of rude behaviour during a dispute over a car wash in late December, using her car to partially block access to the gas pumps for 15 minutes. Adams has said she merely wanted to run her car through the wash again, and was directed to different parking spots by two attendants. She said she apologized to Newcombe and regrets the incident.


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Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jesse Winter/Yukon News

Gwenda Sulem watches anxiously as she loads a bucket with weights at the 21st annual Bridge Building Contest at Porter Creek High School on Saturday.




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14:44 Moonset: 05:14

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SUNDAY °C 8 q -5°C

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YUKON Communities



q -7/-22 q -2/-13

Yukon Wood products association

Annual General Meeting April 12, 2014

Conference Room, Ramada Inn, 2288-2nd Ave, Whitehorse Start time 09:30 am Agenda Includes:

Call and Election of Directors, reports on this year’s activities, reports from Forest Management Branch (FMB) representatives. The YWPA is the voice of the wood products industry in the Yukon. We are committed to promoting healthy forests and sound forest management regimes that are socially and economically acceptable to our industry, communities and the public. Come and join us on the 12th of April next week. Please view our website at : Contact us at:




q -2/-16 -7/-22



q -2/-14

q 0/-13


w 0/-8




CANADA/US Vancouver Victoria Edmonton Calgary Toronto Yellowknife

12°C 13°C 7°C 9°C 9°C -7°C

Skagway Juneau Grande Prairie Fort Nelson Smithers Dawson Creek

7°C 3°C 5°C 8°C 6°C 7°C 04.09.14


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Come and See 3.99% finance rate for 36 months: This is a limited-time offer that is valid for the purchase of selected qualifying models and is subject to credit approval from TD Auto Fiance® (TDAF) on qualified purchases financed during this program. Offer may not be combined with certain other offers, is subject to change, and may be extended or terminated without further notice. See participating retailers for complete details and conditions. Rates from other lenders may vary. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Minimum amount to finance is $5,000. Example: $7,500 financed at 3.99% over 36 months = 36 monthly payments of $221.40 with a cost of borrowing of $470.40 and a total obligation of $7,970.40. Freight licence, PPSA/RPDRM, insurance, registration, any retailer administration fees, and other applicable fees and taxes are not included in the financed amount. Dealers are free to set individual prices but must be enrolled with TDAF to participate. Offer is valid only in Canada and does not apply to prior purchases. SnowCheck value up to $3,500 is available on select 2015 RMK models only. The value of the offer is a combination of $800 in free G&A plus second-year powertrain-warranty value of $500 plus free-customization value of $1,200 plus golden-ticket value of $1,000. The golden ticket is redeemable on a future 2016 or 2017 RMK 800cc during the SnowCheck periods only. The golden ticket has a $1,000 cash offer or equivalent. The second-year powertrain warranty is limited to two calendar years from date of warranty registration or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first, and is subject to a $50.00 deductible per visit. SnowCheck offers effective on all new 2015 Polaris snowmobiles purchased from a participating Polaris dealer between 3/2/14 and 4/15/14. Offer excluded on Indy® 120 models. ©2014 Polaris Industries Inc.

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Gifts from Putin to Harper now awkward mementoes Dean Beeby Canadian Press

OTTAWA hey are the awkward mementoes of happier times, a closet-full of gifts that Prime Minister Stephen Harper graciously accepted from Russian President Vladimir Putin as recently as last September. An original painting, aged cognac, books and handpainted ceramics recalling Russia’s imperialist tradition – all of them duly declared to Canada’s ethics commissioner as personal gifts received from Putin. And then there are the items received in 2010 from Viktor Yanukovych, then-president of Ukraine who was ousted in disgrace this year. Yanukovych gave the prime minister a leather-bound, gold-inlaid atlas of Ukraine, now presumably out of date with the loss of the Crimean Peninsula to Russia. And there was a bronze statue of Bohdan Zenobi Chmielnicki (died 1657), considered a national hero and the father of an independent Ukraine, today perhaps turning in his grave. Since 2006, Harper has officially declared more than a dozen personal gifts from Putin, all of them associated with international summits in Vladivostok and St. Petersburg. Yanukovych’s gifts were accepted during Harper’s October 2010 visit to Ukraine, when the Ukrainian prime minister, Mykola Azarov, and a bishop also gave him goingaway presents as souvenirs. The prime minister has kept them all, with the exception of the bronze statue. That item was forfeited to the people of Canada, under rules that require gifts valued at more than


$1,000 to be turned over to the Crown. The rest of the gift declarations give no dollar value for the items. Federal rules say public office holders and their families are allowed to accept gifts “as a normal expression of courtesy or protocol, or within the customary standards of hospitality that normally accompany the public office holder’s position.” Such gifts worth $200 or more have to be declared with the ethics commissioner’s office within 30 days of receipt. Harper has aggressively locked horns with Putin over the Ukraine crisis, and imposed travel bans and economic sanctions against Yanukovych and his officials until they were forced to leave the country. Harper distributed an estimated $30,000 worth of gifts to presidents, prime ministers and other officials when he was host of the G8 and G20 summits in Huntsville, Ont., and Toronto in June 2010. Russia at the time was represented by President Dmitry Medvedev, who gave Harper a tea set and received in return a hand-crafted sugar-maple bowl, among other booty. A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s Office said Harper has given Putin gifts in the past, but did not specify the venue, their nature or value. Anna Tomala also confirmed that Harper has not returned any of his declared gifts, whether from Putin or anyone else. Many of the gifts received by the prime minister are kept in storage, including in the attic of the official residence at 24 Sussex Drive, with some on display in his offices.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 or call 667-8291

Atlin Mountain Challenge & Snow Drags would like to say



Henri Schildknecht Bob Smallwood Brian Hanslit Rod Stroud

Werner Aschbacher Gary MacInnis YUKON YAMAHA

HOT DOGS & BUNS @ Hillclimb: Donated by: ATLIN TRADING POST THANK-YOU! to the ATLIN ROD & GUN CLUB for providing the concession at the Snow Drags

The Annual Atlin Mountain Challenge was held Saturday, March 29th. There was a great turnout of 16 riders participating. An official ‘Grandpa Class’ was added to the classifications, which will continue to be part of future hill climbs. Hotdogs, coffee and hot chocolate were enjoyed by the spectators and racers. The weather co-operated once again. Hopefully you will come out and join next year’s event. The results are as follows: PRO CLASS: 1ST 2nd 3rd

Ross Mercer Jason Vance Ben Sternberg

Ski-doo Freeride 800 E-tec Arctic Cat Turbo 800 Skidoo Summit 800 E-tec XM

03:13.70 03:14.26 03:15.22


Donnie Williams Devon Kinney Gord Sunby

Ski-doo 800 Yamaha Nitro Ski-doo Summit 800

03:34.71 03:37.13 03:44.71


Buck Smarch Antoine St.Cyr Jamie Tait

Ski-doo Summit 800 Ski-doo Summit 800 Ski-doo Freeride 800 E-tec

04:05.42 04:14.06 04:33.06


Gord Sunby Jamie Tait Dan Reams

Ski-doo Summit 800 Ski-doo Freeride 800 E-tec Ski-doo Summit 800

03:44.71 04:33.06 04:34.10

JAMES’S TARGET TIME AWARD: 3:13.00 sponsored by James Williams Ross Mercer

Ski-doo Freeride 800 E-tec


2014 ATLIN SNOW DRAGS: MARCH 30 -28 RIDERS 440 FAN CLASS : 1ST Devin Brodhagen 2nd Ben Sternbergh 3rd R.J. Smallwood 600 STOCK: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd R.J. Smallwood 3rd Devin Brodhagen 600 SNO-PRO: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Ben Sternbergh 3rd Riley Hilderbran 600 MOD: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Doug Caldwell 3rd Jason Adams 700 STOCK: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Jessie Malloch 3rd Clayton Zimmerman

Yamaha Srx 500 Skidoo 500 Fan Skidoo 440 Fan Arctic Cat 600 El Tigre Skidoo Summit 600 Yamaha Srx 500 Arctic Cat 600 Snow pro Ski-doo 600 RS Arctic Cat 600 Snow pro Arctic Cat 600 mod. Yamaha Viper LTX Yamaha Nytro mod. Arctic Cat 600 Snow pro Yamaha Viper Yamaha Viper

700 MOD: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Dwayne Miller 3rd Doug Caldwell 800 STOCK: 1ST Dylan Wills 2nd Jake Jacobs 3rd Ben Sternbergh 800 MOD: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Greg Wills 3rd Dylan Wills 900/1000 MOD: 1ST Dwayne Miller 2nd Jake Jacobs 3rd Chris Greek OPEN MOD 1ST Tisha Giesbrecht 2nd Jason Vance 3rd Phillip Smith

Arctic Cat 600 mod. Yamaha Nytro Yamaha Viper LTX Polaris 800 Assult Arctic Cat 600 Snow Pro Skidoo Summit 800 Arctic Cat 600 Mod. Polaris XCSP 800 Polaris 860 Mod Yamaha Nytro Arctic Cat 600 mod. Polaris RMK 800 mod. Skidoo Renegade X 1000 Yamaha Nytro Turbo Yamaha Apex Turbo


FAN & SNOWBIKE: 1ST Gerd Mannsperger 2nd Cole Beaman 3rd Bob Giesbrecht 600 MOD 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Gary Lammers 3rd Doug Caldwell 700 STOCK: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Micah Mckeage 3rd Clayton Zimmerman

Yamaha YZF 450 Bike 550 Trail RMK 440 Skandic Arctic Cat 600 mod. Yamaha Viper Yamaha Viper LTX. Arctic Cat 600 Snow pro Arctic Cat Yamaha Viper


700 MOD: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Dwayne Miller 3rd Doug Caldwell 800 STOCK: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Tisha Giesbrecht 3rd R.J. Smallwood 800 MOD: 1ST Jake Jacobs 2nd Tom Smith 3rd Dylan Wills OPEN MOD: 1ST Tisha Giesbrecht 2nd Dwayne Miller 3rd Jake Jacobs

Arctic Cat 600 mod. Yamaha Nytro 1050 mod. Yamaha Nytro mod. Arctic Cat Ski-doo Summit 800 Ski-doo Summit 800 Arctic Cat 600 mod. Polaris 825 mod. Polaris 800 mod Renegade X 1000 Turbo Nytro RTX Arctic Cat 600 mod


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marois resigns after Parti Quebecois suffers resounding loss in Quebec election Andy Blatchford Canadian Press

MONTREAL he party of Rene Levesque absorbed a devastating electoral blow Monday, a loss that knocked the Parti Quebecois’s vote count back four decades to its days as a fledgling political outfit. The result could trigger an existential emergency for the PQ, as it faces the realization that its very raison d’etre – Quebec independence – has been deemed politically toxic. Pauline Marois announced her departure after Monday’s defeat and very likely became the last PQ leader who will have served alongside Levesque, the party’s founding father. Levesque’s first generation of troops has failed in its mission to secede from Canada, but the next generation vowed Monday to fight on, with Marois’s blessing. “There’s a changing of the guard in the Parti Quebecois, a changing of the guard that represents the future,” Marois told a chanting room of supporters in Montreal during a consolation speech in which she announced she would resign. “And like Mr. Levesque had the habit of saying: ‘The future is long.’ ‘’ In its first-ever election in 1970, the PQ won less than 24 per cent of the popular vote. On Monday, it captured 25 per cent. Looking to the future, the PQ ranks include several possible successors who could make a run for the leadership. Among the potential candidates are magnate-turnedpolitician Pierre Karl Peladeau as well as Marois cabinet ministers Bernard Drainville and JeanFrancois Lisee. All three men delivered fiery speeches in the Old Montreal ho-


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Ryan Remiorz/CP

Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois blows a kiss as she speaks to supporters on election night on Monday in Montreal.

tel before Marois took the stage. Drainville told the enthusiastic crowd that he wasn’t ready to give up on the sovereignty project. “We will never abandon it – never!” Drainville shouted into the microphone before leading the party faithful’s traditional chant of ‘We want a country, we want a country.’ But it’s unclear what the future holds for the PQ. The resounding loss at the hands of the Liberals is likely to force the pro-independence party

to do some soul searching as it faces the grim possibility that its dream of a sovereign Quebec is on hold for several years. The PQ has headed a Quebec government for only 18 months out of the last decade and has not earned at least 40 per cent of the popular vote since 1998, now a span of five general elections. It did, however, cling to Official Opposition status Monday after finishing ahead of the Coalition party. Marois, who lost her own seat

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of Charlevoix-Cote-de-Beaupre, came to power as Quebec’s first woman premier in September 2012 after winning 54 seats and 32 per cent of the popular vote. “The defeat of our party tonight without a doubt saddens me as much as you, if not more than you,” said Marois, who called the election last month when the PQ was atop the polls. Entering the campaign, opinion polls had suggested the minority PQ government was within striking distance of securing a majority mandate. But that support began to slide


after Peladeau, Marois’s superstar candidate, raised his fist in the air and vowed to make Quebec a country – an idea most Quebecers oppose. Marois followed up the Quebecor majority owner’s dramatic proclamation by musing for days about how a sovereign Quebec would operate. Looking back, Peladeau’s maiden political speech was perhaps too forceful, said PQ supporter Steve Beauchamp. “Maybe he came on a little too strong when he put his fist in the air – it might have been a

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bit much,” Beauchamp said as he watched the results roll in at the Montreal rally. “Maybe he scared a lot of people.” Beauchamp, 31, said the entrance of Peladeau, one of the most powerful media moguls in Canada, might have been the turning point in the PQ campaign. The party will have to decide how to proceed now that secession – its dream – has proven so hazardous to its political fortunes. “Yes, certainly we have our answer tonight,” said Beauchamp, when asked if sovereignty had become toxic for the PQ. Peladeau, meanwhile, won his seat Monday in Saint-Jerome, north of Montreal. With his entry into the national assembly, he will likely become a contender to succeed Marois. Following his victory in Saint-Jerome, Peladeau was asked whether his pro-independence enthusiasm during that inaugural speech may have hurt the PQ. “Listen, I joined the Parti Quebecois, I joined a sovereigntist party – I am a sovereigntist,” said Peladeau, who also laid what could be the groundwork for an eventual leadership run. “I will make every effort, all my energy to work for economic development. I really believe that in the 21st century Quebec is a nation. “It must increase its wealth, it must maintain this capacity that are our values and we do it with the solidarity that has accompanied it.” PQ supporters who gathered at Marois’s rally fell silent after media outlets began to project a convincing Liberal win, mere minutes after polls closed Monday night. Inside the Old Montreal hotel, small Quebec flags were handed out to the crowd. The mood, however, was sombre and few people bothered waving the fleurde-lis at all. Some people consoled each other with hugs and pats on the back. A few in the crowd rubbed their red eyes. The audience booed loudly when a TV screen showed an image of Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard and announced he had defeated a PQ incumbent. However, the crowd came alive with chants when Peladeau, Lisee and Drainville took the stage. Lisee told the audience of

several hundred people that at 90,000 members, the PQ has a bigger membership than all the other parties combined. “And this Parti Quebecois that Rene Levesque created, it survived the Bourassa years and it took power, it survived the Charest years and it took power, and it will survive the Couillard years and will take power,” Lisee said, drawing booming applause. Security was particularly tight inside and outside the hotel, strengthened following the deadly election-night shooting during Marois’s 2012 victory celebration. Police cruisers were parked in front of the building, as well as in a back alley. Bags were searched and attendees had to pass through an airport-style metal detector to gain access to the rally, which was on the 11th floor. On election night September 2012, gunshots rang out behind


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the Montreal club that held Marois’s election-night rally, killing stagehand Denis Blanchette and wounding his colleague David Courage. Marois timed the snap election to try to take advantage of rookie leader Couillard’s lack of experience and, more importantly, so she could capitalize on a boost in the popularity of the PQ, thanks to its secularism charter. Support for the party appeared to reach new heights on the back of the charter, a controversialyet-popular project introduced last fall that would have banned public employees from wearing overt religious symbols in the workplace. Polls suggested the charter was popular with a majority of Quebecers, but surveys also found that most people in the province considered issues like immigrant integration to be far from a prior-

ity, well behind more pressing issues like health care, fighting corruption and job creation. The PQ campaign struggled to gain traction with the charter and continued to be haunted by its sovereignty talk. Following Peladeau’s proclamation, Marois spent several days talking about how an independent Quebec would operate – complete with talk of open borders with Canada and the continued use of the loonie in Quebec. It was a surprising strategy, considering how polls have for years suggested that most Quebecers oppose secession from Canada. The PQ has long been forced to walk a fine line on the subject of independence, still a priority for hardcore supporters. For days, Marois’s rivals attacked her on the referendum issue. Journalists peppered her

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with questions. The party tried to pivot, but to no avail. Indeed, the shift in strategy led to a telling, headline-grabbing moment when Marois gently – but firmly – pushed Peladeau away from a microphone as she tried to regain control of her campaign’s message. In the final days of the campaign, Marois admitted she had regrets and said she wouldn’t have answered questions about sovereignty if she could have gone back in time. On Monday, the 65-year-old political veteran, whom Levesque named as his minister of state for the status of women in 1981, stood on stage with the crowd chanting “Pauline, Pauline.” “Quebecers have spoken and we must respect this result,” Marois, her eyes glistening under her glasses, told supporters before leaving the podium.


