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Mayor Karen Hamling turns on the switch at the Village of Nakusp’s new microhydro power plant. The plant uses the village’s existing water collection infrastructure to generate power that will be fed into BC Hydro’s power grid. It is expected that the 50 kilowatt, 600V power plant will generate about $100 per day, or $35,000 per year, for the village. The power plant was built in conjunction with the village’s new water treatment plant and was funded through a federal gas tax Innovations Fund grant.

Contributed by the Village of Nakusp

Chlorine incident sparks scare at NSS Arrow Lakes News

Nakusp Secondary School is investigating an incident where several students and a teacher were exposed to chlorine gas in the metal shop last week. Village of Nakusp Fire Chief Terry Warren told the Arrow Lakes News that the students and teachers were taken to hospital to be checked out after a student inadvertently opened one of

a number of pressurized containers containing chlorine on Thursday, Jan. 30. “They suspect they came out of the science lab years ago and were chucked in the metal shop,” said Warren. “When they were cleaning the shop up, they were exposed and one was open when it shouldn’t have been.” He said the container likely only had a small amount of chlorine gas in it, but that he could smell it in the hallways when


Group makes biomass pitch to Nakusp council







he arrived at the school. He likened the smell to being at the hot springs. Warren said the metal shop was inspected and cleaned out on Saturday. There were no ongoing issues at the school from the incident. NSS principal Natasha Miles did not respond to questions about the incident, saying it was still under investigation, but that the students and teacher were doing fine.

A wood waste energy system in Nakusp appears to be inching closer to reality, although it is still a long ways off. Tom Zeleznik, wearing his citizen’s hat, and not his councillor’s one, made a presentation to council on Jan. 27 about the potential benefits of creating a biomass energy system in Nakusp. The matter has been heard by council before, and this time the issue was discussed for a good 30 minutes. The development of a biomass energy plant has become more urgent as the wood waste builds up at Box Lake Lumber and Pacific Inland Pole. The local mills have so much waste that they’re paying to have it shipped away. As well, biomass is being seen as a cheaper form of heating than electricity, particularly with BC Hydro rates expected to climb by 25 per cent in the coming years and no natural gas available in Nakusp. A biomass energy system could be used to provide heating to large buildings in town, like the schools, village office, hospital and big businesses. “It’s a saving to the village, business, schools and hospital,” Zeleznik told council. “With an over abundance of wood waste, it provides a practical way for wood byproducts to be used.” Last month, Zeleznik and Dan Wiebe, the manager of Box Lake Lumber, visited biomass plants in Revelstoke and Enderby. In Revelstoke, they toured the district energy system that is run by the municipally-owned Revelstoke Community Energy Corporation. The system takes wood waste from the local mill and uses it to heat a number of buildings in town. In Enderby, they got a look at the Fink Machine, a biomass converter developed by Burkhard Fink. The sys-

tem there services eight businesses with a total of 415 kilowatts of energy, with 185 kilowatts worth of future clients waiting to be hooked up. Even with natural gas available in Enderby, they are able to be competitive, said Zeleznik. In Nakusp, which uses electricity for heating, the savings would be even greater. “An initial large capital outlay will provide a long term steady source of revenue, and generate revenue on the savings to the Village of Nakusp,” he said. Grant funding could be obtained to help pay for the system. Beyond the energy savings, a biomass system would be exempt from the carbon tax, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stop energy dollars from leaving Nakusp, all while providing a way for local mills to dispose of their wood waste, Zelenzik added. That last issue is a pressing one for local mills because of the wood waste buildup. They are paying to have it trucked away and the huge piles could cost them business. “This is a fantastic idea. I know it’s going to take time but our wood supply isn’t going away any time soon and I’d hate to lose business because of it,” said Ken Wanstall of Pacific Inland Pole. “We’re getting close to that stage where if I don’t do something pretty soon, then that could happen. We don’t want to turn any business away.” Wiebe said government officials are pressing Box Lake Lumber to do something about its wood waste. He said Nakusp was an excellent location for a biomass system because there’s no natural gas here, the land is relatively flat and most major buildings are close together, which would reduce the cost of building the heating pipes. “The line is what’s the expensive part,” he said. “I see lots of potential for it to work in Nakusp from all three of those perspectives.”

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Virus found in Kootenay Lake kokanee not in Arrow Lakes ALEX COOPER Arrow Lakes News

A virus that has infected most of the kokanee salmon in Kootenay Lake has not been found in Arrow Lake kokanee. “The testing last year showed none of the virus




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present,” said Jeff Burrows, a senior fisheries biologist with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, when asked about the Arrow Lakes. The virus is called infectious hematopoietic necrosis or IHNV and was first discovered last fall during routine fish health testing at the Meadow Creek spawning channel. Further investigation found kokanee in Meadow Creek, Redfish and the Lardeau waterways had IHNV. It’s presumed those in the Kokanee spawning channel are infected as well. “It seems to be throughout Kootenay Lake at present,” said Burrows. “We’re concerned because kokanee are not only a sport fish, they’re a keystone species in the whole Kootenay Lake food web. So many animals rely on kokanee — bears, osprey, even mallard ducks eat the eggs. They’re important.” He explained that Kokanee successfully spawned last fall and eggs were tested and found to be virus free. Transmission appears to be between adult fish rather than from fish to offspring. “But the reason it’s of concern is that young fry are very susceptible and can die so when they hatch this spring in the spawning channel, they might catch it,” said Burrows. Upon learning of the virus’ presence,

Biologists will be keeping a close eye on kokanee as they return to Kootenay Lake from their spawning grounds this spring. The salmon is infected with a virus that spreads fish to fish. Black Press file photo local spawning channels were flushed to “hopefully wash out the virus that might otherwise have lingered until now,” said Burrows. Fish carcasses, presumably virus laden, that died after spawning according to their natural life cycle were also removed. “We’re hoping that will, at least if not prevent, mitigate the risk to fry,” he said. At the Hill Creek spawning channel north of Nakusp, testing last year did not find any IHNV present and Burrows said testing will likely be done again at Hill

Hired Equipment Registration West Kootenay District



The West Kootenay District of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is now completing Hired Equipment lists for the upcoming fiscal year.

FrontCounter BC Cranbrook has accepted an application made by BC Hydro and Power

All individuals or companies who are currently registered through the ministry’s offices in Nelson or Grand Forks will be mailed invitations by the end of January to re-register their equipment for the coming fiscal year.

Authority, 333 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5R3, on behalf of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), Kootenay Region, for a Licence of Occupation for the purpose of a powerline situated on Provincial Crown Land near Burton, B.C., containing 0.5 hectares more or less.

Individuals or companies who were not registered in 2013, but who wish to have their equipment listed, are invited to visit or phone the Nelson or Grand Forks office to obtain the appropriate registration forms.

