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JANUARY 22, 2014

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Vol. 63, Issue 15

One less family doctor

Funding request Have Your Say denied RD EARLYABWI! DR

rvey by Complete su 1 of 10 in W to Nov. 15 Y


Cranbrook clinic informs patients they are without a family doctor

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Plans for a new homeless shelter in Cranbrook are being scaled back after the Province says there’s no funding

A R N E P E T RYS H E N Townsman Staff

S A L LY M AC D O N A L D Townsman Staff

longer than two years; and four family units with The proposal for a new three bedrooms in each. Cranbrook homeless shelBesides housing, the ter will be scaled back facility will have a comafter the B.C. government mercial kitchen and cafesaid there is no funding teria, and space for ameniavailable at this time. ties such as hair cuts, acIn a letter to Cranbrook cess to computers and Mayor Wayne Stetski on counselling. Nov. 27, Rich Coleman, The shelter would be Minister Responsible for built on land donated by Housing, wrote: “The the Salvation Army in SlatProvince does not current- erville. The City of Cranly have a funding program brook is waiving developComplete the survey for your chance to… available to support the ment cost charges. The proposed shelter. We have Regional District of East an obligation to work Kootenay has agreed to within budgetary con- provide $250,000 to the straints and for this rea- cause. But it all hinges on son, unable to provide B.C. government funding. funding for the project at The news that funding this time.” is not forthcoming was not Enter at The Salvation Army a surprise for the project’s and the Cranbrook and lead drivers, Captain Kirk District Community Foun- Green of the Salvation dation submitted a pro- Army, and Neil Cook, posal for a $16.6 million chair of the Community homeless shelter to B.C. Foundation. Kootenay Housing in fall 2011. The East MLA Bill Bennett proposed facility would warned the pair that the include 15 overnight beds Minister is concerned by for men and 15 for women; the cost of the project. 16 second-floor units for stays up to two years; 16 See SHELTER, Page 3 third-floor units for stays

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The Kimberley Alpine Team had their first dual slalom event at the Kimberley Alpine Resort this past Sunday, Jan. 19. The club racers spent the day going head-to-head on the race course in near-perfect conditions and treated themselves to a barbecue afterwards.

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The F.W. Green Medical Centre sent out 1,100 letters which effectively ended many Cranbrook residents’ access to a family doctor. The clinic has served notice to patients of Dr. Stuart Macdonald that they will no longer have a family doctor as of March 1, 2014. Dr. Macdonald left his family medical practice to work full-time in the emergency department at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital back in July 2013. “It is without a doubt a most unfortunate situation,” Lorraine Alderson, F.W. Green Medical Centre administrator, told the Townsman Tuesday. “Dr. Macdonald left the clinic in July of last year to fulfil a need in the emergency unit at the hospital. We’ve been able to get coverage from doctors out of the area. We’ve arranged that coverage up until the end of February this year. “We’ve reached a point where we don’t have any more doctors willing to come into the area to provide coverage. It is a very unfortunate situation. Any patient that makes an inquiry, I am talking to them. The area is short of doctors.”

See PATIENTS, Page 3


A W C in ST0 GrocHAaN$C2E OeryINCard EarlT yu BiW S Enter Enterat at thisrveyrcdlosDesr!aw

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Calling all dancers: Verona needs you

Call for local students to perform in “Romeo & Juliet” by Ballet Jorgen S UBMIT TED

Ballet Jorgen Canada is looking for six to 10 student dancers and two theatre students to participate with the company in their performance of Romeo & Juliet. The cast will be assembled from Cranbrook-area students, based on either a recommendation by their dance/theatre teachers OR at an audition. The cast will rehearse with the company for 1.5 hours the day before the show OR right after the audition in addition to two or three hours prior to the performance. The candidates need to learn the choreography quickly, listen well, follow directions and retain them easily. They must have good stage presence and carry themselves well — there are few ‘formal’ dance steps. Roles will include: Villager children and teenagers, ballroom guests and servants and guards.

Eligibility Criteria (The boys must be willing to wear tights) Villager teenagers and ballroom servants — two to four roles. 14 years old and up, and young adult-like. Females: Height: 5 feet 4 inches - 5 feet 8 inches; Waist: 27 inches - 34 inches, Chest: 32 inches- 37 inches. Males: Height: 5 feet 5 inches - 5 feet 11 inches; Waist: 27 inches - 36 inches, Chest: 32 inches - 39 inches. Guards and ballroom guests — four to six roles 15 years old and up and adult-like. Male or Female Height: 5 feet 6 inches - 6 feet 1 feet; Waist: 30 inches - 35 inches; Chest: 35 inches - 41 inches. The two to four Guard roles are to be filled by theatre students. Villager Children — two roles 11 -13 years old. Male or female. Height: 4 feet 11 inches - 5 feet 3 inches; Waist: 23 inches - 26

Ballet Jorgen Canada is looking for 6-10 student dancers and two theatre students to participate with the company in their performance of Romeo & Juliet at Key City Theatre in February. Their roles will include - Villager children and teenagers, Ballroom guests and servants and Guards. To recommend your students or register to audition to gain a role and perform in your local performance of Romeo & Juliet visit and submit the application form. inches; Chest: 27 inches - 31 inches. To recommend your students or register to audition to gain a role and perform in your local performance of Romeo & Juliet visit www.balletjorgencana- and submit the application form. You will need the student’s name, DOB, phone, email, guardian name and email, height, waist and chest measurements. For recommendations you will need a

username and password, contact Clea Iveson for this. Ballet Jorgen Canada’s Education Manager will select the cast members based from all the recommendations received and then con-

tact the teachers with the casting results. For the audition process the cast will be chosen on the day of the audition. The deadline to submit recommendations for the February 11, 2014 performance of

Romeo & Juliet in Cranbrook is Monday January 27, 2014 For tickets to the February 11, 2014 performance of Romeo & Juliet at the Key City Theatre visit

Arts, culture and heritage grant applications available SUBMIT TED

Artists in all disciplines— as well as arts, culture and heritage organizations—are invited to apply for funding through the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA), which delivers the Arts, Culture and Heritage Program of Columbia Basin Trust.

“This is the 17th year that CKCA has been able to provide financial support for arts and heritage projects across the Basin,” said Jacquie Hamilton, CKCA Chair. “What a difference Columbia Basin Trust continues to make!” For 2014/15, CKCA is receiving $706,000 from the Trust. Funding is available


for: individuals and groups through community arts councils; minor capital projects; touring; arts and heritage mentoring/master classes; organizational development; major projects; artists in education; major exhibitions; major heritage capital projects; and new heritage projects. Applications are

adjudicated once a year by local arts councils and the CKCA Steering Committee. “We look forward to another year of helping to foster creativity and preserve our Basin heritage,” said Lynda Lafleur, Trust community liaison. “The work these people and organizations do touches the entire region and

makes a difference to our communities and quality of life.” Find out more and get application forms by visiting, contacting your local community arts council or phoning CKCA at 250-505-5505 or 1-877-505-7355. Applications must be re-

ceived by March 7 or March 21, 2014, depending on the program. The Trust supports efforts to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to the residents of the Columbia Basin. To learn more about Trust programs and initiatives, visit or call 1-800-505-8998.

