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Curbside Chaos


Summit Lake Ski Carnival


Rosemarie Parent and Kyle Kusch of the Arrow Lakes Historical Society will be welcoming people into their new space in the Centennial Building this Saturday, April 5, from 1–3 p.m. The Arrow Lakes News got a look last week. Read about it on page 8. Alex Cooper/Arrow Lakes News

Local collective aims to take over old fire hall Alex Cooper Arrow Lakes News

The Village of Nakusp is supporting a local group who wants to take over the old fire hall. Calling themselves the Old Firehall Collective Society, Rosemary Hughes presented the group’s plans to council at its Mar. 24 meeting. “The purpose is to inspire, nourish and support local communities,” she said. “Our vision is to repurpose the old firehall to make place for a year-round market.” The group’s membership includes Mirror Theatre, Nakuspinners, the Burton Farmers Market, and local food and beverage producers, said Hughes. She said the fire hall would give the Mirror Theatre rehearsal space, it would provide a location for the Nakuspinners to hold their

classes and keep their spinners and loom; and would provide space for courses on food production, storage and processing. “Future focus (would be) on economic development to act as incubator for micro-businesses and develop a small scale food processing and beverage industry, with a collective commercial pitch,” she said. The group has applied for a grant under the WorkBC Job Creation Partnership in order to get funding to upgrade the building. Hughes was at council asking for a letter of support to aid the grant application. She also asked for access to the building and to start work on a Memorandum of Understanding with the village. Council agreed to all three requests. In response to questions from council, Hughes said costs would be

paid for by members based on how much space they use in the building. “It’s shared among all users. We’ll also charge outside of that,” she said. “Say for example if we did an artist in residence or people would come and work with an artists, there would be a fee charged for that, so that would give us an additional capital reserve.” Hughes hopes rent would be “reasonable,” particularly considering the upgrades to the building the group is willing to take on. “This project, it maintains the building. It will respect the heritage,” she said. “There’s no intention of changing it at all. It was built in 1949. To repurpose the building in my view point and many people’s viewpoints is a good thing. “Even if we were to shift 10 per cent of dollars back into the local economy, it will have an impact.”

A local group is looking to turn the old fire hall into a collective space. Alex Cooper/Arrow Lakes News


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2 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Location of recycling depot causing risk to curbside pickup Alex Cooper Arrow Lakes News

How can something that's be done in so many places for so long be so hard? That's the question about the upcoming implementation of curbside recycling in Nakusp through an industry stewardship group known as Multi-Material BC. The Village of Nakusp is supposed to start curbside pickup on May 19, but now a new wrench has been thrown into the plans. Linda Tynan, the chief administrative officer for the Village of Nakusp, told council last week the depot where recycling will be taken to may be in Castlegar — far outside the 60 kilometre distance that has been contracted for. "That's a significant concern to me unless they're going to be paying us a whole lot of money to do that," Tynan said at the Mar. 24 meeting. "There will be wages plus significant wear and tear on the truck." The village is scheduled to implement curbside recycling using its own garbage truck — the cost of which is to be paid for by MMBC. In a follow-up interview Tynan clarified the location remains speculation right now, based on what she heard from another community. The location of the depot still needs to be determined, but if it is somewhere far away like Castlegar, it could jeopardize the curbside recycling program. It wouldn't only be a matter of compensating the village for the extra costs of transporting the recycling the extra distance, but also of seeing if the village can incorporate the extra driving time into its schedule, said Tynan. Allen Langdon, the managing director for MMBC, said the location of the depot has yet to be determined. Position Title: Employer:

"If that were an instance, our postcollection processor would need to compensate for anything beyond 60 kilometres," he said. "As far as I know, no final decision has been made." Mayor Karen Hamling said the village may need to make a complaint to the provincial government. Both Tynan and Langdon said they hope the issue is resolved soon. "We need to know this relatively soon for our planning purposes," said Tynan.

MMBC facing opposition from NDP, business groups Jeff Nagel Black Press

This is just the latest in a long series of problems plaguing the implementation of the MMBC takeover of curbside recycling. MMBC, an industry stewardship group, is poised to take responsibility for curbside blue box collection – with more containers and material types collected than before – while charging businesses for the recycling of the packaging and paper they generate. Many municipalities have complained that the rates being offered by MMBC to collect recycling don't cover the costs associated with collection. The RDCK was unable to reach an agreement with MMBC for recycling pickup in the rural areas, meaning residents there will have to continue to drop off their recyclables at the recycling bins. However, small business groups are opposing MMBC and have asked the province to halt the planned May 19 launch and go back to the drawing board with the program. They say the fees they're being charged are too high, and will result in higher prices

Civil Inspector

Mica Generating Station, BC Columbia Hydro Constructors Ltd.

Job Description: Inspector needed to perform civil works inspections specifically related to the addition of a fifth and a sixth generating unit at the Mica Generating Station. The candidate must • Ensure adherence to contract specifications • Monitor and record progression of work • Ensure quality work practice and quality product Preferred Experience: • Technical knowledge in Civil Engineering and concrete practices • A two year technical diploma or other pertinent work experience • Experience and familiarity working in Heavy Industry with preference for • Hydro-electric experience Skills/Abilities: • Ability to read and interpret drawings. • Strong computer skills. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. The successful applicant will be required to work under a collective union agreement and will be required to live in a camp located at Mica Creek BC, 140 kilometres north of Revelstoke. Resumes will be accepted until 8:00 am, 14th April 2014; only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted. To Apply: Please email or fax resumes to: Columbia Hydro Constructors. Ltd. Fax: 250-805-4340 Email: Closing Date: 14 April, 2014

Lana Popham is the NDP’s small business critic.

for consumers. Earlier in March the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and eight other associations, including Newspapers Canada of which the Arrow Lakes News is a member, launched a campaign in B.C. newspapers and online at to amplify the pressure on Victoria. CFIB provincial affairs director Mike Klassen predicted job losses and some business closures as a result of the MMBC regulations and fees. "This is public policy run amok," he said. "We are asking British Columbians to talk to the B.C. government to push the pause button on its reckless and red tape-laden program." B.C. Agriculture Council vicechair Stan Vander Waal said farmers can't readily stop packaging strawberries and blueberries in plastic clamshells, because retailers insist that's what consumers want. "We have to wear the cost," he said, adding MMBC fees will cost his Chilliwack farm $60,000 to $100,000 a year. "It goes directly against growing agriculture." Canadian Newspaper Association chairman Peter Kvarnstrom, who is publisher of a paper in Sechelt, warned the the new system will be "catastrophic" to B.C. community and daily newspapers, resulting in job losses in an already challenged industry and reduced service to communities. The opposition groups say they support the aim of the program – to make generators of packaging pay to recycle it – but they dispute the fees and say multinational consumer goods firms like Unilever and Walmart control MMBC and are manipulating it to their benefit, not that of local businesses. Most of the fees for container waste are double or even quadruple what businesses in Ontario pay to a similar agency. Newspapers say they face a $14-million-a-year bite out of their operations because of the 20 cents per kilogram they will pay on newsprint, compared to less

than half a penny in Ontario. They contend a high proportion of newsprint is already recycled in B.C. through blue boxes. Kvarnstrom said newspapers are considering options to create their own newsprint collection system – a move that could also deprive MMBC of newsprint revenue and undermine the program's viability. Magazine industry reps also warned small B.C. magazines will pay not only for their own paper recycling, but will also effectively subsidize big U.S. magazines like Harper's or Vogue that will be exempt from MMBC fees on magazines mailed into B.C. Printers predict some orders will shift to presses in the U.S. or Alberta to skirt the fees, costing jobs in B.C. Last week, the NDP accused the B.C. Liberal government of handing over the province's recycling system to Toronto-based multi-national executives who will be unaccountable while B.C. businesses and households pay higher costs. Opposition small business critic Lana Popham raised the issue of MMBC in the Legislature Monday, calling on the province to change course before the agency's new system for recycling packaging and printed paper takes effect May 19. "If government doesn't take a step back, B.C.'s recycling system is going to end up in a giant dumpster," Popham said. "The control of recycling should never have been outsourced to the large corporate interests based in Ontario and abroad. This is a profound failure. This program needs to be paused and the entire concept reconsidered." Although MMBC is registered as a society, Popham called it a "dummy corporation" because two of its three directors are Toronto-based senior executives with Loblaws and Unilever, while the third is MMBC managing director Allan Langdon. Popham said the province

