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Opponents quick to question integrity of panel process By Shaun Thomas PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel has recommended the federal government approve the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, subject to 209 conditions. “Based on a scientific and precautionary approach to this complex review, the panel found that the project, if built and operated in compliance with the conditions set out in its report, would be in the public interest,” read a statement from the panel. The panel found that “opening Pacific Basin markets is important to the Canadian economy and society.” The panel also found that “the project would bring significant local, regional, and national economic and social benefits”. But those assertions did not sit well with project opponents, who called the

“It is a sad day for democracy when we know our voices haven’t been heard.” - Jennifer Rice recommendation an affront to democracy. “As British Columbians, we feel very disappointed and let down ... it is a sad day for democracy when we know our voices haven’t been heard,” said North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice while surrounded by supporters at a news conference on Dec. 19. Those sentiments were echoed by Tsimshian hereditary chiefs Clarence Nelson and Murray Smith who, although not

speaking on behalf of their bands until they had time to speak to other tribes, said this recommendation should only serve to bring First Nations together. “Personally I hope that this will unite First Nations. We have to speak with one voice because this will affect our Nations in different ways,” said Nelson, who called it “cold hearted news”. “I am so, so disappointed that our voices were not heard again. My concern is always whether we will be heard or whether we will be pushed to the side and it is clear that is what has happened again ... we are one voice, and that voice is saying no,” added Smith. Skeena - Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen wasn’t surprised by the panel’s decision, calling the process bias from the start. He said he expects the project will now move from the public domain into the courthouse. See ENBRIDGE on Page A3

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A2 • Northern View • December 25, 2013

Students could Project likely headed to court: MP lose $15,000 Lack of executive puts PAC at risk

By Shaun Thomas PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

Unless parents become more involved, students at Charles Hays Secondary could be out $15,000 in support funding. A message to parents on Dec. 19 warned that the Charles Hays Secondary School Parent Advisory Council is “in danger of folding” as it currently has no executive in place and very few parents have been attending the meetings. The group receives approximately $15,000 in gaming funds from the province every year, money that would be lost should nobody come forward to fill the needed positions. “These funds are used to support a variety of activities in the school. Last year the Parent Advisory Council supported sports teams, the band, drama, students taking food safe, presented bursaries at grad, supported a variety of after school activities and more,” said the school in a recorded message sent to parents. The school is hoping to find volunteer parents willing to step forward to keep the money coming into the school during an emergency meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 15 at the Charles Hays Secondary School library.

ENBRIDGE from Page A1 “The risks far outweigh the benefits but the project will move on to the next stage, which I am guessing will be the courts as First Nations are prepared for that ... this has only further marginalized the voices of First Nations people. The government just said to 78 First Nations who opposed this pipeline, ‘we don’t care’,” said Cullen Cullen said if he had one message to Stephen Harper and Enbridge, it would be to find a way to back down while there is still time. “It is ultimately going to be a very destructive thing. They are not going to build the pipeline and they are going to do a lot of damage along the way,” he said. “This does not lead anywhere good, certainly not for Enbridge or the federal government.” Al Monaco, president and CEO of Enbridge said the company isn’t celebrating just yet. “We know that more work needs to be done with some aboriginal communities,” he said. “We and our partners will put our best foot forward to further build trust ... we welcome any possible input that would make the project better.” The federal cabinet now has 180 days to approve or reject the panel’s recommendation.

Martina Perry / The Northern View

Protesters rally at the courthouse to express their frustration with the recommendation of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel.

Federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said he encouraged people to see for themselves what the report says. “Now that we have received the report, we will thoroughly review it, consult with affected Aboriginal groups and then make our decision. We also encourage everyone with an interest to take the time and review the report,” he said. “Our government will continue to improve the safe transportation of energy products across Canada. No project will be approved unless it is safe for Canadians and safe for the environment.” B.C. Environment Minister Mary Polak said approval by the federal panel meets one of its five conditions,

but doesn’t change the province’s position against the pipeline until the other four are met. They include satisfying legal obligations to consult and accommodate aboriginal communities and developing “world leading” safety and spill response on land and at sea. “We believe we’ve made progress in highlighting the very important steps that are going to need to be taken … but we need to see evidence that this work is going to be achieved,” she said. Rice said provincially, Premier Christy Clark needs to stand up to the federal government. “If she is a real leader, she will stand up to Stephen Harper and tell him this project cannot go ahead,” she



Trade connects us.


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December 25, 2013 • Northern View • A3

Staff cuts coming to museum after grants frozen Groups respond to city decision By Martina Perry PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

Job losses are coming after the City of Prince Rupert voted to freeze Community Enhancement Grants at the 2013 levels for the year ahead. A number of community groups were looking for an increase in funding in 2014, including the Lester Centre of the Arts, the Prince Rupert Library and the Museum of Northern BC, but will now have to move forward with less money than hoped for. The Museum of Northern BC requested more than $40,000 in additional funding this year to avoid staff and programming cuts, however council agreed not to increase the museum’s community enhancement grant this year. “Given the fact that the cost of everything is going up and the grant isn’t ... we are going to cut staff. We’ll have to see what impact that has on services,” said Susan Marsden, curator of the Museum of Northern BC, adding the impacts on services won’t be known until mid-to-late January. “It just means each staff member has to take on more responsibilities and at a certain point that becomes counterproductive. There’s only so much an individual can do.” Marsden said she knows the city isn’t

in the best place financially, but hopes at some point there will be good news for community groups. “I do respect the fact that the city is struggling, but I do think we’re surrounded by wealth and it’s a bit odd that it doesn’t seem to be trickling down into the actual municipality,” she said, adding she would like to see the city come out with a longterm plan on how to generate more revenue. The Lester Centre of the Arts requested an additional $4,000 to offset premiums for liability insurance covering the Performing Arts Centre Society board of directors and 128 volunteers. Even though the request was denied, Lester Centre general manager Crystal Lorette said there have been some changes since the board approached the city. “We’re back on track. If they freeze us ... we’ll be fine this year,” she said. “There has been a change with the [Municipal Insurance Association]. They will be covering for an additional year because there’s been several organizations in our same situation. They need to re-look at it,” Lorette said, adding the topic will be discussed at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities in the coming year. The Lester Centre may be in the clear for the insurance premiums, but Lorette said the facility is still in need of money.

The Northern View archives

The Museum of Northern BC will be cutting staff after the city froze Community Enhancement Grants at the 2013 levels for the coming year.

“When you’re looking at what the city gives us, it just covers the day-to-day operations of the facility. That doesn’t mean wages of the two paid employees that work here,” she said. The Lester Centre had to pay about $50,000 for utility costs last year, with BC Hydro costs expected to increase in 2014. Additionally, the facility is constantly needing to replace old equipment which is generally very expensive. The Prince Rupert Library is waiting to see if it will receive an additional $36,000 in funding this year to help cover operational costs. The city postponed its decision on the increase until January. Chief librarian Joe Zelwietro said he’s pleased the city is at least contemplating the idea.

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“I think the city is giving some serious consideration to our application and are planning to be financially responsible but [are still looking] at what possibilities may exist because of special circumstances at the library,” he said. “We try hard to serve the community and the city is respecting that. I know it’s hard for the city too,” Zelwietro added. The Prince Rupert Golf Course, which last week outlined financial difficulties facing the club in 2014, will receive the same $103,000 as last year. The City of Prince Rupert has currently approved giving out $1,051,075 in community enhancement grants. The city will decide on funding the Visitor’s Information Centre and the Prince Rupert Library in early 2014.

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December 25, 2013

Making memories of Christmas


or some, Christmas can be a time of worry and people stress about finding just the right present for each person on their list. But the truth of the matter is the spirit of Christmas isn’t about the gift people receive. Want proof: Quickly name your favourite present from Christmas 2010? Despite the fact it was only three years ago, I bet there are a lot of people left scratching your head trying to remember what it was. No, Christmas memories are seldom about the present itself so much as it is about the people you spend Christmas with and the experiences you have around the tree. Perhaps my favourite childhood Christmas was when my parents took a bit of extra effort to give Shaun Thomas my brother and I an experience we wouldn’t forget. It was a scavenger hunt that started with a note under the tree and took us to every corner of the house before leading us back to the tree to find a Nintendo Entertainment System waiting to be opened. As I got older, Christmas didn’t lose any of its special meaning. Again, I couldn’t tell you what I got for Christmas, but I can certainly recall the year my brother came back from Alberta for the first time in a year for Christmas and my newborn niece crawling over the empty boxes and rolling around in the piles of wrapping paper. Nowadays Christmas is something I look forward to throughout the year. But if you ask those in my family, having me provide some idea of what I want under the tree is getting harder and harder. And the reason is simple: What I want the most isn’t something you can put under a tree or wrap in some paper. It’s time with my wife and family. It’s sitting around the table with my parents or my in-laws for Christmas dinner. It’s seeing the faces of my nieces, nephews and host daughters as they excitedly unwrap their presents. It’s even checking Facebook (that’s a new one) to connect with distant cousins and their families Christmas is a time for memories. May you and yours make many new and long-lasting ones this holiday season.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus This editorial first appeared in the New York Sun in 1897, written by Francis Pharcellus EAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old. “Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. “Papa says, ‘If you see it in THE SUN it’s so.’ “Please tell me the truth; is there a Santa Claus? “VIRGINIA O’HANLON. “115 WEST NINETY-FIFTH STREET.” VIRGINIA, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge. Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no VIRGINIAS. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The


eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished. Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies! You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if they did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that’s no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world. You may tear apart the baby’s rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived, could tear apart. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, VIRGINIA, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding. No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

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December 25, 2013 • Northern View • A5

On the street

What was the biggest news story of 2013? With Martina Perry

Catherine Green

Kerstin Evans

Helen Petzelt

Krystal Johnson

“The whole Enbridge Northern Gateway Project debate.”

“Nelson Mandela’s death.”

“Obviously Mandela’s death.”

“The Joint Review Panel recommending approval of the Northern Gateway Project.”

Photo courtesy Prince Rupert Port Authority ELVES ON ICE: During Prince Rupert’s Winterfest celebrations, Santa Claus himself visited the Port Interpretive Centre in Cow Bay. He was joined by members of the Rupert Rampage hockey club, who posed for photos with over 100 children—and each other.

Off the ice, Rampage Hold companies accountable kindle giving spirit

Letters to the editor

Editor: Re: Brian Denton’s letter I could not agree more with Brian’s position on this topic. What he says about this is painfully true and the reality of the situation is a sad statement on how big industry treats the people of the Pacific Northwest. Pinnacle, PRPA, and CN have proven they have absolutely no serious commitments in terms of the improved quality of life and the environment here. They have proven that they are interested in making money and lots of it, damned what anyone thinks once they have their projects in place. In the meantime we are asked to trust future projects like LNG, oil and gas pipelines, container expansion and the like. We are told that new technologies will be developed with the utmost care to ensure clean and responsible operations resulting in jobs, money and quality of life for our region. Is it any wonder the majority of people don’t want or are sceptical about these projects to moving forward? How about just one gesture of good faith. One project that is not cloaked in misinformation for the sake of profit being made at the expense of our town or waterfront. This has not happened yet now has it? Our families have invested our lives in this region and we should have some say in our future. Look at the track record of almost every company that has made huge profits in this region and the mess that has been left behind. How are we supposed to trust these companies when every project to date is filled with lies and empty promises. I too want the north coast to move forward and be prosperous. I too hope we see the jobs and improved infastructure but so far every single turn the PRPA and CN have done together stinks of

hidden agendas and empty promises. The pulp mill site has never been cleaned up and now is a major threat to our environment but everyone seems too concerned about that. The oil bunkers down around Morse Creek left from the second world war are rotting away and the pollution treat has never been addressed. Lots of the empty land in the Cow Bay area is contaminated from big oil companies and due to provincial law there is no requirement for the owners to clean up so the land can be developed. While this all sits here we are asked to be proud and happy with PRPA, CN, and other new industries and to trust them with questionable new projects. We cannot wait for these companies to get a conscience. Unless we make them accountable we will not see any change and for a long while now the City Hall has a terrible track record of holding anyone accountable at all! The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Lets start holding these companies to their word. I agree with Mr. Denton, time for some accountability and the list of guilty parties continues to grow. There is an old saying that goes like this “ don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining “. I am having a hard time with how wet my leg seems to be getting lately and I am not sure it’s the rain. Daniel Harris Prince Rupert

Editor: On Dec. 3 Michael Chong, a back-bench conservative MP, introduced a bill that would give our individual MPs more freedom to do their jobs and freely represent us. The bill puts power now held by party leaders back into the hands of MPs, local constituencies, and everyday Canadians. We need a stronger, healthier democratic system to deal with the huge issues of our time. The “Reform Act” won’t fix all of the problems

with our democracy, but it is a very good step in the right direction. Already there is support being expressed by MPs from every party. Add your voice to this momentum! Please write to our MP and to all of the party leaders. They are watching to see our response as they make up their minds whether to support this bill or not. Cec Robinson Whaletown, B.C.

