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Two-hour parking up for debate By Martha Wickett OBSERVER STAFF

Salmon Arm Mayor Nancy Cooper predicts a lively discussion on downtown parking at next week’s council meeting. Cooper was responding to comments councillors made following a report from city staff at the city’s planning meeting Monday, which outlined a recommendation from the Downtown Parking Commission. The commission has recommended that, based on the results of a Downtown Salmon Arm business parking survey, the trial of two-hour street parking on Hudson Avenue be extended throughout the downtown core for a year, from April 25 of this year to March 31, 2015. Coun. Denise Reimer said she is not prepared to vote in favour of the recommendation. “Salmon Arm has a very vibrant downtown already, with so many diverse businesses. With that, comes diversity in parking. While I appreciate the study done by Downtown Salmon Arm, Denise Reimer I think we need to look at CITY a much more extensive COUNCILLOR study.” Coun. Marg Kentel said she’s thinking along the same lines as Reimer. “By the time Marcel (Bedard, bylaw officer) marks a tire, they could park for close to four hours the way this would work...” She also said a year is far too long for an experiment and suggested until the end of the year would be more than enough. Coun. Debbie Cannon explained that she, as council’s representative on Downtown Salmon Arm, has spent a lot of time downtown talking to businesses as well as looking over emails, and she tends to agree with Reimer. “I think one-hour parking is sufficient, and the survey done didn’t have much of a science to it. The business owners and residents I’ve discussed it with don’t support the two hours.” Coun. Chad Eliason agreed, saying he doesn’t think two-hour parking is a solution for all businesses. Cooper and Couns. Alan Harrison and Ken Jamieson didn’t state their views.


In the mouth of a dragon

Grace Lu watches as her daughter Jonatha places her hand into the mouth of a dragon on display at the Shuswap Association of Rowers and Paddlers information table set up over the weekend at the Mall at Piccadilly.

Community rallies for Megan Rare illness: Child sent for urgent cancer treatment in Toronto. By Martha Wickett OBSERVER STAFF

Four-year-old Megan Leverrier has been a healthy, active little girl, a girl who loves to dance and loves to sing. About three weeks ago her parents took her to the doctor because her abdomen was distended, explains her aunt, Tracey Nickolson. Michelle and Jaimie Leverrier are Megan’s parents; Nickolson is Michelle’s sister. Various tests and X-rays were done. It was thought Megan was possibly constipated, so she was sent home to pass the blockage. However, the doctor called that night to say she should be taken to hospital right away. She went to Vernon Jubilee, where the doctors there said she must get to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver immediately; she has a cancerous tumour.

This week A second mudslide in 10 days blocked Eagle Bay Road on Monday. See details on A9. Some Salmon Arm hockey players got to skate in the big leagues. Find out more on A17.

Because it would take too long to arrange a medical flight out of Kelowna, the family dropped everything and set off by car. When Megan was examined in Vancouver, the family understood the tumour would likely be treated with chemotherapy. However, more tests were done because the mass was growing so rapidly. Because of concerns about internal bleeding, a proper biopsy wasn’t possible. Nickolson says doctors – a total of 28 have been discussing Megan’s condition – have determined the mass is very rare, an angiosarcoma surrounded by a hemangioma, a tumour within a tumour, attached to her liver. Because Toronto Sick Children’s HosSee Hoping on page A2


Support: Various charity efforts are underway to help Megan Leverrier’s family with medical expenses.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

Hoping for help in Toronto Continued from front pital is a larger hospital with more resources, Megan and her family were sent to Toronto yesterday. Nickolson said Michelle, Jaimie and Megan’s two-yearold brother Gavin will stay at Ronald McDonald House, while the children’s grandparents will be in a nearby hotel. One possibility in Toronto would be to do a liver transplant, either using a section of one of her parents’ livers or through an organ donor. “If something happens and they can’t figure it out there, they’ll maybe even send her to Seattle,” says Nickolson, noting a centre there specializes in liver transplants. The rapid growth of the tumour, which has reached the size of a football, is particularly dangerous as it is pushing on her other organs. Still, “she’s coherent, she’s eating, she’s still got spunk,” said Nickolson Friday, adding yesterday that a blood

transfusion over the will soon be distributed “She’s a special girl. I weekend took her down for sale. can’t even explain how for a while. If you wish to donate – there’s nobody more Megan’s illness has via a financial institu- deserving.” been understandably tion, a trust fund for the Megan has aspiratraumatic for the fam- family has been set up tions to be a movie ily, particularly with at the TD Bank; donate star so, in the hospital, its sudden onset. It has to the Leverrier Fam- she’s been doing one of also been expensive. ily Trust - Transit: 9151 her favourite things – Not only will the family Account: 6387650. watching movies. have to pay for Nickolson exliving expenses She’s a dancing plains that, at in Toronto, but girl, she sings home, “she’s a if Megan goes dancing girl, she at the top of her to Seattle, it’s sings at the top not certain her lungs, she has of her lungs, she medical costs her own little has her own little will be covered. microphone. microphone. We Tracey However, if have some vidNickolson there’s a bright eos of her where MEGAN’S AUNT side, it’s the she wants to be community’s a movie star. Her support. new favourite Jaimie is a local Donations, including movie is Frozen. She’s RCMP officer. The po- cheques, can be sent to watched it 11 times in lice are raising money Mike Dibblee at Salm- the hospital. She loves – one event was a pub on Arm RCMP Detach- movies.” night last Saturday, an- ment, 1980 11th Ave. other a bake sale. NE, Salmon Arm, V1E Other people are rais- 2V5. There is also a trust ing funds, including account at the Salmon Megan’s ballet class in Arm Savings and Credit Sorrento and a Blind Union named the “JaBay hair salon. Infor- mie Leverrier Fund.” mation about the fun- The account number is draisers can be found 1587948. on a Facebook page for Nickolson says the Megan at www.face- community has been wonderful. rier. As well, Miracle “I can’t thank people for Megan bracelets enough,” she said.

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Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the smaller communities like Sicamous will have more of a struggle to upgrade their education. “It’s the outlying areas that will feel this the most, and not everyone can get into Salmon

Bobbi Johnson School board TruSTee Arm for the courses there,” says Johnson. While some of the adult education programs operate out of the Salmon Arm Storefront School, Woodhurst stresses the Storefront option for school-aged children is not being closed. “We do not want people to think that shutting

down Storefront is what is on the table. This (motion) is only affecting our adult continuing education offerings.” Johnson says in a time of such severe budgetary restrictions, she believes resources need to be directed into the kindergarten to Grade 12 programs. “As a trustee, I’d rather not cut literacy and other programs that work at an early age to improve the chances of success as children move through the K to 12 system, rather than put money into the catching up at the other end, much as I’d love to help everyone.” Johnson says program closures can be an unfortunate reality of balancing budgets. “If I was a parent, I would be writing letters to the government asking them to take a serious look at things about the education system that we can’t afford to lose.”

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e th to ! to eds ay ok ifi e w Lo ass th be t cl ve cri ge the pa bs to to . Su ow in ne n ck zo ba ork w

School District #83’s adult continuing education programs are facing a complete closure in July. The board of education was to consider a motion at Tuesday night’s regular meeting to close all continuing education programs in Salmon Arm, Enderby, Sicamous and Armstrong. The decision took place after the Observer’s press time. The motion to shut down the adult programs comes as the school district faces another budget process where it will be required to make $1.8 million in cuts to operations. As it stands, the continuing education program is being run at a deficit of $119,108. Most of the students in the program do not take full course loads, so the enrolment is counted in the total number

of courses, explains Wendy Woodhurst, the school district’s director of instruction. For example ,Salmon Arm had 14 active courses, Sicamous had eight, Enderby had 40 and Armstrong had 39 courses active. Last year, trustees opted to scale back the level of service and hoped the service would become more widely used, rather than close the programs completely. But student enrolment has not increased, and the program continue to operate at a significant loss. “When you are facing the kind of deficit we are facing, you need to look at every option you can to save money,” says Bobbi Johnson, school board chair. “These are not easy choices.” While adult students in Salmon Arm have an adult education program at Okanagan College, students from

Child’s First Name WCO



By Tracy Hughes


Education: Trustees debate motion to cancel service.

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Adult program faces the axe A3


City ponders project for Hockeyville winnings By Martha Wickett OBSERVER STAFF

After all the dedicated clicking and phoning to bring Salmon Arm to fourth in the country in the Kraft Hockeyville competition, now comes finding the bang for the buck. Many ideas have been suggested for spending the $50,000 that Salmon Arm and supporters won for the Shaw Centre, says Dale Berger, a member of the Hockeyville committee as well as general manager for the Shuswap Recreation Society. He says ideas have been narrowed down to about 10, but citizens are still welcome to submit suggestions. “I know one of the priorities of the committee is to recognize Hockeyville, whether through a plaque or something more than that. One idea would be to get started on some sort of wall of fame…

Dale Berger Hockeyville committee However, at the same time, the SilverBacks are considering that themselves…,” he said. The money could be used for one bigger project or a few smaller ones. “Lights is one of the things on the list. It’s been a shortcoming of the facility since day one. It’s something that more than one group is interested in... The new LED technology out there could save you 75 per cent of energy use, it’s a really attractive thing.” He notes that $50,000 could be leveraged to

receive additional funds from another source. His biggest hope is that what’s chosen can be accomplished “in one swipe, rather than one that might take a long time to complete, one where you might wonder where the funds would be to complete it.” Berger said he expects a decision will be made regarding the $50,000 in the next two months. Once all the information has been gathered, the recreation society board will choose and then forward its recommendation to city council. Meanwhile, if you have a suggestion of a way to spend the money, drop if off at the centre’s administration office, just inside the players’ entrance. Sylvan Lake, Alta., Salmon Arm’s competitor in the west, was named Hockeyville winner Saturday night.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer


Bill Wilson - General Manager/CPGA Head Professional/Teaching Professional


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Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Beat A5

Dangerous goods travel via railway daily By Martha Wickett

charges in fatal crash


Criminal charges have now been laid in connection with a fatal collision that occurred on Highway 97 south of Vernon on March 31, 2013. A northbound pickup truck collided headon with a southbound station wagon. The crash resulted in the deaths of the passenger in the truck, 19-year old Eric Robertson of Armstrong, and both occupants of the station wagon, 70-year old Allan Allport and his wife, 67-year old Fay Allport of Salmon Arm. Brandon McGregor, 22, of Spallumcheen has been charged with Dangerous Driving Causing Death. He will appear in Vernon Court May 1.

Fire hydrant smash-up A 19-year-old Salmon Arm man was arrested after crashing into a fire hydrant on Auto Road. At approximately 6:30 a.m., on Thursday April 3, police responded to a single-vehicle collision where a jeep had failed to negotiate the turn, left the roadway, and became high centred atop a fire hydrant. The impact sheered the hydrant causing water to expel high into the air. The suspect was discovered to have over two times the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

cocaine trafficking At 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 4, police noted a drug transaction taking place on 11th Avenue NE. Police subsequently arrested three males and discovered several containers of cocaine packaged for sale. Police will be forwarding trafficking charges against a 27-year-old man from Salmon Arm.

Multi-vehicle collision Police responded to a multi-vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 97B and Auto Road at 1.30 p.m. Friday, April 4. One driver, the only one to sustain injury in the accident, was taken to hospital.

CP Rail carries dangerous goods across North America – and Salmon Arm is no exception. “Must CP Rail move dangerous goods through Salmon Arm, as well as 1,100 other communities? Yes, we’re required,” said Mike LoVecchio of CP Rail during a presentation to the city’s planning meeting Monday. “Let’s be candid,” he said, noting substances such as ammonia, chlorine, crude oil and jet fuel are among those that the railway carries every day. He explained that CP operates under “common carrier obligation,” an obligation in Canadian law which says all commodities are equal. Dangerous goods are about five per cent of overall traffic, he said. CP owns the rails, while the tank cars are owned by various companies. Following the tragic derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Que. last July, which occurred on a line owned by U.S.-based MMA Railway, LoVecchio said CP is stepping up its conversation with communities, providing them with an overview of emergency process and planning to help ed-

ucate the public, councils and first responders. “It’s important for you to know, we are one of the safest ways to move dangerous goods,” he said, explaining that the process for shipping dangerous goods starts before CP sees the tank car. Then, prior to departure, the cars are visually inspected. Other measures include track-side technology to monitor the temperature of the moving wheels. “We have turned ourselves from being reactive to proactive.” CP believes it’s time for the older tank cars to be upgraded, LoVecchio said, but CP doesn’t own them. Communities have a role to play with regard to zoning, he said, by not allowing development close to the tracks. “A railroad is an industrial site. It operates 24-7, it transports dangerous goods.” Several members of Salmon Arm’s emergency operations team attended. They emphasized the value of mock disasters for training and said they would like to participate in a train-

ing session with CP. LoVecchio added that CP Rail wants to see the

Marine Park underpass go ahead and would supply an undisclosed

amount of funding. For more, go to www.

City News and Public Notices Load RestRictions Pursuant to City of Salmon Arm Bylaw No. 1971, as amended, all roads under the jurisdiction of the City of Salmon Arm, except those exempt from this regulation, are hereby restricted to 70% of legal axle loading, unless otherwise posted, effective 12:01 a.m., Wednesday, March 12, 2014, and until further notice.

PUBLic notice – BeeR GaRden PeRMits The public is reminded that all requests for Beer Garden Permits must be made to the Chairman of the Committee to Approve Public Events (C.A.P.E.). Requests must be received prior to 4:00 p.m., Friday, May 9, 2014, for the 2014 season. Remember, if you are planning to host a beer garden, you must have your permit request submitted prior to May 9, 2014. City of Salmon Arm Attention: Bylaw Enforcement Officer 500 – 2 Avenue NE, Box 40 Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N2 Fax: 250-803-4041

oFFice cLosURe This office will be closed April 18 and April 21 inclusive (Friday & Monday) to observe Easter. City Hall will reopen Tuesday, April 22, 2014. For more information call 250-803-4000 • Follow us on twitter @SalmonArmBC •

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

for what it’S worth

Tracy Hughes

MP tackles parole eligibility The vast majority of private member’s bills never make it into law, but that shouldn’t stop our elected officials from trying. I can certainly appreciate where Okanagan-Shuswap MP Colin Mayes is coming from with a bill he introduced into the House of Commons on Monday. Mayes tabled a private member’s bill in the House of Commons that seeks to extend the parole eligibility period for those convicted of abduction, heinous acts of sexual assault and murder from the current 25 years up to a maximum of 40 years. “Currently, any Canadian convicted of both first- or seconddegree murder is given an automatic life sentence, but the provision barely puts an offender in jail for longer than 25 years, the time at which first-degree murderers are first eligible for parole,” he said. A main rationale is the pain victim’s families must endure in attending parole hearings every two years once a convict’s 25year sentence expires. At these hearings the graphic evidence is presented to a panel, along with information about the convict’s attempts at rehabilitation or lack thereof. Families of victims who wish to speak for their murdered loved one and oppose parole must face the prospect of such a hearing on a regular basis. “When passed, this bill will assist families by not having them deal with the re-enactment of what happened to their loved ones, over and over again. Families need closure,” Mayes said in a press release. One can not help but think of how the timing of the bill coincides with the conviction of Matthew Foerster for the 2011 murder of 18-year-old Taylor Van Diest of Armstrong. On Saturday, the jury determined Foerster was guilty of firstdegree murder, rather than manslaughter. First-degree murder carries certain stipulations for conviction, including that the murder be premeditated or that it was committed in the course of a sexual assault of the victim. I was personally pleased to see that the jury did not buy the defence’s argument that Foerster was simply looking for casual sex, rather than intending a sexual assault against the teenaged girl. The jury sided with the Crown’s assertion that Van Diest was murdered because she attempted to fight off Foerster’s advances. In the end, the DNA found under her fingernails when she scratched Foerster’s neck in an attempt to protect herself told the tale. My heart went out to Taylor’s family and friends, knowing what they must have endured to sit through the testimony and face the man who took the life of their beloved daughter, sister or friend. I shudder to think of them being forced to endure such testimony or justify Foerster’s continued incarceration to a parole board on a regular basis. If adopted, Mayes’ bill would come too late to help the Van Diest family. But it may spare others. It’s a laudable effort.