BC Legislature image

should force MMBC to give B.C. stakeholders majority control. The Saanich South NDP MLA said the MMBC system will be "dangerously close to monopoly" resulting in less competition and innovation in recycling. She also said municipalities have been pressured into signing contracts with inadequate compensation for their costs, the threat of penalties for contamination and a gag clause. Liberal MLA Eric Foster (Vernon Monashee) responded in the Legislature, saying the province made changes to exempt most businesses from MMBC fees and paperwork if they earn less than $1 million in revenue, generate less than one tonne per year of packaging, or operate as a single outlet. "We've got all kinds of validation on this — chambers of commerce, local government, opportunities for local government to either continue the way they're doing it or to have MMBC put their contractors in there to pick up," said Foster, who serves on the government's environment and land use committee. "MMBC came forward as an opportunity to change people's way of doing business and to put the onus on the original producers of the waste product or the recyclable product to reduce." MMBC managing director Allen Langdon said MMBC's higher fees are because they fully finance the program and ensure service for multi-family apartments and rural depots, in contrast to Ontario's more limited focus on single-family homes. He said B.C.'s successful container deposit system also means there's less recyclable material left here for container stewards to collect and sell, so fees have to be higher to cover the system costs. Langdon said no business is forced to join MMBC, adding groups like the newspaper industry are free to develop their own system. "If they think there's a better way, I think it's important they put it forward."


Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014 n 3

Nakusp campground contract given to local grade 12 student Alex Cooper Arrow Lakes News

Zachary Friedenberger, a Nakusp Secondary School student, has been awarded the contract to run the Nakusp municipal campground this summer. Council voted to give Friedenberger, a grade 12 student, the contract after a recommendation by staff. "Rob (chief financial officer

Rob Richards) and I have both spoken to him in fairly good detail and feel he understands all the things needed for the position," said Linda Tynan, the Village of Nakusp's chief administrative officer. "He has done quite a lot of research." Only two people submitted proposals to run the campground, says a staff report. The other applicant is described as a "traveling RV family" and their proposal "did not

include any specific reference to management of the Nakusp campground," the staff report says. "Staff did not consider this submission further as it had little background information included with it." The staff report speaks highly of Friedenberger. Tynan said they spoke with him and his father Richard – who co-signed the contract – to make sure he was ready for the demands of running the

campground. Councillor Ulli Mueller said she was concerned with how Friedenberger would manage the workload of finishing grade 12 with running the campground; the contract starts on May 1 and runs until the end of October. "I want to be sure the parents are ready to step up to the plate," she said. Tynan said the only issue would be grad weekend, which Frieden-

berger intends to take off. "We had discussions with the father very specifically that if (Zachary) wants time off or time away, whether or not they were prepared," said Tynan. "They seemed to have a very good idea of the amount of time that is required." The contract will see Friedenberger earn 55 per cent of the revenue generated by the campground. Based on 2013 numbers, that would be a profit of about $29,000.

Village of Nakusp moving to avoid confusion over building bylaws Alex Cooper Arrow Lakes News

Council gave village staff the go ahead to prepare a "do not enforce" amendment for its building bylaw. The reason? The Regional District of Central Kootenay provides building inspection services to the village, so it uses its own building bylaw when enforcing regulations. The amendment would provide clarity by making the regional district's bylaw the only one that applies for Nakusp buildings, explains a staff

report by chief administrative officer Linda Tynan. Why not just scrap the village's building bylaw? Because it still applies to construction projects approved before the village entered into an agreement with the RDCK, Tynan said. "The request would be to have a ‘do not enforce’ clause in our bylaw so it still would be in effect for anything prior to the date that this goes on," she said. "But from the date that we sign it forward, it would be the regional district bylaw that would be

in effect." The RDCK has provided building inspection services for a number of years, but since 2010 it asked six municipalities – Kaslo, Slocan, New Denver, Nakusp and Salmo – to join into a regional district service along with the rural areas. Initially, each municipality was allowed to maintain it's own building bylaw, but that changed in 2012, when the RDCK asked that all municipalities be governed by its bylaw. The changes mean that Nakusp council can't pass it's own building

code regulations, such as green initiatives, Tynan wrote in a report to council. "Much of the building code is open to interpretation — and participating in the service may limit the village’s ability to provide input into these situations," she wrote. Despite these reservations, Tynan recommended the village move ahead with the "do not enforce" amendment. "At this time, the provision of building inspection service by the RDCK seems to be working well for the Village of Nakusp and communi-

cation is ongoing in a positive manner," she wrote in her report. "Staff has expressed concerns with this model of delivery of building inspection; however, at this time, recommend that the Village remain a member of the service and monitor how the issues they have raised are managed over the next year." She said council could always withdraw from the service in the future if it feels that it is too restrictive. That would involve contracting out the service to a qualified building inspector.

Stakeholders continue Canadian Columbia River salmon push Aaron Orlando Black Press

Campaigners and stakeholders supporting efforts to reintroduce migrating salmon into the Canadian portion of the Columbia River say the B.C. government’s recentlyreleased position is mixed news for the reintroduction effort. On Mar. 13, the Government of B.C. announced their intention to continue the Columbia River Treaty (CRT) with the U.S., but seek improvements. The government outlined 14 key points of the position. Regarding salmon, the government stated: “Salmon migration into the Columbia River in Canada was eliminated by the Grand Cou-

lee Dam in 1938 (26 years prior to Treaty ratification), and is currently not a Treaty issue. British Columbia’s perspective is that the management of anadromous salmon population is the responsibility of the Government of Canada and that restoration of fish passage and habitat, if feasible, should be the responsibility of each country regarding their perspective infrastructure.” Deb Kozak is chairperson of the Columbia River Treaty Local Governments’ Committee, which led community consultation on the CRT in Columbia River Communities. While the B.C. position seeks to extricate the salmon issue from the CRT, the wording leaves the door open for future study and coopera-

tion, Kozak said. “Just the simple fact that we have brought this issue forward in a broad fashion about the CRT is good, because this is something that hasn’t been on the radar for many, many years,” Kozak said. She emphasized that stakeholders on both sides of the border are pushing to include ecosystembased management principles into ongoing treaty negotiations, something that wasn’t a core principle when the original treaty was ratified. Salmon are a key constituent of the Columbia River ecosystem. “We were definitely interested in learning more about [salmon reintroduction] and we would like to see that happen.” Kozak said, “There is economic benefit to strong ecosystems.”

