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Local kids are learning about winter.

Local sit-ski racer at the 2014 Paralympics in Russia

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Wednesday night the Kimberley Community Choir and Selkirk Secondary School Choir performed at the McKim Theatre. The community choir did a set there was a short intermission and the school choir sang several songs, the two choirs of almost 60 strong came together for the last two songs. Both choirs enjoyed the experience of combining their talents for the evening.

Vote for Marysville Arena C AROLYN GR ANT

Marysville Arena has reached the final eight in the West Bracket of the CBC Kraft Hockeyville contest. The final two selections out of the west will be chosen after voting closes tonight at midnight. To vote for Marysville Arena, go to http:// and select Marysville Arena. You can vote multiple times. Voting closes at midnight tonight. The winner of the contest will receive $100,000 in local arena upgrades, a 2014-15 NHL pre-season game and a visit from CBC. By making it this far, Marysville Arena has already qualified for $25,0000 in upgrades.

RDEK flooding situation eases


The warm weather continues but with not much precipitation over the weekend, the flooding in parts of the Regional District of East Kootenay appears to be easing. Kimberley itself experienced few problems. “We have some residents requesting sandbags and reporting ponding on streets, and full crews are working overtime to mitigate flooding issues,” said

City CAO Scott Sommerville on Friday. “Some streets are being windrowed to the centre to keep storm drains open. We are asking that residents not shovel snow on top of storm drains.” Around the RDEK, there was some sloughing near Fort Steele Farms and overflowing ditches on the highway as well, says RDEK Information Officer Loree Duczek. There are signs posted on the highway warning of water. The parking lot of Wasa Building Supplies on Friday. See WATER, page 4


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Page 2 Monday, MARCH 10, 2014

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Thursday -1

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Almanac Temperatures

High Low Normal ...........................7.3° .................-3.1° Record......................13.6°/1996 ......-14.6°/2003 Yesterday......................10.9°.................1.1° Precipitation Normal..............................................0.7mm Record.....................................5.6mm/1971 Yesterday ........................................3.6 mm This month to date.........................25.6 mm This year to date............................77.2 mm


Precipitation totals include rain and snow


unrise 8 04 a.m. unset 7 42 p.m. oonset 5 22 a.m. oonrise 3 03 p.m.

Mar 16

Mar 30

Mar 23

pr 7

Across the Region Tomorro w Prince George 5/0 Jasper 6/-4

Edmonton 5/2

Revelstoke 7/-1

Kelowna 10/0 Vancouver 9/4

Canada Yellowknife Whitehorse Vancouver Victoria Saskatoon Regina Brandon Winnipeg Thunder Bay S. Ste. Marie Toronto Windsor Ottawa Montreal Quebec City Fredericton

Castlegar 9/0


Calgary 7/-1

Cranbrook 7/-2


flurries -16/-29 p.cloudy-12/-14 rain/snow 2/-4 flurries 3/-5 p.cloudy 9/5 p.cloudy 9/4 showers 10/4 p.cloudy 10/3 m.sunny 2/-8 p.cloudy 1/-6 m.sunny 1/-8 flurries -1/-10 p.cloudy 2/-6 flurries -2/-11 p.cloudy 3/-11 p.cloudy -4/-16 flurries 5/-9 p.sunny -1/-18 p.sunny 4/-7 p.cloudy 0/-21 p.sunny 6/0 cloudy 6/-13 showers 9/2 showers 6/-11 rain/snow 2/-1 p.sunny 6/-13 flurries 1/0 p.sunny 5/-12 flurries -2/-5 flurries 5/-13 p.cloudy 0/-8 snow 3/-4

The World


tlanta Buenos ires etroit eneva avana ong ong iev ondon os ngeles Miami Paris Rome Singapore Sydney Tokyo Washington

p.cloudy p.sunny showers sunny sunny showers sunny p.cloudy p.cloudy p.cloudy sunny showers p.sunny sunny p.cloudy cloudy


23/11 25/16 6/2 15/5 29/15 19/17 8/0 16/6 23/13 27/18 17/4 16/5 32/25 24/21 8/3 17/8

Bull River Shooters ready for new season this month Br adley Woods

Banff 3/-6 Kamloops 9/0

Members of Western Financial Group showed their support for anti-bullying initiatives by wearing pink for a day. This was continued Friday night during the second intermission of the Kootenay Ice/Medicine Hat Tigers game with the “Stand Up to Bullying” puck drop at Western Financial Place. Numbered pink hockey pucks were handed out to the first 3,000 fans entering the arena. During second intermission, fans “stood up”against bullying and threw their puck onto the ice. The individual whose puck landed closest to the target during the toss won a private suite for 10 people plus a $250 food credit for a 2014 Kootenay ICE playoff game. As part of the festivities, Western gave away $1,500 in school bursaries. Local schools in attendance which showed the most school spirit towards stopping bullying had the chance to take home one of three $500 Western Financial Group bursaries.

p.cloudy sunny cloudy m.sunny sunny cloudy sunny p.cloudy cloudy p.cloudy sunny p.sunny p.cloudy sunny sunny cloudy

24/14 28/17 7/-3 13/5 29/16 20/17 9/-1 13/5 22/16 28/21 15/7 16/5 32/25 24/21 9/3 19/9

The Weather Network 2014

The snow is starting to melt away and members are getting excited about the start of the new season. Already you can find the range busy with shooting (rifles and the “Bull”) on the weekends. We are all excited to see how we do competing against each other and if we can bring our scores up enough to raise a class! The schedule for the new season is as follows: • March 22: Small Bore. March 23, Hi Power. • April 6: BRSA will host an introductory shoot to silhouette for non-members. • April 12: Small Bore. April 13, Hi Power. • May 17-20: B.R.S.A. To host the BC Provincial Championships. Matches to start at 9 am. • June 21: Small Bore. June 22, Hi Power. • July 26: Small Bore. • August 23: Small Bore. August 24, Hi Power. • Sept 6: Small Bore. Sept 7, Hi Power • October 25: Small Bore • November 15: Fun Shoot and Yearly Windup. Match to start at 12:00 pm. All matches start at 10 am unless otherwise noted. Anyone can participate in a club match,

A typical round of competition at the Bull River Shooters Club. even non-members (we expect you’ll likely want to join because you will have had so much fun and will realize what a great group we are!) We do ask that participants arrive by 9 am to register which allows us to organize the match and gives everyone a chance to warm-up and check settings on scopes. Starting promptly at 10 allows the day to progress in a timely fashion. We shoot a match in the morning and again in the afternoon, with most shooters competing in two classes of guns (so two matches in the morning and two in the afternoon). Lunch is usually available for a

few dollars. Match fees are $10 per gun for the whole day. If you’re new to silhouette and feel nervous about trying it, then our Intro Shoot on April 6 is perfect for you. Members will be on hand to coach and even let you try some of our rifles. The event will start at 10 am. We are very proud of our growing contingent of junior shooters and many of our members relish in the opportunity to mentor a new shooter (young or old!) Don’t be shy. Another important date to mark on the calendar is Sunday May 4. That is the day of our

annual range clean-up. Members gather for a work bee as we paint and mow and repair and dig and rake! This has become a memorable day as we have a lot of fun making our range look great. Work starts at 9 am. Membership fees for the BRSA are $90 for the year (April 1 to March 31). Additional dependant family members may join for $15 each, which covers insurance costs. In addition to insurance (which includes liability protection for members if ever involved in a shooting accident) and ongoing club expenses, dues cover your participation

Courtesy Bradley Woods

in 4 club matches, scheduled throughout the season. Juniors compete for free. Membership for those 65 years and up is $35.00 but does not include any match fees. Memberships can be purchased from Rob McKeeman at 250-426-2794. Memberships can also be purchased at any club match. A wealth of information about Metallic Silhouette shooting can be found on the Internet. For information about the BRSA please contact Rob as noted above. New members are always welcome! We look forward to seeing you at the range.

daily bulletin

Local NEWS

Monday, MARCH 10, 2014

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Wildsight connects kids to the Wonders of Winter More than 3,000 kindergarten-grade three students learn about the magic of winter ecology For the Bulletin

Columbia Basin Now in its 7th year, Wildsight’s Winter Wonder program continues to educate, amaze, and connect students across the Columbia Basin, as they learn about the joys, secrets, and wonders of our winters. Nearly 160 field trips are booked this year, up from 140 last winter. The program takes almost 3,100 students between Kindergarten and Grade 3 on a half-day field trip

to explore winter wildlife ecology, snow science, and weather - all concepts embedded in the current BC education curriculum for these grades. “Requests for these popular programs always seem to increase,” explains Monica Nissen, Wildsight’s Education in the Wild Program Manager. “This year, sadly, we had to turn away classes. Despite adding an additional 20 field trips this year, we have more demand than we can accommodate.” “Across Canada, kids are spending less and less time outside. Winter Wonder gets kids outside, connecting them with the magic of winter ecology and their backyards. Our team of twelve professional outdoor educators bring the curriculum to life for

students.” Winter Wonder educators show up in costume, and ‘Frosty Flake’, ‘Jill Frost’ or other magical characters lead the class through a range of hands-on activities, both in and out of the class. “Textbook versus our own backyard - where do we learn best? Our own backyard, of course. That is what this program provides,” says teacher S. Faucher from Fernie’s Isabella Dicken Elementary School. Wildsight gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Columbia Basin Trust, Fortis BC, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, the North Face Explore Fund and the BC Gaming Commission.

The Wonder of Winter program gets kids outside and learning about winter ecology.

