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Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

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12 READY FOR VACATION? • Make sure to have all mail, newspapers and deliveries stopped or picked up by a friend, relative or neighbour while you are away. • Use automatic timers to operate lights. • Do not post message or updates on social media sites letting people know that you will be out of town. • Leave a copy of your itinerary and passport with family or friends.


4 Coffee With Dorea Crawford 5 Get thrifty and find treasure 6 A new kind of exercise 7 Teach your newborn to sleep 8 Confessions of a quilter’s husband 10 Tell the flu to take a hike this winter 12 Cycling made e-bike easy 14 Add a pharmacist to your team Cover photography: Laurence Subra-Bieusses of Alberni Photography captured the adorable autumn-themed portrait on our L.i.v. front cover.)

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Accidents or sudden illness can happen when you are travelling outside your home province. Protect your self and rest assured - purchase travel TRAVELinsurance. INSURANCE. While on vacation: • Do not dress to impress with expensive jewelry or clothing. This attracts attention. • Try to carry traveller’s cheques instead of cash. • Counter sign travellers cheques in front of shop owner’s when making our purchase.

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Monday - Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013 Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

Alberni Valley News 3 Alberni Valley News 3

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4 Alberni Valley News

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

4 Alberni Valley News

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

Coffee With...

Dorea Crawford

17-year cancer society volunteer shares personal stories with clients. CHRISTOPHER SUN AlberNi VAlley News


or 17 years Dorea Crawford has been a familiar face at Port Alberni’s Canadian Cancer Society office. The retired teacher started volunteering at the local office after being treated for breast cancer in 1996, providing information, support and her personal experience to those touched by cancer. She had been cancer-free until she started having hip problems three years ago. “I was diagnosed with bone cancer in my left pelvis which is attributed to my breast cancer 17 years ago,” Crawford said. “Bone cancer can’t be cured but it can be managed. Everything is stable.” Crawford was born in Richmond and had wanted to be a teacher since telling her mother her aspiration at the age of six. Crawford graduated from UBC, was married by the age of 21 and started her teaching career in Port Hardy in 1960. She taught for two years and then stopped to raise a family. Once the youngest of her four boys was in Grade 1 she returned to teaching, this time in Kitimat, where she taught

various subjects to students from Grades 7 to 11. “The one thing about teaching is it’s a really interesting job because every day is different,” Crawford said. “The dynamics of the children is very interesting. I just loved it.” Crawford moved around a lot. She lived in the Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Campbell River, Parksville and Qualicum Beach before settling down in Port Alberni with her second husband, Jack. “I knew of him briefly 26 years ago because I knew his first wife...we all had little kids,” Crawford explained, adding she now has two stepdaughters. “We reconnected after his first wife passed.” Every winter the two head out in their fifth wheel to the Salton Sea, a lake in California’s Colorado desert, which they have been doing for 20 years. While there, Crawford is able to fully indulge in her favourite hobbies, cooking and baking. She enjoys entertaining people and is always looking up new recipes on the Internet. “I give it all away,” Crawford said about the stuff she makes. “I’m 74 and my husband is 82 and there are people older than us down there who we

“You can live with cancer; it’s not necessarily a death sentence.”


Dorea Crawford helps cancer survivors place their painted handprints on a banner for Relay for Life outside the cancer society office in July.

visit. I will take cookies, cake or something that I have made to them. I don’t have as much takers here.” Crawford was also an avid golfer, but has stopped because of her hip problems. She also enjoyed fishing, which may have something to do with her Finnish heritage. Her father and uncles fished in Finn Slough, a fishing community in South Richmond. However, her father died when Crawford was two so her mother ended up fishing with the uncles, bringing in Crawford and her brothers to help out. Her mother’s fishing career lasted for 35 years and one

of her brothers became a fisherman. Crawford goes to physiotherapy once a week and does strength training regularly. She volunteers three hours a week at the cancer society, when she is not in California. The society has a selection of wigs and protheses for people needing them, says Crawford; she also has people come in who are distraught, in need of someone to talk to. “We are there to listen and it’s good for them to talk about it,” Crawford said. “You can live with cancer; it’s not necessarily always a death sentence.”