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daily townsman

Local NEWS

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Patients told they no longer have doctor Continued from page 1 The letter, signed by Alderson, notes that while physicians at the centre have been working to find a replacement for Macdonald, a permanent replacement has not been recruited.

“We have appreciated the privilege of being involved in your medical care,” the letter states, “however, as of March 1, 2014 you will no longer have access to medical treatment at

the F.W. Green Medical Centre.” Bev Evanchu has been going to the clinic since she and her husband moved to Cranbrook in 1978 from the Coast. She was not happy to hear that come March

they would no longer have a family doctor. “It was wrong of them to let him go without making sure that there was somebody in place to begin with, especially knowing the situation of how many people in this area are

without a doctor,” Evanchu said, adding that finding out about the dismissal from the clinic was akin to being dumped. “It’s been a long association with that clinic and now we’re being told: ‘Sorry, you’re not

welcome here,’” she said. For Evanchu, being able to see a duty doctor at the clinic would alleviate many of the issues, as the only other option, if no spaces open in clinics, is to go to emergency for things like

Arne Petryshen Photo

Karin Penner was honoured in council Monday night, Jan. 20, with an appreciation award for her 30th anniversary with the Cranbrook and District Chamber of Commerce. Penner is the long-time manager of the Chamber.


Truck theft, Sullivan pub break-in likely related C A R O LYN G R A N T Daily Bulletin

Kimberley RCMP are looking for a white 2006 Ford F-350 truck, which was not only stolen early morning January 20, but is likely related to a break and enter, says RCMP Cpl. Chris Newel.

Step #1: Call Karrie and get your access code number. 250-426-5201 extension 208

Newel says Kimberley RCMP received a report of a stolen truck on the morning of Sunday, Jan. 20 when the owner discovered it missing. A short time later, police received a report of a break and enter to the office of the Sullivan Pub on Ross Street.

“A subject entered an office upstairs of the pub at approximately 4:30 a.m.,” Newel said. “Once inside, he removed a black fire safe and departed. Video surveillance showed a white pickup truck and police believe it to be the one stolen. The safe only

contained personal papers.” Newel says the suspect may have known the location of the safe. “I can’t say from the video. But we do believe the person knew it was there because nothing else was touched or stolen.”

Police are asking anybody with information or anyone who sees the vehicle to call RCMP at 250-427-4811. The truck has license plate DN9692 and a “Pioneer 107” badge on the front as an identifier for Forest Service Road use.

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prescription renewals and check-ups for her husband, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Caroline Johnson also received a letter. Hers arrived on Monday. “Having to go up to emergency to get a prescription filled is a waste of the patient and emergency staff ’s time,” Johnson said. “It’s mind-boggling.” She said she understands that Cranbrook is not the only community suffering a doctor shortage. “It’s only going to get worse here, because there are a number of doctors who are nearing retirement age,” she said. “Until it hits you personally, you don’t really understand the impact.” The letter encourages patients to go to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia’s website to find information on locating family physicians accepting new patients in Cranbrook. However upon search through the list of physicians there doesn’t appear to be any in Cranbrook accepting patients. The F.W. Green Medical Centre follows the college’s guidelines. In council on Monday, Coun. Sharon Cross spoke briefly on the issue, noting it had come up during a recent urban governance meeting she had attended. Cross said she was disheartened to hear about the 1,100 letters going out to patients that will no longer have a doctor in the community. “So we not only have a shortage of GPs (general practitioners), but that is being compounded,” Cross said. She noted that there is a need for something creative to happen.

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Almanac Temperatures

High Low Normal...........................-2.3° ...............-10.9° Record.......................6.9°/1994 .......-27.2°/1969 Yesterday ......................-7.6° ................-9.8° Precipitation Normal..............................................0.3mm Record.....................................4.3mm/2003 Yesterday ......................................0.04 mm This month to date.........................14.4 mm This year to date............................14.4 mm

courtesy philip macdonald architect

Precipitation totals include rain and snow

The original proposal for a $16.6 million, three-storey homeless shelter in Cranbrook will be scaled back.


unrise 8 26 a.m. unset 5 24 p.m. oonrise 12 41 a.m. oonset 11 21 a.m.

an 24

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Across the Region Tomorro w Prince George 2/-1 Jasper 2/-2

Edmonton 5/3

Banff 1/-1 Kamloops 1/-3

Revelstoke 3/-1

Kelowna 3/-1 Vancouver 8/4


Castlegar 4/1


Yellowknife Whitehorse Vancouver Victoria Saskatoon Regina Brandon Winnipeg Thunder Bay S. Ste. Marie Toronto Windsor Ottawa Montreal Quebec City Fredericton

p.cloudy p.cloudy p.cloudy p.cloudy sunny sunny m.sunny p.cloudy flurries flurries p.cloudy flurries sunny sunny sunny snow

The World


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sunny sunny flurries p.cloudy m.sunny sunny flurries showers p.cloudy sunny showers showers cloudy p.cloudy p.cloudy windy

Calgary 5/2

Cranbrook 0/-7


-13/-16 1/-1 7/2 8/3 -22/-25 -23/-27 -22/-31 -24/-30 -18/-29 -16/-25 -15/-19 -13/-17 -20/-25 -19/-25 -18/-26 -13/-20

Shelter will be built, proponents insist

p.cloudy-12/-22 p.cloudy 3/-2 p.cloudy 8/4 sunny 9/4 p.cloudy -2/-5 m.sunny -5/-6 p.cloudy-11/-12 p.cloudy-15/-16 m.sunny-17/-18 p.cloudy-19/-21 p.cloudy-16/-18 p.cloudy-11/-17 p.cloudy-20/-25 p.cloudy-18/-24 p.cloudy-17/-24 p.cloudy-12/-23

Bennett suggested a meeting with B.C. Housing to scale down the project. “It seems to be the minister’s main concern is the cost per square foot, so we are trying to reduce that cost per square foot of the building,” said Cook. “We are looking at going back to the two-storey building we initially put forward.” Doing that would take out the extended stay units and family units, but keep the overnight shelter beds, and units for stays of up to two years. The proposal

may also be altered to remove the requirement that the facility be built to LEED Gold standards. Ironically, it was B.C. Housing, an agency of the Ministry of Housing, that initially suggested the homeless shelter be expanded to include a third storey with extended stay units. “It has caused a bit of heartburn over the last year and a half,” said Cook. “They are the ones who wanted us to add it,” added Green. “So we are going to discuss with them: what do you want us to do?


There is still time to earn money for the ski season!