Salmon arm obServer


Distracted has become the new drunk Which is more deadly – the bottle or the cell phone? It’s remarkable that distracted driving is now causing more tragedies, on our roads than drinking and driving. Eighty-one people were killed in British Columbia by distracted driving, compared with 55 by impaired driving, in 2012. Of course, there have been huge public education programs designed to change society’s view of mixing alcohol and autos, not to mention that B.C. has some of the country’s toughest drinking and driving legislation. This has created a significant reduction in drinking and driving related deaths in the province since it was implemented. The equivalent needs to apply to those who insist on talking on their cell phones or texting while

driving. Somehow it is seen as acceptable to stay connected to a mobile device even when piloting thousands of pounds of metal on roads populated with other drivers and their passengers. It is not acceptable. It is stupid and dangerous. Just like there are options for people who wish to drink to find alternate transportation, there are hands-free options for those who simply can not miss a call. The other alternative is to simply put the phone away while driving or pull over to a safe place if you need to reply. News that B.C. will be implementing stronger penalties for distracted driving violations is welcome and appropriate. We look forward to the day when the stigma about cell phones and driving equals that to those who combine booze and cars.

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View Point

Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014 A7

The Observer asked: When the time comes, where would you like to live when you retire?

Donat Koller “Salmon Arm, because it already has everything.”

Martine Dollack “Right here in Salmon Arm because we are already established here.”

Digital wave just beginning BC VIEWS

Tom Fletcher

VICTORIA – Have you got one of the new B.C. driver’s licences yet? By now most drivers have the one with the unsmiling black and white mug shot, to conform to passport standards so it could be used for border identification with the magnetic swipe strip on the back. About one million of us now have the newest version, with a credit-card style digital chip that proves your residence and eligibility for our famously “free” medical care. The motor vehicle office started issuing them about a year ago, as fiveyear licences expire. They replace the old “CareCard” that has no expiry date. Over the years there were more than nine million CareCards issued, twice the population of B.C., as people held onto their access to our defenseless, overworked medical system from wherever they moved to. Positive identification is only the start for this card. Each will be assigned a password that gives access to online medical records, so when patients show up at an ER, their eligibility is confirmed and any previous conditions or medications are accurately matched. (Note that medical information is not stored on the card, just an access code that goes with the password.) Patients will be able to call up their own files at home, book medical appointments and even renew prescriptions, which is where the efficiency comes in. In-person visits for routine prescription renewals are a cash cow for today’s doctors, generating guaranteed billings but often little or no health benefit. Most people will still think of it as a driver’s licence, but it’s intended as an all-purpose government ID. If you don’t drive, you are spared the $75 licence renewal fee, and within a couple of years the cards will start providing online access to a wide

range of government services. Andrew Wilkinson, minister of technology, innovation and citizens’ services, says a public consultation has shown most people are comfortable using a system they already trust for their banking. By the end of 2015, Wilkinson says about two million people will have the new cards, roughly half of B.C.’s population. Application forms converted to online access will include student loans, birth, death and marriage certificates, voter registration and even criminal record checks. All this will be costly to set up, but the savings from having customers do their own data entry are well known, as any banker or supermarket owner can tell you. “You can understand that if you’re in the vital statistics office and this can all be done from places like Telegraph Creek and Horsefly remotely, that actually saves them a lot of money,” Wilkinson said. “There will be conversion of existing services where you have to go into an office and wait around and fill out forms. Those will be converted to online services.” It also means a decline in the number of government office jobs, and the potential for further outsourcing of services, as we have seen with Medical Services Plan administration and the back-office functions of BC Hydro. Some older readers won’t be thrilled to hear about this. They don’t want a “smart phone,” just a phone. But they will also see their greatgrandchildren becoming adept with tablet computers before they can even speak. Seniors will get the hang of it pretty quickly, and their lives will become easier. • A correction to last week’s column on the Agricultural Land Commission. I erroneously said regional panel members were appointed from outside the region. They are local residents, and the new legislation formalizes a cabinet appointment process for them.

Janice Gidora Probably somewhere in the Caribbean because it’s nice and warm and sunny and because I love the ocean.”

Lindsay Ambler “Some place like Tahiti ... just to get away from the cold winters.”

Keaton Miller “Either the Shuswap or Lake Country, because they are both sunny and have good hunting and fishing.”

Too many scandals to mention Since it seems obvious that so many political figures are competing for the best scandal award, I would like to make a motion to enact the “Scandal Hall of Fame.” With that, I would like to put forward the three newest members: Jenny Kwan, Raj Chouhan and Linda Reid. I hope they enjoy their spot at the top while they can, because I don’t think it will be long before they have a successor. Just so they don’t feel alone, I will post other scandal heroes to the hall. I hope you all remember these fine times and the fine people involved; after all, we did vote them in to look after our Affairs! Casino-gate, rail-gate, tuna-gate, shawini-gate, Reid affair, Gaglardi affair, BJM affair, Thornhill affair, Sommers affair, Tyabj affair, CIFA scandal, sponsorship scandal, Doman scandal, PC Sask scandal, ethnic vote scandal, F-35 jet scandal, Senate scandal, APEC scandal, airbus scandal, NATO file scandal, robocall scandal, Fast-Cats,

ETS contract, Shoe Store Project, Charbonne Commission, Duplessis orphans, solidarity crisis, Fantasy Gardens, BRICK, Bristow, Campbell DUI, Svend Robinson, Moe Sihota. There are several more but I want to leave room for more newcomers who are already on their way. All the parties should be disgusted with themselves for allowing this to infest. History says they are working together to avoid saying anything that would open this door and dig up many more snouts from both parties. Neither party wants to lose this freebie for its members. I wish for them, to be ashamed for telling us they didn’t know. It’s insulting. Your greedy pockets are full already, yet you continue to steal, and from the poor. You are shameless dogs; you deserve what you have just earned. Bryon Every

NDP wish list goes way out of line As all governments in Canada are in budget restraint mode because of the economy, the B.C. NDP party still wants its wish list. Their list is, hire 20 more judges, restore legal aid funding to 2001 levels, a public inquiry into the Babine Forest Products fire, run a community court in Surrey, establish 1,500 additional social housing units, increase forest inventory research, reverse reduction in forestry budget, forego B.C. Hydro net income, freeze B.C. Ferry fares for 2014/2015, seniors to continue riding B.C. Ferries for free, eliminate interest on

student loans, reverse reduction in advance education budget, and establish a ministry of woman’s equality. Total estimated cost to the B.C. taxpayers, $1,425,444,500. B.C. Liberal government says no, but if the B.C. NDP opposition were government, they would just increase income tax in the province to justify the wish list. – the whole reason why the NDP sits as the opposition in the provincial legislature.  Joe Sawchuk

Regarding the In private indusarticle, “Kyllo try, a job that reWEB talk defends spousal quires a lot of travel trips:” does not typically comments from There are many, include paying and Salmon Arm Observer on Facebook many families in for spousal travel. Salmon Arm and He knew when he area that have a trips himself. It’s time to cut back took the job that it spouse that works out of town. on this type of spending in our would require travel. Either he It would be wonderful for them government. should pay for his wife’s travel to be able to have their spouses - Elaine Cawson Bushman himself, or leave her at home. I travel with them too. But the have no problem with his taking company that pays them does not Maybe he should consider a an assistant along when he feels allow for paid spousal trips. Greg lifestyle more like the majority of it is necessary because it is jobKyllo makes very good money, he his constituents live. related. should be paying for his wife’s - Patricia Graves Matheson - Colleen Schonheiter



Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

Finding life in chronic conditions





Letters of protest were read at council concerning animals running on the roads in the Mt Ida vicinity. It was pointed out that it was contrary to law in all civilized communities for the animals to be at large. The following were appointed as poundkeepers: John Jackson, G.F. Ibbotson, S. Hunter and K. Wagner.


Mrs. Robert Aitken presided at the monthly meeting of the Hospital Women’s Auxiliary. The matron reported there was a great need for half a dozen binders and a dozen and a half wash cloths. Playing at Armstrong the local high school boys’ and girls’ teams won the North Okanagan Valley basketball championships.


The Red Cross campaign under the management of Reeve Frank Farmer, totalled over $4,600 which was $200 over the Salmon Arm quota. Salmon Arm High School Cadet Corps learned that it stood among the 20 best in the province. It received an award of $12 for rating between 13th and 20th out of 105 corps inspected.


There was an increase of about 700 pupils in the total enrolment in Salmon Arm district from 1946 to 1953. In 1953, there were an additional 33 pupils from the city at the elementary and junior high schools A new store was being built on Alexander Street for The Bargain Centre, and three other businesses were making additions to their premises. Combined cost for the four projects was $14,000. A modern dry kiln containing all the latest equipment for proper drying of lumber was being built at the Canoe sawmill of Saskatchewan Federal Co-operatives Ltd.

Salmon Arm residents are benefiting from a world-renowned self-management program for people with chronic conditions. A Ministry of Health, Patients as Partners initiative administered by the University of Victoria, Self-management BC is a free six-week workshop for adults with ongoing physical or mental health conditions. Sitting in a comfortable lounge at Lakeside Manor Retirement Residence, residents Randy Kay and Gladys Horsley are enthusiastically in favour of the workshop they recently attended. It dealt with chronic conditions and included participants from Lakeside Manor and the general community. Kay says he joined because he had several conditions to address. “The primary condition I was trying to get help on was weight loss, and it was covered very well by establishing an action plan each week,” he says, noting the process involved identifying a desired result, defining how it would be accomplished and determining a level of confidence about the outcome. “Being a procrastinator of the first order and having to come back to report to the group,” he says, joining in the laughter when Horsley interjects, “It forced you to behave.” Like Horsley, Kay was impressed with how the group brainstormed to find solutions to each other’s problems in a respectful way that gave everyone the opportunity to speak without interruption or ridicule. Eighty-eight-year-old Horsley attended the workshop

KEN SMEDLEY presents

Check out the Classifieds!

& 250-832-2131

Thursday, April 17 7:30 pm Salmar Classic Theatre Tickets still only $20 @ Acorn Music 250-832-8669


Self-management: Facilitators Linda Wooster and Monica Auk discuss a recent workshop on chronic conditions with participants Gladys Horsley and Randy Kay. with her husband of more than 64 years and, like Kay, appreciated that whatever was said in the room remained there. “It’s a good thing for people to get together and feel free to talk in a good way,” she says, noting the sessions gave participants a better understanding of others. “I would champion it.” “I would jump back in too,” adds Kay, who put his praise in a letter to University of Victoria professor and Self-Management BC director Patrick McGowan. “The bottom line: I learned a great deal about myself and how to make my life more comfortable. I would recommend this class to anyone,” he wrote. “The instructors for this course were excellent. They were friendly and very knowledgable.” That is music to Linda Wooster’s ears. A master trainer, she took the course nearly four years ago during “a low time” in her own life. “I saw what an advantage it was in my life and I get excited seeing other people come alive after they’ve taken the course,” she says, noting that

while many seniors attend the workshops, participants have mainly been in their 40s and 50s. “The youngest we had (this time) was in his late 20s and he came every week from Sicamous. He has Parkinson’s and was discouraged at first, but he was confident by the end that he would be able to play his guitar again.” While doctors do refer patients to the free self-management workshops, the program is open to everyone without referral. Self-management programs were developed and evaluated at Stanford University and have been implemented in 26 countries. The programs teach participants how to understand and manage their symptoms, make healthier eating choices, become more active, communicate effectively with healthcare providers, manage difficult emotions and set realistic goals. Groups of between 10 to 16 people meet once a week for two-and-a-half hours in sessions that are facilitated by pairs of trained lay leaders, many of whom are living with

chronic conditions themselves. So far, only chronic conditions and pain self-management workshops have been held in Salmon Arm. Wooster would like to expand to other conditions such as arthritis. “If we get the word out and 10 people are willing to lead the workshop, Linda can train them,” says Monica Auk, a master trainer who has recently moved to Salmon Arm from Alberta. “I am excited this program is here and I can volunteer,” she says, pointing out participants receive written material, including the book Living a Healthy Life With Chronic Conditions. “I have seen the success of the program internationally.” Two self-management pain workshops are scheduled for the end of April: Mondays from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the health unit at 851 16th St. NE, beginning April 28 and Wednesdays from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at the Canadian Mental Health Association at 433 Hudson Ave. NE, beginning April 30. For more information and to register, or to become a volunteer leader, call 1-866-9023767.

MLA Marla Beblow Shuswap GREG KYLLO DENTURIST LTD. ■ Complete Dentures ■ Partial Dentures ■ Repairs or Relines ■ Personalized Denture Services


Monday to Friday

#1 - 480 Harbourfront Drive, N.E., Salmon Arm

Suite 202A 371 Alexander St. NE Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N7 Telephone: 250-833-7414 Toll Free: 1-877-771-7557


Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs 10 am - noon 1 pm - 3 pm Friday by apt. only

Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014 A9

Second mudslide blocks access on Eagle Bay Road By Tracy Hughes OBSERVER STAFF

A second mudslide in 10 days took place on Eagle Bay Road on Monday morning. The incident happened April 7 at approximately 7 a.m. when approximately 20 trees and 30 cubic

metres of mud came down, blocking the road. A report from the Salmon Arm RCMP indicates the slide is in the same location as the previous slide, which was in the 5900 block of Eagle Bay Road.

“Police attended the scene and there is no damage to persons or property,” said Staff Sgt. Kevin Keane. A maintenance crew had the road re-opened to traffic by noon Monday. A Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure spokes-

person says an excavator will be left on-site for a quicker response in case there’s another occurrence. “Sometimes during spring thaw, when soils are weakened (saturated with water, no longer frozen) there will be minor sloughs

such as this,” states the ministry’s press release. Last week, crews from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure surveyed the bank that gave way March 29. It created a minor mudslide which temporarily blocked

Eagle Bay Road and cut power to some residents. They were attempting to determine if additional remedial work was needed. However, at that time, it was determined no further remediation was re-

quired and no additional work was done. That slide covered roughly 100 feet of the roadway with mud approximately one foot deep. A number of trees came down. There were no nearby structures and no people were involved.

Columbia Shuswap Regional District Invitation to Quote Shannon Beach Community Park Repair and Redesign Construction The Columbia Shuswap Regional District is inviting quotes for the repair and redesign of the Shannon Beach Community Park in the Eagle Bay area of Shuswap Lake, in Electoral Area ‘C’. Sealed quotes clearly marked “Quote – Shannon Beach Community Park Repair/ Redesign” will be accepted until 11 AM local time on Tuesday April 29, 2014 at the office of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, 781 Marine Park Drive NE, P.O. Box 978, Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 4P1. A detailed description of the services required can be found in the Quote documents. There will be a mandatory on-site meeting held on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 11 AM. Quote documents and further information are available online at the Columbia Shuswap Regional District website at, on the BC Bid website at, on the Civic Info website at and at the office of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District at the above address during regular office hours. The Columbia Shuswap Regional District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Quotes and to waive any informality in the Quotes received, in each case without giving any notice. The Columbia Shuswap Regional District reserves the right to accept the Quote which it deems most advantageous. Faxed submissions will not be accepted. The lowest or any Quote not necessarily accepted. For more information, please contact: Marcin Pachcinski, Parks and Recreation Team Leader T: 250.833.5923 or TF: 1.888.248.2773 E:

Salmon Arm Hazardous Waste Recycling Fair APRIL 26 • 10 am - 3 pm In the Bill’s Bottle Depot Parking Lot Adhesives • Antifreeze • Mercury Debris • Pool Chemicals • Waste Fertilizer • Grease • Grout • Cyanides • Tar • Fire Extinguishers Any household material that is toxic, corrosive, reactive or ignitable (excluding explosives and ammunition) PLUS… Household Paints & Solvents • Pesticides & Herbicides • Old Gasoline • Smoke Alarms • Residential Fluorescent Tubes • Batteries • Small Appliances • Power Tools • Light Fixtures • Tires

Further details at 250-833-5950

Gail Road and Whitehead Road Lake Access Parks Construction

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District is inviting quotes for the construction of Gail Road Lake Access Park and Whitehead Road Lake Access Park in the Eagle Bay area of Shuswap Lake, in Electoral Area C. Sealed quotes clearly marked “Quote – Park Construction - Gail and Whitehead Road Community Parks” will be accepted until 11 AM local time on Tuesday April 29, 2014 at the office of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, 781 Marine Park Drive NE, P.O. Box 978, Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 4P1. A detailed description of the Services required can be found in the Quote documents. These Services are being tendered as one project; bidders must bid on both Gail Road and Whitehead Road to be considered. There will be a mandatory on-site meeting held on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 9 AM commencing at Gail Road. Quote documents and further information are available online at the Columbia Shuswap Regional District website at, on the BC Bid website at, on the Civic Info website at and at the office of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District at the above address during regular office hours. The Columbia Shuswap Regional District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Quotes and to waive any informality in the Quotes received, in each case without giving any notice. The Columbia Shuswap Regional District reserves the right to accept the Quote which it deems most advantageous. Faxed submissions will not be accepted. The lowest or any Quote not necessarily accepted. For more information, please contact: Marcin Pachcinski, Parks and Recreation Team Leader T: 250.833.5923 or TF: 1.888.248.2773 E:

SOUTH SHUSWAP OCP NOW ADOPTED The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) is pleased to announce that the Electoral Area ‘C’ (South Shuswap) Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 725 was adopted at the March 20, 2014 Board meeting. What’s new with this OCP? • Covers the entire Electoral Area ‘C’, including Sorrento, Blind Bay, Eagle Bay, Wild Rose Bay, Tappen, Notch Hill, Carlin, Skimikin, White Lake, Sunnybrae and rural areas • Introduces Development Permits – Riparian Areas, Steep Slope, Form and Character, etc. • Helps planning staff and Board to make land use decisions Contact Development Services staff if you have any questions, or to determine if these new regulations pertain to your property, at or by phone at 250-832-8194.