The Ktunaxa Nation, which is centred in the East Kootenay, is a key proponent of salmon reintroduction to the Columbia headwaters. Ktunaxa Nation Council Chair Kathryn Teneese applauded cooperation between the B.C. Government and the Ktunaxa on CRT negotiations in a Mar. 18 statement. “It is a testament to the hard work of both governments we were able to come to such a broad agreement on how we will work together towards the renewal of the Columbia River Treaty.” However, she said consensus was not reached on some issues, of which salmon reintroduction is a key one: “We have sharply divergent views on whether the restoration of


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upper Columbia salmon is a matter that should be addressed within a renegotiated Columbia River Treaty. Our view is that salmon restoration is largely about the management of dams which currently block fish passage and the management of river flows on both sides of the border and both of these management issues are at the heart of the Columbia River Treaty,” Teneese said. “This transboundary cooperation is essential if we are to restore upriver salmon.” In both the U.S. and Canada, local and regional stakeholders have outlined their positions. It will be up to federal entities in both countries to determine their position.


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4 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Spotted Towhee.


Gary Davidson/Birds of Nakusp

The Spotted Towhee

Gary Davidson Birds of Nakusp The sparrow family is quite large and quite a few of the sparrows are brown, streaky and sometimes hard to separate. The most common sparrow in our region is the Song Sparrow. This is, indeed, one of the brown, streaky and hard to identify members of the family. In contrast, the Spotted Towhee does not fall in with its lookalike cousins. There are two regularly occurring towhees in Canada; we have the Spotted Towhee in the west, (southern BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan), and the Eastern Towhee in southern Canada from Manitoba eastward. The two species are similar in appearance and it was once thought they were a single species. Both species are about 19 centimetres in length, which is one or two centimetres larger than our familiar Song Sparrow. An adult male Spotted Towhee is quite striking in appearance. It has a solid black hood; the back is black with many of the feathers having white tips and edges giving it a

“spotted” look. the flanks are reddishorange and the belly is white. The female is very similar, with the blacks being replaced by a dark slate-grey colour. Like the other sparrows, towhees are seed eaters and feed primarily on the ground. They will also eat insects, particularly when feeding young, and sometimes berries. They tend to be shy and often stay out of sight in thick brushy areas. Our dense, coniferous covered mountain slopes are not ideal habitat and therefore this is an uncommon bird in our region. On average I see then in our region about every second year. When they do appear, it is usually in a hedge or patch of brush in town. Such sightings are generally in early spring and the birds rarely stay more than a day or two. On occasion pairs have been observed in early summer suggesting that they may breed here from time to time, but there is no hard evidence of this so far. In areas of BC where breeding is more regular, nests are usually built on the ground beneath thickets of blackberry, wild rose or another suitably thick shrub. Last week, a Spotted Towhee appeared in my yard on Thursday afternoon. It was still there on Friday morning. This is just the fourth time they have been in my yard since 1976. Towhees are very attractive birds, so if you have sparrows in your yard, watch out for the larger one with a black head and rufous flanks.

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Trout Lake digs out after snowy winter

Linda Wall Trout Lake Tracker Trout Lake is finally saying “So Long!” to one of the coldest winters in more than a decade. There will be no shortage of outdoor ‘cold storage’ right into the May long weekend! Marlene Savage, who records the annual snowfall for Trout Lake, said that we accumulated more than 31 feet of snow this season, which is slightly above our average 27 feet. Just over five feet of it arrived during a late assault in March. It was a relatively quiet winter for Trout Lake Community Club activities as many folks opted for either some winter relief elsewhere, or chose to not battle the outdoors. During the next couple of months, preparations for summer projects and club meetings will get underway. The TLCC winter exercise classes wrapped up at the end of March after another enjoyable season. My thanks go out to TLCC, and especially Carrol Christiansen and Krys Barnwell for their support. I’m sure everyone who attended reaped a few benefits, while putting some fun into our winter mornings! In February, the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) held a public hearing to announce the final proposed zoning bylaws for the Area B Official

Snow is piled high along the road to Trout Lake after avalanche control at Galena Pass this winter. Linda Wall

Community Plan. Twelve residents from Trout Lake and surrounding communities attended. Jan Thingsted, a planner with the CSRD, along with alternate electoral Area ‘B’ Director, Doug Stuart, and staff assistant, Christine LeFloch, fielded questions and concerns after the presentation. Mr. Thingsted recently confirmed that Bylaw 850-1 (the Electoral Area ‘B’ Official Community Plan amendment) was given third reading by the CSRD Board on March 20, and it has been sent to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development in Victoria for approval. He also added that the public hearing for the proposed new

Zoning Bylaw No. 851 will likely be in May. John Wall, president of the Trout Lake BC Internet Society (TLBCIS), is pleased to announce that a second fibre optic cable connection from Telus has been installed in the main hub at Trout Lake. He said that the installation went smoothly and the additional service is a big step forward. The Trout Lake Internet was pushed to its usage capacity last summer and again this past winter. This supplementary connection will go a long way to relieve some of the pressure within the small network by increasing Internet bandwidth.

The Arrow Lakes News is published by Black Press. Mailing address: P.O. Box 189, Nakusp, B.C. V0G 1R0. Street address: 106 Broadway St., Nakusp. Publisher: Mavis Cann



Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014 n 5

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Wednesday, April 2

WORKBC WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY What are essential skills for work? Part of a series of weekly employment-focused workshops designed to help you gains the skills and knowledge you need to find a job. Offered by the Nakusp WorkBC Employment Services Centre from 9:15–11:30 a.m. To register, call 250-265-3318. LUNCH & LEARN WITH WORKBC Tana Wethal and Margaret Driscoll talk about services available at the WorkBC Employment Services Centre. The emphasis is on information for employers to help support and grow their businesses, including subsidy incentives. There will be a 20 minute talk, followed by a Q&A. A light lunch will be provided. This is the fifth in a series of workshops presented by the Nakusp & Area Development Board designed to connect businesses with each other and with resources that are available to help them. At Selkirk College from 12–1 p.m. HEALING SPIRITS TALKING CIRCLE Open to anyone 15+ who is struggling with drug or alcohol issues. At the Nakusp Youth Centre from 2:30–4:30 p.m. COMMUNITY CHOIR REHEARSAL All are welcome! No try-outs and no need to know how to read music, just come to Saddleback Community Church (59 3 St. NW, Nakusp) at 7 p.m. For info: Marilyn Massey 250-265-4087.

Thursday, April 3


to discuss the developmental needs of boys, and how to shift our environment and activities in affordable ways. At the Stepping Stones Children's Centre from 6–8:30 p.m. Registration required — call Samanth Zaytsoff at the Child Care Resource & Referral at 250-352-0407 to book your spot. BINGO AT THE LEGION The action is nonstop, from 6:30-10 p.m. in Nakusp.


Columbia Basin Trust's Community Initiatives & Affected Areas Programs present their proposals to the public, who then get to vote on which ones get funding. At the Fauquier Community Hall at 7 p.m. DARTS NIGHT AT THE LEGION How good



is your aim? From 7–10 p.m. at the Nakusp Legion Hall.

April 4–6


A weekend of activities for all ages, including games shows, coffeehouse, family festival, skate jam and more.

Friday, April 4

LUNCH & LEARN WITH INVEST KOOTENAY Lisa Canady and Andrea Wilkey talk about

Invest Kootenay, how it's a benefit to the community and how to list your business or purchase a new business. There will be a 20 minute talk, followed by a Q&A. A light lunch will be provided. This is the fifth in a series of workshops presented by the Nakusp & Area Development Board designed to connect businesses with each other and with resources that are available to help them. At Selkirk College from 12–1 p.m. RSVP by April 2 with Jackie Watson at 250-265-0011. GAME SHOW NIGHT Come out to play Minute to Win It, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Deal or No Deal and more. At the Nakusp Auditorium from 7–9 p.m. Part of the Awaken Nakusp family weekend. GAMES NIGHT AT THE LEGION Come play Wii, darts, pool, or bring a game of your choice from home. Bring a friend or two along, there's always enough people for some fun. At the Nakusp Legion from 7-10 p.m. Members and guests are welcome. AFTER HOURS COFFEEHOUSE Local talent plays live music, with free coffee and hot chocolate. At the Nakusp Auditorium from 9:30–10:30 p.m. Part of the Awaken Nakusp family weekend.