ROUTES IN CRANBROOK: #176 - 1st - 4th Ave, 22 St. S. #181 - 10th & 11th Ave, 12-14 St. #325 - Southview Dr. #134 - 9th - 11th St S, 2nd - 5th Ave S #126 - Baker St & 1A St. S, 15-17th Ave S #169 - 4th St. S. & 23rd Ave. S. #196 - 29th Ave S, 3rd - 7th St S #300 - 30th Ave S, 3rd - 7th St S #113 - Vanhorne St - 4th St, 3rd and 4th Ave S #114 - Vanhorne St - 4St, 5th Ave S #177 - Brookview Cres. #117 - Baker St to 5th, down 8th


3/-3 39/27 -9/-13 4/-2 23/15 15/11 -8/-10 10/7 23/12 18/7 6/3 12/4 29/25 23/22 8/2 -7/-10

p.cloudy 2/-9 tstorms 36/25 flurries -10/-17 rain/snow 4/0 sunny 24/13 p.cloudy 16/13 cloudy -9/-13 showers 8/5 sunny 22/11 p.cloudy 22/14 showers 8/4 showers 12/5 p.sunny 29/25 p.cloudy 24/22 sunny 9/2 p.cloudy -3/-14

The Weather Network 2014

“We are going to have some open and very frank discussions with them, as we have had all along. They have been very good. “We want this project to go, Bill wants this project to go, the homeless people need this project to go, we’ve lived through five winters since then, so let’s do what we’ve got to do to make this work.” MLA Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines and Minister Responsible for the Core Review, said that Coleman’s letter is not a final answer. “It was a statement of our capacity to fund

CALL KARRIE 250-426-5201 ext 208

ROUTES IN KIMBERLEY: • Your pay is automatically deposited • No collecting • Get work experience We always need spares – can’t do full time delivery? Cover for someone else when they’re sick or on vacation!

#201 - Marysville #204 - Marysville #240 - “The Bench” Blarchmont #239 - Creekside Trailer Park #226 - Downtown Kimberley #221 - Downtown by FasGas CALL NICOLE 250-427-5333

250-426-5201 ext 208


“We want this project to go, Bill wants this project to go, the homeless people need this project to go, we’ve lived through five winters since then, so let’s do what we’ve got to do to make this work.” Capt. Kirk Green capital at the time,” said Bennett. He remains committed to seeing the facility come to fruition. “I did meet recently with Captain Kirk and Neil and I reiterated my support for the project as my number-one priority for Cranbrook. “I will keep working on finding funds for this. We are in a very challenging time for money. Our government is committed to balancing the budget and so very few capital projects are being approved.” The homeless shelter project was born in January 2009, and went through two years of planning and community consultation before the project was submitted for approval. “We understand that this project has been five years in development, and the economy has gone through a major reset in North America. The reality is that B.C. Housing is now looking at ways to try and serve the need in

“We understand that this project has been five years in development, and the economy has gone through a major reset in North America. The reality is that B.C. Housing is now looking at ways to try and serve the need in Cranbrook, but at the same time not break the bank.” Neil Cook

Cranbrook, but at the same time not break the bank,” said Cook. Donations for the shelter project continue to roll in from the East Kootenay community to the community foundation and Salvation Army. Green said that over the holidays alone, $10,000 was donated to the facility through the Salvation Army. Green said he remains confident that the homeless facility will eventually be approved. “We are assured that at some point this project is going to go ahead. We are very thankful for the support that (B.C. Housing is) giving us, and especially our local MLA, who is very much behind the project and is trying everything he can.” “Stick with us. We are going to get this thing built,” added Cook.

daily townsman / daily bulletin


Teas, travelogues and more Ktunaxa tradition of story-telling through media and performance. Open Tue - Fri 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Cranbrook and District Arts Council, 104 135 10th Ave South. Join the artists for the exhibit opening on Thursday, Jan 16 from 7 to 9 p.m.

The Know It All CAROLYN GRANT entertainment@

Cranbrook Library display

The display at the Cranbrook Public Library for the month of January is Acrylic paintings by JOKI. For the month of February it will be paintings by the late Jimmy (Jean) Warland, lent to the Library by her husband Peter.

Fort Steele Outdoor skating

Free Public Skating at Fort Steele. Open 9:30 - 3:30 every day. A huge outdoor rink is waiting for you so strap on your skates and warm up by the fire. Call ahead for weather conditions 250417-6000.


Do you enjoy singing? If so, the Cranbrook and District Arts Council offers the opportunity to sing for fun with the Funtastic Singers. This group meets every Tuesday for drop in sing-alongs at the arts council to sing with keyboard accompaniment. No experience necessary, all skill levels welcome. They meet every Tuesday at 6:45 to 8:15 p.m., and it’s free to attend with only a $5 yearly membership payment to the group. Cranbrook and District Arts Council, 104-35 10th Ave South.

Jan. 7 to Feb. 1 Art Exhibition

In the Gallery at Centre 64, Silent Spaces, artwork by Anton Zanesco. Gallery reception January 25, 2 to 4 p.m.

Jan. 11 to 31 Art exhibition

Artists Marissa Phillips and the students of Mount Baker Secondary display a joint art exhibition exploring the

The Symphony of the Kootenays partners with the Sultans of String to bring you world popular music for all ages, Saturday, Feb. 1 at the Key City Theatre. ing literary events and contests. Cranbrook and District Arts Council, 104 135 10th Ave South, CBK. Fourth Monday of the Month starting Jan 28th Free. 250-4264223

Tuesday, Jan. 28 Go Dutch

Saturday, Jan. 25 Oscar Lopez

Performing live at Key City Theatre on January 25, Oscar Lopez’s performance will showcase his passion and fire for Latin Music. Tickets are $35 ($30 for members) and are available at the Key City Theatre box office or charge by phone at 250-426-7006.

Saturday, Jan. 25 Robbie Burns

“Wave your tartan, the party’s startin’! Prepare to have a wonderful Scottish evening at the Prestige Inn. On the birthdate of Robbie Burns, the Liela Cooper & Hali Duncan Schools of Highland Dance will be putting on their annual fundraiser with a traditional Burns Night Scottish Dinner. This will be held on Saturday, Jan. 25 at the Prestige Inn in Cranbrook. There will be a special guest appearance from the Kimberley Pipe Band. Doors open at 5 p.m., cocktails at 5:30 with dinner starting at 6 pm. Tickets are $35 for adults; $20 for youth (6-12) and $5 for children five and under. Tickets will be on sale until January 18 and will not be sold at the door. For more information contact Nicole”

Saturday, Jan. 25 Home Grown

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What’s Up?



SatURDay, jan. 25 PJs at the Library

The Friends of the Kimberley Library are hosting a Fun Morning at the Library on Saturday, Jan. 25. Everyone is invited and there will be Celebrity readers, Prizes, Fun Workshops, Computer and Wii Activities. There will be draws for books with the final draw being for a Tablet at Noon. You can wear your PJ’s and enjoy theses activities and refreshments from 10 a.m. till 12 Noon .

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On the birthdate of Robbie Burns, the Liela Cooper & Hali Duncan Schools of Highland Dance will be putting on their annual fundraiser with a traditional Burns Night Scottish Dinner. Saturday, Jan. 25, at the Prestige Inn. Kimberley Home Grown Music presents the first coffee house of the new year on Saturday, Jan. 25. 8 p.m. sharp at Centre 64. Line up for the evening showcases Brian Leeb and Kari Dewald; Don Davies; Mike Whitney; Drew Murphy; Shawna, Megan and Isaac Plant; Struan Robertson, John Gerlitz and Mark Rosini. Others to be announced next week. Tickets are $7 and available at the Snow Drift Cafe and Centre 64. Anyone wishing to play at future coffee houses should contact Carol at 250-4272258


By popular demand Steve Bondy now teaches an intermediate origami course, suitable for students with some experience with origami. Students will receive all the paper and instructions they need to make beautiful art pieces, including a dragon and angel fish! Cranbrook and District Arts Coun-

cil, 104 135 10th Ave South, Saturday Jan. 25 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 25 all supplies included. For more information contact 250426-4223

Monday, Jan. 27 Go Go Grannies

GoGo Grannies first meeting of 2014. Note new location: Monday January 27 at 7 p.m. at the Superstore Community Room (Beside Photo Lab). We welcome some new members tonight and would love to have you join us. For further information, please call Norma at 250-426-6111.

