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Crowd of candidates RECOGNITION: Local war veteran has been recognized after serving 70 years ago – PG 3

GIFTED: Local singer Emily Oud took home the top prize at Lacombe’s Got Talent – PG 15

MATCH-UPS: Football Day took place this past weekend as part of annual festival – PG 18

FULL SWING - Election campaign signs have taken over nearly every available piece of public land. This small green space next to the Lacombe Fire Department is no exception.

Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

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Thursday, October 3, 2013





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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Local veteran recognized 70 years after service Ken Long served as part of Canada’s Bomber Command in World War II BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express


acombian Ken Long, who served as a part of Canada’s Bomber Command in the Second World War, was one of seven members of the unit to be awarded with his Bomber Command Bar at a recent ceremony in Edmonton. Long said he was glad for the recognition even though it was long overdue. “I was glad they recognized us finally,” said Long. “Up until then the Air Force never got much recognition at all.” Long said he first heard about the impending ceremony when he read about it in Legion Magazine. He said his feelings about the recognition, nearly 70 years after his service, were somewhat indifferent. Long said that, while Air Force members were referred to as “The cream of the crop” during the war, they received little recognition after the war. He added that members of the Bomber Command were branded as murderers by many members of the community because of the high civilian death toll from many Bomber Command missions. As such, Long was glad to finally be receiving recognition, but disappointed that it had taken 70 years to happen. Long went on to say that, while there may have been civilians killed in Bomber Command missions, both the Axis and Allies used bombers and there were high civilian deaths on both sides. He added that he believes the Air Force and Bomber Command were essential parts of the war effort and if not for them, we might still be fighting the same war. During the Second World War Long piloted a Handley Page Halifax III bomber. He said he knew he would have to serve in the war one way or another and decided to join the Air Force over the Army so that he wouldn’t have to walk. On one mission, Long’s plane was damaged and three members of his crew were wounded but he managed to fly the Halifax home

LONG TIME COMING - Ken Long displays the Bomber Command Bar he recently received as recognition for his service in the Second World War. Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

even with only two of the four engines running. His efforts even earned him a Distinguished Flying Medal. In addition to his Distinguished Flying Medal and Bomber Command Bar, Long has also received 1939 45 Star, a European Star, a France-Germany Star and a Canadian Medal for his service. However, Long said he never thought about getting recognition during his service. Instead, he was thinking about doing his job.

“You just figured you did your duty when you brought that plane back,” said Long. “You didn’t think too much except you were awful damn happy when you landed.” The ceremony where Long and other members of Bomber Command were recognized took place at the Aviation Museum in Edmonton and bars were presented by Veteran Affairs Minister Julian Fantino and Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre Laurie Hawn.

Long added the veterans who were recognized never had a chance to visit amongst themselves due to all the media attention at the ceremony, which Long said was a little too much for his liking. “There was media everywhere,” said Long’s daughter, Noreen Selvais, who attended the ceremony with him. Selvais said that she was proud to see her father recognized, especially after so many years. She added that, knowing her father

served for her country during the Second World War is an incredible point of pride for her always. “When O Canada comes on, I often cry,” said Selvais. “There is a lot of pride.” She added that it is important to remember the service veterans made during times of war and she doesn’t like to think what might have happened had their sacrifices not been made. “It would have been horrible,” said Selvais.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lacombe’s Chris Ross joins City council race Candidate hopes to tackle issues such as economic development, taxes, among others BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express Chris Ross wants to get involved. Born and raised just outside of the City of Lacombe, Ross said he has always taken an interest in the community. He said his frustrations and feelings that Lacombe has missed out on a lot of business led him to run for council. However, Ross added that his opinions are purely from an “outside looking in” perspective and he doesn’t know the whole story behind the decisions made by the City of Lacombe and its council because he has never been a part of it. So, he wants to become a part of it. “We need to move forward.” Ross said that this next council will be faced with a critical time in moving the City forward. He also said that the City needs to get its priori-

ties straight and that he is not sure now was the best time to examine things like Lacombe’s garbage situation when there are other things he feels are more pressing that need to be dealt with, like a serious lack of residential lots or lack of commercial and industrial development. Lacombe’s residential tax base needs to be shown there is a plan, said Ross. He added the City is in great need of establishing relationships to bring in industrial and commercial development and business. Ross went on to say that Lacombe is lacking facilities in many areas that are drawing people out of the City. As such, Lacombe is losing the dollars spent by those people to neighbouring communities. It’s something Ross would like to change. He added with Lacombe being the size it is and now a City, it should have more of the major business franchises within its

boundaries so that people don’t go looking for those businesses and franchises elsewhere.

“PART OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IS KEEPING YOUR LOCAL DOLLARS WITHIN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY.” CHRIS ROSS “Part of economic development is keeping your local dollars within your local community,” said Ross. Without those necessary relationships, Lacombe will stay at a frustrating standstill, he added. Not only does Lacombe need to attract more business, it needs to start actively seeking out businesses to bring to Lacombe, said Ross. He added that when businesses do come to Lacombe, they need to be accommodated. Ross went on to say attracting large franchises

Notice of Advanced Vote LOCAL JUSRISCTION:



would not hurt local business. Instead, he said it would bring more people to Lacombe which in turn means more dollars being spent at all businesses. “More traffic to the larger venues will create more traffic to support the smaller ones.” Ross advocated for more multi-use facilities such as the arts centre proposed by the C4 Initiative. He said it might be appropriate to have a building utilized by both arts and sports groups, saying both types of venues are needed in Lacombe. “It would be more viable

to have a bigger building together,” said Ross. He added that recreational facilities in general are needed as well as other amenities for the use of families. Without those amenities, Ross said Lacombe will be surpassed by the growth of neighbouring communities. Being very proud of the community he calls home, Ross said he would strive to always represent Lacombe’s best interests. He added he is approachable and will listen to the concerns of Lacombe residents. “I’m very much a people

CHRIS ROSS person,” said Ross. “It’s time to start listening to the people.” Voters will head to the polls on Oct. 21.

MAKE WAY - Members of the Ellis Bird Farm Board, ME Global and Lacombe County council broke ground at Ellis Bird Farm recently to prepare for the construction of a new Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express visitor information centre.

Notice is hereby given that an Advanced Vote will be held for the filling of the following offices

Office(s) Office(s) Mayor Mayor Councillor Councillor

Number of Vacancies ncies Number of Vacancies 1 (One) 1 (One) 6 (Six) 6 (Six)

Ward or Electoral Ward or Electoral Division Number Division Number N/A N/A N/A N/A

Voting will take place on Wednesday, the 16th day of October, 2013 between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., and Voting will take place on Saturday, the 19th Day of October, 2013 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The Voting Station will be located at:

ELECTION 2013 ALL CANDIDATES PUBLIC FORUM All Mayoral and Council Candidates will be Present Forum Moderator: Ken Kobly, President & CEO of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce

Wednesday October 16 7:00pm in the LMC DOORS OPEN TO PUBLIC AT 6:30pm Call (403) 782-4300 for Details

Lacombe City Hall, Council Chambers 5432 56 Avenue Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1E9

Presented by:

Dated at the City of Lacombe, in the Province of Alberta, this 30th day of September, 2013 Michael Minchin Returning Officer

Lacombe Express 5

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Resident hopes to maintain Lacombe’s reputation BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express William Alexander (Sandy) Douglas loves Lacombe. Now, he hopes he can maintain those feelings about his community as a councillor. Douglas has lived in Lacombe all his life and decided to run for council to make sure the community he cares about remains on the right track. “I love this community,” said Douglas. He added that while he has not agreed with all the decision made by councils of the past, he thinks that generally things have been done well. To make sure that trend continues, Douglas wants to have some say into what decisions the City makes. “I would never criticize anything that was done in the past, what’s done is

done. But I want to have some input. There are some things that have been done that I don’t agree with and there are some things that I wouldn’t have thought of that are the greatest ideas ever.” Most important to Douglas is listening to the demands of the people, he said. He added that, no matter what the issue is, it is important to listen to citizens because that is whom he would be representing. Douglas said Lacombe needs to make better use of what he calls its ideal strategic location and promote itself in all areas. He said that Lacombe could be a “Mecca” for so many things in Alberta like arts, sports, agriculture and the oil industry and is missing out on the opportunity for growth in these areas.

As such, Douglas’ motto for his campaign is ‘Promote Lacombe’. He added that he would like to see Lacombe bring back its “Crossroads of the Parkland” moniker. “Lacombe is a pretty cool place. There are a few things that Lacombe is missing out on that it could be gaining.” Along those lines, Douglas said he wants to see more growth in Lacombe,

particularly in the commercial sector. He said that he, like many Lacombians, do much of their shopping outside Lacombe simply because there are not enough businesses in the City. Douglas added that, with Lacombe now a City, it should work to attract more businesses so that money stays in Lacombe. “Now that we are a City let’s act like a City.” While he may not have the experience of some oth-

er candidates who are running for a second or third term on council, Douglas said he does not foresee his inexperience to be a problem. “I’m a fast learner and I mix well with others,” said Douglas. He added that it seems lately the City has been spending too much money on studies, something he doesn’t think is always necessary.


