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Forward Michael Lynch and the 100 Mile House Wranglers continue to make history this week. The local club’s inaugural regular season in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League has come to an end, but a Round 1 playoff matchup with the Chase Heat is underway. Read page 31 for details.

Fee hikes offset by low taxes MLA Donna Barnett backs boring, balanced B.C. budget

Carole Rooney Free Press

Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett says the most crucial component in the provincial budget released last week is that it’s balanced. “It’s boring, it’s dull, but it’s balanced. They haven’t cut the health care budget, which is one of the most important budgets there is.” She adds Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Bill Bennett has already achieved his goal of shaving $50 million off of the budget in the core review of government he began last summer.

However, the NDP and some that we have to increase the health industry groups are pointing to fee care premiums ... when you need it, increases, including a four per it’s there, and it’s a blessing cent hike in Medical Services it’s there.” Plan (MSP) premiums next The budget includes year and escalating rates for $2.6 billion on health BC Hydro. sector infrastructure and “Unfortunately, there are an additional $243 milsome user fees that have to be lion over three years for increased,” Barnett explains. Community Living BC, There are more than the MLA adds. DONNA 800,000 citizens who pay lit“The government has BARNETT tle or no MSP premiums, she committed to supporting notes, and for those who do, the four families dealing with developmental per cent increase amounts to about disabilities. That is a very important $5 a month. component.” “With the wonderful health-care She explains there are adults with system we have, I do not feel bad these challenges who are no longer

funded under a youth program, so that gap needed to be filled. Meanwhile, NDP finance critic Mike Farnworth says the government is balancing the budget by using fee increases and appropriating another $480 million from the debt-ridden BC Hydro in 2014. However, Barnett argues the provincial government has taken money from the Crown corporation every year for as long as she can remember. “I don’t think the Opposition has anything to complain about.... I believe they utilized the same process. The money has to come from somewhere.” Continued on 5


Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

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FRIDAY IS WHITEOUT NIGHT! Support the Wranglers by wearing white!

E R T N E C C E R C S •

M P 7 • 8 2 FEB. 100 Mile vs Chase WRANGLERS HEAT

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E R T N E C C E R C S • M P 7 • 1 MAR. 100 Mile vs Chase WRANGLERS HEAT

Playoff ticket recycling program on now. Stop in or visit for details

Keep your autographed inserts and the fan with the greatest number of individually signed sheets could WIN an AUTOGRAPHED TEAM JERSEY!


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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bone marrow transplant complete

Ken Alexander Free Press

After donating her bone marrow to her brother, Mike Jones, for his transplant in Vancouver on Feb. 13, 108 Mile Ranch resident Sheri Hatton says she is glad to be back home with her family. Mike and Sheri were both born at 100 Mile District General Hospital, but Mike moved to Nanaimo when he was a teenager, while Sheri graduated from PSO. Their parents, Arlene and Joe Rushton of Lac la Hache, and Gordon Jones, formerly of 100 Mile House, were happy to learn the bone marrow transplant went well and are praying the “graft” will be successful. Mike needed the transplant to fight a very aggressive cancer – Hepatosplenic t-cell Lymphoma. He was diagnosed in Nanaimo on Aug. 16, 2013. Fortunately, Sheri was a perfect bone marrow match for him. There were a number of blood tests she had to do almost weekly for the few months preceding the lead-up to the bone-marrow harvesting. Right at the end, Sheri had a “wonky” test result and was called in to do an emergency ultrasound two days before her preparation process was scheduled to start. “They thought I had a tumour. So, it was rather scary for the entire family, but it was one of those false positives. “There was this thought that ‘crap, now there may be two of them with cancer, and the one who is supposed to save the other can’t’....” On Feb. 9, Sheri started her G-CSF injections, which caused the marrow to grow in her bones and overflow into her blood stream, so the extraction team can harvest the bone marrow from her blood. “Instantly, the chemical going in was like liquid fire in my flesh. But that disappeared within about 20 minutes.” Sheri explains there was no side-effects immediately after the injection, but a few hours later, she was feeling light-headed, nauseous and in some discomfort (pain). “Then I got an excruciating headache that I didn’t get rid of until Feb. 14 (the day after the transplant). When I woke up Monday morning (Feb. 10), I had horrible hip pain that didn’t leave me until Feb. 16.” She had two more injections on Feb. 11 and 12, and on Feb. 12, she was in a lot of pain. The extraction Sheri notes that because she was having significant side-effects to the injections, the extraction team figured she may only have to endure one day of the harvesting process. “The assumption was it would be


FAST bytes HOCKEY TOWELS Cariboo Regional District (CRD) trustees approved a request from the 100 Mile House Wranglers Junior B Hockey Club for sponsorship of $500 for its playoff towels. It supports a project to hand out 1,000 rally towels to fans in the bleachers during the playoffs to waive in support of their team. Wranglers and sponsor logos will be printed on the towels and donations for KidSport will be requested from the fans.

Submitted photo

Mike Jones, who has been battling Hepatosplenic t-cell Lymphoma, received some bone marrow from his sister, Sheri Hatton, who lives at the 108 Mile Ranch. The bone marrow extraction and the transplant on Feb. 13 went as good as expected and, now, both are recovering from the process. This photograph was taken before August 2013 when Mike was diagnosed with cancer.

an easy extraction.” on. I was completely depleted of However, that was not the case – whatever calcium was left in me, after spending seven hours on the and the vibrations and pain were bed with blood being taken out of even worse.” one arm for harvesting and new Mentally, however, Sheri says she blood being put in the other arm. was never discouraged and she had Because Sheri had to lie still durcomplete faith in the system and in ing the extraction process, they gave the nurse doing the extraction. her drugs to help her relax. At one point, she woke up and The transplant thought the bed was vibrating. After the extraction, Sheri However, her bones were getting walked, with some difficulty, to completely depleted of calcium, Mike’s room, laid down beside him which caused her bones on his bed and, togethIt was to vibrate. er, they waited for his amazing; I The problem during blood with Sheri’s bone was giving the extraction process marrow to come. the gift of was the machine that “We waited for a life to my draws the blood and couple of hours and the brother." extracts the marrow blood showed up, and wasn’t being re-calibrathis process took less – Sheri Hatton than an hour. ed when the harvesting process dipped below “I was incredibly the prime extraction exciting; it was emolevel. tional – the nurse even cried. It was “At the end of the day, they hardly amazing; I was giving the gift of life got any [marrow] out.... So, the to my brother.” next day another nurse requested Sheri says she would do it again that I become her patient and she for a family member, or even a watched the levels like a hawk, con- stranger, if she was a match, and she stantly adjusting it. We ended up encourages others to donate during getting more than we needed.” their lifetime or after they die. She received a fourth injection to “It’s important, and as my brother prepare her for the second extracputs it, he’s no longer fighting tion day. a downhill battle, but an uphill However, at the end of the seven- battle.” hour extraction on the second day, Sheri’s and Mike’s mom, Arlene, Sheri says she collapsed and was was at their bedsides to give them lethargic, unresponsive and her her support, love and prayers blood pressure and blood sugars throughout the whole process. dropped significantly. “She was worried and tired, but “I couldn’t respond; I was only mom is very strong and has a lot of vaguely aware of what was going faith. As much as she worries, she

never believes it’s a lost cause; her faith is very strong.” Sheri says Mike is doing well, and is receiving four rounds of MTX, which helps with the bone marrow grafting process, over a couple of weeks. It’s a type of chemotherapy that helps fight rejection, she explains. She notes it normally takes about 12 days for the donor’s and recipient’s stem cells to graft together after the transplant. It’s important that Mike fights off any graft-versus-host disease. “They want a little bit of rejection to show his body still has an immune system to fight, but they don’t want a complete rejection. The odds of [a complete rejection] not happening are very good because we were a 100 per cent match, including our blood types being a match." Back home Even as she is recuperating at home, Sheri says she is still dealing with light-headedness, nausea and pain. “It could be shooting pain, a burst of pain or an ache for a couple of hours. It’s just very random. “However, every day is better than the day before.” Mike’s message “The support from everybody has been really great. "I can’t wish for much more other than everyone else suffering from cancer gets to have as great of support and love that I have felt.”

DRY GRAD SUPPORT BC Liquor Store customers can contribute to the 2014 Dry Grad campaign Feb. 24-March 31. By donating $1 or more at the store checkouts, patrons can support alcoholfree events for local graduating secondary school students. These donations top up funds raised by parents, students and teachers throughout the year for alcoholfree grad celebrations. Liquor stores provide a small token to campaign donors. Last year, $11,111 was raised for School District #27 at the stores in 100 Mile House ($1,591) and Williams Lake ($9,520).

HANGER CONTRACT The CRD will be entering into a long-term construction and use agreement. The contract will see the development of open-sided sunshade hangers at the South Cariboo Regional Airport in 108 Mile Ranch. The term is 10 years, plus an optional 10-year extension, with an annual fee payable to the CRD. Expressions of interest are being accepted at dcampbell@cari until Feb. 28.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

Lawyer cautions designated drivers Keep them in backseat, backed off, or booted out

Carole Rooney Free Press

100 Mile House lawyer Peter Messner is warning designated drivers they may not be covered in an accident caused by a drunk passenger. After a B.C. Supreme Court Justice recently ruled ICBC is under no obligation to compensate the driver, Marnetta Felix, after her boyfriend and passenger, Kevin Hearne, caused a serious accident in 2006 by grabbing the wheel. Hearne died, and Felix sustained injuries, and then sued Hearne’s estate for $863,242. She unsuccessfully sought to recoup on third-party liability insurance from ICBC. Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n Minister Todd Stone has told media he’s concerned about the Justice’s ruling, and that he and Attorney General Suzanne Anton will review and discuss it for potential legislative changes. Messner says he handled a similar case that occurred locally a couple of years ago. It was recently resolved in favour of his client, but he notes other liability

claims might not always be successful. “My client agreed to be the designated driver for three young fellows, who obviously had been drinking too much ... the car was owned by the father of one of the passengers.� The vehicle was headed along Horse Lake Road toward 100 Mile House when an accident occurred. As the car approached Skaday’s Bridge, the young man in the front passenger seat – who was not the car owner’s son – pulled on the emergency brake and caused the car to spin out and go into the ditch. “The only person seriously hurt was the young lady who had agreed to be the designated driver.� Messner explains he initiated a lawsuit against all of the passengers, the car owner, and ICBC on his client’s behalf. “ICBC said ‘well too bad, there is no coverage in that sort of situation’ because the applicable sections of the Motor Vehicle Act, and the regulations ‘pursuant thereto’, say a passenger pulling on an emergency brake, or even pulling

on a steering wheel, is compensation for desnot an operaignated drivers tor. He is not a was “baloney,� driver; he is not especially since a motorist.� members of He says the the public are legal techniconstantly calities are such encouraged to that had it been be designated the car owner’s drivers. Peter son who pulled Messner While he on the brake, finally succeedit might have ed in gaining made a difference. ICBC compensation Messner adds he for his client, the lawthought this lack of yer says it was only after

“fairly lengthy� negotiations, and his “threats to go public.� Messner adds he is personally lobbying for the laws to change. “I’ve spoken with our Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett on several occasions, and I’ve spoken with Premier Christy Clark when she was in Williams Lake. “All they’ve got to do is say a passenger touch-

ing a steering wheel or brake or doing anything like that will be considered an operator, or a driver, and it will solve the whole problem.� Meanwhile, Messner says he hopes people will be careful if they are driving with someone severely impaired in the vehicle, such as ensuring that passengers sit in the back seat. At the first indication that passengers

might do something dumb, Messner suggests stopping the vehicle, warning the passengers, and if it continues, get them out of the vehicle and offer to call their family members for a pickup. As it stands now, Messner notes designated drivers and their passengers are not going to be covered if an inebriated occupant causes an accident.

20th Annual

BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS Award Categories & Criteria

The Red Carpet Gala Awards dinner will be held on Saturday March 22 at the 100 Mile Community Hall. This event is OPEN to the public and all are welcome to attend. Tickets are $40, and will be available at Andre’s Electronic Experts, Timber Mart and the Chamber ofďŹ ce or call to reserve 250-395-6124. Seating is limited so get your tickets early to avoid disappointment. ALL MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC are asked to submit their nominations by Wednesday, February 26th. * Only one nomination per category please * Nominations for your own business are acceptable provided it is in one category only *


All awards, as well as the Citizen of the Year for calendar year 2013, will be announced at the dinner. Thank you for your nominations and supporting the businesses of your choice. You can return your ballot by e-mail, fax, mail, or drop the ballot off in person at the South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce ofďŹ ce during open hours. Box 2312, 100 Mile House, V0K 2E0 Fax: 250-395-8974



Note: some nominations will be removed either because the nominee has won in the same category within the past three years or because the nominee was not eligible (for example: not a business in a business category or not a non-profit organization in the non-profit category, didn’t qualify for one or more requirement specified).

1. Family-Friendly Business - sponsored by Cariboo Family Enrichment Center - A Business that: demonstrates a progressive human resources policy with exible work schedule, practical beneďŹ t packages and allows families a positive work/life balance understanding increase in Business Nominee: ______________________________________ productivity and greater job satisfaction; and makes the work environment safe, useable, Details: ____________________________________________________ comfortable and accessible for families and welcomes young children. 2. Greatest Improvement 2013 Business Nominee: ______________________________________ 2. Greatest Improvement in 2013 - sponsored by Sunrise Ford - A business or organization Details: ____________________________________________________ that: has shown extraordinary improvement in growth, customer relations, business property improvements, product selection in 2013; identiďŹ able aspects of operations have had a visible 3. Rising Star Business Nominee: ______________________________________ and signiďŹ cant improvement in 2013 Details: ____________________________________________________ 3. Rising Star - sponsored by 108 Mile Supermarket - Individual who demonstrates excellence 4. Tourism/Recreation in business judgment, leadership and community contribution; is a business leader with Business Nominee: ______________________________________ professional success and responsibility, has progressed respectfully and has earned a positive Details: ____________________________________________________ reputation in the business community. 5. Best Marketing and Promotion 4. Tourism/Recreation Award - sponsored by Regency Chrysler - A business, group or individual Business Nominee: ______________________________________ who: actively promotes and encourages the public to use the South Cariboo as a destination Details: ____________________________________________________ point for recreation and/or relocation; attracts positive media attention to our community, in any 6. Community Living forum, whether political, sports, craft, work, innovation, art, etc. Business Nominee: ______________________________________ 5. Best Marketing and Promotion - sponsored by the Free Press - A business that: markets and Details: ____________________________________________________ advertises effectively promoting the business, its clients, its purpose or wares; has unique and 7. Best Home-Based Business memorable advertising that has been consistent, relevant and attractive. Business Nominee: ______________________________________ 6. Community Inclusion Award - sponsored by Cedar Crest Society - A business or organization Details: ____________________________________________________ that: is physically accessible to all customers including those with physical disabilities; 8. Best New Business demonstrates their inclusive nature by employing persons with developmental or physical Business Nominee: ______________________________________ disabilities and understands and promotes the concept of ‘Community Living’ Details: ____________________________________________________ 7. Best Home-Based Business - sponsored by BMO - A business operated from, attached to or on home 9. Non-ProďŹ t Organization property that: consistently shows excellence in quality of goods and/or services; has a strong customer Business Nominee: ______________________________________ base demonstrating success and long term viability while making a positive community presence. Details:C ____________________________________________________ “INCREASING FOOD SECURITY IN OUR OMMUNITYâ€? 10. Community-Based Business 8. Best New Business - sponsored by Williams Lake & District Credit Union - A business started in Business Nominee: ______________________________________ 2013 that: has demonstrated a good record of success and a strong commitment to the South Cariboo. “IF ncreasIng Food securIty Details: ____________________________________________________ 9. Non-ProďŹ t Organization - sponsored by Work n Play Clothing - A business or organization “I NCREASING OOD S ECURITY IN OUR C OMMUNITY â€? G FOOD SECURITY IN OUR COMMUNITY â€? In our ommunIty â€?COMMUNITY 11. Resource-Based Business that operates as non-proďŹ t that: provides a direct contribution to the quality of life in the South “INCREASING FOOD c SECURITY IN OUR March 16,â€? 2013 Business Nominee: ______________________________________ Cariboo. This award goes to the organization that involves itself in the community and directly  Details: ____________________________________________________ assists people or events through staff or volunteer time, or other direct participation. 10am—3pm March 8, 2014 12. Customer Service Award March 16,2013 2013 16, 10. Community-Based Business Excellence Award - sponsored by PMT Chartered Accountants March 16,March 2013 Business Nominee: ______________________________________ 10am - 3pm Creekside Seniors Centre - A business that serves the community that they are based in; and consistently shows 10am—3pm Details: ____________________________________________________ 10am—3pm excellence in quality of goods and/or services. 10am—3pm (between the Junior Secondary School and the Ambulance Creekside Seniors Centre Creekside Seniors Centre 13. People’s Choice Award (between the Junior SecondaryStation and the in 100 Mile House) 11. Resource-Based Excellence Award - Sponsored by ‘Say Yes to New Prosperity’/Taseko (between the Junior Secondary School and the Ambulance Creekside Seniors Centre Business Nominee: ______________________________________ Creekside Seniors Centre Ambulance Station in 100 House) - Any individual or business that has shown excellence, leadership and innovation within the Station in 100 MileMile House) Details: ____________________________________________________ (between the Junior Secondary School and the Ambulance $2 suggested donation at the door ďŹ eld of natural resources. the Junior Secondary School and the Ambulance $2 suggested donation at the door $2 suggested donation at the door Station in 100 Mile House) Nominator: ___________________________________________ 12. Customer Service Award - Sponsored by The Rush - Any individual, business or organization Station in 100 Mile House) OOD SECURITY IN OUR COMMUNITYâ€? $2 suggested donation at the door that provides excellent customer service. Telephone: ____________________________________________ $2 Ssuggested donation at the doorâ€? IN Seed Sales OOD ECURITY OUR COMMUNITY Sales Do you own or are you employed by any company nominated? Seed  Seed Sales 13. People’s Choice Award - sponsored by Tim Hortons - A business that is deserving of an award If yes, please name: _____________________________________ OOD SECURITY OUR COMMUNITY â€? INInformation & &Displays Displays of distinction for being an exceptional business in the South Cariboo for 2013. March  16,Information 2013 Deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2013  Information & Displays OOD  SECURITY OUR COMMUNITY â€? REQUIREMENTS: Food Lunch INLocal Food Lunch Seed Local Sales

1. Family-Friendly Business




March  16, 2013 Activities  Local Food Lunch March 16,  2013  Information & Displays 10am—3pm eekside Seniors Centre Co-op Coffee  mation & Displays  Co-op coffee March 16, 2013 10am—3pm unior Secondary School and the Ambulance eekside Seniors Centre Activities in Local Food Lunch March 16, 2013 Station 100 Mile House) For moreand information, or to book a table, 10am—3pm unior Secondary School the Ambulance eekside Seniors Centre Food Lunch Call Demian at 250-791-6442 For more or to book a table, uggested donation atinformation the door Station 100 Mile House) 10am—3pm  Co-op coffee unior Secondary School and the Ambulance in Activities Or Karen at 250-395-3580 eekside Seniors Or Karen atCentre 250-395-3580

ales10am—3pm OOD SECURITY IN OUR COMMUNITY� Activities

uggested the door Or email: Station in donation 100 Mile House) ties unior Secondary School and the Ambulance Or email: eekside Seniors Centre For more information, or to book a table, Co-op coffee uggested donation at the door Station in 100 Mile House) Brought to you by and the Horse Community Co-operative the Agri-Culture Enterprise unior Secondary theLake Ambulance Brought toSchool you by the Horse Lake Community FarmFarm Co-operative & the&Agri-Culture Enterprise CentreCentre

coffee uggested at the door Call Demian at 250-791-6442 Station in donation 100 Mile House)

For more information, or to Or book a table, n & Displays Karen at 250-395-3580

uggested donation at the door

to book a table, Call or Demian at 250-791-6442 Or email: nrmation, & Displays


South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce 2-385 Birch Ave, Next to Council Chambers, 100 Mile House

Thanks To Our Media Sponsors:

All nominations must have details explaining reason(s) for nomination (one form for each category) and must meet the criteria for each category. Every nominator must provide their name and contact information. It is not mandatory to vote on every category. Please use the attached form for nominations.

