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Hope resident wins stage race for Canadian and North American championship rally series 12

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Hope SAR team rescues lost hunter and hiker on Saturday



Victim’s body found three years ago outside of Hope on forest service road


Remembrance Day



Meeting will reveal what’s being done to further economic development

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Parade commander Ian Williams (left) and Cpl. Steve Cameron, with the EME branch of the 39 Service Battalion in Richmond, give a salute after laying a wreath at the Memorial Park Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. Hundreds of people attended the local service honouring Canada’s veterans. For more coverage of the event, see page 4.

Crime free season at Othello Tunnels

Kerrie-Ann Schoenit Hope Standard

Hope Crime Prevention Society is celebrating an important milestone this year. For the first time in a decade, there were no police files at Othello Tunnels. The non-profit group has been regularly canvassing the parking lot area for years in an effort to curb vehicle break-ins and thefts. The area has been known as a hotspot for crime in the past, with total police files peaking at 13

in 2009, but targeted volunteer efforts have helped reduce the number of incidents. “This is a monstrous achievement. We’re just so pleased,” said volunteer Geoff Hodgkinson, crediting not only the volunteer patrols but a greater awareness among people about the importance of locking valuables away. This year, Hope Crime Prevention Society volunteers logged a total of 567 hours patrolling Othello Tunnels. Members handed out

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educational pamphlets to tourists and checked vehicles for valuables on display. Hodgkinson said 4,928 vehicles were audited this summer. RCMP Staff Sgt. Suki Manj said Hope Crime Prevention Society volunteers are an asset to both the community and local police force. “It just shows that volunteerism, if properly deployed, can have a dramatic effect in our community. I know we couldn’t do our job as well as we do without their support,” he added.

“There’s no way we could have spent that time and energy as a police force up in that area to make people feel safe and allow people to enjoy what we have here without being targeted and vandalized. Word spreads when people know they can stop in our community and there’s people watching out for them.” Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Hope Crime Prevention Society at or 604-869-5900.

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With each pair of new hearing aids purchased until December 31, 2013 we will donate $250 per hearing aid to a local family or World Vision. You choose from a selection of gifts valuing up to $500 to donate in your name. Not to be combined with any other offer. See in-store for details.

Visit us at Southgate Shopping Centre in Chilliwack or at

A2 Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013


Search for missing hunter in Hope Area

Traditional arts


Gracie Kelly prepares cedar bark for cedar roses at the Traditional Arts: the story behind the surface multi-media exhibit at Hope Legion on Saturday. People attending the event had an opportunity to try making their own cedar roses as well as flowers from corn husks with Veronica Ryder. About 340 people in total participated in the day’s activities, which included light breakfast and lunch, artist stories, interactive art stations, live music by Just & Band and M’Girl, and a performance of Tales and Trails of the Canyon.



will be drawn.

arrived at the parking lot, the lone hiker was nowhere to be seen and was reported missing to RCMP. Hope SAR, with mutual aid from Chilliwack SAR, searched the trail during the night to try and determine where the hiker could have gone astray. After finding nothing, the search management team called in mutual aid from other teams to expand the search area. While transporting search teams by helicopter to the top of Needle Peak to start the morning assignments, the hiker was spotted a short distance off the trail and was returned to command. It was determined that he decided to try and follow the ski trails back to the parking lot instead of following the main trail.

and recognition. The goal is to support members as they take and keep off pounds sensibly. “It’s not really a strict diet but knowing how to eat properly,” said member Fran McClurg. “You pick out a goal weight for yourself and then you work towards that.” Weekly meetings include private weigh-ins

and professionally prepared informational chapter programs, featuring up-to-date information on nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyles. Programs provide positive reinforcement and motivation to adhere to food and exercise programs. There is an annual $32 membership fee, plus nomi-

nal chapter fees to cover operating costs. Two TOPS groups meet in Hope on a regular basis, one on Tuesdays from 5:30-7 p.m. and the other on Fridays from 8:15-10:30 a.m. at the Anglican Church Hall, 681 Fraser St. For more information on the local club, call 604-869-2140.

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man was spotted driving on Skagit Valley Forest Service Road by two Hope SAR members. The hunter was later reunited with his family at the SAR building in downtown Hope. That night, the RCMP also called out Hope SAR to search for a 54-year-old man who had been separated from his hiking group and did not return to the rendezvous point. Police met with the search team at the start of the Needle Peak Trail on Highway 5 to gather information on what happened to the hiker. After reaching the top at Flatiron Summit, a group of nine hikers started descending the trail back to the Needle Peak parking lot. The 54-year-old hiker had decided to go out ahead of the group and meet them at bottom. When eight of the hikers

Hope TOPS Club opens its doors The Hope TOPS Club is hosting an open house on Nov. 19 at the Anglican Church Hall, from 7-8 p.m. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a weight-loss support group that offers tools and programs for healthy living and weight management, with group fellowships

bY ack tTHhUrRoSw DA

Hope’s Mai n St. in the 1960’s. Submitted by Dick Gar dner

Hope Search and Rescue was busy on the weekend searching for two missing men. A SAR team was called out Saturday morning by the RCMP to help locate a 75-year-old man who had been reported missing by family the night before. After searching in the Merritt area for possible sightings, the RCMP determined the man might be in the Hope area. Being a retired conservation officer from the Hope and Chilliwack area, the man was known to hunt in this area. Two of his friends, as well conservation officers, helped the SAR team and RCMP determine where the man usually hunted. The search was concentrated around the Ladner Creek area and in the Skagit Valley. Shortly into the search, the

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Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013 A3


Drop by our

BAKE TABLE at the Beta Sigma Phi Craft Sale Saturday, November 16 10 am - 4 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall

Book signing W.P. Kinsella signs a book for Pam Worsfold at the Fencepost 13 event in Yale on Sunday. Kinsella invited a few authors, all winners of the Leacock Medal for Humour, to town for an afternoon of reading. Over 100 people attended the event, which was coordinated by the Leacock Museum National Historic Site, with support from the Yale Ratepayers Association, Fraser River Raft Expeditions & The Teague House, Baker’s Books, Driving Force, and Banff Centre for the Arts.


Join us in Worship Community of Hope Church Directory ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA


Welcomes you to 275 Park Street



Victim’s body found on forest service road north of Hope Kerrie-Ann Schoenit Hope Standard

A Chilliwack man has been convicted of manslaughter in connection with the death of 64-year-old Robert-Jan Planje, whose body was found on a steep slope below a forest service road near American Creek north of Hope almost three years ago. Steven Kenneth Frederickson was arrested by Chilliwack RCMP after trying to pawn a ring that had belonged to the deceased. He was initially charged with second-degree murder, however was convicted of the lessor charge of manslaughter last month due to insufficient evidence establishing a murderous intent. In his reasons for judgement, Justice W.G. Grist stated that while evidence establishes the accused assaulted Planje, caused defensive injuries, and delivered blows to his head, there was reasonable doubt whether Frederickson acted with murderous intent when he took the clothing and abandoned Planje’s body, if in fact Planje was still alive. “The fact that the time of death is unknown, the possibility that if Mr. Planje was insensible but alive, the accused nonetheless believed that the unconscious victim was dead when he dumped

the body, and the lack of evidence indicating that the actions of the accused in fact accelerated death contribute to this doubt,” he said. The autopsy of Planje’s body indicated he had died “some considerable time” before his body was found as a result of bleeding inside his skull, consistent with “two to three incidents of blunt force trauma sustained by his head hitting or being hit by a solid object.” Planje’s body had sustained substantial bruising, many of which were consistent with defensive injuries. Planje had been missing since the morning of Dec. 13, 2010 when RCMP were called to his home in the Rainbow Trailer Park to check on his wellbeing. When police attended they found no one at the residence, however there were signs of “suspicious activity.” The residence was secured and a search for Planje began. Planje was last seen alive that morning by a neighbour in the presence of Frederickson through a window in her mobile home. Approximately two hours later, Frederickson was observed dragging a heavy object out of the mobile home to the driveway near the front of the stairs to the mobile home, where

Planje’s car was parked. Frederickson subsequently left the premises driving Planje’s car. When police entered the mobile home following Frederickson’s arrest, the premises were in a state of disarray and blood stains were found through much of the trailer. The blood stains were particularly prevalent in Planje’s bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Planje had taken Frederickson in as a tenant in the mobile home about six weeks prior to his disappearance. On Dec. 12, 2010 police officers were dispatched to the mobile home as a result of a

complaint phoned in by the deceased. The police officers tried unsuccessfully to settle a dispute between the two and subsequently arrested Frederickson, who they judged to be the more aggressive individual, in an attempt to prevent a further altercation. Later that day, Planje returned to the mobile home from a friend’s residence and gave Frederickson an eviction notice. Crown said the dispute between the two again became heated and culminated in Frederickson attacking Planje in his bedroom and ensuite. Crown fur-

ther argued that Frederickson caused the fatal blows to Planje’s head, following which he dragged Planje to his car and drove to the forestry service road north of Hope, took his clothes, and caused his body to fall to where it was found 17 days later. The defence admitted that Frederickson dragged Planje’s body from the trailer and transported it to forestry road, however stated that Planje must have sustained the injury by accident, perhaps falling and hitting his head. Frederickson also denied assaulting Planje in this mobile home.