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Watch next week’s edition for our My Beliefs: A school trustee is the student advocate for the best education

Education enables a society to achieve social justice

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Locally elected trustees are accountable to their community

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6 Lacombe Express

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Technology helps students focus on education BY AMELIA NAISMITH Black Press The world is becoming more technologically advanced by the second, and students need to be educated on those matters using the same tools they’re learning about. An Alberta education initiative— 21st Century Learning — is a driving force behind the idea students need to learn the technologies in order to analyze new situations and advance their minds’ critical thinking capacity. However, in order to properly educate the students, the teachers themselves must first understand the emerging technology. Enter the 21st Century Learning Symposium — teachers teaching teachers. The symposium took place Sept. 26 and 27 at the Terrace Ridge School in Lacombe and was attended by 500 teachers and other staff members of Wolf Creek Public Schools, as well as other districts. The focus of many of the sessions was training the teachers on how to use the technology as well as helping them to understand how it can be used in the classroom. Universal Design for Learning is the idea students should have the opportunity to access and complete their assignments

on a number of different mediums in order to engage themselves in a way that best presents their skills and knowledge. “I had a kid in Grade 5, he was a nightmare. He wouldn’t do his work, he wouldn’t engage,” said Assistive Technology Tips and Tricks presenter Jay Cottell. Cottell designed a five-week electric model car assignment for his students. Because it was hands-on the student who previously refused to participate in class was done the model in three days and spent the remaining four weeks helping his classmates. “You have to give it (lessons) to kids in multiple ways and allow them to give it back to you in multiple ways,” said Cottell. To Cottell, 21st Century Learning is about awareness, willingness and effort on the teacher’s part. “The more you do that meets everybody’s needs, everyone benefits.” Technology was the main focus of the session, but not the main focus of the curriculum. “It’s about supportive learning, and teachers need to be inclusive,” said Cottell. Supportive learning using technology doesn’t always mean high-tech gadgets. The assistive learning continuum adheres to the idea low-grade technology

helps students focus on their studies. Cottell uses devices such as ‘wiggle seats’ or Thera-band, a rubber piece stretching between the legs of a desk for students to play with on a subconscious level to keep them engaged when the activity isn’t very hands on. Programs including Cloud On — similar to Microsoft Office and YouTube are becoming prominent in classrooms when it comes to assignment styles. Sharing a class YouTube account and creating videos for assignments will allow students to continue learning outside the classroom and easily share their findings.

However, in passing at the symposium, at the Wolf Creek Public Schools staff member made the comment that, while technology and the teaching benefits involved are “cool”, such as the apps that lower the reading grade level of text and assignments the students deal with, they may also be harming students in the long run. The staff member wondered if more emphasis should be placed on the fact so many students without learning disabilities are behind in grade level abilities in today’s society.



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MILESTONE - Lacombe ATB Branch Manager Zeke Pipke (left) presents a cheque for $1,000 to Jan Pocock of Lacombe FCSS to go towards the Coats for Kids charity. The donation was Lisa Thompson/Lacombe Express made in recognition of ATB’s 75th birthday on Sept. 27.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

OPINION 5019A - 51 St Lacombe, AB T4L 2A3 Main phone:

403-782-5303 Fax:



Brian Vossen 403-782-5306


Lisa Thompson 403-782-5330

Candidate discussion If it wasn’t already, this year’s municipal election is now well and truly underway. Every piece of available municipal land is covered in campaign signs, sometimes right on top of each other and citizens can be seen wearing buttons supporting their preferred candidates. Elections are exciting times for members of the media. It generates a lot of newsworthy material for us to write about. It also gives readers a lot to talk about, which generates lots of discussion and debate and newspapers thrive on debate. Debate is an important, nay, an essential part of the political process. Just as it is necessary for councillors to discuss and debate the items that come before them during council meetings, so too is it important for voters to discuss and debate the merits of different candidates. As elections are probably the most important parts of the political process, it also means they are the times when it is most important for people to have their voices heard. It is also the time when people have the most input into the political process and that input has the greatest effect. Lately, the Lacombe Express has been publishing a few editorials and columns about the importance of making one’s voice heard in the political process. We have encouraged readers to make the Express part of their debate and offered a way for them to express their opinions through letters to the editor. With elections and the discussion and debate surrounding them being as important as they are, we want to continue to invite members of the public to share their opinions with us through letters to the editor. However, it is important to note that, while fair criticism is welcome in letters to the editor,

the Lacombe Express will not print letters that are ‘bashing’ any individual or group. Again, just as councillors are expected to discuss, debate and disagree with each other in a professional, courteous and polite manner without insulting one another, we expect anyone submitting letters to the editor to be professional, courteous and accurate when commenting on candidates in the election. If you would like to submit a letter to the edi-

tor praising, criticizing, or otherwise commenting on any election candidates, feel free to do so. The Lacombe Express will gladly print any letters regarding the election as long as they are fair and do not contain claims that cannot be proven. Remember, elections are the time when you, the voters, have the most power in the political process. Let us help you voice your opinions and maximize that input into the process this election.

Lacombe community certainly does have talent


Tracey Scheveers

The Lacombe Express is a proud newspaper of

Copyright. No material - news, photographs or advertising - may be reproduced without the express written consent of the Publisher. Failure to obtain such consent may result in legal action without further notice.

Holy talent. This past Friday, I had the great opportunity to cover the events at the annual Lacombe’s Got Talent competition at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. Before I go on, let me just say that I cover a lot of special events as part of my job as a newspaper editor. Some I enjoy thoroughly, some . . . not so much. My friends often comment on how I have a great job because I get paid to go to cool events like concerts. Sometimes, I go to events where I’m not sure if I will enjoy them or not. There are times when I am pleasantly surprised and – again – times when I’m not. When preparing to cover Lacombe’s Got Talent, I was a little apprehensive and not sure what to expect. I have covered talent shows before for newspapers and often found them to be quite lackluster, full of ‘talented’ individuals who hadn’t


VOSSEN really thought out their acts. I was concerned that Lacombe’s Got Talent might be another such show. Boy was I wrong. It didn’t take long for me to be blown away by the talent and creativity of the contestants on that stage. It is a terribly over-used cliché, but all of the performers at Lacombe’s Got Talent deserve to be winners. For starters, it takes guts to get up on a stage in front of a large crowd and share something you think you are good at with all of them. It is even harder to do that, when you know that you are going to be critiqued on it and perhaps find out you aren’t as good as you thought

you might be. I did drama in high school. I was one of the few people lucky enough to not suffer stage fright or any of its symptoms. However, my shows were never critiqued. I never faced a panel of judges after performing to tell me what I did wrong and right. I can’t imagine how my performances would have differed if that had been the case, so kudos to all of those who took the stage at LMC on Friday night. In any case, it’s a good thing the participants in Lacombe’s Got Talent did get on stage. It would be a crime if these individuals, as talented as they are, did not take the stage to share their incredible talents with all of Lacombe. And there was an abundance of talent on that stage. There was also an abundance of creativity. No two acts were the same and everyone found a way to make his or her own part of the show stand out by itself.

As if the talent of the 10 finalists from this year was not enough Grade A entertainment for Lacombe, previous winners were invited back to perform again on the stage. The abundance of talent and creativity seems to be a tradition from Lacombe’s Got Talent competitions. Performances from this year’s contestants was incredible, but so were those from returning winners of previous years. Not only do the competitors and other performers of Lacombe’s Got Talent deserve kudos, so do those who organized the event. Inviting back previous winners to perform is a great way to turn a talent show into a night of fantastic entertainment. So, all in all, kudos to all the competitors, performers, judges and organizers of the fantastic Lacombe’s Got Talent show. I look forward to seeing it again next year!

8 Lacombe Express

Thursday, October 3, 2013

fyi EVENTS The Red Deer Legion Pipe Band is actively recruiting experienced and inexperienced people from the Central Alberta area, who are interested in joining the Band. Anyone with piping or drumming experience, or if you would like to learn piping or drumming, are asked to please contact us at 403-782-7183 or by email at amacaskill@telus. net. Practices are held at the Red Deer Legion on Tuesdays at 7:00 and new members will start in November. Lacombe Dance Lessons - social and choreographed ballroom dancing. Traditional Two-step or Cha Cha/Jive starting in October. For details phone Cliff at 403-782-4094. Food, Fun, Faith and Family! Designed to bring children, youth and adults together in fun and interactive activities, Messy Church is a new way to explore the values and stories of Christian Faith in an atmosphere of creativity, hospitality and celebration. From 5 -7 p.m. on Oct. 4 in the CE Building at St. Andrew’s United Church (5226-51 Ave.) Call 403-7823148 for more information. A Drumming Circle is being held at Blackfalds United Church on Oct. 25 at 7:30pm. Cost is $10, $5 child and includes a drum. You are encouraged to bring your own drum if you have one. No experience is necessary and drumming circles help to relieve stress and aid people to feel emotionally and spiritually connected. Jeannette Hippie, a local drumming facilitator, will be leading the group. Pre-registration is encouraged to ensure enough drums. Contact Karen at 403-8854151 or to register or more information. The Lacombe Legion has bingo on Mondays at 7 p.m. in the upstairs hall. Coffee time runs Wednesdays from 9:30-11 a.m. ($2 for coffee, tea and cookies). On Fridays, there are four meat draws and tickets are $2/ set of three tickets. Draw starts at 6:30 p.m. On Saturdays,

These events brought to you by:


Your weekly Community Events Calendar

there are four fou meat draws which start at 4:30 p.m. Chase the ace starts after meat draws. New to Lacombe? Contact Lacombe Welcome Wagon at 403-348-9567 for free maps, information about the City & area, as well as free gifts from local businesses. New baby in the family? Contact Lacombe Welcome Wagon at 403-3489567 for free information, baby product samples as well as free gifts from local businesses. Youth Unlimited Drop-in Activites every Tuesday and Thursday, for ages 12 and up. Movies, crafts, games, and more! It costs $2/

baking and bread, crafts, jewelery, birdhouses, bedding plants, meats and more. Call 403-7824772 for more information. Circle of Friends - free weekly supper for the community, nutritious meals for anyone interested. It runs at Bethel Christian Reformed Church. Band of Brothers challenges men to an adventure: Reclaiming their hearts to God. It is a chance for men to be real about life and faith in a confidential and informal setting. They meet Monday evenings at the Youth Unlimited building located in downtown Lacombe.


