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Local musicians’ band nominated for a Juno Award

Local mother-son team take on Kilimanjaro, for a good cause

Coming, going and growing in the Cove As islanders welcome Bistro Rustique, Miksa owners move off-island. Other local businesses reflect on the challenges and potential offered by their lower-Cove location MERIBETH DEEN EDITOR

The faces of Bistro Rustique. From left: Celine Boyer, Thierry Mohrbach, Brockton Schwenning (employee), Joel (Thierry’s father), Thomas, Lucas, Erika. Debra Stringfellow, photo

Be your kid’s co-pilot Social media and internet safety consultant talks to Bowen kids and parents MERIBETH DEEN EDITOR

Facebook is for dinosaurs, and parents are likely to have a very hard time keeping up with their kids appetite for mobile communication technologies. So says Jesse Miller, an internet safety consultant who visted Bowen Island this week and spoke with kids a BICS and IPS, and then to their parents. While parents can’t expect to be experts, Miller wants them to be open to learning, and letting their kids guide them through the technology. “Let them be your

co-pilot,” says Miller. “But it’s up to you, as an adult with more life experience to help your kid navigate the dangers.” In talking to kids in grades 4, 5 and 6 at BICS, Miller says their use of social media technologies is not so different from kids their age elsewhere in BC. “With the younger kids, I don’t teach them about social media until they teach us,” says Miller. “So I start by asking somewhat leading questions...” continued, PAGE 3

Dee Elliott


Islanders happily gobbled up crèpes and waffles of both sweet and savory varieties at the newly opened Bistro Rustique in Snug Cove. As the restaurant is filling the space left open by the departure of Leftbank, it does not exactly count as a new addition. However, it is part of what appears to be a changing landscape in the lower part of Snug Cove. Miksa is not going anywhere, but is going up for sale as its owner, Mike Nagy, prepares to open up a new restaurant on Alberni Street in Vancouver. The new restaurant will be called Nagy’s House, and Mike will co-own it with his brother, Paul. “It’s been an amazing five years,” says Jazzmin Nagy, Mike’s wife and also sidekick in the operation of Miksa. “We are so grateful to have had the chance to contribute to Bowen, and appreciate all the customers who have supported us over the years.” Nagy says the move to Vancouver has always been part of the couple’s long-term plan, but they are also excited about the business opportunities on the

mainland. “We are still sorting out some details about our new location,” says Nagy. “But it looks as though our rent downtown will be comparable to what we’ve been paying in the Cove during the high season. We look forward to not being dependent on the business that comes from tourists in the summer time, and the ease of sourcing different kinds of food that are a struggle to get on Bowen, and of course, not having to cope with the ferry costs.” On top of the cost of rent, any improvements that needed to be made to the restaurant had to be paid for by the Miksa owners. “Making changes was also frustratingly slow at times,” says Nagy. “It took us three months to turn the parking spots in front of the restaurant into a patio, and without that patio, I can’t say for sure we would’ve made enough money to get through the winter months. Also, we were shut down for two weeks when we first put up the terrace posts out there. We never got the permit the Municipality wanted us to get for that, but people were so mad that we were shut down, that we were allowed to open up again.” continued, PAGE 2

Bowen Island Living it. Loving it.




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Doing business in Snug Cove from PAGE 1

Nagy also says she is looking forward to stepping back from the restaurant business and pursuing her own career in the midwifery field. “I see a family taking over Miksa,” she says. “I think that’s the way to make a business like this work on Bowen, if you’ve got a couple, both of whom are devoted to the business because they want to make life work on the Island.” Nagy says that despite the challenges of running a business on Bowen, when they had the business assessed and added up all the numbers Miksa did better than expected. The restaurant is going up for sale and whoever buys it will be able to turn the key and start making money right away. Until the sale is made, Mike Nagy will continue to run Miksa while starting up the new restaurant. The Mohrbach/Boyer family, who own Bistro Rustique, fit Jazzmin Nagy’s profile of successful restauranteurs on Bowen Island. The family moved to Bowen five years ago. “We really wanted to own our own business,” says Celine Boyer, “and we wanted to do it here on Bowen. We love it here, and our kids love going to BICS and none of us want to move.” Last year, Celine’s husband Thierry Mohrbach tried to get permission to set up a food truck that would serve Belgian waffles close to the upper part of the ferry lineup, but the plan did not get Council’s approval as Bowen’s bylaws do not permit mobile food vendors.

“After that, we had to move on,” says Boyer. “We knew Rebecca [Dawson, owner of Leftbank] and when she told us she was leaving we saw this as the perfect opportunity. We’ve always liked this space and feel good about our plans. I’ll be available to work at the restaurant when the kids are at school, and we have really great help for the late afternoon and evening hours.” Piers Hayes from The Snug Cafe and his new chef from England, Allen, walked down to Bistro Rustique with flowers and a card to welcome Thierry Mohrbach to the neighbourhood on opening day. “Its nice to see them go in there,” says Hayes. “Their food is really different from ours. I think, when it comes to the restaurants in the lower Cove we are all competitive, but we get along.” Like Miksa, Hayes says his business feels the pressure of high rents and a drop in clientele in the winter months. “When you’re paying $60 thousand a year in rent, it is really tough to come out with 10 percent more at the end of the year,” says Hayes, who says he would like to buy the building that houses The Snug, but is not in a rush. “I think we are all really suffering here from inflated real estate and land values. There’s a vacant lot next door up for sale for $400 thousand. If you look at that cost and crunch the numbers, you’ll see things just don’t add up.” Hayes says the difference in business between the peak season and the slowest times, in January and February, is up to 300 percent, but he does not believe that increasing tourism to Bowen will change that. “Instead of searching for the fickle tourists, and don’t


get me wrong we love the tourists,” he says, “We should be looking for 100 new households. The island would not be overcrowded by any stretch, but that would make all the difference when it comes to stabilizing business here.”

When you’re paying $60 thousand a year in rent, it is really tough to come out with 10 percent more at the end of the year.I think we are all really suffering here from inflated real estate and land values. There’s a vacant lot next door up for sale for $400 thousand. If you look at that cost and crunch the numbers, you’ll see things just don’t add up.