345 Raab St. Rev. Don Gardner 604-823-7165 Anglican Network in Canada

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Chilliwack man charged with manslaughter

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SATURDAY MORNING Study Hour 9:15 a.m. Worship Hour 11:00am Prayer Meeting - Tuesday, 7pm


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Hope United Church Hall Queen & 3rd Ave. SATURDAY, NOV. 23 12 NOON TO 2:00 PM

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A4 Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013


Remembrance Day in Hope Hundreds of people gathered at the Memorial Park cenotaph on Monday for Hope’s Remembrance Day service. The annual parade from the Hope Legion featured veterans, local dignitaries, RCMP, firefighters, service clubs, cadets and a flag party. A piper played lament following two minutes of silence and the Hope Secondary School band performed during the wreath laying. Residents were then invited back to the Legion for lunch and refreshments after the service. PHOTOS BY KERRIE-ANN SCHOENIT

Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013 A5


Safety improvements slated for Highway 1 Glen Ogren, president of Hope & District Chamber of Commerce, said the improvements are a year in the making. Last year before attending the premiers luncheon through the BC Chamber of Commerce, the board asked members what concerns they had to bring forward to ministers that would be present at the meeting. Ogren said one of the concerns raised was for drivers on Highway 1 from the Annis Road exit up through Hope. Adams Freight Forwarding suggested that better lighting be used to help guide motorists entering the mountain phase of one of B.C.’s main highways. The issue was also brought up at the end of the all-candidates meeting during the last provincial election, specifically asking about what could be done for that corner. While Throness was attending a Hope & District Chamber of Commerce meeting in July, concerns over the Herrling Is-

land curve were raised again. After looking into it, Throness informed Ogren that the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure wasn’t going to do a lot at that time. However, a few weeks later following a rash of accidents along that stretch of highway, the ministry started working on a plan to make motorists more aware of the corner. “If you own a business or have business to do in a neighbouring town, or if goods need to be delivered to Hope, there needs to be an expectation you can drive safely to and from your destination,” said Ogren. “An average of 20,000 motorists drive along that stretch of highway each day, and to ensure both safe travel and ability for both business and residents to engage in trade between communities, the Chamber welcomes any safety upgrades to this section of highway.”  

Blanket drive kicks off Nov. 18 Hope realtors and the Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board are once again hosting the annual Realtors Care Blanket Drive Nov. 18-25. Since 1995, realtors across the Lower Mainland have collect-

ed hundreds of bags of warm clothing and bedding for people in need. With a cold winter forecasted again this year, an extra blanket or hoody will help keep someone warm on the cold nights.

Clean blankets, sleeping bags, coats, scarves, gloves, hats, new underwear and socks, and other warm clothing can be dropped off at either the RE/MAX Nyda Realty (287 Wallace St.) or the Royal Lepage

Wheeler Cheam Realty office (366A Wallace St). The items collected in Hope will be distributed locally to those who are in need by the Joshua Project. For more information, visit

Annual General Meeting

This gathering is open to members of the following: Chawathil, Cheam, Kwantlen, Kwaw Kwaw Apilt, Scowlitz, Seabird Island, Shxw’Ŀw’hámel, Soowahlie and Sumas. When: Friday, December 6, 2013 Where: Chawathil First Nation Gymnasium 4 – 60814 Lougheed Highway #7 Hope, British Columbia Time:12:30 p.m.

Agenda 1. By-Election of Director (1 year term) 2. 2012 – 2013 Audit 3. Appointment of Auditor 4. Annual Report For more information, please contact Lori Kelly at 604-796-0627. Door Prizes - Apple iPad; Flat Screen; and many more! Lunch is provided Stó:lõ Tribal Council PO Box 440, 2855 Chowat Road, Agassiz BC V0M 1A0 Phone: (604) 796-0627 Fax: (604) 796-0643

Healing Hugs Charity Dinner All profits to Chad Reis Memorial Fund. Where: Goldrush Pub, Hope, BC When: Nov. 16, 2013 6:00pm-9:00pm

CHOICE OF 3 DINNER MENUS Roast Beef, Chicken or Fish & Chips Only $10.00 Win Canucks/Colorado game tickets! 50/50 draws, raffle and more! Call 604-750-0658 to reserve your ticket.

Sponsored by: Mountain Pacific Mechanical Inc. 11/13W_MP14

A section of Highway 1 near Herrling Island will be receiving several safety enhancements before the end of December. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is spending $150,000 to install electronic signage and curve delineation on Highway 1 westbound, just west of the Jones Hill underpass. “Improvements like these make the road safer for all users and helps keep traffic flowing smoothly,” said ChilliwackHope MLA Laurie Throness. All warning signs will be upgraded to a larger and more visible format. Three additional chevron signs with LED illumination will be placed on the curve, as well as a new overhead warning sign with flashing amber lights at the top of the hill. Existing wide pavement markings will also be replaced with a new and improved pattern.

Come have some good food and fun and support Deena and Libby.

A6 Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013


Published at Hope, Boston Bar, Yale and surrounding area by Black Press

Scandal taints politics It wasn’t a particularly good week for politicians in Canada. What began with the summary expulsion of three senators over their alleged misuse of taxpayer money, ended with a drunken rant from the admitted cracksmoking mayor of Canada’s largest city. The Senate scandal crawled to an uninspired end last Tuesday after dominating headlines for weeks. All but one Conservative senator voted to expel the three, but not before enough muck had been thrown to spatter both the upper and lower house. Aside from the allegation of spending impropriety and outright fraud, there were counter claims that the office of the Prime Minister knew more than it was saying. Adding to the debate were accusations the Conservatives were running roughshod over judicial process by expelling the senators before an official investigation into their conduct was complete. Stephen Harper, who evidently believes that what the prime minister giveth can be taken away, was unrepentant in his handling of the mess. At the Conservative annual convention in Calgary he rejected any and all criticism. Not all Canadians were as confident in his rectitude. But just as Tory senators swung the axe (taking out some of the sting by allowing the ousted trio to keep their medical benefits), the story was bumped from the front page. It was replaced by the train wreck that is Rob Ford. After months of denying the existence of a video purporting to show the Toronto mayor smoking crack, the video emerged. The initial angry denials were soon replaced by an admission and an apology – lots of apologies. But no sooner had the late-night talk show hosts warmed up their monologues, another video emerged, this one showing Ford in an apparent drunken rage. More apologies. Coincidently, Ford’s travails came as Montrealers were electing a new mayor to replace the previous two who left under a cloud of corruption allegations. All this, of course, has little impact on Hope, except to fill the evening newscasts. But it does colour (or confirm) our perception of politics and public life. And that is unfortunate. The vast majority of people in public office are honourable and dedicated to the well being of their constituents. But like the plane that lands safely, the politicians and public servants who do their job well, never make the headlines. - Black Press

Untangling oil pipeline politics B.C. VIEWS Tom Fletcher Reaction was swift and scattered after the “framework agreement” on new oil pipelines announced last week by B.C. Premier Christy Clark and Alberta Premier Alison Redford. First, here’s what it doesn’t mean. “B.C. blinked,” according to one Toronto commentator, based on the popular notion that B.C. gave up its claim to a share of Alberta’s resource royalties from heavy oil. Clark never made such a claim, so it would be difficult to give it up. Her often-repeated condition of a “fair share” of revenues from any new oil pipelines is purposely vague, but after repeated protests

from Alberta, Clark clarified as far back as last June that provincial royalties are not on the table. There is no constitutional way to make such a demand, a point Redford has made several times. NDP leader Adrian Dix and the usual chorus of professional protesters claimed that Clark flipflopped, opposing the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal before the election and then embracing it once she was re-elected. This is also inaccurate. Clark’s five conditions were set out before the May election, demanding approval by a federal environmental review, “world-leading” spill prevention and response capability on land and at sea, meeting legal requirements to consult and share benefits with aboriginal communities, and the undefined “fair share” for B.C. Clark said numerous times dur-