The MFLNRO File Number that has been established for this application is 4405445. Written comments concerning this application should be directed to FrontCounter BC, 1902 Theatre Road, Cranbrook, B.C., V1C 7G1 or email to:

You will be required to have Commercial (Comprehensive) General Liability Insurance with minimum $2 million third party liability and a WorkSafe BC clearance letter prior to starting work on any ministry projects. Dump trucks must provide a current weigh slip, front tire size, and manufacturer’s front axle rating.

Comments will be received by FrontCounter BC until 5 March 2014. FrontCounter BC may not be able to consider comments received after this date. Please refer to our website Search by File Number: 4405445 for more information. These applications will be available for viewing at FrontCounter BC in Cranbrook, B.C.

Equipment can only be registered in one area in any given year and must be owned or leased-to-own in order to be eligible for registration. Seniority is not transferable from area to area.

Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be considered part of the public record. For information, contact FOI Advisor at the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations regional office in Cranbrook.

The deadline for new registrations for the 2014/2015 fiscal year is March 20, 2014. Late registrations will be accepted, but may appear at the bottom of the open list. Note that there is no charge for registering new equipment or for changing or deleting equipment information already listed.

Register by March 20, 2014 at one of these offices:


Nelson Office: 310 Ward Street, 4th Floor Telephone: 250 354-6400

BCH 201(X257)



Creek again this year to see if the virus has spread. Burrows said they don’t know how IHNV spreads or how it ended up in Kootenay Lake. He said the virus could find its way to the Arrow Lakes if an infected fish travelled from one lake to the other, or if a predator such as an eagle spread the virus. There is no risk to humans or other animals from IHNV. With files from Kirsten Hildebrand/ Black Press

Arrow Lake News (Nakusp, BCNG)

Grand Forks Office: 7290 2nd Street Telephone: 250 442-4384

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Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, February 5, 2014 n 3

School board launching new budget process with challenges ahead Alex Cooper

tion of BC to upgrade the three shops at NSS, some of which have equipment dating to the opening of the school more than 50 years ago. The district also purchased a new 15-passenger van for groups to use on field trips. They also increased the cost for using the van to $0.25 per kilometre from $0.10 per kilometre. The money will go to purchase a new van in the future.

Arrow Lakes News

The Arrow Lakes School District is embarking on a new, more open budget process, and it is doing so with a number of challenges ahead. The new budget process will see the district increase the level of consultation by conducting a survey and convening a number of stakeholder meetings involving school board trustees, parents, students, teachers, support staff, principals and viceprincipals. “We’re hoping this year – the board and I – to have greater involvement from partners and stakeholders and as a result of that to help inform what our 2014-15 budget looks like, to look at our district goals and our budget priorities,” said superintendent Terry Taylor at the Jan. 28 school board meeting. They’ll have a number of issues to consider. First is the end of funding protection. For the past several years, school districts with declining enrolment like Arrow Lakes have had their funding enrolment topped up to make up for declining student numbers. That was because the districts still had to run the buildings, ever if there were fewer students. Next year, districts with declining enrolment will have their budgets cut by 1.5 per cent compared to this year. “(The government) has said starting next year – and this is firm – we are coming out of funding protection,” Susan Brenna-Smith, the district financial comptroller told the board. That 1.5 per cent reduction in budgets will continue as long as enrolment declines. “In essence, the reduction is being compounded every year,” she said. The school district is sitting on $1.6 million in reserve funds, but that would be used up in five years in order for the school district to maintain its current funding levels, said Brenna-Smith. “Although the news isn’t good with funding protection, it’s something that unfortunately we’ve been hearing about for a long time,” said board chair Patti Adams. “It just adds another chisel to the rock.” Most of that surplus has already been earmarked for future projects, including $475,000 for facilities improvements, $281,762 for the school reconfiguration program, $180,000 for professional learning and a $250,000 emergency fund. There

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NSS shop teacher Ken Barisoff (right) oversees several students in the wood shop. He has applied for a grant to upgrade the equipment in the school’s three shops. Alex Cooper/Arrow Lakes News is $392,000 in unrestricted surplus funds available. That’s what’s certain. What’s uncertain is how last week’s B.C. Supreme Court ruling that sided with the B.C. Teachers Federation will impact future budgets. The court ruled that class size and composition should remain part of labour negotiations and ordered the government to pay $2 million in damages. The decision could have huge cost ramifications but the government has indicated they may take the case all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Pat Dion, the president of the Arrow Lakes Teachers Association, applauded the decision, saying it marked the end of 12 years of waiting. “I don’t know what the impact is going to be but there should be some impact and there should be some funding impacts for the district, for the betterment of the district, in my opinion,” he said. “But who knows with this government.”

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Adams, for her part, said school trustees want to make sure they were informed with whatever the government is planning — especially as they formulate next year’s budget. “We’re asking government, keep us in the loop and let us know what’s going on,” she said. “Right now we’re having budget talks. We’re dealing with things that are real. We don’t want to have things sprung upon us and not be delivered.” The school district dealt with a few other issues at the meeting. Taylor said the district was applying for a provincial grant to pay for a new boiler at Lucerne school. The current one is 25-years-old and in a critical state of disrepair. The district will also have to fork out about $25,000 to buy new fume hoods and new eye wash stations at Nakusp Secondary School, after WorkSafeBC paid a visit in December and issued its findings. Shop teacher Ken Barisoff has applied for a grant from the Construction Founda-


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4 ■ Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, February 5, 2014



Pearl Last, Vikki Zinselmeyer and Susan Szathmary are inducted into the Nakusp Toastmasters Club by Mayumi van der Pol at the club’s last meeting on Jan. 28. February is officially Toastmasters Month in the Village of Nakusp. “Let’s improve our communication and leadership skills. Those skills will open the door for you,” is the message the Toastmasters are promoting this month. They meet at 7:45 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at Selkirk College. Contributed

Four locations eyed for plant Biomass from page 1

Box Lake Lumber is doing well right now, but an excess of wood waste is hurting business.

A Nakusp man was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay back what he stole after pleading guilty to possession of stolen property in court last week. Travis Tater, 22, was in court on Thursday, Jan. 30, after he was caught stealing his friend’s debit card and using it for a number of transactions in December 2012. Over the course of several days, Tater used the stolen debit card to make cash withdrawals and store purchases worth $755.14, crown prosecutor Carey Morgan told the court. He made purchases at sev-

File photo

“I don’t see people being opposed to it,” said Zeleznik. “If it isn’t going to cost you anything and you know it’s a better system environmentally, I could see a lot of businesses being on board.”

