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HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING, Wednesday, March 19, 2014


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014, HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING

Better eating encouraged during Nutrition Month BY MARK WEBER Red Deer Express Alberta Health Services is encouraging the public to toss aside persistent misconceptions of healthy eating and adopt better habits as March is AHS Nutrition Month. The theme is ‘Inspiring Healthy Meals’. Throughout the month, dietitians have been sharing information about how a few ingredients plus a few steps can equal healthy meal success for Albertans. They’ve also been highlighting quick healthy meals and showing that these do not have to cost a lot. It doesn’t have to mean lengthy stints in the kitchen either. “I think that a big barrier to people is finding time to plan to make healthy meals,” said Taressa Waye, a dietitian with Alberta Health Services. “When you are in a rush, or leaving work, you can be starving so a lot of the time we are tempted to stop at fast food restaurants and get foods that are high in fats, sugar and salt which are not healthy choices.” But there are several time-saving tips for meal preparation to keep in mind, from using slow cookers, rice cookers and microwave ovens to using healthy convenience foods such as shredded cheese, frozen or pre-washed fruit and vegetables or canned beans. Waye said it’s also key to plan ahead, cook extra food now to use for another meal later. Leftover roast chicken is great in a wrap, stir fry or soup. “We’re really encouraging people to plan out their meals; to take a few minutes each week taking into consideration their family’s preferences as well as budget,” she said. “They can use these plans to make a grocery list and shop for all the things they need at once – that way, they aren’t spending extra money on other things so it also helps to save money.

“YOU HAVE TO FIND SOME GOOD RECIPES THAT WORK FOR YOU. AND SOMETIMES, YOU HAVE TO JUST GET USED TO EATING HEALTHY FOODS AS WELL.” TARESSA WAYE “We’re also encouraging Albertans to prepare some of the meal ahead of time and work that into the meal plan. Then, for example, they can cook some extra meat for one supper meal that can be used for a meal later in the week. They can also use that leftover cooked meat in portable meals such as sandwiches, salads and wraps.” Waye also said the healthier choices in terms of groceries typically are located in the perimeter of a supermarket. That’s where shoppers finds the grains, the dairy products and the produce for example. It’s also a good idea to shop when you aren’t hungry so you aren’t as tempted to reach for snack-type items - in fact, skipping the snack aisle altogether might be a good idea. But there are also healthy staples throughout the store like lentils, whole grain pastas and frozen garbanzo beans that can be added to recipes as well. And speaking of beans, Waye said that substituting canned and rinsed beans for meat works well in salads, soups and casseroles. “You have to find some good recipes that work for you. And sometimes, you have to just get used to eating healthy foods as well.” Learning to rely on a range of spices is also a good habit to get into, rather than over-salting things as well, she said. For singles, cooking in bigger quantities just doesn’t seem necessary. “I would suggest buying ingredients that are ready to go, such as washed and cut vegetables that are good for lunches; stir-fry and salads; pre-cut fruits can be added to breakfast or lunch. “They can also purchase shredded cheese that can be good for omelets. Roasted chickens that can be bought can also be used for sandwiches, quesadillas, wraps and pizzas.” Research has also shown eating the daily recommended amounts of vegetables and fruit helps manage weight and reduces risk of heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer.

Less than 50% of Albertans get enough servings of vegetables and fruit per day. Buy fresh, frozen and canned vegetables without added salt, sugar and higher calorie sauces or syrups. And when you do eat out, aim to go for foods that aren’t deep fried for starters. “Be careful of sauces – if you are getting a salad, try and get the salad dressing on the side and dip your fork in before every bite so you are getting a taste of the dressing but not having all of those added calories. Try and have lean meat, too.” It’s also very important to pay attention to what you are drinking as well – whether you are eating out or dining in. “I suggest having water or low-fat milk. “One hundred per cent fruit juice can be a healthy choice, but only in small portions. We want to make sure

we are only having half a cup of 100 per cent fruit juice everyday because it’s very high in sugar.” Meanwhile, tips for healthy eating are also being shared on Twitter through the @AHS_behealthy account. But a Twitter account is not required to access the information. Waye recommends checking out the AHS facebook page for other ideas for healthy meals. For some excellent ideas, visit, and then click on ‘choose and prepare healthy food’ tab. And while there are a plethora of options when it comes to fast food, Waye said she believes people, in general, are getting back to healthier choices via cooking their own meals. “I think that people are starting to realize that it’s better to cook at home and have family meals.”