Tuesday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Box 1090 Hope, B.C. VOX 1LO

ing the campaign that the conditions have not been met, and made pessimistic noises about Northern Gateway, but she very carefully did not campaign against it. The B.C. Liberal platform also endorsed a Kitimat-area oil refinery proposed by this newspaper’s owner, and Clark repeatedly referred to that sort of industrial expansion as one of the potential “fair share” components for B.C. The B.C. Liberal government made its opposition to Northern Gateway “as currently proposed” official on May 31, two weeks after the election, in its final submission to the federal review panel. If Clark had wanted to jump on the antipipeline bandwagon for political gain, that move could have been made earlier. NDP environment critic Spencer Chandra Herbert said the B.C. government has taken the position


that more oil will reach the West Coast, by rail if not by pipeline. I’m not sure if or when that claim was made, but it’s true that rail shipments are already permitted. Here’s what Redford and Clark agreed on. Redford accepts B.C.’s five conditions, provincial royalties excluded, and Clark endorsed Redford’s proposed “Canadian Energy Strategy,” which B.C. rejected last year. A draft of the strategy released last summer contains no specifics on how it would facilitate a pipeline project from Alberta to B.C. It talks about developing Canada’s energy reserves and at the same time somehow reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promises a final version next spring. Oh, and Quebec refuses to participate. Ottawa has sole jurisdiction over inter-provincial projects such as Northern Gateway and the pro-


The Hope

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posal by Kinder Morgan Canada to expand the 60-year-old Trans Mountain pipeline to Burnaby and refineries in Washington. If there is to be some extra revenue for B.C. from oil traffic, it could theoretically take the form of a toll on pipelines. Redford pointed out the problem with that idea in her speech to an energy forum in Vancouver last week. She noted that 42 per cent of B.C. natural gas is piped through Alberta to markets. If B.C. can toll Alberta oil, the same could be done with B.C. gas. None of B.C.’s five conditions has yet been met. Legally, they don’t have to be, except for the one about accommodating aboriginal title. Tom Fletcher is legislature reporter and columnist for Black Press and Twitter:@tomfletcherbc E-mail: 


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Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013 A7

Search and rescue efforts appreciated My father who is a retired conservation officer of the Hope and Chilliwack area and needed some help over the weekend. He left for hunting up to the Skagit. Usually he comes home by 6:30 p.m., but on Friday night at 9:30 p.m. we decided to call the police as he had not returned home.

Constable Davidson was in contact with us all night, letting us know everything, getting details, and assuring all of us that they are out searching. Search and rescue went out, along with Paul Fadden and the rest of the conservation officers and Hope police, to search for him in the morn-

ing. Luckily Paul McFadden knew all of my dad’s areas he likes to go. My dad had fallen and injured himself, was tired, cold and wet. Search and rescue found him took him back,feed him, made him warm. We as a family would like to thank all that helped find my dad. The people at the search and rescue

Event funds hospital equipment The auxiliary members to Fraser Canyon Hospital and Fraser Hope Lodge had a very successful 28th Silent Auction on Nov. 2 at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall. Dr. Ernie Murakami and our president Sharyn Harvey opened our auction. Dr. Murakami has been a great supporter of our auxiliary. We raised over $13,000 which will go to much needed equipment.  We pledged to purchase an IV chair, stretcher, vital signs machine and portable suction machine. The merchants and citizens and surrounding areas have been very generous with their donations and we greatly appreciate it. It was an enjoyable evening for all who attended with almost 300 items up for bidding.  Our silent auction raffle ticket winners were first prize - Joanne Triplett, second prize - Chris


Ernie Murakami and hospital auxiliary president Sharyn Harvey opened silent auction.

Carey, and third prize - Michael Binns. Our purpose is to bring comfort and care to the patients in our Hospital and Lodge. You

can visit our website for more updates. Mary Birchmore

Program offers community legacy Trail is the sweat, of the real world, that brings it together. I thank The Hope Standard for their interest and cooperation, and ask you all to pass on awareness of this program, and tell all you know to please apply.  Congratulations to all current participants, and make sure to pass along  the benefits of your involvement. Apply within at Free Rein. Kind thanks to Hope Mountain Centre, for the trail restoration weeks. We help restore the Mt. Hope Lookout Trail when out of classroom, which is Hope`s top tourist attraction, a legacy  of hard work with local impact!  It is an honour to be involved in this current project, and more to come! We want to share your thoughts and feedback. Let us know, please. I can be reached at 289688-3974 or You can also contact Jodi McBride at 604-869-2279 or  Scott Fyall

Infrastructure projects funded by taxpayers I have been reading with interest MP Mark Strahl’s letter (Federal Government infrastructure investments in Hope, Nov. 7). He names several of these “investments.” First, $3.3-million for the replacement of the Kawkawa Lake Road Bridge. Second, $2.3-million for the replacement of the Cedar Creek Bridge. (Just how much of the traffic over this bridge is Hope traffic? Five per cent?) He mentions the Gas Tax Fund money for the East Kawkawa Lake water system. Now who do you suppose supplies this money? The federal government? Not really. The federal government taxes us citizens who are called taxpayers. We send our money to

Letters The Hope Standard welcomes letters from our readers. Typed or printed letters must be signed and should include an address and daytime phone number for verification purposes. Letters should be no longer than 300 words. The Standard edits letters for accuracy, taste, clarity and length. The Standard reserves the right to not publish letters. EMAIL:


Should Rob Ford resign as Toronto mayor?

Has Remembrance Day lost its meaning in society today?

To answer, go to the home page of our website: www.hopestandard. com

Here’s how you responded:

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Possibility CORNER

Which S word is your objective? Status Quo or Success?


Someone NEEDS TO listen!


Saturday, November 16, 2013 Hope Legion Hall 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Wonderful crafts and home-made treasures!


Ottawa and they in turn waste or mismanage half of it, and then give us back some of the other half for these projects. Where do you think the money for the Gas Tax Fund comes from? Same place. Us taxpayers. We have 10 gas stations in Hope. Talk about a cash cow! As I see it, the money for these “investments” does not really come from the federal government. It comes from our own tax money we send them. We should get most of the credit for these “investments.” Us taxpayers, not the federal government. Gordon Shepherd

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I am a father to two children, a son and daughter aged 21 and 23. In todays challenging world, I have seen their struggles about what to do in life, and consider their deep concerns about it all. As a crew leader with the Skills Link Youth Program in Hope, I try to help local youth through a Services Canada funded project. When local parents hear about it, they are thrilled. It is my belief that such a program is badly needed, and helps youth find work and stay right here at home in Hope. When local youth hear from current participants, the reactions are always, “That is so cool, I wish I could go in that.” We need this program in Hope ongoing. These youth learn critical transferable skills for the world of employment. Our current group age ranges from 17 to 23.  Free Rein is the ideal environment, professional in every way, and breaking rock on the Mt. Hope Lookout

deserve a big thank you along with the police and conservation officer. I want to make people aware how much we need these people and that we should take every opportunity to thank them. Support your local search and rescue and donate! Willow Campanelli on behalf of Campanelli and Keding family

Editorial Department To discuss any news story idea you may have – or any story we have recently published – please call the editor at 604-869-4992.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Monday, November 25 • 7:00 pm Fraser Canyon Hospital, Conference Room Downstairs

Volunteers are needed. Come & see what we are all about!! 11/13W_CT14

Mauve Friday is Coming. Black Friday will never be the same.

A8 Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013

Understanding Dementia, Communication and Behaviour Learn about: • Dementia, types of dementia and practical coping strategies. • Simple tools for effective, meaningful and rewarding communication with the person with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. Date: Tuesday, Nov. 26 Location: Evergreen Hall - Slesse Room 9291 Corbould Street, Chilliwack


Minister must resign for ALC interference: IntegrityBC Group says ethical lapse taints any reform of farmland reserve Jeff Nagel

Time: 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Black Press

Cost: By donation.