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014



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Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ex auditor general Fraser slams elections bill as attack on democracy Joan Bryden Canadian Press

OTTAWA heila Fraser, the former auditor general who became a virtual folk hero for exposing the sponsorship scandal, is training her sights on what she sees as a new abuse by the federal government: its controversial overhaul of Canada’s election laws. Fraser, who co-chairs an advisory board created by chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand last fall, told The Canadian Press she believes Bill C-23, if allowed to pass without significant amendments, would constitute an attack on Canada’s democracy. Among other things, the proposed legislation would disenfranchise thousands of voters, undercut the independence of the chief electoral watchdog, impede investigations into wrongdoing, give a financial advantage to rich, established parties and undermine Canadians’ faith in the electoral system, she said. And she urged Canadians to speak up against the sweeping bill. “Elections are the base of our democracy and if we do not have truly a fair electoral process and one that can be managed well by a truly independent body, it really is an attack on our democracy and we should all be concerned about that,” Fraser said in an interview. “When you look at the people who may not be able to vote, when you look at the limitations Former auditor general Sheila Fraser is training her sights on what she sees as a new abuse by the federal that are being put on the chief government – its controversial overhaul of Canada’s election laws. electoral officer, when you see


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the difficulties, just the operational difficulties that are going to be created in all this, I think it’s going to be very difficult to have a fair, a truly fair, election.” After publication of her The new Yukon home of

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Adrian Wyld/CP

remarks, the NDP requested that Fraser be invited to testify next week before the House of Commons committee studying the bill. The party’s democratic reform critic, Craig Scott, expressed hope that such strong words from such a highly respected figure will be a “tipping point” that finally forces the government to back down. But the Harper government

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has so far been impervious to the near-universal condemnation of the bill by federal and provincial elections watchdogs, academics and electoral experts at home and abroad. On Wednesday, Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre said the bill is “terrific” just the way it is. Other Conservatives brushed off critics as ill-informed, resistant to change or downright hysterical. Asked repeatedly Thursday about Fraser’s intervention, Poilievre did not specifically address the former auditor general’s concerns or even mention her name. Rather, he appeared to suggest she’s simply parrotting Elections Canada’s point of view. “We have already said that we were aware of Elections Canada’s positions on these issues. We just happen to disagree,” he told the Commons. But Prime Minister Stephen Harper may find it harder to shrug off Fraser’s scathing critique. As Opposition leader, he was one of her most ardent fans 10 years ago when she concluded that civil servants “broke just about every rule in the book” in administering the Chretien government’s sponsorship program. “Her competence and her courage have shone a bright light on the mismanagement, incompetence and corruption that this Liberal government has been trying to hide for more than a decade,” Harper said in a 2004 speech, referring to Fraser as “the mother of all accountants” and praising her for not pulling any punches. “(She) did not say that she thought that something smelled fishy. She identified the fish.” Fraser was equally blunt about the fishy smell she believes is emanating from the so-called Fair Elections Act. She said it appears to be motivated by a desire to rein in Elections Canada, which has been a thorn in the side of the Conservatives. The independent agency nailed the Conservative party for the illegal in-and-out scheme used to exceed its spending limit in the 2006 election; exposed illegal overspending by former cabinet minister Peter Penashue; has charged Harper’s one-time parliamentary secretary Dean Del Mastro with filing a false campaign return and failing to report campaign expenses; and is still investigating complaints about robocalls that misdirected primarily non-Conservative voters to the wrong polling stations in the 2011 election. Fraser pointed to the bill’s proposal to hive off the elections commissioner, who investigates alleged wrongdoing, from Elections Canada, thereby separating the regulation and enforcement functions of the agency and making it more difficult for investigators to tap the expertise of elections officials. She also noted that the bill fails to give the commissioner the power to compel witness testimony.


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 “Those provisions say to me that this is really a bit of an attack on Elections Canada and I find that really unfortunate because I really do believe Mr. Mayrand has done his job with great integrity, has certainly not shown the bias that some would like to claim he has and I just think it’s really terrible the way he’s been treated by government.” As a former independent officer of Parliament, Fraser is particularly troubled by the limitations the bill would impose on the chief electoral officer’s independence. Among other things, it would prohibit him from communicating with Canadians on anything but the mechanics of how, when and where to vote and it would prohibit the elections commissioner from talking about investigations. “Independent officers of Parliament and the government is now restricting what they can say? It’s just so inappropriate,” she said. The bill would also require the chief electoral officer to seek prior Treasury Board approval to enter into contracts with people with specialized or technical knowledge – including the advisory board which Fraser now co-chairs. “It’s just offensive that the chief electoral officer can not have an advisory group without having to get approval from ministers. It’s just astounding to me.” Not only that, she said it could create “operational headaches” if Elections Canada must get prior approval to hire the thousands of temporary specialists and elections officials needed to run an election. It’s crucial to the credibility of Elections Canada that the chief electoral officer have the independence to say and do what he feels necessary to ensure the integrity of the electoral system, Fraser argued. “Not only for Elections Canada but for all the agents of Parliament, the credibility of what these agents do is really based upon their independence and that they are viewed by the public as being objective, that they base their rulings, opinions, whatever they may do based on fact, that they run, in the case of Elections Canada, a fair elections process. “And if that independence from government is attacked or is viewed as not being there, I really think those institutions lose the credibility and the respect that they have from the public. And then if people start to doubt about the elections process, where does that leave us in this country?” The former auditor general is also troubled by a provision that would allow political parties to exempt from their campaign spending limits any money spent to raise funds from people who’ve donated at least $20 over the previous five years. She said that amounts to a giant loophole that would allow

well-established parties to spend untold millions more during campaigns but would be “unfair” to new parties, which have no history of past donors. Moreover, she questioned how pitches for donations can be distinguished from pitches for voter support and how Elections Canada could monitor and verify that the exemption was not being abused. She noted that the bill does not give the agency the power to audit party books or demand to see their records, invoices or receipts – a

power successive chief electoral officers have long sought. “There’s such a fuss being made about lunch money and what (politicians) spend for travel and (yet) the political parties get more than $30 million (in rebates and tax credits) and there’s no real accounting back,” Fraser said. “In this era when everybody’s talking about increased transparency and accountability, why would they not be subject to some kind of audit?” NDP Leader Tom Mulcair

said Fraser’s critique proves what his party has said from the outset: that the bill is aimed at “stacking the deck in favour of the Conservatives.” Nevertheless, he said he’s “puzzled” by Poilievre’s refusal to acknowledge any problems with it. “It’s almost as if the minister is delusional,” Mulcair said. “He keeps affirming that everything’s fine with his bill but every single expert in Canada, no matter whose side they’re on, has come out and said this is an undemocratic bill.”

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014



Sewing shop gets a refresh Jacqueline Ronson News Reporter


eisa Gattie-Thurmer has big plans for the shop formerly known as the Golden Thimble. She took over ownership of the downtown fabric and sewing store in March. She has renamed it the Bolt & Button. The previous owner, Dung Le, sold the shop so she could retire. Gattie-Thurmer’s professional history is in teaching and fashion design. For years she has been a part of textiles and fashion programs at Whitehorse high schools. Her dream is to have a space that is part fabric store, part sewing school. It’s a space that’s “busy and creative and fun,” said GattieThurmer. “It’s a place to come and hang out and get inspired.” Those familiar with the Golden Thimble won’t see any drastic changes. The store still offers alteration and repair services, and many of the same products. But there will be new offerings, too. “I’ve been slowly making some changes, rearranging and freshening up the stock, buying different lines of fabric and expanding on what was already here,” said Gattie-Thurmer. The hot fabric right now is “anything with stretch,” she said, “drapey, whooshy fabric.” Flowers, big prints, and bright colours are all in. So is, surprisingly, camouflage canvas. “I don’t know why that’s a big one.” When Gattie-Thurmer was a teen in Whitehorse in the 80s, there wasn’t much going on in terms of fashion, she said. She first turned to punk culture to express herself through clothing, she said. Eventually, she left the Yukon to study fashion design in Vancouver. These days, the kids are still turning to sewing as a way to express their individuality, said Gattie-Thurmer. And older generations are drawn to it because of an urge to “get back to grassroots of doing things for themselves,” she said. It has more to do with a feeling of self-sufficiency and accomplishment than thriftiness. “It used to be that it was cheaper to make your own clothes, but these days it’s not. “It’s quite expensive, but people do it because they love the artwork and they love the design work and they love the satisfaction of creating something when they’re done. The interest in the store has already been overwhelming, she said.

Jesse Winter/Yukon News

Leisa Gattie-Thurmer took over the Golden Thimble in March and renamed the store to Bolt & Button.

Mike Thomas/Yukon News

“I’m actually surprised by the amount of people I’ve met just in the last month who have a background in something to do with fashion or the arts or design. We’ve had some great conversations and they’re pretty excited to see new fabrics coming in that relate to interior design or garment construction.” Soon, the store will begin

to offer regular sewing classes. They will cover everything from the basics of getting to know your sewing machine to advanced sewing techniques. Learning how to sew is rewarding for both student and teacher, said Gattie-Thurmer. “I really like when people realize that they can do it. They think that it’s pretty complicated

and hard. I start really simple and build on skills, and it’s pretty fun to see them go, ‘Oh my God, I did this.’” Students can bring their own machines or rent time on one from the store. Private and small group lessons will also be available. Gattie-Thurmer wants to hear from the community about

what they want to see in the store, she said. If there’s an interest in a class that she’s not qualified to teach, Gattie-Thurmer will try and find someone who is, she said. More information about the shop can be found at www. Contact Jacqueline Ronson at

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yukon News



Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Governments, scientists to debate future of fossil fuels at climate meeting Frank Jordans Associated Press

BERLIN fter concluding that global warming almost certainly is man-made and poses a grave threat to humanity, the U.N.-sponsored expert panel on climate change is moving on to the next phase: what to do about it. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, will meet next week in Berlin to chart ways in which the world can curb the greenhouse gas emissions that scientists say are overheating the planet. It is also trying to give estimates on what it would cost. In the third report of a landmark climate assessment, the IPCC is expected to say that to keep warming in check, the world needs a major shift in investments from fossil fuels – the principal source of man-made carbon emissions – to renewable energy. “Underlying this report is a lot of technical analysis of the different solutions, for example wind energy, solar, better energy efficiency and what is the cost of that,” said Jake Schmidt, international climate policy director at the National Resources Defence Council, a


Martin Meissner/AP

Giant machines dig for brown coal at the open-cast mine Garzweiler near the city of Grevenbroich, western Germany.

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Washington-based environmental group. “And there will also be some discussions of how deep global cuts are needed to put us onto these different climate trajectories.” A leaked draft of the report sent to governments in December suggests that in order to keep global temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 F) by the end of the century – the stated goal of international climate talks – emissions need to fall by 40-70 per cent by 2050. Investments in fossil fuels such as oil and coal would have to drop by $30 billion a year, while spending on renewables would have to go up by $147 billion annually, according to the draft. That message is likely to face opposition from the fossil fuel industry and countries that depend on it.

Earlier this week, Exxon Mobile said the world’s climate policies are “highly unlikely” to stop it from selling fossil fuels far into the future. That contrasted with a message from U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres, who told oil and gas industry officials in London on Thursday that three-quarters of the fossil fuel reserves still in the ground needs to stay there for the world to achieve the 2-degree target. “We must look past the next quarter, past the end of the decade, into the second half of the century by which time the global economy must be carbon neutral,” Figueres said. The alternative plan to mitigate climate change would involve coming up with new ways to scrub carbon out of the atmosphere or

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prevent too much sunlight from being trapped in the atmosphere by greenhouse gases. Known as geoengineering, ideas floated from time to time include dropping tons of iron into the ocean to make carbon-munching algae bloom or putting an umbrella in space to shield us from the sun. Many scientists and campaigners believe such ideas are unlikely to work. “My own scientific point of view is that it’s too dangerous,” said Bill Hare, lead author of the IPCC’s 2007 report on mitigation. “It’s got to be assessed though. You can’t just ignore it.” Opponents say possible disastrous side effects from geoengineering could include a change in the monsoon pattern or a widening of the ozone hole that could threaten the lives of millions. Observers will be watching for how much attention the IPCC gives to the issue when they wrangle over the wording of the final report next week in Berlin. The draft mentions it only briefly. The two previous reports in the IPCC’s first comprehensive assessment of climate since 2007 said it’s 95-per cent certain that climate change is man-made and highlighted the damage it is projected to inflict on economies, crops and human health. lanyards & i.d. badges 207 Main Street


The latest report also focuses on the costs associated with keeping warming below 2 degrees C. The draft projects consumption losses of 1-4 per cent by 2030. That number is highly uncertain, though, and may be changed or deleted altogether in Berlin. Another controversial part of the report is the one dealing with who should pay for efforts to curb climate change – an issue that’s at the heart of U.N. negotiations on a new global climate agreement, set to be adopted by 2015. Poor and middle-income countries say they need more help from rich countries to switch to low-carbon energy sources. The IPCC, which is a scientific body, tries to steer clear of politics, but notes that mitigation could involve financial transfers “in the order of hundreds of billions of dollars per year before mid-century.” By most measures, the West, which underwent industrialization earlier, has historically pumped more carbon into the atmosphere than newly emerging economies such as China, which has the world’s highest carbon emissions. “The main bone of contention will be how the cost is factored and how it’s shared across the world,” said Schmidt, of the National Resources Defence Council. “We’re making decisions now that are building out our potential carbon infrastructure for decades. You can turn some of that off but there’s a cost and implication for society in the future.”

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Yukon News



Shaping icons for private selves Meg Walker Special for the News


tones made of paper, baby clothes sewn from vintage curtains, and roses cast in porcelain are some of the surprising moments in the three solo shows that Helen O’Connor, Michele Karch-Ackerman and Rosemary Scanlon present at the Yukon Arts Centre. Each artist explores how personal investment in a private iconography is shaped by collective experiences, some positive and some that need to be reclaimed. The opening night for Salutation (O’Connor, Yukon), Foundling (KarchAckerman, Ontario), and The Rose Parade (Scanlon, Yukon) was a unique time to see the works. That afternoon, O’Connor brought a performance into her “Singing Stones” installation. The sculpted stones are hollow and lightweight, in creamy hues. Helene Beaulieu played classical guitar while Monique Romieko danced with the stones, sometimes around them, sometimes lifting them. Seen now without the dance piece, a beautiful contrast continues between the heaviness implied by the boulder shapes and the translucent surfaces. O’Connor built the stones by preparing a paper pulp of willow and gampi (a Japanese shrub) and placing the fibrous mixture over glacial erratics at Primrose Lake. When dry, she removed them so gently that their shape remains, like a three-dimensional portrait of another location. Flax, hemp and seaweed are other fibres O’Connor has used for paper and sculpture over the years. For “Objects of Memory,” she layered household items like a frying pan with a pulp of pounded cotton fibre. As with “Singing Stones,” she removed the cast shape when it dried. These sculptures are matte black, resting on a shelf like shadows of working objects stilled at day’s end. Restfulness plays a role in “Release,” too. O’Connor collaborated with photographer Martin Berkman to make a video of willow catkins bursting out of a sculpted paper form. Projected against two “screens” of handmade

earlier iconographies as one stream of influences for the watercolours, inkjet prints and sculptures in The Rose Parade. When Scanlon lived in Glasgow, Scotland, earning her Masters of Fine Arts, she was invited to interpret some works in the Burrell Collection, which has many tapestries. Scanlon adopts the flat perspective of tapestries and wallpapers – narrative scenes where distant and nearby objects are the same size – to give her images a dreamlike feel. Most of Scanlon’s scenes are set outdoors. Flowers, animals, chairs and other entities hover against darkness as if against a night sky or, again, a dreamworld version of unpopulated space. Familiar moments from Yukon life appear and morph in Scanlon’s watercolours. She paints smoke wafting from a small log cabin or multiple racks of antlers, then mixes in owls pondering blossoms, bears floating down from their constellation cousins in the stars, or stacks of cars towering to humorous heights. Scanlon handles watercolour masterfully. She turns to inkjet prints to make backdrops with intense, uniform blacks that give sharper contrast between colours. A crisp, snowpacked mountain peak against rich black in “Stanchion,” for example, becomes a mysterious backdrop for the alluring, deliberately artificial blue, butteryellow and wine-red roses. Ian Stewart/Yukon News Delicate porcelain roses sit on a Helen O’Connor’s show, Salutation, features sculptural installations of hand-made paper at plinth in the centre of The Rose Parade. the Yukon Arts Centre. Uncoloured, they seem the most fake, but they are the most literal objects in paper, the images enlarge when they cal patterns. They hang in two rows, as part of the group. the room: they’re made by dipping real splash against the larger, farther sheet, their shoulders about six feet off the The reason for this compression roses into porcelain slip and burning of individuality emerges at the row of the organic matter away in the kiln. and expand even more on the gallery ground. card tables near the wall. Each holds wall behind. It’s mesmerizing and They are arranged by colour. But Arranged on a layer of gold leaf, elegant. walking between the rows, the individ- a cream and sugar set and a framed the piece is simply called “Roses.” Like Foundling is Michele Karch-Acker- ual textures enfold the visitor’s field of “Rules and Regulations” sheet for the botanical and animal creatures in “Rescue Homes.” man’s installation piece that contemvision, as if to honour the historical the other works, Scanlon’s roses reflect The women were denied private plates, and reframes, the experience of mothers’ cloudy situation of wonderhow humans are fascinated with the Canadian women who were sent away ing, “How did my child turn out? How selfhood during their pregnancies. All natural world both in raw form and in were considered “fallen women”; in “to visit an aunt” (or other such ficdoes she smile? How does he sleep?” artificially, beautifully skewed states. tions) when they were pregnant before Beside the sleepers, a long, narrow some institutions, the mothers-to-be The exhibitions by O’Connor, marriage. She used vintage curtains table holds 45 teacups from the 1930s were given aliases or numbers and did Karch-Ackerman and Scanlon conto sew one hundred onesies for the to the 1970s. Again, they are organized not even know each other’s names. It is tinue until May 29. the refusal of this shaming that motivinfants that these mothers were denied by colour, so each blends as closely as Meg Walker is a visual artist the chance to raise. possible to its neighbour. Again, item- ates Karch-Ackerman’s work. and writer absorbed in the colours of Dawson City Rosemary Scanlon reaches back to The onesies are sewn from identiby-item details fascinate, but only exist

Ian Stewart/Yukon News

Left, Rosemary Scanlon created digital wallpaper as part of her solo show, The Rose Parade, which also includes watercolours and photographic work. Right, Michele Karsh-Ackerman’s show, Foundling, examines her tragic family history through a unique installation of domestic items.