Since 1923

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ALEX COOPER Arrow Lakes News

A biomass energy system wouldn’t be able to handle all of their wood waste, but it would help. “Every bit you can get rid of is one bit you don’t have to pay someone to take,” said Wiebe. “I think it has the potential to generate revenue.” He identified four potential locations for the power plant: the Greendoor building that used house the Nakusp Youth Society, village property near the park, a location near the forestry building, and the old Columbia Machinery site. “If you could get it closer to downtown it leaves more potential for phase two to service the hospital and other buildings,” he said. Right now the idea is in the prefeasibility stage. The group is working with David Dubois of Community Future’s to develop a business plan before they move on to the next stage. One essential factor is to make sure all the major institutions are on board.

Street Address: 106 Broadway St., P.O. Box 189, Nakusp, B.C. V0G 1R0 Phone: 250-265-3823 Fax: 250-265-3841

Man pleads guilty to stealing friend’s debit card

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eral local businesses, even paying for the victim’s lunch using the stolen debit card. He brought it with him on a shopping trip to the Okanagan, where he used it at restaurants, a Best Buy and to buy gas. Tater was caught when the victim noticed his debit card was missing. He checked his bank account online and noticed the numerous transactions. The evidence pointed to Tater as the one who stole the card. Morgan asked for a one-year suspended sentence with a period of probation, and for Tater to pay back the victim what he stole. Tater, who now lives in Penticton, B.C., with his girlfriend and

her child, pleaded guilty. His lawyer asked for a discharge, saying that a criminal record would affect his future employment opportunities. Judge Lisa Mrozinski sided with the defence on sentencing. She handed down a conditional discharge with one year of probation, saying Tater’s actions showed a breach of trust with his friend. She also ordered him to pay back the amounts he stole and return the items he purchased. “This is an offence that demonstrates you were able to defraud a friend over a period of several days without any compunction of what you were doing,” said Mrozinski.


Thank you Nakusp for Philippines charity Editor We wish to say thank you to the wonderful people of Nakusp and area from the families of Busuanga Island and especially the village of Ocam Ocam. Ruth and I have lived half our life in Ocam Ocam since 2006. We built and started a private elementary school so the young children did not have to walk five kilometres over a mountain to get their schooling. The school at present has 96 students taught by four teachers in four classrooms. The school is run by money donated through a sponsorship program in Nakusp. On Nov. 8 at about 8 p.m., super typhoon Yolanda swept through the area with winds up to 300 kilometres per hour ripping through our village. She destroyed homes, fishing boats, rice crops, banana plantations,

and coconut and cashew groves. These are the main means of livelihood in our area. With the roofs gone and the strong rains, most of the reserve food was also destroyed. Thanks to the donation of clothes, blankets, medical supplies and money, we were immediately able to distribute help to the needy. Many required items like tarps for shelters and food were distributed. The Red Cross came and distributed food to all the families after the road was opened. We hired the locals to open and repair the road, clean up broken trees and rebuild the school. The grade one/two room was flattened and half the roof of the school was blown off. We enclosed the stage so the students were able to return to school in a very short time. The work of rebuilding homes and livelihoods

is ongoing. We came home on Dec. 21 for Christmas and rest. We are returning to the Philippines on Feb. 10. There is still much work to do, including rebuilding the classroom and fixing our own house roof. At present the hole in our house is temporarily repaired with a tarp. No one in our village was killed and there were no serious injuries, although there were many close calls. We thank the Lord for His protection. In closing, we want to again thank you for your prayers and donations. Our prayer is that God will bless you all richly for your generosity. Sincerely, Ed & Ruth Wiebe Nakusp/Ocam Ocam

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The Representative is now able to provide advocacy for young adults (up to age 24) who have developmental disabilities and are eligible for CLBC services. If we can assist you or someone you care for, contact the Rep:


Make this Valentines Day Special with our Valentines Package 4.3” x 2.6” February 2014and Youth Created for:Friday, Representative for14, Children


*$119.00 plus taxes (double occupancy) 250.383.5255 * alcohol & gratuities not included

Enjoy a Valentines Dinner for Two, 2 Tickets to a show by Kytami at The Green, Overnight Accommodation & Breakfast! Ask for our ‘Valentines’ PROMO Tickets are limited so book now!

4801—27th Street, Vernon, BC V1T 4Z1 Toll Free: 800.663.4433

6 ■ Arrow Lakes News ■ Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Free Access to News & Sports NO E-SUB NEEDED!


Birds of Nakusp goes down under

Nakusp and Area Youth Society

AnnuAl GenerAl MeetinG Sunday February 9 at 2:00 pm Nakusp Youth Centre, 212b Broadway, Nakusp.

Come and hear about the great things going on and what's new for 2014! Free cupcakes and hot dogs!

All Welcome!

A Tasmanian native-hen

Applications Now Accepted Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance, in partnership with Columbia Basin Trust, invites individuals of all artistic disciplines and arts, culture and heritage groups in the Columbia Basin to apply for project funding. Program brochures and application forms are available online at, or call CKCA at 1.877.505.7355 or email Deadline for applications is March 7, 2014, or March 21, 2014, depending on the program. Photo: Good Ol’ Goats - 2013 Kootenay Festival - Colin Payne Photography

Administered and managed by: P.O. Box 103, Nelson, BC, V1L 5P7 1.877.505.7355

Gary Davidson Birds of Nakusp Our travels have now brought us right down to the southernmost state of Australia – Tasmania. Tasmania is an island separated from the mainland by the Bass Straight, a 300km wide body of water. The ferry crossing takes about 10 hours and has

Gary Davidson

a reputation for being a very rough trip. Fortunately, we made the crossing on a nice warm, calm day! The physical gap between Tasmania and the mainland has resulted in a certain amount of isolation and many of the mainland species have not reached Tasmania. On the other hand, 12 species have evolved in Tasmania and do not occur anywhere else. When one looks at these 12 endemics, most have a similar counterpart on the mainland. It seems likely that these species pairs have similar ancestry but that geographic isolation has resulted in slightly different paths through time. Eventually they diverge far enough to become distinct species. This is almost certainly the case for the Tasmanian Thornbill, Tasmanian Scrubwren, Tasmanian Native-hen, Green

Rosella, Yellow Wattlebird, and Black Currawong which are remarkably similar in outward appearance to their mainland counterparts; Brown Thornbill, Whitebrowed Scrubwren, Black-tailed Nativehen, Crimson Rosella, Red Wattlebird, and Grey Currawong. One bird, however, seems to be uniquely Tasmanian, with no obvious mainland ancestors. This is the oddly named Fortyspotted Pardalote. There is a Spotted Pardalote on the mainland which might seem to be a likely ancestor, but the Spotted Pardalote also occurs in Tasmania. While divergence can occur without geographic separation it is less common. The Spotted Pardalote is a brightly coloured little bird with a black, grey and white body, accented by a bright yellow breast and a bright red rump. The black crown and wings are heavily spotted with white, (hence the name). In contrast, the Fortyspotted Pardalote is much more subdued in colour. The back and head are dull green; the undersides are pale grey; the face has a subtle yellow wash; and the wings are black. Each black wing has exactly 20 white spots. Of all 12 endemic species, the Forty-spotted Pardalote is the least common. While never widespread, its numbers have shown considerable decline in recent years and it can now be found in just two or three local areas. Its inconspicuous nature, its quiet call, and its fondness for the tree canopy, can make it quite difficult to locate. The easiest of the “big 12” is most certainly the Tasmanian Native-hen. This chicken-like bird can be seen running around in almost any bit of open grassy land throughout much of the state.