A non-partisan government watchdog says B.C. Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm must resign from cabinet for directly lobbying the Agricultural Land Com-

To register, call 604-702-4603 or e-mail




• Fill in the grid so that every row, every column & every 3 x 3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. • Each 3 x 3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: you must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column or 3 x 3 box.


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mission. IntegrityBC argues Pimm crossed a clear line requiring cabinet ministers not interfere with the independence of judges or quasi-judicial commissions like the ALC when he urged the commission over the spring and summer to reverse its decision against allowing a rodeo grounds and campground as a non-farm use on a parcel of Fort St. John farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve. “When a minister crosses that line, the minister resigns,” IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis said. “He didn’t cross it just once. He crossed it a multitude of times. Pimm first wrote to the ALC on the issue May 17 as an MLA elect – two days after the provincial election –  to express “concern” with the initial decision. Pimm’s staffers contacted the ALC once more in June and twice on July 25, when his ministerial assistant said Pimm wanted to know the outcome of the ALC’s reconsideration. That led the ALC to issue a July 26 policy statement scolding Pimm’s representations as “not appropriate” lest it lead to an impression of the commission being politically influenced. The ALC also said in

November 14 Crossword Puzzle

ACROSS 1. Reverberation 5. Sonny’s ex wife 9. Drives elephant 11. High-spirited tomboy 13. Plans 15. Gather materials together 16. Brew 17. Discovery child star 19. Stalk of a moss capsule 21. Capital of Yemen 22. Local area network 23. Belgrade River 25. Straight or bobby 26. Tennis player rank 28. Helped (archaic) 30. Lounges 32. Dove sounds 34. Int’l relief organization

35. Planted crops 37. Gobblers 39. Animal companions 40. Firth of Clyde city & river 42. Korean writer Mogeum 44. 007’s creator Flemming 45. Ursine animal 47. Voyage 49. Pageant title 54. A woman’s undergarment 55. A treeless grassy plain 56. Anarchic 58. Gun dog 59. Coat of wool 60. These (old English) 61. Somalian shilling

DOWN 1. Birds of prey 2. Fastest land animal 3. Judge’s moniker (abbr.) 4. Part of Uttar Pradesh 5. Italian crooner Perry 6. Syringe 7. Articles fit to eat 8. Replace spent bullets 9. International metal polish 10. New Mexico artist town 11. Elf (Brit.) 12. Glowing gas element 14. Break suddenly 15. Blue colored 18. Br. children’s author Blyton 20. Limicoline bird 24. Burn plants 26. Gulf of, Aegean Sea inlet


IntegrityBC is calling on B.C. Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm must resign from cabinet for directly lobbying the Agricultural Land Commission.

its final Aug. 19 decision rejecting the rodeo use that any MLA who thinks a decision before the ALC is too significant to leave as an independent decision can try to persuade cabinet to take that file out of the commission’s hands. It said the ALC exists as an independent entity to avoid basing farmland decisions on “the politically expedient, the crisis of the day or shortterm profit that sacrifice agricultural land forever. “The Commission exists precisely to prevent the British Columbia public waking up one day and asking ‘what happened to our agricultural land.’” Pimm told CKNW

27. Clysters 29. Leguminous fruit 31. Large tub 33. Member of U.S. Navy 35. Having physical sensation 36. Colors clothes 38. Plural of 33 down 39. Grouped by twos 41. Fence bar 43. Cherry brandy 44. Pixies 46. Canadian flyers 48. Emit coherent radiation 50. Lot 51. Area units 52. Russian space station 53. Tools for holes 57. 5th sign of the zodiac


Monday he has stopped making direct interventions in files with the ALC, but feels he did nothing wrong and was merely acting in his advocacy role as an MLA on an issue of local concern. Travis said he clearly continued to act on the file after becoming minister in June. Earlier this year, federal Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan resigned his post for inappropriately writing a letter in 2011 on behalf of a constituent regarding a case coming before the federal tax court. Travis said Duncan quit quickly and honourably and Premier Christy Clark must in-

sist Pimm do the same. “If you have ministers running around thinking that it is okay to lobby judges, then we’re going to have a serious problem maintaining the separation of the two institutions.” Travis said Pimm’s interference with the ALC also taints the government’s leaked plans to consider major changes to the commission, including potentially bringing it under the direct control of the agriculture ministry. “Any changes that they consider will be looked at as Mr. Pimm trying to get back at the Agricultural Land Commission for rapping him on the knuckles,” Travis said. “The entire process is now suspect. The government has no other option at this point but to pull it off the table.” Bill Bennett, the minister in charge of the government’s core review, last week insisted the province isn’t considering dismantling the ALC or bringing it within government. The leaked cabinet documents also indicated the province might separate the ALR into two zones to potentially offer looser treatment of farmland in the north and Interior, where Bennett says large amounts of unfarmable land is locked in the ALR.

Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013 A9


AdvantageHope to host open house


The new AdvantageHOPE team will be introduced at a community open house on Nov. 20. Tammy Shields Contributor

AdvantageHOPE welcomes you to attend a community open house on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at the Hope Golf Club. The event runs from 6-9 p.m., with a presentation starting at 6:30 p.m. This is a great opportunity for community members to learn more

about who is involved with AdvantageHOPE and what is being done to further economic development in the Hope area. We will identify initiatives that have been undertaken to date, since the formation of the Hope Business Development Society in 2010, and discuss the many changes that have

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occurred within AdvantageHOPE over the past year. Most importantly, we want to share what we believe the best path forward for Hope looks like, the role that community and individual residents play in achieving this greater vision, and gather input and ideas that will help us succeed together.

The AdvantageHOPE board will be introduced and the presentation will be made by executive director, Tammy Shields, and the team of contractors working with her: Michelle Richardson (Momentum Works), Rudy Kehler (The Simplify Company), Riley Forman (Connect Media), Stephanie Hooker (Torpy Consulting), and Ali Harwood (Boldfish Creative). We will have information available about various opportunities for individuals to get involved going forward and look forward to the chance to connect with you personally at this event. Anyone who is interested is also welcome to attend the AdvantageHOPE Annual general Meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 27 at 7 p.m. at district hall in council chambers, 325 Wallace St. Visit or our Facebook page to stay up to date on informa-

tion and activities we are engaged in to build community and prosperity in Hope. 11/13h LH14


by the same great staff.

Come check us out at our new location!

#300-8236 Eagle Landing Parkway, Chilliwack BESIDE THE NEW TIM HORTON’S IN EAGLE LANDING


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A10 Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013



MAKE $$$ SELL US YOUR GOLD 30 years of trustworthy business

Book launch 3122 Mt. Lehman • 604.853.9192 •

Retired Hope doctor Gerd Asche will launch part two of his book “Plagues & Placebos” on Saturday, Nov. 16. Part One, the story of his life in Germany, was launched at a sold out book signing at Hope Pharmasave in April. More volumes of the first book as well as the second book, which tells the story of Asche and his wife’s life after arriving in Canada and setting up a practice in Hope, are available for purchase at the Hope Arts Gallery. Both doctors will be at the Hope Arts Gallery on Fort Street from 1 - 3 p.m. for another book signing. All proceeds from the sale of these two books as well as from his first book “Healer-ProphetFool” will be donated to the Hope & District Arts Council.  



FLU SHOTS HERE! Walk-in or by appointment

STORE HOURS: Mon-Fri: 9am-7pm Saturday: 9am-6pm • Sun & Holidays: 10am-5pm


235 Wallace St. • 604-869-2486


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Serving our local communities in over 25 Dignity Memorial locations across British Columbia including:

Forest Lawn Funeral Home 3789 Royal Oak Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G3M1 (604) 299-7720

Mount Pleasant Universal Funeral Home 306 East 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T2C6 (604) 876-2161

Victory Memorial Park Funeral Centre 14831 28th Avenue, Surrey, BC V4P1P3 (604) 536-6522

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MONDAY Hope Al-Anon Group: Al-Anon supports friends and families of problem drinkers. Monday, Nov. 18 8 p.m. Fraser Canyon Hospital meeting room 1275 7th Ave. 604-869-7078

TUESDAY Senior Keep Fit: 55+ keep fit to music, total body workout using chairs, bands, weights. We welcome new participants. This is a fun group. Tuesday, Nov. 19 9 a.m. Golden Ager’s Hall 560 Douglas St. 604-869-8435 Hope Community Choir: Community choir is a adult secular choir that sings for the sheer joy and fun of singing. We sing pop, gospel, folk, something for everyone. Come and join us! Tuesday, Nov. 19 7 p.m. Hope United Church 590 3rd Ave. 604-869-8435 Tops Meeting: Powerful support for weight loss and lifelong health. Weigh-in from 5:30-6 p.m. Meeting 6-7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 19. Anglican Church Hall 681 Fraser St.