‘Your Community Connection’

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Prosperity opponents lobby in Ottawa


First Nations, environmentalists denounce mine project

time to change the way the government of Canada is working with First Nations. It’s time that First Nations were at the table rather than just treated like a stakeholder – that’s what I heard.” Spencer notes she thinks, overall, the trip was worthwhile. If the project isn’t

Carole Rooney Free Press

Friends of Fish Lake representative Patricia Spencer was among a group of opponents to the New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project who lobbied in Ottawa, Feb. 11-13. The 108 Mile Ranch resident says they wanted to state their case to federal officials prior to the decision by Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq and the Conservative cabinet due by the end of the month. Spencer and Fish Lake Alliance representative Sage Birchwater of Williams Lake joined Chief Joe Alphonse, Tribal Chair for Tsilhqot’in National Government (TNG). Xeni-Gwet’in Chief Roger William, Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo and TNG mining, oil and gas manager J.P. Laplante were also members of the group. Union of BC Indian Chiefs Grand Chief Stewart Phillip also participated in some of the discussions by telephone, she says. “Sage Birchwater and I went because we wanted to show there are many non-Aboriginal people opposed to the mine. Especially

rejected, the credibility of the whole environmental review process will be in question, she adds. “We are hopeful the government of Canada will do the right thing and say ‘no’, [and] turn down this particular proposal. We really think it’s time to just let go of this.”

V&R Income Tax

• Pension-income splitting • Student’s Education Amount • Moving Expenses • Self-employment Income • Rental income • Commission income • Deceased Final Returns • Outstanding Returns and Adjustments


Dipak Ranchod

Call for an appointment. Optimum refund/owing calculations CRA efile - Client representation

Income Tax Professional

Submitted photo

Friends of Fish Lake representative Patricia Spencer, left, Assembly of First Nations director William David, Xeni-Gwet'in Chief Roger William, Tsilhqot'in National Government (TNG) Tribal Chair Chief Joe Alphonse, Fish Lake Alliance's Sage Birchwater. and TNG mining oil and gas manager J.P. Laplante lobbied officials in Ottawa to reject the proposed New Prosperity Gold-Copper project.

after the environmental report came out on Oct. 1, 2013, [detailing] the significant negative impacts to the environment and First Nations that will be immitigable – they can’t be fixed.” Alphonse says his people fear the “scathing” findings of two independent expert review panels will be forgotten amidst the lobbying efforts by Taseko Mines Ltd. and its supporters. “This fight has been unfairly spun by the

company ... as a First Nation versus nonFirst Nation issue. Well, the truth is that many more non-First Nations spoke out against this project in the public hearings than those in support.” While the group could not speak with Aglukkaq directly, it did meet with her Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Colin Carrie. Over the three days, the group also met with several NDP and Liberal MPs, Canadian

Environmental Assessment Agency president Ron Hallman and a half-dozen deputy ministers, Spencer says. “They certainly listened, as far as the deputy ministers and Dr. Colin Carrie listened. It’s hard to say what is going to happen. “The Opposition MPs weren’t very ‘hopeful’, you might say. They figured government is going to approve it.” That indication was “pretty disappointing” given the “bad, scath-

Union wants BC Hydro, ICBC to keep money From 1

The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 378 (COPE 378) represents employees at BC Hydro and ICBC and it takes umbrage how much money the B.C. Liberal government is scooping out of the two Crown corporations. COPE 378 President David Black says the “responsible thing to do” would be to keep the money in BC Hydro, instead of using it to balance the budget while residents and schools face soaring rates.

ICBC will be diverting $200 million from its coffers to government’s general revenue, Black adds. Barnett counters that British Columbia has the lowest income tax rates in Canada, which offsets some fee increases. A family of four earning $70,000 a year pays $1,990 less income tax now than in 2001, she says, adding that scale continues from low-income individuals and seniors to highincome families. Other budget aspects, such as up to $7,500 in property pur-

ing” findings in the panel’s report, she adds. While Spencer notes she can’t speak for First Nations, the message as she understands it is, if approved, the mine project will “create more conflict” between government and Aboriginals. “I think that’s the message the Aboriginal people were trying to get across, is that it’s

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chase tax savings for first-time home buyers, also helps, Barnett says. The Chartered Professional Accountants have endorsed the balanced budget and the province continues to hold a triple-A credit rating, she adds. Barnett says it’s “tough to say no” when people come to her for help in an area that lacks funding. “But, it’s like the Community Living BC [funding], you have to put your money where it is helping those who can’t help themselves.”

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SEARCH: United Carpet/ Elements Home Decor


Moose population decline in Cariboo

Gaven Crites Free Press

The provincial government recently launched an investigation into what’s causing significant moose population declines in the British Columbia Interior. The five-year study will monitor five zones that range from the Fort St. James area in the North to the Kamloops area in the South – Bonaparte, Big Creek, Entiako, Prince George South and John Prince Research Forest. The investigation will consider forestryrelated changes to the landscape, climate, parasites, diseases, and pressure from hunting and predators, and any connection these factors have with respect to what’s happening to the animals, and how to bring them back. Jesse Zeman, a

director with the B.C. Wildlife Federation (BCWL), says it’s good to see the government investing in wildlife management. He adds the decline in moose numbers in this part of the province has been “huge.” “In the Thompson, Cariboo and Omineca – that’s where we’ve seen the most significant decline. Of course, those are the areas where we’ve had extensive salvage and pine beetle logging. “We know where we’ve had salvage logging we’ve had significant moose population declines. What the relationship is between logging and moose population declines, we don’t know. That’s what we have to find out.” The most current estimate for B.C.’s moose population – 145,000 to

Carole Rooney photo

Cariboo moose

235,000 – is from 2011. The government says that estimate will be updated this summer. According to data provided by the BCWF, the number of moose taken by hunters in the Cariboo Region has dropped by close to two-thirds in the past 30 years – from 2,921 in 1980 to 964 in 2011. Throughout the province, close to 75,000 people apply for

a moose tag annually, but only about 10,000 receive tags. Of those, about 6,000 hunters will take an animal. Thirty years ago, resident hunters were harvesting about 13,000 annually. The drop in hunting numbers means declines in overall revenue generated from hunting and huntingrelated expenditures for many communities in rural B.C., Zeman explains. “Sustainability is the key. If the [moose] population is trending downward, then opportunities for hunters trends down with that. “Probably one-third of the hunter population lives either on Vancouver Island or in the Lower Mainland. So, those are people who would historically have come up to the Cariboo to go hunting. There’s an income redis-

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

tribution that happens throughout the Cariboo that now doesn’t occur as much.” The study, which includes 11 wildlife biologists, a wildlife veterinarian and other staff, will see the movement of more than 200 radio-collared moose tracked and their mortalities investigated to determine a cause of death. There is the possibility of adding three more areas to the study as the work progresses. In a news release, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations states the goal for moose management is to ensure populations are sustainable, integral to natural ecosystems throughout their range, and able to meet the needs of First Nations, licensed hunters and the guiding industry.

District moving along with climate action During the Feb. 11 District of 100 Mile House council meeting, councillors heard a report on the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) from District planner Joanne Doddridge. CARIP is a conditional grant designed to offset the carbon tax paid by municipal governments that have onto the BC Climate Action Charter. Doddridge’s report fulfilled the requirement for council to publicly report on the District’s plan to progress toward meeting its climate control action goals.

The District pays around $3,000 annually in carbon taxes, and the CARIP grant directly offsets that amount. Following are some highlights of the District’s community-wide actions for 2013: • Official Community Plan targets, policies and actions. The overarching target: 20 per cent (%) by 2020; sector specific targets: 25% residential emissions, 15% commercial and institutional emissions, 20% transportation emissions, 20% increase proportion of residents walking/cycling to

Let’s gePtERSONAL PERSONAL SIZE 7” ElzoTneSs) K C O P A a Z (c PIZ



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work; 50% solid waste-related emissions; policy targets related to agriculture, forestry environmentally sensitive areas and alternative energy. • Explored solar hot water use in 2013, and present solar hot water options to administration this year. • Planned for edible landscaping in 2013, implement edible landscaping on District boulevards this year. • Using CARIP funds, partnered with the South Cariboo Sustainability Society (SCSS) to undertake the Idle Free 100 Mile campaign in 2013.

In 2014, it will continue trail development to improve walkability and cycling options as alternatives to driving, as well as continued promotion of Idle Free 100 Mile. • Liaised with the Cariboo Regional District on the Solid Waste Management Plan; partnered with the CRD on backyard composter sales to residents; and accepted the Multi-Material British Columbia incentive for curbside collection of recycling in 2013. This year, it will go

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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heads still banging on education

Carole Rooney Free Press

While the B.C. Liberal government struggles to keep the details from negotiations with British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) private, NDP Leader Adrian Dix blew it wide open when he read aloud from court transcripts in question period. During the first spring legislative session, Dix quoted BCTF lawyer John Rogers asking former government negotiator Paul Straszak on Sept. 17, 2013 if the government’s objective was to increase the pressure on teachers

to provoke a full-scale its request to suspend strike. the effect of two terms Dix told the legis- in a B.C. Supreme Court lature that Straszak judgment made by replied, “Yes. I’ll Justice Griffin say that’s coron Jan. 27, 2014. rect.” If granted, The NDP pending appeal leader then of Justice called on Griffin’s deciPremier Christy sion, part of the Clark to pubmotion asks the MURRAY licly release court to stay HELMER cabinet docuan “unprecments, which edented” order have only been revealed allowing the BCTF to in court, because they publicly distribute a could shed light on how written submission to its the government han- members, which quotes dled its contract talks extensively from these with teachers. same cabinet docuMeanwhile, govern- ments. ment recently filed a In filing the notice, Notice of Motion and Dix says the B.C. 10 affidavits supporting Liberal government is

attempting to “bury the truth even deeper” and deny Griffin’s ruling that the testimony she based her decision on should be released. Cariboo Chilcotin Teachers’ Association (CCTA) president Murray Helmer agrees. He also questions both the motive and the ethics of government’s attempt to dodge Supreme Court rulings. “The [Justice] has made her rulings and the government is still, number 1, denying them; but number 2, refusing to release the documents that would prove undisputedly that they are

Several programs initiated to reduce carbon emissions embark on an education and implementation for curbside recycling. • Conducted a study on efficient use of clean water, which will be reviewing the current water conservation plan with recommendations for implementation of water conservation strategies. In 2014, it will put together a fiveyear capital plan for the implementations coming out of the efficient


use of clean water study. • Completed the Aspen Street sidewalk project to connect Pioneer Have to the Coach House Square shopping centre. This year, the sidewalk improvements will continue. • Completed the hazardous tree assessment survey; continued the Community Forest operation; and did woodlot planning for trail redevelopment and expansion. In 2014, it will implement recom-

mendations from the tree assessment and implement woodlot trail upgrades. District corporate actions 2013 • Council adopted a Corporate Carbon Neutral Plan and established a Green Team of staff members to spearhead initiatives, and will implement the plan recommendations and take Green Team actions in 2014. • Explored bioenergy options used in Sweden.

• Created an idle reduction policy for District vehicles. • Replaced the fire department rooftop heating and air conditioning unit. This year, there will be a renovation to the front and rear administration exits at the fire hall. • Paper recycling was implemented in all municipal operations. • In 2014, the District will purchase an allelectric truck for the public works fleet.


Regular N ADMISSIO $




George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, The Monuments Men is a dramatic thriller focusing on an unlikely World War II platoon, tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. It would be an impossible mission: with the art trapped behind enemy lines, and with the German army under orders to destroy everything as the Reich fell, how could these guys - seven museum directors, curators, and art historians, all more familiar with Michelangelo than the M-1 - possibly hope to succeed? • Action Drama • Rating: PG • Parents: Violence, • Length 1:52


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Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish, Michael Keaton

The year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Overseas, their drones have been used by the military for years - and it’s meant billions for the bottom line. Now OmniCorp wants to bring their controversial technology to the home front, and they see a golden opportunity to do it. When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) - a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stop crime and corruption in Detroit - is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer. OmniCorp envisions a RoboCop in every city and even more billions for their shareholders, but they never counted on one thing: there is still a man inside the machine pursuing justice.

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From 6

right – if they actually are – just seems pretty sketchy.” BCTF president and chief negotiator Jim Iker says government should back off and allow the union to reveal its closing arguments to its members.


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

Budget not dull


ariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett calls the Feb. 18 provincial budget “boring and dull but balanced.” It may be balanced; it is hard to argue that without an in-depth look into the books. We’ve heard about balanced budgets by various governments over the years, which turned out to be not as balanced when a new government takes over the reins. Then there is the $175-million surplus Premier Christy Clark’s government expects to reach by the end of the fiscal year and $184 million next year. OK, but they don’t leave a lot of new money to pay for education and health, which are facing rising operational costs. There are other financial figures in the budget that are not as warm and fuzzy, and they need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Taxpayer-supported debt is a prime example of a worrisome aspect of the B.C. Liberal government’s financial situation. This debt load rises to $43 billion in 2014/15 and $45.5 billion extra in 2016/17. Some $11 billion of next year’s tax load is a result of the B.C. Liberals’ consecutive deficit budgets. If that isn’t enough to raise the red flags, consider the fact our total provincial debt is $64.7 billion and it’s estimated to grow to $68.9 billion in 2017. That means we are paying $2.5 billion annually to pay the interest on the debt load, or four cents out of every dollar. Our provincial government is confident the liquefied natural gas export plan will be the goose that will lay the golden egg to make this huge debt go away. We had better pray that plan comes to fruition because the debt clock is ticking. As for our MLA’s comment about the budget being “dull and boring,” there are groups in our province that are worried about not seeing new funding in this year’s budget. One such group is the British Columbia School Trustees Association whose chair, Teresa Rezansoff, notes there will be no new money for kindergartenGrade 12 classes in the 2014 budget. Rezansoff says the BCSTA is “very disappointed public education and students are not among the government’s top priority list.” School districts are being hammered by rising costs – MSP, pension and utility rates – that are escalating unfunded cost pressures. They are closing schools and using the last of their dwindling surpluses to balance their budgets. Trustees are already worrying about next year’s finances. Parents of public school students should be equally concerned, and should voice their concerns. Let us know your thoughts by writing a letter to the editor.

Care sector deserves break Unpaid labour needs to be recognized in federal budget


or several years, advocates for the care sector of the economy have waited for recognition and help. Those, who have devoted hours of unpaid labour to the well-being of the young, sick, handicapped, frail, elderly and dying, have been put on hold – told their time would come. Those who serve in volunteer capacities – firefighting, search and rescue – are among the many who make up onethird to a half of the GDP the nation depends on. They represent roles not officially called work by tax and labour definitions. Advocates want government to notice these tasks are not hobbies, but essential to the economy. They want recognition of money saved from not hiring professional and institutional workers in the field.

They want recognition other care roles, too? of money saved when the The small admission of work is done well and the our debt to the unpaid fire does not spread, the lost worker falls short of what hiker is found, or would be fair the wayward child recognition. GUEST SHOT Income-splitting is nurtured and turns out well. is rumoured to be The savings have on the horizon in BEVERLEY been misread as the 2015 budget, SMITH savings to the recommended by family, when, in fact, many researchers, families give up income so including Professor Jack someone can do these roles. Mintz. The savings are to the It was the subject of a 2002 government that does not conference on Parliament have to fund costly hospital Hill and is already practised beds, nursing homes, or in many countries – a key only institutional care of way to recognize the unpaid toddlers. worker in a household. The February 2014 budget Pension splitting is a takes only small steps to start, but we await the value this sector. fairer extension of income It will permit search and splitting to all households rescue volunteers to have a that share income. tax credit similar to the one Funding for the care volunteer firefighters get. giving has unfairly tilted for It will give adopting years to the paid sector. families more expense tax Maternity benefits are still breaks. tied to the previous year’s But why not recognize the salary.

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There is no birth benefit, unlike Australia or Singapore. Universal funding for care of a child at $100 a month is small, and ends at age seven, while hiring a thirdparty, non-family member, or enrolling in day care provides deductions to age 14. Deductions for care of the handicapped or frail and elderly are still preferentially given to third-party, nonfamily members and ignore the costs and sacrifice of a family caregiver. Pensions are still tied to paid work only. We need a budget that recognizes the selfless work done at personal cost to help others. A crack has opened in the door in the 2014 budget and a tiny light shines through. Open the door! Beverley Smith is a Canadian children’s and women’s rights activist.

The 100 Mile House Free Press is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province's newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent within 45 days to: B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby St. Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to


100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Many Canadians not getting end-of-life care To the editor: I am pleased to announce a large number of national health organizations are now on board with the NDP’s push for a national palliative care strategy. I am proud to lead this fight for a national strategy on improving access to palliative and hospice care with my parliamentary Motion 456. I have tabled this motion because there is a clear and defined need

for quality palliative care across Canada. The federal government must assume its leadership role in working with the provinces and the territories on improving health-care services. To my dismay, and to that of many Canadians I have seen and heard, this is just not what is happening. That is why I am working closely with the medical and social organizations that are on the front lines of

this important issue. The following are a few of the organizations that have signed on to support the motion: Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health (CERAH), College of Family Physicians of Canada, Canadian Pharmacist Association, and Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists. The support of these organiza-

Fed economic fumbling To the editor: The federal government’s recent Economic Update proves MP Cathy McLeod and the Conservatives are out-of-touch with the challenges facing middle class Canadians. It didn’t include anything for middle-class families struggling under record levels of household debt. The average Canadian household now owes $1.66 for every dollar of disposable income. It didn’t include anything to help young Canadians, or the parents who are financially supporting them. Today, there are still 225,400 fewer jobs for young Canadians than before the downturn. And it didn’t include anything to help kick start the economy. The Conservatives are sitting back and defending the status quo, despite the fact Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s growth record is the worst of any prime minister since R.B. Bennett.


Instead, the Tories chose to concoct a budgetary surplus on the eve of the next election. But almost half of that surplus comes from asset sales that have not taken place. They also imposed countless tax hikes on the middle class over the past three years, raising taxes on everything from credit unions to employment insurance (EI). In fact, the Economic Update inadvertently revealed the Tories are keeping EI premiums artificially high in order to further pad their numbers – the same EI taxes that are, in the words of the finance minister, “direct job killers.” Canada can do better. The recession ended more than four years ago, but Mrs. McLeod’s economic message has been that Canadians should be happy that we’re not Spain. That’s just not good enough. Scott Brison, MP Liberal Finance critic

tions shows the degree to which we need change on this file now. Too many Canadians are not receiving the end-of-life care they need and deserve and caregivers are not receiving the support they need. The NDP is proud to bring this issue to the House of Commons in order to have a national strategy in place to assure quality, community and family-based care for our loved ones. Moreover, I am pleased to see

MPs of all stripes are also showing their support for this motion. The debate will be an important milestone for this Parliament. I invite you to continue the dialog and show your support to make sure health care is there when you need it the most by signing my petition at make-sure-health-care-is-there. Charlie Angus, MP Timmins-James Bay

Doucette offers apology

To the editor: Last week, I wrote a letter to the editor (Feb. 19, page 9, headlined Doucette unhappy with reporting) in regards to media publishing comments that were untrue and incorrect. I may have inadvertently implied that the Free Press was part of this poor reporting. This was not the case and I apologize. The Free Press has always done great work in reporting the story with input from both sides. It was never my intention to point fingers at the Free Press or Black Press in general. The article I referred to in my letter was posted on HQCariboo. com and another publication that copied the article that HQ posted. I was shocked that HQ Cariboo didn’t even try to contact me in

regards to the accusations made by [Tsihqot’in National government Chief] Joe Alphonse and I didn’t want to accuse them directly in my letter.