Visit our website at

781 Marine Park Dr. NE • PO Box 978 Salmon Arm BC V1E 4P1 • 250-832-8194 Toll Free 1-888-248-2773


Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

Canoe residents warned to keep a close eye on their cats By Tracy Hughes OBSERVER STAFF

Canoe residents are spreading the word and the RCMP is suggesting residents contact them if their cat goes missing, is injured or is found dead. The word is being spread after Madelaine Lawson found her cat Timmy in severe distress on Friday, March 28. Shortly thereafter the cat died and poison is the suspected cause of death. “He was foaming at the mouth, slamming up against the wall. It was a horrible death,” she says “We didn’t do an autopsy because it was so expensive, but from what we described to the vet, poisoning was suspected.” Following the loss, Lawson began to hear more anecdotal stories from other Canoe resi-

dents who had cats go missing, some were injured by BB guns, while others appeared to have been poisoned. “There just seems to be too many to chalk it up to coincidence,” she said. Rhiannon Schmidt is another Canoe resident who had a cat go missing. Her Balinese, Wolfgang, a longhaired breed, was never found despite an extensive two-month search that started last July. Two days before the cat went missing, he showed up with an injury to his head that vets thought might have been caused by a BB. “I know there are plenty of reasons he could have gone missing and never came back, he could have been hit by a car or someone could have just taken him. He was

with their felines. She also made a report to the Salmon Arm RCMP. “They were very good. They took down

all my information and really encouraged me to tell others that, if they have a similar situation, to call because that is

the only way they can see any type of pattern. The officer told me they take this kind of thing seriously.”

RCMP say shooting a domestic pet with a BB gun is a violation of section 446 of the Criminal Code.

Fatal: Madelaine Lawson’s cat, Timmy, appears to have been poisoned. a gorgeous, friendly cat. But after hearing so many stories from other residents, and knowing he liked to stay close to home, I suspect foul play of some sort,” she said. “I think it is a good idea for people to be aware, so they can be mindful.” Lawson has posted a warning on Facebook and at the Canoe post office cautioning residents to take extra care

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REVELSTOKE, BC – Glacier Building Supplies Ltd. of Revelstoke is pleased to announce that it has acquired the business assets of the Corporate Salmon Arm RONA store; located at 2430-10th Ave. SW in Salmon Arm. Glacier Building Supplies operates a Rona Affiliated Building Supply and Garden center in Revelstoke.


“New ownership brings great opportunities for the people of Salmon Arm,” says Lawrie Shears, Director of Operations for Glacier Building Supplies. “We have extensive plans to upgrade the premises and business operations. Customers will also recognize many familiar, returning, local faces among the staff”. We have hired Eric Hodson as our G.M., Bob Eckland is our Store Manager, Joel de Boer is our Contract Sales Manager, Arla Babakaiff is our Office Manager and Lenny Coubrough is our Yard Manager.

Apply today for a TD Mortgage With various mortgage interest rates, terms and special offers, you can find the mortgage that’s right for you.

Over the coming months and years, customers will notice many renovations and upgrades to the Salmon Arm location; providing a more enjoyable shopping experience. Salmon Arm RONA is looking forward to offering a new level of service, commitment, and excellence that is the hallmark of the RONA brand. We thank the public for its patronage in the past and look forward to serving them in the future.

Visit a branch or

Feel free to contact any one of us and drop by the store to say hello.

2.99% APR

* 2430 - 10th Ave. SW • 250-832-7044

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on a $350,000 mortgage, 25 year amortization period and a property appraisal fee of $300. The mortgage interest rate includes a discount off of the 4-Year Closed Fixed Term Mortgage interest posted rate. Mortgage interest rate calculated semi-annually, not in advance. Applies to residential real estate. Funding must be completed within 120 days of application. Some conditions apply. Offer may be changed, extended or withdrawn at any time without notice. ® The TD logo and other trade-marks are the property of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014 A11



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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

ALR changes a concern Agriculture: Shuswap farmers debate B.C. reforms. By Lachlan Labere OBSERVER STAFF

Shuswap agricultural advocates argue proposed changes to how the province manages farmland have little to do with helping the people who work it. On March 27, the B.C. government announced how it would be improving the Agriculture Land Commission, the independent body tasked with protecting farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve. The changes were the result of a cabinet “core review” headed by Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett. A news release states the changes will “protect farmland and maintain the ALC’s independence.” But John McLeod, retired farmer and president of the Shuswap Food Action Co-op, has a different take on the recommended changes, which, in summary, he refers to with a pejorative term approximating “bull fertilizer.” “When Christy Clark won the last election, there wasn’t one word about doing a core review on the agricultural land reserve or commission – she has no mandate to do this,” says McLeod, who believes the key changes in the amendment are to accommodate the Premier’s mandate to get liquid natural gas flowing – even from agricul-

tural land. “They don’t have a plan (for agriculture),” said McLeod. “What they have is a plan to go and frack.” With Bill 24, the B.C. government will be dividing the ALR into two zones, Zone 1 covering everything from the Okanagan to the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, and Zone 2, which takes in the rest of the province. Another major change is that applications for exclusion or subdivision from/on ALR land, normally overseen by the entire ALC, will now go before one of six respective regional panels – Interior, Island, Kootenay, North, Okanagan and South Coast. While Zone 1 panels are tasked to uphold the traditional mandate of the ALC – the preservation of agricultural land, Zone 2 panels must also consider what the province refers to as, “economic, cultural and social values;” “regional and community planning objectives;” and “other prescribed considerations.” This is a concern for Shuswap organic farmer, Crannog Ales coowner Rebecca Kneen. “The mandate process and what they call in government speak, ‘measurables,’ are not by the ALC, but by the government, and that is a fairly major shift


Shuswap: Local farmers are concerned

about potential impacts from the ALR core review process. in policy,” said Kneen. “That’s a fairly major concern because, essentially, it removes the independence of the land commission to act on behalf of the land itself and on behalf of agriculture.” Another goal of the province is to make agricultural land more viable for farmers in Zone 2, giving the ALC “broader flexibility to consider non-agricultural home-based business.” Kneen interprets this as helping farmers by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

giving them an excuse to remove land from the ALR. Kneen would have shared her thoughts if there had been a public process, but as she and McLeod point out, Bill 24 was announced with no public consultation. The BC Food Systems Action Network is calling on the province to put aside the bill and start again, this time through a consultation process similar to what the province did with the Water Sustainability Act.

Typical 96% Energy Star gas furnace installed for

• Starbucks Coffee Company Piccadilly Mall 1151- 10th Ave., SW

• Salmon Arm Observer 171 Shuswap St., NW

Pêches et Océans Canada

Shuswap Lake

Navigational Aids: Notice to Vessel Operators

The Canadian Coast Guard wishes to inform users of Shuswap Lake of the following information: The lighted beacon on Copper Island: List of Lights # 50.5 is temporarily unlit until approximately May 15th, 2014.

Easter Brunch

For further information: Superintendent, Marine Navigation Services Canadian Coast Guard 25 Huron Street, Victoria, B.C. V8V 4V9 Telephone: #250-480-2600 E-mail:

Sunday, April 20th Seatings at 10AM and 1PM

as Ser vices Ascot G

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Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014 A13

JameS murray/observer

Cuisine supports Cancer Society

“Your deduction and tax credit specialists”

Shuswap Chefs’ David Shiner sends out an appetizer, a fish cake in a yellow curried aioli, topped with a quail egg, as co-owner and chef Rob Sengotta works alongside Wednesday evening during the restaurant’s special night of yellow-themed dishes, with a portion of the proceeds going to support the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Campaign.

Share a cup with city council The salmon Arm economic Development society has partnered with city council to conduct weekly “Coffee with Council” meetings beginning this month. each week, Lana Fitt, the economic development manager, along with a city councillor, will meet with a

different salmon Arm business. The purpose of the Coffee with Council program is information sharing. These meetings will provide an opportunity for salmon Arm economic Development to share information about business programs and initiatives,

while at the same time gaining an understanding of local business challenges and opportunities. If your business is interested in participating in a Coffee with Council visit, contact the salmon Arm economic Development society office at 250833-0608.

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Sewing on Carol Van Ommen has moved from restaurants to sewing. After selling the popular Jane’s Place restaurant in Piccadilly Mall last year, Van Ommen decided she wasn’t ready to retire. An avid participant in classes at The Sewing Basket, owned for 31 years by Jan Rolin, Van Ommen heard their might be an opportunity to buy the business and decided to jump in. Rolin will continue to do classes at the store, but changes are planned including the addition of scrapbooking and summer kids sewing classes. Van Ommen is also scouting for a new expanded location. A full list of classes is now available, so clients can drop in to pick up the schedule. The store can also be reached at 250-832-3937.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

Thrift store to close Changes are underway for the Salvation Army in Salmon Arm. It has announced it will close the Salvation Army Thrift Store at 441 Third Ave. SW, which adjoins the Lighthouse emergency shelter, on Thursday, April 17. Moving into the space will be the Salvation Army Food Bank as well as a daytime drop-in that will be established in conjunction with the emergency shelter. The change will not affect the food bank’s operation; it will stay in its present location until the new one is ready. Captain Sheldon Feener says the closure has nothing to do with the addition of a fourth thrift store in Salmon Arm; the closure was in the works prior to the arrival of the new store. “While the closing of our thrift store is a difficult decision, we are confident that expanding our community services will allow us to offer even greater support to those who are struggling and in need of support in Salmon Arm.”

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New directors at the table Three new directors joined the board of the Salmon Arm Chamber of Commerce at their March annual general meeting. They are: Lindsay Wong of Lindsay Wong Marketing & Events, Mel Arnold of Complete Marine Detailing and Matt Koivisto of the Salmon Arm Barber Shop.

Women in business Shuswap Women in Business invites all members and guests to their monthly luncheons. The next business luncheon is Monday, April 14 at the Wicked Spoon Cafe & Grill, located at 200 Trans-Canada Highway, in a complex across Third Street from Centenoka Park Mall. Doors open at 11:30 a.m., with a self-serve, buffet-style lunch being ready at 11:45. Those wishing to stay and network after 1 p.m. may do so. All attendees must RSVP by Thursday, April 10 at 1 p.m. Call Sue at 250-833-8790 and specify lunch or (MJHPTZY\JJPQ^Ć^JWX meeting only.


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Catching some air (From left) Nicolaus Barbosa, Kolton Dodge and Dominic Barbosa perform a series of aerial tricks on their scooters Sunday afternoon at the skatepark at Blackburn Park.

JaMes Murray/OBS

City misses the cut for Hockeyville


iculture. r g a n o t n e m e re g A nities educational opportu College partners on Memo: Okanagan

iwack. now being built in chill us,” for “This is a great day Okanagan said Jim Barmby, ed plant was A seed that dean of the Shusits way to college’s n, as he two years ago is on of wap-Revelstoke regio from – or vegetables, will be the recipient fruit re ng cent the idea came beari ined Shaw ng The expla al. upgrades after placi two years or all things agricultur Margaret Hardy $50,000 towards arena t Hockeyville contest. Frind arou all s Kraf It was smile she was working as rday, fourth overall in the Arm cam- ago when community cambefore 9 p.m. Satu day at the Salmon Announced just downtown agan college, as a total of 847,193 votes Okan rated tor. It was also of gene pus rdina Arm co-o on 7 pus Salm 3,79 President by, , Alta. pocketed 1,56 Okanagan college years ago that Barm two. while Sylvan lake university two Mcleod ern berth into the top Jim Hamilton and Hardy, farmers John leslie who votes to win the west ) nS., (uFV ston, y King Valle r was of the Frase Richard Bell, and ral The eastern winner and cent nthan -cha 6 votes, more President and Vice d a Bogula of the college travregistered 1,472,83 votes. signe notched 1,403,259 to tour the camcellor Mark evered Bedeque, P.e.I, who rstand- elled to uFV the agriculture st opened Saturday, over memorandum of unde Voting in the conte for 48 hours until 9 t formal- pus, look offered there and nued ing. The agreemen programs March 15 and conti the have to tive opportunities for izes the initia will p.m., March 17. togeth- explore and Kingston, nS. two institutions work rtuni- partnerships. Sylvan lake, Alta. e votly on oppo in prize money, whil cular told the gatherparti ,000 er, $100 ilton net Ham both place to uFV’s two has now taken ties associated with Agriing between the top which Hockeyville crown, See Deal on page A2 new British columbia and see who will win the e, game n llenc easo exce nHl pre-s culture centre of includes hosting an a feature on cBc. By Martha Wickett F OBSeRVeR STAF

This week

le A near miss has a coup upgrades lobbying for highway more. in Tappen. See A3 for the SASCU Volleyball took over k out the Recreation Centre. Chec action on page A17.

JaMes Murray/OBS


t Jim Hamn College presiden t and Fraser Valley presiden the of y ersit Univ ilton and ement Frik Evered sign an agre avice-chancellor Mar educ tion on ongoing collabora day to commit to an ral studies. the area of agricultu in rly icula part , tion

It’s official: Okanaga


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer





% 36




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OR ‡‡

% 48







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YEARS/40,000 KM














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Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sports A17

A big win for Canucks fans Minor hockey: Silver Speedsters experience Rogers Arena game. By Martha Wickett OBSERVER STAFF

photo contriButEd

Speed: Salmon Arm’s Sandy Kilmartin

is the first woman to finish in the Okanagan College Half Marathon.

Fleet feet claim half marathon In the end, just 12 seconds separated the winner and second-place finisher in the 12th annual Okanagan College Half Marathon. Cache Creek’s Ryan Day won the 21.1 kilometre event in a time of 1:11:16, edging out the 2013 winner, Hans Aabye, who finished second. Kelowna’s Jeff Vogt came third in the men’s half marathon division with a finishing time of 1:18:35. On the women’s side, Salmon Arm’s Sandra Kilmartin came in first with a time of 1:28:56. Michelle Blackburne of West Kelowna was second at 1:29:45 and Fruitvale’s Heather Johnson placed third at 1:31:26. In the 10-km race, the top female finishers also included a Salmon Arm girl. First place went to Carrie McGillivray of Kelowna (43:50:05). Second place went to 12-year-old Chantel Jeffrey of Blind Bay (43:50:40), who not only keeps up with adult women, but speeds past them. In third place was Vera Geschiere of Kelowna (45:42). Complete race results are available online at:

It was a Christmas present like no other. Gregg Patterson, coach of the Dr. Chris Main Novice Silver Speedsters hockey team, told the team after their last game before Christmas that they’d won a contest sponsored by the Canucks Centre for BC Hockey. They would be heading to Vancouver on April 1, where they’d watch the Canucks game as well as get to play a three-minute hockey game during the first intermission. The team has just returned from their whirlwind trip, where they saw the Canucks take on – unsuccessfully – the New York Rangers. But that couldn’t have mattered less to the young fans. Team member Wyatt O’Brien loved getting to see the game and playing on the ice. “It was the biggest arena I’ve ever been in and it was really fun.” He also liked watching the Canucks do

their warm-up, during which they played soccer near the dressing room. Meeting Fin the mascot was also a highlight. “He was nice; he gave me a hockey card.” Lucas Patterson calls the whole experience really cool. “I liked going on the ice during the intermission – and Fin, the mascot, giving me a drink.” Lucas is a goalie, so Fin the whale kindly sprayed water through his mask for him. He also liked playing with all the people in the stands watching. “It was all exciting.” For Nathan Mayes, the best parts were going on the ice and then watching the game afterwards. “Just getting the puck and stuff, having fun.” He, too, liked meeting Fin. Gregg Patterson was just as pleased as the young players. “It was great. It was all very professional, they treated us really great. It was quite an experience. A lot of the kids, it was their first

photoS contriButEd

Excitement: The jumbotron at the Rogers Arena shows the local team cheering. Below them, the caption: “Coming up in first intermission - mini minor hockey. Salmon Arm Speedsters.” Below, Speedster Parker Davidson is interviewed by arena staff. NHL game. It was fun for them and fun for their parents. It was an amazing experience for everybody.” The highlight for him? “We got to walk over and stand at the Canucks bench and watch. Just watching your kid out there in front of 18,000 people is pretty amazing.”

