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Vol. 61, Issue 250

Locals search for missing Canadian down under Five East Kootenay search and rescue experts have returned after a search in Australia for a missing Ontario man


After several weeks searching the Australian alpine, five searchers from the East Kootenay are back home, having found no sign of Prabhdeep Srawn. From Kimberley Search and Rescue, Scott MacLeod and Seb Martinez; from Fernie Search and Rescue, Bernie Palmer and Tom Hopkins; and from Sparwood Search and Rescue, Charmaine Lingard all volunteered their time to help Srawn’s family find out what happened to the young man. In May, Srawn went alone on a hiking trip to Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kosciuzsko, at 2,228 metres in elevation. Srawn, a 25-year-old military reservist, had been studying in Australia. But soon after he set out on the hiking expe-

dition, a snowstorm set in, dumping up to 30 centimetres of snow. Srawn has not been seen or heard from since. After searches in Australia found no trace of Srawn, his family asked B.C. Search and Rescue members if they could participate in an independent search. Five East Kootenay Search and Rescue members put up their hands to join the team of 18 volunteers. The Srawn family paid for their travel expenses. Led by Vancouver’s Martin Colwell of SAR Technology, the group left at the end of November. After flying into Sydney, the group piled into a van donated by a local member of the Sikh community and drove to Jindabyne, the town closest to Australia’s high alpine.

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East Kootenay searchers Scott MacLeod, Charmaine Lingard and Tom Hopkins gather at Cranbrook’s airport after returning from a volunteer trip to Australia to search for a 25-year-old missing Ontario man.

Fundraiser derby back for another year ARNE PETRYSHEN Townsman Staff

The fifth annual Family Fishing Derby is just over a month away and organizers are already getting ready for the event. Last year the event had to be cancelled because of unseasonably warm weather. The derby takes place on Horseshoe Lake — last year the ice was too thin to safely hold the event. This year however, Shane Westle, founder and event co-ordinator, said the ice is looking

good this year. “There’s already 12 inches of ice on the lake right now,” he said, so it is looking good for this year. “There’s way more ice than we had last year and a little over a month to go.” The derby is on Feb. 10, which is also Family Day in B.C. Westle started the derby in honour of a friend who passed away from cancer. “It was about six years ago when Mira Morrison passed away,” Westle said. Her hus-

band, also a close friend of Westle also recently passed away. This year there is a new event in their honour: the Morrison shooting gallery. The derby brings in people of all ages and Westle said they expect 1,500 people to come out. “We get all ages, from newborns all the way up to people in their 90s,” he said. “We have a lot of different things going on during the day. A lot of different games for the kids. We have wom-

en’s ski jumping and a best dressed dog contest.” The Fresh Water Fisheries Society is coming to teach kids how to ice fish. Then there are all sorts of other activities including toboggan races, milk jug bowling, best catch fish decorating, snow painting, tug of war and snowball toss. Every year they also do a draw to send a kid to Disneyland. The trip is donated every year by Dacota Freight, along with $1,000 spending money.

Half of the funds raised for the derby goes to emergency aid for kids with Canadian Cancer Society programs and the other half goes into an account that the Family Fishing Derby administers directly. “We’re helping a girl in Kimberley that just got her cancer back recently,” he said. She is currently undergoing chemo at the Calgary Children’s Hospital. “We’ll be helping her out this week and she’ll be in the draw as well.”

To take part in the derby, no fishing license is necessary. Entry tickets are required to participate in events. There are are also prizes for the fishing derby: the top prize is a 12 foot Lund boat and trailer. The first place prize for kids is a 50 inch TV and a Playstation 4. There will also be a 50/50 draw, door prizes and a silent auction. For more info on the derby go to

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Christmas 1913: The remains of a day C hristmas, 1913. One hundred Cranbrook Christmases have passed since then. Still, on a quiet winter’s evening it is possible to walk the streets of old Cranbrook and imagine how things were a century ago (just a short mental walk, mind you, in case you’re busy watching TV rather than reading this). Things remain: people are born (159 that year), people die (54 of them in 1913, including at least two children who died that December, the infant death rate being significantly higher in those days), and 61 couples (half male, half female) married. It was an age of electricity and automobiles, of telephones (650 customers) and movies, all on a smaller scale of


Then & Now

Jim Cameron course. But then, Cranbrook was a smaller town. As far as marriages and funerals and such go, the Anglican Church of Burwell (13th) Avenue is the only church remaining of the original five situated along Louis (1st) Street in 1913. Numerous empty lots between the church and the business district were yet to be filled (“A

nice gift for the wife,” suggested a local real estate firm). Rotary Park was there (more or less). Actually less, since much of the park was taken up by the city arena which opened for the season during the first week of December. The weather was mild but the ice set up nicely and the curlers, hockey players and skaters soon filled the big old barn while the city orchestra provided the tunes. Basketball was popular. The new Young Men’s Club on the corner of Louis Street and Hanson (8th) Avenue saw numerous games that month. It’s a parking lot now but it was a hub of sporting activity at the time. Even the ladies (in a preview of emancipation soon to come) played the occa-

ing about town in sional game, much December 1913, to the bemusedeer were not a ment of the men. problem, probably That Christmas because of the no-one in Crancoyotes also frebrook suspected quently wanderthe world-wide ing about town war that would (despite the $3.00 begin the following provincial bounAugust. It was the ty). last Cranbrook For those folks Christmas for a wishing to get number of boys away for a holiday, whose names now the CPR offered grace the cenoreturn excursions taph. to all points east Chinatown on for under $100 Durick (7th) Aveand a trip south to nue was a hive of Los Angeles from activity (illicit and Spokane for $109 otherwise), as was (over $2,000 by tothe (soon to be day’s standards). closed) adjoining St. Mary’s Cathred-light district olic School (later (not a reference to Tenth Avenue Christmas decoraSchool and now tions). Cranbrook’s Foursquare southern boundChurch) built by ary ended at Kains local contractor (3rd) Street in George Leask, was those days, alnearing complethough there was tion on the edge of talk of expansion town. It’s still there to the south and although signifinorth and even cantly altered in over to Slaterville. appearance. So In general, howevtoo, are the Maer, the residential sonic Lodge (The area from Watts Studio), the Man(3rd) to Pooley ual Training Cen(16th) Avenue (altre and Central though more School are still crowded today) standing, all censtill carries many tres of present day echoes of 1913. community life. The lumber inThe original dustry was going Santa flew into Cranbrook in 1913 to offer the children all kinds through some of things: trains and violins and naked dolls and um, stoves and post office clock, newly installed in tough times. The gee, all kinds of things. – Herald Dec. 1913 October 1913, “time-cheque” (now located in method of payselves were decidedly the clock tower in the ment (in which lumber- ry ago: the Cranbrook, not well: generally de- downtown square of the the Byng, the York and men received their salaCosmopolitan fective (369 leaks re- same name) is now 100 ry as late as six months the paired that year) and years old. In December after the job) was a seri- (standing but vacant). installed with very few 1913, Raworth Jewelers F.J. Spaulding (claiming ous bone of contention. connecting valves, often (now the site of DelamIt was therefore a tough to be the first motorist to causing a shutdown of ont E H Jeweler Ltd.) make the trip inland Christmas for some the entire city when a added two extra striking from the coast) had re(nothing new there). All new customer came on levers allowing the clock the lumber mills in town cently praised our local line. The entire town chime to be heard highways. The highways are gone now; the only was fed from a single throughout the city. And modern-day connec- may have been fine but eight-inch main which that, (dear readers) rethe city roads were not. tion being that of the itself was too small. The minds us that not only They were very rough Leask & Slater mill city council under should we wish both the which became the Sash although the city was Mayor Bowness (whose Tenth Avenue School hesitant to grade them and Door which behouse still stands) de- and the post office clock for fear of removing came Crestbrook which cided it wasn’t worth re- a happy 100th birthday became Tembec which groundcover necessary pairing the roads until but that time keeps tickin keeping the water is now Canfor. the water mains were ing, ticking, ticking into There are still a few mains from freezing. fixed (there wasn’t the future. Have a Happy (They froze anyway.) hotels remaining that enough money any- New Year. The water mains themserved travelers a centuway). That, coupled with the new “Rule of (Thank you to Aunt the Road” (which re- Mildred for the special quired all B.C. motorists Christmas “Jumbo Padrive on the right hand rentheses Pak” with the Swim for Fun... Fit for Life side) made travelling a lovely hand-knitted chore. Christmas Stat Swims: carrying pouch.) It you were wanderClosed Christmas Day

Thursday Dec 26th, 1:00-4:00pm

New Year Swim:

Wednesday Jan 1st, 1:00-4:00pm 520 Archibald St, Kimberley, BC • For pool schedule & info call 250-427-2983 or on the web:

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Local NEWS m cost of F-35 jet fighter thursday, dECEmbEr 13, 2012


Friday, DECEMBER 27, 2013

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Where Family and Fun where his remains Come Together could be and didn’t see

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Localnew searchers from Australian mission illion, reportback confirms

says that the loss of an aircraft - or, by inference, the decision to buy fewer than 65 F-35s - “would result in a diminished capacity to undertake and sustain discretionary operations. “Therefore, operational risk will need to be managed, partly through the assignment of additional flying hours to the remaining aircraft, if lost aircraft is not replaced.” Industry Canada has also downsized its estimate for how much CaSubmitted nadian business can ABOVE: The Royal expect to benefit if Canada Stewart Highland does go under ahead the with its Dancers, plans to purchase direction and instruc-the F-35, billion tion offrom Jane $10.5 Stewart U.S. to less than $9.8 bilNixon, hosted their lion U.S. annual Christmas Exactly why CanadiRecital on December an companies are ex20, 2013,toat the$700 beautipected have milful Royal lion lessAlexandra in opportuniHall. The Canadian ties associated with the Museum ofclear. Rail Travel F-35 is not provided beautiful While athe cost estibackdrop the fesmates aretobased on the tive of the replacideaspirit of Canada Highland Dancers. ing its CF-18s with the stealth fighter, which reThe recital raised mains $500 an option, almost for the the government has also diCranbrook Salvation rectedPictured the Canadian Army. above: Forcesvocalists to consider RSHD — stu-all other of possible options. dents vocal coach, currently AmyDefence Miller —is perform re-assessing what mis“White as in the Winter sions Canada’s next Night” by Enya. Left airto craft will be required right: Emma Saffin, to fly, what threats it will Esther Bowden, Hallie face and what technoloMiller andcapabilities Kaytie gy and are Pocha available to Canada. This will also include reaching out to other aircraft manufacturers

able. “There’s only one season in the mountains and it’s winter, once you get to any kind of height. What we saw was a beautiful summer day, very hot, and then that night, the system comes in, and there is a couple of inches of snow on the tent. The next day we look at it and realize the

weather is deteriorating. We came out in a whiteout, navigating with a GPS,” said MacLeod. “If Prabh was caught in the same conditions, without a compass or GPS and without the gear we had, he probably realized he was in a whole lot of trouble.” Not only that, but the terrain was unlike anything they have are ac-

customed to in the Rocky Mountains. “There are huge boulder fields – boulders on top of boulders on top of boulders. They are full of spots where somebody could have tried to take cover during a storm and still be there,” said MacLeod. “It’s quite possible that one of us walked within a metre or two of

A cutaway view of an F-35 fighter jet.

such as Boeing and Eurofighter to determine what their aircraft are able to do and how much they will cost compared to the F-35. It’s not clear whether those companies will co-operate or not unless an open competition is held, something the government has so far refused to discuss.