604-869-2140 Hope Library Book Club: You don’t have to be a member, just drop in! Pick up the monthly book selection at the library any time and get ready to share your thoughts. Tuesday, Nov. 19 6:30 p.m. Hope Library 1005A 6th Ave. 604-869-9262

WEDNESDAY Westie Army Cadet Training: The program prepares youth aged 12 to 19 to become leaders of tomorrow through fun yet challenging activities. Wednesday, Nov. 20 6:30 p.m. Legion Branch No. 228 344 Fort St. 604-869-2919 Travel With Johnny: Travel up to Bella Coola and inland to the beautiful Chilcotin plateau. Johnny’s evocative photographs and informative travelogues are popular so come early to reserve your spot! Wednesday, Nov. 20 7 p.m. Hope Library 1005A Ave. 604-869-2313

THURSDAY Seniors Coffee and Conversation: Drop in

and join us for a cup of coffee - you’ll enjoy some interesting and lively conversation! No membership required. Sponsored by the Friends of the Hope Library. Thursday, Nov. 21 10:30 a.m. Hope Library 1005 6th Ave. 604-869-2369 Favorite Things: In the Backroom Gallery until Nov. 28, a showcase of watercolor and acrylic artwork by local artists Verda McAffer and Evelin Beulow. Hope Arts Gallery 349 Fort St. 604-869-3400

FRIDAY Tops Meeting: Powerful support group for weight loss and lifelong health. Weigh-in from 8:15 - 9:20 a.m. Meeting 9:30-10:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 15. Anglican Church Hall 681 Fraser St. 604-869-2140 Third Annual Hope Library Quiz Night: Brought to you by the Hope Friends of the Library, this fun-filled fundraising evening gives you an opportunity to win some great prizes and support your library!

Gather some friends together and book a table. Win the prestigious Hope Highbrow Award and your team’s name will be immortalized! Tickets will be available at the library. Friday, Nov. 15 7 p.m. Hope Library 1005A Ave. 604-869-2313

SATURDAY Book Launch & Signing: Part Two of Dr. Gerd Asche’s book “Plagues & Placebos” is here. Gerd will be at the Hope Arts Gallery from 1-3 p.m. to sign your newly purchased book. Available at the Legion Craft Fair and at the Arts Gallery. Refreshments will be served. Saturday, Nov. 16. Hope Arts Gallery 349 Fort St. 604-869-3400

SUNDAY Happy Knit Hope: New this fall, join knitters of all ages and abilities at the library. Learn new stitches, chat and visit at our warm and welcoming fireside knitting circle. Sunday, Nov. 17 1:30 p.m. Hope Library 1005A 6th Ave. 604-869-2313

Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013 A11


History in Hope Hope

NOVEMBER 1953 • A 23-year-old man is formally charged with manslaughter as a result of the death of Peter Geluch of Hope • Hope Rotary Club celebrates its seventh anniversary • The local Rotary Club and Community Band sponsor a talent show to aid the Hospital Fund • Hope Freight Lines announces the acquisition of a new moving service for household furniture, tying in service with Williams Moving and Storage • Four free hampers are given away as Lord’s Grocery open their new grocery store next to Hope Theatre • Monkey Business with Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe is playing at the local cinema NOVEMBER 1963 • Peter Kennedy, brother of Michael Kennedy of North Bend, is killed when his plane crashes near Boothroyd emergency landing strip, a few miles south of Boston Bar • An estimated $6,000 in damage is done to the building, fixtures and contents when a car plunges through the window of the Hipwell Drug store at Fifth Avenue and Wallace Street • A 46-year-old Hope man loses his right arm in a family quarrel with his wife, after his arm is badly shattered with a 30-30 bullet • Council makes an offer of $50,000 to the Hope Indian Band for their 10-acre reserve between Water Street and the Fraser River • Ray DeSorcy’s rink wins

the A event in the Lions Bonspiel in Hope, defeating 30 visiting rinks and seven other rinks of local Lions • Council approves two $5,000 winter works projects, one to clear, excavate, gravel and grade roads in the Coquihalla Place replotting subdivisions, and one to construct a woodshed and kitchen for Coquihalla Campsite NOVEMBER 1973 • Bad weather grounds Air-Sea Rescue helicopters as rescue personnel attempt to continue their search for a small aircraft believed to be down in the Coquihalla Valley • Additional water supplies for Hope will likely have to come from wells according to a recommendation from Dayton and Knight, a Vancouver engineering firm that the town hired to examine the possibility of taking water from Two-Mile Creek on the Hope-Princeton Highway as well as other sources • A fire completely guts the old night club building known as Igloo after an explosion • Fraser-Cheam Regional District unanimously passes a resolution to ask taxpayers in Hope and areas B (Yale and Kawkawa Lake) and C (Silver Creek, Laidlaw, and Sunshine Valley to approve a $300,000 bylaw to provide funds to build an ice arena in Hope at the municipal election in December • Fast action by two truck drivers may have saved the life of a baby flung into water in accident on the Hope-Princeton Highway after a woman loses control of her car in snow at 20-mile and rolls sideways into water

beside the ditch • Hope Community Clothing Depot receives a federal Local Initiatives Program $31,200 grant to provide 10 jobs from Dec. 1 to May 30 NOVEMBER 1983 • Government services in the Hope and Fraser Canyon area are shut down or severely curtailed after a strike throughout the province by the B.C. Government Employees Union • Elementary and secondary schools are quiet in Hope following a district walkout of teachers who are fighting for fair treatment and due process for teachers if layoffs are necessary, a halt to centralization of educational decision-making in Victoria, access to post-secondary education for all qualified students, and restoration of social, democratic and human rights for all British Columbians • Hans Pietsch of Hope is the 1983 B.C. Sports Car Club champion • Vincent Winsell, 20, is sentenced to two years in a federal penitentiary on charges of theft over $200 and breaking and entering with the intent to commit an offense following the theft of $350 from the Hope B.C. Hydro office and break-in at Asche Medical Clinic on Fifth Avenue • Ten construction companies tender bids to construct piers for the bridge to replace the North Bend-Boston Bar ferry • An extensive display of police badges from around the world are just one of the features at the Hope RCMP detachment open house

New extreme weather shelter in Hope The provincial government is funding five extreme weather spaces in Hope this winter. These temporary spaces will be available until the end of March, whenever the community issues an extreme weather alert. “Extreme weather conditions threaten the health and safety of people living without permanent shelter,” said Chilliwack-Hope MLA Laurie Throness. “These spaces will provide

shelter people who would otherwise suffer during extreme winter weather.” The shelter will be located at the Hope and Area Transition Society, 63030 FloodHope Road. Extreme weather shelters supplement the more than 1,800 permanent, year-round shelter beds available in B.C., more than double the number of beds that were available in 2001. The B.C. government also

funds outreach teams to help connect people with a range of community services in more than 60 communities. Province-wide, homeless outreach teams helped more than 6,700 individuals access stable housing last year. For more information on provincial affordable housing programs and efforts to end homelessness in British Columbia, visit: and

Smell ‘n’ tell 1

Smell rotten eggs? It could be natural gas.


Go outside.


Call FortisBC’s 24-hour emergency line at 1-800-663-9911 or 911.

Natural gas is used safely in B.C. every day. But if you smell rotten eggs, go outside first, then call us.

Learn more at FortisBC uses the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis Inc. (13-048.22 06/2013)



for October is...

Daya likes delivering papers to earn his own spending money.

. . . s n o i t a l u t Congra from The Hope Standard, 540 Wallace St. 604-869-2421

Thanks to Panago for helping us honour our carriers.