Hired Equipment Registration Rocky Mountain District

The Rocky Mountain District of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is creating its list of registered Equipment for Hire in the Selkirk Service Area for the fiscal year 2014/2015, which begins April 1, 2014. This area includes Perry River east to Golden and south to Brisco on Highway 95 (not including Glacier National Park), and Revelstoke north to Mica Creek and south to Trout Lake on Highway 23. All individuals or companies registered this past year through the District Office in Revelstoke will be receiving invitations to re-register their equipment for the coming fiscal year by mail by the end of February. Any individuals or companies who were not registered in 2013, but wish to have their equipment listed, are hereby invited to contact the District Office, either in person or by phone, to obtain the appropriate registration forms. Note that while you do not need to have Commercial (Comprehensive) General Liability Insurance or up-to-date WorkSafeBC coverage to register, you will have to meet these requirements prior to working on any ministry projects. Only owned or lease-to-own equipment is eligible for registration. Equipment can only be registered in one area in any given year. Seniority is not transferable from area to area. The deadline for new registrations is 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 21, 2014. Late registrations will be accepted, but may appear at the bottom of the open list. Note that there is no charge for registering new equipment or for changing or removing equipment information already listed.

Register through the Rocky Mountain District Office at: 555 Victoria Road, Revelstoke, B.C. You can also phone toll-free at 1 888 613-9993 or send a fax to 250 426-1523 to have the forms mailed or faxed to you, or register on-line at

COME PLAY IN THE SNOW! Ski ✦ SNowSHoe ✦ tube Free Community Fun Night Lake Ski Hill

MoTI Ad # 1024 Summit Rocky MountainatHired Equipment Revelstoke Times Review Golden Star

Friday February 7th 6:00pm to 9:00pm

HiLL wiLL be Lit up

5.81” x 6.79” Hot cHocolate, 4 columns x 95 lines

lift tickets, ski & snowsHoe rental are free sponsored by


Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, February 5, 2014 n 7

NSS tri-flashers shine at Vancouver boat show Claire paradis Arrow Lakes News

The Nakusp Secondary School outdoor education class has returned from the Vancouver International Boat Show, and the results were a resounding success. The students sold $7,000 worth of their tri-flasher fishing lure, were broadcast on the CBC, and were praised by other vendors there as the first high school students they’d ever seen at the show. I met up with the students last week during a break between classes at Nakusp Secondary School. They told me about the outdoor education program, the flashers and the boat show. They spoke one after another, finishing each other’s sentences, so I’m not able to identify who said what. “It was really fun,” one student said. “There were lots of booths and lots of people were interested in what were doing. They were excited a high school was there.” The tri-flashers are a design developed by NSS students that improve on the classic fishing lure design by making it so the lures spin at the same speed no matter how fast the boat is moving. “The problem is that as you go through the water if you go faster it will speed up,” a student said. “It’s speed sensitive, so if you go too slow, it’s useless, and if you go too fast it will scare the fish off.” This was the students’ second trip to a trade show – last year they went to a show in Abbottsford, but this one was much bigger. They received support from Columbia Basin Trust, Home Hardware, the Regional District of Central Kootenay, Nakusp & Area Development Board, Halcyon Hot Springs, the Nakusp & Area Community Foundation and

Nakusp CeNteNNial Golf Club

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING February 15th, 2014 To be held in the Nakusp Curling Club Lounge at 2:00pm

SMILE of OF the THE W EEK Smile Week

Alexandra Krajewski Weird Beard RHC Insurance Brokers Ltd. Toll Free: 1-877-797-5366 New Denver: 250-358-2617

The students, with a few of their shirts from the show, from left: Travis Hellyer, Abby Boswell, Erin Mcleod, Adriel Goodman, Renee Goodman, Cody Desjarlais, Brady Milne, Cameron Olsen and Jacob Henschke Alex Cooper/Arrow Lakes News the Nakusp Chamber of Commerce to attend. At the boat show, the students were placed in an area surrounded by big boats. At first business was slow, but as they began to work the floor and tell people about their product, more and more people showed up at their booth (which also had a display promoting Nakusp). “The sales pitch that we told everyone is that you could fish at any speed and it doesn’t speed up or slow down with your boat,” one student said. The end result was they sold about 150 flashers at $40 each. The next step for them is to find

a way to have the flashers manufactured so they can focus more on marketing and less on manufacturing. So far there have been early talks with the fishing company Rapala. The goal is for all the profits to go into supporting the outdoor education program so it can continue in the future. Teacher Dorian Boswell said that from an educational point of view “the show was phenomenal.” They learned how to do interviews, talk to other vendors and got entrepreneurial experience. He thanked to the supporters for helping get the students to the show.

A day to spend with your family BC Family Day February 10

Katrine Conroy, MLA

Nakusp Boat Nakusp RampBoat Ramp Nakusp Boat Ramp pRoject ReplacemeNt ReplacemeNt pRoject ReplacemeNt pRoject INfoRmatIoNal INfoRmatIoNal opeNopeN House opeN House INfoRmatIoNal House February 19, 2014 February 19, 2014 February 19, 2014 Nakusp Emergency Services Building Nakusp Emergency Nakusp Services Emergency Services Building 300 – 8th Ave. NW Building 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 300 – 8th Ave. NW 300 – 8th Ave. NW 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 6:00 p.m.p.m. to Nakusp 8:00 p.m. Construction of the Boat Ramp will resume

Kootenay West • 250-304-2783

“It pays 2% and it’s not locked in? YES!”

this February. BC Hydro and Columbia Power are

hosting an open provide an update Construction of the Construction Nakusp Boat house Ramp of thetowill Nakusp resume Boat this Ramponwill resume this the construction activities taking place in Nakusp February. BC Hydro February. and Columbia BC Hydro Powerand areColumbia hosting an Power are hosting an starting this February. open house to provide open anhouse update toon provide the construction an update on the construction The Nakusp Boat Ramp contractor, Landmark activities taking place activities in Nakusp taking starting placethis in Nakusp February. starting this February. Forest Management Ltd., will also be on hand to answer questions.Boat The Nakusp Boat Ramp The contractor, Nakusp Landmark Ramp contractor, Forest Landmark Forest

Management Ltd., will Management also be on hand Ltd., will to answer also bequestions. on hand to answer questions. For additional information, please contact:

For additional information, For additional please information, contact: please contact: BC Hydro by calling Sabrina Locicero, Community Relations at 250-608-1885 or by emailing

BC Hydro by Sabrina BC Hydro Locicero, by calling Community Sabrina Locicero, RelationsCommunity at Relations at 250-608-1885 or by emailing 250-608-1885 or by emailing

Let’s talk TFSAs. What’s new with Tax-Free Savings Accounts? Our Summit Savings TFSA gives you 2% interest and total freedom. Only at Kootenay Savings. Let’s talk. Rate applies to all Summit Savings TFSAs through to March 31, 2014.

