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Your Classified Connection / Vol. 24 No. 1 Friday, January 3, 2014

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A3 Back on two feet

A prosthetic gets Dudley in the swim. Plus

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A11 Year in review

The Shuswap Market News continues to look back at the happenings in the village over the past year.

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Friday, January 3, 2014 Shuswap Market News

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n Lib Pulsifer, her father Justo Angeles and Craig Pulsifer have many connections to the Philippines. Lib and Craig will be heading there in January.

Typhoon not in the past

Philippines: Family still raising funds to assist the victims of disaster. By Martha Wickett


Typhoon Haiyan may be out of the news headlines, but it remains in the hearts and minds of people in the Shuswap. The Pulsifers are one Salmon Arm family which thinks daily of the Philippines. Lib Pulsifer was raised in Manila, about an hour’s flight north of Tacloban, a city of a quarter million people that was flattened by the typhoon. Lib’s family immigrated to Canada in 1979 to escape the Marcos regime. Her father Justo Angeles lives in Toronto but has been visiting in Salmon Arm. He was born in Tacloban. Lib says her family has distant relatives on

her grandmother’s side in Tacloban, as well as family, extended family and friends in Manila. The Pulsifers visit the Philippines regularly. “My father was asking me how he could connect and find out what happened to them,” Lib says of the relatives in Tacloban. There’s no power there, points out Craig, Lib’s spouse. “It’s something, I think, we fail to grasp –it’s going to be years to recover. It’s not like, ‘I did my bit and it’s on to the next.’” Asked how the typhoon has affected him living in Canada, Lib’s father says, through her: “He feels very sorry for the people that have lost loved ones and for the people that are affected, have lost their homes. There is this feeling of overwhelming helplessness because we’re so far, but he says he’s hoping that the help will get to them and it’s so important that we help out. He’s very thankful to the community money

that was raised here and was sent.” Lib and Craig both say they have been amazed by Salmon Arm residents’ generosity. “It’s humanity reaching out, and that just warms my heart,” says Lib. More than $7,000 has been raised locally, $3,000 of that from bottle and can recycling alone, the Pulsifers say. The funds go to the disaster relief fund of Action International Ministries. According to its website, “Action works... to reach people for Christ (evangelism), train them in Christian living (discipleship), and assist them in their physical and economic needs (development).” The Pulsifers will be heading to the Philippines in January – and paying for their own airline tickets, they emphasize – where they can put funds directly into the hands of aid workers. To help, residents may drop off cans and bottles at Hanna & Hanna’s, donate online

or, to give funds directly, email Lib at lib@

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Shuswap Market News Friday, January 3, 2014 A3

Prosthetic gives duckling a new leg up on life

2nd Annual

By Lachlan Labere

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Pet Grooming SALE


Dudley has taken to walking on two legs like other ducks would to water. On Wednesday, Dec. 18, Dudley the call duck’s right limb was fitted with a prosthetic leg and foot. By Friday, Dudley’s owner and caretaker, Debbie Fortin of K9-1-1 Animal Rescue and Services, said the little water fowl was walking on both legs as though he had them his whole life. “He also thinks now that he has a leg, he can run away,” laughs Fortin. “When we go to get him now for his bath, because he still has to have rehab, instead of just sitting there and letting us pick him up, he’ll try and run away, and he’s very successful at it but he’s in a confined area. It’s really good to see that happen because before he couldn’t.” Dudley lost his foot and part of his leg when he was a wee duckling. Not long after, Fortin’s son, Brandon Schweitzer contacted his friend Terence Loring, a mechanical engineer who recently started his own Kamloops-based company, 3 Pillar Designs. Loring specializes in 3D architecture and design and paid the duckling a visit, deciding to take on the challenge of designing a prosthetic leg. Loring came up with a few different designs and two models, with the actual printing of prosthetics being done by Canadian company Proto3000. The first design was at a wrong angle and more complex than needed. “I thought I’d try to make it very realistic, but it just made it super cumbersome, so I decided to go back to something very simple and build on that,” says Loring. “At least we got him walking, and if need be we can do something a little more complex. But at this

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phoTo coNTRibuTEd

n He’s quack on two feet – Dudley the duck takes his first steps on his new prosthetic leg. The leg was designed by mechanical engineer Terence Loring, who operated 3 Pillar Designs in Kamloops. point, at least he’s got his balance and everything.” Loring and Proto3000 donated all of their time and materials for the project, for which Fortin is grateful. Dudley is still getting used to moving on the new leg, with some surfaces and obstacles that he was used to going over with one leg posing a bit of a challenge. But, in general, Fortin says he’s getting around better and his health is improving as a result. “He also now is using his wings more because he’s more upright so he’s able to flap them fully open,” says Fortin. “We had to clip his wings so he doesn’t fly, but he has his flight wings so he spreads them and flaps them because he can stand up and be like a real duck. He seems pretty proud.” A remaining chal-

lenge is the fastening of the prosthetic to Dudley’s stub – something more secure is needed. “We’re looking into a strap or something to hold the actual leg on his stump,” says Fortin. “That’s a transition we’re making too, but we’ve got several people trying to come up with ideas that won’t stop circulation… you can see it’s doable.” When news of his humane design project broke, Loring said he received calls from other people with injured animals, including someone with an emu that had lost its leg. Loring was interested in taking on the project; however, due to other complications, the animal had to be put down. And while his curriculum vitae includes much larger design projects, Loring is enthusiastic about his work with Fortin

and Dudley, and how he was able to have a positive impact on both their lives. “A lot of people say it’s trivial, and in some ways it might be, but a lot of people really care for this little animal, so I guess that’s why I really wanted to take this on,” says Loring. “If they think it’s important enough, well, why not?” As someone who cares for animals professionally, Fortin says her eyes are now wide open to the world of 3D printing and the potential benefits the technology can offer animals and humans alike. “There’s lots of possibilities and I know we can’t look at funding those things because we don’t have the financial backing, but just knowing that it is possible to do that gives us a lot more insight as to what we can do,” says Fortin.

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Friday, January 3, 2014 Shuswap Market News

Anything Is Possible


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Pick up sticks

n Rick Bauman, Myron Fehr, James Martin and Nathan Zimmerman play a game of shinny hockey on the outdoor skating rink located beside the Salmon Arm Christian Day School on Salmon River Road.


Sicamous appeals for annual use of ALR land By Lachlan Labere


Sicamous district council plans to put pressure on the Agriculture Land Commission to get around its application process to use local agricultural land for a motorcycle event. Last year, the district submitted an application to the commission so that the community dog park, which is currently in the Agricultural Land Reserve, could be used for the Summer Stomp motorcycle rally and concert. Anticipating this will be an annual event in Sicamous, district community planning officer Mike Marrs says the district is working with the ALC to figure out a way around having to make an annual application. He did not state the district is seeking to remove the land from the reserve. In September, council met and raised the matter with Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm. In a Nov. 12 letter to council, Pimm states that in order to use ALR land for a non-farm use like music festivals, an application to the ALC must be made. He said the B.C. government “does not have any involvement in individual applications or decisions made

by the ALC.” However, the minister goes on to say the province is currently undergoing a core review of all government agencies and activities, and that Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett, who is overseeing the review, has indicated the Agricultural Land Reserve will be a part of the review. Pimm and Bennett recently came under fire when cabinet documents were leaked outlining a strategy to break up the ALR into two zones, one that would cover the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and the Okanagan, and a northern zone where the Oil and Gas Commission would play a greater role in ALR land removal applications. District administrator Heidi Frank told council the news has prompted division among local governments – those calling for greater protection of the ALC, and those wanting change. There is a similar division among Sicamous councillors. “Being a new councillor, I’m not sure what the previous view is, but I like the ALC,” commented Suzanne Carpenter. “I know how it works and I think I’m probably not with ev-

erybody here, but boy, we have to protect our lands, because we need food in the future, we need food for our children, we need a stable industry. If we didn’t have this, half those orchards would be sold off.” Coun. Don Richardson was of a different mindset, saying the commission is more of a hinderance than good. “Up in the hills where I live with a bunch of rocks, that is not farmland,” said Richardson. “And yet, I’m compelled by a whole lot of bureaucratic dumbness to comply with this stuff. What we are saying is you guys need to revisit your boundaries. Because way back in whatever, they just took a map and made a bunch of lines and said, ‘this is ALR.’” Coun. Terry Rysz agreed with Richardson on the need for a review of the ALR. Speaking specifically to Sicamous’ situation, he recommended council send a delegation to meet with the minister to reiterate the district’s concerns. Coun. Fred Busch said what the district is asking isn’t necessarily going to take the dog park out of the land commission. “All we’re asking is if we can have

this music festival… the Stomp, on those premises,” said Busch. “That is not necessarily saying that in the future, this land couldn’t once again go back to growing corn or alfalfa or whatever crops that

it used to have. I think there is that difference… we’re not going to be putting up houses or paving it over, at least I assume that’s not what we’re going to be doing, paving it over.”


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MONDAY, JAN. 6 BEE CLUB – The Shuswap Bee Club meets at 7 p.m. in the community room of the Uptown Askew’s and subsequent Mondays until May. Call Beckie at 250-679-8861 for more information.