Taken from The Standard archives

A12 Hope Standard Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hope resident wins rally race gold Barry Stewart Hope Standard

His name was entered into the Canadian Autosport Hall of Fame in 2004… which should mean that Hope resident Taisto Heinonen is long past his glory days behind the wheel of a rally car. But when the 73-year-old got an invitation to suit up for the Rocky Mountain Rally held in Invermere in early November, the competitive juices started flowing again. This was no basic club rally — but a staged race for the Canadian and North American championship rally series. Serious stuff, with television coverage by TSN. One problem: Heinonen didn’t have any wheels. “For this race, you need a car with a roll cage, five-point harnesses, and removable steering wheel, etcetera,” said Heinonen on Tuesday. “I don’t have a car like that anymore.” In the past few years, the native Finlander has been getting back into street rallies — called TSD or “Time, Speed, Distance” rallies — and a woman from Calgary, Leanne Junnila, has been his codriver on a couple of events. Junnila had some key connections for someone else’s car. “Leanne’s friend knew Kevin Lee and his car, and he encouraged Kevin to let us use it,” said Heinonen. “These people are all members of the rally club in Calgary, which is big and active.” Lee’s ride was a 1986 Toyota Corolla GT. “Kevin said it was running about 140 horsepower,” said Heinonen. “A standard Corolla would be about 100 hp. “The suspensions have to be stiffer, for rallying — and the inside is stripped down and there are extra lights for night driving. “Rally cars have to be street legal because we run on public roads (transit sections) between the staged events,” he noted. “As far as speed goes, this car didn’t have a speedometer, but top speeds were about 140-150 km/h. Remember these were really rough logging roads.” During the races, the roads were blocked off and radio-controlled, said Heinonen.


Hope resident and rally car racer Taisto Heinonen won gold at the Rocky Mountain Rally in Invermere in early November.

In preparation for the staged events, teams are allowed to drive the course in a regular street car, on the day prior to the race. Speeds can be more than 60 km/h. “One route was 22 kilometres

up a mountain, then back down again,” said Heinonen’s wife Phyllis, who went along to cheer on the team. “You make notes for each turn,” explained Taisto. “Leanne was in the seat beside me and I would

Fall Programs Masters Swimming Mondays November 18 – December 16

Walking & Games Club Wednesdays November 20 – December 11

Dog Whisperer Saturday, November 23

tell her what to write down. These are called pace notes. “I might say ‘hair-pin left,’ or ‘fast right’ or ‘stay left, rock on right.’ “Leanne is one of the best codrivers around. She only does

Pro-D Day Camp Monday, November 25 8:30am-5:00pm

that, she doesn’t drive, and I don’t co-drive. It’s teamwork,” said Heinonen.   “In the rally, the co-driver is reading out the notes through the intercom to the driver, talking all the time.  It’s very important to be correct all the time because the driver has to totally trust the codriver, to be able to drive maximum speed all the time.  “The smallest error could have terrible results.” There are certainly elements of speed and danger but rallies have a different flavour than road races, said Phyllis. “Cars are released one minute apart,” she said, “so you’re racing the clock, not the other cars. There’s a great feeling of camaraderie and community.” Before the first race day, Nov. 1, Heinonen said he had a few factors gnawing at his confidence. “This was my first pro rally in thirty-one years, so I was very nervous! I didn’t know how it would go and how I would do. The car was new to me and not very powerful. It was a challenge to drive something I had not prepared myself, and only sat in for the first time the night before the race. “I told myself that I just wanted to finish the rally and not have big expectations about the results.  The further into the rally I got, though, the more comfortable I was. I got used to the car and started going faster.” Black ice is often a disaster for motorists — but Heinonen revels in it. “Black ice takes more talent and experience to drive on, so that’s an advantage for me,” he said with a confident grin. After 200 kilometres of racing on rough gravel over the two days, Heinonen and Junnila took the podium in the two-wheeldrive category, beating out 35 other teams.  There was no prize money for the win, though there was plenty of praise. “Some people said rally driving is like learning to ride a bike – so even older drivers with experience still have the muscle memory to do it,” said Heinonen. “It did seem like that for me.”

HHope ope & District

Recreation & Cultural Services For more information, please view our online schedule


1005-6th Ave. • 604-869-2304 “Best Ice in BC” website: • email:

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A14 Hope Standard, Thursday, November 14, 2013





















Legion Ladies Auxiliary

Eastern Star

CHILDREN ........................................80-98

Craft Fair

Autumn Leaves Tea

Wills can be confusing.

EMPLOYMENT .............................102-198 BUSINESS SERVICES...................203-387 PETS & LIVESTOCK ......................453-483

November 17, 2013

9am - 2pm

Wed. Nov 20 Masonic Hall

tables available 604-869-2174

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841 - 4th Ave 2 pm - 4 pm $6.00


AUTOMOTIVE ..............................804-862

Door prizes, bake table, mystery bags, books, raffles

MARINE .......................................903-920


21st Century Flea Market. Nov 17th 10am-3pm. Croatian Cultural Ctr. 3250 Commercial Dr. Adm $5.



But they don’t have to be.

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Entry level - Spare Board Positions Interfor Hammond/ Acorn Divisions Interfor Hammond / Acorn Divisions OPEN HOUSE - IMMEDIATE OPENINGS

Entry level ± Spare board positions OPEN HOUSE — IMMEDIATE OPENINGS

Apply in Person Friday, November 22nd, 2013 8:00am-12noon





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Lost her battle for life on November 4, 2013. There will be a Celebration of Life in her memory at the Hope Station House at the junction of Hwy’s 1 & 3 on Sunday November 24 at 2pm.

Available for appointments Wednesdays in Hope 1-800-667-8403 cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition.


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Interfor – Hammond Division is the World’s largest Western Red Cedar sawmill. It produces Western Red Cedar Specialty Lumber; and our Acorn Division produces HemFir and Douglas-Fir Japan Specialty Lumber.

Where did the years go?

Interfor – Hammond and Acorn Sawmills are accepting applications for entry-level positions. We provide excellent wages and benefit package to our employees. The successful candidates must have the ability to work in a demanding, high paced production environment, be a highly motivated self-starter and have a safety conscious attitude. Shift work and weekend work will be required. Previous sawmill experience, lumber grading, WHMIS, Occupational First Aid Level 3 certification will be an asset.


60 Birthday

International Forest Products Limited (Interfor) is a leading global supplier, with one of the most diverse lines of lumber products in the world. The company has operations across North America and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. For more information about Interfor, visit our website at


All successful applicants should be prepared to have an on the spot interview as well as write a mechanical aptitude test. Please bring a calculator, current resume and 3 work references. Candidates who meet the above requirements must apply in person at the Hammond Sawmill Office, 20580 Maple Crescent, Maple Ridge, BC, on Friday November 22nd, 2013, between 8:00 am and 12:00 noon.


Love your girls, Janice, Becka & Sarah

We thank all applicants in advance, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.









l Like working close to home! ◾

Thursday, November 14, 2013, Hope Standard A15 EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION DRIVERS/COURIER/ TRUCKING




Qualified hairdresser wanted for Hope Seniors care home. One day per week. Please call (604)4209339

HIGHWAY OWNER OPERATORS $3500 SIGNING BONUS Van Kam’s group of companies req. Highway linehaul owner operators based in our Surrey terminal for runs throughout BC and Alberta. Applicants must have winter and mountain driving experience/training. We offer above average rates and an excellent employee benefits package.





LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER required for Canyon Alpine Motel in Boston Bar. $14.14/hr, full-time, morning &/or evening shifts. Fax resume & references to (604)867-8816 or email:

Logistics Coordinator

CAREERS in Trucking. Well established Chip Hauler offers stable secure employment with Extended Benefits, Pension Plan, Direct Payroll deposit and more to Class 1 drivers with clean abstracts and verifiable mountain experience. Apply online: or fax resume: 250-357-2009 For further information 1-888-357-2612 Ext:230

Needed with 2 yrs logistics exp. organizing trucks & drivers; getting permits, customs and border, finding freight, load tracking, dealing with customers and is able to work in a fast paced environment while multi tasking. Fax resume: 604-853-4179

Shop from home!

To join our team of professional drivers, email a detailed resume, current driver’s abstract and details of your truck to: or Call 604-968-5488 or Fax: 604-587-9889



LOCALLY- OWNED, well- established vacuum truck company looking for Class 1, 3, Vacuum and Gravel Truck Operators. Oilfield tickets an asset but not necessary. Incentive package available. Blue Cross after three months. Must be willing to relocate or work three weeks on and one week off. Fax resume and driver’s abstract to 403-845-3903.