Columbia Power at 250-304-6060 or visit

Columbia Power 250-304-6060 Columbia Power or visit at 250-304-6060 or visit tax-free savings accounts

w w w. a r r o w l a k e s n e w s . c o m


retirement planning

8 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cops for Kids lends a helping iPad

Arrow Lakes News

Babies of 2013


Publishing February 19th

CALLING FOR ALL BABIES BORN IN 2013 Make sure your child or grandchild is included in our annual Babies of the Year Supplement. Email photos to or fill out the form below and bring the form and photo into our office at 203 Broadway or leave in the drop box outside. Please include baby’s name, date of birth, gender, parents names and contact number in the email. Photos should be at least 600 pixels wide. Be sure the baby’s name and birthday is PRINTED on the back of the photo. Baby’s name ___________________________________________________________ 2013 Birthday _______________________________


Boy_________ Girl_______

Parents are ____________________________________________________________

Kendra Kalyn and Joseph Nevoral both received new iPad Airs on behalf of the RCMP Cops For Kids Charitable Foundation. Kendra has anoxal neuropathy and is a student at Nakusp Secondary School.  Her iPad will be equipped with specialized software that is specifically designed to assist her unique learning needs.  Joseph has cerebral palsy and is a grade 10 student at NSS. He loves technology and is excited at the opportunity to broaden his educational, cultural, and social experiences with the new iPad. Cops for Kids is committed to assisting children that are in medical, physical or traumatic crisis. We tirelessly work to raise funds to continue our ongoing support to the children in communities that we serve. Cops for Kids are devoted to helping little hearts in our communities. Cops For Kids has many events throughout the year, however our signature event is the Cops for Kids ride. This gruelling 10 day ride occurs each year over some very challenging terrain. We are driven by our commitment to the little people that we serve in the Southern Interior region of B.C. and are devoted to making a difference in their lives.  To learn more, visit our website at

Corporal Ryan Fehler of the Nakusp and Slocan Lake RCMP presents Kendra Kalyn and Joseph Nevoral each with a new iPad Air on behalf of the RCMP Cops For Kids Charitable Foundation. Contributed

Photo submitted by _____________________________________________________ Prepaid: Visa __________ Master Card _________ Cash _________ Cheque_______ Supplement will be published on February 19th, 2014. Photo and payment of $25.00 incl. tax must be received in our office no later than 4:00pm on Thursday, February 13th.

Notice of Public Hearing

Electoral Area 'B' Official Community Plan Amendment (CSRD) Bylaw No. 850-1 What Is Electoral Area 'B' Official Community Plan Amendment (CSRD) Bylaw No. 850-1?

The primary purpose of Bylaw No. 850-1 is to incorporate Climate Change objectives and policies into the Electoral Area 'B' Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 850 as required by the Local Government Act and as a result of the CSRD Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Strategy.

Bylaw No. 850-1 also proposes some additional text amendments and updates to provide clarification and consistency with other documents. Map amendments are also proposed to replace the existing mapping with more accurate mapping which is in a format consistent with other CSRD Official Community Plans (OCPs). When/Where? Bylaw 850-1 will be presented on February 13th, 2014: 12:00 pm, at the Trout Lake Community Hall 544 Westside Rd. Trout Lake, BC; and

7:00 pm, at the Revelstoke Community Centre 600 Campbell Ave. Revelstoke, BC.

Who should attend? Anyone who believes that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the Bylaw at the Public Hearing.

How do I submit a written submission? A copy of Bylaw No. 850-1, and all reports, plans and other documents that have been or will be considered by the Board of the Regional District will be available for inspection at the offices of: • Columbia Shuswap Regional District, 781 Marine Park Drive, NE, Salmon Arm, • BC (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM) • City of Revelstoke, 216 Mackenzie Ave., Revelstoke, BC (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM)

beginning January 29th, 2014 and ending February 12th, 2013 but excluding Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays. Bylaw No. 850-1 is also available from the CSRD website: The Public Hearing for the Electoral Area 'B' Zoning Bylaw No. 851 will take place a later date. Look for future notices in the newspaper and watch for updates on the CSRD website. Who can I speak with about this bylaw? Jan Thingsted, Planner | Development Services Columbia Shuswap Regional District T: 250-833-5918 E:

DEVELOPMENT OF A PEST MANAGEMENT PLAN Pest Management Plan No.: Applicant: Attention:

BC Hydro Wood Structure Maintenance 2014-2019 BC Hydro 1401 Kalamalka Lake Rd., Vernon BC, V1T 8S4 Rhonda Kariz, Vegetation Management Specialist

Tel: Email:

(250) 549 8582

The use of pesticides is intended within the area to which the pest management plan applies. The purpose of the proposed Pest Management Plan (PMP) is to treat wood structures with pesticides (“wood preservatives”) to protect and increase their service life and ensure the reliability and safety of the electrical system. The wood structures include, poles and associated equipment and any wood structures eg. helipads, fences, sign posts, walkways and bridges. The PMP applies to those portions of the province-wide distribution, transmission and generation system that utilizes wood poles and structures and is owned or managed by BC Hydro. The BC Hydro service area encompasses all of British Columbia. The proposed duration of the PMP is from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2019. The trade names and active ingredients of the wood preservatives proposed for use under this plan include: copper naphthenate combined with sodium fluoride, Cop R Plastic or equivalent; copper naphthenate combined with borax, CuRap 20 or equivalent; copper napthenate, Cobra Wrap, CuNap-8 or equivalent; copper hydroxide, CuBor or equivalent; sodium fluoride, Pole Wrap or equivalent; metam sodium, Guardsman Post and Pole Fumigant 42% or equivalent; disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, Tim-Bor Professional, Impel rods, GenBor RTU, Boracol or equivalent; copper hydroxide, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate and boric acid in combination, CobraRods, Genics CuB or equivalent; copper hydroxide, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, zinc and boric acid, no product name; permethrin, Dragnet or equivalent; propetamphos, Catalyst or equivalent; chorpyrifos, Dursban or equivalent. The proposed manners of applying the wood preservatives include: external bandage treatments, internal liquid, powder, foam and gel treatments, external liquid treatments (brush on), internal solid treatments (rods). Other management methods include stubbing and replacing wood poles and when installing new poles using pre treated poles and using plastic liners. A draft copy of the proposed PMP may be examined in detail at: trees-power-lines/managing-weeds-insects/wood-pole-treatment.html or in person at 1401 Kalamalka Lk Rd, Vernon BC; 18475 128th St, Surrey BC; 3333 22nd Ave, Prince George BC; or 1155 McGill Rd, Kamloops BC. A person wishing to contribute information about a proposed treatment site, relevant to the development of the pest management plan, may send copies of the information to the applicant at the address above within 30 days of the publication of this notice.