It’s time to have that difficult talk with your Mom and Dad. Are you ready? Being constantly concerned about your Parent’s safety and well-being can take its toll. Don’t you wish Mom and Dad could be part of a welcomingg community where they are respected, surrounded by friends, caring staff and social activities? We know that when it’s time for your Parents to consider moving out of their home it can be a difficult decision it’s not an easy topic to discuss. As Red Deer’s premier Independent and Assisted Living residence, Symphony om m Senior Living has a great reputation of taking care of Mom and Dads. Call us today and we’d be glad to listen and share information that will help. We can also arrange a d. personalized visit-it makes all the difference in the world.

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4 Red Deer Express

HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING, Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A happy marriage leads to a happy home Ah, the quintessential happy home: husband, wife, 2.3 kids, a dog, white picket fence and Friday movie nights with the whole family cuddled on the couch, munching popcorn and enjoying each other’s company.


MACLEOD Does this happy home still exist? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some people will say this lifestyle is either an outdated concept or a domestic myth that only those most naïve of us still believe in. Marriage? Bah, it’s only a piece of paper. Why bother? It’ll only end in divorce. Such mantras may be based in personal opinion or values. We’re all entitled to those.

Cynicism toward marriage can also be reflective of personal disillusionment or agendas. After over a decade of working as an in-thetrenches couples’ mediator and relationship expert, I can tell you from experience that the happy home does exist. Many men and women enjoy the devotion, comfort, stability and lifelong friendship that come with a good marriage. They find profound meaning in the public and private commitment they’ve made to each other. Although it is an emotionally-charged issue for some people, studies show that children of happily married parents tend to do better and experience less poverty than children of divorce. And while there are no guarantees about marital longevity or happiness – are there any guarantees in life? – children whose parents are married have a much higher chance of living with both biological

parents until adulthood than children whose parents are cohabiting. Does this mean that children of divorced or cohabiting parents won’t do well in life? Of course not. But neither does it mean that we should dismiss the positive impact a good parental marriage has on children. Indeed, happy kids and a happy home hinges on one thing - a happy marriage between mom and dad. The quality of a couple’s marriage sets the tone for family life. Here are five general qualities to strive for (or avoid, as the case may be): Choose the right person. Many people in unhappy marriages admit that problems – from infidelity and indifference to belligerence and overspending – were evident even before they exchanged “I do’s”. Remember that dating is a screening process - when you see red-flag behaviours or disagree on fundamental values, move on. Put your spouse first.

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HEALTHY HEARTS - Henry and Lily Sims take their daily walk at the indoor track in the Collicutt Centre. Ask yourself, am I doing everything I can, every day, to make my spouse’s life easier and happier? This is the best way to motivate a spouse to do the same for you. Model ‘grown up’ behaviour. Adults are increasingly exhibiting childish behaviour from know-it-all assumptions and tempertantrums to accusations and name-calling. Many have a ‘hair trigger’ where they fly into rage over nothing, displaying an infantile degree of over-reaction and self-righteous indignation when they don’t get their way or when someone disagrees with them. These are the folks who trashtalk on social media, fire

Jenna Swan/Red Deer Express

off lengthy hate-email missives, delight in angry moralizing, and manage to have every person in the home walking on eggshells. Buck this trend in your marriage by respecting your spouse’s right to disagree with you. Model grown-up behaviour to your kids by showing self-restraint and civility in the home, in public and online. Be pleasant to live with. A positive personality and voice tone can go a long way, as can humility, honesty and reliability. Learn to see things from the point of view of your spouse and kids. Share in the responsibility of parenting, housecleaning and managing money, and be supportive

of your spouse’s and kids’ goals in life. Be the type of person that everyone in your family wants to welcome home with a hug. Prioritize intimacy. Ensure that non-sexual affection and words of appreciation fill your relationship. At the same time, don’t let sex fall off the radar. Couples who acknowledge the importance of both emotional and physical intimacy are more likely to model a good marriage for their children and set the tone for a happy home. Debra Macleod is a leading marriage and relationship expert. Her women-only seminars are coming to Red Deer in May. Visit www.AddaSpark. com.