Again, my apology to all at the 100 Mile House Free Press. Len Doucette 108 Mile Ranch

Fletcher should move

To the editor: I am writing regarding the Tom Fletcher column, headlined Old man, take a look at your facts, on page A9 of your Jan. 22 edition of the 100 Mile House Free Press. Well, now Fletcher has done it. He has annoyed, angered, baffled and bored us over the years with his columns. However, to be so condescending and rude about Neil Young’s involvement in the anti-oil sands controversy made me respond. How does he decide which experts’ findings on the environment he judges to be the truth – the whole truth? May I make a suggestion: Fletcher should move to Fort McMurray and enjoy the scenery. And after looking at his picture, who is calling whom an old man? Heidi Bumann Surrey

Grizzly hunt isn't going away cent of B.C. residents oppose trophy bank loans to expand the industry. hunting, and its California experts Non-resident hunters are required to hire calculate a 10-fold increase in value when a licensed guide-outfitter. Resident hunters bear hunting gives way to bear watching. pay $32 for a one-year hunting licence The Raincoast Conservation and $80 for a grizzly bear tag. Society has bought up half a Non-Canadians pay $180 for the dozen guiding territories on the licence and $1,030 for a chance remote B.C. coast. Combined at a grizzly. with government restrictions, Hunting in general is making more than half the coast is now a comeback in B.C. Ministry off limits to bear hunting. data show hunting licences had Naturally, activists want the declined to 85,633 in 2006, but whole province shut down. recovered to reach 97,828 by 2013. Wildlife management is Thomson credits the work of the responsibility of Forests, the B.C. Wildlife Federation, Tom Lands and Natural Resource which runs hunter training Fletcher Operations Minister Steve courses. Another program, Thomson. He’s heard plenty Becoming an Outdoor Woman, from all sides and he maintains has helped revive hunting and that bear watching and bear hunting will camping as a family activity, he said. continue to coexist in B.C. The reopening of grizzly bear territories Thomson just introduced legislation is marketed to urban residents as a to permit hunting guide territories to horrible crime against nature. In fact, it’s a be operated by corporations as well as sign of increasing population. individuals. This change, allows First Problems in B.C. wildlife these days Nations companies and others to access to include the fragile mountain caribou herds


little-noticed protest tent sprouted up on the rain-soaked British Columbia legislature grounds earlier this month. Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver spoke, asking whether B.C. residents would tolerate trophy hunting of killer whales. That would be a federal matter, but the point is vividly made about the onset of B.C.’s traditional spring grizzly bear hunt. It’s bigger this year, with Kootenay and Chilcotin wildlife management regions reopened after closures were enacted to preserve grizzly populations. In all, more than 1,000 grizzly bears are up for grabs. As with limited-entry hunts for deer and other animals, about one-third of those hunts are successful in an average year. The rally was sponsored by the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative, the partnership with United States-directed environment groups Sierra Club, Greenpeace and ForestEthics that has become so influential in B.C. affairs. It produced a survey showing that 88 per

of the Kootenays, which have been subject to intensive management, including relocation of animals. The ministry has also begun a five-year study of declining moose populations across a vast area of the Interior subject to salvage logging in the wake of the pine beetle epidemic. Vancouver media recently highlighted a grizzly hunt by NHL journeyman Clayton Stoner. Typically, U.S. environmentalists promoted the deceased bear by name, “Cheeky,” and photos showed its carcass stripped to the skeleton by scavengers after Stoner left with the hide, paws and head. They don’t mention that the same fate awaits animals that die of starvation or other natural causes, which increase when animals overpopulate. As with many B.C. issues, there’s a cartoon version sold to impressionable city dwellers, and then there’s the truth. Tom Fletcher is legislature reporter and columnist for Black Press. Twitter: @ tomfletcherbc Email: tfletcher@blackpress. ca.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press


the province Man unscathed after being run down by drunk driver KAMLOOPS -A man who eventually blew three times the legal blood-alcohol limit in a roadside screening device hit another man as the impaired driver took off from the scene of a minor traffic accident. And, despite rolling onto the hood of the car, the man struck was uninjured. The incident occurred on Friday, Feb. 21, at about 10 p.m. at Highway 5A and Rogers Way in Aberdeen. Kamloops RCMP Staff Sgt. Fran Bethell said the suspect driver was trying to make a left turn into a parking lot when he struck another vehicle. The two vehicles suffered minor damage and both drivers pulled into the parking lot. Bethell said the driver of the vehicle that was struck got out to speak to the other driver to exchange information. She said the suspect driver became agitated, jumped back into his vehicle, gunned the engine, drove off quickly and ran over the other driver. “The man rolled over the hood and off the car,” Bethell said. “Miraculously, he wasn’t injured at all. The suspect then drove off.” Bethel said when an officer arrived at the scene to investigate, the suspect driver was being driven back to the scene by a friend. A 34-year-old Clearwater man was found to be impaired and provided breath samples that were more than three times the legal blood-alcohol limit. Red Mountain skier missing since Thursday found NELSON — A 67-year-old skier who went missing Thursday afternoon (Feb. 20) in the thickening fog on Red Mountain Resort was found unharmed Friday afternoon. Using an RCMP Air Services helicopter Friday morning, Rossland and District Search and Rescue located the missing man walking in the Sheep Creek Road area southwest of the ski hill around 1 p.m. The experienced skier had become disoriented in heavy fog on the Red Mountain Resort just before noon on Thursday, said Trail RCMP Cpl. Kelly Hall.

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Mildred Cunningham Buffalo Creek Yes, I do, and I hope they do because we need the jobs.

Do you think the federal government will approve the proposed New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project?

Russ Mickey Lac la Hache

Kayla Robinson 108 Mile Ranch

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I hope so. We need to get the economy going up here. It’s pretty dead.

I certainly hope so. It will open up so many much-needed opportunities for jobs and real estate.

Well, I think they will, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with it.

C ap sule C omments Meditation goes back thousands of years to Buddhist India. It is practiced today in Canada and one doctor studied the effect meditation on high blood pressure. He taught a group of people to include yoga and meditation in their daily routine. Although his results didn’t show any lowering of blood pressure, the participants noted that it helped them relax and live with less stress. That’s a good outcome.




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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Police station progressing

New arrivals

a Meadow Honey a German Breads & Cakes

RCMP building project on Alder Avenue advancing

The construction of the new RCMP detachment is cruising along on schedule, according to Summit Brooke Construction (SBC) site superintendent Dan Norris. “We have poured the concrete footings for the north retaining wall that’s going in between the [detachment] and the [Regency] Chrysler dealership, and we will start construction of that retaining wall any day now, as weather permits.” Crews have been working steadily on back-filling the underside of the building, Norris explains, and he currently expects to be ready to pour the main foundation footings by Friday (Feb. 28). “We are on schedule and on track. It is all weather permitting, of course, but we are definitely proceeding forward.”

European Specialities Open: Mon. - Fri. 10am - 5pm • Sat. 10am - 3pm(ish) Hwy 97 • 250-395-3315 • Next door to Save-On Foods

70 Mile Motel & Corral Restaurant NOW OPEN!

Breakfast Buffet* Every Sunday 11am - 2pm

*reservations recommended for 6 or more

Friday - Monday 8am - 2pm • 250-456-7500

Crews have been working steadily to back-fill the underside of the new RCMP detachment building. The construction is on schedule, and weather permitting, Summit Brooke Construction expects to be pouring foundation footings by the end of the week.

of the RCMP’s support of its youth strategic priority. A number of helpful resources are available to youth and their parents through the org website. These resources include facts on what bullying is; why people bully and who they target and how parents can deal with their child; and whether they are being bullied or are the ones doing the bullying. Anyone observing any suspicious activity can report it to 100 Mile House RCMP at 250-395-2456 or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-2228477 (TIPS) or online at www.bccrimestoppers. com.

for th


South Cariboo Rodeo Club


Wed., Feb. 26 at 6pm at Jakes Pub, 100 Mile House For more info call Randy 250-395-5175 You’re invited to the

100 Mile White Cane Club & blind Curling Fundraiser • Open House • Flea Market • Bazaar saturday March 1, 2014 • 10am-3 pm at the 100 Mile house Community hall • Antique Appraisals by Ted Pappas • Games • Bucket Draws • Silent Auction • Concession info and displays related to vision loss

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APPETIZER $7 • MAIN $17 • DESSERT $8 APPETIZERS Ginger Carrot Soup Tossed Green Salad with our Signature Dressing

TUES. - SAT. 11AM - 4PM

Horse Lake


6614 Katchmar Rd. Lone Butte Ph: 250-395-3301

Lone Bu

tte Hors

e Lake




se L


r Rd



DESSERT Affagato (Ice Cream with Hot Espresso) Ice Cream with Warm Berries Chocolate Mousse

Everything is made fresh from scratch without the use of artificial ingredients

GARDEN CENTRE & GIFT SHOP Open Tues. - Sat. 11am - 4pm

MAINS Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Mashed Potatoes & Veggies 1/2 a Roasted Rosemary Chicken with Nugget Potatoes & Veggies Harrison River Sockeye Salmon Grilled with Basmati Rice & Veggies Vegetarian Options also Available

SPECIAL OFFER: 3-Course Menu with your choice of appetizer, main and dessert 28 CUSTOMER LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM Aprox. every 10th beverage is free!


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Monday - Saturday 6:45am - 5pm Friday 7:00am - 8:00pm Sun. & Stat. Holidays 10am - 4pm

Rd. d.

Snowmobile accident Just after 6 p.m. on Feb. 21, RCMP officers attended a report of a snowmobile accident at the north end of Lac la Hache. A group of friends from the Lower Mainland had been ice

Pink Shirt Day Today (Feb. 26) is

Pink Shirt Day throughout British Columbia. This event is an antibullying awareness campaign, which is fully supported by the 100 Mile House RCMP. It’s unfortunate bullying seems to get the most attention when it is at the centre of a high profile or tragic event. The reality is that bullying is an everyday occurrence. Everyone – youth, parents, school administrators and the RCMP – has a role to play to ensure the safety of students in schools. The RCMP promotes school safety and information on bullying through, a “by-youth-for-youth” initiative created as part

lan R

Breaching conditions Around 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 22, 100 Mile House RCMP located an intoxicated male staggering down Horse Lake Road.

TVs stolen On Feb. 21, it was reported that five new televisions had been stolen from different show units at Meridian RV. The thefts occurred sometime between October 2013 and February 2014 and were recently discovered missing. All of these units had been left unlocked to allow easy viewing by potential customers. This theft is still being investigated and anyone with any information is asked to contact the 100 Mile House RCMP at 250-395-2456.

fishing on the lake when one of them got separated from the group. He was found a little while later having been involved in an accident with the snowmobile he had been operating. The 23-year-old Chilliwack man suffered serious injuries and was taken to 100 Mile District General Hospital and then transported to Cariboo Memorial Hospital in William’s Lake to receive additional care. 100 Mile House RCMP further determined the snowmobile was stolen from Langley in 2012, and the investigation is continuing.

Free Wi-Fi

We only close 3 days a year: Dec. 25, 26 and Jan. 1


Attempted theft Sometime between 9 p.m. on Feb. 22 and 9 a.m. on Feb. 23, a 1991 Ford Explorer parked on Scott Road was the target of a potential auto theft. The vehicle, which had been left unlocked by the owner, had damage sustained to the steering column in an attempt to start it.

The 26-year-old man was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place and he was taken into custody. It was determined he was breaching release conditions on a recognizance out of Alberta and had three outstanding Alberta warrants for driving- and alcoholrelated offences. A bail hearing was conducted and this male was remanded in custody until Feb. 24 and subsequently released.


Drinking driver In the mid-afternoon of Feb. 23, RCMP officers responded to a complaint of a vehicle being driven into a snow bank by an intoxicated male. The officers located and arrested the subject as he was too intoxicated to care for himself. The 29-year-old man was issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) as a result of drinking and driving, and the vehicle he had been operating was impounded for 30 days.

Joan Zelmer • 1549 Hwy 97, 70 Mile • Licensed

Carole Rooney photo

RCMP deal with drunks, thefts and an accident Police report A total of 52 complaints and calls for service were received by 100 Mile House RCMP during the past week.


250-395-4644 150 Birch Ave., 100 Mile House


Come exp


Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press



Last week, 16 cm of snow was recorded. Highs peaked at 4 C, with lows to -29 C.


High Low

-1 -16

Mainly sunny


High Low

-2 -10

Variable cloudiness


High Low

-3 -10

Variable cloudiness


High Low

0 -12

Variable cloudiness


High -3 Low -10 Cloudy with sunny breaks


High Low

-2 -9

Variable cloudiness

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More letters to the Editor

Significant uncertainty disregarded by Bill Bennett

According to BC Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett, “What’s being proposed in New Prosperity is not out of the norm. It’s an open pit copper/gold mine that is actually very similar to open pit copper/gold mines that we already have….” (page A5, Williams Lake Tribune Jan. 24 – Bennett pushes for New Prosperity Mine). What I hope is “out of the norm” is elected representatives refusing to accept the results of legitimate independent reviews. Two federal environmental review panels and the provincial environmental assessment process all reached the conclusion there were problems with this mining proposal. If Mr. Bennett really doesn’t understand what is different about the New Prosperity proposal, he should ask his

staff for an explanation. The British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) participated in the latest federal environmental assessment process by reviewing the Environmental Impact Statement and supplemental information submitted by Taseko mines, and provided written comments to the panel. The following quotes are from a six-page memo, dated July 29, 2013, signed by the Environmental Geoscience and Permitting manager and the Senior Environmental Geoscientist: “MEM believes the project presents significant environmental risks due to the uncertain ability to limit and collect TSF seepage and to effectively and economically treat water to maintain water quality in Fish Lake and its tributaries.”

“MEM expects the amount of financial security that could be required to fund this scale of longterm liability would be very high and is likely unprecedented in the province.” I can only speculate on what political pressure the authors of this memo may have experienced, but the next-day response from Taseko’s lawyer is part of the public record. On Aug. 6, 2013, MEM submitted a letter of “clarification,” addressed to the panel and Taseko’s lawyer. I haven’t quoted the Aug. 6 letter because I feel the original memo likely more accurately reflects the unfettered professional judgment of the senior MEM staff. All of these documents are available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s

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#3 Pinkney Complex, 536 Horse Lake Road

tundra by Chad Carpenter

Celebrate Your Special Day at the 108 Mile Ranch!

The 108 Mile Ranch Community Centre has 2 halls to choose from. The main floor has a 200 seat capacity and a self-contained kitchen. We also have a cozier setting upstairs for small gatherings and weddings to a maximum capacity of 80 people.

website so anyone that is interested can read them and judge for themselves.

For inquiries and bookings, call 250-791-5599

Keith Monroe 140 Mile

To find out more or to view photos of our facility, go to: commnityhall.html


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We have a new amazing

Chartered Fishing trip raFFle

donated by anna Christine Charters! Tickets ($5) are now available at Exeter Sporting Goods, 108 Esso, or contact Krista Dawson 250-791-7272. The next grad/parent meeting will be march 25 at 6:30pm in the psO lounge. Please come out to help us plan Prom!!! Upcoming events include grad bOttle drive March 1 and 2. FashiOn shOW in April.



If we covered your event, we have an extensive file of fotos and since we can only use a few in our or

Connector The Cariboo

we have many more available for

REPRINTS in a variety of sizes.

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Designs for Living

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

HOUSE PLAN OF THE WEEK Total Living Area: 2089 sq. ft.


Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2.5 Main Level: Foyer, study, dining room, kitchen, eating area, master suite with walk-in closet and ensuite, laundry and powder room. Second Level: Three bedrooms and second bathroom. Hallway storage. Garage: 19’ x 21’ two-bay garage. Special Features: Classic facade with gables and sophisticated lines. Well-situated front study.

To submit a question for one of our experts on this page please email

• Retail Sales

• Plumbing and Heating Services & Installation • Wood and Pellet Heat Sales & Installation Houseplan provided by...

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I saw a mouse in my house this winter. What should I do? If you think summer pests suck, just wait until winter comes along. The only thing worse than a winter influx of bugs is the parade of rodents that can follow it. Your warm home becomes extra attractive to pests when winter comes around. Mice can be more than just a nuisance. Mice spread disease and germs, leave urine and feces where ever they go, and can carry fleas. Moreover, mice reproduce extremely quickly and often. One female can have 5 to 10 litters per year, with about 10 mice per litter. Fighting mice is a two-step process: removing access to your home or place of residence and fighting the existing mice. Place screens over windows, doors, and chimneys, and caulk any openings around pipes entering the home. Mice and rats can fit into some surprisingly small spaces. While they don’t actually have that mythical collapsible skeleton, some mice can fit into holes the size of a dime and rats can get into spaces as small as a quarter. To properly seal any cracks or holes in the outside of your house, use hardware cloth to cover the opening and seal the hole (you can do this with caulk, drywall, siding, or any material that creates a flush surface).

Mice and rats tend to stay in a warm home with an ample supply of stray food once they’re in. Make sure they don’t have a steady stream of delicious food. Keep your food sources in metal or glass containers with secure lids. Mice can eat through cardboard, certain plastics, and other forms of containers to get at food. In order to cut down the mice’s food supply, make sure that you don’t leave any food out, or if you do, to put it in something that mice cannot get at. Don’t leave out pet food. Remove any food that your pet hasn’t eaten immediately after its meal. Mice are terrific climbers; even the top of your refrigerator is not a safe place for food storage. Seal your trash in a can with a tight lid. The less food there is to eat, the fewer mice you’ll have, even if your trash can is outside. For indoor trash cans, make sure they have an adjustable, sealable lid that is closed if not being used. Mice will eat food that is thrown away by humans. Keep all counters, sinks, and kitchen surfaces clean. Don’t leave your dirty dishes out overnight, and wipe off all your counters with household cleaner and disinfectant. (Next week - ridding your house of a rodent infestation.)




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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Students impress judges at science fair Hard work, creativity shown with more than 100 projects on display

Electricity, taste buds, music and memory were some of the interesting things 100 Mile House Elementary School students explored at their science fair on Feb. 19. More than 100 projects were on display. In the Grade 7 competition, Supreeta Ranchod won first place for a project on adolescent depression. Hayden Sass and Micah Bell tied in second place with Avery Collinson/Maya Geerts. Addie Cleave and Nina Geerts, Adam Sullivan and Caitlyn McLean, and Valeria Pineda and Madison Lee finished in a threeway tie for third. In Grade 6, Amy Baechmann won first place for a project looking at what happens to permanent marker on black leather, while Conner Giroux and Ryan Balbirnie, and Emily Menzel tied for second. Noah Betz and Ivy Sahara tied in third place.

Megan Balbirnie and Noah Geerts for projects called “the barometer” and “memory differences” respectively. Most of these stu-



• Cars, Trucks & Commercial Vehicles Farm & Industrial • Mechanical Services Available LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Big HUGE SERVING THE SOUTH CARIBOO Steel Box Used Tirrey! 250-395-3470 Location Invento

614 Exeter Road, 100 Mile House

Cariboo Boilers Your Local Central Boiler Dealers Gary & Donna Milward

Carole Rooney photo

At the 100 Mile House Elementary Science Fair, Klaudie Slosarkova, left, and Jessica Menning showed their project, Weights Vs. Paper Towel, to judge and 100 Mile Mayor Mitch Campsall, on Feb. 19. The judges were impressed with the quality of all the projects and acknowledged the hard work by the students.