City Bakery ea Room &T

Open Boxing Day! In the Platzl 250-427-2131

• Christmas Stollen (Christmas Bread) • European Christmas Cookies • Gingerbread • Shortbread


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him, even though we were working the area quite hard. There are just so many places he could have been.” Although it is not tall, the foliage is dense and hard to walk VENICE through. POOL TABLE “It’s very different from our bush here. The scrub is a brush that’s low, wide, interlocking, and it’s not something you can walk through,” saidMANHATTAN MacLeod. POOL TABLE“You have to physically push it down with your feet, step on it and continue on. It’s very hard terrain to work. ” BRISTOL POOL TABLE Although Koscuizsko, Australia’s highest mountain, is lower than Fisher Peak, it’s tougher than it looks. LONDON POOL TABLE “Kosciusko is a big mountain, but for somebody from North America it would be deceptive because it’s so rounded. We’re used to




sharp, jagged mountains here. Over there, it doesn’t look as big and potentially dangerous a mountain as it could be, until you realize how big it is and how quick the weather systems come in,” said MacLeod. The searchers were able to keep in touch with their families and friends in Canada through a satellite tracker provided by Sparwood Communications. MacLeod said that even when they were out in the alpine without cell reception, they could still send texts to their loved ones, letting them know they were okay. The main group of searchers returned to Canada on Dec. 15. MacLeod was part of a group of six who remained a few more days to continue searching. They returned to Cranbrook on Dec. 19.

Finding no trace of Srawn was a blow to everyone, MacLeod said. “The most frustrating part is we didn’t find anything or any clues to where he might be,” said MacLeod. “The family had expended a large amount of money to get us there, hoping for some results, and we weren’t able to provide that.” In particular, Srawn’s father was very disappointed the search was not fruitful. “He still holds out hope that Prabh could be surviving. He was nice and positive to us. However, everybody was disappointed that we weren’t successful – the searchers, the search manager and the family,” said MacLeod. “I don’t believe the family is going to call it quits. They might get other volunteers searchers involved, probably from Australia.”


AN Ins FR YW ta EE HE llat RE io FR IN n BC E


cc #176 - 1st - 4th Ave, 22 St. S. es - 10th & 11th Ave, 12-14 St. #181 so#325 - Southview Dr. rie FR AN E#134 - 9th -s 11th St S, 2nd - 5th Ave S E - Baker St & 1A St. S, 15-17th Ave S YW#126 HE D#169 e - 4th St. S. & 23rd Ave. S. RE liv #196 IN e-ry29th Ave S, 3rd - 7th St S #300 B - 30th Ave S, 3rd - 7th St S

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They based themselves at Charlotte’s Pass, in staff accommodation for a ski hill. From there, working in teams, they put on three separate missions into the alpine. It was an eye-opening experience, said Scott MacLeod. First: although it is summer there, the weather was unpredict-


#113 - Vanhorne St - 4th St, 3rd and 4th Ave S #114 - Vanhorne St - 4St, 5th Ave S CHECK#302 - Larch Drive & 15th St S #135 - 12 & 14 St S, 2A & 3rd Ave S OUT OUR #170 - 4th -6th St S, 3rd-5th Ave S WEBSITE FOR #118 MORE- 9th Ave S, Baker St - 4th St S #177 - Brookview Cres. (available Jan 6th) DETAILS

CALL KARRIE 250-426-5201 ext 208

R•OSolid U TMaple E S I N K I M B E R L E Y:

• 1 Inch Slate#201 - Marysville #240 - “The Bench” Blarchmont •Leather Pockets #239 - Creekside Trailer Park #204 - Marysville 6 Models •Available #226 - Downtown Kimberley #236 and #251 - Townsite CALL NICOLE 250-427-5333

19950 88th Avenue, Langley 250-426-5201 ext 208 1-877-368-6899


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Local NEWS

Keltie Murdoch at the Taiwan International Gord McArthur was chosen to represent Canada at the 2014 Sochi Gord Downie at the Tragically Hip performed in Cranbrook in Science Fair in Taiwan. Winter Olympic Games. January.

Cranbrook 2013: The year in review Sally MacDonald Townsman Staff

From fire to flood, new construction and saved heritage buildings, 2013 was a busy year in Cranbrook and Kimberley. From our viewpoint at the Townsman, we have picked the biggest stories of the year. In Part One, we look at the news of January through to April. As 2013 began Kimberley’s fire department

was still mopping up after a fire destroyed the Kootenay Cycle Works building in the Platzl on Dec. 28, 2012. If it weren’t for the department’s latest purchase, a ladder truck, the fire would have quickly spread to neighbouring businesses in the Platzl. As it was, the Gilded Goat also sustained some damage. It didn’t take long for Kootenay Cycle Works to rise from the ashes, join-

ing Rocky’s Ski and Snowboard, also on the Platzl, to form Kootenay Mountain Works in March. A Kimberley tradition came to an end after 39 years. In January, the Kimberley International Accordion Championships announced that the festival would not run again. Organizers said that increasing costs and falling revenue meant the festival was no longer

economically viable. Accolades and tributes to the festival poured in from all over North America. Some visitors asked the festival committee to reconsider, instead holding the festival one last time in 2013 for its 40th anniversary. But it was not to be. A 52-year-old Wasa man was killed in a motor vehicle accident on Jan. 7. Dale Andrew Davis was driving a pickup

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truck through Wasa on Highway 95 when it hit the ditch and rolled. Davis was killed instantly. Cranbrook Search and Rescue paid it forward after purchasing a new rescue truck. The volunteer-run organization took advantage of donations and grants to replace a rescue truck it had outgrown. After its new truck arrived, Cranbrook Search and Rescue put the word out to other B.C. Search and Rescue groups who may be smaller and have good use for the older vehicle. The very grateful Keremeos Search and Rescue took advantage of the offer to replace a truck that was on its last legs. Cranbrook City Council supported a liquor license application for the then-unnamed Heid-Out Restaurant and Brewhouse. Owner Heidi Romich revealed plans to turn her popular restaurant, Heidi’s, into a brewhouse where customers could sample beer brewed on-site. The development sailed through the approval process. After a competition to name the pub was run in the Townsman, the HeidOut was chosen and the restaurant opened in June. The United Church of Canada Kootenay Presbytery threw its support behind the Ktunaxa’s bid to save its sacred Qat’muk territory from the development of Jumbo Glacier Resort.

The support came as the United Church met with Ktunaxa elders to reaffirm its apology for the harm done to First Nations children and their families in the residential school program. Beloved Cranbrook citizen Ruby Sinclair passed away in January at the age of 95. The long-time volunteer and Kootenay Ice fan will be remembered for many years to come. Canadian rock legends the Tragically Hip played to a sold-out crowd at Western Financial Place in Cranbrook in January, kicking off their “Now For Plan A” Canadian road trip. Barely a week later, Jaffray hometown favourite and country music star Dean Brody played at the Key City Theatre, “a couple of walls away” from where he went to high school. A gala celebration at the Heritage Inn in January celebrated Citizen of the Year Jason Wheeldon. The local realtor, volunteer and fundraiser extraordinaire was recognized by the Cranbrook and District Chamber of Commerce in front of his colleagues, peers, family and friends. The federal government proposed reshuffling its riding to include Nelson in the Kootenay-Columbia riding, with a seat held by Conservative MP David Wilks. After a public consultation period, the new riding boundaries were finalized in June.

Wycliffe residents Peter Moody and Susan Bond opened up to the Bulletin about their harrowing encounter with a grizzly bear in Nov. 2012. The pair told how they stumbled upon a sow grizzly with her two cubs, feeding on a deer carcass. Acting in defence, the sow attacked Susan and Peter, causing serious injuries to their heads, arms and legs. They were able to walk to a nearby home for help, but spent several weeks in hospital in Calgary recovering.

In February, a trial got underway in Kamloops for three Cranbrook men charged over a plot to kill a local drug rival. A criminal turned police agent John Garry Shank testified against Lorne Carry, Lonnie Adams and Colin Correia. Shank became a police agent in the investigation after he was arrested on breach of parole. He then wore a recording device in meetings with the three men, while they discussed a plan to kill Doug Mahon. The trial continued until April when the three men were found guilty. In August, Correia was sentenced to 12 years in jail. Carry received a 10 year sentence. Adams, who was found guilty of counselling to commit murder, instead of the more serious conspiracy to commit murder, was sentenced to five years in jail.

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daily townsman

Local NEWS

2013 in Review Local climbing athlete Gord McArthur was chosen to represent Canada at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. The Cranbrook resident was selected by the Alpine Club of Canada to participate in the demonstration sport of ice climbing. Cranbrook highschool student Keltie Murdoch travelled to Taiwan in February. Keltie was presenting her award-winning project, Geo Air, at the Taiwan International Science Fair. On Feb. 19, the Jumbo Mountain Resort Municipality was officially incorporated with an appointed mayor and council. At the same time, the West Kootenay Eco Society filed an injunction against the B.C. government, asking for a judicial review of the creation of the municipality. Environmental group Wildsight held a rally in front of the municipality’s first council meeting in Radium. When the B.C. government announced its budget in February, it included a multi-million dollar investment in the East Kootenay Regional Hospital. Together with the Hospital District, the Ministry of Health are funding a $19.9 million renovation at the hospital to create a new Intensive Care Unit and upgrade the electrical system. The project is expected to break ground in spring 2014. The City of Cranbrook conducted its second urban deer cull in February, taking 24 deer in an 18-day period. During the cull, two of the borrowed clover traps were vandalized, and a protest was held in Cranbrook. Mayor Wayne Stetski said council was left with little choice but to cull because the province has not approved other methods of wildlife control such as relocation. Master gardener, volunteer and arts enthusiast Jenny Humphrey was named Woman of the Year by the Canadian Federation of University Women – Cranbrook chapter. Humphrey was

Friday, DECEMBER 27, 2013

Continued from page 4 celebrated in a touching ceremony in March before family, friends and colleagues. Young filmmaker Kaio Kathriner was in his hometown of Cranbrook in February to make a short film, The Hunt for the Mad Trapper. With a cast made up of Kaio’s high-school friends and Vancouver actors, The Mad Trapper told a version of the Northwest Territories legend. A Cranbrook oldtimer who heard about the filming got in touch with the filmmaker to tell what he knew secondhand from an old buddy who had taken part in the real-life hunt for the mad trapper. Those interviews will be used in some capacity in the film, Kathriner said. A group of three friends from Cranbrook who formed a video game company launched its first product at a Boston video game convention. The Eon Alter is a hybrid video game and role-playing game that uses smart devices and is played by a group of people together in real time. A 19-year-old Marysville woman had a harrowing story to tell after her vehicle plunged off the road near the McPhee bridge in February. Lillie Young broke


her back in the accident that occurred just after midnight. But no one saw the accident, and Lillie’s vehicle was hidden from view down the embankment. The tenacious teen spent the frigid night in the upside down car under a blanket. The next morning she managed to crawl up the steep embankment and wave to passing cars for help. Several vehicles passed by the injured woman before a driver finally stopped and took her to get help. Students at Laurie Middle School organized a rally against bullying, Pink the Rink, during a Kootenay Ice game on March 2. Hundreds of Cranbrook school kids performed a flash mob during the first period to the Selena Gomez hit “Who Says”. The East Kootenay celebrated the success of the Clear View campaign to buy a digital mammography machine for East Kootenay Regional Hospital. Over 11 months, the campaign raised $1 million through enormous community support. The machine was put to work right away. A 37-year-old woman was charged with murder and arson over the March death of a 47-year-old Marysville man. Claudia de As-


sumpcao was the girlfriend of Jordon Lomsnes. Her case is continuing in Cranbrook’s criminal court, with her next court appearance scheduled for Jan. 13, 2014. CP Rail laid off 22 per cent of its Cranbrook-based running trade workforce – 46 locomotive engineers, conductors and train men. The company said the layoffs were related to seasonal ebbs and flows and fluctuations in the commodities that are transported from Cranbrook. A continuing saga began in March when Cranbrook City Council decided not to save a crumbling historic brick

building behind City Hall. Since that original decision, a local group has stepped forward, offering to fund the preservation of the old electrical building that was built in 1936 with bricks from Cranbrook’s brick yard. Council has reversed its decision, giving the group one year to raise the necessary funds to protect the building. While on the topic of buildings old and new, council reluctantly approved the construction of a new complex near Wal-Mart in March, despite concerns about traffic congestion in the area. Construction is now underway on the building that will contain Sport Chek and Dollar Tree stores.