A Voice for Families in our Community


Monday – Friday 8:30am-5:00pm

We are located in Gaetz Avenue Crossing 70C, 5250 22nd Street – Red Deer, AB (403) 342-4460 or 1-800-806-7999

Fax: (403) 342-4516

Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm

Earl Dreeshen, MP

4315 - 55th Avenue, Suite 100A 403-347-7426 •

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014, HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING

Lots of family-friendly choices in activity guide A variety of spring and summer activities for all ages is available via the City of Red Deer. The Spring & Summer 2014 Community Services Activity and Program Guide was delivered to homes in both the City as well as Red Deer County last week. It is also available for viewing on the City’s web site. Copies may also be picked up at City Hall, the Collicutt Centre, Culture Services Centre, the G.H. Dawe Community Centre and the Recreation Centre. Registration for all City programs in the guide began on Tuesday. Children and adults alike can partake in a number of programs including swimming lessons, dance, martial arts, or ball hockey as well as art and photography classes. There are also a number of clubs offered including the Golden Circle singers, the Red Deer and District Garden Club, as well as the Kvitka Red Deer Canadian Ukrainian Dance Club, among others. The City also offers opportunities for children and youth to take part in a number of summer camps. Some include art

preschool camps, adventure camps, a western camp, a super hero camp and yoga camps, to name a few. Meanwhile, registration can be done online at the looknbook page (www.reddeer. ca/looknbook), by phone at 403-309-8411 or in person at the Collicutt Centre, G.H. Dawe Community Centre or Recreation Centre. Customers wishing to register for programs using looknbook or by telephone require an individual client number, a family PIN, program codes (found in the Activity Guide and on looknbook) as well as a Visa or MasterCard number and expiry date. First time telephone registration and looknbook users are encouraged to set up their client and family PINs to ensure they have all the necessary information before registration begins. Step-by-step instructions, as well as a new features guide, are available at www. For more assistance call 403-309-8411 during business hours. -Fawcett


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purchase incentive! WATER AEROBICS - Check the City of Red Deer web site for water aerobics classes at the Recreation Centre, G.H. Dawe Centre, and the Collicutt Centre pools. This class taught by Jenna Swan/Red Deer Express Jennifer Hoeve at the Recreation Centre is at 12:45 p.m. on Tuesdays.



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HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING, Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Organic seeds available through community seed bank BY JENNA SWAN Red Deer Express A community seed bank has been founded this month by local group ReThink Red Deer with hopes of promoting seed diversity and sustainability in Central Alberta. You can ďŹ nd the seed bank at upcoming public and farmer’s markets in the spring and summer months, where they will be selling seeds to the public for $3 per pack. Rene Michalak, project lead for ReThink Red Deer, explained the community seed bank is a project he hopes will encourage Central Albertans to buy and produce their food locally. Community seed banks have become increasingly popular throughout the world in recent years as one solution to escape large-scale corporate food sources using genetically modiďŹ ed seeds to grow their grains and vegetables. Michalak explains that community seed banks allow people, “A bit of freedom from the whims of corporate entities when we are

able to grow our own food. “The seeds we sell are non-genetically modiďŹ ed seeds, so non-GMO, however we are not looking to bash genetic modiďŹ cation technology,â€? said Michalak. “But at the same time if GMO is encouraged to exist then so should be the practice of community seed banks that contain non-GMO seeds.â€? The ReThink Red Deer seed bank currently contains a large selection of annual vegetables as well as a variety of edible owers. “You name it, we have it, as far as your regular everyday vegetables go. “A lot of people don’t know that there are 41 varieties of edible owers, many of which we have in our collection of seeds and they are great to add to salads and such.â€? The seed bank is being funded by a larger national project, the Buta Initiative, with partial funding coming from Seeds of Diversity Canada which awarded the group with a $1,000 grant. “We have purchased a seed savers starter kit with

ORGANIC OPTIONS - Rene Michalak, project lead for the ReThink Red Deer’s community seed bank, displays a variety of organic seeds available through the recently opened community seed bank. 56 varieties of cold, hardy open pollinated heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange,� he explained.

t h g i l e h t n i t Le he heat! block t



GET YOUR ESTIMATE! Give us a call! 877.707.7427







The Seed Savers Exchange is an organization that hopes to preserve organic seeds and continue to make them available to the public. “Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend,� states the Seed Savers Exchange on their web site. “We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations.� Michalak explains that by opening a community seed bank in Red Deer he hopes it will raise awareness to the issue of the importance of seed diversity. “Seed diversity allows us to play an important role in how our food is grown and where it comes from,� he said. “It is important to have seed diversity because it will ensure that we access to unengineered food in the future.� Michalak and ReThink Red Deer hope to continue to expand the seed bank in the future by partnering

with local organizations such as the Red Deer Public Library. He hopes libraries throughout Central Alberta will become collection and distribution points for the seed bank, as well as to continue their sales at the markets. Michalak also said he hopes to incorporate seed banks into local schools, as “Many schools have begun to incorporate food growing programs into their curriculum and we want to work with the schools to set up small seed banks so that the kids have access to them as well.â€? Meanwhile, ReThink Red Deer has been described as an organization that follows the energy of its members. If Red Deerians have a community initiative that ďŹ ts with the organization’s goals and values, why not get involved with ReThink - and recruit like-minded people to help make a difference.