PLUMBER REQUIRED Apprenticeship served, Min. 5 years exp. in trouble shooting & repair. Willing to work on call & overtime. Have own tools & driver’s licence. Professionalism with customers a must. email resume to:

Check out our FOR SALE sections: class 500’s for Merchandise, 600’s for Real Estate, and for Automotive view our 800’s.





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CANYON CARPETS, 549 Wallace St., Hope. For all your floor covering needs! Call 604-869-2727

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

ALWAYS! GUTTER Cleaning & Roof Blowing, Moss Control,30 yrs exp., Reliable! Simon 604-230-0627


284 HEAT, AIR, REFRIGERATION LLOYD’S UTILITIES, gas, oil & propane furnaces, class A gas fitter. (604)869-1111 or (604)869-6544



PRECISION EXTERIORS, roofing, siding, windows, doors and more. WCB insured. Call (604)750-8025



Only those of interest will be contacted. Van Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility.





For all your

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FLAGGERS NEEDED. No Certification? Get Certified, 604-575-3944


• Labourers • Tradesmen • Class 1 Drivers

Call 24Hr. Free Recorded Message 1-888-213-2854

CLEARWATER OILFIELD SERVICES, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta requires Class 1, 3 Vacuum Truck Drivers, Swampers. Local work. No day rating. Full benefits after six months. Fax 403-844-9324.


JOURNEYMAN AUTOMOTIVE Service Technician(s) in Hanna Alberta. Hanna Chrysler Ltd. offers competitive wages from $32/hour, negotiable depending on experience. Bright, modern shop. Full-time permanent with benefits. Friendly town just 2 hours from major urban centres. More info at: Fax 403-854-2845; Email:

2459 McCallum Rd. Abby. *****Hiring New Girls*****



New GIRLS, New LOOK, New Management!






ASPHALT PAVING • Brick Driveways • Retaining Walls • Foundation Repairs • Sealcoating 604-618-2304



CRESCENT Plumbing & Heating Licensed Residential 24hr. Service • Hot water tanks • Furnaces • Broilers • Plugged Drains 778-862-0560

BRO MARV PLUMBING 24/7 Plumbing, heating, plugged drains BBB. (604)582-1598,

DAVE’S PLUMBING, licensed, insured, gas fitter, for all your plumbing needs. Call (604)869-4566

LOCAL PLUMBER $45 Service Call Plumbing, Heating, Plugged Drains. Mustang Plumbing 778-714-2441 BLUE’S PLUMBING, got the plumbing blues? Call (604)750-0159

353 ROOFING & SKYLIGHTS Canuck Roofing All Roof Repairs Any job big or small. Free Est. *WCB *Insured *BBB 778-772-1969

HOME RENOVATIONS painting, decks, additions or any repairs around your home. Call Ray 604-869-3543 Reasonable rates. Prompt service.




GLEN TRAUN LANDSCAPING, Commercial & Residential yard maintenance. Call 604-869-2767

If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.



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.1.800.565.5297 dial-a-law 604.687.4680

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Running this ad for 8yrs

3 rooms for $299, 2 coats any colour


GL ROOFING. Cedar/Asphalt, Flat roofs, WCB Clean Gutters - $80. 1-855-240-5362.

(Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Services.



ROGER’S UPHOLSTERY, furniture, windows, fabric, in-home & online estimates. Call 604-860-0939



FRASER CANYON GLASS, for all your glass repairs, windshields domestic & imports. (604)869-9514



BARCLAY FLETCHER CONTRACTING, complete home reno’s, additions & more. (604)869-1686



KENLIN ELECTRIC, residential, rural, commercial, new construction, reno’s. Call (604)860-8605 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899


SUNDAY, NOV. 17 10am - 3pm Corner of Fourth Ave. & Fort St.

EAGLES LOUNGE Guests Welcome! 604.869.2560

Ladies Auxiliary Table Rentals Call 604-869-2174 | 344 Fort St.





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A16 Hope Standard, Thursday, November 14, 2013 PETS 477




UNDER $200

BERNESE Mountain Dog Puppies. Vet checked with first shots and ready for loving homes. $975. Langley area. 778-241-5504.

Stainless steel wine fridge, $200 obo, 604-867-9151

Black Lab German Shepherd Rottie pups, 8 wks old, vet check, 6 left, 3 females, 3 males, 4 black, $495; 2 tan, $595. Call 604-864-1004. 604-869-2421

CAIRN TERRIER Puppies. Home raised, Shots, dewormed. $450. 778-808-0570, 604-859-1724 CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866 CATS OF ALL DESCRIPTION in need of caring homes! All cats are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. Visit us at or call 1 (604)820-2977 GERMAN SHEPHERD Pups from German Import. Black/Red, Sable, & Solid Black $800 604-856-8161.



UNDER $300

Custom made 10’ heavy duty aluminum step ladder $300 604-845-9927




VIAGRA 100mg or CIALIS 20mg. Generic. 40 tabs + 10 FREE all for $99 including FREE SHIPPING. Discreet, Fast Shipping. 888-8360780 or Wolfermans’ Treat Your Friends and Family! Wolferman’s English Muffins! Perfect Holiday Assortment Variety of Sweet & Savory Muffins $29.95 - Use Code “Favorite” Free Shipping! 800-999-1910 Or


720 Olson Ave Sat. Nov. 16

9am - 3pm

household items, sports equipment




HOPE 2 bedroom mobile homes for sale in seniors community. Call Gordon 604-240-3464

HOPE, Small house, cabin or mobile home with garage/shop, up to $650/m + util. retired gentleman w/mature dog 250-699-2247

HOPE 2 vacant pads for rent in senior’s community. Gordon 604-240-3464 HOPE, Silver Hope Mobile Park. Cabin, Mobile homes, and R/V pads for monthly rentals, cable included. Call (604)869-1203



HOPE, 2 bdrm house, $700 includes electricity cost. Call 1 (604)525-1883

WE BUY HOUSES! Older House • Damaged House Moving • Estate Sale • Just Want Out • Behind on Payments Quick Cash! • Flexible Terms! CALL US FIRST! 604-626-9647

Storage Max Storage Locker Sale #62 Sat., Nov. 16 Sun., Nov. 17 9 am - 1 pm

LAB PITBULL CROSS PUPPIES 4M 4F. 8 weeks, $300. 604-530-8810 ~ 778-927-5592 NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or



GROCERY STORE AUCTION November 16 @11am, Burnaby Hobart meat equipment & dishwashers, True coolers & freezers. View

Furniture, household goods



HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

New west coast baby mirrors w/ hardware $50 604-845-9927

STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206




UNDER $100




Difficulty Making Payments? No Equity? Penalty? Expired Listing? We Buy Homes! No Fees! No Risk! / 604-786-4663





WEEKLY SPECIALS NOV. 16-22, 2013 Transmissions ............................................. $49.95 Hoods ............................................................ $44.95 Fenders ......................................................... $25.95 Car Doors...................................................... $39.95 Trk/Van/SUV Doors ..................................... $49.95 Trunk Lids - Bare......................................... $25.95 Bumpers Painted/Chrome - 105 ............... $25.95 Any Plain Steel Wheel ................................ $7.95 All Bucket Seats Manual .......................... $19.95 All Bench Seats .......................................... $24.95 Rear Hatch Assys........................................ $59.95

1 bdrm apartment, newly renovated, $600/mo, and a large 1 bdrm apartment, $475/mo. Both on Wallace St., on site coin-op laundry, N/P, N/S., must have references, hot water & heat included.