Lacombe Centre Mall


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evenings. Everyone interested in the intersection of theology and popular culture is welcome to participate. For more information or to register, contact Rev. Ross Smillie at 403-782-3148. MEETINGS


W.H.O.L.E. - Widows Helping Others Live Earnestly. W.H.O.L.E. can help you adjust to your loss, to channel your grief into helping others who are struggling with loss, and to help you gain perspective as a person who has a new role to be fulfilled. It’s about widow to widow interaction and socialization. It’s about being able to express with like-minded

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Stationery Supplies S Computer Repairs Ask about abo t o ourr “Money “Money Back” B TELUS Mobility Agents 5 Year Extended Service We are Licenced Dealers & Installers for Plan on TV & Audio XPLORNET, SHAW DIRECT & Bell TV

night or $50/season (JuneSeptember). Last Thursday of the month is girls only. Hours are 6 to 9 p.m. and activities run at the YU-Turn Youth Centre. Lacombe Writers Group meet every two weeks, on Mondays. Gentle and encouraging group with writers of all different genres. Call 403-885-4251 for more information. Drop in Pool Tournament run every Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. at the Lacombe Hotel. Youth Unlimited Road Hockey for boys ages nine and up outside the Youth Unlimited Building (YU-Turn). $2/night or $50/ season. Aug. 1 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the YU-Turn Youth Center. Lacombe Farmers Market runs every Friday morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Michener Park across from the golf course on Hwy. 12. Every Friday morning there will be vegetables, fruit, homemade

Taoist Tai Chi - a relaxing, low impact exercise; continuing classes year round, for those who have completed beginners or have learned Taoist Tai Chi before. Participate in classes of your choice. Available in Red Deer, Lacombe, Rocky Mountain House, and Innisfail. Contact 403-3466772 for more information. Coffee Time at the Lacombe Legion runs every Wednesday morning. Come join us for coffee. $2. Gatherings run from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Lacombe Legion. The Lord of the Rings: Exploring the Hidden Meanings of Tolkien’s fiction - Many people consider The Lord of the Rings to be the greatest work of fiction in the 20th century. But beyond a great adventure story, the work explores themes of power, ethics, faith and the good life. A series exploring these themes of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fiction will be held at St. Andrew’s United Church at 7 p.m. on Sunday

women the pain and confusion that comes with loss, as well as the encouragement and friendship to help you once again live a life filled with meaning and earnest life. There are no councillors present, only a facilitator to help keep conversations moving. W.H.O.L.E meets monthly and is open to widows of all ages. Space is limited, so please phone to book a spot. Refreshments will be served. Lacombe Art Guild - the guild meets regularly on the second and third Tuesday of each month. A variety of workshops are provided for developing artists. Membership is $15 per year. Contact Betty Peers at 403782-9968 or blog Meetings runs in LMC Credit Union Room at 5214 50 Ave. in Lacombe. Red Deer Celiac Support Group our meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at Sobeys South, 5111-22 St. in the Coffee

Lounge at 7 p.m. Information on Celiac disease, symptoms, diagnosing, gluten free diet, gluten free products, recipes, coffee and samples. Meetings for 2013 – Oct. 15 and Nov. 19. They would like to announce the formation of Stettler Celiac Support Group, meeting in the Board room of the Stettler Hospital, the first Tuesday of the month. For information call Diane @ 403-742-0903 or Val @ 742-5217. For more information, in Red Deer, call Fay at 430-347-3248, Clarice 403-3414351 or email Red DeerCeliacs@ for information. Are you having problems with someone else’s drinking? We are an anonymous group of men and women who can offer encouragement and support. Call Al-Anon Family groups at 403-346-0320 for a list of meetings in Red Deer and the surrounding area. Air Force Association of Canada. The aims and objectives of the Association are to preserve and perpetuate the traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force and to advocate a proficient and wellequipped Air Force in Canada. 703 Wing in Red Deer provides a forum for serving and former participants in military and civil aviation to meet and enjoy the company of like-minded people. 703 Wing members meet at noon every second Saturday of the month at the ABC Country Restaurant, 2085 50th Ave. in Red Deer for a luncheon and business meeting. Contact President Al Low at 403-3413253 or Writers’ Ink, The Red Deer & District Writers Club has weekly meetings (every Tuesday) in the old farmhouse at Sunnybrook Farm (4701 30 St.) from 7 to 9 p.m. We meet, share our writing, and offer constructive criticism to one another. We also do our utmost to improve our craft by Skyping professionals in the field of writing, by inviting guest speakers to our Spring Workshop and to the occasional meeting. Our professional library is increasing as is our knowledge gained from members who are constantly seeking new challenges and sharing successes and failures with the group. Guests are welcome!

Lacombe Express 9

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rules regarding election campaign signs In response to a number of inquiries from residents, the City of Lacombe would like to remind everyone that election signs are allowed on both private and municipal property. However, candidates must have the private property owner’s consent to place a sign on their property. “This has become an issue with residents because of the increase in the number of election signs in this election compared to previous elections,” said 2013 Election Returning Officer Michael Minchin. The City’s Land Use Bylaw exempts election signs for municipal, provincial and federal elections from requiring a development permit. There are no restrictions on the number of signs a candidate can post. The City does not allow election signage in or on Lacombe Memorial Centre property during Election Day – Oct. 21 – since the Lacombe Memorial Centre is the location of the City’s voting stations.

Election signs can be placed on municipal property, which include municipal lands, parks, and boulevards.

“THIS HAS BECOME AN ISSUE WITH RESIDENTS BECAUSE OF THE INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF ELECTION SIGNS IN THIS ELECTION COMPARED TO PREVIOUS ELECTIONS.” MICHAEL MINCHIN The only restrictions apply to location relative to roads to ensure that signs do not interfere with the orderly movement of pedestrians or vehicles, or within sightlines required under any City bylaw. The province, school divisions and the federal government may have their own rules covering the placement of signs on their property. The City does not regulate signs on these areas. The government of Al-

berta has developed guidelines concerning signs along provincial highways. The City uses these guidelines for signs along the portions of Hwys 2A and 12 within the City’s corporate boundaries. These guidelines can be found on the City’s election web site page ( ) or on the Alberta Transportation web site (http://www. Content/docType233/Production/elecsign.pdf. ) Candidates are responsible for removing their signs no later than 72 hours after the election day. This includes the sign’s panel, support structure and any tie wiring used to install and support the sign. Signs may need to be removed prior to the end of the campaign if they pose safety or operational hazards. Signs that pose any immediate hazard or threat to safety must be removed immediately without notification of the campaign office. - Vossen


DIVING DUCKS - Ducks dive for food on a rainy morning at Cranna Lake. These and other water birds have began flocking together to prepare for the long migration south for the Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express winter.

Earn up to 3.15%* interest

October 15th

and 100% Karma.

Our 3-Year Escalator is good for you and your community. You get a great rate that builds over time and your investment helps support good causes in the community.

Learn more at 3-Year Escalator GIC Year








Effective Yield: 2.15% *3.15% rate is based on year 3 of the Servus 3-Year Escalator GIC. Servus may change or cancel this offer at any time without notice.

10 Lacombe Express

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New chapter for local Learning Disabilities Association Range of programming available for community It’s a bright and exciting new chapter for the local office of the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta. Just recently, Kim Darbyson took the reigns as executive director for the Red Deer chapter after the organization had gone for more than 18 months without one due to lack of funding. But the board worked non-stop to make sure programs continued and Darbyson is thrilled about a promising future for the organization which was originally launched in the late 1980s. They’ve also been able to secure United Way funding, and staff are looking forward to some awareness and fundraising events in the coming weeks as well. For one thing, the Association has been given the Telus corner at the Red Deer Rebels game on Oct. 18. October also happens to be Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. Another fundraiser come through Bikram Yoga, which holds ‘Karma Yoga’ dates Oct. 10th. Portions of proceeds from yoga clients those evenings will support the Association. “My heart really is with the non-profit community,” said Darbyson, who has also worked with the Central Al-

All The Feed Your Animals Need! Big Mama $57.83

Big Fat Mama $62.26

Crude Protein

Crude Protein



Crude Protein, from milk sources

Crude Protein, from milk sources




Crude Fat

Crude Fat




on Milk Replacers For a Limited Time Only

Ph: 403 Ph

782-3333 co om om

It Is Writtten presents


Beginning Saturday, October 5 at 7:00 pm YOU CAN THRIVE IN LIFE’S TOUGHEST TIMES

berta Science Network, Cosmos and the Central Alberta Diversity Association. “I’ve always been very passionate about the idea that people learn differently, and that they have different strengths. “You see children who you know are bright and that they have so much potential, but for whatever reason it’s not channeled or they aren’t making the connections they need to make. This Association is doing some really cool things that I haven’t seen before to engage children and to cater to their ways of learning.”

