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Friday, April 4, 2014

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Tom Fletcher on the new rules governing the Agricultural Land Reserve. page A6

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Computers at the college College of the Rockies is introducing a new technology program.

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page A18

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$899 $799 Helping the Food Bank Curves has put together 1,671 pounds of food and $870 for the food bank. page A25

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Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Elk Valley Water Quality Plan Consultation Open Houses Teck is working with communities, First Nations and governments to create an Elk Valley Water Quality Plan that will maintain the health of the watershed and support continued, sustainable mining in the Elk Valley. We Want to Hear From You

Consultation Open Houses: Ask questions and provide input at an upcoming open house. Fernie Senior Citizen’s Drop-In Centre 562 3rd Avenue April 22, 2014 5:00–8:00 p.m.

The objective of the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan is to address water quality concerns associated with mining activity in the Elkford Community Conference Centre watershed, including selenium. The process to develop the (large meeting room) plan includes several public consultation periods, the first of 750 Fording Drive which took place in fall 2013. The second consultation period April 23, 2014 will take place from April 9–30, 2014. 5:00–8:00 p.m. During the public consultation period, Teck is asking for your feedback on the work being done to develop the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan. Your input will be considered in the development of the Plan. Consultation materials, including an online feedback form, will be available at on April 9.

Sparwood Senior Citizen’s Drop-In Centre 101 4th Avenue April 24, 2014 5:00–8:00 p.m. A presentation will begin at 6:00 p.m. for each open house, followed by a question and answer and open discussion session. Refreshments will be provided.

Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A3





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Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser




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Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A5

Forest tenure input needed Submitted A comprehensive public engagement process on converting some volume-based forest licences to new or expanded area-based tree farm licences will take place over the next two months, Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson announced today. “We’re only interested in pursuing conversions in areas where there is support - and we’re proposing that any requests for conversion to be considered on a case-by-case basis. I look forward to the public feedback on the process we’re contemplating,” said Thomson. People are invited to participate in a public discussion on the expansion of area-based forest management until noon May 30, 2014, at: This site has reference material, questions and answers, a discussion paper and an interactive blog where a conversation will occur online. “Given the pressures facing the timber supply in B.C.’s Interior and the impact on communities and forest licensees, it’s important to hear from as many stakeholders and members of the public as possible before considering changes that would increase areabased forest tenures,” said Consultation leader Jim Snetsinger.

SPRING PHASE NOW REGISTERING We are looking to recruit players of the ages of u8-u17 boys and girls Sessions start April 8 Photo Government of BC

Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson. To keep the engagement open and neutral, an independent facilitator has been hired. The public engagement process will be led by veteran professional forester Jim Snetsinger, who will compile the feedback and provide a report to government by the end of June. Snetsinger, a former provincial chief forester, will also travel to at least 10 different B.C. communities to meet with stakeholders, First Nations, local governments and members of the public who express interest in contributing to the discussion. The meetings will focus on the potential benefits that propo-

nents seeking conversions may be able to provide, the criteria for evaluating applications, and the process for implementing conversions. Conversions are not being considered on a provincewide basis. They are one “tool in the toolbox” that may help with mid-term timber supply issues in parts of the Interior that have been impacted by the mountain pine beetle. The results of the engagement process will inform how government proceeds and whether legislative changes will be needed as a result of the feedback.

picture perfect


Have you made your will? Submitted The Province has proclaimed Make-a-Will Week in recognition of the new Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA) that came into force March 31, 2014. The new law makes estate planning simpler and easier for the general public to understand. “This legislation is a further example of our commitment to modernize laws for all British Columbians. Make-a-Will Week is a reminder to citizens to put their last wishes in writing and the Wills,

Estates and Succession Act has made doing so easier than ever,” said Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Suzanne Anton. Throughout this week - March 31 through April 6, 2014 - the Province and various justice partners are raising awareness about the importance of creating or updating your will. If you want certainty that your final wishes will be carried out, a will can help. A valid will can allow you to: * Choose who will care for your minor children.

* Divide assets among people and organizations. * Ease the burden when your loved ones administer your estate. * Provide direction on funeral and burial preparations. The new legislation does not invalidate wills made before it came into effect. Some of the laws governing the interpretation of wills have changed, so individuals who already have a will may choose to have it reviewed by a lawyer to ensure their wishes are upheld.

Help show off the beauty of the East Kootenay by submitting your photos for publication in our annual visitors guide. We want to print your best pictures which show off the natural beauty and fun-spirit of our region. Please identify any people in the photographs, and include the name of the photographer so we can publish a photo credit. Submission deadline is April 26, 2014.

Submit color prints to: 1510-2nd St. N., Cranbrook, BC V1C 3L2 or email jpg, tiff or eps images to


Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

ALR divided, not conquered

Photo Black Press

Energy Minister Bill Bennett. B.C. Views by Tom Fletcher Kootenay Bill Bennett has done what I reported last November he was doing: seizing the horns of the sacred cow that is the Agricultural Land Reserve. Henceforth there shall be two land reserves. The Island, South Coast and Okanagan, which produce 85% of B.C.’s total farm revenue on 10% of protected land, retains its strict antidevelopment rules. In the much larger area Bennett likes to call “beyond Hope,” non-farm uses will be considered to help maintain the many economically marginal farmers. This is the Interior, Kootenay and North, where development pressure is mostly an urban myth. In remote areas, ALR diktats with no relation to reality are routinely ignored. Political critics were quick to call this a B.C. Liberal hidden agenda to pave the ALR for their developer pals. Certainly neither party’s 2013 platform talked about the ALR, although B.C. Liberal leadership candidates Kevin Falcon and Mike de Jong promised relief from its more senseless bureaucracy to 1510 - 2nd Street North, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 3L2 Telephone (250) 489-3455 Toll Free 1-800-665-2382 Classified E-Mail: Advertising E-Mail: Editorial E-Mail: Distribution Email: Open Mon. to Fri. 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Peace country farmers in 2011. When the zone plan was revealed last week, media went to ALR pioneer Harold Steves, the hero of all Lower Mainlanders who try to tell northern farmers what to do. “My real fear is that they want to open the door for fracking and natural gas and oil,” Steves said. I’ve got bad news for the socialist sage of south Richmond. Oil and gas companies have operated on farmland since before the ALR was created in 1974. Conspiracy buffs should read the delegation agreement that took effect just weeks after last May’s election, giving the Oil and Gas Commission authority to administer wells, pipelines and waste pits on farmland. If the ALR interferes with the prescribed handling of drilling waste, it interferes with safety measures. University of the Fraser Valley “food security” professor Lenore Newman went on CKNW to refute what she called “uninformed arguments,” and then offered one of her own. This two-zone change is connected to the exclusion of large tracts of Peace land for the Site C dam, she said. Actually, the government exempted that project last December using the long-standing “provincial interest” provision, so this phase of the alleged capitalist plot against farmland has no effect on Site C. Steves is also concerned about second homes being built beyond Hope, and later sold rather than be-

Tamara L’Hoost


ing destroyed as is the current disastrous rule. He warns that farmers might end up with “non-farm neighbours,” or as we like to call them up north, “neighbours.” Again, this is an urban problem projected onto rural B.C., where costly restrictions mainly serve to accelerate the depopulation of rural and remote areas. Delta South independent MLA Vicki Huntington is livid about the legislation, which has no effect on loss of farmland in her constituency. The growing federally regulated port supersedes provincial laws, and the Tsawwassen First Nation is growing a big shopping centre on its treaty land. Aboriginal entrepreneurs are also starting to force big-box development on southern Vancouver Island, home of the purest of the pure left. This is where farmers can’t even protect themselves against deer. The most damning charge is that the six regional ALR panels now in place are open to corruption under new rules. Panel members have always been cabinet appointments, but currently they have to be from outside the region so they are less likely to hand out exemptions to their friends. That is certainly something to keep an eye on. So is the status of B.C. farms, where the average farmer age is 56 and rising, and half of farms have income less than $10,000 a year.

Yves Michaud


Lily Durham PromotioNs

Letter: MMBC–cash and power grab? A few months back, I received a notification which advised me that I had to declare whether Buckerfields was a ‘producer’ of printed paper or packaging material. If so, we would have to implement an ‘approved stewardship plan’ to deal with the material. Otherwise we would have to join another ‘stewardship plan’ and pay fees to that plan holder. I thought it was a scam. But I looked into it further and determined that there was indeed regulatory provisions in effect which stated this very thing and according to the regulations, Buckerfields is now a ‘producer’ of printed paper and packaging material, with the best example being our Buckerfields feed bags. I then discussed the alternatives with a Ministry of Environment official and came to realize that we had no choice but to join the only approved stewardship plan in the Province, MMBC. We signed the MMBC contract. But we also read it. And it stated that MMBC had to file audited financial statements on its web site. I recently went to the web site and there are no audited financial statements. Now, several months later, I have discovered the following: MMBC is a corporation under the Societies Act comprised of three Directors, two of which live in Ontario. None of the Directors have public sector credentials. All of the Directors represent large corporate interests. MMBC is not accountable to any government agency, appointed official, elected official or any other government body other than the Registrar of Companies under the Societies Act MMBC is not governed by the Province’s Financial Administration Act which sets out the

Karen Johnston PUBLisHEr

Brian Coombs Editor

rules for the administration of all public monies. None of the monies collected by MMBC, including the fees Buckerfields is supposed to pay go to the Public Accounts of the Province or any other government organization. MMBC is not subject to oversight by the Auditor General of BC Under MMBC’s ‘stewardship plan’ as approved by the Provincial government, MMBC has the authority to charge companies like Buckerfields unlimited fees based on whatever MMBC spends, regardless of what the actual costs are to recycle our feed bags and regardless of the fact that we already pay municipal taxes in all eight of our locations. MMBC has the authority to come into any municipality in the Province and offer financial incentives to the locally elected government to do what MMBC wants in the area of waste collection and recycling; if the locally elected government refuses, MMBC has the authority to do what it wants anyway. The municipal governments of the province do not know the background of MMBC and don’t yet realize the fees that MMBC is charging to Buckerfields and all the other companies amounts to double taxation The municipal governments are going to have to give up that tax base they have for waste collection and recycling because the shift to ‘producers’ paying directly for waste collection and recycling eliminates the need and justification for ‘consumers’ i.e. property tax payers to pay for these services through the municipalities. The Provincial government did not consult with the municipal governments or the public but companies like Buckerfields are pointing it

Shannon Stewart CirCULAtioN

out because until it is resolved, we are being taxed twice for the same service and residential taxpayers (including me) are being taxed for something that someone else is actually paying for. Taxpayers and municipal governments were not consulted as to whether they really want to shift the financing and control of municipal waste and recycling services out of the municipal jurisdiction, that is, the jurisdiction of democratically elected municipal officials into the hands of a corporation under the Societies Act that is accountable to no one and is outside the jurisdiction of the Provincial Auditor General Taxpayers and voters are unaware that the fees being charged by MMBC are so onerous that they will cause newspaper closures and job losses of 300-500 in the newspaper industry in British Columbia, even though recycled newsprint is actually very valuable. In finding all this out, I lament the fact that none of this was introduced into the legislature for proper debate because it means that instead of spending my days managing the sale of chicks and garden supplies at Buckerfields, I have to spend my time trying to revive democratic processes in British Columbia, retroactively. I find it appalling. My position as of the time of this writing is this, we ain’t paying a dime to MMBC and neither should anyone else, not until: The provincial government reconciles what it is doing with the municipal governments and municipal taxpayers so that taxpayers don’t have to pay twice. The provincial government takes back the legislation which calls us ‘producers’ and ‘blames us’ for the choices made by manufacturers and indeed consumers that are completely outside of our control.

Erin Carlisle


Bridget Fix


Any monies charged under the auspices of the Recyling Regulation are included in the Public Accounts of the Province and subject to the provisions of the Financial Administration Act and the Auditor General Act. Whatever is going to be done is introduced into the Legislative Assembly in the form of a Bill so that the proper public debate can occur. Insofar as MMBC has not filed its audited financial statements since inception, and the period of time not reported spans more than two years, and insofar as MMBC is actually a taxing and funding agency, there be an independent public enquiry into the financial operations, sources and uses of funds, contractual procedures and expenditures of MMBC. No, Buckerfields is not paying a dime until this cash and power grab is unraveled and revealed for what it is. One final word, 96% of all printed paper and packaging material is already being picked up or deposited into municipally financed facilities. Despite what MMBC is saying, at least 53% of that is already being recycled and it is very likely that that number was seriously understated to give the government a reason for its MMBC cash and power grab. In reality, there is no basis for setting up a recycling dictatorship and charging punitive fees to companies like Buckerfields at all. Recycling is a booming business with rapidly increasing prices of marketable commodities. Could that be why the Board of MMBC is all big business and outside the jurisdiction of the Auditor General? We don’t have to change a thing to see recycling take off in BC, in the hands of our elected municipal officials. We need to send the MMBC regime to the recycle bin. ~ Kelvin McCulloch CEO, Buckerfields

Bob Bathgate mAiLroom

Lynnette Then distriBUtioN

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Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A7

NDP MLAs are lining up in race for leadership of the party Farnworth said 18,000 party members voted in the 2011 contest, won by Dix

despite having endorsement of only five caucus members. Candidates have until June

to sign up new members and Farnworth predicted that membership will top 20,000 by

the time the leadership vote is tallied on Sept. 28.




The Corporation of the City of Cranbrook has completed improvements to the water and sewer systems that are to be supported in part by a frontage tax levy imposed under the following bylaws: A. Water Frontage Tax Amendment Bylaw No. 3675, 2009 B. Sewer Frontage Tax Amendment Bylaw No. 3736, 2011

Photo tom Fletcher/Black Press

Stikine MLA Doug Donaldson and Saanich South MLA Lana Popham endorse Port Coquitlam MLA Mike Farnworth (centre) for the leadership of the NDP. by Tom Fletcher Port Coquitlam MLA Mike Farnworth introduced his first two caucus supporters recently for the NDP leadership race, promising more to come. Saanich South MLA Lana Popham and Stikine MLA Doug Donaldson are the first to publicly endorse Farnworth, who finished second to Adrian Dix in the 2011 NDP leadership race. Farnworth is trailing in MLA support behind

Juan de Fuca MLA John Horgan, the thirdplace finisher in 2011, who has 15 caucus members on side. Farnworth said there will be more MLA supporters when he holds his official campaign kickoff in Port Coquitlam on Saturday. Horgan is endorsed by Skeena MLA Robin Austin, Surrey-Newton MLA Harry Bains, Burnaby-Edmonds MLA Raj Chouhan, New Westminster MLA Judy Darcy, BurnabyDeer Lake MLA Kathy

Corrigan, VancouverPoint Grey MLA David Eby, Vancouver-Kensington MLA Mable Elmore, Alberni-Pacific Rim MLA Scott Fraser, Surrey-Green Timbers MLA Sue Hammell, VictoriaBeacon Hill MLA Carole James, EsquimaltRoyal Roads MLA Maurine Karagianis, Nelson-Creston MLA Michelle Mungall, Cowichan Valley MLA Bill Routley, BurnabyLougheed MLA Jane Shin and North Island MLA Claire Trevena.

Notices were sent the week of March 31, 2014, to each property owner where a change in frontage has occurred. These notices will state the actual and taxable frontage for the property and the frontage tax rates for 2014. The Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel will be held on the 28th day of April 2014, at 3:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall, 40 - 10th Avenue South, Cranbrook, BC, for the purpose of hearing complaints to: A. B. C.

The names of owners of parcels of land The actual frontage of parcels of land The taxable frontage of parcels of land A complaint shall not be heard unless notice of the complaint has been made in writing to the office of the Collector prior to 4:30 p.m. on the 25th day of April, 2014. For more information please call City Hall at 250-426-4211.

Pick Up Your Low Flow Toilet Rebate Applications Now!