TUESDAY, JAN. 7 BEST FOR BABES – The Healthiest Babies Possible program resumes with Mom and Baby Care at Harbourfront Chiropractic; Jan. 14 – Public Health – Safe Sleep; Jan. 21 – Movie day at Salmar Grand; Jan. 28 – Homemade play dough. For times, call Trish Johnson, pregnancy outreach program co-ordinator at the Shuswap Family Resource Centre, at 250-832-2170, ext. 205.

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p.m. at the SASCU Rec Centre. For more information, email info@ or visit Youth can get special reduced ShuGo tickets at the Arts Centre on Hudson Avenue.

SILVER SCREEN – The Shuswap Film Society presents Dallas Buyer’s Club, from the true story of a Texas man who is HIV positive and undertakes a search for alternative treatments. This is a seven-day run and the Jan. 10 and 11 showings will feature door prizes. The movie runs at 7:30 p.m. at the Salmar Classic.

FRIDAY, JAN. 17 COFFEE HOUSE – The Salmon Arm Coffee House takes place at Little

Mountain Field House, 250 – 30th Street SE. A tune or a toonie gets you in the door. All ages welcome. For more information, call Gerri at 250833-4024 or Connie at 250-832-8088.

SATURDAY, JAN. 18 SILVER SCREEN – The Shuswap Film Society presents All is Lost, an adventure drama about a man who wakes to find his yacht is taking on water, at 5 p.m. at the Salmar Classic.

FRIDAY, JAN. 24 SAGA – The Salmon Arm Art Gallery presents “Shuswap Artists,” the

annual juried members’ exhibition. The opening reception takes place at 7 p.m. with live music and refreshments. The exhibition runs to March 1.

SATURDAY, JAN. 25 SILVER SCREEN – Shuswap Film Society presents Philomena, a story of a woman’s search for the son she gave up after conceiving him out of wedlock, at 5 and 7 p.m. at the Salmar Classic.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 29 SILVER SCREEN – Shuswap Film Society presents Our Man in Tehran, gripping, informative documentary on Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor’s role in sheltering six American diplomats in the operation that became known as “the Canadian caper,” at 7:30 p.m. at the Salmar Classic.

SATURDAY, FEB. 8 LIVE AT THE MET – The Metropolitan Opera: Live in HD presents Dvorak’s Rusalka at the Salmar Classic Theatre on Alexander at 9:55 a.m. For more information, visit Youth can get special reduced ShuGo tickets at the Arts Centre on Hudson Avenue.

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Changes needed to pension program Recently the Conservative federal government opted not to address the very urgent and growing problem that is the Canadian Pension Plan. Instead offering any sort of meaningful reform or choosing to adequately fund CPP so that Canadians can expect to be taken care of – after having spent a lifetime of paying taxes – the Conservatives instead opted to do nothing, and presumably hope the problem just goes away. It’s no secret that CPP is underfunded. And given the country’s demographics – with millions of Canadians facing retirement in coming years – this is an issue that can’t be put off any longer. Seniors now make up close to 15 per cent of Canada’s population, totalling more than 4 million people. The issue is clear to see: Canadians are living longer and, as a result, drawing on CPP more than in generations past. As result, we need to do a better job of funding CPP if we want it to work. Finance minister Jim Flaherty needn’t worry about his own financial future, of course. As an MP who has served more than six years in the house of commons, Flaherty has a gold-plated taxpayer-funded pension to draw on for the rest of his life, upon his retirement. The rest of us aren’t so lucky. Adequately funding CPP is the fiscally responsible thing to do, but it is also politically difficult. As a result, the Conservatives have taken the easy way out, opting for the instant gratification of low taxes in the present at the cost of a stable future for our citizens. And isn’t that how we got into this mess in the first place? -South Delta Leader

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Friday, January 3, 2014 Shuswap Market News


Seniors becoming a fitness force Snowshoeing, biking, kayaking – what’s with some of these older people nowadays? If they’re not out jogging in packs or crosscountry skiing, they’re whipping along on their 27-speed hybrid comfort bikes or “nordic walking” with those darned ski poles. Go to the community centre and they’re either playing pickle ball or in the pool taking part in some aqua-fit program. You can’t go anywhere without having to dodge some senior trying to keep fit. I don’t get it. I get out of breath just trying to cut my lawn with a power mower, never mind shovelling the darned sidewalk. As far as I’m concerned there’s too much snow, I don’t like the cold and winter is too long. What ever happened to growing old gracefully, with some dignity, doing things like reminiscing about the good-old days or knitting slipper-socks? It seems like every time you turn around there is some new, keep-fit activity for seniors being advertised in the local newspapers or

THE GREAT OUTDOORS James Murray being promoted by groups like the Canadian Heart and Stroke Association or Cancer Society. Yoga for seniors, dance classes, Tai Chi. Where is it going to end? The other day I read an article about some guy in his nineties that plays hockey several times a week. Mind you, I don’t know how fast-paced the games are because most of his teammates are in their seventies and eighties. My point is, more and more so-called older people are taking part in more and more activities and programs designed to keep them active, healthy and happy. It’s hard to keep up – no pun intended. On the other hand, regu-

lar physical activity is one of the most important things a person can do for their health. Regular exercise can help prevent many of the health problems that come with old age. Medical research has shown that, no matter what your age, you can gain significant improvements in strength, range of motion, balance, bone density and mental clarity through a routine of regular exercise. Studies have also shown that exercise can help reduce the risk of numerous diseases and health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, dementia and depression. The goal of an exercise routine, especially in one’s later years, should be the same as for all those young people you see out trying to get ahead of the old fogies – strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility and balance. The trick, though, to any exercise program is to be not only realistic but also smart about it. A preventable injury can put an older

person out of commission for a lot longer than when they were younger. No matter how old or young you are, proper form and technique are key to avoiding injury. Always avoid the temptation to overdo things in terms of both workout length and intensity. Exercise can quite literally add years onto your life. Exercising increases your metabolism, which helps keep your weight and blood sugar in check, and certain types of exercise also helps build and maintain your muscles, which in turn helps maintain balance which helps to prevent falls. While exercise can sometimes be a test of both strength and will, it should not be seen as a chore – with the possible exception of shovelling the side walk. After all, the whole point of exercising should be about enjoying life rather than simply maintaining it. So if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. Anyone want to go snowshoing?

Shuswap Market News Friday, January 3, 2014 A7

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South ShuSwap What made the news in 2013

and 171 Shuswap St.

Year in review: The last six months of the year are featured this week. July

Bruce and Laura and their son Grant Nyeste displayed their handcrafted pottery at the High Country Pottery Sale at Sorrento Memorial Hall. The family has owned their small pottery shop called Mud Sweat and Tears in Blind Bay since moving to Canada from New Zealand in 1981. Elvis impersonator Adam Fitzpatrick performed at Shuswap Lake Estates in the Louisiana Hayride concert. Other acts included the music of Loretta Lynne, Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline as the impersonators performed the re-enactment of the hit radio show that ran from 1948 to 1960 in Louisiana. Families enjoyed the festivities during the Eagle Bay Day event held at Eagle Bay Hall.

event of a large fire, so knowing each other and practising together in mock scenarios allows for better communication and less confusion should such an event happen.

Marla Beblow

home gold in all three. James Roberts, Wolfgang Heinzman, Fred Home, Bill Jackson, Paulette McKinnon, and Linda MacPherson all won several medals See South on page 8



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August n Provincial Clean, Drain and Dry program liasons Philip Baslin and Marie-Elena Viaud hand out information on invasive species to boaters on Shuswap Lake. Notch Hill hosted its first annual dog show this year. Vernon RCMP spoke about their dog training program. Kelowna’s Bernie Quist gave demonstrations with her service dog, Jackson. People’s Choice awards were announced after the Blind Bay Painters Art Show held on the Canada Day weekend in Blind Bay. First place was awarded to Fran Lewis for “Lengthen-

SilverBacks Hockey

ing Shadows,” second to Carrie George for “Down on the Farm” and third to Carrie George for “Standing Alone.” Tappen and Shuswap volunteer fire departments and the South Shuswap First Responders gathered at the Carlin Elementary School parking lot to meet each other and learn how each other operates. The different groups would all likely be called to duty in the

Shuswap Zone 8 was well represented at the BC Seniors Games as they brought home the second highest number of medals – 122 gold, 105 silver and 103 bronze for a total of 330. They were topped only by Fraser Valley Zone 3 who took home 403 medals. Jean Jenks, representing Sorrento, competed in two cycling events, placing fifth in one and fourth in the 70-74 age group hill climb. Mary Pakka from Sorrento competed in three 80-84 age group cycling events and took

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Friday, January 3, 2014 Shuswap Market News

South Shuswap in 2013


In co-operation with BC Cancer Foundation, the new nonprofit South Shuswap Health Services Society brought a mobile mammogram unit to Blind Bay. The society wanted to ensure that South Shuswap women had the opportunity to get screened for breast cancer. The Shuswap Scottish Dancers wel-

comed students as they returned to the dance floor. Classes ran until mid-April. Popular bluegrass musician and local Sorrento man, Gene Bretecher, was mourned by the community following his death. Seventy-four-year-old Bretecher fell out of his boat about 30 metres from the shore on Shuswap Lake and, despite quick response from help nearby,

could not be resuscitated. Volunteers gathered to help with the annual Cedar Heights cleanup. In addition to showcasing her work, world renowned quilter, Catherine Nicholls, hosted a quilting workshop at the Sorrento Centre. Participants in the workshop experimented with different quilting fabrics and created their own


Email: Vancouver, BC V6E 4H1  Canada    

LATITUDE: 50.8772550.87725 N LATITUDE: N LONGITUDE: -119.49001 W LONGITUDE: -119.49001 W

The BC Cancer Foundation provided its mobile mammogram unit to women in the South Shuswap for screenings at the Sorrento Drop-In Society and the Blind Bay Marketplace. The service was

Garraway Rd

Cambrai Rd

Elson Rd

Trans C


h Rd

n The Copper Island Fine Homes crew of Tim Lukashuk, Dean Friesen, Kyla Uptigrove, Tracy Vistisen, Maggie Vistisen, president Greg Vistisen and Chuck Beaton celebrate their gold awards for customer service and residential renovations.