Saturday, April 5

FAMILY FESTIVAL There will inflatables, face

painting, cotton candy, a barbecue and more. PK Nakusp will give a Parkour demonstration. At the Nakusp Auditorium from 12–3 p.m. Part of the Awaken Nakusp family weekend. SKATE JAM The Foundery holds a skate jam at the skate park, with a best trick competition, skate dice, artistry and prizes. From 1–2 p.m. Part of the Awaken Nakusp family weekend.


new archive office in the Nakusp Centennial Build-


ing. Take a tour of the new space, which includes the archives collection of 10,000+ photos, 500+ maps, 500+ pioneer interviews, historic films, newspapers, documents, local history books and more. From 1–3 p.m. COMMUNITY CHOIR REHEARSAL All are welcome! No try-outs and no need to know how to read music, just come to Saddleback Community Church (59 3 St. NW, Nakusp) at 1 p.m. For info: Marilyn Mass ey 250-265-4087. MEAT DRAW Proceeds go to the Nakusp Secondary School PAC for dry grad. At the Legion from 3:30–6:30 p.m. YOUTH NIGHT With DJ Bouncer and the Foundery Artist Network. At the Nakusp Auditorium from 7–9 p.m. Part of the Awaken Nakusp family weekend.

Sunday, April 6

COMMUNITY STRING ENSEMBLE Do you play a stringed instrument? Our String Ensemble practices each Sunday at 2 p.m. in the home of Marilyn Massey, 1007 4th St NW. Musicians of all ages & skill levels are welcome. For more information call 250-265-4087. DROP-IN BINGO The BC Cancer Society hosts a Bingo night at the Nakusp Legion from 6:30–10 p.m. DEANNA BARNHARDT KAWATSKI READING The author of Wilderness Mother, Clara & Me, and Stalking the Wild Heart, reads from her works and talks about her adventures through life. At the Nakusp Library from 7–8:30 p.m.

Monday, April 7

WISE YOGA Join Terri McLeod, a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor, for a class at the Nakusp senior's hall. For returning students the class is from 10-11:30 a.m. and for beginners the class is from 4:45–6 p.m. Classes run until Mar. 10, with a new six week series starting Apr. 14. For more information and to pre-register, call 250-2650177.

Tuesday, April 8

LUNCH & LEARN WITH COLUMBIA BASIN TRUST Lynda Lafleur will speak about

services offered by Columbia Basin Trust. There will be a 20 minute talk, followed by a Q&A. A light lunch will be provided. This is the fifth in a series of workshops presented by the Nakusp & Area

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for Columbia Basin Trust's Community Initiatives & Affected Areas Programs present their proposals to the public, who then get to vote on which ones get funding. At Rock Island Resort from 5–7 p.m.

Friday, April 11

FOR THE LOVE OF POETRY Enjoy a lovely evening of poetry as locals recite their favourite poems. At the Nakusp Library from 7–8:30 p.m. ROSIE LUKENDA SPRING SHOW Etherial flow photos using Rosie's transformative editing techniques will be introduced at an opening reception at Gabi's Cafe at 6 p.m. Come join in for the celebrtaion of spring and Rosie's new works.

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NAKUSP WINE TASTING FESTIVAL The Rotary Club of Nakusp and the Arrow Lakes Grape Growers Society present the Nakusp Wine Festival. The evening includes wine tasting from 15 B.C. wineries, gourmet hors d'oeuvres, a 50/50 draw, silent auction, character face drawings and more. At the K2 Rotor Lodge from 7–10 p.m. Tickets are sold out, but you can get on the waiting list by contacting Kees van der Pol at 250-265-0002. KARAOKE WITH SHIRLEY Shirley hosts her popular karaoke night at the Leland, from 9–11:45 p.m.

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Rockin Resumes. Part of a series of weekly employment-focused workshops designed to help you gains the skills and knowledge you need to find a job. Offered by the Nakusp WorkBC Employment Services Centre from 9:15–11:30 a.m. To register, call 250-265-3318. EASTER EGG DECORATING For ages 6 & up, at the Nakusp library from 3–4 p.m. CREATIVE WRITING CLUB Come down to the Nakusp Youth Centre with your pen and paper in hand to share ideas for stories and poems. From 3:30–4:30 p.m.

Launching a start-up? Maybe buying a business and running it? the Me inC. workshop, offered by the Basin Business Advisors Program, is designed to answer questions in a 2.5 hour period.

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Join a free Me Inc. workshop in your community for the latest start-up tips.

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Wednesday, April 9

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Development Board designed to connect businesses with each other and with resources that are available to help them. At Selkirk College from 12–1 p.m. RSVP by April 4 with Jackie Watson at 250-265-0011.

Alexandra Krajewski Trish Cannon RHC Insurance Brokers Ltd. Toll Free: 1-877-797-5366 New Denver: 250-358-2617

For more information and to register visit or 1-855-510-2227 A PROGRAM OF

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6 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014

While you’re not looking, this is what’s happening to BC’s world renowned recycling program.

Well, lookie here. One minute you have a perfectly good Blue Box recycling program. The next, something new and rather questionable is being put in its place. And they thought they’d get away with it right under your nose, without telling you or asking your opinion. That’s definitely not democracy in action. The BC Government, elected by us to represent our best interests, has decided to offload the costs of recycling to big multi-national corporations. To implement this new plan, they’ve set up an association that doesn’t really seem to hold the environment, local jobs, or the municipalities that run the Blue Box program, close to its heart.

Perhaps that’s why some of our local elected officials are using the word “scam” to describe how the new program is being set up. It’s also perhaps why several of BC’s municipalities refuse to jump on board. That’s gotta tell you something. Now it’s your turn to let Premier Christy Clark know what you think. Contact her today to say that dismantling an already-working recycling program to replace it with something that few people think will be as good, is a bad idea.

What’s going on here?

Email Christy Clark at or call 250-387-1715. For more info, visit #RethinkItBC. This Message is brought to you by:


Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014 n 7

Summit Lake Ski Carnival



The Summit Lake Ski Carnival on Sunday was a hit, with a good crowd coming out in costume to take part in the day's fun and games. The events got underway at 2 p.m. with a jello eating relay followed by a cake walk. Lots of happy winners walked away with creative cakes. Best costume for kids was won by Fisher Coleman Best costume for a group went to the Vibe-Coleman family Downhill Dummy winnerswere: First place: “Lifty” by Liz and Craig

Crowd Pleaser: “Bunny” by Butch Warrantz and Ken France Judges Choice: “The Craper” by Mod McQuair We also thanked the many people involved in the Summit Lake Racers and recognized the most improved athletes for this year: Most improved girl in the Nancy Greene program: Cedar CameronHarding Most improved boy in Nancy Greene: Maddox Sanders Most improved Nakusp Secondary School female skier: Lindsay Cann Most improved NSS male skier: Rhys McLeod

Most improved NSS female snowboarder: Sydney Bone Most improved NSS male snowboarder: Colten Petterson The Trinity McQuair memorial trophy was awarded to Erin McLeod and Claire Jackson this year for their dedication, citizenship and enthusiasm to the Summit Lake Racers.