“How are we suppose to trust these companies when every project ... is filled with lies?” - Daniel Harris

Reform bill a positive step



nce again this year, the Prince Rupert Port Authority partnered with the Prince Rupert Rampage to become the team’s title sponsor. This sponsorship helps the Rampage procure the funds needed to purchase ice time, equipment, and travel to games as far away as Williams Lake. But more than that, the Port Authority’s sponsorship of the Rampage is an investment in the spirit of unity that the local hockey team represents for this community. When walking into the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre for a Saturday night home game, it’s difficult to find a single person not enthralled with the action on the ice. The number of Rupertites donning Rampage jerseys and shirts is in itself remarkable, let alone the number of programs and 50/50 tickets purchased by fans. This year the Port Authority has contributed to that experience in a couple of ways. At each home game this season fans have received commemorative hockey cards featuring the faces and stats of Rampage players. And the Port Authority committed once again to matching each home game goal scored by the Rampage with a $100 donation to the local Salvation Army. Through the Port Authority’s joint activities with the team, it’s become apparent that the players have just as much to offer the community off the ice. Since the team was re-established several years ago, players have participated energetically in local events like Seafest and Winterfest, and spearheaded their own like the well-attended Skate with the Rampage. As the title sponsor, it’s been a rewarding experience to partner with the Rampage to introduce new local programs. Earlier this month, the holiday season began with complimentary photos with Santa and members of the Rampage at the Port Interpretive Centre in exchange for food bank donations. More than 100 children walked through the doors on the Saturday afternoon, and in the process accumulated a generous pile of non-perishable food items to support those in need in the community. Over the last two months the team has worked with the Port Authority to enable its Read with the Rampage literacy program. Since October, more than a dozen teammates have visited twelve classrooms in four schools, reading hockey-themed books and answering questions from enthusiastic students. The response they’ve received in the schools has showed that Prince Rupert’s young hockey fans are also voracious readers. Players have plans to visit more classrooms in the new year. The Prince Rupert Port Authority is proud to be associated with the Rampage organization. They continue to impress through their sportsmanship, community engagement, and stalwart efforts to be positive role models for the youth of this community. Re:port is a collaborative promotional venture by the Prince Rupert Port Authority and The Northern View.


A6 • Northern View • December 25, 2013

Airline must do better

At Your Service

Editor: Across from H&R Block and Archibald Clarke & Defieux in the lower part of Rupert Square Mall is a big empty space. Does anyone remember when Air Canada had their office, ticketing desk and baggage carousel there? Air Canada provided an excellent service. Yes, you still needed to be there early to check in and take the bus to Digby Island. What happened to this service? Pure greed, and disrespect for its client base. They moved to the airport supposedly to save money. Air Canada did not care about its passengers or the City. WestJet has now moved into Terrace. Why has WestJet not spread its wings and also moved to Prince Rupert? Airport manager Rick Reed said we will have not just a new airport but a terminal building the community can be proud of. What good is an empty terminal? Yes, an empty terminal. It will remain that way unless not only ridership increases, but airlines move into our community. You can have the biggest jet in the world land there, but if it is only once a day then your facility is underutilized and will sit vacant and be a drain on the city. In order to keep these user fees down the airport will need to offer passengers more “bang for their buck” The City owns the airport. More of the user fee should be used to offset the ferry costs until, if ever, a fixed link is constructed. Let’s not kid ourselves — it will either be a fixed link or new ferry let’s plan for it. Full utilization of the terminal is essential. Then and only then will we be able to see a break-even point or a small profit. Len Lovering Prince Rupert

Lakelse sewage tax plan stinks The following was received as an open letter to the Kitimat – Stikine Regional District. Re: Proposed Sewage Treatment at Lakelse Lake Recently I briefly attended the ‘information meetings’ that were held in Prince Rupert regarding the above. Having listened to Mr. Tooms deliver his ‘information’ for some time I asked one question to which I received a highly unsatisfactory answer. My question was: ‘And, how is all this going to be paid for?’ The response was, basically, ‘per parcel, not on assessed value’ and there was an explanation of ‘parcel’ based on a Hazelton example – which only muddied the information being offered. On further examination of the story boards set up around the room I found a piece of information offering cost, amortized over 20 years would work out to about $800 a year. The fact that quite a few property

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owners won’t, based on odds, be alive in 20 years makes that statement really annoying. Now, I am not adverse to sewage treatment where needed. Having said that, I certainly don’t want to be ‘the one’ contaminating the lake, nor do I want anyone else to do so. But, we seem to be jumping from the least desirable method of sewage treatment (septic tanks and fields) to a Ferrari level treatment system without overwhelming evidence that is what is required (The Ferrari, I mean). From what I picked up at the open house, the biggest ‘bug bear’ on the lake is the flood plain – for a number of reasons. We are owners of a piece of property on that flood plain. We bought that property about 33 years ago. We bought it as a recreational property. And, I might point out, at that time we were being taxed as a recreational property. Needless to say, some years along, that got changed.

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We use that during the summer months. We do not have a dishwasher (the automatic kind) or laundry facilities. We take our garbage home with us. My understanding is that, as well as paying for our share of the new system, we will be responsible for paying for our hook up to the main line. Our property is over 440 feet long. And, it’s a property that does not lend itself to running any kind of line through it. I don’t know how many properties would be similar but it strikes me you are asking a few people to pay more that anyone else. To be facing that kind of expense for a number of weekends, per year, that you can probably count on fingers and toes is mind-boggling. Needless to say, you can count me on the ‘no’ side. I believe there are other options we can go with before we have to hit the big time (like monitoring our area of the lake, sealed tanks, etc...). Joan Cassidy Prince Rupert

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December 25, 2013 • Northern View • A7

Pacific NorthWest LNG opens office By Shaun Thomas PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

The lower level of the Capitol Mall was packed on Dec. 20 to witness the opening of Pacific NorthWest LNG’s community office. Pacific NorthWest LNG president Greg Kist said the creation of a physical presence in the community is an important milestone as the company works to create an LNG export terminal on Lelu Island in Port Edward. “We are committed to this community in every way, with the First Nations, with the businesses and with everyone in Prince Rupert ... we firmly believe that communication is a two-way street. We need to provide information to you, but we want to receive feedback from the people of this community about the project,” he said, noting plans are in place for a similar community office in Port Edward in the new year. “The community office will be the source of information for residents. It will be a place to get answers to any questions people may have and to find information on contract opportunities.” Kist was joined at the open house by Prince Rupert Mayor Jack Mussallem and Port Edward Mayor Dave MacDonald, who both spoke highly of the company. “Pacific NorthWest LNG has come forward as a very transparent company, and if they say they are going to do something, they are going to do it. A lot of people have come and gone, but this shows their commitment ... this is an opportunity for the community at

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Shaun Thomas / The Northern View

From left, Prince Rupert Mayor Jack Mussallem, Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman, Port Edward Mayor Dave MacDonald and Pacific NorthWest LNG president Greg Kist cut the ribbon to open the community office in the Capitol Mall.

“We are committed to this community in every way.” - Greg Kist large to get a grasp on what could be a very bright future,” said Mayor Mussallem. “I am happy when I see jobs come to the region. I am happy when someone comes up to me and says ‘my son or daughter has got a job and they are moving back’. That just makes my whole day,” added Mayor

MacDonald. Also attending the opening was Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman, who spoke not only about the development of the LNG industry as a whole but about his experience in working with Pacific NorthWest LNG. “We’ve been working with these guys on LNG for a number of years ... these guys are pros. They really know what they’re doing and they are a very professional company,” he said. “This is such an important milestone in the progress of this project because it is letting you know that the arms are open. They’re inviting you to come see them.”

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Arts and Entertainment

A8 • Northern View • December 25, 2013

Calling talented Rupertites

Lester Centre of the Arts Saturday November 16 2013 @the 7pm Ar Lester Centre of the Arts Lester Centre of Lester Centre Lester Centre Adults $20 /Senior/Student $15 /Lester Childof $10th Lester Centre of the Arts C Saturday November 16 2013 @ 7pm ter Centre ofLester the Arts Saturday November 2013 @ 7pm @ Cook’s Jewellers or16 LCA Centre of the A Rupert’s Got Talent auditions coming up

By Martina Perry

PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

Musicians, dancers, comedians, jugglers and acrobatics: The Lester Centre of the Arts wants you to be part of the Third Annual Prince Rupert’s Got Talent showcase. The Lester Centre of the Arts will be holding auditions in January for the fundraising show, which will include young contestants competing for a cash prize. “There’s no wrong talent. If you have something to bring, you could walk away with $1,000,” Lester Centre general manager Crystal Lorette said. Auditions for the performance will be held at the centre on Jan. 17 and 18, with a panel of adjudicators selecting between 15 and 20 contestants who will take the stage in February. The only requirement for individuals and groups wanting to tryout is they must be under 25. “One of our mandates [is community outreach], and we like to include youth ... they don’t always get an opportunity for something like this,” Lorette said. “It’s a huge confidence booster for the youth in our community. I know the audience members will not be disappointed,” said Lorette, adding for some it will be their first time on stage. Three out-of-town judges will decide the

Lester Centre of the Arts Lester Centre of the Arts Lester Centre Lester C On the rise

Saturday November 16 2013$ Saturday Novembe dults $20 /Senior/Student $15 / Child $10 Adults $20 /Senior/Student $15 / Child Saturday Saturday November 16 2013 @ 7pm call 250-627-8888 to book over the phone turday November 16 2013 @ 7pm Adults $20 /Senior/Student $15 / Adults $20 /Senior/Stu @ Cook’s Jewellers or LCA @ Cook’s Jewellers or LCA Saturday November 16 2013 @ 7p Adults $20 / Adults $20 /Senior/Student $15 / Child $10 Seen on America’s Got Talent Jewellers or LC s $20 /Senior/Student $15 / ChildNovember $10@ Cook’s @ Cook’s Jewe Saturday 16 2013 @ 7pm all 250-627-8888 tocall book over the phone Co 250-627-8888 toorbook theover pho Adults $20 /Senior/Student $15 /@ Ch @ Cook’s Jewellers LCA over call 250-627-8888 to book @ Cook’s JewellersAdults or LCA $20 /Senior/Student $15 /Talent Child $10 callover 250-627-8888 to b Seen on America’s Got Talent call 250-627 Seen onbook America’s Got @ Cook’s Jewellers or LCA call 250-627-8888 to the phone on America’s Got Tal 50-627-8888 to book over the phoneSeen @Saturday Cook’s Jewellers or LCA Seen on America November 16 2013 @ 7pm Seen o call 250-627-8888 to book over the Seen on America’s Got Talent Saturday November call Talent 250-627-8888 to book over$15 the phone Seen on America’s Got Adults $20 /Senior/Student / Child $10 Seen on America’s Got Talent Adults $20 Seen on@ America’s Got Talent Cook’s Jewellers or /Senior/Stu LCA Saturday The Northern View archives

From dancing to singing to playing an instrument and everything in between, talents of all types are encouraged to audition.

winners of the performance based on criteria that will be shared with those who pass the audition round. On top of giving youth a chance to take the stage and compete for cash, Prince Rupert’s Got Talent helps raise much-needed funds for the Lester Centre. “This is one of our major fundraisers for the theatre. Proceeds will go toward purchasing new technical equipment. We’re always in need,” Lorette said. Individuals, duos or groups wanting to book a 10-minute audition can do so by calling (250) 627-8888 or emailing Prince Rupert’s Got Talent will take place at the Lester Centre of the Arts on Feb. 8 at 7 p.m.

Adults $20 /

Cook’s Jewe call 250-627-8888 to book@over the phone @C Seen on America’s Got Talent call 250-627-8888 to b call 250-627

Lester Centre of the Arts

Shaun Thomas / The Northern View

New risers are in place at the Lester Centre of the Arts following contributions from four organizations in the community. Funders included Charles Hays Secondary School, represented by Alison O’Toole and Kevin Leach in the back row, the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation, represented by Doug Kydd and Irene Fernandes at right, the Lester Centre of the Arts, represented by Crystal Lorette, and Northern Savings Credit Union, represented by Donna Farwell at bottom left.