Tuesday, Jan. 28 Cranbrook Writer’s Group

This group of published and aspiring authors meet on the fourth Monday of the month at the arts council. Participants engage in writing exercises, constructive critiques and share in information on upcom-

Have Camera Will Travel.... Join Jenny Broere & Maurice Frits travelogue “Go Dutch” Touring the Netherlands at Centre 64 on Tuesday, Jan 28 at 7:30 p.m. Admission by donation. Proceeds to Kimberley Arts Council & Expansion Project.

Tuesday, Jan. 28 Writing Workshop

Seniors Autobiographical Writing for those aged 60 or wiser at the Kimberley Library. No writing experience necessary and it’s free. Runs for eight weeks 10 a.m. - Noon. To Register contact Kim Roberts CBAL Kimberley Coordinator at 250-427-4468 or

Wednesday, Jan 29 Centre 64 Concert

Anja McCloskey: Dan Whitehouse and Daze of Grace (Folk). Concert starts at 8 p.m. Centre 64’s Winter Concert Series opens with an evening of entertainment by Anja McCloskey, Dan Whitehouse and Daze of Grace, who will provide listeners with a broad scope of folk music and styles. Three separate sets will be performed, one by each individual group.


Join the Bavarian Barbarians Thursdays in January 23rd & 30th, 7pm-9pm at Resker Hall, Marysville. First two practises FREE of charge. Full gear will be provided. We are Looking for skaters, referees and volunteer. The Friends of the Kimberley Library are hosting a Fun Morning at the Library Saturday Jan 25 . Everyone is invited and there will be Celebrity readers, Prizes, Fun Workshops, Computer and Wii Activities. There will be draws for books with the final draw being for a Tablet at Noon. You can wear your PJ’s and enjoy these activities and refreshments from 10:00 AM till 12 Noon . Jubilee Chapter #64, Order of the Eastern Star, regular meeting Monday, January 27, at 7:30 pm sharp, at the Masonic Hall, 4013rd Avenue South in Cranbrook. Kimberley Wildlife & Wilderness Club Meeting is on Tuesday January 28, 7:00 pm at Selkirk Secondary School cafeteria. For more info call 250-427-5236 Have Camera Will Travel.... Join Jenny Broere & Maurice Frits travelogue “Go Dutch” - Touring the Netherlands at Centre 64 on Tuesday, Jan 28 at 7:30 pm. Admission by donation. Proceeds to Kimberley Arts Council & Expansion Project. The Annual Scottish Tea will be held in the Kimberley United Church on Saturday, February 1st from 1 – 3 pm. It will feature Highland Dancers, Scottish Music, Scottish fare of scones, oatcakes and shortbread and a Bake Table of various goodies. All are welcome!!!! 2014 FREE PUBLIC SWIM Wednesday, Feb. 5th, 5:00-6:00pm is sponsored by Harmony Chapter Eastern Star. Join the 4th Annual Slopes for Hope event in Kimberley, BC; Inviting Nordic skiers, Alpine skiers, snowboarders and all people who love to play in the snow to join the fight against cancer as we take it to the slopes Saturday, Feb. 8th, 9:00 am – 4:00pm. Transportation to Kimberley Nordic Club provided 9:45 am – 3:15 pm by Simply Kimberley. Register Now Individually or Teams up to 4 people - Family Fishing Derby Monday February 10, 2014. On Family Day weekend come out for fishing, children’s games, and great prizes! Benefits local children battling cancer. Contact


Mark Creek Lions meet 1st and 3rd Wednesday at the Kimbrook. Meet & Greet from 6:00-6:30pm, supper 6:30-7:00, meeting 7:008:00pm. Contact 250-427-5612 or 250-427-7496. New members welcome - men and ladies! COME SKATE WITH US. Ongoing registration available for Precan, Canskate, StarSkate, Adult & Powerskate programs. Check us out at Seniors Autobiographical Writing for those aged 60 or wiser at the Kimberley Library. No writing experience necessary. It’s free. Tuesdays 10:00 - Noon. Register: Kim Roberts CBAL Coordinator 250-427-4468 or Free Public Skating at Fort Steele! Open 9:30 - 3:30 every day! We have a huge outdoor rink waiting for you! Strap on your skates and warm up by the fire! Call ahead for weather conditions 250-417-6000. Starting Jan 28th; Cranbrook Writer’s Group. This group of published and aspiring authors meet on the fourth Monday of the month at the arts council. Participants engage in writing exercises, constructive critiques and share in information on upcoming literary events and contests. Cranbrook and District Arts Council, 104 135 10th Ave South, CBK. info: 250-426-4223 Royal Canadian Legion Branch 24; Friday Meat Draw: 4:30- 6:30, Saturday Meat Draw: 3:30-5:30. The Cranbrook Skating Club is celebrating their 60th Anniversary with an Ice Show on March 1st, 2014 at Western Financial Place. We are looking to research the Club’s history and also locate previous skaters, coaches and judges. Contact Debbie Mandryk @ 250-489-2318 or East Kootenay Women Executives & Entrepreneurs (EKWEE) meet the first Monday of every month at the Heritage Inn, Dining Room Annex, 7:00PM. Join us for of the menu dinner 5:307:00. Pay your own tab. Networking, share accomplishments, education. Bev Campbell 778-481-4883 Canadian Cancer Society- if you have spare time and would like to volunteer, interested applicants can call 250-426-8916, drop by our office at #19-9th Avenue S, Cranbrook or go to www. and register as a volunteer. Do you have the desire to stop eating compulsively? Overeaters Anonymous (a 12-Step Program) meets Wednesdays from 7-8pm at Cranbrook United Church, 2-12th St. S., downstairs. Contact: Treasures Galore at Bargain Prices. Bibles For Missions Thrift Store. Open Tues-Sat, 10am-5pm, 824 Kootenay St. N., Cranbrook. ICBL-Duplicate Bridge–Senior Center in Cranbrook. Mon & Wed 7pm, Thurs & Fri 1pm at Scout Hall, Marysville. Info: Maggie 250-417-2868. Place your notice in your “What’s Up?” Community Calendar FREE of charge. This column is intended for the use of clubs and non-profit organizations to publicize their coming events — provided the following requirements are met: • Notices will be accepted two weeks prior to the event. • All notices must be emailed, faxed or dropped off in person. No telephone calls please. • NOTICES SHOULD NOT EXCEED 30 WORDS. • Only one notice per week from any one club or organization. • All notices must be received by the Thursday prior to publication • There is no guarantee of publication. Notices will run subject to space limitations.