Spring Recreation Grants


Non-profit groups in the Village of Nakusp and Defined Area K may apply for a grant to:



Pick up applications at: The Village of nakusp office or get applications and more information from:

1. Fisher Coleman won the prize for best costume. 2. Jude, Nicole and Marlowe Nicholson. 3. Lifty, the downhill dummy winner, with creators Liz & Craig. 4. Bunny, by Butch Warrantz and Ken France, won the crowd-pleaser award. 5. Trish Cannon helped organize the day’s events.

ApplicAtions close MAy 2nd, 2014

Grant Co-ordinator: Sandra Watt 250-265-3438


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

REC Commission #4, Box 613 nakusp, B.C., V0G 1R0



Royal Canadian Legion Br. #20 Nakusp _________________________________

What’s happening in NAKUSP LEGION? Come out and Support our Meat Draws which are held every Saturday at 4 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Burton Volunteer Fire Dept will sponsor the Meat Draws for March.

The Ladies Auxiliary is available for Catering. Call Liza for information: 250.265.3240

Opening Ceremonies Arrow Lakes Historical Society

Centennial Building Addition 92 6th Ave NW Saturday April 5th at 1:00 p.m.

Everyone Welcome!

Foster care for a mother & son, Crystal and Whiskey. They are a very bonded pair and well socialized. Please call PALS at 250-265-3792 or email

WEEKLY SPONSOR: Selkirk Realty Kelly Roberts 250-265-3635

CRIB TOURNAMENT Cribbage is on the last Sunday of every month... Did you know that you can purchase all your lottery tickets in the Legion? Includes 649, BC49, Lotto Max etc! Our lounge opens at: 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. 2 p.m. on Saturday & Sunday

All Members and Guests welcome!

8 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Clockwise, from above: Archivist Kyle Kusch opens up one of the oldest copies of the Arrow Lakes News, from 1924.; A special collection of old books belonging to Edna Janey is on display.; The archives has more than 10,000 photos in its collection.; Shelves are filled with old books, binders, and acid-free boxes for preserving documents.

Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Times Review

Looking into the Arrow Lakes Historical Society archives The first issue of Nakusp’s first Alex Cooper Arrow Lakes News

newspaper is framed on the wall of the Arrow Lakes Historical Society’s office. The big news on Oct. 5, 1893, was the arrival of an 85-ton train engine at the Nakusp wharf and the start of construction of a roundhouse and rail line in town. The second page of the paper related the comings and goings of people in town. A.J. Ford left for a hunting trip and H.N. Coursier of Revelstoke was in town for a visit. These types of seemingly mundane activities made the news back then. The Nakusp Ledge was in print for 16 months until it shut down. After that, there was the Advocate, which printed for nine months. Then, there was no newspaper in Nakusp until 1923, when the Arrow

Lakes News started up. Of the latter, the archives’ collection dates to 1924. Kyle Kusch, the archivist for the ALHS, pulled out the binder holding that year’s papers. The copy it held was owned by Thomas Abriel, the leading businessman of Nakusp’s early days. “Rosemarie (ALHS president Rosemarie Parent) wrote that if Nakusp were named after somebody, they could have called it Abrielville,” Kusch told me. “He was the main mover and shaker for the first 30 years of the village.” I met with Kusch and Parent at the archives’ new office inside the recently expanded Nakusp Centennial Building last Thursday. The ALHS is holding its annual general meeting on Friday, Apr. 4, and an open house on Saturday, Apr. 5, from 1–3 p.m. I got an advance tour last week.


The new space is a substantial upgrade from the society’s old location — it’s more spacious and less cramped. It opens as the society approaches its 30th anniversary in December. The new space was the idea of the late Milton Parent, who is responsible for collecting much of the material in the archives. “It was his suggestion. One night he came upstairs and said we should ask the village if we could add on to this building,” said Rosemarie. “I just groaned, because I knew who was going to do all the paper work.” The archives feature binders filled with information gathered from the newspaper about everyone who lived in Nakusp for any significant period of time. They also hold histories of businesses, churches, social clubs, farms and more; from Arrowhead to Edgewood. “You see a lot of empty shelves,

but we did that purposely so we can grow,” said Rosemarie. “Some of the books are bursting.” There are historical curiosities like an old ledger from the Big Bend Lumber Company and the register of the Leland Hotel. They have gathered the minutes from numerous service clubs, like the Kinsmen. A 700-pound cabinet containing historical maps of the area was moved into the new space. There’s a shelf with a collection of historical books from Edna Daney that is dedicated to her memory; she helped Milton with his interviews. The prize of the archives’ collection is the 500 interviews Milton conducted with pioneer residents of the area. “The interviews are the hidden treasure of the place because people don’t think to look for them,”

said Kusch. Most people are interested in the photos, he said. Currently, the archives collection sits at more than 10,000, and they’re always looking for more. “Pretty much every photo we have is digitized,” said Kusch. The society has started a family tree program and have compiled the history of several pioneer families such as the Aaltens, Bairds and Parents, but they are looking for help to continue with the program. With the new space opening, the ALHS plans on having monthly movie or slideshow presentations. The archives is currently open two days a week. People are welcome to visit the archives and get help accessing material. They can also hire Kusch or one of the society’s members to do research for them. Find out more at alhs-archives. com.

Athlete of the Week

HOT SPRINGS OPERATOR TEMPORARY FULL TIME GENERAL OUTLINE – Hours of work will vary depending on scheduling and will require evening and week end shifts. Duties are specific to the operation and maintenance of the Hot Springs Facility. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS – include grade 12, RFABC Pool Operator Level 1, first aid, chlorine handling, WHIMIS, and food safe certificate. A detailed description and list of minimum requirements is available from the Village. RATE OF PAY - As per the Collective Agreement, rate of pay will be $19.33 hour for the probationary period. This Temporary Position is available April 2014 to October 13, 2014. Applicants are requested to submit resumes with copies of all certifications to the Village of Nakusp Box 280, V0G 1R0 or drop off in person at 91-1st Street NW Nakusp BC. The Village thanks all who apply however only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. This posting will remain open until the position is filled.

Bunny the Dummy Sponsored by


Tel: 250.265.1729 or 250.265.4100


Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, April 2, 2014 ■ 9

WE’VE GOT THE REGION COVERED Arrow Lakes News Classifieds: Effective and Efficient Call 250.265.3823 email:



Saturday May 3rd at the Rec. Centre Kids await cotton candy at last year’s Awaken Nakusp event.

Craig Savage

A weekend of events with Awaken Nakusp CRAIG SAVAGE Special to the ALN

A youth group from Kelowna is returning for the fourth straight year for a free weekend of fun, games, and music for the families of Nakusp. This year’s event is billed as Awaken Nakusp, and all activities will take place April 4–6 in the arena auditorium.  The weekend kicks off with a game show night on Friday featuring favorites past and present such as Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  It continues on Saturday with a family festival, including inflatables and a free barbecue.  There will also be a skateboarding event at the skate park that afternoon. In

addition, Michael Garvey and PK Nakusp will be giving a parkour demonstration and also giving an opportunity for people to try it themselves. Saturday evening is geared toward teens and will include live music. The youth group comes from Evangel Church in Kelowna, which belongs to the same parent organization as the local Saddleback Community Church.  Saddleback is co-sponsoring the event, with some support also from Arrow Lakes Alliance Church.  Past events have been held at the movie theatre, Bonnington Theatre, and at Saddleback. However, some venues were too small, and often sound equipment

had to be moved multiple times during the weekend, therefore, the event has been moved entirely to the arena this year.  The youth group leader, Matt Jaggers, has a connection to this area.  When he worked with teens in Grand Forks, he brought his youth group from there to Nakusp. When he transitioned to a new job, Matt still had a heart for helping out this region.  While there is a spiritual component to the weekend, all activities are open to those of all beliefs. The majority of the activities are just for fun, although those who are interested are invited to a special community church service at the arena Sunday at 10:30 AM.


including two trip to Las Vegas, a flat screen TV and much, much more!!