Seen America Seen Saturday November 16 2013on @ 7pm Adults $20 /Senior/Student $15 / Child $10 @ Cook’s Jewellers or LCA Lester Centre Presents call 250-627-8888 to book over the phone Seen on America’s Got Talent

Jeff Clarke

Prince ruPert’s Got Talent

Cell: 250.627.6116 Web:

FebruArY 8, 2014 @ 7PM All tickets $10 AvAilAble @ cook’s Jewellers or lester centre


Calling for Jan 17 & 18 2014 If you are under 25 and think you’ve got what it


Proudly Sponsored by Proudly Sponsored by

Mike Morse Personal Real Estate Corporation

Cell: 250.600.6620 Web:

takes to walk away with the top prize of Proudly Sponsored by Call 250-627-8888 or Sponsored email Proudly by to book a 10 min audition Proudly Sponsored by OpenRupert to any and all talents Proudly by Square Mall Rupert Square Mal ProudlySponsored Sponsored by Proudly Sponsored by: Rupert Square Mall Proudly Spon Proudly Sponsored by Rupert Square Mall

Rupert Square Mall

Rupert Square Mall

Rupert Proudly Sponsored by Square Mall

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Rupert Square Mall

Rupert Square Mall


December 25, 2013 • Northern View • A9

Shoeboxes filled for Start the year with a swim Rotary hosts Christmas overseas Polar Bear Swim

By Martina Perry

PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

By Shaun Thomas PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

More than 500 shoeboxes filled with gifts collected in Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii have been sent away to children in the Third World as part of Operation Christmas Child. “Each box will bring joy and hope to a child in the Third World or a child living in refugee camps, war zones or just in abject poverty. Most will never have had a gift in their life,” said Ethel Moorehouse, who has organized the collection for Operation Christmas Child in Prince Rupert for seven years. “I lived in the Third World for awhile, so it means a lot to me when people donate. They have nothing.” Operation Christmas Child is a Samaritan’s Purse program, an evangelical Christian humanitarian organization, that collects shoeboxes Canadians fill with school supplies, hygiene products, candy and more to be given to children living in poverty overseas. In Prince Rupert, volunteers were collecting boxes at Northern Savings Credit Union and the Rupert Square Mall, which both donated space for volunteers. This is the second year volunteers in Haida Gwaii have gathered boxes, helping to collect 528 boxes in both communities. Prince Rupert’s Greyhound terminal shipped the gifts for free to Calgary, where Samaritan’s Purse will fly them out to various countries. T:4.3125”

Jumping into the cold waters of the Prince Rupert harbour on Jan. 1 may not appeal to some, but for many the Polar Bear Swim is a New Year’s Day tradition. This year, members of the Prince Rupert Rotary Club are inviting swimmers and spectators of all ages to Rushbrook Floats next Wednesday for the annual dip in the sea. Those brave souls willing to take the plunge will make their way down the boat launch at 1 p.m. and there is no fee associated with going for a swim in the harbour. “It’s a great way to make a fresh start for 2014 ... it’s part of our community outreach. It’s a tradition that we jump into the harbour each year. It’s a fun event, and who doesn’t

The Northern View archives

The weather may be cold, but the water is often the shocking part for swimmers in the annual Polar Bear Swim. This year’s event will get underway at 1 p.m. on Jan. 1

want a hot dog after New Year’s Eve,” said Prince Rupert Rotary Club president Crystal Lorette. The club will also be handing out ten $10 gift cards for the swimmers, including a prize for best team costume and best costume. “It is always great to see people dress up. The Rotary

Club always has a strong team of swimmers, and I’m not sure what the costumes are this year but that is sometimes worth seeing by itself,” said Lorette. Rotarians will be on-site serving up hot chocolate and hot dogs to those coming out of the water and those watching the festivities from the relative warmth of the shore.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Northern Gateway. As the year comes to a close, I want to say a personal thank you for your hospitality throughout the year. My very best wishes to the community for a joyous, safe and peaceful holiday season. I look forward to seeing you in the new year. Warm wishes,


Janet Holder Leader of Northern Gateway Prince George, B.C.

BOOK BY JANUARY 2ND FOR TRAVEL BY FEBRUARY 28TH. New bookings only. Not valid with any other offers. Seats are limited. Some restrictions apply.

Book online at, Call 1-800-487-1216 or contact your Travel Agent.

Not Advertising Is like locking the door to your future Working in partnership with B.C. and Alberta First Nations and Métis Communities, and leading energy companies in Canada.

© 2013 Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc. PRINCE RUPERT

A10 • Northern View • December 25, 2013


Salvation Army to help hundreds Hamper program starts with $90,000 By Martina Perry PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

TD’s typhoon aid TD Canada Trust staff had a bake sale on Dec. 6 and raised $3,000 to help the victims of super-typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Phat Tran and Cynthia Rosario from TD Canada Trust, second and fourth from left, presented the cheques to Father Mike Rabino, Ely Abecia, president of the Filipino-Canadian Association and Randy Melgrito.

Thebrn and Now ought to you by

The Prince Rupert Salvation Army kicked off its 2013 Christmas Hamper Program on Dec. 19, helping to ensure all families can celebrate the holiday. This year’s total is about half of the $180,000 raised for 2012’s campaign, but Capt. Gary Sheils said the Salvation Army will have no problem serving the same amount of people. Last year the Prince Rupert Salvation Army helped 858 families and singles with its Christmas Hamper Program, equalling more than 2,700 people all together. Sheils is expecting about 850 families will utilize the program again this year, with approximately 1,200 to 1,300 children being in the families served. Although the Salvation Army won’t have any issues serving Prince Rupert families in need, Sheils said the amount of Rupertites using the annual program is “horrible”. “We probably serve the highest amount in British Columbia. We’ll probably serve about 25 per cent of our population. For example, I’ve heard in Prince George they will do about 800 hampers total for the city. That’s a city of 80,000 people, we’ll do 850 hampers in a town of just over 10,000. It’s horrible,” Sheils said. On the day the 2013 Christmas Hamper Program began, $90,000 had been raised through donations by Prince Rupert industry, businesses and individuals, the Salvation Army’s Kettle Campaign and fundraising events like the Toy Run.

Ocean View Photo credit: Courtesy of the Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives & Mu seum of Northern B.C., Wrathall Collection, P99 0-40-5406


- The homes, First Presby terian Church on Fourt nue East and the First h AveBaptist Church in the background, circa 1930. Members of the Baptist Brotherhood too k part in a contest against a church in Tor onto to see who could raise half the funds for a new church first.A s a result the First Ba ptist Church was opened on April 13, 19 13 by Rev. J.H. McLeod . The First Presbyterian Church was dedic ated in 1925.

Chicken Caesar Wrap


Shrimp Caesar Wrap


Veggie Wrap Hawaiian Burger Pizza Burger Veggie Burger

Photo credit: Jean Eiers-P age

Now - Many of the beautiful old home

s and the Presbyterian Church still stand today overlooking the harbo ur, 2013. The First Baptist Church was tor n down in 1973 and sto od on Young Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues. The Fir st Baptists and the German Baptists amalg amated in 1972 and op ened the Bethel-First Baptist Churc h on India Avenue. Th e Regular Baptist Church has been holdin g services since 1945 .

12 14 11

UFAWU-UNIFOV vice-president Conrad Lewis and member Cecilia Vickers presents a $2,000 donation to Captain Gary Sheils to help with the Christmas Hampers.

“We’ll do 850 hampers in a town of just over 10,000. It’s horrible.” - Capt. Gary Sheils “We’re $90,000 short of last year, but we’ve still got a long way to go. We get donations into January too,” he said. Hampers include toys for children as old as 18, stockings for kids up to 12, a gift for adults and gift cards for food with the amount depending on the size of the family. Anyone needing to use the program this year is asked to come to the Prince Rupert Salvation Army church on Grenville Court.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the management & staff




1350 $ 11


9 pc. Chicken $ Dinner with Fries 21

Holiday Hours: Dec 24 Closed at 8 PM Closed 25, 26 and 27th Dec 31 Closed at 8 PM Open Jan 1st 4pm to 8pm CLOSED Jan 2

Merry Christmas

& A Happy New Year To All Our Patrons

Oceanview HOtel 950 1st ave. west


844-3rd Ave West


A 11

December 25, 2013

Shames Rapids place second in Kitimat meet open for season By Chris Street

PRINCE RUPERT / The Northern View

By ANna Killen TERRACE / Black Press

After a stressful few weeks for skiers and snowboarders unsure if the snowpack would be big enough, Shames Mountain opened for the season on Dec. 14. It was a soft launch – with lifts operating just Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. – but the snow is good, said My Mountain Co-op (MMC) board chair Meredith Skimson. MMC owns and operates Shames Mountain, located west of Terrace. The base was 125 centimetres mid-mountain and 70 centimetres at the lodge yesterday, and it has snowed more since then, she said, noting up-to-date numbers will be posted on the My Mountain Coop website. “The snow is good. It depends when you go – if you go in the morning you can enjoy some really nice turns,” she said. “It was very much, game is on, this is going to be great.” But earlier this month it wasn’t looking so hot – they still needed another 70 centimetres for conditions to be safe at the bottom. “We are really happy to see that high-pressure system ending and the precipitation turn on, just in time,” she said. “The reason we need 80 (centimetres of base) at the bottom is because there’s all kinds of creeks and water features and trees, it’s not like a ski resort in the east that’s like a golf course. It really is a safety thing.” Skimson said sometimes people go up there and see that there is a lot of snow and wonder why the mountain isn’t open yet, but there has to be enough to be safe – as well as enough to continue operating once open. See SHAMES on Page A12

Twenty two swimmers from the Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club trekked to Kitimat last weekend for their annual Winter Invitational Swim Meet. The Prince Rupert Rapids performed admirably but, in the end, succumbed to the superior numbers of the hometown Marlins. Kitimat won the meet with 962 points followed by Prince Rupert with 884. Terrace came third with 329 followed by Smithers with 295. Prince Rupert had no less than seven swimmers run the table in their age groups en route to winning gold medals. Trey Kish, 13, won the 50, 100, 200 and 1500 freestyles, along with the 50, 100 and 200 backstroke to capture the gold aggregate ,top total point scorer, in the 13-14 boys age group. He also swam his first two Swim BC 15-and-under AAA times which qualifies him for the Provincial Championships next month in Kamloops. Amy Leighton, 12, won the 50, 100 and 200 breaststrokes, the 200 and 400 individual medleys (IM), the 200 backstroke and 800 freestyle to win the gold aggregate in the 11-12 girls age group. She snagged a new AAA time with a 5:39.36 400 IM. Liam McChesney, 12, won the 50, 100 and 200 freestyles, the 50, 100 and 200 backstrokes and the 400 IM on the way to his gold medal. He also made his second AAA time with a 2:37.19 200 backstroke which makes him eligible to attend provincials next month as well. Sarah McChesney, 17, swept the 50, 100, 200, 400 and 1500 freestyles, as well as the 100 and 200 backstrokes for her gold medal. Avery Movold, 13, won the 50 and 100 freestyles, the 50, 100 and 200 backstrokes, the 50 butterfly and 400 IM. She also made her first three Far Western qualifying times in the 50 free, 100 back and 200 back making her eligible to attend the meet in San Francisco this summer. Her sister Emma Movold, 10, won the 50 and 100 freestyles, 100 and 200 backstrokes, 100 and 200 breaststrokes and 200 IM for her gold medal. She swam new “A” times in the 200 backstroke and 200 breaststroke. Finally, Isaac Mastroianni, 10, swept the 50, 100 and 200 freestyle, the 50, 100 and 200 backstroke and the 200 IM for

Cameron Orr / Black Press

Cyrus Sobredo was one of 22 swimmers to compete at the swim meet in Kitimat over the Dec. 14 weekend. The Prince Rupert Rapids placed second behind the Kitimat Marlins.

one more gold medal. He made his first ever “A” times in the 50 free, 200 free, 100 back, 200 back and 200 IM. Quinn Basso, 16, made his gold medal in less dramatic fashion, winning the 50, 100 and 200 backstroke while coming second in the 50 and 100 breaststrokes and 200 IM. The Dolan brothers both came home with a pair of silver medals. Zach Dolan, 12, won the 1500 freestyle, 50 and 100 breaststrokes and 200 IM along with second place finishes in the 100 and 200 freestyles and the 100 backstroke. He made his first pair of Swim BC “AA” times qualifying him for Junior Provincials in February. Isaac Dolan, 10, won the 100 breaststroke while coming second in the 100 and 200 freestyles, 100 and 200 backstrokes and 200 IM. He also came third in the 50 freestyle and made a new “A” time in the 200 backstroke. Brandan Hagen, 16, won the bronze medal in the 15 and over boys age group by winning the 50 and 100 freestyles, the 50 and 100 breaststrokes and 200 IM, while coming second in the 200 breaststroke. He made a trio of new Far Western times in the 50 free, 100 free and 200 IM. He also picked up his second Age Group National time with a 1:08.51 100 breaststroke. Rayne Mather, 10, earned her bronze medal by winning the 100 backstroke and coming second in the 50 back, 200 back, 50 free and 200 IM and third in the 100 back and 100 free. Her 50 freestyle time of 38.64 was good for her first “A”

time. Robert Warren, 14, came second in the 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle and 200 IM and third in the 50 freestyle and 200 backstroke which was good enough for the bronze medal in the 13-14 boys age group. He made new “A” times in the 1500 free, 200 free, 200 back and 200 IM. Rya Kish, 11, didn’t make it to the podium but she did qualify for provincials next month. She made her AAA cuts in the 100 and 200 breaststrokes with times of 1:27.96 and 3:18.07 respectively. Rya came second in the 50, 100 and 200 breaststrokes, 100 back and 400 free and third in the 50 free. Kai Leighton, 11, also got himself qualified for Provincials by making his second AAA time with a 1:24.25 100 backstroke. Kai came second in the 50 back, 200 back and 50 free and third in the 100 back, 200 back, 100 breast and 200 freestyle. Cyrus Sobredo, 17, came second in the 50 free, 200 free and 50 butterfly and third in the 50 breast and 100 breast. Kenzie Tweedhope, 11, swam her first “A” time with a 38.71 50 freestyle and came third in the 11-12 girls 50 backstroke. Josh Leighton, 8, won the 10 and under 50 butterfly, came second in the 50 backstroke and third in the 100 back, 200 free and 200 IM. Kyla LelandBarnaby, 11, came third in the 50 fly. Bailey Ward, 11, came third in the 11-12 boys 100 IM. After the Christmas break the club will be off to Terrace for an invitational and, shortly there after, down to Kamloops for the short course provincials.