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

Jewels pressed in wine country



Hike for Hospice The Shuswap Hospice Society will once again be hosting its annual Hike for Hospice event at the Enderby Cliffs on Sunday, May 4, in partnership with the Shuswap Trail Alliance. It’s an event that brings together people working together in hospice palliative care to raise funds and awareness. Pre-registration is required. Registration fee is $15 per person, $25 per family. Call 250-832-7099 to register and for more information.

Trail Rider Walkabout Volunteers needed for the 2014 Salmon Arm Trail Rider Walkabout to be held this Saturday, April 12 from noon to 3 p.m. Start at the Ross Street parking lot and walk a city block before handing off to another team. Two strong sherpas needed per team. Contact Debra at 250-8321353 or email

Register for Senior’s Games An information/registration table for the BC Senior’s Games will be set up in the Mall at Piccadilly, April 12 and 13, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The BC Senior’s Games are in Langley, Sept. 9 to 13. Register early as there may be play-offs for some sports/activities. For further information contact Hellen at 250832-3372 or Monty at 250 832-2815.

Park clean-up Salmon Arm Baseball is holding a park clean-up day on Sunday, April 13 at 10 a.m. at Elks Park. Bring rakes, shovels, gardening gloves, whatever you think will be helpful to remove weeds on the diamonds. Bring water. If there are enough people it should only take a couple of hours.

Anderson in final rankings NHL Central Scouting released yesterday the final rankings for the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. Twenty CJHL players from four leagues were identified in the final rankings, including 18 skaters and two goaltenders The final rankings include nine players from the BCHL, one of whom is Evan Anderson from the SilverBacks.

Winning bridge March 25: 1. Tom McNie and Graham Todd with a brilliant 76 per cent game, 2. Dennis and Doreen Roberts, 3. Ona Bouchard and Jim McLean. Have a sports event? Write to us at:

The weather obliged but the host team did not, as a vastly outnumbered Salmon Arm Secondary girls’ rugby team kicked off their 2014 season with a 17-point loss in Penticton last Wednesday. The Penticton High School Girls Rugby Team opened the scoring with a sideline try in the early minutes. The Jewels – who played a full 15 with no substitutes for the entire game – responded with a try from winger Grace Rempel ducking under the defence radar. The teams then settled down to a bruising and fast-paced game. After four more tries from PHS, the gutsy Salmon Arm squad dug in during the second half and strung together two tries, finished by standout Olivia Plummer and inside centre Avia LaTosky. PHS scored one final try, but was denied several more thanks to determined Salmon Arm tacklers. To a player, the Jewels showed grit and hustle throughout. They rebuffed dozens of attacks by a large and talented PHS backline, while dominating in the for-

wards despite a considerable size differential. Notable Jewels efforts included Kaisha Fagrie’s gutsy debut at fullback, Krystine Hamre’s deft ball thievery in lineouts and loose play, Brooke Miller’s timely monster tackles, and rookie Heather Wolfear’s constant pressure during scrambled play. The team finished out their first regular-season game with good spirit. With further experience, they show great promise for the upcoming season. SAS coaches say additional players, whether recruits or latecomers, would be welcome and should contact them at the Jackson campus for practice information. The Women’s Canadian Rugby program is ranked fifth in the world. Game score 34 -15 for Penticton.

Exhibition fun

In youth rugby play, the Shuswap kids had a bit more fun than the Vernon kids. The Shuswap Selects rugby team scored a 45-5 win over the Vernon Panthers in a youth rugby league contest in


True grit: Jewel Krystine Hamre supports as teammate Grace Rempel fires a pass under pressure from host Penticton Secondary School Lakers players. The Lakers earned a 34-15 win. Salmon Arm. The game featured players between the ages of 14 and 16 who are trying out the sport in a fun atmosphere. Michael Smith of Vernon opened the scoring with a try, but Harrison Moore replied with a pair of tries for Shuswap. Malcolm Smith al-

most had a try for the Cats, but Jackson Love of the Selects tackled him, then ran back the ball for another try for Shuswap, and Moore added another major before halftime. In the second half, Chris Lee scored two more tries for Shuswap and Moore added one at the end of the game.

Selects coach Sam Siedelmen singled out Wyatt Dickonson and Jacob Bradley for great defensive play. “We really were outclassed today,” said Panthers coach Ian Winston. The teams are playing exhibition games as there is no official league in place.

Great start to season The Salmon Arm Secondary Senior Girls Soccer team played in their first tournament this past weekend in Kelowna. The tournament was a great learning experience for the girls and the team got stronger with each game. It’s a young team with only three returning Grade 12 players from last year (although there are five Grade 12s). SAS tied the first

game with LV Rogers 1-1 with a great performance by goalie Conner Turner. The second game was against Immaculata, which SAS lost 3-0. Player of the game was Kayla Byers. The third game of the day was against Mt Boucherie ‘AA’, which SAS won 1-0 on a goal by Libby Olsen. Player of the game was Gabby Jackson. On Saturday Salmon

Arm played Osoyoos and went to PKs, winning 4-3. Player of the game was Maia McLellan. The last game was versus Similkameen, which SAS won 2-0 on goals from Glynis Sim and Maddie Lavery. Player of the game was Holly Nickles. In the first league game Monday in Penticton, the game ended in a 0-0 draw. The team’s now off to Victoria for a tournament.



Control: Rebecca McDonald of the Salmon Arm Secondary Senior Girls Soccer Team shields the ball during a 0-0 tie game in Penticton versus the Lakers.

Professionals Connecting Professionals

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Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014 A19

Chippy choppers

James murray/observer

Salmon Arm Cavaliers player Ray Vandermeer waits and watches as teammate Greg Scheffer scrambles for the puck during the Cavaliers’ 3-2 win on Saturday morning in the Woodchoppers Recreational Hockey Tournament held over the weekend at the Shaw Centre.

Excellence on and off the court salmon Arm’s Jorri age), sixth in minutes Duxbury was the fe- played (34.5 average), male winner of the seventh in blocked Doctor roger H. barn- shots (0.9), seventh sley scholar/Athlete in steals (2.5), 11th in Award at Thompson overall scoring (14.3 rivers University. per game) and 13th in This award goes to assist/turnover ratio a top athlete who also (0.9). has top marks academshe started all 24 of ically.   the WolfPack regularDuxbury, a fourth- season games while year guard and former posting a grade point salmon Arm Jewel, average of 4.0. Docket: was one of the leaders Park Drive Duxbury was also a 23302 115 Thorncliffe Toronto Ontario Client: 247 - JWT on the TrUM4H WolfPack finalist for the sports 1M1 Job Name: Participation Ads women’s Tel basketball Task Force athlete of 416•696•2853 Production Contact: Lara Vanderheide team. the year award along Anica Arduini/Lacey she was sixth in with Alisha Miller (1st banman (5th and 3rd Canada West in assists year, vernon – cross year, Kamloops – badB:5.8125” (four per game aver- country running), and minton) for female athT:5.8125”



Honour: Basketball and academic standout Jorri Duxbury receives the Dr. Roger H. Barnsley Scholar/Athlete Award from TRU president and vicechancellor Alan Shaver. lete of the year. The honour went to Kamloops soccer player Alanna bekkering.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

Passion for nature, art rewarded By Barb Brouwer OBSERVER STAFF

Memories of a happy day with family and friends have earned artist Lisa Figueroa first prize and top honours at the Federation of Canadian Artists show in Kamloops. Hosted by the Thompson, Nicola, Shuswap chapter of the federation, the show is a call to artist members from across the country. Figueroa’s winning painting, “Lilies of the Upper Eagle,” was inspired by an area of the Enchanted Forest. The attraction was a popular spot with Figueroa and her two boys when they were little. When the owner added little yellow rowboats to the popular tourist draw, Figueroa, family and longtime friends tried them out – something that scared thenthree-year-old Austin. The day brightened considerably when a calmeddown Austin was able to get back in the boat. “It was one of those fabulous family and friends times, when new experiences are scary,” says Figueroa. “But it was a stunningly beautiful day.” Austin is now 19 and firstborn Eric, 22. And for more than 16 years, memories of that day have been percolating in Figueroa’s brain. “It’s part of my way of painting through events of my life,” she says. “I hold onto the events in my head and they become more fantastic, or surreal or exotic


than perhaps the present, so part of my process is how images live and thrive in my brain,” Figueroa says photos and sketches aid her in eventually coming up with an image for her “idolized scenarios.” “It lives in my brain for a long time, then I think about it and compose it, and it’s through that it comes down onto the canvas, differently than anyone else would do it.” Figueroa, who teaches at her studio downstairs at the Art Centre on Hudson Av-

Creativity: Artist Lisa Figueroa, enue, calls this “innoleft, received top honours at the vating her Federation of Canadian Artists show experiencwith “Lilies of the Upper Eagle.” es,” making them into something riages and husband, my children, my only she can having their friends,” she says. “It’s like see. first children a diary, but it’s in full living “I have around the colour and with the love I wanted to same time. feel for my people, my rivpaint it (LilThe other ers, my province and my JAMES MURRAY/OBSERVER ies of the i m p o r t a n t home.” Upper Eagle” forever,” aspect of her winning paintAnd Figueroa wants her she says, noting the other ing is the setting. viewers to feel her intense, couple on that day-long ad“It’s not just part of the deep devotion and faithfulventure so long ago, has a Eagle River that flows into ness to the land. shared and precious history Sicamous where I live, “That’s what painting that includes attending mar- it’s about my life with my and art are to me – a deep

playing at the GRAND 100 Hudson Avenue

connection to the natural environment. Sockeye salmon come back there (Eagle River) to spawn and I love the life the river has led, and if you think about it the last spike is right there and the Eagle River runs right behind.” Like an ever-flowing history book, Figueroa says the rivers have been witness to stories born long before humans, through the beginning of development when men with big axes appeared on the scene, to present day activities on and near the river. “The Shuswap Watershed carries a lot of knowledge and I am passionate about the water and its journey,” she says. “Water is miraculous; it’s beautiful that it comes to rest in the valley. The water is peaceful – the fish can return, lilies can grow and then it makes it’s way to the Pacific.” Figueroa calls the cycle astonishing and says she feels honoured to be able to draw and paint the surroundings in which she feels so blessed to live. Now 54, Figueroa began painting when she was four or five years old. She graduated from classical animation from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ont., followed by a year of commercial art at George Brown College in Toronto and other courses at Ontario College of Art. Figueroa offers multimedia courses in many styles. She is available at 250-803-3036.

CLASSIC 360 Alexander


Opens Thursday! 9:00PM


APRIL 11 - 17 250.832.2263




Daily 6:50PM Sat - Sun Matinees 2:00PM


Daily 6:40 3D & 9:10PM 2D DIVERGENT Daily 6:303D and 8:30PM3D Daily 6:50 and 9:00PM Friday - Wednesday 7:30PM Sat - Sun Matinees 2PM2D Sat - Sun Matinees 2:10PM Sat-Sun Matinees 2:10PM 2D Friday - Wednesday 9:00PM

Bolshoi Ballet


Sunday, April 13 • 1 PM

Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Call us at 250-832-2131, drop in to our office, or use our new, easy to use calendar online. See below. THURSDAY, APRIL 10 SAFE TECHNOLOGY – Resonance, a documentary film looking at the hazards of wireless technologies, runs at 7 p.m. at North Canoe Hall and 7 p.m. April 16 at the Deo Lutheran Church. Admission is by donation.

THURSDAY, APRIL 10 JAZZ CLUB – Safeword, Salmon Arm’s newest jazz inception, performs at 7 p.m. in the banquet room of Shuswap Chefs. Tapas menu is available. Admission is by donation.

PRO LIFE – Shuswap Pro-Life hosts internationally renowned speaker Stephanie Gray, who will present Heroes and Role Models: What they Teach us About Life and Abortion, at 7 p.m. at Five Corners Pentecostal Church. Free admission, refreshments.

FRIDAY, APRIL 11 DINNER MUSIC – Jordan Dick and Tanya Lipscombe perform from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Shuswap Pie Company. All ages, no cover. FAIR FOR WOMEN –A God Fair for women 19 and older takes place at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, April 12 from 9 a.m. to noon, featuring gifts of clothing, books, door prizes, prayer rooms and a variety of workshops. For info, call Bev at 250-804-8775 or email LIVE IN SUNNYBRAE – The Steve Brockley Band, Bob Sumner and Willy Tea Taylor perform at 8 p.m. at Sunnybrae Hall. Doors open at 7. Tickets are available at Acorn Music, Shuswap Pie Company and Synergy Studio.

SATURDAY, APRIL 12 RELAY FUNDRAISER – SASCU Crewzers hold a Member Barbecue at their uptown branch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to raise funds for Relay For Life, which runs Saturday, June 14. CRIB – Take a partner and play in the Silver Creek Seniors monthly crib tournament from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the hall at 3048 Hornsberger Rd. Entry for adults ages 19 and over is $10 per person. Contact Pat Bolen at 250-832-4174 or email GOODS AND EATS – Sunnybrae Seniors host a garage and bake sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at 3585 Sunnybrae/Canoe Point Rd. Hotdogs, hamburgers, tea and coffee will be available. To rent a table, call 250-835-8213. SILVER SCREEN – The Shuswap Film Society presents Populaire, a French film about a young girl who leaves her small town to seek big-city success, at 5 p.m. at the Salmar Classic.

SUNDAY, APRIL 13 BALLET – The Salmar’s Front Row Centre program presents the Bolshoi Ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty at 1 p.m. at the Salmar Classic Theatre. FLAP JACKS – Fifth Avenue Seniors Activity Centre hosts a drop-in pancake breakfast from 8 a.m. to noon, everyone is welcome.  

TUESDAY, APRIL 15 LEGO BUILDERS – Okanagan Regional Library’s Lego Builders Club meets from 3 to 3:45 p.m. at the Salmon Arm branch. Register at 250-832-6161. A21

Calling all funnybones By Barb Brouwer OBSERVER STAFF

Most people have two funny bones – one in each arm. Hit them and you’ll likely double over in a strange mixture of laughing and crying. Far funnier and totally painless – although you may laugh till you cry – is Lorne Elliott, who arrives in Salmon Arm next week on his Break Out Your Funny Bones Tour. With some 40 years worth of writing and performing under his belt, Elliott feels perfectly at ease on stage, with a wealth of funny fodder to fuel his hilarious shows. But Elliott’s material has not gone stale with time. Every show is different, a mix of the already-written with improv, as ideas that hit his own funny bone are integrated into the show – combining his trademark dry humour with newly minted musical parodies and skits. He says politics do creep into his material, and describes 2014 as a long winter and a good year to become politically obsessed. “It started to happen about six months ago on-stage. Every time I mentioned Steven Harper, the audience was growling and grinding their teeth,” he says, musing on the effect power and its pursuit have on some individuals, often politicians, and how it prevents them from doing their jobs. “Like most Canadians, I am waiting for the time to cast a ballot and kick the bums out.” As well as the Canadian experience, Elliott tailors his shows

Get a load of this!

DANCE – The Fifth Avenue Seniors Activity Centre hosts a Jammers Dance at 7 p.m.

THURSDAY, APRIL 17 FUNNYBONES – Much-loved Canadian funnyman Lorne Elliott returns to the Salmar Classic Theatre at 7:30 p.m. on his new Break Out Your Funny Bones tour. Tickets are available at Acorn Music.

FRIDAY, APRIL 18 COFFEE HOUSE – The Salmon Arm Coffee House takes place from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. at Little Mountain Field House. Admission is a toonie or a tune. All ages are welcome.

You can now upload your own events on our website… AND IT’S EASY!! Simply go to, go to CALENDAR, and click on Add Your Event.


More than a pinch: Comedian, writer, radio personality and more, Lorne Elliott packs a large bag of laughs on his cross-Canada tour. to each community he visits. “It’s very important to focus on where you are; it makes it much more real to the people here,” he says. “It’s the reason why live is powerful.” Fond of the Shuswap, Elliott still chuckles at the joke he crafted the last time he was here. It’s about tens of thousands of salmon toiling their way up the Adams River whose banks are lined with curious humans and asking each other, “how did they find their way here?” For the past 26 years, Elliott has been touring and performing in concert across Canada, the U.S. and Australia. For 11 seasons “Madly Off In All Directions” was his own CBC Radio Comedy Series and he is currently developing new projects as well as working as a playwright and novelist.

In 2012, Elliott received the Playwrights Guild of Canada Best New Musical Award for his play Jamie Rowsell Lives and his first novel Beach Reading was published in July 2013 and was selected as a finalist by Quebec Writers Federation for the Hugh MacLennan Fiction Prize. Elliott says he feels very privileged to do what he does and honoured that people flock to his shows. Elliott is a shrewd observer of the human animal. Often selfdeprecating, always silly and never profane and firmly on top of current affairs, Elliott’s funny is suitable for the whole family. Elliott appears at the Salmar Classic Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 17. Tickets are available at Acorn Music. Call 250-832-8669.