Teachers endorse strike vote

Teachers say endorsing strike is bargaining tool; school closures not imminent CAROLYN GRANT

Teachers across B.C. voted 89 per cent in favour of a strike last week. Both the union (BCTF) and the employer (BCPSEA) acknowledge that a strike vote is a tool in the bargaining process and will not necessarily result in teachers walking off the job. “In collective bargaining, both employers and unions have tools available to increase pressure at the bargaining table and I respect the process,” said Education Minister Peter Fassbender. “A strike vote does create additional uncertainty for students, parents, support workers and teachers. That’s precisely why we need long term stability in our schools and why we need to pursue a long-term agreement at the bargaining table.” Last week, Kimberley

Teachers Association spokesperson Sally Struthers told the Bulletin that the vote did not mean a strike. “We want to reassure parents that we consider job actions and timing very carefully,” Struthers said. “We want to negotiate a deal at the table, that’s our goal. We will work very hard to get a negotiated settlement.” “There will be no job action tomorrow, there will be no job action next week,” BCTF President Jim Iker said. “Teachers now have 90 days to activate the strike vote with some sort of action. There is no set timing for when we will begin. It will depend entirely on what is happening at the negotiating table and whether or not the government and employers’ association are prepared to be fair and reasonable. We will work very hard to get that negotiated settlement without any job action. A strike vote is a normal process in labour relations and helps apply pressure to both parties during negotiations.” However, the two sides remain quite far apart in terms of class


Denise's Weekly Weekly Features Features Denise's Features Weekly Features Denise's Weekly Weekly Features

size, composition and

“We want to negotiate a deal at the table, that’s our goal. We will work very hard to get a negotiated settlement.” Sally Struthers, KTA staffing levels. While BCPSEA sand the Minister of Education say they has offered a 6.5 per cent wage increase over six years, BCTF points out that the offer is not retroactive even though the contract ran out last June, it starts with a 0.5 per cent increase the first year, nothing for the next year and then various 1 and 1.5 per cent increases, keeping the BCTF well behind most other provinces

Photos submitted

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Store Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9:30 - 5:30

Store Street, Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9:30BC - 5:30 1107 Baker Cranbrook, • 426-5519 1107 Baker Street, BC • 426-5519 Toll FreeCranbrook, 1-888-426-5519 TollHours: Free 1-888-426-5519 Store Mon. - Sat. 9:30 - 5:30



Page 4 Monday, MARCH 10, 2014

daily bulletin

Local NEWS

Kimberley author pens sci-fi book

Intervention’ is a true life and death saga for humanity’s survival

In recent times, one of the main questions asked by people nowadays is there truly life out there in the universe. Indeed the question has been asked in many social circles throughout

the globe. Be it in Science Fiction conventions to class rooms. In “Intervention” author Lloyd Freestone explores the possibilities and dangers of interplanetary life. “Intervention” is set in the near future and earth is in danger of being destroyed. The human race fearing utter annihilation accepts aid from a powerful race of aliens. Humanity is

saved by the aliens, but only at the price of being made the aliens foot soldiers for their intergalactic wars. An uneasy peace settles in, but soon suspicion and paranoia takes hold of both factions. On earth, Gerry Stanhouse a man abducted by the aliens years ago is the main contact for the aliens and is tasked to keep negotiations between the two races. The fragile

P U B L I C H E A R I NG N O T I C E Public Notice is hereby given that the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Cranbrook is considering adopting “City of Cranbrook Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 3791, 2014”. The purpose of the Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment is to adopt the “Northern Area Plan” as a secondary plan within the City’s OCP. The proposed amendment will: •

add a new area plan which includes specific policies for lands including those in the northern part of the City which were incorporated in a 2007 boundary extension;

add new land use designations to the properties in the plan area which currently do not have an OCP land use designation.

The Northern Area Plan encompasses approximately 365 ha of land in the northern portion of the City lying generally between the Wildstone and Shadow Mountain developments, as shown on the map below:

Lloyd Freestone peace is soon in danger of being shattered when Gerry finds out the hidden motives of the aliens. In truth, Gerry does not really care too much for both sides, except for the fact that he is in love with Shareena, the alien ambassador to earth and any conflict would surely tear a rift between them. An immersive and creative book filled with believable characters, intrigue, and action. “Intervention “captures the true essence of good Scifi. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to The book will be available at Available at Coles Bookstore and Lotus Books in Cranbrook, and available online at,, Lloyd Freestone lives in Kimberley,Canada with his wife of thirty six years, Connie. At the present time, he works in a sawmill, but is looking forward to retirement so he can spend more time with his grandson. He started writing as a hobby but that hobby soon turned into an obsession that came to fruition by being published.


Spark Youth Centre youth raised $187 for the SPCA by selling cupcakes made and decorated by themselves and Youth Worker Kate. Dogs Coco and Colbey are former SPCA residents. Thanks everyone for your support.

Water pooling in Wasa From Page 1 The situation in Wasa remains of some concern. “We still have significant pooling of water in and around the Wasa area that has not improved in the past two days. The main challenge for us is that with the area being so flat, there is nowhere for the

excess water to go so we are not seeing things dry up as quickly as they are in other parts of the region,” Duczek said Saturday. “There has been some water flowing across a section of Wasa Lake Park Drive as snow melts from the up-hill side of the roadway. With the help of a resident, our Emergency Program personnel

have diverted some of that runoff into a culvert that opened today. This has reduced the amount of water on the road, which remains open.” The RDEK also warns that with high temperatures continuing and rain in the forecast, ice conditions on lakes and creeks will be unpredictable.

Hope Change Vision With Ken Ward

“City of Cranbrook Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 3791, 2014” may be inspected between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, up until March 17, 2014 as posted on the bulletin board in the foyer at City Hall, or in the office of the Municipal Clerk.

“The Long Walk”

The Public Hearing will commence in the Council Chamber, City Hall, 40 - 10 Avenue South at 6:00 p.m. on March 17, 2014.

Ktunaxa Nation Goverance Building Place: Gym Time: 7:00 pm Contact: Diane Whitehead (250) 489-2464 ext 3106 Gary Dalton (250) 426-3383 Sponsored by: Ktunaxa Nation Council East Kootenay Addictions Society ANKORS

All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw may submit written presentations to the City of Cranbrook prior to the date of the Hearing and they may also submit written and/or verbal presentations at the Hearing, thereby allowing all persons an opportunity to be heard on this matter. SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE PUBLIC HEARING. Municipal Clerk

Saturday, March 15

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Local NEWS

Monday, MARCH 10, 2014

Page 5

Video footage of the robbery in Salmo.

RCMP release photos and vehicle info for Salmo bank robber Dancer of the Month February 2014 Isabel Fuhge

Isabel is 11years old and attends McKim Middle School. Isabel is in her 7th year of lessons. She is currently taking classes in Tap, Acro, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Street Jazz and Theatre Boot Camp! Her other interests include reading, cooking and shopping. For her efforts Isabel will receive gift certificates from Grubstake Pizza, Sole to Soul Esthetics Studio and The Old Bauernhause Restaurant. Isabel will also have the chance to be named “Dancer of the Year” at Kimberley Dance Academy’s year end production in May. With this title, the winner will receive a scholarship from Artistic Director Leslie Lindberg to help further their dance education. Congratulations Isabel!

Nelson Star

Salmo RCMP have released two photos captured on video surveillance of the suspect in last week’s armed robbery at the Kootenay Savings Credit Union. The  photographs show that the man’s coat was purple in colour and that he was wearing light tan coloured hiking style footwear. “Investigation has also confirmed a silver/ gray pickup truck de-

parting the area shortly after the robbery towards Nelson on Hwy 6,” Salmo RCMP corporal Debbie Postnikoff wrote in a press release. “The truck is possibly a Toyota Tacoma.” Police are  requesting  that if you know of anyone  that may have been in the area  at the time and drives or owns a similar truck, that you contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or the Salmo RCMP detachment at 250-357-2212.

P U B L I C H E A R I NG N O T I C E Public Notice is hereby given that the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Cranbrook is considering adopting “City of Cranbrook Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 3793, 2014”. The proposed amendment of the Zoning Bylaw will change the zoning of land legally described as Lot L, Plan 2668, District Lot 36, Kootenay District, from “Rural Residential (Country): RR-8 Zone” to “Single Family Extended Residential Zone: R-1”. The purpose of the rezoning is to enable low-density residential development of the property. The subject property is located at 3113 – 2nd Street S as indicated on the reference map below. “City of Cranbrook Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 3793, 2014” may be inspected between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from March 3, 2014, to March 17, 2014, as posted on the bulletin board in the foyer at City Hall, or in the office of the Municipal Clerk.

2014 Urban Deer Resident Survey NEW NON-FICTION March 10, 2014

613.2 The Daniel Plan: 40 days to a healthier life 615.8 SIEGEL, BERNIE S. The art of healing: uncovering your inner wisdom and potential for self healing 621.319 Homeskills: wiring 635 KARSTEN, JOEL Straw bale gardens: the breakthough method for growing vegetables anywhere, earlier and with no weeding 693.3 Homeskills: ceramic tile 696.1 Homeskills: plumbing 747.7 PETERSON, CHRIS Bathroom ideas you can use 979 VARNEY, PHILIP Ghost towns of the Pacific Northwest

KIMBERLEY PUBLIC LIBRARY 115 Spokane St., Kimberley

Residents of the City of Cranbrook are being asked for their input on urban deer and possible future population management strategies with a 17 question survey available online or through a paper version between Monday March 10 and Friday March 28, 2014. The survey is intended to provide residents an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the current deer management program and provide input to Council on future direction of this initiative. Residents can access the survey on the City’s website and click on ‘Urban Deer Resident Survey’. Residents without access to a computer, printed versions of the survey will be available for pick up at reception at City Hall during regular business hours. Those residents requesting a paper copy must provide photo identification with a City of Cranbrook mailing address to be able to get a survey. Deadline to complete and return the survey is 4:30pm on Friday March 28, 2014.