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125 1st Ave. W. Prince Rupert, BC 250-624-2568 • 1-800-667-6770 Email: Visit us online:

A12 • Northern View • December 25, 2013


Tanveen Randhawa drives to the lane against Denise Wilson during the CHSS Rainmakers senior girls alumni game on Dec. 19. The alumni enjoyed a significant lead heading into the second half, but the game was really more about fellowship and the sport than it was about competition.


Alumni action


sponsored by sponsored by

Shaun Thomas / The Northern View

Ski for free with donation on Jan. 1 Unwrap a new offer every day! From December 13th - 24th, you can unlock a new offer each day with our Holiday calendar!

PLUS, browse our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide!

We have all of your gift ideas wrapped up! Visit and check it out! We have all ofit your ideas wrapped up! Check out atgift Visit and check it out!

SHAMES from Page A11 “There’d be no point in opening up for a couple of days and then shutting down and waiting,” she said. After a busy summer and fall that saw a number of renovations to the lodge – fresh paint inside and out, as well as replacing the carpeted flooring upstairs with a new rubber floor – with the help of thousands of volunteer hours, the team spent the last few weeks

smoothing out the final details for the season. “We get the mountain ready, make sure all of the equipment is operating, we do the grooming on the cat tracks, we get the kitchen ready and get everything all cleaned up,” she said, noting one of the trickiest parts is making sure the mountain’s staff – many who have second jobs – are on standby and ready to go.

“They have to be ready to go otherwise we can’t open,” she said. “(Luckily) everybody that works up there loves to ski or snowboard and they work up there because they love the mountain.” The hill will be open full time over the Christmas break with the exception of Christmas Day, with a free day on Jan. 1 with the donation of a non-perishable food item.

Blue Knuckle Derby 21st AnnuAl MArc (Dezi) DesAutels MeMoriAl

Presented by:

Friday, Dec. 27

Daylight ‘til Dark, tidal Waters

Proceeds to support the salvation Army & loyal order of the Moose

Weigh-in Dec. 27 at Moose Hall from 5-6 p.m. Prizes awarded from 6-7 p.m. • Entrance fee: $20 per ticket

lArgest cleAneD sAlMon

Prince Rupert Lions Club

1st PlacE - $1,000 cash - harbour Machining 2nd PlacE - $500 cash - PrincE ruPErt Port authority 3rd PlacE - $300 cash - northwEst FuEls also: return triP For 2 to VAncouVer - HAWKAir doZEns oF door PriZEs to bE giVEn away*

* Must be present to win door prizes




MacHining, Welding On esigns & Fabricating

MacCarthy Motors (Prince Rupert) Ltd


Prince ruPert

Boxing Day Sale

December 25, 2013 • Northern View • A13

10:00 AM Door Crashers! 18 Cubic Fridge

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appliances & mattress Sets

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living Room Furniture

List Boxing Day Ashley Desk ...................................................................$289...................$167 Ashley Sage Recliner ..............................................$599...................$287 Contemporary Coffee & End Tables ..............................$929...................$297 Faux Marble Table and 4 Chairs ...........................$819...................$367 Pub Table and 4 Barstools Dark Wood ...............$649...................$398 39” Samsung LED .....................................................................................$449 King Size Solid Wood Broyhill Bed............................$1,509...................$697 Ashley Sofa & Loveseat .............................................$1,549...................$778 White Durablend Leather Sectional .................$1,699...................$897 65” Samsung LED ..................................................................................$1,699 Palliser Leather Sofa & Loveseat ..............................$4,099................$1,997

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Wednesday, 25, 2013 The Northern View

Northern View • December 25, 2013 A14 •



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TRAIN TO be an Apartment/Condominium Manager online! Graduates get access to all jobs posted with us. 33 years of success! Government certified. or 1800-665-8339, 604-681-5456.

There is always a face before me, A Voice I would love to hear, A smile I will always remember, Of a brother I loved so dear. Deep in my heart lies a picture, More precious than silver or gold, It’s a picture of my brother, Whose memory will never grow old.

In Memoriam of our Father

Noe Jesus Dosreis


Lordy, Lordy! Look Who’s


Happy Birthday

Danielle Place a classiďŹ ed word ad and...



Are you interested in excelling in a fast paced, challenging environment? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you. A well established Prince George truck & equipment dealer is currently seeking EQUIPMENT PARTS PERSON to join our team. • This position pays $30.92 per hour for a Journeyman; all other Overtime is paid at double time. • Full dental and medical packages as well as an RRSP plan in place. • Long term commitment, including a training and career development program. If you are a team player with a good work ethic, please forward resume to:

Jeff Morrison, Parts Manager 1995 Quinn Street Prince George, BC V2N 2X2 Fax: 250-562-6288 or by email:

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

NW BC Forest Company with Annual Allowable Cut of @ 300,000m3/yr is seeking operators for the following positions in the companys logging operations and log yard.



If you have additional questions contact us at 250-6387868 or DSEISITB!HNBJMDPN Applications will be accepted until positions are filled.     )PXUPBQQMZ t&NBJMSFTVNFUPDSEISITB!HNBJMDPN t'BYSFTVNFUP250-638-7869

Help Wanted


Career Opportunities

&RVJQNFOUJT/FX Prefer experienced operators. Work is in camp. Camp is accessible via Highway 37 – 230km from Terrace, 80km from Stewart, and 140km from Kitwanga.

DISCOVERY CHILDCARE is seeking a casual employee with a minimum of an Assistant Licence to Practice. Early Childhood Education or Infant/Toddler license to practice is a plus! Wage is based on education level. Please email, fax resume to 250-624-6345, or call Lisa at 250-624-6979

PR: LOST Gold chain bracelet. Missing since about Nov. 26th. Reward offered. Family keepsake. Call 250-624-5860.

Career Opportunities

Love May, Doug, Maxine and Karen. You are always in our hearts


Experienced parts person required immediately for James Western Star in Williams Lake. Full time, competitive wages, benefits and signing bonus. Fax resume to 250-398-6367 or email:

Lost & Found

Febuary 1923 December 21, 2012

CENTURY PLAZA HOTEL Best Rates. 1.800.663.1818

)Rr table rentals call 5Rsa 20-2- Rr .atKleen 20-2-2

ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2014-2016 BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis

In Memoriam

December 24, 2009

We think of you in silence, We often speak your name, What would we give to hear your voice and see your face again.

Carlyle Shepherd & Co., Chartered Accountants, with offices in Prince Rupert, Terrace, Smithers, Kitimat and Coquitlam currently has a position available for a Senior Accountant in their Prince Rupert, BC office. Applicants should have a proven track record in public practice. Responsibilities will include compilation, review and assurance engagements and the completion of corporate and personal tax returns. The successful applicant will be a motivated self-starter with strong written and verbal communication skills.

The eyes have it Fetch a Friend from the SPCA today!

Please send your resume to; Mr S. Kietzmann, CA Carlyle Shepherd & Co. Chartered Accountants 730 Second Avenue West Prince Rupert BC, V8J 1H3 Fax 250-624-9230

The Northern View Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Employment Help Wanted GENERAL LABOURERS


• Labourers • Tradesmen • Class 1 Drivers

Call 24Hr. Free Recorded Message 1-888-213-2854 Prince Rupert Subway Full-time permanent food counter attendants needed for day and night shift work. Starting wage $10.75/hr. BeneďŹ t pkg. available to deserving candidates. Duties: greeting customers, taking orders, food prep, making sandwiches, sweeping & mopping, etc. Submit resume to: Mr. Naripjit Sahdra 601 2nd Avenue West, P.R. Phone - 250-627-1561 Fax - 250-627-8881 Email -

Help Wanted December 25, 2013 • Northern View • A15 A15

Help Wanted

Collators & Relief Drivers


Help Wanted

Help Wanted

MacCarthy Dealer #81156

Bring resume to: Prince Rupert Northern View 737 Fraser Street Prince Rupert, BC


250-624-8088 737 Fraser St, Prince Rupert

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

MacCarthy Motors (Prince Rupert) Ltd

We’re on the net at www.bcclassiďŹ

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

We are seeking an


We are looking for a self motivated individual with excellent communication skills. MacCarthy GM will provide training to the successful candidate. We offer an above earnings potential and a great working environment. Please forward your resume to: Fax to: 250-635-6915 or deliver in person Attention General Manager to MacCarthy GM 5004 Highway 16 West, Terrace, B.C. V8G 5S5 NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE



Looking for the perfect fit?

They are looking here. Call 1-855-678-7833 today for more details.


Advertising Sales Representative

Office/circulation administrator

*New* relief carrier squad members

The Northern View and Northern Connector has an outstanding opportunity for a full-time advertising sales representative. The successful candidate will have the ability to build relationships with clients and offer superior customer service. The winning candidate will be a team player and will be called upon to service not only an established account list but to increase that list in an environment of unprecedented marketing growth in this region.

The Northern View and Northern Connector is searching for an office/circulation administrator for our Prince Rupert office. The successful candidate will be an energetic, positive team player with a penchant for customer service. The office/circulation administrator responsibilities include general office duties including telephone reception, accounting and database entry, as well as assisting in the day-to-day administration of our carrier force.

Due to expanding delivery efforts, The Northern View and Northern Connector currently have two (2) part-time positions available to join our team of relief carriers. Ideal for seniors or those wishing to augment their income.

Experience is preferred but not absolutely necessary, extensive training will be provided to the right candidate who has the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a positive attitude. We offer a great working environment with a competitive base salary, commission plan and allowances coupled with a strong benefits package. Black Press has more than 170 community newspapers across Canada and the United States, and for the proven candidate, the opportunities are endless. Please submit your resumĂŠ with a cover letter by Friday, December 31, 2013 to: Todd Hamilton

Demonstrated computer skills are mandatory. Office experience is preferred but not absolutely necessary, extensive training will be provided to the right candidate. We offer a great working environment with a competitive salary coupled with a strong benefits package. Black Press has more than 170 community newspapers across Canada and the United States, and for the proven candidate, the opportunities are endless.

Salary is negotiable and sub-contractors are welcome. Access to a vehicle and a valid driver’s licence are preferred but not absolutely necessary. The successful candidates will be courteous, punctual and reliable. Must be available on Wednesday and Fridays. Please submit your resumÊ in person by Friday, December 31, 2013 to: Terry St. Pierre 737 Fraser Street Prince Rupert, B.C.


Please submit your resumĂŠ with a cover letter by Friday, December 31, 2013 to: Todd Hamilton

We’re on the net at www.bcclassiďŹ

A16 • Northern View • December 25, 2013


Employment Help Wanted The Prince Rupert Library seeks a youth (15-30) for CAP Youth Intern Position. Duties include Patron Internet Service and website work. Strong interpersonal skills are an asset. This is a temporary, fulltime position. Full job description available Submit resume with hand-written cover letter to: Chief Librarian, Joe Zelwietro by 12pm,Dec. 24, 2013. Only

Wednesday, 25, 2013 The Northern View

Merchandise for Sale

Financial Services

Misc. for Sale

IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161.

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper?

