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SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

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The preliminary results of the two Sept. 7 referendums show voters who turned out to the polls opting for tax increases to support expanded recreation-and-cultural, and search-and-rescue funding. There were 571 votes in favour and 318 against making the change when asked if they support South Cariboo Recreation changes to bring more arts, culture and sports activities under the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) function (including the District of 100 Mile House). The overall recreation area tax for next year is expected to increase by about $20 per $100,000, moving the current total rate to about $62 per $100,000 assessed property value next year. The South Cariboo Search and Rescue (SCSAR) referendum had an even more overwhelming success with 943 votes in support of the change and just 121 in opposition, but it involves a much smaller tax impact of less than a dollar per $100,000 (based on 2013 assessments). 100 Mile House Mayor Mitch Campsall says he is “very happy” with the results of both referendums. Continued on A4

Monika Paterson photo

Things got a little messy at the South Cariboo Community Fall Fair at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre in 100 Mile House, Sept. 6-8. 100 Mile House Fire-Rescue fire chief Darrel Blades was one of many community celebrities who volunteered as targets for a pie-throwing event to help the Hun City Hunnies’ raise money for community improvement projects.

Nashville company to purchase Ainsworth Carole Rooney Free Press

After 63 years in operation that began with a single sawmill in 100 Mile House, Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd. is being sold to United States forestry giant LouisianaPacific Corporation (LP) for $1.1 billion US. Ainsworth president and CEO Jim Lake says he understands, and expects, it will be “business as usual” with “definitely no significant change” to its operations or employees. “We think it is all going to be very positive for the people. In general, the company has a bigger platform – it’s very strategically focused in the field we play in. So, long term, it’s going to give a better financial strength to manage this through the cyclical markets that [the industry]

Louisiana-Pacific CEO assures sale is ‘best’ for 100 Mile OSB plant tends to be in.” The local facility is one of its two plants with unique technology suited to serving the Japanese market, which Lake notes is an important distinction. “We believe the deal is very good for all of the operations in the company, but specifically for 100 Mile, because LP is very interested in the Asian markets and 100 Mile is a significant supplier to Asia.” The Grande Prairie plant also ships to Asia, but he says “the bulk of it” comes from 100 Mile House, as well as several other speciality items. “100 Mile is also very strategic with

some of our other value-added products, specifically the products that we sell into the engineered wood business. And, that is all part of why LP likes us – they like our mix of products and our geographic channels that we go [in] to the markets. “I’m sure they have no intentions of changing that; if anything, they are going to want to grow from where they are.” Founded by David Ainsworth in 100 Mile House in 1950, the forest company expanded by leaps and bounds until it went public in 1993, and built its first oriented strand board (OSB) plant just off Exeter Station Road. Today, Ainsworth is a leading manufacturer and supplier of oriented strand board in Canada, with four manufacturing plants across British Columbia, Alberta, Continued on A4



Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press


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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Flight 21 cairn unveiled Crash victims’ families recall feelings of love and loss


Carole Rooney Free Press

About 50 people attended the emotional unveiling of the Canadian Pacific Flight 21 monument at the South Cariboo Visitor Centre on Aug. 31, many of them family members of crash victims. The concept for the stone memorial cairn was conceived by Ruth Peterson to memorialize and recognize the 52 people who lost their lives in a tragic plane crash 48 years ago near Dog Creek, but at an easilyaccessible site. Remnants of the Douglas DC-6B remain at the crash site, which was searched for and located many years ago by Didi Henderson, who as a young child lost her father, Wallace Emo, in the crash. Didi, Ruth and others raised funds or donated time and materials to build the cairn near the 100 Mile Marsh. “It’s something that’s long overdue, so I’m really grateful that Ruth Peterson took it on to get the ball rolling,” says Didi. “I think it’s helping more people know about the event, even this long afterward, and that’s important because it was actually quite a major air disaster and part of the local history. “Personally, I think it’s good to have that locally for the older people that can’t go out to visit the actual crash site anymore.” That includes her mother, Kyra Emo, 83, who Didi adds could not make it to the unveiling but will come out later to visit the cairn, as will her two sisters. Didi gave one of the speeches at the ceremony, and her son, David, read the names of the crew and passengers aloud while Curtis Wolfe played a violin and 52 white balloons were released – one for each person who perished. Many family members could not attend, so she explains another event is planned for July 8, 2015, the 50th anniversary of the crash. There is an informal memorial and debris remaining at the heavilywooded crash site, and Didi notes the families ask those with no direct connection to the incident, who visit the area, to please leave everything intact, as some folks have been removing items. CP Air Flight 21 was flying from Vancouver to Whitehorse on July 8, 1965 when it crashed about 40 kilometres west of 100 Mile House. All of the passengers and crew perished in the crash, which an inquest determined was the result of a bomb explosion, the source of which was never determined. Didi says it is difficult to explain