In the Grade 5 category, Darlyssa Chrétien and Jaden Knight tied for first, while Marshall Heit and Camille Barton tied for second. Kelsey Cleave and Hayley Edlund finished third for a project called

“making paper.” In Grade 4, Melody Watkins won first for a

project on static electricity. Amy Jordaan and Jada Harris won

Box 520, Clinton, B.C V0K 1K0

second place for a project on taste buds. Third place was a tie between

Phone: 250-459-2715 • Fax: 250-459-2711





Please take one!

Court transcripts: government negotiator admits strike provoked From 7

“Given the premier and minister of education’s [Peter Fassbender] willingness to deny the facts as laid out in Justice Griffin’s ruling, we believe releasing all of the information to our members is more important now than ever.” However, after Dix’s revelations, Attorney General Suzanne Anton told the legislature the court ruling is under

dents would have presented their projects at the District Science Fair at 100 Mile House Elementary School on Feb. 25.

appeal and the government will not comment while it is before the courts. Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett says this is the case whenever a matter is in court, so she can’t discuss the issue. Meanwhile, Barnett adds she hopes government and the BCTF can come to a quick resolution for obtaining long-term peace in the education system.




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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

Ask the

EXPERTS Learn more from those who have the answers! Dan Rimell

Deanna Oenema

Certified Financial Planner

Mortgage Broker

Q: What should I do with my tax refund? A: One of the best ways to use an income tax refund

is to pay down credit card debts which have the highest interest rates, saving you interest charges. A change in income or employment status could spell disaster without having an emergency fund. Use your refund to top up or open a Tax Free Savings account that can be used for emergencies. If you took out an RRSP loan then use the refund to pay down the loan. If that does not apply, then invest in your retirement by applying your refund towards next years RRSP contribution, saving you tax and increasing your savings. If you have no debt and feel secure in your savings, you may want to consider investing in an RESP for your children, which comes with a 20% federal matching grant on the first $2,500 per child per year. Grand parents may also want to consider contributing to their grand children’s RESP. Mutual funds products are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc. All information provided is collected with care, and we are not responsible for any omissions or errors.

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We have just received our Annual Mortgage Statement and see there is a note that is talking about a Trigger Point and interest rates. We are not sure what this is and how it affects us, we have a Variable Rate Mortgage, can you explain?


The interest rate on a Variable Rate Mortgage is subject to change should the Lender’s Prime rate increase. In times of rapidly rising interest rates, you may be faced with a situation whereas your payment no longer covers the interest owing on your mortgage each month. When this happens, the interest that is outstanding is added on the balance of your mortgage each month, until such a time unless you increase your payment enough to cover the principal and interest payment. The Trigger Interest Rate noted on your statement is the highest interest rate that your mortgage can reach before your Lender will take action, at that point you will be asked to either increase your payments, reduce your mortgage amount or convert it to a fixed rate mortgage. Most lenders review Variable rate mortgages to ensure that the payment and amortization remaining are within the agreed amortization period, and will increase or decrease your payment based on Lender’s Prime to avoid a negative amortization. Please contact me with any questions!

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Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014; How will this affect me?


Microsoft is ending their support for Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (previous service packs have already passed their end-of –support dates) as well as Office 2003. This means that they will not be releasing any new security patches or product hotfixes nor offering any technical support online or by phone. This does not mean that your currently functioning Windows XP computer will stop working. Microsoft will continue to provide anti-malware updates (including Microsoft’s free Security Essentials anti-virus) for XP users for at least another year. Other antivirus vendors will continue to provide updates for their security software as well (Kaspersky until 2018, Trend Micro into 2017, are two examples). For a home user making use of the Internet and basic computer functionality, a Windows XP machine will still be a very useful tool. For those in a production environment or using their computers in a business-critical role (such as accounting, drafting, database management etc), you should update to a new computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. The staff at Gold Rush Technologies can assist you in making an informed decision. Computer Sales: Custom Desktop PCs; Notebooks; Netbooks; Upgrades; Gaming Systems

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Whiplash is one of the most common reasons for visiting a Chiropractor. There are multiple causes of Whiplash including a car accident, sledding, horseback riding and even a fall on the ice to name a few. The symptoms often include some form of back pain (usually associated with the neck but can be mid or low back ) and headaches are also very common. Chiropractic is very effective in initial and ongoing treatment of whiplash. Symptoms may persist for up to six to eight weeks and treatment can ease or eliminate discomfort. Get an opinion from your chiropractor. Treatment is a non-invasive and drug free option to try.

Q: Storage Insurance: Can I purchase

storage insurance for my vehicle?


Yes you can! If you are not operating your vehicle and it is parked on private property, you should look into purchasing an ICBC vehicle in storage policy. The coverages available can include: -Collision - Comprehensive - Specified Perils - Basic and/or extended Third-party Liability insurance - Replacement Cost Coverage and Limited Depreciation coverage for certain newer vehicles. A vehicle in storage policy can be purchased for a period of time between 1 and 364 days. The vehicle owner must be a BC resident, though the vehicle can be stored on private property located anywhere in Canada or the USA and during the term of this policy, will not be: - driven on a highway, private road, or private property, or - parked on any highway Any questions, please come in and see us.

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Q: I told my doctor that I had been drinking and he told the police. What can I do?

A: The ability to keep a secret is highly valued in our society. Share a friend’s secrets with others and you will probably lose the friend. In many professions, the duty of confidentiality is an obligation. We usually assume that our secrets are safe with someone who works in one of the helping professions. In Canada, secrets given to your lawyer have the highest degree of protection. Unless you tell your lawyer that you intend to commit a serious crime, even the courts cannot force a lawyer to divulge information given by a client. Other professionals may face discipline proceedings from their professional body if they breach client confidentiality but they cannot withhold secrets from the court. Not too long ago, one Maureen Daly neglected to stop at a stop sign. The result was a serious accident in which Ms. Daly was injured. Tests taken at the hospital revealed that Ms. Daly had consumed three times the legal limit of alcohol. Her doctor told the police that he smelled alcohol on Ms. Daly’s breath. Based on the doctor’s comments, the police obtained a warrant and seized Ms. Daly’s medical records. She was charged with driving while impaired. At her trial, the judge refused to allow the use of the medical records as evidence. He held that Ms. Daly’s privacy rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms had been breached. Ms. Daly was acquitted. When that decision was appealed, an Ontario Superior Court Judge overturned the acquittal - ruling that people have no right to privacy when it comes to the smell of alcohol on their breath. (R v. Daly [2014] OJ No. 42; 2014 ONSC 115) What can Ms. Daly do? In this case, it would appear that Ms. Daly’s only grounds of complaint would be to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. While the court was not prepared to throw out evidence based on information from the doctor, it may be that the doctor’s professional body will take a dim view of his conduct. Article written by Centennial Law Corp. (Douglas E. Dent)



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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Important meeting at Ag centre

Ken Alexander Free Press

The South Cariboo AgriCulture Enterprise Centre (SCAEC) has been working with the South Cariboo Food Security Committee (SCFSC) to deal with not only the security of food in the region, but also with the provision of food for those who are in need throughout the South Cariboo. The SCFSC is chaired by Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre executive director Lisa De Paoli. SCAEC director Rita Giesbrecht joined De Paoli as vice-chair on behalf of the

Ag Centre. application for funding from Together the CFEC and BC Healthy Communities the SCAEC are taking the to facilitate the assessment, lead for food securiGiesbrecht says, addty in the region, says ing that is in process. Giesbrecht, with virtuIt represents a ally every other agency potential $20,000 if the in the region involved. application is successDe Paoli says she ful, she explains. and Giesbrecht made “Not wanting to wait a presentation to the around inactive, we have South Cariboo Joint determined to begin Rita Planning Committee Giesbrecht the meetings and conregarding the undersultations in advance of taking of a Community Food notification of funding.” Assessment, a Food Action With this in mind, all interPlan for the South Cariboo, ested people are invited to and a Food Policy this year. attend a meeting at the Ag The District of 100 Mile Centre office, in The Lodge House has agreed to endorse an complex in 100 Mile House,

We Serve


today (Feb. 26) at 5:30 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to lay the groundwork in advance of the more formal meetings, Giesbrecht says, adding they are looking for someone to facilitate a guided discussion for this series of public forum meetings. “When/if we receive funding, there will be paid positions to conduct the food assessment, and for this reason it would be very useful to have participation from interested people at this stage.” For more information call Giesbrecht at 250-791-6631 and plan to attend tonight’s meeting.

For All Special Occasions

For 100 Mile Call: 250-395-4855 or 250-395-7780

As always, the gardening-themed event will feature everything from a seed exchange to local foods, as well as informational tables on organizations and activities that support local food in the South Cariboo. Co-organizer Karen

Greenwood says vendors are still coming on board, but it is expected to feature the usual array of seeds, pots, plants, birdhouses and plenty of other supplies for the yard and garden. “Bring your seeds to swap for others and

Gaven Crites

about ways to stop and stand up to bullying. The Cedar Crest Society for Community Living members will also be taking their stand for the anti-bullying project.

It started when high school students got together and wore pink T-shirts in sympathy with a Grade 9 boy who was bullied for wearing that colour during the first day of school.

help promote local food security.” On-site seed vendors will include Stellar Seeds and West Coast Seeds, to help encourage folks to grow their own food, she explains. The ever-popular Co-op Coffee will be

Protests have anti-bullying message

Free Press

Classrooms are a little brighter today. Area students, in solidarity with others across the country, are dressed in pink to celebrate Anti-Bullying Day (Feb. 26.) The annual event is meant to symbolize that bullying will not be tolerated. Students from Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School will make a pledge to contribute to a positive school environment, rather than one in which bullying exists, explains Crystal Dawn Langton, counsellor for Grades 8-9. “Along with wearing pink, we send out pink heart-shaped post-it notes on which students write their pledges. These all go on one huge banner that we display in the school all year long.” Area elementary school students will also be involved with Pink Shirt Day, as they will be sharing and learning

How it started Anti-Bullying Day, also called “Pink Shirt Day,” originated in Nova Scotia in 2007.

For 108 Mile Call: 250-791-5775 or 250-791-7323

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Seedy Saturday springs up One of the first signs that spring is around the corner in the South Cariboo is the Seedy Saturday event. It takes place at Creekside Seniors Activity Centre, at 501 Cedar Ave., March 8 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.



available, both brewed and beans, along with a homemade, local food lunch and beverages. Various activities will be going on for children, so folks are encouraged to bring the whole family. Sponsored by the Horse Lake Community Farm Co-operative and the South Cariboo Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre, Seedy Saturday is growing in popularity every year. Table are available by calling Demian at 250-791-6442, Karen at 250-395-3580 or e-mail to info@horselakefarm

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

PINKSHIRTDAY.CA Wednesday, February 26/14

Putting a stop to bullying on Pink Shirt Day… Kerry Vital / Black Press Names such as Amanda Todd and Rehtaeh Parsons are sadly well-known to many Canadians. Both teens committed suicide after years of bullying at the hands of classmates. On Feb. 26, Canadians will recognize Pink Shirt Day, a day devoted to preventing bullying and helping children and teens who are being victimized. For some people, bullying hits

very close to home. Tad Milmine, now an RCMP constable, is one of them. As a child, Milmine was bullied relentlessly by classmates and locked in the basement by his stepmother every day for 12 years. His father, an alcoholic, never tried to help him, even when Milmine’s stepmother verbally abused him. “I always held out hope that one day an adult

6 2 . b e F , nesday


Stand up for others Stand up for yourself

Pink Shirt Day was started in Nova would see that I was in the baseScotia by two teenage boys who, ment and perhaps ‘rescue’ or ‘save’ after seeing another male student me,” he says. “No one ever came.” bullied for wearing a pink shirt, At 17, Milmine ran away from decided to gather their friends and home and cut all ties with his father all wear pink to school. CKNW AM and stepmother. Still, he struggled 980 was inspired by their action, with being extremely introverted and since 2007 has raised over and emotional. While he had $650,000 for anti-bullying prodreamed of being a police officer grams in B.C. through the sale of for much of his life, he didn’t feel their pink shirts. You can purchase confident enough to act on that Tad Milmine your own shirt at London Drugs or dream. At 33, he finally felt able online. This year’s campaign is beto take that step and do what he ing presented by Coast Capital Savings, with loved after encouragement from an officer he Black Press as a media partner. met while playing baseball. For more information about Pink Shirt Day, “I never acted on my dream because I truly bevisit Milmine’s website lieved it was just a dream,” he says. “I thought can be found at that dreams weren’t meant to be achieved.” Milmine was moved by the 2011 suicide of Ontario teen Jamie Hubley, who killed himself after years of bullying for being gay and a figure skater, to start Bullying Ends Here, a website that tells Hubley’s story as well as his own. Milmine has travelled all over Canada and the U.S. speaking to students and encouraging them to contact him if they need help. In the presentations, he shares his own story The website and smartphone app is a socialand that of Hubley, and tells the students that networking site where people can ask other users he understands what it’s like to be an outcast, and that he too is gay, just like Hubley. He questions. It’s extremely popular with pre-teens and shares this information to point out teens, but recently it has become well-known for that he is no different than the people facilitating cyber-bullying instead. It has been referlistening to him in the audience. enced in several suicide cases around the world as “I never let my sexuality stand in part of the bullying the victim experienced that led the way of living out a dream,” to their suicide. Milmine says. “I never let the negativity while growing up The biggest issue with is that questions can stand in my way.” be submitted anonymously, and content is not moniMilmine’s presentations tored, so abuse of the service can be rampant with no are done on his own time repercussions to the user. Even if someone is blocked, and with his own money. that person can still view profiles and see other inter“I always wanted to actions, and privacy settings cannot be increased as ‘help’ people and today I am lucky they can on Facebook and Twitter. According to RCMP enough to be in Const. Tad Milmine, the Latvia-based website also that position,” sends daily spam with messages suggesting users says Milmine. kill themselves and calling them ugly, among others, “Youth need to with no name attached. know that nobody can Parents are urged to monitor all social media achelp them if they don’t speak up. You have to share, have to ask for help. counts and talk to their children about their online Give us a chance to help.” activities in an effort to prevent cyberbullying, and Sixty-four per cent of Canadian children have remember that the terms of service of Facebook, been bullied at school at some point, accordTwitter and require users to be at least 13. ing to the Pink Shirt Day campaign, and 40 per cent of Canadian employees are bullied at the workplace on a weekly basis. “Pink Shirt Day gets people talkJoin the cause and ing,” Milmine says. “People are talking about it leading up to buy a pink shirt at it, and on the day itself. You’re going to talk about why you’re or at London Drugs wearing a pink shirt that day, and youth are reminded of the resources available to them.”

The dangers of

Take a standd! lend a han

Bullies are cruel, NOT cool! Your Community Drugstore ©

Open 7 Days A Week

#1 - 270 Birch Avenue. • 250-395-3320

7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. 250-395-2543

Coach House Square Hwy 97, 100 Mile House


250-395-2921 • Cariboo Mall, Hwy 97, 100 Mile House

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014





250-791-6699 Located in the 108 Mall Easzee Dr., 108 Mile Ranch

n the o e n o y r e Ev Team Central Proudlyts... Suppor 199 Exeter Rd, 100 Mile House


972 Alpine Ave. 99 Mile Hill

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Gaven Crites photo

Hanging inside and outside the Cedar Crest Society for Community Living building on Cedar Avenue in 100 Mile House are pink T-shirts stringed together that read “Stop It,” “Acceptance” and “Kindness.” Clients and staff are set to celebrate Pink Shirt Day today (Feb. 26) to protest bullying.

Keep youth safe online Cyber-bullying has no boundaries; it can reach a child or teen anywhere and at any time. Cyber-bullying is a complex problem that comes in many forms and is constantly evolving as technology changes. People who engage in cyber-bullying can often be more cruel and aggressive because the Internet gives them a certain level of anonymity. Cyber-bullying actions: • Posting or sharing false information or images online, in e-mails or texts without consent. • Repeatedly sending threatening, mean or insulting messages. • Pretending to be someone else and saying or doing things online that are not true, or are intended to cause harm or damage a person’s reputation. • Pressuring others to exclude someone from a “community” – online or offline. Ending cyber-bullying: • Do not respond. The bully is looking for a reaction. By not responding, you are taking away their power. • Save the evidence. There is usually physical evidence of cyber-bullying, such as harassing messages, threatening text messages or Facebook postings. These can be saved and shown to someone who can help. • Talk to a trusted adult. There are people who will help. It can be a parent, a teacher or a trusted adult. If you are really nervous about saying anything, there is usually a way of reporting the incident anonymously at school. • Be a friend, not a bystander. Watching or forwarding mean messages empowers a bully. If you can, tell bullies to stop or let them know harassment makes people look mean. It is time to let people who bully know their behaviour is unacceptable. For more information on cyber-bullying, visit the following websites: • •

801 alder 100 mile house • 99 mile hill

100 Mile House

Supports t r PinkaSyh! i D 160 Hwy 97, 100 Mile House 250-395-7733

Your Community’s Best Source for Child Care Resources and Referrals

#1 - 486 Birch Avenue 250-395-5155 bullying!

Cariboo Family Enrichment Center Is Supported By Your Friends On Birch Ave.

The Place Where FUN Lives!


“Strengthening the quality of personal, family and community life”

Supporting Youth & Families.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Go! Wranglers Go! First Round of KIJHL Playoffs started Feb. 25 & 26 in Chase Home Games are Feb. 28, Mar. 1 and possibly March 4

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Good Luck! rom f

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k c u l d o o G from our am” “home te to our

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! s r e l g Wr a n

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hartreuse Moose CCappuccino Bar & Bistro FULLY LICENSED!

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onsor Proud sp e of th


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Mon. - Fri. 9am - 5pm

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(L-R back row): Greg Dwyer, Equipment Manager; Don Jones, Director/Director of Marketing; Kersti Foote, Executive Assistant; Rick Takagi, Treasurer; Tom Bachynski, Governor/President; Greg Aiken, 1st VP; Crystal Dawn Langton, Secretary/Billet Coordinator; Christian Samson, Assistant Trainer; Oral Peel, Equipment Specialist (L-R middle row):Donovan Law, Mathieu Longhurst, Stephen Egan, Connor Sloan, Luke Santerno, Cole Zimmerman, Riley Harder, Jordan Low, Henry Hart, Ken Nordstrom, Braeden St. Louis, Jayden Syrota, Brad Williams, Kevin Raimundo, (L-R front row): Kristian Stead, Richard Duff, Assistant Coach; Brady Ward, Rob Orrey, Tyson Levesque, Jaidan Ward, Lane van de Wetering, Will Orrey, Mike Lynch, Doug Rogers, GM/Head Coach; Magnus Viberg Missing: Shane Doherty, Rainer Meyer, Trainer


OPEN 7 Days A Week

Home of the

5 Breakfast $ .99 Special!

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Hou 100 Mile

s WranglerING


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Simple Elegance Photography (Erin Duff)

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DL 10683

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Go! Wranglers Go! First Round of KIJHL Playoffs started Feb. 25 & 26 in Chase Home Games are Feb. 28, Mar. 1 and possibly March 4

Proud to be a sponsor!

Good Luck! rom f

Open 7 Days A Week • 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

• Automotive, Industrial & Welding • Hydraulic Hose & Wire Rope • Safety Supplies • And Much More!