INCOME TAX PROBLEMS? Have you been audited, reassessed or disallowed certain claims by Canada Revenue Agency? Call Bob Allen @ 250-542-0295 35yrs. Income Tax experience, 8.5yrs. with Revenue Canada. Email: C- 250-938-1944

the Short List will be contacted.

STEEL BUILDINGS/Metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-4572206 or visit us online at:

Legal Services

Ofce Support EVENCE Ltd is a furniture supply company and we are looking for an administrative assistant for our busy office. This position requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail and good interpersonal skills. Duties include but are not limited to data entry, reception and production administration. The Successful candidate will: -Have strong analytical and communication skills, -Be a self-starter who is able to work with minimal supervision, -Have a sound knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook) Candidates with more than 2 years experience will be given preference.Salary is very attractive with other benefits attached. Please forward resume and cover letter to for consideration.

Houses For Sale

Real Estate

Houses For Sale

Buying or Selling Real Estate? Misc. Wanted Local Coin Collector Buying Collections, Olympic Gold & Silver Coins etc 778-281-0030

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent

Call Gordon today Office and Cell: (250) 624-9298 Email: Suite 6 - 342 3rd Ave W. - Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L5

Misc. for Sale

Trades, Technical JOURNEYMAN AUTOMOTIVE Service Technician(s) in Hanna Alberta. Hanna Chrysler Ltd. offers competitive wages, relocation allowance, negotiable depending on experience. Bright, modern shop. Full-time permanent with benefits. Friendly town just 2 hours from major urban centres. More info at: Fax 403-854-2845; Or send by email to:

Real Estate

Accounting/Tax/ Bookkeeping Bookkeeping services available. Call 250-627-8759

Telephone Services DISCONNECTED PHONE? National Teleconnect home phone service. No one refused! Low monthly rate! Calling features and unlimited long distance available. Call National Teleconnect today! 1866-443-4408. or visit online:

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


CLIFF SIDE APARTMENTS 1123-1137 Borden Street Adult-oriented. Quiet location with harbour view. Heat and hot water included. Minutes walking to downtown and hospital. References required. 1, 2, or 3 bedroom suites. Some furnished. Prince Rupert


Help Wanted

Misc. for Sale

It takes 11 muscles to read this ad.

FREE PALLETS Must be able to pick them up yourself.

Stop by during work hours only

Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm PRINCE RUPERT

737 Fraser Street





Don’t take your muscles for granted. Over 50,000 Canadians with muscular dystrophy take them very seriously. Learn more at


250-624-8088 737 Fraser St, Prince Rupert

The Northern View Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Legal Notices December 25, 2013 • Northern View • A17 A17

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Apt/Condo for Rent

GATEWAY APARTMENTS McBride & 8th Prince Rupert Unfurnished - Furnished (Furnished short Term Rentals Available) Close to downtown Adult-oriented No Pets

627-7137 Duplex / 4 Plex Pt Ed: FURNISHED 2 bdrm w/laundry, electric heat incl. $1,000/mo.Avail. Dec. 15. Call Lynn Chivers 250-627-1414.

Tel Mine Project PƵďlic Coŵŵent PerioĚ & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION NOTICE daŬe noƟce tŚat anŬs /sůand 'oůd Ltd. ůocated at ϯ00Ͳ1055 t. ,asƟngs ^t., sancouǀer, C, sϲ 2ϵ, proposes to deǀeůop an underground goůd mine ůocated on tŚe ǁest coast oĨ anŬs /sůand, C approdžimateůy 110 Ŭm soutŚ oĨ tŚe City oĨ Wrince Zupert. dŚe proposed deů Mine is edžpected to process 200 tonnes per day oĨ ore oǀer a 1 year mine ůiĨe. dŚe Maũor Wroũects Kĸce oĨ tŚe Ministry oĨ &orests, Lands and Naturaů Zesource KperaƟons is ůeading a coordinated autŚorinjaƟons reǀieǁ Ĩor tŚe proposed Wroũect on ďeŚaůĨ oĨ tŚe Ministries oĨ nergy and Mines and tŚe Ministry oĨ tŚe nǀironment. dŚe Maũor Wroũects Kĸce is currentůy inǀiƟng puďůic comments aďout tŚe proposed proũect reůated to tŚe Ĩoůůoǁing autŚorinjaƟons͗ AutŚorinjaƟon;sͿ

Act or ZeguůaƟon

Wroũect Component

&iůe No.


Mines Act Wermit

Mines Act

Part 10.2.1 Health and Safety ZeclamaƟon ode for Mines in riƟsh olumďia

1ϰϲ7Ͳϯ5 Mineη 0100007ϵ

CŚieĨ /nspector oĨ Mines Ministry oĨ nergy and Mines WK odž ϵϯ20, ^tn Wroǀ. 'oǀt sictoria, C s8t ϵNϯ

Mining Lease

Mineral Tenure Act

onversion of Mineral laim cells


Mineraů ditůes ϯ00Ͳ8ϲ5 ,ornďy st., sancouǀer, C sϲZ 2'ϯ

Environmental Management Act Wermit

Environmental Management Act

taste iscŚarge


nǀironmentaů Management ^ecƟon Ministry oĨ nǀironment ag 5000, ϯ72ϲ AůĨred Aǀe, ^mitŚers, C

Homes for Rent PR: 1 bedroom suite. $500 per/mo. Adult oriented, no pets. Also Bachelor suite. Mature tenants only! $525/mo. References required. Call 250627-1715 or 250-624-5955 PR: 3 bdrm+, 2 1/2 bath, 3 levels, fenced yard, hot tub, gas heat/hot water not included. $1,500/mo. Call Lynn at Randall North 250-627-1414. PR Atlin Ave 3bdrm+den rancher, ensuite, W/D, dishwasher, fireplace, N/S, pets negotiable, elec H/W, N/G heat. $950/month + utilities. Available Feb. 1, 2014. Email or call (250) 627-8313. PR: Furnished 2 bdrm, 1 bath house. New appliances. Renovated. Harbour views. $1,200/month + utilities. Contact PR: House w/3 bdrms for rent. Looking for contractors. furn. all-incl. harbour-view. Mark @ 250-622-2203

Skyline Manor

Mines Act Perŵit anŬs /sůand 'oůd Ltd. Śas suďmiƩed, as part oĨ a ũoint appůicaƟon, a proposed mine půan togetŚer ǁitŚ a program Ĩor tŚe protecƟon and recůamaƟon oĨ tŚe ůand and ǁater courses reůated to tŚe proposed deů Mine Wroũect. MininŐ LeaƐe anŬs /sůand 'oůd Ltd., Ĩree miner cerƟĮcate cůient numďer 27ϲϲϲ5 Śas appůied to tŚe CŚieĨ 'oůd Commissioner oĨ tŚe Wroǀince oĨ riƟsŚ Coůumďia Ĩor a Mining Lease oĨ mineraůs idenƟĮed ďy tŚe Ĩoůůoǁing mineraů cůaims͗ Mineraů tenure η102ϯ822 is comprised oĨ Ĩour adũacent ceůůs, ;10ϯ'08'0ϰϰA, 10ϯ'08'0ϰϯ, 10ϯ'08'0ϯϰ, 10ϯ'08'0ϯϯCͿ, ǁitŚ a totaů area oĨ 77.17Śa and ďounded ďy coordinates ;NA8ϯ, Zone ϵͿ ϰ22,127, 5,ϵ1ϰ,1ϯϲN͖ ϰ22,ϵ58, 5,ϵ1ϰ,12ϯN͖ ϰ22,111, 5,ϵ1ϯ,20ϵN͖ ϰ22,ϵϰϯ, 5ϵ1ϯ,1ϵϲN. &urtŚer, tŚe Mining Lease is approdžimateůy centred at ůaƟtude 5ϯ.ϯϲ55Σ and ůongitude Ͳ1ϯ0.1ϲϯϰ. dŚis noƟce Śas ďeen posted at tŚe CŚieĨ 'oůd Commissioner͛s oĸce in sictoria, riƟsŚ Coůumďia, tŚis ϲtŚ ay oĨ ecemďer, 201ϯ.

1200 Summit Ave. Bachelor & 1 Bedroom Suites. Security Entrance, harbour views, balconies, storage, laundry facilities, hot water & heat included. Sorry no pets. Close to hospital, bus stop & downtown. References required. Contact our on site Manager at 250-624-6019

dŚe ůand upon ǁŚicŚ tŚe Ĩaciůity ǁiůů ďe situated and tŚe discŚarge ǁiůů occur is ůocated on tŚe ǁest coast oĨ anŬs /sůand, C at trecŬ ay, east oĨ tŚe trecŬ /sůands, in ,ecate ^traigŚt and ůocated approdžimateůy 110 Ŭm soutŚ oĨ tŚe City oĨ Wrince Zupert. dŚe Ĩaciůity is ůocated on Croǁn Land at ůaƟtude 5ϯ.ϯ517Σ and ůongitude Ͳ1ϯ0.1ϲ50.

Rooms for Rent

dŚe madžimum rate oĨ ǁater ;͞eŋuent͟Ϳ discŚarged Ĩrom tŚis Ĩaciůity ǁiůů ďe 1,120mϯ/day. dŚe operaƟng period Ĩor tŚis Ĩaciůity ǁiůů ďe 2ϰŚours per day, 7 days per ǁeeŬ. dŚe esƟmated cŚaracterisƟcs oĨ tŚe ǁater ;͞eŋuent͟Ϳ are as Ĩoůůoǁs͗

Environmental Management Act Perŵit ͗ anŬs /sůand 'oůd Ltd. is seeŬing tŚe Ministry oĨ nǀironment irector͛s autŚorinjaƟon to discŚarge ǁater ;͞eŋuent͟Ϳ Ĩrom an underground mine. dŚe source;sͿ oĨ discŚarge are͗ ground ǁater inĮůtraƟng Ĩrom underground mine ǁorŬings and precipitaƟon ;rain Θ snoǁͿ runoī intercepted ďy ditcŚes, surĨace ǁorŬings and rocŬ stocŬpiůes.

TOTAL RECOVERABLE METALS Metal hŶŝtƐ EƐƟŵateĚ EŋƵeŶt YƵalŝtLJ ;ŵŐͬLͿ Nitrogen, Ammonia as N5 mg/L 87 Arsenic mg/L 0.05 Cadmium mg/L 0.02 Copper mg/L 0.05 Manganese mg/L 0.5 Mercury mg/L 0.0001 Zinc mg/L 0.28

Rooms Starting At $59/Daily, $299/Weekly, $799/Monthly, Contractors Welcome All-Inclusive. 250-600-1680

We’re on the net at Townhouses PINE CREST 3 Bdrm. 2 Level T/H 1 ½ bath No pets Call Jenn 622-4304 PRINCE RUPERT Harbourview Apts. 2 & 3 Bdrm, 1 bath, Start at $600 No pets 627-6697 or 622-2699


Boats 1989 SUN RUNNER boat. 21.5 feet, 125 aq Volvo inboard motor, Merq leg, excellent running condition. $7000 (250) 698-7533 leave a message we will call you back.

No ǁater treatment oĨ tŚe discŚarge is considered necessary at tŚis Ɵme in order to meet C tater Yuaůity 'uideůines and Canadian Metaů Mining ŋuent ZeguůaƟons. A copy oĨ tŚe permit appůicaƟons, incůuding supporƟng documentaƟon, is aǀaiůaďůe Ĩor puďůic ǀieǁing at tŚe Wrince Zupert Liďrary ůocated at 101 ϲtŚ Aǀe t, Wrince Zupert, C. Any person interested in or, ǁŚo may ďe adǀerseůy aīected ďy, tŚe proposed proũect and ǁisŚes to proǀide reůeǀant inĨormaƟon may, ǁitŚin ϯ0 days aŌer tŚe ůast date oĨ posƟng, puďůisŚing, serǀice or dispůay, send ǁriƩen comments to͖ enũamin Mossman Wresident anŬs /sůand 'oůd Ltd. ϯ00Ͳ1055 t. ,asƟngs ^t. sancouǀer, C sϲ 2ϵ ;ϲ0ϰͿ2ϰ5Ͳ00ϲϲ inĨoΛďanŬsisůandgoů ated tŚis ϲtŚ day oĨ ecemďer, 201ϯ dŚe idenƟty oĨ any respondents and tŚe contents oĨ anytŚing suďmiƩed in reůaƟon to tŚis appůicaƟon ǁiůů ďecome part oĨ tŚe puďůic record.