The Williams Lake & District Credit Union is accepting applications for its Community Investment Fund online or at any branch until Sept. 30. Local organizations and community groups with projects to better the community’s economy or quality of life, focusing on youth, entrepreneurs, immigrants, low-income working families and Aboriginal peoples, may apply. Visit www.wldcu. com/Personal/ InOurCommunity/ CommunityInvest mentFund for details.


Gaven Crites photos

Leah Henderson, left, sat with her sister-in-law, Roxanne, and tightly held the hand of her mother, Didi, when they joined about 50 others to listen to her brother, David, read aloud the names of the 52 victims of C.P. Air Flight 21 at a monument unveiling ceremony near 100 Mile House Airport on Aug. 31.

The Flight 21 memorial monument near the 100 Mile Marsh was established to honour and remember the 52 people who lost their lives in the July 1965 plane crash, and give their families a place to visit.

what the cairn means to the daughters, sons, spouses, siblings and grandchildren who lost loved ones in the plane crash. She notes the event also had “a lot of impact” on the numerous local people who assisted with the terrible search, which ultimately found no survivors.

Chuck Shaw-MacLaren was one of those who searched tirelessly, and says all of them suffered much emotional turmoil that continues to this day. “For the people who were all killed, I think [the cairn is] well deserved.” He adds its central location is

key to raising awareness about the tragedy. “People are starting to talk about it now. And, it’s ‘when did this happen’?” Didi adds the cairn can also bring a sense of history and understanding of the disaster to the community at large. This tragic loss of her father has affected her for almost 50 years, but she notes some folks have forgotten it ever happened. Wallace was en route to Whitehorse in his exploration work as a doctor of geology, Didi explains. She lived in Montreal at the time, and her mother never spoke of the incident, so Didi says when she first visited the South Cariboo, she was unaware of the significance. Didi then called Kyra to say she was in the middle of B.C. in a place she’d “probably never heard of – 100 Mile House,” and a moment of silence ensued. “She said ‘Didi, that’s where your father died’ ... it kind of gives you goose bumps, when you go ‘wow, there was a connection’.” Didi notes she moved to the community a few years later, after she married. More information on the crash, cairn and family stories is on Facebook under C.P. Air Flight 21.

The permitting process for low-impact exploration activities became more efficient on Sept. 1, and is available online through FrontCounter BC locations. Certain activities are now authorized on projects with an active Mines Act permit, and proposed exploration work timing is extended by up to two years. More information is at Mining/Permitting reclamation/Pages/ DeemedAuthoriza tionsGuidance.aspx.