For more information and applications about the Low Flow Toilet Rebate program, visit our website or stop by City Hall.

Coffee with the Mayor @ Max’s Place Saturday April 5, 2014 from 1 – 3pm

You are invited to have coffee with Cranbrook Mayor Wayne Stetski at Max’s Place on Saturday April 5, 2014 from 1 – 3pm. The afternoon is open for oneon-one discussion for you to discuss concerns and ask questions about the City of Cranbrook. Refreshments are not provided. Please come and join us!

Council Meeting Rebroadcast Date Change

SHAW Cable has advised that the rebroadcast of Cranbrook City Council meetings will be moving from Tuesdays at 6:00pm to Sundays at 11am due to the Western Hockey League playoffs. The WHL playoffs begin on Saturday March 15 and run for approximately nine weeks, ending approximately Saturday May 17, 2014. SHAW Cable will advise its viewers through a community message on the crawl at the bottom of the screen and in their schedules. The City of Cranbrook and SHAW apologize for any inconvenience.

Waste Collection & Disposal Bylaw

Under this bylaw, each household shall be allowed a maximum of three (3) garbage receptacles, including prefabricated receptacles and plastic garbage bags, per weekly pick up. Containers or bags must be a maximum of 20 kg. To leave additional receptacles for pick up, residents must purchase tags, at a cost of $1.50 per bag or receptacle for additional receptacles. Visit our website and click on ‘Bylaws’ for more on all of our City bylaws.

Watch the latest Cranbrook City Council meeting when you want.



Monday April 7 – Regular Council Meeting @ 6pm Monday April 28 – Regular Council Meeting @ 6pm

240 BAKER STREET MALL • (250) 489-3301 Locally Owned & Operated by Brenda Blair

• Monday-Thursday 9:30 - 5:30 • Friday 9:30 - 6:00 • Saturday 9:30 - 5:30 • Sunday Closed



Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

fun & games it’s all

Mon - Fri 9:00 - 5:00 Sat 9:00 - 4:00 Sunday & holidays closed

We Take Computers, TV’s, Small appliances & Paint

1125 Industrial Road #3, Cranbrook, BC V1C 5E3

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CLUES DOWN 1. Colas 2. Awaken 3. Better half 4. In event that 5. Demotes 6. City in NE Pakistan 7. Lotus roadster model 8. University board trustees 9. 40th state 12. Egyptian Sun god (var. sp.) 13. Hindu exercise discipline 17. Small coin (French) 19. More naked 20. Feel deep affection for 21. A protected community 25. Nation of birth 29. Two people singing 31. Applauding sounds 32. Variable stars 33. Reject 35. Building up 38. Not a fraction 41. Sailor 43. An evening party 44. Hollow for a lightbulb 45. Type 46. Dutch portrait painter Sir Peter 47. River of Hesse 49. N. Botswanan lake 56. 1/10 gram (abbr.) 57. Original Hawkeye actor’s initials


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Donna Dickie 426-8761

4 1 y Onl left! s h t o bo 40th Annual Home & Recreation Show at the Cranbrook Curling Center

May 2-4

Book your booth now to avoid disappointment! Contact Lily Durham (250)489-3455 or 1-800-665-2382 for more information



Cranbrook Bottle Depot

Feed Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A9

BC signs on to federal program

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Miche le Fran ko Fr

ien show dus reunion nderw ay!

30 like s

20 com ments 10 minu tes ago via mob Corry W ile illiams WOW can’t w ait Anna L ee Wh en is it comin g?


How do Canadians know if it’s true (or not)? They turn to the trusted source: Newspapers in print, online, tablet and phone. And, research finds that they trust the ads there too – more than those in any other medium. Be where Canadians look.

Photo Black Press

B.C. Jobs Minister Shirley Bond. By Tom Fletcher Black Press B.C. has signed on to the federal government’s program to match skills training with employers’ needs, after negotiations to maintain most of the existing programs to assist older and disadvantaged people. B.C. Jobs Minister Shirley Bond signed onto the Canada Job Grant program in Ottawa Monday, as provinces and territories agreed to a program that requires employers to put up a third of training costs. Once the program takes effect, the federal share will be up to $10,000 per trainee with another $5,000 from a sponsoring employer. Federal Employment Minister Kenney said the new program will

address the need for thousands of skilled workers to develop liquefied natural gas plants, pipelines and other projects in B.C. There is no general labour shortage in Canada, but the $900 million a year the federal government spends on post-secondary training needs to match up better with the available jobs, he said. “So we need to reengineer our education system,” Kenney said. “B.C. has taken the lead on this, to prepare young people for the jobs of the future, to educate them for the labour market.” The agreement means B.C. will use 40% of Ottawa’s $65 million annual skills training transfer for the new program. “We very much support the concept of em-

A correction In the Monday, March 31 issue of The Kootenay News Advertiser, pictures of Denham Ford’s Ann Hoodicoff (above, left) and Iris Vi-

ployer-led and driven employment programs, and I think that’s actually where we ended up with the Canada Job Grant file,” Bond said. B.C. objected to the program initially, because it would have taken federal money away from existing training programs for disadvantaged groups. Kenney said the amended deal allows 90 per cent of B.C.’s training programs to carry on. One of those is a 2007 federal-provincial program for workers aged 55 to 64 in communities with fewer than 250,000 people that have high unemployment or closure of employers.

sion Centre’s Nicole Alderman taken to promote the 2014 Kootenay Women’s Show were represented as “submitted” These pictures were taken by Wells Photographic Design, as were all the pictures in the “Speak Your Mind” promotional series.

Horoscope for the Week: April 4, 2014 Contact Michael O’Connor for a Personal Reading • 888.352.2936 •

Tip of the Week: Aries is the sign of dawn, daybreak, the moment when the sun peaks above the horizon flooding the plane in view with light. Thus the theme of birth, as in the new day, is linked to Aries. It is tempting to confuse the notion of the Constellation of Aries for that of the actual phenomenal event of the Sun at the moment of daybreak. Yet, there remains this lingering confusion which assumes that the constellations precede and are the foundation of Astrology. Sunrise, culmination at noon, sunset and midnight, which also correspond to East, South, West and North are the true foundations. The division of the day and the year into 4 main quadrants, in turn, also corresponds to the 4 Elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Dividing each quadrant into 3 produces a simple measure of beginning, middle and end of each quarter of the day and of the year. Early, spring, mid-spring and late spring is a basic example and we can say the same of morning, or of each quarter of the day. We can say the same of each quarter of the year, which of course are represented by the seasons and are demarcated by the solstices and equinoxes. The ‘Constellations of the Zodiac’ are thus projections of this experiential and time and date ordered measure of the passage of time. They are not so much objective facts as they are metaphors. So, it is easy to understand then that the 12 Constellations of the Zodiac do not precede the foundations of Astrology; they are actually afterthoughts used for the backdrop that they ably represent for the sake of measuring the movements of the planets which, based on their angular and spatial inter-relationships from the perspective of our experiential reality here on Earth, are the main players in Astrology. P.S. The Sun and Moon are generally classified as ‘planets’but are specifically referred to as ‘luminaries’. Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20) Libra (Sep 22 – Oct 22) New realizations are awakening you to perspectives previously Some shifting and shaking and sifting and sorting on hidden. These are linked to some of your closest relationships, relationship fronts should be keeping you occupied. The perhaps especially among friends. They are activating quality and mode of your self-expression is woven into this your mind and imagination. At best they are catalysts for plot. Expressing yourself creatively and according to your healing which includes clearing subconscious blocks and/or own, unique and individual style of late especially is featured. perceptual blind spots. Participate with sincerity for best Yet this week the emphasis shifts from self-expression to results. service and giving. Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21) Scorpio (Oct 22 – Nov 21) Many ideas, dreams and schemes that have been brewing in Changes in your daily routine and possibly even your entire the back of your mind are beginning to take form. These may lifestyle continue to roll in. This week you might even still be in the planning or drafting stage. They are linked to experience a spike in the graph. Doing work behind the scenes your reputation and place in the world. Yet, you may feel a bit is likely. This includes activities close to home and with family. scattered and overwhelmed by all the implications. Allow your Cleaning and beautifying your living environment will prove dreams to guide you. inspiring. Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21) Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 21) A resurgence of your sense of individuality is underway. This How far will you go? The time has come to expand the scope turn may feel sharp, sudden and unexpected. Yet it may be just of your influence. Yet, you are wise to think twice and act once what you have been wanting, asking for, or at least needing. now. Some of your ideas may not be so realistic, or at least At best it will feel like a new sense of freedom. Still, it may you do not have enough to follow through with. Not enough require some sober thought, action and investigation. You information or materials or money or…. Do make plans but likely have something special to share. Name it and you will wait for some of the missing pieces to fall into place. be half way there. Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19) Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Situations at home are influencing your decisions at work Something big is shaking in your public and professional life. and vice versa. Though a common theme, the implications This may not be a new story, but this is the next chapter, or are larger than usual. Questions of money are featured. perhaps even the next sequel. The reverberations can be felt This is all stirring your thoughts and imagination, perhaps close to home and in your most important relationships. It wildly. Consider that self-mastery = emotional self-control = may feel like you have to proceed as on simply a hope and a harnessing your imagination to work for and not against you. prayer. Well, there is power in both of these so make the most Aquarius (Jan 19 – Feb 19) of them. In this age of massive and global information exchange, Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 23) many new perspectives are being stimulated. This will be extra Circumstances are leading you, perhaps even pushing, to go evident to you and in your life circumstance now. This is your big. To succeed it will require a firm grip. This implies self- invitation to take some time out to express your ideas and/ control to outline, execute and follow through on key plans. or to promote your gifts, talents, skills and offerings. TuneIt also includes a healthy balance of collaboration, delegation in by harnessing your imagination and expressing and/or and research. Prepare to be in the limelight for a while presenting your talents. starting in 2-3 weeks. Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22) Laying the foundation for future activity is now in focus. Diving deeply into matters continues. These stand to be Careful preparation and planning is necessary for success. linked to finances, income, taxes and so on. While you might This implies creative work behind the scenes. Yet, it also rather evade or deny the implications, it best that you don’t. features communications with pivotal players on ‘your team’. Aim to interpret these events as opportunities to increase Your ambitions will rise yet and so too will your work load. your personal power. Meanwhile, people and situations may For now, rest, plan and prepare. not be so reliable or predicable just now, so you are wise to remain flexible.


Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Things to See & Do To Place a listing in our community news section: 1. open to all clubs and nonprofit organizations. 2. Post your event online at (calendar). events appear on our website oNlY. If you wish your event to be published in the paper please submit to our front desk or email: 3. Notices are published as space permits and for the current week only. This is not a guarantee of publication. We reserve the right to edit information.only non-profit organizations/events will be allowed.

April KINdergarTeN ImmuNIzaTIoNs available for children between the ages of 4 and 6 years at the cranbrook Health unit. For an appoint-

ment call 250-4202207. clinic dates are: monday april 7, Friday april 11, monday april 14, Thursday may 15.

April 5 aFrIcaN dINNer presented by Kimberley go go grannies. doors open at 5:30pm, dinner at 6:30pm at the old Baurenhaus (4 course african dinner), door prizes and silent auction. cost is $55 with all proceeds going to the stephen lewis Foundation. For tickets and info contact ruth ratzcalff at 250-427-2706. cHrIsT THe servaNT caTHolIc Women’s league will be holding their sPrINg Tea, on saturday from 12 noon until 3pm. Held at church Hall-110014th ave s, cranbrook. come one, come all for some refreshing food and fellowship.

April 9 KImBerleY gardeN club april Program: Basic garden design. selkirk High school library 7-9pm. New members welcome. For more info: Nola 250-4271947.

and saturday 9:30am, 2pm, 7pm speakers: steve and Wendy Backlund and Team from redding california register online at contact Info: 250-421-3784 or

trip which included Iceland, sweden, Finland, russia, Korea and Japan.

MAY “eagles sPrINg craFT FlINg” may 2 - 5pm to 9pm, may 3 - 9 to 4, may 4 10 to 4, eagles Hall 711 Kootenay st N. For more info or table call 250-426-6006

426-4529 or Jeanette 250-426-2393 Food BaNK BINgo, Kimberley elks club, every monday at 7pm 427-2343 TrIToN sWIm cluB, accepting registration for children ages 6 & up at anytime. gretchen, 489-4365. come aNd JoIN us at the senior centre in cranbrook for an afternoon of Bingo every Wed. at 1 pm. come JoIN us for crib every Friday, 7 pm, The senior centre. HarleY oWNers grouP: meet the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at Harley davidson of the Kootenays, all enthusiasts welcome, Wayne schell, 426-8795. are You INTeresTed in turning rocks into gems...? cBK rock and gems of the Kootenays is interested in new members. Tues, 11-4, Wed., 1-4. glen 426-

Things to See & Do

Hugs: I would like to take the time to say thank you to the Fas Gas on Victoria for continuing to stay full serve gas service. You really don’t realize how many people appreciate their service, I will continue to frequently use your service as long as you stay a full serve gas bar, thank you Hugs: To the lady in the Tim Horton’s drive though line up who bought me my coffee this morning (March 25). Thank you very much! Sorry, we didn’t win a car. Hugs:  To ANNIE at Walmart Photo who helped me with my digital camera.  She taught me how to use it and as a result saved me a lot of money.  Thank you Annie! Hugs: To the two people at the Superstore who helped me at the checkout line. I couldn’t lift a heavy item so the lady helped me get it out of the cart for the cashier to scan and the gentleman helped bag my groceries. Thank you so much!! Slugs: To all those people who think that every deer in this region is out to get them! Heaven forbid you might see one while walking your dog! Maybe you might feel safer by moving to Banff where you can walk your dogs with elk in the town, or maybe move up north where there are more cougars! Give that a try and let me know how that goes, cause I have no problem walking my 2 dogs 2 or 3 times a day in Kimberley’s nature park!!!! Hugs: To the family who totally made our day on Tuesday when they secretly paid for our lunch at the ABC restaurant.  I’m not usually at a loss for words but came very close. Our thanks to you and we’ll pay it forward at the first opportunity. 

April 10

craNBrooK FIrsT ToasTmasTers spring/summer session with a mad Hatter’s party. 7pm rm 210 at the college of the rockies. guests attend at no charge. great opportunity to learn speaking and leadership skills. aPrIl 10 & 11 The eK Performing arts Festival will showcase strings at the Knox Presbyterian church.

April 11 “IgNITed JoY sPrINg coNFereNce” House oF HoPe 629-6th sT. NW cranbrook april 11-12 Friday 7pm

Hugs: We would like to send out 12 HUGS to Wolfpack Signs & Printing for getting our uniforms done super quick!!!! (On really short notice!) Thank you so much!!!!! Hugs: To my Pocha Road neighbors who have consistently ploughed out my driveway when the snow falls..... and for the many other things you have helped me with over the last 20 years... You are the best neighbors ever and the planet is a better place because you two are on it! Hugs from the bottom of my heart! Hugs: To Gordon Johnson, highway sweeper operator, who made the extra pass on our ashphalt entrance to Hidden Valley Road at 2724. We need more folks on our planet like you. God bless you! The Thue’s Hugs: To Dr. Aleem & nurse Theresa for the loving and compassionate care received in the Cranbrook Regional Hospital. We are so blessed to be living in a place like Cranbrook. Big hugs from Isabella Thue Hugs: A big hug to the Kootenay Ice players who gave us such exciting games against Calgary. Beating Calgary is always the best.   Hugs: To the Kootenay Ice fans who jammed Western Financial Place and created such excitement on Saturday night. Be sure to come back as the excitement was electric with a full arena.   Hugs: To Tim Bozon it was heart warming to see you back in Cranbrook. A win for Tim! Hugs: To Rob, for doing such a great job getting the Ice fans pumped up prior to each period.