The Public Hearing will commence in the Council Chamber, City Hall, 40 - 10 Avenue South at 6:00 p.m. on March 17, 2014. All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw Amendment may submit written presentations to the City of Cranbrook prior to the date of the Hearing and they may also submit written and/or verbal presentations at the Hearing, thereby allowing all persons an opportunity to be heard on this matter. SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE PUBLIC HEARING. Municipal Clerk


MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014


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Crossing the creek: To each their own “Everything has a moral if you can only find it.” Lewis Carroll “Genius may have its limitations but stupidity is thus not handicapped.” Elbert Hubbard


t is amazing how resourceful we humans can be when faced with the daily problems that beset us. That is why we’re still around polluting the planet, unlike a few million other species that failed. Of course, some of us get into situations that are inclined to multiply the daily problems already lurking around the next corner in life. Take, for example, that fast-flowing, icy creek that had grown steadily in size and volume as the day had warmed and the snow melted. This particular problem evolved when six of us, that other mad March day, skied into the shores of frozen Cooper Lake near the head of the Moyie River. All in all, it had been a fun ski trip, despite lousy weather, and we’d made it successfully to the lake shore and started a fire to keep us warm for lunch time. Then disaster — in the form of Tony’s dog Jessie — struck. She had apparently declared war on the key-log of the fire, a

large branch of fir tree, and so attacked ferociously and managed to pull the offensive branch free. The fire promptly collapsed and died; we humans, feeling damp and dispirited, reluctantly packed up, put on our skis and set off homeward. But then, the innocent stream that we’d crossed earlier in the day had grown into a wide torrent, fed by melting snow, and I, being a natural dawdler, stood back and watched the performances of my companions as they attempted to cross without getting thoroughly wet. Firstly, Jake, always pragmatic as well as long-legged and tall, threw his skis across the torrent then, with a loping stride, ran at and over the water. HipPeter pety-hop. His wife, Jill, apWarland plauded with soggily-gloved hands and also attempted to toss her skis over the creek but one didn’t make it and slid back towards the stream. Jake, the faithful husband, rescued it and soaked himself to one knee in the attempt. Jill and the other two women checked the creek by running up and down the bank looking for weaknesses but, apparently, found none. Tony, resolute, prepared to jump with his skis in his arms but Jessie got in the way by attempting to worry his heels as he ran. He made a complete ass of himself and cursed the dog soundly. His wife, Moira,


tut-tutted him. Tony, however, is one of these people who crash joyously through life with gusto most often associated with natural disasters. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he prepared to cross a second time by jumping the creek with his skis on. Moira held on to the dog. Tony made a noble effort by climbing a nearby rise and launched himself from the crest. He made good speed to the creek bank, crouched with poles ready, then leaped. He made it; well, half of him did; he landed astride the torrent. Meanwhile I followed Joan when she spotted some rocks just below the surface and tip-toed timorously hippety-hop to the far side, and thus we were able to rush to the rescue of Tony and drag him all the way over. But cruel fate had other plans; his skis started to travel downstream and further apart. My beloved spouse, on some sort of impulse, flung her skis individually like javelins across the creek, then, without warning, raced forward and leaped. She cleared the torrent scattering the others like nine-pins and terrified the dog. Meanwhile, as Tony’s backside grew closer and closer to the water and I was collapsing in hysterical laughter, Joan rushed forward with Jake to the rescue. They both grabbed Tony and pulled him over to where all three collapsed in a soggy heap. Jessie, the dog came and sat on them. Damply, the party limped homeward.

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I am responding to the “Damaged Traps” letter to the editor by Bill Roberts. First, I would like to clarify that Animal Alliance and the BC Deer Protection Society work closely together regarding the deer cull and we will continue to do so in the future. We are committed to assisting municipalities to develop management strategies that allow for the peaceful coexistance with deer and other wildlife. Mr. Roberts states that he could not find a single person that would give two cents for the opinion of a person in Toronto. Aside from being a silly comment, the fact is that communities in B.C., including Cranbrook, Kimberley and Invermere, turned to Helena, Montana, to find ways to kill urban deer. Why is it okay to consult an American source outside of the community for killing purposes but not for alternative approaches based on information garnered internationally? If you just want to hate Toronto, fine. But we are a national organization and it would be more productive to judge matters on merit, and not on some sort of silly grudge. Second, I did not say that we are telling people not to vacation in Cranbrook, Kimberley or Invermere, just that we were going to let those people know how the deer were being treated. If communities have to hide their activities from the public, afraid of repercussions, they should reconsider their approach. In fact, it should be noted that Kimberley Council has voted not to spend any more money in culling but to invest in an education programme. Kimberley should be roundly praised for these initia-

tives. In my discussions with staff, I offered our assistance, if that was required. I offered to approach the province requesting the necessary changes to the Wildlife Act to give communities alternative management tools. Finally, with regard our Mayor in Toronto — he clearly has serious problems which he needs to address. However, under his watch, Council has brought forward many progressive animal protection initiatives including the movement of three elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a sanctuary in California and a non-lethal approach to human/coyote conflicts. Yes — surprise, surprise — we have wildlife issues just like you. Maybe you would like to come to Toronto and advocate your approach. I can say this — you would be treated with dignity and respect by our Council, just as I was by your Council. You should do the same. Liz White, Director Animal Alliance of Canada

Ruby Sinclair

On behalf of my brothers and myself, I’d like to thank the citizens of Cranbrook for naming our mother, Ruby Sinclair, one of “Cranbrook’s Most Beloved Citizens” again this year. While Ruby was in palliative care in the Cranbrook hospital very near the end of her life, a visitor commented that she would soon be “ a better place.” Our mother opened one eye and, with great effort, informed the man that she was already in the

BEST place and had been ever since she had moved to Cranbrook in 1961. The love affair is definitely mutual! Lorie Sinclair Jaffray, B.C.

Fatal blow

Stephen Harper is quoted as saying in 1997 “It’s past time the Feds scrapped the Canadian Health Act”. On December 19, 2011, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced that the Canada Health & Transfer Accord would not be renewed on expiry, March 31, 2014. No discussion! No Parliamentary debate! No consultation with the Provinces! The “Accord” would be replaced by the Canada Health & Transfer( CHT), a Federal commitment to continue funding but on a diminishing scale, resulting in a funding loss estimated at $52.5 billion by 2024 at which time the Accord would be “reviewed”. This unilateral decision by Ottawa strikes a huge, and probably fatal, blow to our Canadian Medicare system. Without Federal financial and supervisory input, the individual Provincial plans could well disintegrate leaving Canadians at the mercy of for-profit corporate providers. A recent opinion poll found that 94 per cent of Canadians favoured a comprehensive national health-care plan; they must be very worried by these developments! Where is the outcry from Opposition benches? Bud Abbott Cranbrook

India’s coming swing to the right


n Indian election is a marathon, not a sprint. The voting will start in a month’s time, on 7 April, but the voting will move around the country on nine phases, ending on 12 May. Then the votes will all be counted — there are 814 million eligible voters — and the result will be known on 16 May. But a lot of people think they know the result now: Narendra Modi of the BJP will be prime minister, and India will swing hard right. The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party — Indian People’s Party) is a socially conservative, Hindu nationalist party that has only had one full term in national office, in 1998-2004. That time, it led a broad coalition that restrained its more extreme sectarian impulses. This time, however, many Indian observers claim to detect a “Modi wave” of support that might carry the BJP into power on its own. That would certainly make for interesting times. Narendra Modi is best known for two things: the remarkable economic growth and relative freedom from corruption of his home state of Gujarat, and his alleged complicity in the massacre of more than 1,000 Muslims during religious riots shortly after he became chief minister of Gujarat in 2001. The prosperity of Gujarat is obviously a political asset for him. The problem is that the his alleged religious extremism is also an asset in the view of some of his potential supporters. Indeed, that is probably

why Modi has never expressed any regret or offered any apologies for the riots, an omission that many see as disqualifying him for high political office. But the ruling Congress Party is weighed down by corruption scandals and slowing economic growth, and Congress’s candidate Gwynne for prime minister is none other than Rahul Gandhi, Dyer whose father, grandmother and great-grandfather have all held the job in the past. But Rahul’s political ideas seem half-formed, his rhetoric struggles under the burden of words like “empowerment”, and he is seriously lacking in novelty value. Hence the “Modi wave.” The BJP currently leads Congress by a wide margin in the opinion polls: a January poll gave it 34 percent of the vote, almost twice as much as it got in the last national election in 2009. Voters prefer Modi to Gandhi as prime minister in virtually every state — and among 18 to 25-year-old voters the BJP outpolls Congress almost two-to-one. So the pundits are speculating on how a BJP government would behave if it were led by Narendra Modi and had no need of coalition partners. There is no precedent for that. Last time the BJP government was a complicated coalition led by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a poet and intellectual of moderate views, and none of its more extreme nationalist and Hindu positions got translated into actual policies. If it were different this time, then India

Page 7

What’s Up?