Despite the difficulties and tight profit margins, Hayes remains optimistic about Bowen and the Cove. “You see what the Bellringers are doing with the expansion of village square, and I think that just might be the beginning of a domino effect of positive change,” he says. “Sometimes things just take a little longer M U N I C I PA L I T Y than you think they should. As my brother said this place is a jewel, it just hasn’t been discovered yet.” Glenn Cormier, who owns the Bowen Island Pub is equally optimistic about the Cove the business opportunities that exist in it. “I’ve run a number of establishments in Vancouver, and I would never run a business there again. Here on Bowen there is such a devoted clientele that actually want to see you succeed. They are loyal and they want to see you succeed, even if you mess up on occasion. I remember, when I ran a wine and tapas bar in Yaletown I’d have people walk out of there raving about the food - but I’d never see those people again.” Cormier acknowledges that the high price of rent can be a serious burden for small businesses in the Cove, but sees that changing as the area is developed. “A lot of these buildings have single uses, but if they could be built up a bit that could really help the rent come down. If you go out there you’ll see that half the Cove is for sale. I’m thinking that will bring in not only new money, but also new energy and vision, and then we’ll see a transformation, I also think our current council is on board with that. While Cormier acknowledges that major changes don’t happen overnight, he believes smaller changes can make a big difference. “I’ve had a lot of feedback on my decision to paint the pub,” says Cormier, “and not all of it has been good feedback, but anyway, people have noticed. I think that small things, like a paint job or putting up flower boxes, that’s a really great • to Bowen Island Municipal Council at the Public start. It’s up to the private sector to get the ball Hearing at 11:00 a.m., Monday, February 24, 2014. rolling, and the merchants in the Cove have been getting together to talk about these things, we Inquiries regarding the proposed bylaw may be directed to need to work together, and to remind each other Judy McLeod, Planning Consultant at 604-947-4255 or by that we can’t just hide in our shops wait for someemail at one else to come along and do the work we’ll all NO REPRESENTATIONS WILL BE RECEIVED BY THE BOWEN benefit from.”

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE is hereby given that Bowen Island Municipal Council will hold a Public Hearing for the purpose of allowing the public to make representations on the following proposed bylaws: • Bylaw No. 354, 2013 Land Use Amendment Bylaw (Fairweather Holdings Inc.) The Public Hearing will be held on: Monday, February 24, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at Municipal Hall, 981 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island, BC. At the Public Hearing, all persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the proposed bylaw. Subject Property: Purpose: The purpose of Bylaw No. 354, 2013 “Bowen Island Land Use Bylaw No. 57, 2002 Amendment Bylaw No. 354, 2013” is to permit one caretaker’s residence of up to 100 square metres in floor area in addition to the main dwelling on the lot. A copy of the proposed bylaw and any background material that may be considered by Bowen Island Municipal Council in respect of the proposed bylaw, may be inspected at Bowen Island Municipal Hall, 981 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island, BC between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, inclusive, excluding statutory holidays, or on the BIM website at commencing Friday, February 7, 2014. Written submissions may be delivered to: • Bowen Island Municipal Hall in person or by mail to 981 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island, BC, V0N 1G2 or by fax: 604-947-0193 prior to 11:00 a.m. Monday, February 24, 2014; or





Making a life-saving shock accessible

Online Safety from PAGE 1

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Every five years, the standards and method of delivering this potentially life-saving process is updated by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). “We used to do twelve chest compressions and then three breaths,� says Oekelon. “But now the technique’s motto is push hard and push fast, you should be delivering 100 chest compressions to a depths of 5cm every minute, and breathing into the victim’s lungs after every 30 compressions.� The latest guidelines on CPR also recommend early defibrillation to increase chances of survival. Compact, relatively inexpensive and easy to use, AEDs are becoming more common in public spaces, and private spaces as well. “I’m pretty sure any London Drugs you’d walk into in downtown Vancouver would have one,� says Oekelon. When an AED is used alongside CPR within five minutes of cardiac arrest, the chances of the cardiac arrest victim’s survival increase by 80 percent compared to the delivery of CPR alone. These machines come inside a kit about half the size of a standard business briefcase, and include two pads which the rescuer places on the top left and lower right sides of the victim’s chest, and a small machine which delivers perfectly timed electrical shocks to the victim’s heart. “The kit shows you exactly where to place Amanda Oekelon shows off the Municipal Hall’s new Automatic the patches, and once you turn the machine External Defibrilator. on it tells you exactly what it’s doing, and Meribeth Deen, photo exactly what to do,� says Oekelon. Oekelon says she’s startd researching where MERIBETH DEEN all the AED’s are on Bowen. “There’s one at the Rec office below BICS, and the Municipal EDITOR Hall got one recently. The Orchard just got two, but as far as I know, there are no AEDs on the West side of the island.� First Aid Instructor and former paramedic Amanda Oekelon says she wants to put a map of Bowen together that Oekelon’s first rule of emergency response comes down to pinpoints the location of these life-saving devices. When that’s thinking ahead and formulating a plan ahead of time. As the complete, she’ll be able to find the gaps, and start looking for leader of Bowen Island’s Sun Run group, not only does she ways to fill them in. carry basic first aid supplies with her on each run, she also con“An AED costs about $1200. I know there are grants and siders out every route with key address points so that if somepublic programs to help cover the costs of putting them into thing happens and she needs to call in for extra help, she can public spaces, but fundraising is also a possibilty. The Tunstall communicate the group’s exact whereabouts without hesitation. Bay Clubhouse should have one, and so should the golf course. Oekelon’s recently taken on the position Municipal Emergency These things only work if they are used within the first five or Planning Coordinator, but she’s recently been caught up in a ten minutes, so being able access one as quickly as possibly is personal project: to make the knowledge of life-saving Artificial often the difference between life and death.� Electronic Defibrilators (AEDs) accessible on all parts of Teaching people how to use them, and how to deliver CPR is Bowen, and to their whereabouts and how to use them coman ongoing process. All First Aid courses now have AED trainmon knowledge. ing in them. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, every twelve Amanda Oekelon teaches Emergency First Aid Courses for minutes someone in Canada experiences sudden cardiac arrest, Adults and Youth through Bowen Island Recreation. Check out and 85 percent of those incidents happen outside of hospital the Rec guide for information on upcoming courses. making properly delivered emergency care critical. The basic emergency procedure to deal with this situation, which, when it works, involves actually bringing someone back to life, is


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LOW FEET 0510 1829 0642 1927 0812 2023 0918 2114 1007 2158 1046 2237 1120 2311