If you have a Hug or a Slug...we’d like to hear it. Simply email us at with your short quips, compliments or complaints. We will print the anonymous submissions for all to see. Be honest, but all we ask is you keep it tasteful. Hugs and Slugs will be printed as space allows, if we miss yours check back next week and you will be bumped to the start of the list. You can also drop by a written submission to our office at 1510 2nd Street N. or call Shannon at (250)489-3455 or 1-800-665-2382

April 12

craNBrooK ToasTmasTers division speech contests 1pm at the college of the rockies lecture Theatre. come out and hear contestants compete for a chance to got the district (Provincial) contest. admission if free.

April 14 FrIeNds oF THe craNBrooK lIBrarY are presenting a Travelogue with gary clohan at the college of the rockies lecture Theatre. admission by donation 7pm. gary will take you along on his 2013


elKo ParKs aNd recreaTIoN FuNdraIser (proceeds toward hall operations): Pancake Breakfast is the 2nd sunday monthly. Incl. pancakes, sausage patties & eggs, o/juice & ‘all you want’ coffee For $7.00 and kids 10&under $3.00 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at elko community Hall HearTs IN moTIoN Walking club meet mon, Wed, Fri at the cranbrook rec Plex 9am. Walk inside or out, all ages welcome. marion 250-

Cranbrook Alliance Church Sunday Service & Children’s Ministry - 10:30 am 1200 Kootenay Street N. For more info: 489-4704 Senior Pastor Grant McDowell “Seeking the heartbeat of God”

EK Lutheran Parish

Website: • Phone: 1-866-426-7564 Pastor Fraser Coltman & Pastor Dave Morton Mt. Zion Cranbrook 920-11th St. S. Sunday Worship 10 am, Thursday Worship 7 pm Holy Cross Kimberley 105 Howard Sunday Worship 10 am Trinity Fernie 691 - 4th Ave. Sunday Worship 1:30 pm Immanuel Elkford 2700 Balmer Dr. Sunday Worship 4 pm St. Peter’s Invermere 110-7th Ave. Sunday Worship 1:30 pm

Knox Presbyterian Church

Corner Victoria and 3rd Street south 426-7165 Senior Pastor Young Families Pastor - Pastor Al Brouwer Sunday worship/children’s classes 10am Friendly congregation - biblical teaching - traditional and contemporary music - Everyone welcome!

The Salvation Army Kootenay Valley Community Church 533 Slater Road NW, 426-3612 Sunday Worship Service ............ 10:30 am Wednesday Praise Service.......... 5:00 pm Pastor: Captains Linda & Kirk Green

5411 cell (Tues.-Wed.) 421-9266 callINg all FIsHer meN & WomeN! Have a passion for fishing & like to learn more about all types of anglign? The cranbrook rocky mountain Fly Fishing club meets every second Tuesday of the month. 250919-5292 for information. NaTIve FrIeNdsHIP ceNTre monthly meetings, 7 pm, last Thursday of month. mt Baker secondary school, room 100, everyone welcome. easT KooTeNaY BaHa’Is welcome you to interfaith devotional gatherings which include prayers & readings from all the world’s religions; interspersed with music. For times & place in your area please contact: 417-0223, 426-4081, 344-6991,,


The Jaffray United Church meets every second & last Sunday of the month at 11:00am. Rev. Jack Lindquist.

Calvary Chapel Cranbrook Sunday Service - 10:30 am Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm 518 Cranbrook St. N. (next door to KFC) For more info: 421-1822 Pastor Steve Moon

Cranbrook United Church

#2 - 12 Ave. S. on the corner of Baker & 12th Phone: 250-426-2022 Fax: 250-426-2085 Rev. Frank Lewis Sunday Worship.......................... 10:00 am Sunday School 1st & 3rd, Children’s activites alternate weeks •

Cranbrook Fellowship Baptist Church Affiliated with Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada • Pastor Cyril Marlatt 2000-5th St. N., Cranbrook • 489-5169 Family Worship .......................... 10:00 am

First Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Ewaskow Sunday morning worship at 10:30am Children’s ministries at 10:30am 334 14th Ave S • 250-426-4319

St. Aidan Orthodox Church New Life Foursquare Church Sunday Services.......................... 10:30 am Fellowship lunch and Sunday School to follow For info call: 250-489-8006 or 250-421-6013 Come, See & Pray

308 10th Ave. South • 489-1057 Sunday Morning Worship • 10am Senior Pastor • Gordon Henry

Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A11


Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A13

A simplified RFP form for small businesses Submitted

The Government of B.C. has officially launched its two-page, short-form request for proposals (SRFP) making it easier for small businesses to sell to government. The shorter form will be used for government opportunities valued at less than $250,000, where it makes sense. The change streamlines the request for proposals process, making it easier for small businesses to apply and compete for work. The SRFP is one of several measures announced in 2013 to increase small businesses participation in government procurement opportunities.

The scope, process and templates for the two-page form were developed through extensive consultations - 14 sessions with 273 vendors, ministry and broader public sector staff during fall 2013. Several ministries piloted the short form RFP in January and February with positive results. Benefits of the simplified two-page form: * Reduces the amount of time required to manage the request for proposals process overall. * Previously, the average length of a request for proposal was around 18 pages but could be upwards of 80 pages with submitted responses being much longer, sometimes up to a few

hundred pages. a BC Small Business * Uses a smart form, a Accord commitment to fillable online PDF doc- reduce barriers to govument with rules built ernment’s procurement in that provides consis- process. The form also tency in the experience aligns with a recomfor vendors and minis- mendation to streamline tries. This includes bet- procurement processes ter alignment between and templates, as outwhat is being asked for, lined in the report Doand what is being evalu- ing Business with Govated. ernment Project (http:// The simplified two replacement guarantee_one day sale page formdiamond delivers on tobcgov/docs/Doing-

on a large selection of our in-stock diamonds.


diamond replacement guarantee

Glenn has been a part of our Board for nine years, showing a tremendous commitment to health care for our region,”

Free with diamond purchases over $200 See in-store for details

Norman Embree, IH Board Chair

Submitted Interior Health would like to express its appreciation to longstanding Board Director Glenn Sutherland, who retired from the Board when his term expired on March 31. “Glenn has been a part of our Board for nine years, showing a tremendous commitment to health care for our region,” says Board Chair Norman Embree. “On behalf of the Board, I would like to acknowledge the dedication he brought to Interior Health throughout his tenure.” The Board of Directors functions as the governing body for Interior Health, providing oversight on the organization’s strategic direction to the Senior Executive Team, which is responsible for dayto-day operations. Board members are appointed by the Province of British Columbia. “Glenn brought a strong governance, business and rural perspective and passionate voice to the Board for almost a decade. I’d like to wish him well in his future pursuits,”

2014-04-02 11:16 AM Page 1

Save 20%

Retiring IH board member honoured

BusinessWithGovtProject_v04.pdf),released by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training in March.Recommendations in the report are intended to reduce the barriers facingsmall businesses and improve their ability to sell to government.

says Dr. Robert Halpenny, CEO and Presi-

Why fight traffic, bad weather and high-pressure sales staff when you can shop local and have the confidence that your purchases will be backed up with the Jewels on Ninth service guarantee.

see Retiring page 14

24 - 9th Ave. S., Cranbrook » 250-489-5773 » 1-800-953-8388 »

Warehouse Clearance Prices Starting at.. Armstrong Vinyl Plank Flooring 3 colours

89 $ 75 3

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sq. ft.

Check out our in-store specials on hardwood, laminate, carpet and vinyl......

703 Cranbrook Street North , Cranbrook, BC V1C 3S1 250-489-3575

Thursday april 10. 12-4 Friday april 11. 10-7 saTurday april 12. 10-5 Closed Wednesday ,april 9 to prepare

Nov 01 - Semi Annual 3 Day Sale -10 pg tallboy - AEF-Nov01-pg1

Nov 01 - Semi Annual 3 Day Sale -10 pg tallboy - AEF-Nov01-pg1


Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser Retiring from page 13

Nobody Beats The Brick. Nobody Beats The Brick.

dent of Interior Health. Sutherland accepted Nov 01 - Semi Annual 3 Day Sale -10 pg tallboy - AEF-Nov01-pg1a position on the IH Board in March of 2005. He made an important contribution over the years, both as a director and in chairing the Board’s Audit and Finance, Human + Resources and GoverAIR MATTRESS! • Doors open 9am Friday, Nov. 1st On Saturday, we’ll give you a nance committees. His FREE TWIN AIR MATTRESS • Doors close FRIDAY 6pm Sunday, Nov. 3rd • SATURDAY • SUNDAY FREE TWIN with ANY Furniture or Mattress + Due to local bylaws some store hours may vary. role with the board also purchase, no exceptions. AIR MATTRESS! • Doors open 9am Friday, Nov. 1st gave him the opportuOn Saturday, we’ll give you a




Friday, Saturday, Sunday • April 4, 5, 6 While quantities last, one per family.

• Doors close 6pm Sunday, Nov. 3rd

80 % 75 80 % 80 50 % % 50 50 60 30


up to

FREE TWIN AIR MATTRESS with ANY Furniture or Mattress ALL Bonded purchase, no & exceptions.

Due to local bylaws some store hours may vary.

and it really made the whole experience incredibly rewarding.” Interior Health’s Board consists of nine Directors appointed by the Minister of Health through a process established by the government’s Board Resourcing and Development Office.

WhileLeather quantities last, one per family. Faux Sofas

Laurie Middle School Presents FREE TWIN FRIDAY • SATURDAY •Fabric SUNDAY Sofas + Internet/Social Media Safety Bonded & MATTRESS! • DoorsALL open 9am Friday, Nov. 1st ALLAIR Genuine Leather Sofas


up to

and Digital Citizenship for Parents

Excludes reclining.

Reclining Sofas ALL Fabric Sofas Leather Sofas

Faux Leather Sofas • Doors close 6pm Sunday, ALL Reclining Sofas Nov. 3rd FREE TWIN AIR MATTRESS On Saturday, we’ll give you a

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Due to local bylaws some store hours may vary.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014 7:00-9:00pm at the Key City Theatre

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FIRST when you purchase EITHER matching loveseat IME ORthe our ticket Tprice chair at our ticket price. ! R E V E

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ALL Bonded & Education is the first step in keeping our kids safer in this technologyFaux Leather Sofas

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driven world. It is not uncommon that our children know more about the workings of the Internet and Social Networking than we as parents + EITHER the Excludes reclining. do. This presentation is designed to educate even the most computer illiterate Sofas parent.  Knowledge and the understanding and application of when you purchase EITHER ALL Genuine Leather ADVERTISED ITEMS matching thatSofas knowledge is power.  Our presentation will provide the knowledge and ALL Reclining the matching loveseat our ticketloveseat price information, based upon academically peer reviewed research, that parents ALL Fabric Sofas ORat our chair. OR chair ticket price. need to know about the Internet and Social Networking to help keep their + Excludes discounted, clearance, “Hot Buy” deals, Modesto, promoted offers, and Buyer’s Best Buys. children safer. To date, thousands of parents (and growing) in British Columbia have heard our very unique “pro-active” message. when you purchase EITHER

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Plulsus P

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the matching loveseat OR chair at our ticket price.

our ticket price Excludes discounted, clearance, “Hot Buy” deals, promoted offers, iComfort, ComforPedic, and Tempur-Pedic. Excludes discounted, clearance, “Hot Buy” deals, Modesto, promoted offers, and Buyer’s Best Buys. Minimum mattress purchase $799.


our ticket price


Some Of The Topics Covered Include

• What is the Internet and Social Networking • What are our kids doing on-line • What are Chatrooms, IM’s, SMS/MMS and how to stay safer using them • Cellphone/smartphone and web cam safety • How students are placing their privacy at risk on-line • What is your “digital dossier” and how to protect it • The good and bad of Social Networks • Parental Risk Management $799 or more. • How to secure your Social Network + Excludes discounted, clearance, “Hot Buy” deals, promoted offers, • Understanding that everything you post on-line is public, iComfort, ComforPedic, and Tempur-Pedic. permanent and searchable Minimum mattress purchase $799. • The dangers of screen names and profiles • Who is the Internet predator and what are their tricks • What is Social Engineering and how students are falling prey to this vulnerability • When to be concerned as a parent • Internet filtering pros/cons



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15-20 MIN.

nity to serve as ViceChair of the Health Employers Association of BC, and served as a Trustee on Healthcare Benefit Trust. “From the executive team to the front lines, everyone is really focused on doing the best thing for everyone at Interior Health,” says Sutherland. “Seeing people at all levels supporting patients and each other is touching,



bedroom and diningour room already incredible MARKED+ DOWN! package prices bedroom and dining room

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Store Hours Monday to Thursday 9am - 6 pm Sunday 12 - 5pm

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Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A15

Kindergarten booster shots soon to be available Submitted Your child is enrolled and ready for kindergarten, but what about making sure that your child’s immune system is ready too? Kindergarten boosters are being offered to children between the ages of 4 and 6 at the Cranbrook Health Unit. Clinics are scheduled for April 7, 11 and 14 and appointments can be booked by calling 250-420-2207. When children reach kindergarten age, it’s time for two booster immunizations of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and chickenpox. That’s because as children get older, the protection from infant immunizations can wear off. Vaccines trigger the immune system to be prepared to protect itself when exposed to certain bacteria and viruses that cause diseases such as pertussis (whooping cough) or polio. Recent outbreaks of pertussis and measles in BC have highlighted the importance of keeping disease rates low by keeping immunization rates high. The DTaPIPV vaccine protects against four diseases all in one shot. Diphtheria is a serious infection of the nose and throat and is spread through the air by sneezing, coughing or directly by skin-to –skin contact. Tetanus, also known as “lockjaw” is caused by a germ mostly found in soil that can enter the skin through a cut or scrape. Pertussis is a serious infection of the lungs and throat that is easily spread by coughing, sneezing or close face-to-face contact. Polio, although no longer in Canada, still occurs in other parts of the world and can reappear if immunization rates fall. The chickenpox vaccine is the best way to protect your child against the chickenpox illness and its complications such as pneumonia, encephalitis (swelling of the brain), and bacterial infections of the skin. Encephalitis can lead to convulsions, deafness or brain damage. For some people, the chickenpox virus can become active again later in life and cause a painful rash called shingles. Vaccines are safe. It

is much safer to get the vaccine than to get sick from the disease. Common reactions to the vaccine include soreness, redness and swelling where the shot was given. These reactions are mild and generally only last one to two days. The Kindergarten booster is easy to get. If you live outside the Cranbrook area, you can contact your local Public Health Centre for immunization information, to find out when Kindergarten booster clinics are being held in your area, or to book an appointment. Public Health Centres are listed under Health Authorities in the ‘Blue Pages’ of your local Telus telephone directory, or you can visit our website www. and follow the links under Health Services/Service

Listings/Public Health Centres. In addition, is

a great source for information on vaccinations and immunization.

Regional District of East Kootenay South Fernie - Hill Road Berm Tender SEALED TENDERS marked, “Tender - Hill Road Berm” and submitted to the attention of Jim Maletta, AScT., Engineering Technician, Regional District of East Kootenay, 19 – 24th Avenue South, Cranbrook BC V1C 3H8 will be accepted until 2:00 pm MDT on April 17, 2014. An optional Pre-Tender Site Meeting will be held on Friday, April 11th 2014 at 11:00am MDT at the north end of Hill Road. The tender documents may be obtained as of April 3, 2014 online at or by contacting Jim Maletta at 250-489-2791 or The Regional District reserves the right to arbitrarily accept or reject any or all bids and to waive irregularities at its own discretion. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing the Regional District reserves the right to arbitrarily reject any bid submitted by a contractor that has a disputed account against or due by the Regional District or against whom the Regional District has a disputed account. The lowest or any bid will not necessarily be accepted and the Regional District reserves the right to negotiate terms and conditions with the successful Bidder.