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Yukon News

Grand Opening Thurs April 10 Weekend Sun April 13

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Yukon News

Grand Opening Thurs April 10 Weekend Sun April 13

Largest Furniture, Bedding and Appliance Store in the North 4 Days Of Ashley Furniture HomeStore is the #1 Furniture Manufacturer inIncredible the World and the #1 Furniture Retailer in North America! Deals You





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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CBC TV touts shift towards darker, edgier fare in upcoming lineup Cassandra Szklarski

Empire, a serialized saga set in the 1860s that Catto likens to the type of material found on TORONTO the subscription-based Netflix ess money and less hockey or U.S. premium channel are driving the CBC to AMC. take some programming risks “There will be violence, that content boss Sally Catto there will be sex, there’s a admits could turn off some brothel in the town – it’s traditional viewers. very, very raw,” says Catto, But she says a shift towards who oversees drama, comedy, darker, edgier fare is ultimate- children and documentary ly geared towards preservprogramming. ing the public broadcaster’s “If you look at what Netflix mandate to stay relevant and is doing, what AMC is doing, connected with Canadians. the point is that there seems Chief among its plans for to be an incredible appetite the 2014-2015 season is the for serialized programming. dark period western Strange And audiences are sophisCanadian Press


ticated and I think they’re craving it. … As part of our strategy going forward, we’re really looking at our programming through the lens of: Is it distinctly Canadian? Is it going to engage Canadian audiences? And is it programming that you would only see in Canada on the CBC?” Strange Empire comes from Durham County cocreator Laurie Finstad, and takes place after the men in a westward-bound caravan disappear, leaving the women stranded and alone. The women are forced to build new lives in a frontier town

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run by a “nefarious fellow” who may have had something to do with the disappearances. “Laurie tends to explore more darker, layered worlds and that was really appealing to us,” Catto says of the series, which is slated to shoot in British Columbia this spring and summer. “It marks a shift in direction for us, going in that more darker and a very bold, serialized route. You’ll see more of that in the years to come.” Strange Empire, along with the provocatively titled comedy Schitt’s Creek, are so far the only two new scripted series announced for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Two factual programs were also greenlit – the game show Canada’s Smartest Person and the roving series Of All Places, hosted by Jonny Harris of Murdoch Mysteries. But they follow a slew of recent cancellations including the northern drama Arctic Air, the mental-health crime series Cracked, the cooking shows Best Recipes Ever and In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita and as well as George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and The Ron James Show. Catto says company-wide funding woes are taking their toll. Even though several CBC hits are returning – among them Murdoch Mysteries, Dragons’ Den, Republic of Doyle, and Heartland – there may be fewer fresh episodes on offer, she admits. “Budgets are tight across the board. It’s no secret we’ve had significant financial cuts and that will have an impact on us for sure,” she says, noting that ordering fewer episodes is one way “to make sure that we stay on our bud-

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get.” “But we’re doing everything we can to preserve our content, to put our content first.” She adds that not all series will be trimmed, noting that Murdoch Mysteries and Heartland are expected to return with 18 episodes each. There will be 13 episodes of the new sitcom Schitt’s Creek, created by comedy veteran Eugene Levy and his son, Dan Levy. Levy’s former SCTV partner Catherine O’Hara co-stars with U.S. comic Chris Elliott (How I Met Your Mother, Late Show with David Letterman). It’s about a very wealthy family who find themselves bankrupt and move to a small town in the middle of nowhere called Schitt’s Creek. Catto admits the crude reference in the title could dissuade some viewers from tuning in, but says that’s a chance they are willing to take. “There were conversations about it, for sure, but we really support the show, we support the creators’ vision and again it should be a real indication that we are prepared to take risks. We are signalling that this is a place that’s going to do bold and irreverent and innovative programming,” says Catto, noting that the mayor of the town – played by Elliott – is named Roland Schitt. “It’s not a name that’s going to go away in this series so we’ve just embraced it.” The show will shoot in and around Toronto. The re-jigged lineup follows CBC’s loss of lucrative NHL broadcast rights to Rogers, announced last November. A sub-licensing deal will allow Hockey Night in Canada to continue airing on CBC, but under Rogers control beginning this fall. Hockey revenue has traditionally subsidized CBC’s scripted programs and provided a high-profile platform to promote homegrown fare. Catto wouldn’t disclose budget details but said funds were dispersed strategically for the upcoming fall and winter season. “We had to make some difficult decisions and as you know not all of our shows return. But we did preserve a number of our, I think, very strong hits for the CBC that are, again, very distinctly Canadian.” Other shows coming back include Mr. D, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Rick Mercer Report, Steven and Chris, Marketplace, and The Nature of Things.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


april 13, 2014

7:30 pm Genome British ColumBia and yukon sCienCe institute present:

Yukon Beringia inTerpreTive CenTre, WhiTehorse


r u o j n Bo


Let’s Speak French

Cours de français langue seconde qui mettent l’accent sur l’écoute et l’expression orale. Les classes sont d’une durée de 90 minutes et ont lieu une fois par semaine, pendant 7 semaines. Quatre niveaux de compétences sont offerts : débutant, débutant avancé, intermédiaire et avancé. Une évaluation sera effectuée avant l’inscription. Maximum 10 participants. Les cours débutent le 5 mai. Inscription : Myriam Lachance-Bernard, 667-8611

Soirée portes ouvertes

L’école Émilie-Tremblay et l’Académie Parhélie ouvrent leurs portes pour une soirée de jeux, de contes et de chansons en famille! Venez visiter l’école et découvrir les différents services éducatifs offerts par la communauté francophone tout en vous amusant. Plusieurs prix à gagner! Le 14 avril, de 17 h à 19 h, au 20, promenade Falcon. Bienvenue à tous!

Concours Tremplin 2014

Jennifer Gardy Senior Scientist, BC Centre for Disease Control

How do we use DNA to solve mysteries?

Since the mystery of DNA was unraveled by Watson and Crick over 60 years ago, scientists have been using the genetic alphabet inside of each of us to solve other mysteries, from crime scene whodunits to disaster relief to personalizing cancer treatment to tracking the latest infectious diseases. In this talk, genetics researcher and science communicator Dr. Jennifer Gardy will take a look at the alphabet inside each of us, and how everyone from physicians to detectives are using it to crack the case.

Ce concours original de l’Office national du film (ONF) est destiné aux cinéastes francophones de la relève hors Québec souhaitant réaliser leur 1re ou 2e œuvre documentaire dans un contexte professionnel. Des ateliers de formation seront offerts à chaque étape de la production, et les films retenus seront diffusés sur les ondes de Radio-Canada. Date limite d’inscription : le 13 avril, à minuit

Arts visuels au Café balzam

Venez découvrir les expositions News from the Canyon de Marie-Hélène Comeau et Imagine the Portrait de Maxime Deschesnes lors de votre prochaine visite au Café balzam. Les œuvres seront exposées jusqu’au 25 juin.

Salon de l’emploi et du bénévolat

Chercheurs d’emploi, étudiants et bénévoles, ne manquez pas cette occasion unique de venir rencontrer des employeurs et des organismes lors du Salon de l’emploi et du bénévolat. Venez découvrir un monde de possibilités! Le 23 avril, de 10 h à 17 h, au Yukon Convention Centre.

Soirée de remerciement du personnel Tourism & Culture

MAE BACHUR SHELTER operated by Humane Society Yukon

Fostering a caring, compassionate atmosphere; promoting a humane ethic and responsible pet ownership; and preventing cruelty to domestic animals. The Shelter relies heavily on donations from generous Yukoners - we couldn’t do it without you! Thank You!

126 Tlingit Street • 633-6019 •

La Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon et l’école Émilie-Tremblay invitent la communauté à venir souligner les années de service du personnel en éducation. Un léger goûter sera offert. Service de garde disponible. Le 16 avril, de 17 h à 19 h, au Mont McIntyre. Réservez votre place d’ici le 11 avril à Manon Carrière, 667-8150

Retrouvez votre association francophone sur Facebook : AFY.Yukon Présentée par l’Association franco-yukonnaise 302, rue Strickland, Whitehorse (Yukon) Y1A 2K1 Tél. : (867) 668-2663 Courriel :


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



Bell boosts SmartStop team in California

Danny Munson photo

Watson Lake’s Zach Bell races in the 30th annual Redlands Bicycle Classic in California last week. Bell helped his SmartStop take third.

Tom Patrick News Reporter


atson Lake cyclist Zach Bell took one for the team last week. The 32-year-old was riding in a support role for his SmartStop Pro Cycling Team at the 30th annual Redlands Bicycle Classic, which finished Sunday in Redlands, California. He helped SmartStop take third out of 25 in the team event. “We were leading the race until yesterday, and then in the last stage, in the last 20 kilometres, we lost it to another pair of young guys,” said Bell. “Two guys got away and as a team we couldn’t control them. “Going into it we wanted to have a good showing, get a

stage win and have a decent GC (general classification). In the end we were in a pretty big cat-fight to win the thing. We were the strongest team but the way tactics played out, it didn’t roll completely in our favour.” SmartStop dropped from first to third in the team event in the final stage. So did Bell’s teammate Travis McCabe, who placed third in GC after five stages. McCabe wore the yellow leader jersey for much of the week. Bell helped keep it on McCabe’s back in Stage 4’s 90-minute criterium. Bell rode as sweeper for McCabe in the race and took 26th place out of 159 riders, helping McCabe snatch seventh. “We were working to preserve Travis’ lead there, that’s where most of my work went

in this week,” said Bell. “I was kind of there to be general on the road and make sure guys were doing what they needed to be doing and also to lend some strong legs to the guys we had up there in the GC.” Bell’s best finish of the week was 14th in Stage 2’s short 7.8-mile time trial. Even there he was working for the team’s overall good, giving advice to teammates McCabe and Rob Britton, who placed seventh and fifth, respectively. “The strategy for the team going in was to have as many guys as we could up there in the overall standing,” said Bell. “So I had to do a good time trial just so I stayed close. It was OK; I wasn’t super happy with it, but I wasn’t unhappy with it. “I was one of the earlier

guys out on course, so it was my job to feel it out and report back to the guys going late … give them some tips on how to go faster.” This season is Bell’s first on SmartStop, which is based out of North Carolina. He rode for Hong Kong’s Champion System Pro Cycling Team last season and Spidertech Powered by C10 the previous two. Though he was in a support role in Redlands, he isn’t always playing backup to the SmartStop team. In the first event of the season, Bell took second place in Stage 7 of the 35th annual Vuelta Independencia Nacional in the Dominican Republic at the end of February. SmartStop collected a total of four podium finishes in the Dominican, including

Bell’s silver. Bell, who resides in North Vancouver, had arguably his best season to date last year. The two-time Olympian became a national champion on the road with a first-place finish in the 2013 Canadian Road Championships in StGeorges, Que. Bell also took fourth place in the time trial and eighth in the criterium at the national championship. Just two months after winning the national title in road racing, Bell returned to the velodrome to win gold in the omnium at the 2013 Canadian Track Championships in Dieppe, N.B. He also won stages at the Tour of Korea and the Tour of Taiwan with the Champion System team. Contact Tom Patrick at


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Booster Juice shuts out Mustangs in peewee closer Tom Patrick News Reporter


he Booster Juice Blenders forgot the wheatgrass and pomegranate, and served the Atom Jr. Mustangs an old-fashioned glass of payback at the Whitehorse Minor Hockey Association’s Closing Tournament on Sunday at the Canada Games Centre. The Blenders went undefeated in the tournament and shut out the Whitehorse rep team 4-0 in the peewee division final. “It was an excellent game,” said Blenders head coach Derrick Hynes. “We’ve had a tough go with that team all year long. They’ve certainly been our biggest competitor and they brought their ‘A’ games, like they always do. “Our kids came to play, from the first line to the third line, and they worked hard every shift, as I asked them to, and they came out champions as a result.” The Atom Mustangs won three tournaments this season, including the Yukon Peewee Hockey Championships in Watson Lake, defeating

Booster Juice 4-3 in the final. “We’ve been fortunate enough this year to have good end results … but things aren’t always going to go your way,” said Mustangs head coach Patrice Brunet. “I think the kids demonstrated a lot of character throughout the year when faced with adversity. “The pucks didn’t go our way today, but we created a lot of chances.” Blenders defenceman Ewan Halliday scored his team’s first two goals in the first period. After a scoreless second, centre Cole McCulloch and defenceman Jarod McCulloch found the back of the net in the third. Blenders’ Adam Hynes and Logan Kruse each had two assists in the final. The Mustangs definitely had their opportunities. When Joey Schultz was tripped into the boards, coming out with a bloody nose, the Mustangs went on a five-minute power play in the third. Just seconds after the major penalty ended, the Mustangs went on a two-minute power play with a roughing call against the Blenders. But the Mustangs couldn’t

Tom Patrick/Yukon News

Booster Juice Blenders centre Logan Kruse handles the puck against the Atom Mustangs in the peewee final in the WMHA’s Closing Tournament on Sunday at the Canada Games Centre. The Blenders won 4-0.

beat Blenders goalie Griffin Bisson, who stood on his head in the final. “He’s been our goalie all year and has been, hands down, the best goalie in

Skookum Asphalt captured peewee,” said Derrick Hynes. the bronze with a 5-2 win “He’s got the perfect personality for a goalie: he never gets over Pacific Northwest Moving. too high, never gets too low. Contact Tom Patrick at Lets in a goal, he just forgets it and moves on.”

Sequoia goes undefeated for atom gold Tom Patrick

Sequoia’s Hugo Burgess had four goals – including his team’s first three – and an assist in the final. Teammates Kaelen Lewis and Aaron Bolduc each had two goals. “There’s a breadth of scoring,” said Daniels. “We don’t have one super star.” Nevaeah Webb scored twice for Scotiabank in the final and Zab Blower and Seth Sheardown-Waugh contributed individual goals.

News Reporter


equoia Kitchens hadn’t been in a hole so deep all tournament and there they were down three goals in the atom final. But there was plenty of hockey still to be played. Sequoia fought back to beat Scotiabank 8-4 in the atom final of the Whitehorse Minor Hockey Association’s Closing Tournament at the Canada Games Centre on Sunday. “We had a bit of a slow start. The other team came out really hard,” said Sequoia head coach Mark Daniels. “Depth of character. We regrouped them, we talked about the fundamentals. They are a well trained team and they play well as a team. They relied upon each other.” The kitchen crew were the heavy favourites going into the final. In addition to going undefeated in the tournament’s round-robin, Sequoia won the Yukon Atom Hockey Championships in Haines Junction earlier this year.

“Right from the start they were a bunch of good players,” added Daniels of his team. “Maybe not greatly skilled, but they were coachable. When they didn’t do it for themselves, they did it for the team. They have a real strong team ethic and that’s what made the difference.” Duncan’s downed Titan Gaming 5-4 for the bronze. Contact Tom Patrick at

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Keigan Tom Patrick/Yukon News

Sequoia Kitchens goalie Nathan Scully celebrates his team’s win in the atom final of WMHA’s Closing Tournament on Sunday at the Canada Games Centre. Sequoia beat Scotiabank 8-4 in the final.

After falling behind 3-0, Sequoia caught up at 4-4 in

the second and finished the period up 6-4.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mustangs grab bantam gold in dramatic final Tom Patrick

for Dollar Store. The Whitehorse rep team lost to the Dollar Store 2-1 in he front of the Mustangs the round-robin portion of the net, that’s where the buck tournament. stops. “We’ve been playing these The Peewee Mustangs defeat guys all year and they’ve always the Great Canadian Dollar been pretty close games, so Store 7-5 bantam division we knew what to expect,” said final of the Whitehorse Minor Gale. “We’re playing on the Hockey Association’s Closing bigger ice (the ATCO Olympic Tournament at the Canada size rink), that’s a little bit of Games Centre on Sunday. adjustment for our guys… It was the most back-and“In the second we hit a bit forth final in the season-closof a lull. We were making mising tournament. The Mustangs takes, forgetting to pick up our took a two-goal lead, before checks, and they were getting the Dollar Store took a twogoals.” goal lead, before the Mustangs The Mustangs took the lead took another two-goal lead to in the third with three goals end it. in a minute and 19 seconds. Going into the third down Defenceman Brett Walchuk 5-3, “the boys stuck to the started the onslaught before game plan, started blocking goals from Oscar Sawicki and shots, playing with a lot more Saul Gale. Walchuk got the grit and determination, and insurance goal late in the game started getting some bounces and also had two assists. our way,” said Mustangs head “He was keeping us in the coach Kirk Gale. game with his scoring and The Dollar Store came back assists,” said Mustangs captain from 2-0 with five second-per- Isaac Williamson of Walchuk. iod goals – including a natural Also scoring for the Mushat trick from Mack Benntangs was Walliamson with Wipp – to end the period two goals and an assist, Wyatt up by two. Tyler Eaglestone Peterson with a goal and assist. Eric Potvin and Kyron Crosby had a goal and two assists News Reporter


Tom Patrick

Tom Patrick/Yukon News

Peewee Mustangs goalie Dawson Smith attempts to make a save on Great Canadian Dollar Store’s Tyler Eaglestone in the bantam final of the WMHA’s Closing Tournament on Sunday at the Canada Games Centre. The Mustangs won 7-5.

also logged assists. Mustangs goalie Dawson Smith stopped 49 of 54 shots in the final.

“He really held us in there,” said Williamson. “He did an outstanding job. It was his game of the year.”

Dynamic Systems defeated the Female Mustangs 6-5 for the bronze. Contact Tom Patrick at

Canucks extinguish Flames in timbit capper

The Flames fought back from two goals down to tie the final 3-3 in the second and came back from he Flames twice burned up one goal down to make it 4-4 in the Canucks’ lead before a the third. third period surge gave the CaWith eight minutes left on nucks the title at the Whitehorse the clock, Canucks’ Kieran Price Minor Hockey Association’s Clos- found the five-hole to make it 5-4, ing Tournament on Sunday at the 40 seconds before teammate Alix Walchuk knocked in a rebound to Canada Games Centre. make it 6-4. The Canucks beat the Flames Canuck Drake Cooper had a 6-4 in the final of the timbit hat trick in the game and teamdivision. mate Justus Bourassa had a goal “They beat us in the roundand an assist. robin, 7-6, and it was another “Drake Cooper and Alix Walclose game today,” said Canucks chuk, and Katelyn O’Brian, scored head coach Kirk Price. “The kids played hard and had a lot of fun.” quite a bit of goals through the tournament as well,” said Price. The Canucks went 2-1 in the “They were our faster skaters and round-robin to place second team-players.” behind the Flames, who went Jaxson Long, Noah Kinney, undefeated into the final. Harlen Koyczan and Maddix Larocque scored for the Flames in visit mac’s the final. Tom Patrick/Yukon News underground... In the battle for bronze, the A Flames players brings the puck down ice as a Canuck struggles to keep pace in the timbit Wild defeated the Penguins 6-5. final of WMHA’s Closing Tournament on Sunday at the Canada Games Centre. The Canucks to browse our great book Contact Tom Patrick at won 6-4. deals, place special orders, News Reporter


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Novice Canucks plow through Senators

Tom Patrick/Yukon News

Canucks’ Johnny Timmons scores against the Senators in the novice final of the WMHA’s Closing Tournament on Sunday at the Canada Games Centre. Timmons scored four goals in his team’s 9-1 win.

Tom Patrick

than that. “Everyone knew we could play better and it was a good game he Canucks caught fire for 20 today.” minutes in the championship The Senators won Yukon’s game, making two other periods novice championships earlier this rather inconsequential. year and went into the final as the They scored seven secondtop-seed, defeating Canucks in period goals to beat the Senators the round-robin. 9-1 in the novice division final of Nine straight goals for the the Whitehorse Minor Hockey Canucks sent the Yukon champs Association’s Closing Tournament reeling. at the Canada Games Centre on Canucks’ Johnny Timmons Sunday. led the team in scoring with four “We’ve had a strong team all goals in the final. year,” said Canucks head coach “He’s probably one of the Derek Johnstone. “The Senators strongest players in the league, if have come on and beaten us not the strongest,” said Johnstone. the last two games, so the score “We were lucky to have him on doesn’t really depict how it was. our team this year. He played well The Senators have a better team again today.” News Reporter


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Also scoring for the Canucks were Tanner Gurrell with one goal and three assists, Tyson Matthews with two goals and Sabastian Insley and Zander Underhill each with one goal. Jase Johnstone was in net for the Canucks. Preventing the shutout for the Senators was Landon Cowper scoring the only third-period goal of the game with 6:27 left. Cowper took a pass in front of the Canucks net, did a little spinorama and fired it in. Contact Tom Patrick at Tom Patrick/Yukon News

Senators’ Leif Cunning skates up the boards during the final.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Security Bears repeat in broomball championships

Tom Patrick/Yukon News

Left, Nachos goalie Charles McLeod attempts to stop a shot from Spectrum Security Bears’ Lars Jessup in the Yukon Broomball Association league finals on Saturday in Takhini. The Bears won 6-0 for the title. Right, Bears captain Josh Hirsch brings the ball down the ice during the final.