We’re on the net at

A18 • Northern View • December 25, 2013


Teams compete for supremecy in CHSS Gym Riot It was a battle of the elements as student teams representing Earth, Wind, Water and Fire hit the floor at Charles Hays Secondary School for the annual Gym Riot on Dec. 19. After team entrances that included plenty of dancing, some acrobatics and even a slam dunk of the globe, the students competed in unique game such as the shoe swap, where team members had to race across the gym before changing shoes with a teammate and running back, the shin cracker, that had the teams line up to jump over a hockey stick, and the face plant, where players carried each other across the floor before bobbing for goodies in a plate full of flour. Shaun Thomas / The Northern View

pet of the week

Prince ruPert BcSPcA 1740 Prince Rupert Blvd, Prince Rupert, BC 250 624-2859

Sunday Brunch Dec 29, 11 am - 2:30 pm

Hi my name is Sassy. I am a 5 year old female tabby. I love attention and cuddles and am very happy just sitting on your lap. I have been at the shelter for some time now and am in need of a home. I dont always get along with other cats. So if you are interested in me, please come down to the SPCA and fill out a questionnaire.

Kongs, office supplies, foster homes and wet food. Please drop off your donations or call the Shelter today. Toy donations also accepted at This ad generously sponsored by

For breaking news visit

Join us the last Sunday of every month for

Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital 975 Chamberlin Avenue 250-627-1161

Eggs Benedict • Scrambled Eggs Bacon • Ham • Sausages French Toast • Roast Potatoes Caesar Salad • Mixed Green Salad Pasta Salad • Fruit Salad Assorted Cheese & Pickles Steamed East Coast Mussels with Prawns Leg of Ham Boneless Garlic Pork with Plum Dip Calamari with Tzatziki Sauce Hot Veggies • BBQ Chicken Leg Rice Pilaf • Mixed Pastries

Adults $1795 Kids (6-12) $895 Reservations Recommended

Stiles Place

Seafood & Grill 346 Stiles Place Prince Rupert




December 25, 2013 • Northern View • A19



A18 • Northern View • December 25, 2013

Everything we touch turns to SOLD! PRINCE RUPERT

Keith Lambourne

Heather Bullock

Victor Prystay

Dorothy Wharton

Emily Kawaguchi

Nadia Movold

Sandra Smith-Haines

Thai Pham

Michal Sluka










Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  from 

Keith, Heather, Victor, Dorothy, Emily, Nadia, Sandra, Thai and Michal Teamwork from a team that works!

363-500 2nd Avenue West Upper level of the Rupert Square Shopping Centre


page B5 VOL. 8 no. 52

Haida Gwaii

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Frustration grows with ambulance service quality By Martina Perry QUEEN CHARLOTTE / The Northern View

Village of Queen Charlotte Mayor Carol Kulesha is fed up that nothing is being done to address paramedic shortages in Queen Charlotte. Kulesha has written a number of letters to the Minister of Health, BC Ambulance Service and the Ambulance Paramedics of BC raising her concerns, with no changes being made to date. “I’m getting very frustrated. In all the - Carol Kulesha directions I’m looking I’m not seeing anyone responding to the issue in communities like mine,” she said. “This isn’t only affecting Queen Charlotte. There is an emergency [in all] remote and small communities.” Kulesha said the lack of paramedics is a systemic problem as there are no opportunities to become a full-time paramedic in rural communities. BC Ambulance Service spokesperson Kelsie Carwithen said not having a full-time paramedic in rural and remote areas is common because of the call volumes, with the staffing structure usually being on a part-time basis. “Our model is based similar to a volunteer firefighter department where we have part-time staff [with a pager who are] on call out duty,” Carwithen said, noting employees are paid to carry the pager at a hourly rate, and are paid full wage when they’re out on a call. Kulesha said the pay structures is part of the reason there are not enough paramedics in Queen Charlotte. “If a community has low call volumes there is no way a paramedic can make a living wage and, as a result, must work full-time somewhere else,” she said. Kulesha said there are 34 vacant shifts out of 62 in December, meaning those are days without ambulance service in the Village of Queen Charlotte. Kulesha said the problem has been ongoing since the summer, when a part-time paramedic who was regularly available to fill in shift gaps had to step down for medical reasons. See AMBULANCE on Page B2

“This is not a one-size fits all.”


The boarded up military structures surrounding the field in Masset are being taken down in the new year.

The Northern View archives

Military buildings being removed Bid process for demolition starting shortly

By Martina Perry MASSET / The Northern View

Old military infrastructure in downtown Masset is expected to be demolished by the summer of 2014. The process to remove formerCanadian Forces Station structures, including an old hospital, barracks, mess halls and recreation facility, was started earlier this year when asbestos was removed from all of the buildings to allow for a safe cleanup. Bill Beamish, who the Greater Massett Development Corporation (GMDC) hired to manage the project, said the process is now ready to proceed. “It’s a matter of taking down the buildings now. That’s the next step,” he said. “We’ll be going out for bids shortly,” Beamish said, adding the demolition is expected to begin in March. Originally opened as a naval radio station in the 1940s, much of the standing infrastructure was constructed in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the Canadian Forces initiated a station at the site. The Canadian Forces Station

“We want to make sure we’ve given the community every opportunity to evaluate.” - Andrew Merilees was in operation until the 1990s, when it was converted into remote operations. “When the military decided to depart around 1995, they were going to demolish all of [the infrastructure]. The communities of the Village of Masset, and the Village of Old Massett worked out an arrangement ... that the buildings would be left along with a pot of money that would be set aside for their eventual demolition,” said Masset Mayor and GMDC director Andrew Merilees. At the time, the old recreation centre was being used by the communities. “It was running as a recreation centre. There was a pool, a gymnasium, a bowling alley, some small rooms and a sauna that we used


quite extensively,” Merilees said. The centre was kept open with interest from the money earmarked for the eventual demolition of the infrastructure. But in 2008, Merilees said the downturn in the economy meant there wasn’t enough interest being produced to cover the basic costs of running the aging recreation centre. “A number of times the community looked at restarting the centre, but it’s so out of date and expensive to run. We have such a small population, so it hasn’t happened,” Merilees said. The GMDC requested a group be formed to determine options for the recreation centre, whether it should remain standing or be included in the demolition. Merilees said the board is expecting the group to present its findings in the first part of the new year. “The GMDC board has looked at the option, but doesn’t think it’s viable ... we want to make sure we’ve given the community every opportunity to evaluate for themselves,” Merilees said. The old military structures are anticipated to be removed by the end of June.


700 Third Ave W, Prince Rupert 250-624-5060

B2 • Northern View • December 25, 2013

Haida Gwaii

Ambulance service defends coverage

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AMBULANCE from Page B1 “It’s a repeat story. [Vacancies] are always in the 20s. It’s mainly days because people are working,” Kulesha said. “[The BC Ambulance Service] needs to rethink how to serve rural communities. This is not a one size fits all ... they’ve done a good job for the urban areas, but we have suffered the unexpected consequence.” Carwithen said the BC Ambulance Service has staff submit availability to the group and scheduling is based on that availability. “If we are experiencing challenges we can bring in ambulances from other areas to respond to calls. We also have access to the air ambulance, so if a call is critical or a patient’s injury requires a higher level of care, we certainly have that resource we can send in,” Carwithen said, adding BC Ambulance Service is pushing recruitment in the Village of Queen Charlotte. But that isn’t enough for Kulesha. “Right now if you call for an ambulance (in Queen Charlotte) and there is no one on shift they’re going to try to find an ambulance in Sandspit or Port Clements. If they can pull it together, they come our way. That’s an hour,” Kulesha said. Kulesha said she would like to see steps made toward a short and long term solution. For a quick fix for Queen Charlotte’s situation, Kulesha

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Not having a full-time paramedic is common in rural areas, according to the BC Ambulance Service.

wants a paramedic stationed within the community to cover day shifts, and do “situational training to assist low volume volunteers keep up and enhance their skills, previous training and on the job reactions”, which she said would increase both experience and comfort levels in volunteers. For a long term solution, Kulesha said she wants the BC Ambulance Service to review its mandate and how it should evolve to serve rural areas, suggesting two systems could be made. “Another solution is to look at developing a health authority model separate from the urban service where the funding and service is through the local health authority and comes directly out of the hospital. Union and training issues would need to be addressed. This was attempted once but became too difficult. I would say it is time to look at

it again,” she said. Kulesha met with B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake at the Union of British Columbian Municipalities (UBCM) in September to discuss the lack of paramedics on Haida Gwaii, with the head of the BC Ambulance Service also attending the meeting aiming to resolve the issue. Additionally, Kulesha met with an Ambulance Paramedics of BC union executive at the UBCM to see if there was a way for the union and BC Ambulance Service to work with each other in a positive fashion, something she said is preventing the issue from being resolved. Following the UBCM, Kulesha and the Village of Queen Charlotte have written a number of letters to all three groups, with no changes being made to address the situation in Queen Charlotte and other small and rural communities.

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Santa looking to swap outdated ride for super economy sleigh NORTH POLE - Driveway can exclusively reveal that Santa Claus has been visiting local dealerships kicking tires—ahem, rails—in his search for a new ride. Ever conscious of the increasing cost of gas and effect his multi-million-kilometre Christmas flight has on the environment, Santa seems to have opted for 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon for his next sleigh. The wagon promises a fuel economy of 7.84 L/100 kms fuel economy,which means the sleigh will be kinder to the environment than his current means of transporting gifts to the world’s children. As an added benefit, the EcoBoost engine – which is finely tuned for high-speed performance – would offer speeds much faster than Santa ever travelled in his former 36-hoofpowered sleigh. The expected upgrade comes as a record number of children earn spots on the “nice” list, increasing the payload weight of his bag of gifts beyond the normal tow rating of his nine-reindeer team. Santa told me that changing his mode of transportation will not compromise his ability to remain true to his mission. “My goal is and always has been

giving presents to good the nine reindeer look girls and boys, and a new forward to some time sleigh will make that off. Every year, the process more effective,” flying animals travel he says. “Let’s face it, 200,194,557 kms and every year there are more they’d like some time to children who earn presrest, he says, explaining ents. Things are simply there are still splinters getting out of control, embedded in his hoofs and my old sleigh just from a particular wooden My goal is and isn’t going to be able to roof in northern BC. always has been hack it much longer. With “You really can’t beat giving presents to the new sleigh, I will be this new sleigh,” says able to travel faster and good girls and boys, Goddard. “It offers carry more toys.” and a new sleigh will outstanding fuel econFord engineers develomy without sacrificing oped the Transit Connect make that process power. It even offers more effective. Wagon sleigh concept an electric windshield weeks after hearing of defroster, making short Santa Santa’s dilemma during work of icy windshields cold weather testing in in wintry conditions. So, the North Pole. if there’s a foggy Christmas Eve, we “This is a winning situation for all,” won’t need a red-nosed reindeer to says Darren Goddard, chief engineer guide Santa around the world.” for Ford Transit Connect Wagon. “The Some extras appear to have swung increased efficiency means added time Santa in the direction of the Transit for Santa to enjoy milk and cookies at Connect. SYNC with MyFord Touch stops. His new ride will offer 100 cubic offers a touch screen display with feet of cargo space and versatility to navigation so Santa can easily find haul up to 2,000 pounds, which Santa all the good children, even in more will need.” remote areas. Reindeer spokesperson Dasher says The child observation mirror would




allow him to keep a close eye on his gifts in the second and third row. From its 60/40 three-passenger second-row bench seat through fold-flat second- and third-row seating with third-row independent fore-and-aft sliding capability, the wagon quickly adapts to accommodate multiple combinations of elves and presents. The MyKey programmable ignition key restricts maximum speed should a mischievous elf get behind the wheel while Claus is down a chimney leaving gifts. With eight cupholders, Claus and his elves would have plenty of space to take along a few glasses of milk as they continue through their busy night. Rain-sensing wipers would keep Claus on the move, as there’s always a chance he’ll encounter nasty weather. “As always, we are busy making toys and checking long lists,” says Santa. “That said, Merry Christmas to all!” Of course, Mrs. Claus will have the final say on this purchase because, as any dealership owner will tell you, women make the final decision in 80 per cent of new vehicle purchases. Keep your eyes peeled Tuesday night to see if Santa got his Christmas wish.

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Safety Tip: If you’re travelling across our province to spend time with family this holiday season, be realistic about travel times and check out the road conditions via ahead of time so you can prepare yourself and your vehicle for any challenging weather you may encounter.