‘WE WANT TO HELP PERSONS WHO ‘LEARN DIFFERENTLY’ TO ACHIEVE THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.’ JANET de LaFOREST Learning disabilities refer to a number of disorders which can affect how a person acquires, organizes, retains, understands or uses verbal or nonverbal information. It is estimated that 80% of learning disabilities affect literacy. According to the Association, these are life-long conditions that affect up to one in 10 Canadians. This means about 30,000 individuals in Central Alberta and 10,000 in the Red Deer region need assistance. Learning disabilities also cross all ages, genders, socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic groups. They can range in severity and may interfere with acquiring and use of listening, speaking and understanding; reading including word recognition and comprehension, written language and mathematics. Fortunately, with correct intervention, support, education and programs such as tutoring or social skills programs, persons with learning disabilities can achieve and excel. But misconceptions about learning disabilities are hard to erase. People sometimes confuse disabilities in general, such as various physical and intellectual disabilities with learning disabilities. And as Janet de Laforest, the organization’s director/ president points out, there can be a bit of a stigma attached to having a learning disability as well. Sometimes people are reluctant to either enroll their children in a program or adults with learning disabilities don’t want to admit that there is a problem in their own

Early e

n i l d a e D losed ss office will

Expre The Lacombe

Life seems out of control for so many. Some cosmic force seems to be pushing us toward a great catastrophe. We feel it...sense it deep within but are powerless to change it. You can do more than survive; you can thrive. Be sure to attend this enlightening prophecy presentation. Seminar Continues

Sunday, Oct 6 Wed, Oct 9

World History in Eight Verses The Royal Woodcutter

Lacombe Memorial Center 5214 50 Ave Seminar materials will be provided free.

Everyone Welcome


ways of learning. “It very hard for some people to get past that.” de Laforest also said that battling with a learning disability can take a toll on a student’s sense of self-worth, as they can be struggling to keep up with 20-some others in the class on a particular subject. Sometimes behaviour problems develop as it’s easier to be seen having that issue than being seen as having a learning disability. As their web site points out, the LDAA is committed to viewing ‘learning disabilities’ in a positive light as ‘learning differently’ and ‘thinking differently.’ “We want to help persons who ‘learn differently’ to achieve their full potential. After all, persons who ‘think differently’ have intelligence that is average to above average to gifted. “These individuals also have the capacity to help our society by thinking differently. Persons who ‘learn differently’ are often innovating and seeing new solutions.” Looking ahead, the Association’s range of programs is in place for the fall. “What really has excited me is the board’s commitment and energy,” said Darbyson. “It really motivates me to make sure we have funding in the future, that the community knows we are here and that we are reaching the people (we need to).” For more information, call the office at 403-340-3885. Check out for more about their programs.


be c

4th for 1 r e b o t c O , Monday g Day g Thanksgivin , early bookin

edition will th 7 1 r e b to c eO deadline for th 1th at noon. 1 r e b to c O , y be Frida Due to office


is pleased to offer the services of

Dr. Mike Motyer, DPM

Foot Specialist for the Medical & Surgical Treatment of the Foot and Ankle. Specializing in Conservative Therapy, Biomechanics, Dr. Mike Motyer, & Foot Surgery DPM

Dr.Dr.Motyer Motyer willwillsee seepatients patients at: at:

Medcombe Walk-in Clinic Red Deer Associate Clinic

4956 Highway 2ARed Lacombe 4705 - 48 Ave. Deer



ForFor appointment call appointment call

403-342-0566 (403) 342-0566


BY MARK WEBER Lacombe Express

Lacombe Express 11

Thursday, October 3, 2013

ll Notice of Mobile Poll LOCAL JUSRISCTION:



Notice is hereby given that a Mobile Poll will be available ailable for incapacitated elector voting at home, for the filling of the following offices:


Number of Vacancies

Ward or Electoral Division Number


1 (One)



6 (Six)


Mobile Poll Voting will take place on the 21st day of October, 2013. The Mobile Poll will be available between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., by appointment only. Any elector wishing to use this service must apply to the Returning Officer by Friday, October 11, 2013, by registering with Mr. Ross Pettibone at the City of Lacombe, at 403-782-6666. Dated at the City of Lacombe, in the Province of Alberta, this 30th day of September, 2013 Michael Minchin Returning Officer

Lacombe Express

deadline: Monday @ noon

CLASSIFIEDS To place an ad, call Toll Free: 1.877.223.3311 or email:


is Friday


October 11 @ 5 p.m.

for the October 17 publication

Coming Events


POPLAR RIDGE ANNUAL TURKEY SUPPER Sat. Nov. 2nd, 2013, 5 pm Advance Tickets Only. For Tickets or more info call Esther 403-346-5983 or Janet 403-346-5629



LITTLE Yorkie lost in Deer Park area, F, red collar, no tags, Chocolate is her name 403-347-7966 PASSPORT LOST in Red Deer. Please call 403-341-9097 if found LOST: Hyundai keyless fob and remote car starter with some regular keys. Reward $100. Phone 403-340-1668




Hair Stylists


JUST CUTS is looking for F/T HAIRSTYLIST No clientele necessary. Call Jen at 403-340-1447 or Christie 403-309-2494



LOCAL SERVICE CO. in Red Deer REQ’S EXP. VACUUM TRUCK OPERATOR Must have Class 3 licence w/air & all oilfield tickets. Fax resume w/drivers abstract to 403-886-4475



Registered Nurses FULL-TIME PERMANENT POSITIONS AVAILABLE Ste. Rose General Hospital is a fully Accredited, 26-bed acute care hospital. Our Foundation provides free rent for one year (including utilities, cable & internet). We invite all interested applicants to submit applications, including résumé and references to: Human Resources Ste Rose General Hospital P.O. Box 60, Ste. Rose du Lac, MB R0L 1S0 Phone: (204) 447-4344 FAX: (204) 629-3458 E-mail:

Restaurant/ Hotel










Fluid Experts Ltd. Fluid Experts of Red Deer is seeking experienced

Class 1 Operators to haul clean fluids for the Oil & Gas Industry. Home every night, company benefits with exceptional pay structure. Must be able to work on their own with minimal supervision. Compensation based on experience. Fax resume w/all tickets and current drivers abstract to: 403-346-3112 or email to:

Restaurant/ Hotel


TAP HOUSE NORTH (formerly Sam’s Cafe) is now taking applications for experienced SERVERS, BARTENDERS, DISHWASHERS AND COOKS. Bring resume to 7101 Gaetz Ave. Red Deer

RAMADA INN & SUITES REQUIRES CHILES SANDBLASTING ROOM ATTENDANTS. & PAINTING REQ’S Exp. preferred. I Labourer & 1 Prepper, Only serious inquiries apply. exp. would be an asset, Rate $13.50/hr. must have own transportaDrop off resume at: tion. Wage is $15 - $18/hr. 6853 - 66 St. Red Deer Please submit resume by or fax 403-342-4433 fax: 403-340-3800

Do you have a Desire to be Part of a Growing Company...

Experienced Oilfield Construction Lead Hands Experienced Oilfield Construction Labourers Journeyman Picker Operator (Class 1) Alstar Oilfield is looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Team in Hinton. Alstar has been serving the oil and gas construction industry since 1969. Please Apply at Career Section

1ST RATE ENERGY SERVICES INC., a growing Production Testing company, based out of Sylvan Lake, is currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

HSC and Safety Coordinator If you are a team player interested in the oil and gas industry, please submit your resume, current safety certificates to the following: Fax 403-887-4750 Please specify position when replying to this ad.

“Committed to enriching the lives of our workforce, while Providing quality energy construction solutions”

We would like to thank all those candidates who apply, however only qualified personnel will be contacted.


TEAM Snubbing Services now hiring experienced operators Email: janderson@ fax 403-844-2148

1ST RATE ENERGY SERVICES INC., a growing Production Testing company, based out of Sylvan Lake, is currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

* Experienced Production Testing * Day Supervisors * Night Operators * Experienced Production Testing Assistants If you are a team player interested in the oil and gas industry, please submit your resume, current driver’s abstract and current safety certificates to the following: Fax 403-887-4750 Please specify position when replying to this ad. We would like to thank all those candidates who apply, however only qualified personnel will be contacted.



LOCAL certified trailer manufacturer looking to fill the following positions: Lead Frame Foreman Framer helpers with experience Journeyman Carpenters Carpenter helpers with experience General Tradesmen with experience in various aspects of construction industry. Indoor, yearround work, top wages and top benefit packages. Please email resume to or call Alex between the hours of 8AM-8PM Monday to Friday 403-350-7086

LOOKING for concrete carpenters, placers and finishers with experience. Send resume to or Fax: 403-755-3130 phone 403-598-1394 NOW HIRING

TIRE / WELDERS HELPER Clean drivers abstract a must. Oilfield tickets an asset. Wages reflect experience. Send resume to: chris.ccwelding or call 780-372-4026

12 Lacombe Express Oilfield


Thursday, October 3, 2013





PRODUCTION TESTING PERSONNEL REQ’D Day Supervisors (5- 10yrs experience)

Night Supervisors (2-4yrs experience)

JOIN OUR FAST GROWING TEAM!! Competitive Wages, Benefits, Retirement and Saving Plan! QUALIFICATIONS: • •

Clean drivers abstract a must. Oilfield tickets an asset. Wages reflect experience. Send resume to: chris.ccwelding or call 780-372-4026 OWEN OIL TOOLS Required Immediately Experienced CNC Operators/Machinists and Production Workers willing to work various shifts. We offer: RESPECT, Full Benefit package and competitive salary. Please e-mail resume to Jim Nowicki at



F/T SATELLITE INSTALLERS - Good hours, home every night, $4000-$6000/mo. Contractor must have truck or van. Tools, supplies & ladders required. Training provided, no experience needed. Apply to:

JEETS PLUMBING & HEATING 1st or 2nd Year Apprentice. Competitive wages. Fax resume: 403-356-0244

Must be able to Provide own work truck Leadership and Supervisory skills- mentor and train crew Strong Computer Skills Operate 5000psi 10,000 psi (sweet and Sour wells) Collect Data - pressure, rates, temperatures Assist in Rig in and Rig out of equipment Travel to and from locations across Western Canada

Truckers/ Drivers


DRIVER req’d. for city & rural deliveries, must be able to work alone and with others. Duties incl. driving, shipping/receiving and customer service. Class 3 with air ticket and abstract is req’d. Drop resume off at Weldco #11, 7491 49th Ave. or fax to 403-346-1065. No phone calls please. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.