TEXAS HOLD’EM POKER TOURNAMENT Limited space available. Win a trip for two to Las Vegas.

$50 Ticket includes admission, Dinner from 6-8pm, 1 drink ticket and $20 gambling chips. Door & bar at 5.30pm $20 Ticket includes admission, 8pm - 1am, 1 drink ticket and $10 gambling chips. Tickets available at Powder Springs. Catered by La Baguette Proceeds go to upgrade Kovach Park Playground

Self-Guided tours of

Small Town Kootenays

Happy 102nd! Guide will Feature

Hiking • Biking • Paddling • Wildlife • Culinary Festivals • Art & Culture • Health & Wellness Get-Away Resorts and Accommodations

Distributed throughout: Revelstoke, Nakusp, Kaslo, Trout Lake, New Denver, Silverton, Slocan, South Slocan, Burton, Fauquier, Edgewood & Lumby ADVERTISING RATES

Full Page Half Page Quarter Page Business Card add write-up to display ad Write-up only

Summer Guide

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Write-Up is submitted by the customer has six Heading Lines. (eg: Name, Type of Business, Address, Phone, E-mail, Website). Can be up to 100 words for the body.

Margaret Williams celebrates her 102nd birthday at the Halcyon House tea party. The lifelong Arrow Lakes resident turned 102 on March 30. She was born in Burton and lived in Edgewood for many years before moving into Halcyon House in Nakusp. The Edgewood Legion congratulated her on her long life that is still ongoing. “She is very, very alert and still has good stories,” they said. Contributed

Deadline Monday April 28th Contact Stephanie at the Arrow Lakes News 250-265-3841 or

10 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Business & service Directory SURVEY SERVICES



Wayne Abbott

Service & Repair & Towing

Business & Service Directory

Service, Repair & Towing

Rob Tupper, BCLS Mark Budgen, P.ENG, BCLS BC Land Surveyors

1350 13th Ave Box 1137,Nakusp, B.C., V0G 1R0 Tel: 250-265-4406 Fax: 250-265-4436

Rob Tupper, BCLS• BLACKTOP Subdivisions Topographic Surveys Mark Budgen, P.ENG, BCLS Surveys • Site Plans BCBoundary Land Surveyors

AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE Wayne Abbott Nick Moore Service, Repair & Towing 1350 13th Ave Box BODY 1137 CUSTOM WORK & PAINTING Nakusp, B.C., V0G 1R0 BRITISH COLUMBIA ICBC/Private Insurance Windshield Replacements Tel: 250-265-4406 1-800-222-4357 Fax: 250-265-4436

250 265-4012


24 4 hr. towing & roadside assistance

250 265-4012


Phone: 250 250-265-4577 265 4577

1007 Hwy Hwy Nakusp 1007 y 23 23, Nakusp p


Comeand andsee see our qualifi qualified edtechnicians technicians beforeeeyou youPainting headout outon on-the the op openroad! road! Come ee qualifi qualified ed before head open -ee-our - Custom Body Work & - -op


So You Wanna Web?

From starter websites to custom designs, we have solutions that work within every budget. Services also include domain name registrations, website hosting, existing site makeovers and on-going site maintenance. For more information call:

Marilyn Rivers 250-265-4160




website hosting and design

w w w. k o o t e n a y i t . c o m



3710a 28th Street, Vernon, V1T 9X2 Dealer Hours: Mon. - Fri., 8am - 8pm JACOBSON .BC COM Saturday 8 am - 8pm

1321 VICTORIA ROAD email: REVELSTOKE 250-837-5284

Tel: 250-265-4649 • Fax:

Lonestar Nakusp

Foot Care

Construction Ltd.


• • • • • • •

Licensed Builder New Homes Renovations Commercial Stucco Drywall Concrete

Nursing care BRUNEAUfor sore feet.

Rebecca Kessler 250.265.3024

Tel: 250-265-4649 • Fax: 250-265-4555

May Ann Waterfield

Building Contractor • Licensed Builder Registered Massage Therapist Residential • Commercial • Industrial 656 Barclay Road, Nakusp Ph. 250-265-4242 250-265-3361




RECREATION CONSTRUCTION Log and Timber Frame Quality Since 1974 Homes Jim Pownall

Box 368 New Denver, BC Phone: 250-358-2566 Fax: 250-358-2817 Email: Web site:

REPAIRS CONTRACTING 98 - 1st. St., Nakusp BC V0G 1R0

Phone 250-265-4911 Fax 250-265-4972

Assurance | Accounting | Taxation | Advisory Services Concrete

John F. Wilkey, CA 250 265 4750


Lock Blocks

Drain Rush Naskup Road Crush Sand & Gravel

BDO Canada LLP, a Canadian limited liability partnership, is a member of BDO International Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, and forms part of the international BDO network of independent member firms. BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO Member Firms.

Crusher/ Excavator Septic Tanks Dump Trucks

265-4615 265-4615


Need to let people know about your PROPANESERVICES business??? Call• Competitive • Reliable • Local The Arrow Lake News 1-800-471-5630 to book your spot 265-3823

CHAINSAWS *Stihl *Husqvarna


MOWERS *Snapper *Lawnboy Toro *Husqvarna


98- 1st St. NAKUSP, B.C. V0G 1R0 Open 6 Days a Week



Fx: 250-265-4972




CHAINSAWS - Stihl, Husqvarna TRIMMERS - Stihl, Toro, Husqvarna MOWERS - Snapper, Lawnboy, Toro


Phone: 250-837-2111 Email:

Mineral Pools, Spa, is going to be in your area.

Kingfisher Restaurant, RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL accommodations and more

CALL TODAY for a FREE ESTIMATE 1.888.689.4699 for all of your paving Hwy needs!! 23, 33 km north of Nakusp HALCYON-HOTSPRINGS.COM Proud to be serving Revelstoke and area for over 35 years.



Isaque & Carla Vieira

265-4615 265-4615

Fred Pressacco

1-250-364-1539 1-800-747-8253

Isaque & Carla Vieira



Concrete Lock Blocks Drain Rush Road Crush Sand & Gravel Crusher/ Excavator Septic Tanks Dump Trucks


Nakusp Massage KNC Therapy Construction Ltd. EQUIPMENT

• Licensed Builder • New Homes • Renovations Box 368 • New Commercial Denver, BC • Stucco Phone: 250-358-2566 • Drywall Fax: 250-358-2817 • Concrete


dealer #7336


Quality Since 1974

Email: 250-265-4555 Web site:

Cleaning: • Carpets • Furniture • Tiles • area Rugs

250-545-5990 See our Entire Pre-Owned Inventory online

CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION Log andLonestar Timber Frame HomesConstruction Ltd.



Subdivisions ~ Topographic Surveys Boundary Surveys ~ SiteVernon, Plans 3710A 28th Street, B.C. • 250-545-5990

TRIMMERS *Stihl *Husqvarna *Toro


JACOBSON Rob Tupper, BCLS.COM Mark Budgen, P.ENG, BCLS See our Entire BC Land Surveyors Pre-Owned Inventory Rob Tupper, BCLS•

Subdivisions Topographic Surveys

Mark Budgen, P.ENG, BCLS

1321 VICTORIA ROAD • Site Plans Surveys BCBoundary Land Surveyors REVELSTOKE Subdivisions Topographic Surveys Boundary Surveys ~ SiteVernon, Plans Randy 3710A250-837-5284 28th Street, B.C. • 250-545-5990


3710a 28th Street, Vernon, BC V1T 9X2

250-545-5990 Arrow Lake News Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014A11 n 11





Merchandise for Sale

Place of Worship

Caretakers/ Residential Managers

Trades, Technical

Financial Services

Misc. for Sale

3 positions: Picker/Boom Truck Operator, Winch & Bed Truck Operators needed. Generous signing bonus to right applicants. Valiant Oilfield Hauling is a family friendly business based in Fort St John. We are looking for a Certified Picker/Boom Truck Operator for a 40 ton Picker, an experienced Winch truck Operator and an experienced Lo-bed Truck Operator. We offer competitive Wages and great work environment. Send resume to or call Jeremy at 1778-256-4258. Flexible work rotations a possibility. Serious applicants only.