NEW JUDGE The British Columbia Provincial Court in Kamloops has a new judge, Leonard Marchand, effective Sept. 3. He replaces a judge who was appointed to the B.C. Supreme Court, to ensure that the court is equipped to manage caseload pressures and access to justice. The total cost to support one Provincial Court judge is about $1.4 million annually, including the judge’s salary and costs for court administration, sheriffs, prosecutions and judicial support.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Both Cariboo Regional District referendums pass with flying colours

From A1

Campsall says it goes that passed that referenfar beyond that in open- dum, but finds the level This success is the ing up the potential for of involvement allowed result of five years of future arts, culture and to non-property owners joint efforts by the CRD sports under this new “disturbing.” and the District, he joint funding. “Non-property explains, and from peo“That’s probably the owners can vote on a ple supporting biggest part of property tax referenthe community this whole thing dum, and the [CRD] as a whole. – what recre- governing body did so “It shows we ation means in little to inform property are are working our commu- owners about a bill that together, and nity.” will take more money the commuH o w e v e r , out of their pockets.” nity is working not everyone The proportion of together ... there is pleased by these 889 referendum MITCH is no ‘us and CAMPSALL the results for voters who own propthem’ anymore.” expanding the erty can’t be discerned, The CRD has been recreation function. he adds, but the CRD restricted by its recreLocal propershould have ation bylaw in what it ty owner Peter directly notified could apply funding to, Reid voiced his all those within he notes. opposition to the recreation This expanding recre- this in a letter to boundary who ation function includes the editor pubwill now see adding Martin Exeter lished on Page increased taxaHall and the soccer 9 of the July 31 tion. Val fields in 100 Mile House edition of the “It appears to Severin under the CRD’s rec- 100 Mile House me, to have a reation funding, rather Free Press. truly democratthan the district carryNow, Reid says he ic vote, property owners ing the entire burden as accepts and supports should have had a ballot it does now. the democratic process mailed to them.”

Meanwhile, SCSAR to vote, too ... it shows search manager Val support in the comSeverin says her society munity for what we are is “very happy” doing.” with the result Severin adds of the other refshe thanks erendum geared everyone who toward her played a role group, noting in the referenthe almost 90 dum, planning per cent voter and organizing, approval reflects meetings, proPeter overall support moting, at the Reid in the commupolling stations nity. and everyone who came “I’m just overjoyed. out to vote from “the It’s going to be an excit- bottom of my heart.” ing new chapter for the The official referengroup, it is a whole new dum results were due beginning for us.” to be announced early The CRD will now this week. provide up to $30,000 annually for the local SCSAR efforts, which are all volunteers and currently have no stable and secure funding. “We would not have been able to carry on without them, and I want them to know that. “We’re really happy we had such a good turnout

gains the approval of federal regulators, he and Ontario, and a head explains. office in Vancouver. For now, Lake says Its board of he will work directors has personally with voted unaniLP CEO Curt mously to Stevens duraccept the ing the next deal with the few months Nashville-based to develop a LP, Lake adds, transition and and majorintegration JIM ity shareholder plan. LAKE Brookfield Asset “I don’t want Management has given to speak totally for its written support of Louisiana-Pacific, but at the transaction. the end of the day, they However, it won’t like what we do, they become final until later like what our people do, this year, providing it so why would they want



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to change?” Ainsworth has already undergone a lot of changes, he notes, through corporate restructuring from family-run to bondholders in 2008, and continuing through Brookfield’s take over of 54 per cent ownership, and subsequent upper management changes. “This now gives some security with a [larger]




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company that is in it for the long term ... LP has been in Canada for over 35 years.” Lake says Ainsworth “absolutely” foresees a “very promising future” for its lumber facilities under LP’s acquisition. “We believe that ... with LP’s platform and a strategic focus in this industry, we really believe that is the best possible outcome.”


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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mock earthquake doesn’t rattle 100 Mile House ESS


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Rd .

Any number of events might call for an area to be evacuated – a pipeline rupture, a dangerous goods spill, a flood, a fire – but 100 Mile House Emergency Support Services (ESS) chose an earthquake. Director Doug Belcher says his team has the training, and it’s time to put it into action. “The training isn’t any good unless you can use it firsthand. That’s what we’re doing this drill for.” Players and coaches from the 100 Mile House Wranglers hockey team served as evacuees in ESS’s mock disaster drill at the 100 Mile House Curling Club on Sept. 9. The drill had a lot to do with organization, information management and logistical support, Belcher explains. ESS helps people find accommodations in the first 72 hours following a disaster. They’re the people you don’t ever want to see, but when disaster strikes, they’re the people you turn to for help. “Frontline workers find out where they fit in and what we can tweak,” Belcher says of the drill. “We’re giving them [evacuees] information, not having them go to the hotel or the restaurant, but we’re giving them the information and they can see how it actually works.” Recent events, such as the flooding in Alberta or the train derailment in Lac-Mégantic, underscore the diversity and volatility of disasters and the need to be well prepared. “It could be anything.