Jenna Swan/Red Deer Express

The web site also offers information on a number of topics including renewable energy, gardening and food supply, recycling and waste reduction, education as well as general sustainability, city planning and collaboration - group to group. Looking ahead, folks can watch out for World Water Day 2014. It runs at the Margaret Parsons Theatre at Red Deer College March 22, from noon to 5 p.m. Come mark World Water Day in Red Deer with the award-winning documentary Watermark. It explores our relationship to water, including how we’re drawn to it, how we use it, and the consequences of that use. Screenings are set for 1 and 3:30 p.m. in the Margaret Parsons Theatre at Red Deer College. Information booths from environmental organizations will also be onsite.

Red Deer Express 7

Wednesday, March 19, 2014, HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING

First Canadian Food Addicts Anonymous chapter in City BY ERIN FAWCETT Red Deer Express A new group in Red Deer is aiming to help Central Albertans who struggle with food. The first Canadian chapter of Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA) officially started in Red Deer earlier this month. Cristy Franco started the Red Deer chapter of FAA. FAA originated in 1987 in West Palm Beach, Florida and has since grown to 130 different chapters across the world. The grandfather program is Alcoholics Anonymous and FAA follows the same principles. “I was involved in other food programs more than 15 years ago. I found this particular program gives me a lot of support,” said Franco, of why she wanted to bring the program to Red Deer. Not only are meetings available face-to-face, but there are also phone and online meetings available as well. “There is support 24/7,” she said. Franco said FAA is a pro-

gram for people who have an unhealthy relationship with food. It’s not only a program for those looking to lose weight, it’s also a program for those who wish


Franco added food addiction is more common than people may realize. “If people are desperate to find a solution, this is a solution. We are a fellowship and group of people that support each other,” she said.

“I think as Canadians we deserve health. This program has saved the lives of hundreds of people. This program is not for those who need it; it is for those who want it. People who are tired of fighting with their weight will find a so-

lution here.” For more information regarding Food Addicts Anonymous visit The Red Deer meetings are held every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Davenport Church of Christ (68 Don-

levy Ave.) There are no fees to attend meetings, Franco said they support each other through contributions. Anyone with questions can email Franco at

CRISTY FRANCO to gain weight, she added. “We all deal with the same disease – with food addiction,” she said. “People who come to our meetings can expect understanding and support. We are an organization that offers hope and solutions for thousands of people. “It’s a way to get back in control with food intake.”

FAMILY TIME - Twins Declan and Grayson Giroux, 2, colour pictures together during a recent afternoon of play. Jenna Swan/Red Deer Express

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What are the Advantages of the TreadClimber? Even though your maximum speed is very slow, you will burn more calories with the TreadClimber than if you were walking at the same speed on level ground. Due to the fact that the platform rises, you receive a more challenging workout. Another great advantage is that it is a low-impact workout. Even if you have no problems with your joints you are less likely to injure them because you are not running or jogging. When using this machine you are working out your core muscles and strengthening your back and abdominal muscles as well. Peoplee who use these machines experience far less impact and much less discomfort in their joints – especially in typically sensitive areas like the knees, ankles, back muscles, and spine.

Can I Get a Good Cardio Workout? In Action 1, the TreadClimber performs like a treadmill, with belts that move as you walk forward. In Action 2, the TreadClimber mimics a stair climber, with two independent treadles that move up and down. When you combine these actions, you get the third machine: an elliptical trainer that provides a smooth, low-impact motion. Cardio training on the TreadClimber not only helps you lose weight, but it also increases your energy level, improves health heart, increases metabolism, improves your bone density, boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good,” cholesterol and decreases unhealthy triglycerides, reduces back pain, and makes you leaner.When used properly, this machine will train your body to be efficient at hill walking, and truly challenge your cardiovascular system. As anyone who has spent many boring hours on a treadmill knows, more flexibility and variety means more enjoyment.

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HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING, Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Red Deer Express 9

Wednesday, March 19, 2014, HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING

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HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING, Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Non-profit yoga organization reaches out to community PLAY continues to bring yoga to various groups around the City BY MARK WEBER Red Deer Express Offering the benefits of yoga to a broader spectrum of clients, local instructor Darcy Schneider is busy these days with her nonprofit PLAY – People, Love and Yoga. Schneider also owns Red Deer Hot Yoga and is enjoying the facets of running a business. But a couple years back, she knew she wanted to enable more people to be able to check out what yoga is all about. She started up PLAY with Crystal Noble, Emily Gibbons, Erin Payne and Jason Diep. According to the web site, PLAY is a non-profit organization that brings yoga to areas of the community that normally do not have access to yoga instruction.