Letters to the Editor Animal Alliance

Monday, MARCH 10, 2014

would be moving into unknown waters, and the possibilities would be as alarming as they were extreme. But that may just be Indian journalists trying to inject a little more tension and excitement into the story. The reality is probably rather less exciting. 34 percent of the vote is much better than the BJP got last time, but it doesn’t get you a majority in the parliament. In fact, it leaves you about fifty seats short of a majority, which tumbles you back into the real world of coalitions and deals, and having to put aside your cherished sectarian goals in order to make the deals work. Just like last time, even if your name is Narendra Modi. There are 39 parties in the current parliament, and there may be even more in the next one. Most of them would be willing to join a coalition government in return for concessions on whatever local or regional issues they or their voters care about, but they will also have red lines that must not be crossed or they will leave the coalition. Assuming that the outcome of the election does leave the BJP as the biggest party, but without an overall majority, those red lines will probably confine Narendra Modi to relatively moderate policies on religious issues. If not, then India is in for a wild ride, and at the end of it the country may no longer be known for its tolerance. Gwynne Dyer is an independent journalist based in London



Need help with Photos, Internet, Email or IPads? CBAL hosts FREE 1 hour sessions starting March 7th at Cranbrook Public Library. Space is limited. Pre-registration required. Call Katherine 250-417-2896 We are celebrating the World Day of Prayer 2014, written by the Women of Egypt. Everyone welcome. Please join us at Christ The Servant Church, Friday, March 7, 1:00 pm. WORLD DAY of PRAYER SERVICE, “Streams in the Desert” Friday, March 7th at 2:00 pm. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 97 Boundary St., Kimberley. Everyone welcome! CANSKATE 2014 Show Case proudly presented by North Star Skating Club: Kimberley Civic Arena, Friday March 7, 2014, 6:30 pm. Admission is free (donations are gratefully accepted at the door) Proud to support our local skaters at the East Kootenay Invitational Figure Skating Competition! March 8. Zentangle Workshop with Cindy Hagen! Focus on Advanced Techniques and is a follow-up to Cindy’s popular February 1st Zentangle Workshop. Registrants for the Advanced class should have previous Zentangle Experience! (Such as Feb. 1st class) Pre-registration is required. 250-426-4223 or March 12th. Kimberley Garden Club March program: Sprouting Edible Seeds and Growing and Using Microgreens. Selkirk High School Library 7-9 pm. New members welcome. For more info: Nola 250-427-1948. Municipal Pension Retirees’ Association (MPRA) Meeting, Monday, March 17, 2014, Heritage Inn Hotel, 803 Cranbrook St. N., at 10:45 a.m. Guest speaker: Sarah Taylor, Pharmacist; Medication Reviews 11:30 a.m. Noon: No Host Luncheon. REFUGE, Kootenay Literary Competition 2013 Anthology Celebrating Emerging Writers. Friday, March 14 at Prestige Lakeside Resort, 7 PM (doors open at 6:30). Light refreshments at intermission. Suggestion $5 donation. Angie Abdou Guest Speaker. Please check out our website for more detailed info: SOCIAL DANCE at the Cranbrook Seniors HALL, March 15, 7-11 features ‘ED KING’ with ‘ A Wee Bit of Song - A Wee Bit of Fun ‘. All are welcome to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with good friends and good food. Admission 10. The last Saturday Open Jam TO BE HELD March 29 - includes an ice-cream social. Flo 250.489.2720

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MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014






Nitros rebound to even up playoff series against Thunder Cats TRE VOR CR AWLEY Sports Editor

The Dynamiters and the Thunder Cats traded wins over the weekend to keep the series even at a game apiece heading back into Kimberley. Creston won the opener on Friday by a score of 4-1, but the Nitros were able to respond with a 4-2 win the following night. The Dynamiters will host the Thunder Cats at the Civic Centre in Kimberley on Monday and Tuesday evening for Game Three and Game Four.

The Nitros got into a ton of penalty trouble on Friday night, giving up 10 powerplays to Creston as the Thunder Cats skated to a 4-1 win. Matti Jmaeff and Carson Cartwright scored first period goals for the Thunder Cats, while Brandon Formosa and Seth Schmidt made it a four goal lead on a pair of powerplay goals in the second frame. Eric Buckley answered back for Kimberley in the final period on a powerplay goal, but that would stand as the only goal from the Nitros side. Dynamiters goaltender Jeremy Mousseau stood between the pipes, making 36 saves in defeat while Brock Lefebvre notched the win with 16 saves.

Despite getting outshot again on Saturday, the Dynamiters rebounded with a 4-2 win after scoring a trio of goals in the middle period. Creston opened the scoring on a powerplay goal from Formosa for a 1-0 lead after the first frame. However, it was all Nitros in the second period, with Jason Richter and Bryce Nielsen scoring powerplay goals, while Bryce Perpelitz added an even strength marker for a 3-1 lead after 40 minutes. Jmaeff tallied halfway through the final frame with an even strength effort to make it a one-goal game, but Nielsen found the empty net with a minute remaining in the game to seal it up for a Dynamiter win. Tyson Brouwer stood in the Nitro crease, turning away 27 shots, while Creston netminder Kyle Michalovsky turned away 25 pucks. Playoff update around the KIJHL Kootenay Conference Eddie Mountain Division Kimberley 1 Creston Valley 1 Neil Murdoch Division Beaver Valley 1 Nelson 1 Okanagan/Shuswap Conference Doug Birks Division Kamloops 2 100 Mile 0 Okanagan Division Osoyoos 2 N. Okanagan 0



Sports News? Call Trevor 250-426-5201, ext. 212


Ice book ticket to WHL playoffs TRE VOR CR AWLEY Sports Editor

The Kootenay Ice are headed to the WHL playoffs for the 16th straight season. The franchise clinched their post-season berth on Friday with a 5-2 win over the Medicine hat Tigers, and also defeated the Regina Pats 3-1 the following night. Friday evening was also Anti-Bullying Night, as students came out in style wearing pink and showing off their school spirit. Gordon Terrace, T.M. Roberts and St. Marys were the recipients of a $500 prize for their school spirit efforts.

“It was great. By far the biggest crowd since I’ve been here and it was awesome. It was electric, it was loud and all those little kids out there were making noise and it makes it easier to play, for sure.” Zach Franko Jaedon Descheneau led the way with a pair of goals and an assist, while Zach Franko, Jagger Dirk and Tyler King also provided some scoring for the Ice. Tommy Vannelli and Curtis Valk replied for Medicine Hat. Ice goaltender Mackenzie Skapski stopped 30 shots while Tigers crease guardian Marek Langhamer turned away 22 pucks before

getting hooked for Nick Schneider, who played out most of the final period. Less than 90 seconds into the game, the Tigers took a penalty and Franko drew blood for a early lead. Descheneau doubled it three minutes later, scooping up a rebound from the point and firing it home. That pushed the 19-year-old sniper to 40 goals—the first time a Kootenay Ice player has cracked that number since Steve Da Silva in 2007/08. Naturally, Descheneau brushed off his accomplishment when informed. “I never knew that, actually,” said Descheneau. “I guess it feels nice and it’s a credit to my linemates for getting me the puck.” Vannelli put Medicine Hat up by the end of the period, putting a point shot blast past Skapski. In the second period, Dirk beat Langhamer through the five-hole after a pretty passing play, while Descheneau potted his second of the game after getting himself alone in front of Langhamer and deking a backhander into the net. The Ice kept pouring it on in the third period with an early goal from Tyler King, but Valk managed to answer back for the Tabbies with a powerplay effort just over six minutes into the frame. The win over the Ti-


Kootenay Ice forward Luke Philp (middle) celebrates his goal with teammates Sam Reinhart and Jaedon Descheneau during a 3-1 win over the Regina Pats on Saturday. gers was especially sweet, as Medicine Hat is shaping up to be a potential first-round playoff opponent. The players also fed off the energy of Anti-Bullying Night, which helped swell the attendance to over 2,900 fans. “It was great,” said Franko. “By far the big-

at 7pm

Tuesday Mar 11 at 7pm

Creston Valley Thunder Cats

Creston Valley Thunder Cats

Nitros vs Nitros vs at Kimberley Civic Centre


gest crowd since I’ve been here and it was awesome. It was electric, it was loud and all those little kids out there were making noise and it makes it easier to play, for sure.” Kootenay also got some reinforcements back in the lineup with the return of Kyle

O’Connor and Jon Martin on Friday. However, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The Ice lost Landon Cross and Landon Peel to injury on Saturday during a 3-1 win over the Pats.