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420 IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: it’s that simple. Your credit/age/income is not an issue. 1-800-587-2161.

RESTLESS LEG Syndrome and leg cramps? Fast relief in one hour. Sleep at night. Proven for over 32 years. Mon-Fri 8-4 EST 1-800-765-8660.

St. Mark’s Anglican Church Sunday Apr 6th 11 am Eucharist Reverend Marcella Mugford

Coming Events Arrow Lakes Historical Society Annual General Meeting Friday, April 4th at 2 p.m. Centennial Building addition

Information ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2014-2016 BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis

The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email:


Timeshare CANCEL YOUR timeshare. NO risk program stop mortgage & maintenance payments today. 100% money back guarantee. Free consultation. Call us now. We can help! Call 1-888-356-5248.

Children Childcare Wanted Foster Homes needed in Nakusp. Fostering children is a rewarding endeavor. Do you have a spare room, a compassionate and caring home? Contact Marilyn with a letter of intent at for more information.

Employment Business Opportunities

RES MANAGER VICTORIA1 F/T + 1 P/T. 55 unit building. Office on-site. Rent discount. Car required. Experience an asset. Start late May/June. Fax: (250)920-5437.


• Certified Home Study Course • Jobs Registered Across Canada • Gov. Certified / 604.681.5456 or 1.800.665.8339

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SignUp online! 1-866-399-3853

Lets You Live Life.

Forestry WANTED: FORESTRY Technician for sawmill complex in Alberta. Experienced in planning and harvesting operations. Full time permanent. E-mail resume:

Haircare Professionals HAIRSTYLIST required for well established salon in Invermere. Excellent opportunity for a motivated stylist. Easy to build clientele during busy summer months. Experience preferred but will consider all applicants. 250-342-6355


WANTED Vancouver Island and Lower

Mainland opportunities. Top Wages & Benefits. Relocation costs paid to GET FREE Vending maqualified applicants. chines. Can earn $100,000 + E-mail: hiring@ per year. All cash. Retire in Arrow Lake News territoWednesday, April 2, 2014or just 3 years. Protected Call: (1)250-382-9181 ries. Full details call now 1866-668-6629


PlaceBUSINESS of Worship $43,900

ProduceAnglican landscape & St. Mark’s Church contractor supplies Requires areaSunday less than Apr1500sf 6th

Employment Trades, Technical JOURNEYMAN Caretakers/HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC is required Residential for coastal logging operations near Woss, BC. Year round Managers employment with full benefits.


YRB Yellowhead Road & Bridge

Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Kootenay) Ltd. is looking for a Mechanic for our New Denver facility. Applicants will need to hold a valid TQ for Heavy Duty or Commercial Transport, class three driver’s licence and Motor Vehicle Inspection licence would be an asset. Resumes can be faxed to 250-352-2172 or e-mailed to JOURNEYMAN or Apprentice Heavy Duty / Commercial Transport Mechanic wanted in Golden, BC. This is for you if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Position is full time evening shift 4:00 pm - 12:00 midnight Monday thru Friday. Rate of pay is competitive and will be negotiated based on experience. We invite you to become a member of our team. Please fax your resume and cover letter to 250-344-6622 or email


Help Wanted Coming 6434940 Events


VILLAGE OF NAKUSP Education/Trade Schools


The most effective way to Yellowhead Road & Bridge reach an incredible number INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIP(Kootenay) Ltd. is looking ofMINIMUM BC Sportsmen & REQUIREMENTS women. MENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. gradefor12, – include RFABC Pool a Mechanic for our New Two year edition- terrific NO chlorine Simulators.handling, In-the-seatWHIMIS,Denver Operator Level 1, first aid, and food presence for your business. training. Real world tasks. certificate. A detailed description andJob listboard! of minimum requirements Weekly start dates. Please call Annemarie Applicants will need to hold Funding options. 1.800.661.6335 is available from the Village. a valid TQ for Heavy Duty or SignUp online! email: Commercial Transport, class 1-866-399-3853 three driver’s licence and RATE OF PAY - As per the Collective Agreement, rate payInspection will be Motor of Vehicle licence would be an asset. $19.33 hour for the probationary period.


Resumes can be faxed to Lets You April Live Life. This Temporary Position is available 2014 to October 13, 2014. 250-352-2172 or e-mailed to

Applicants requested resumes with copies of all CANCEL YOUR are timeshare. NO certifications risk program stop mort-Village to the of Nakusp BoxTech280, V0G 1R0 or drop off JOURNEYMAN or Apprentice WANTED: FORESTRY gage & maintenance payHeavy Duty thanks / Commercial nician NW for sawmill complex in The in person at 91-1st Street Nakusp BC. Village all ments today. 100% money Transport Mechanic wanted in Alberta. Experienced in planapply Free however selected interviews backwho guarantee. consul- only BC. This will is for be you if ning candidates and harvesting opera- forGolden, tation. Call us now. We can you are an outdoor enthusiast. tions. Full time permanent. contacted. This posting will remain open until the position is filled. help! Call 1-888-356-5248. Position is full time evening E-mail resume: shift 4:00 pm - 12:00 midnight Monday thru Friday. Rate of pay is competitive and will be


Contractors CALLING ALL CONTRACTORS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

West Kootenay House & Home is a high quality glossy magazine aimed at home owners and renters looking for ideas, tips and ways of enhancing their homes through renovations, decorating and landscaping. We will be printing 10,000 copies, and the magazine will be distributed throughout the entire region. If you would like to be a part of this fantastic home resource, please contact: Kiomi Tucker at 250-551-5025 publications@westkootenay

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Real Estate Mobile Homes & Parks RETIRE IN Beautiful Southern BC, Brand New Park. Affordable Housing. COPPER RIDGE. Manufactured Home Park, New Home Sales. Keremeos, BC. Spec home on site to view. Please call 250-4627055.

Other Areas

Merchandise for Sale

20 ACRES $0 Down, Only $119/mo. Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Near El Paso, Texas. Beautiful Mountain Views! Money Back Guarantee Call 1-866-8825263 Ext. 81

Antiques / Vintage


PCL ENERGY. Now hiring Journeyperson Pipefitters ($40+/hr) and Scaffolders ($38+/hr) for an industrial project in Vanscoy, SK. LOA of $145/day worked and bonuses! We offer competitive wages and benefits. Send resume to:

Help Wanted

to Forestry submit

CRIMINAL RECORD? Pardon Services Canada. Established 1989. Confidential, Fast, & Affordable. A+BBB Rating. RCMP Accredited. Employment & Travel Freedom. Free Consultation 1-8NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)

Affordable Steel Shipping Containers for sale/rent 20’ & 40’ Kootenay Containers Castlegar 250-365-3014 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper?

• Gov. Certified YRB Yellowhead Hunting Regulations scheduling and will require evening and week end shifts. Duties are / 604.681.5456 Road & Bridge Synopsis or 1.800.665.8339 specific to the operation and maintenance of the Hot Springs Facility.