19 - 24th Avenue South, Cranbrook BC V1C 3H8 Phone: 250-489-2791 Toll Free: 1-888-478-7335 Email: Website:

Thursday april 10. 12-4 Friday april 11. 10-7 saTurday april 12. 10-5 Closed Wednesday ,april 9 to prepare


Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Kimberley Atom Dynamiters receive kudos from local sponsors Submitted

is presenting A MENOPAUSE WORKSHOP April 15th, 6-7pm Christ Church Anglican Hall with Tara Fiedler-Graham, Nurse Practioner and

ADMISSION BY DONATION Please preregister by April 10th by phone or email 250-426-2912 •

The Kimberley Atom Dynamiters recently enjoyed an end of season party at McDonald’s Restaurant in Cranbrook. The team, posing with McDonald’s managers Kris Rankin and Roger Rusnell, are sponsored by AtoMc Hockey, which is McDonald’s minor hockey sponsorship program that provides free sets of pro-style jerseys and socks as well McDonald’s coupons for participating house league Atom level teams across Canada. The Kimberley Atom Dynamiters are one of seven AtoMc sponsored teams in Cranbrook, Kimberley and Fernie.

After a long season, the Kimberley Atom Dynamiters were treated by sponsor AtoMc Hockey.

Photo submitted

y d a e Get R Summer SALE for $ 99 46

/wk~60 mo

228 mo Amort OAC 6.23% $23,900* -

* $296 doc fee and $25 tire and battery levie

2013 Jay Feather X13 Stk# T3546

Gerry’s Summerizing Special




DOMINATOR 20” Sewer Hose Kit

*Some restrictions apply. Call for details.





2813-23rd St. N. Cranbrook, BC • Toll Free 1-800-663-4824 • Tel (250)489-4141 D7950


013 S2 RD


013 S2 RD


Check out all our pre-owned selection online at

Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A17

Change to Agriculture Land Commission

Everybody Loses

a look a style a statement

(Kootenay East) Province of British Columbia

3 Facts you need to Know About...

10 ft


Brought to you by Bill Bennett, MLA.

5 ft 11% of collisions

Licensed Hairstylist

Evening appointments available *Home based salon*

Rachelle Keiver

(250) 426-5961 1024 13th Street S., Cranbrook, BC

7.5 ft

86% of 2.5 ft collisions

High risk times of day: 6 - 8 am and 5 - 8 pm 1,930 wildlife vehicle collisions occur each year in the east and west Kootenays. For driving tips go to Sponsored by ICBC and the Wildlife Collision Prevention Program

1. The Agriculture Land Reserve & Commission were created 40 years ago to ensure good agricultural land was protected for agriculture. Changes made by my Core Review Committee maintain that protection but will now take into account the farm family & helping farmers & ranchers stay on the land.


s ’ b o R


McLovin’s Picks of the Week

Call Rob & Ask for Details er

3. ALC decisions will be made by people from the region. The six existing regional panels will be established in law and must have minimum of two members. maximum of 3, all from that region. ALC will now have an obligation to report to Minister on service levels to the public.

2001 Kootenay St. N. (250)417-3310

Pa ss 7 en g

2. The ALR will be divided into two zones. Zone 1 (lower mainland, Island, Okanagan) will be business as usual; Zone 2 (Kootenays, Cariboo & North) ALC decisions will now consider (in addition to agriculture land protection) economic, social & local government perspectives.

Rob “McLovin” 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander “Great for that weekend getaway.” StkB603327

ONLY $179 Biweekly Payment* M 4 PG 8 Hw


*Over 84 mos. 4.99% $2500 down OAC

3 Good Credit 3 Bad Credit 3 No Credit 3 Bankrupt 3 Divorced 3 Easy Approvals


MLA Bill Bennett Telephone: 250 417-6022 Facsimile: 250 417-6026 Toll Free: 1 866 417-6022 email: website:

2014 Kia Forte Koup “Fun, sporty and ready for spring.” Stk14-205086

ONLY $149 Biweekly Payment* Constituency Office: 100c Cranbrook Street North Cranbrook, BC V1C 3P9

*Over 84 mos. 4.99% $2500 down OAC

Email: Cell 250-417-7899 1-888-616-1555 Ask for Rob 1101 Victoria Ave DL#30736

Thursday april 10. 12-4 Friday april 11. 10-7 saTurday april 12. 10-5 Closed Wednesday ,april 9 to prepare



Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Gregarious Gardener

10 Neat Things COTR introduces new technology program by Top Crop Garden, Farm & Pet

Spring Houseplants

1. Wakey, wakey! Spring is the time when we start to look for signs of life outdoors in yards and gardens, but our houseplants are also waking up from their winter slumber and kicking into high gear. We can give them a boost with a little bit of TLC. 2. Spring cleaning. Houseplants use their green leaves to absorb sunlight and produce food in a process called photosynthesis. Dirty leaves cannot photosynthesize, so it is important to get all the dust and possibly insects that have accumulated on your plants over the dry winter months off as soon as they are ready to come out of dormancy. 3. Take a shower. The easiest way to clean your houseplants with hard-surfaced, smooth leaves is to give them a nice, tepid shower. To be sure your plant does not get over-watered in the shower, place the pot in a plastic bag and tie it tightly - without causing injury - around the base of the plant. You may have to lay extra plastic between multiple stems. Put the plant in the shower, making sure the water is neither too warm nor too cold and let the water sprinkle the plant for a few minutes. 4. Gentle touch. Plants with hairy leaves need a bit of dusting with a feather duster or paintbrush before hitting the shower. For prickly cactus and hairy succulents, the shower method is not appropriate both so you don’t poke yourself and to protect the waxy or hairy coating that protects these plants and helps them to conserve moisture. Stick to dusting or carefully pick off larger dust particles with a pair of tweezers. Another option is to mist your cactus with a spray bottle filled with water and clean the areas that are dirty or dusty. 5. Minerals are not always a good thing. While plants need mineral nutrients in the soil to help them grow, minerals can build up on leaves and the soil surface and actually become harmful to your plants. You can wipe smooth leaves with a dry, clean rag or gently scrape with your thumb. Make sure to support each leaf with your free hand as you work. Mineral deposits on the soil surface and rim of the pot should be removed completely without damaging the plants’ roots. 6. Bring back the light. Once the plants are clean and shiny, they have to dry completely before being returned to their spot in the light as direct sunlight can burn wet leaves. Set them on towels or old newspapers to dry right in the shower stall. Before you place the plants back on the window sill, clean the glass so the plant gets optimal sunlight. 7. Outgrowing their home. If you have removed mineral build-up from the soil in your pots, adding a fresh layer of potting mix can revive your plants. Sometimes, however, there comes a time when your houseplant outgrows its pot and needs to be transplanted into a bigger one. If left in a pot that is too small, the plant’s roots may not be able to get water and nutrients they need to grow, look stunted and older leaves may yellow and drop. Repotting is best done in the spring when roots grow quickly, helping the plant recover from the shock of transplanting. 8. Finding a new home. Water the plant well a few days before repotting. The new pot for your houseplant should be about two inches larger in diameter than the old one. Get the plant out of its old home by inverting the pot and gently lifting the plant out, hanging onto the main stem. Loosening the sides with a wide knife can help. Put fresh potting soil in the bottom of the new pot, transfer the plant over and add potting mix so soil is at the same level as in the old pot. Water well and keep out of strong light for a few days to help the plant rest. 9. Getting to the root of it. Root trimming can be effective if you want to keep a plant at its existing size in the original pot and improve its health at the same time. Remove the plant from the pot and trim one to two inches of the outer roots with sharp pruners. When you are finished put the plant back in the pot with some new soil mix. Keep in mind, this method will not work for all plants. 10. Outdoor living. Once it has warmed up outdoors and there is no chance your houseplants could get too cold overnight, consider taking them outside. Start off in a semi-shaded spot to acclimatize them to the sunlight and after a week, move them around to find the perfect spot for the summer.

15% Off OFF 20%

All Pots Must present coupon. While quantities last. Offer expires April 13, 2014

Open daily 9am-6pm

MORTGAGE INTELLIGENCE An intelligent way to get a mortgage. John Magis

Mortgage Consultant

Photo submitted

Students will learn gain hands-on experience in a variety of aspects of computer and information technology in the new Computer Support Technician certificate program at College of the Rockies.


• Lower than posted bank rates • First-time buyers • Debt consolidation • Construction draw mortgages • Private mortgages


$507 /month over 30 years $569/month over 25 years 3.09% 10% Down

Sherri Magis


Mortgage Consultant

1264 sq.ft, all drywalled Set up & ready to move into

Best Quality and Price in the Kootenays 2345 Cranbrook St N 250-426-1882 tf: 855-815-7575

Hedley Pre-ConCert dinner SPeCial!! April 8th, 2014

6oz Steak Sandwich topped with your choice of pan-fried Mushrooms & Onions or Brandy Peppercorn sauce, served with Salad & Fries!

$9.95 plus GST

Buffet & Hutch Sofa & Loveseat Electric Fireplace w/cooler 6 Pc Bedroom Suite

$1948 $3108 $699 $1844

$???? $1499 $199 $888

Regular Pub menu also available featuring favorites including: • CJ’s Legendary Burger • Slow cooked BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich • Jack’s Southwest Nachos & many more

See you at Coyote Jack’s!!! Reservations are recommended

Call 250 489-4146

Submitted College of the Rockies is once again expanding their list of course offerings with a new Computer Support Technician (CST) certificate program. This innovative program combines online learning with hands-on experience in computer hardware, application support, operating systems and networks. The CST program is being offered in collaboration with four other post-secondary institutions: College of New Caledonia, Northern Lights College, Yukon College and Northwest Community College. Students are admitted to and receive their certificate from College of the Rockies but courses will be offered online by all five institutions. Information Technology Department Head Ildi Walkley says, “Businesses depend on computer systems for everything from their web presence to their record-keeping, email and office applications and they need professionals to help keep these systems functioning. This new program helps prepare graduates for industry certification exams and for entry level positions as computer support technicians.” Students enrolled in the CST program will complete 10 courses over two semesters starting in September 2014. In the second semester of the program, students can choose electives based on their preferred focus: web development, systems administration or database administration. For more information on the Computer Support Technician program, go to:

Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A19

Your community. Your classifieds.








classifieds@ kootenayadvertiser. com

It is agreed by any Display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisment and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisment and box rental.


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Business Opportunities

Childcare Available

Doreen Bossio

Caring & reliable mom with excellent references has 1 full time spot avail, any age welcome.Michelle, (250)426-7301

Lost & Found

On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

Sadly Missed by Willi, Jody, Sydni & Kurtis Lutzke





Tuesdays 4pm Tuesday @@2pm forfor thethe following Friday. Thursdays following Friday. Thursdays@@ 4pm 2pm for the following for the following MondayMonday.

Note: Additional lines extra.


Attn: Placer miners & prospectors: The ministry is attempting to add more fees and take away our rights. Time to unite. (250)431-8632 I am quite sure most of you have seen the rather large red Dragon that has been flying over the south side of Cranbrook for the better part of 4 months. I am looking for someone to: lure said dragon away from south side of town, force said dragon to land, slay said dragon in whatever way you see fit. No actual pay, but experience of one million points that should get you a few level ups. Please note that I’m not talking about the green Dragon that frequents the area from time to time, she and I have an agreement.


Lost Away Lost && Found Found and and Free Give Away ads ads are are no no charge. Example of Rates asfollows: follows:1 issue, 1 issue, 3 lines rates as 3 lines for for $10. 22 issues, 3 lines for $15.28. $14.99. $10.18, issues, 3 lines for Note: Additional lines extra.


In Memoriam March 1933-April 2013

PHONE:250.489.3455 OR 1.800.665.2382


Happy Thoughts

ENHAM FORD (BC) LTD Information ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2014-2016 BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis

The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email:

Found: set of 5 keys on comical keychain, found downtown hear the Telus building, Monday, March 17. Call 1 (250)489-3455 to describe. Lost: Black Tabby Cat, neutered male. Missing from 2nd Ave South, near TM Roberts, since March 8th. Last seen wearing a black collar with a bell. Please call Susan 250489-3228 Lost: ipod in black rubber case, around TM Roberts school, lost Sunday, March 23. (778)517-2525 Lost Panasonic ZS30 camera with blue case in Cranbrook area. (250)919-8643 Lost: silver Tabby, male, light grey with black stripes, went missing Thursday March 20, near Silver Creek, West Hwy area. (250)426-2822





Van Kam’s Group of Companies requires Highway linehaul Owner Operators based in our Castlegar terminal for runs throughout BC and Alberta. Applicants must have winter and mountain, driving exp. / training. We offer above average rates and an excellent employee benefits package.

BC Built Sales


To join our team of professional drivers, email a detailed resume, current driver’s abstract & details of your truck to: Call 604-968-5488 Fax: 604-587-9889

FOR SALE. Wineworks Cranbrook & Kimberley is the longest running U-vin/U-brew under same ownership in all of BC, having opened in 1990. This successful business is now for sale. Call 250 427 4422 or email

Lost & Found


• Certified Home Study Course • Jobs Registered Across Canada • Gov. Certified / 604.681.5456 or 1.800.665.8339

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SignUp online! 1-866-399-3853

We’re on the net at

Smokey gray long-haired Maine Coon cat missing in Kimberley. Last seen on Rotary Drive near the Kimberley Aquatic Centre. This cat is cranky, sharp-and missed like crazy.

Only those of interest will be contacted. Van-Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility.

GET FREE Vending machines. Can earn $100,000 + per year. All cash. Retire in just 3 years. Protected territories. Full details call now 1866-668-6629


Lost in Kimberley

Contact Brian at 250-427-4045

Business Opportunities

Education/Trade Schools

$100 reward offered.





Serving Families in the Kootenays since 1993 We can assist you in selecting a personalized memorial to reflect the life of your loved one.

CANCEL YOUR timeshare. NO risk program stop mortgage & maintenance payments today. 100% money back guarantee. Free consultation. Call us now. We can help! Call 1-888-356-5248.