Phone number _________________________________________________________

Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, February 5, 2014 n 9

Business & service Directory ACCOUNTING NEED TO LET PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS? call The Arrow Lakes News to book your spot on this page




Business & Service D Construction Ltd.


AUTOMOTIVE Wayne Abbott Nick Moore


AUTOMOTIVE Service & Repair & Towing

Wayne Abbott

Service, Repair & Towing 1350 13th Ave Box 1137,Nakusp, B.C., V0G 1R0 Tel: 250-265-4406 Fax: 250-265-4436


Service, Repair & Towing 1350 13th Ave Box 1137 Nakusp, B.C., V0G 1R0 Tel: 250-265-4406 Fax: 250-265-4436

250 265-4012


Phone: 250 250-265-4577 265 4577

1007 Hwy y 23 23, Nakuspp

call The Arrow Lakes News to book your spot on this page


CONSTRUCTION Log and Timber Frame Quality Since 1974 Homes Jim Pownall

Box 368 New Denver, BC Phone: 250-358-2566 Fax: 250-358-2817 Email: Web site:

1007 Hwy y 23 23, Nakuspp





So You Wanna Web?

From starter websites to custom designs, we have solutions that work within every budget. Services also include domain name registrations, website hosting, existing site makeovers and on-going site maintenance. For more information call:

Marilyn Rivers 250-265-4160




website hosting and design

w w w. k o o t e n a y i t . c o m

Dealer Hours: Mon. - Fri., JACOBSON .COM Saturday

See our Entire Pre-Owned Inventory online

1321 VICTORIA ROAD email: REVELSTOKE 250-837-5284


May Ann Waterfield

Building Contractor • Licensed Builder Registered Massage Therapist Residential • Commercial • Industrial 656 Barclay Road, Nakusp Ph. 250-265-4242 250-265-3361


Foot Care

Construction Ltd.


• • • • • • •

Licensed Builder New Homes Renovations Commercial Stucco Drywall Concrete

Nursing care BRUNEAUfor sore feet.

Rebecca Kessler 250.265.3024

Tel: 250-265-4649 • Fax: 250-265-4555


Assurance | Accounting | Taxation | Advisory Services Concrete

John F. Wilkey, CA 250 265 4750




Mineral Pools, Spa, Kingfisher Restaurant, accommodations and more 1.888.689.4699 Fax:

265-4615 265-4615


Crusher/ Excavator Septic Tanks Dump Trucks

265-4615 265-4615




Need to let people know about your PROPANESERVICES business??? Call• Competitive • Reliable • Local The Arrow Lake News 1-800-471-5630 to book your spot 265-3823


Isaque & Carla Vieira Concrete Lock Blocks Drain Rush Road Crush Sand & Gravel Crusher/ Excavator Septic Tanks Dump Trucks

Lock Blocks

Drain Rush Naskup Road Crush Sand & Gravel

BDO Canada LLP, a Canadian limited liability partnership, is a member of BDO International Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, and forms part of the international BDO network of independent member firms. BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO Member Firms.


Ancient HeAling WAters

Isaque & Carla Vieira


Licensed Builder New Homes Renovations Box 368 Commercial New Denver, BC Stucco Phone: 250-358-2566 Drywall Fax: 250-358-2817 Concrete

Tel: 250-265-4649 • Fax: 250-265-4555 Web site:


Nakusp Massage KNC Therapy Construction Ltd. EQUIPMENT

Quality Since 1974

• • • • • • •



ACCOUNTING CONSTRUCTION Log andLonestar Timber Frame HomesConstruction Ltd.

Lonestar Nakusp

Hwy 23, 33 km north of Nakusp

AUTO SALES 1-800-961-02

Come and see qualifi qualified ed technicians beforee& youPainting head out on-the open road! -ee- our - Custom Body Work - -op





24 4 hr. towing & roadside assistance


250 265-4012




24 4 hr. towing & roadside assistance

ICBC/Private Insurance Windshield Replacements Come and see ee our qualifi qualified ed technicians beforee you head out on the op open road!

Licensed Builder New Homes Renovations Commercial Stucco Drywall Concrete

Tel: 250-265-4649 • Fax: 250-265-4555


Phone: 250 250-265-4577 265 4577

• • • • • • •

CHAINSAWS *Stihl *Husqvarna


MOWERS *Snapper *Lawnboy Toro *Husqvarna


98- 1st St. NAKUSP, B.C. V0G 1R0 Open 6 Days a Week



Fx: 250-265-4972


TRIMMERS *Stihl *Husqvarna *Toro



Proud t




10 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, February 5, 2014 A10

Wednesday, 5, 2014 Arrow Lake News

Your community. Your classifieds.

250.265.3823 fax 250.265.3841 email



Place of Worship St. Mark’s Anglican Church





Business Opportunities

Career Opportunities

GET FREE vending machines. Can earn $100,000 + per year. All cash-retire in just 3 years. Protected Territories. Full details call now 1-866-668-6629. Website

TRAIN TO be an Apartment/Condominium Manager online! Graduates get access to all jobs posted with us. 33 years of success! Government certified. or 1800-665-8339, 604-681-5456.

CENTURY PLAZA HOTEL Best Rates. 1.800.663.1818

February 9 10 am Morning Prayer Lay Readers

VOTED BEST side business in Canada. Guaranteed to receive your full investment back. Minimal time required. Pay after machines are installed. Exclusive rights available; www.locationfirst 1-855-933-3555.


It is agreed by any Display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisment and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisment and box rental.


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.


Coming Events Nakusp Hospice Society AGM Tuesday, February 18, 2014 @ 7:00 pm Arrow Lakes Hospital Board Room Membership fee $5 per year Everyone welcome! QUALITY ASSURANCE Course for Health Canada’s Commercial Marijuana Program. February 22 & 23 Best Western Hotel, Kelowna, BC. Tickets: or 1-855-860-8611 or 250870-1882.