Hwy 97, 100 Mile House • 250-395-2543

Exeter Parts & Supplies

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260 Exeter Stn. Rd. • 250-395-2277


k c u l d o o G from our am” “home te to our

Proud to be a sponsor of the 100 Mile



Williams Lake & District Credit Union



Contact us for more information:

Home Owners helping homeowners™

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! s r e l g Wr a n

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hartreuse Moose CCappuccino Bar & Bistro FULLY LICENSED!

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onsor Proud sp e of th


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(L-R back row): Greg Dwyer, Equipment Manager; Don Jones, Director/Director of Marketing; Kersti Foote, Executive Assistant; Rick Takagi, Treasurer; Tom Bachynski, Governor/President; Greg Aiken, 1st VP; Crystal Dawn Langton, Secretary/Billet Coordinator; Christian Samson, Assistant Trainer; Oral Peel, Equipment Specialist (L-R middle row):Donovan Law, Mathieu Longhurst, Stephen Egan, Connor Sloan, Luke Santerno, Cole Zimmerman, Riley Harder, Jordan Low, Henry Hart, Ken Nordstrom, Braeden St. Louis, Jayden Syrota, Brad Williams, Kevin Raimundo, (L-R front row): Kristian Stead, Richard Duff, Assistant Coach; Brady Ward, Rob Orrey, Tyson Levesque, Jaidan Ward, Lane van de Wetering, Will Orrey, Mike Lynch, Doug Rogers, GM/Head Coach; Magnus Viberg Missing: Shane Doherty, Rainer Meyer, Trainer


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GAME DAY is GRILL DAY AT THE ROCK! Unbeatable Appys, Entrées and Desserts


Simple Elegance Photography (Erin Duff)

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DL 10683

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

New members welcome to join Lone Butte 4-H Club

Community Engagement Sessions


South Cariboo The Lone Butte 4H Club held its club speech day on Feb. 9. Jorden Sass took first place in the junior category. Second place went to Hannah Meier and Hayden Sass took third place. The club members give a big thank-you to judges Tracey Smith, Lori Stoney and Jane Trask who took time from their days to spend it with the members. Bake sale The club’s first bake sale of the year was a great success. “We wish to thank everyone in the community who graciously came and supported us,” says A Leader Heidi Meier. Look for the club’s

Feb. 27 – 100 Mile Council Chambers 4-7 p.m. Presentation at 5:30 p.m. During this community engagement session, the CRD will be seeking input on the 2014 budget and five-year financial plan for the Board to consider prior to the budget’s adoption on March 28. Residents will also have an opportunity to provide feedback about services provided in your area.

Do you ever feel like every level of government has their hands in your piggy bank?

Do you know where your money is going in 2014?

Ken Alexander photo

Lone Butte 4H Club members Dakota Richard, left, Zoe Rhyal, Hannah Meier holding future member Autumn Griffin, Jorden Sass, Skylar Hain and Hayden Sass held a bake sale at the Cariboo Mall on Feb. 8. Not content to just sit at a table, some members walked around the mall with a tray full of goodies to sell.

next bake sale on March 15, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

lambs and are busy doing book work in preparation – there is a lot to learn. Everyone welcome The Lone Butte 4H Club is still accepting

Spring lambs Members are gearing up to get their spring


Buy 1 Get 1


new member registrations. For more information, contact Heidi at 250-395-6039, or by e-mail at lonebutte @CaribooRD Phone 250-392-3351 or 1-800-665-1636 Suite D, 180 North 3rd Avenue, Williams Lake, BC V2G 2A4

“A New Way To Listen To Radio”

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Your Community Drugstore OPEN A 7 DAYS WEEK

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1 - 205 BIRCH AVENUE | 250-395-2424

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Students celebrated French culture Day of fun at a local park completed week of French awareness activities

Gaven Crites Free Press

Students bounded from station to station to slide and snowshoe and play a variety of winter games at Centennial Park in 100 Mile House on Feb. 14. The day of fun in the park capped off 100 Mile House Elementary School’s French Celebration Week to raise awareness of the strength of its French immersion program and celebrate French Canadian culture and traditions. The week saw elementary school students, joined by students from Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School, visit the District of 100 Mile House office to meet with Mayor Mitch Campsall and sing O Canada in French; a French bingo; a French movie; and a performance by the Quesnel Métis Jiggers. The festivities ended with students, teachers and parents descending on Centennial Park for a mini Carnaval. The French immersion program in 100 Mile House has an enrolment of 126 elementary students and 57 secondary school students.

Gaven Crites photo

We are your exclusive

Planning a Summer Celebration

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

Residents have new correspondent

I am your new correspondent for the Watch Lake/North Green Lake area. I moved to the area almost four years and have grown to love our community and the amazing people who make it a wonderful place to live. I look forward to taking the photographs and writing about the news of our community and sending it to the 100 Mile House

Crystal Makaro photo

Members of the Watch Lake/North Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department gathered for a presentation by guest speaker 100 Mile House Fire-Rescue chief Darrell Blades, left.

Free Press. If you have any news, events and photos, please contact me at 250-609-3135, or e-mail me at crystal_makaro@ Firefighting training The Watch Lake/ Nor t h Gre en Lake Volunteer

Fire Department (WLNGLVFD) has recruited eight new members in the past few months. With the number of volunteers more than 30, it is one of the largest volunteer fire departments in the province. The WLNGLVFD is always looking for more

volunteers. Training, gear and all necessary equipment are provided at no cost to members. To join the department, call Andy Palaniak at 250-4567460 Birthday greetings Belated happy birthday wishes are extended

Karen Sims shows as guest artiste

Easter party Highway 24/ Interlakes Lions will host a Children’s Easter Party at Interlakes Hall, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 19. The children will

Continued on 26

SAT., MAY 19

DINNER & DANCE at Jake’s Pub

SUN., MAY 20 BCRA Professional


Featuring all your favourite action… • Bull Riding • Bronc Riding • Team Roping • Pole Bending • Cow Riding • Barrels …and much more!

Sponsored By… •



Lone Butte


Vol. 7 No.


Hwy Lone Butte, 10 in Downtown 250-395-10


96 Hwy 97

(Beside Tim Hortons)



100 Mile House, BC

3424 250-395-3-8426 1-800-66 Est ate C o n n Re a l ec Ca

ri b


Yo u






distributioN • free


5, o • July


By Tom Fletcher Black Press

in the visitor Clark sat on Premier Christy Columbia legislature speech British nt’s throne ents seats of the her governme June 26, as Liberal commitm the B.C. renewed a May election. Guichon read from the Judith session Lt. Governoropen a rare summer nt to governme brief speech , reiterating e balof the legislature four consecutiv tax ents for on carbon commitm and a freeze rates. anced budgets to income tax personal and most before returningfor a Clark attended and a campaign premier a byelection duties as elowna in seat in Westside-K 10. it a little bit set for July take a seat makes to as quickly “Waiting business to get in the get down letting that harder to a but I’m not a visit to as I’d like, told reporters on on in Saanich.I way,” Clark before under constructi care facility the legislature back this bal“We called want to get because we had a seat passed.” called it anced budget leader John Horgan health NDP house aims to hold growth, budget that per cent a “bogus” Credit below one care spendingseen since the Social 1980s. a target not of the early 25, program until July restraint is to sit spending The legislature and the as the budget nt ministries debating for all governme S: estimates 26 on June by law. ay business required NEW yHOUR - Saturd order of of veteran The first Monda - 2:30 p.m. s election unanimou Liberal MLA Linda was the 7:00 a.m. East B.C. . Richmond of the legislature B.C. Liberal TAKE-OUT Reid as speaker -Burke Mountain • EAT IN • elected deputy Coquitlam MLA Horne was dmonds NDP MLA Doug Burnaby-E speaker. speaker and is assistant deputy Corner of St. Raj Chouhan .com milerealty



Fish&s Chip al

Lunch Speci

Monika Paterson


26 250-395-40 Hwy. 97 &

Chris Nickless


n Dance Polynesia July 1. Site on with Cheralyn’s who dancen at the 108 Heritage Larsen, Skylinn celebratio day. back, and the Canada Day the ent during during Rachel Klassen, performed lineup of entertainm Studio, a great There was


“Tough Enough to Wear Pink” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness on Sunday

Tim Hortons • Central GM • Regency • Sunrise • Lazy B Tack • Yummers Ford • Buckin’ Horse Contracting EnRoute • Red Coach Inn • TIM-BR Mart • The Log House • • Exeter Forest & Marine Shawn Parkins Electric • Safeway • Diamond • Meadow Lake Ranch D Bulls • Taseko Mines • Teniye Logging Ltd. • 108 Building Supply • 108 Supermarket • Jake’s Pub • PMT • Horse Gate Trailer Accounting • GPS Forest Consultants Sales • Panorama Custom Woodworking • 100 Mile Free Press

6148 Higgins


3910 Abbey



$559,000Well Maintained sundeck 518’ level shore. 5 ac in ALR, w/ huge composite kitchen, updated 2 storey home docks., lake. Recently overlooking 3 garage doors, updated to Lac minutes new floors, & x-fenced. hot tub, fenced N227436 la Hache. MLS#

KATHY FIRTH 9776 Cell: 250-706- 2276

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100 Mile House Lot ing Area and Surround Save-On-Food’s Parking

from $339,900 Higgins Lk Lake Rd. fishing on & tastefully 5441 Greeny Peaceful trout 4pc docks. Renovated $325,000 your own rancher w/loft, 2 bdrms, for 66’ of water’s area. ac within windows decorated Private 1.03 & spacious living New ceilings. Lg. backup. bath. VaultedWoodstove w/elec. edge. Openreplace & sun room. Lk great views. MLS#N226688 Master w/fi 25x40 insl. shop. Greeny Lk & Mt 2 car garage. roof in ‘08. shing. Near Timothy has good fi Hill. MLS#N220290 Timothy Ski percentre

Toll Free: 1-877-593- epercentr

Email: kathy@on


#3- Pinkney Complex, 536 Horse Lake Road 100 Mile House, BC Phone: 250-395-2219

SAVE $29 SAVE SAVE TO $29 UP TO $29 $29 17 UP TOUP


UIDE INGng/SG IV L E mer 2014 um IV T C Spri A

iboo South Car

s Early Year Youth Children/ Adult 55+

Be a part of the


Meetings at the Good News Centre 5827 Horse Lake Road Bible Teaching Meeting ...... Sun. 11:00am

“We preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake” For info telephone 250-395-1070




ST. TIMOTHY’S ANGLICAN CHURCH The Log Church at Blackstock and Horse Lake Road

Holy Communion.....Sun. 10:30 am

“Find friends and food for faith”


ST. JUDE’S CATHOLIC MISSION CHURCHES 5691 Horse Lake Road 250-395-4429 Fax: 250-395-4228

Rev. Vernantius Ononiwu

WEEKEND MASSES: Sat: 4pm - OAPA Hall, Lac la Hache Sun: 9:30am - St. Jude’s, 100 Mile House 1st & 3rd Sundays 11:30am - St. Augustine, Canim Lk 2nd & 4th Sundays 12:30pm - Holy Family, Bridge Lk WEEKDAY MASS: at St. Jude’s Mon.- Fri. 8am, and Sat. 9am

100 MILE HOUSE UNITED CHURCH 49 Dogwood Ave. 250-395-2932

AN OPEN COMMUNITY OF FAITH. Worship every Sunday 10:30am Communion celebrated second Sunday of every month Come as you are, and rest in the presence of God.


Interim Pastor John Marshall Sunday Morning Worship ~ 10am


American Sign Language available Sundays





Call Martina, Heather or Chris to book your space! Ph: 250-395-2219

566 Birch Ave. 250-395-2337

Horse Lk Rd, (just over the bridge)

SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30am Vicar Aaron Astley Phone: 250-395-5159

BETHEL CHAPEL (Affiliated with PAOC)

550 Exeter Truck Route

SUNDAY SERVICE 10:00am s ts • Fitnes ture • Spor ial Events Arts & Cul ec Sp rograms • Drop-In P






Breakfast • Open for Specials • Daily Lunch g • Caterin

T: 250 395 0918 F: 250 396 7615 W:


Here’s a very unique



Throne speech renews vows

Cariboo & Crafts


Virtual 360˚photography interior/exterior still photography


• Bull Riding • Saddle • Bareback • Team Broncs Roping • Barrel Racing • Steer Riding and much, much more! Action starts at noon Sunday and Monday on at the Outriders Grounds on Airport Road! CONCESSION & REFRESHMENTS BOTH DAYS


A ministry of the Cariboo Presbyterian Church WORSHIP 10am Sunday, Little Church, Timothy Lk. Rd. 7pm Sun. eves, at F. G. Legion,Forest Grove. 7pm Wed. eves, at Bonter Residence, Hwy 24 For Info call 250-396-4251 Ministers: Bruce Wilcox, David Webber

MON., MAY 21

Second Big Go-Around BCRA Professional






r Connecto

Come Worship With Us

9am & 11am Sunday Service 7:30pm Wednesday - Youth Church Huge Kids’ Ministry Pastor Rick Barker Church 250-791-5532 Church email: Website:

FROM CONCEPT TO Let’s G o Ro d e o ! FINISHED PRODUCT When you, your business or your group needs a poster built and printed, contact us! We have the expertise and experience to create an eye-catching poster at a most competitive price.




… from your


Going We’reRock! To 10-4 JULY 6

Ideal and unique solutions for: • real estate • property development • resorts • hotels • event photography • tourist attractions • restaurants • exhibitions • insurance documentation • unlimited possibilities

Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary’s annual general meeting is scheduled for March 1 at the Shorty Horn Memorial Fire Hall. There will be a social at 9:30 a.m., and the meeting commences at 10. Agenda items include president’s, secretary’s and treasurer’s reports, this year’s events, and the election of board members. The auxiliary is always looking for new members. For more information, call Gisele Poliseno at 250-395-9082.


Karen Sims is March’s guest artiste in the Bridge Lake Library’s Community Showcase. Karen married Patrick Sims at the 108 Mile Ranch in September and now

egg hunt. The event is free including lunch, but



250 593-2155

see the Easter Bunny, and enjoy face-painting, games, cupcake painting and an Easter

Auxiliary AGM The Watch Lake/ North Green Lake

100 Mile House & Area

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INTERLAKES Diana Forster

lives at Bridge Lake, and her seven-year-old daughter, Presley, goes to Bridge Lake School. “We just love it here,” Karen says. Her display will include “a variety – poetry, quilting, embroidery – stuff I’ve done since I was little.”

Get well wishes Well wishes are extended to Bill Thomas for a speedy recovery from a quintuple bypass open heart surgery performed in late January.



Watch/N. Green Lakes

Crystal Makaro

to Min Jamieson who turned 90 on Feb. 16, and Brian Rusaw whose big day was on Feb. 17. Happy birthday goes to Ken Leyland who celebrated his 65th birthday on Feb. 23.








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Pastor Dennis Smith

170 S. Cedar Ave., 100 Mile House

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Michelle Brown captures beauty of B.C. backyards Gaven Crites Free Press

Greeting visitors when they walk through the doors of the Parkside Art Gallery in 100 Mile House is a large, three- by five-foot painting of Mount Baker cutting into a crisp blue sky. Artist Michelle Brown spent many mornings, coffee cup in hand, taking in that view from her back patio in Abbotsford. That painting, “Backyard Baker,” is what inspired her show – “B.C. Girl: My Backyard” – currently on display until March 13. Brown moved to 108 Mile Ranch from the Lower Mainland last year with her husband, Kevin, and daughter, Dakota. “I did that one to remind us of our old home,” Brown explains. “I had this giant blank canvas over the fireplace for about two years. Just before we moved up here, my husband said, ‘You really should do something to remind us of Abbotsford’.”

Gaven Crites photo

Michelle Brown, right, discussed one of her paintings with Valerie Kilik during a “meet the artist” event at Parkside Art Gallery in 100 Mile House on Feb. 8. Brown’s work is on display until March 13.

Brown was born and, except for a year in Alberta, raised in British Columbia. She has travelled extensively. Her acrylic paintings depict scenes she has encountered from places like the Chilliwack River Valley, Whistler Mountain and the

historical Fisgard Lighthouse in Victoria. And since it’s her new backyard, a number of scenes are from the South Cariboo. “I was so inspired,” she says of the local scenery and moving to

the area. One of her paintings is of bare birch trees on a flat stretch of land at a snowy 108 Golf Resort. Another is the view overlooking Watson Lake. Parkside Art Gallery shop manager Veronica Forcier talks about


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the vividness of Brown’s work, and how her show was a great way to start a new season at the local gallery. “I like her landscapes. It’s really neat because it’s her first show [at Parkside] and she’s very excited.” Brown says she’s fortunate to have her work on display. “It’s a wonderful opportunity. I’ve only been immersed in painting again for about a year.” In a separate interview about her work hung up at the Showcase Gallery in 100 Mile House in January, Brown said she tries to paint as much as possible since she relocated to the South Cariboo. She smiles when she’s asked what she’s creating these days. Her big project now is getting her new home finished, she answers. She’s on a little break from painting “backyards,” but she still has a brush in her hand. “Right now, I’m painting a house – doors, trim, molding, walls next week.”



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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

Students participate in Olympic Winter Games Bridge Lake school

Sergei De Vries-Huczkowski

The school had an Olympic Winter Games for the students of Bridge Lake Elementary School. The games included “building our own bobsleds,” snow races, snowball throw for distance and building the

biggest snowball. During the opening ceremony, the kindergarten kids brought a paper Olympic flame into the gym. It was a fun afternoon. The Bridge Lake Community School Society, (BLCSS),

held the Annual International Dinner in the Bridge Lake School gym. The dishes were Chinese, Canadian, and Thai. The gym looked very elegant and the students helped decorate the gym.

There was a silent auction, which gathered money for the school Hot Lunch Program. There was no babysitter for the dinner, so some parents were unable to come as they had a hard time finding one. There was a

Fleischmanns yeast, white bread, $20 plus gift; Crisco, butter tarts, $25 and $10 certificates. All fair entrants are now permitted to ice their baking entries.

Calendar Call the writer for contact numbers. • Teen Space meets 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., Feb. 28, at Interlakes Hall. • Bridge Lake Community School Book Club meets 1:30 p.m., March 1, to discuss A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. Call 250-593-2264 for venue. • Kids Space fundraising luncheon, soups and fruit crumble, by

donation: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., March 2, Interlakes Hall. • Highway 24/ lnterlakes Lions meet 6:30 p.m., March 3, Interlakes Hall. • Log Cabin Quilters meet 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., March 5,

Interlakes Hall. • To register for the Ryan Larson Memorial Ball Tournament, call Derek Larson at 250574-4837. • Call this writer if you wish to advertise in the Bridge Lake Fair booklet.

Corporate competitions set for fair From 24

for catering purposes, register children with Carolyn Charlton at 250-593-4582. Fair competitions Bridge Lake Fair’s Aug. 16-17 corporate competitions comprise: Bernardin, tame jam, $20 certificate prize; Robin Hood flour, carrot cake, $25 and $10 certificates;

Celebrations Happy 24th birthday to Colton Parker; and bubbly goes to Wendy Pernoski, Vince Forsberg, Wayne Jarvis, Eric Storteboom and Ken Wright.

If It’s newsworthy Vic Popiel 70 Mile 250-456-2321


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Free tutoring assistance is available.

Become a LifeLong Learner! For more information, please call Lory at 250-395-0655.

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SCHOOL HOURS • Monday-Thursday OPEN 3-6pm • Fridays OPEN 3-8pm • Saturdays & Sundays CLOSED • AGES 12-18 YEARS OLD

Valentine’s dance at school organized by the Leadership Club. The club sold Candy Grams all day to raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital. I just joined the army cadets and I got a chance to help at the Cariboo Marathon at

the 99 Mile Ski Trails. The cadets handed out drinks to the skiers who were passing by for another round of skiing. It was a lot of fun at the Marathon. Sergei De VriesHuczkowski is a Grade 7 student at Bridge Lake Elementary School.