9:00am - 2:00pm

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r Rd



Mil lan

in 2003. It destroyed homes and industry and forced thousands of people to leave the area. “We went eight days here. It was quite an experience to work that. We put in long hours. People came up here and said, ‘Well, we have nothing now. The bank can take it back, there’s nothing there’. “It really puts into perspective what’s important.”

Free Press

Saturday, Sept. 21


Emergency Support Services drill for disaster to ensure response when disaster strikes Gaven Crites


Did you know that in many areas you can get your favourite community newspaper delivered right to your door?

Call 250-395-2219 to find out if you can!

Gaven Crites photo

Members of the 100 Mile House Wranglers hockey team served as evacuees for a mock disaster drill set up by 100 Mile House Emergency Support Services (ESS) at the 100 Mile House Curling Club on Sept. 9. Here, ESS director Doug Belcher, left, and Kenny Nordstrom, right, looking over as Jayden Syrota writes down personal information required in an emergency.

The training isn't any good unless you can use it firsthand. That's what we're doing this drill for." – Doug Belcher

There’s so much stuff going by [on the highway] people don’t know about. We have the railroad here. We have three pipelines here.” 100 Mile House ESS is part of Emergency Management BC (EMBC) and includes people from all over the 100 Mile House area. They cover from 70 Mile to 140 Mile. Belcher says he believes 100 Mile House has the facilities to respond should

disaster strike. “We’ve gone around and signed on hotels we can call. We get quite a few calls in the winter time when there’s a single house burnt out. We look after those people for three days, too. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to get (insurance). We’ve done five this last winter.” Devastating events, such fires or accidents, often draw a crowd, but sometimes the best option during a disaster – such as a dangerous goods spill on the highway – is to stay where you are, Belcher says. He points to the “shelter-in-place” guidelines from EMBC that state go indoors immediately, close all windows and doors, turn off the furnace, air conditioners and exhaust systems,

and listen to your radio or TV for more information. “They’re really pushing that now because there a lot of gas leaks and stuff like that and the idea is to stay in your house and seal it up and make sure everything’s fine and we know where you are.” In 2010, a handful of ESS members responded to a huge forest fire west of Williams Lake. “It was a real learning experience for all of us and for the whole province because there was language and health [factors to consider] and accommodations were nil because they had so many police and firemen in town.” Belcher also talks about the forest fire that swept through Barriere

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Williams Lake & District Credit Union Community Investment Fund Williams Lake and District Credit Union is now accepting proposals from local organizations and community groups for projects and initiatives geared to helping local communities achieve greater economic success and improve quality of life. Grants are available for projects focussing on youth, entrepreneurs, immigrants, low-income working families and aboriginal peoples. Information on the application process and requirements is available on our website at:

or at any Credit Union branch. Preference will be given to organizations that are members of Williams Lake and District Credit Union. Application Deadline is September 30, 2013 Call DAVE today for your FREE MARKET EVALUATION PLUS a DIAGNOSIS OF YOUR PROPERTY regarding changes you may wish to make to HELP IT SELL FAST!