They have taught in schools, special needs organizations and other nonprofit groups. The focus is on children and underprivileged individuals. Certified training instructors head up the range of sessions and so far it’s proven to be a winning venture in the community, she said. “Before it was me just volunteering, then I organized a non-profit to make it more accessible and to get more people involved,” she explains about PLAY’s beginnings. “We take yoga really just about anywhere they will invite us,” she added. “We’ve worked with a number of schools, we do classes with the local women’s shelter, we work with the Boys and Girls Club quite a bit and we work at seniors centres such as

WARM WELCOME - Jason Diep and Darcy Schneider of Red Deer Hot Yoga warm up during the recent cold weather. Jenna Swan/Red Deer Express

Pines Lodge, too.” Not that balancing the demands of running a business and overseeing

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403-346-0404 • Precision in Assessments • Care in Product Selection

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Red Deer 5125 48 Street • 403-346-0404 Lacombe #107, 5033 - 52 Street • 403-782-3457

We are an approved full service center for WBC, DVA & AADL clients. Toll Free 1-888-956-0404

a non-profit at the same time aren’t without some challenges, but Schneider really wouldn’t have it any other way. “I think that it’s really important to do this in the community, and my biggest motivation is that I get to do exactly what I love and what I’m passionate about everyday,” she points out. “When you are given a gift like that, I think it’s really important to give back.” Ultimately, it’s also about discussing the many attributes of yoga with more people too, so there can be an educational component woven in as well. “In schools, it’s not just about bringing in the program for a day but to also work with teachers and help them utilize it within the schools as well,” she explains. “It also helps kids with stress management.” For people in their senior years, Schneider said that the practice of yoga helps

with pain management as well. It was back during her university years that she worked with seniors during some of her educational practicums, so she saw firsthand how yoga could make a significant difference in their day-to-day lives as well, she said.

‘WE TAKE YOGA REALLY JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE THEY WILL INVITE US.’ DARCY SCHNEIDER At the local women’s emergency shelter, Schneider said the sessions help introduce people to not just yoga but to an overall healthier lifestyle as well. Looking ahead, Schneider and her team are also planning a fundraiser for PLAY on March 22 at Red Deer Hot Yoga. It’s called a Playful Class,

and there is a $5 minimum donation required at the studio. The event gets underway at 7 p.m. Meanwhile, Schneider continues to be inspired by the people from many walks of life that she comes into contact with via PLAY, and she can’t begin to imagine a more fulfilling career path. Seeing others get so excited about it is also a constant source of joy. “Watching people come for the first time and being able to experience the ways that it changes their lifestyles – that’s really motivating,” she said. Meanwhile, for more information about PLAY and the various programs related to it, contact Darcy Schneider at 403-986-1533 or email her at PLAY is also on facebook and there is a link to it on Red Deer Hot Yoga’s web site as well.

Red Deer Express 11

Wednesday, March 19, 2014, HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING

The ins and outs of taking care of teen skin Teen skin can present a special challenge. Hormone changes can cause excessive oiliness, dryness, sensitivity and acne and those can be hard to control without the right products and treatments. Here are a few ways to help get your teen skin under control and looking great. The first thing to consider is cleansing the skin. For teens with oily skin, more cleansing is not better. Cleansing too often will lead to sensitivity and dryness which then causes the sebaceous


ROACH glands, the glands that create oil, to produce even more oil to compensate for the dryness that the cleansing is causing. Using a gentle cleanser with antimicrobial properties will cleanse without drying. Look for brands that are sold by dermatologists which don’t have any additives such as colours and perfumes. It is also important to use a toner after cleansing. Not only does a toner remove any residue left over after cleansing, it also closes pores and restores the skin’s

natural pH balance. Restoring the pH balance of your skin is important because that is how your skin protects itself from outside elements and it creates the optimal environment for your moisturizer and any treatment products that you are using to absorb into your skin. The next step in caring for teen skin is moisturizing. Many people think that oily skin does not need to be moisturized but, it just needs the right type of moisturizer. Look for a product that does not have oil but has water based humectants and calming agents such as calendula. As with cleanser and toner, quality is important. Speak to a dermatologist or visit a medi-spa to find the right product for your skin. If you’re having troubles with acne and your at home routine isn’t doing the trick, there are spa services that can help. Having a clinical spa facial with steam and extractions can help clean out your pores, lessening the chance of breakouts. If you visit a reputable spa, your aesthetician should use the products that are right for your skin and give suggestions of what you can do at home. Another treatment that is helpful is IPL. This is a machine that uses Intense Pulsed Light to heat the skin which helps shrink the

sebaceous glands as well as killing the bacteria that causes acne. Treatments are done fairly quickly and can be repeated up to two times per week. There is generally no down time to these treat-

ments which means you can get back to your day without noticing any negative effects. Teen skin can be frustrating to manage but if you stick with a good cleansing routine, use the

right products for your skin and get skincare help from a qualified aesthetician; your skin will be looking and feeling great. Natasha Roach is with Body Treats Medi Spa in Red Deer.