A coalition of environmental group called for a moratorium on coal mining in the Elk Valley after a March U.S. study into river pollution. Researchers at the University of Montana found that levels of nitrogen, sulphate and selenium were as much as 1,000 times the background rate in the Elk River. Teck immediately took action through a Selenium Management Action Plan, one of the largest water quality management programs of its kind in the world. In April, the B.C. Ministry of Environment gave Teck an Area Based Management Plan Order, directing it on how to move forward with mining activities in light of the environmen-

tal concerns.

A Kimberley man was killed in an avalanche in March. He was one of a group of snowmobilers who travelled to the Hellroaring Creek area on a memorial run for another Kimberley resident who also died in an avalanche there four years ago. The Canadian Avalanche Centre warned other backcountry users that the risk was high in many parts of the province.

In March, Tembec sold its Skookumchuck pulp mill to Vancouver-based Paper Excellence Canada. Almost 300 people work at the pulp mill, and their jobs were included in the $89 million sale.

Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review November 29, 2013 to January 24, 2014

The Province is conducting a province-wide consultation and engagement to seek input about safety and speed limits on B.C.’s rural highways as part of the Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review from November 29, 2013 to January 24, 2014. How Input Will Be Used Public input, along with information gained through the technical review of provincial highways, will be used to identify and prioritize proposed highway and safety improvements. Public Open House Schedule Please attend one of the open houses listed below to learn more and provide your feedback. Alternatively, you can provide your feedback online by visiting the Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review web site: Community




Prince George

January 7

5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Prince George Ramada

Dawson Creek

January 8

5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Stonebridge Hotel Dawson Creek


January 9

5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. SFU Segal Centre


January 14

5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort and Conference Centre

444 George Street

500 Highway #2 (Formerly Best Western Dawson Creek) 500 Granville Street

209 Van Horne Street


Community Church Sunday Service 10:30 am 730 - 302 Street, Marysville

Kimberley United Church 10 Boundary St. – 250-427-2428

Rev. Christine Dudley Sunday Worship at 10 am

Cranbrook Alliance Church 1200 Kootenay Street N. 250-489-4704

Pastor Grant McDowell Sunday Service & Children’s Ministry 10:30 am

Cranbrook United Church #2 12 Avenue S.

(Corner of Baker St. and 12th Ave S.)

with Rev. Frank Lewis Ph: 250-426-2022 / Fax: 250-426-2085

Sunday Worship...10:00 am Sunday School 1st & 3rd Sunday

First Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Ewaskow Children’s Ministries Worship Service 10:00 am 334 - 14th Ave. 250-426-4319

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January 15

5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Coast Bastion Inn


January 16

5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Coast Chilliwack Hotel

11 Bastion Street

45920 First Avenue

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A hopeless wish list for 2014 Here are a few things I’d like to see in B.C. political life in the coming year, but won’t. An orderly schedule of legislature sittings, one in the spring and one in the fall. I canvassed this topic with Premier Christy Clark in our year-end interview, and got the usual runaround about how it’s always been optional since old Gordon what’s-his-name set the schedule of sittings and elections more than a decade ago. Spring is for the budget and MLAs sit in the fall if they need to discuss legislation. They need to all right, but what governments want to do is ram it through as fast as they can, so that’s what they do. The last couple of years of this have been a sham worthy of a South American banana republic, with three chambers running simultaneously and opposition members trying to prepare as they run down the hallways. It leads to mistakes in new laws and adds to the public’s cynicism about the whole business, but it gets things done with minimum exposure of the government to criticism. Stephen Harper would approve. A political debate about real issues, rather than just a competition to score

points in an endless election campaign. I appreciate that this is hopelessly naive, but setting aside enough time to consider issues could, at least in theory, lead to that happening occasionally. Certainly the hastily staged mock combat of our legislature today isn’t winning new friends for any political party. The main growth area today is people who have given up on the whole thing. An opposition with BC VIEWS ideas. Tom The B.C. NDP will have Fletcher another leadership contest in 2014, and they’d better bring more modern policy to the table than they had in the last one. Remember the big issues in that pillow-fight? Me neither. I had to look them up. Health care? Local organic carrots into the hospital food. Forest industry? A job protection commissar to force the mills to stay open. Resource development? They’re for it, unless you’re against it. These guys need a Tony Blair-type makeover. They need to be for something, and they need to leave the past behind. Media that care about more than conflict. News organizations are in bad shape these days, and the competition for a rapidly fragmenting audience is having some ugly effects. One thing that needs to go is obsessive


coverage of who’s winning and who’s losing. If the news media are going to be interested mainly in the gaffes and gotcha moments, is it any surprise that’s what politicians try to provide? The Canada Post announcement that it has to wind up home delivery offers a recent example. Is it really so outrageous for the CEO to suggest that walking to the corner is good exercise? When there’s a 24-hour news cycle to fill, it’s a scandal! How many people know that Canada Post’s unfunded pension liabilities amount to $6.5 billion, as it continues to pay a dwindling workforce to hand out mostly advertising flyers? Should they just keep doing that until they run out of cash? Are taxpayers really expected to maintain another two-tier service that’s only available to selected urban people? Facts to go with opinions. Whether it’s the government’s fantasy figures on job creation or the opposition’s arithmetic-challenged child poverty claims, serious problems can’t be understood, much less solved, without defining them accurately. Submitting government advertising to scrutiny by the Auditor General to make sure it is accurate and non-partisan would be a good place to start. Tom Fletcher is legislature reporter and columnist for Black Press.

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It happened in Cranbrook Dav i d H u m p h r e y

News and notes from Cranbrook’s early days, for the week of Dec. 22 – 28. Items compiled from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook Museum and Archives. 1899 Weather … Christmas Day this year was a most unusual one for this climate. The warm weather for nearly a week previous had caused the snow to entirely disappear from the lowlands, and in some places the grass had gotten green, which presented a peculiar sight for holiday week. Last fall M. Phillipps, of Tobacco Plains, predicted an open winter, and it looks as if his prediction was to be verified. Hudson’s Bay Company Coming … General Manager Whyte, of the C P. R., was a passenger on the west bound train this morning. To a Herald representative he stated that Mr. Chipman, of the Hudson’s Bay company, had secured permission from the board of control in England to build a store in Cranbrook, and that in all probability Mr. Chipman would be in Cranbrook before many weeks to take another look over the field. For Sale … Our Coats. For boys, all sizes, $3.75, for a few days, Maggs & Hughes. Furniture and Caskets … B. C. Furniture & Undertaking Co. Manufacturers of all Kinds of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses. We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices. Undertakers and Embalmer. Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce. For the Overworked … What are the causes of despondency and melancholy? A disordered liver is one cause

Friday, DECEMBER 27, 2013

and a prime one. A disordered liver means a disordered stomach, and a disordered stomach means disturbance of the nervous system. This brings the whole body into subjection and the victim feels sick all over. Parmelee’s Vegetable Pills are a recognized remedy in this state and relief will follow their use. Women’s Ailments … Women are coming to understand that the Backaches, Headaches, Tired Feelings and Weak Spells from which they suffer are due to wrong action of the kidneys. The poisons that ought to be carried off are sent back into the blood, taking with them a multitude of pains and aches. DOAN’S Kidney Pills drive away pains and aches, make women healthy and happy - able to enjoy life. Mrs.C. H. Gillespie, 204 Britain Street, St. John, N.B., says: “ Some time ago I had a violent attack of La Grippe. From this, severe kidney trouble arose, for which I doctored with a number of the best physicians in St, John, but received little relief. Hearing Doan’s Kidney Pills highly spoken of, I began their use and in a short time found them to be a perfect cure. Before taking these pills I suffered such torture that I could not turn over in bed without assistance. Doan’s Kidney Pills have rescued me from this terrible condition, and have removed every pain and ache. Work while you sleep without a gripe or pain, curing Dyspepsia, Sick Headache and Constipation and make you feel better in the morning, Price 25c. 1900 Speaks Well For Cranbrook … Mr. Gill, who has charge of the townsite office during Mr. Baker’ s absence, says that notwithstanding that real estate is naturally slow at this

time of the year, yet he finds that lots in Cranbrook are in great demand, and purchases are being made almost every day. There are quite a number of persons getting ready to build, and are now selecting locations. This speaks well for the growth of Cranbrook. Cranbrook Electric Light Co., Ltd. Rates for Electric Lights … Stores/Offices/Hotels: 1-5 lights; $1 dusk to 12; $1.40 all night Private Houses: 75¢ for 16 candle power Private Homes: 50¢ for 8 candle power 10 percent is allowed on all accounts paid before the 10th of the month. Applications may be made to the electrician Mr. Ewart who will quote the cost of wiring, or to the undersigned. Chandeliers, shades, etc. at Miner’s Hardware Store. W. F. GURD, Secretary-Treasurer. Telegraph … A new telegraph wire is being placed along the C. P. R. from Nelson to Winnipeg. It will facilitate business in Cranbrook and other leading cities. 1902 Do You Want $50? Or $30, or $20? If so, read this. Hill & Co, the hustlers have a new plan that is extremely attractive. They have put $100 in a glass box in their window. The box is sealed and locked. With the box there are 2,000 keys, and in that two thousand there are just three keys that will open the box. For every $5 cash purchase, Mr. Hill gives you a key, or two keys for $10, and so on. When the 2,000 keys are gone, then those holding keys will be permitted to try them. The first one to open will take $50, the second $30, and the third $20. Call in and see any of the Hill boys and they will explain the matter. You

might as well have the right key as not. The Churches of Cranbrook … Cranbrook’s spiritual welfare is simply provided for with four protestant churches and one Catholic The Catholic Church was built here three years ago. It is a modest structure and during the last year it has been enlarged and the grounds improved. Father Ouelette has had charge, and the membership has largely increased during the past y e a r .. Christ Church, Cranbrook, has the distinction of being the first place of worship erected in the town. Through the efforts of a few adhearants of the church of England a church was erected on Baker Hill in the summer of 1898. At that time, and for some time afterwards there was no resident minister in Cranbrook but the church was served by from Fort Steele where the Rev. C. Procunier was stationed and this was carried on until Jun e 1901 when the Rev. Havelock Beachem, the present rector was appointed. Christ Church has had a steady increase in congregation so much, so indeed that this year it was found necessary to enlarge the church some twelve hundred, dollars having been spent in this way. The first work of the Presbyterians in Cranbrook was done during construction by Rev. Oliver, who acted as missionary along the Crow. He was followed by Rev. McPherson, who collected the first funds for the Cranbrook church. Rev. Ball came next and he held services in empty store buildings, but worked with energy for funds for the church, and finally saw the present building erected. After Rev. Ball’s departure, several ministers were in charge for short peri-

ods until January , 1900, when a call was extended to Rev. W. G. H. Fortune, who is still pastor. Under his charge the church has prospered and the building greatly improved, and a handsome manse erected. The church will be out of debt the first of the year. Its membership has greatly increased, and it is in a most prosperous condition. The Baptists began work in this district in 1899 when the Rev. J E Coombes, visited the neighborhood and held services in the surrounding country. Mr. Coombes was followed at different times by the Rev. P. H. McEwen, superintendent of missions, who in 1900 arranged for the settlement in Cranbrook of the Rev. D. Holford, who remained about one and a half years. A church building was erected duri g Rev. Holford’s pastorate, at a cost of S3, 000. In October 1901, the church was opened and Rev. F. W. Auvache, the present pastor, given charge of the work. The membership has steadily increased under Rev. Auvache, and the church is now in a healthy condition. The Methodist church was organized by Rev. George E. Smith who came in 1899, and at the end of the first year there were 50 members and the present edifice built. Rev. Smith was succeeded by Rev. Bowering who remained two years to be succeeded by Rev. S. J. Thompson. Many improvements have been made the past year, and the membership is now 95, with a Sunday school of 107, and an Epworth League of 40 members. The Cosmopolitan Hotel … Cranbrook, B.C. The great English Xmas drink Allsopp’s Stingo Guaranteed five years old. 25 cents per bottle.