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Heavy hail hits north of 100 Mile Damage severe at 108 Mile Ranch, South Cariboo Regional Airport

Carole Rooney Free Press

A hailstorm wreaked havoc at 108 Mile Ranch and other areas north of 100 Mile House when golf ball-sized hail peppered down just before 6 p.m. on Sept. 3. Witnesses and affected residents in several nearby communities reported a large number of dented vehicles and broken windshields, and folks are facing wait lists in attempts to book them into local repair shops last week. South Cariboo (108) Regional Airport manager Nick Christianson says all of the 11 aircraft parked outside at the airport suffered damage – some of it significant – after all of them had also been damaged by hail a couple of weeks earlier (Aug 17). This second storm hit after initial repair estimates were prepared for some of the planes, which, he notes, must

now be redone. “Now, the damage is way worse. Some were relatively minor, but some were fairly extensive. The estimate I had on just one of the aircraft last time was $43,000, so the damage is quite significant. “I would easily estimate it could be a [total of a] couple of hundred thousand dollars damage between the two hail storms.” Christianson adds he heard about heavy damage from the hail happening at Rail Lake cabins and properties. Comments heard around town reflected localized storms that saw huge hail at 108 Mile Ranch west of Highway 97, 103 Mile Lake and Rail Lake. Large, but less damaging, hail occurred at The Hills Health Ranch, while Exeter Road had smaller, but heavy hail (reportedly a foot deep near Ainsworth’s OSB plan) and pouring rain, but no hail,

was experienced near Deka Lake and other points south of town. The Hills general manager of business development Len Doucette says the hail there lasted for six minutes in a storm that raged for about 15 minutes with subsequent rain and wind. “We did get some pretty remarkable-sized hailstones here, but it wasn’t quite as bad as the 108 itself, on the northwest side. It was just terrible out there.” The polycarbonate roof over the deck at Doucette’s own house was smashed to bits when the huge hail stones slammed right through it, he adds. “Quite a few vehicles

were damaged as well, [including] my pickup truck and my travel trailer, and a couple of my friends had flooding. “There is definitely going to be a lot of insurance claims.”

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HELP the District of 100 Mile House council HUNGRY! Submitted photo

Hailstones the size of golf balls damaged vehicles, airplanes, buildings and more when a storm hit several communities north of 100 Mile House around 6 p.m. on Sept. 3, including 108 Mile Ranch, 103 Mile Lake and Rail Lake.

supports building facade grant

Carole Rooney

This grant gives Free Press a “helping hand” to local businesses to District of 100 Mile improve the look of House council endorsed their building frontage, a new funding oppor- he added. tunity at its The matchedAug. 20 meetfunding NDIT ing that it will program allows be encouraging individual busilocal businesses nesses to apply to pursue. through their Mayor Mitch local governCampsall said ments for up Jennifer the municipalto $5,000 each Appleby ity can apply for for facade up to $20,000 upgrades, probeing offered as an viding they put in at incentive to improve least $5,000 of their building facades. own. “It’s a program Campsall explained through Northern boosting the visual Development Initiative appeal of storefronts Trust [NDIT], and we has shown good results are one of the commu- elsewhere. nities that would love to “It has worked in – and will – participate other communities, this year, if businesses and we are just hoping within the community that it also will work want to participate.” here. And, anytime

you get improvements, it’s always a benefit to all ... even if you get something beside you improved, it’s going to benefit you as well.” At a $5,000 per business maximum ($10,000 in facade improvements each) four recipients might benefit, or potentially more, if the renovations incur lower costs. South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce president Jennifer Appleby said the SCCC would “love” to work with the district on getting the grant program for the municipality. “To me, it sounds like a fantastic idea. Especially if we can tie it in with the log building theme that’s already been started with the facades; the chamber

would be behind that 100 per cent.” Campsall said the local business group will be involved in finalizing

the facade guidelines. “We’ll get a basic [idea] for what we should do, and then we’ll Continued on A7

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and YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. There’s a FOOD CRISIS in 100 Mile House. The South Cariboo Food Security Committee has put out a plea for food donations to support the hungry families and individuals in need this summer. Local gardeners with extra produce in their plots, and the general public through non-perishable donations, are being asked to help with this food crisis. Children, youth and families are challenged daily in having enough to eat, especially nutritious food. For more information, or to donate, please contact Rusty Martin Loaves and Fishes 250-395-2708 Sylvia Peniuk 100 Mile House & District Women’s Centre 250-395-4093 Debbra Williams Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre 250-395-5155 Margaret Perry Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre 778-482-2216