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

Alberni Valley News 5

Treasure trove

Thrift stores can be a gold mine for dedicated shoppers


ver wanted to go on a treasure hunt? Check out Port Alberni’s local thrift stores and you will be amazed at what you find. Not only will you find one-of-a-kind treasures, in many cases you will also be supporting a local charity. As the old adage goes “one man’s junk is another’s treasure”. A great way to spend a rainy morning or afternoon, is checking out the many thrift stores that the Alberni Valley has to offer. You can often find name brand clothing for a fraction of the price of new; jewelry, lamps, shoes, books, knickknacks and so much more. If you have more than your share of treasures, why not

From collector plates to crystal cruets to jewelry, thrift stores in the Alberni Valley are hiding treasures just waiting to be discovered. SONJA DRINKWATER AlbERNI VAllEy NEWS

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donate them to some of these thrift shops so those less fortunate can enjoy them? (Plese phone individual thrift stores and ask what their respective dropoff policies are, as they differ.) Books are expensive, as are CDs and other electronics, but you can check out thrift stores for great deals. In some cases these stores will even take a trade for your items. Thrift stores are the best place to recycle gently used unwanted items, keeping them out of the landfill and in turn helping the environment. This article was provided by Linda Ursel from the SPCA Thrift Store on Argyle Street.


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Life Life in in the the Valley Valley ~ ~ Autumn Autumn 2013 2013

6 Alberni Valley Valley News News 6 Alberni

Amber Kurucz of Arbutus and Riverside Wellness Centre maximizes her workout with a vibration plate machine. SONJA DRINKWATER/ALBERNI VALLEY NEWS

Good, good vibrations V

ibration plate technology is not new. It began in 1857 with a Swedish doctor, Gustav Zander who built more than 70 different types of machines. He started the popular Zander Institutes, an early form of today’s health clubs. By 1895 Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, (developer of Corn Flakes) invented Whole Body Vibration Machines, claiming to cure constipation, headaches and back pain. In 1960 East German sports doctor, Dr.Vladimir Nazarov, introduced this technology to competitive sports, ballet and medicine in the former USSR. Whole Body Vibration Exercise fitness is backed by many years of in-depth scientific research. The Russians were able to set an alltime record in space of 420 days using this technology. Today NASA fully embraces the whole body vibration exercise technology.

How it works

Oscillating motion is now thought by doctors and physiotherapists to be the safest and most effective vibration technique. Vibration machines are

used by world’s top medical centres, elite sports team facilities and health clubs. Muscle and Fitness Magazine proclaims vibration exercise technology to be “one of the fastest growing fitness trends since spinning”. It is safe and effective for anyone to use. The Total Body Shaper is designed to produce therapeutic vibrations from the feet up through the entire body. The vibration platform causes very rapid muscle contractions that work your muscles continually. These contractions not only build muscle and bone density, but improve flexibility, burn fat, increase metabolism, improve circulation, improve cellular oxygen and nutrient delivery which slows the degenerative/aging process.

Who can benefit?

Aging baby boomers and seniors—The Total Body Shaper helps to: prevent and reverse osteoporosis/ improve mobility/ improve balance/ improve circulation. Busy executives—Ideal for busy

professionals that sit most of the day and have compressed time commitments to allow for a daily workout. Ten minutes on the Shaper equals a one-hour workout. The Shaper can be used in small increments (5-10 mins) throughout the day to increase concentration and therefore productivity. Travelers—The Shaper will improve circulation for travelers as a result of inactivity. Sitting for a long period of time frequently can cause clots or other problems. Athletes—Increases blood flow/ minimizes injuries by strengthening various muscle groups. Use prior to or after activity to increase alertness. Use of the Shaper will help dissipate lactic acid, which can build up in muscles during the course of strenuous exercise. The Shaper has also been proven to be beneficial before and after any hands-on therapy for muscle pain and stress or relaxation treatments such as massage, acupressure and shiatsu. This article was provided by Arbutus Wellness, located in the Alberni Fitness building.