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A Tuba Christmas; Sunday, Dec. 29, Wildhorse Theatre, Fort Steele, 12 noon. Bring a non-perishable item for the Food Bank. New Year’s Eve Candlelight Ski, 7:00-10:00 pm at the Kimberley Nordic Club. Presented by the Kimberley Nordic Club and Kimberley Nordic Racers. Come and enjoy food, friends and beautiful skiing around our 3 km loop lit with torches and candles. Appies, treats and hot beverages will be available. Admission is by donation, with proceeds to support Kimberley Nordic Racers. MADD Kimberley Cranbrook is pleased to present an Alcohol Free Family New Year’s Dinner & Dance. Tuesday, Dec 31, 2013 6pm - midnight, Centennial Hall, 100-4th Ave, Kimberley, BC. Tickets available at Bear’s Eatery & Bridge Interiors or by contacting Katryna at 1-800-665-6233 ext 301 or by email There will be dinner, dancing, door prizes, raffle & 50/50 draw. Children activities will be available. 2014 FREE FAMILY SWIM Wednesday, Jan. 15th, 6:00-7:00pm is sponsored by Knights of Columbus. Persons 18 years & younger must be accompanied by an adult.


The Cranbrook Skating Club is celebrating their 60th Anniversary with an Ice Show on March 1st, 2014 at Western Financial Place. We are looking to research the Club’s history and also locate previous skaters, coaches and judges. Contact Debbie Mandryk @ 250-489-2318 or East Kootenay Women Executives & Entrepreneurs (EKWEE) meet the first Monday of every month at the Heritage Inn, Dining Room Annex, 7:00PM. Join us for of the menu dinner 5:307:00. Pay your own tab. Networking, share accomplishments, education. Bev Campbell 778-481-4883 COME SKATE WITH US. Ongoing registration available for Precan, Canskate, StarSkate, Adult & Powerskate programs. Check us out at Canadian Cancer Society- if you have spare time and would like to volunteer, interested applicants can call 250-426-8916, drop by our office at #19-9th Avenue S, Cranbrook or go to www. and register as a volunteer. Do you have the desire to stop eating compulsively? Overeaters Anonymous (a 12-Step Program) meets Wednesdays from 7-8pm at Cranbrook United Church, 2-12th St. S., downstairs. Contact: Treasures Galore at Bargain Prices. Bibles For Missions Thrift Store. Open Tues-Sat, 10am-5pm, 824 Kootenay St. N., Cranbrook. Funtastic Singers Drop-In Singing group; free to attend-just for fun! No experience necessary! CDAC Office&Gallery 135 10th Ave S, Tuesdays starting September 24th 6.45-8.15pm 250-426-4223 / / ICBL-Duplicate Bridge–Senior Center in Cranbrook. Mon & Wed 7pm, Thurs & Fri 1pm at Scout Hall, Marysville. Info: Maggie 250-417-2868. The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation invites anyone expecting bone and joint surgery to make contact with local volunteers for peer support. The free Ortho Connect program helps to ease the fear, stress and anxiety that go along with surgery and help patients prepare. It is ideal for those coping with arthritis, osteoporosis & injury. 1-800-461-3639 ext 4, and ask for Lauralee. Cranbrook Phoenix Toastmasters meet every Thursday, noon -1:00 Heritage Inn. Toastmasters teaches communication & leadership skills. Roberta 250-489-0174. Community Acupuncture. By donation – Each Tuesday 4-6 pm, Roots to Health Naturopathic Clinic, Kimberley Health Centre – Lower Level, 260 4th Ave. 778-481-5008. Please visit: for more info. Help Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cranbrook: One way you can help is by donating to our “Blue Bin” located outside to the left of Wal- Mart. This bin is there for any clothing items or soft items. (250)489-3111 or email us at Cranbrook Branch of the Stroke Recovery Association of BC. Meetings are from 10:00am-1:00pm the 2nd and 4th Wed. in the lower level of the Senior Citizen’s Hall, 125-17th St. S. Bring bag lunch. Tootie Gripich, 426-3994. The GoGo Grannies meet the last Monday of each month at 7:00 at The College of the Rockies. Join us as we raise awareness & funds for Grandmothers raising their Grandchildren in countries devastated by Aids. Norma at 250-426-6111. Family Science Night – starts Jan 14th for parents wanting to help their 9-12 yr olds succeed in science. Parents and children have fun exploring science. CBAL sponsored at the Cranbrook Library. Free & snacks included. Pre-registration required by Jan 10: Anna 250-581- 2112 or Literacy Champion - pick up nominations for Cranbrook’s first Literacy Champion at Cranbrook Library, CBAL office (19A – 9th Ave S) or online [ ] Nominations close Jan 15th and our champion announced on Family Literacy Day Jan 27th. FMI: Anna 250-581-2112 or Place your notice in your “What’s Up?” Community Calendar FREE of charge. This column is intended for the use of clubs and non-profit organizations to publicize their coming events — provided the following requirements are met: • Notices will be accepted two weeks prior to the event. • All notices must be emailed, faxed or dropped off in person. No telephone calls please. • NOTICES SHOULD NOT EXCEED 30 WORDS. • Only one notice per week from any one club or organization. • All notices must be received by the Thursday prior to publication • There is no guarantee of publication. Notices will run subject to space limitations.


Drop off : 822 Cranbrook St. N. • Drop off : 335 Spokane Street E-mail: • Fax: 250-426-5003






Ice resume WHL schedule with a clash against Chiefs Scott Niedermayer to be honoured in a pre-game ceremony TRE VOR CR AWLEY Sports Editor

The WHL resumes on Friday night as the Kootenay Ice get back in action against the Spokane Chiefs. It will be a special night for the city, which will honour Cranbrook native Scott Niedermayer’s hockey hall of fame career with a pregame ceremony and puck drop. The Chiefs feature the league’s top scorer in Mitch Holmberg, who has collected 37 goals and 37 assists for 74 points in 35 games. Paired up with Holmberg is fellow overage forward Mike Aviani, who is sixth in the points race. The two snipers have combined to score roughly half the team’s goals so far in the campaign. Barring any injuries, the Chiefs should have a full roster, while Kootenay is without captain Sam Reinhart, who is competing with Team Canada at the World Junior Championship and rookie defenceman Troy Murray, who is with Team West at the U17 World Hockey Challenge in Nova Scotia. Two prospects have been called up in Dylan Overdyk and Austin Wellsby, who will join the team to cover those absences. The first half of the




season has been a little up and down for the Ice, which have struggled a bit to find consistency in their game. Injuries in goal, defence and up front haven’t helped the situation either. However, the team proved just how important the second half of the season is last year, rallying to 25 wins and earning a 15th consecutive playoff spot.

“Coming into the year, we had a lot of veterans, we had a lot of hype around the team this year and I think we can do a little better.” Austin Vetterl “I’d say we definitely got a long ways to go right now,” said Austin Vetterl, after their final game of the pre-Christmas schedule against Lethbridge. “Coming into the year, we had a lot of veterans, we had a lot of hype around the team this year and I think we can do a little better. “18-16, I guess is okay, but we’re a betterthan-okay team.”

See ICE , Page 9

MBSS alumni run basketball camp TRE VOR CR AWLEY Sports Editor

As students return home from colleges and universities for the holidays, Mount Baker alumni gathered at the school gym to put on a one-day camp for the senior girls basketball team on Monday. Sisters Chelsea and Katie Nutini, along with Paige McGowan, got together with the high school team coaches— coincidentally their dads, Al Nutini and Joe McGowan—to put the girls through their paces and give them a taste of what it looks like to play college-level basketball. The Nutini sisters are currently playing together at St. Mary’s University College in Calgary, while McGowan formerly played for North Idaho College and Eastern Washington University. McGowan handled a morning session focused mostly on leadership and the importance of teamwork and communication, while the Nutini sisters took the lead on running drills in the afternoon. The day concluded with an alumni game in the evening. McGowan summed up the morning as time set towards team building in the school library before getting down to business on the court in the afternoon. “I think the foundation of success comes from a team that understands each other and shares values and has established an under-

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Chelsea Nutini (far right) and Paige McGowan (background) observe, while Katie Nutini (on defence) participates in a drill while during a day camp for the Mount Baker senior girls basketball team earlier this week. standing of one another, especially in times of conflict—if something comes up with a player or obstacle to overcome as a team—if you have some values guiding your choices and guiding how the players will behave, it keeps everyone unified through that process,” McGowan said. “Today they did a lot of great work around things that will guide the way that they play.” Workouts, drills and an emphasis on individual skills was the priority in the afternoon as the team headed into the gym. The Nutini sisters participated in an open practice and helped the girls work on pure shooting and playing tough defence. “I think we’re just trying to really improve their skills and make them confident in playing,” said Katie.