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Open fires allowed in Cariboo Fire Centre At noon on Sept. 3, the open burning prohibition in the Cariboo Fire Centre (CFC) was rescinded due to a decreased risk of wildfires. Although open fires will be permitted throughout the CFC, the Wildfire Management Branch (WMB) is asking the public to remain vigilant with any type of fire use, including open burning and campfires. Despite the recent cool and wet weather, the fire danger rating can quickly change to “high” or “extreme.” Homeowners and industry personnel are encouraged to take the following precautions with outdoor burning activities: • Ensure that enough people, water and tools are on hand to control the fire and prevent it from escaping. • Do not burn in windy conditions. The weather can change quickly and wind may carry embers to other combustible material and start new fires.

• Create a fireguard of at least one metre around the planned fire site by clearing away twigs, grass, leaves and other combustible material. • If you are planning a large burn, consider conducting smaller burns around the perimeter beforehand to create a fuel break and help stop the fire from spreading beyond its intended size. Each of these fires should be kept small and must be completely extinguished before starting a new fire. • Never leave a fire unattended and make sure your fire is completely extinguished and the ashes are cold to the touch before you leave the area. There have been 68 person-caused wildfires in the CFC this season, out of a total of 307 fires. If you are planning to do any large-scale industrial burning or conduct a grass burn more than 0.2 hectares

(Category 3 fires), you must obtain a burn registration number ahead of time by calling 1-800-797-1717. Venting conditions should always be checked before conducting an open burn. If conditions are rated “poor” or “fair,” open burning is restricted. The venting index can be found at www.env. epdpa/venting/vent ing.html. In British Columbia, the Wildfire Act specifies a person’s legal obligations when using open fire on or within one kilometre of forest land or grassland. If an outdoor burn escapes and causes a wildfire, the person responsible may be held accountable for damages and fire suppression costs. Anyone found in contravention of an open burning prohibition may be issued a ticket of up to $345, or if convicted in court, be fined

up to $100,000 and sentenced to one year in jail. If the contravention causes or contributes to a wildfire, the person may be subject to a penalty of up to $10,000 and ordered to pay all firefighting and associated costs. To report a wildfire, a non-compliant open burning or an unattended campfire, call 1-800-663-5555 tollfree, or dial *5555 on a cell phone. For the latest information on current wildfire activity, conditions and restrictions, visit the WMB website at British Columbia residents and homeowners are encouraged to read the B.C. FireSmart Manual at www.bcwildfire. ca/FightingWildfire/

Safety/pamphlets/ FireSmart-BC4.pdf. You can follow the latest wildfire news – • On Twitter at • On Facebook at BCForestFireInfo


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Chamber of Commerce president ‘loves’ NDIT program

Professional installation of energy efficient gas furnaces, fireplaces and hot water tanks.

November grant intake before businesses can apply. Participating municipalities will then have another 12 months to oversee the facade construction and dole out the grant money. For more information, or to express interest in the program, call the district office at 250-395-2434.


From A6

have a look, and talk to the [SCCC executive] about it, and see how they feel about it. We will be bringing them in to participate with it.” While the first step is developing the facade guidelines, the district must apply to NDIT’s

Thank you!

Our 2013 Boat Raffle was a huge success! Supporters:

• Cariboo Supply & Marine • Bridge Lake General Store • Canada Safeway • Jim Watson, Deka Lake F.D.

Prize Winners:

• Wildman’s Outdoor Store • Desiree McKenzie, R.M.T. • Interlakes Market • Save-On Foods • South Cariboo Garlic Festival • Interlakes Rodeo • Lone Butte Community Assn. • Bridge Lake Rodeo • Forest Grove 94 Lions Cub Boat/Motor/Trailer - Krista Fournie, Hinton Alberta Electric Motor - Gloria Melnychuk, Lone Butte Fishing Rod Combo - Joe Lidster, Lac la Hache Massage Therapy - Keith Shearer, Delta

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who supported our raffle with the purchase of tickets. All funds raised will be donated to community groups in our area.