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013


or those parents that have a particularly fussy child under four months of age who doesn’t sleep easily and cries frequently, try the following tips to help make it through this trying time:


Keep wake periods short. Many newborns can only handle being awake for 45 minutes to one hour. That’s from eyes open to eyes closed. If a parent keeps their child up longer, the child will quickly overtire and resist going to sleep, thus resulting in more crying.


Play white noise for soothing and for sleep periods. White noise can be any sound that has no rhythm or dynamic fluctuations. Commonly used sources are; static from a radio, a fan,


vacuums, blow-dryers or running water. Usually the most convenient for parents is to purchase a white noise machine or download a free track off the Internet and record it on a CD or iPod.


Enlist in the help of others. If a parent feels like they are getting to their breaking point and may hurt their child, then they should seek professional help immediately. But even for those parents that aren’t at risk of harming their child, but feel very overwhelmed, it is important to not be shy in asking for help. Whatever a new parent needs to make their life less stressful should be accommodated, such as holding baby while the parents nap, help with grocery shopping, maintaining domestic duties or even watching older siblings for a


to lull your newborn to sleep


Use all tools at your disposal. This includes the use of baby swings, baby slings, holding, gently rocking your baby, skin to skin contact, car and stroller rides and/or using a pacifier. You cannot create any bad habits in this time period so feel free to try all of the various soothing methods with your baby.

Alberni Valley News 7

few hours. All of these tasks can help to alleviate some stress from parents with a newborn.


Take a few moments of every day for yourself. Every parent needs some down time to recharge. It’s important to respect your need for soothing too. Your baby will pick up on your emotions, so it’s best to have some time alone to help keep your emotions in check. Remember to eat well and stay active and give yourself a few moments every day to do something just for you. It may be a bubble bath, taking a walk or watching your favorite TV show. Whatever it is, allow yourself a treat every day. In this way you are honouring your job as a new parent.


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Dorothy Clarkstone NOTARY PUBLIC

1920Years theValley! Valley! Years of of Serving Serving the


4679 Elizabeth St.

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

8 Alberni Valley News

Quilting wife, happy life Confessions from a ‘Quilting Husband’



Special to the News

entered into the life of a Quilt Husband innocuously enough. My sweetheart is a quilter. She makes beautiful things, and impressed me from the outset with her talent and creativity. As it turns out, she gives almost all of them away as gifts, which shows her very generous and giving nature. She labours over her projects for weeks, or months, which speaks to her very extensive patience. As any husband can tell you, patience is a most valuable trait in a wife, though I try not to prevail upon it too regularly. I’ve settled pretty well into the role of the Quilt Husband, in all its various aspects. I go to the store and offer advice on fabrics. Frankly, this is more a listening skill than anything else. I help with the ironing when we’re piecing a project, and I have finally got the hang of getting the seams flattened in the proper direction. I have learned that no scrap of fabric is too small to save, the importance of the fussy cut, and not to move things in the sewing room. I have also learned that all scissors are not interchangeable. Somehow, having something patiently explained to you by a wife holding scissors makes a very specific point. As much as I have honestly enjoyed all of that, the greatest benefit that quilting has brought to my life is a happy, fulfilled, and connected wife. When she’s in the sewing room, or down at Kismet Quilts, or spending an afternoon with “the ladies,” she’s in her element. She’s expressing her boundless creativity, she’s laughing and socializing with kindred spirits, she’s making beautiful gifts for people she loves. And I can’t help but be touched deeply to see a grandmother receiving a gorgeous bedspread (with matching pillowcases) or watching a baby learning to roll over on the cuddle side of a bright, beautiful baby quilt. These lovely gifts, created so painstakingly, will be cherished long after store-bought things are gone and forgotten. I wouldn’t trade being a Quilt Husband for anything. As the old saying goes, “If you want a happy life, have a happy wife.” And if, in the process, I get a little leverage for going to car shows or hockey games, well, that’s just a happy coincidence. Bruce Collins is married to Kismet Quilts owner Lynne Schroeder.

SONJA DRINKWATER/Alberni Valley News

Bruce Collins irons seams on quilting blocks—a skill he has mastered since marrying a woman who quilts.

“...the greatest benefit that quilting has brought to my life is a happy, fulfilled and connected wife.”