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Mitsubishi Mirage Even though we have high fuel prices in Canada, the trend is away from small fuel-efficient cars to larger vehicles. Subcompact and even compact sales are down, but sales of small SUVs and even mid-sized vehicles are up. There are a couple of things at play here. The first is the stronger (not so much in the last two months) Canadian dollar over the last several years has allowed carmakers to jam more content into The starting their cars and often the retail price has price is the best dropped too. on the market, the The second is that technology is second vehicles are becoming more fuel to none, the ride is efficient, so buying smoother and quieter a slightly bigger than the competition car isn’t much of a hardship. With and the interior a this as a backdrop, class above . it is interesting to see that Mitsubishi Zack Spencer has introduced a three-cylinder fuel saving car at the smallest end of the market. Looks The Mirage is sold in two trim levels; the base starts at $12,498 and comes pretty sparsely equipped. It’s a small car with a little price tag. The much bigger Nissan Versa is cheaper at




is all about the fuel efficiency

$11,898 and has buckets more power. The car that most people will choose is the Mirage SE with many more goodies but the price jumps dramatically to $15,398 and with the automatic transmission it lands at $16,598. At this price, there are plenty of options in the subcompact class. Styling is not what I would call eye-catching. Cars like the Ford Fiesta or the Kia Rio have much more appeal and features for similar money to this SE Mirage. Inside On the plus side, the Mirage SE does come nicely equipped. The front driver’s seat has adjustment and both front seats have very good seat heaters that bring your backside up to the appropriate temperature in short order. The centre cluster is nicely finished and it features Bluetooth with streaming audio. There is an auxiliary jack, but no USB jack to charge your phone. The back seat is small and the rear cargo area is what one might expect from a little car. But this vehicle does not live in a vacuum. The Kia Rio, with more features, The 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage is a good car for people looking to save on gas. Zack Spencer like satellite radio, is only a $1,000 more and is power compared to the rest of the subcomcar to perform and it’s an experience filled with way up on space and horsepower. The Nissan Verpact set, even the Fiat 500 has 101hp and the noise and vibration. sa Note is massive in comparison and for $1,700 Nissan Versa has 109hp. This combination of Verdict more has push button start and even a backup With a very low starting price and potentially camera. So yes, the Mirage is nicely equipped and small packaging and small engine deliver a rating of 5.3L/100km in the city and 4.4L on the good fuel economy the basic Mirage has a place has a good price but there are other options out highway. In my mostly city driving I was achievfor a buyer who wants a basic runabout that sips there that are as good if not better. ing 7L/100km. The problem with such a small gas, but if the trend away from small cars is any Drive engine is that t often needs to be pushed hard indication that will be a small number. What this little car was designed to do is deliver to accelerate and pass other traffic. The engine The Lowdown impressive fuel economy. This is achieved by and CVT are loud, especially when the car is cold. Power: 1.2L 3-cylinder with 74hp placing a 3-cylinder engine under the hood and The steering is very light for easy maneuverability Fill-up: 5.3L/4.4L/100km (city/highway) matching it to either a 5-speed manual transbut at higher speeds it feels too vague. This car is Sticker price: $12,498-$15,398 mission or a continuously variable transmission happy cruising because the engine settles down (CVT). With just 74hp, this car is way down on to a lower RPM and the noise level drops. Ask this

GMC Acadia Denali:

The 2014 GMC Acadia Denali is truly a full-size crossover vehicle. That’s right, an eight-passenger crossover that is big enough to haul eight adults and still have room to store your gear. I was very surprise Saturday is my usual to see this many run around day; picking features offered up things, dropping off as their standard people, some of whom I don’t know but somepackage. one in my family has volunteered me to drive Ian Harwood them anyway. You know the kind of day, the one that finds me buying things that we don’t need but can’t live without, returning things that apparently we can live without, and providing hourly updates to my wife on what I have accomplished thus far. Hectic and stressful. Well, this particular Saturday I had the Acadia Denali and within a few hours driving this vehicle I was actually relaxed. Luxurious seating and a premium Bose stereo system with steering wheel controls that drowned out all the chatter from the back seats. It also came in handy for when they tried to include me in the conversation; with a simple push of the volume button I could yell back “sorry, I can’t hear you”. All three rows receive the same level of luxury. French stitching on all of the leather seats with a choice of colours, Ebony or Cocoa Dune. The second row seats are a SmartSlide flat-folding 60/40 split bench while the third row is a 60/40 split bench that folds flat as well. The third row is surprisingly comfortable and has enough leg room for adults. The steering wheel is leather wrapped with mahogany wood grain trim; it also features a tilt and telescopic steering column. The centre of the dash is the location for the colour touch Radio/Navigation screen with IntelliLink. A 165 mm (6.5”) colour touch screen display, AM/FM stereo with CD player, auxiliary audio input jack, Bluetooth streaming audio, hands free calling, and a rear seat entertainment system.

Full size luxury




Keith Morgan

The 2014 GMC Acadia Denali is a comfortable ride for up to eight passengers. If you’re excited about cup holders then hold on to yourself, this vehicle has 12. I know because I had to clean each one. 12 in an eight-seater, go figure. The Acadia comes standard with driver and front passenger airbags, seat mounted side impact bags and side curtain air bags. Traction control and stability control with roll stability control are also standard. Forward collision alert, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert, and side blind zone alert are some of the latest technologies that have gone into this vehicle. Power: The 3.6 Litre V6 engine puts out 288 horsepower @ 6,300 rpm with 270 ft pounds of torque. The transmission is a 6-speed automatic that can be shifted into manual mode. Pump frequency: 13.3/ 8.8 L/100 km (City/ Highway)

Warranty support: Basic 3 year/ 60,000 km Power-train 5 year/ 160,000 km Roadside assistance 5 year/ 160,000 km At first, I was a little skeptical about this vehicle, but after the first few kilometres I changed my mind and found it to be a very comfortable and a fun to drive vehicle. Although there is lots of room inside it does not give the impression of a big SUV and it manoeuvres quite well. With the latest technologies added, I found it easy to use and very useful. Shoulder checks are something I do by habit, but with the side blind zone alert feature it is like having someone else take a second look, which is comforting. Sticker price: $57,695

Block Can there be anything much more frustrating than not being able to turn because some twit is blocking the intersection? There is a provincial law that forbids drivers from entering an intersection if they can’t exit the other side (not for left turners, that’s ok). But many municipalities have taken that a step further with bylaws that apply that rule to all intersections, not just those controlled by lights. However, it seems to be largely ignored by people who block the entrance to neighbourhood streets while waiting for a light change ahead. Whether it’s a bylaw or not, surely it’s just common sense and courtesy. What drives-u-crazy?

Readers respond: Driveway readers have the final word on the posted speed limit poll, conducted in partnership with Insights West. In that survey it was revealed that 37 per cent of those polled believe a higher than 100 km/h limit should be posted on our major highways. The provincial government current review of speed limits has already prompted much public discussion, much of which seemed to support the hiking of limits. With that in mind, we were surprised that the poll showed that 55 per cent believed speed limits should be left alone. We were surpirsed Here’s further reaction posted online by that the poll showed readers. that 55 per cent


believed the speed For an increase in limits should be left limits: Kmac: Excessive alone. speed, texting and Keith Morgan using a cell phone while driving, driver inattention and driving too fast for the road and/or weather conditions kills. The minimal increase in the speed limits you suggest make sense. efi1936: I think that the Coquihalla should be 130


driveway Almost exact split in speed limit debate

km/h and the rural part of Highway 1 120km/h. lyle: As stated in your column, it is only excessive speed that kills. However, if two drivers were driving side by side at 100 km/h there would be mass frustration and more accidents. CaryAnn: I think the majority of drivers driving today are totally conscious of their vehicle and surroundings and are very capable of handling the higher speeds. DriveSmart: Maybe the new limit should be displayed on new variable signs so that it can be adjusted downward in darkness and poor driving conditions. 28speedster: Here we are in the 21st century driving at the same or lower speed limits than we did with cars in the 1950s with bias ply tires on two-lane highways. New cars, tires, roads are engineered for much higher speeds. A higher speed limit will require drivers to pay attention to their driving. Mark: Being from Germany and having driven faster and safely on the Autobahn, I say it’s about The 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage is a good car for people looking to save on gas. Zack Spencer time. When I took my driver’s test, part of the test the scenery. Rosemary: In BC’s interior, there are many hazardwas on the Autobahn and you had to go 130km/h Leah99: Wildlife (and domestic pets), pedestrians, ous roads and bad weather conditions, but drivers (weather and local speed limit permitting) not to and vehicles driven by law-abiding people are put in general ignore them. If you ‘up’ the speed limit, get points against you. at risk by speeders as it is. they will ‘up’ the speeding ... what ever happened Donna: There are enough accidents at 110 km/h to safe driving? Like reducing speed at night when Comments against an increase: without increasing the risks. visibility is reduced? Dwsolber: Some drivers have trouble driving safely Snazzy: Speeds above 90km/h greatly increase fuel Brian: People already drive 10 to 20 above the at current posted speeds. Increasing the speed consumption. In addition to lower speeds being speed limit ... if you raise to 120 they will go up to limits will only increase risk to all road users. safer for drivers, wildlife, it is also important that 140. Dick: Do not increase speed, what the heck is the we consider the planet, and reduce our use of hurry? 99 out of 100 already go way faster than fossil fuels. the posted speed. Make your ride safe and enjoy

Getting the right gift

for the car enthusiast in your life

Looking for the perfect gift for the car lover in your life? I am too. In the search for some cool swag, here are a few places you can stop by or check out online for some unique pieces of automotive Looking for the goodness. ($15.00 + perfect gift for the car shipping) lover in your life? I Direct from the website, am too. it says, “Blipshift brings you high quality, limited Alexandra Straub edition auto-enthusiast focused shirts for just $15. Each shirt is available for only a few days before it is towed off to the crusher, never to be printed again.” If you want to torture yourself and see some amazing designs from weeks past, you can do so by scrolling through the different pages. Sometimes, there are extras in specific designs so might just be in luck. Carry all for the Motorcycle: Ogio Rig 9800 Rolling Luggage Bag $250 (approx.) For anyone carrying motorcycle gear frequently, this is a fabulous bag. I recently purchased one A dye-cast car from Wilkinson Automobilia is a great gift for the car lover in your life. and I love it. It fit both my motocross gear (big, chunky boots), pants, shirt, elbow and knee pads Build a Racecar in 158 Pieces ($24.99) and my one-piece leather racing suit, track boots, There are items there that appeal to both four and Building a racecar can be done in 158 pieces gloves and a helmet. Yes, there’s a specific area two-wheel enthusiasts. thanks to Lego. If you’re young, or young at heart, to put your helmet. I checked it in at the airport A Visit to the Spa (for your Car. Various prices) surely you’ll have a good time assembling this and there were no issues. It’s heavy duty, and has It’s a good feeling when you’re feeling clean. And “toy!” Plus, it looks cool. handles at very convenient sports. The kicker? It we all know that winter is not a season that can stand upright by itself. It’s pricey but worth motes spotlessness. With salt on the roads, grime Steering in the Right Direction (From approx. the investment. hanging around, and foreign objects getting stuck $240.00) to your vehicle, you’d wonder how a bath can Want to spice up your ride? Perhaps add a sporty Wilkinson Automobilia (Various prices) even help. Well, it does. Washing it cleans off the element? Sparco makes steering wheels for both Need a book, DVD, poster or die cast model? salt that covers the roads and can help prevent street and race cars. Then again, it’s kind of a oneChances are Wilkinson Automobilia will have it. corrosion. And on the inside, think of what your stop shop. They also sell race attire, seats, shoes With unique items in store every day, it really is boots bring in. A trip to the spa prevents stains and more. If nothing else, they make some very a place where any car lover could spend most of from totally setting in and can leave your car comfortable hats! their pay cheques. smelling good, too. Whether getting just a quick Safety First (Name your price!) Should you not live in the Lower Mainland, fear treatment or the full shebang, your ride will thank The gift of practicality is priceless. How about an not, they have an online store, which is eautomoyou for it. emergency car kit? You could even pack it yourself


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by using these guidelines at Or you can get one already prepared at various stores like Canadian Tire or your local automotive retailer. The Gift of Knowledge (Various) Being a safer driver or motorcycle rider is beneficial for everyone. And how to get there doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s a lot of fun. The Advanced Rider Training (ART) course through the West Coast Superbike School is one way ( to learn a lot and have a good time. Or, if you want to do it behind the wheel of a car, check out Morrisport Advanced Driving ( Whether it’s your first time or not, there are new skills to be picked up each time the tires roll onto the track.