800•667•9552 Kamloops: 250•374•0831

Go Green. Go Group Travel. Theatre and Festivals Beethoven Festival in Kamloops Cirque du Soleil’s Totem in Vancouver Theatre in Seattle– Little Shop Of Horrors & Once Porgy & Bess in Seattle Other Exciting Destinations Salt Spring Island Only a few seats left! Mystery Tour Scenic Railways of Colorado Early bookers left! Vancouver Foodie Tour B.C. Fjords Cruise 2 Seats left!

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Photo: Cirque du Soleil


Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

Jazz part of a vibrant scene oBSeRVeR STAFF

It’s a change of scenery that brought Jordan Dick to Salmon Arm. It’s the music that keeps him here. “I moved here fourand-a-half years ago and Sandy (Cameron) was one of the first people I met,” he says, noting Salmon Arm’s cultural scene was a surprise, but one he embraced by playing with Jazz Salmon Arm, also known as the Jazz Club. “I don’t think I’d still be here, I would have moved somewhere else. By joining the club, and booking acts since Cameron moved to Vancouver Island last summer, Dick has been given the opportunity to play with Juno awardwinning musicians from across Canada. He says when Cameron started the club, musicians used Salmon Arm as a stopover on their way to gigs in Vancouver. But the club and the alwaysenthusiastic audiences have turned that around so that Salmon Arm has become the booking of choice. Dick says musicians give Salmon Arm Jazz venue and audiences rave reviews. In an email to Dick, Vancouver saxophone player Brent Mah said: “I’ve played in almost every city in the country and I can honestly say you have a pretty unique thing hap-

pening here. I was really stoked to see what you’ve done with the jazz scene since the last time I was there.” Since September, the smallest audience to attend the jazz nights that occur on the second and fourth Thursday of the month in the banquet room of Shuswap Chefs has been 77 people. “The audience has been blown away by the music and the musicians have been blown away by the audience,” he says of the mutual admiration. “Ninety per cent of the groups get in touch with us now and I already have three acts booked for April 2015.” Admitting to being obsessed by the jazz scene and constantly looking at clubs on the Internet, Dick says the Jazz Club’s mandate is to book acts on a 50 per cent local and 50 per cent out-of-town ratio of musicians. And if there is no act planned, well, you just form a new group for a gig, such as Safeword, a jazz quartet that will perform tomorrow night. Safeword is Dick on guitar, Blair Shier, a professional guitar player on electric bass, Garreth Seys on trombone and Devon Leyenhost on drums. “He’s the newest member, a young guy in his early 20s,” Dick says. “He’s phenomenal and this will be his debut.” Mixing rich jazz harmonies with groov-

September 9 - 13

Over 3500 BC 55+ Seniors expected to attend.

What’s happening in your region?

James murray/oBSeRVeR

Get involved. We’ll show you how.

Debut: Safeword jazz band members Blair Shier, bass, Gareth

Seys, trombone, Devon Leyenhorst, drums and guitarist Jordan Dick rehearse for their upcoming performance Thursday evening at the Salmon Arm Jazz Club. ing funk and R&B rhythms, Dick describes Safeword as Salmon Arm’s latest modern jazz inception.   “The group will perform a variety of familiar songs in a potentially unfamiliar manner; utilizing the magic of improvisation,” says Dick. “I am very excited about this particular project.” The Willy Gaw Quintet performs Thursday, April 24 and on May 1, jazz fans won’t want to miss a special homecoming performance by Sandy Cameron and his group, Aged to Perfection. Jazz Club concerts begin at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 and a tapas menu is available. Dinner is available at the restaurant by reservation. “Admission is by

donation. We’d like to remind you that we are a non-profit group, we get no funding outside the club and the door donations are the major source of the money we have to pay the musicians,” says Dick of the admission-by-donation policy. “We want to make it accessible and affordable and I encourage everyone to come.” Dick will also perform Friday, April 11 at the Pie Company with Tanya Lipscomb, a member of the Dharma Dolls, who have performed to appreciative audiences at the Jazz Club. “We did a three-day gig at a heli skiing lodge – nine sets in three days,” says Dick, who is working on a summer concert series for Thursday nights

Play With WithUs” Us” “Come Play

in July and August. “I played 100 songs I’ve never played before, everything from Louis Armstrong to Jimi Hendrix.”



4DAYS ONLY! APR 10-13, 2014









THU 8 AM -6 PM FRI 8 AM -6 PM SAT 8 AM -6 PM 250-545-2319 • 1-800-811-8733 • 6395 HWY 97N VERNON SUN 10 AM -3 PM DL# 8122

By Barb Brouwer


Royal Canadian Legion #62 North Okanagan-Shuswap Conservative Association


2014 AnnuAl GenerAl MeetinG

Dance to Sierra 7:30 pm, $10/per person at door

APRIL 12, 2014 • 3:00 P.M. 208 George St., (Hwy. 97) Enderby (Drill Hall). Report by MP Colin Mayes Election of Officers (by voting members) All Conservative Party of Canada members encouraged to attend. New members welcome. Join us as we build for the 2015 Election

April 21

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April 12


April 27

General Meeting


June 1

Pig Roast (tickets on sale in May)

Congratulations to RCL #62 Curling Team for 2014 Dominion Championship!!

◆ Darts ◆ Shuffleboard ◆ Pool – Anytime! ◆ Meat Draws Saturdays at 2 pm ◆ Crib – Monday Nights ◆ Fun Darts Tuesday Nights OPEN 11:00 A.M. •

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #62 ~ 141 Hudson St. NW, Salmon Arm ~ 832-3687

Single and Buddies Coaching Program Talking Rock Academy of Golf coaching programs are designed for the local golfer looking for a season long instruction program. Work with a designated C.P.G.A. professional on all aspects of your golf game.

Single • • • •




Eight 30 min. private lessons On course playing lesson Unlimited use of our state-of-the-art practice facilities for 2014.

Play Talking Rock Golf Course for $54/round in 2014.

• •



Eight 30 min. semi-private lessons On course playing lesson Unlimited use of our state-of-the-art practice facilities for 2014. Play Talking Rock Golf Course for $54/round in 2014. 1-800-663-4303

Private Lesson

PACKAGES Starting from...



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Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tour stops in Sunnybrae By Barb Brouwer

Come see us at the HOMESHOW April for a chance to win... Sat., 12 & 13

1000 off



There’ll be a hot time in the old hall this Friday. On the back loop of a Western Canada tour, the Steve Brockley Band will make a stop at Sunnybrae Hall – and they’re bringing some talented friends. Named for singer-songwriter Steve Brockley, the band is also comprised of former Shuswap resident Leon Power and Eric Nielsen, a bass player and vocalist, who is making his Shuswap debut. Power, who admits to singing once in a while, will play mandolin in Friday’s acoustic concert. “We usually play electric, but for this show, we’re doing a single-mike, old-style concert like the old bluegrassers did,” Power says. “We don’t do them that often, but it’s a nice opportunity to play songs in a different format that maybe people haven’t heard before.” Though it is apparent the band is part of the tradition of folk music, it can’t easily be defined by one sound or musical genre. These musicians are able to take the style in new directions without making the audience feel uprooted. Also in the tradition of J.J. Cale, Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan and Hank Williams, Vancouver musician Bob Sumner of the Sumner Brothers will make A23

...a new roof!

Phone 250-804-6964

or email photo contriButed

Band at rest: Former Shuswap musician Leon Power

performs with Steve Brockley and Eric Nielsen this Friday at Sunnybrae Hall. an appearance Friday night. “I’ve toured with them and I’ve brought them up here a couple of times, so people are getting to know them,” Power says. “He’s (Bob) a really good songwriter and a great guitarist.” Touring California with the Sumner Brothers led to a meeting with Friday night’s third act, Willy Tea Taylor. On their first trip, the trio played in a cowboy town near Yosemite National Park, where they met and became good friends with Taylor. “He blew us away. He plays an old four-string guitar and his presence on stage is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen,” raves Power. “He very simply sits down and plays his songs. It’s very captivating and you can really tell

he’s lost in his songs.” Since their first meeting, Taylor has spoken of coming to Canada, something Sumner was finally able to encourage for the last two shows on the Steve Brockley Band’s tour. A Vancouverite for more than a year, Power says the move has been a stellar choice. “I was lucky that a lot of friends over the years have moved there, so it was a pretty easy move,” he says. “I definitely miss the Shuswap, but there’s absolutely more opportunity. I am busy all the time.” The April 11 show at Sunnybrae Hall begins at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7 and tickets at $20 each are available at Acorn Music, Synergy Studio and the Shuswap Pie Company.


Limited Seating Donations at the Door Appreciated Interactive Health Displays 6PM - 7PM

Dr. Chris Main, MD, FRC, P(C), B Sc. Dr. Darren Lorenz, MD, B Sc., B Ed. Dr. Scott McKee, MD, MPH, FACP, FRCPC

A community event presented by

residential & commercial SALMON ARM

timepages to get comfortable. Finding art betweenIt’s borrowed Lisa Figueroa and her portrait students are presenting two simultaneous shows of portrait work throughout April at the Salmon Arm Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library. Figueroa, Bonnie Jackson, Taryn Garrett, Hanne Giuffrida, Jadranka Zizak and Susan Miller are each displaying a large framed drawn portrait and three smaller ink portraits.  Drawn on index cards, some 75 card portraits have been placed between the pages of library books and will become the property of those patrons lucky enough to find them in a borrowed book. The “Index Card Portrait Show” is on permanent exhibition or until all of the “portraits” have been found and kept, says Figueroa, whose art studio is downstairs at the Arts Centre on Hudson Ave-

nue. Borrowing the idea from the National Gallery in Ottawa, librarian Roswitha Klawitter and

Figueroa have partnered to bring found art to the local library. For more informa-

tion, contact Figueroa at lisalovesflowers@ or call 250803-3036.


Findlays is coming to Salmon Arm SALMON ARM Home Show 2-DAY SALE • APRIL 12 & 13

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only …

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to replace your gas furnace until July 4th

10 year Parts and Labour warranty



We install, sell and service air conditioners, high efficiency furnaces, instant hot water tanks, heat pumps and indoor air quality products. Call for a free estimate.

Breathe pure air by removing dust and allergens from your home’s heating and cooling ducts. It’s good for your health, and will increase your furnace and a/c’s efficiency and lifespan.

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D c

Time OuT


Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer




Horoscope ARIES (March 21-April 19): Mercury steps in your own sign this week allowing you to voice your opinions and get your point across. Typically, the transits of Mercury would be too aggressive and direct for others, but with such an emphasis on compassion and spiritual love, there is no need to filter any discussions now. It is time to take action with your health, work, and daily life. Do some aspects need to be re-worked? Now is the time to actively create that balanced lifestyle you are seeking. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Watch out for impulsive actions this week. Your subconscious mind will be fully activated and you might trip yourself up, if you are not careful. Actively seek balance with your work, health regime and daily activities and you will fly through this week with no issues. Re-address previous issues with romantic interests or work colleagues to clear up any confusion. The more focused you are on the details, the less likely you are to run into any difficulties. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Your energy will be direct and forward moving this week. You may not be aware of it, but actions taken this week will help move you towards your aspirations in a grand and productive way. Think before you act, although there is a tendency to readdress your actions. This will only lend more value towards your true passions and will create more peace of mind and harmony for you now and in the future.

CLUES ACROSS CLUES DOWN 1. Express disgust or contempt 1. Colas 4. Do-nothings 2. Awaken 10. Before 3. Better half 11. Gave birth to a horse 4. In event that 12. Spanish pain 5. Demotes 14. Khmer Rouge’s Pot 6. City in NE Pakistan 15. Tory opposition 7. Lotus roadster model 16. Even chance 8. University board trustees 18. Horse feedbag 9. 40th state 22. Selfishness 12. Egyptian Sun god (var. sp.) 23. Windward Island nation 13. Hindu exercise discipline 24. On and on:ad ___ 17. Small coin (French) 26. 2nd musical tone 19. More naked 27. A steady brisk pace 20. Feel deep affection for 28. People in southern India 21. A protected community 30. Withered, dry 25. Nation of birth 31. Central nervous system 29. Two people singing 34. Short composition for solo 31. Applauding sounds instrument 32. Variable stars 36. Communist 33. Reject 37. Specific localities 35. Building up 39. Garden cultivator 38. Not a fraction 40. Stratford’s river 41. Sailor 41. Atomic #34 43. An evening party 42. Stalkless leaves 44. Hollow for a lightbulb 48. Significant other 45. Type 50. Chilled 46. Dutch portrait painter Sir 51. Dakar is the capital Peter 52. Amuse & delight 47. River of Hesse 53. Explorer Vasco da ____ 49. N. Botswanan lake 54. Annoy 56. 1/10 gram (abbr.) 55. 365 days (abbr.) 57. Original Hawkeye actor’s initials 56. Peremptory command 58. Born of 59. Particle fineness grades 60. Obtain

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Finding that perfect balance between home life and work will be on the agenda this week. The more in harmony you are at home, the more you’ll be able to move forward with your career. Conversations had at work will leave you inspired and will give you a new perspective on how truly knowledgeable you are. Do share your wisdom with others - it will not only benefit them, it will give you a sense of well-earned pride. Your sense of timing is on mark this week. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): This week is about walking your talk. You will have this sudden epiphany that will change your perspective on the value you place on your aspirations and hopes. Conversations you have with friends at home will be just what you need in order to create a more peaceful state of mind. Challenge your peer group to see life through a different lens, but don’t become overly aggressive in trying to prove your point or else it will not come across well. Be direct in a compassionate way. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): After a long period of time of being inspired by others, now you will want to directly instigate change with those closest to you. Pause before you take action this week. Make sure whatever action that is being reinforced is something that speaks to your values and morals. A clear conscience will take you a long way, and actions taken now will have long term






LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Conversations with significant relationships, either business or romantic, will take a direct and to the point manner this week. Others will seek you out for the perfect balance between action and forethought. A new perspective on life is just want you need, and one-to-one relationships will instigate the change you are seeking for yourself. There is more to life than meets the eye, this week. You’ll feel connected to others on a spiritual level. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Random conversations on your daily routine and at work will leave you ready to make those much needed changes in your life. Meditate on letting go of fears and attachments no longer needed. Then soon your hopes and dreams will start to come true. Actions behind the scenes will take on a greater meaning for you at this time, and they will have long term implications for your health, work, and daily routine. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Romance will be found when celebrating life with friends this week. Enchantment and love will be top priority for you and you will actively seek out inspiration at home towards your hopes and desires. Actions taken this week will have positive long term implications towards your aspirations and hopes. Working with others will be your quickest route to the top, think before you do anything, and make sure there is truth in every step you take. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): There will be some lively debates going on with your family this week. Whether you want to admit it or not, they have the sage wisdom you need in order to find that balance you are looking for within your career and home life. Listen before you react. Actions taken this week will have a long term dialogue with the future you are seeking. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Conversations had this week will give you a more balanced perspective on life. Siblings will be direct with trying to get their point across. Listen to the voices that offer you harmony and peace of mind, as this will prove to help you overcome any obstacles you are currently facing. You vision is becoming more clear, now is the time to walk your talk! PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Conversations will focus on finances and your personal worth this week. If needed, consult a professional or simply ask for advice. The actions you take this week will have long term financial implications for you personally. You are inspiring others to take action. Let bygones be bygones and take action towards the future you are seeking. Harmony is within reach, have faith, and step forward with a properly calculated move.

Complete the grid so every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively. (For solution see Today’s Answers in this paper).

“So, how’s the banana diet coming along?”

See Today’s Answers inside


implications towards your finances and personal worth.


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Salmon Wednesday,April April9,9,2014 2014 Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, A25 A25

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Here Today – Here Tomorrow There is no better way to create an everlasting tribute than by making a memorial donation to the Shuswap Community Foundation. Every tax receipted gift ensures that the name of your loved one will be remembered in perpetuity.

RENT A TABLE for the Silver Creek library Book and yard sale annual fundraiser on April 26. Tables $10/ea (250)8324699 Colleen. We gladly take donations.

Office: 250-832-5428

Cards of Thanks A big thank you to the RCMP in Salmon Arm for recovering, through a lengthy procedure, My camera that was stolen in Oliver, BC. You guys are incredible. Edda form Oliver

Coming Events Don’t miss the Celebration of Rural Living Expo & Trade Show April 26-27, 2014 9am-5pm daily NT Agriplex & Fall Fair Facility 4872 Dunn Lake Rd., Barriere Over 100 booths & displays to peruse. Music, concessions, giveaways. A full lineup of feature speakers. Free draws every hour. $5/adult, $3/stud. or senior, children 12 & under Free. Vendor and Expo info at: 250-319-8023



Personals MEET SINGLES right now! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now: 1-800-712-9851.