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Truck Operator, Winch & Bed Truck Operators DROWNING IN needed. Debt? GenCut erous signing bonus Further details can be found at debts more than 60% to andright be RES MANAGER applicants. eld Please debt free in Valiant half the Oilfi time! Reverend 1 F/T + 1 P/T. 55 unit building. 1-613-273-2836 Hauling is a family friendly fax resume to 250-287-9259. Avoid bankruptcy! Free conMarcella Mugford Office on-site. Rent discount. business based Fort St sultation. Toll Freein1-877-556Car required. Experience an John. We Rated are A+ looking for a 3500 BBB or asset. Start late May/June. Certifi ed Picker/Boom Truck Fax: (250)920-5437. Operator for a 40 ton Picker, an experienced Winch truck Operator and an experienced Arrow Lakes Historical Society Lo-bed Truck Operator. We ofAnnual General Meeting fer competitive Wages and Friday, April 4th at 2 p.m. great work environment. Send JOB POSTING Centennial Building addition resume to office@valiant-haulAPARTMENT/CONDO or call Jeremy at 1MANAGER TRAINING 778-256-4258. Flexible work • Certified rotations a possibility. Serious Home Study applicants only. ADVERTISE in the Course • Jobs LARGEST OUTDOOR HEAVY DUTY Registered PUBLICATION IN BC MECHANIC WANTED Across Canadawill vary GENERAL – Hours of work depending on The 2014-2016OUTLINE BC 11 am Eucharist

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Req. at Canuck Mechanical in Prince George. Must have exp. doing service work & be proficient with trouble shooting heating systems & plumbing problems. Top wages & benefits Email resume to:

Employment Services Trades, Technical 3 Financial positions: Services Picker/Boom

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VICTORIA – The Agricultural Land Reserve Autodivided Financing is being into two zones, with regulations to come to allow non-farm home-based businesses outside the southwest regions of high productivity. The changes affect three of the six regional panels of the Agricultural Land Commission, for the Interior, Kootenay and North regions. Details will be worked out in consultation with industry and placed in regulations, said Bill Bennett, the cabinet minister in charge Boats of the government’s core review of programs. Non-farm uses will not be considered in the Island, South Coast and Okanagan regions, but “value added” activities such as food processing on farmland are being considered across the province, Bennett said. Bennett and Steve Thomson, acting agriculture minister, reiterated their assurances the ALC will continue to operate independently. Commissioners are appointed by cabinet, two or three per region, and decisions can be appealed to the regional chairs who act as an executive. Delta South independent MLA Vicki Huntington called the Interior zone change “deceitful and a betrayal of the public trust,” and accused the government of removing its obligation to consult with the ALC chair on new panel appointments. NDP agriculture critic Nicolas Simons was forced by the speaker to withdraw the term “deceitful” from his remarks in the legislature, as he ataccused We’re the heartBennett of things™of keeping the changes secret until after last year’s elecWanted tion. Help “The Wanted fundamental principleHelp is that the reserve was set up for the entire province, not for zones here and zones there,” Simons said. Bennett said the only change to the Interior zones is the addition of “social and economic” factors in considering permitted uses. He gave the example from his Kootenay constituency a market garden operator The Arrow Lakes News,of a Black Press weekly publication in beautiful Nakusp BC, is seeking an exceptional, who was refused permission to build a secondparthome multimedia journalist/ photographer on antime unproductive part of the property to sojoin theour next editorialcould team.take over the business. generation We are Driediger, seeking a candidate who find and capture Rhonda chair of thewillB.C. Agricultural compelling stories and features and who will thrive in Council and operator of Driediger Farms in Langley, a deadline-driven environment to produce stories for said she is looking forward to the changes that will our newspaper and online products. The successful allowcandidate development new revenue. will beof able to write stories, take photos and “The ALC is old and it updated in a assist with online and socialhasn’t media been responsiblilties. long time,” Driediger said. “On a day-to-day basis it Qualifications makes it very difficult in farming, especially when • Superior writing skills, news judgment; you’re looking to be progressive.” • Ability write on a variety of topics, including A11 Auto Loans. All Credit Approved. Bad Credit Guru. or call 1.844.843.4878

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civic for affairs, arts and sports; Transportation Homes Rent • Proficiency in photography and knowledge of

Two bedroom suite for rent in multimediaApril reporting; Nakusp. Available 1st. $650 per month inc laundry. •pets,A degree diploma in journalism or related No non orsmoking. 250 265-3732. experience;

Auto Financing

• Experience in posting content to the Internet an

Transportation asset;

• Ability to adapt to emerging trends in multimedia

Black Press has a very unique opportunity for the right person.

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Autoreporting, Financing including video, blogging and social •

Applicants must own a reliable vehicle. This position will require the applicant to work evenings and weekends. All applicants please send resume, cover letter, as well as writing and photo samples to Karen Bennett, Only those candidates Boats under consideration will be contacted.

Services WeLegal currently have an opening forSTEEL a sales person to help metal BUILDINGS, buildings 60% off! 20x28, CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’tnewspapers us with our paid distribution across B.C. 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, let it block employment, travel, 80x100 and sell for baleducation, professional, certifiout - in60x150, This position means getting the community ance owed! Call 1-800-457cation, adoption, property ren2206; to subscribers aboutofour newspapers and working taltalking opportunities. For peace mind and a free consultation to build stronger relationships with existing readers of our call 1-800-347-2540. newspapers. CRIMINAL RECORD? Pardon Misc. Wanted Services Canada. Established It also finding new subscribers for our newspapers 1989.includes Confidential, Fast, & Coin Collector Looking to Buy Affordable. A+BBB Rating. RCMP Collections, Estates, and helping introduce them our award winning host of Gold & Accredited. Employment & Travel Silver Coins + 778-281-0030 Freedom. Free Consultation 1-8community newspapers. This is not a year-around NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366) FIREARMS. ALL position types ed, estates, collections, single and will run from March to October each year. items, military. We handle all We Contractors offer a spectacular compensation package bonus paperwork andandtransportation. Licensed Dealer. 1-866-960incentives. Your own vehicle is required, but we cover all 0045. CALLING ALL travelCONTRACTORS expenses. This is really a great opportunity for the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Real Estate right person. It isHouse a different West Kootenay & type of job, but definitely has Home is a high quality different types of aimed rewards. position would be glossy magazine at If you feel this Mobile Homes home owners andyou, renters the perfect fit for then we would love to hear from you. looking for ideas, tips and & Parks ways email of enhancing their to Michelle Bedford at Please all enquiries homes through renovations, RETIRE IN Beautiful Southern decorating and landscaping. BC, Brand New Park. AfWe will be printing 10,000 copies, and the magazine will be distributed throughout the entire region. If you would like to be a part of this fantastic home resource, please contact:

fordable Housing. COPPER RIDGE. Manufactured Home Park, New Home Sales. Keremeos, BC. Spec home on site to view. Please call 250-4627055.

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networking. Knowledge of and experience with InDesign.

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Auto Loans. All Credit Approved. Bad Credit Guru. or call 1.844.843.4878

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Help Wanted

12 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, April 2, 2014

At Jacobson Ford in Reveletsoke...

We’re doing a little spring cleaning and reducing inventory at every turn! '10 FORD FUSION SEL

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1321 Victoria Road, Revelstoke, B.C. • DL 5172 • 250-837-5284 THE RIGHT VEHICLE ✓ THE RIGHT PRICE ✓ RIGHT HERE IN REVELSTOKE ✓

Arrow Lakes News, April 02, 2014  

April 02, 2014 edition of the Arrow Lakes News

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