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Be safe out there Many Driveway readers will hit the road soon to visit distant friends and loved ones to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. Before you fire up the engine, please ponder the following thoughts because the Driveway crew wants you back home safe and sound at the end of this joyous season! ... You promised your distant family you would get there in time for dinner if it It’s not ideal out kills you. there at this time of Unfortunately, that’s exactly what year and you don’t happens at this time want to travel through of year: people get unfamiliar territory in killed because they darkness. undertake horrendously long road Keith Morgan trips over strange terrain. Resist the urge to tell your family exactly when you expect to arrive. Tell them to go ahead and eat, you’ll get something along the way.




when driving during the holidays

What occurs too often is you end up setting yourself an unrealistic time to get there in your enthusiasm to re-unite with loved ones. You figure out the distance and divide it by the posted speed limit. Forget that; you’ll be lucky if you get near the posted limit in winter conditions. How do you figure how long it’s going to take to get to Aunt Maud’s this year? – Recall how long it took last June then add about 15 minutes for every hour to allow for inclement weather. In addition, if really bad weather is forecast you don’t add anything you just postpone the trip for 24 hours or longer. Also, if your most optimistic travel time estimate tops three hours don’t head out after work but wait until daybreak the next day. It’s not ideal out there at this time of year and you don’t want to travel through unfamiliar territory in darkness. Once you have set out, stop for a few minutes every hour along the way, walk around the car and draw a few deep breaths. Stop for coffee or take a Thermos if there’s no place to stop along the way. Traveling during the holidays can be dangerous, so be prepared. Zack Spencer Share the driving but if you’re alone and get - A scraper and a brush to rid your windshield of drowsy pull off for a nap or better still check into flares and reflectors. ice. a motel. Aunt Maud would prefer you to arrive - A Thermos of hot tea or coffee and some choc - A shovel to dig the snow from around the tires alive tomorrow than have you arrive dead on time bars for energy. and a piece of carpet to use as a traction pad. tonight. - Warm clothes within easy reach and blankets in - A first aid kit, a flashlight, matches and a candle A list for travellers...don’t leave home without it. case you get stranded. to help you find where you stowed the first aid kit. - Road maps for finding your way if you don’t have - Some extra fuses, belts and hoses, tools, road satellite navigation.

Tough acts to follow: By Rob Sass Most of the time, the automotive world doesn’t serve up a “Godfather II,” the rare sequel that is the equal or better of the original. Sometimes, you get “Godfather III.” Here are cars that today are regarded as classics in their own right, but initially had a hard time living up to the legacy of their predecessors: 1. 1958 Thunderbird: The original two-seater 1955-57 Thunderbirds — or “Baby Birds” — were recognized as classics almost as soon as they went out of production. They were replaced by a larger four-seater that came to be known as “The Square Bird.” While the Square Bird was an immensely popular car that handily outsold its predecessor, the original two-seater remains the one that most people think of when the topic of T-Birds comes up. 2. 1979 Datsun 280ZX: The 280ZX had the misfortune of following one of the all-time greatest classic sports cars, the Datsun 240/260/280Z. And it also committed the cardinal sin in the eyes of sports car enthusiasts (although not necessarily in the eyes of the buying public) of being heavier and more luxurious. It was derided by the magazines of

the time as being a flashy “discomobile,” and collectors are only now starting to realize the merits of the comfy and more grownup ZX. 3. 1971 Oldsmobile Toronado: The first generation Toronado that appeared in 1966 was a stylistic and engineering tour de force. Reminiscent of the great classic Cord 810 of 1936, it was a milestone car for GM. Hardly anyone remembers its successor, the second generation Toronado. Where the ’66 broke the mold, the ’71 was the mold for generic American luxury cars of the 1970s. 4. 1976 Jaguar XJS: This one had the extreme misfortune of replacing one of the most beautiful cars of all time, the Jaguar E-Type. So naturally, people were predisposed to hate it when it came out. Other than initial quality control issues, which have become legendary, the XJS was neither a bad nor ugly car — quite the contrary. But for Jaguar, lightning just couldn’t strike twice: There was simply no way that the XJS could be as lovely as the E-Type. 5. 1974 Ford Mustang II: The early 1970s were dark times for the automobile. The Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 put the brakes on large displacement high

The 1956 Ford Thunderbird was surpassed by its successor in 1958. performance engines. What was Ford to do about cars like the Mustang, whose reputation was built on V-8 performance? Replace it with a four-cylinder version based on the Pinto, of course. Although

The 2014 Range Rover After seeing many old Range Rovers around navigating the back roads and how bulky and cumbersome they look as they spin out rocks attempting a hill climb, or how the passengers seem to be bouncing around uncontrollably on what appears to be a very basic interior, I found myself thinking there must be some kind of special group of people that are attracted to this vehicle. Fast forward to today’s version of the Range Rover and you will find an outstanding front end that is easily recognized with the signature grille and projector style headlights. The trend setting side vents on the front fenders that’s is found on other vehicles and copied by the aftermarket. The large rear glass panels that extend up into the roof line making the overall appearance very clean looking and unique. The engine is a 510 horsepower, supercharged 5.0 litre V8 that puts out 461 lb-ft of torque @2500 RPM with a 6 speed automatic transmission. This transmission features Command Shift, which actively responds to your driving habits and road conditions by reconfiguring the shift patterns for optimum drivability in all situations and is mated with a two-speed electronically controlled transfer case. Four wheel electronic traction control, hill descent control, and four corner air suspension with terrain response not only makes this vehicle maneuver well on the road but can take you on some of the roughest

When the sequals shine

V-6s and V-8s were offered, it was the sting of the anemic four-banger that stuck with the II until Ford replaced it in 1979 with what would become the very good and very popular Fox body Mustang.

offers unique off-road luxury

back roads British Columbia has to offer. The terrain response system gives the Range Rover outstanding off-road capabilities, it adapts the response of the vehicles engine, transmission, centre coupling and chassis system to the terrain you’re driving on. It also maintains driver comfort as well as maximizing traction. Terrain response works continuously, but the driver can change the setting depending on the terrain conditions, for example: mud and ruts, snow, or sand. Hill descent control automatically controls and restricts the speed downhill, using anti-lock brake system, and improves driver control on slippery descents. My first impression after climbing into the cab was of disbelief. I did not expect that level of comfort. The sight lines are amazing and the blind spot was almost non-existent. The rear seats had plenty of room for adults and the cargo area was adequate. The heated leather wrapped steering wheel featured all the controls one needed to operate the equipment without distraction. The front and rear seats are heated. Power tilt/slide front sunroof and a large glass roof over the rear seats allow plenty of natural light in. It is top shelf quality through and through. Range Rover has a long history of making safe vehicles, and the Sport model is no exception. Driver and passenger front airbags are designed to provide head and chest protection, and the front seat side airbags protect against side impacts. There is also

The 1956 Ford Thunderbird was surpassed by its successor in 1958. a full length curtain airbag to help reduce potential of head injury and roll over ejection for front and rear passengers. Inflatable knee bolster helps protect the driver against leg injury from the steering column. Fuel economy is 16.2/10.4 L/100km (City/highway) Warranty 4 year/ 80,000 km Price as tested $125,575

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Bonded Leather SectionaL



2 Pc FaBric SoFa Set

Open Sunday Noon - 4 PM • 700 - 3rd Ave West Prince Rupert



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A SEASon to CElEbrAtE IInCrEdIblE thInkInG.






MacCarthy Motors (Prince Rupert & Terrace) Ltd Prince Rupert Dealer #81156



Terrace Dealer #81113

1001 Chamberlin Ave 1-866-624-9171 • 250-624-9171 $

MacCarthy Motors thanks you for your support as we transitioned from Sherman GM to MacCarthy Motors. We wish you and your family best wishes this holiday season

HURRY, OFFERS END JANUARY 2. * Offer only valid from December 10, 2013, to January 2, 2014 (the “Program Period”), to retail customers resident in Canada who own or are currently leasing a Chevrolet HHR, Equinox, Tracker, Uplander, Venture, Astro, Lumina APV, Blazer, Traverse, TrailBlazer; Saturn Vue, Relay, Outlook; Pontiac Montana/ SV6, Transport, Torrent, Aztec, Sunrunner; Buick Rendezvous, Terraza, Enclave, Rainier; Oldsmobile Silhouette, Bravada; GMC Safari, Jimmy, Terrain, Acadia or Envoy that has been registered and insured in Canada in the customer’s name for the previous consecutive six months, will receive a $1,000 Holiday Owner Bonus credit towards the leas, purchase or finance of an eligible new 2014 GMC Terrain or Acadia delivered during the program period. Only one (1) credit may be applied per eligible vehicle sale. Offer is transferable to a family member living in the same household (proof of address is required). This offer mayonly not bevalid redeemed for December cash and may not combined certain 2, other consumer available on G< vehicles. Thecustomers $1,000 creditresident includes HST/GST/QST/PST as applicable province. As part of the transaction, dealer willHHR, request current vehicle registration and/or insurance to prove own*Offer from 10,be2013, to with January 2014 (the incentives “Program Period”), to retail in Canada who own orbyare currently leasing a Chevrolet Equinox, Tracker, Uplander, Venture, Astro, ership for theAPV, previous consecutive six months. GMCL reserves the right amend orOutlook; terminate this offer, in Montana/SV6, whole or in part, at any time withoutTorrent, prior notice. Void where prohibited byBuick law. Additional conditionsTerraza, and limitations apply. See your GMOldsmobile dealer for details. Offer valid from December GMC 9, 2013Safari, - January Lumina Blazer, Traverse, TrailBlazer; Saturn Vue,to Relay, Pontiac Transport, Aztek, Sunrunner; Rendezvous, Enclave, Rainier; Silhouette, Bravada; 2,Jimmy, 2014 (theTerrain, “Program Acadia Period”), toorretail customers in Canada who own or are insured currently leasing (during the Period) a GMname or competitor pickup truck to receive a $1,000 credit toward the purchase, financea or lease ofHoliday an eligible new 2014Bonus Model Year GMC Sierra Light Duty Sierra Heavy Envoy thatresident has been registered and in Canada in Program the customer’s for the previous consecutive six months, will receive $1,000 Owner credit towards the orlease, Duty. One Only (1) credit may be applied per eligible vehicle sale. Offer is transferable to a family member living in the same household (proof of address required). This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. The $1,000 purchase or finance of an eligible new 2014 GMC Terrain or Acadia delivered during the program period. Only one (1) credit may be applied per eligible vehicle sale. Offer is transferable to a family member living in theby credit includes HST/GST/QST/PST as applicable by province. As part of the transaction, dealer will request current vehicle registration and/or insurance to prove ownership. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Void where prohibited same household of address This redeemed for cash and may not be combined certain other consumer available onGMC GMvehicle vehicles. $1,000 includes HST/GST/ law. Additional conditions (proof and limitations apply. Seerequired). your GM dealer for offer details.may **The not 2-Yearbe Scheduled LOF Maintenance Program provides eligible customers inwith Canada who have purchased, leased orincentives financed a new eligible 2014 with anThe ACDelco oil andcredit filter change, in accordance with the as applicable province. dealer willfirst, request current vehicle registration and/or insurance to prove ownership for the previous consecutive six months. GMCL the right tomay OilQST/PST Life Monitoring System and theby Owner’s Manual,As for part 2 yearsoforthe over transaction, 40,000 km, whichever occurs with a limit of four (4) lube-oil-filter services in total, preformed at participating GM dealers. Fluid top-offs, inspection, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc.,reserves are not covered. This offer amend or terminate offer, in whole in part, any time without prior notice. Void where by law. Additional andthis limitations See your dealer for details. Offer only valid from December not be redeemed for cash andthis may not be combined withor certain other at consumers incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motorsprohibited of Canada Limited reserves the right to conditions amend or terminate offer, in wholeapply. or in part, at any timeGM without notice. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for9,details. valid only2,to2014 eligible(the retail lessees in Canada who have approval by GM Financial, have entered intoown a lease with GM leasing Financial and who accept from October 11,a2013, through January 2, 2014, of a truck new eligible 2014 MY aGMC. General Motorstoward of Canadathe 2013†Offer – January “Program Period”), toobtained retail credit customers resident in Canada who oragreement are currently (during thedelivery Program Period) GM or competitor pickup to receive $1,000 credit Limited will pay finance the first months lease payment of your lease agreement. After the Year first month, will Light be required to make all remaining scheduled over(1) thecredit remaining termbe of the lease agreement. PPSA/RDPRM is not due.Offer Insurance, license and applicable taxes notmember included. This offer may not purchase, or lease of an eligible new 2014 Model GMClessee Sierra Duty or Sierra Heavy Duty. payments Only one may applied per eligible vehicle sale. is transferable to a family living in the besame redeemed for cash and(proof may notof be address combined with certain other consumer incentives on GM vehicles. conditions and be limitations apply. with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. The $1,000 credit includes HST/GST/ household required). This offer may notavailable be redeemed for Additional cash and may not combined


QST/PST as applicable by province. As part of the transaction, dealer will request current vehicle registration and/or insurance to prove ownership. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Void where prohibited by law. Additional conditions and limitations apply.$ See your GM dealer for details. **The 2-Year Scheduled LOF Maintenance Program provides eligible

The Northern View, December 25, 2013  

December 25, 2013 edition of the The Northern View

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