Obituaries OBITUARY

Dianna Faye MacKay 1958 - 2014 Thursday, March 27, 2014 marked the end of a long and very courageous battle in life of a dear wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend. Dianna passed away peacefully with her family by her side in the East Kootenay Regional Hospital. Dianna enjoyed the outdoors, travelling in the motor home, the company of friends and most of all precious moments with family. Her warmth of heart, contagious smile and wonderful sense of humour will be missed by all who knew her. Born on December 1, 1958, Dianna was raised and received her schooling in Kimberley. She met the love of her life Steve, and together they settled and raised a family here in Kimberley. When the Cominco Mine closed, Steve and Dianna found work in Thompson, Manitoba where they spent 6 years before returning to Kimberley. Dianna is survived by her loving husband Steven, daughter Erin (Carrie), granddaughter Brodie, parents Scotty (Dorothy) Valin, sister Debra (Bill) Muir, brothers David (Bev) Gordon and Kevin Valin and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. A memorial service for Dianna will be held on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at McPherson Funeral Home in Kimberley at 2:00 pm with Bill Plant officiating. Those wishing to make memorial donations in honour of Dianna can do so to the: East Kootenay MS Group, #401, 2011 - 2nd Street North, Cranbrook, British Columbia, V1C 3L4. Arrangements entrusted to McPherson Funeral Service. Condolences for the family can be offered at:

OBITUARY Peter John Clark Clark, Peter John – On March 26, just before 5 pm, with his loving family by his side, Papa passed from this world and became our newest Angel in Heaven. Dad leaves behind many wonderful memories for his daughters and sons-in-law, Lenore & Jason Warner and Allison & Wayne Sands (and their mother Eunice Clark) and the lights of his life his grandson Trevor James and grand-daughters Sara Dawn and Emma Gladys. Peter is survived by his brothers Frank (Erica) Clark, and Derrick (Lorraine) Clark, and his sister Jean (Jim) Benson and his many cousins who were like brothers and sisters to him as well. He had numerous nieces, nephews, great- nieces and nephews on both the Clark and Townsend sides, as well as many friends old and new. Pete was predeceased by his father Frank, mother Doris, infant brother David and his father and mother in law George and Gladys Townsend. Lenore and Allison would like to thank Elizabeth, Julie, Diane, and Margery for their love and compassion in his final days, as well as the nurses and care aids at Rainbow Lodge, (Maggie, Shavinder, Jenn, Pam, Robin,) Parkside Care Home, (Trista, Julie, Diane, Elizabeth, Jenn, Peter) and We Care, (Wendy, Shannon, Sharron) as well as anyone we may have forgotten to mention, you truly are Angels on Earth. A celebration of life will be held at the Columbus Community Centre, 7201 Domano Blvd, Prince George, BC from 1-4pm. Please come join us to share your memories and stories. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Alzheimer’s Society of BC at or to the UBC Brain Research Center for Neurodegeneration at

Granite & Bronze Memorials Granite Benches Cremation Urns & Keepsakes Gravesite Repairs & Maintenance In home consultation or visit our showroom 1-800-477-9996 or 422-3414

A life lived is worth remembering. OBITUARY

Bryan Lee Morrow 1966 ~ 2014 Bryan Lee Morrow of Lethbridge passed away suddenly on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at the age of 48 years. Bryan was born to Claire & Norma Morrow on February 15, 1966 in New Liskeard, Ontario. Bryan graduated high school from Mount Baker Secondary School in Cranbrook, BC, after which he attended Selkirk College in Castlegar, BC where he trained to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. Bryan worked as an LPN throughout British Columbia and he had a deep love for being out in nature. Besides his loving parents Claire & Norma Morrow, Bryan is survived by his brother Jamie Morrow, sister in law Lorraine, niece Rebecca-Lee, nephew Matthew, as well as many numerous extended family. Cremation will take place and a private family service will be held in Bryan’s honour. Flowers are gratefully declined. Those who wish, memorial donations may be made to the SPCA Animal Shelter, 10806-124 Street, Edmonton, AB T5M 0H3, Funeral arrangements entrusted to Martin Brothers Funeral Chapels Ltd. 1.800.382.2901. Send condolences at


Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser




Help Wanted

WANTED: FORESTRY Technician for sawmill complex in Alberta. Experienced in planning and harvesting operations. Full time permanent. E-mail resume:

Help Wanted


WANTED Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland opportunities. Top Wages & Benefits. Relocation costs paid to qualified applicants. E-mail: hiring@ or Call: (1)250-382-9181

AP CLERK 250-489-1519

The Position:

The AP Clerk will be primarily responsible for receiving, verifying, recording, paying & filing all invoices. Duties will include address vendor inquiries in a professional manner and reconciling vendor statements. This position will also include providing reception relief for one day per week and during break times and vacations.

The Requirements: Three years experience in a similar position. Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office & Outlook are necessary. Knowledge of POs & subcontracts is desirable. Experience with SAGE 300 CRE (Timberline) would be a definite asset. Our company prides itself on the quality of its people. If you feel you would be an asset to our team in the role of AP Clerk, please send your resume to in PDF or Microsoft Word format. Please visit for more information on our company and its projects.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Unique Opportunity

Black Press has a very unique opportunity for the right person.

We currently have an opening for a sales person to help us with our paid distribution newspapers across B.C. This position means getting out in the community and talking to subscribers about our newspapers and working to build stronger relationships with existing readers of our newspapers. It also includes finding new subscribers for our newspapers and helping introduce them our award winning host of community newspapers. This is not a year-around position and will run from March to October each year. We offer a spectacular compensation package and bonus incentives. Your own vehicle is required, but we cover all travel expenses. This is really a great opportunity for the right person. It is a different type of job, but definitely has different types of rewards. If you feel this position would be the perfect fit for you, then we would love to hear from you. Please email all enquiries to Michelle Bedford at

By shopping local you support local people.

Help Wanted

Position Title: Employer:

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Civil Inspector, Mica Generating Station Columbia Hydro Constructors Ltd.

Job Description: Inspector needed to perform civil works inspections specifically related to the addition of a fifth and a sixth generating unit at the Mica Generating Station. The candidate must x Ensure adherence to contract specifications x Monitor and record progression of work x Ensure quality work practice and quality product Preferred Experience: x Technical knowledge in Civil Engineering and concrete practices x A two year technical diploma or other pertinent work experience x Experience and familiarity working in Heavy Industry with preference for Hydro-electric experience Skills/Abilities: x Ability to read and interpret drawings x Strong computer skills x Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills The successful applicant will be required to work under a collective union agreement and will be required to live in a camp located at Mica Creek BC, 140 kilometres north of Revelstoke. Resumes will be accepted until 8:00 am, 14 April 2014; only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted. To Apply: Please email or fax resumes to: Columbia Hydro Constructors. Ltd. Fax: (250) 805-4340 Email: Closing Date: 14 April, 2014


New Dawn Developments Ltd. is an organization comprised of professionals committed to providing our clients with quality housing, the latest in design and construction innovation, on time construction completion, and superior before and after sales service, all within an affordable budget. New Dawn was founded in 1978 and has built their reputation on great customer service, quality workmanship & value, and over the last 30 years, has firmly established itself as the premier builder in the region. New Dawn is actively involved in building in Cranbrook, Kimberley, Fernie & the Fernie Alpine Resort, Sparwood, Invermere & the Panorama Ski Resort. Located in the heart of the Kootenay region of South Eastern British Columbia, our Cranbrook head office houses our management team, design centre, and warehouse operation. If you have exceptional accounting skills, a can-do attitude & enjoy working with a team that prides itself on exciting challenges & creative problem solving skills, you may qualify for this new position that reports to the Controller.

The Position:

The senior accountant will be primarily responsible for assisting the controller with completion of financial functions for the organization. With a team of support staff, the senior accountant will: • prepare financial information & reporting for various companies, joint-ventures and special projects, • provide backup for the controller

The Key Responsibilities:

• record GL, AR & AP transactions relating to special projects, • maintain contracts, subcontracts and assist in preparations of contact changes, • prepare cost plus and commercial billing applications, • assist with payroll submissions and provide support to payroll clerks, • prepare miscellaneous payments and billings, • record receipts & prepare bank reconciliations

The Requirements:

• Minimum five years of accounting experience in a construction/development related business or a combination of an accounting designation and experience. This combination should have brought knowledge of job costing & progress billing. • Strong technical skills including expertise with computerized accounting systems and Microsoft Office applications – specifically Excel • Experience with SAGE 300 CRE (Timberline) would be a definite asset • A hands-on approach with a high level of initiative and unquestionable integrity

The Rewards:

• Competitive compensation package (commensurate with qualifications) • An opportunity to be part of the growth of one of the most dynamic companies in our industry • The chance to enjoy the lifestyle that only comes with living in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia Our company prides itself on the quality of its people. If you feel you would be an asset to our team in the role of Senior Accountant, please send your resume to in PDF or Microsoft Word format. Please visit for more information on our company and its projects.

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY PERMANENT FULL-TIME St. Mary’s Indian Band is looking for a dynamic, highly motivated, multitask oriented individual with excellent organizational skills and works wells under pressure to fill the position of Executive Assistant. This position coordinates the activities of Chief and Council and supports and reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer. The Executive Assistant is responsible for providing a high level of executive support to the Chief Operating Officer with primary responsibilities to Chief and Council. This position coordinates and monitors Council’s activities, speaking engagements, travel and other initiatives. This position is also responsible for a variety of administrative activities including preparing correspondence, speaking notes, developing media releases and record, document and policy management. This position also supervises administrative staff. The Executive Assistant is responsible for all Council related meetings and must have superior minute taking skills, as well as a good understanding of meeting procedures, with the ability to maintain strict confidentiality and handle situations with tact and diplomacy.


• Business Administration Diploma or equivalent • 3 to 5 years relative experience • Superior computer literacy, proficient in MS Office • Excellent minute taking • Excellent organizational skills to plan, coordinate and implement special events • Ability to function as part of a diverse team and interface with Community • Familiarity with federal, provincial and local government policies and programs related to First Nation’s government • Good to excellent supervisory and human resource management skills • Previous experience working with a First Nation’s organization, and knowledge and appreciation of the culture, values and political objectives of the aq’am Community would be a definite asset • Demonstrable exceptional written and oral communication skills • Undergo a Criminal Record Check • Possess a valid Class 5 BC Driver’s Licence Remuneration: Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications and includes a favourable benefits and pension plan. Please submit your cover letter and resume marked “confidential” to: Jan Bailey, Finance and Human Resources Manager aq’am (St. Mary’s Band Administration) 7470 Mission Road, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 7E5 Email: Fax: 250 426 8935 Closing Date: Friday, April 11th, 2014 @ 4:30 pm MST (any applications received after this time will not be accepted) Thank you to all applicants who apply however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014

Help Wanted A21

Help Wanted REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY Warehouse Personel Part time/FullTime 25-40 hrs per week Early morning shift & heavy lifting






Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Financial Services


Swimming Pools/ Hot Tubs

Will-O-Bend Golf & RV in Jaffray is

• Pro shop/Server

Drop off resume at Canadian Tire 1100 Victoria N., Cranbrook Attention: Kelly

Trucking Dispatcher/Logistics Co-ordinator Duties include but not limited to: · Negotiate with customers and carriers for loads and rates · Schedule drivers to pickup and deliver loads at customer sites · Enter orders into the business system · Prepare paperwork for loads including ACE, ACI and permits Ideal candidate would thrive in a busy team environment. Experience in the transport industry is a definite asset for this position but willing to train. Attention to detail, a positive attitude, and computer skills are a must for this position. E-mail resume and cover letter to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Only those applicants considered will be contacted. Thank You.


NOWHIRING for the following positions:

For more information please contact Kyle at (250)420-7345 or

PICKERS NEEDED BUSY ASPARAGUS FARM Season Starts Approx May 1 - June 15 Attend Information Session Thursday April 23 at 6pm 1252 Indian Road Creston, BC Accommodation available Evenings: 250-428-2734 EXPERIENCED LOG truck driver with good abstract and attitude, required immediately Call (250)423-7887 or Fax resume 250-423-7540


The Trail Times has an opening for a reporter/photographer. As a member of our news team, you will write news stories and take photos of Greater Trail events, cover city council and other public meetings and respond to breaking news stories. You must work well under pressure, meet daily deadlines and be a flexible self-starter with a reliable digital camera and vehicle. This union position is for four days a week, with the potential for full-time work during holiday relief periods. This is a temporary position, covering maternity leave. Computer literacy is essential, experience with layout in InDesign an asset, newspaper experience or a diploma in journalism preferred. Some weekend and evening work is involved. The Times offers a competitive salary and benefits. The successful candidate will be required to become a member of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 2000. Qualified applicants should apply in writing no later than May 11, 2014 to: Guy Bertrand, managing editor Trail Times 1163 Cedar Ave. Trail, BC V1R 4B8 Fax: 250-368-8550 Only qualified candidates will be contacted; no phone calls please.


ur Reduce yo Debt by up to • Avoid bankruptcy • 1 interest free monthly payment • Free Consultation

is now hiring FULL AND PART TIME HOUSEKEEPING STAFF. We are looking for energetic people with an eye for detail. Must be able to work well independently as well as part of a team. The right applicant should also be available to work on weekends and holidays. Benefit package is available after a 3 month qualifying period. Experience is preferred but we are willing to train the right person. Please apply in person at the front desk between 9 am and 5 pm. No phone calls please.

Call for YOUR Financial Restructuring Solution

Robert Osborne 250-365-8070 Toll Free1-877-765-8070 Email

Req. at Canuck Mechanical in Prince George. Must have exp. doing service work & be proficient with trouble shooting heating systems & plumbing problems. Top wages & benefits Email resume to: PCL ENERGY. Now hiring Journeyperson Pipefitters ($40+/hr) and Scaffolders ($38+/hr) for an industrial project in Vanscoy, SK. LOA of $145/day worked and bonuses! We offer competitive wages and benefits. Send resume to:

We are Not Trustees GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420 IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: it’s that simple. Your credit/age/income is not an issue. 1-800-587-2161.

CHIMPS HANDYMAN SERVICE Roofing, Decks, Fences, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Painting, Flooring, Basements and More.

WE DO THAT! Call Doug

250-426-7222 Leave a message

Fitness/Exercise COME SEE the expanded show room at Flaman Fitness, we have Bow Flex gyms, Nautilus treadmills, bikes and elipticals. Plus we have a huge clearance section upstairs. We’re located on the strip downtown Cranbrook. Just look for the 7’ tall running man out front 250-426-2691

Legal Services

Financial Services DROWNING IN Debt? Cut debts more than 60% and be debt free in half the time! Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. Toll Free 1-877-5563500 BBB Rated A+ or

CRIMINAL RECORD? Pardon Services Canada. Established 1989. Confidential, Fast, & Affordable. A+BBB Rating. RCMP Accredited. Employment & Travel Freedom. Free Consultation 1-8NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)



ROCKY PINE CONTRACTING Specializing in: Chain Link • Privacy • Pet • Elk Fencing

A-1 FURNACE & Air Duct Cleaning. Complete Furnace/Air Duct Systems cleaned & sterilized. Locally owned & operated. 1-800-5650355 (Free estimates)


Drivers providing our customers with exceptional delivery service and value in exchange for ongoing business success in this fast growing industry.


Requirements include: • a reliable and clean tandem axle tractor • Class 1 AB motor vehicle license • Clean Drivers Abstract • Hard working self-motivated and consistently displays superior customer service skills • Organized, punctual and good communication skills

We offer Free Estimates • Mowing •Fertilizing • Weed Eating/Trimming • Spring and Fall Clean Up • General Yard Maintenance • Power Raking • Aerating


Online Services


We provide professional quality built fencing at competitive prices.


Committed to Employment Equity

Financial Services

“I was tired of debt. It was time for a permanent change.”

• Be your own company • Fee adjustments for rising fuel costs • Consistent supply of work • Customer service and food safety training • Paid every 2 weeks • Corporate discounts with preferred • Discounts on food purchases

Sysco is the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurant, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other customers who prepare meals away from home.

Financial Services


Why work for Sysco? • Be home every night

Qualified candidates please send resume to Human Resources via email: hr.calgary@cgy.sysco .ca Subject Line: HR-OO14 or call 403-720-1305.

RV Park Models On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

Financial Services


Pets & Livestock

Equestrian Buying old or unwanted horses. Call Rob, (250)489-4293 or (250)464-1372

Meadowbrook Horse Drawn Cart,

made of Oak, comes with brakes, also with double tree, like new, $2200 obo. (250)342-0617

Feed & Hay

Please call Jon Blackmore for your FREE ESTIMATE


Water Services Culligan can fix that nasty white build up on your taps or cure that annoying red staining in bath tub or laundry. Call Culligan Cranbrook today and let us fix your water right the first time! Call (250)426-2691 or visit our website And remember at Culligan we will always come to your home and test your water for free!

Household Services

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption, property rental opportunities. For peace of mind and a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.