Tom Patrick

the games throughout the year have been really close; it’s has been a really competitive league he Spectrum Security Bears this year, so it’s been fun.” had a lot of well-rested legs The Bears, who were in first on their bench and that likely at the end of the regular season, decided the current ownership had more reserves in the final of the Playoff Champs Cup. with seven on the bench. The The Bears had more in the Nachos had two subs on their tank as they took a 6-0 shutout bench. win over the Na-Cho Nyak Dun The Bears also went unDevelopment Corporation in defeated into the final, making the Yukon Broomball Associatheir route a lot less arduous. tion’s playoff final at the Takhini They played three games over Broomball Arena on Saturday. the week to reach the final, It was the second year in a while the Nachos played two row the Bears won the league Saturday morning, making the playoffs. final their third of the day. “This was one of the only “We play with a big bench all games this season that was this year just for this reason, so we lopsided,” said Bears assistant have legs at the end of the year,” said Bears captain Josh Hirsch. captain Shayne Fairman. “All News Reporter


“They had to come the long way around, we had an easy path because we won … We only had to play three games.” The Nachos won the championships in 2012 and the season opening Bob Park Ice Breaker Broomball Tournament in November. “We came through the B side and had a few more games this week and a short bench,” said Nachos captain Chris Saunders. “But the team did well. We played smart, tried to keep the games slow, unfortunately it didn’t work out in the final. “Our game plan was to slow it down as much as possible, keep the goals down, pop a couple in. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that well.”

Bears’ Blayne Epp scored with a hard shot from the right wing to make it 1-0 at the end of the first. Teammate Ryan Martin swatted a rebound out of the air to make it 2-0 a few minutes into the second. Epp scored late in the second on a long shot with Nacho goalie Charles McLeod missing the kick-save. Hirsch scored on a two-on-one in the final seconds of the second period. Bears’ Justin Saunders found the back of the net midway through the third, lifting the ball over a sprawled McLeod. Hirsch logged a second goal on a breakaway late in the game. Chris Sawyer was in net and got the shutout for the Bears. The Bears reached the final

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with a 2-1 overtime win over the Roadhouse. Justin Saunders put in the game-winner just seconds into the overtime period. Both Saunders are among 13 players who will represent Yukon on the Coates Lead Dawgs at the national broomball championships in the mixed division this week in Calgary. “I think we should do all right, we have a pretty young forward line – 20-somethings – and our defence is the experienced side of the team,” said Chris Saunders, who is captain of the Yukon team. Saturday marked the end of the Yukon Broomball Association’s 30th season. Its Whitehorse-based league expanded from seven to nine teams, with about 40 new players, this year. In addition to sending a team to the nationals this week, the association will send a mixed team to the 2014 World Broomball Championships this November in Japan. “It was an incredible season,” said association president Milford Allain. “I’m thinking about a youth league next year with certain age groups. We did it for one month this year, so we’re hoping to expand on it next year, and hopefully in a couple years get it to the national level. We eventually want to host the nationals here, so it would be nice to have the youth a part of that.” Contact Tom Patrick at

Wednesday, April 9, 2014





Yukon News


by Leigh Rubin


Yukon News


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


By The Mepham Group

Sudoku Like puzzles? Then you’ll love sudoku. This mind-bending puzzle will have you hooked from the moment you square off, so sharpen your pencil and put your sudoku savvy to the test! Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit


To solve Kakuro, you must enter a number between 1 and 9 in the empty squares. The clues are the numbers in the white circles that give the sum of the solution numbers: above the line are across clues and below the line are down clues and below the line are down clues. Thus, a clue of 3 will produce a solution of 2 and 1 and a 5 will produce 4 and 1, or 2 and 3, but of course, which squares they go in will depend on the solution of a clue in the other direction. No difit can be repeated in a solution, so a 4 can only produce 1 and 3, never 2 and 2. © 2013 The Mepham Group. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency. All rights reserved.

WORD SCRAMBLE Rearrange the letters to spell a word Hint: beg, sponge

Puzzle A


WORD SCRAMBLE Rearrange the letters to spell a word Hint: tny of various elastic textile fibers made chiefly of polyurethane

CLUES ACROSS 1. Dog’s bark 4. Fall back (time abbr.) 7. Point midway between S and SE 10. Heap 12. Gross revenue 14. Smallest merganser 15. Mild yellow Dutch cheese 16. Small integer 17. Restore to health 18. Banishments 20. Layers of rock 22. Hill (Celtic) 23. Male cat

24. Past tense of 60 across 26. Humans as a group 29. Introduces a further negative 30. Area of conflict 34. A licensed accountant 35. Deep distress or misery 36. A winglike structure 37. Having defined limits 43. A brother or sister 44. A small shiny ornamental disk 45. True firs 47. No. Am. republic (abbr.) 48. Bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich

49. Most guileful 52. Casual trousers 55. Abba ____, Israeli politician 56. Papier-_____, art material 58. Am. costume designer Edith 60. Stand up 61. Operatic songs 62. Talk incessantly 63. Shock treatment 64. Form a sum 65. Norweigan currency (abbr.)

CLUES DOWN 1. Mimic 2. Journey on horseback 3. Linen plant 4. Dashes 5. Single Lens Reflex 6. Golf ball stands 7. A particle of dirt 8. Clear blood fluids 9. Female sheep 11. Utters 12. Tern genus 13. Small sofa 14. Shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic

19. Leoppold and ____ 21. Top of motor vehicle 24. Securing devices 25. Highly incensed 26. Earnest entreaty 27. Rent 28. Am. immigration island 29. National Council on Disability (abbr.) 31. Same birthdate sibling 32. 2,000 pounds 33. A light stroke 38. Relating to a horse 39. A subterfuge

40. Unwholesome atmosphere 41. Dining, coffee and card 42. Cunieform tablets found in 1974 46. Scratchy 49. Invests in little enterprises 50. Foot-shaped shoe form 51. Scarlett’s home 52. Genus alosa 53. New Jersey university 54. Paper bag 55. Before 57. Castilian knight El ___ 59. Denmark

Puzzle B


WORD SCRAMBLE Rearrange the letters to spell a word Hint: to expose the sham or falseness of

Puzzle C



Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


WINNERS... Up to five years

Quaye Macdonald Six to eight years

WINNERS… Up to five years

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Chanel Sutherland Nine to twelve years

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Robyn McNeil Congratulations to our winners and runners-up and good luck to those of you entering next week’s competition.

211 Wood Street, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2E4.

Open to kids up to age 12. Entries for this week’s contests must be received by 12 pm next Monday in order to appear in next week’s paper. If your entry arrives late (which may happen with out-of-town entries), it will be judged along with the contestants from the following week. Please limit entries to ONE PER CHILD PER WEEK. The contests are divided into three age groups: Up to five years, Six to eight years, Nine to twelve years. Drawings for the drawing contest must be on a separate piece of paper and reproducible on a photocopier to win. (Black and white drawings on white paper are easier to reproduce.) Winners will receive their prizes by mail so be sure to include your complete address! Please note that only winning entries will be returned. WINNERS RECEIvE GIft CERtIfICatES fOR “AngelinA’s Toy BouTique”.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014





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200 SQFT ground floor bachelor suite downtown, avail. April 15, N/P, N/S, $650/mon + utils, references required, Email 2 BDRM 1.5 bath townhouse, 1,300 sqft, 5 appliances, 2 parking spaces, N/P, N/P, refs & dd reqʼd, $1,600/mon & utils. 633-5129

Wanted to Rent HOUSESITTER AVAILABLE Mature, responsible person Call Suat at 668-6871 PROFESSIONAL COUPLE looking for place to rent in town for May 1st. 1 or 2 bdrm place that allows pets. 336-3074 HOUSE-SITTER AVAILABLE in Whitehorse, mature, many references, good with animals, gardens, some openings still remaining from June-Sept. Josef 335-2300 WANTED: 1-2 bedroom suite, house or cabin, long term rental, late 30's single female & well cared for/well behaved dog, low maintenance, quiet, clean and respectful, 506-260-6402

Real Estate KENO CITY Lot #15, 1 acre in town, property has 6 buildings incl unique 1,500 sqft beer bottle house and 30ʼx45ʼ shop, 867-995-2720 2 ACRE lot, Atlin, incl 28X34 newly constr unfinished 2-storey house & new 18x28 cabin, mobile home w basement to live in while house completed, well, water, septic, $195,000. 250-651-7868 HAINES JUNCTION, 2-storey 2-bdrm house, contemporary design, open concept, 10-acre lot, cul-de-sac, fire-smarted around house, 85% completed, 1,350 sq ft, $275,000 as is. 634-2240 RIVERDALE LOT, 100x50, zoned RS but new services to support 2nd/3rd residence, S-facing back, quiet alley, close to trails, 21 McQuesten, $169,900. Build in Riverdale. 5 ATLIN lake view town lots. Prime location, Discovery Ave & 3rd St. 1 double lot incls old log house. Reduced to sell, $150,000 takes all. Email: or John 250-676-9597 1989 MOBILE home in Northland, large yard, corner lot. 335-6678 HANDYMAN SPECIAL, 76ʼx150ʼ lot on Oak St, PC, 1,000ʼ per floor, Feb. 14 new boiler/wood stove heat, $250,000 obo. 633-4259 LAKEFRONT ACREAGE; approx 9.7 acres & 1000 ft waterfront on beautiful Crag Lake. Treed & sloped with several good building sites. $230,000. 821-6011 16X16 CABIN shell. 8x13 timbers w/dovetail corners. 6ʼ extʼd deck. Doors & windows or not cut out.  I will deliver & assemble the cabin, $10,000. 2-BDRM 1.5 bath house, Teslin, large living room, family room, arctic entry, 1,300sq ft, lake view, well, sewer, oil/wood heat, large fenced yard, in town, $115,000. 335-4460 CHOICE OF 2 land parcels, 7.5 acres each. Treed with Ag parcels on sides. Near km 1462 (Ak Hwy) on south side. Phone & power avail from hwy, $159,900/ea. 633-4822 TESLIN LAKE. Quality 4-bdrm, 2-bath home w/shop on 0.18 acres. Drilled well, gorgeous stone & pine detailed finishing, $364,900. 633-4778.

House Hunters a perfect match! Location, Luxury, family friendly


ID# 143626


27 carpiquet road Whitehorse 867-667-4092 Help Wanted Gold Village Chinese Restaurant Looking for experienced full-time kitchen helper and server Apply with resume to 401 Craig Street, Dawson City, YT Y0B 1G0 Fax resume to: 867-993-2336 DOWNTOWN DAYS CHILDCARE CENTRE Looking for an early childhood caregiver Training in early childhood or a related field required This position is 9:00am-5:30pm, Monday to Fridays Wage dependent on training and experience Call 667-6776, Echo or Lynda, for further information Resumes may be dropped off at 478 Range Road, faxed to 667-6736 or emailed to FULL TIME DENTAL ASSISTANT REQUIRED Full Time Assistant required immediately for Pine Dental. Experience required. Please fax resume to 867-668-5121 or drop off at clinic at 101-204 Black St. SKY HIGH WILDERNESS RANCH is looking for an experienced horse guide. 4 years experience guiding/training and first aid is required. (Wilderness first aid preferred) Very labour intensive position. Trail rides and possible pack trips. Call Trudy or Gary for more info. 667-4321 SAWMILLS FROM only $4,897 - MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT. DAWSON CITY Looking for an experienced cook for exclusive Greek cuisine restaurant For more information contact Tony Dovas 867-993-5868

Miscellaneous for Sale BETTER BID NORTH AUCTIONS Foreclosure, bankruptcy De-junking, down-sizing Estate sales. Specializing in estate clean-up & buy-outs. The best way to deal with your concerns. Free, no obligation consultation. 333-0717 We will pay CASH for anything of value Tools, electronics, gold & jewelry, cameras, furniture, antiques, artwork, chainsaws, camping & outdoor gear, hunting & fishing supplies, vehicles & ATVs. G&R Pawnbrokers 1612-D Centennial St. 393-2274 BUY • SELL • LOANS

PLANT STARTER pots. 668-4186 CEDAR SIDING, 1x6x8' TnG planed both sides, 3 lifts, each has 216 pieces, covers approx 780 sq ft. $1,350/lift or .80 cents per lf. 867-335-1088 for more details HIGH QUALITY, new compost toilet, odour free operation, reliable, highly efficient self contained unit, used world wide, many commercial applications, ideal for remote locations. $2,200 obo. 633-6502 FOR SALE : newly constructed out house. For more information call 334-3997 RV PLASTIC water tank 15 gal. 8”x16”x30”, exc cond, $50 firm. 821-6011

14ʼX16ʼX6ʼ CANVAS wall tent, new, $1,200 w/out frame. 334-8335

STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206 MCDONALDS H O C K E Y cards from 1991-92 to 2009/10. Almost every card issued minus some short prints, incl. 27 unopened paks/yr. Over 1,200 cards, $1,000 firm. 633-3154. 20 IAN Rankin paperback novels (John Rebus detective), all in good cond, $25. 633-3154 JACQUES COUSTEAU Collection set of 4, #1 Life & Death in a Coral Sea, #2 Dolphins, #3 Sharks, #4 Whales, Collection of 4, $100. 633-3113 ROYAL WEDDING Album, $20, King Tutankhamenʼs Treasures, $20, Mandrell family album, signatured, $20, assorted novels, $5. 633-3113 FLOUR MILL, Lee Household S600, 1/4hp motor, adjustable stone grinding setting for a variety of grains, exc. cond. New $700.00, $300 firm. 821-6011 NEW 3120XP Husqvarna chainsaw, used once, $1,250 obo. 334-6094

We offer competitive wages, a great working atmosphere, an excellent benefit package and much more. Forward resume to Nick Schonewille 4178-4th Ave, Whitehorse, Y1A 1J6 or email

Whitehorse Motors

4th Avenue and Wheeler, Whitehorse, Yukon

HOMELITE 4300 watt generator, never used, $300 obo. 668-5882 CORDLESS PASLODE Li-ion C325 nailer, new, with 6 cartridges, case, charger + 100lb nails, $475. 334-8335

2 LARGE house plants, 1-5ʼ tall palm tree, $75 obo, 1 bushy palm plant, $50 obo. 667-7107

Electrical Appliances KENMORE CERAMIC top range, convection, self-clean, delay cook, top end several years ago, one burner is slower, $200, can deliver in Whse area. 667-2276 PROPANE DRYER, new, $1,200. 334-8335 STAND-UP FREEZER, exc cond, 59 1/2" tall by 28 3/8" wide, $225.00. 334-5189

TVs & Stereos Paying cash for good quality modern electronics. G&R Pawnbrokers 1612-D Centennial St. 393-2274 BUY • SELL • LOANS

32,000 BTU Geostove, gravity oil stove, perfect for cabin, camp, greenhouse. 334-8335 1750 POWER converter, $275, mini cement-mixer, $175, both from Cdn Tire, both still in boxes, 633-4606 AIR HOCKEY table, $25. 633-2906 STEEL BUILDINGS...HOT SAVINGS SPRING SALE! 20X24 $4,348. 25X24 $4,539. 30X30 $6,197. 32X36 $7,746. 40X46 $12,116. 47X72 $17,779. One End wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

ORTHODONTIC OFFICE We will train the right candidate!!

1 400L Tidy Tank with hand pump, L-shape, drywall taping Bazooka construction air nailer (assorted). 667-7413

Duties include: Instrument sterilization for our very busy orthodontic clinic, Pouring dental models and construction of simple retainers, Maintaining well stocked dental units, General tidiness of the clinic and laboratory, Other duties as required based on the successful candidates abilities. Reliable, self motivated with close attention to detail Part-time position

GLASS ENTRANCE door, metal frame, used. Steel tracks for 5th wheel hitch. Basic cash register. 667-7144 MEC FULL side zip waterproof pants, womenʼs medium, new, $80. Large spider plant, $40. 1llB Hanson St.

Please eMaIl yOuR ResuMe tO

INFRARED SAUNA, 3-person corner unit with built-in radio/CD player, lights, oxygen ionizer, used for 2 yrs, great health benefits, low energy consumption $1,700. 334-7507 MOVING OUT sale, 393-3113 MASON INDUSTRIAL sewing machine, as is, needs a little TLC, $200 firm. 667-6760 DISPLAY REFRIGERATOR, approx 4ʼ wide, curved glass front, sliding back doors, new $2,000, asking $1,000. 456-4922 DEEP FRYER, double basket, propane powered, new $1,800, asking $700. 456-4922 50-YEAR COLLECTION of National Geographic magazines in good quality slipcases [1961-2011), $100. 668 2877


Accounting Assistant


KAL TIRE is looking for full-time team members in Shipping & Receiving & the Front Shop Pay depends on experience Contact: Rick Copes 633-4482

Journeyman Automotive Service Technician

60-INCH GASPARDO Sickle mower with hydraulic lift. Spare blade. Like new. $1500.  390-2507

GARAGE WORK table, 10ʼx8ʼ, $100 obo. 667-7107

TRADING CARDS, binder full of non-sport trading cards (James Bond, X-men, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom). About 500 cards. $50. 633-3154

CFL FOOTBALL cards, 17 different complete sets of cards, including early OPC. Almost 2,600 cards, serious inquiries. $1,500. 633-3154

HYDRAULIC WOOD splitter. Fits on three point hitch of tractor. $1500 obo. 633-6502

DOUBLE STAINLESS steel kitchen sink, c/w faucets, & lazy Susan, all in gd cond, $50. 667-2760 GRANDMAʼS CUTLERY. Some silver, some not. Good for craft projects. 28 spoons; 8 forks; 3 knives. $25 firm. 821-6011

THREE COMPLETE OPC hockey card sets (1999-00 to 2001-02 period) plus some short prints. Over 900 cards. $150. 633-3154

FIFTY-YEAR COLLECTION of National Geographic magazines in good quality slipcases (1961-2011).  $100. 668 2877

30 cc, 8-inch ice auger. $275 obo.  Like new. 633-6502

WORLD HOCKEY Association – 5 complete hockey card sets from the 1970s. Exc cond. $750. 633-3154

WORLD HOCKEY Association, remember it? Two rare books, (history, statistics, photos). Exc. shape, $50. 633-3154

BRAND NEW self contained, stand alone, odourless compost toilet. Evirolet brand. Very efficient, low maintenance, Needs no water, c/w ducting, no tax and no shipping. $2,200 obo. 633-6502

DEARBORN 2 bottom furrow plow. Fits a three point hitch, $500 obo. 633-6502

Experienced Sales Staff Required for retail store. Prefer 25 or over. Fashionable, computer skills, sewing experience an asset.   Apply in person to Andrea: 6098 6th Avenue with references.