What’s On Here’s a convenient listing of upcoming arts, entertainment and cultural events by non-profit groups in the South Cariboo. To be included, call 250-395-2219 at least one week before the event.

• Until Feb. 28 – Local painter Lianne Heales is the featured artist at the Showcase Gallery in 100 Mile House. Visitors are welcome to view a number of her paintings currently on display at the South Cariboo Business Centre at 475 Birch Ave. • March 8 – The Forest Grove Legion Ladies Auxiliary invites everyone to a Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction at the Legion (4535 Canim-Hendrix Lake Rd.). The auction will be ongoing throughout the afternoon and close at 7.30 p.m. Donations would be appreciated. Dinner starts at 6 p.m. and will be by donation – proceeds will help keep the Legion doors open. For more information, contact the Forest Grove Legion at 250-397-2455. • March 14 – Hun City Hunnies is hosting St. Patrick’s Shamrockin’ Boondoggle at 100 Mile Community Hall, starting at 7 p.m. The event offers live music, DJ and dance, free food, prizes and a boxing ring. The $25 per person (19 year plus) tickets are on sale at TW Tanning and Donex. • March 22 – South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce is hosting its Red Gala Carpet Business Excellence Awards and Citizen of the Year Award at the 100 Mile Community Hall. Doors open at 6 p.m. and dinner is served at 7. Tickets are $40 per person. They are available at Andre’s Electronics, TIMBER MART and the Chamber Office, or by calling 250-395-6124. • March 22 – The Green Lake Snowmobile Club is hosting its annual Pig Roast & Fundraiser and the event is always a fun-filled will Saturday. Tickets are $20 per adult and $5 per child (under the age of 12). Tickets will be sold up until March 15, but they will not be sold at the door. To purchase tickets, contact the Thurstons at 250-456-7369, or thurstonac@, or the Tonts at 250-456-6042, or For more information, check out the club’s on our website at


MONDAY to FRIDAY - 9am to 5pm Phone: 250-395-5353 Fax: 250-395-4085 email:

“A New Way To Listen To Radio”

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Students raise funds with read-a-thon 108 Mile Ranch

Reg Berrington

ties set up in various classrooms with groups of 25 kindergarten to Grade 7 students following a timed route rotating from one to the next – dressed in their pyjamas and hugging their “stuffies.” All sorts of fun literacy activities were enjoyed, from team reading and acting out plays to mimicking book illustrations with plasticine. There was also a very popular puppet show put on by 100 Mile House head librarian Roxy Barnes, as well as a First Nations Centre. It wrapped up with


Mile 108 Elementary School students went all out in their efforts and raised more than $900 in pledges for a literacy event on Feb. 19. Principal Heather Goodall says the fundraising was done to boost the school’s collection of “bring-home” books for the children to read during their evenings and weekends. The Snuggle Up & Read-a-thon saw a full afternoon of activi-

Carole Rooney photo

Mile 108 Elementary School Grade 2 students Cate McArthur, left, and Chiara Worthington worked hard at mimicking book illustrations with plasticine during the Snuggle Up & Read-a-thon fundraising event at the school on Feb. 19.

the whole school gathering in the gym for buddy reading, as they munched on popcorn supplied by the school’s Parent Advisory Council. Goodall adds she is very proud of the students for their hard work in gaining pledges that added up to a significant amount of money. Anyone who would like to donate towards the new book purchases may still do so at the school office. Family Skate The 108 Mile Ranch Lions Club’s Family

Skate held on Sepa Lake on Jan. 26 was a huge success. Families from the 108 community were provided with an ice rink that had been prepared by the Lions Club and the 108 Mile Ranch Volunteer Fire Department. Music, hot chocolate and cupcakes were available to the skaters, as well as a fire to warm up. Special guests, the Wranglers, showed up to skate with some of the future hockey players. The rink continues to be used by various groups within the community.


in this week’s

Connector Cariboo

White Cane Club plans stellar spring event Carole Rooney

draws, a cruise raffle and a lunch concession as fundraisers. As always, there will be plenty of information The Canadian Council of the Blind 100 Mile and displays related to vision loss, with WCC Chapter White Cane Club (WCC) has members offering assistance with learnadded yet another twist to its upcoming ing how to cope with changes in sight. open house and spring bazaar. There will be something for the whole It will now also feature antique appraisfamily from some fun vision-related als by Ted Pappas of Clinton, a popular games to a magnifying reader set up for attraction that is sure to draw an eager trials, she notes. crowd of folks bearing treasures from The bazaar tables will market plenty their attic or china cabinet. of crafts, flea market items and homeIt all happens at the 100 Mile business products, Vinson says, adding Marilyn Community Hall on March 1 from 10 more vendors are still welcome. Vinson a.m. to 3 p.m., and it marks the White Table rentals are available for $15, or Cane Club’s 22nd annual awareness and two for $25, by calling Brenda at 250information open house. 396-7144. Co-organizer Marilyn Vinson says the club For more information or to donate to the silent encourages everyone to come to the free event, auction, call Marilyn at 250-396-4070 or Kathy at which will also offer a silent auction, bucket 250-395-4547. Free Press

You paid how much!? #ShouldaUsed100Mile


• Supreme Court ruling appealed • New Barkerville curator •TNRD Hospital budget • Health workers ratify contract

FLYERS: • Save-On-Foods • Safeway • Pharmasave • Sears • The Source • Andre’s Electronic Experts • London Drugs • Red Apple• JYSK • Walmart • Real Canadian Wholesale Club

Community events listed must be of a non-profit nature and will be published free of charge one week prior to the event. Deadline for submissions is Friday at noon. Events for the online calendar can be submitted to the calendar feature on the home page at However, online calendar submissions are not automatically picked up for the Free Press.

100 MILE q The Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre (CFEC) is hosting Nobody’s Perfect – a parenting education and support program for parents of children from birth to age five. Meet other parents of young children, share questions, concerns and ideas about being a parent, and discuss real-life parenting situations and discover positive ways of parenting. The six-week program, which runs on Tuesdays, runs through to April 1 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Child minding will be available. Preregistration is required; contact the CFEC at 250-395-5155. 100 MILE q There will be a free basic equine and poultry nutrition seminar at the Red Coach Inn today (Feb. 26), starting at 7 p.m. Ken Wilkinson, considered B.C.’s finest equine nutritionist, will be doing a presentation and answering questions about feeding horses in

The Calendar B.C. Folks can sign up at 100 Mile Feed & Ranch Supply or by calling 250-395-2408. 100 MILE The Canadian Council of the Blind 100 Mile House & District Chapter White Cane Club is holding its 22nd Annual Open House and first Spring Bazaar at the 100 Mile Community Centre on March 1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Ted Pappas will be doing antique appraisals during the event. There will be bazaar tables, lunch, information and displays, cruise raffle tickets and bucket draws. For more information, call Marilyn at 250-396-4070 or Kathy at 250-395-4547. 100 MILE q The 100 Mile House Branch Library is hosting a workshop how to download library e-books on March 1 and March 4 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. both days. The workshop will explain how to borrow e-books from the British Columbia Libraries catalogue. The steps on how to download the software, activate and sign out e-books. People are encouraged to bring their laptops and e-readers, but it is not a requirement. Registration is not required for this free, drop-in event. 100 MILE q St. Timothy’s Anglican

Church (corner of Horse Lake and Blackstock roads) is hosting its annual Pancake Supper on March 4 from 5 to 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome. Admission is by donation, which revenue going to the church’s World Relief Fund. 100 MILE q Seedy Saturday will be held at Creekside Seniors Activity Centre on March 8 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be seed sales, information, displays, local food lunch, activities and co-op coffee. Admission is by a suggested $2 donation. For information, call Demian at 250-791-6442, Karen at 250-395-3580, or e-mail info@ 100 MILE q The Mill Site/Fischer Place Auxiliary meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 10:30 a.m. in the boardroom at Mill Site. Call Shelly at 250-7919277 for more information. 100 MILE q The South Cariboo Weavers, Spinners and Fibre Artists Guild meets the first Friday of each month from September to June. Meetings are held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Parkside Art Gallery in 100 Mile House. For more information, call Joni Head at 250-395-8898.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

100 MILE q Toddler Time – babies, toddlers and parents (caregivers) – is available at the 100 Mile House Branch Library on Wednesdays from 10 to 10:30 a.m. The program introduces parents or caregivers and their newborns to 36 months to the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs, finger plays and stories. 100 MILE The South Cariboo Genealogy Group (researching family history) has someone available Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the 100 Mile House Library. Assistance is offered to people researching ancestry. For more information, contact Millie at 250395-2079. 100 MILE The SPCA volunteer meetings will continue to be held in the Pioneer Room at the Creekside Seniors Activity Centre on the first Sunday of each month at 11 a.m. 100 MILE q The 100 Mile and District Stamp Club meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, 1-2:30 p.m., in the 100 Mile House Branch Library meeting room. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to

experts. For more information, call Glenna at 250-395-3661. 100 MILE q The Caribou Brain Injury Society meets monthly, from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Health Centre beside 100 Mile District General Hospital. For information, phone 250-392-7772, e-mail wlcbis@ or check out the website at 100 MILE q The 100 Mile District General Hospital Auxiliary meets the first Wednesday of each month in the hospital’s multipurpose room at 1 p.m. The Gift Shop in the lobby is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but is closed for lunch noon-1 p.m. For more information about the auxiliary or the gift shop, call Ruth at 250-395-1163 or e-mail 100 MILE q The Cariboo Artists’ Guild meets the first Tuesday of each month, downstairs at Parkside Art Gallery, beginning at noon. We are an informal group of aspiring and accomplished artists who exchange ideas and promote art. For more information, call Sharon at 250-706-0111 or Kathy at 250395-3725, or go to caribooartistsguild.

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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014




Gaven Crites photo

A shot by Ryan Allan went just wide during first period action in Game 3 of a Peewee Rep playoff matchup between 100 Mile House and Prince George at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre on Feb. 17.

Primal Electric gets by Prince George Gaven Crites Free Press

Round 1 needed an extra game, and Primal Electric, a 100 Mile House Peewee Rep hockey team, came out on top. Riley McLean was a wall, Ethan Sanders was an overtime hero, and everyone skated with incredible heart in what turned out to be a remarkable first round playoff series with Prince George. Following a 5-5 tie and 3-2 win in Prince George, Primal Electric hosted what was suppose to be a final best-of-three game at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre on Feb. 17. Prince George won 2-1 and the series was evened at 1-1-1. Since there was a tie, penalty minutes were said to be the deciding factor in the series, and the

team with less would move on to play Quesnel in Round 2. However, 100 Mile House successfully appealed that tie-breaker decision – because Prince George didn’t schedule enough ice time to complete Game 1, which was called a 5-5 tie – and the local skaters went back to Prince George on Feb. 21 for a fourth and deciding game. Adding to the dramatics, the extra contest went into overtime, during which Sanders found the back of the net, with assists by Sienna Monical and Ryan Allan, to clinch the series with a 5-4 win. 100 Mile House coach Cale Tessaro says the team worked extremely hard throughout the playoffs, and they played their best hockey all season. “The kids really bought into work ethic and their heart was incredible the last six weeks.” Tessaro praised the play of McLean, the 100

Mile House goaltender, in the Prince George series. According to the coach, McLean didn’t just save a bunch of pucks, he saved their bacon, too. “He was a tower. The Prince George coaching staff had nothing but compliments for him after the game. He played well beyond his years.” Primal Electric was eliminated by Quesnel in Round 2 of the Cariboo Amateur Hockey Association playoffs, following an 8-4 loss on Feb. 22 and 3-1 loss on Feb. 23. In Game 1, Sanders (2), Allan and Levi McQueen scored for 100 Mile House. Assists were made by Tanner Hooper (3), Allan and Owen Pincott. Hooper scored 100 Mile House’s only goal on Feb. 23. Assists went to McQueen and Marshall Tessaro. Ryan Balbirnie was also outstanding in net for 100 Mile House. Balbirnie played part of Game 1 and all of Game 2.

100 Mile set to host BC Hockey Championships Local organizers want to make a good impression when hockey clubs from all over the province visit 100 Mile House for a provincial tournament next month. The 2014 Midget Tier 3 BC Hockey Championships, set for March 16-21, will draw 10 midgetlevel teams to 100 Mile House, plus the host team, sponsored by Mayvin Plumbing & Heating. Organizing committee co-chair Sandy Craig says that’s not to mention a number of scouts, families, fans, and some high-calibre hockey. Craig notes the event is estimated

to generate close to $150,000 for the local community. “It’s a huge opportunity for all the businesses,” she says, adding it’s also an opportunity to showcase what 100 Mile House has to offer. “We want the ‘wow’ factor.” The minor hockey provincial championship will be a first for the South Cariboo Rec. Centre, which was built 10 years ago, says facility manager Josh Dickerson. “We are very excited. It is great for the entire community of 100 Mile House to be hosting provincials. “It will bring a lot of people into

our area. It is a lot of work for the host committee and I hope the community will come out and volunteer for the event.” The championship will cost approximately $25,000 to put on, Craig says. Organizers are looking for sponsorships and donations. Interested parties can contact sponsorship co-ordinators Carsten Jorgensen at or 250-395-6583, or Duanne Popadinac at or 250-609-1122. Volunteers are needed for a number of services, such as raffle tables,

50/50 sales and first aid. For more information, contact Craig at or 250-945-4902. A banquet for players, coaches and team officials is scheduled for March 15 at the 100 Mile Community Hall from 6 to 8 p.m. A $10,000 shoot-to-win contest is also slated during the week. Craig says it’s going to be a busy few days, but there’s a “great group of parents” behind the scenes working for the 100 Mile & District Minor Hockey Association. “We’re here to support minor hockey. We want to be great ambassadors.”

100 Mile House hockey teams were in action when Bridge Lake Electric, an Atom development team, and A&M Towing, a Peewee house team, faced-off at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre on Feb. 23. The atom squad won 6-1. Bridge Lake Electric travelled to Williams Lake for two games Feb. 22. The final scores were 5-2 and 8-4 in favour of Williams Lake. Local goal scorers included Robert Waldner, Kyle Sanford, Aiden Moore, Shayne Sutton and Kyson Hopson (2).

LADIES INVITED The 100 Mile Nordics Ski Society invites women and girls to the annual Ladies Ski (snowshoe) and inaugural Mad Hatter Tea Party at the 99 Mile Ski Lodge on Ainsworth Road on March 2, starting at 1 p.m. Attendance is by donation to the 100 Mile & District Women’s Centre Society. Bring a pair of skis or snowshoes and a whacky hat. For more information, call Lauren at 250-791-7291.

ANTIBULLYING The 100 Mile & District Minor Hockey Association is hosting an anti-bullying night at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre on March 6 from 5:30 to 9:15 p.m. A number of on-ice and off-ice activities are planned, including a mini-stick tournament, three-on-three pond hockey and skills competition, and a radar gun set up for shooters. The 100 Mile House Wranglers are coming out to support the event and Canlan Ice Sports is donating a hotdog and juice box for every minor hockey player.


100 Mile House tourney a smash

Gaven Crites Free Press

Balls and bodies were sent flying and crashing all around the gym at 100 Mile House Junior Secondary on Feb. 8-9. Seven teams from around the area competed in a volleyball tournament organized by a local one – Strange Brew – and in the words of 100 Mile House setter, Josh Dickerson, “It was good ball.” “Typically what you get are some ex-university players. They’ve

been out of university ball for a few years, but it’s still very competitive volleyball.” The finals in the co-ed, six-on-six cash tournament saw one team from Kamloops beat another. Teams from 100 Mile House, Lytton and Williams Lake also competed. Strange Brew tries to host two or three tournaments a year, Dickerson says, adding they’re good social events, too. “Kamloops teams are always pressuring us to

get a tournament going because they have such a good time up here. The teams don’t always come for the cash. They come because it’s a fun time. “We get to socialize with the other teams out of town. Most of these teams we see on a regular basis at most of the tournaments.” Dickerson adds they would like to host another tournament when the gym, currently under construction, at Peter Skene Ogden Secondary

School is ready. “It’s going to be a bigger gym with all new

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

equipment. We want to showcase it when " it’s done.”


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Gaven Crites photo

Josh Melansen, playing for 100 Mile House, went up for a smash against a team from Kamloops during a co-ed volleyball tournament at 100 Mile House Junior Secondary School on Feb. 8.

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Gaven Crites photo

Nathan Payette, 9, was one of the players signing up for South Cariboo Minor Softball at early registration day at 100 Mile House Elementary School on Feb. 15. Early bird registration – $50 off regular rate – goes to Feb. 28. Registration forms are available at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre, Exeter Sporting Goods and Jean’s Place in 100 Mile House.

100 Mile Nordics Marathon Committee would like to thank the following businesses, individuals and groups for their support for the 2014 Marathon: The Marathon Committee 100 Mile Lions 108 Lions, Cadets 100 Mile Search and Rescue 100 Mile Fire Fighters Marlene Graham Leslie Ross Beanstalk Cabin crew Stadium lap checkers and timers Bib collectors/kleenex givers Stadium setup and take down crews Chili Makers Track setting (Olaf) Save-On-Foods Safeway

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100 Mile House & District Minor Hockey Schedule for Feb. 26 – March 2, 2014

Wednesday, Feb. 26 5:45 p.m.-7 p.m. 7:15 p.m.

BANTAM HOUSE ~ Sponsored by Donex & Save-On Foods (P) MIDGET HOUSE ~ Sponsored by Pharmasave vs Home Hardware (G)

Thursday, Feb. 27

6:15 a.m.-7:30 a.m. ATOM DEVELOPMENT ~ Sponsored by Bridge Lake Electric Milers (P) 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. ATOM HOUSE ~ Sponsored by Sunrise Ford & 100 Mile Free Press (P) 6:45 p.m.-8 p.m. PEEWEE REP MILERS ~ Sponsored by Primal Electric (P) 8:15 p.m.-9:15 p.m. MIDGET FEMALE ~ (P) 9:30 p.m.-10:45 p.m. MIDGET REP MILERS ~ Sponsored by Mayvin Plumbing & Heating (P)

Friday, Feb. 28 7 p.m.