PROPOSED STRUCTURE: As part of the public consultation

PUBLIC NOTICE  original works. Nichprocess required by Industry Canada, TELUS is inviting the PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE FOR A   olls spends muchpublic of to comment on a proposed telecommunications PROPOSED TELECOMMUNICATIONS FACILITY  her time teaching facility and consisting of a 61.0 metre self-support   structure with  As  part  of  the  public  consultation,  is  inviting  the  showing her art in Britancillary radio equipment situated on an TELUS  agricultural parcel to  provide  ain and Europe. within thepublic  Sorrento area.comment  at  a  drop‐in  Public  Open  house  meeting.   The Carlin auction   The proposed site is located on a private parcel LOCATION: th was held at Carlin , 2014 from 5pm to 7pm.   Tuesday, January 7 within theWhen:   Columbia Shuswap Regional District on the parcel Where:   Sorrento Drop‐in Society,   Hall with locals picklegally described as the South ½ of the North East ¼ of 1148 Passchendaele Road,  Sorrento, BC  th ing through random Section 17, Township 22, Range 11, West of the 6   Kamloops Division, Yale District, Except Plan consignment items,Meridian, inLOCATION: The proposed site is located on a private parcel  cluding antiques, H1250 furwithin the Columbia Shuswap Regional District on the parcel  South ½ of legally  described  COORDINATES: 50.87725as N;the -119.49001 Wthe North East ¼ ofth niture and collectibles. Section 17, Township 22, Range 11, West of the 6 The Burnette family Meridian, YaleofDistrict, Except ANY PERSON mayKamloops commentDivision, by close business day Plan on    has continued to host DecemberH1250 3, 2013 with respect to this matter the event over the last COORDINATES: 50.87725 N; ‐119.49001 W  Further information can be obtained by few years since TELUS set- CONTACT: TELUS  CONTACT:  Further  information  can  be  obtained  by  contacting: tling in the Shuswap. contacting:  The family has seen TM Mobile Inc. (TELUS) c/o Altus Group TELUS   Basi increased interest Rupinder in c/o: Rupinder Basi  1040 West Georgia Street, Suite 630 Altus Group Ltd. (Agents for TELUS)  auctions since televiPhone: (778) 329‐9292  Vancouver, BC V6E 4H1 sion shows like BagFax: (604) 683‐5594  Phone: (778) 329-9292 gage Wars and Storage Email:   Fax: (604) 683-5594 Wars. 1040 West Georgia Street, Suite 630  

Rd way Garra

in various events at the games. Judy Coutts and Judy Mackenzie, sisters-inlaw and artists, held an art show at recently opened Reedman Gallery. The gallery is located in the lower level of the Blind Bay Hall. The Nimble Fingers workshop was held for the 24th year as bluegrass lovers from across North America came to Sorrento for the weeklong event. The South Shuswap Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library asked for the community’s input on what they thought would be the best hours of operation. The library hours were 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Tuesdays and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays. People had the option of filling out the survey in person or online.



Continued from pg 7

Public Notice:&

See South on page 9


Kni g

Proposed Structure Site

hto n

Proposed Structure Dil w Site orth R d

Columbia Shuswap Regional District Notice of PUBLIC HEARING South Shuswap Zoning Amendment (Shuswap Lake Estates) Bylaw No. 701-75 What Is South Shuswap Zoning Amendment (Shuswap Lake Estates) Bylaw No. 701-75? The property that is the subject of this rezoning application is located at the intersection of the Trans-Canada Highway and Greer Road in the Blind Bay area of Electoral Area ‘C’. The proposal is to rezone a 0.809 ha portion of the subject property to allow a subdivision of that portion of the property from the remainder.

The proposed subdivision would create a new 0.809 ha lot, which would be used for a garden centre, in the Agricultural Land Reserve. The rezoning would create a site specific use for the proposed new lot and for the remainder lot. The rezoning would also allow an existing model airplane club and storage facility on the remainder lot. When? Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 6:00 PM Where? Cedar Centre Lower Level of the Cedar Centre 2316 Lakeview Drive, Cedar Heights, BC. Who should Anyone who believes that their interest in property is affected by attend? the proposed bylaw amendment shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the Bylaw at the Public Hearing. How can I find out more about this rezoning amendment?

A copy of the proposed bylaw and relevant background documents may be inspected at the CSRD offices, 781 Marine Park Drive NE, Salmon Arm, BC between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM., beginning Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 and ending Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory holidays).

How do I Written submissions will be received in the Regional District Offices send a written until 4 p.m. on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 or may be submitted submission? until the close of the public hearing. Written submissions received will be available to the public and the applicant. Email submissions may be sent to: Who can I speak Dan Passmore, to about this Senior Planner application? T: 250.833.5915

Visit our website at

781 Marine Park Dr. NE Salmon Arm • PO Box 978 V1E 4P1 250-832-8194 Toll Free 1-888-248-2773


Shuswap Market News Friday, January 3, 2014 A9

South Shuswap in 2013 Continued from page 8 well received with all appointments being filled. The unit returns to the area for two days in the spring of 2014. A six-week long chronic pain workshop was held in Blind Bay/ Sorrento for adults with chronic pain or those who know someone with chronic pain. Judy Deringer, nurse practitioner, was announced as the new primary health-care services provider for Sorrento and South Shuswap. The position is funded by Interior Health while the Sorrento and Area Community Association is providing an office space above Munro’s Drug Store in Sorrento. A bake sale was held at the Sorrento Curves location to help raise money towards cancer research. The Notch Hill Town Hall put on a unique fashion show in the community that showcased vintage and thrift-store clothing. In addition to oldfashioned trick or treating, children and families also had the opportunity to dress up for the Halloween party held at Sorrento Memorial Hall and the children’s Halloween party hosted by the Lion’s Club. Canadian children’s icon, Fred Penner, visited Sorrento Elementary School. The Cedar Centre celebrated its grand re-opening after 173 days of renovations. The centre’s upgrades were made possible by $400,000 in grants and personal donations and more than 5,000 hours of volunteer labour. The centre has long been a key location for hosting community events, and

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n Marilyn Clark, chair of the health-care committee; Dr. Melanie Dyer; Judy Deringer, nurse practitioner; Norm Martin, member of the Sorrento and Area Community Association and the health-care committee; Barry Stokes, chair of SACA and member of the health care committee and Paul Demenok, Columbia Shuswap Regional District director for the South Shuswap, were just some of those responsible for getting the health centre up and running. the renovations help in making it even more functional and inviting to all groups.


The South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce re-opened after 10 months of being inactive. Local resident and business owner, Karen Brown, worked diligently to gather a diverse group of local businesses who could work together. Last January the chamber was forced to close its doors after quorum could not be met with the existing membership. The Cedar Heights Community Association held its annual Christmas bazaar and bake sale. The Sorrento Lions Club annual Seniors Christmas Party was held at Sorrento Memorial Hall. The event was free for seniors and included a silent auction and 50/50 draw. The 2013 Artistry Show and Sale was held at the Blind Bay Community Hall for two days, with arti-

sans showcasing their unique, handcrafted items. With the help of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, Interior Health and many grants and donations, the Sorrento Health Centre officially opened its doors for appointments. The clinic has two examining rooms, a meeting room, waiting room, and staff room. Nurse practitioner, Judy Deringer, was hired to run the center. The White Lake Fire Department held their sixth annual door-todoor food drive for the Sorrento Food Bank. Blind Bay senior’s theatre club organizer Peter Blacklock encouraged local seniors to come and see what the club is about. The club isn’t so much about public performance as it is a social club and a safe environment to learn new skills, exercise the brain and meet new people. Blacklock also has a similar program in Salmon Arm and Sorrento.

Offering a carefree, independent lifestyle for seniors with old-style service.



Sorrento Elementary School raised $1,603 from the annual silent auction. The funds were donated to the survivors of the Philippine typhoon. Notch Hill Town Hall Association president Edith Rizzi was given special thanks for her contributions to the community at the Second Annual Ladies Christmas Social. The Tappen-Sunnybrae firefighters raised $2,700 and 2,060 pounds of food during their annual food drive. The money and food goes to the Salvation Army Food Bank. The CP Rail Holiday Train made a stop at the Davies Road-Notch Hill Road crossing and featured performances by Juno award winner Melanie Doan and jazz singer Matt Dusk. Students from FACES Fine Arts Studio performed a modern day twist of The Nutcracker as their Christmas recital. More than 80 students participated in the event.