“Getting around screens and how to play tough-on-ball defence and just show their passion for the game through their defence, which should bring energy to their offence.” Chelsea took the lead on teaching shooting skills. “We’re really going to dissect their form and their release time and their confidence as a shooter,” she said. “We’re going to work on what being a shooting guard is, getting in the proper mindset to be successful.” Chelsea has made stops at Langara College in Vancouver and SAIT in Calgary before joining up with her sister and the St. Mary’s basketball squad this year. St. Mary’s is having a tough go in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) with a winless record in 11 games, but the two sis-

ters are enjoying the fact that they get to play together. Chelsea describes her sister as being a gritty player who relishes in playing a tough defensive game. “That’s where Katie plays her best games, when she’s getting the rebounds, when she’s doing little things like that,” she said. “She’s also a phenomenal shooter, got a quick release.” Katie added that having a sibling connection on the court can mean plays develop without even talking to each other. “Her court vision, she see’s the court very well and she knows where to be always, which is really nice to play with and she knows the right decisions to make,” said Katie. “Not only that, but she’s a great shooter.” When it comes to getting noticed by

Sunday, Dec 29th at 6pm



Fernie Ghostriders at Kimberley Civic Centre


post-secondary institutions to join athletic programs, McGowan said exposure of any sort is key. While attending a camp in the States with the MBSS high school team, McGowan was noticed by a coach at North Idaho, who brought her into the program. However, if high school students have that passionate drive to play college or university-level basketball, it doesn’t hurt to contact the school—or even head coach—directly. “Just because some people are recruited doesn’t mean players can’t send tapes or contact coaches themselves, or go to colleges and be a walk-on,” said McGowan.”Because at NIC and Eastern, we had players on our team who showed up to practice and said, ‘I want to try out.’ “And they ended up being on the team, because they were awesome basketball players and the coaches wouldn’t have found them or met them otherwise, and sometimes those are the best players, because they seek out that opportunity more than a player that got invited for a fullride.”

daily townsman / daily bulletin


Canada routs Germany 7-2 to open World Junior Championship Bill Beacon Canadian Press

MALMO, Sweden - Anthony Mantha looked more relieved than jubilant after his three goals helped Canada start the world junior championship with a victory. It may be because there had been doubts the Longueuil, Que., native would make the team - despite lighting up the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League this season - because of his questionable defensive play. No one doubted his ability to put the puck in the net, as Mantha demonstrated with a hat trick in Canada’s 7-2 win over Germany on Thursday. “It’s a great feeling,” the lanky, six-foot-four right winger said. “For me, personally, I had to get a big game going and I think that’s what I did.” It helped that Mantha was on a line with perhaps Canada’s most dynamic playmaker in Jonathan Drouin, who assisted on all three of his goals - two on power plays and one at even strength. But Mantha, the grandson of former NHL forward Andre Pronovost, scores wherever he plays. He had 35 goals in only 32 games with the Val d’Or Foreurs before joining Team Canada two weeks ago for the run-up to the world juniors. He has 85 goals in 99 games over the last season and a half. Coach Brent Sutter said what clinched his spot was that ability to put the puck in the net, which there is not a lot of on this squad compared to past world junior teams. Sutter hopes a crash course in 200-foot hockey will make the Detroit Red Wings pros-

Friday, DECEMBER 27, 2013

pect a more complete player as the tournament goes on. “He can score goals, but there are other aspects of his game he needs to continue to work on,” said Sutter. “Things I’ve talked to him about one on one. “It’s simple. It’s being a competitor in all three zones and making sure he’s responsible in all three zones. Not just for this tournament, but for him to be a good pro. Especially with the organization he’ll go to in Detroit. That’s what they expect there. You can’t just play the offensive side of the puck.” Sutter said Mantha wants to learn and feels he is already “a better player now than when he joined the team 11 days ago. That comes from our conversations. He understands that he’s not going to get on the ice if he’s only going to be a power-play guy.” He got a passing grade in twoway play against the Germans, who were overmatched but took advantage of some early Canadian sloppiness to keep the score close through the first 15 minutes of play. Mantha has a remarkably quick release for a big man, and having the clever Drouin laying passes on his stick could be a vital asset as the tournament moves on and the competition gets tougher. He said his grandfather, who scored 109 goals in 556 NHL games from 1957 to 1968 for Montreal, Boston, Detroit and the Minnesota North Stars, was a key influence in his hockey development. He said Pronovost taught him “three key points” to success, but won’t reveal them all. “One is work,” he offered.

But he still went into the team’s selection camp two weeks ago in Toronto looking to prove he can do more than score. “For sure I had to make an impression,” he said. “Not every player was guaranteed a spot and I had to battle through it. I got great news and now I’m trying to carry it on.” Drouin has played with Mantha before in an exhibition series and feels that chemistry is developing. “Anthony’s a big guy,” said the third overall pick of the Tampa Bay Lightning. “He’s hard to play against in the corners and everything. I try to use my hands and speed and I think we complement each other pretty well.” The Canadian team got a rousing welcome from the crowd of 1,831 - nearly all wearing Hockey Canada jerseys - at the 5,800seat Isstadion, but still looked nervous as the game began. The Germans got the opening goal off a faceoff in the Canada zone as Dorian Saeftel put a shot through traffic that fooled goalie Jake Paterson only 1:35 into the game. After Josh Anderson and Mantha gave Canada a lead, Janik Moser tied it for Germany after defenceman Adam Pelech whiffed on a clearing attempt. Then Canada took over as Mantha and Bo Horvat got goals before the intermission, Sam Reinhart and Mantha added goals in the second period and Nic Petan finished a play engineered by 16-year-old Conner McDavid in the third. The shots were 30-24 for Canada, but the game was not nearly that close.



2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited shown. Price: $31,690.§





Gregory Strong Canadian Press

TORONTO - Milos Raonic entered uncharted territory for a Canadian men’s tennis player this year, reaching the top 10 in the world singles rankings and leading the Davis Cup team to unprecedented heights. He also won two tournaments in 2013 and thrilled Canadian fans by reaching the final of the Rogers Cup last summer. He capped his impressive year Thursday by winning the Lionel Conacher Award as the 2013 Canadian Press male athlete of the year. Raonic made some big strides this year despite going through some early-season struggles and a coaching change. “The fact that I was performing under those circumstances when

things weren’t the best leading into those events, it’s really great for me,” he said. “It’s what I’m most proud of.” The Conacher award is named after the multisport athlete who was chosen Canada’s athlete of the first half-century.

The winner of the Bobbie Rosenfeld Award as Canada’s female athlete of the year will be announced Friday and the team of the year will be named Saturday. Raonic finished with 45 per cent of the vote in balloting of sports edi-

tors and broadcasters across the country. Calgary Stampeders running back Jon Cornish was well back at 22 per cent, followed by golfer Graham DeLaet (13 per cent) and figure skater Patrick Chan (eight per cent).

Holmberg and the Chiefs will face the Ice Continued from page 8 Running up to the break, Kootenay was running three lines up front because of injuries and turned overeager Zach McPhee to a defenceman—a position he is pretty familiar with. “I played there growing up, actually, pretty much all the way through minor hockey until I came into the league at 16,” said McPhee, “so it’s obvi-

ously been a little bit of a learning curve for me going back there, but it’s not too big of a change.” Like Vetterl, McPhee said he thinks the team has more to give. “I think we’ve come a long way in some areas and I think we can grow in others, for sure,” McPhee said. “I think we have to get more consistent in our play. We can’t just have a

good game and then peel off the game after that.” NOTES: Kootenay was missing Ryan Chynoweth, Jagger Dirk, Tanner Faith and Rinat Valiev to injuries before the break. As of the last injury report on Dec. 17, Chynoweth and Dirk were upper-body—one week, while Valiev was lower-body day-to-day. Faith is still out indefinitely with an upper-body injury.






Raonic voted Canada’s male athlete of the year

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Comet Encount # KSPS-PBS Amer FlyTy Motor Gree Wood Rough Home Old House Kitche Jazzy Martha Cook’s Gar Antiques Kim. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30 1:00 1:30 The 2:00 Sound2:30 of Music 3:00 3:30 $ CFCN (6:00) Juicebox A.M. Weekend Marilyn Denis Chil Cash Written Vision Fash App The Social Amer FlyTy Motor Gree Wood Rough Home Old House Kitche Jazzy Martha Cook’s Gar Antiques Comet # KSPS-PBS Res Wild Expe Hair! Paid Made Freer Light Fight Sports Encount % KXLY-ABC Paid Paid Good Morning Hanna Ocean Ex Juicebox A.M. Marilyn Denis App The Social The Sound of Music $ CFCN (6:00) This Morning LuckyWeekend Dr. Recipe J. Oliv Chil All In Cash Chan Written Men Vision Men Fash College Basketball College Basketball & KREM-CBS Paid KHQ GoodNews Morning Res Premier Wild League ExpeSoccer Hair! Paid Olympic Made Trials Freer Golf Light Fight SportsBull % (6:30) Today SaturdayHanna Ocean Ex English Red _ KXLY-ABC KHQ-NBC Paid This Morning Lucky Dr. Recipe Oliv From All InMalmo,Chan College Basketball College Basketball & SportsCentre 2014 J.Hockey Sweden.Men Men Hockey Sports 2014 2014 ( KREM-CBS TSN (5:30) Hockey (6:30) Today KHQ News Saturday EnglishLeague PremierSoccer League Soccer Olympic Trials Golf Quotes Red _ English Premier Match UFC Count. Sports NHL Bull Alumni ) KHQ-NBC NET Review English Premier League Soccer Hockey SportsCentre 2014 Hockey From Malmo, Sweden. Hockey Sports 2014 2014 ( TSN (5:30) Fish’n Fishing Boat Driving News Hour Moves Simp Simp Simp + GLOBAL BC Ances Fishful Saturday Morning News English Premier League Soccer English Premier League Soccer Match UFC Count. Sports Quotes NHL Alumni ) NET Review Thom Rolie Tree Ella PAW Magic Arthur Pingu Jungle Re Wild Ani Ani Rivers Rivers Rainwolves , KNOW Peep Fishful Saturday Morning News Fish’n Fishing Boat Driving News Hour Moves Simp Simp Simp + GLOBAL BC Ances Vancouver Mon Busy Animal Super Absolutely Doc Zone the fifth estate Reci Ste Exchange Dragons’ Den ` CBUT Our Peep Thom Rolie Tree Ella PAW Magic Arthur Pingu Jungle Re Wild Ani Ani Rivers Rivers Rainwolves , KNOW Morning News Fish’n Fishing Doc BoatZoneDriving the House Moves Simp Exchange Simp Simp Dragons’ Simp Den Simp M CICT Weekend Our Vancouver Mon Busy Animal Super Absolutely fifth estate Reci Ste ` CBUT Fish’n Moves O CIVT Saturday Weekend Morning MorningNews News Fish’n Fishing Fishing Boat Boat Driving Driving House House Moves Simp Simp Simp Simp Simp Simp Simp Simp Simp Simp M CICT Super News Alien Par Par Rab Spong Po 6 YTV Side Saturday Morning Fish’n Mon Fishing Sanjay Boat Korra Driving Turtles House Bey Moves Rang Simp Yu-GiSimp BSimp Haunt Simp Haunt Simp O CIVT Focus SMAR Wen Larry Hair! 6 Min Beauty Paid Paid WEN Kds Old Insan Stop Glee Glee . KAYU-FOX Par Rab Spong Mon Sanjay Korra Turtles Bey Po Rang Yu-Gi- BHaunt Haunt 6 YTV Side Super Alien Par New Money Sat. Morning CNN Newsroom Newsroom Money News CNN Newsroom Gupta Newsroom / CNN Insan Stop Glee Glee . KAYU-FOX Focus SMAR Wen Larry Hair! 6 Min Beauty Paid Paid WEN Kds Old Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar RescueNews CNN Bar Rescue Cops Cops 0 NewRescue Money Sat. Morning CNN Newsroom Bar Rescue Newsroom Money Newsroom Bar Rescue Gupta Newsroom / SPIKE CNN Bar Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan 1 HGTV Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Cops Bryan Cops 0 SPIKE Flipping Vegas Flipping Vegas Rodeo Girls Rodeo Girls GoodFellasBryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan 2 A&E Criminal Bryan Minds Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Rodeo Bryan Girls Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan 1 HGTV Number 1s CMT Music CMT Music Top 20 Countdown CMT’s Hottest: Burger Burger Pick Pick Cash, Cash, 4 Rodeo Girls Rodeo Girls GoodFellas 2 CMT A&E Criminal Minds Flipping Vegas Flipping Vegas Rodeo Girls It-List Love It-List Will MusicWill Will 20 Countdown Will Will Will Prop Hottest: While You Burger Were Sleeping Nowhere Boy 5 W Love Number 1s It CMT Music It CMT Top CMT’s Burger Pick Pick Cash, Cash, 4 CMT Paid Rise the Planet ofWill the ApesWill G.I. Joe: The Cobra Will theWere PlanetSleeping of the Apes Star Trek Nowhere Boy Love It-ListPaid It Love ofIt-List It Will WillRise ofWill Prop Rise WhileofYou 9 5 SHOW W Mankind Mayday Airplane Repo Paid Mummies Paid Rise of theRisPlanet ofThe theMystery Apes G.I. Joe: The Rise ofMayday Cobra Rise of theAirplane Planet ofRepo the ApesAirplane Repo Star Trek Airplane Repo : DISC Alien 9 SHOW Alien Mummies Mankind Ris Debt Food NightmaresThe Mystery NightmaresMayday NightmaresMayday NightmaresAirplane Repo NightmaresAirplane Repo NightmaresAirplane Repo Never BeenAirplane KissedRepo : SLICE DISC Debt ; Debt Debt Ex Food Ex NightmaresEx NightmaresEx Nightmares Nightmares Nightmares Kissedof ER Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Stories of Nightmares ER Stories of Never ER BeenStories ; SLICE < TLC Couponing: Couponing: Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Stories ER Stories ER Stories ER < BRAVO TLC Criminal Minds Ex Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds CriminalofMinds CriminalofMinds CriminalofMinds = Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds = BRAVO Cops and Robbersons (:35) Nanny McPhee The Muppets Take Manhattan National-European Cops > EA2 Love Police Acad. 4 Love Police Acad. 4 Cops and Robbersons (:35) Nanny McPhee The Muppets Take Manhattan National-European Cops > TOON EA2 Matt Spiez Scoob Loone Gum Adven Lego Drag Robots Scoob Groj. Gum Gum Gum Gum ? Spiez Gravity Scoob Phi Loone Phi Gum Dog Adven Good Lego LivDrag Robots Scoob Groj. Gum Phi Gum Gravity Gum ANT Gum ? TOON Slug Win ANT Jessie Austin Shake Aquamarine @ FAM Matt Slug Win Gravity Phi Phi Dog Good LivANT Jessie Austin Shake Aquamarine Phi of Seas Gravity ANT @ WPCH FAM Paid Paid Office Atl. Paid Office Disney’s A Christmas Carol Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! Sinbad: Legend A Paid Office Atl. Paid Office Gas Disney’s AGas ChristmasGas Carol Gas Win With TadGas Hamilton!Gas Sinbad: Legend A WPCH Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas a DateGas Gas Gas of Seas Gas Gas B COM Paid Gas Gas GasGoes Maisie Gas Gas Gas Dirty Gas Gas Gas Gas The Far GasCountryGas Gas Gas BlackGas B Don’t-Waves Carson Up The Dozen Gas (:45) The Swan Gas C COM TCM Gas Don’t-Waves Carson Up Goes Maisie The Dirty Dozen (:45) The Far Country The Black Swan C TCM E OUT Can Paid Paid Paid Skin Paid Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Paid Paid Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor E OUT Can Museum Se Paid Paid Paid Skin Paid Paid Skin Stor Skin Stor Paid Stor Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers F HIST Paid Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers F HIST Museum Face Off Se Face Off Paid Paid Face Off Skin Skin Face Off Paid Amer. 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X Bolts Spider Justice Dragon BYu-Gi Yu-GiOn Travel ¨ KTLA Adven Res Son. X Bolts Spider Justice Dragon BYu-Gi Yu-Gi- Family Family Animal Animal Coo Coo On Travel Middle Middle ¨ KTLA KTLA News Matlock Matlock Heat Heat Heat Texas Texas Law Law ≠ Matlock Heat of of Night Night Heat of of Night Night Heat of of Night Night Texas Ranger Ranger Texas Ranger Ranger Law Order: Order: CI CI Law Order: Order: CI CI ≠ WGN-A WGN-A Matlock Pitch We’re Back! (:40) Free Willy Free Willy 2: Home Free Willy 3 Incred. Shrink Woman To Grandmo. Ø EA1 (:40) Free Willy Free Willy 2: Home Free Willy 3 Incred. Shrink Woman To Grandmo. Ø EA1 Pitch We’re Back! IPun Anmol Aaj Kal Gur Watno Dur Pun Punjab Gaun Lamia Virasat Quran Peace Words Mehak Fursat Tehlka Sardari ∂ Watno Dur Pun Punjab Gaun Lamia Virasat Quran Peace Words Mehak Fursat Tehlka Sardari ∂ VISN VISN IPun Anmol Aaj Kal Gur 102 102 105 105