Arrow Limousine. Qualified local p/t drivers for eves/wknds. We will train. N/S vehicles. Drug testing mandatory. Patience a definite asset 403-346-0034

Misc. Help


EMF-NUTRITION (RED DEER LOCATION) has an immediate opportuntiy for a BAGGER (Packaging Operator) Details at We offer competitive wages and employee benefits. Apply; Email: Mail:715 Marion Street Winnipeg, MB R2J 0K6 Person:4747-60th Street, Red Deer, Alberta Fax: (204) 233-7245


NEED experienced Class Please call Debbie 1 drivers for short and long at 403-314-4307 haul. Part time weekdays. LINE LOCATING • Runs AB., SASK, Manitoba • ASSISTANT & BC. Please call Orkin Canada is seeking REQUIRED PROMAX TRANSPORT full time Sales/Service PETROFIELD Industries, Central Line Locating req’s at 227-2712 or fax resume Technicians for Red Deer • a locator assistant. No the Leader in manufacturing w/abstract 403-227-2743 and surrounding area. We experience necessary, Hydrovac trucks, is accepting offer competitive salary/ • willing to train. Must be resumes for the following bonus package, company Misc. physically fit. Working positions: vehicle and various • Help varied hours. Send * General Labourers benefits. Clean abstract a resumes to: office@ * Industrial Painters must. Interested D&M Concrete (Lacombe) * Sandblasters candidates please forward requires 3 Labourers to Fax 403-747-3535 * Material Handler resume to rsmith@ REQUIREMENTS: work in the precast concrete Office: 403-747-3017 * Automotive Electrical or by fax manufacturing factory. Technician at 403-279-4059 • Valid 1st Aid, H2S, * Journeyman Welder / Shipper / Receiver $15.39/hr. Email resume to Driver’s License required! AES INDUSTRIAL Apprentice Misc. • Must be willing to * 2nd Yr Welder with SUPPLIES LTD. submit pre access fit Aluminum experience looking for an energetic/ Academic Express Help for duty test, as well as * Production Manager enthusiastic individual for ADULT EDUCATION drug and alcohol our receiving department. WEEKEND dispatchers AND TRAINING • Travel & be away from Fax resume to req’d. immediately. Visit our website at: home for periods of time 21/7 403-342-0233 Knowledge of Red Deer • Ability to work in essential. Will require good for more details. Our FALL START changing climate verbal and written commuCompany has an conditions nication skills. Fax resume enthusiastic fast paced STAIR MANUFACTURER • GED preparation to 403-346-0295 working environment, with Req’s F/T workers to build to start November 5 website: advancement possibilities stairs in Red Deer shop. for the motivated person, MUST HAVE basic carGov’t of Alberta Funding Methods to Apply: and offers an excellent pentry skills. Salary based may be available. HRCanada@ benefit package. fax on skill level. Benefits Contractors 403-742-5544 avail. Apply in person at 403-340-1930 pnieman@ e-mail: 100, 7491 Edgar BLACK CAT CONCRETE Industrial Bend. email: Garage/patios/rv pads Your application will be and/or Service Plumbing & sidewalks/driveways kept strictly confidential. fax 403-347-7913 DISPATCHER req’d. Heating is looking for Dean 403-505-2542 Knowledge of Red Deer experienced residential and area is essential. and commercial service Verbal and written Wanted experienced only, technician with current communication skills are industrial preppers, paintAlberta gas/plumbing Eavestroughing ers and coaters for full time req’d. Send resume by fax ticket. Benefit package Professionals to 403-346-0295 positions. Also looking for after 3 months, wages CLEANING SERVICES a full time experienced based on experience. Specializing in eaves yard person with forklift Email: trough cleaning, window ticket. Fax resume to cleaning & gentle washing 403-346-0626 or email to or fax to (403) 342-2025 of vinyl siding. nancy.hacoatings SHEET Metal Installer Pricing packages available. Looking for reliable for HVAC Company. An oilfield maintenance Free quotes, senior discounts. newspaper carrier Residential or retro-fit exp. company offering a 403-506-4822 WELDER REQUIRED for 1 day per week req’d. Great benefit pkg. competitive compensation For shop position for ALSO, Shop helper reand benefits requires a delivery of the National Coil Tubing quired. E-MAIL resume to: full-time Central Alberta Life Massage Manufacturing Company. info@comfortecheating. Therapy Accounting in the town of Tig exp. REQUIRED. com or fax: 403-309-8302 Clerk/Payroll and 8-5:30. Some OT. 9 days on, 5 days off. Shift negotiable. Account Executive Touch INNISFAIL DUE TO A LARGE Salary based on Receivable Support. INCREASE IN BUSINESS, Massage (newly reno’d) experience & qualification. This position requires (FOR MEN)STUDIO Packages come PIKE WHEATON Email resume, complete experience in all 5003A-50 st. Downtown ready for delivery. CHEVROLET with references to: accounting functions, and 9 am - 6 pm. Mon. - Fri. is currently seeking No collecting. the ability to perform a 403-348-5650 JOURNEYMAN variety of duties, including AUTOMOTIVE reconciliation of accounts, Required Immediately Contact Quitcy at Misc. TECHNICIANS the preparation of company PARTS MAN 403-314-4316 & SERVICE ADVISORS. Services payroll and associated Parts man required for We offer competitive government reporting rapidly expanding HD wages, a great working tasks. Some assistance to Parts Supply Store. 5* JUNK REMOVAL environment, and a great the accounts receivable Must be able to work Property clean up 340-8666 benefit package. department and office unsupervised in a fast Please email resume to reception will be required. paced environment. Joey Huckabone NEWSPAPER The successful candidate Have experience in the CARRIERS will possess: heavy truck/trailer industry. • Strong initiatives REQUIRED EAGLE BUILDERS Must possess strong • Good judgment in handling (Blackfalds) requires 10 customer service skills. Ironman Scrap Metal Reconfidential materials Precast Concrete Above average wages, covery picking up scrap For afternoon • Experience with MS Finishers. High school & benefits package. again! Farm machinery, delivery Office products including min. 2 yrs experience Apply with resume @ vehicles & industrial. ServExcel, Word, Outlook once per week required. $25/hr. Find out Artic Truck, Email: ing central AB. 403-318-4346 • Works well indepen- more and apply online at dently and in a team Fax: 403-348-5198 In the towns of: Moving & environment • Excellent communication EXP’D Siding installer with Storage and time management Blackfalds truck & tools. New const. Truckers/ If you are interested in this $100 per sq. We pay Lacombe Drivers BOXES? MOVING? position, please forward comp. 403-347-2522 Ponoka SUPPLIES? 403-986-1315 your resume with the Stettler attention of Human F/T TRUCK drivers req’d. F/T PAINTER Painters/ Resources to Minimum Class 5 with air Commercial/Residential Decorators resumes@ and clean abstract. Exp. Brush/Roll Application. Call Rick or Exp. req’d. Vehicle req’d. preferred. In person to Key for more info you may fax it to Towing 4083-78 St. Cres. Contact Drew at CCL JG PAINTING, 25 yrs. exp. (403) 729-2396. Red Deer. 403-314-4303 403-596-1829 Free Est. 403-872-8888













ACREAGE AUCTION For Norm & Thelma Lissel Sunday October 6 - 10 a.m. Location: 4 miles North of Olds (Ford Dealership), to TWP 334 then West 1 mile to R.R. #20 then north 1 1/2 miles. Watch for signs.. Acreage equipment: 65 hp. Massey Ferguson with FEL loader, Shop items, Wood working tools, Household items, Yard & Garden. Antiques & Collectibles, Lots of Medalta, Dining room set, Hutch, Side server, Remington & Winchesters shotguns, Quad 4x4, Honda 50 motorcycle, Just too much to mention.. Check the web for full listing and pictures… Sale is subject to additions and deletion.. 5% admin fee.. Pilgrim Auction Service 403-556-5531 BIG STRAPPER AUCTIONS SALES EVERY WED. @ 6 pm. Moose Hall 2 miles south of Ponoka on 2A 1st. Antique sale Oct. 6 @ 1 pm. 403-304-4791 Check website for full listing

Household Furnishings


COUCH/Sofa bed, clean in exc. cond. $125. Deck table, green metal with glass top 38”x60” 4 chairs, w/ matching rocker chair (new was $700). Asking $85. 403-352-8811

TABLE, round, Maple, 40”, 4 chairs. Exc. cond. $200. 403-352-8811

Misc. for Sale


Farm Equipment


TO RENT HAWKUS Quik pick custom bale hauling, custom haul, 16 bale mover 403-588-1146

Farm Custom Work


CUSTOM CORRAL CLEANING Buit custom services 3 trucks, Bunning vertical beaters. JD 544 loader 403-588-1146