See ICE , Page 9

Schacher fitting in with new WHL team TRE VOR CR AWLEY Sports Editor



It was a homecoming for local WHL defenceman Isaac Schacher when the Pats faced off against the Kootenay Ice on Saturday night. Even though Regina ended up losing 3-1, Schacher, a Kimberley native, was excited to play in front of family and friends with his new team. “It’s always nice to be back at home, see some family and friends,” said Schacher. “It’s always nice being in the home rink, see familiar faces, but too bad we couldn’t get the two points tonight.” Schacher, who played former-

ly with the Kimberley Dynamiters, was called up to the WHL with the Victoria Royals after his second season in the KIJHL. He spent most of the current WHL campaign in Victoria before getting traded to Regina for a pair of draft picks in January. “It’s been great,” said Schacher. “Victoria was great to me, but getting traded to a new team, they’ve really accepted me and brought me in as one of their own and in their family.” Between the two teams, Schacher has suited up for 49 WHL games this season, scoring once and collecting eight assists with a plus-18 rating. “Tonight, I got a little more ice

time because we’ve had some key guys out,” Schacher said, “but just trying to play solid defensively and move the puck well and join in offensively when I can.” In the last five years, the Pats have only made it to the post-season once, but they clinched a playoff spot last weekend and are trying to lock down second place in the Eastern Conference. “We’re just really doing the right things right now,” continued Schacher. “We’re doing all the little things—even tonight, we played a solid game, it was a good effort—just a little a bounce here and there really hurt us, but overall, we’ve been doing the right things the past little while.”

daily townsman / daily bulletin

Monday, MARCH 10, 2014


Page 9

Kootenay battles Regina to a 3-1 win Continued from page 8

Postmedia photo

Canada’s Josh Dueck celebrates after racing in the Men’s Downhill - Sitting Skiing at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games on March 8, 2014 in Sochi, Russia

Dueck wins silver at Paralympics Tre vor Cr awley Sports Editor

Kimberley native Josh Dueck won a silver medal in downhill sit-skiing, finishing only 0.39 seconds behind the gold medallist at the Paralympics in Sochi on Saturday. It is the second silver medal for Dueck, who also skied to the same result in slalom at the Vancouver Games in 2010. “This is fantastic,” Dueck said, who posted a time of 1:24:19. “I’m really about performance and I took a fast line down the hill and

took some chances and I got pretty lucky… I crossed the line and was thrilled. Second is awesome.” Dueck’s silver medal on Saturday was especially significant, being that it marked the 10year anniversary to the day since a freestyle skiing accident landed him in a wheelchair. Though there was a long wait at the start from course delays, the extra time at the top of the run allowed Dueck to mentally prepare for the race by harnessing the energy and thinking about his family back

home in Canada. “It was more about letting all that go and just skiing,” said Dueck, who raced with a photograph of his daughter placed over his heart. Initially, Dueck looked like he was headed for gold after topping the leaderboard. Racer after racer tried to beat his time, and eventually, Akira Kano of Japan managed to edge into first place with a run of 1:23:80. While Dueck’s racing ability speaks for itself, he also gave a nod to his equipment, noting that sit-ski technology has

continued to develop since the Vancouver Games. “The equipment has been huge,” Dueck said. “We’ve invested a lot of energy in keeping this equipment competitive with the rest of the world and maybe even a little better. “I had the ability to trust in that, point it down the hill, and have a good time.” On Sunday, Dueck competed in the super-G portion of the para-alpine skiing events, and was poised for a gold medal until a lightning-fast run was de-

railed at the final gate when he caught an edge and crashed. Despite the result, Dueck was still upbeat about his performance. “It was actually fantastic,” said Dueck. “I was one turn away from having a great run. You’ve got to be happy with that. Right now, I’m happy for our team.” He will be competing in super combined on Tuesday. “Obviously, I left something behind on the hill today, and I’d like to find it,” Dueck added. “Heck yes, I’m ready.”

Peel left in the first period after getting boarded, while Cross had to leave after getting knocked to the ice during a fight in the second frame. Despite that adversity, the Ice were able to earn the win, with goals coming from Luke Philp, Dirk and Descheneau. Calgary Flames draft pick Morgan Klimchuk answered back for the Pats. “Obviously, it was a chippy game, especially in that second period,” said Dirk, “but we just came together, stuck to the game plan that the coaches laid out for us and that’s what led to us winning tonight.” Dirk scored first on a powerplay resulting from the boarding penalty by Rylee Zimmer, who drilled Peel into the Kootenay zone end boards. The two teams held each other scoreless in the second period, but Cross had to head to the dressing room after getting knocked to the ice

and leaking blood following a fight with Pats enforcer Jesse Zgraggen. Moving Jordan Steenbergen down from the fourth line, the Ice had to play with four defencemen and 11 forwards for the rest of the game. Philp doubled the Kootenay lead just over the halfway mark of the final frame on another powerplay goal, while Klimchuk made it interesting by putting Regina on the board with just over three minutes to go. Kootenay took a late penalty and the Pats pulled goaltender Dawson MacAuley for six attackers against four Ice defenders, but it was Descheneau who found the back of the empty net after clearing the zone with a lofty backhander. Skapski again picked up the win with 27 saves, while MacAuley, who was the sole reason the score wasn’t more lopsided in favour of the Ice, turned away 28 shots.

Koe pounces on B.C. misses to coast to 10-5 Brier win C anadian Press

KAMLOOPS, B.C. Calgary’s Kevin Koe did it the hard way again. After struggling a little to make the final game, Koe emerged with his second Canadian men’s curling championship, after a dominating 10-5 win over John Morris and British Columbia.

“That’s the way we kind of do it sometimes,” Koe said. “We can’t seem to get firing on all cylinders all the time.” Alberta capitalized on B.C.’s mistakes to score three big threeenders. If not for the needs of television, the handshakes would likely have come in eight but they played nine ends.

On and off the court with the Wild senior girls basketball team Shaylee Rutledge Special to the Daily Townsman

Friday, March 7th, 2014 On the third day of our trip, we had to get up at 6 a.m. in the morning to play our second game against Penticton at 8:30 a.m. During this game we did a better job of executing our plays and stopping the other team on defence. It was a successful game for us because we accomplished many of the goals we have been aiming for all season. The score was closer compared to our first game, but we have yet to come out on top. After the game, we went to a laser-tag arena. This activity was one of the most fun-filled experiences I’ve ever had. The arena had different levels to climb up and down, bridges made of netting to navigate across, and bright neon lights to confuse us. We played three rounds, fifteen minutes

each, and it was exhilarating. Refuelled by dinner, our next activity was go-karting at a place called Fast Track. They had only been open for three weeks. We underwent a safety briefing through a video explaining all the rules of the track. Once we were allowed to race, we had a blast. Both our team and the parents were smiling ear to ear. For some girls, this was their first driving experience. The karts were so fast because they were low to the ground and many of us learned how to drift around the tight corners. Overall, we had an incredible day packed with experiences that created everlasting memories. Saturday, March 8th, 2014 We played our third game against Argyle on the fourth day of our provincials. It was another early morning game, but this time we played

in a different gym. The gym was in a separate building called the Fieldhouse and a basketball court was laid down on a rink. This game was the best game we had played so far. Unfortunately, our efforts became effective too late in the game. We lost, but now we know exactly what we have to do going into our last game. After the game, we were in for an adventure. Every year Coach Nutini has set up an “Amazing Race” for us. The race takes us all around the city by using clues that require us to find various locations. We travel by foot, sky-train, and even sea bus. Usually we have to to question locals for information in order to solve the clues and get ahead of the other teams. This a great way to grow outside of our comfort zones. Sometimes we have to eat gross foods, videotape a team member doing something silly in a public place, or ask strangers to take pictures of us by monuments.

The teams this year were: 1) Heidi, Brette, and Ine. 2) Claire, Reili, Megan Tadey, and Megan Sternig. 3) Shaylee, Marlize, and Hunter. Hannah helped organize the race this year because she was injured. Some of the challenges we had to do included taking a picture by the Gassy Jack statue, getting into the Langara College gym, and eating black fungus, squid tentacles, and tofu. Heidi, Brette and Ine won this years race but I know everyone had fun in the competition. Coach Nutini’s “Amazing Race” has always been one of my favourite parts of provincials and it will be a memorable experience for our entire team in the years to come. Shaylee Rutledge is a member of the Mount Baker Secondary School senior girls basketball team. She will be documenting the trials and tribulations of the Wild during their trip to the provincial championship in Vancouver.


PAGE 10 MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014

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Wednesday Afternoon/Evening

SHAPE WEAR Assorted Styles, Sizes & Colours!

Baker St. Mall 250.489.8464



VideoFlow Terre Terre

Trial Trial Entrée prin

Top 10 Mange Union

Simp Cleve TJ C.-B.

Work. Broad 30 vies Épi

Burn News Enfants de télé

Conan Trauma

Com TJ

Due to extensive water damage, Caron Denture Clinic will temporarily be closed until repairs are completed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Gift Certificates Available!

Please call 250-420-7766 for an appointment



44 - 6th Ave. South,

Cranbrook, BC Behind Integra Tire on Van Horne


NOW OPEN With a VEtEriNariaN Tuesday: 9:30am – 6:00pm, and Wednesday: 9:30am – 5:00pm

Surgery and appointments, call 250-427-2733 The Cranbrook clinic will be open Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 5:30 and Saturday 9:00 – 5:00.

In an emergency, please call 250-489-3451 or 1-899-234-4331.