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Friday, January 3, 2014 Shuswap Market News

Your Health &



Cold Canadian winter not slowing down dedicated runners (NC) While some spend winter hibernating on the couch, a growing number of Canadians are hitting the snow-covered streets for thrilling – and certainly “chilling” – runs. Foregoing the warmth of a gym’s treadmill, these runners view winter’s cold and unpredictable conditions as part of the fun. However, experts do advise winter runners to take the necessary precautions to stay protected from both the elements and traffic. “It’s important for winter runners to wear footwear that is reflective, warm and water-resistant,” says Claire Rankine, Communications Director at Nike Canada.

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ers that pull down from the sleeves and runner-specific hoods that stay put to help keep ears warm in inclement weather.” To stay motivated during Canada’s long winter, Rankine also recommends a Nike+ FuelBand SE, which allows her to keep track of runs and compare her progress with friends. “Wearing reflective footwear and jackets to stay warm and dry will help keep you running throughout the winter,” says Rankine, “but it’s always much easier when you can share your progress with friends and cheer each other on.” More information is available online at

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Vitamin B-12, also called cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin, one of the eight B vitamins. Vitamin B12 is a unique vitamin because it cannot be made by plants or higher animals (such as mammals and birds) but only by microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi). For this reason, many of our dietary sources of this vitamin do not actually synthesize it themselves. Most vitamin B12 in foods is bound to proteins that must be cleaved before absorption. These proteins are removed in the

into vitamin A in the body. Many elderly people are thought to be deficient in this vitamin as a result of poor assimilation. A sublingual tablet, which dissolves under the tongue, bypasses the stomach and does not require a special enzyme, intrinsic factor, for proper absorption. The body stores a supply of Vitamin B12 that can last from two years to five years. Vitamin B12 is best known for its treatment of anemia and fatigue. Monika Fahrig, CHN, Nutters, Salmon Arm

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Shuswap Market News Friday, January 3, 2014 A11

Chase Taking a look back at 2013

Year in review: The last six months of the year are featured this week. July Five local First Nations’ bands: Adams Lake, Neskonlith, Splats’in, Little Shuswap and Kamloops, all participated in the Pulling Together Canoe journey this year. For the past 12 years, First Nations groups with RCMP, choose different routes on B.C. waters to paddle together in an effort to break down the barriers between police and First Nations. This year the event started in Enderby with a Sunrise Ceremony with canoes hitting the water at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 27. They continued on to St. Ives, Celista, Quaaout Lodge, Chase and Pritchard, and finished off in Kamloops, seven days later, in time to participate in the Kamloops Pow wow. The journey included three different bodies of water and more than 110 kilometres paddled. The second annual Summer Salmon Festival was held at Rod-


Ne w Location

401 - 251 Trans Can. Hwy.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014 LARCH HILLS, SALMON ARM, BC

Saturday, January 18, 2014

n First Nations, RCMP, other agencies and citizens participated in the Pulling Together canoe journey, travelling from Mara Lake to Kamloops. erick Haig-Brown Park and was hosted by the Adams River Salmon Society. The event was a success with a bicycle parade, prizes for best costumes and all day entertainment. Ralph McBryan shared the tale of Coyote and Buffalo. School District #73 considers a new Lead-

ership Program for its schools and minor hockey teams in Chase. The program would expand the hockey academy that already exists within the Chase Secondary School to include players in grades five, six, and seven. There would also be further expansion for the older

players by opening up the Haldane Annex building, which has been closed for several years, and turning it into an academy for student hockey players. Training would include on-and-off ice time with specialty speed skating lessons, as well as life skills lessons in respect and account-

ability worked into the program. The program would be open to both boys and girls interested in hockey. Chase resident Mitch Hewitt won the memorial trophy at the Canadian Stihl Timbersports event. He had won other years as well See Chase on page 13


✔• trails for everyone from beginner to advanced

✔• registration includes wine & cheese party, family dance and swim at Community Centre.



Hear t & Stroke F u n d r a i s e r e ve n t

Final LARCH HILLS R eg i s t r a t i o n info at SASCU Recreation The Centre Heart Fund Loppet Fri., Jan. 17 • 2-8 p.m.


The Heart Fund Loppet

Registration forms On-Line or at Skookum Cycle & Ski & John’s Ski Shack • Deadline Jan. 17/13


Classic Ski Event

KAL-WEST Interior Loppet Series

Classic Ski Event

KAL-WEST Interior Loppet Series


Friday, January 3, 2014 Shuswap Market News

Tuesday, January 7


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Shuswap Market News Friday, January 3, 2014 A13

Chase year in review

Double Winds T’ai Chi

Traditional Yang School

S. Broadview Gym Starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014 Beginners to Advanced Benefits: Balance, improve alignment, strengthen body & core structure. Relaxation - stimulate mind & improve memory. stimulate cardiovascular system & promote circulation.

Continued from pg. 11 but this was a special year as the trophy was awarded in the name of the late Chase lumberjack, Peter Colliver, who Hewitt knew well. Brock Colliver, the son of Peter Colliver, won the final event of the day. The Memorial Park Wharf grand opening was held July 27. Residents watched the official ribbon cutting, a bagpipe performance and were given time to reflect on the memories they had for the old red wharf.  Pritchard welcomed the new Eco-Depot at its grand opening on n Bill and Suzi Rawn perform at the successful Fourth Annual CornStock Festival. July 31.

August Air Cadet Shael Huska from Chase earned his glider pilot licence this summer. He spent the summer at the Regional Gliding School in Comox taking classes and flying the Schweizer 2-33A gliders before being presented with his wings. Seventy players vied for a spot on the team as the Chase Heat main camp started up at the end of the month. In the past, the camp was held much earlier, but the coach tried a new strategy this year by hosting the camp closer to the hockey season. Every player had to earn a spot on the team as all positions are up for grabs. The coach has a very specific goal this year – to win. Shuswap Zone 8 was represented well at the BC Seniors Games as they brought home the second-most medals – 122 gold, 105 silver, and 103 bronze, totally 330. They were beaten only by Fraser Valley Zone 3 which took home 403 medals. Linda Shilling, Ingrid Whalley, Tony James Haas, Linda Haas, Andy McLaren, Norma Bischoff and Lorna Beecroft all represented Chase and area well as they all

brought home medals in several events. Chase and District Museum opens its doors to the public for art classes this fall. Instructor Joey Nash works with students of all levels and mediums by focusing on the talent of each individual so that everyone learns and thrives. Jacob Verberg and Little Steph perform at Friday Nights Live at the Centre Mall in Scotch Creek. Event organizer Diana Endean was very pleased with the turnout and success of the fourth annual CornStock Festival held in Chase. A combination of great weather, great volunteers and committee, sponsors, participants, vendors and entertainers is credited for the success. Historically this time of year would see the Chase RCMP detachment cracking down on marijuana growops also known as the annual “harvesting” crackdown. However, for the second year in a row, the detachment didn’t have the budget for the manpower and time to search for grow-ops in the area. RCMP still actively investigated and performed seizures, just on a smaller scale. Chase RCMP added a Harley Davidson

Road King motorcycle to their fleet to help with cracking down on road safety and enforcing traffic laws during

the busy summer.

September A wood pellet manu-

Kim or Heather Arnold

250 832-8229 or 515-1476


& 250-832-2131

Happy New Year! May the spirit of Christmas continue for you all year. 5

• GIANT CRIB – 10:45 a.m.


• FREE MEAT DRAW – 4-6 p.m. • POOL – 3:30 p.m.

Every Saturday

Meat Draw, 50/50 & Fun Darts at 2 p.m.

Chase Royal Canadian Legion 515 Shuswap Ave., Chase ~ 250-679-3536

facturing facility was proposed at the Sept. 10 council meeting. Pinnacle Renewable Energy spoke as a delegation to council for the facility which would be located on the former mill site on Aylmer Road. The plant would be processing and packaging forest and wood products. Chase RCMP informed the public of a man who was impersonating a police officer and conduct-

Chase Contacts Please use the following information when submitting your editorial and advertising requests:

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See Chase on page 14

n Const. Rob Claypool tries out the new Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle acquired by the Chase RCMP.

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Bruce Bruce Dunn Dunn Music Music Director Director

2013/2014 Season

Salmon Arm Series

The Magic of Vienna

2014 Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors Regular Meetings

January 10/2014 Friday 7:30 pm

are scheduled for 1:15 pm on the following Thursdays in the Boardroom of the TNRD Civic Building located at 300 – 465 Victoria Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2A9. January February March April May June July August September October November December

16 and 30 20 13 and 27 17 8 and 22 19 17 21 – Out of Town, location TBA 18 9 and 23 6 and 20 11 – at 7:00 pm

Salmon Arm Recreation Centre

Rod Michell, host

Cvetozar Vutev

Kreisler Mozart Beethoven Lanner Schubert Strauss

Cvetozar Vutev, violin

Caprice Viennoise Rondo in C major Symphony #6 - 1st movement Die Schöenbrunner Rosamunde: Ballet Music Tales from the Vienna Woods Die Fledermaus Overture


Sterling Land Wealth Advisory Group of RBC Dominion Securities


TICKETS Kamloops Live! Box Office 250-374-5483 or 1-866-374-5483

INFO 250-372-5000

Letters Welcome


Friday, January 3, 2014 Shuswap Market News

Chase year in review

The Shuswap Market welcomes letters but reserves the right to edit for brevity, clarity and legality. We do not print anonymous letters.