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Steves An Wine Wait... L. Welk Keep Time/ East of Eden Infinity Hall Austin City KSPS-PBS Globe Trekker (2:00) The The Sound Sound of of Music Music CTV News News W5 Tom, Dick Dick && Harriet Harriet Saving Hope Hope News News News (12:05) (12:05) Idlewild Idlewild CFCN (2:00) CTV W5 Tom, Saving News CFCN TBA ABC ABC McCar McCar Beer Beer News News ABC ABC News News Insider Insider Entertainment Entertainment Just Go Go With With ItIt Trophy Sanctuary Sanctuary KXLY-ABC TBA Just Trophy KXLY-ABC Light Focus Focus Access Access H. H. News News News News News Johnny Johnny Burn Burn Notice Notice Mike Mom Mom 48 48 Hours Hours 48 Hours Hours News Closer Closer KREM-CBS Light News Mike 48 News KREM-CBS Judge Chica Chica Pajan. Pajan. Justin Justin News News News News News News Wheel Wheel CSI: CSI: Miami Miami WWE Tribute Tribute The Blacklist Blacklist Sat. Night Night Live Live News News SNL SNL KHQ-NBC Judge WWE The Sat. KHQ-NBC SportsCentre Excep. Hockey Hockey From From Malmo, Malmo, Sweden. Sweden. SportsCentre Top 100 100 Plays Plays Motor SportsCentre SportsCentre SportsCentre TSN Excep. SportsCentre Top Motor SportsCentre TSN SportsCentre Sportsnet Con. Premier League Soccer NHL Alumni Alumni The Top Top 50 50 NHL Alumni Alumni Saturday Night Night Sportsnet Sportsnet Con. Con. NHL NHL Alumni Alumni NET NHL The NHL Saturday NET Sportsnet Con. Premier League Soccer Simp The Simpsons Movie News News News Hour Hour Holiday Switch Switch Jet Stream Stream News SNL SNL GLOBAL News Holiday Jet News GLOBAL BC BC Simp The Simpsons Movie Shadow-Chief Journey Wind Hope-Wildlife Lost Gorillas Heartbeat Midsomer Murders Lions Gate KNOW Shadow-Chief Journey Wind Hope-Wildlife Lost Gorillas Heartbeat Midsomer Murders Lions Gate KNOW HNIC NHL Hockey NHL Hockey After Hours News NHL Hockey CBUT Na HNIC NHL Hockey NHL Hockey After Hours News NHL Hockey CBUT Na News News Hour Holiday Switch Jet Stream News Saturday Night Live CICT The Simpsons Movie Simpsons Movie News News Hour Holiday Switch Jet Stream News Saturday Night Live CICT The The Simpsons Movie News News Hour Holiday Switch Jet Stream News Saturday Night Live CIVT The Simpsons Movie News News Hour Holiday Switch Jet Stream News Saturday Night Live CIVT Princess Japan Young Boys Spla YTV Haunt Haunt Thun Thun Thun Thun Cinderella Story Thun Story Mod Theory Princess Japan Young Boys Spla YTV Haunt Bones Haunt Thun Outd’r Thun Two Mother Thun Mother Cinderella Mod Theory Almost Human Bones News Animation Dom TBA KAYU-FOX Bones Outd’r Two Mother Mother Miley Mod PTheory Unreal Mod Dream: TheoryMorton Almost Human ABones News Dream: Animation KAYU-FOX Newsroom Extraordinary Cooper Unreal MortonDom TBA CNN Newsroom Cooper Cops Unreal CNN Newsroom Cops Cops Newsroom Cops Cops Extraordinary Cops Cops Miley Cops PCops Unreal Cops Dream: CopsMorton Cops Cops ACops Cops Dream: CopsMorton Ways Jail SPIKE Cops Cops Cops Cops SPIKE Bryan Bryan Bryan Cops Bryan Cops Bryan Cops Bryan Cops Income Prop. Bryan Cops Bryan Cops Bryan Cops Bryan Cops Bryan Cops Bryan Cops Bryan Cops Bryan Ways Bryan Jail Bryan HGTV Cops Bryan Duck Bryan Duck Bryan Ship Bryan Ship Bryan Ship Bryan Ship Bryan Duck Bryan Duck Bryan HGTV Ship Bryan Ship Bryan Ship Bryan Ship Bryan Ship Bryan Ship Income Ship Prop. Ship Bryan Duck Duck A&E Bryan Ship Ship Burger Ship Burger Ship Coyote Ship Ugly Ship Duck Duck Duck Duck Ship Ship Ship Ship Duck Duck A&E Ship UndercoverShip Wipeout Coyote Ugly Coyote Ugly CMT Undercover Burger Coyote Ugly Coyote Ugly Coyote Ugly CMT (3:00) Nowhere BoyWipeout She’s OutBurger of My League Just Friends No Strings Attached Just W of My League Just Friends No StringsG.I. Attached Just W (3:00) (2:30) Nowhere Star Trek BoyContinuumShe’s OutHurricane Hunters Star Trek Joe: The Rise of Cobra SHOW Trek Continuum Hunters Airplane Repo Star TrekRepo Airplane Repo Mighty Planes G.I. Joe: The RisePlanes of Cobra Mighty Planes SHOW AirplaneStarRepo Airplane Repo Hurricane Airplane Repo Airplane Mighty DISC (2:30) Repo The Airplane Airplane Airplane Repo Airplane Repo The Mighty Mighty Never Kissed UglyRepo Truth Airplane Repo Eat Pray Repo Love UglyPlanes Truth Mighty Planes Eat PrayPlanes Love DISC Airplane SLICE The UglyofTruth Eat PrayofLove The UglyofTruth Eat PrayofLove StoriesKissed of ER Stories ER Stories of ER Stories ER Sex Sent Me Stories of ER Stories ER Sex Sent Me Stories ER SLICE TLC Never CriminalofMinds Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal ER Stories ofMinds ER Stories ofMinds ER Stories ofMinds ER Sex SentMinds Me Stories ofMinds ER Stories ofMinds ER Sex SentMinds Me Stories ofMinds ER BRAVO TLC Stories Cops Minds Criminal Agent Cody Banks Criminal Minds Agent Cody Banks Minds 2 (:25) NannyCriminal McPheeMinds National-European Agent Cody Banks Minds 2 Minds Criminal Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal EA2 Criminal BRAVO Gum Gum Gum The Wedding Singer TOON Agent CodyGum Banks Gum Gum Agent CodyGum Banks 2Gum Cats & Dogs (:25) Nanny McPhee National-European Agent CodyFugget Banks 2Crash EA2 Cops Good Gum Next Jessie ANT Shake Austin The NextWedding Win SingerDen Brother Prin FAM Gum Gum Dog Gum Shake Gum Austin Gum Good Gum Win Gum Wiz Cats & Dogs Fugget Crash TOON Com Next Com Jessie Family Dog Family Shake Middle Austin Middle Good Rush HourWin 3 The CloserAustin Next SeabiscuitWin WPCH Wiz ANT Shake Den Brother Prin FAM Good Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas CloserGas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas COM Com Com Family Family Middle Middle Gas Rush HourGas 3 The SeabiscuitGas WPCH Jason andGas the Argonauts Gaslight Suspicion Leave to HeavenGas Mixed TCM Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas HerGas Gas Gas Blood Gas COM Liqui andLiqui Stor Liqui Gaslight Mantracker Stor Liqui Suspicion Liqui Liqui Mantracker Ghost Hunters Repo Blood Whis OUT Jason the Argonauts Leave Her to HeavenGhost Hunters Mixed TCM Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers HIST Liqui Stor Liqui Mantracker Stor Liqui Liqui Liqui Mantracker Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Repo Whis OUT Liqui Face Off Face Off Face Off Top 20Pickers Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off SPACE Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers HIST Amer. BreakOff Breaking Bad Breaking Breaking AMC Face Face Off Breaking Bad Face Off Breaking Bad Top 20 Breaking Bad Face Off Breaking Bad Face Off (:44) Breaking FaceBad Off Face Off Bad Face Off Bad SPACE UFC UFC UFC 168: Breaking Prelims Bad FOX SportsBreaking Bad FOX Sports(:44) Breaking FOX Bad Sports FOX Sports UFC PostBad Fight FS1 Basketball Break Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Breaking AMC Airport National-European Planes, Trains & Automobiles Airport Airport Airport Airport Planes, Trains & Automobiles DTOUR Airport UFC UFC UFC 168: Prelims FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports UFC Post Fight FS1 Basketball Good Witch’s Destiny Joyful Noise Quartet (:40) Magic Mike Dark MC1 (:05) The Campaign Airport National-European Planes, Trains & Automobiles Airport Airport Airport Airport Planes, Trains & Automobiles DTOUR Airport AAA Middle News News Two Two Two Two Family Family News Sports Arsenio Hall KTLA The Tuxedo The Campaign Good Witch’s Destiny Joyful Noise Quartet (:40) Magic Mike Dark MC1 (:05) Bones Funny Videos Funny Videos Funny Videos Mother Rules Rules Parks Parks Rock Rock Sunny WGN-A Bones The Tuxedo MiddleOsmosis NewsJonesNews Richie Two RichTwo Two Two Pay ItFamily SportsFreeArsenio KTLA (4:55) Space Jam AAA (:25) (:35) ForwardFamily News (:40) Willy Hall EA1 To Grandmo. Bones Bones Masti Mu Funny Videos Funny Videos Funny Videos Mother Lashkara Rules Rules Parks Waqt Parks 4 Punjab Rock theZoomer Rock Sunny WGN-A Sanjha Made Des-Pardes Aikam Taur VISN Gaun Pun To Grandmo. Space Jam Austin Powers (:25) inOsmosis Jones Richie (:35) Pay ItHarold Forward Willy Powers EA1 Powers: Man(4:55) of Mystery Goldmember Harold Rich & Kumar Go & Kumar Escape (:40) FreeAustin MM Austin Gaun Punet la grenouille Sanjha Masti Semaine Mu Made TJ Des-Pardes Aikam Lashkara Waqt 4 (:40) PunjabCruising theZoomer VISN princesse verte C.- Rire Pirates des CaraïbesTaur : La fontaine RBO TJ Bar 2 SRC La