TRENDS N’ TREASURES 1109a Baker St. Cranbrook

1109a Baker Street, Cranbrook 250-489-2611

March 12

Peg Wild Word News Busi PBS NewsHour Nature Joe Bonamassa Live Nature Charlie Rose # # KSPS-PBS Sid News News CTV News Theory Mixol CSI: Cri. Scene Arrow Criminal Minds News News Daily Mey $ $ CFCN Ellen Show The Doctors News ABC News News Ent Insider Middle Su Mod Mixol Nashville KXLY Kim % % KXLY-ABC Rachael Ray Dr. Oz Show News CBS News Inside Ac Survivor Criminal Minds CSI: Cri. Scene News Late & & KREM-CBS Dr. Phil Judge Judge News News News Million. J’pard Wheel Revolution Law & Order Chicago PD News J. Fal _ _ KHQ-NBC Ellen Show Hocke NHL Hockey SportsCentre Hocke Motor 24 CH SportsCentre SportsCentre ( ( TSN SportsCentre Party Poker Alpine Skiing Sportsnet Con. Paralympic NHL-A Season Party Poker Sportsnet Con. Hocke Oil ) ) NET Darts News News News Hour Ent ET Survivor Engels About- Chicago PD News + + GLOBAL BC Queen Latifah The Young Jelly Maya Arthur Jack Wild Engineering Canada Wild China Music Water Music Canada , , KNOW Olly Paralympics CBC CBC CBC Mercer Georg Cor Dragons’ Den Recipe-Riches The National News Games ` ` CBUT Reci Ste News News News News ET Ent Chicago PD Survivor Engels About- News Hour Fi ET The 1 M CICT The Young News News News Hour ET Ent Chicago PD Survivor Engels About- News Hour ET The 3 O CIVT The Young Super Boys Gags Gags Baby Spla Young Boys 4 6 YTV Turtles Turtles Turtles Turtles Turtles Nerds The Smurfs Bethenny Simp Two Two Mod Theory Theory American Idol News Mod Arsenio Hall 6 . KAYU-FOX Steve Harvey Piers Morgan Cooper 360 E. B. OutFront Piers Morgan Cooper 360 Foren Foren 7 / CNN Situa Cross E. B. OutFront Cooper 360 Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail 8 0 SPIKE Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Jail 9 1 HGTV Holmes Makes Canada’s Han Hunt Hunt Beach Island Hawaii Hawaii Hunt Hunt Beach Island Hawaii Hawaii TBA : 2 A&E Wahl Wahl Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Wahl Wahl Wahl Wahl Duck Duck Duck Duck Wahl Wahl Deal Deal Gags Gags Wife Swap Private Lives Reba Reba Wife Swap Private Lives Reba Reba < 4 CMT Wipeout Moonlight Bec. Undercover Property Bro Love It-List It Love It-List It Love It-List It Love It-List It Love It Love It-List It = 5 W Continuum Continuum Engels Heroes NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS ? 9 SHOW NCIS Bear Grylls: Salvage Hunt MythBusters How/ How/ Bear Grylls: Salvage Hunt MythBusters @ : DISC How/ How/ Daily Planet Save-Business Lost-- Lost-- Big Brother Save-Business Big Brother A ; SLICE Prop Prop Collec Collec Lost-- Lost-- Big Brother My 600-Lb Hoard-Buried 200lb Tumor Hoard-Buried 200lb Tumor My 600-Lb Little Couple B < TLC Island Medium Little Couple Flashpoint Blue Bloods 19-2 Homeland The Listener Criminal Minds Criminal Minds (12:15) 19-2 C = BRAVO The Listener ReGenesis Sabah Overboard Along Came Polly Short D > EA2 Pride (:45) The Best Man Fugget E ? TOON Drag Drag Drag Drag Drag Drag Drag Drag Drag Drag Drag Drag Ftur Amer. Robot Family Ven Austin Phineas, Ferb Good Good Good Good Good Good Good ANT Win Next Good Jessie Wiz Derek F @ FAM Livthe grid so that (nine column Theory Theoryevery Collegerow Basketball Fromcells Atlanta.wide), every College Basketball(nine cells Mod Amer. Family Family Mod Sein Ghosts GFill A in WPCH Sein Gas Theory Match theMatch Gas Simp H tall)BandCOM everySeinbox (three cells by threeParkscells)Theory contain digitsGags1 through 9 in Theory Just/Laughs Theory Men- Daily Colbert Heavorder. Girl-Everything The Maltese Falconfor each puzzle. Across the Pacific The Hurricane There’s Always I C TCM any There is only one solution Stor Stor Stor Stor Be Alive Stor Stor Stor Stor Be Alive Stor Stor Ghost Hunters K E OUT Mantracker Pawn Pawn Amer Amer Swamp People Yukon Gold Outlaw Bikers L F HIST Cryptid: Beast Pawn Pawn MASH MASH Yukon Gold Stargate SG-1 Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus Inner Castle Star Trek: Voy. Mega Shark M G SPACE Inner Scare Castle Braveheart (:01) Friday Night Lights Tree N H AMC Commando Hoops College Basketball FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports Fighter O I FS1 Foot Tip-Off College Basketball Ext. Resorts Extreme Sur Restaurants Ext. Resorts Extreme Sur P J DTOUR Disas Disas Money Money Collec Collec Restaurants Vampire Dog (:35) Jack the Giant Slayer Now You See Me Resident Evil W W MC1 I Dont (:20) Goats Maury Family Family News News Two Two Arrow Tom People KTLA 5 News Arsenio Hall ¨ ¨ KTLA Cunningham Funny Videos Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Parks Parks Parks Rock Rock Sunny ≠ ≠ WGN-A Funny Videos Crooked Lake (:10) Due South Spartacus (:10) Elizabeth Ø Ø EA1 Md Max-Thndr Wine Downton Abbey Con Apoca The Great Escape Super Popoff ∂ ∂ VISN Road-Avonlea Murder, She... Eas

Important notIce



minature garden

CALL 426-3272 OR VISIT

4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30

Cbk. Kim.

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MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014

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COMICS HOROSCOPES Wedding & Party Supply Rentals

• Tents • Tables/Chairs • Table Linens • Dinnerware • Patio Heaters • Chafing Dishes • BBQ’s/Grills • Wedding Arch • Cutlery/Glasses • Wall Light Decorations • Dunk Tank & Bouncy Castle • Dance Floor, Karaoke Machine • Punch Fountains & Liquor Dispensers • Meat Grinder, Slicer, Sausage Stuffer Ph: 250-426-5254 Fax: 250-426-4531 Toll Free: 1-800-561-5254 2450 Cranbrook St. N. Cranbrook, BC, V1C 3T4


on reconditioned, canister ELECTROLUX vacuum cleaners with power nozzle & all attachments. Good warranty

Phone Chris or Sonny at (250)


by Jacqueline Bigar

ARIES (March 21-April 19) You have a flair for creating tension, as people find you to be unpredictable. However, a role reversal seems to be at play: A partner or loved one could decide that impulsiveness is a great way to go. Strap on your seat belt! Tonight: Do some yoga or take a walk. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) How you handle the key people in your daily environment reflects who you are. You intuitively know what others want or need. Even still, your best bet is to allow others to ask for your help before rushing in to fulfill an anticipated need. Tonight: Hang out. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You are able to juggle your finances with the best of them. You are likely to discover how difficult a situation can be, especially if it revolves around a friend or loved one. A meeting also could be provocative, but on a different level. Tonight: Pay bills first.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) While others play out their Monday-itis, you seem to be full of unusual and effective ideas. Test them out on several people before launching into action. Your sense of well-being will emerge when dealing with a loved one at a distance. Tonight: Only as you like it. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You might not want to share too many of your thoughts right now; instead, listen carefully to a partner or friend. This person will have a lot of great ideas to share, and you could get feedback that might surprise you. Unexpected news heads your way. Tonight: Not wanting to socialize. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You seem to know what to do in order to achieve specific results. Listen to a loved one when discussing an unpredictable associate or partner. This person sees the issue differently from how you do. You will like what’s about to happen. Tonight: Make plans with a friend. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)


Others expect you to come to the rescue for them when they aren’t able to help themselves. You could be a little ticked off by this attitude. Your plate is full, and you have a lot of ground to cover. Refuse to take on any extra work for now. Tonight: Do something just for you. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You are bound to make a difference by expressing a more complete perspective of a problem. Know that you don’t need to be so vested in the outcome. Others will be impressed by your drive and determination. Tonight: Let your mind drift -- you need some R and R. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Someone gladly would take up all of your time and attention, if you would allow it. Only you can decide if this is OK. State your boundaries clearly. If a loved one is involved, do not be surprised if you receive a volatile response. Tonight: Say “yes” to an invitation. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Others can’t seem to get enough of you. However, you have a

strong need to go a certain way, and you don’t want anyone holding you back. You could have some difficulty explaining this desire to a needy friend or loved one. Tonight: Carve out the correct situation for you. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You seem more than capable of staying away from problems today, as long as you don’t take an unusual financial risk. Incoming news could shock you, or you could surprise someone else. Tonight: In the whirlwind of living. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) You could be taken aback by a sudden and unexpected financial change. Tap into your creativity in order to find the right solution. As a result, you’ll find the right person with whom to connect regarding a project in the near future. Tonight: Act like there is no tomorrow! BORN TODAY Actress Sharon Stone (1958), gymnast Shannon Miller (1977), former U.S. congresswoman Clare Boothe Luce (1903) ***

By Chad Carpenter

Kimberley Seahorse Swim Club

Summer Registration Thursday, April 3rd McKim Middle School 6 - 8 PM


By Jim Davis

Note: $50 fee applies if registration is after this date

ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY A powerful tool when you want to reach your potential customers – the Daily Townsman and Daily Bulletin are invited into over 6,900 homes every day, Monday to Friday.