Come Join our team at Whitehorse Motors! We are currently seeking a


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

LOT 3, BLOCK 45 HAINES JUNCTION BRAND NEW TWO BEDROOM HOME. 1216 square feet with attached single-car garage. Located on very quiet cul-de-sac in the newest serviced subdivision. Great south-facing exposure with full view of the front range of mountains. This home has been built to the latest energy standards and met the energy audit of the latest NBC. It features maple kitchen cabinets, AC4 laminate and ceramic flooring, as well as a gas fireplace. Asking $329,000. For more information or to make a viewing appointment call: (867) 633-4275 Whitehorse or (867) 336-8850 Haines Junction

Applicant should have accounting/business courses along with a couple of years of accounting/bookkeeping experience.

Ability to take direction easily, work under pressure and deadlines, and communicate effectively with staff and lawyers is essential.

This position involves data entry, reconciling different accounts, paying invoices, recording of all monies and month end procedures.

Good working knowledge of office procedures and accounting software. An understanding of Word, Excel, and Outlook are essential to this position.

Experience with Simply Accounting would be an asset.

Experience working with trust accounting would be an asset, but we are willing to train the right person.

This position is permanent full time and salary will correspond with experience. We provide an attractive benefit package along with a progressive vacation plan.

Confidentiality and a police check will be required We invite interested candidates to apply with resume to our office by 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 18th to: 3081 ThIRd AvE WhITEhORSE, YukON Y1A 4Z7

Attention: Greg LeBlanc, Manager No phone calls please and only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.


Yukon News

Computers & Accessories SEAGATE EXTERNAL Hard Drive w/2TB capacity, new, $120. GE Answering Machine w/instruction manual, $10 obo. Battery charger for 4AA, 4AAA or 9V nickel Cardium batteries, $5. 633-2093

EPSON PHOTO R1800 color printer, free. 633-3154

JAY TURSER electric guitar, new strings, strat. style. $120. 333-9084

Musical Instruments

We will buy your musical instrument or lend you money against it. G&R Pawnbrokers 1612-D Centennial St. 393-2274 BUY • SELL • LOANS

TRABEN CHAOS Core Bass with strap, hard case, amp & amp cord, 1 year old, great cond, plays well. 335-5185

Employment Opportunity



Until filled Whitehorse 37.5 hours per week full time, One Year Term Position Level 10

Job Summary: Under the general direction of the Executive Director, the incumbent is responsible for all operations and staff of the Self Government Secretariat (SGS) department; facilitating the sharing of information and resources; collective problem-solving; common action on political and legal strategies; and the review of proposed legislation among all member First Nations. The primary responsibility of the Director is to ensure that mandates set by Self Governing First Nations Leadership make up the SGS annual work plan. The position will implement the SGS work plan within the set time lines for the department and in collaboration with the CYFN Senior Management team on implementing the CYFN Strategic Plan. Additional Information: Only those candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted. For further information and job description, please contact Renie Bruton at 867-393-9206 or email at Please submit applications and/or resumes to: Name: Renie Bruton Address: Council of Yukon First Nations, 2166 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 4P1 Phone: (867)393-9206 Fax: (867)668-6577 E-mail:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 SAMICK 30 watt guitar amp, $80. 333-9084 PIANO TUNING & REPAIR by certified piano technician Call Barry Kitchen @ 633-5191 FULL-SIZED VIOLIN for sale. Never played. Comes with case, bow and instructional video on how to learn. $300. 668-7659.


By joining the Capstone team, you will be become part of an inclusive and loyal team where you will be supported in your career growth through training, diverse opportunities and professional development.


• • • • •

Mine Surveyor Experienced Mill Operator Contract Administrator Warehouse Person Human Resources Supervisor

Visit our Careers link at to view a full description of each position’s responsibilities and minimum requirements. If you meet the qualifications and are interested in becoming a member of the Minto Mine team, please send a cover letter and resume by email to or by fax to (604) 343-2830. We thank all candidates for their interest however only those considered for an interview will be contacted.

BEAVER CREEK acoustic guitar, c/w voyager soft shell case, new strings, $140. 333-9084 OPTIMUS MD-1200 electric keyboard w/stand. 25 black, 36 white keys. In perfect cond, $250 firm. 667-4526



Town & MounTain HoTel 401 Main STreeT wHiTeHorSe, Yukon

Accounting techniciAn The duties of this position will be; • Assisting senior auditors with audit files, • Preparation of audit files including RAP, • Preparation of draft financial statements, including IFRS, for review by senior personnel, • Assistance with NTR files and review files, • An understanding of NPOs and their accounting processes, • Bookkeeping. Qualifications • Course work in financial accounting and auditing usually gained from a post-secondary institution, • Working knowledge of Caseware, Connector, Smartsync, Excel and Word, • The ability to work in both official languages would be a benefit for the applicant. The candidate should have a minimum of 3 years experience as an accounting technician working with audit files. The starting rate of pay for this position is $18.86 per hour. The standard work week is 40 hours per week. The NOC for this position is 1311. This position is open to underrepresented groups in the work place.

CloSinG dAte iS MAY 2nd, 2014.

As a Capstone Mining Corp. employee you will become part of a supportive, performance-driven and dynamic environment. You will be given the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skill set working alongside dedicated employees from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. We place the highest priority on employee safety, protecting the environment and enhancing the development of the communities where we operate.

ROLAND CUBE 40 XL guitar amp, 40 watts of power, clean, overdrive and reverb, amp in new condition, very compact, c/w manual. $250. 333-9084

The Town and Mountain Hotel seeks an experienced Server for a busy, fast paced Lounge. Please email or drop off résumé to Greg.

Please reply to M. McKay & Associates, Certified General Accountants, 204-208A Main Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2A9. Fax is 867-633-5440, email

Capstone Mining Corp. is a Canadian mining company with three producing copper mines, Pinto Valley in the US, Cozamin in Mexico and Minto in Canada. In addition, Capstone has two development projects, Santo Domingo in Chile and Kutcho in Canada, as well as exploration properties in Canada, Chile and Mexico.

VINTAGE FENDER Bandmaster Reverb (TFL 5005-D), 45 watt guitar amp, tube amp made in the 70s, 2 12” speakers, stage amp, stands over 3ʼ tall, $850. 333-9084

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations


Housing Programs Manager Regular Full-time | Salary: $70,821.44 - $82,851.07 Location: Haines Junction, YT | RE-POSTED March 27, 2014 The Housing Programs Manager is responsible for the overall administrative function of CAFN’s Housing Programs, including homeownership – both the transfer of existing homes and new units, as well as rental units, transitional housing and social housing. CAFN’s Human Resources Policy will apply. For complete job description please check the CAFN website at or contact below. We thank all those who apply but only those selected for further consideration will be contacted. Application Deadline: 4:30pm on April 14th, 2014. Send ApplicAtionS And/or reSumeS to: Human Resource Officer, Champagne & Aishihik First Nations Fax: (867) 667-6202 | Phone: (867) 456-6879 Email:

Store (867) 633-3276 Dev (867) 335-5192 Carl (867) 334-3782

✔ Beetle-killed spruce from Haines Junction, quality guaranteed ✔ Everything over 8" split ✔ $250 per cord (2 cords or more) ✔ Single and emergency half cord deliveries ✔ You-cut and you-haul available ✔ Scheduled or next day delivery


Cheque, Cash S.A. vouchers accepted.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Beetle killed Approximately 20-cord logging truck loads $150 per cord Delivered to Whitehorse Call Clayton @ 867-335-0894 TEN TON Firewood Services $150/cord for 10-cord load - 30ʼ lengths $200/cord - 3-cord load 11' lengths $240/cord - bucked up, discounts on multiple-cord orders Call or text David 867-332-8327 DIMOK TIMBER 6 CORD OR 22 CORD LOADS OF FIREWOOD LOGS BUNDLED SLABS U-CUT FIREWOOD @ $105/CORD CALL 634-2311 OR EMAIL DIMOKTIMBER@GMAIL.COM DONʼS FIREWOOD 100+-cord bucked firewood always available No-charge emergency delivery Kwanlin Dun/Social Services Why wait? Prompt delivery $240/cord City limits No excuses 393-4397 EVF FUELWOOD ENT Year Round Delivery • Dry accurate cords • Clean shavings available • VISA/M.C. accepted Member of Yukon Wood Producers Association Costs will rise. ORDER NOW 456-7432

Guns & Bows Case cutlery, high quality hand-crafted pocket and hunting knives available at G&R Pawnbrokers 1612-D Centennial St. 393-2274 BUY • SELL • LOANS 8MM MAUSER, hand made hardwood stock, bedded and floated, recent refinish of whole rifle, sights & rings, $300 firm, PAL req'd. 667-2276 NORINCO JW 27 bolt action .22 LR with 2.5X scope, $160. 668-6716 RUGER M77 Mark II all weather stainless steel cal. .223, new, $700. 668-6716 S&W MODEL 64 revolver, .38 special, 6 shots, stainless, exc cond, 101 mm barrel, $600. 668-6716 MUZZLELOADER SCOPE, lightly used Nikon Omega 3-9x40, $100.  Mike 633-2945 CZ RINGNECK sxs 12-gauge shotgun, unfired, NIB, 28” black chromed barrels, 5 interchangeable chokes, checkered walnut stocks, recoil pad, $1,000. Bill @ 633-2443 FEG DOUBLE action semi-auto 9 mm pistol, 4.5” barrel, blue frame/slide, checked walnut stocks, cross between Browning H Power & S&W model 39, good cond, $500. Bill @ 633-2443


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 WINCHESTER MODEL 67 .22 single shot bolt action, good cond, $150. Winchester model 77 semi-auto .22, good cond, $250. Bill @ 633-2443

2005 TOYOTA Echo hatchback, exc cond, great on gas, 132,000 kms, standard, red, c/w summer & winter tires on rims, $7,250 obo. 335-0607

SEARS ROEBUCK J.C. Higgins, 12-gauge bolt action shotgun w tube magazine, blued 27” barrel, walnut stock, recoil pad, all good cond, $200. Bill @ 633-2443

2004 MUSTANG, 3.8l, V6, drive train warranty until Nov. Good on fuel, posi track rear end, winter/summer tires, two 12'' kicker subs, well maintained, 120,000kms, $7,000 obo. 668-7212

BUSHNELL SPORTVIEW scope, 3x-9x cross-hair reticle with built-in range finder, good cond, $75. Bill @ 633-2443 VIVITAR (CAMERA lens company) scope, fixed 4-power scope with rings, duplex cross-hair reticle, exc cond, $75. 633-2443 WEAVER K-1 scope, post and cross-hair reticle, shotgun or short range scope, good cond, $150. Bill @ 633-2443

2002 FORD Escape, new tires, command start, new plugs, belts, fluids,  block, pan, battery, interior heaters, sport rack, tow hitch, clean/well maintained, $6,000 obo. 668-6927 or 334-8347 1999 JETTA 2.0L, gas, body in decent cond, engine is good, needs standard trans, 40 mpg highway, 333-0788

WANTED: SEA can for storage. 633-3086

1993 JEEP Grand Cherokee fully loaded AWD. Has a beefy bumper, new stereo. Nice treads. Many parts have been updated. $2,400. No reasonable offer refused. 335-0486

WANTED: DOG-SITTER in your home for 8 lb dog, no other pets, please, for June, July & Aug, Monday through Thursday overnight. Will pay well. 633-6401 for info.

1992 AWD Toyota Previa 7-passenger minivan still in good running condition. This is a great, roomy family van that is excellent in the snow. $950 obo. 668-2768

WANTED: CORELLE round plates & bowls in any pattern. Any amount is fine. Full set not necessary. Reasonably priced. 393-3682

1982 CHRYSLER Cordova slant 6, auto, good shape, make offer. 336-1695


SPRING TIME MEANS CLEAN UP TIME! WILL PAY CASH FOR UNWANTED ITEMS: Downsizing, de-junking, moving, estate dispersals Call Brenda @ 993-3689 in the Dawson City area for a free no obligation assessment.


We Sell Trucks! 1-866-269-2783 • 9039 Quartz Rd. •

Cars 2010 MAZDA 3 GS Sport, 6-spd manual, 2.5 L 4 cyl, fully loaded, power everything, full size/factory spare, 16" studded winter tires, low kms, warranty remaining, well maintained, $14,900. 335-3691 2010 TOYOTA Corolla, great cond, exc fuel economy, 4-dr, manual, 60,500kms, c/w winter/summer tires/rims, $13,500 obo. 335-2999

2012 TOYOTA Tacoma 4X4 4-dr, trd auto black, 46,000kms, levelling kit w/rear air bags for camper, $33,900. 335-5428 2011 DODGE Grand Caravan, 130,000km, great cond, new all season tires, $11,500 obo. 333-0236 or 456-4112 2010 FORD F150 Lariat quad cab 4X4, 89,000 kms, white canopy, leather, command start, driving lights, exc cond, 2 sets factory rims//tires, $29,500. 333-9551

2009 CHEVROLET Aveo 5, showroom cond, 74,000+ kms, aftermarket accessories, winter/summer tires, $8,000. 993-5000

2010 SUBURBAN, black on black, heated leather, Bose sound, sunroof, air, power everything, tow pkg, additional 20" custom rims, $29,500. 334-2289

2009 NISSAN Maxima Sport, 58,000 kms, exc cond, Bose, remote start, leather heated seats/steering and much more, $25,750. 335-9976

2009 FORD F-350, 4X4, comfortable, clean, great cond, tall canopy, lined box, full towing pkg, 4-dr diesel, fully loaded, travel trailer to sell as well. 334-6724

2008 CHEV Cobalt automatic , air conditioner, new set of winter studded tires and new set of summer tires. Hood scoop and wing. Custom pink colour. 334-9385 2007 DODGE Caliber, like new, 129,000 km, remote start, heated seats, new summer/winter tires, 6-CD stereo, $9,500. 456-4112 or 333-0236 2007 HONDA Civic, 4-dr, auto, new windshield, all power options, good tires, lots of service records, clean, runs great, 200,000km. 667-4463 2006 VOLKSWAGEN Jetta TDI, 130,000 kms. 633-4531 2005 KIA Majestis 4-dr sedan, $4,700 obo. 333-0129

2009 FORD Ranger 4x4 Supercab Sport, V6, 5-spd auto, great cond, 72,000 km, leather, AC, MP-3 player, tow pgk, step boards, new winter/all weather tires, $16,900 obo. 633-4342

Village of Teslin

2008 GMC Acadia AWD SLT1 (SUV), 92,000km, blue-gold crystal metallic, fully loaded (no Nav), 7 seats, 3rd row foldable, great family vehicle. New price, $18,000 obo. 333-0033

Summer Recreation Coordinator

2007 DODGE Laramie 3500 diesel. Low mileage, incls 2 sets of tires on rims, $38,000 obo. 336-1701 2007 FORD Ranger 4x4 extended cab, V6, manual trans. 140,000 km. No accidents. Summer/winter tires on rims and tow package. Will replace windshield for asking price. $12,000. 334-8851 2005 F350 diesel Lariat, 4wd, long box, fully loaded, all engine updates, orig owner, exec cond, 160,000kms, $18,000. 334-9436 or 667-4463 2005 FORD F-250 4X4 FX4, off-rd pkg, trailer pkg, a/c, cruise control, box liner, new windshield & more, $10,900 obo. 660-5166 2004 F150 Lariat crew cab, 205,000kms, after market exhaust, intake, wheels & programmer, $8,000. 393-3973 lv msg 2004 F250 diesel 4x4 crew cab short box, 165,000kms, 6" lift, after market exhaust & programmer, $17,000. 867-393-3973 lv msg 2004 FORD F350 Super Duty diesel, extʼd cab, $13,000 obo. 333-0129 2003 DODGE Ram 2500, gas engine, 4x4, long box with canopy, crew cab, good cond but needs new engine, $3,000. 336-0595 2003 FORD E-350, 1 ton cargo van, clean, with shelves & separator, gas, 5.4l engine, auto, good 4 season tires, new battery, 210,000 kms, $8,000 obo. 335-3674 2003 GMC 2500HD, 167,000kms, headache rack, camper special, $10,500. 334-9782 2002 CHEV Silverado 4x4 ext cab, 4-dr, V8 auto, cruise, new Wrangler tires, $5,999. 667-7777 or 336-2029 2002 F250 Lariat, ext cab long box 4x4, 225,000km, new trans, tow package, camper package, leather, $7,900 obo. 668-5882 2002 GMC Sonoma SLS 4X4 quad cab, auto, 4.3L V6, power everything, 192,000 kms, exc cond, good rubber, full size spare, tow package, canopy, racks, $8,500. 335-3692

Qualifications: Standard First Aid and CPR or the ability to obtain it within the first two months of employment, high school diploma or equivalent, ability to pass a criminal record check and vulnerable sector check, valid Class 5 drivers license (Class 4 would be an asset). Previous experience in recreation planning or programming would be an asset. The successful applicant must have a personal interest in recreation and community services as demonstrated by volunteer work, participation, or previous experience. This position is a seasonal term position. Wage will be commensurate with experience. Please contact Frank Thomas for a complete job description.

How to aPPly:

Applications may be submitted to Frank Thomas no later than April 17th, 2014.

Village of Teslin PO Box 130 Teslin, YT Y0A 1B0

Phone: (867) 390-2530 Fax: (867) 390-2104 Website:

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Organizing Committee Volunteer – Relay For Life Whitehorse

Canyon City Construction Is looking to hire a

Superintendent to work in Whitehorse on various construction projects including commercial construction and renovations, residential projects, and site works. Email resume to: office@canyoncity Or fax resumes to: 867-633-6859

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Regional Program Manager, Bridges – Whitehorse (Permanent) Department of Highways & Public Works Salary: $89,732 to $103,874 per annum

Position summary: The Recreation Coordinator reports to the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village of Teslin. This position is responsible for summer recreation planning and implementation for the community of Teslin. Responsibilities will include organizing activities for residents of all ages, supervising the recreation centre, coordinating special events, and planning and delivering recreation and leisure activities including, but not limited to: arts, sports, educational, cultural and sporting events. This position is required to work flexible hours with some evening, weekend, and holiday work.