Lost & Found FOUND: On a bench outside the library in Picadilly Womans wallet Feb 28th to identify call 250-832-6161 Ext 5819

Sports & Recreation HUNTING Firearms Safety courses. C.O.R.E. & P.A.L. required for Hunting/Firearms Licences. Call Trevor Holmes at (250)832-4105


Ron Marchand


the Video Man


It is agreed by any Display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event that errors occur in the publishing of any advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and there will be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement.

CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO Risk Program STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888356-5248



Films, slides, photos & video transferred to DVD.


TOONIE BAG SALE at CHURCHES THRIFT SHOP Will be early this month. Tues, Wed and Thurs. Apr 15,16,17 We will be closed Fri, Sat and Sun April 18,19,20 to celebrate Easter. No Drop offs Please.

TRUCKING COMPANY seeks FULL-TIME DISPATCHER for Chip Hauling Fleet. Fast paced work environment which requires computer skills, ability to problem solve, attention to detail & strong communication skills. Training in logistics available for strong applicant. Sutco offers employees com-

petitive remuneration & benefits.

Apply on line at or fax 250-357-2009. Call 1-888-3572612 ext. 230 for details.



Friday, April Happy 13 – Frances turns 47…

Birthday Frances!!

This April 13th relax & enjoy your day!!

Have Your Visa or Mastercard Ready Established accounts will be offered billing. The Salmon Arm Observer classifieds is proudly distributed to homes throughout the Shuswap.

~ from the Observer Gang.

BABY DOUGLAS VICTOR DePATIE • April 5, 1994 Some people only dream of angels… We held one in our arms. Happy 20th Birthday in Heaven!



Fischer’s Funeral Services wishes to express sympathy to the families which we served in March 2014…

Ron King Alice Foster William Bird Daniel Pawluk Mark Clarke Oliver Weisbeck Jim McCormick Wayne McLeod Clayton Thompson

George Seiz Alvina Jarhl Elsie Jordan Shirley Fisher Balzar Goldade John Zahradnik Dawn Pendlebury Chester Carmichael

View obituaries and share memories at FUNERAL SERVICES & CREMATORIUM LTD.

Tammy & Vince Fischer

4060-1st Ave, S.W. Salmon Arm 833-1129 Serving Kamloops to Golden Toll Free 1-888-816-1117

THELMA MARY SCHMOK The family of Thelma Mary Schmok are sad to report her passing on April 1, 2014. She was born in Maidstone Saskatchewan in 1918 to Sam and Sylvia Dooley. Later the family moved to Kelowna where she met and married Carl Schmok in 1940. The new family first lived in Regina, but after their daughter was born they moved to Kelowna. The family grew with the addition of five boys. Most of the family were raised in Kelowna, with the younger ones finishing their education in Chetwynd. Carl had accepted a call for a layminister with the Lutheran congregation there. Carl and Thelma retired to the Shuswap in 1981. They travelled extensively and wintered in California for a few years. Thelma will be remembered for her detailed needlework and quilting. She was an avid bridge player right to the end. Known for her cooking and baking, from bread to pies; delicious aromas always filled her kitchen. She was predeceased by her son Richard in 1973, and her husband of 55 years Carl in 1995. Thelma is survived by her daughter Lori Manly, sons Michael and Donald (Debbie) all of Salmon Arm, and sons Gordon of Whitehorse, and Clifford (Annette) of Chetwynd. She doted on eight grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. Thelma spent the last 12 years living happily in Piccadilly Terrace. A celebration of Life Service for Thelma was held on Monday April 7, 2014 at 11:00 am from Bowers Funeral Chapel. A reception followed the service. Online condolences may be sent through Thelma’s obituary at Funeral arrangements are in the care of Bowers Funeral Home, Salmon Arm, B.C.

JOSEPH WILLARD SWANSON With regret and sadness we announce the passing of Joseph Willard Swanson in his home near Mabel Lake B.C. On December 17th, 2013. Joe was sixty seven at the time of his passing. Joe was born February 1st, 1946 in Kansas City Missouri to Willard Harold and Mary Virginia Swanson (Stanley), and he was the eldest of nine children. Joe married Mary Madonna Martin on December 10th, 1966 and they immigrated to Canada in 1974 with their two sons, Michael and Erik. Although Joe had a Masters Degree in business administration, he found his calling in the carpentry trades better suited his personality and left the cut-throat business world behind. Among Joe’s many interests were music, bee-keeping, tropical fish, sailboat construction and sailing. Joe is survived by his wife Mary, sons Michael Joseph and Erik Stanley and their respective spouses Raechel and Denise as well as Michael’s daughter, and Joe’s only grandchild, Shayla Swanson. Joe’s siblings mourn the passing of their older brother; Michael John Swanson, Mary Kathryn Minner, Paul Malcolm Swanson, Stephen Stanley Swanson, Mark Gerard Swanson, Peter Christopher Swanson, James William Swanson and Patricia Ann Hurley. A celebration of life for Joe is planned for May 3rd at 1pm and will be held at the Kingfisher Community Hall near Enderby, B.C. Anyone wishing to share memories of Joe is encouraged to attend his memorial.

CARLSON, ROBERTA LILLIAN Roberta Lillian Carlson, 63, passed away on March 30, 2014 at Shuswap General Hospital in Salmon Arm BC with family by her side. She was born on January 28, 1951 in Smithers, BC to Kenneth and Pearl Jameson. Roberta grew up in Duncan BC. After high school she completed a Home Economics degree at UBC. After her 3rd year of University, she worked a summer job in Abbotsford for the Department of Agriculture. While there, she met her future husband Dick Carlson whose family were long term dairy farmers from the Abbotsford area. After her University graduation, Roberta and Dick were married in 1973 and she taught school at Chilliwack Secondary. With the birth of her first child, Roberta left teaching to raise her family. In 2004, Roberta and Dick sold their dairy farm in Abbotsford and relocated to Salmon Arm. Over the years in Abbotsford and Salmon Arm, Roberta took an active leadership role in 4H and also coordinated many dairy related activities involving youth. Roberta was preceded in death by her parents Ken and Pearl Jameson and her in-laws Stanley and Lillian Carlson. Roberta is survived by her husband Dick, sons Kevin and Brad (Emily) of Salmon Arm, daughter Kristine Rietveld (Jason) of Fort Saskatchewan, AB her grandchildren Tyson, Mikail, Troy, Janaye, Annabelle and Isaac, her sisters Lorraine Jameson of Williams Lake and Ruth Salmon (Keith) of Parksville. A memorial service was held at Cornerstone Christian Reformed Church at 1191 22nd Street Northeast, Salmon Arm on Tuesday, April 8 at 1 pm. In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial donations be made to the BC Cancer Society. Online condolences to be sent to sunnyhom@ or through Roberta’s obituary at www. Funeral arrangements are in the care of Bower’s Funeral Service, Salmon Arm, B.C.

A26  A26

Wednesday, Wednesday,April April9,9,2014 2014 Salmon SalmonArm ArmObserver Observer



Business Opportunities

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

GET FREE vending machines. Can earn $100,000 + per year. All cash-retire in just 3 years. Protected Territories. Full details call now 1-866-668-6629. Website:

We require long and short haul US capable drivers. We are an Okanagan based company with dedicated suppliers and customers and require drivers to fill their orders. Our short haul drivers primarily service the US northwestern with dedicated runs available and are home regularly, our long hauls drivers service the southwestern US and are home on a weekly basis for resets. We offer: Dedicated Tractors, US Medical Coverage, Company Cell phones, Direct deposit pay with no holdbacks. Dedicated lanes. Rider Policy. All we need from you is US capabilities, border crossing experience and a professional attitude, Class 1 driver’s license and a clean abstract and are physically fit. Please fax or email your resume and abstract with US drivers in subject line to 250-546-0600 or email to No phones calls or walk in’s please.

Career Opportunities Building Inspector I District of Kitimat, full time permanent bargaining unit position wage range $36.33/hr - $43.63/hr, over 2 years. Duties include plan checking reviews, inspections and enforcement functions related to building construction to ensure conformance with legislation, regulations and standards, and explaining and enforcing municipal bylaws. Preferred applicants will have a Technology Certificate related to building construction or equivalent; BOABC level 2 certification and a Class 5 driver’s license. Submit applications by April 30, 2014, 4:30 p.m., to Personnel, District of Kitimat, 270 City Centre, Kitimat B.C. V8C 2H7, Tel 250-632-8900, Fax 250632-4995, or by e-mail at Community information can be obtained from our website at Only those candidates selected for further consideration will be contacted. WCG is seeking a Case Manager to join our Sicamous team! The Case Manager assists Clients to find and maintain employment. This position takes the lead role in day-today case management of Clients including linkages to appropriate services and resources in the community. This position may also be required to facilitate workshops. The ideal candidate will have expertise providing employment services for one or more Specialized Population Client groups. To apply: Please submit your cover letter and resume to to express your interest in this position.




Help Wanted

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Armstrong Collision is currently looking for an Auto body Technician. Competitive wages, bonus program, tool allowance. Call 250-546-3300 or email resume to or fax 250-546-3376. CLUXEWE RESORT MANAGER needed at Kwakiutl Band in Port Hardy. Competitive salary and free accommodations. Deadline midnight April 15. Email for job description and to apply. Helper req’d for HD Mechanical shop. Must be mature and Mechanically inclined. Knowledge of body work an asset but not a must. Wage based on experience. 250-833-4026 or 250-517-7657


Looking for Cedar foliage harvesters, need own truck and tools. 250-260-3078.

To distribute the Shuswap Market News & Lakeshore News AREAS AVAILABLE SALMON ARM -Auto Rd. 15th St. SE - 30th Ave/30 St NE SICAMOUS -Pine, Spruce & Maple Call Valerie 250-832-2131

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Help Wanted

CENTRAL VACUUM DEALER WANTED We are the Canavac distributor for Canavac Central Vacuums based in Kelowna. We are looking for someone or company to be our exclusive dealer for Salmon Arm. Quality Canadian product. No large investment required.

Check us out at: or call Erv at: 250-212-9644


Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

HIGHWAY OWNER OPERATORS $3500 SIGNING BONUS Van Kam’s Group of Companies requires Highway linehaul Owner Operators based in our Kelowna terminal for runs throughout BC and Alberta. Applicants must have winter and mountain, driving experience/ training. We offer above average rates and an excellent employee benefits package.

No problem.

Just go to when you’re ready and check out the latest news and classifieds.

To join our team of professional drivers, email a detailed resume, current driver’s abstract & details of your truck to: Call 604-968-5488 Fax: 604-587-9889

171 Shuswap St.

Only those of interest will be contacted.


Looking for a change? Enjoy people? Change scare you? It shouldn’t. Just make sure you join the right team. South Cariboo Dealership looking to add a team leader to it’s dealership. Proud community sponsor and a full disclosure dealership. If the idea of change, sales, fun and trucks sounds appealing, you must be our new leader. If you are experienced as a Sales manager or General manager in a dealership environment, if you are an honest, integral, fun and hard working Manager – please consider sending us your resume and/or credentials. It may just surprise you, be much easier and way more fun than you imagined.

Remuneration, benefits and moving expenses based on experience. Email:




Black Press has a very unique opportunity for the right person.

We currently have an opening for a sales person to help us with our paid distribution newspapers across B.C. This position means getting out in the community and talking to subscribers about our newspapers and working to build stronger relationships with existing readers of our newspapers. It also includes finding new subscribers for our newspapers and helping introduce them our award winning host of community newspapers. This is not a year-around position and will run from March to October each year. We offer a spectacular compensation package and bonus incentives. Your own vehicle is required, but we cover all travel expenses. This is really a great opportunity for the right person. It is a different type of job, but definitely has different types of rewards. If you feel this position would be the perfect fit for you, then we would love to hear from you. Please email all enquiries to Michelle Bedford at



Homestay Coordinator Job Search School District No. 22 (Vernon) 1401 - 15 Street Vernon, B.C. V1T 8S8 Email: tŚiůeǁeƚŚĂnŬĂůůinĚiǀiĚƵĂůƐǁŚŽŚĂǀeƐƵďŵiƩeĚ ĂppůicĂƟŽnƐĨŽrƚŚiƐpŽƐiƟŽn͕ŽnůLJƚŚŽƐeƐŚŽrƚůiƐƚeĚ ǁiůůďecŽnƚĂcƚeĚ.



The passing of a loved one, combined with the burden of making the right decisions often leaves a family feeling overwhelmed. We are committed to quality funeral arrangements, peace of mind, dignity and understanding to those we serve through our staff and facilities.


Help Wanted

Unique Opportunity


cŽŵpůeƚeũŽďĚeƐcripƟŽniƐĂǀĂiůĂďůeŽnƚŚeĚiƐƚricƚ ǁeďƐiƚe ǁǁǁ.ƐĚϮϮ.ďc.cĂ. &ŽůůŽǁ ƚŚe ůinŬƐ ƚŽ ,ƵŵĂn ZeƐŽƵrceƐ͕ KppŽrƚƵniƟeƐ͕ ĚŵiniƐƚrĂƟǀe pŽƐiƟŽnƐ.  ZeƐƵŵĠƐ͕ incůƵĚinŐ reĨerenceƐ ĂnĚ Ă ƐƚĂƚeŵenƚ ŽĨ LJŽƵr experience ĂnĚͬŽr ŬnŽǁůeĚŐe ŽĨƚŚe/nƚernĂƟŽnĂů,ŽŵeƐƚĂLJWrŽŐrĂŵŵƵƐƚďereceiǀeĚďLJƚŚeƵnĚerƐiŐneĚďLJϮ͗ϬϬpŵ&riĚĂLJ͕priů ϭϭ͕ϮϬϭϰ.WůeĂƐeincůƵĚeĂreĨerenceĨrŽŵLJŽƵrcƵrrenƚƐƵperǀiƐŽr.

You can check out stories and ads anytime, anywhere through our online service.

Van-Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility.


Help Wanted

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Road Construction Supervisor Canoe Forest Products Ltd. (part of the Gorman Group of Companies); located near Salmon Arm BC has a fulltime opening within the Woodlands Department for a Road Construction Supervisor. Reporting directly to the Woods Manager, the successful candidate will be responsible for all aspects of road construction and bridge installations. This position requires a self‐ motivated individual with excellent organizational, communication and leadership skills. The ideal candidate will be a graduate from a recognized Forestry Program and be eligible for registration with the Association of BC Forest Professionals. A minimum five (5) years’ supervisory experience specific to Interior road construction techniques, bridge installations, safety and environmental programs is required. Canoe Forest Products Ltd. offers a competitive salary and benefits package based on experience and qualifications. If you possess the skills and qualifications for this position, please submit your resume with cover letter, in confidence, by May 5, 2014 to: Human Resources Department Canoe Forest Products Ltd. Box 70, Canoe BC V0E 1K0 E: F: 866‐514‐8773 Canoe Forest Products thanks all applicants for their interest; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Caring and serving families of our community since 1947

André Carelse, Apprentice Funeral Director

eace of Mind



PHONE: (250) 832-2223

To find out more information, or read local obituaries, please visit our website:

Salmon Wednesday,April April9,9,2014 2014 Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday,




Work Wanted

Financial Services

Misc Services

ENTRY level operator qualified to run excavators, front end loader, backhoe, skidsteer, bulldozer & graders. Text or Call (250)255-9749

UNFILED TAX Returns? Unreported Income? Avoid Prosecution and Penalties. Call a Tax Attorney First! 1855-668-8089 (Monday-Friday 9-6 ET).

Painting & Decorating



Help Wanted King’s Christian School is seeking applicants for an 8 month maternity leave Bookkeeper Position beginning May 1, 2014. Must have knowledge of Simply Accounting. Deadline for submissions is Thursday, April 10, 2014. Interested individuals please send a resume and statement of faith to: King’s Christian School 350-B 30th St NE Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1J2 Phone: (250)832-5200 Fax: (250)832-5201 Email:

Mature Exp. server wanted for well established restaurant. Part time/full time position. Willing to work eve./weekends. Apply in person with resume after 4pm at Stratis Mediterranean Grill, Sorrento PART-TIME/FULL-TIME line cook needed immediately at Home Restaurant- Sorrento. Apply in person to Doug. P/T housekeeper, Salmon River Motel, 910 TCH SW, Salmon Arm, apply in person with resume P/T Janitor needed 4-6 hours per day on Saturdays & Sundays. Send resumes: Box 255, Canoe, BC V0E 1K0 RJ Haney Heritage Village has employment opportunities in construction. This is a job Creation Project and candidates must meet the requirement of the funding program. Call (250)832-5243 or visit the local employment office.