To advertise or subscribe in Cranbrook, 250-426-5201, ext 0

Hagar the Horrible

By Dick Browne

To advertise or subscribe in Kimberley 250-427-5333 • 10:00-4:30

Baby Blues

Rhymes with Orange

By Kirkman and Scott

By Hillary B. Price

ANNIE’S MAILBOX by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar Dear Annie: I switched doctors six years ago -- and my world fell apart. My new doctor insisted on all kinds of new tests, and I’m glad she did. Simple blood and urine tests let me know that there was a good possibility my kidneys weren’t functioning well. I didn’t know that there are rarely any symptoms until the kidneys are failing. I didn’t know that one in three American adults is at risk for kidney disease. I didn’t know that high blood pressure and diabetes are two of the leading causes of this disease. But I learned quickly that early detection and proper treatment can slow its progress. I learned so much in the following months: why I need to watch my weight, why regular exercise helps and why I need to make sure my high blood pressure is under control. I’ve been able to maintain the same degree of kidney function since being diagnosed, but not without lots of information and changes in my lifestyle. March is National Kidney Month. March 13th is World Kidney Day. Won’t you help me join the National Kidney Foundation in urging Americans to learn about the risk factors and simple blood and urine tests for kidney disease? There are many free kidney health screenings around the country. The National Kidney Foundation at provides information about these screenings and about staying healthy. Thank you. -- Gail Rae-Garwood, Glendale, Ariz. Dear Gail Rae-Garwood: Thank you so much for sharing your story. We hope our readers will take your advice and check for screenings in their area or discuss their kidney health with their personal physicians. We are sure your letter will help many. Bless you. Dear Annie: We are in our late 60s. We have four children, and between them, there are 10 grandchildren, ages 2-15. They all live far away, so we don’t get to see them often. For Christmas and birthdays, we spend quite a bit of time and money buying, ordering, wrapping and mailing presents. We never receive a thank-you note, even when we include a self-addressed envelope. We know you’ve addressed this issue many times. We don’t want to stop sending presents altogether. Should we send a check and stop spending so much energy on gifts? Should we discuss it with the parents, even though we suspect that would create problems? -- Frustrated Grandparents Dear Frustrated: It’s perfectly OK to call the parents (and any grandchild) to ask whether your gift was received, saying you worried it was lost en route. Young children need to be taught to thank those who are kind enough to remember them with gifts, and you can try to instill this, even though it is really the parents’ job. And if it would make you feel less put out to send a check, we doubt they would mind. But also suggest to the grandchildren that they acknowledge gifts via email or text. It may not be as proper as a handwritten note, but it is certainly better than nothing, and you are more likely to get a response. Dear Annie: I think “Grandpa in South Dakota” could teach his voracious reader of a grandson cursive writing himself. I have heard of schools that have Cursive Clubs because it is no longer taught. It would be a fun project to do with a grandchild. -- I Would Dear Would: An excellent idea. Schools have only so many hours in a day and cannot cover everything. We are sorry to see cursive go, but we understand why and think it’s a great idea to learn these skills outside of school. Annie’s Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please email your questions to, or write to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. To find out more about Annie’s Mailbox and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at COPYRIGHT 2014 CREATORS.COM


MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014 PAGE PAGE 13 13 Monday, March 10, 2014

Share Your Smiles!

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Elena - 3yrs old Country Girl Smile.

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AGREEMENT It is agreed by any display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revised, edit, classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisement and box rental. DISCRIMINATORY LEGISLATION Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved. COPYRIGHT Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of bcclassified. com. Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law. ON THE WEB:


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Lost: Makita Drill Set in case. Lost in Cranbrook on March 3rd. Need for work!!! Please call 250-417-1011

*For your safety and comfort call the best. *Quality and V.I.P Service Guarantee *Licensed studio ~New Location~




Sympathy & Understanding

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Kootenay Monument Installations

Calendar Girls

On behalf of the Ward and Steuart families we would like to thank you for loving kindness, your condolences and your prayers given to Debra Ann Ward in her time of illness. We cherish your thoughtfulness! We would also like to thank the doctors and nurses for caring for her so well. Special thanks to Dr. Stevens MD of Summerland.

Lily - 25, Sandy-blonde, blue-eyed bombshell Dakota - 20, busty, curvy, raven-haired beauty. New - Danielle - 25, French seductress, slim, athletic New to business - Heidi 26, pretty, curvy blonde â&#x20AC;&#x153;Spice up your lifeâ&#x20AC;? (250)417-2800 in/out calls daily Hiring

Denied Long-Term Disability BeneďŹ ts or Other Insurance? If YES, call or email for your


and protect your right to compensation. 778.588.7049 Toll Free: 1.888.988.7052


Personals DAZZLING BLONDE Busty, blue-eyed beauty

Leanne, 40 *** 250-421-0059 ***

Must be able to have extended stays away from home. Up to 6 months. Must have valid AZ, DZ, 5, 3 or 1 with airbrake license and have previous commercial driving experience. Apply, careers & then choose the FastTRACK Application.

Obituaries Kenneth Thomas Joseph Plamondon 1939 - 2014

1885 Warren Avenue Kimberley, BC V1A 1R9 250-427-7221



Granite & Bronze Memorials, Dedication Plaques, Benches, Memorial Walls, Gravesite Restorations, Sales & Installations IN-HOME CONSULTATION OR VISIT OUR SHOWROOM

6379 HIGHWAY 95A TA TA CREEK, B.C. 1-800-477-9996

End of Life? Bereaved? May We Help?








Toll Free 1-855-417-2019

On Tuesday, March 4, 2014 Kenneth Plamondon passed away peacefully at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital in Cranbrook at 74 years of age.

ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2014-2016 BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email: ďŹ


AZ, DZ, 5, 3 or 1 w/ Airbrake â&#x20AC;˘ Guaranteed 40hr. Work Week & Overtime â&#x20AC;˘ Paid Travel & Lodging â&#x20AC;˘ Meal Allowance â&#x20AC;˘ 4 Weeks Vacation â&#x20AC;˘ Excellent Benefits Package



The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

2200 - 2nd Street South Cranbrook, BC V1C 1E1 250-426-3132

Scarlett - 21, Strawberry blonde, sweet treat


Ken was born in Plamondon, Alberta on May 19, 1939. He had a brother Phil Plamondon and two sisters Annette Rinke and Simone (Eric) Erickson. Ken resided in Kimberley with his wife Ann of 54 years. They raised three children together. Ken worked for 36 years at Cominco until his retirement. Ken loved to spend time outdoors hiking, canoeing and camping. Kenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sense of humour and love of animals were some of his best traits.

Ph: 250.426.6006 Fx: 250.426.6005 2104D 2nd Street S. Cranbrook, BC theďŹ&#x201A;

Ken will be dearly missed by his loving wife Ann, his two sons Terry (Barb) and Danny (Christina), his daughter Lori (Kevin) and grandsons Jordan, Kai and Christopher, his brother-in-law Gary Marzocco and many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents Simeon and Isabelle and his brother Phil. The family would like to thank the East Kootenay Regional Hospital staff for their wonderful care of Ken while he was there. Special thanks to Catherine Blake, RN and Dr. Lunge for their kindness and professional compassion. At Kenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s request, there will be no funeral service. Those wishing to make a memorial donation in Kenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s honour may do so to the: East Kootenay S.P.C.A., PO Box 2, Cranbrook, British Columbia, V1C 4H6. Arrangements entrusted to McPherson Funeral Service. Condolences for the family can be offered at:

Your community foundation.

Adopt a Shelter Cat! The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned and abandoned cats each year. If you can give a homeless cat a second chance at happiness, please visit your local shelter today.

We build endowment funds that benefit the community forever and help create personal legacies Investing in community for good and forever. 250.426.1119

In times of grief, these caring professionals are here to serve and comfort your family.


PAGE 14 Monday, March 10, 2014 PAGE 14 MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014

Help Wanted M

& Z


Help Wanted



MILES, ZIMMER & ASSOCIATES Barrister & Solicitors 45 - 8th Avenue South Cranbrook, BC V1C 2K4

We are looking for a full time legal assistant with 3-5 years experience in general practice. The ability to work well under pressure as well as work together as a team is mandatory. Good organization skills and a friendly disposition is required. MZA offers competitive remuneration, free parking as well as a full benefits program.


Pets & Livestock


Help Wanted


Auto Financing

LEIMAN HOMES is currently looking to fill the position for a carpenter. This is a full apprentice position. Please send resumes to Box ‘K’, c/o Daily Townsman, 822 Cranbrook St. N. Cranbrook, BC.

Janis Caldwell-Sawley Mortgage Specialist Royal Bank of Canada


Serving the East Kootenays

Tel.: 250-417-1336

Qualified candidates should submit their resume along with a hand written cover letter to Mr. Jamie Lalonde JD at the above noted address.

Financial Services GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

Contractors Caliper Machine & Hydraulics is now hiring for 3 positions in Cranbrook, BC • Our fast paced repair and manufacturing shop requires experienced tradespeople • No shift work, working Monday to Friday with some over time • Looking for mechanically inclined, hardworking with good work ethics and attitude a must! • We offer excellent wage package and benefits Machinist: • 2 - Journeyman • Experience with manual and CNC lathes and milling machines • Line boring experience • Welding experience Fabricator: • Long term experience preferred over A ticket • TIG, MIG and Stick – steel, S.S. and aluminum • Brake and shear experience Please email resume and detailed cover letter to No drop-offs or phone calls please

Distribution Centre Cranbrook

Working in our distribution centre you are part of a team to ensure flyers and papers are ready for delivery in a timely and accurate manner. The person who fills this position must be able to: • Multi-task • Work well with a team and on your own • Lift paper bundles Please drop off resume, in person to: Kootenay News Advertiser 1510-2nd St., N., Cranbrook, BC


FIND A FRIEND Business/Office Service

Business/Office Service

Learn more at

Business/Office Service

Contact these business for all your service needs!




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Merchandise for Sale

To advertise using our “SERVICES GUIDE” in the Cranbrook Daily Townsman, Kimberley Daily Bulletin and The Valley, call us at 250-426-5201, ext. 202. BEAR NECESSITIES


HOME WATCH SERVICE Planning a winter holiday and need your home checked for insurance?

It’s time for a tune-up! Why unplug everything, send away & wait when SuperDave comes into your home? Specializes in: *Virus/Spyware Removal, *Troubleshooting, *Installations, *PC Purchase Consulting.

• Snow removal• mail p/u• plants• cat care & more.

BONDED & INSURED For Peace of Mind Travel call 250-464-9900

SuperDave offers affordable, superior service & most importantly; Honesty. SuperDave works Saturdays & evenings too!