Call (604)869-1301 or 3 bedroom townhouse, 5 appl., soundproof, radiant heat, blinds, fenced yard, patio, 658 Coquihalla St., sunny side of town, N/S, no dogs, D/D Ref’s req. Avail now. Call (604)869-6599 or (604)796-0069 HOPE

Coquihalla Courts 1030 3rd Ave. 2 Bdrm apt. $650 F/S, coin laund, cable incl., secure prkg. Avail Now. 792-1221


43645 Industrial Way, Chilliwack




2008 PONTIAC VIBE White, meticulously maintained, air, auto, very clean. Higher kms (mostly highway), drives great. $4995/obo. 604-575-5347

Find the car of your dreams

2 bedroom 845


SCRAP CARS & METALS - CA$H for CARS Up to $300. No Wheels - No Problem! Friendly &

Professional Service. Servicing the Fraser Valley 1-855-771-2855

Need A Vehicle! Guaranteed Auto Loan. Apply Now, 1.877.680.1231

Auto Financing 1.800.910.6402

HOPE, 3 bdrm townhouse 1 1/2 baths, fenced back yard, F/S, W/D, full basement, attached storage area. Rent includes heat. N/P, N/S 604-869-9402 or 604-869-1432 KAWKAWA LAKE, 3 bdrm home, 66546 Kawkawa Lk Rd, stunning views of lake, floor to ceiling reno’s just completed, lake access 100 yds away, W/D, $990/mo. Avail Dec 1. Call 1-604-505-1077





HOPE, 3 bdrm suite, on private acreage, sunny location with lots of outdoor opportunities, covered parking, $900/mo., all incl. pet negot. horse paddocks on property. Avail Dec. 1. Call (604)702-8247


The Scrapper


HOPE, 2 BDRM TOWNHOUSE. basic tier 1 cable, F/S, laundry hook-up., family oriented, No dogs. $640/mo. Ref’s required. Available now. Call 604-869-9006


HOPE AUTO BODY, complete collision repair & restoration. Call (604)869-5244 AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673




HOPE. 2 BDRM TOWNHOUSE. Cable, F/S, laundry fac., No dogs. $640./mo. Ref’s required. Family oriented Call 604-869-9006 HOPE, 3-storey 1500 sq ft townhouse, 3 bdrm, 1.5 bathroom, double driveway, 4 appliances, avail Dec. 1, N/S, N/P, $795/mon. 604526-7478

Loaded. Mint...$3850 604-309-3135



Now That’s a Deal!

Hours: 8:30 am–5:00 pm 7 days a week



HOPE. Room for rent, wireless & cable access, laundry, partially furnished. $400/mo. Ref’s needed. Call (604)750-0295

New SRI *1296 sq/ft Double wide $89,888. *New SRI 14’ wide $67,900. Repossessed mobile homes, manufactured homes & modulars. Chuck 604-830-1960.


Ross Fullbrook Royal LePage 604-792-0077



HOPE, 1 car garage for rent, $130 / month. Available immediately. Call 604-869-6599



plus den in seniors community.


10 drawer tool chest w/ mostly craftsmen tools $800 604-845-9927 -----------------------------------------------Lrg., dark dining room set, seats 10-16 chairs, glass front top hutch & bottom $3000 604-845-9927




Call Gordon 604-240-3464

New Modular home on 1/2 Acre Lot. $129,900 Home + $125,000 Lot - or rent lot for $650/mo. Call Chuck 604-830-1960.





Great Pyrenees pups, M/F, 1st shots, parents on site, ready Dec 6. $500/$700ea. (604)798-5069


HOPE. 2 bdrm house, located in town. W/D, No smoking. Ref’s req’d. $800. (604)876-7704.


Moving Sale


Pursuant to Section 892 of the Local Government Act, notice is hereby given that the District of Hope will conduct a Public Hearing with respect to District of Hope Zoning Bylaw No. 1324, Amendment Bylaw 1343, 2013 (hereinafter referred to as Bylaw 1343). The purpose of Bylaw 1343 is to regulate and limit federally licensed medical marijuana growing operations within the District of Hope boundaries. The Public Hearing will be conducted on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 7:00 pm in Council Chambers at the District of Hope Municipal Hall, 325 Wallace Street. Copies of the staff report and Bylaw 1343 are available for public inspection at the District of Hope Municipal Hall between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. For further information, please contact the Planning Department at 604-869-5671. Information is also available online at At this Public Hearing, all persons who believe that their interest in property could be affected by Bylaw 1343 will be afforded an opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the bylaw. Written submissions may also be presented to the District of Hope in advance of the hearing but must be received by the District no later than 12:00 noon November 25, 2013. Written submissions will be read at the Public Hearing and entered into the Public Hearing record. 11/13W_DOH14

2000 TOYOTA COROLLA 4 door, auto, sedan. ST#468. Only this week! $1,900. 1996 HONDA CIVIC 4 door, auto, fully loaded, Aircared. ST#462. $2,495. 2000 DODGE NEON 4 door, auto, sedan, Aircared, low kms. STK#467. $2,500. 1996 HONDA ACCORD 4 dr, sedan, fully loaded ST#478. $2,900. 2003 FORD WINDSTAR. 7 psger, runs good. ST#460. Only this week! $2,900. 2002 PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2 dr, auto, low kms. ST#459. Only this week! $3,900. 2003 CHEVY IMPALA 4 dr, auto, fully loaded, ST#376 $3,900. 2005 CHEV UPLANDER 7 psg auto, a/c, fully loaded, long wheel base. ST#437. $4,900. 2003 FORD ESCAPE 4dr, 4X4 auto. ST#377. Only this week! $4,900. 2006 SATURN ION 4 dr, auto, Aircared. ST#389. Only this week! $5,500. 2007 FORD FUSION 4 dr, auto, loaded. ST#250. $5,995. 2006 NISSAN SENTRA, 4 dr, auto, fully loaded, ST#387. Only this week! $6,500. 2008 CHEVY COBOLT 2 dr, 5 spd, black. ST#445. Only this week! $6,500. 2004 CHEV TRAILBLAZER 4X4, auto, 7pass. Aircared. ST #457.Only this week $6,900. 2007 HYUNDAI ACCENT 4 dr, auto, fully loaded, runs good. ST#364. $6,900. 2007 CHEV COBALT 4 dr, auto, low kms. ST#367. Only this week! $6,900. 2007 DODGE CALIBER 4 dr, auto, fully loaded. ST#383 $7,500. 2008 KIA SPECTRA 4 dr auto hatch back, fully loaded ST#352. $7,777. 2005 HYUNDAI SANTA FE, AWD, 4 dr, auto, only 140km, ST#371. Only this week! $8,900 2008 SATURN ASTRA 4 dr, h/back, sunroof, auto. ST#366. Only this week! $9,900. 2007 TOYOTA COROLLA, 4 dr, auto, sedan, very low kms, 82K only. ST#393. Only this week! $10,500. 2007 KIA RONDO 4 dr, auto, 7 pass, leather, runs good, ST#424. $10,900 2008 HONDA CIVIC 4 door, auto, sunroof, leather, full load ST#442. $10,900. 2008 JEEP COMPASS 4 door, auto, low km, only 83K kms, ST#447 this week $11,900. 2008 KIA SPORTAGE, 4 dr, auto, runs good. Only this week! $11,900. 2009 DODGE JOURNEY 4 dr, auto. 5 passenger. ST#418. Only this week! $11,900. 2006 FORD F350. Quad cab 4 X 4, auto, long box, diesel. ST#13. $14,900. 2007 GMC ACADIA 4 dr, 8 passenger, all wheel drive, runs good. ST#319. $14,900 2010 DODGE JOURNEY 4 dr, auto, loaded, 7 psgr. ST#428. Only this week! $15,900. 2009 JETTA TDi 4 dr, auto, leather, fully loaded. ST#402. Only this week. $17,900. 2011 FORD ESCAPE, auto, 4 door, fully loaded. Ony 20K, ST#471. $18,900.

TRUCKS 2003 FORD SPORT TRAC 4 door, crew cab, leather, 4X4, auto, no acc’d. ST#477 $7,900. 2006 FORD F350 XLT Crew cab, diesel, 4X4, auto, long box, runs good ST#309 $12,900. 2004 HUMMER H2, 4 dr, auto, 4 X 4, ST#384. Only this week, $13,900. 2006 FORD F350 XLT crew cab diesel 4X4 auto long box only 160K. ST#310. $13,900. 2006 FORD F350 XLT quad cab, 4X4, auto, diesel, only 156K ST#17. $14,900. 2007 FORD F350 XLT Crew cab, diesel, 4X4, auto, short box only, 162K. ST#126. $15,900. 2009 FORD F150 Crew cab, fully loaded $17,900. 2007 FORD F350 LARIAT crew cab, diesel, 4 X 4, auto short box. ST#275. $18,900.

32055 Cedar Lane Abbotsford, BC DL#31038


Hope Standard, November 14, 2013  

November 14, 2013 edition of the Hope Standard

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