Highway 24 Interlakes Lions Club

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Referenda passage good news


Classroom stability and learning focus


ast week, more than half a million British Columbia children went back to school. The first week back is a special time when everyone – from kindergarten to Grade 12 – shares in the excitement of the year ahead. This is when students, parents and teachers set objectives and settle in to work together. For our government’s part, Premier Christy Clark has set clear goals: pursuing long-term labour peace, moving B.C.’s Education Plan forward, and building on our commitment to skills and technical training. I know we all want to find lasting labour peace that will allow everyone to focus on what matters most: helping every student learn and succeed. We will continue to pursue our framework for a 10-year agreement with teachers. The British Columbia Teachers Federation has asked to bargain directly with government on

provincial matters and that’s students learn the same way being done. or at the same pace and that Stability is equally learning is more than just important for school memorizing facts. support staff, represented As a result, the B.C. by CUPE and other unions. Education Plan puts As part of the current a strong focus on negotiations, we also want personalized learning, to explore how to achieve aiming to provide students lasting stability more opportunity for support staff. to pursue Long-term individual talents, labour peace is interests and a means to a far preferences while more important maintaining focus end: the ongoing on foundational transformation skills – reading, of our system to writing and better support numeracy. learning. While It also seeks to Peter B.C. has one of better prepare Fassbender the best systems students for 21st in the world, century careers new research on brain and workplaces. development and learning Our cross-government suggests we need to shift Skills and Training Jobs many of our traditional Plan is another important approaches. change. The B.C. Education Plan This year, about 134,000 was launched two years ago students will take at least to engage more students one applied skills course. in their own learning and A further 4,000 will provide them with skills for participate in programs a rapidly changing world. where they earn grad We recognize that no two credits and credits toward


he passing of two separate referenda, both of which involved tax increases, on Saturday (Sept. 7) was good news for the South Cariboo community. While nobody likes to pay more taxes, the public vote in favour of the recreation bylaw amendment and a new search and rescue function will assist community growth and safety. Providing annual funding for the South Cariboo Search and Rescue Society (SCSAR) was what some like to call a “no brainer.” This group of volunteers has been providing both search and rescue services for a number of years in the South Cariboo and has received little in government grants and has been left to do most of its own fundraising. Necessary equipment and training costs have accelerated over the years, and for less than $1 per $100,000 assessment, SCSAR can provide more training for its volunteers, as well as up-to-date equipment. This will not only provide residents and visitors with better search and rescue services, but also allow the volunteers to move forward with public education. Saturday’s preliminary vote totals on this referendum were 943 in support and 121 against. The vote on the Cariboo Regional District’s recreation bylaw change to encompass more arts, cultural and sports activities under the CRD’s function (including the District of 100 Mile House) was much closer. It also involved a stiffer increase at around $20 per $100,000 assessment, which is expected to reach around $62 per $100,000 assessment next year. Preliminary numbers show this referendum passed with 571 in favour and 381 against. Many people, who wanted to see this referendum pass, were worried the increase in taxes for folks outside of the District of 100 Mile House boundaries would not be looked upon favourably. However, enough folks in favour of increasing sports, arts and cultural funding showed up to the polls to swing the pendulum in their favour. This particular bylaw amendment has been five years in the making because it was realized that folks from the outlying communities were using the local recreation facilities in significant numbers, but District taxpayers were bearing the brunt of maintenance costs. However, we think there is an important positive impact the passing of this referendum will have on our community. The extra funding will help our youth and seniors become more engaged in our community, and it will help keep us all connected in the big 3 every community needs to prosper – sports, arts and culture.