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Ready to change sides in Syria


would be interesting to know just what tidbits of information the US National Security Agency’s eavesdropping has turned up on United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. He certainly caved in very fast: on Sunday he invited Iran to join the long-delayed peace talks aimed at ending the three-year-old civil war in Syria; on Sunday evening the United States loudly objected, and on Monday he obediently uninvited Iran. So the peace talks get underway in Switzerland this week after all, and the omens for peace are not that bad. Unless, of course, you were also hoping for the overthrow of the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad and the emergence of a democratic Syria, in which case the omens are positively awful. The breakthrough may not happen at Geneva this week, but the Russians and the Americans are now on the same side (although the US cannot yet bring itself to say publicly that it is backing Assad). Moreover, some of the rebels are getting ready to change sides. It won’t be fast and it won’t be pretty, but there’s a decent chance that peace, in the shape of an Assad victory, will return to Syria within a year or two. What has made this possible is the jihadis, the fanatical extremists of the al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, who have frightened both the United States and a great many ordi-

nary Syrians into seeing Assad’s regime as the lesser evil. Two years ago, it still seemed possible that Assad could lose. The rebels had the support of the United States, Turkey and powerful Sunni Arab states like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and they still talked about a democratic, inclusive Syria. Assad’s only friends were Iran, Russia and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. But then the jihadis showed up, alienating local with their extreme Gwynne people version of sharia law and scaring the pants off the Dyer United States with their allegiance to al-Qaeda. It took the United States quite a while to admit to itself that it does not actually want Assad to fall if that means putting the jihadis in power, but it has finally grasped the concept. More recently, a “war-within-the-war” has broken out among the rebels, with the secular groups fighting the jihadis and the jihadi groups fighting among themselves. So far in January more people have been killed in this internecine rebel war (over a thousand) than in the war against the regime. And the US and Russia are working on a deal that would swing a lot of the non-jihadi rebels over to the regime’s side. General Salim Idris, the commander of the Free Syrian Army (the main non-jihadi force on the battlefield), said last month that he and his allies were dropping the


demand that Assad must leave power before the Geneva meeting convened. Instead, they would be content for Assad to go at the end of the negotiation process, at which time the FSA’s forces would join with those of the regime in an offensive against the Islamists. He was actually signalling that The Free Syrian Army is getting ready to change sides. There will have to be amnesties and financial rewards for those who change sides, of course, but these things are easily arranged. And Assad will not leave power “at the end of the negotiation process.” The jihadis are not at Geneva this week, of course; just the Russians and the Americans, and the Assad regime and the Syrian National coalition (the Free Syrian Army’s political front), and a few odds and sods to make up the numbers. It is an ideal environment for the regime and the secular rebels to discuss quietly how they might make a deal, with their Russian and American big brothers in attendance to smooth the path. The fighting in Syria will continue for many months, even if a joint front of the regime and the FSA is formed to drive out the foreign extremists and eliminate the native-born ones. In practice the end game will probably be even more ragged than that, with all sorts of local rebel groups trying to cut their own deals or holding out until the bitter end. But the final outcome has become clear, and it is no longer years away.

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McGill reflects on World Juniors TRE VOR CR AWLEY Sports Editor


JUST HANGING OUT: Cranbrook ice climber Gord McArthur continues to make his mark on the UIAA World Cup circuit, finishing in 13th place at his second tour stop in Busteni, Romania, this past weekend. McArthur now heads to Saas-Fee in Switzerland for his third event on the World Cup tour.

Even though the IIHF World Junior Championship has come and gone, the disappointment of a fourth place finish is still fresh for Ryan McGill, who served as an assistant coach to Team Canada. The Kootenay Ice bench boss has rejoined his club team, but he hasn’t stopped thinking about what could have been at the world’s premier international U20 tournament, hosted by Sweden over the Christmas break. “Really what it boils down to is the disappointment of being a flat hockey team against the Finns in the semifinal game and we’re still analyzing why that is and I don’t know the answers will come out yet,” said McGill. “I think that’s going to take some time, some reflection and obviously reflection by coaches, reflection by Hockey Canada management and officials, and hopefully we can come up with some answers on how to not let that happen.” The Canadians lost their third straight semifinal game at the tournament in a 5-1 loss to Team Finland, which went on to capture the gold medal. Team Canada then drew the Russians for the bronze-medal match, losing 2-1 to finish fourth for the second straight year. Canada finished on


Ryan McGill talks with Team Canada defenceman Mathew Dumba during a game at the IIHF World Junior Championship. top of their group standings after round robin play, with only one 5-4 shootout loss to the Czech Republic after the tournament began on Boxing Day. Heading into the elimination games, Canada downed the Swiss 4-1 before going up against the eventual champions in Team Finland, which scored three times in the second period on their way to a 5-1 win. “I thought we did get better every day in a lot of areas, and one area that we’re obviously disappointed in, is that we fell short, but we didn’t

fall short because of lack of execution—we fell short for whatever reason that we were flat, and we gave up a couple untimely goals,” said McGill. “In a tournament like that, it’s so important that you have that narrow focus shift to shift, and I know it sounds like a cliche, but it really isn’t, because you don’t have time to recover like a seven-game series, so

you have to be really sharp in your narrow focus.” After a five-year run of winning gold, Team Canada has two silvers, a bronze, and a pair of fourth place finishes. For the last four years, a different country has won the tournament, a sign of the parity between all the teams—especially the European squads. “They’ve caught up,” noted McGill. “Canada was put on a pedestal for many years—rightfully so—and a lot of these European teams are now modelling themselves after the Canadian way. “I think, now, that there’s so much parity in the world with teams, that Canada doesn’t have the upper hand on all these countries anymore. We’re all on a level playing field.” Team Canada has 11 players eligible for next year’s roster, however, Kootenay Ice captain Sam Reinhart and Barrie Colts defenceman Aaron Ekblad are top-rated prospects that could be playing in the NHL, which would make their return questionable. Canada is home to the tournament next year as Montreal and Toronto will share hosting duties.

Family Literacy Evening

Alouettes QB Anthony Calvillo retires BILL BEACON Canadian Press

MONTREAL - Anthony Calvillo isn’t sure where he’ll be when the Montreal Alouettes open training camp in June. He just knows that for the first time since ‘98 he won’t be on the field in his teal-coloured No. 13 practice jersey throwing balls to S.J. Green, Jamel Richardson and the other receivers. The 41-year-old who rewrote the CFL record book for quarterbacks announced his retirement Tuesday following an illustrious 20-year career. It’s an end Calvillo knew was coming when he missed the final 10 games of the regular season with a concussion.

“My mind was pretty much made up at the end of the season that I wanted to retire,” said Calvillo. “I went on holidays to think about it but I was 99 per cent sure. “In my mind I’ve moved on. The process of being hurt helped me go through the transition. So when June comes around, I don’t know where I’ll be.” Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith, who got a crash course on Canadian football after signing with Montreal in August, is pegged as the new starter. That’s a position Calvillo held since 2000 after signing with the Alouettes as Tracy Ham’s understudy two years

earlier. Calvillo leaves as pro football’s most prolific passer (79,816 yards) and the CFL’s alltime leader in completions (5,892), attempts (9,437) and TD strikes (455). A spot in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame surely awaits. The five-time CFL all-star also holds records for completions in one game (44), most 300-yard contests (125) and 4,000-yard seasons (11). Calvillo also holds most Grey Cup game records, including passing yards (2,470). Calvillo led Montreal to eight Grey Cup appearances, winning in 2002, 2009 and 2010. Owner Robert Wetenhall

called Calvillo a “good and decent man” who was “arguably one of the great players in the history of professional football.” In a statement, CFL commissioner Mark Cohon called Calvillo “more than one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. He is one of the most remarkable people to ever grace our league.” Calvillo has a spot waiting for him on the Alouettes coaching staff, but he plans to take the summer off before looking at coaching in 2015. For now, he is working on two online courses to get the final credits he needs to complete the degree he started at Utah State University before he turned pro.