FAMILY FUN - Amanda Elliot pulls son Nathan Elliot, 6, on a sled during a warm winter day. Jenna Swan/Red Deer Express

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HEALTHY FAMILY LIVING, Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tips for staying committed to healthier lifestyles Ready to get started on a fitness protocol? If you’ve been talking to personal trainers and looking at various fitness programs offered in the City, you are ready to make a move and finally put some action into place to achieve the body that you’ve wanted.


WHEELER Right now, your motivation for your fitness program is higher than ever. You’re excited. You’re geared up. And, you’re ready for success. But will it stay that way? For many people, it won’t and that’s where the problems come into play. Motivation tends to come and go and for some individuals, it goes more than it comes. If you find yourself constantly struggling with low motivation, it might just be time to implement some key techniques that can help you maintain it up at a higher level. Let’s go over a few ideas to keep in mind so that you don’t struggle with this issue any longer. First, having a workout journal that you record your workouts in and the progress you are making will be imperative to your success. A workout journal allows you to look back over time and see how far you are moving forward – something that you likely won’t notice on a day to day basis. It’s hard to see progress when you are looking at things day by day, but over large chunks of time, it becomes very clear your hard work is paying off. That progress journal can help you discover this – and then serve as a great motivational tool. It’s also a wise move to find a mentor. Try and seek out someone who you admire and want to be like and then if you

can connect with them, all the better. Having someone for inspiration can go a long way towards getting you into the gym when you’d rather not and giving you something to strive for. In some cases, getting a personal trainer can also serve as this mentor, so that might be something for you to consider as well. Moving along, it’s also a great idea to get involved with fitness group sessions as well. These are going to be offered in a number of different formats and will liven up your workout program in no time. What’s great about these is that they also have that group atmosphere to them, which will get you more excited for the workouts on hand. Plus, you will get the opportunity to meet some like-minded individuals, which can then help you stay committed to leading the healthy lifestyle. Remember, the more people you surround yourself who have similar goals and preferences as you, the more likely you are to stay committed to the programs that you are doing. It’s also going to be imperative to set some clear rewards. Many people are good with goal setting, but don’t set rewards to give themselves when they reach these goals. Rewards help you acknowledge your success and will keep you striving forward, committed to seeing even greater results in the future. If you don’t have rewards in place, you may stand a greater chance of losing sight of those goals as they just seem like too much work for no payoff on your bad days. A reward, for many, provides that motivational boost they need. So keep these quick tips in mind. Remember that what works to motivate one person doesn’t always work to motivate another, so learn yourself and figure out what makes you get excited about maintaining the fitness lifestyle. Jack Wheeler is a personal trainer and owner of 360 Fitness in Red Deer.

TEAMING UP - Kenisha Steele, 13, and Caridee Steele, 7, take turns drawing at a target Jenna Swan/Red Deer Express during a recent practice at the Springbrook Archery Club.

Enjoy all the Great things to do this Spring in Red Deer & Central Alberta!

Mary Anne Jablonski

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Is it ok to pull your child out of school to travel? I don’t believe I am alone in saying that one of the things I like least about travel are airports – especially during peak periods when students and their families flock south to escape the cold of winter. There are always long line-ups, delays and depending on the weather conditions at home, chaos. My preference is to travel during the school year when both airports and tourist attractions are less attended. The problem with this, of course, is that my daughter will miss days at school. Things are even more complicated now that our older daughter has graduated university and is in the working world. When we want to travel as a family, we need to also consider when she can get time off. Being self employed has many pros, one of which is that my husband and I can both plan time off work as we wish, so at least that doesn’t have to factor into our equation. When a good friend approached her daughter’s teacher about her missing two weeks of school for a trip to Europe, the teacher was actually encouraging. She told my friend what I believe too. That is, depending on where you are vacationing, there’s a whole lot to learn by actually being up and personal with historical places