Continued from 13




$ n A logging truck overturned and lots its load at the intersection of the Trans-Canada Highway and Squilax-Anglemont Road. Department and the Chase Heat hockey team. More than $450 was raised from the event. The community was invited to celebrate BC River’s Day with the Adams River Society. The event included a paddle trip from McKay Bay to the mouth of the Adams River.

October A logging truck overturned and lost its entire load when the driver rounded the corner at the intersection of the Trans-Canada Highway and the Squilax-Anglemont Road; rescue crews helped right the truck as RCMP controlled road traffic around the scene. Chase council de-

cided to delay a decision on a rezoning application for a pellet plant so that a second public hearing could be scheduled. Council recognized that this proposal is a concern for locals and wants to hear further comments from the public before making a final decision. Council agreed to waive fees for the Chase Walking Group for the use of the community hall three days a week. The village park’s and facilities bylaw was amended to prohibit overnight boat moorage at the Memorial Park wharf. A quarter way through the season, the Chase Heat are optimistic about their regular season as the team

SE A H C Jr. B Sunday, Jan. 5



Player of the Week

k ey Hoc


2:00 pm home game

100 MILE HOUSE Saturday, Jan. 11 vs WRANGLERS 7:00 pm home game Friday, Jan. 17

is second in the Doug Birks division after 13 games including six wins, five losses, and two overtime losses. The three leading scorers are Connor Venne with 17 points, Kaleb Boyle with 16 points and Nic Fidanza with 15 points. Students, grades kindergarten to 12 in Chase, were asked to make posters about addictions such as the effects of drugs, alcohol, gambling and technology. The Skmana XCountry Ski and Snowshoe Club organized a trail clearing event in preparation for the upcoming ski season. Pete Murray’s Farm held a fun family-oriented Halloween event, including wagon rides touring the pumpkin


7:00 pm away game

patch fields. The group at Chabelos Resort in Chase organized a social potluck dinner for guests with the request that attendees donate one new toy per guest; the result was $2,600 worth of toys collect-

Zac Hoskins #77 Position: Forward Nick Name: Newf Home Town: Marystown, NFLD. Favourite NHL Player: Pavel Daytsuk Favourite Meal: Drop of Jigs Favourite Music: Rap & Techno Favourite Movie: Rush Hour Person that Most inspired you: My Dad Favourite NHL Team: Detroit Red Wings Favorite sport (other than hockey): Motocross

95 +tax

FREE Continental Breakfast or 10% OFF full breakfast

Single/DBL occupancy/1 Queen. Must present coupon. Coupon expires Dec 31, 2013. Copies of coupon accepted WINNER of the 2013 “Certificate of Excellence” from tripadvisor.



551-11th Ave, Downtown Kamloops, BC t. 250.372.8221

See Chase on page 15

E E R F Monday, January 6 to Friday, January 10

Get a

10 Gift Card


Shoppers Drug Mart

When you spend $50 or more on almost anything in the store*.

Thursday, January 9th is





ing traffic stops in the Pritchard area on two separate occasions. Chase police searched the area but did not find the suspect. There were reports of similar incidents throughout the province. The Chase and District Chamber of Commerce hosted a “Business Brainstorming” session as an opportunity for all business owners to bring ideas on how to make Chase a better place and further the economic development to the community. Almost 21 per cent of BC Hydro’s customers in Chase have chosen to go the online billing route rather than paper billing. The Chase Creekside Seniors building, located at 542 Shuswap Avenue in Chase turns 100 years old this year. The building has had several owners since it was built in 1913. It was originally used as the local BC Provincial Police, then a BC Forestry office. In 1964, it became the meeting place for Chase OAPA and finally in 2009 the Chase Creekside Senior Centre clubhouse. The Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge held a pancake breakfast to raise money for the 60plus donkeys they care for as well as to allow supporters to see where their money goes. Chase Heat exhibition games began this month as head coach Brad Fox and his team cut down the numbers from 70 players to create a team.  Twenty teams are part of the KIJHL league this year. Anglemont Estates Golf Club hosted its Men’s Club Championship Tournament and Final Dinner the second weekend in September to finish up the season. Chase hosted its 33rd annual Terry Fox Run with 44 walkers, runners and cyclists participating, plus the Chase Volunteer Fire

Letters must be signed and include writer’s address or phone number for verification purposes only. Submissions must be less than 300 words. No thank yous to specific businesses please.

with a Shopper’s Optimum Card on regular priced merchandise

HEALTH • BEAUTY • CONVENIENCE The Mall at Piccadilly

OPEN 9 am - 10 pm • 7 Days a Week * Some restrictions. See store for details.

250 832-2181

Shuswap Market News Friday, January 3, 2014 A15

Chase year in review

Continued from pg. 14 ed which were then donated to the Chase Hamper Society. The Chase Community Hall organized the first Halloween dance and scare band competition. Prizes were won for costumes and best air-band performance. The event was a fundraiser to raise money to purchase a sun protector for the Joyce Dunn Theatre. Danny Redekop and Jerry Johnson also provided DJ music to finish the night. Adventure travel was the topic for the Travel Talks series held at the Squilax General Store & Hostel.

When you have something to sell, it pays to advertise 171 Shuswap Ave., Salmon Arm


n Chase residents came out in full force to hear information and voice their opinions about the rezoning of land on Aylmer Road to accommodate a proposed pellet plant. After a two-part public hearing, Chase council unanimously approved the rezoning.

to research ways to keep them from leaving. Melnychuk will look into incentives for youth so they will consider staying in their November home communities to Improvements began work and raise their on the Roderick Haig- families. Brown Provincial Park. The Kamloops Among the changes Storm hockey team will be a new gathering played against the Heat place for large groups in Chase and went and festivals, new trails home with a 4-1 win built and old trails against the Heat. But closed to help with the Heat won against natural rehabilitation, the Kelowna Chiefs in and a buffer zone will a home game the same be created between weekend. the Adams River and Residents were inpark facilities to help vited to shop locally protect natural habitat.  for their Christmas The project is planned presents; the Creekto take several years to side Craft Fair, the complete. Chase Country ChristChase council unani- mas Craft Fair and the mously approved Pritchard Christmas the rezoning of the Bazaar held their annuAylmer Road property al events that included for a proposed wood local vendors selling pellet plant. This ap- their crafts and baked proval does not mean goods. the pellet plant will The Chase Evanbe coming to Chase gelical Free Church for certain, just that and the Pete Murray’s the business can take Corn Farm collabothe next steps as the rated to provide hay pellet plant would be rides to families and considered a permitted children. Locals could use on the parcel. The also check out the live village had completed nativity that was playtwo public hearings as ing at the church. well as consulted with Craig’s Bakery held several agencies as re- a gingerbread house quired by legislation construction workshop prior to council mak- for locals of all ages. ing its decision. Downtown Chase Representative of was ablaze with ChristProject Comeback, mas spirit and good Natalya Melnychuk, cheer for the Chase was contracted by the Country Christmas. Village of Chase to To kick off the holiday learn why youth leave season, local shops rerural communities like mained open for late Chase after graduat- shopping, a bonfire ing high school and helped keep residents

warm as they enjoyed the Christmas parade. There were hayrides and vendors with treats, and the Chase Heat players were available to sign autographs.

December Shuswap Search and Rescue members were called out to Crowfoot Mountain above Celista to search for a missing snowmobiler. The missing Kamloops man had become separated from the rest of the group and became lost. A member of the Crowfoot Mountain Snowmobile Club

found the man about 4:30 a.m. He had been well-prepared with warm clothes and food and was found in good health. Chase Coun. Rick Berrigan allotted $500 of his discretionary funds towards the local Chase Hamper Society. Chase RCMP were busy with increased vehicle break-ins and motor vehicle accidents. The accidents were attributed to snowy weather and icy roads that took drivers by surprise. In one day, RCMP responded to more than 10 calls. The Chase Heat

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Travel Registrar #1851-3

won 5-4 in overtime against the Columbia Valley Rockies from Invermere, but lost 5-2 against Kamloops Storm in a home game, making the Heat third in the standings.

250 832-2131

CATCH THE COACH Departures from Salmon Arm, Enderby & Armstrong to most destinations! You’ll love our quality, affordable tour experiences and the variety of destinations featuring sightseeing, casino gaming, sports events and shopping. Make your travel dreams a reality and call today!