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ARIES (March 21-April 19) If you wake up feeling tired, don’t be surprised -- your dreams probably have been unusually vivid. You might want to back away from a situation, especially if your intuition points that way. A gesture you make could backfire. Be careful. Tonight: Avoid an argument. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Juggling several different interests likely will succeed, but try not to allow details to fall by the wayside. Others admire your ability to put the final touches on a project. Refuse to accept any other responsibilities for now. Tonight: Pace yourself. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Keep reaching out to someone at a distance whom you care a lot about. Listen to your inner voice before you cause yourself a problem with a loved one. Communication soars, and perhaps too much will be shared. Use your high energy well. Tonight: Romance blooms.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) You could be taken aback by someone’s efforts to change direction. How you feel in the company of a loved one could be very different from how you might have thought you’d feel. This person understands and indulges you more often than not. Tonight: Run some errands on the way home. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You are likely to say what you mean, which could startle several people. News heads your way that might put a different slant on a personal matter. Don’t hesitate to take action. Make a call, and seek out more information. Tonight: In the swing of the moment. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Be aware of the costs of proceeding as you have been. A child or new friend will let you know what he or she wants in no uncertain terms. You might be able to bypass a power play and need to do nothing. Tonight: Use caution with your funds and a potential expenditure. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)


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Claim your power by knowing what you want. Until you are sure of your direction, you need not do anything. A loved one could act in a most unexpected way. Step back and let the chips fall where they may. Tonight: Make a call, and treat a friend to dinner. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You might want to withdraw, as volatile news heads your way. Until you have a complete grasp of the situation, this disengagement will feel right. Don’t push so hard to have your way. Tonight: Don’t swallow your anger; instead, express it in a way that can be heard. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Focus on what you want and expect from a situation. You have many options that could work well for you, but you must know your goal in order to make the right choice. A partner or loved one might throw a lot of possibilities at you. Tonight: Where the gang is. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You might have no choice except to assume the helm of the ship.

The results could be excellent because of your experience and drive. A partner will add to the commotion in your life without even realizing it. Instead of getting irritated, enjoy the moment. Tonight: Work late. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) The key to making a situation work will be gaining a broader perspective. Detach, as difficult as it might be and despite someone’s attempt to pull you into the action. Someone at a distance could make a strong statement that shocks you. Tonight: Go where you can relax. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) You could be in a situation that typically would push you and cause a temper tantrum or an argument. The smart move is to detach. An unexpected financial matter might force you to rethink a commitment. Share your feelings with a trusted friend. Tonight: Dinner for two. BORN TODAY Statesman Francis Bacon (1561), actor Bill Bixby (1934), actress Diane Lane (1965) ***

By Chad Carpenter


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Baby Blues

By Kirkman and Scott

nity mu

our Com Y ng

Cove ri

Hagar the Horrible

Rhymes with Orange

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By Hillary B. Price

ANNIE’S MAILBOX by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar Dear Annie: A couple of years ago, you published my letter signed “No-Win Situation in Wisconsin.” My wife and I had been sharing a vacation with another couple, and I witnessed the husband kiss my wife on the lips as they left. You said if I trust my wife, not to worry about it. After you printed my letter, I wrote this couple a half-sincere “take the high road” letter, admitting I could have been wrong about interpreting that kiss and invited them to come for dinner and stay over. They never replied. But a month later, they drove into town and met my wife for lunch while I was at work. The husband asked my wife whether I felt “neglected.” How smug is that? A couple of weeks later, my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary at a lovely vacation spot, and a week later, she stayed overnight at this couple’s home while visiting a mutual friend who was ill. I am getting the distinct message that I am the one with the problem, and therefore, I can be completely bypassed when she makes decisions involving this couple. While I do not feel it would be right to ask my wife to close the door on this friendship, that last visit had me losing sleep. I wrote my wife a letter about my feelings, and even though I realize their relationship could be nothing, it still upsets me. Now that this husband has retired, I fear the pace will quicken in his efforts to put our friendship back where it was, but whatever my insecurities and shortcomings, I get angry just thinking about it. Am I making sense or just going bananas? -- More Maine Madness Dear Maine: We doubt anything untoward is going on, but your wife is deliberately disregarding your feelings. She thinks you are being foolish, and so she ignores you. This makes you feel marginalized and angry. Please stop writing letters and simply talk to your wife. Tell her gently that seeing this couple behind your back only makes you distrust her, and that eats away at the core of your marriage. Tell her you will back off if she will be more respectful of your feelings. Dear Annie: My wonderful husband delivers oil to people’s homes and works hard keeping homes toasty and warm throughout the winter. It is a demanding job, but for the most part, he enjoys it. The problem is, some customers don’t plow or shovel paths to their tanks. Their driveways are cleared and the paths to their bird feeders, but my husband has to pull a heavy hose through knee-deep snow to reach the tanks. By the time he gets home, he is soaked up to his thighs, cold and exhausted. This is enough to make anyone cranky. He sure would appreciate it if people could make his job easier by shoveling a path to their tank. -- Please Be Kind Dear Please: Thank you for reminding our readers that any service people who need to have access to outside areas of their homes should not get lost in a snowdrift because the path isn’t plowed. This is not only for the person who delivers oil. It’s also the postal carrier, the meter reader and the cable repairman. If you know someone is coming, please see that they can get there. Dear Annie: I totally agree with “I Need Nice Clothes, Too.” The bigger sizes are tucked into the furthest corner of the store, the selection is small, the styles are horrendous, the sleeves are too tight and the tops are too short. My other complaint is that the large-size models don’t look like me. They are tall with flat stomachs. I am 5 feet 4 and the grandmother of four. There are a lot of older, mature women with money to spend, so I hope the manufacturers start listening. -- Inverness, Fla. Annie’s Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please email your questions to, or write to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. To find out more about Annie’s Mailbox and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at COPYRIGHT 2014 CREATORS.COM



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Sympathy & Understanding

Irene Parfitt 1923 - 2014 Irene Parfitt of Kimberley, BC passed away peacefully surrounded by her family on Friday, January 17, 2014 at the age of 90. Irene was born in Bassano, Alberta June 28, 1923 to Gladys and Jim Riddell. She was a resident of Kimberley for most of her life. Irene was an avid gardener and also loved to travel. For 80 years she was a dedicated Kimberley Dynamiter fan.


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Irene was predeceased by her parents Jim and Gladys Riddell, her brother Jim Riddell and her loving husband of 58 years Trevor Parfitt. Irene is survived by her daughters Darlyne Bryant and Marilyn McGovern (Doug), grandchildren Corie Stedile and Jodi Yates (Jay), great grandchildren Makenzie, Kalen, Nathan and Sofia, her sister-in-law Shirley Riddell, as well as many nieces and nephews. The family would like to extend a special thank you to the third floor nursing staff at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital who cared for â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gramsâ&#x20AC;?. At momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s request there will be no service.