Call SuperDave (250)421-4044

**Residential Snow Blowing **Home Improvement Projects ** Odd Jobs and Dump Runs.


Call Reeve

at 250-422-9336


Painting, Plumbing Carpentry, Reno’s & Repairs. ~Steve~

Foundation Cracks

Damp Proofing

Drainage Systems

Foundation Restoration

PLAN DESIGN New construction, Additions, Renovations, Electrical, Landscape Start with a good set of plans and be assured your investment will FEEL, FUNCTION and LOOK GREAT!

All Credit Approved.Bad Credit Guru. or call 1.844.843.4878

Sport Utility Vehicle

1995 Chevy Blazer 4WD

Firewood/Fuel LAST CHANCE Fir - $200./half cord, $370./full. Pine - $175./half cord, $325/full. Delivered.


Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent LOFT APARTMENT for rent: Furnished 1 bedroom apartment above garage; N/S, no pets, no children. Utilities included, $600./mo. Moyie. Call Sherry @ 250-829-0593

Homes for Rent 3 BEDROOM HOUSE in downtown Cranbrook. W/D, F/S, $900./mo., plus utilities. 250-489-1324


Don’t take your muscles for granted. Over 50,000 Canadians with muscular dystrophy take them very seriously.

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Teachers, B.C. government, in renewed talks after an 89% strike vote Dirk Meissner Canadian Press

VICTORIA — Now that contract negotiations with British Columbia teachers have reached the next phase with an 89 per strike mandate, the education minister says he’s looking forward to seeing contract demands from the union. Peter Fassbender said Friday government negotiators have been essentially negotiating with themselves because their offer is the only one on the table. The minister said he wants talks to reach the stage where each side has the others’ proposals. “Until we get an offer and their full proposal from the BCTF, it’s very difficult to move anywhere — until you know where the other goal post is,’’ he said. “It’s kind of like looking down a football field without knowing where the goal post is at the other end.’’ But B.C. Teachers’ Federation president Jim Iker said the union tabled its demands almost a year ago, asking for wage increases that include cost-of-living adjustments and salary catch-ups to other provinces. The contract demands also call for smaller class sizes and more specialist teachers. “What we’re looking at in salary is a cost-ofliving adjustment so we can keep up with the cost of inflation, and we want to have an important discussion with the employer in terms of comparability to our colleagues across Canada,’’ he said. “Our wages have fallen way behind compared to teachers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick. That’s the important discussion for us.’’ Statistics Canada reports in 2010 that the minimum annual starting wage for a B.C. teacher was $41,963, while in Alberta, the same wage was $53,838

and the starting wage in Ontario was $42,030. Iker said union negotiators continued bargaining Friday and are prepared to be at talks scheduled for next week. “We look forward to having that (wage) discussion and tabling proposals back and forth at the bargaining table,’’ he said. “We also look forward to reaching a fair deal for teachers which includes better supports for our students. We want to see smaller class sizes for our students come September and more specialist teachers in the system.’’ “I’m hoping that’s the back and forth we can have with the government,’’ said Iker. In January, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled the government’s move to strip class size and composition from the collective agreement was unconstitutional. However, the government went back to court last month and received a temporary stay of the ruling. Following the release of the strike vote late Thursday, Iker said no immediate job action was planned. He said earlier this week that part of the union’s negotiating strategy involves rotating strikes to provoke a settlement. The initial government wage offer added up to 6.5 per cent over six years, followed by indexed increases. Fassbender said the government remains committed to reaching a lengthy settlement with the teachers. Premier Christy Clark has said she considers a 10-year contract a long-term deal, but the union immediately shot down that possibility. The province’s 41,000 teachers have been without a contract since June 2013, and outstanding issues include wages, class sizes and class composition.

Monday, MARCH 10, 2014


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Too early to say why a Malaysia Airlines plane vanished but here are some probable causes Associated Press

NEW YORK — The most dangerous parts of a flight are takeoff and landing. Rarely do incidents happen when a plane is cruising seven miles above the earth. So the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jet well into its flight Saturday morning over the South China Sea has led aviation experts to assume that whatever happened was quick and left the pilots no time to place a distress call. It could take investigators months, if not years, to determine what happened to the Boeing 777 flying from Malaysia’s largest city of Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. “At this early stage, we’re focusing on the facts that we don’t know,’’ said Todd Curtis, a former safety engineer with Boeing who worked on its 777 wide-body jets and is now director of the Foundation. Military radar indicates that the missing Boeing 777 jet may have turned back before vanishing, Malaysia’s air force chief said Sunday as authorities were investigating up to four passengers with suspicious identifications. The revelations add to the mystery surrounding the final minutes of the flight. Air force chief Rodzali Daud didn’t say which direction the plane veered when it apparently went off course, or how long it flew in that direction, Some of the information it had was also corroborated by civilian radar, he said. If the information about the U-turn is accurate, that lessens the probability that the plane suffered a catastrophic explosion but raises further questions about why the pilots didn’t signal for help. If there was a minor mechanical failure — or even something more serious like the shutdown of both of the plane’s engines — the pilots likely would have had time to radio for help. The lack of a call “suggests something very sudden and very violent happened,’’ said William Waldock, who teaches accident investigation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Ariz. It’s possible that there was either an abrupt breakup of the plane or something that led it into a quick, steep dive. Some experts even suggested an act of terrorism or a pilot purposely crashing the jet. No matter how unlikely a scenario, it’s too early to rule out any possibilities, experts warn. The best clues will come with the recovery of the flight data and voice recorders and an examination of the wreckage. U.S. investigators from the FBI, the National Transporta-

In this photo released by Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, a patrol vessel of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency searches for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane off Tok Bali Beach in Kelantan, Malaysia, Sunday, March 9, 2014. Military radar indicates that the missing Boeing 777 jet may have turned back, Malaysia’s air force chief said Sunday as scores of ships and aircraft from across Asia resumed a hunt for the plane and its 239 passengers. tion Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration and experts from Boeing are heading to Asia to assist in the investigation. Airplane crashes typically occur during takeoff and the climb away from an airport, or while coming in for a landing, as in last year’s fatal crash of an Asiana Airlines jet in San Francisco. Just 9 per cent of fatal accidents happen when a plane is at cruising altitude, according to a statistical summary of commercial jet airplane accidents done by Boeing. Capt. John M. Cox, who spent 25 years flying for US Airways and is now CEO of Safety Operating Systems, said that whatever happened to the Malaysia Airlines jet, it occurred quickly. The problem had to be big enough, he said, to stop the plane’s transponder from broadcasting its location, although the transponder can be purposely shut off from the cockpit. One of the first indicators of what happened will be the size of the debris field. If it is large and spread out over tens of miles, then the plane likely broke apart at a high elevation. That could signal a bomb or a massive airframe failure. If it is a smaller field, the plane probably fell from 35,000 feet intact, breaking up upon contact with the water. Some of the possible causes for the plane disappearing include: • CATASTROPHIC STRUCTURAL FAILURE. Most aircraft are made of aluminum which is susceptible to corrosion over time, especially in areas of high humidity. But given the plane’s long history and impressive safety record, experts suggest that a failure of the airframe, or the plane’s Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engines, is unlikely.

More of a threat to the plane’s integrity is the constant pressurization and depressurization of the cabin for takeoff and landing. In April 2011, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 made an emergency landing shortly after takeoff from Phoenix after the plane’s fuselage ruptured, causing a 5-foot tear. The plane, with 118 people on board, landed safely. But such a rupture is less likely in this case. Airlines fly the 777 on longer distances, with many fewer takeoffs and landings, putting less stress on the airframe. • BAD WEATHER. Planes are designed to fly through most severe storms. However, in June 2009, an Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris crashed during a bad storm over the Atlantic Ocean. Ice built up on the Airbus A330’s airspeed indicators, giving false readings. That, and bad decisions by the pilots, led the plane into a stall causing it to plummet into the sea. All 228 passengers and crew aboard died. The pilots never radioed for help. In the case of Saturday’s Malaysia Airlines flight, all indications show that there were clear skies. • PILOT DISORIENTATION. Curtis said that the pilots could have taken the plane off autopilot and somehow went off course and didn’t realize it until it was too late. The plane could have flown for another five or six hours from its point of last contact, putting it up to 3,000 miles away. This is unlikely given that the plane probably would have been picked up by radar somewhere. But it’s too early to eliminate it as a possibility. • FAILURE OF BOTH ENGINES. In January 2008, a British Airways 777 crashed about 1,000 feet short of the runway at

London’s Heathrow Airport. As the plane was coming in to land, the engines lost thrust because of ice buildup in the fuel system. There were no fatalities. Loss of both engines is possible in this case, but Hamilton said the plane could glide for up to 20 minutes, giving pilots plenty of time to make an emergency call. When a US Airways A320 lost both of its engines in January 2009 after taking off from LaGuardia Airport in New York it was at a much lower elevation. But Capt. Chesley B. “Sully’’ Sullenberger still had plenty of communications with air traffic controllers before ending the six-minute flight in the Hudson River. • A BOMB. Several planes have been brought down including Pan Am Flight 103 between London and New York in December 1988. There was also an Air India flight in June 1985 between Montreal and London and a plane in September 1989 flown by French airline Union des Transports Aeriens which blew up over the Sahara. • HIJACKING. A traditional hijacking seems unlikely given that a plane’s captors typically land at an airport and have some type of demand. But a 9-11-like hijacking is possible, with terrorists forcing the plane into the ocean. • PILOT SUICIDE. There were two large jet crashes in the late 1990s — a SilkAir flight and an EgyptAir flight— that are believed to have been caused by pilots deliberately crashing the planes. Government crash investigators never formally declared the crashes suicides but both are widely acknowledged by crash experts to have been caused by deliberate pilot actions.


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