10.5 4.6 11.2 4.6 11.2 4.3 11.2 4.3 10.8 3.9 10.2 3.9 9.8 3.9



5:30 am # 6:30 am** 7:30 am** 8:30 am 9:30 am 10:30 am 11:30 am 12:30 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm †5:00 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm * 8:00 pm 9:00 pm 10:00 pm

VANCOUVER Horseshoe Bay

6:00 am** 7:00 am** 8:00 am 9:00 am †10:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm 2:25 pm 3:30 pm 4:30 pm 5:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:30 pm * 8:30 pm 9:35 pm

Distance: 3 NAUTICAL MILES Crossing Time: 20 MINUTES

Leave Horseshoe Bay

H:-2 L: -8

0033 1048 Sat. 0157 1136 Sun. 0305 1232 Mon. 0357 1335 Tue. 0438 1436 Wed. 0511 1530 Thurs. 0541 1617


In Effect December 30, 2013-March 31, 2014

Leave Snug Cove






...I tell them that I’m a Dad and that I’m visiting a community and if I wanted to send pictures to my daughter, how would I do that? And so they tell me I could use Facebook, you can use Instagram‌ a lot of the kids I talked to told me they used these tools, it’s okay with their parents.â€? The slightly older kids are more active on social media, particularly with programs like Instagram and Snapchat. “It’s their version of polaroid film. Polaroids for a previous generation were pictures you could take without them being viewed by some guy at the store,â€? Miller explains. “With SnapChat you can send a picture and you can write a little message or draw on it, and then once it’s received, it disappears within 10 seconds. The fact that the picture deletes itself makes kids more confident in sharing. The fact that the photo might still exist for say, police records, doesn’t cross their minds. But this information never really goes away. Kids don’t think about that. Really, neither do most adults.â€?

When our kids are little, we teach them to speak, and as we do so every family creates a set of expectations about communication - what’s considered polite and appropriate, for example. The same kind of expectations need to be set for the way kids - and adults communicate online. Miller says he finds a lot of parents to be wary of these tools, but he encourages them to learn about them and try to open up a conversation about social media in general. “When our kids are little, we teach them to speak, and as we do so every family creates a set of expectations about communication - what’s considered polite and appropriate, for example. The same kind of expectations need to be set for the way kids - and adults communicate online.� Miller says that simply asking questions can push kids to think about their online communications in a more critical way - like whether or not they would say the things they say online to someone’s face. “A lot of kids hold the number of followers they have like a badge of honour,� says Miller. “They’re not shy about admitting to me that their ‘friends;’ are often people they don’t know in real life. So I ask, how would you feel if a stranger came up to you at a bus stop and said they liked your pictures? Everyone agrees that’s creepy.� While Miller advocates asking questions, he doesn’t advocate treating the topic of social media like “the Spanish Inquisition.� He also doesn’t encourage parents to try and follow their kids’ every move on social media. “You need to have a certain level of respect for private space. These kids treat these accounts like extensions of their diaries, this is where they talk about the people they like and their feelings, but what they don’t realize is that there’s a whole world that can look in at those conversations. As parents, we need to understand that we were kids once too and we made mistakes, but the mistakes our kids are going to make online today are going to be there for a long time, and anyone can look them up.�

Places of Worship Welcome You BOWEN ISLAND UNITED CHURCH Rev. Shelagh MacKinnon

Service and Sunday School: 10:30 a.m. Collins Hall Bookings: Helen Wallwork Minister of Music: Lynn Williams


BOWEN ISLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH Pastor Clinton Neal 1070 Miller Road 604-947-0384 Service 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m.






CATES HILL CHAPEL 604-947-4260


Mass: 10:30 a.m. Priest: Father James Comey

(661 Carter Rd.)




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Who’s responsible for the poo in “Poo Bay”? Dear Editor,

Although I applaud the efforts of council and community to clean up Mannion Bay, to suggest this effort was anything more than a much needed face lift for this wounded environment is a stretch. I believe that the Bay is indeed badly polluted but that if a real scientific inquiry was conducted it would be evident that the boats and their occupants and uses could only be considered as very minor contributors to the problem - possibly even less of a contributor than the local deer population. Around 2000 the community had anecdotal evidence to suggest we may have a problem in the Bay. Council agreed to put a few bucks into taking water samples and the results were not good. As I recall the regional health authorities skin contact threshold for fecal coliform at the time was 200 ppm and we had results that ranged into the 1000’s at various times and tides during the test period. I have not let my kids swim in Mannion Bay since.

Council and the CAO at the time determined that the Bay was not their jurisdiction and therefore its water quality not their problem. From there the issue and data went to join decades of other data and studies collecting dust on the shelves and nothing more was said. I believe the real culprit is the 300 plus septic fields in the Manion Bay watershed. My rough count was 335 septic fields - all of these sitting in a very thin layer of dirt on top of bed rock or clay. Two of the worst types of strata for the dispersion of effluent. It is very unlikely that you would find 100 fields that would pass a modern inspection. I wouldn’t be surprised to find many of the fields over 50 plus years old and some may even have old tanks with rock pits and no drainage fields at all. Who knows? If there is untreated effluent leaving fields in this watershed then it has no where to go but into the Bay as it will not be absorbed into the clay or bedrock on shore.

My thought would be to actually determine the cause of pollution in “Poo Bay” by doing the simple testing required to determine the source of fecal pollutants. If septic fields in the Deep Bay neighbourhood turn out to be the problem then we need to solve it. Last time I checked, it was a offence to allow untreated effluent to flow into the ocean. Any solutions to such an issue will be very expensive but doubly so if we continue to to develop infrastructure plans for the Cove area in a highly compartmentalized fashion that does not consider the big picture and our long-term infrastructure needs in the whole cove area. Sincerely, Stacy Beamer

The development of Lot 2 To the Editor:

The Write Stuff. The Undercurrent encourages reader participation in your community newspaper. You must include your full name and a daytime phone number (for verification only). The editor reserves the right to edit for clarity, legality, brevity and taste.

The article on the development of Lot 2 of the community lands credits me with saying that “if a group could get the money together, the Municipality would give them the land they needed ...” It is unlikely that the municipality would gift ownership of the land to a not-for-profit organization. If the organization can raise the money to build, the municipality is prepared to work with it to provide land, whether through purchase or lease or some other agreement. Thank you for allowing me to clarify this point.