On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230



Financing Available

BEACHCOMBER HOT TUBS save up to $4010 at the factory year end clearance event while stock lasts, plus we have 8 reconditioned hot tubs starting as low as $800. This month save 20% off HOT TUB COVERS. 100 Van Horne Street North Cranbrook 250426-7999 and RELAX IT’S A BEACHCOMBER

Government Licensed Trustees in Bankruptcy & Proposal Administrators

HAY FOR SALE small square $160/ton 250-428-4316

Merchandise for Sale

$100 & Under 14 metal curb stakes, $40. Scoop snow shovel, $25. Electric weedeater, $25. Call or text, (250)417-7056 4 Wrangler P275/65/R18”. 4 Wrangler LT265/70/R17”. 4 Wrangler LT275/70/R17”. 4 Bridgestone P265/65/R18”. 4 Wrangler P275/65/R18”. Four P195/65/R15”. All $25 each. (250)417-6603 6 drawer wooden dresser in nice shape, $100. Call or text, (250)417-7056


Run your classified ad in the $100 And Under classification and it’s


Hidden hitch heavy duty truck receiver, fits full sized pickups, 2”, $80. (250)426-1942 Kenmore Elegance vacuum, hepa filter & extra bags, paid $450, asking $100. Call or Text, (250)417-7056 Ladies Bridge Set, vintage embroidered with tricolor violets, tablecloth & napkins, made in Ireland, still in box, $20. Call (250)427-3153 Large snowmobile cover, $35. RV sewer tote with hose, $50. D Link Cardbus adapter, new, $10. Call or Text, (250)417-7056 Medical bath chairs, adjustable, $15, non-adjustable, $10. (250)489-2510 Repair manuals: Ford pickup, 1980-1996; GMC pickup, 1980; Yamaha snowmobile, 1984-1989. $5/each. Call or Text, (250)417-7056 Rice cooker, cooker/fryer, casserole dish, toaster oven, metal shelving, $5 each. (250)489-2510 Two brand new glass vessel sinks w/drains, one smoke glass and the other bronze with leaf like pattern, $100/each. Call or Text, (250)417-7056 Water ski towrope, $10. 5 gallon Rubbermaid water dispenser, $10. Salomon ski, $30. Folding floor creeper, $20. Slip on towing mirrors, $20. Call or Text, (250)4177056


Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

$100 & Under

$300 & Under

Food Products BUTCHER SHOP

Wooden stock rack for 1/2 ton truck, well built, $45. 3 chesterfield & loveseat covers, $20/each. HD Jack-all, $25. Hinges for cabinet doors, $1/pair. Saw blades, $2/each. (250)489-1731

$200 & Under Chrome Bushguard, off of 2006 Chevy, ex. cond., $175 obo. (778)517-0915


Run your classiďŹ ed ad in the $200 And Under classiďŹ cation and it’s


Rare & Scarce Books: “The Great Lone Land�, $30. “Prelude to Bonanza�, $40. “Wanderings of an Artist� by Paul Kane, $40. “40 Years in Canada� by Samuel B. Steele, $45. “Kutenai Tales�, by Franz Boas, $75. “Franklins 2nd Arctic Land Expedition, 18251827�, $140. Call for more information. (250)489-4532


Run your classiďŹ ed ad in the $300 And Under classiďŹ cation and it’s


Ranger 21 pool filter & some pool additives, $300. Call 1 (250)417-6603 Ranger 21 pool filter & some pool additives, $300. Call 1 (250)417-6603

$400 & Under 4 BF Goodrich 33� 10.5/R15�LT Mud-Terrain T/A, $325/set. (250)417-6603

Farm Equipment MF 120 8’ 3PH disk. One way. JD Baler 14T. JD Rake 896. Make offers. (250)426-4942

BC INSPECTED GRADED AA OR BETTER LOCALLY GROWN NATURAL BEEF Hormone Free Grass Fed/Grain Finished $100 Packages Available Quarters/Halves $2.95/lb Hanging Weight Extra Lean Hamburger Available TARZWELL FARMS 250-428-4316 Creston

18’ atdeck, 2-5/8 hitch, 6-bolt single axle & electric brakes, needs minor TLC (lights & decking), $250. (250)417-6603

Swap & Trade

Swap & Trade

"We make your house a home."

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Misc. for Sale

Misc. for Sale


For Sale By Owner

29 gal. fresh water aquarium, will set up, as is, in your home or business office, nicely set up, $400. (250)421-2965

SAWMILLS FROM only $4,897. Make money and save money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.


Rustic log cabin, ex. cond, 390 sq.ft., loft, must be moved, $24,000 obo. (250)421-3885

2001 Buick Regal LS $4,000 OBO, 170000 km, A/T, Grey ext, leather/power/heated seats, sunroof, dual climate contr, cruise, pwr locks & windows, A/C, tape deck/CD/Tape-MP3 adapter incl. 250-421-3485

A Budget Vacation for a young family, Kristina Creek RV Resort is offering a weekly rental of an RV. Fully equipped & sleeps 4, just bring bedding & towels. The resort has trail, play areas & swimming pool. A truly great place to be active or just relax. The rental of $900 per week includes site fees, power, firewood, propane & GST. See and call (250)424-5403. Located 8 km west of Yahk of Highway #3. Affordable Steel Shipping Containers for sale/rent 20’ & 40’ Kootenay Containers Castlegar 250-365-3014 Canvas wall tent, 12x14’, good cond., $425. Call (250)426-5755 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper? RESTLESS LEG Syndrome and leg cramps? Fast relief in one hour. Sleep at night. Proven for over 32 years. Mon-Fri 8-4 EST 1-800-765-8660. RV lots available for seasonal lease in beautiful Kristina Creek RV Resort located 8 kms west of Yahk on Highway 3. No buy in, no hook-up fees. Just 1 annual payment covers everything including power and firewood. Activities include play area, 9 hole pitch and putt, swimming pool and trails with access to adjacent crown land. Only 2 sites left. See us at and phone 250-424-5403

Open Houses

Open Houses



Firearms Collector: 1961 Savage lever action, Mod. 99C, .308 cal., pat. #3.281.979, very good cond., very acc., $695 for gun. Scope, mount & rings extra. (250)428-9145 WANTED: RIFLES, shotguns, restricted weapons, reloading equipment, decoys or any other shooting related items. Fully licensed. Glen 250-428-6750

$300 & Under

Merchandise for Sale Order early, limited supply, Pine firewood, standing dry, BIG 7 axle loads, delivered 60 km radius of Galloway, $1400 per load. Out of area, call for pricing. (250)429-3248 or (250)429-3748

Misc. for Sale

813 Baker Street, Cranbrook, BC t

STEEL BUILDINGS, metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-4572206;

Antiques wanted by private collector, car dealership, gas station or soda signs & door pushes, pre 1970 tin toy trucks, cars & windups, also brewery or soda calendars. 1 (250)423-3715 or 420-7129

Antlers Wanted,

Sheds & Sets, Elk & Deer. Call Rick 250-422-3444 Coin Collector Looking to Buy Collections, Estates, Gold & Silver Coins + 778-281-0030 FIREARMS. ALL types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paperwork and transportation. Licensed Dealer. 1-866-9600045. Wanted antiques by private collector, Medalta advertising, like Ogilvies flour, milk pitchers & bowls, or pottery whiskey jugs, with town names on them, also Seltzer bottles, soda pops or pottery ginger beers, from BC, AB or Sask. 1 (250)423-3715 or 420-7129 Wanted: looking for good used Dodge Journey. (250)421-9729

Musical Instruments DJ SERVICE & KARAOKE Weddings (complete), anniversaries, birthdays & family reunions. Will travel throughout area. *Not expensive - No time limit or extra costs. One price 20+ years of entertaining. Families & guests. CALL ME! Leave Message 250-421-3298,Lily.

Retirement Garage Sale, 528 23rd Ave N, April 5, 8am-? Baseboards, cabinets, hinges, plumbing materials, tools & saw blades, much more.


ClassiďŹ eds Get Results! Firearms




MOUNTAIN MAN OUTDOORS 250-426-2717 • 1-800-796-4666




Real Estate Duplex/4 Plex

Newly renovated 3-bedroom up with income 2-bedroom suite downstairs, 1/2 duplex washer/dryer up & down, new windows, roof, flooring & siding, gas fireplace, electric heat, 15x12 deck, across from elementary school and within walking distance to college & mall, 2303 7th St N, 2100 sq.ft., $224,900. Contact Carl/Brenda, (250)489-0688

Estate Sale, Kimberley. 2 adjoining lots, 40’Wx100’L. Serviced lot has 3-bdrm, 1-bath house, unfinished basement. Needs TLC, $119,500. Unserviced lot, $60,000. Buyers incentive for purchase of both properties. Info, 1(250)421-7335 or 1(250)421-9935

Consignment Sporting Goods Houses For Sale



For Sale By Owner

Sporting Goods

Houses For Sale 6440537

Gallon Reverse Osmosis Purified Water

Available 24 hours

Misc. Wanted

Real Estate 417-2828

917 Kootenay St. N., Cranbrook

Furnished 1-bdrm condo, nice quiet location in Alpine Drive, Elkford. Fully renovated, sub rental allowed, great for Tech employees. For more info, 1 (250)529-7608

Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale

This little gem will be listed May 1 so check it out now & save thousands in Real Estate fees. Unique well maintained, back to back, very private duplex in Cranbrook. New shingles, flooring & water heater. Finished up and down at time of construction in 1988. Large master bedroom, full bath, kitchen, DR & LR up. 2-bdrms, full bath, laundry room & large family room w/wet bar down. Features carport, covered deck w/spectacular views of sunsets, F/S, DW, W/D, full size basement fridge & mini blinds. 2 blocks from golf course & near hospital, College, schools. Must be seen to be appreciated. $235,000. For appt to view, call (250)417-6841


QUIET AND SECURE Fountain Estate Terrific mountain views, green space, laundry, fireplace and bright kitchen on main floor, 2-bdrms, 2.5 baths, 3-pc en-suite, double garage, above ground deck


For viewing (250)426-8284

Mobile Homes & Parks

Open Houses Scan Here

for a map of our

Open HOuSeS cranbrook • Saturday, april 5th 10:00-11:00am 309 20th Avenue S

Spacious bungalow in quiet location w/single garage, 4 bdrms & 3 baths.

$249,900 Sandy Smith

11:00am-12:00pm #106-2365 12th Street N

Immaculate 2bdrm, main floor condo unit in Tamarack Gardens w/newer windows, floors, counters & appliances!


Linda Stuckey

11:15am-12:15pm 2617 2A Street S

Much loved family home in Highlands w/open floor plan & many updates.


cranbrook • Saturday, april 5th 12:30-1:30pm 229 Birch Drive

Great location! 5 bdrm, 3 bath home w/oversized garage & in-floor heat in bsmt.

16 Foot Wides Available On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

$349,900 Sandy Smith

12:30-1:30pm 915 10th Street S

Great updates in this Gyro Park home w/fully fenced yard, alley access, carport & RV parking.

$294,900 Carla Sinclair

2:00-3:00pm 324 3rd Avenue S

First time home buyers, this is the home for you! Loads of updates, fully fenced yard & close to schools.

$179,900 Carla Sinclair

3:30-4:30pm 3105 5th Street S

Great opportunity to update & invest in real estate! This home provides that opportunity!

$261,000 Carla Sinclair

Sandy Smith Cranbrook - 250-426-8211, 25 10th Ave. S. Kimberley - 250-427-0070, 385 Wallinger Ave.

Spring Special Save thousands

Asking $49,900 for this beautiful 529 sq.ft. Park model. We will move it to your lot and level. Hookups and skirting not included. Drop by and see it today @ 2345 Cranbrook St N 250-426-1882 tf: 855-815-7575

Best Quality and Price in the Kootenays

Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A23

Real Estate

Real Estate


Mobile Homes & Parks


Apt/Condo for Rent ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰




per month OAC Home sites available! Financing available! Debt consolidation!

On the Strip

2232 Cranbrook St. N. Cranbrook, BC 250-489-1230 Toll Free 1-866-539-1230


2 Bedroom unit Beautifully renovated, Clean, quiet, secure, NO SMOKING, NO PETS, NO PARTIES laundry facilities, adult oriented. Ref. req. $900/month


Home & Land Package AVAILABLE New 14×70 2bed, 2bath Free hold city lot Desirable location, close to shopping, bus route, level lot turn key move in ready

UNDER $999/mo.

On the Strip

2232 Cranbrook St. N. Cranbrook, BC 250-489-1230 Toll Free 1-866-539-1230


3600 sq.ft. of Retail Space

Located DOWNTOWN Excellent High Traffic Area Plenty of Parking 250-428-5240 For rent or lease, commercial space in Fairmont, BC Plaza. Call for details, (250)342-1735 (250)345-6654

Revenue Property Castlegar 6-plex plus commercial space for sale Income $5150/mth, Close to Tim Hortons & shopping asking $477,000 Cap rate 9% Call James 250-608-3930

Other Areas 20 ACRES $0 Down, Only $119/mo. Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Near El Paso, Texas. Beautiful Mountain Views! Money Back Guarantee Call 1-866-8825263 Ext. 81

Do you have equity in your home & need to pay off credit card, auto loans or other personal debt. Private Mortgage Lenders are available to fill the gap when the bank says no.

Suites, Lower

Auto Services

Our classified ads are on the net! Check it out at Townhouses 3-bdrm townhouse, n/s, n/p, close to all amenities, $950/mth + damage deposit. (250)489-4302

Transportation 1972 Chev show truck, 350 CID, auto, 2WD, column shift, bucket seats, nice paint, green with black interior, asking $11,900. 250-427-5895

On the Strip

2232 Cranbrook St. N. Cranbrook, BC 250-489-1230

Cars - Domestic Need new wheels but your credit has run off the road? Apply online:

or call Travis at Northstar GM

250-489-4711 1-800-663-2307

Duplex / 4 Plex Bright & spacious, 3-bdrm lower level unit in 4-plex at 1300 10A ST S, inc. small covered deck, covered parking & extra spot, also has outdoor storage, F/S, W/D, D/W, n/s, n/p, n/partiers, DD & ref. req., $1000/mth + electricity. Available now. (250)417-6755 email

1979 El Camino SS, 350 motor, auto trans, p/s, p/b, p/dl, air, power bucket seats, Keystone Mags, ex. cond., white w/black interior, asking $9500.

Large 2-bdrm duplex, F/S, carport, walking distance to downtown, large rumpus room + 1/2 bath & extra bedroom in basement. 113 6th Ave S, avail May 1. To view call (250)426-2283 (250)426-9667


Call after 6pm, (250)426-4311

We do foundations

Auto Accessories/Parts

On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

Apt/Condo for Rent

3-bdrm very clean house in Kimberley, great view of Ski Hill, attached garage, big yard, $1100, n/s, n/parties, pets negotiable, avail April 15. (250)432-9511

John Magis

2-bdrm condo, Ponderosa Manor, Sparwood. Insuite laundry, $850/mth + power + DD, n/s, n/p, n/parties, avail April 1, (250)426-0227 Leave message Creston, BC PARKVIEW MANOR 1 & 2/Bdrm Apartments $550 & up. Secure Building Available now! Rent Incentive N/S N/P Children OK Phone Ingrid 250-428-2234 Hampshire Apartments, quiet convenient location, inc heat & hot water, n/s, n/p, 1bdrm, $600/mth; 2-bdrm, $775/mth, Call (250)417-7379

Mortgage Intelligence 1-877-489-1691

WILSHIRE Apartments, central location, incl heat, hot water, games room, sauna, hot tub, n/p, n/s, n/parties, 2-bdrm units, $725-$800. 1-bdrm, $650. Call 250-417-7379

FULLY furnished basement suite in Hosmer. 1 bedroom, living room, fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, t.v., private entrance. $1,000/mo. includes all utilities, cable and wi-fi. Contact Ted @ for more info.

Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent

Beautiful upscale, newly renovated, upper level house in Cbk, 3-bdrm, mountain view, spacious deck, gas FP, in house laundry, front & rear parking, n/s, n/p, $1200/mth + utilities. 1(250)908-0244

Auto Financing Auto Financing - Dream Catcher, Apply Today! Drive Today!