Life Life in in the the Valley Valley ~~ Autumn Autumn 2013 2013

Alberni Alberni Valley Valley News News 99

Blue Marlin Inn Puddle Duck Brew Pub

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Turtle Beach Restaurant

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• Newly Renovated Room • Continental Breakfast • Cable TV • Internet • Laundry Services

Blue Marlin Inn, 5022 Johnston Road


10 Alberni Valley News

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

Kick winter flu to the curb

system function. Avoid fruit juices and pop (high in sugar). As summer wanes and the 2. Eat plenty of vegetables colder, wetter weather sets in, and fruit with each meal to it signals flu season is alkalinize the body. just around the corner. A high consumption Here are some natural of fruits and vegetables ways to combat flu this in the diet puts the winter. body into an alkaline 1. Drink 2-3 L of state. A diet high in red water with lemon a meat, sugar, salt, and day. preserved foods puts Viruses thrive in dry the body in an acidic JEANNIE environments, so it is state. The body and DOIG, ND important to moisten the immune system the mucous membranes of function best in an alkaline the respiratory tract with environment. fluids. Water helps rid the At least half your plate body of toxins and lemon should be vegetables! helps to alkalinize the body— 3. Avoid sugar. important for optimal immune The negative effects of sugar DR. JEANNIE DOIG


start within 30 minutes, last for five hours, and typically include a 50 per cent reduction in the ability of white blood cells (body’s immune system cells) to destroy and engulf foreign particles (bacteria and viruses). This includes candy, pop, cookies, cakes, packaged foods. 4. Drink a Greens Drink once or twice a day. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in plants act as their natural immune system and help strengthen our ability to fight colds and flu. Greens are concentrated forms of vegetables that you can buy to mix with water. Having these drinks along with a healthy diet and plenty

of vegetables gives your immune system a kick start in promoting healthy immunity. 5. Take Vitamin C (Ester-C) every day. Numerous studies show that Vitamin C improves immune function by increasing lymphocyte (white blood cellimmune cell) production. 2000 mg/day has been shown to prevent colds and flu, and to reduce both the severity and duration of colds. Take Vitamin D every day (2000IU). Many North Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. This vitamin is important for you energy, moods, and immune system during the dark, cold winter months.

Life Lifeininthe theValley Valley~~Autumn Autumn2013 2013

Alberni Valley Valley News News 11 11 Alberni

Boost your immunity naturally

6. Get plenty of rest. “Although sleep needs vary, people who sleep about eight hours a night, on average, tend to live longer.”–William Dement, M.D., Ph.D. When we are sleeping, the immune cells (interleukin-2 and tumor necrosis factor) are secreted. Lack of sleep causes a deficiency of these immune cells, and greater susceptibility to colds and flu. 7. Get moderate exercise. Mild to moderate exercise three to five times a week (<60 min. duration) has a positive effect on the immune system. However, intense, prolonged, repeated bouts of exercise (>90 min. duration) causes impaired immunity for three to 72 hours after exercise (ex marathon). So, after a marathon or intense workout, it is best to drink plenty of greens drinks and take vitamin C. 8. Lower your stress levels. Several studies in the 1970s showed that

negative emotions suppress immune function. More recently, numerous studies have shown that laughter and other positive emotional states, can, in fact, enhance immune system! You need to laugh often, ◆ DR. JEANNIE view life with a positive eye, DOIG will hold and put yourself in a relaxed a flu prevention campaign at the state of mind on a regular Alberni Natural basis! Health Group (4711 9. Wash your hands Elizabeth St.) on frequently. Saturday, Oct. 5 10. Get your naturopathic from 9 a.m. to immune booster shot! 1 p.m. She will Vitamins B and C shots to offer 15-minute individualized help boost energy and immune function. consultations to There is also a homeopathic flu prevention educate people on shot available called Pascoleucyn. This formula what foods to eat contains dilutions of immune boosting herbs such and vitamins to take as echinacea. Numerous studies in Germany have to boost immunity. shown this flu shot to be effective in preventing ◆ SHE WILL also offer colds and flu for the season.