Here’s how. To submit a letter to the editor, fax 604-947-0148 or mail it to #102, 495 Government Rd., PO Box 130, Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G0 or email editor@ B.C. Press Council. The Undercurrent is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2. For information, phone 1-888-687-2213 or go to

Sincerely, Tim Rhodes

What a wild night it was...

The Golf Course says goodbye. On behalf of the Board of Directors it is with mixed feelings I advise that Spencer Grundy has chosen a career change that as of February 7th will no longer see him as the Bowen Island Golf Club’s General Manager and course superintendent. To a person, be they a member, employee, director or green fee player we are saddened by his decision to take on a different challenge. Despite our disappointment we are all very supportive and excited for Spencer’s wonderful opportunity while still far from the prime of his life. We wish him every success and thank him for the magnificent job he has done over the past 8+ years from post construction seeding through the course’s maturing years as well as a number of the

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improvements and upgrades. Space does not permit me to list all of his contributions.  The management committee and directors are actively working on LAG (Life after Grundy), with the full and valued assistance of Spencer. Stay tuned for further announcements and in the meantime, please join us in wishing Spencer the very best in his new career.   Yours truly, R.B. (Bruce) Russell Vice President, Special Projects

Andy Hoppenrath and Mary McDonnagh were the winners of "the roar" and won three nights in the Okanogan.  Andrea Bastin’s key fit “the door” and won " the Hermitage Package “ generously sponsored by Osborne Cane Trial lawyers. Thank you! Bowen Children’s Centre  would like to thank: Allan Financial and Anna Donnelly/Bowen Building Centre for their ongoing support to the Gail Taylor Bursary Fund  and DJ Allan Saugstad - man did he put on a great show! Ross and Suzanne Allan for their generous contribution of the band FreeFlow. Tobyn Ross Photography for once again donating time to capture the magic of the evening. BCC Staff that went over and above by dealing with ticket sales and catering the event, not to mention the parent volunteers AND THE COMMUNITY WHO CAME OUT AND SUPPORTED! We certainly left the kids at home and let our wild child out. Ann Silberman and the Wildchild Party Organizers





Meribeth Deen

Maureen Sawasy

Marcus Hondro

Doug Foot

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20 years ago in the Undercurrent t The Cove plan was the featured front-page story outlining the idea of two-lane loading and off-loading of the ferry and a commuter parking lot behind the old General Store. The plan was presented at a town-hall meeting, which was to be the first in a planned monthly series of informational sessions to be hosted by Island Trustees. t Crippen park was being plagued by vandals, in particularly the picnic tables in the Snug Cove picnic grounds. Intentional damage was being done to the tables and garbage cans and bottles were being smashed and left on the grass. The public was asked to contact Bowen RCMP with any information regarding these incidents. t An investigation was underway by the Workers Compensation Board regarding unregulated and unsafe blasting that was occurring in the middle of the island. t Emergency planners were looking for volunteers to be responsible for their Neighborhood Emergency Response Program (NERP) communication teams. 15 years ago in the Undercurrent t The public Library had a spate of bad luck in the early weeks of 1999. A flood welcomed the staff early in the New Year. Thankfully the water damage was kept to a minimal with only inches of water in the library. Then two weeks after the flood, the donation jar went missing. Estimations put the amount of money missing at around $300 and pleas were being sent out for the jar to be returned, no questions asked. 10 years ago in the Undercurrent t The Committee of the Whole meeting was halted by the unexpected move from Councillor Doug Bowen to request a closed-door meeting. This was to discuss the staffing issues in the finance department. Mayor Lisa Barrett attempted to overrule Councillor Bowen’s request arguing the move as inappropriate. Councillor Bowen then challenged the Mayor and the closed-door meeting was permitted to go ahead. The decision on staffing however was deferred to the next Committee meeting because the vote for increasing staffing levels was evenly split at 3 for and 3 against the idea. t Local transit operator Peter King was proposing an expansion in on island and off island transit service. Included in the proposal was the possibility of transit routes into Bowen communities such as Cowan Point and Valhalla and an off-peak hours transit schedule. t The Community Forum Facilitator for the Snug Cove Plan reported that the feedback they received from three workshops held in January, 2004 would be used the help guide further deliberation on the parts of the plan for which there was not yet common ground. t RCMP reported an ongoing investigation into a break and enter of a local residence that saw three hand guns and some ammunition stolen. B.I.R.D was also reporting a theft of cans and bottles. Items left at B.I.R.D. become property of B.I.R.D. so the removal of these items was considered a theft and an act that hurt many non-profit organizations on the island. 5 years ago in the Undercurrent t BI Chamber of Commerce announced the nominees for their annual excellence awards. Categories included Bowen Booster and service excellence awards for individuals and businesses. The Awards dinner was to be held on Feb. 9 at the Bowen Lodge by the Sea. t Open mic nights were going strong. Presented by BIMA, the ‘Wide Open Mic Night’ were held on the second Thursday of every month at Gino’s Happy Isle Café t BIMA was hosting an “Bringing Back BIMA” night to help determine the future of the organization. All were welcome to join the organizing in a brainstorming session to work on creating a direction and goals for the group.

Wishing Lois MeyersCarter a happy 85th birthday today! From the Undercurrent, as well as all of Lois’s Bowen Island friends and neighbours


Ferry cuts confirmed, results from “Engagement Process” released The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Todd Stone held a press conference in Victoria on Wednesday February 5 at 11:30am to announce “government’s decision on coastal ferry service levels, and speak about the report that summarizes the most-recent community engagement on the B.C. coastal ferry service undertaken by the B.C. government and BC Ferries”. The Minister confirmed that service reductions will take place this spring. He advised that “BC Ferries will meet with designated community representatives to refine the schedules on the affected minor and northern routes, taking into account the community input received during engagement. For example, on some routes, there are opportunities to eliminate mid-day sailings in favour of retaining early morning or late evening sailings. The final schedules will be made public by the end of March”. BCFerries issued a news release following the Minister’s news conference that advised that, “in an effort to obtain as much meaningful feedback as possible on ferry schedule refinements from the communities affected, BC Ferries has committed to soliciting public opinion regarding sailing schedule options through online and telephone surveys,” and that “based on the online and telephone feedback on the draft schedules, BC Ferries will meet with community leaders, including Ferry Advisory Committee members, to discuss the feedback received in order to implement the revised schedules for April 28, 2014.” To read the full BCF news release go to Minister Stone also confirmed that seniors travelling on Mon-Thurs will pay a half-price passenger fare. In the past the BC Government has paid BCF the full fare for seniors travelling on Mon-Thurs. The Summary Report on the Fall 2013 Engagement Process was also released. For those wanting to read Minister Stone’s news release and the 2013 Engagement Report please go to documents/2013/NewsRelease-Feb5-2014-2014TRAN0010-000138.pdf Alison Morse Vice Chair Bowen Island Transportation Advisory Committee

Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Club update BIFWC volunteers have been busy since my last 'Seasonal Best Wishes' update in early December. Our streamkeepers have been doing spawner surveys in Davies Creek, the Lagoon, and Terminal Creek regularly since November. While we did observe several chum and found carcasses of successful spawners, salmon activity this season was less than last year. At the Terminal Creek Salmon Hatchery our DFO Community Advisor, Rob Bell-Irving, delivered 100,000 eyed pink eggs and 200,000 eyed chum eggs, and we will be receiving 20,000 eyed coho eggs soon. Unfortunately, during a heavy rain storm in mid-January we experienced a siltation event which caused a large amount of silt and mud to be washed from Carter Pond, the source of the hatchery water supply, into the incubation trays. Silt and mud reduces the amount of oxygen in the water so egg mortality was high. The water cleared after a few days and the surviving eggs appear to be healthy. The removal of silt from Carter Pond has now become a priority. We are in the process of applying for funds from the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF). If funding is approved, the work in Carter Pond will take place in August. We are also applying for funds from the PSF to open a channel across Tunstall Beach from the climbing pools at the mouth of Explosives Creek, so that salmon fry can depart to the ocean and returning chum and coho adults can get from Tunstall Bay to fresh water in Explosives Creek to spawn. We have been working closely with the Tunstall Bay Community Association, the Bowen Island Yacht Club, and Bowen Island Municipality and they have been very supportive. If funding is approved, the work at Explosives Creek/Tunstall Beach will take place in late April or early May well before the beach becomes busy with summer activity. Finally, our annual AGM will be Sunday, March 9th, in the Learning Classroom at the Terminal Creek Salmon Hatchery from 2 PM to 4 PM. You will receive an invitation and agenda the week prior but please mark the time & date on your calendar. Thank you, Tim Pardee Bowen Island Fish & Wildlife Club



‘It’s about responsibility towards those who are weaker’ Local mother and son climb Africa’s highest peak and raise money for abuse-prevention Ben McCullum and Emily Erickson McCullum camping out on Mount Kilimanjaro. Gabriela Cameto, photo

Land Act: Notice of Intention to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land Take notice that The International Buddhist Society on Bowen Island, BC, has applied to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), Lower Mainland / Surrey for a Specific Permission for a Residential Private Moorage situated on Provincial Crown land fronting Lots 2 and 3, District Lots 2958 & 2958A, PID: 024-138-100 (1606 Woods Rd.). The Lands File for this application is file #2410953. Written comments concerning this application should be directed to the Senior Land Officer, Lower Mainland / Surrey, MFLNRO, at Suite 200, 10428 153rd Street, Surrey, BC, V3R1E1. Comments will be received by MFLNRO up to March 2, 2014. MFLNRO may not be able to consider comments after this date. Please visit the website at http://afrd. index.jsp for more information. Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be considered part of the public record. For information, contact the Freedom of Information Advisor at Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations Office in Lower Mainland / Surrey.

A fun fitness challenge

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For Emily Erickson McCullum, the journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro began with a spontaneous “yes” in 2012, after overhearing a conversation about the idea of a mother-son climb being floated as a fundraiser to prevent violence against women. Emily McCullum says the idea of climbing this mountain had never crossed her mind, but the cause was right, and it presented an once in a lifetime opportunity to share with her 19 year-old son, Ben. Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most accessible high mountain summits, reaching its peak does not require mountaineering experience or oxygen tanks, but it does require guides, endurance, a tolerance for high altitudes and warm clothing for freezing cold temperatures at the top (nearly 6000 meters). The nine person-group that Emily and Ben were a part of was assisted by a total of 28 porters, a cook, 4 assistant guides and one head guide. Of



Conquering cancer isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean supporting BC’s cancer researchers can’t be fun! Join us for the Workout to Conquer Cancer on March 8, 2014 at Richmond Olympic Oval for the most meaningful workout of your life. It’s a full day of upbeat workouts for people of all fitness levels. You’ll have a blast, get lots of great exercise, and be inspired by people like you who are ready to get sweaty for the sake of conquering cancer! M E D I A PA R T N E R S :

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Since 1978

the group, there were four mothers in total, and five sons. One of the mothers in the group was Nneka MacGregor, the executive director of the Women’s Centre for Social Justice, an organization of women who have survived severe abuse, and who try to influence policy on matters pertaining to abuse such as Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act and Family Law Act. Just prior to departing for Africa, MacGregor visited Bowen Island and had dinner with the Erickson-McCullum family. She told her personal story, of the Mother’s Day when her former husband, a high-powered lawyer, nearly killed her in front of their three children. The youngest of these, Alex, participated in the Kilimanjaro climb as well. MacGregor also discussed the statistics about violence, and the fact that in a majority of cases it is perpetrated by men against women. continued PAGE 7