100 Mile WRANGLERS vs Chase HEAT ~ Home Game 1, Rnd 1, Game 3 (G)

Saturday, March 1

7 a.m.-8:15 a.m. HOCKEY 1 & 2 ~ INITIATION ~ Sponsored by Tim Hortons (P) 8:30 a.m.-9:45 a.m. HOCKEY 3 & 4 ~ NOVICE ~ Central GM vs INVIS (G) 10 a.m.-11:15 a.m. ATOM HOUSE ~ Sunrise Ford vs 100 Mile Free Press (G) 11:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m. HOCKEY 3 & 4 ~ NOVICE ~ Central GM vs Canadian 2 for 1 (G) 1 p.m.-4 p.m. 100 MILE FIGURE SKATING CLUB ~ EXHIBITION 4:15 p.m.-5:30 p.m. PEEWEE HOUSE ~ A&M Towing vs Ainsworth (G) 7 p.m. 100 Mile WRANGLERS vs Chase HEAT Home Game 2, Rnd 1, Game 4 (G) Sunday, March 2 7:30 a.m.-8:45 a.m. 9 a.m.-10:15 a.m. 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

ATOM DEVELOPMENT ~ Sponsored by Bridge Lake Electric Milers (P) BANTAM HOUSE ~ Donex vs Save-On Foods (G) MIDGET REP MILERS ~ Mayvin Plumbing & Heating vs TBD (G)


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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014

‘Fire lit’ for Round 1

Gaven Crites Free Press

The call had the announced 690 people in attendance scratching their heads – which is putting it nicely. Over the public address system, 100 Mile House Wranglers director of marketing Don Jones asked that fans at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre not throw objects on the ice. Referee Quinn Bjordal was public enemy No. 1. The local Junior B hockey team hosted the Chase Heat in its final home game of the regular season on Feb. 21, and with the score knotted at four, the Wranglers seemed to have won in overtime on a goal by Lane van de Wetering. The lamp was lit, the scoreboard read 5-4, and the Wranglers, all of them, were on the ice with their sticks in the air. The crowd cheered. Home ice advantage was still in the cards with one game against Kamloops left to play. Then the referees conferred, and determined the net was dislodged when the puck went over the line. No goal! Coach Doug Rogers was hit with a bench minor for arguing the call. Chase scored shortly after on a power play. Jordan Low let the referee have it after that, and along with Robert Orrey and the Heat’s Connor

Venne, picked up a 10-minute misconduct. The Chase win solidified its home-ice advantage in Round 1 against the Wranglers. Game 1 and 2 went Feb. 25-26 – after press time. 100 Mile House hosts the Heat on Feb. 28 and March 1. The games start at 7 p.m. If necessary, the teams meet in Chase for Game 5 on March 3; 100 Mile House for Game 6 on March 4; and Chase for Game 7 on March 5. 100 Mile House outshot Chase 32-23 on Feb. 21. Still, Chase was up 3-1 after 40 minutes. Jayden Syrota, from Tyson Levesque, scored for the Wranglers in the second frame. Bradley Williams, from Connor Sloan and Micheal Lynch, scored early in the third. Chase added its fourth, and then with 9:42 remaining, Stephen Egan scored with assists by Levesque and Lynch. van de Wetering, from Syrota and Luke Santerno, evened the game at four with 1:41 remaining. A win in regular time would give 100 Mile House homeice advantage against Chase in Round 1. After a 52-game season, 100 Mile House finished third in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League’s Doug Birks Division with 54 points, ahead of Sicamous with 49 and Revelstoke with 22. Continued on 36


NOW AVAILABLE at the Free Press office


w w w w w w w w w w w w w w Gaven Crites photo w w w w Defenceman Jordan Low had a few words for referee Quinn Bjordal followw w ing a 5-4 loss to the Chase Heat at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre on Feb. 21. w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w Here’s what’s happening with w w w w your Wranglers Hockey Team… w w w w VS w w w w PLAYOFFS HAVE STARTED w w w w w w w w Next Home Games w w w w Feb 28 in 100 Mile w COURTESY OF: Game Time 7pm • Doors Open 5:30pm w w w w Autographs: Kenny Nordstrom/Mathieu Longhurst w Over w w Mar. 1 in 100 Mile $12,000 w w in prizes w Game Time 7pm • Doors Open 5:30pm w w w Autographs: Donovan Law/Jordan Low w w •••••• w w $ $ w Adults 12 • Seniors (60+) & Students 10 w Kids 5 and under FREE w w •••••• w w w w Potential Games: w w Mar. 3 in Chase • Mar. 4 in 100 Mile w w • Mar. 5 in Chase w w w w This Wranglers Wrap Sponsored By: w w 250-395-2414 w w HWY 97, w w 100 MILE HOUSE w w w w w w w w w w w w w w SPECIAL GUEST: w w Cappuccino Bar & Bistro WAYNE CARLTON w w 250-395-4644 • 150 Birch Ave., 100 Mile House w w OF MONTROSE, COLORADO Williams Lake and District w w Credit Union w w SHOW HOURS Friday March 7 • 12Noon - 9pm w 2 95B Cariboo Hwy 97 v Coach House Square v 250-395-4094 w Saturday March 8 • 9am - 6pm | Sunday March 9 • 10am - 5pm w w • All Games at the SC Rec Centre • w w COME ON OUT AND BE A PART OF HISTORY! w w Watch this weekly ad for more info w w or phone 250-395-4344 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w




FEB. 26 in CHASE


2014 SEA-DOO SPARK 900 2-UP

MARCH 7-8-9 Be sure to check out Special guests!


Come in soon and pick-up your FREE kit!

Grand Prize presented by:

• PLUS Win a Fishing Weekend

Experience, Courtesy of Stoney Lake Lodge on Douglas Lake Ranch.

ABBOTSFORD • See Over two hundred and fifty exhibitors and seminars PLUS hundreds of boats, ATV’s Fishing Gear, Camping Supplies and Lodges • For all you hunters, check out tons of Hunting equipment, archery, Camo, & Outfitters • Free fly fishing film tour and free fly tying!! … and more!


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

We Are Pleased To Announce Births




Chris & Val Nickless are proud and excited to announce the birth of a granddaughter, Anneka Mae de Groot, born to Mike and Amanda on Dec. 3, 2013 in Calgary, Alta. Anneka is a little sister for Jasper and a new cousin for Hunter and Cleo.


Proud parents Michael & Penny welcomed Ryder Michael on Nov. 28, 2013. Proud grandparents are Tammy Taylor, Darcine & Steve Marinus and Joe Bouwknecht.


We are proud to announce the engagement of Veronica Archie, daughter of Janice Frank, Alana Marty Dixon and Philip Archie; to Darwin Boyce, son of Eleanor Boyce and Alfred Dick. The wedding will take place on August 23, 2014.



Terry & Norma Capnerhurst are pleased to announce the birth of their granddaughter Brooke Lonora on Aug. 25, 2013, weighing 7 lb. 4 oz. Proud parents are Dennis & Erin Capnerhurst of Calgary, Alta.


Proud parents Sarah Davison & Luke Vahala wish to announce the birth of their son Jackson Vahala, baby brother for Ethan. Born on Jan. 20, 2014, at 8:53 a.m. weighing 7 lb. 10 oz. Proud grandparents are Art & Irene Vahala and Barb Godolphin & Rob Popil.

Congratulations from the McKIE/STEWART


Terry & Norma Capnerhurst are proud to announce the birth of their grandson Carter Asa born Jan. 8, 2014, weighing 9 lb. 3 oz. A new son for Darryl & Jackie Capnerhurst and a new brother for Quinn & Kahlan of Edmonton, Alta.

WE WANT TO TELL THE WORLD all about your happy announcement • birth • wedding • engagement • anniversary •

Peter & Sue McKie of South Green Lake are pleased to announce the wedding of their daughter Kimberley McKie to Jonathan Stewart on Jan. 21, 2014. The happy couple was married in front of 36 family members and friends at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Porta Morelos, Mexico. They will go on their honeymoon to Hawaii in the spring.

On the last Wednesday of each month, we’ll publish your announcement on this page! Just drop by the Free Press office, located in the Pinkney Complex on Horse Lake Road, anytime previous to the Thursday before the last Wednesday of the month.

100 Mile House Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014 Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014 A33 33

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100 MILE WHITE CANE Club & Blind Curling fundraiser & open house, flea market & bazaar. Antiques Appraisals by Ted Pappas. 100 Mile Community Hall, March 1, 10 - 3. Games, bucket draws, silent auction & concessions. 250396-4070 or 250-396-7144

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We seek a highly motivated individual for inside sales and customer service. The ability to deal with the Technical aspects of a wide range of water related products is essential. Highlands Irrigation will provide training to the individual who has worked in an industrial, mechanical, or commercial environment. We would also train an applicant who has recently graduated from a post Secondary program. Apply by email or by fax 250 392 2377 or in person at 1105 South Lakeside Drive, Williams Lake.


design sales Highlands Irrigation Williams Lake Ltd.


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North Enderby Timber is looking to hire for various positions including Millwright and/or Fabricator, Heavy Duty Mechanic and Electrician. We offer competitive wages along with a comprehensive benefit package. Please fax resume to 250-838-9637. Traffic Control Flagger Training 100 Mile Feb. 22/23, WL Mar. 1/2 for info and cost call 1-866-737-2389 Lowest Prices! WE have an immediate opening for a dynamic fireplace salesperson for our busy store in Vernon. The successful candidate will have a minimum of 5 years experience in the fireplace industry, in either the retail or building sector, be comfortable in dealing with homeowners and contractors alike,and possess the drive and determination needed to excel in a fast paced environment. We offer an excellent starting salary and commission structure,as well as benefits and RRSP plan. If interested in this position please reply in confidence to Help Wanted

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR The Village of Clinton has an ambitious strategic plan for the coming year. There is a need to fill a part-time position for a Community Development Coordinator (CDC), who is accountable to the chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The Community Development Coordinator is responsible for facilitating and promoting economic development in order to support healthy communities, economic diversification, and population growth. The CDC will be responsible for carrying out the Village’s strategic plan which would include: • facilitating the Official Community Plan/Sustainability Planning sessions; • co-ordinating the Water Infrastructure project and the IT upgrade processes; • functioning as a liaison with local businesses and non-profit groups • and other duties as they arise. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of two years related experience, marketing or public relations, be proficient with information technologies and possess a class 5 or higher drivers licence. The successful candidate will have excellent interpersonal skills, be a team player, and the ability to multi-task. Relevant post-secondary or local government experience is considered an asset. A combination of experience and education may be considered. This position is subject to grant funding approval. The expected start date is April, 2014 and would be for a one year period. Further extensions will depend on the individual’s performance and future grant availability. Qualified candidates are invited to submit an application, including a covering letter, in confidence to: Tom Dall, CAO Fax: 250-459-2227 PO Box 309 Email: Clinton, BC V0K 1K0 Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. References will be required should you be shortlisted. Applications will be received via e-mail, fax or mail until March 21, 2014. For a complete job description please contact the Village Office 250-459-2261.

Box 876, 555 Cedar Ave., 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0

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CMHA South Cariboo Branch The Opportunity: The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a nation-wide, volunteer organization that promotes the mental health of all, and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness. The Canadian Mental Health Association - South Cariboo Branch has been an active local nonprofit organization for over 25 years, committed to providing an environment that is free from prejudice, discrimination and harassment. CMHA South Cariboo Branch is looking for an Executive Director to be responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors. The Responsibility: This exciting opportunity will require you, as the successful candidate, to develop, guide, facilitate and manage the day-to-day Branch operations. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director implements the strategic goals and objectives of the Branch. Some examples of the types of activities you will be accountable for, but not limited to, are: • Leadership/Human Resources: Provide effective leadership/supervision to staff through coaching, motivating and consulting to maximize quality of work. • Public Relations & Community Development: Act as CMHA contact person for all outside sources. • Communications: Oversee disbursement of information to board, members and staff. • Contract and Financial Management: Ensure acceptable accounting principles are used in fiscal management and financial reporting requirements are met. • Program Development and Implementation: Research program ideas and funding sources. Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience: • A degree in mental health care or related discipline, or equivalent training and experience; • Minimum of 5 years experience in Not-for-Profit leadership, preferably in the mental health field. • Proven ability to plan, lead, project manage and inspire positive change; • Excellent interpersonal, communication and group facilitation skills. This is a permanent part-time position (4 days/week). Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. To apply, please send your resume and covering letter to Deadline for applications is 5:00 pm, February 28, 2014. We appreciate all applications but will contact only those selected to be interviewed.

34 A34

Wednesday, February 2014 100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 201426,100 Mile House

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Apt/Condo for Rent

Apt/Condo for Rent

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420 IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s that simple. Your credit / age / income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161.

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Misc. Wanted

Memorial Donations The Canadian Cancer Society appreciates your generous support. Please send the name of the deceased, name/address of next of kin and name/ address of donor for tax receipt (VISA/MC accepted) to: Canadian Cancer Society, #300 - 500 Victoria St. Prince George, B.C. V2L 2J9 or Ph: 1-800-811-5666.

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Memorial donations to the Canadian Diabetes Association can be sent to: 5363 Dawson Rd. 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2E1. Memorial donations to the 100 Mile District Hospice Palliative Care Society can be sent to: Bag 399, 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2E0

STEEL BUILDING. “The big year end clear out!� 20x22 $4,259. 25x24 $4,684. 30x34 $6,895. 35x36 $9,190. 40x48 $12,526. 47x70 $17,200. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422 or visit online: TWO grey back seats out of an ‘05 Dodge Caravan. Near new cond. $200 for set. 250593-4339. WHITE acrylic jetted tub, never used. Outside dimensions 66� by 39�. Includes water heater, pump, chromatherapy lights. 6 back jets,4 sides jets, 2 front jets. Paid $4100, asking $3000. 250-593-4339.

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100 Mile House Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014 Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014 A35 35




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1250 sq. ft. commercial retail space, street level, in Rosewood Building, for rent or lease. Across from Donex. 250-396-7334 or 604-5304224. 750sq.ft. retail space available in 108 Mall. Phone 250-3967334.


Duplex / 4 Plex 2 BDRM unit in 100 Mile. Close to park & school. Ref required. $600/mon. No dogs. Newly reno’d. (250)456-7314 2 BDRM updated suite: 5 min. to 100 Mile. $750/mon includes utilities. Avail. April. 1st. or sooner. 778-485-0043. LAC LA HACHE duplex. Across from LLH Elementary. 4782 Clark Ave. 2 bdrms, lake view, fenced yard. $595/mo. Bill 250-456-7503. LARGE 1 bdrm $525 plus util. N/S. N/P. 100 Mile. Avail. now. Ph. 250-397-0128. QUIET updated 1 bdrm $500. Laundry included. Gateway area. 250-395-2080.

Homes for Rent 100 MILE House (Sundials) 3 bdrm twnhse. NS, NP. $600-$650. 250-395-6576 5 BDRM house on acreage, Bridge Lake area (Hwy 24 & Judson Rd). $1000 per month. Avail. now. Call Dave. 604538-0144 or 604-802-4331 6 BDRM house on Hwy 24, Sheridan/Bridge Lake area. $1000/mon. Animals negotiable. Avail. immediately. 250644-4242. Clinton: House & 9 acres, 15 min. (Chasm). 3 bdrms, 3 bth. island kitchen, renoed in 07. Barn, shop. Set up for horses & dogs. $1200/mon plus util Lease to purchase poss. Avail. Mar. 1st. 1-250-577-3664. HORSE Lake Rd. 5 min. from 100 Mile. 5 yr. old log house avail. April 1st. 2 bdrms, 1.5 baths. WD, FS, DW, $875/mon. Ref. req. No smokers. Sm. pets neg. 250-3954307 OR FOR SALE: 2 mobile homes at 103 Mile. #29 in trailer park and #5449 Saunders Cres. $700/mon plus utilities. Also 5 bdrm house at 108, #4988 Gloinnzun Dr. (or 2 separate suites up & down), $1100/mon plus utilities. 250395-4602 or 250-706-9701.

Townhouses BC Housing is now accepting applications for housing from persons 55 years and older as well as disabled persons 19 years of age and older. Eligible tenants pay 30% of gross monthly income for rent. For applications contact: 250-395-4743 or 1-800-834-7149

“The Only Ministry of Environment Approved Scrap Car Recycler.”

100 Mile New & Used Auto Parts Ltd. 250-395-1141

Toll Free: 1-877-395-1133 *Certain restrictions apply. Call for details

Trucks & Vans 1991 FORD F150 shortbox, 302 engine, very little rust. C/w studded winter, and summer tires. $1400. 778-482-1960. 2005 E450 cube van, 16’ box, PTG, 415K, well looked after $4000. Can come with job $300 plus per day. Call Juergen 250-267-2467. 2007 GMC Canyon SLE Quad Cab, 4x4, 3.5L engine, auto, 167,500 kms. Excellent condition. Only selling as I have upgraded. Great fuel economy. Studded snow tires in VG condition. Interior is immaculate with no rips or tears. This is a full load truck (except leather) and everything works good. Asking $12,250. 250-706-7434


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WAREHOUSEMAN’S LIEN By virtue of a Warehouseman’s Lien, we will dispose of the following articles to recover the indebtedness for storage plus any additional costs for storage, seizure and sale. Household goods, received September 26, 2009. Household goods will be sold in 30 days of this notice, unless charges are paid within the time mentioned. Submitted by: Big Country Storage Terminals Ltd. Lessor, located at 201 Seventh Street, 100 Mile House, BC and Lori Price, Lessee, 13866 Hanson, Surrey, BC.


Cariboo Regional District



By virtue of a Warehouseman’s Lien, we will dispose of the following articles to recover the indebtedness for storage plus any additional costs for storage, seizure and sale. Household goods, received October 31, 2013. Household goods will be sold in 30 days of this notice, unless charges are paid within the time mentioned. Submitted by: Big Country Storage Terminals Ltd. Lessor, located at 201 Seventh Street, 100 Mile House, BC and Darryl Recollet, Lessee, Box 1106, 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0

Generator Replacement Red Bluff Sewer System

The Cariboo Regional District (CRD) is seeking proposals from edžperienceĚ anĚ cerƟĮeĚ companies to remoǀe an edžisƟng standby generator and supply and install a new 90 kW natural gas standby generator at the Red luī ^ewer ^ystem in Quesnel, BC. Wroposals must be receiǀed no later than ϰ͗ϯ0 pm, Wednesday, Darch ϭ9, Ϯ0ϭϰ at the following address͗ Cariboo Regional District ^uite D, ϭϴ0 E. Third ǀe. Williams Lake, BC sϮ' Ϯϰ

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Moving Or Starting A New Business? COMMERCIAL, RETAIL & OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-10,000 sq. ft. • Quality Buildings • Good Locations Multiple Zoning • Lots of Parking

Call Maureen at


L & A Development Corp.

Mr. Mitch Minchau Manager of nǀironmental ^erǀices (Ϯϱ0)ϯ9ϮͲϯϯϱϭ or ϭͲϴ00ͲϲϲϱͲϭϲϯϲ or at the aboǀe noted address







Located off Exeter Rd. Past Tim-Br Mart on McDermid Rd. 100 Mile House, BC

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

District of 100 Mile House NOTICE Proposal To Issue A Development Variance Permit Please be advised that the Council of the District of 100 Mile House proposes, subject to the conditions of Section 922 of the Local Government Act, to issue a Development Variance Permit (DVP) for the property located at 200 Birch Avenue (Fields Store), legally known as Lot 1, Plan 16978, DL 31, Lillooet District, to vary Sign Bylaw No. 1121, 2008 to allow for a fascia sign, as proposed, to be affixed to a building surface which does not directly face a highway. A copy of the proposed DVP may be inspected in the Municipal Office, 385 Birch Avenue, 100 Mile House, BC, during Municipal Office hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) from the date of publication of this notice until 4:00 p.m., March 11, 2014. All parties are encouraged to make their interests known by submitting comments in writing or by attending the March 11th, 2014 Regular Council Meeting. If you require information regarding this DVP, please contact the District Planner, Joanne Doddridge, at 250-395-2434. Joanne Doddridge Planner

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How Do You Spell Fun? Have a ball, play BINGO and support your favorite charity. MONDAY

100 MILE COMMUNITY CLUB BINGO Every Monday night in the 100 Mile Community Hall. Doors open at 6:00pm - Bingo Starts at 7:00pm LOONIE BALL & PROGRESSIVE List your BINGO here every week and let the players in your area know about you. Only $11.14 per week. Call 250-395-2219






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Susan Caroline

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Gaven Crites photo

Grade 6 student Madelynn McEachern, left, took a run at Grade 5 student Lita Montgomery, while teacher Peter Leslie officiated during a wrestling tournament at 100 Mile House Elementary School on Feb. 18.