CUSTOM HEAVY DISCING Hay & Pasture Land 3 BI-FOLD doors for 24” opening, 2 doors for 30” Subsoiling & Scraper Work Equipment Rentals opening with hardware $20/ea; Canada hockey Call Field 403-506-0592 bag with wheels MANURE SPREADERS $20 403-346-9311 FOR RENT, 3 Bunning manure spreaders, ALLIED FLOATING TANK 3 different sizes, vertical DE-ICER, 1500 Watt. $15. beaters, custom corral cleaning with bunning W.P. Brown Speedy spreaders on truck, Phone Sprayer Compressor. 403-588-4787 Contact For fish pond. $20. Lawrence Buit 403-588-1146 403-340-1644 BAR SINK, brand new. $60. 403-343-7884 CEDAR screen door. Livestock Brand new/never used. 36” X 80.5”. Comes with a set of new hardware. $60. BILLY goat 3/4 Kiko, 1/4 Spanish, 4 1/2 yrs. old Call (403) 342-7908. $350 from Cabrita Hills FREE STUFF. 1980 solid Farm at Boyne Lake, AB. wood cabinet stereo, wood 403-788-2442 highchair, small bookcase, kids toys 403-342-5609



dehumidifyer, 24L, exc. cond. $75.; 8’ Horses live cactus plant, $50; wool accent carpet, clean, $20; 30” REG. Min. Mare, $750. Audrey Hepburn purse, Reg. min. Filly, $750. Clothing $25.; 4 boxes, 12 gauge 403-227-2680 or email shotgun shells, $24. MEN’S size L hunting/cam- 403-352-8811 mo jackets, etc. $100/all LINCOLN 225 WELDER WANTED: all types of 403-342-5609 horses. Processing locally with new helmet $200. in Lacombe weekly. 403-314-0804 403-651-5912 EquipmentOUTDOOR WILLOW BASKETS & CHAIRS. Misc. Ideal for holding a 10” Grain, Feed flower pot. $25 each. CUSTOM built saw mill, 4 chairs & 2 baskets. close to $20,000 to build, Hay 403-346-7825 all hydraulic operation,35’ long, V twin engine, $4500 obo TIMOTHY & Brome square SNOWTHROWER 403-883-2013 403-740-53381 bales, great for horses, apElectric Murray prox. 60 lbs. put up dry 12 AMP/20”. and covered, $5/bale Asking $75. Sylvan area. 403-887-2798 Call 403 358-3073





CUSTOM made router table w/brand new router $200 403-347-3712




Homestead Firewood Birch, Spruce, Pine - Split 7 days/wk. 403-304-6472 TOO MUCH STUFF? Let Classifieds help you sell it. Celebrate your life with a Classified ANNOUNCEMENT

FIREWOOD. Pine, Spruce, Poplar. Can deliver 1-4 cords. 403-844-0227

LOGS Semi loads of pine, spruce, tamarack, poplar. Price depends on location. Lil Mule Logging 403-318-4346 Now Offering Hotter, Cleaner BC Birch. All Types. P.U. / del. Lyle 403-783-2275

Household Appliances


FRIDGE. Estate, white with top freezer. Good cond. $195. 403-986-2114 MCCLEARY FRIDGE, 4’x2’, $200. 403-314-0804


ZERO Halliburton Large Aluminum suitcase $100. OFFICE CHAIR $15. 2 BURNER Propane Camp Stove $15. 403-340-1644

Pet Services


AT RUFF N TUMBLE DOGGIE DAYCARE AND KENNELS we provide play and socialization for your pet that will leave them happy and satisfied at the end of the day! Daycare and overnight stays available. Please contact us for booking a stay or play day! Phone 403-782-5322.

Condos/ Townhouses


AVAIL. Oct 1, 4 bdrm. townhouse, 4 appl., hardwood, 2 parking stalls, close to shopping & schools. $1200 + util. + d.d 403-506-0054 LEGACY ESTSATE: Best Adult Retirement Community 60+. 1 Bdrm. luxury condo unit. $800 + utils. Call John 403-302-4444 SYLVAN 2 bdrm. newly reno’d, private entrance, close to shopping, avail. Oct. 1, 403-341-9974

Houses For Sale




(2) BURMAN kittens. $40/ea. 403-887-3649 5 BDRMS. 3 full baths, 2 fireplaces, heated 28 30’ garage, large fenced lot, RV parking. Call Bill or Pat HOCKEY NET, like new owners 403-341-6204 or 403-350-0014 $20 403-343-7884

Sporting Goods


SKIS, $100. 403-343-7884 SNOW BOARD Boots, size 9 (2 pairs) $50 each. 1 pr. size 3, $20. 403-343-7884

FREE MARKET EVALUATION on your house in Lacombe or Lacombe county. Call Lyle Nielsen C21 Advantage Realty 403-358-8002

Lacombe Express 13

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Houses For Sale


RENOVATED spacious 5 bdrm. home in Big Valley, new kitchen and deck,renovated bathrooms with a large jetted tub, new floor, new windows in some rooms, double lot, nice backyard with trees, single garage with heat stove, May consider rent to own. Asking $115,000 obo. Call Gord 403-710-4085



Commercial Property


FOR SALE: Share of commercial building in prime location in Red Deer. Returns averaging between 8-10% annually. Professionally managed. Asking $220,000. Reply to Box 1060, c/o R. D. Advocate, 2950 Bremner Ave., Red Deer, AB T4R 1M9 BUY OR SELL, CALL CORDELL AT MAXWELL ACREAGE NEAR DELBURNE


9.67 Acres.




2006 TUSCON V6 fwd, orig. owner, ONLY 23,700 kms, $11,900 403-346-2867


Snowmobiles REDUCED ! Must Sell by Oct. 5 2010 Toyota Tacoma

2008 CHEVY Colorado Vortec 3.7 L, 4wd, good tires & brakes, Linex box liner & undercover. 783-2064



Auto Wreckers

TIFFIN PHAETON 2005 MOTORHOIME. 40’, diesel, 3 slides, 41,000 miles. Very good cond. 403-729-3242



2008 JEEP Rubicon Wrangler 4X4, $20,888. 348-8788 Sport & Import

1730 sq.ft. fully reno’d home. $379,900. 403-318-5478


4x4 black with grey interior 4 cyl. 4 spd. Clean, great cond. 59,500 kms. $20,500 Call 403-396-5516


Looking for a new pet? Check out Classifieds to find the purrfect pet.

2011 POLARIS Assault, many new parts. $8200 obo 403-396-5314

Tires, Parts Acces.


RED’S AUTO. Free Scrap Vehicle & Metal Removal. AMVIC APPROVED. We travel. May pay cash for vehicle. 403-396-7519


Misc. Automotive

HITCHES (2) 3’ in width. $50. And a new hitch $150. 403-314-0804


SCRAP metal and cars, trades 403-304-7585


Arnett & Burgess is now accepting applications for the following:

Successful Careers

Start Here We are looking for a Service Advisor to join our team. Stettler Dodge and RV offers career potential for the right candidate with an automotive business aptitude, a strong work ethic, and can balance long term growth, retention and profitability. Come join our customer service oriented team that prides itself on their product knowledge and delivering the best automotive service in the area while maintaining our commitment to quality, safety and time standards. The idea candidate will have: • a passion for automotives, you need to know the product or have a willingness and aptitude to learn • Service writing experience • Excellent customer service skills and detail orientated • Great communication skills, sales experience considered an asset • Ability to work in a fast paced environment with tight time constraints • Proficient in computer software • Must have own CSA approved footwear • Must have a valid driver’s license We offer: • Training • Great working environment • Opportunity for advancement • A proven successful method for maintaining/inspecting/repairing motor vehicles • A high level of ethics accountability • A team of professionals ready to help each other whenever possible • Benefits package • Competitive Pay Plan • An environment that is a pleasure to come to work each day Appreciation to all who apply; only those candidates requiring an interview will be contacted. Please apply in confidence to this ad by replying via e-mail (attach your resume) to, or by fax to 403-742-3230, Attn: Service Manager


CJ Enterprises is currently currentlyaccepting accepting resumes for: for is applications the following positions: Quality Control Manager to work from Stettler office. • WELDERS • LABOURERS • PIPEFITTERS QC Managers are responsible for overseeing and enforcing quality control pro• SUBCONTRACT CREW TRUCK OPERATORS

cedures as outlined in our Quality Control Policies and Manual. Candidate must Please fax resume to 403-742-0241 or have the following skills; a high level of attention to detail, knowledgeable and emailControl to experience in Quality regulations, guidelines and industry standards. DropResumes off resumes to 4701 42 St., Stettler are accepted by fax- 403-742-0241, e-mail, in person at 4607 - 42 Street, Stettler, AB NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.


Must have experience moving heavy equipment that is related to pipeline construction. Clean abstract. Competitive wage. Benefits available. Please fax resumes to 780-372-4238 Or email to:

✓Motivated? ✓Goal Oriented? ✓People Friendly? ✓Driven?

Boston Pizza is coming to Blackfalds!!

We have the position for you!

We are now hiring all positions, full and part time:

Heritage Chrysler Jeep now requires an experienced

SALES CONSULTANT A leader in the automotive industry, Heritage Chrysler Jeep sets the pace for all others to follow when it comes to inventory, customer service, community service and commitment to people. We have premium new and preowned vehicles to help suit any of our customer’s needs! We offer a great compensation package with benefits along with complete training. Sales experience is not a must though preferred. Look at Heritage Chrysler Jeep as the final step to becoming an industry leader in customer service, job satisfaction and income.