Recommendations are for educational purposes only, provided by Dr. Jeannie Doig, ND, at Alberni Natural Health Group, www.

an immune booster shot. Call 250-7239888 for info.

Naturopathic Sales & Services Authorized Dealers of:


Dr. Doig treats virtually any health condition, from

Marine Accessories Certified Marine Technicians

4453 10th Ave. Port Alberni BC • 250.723.2522 •

digestive disorders, obesity and and weight weight gain, gain, obesity anxiety/stress, chronic chronic anxiety/stress, infections, smoking smoking infections, addictions, depression, addictions, depression, migraine headaches, migraine headaches, allergies, asthma, asthma, arthritis, arthritis, allergies, Dr. Jeannie Jeannie Doig Doig,, and cancer. Dr. Doig is Dr. and cancer. Dr. Doig is HBsc. ND trained in in clinical clinical nutrition, nutrition, HBsc. ND trained IV vitamin injection therapy, IV vitamin injection therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, and Bowen herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, and Bowen Therapy, which is a gentle hands-on therapy for muscle Therapy, which is a gentle hands-on therapy for muscle pain and stress. pain and stress. 723 9888 250 •• 723•• 9888

12 Alberni Valley News

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

Go cycling with E’s Electric-assisted bicycles give you that extra oomph


Submitted photo

This Tommy Bahama electric bicycle comes with gears as well as battery power.

ould you like to ride a bike more often, but find it impractical or impossible because of hills, distance, health reasons, knee problems, aging or the inconvenience of having to shower and change at work? Electric bicycles make the activity of biking much more accessible to the 98 per cent of the population who aren’t currently cyclists. Fundamentally, an electric bike is just like a regular bicycle with a quiet, built-in electric hub motor to provide additional assistance. Your three riding options are as follows: No assistance (pedal normally without power), Partial assistance (use the motor to help out with hills and headwinds), or Full assistance (use the motor all the time combined with your bicycle gears just to make riding easier). The experience is entirely different from riding a gas scooter or motorbike as you are getting exercise. Don’t be fooled that electric bikes won’t give you a workout.

Life Lifeininthe theValley Valley~~Autumn Summer2013 2013

E-bikes give you a lift They can if you want them to, and because they are so much fun you will find yourself riding more often! The electric assistance is perfectly smooth and silent, which complements rather than supplants human power. Electric bicycles provide all the advantages of a regular bicycle: fun, exercise, fresh air in your lungs, free parking, zero emissions and freedom from gridlock while eliminating one of the bicycle’s more serious drawbacks, lack of power. A good quality electric bicycle needs a few key items. • A sturdy well built, and balanced frame to withstand engine torque, • 400- to 500-watt motor or more, • 36 – 48V Lithium ion battery for better range,

minimal weight and clean energy. Look for a bike that has ease of use and maintenance. A battery that locks on is important and some have wheel locks too. In order to comply with road regulations an electric bicycle is governed at 32 km per hour. You need to be 16 years or older and you must wear a helmet. Make sure that you are able to get service locally as your bike is composed of working parts that will need assistance in time. Most electric bike dealers offer test rides. Take one out for an hour or so and see for yourself. This article was provided by Comfort Zone, which carries electric bicycles.


ON SALE NOW • Hot tubs • Pedego e-bicycles • Motorino e-bikes • Mobility Scooters

1700 sq ft showroom. Large inventory of walkers and other mobility aids. We service what we sell!

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4947 947 Argyle St. St., t , Port P Alberni, B.C.

ALSO WEEKLY SPECIALS 250.723.3366 250.72

Alberni Valley News 13

James, Mat & Earl

• Tune-ups • Brakes • Fuel Injection • A/C Service • Gov’t. Inspection Facility • Diagnostics Ph. 250-724-5154 • Fax 250-724-3783 5047 Southgate Rd. Open Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm

14 Alberni Valley News

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

Good pharma care

Make your pharmacist an important part of your health care team.