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Carol Burnett-Mark Twain KSPS-PBS Rogers Word Barney Clifford Georg Cat in DFlyTV Peace Economic Free News Europe Moyers-Comp The Cash Fash Question Dan Re NFL Football SportsCentre Handyman CFCN App Home Paid Hair! Wen Gilli Gilli Brady Brady Brady Brady The Year KXLY-ABC Paid Paid Good Morning This Week Nation NFL NFL Football From Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. (:25) NFL Football KREM-CBS Paid Paid CBS News Sunday News Invest Meet the Press Tree Paid 36 U.S. Olympic Trials Olympic Trials Equestrian Action Sports KHQ-NBC Today Hockey Hockey Top 10 NHL Hockey TSN Hockey From Malmo, Sweden. English Premier League Soccer Match Alpine Skiing Ski TV NHL Alumni NFL Football NET FishTV Sport Bar Smile Sunday Morning News Block Con Osteen Jere News Hour Blow Down Simp Simp GLOBAL BC In a PAW Dino Arthur Wild Little Little Re Dogs Dogs Rivers Rivers Park Our KNOW Peep Thom Rolie Upside Ella Cor Cor Cor Cor Will & Kate Our Vancouver Land One/ Q With Jian Absolutely CBUT Super Poko News Art Block Con Osteen Jere Ancients Blow Down Simp Simp Simp Smurfs CICT Weekend Morning News Block Con Osteen Jere Ancients Blow Down Simp Simp Simp Smurfs CIVT Sunday Morning News Pet T.U.F. Little Engine Mon Turtles Par Sam & Haunt Young Boys Stuart Little YTV Side Super Squir Pet Wild David Fox News Sun. NFL Sunday NFL Football (:25) NFL Football KAYU-FOX Stop Air India/Cross Rel’ble Source State/Union India/Cross Newsroom Newsroom Newsroom Newsroom CNN State/Union Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue SPIKE Bar Rescue Million Dollar HGTV You Live-What You Live-What You Live-What You Live-What You Live-What You Live-What You Live-What Income Prop. GoodFellas The Shawshank Redemption A&E (6:00) Titanic CMT Music CMT Music Taco Taco Gags Gags Top 20 Countdown Undercover Deal Deal CMT Top 20 Property Bro Will Will Will Will Will Stardust Ever-Cinderella W Property Bro Battle: Los Angeles Star Trek Underworld SHOW Paid Paid Underworld Mighty Ships Mighty Ships Mighty Ships Mighty Ships Never Never DISC Mighty Planes Mighty Planes Mighty Planes Mighty Ships Millionaire Millionaire Millionaire Millionaire Millionaire Millionaire Maid-Manhatt. SLICE Four Weddings Millionaire Say Say Say Say Say Say Say Say Say Sister Wives Sister Wives Sister Wives Sister Wives TLC Say BRAVO Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds (:20) Something’s Gotta Give (:25) Prime (:15) Reality Bites (1:50) It’s My Turn Swept EA2 (6:00) Water Tenkai Max Drag Cats & Dogs Cats & Dogs: Kitty Galore Game- Groj. Groj. Groj. TOON Matt Spiez Kai Gravity Phi Phi Dog Good LivANT Jessie Austin Shake Let It Shine Phi Phi ANT FAM Slug Win Coo P. Aff Atl. Munich Face/Off King King WPCH On Just/Laughs Just/Laughs Just/Laughs Just/Laughs Just/Laughs Just/Laughs Just/Laughs Just/Laughs COM Just/Laughs (:15) Born to Be Bad Ivanhoe The Constant Nymph Suspicion Until TCM The Women Paid Program Paid Skin Paid Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor Stor OUT Dirt Paid Paid Paid Paid Skin Paid Cnt. Cnt. Cnt. Cnt. Cnt. Cnt. Cnt. Cnt. Cnt. Cnt. HIST Museum Se Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off SPACE Face Off Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Breaking Bad (:12) Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Break AMC Aliens FOX Sports NFL Kickoff Auto Racing Drag Boat Lucas Oil Off Women’s College Basketball Basketball FS1 FOX Sports Extreme Pools Hawaii-Escape Wat Wat Extreme Vegas Wild Parties Wat Wat Ext. Resorts DTOUR Fishful Paid Ext. Resorts (:25) Hit & Run Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (12:55) Think Like a Man Anna Karenina MC1 Surviv (:45) Quartet KTLA 5 Morning News at 7 In Touch Pain An Hair AAA Paid AAA Paid Pain Deep Blue Sea KTLA KTLA News Matlock Heat of Night Heat of Night Heat of Night Heat of Night Heat of Night Heat of Night Red Planet WGN-A Matlock (:05) Back to the Future (:05) Back to the Future Part II Back to the Future Part III Agent Cody EA1 Paper Smokey and the Bandit Living Truth Faith Food Study Be Peter David Arise Tom VISN Creflo Jewish Cope Facts Islam Hour of Power Con Total Total Total Total Total Total Total Total Total Blackout Total Blackout Total Total Total Total 102 102 MM VideoFlow Zénon Ours Jack Rol Schtro Zoo Oniva Jour/Seigneur Découverte TJ Semaine verte Regard Planète 105 105 SRC Ben

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December 30

Boxing Week CLEARANCE Assorted: Robes

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Seasons Greetings CLOSED DEC. 23 - JAN. 2

2 1 0 4 B - 2 N D S T. S , C R A N B R O O K

HOROSCOPES by Jacqueline Bigar

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Note that people’s moods have changed. Make time for a partner or loved one with whom you often take off. Why not enjoy some special time together? A practical discussion will help set the pace for the next few days. Tonight: Dinner for two. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Defer to others. You might want to escape the holiday fervor and do something completely unrelated. A friend with lots of imagination could turn up and add some fun to the moment. Allow your creativity to flow. Tonight: Say “yes” to an invitation. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You have some important matters that demand your attention. You might sense that a parent or higher-up needs your time as well. You will be able to juggle both effectively. A call involving a partner could head your way. Tonight: Get some much-needed rest. CANCER (June 21-July 22)

Investigate the alternatives that surround a child or loved one. This person might want a change, and you might not be comfortable with the idea. Keep communication open. Your emotional response might be right-on. Tonight: Enjoy those around you. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Be more in touch with a family member’s needs. Your ability to visualize what someone else wants will help you please others. Use this talent now. Be sensitive to what might not be working properly, be it your car or some other mechanical item. Tonight: Stay close to home. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You express your opinions tentatively yet honestly. You tend to put a partner or loved one on a pedestal, where there is only one place to go: down. Be aware of how you are building this person up. Tonight: Favorite place, favorite people. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Be more upbeat and positive in dealing with a financial matter. Your attitude could carry over


into a negotiation or conversations in general. Listen to your inner voice, but pull back before acting. Tonight: Your treat. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Beam in more of what you want. Listen to news with greater attentiveness. Understand what is happening within your family and recognize what needs to be done. Someone you care about needs to talk and clear the air. Tonight: Return a call from a relative. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Know what is happening behind the scenes, but understand that you might not be privy to all the conversations. Listen well and ask insightful questions. A partner will let you know how much you are appreciated. Tonight: Get some extra sleep. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Calls come in, and before you know it, you are off doing what you want. A neighbor or close relative will request some of your time. Make it your pleasure. You have a lot of information coming your way! Tonight:

Where the crowds are. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You might have to handle some work or manage a project that has been on the back burner for too long. Use good sense with money, as it could be slipping through your fingers like water. Count your change. Tonight: Grab some munchies with a loved one. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Try to get an overview of a situation and determine which direction you want to head in. You might think that you have a more constructive solution. Test it out on several people before you decide to make it real. Tonight: Go for some exotic cuisine. BORN TODAY Chemist Louis Pasteur (1822), mathematician Johannes Kepler (1571), actress Marlene Dietrich (1901) *** Jacqueline Bigar is on the Internet at www.jacquelinebigar. com. (c) 2013 by King Features Syndicate Inc.