Kootenay Monument Installations 2200 - 2nd Street South Cranbrook, BC V1C 1E1 250-426-3132 1885 Warren Avenue Kimberley, BC V1A 1R9 250-427-7221



Granite & Bronze Memorials, Dedication Plaques, Benches, Memorial Walls, Gravesite Restorations, Sales & Installations IN-HOME CONSULTATION OR VISIT OUR SHOWROOM

6379 HIGHWAY 95A TA TA CREEK, B.C. 1-800-477-9996

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Toll Free 1-855-417-2019

Those wishing to remember Irene may do so by donating to the charity of their choice. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Goodnight Ireneâ&#x20AC;? Arrangements entrusted to McPherson Funeral Service. Condolences for the family can be offered at:

Ph: 250.426.6006 Fx: 250.426.6005 2104D 2nd Street S. Cranbrook, BC theďŹ&#x201A;

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Scarlett - 21, Strawberry blonde, sweet treat Lily - 25, Sandy-blonde, blue-eyed bombshell Dakota - 20, busty, curvy, raven-haired beauty. New - Danielle - 25, French seductress, slim, athletic â&#x20AC;&#x153;Spice up your lifeâ&#x20AC;? (250)417-2800 in/out calls daily Hiring

Lost & Found

The above antique mirror was mistakenly taken to the Kimberley Re-use at the Transfer Station on Sunday, January 12th. Sentimental value. It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED if the person who picked up this mirror would be willing to return it to me. You can reach me on my cell at 250-427-6104. Thank you! MISSING FROM McKim School in Kimberley, Wednesday, Jan. 08, white, Nintendo DSI with Pokemon game. If found, please call 250-427-4575.

Angela Gioia Meshwa â&#x20AC;&#x153;Angieâ&#x20AC;? 1936 - 2014 It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Angela, beloved wife of Gus, at Joseph Creek Care Village on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at the age of 77. Angie was born on September 6, 1936 at St. Eugene Hospital in Cranbrook. She was a lifelong resident of Cranbrook. Lazy Lake was a second home for Angie, where she loved gardening and her family and friends were always welcome. Angie is survived by her husband Gus of 57 years, daughter Melanie (Bill) Graham of Cranbrook; and son Chris (Karen) of Summerland; 2 grandchildren Jeff (Meghan) of Castlegar, and Scott (Deanna) of Cranbrook; 5 great grandchildren Owen, Isaac, Abby, Kelty and Roslyn; 2 sisters Irma (Moris) Paron and Sandy (Barry) McNamar, sister-in-law Nell Crossley of Sanich and brother-in-law Val Meshwa of Surrey, as well as several nieces and nephews. Angie was predeceased by her parents Clara and Angelo Leschiutta. A very special thank you and our heartfelt appreciation to the caregivers at Joseph Creek Care Village for their excellent care and compassion. A funeral mass for Angie will be held on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 2:00 pm at St. Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Catholic Church in Cranbrook. Memorial donations can be made to the: Canadian Cancer Society, 19 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9th Avenue South, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 2L9. Arrangements entrusted to McPherson Funeral Service. Condolences for the family can be offered at:

Your community foundation.

We build endowment funds that benefit the community forever and help create personal legacies Investing in community for good and forever. 250.426.1119

In times of grief, these caring professionals are here to serve and comfort your family.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 2014 PAGE PAGE 11 11





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JOURNEYMAN HEAVY DUTY MECHANICS Fort McMurray & Leduc Alberta Gladiator Equipment Ltd. has immediate positions for Journeyman Heavy Duty, off road Certified Mechanics for work in Fort McMurray and Leduc, Alberta. Excellent wages and benefits. fax 1-780-986-7051.


FIREWOOD: Fir - $200./half cord, $350./full. Pine - $175./half cord, $300./full. Split and delivered. 250-427-7180


CENTURY PLAZA HOTEL Best Rates. 1.800.663.1818

Help Wanted FARM LABOURER wanted

Want the L AT E S T news, sports, politics and entertainment?

by HyTech Production Ltd., in the Kimberley BC area. April 2014 to Sept. 2014. Outdoor labour, lifting and working with hand tools. $14.00/hr. Apply in writing to Box 1454, Lethbridge AB, T1J 4K2 or fax 403-345-3489, Attn: BC labourer. LOG TRUCK Drivers required, experience preferred. Full time & benefits, new trucks. Email resume:”

Marine Technician

• Construction • Renovations • Roofing • Drywall-large or small • Siding • Sundeck Construction • Aluminum Railings We welcome any restorational work!

(250) 426-8504

Is Reading Your True Passion?

Primary duties include maint. troubleshooting & repair of diesel & gas marine engines. Knowledgeable in vessel electrical systems. Must have own tools and a valid drivers license. Compensation Based On Experience. Please forward resume to vancouveroutboard@

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“I read world and local news.”

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335 Spokane Street KIMBERLEY


Flyer Distribution Standards Association

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Help Wanted

Help Wanted


In Memoriam

Katherine Kanigan Duley Oct 2, 1956 - Jan 22, 2013

Your presence we miss Your memories we treasure Loving you always Forgetting you never


Misc. Wanted


Private Coin Collector Buying Collections, Estates, Olympic Gold & Silver Coins, Bills etc. Confidential 778-281-0030


Rentals Recreation

Janis Caldwell-Sawley Mortgage Specialist Royal Bank of Canada


250-866-5355(home) 250-428-1616(cell)

Serving the East Kootenays

Tel.: 250-417-1336

SERVICES GUIDE Contact these business for all your service needs!

to join our team.

Experience in a dental office or a certificate in Office Administration would be an asset.

Please fax application to


CALL: 427-5333

Busy dental practice in Cranbrook is seeking a

Applications accepted up to February 3/2014. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

to carry out physically demanding field work from April to Oct., 2014, in Cranbrook area (approx. 25-31 weeks) for: Monsanto Canada Inc, 710 Industrial Road #3, Cranbrook. Valid BC Drivers License an asset; Farming experience an asset; $14.00/hr, approx. 8 hrs./day and 5 days/week, plus 4% vacation pay.

The following goods will be sold at public auction in Lethbridge, AB.

PART TIME ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT We require an individual to work 2 or three days a week, and be willing to cover sick days and vacation. This is a wonderful opportunity for a motivated individual with excellent customer service skills, ability to multi-task, and proficiency using a windows based software system.

In Memoriam

Mike, Shayla, & Rylan


HRYCIUK GALLINGER Certified General Accountants 203 1113 Baker Street Cranbrook, BC V1C 1A7 Fax: 250-489-1893 Email:


822 Cranbrook Street North CRANBROOK

Services GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420


Under the Warehouseman’s Lien Act:

Fairmont Hot Springs, 2/Bedroom Villa (sleeps 6) March 2 - 9, 2014 $700. Call Jinty Paterson

PERSONAL INCOME TAX PREPARER We require the services of a personal tax preparer for the period of February 11/2014April 30/2014. This temporary position offers a minimum of 35 hours per week with expected increased hours in the month of April/2014. Previous experience in personal tax preparation is necessary. Written applications should indicate previous work experience, number of years of experience on personal tax preparation and tax preparation software previously used. Remuneration will commensurate with experience.



ewspapers are not a medium but media available for everyone whenever they want it. They are growing and evolving to meet the consumer’s interests and lifestyles and incorporating the latest technological developments. This is certainly great for readers and advertisers.