harmacists are integral members of an individual’s health care team. Pharmacists can minimize the possibility of drug interactions and allergic reactions and make sure you get the most benefit for your medications. It is vital that you have a good relationship with your pharmacist, because only he/ she can determine what is best for you and what is safe. If your pharmacist knows your medication history, your lifestyle and your current health condition he or she can help you learn how to use your prescription and over-the-counter medicines safely—increasing the benefits and decreasing the risks. You can also use their tips when talking to other health care professionals. Independent pharmacies score higher on how often a pharmacist advises patients on warning signs of side effects. Only 31 per cent of consumers using grocery store pharmacies received this service, and worse only 16 per cent of those using a chain store are counselled. If you do not know what minor sideeffects to expect you have a greater chance of having a serious side-effect. Overall there is a real need to speak to your pharmacist and choose the pharmacy you feel the most confident about in regards to receiving counselling to prevent drug interactions and allergic reactions. This includes over-the-counter

Metro Creative Photo

Taking the time to talk to your pharmacist can help you maximize the benefits of both prescription and over-the-counter medication, as well as prevent interactions.

medication. In addition to asking about side-effects is it also important to know how to tell if a medicine is working. The purpose of a medicine is to help prevent an illness, relieve the symptoms of an illness and increase your quality of life. A pharmacist can help you maximize this benefit. Some illnesses have no symptoms, which makes it hard to know if your medicine is working. More than 47 per

Get to Know!

cent of consumers do not know that their pharmacist did not know how to tell if they were receiving the most benefits from their medicine when visiting a grocery or chain store pharmacy. As a consumer, it is important to know your pharmacist on a level that you feel comfortable and confident when it comes to your health. This article was provided by Trisha Levins at Somass Drugs. 5057 Southgate St. Port Alberni, B.C.

(250) 723-9323

the best Donair Subsinin Port Port Alberni The Best Donair & &Subs Alberni Specialists in fine Pharmaceuticals, Orthotics & Ostomy

We Rent & Sell: (We also carry a full line of orthotics) • Able Walkers • Wheelchairs • Crutches • Bath Seats • Commodes • Canes 4539 GERTRUDE 778-421-1782 D-4035 REDFORD ST. 250-736-1782ST. • 4539 GERTRUDE ST. 250-778-421-1782

Life Life in in the the Valley Valley ~~ Autumn Autumn 2013 2013

Welcomee to th

AlberniValley ValleyNews News 15 15 Alberni


Ecuador and More HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday 10 am - 4:00 pm

at the Harbour Quay


Unique Jewelry And Original Art 250-724-3243

For the whole family Made from Alpaca and Llama We have 2nd hand clothing upstairs at Ecuador and More 5417 Argyle St.

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YUMMY Chicken Club

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Souvenirs, Crystals, Jewellery, Local Books & much much more


Take Out

778-421-COOK (2665) Open at 11 a.m. for lunch and dinner

#10-5440 Argyle Street, Harbour Quay Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 1T7

Port Alberni RCMP Community Policing Office #9-5440 Argyle Street

Harbour Quay PH: 778-421-3992 Open weekdays from 10am-4pm “Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility”

Volunteers Needed







Kismet Quilts

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under the clock

Life in the Valley ~ Autumn 2013

16 Alberni Valley News


• 3.5cuft • 1/3HP • 36 RPM • 120V



• 6cuft Steel Tray • Flat Free Wheel • Hardwood Handles • Contractor Grade Hardware

Mix stucco, mortar or concrete with this general duty cement mixer

• Steel

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• Direct drive oil lubricated pump • Regulated pressure gauge • Universal quick coupler • Metal air filter Motor : 2 HP, 11 Amp, 110V / 60 Hz Tank capacity: 4 Gal CFM at 90 PSI: 3.5 CFM | RPM: 3400 Weight : 28 Kg / 62 Lbs

• 2 HP 4 Gal Air Compressor • Direct drive oil lubricated pump • Regulated pressure gauge • Industrial M-style coupler • Metal air filter • 2” 18 Ga Brad Nailer • Use standard 5/8” to 2” 18 gauge brad nails • Quick release front • 360° adjustable exhaust • 3/8” x 25 ft PVC Air Hose with fittings

reg. $169.99 /ea





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13/16” S1S2E RED OAK LUMBER reg. $4.99/board foot


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