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Baby Blues

By Kirkman and Scott

nity mu

our Com Y ng

Cove ri

Hagar the Horrible

Rhymes with Orange

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By Hillary B. Price

ANNIE’S MAILBOX by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar Dear Annie: One of my sisters has a lovely cat, but when we go somewhere with her, the kitty litter odor is overwhelming. It clings to her clothing and follows her everywhere. My sister is highly sensitive to criticism, so we haven’t approached her about this. She probably doesn’t notice the smell because she lives with the odor every day. We think she might be storing the sacks of unused litter in her closet with her coats, etc., and this is why it is so noticeable. She is an avid reader of your column, so we are hoping she will see this and realize the odor can be controlled if she simply keeps the litter stored in her garage. -- Concerned Sister Dear Concerned: Most unused kitty litter doesn’t have such a distinctive odor that it would be terribly noticeable, but nonetheless, it should not be stored near clothing, because clothes can absorb the odor of whatever is nearby. It’s also possible your sister keeps the actual litter box in her bedroom or closet, or perhaps she doesn’t clean it as often as she should. We understand that she is sensitive to criticism, but don’t you think she would want to know that other people can smell her? Please bite the bullet and speak up. Tell her you are sure she’d want to know. Dear Annie: I was married for 20 years when my husband left me for another woman. At first, I was upset, but in the intervening years, I have changed my mind. Please print this for her: Dear Other Woman: I bet you thought you were the winner when my husband left to be with you. You have dealt with his drinking, pot smoking, heart disease, emphysema, baldness, toothless smile, erectile dysfunction and bad moods. You had to support him because he was chronically unemployed, and now you are his nursemaid 24/7. Because of you, I have had the freedom to love, live and travel. I also drive a new car and paid off a home he didn’t want. I have enjoyed children and grandchildren. I thank you. You may have saved my life. Women, if you think that man you want who belongs to someone else is a real prize, you haven’t seen the whole picture. -- Grateful Granny Dear Granny: We appreciate your voice of experience. More importantly, you have underscored that having a man in your life does not determine your level of happiness. Too many women believe otherwise. Dear Annie: I am responding to “Not Unsympathetic,” whose granddaughter’s birthday parties are “ruined” by a 6-year-old autistic stepgrandson. I am the mother of a child on the autism spectrum. While his autism is very mild and would not ruin family gatherings, I am sensitive to his issues. Many times, autistic children have a meltdown because the stimulation is too much for them. The sounds, smells and noise produce a fight-or-flight response. That is not the same thing as a tantrum, in which children become unruly because they aren’t getting their way. The stepgrandson isn’t going to the party with the intent of ruining it. Try to imagine a situation in which the noise is too much, the colors too bright, the smells overwhelming, and there are some alien rules of behavior that you don’t understand. Try to hold it together under those circumstances at the age of 6. When we’re out with our son, we do our best to anticipate what might cause a meltdown and try to avoid it. But sometimes we don’t know what’s going to trigger it. Your advice to have a separate family party sounds like a good start. -- Not Unsympathetic to the Child Annie’s Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please email your questions to, or write to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. To find out more about Annie’s Mailbox and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at COPYRIGHT 2013 CREATORS.COM


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by HyTech Production Ltd., in the Kimberley BC area. April 2014 to Sept. 2014. Outdoor labour, lifting and working with hand tools. $12.00 to $13.00/hr. Apply in writing to Box 1454, Lethbridge AB, T1J 4K2 or fax 403-345-3489, Attn: BC labourer.


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Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Kootenay) Ltd. is looking for Mechanics for our New Denver & Creston facilities. Applicants will need to hold a valid TQ for Heavy Duty or Commercial Transport, class three drivers licence and Motor Vehicle Inspection licence would be an asset. Resumes can be faxed to

FOR SALE: Immediate possession, side by side duplex, both sides rented. 1 unit available for rent Jan.1/14. Close to school and bus route. Asking $285,000. Mortgage rate of 2.99% can be transferred. Call Wayne or Pat. 1-403-887-1505

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KIMBERLEY, FURNISHED studio suite. $495./mo. Includes basic cable, internet, heat, laundry available on-site. Call Peter @ East Kootenay Realty. 250-908-0045 or email Sorry, no pets. References required.

Suites, Upper



1:00 - 2:00pm 3249 Silver Spring Drive $419,900 So close to Cranbrook on peaceful 5 acres. Rancher with daylight walkout basement. 3-4 large bedrooms, 3 full updated baths, creek, 3-stall barn, hot tub, rec room w/pool table. Lots of great features - come see! 2391679 Sonia Mama

Misc. for Sale HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper?

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• Construction • Renovations • Roofing • Drywall-large or small • Siding • Sundeck Construction • Aluminum Railings We welcome any restorational work!

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PROFESSIONAL, LOOKING for bachelor or 1bdrm apt./suite for long term. Beginning February, 2014 or sooner. N/S, N/P. $500. - $700. monthly 250-505-3453

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Help Wanted

Top Crop Garden, Farm & Pet

2101 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook, BC V1C 5M6 Looking for seasonal agricultural workers for the greenhouse and production areas. Work to include transplanting, watering, loading plants and seeding. Mar. 1, 2014 - Sept. 2014 Full and part time positions are available. Work at three locations: 2101 Cranbrook St. N., Cranbrook 2380-4th Ave. S., Cranbrook 3700 Depeel Rd., Cranbrook No education or job experience required. Wages $10.33/hr and up. Contact: Shannon Fisher or mail application 2101 Cranbrook St. N. V1C 5M6 250-489-4555 or cell 250-421-0255 or Fax 250-426-4280


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S.P.C.A. Newsletter December 27, 2013

I need a home.

BENDER is a big compact boy, he is around 3 years old. Bender has short orange hair and is neutered. Bender is very sociable and affectionate. Bender loves to be picked up and cuddled, he came to us as a stray. He was dropped off at a families acreage and was keeping their mouse population under control for a while before it got to cold out. If you are looking for a very handsome cat who also will catch your mice look no further! 125A Slater Rd., Cranbrook, BC 250 417-0477 • 877 411 0477

A day in the life of an SPCA employee:

I need a home.

We arrive everyday at 8am to a shelter full of happy cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, bunnies, birds and whatever other domesticated animals we may have in that day. Today is good day! We only have 67 cats in our system, 8 dogs, 13 rats, 2 bunnies and no birds. We do a quick check on all of the animals to make sure there are no signs of parvo or distemper from any of the stray animals that came in the day before. Once the check is clear we are straight to work feeding, cleaning kennels, scooping cat litter, disinfecting dog and cat kennels, cleaning rodent cages, doing on average 12 loads of laundry, washing and disinfecting animal dishes and litter pans, vacuuming, and scrubbing floors. Once all of the cleaning is done we tend to the medical needs of the animals which includes vaccinating, giving medications, changing dressings, and whatever else may need fixing. We also spend time setting up fostering of animals who are to young or not healthy enough for shelter life. We run 6 kittens and 1 dog to the vet to get spayed or neutered. Also, Charlie the new dog, who was surrendered, has not eaten in 3 days and won’t get off his bed so we need to run him to the vet to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues. After returning from the vet we notice that there is a cardboard box left on the front step. We bring it in and it is a box of kittens without a mother. They are probably 2-3 days old. They are cold and hungry so we try to warm them as best as we can and feed them with a syringe. One of the girls will take them home for the night and try and keep them alive by waking and feeding them every couple of hours. We spend the afternoon greeting people, hoping they find their forever companion! This afternoon we take in 3 new cats, 5 new kittens, a stray dog, and a dog who is surrendered because he has too much energy. All of these new animals get physicals and medical exams and are evaluated to see if they are suitable for adoption or if they need some work. We find out from the vet that a cat that we have had in the shelter for 3 months, and have already spent $500 on her, is never going to get better and needs to be euthanize. All of us at the shelter love Ms. Beasley and now we have to say goodbye. A person leaves angry because we just don’t have room for his 2 cats and we have to put him on a waiting list. It all seems very overwhelming today!

DECKER is around 1 year old, he has short hair and is a brown tabby. Decker has a big personality. Decker is extremely loving, he craves people attention. Decker is a very smart cat, he has figured out how to open certain doors to let himself out where people are. Decker gets along with other cats and also likes dogs. This cat is full of personality and is also a great hunter!

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250-489-4010 • 1-877-464-0935

I need a home


DINA is a 2 year old black and white short hair kitty with no tail. Dina came to us as a stray and we assumed at first that she was a manx, we took her to the vet for an examination and they said they think its from an old injury and she lost the rest of her tail. Dina is very affectionate and loves people, she gets along with other cats if they don’t crowd her space and would do good in a home with dogs too.

Companions in Clay classoncreations

“Loving representations of your furry friends”

by Classon Creations

I need a home.

RYDER is a 3 year old neutered male, short haired tabby with white. Ryder is a BIG boy! He loves attention and is an amazing mouser. Ryder does not like other cats but he gets along with dogs. Ryder would be happiest in a home where he can go inside and outside. Ryder is affectionate and laidback. He is very sociable and affectionate and loves to be picked up and cuddled.

But, a great family comes in and adopts Sam, a 12 year old Shepard on medication twice a day, who was surrendered by his owners because they were moving. This is a dog that I thought never would get adopted! A 10 year old girl comes in and donates $175.00 that she raised at her birthday party! Another group of kids come in and bring in a bunch of new toys for the cats and dogs! A elderly couple brings their dog in that they adopted 6 months ago to show us how happy he is. A great end to a day! We then close shop, feed and tend to the animals once more before we shut off the lights and head home. It’s hard to leave at the end of the day. We want to stay and give all of our shelter animals the love that we didn’t have time to give today but we know we will be back tomorrow morning and it will all start again.

I need a home.


We all work at the SPCA because we love the work we do. We love the animals and we are their voice. Thank you to all of my wonderful staff and volunteers for doing the work you do. I am humbled by your commitment! I look forward to working with you in 2014!



SPOOK is a beautiful long haired tortoiseshell. She is about 6 years old and has an amazing personality. Spook came to our shelter because when her owners moved they left her in the apartment and she was found by the landlord. She is really easy going and sweet, she loves to be held and loves to be pet. Spook lived with another cat before and would probably adjust fine to living with a dog as well. If you are looking for a cat that is affectionate, friendly, loves to be petted and pampered? This is definitely the cat for you!



I need a home ELLA is affectionate and laidback 1 year old spayed female. She is a muted torti with short hair. She loves the company of other cats and gets along with dogs too. She loves people and children. Ella is very sociable and affectionate. She will enjoy lots of attention. Ella loves to be picked up and cuddled.

11011 Baker Street Cranbrook 250-489-3262

I need a home

GEMMA is a spayed female, german shepherd cross. Approx. 1 1/2 years old. Good obedience and a confident guardian is important. She is house trained and very intelligent. She can be a little bit shy if other dogs run at her quickly. She should be introduced slowly to dogs and rewarded for relaxed behaviour and play. Gemma has a little bit of anxiety when you first leave her but she gets over it. 22-10th Ave. S., Cranbrook, BC 250-489-1729

I need a home

250-489-4555 1-888-489-4555 2101 Cranbrook St. N. Cranbrook, BC, V1C 5M6

KIESHA is an extremely affectionate 13 year old Spayed Female Lab cross. She loves children! She has lived with cats, dogs, birds, chickens and livestock and got along great with everyone. Kiesha bonds quickly and loves attention, she is very loyal. She does not look or act like a 13 year old dog. This is a very sweet senior girl who still loves to go for walks and is very gentle.

I need a home.

SIMON is a 10 month old neutered male, border collie/lab cross. Simon is a very high energy dog. Simon knows how to sit, lay down, stay and shake a paw, he also has great recall. He is extremely smart and quick to learn new tricks. Simon is house trained as long as you are paying attention when he wants to go outside. We are currently working on Simons anxiety and further training. He can be a little bit timid when first meeting new people but doesn’t take much time to warm up to someone new.

I need a home. WILEY is a 5 year old neutered male all white cat. Wiley is a very playful and rambunctious guy with a lot of energy, he acts like a kitten. Wiley can be a little rough on other cats but loves people. He will be a great hunting cat for someone with mice. Wylie has a really good personality and he is quite a character here in our shelter.

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Cranbrook Daily Townsman, December 27, 2013  

December 27, 2013 edition of the Cranbrook Daily Townsman

Cranbrook Daily Townsman, December 27, 2013  

December 27, 2013 edition of the Cranbrook Daily Townsman