Information ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2014-2016 BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis

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Denied Long-Term Disability Benefits or Other Insurance? If YES, call or email for your


and protect your right to compensation. 778.588.7049 Toll Free: 1.888.988.7052

Fauquier Golf Club earlybird memberships can be sent to Box 63, Fauquier, BC V0G 1K0


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Obituaries In Loving Memory

Betty Brodbeck

Betty Betty Brodbeck Brodbeck passed passed away peacefullyat the on away peacefully January 28thwith at the age age of 96, family of hera by 96, herwith Betty by was side. Betty was a gifted gifted piano player and piano player was even on theand radiowas as even on the as a a young girl. radio She loved young loved to knitgirl. andShecrochet, to andmitts crochet, and knit donated and and donated and toques to themitts Nakusp toques to the Nakusp Christmas Hampers for Christmas Hampers for many years. She had a very many years. She had a very giving heart, and was givingproud heart,toand was teddy very proud to crochet teddy very crochet bears that were sent to bears that were sent to the needy children of Brazil. the needy children of Brazil.

Betty started started oil oil painting painting when when she she moved moved to to Betty Nakusp and was a natural artist! She amazed Nakusp and was a natural artist! She amazed everyone with with her her skill skill and and love love of of painting painting everyone mountains, with with Saddleback Saddleback Mountain Mountain being being her her mountains, favourite. Betty Betty was was very very devoted devoted to to her her family. family. favourite. We will will miss miss her her beautiful beautiful smile, smile, her her genuine genuine laugh laugh We and perfect perfect cup cup of of tea. tea. and We will be forever grateful to the supportive staff at Minto House for the care and kindness given to our Mom and Nanno. Nakusp is very lucky to have this facility and these incredible people caring for our loved ones.

North Enderby Timber is looking to hire for various sawmill positions including Heavy Duty Mechanic (Journeyman or Apprentice). Millwright and Fabricator. We offer competitive wages along with a comprehensive benefit package. Please fax resume to 250-838-9637.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

LIBRARY DIRECTOR Nakusp Public Library is looking for a Library Director for their rural library. Duties would include managing a budget, a staff, book collections, and facilities, working cooperatively and creatively with the community, the library board of trustees, other libraries and library organizations. Required characteristics / strengths include: a) Experience working in a library setting b) Skills and experience in using technology c) Ability to work well with others and assume c) responsibility d) Skills working with budgets and supervising c) expenditures in an administrative capacity Course work connected to libraries (CLTP, or college courses) would be a deÀnite asset. Send resumes to Barbara MacPherson via email at or by mail: Nakusp Public Library, Box 297, Nakusp BC V0G 1R0 by February 28, 2014.

We’re on the net at Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Position Title:

Mechanical Inspector, Mica 5/6 Projects


Columbia Hydro Constructors Ltd.

Job Description: Mechanical Inspector needed to perform inspections specifically related to the assembly of two 500MW Turbine/Generator Units at the Mica Generating Station. The candidate must • Ensure adherence to contract specifications • Monitor and record progression of work • Ensure quality work practice and quality product Preferred Experience: • Familiarity with hydro-electric power generation equipment • installation or maintenance • Experience working in large mechanical equipment maintenance, • assembly or construction • Experience with the levelling, alignment and installation of machinery • Knowledge of various welding applications and methods Skills/Abilities: • Ability to read, review and mark-up drawings. • Competent in performing steel, cable and piping quantity calculations • Strong computer skills • Excellent verbal and written communication skills The successful applicant will be required to work under a collective union agreement and required to live in a camp located at Mica Creek BC, 140 kilometres north of Revelstoke. Shift duration will be 14 days on, 7 off. Nightshift work may be required. Resumes will be accepted until 8:00am on 14 February, 2014; only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted.

No service by request.

To Apply: Please email or fax resumes to: Columbia Hydro Constructors Ltd. Fax: 250-805-4340 Email:

The Cound/Hascarl families

Wage: $29.71 to $33.76/hr depending on experience

Your Best Source For Local Jobs! Arrow Lake News Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Employment Help Wanted YRB Yellowhead Road & Bridge Heavy Duty Mechanic Wanted

Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Kootenay) Ltd. is looking for a Mechanic for our New Denver facility. Applicants will need to hold a valid TQ for Heavy Duty or Commercial Transport, class three driver’s licence and Motor Vehicle Inspection licence would be an asset. Resumes can be faxed to 250-352-2172 or e-mailed to

Home Stay Families HOST FAMILIES needed. Northern Youth Abroad is looking for families to host 2 youth from Nunavut/NWT. Volunteering in your community. July/August. 1866-212-2307.

Trades, Technical JOURNEYMAN HEAVY DUTY MECHANICS Fort McMurray & Leduc Alberta Gladiator Equipment Ltd. has immediate positions for Journeyman Heavy Duty, off road Certified Mechanics for work in Fort McMurray and Leduc, Alberta. Excellent wages and benefits. fax 1-780-986-7051.


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Congratulations to the Winners of the 3rd Annual Gord Roberts Memorial Blue Knuckle Derby.

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Mike Smith — 1st Place Charlie Wild — 2nd Place Ernie Marvin — 3rd Place We had 124 entries this year which passed last years, with all money going to the winners. Thank you to Sandi and Val Scott and Amy Friedenberger of the General Store for looking after the derby entries.

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2 bdrm apt with yard. W,D on site, no pets. Available immediately. Reasonable rent. 250 265-4226 or 250 2651750.

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Happy 90th Birthday YRB Yellowhead Road & Bridge

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Arrow Lake News Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Employment Celebrations

Arrow News n Wednesday, February 5, 2014A11 n 11


Heavy Duty Mechanic Wanted

Mom (BobbiFinancial Dodge)Services on February 8th

Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Kootenay) Ltd. is looking for a Mechanic for our New Denver facility.

Applicants will need to hold a valid TQ for Heavy Duty or Commercial Transport, class three driver’s licence and Motor Vehicle Inspection licence would be an asset. Resumes can be faxed to 250-352-2172 or e-mailed to

Home Stay Families

HOST FAMILIES needed. Northern Youth Abroad is looking for families to host 2 youth from Nunavut/NWT. Volunteering in your community. July/August. 1866-212-2307.

Trades, Technical

JOURNEYMAN HEAVY DUTY MECHANICS Fort McMurray & Leduc Alberta Gladiator Equipment Ltd. has immediate positions for Journeyman Heavy Duty, off road Certified Mechanics for work in Fort McMurray and Leduc, Alberta. Excellent wages and benefits. fax 1-780-986-7051.

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Love from Bill, Rob, Sue and families

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Affordable Steel Shipping Containers for sale/rent 20’ & 40’ Kootenay Containers Castlegar 250-365-3014

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2 bdrm apt with yard. W,D on site, no pets. Available immediately. Reasonable rent. 250 265-4226 or 250 2651750.