Toll Free 1-877-786-3860 or visit

*Departures based on minimum of 4 bookings. BC Reg #3015


Salmon Arm

The Salmon Arm Observer & Shuswap Market News would like to thank everyone who donated to our annual food drive for the local food banks. Through your generosity we were able to donate over 1,800 lbs of food to our local food banks. Thank you for your support! A special thanks to our participating merchants who helped make the food drive the success that it was:

Participating Merchants in the 2013 campaign: Botanica Spa Canada Safeway Canadian Tire Crazy River Clothing DeMille’s Farm Market Fountain Tire Victorian Impressions Shuswap Clothing Save-On Foods Skookum Cycle & Ski Buckerfield’s Beer’s Ladies Wear Club Shuswap J. C. Bradley Jeweller’s Great Canadian Oil Change Home Building Centre Salmar Theatre Shuswap Acupuncture



Friday, January 3, 2014 Shuswap Market News

Flowers and plants colour our lives on many different levels

Profile of the week Norbert Lazarus, Your German Painter - Master’s business owner, is not a regular painter like many others. Norbert started as an apprentice in 1973 in Germany, and after three years, he went to a special painter school where he got his Master’s Degree in Painting. He has worked in countries like SaudiArabia and Egypt as painter supervisor, and since 2007 he has worked for big companies where he has been responsible for very exclusive buildings. Now, Norbert has his own company, which started last year and has moved to the Shuswap area. With more than 35 years as a painter, you can expect very fast, precise, and truly professional work; Norbert does every kind of painting and he also is an expert in professional wallpaper hanging. You can contact him at 778-220-2776 or email him at: norbertlazarus@

ing on five years old, looking like a threefoot high bonsai tree, so you don’t necessarily have to throw them out. Other choices for winter are the beautiful orchids, the brightly tri-coloured plant I just bought from the grocery store called a kalanchoe, African violets or the unfortunately short-blooming winter cactus or impressive amaryllis. Your potted geraniums from summer will sometimes keep their pretty blooms for quite

a while, or maybe even some good fake flowers might do the trick. Ideally, you want plants that have long-lasting blooms with plenty of colour, so check out the florists, grocery and plant stores to see what pick-me-ups they have to offer. We should never underestimate flower power and how they can affect our psychological well-being and grey matter. Take for example the University of Florida brain awareness study, in which

Mufers Brakes Shocks Complete Automotive Repairs


Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:00


Heartwood Carpentry ~ Quality to The Core ~ Serving Salmon Repairs Windows Arm and Area

• Fully Insured • Chimney Sweep • Stove Installs & Maintenance • WETT Inspections Call Robert Babakaiff 250-803-2168 Salmon Arm

Norbert Lazarus • Email:

• ICBC Repairs • Glass Replacement • Painting • Sand Blasting • Private Insurance Repairs • Frame Straightening


Thank you for a great season!

We now offer SNOW REMOVAL Please call 250-804-6964

or email


250-260-0110 250-804-3030

Re-roof ~ New Roof FREE ESTIMATES

29 years experience • Fully Insured




Tree Services

Bill Walker



Heating/Gas Fitting Mark Pennell owner

4130 - 1st Ave. SW

• Utility locating - Hydro/gas/water/fibre optics • Catch basins/sumps/drains • Line flushing • Hot Water Boiler (for frozen ground) • Slot trenching

Serving Sicamous & the Shuswap

Now using environmentally-friendly and compliant WATERBORNE PAINT • Fischer’s Funeral Home • Ben’s Towing


• Fir Bark Mulch • Shavings • Sawdust


1st Ave SW

Rob Stunzi cell: 250-253-2829

Farm Services

250 675-0025 778-220-2776

Phone: Cell:

24 Hour Service

Doors Excellent Rates Finishing Free Estimates Cedar Roofs No project too small! Eco-Renos Sheds Fences & Ken Fraser Decks 250-803-3937 and more!


-M as te

More than 35 Experience in Years of Painting & Wall kinds allpaper hanging

and be creative.” They also found that the more flowers older adults received, the happier they were. So make this winter a little easier by adding some flowers to your home just to give yourself a little cheer with the added bonus of a brain boost and fewer ‘senior moments.’ And let’s not forget those friends or neighbours who truly struggle through these colourless months by surprising them with a pretty pot too.

Hydro Excavating

Wood Heat Services

Your German Painter

the keynote speaker discussed flowers’ effects on us humans. She states: “Flowers are not only a symbol of happiness and good cheer, but that their little chemical factories create positive responses within our brains along with decreasing anxiety and improving our moods. From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes people better survivors because positive people are more likely to maintain social relationships, reproduce, find needed resources




42nd St SW

~ Your Local Business Professionals ~

year round, for as long as I can remember. To her, they’re worth every penny, because they lift her spirits and bring cheer and beauty into her home. I’m too tight to spring for the bouquets, but now I continually keep a colourful plant on my table to enjoy until I can cut some out of the garden again. Lovely poinsettias are always a Christmas favourite, especially the big ones with the added touch of sparkles all over the leaves. My plant is now go-


At Your Service

A Chinese proverb says: ‘When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.’ It’s a pretty tough transition to go from


Margo Westaway


Gaia GardeninG

the wonderful flowers of spring and summer, to the glorious tones of reds, oranges and yellows in the fall, to the colourless whites and greys of winter. If you get the blues during this time of year, it really helps to keep some pretty plants in your house to get you through those dreary days. A friend of mine has always been willing to budget a little extra of her hard-earned money to buy a bouquet of flowers for her table, all


Don’t just shop local - hire local too!

Peter Wolf

• Heating, Plumbing & Gas fitting • Hot Water Heating Systems & Repairs • Licensed & Bonded Serving Sorrento, Blind Bay, Eagle Bay,White Lake & Tappen


Cell 250-833-2838

TREE SERVICE We Cut Trees and More!! Stump Grinder - Bobcat - Excavator Residential & Commercial Properties 250-836-4147


io t o m To Advertise: 250-832-2131 is Pro n Pr i



Over 10,000 ads - updated daily




Salmon Observer Friday,January January3,3,2014 2014 ShuswapArm Market News Friday, A17 A17

Your community. Your classifieds.

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Business Opportunities

ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2014-2016 BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis


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The advertiser agrees to indemnify the publisher against claims arising from publication of any advertisement submitted by the advertiser. The Classifieds reminds advertisers that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, colour, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or because age is between 44 and 65 years, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved. The Classifieds reserves the right to reject any advertisement and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisement.

The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

Office: 250-832-5428 In Memory of Margaret Ann Noble

May 2, 1936-January 5, 2013 You are gone from our lives, but not from our hearts, we wish you were here to share in our Triumphs and our Misfortunes. It is not Goodbye or farewell, but we’ll see you later. We miss you very much With all the love we have to give Chris and Auralee

THE REACHING OUT MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY OF SALMON ARM Would like to thank those who helped with the Christmas wrapping at Piccadilly Mall, and to those who have volunteered their time throughout the year. We would also like to thank the support of the community in making Salmon Arm a great place to live.

SICAMOUS 250-836-2570

Fax 250-836-2661 Eagle Valley News Parkland Mall SICAMOUS, BC Mon.-Thurs., 12-4 p.m. Fri. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Have Your Visa or Mastercard Ready Established accounts will be offered billing. The Salmon Arm Observer classifieds is proudly distributed to homes throughout the Shuswap.

Sports & Recreation HUNTING Firearms Safety courses. C.O.R.E. & P.A.L. required for Hunting/Firearms Licences. Call Trevor Holmes at (250)832-4105



Drivers/Courier/ Trucking Required immediately experienced Class 1 US drivers only. Must have US experience. We supply assigned trucks, company phones, US Medical, all picks and drops paid. Please fax resume with current clean abstract to 250-546-0600. No phone calls please.

Help Wanted Copper Island Pub & Bar in Sorrento, BC is hiring 2 f/t cooks, 2f/t servers & 1f/t Bartender. For cooks 3 years experience required and salary $15.00/hr, Servers no experience and salary $11.00 hr, For Bartender experience would be an asset and salary is $14.20/hr. All jobs are Fulltime with 40hrs. week. Knowledge of English is required for all jobs. Interested applicants please email resume to



Ron Marchand

the Video Man


Films, slides, photos & video transferred to DVD.

Help Wanted

Sleigh Rides ,.

H2O4U located in Salmon Arm is looking for a full time customer service representative. Repetitive heavy lift is a requirement. The applicant will also have a strong understanding and commitment to customer service and willingness to learn new skills. Apply at

NEWSPAPER CARRIERS NEEDED To distribute the Shuswap Market News & Lakeshore News AREAS AVAILABLE SAL. ARM-11th Ave. NE CHASE-Shuswap Sands CHASE-Hillside Ave CHASE-Brook Dr. SICAMOUS-Rauma Ave Call Valerie 250-832-2131

PART TIME commission sales person required for community radio CKVS. Contact (250)463-5026 or send resume: PART-TIME line cook needed immediately at Home Restaurant- Sorrento. Apply in person to Doug.


Complimentary Hot Chocolate and Popcorn!!

Book Now for your Fun!

250-832-5700 • Salmon Ar m



Experience Makes a Difference

We accept all Memorial Society and Pre-Need Funeral Policies Making final arrangements for a loved one isn’t easy. That’s why compassion goes into everything we do. We are prepared to arrange any special request you may have. • Traditional Services • Cremation Services • Prearrangement Planning • All inquiries welcome 24 hrs.

Veronika Kiesman Grief Facilitator



Happy Birthday Penny!