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“This conversation really set the tone for our trip,” says Emily. “It re-inforced the importance of bringing this subject forward, but doing it in a way that doesn’t alienate men. Because every man that hurts a woman is hurting himself, and he is acting out based on how he was raised and the fact that he has inadequate tools to cope with things.” In the months prior to the climb, Emily raised more than $4000 for the Women’s Centre for Social Justice. The money will go towards a program called Mothers and Sons Against Violence Against Women which educates men and boys about violence. The program stems from the belief that violence against women is not simply a women’s issue, and that engaging young men and boys as allies, as part of the solution, is critical for creating a fundamental shift in attitudes. “Mothers,” says Emily, “Have a huge responsibility in how they raise their sons, for preventing future violence.” Prior to proposing the idea of climbing Kilimanjaro for this cause, Emily says she had never explicitly spoken to Ben about violence against women. Violence in general, however, had long been a topic of conversation. “We always knew Ben would be big,” says Emily, “So we put an extra amount of emphasis on teaching him to be gentle. I think we actually emphasized it so much that it made it hard for him when he was younger - he didn’t feel comfortable play-fighting and rough-housing, so his peers in the schoolyard accused him of being a wimp. Eventually, he got the hang of it and that stopped being a problem.” Emily’s husband David, says being aware of violence was always a consistent parenting message for them. “I can remember talking with Benjamin (probably grade 2-3) about the responsibility that comes with being bigger and stronger: the need to take care of friends while roughhousing, the need and opportunity to support your friends who may be facing intimidation and bullying. Never explicitly in the context of girls or women, though. I guess

it was understood then and certainly is now.” During the 6 day climb to Uhuru Peak (5895 meters), Emily says the mothers and sons were so busy concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, there was little conversation about anything at all. “There were many times when I felt sick from the altitude and wasn’t sure I’d be able to go much further, but then my body would adapt and I kept going.” While conditioning helps a climber, straightout physiological factors contribute to whether a person can deal with altitude. For Alex, Nneka MacGregor’s son, determination got him to the top of the mountain but altitude sickness nearly killed him. “He sank to the ground a half hour before Stella Point [300 meters below Uruhu Peak], but after resting a while he managed to keep going to the top,” says Emily. “Alex and Nneka made it there about a half hour after us. Alex seemed fine, but when we were on the way down, one of the guides raced past us practically carrying Alex. Afterwards we realized that he had no memory at all following his break before Stella Point.” On the descent, Emily says, having Ben to leanon made a huge difference to her ability to finish the journey. “He’s stronger than me now. The experience of him helping me like this transformed our relationship from one of parent and child to two adults. I’ve always respected him but, seeing the way he helped not only me, but anyone else on that journey who needed help, that compounded my respect for him.” Emily says the five boys in the group ran down the mountain for the final 3000 meter descent, and when the entire group came together again they celebrated their accomplishment. Emily and Ben toasted the fact that they had not had a single fight on the entire journey.


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Emily Erickson McCullum will be giving a presentation on the climb of Kilimanjaro and the Women’s Centre for Social Justice at the Gallery@Artisan Square on Thursday, February 13th at 7:30pm.

At Optomeyes Eyecare, we are committed to outstanding care. We look forward to seeing you in either the West Vancouver office or the office in Squamish.


Emily, Ben and their guide, Yona, at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.The camera froze just following the taking of this picture. Pat Dasovic photo

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Juno nominated High Bar Gang returns to Bowen SHARI ULRICH

Shari Ulrich (who joined kicking and screaming that she had no time to join another band). Barney Bentall jumped in to sing the low parts and play guitar. We had a rehearsal. Rob said if we are going to do this we need a gig, so we bought some cowboy suits and booked two nights at the Eagles Club in North Vancouver. Barney offered up the name “The High Bar Gang” after a lonely spot on the banks of the mighty Fraser River called ‘High Bar Canyon’. The club has a small banquet hall with an even smaller stage and caters mostly to meetings of the Ladies Auxiliary and community award ceremonies. We called our friends to buy tickets, with the main selling point that it had a bar with cheap drinks. Our good friend Tom Taylor agreed to open the show, giving us the piece of mind that if we failed miserably he could come back onstage and play for the folks while we snuck out the back. On September 24th and 25th 2010 a very nervous High Bar Gang took the stage.” When it cam time to record, Colin explains “We learned the songs from an ever expanding list of gospel chestnuts Ry provided us [Colin is the project manager for Ry Cooder], and found the ones that worked for us. This became the Lost and Undone: A Gospel Bluegrass Companion record. The performances are of us live. No overdubs, no punching in. In Barn’s living room. Four microphones. Mono.” The High Bar Gang’s roots run deep on Bowen Island and they are pleased to celebrate the Thomas Francis Barry Ferguson release of the new album with the April 1938 - January 2014 many Bowen bluegrass fans,

– Barney Bentall and Shari Ulrich as members, played one of its very first shows to a an enthusiastic sold out crowd at Cates Hill in early 2011. Their recently released debut Sunday, February 23rd, marks the return of The High CD on True North records - Lost and Undone: A Gospel Bar Gang to Bowen Island and Cates Hill Chapel. This cel- Bluegrass Companion has been receiving rave reviews ebrated bluegrass group with two of Bowen Island’s own from the North America to the UK and Belgium. Inspired by annual trips to the “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival” in San Seeking Literacy Coordinator Francisco, leader Colin Nairne reconnectThe Bowen Literacy Task Group seeks a Literacy Outreach Coordinator (LOC) ed with the music of Dr. Ralph Stanley, Del McCoury, Ricky Skaggs, Doc Watson to help develop and support the goals of the community’s annual literacy and Earl Scruggs, and heard some of the plan. The LOC will be responsible for researching funding opportunities, finest new bluegrass groups like the Punch Brothers and Crooked Still. It all served to preparing grant and funding proposals, reporting to the Task Group and partnering with agencies or granting organizations as required. This is a one- push him to surrender to his vision of putting a bluegrass band together and Colin year contract position for roughly 12 - 15 hours per week. started making calls. “ My wife Wendy Bird sings, so she was in. Rob Becker is a Qualifications include: great bassist and I’ve always wanted to play • Proven experience in grant and proposal writing in a band with him so he got a call. Eric • Knowledge and experience of literacy issues Reed plays mandolin and could cover the • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team banjo parts so he was in. The lovely Angela Harris sings beautifully and harmonizes • Solid time-management, self-motivation and priority-setting skills so well with Wendy. Now I’m thinking we • Computer software competence, including Word, Excel, need one more female voice that can cover Power Point, and on-line communication and research the weird parts, ride shotgun over the vocal arrangements and play fiddle and that was To apply, please email Sarah Haxby at


with a cover letter and résumé. Deadline for application is Friday, Feb. 28, 2014


Relationships built on trust. $569,000

Thomas passed away on January 17th 2014 in Brockville, Ontario following a prolonged battle with cancer. He is survived by his sons, Kevin (Deborah) in Kingston, Ontario; Stuart (Heather) and Angus (Lindsay); his grandchildren, Steven, Sarah, Douglas, Nathan, Daniel, Frances and Rowan; his great grandchildren, Andrew, Spencer and Scarlett; his sister, Barbara (Malaga,Spain) and nephew, Lucio; and brother, Bruce (Brenda) and nieces Michela and Tiana. During the 26 years Tom lived on Bowen he was very involved in the community. He was the first coordinator at BICS and went on to embrace politics, theatre, various committees and often addressed community issues in the Undercurrent.  