Closing Date: April 25, 2014 Requisition: #5048

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OPPORTUNITY Are YOU a LEADER and TEAM PLAYER? Getting involved with Relay For Life will allow you to gain or enhance your leadership skills in event planning, networking, leadership and project management. We are looking for energetic, organized volunteers to join our team in many different roles. Outlined below is a brief overview of roles that may be available. If any of these appeals to you, register today and you will be contacted by a member of our staff to discuss current opportunities in more detail. OVERVIEW OF AVAILABLE ROLES: Leadership Chair: Are you a mover and a shaker? Like to lead and inspire others to do their best? This may the role for you! You will help establish a local timeline and tactics to ensure event success; track event progress; and provide coaching and support to other committee members. Team Development: Are you a natural networker? Use that outgoing, persuasive personality to recruit new Relay teams and participants in your community; or to handle the ongoing stewardship, appreciation and recognition of past, current and potential participants. Event Development: Do you love to plan a party? This subcommittee is responsible for the planning and coordination of all physical components of the event, including logistics, food and beverage, entertainment and activities and ceremonies development - to name but a few! Fundraising Development:

Do you like to champion a great cause? Use your creative and motivating style to help our teams and participants reach their fundraising goals through coaching, helping with fundraising ideas, and ensuring that they know where to find the tools and resources we have available for their use. Survivor Development: Do you agree that cancer survivorship is worthy of a world class celebration? Bring your caring, festive efforts to honor these victors and their caregivers. This subcommittee recruits new survivors while stewarding and recognizing past and current survivors, and hosts a Survivors’ Reception at your Relay event. BENEFITS • Develop or enhance key leadership skills • Build your resume • Make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who have been impacted by cancer • Meet new people and have fun! TRAINING & SUPPORT • Canadian Cancer Society Volunteer Orientation and Volunteer Handbook • Role-specific training • Support from Leadership Volunteers and Staff Partners SKILLS & QUALIFICATIONS • Delegating, interpersonal, organizing, planning/Logistics, networking/sales and fundraising skills COMMITMENT 5 hours/week from March-May 2014 REGISTRATION Click here to register for this position and/or contact Willow Lacosse, Revenue Coordinator, at 867-334-6175

“Committed to employment equity” Public Service Commission (867) 667-5834

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Community Services


Yukon News

1999 GMC 3500HD 4x2 flat deck truck, 6.5L diesel, good shape, many new parts, new tires, must be seen. 633-5578 1998 DODGE 3500 dually & 2008 F250 4x4. 335-3243 1997 SUBURBAN 4WD, 208,000 kms, well maintained, $5,000 obo. 668-3243

1998 LINCOLN Navigator, loaded, 7-passenger full size sport utility, $3,400. 333-9899

1996 GMC 1500 ext. cab, short box 4X4, 5.7 litre. 340,000 km. Green and clean. Trans replaced, hvy dty rear shocks, v. good cond. $4,200. 633-2493

TRUCK TIRES, LT 265/70 R17, 3 Pirelli Scorpion STR white letter, $75 ea, 3 for $200, 2 Michelin ATX A/S, $50 ea, 2 for $80. 660-5166

1997 DODGE Ram 1500, good cond, 217,000 km, new tires, must go, all offers considered, $5,000 obo. 335-4501 or

1995 FORD F250 Econoline van, engine good, needs windshield, body decent; 1995 Ford Aerostar, needs TLC, engine will run, $800 for both. 333-9358

NEW 305 v-8 engine. $1,200 obo. 633-6502

Pet Report Hours of operation for tHe sHelter: Tues - Fri: 12:00pm-7:00pm • Sat 10:00am-6:00pm CloSed Sundays & Mondays

633-6019 WeDneSDay, aPril 9

Help control the pet overpopulation problem


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

have your pets spayed or neutered. For inFormation call


1992 CHEV cargo van, 4.3L V6 auto, original kms, needs a muffler, $1,800 firm. 335-5428 1991 GMC 1500 diesel 4X4, good shape, make offer. 336-1695 1990 NISSAN ext cab, 4-cyl auto, 2WD, trailer hitch & wiring, spray in box liner, great on gas, $1,700 obo. 335-1106 1986 CHEVY flat deck 3/4 ton, new battery, tranny kit, power steering hose, alternator, new tires all around, exc cond, $2,800. 633-5130 1979 1-TON flat deck, dually, 68,000 km, $2,500. 393-2728

Auto Parts & Accessories TRUCK CANOPIES - in stock * new Dodge long/short box * new GM long/short box * new Ford long/short box Hi-Rise & Cab Hi - several in stock View at 393-8100


• none at this time .


• 8th and Jarvis street, medium, brown and white chest, husky wearing a leather studded collar no tags, contact Joanne @3933573 (15/03/14)

• Hamilton Blvd near Falcon drive, medium dog, long black curly hair, not wearing a collar, contact Kristen @ 3348622 (17/03/14) • Black street and 7th ave, small dog, black and white with a curly tail, female, no collar, contact alrs @ 604-347-7115 (25/03/14)

NEW RANCHO shocks for 2005 Chev pick-up, $120 obo. 334-9357


if you have lost a pet, remember to check with city Bylaw: 668-8382


WANTED: 334-9357

GALVANIZED HEADACHE rack to fit short box pick-up, $200. 50-gal Tidy Tank and pump, $400. 336-8406


1994 CHRYSLER Concord for parts, winter/summer tires. 633-3982

• none at this time .


• 3 yr old, neutered male, GSD/rottie, black and brown (tristan) • 7 yr old, spayed female, beagle/houndX, brown and black (tootsie) • 3yr old, neutered male, akita, grey and white (a.J.) • 4 yr old, neutered male, chihuahua, cream (Willie)

• 1 yr old, spayed female, chihuahua bear dogX, (Pipper) • 2 yr old, neutered male, maltese, white (Zeus)


• 3 yr old, DSH, white and black neutered male (Jax) • 2yr old, DSH, grey and white, neutered male (Sappy)

SPEcIAL • Homes needed for retired sled dogs. they would make excellent pets. Please contact 668-3647 or if your lost animal has been inadvertently left off the pet report or for more info on any of these animals, call 633-6019 or stop by 126 Tlingit Street.

TIRES, size 285/75 R16.

GOODYEAR NORDIC 4 non-studded 15” winter tires and steel wheels. Chev/Buick 5 bolt pattern. Approx. 70% tread remaining. $375. 821-6011.

IN FOSTER HOMES • 4 yr old, neutered male, husky, black and white (rikki)

TIRES! TIRES! TIRES! Seasonal Changeover Good used tires–15”,16”,17”,18”,19” and 20”–lots to choose from. $25 to $150 a tire. $25 to mount and balance per tire. Mechanical Services Call Art 334-4608

Pets will be posted on the Pet report for two weeks. Please let us know after that time if you need them re-posted.

You can also check out our award winning website at:

WHERE DO I GET THE NEWS? The Yukon News is available at these wonderful stores in Whitehorse ☛ THE YuKon nEws Is Also AVAIlABlE AT no CHARGE In All YuKon CoMMunITIEs AnD ATlIn, B.C.


Airport Chalet Airport snacks & Gifts


Bernie’s Race-Trac Gas Bigway Foods


Canadian Tire Cashplan The Deli Edgewater Hotel Extra Foods Fourth Avenue Petro Gold Rush Inn


TO GIVE away, bench seat (3rd) from 1999 Suburban, 667-7107


ICE FISHING auger, as new, 33 cc, 8” auger, $325 obo. 633-6502

15-GAL FISH tank with all accessories & food, comes with large Jack Dempsey fish and large sucker fish, $80. 633-4707

1995 SLE touring snow machine, good overall condition, $800 obo. 334-9357

F1 LABRADOODLE puppies, Chocolate females & Black males, ready to go 16th May, will deliver to Whitehorse. Call 867-536-2296

2009 KLX 250 c/w cover, rear rack, runs great, perfect commuter, 1,700 kms. $3,750 obo. 334-9098 2005 YAMAHA V Star 1100 cc, exc cond, c/w helmet, cover, Vance & Hines pipes, 13,000kms, $5,500 obo. 334-9098

IT'S A DOG'S LIFE BOARDING KENNEL New, clean, safe, family friendly. Heated indoor kennels with covered outdoor runs. Large play area in natural setting, daily walks. 131 Empress Rd, Golden Horn Subdivision 333-9841 CANINES & COMPANY Dog Obedience School Training Programs Puppy Fundamentals: Apr 15/June 17/Aug 12 Reactive Dog Class: June 23/Sept 01 Canine Good Neighbour: June 30 (867)333-0505 caninesandcompany (867)668-4368

SMALL DIRTBIKE, little use, $400 obo. 668-3243 2010 YAMAHA Nytro XTX, 1200 km, 144 x 1.75" track, header and fuel controller, 9" Slydog powder skis, cover, fantastic crossover sled for on-trail or off, $6,500. Call/text 335-5964 2004 YAMAHA Virago 250, 06725 kms, new condition, $3,600 obo. 667-6990 1984 YAMAHA Virago 1000cc, V twin, 39,000 kms, c/w helmet, rain gear, bike cover, saddle bags, shop manual, a complete gasket/O-ring kit, $3,500. 633-4036 eves 1999 YAMAHA V-Star Classic 650cc, V twin, 11,000 kms, c/w helmet, rain gear, bike cover, saddle bags, shop manual, $4,500. Gerry 633-4036 eves

2 FEMALE Flemish Giant/Angora cross rabbits. $65 each. Large rabbits. Will reach 8 pounds. 333-0915

2005 HARLEY Davidson Electra Glide standard, $10,500 obo. 2010 Polaris 800 Assault, 154” track, 20 hours, $7,500 obo. 390-2158

Motorcycles & Snowmobiles TAITʼS CUSTOM TRAILER SALES 2-3-4- place snowmobile & ATV trailers Drive on Drive off 3500 lb axles by Trailtech - SWS & Featherlight CALL ANYTIME: 334-2194 www/

2007 VESPA LX50 motor scooter, as new cond, 319 original kms, c/w floor mat, new battery & helmet. $2,900. 335-4768 700 RMK, 600 RMK (2,700 mi), (2,200 mi), mint cond, can, boost, skis, bags, hot-doggers, riser, hooks, rack, covers, $5,200 obo. 332-1199 2009 POLARIS Assault SLP, pipe heads, reeds power commander, 1,700 miles $7,000. 334-7131 2010 XP RS 600 Ski-Doo race sled, lots of fun, good cond, call for details. $5,500 obo. 334-2347 1997 GREEN 454 Arctic Cat ATV, full windshield, aluminum skid plate, winch, 4X4, great shape, $3,000. 456-7370 or 335-4754 2008 8X12 double wide quad trailer, $2,800 obo. 336-1701 2008 POLARIS Ranger. Full poly doors $500 obo. 633-6502 1995 POLARIS 2 stroke 400 4x4 quad, hi/ low range, hitch ready, 2,000km, new parts including shoxs and mudding tires, drivetrain, sperokets, seat pullstart cooling fan. $2,600 obo. 335-0486 2009 DUCATI Monster 696. Showroom condition, red colour. 2,700 km, one owner. Includes cover, battery charger and more. $8,750.  Serious inquiries only.  335-3349 2008 SUZUKI GSX-R 750, 5,000 kms, mint cond, well maintained, $7,500 obo or trade for quad or truck of equal value, 335-1106



126 Tlingit Street

Coyote Video Goody’s Gas Green Garden Restaurant Heather’s Haven super A Porter Creek Trails north Home Hardware Klondike Inn Mac’s Fireweed Books Ricky’s Restaurant Riverside Grocery Riverview Hotel shoppers on Main shoppers Qwanlin Mall

Recreational Powersports and Marine (RPM) Repairs Service, repair and installations for snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, chainsaws, marine and more Qualified and experienced mechanic Great rates 335-4181

VARIOUS DODGE Cummins parts. Turbo, intercooler, air intake. 633-6502


Hello, I’m Sappy. I’m a shy young guy, but the way to me heart is soft food! I love it and come running when I see a bowl of it in your hands. With patience and time I become a very loving cat. A quiet home, with other cats and older children would be perfect for me. Does this sound like your home? Come on by sometime and say ‘Hi!’.

WANTED: LATE 60s or early 70s snowmobile, any condition, seeking Elan parts. 633-5480

NEW MULTI port fuel injected system for V8 engine. Convert carb or TBI to MPFI, c/w Intake fuel rails injectors and ecu. Easy to install and tune. $2,000 obo. 633-6502

Pet of the Week!


RONʼS SMALL ENGINE SERVICES Repairs to Snowmobiles, Chainsaws, Lawnmowers, ATVʼs, Small industrial equipment. Light welding repairs available 867-332-2333 lv msg

16-20ʼ BOAT trailer, good shape. Electric brakes, good tires. Swing away hitch, $1,300. 333-0020 or 333-0656

RIVERDALE: 38 Famous Video super A Riverdale Tempo Gas Bar

superstore superstore Gas Bar Tags well-Read Books westmark whitehorse Yukon Inn Yukon news Yukon Tire



Kopper King Hi-Country RV Park McCrae Petro Takhini Gas Yukon College Bookstore

WANTED: CATERPILLAR 955 Traxcavator, or would be interested in a parts machine. 333-9536 MILLERMATIC 211 welder, auto set, new in box, $1,500, Watson Lake. 867-536-6576 2008 KX161 Kubota excavator, 1,700 hrs, c/w 2 buckets, $45,000. 334-9867

For Sale

2008 T-190 Skidsteer, 2,500 hrs, c/w 2 buckets and forks, $25,000. 334-8357

2009 Alumacraft Jet Boat & Mercury Optimax 115 hp jet leg. Power trim, less than 100 hours since new. EZ Loader trailer, kicker motor bracket, rod holders, spare impeller. Room in front to haul a quad. Needs just a few inches of water. $17,400.00 OBO Call 335-3656 after 5 pm.

PLACER MINER with ZX 270 Hitachi excavator available for work for machine with operator. Might consider leasing machine. 633-4309

PROFESSIONAL BOAT REPAIR Fiberglass Supplies Marine Accessories FAR NORTH FIBERGLASS 49D MacDonald Rd Whitehorse, Yukon 393-2467

PORTABLE HOBART 225 amp welder/ genset powered by Kohler 17 hp engine, exc cond, on steel 4-wheeled wagon w hitch, $1,800 obo. 633-6502

12X54ʼ HOUSEBOAT w trailer, 14ʼ extended deck, fully equipped, c/w depth sounder, fish finder, radio completely refurbished, engine tune-up, 1-yr moorage incl at Atlin Lake, $53,000. 250-651-7880 REPOWER YOUR boat, V-8 Chevy, OMC inner/ outer transom shield, can be converted to Volvo Penta or Mercruiser, manifolds, exhaust, water pumps, starter, ignition, etc. $4,800 obo. 633-6502 2-CANOES, 17ʼ6” cedar/canvas, good cond, built by Paul Fletcher, $2,800, Mad River Royalex Explorer canoe, 17ʼ, good cond, $800. Bill @ 633-2443 16' JOHN boat, c/w 20 hp 4-stroke Yamaha, electric trim, 20 hrs on motor and boat, $5,000. 335-1666 ONAN MARINE generator, 3 KVA. Complete with water cooling. ULine marine ice maker. 336-8850

1998 SKYJACK articulated boom lift, 2080 hrs. In gd general cond. 4x4, gas/propane. Can reach 40' high to platform. 334-3393

Aircraft FEDERAL A1500 aircraft skis (mains and tail) suitable for many small 2-seat aircraft, asking $1,200. 667-2760

Campers & Trailers TAITʼS TRAILERS Quality new and used Horse * Cargo * Equipment trailers For sale or rent Call Anytime 334-2194 Southern prices delivered to the Yukon 10ʼ CAMPER, Adventurer 2007, exc cond, north/south queen bed, bathroom w/shower, fridge, stove, oven & furnace, $10,000 obo. 633-4356 2000 COACHMEN Mirada 30ʼ motorhome, 66,122 kms. Triton V10, mechanical inspection in July/13. Onan 4000 gen, A/C, separate shower, walk-around queen bed. $23,500, phone 335-5506 2004 8ʼ Camperette, sleeps 2, very clean simple design, great for hunting. $1,700 obo or trade for quad/dirtbike of equal value, 335-1106

12x54' houseboat w trailer, 14' extended deck, fully equipped, c/w depth sounder, fish finder, radio completely refurbished, engine tune-up, 1-yr moorage incl at Atlin Lake, $53,000. 250-651-7880.

TRAILER, HAULMARK cargo, 12ʼx6ʼ, single axle, rear barn door, side door, clean, $4,000 obo. 660-5101

Heavy Equipment NEW PORTABLE sawmill. Manufactured in Yukon. Cuts logs 2ʼ diameter, 20ʼ long. $4,850 obo. Check it out on 334-6094 2006 KAWASAKI 95Z loader, 7-yd bucket, located in Dawson City, $98,000. 334-5432 KOMATSU 335-3243

MINI excavator for sale,

2012 KUBOTA K121-3, low hours, 6-way blade, A/C, radio, $35,000. 393-2728 2005 ARGO Avenger, 8-wheel, low hours, c/w windshield, enclosed canopy, tracks, snow plow blade, outboard motor mount & winch, $15,000. 393-2728 WANTED: 5 to 6 ton crawler, 6-way blade and winch, forestry pkg useful. Jim, 250-651-7716, lv msg HOBART 17 hp gas powered arc welder/gen set, exc cond, with or without wagon, $2,400 obo. 633-6502 M-50 GOLD Watch Project washplant, complete shaker plant w/slice, $40,000. 393-2728 ALUMINUM FUEL tank, 3 compartments, c/w valves, 3,300 gallons, skid mounted, $4,000. 668-2387 LISTER GENSETS, various sizes. 633-4822


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2009 VERY low mileage, easy towing, 15' Hi-LO travel trailer, 3-way fridge, propane furnace & stove, Everything works perfectly, $14,000 obo. 335-2223 2004 26ʼ Thor Wanderer Travel Trailer, asking $9,700. 334-5213 CHATEAU 23U Model 2012, U-shape dinette, 5 seat belts, fridge/freezer, conv microwave, stove, AC, queen bed, TV, elec awning, tow pack, heated holding tanks, generator, emergency start, $40,975. 456 2729

2007 GOOSENECK flat deck trailer. 20,000 GVR, 20ʼ long + 4ʼ w/ramps, triple axles, electric brakes. In great cond. Have installed an 8,500-pound winch, $8,000. 334-3393 2009 T@B trailer for sale in excellent condition. Comes with large attached tent and bike rack, fridge, stovetop, table, bed, sink, a/c. $11,750 obo. 335-0607 or 334-5190 1992 8.9ʼ Frontier camper. Very good condition, clean. Lots of storage. Many new/upgraded features. See ad on Kijiji/Craigslist. Must be seen to be appreciated. $7750 obo. 633-4618 2014 16ʼ car hauler trailer, w sidewalls, exc cond, GVW 7,000lbs, electric brakes, pullout ramps, flipjack, removable 4' high sidewalls w slide tailgate, $3,790 obo. Marc @ 336-0023 2000 24' Travelaire Rustler 5th wheel, sleeps 6, mint condition, hitch available, $12,000 obo.  668-5882

Coming Events ATLIN GUEST HOUSE Deluxe Lakeview Suites Sauna, Hot Tub, BBQ, Internet, Satellite TV Kayak Rentals In House Art Gallery 1-800-651-8882 Email: ATLIN - GLACIER VIEW CABINS “your quiet get away” Cozy self contained log cabins canoes, kayaks for rent Fax/Phone 250-651-7691 e-mail sidkatours@ THE ALZHEIMER/DEMENTIA Family Caregiver Support Group meets monthly. A group for family/friends caring for someone with Dementia. Info and register call Cathy 633-7337 or Joanne 668-7713 HORAIRE PISTE Chilkoot/Log Cabin: Multi-usage sauf du 28 fév au 2 mars et du 21 au 23 mars : activités non motorisées. 867-667-3910 CHILKOOT TRAIL/LOG Cabin: Non-Motorized Weekends: Feb 28-March 2 & 21-23. Other weekends & weekdays: Multi-Use. For info: 867-667-3910 HOSPICE WORKSHOP "LIVING with Loss" Thurs Feb 27, 6:30-8:30pm for anyone living with personal loss or supporting others who are grieving. Register: 667-7429, EVEREST NIGHT, APRIL 10, 6:00pm, United Church, tickets at Well-Read Books, slide presenters include Sally Wright, support member of Canadian team Tibet side ascent of Mt. Everest. BLUEGRASS CAMP, June 9-13, Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Camp at Sundog Retreat. Don't miss out, registration now open. Stellar lineup of instructors. Details at or email

1979 FORD 350 Econoline motorhome, 50,000 miles, sleeps 4, has great characteristics, a must see, very well maintained, $8,200 obo, serious inquiries, 336-1189

SPRING JOB & Volunteer Fair, Wednesday April 23, 10:00am - 5:00pm, Yukon Convention Centre, where employers, jobseekers, volunteers and NGOs connect.