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Donations came from Quesnel, Nakusp, Kaslo, Burnaby, Trail and Vancouver. We are very thankful for the generosity of all the people and businesses listed below that help make the derby a success - Arrow Transportation, Joe Williams, Blue Jay Acres, Interfor, Isaque Vieria & Carla Trenholm, Columbia Basin A11 Trust, Rod & Gun Club, Frank’s Supermarket, Cariboo Ford, Todd Doyle, Ralph Dachwitz, Louie Krivsky, BC Hydro, Redl Sports, Willis Harper, Integris Credit Union, Kootenay Savings Credit Union, Kelly Roberts-Royal LePage, Debbie RobertsBarton Insurance, Touch Of Fashion, AM Ford, Remax Quesnel Realty, Nakusp Centennial Golf Course, Jones Boys, Barrens Sport Shop, Overwaitea Foods, John & Louella Cann, Black Press, DAM Repairs-Daryll Matula, Chemo RV—Steve Rutledge, Cheryl Black, Excel Tire, Joanne & Terry Martin, Little Mountain Outdoor Gear, Kims Kustoms, Nakusp Home Hardware, Hufty Hewat Repairs, Waterbridge, Glen & Gayle Olsen, Pacific Salmon Foundation. Thank you to 23 North for playing again this year. You guys do a great job & get that dance floor full! The Royal Canadian Legion for hosting the dance again. THANK YOU! Thank You “Nakusp” for everything. This event just keeps getting bigger & better. We weren’t sure if it was going to happen, but with all the support & the hard work of some pretty special people, it happened!!

Also this year, we have started a Gord Roberts Memorial Blue Knuckle Bursary to give out to help a student with their continued education. Now to start working on the criteria.


We hope to see everyone January 17 & 18, 2015 for the 4th annual. Tracey, Brett, Ashley, Dave, The Roberts & Williams Family

12 n Arrow Lakes News n Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The saxophone stylings of band leader Patrick Macgibbon

Alex Cooper

Arrow Lakes News

When Patrick Macgibbon was in grade nine, he and some friends at his Kelowna school decided to form a jazz band. They didn’t think much of it — a bunch of teenagers playing around as professional musicians. After all, their grade eight jazz band won the BC Interior Jazz fest competition. “Our teacher was really good and he knew a lot about jazz. He educated us right from the get go,” Macgibbon told me. “Looking back it feels like that was pretty early to start playing, but based on the program, it felt pretty natural.” These days, Macgibbon is the band teacher at Nakusp Secondary School, leading the school’s music program and also performing when he can in town.



TC (The Cat) is about 10 years old and is used to living outside. He has a heated house but comes in when the weather gets cold. He loves people and is very friendly. If you are interested in meeting him please contact PALS 250-265-3792 or email info@pals-online.

PALS AnnuAL GenerAL MeetinG February 5th, 2014 nakusp Public Library - 7:00 p.m. everyone Welcome!

WEEKLY SPONSOR: Selkirk Realty Kelly Roberts 250-265-3635

Next week he will be joining with some Vancouver musicians for shows at the local schools and an evening show on Tuesday, Feb. 11. Macgibbon played a bit of piano as a kid, but it was only upon joining his school’s band in grade eight that he picked up the saxophone. He’s not sure why he chose that instrument, but he remembers he was adamant about playing it. That year, his teacher gave him two Sonny Rollins CDs. He also began listening to John Coltrane. “It was a few recordings I listened to early on that cemented that (jazz) was awesome,” Macgibbon said. He took jazz lessons and started his own band in grade nine. He played through high school and then was accepted to the music program at Humber College in Toronto. In Toronto, he went to jazz clubs and jam sessions. There, he learned the level of talent and commitment needed to become a professional player. He told me about one of the first jam sessions he want to, where he took the stage with two more experienced saxophone players. When the time came, he was given the nod to play a solo. He thought he did a pretty good job. “After I finished one guy launched into a solo and it was just incredible. I got torn to shreds,” Macgibbon said. “They were encouraging, they weren’t trying to destroy me. Then the second guy played and he was even better. I just sat in the corner and practiced to get better.” After four years of music school, Macgibbon returned to Kelowna, where he worked in a music store, gave private lessons and played gigs on the side. He gave clinics with school bands and at summer camps and decided to get into teaching. “I think I just realized it was impactful for students. To see the way it affected the students when they had a positive experience was really meaningful for me,” he

Patrick Macgibbon. Alex Cooper/Arrow Lakes News

said. “And then it was just really fun. It was just amazing to sit down and work on music with younger students and to help them be successful and to learn. It was almost more rewarding than going out to play a gig.” He married his wife Jaimie and enrolled in teacher’s college. His first job was at Lake Trail Middle School in Courtenay, B.C. He was there from 2010 to 2012 when he was laid off due to seniority. He started looking for a new job, and that brought him to Nakusp. The move meant a transition for Macgibbon. His student teaching job was at a school with 2,000 students and 300 in the band program, he said. There would be 60 students in a band and multiple players on each instrument. In Nakusp, he’s had to work with much smaller bands, which has presented both challenges and rewards. “Here, I think we have two bass players in our whole program. Most of our bands don’t have drummers. We have a couple of piano players, but not all our bands have all the instruments we need,” he said. “Every band has different instrumentation. You

can’t just take a song and play it. you have figure out what will work for the band.” That can mean writing new parts for songs, which is extra work. It also gives him more creativity and a closer relationship with the students. “Small numbers means we’re flexible but it also means I can’t fall back on repertoire that’s been prepared by publishers,” he said. Macgibbon has played a few shows in Nakusp since moving here, sometimes bringing in musicians from out of town to play. At his upcoming show, he’ll be joined by Vancouverites Chris Davis on Trumpet, Andrew Millar on drums, Victor Noriega on piano and Wynston Minckler on bass. He said they’ll be playing songs by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. “I chose them because it’s anything from really gritty blues to really modern jazz,” he said. “You get a total wide range of styles.” Macgibbon’s saxophone idols are Coltrane and Rollins. A poster of Coltrane adorns the wall of the NSS band room. He said he likes the versatility of the instrument. “It can be like Clarence Clemmons with Bruce Springsteen or it can be like Stan Getz,” he said. “It has a lot of personality and you can do a lot with your sound.” Macgibbon talked about how supportive the Nakusp community was to music in this town. He said the support he gets from the school district and the Nakusp Arts Council has been great and has given him lots of opportunities to play. He also thanked the community for supporting the NSS music program because it gives the students a chance to play for people. “They have been really supportive so I want them to know how important that is for the program.” Catch Patrick Macgibbon and friends at the Bonnington Arts Centre on Tuesday, Feb. 11, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door and all proceeds will go to support the NSS music program.

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Arrow Lakes News, February 05, 2014  

February 05, 2014 edition of the Arrow Lakes News

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