Check us out at Fax or email resume to:

• • • •

Servers (for Dining Room and Sports Bar) Hostesses Line Cooks Front House and Kitchen day and evening Supervisors • Dish Washers • Bar Tenders Boston Pizza is Canada’s #1 casual Family dining and sports bar concept. We offer competitive wages, a great work environment and career opportunities. We anticipate a December opening. We will be hiring before our opening date with paid training occurring at our Red Deer locations, so you have the tools to succeed! Please send your resume to Susan at or call Sue at 403-342-4446 during regular hours.

Heritage Chrysler Jeep

General Sales Manager Attention: RYAN BOWES Fax: 403.782.3360

Please note: all Serving Staff must have their Pro Serve certi¿cation to qualify for employment.

We thank all those that apply. Only those selected will be contacted for an interview.

We are excited to be opening in Blackfalds. Thanks for applying!

Service Directory



For All Your Excavation Needs 403.782.3437

•Skidsteer Services •Gravel Hauling •Excavating


Your Quality Excavating Solution

14 Lacombe Express

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Horoscope ARIES






Mar 21/Apr 20

Apr 21/May 21

May 22/Jun 21

Jun 22/Jul 22

Jul 23/Aug 23

Aug 24/Sept 22

Cancer, you will be

Leo, your heightened

Virgo, you may be

working overtime this

very content for the

sense of focus on a

tempted to throw

week, Gemini. Channel

next few weeks. Enjoy

particular task has left

caution to the wind.

that creative energy

these good times and

you wondering how

While that may make

and get started on a

invite those closest to

ability serves you well

project you have long

this week.

been considering.

Aries, patience is a

Taurus, keep things in

virtue you possess,

perspective and you

and you must make the

will have your cake

most of your patient

and eat it, too. You can

nature this week. Keep

coolly handle tough

this in mind when

situations, and that

dealing with family and coworkers.

Your imagination is

to proceed in another

for a memorable

area of life. You may

experience, it may not

you to enjoy them

want to seek the advice

prove wise over the

as well.

of others.

long haul.







Sept 23/Oct 23

Oct 24/Nov 22

Nov 23/Dec 21

Dec 22/Jan 20

Jan 21/Feb 18

Feb 19/Mar 20

You could get caught

Staying connected

Sagittarius, indulgent

Capricorn, work and

Aquarius, it’s quite

up in a social whirlwind

to your feelings is

behavior won’t pay

family responsibilities

possible you will not

off in the long run.

have put you under a

Moderation works

lot of pressure recently.

best, and you’ll be glad

You could be in need

this week, Libra. Keep your feet on the ground or you may be swept

empowering, Scorpio. Even if others don’t feel exactly the same way that you do, they may

Compassion is your HOW TO PLAY:

speciality, Pisces.

Fill-in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3x3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: You must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column or 3x3 box.

get much done this week, as you may be

Others appreciate

too busy encouraging

your warm nature, so


others rather than

away in all of the

go along with plans to

you didn’t overindulge

of a respite, even if that

focusing on your


make you happy.

after the fact.

break is brief.

own needs.

CLUES ACROSS 1. Belaya river port city 4. Arbitrageur businessman 7. Leavened bread 8. Exploiters 10. 7 deadly 12. Minimal unit of metrical time 13. 12th Jewish month 14. Our 50 states 16. Fiddler crabs 17. Them in Spanish 19. Texas Gov. Richards 20. Single integers 21. Areas of a city 25. Goat and camel hair fabric 26. Misery resulting from affliction 27. Icelandic island 29. Publisher Adolph 30. Oxalis crenata

accept their gratitude and affection.

31. A major division of geological time 32. Edith Bunker actress 39. Parent organizations 41. Express pleasure 42. Entrap 43. Fabric with a corded surface 44. A food additive to enhance flavor 45. Database management system 46. Betel palm genus 48. Notch 49. Hungarian is a Finno-_____ language 50. A right angle building extension 51. Burgh on the Firth of Clyde 52. Owed as a debt

CLUES DOWN 1. Not visible or perceived 2. A ribbed woven fabric of silk, rayon or cotton 3. Growth rings 4. Volcanic mountain in Japan 5. Rebroadcasts a show 6. A British suspender 8. Fringe-toed lizard 9. Oceans 11. Molten metal scum residue 14. Atomic # 106 15. Mountain peak covering 18. Request for quiet 19. Macaws 20. Lyric poems 22. #8 potassium rich fruits 23. Star Wars’

Your Lacombe Express Sales Representative Lisa Thompson

__-Wan Kenobi 24. Express wonder 27. Works a garden’s soil 28. Alias 29. Opening 31. Bones 32. Harlenquinade clowning (Mid. Eng.) 33. Lose resilience 34. Syrian pound 35. Finishes 36. Held over


37. Brass that looks like gold 38. Cuddle 39. Small sailboat 40. Dorsal plates on anthropods 44. A waterproof raincoat 47. Latin: around time of

Lacombe Express 15

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Now Open No Appointment Necessary Servicing All Makes and Models

Mon 8-5; Tues/Wed/Fri 8-6; Thurs 8-7; Sat 9-1


Emily Oud a favourite at Lacombe’s Got Talent BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express At the annual Lacombe’s Got Talent competition held Sept. 27 at the Lacombe Memorial Centre, 21-year-old singer, songwriter and guitarist Emily Oud walked away with the first prize of $500 and blew the minds of audience members with a performance of her original song Carried Away. Oud said her participating in the contest was a last minute decision. Having been away from Lacombe for two years while going to school in Rochester, New York. When she returned to Lacombe, Oud saw some posters for the event that caught her attention. She said that she hadn’t performed in awhile and decided to enter the contest. “I love performing,” said Oud. “I missed it.” Interested in music from an early age, Oud said her parents, who played guitar and sang in church, sparked her interest in music. She has been writing songs since the age of eight and got her first guitar at age 11. Especially for those who heard her performance on the Lacombe’s Got Talent stage, it may be surprising to learn that Oud has no formal music training. She said she taught herself to play by ear, mimicking sounds heard in other songs and music. She then began putting those sounds together and making up her own songs. Also interesting is that Oud considers her involvement with music purely a hobby at this point, albeit one she is very passionate about. She even decided against pursuing a musical education and opted instead to study photography and graphic design. “I was drawn to many different aspects of creativity.” She added that she sees both photography and music as outlets for her creativity and part of the reason she enjoys both of them so much. Much of the creative aspect in Oud’s music is explored through

her songwriting process. She said in order to write a song, she needs to be inspired by something, unlike other musicians she knows. “I know some people who can just whip out songs. But for me something will happen that either my friends gone through, or I’ve heard that someone has gone through or my own personal experience and I don’t know, it just comes I guess. I sit down with my guitar usually and then write down words.” Carried Away, the song Oud performed at Lacombe’s Got Talent, was inspired by her own experience from this past summer. She said it was about embracing every moment and cherishing the little things. As a self-taught musician, Oud does not read music. When she writes songs, she only writes down the lyrics. While performing, the words remind her which cords to play at which times, meaning half of her song-writing process never leaves her own head. Sharing her songs is what Oud enjoys about performing. She added she actually prefers performing to larger crowds as it makes it possible for her to share without having to focus on any one person. That doesn’t mean that Oud never has to overcome a bit of stage fright though. She said that it is normal for her to get butterflies before performing, but her anxieties usually disappear once she takes the stage. “My hands (will be) shaking, all of that,” said Oud. “But as soon as I step on stage, I’m almost in my own world.” While music is only a hobby to Oud at this point, she said she would like to go further with it at some point in the future. She has been in contact previously with record labels but the timing was never right for her to start a career in music. Instead, Oud said she is happy to test the waters of the music industry at least for now. She said that maybe it will lead to something bigger down the road and maybe not.

CARRIED AWAY – Emily Oud wowed the crowd at Lacombe Memorial Centre on Sept. 27 with her performance during Lacombe’s Got Talent.

Fire Prevention Week Special Feature coming next week

Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

16 Lacombe Express


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Culture and Harvest

Festival fast becoming tradition STORIES AND PHOTOS BY BRIAN VOSSEN/LACOMBE EXPRESS Now finished its second year, the Lacombe Culture and Harvest Festival is well on its way to becoming one of Lacombe’s most enjoyable annual celebrations. The Festival started with a superb kick-off concert by children/family entertainer Fred Penner. Penner played a sold-out show at St. Andrew’s Church on Sept. 26. On Friday, the highlight of the Festival was the traditional Lacombe’s Got Talent competition. Ten finalists took the stage at the Lacombe Memorial Centre to strut their stuff and compete for the $500 grand prize which was later claimed by singer/songwriter Emily Oud. Lacombe Culture and Harvest Festival came to a climax Saturday night with the free classic rock concert at Alberta Downs. Despite the cold, a large crowd gathered at Alberta Downs to see the Big Rocks Band perform alongside Blueseros in a rock/soul/jazz concert. Increasingly cold winds didn’t prevent anyone from dancing up a storm or sticking it out to the end of the fantastic show by the two groups. To top off the performances on Saturday night, those who braved the cold at Alberta Downs and those who preferred to wait cozy warm in their cars were treated to a superb fireworks display once after the music ended.

THE CAT CAME BACK - Renowned children’s/family entertainer Fred Penner performs at St. Andrews United Church.

FINE FORM - Call Sturgeon attempts to get his rope around a cow during the Wild Cow Milking event at the Ranch Rodeo.

KEEPING TIME - Blueseros drummer Wayne Moser keeps the beat during a show with Alberta Big Rocks Band at Alberta Downs.

GET DOWN - Blueseros guitarist Gord Davies struts his stuff in a guitar riff

HOLD STILL - Cody Fasnough does his best to steady a cow while Austyn Chantler attempts to milk it and Call

during their performance.

Sturgeon dismounts his horse to lend a hand.