DIMERMAN that you might see in Time Magazine or on the Internet. For example, actually seeing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre or standing beside the Eiffel Tower can’t compare to learning about it in history class. This, along with the opportunity of practicing one’s French and of being exposed to different cultures and traditions, enriches a child’s life. I realize that not everyone is going to Paris on vacation, but even taking a road trip with one’s family to another part of the country in which they live can be eye opening and complements learning at school. Planning a trip with your children at a time other than when there is a planned break from school is not taken lightly by most parents. There are several factors to consider when doing so. To make your job easier, I’m suggesting the acronym ‘FLAG’ to help you remember some of the most important considerations when making your decision. ‘F’ stands for frequency. How often do you take your child out

of school to vacation with you? If it’s infrequent, then your child will likely not fall behind as a result of doing so. If he misses school too often as a result of traveling, then he might get the impression that you don’t believe school is important. ‘L’ stands for length. How many days of school will your child be missing? If it’s just a few, then there will be less to catch up on. If

he’s missing a whole week or two, then this might make catching up more difficult. ‘A’ is for ability. How capable does your child feel about being able to catch up to the rest of the class on her return? If she hates missing one day of school for fear of missing a class, then her anxiety might not be worth the trip. ‘G’ is for grade. Depending on his age and grade, there may be

more or less work to catch up on and concepts may be more or less difficult. It stands to reason that missing a few days of Kindergarten, for example, may be less problematic than missing a week of Grade 8. Whatever you decide, happy holidays! Sara Dimerman is a psychologist, author and mom to two daughters. For more visit

FAMILY FUN - Jaime Glazier hurries to catch up with her fast moving son Lincoln, 4, during an afternoon Jenna Swan/Red Deer Express swim at the Collicutt Centre.

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Hearing - what you need to know “Everyone mumblesâ€? – or, “If everyone spoke more clearly, I wouldn’t have a problem.â€? Have you thought or said either of those sentences before? If you have worked around industrial noise or ďŹ nd yourself over the age of 55, there is a chance you have. But why? Surely it couldn’t be a reduction in hearing. Or could it?


TOWERS One of the most common misconceptions about hearing is that if it changes, you’ll know it. The truth is, in most cases, you probably won’t unless you get it checked. It usually progresses slowly and usually involves higher pitches ďŹ rst. Both of these factors mean other people will probably notice you’re having difďŹ culty before you do. Many people think that a reduction in hearing is like turning the volume down on the TV. It isn’t. When we lose our hearing from noise or age, for example, the part of our ear responsible for hearing higher pitches is what is damaged

ďŹ rst. This leaves us with more of a problem related to clarity, than loudness. You may ďŹ nd yourself saying, “I heard you, I just didn’t understand you.â€? In speech, vowel sounds are low pitched and are what gives us the power or volume. Consonant sounds are high pitched. They are affected ďŹ rst in most hearing losses. They are also the sounds we need to understand one word from the next. That is also why you may be able to hear the trafďŹ c on the highway outside, but yet can’t hear the TV or your spouse every time. So what are you supposed to do if you or someone in your life suspects you have a reduction in hearing? The good news is a hearing test is quick and painless. What you will want to make sure of is that the test is comprehensive and thorough. There should be at least ďŹ ve or six procedures performed in that visit to begin to come up with some answers. The ‘beep test’ alone is not good enough. If the test results show some degree of hearing reduction, it is important to be educated about what your options are. If the results show that your hearing can be improved medically or surgically (about 15-20%

of hearing losses), then you will be referred to your family doctor or an ENT (ear, nose, throat surgeon). If your hearing loss is permanent then you may be a candidate for hearing aids. A clinician should prescribe and dispense hearing aids with integrity. You should not feel as though you are being sold some-

thing, but rather that you are being cared for as you would be with your dentist, optometrist, etc. If you choose to adopt hearing aids into your life, you should know that you will undergo a trial period for the ďŹ rst 30-60 days. During that time, if you feel that your needs aren’t being met, you should have the option to

return them, hopefully without charge. The hearing aid process should be a positive one in which you are able to work with your clinician to improve your conversations, relationships and overall quality of life. Dr. Andrew Towers is an audiologist at HearWell Audiology Clinics Inc. in Red Deer.

FAMILY FIRE - Despite the recent cold weather, Christine Nielsen and Cody, Brendon, Jordon and BarbaraJean Freersken enjoyed a lovely day of marshmallow roasting and fun activities using the community ďŹ re pits Jenna Swan/Red Deer Express at Bower Ponds.