SALMON ARM READY MIX is accepting resumes for class 1 and 3 drivers, and equipment operators. applicants must be physically able to carry out some lifting and climbing of equipment. Experience in construction materials and equipment an asset. Drop off resumes at main office at. 2851 13 Ave SE Salmon Arm


Req. at Canuck Mechanical in Prince George. Must have exp. doing service work & be proficient with trouble shooting heating systems & plumbing problems. Top wages & benefits Email resume to:


Esthetics Services PERMANENT Laser Hair reduction. Call for a free consultation. Sada (250)832-4266 Shuswap Laser Clinic or email:

Financial Services DROWNING IN debt? Cut debts more than 60% & debt free in half the time! Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. or Toll Free 1-877-556-3500 BBB Rated A+


Legal Services CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540. CRIMINAL RECORD? Pardon Services Canada. Established 1989. Confidential, Fast, & Affordable. A+BBB Rating. RCMP Accredited. Employment & Travel Freedom. Free Consultation 1-8NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)

Home & Yard •Renovation •Repair •Maintenance

•Fencing •Decks •Patios


nt iscou $D ting$$ $ ain P • Residential

THINKING of a new gas furnace? Canadian made, highest quality and efficiency. Call Barry (250)833-2446

IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s that simple. your credit / age / income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161.

LANDSCAPE, construction, paving stones, tie walls & lawn maintenance. 20+ yrs experience Call John (250)804-6190

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

• Wallpapering • Drywall Repair • Professional Workmanship • Seniors Discounts

Our classified ads are on the net! Check it out at

For Free Estimate call Lorraine

Cell 833-8009 Home 836-4154

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Serving Sicamous & Area for 20+ Years

Values – Honesty – Integrity – Professionalism – Passion – Respect Gearing up for Summer! We are now taking applications for all departments. Apply with a resume, Attn: Doug.

HAYLAGE 20% Alfalfa grass mix, round wrapped, approx 1100lb. $45/bale Call Rick (250)833-4523

With Dignity & Understanding. N&T PET CREMATION SERVICES call 250-835-0136


Livestock 2 yr old Brown Lay Hens $3.00/ea 250-832-8918

Started Pullets 17 weeks just starting to lay brown eggs. $12.00 each. 250-308-7972.

Excavating & Drainage

Excavating & Drainage

DAN DEGLAN EXCAVATING Professionally Beautifying Properties for Over 27 Years. • Rock Walls • Utility Services • Site Prep • Terracing • Drainage • Pools

Pet Services

Pet Services

PET GROOMING With Michelle

Monday to Friday

All Breeds including Cats & Large Dogs

Appointments necessary. 271A Trans-Can. Hwy. N.E. (across from KFC) • 250-832-0604


RESPITE LIVE-IN HOME SUPPORT WORKER SACL is looking for a life sharing situation with Respite Live-in Home Support Workers and scheduled support staff. You will support an adult with developmental disabilities to fulfill activities of daily living by assisting with all aspects of care, including meal preparation, housekeeping, personal care and hygiene, grooming, dressing and socialization. You will be responsible to assist in all areas of upkeep for the home. A Criminal Record Search will be required. Appy to or PO Box 153, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N3. NO PHONE CALLS.

Skills/Education – Special Needs Worker Certificate or equivalent, experience working with adults with developmental disabilities Other – Use of personal vehicle with mileage reimbursement. Community based support. Wages per BCGEU agreement Please send cover letter, resume and references to Kindale Developmental Association c/o PO Box 94 Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0 Fax 250-546-3053 Email:

PART TIME MOA - SORRENTO The Sorrento and Area Community Health Centre iZ ZeeRinN a Wart time 4ediJal 6ɉJe AZZiZtant The 7rimary Health Care Centre iZ ZtaɈed Iy a Mull time 5urZe 7raJtitioner and iZ aIle to aJJommodate WhyZiJian loJumZ The ZuJJeZZMul Jandidate muZt ha]e JertiÄJation or e_WerienJe aZ an 46A inJludinN e_perience in entering data into an Electronic Medical 9ecord Iilling MS7 and >orRZaMe)C Zcheduling patients, preparing correspondence, maintaining demographic and re]enue data, pro]iding assistance as reXuired Iy the 5urse 7ractitioner and general oɉce management acti]ities 0nitially, the hours ^ill Ie ñ hours daily, Monday ¶ Thursday, ! ¶ noon +rop oɈ your resume addressed to the Search Committee at <nit ,  TCH, Sorrento or mail to Search Committee, )o_  , Sorrento, )C =E >

NO PHONE CALLS Civil Inspector

Mica Generating Station, BC Columbia Hydro Constructors Ltd.

Job Description: Inspector needed to perform civil works inspections specifically related to the addition of a fifth and a sixth generating unit at the Mica Generating Station. The candidate must • Ensure adherence to contract specifications • Monitor and record progression of work • Ensure quality work practice and quality product

Only those applicants who are shortlisted will be contacted

Preferred Experience: • Technical knowledge in Civil Engineering and concrete practices • A two year technical diploma or other pertinent work experience • Experience and familiarity working in Heavy Industry with preference for • Hydro-electric experience Skills/Abilities: • Ability to read and interpret drawings. • Strong computer skills. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Closing Date: 14 April, 2014

Pets N&T CANINE CARE Daycare, boarding, grooming. Visit our webpage: 250-835-0136



To Apply: Please email or fax resumes to: Columbia Hydro Constructors. Ltd. Fax: 250-805-4340 Email:

Feed & Hay GOOD quality horse hay, small bales (250)835-4748 or (250)833-9595

981 - 16th Street N.E., Salmon Arm V1E 2V2


Resumes will be accepted until 8:00 am, 14th April 2014; only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted.

Pets & Livestock


The successful applicant will be required to work under a collective union agreement and will be required to live in a camp located at Mica Creek BC, 140 kilometres north of Revelstoke.

Pets & Livestock

& Commercial • Interior/Exterior

Now doing Gutter Cleaning Shuswap Window Cleaning 833-2533. Start at $95-$125

Heat, Air, Refrig.

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

Help Wanted Position Title: A27 A27

Garden & Lawn

Garden & Lawn


• Shavings, Sawdust, Bark Mulch, Wood Chips (bulk/mini bags) • Well Rotted Manure • Soils • Extra Clean Wheat Straw


Stanley Bland 832-6615 or 833-2449

Farm Services

Farm Services


We Deliver

• Bark Mulch • Shavings • Sawdust

250-838-0111 or 1-855-737-0110 Financial Services

Financial Services

PROCESSING STAFF MEMBERS TO JOIN OUR TEAM Enjoy the benefits of working downtown in a clean and friendly fast-paced office environment. • • • • •

Confident Computer Skills Keyboard skills a must Supervised Training Opportunities for continuing education Team Player, Hard Worker and a Self Starter will be the key to success in our organization. Please forward your email resume to or drop off your resume at Barbara Malashewsky at 290 Alexander St., Salmon Arm, B.C. No phone calls please. IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR THE RIGHT PERSON

Place a classified word ad and...


A28  A28

Wednesday, Wednesday,April April9,9,2014 2014 Salmon SalmonArm ArmObserver Observer

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate




Fruit & Vegetables

Garage Sales

Misc. Wanted

Rooms for Rent

Auto Financing

HUGE AUCTION - BUSINESS LIQUIDATION - SAT April 12th @ 10AM - Viewing 8AM10AM - 306 Dawson Ave. PENTICTON - Commercial Woodworking Manufacturer Machines, forklifts, stock, tools, dust removal, office, sample kitchens, ENTIRE PLANT - OVER 25,000 sq. ft. MUST BE SOLD - UNRESERVED - MIKE 250-2123418

Field run not washed Norland and Yukon Gold potatoes .40/lb 250-832-4321 after6pm

SAT/SUN APR 12/13. 9AM1PM 930 30TH ST SE Antiques, jewelry, bassinets, dolls and cradles, Furniture, pictures/frames, Old men figurines, snow blower, chain saw, Hshld/misc etc...

PURCHASING old Canadian & American coin collections & accumulations. 250-548-3670

Mobile Homes & Parks

SPRING AUCTION Sunday April 27th 12pm Visit For info call 250-832-2126

$100 & Under MOVING sale, Blind Bay, various household items (250)675-4332

Garage Sales MULTI Family Sale @Salmon Arm Water Slides, Fri,Sat, April 11,12, 8am-?, numerous household items, beautiful oak dining room set, tools, vehicles, 17’ inboard/outboard boat trailer, Harley motorcycle parts, 6HP outboard motor, ride on lawn mowers SAT Apr 12 8:30-12:00 at 2230 28th St NE 2 sofas w/ love seats, lamps, new dining table w/chairs, bikes, books, children’s items, tools etc. Early viewing of furniture call 250832-4412 Sat. April 12 -9am-1pm 22504th Ave. S.E. Asstd Household items.

Misc. for Sale BED Chesterfield (lt. green) $25., wall unit (walnut color) $20., 2 bikes lady/man, good cond $75. each. Kimball Piano $200. (250)955-6366 BOAT rack. Over canopy, 8 ft. box $250. (250) 832-1159 KENMORE front load washer, white $200. & Inglis dryer, white, $200. (250)253-7185 SAWMILLS FROM only $4,897 - Make money & save money with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info & DVD: www.NorwoodSaw 1-800-5666899 Ext:400OT.

STEEL BUILDINGS. Hot savings - Spring sale! 20x24 $4,348. 25x24 $4,539. 30x30 $6,197. 32x36 $7,746. 40x46 $12,116. 47x72 $17,779. One End wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422. Or online:

Volunteer your time, energy and skills today.

Apt/Condos for Sale 1 BED/1 bath condo in MacIntosh Grove. Util. room, 5 appli, approx. 800 sq. ft. $140,000. (250)832-9990

Business for Sale Asphalt Seal Coating c/w tank, pump, motor, 8HP blower & lawn edger, with all tools needed to get started on 7’ x 9’ u-built trailer. Selling due to health reasons. $5000. obo For more info please call (1-250)675-4332

For Sale By Owner

SPRING AUCTION Sunday April 27th 12pm Visit For info call 250-832-2126

Fight Back.

Real Estate

STEEL BUILDINGS/metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-4572206 or visit us online:

3+Bdrm 2 bath home on 1/2 acre. New kitchen Built in DW/Micorwave. Newly reno’d bathroom. Covered Carport 1000 sq. ft up and down. Gas furnace/HW tank. Finished Walk Out Bsmt. 1081 1st SE $269,000 250-803-8998

Houses For Sale

Coin Collector Looking to Buy Collections, Estates, Gold & Silver Coins + 778-281-0030

Care-free living! 2 bedroom, 2 bath + den townhouse with a garage All one level Overlooks green space and has a lovely porch area Updated flooring, paint, fridge, stove and water heater see pictures at sign#64890 $199,900. Call (250)832-6765

Misc. for Sale

Misc. for Sale

WASHER/DRYER front load In good cond. White. $150. (250)832-4069

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Orange Man Day! ANYTHING ORANGE ON SALE Couch & matching chair, made in Canada $300. 6ft fold down couch w/storage $100. 32” Sanyo TV $100, claw foot tub w/all brass fittings $300 & misc items (250) 577-3610


IDEAL FOR: Table covers, crafts, drawing or packing. Various sizes. Available at the SALMON ARM OBSERVER OFFICE • Cash Sales Only 171 Shuswap St. NW, Salmon Arm

1974 Set up in park in Chase. 2 Bdrm. deck, shed, New roof 5 appl 250-679-6805


Best rate 5yr-3.29%OAC

Serving the Columbia-Shuswap since 1976. Rates Consistently better than banks


Toll free 1-800-658-2345

Other Areas 20 ACRES $0 Down, Only $119/mo. Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Near El Paso, Texas. Beautiful Mountain Views! Money Back Guarantee. Call 1-866-8825263, Ext. 81.

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent 1 Bedroom Apartment fridge, stove, coin laundry

& hot water included, No Pets


1-855-852-5660 Toll Free 3BDRM in Salmon Arm, avail. immed., NS, NP, $800/mo, (250)463-9777 Bright, spacious 2 bedroom apartments Close to town, family owned & operated. Includes F/S, DW, A/C, H/W NS, NP. Available May 1, 2014 $825 / month (250) 803-1694 Ask about Senior’s Discount

Commercial/ Industrial RETAIL space for lease in Blind Bay/Sorrento area. Excellent rates. Call Terry (250)804-6132

Duplex / 4 Plex NEW 3 bd 2.5 bath. W/D, 2 car grge. Walk to Askews, rec centre, bus routes, schools. N/S, small pet ok. Avail May 5. $1300+ utilities. Ph 250-804-1244

Modular Homes MARA: 2bdrm. mobile, addition, deck, creekside, new floors, electric & plumbing, f/s/w/d/ac, elec. heat, $700/mo. + DD (250)838-7670 Tappen 2BDRM $700/mo Avail now 1 Ref’s req’d. Sm. Pet OK (250)835-4480

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CERTIFIED care aid has furnished bdrm. for senior or student, avail now (778)489-0994

Suites, Lower 1BDRM, above ground, F/S/W/D, walking distance to both malls, NS, NP, avail. May 1st, $600/mo. + hydro (250)804-5705 1Bdrm behind College All util and cable incl. $750/mo small pet ok 250-833-8243 1BDRM. level entry, incl. all util., 5appl., in town, $875/mo. NS, No pets, avail May 1st, (250)832-6720 1BDRM lg. bright, new walkout, priv/ent, full kitchen, A/C 6appl., parking, NP, NS, $800. avail Apr. 15 (250)833-7985 2BDRM. on 4acres, near Mall, priv. ent., W/D, garage, patio area, NP, $800/mo. incl. util., refs req’d, looking for long term renter (250)804-2854 2BDRM, reno’d, w/d, NP $750/mo. util., cable, internet incl., avail. May 1st, mature tenants pref. (250)833-4833 3bdrm or 2bdrm, 5appl, near 4 schools, rink, NS, NP, back yard, a/c $900-950/mo. + DD,Top avail May 1 bottom avail June 1 Or will rent the whole house (250)295-5498 CHASE: 2bdrm newly reno’d N/S, N/P, 5appl., heat incl. $725/mo + DD & Refs, adult oriented, avail. April 1st (250)679-8578 (250)319-3706 DAYLIGHT 1bdrm. suite, level entry, parking, large kit., lots of storage, SW SA cable/util/int incl., refs req’d, pets neg., $799/mo. NS, No Parties Avail May 1 (250)515-2343 NEWLY renovated 1,100 sq.ft daylight basement suite, town & mall close. A real must see! $1,100/mo. incl. util. Available now. 1 250-833-8966 VERY bright 2bdrm, 3pce. bath, own laundry & level entry, single person wanted $700/mo. util. incl., near uptown SA, refs & DD, avail April 15 (250)832-2246 (250)833-6829


Suites, Upper

2000 Chevy Malibu 147,000kms CW winter tires $800 OBO 250-832-3120

Cars - Domestic 2001 Grand Marquis only 93,000kms like new. $6200 also 7ft. Util trailer w/ramp $500 (250)463-1049 2003 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X4 V6 exc running cond in great shape 288,000kms $6000 OBO call 250-675-4332

Cars - Sports & Imports

1998 BMW Z3 Roadster 1.9 Convertible Soft top, 5 speed manual. Heated leather seats, power windows, seats & mirrors. 4 new Uniroyal tires, Alpine stereo w/ ipod wired in. Wind blocker on roll bars, Air bags and more. Summer driven only and garage stored during winter. Very sleek looking and well maintained. 151,000 kms. $12,000 (250) 804-6399

2Bdrm BRIGHT. Walk to town. NS NP DW. laundry Bright $825. Avail. May 1 (250)835-8316

Want to Rent WANT TO RENT

Moving to Salmon Arm May 1 to work as a technician at a local Dealership. Good reference, current landlady. Single occupant, quiet N/S N/P. Close to town as possible. Ideally a garage to store & tinker w/motorcycles.

3bdrm house in Enderby, N/S, $1100/mo. Available immediately. 1 (250)838-6630 APPROX. 10min walk from schools & Community Centre, 3bdrm., 2.5bath, office, playroom, NS, $1350/mo. + refs & DD (250)833-0003 TAPPEN: 2Bdrm up, 1 down, all appl., lots of parking RV seasonal hookups. Res. req. (250)463-2700

1968 Ford Ranger XLT F-100. Factory 3spd std. asking $9000 OBO 250-833-0196

Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent

Lakeside Realty Ltd.