Lacombe Express 17

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Now Open No Appointment Necessary


Servicing All Makes and Models

Mon 8-5; Tues/Wed/Fri 8-6; Thurs 8-7; Sat 9-1


Lacombe school rivalry makes for exciting game BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express It was volleyball at its finest. In a Lacombe versus Lacombe matchup, the Lacombe Composite High School (LCHS) Rams and the Central Alberta Christian High School (CACHS) Knights senior boys took to the court at LCHS to battle it out this past Monday. With both teams favouring an aggressive and power-heavy style of play, it made for an exciting game to watch. Despite establishing a lead early on in the first set, CACHS fell behind when they backed off later in the set and the Rams seized the opportunity to gain control of the court and the game. Knights Coach Mel Brandsma said that his team may have become too confident after their lead early in the first set and as a result backed off, allowing LCHS to close the gap. “We backed off and they responded,” said Brandsma. “We really took our foot off the gas.” Running on the momentum of their first set win, LCHS went on to win the second set as well and it looked like they might take the game in a three set sweep. However, a Knights victory in the third set broke the Rams momentum and shook them up enough for the Knights to take a second win in the fourth set, forcing a fifth set to 15 points. Rams Coach Kevin Frank said changes to the lineup in the third set and a slow start for the Rams led to that loss of momentum. “We didn’t come out with a lot of pop,” said Frank. He added that, when his team needs to learn to come back when it does lose momentum. “They need to learn to bring the fire back.” While all the sets of Tuesday’s game were close and filled with highly competitive play, none matched the electricity of the final set. The Knights were off to a great start with a long string of pointscoring serves but about halfway

through the set the Rams did manage to ‘bring the fire back’, breaking the Knights serve and going on to win the final set and the game. Keeping control of the net was key to winning the game, said Frank. “Whoever won the net won the sets,” said Frank. He went on to say that the Knights were able to break the Rams’ momentum in the third set by gaining control of the net through great blocks and hits. Frank added that it was the same strategy the Rams used to regain control of the game in the final set. “Winning the net gives you momentum,” said Frank. Brandsma added that there were too many unforced errors on the Knights’ part and that the Rams adjusted much better to the Knights’ offensive. He added that, while the Knights’ power may have been it’s greatest strength, not all hits made by the Knights were accurate, making their power a null point. The Rams victory over the Knights brought their record this season up to 2-1. For the Knights, it was their first loss of the season. Brandsma said that losing isn’t always a bad thing. He said that losing a tough game forces the team to learn more than they might from a win “You need these games,” said Brandsma. “There should be more of a learning curve after a lose than after a win.” There is a history between the Knights and the Rams, said Frank. Players from both teams have played together at clinics and drop-ins, creating an interesting dynamic and great sportsmanship between the two teams. Frank called the relationship between the LCHS and CACHS volleyball teams ‘a rivalry in the absolute best sense of the word’ and is already looking forward to the rematch between CACHS and LCHS in early November where both the boys and girls teams will play. “It’s going to be fun,” said Frank. “It’s just a great atmosphere.”

GOT IT - Knights setter Brendan Van Doesburg gets in position to set a teammate up for a powerful spike.

Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

A Division of L.A.N.D. Automotive Group

ACCESSORYLAND 403.782.8708

The only place to

PIMP Your Ride!! 4718 Hwy 2A – Lacombe, AB

cial k SpeW ee he

of t

15% off

To serve Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm you better Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

all in stock


18 Lacombe Express

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lacombe fares well at Football Day event Stories and photos by Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

GET OUT - Lacombe Raider Bryce Woodrow knocks Stettler Cougar Will McDonald out of bounds with some help from his teammates. QUICK KICK - Raiders Quarterback David Mueller moves to recover the ball after his short kick in a risky play by the Raiders.


TOO SLOW - Lacombe Explosion player Richard Jans fends off and outpaces attacking Stettler Panther Kurt Heidecker. CHARGE - Players from both Lacombe Chargers teams jump into action after the ball is snapped during the Lacombe versus Lacombe matchup of the Jamboree.

midst all the activity and excitement of Lacombe Culture and Harvest Festival this past weekend, Lacombe & District Minor Football held its Football Day last weekend at ME Global field. The day started off with the Lacombe Atom Chargers Jamboree in the morning. Eight teams (four from Red Deer, two from Sylvan Lake and two from Lacombe) took part in the Jamboree. Lacombe’s Pee Wee team, Lacombe Explosion, was next to take the field in a match against the Stettler Panthers. The Explosion won the game 42-28. Finally, it was time for the Lacombe Bantam Raiders game against the Stettler Cougars. Emerging victorious from a hard-fought battle on the gridiron, the Raiders won the game 18-12. Football Day was also the scene for an announcement from the Lacombe Athletic Park Association (LAPA), who recognized Richardson Pioneer, Gord Bamford Foundation and the Rotary Club of Lacombe for their contributions to kickstart the fundraising drive for the final stage of construction at ME Global Field, an eight-lane rubberized running track.

Lacombe Express 19

Thursday, October 3, 2013



Massive Inventory Due to recent arrival of overwhelming amount of Quality Trades we are required to

Feature of the Week Supercrew FX FX4 2012 Ford F-150 6.5 Foot Box,

Slash Prices and sell over

FX4 Appearance Package, Boxliner, Blue Flame, Sat. Radio

$1.9 Million

of quality pre-owned inventory at below market prices despite profit or loss

was $39,995



$267,36 b/w

Big city selection! Small Town Professional essional Service!! You’ll save thousands!!

Each used vehicle comes with:

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Dodge Dakota


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S/Crew Platinum, 4x4, Spray Liner, Power Deploying Boards.

S/Crew XTR, 4x4, Sunroof, Box Cover, New Tires.

Local Trade, 4 Dr, 4x4.

Must Move This Week!

•No charge Maintenance Package •90 Day Limited Warranty •Fully Reconditioned

F-150 S/Crew, XLT, 4x4, 6.5 BOX BOX,, 22,500 Kms.




2 to choose from

NO PAYMENTS FOR 90 DAYS O.A.C.! $29,886*



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GMC 1500

$31,919* $238 b/w

Ready to Go! 13FT661A


$33,975* $253 b/w


F-150 Supercab, Eco-Boost, 4x4, Moonroof, Low Kms.

S/Crew, Lariat, Eco-Boost, 6.5 BOX, White Platinum.

Brand New Tires, V8, Black, 4x4, S/Crew, Lariat, 5.5 BOX, Box Cover, Chrome Package. OP1531A






Escape SE

$20,861** $179 b/w

4wd, Eco-Boost, Kodiak Brown, Leather, RP1734A

Priced to Sell!



was $13,995


Ltd, AWD, 20’s, Panoramic Roof.


Dodge Journey

was $11,995

$10,696*** $108 b/w

Low Km’s Good on Fuel! FWD, Auto.




Focus Sel, 4 Dr, Auto, Moonroof, Black Leather.


Vehicle Vehi hicle l pri prices ices pl plus lus GS GSTT + ffees. ees Wh Whil While ile iinventory nventory t last lasts. tts P Payments ayments t iinclude ncllude d GS GSTT + FFees ees aand ndd bbased asedd on llongest ongggest finance tterm erm avail available ilabl ble O O.A.C. AC B Based asedd on 6 6.49% 49% 9% A A.P PR .R. R O O.A.C. A C IItt will ill bbee our pleasure pl ttoo provid pprovide ide ffull id ulllll disclosure to every customer. *84 mos b/w O.A.C. **72 mos b/w O.A.C. ***60 mos b/w O.A.C.

W W W. T I R E S 4 L I F E . C A



403-782-6811 1-800-782-5755

Monday-Thursday e you 8:00am - 8:00pm v r e s to : better Fri Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm Saturday:9:00am - 5:00pm

20 Lacombe Express

Thursday, October 3, 2013

 Friday, Oct. 4 to Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013

3 Day Sale Only!!! October 4 - 6

Co-op Gold Large Eggs

Cranberries - 340g Produce of U.S.A

1 dozen First 2



Pumpkin Pie 600G

99¢ Nestle Real Dairy Ice Cream of Confectionery





Kraft Cheese

Cracker Barrel Cheddar or Mozzarella 907g First 2






Green Giant Vegetables

Seedless Grapes Red, Green or Black - No. 1 Grade - Produce of California - 680g

Selected Varieties Frozen, 750g


each First 2






Pepsi Products 12x355ml or 6x710ml

Country Morning Gold Skinless Shankless Hams

Random Cryovac Wrapped

First 3



2 for




Ready to Eat - large Size, Imported



White or Whole Wheat Package of 12




Soft Dinner rolls

This coupon may only be used with a minimum purchase of at least $100.00 (including applicable turkey) before applicable taxes at Co-op or The Market Place (excludes tobacco, alcohol, prescriptions, gift cards, phone cards, lottery tickets, transit tickets, all third party operations – post office, gas bar, etc) We will reduce the final bill by $10.00 (maximum $10.00 reduction per transaction). Limit one coupon per family purchase. No cash value. No copies. Coupon must be presented to the cashier at time of purchase VALID FROM FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4 UNTIL CLOSING THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2013. Cannot be combined with any other coupons or promotional offers. Final consumer price per pound will vary depending on actual turkey size purchased.

PLU 2758



Valid Oct. 4 to Oct. 10, 2013

3 for




plus deposit/enviro

Central Alberta Co-op



2.49 lb

English Estates Centre – Lacombe 403-782-6200 Open Daily until 9pm

Lacombe Express, October 03, 2013  

October 03, 2013 edition of the Lacombe Express

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