4060-1st Ave. S.W. Salmon Arm, 833-1129 Serving Kamloops to Golden Toll Free 1-888-816-1117



From the Observer Gang

Childcare Available KINDER PLAY CHILD CARE

A Waldorf inspired morning Program for 2-6yr. olds Nature based Daily meals provided Monday-Thursday 9am-1:15pm SE Salmon Arm (250)803-1104

UKULELE JAM Everyone welcome First Tues of the month at Choices Restaurant Starts Jan 7th/14 7:00 pm Call Barb at 250-804-2049



Experienced parts person required immediately for James Western Star in Williams Lake. Full time, competitive wages, benefits and signing bonus. Fax resume to 250-398-6367 or email:

CENTURY PLAZA HOTEL Best Rates. 1.800.663.1818

We’re on the net at

SALMON ARM 250-832-2131

Mon.-Fri. • 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Lost & Found Found under my deck, Large male Neutered Grey Tabby. White feet and white chest Tappen 250-515-6016 LOST: Ladies wedding ring w/broken band lost in between Martina’s Barber Shop and the Royal Bank, Sat. Dec 14 (250)832-4532

Cards of Thanks

To place your ad, phone or visit:

Fax 250-832-5140 171 Shuswap Street SALMON ARM, BC

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email:

Here Today – Here Tomorrow There is no better way to create an everlasting tribute than by making a memorial donation to the Shuswap Community Foundation. Every tax receipted gift ensures that the name of your loved one will be remembered in perpetuity.


It is agreed by any Display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event that errors occur in the publishing of any advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and there will be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement.

TRAIN TO be an Apartment/Condominium Manager online! Graduates get access to all jobs posted with us. 33 years of success! Government certified. or 1800-665-8339, 604-681-5456.


There’s only one way to enter your 50’s and that’s

The eyes have it Fetch a Friend from the SPCA today!

Head On!

Sandy Milne takes on the challenge! Obituaries

Much Love from your Family & Friends



Serving and caring for families in our community since 1947. Whether you’re considering pre-planning or have lost a loved one, you can trust our professional and friendly team to support you with meaningful grief services. We provide individualized funeral, memorial and celebration of life services, as well as grief counselling and an aftercare program. For more information and the answers to many frequently asked questions, visit us online at: Kevin Bolen, Funeral Director

440 - 10th Street SW (PO Box 388) Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N5


A18  A18

Friday, Observer Friday,January January3,3,2014 2014 Salmon ShuswapArm Market News



Help Wanted

Painting & Decorating

Wanted: Experienced Dispatcher for local Transport Company. We require an experienced transport dispatcher immediately. MUST HAVE TRUCK MATE EXPERIENCE Must have own transportation and be reliable. Wages based on experience. Must be able to work in a fast paced environment and have excellent communication skills. ONLY THOSE INDIVIDUALS WITH TRUCKMATE AND DISPATCH EXPERIENCE WILL BE CONSIDERED. Applications will only be accepted by fax or e-mail no walk ins please. Please fax resume to 250-546-0600, or by e-mail to No phone calls please.


nt iscou $D ting$$ $ ain P • Residential & Commercial • Interior/Exterior

• Wallpapering • Drywall Repair • Professional Workmanship • Seniors Discounts

For Free Estimate call Lorraine

Cell 833-8009 Home 836-4154 Serving Sicamous & Area for 20+ Years

Snowclearing Energetic young man with references will do snow shovelling $15/hr minimum 1 hr. 250-832-0916

Telephone Services DISCONNECTED PHONE? National Teleconnect home phone service. No one refused! Low monthly rate! Calling features and unlimited long distance available. Call National Teleconnect today! 1866-443-4408. or visit online:

Ofce Support OFFICE Admin req. QB’s exp, AR, invoicing, Excel. FT perm. bnfts.

Trades, Technical Required Immediately, automotive painter, ICBC Accredited shop. Permanent position. $30/hour, bonus program & tool allowances. Phone Brian at Armstrong’s Collision, 250546-3300

Pets & Livestock

Pets N&T CANINE CARE Daycare, boarding, grooming. Visit our webpage: 250-835-0136 With Dignity & Understanding. N&T PET CREMATION SERVICES call 250-835-0136

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate



$300 & Under


Apt/Condo for Rent

Misc for Rent

Homes for Rent

Bright, spacious 2 bedroom apartments Close to town, family owned & operated. Includes F/S, DW, A/C, H/W NS, NP. Available Jan 1, 2014 $825/month (250) 803-1694 Ask about Senior’s Discount

3bdrm, 2bath, 2car garage 6appl. in SA, beautiful lake view in nice subdivision 2bdrm + den, 1.5bath close to rec centre 1bdrm, 1bath condo Salmon Arm

2Bdrm $800 on beautiful 1/2 acre. W/D pets Ok Covered garage. Work Shed. green house. Length of stay neg. Hydro & Int incl. Silver Creek area. 250-517-9904 or email

LAKEVIEW MANOR Beautiful unfurnished and fully furnished Apts. Viewing Shuswap Lake & McGuire Park. Close to all amenities in quiet adult NS, NP building. *Short term rates avail. Ref’s req’d (250)833-9148

Contact AL BINGHAM (250)804-6216

Dozen Bar signs and clocks. will only sell as a set $300 Firm 250-833-0130

Misc. for Sale BUNDY alto sax w/case $500. antique upright Heinzman piano all original $350. LH Fender acoustic guitar w/case $300. LH Fender electric guitar w/case & amp $350. Shure microphone $90. elliptical machine $100. (250)832-9256 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper? IPHONE CASE Brand new, never used Iphone 5 Lifeproof.Multiple colors. Asking $15.00. 250-549-1489 or text 250-3068489 for details. STEEL BUILDINGS/Metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-4572206 or visit us online at:

Misc. Wanted COLLECTOR looking to buy a coin collection. Also looking for coins, bars, medals, ingots from RC Mint, Franklin Mint, US Mint & others. Todd 250864-3521 I make house calls! PURCHASING old Canadian & American coin collections & accumulations. 250-548-3670 TOOLS related to carpentry, saws, drills, socket sets, ladders, etc. Please call Erin (250)803-3937

Free Items

Esthetics Services

$100 & Under

Found and Free to good home 2 litters of Abandoned Kittens. 5-6 mos. old 1 female 6 males Absolutely adorable and in need of love and a forever home. 250-308-5489 FREE: Braun slide trays. Most hold 100 slides, some hold 80. 250-832-2231

PERMANENT Laser Hair reduction. Call for a free consultation. Sada (250)832-4266 Shuswap Laser Clinic or email:

2 Snow Tires 225/60r16. Like New $120 Call 250-515-6327

Help Wanted


Merchandise for Sale

Home Care Hearts-in-Motion Private Home care services. Offers in home health care incl. Palliative, Respite, daily maintenance ... I will take care of you. 250-463-1811

Legal Services

Rates Consistently better than banks


Toll free 1-800-658-2345

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent 1Bdrm top flooor new 4-plex f/s w/d, priv entrance, adults quiet pet OK, $825. 1070 1 St. SE 250-833-2129

1 Bedroom Apartment fridge, stove, coin laundry

PRODUCE CLERK – FULL TIME Our Salmon Arm – Uptown Location, Produce Department, is looking for an experienced produce clerk to start immediately. This position offers competitive wages with a comprehensive benefits and pension plan package. If you are energetic, enthusiastic and want to be part of the Askew’s team, we want to hear from you. Please apply in person, to: Mike Medwid, Produce Manager or George Green, Store Manager– Uptown Store or you can apply by email to Mike@ or

ROOMY & CLEAN, 1 bdrm, walk out suite, avlbl Jan 1. 10 ft ceilings. Separate Everything! Walking distance to DT. Pet negotiable. N/S. $900/mo inclds util. 250-832-7888

& hot water included, No Pets


1-855-852-5660 Toll Free 2BDRM. condo in quiet 55+, NS, NP building, centrally located in SA, walking distance to both malls, bright corner unit w/ensuite, $945/mo. incl. water, garbage, heat, DD req’d, Call (250)833-8281 3BDRM APT Close to DT parking coin laundry, NP, NS, $850/mo. avail immed 250804-9627 ADULT orientated 2bdrm. level entry, walk to town, carport, NS, NP $590/mo + utilities (250)833-6400 Bright 2 Bdrm corner suite in town avail. Jan 1. Balcony, AC, heat incl. $750/mo refs req’d. Adults only. 250-8334726 or 250-832-5858 Cute 2nd floor apt. 1bdrm. walk to town, NP, NS, $490/mo. + util. (250)833-6400

Comfortable 3 Bdrm duplex. Scotch Creek Fenced Yard Avail Jan 15/14 $875/mo 250-675-4952

Excavating & Drainage

Excavating & Drainage

CANOE 2 bdrm, den, 1.5 bath. Walking distance to elementary school and beach. Large fenced yard, covered deck, quiet cul de sac, 6 appliances, pet friendly, ample parking. Available immediately. $1200 plus utilities. Call 587-297-4605 or email

4 bed, 3 bath renovated Blind Bay house for rent. $1200/mth Avail Jan 15. 250-320-3641 BEAUTIFUL 1/2 duplex in S/A with yard. 17th st SE : 3 bdrm, den, 3 full bath, air, view. Avail Dec 1st N/S N/P $1400/mth plus util. Call 250-764-4336 Beautiful 2 Acre property with cozy wood house. H/W floors, 3 levels, large windows, Wood burning stove, Reverse osmosis water system, New High Efficiency W/D, 4 Bdrm 2 Baths 1700 Sq. Ft. $1200 + Util. 604-848-5923 Blind Bay 3Bdrm NS NP $950 + Util 250-832-8552

Pet Services

Pet Services

We’re on the net at

Mobile Homes & Pads

PET GROOMING With Michelle

Appointments necessary. 271A Trans-Can. Hwy. N.E. (across from KFC) • 250-832-0604

Misc. for Sale

Misc. for Sale

Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent

Professionally Beautifying Properties for Over 27 Years. • Rock Walls • Utility Services • Site Prep • Terracing • Drainage • Pools 981 - 16th Street N.E., Salmon Arm V1E 2V2


Computer Services

Need Help?