SPARWOOD, 2-storey, 3bdrm townhouse for rent w/full basement, close to school & rec centre. (250)425-4448

1985 Corvette, white, 4-spd auto, 350 tune port injection, 169,000km, new tires, $8995 obo. (250)489-0193

2 bdrm Apt

$750/mth incl. util

Alpine Cres


2 bdrm Apt

$600/mth + util



2 bdm House

$650/mth + util



4 bdm FF House

$1600/mth incl. util

Alpine Cres


2 bdrm Apt

$600/mth + util



Gyro Park


2 bdrm Apt

$800/mth +Util

Cranbrook South


3 bdm House

$1250/mth + util

Commercial Space for Rent

Call for Details


Kimberley 250-427-0070 1-866-427-0070 Cranbrook 250-426-8211 1-866-426-8211

Cars - Domestic

2000 PT Cruiser, 150,000 km, ex. cond., sunroof, leather interior, 5-spd, excellent mileage $3200. (250)426-4752 2002 Elantra standard, hatchback, new brakes & recent timing belt change, high kms but runs like a top, $2450. 1 (250)426-7354 2003 Crown Vic, 110,000 km, A-1 condition, summer & winter tires, power everything, $7500 obo. (250)426-1961 2004 Mazda 3, 187,000 km, has some body damage, $2800. (250)427-0158 or (250)919-2274 2005 GRAND PRIX. V6, immac. cond, 1 owner, purchased brand new & lady driven. Have all service records. Too many features to list, Remote start, pl, pw, ps, cruise, tilt, a/c. Widetrack suspension. Brand new Michelin Defender tires, brand new battery, brakes just done and car serviced recently. 193,000 km, all highway driven. Excellent, reliable car. $5,900 obo 250-402-6700 (near Kitchener). 2006 Acura TL V6 Auto FWD, Stock #B11220A, $13,800. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1888-638-4488

2006 Honda Accord EX-L, 130,000km, fully loaded, ex. cond., $9999. (250)426-9888

1985 Thunderbird Elan V6 Automatic 78,500 km No rust excellent condition $5,500 OBO (250)421-7054



Cars - Domestic

2006 Volkswagen Golf 4dr HB, 4-cyl, auto, black, Stock #09113A, $7688. Melody Motors, DL #5248, 1-888-7032211 2009 Chevrolet HHR LS, 4cyl, auto, grey, FWD, Stock #H800089A, $6500. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888638-4488


East Kootenay Realty Complete Rental Property and Strata Management Services

1966 Rambler Ambassador 4-door station wagon, V8 auto, excellent inside & out, completely restored 1996, 97,000 original miles, asking $5950 obo. To view call (250)426-5371

Suites, Lower



DID YOU KNOW?? Eagle Homes will take your trade!! All trades considered cars, boats, R.V’s, manufactured homes. Your trade can be used as your down payment See your # 1 Modular Dealer today!

Toll Free 1-866-539-1230

Antiques / Classics

Transportation 1998 Subaru Forester AWD, well maintained, new timing belt, battery, windshield, no rust, 220,000 km, $5000. (250)346-3378

Homes for Rent




Spacious 1-bdrm, ground level entrance bsmt suite, private entrance & parking, gas fireplace, partially furnished, located 5 minutes from downtown on scenic acreage, suitable for a single person, n/p, n/s, utilities inc., ref req. $700/mo, avail May 1. (250)489-4082 or (250)4260417


Commercial/ Industrial


1995 Chrysler Intrepid V6, good running cond, 213,000km, with winter tires & 4 summer tires, asking $1500 obo. 1 (250)427-5139

Auto Services


1996 Corvette Collector Edition, 160,000km, 2 roofs, auto, original paint, engine LT4, fully loaded,ex cond, asking $16,000 obo. (250)426-3802 1998 Cadillac Catera, 160,000km, beige with beige leather, sunroof, heated front/rear seats, cassette/CD & more, 30+ mpg hwy, $4500. (250)426-7041

2010 Mazda 3 4-dr Sedan, 5-spd manual trans., air, CD, 2 good sets of tires, under 54,000 km, one owner, mint cond., great gas mileage $12,300. (250)417-7317 2012 Honda Civic Cpe EX-L, 4-cyl, auto, Stock #B11229, $18,800. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888-638-4488 2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS, 4cyl manual, Stock #H00841A, $14,800. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888-638-4488 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe, 6.2L 8 Cyl, 6-spd auto, Stock #61420, $49,700. North Star GM, DL #5717, 1-800663-2307 2013 Chevrolet Spark, hatchback, 1.2L 4-cyl, 4-spd auto, Light Green, Stock #61452, $11,976. North Star GM, DL #5717, 1-800-663-2307 2013 Ford Focus SE Hatchback w/Moonroof, 2.0L Inline4, 6-spd auto, FWD, Stock #P2046, $17,995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1-800-6633839 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT 4cyl auto, FWD, Stock #B11224, $15,900. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888638-4488 2013 Lincoln MKS w/Elite package, 3.5L V6 Turbo, 6-spd auto, AWD, Stock #P2047, $41,995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1-800-6633839

Mercury Topaz, 4-cyl, ex. cond., standard, 5-spd, 170,000 km $1800 obo. (250)426-4752

Save $1000 if you buy before April 12, $4000 firm, after April 11th $5000 because it will have to be reinsured. 2003 Toyota Corolla CE, newer cruise, air, tilt, power brakes, fold down rear seats, upholstery immaculate, all mechanical well maintained,220,000km, cash only (250)426-8867

Commercial Vehicles 45’ Commercial transport van, heated, new 24.5 rubber, $5000. (250)489-8794 2010 Ford Fusion, black, 4-dr, 4-cyl, new winter tires, original all seasons, tinted windows, sunroof, looks new, drives new, 50,000 km, $12,000. (250)421-2965 2010 MUSTANG Pony convertible. V6 Auto, 30,000kms. Senior driver, top condition $20,000 OBO. 250-428-7722, 250-428-1870 2012 Ford Mustang GT, black, 5.0L V8, RWD, Stock #P2013, $32,995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1-800-663-3839

Motorcycles 1982 Honda Interstate, 1100cc, A1 shape, 62,372km, inc. trailer, asking $6500. Call Henry, (250)428-3545 1990 BMW K-1, 1000cc, rare model, red & yellow, flat four, 4 valves per cylinder, fuel injection, stainless steel exhaust, new Michelin radials, 55,000 km, $5500. Must be seen! (250)426-8408 2004 Harley Davidson Heritage Soft Tail Classic, ex cond., 64,000km, $11,500 obo. After 6pm, (250)426-1836 2008 Honda CRF250X, $4800 obo Barely used less than 200 km (250)427-7229




New Car Dealers

ENHAM FORD (BC) LTD Off Road Vehicles 1974 Honda Trail 90, 1200 miles, stored for 40 years, 4 3.25x20 Radials on custom rims, fits older 3/4 - 1 tons, pre metric. (250)426-7710

Recreational/Sale 10 acres available for mobile home (long term lease) &/or pasture, 2 mins. to city limits, fenced, Rocky Mountain views. (250)489-3090 1977 GMC Class A motorhome, 26’, 403 CI, FWD, fibreglass body, all new tires, air bags, aluminum frame, good cond., all amenities. Must be seen! $7000 obo. Call (250)426-8408 1984 28’ Winnebago, 454 CID Chevy auto, 68,500 original miles, must see to appreciate, for a list of features, asking $6100 obo. (250)919-0125, (250)426-5666 1984 Vanguard, 24’, new awning, new tires, resealed roof & windows, good cond, sleeps-6, $4800. 1 (250)4207436 1988/1989 Ford Citation Classic motorhome, ex. cond., $8000. For more information call (250)421-0854 1991 26’ Rustler, Jack & Jill bunks, front kitchen, fold out couch, air, full bath, new water pump, newer HW tank, new battery, sleeps-6, $6000 obo. (250)426-5653

1991 Dodge Ram Cummins diesel & 2010 Adventure camper. 140 watt solar panel, television, skylight, surround sound stereo system inside & out. $28,000 obo for both. (250)427-6806 1992 26FT Prowler Trailer; private bdrm, full bath, lots of storage. Clean & well cared for! A must see! $7000 firm Call 250-428- 8912 1992 37’ Class A motorhome for sale, A1 shape, fully loaded, $24,500. Consider vehicle on trade. (250)489-8794 1992 Prowler 19’ holiday trailer, good cond., inside like new, double axle, $5800 obo. (250)489-5798 1992 Travelmate 5th Wheel RV trailer, like brand new, $6600 obo. (250)464-5214 1994 30’ Dutchman 4 Seasons 5th Wheel, new awning, walk around queen bed up front, slide out rear kitchen, sleeps 6, new batteries, new propane tanks inspected 2009, good tires, $9000 obo. Nadine or Graham Beam, (250)426-7400






Sport Utility Vehicle

Trucks & Vans

1997 22’ Westwind 5th Wheel, clean cond. throughout, working stove/oven, electric/gas fridge, air, furnace, solar panel, microwave, sleeps 6, dual wheels, spare tire, awning, outside shower, $8000. (250)489-3741 1999 25’ Salem 5th Wheel, slide, loaded, $6900. Call (250)422-3217 1999 Corsair Excella 28.5’, all season 5th wheel trailer, full set of skirting, well made, beautiful interior, many options (built in vac, AC, MW, awning), perfect snowbird/park unit, $12,500 obo, hitch also available. (250)426-2671 2001 26’ Vanguard, parked on for last 10 years, no bush km since 2003. New roof, 2-yr old awning, double bed in front, Jack & Jill bunks in rear, sleeps 6 comfortably (can accommodate 8), asking $11,000. Call or text, (250)421-1597 2001 Security 26’, bunk beds, 26’, single bunks, 5,000 lbs. dry weight, awning, Stock #T91408.2, $10,900. Runners RV, 1-800-663-4824 2004 24’ Pioneer travel trailer, island bed, as new cond., $11,000. Or trade for motorhome. (250)428-9606 Creston 2004 30’ Arctic Fox, 4 season all weather travel trailer, 2 slides, solid oak cabinets, ex. cond., asking $18,000 obo. (250)426-6550 2004 Vanguard trailer, good cond., 3rd owner, 26’, sleeps 9, newer batteries, queen bed in front, jack & jill’s in back. $9500 obo. (250)919-4438 2005 29’ Holiday trailer, equipped with solar panels, 285 watts, 2000 watt inverter, large slide w/awning, dual wheels, mint cond., $16,000 obo. (250)342-6805 2006 Jay Flight 31’ Bunk House, large slide, quad bunks, AC, awning, approximate dry weight 7,300 lbs., Stock #T9145.1, $18,900. Runners RV, 1-800-663-4824 2007 Citation camper, 8’, fits short & longbox, $8500. (250)426-4765

2007 Springdale 189, Jack and Jill bunk beds, 18’, 4,185 approx dry weight, awning, Stock #T3573.1, $11,650. Runners RV, 1-800-663-4824

2007 Hi-LOW 22’ tandem trailer, fully self contained w/fridge, stove, air, solar panel & much more. Very rare in this area. Design allows for compact mode when traveling so wind resistance is very low & better on your vehicle for gas consumption. Always stored under cover when not in use. $18,000. (250)489-4748

1997 Vanguard Wrangler 5th wheel, 26’, hitch included, asking $8000. (250)426-5535

2007 Prowler 25FQ, folding couch, large rear bathroom, awning, 5,518 Lbs. dry weight, 2-30# Lp tanks, hardwall, Stock #T3572.1, $12,900. Runners RV, 1-800-663-4824 8’ Security camper, fits most pickups, good cond., $750 obo. (778)517-0915

Vehicle Lease / Rent

Vehicle Lease / Rent


Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Renting Quality Cars At Great Prices

• compacts • full size • mini vans • mid size • 15 passenger vans • moving trucks Providing superior value by offering outstanding service along with high quality, clean and dependable vehicles at affordable prices.

CRANBROOK: 426-3004 CRESTON: 428-9343 TRAIL: 364-0211 NELSON: 352-5122

2008 Jayco toy hauler, 29’, used 10 times, loaded, 12’ garage. Call for more information. $24,000. (250)426-3568


4x4, auto, 4.7L 8-cyl, loaded, 6-CD player, DVD, seats 8, leather, heated seats, much more, 120,000 miles, great cond, maintenance receipts,

A STEAL OF A DEAL AT $13,500 firm (250)427-3228

2009 Trail Sport 27.5’ Great family unit. Well appointed, a small slide with kitchen and couch expanding out for great use of space. Queen walk around bed, rear bunks (double and wide single) both with windows. Dinette, 3 pce bath, fridge, stove, microwave, furnace, air conditioning - sleeps seven comfortably. Large awning. Lightweight halfton towable. Very well maintained. Priced to sell at $14,000. Call 250-464-0712 for more information. 2010 Springdale 26-1/2’, 1/2 ton towable, slide, sleeps 6, used 7x, loaded, $18,000 obo. (250)489-8885 2011 36’ Outback Sidney Addition 5th Wheel, 4 slides, ex. cond., extended warranty until 2017, $32,000. (250)919-7185 2011 Wildwood 22’ Bunk Model, single bunks, walk around queen bed, AC, awning, dry weight 4,149 lbs., Stock #T3513.2, $13,500. Runners RV, 1-800-663-4824

2009 Toyota RAV4, FWD, SUV, auto, Stock #W076880, $16,542. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1-888-418-4798 2011 Honda CR-V EX, 4-cyl, auto, silver, 4WD, Stock #H03278A, $19,900. Spring Honda, DL #31110, 1-888638-4488 2013 Buick Encore CXL AWD, SUV, 1.4L 4 Cyl, 6-spd auto, Stock #61465, $29,989. North Star Motors, DL #5717, 1-800-663-2307 2013 Dodge Journey, AWD, 3.6L V6, auto, Stock #T3375A, $26,995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1-800-663-3839 2013 Ford Escape Titanium, 2.0L Inline4 Turbo, 6-spd auto, 4x4, Stock #P2055, $31,995. Denham Ford, DL #30786, 1800-663-3839 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD 2.4L 4 Cyl, 6-spd auto, Stock #61474, $28,746. North Star Motors, DL #5717, 1-800-6632307 Silver 2007 Chevy Trailblazer, 4.2L Vortec, auto, 4WD, p/w, p/b, p/s, p/seats, command start, Alpine stereo, 150,000km, $10,000. Call Monday-Saturday, 9-5pm, (250)428-7538

Trucks & Vans

$6000. (250)426-2473

1997 Nissan Hard Body 2 WD

red extended cab, 200,000km, SE trim, 5-spd manual, 2.5L 4-cyl, air, p/w, p/d, p/m, alloy wheels, sunroof, canopy, box liner

Bargain Time. 22’ 2011 Triple E Regal motorhome, clean & in ex. cond, air, corner bed plus bed over cab, 2010 Ford Chassis w/dual wheels & 5.4L engine, only 35,357 km, 7 brand new Michelins, asking $47,000 cash. (250)428-2739 BIG FOOT 2500 camper, 9.5’, Happy jacks, solar panel, Fantastic fan, 2-batteries, 2-propane takes, pot, pans, dishes, bedding, rose & blue decor, always under cover, no pets, non smoking, in floor heating, outside shower, very clean & great cond, Reduced to $12,000 obo. (250)429-3113 Lance 11’9” side door camper, loaded, ex. cond., $18,500 no tax. (250)426-5118 Reduced by $1200. Camping & Hunting. Truck & camper, rebuilt motor, trans, drive shaft, 8000lb winch, new water pump, alternator, power steering pump, master cylinder, shocks, 3-way fridge, stove, heater, many more, asking $4700, may consider trades.Call Ray,(250)489-5038

Snowmobiles 1992 Ski-Doo Safari, electric start, new battery, runs well, $750 obo. (778)517-0915 1999 Ski-Doo 670 long track, good cond., $2000 obo. (778)517-4508