1980 20ʼ Holidaire travel trailer, good cond, new fridge, full bathrm, new grey/black water tanks, solar panel, 2 batteries, 2 30-lb propane tanks, $6,700. 867-689-7848

THE WHITEHORSE Oldtimer Hockey League Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 24 at 7:00pm, Tetra Tech EBA, 61 Wasson Place

2009 27ʼ Jayco Bunkhouse, queen bed, bunk beds, full kitchen, indoor/outdoor shower, built in barbecue, TV, double batteries, exc cond, also awesome truck to sell, both for $50,000. 334-6724

THE WHITEHORSE Children's Wish Foundation is looking for volunteers for this year's walk being held in September. Please email if interested in volunteering

NEW 2013 Cargo-Mate enclosed 7ʼx14ʼ, tandem Dexter axles, 3,500 lbs, vent side door, barn doors, spare tire & rack, $5,200. 250-651-7880

NORTHERN SAFETY Network Yukon (NSNY) announces the date of their AGM on April 24th 2014 at NSNY location, 478 Range Road from 12:00 to 1:00.  All are welcome

1995 SLUMBER Queen import camper, exc cond, last used on Tacoma, $4,200. 335-5428

The family of

TIA YUKON Annual General Meeting. Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 4:00pm to 6:00pm, Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre.  Visit for more details

Harmeny Daniel

WHITEHORSE SEARCH & Rescue AGM April 23 at 6:00 pm @ 60 Norseman Road. If interested in joining application forms will be available. For more information call 456-4981

Harmeny’s warmth and compassion were unlimited. Each day, she fulfilled her desire to make the world a better place.

HOSPICE WALKING Group. Tuesdays 6-7:30pm May 6-June 10. Walk the Millennium trail as you receive and give healthy grief support.  To register: 667-7429 or

sadly announce her sudden passing. (1958-2014)

A Celebration of life is planned for Saturday, April 12th, 2pm at Rotary Park in Whitehorse. Reception to follow at Whitehorse United Church (601 Main St.) We ask that her friends to bring a photo of themselves. A complete obituary is available at If you wIsh to honour harmeny’s memory,

please donate to a charIty of your choIce In her name.

SPRING JOB & Volunteer Fair, Wed April 23, 10:00am-5:00pm, Yukon Convention Centre. Everything from summer jobs to lifetime opportunities! YUKON PARTY, Whitehorse Centre meeting 7:00pm, April 17, Whitehorse Public Library. More information: Chris 668-2853 YUKON PARTY Lake Laberge AGM and Election of delegates Tuesday April 15 at 7:00pm at the Hootalinqua Firehall. For more info call 334-9726

PORTER CREEK Community Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) Tuesday, May 20th at 7:00 p.m., Guild Hall, Porter Creek. All Welcome. Come show and your support. Info 633-4829

YUKON ORIENTEERING Association Learn to "O" Workshop Sat. May 3. Pre-register by April 28. Call Barbara 668-2306. Registration fee includes membership and coupon to one orienteering meet in 2014

TRAIL CONCERNS? Join Active Trails Whitehorse Association meeting: Tuesday April 8, 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Sport Yukon boardroom. Info:

ÉCOLE WHITEHORSE Elementary School is offering a Late French Immersion Grade 6 information night on April 11th 6:30pm at the school for 2014/2015 school year. Questions? Call 667-8083

ACTIVE TRAILS Whitehorse Association, Annual General Meeting, Tuesday May 13, at 7:00pm, Sport Yukon boardroom, all members welcome. Info: SOCIAL JUSTICE Committee at Sacred Heart Cathedral, 4th and Steele,will host   Lenten Ecumenical Social Justice Way of the Cross Friday, April 11 at 7:30. All are welcome. 633-6579 BONES, BOTTLES and birch bark baskets. Long Ago Yukon artifact identification day Whitehorse Library meeting room Saturday, April 12, 2:00pm to 4:00pm. For information 633-6579 AGM FOR Climb Yukon at FH Collins on the gymnasium stage April 16, 6:00pm-7:00pm. Use the front door to get access to the climbing wall FROSTBITE MUSIC Society AGM, April 29, 7:00pm, Frostbite House, all welcome. Email for more info, or 336-0551

BACHATA BASICS: In this class you will learn the basic Bachata steps and turns and learn strategies to be a better. Bachata dancer. Starting April 4th 8:50pm. Leaping Feats Studio. for info. THE YUKON Child Care Association AGM on April 25, 2014, Westmark Whitehorse, 12:00 pm. INSULIN PUMP Therapy information sessions, Wed Apr 9, 6:00pm-8:00pm, advanced pumping for children/families, Thur Apr 10 5:00pm-7:00pm, advanced pumping for adults, Thur Apr 10 7:00pm-9:00pm, WGH cafeteria, 778-960-3475 FALUN GONG 9-day lecture, relieves stress, improves health, increases energy, promotes spiritual growth/enlightenment, Tuesday Apr 16-18 6:00pm-8:00pm everyday, Yukon College, Room A2206. 334-7030,

REACH more buyers with the Classifieds. With our extensive, organized listings, readers will find your ad easily, so you won’t be climbing the walls looking for buyers.

Photo Ads 2 weeks! 4 issues!

Photo + 30 words

2010 Ford F-150 Su

per Crew

4x4 5.4L, 6-speed au to, 40,204k Fully loaded, tinted windows, leather interior, tow packa ge, Bluetooth wir eless technology, Sync , remote entry an d start. $2

40 What do you want to sell? $

+ gst

6,888 call 000-000-

Phone: 867-667-6285 211 Wood Street, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2E4



Yukon News Coming Events

GOSPEL SERVICE, April 11, Watson Lake Rec Centre, Mezz Room, 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Sharing the purpose of life from the scripture, quiet and reverent, no collection,  everyone welcome YUKON GUILD of Needlearts meeting Thurs. Apr 10, Whse Public Library 7:00 pm, enjoy the company of friends new & old, bring a project, preserving the art of hand embroidery. 633-4026 YUKON CHURCH Heritage Society AGM, Wednesday, April 30, 7:00pm, Old Log Church Museum. 668-2555 for info WHITEHORSE COMMUNITY Choir presents Songs of Peace and Protest, Friday May 2nd & Saturday May 3rd, 8:00pm, Yukon Arts Centre.  Tickets available at Yukon Arts Ctr and Arts Underground.  Hippie attire encouraged GOSPEL SERVICE  April 20 and 27 at Carcross Community Centre 3:30-4:30pm. Sharing the purpose of life from the scripture, quiet and reverent, no collection,  everyone welcome YUKON TABLE Tennis championships, Saturday & Sunday, April 26 & 27, WES gym, Info: Dave 668-3358 or

THE WHITEHORSE Children's Wish Foundation is looking for volunteers for this year's walk being held in September. Please email if interested in volunteering EVEREST EXPEDITION or trek to Mt. Kailash? Everest night-dinner and slideshows 6:00pm, April 10, United Church basement. Learn about working/trekking/volunteering in Nepal. Tickets at Well Read Books GOSPEL SERVICE April 15, 22, 29 and May 6, Haines Junction School Library 7:308:30pm.  Sharing the purpose of life from the scripture, quiet and reverent, no collection,  everyone welcome GOSPEL SERVICE April 13, Atlin Recreation Centre (board room) 7:00-8:00pm. Sharing the purpose of life from the scripture, quiet and reverent, no collection,  everyone welcome PORTER CREEK Secondary School Council regular council meeting April 9, 2014, 6:30pm, school library. Everyone is Welcome AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Action Circle.  Letter writing to protect and promote human rights worldwide.  Tuesday, April 22 at  Whitehorse United Church (upstairs) 7:00pm-9:00pm.    Info call 667-2389

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

TAGISH PANCAKE Breakfast. April 13th, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Tagish Community Centre. $8 per adult, $3 per child. Everyone is welcome to attend

YUKON SCIENCE Institute presents DNA Detectives with Jennifer Gardy, Sunday, April 13, 7:30pm, Beringia Centre, Whitehorse. Free.

WHITEHORSE G E N E R A L Hospital Women's Auxiliary monthly meeting, Mon. April 14th, 7:30 p.m. at WGH. New members welcome!

HOSPICE OPEN House Wed, May 7 noon to 6pm, 409 Jarvis. Help celebrate 25 years of Hospice Care in Yukon.  Refreshments will be served.  667-7429

YUKON PARTY Pelly/Nisutlin Association AGM Thursday April 24, 2014 8:00pm Teslin Mezzanine YUKON COUNCIL on Aging AGM Friday, April 25, Golden Age Society. Registration at 9:00am, meeting at 9:30am

WHITEHORSE ELEMENTARY School gym, downtown. Saturday, April 12, 10am. Gala garage sale. Fundraiser for Little Footprints Big Steps in Haiti. Donate/Help? 456-4434

TAGISH EASTER Celebration, April 19th, 11:30am-3:00pm, Tagish Community Centre, a free, family fun event for Easter. Easter egg decorating and Easter egg hunt! Everyone welcome

WRITERS ROUNDTABLE presents:Tips on Applying to the Advanced Artist Award & Touring Artist Fund for Yukon writers, Tues Apr. 15, 7:30pm. Whitehorse Public Library. 667-5239.

GEORGE KOLLER Jazz Reunion, Wed April 23, 7:30 pm, The Old Fire Hall, Tickets Available at Deanʼs Music, Sponsored by Jazz Yukon, Contact: Ken Searcy 667-6931 email:

STORY TIME: Wed. Apr. 16, 10:30 – 11:30 am. A one time, drop in story time for 2 – 6 year olds (with adult), Whitehorse Public Library meeting room. 667-5239.

MARSH LAKE Solid Waste Management Society AGM. Wed, May 7, 7:00pm, Marsh Lake Community Centre. Please come out and support your solid waste facility.

DAY OF MOURNING 2014 - Remembering Yukon workers injured or killed on the job. Monday, April 28th, 12:30pm Main Foyer Yukon Government Administration Building.

It’s a! girl

Cam, Dana, & Colton are thrilled to announce the arrival of

Ever Gloria Allison Rodger

Barrett Shad MacKinnon He was born Feb. 26, 2014 at 8:48pm. Barrett weighed 6lbs. 9oz. and was 18.75" long. A huge thank you to the amazing Dr. Gudapati, Jenn, and all of the nursing staff at Whitehorse General Hospital!

The Rodger and Allison families are proud to announce the arrival of

SALSA AND Bachata beginner dance classes starting April 11th, Salsa 7:45pm, Bachata 8:50pm, Leaping Feats Studio, for info SWAZILAND EDUCATIONAL Trust Society spaghetti dinner and loonie auction, Saturday April 12, Hellaby Hall, 4th & Elliott, dinner 5:00pm-7:00pm, auction at 7:00pm. $10 per person. Prizes African arts/crafts. 689-1501 WHITEHORSE CROSS Country Ski Club Open forum about Dogs On Leash rule, challenges and solutions, Thursday April 24 7:00pm, Grey Mountain Room Mt Mac. 668-4477 for more info

Services Bookkeeper Taking new clients 393-3201


Beaver Creek Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Ever was born

March 21, 2014 at 6:26 p.m. in Whitehorse.

She weighed 8 lbs. 7.4 oz and measured 18.5 inches long.

Thank you to Dr. Breitkreutz, Dr. Himmelsbach, Dr. Buchanan and the extraordinary nursing staff at Whitehorse General Hospital for the wonderful attention and care. Mom, dad, and baby Ever are all doing great!

Carcross Y.T. Wednesday - 7:30 p.m. Library Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre Carmacks Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Dawson City Y.T.

Thursday - 8:00 p.m. New Beginners Group Richard Martin Chapel Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre Saturday 7:00 p.m. Community Support Centre 1233 2nd Ave.

Happy Golden Birthday to our Grandson & Nephew


BOOKS, BISCUITS and Tea – Hospice Library drop-in. April 14-17 from 11:30am-3pm.  Browse our excellent library and enjoy a cookie and a cup of tea.

Who is celebrating his

10th Birthday

on April 10th 2014.

Destruction Bay Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Faro Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre Haines Junction Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

We Love you so much!

Grandma Kim, Grandpa Will & Auntie melissa carlick

CELEBRATE! Births! Birthdays! Weddings! Graduations! Anniversaries!

Phone: 867-667-6285

Old Crow Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Pelly Crossing Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Ross River Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

Tagish Y.T. Monday 7:30pm Lightwalkers Group Bishop’s Cabin, end of road along California Beach Telegraph Creek B.C.

211 Wood Street, Whitehorse

Tuesday - 8:00 p.m. Soaring Eagles Sewing Centre 1 column x 3 inches ............. Wed - $34.02 2 columns x 2 inches ........... Wed - $45.36 2 columns x 3 inches ........... Wed - $68.04 2 columns x 4 inches ........... Wed - $90.72

Mayo Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

• • • •

Fri - $35.10 Fri - $46.80 Fri - $70.20 Fri - $93.60

Teslin Y.T. Wednesday - 7:00pm Wellness Centre #4 McLeary Friday - 1:30p.m. Health Centre Watson Lake Y.T. Friday - 1:30 p.m. Health Centre

do you have a problem with food?

BUSY BEAVERS Painting, Pruning Hauling, Snow Shovelling and General Labour Call Francois & Katherine 456-4755


CITYLIGHT RENOS Flooring, tiling, custom closets Painting & trim, kitchens & bathrooms Fences & gates Landscaping & gardening Quality work at reasonable rates Free estimates Sean 867-332-1659

7:30 p.m.

- INSULATION Upgrade your insulation & reduce your heating bills

mondays 4071 4th avenue



Anonymous MEETINGS:

Wednesdays 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm #2 - 407 Ogilvie St. <BYTE> Fridays 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 4071 - 4th Ave. <Many Rivers>


MONDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. 8:00 pm New Beginnings Group (OM,NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. TUESDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. 7:00 pm Juste Pour Aujourd’hui 4141B - 4th Avenue. 8:00 pm Ugly Duckling Group (CM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. WEDNESDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St.. 8:00 pm Porter Crk Step Meeting (CM) Our Lady of Victory, 1607 Birch St. 8:00 pm No Puffin (CM,NS) Big Book Study Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. THURSDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Grapevine Discussion Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. 6:00 pm Young People’s Meeting BYTE Office, 2-407 Ogilvie Street 7:30 pm Polar Group (OM) Seventh Day Adventist Church 1609 Birch Street (Porter Creek) FRIDAY: 12 noon Joy of Living (OM, NS) Big Book Discussion Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. 1:30 pm #4 Hospital Rd. (Resource Room) 8:00 pm Whitehorse Group (CM, NS) Maryhouse, 504 Cook St. SATURDAY: 1:00 pm Sunshine Group (OM, NS) DETOX Building, 6118-6th Ave. 2:30 pm Women’s Meeting (OM) Whitehorse General Hospital (room across from Emergency) 7:00 pm Hospital Boardroom (OM, NS) SUNDAY: 1:00 pm Sunshine Group (OM, NS) DETOX Building, 6118-6th Ave. 7:00 pm Marble Group Hospital Boardroom (OM, NS)

NS - No Smoking OM - open mixed, includes anyone CM - closed mixed, includes anyone with a desire to stop drinking

AA 867-668-5878 24 HRS A DAY


Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Energy North Construction Inc. (1994) for all your insulation & coating needs Cellulose & polyurethane spray foam Free estimate: 667-7414 MC RENOVATION Construction & Renovations Laminated floor, siding, decks, tiles Kitchen, Bathroom, Doors, Windows Framing, Board, Drywall, Painting Drop Ceiling, Fences No job too small Free estimates Michael 336-0468

IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It's That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1-800-587-2161. SHARPENING SERVICES. For all your sharpening needs - quality sharpening, fair price & good service. At corner of 6th & Strickland. 667-2988 LOG CABINS: Professional Scribe Fit log buildings at affordable rates. Contact: PF Watson, Box 40187, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 6M9 668-3632 GET RESULTS! Post a classified in 125 newspapers in just a few clicks. Reach more than 2 million people for only $395 a week for 25-word text ad or $995 for small display ad. Choose your province or all across Canada. Best value. Save over 85% compared to booking individually. or 1-866-669-9222. PASCAL PAINTING CONTRACTOR PASCAL AND REGINE Residential - Commercial Ceilings, Walls Textures, Floors Spray work Small drywall repair Excellent quality workmanship Free estimates 633-6368 TITAN DRYWALL Taping & Textured Ceilings 27 years experience Residential or Commercial No job too small Call Dave 336-3865

THOMAS FINE CARPENTRY • construction • renovation • finishing • cabinets • tiling • flooring • repairs • specialty woodwork • custom kitchens 867-633-3878 or cell 867-332-5531 NORTHRIDGE BOBCAT SERVICES • Snow Plowing • Site Prep & Backfills • Driveways • Post Hole Augering • Light Land Clearing • General Bobcat Work Fast, Friendly Service 867-335-1106 IBEX BOBCAT SERVICES “Country Residential Snow Plowing” •Post hole augering •Light landscaping •Preps & Backfills Honest & Prompt Service Amy Iles Call 667-4981 or 334-6369

S.V.P. CARPENTRY Journey Woman Carpenter Interior/Exterior Finishing/Framing Small & Medium Jobs “Make it work and look good.” Call Susana (867) 335-5957 KLASSIC HANDYMAN SERVICES “HOME RENOVATION SPECIALIST” “SPECIALIZING IN BATHROOMS” Start to Finish • FLOORING • TILE • CARPENTRY • PAINTING • FENCING • DECKS “ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!! DON: 334-2699