Beaters under $1000

1-778-418-0406 or e-mail:


Antiques / Classics


3 Bedrm., 2.5 Bath House F/S, 2 car attached garage, large rec room, NS, NP 2748 Tranquil Place, Blind Bay


Motorcycles 2006 TTR125 Yamaha, electric & kick start, excellent cond., only used a few times, original tires on bike. $2,000.250-549-1489

Recreational/Sale HUNTERS Special 10.5 Kit camper 1 pce roof F/S toilet $900. OBO 250-955-6366

Scrap Car Removal #1AA Auto Recycler’s. Scrap Cars/Metal. Will pay for some cars. Scott 250-558-8855

Snowmobiles 1997 Polaris Snowmobile $500. (250)955-6366

Boats 17 FOOT boat with inboard/outboard motor. Inc. trailer. $1000. (250)955-6366


2 Bedrm., 1 Bath in 4 Plex 4 appliances, NS, NP 7010 Black Road, Ranchero


1 Bedrm., 1 Bath House 4 appliances, NS, NP #2 530 Alymer Rd., Chase


2 Bedrm., 1 Bath House F/S, sunroom, Large carport. NS, NP #4 530 Alymer Rd., Chase


Merry Anderson 250-833-2799 MANAGING BROKER

We’re on the net at

Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014 A29

City crews work to patch potholes By Tracy Hughes OBSERVER STAFF

Spring has sprung, flowers are beginning to grow, and on Salmon Arm roads, potholes have begun to proliferate. “It starts a bit earlier, but around now is when we tend to see the wear and tear of winter,” says Rob Hein, manager of roads and parks.

Hein says while there was some additional frost heaving this year, the pothole issues are pretty typical, despite an extremely variable winter. City work crews have been already doing patch work on many of the area’s potholes and Hein says the city tries to respond to pothole complaints within 48 hours. He suggested anyone

with a particular concern may contact the city and get their problematic pothole put on the list. The city’s website also offers a ‘report a pothole feature.’ Hein notes at this time of year pothole fixes are temporary, until the city can get out and do a hot asphalt fix, which does not happen until the asphalt plants open in mid-May.

Letters Welcome

The Observer welcomes letters but reserves the right to edit for brevity, clarity and legality. We do not print anonymous letters. Letters must be signed and include writer’s address or phone number for verification purposes only. Submissions must be less than 300 words. No thank yous to specific businesses please.

FUTURE SHOP – Correction Notice


Road damage: A car drives into a pothole located on Okanagan Avenue near 20th Street SE.

16th Annual Penticton

Gun & Antique Show & Sale

April 12 & 13

Volunteers help lock out crime auto crime as well as issuing notices on vehicles that might be a target for theft. The purpose of this is to remind vehicle owners to take steps to prevent themselves from becoming a vic-

tim of auto crime. As well, the Salmon Arm RCMP Citizens Patrol is always looking for volunteers. Applications are available from the RCMP detachment or at

Saturday 9-5 Sunday 9-3 Penticton Curling Club

505 Railway (Hwy. 97, Penticton) Admission $5. Seniors $3 (Gold Card) Accompanied Children Under 12 Years Free

For Show or Table Information CallKevin or Brenda: (250)494-4356 Email:

Profile of the week

Robert Babakaiff of Arro Wood Heat Services has been in business for 5 years. A 45-year resident of Salmon Arm, he believes in buying his products locally. After being laid off from Coe/Newnes, he saw there was a need for a reliable wood heat technician. He became certified in the WETT program – which is a Canadian recognized association, allowing him to be able to inspect, install and maintain wood burning stoves and fireplaces. His services include chimney sweeping, estimates and advice on purchasing and installation of wood burning stoves, such as size needed for the square footage, and the best stove to meet your needs. Robert’s motto “Burning Clean = More Green” not only refers to the money saved when keeping your stove or fireplace maintained, it also refers to the environment, as the new stoves burn cleaner and more efficiently. Repeat customers are spreading the word of his fair pricing and thorough job. For all your wood heat needs, call Robert today for an estimate.

Mufers Brakes Shocks Complete Automotive Repairs


Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:00

Farm Services


We Deliver

• Bark Mulch • Shavings • Sawdust

250-838-0111 or 1-855-737-0110


Wood Heat Services


Rob Stunzi cell: 250-253-2829 • Utility locating - Hydro/gas/water/fibre optics • Catch basins/sumps/drains • Line flushing • Hot Water Boiler (for frozen ground) • Slot trenching

• ICBC Repairs • Glass Replacement • Painting • Sand Blasting • Private Insurance Repairs • Frame Straightening

WE’VE GONE GREEN™ Now using environmentally-friendly and compliant WATERBORNE PAINT Salmon Arm FRAME & BODY SHOP

42nd St SW


1st Ave SW

• Fischer’s Funeral Home • Ben’s Towing

Mark Pennell owner 4130 - 1st Ave. SW


would like to thank the following local businesses and individuals for their donations to our annual spring dance. Thank you also to all the volunteers that helped prepare the food, set up and clean up the hall. Making our fundraiser a success. Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union The Wranglers Seniors Activity Centre Lady in the Tub Bed and Bath Boutique Body Waves Esthetics & Tanning Salon Hideaway Liquor Store Pharmasave Salmar Grand Theatres Save On Foods Computer Ventures Chester’s House of Cinnamon A Flower Shop Windmill Meats & Imports DeMilles Farm Market Tim Horton’s

Claudette & Rene Cote Gary Gagnon Apple Auto Glass Kal Tire McDonalds Restaurant Roots & Blues Jacobson Ford Sales Ltd. Country Camping RV Tri Crown RV Bank of Montreal Java Jive Neighbourhood Bistro Barley Station Brew Pub Shuswap Pie Company Askew’s Foods The Candy Vault Ann Robertson Dean Benson Dean & Rose

ZAPPONE BROS. CONTRACTING • Gravel Sales & Delivery • Topsoil & Landscape Rock • Road Building & Site Prep • Lowbedding in Local Area • Excavating 440 - 60th St. SE, Salmon Arm


Tree Services

Bill Walker


Serving Sicamous & the Shuswap FULLY INSURED, REFERENCES

TREE SERVICE We Cut Trees and More!! Stump Grinder - Bobcat - Excavator Residential & Commercial Properties 250-836-4147

Hydro Excavating 24 Hour Service

• Fully Insured • Chimney Sweep • Stove Installs & Maintenance • WETT Inspections Call Robert Babakaiff 250-803-2168 Salmon Arm

The Reaching Out MS Society of Salmon Arm

Sand & Gravel




~ Your Local Business Professionals ~

At Your Service

The Salmon Arm RCMP Citizens Patrol will be running its Lock Out Auto Crime campaign this month. During April, community policing volunteers will be handing out information on

In the April 4 flyer, page 5, the HP All-In-One PC Featuring AMD E1 APU With Radeon HD Graphics (WebCode: 10283826) was advertised with incorrect specs. Please be advised that this all-in-one has Integrated AMD Radeon HD 8240 Discrete-Class Graphics NOT a 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 730A Dedicated Graphics Card, as previously advertised. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers.

Advertise in our Business Directory and receive both

All-Timate Creations


Tree Removal, Pruning, Danger Tree Removal, • Certified Utility Arborist • Safe Certified • Fully Insured • Over 30 years experience

Curtis - 250-803-6069 Gwen - 250-804-8180

io t o om

n i r P is








Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

April is national Cancer is a disease that can strike people of all ages from all walks of life. Nobody is invulnerable to cancer, not even our children. Based on current incidence rates, 38% of Canadian women and 44% of men will develop cancer during their lifetimes

COMPLETE REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES & MODELS! Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm Check us out on Facebook

416-4th St. N.E. Salmon Arm - across from the Credit Union


#2 - 320 3rd Ave. SW





250-833-7869 Text friendly! Website:




Brakes, Trailer Hitches, Air Conditioning 91 Hudson Ave. N.W., Salmon Arm


102 Hudson Ave. N.E.Salmon Arm, B.C.V1E 4N5 250-804-2600

Bookingham Palace Bookstore 250 832-3948

10th Ave. & 10th St. SW.

Bueckert, Cooper & Co. 250-832-4007 Ltd.

John J. Cooper Suite A 161 2nd Ave. NE, Salmon Arm

Darren Ericcsan

“Always in Action”

SalmonArmRealty.Com 404, 251 Trans Canada Hwy NW Salmon Arm, BC V1E 3B8 Bus: 250-832-7871 Cell: 250-804-8333 Fax: 250-832-7573 Toll Free: 1-800-890-9166

Caleb Espinoza Language Services


unnecessary treatments for slow-growing cancers that were a miniscule health threat. Dr. Erika Schwartz, author of “Dr. Erika’s Healthy Balance” newsletter, hasn’t had a mammogram in 15 years and finds that women are generally overradiated and overprodded. Dr. Schwartz recommends self-examinations as the best way for women to check for signs of cancer. Should a suspicious lump be found, other tests for cancer exist. One such test is an ultrasound, which uses less radiation than a mammogram. Statistics point out approximately 200,000 women and a few men are diagnosed annually with breast cancer in the United States alone, and that breast cancer kills roughly 40,000 people per year, according to the American Cancer Society. Despite studies and statistics, immediate changes with respect to mammogram screenings are unlikely. Doctors are likely to remain cautious, and many still advocate for annual mammograms. Ultimately, the decision to get or forgo a mammogram remains a woman’s choice, even if it’s one that research has shown may require more careful consideration than many women would otherwise think.

“We’re here to support a cure, please donate!”


Recent findings concerning the number of breast cancer deaths that have been prevented by mammograms has led to a shift in thinking regarding the efficacy of mammograms when screening for cancer. A study from Canadian researchers published in the February 11, 2014 issue of the British Medical Journal followed nearly 90,000 women for 25 years. These women were randomly assigned to either get mammograms and screening by trained nurses or to receive no screening beyond self-breast exams. The results showed that 22 percent of aggressive breast cancers were overanalyzed and would been too minor to pose a life threat. Furthermore, the results concluded that women getting mammograms were just as likely to die from breast cancer as those who didn’t get them. Experts also warned that the radiation used in mammograms could actually put women at greater risk for developing cancer. This study is not the only one to highlight overinflated benefits of regular mammograms. Several additional studies have ultimately questioned the advantages of annual mammograms. Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer through mammography may endure certain


You need expert accounting


New debate over need for mammograms

Call 250-833-5372 Email:


Spanish, French, Italian, ESL Instruction, Translation & Interpretation Private/Group lessons available


Tammy & Vince Fischer

4060-1st Ave, S.W. Salmon Arm 833-1129 Serving Kamloops to Golden Toll Free 1-888-816-1117

View obituaries and share memories at

Salmon Arm Observer Wednesday, April 9, 2014 A31

Cancer Awareness Month

Overcoming cancer and celebrating life With the arrival of April we also welcome daffodils and the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual awareness campaign. It is always inspiring to see these springtime symbols of renewal and hope.

The volunteers at the Canadian Cancer Society are hard at work in their communities and across Canada, knocking on doors, organizing special events, and offering their legendary yellow daffodils in the form of pins or

in all their fresh, natural beauty. Donations collected during Daffodil Month are used to fund cancer research, public information programs, and services related to the prevention of cancer. This money is also used to advocate for survivors and support people living with cancer, as well as their families and caregivers. Would you like to make a donation to the Society? During April, when the campaign is in full swing, you can purchase beautiful daffodils or a pin to

wear in your lapel to show your solidarity for this cause. You can also donate via the Society’s website at Would you like to actively participate in the campaign?

You could organize a fundraising event or participate in an event organized as part of the campaign, such as the Relay for Life. You could also simply sponsor a participant. Nobody is immune to this

devastating disease, despite all the progress that has been made. By participating in Daffodil Month in any way you can, you will be helping in the fight against cancer.

Ron Marchand

the Video Man MEMORIES ON DVD!

Films, slides, photos & video transferred to DVD.

BrabyMotors com 1250 Trans Canada Highway SW, Salmon Arm

250-832-8053 or 1-888-832-8053

Nobody is immune to this devastating disease, despite the progress that has been made.

Eva & Dettmar Hasbach PO Box 2050 306 - 251 Trans Canada HWY NW Salmon Arm, B.C. V1E 4R1

Tel: Fax:

Visit us online

0902700 B.C. LTD. Operating as Accounting & Business Consulting

250.832.5008 250.832.5028

1371A 10th Avenue SW Salmon Arm

(250) 832-2223


Accounting & Business Consulting

(250) 832-1123

440-10th Street SW (P.O. Box 388) Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N5


Unit 3 1050 10th Avenue SW (across from the Picadilly Mall)

250-832-7343 •

HARDIE HOME DECORATING 303 - 251 Trans Canada Hwy, NW Salmon Arm, BC V1E 3B8

Ph: 250-833-1410 Full line of Benjamin Moore Products paint / stains / finishes

SALMON ARM #8 – 5270 Auto Road SE

• Metal Roofing • Cedar Siding • Plywood • Cedar & Pine Tongue & Groove • Fencing & Decking • Dimension Lumber Trans Canada Hwy. Tappen, B.C.


Tina ina Cosman

Each office Independently owned and operated

RE/MAX Shuswap Salmon Arm, BC or you! Working f Cell: (250) 804-6765 Office: (250) 832-7051

Royal Canadian Legion #62 Royal Canadian Legion Branch #62 ~ 141 Hudson St. NW, Salmon Arm ~ 832-3687


250-832-6207 Fax: 250-832-9101


Check out our newsletter for weekly specials. 3181 - 11th Avenue N.E. Salmon Arm BC V1E 2S8

Tel: (250) 832-4574 Fax: (250) 832-4477 Toll Free: (888) 844-2662

380 Alexander Street NE P. 250.832.8040 Locally owned and operated




HOMSat. A. pArp. r1. 13

OW E SH2 &

See the at us




Join us for






on select models

* 0% offers are available on approved credit.

Purchase & Lease option*






BI-WEEKLY 72 months


BI-WEEKLY 72 months


Leather, sunroof, low km.



BI-WEEKLY 72 months



Fully loaded, leather interior, only 103,000 km.




The all new Cruze Diesel - 67 MPG now in stock

Sa . Apr. Sun


W SH2O& E M 1 r. HO t. Ap 13

See the at us



Hard top convertible – one owner – all season FUN!!!!

The coolest, safest, most fuel efficient car in its class.

BI-WEEKLY 72 months


4x4, 5.7 Hemi, fully loaded – one owner local truck.


2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Chevy SSR Retro Sport Truck


* BI-WEEKLY 72 months


Fully loaded, only 33,000 km.


2010 Cadillac Deville DTS 2007 Chevy Avalanche LTZ


* BI-WEEKLY 72 months


AWD, under 25,000 km.

* 0% offers are available on approved credit on gas models only

he Drive t hanging C Game



Black Diamond Special Edition, the ultimate cross over.


2013 Chevy Avalanche LTZ

2013 Chevy Equinox LS 2010 Ford Adrenalin Explorer 8

* BI-WEEKLY 72 months


Fully loaded w/sunroof, dual DVD ent., heated leather, 2 to choose from.


2013 GMC Suburban

Vehicles Over $20,000


* BI-WEEKLY 72 months


Fully loaded, P. Seat, remote start, 2 sets of tires.


2011 Chevy Cruze LT2


Ext. cab, 5.3 V8, fully loaded.


2011 GMC Sierra SLE 4x4

* BI-WEEKLY 72 months


Reg. cab, 2 WD, only 59,000 km. Like new, 2 sets of tires.


2010 Chevy Colorado

Fully loaded incl. heated leather interior.

*All payments are taxes and fees INCLUDED

* BI-WEEKLY 72 months


Ext. cab, fully loaded, 2 sets of tires, only 64,000 km.


2011 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4

* BI-WEEKLY 72 months


AWD Sport ute, only 44,000 km, new tires.


2009 Mazda CX7

* BI-WEEKLY 72 months


Fully loaded with sunroof, 2 sets of tires, low kms.


2009 Hyundai Sonata GL

* BI-WEEKLY 72 months


7 pass. cross over, under 20,000 km, fully loaded.


2009 Buick Enclave CXL AWD

Vehicles $10,000-$20,000 2012 Chev Orlando



OLD S$8,288

5 dr. Hatchback, fully loaded, auto trans.


Fully loaded

2006 Acura CSX

Sat. A Sun. pr. 12 & Apr. t 13 h


S us a ee t the

Sedan, auto., air cond., w/power group.



2010 Hyundai Accent

2005 Mazda 3


Sport Coupe, std., with sunroof.


1999 Pontiac Sunfire SE


Sedan, fully loaded V6.

2007 Impala LTZ Sport


4 dr. sedan, auto., air cond., 2 sets of tires.


2007 Saturn ion

Vehicles Under $10,000

Salmon Arm GM is Spring Cleaning!!








A32  Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Salmon Arm Observer

250-832-6066 • 1-888-970-9781 • 3901 11 Ave NE, Salmon Arm

Salmon Arm Observer, April 09, 2014  

April 09, 2014 edition of the Salmon Arm Observer

Salmon Arm Observer, April 09, 2014  

April 09, 2014 edition of the Salmon Arm Observer