Repairs and Sales Upgrades and accessories Wireless & home networking

John Schlosar, A+ Certified

Garden & Lawn

Garden & Lawn


Staff Accountant

Misc Services

Home & Yard •Renovation •Repair •Maintenance

•Fencing •Decks •Patios

250-253-4663 SNOW REMOVAL Sidewalks,driveways,small parking lots, roofs. Residential or Commercial Shuswap Window Cleaning 250- 833-2533

Temporary F/T staff accountant with background in preparation of personal and corporate income tax returns, year-end financial statements and related working papers. Experience with Caseware and Taxprep applications would be a definite asset. The successful candidate is a self-starter who has excellent time management skills and possesses a strong work ethic.

Administrative Assistant Temporary F/T administrative assistant to assist with clerical duties. The candidate must possess strong communication skills, must be courteous, organized, must be able to multi-task and perform a variety of office duties in a busy environment with little supervision. Computer skills and interpersonal skills are essential. Please fax/email your resume to: Fax: (250) 832-5377 Email:

Monday to Friday

All Breeds including Cats & Large Dogs

Duplex / 4 Plex

’s BARlMaSnALd ES Drew Lee-Hai & Associates Chartered Accountants/ Business Advisors is seeking candidates for the following positions for the upcoming tax season:

2Bdrm Furn. Coach house, Shuswap Lake, Sunnybrae, avail now until Jun 30/14. Ref’s req’d. $700/mo. + $250 DD incl everything but phone & int. N/S Resp. tenants only. Jackie 250-835-4800


Computer Services

Financial Services IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161.


Best rate 5yr-2.89%OAC

Serving the Columbia-Shuswap since 1976.



• Shavings, Sawdust, Bark Mulch, Wood Chips (bulk/mini bags) • Well Rotted Manure • Soils • Extra Clean Wheat Straw

Stanley Bland 832-6615 or 833-2449


• Bark Mulch • Shavings • Sawdust

250-260-0110 or 804-3030

Lakeside Realty Ltd.


2 Bdrm + Den, 1 Bath walkout Basement Suite F/S, W/D, NS, NP. Utilities included. 2517 Forest Drive, Blind Bay 2 Bdrm, 3.5 Bath Lakefront Townhouse 6 appliances, NS, NP. #5 - 5260 Squilax-Anglemont Hwy, Celista





2 Bedrm., 1 Bath in 4 Plex 4 appliances, NS, NP. 7010 Black Road, Ranchero


3 Bedrm., 1.5 Bath Townhouse FS, in-suite laundry hookup, NS, NP. #701 - 1451 1st Ave. NE, Salmon Arm


4 Bedrm., 3 Bath House Rec room, 5 appliances, NS, NP 3665 Jackson Rd., Tappen


Merry Anderson 250-833-2799 MANAGING BROKER

Salmon Observer Friday,January January3,3,2014 2014 ShuswapArm Market News Friday,



Homes for Rent

Auto Financing

Chase Like new 4Bdrm 3Bath 2 level, lge garage. In town $1300+util close to schools NS NP avail Jan 1 604-542-6224 DOWNTOWN SA, 3bdrm. 2 level suite, NS, NP, refs req. $1100/mo. util. incl., avail. now (250)832-6296 (250)463-9992 GORGEOUS 3/4bdrm w/view 1.5 acres, W/D, util, int, sat incl., avail. Now smoking outside $1350 (250)832-7809 Malakwa-3bdrm home $700 +utils. 2bdrm $600.+utils, 250836-2928. NEWER 5 BDRM 3 bath, open concept. Easy to maintain yard in desireable neighbourhood, exc. location . N/S N/P. gas f/p ,util, A/C. Ref’s & DD req’d. Avail Feb 1. $2000/mo. 250-833-2806 SALMON ARM- 3 Bdrm+ den, 3 bath, close to Little Mtn. W/D, garage, large yard. N/S. Avail Jan 1 or later. $1350+ utils. 250-832-9869. SPACIOUS upper floor w/3bdrm., 1.5bath, fully fenced yard, 5appl., $1250/mo. incl. util.Avail Jan 1 (250)832-2616 A19 A19


OfďŹ ce/Retail FOR LEASE: Goldpanner Restaurant Located @ Tappen Esso, avail. immediately, for more infor or appointment contact Art at 250-835-4585

Shared Accommodation WOULD like to share my 2bdrm suite in Travellers Rest Motel, 60yrs. or older, must have vehicle (250)515-6063 (250)832-3075 ext. 109

Suites, Lower 1BDRM F/S/W/D, walking distance to both malls, NS, NP, avail. immed. $600/mo. + hydro (250)832-5462 1BDRM HILLCREST: Level entry, util. Wifi and cable incl., laundry, NS, NP, avail. immed. $650/mo. (250)832-2052 1BDRM. level entry, incl. all util., 5appl., in town, $875/mo. NS, No pets (250)832-6720 1BDRM. w/o suite, utilities, wifi, satellite incl., all appl, 8km from SA $650/mo. (250)8327809 available January 1st LARGE 1bdrm walkout near beach, own patio, 6appl., walk in closet, gas FP, unfurn. or furn., NS NP, Blind Bay, $695 util incl. (250)675-5054

Suites, Upper

Auto Services WINTER tire change over special. 4 Change overs & balance $50. Call for appt. (250)835-4632

Cars - Sports & Imports 2004 Chevy Optra, 5spd., 110K, 17� low profile tires/no winters, blue underglow w/interior lights to match, Alpine deck w/10� sub $5000. (250)515-0165

1BDRM suite, close to Uptown Askews & high school incl. util, $675/mo. NS (250)804-0399

98 Honda Civic 4 dr. Good cond runs well 300,000 kms $3400 OBO 250-832-2919

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Invitation to Tenderers The Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band is inviting qualified contractors to submit bids for the following work: • Construction of a new water treatment plant • Completion of two (2) water supply wells • Construction of approximately 4km of 250 mm HDPE water transmission main • Construction of buried valve chambers and tie-ins to existing reservoirs • Associated civil works Tender documents including addenda may be obtained on B.C. Bid ( Interested bidders must submit email bids to the office of the Owner’s Representative: Chris Cheng, P.Eng. Associated Engineering Tender Closing Date: January 24, 2014 Tender Closing Time: 2:00 p.m. local time The specified Bid Bond must be received within 5 business days of tender close, payable to the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band: Ms. Nicolette Keith, Chief Administrative Officer Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band 1886 Little Shuswap Lake Road West Box 1100, Chase, BC V0E 1M0 The lowest or any bid will not necessarily be accepted. Technical inquires by bidders must be sent via email to Chris Cheng, P.Eng of Associated Engineering ( Inquires must be received prior to three business days before tender close. An optional site visit is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 9, 2014. Meeting location to be confirmed. Please RSVP to by Tuesday, January 7, 2014 to confirm attendance.



Friday, January 3, 2014 Shuswap Market News

Customers Are Really Everything... rated pe

Our Store is Locally Owned & O


MEATSpecials Lean Ground Beef

Value Pack 6.57/kg





Pasta Sauce Sel. Var., 630 mL .........

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $10.98/kg ....................................................

Fresh Chicken Legs

You save $5.00 on 4

4 68 1 98


2 for


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 L ..................


Spaghetti & Macaroni, 900 g........................

You save $3.38 on 2 Emma

You save $5.01


New Harbor


100% Arabic, 453 g .................

BAKERYSpecials Homestyle Multigrain Bread ................................................

2 for

Canadian Harvest Rolls


5 28 2

...................................................... SAVE 40¢/kg

/6 Pack



210 g......................

2 for



You save $2.98 on 2

Smoked Chicken Breast

Robin Hood

1 28 2 28

Cheddar Cheese .................................................................

10 kg.......................................

You save $3.01 Roger's

/100 g



All Purpose Flour 98 Sugar

Fine Grind, 10 kg ....................

You save $3.01


/100 g


Bulk Items Soup Mix

You save $2.01




Western Family


Back Attached. $3.70/kg.................................

4 for

39¢ /100g

• Coffee Shop • Hot Foods • Free Wi-fi • Belgian Chocolates - made in-store • Sure Crop Feeds Recipient of several independent Grocer Retail Awards

Gala or Ambrosia Apples

98 ¢ 98


B.C. Grown, $2.16/kg .........................

Organic Bananas

$2.16/kg .....................................




Large Size veGrlsow1.n 72/kg NAlbearta

HOURS Monday-Friday 8:30am-7pm Friday 8:30am - 8pm • Saturday 8:30am-6pm Sun. & Holidays 9am-6pm Phone: 250-679-3261 Fax: 250-679-3606

Prices effective January 5 - 11, 2014


We reserve the right to limit quantities - Check our weekly flyer for more specials



per lb. lb.

smart one card price


! s g n i v a Big S

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