To remember him a gathering will be held in the Bowen Court Lounge on Saturday, March 15th 2014 at 1:00 pm.

GREAT VALUE English charm is evident in this great 3 bedroom family home. Spacious kitchen with bright eating area, dining room with french doors which open out to the garden and cozy wood burning fireplace in the living room. Den on the main is ideal for office or guest bedroom. Hardwood floors throughout the main floor. Upper level master bedroom and ensuite is spacious with lots of closet space. The property is just under an acre and is treed and very private. Location is in the desirable upper cates hill neighbourhood and is only just a short 5 minute drive to the cove and shops.



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How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? BOWEN ISLAND REC SUBMITTED

It’s never too late to check in on your New Year’s Resolutions! And if you have been struggling to keep them, or doing great- these insights from Sarah Wilson’s Vinyasa yoga class might just be the added insight you need to stay the course! This past Wednesday night at the Youth Centre Fitness Studio, she shared these thoughts about our personal plans, goals, and strivings for the year ahead, and how according to the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, “resolutions” require both effort and commitment. The Sutras outline five aspects of effort and commitment. The first being Shraddha translated as faith.  This isn’t a blind faith but a deep inner knowing based on experience.  We know through practice that breathing deeply calms the body and mind so when emotions rise up, we breathe in this way, to illicit the desired response. Shradda is an intuitive inner knowing that allows us to move confidently forward in the direction of our dreams. The second is Virya, energy.  A positive energy which propels you forward.  It is necessary to take action, to commit energy in the direction of our goals.  To experience true joy and contentment, however, one must act without attachment to the outcome.  Attachment to outcomes, goals, and plans cannot bring true happiness.  If we are unable to reach a goal we become deflated.  But even if we attain the goal we set, the joy is often fleeting and then replaced with the next goal to attain. If we act with commitment and effort remaining unattached to outcomes we move in the direction of greater joy simply by moving in

the direction that we know we need to move. The third is Smriti, a remembrance, mindfulness. As we move forward through life our past becomes a story we tell full of justifications and emotional attachments.  Again it is important to remain unattached to our story.  Instead a simple remembrance, a noticing in the moment.  Taking note of experiences and effects in the body and life and then letting them pass through making room for new ones. Noticing, learning from our past and moving on. The fourth is Samadhi, oneness of all things.  All life is animated with the same spark, flame, current of life.  We can see it in our pulse, breath, the tides, pulsation of seasonal growth, rhythm in music, movement of insects and birds... When this is truly understood then an individual’s success is the success of all and an individual’s failure is the failure of all (sit with that one for a while!). Finally the fifth aspect of effort and commitment is Prajna, pursuit of higher knowledge, wisdom.  Know that any endeavor undertaken has something to be learned, a greater understanding of the world or self. If you would like to join Sarah at her Wednesday night yoga class (6:00 -7:20pm at the Fitness Studio) please call 604-947-2216 or register online at In all that we do in 2014 - may we all find Joy in the midst of our efforts and commitments.


TEMPORARY FULL-TIME ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT – (MAT LEAVE) Bowen Island Municipality seeks a qualified temporary full-time (mat leave) Administrative Assistant. This is a 35 hour/week position covering regular office hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. The individual will be required to provide information and assistance in a courteous manner to the public on general matters relating to the Municipality, and perform reception and secretarial duties. As well, the individual will provide assistance with agenda preparation, cashier duties and other administrative tasks as required. The applicant should have a strong administrative background, have excellent computer skills using MS Word and Excel, and have the ability to work with limited supervision. This is a temporary full-time position (mat leave) through to March 30, 2015. We thank all applicants, but advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Please submit your covering letter and resume via e-mail, fax or mail by Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. to: Christine Walker, Human Resources Manager Bowen Island Municipality 981 Artisan Lane Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2 FAX: 604-947-0193 EMAIL: WEBSITE:


INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN COMMUNITY CONSULTATION FEBRUARY 3-28, 2014 The Woodfibre LNG Project is a proposed small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing and export facility, located approximately seven kilometres southwest of Squamish, British Columbia. You are invited to participate in this round of Woodfibre LNG-led consultations, which will seek community input in the development of the Woodfibre LNG Project. Woodfibre LNG-led consultation is in addition to regulator-led public comment periods that will be part of the environmental assessment for the Project.

You can learn more at and provide feedback by: •

Reading the consultation discussion guide and completing the feedback form (available online on February 3, 2014)

Attending a small group meeting or open house (see schedule below)

Providing a written submission: •


PO Box 280, Squamish, B.C. V8B 0A3

Small Group Meeting Schedule If you would like to attend a small group meeting, please email or call 1-888-801-7929 with your name, contact information and the date, time and location of the meeting you would like to attend. As space is limited for small group meetings, your RSVP is appreciated. COMMUNITY



Britannia Beach

Wednesday, February 12

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.


Tuesday, February 4

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

West Vancouver

Tuesday, February 4

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.


Wednesday, February 5

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.


Thursday, February 6

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.


Thursday, February 6

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Open House Schedule Open houses are a drop-in format. No RSVP is required. COMMUNITY





Saturday, February 15

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Executive Suites Hotel & Resort 40900 Tantalus Road


Wednesday, February 5

5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Howe Sound Inn 37801 Cleveland Ave.

Woodfibre LNG will provide information about and seek feedback regarding elements of the Project. Input received will be considered by the project team, along with technical and socio-economic considerations, in the plans for the Woodfibre LNG Project as well as the development of mitigation measures for potential project effects.

10 • FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7 2014 y y






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ADORABLE PUPPIES -sm. breed & X’s. Vet Check, Deworm, Shots. $350+ Ready To Go (778)545-0311

CANE CORSO MASTIFF pure bred pups, shots, dewormed, vet  $1000 Call 604-826-7634.

CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866 CATS OF ALL DESCRIPTION in need of caring homes! All cats are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. Visit us at or call 1 (604)820-2977 CHIHUAHUA, male pup, 20 weeks old, $450 obo. Call 604-794-7347 CHIHUAHUA’S - Reg’d microchipped, cert. of pedigree, health records, shots, dewormed, paper trained, $795. 604-353-8750

BROTHERS MOVING & DELIVERY Local & long distance Movers


GL ROOFING. Cedar/Asphalt, Flat roofs, WCB Clean Gutters - $80. 1-855-240-5362. info@glrooŅ

FEMALE PEKINGESE top of the line pup, reg’d. Email for more info. Video avail. $995. 604-353-8750.


On the calendar FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7TH

house for parents and children 10am - Noon

Youth Centre 6pm - 9pm Snacks, video-games and movies ages 12 +

Ready, Set, Learn Bowen Island Community School invites all 3 and 4-year-old children and their parents for a free, funfilled morning of learning to find out how BICS and its community partners tap each child’s potential at play, in school and beyond. Please call the school to confirm your family’s attendance: 604.947.9337.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8TH Youth Centre 6pm - 9pm Snacks, video-games and movies ages 12 + Cara Luft at Tir-na-nog Theatre Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8 Tickets $20 in advance (at Pheonix) $22 at the door

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 18th S.K.Y. February Adventure: Visit Richmond Buddhist Temple and Aberdeen Centre Cost: $10 - Members, $20 non-Members. All are welcome. Register with Krista 604-690-9010 or at SKY meeting February 17th.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 10TH S.K.Y. (Seniors Keeping Young) 9:00 - 9:45am: Yoga with Lois McLaren 9:45 - 10:25am: Exercises followed by Singing and Refreshments.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 23RD The High Bar Gang Cates Hill Chapel, 7:30pm. Tickets available at The First Credit Union, The Gallery @ Artisan Square, or on line at www.biac. com

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 13TH Presentation on the climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Women’s Centre for Social Justice given by Emily Erickson McCullum The Gallery@Artisan Square, 7:30pm.

Dr. Dana Barton

Naturopathic Physician 596 B. Artisan Square


HEALTH & WELLNESS Dr. Susanne Schloegl M.D. Open Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri.


Call for an appointment Artisan Square

Natural Family Medicine


Bowen Island Children’s Centre (BCC) open-

604-947-9755 CATHERINE SHAW Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist u


REIKI 604-947-2057


Diana Romer MEd, RCC

Dr. Gloria Chao

Registered Practitioner

Cheryl Ackerman

COUNSELLING THERAPIST Bowen and West Van offices


Family Dentist Artisan Square • 604-947-0734 Alternate Fridays 10am-4:30pm Horseshoe Bay • 604-921-8522

To advertise on the Health Page call 604-947-2442




Registered Massage Therapist (Available Mondays through Fridays)



Registered Physiotherapist u

ROBYN IZARD RMT Registered Massage Therapist (Available Thursdays through Sundays)




Dr. Tracy Leach, D.C.

595B Artisan Lane Tuesdays Call for an appointment

(778) 828-5681

K d a Y

We l ove le lett ttee rs…Especially yours. 102 Cates Hill Corner, P.O. Box 130 Bowen, Island, B.C. V0N 1G0

Mount Kilimanjaro

Emily Erickson McCullum, photo

PETS 477


LABRADINGER (Lab/Springer X) pups, ready to go now, $500. Med size dogs. Call/text (604)845-3972 MALE COCKER - Micro-chipped Reg’d, cert of pedigree, video avail. health records. $895. 604-353-8750 MALE POMERANIAN registered, micro-chipped, all health records, video avail. $895. 604-353-8750






SATURDAY & SUNDAY Feb. 8 & 9 / 1:00-4:00 21587-128th Ave. MR

Maple Ridge, fully reno’d house approx 3000 sq.ft. 6 Bdrm. 3 bath. 2 bdrm. suite. Detached garage. Lrg. (.883 acre) corner lot. $599,000. Call: 604-250-9007

MALE WESTIE. Top of the line pup. Registered, email for more info. Video avail. $895. 604-353-8750


For Rent 2 bdr apartment in Village Square Available March 1/14 Ref. required Sorry no pets Contact: 604-947-2944

NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or SAMOYED PUPPIES Beautiful Healthy CKC reg’d show quality 8 weeks $1000 250-335-3072



HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 SAWMILLS from only $4,897 MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT. STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206


HOMES WANTED We Buy Homes BC • All Prices • All Situations • • All Conditions • (604) 657-9422


Mature woman, experienced in working with older persons, is available for home assistance, companionship, etc. Longtime island resident. References. 604-947-6525

Auto Financing 1.800.910.6402


DifŅculty Making Payments? No Equity? Penalty? Expired Listing? We Buy Homes! No Fees! No Risk! / 604-786-4663



PRIME RETAIL SPACE in Snug Cove FOR RENT starting JUNE 1, 2014. Where First Credit Union is currently located (next to General Store). 1,085 sq.ft. 604-947-0099, ext 100. The Gallery @ Artisan Presents “Cuts Loose” 4-23 Feb Featuring the work of Carol Robb Reception Sat 8 Feb 2-4pm

Gallery Hours: Fri Sat Sun 12-4pm






AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673 The Scrapper



First Nations and Friends Art Club

From left: Gerald Morriseau helps out on a weaving project; a weave in progress; (below) art by Gerald Morriseau Meribeth Deen, photos


The First Nations and Friends Art Club is a free, monthly, extra-curricular art class that runs from September - June, supported by private donations. The program is designed to look at art through a First Nations lens at traditional art practices, but also the philosophy of using everything from recycled and found objects to donated and discarded materials. Community members have donated wool, beads, costume jewellery, old leather jackets and more. The class celebrates First Nations Art and promotes students with First Nations’ heritage to

feel proud of their heritage as well as sharing the experience of making art, and thinking about art through a First Nations’ lens with friends from around the world. This program promotes parent-child participation and has welcomed everyone who has signed up to participate. Cree status artist Gerald Morrisseau inspires youth to explore their creativity and shares practices from his Cree and Celtic ancestry-inspired art practice. Occasionally other artists have lead classes, but mostly Gerald facilitates the art projects, and although he donates much of his time, he is paid an honorarium and some of the art materials are purchased. Currently the program has run out of funding and I am in the process of seeking more grants/ funding to keep this popular program going!


Bowen Island Undercurrent, February 07, 2014  

February 07, 2014 edition of the Bowen Island Undercurrent

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