60 Below Snow Management Commercial & Residential

CONSOLIDATION, TRANSPORTATION AND PROCESSING OF ELECTRONIC WASTE FROM SOLID WASTE FACILITIES IN YUKON Project Description: Consolidation and transportation of E-waste from Solid waste facilities to a recognized processor outside the Yukon Territory Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is April 24, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Darrin Fredrickson at (867) 667-5195. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. View or download documents at:

Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is April 30, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Jenny Richards at (867) 393-6387. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. This tender is subject to Chapter Five of the Agreement on Internal Trade. Bidders are advised to review documents to determine Certificate of Recognition (COR) requirements for this project. View or download documents at:

Highways and Public Works Community Services



Energy, Mines and Resources

contact 667-7142



Highways and Public Works




8:00 pm Lutheran Church Basment Regular Mtg ( 4th & Strickland )





Parking Lots, Sidewalks, Rooftops and Sanding

affected by

HOUSECLEANING, Spring Cleaning, Detailing! Safe, reliable, bondable RCMP check available on request For into call 334-7405

Project Description: Establish Standing Offer Agreements to provide the Government of Yukon with Aviation Fuel including Jet A, Jet B and 100LL and drummed fuel at locations throughout the Yukon. Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is April 29, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 - 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to David Knight at (867) 667-3114. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. This tender is subject to Chapter Five of the Agreement on Internal Trade. View or download documents at:

(867) 336-3570

life been

DROWNING IN DEBT? Cut debts more than 60% & DEBT FREE in half the time! AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Free Consultation. or Toll Free 1-877-556-3500 BBB Rated A+

Project Description: Government of Yukon is soliciting bids for earthworks, demolition, and clean-up to be conducted within an area approximately 3 hectares in size at the Faro Mine Complex. Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is May 1, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 - 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Carenn Kormos at 867-393-7429. Mandatory Site Visit: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. This tender is subject to Chapter Five of the Agreement on Internal Trade. Bidders are advised to review documents to determine Certificate of Recognition (COR) requirements for this project. View or download documents at:

Snow Removal

Has your

BACKHAULS, WHITEHORSE to Alberta. Vehicles, Furniture, Personal effects etc. Daily departures, safe secure dependable transportation at affordable rates. Please call Pacific Northwest Freight Systems @ 667-2050

WEDNESDAY 12:00 noon Hellaby Hall, 4th & Elliott

CLOSED DEC. 25TH FOR CHRISTMAS 7:00 pm Lutheran Church Basement Beginners Mtg ( 4th & Strickland )



Yukon News Affaires autochtones et Développement du Nord Canada

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Affaires autochtones et Développement du Nord Canada

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Gestionnaire des communications, IS-05 Indéterminée

Manager, Communications IS-05, Indeterminate

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development WHITEHORSE, YUKON

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development WHITEHORSE, YUKON


Ouverte aux personnes résidant au Canada ainsi qu’aux citoyennes et citoyens canadiens résidant à l’étranger. La préférence sera accordée aux citoyens canadiens et citoyennes canadiennes. Connaissance approfondie de l’anglais est essentielle pour ce poste. Salaire: $84,658 – $91,328 plus indemnités de postes isolés. Pour de plus amples renseignements sure ce poste, y compris les critères de mérite supplémentaires et pour savoir comment poser votre candidature, visitez notre site Internet au ou composez notre numéro Infotel 1-800-645-5605. La date limite de réception des candidatures est le 11 avril 2014.


Open to persons residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad. Preference will be given to Canadian citizens. Proficiency in English is essential for this position. Salary: $84,658 – $91,328 plus Isolated Post Allowance. For more information on this position, including screening and assessment criteria, and how to apply, please visit or call the Infotel line at 1-800-645-5605.

The closing date for this competition is April 11, 2014. Vous pouvez obtenir ces informations en français.

This information is available in English.





TENDERS will be received at the office of the Manager of Financial Services at City Hall, 2121 Second Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 1C2 before 4:00:00 pm local time, Thursday, May 1, 2014.

TENDERS will be received at the office of the Manager of Financial Services at City Hall, 2121 Second Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 1C2 before 4:00:00 pm local time, Thursday, May 1, 2014.

Tenders must have the seal of the Tenderer affixed and must be submitted in a sealed opaque envelope clearly marked "TENDER FOR THE 2014 SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL TRANSFER STATION OPERATIONS, ATTENTION: MANAGER FINANCIAL SERVICES."

Tenders must have the seal of the Tenderer affixed and must be submitted in a sealed opaque envelope clearly marked "TENDER FOR THE 2014 SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL RECYCLING OPERATIONS, ATTENTION: MANAGER FINANCIAL SERVICES."

This tender is to supply bins to the City’s transfer station at the Son of War Eagle Landfill Waste Management Facility for the purpose of collecting wastes that will be deposited by the public. The contract will also include the operation, maintenance and the transfer of bins containing the wastes to the various disposal sites located within the Facility.

This tender is to receive, manage, and process recyclable material being brought to the Son of War Eagle Waste Management Facility by members of the public. The work will also include supply, management, and operation of containers at the Son of War Eagle transfer station for a recycling program including the collection, removal and processing of batteries and electronic waste.

Tender documents may be obtained by qualified Tenderers who are or will be authorized to conduct business in the City of Whitehorse, from the office of the Manager of Financial Services at City Hall, 2121 Second Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon on or after 12:00 PM local time Friday, April 11, 2014. A $50.00 nonrefundable tender deposit, payable to the City of Whitehorse, will be required to obtain Tender documents. Each Tender must be accompanied by the Tender Security as specified in the tender documents. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Tenders, or to accept the Tender which the City deems to be in its own best interest. Tenders submitted by Fax will not be accepted nor considered.

Tender documents may be obtained by qualified Tenderers who are or will be authorized to conduct business in the City of Whitehorse, from the office of the Manager of Financial Services at City Hall, 2121 Second Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon on or after 12:00 PM local time Friday, April 11, 2014. A $50.00 nonrefundable tender deposit, payable to the City of Whitehorse, will be required to obtain Tender documents.

All enquiries to:

Each Tender must be accompanied by the Tender Security as specified in the tender documents. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Tenders, or to accept the Tender which the City deems to be in its own best interest. Tenders submitted by Fax will not be accepted nor considered.

Dave Albisser Manager Water & Waste Services City of Whitehorse 2121 Second Avenue, Whitehorse Phone: (867) 668-8351 Fax: (867) 668-8653

Dave Albisser Manager, Water & Waste Services City of Whitehorse 2121 Second Avenue, Whitehorse Phone: (867) 668-8351 Fax: (867) 668-8653

All enquiries to:

JOURNEYMAN CARPENTER/PAINTER 30 years experience No job too small. Free quotes. References available. 335-8924 ELECTRICIAN FOR all your jobs Large or small Licensed Electrician Call MACK N MACK ELECTRIC for a competitive quote! 867-332-7879 Licensed and Professional Automotive Repairs 20-year Journeyman Mechanic Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Call Brian Berg 867-633-6597 CUTTING EDGE BOBCAT SERVICES •Experienced operator •Insured & WCB certified •Concrete driveways •Site preparation •Landscaping •Backfills •Asphalt prep work •Clean up & haul away More Info & Free Estimates 333-9560 WHITE TORNADO CLEANING SERVICES Hiring seasonal, summer, part-time, casual employees. Need to be bondable, hard-working, fast & efficient Attention to detailing (fine gyprock dust) Valid driverʼs licence Vehicle preferred but not essential Drop off resume at Employment Central No phone calls, please FINISHING CARPENTRY & RENOVATIONS For Clean, Meticulous & Tasteful Quality Work INTERIOR Design & organization of walk-in closets, laundry & storage room, garage Kitchen & Bathrooms, Flooring, Wood & Laminate, Stairs. EXTERIOR Decks, Fences, Insulation, Siding, Storage Shed DIDIER MOGGIA 633-2156 or cell 334-2156

Lost & Found FOUND: DIABETIC case on the trail near the airport. Call 633-3486 if yours FOUND: ONE Black mitt, jokatherm, with grey liner on Alaska Highway near Aishihik Road turnoff on 30 March, scaly PVC covering, sz 10. 668-2802 FOUND: PADOMETER Biofitness on Millenium Trail, 633-6404 LOST: ON Air North Flight 507A Acer Tablet. Left in seat 6F on March 24 in Calgary. Please return no questions asked. Return to Air North, RCMP or 334-3300

Business Opportunities GET FREE VENDING MACHINES Can Earn $100,000.00 + Per Year. All Cash-Retire in Just 3 Years. Protected Territories. Full Details CALL NOW 1-866-668-6629. Website WWW.TCVEND.COM.

Looking for New Business / Clients? Advertise in The Yukon News Classifieds!

Take Advantage of our 6 month Deal... Advertise for 5 Months and

Get 1 MONTH OF FREE ADVERTISING Book Your Ad Today! T: 667-6285 • F: 668-3755 E:

Good Night! Wind up your day with everything you need. 867-667-6283

BOWFLEX BLAZE, 1.5 yrs old, barely used, good cond, $500 obo. 335-6937 GOLF CLUBS, right-hand Taylor Made Irons 3-pw, $50, Taylor Made R11 Driver, $75, Taylor Made Hybrid Rescue, $50. 334-1785 JIFFY 60CC 8" gas ice auger. Only used once. Runs perfect, $350. 335-8062 ESKIMO FATFISH 949 pop up ice fishing shelter. Only used once. Very easy to set up & take down. Lots of windows, 2 doors, $350. 335-8062 DOWNHILL AND back-country ski gear, various ski lengths, boots size 11, all in exc cond, 668-3266 ROAD BIKE, Giant "Avail", fits women 5'7"-5'10", lightly used, fast, high-end bike, great components, perfect for Haines to Haines! 336-2108 ARCTERYX GEAR: Gamma AR jacket, women's small, green. $120. Rana pant, size 6, brown. $40. Alpha SV 3-ply Gore-tex bib rain pant. x-small women's. $250 (retails over $600). Email: TWO OSPREY packs for sale, womenʼs. Never used Sirrus 36L daypack, green, size small. $120. Luna 75L backpack, purple, size small. Used, but excellent condition. $150. Email:

Livestock QUALITY YUKON MEAT Dev & Louise Hurlburt Grain-finished Hereford beef Domestic wild boar Order now for guaranteed delivery Payment plan available Samples on request 668-7218 335-5192 HORSE HAVEN HAY RANCH Dev & Louise Hurlburt Irrigated Timothy/Brome mix Small square & round bales Discounts for field pick up or delivery Straw bales also for sale 335-5192 • 668-7218 Hay & Straw For Sale Excellent quality hay Alfalfa mix 60-65lb $14.50 Timothy/grass mix 60-65 lb $14.50 Brome hay 50-55 lbs $12 Straw bales $7 Nielsen Farms Maureen 333-0615 or 2008 BAY homozygous (100% colour producer) Tobiano stallion, versatile, easy going, outstanding personality, always wanting to please, 15hds, 1200lbs. Stud fee $600. LFG. Call/text 332-8283 18 HP 4wd B7000 Kubota diesel tractor with 3 point hitch tiller. New loader, new tires new paint, $8,000.  332-3221

PUBLIC TENDER VEGETATION CONTROL ROBERT CAMPBELL HIGHWAY, DRURY CREEK AREA YUKON, 2014-2015 Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is April 29, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 - 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Mackenzie Ingram at (867) 667-3697. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. The Yukon Business Incentive Policy will apply to this project. View or download documents at:

Highways and Public Works


GOATS for sale.

DEARBORN TWO bottom plow for three point hitch. $500 obo. 633-6502

Baby & Child Items CHILDRENʼS CLOTHING in excellent condition, given freely the first & third Saturday monthly at the Church of the Nazarene, 2111 Centennial. 633-4903 BURLEY CHILD Trailer Encore, for 2 children, including ski, jogging and bike set, like new, paid $1,250, asking $900. 633-3399 2-SEATER BIKE trailer in new cond, $225. 393-2630 PLAN TOYS wooden doll house w/furniture & dolls, $120 for everything. 668-7659 CAR SEAT, exc cond, holds 45-100 lbs. $100. 393-2630 LARGE & XL Easter bunny stuffies in good cond, $10 ea. 633-4379 GRACO INFANT car seat, $25. Basic white crib, no mattress, $50. 334-7061

Childcare ROSIEʼS DAY HOME Opening May 1, 2014 Day/Night/Weekend Spots available Call 668-3448 MARANATHA DAYCARE has openings for children ages infant to 12 years Long-term staff qualified and experienced Fun & educational environment Call Gurnam 668-7937

Furniture USED LEATHER couch w coffee/end tables, $90. 335-4837 LOVESEAT. KROEHLER brand; high quality foam & construction. Smoke & pet-free home. Factory Scotchguard protection. L 65.5", W 35", H 35.5". Antique-type pattern w/light jade/salmon/cream colours, $290. 821-6011 SKLAR-PEPPLER DINING room suite. Oak veneer on ash. 63"x42" pedestal table, 2 extensions, 6 chairs. Hutch upper: 4 doors w/glass shelves. Bottom: 3 drawers & 2 cupboards, $1,700 obo. 821-6011

BLACK FUTON sofa in excellent condition, $100, leather sofa with or without matching love seat, Michelle @334-3851

KING MATTRESS & box spring, paid $2,300, asking $900 obo, 2 yrs old. 667-7107

ANTIQUE DUNCAN Phyfe double drop-leaf table, $225. Maple rocking chair, $95. 311B Hanson St.

DECOR-REST DOUBLE bed chesterfield, like new, dark green, $600. 633-3113

WANTED: GOOD quality chest dresser (deep drawers), also metal adjustable queen frame to fit a double bed. 334-5189

ARE YOU MÉTIS? Are you registered? Would you like to be involved? There is a Yukon Metis Nation that needs your support Contact 668-6845





Highways and Public Works

Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is April 30, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Wayne Beauchemin at 867-667-8039. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. This tender is subject to Chapter Five of the Agreement on Internal Trade. View or download documents at:

Highways and Public Works

CITIZENS ON PATROL. Do you have concerns in your neighborhood & community? Be part of the solution! Volunteer valuable time to the C.O.P.S. program. With your eyes & ears we can help stomp out crime. Info: RCMP 867-667-5555






CUSTODIAL SERVICES CLOSELEIGH MANOR BLDG. #1925, WOMEN’S DIRECTORATE - BLDG. #1975, INDIVIDUAL LEARNING CENTRE - BLDG. #1973, 49A WATERFRONT PLACE - BLDG. #1988 Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is April 22, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Karen Bevilacqua at (867) 456-3869. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. View or download documents at:

Highways and Public Works

Project Description: As part of the Climate Change Adaptation Program, the Yukon Emergency Measures Organization is collecting digital elevation data via LiDAR Mapping to assist in modelling areas vulnerable to flooding within the Yukon. Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is April 29, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 - 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Michael Kearney at (867) 6337931. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. This tender is subject to Chapter Five of the Agreement on Internal Trade. View or download documents at:

Community Services

FRI. 7pm-8:30pm 4071 - 4th Ave Many Rivers Office


HAND-CRAFTED COFFEE table & 2 end tables, made from tree trunks, oak bases & glass tops, $1,200 or $500 apiece obo. 667-7107

Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is April 29, 2014. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Suite 101 104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Wayne Beauchemin at (867) 667-8039. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. This tender is subject to Chapter Five of the Agreement on Internal Trade. View or download documents at:

DRUG PROBLEM? Narcotics Anonymous meetings Wed. 7pm-8pm #2 - 407 Ogilvie St. BYTE Office

Submissions must be clearly marked with the above project title. The closing date for submissions is April 24, 2013. Please refer to the procurement documents for the closing time and location. Documents may be obtained from the Procurement Support Centre, Department of Highways and Public Works, Second Floor, 9010 Quartz Road, P.O. Box 2703, Whitehorse, Yukon (867) 667-5385. Technical questions may be directed to Rob Kelly at (867) 667-8980. The highest ranked or lowest priced submission may not necessarily be accepted. This tender is subject to Chapter Five of the Agreement on Internal Trade. The Yukon Business Incentive Policy will apply to this project. Bidders are advised to review documents to determine Certificate of Recognition (COR) requirements for this project. View or download documents at:

Community Services

Garage Sales GALA GARAGE Sale, Whitehorse Elementary School Gym, April 12, 10:00. Fundraiser for Little Footprints Big Steps in Haiti. Donate/Help? 456-4434 or 335-0333 SELKIRIK ELEMENTARY School Fundraiser Garage Sale! Saturday, April 12 9:00am- Noon.  Selkirk Elementary Gymnasium

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS NOTICE is hereby given that Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of


of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Deceased, who died on March 3, 2014, are hereby required to send them to the undersigned Executor at the address shown below, before the 18th day of April, 2014, after which date the Executor will distribute the Estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard to the claims of which they have notice. AND FURTHER, all persons who are indebted to the Estate are required to make payment to the Estate at the address below. BY: Gerald A. Patrick c/o Lackowicz & Hoffman Suite 300, 204 Black Street Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2M9 Tel: (867) 668-5252 Fax: (867) 668-5251

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Yukon News

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yukon News














Carcare Motors TH













2261 Second Avenue cAll lee At 668-4436

Monday to Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm Sales OPEN Saturday 10 am to 2 pm For service on all makes call 667-4435



*$1,000 Bonus Cash applicable to customers who purchase, lease or finance any new 2013 Juke®/2014 Versa Sedan/Versa Note/Sentra/Altima Sedan/Juke®/Pathfinder/Frontier models on approved credit through Nissan Finance on units in stock. The $1,000 additional Cash Bonus consists of $750 NF cash and $250 Dealer Participation and will be deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes. Offer available for qualified customers only. Offer available from April 10 - 16, 2014 inclusively. Conditions apply. †Qualifying customers must be approved to lease or finance through Nissan Finance. Some conditions apply. See your retailer for complete details. Offers valid between April 10 - 16, 2014. °$3,000 cash discount is applicable to the purchase of any new 2014 Frontier (4x2 Crew Cab SV/ 4x4 Crew Cab SV/ 4x4 Crew Cab PRO-4X/ 4x4 Crew Cab SL). $2,000 cash discount is valid on all other 2014 Frontier models. Offer is valid on Frontier models when registered and delivered between April 10 - 16, 2014. ^Based on 2014 Canadian Residual Value Award in Subcompact car segment. alg is the industry benchmark for residual values and depreciation data, Offers subject to change, continuation or cancellation without notice. Offers have no cash alternative value. See your participating Nissan retailer for complete details. ©1998-2014 Nissan Canada Inc. and Nissan Financial Services Inc. a division of Nissan Canada Inc.

44 Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yukon News, April 09, 2014  

April 09, 2014 edition of the Yukon News

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