Please email resume to

Runners RV is looking for a

Service Manager

Qualified applicants will require to have the following: • Valid driver’s license/abstract • Exceptional organizational skills/customer service abilities • Cashier experience • Self-motivated This is a permanent “seasonal” position and salary is based on experience and ability.

Email resume c/o Ken: BOOKKEEPER REQUIRED

We have an immediate opening for a full-time bookeeper. The successful candidate will have a minimum of five years demonstrated experience in full charge bookkeeping including computer entry, payroll preparation, government remittances and account reconciliation. Substantial experience with Simply Accounting and/ or Quickbooks software is essential as is experience with detailed payroll preparation. This position is available immediately and renumeration will be commensurate with experience and skill sets. Provide written resumes to: Hryciuk Gallinger, Certified General Accountants 203 1113 Baker Street, Cranbrook, BC V1C 1A7 Fax: 250-489-1893 Only short listed candidates will be contacted. resumes are required no later than February 3, 2014.

To advertise using our “SERVICES GUIDE” in the Cranbrook Daily Townsman, Kimberley Daily Bulletin and The Valley, call us at 250-426-5201, ext. 202. BEAR NECESSITIES


HOME WATCH SERVICE Planning a winter holiday and need your home checked for insurance?

It’s time for a tune-up! Why unplug everything, send away & wait when SuperDave comes into your home? Specializes in: *Virus/Spyware Removal, *Troubleshooting, *Installations, *PC Purchase Consulting.

• Snow removal• mail p/u• plants• cat care & more.

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SuperDave offers affordable, superior service & most importantly; Honesty. SuperDave works Saturdays & evenings too!


Call SuperDave (250)421-4044

*Residential Snow Blowing *Home Improvement projects, * Odd jobs and dump runs.

Call Reeve at 250-422-9336 KOOTENAY BOOKKEEPING & PAYROLL SERVICES Providing all accounting and tax services for small business in the Cranbrook and Kimberley area. Email Joanne Fraser at


Foundation Cracks

Damp Proofing

Drainage Systems

Foundation Restoration

Residential / Commercial Free estimates

PLAN DESIGN New construction, Additions, Renovations, Electrical, Landscape Start with a good set of plans and be assured your investment will FEEL, FUNCTION and LOOK GREAT!

Jody ~ 250-919-1575



“Sweeping the Kootenay’s Clean”

Chimney Sweeping Fireplace & Woodstove Servicing Visual Inspections and Installations Gutter Cleaning Available Call for Free Estimate from a W.E.T.T Certified Technician Richard Hedrich 250-919-3643


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Page 12 Wednesday, January 22, 2014


daily townsman / daily bulletin

Celebrate the joys of winter with ‘Know It All’ Continued from page 7

Saturday, Feb. 1 Sultans of String

The Symphony of the Kootenays partners with the Sultans of String to bring you world popular music for all ages. Join the Symphony as Juno Award nominees, The Sultans of String’s acoustic world music mastery meets with a symphony sound at Key City Theatre - 7:30 p.m. Phone 250-426-7006. Tickets $29.50. Youth (under 16) $21. You can also get a free sneak peak at the concert when the Symphony rehearses with the Sultans at noon on Saturday, February 1.

Saturday, Feb. 1 Zentangle Workshop

Learn to draw beautiful images by using structured patterns in a creative way! Certified Zentangle instructor Cindy Hagen teaches you the process. Registration includes all materials and your own Zentangle kit! Pre-registration required. Cranbrook and District Arts Council. Saturday February 1, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. $35 supplies and Zentangle kit included. 250-426-4223

Starting Feb. 1 Flathead Wild – Art Exhibition

This exhibition explores the work of five artists on an art retreat in the Flathead Valley. This exhibition first opened at the Waterton’s Wildlife Festival in 2013 and now you can see it right here in Cranbrook. The opening reception for this exhibition is Thursday, February 6, free to attend with complimentary refreshments from 7 pm – 9 p.m. Come meet an artist or two! Cranbrook and District Arts Council, February 1–28 during gallery hours.

Saturday, Feb. 1 Scottish Tea

The Annual Scottish Tea will be held in the Kimberley United Church on Saturday, February 1 from 1 – 3 pm. It will feature Highland Dancers, Scottish Music, Scottish fare of scones, oatcakes and shortbread and a Bake Table of various goodies. All are welcome! For more info, please call Myra at 250-4273738

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l Survey ecekSeunrdve. y celokend. this w this we

Feb. 12, 13, 14, 15, Off Centre

The Off Centre Players have something brewing.... “The Kitchen Witches” by Caroline Smith. Directed by Tylene Turner. Winner of the 2005 Samuel French Canadian Playwrights Contest. 7:30 p.m. Centre 64, Kimberley. Tickets are $15 per person and on sale at the Snowdrift Cafe in the Kimberley Platzl. For more information, please call 427-2001

Sunday, Feb. 2 Chris McKhool’s Fiddle Fire

The Symphony of the Kootenays will be joined by Chris McKhool for this special Fiddle Fire Family Concert. McKhool is a Juno Award nominee, a Parents Choice Award winner, a Parenting Media Award winner and the winner of the Green Toronto Award of Excellence. Key City Theatre - 2:00 p.m. Tickets only $15 for this family show.

February 11 Romeo & Juliet by

Ballet Jorgen

On February 11 Romeo & Juliet by Ballet Jorgen will be taking the stage at Key City Theatre. Shakespeare’s tale of love, anguish and revenge is masterfully transformed for the magical world of ballet. While remaining true to the original story, Bengt Jorgen’s focuses on creating a clear and emotionally driven journey into this timeless classic. “Elegant” and “Intensely Emotional” are just some of words used to describe this unforgettable ballet. Tickets are available at the Key City Theatre box office or 250426-7006.

Saturday, Feb. 22 Tea and Bake sale

Girl Guides of Canada, The World Beat guitar of Oscar Lopez, Saturday, Jan. 25, at Cranbrook are hosting their the Key City Theatre. annual TEA & BAKE SALE on Saturday, February 22, 2014 priced at $88 and $44 reRockies Film Series at the Cranbrook Guide Hall, spectively after December March 6 8, 2014 1421 - 2nd Street South, from 17th annual Rockies Film 31/ All individual tickets will 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Tickets are Festival March 6 – 8 2014. You be available for $12 for the $50 each. Tickets are availmust exchange these for actual festival. The January 9/2014 able from any Guiding memmovie tickets when they go on film will be: Enough Said – ber, or at the door. sale in February for 8 or 4 starring the late James GanFor more information different films. Regular Gold dolfini and Julia Louis Dreyplease contact Pam at 250and Silver passes will be fus. 489-3155.

Have HaveYour YourSaySay Complete thethe survey… Complete survey…

win win $1,000! $1,000!

…five $1,000 cash prizes! …five $1,000 cash prizes! Enter EnteratatEnter at

Cranbrook Daily Townsman, January 22, 2014  
Cranbrook Daily Townsman, January 22, 2014  

January 22, 2014 edition of the Cranbrook Daily Townsman