Sport Utility Vehicle 1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 engine. 4DR 4X4 green with PS/PB/Power windows, cruise control, winter rated tires, trailer hitch. In excellent condition with 330,000 Km . $4800 OBO 250-430-7446 2001 Ford Explorer XLS, 4WD V6, low km, no rust, great shape, good tires, new battery, $3000. (250)426-5765 2008 Mazda Tribute SUV, loaded, leather, heated seats, sunroof, winter & summer tires, 85,000 km, ex. cond., $14,000 obo. (250)426-9753 1980 Ford F150 4x4 longbox with straight 6, $2100 obo. (250)489-2148 1982 Ford F250 farm truck, 6cyl, in everyday use, offers? 1982 Dodge Rampage, in everyday use, make offer (250)489-5798 1984 S10 Blazer, 4x4, 350 V8, 700 rear transmission, 9 bolt Curry rear end, $6000. (250)427-7094 1987 BLAZER K-5, V8, 4x4, 40,000 original miles, ex. shape, California car, $6000. (250)427-7094 1991 Dodge Ram Charger 4x4, c/w spare 318 motor, $500. (250)426-5831 1992 Ford F150 4x4 Supercab pickup, canopy, trailer hitch, 2 sets of 5 wheels & tires, runs great, $2500. (250)489-4421 1993 Chev Silverado 1500 Ext cab 2x4, 350, 4-spd auto, hard cover, running boards, Michelins, tow package, 288 K, runs great, $2400 obo. (250)402-6043 Creston 1993 Ford F150 4x4, 302 auto, CD, air, cruise, low km 105,000km, aluminum tool box, new shocks, good brakes, 4 Arctic Claw winters, $4000 firm (250)489-1628 1993 Toyota pickup, 4WD, w/canopy, needs body work, runs great, $2200. Call (250)417-3143 1996 1/2 ton Ford, 2WD, standard, 6-cyl, low km, very good cond, no rust, c/w canopy, $5500 obo. (250)489-8151 (250)426-7991 1999 Chevrolet C/K 2500 Crew Cab, 8-cyl, auto, 4WD, Stock #19613A, $6,977. Melody Motors, DL #5248, (250)427-4224 2000 Chevy 1-ton, longbox, crew cab, 4x4, white, auto, gas powered, new trans & more, great cond., no rust, $4500 obo. (250)464-9565 2001 Honda Odyssey, great family van, 140,000km, asking $6500. (250)489-0725

Trucks & Vans

Utility Trailers Flatdeck trailer, 16’x8’, heavy duty, double axle, new tires & spring shackles, $3500 obo. (250)489-5798

2005 GMC Sierra 4x4 Extended Cab HD 2500, 8’ box, auto, air, CD player, 120V inverter, trailer towing package, 370,000km, well maintained, $6800. Call after 5pm, (250)489-5068 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan, V6, auto, Stock #15713A, $5840. Melody Motors, DL #5248, (250)427-4224

Deluxe Chrome Package, New Brakes, Trailer Tow Package, New Alpine Stereo w/Sub, Excellent Shape, 189,500km,

Asking $4550 OBO Brad 250-417-9289

Quad trailer, 8’x10’, 15’’ wheels, spare tire, removable sides, 3500 lb axle, $1500. (250)425-5032 Wells Cargo bike cargo trailer, 1500 lb torsion axle, wheel chock, 6 tie points, loading ramp, 6x6x10, $2800. (250)464-0207

Boat Rentals

Trade Ins Welcome On the Strip, Cranbrook Toll Free 1-866-539-1230


$2200 (250)422-3547

1999 GMC Sierra 2WD,


2005 Ford Freestar 4-dr Sport, V6, auto, Stock #13713A, $6426. Melody Motors, DL #5248, 1-888-7032211 1997 CHEV SILVERADO 1500 ext cab, 2WD, short box, 152,556 km, 5.7L, new tires, brakes, battery, extra alloys, c/w new tires, raised canopy, running boards, cassette/CD, brake controller,

ENHAM FORD (BC) LTD 8’ cab over Vanguard camper, c/w 3-way fridge, stove, furnace, fold-out steps, sleeps 4, great for fishing trips & weekend getaways, needs some TLC, $1000 obo. (250)417-3237


2006 F150 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4, 150,000km, black on black, leather, DVD, sunroof, Tonneau, loaded, p/everything, heated seats, Showroom cond, $21,000 obo. (250)464-1330

16.5’ open bow Canventure, tri haul, 70HP Merc, low hours, EZ Loader trailer, $3500 obo. (250)417-0506 16’ Boat & 9.9 Yamaha motor, $1600. (250)421-1484 20’ Mariah, low hours, like new cond., only 170hrs, stored indoors, rare 5.7L fuel injected 280hp engine in a 20’ boat, high end quality, interior is in like new cond. You won’t find a nicer boat at this price! $19,500. (250)464-0655

2006 Ford F150 Supercab, 4x4, p/w, air, new rubber, clean, $14,000. Leave message, (250)427-5162 2006 GMC 2500 HD 4x4, V8, auto, a/c, 260,000km, well maintained, receipts for new parts, $15,000. (250)426-8591 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SXT, 5.6L Hemi, 4x4 quad cab, 192,000km, very good cond., well maintained, 2 sets tires, lots of extras, $13,995. (250)422-3206

2000 Ford F350 4x4, 7.3 diesel, auto, one owner, all maintained, high rise canopy,

$7700 obo. (250)426-6993

2008 DODGE Ram, 3500, 4x4 crew cab, loaded w/8’ box,$30,000. Good used work trucks. 1(250)427-6199 2011 Toyota Sienna LE 8 Passenger minivan, auto, Stock #S406595A, $21,999. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1888-418-4798 2011 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 Double Cab SR5, 4.0, Stock #M030129M, $30,937. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1-888-418-4798 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4X4 Short Box, 4.0L, manual, Stock #X035905M, $30,999. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1-888-418-4798

2003 F150 XLT 4X4 Supercab

6.5’ box, white, 4.6, air, pw, canopy, good cond, hitch receiver & brake controller, 307,000km, $4,000 (250)489-3128

2003 GMC 1500,

regular cab, newly rebuilt 5-spd manual trans. & clutch 4x4, 2 sets tires on rims, very good cond., 229,000km,

$5595 obo (250)427-7171 (250)464-5214

2003 Toyota Tundra 4x4, 260,000 km, well maintained, good cond., $10,500 obo. (250)489-0771 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 LARAMIE V8, auto, brown, Stock #17712A, $7,757. Melody Motors, DL #5248, 1-888703-2211 2010 Ford F-150, 4x4 ext cab, loaded. Also other good used trucks. 1 (250)427-6199

2013 Chevrolet Suburban LT, 5.3L 8-cyl, Auto, Stock #61456, $46,804. North Star GM, DL #5717, 1-800-6632307 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 Double Cab, 4.0, Stock #X016210M, $35,872. Alpine Toyota, DL #30845, 1-888-418-4798

Rare Double Eagle 14’ deep hull, 65 hp Merc outboard, hydraulic lift, ski pole & galvanized trailer, $2500. Call (250)529-7470 Sailboat, CAL 20, 3 sails (main, storm & genua), 8 hp Honda outboard, fixed keel (3’), inc. trailer, asking $3500. Call Henry, (250)428-3545

World’s Finest FISHING BOATS

Weldcraft, Hewescraft, Lund, Godfrey Pontoons Mark’s Marine, Hayden, ID 1-888-821-2200

GMC diesel, 1985, 6.2L, heavy half ton, only 95,000 miles, undercoated, very little rust, complete with wood racks, trailer hitch & steel utility box, senior driven with complete log, also, Randell 21’ 5th Wheel trailer, good cond., w/metal roof, all systems in good working order, sleeps 4, large counter area & tons of storage space, great starter unit, complete package $5500. (250)342-6451 Hunter’s Special: 1980 Chev pickup, with Okanagan camper, great shape, comes with canopy, $3500. (250)421-9160

Trucks - Logging


Quit. Before your time runs out.

Kootenay News Advertiser Friday, April 4, 2014 A25

B-ball camp open for region Submitted

Rising basketball stars from the Kootenays will have an opportunity to play with the best players in the province this spring. Grand Forks Secondary (GFSS) is hosting a try-out camp for Under 15 girls (grade 9 and younger) on Saturday, April 5 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. The cost to try-out is $55 per player plus $15 for a Basketball B.C. membership. Registration includes t-shirt, socks, insurance and a written evaluation. The camp will feature individual skill development as well as scrimmage games. “At the camp, coaches will select 10 players for the team plus a few alternates,” said head coach Craig Lindsay. “Those players will have practice sessions on two Saturdays (April 19 and May 3) at GFSS and then travel to compete at the provincial zone tournament in Langley on May long weekend (May 16-18).” Lindsay said playing on a regional team is

Photo submitted

A try-out camp is happening for Under-15 girls this weekend in Grand Forks. a great opportunity to have fun and improve your skills as well as to meet players from different regions. Players from throughout the Kootenays are eligible as long as they were born in 1999 or later. “The team will compete with seven other zones throughout the province at the Langley Events Centre,” said Lindsay, who coached the junior girls team at GFSS this past year, and has coached several regional teams in Victoria. “The competition is really good. You see all the best players from throughout B.C. trying to win the provincial title.” Lindsay said it’s always interesting and challenging to mix play-

ers from different teams into a regional select team. “It’s fun and challenging as players get a chance to play with girls from different parts of the Kootenay who you normally might see at one or two tournaments during the year,” he said. “Players who put the time in on their skills in the spring and summer have a definite advantage when it comes to the next school season.” From the provincial zone championship, 40 players will be chosen to attend the U15 provincial team selection camp Photo Arne Petryshen where the two provincial Carla Lowden and her staff at Cranbrook Curves were overwhelmed by the generosity of their members. teams are chosen. They collected 1,671 pounds of food plus $870 for the Cranbrook Food Bank in less than three weeks in For more information March. Curves International allows them to report a pound for every dollar raised so they reached their call Lindsay at 250-304- goal and reported 2541 pounds. 4649 or go to basketball. (Pictured left) Jackie Jensen, ofHigh the Cranbrook Food Bank, Madison Meeks, Patt Dolan, 0426 RPGP RN Individualized Program Ad -from Jan Zacharias - Size 10.33inmanager Wide x 7in CMYK - 02 Press Ready PDF Rani Noronha, Peggy McGowan, Kim Roelofs, manager, and Carla Lowden, Cranbrook Curves owner.


Friday, April 4, 2014 Kootenay News Advertiser

Four local teams selected to attend a national leadership clinic Submitted

Four local teams have been awarded spots at the upcoming National Environmental Education Leadership Clinic that will take place at Nipika Mountain Resort from April 26-29. The competition for the 8 available team spots was highly contested, with 22 teams made up of 88 educators from across the country submitting applications. Jointly hosted by the Columbia Basin Environmental Education

Network (CBEEN) and the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM), this Leadership Clinic will provide teams with the opportunity to network, team-build, share resources, and take action on key goals they have set for themselves. Local teams include Rocky Mountain School District #6, Wildsight, Wild Voices for Kids and a newly formed group of early childhood educators looking at developing

a plan to provide more opportunities for environmental education in the early years. Lisa Lehr, who is the captain of that team said “Our team members are thrilled with the opportunity to attend this Leadership Clinic. The goal is to create a 10year plan of action to create awareness, encourage involvement and design inclusive environmental education activities in the Early Years community. We are looking forward to share knowledge, re-

$20 off* or 30 FREE Bottles with the purchase of any of these 4 most popular wines • Italian Pinot Grigio • Australian Shiraz • California Piesporter (Wonderful Sparkling) • Chilean Merlot

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395 St. Mary’s Kimberley 205-427-5155

109 3rd St. S Cranbrook 250-489-2739

Photo submitted

Audrey Repin, Columbia Power Corporation’s Director of Stakeholder and External Relations (centre) visits Invermere to offer up their support to CBEEN Executive Director Duncan Whittick (left) for the National Environmental Education Leadership Clinic CBEEN is hosting in April. Lori Horrocks of Invermere (right) will be one of the 32 environmental educators who will benefit from this initiative, and will have the opportunity to offer teams an up close and personal look at Kootenay National Park.

sources and funding op- Association, the Insti- province and beyond”. This initiative was tute for Environmental portunities.” Local teams will have Learning, Green Com- made possible by genthe opportunity to net- munities Canada Foun- erous support from the work and learn from a dation and the Walking Columbia Basin Trust, Columbia Power Corwide variety of provin- the Talk collaborative. Columbia CBEEN Executive poration, cial and national teams Community including Interpreta- Director, Duncan Whit- Valley tion Canada, the Sas- tick, is very excited Foundation, Wild BC, 23302 Conservation about ex- Habitat katchewan Outdoor and Park 115 Thorncliffe Drive the clinic, Docket: Toronto Ontario pressing that “this will 247 - JWT Foundation, InstiEnvironmental EducaClient: Trust 1M1 Participation Ads Job Name: tute for Environmental be a fantastic opportion Network,M4H WildBC Tel 416•696•2853 Lara Vanderheide Production Environmenof Contact: our Learning, and Team BC which is tunity for some made up of representa- local educators to be tal Education Provintives from the BC En- exposed to high quality cial Specialist Association, Metro Vancouver vironmental Education programs and profes-B:5.8125” and Nipika Mountain Provincial Specialist sionals from across theT:5.8125”

The Cranbrook Food Bank needs your help

Resort. With such a strong response to this Clinic, CBEEN is looking at hosting this event on an annual basis over the next three years which would allow more local teams to take advantage of this opportunity. For more information on CBEEN and the Leadership Clinic please visit www.cbeen. org.


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ranbrook St. N., C d n -2 0 1 5 d 1 aya 9-3455 @kooten shannon 65-2382, 250-48 -6 1-800

Is your carrie doing a great r job?

Call the K (250)489-3455 ootenay Advertiser at ,1 this form (151 800-665-2382 or drop off 0-2nd St., N., Cranbrook) and your c

ar Extra Value M rier will win an McDonalds Re eal compliments of sta Carrier’s name urants of Canada or your address ________________ ____________ ____ ROYAL

Wayne Frank lin’s EAST KOOTEN


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l a i c e p S g n i Gardensified ad selling yoMuray

Phone: 250.42 6.9829 Email: wfrankl in@ekrealty.c


f s Run a cla s in the month oordered m b e garden it ill receive a 1x1 GST w and you r only $5/issue + o f ad nbrook t. N., S d n -2 0 151 ayadv -3455 9 @kooten shannon 65-2382, 250-48 1-800-6

4 APRIL 1 RARy b I L k o nbRo A R CloC y e r h a t G F h o t i FRIends ng a travelogue w s Lecture ckie enti are pres College of the Ro Gary . m p 7 n e donatio y han at th b n o which i s p i s r i t m d 3 A 1 . n his 20 theatre o ssia, g u n o R l , a d u n o a l y en, Fin d e will take w s , d Icelan apan. J d included n a a e kor

for a lot less: ucts installed ss Expense od Pr b tu th Ba Le 3. Quality 2. Less Mess be 1. Less Time & tubwalls can ng. er in bl tu re su ili ea ce m & to s e le ti ad b, M • your existing tu installed over installations ua ers • G ranteed ounds & show al iners, w l surr ! y a • Acrylic Tub L d to

estimate Call for a free RS ATHTUB LINE

om KOOTwEwNwA.kYooteBnaytubliners.c 877-742-2288

: 17689 Toll Free Tel: (250) 423-

Tell mom love and ahow much you ppreciate We will be her running a Happy M o

ther ifieds ads ’s Day section

in our class


INSPECTIO NS David Rob erts Home Inspector

250.919.84 27 | scotco RESIDEN T IA L INSPECT BC LICEN SE #6307



1x2 ad for

ads will ru

only $10 +

n on Fri. M

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ne is Tues.

1510-2 shannon@nd St. N., Cranbroo k k 1-800-665 -2382, 250 -489-3455 m

May 6

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Kootenay News Advertiser, April 04, 2014  

April 04, 2014 edition of the Kootenay News Advertiser