The 108 Mile Ranch Lions want you to…


Wrestlemania set

the ice will be gone

Junior Secondary School. The 100 Mile House Wrestling Club is hosting the event, which usuStudents cheered on their ally sees about 80 wrestlers, 0says club 9 (25 ) 395-221 Phone: classmates as close to 60 of them coach Phil Johnston. 0 “It’s a fun day., B It gets them FREE PRESSon the X 0Xinter00 MILE head-to-head 1competed XXX C X0 mat during a 100 Mile House ested inX the sport.” Elementary School wrestling tournaJohnston adds Fax:he hopes a number CLOSEST GUESS TO THE EXACT TIME 219THE ICE IS OFF WINS $200 IN CASH! ment oned Feb. 18. of the competitors stick with it) going -2 5 9 3 0 y: 5 B (2 uest Req Phone: Now, a number of the local grap- into high school. Next 16 closest times will win prizes from -3939100 Mile Vision, Hills Health Ranch, 108 Resort (2), 5 9 D 3 N ) 0 A 5 L (2 plers – from grades 4 to 7 – are Invitations have gone out to schools A N DON Fax: LLH Community Club (2 tickets to Steve Elliott on April 26), ress.netin Williams Lake, Prince George and getting set for Wrestlemania, epwhich re ef il m 0 0 1 s@ Rainer’s Health House, Vidas Restaurant, 108 Esso, ed fi si clasMarch 7 at 100 Mile House the surrounding area. goes Ingrid’s Foot1Care, 108 Supermarket, Cindy’s Cookery, Nb. of Inserts: 108 Building Supply, Tim Hortons, LLH Bakery Trucks & Vans 010 /2 1 /2 4 0 and Collette’s Barber Shop (2) End Date: Gaven Crites Free Press






100 Mile Funeral Service Ltd.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

Wranglers third in division

From 31

The Kamloops Storm won the division with 85 points, while Chase 0 0.0second finished$in with 56. The Wranglers travelled to Kamloops on Feb. 22, where they were handed a 4-0 loss. Kamloops outshot 100 Mile House 60-17 and goalie Magnus Viberg made 56 saves in the club’s final regular season game. With respect to the playoff picture, there wasn’t anything on the line for the game. Low says it was a tough game to play. “They were firing on all cylinders.” van de Wetering says the playoff series against Chase is a whole new thing for both teams, but he thinks what happened Feb. 21 will carry over into the matchup going forward. “It was kind of a heated game. I can’t see it

not having a bit of extra drama.” ce: alantheir The teams B split eight regular season Taxes: meetings. Low, who has missed a few games with the Wranglers recently when he was called up to the Prince George

This is a special fundraiser for the 108 Mile Lions Club for our community projects


Entry envelopes are available from 108 Supermarket, Spruce Kings of the Cindy’s Cookery (formerly Dowe’s Diner), 108 Esso, Vidas British 0 Columbia Restaurant, LLH Bakery, Donex Pharmacy, Collette’s $0.0 Hockey League, says Barber Shop, 1 Century Home Hardware, Hills Health Ranch e 1 of and ag P he’ll be in the lineup for from all 108 Lions Club Members. $0.00 For more information call Lion Jim at 250-791-6633 the Chase series. or Lion Barry at 250-791-6472 “We’re excited to get * In case of clock malfunction, the winner will be determined by a random draw. started. I think we have a fire lit under us to VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please contact Chris Nickless: 250-395-2219 go out there and beat CANADA’S CONSERVATION them.” COMPANY

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May 28, 1946- Feb. 16, 2014

On Feb. 16th, our beautiful mother, grandmother, sister, and friend passed away peacefully at the age of 67. Susan will be dearly missed by her children Tara, Tyler, Riley, Carly, granddaughter Alisha, brother David and sister Jennifer. Her passion was spending time with her children and granddaughter. She had a deep appreciation for the arts and natural world. As a talented artist, she created many works of art in a variety of mediums. Later in life, she focused on developing her granddaughter Alisha into an amazing artist. There will be a celebration of life on Sat., March 8 at 2:00 p.m. at Pynelogs Cultural Center and Art Gallery in Invermere, B.C. In lieu of flowers or gifts, donations can be made to Columbia Valley Arts in Invermere. Donations will fund a children’s art program.


Philip Roy July 2, 1962 - Feb. 4, 2014

Phil passed away in Cowichan District Hospital, surrounded by his family and friends. He is survived by his wife Dana, daughters: Katherine (Erron), Justine, and Michelle (Kaj); his brothers: John (Gail) and David (Mark) Gabel, sisters Margaret Gabel and Barbara (Pedro) Arrais; his in-laws Dan and Connie, Kevin (Patti), and Byron (Colleen) Coates, and Christina (Jordon) Clarke; as well as many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents Dave and Jean Gabel and his aunt Katharine Knox. Phil was born in Chemainus, and lived a very active life, being involved with Canada World Youth and Katimavik during which time he met his wife Dana. They moved to 100 Mile House where he loved raising his three daughters. While enjoying his career in the travel industry, his passion for community service became evident, working as an Auxiliary RCMP office and member of the School Board. After a serious car accident, which left him in a wheelchair, he never lost his adventurous spirit, seizing the opportunity to bungee jump in Whistler and glide over the Fraser Valley. There will be a celebration of life in honour of Phil’s amazing spirit to be held at a later date. The family wishes to thank all those involved in Phil’s medical care. Donations in Phil’s name will be gratefully appreciated by Spinal Cord Injury BC. He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends. We love you Phil. 100 Mile Funeral Service Ltd. entrusted with the arrangements. 250-395-3243 Condolences can be sent to the family care of

The memory of a good person is a blessing. Proverb 10:7

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014 |


Welcome to the driver’s seat

This new 2014 Corolla has been on sale sale here since the fall of 2013 and by the number, I see on the road, it looks to be a hit already. Visit V isit the 2014 Corolla gallery at

Eco version of world’s top seller stingy on gas Th TToyota C The Corolla ll iis the h best b hi ddesign. i The Th eye-catching lower stance, standard LED selling car of all time, worldprojector headlamps and wide, selling 1.3 million units sleeker bodywork now make in Canada alone since it was this a car people would be introduced in 1966. proud to own. To say the Corolla is a big deal for Toyota is an underInside statement as it represents The dash is wide and flat 47 per cent of all passenger with easy to see, and use, For those that sales for Toyota Canada. But radio and heat controls, place fuel economy the Corolla is also a big deal but the look is fresh and for Canada as it is made in over everything, the contemporary. The seats now Ontario and the Cambridge Corolla Eco might just sit lower in the car to make assembly plant. Cambridge room for the slightly lower was selected as the lead plant be worth a look as it roofline, but I found getting for vehicle development, as takes an already thrifty in and out no problem. it makes cars for all of North car and squeezes even The seats provide excellent America, the Corolla’s biggest and comfort. more out of each litre support market. The back seat has a lot of fuel. This new 2014 Corolla has more legroom because been on sale here since the the wheelbase of this new Zack Spencer fall of 2013 and by the nummodel has been stretched ber I see on the road, it looks by 10 cms. The car is also to be a hit already. slightly wider, making hip room impressive. For those that place fuel economy over Overall the cabin is large and airy and everything, the Corolla Eco might just be nicely put together, considering the price. worth a look as it takes an already thrifty Since the S, LE or Eco models will be the car and squeezes even more out of each sales leaders, Toyota has kitted all three litre of fuel. out with a 6.1-inch touch-screen radio that includes Bluetooth streaming audio, phone Looks connectivity and a backup camera. Faux One major criticism of Toyota as a brand, leather seats are available on the S and LE and the Corolla, in particular, has been drab but not the Eco. The good news is that all styling. Toyota recently has been walking models come with heated front seats. a nice line between updating their lineup



to be more progressive but also keeping their loyal buyers happy. The Corolla is sold in several different trim levels, starting at $15,995 to get the base CE, but the reality is that most Canadians will upgrade to the $19,215 S (Sport) or the LE for $19,500. To upgrade to this $20,500 LE Eco model is $1,035 over the S model and $750 over the regular LE. I prefer the S trim for its more aggressive 17-inch wheels compared to the LE and LE Eco, which come with smaller 16-inch wheels. Regardless, this model is a massive step forward in terms of delivering an

Drive All but the Eco model come with a 132hp version of the 1.8L 4-cylinder engine carried over from the last car. The Eco gets a 140hp version that comes with Toyota’s Valevematic technology that helps to pump out the extra 8hp, yet improves fuel economy. The base CE is sold with either a 6-speed manual or the 4-speed automatic found in the last model. The only other model to be offered with a manual is the S trim. That leaves the LE and Eco with a standard continuously variable transmission (CVT),

Verdict The Corolla is a fine update, pdate, Toyota set out to makee a roomier, more stylish and value packed car. The Eco hass no options availavail able so it sticks to the $20,150 base price. I do enjoy the new interior, the styling is an improvement and many families will welcome the space.

t ou


y in toda ss e Free Pr

This B.C. owned Intermeccanica Roadster wears its colour with pride wherever it shows. It is a faithful reproduction on the 1959 Porsche 356-A Convertible “D”, which the Vancouver-based custom builders began producing in 1982. This car was hand built in 2011 and would cost around $95,000 to reproduce today. It has standard equipment such as Porsche suspension, four-wheel-disc brakes, and 356-type reclining seats. Power is provided by an Audi 1.8-litre, 185 hp turbo fuel injected engine with auto transmission. It has a full leather interior, square weave carpeting in silver blue with pink leather binding. The custom 356 instrument panel has pink facing and the courtesy lights even provide a pink hue to the interior. It’s a classic in appearance but it does have such contemporary creature comforts as electric windows, power door locks with remote keyless entry, and air conditioning!

Join the cause and buy a pink shirt at or at London Drugs

Question of the week: Have you ever been the subject of rude or intimidating behaviour while driving? What happened? The Lowdown Power: 1.8L 4-cylinder with 132hp or 140hp Fill-up: 6.5L/4.6L/100km (city/highway Eco) Sticker price: $15,995-$20,250


Check ou

Proud in pink…

andd this hi unit i as an option i in i the h S trim. i The upside to buying the Eco is an improved fuel economy score. The regular LE with a CVT has a combined city and highway rating of 5.9L/100km but the Eco model drops that down to 5.7L/100km. The penalty for this economy conomy is a lack of driving spirit. rit. I drove the S model at the Quebec City launch and expected a similar performance because this Eco has eight more horsepower. Not the case. I would take the minor fuel economy P TO G A STOPINK PUTTININ hit and buy the S or regular egular N O G BULLY DAY, FEB. 26 LE instead. SHIRT

• Over 350,000 quality parts available • Tools and light equipment • Lighting and Accessories

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Safety Tip: While our days are continuing to get longer, road conditions remain challenging and visibility is limited. As drivers, we always need to be on the lookout for pedestrians but especially at busy intersections and near transit stops where they may be coming and going and not always in a crosswalk.

Exeter Parts & Supplies 260 Exeter Stn. Rd. • 250-395-2277

Less Fuel. More Power. Great Value is a comparison between the 2014 and the 2013 Chrysler Canada product lineups. 40 MPG or greater claim (7.0 L/100 km) based on 2014 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption ratings. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption may vary based on driving habits and other factors. Ask your dealer for the EnerGuide information. ¤2014 Dodge Grand Caravan – Hwy: 7.9 L/100 km (36 MPG) and City: 12.2 L/100 km (23 MPG). 2014 Dodge Journey SE 2.4 L 4-speed automatic – Hwy: 7.7 L/100 km (37 MPG) and City: 11.2 L/100 km (25 MPG). 2013 Dodge Dart AERO – Hwy: 4.8 L/100 km (59 MPG) and City: 7.3 L/100 km (39 MPG). 2013 Civic Touring 1.8 L 16-valve, SOHC, i-VTEC® 4-cylinder Automatic – Hwy: 5.0 L/100 km (56 MPG) and City: 6.2 L/100 km (45 MPG). 2013 Elantra L 1.8 L Dual CVVT DOHC 16V Engine Automatic – Hwy: 5.2 L/100 km (54 MPG) and City: 7.2 L/100 km (39 MPG). 2013 Corolla 1.8 L 4-Cylinder DOHC 16V VVT-i DIS ETCS-I Engine Manual – Hwy: 5.6 L/100 km (50 MPG) and City: 7.4 L/100 km (38 MPG). 2013 Focus SE with optional Super Fuel Economy package and 2.0 L I4 Direct Injection engine with 6-speed automatic– Hwy: 4.8 L/100 km (59 MPG) and City: 7.2 L/100 km (39 MPG). Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, ‡, », €, >, †, § The First Big Deal Sales Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after February 1, 2014. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing includes freight ($1,695) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees, other dealer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. •$19,998 Purchase Price applies to 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (29E) only and includes $8,100 Consumer Cash Discount. $19,998 Purchase Price applies to the new 2014 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package (22F+CLE) only and includes $2,000 Consumer Cash Discount. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2014 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. ‡4.29% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Ultimate Family Package/2014 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package model to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Examples: 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Ultimate Family Package/2014 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package with a Purchase Price of $27,888/$19,998 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discounts) financed at 4.29% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $159/$114 with a cost of borrowing of $5,082/$3,644 and a total obligation of $32,970/$23,642. »Ultimate Family Package Discounts available at participating dealers on the purchase of a new 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with Ultimate Family Package (RTKH5329G/JCDP4928K). Discount consists of: (i) $2,500 in Bonus Cash that will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes; and (ii) $850 in no-cost options that will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. €$10,350 in Total Discounts is available on new 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT models with Ultimate Family Package (RTKH5329G/JCDP4928K) and consists of $7,000 in Consumer Cash Discounts and $3,350 in Ultimate Family Package Discounts. >4.19% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2013 Dodge Dart SE (25A) model to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Example: 2013 Dodge Dart SE (25A) with a Purchase Price of $16,880 financed at 4.19% over 96 months with $0 down payment, equals 416 weekly payments of $47 with a cost of borrowing of $2,905 and a total obligation of $19,285. †0.0% purchase financing for 36 months available on the new 2013 Dodge Dart SE (25A) to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance on 2012/2013 Jeep Compass, Patriot and 2013 Dodge Dart models. Example: 2013 Dodge Dart SE (25A) with a Purchase Price of $16,880, with a $0 down payment, financed at 0.0% for 36 months equals 78 bi-weekly payments of $217.69; cost of borrowing of $0 and a total obligation of $16,880. §Starting from prices for vehicles shown include Consumer Cash Discounts and do not include upgrades (e.g. paint). Upgrades available for additional cost. ♦Based on R. L. Polk Canada Inc. sales data. Calendar year to date retail vehicle registrations. ^Based on 2014 Ward’s Middle Cross Utility segmentation. **Based on 2014 Ward’s upper small sedan costing under $25,000. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.

38 T:10.25”



• Air conditioning with Tri-zone Temperature Control • SiriusXM TM Satellite Radio (includes one year of service) • Hands-free® connectivity with UconnectTM Voice Command with Bluetooth® • Includes second row power windows











47 @ 4.19 0











114@ 4.29 BI-WEEKLY‡








HIGHWAY H 7.7 7.7 . L/100 KM HWY ¤


Starting from price for 2014 Dodge Journey R/T AWD shown: $32,390.§



59 MPG








Starting from price for 2013 Dodge Dart GT shown: $25,690.§



2/19/14 5:00 PM


DBC_141019_LB_MULTI_DART_FBD.indd 1

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press

T HE ♦




36 6 MPG PG HIGHWAY WAY 7.9 L/100 KM M HWY ¤

Starting from price for 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew Plus shown: $32,990.§


100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, February 26, 2014



A day’s drive in Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada: The


Sport seats offered the body grip desired at higher freeway speeds…


Keith Morgan

BMW M235i is not an M car in the strict sense of the performance series line. It’s actually replacing the 135i and acquires the 2 Series designation by virtue of the German manufacturer’s move to give all coupes and convertibles an even number designation while the sedans stick with the odd numbers. But let’s not get hung up on nomenclature. A day’s drive in Vegas in the top-of-theline model was enough to tease me into thinking that all of the 2 coupes are going to be fun in varying degrees, depending on your need for speed and performance. This $45,000 looker will hit 100 km/h in five second, courtesy of the 3.0-litre, 320 hp, in line six-cylinder. It also bonds like glue to the road, going where it is aimed in the corners. By the way, if you go for the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires you can

open this baby up to a top speed of 250 km/h. If you for cheaper rubber then you are going to have to limit your excitement to 210 . . . . now let me think where you can hit either of those speeds in B.C. Sport seats offered the body grip desired at higher freeway speeds and the suspension coped reasonably well with the Nevada potholes. I think the non-M iteration will likely offer a smoother ride. Played with paddle gear

changers to considerable enjoyment, ever conscious of a sudden appearance in the rear view mirror of the zealous speed cops. Cruised the strip – windows down, of course – and while it did seem to want to lay down rubber between lights, I can see this being a decent city car too. The launch test cars had eight-speed autos, which would appeal in gridlock. Six-speed manual trannies will be available for boy racers. (Hmm only wealthy boy racers could


afford these wheels.) The 228i version comes with a less performance oriented 2.0-litre 240 hp in line four-cylinder power plant and sells for $36,000 in its base format. No official fuel consumption numbers yet but he chatter at the launch was 10/6.4 L/100km (city/highway) and a litre saving on the 228i. I look forward to testing both versions in real B.C. conditions in the coming months.

r ncer cer ncer ctal Canceiculitis a C e lar Caladder Can t e t u a r r t c i e o s t l v o s i o r •P •B • Te •C •D s dgkin omies Crohn’s Colitis • Non-Ho homa t s O • • • Lymp


Below The Belt

If you are having an issue



there is help!


250 791-9235

We now provide

250 791-5540

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water testing on site


for people with hot tubs and pools.

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• Fast, reliable high-speed Internet with speeds

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Pool and Hot tUB CHeMiCals and sUPPlies

Can Com Electronics Williams Lake, BC 1.250.706.8656

do anything

Dricos Entertainment 100 Mile House, BC 1.250.395.1311

You can

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Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm

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$34.99 applies to the 1st six months. $44.99 starts in month 7. Offer ends March 31, 2014 and is available to new customers who agree to a 1 year term commitment on any Xplornet 4G Residential package. Not to be combined with any other offer. $99 activation fee applies on a 1 year term. Taxes apply. 2Xplornet high-speed Internet service includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, you will receive a refund of all amounts paid to Xplornet if you cancel your subscription within 30 days of activation. Xplornet® is a trade-mark of Xplornet Communications Inc. © 2014 Xplornet Communications Inc. 1

West Sat admat 01/14


2014 Highlander









2014-01-18 7:21 PM

Xplornet West SAT Admat 4-3125x7 1C-K JAN2014.indd 1











1-888-378-3205 106 N. Broadway Ave Williams Lake



* OR














Toyota Tops All With The Most Retained Value Award


VISIT YOUR TOYOTA DEALER OR for complete details. On approved credit.

Toyota Tops All Competition With The Most Canadian Black Book Retained Value Award


Wednesday, February 26, 2014 100 Mile Free Press




MSRP $26,925




OAC $ 60 Month Lease 179 Bi-Weekly, 99


Bi-Weekly, OAC 60 Month Lease



















OAC $ Bi-Weekly, OAC $ Bi-Weekly, OAC 60 Month Lease 129 60 Month Lease 187 60 Month Lease 143 Bi-Weekly,

















2012 CHEVROLET CRUZE LTZ, Heated Leather Seats









Like New! 10,000km




Leather Seats Loaded!



2012 FIAT 500

Automatic, Air, Low km



2012 GMC SIERRA 2500 Crew Cab Low Km



2012 CHEVROLET EQUINOX 4 Door, AWD Automatic





Clean! Reg. $16,995




With Canopy



2011 CHEVROLET SILVERADO Crew Cab With Canopy



2003 GMC SIERRA 2500HD

Ext. Cab, 4x4 Diesel



2001 FORD F350

4x4, Diesel 7.3L


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DL 10683 *OAC on approved credit. Plus tax, documentation. See dealer for details.

100 Mile House Free Press, February 26, 2014  

February 26, 2014 edition of the 100 Mile House Free Press