Friday, April 4, 2014 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Westpark Nazarene Church 3920 - 57 Ave., Red Deer Cost: $30.00/Person (Includes Lunch)

A Community Building Workshop - include those isolated by mental health challenges; build places to belong that aIÂżrm and respect and set healthy boundaries and preYent compassion Iatigue


Sat. & Sun, May 3 & 4, 2014 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Red Deer Regional Hospital Dana Soltes Auditorium L401 Cost: $180.00/Per Couple

A relationship Zorkshop Ior parents because liIe Zith kids can get messy  +elp Zith the transition to parenthood hoZ to stay connected during the adMustment; keep both parents e[cited about caring Ior baby; Zays to keep romance and se[ aliYe

Education funded in part by: Red Deer & District Community Foundation Rotary Club of Red Deer Rotary Club of Red Deer Sunrise


Saturdays, April 26 & May 3, 2014 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Unity Baptist Church, 139 Northey Ave., Red Deer Cost: $85.00/Individual $165.00/Couple (Includes Lunch) 'iscoYer Zhy children oI all ages need to be in right relationship to the adults responsible Ior them )eaturing dynamic teaching materials Irom 'r 1euIeld best selling author oI +old on to <our .ids Why 3arents 1eed to 0atter 0ore than 3eers


Saturday, May 24, 2014 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Location: Golden Circle, 4620 - 47 Ave., Red Deer Cost: $50.00/Person

A course Ior baby boomers seniors and those helping parents doZnsi]e 'oZnsi]ing brings Zith it the challenge oI sorting through memories and Zhat Ze Zant to share Zith others 7his challenge reTuires loYing respect in balancing Zhat things Ze need Zhile holding on to Zhat Ze treasure

Register for all workshops by calling 403-342-0339 Deadline to register is one week before start date. Subsidy may be available.

Ad sponsored in part by

Shalom Counselling Centre is a registered charity serving Central Alberta since 1999 offering quality counselling for emotional & relational concerns & family life & wellness education.

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Hearing Aid Batteries now $19.99 for 40 cells

GABRIELLA’S STORY Our family has always supported STARS through the calendar and lottery campaigns, but on April 20, 2010, the meaning of STARS in our life took on an entirely new meaning. It was early that morning that our daughter Gabriella was born by emergency Caesarean section at Red Deer Regional Hospital and at only 29 weeks gestation. She was tiny at just over 3 lbs and her lungs had not yet fully developed.

Dr. Andrew Towers, Au.D.

Registered Audiologist — Owner


There was such panic and fear that day that I remember only parts of it. One of the most distinct memories I have of that day was how quickly the STARS crew was there to help. I remember the sense of concern in the ICU WKDWFKDQJHGFRPSOHWHO\ZKHQWKHÀLJKWFUHZ arrived, bringing a sense of calm and purpose to the process. The crew had been mobilized from the Foothills Hospital before Gabriella was even born and included a ICU nurse, pediatric respiratory therapist and paramedics; a highly skilled group that operated with speed and precision to have Gabriella’s chest tube inserted and an IV line put into an arm that was no bigger than my thumb. The other most prominent memory I have is following the crew WRWKHÀLJKWGHFNLQ5HG'HHUWRZDWFK*DEULHOOD loaded into the helicopter. I will never forget the pilot walking over to me and putting his hands on my shoulders. He said, “Dad, we’re

going to have your baby on the ground at Foothills Hospital in 25 minutes. You can’t beat us there, so take your time and drive safely.” Gabriella spent a total of 45 days in the hospital after she was born, until she was strong enough to come home. My experience in pediatric audiology in the past always had me wondering if there would be complications later in life, maybe with her vision, hearing or development. Today, as Gabriella turns 4 years old, she shows no effects of her early arrival. She is incredibly bright, already learning to read and write and normally developing in every way. She loves the outdoors and has always had a sense of adventure, and I often wonder if it has something to do with her start in life, riding in the helicopter when she was only minutes old. Today when we drive by the hospital, she always looks for the red helicopter and says, “Where’s the helicopter Daddy? I think there are some tiny babies in there, just like me.” For that, we will always be truly thankful and a proud supporter of STARS Air Ambulance.

Gabriella Towers STARS VIP


403-346-6414 Toll free: 1-855-400-6414 Creekside Professional Centre 4320 50th Avenue, Suite #202 Red Deer, AB, T4N 3Z6



of each sale will be donated


until the end of April in honour of Gabriella’s 4th birthday!

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The protection your family needs, the peace of mind you deserve. At Alberta Blue Cross, your health is our only focus. That’s why our new Blue Choice health plans offer higher benefit maximums than ever before and affordable benefits to maintain your family’s health and well-being. If you’re without employer sponsored benefits, contact us today for your free information package

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Special Features - 2014 Healthy Family Living