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post-secondary programs and apprenticeships. Furthermore, we recently appointed a new Superintendent for Trades and Student Transitions to assist districts in expanding partnerships with industry and post-secondary institutions. As students demonstrate everyday at school, dedication is the path to achievement. As another school year gets underway, our government is dedicated to pursuing lasting labour peace, transforming an already great education system, and growing skills and technical training in every district. These efforts will keep more students on track to graduate and better prepared for the opportunities ahead – whether they have set their sights on technical training, university, or jumping straight into the workforce. Peter Fassbender is the B.C. education minister.

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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Reader concerned about 'saving' Fish Lake Tailing storage facility seepage and treatment appear to be centre of debate To the editor: The Environmental Review Hearings for the proposed mine at Fish Lake have concluded, and after following the sessions either in person or on line, I realize much of it was a repeat of the last review in 2010. The difference this go-

around is that the risks, both to the environment and to the taxpayer, appear even higher. The new plan by Taseko Mines to “save” Fish Lake brought forth serious concerns from not only independent consultants, but those representing

federal and provincial ministries. The British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines concluded in their submission that “Despite [Taseko’s] modifications to the project, MEM believes that the project presents significant environmental risks

Federal Conservative government hurting northern families To the editor: The Conservative government’s mismanagement of the North has made its cost-of-living to soar and caused shortages of basic services, hurting families and jeopardizing the economic potential of the region. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s bungling of adjustments to the federallyfunded Nutrition North program has sent food prices skyrocketing, some reportedly as high as 250 per cent. This makes the cost of living increasingly out of reach for families. Grossly inadequate housing has left too many without a place to live. Nunavut, alone, needs an estimated 3,000 new housing units and another 90 each year simply to keep up with population growth. Too many communities still lack access to fast, reliable Internet service, under-


mining business development and skills training. A lack of basic health and mental health services is undermining the foundations of communities – the very basis of their prosperity. With bountiful natural resources and a quickly growing population, the North is building a strong economy. Yet its full potential cannot be realized if families cannot afford healthy food, cannot find a place to live and cannot get the supports they need. Mr. Harper needs to be more than a tourist when he visits the North for his annual Arctic photo-op. He should get in touch with the everyday realities of Northern Canadian families and commit to providing them the same opportunities other Canadians enjoy. Yvonne Jones, MP Liberal Northern Development critic

due to the uncertain ability to limit and collect Tailing Storage Facility seepage and to effectively and economically treat water to maintain water quality in Fish Lake and its tributaries.” Repeated again and again were the potential for adverse effects, inadequate modelling, insufficient information and a lack of data. We now know of the risks

of tailings seepage ultimately reaching the Taseko and Chilco rivers and having the potential to adversely affect 25 per cent of the Fraser River sockeye salmon run. This would present severe economic losses to the communities downstream, coastal fishing communities, and the province of B.C., in addition to the loss of the salmon themselves. After having attended the

hearings, it is obvious to me the Tsilhqot’in are unified in their opposition to the proposed mine. Without coming to agreement with First Nations, which other companies have learned is essential for balance of a proposal, the future does indeed look bleak for the region. Steve Monk 108 Mile Ranch

Customer service appreciated To the editor: I want to recognize one of your local businesses – Country Tire. While on vacation, I (luckily) stopped in 100 Mile House to fuel up and have dinner. When I pulled into the Save-On-Foods parking lot, I discovered three of the studs on my boat trailer had sheared off and all others were loose. I was directed first to another tire shop, and although they would have liked to help, they were just too busy and called Country Tire for me. Country Tire was also very busy, but said if I could limp

the boat and trailer to their shop they would see would could be done (my apologies to the logging truck drivers who had to follow me up that hill at about three km/h). A kind lady stopped and assured me I was on the right road and went ahead to let them know I was coming. Once at Country Tires’ shop, owner George Ebrune greeted me with a big smile and let me know they would get me back on the road ASAP. Well, as luck would have it, they couldn’t locate the proper studs for the wheel so George told me to just get comfortable and camp in

his yard. The next day, they did get the trailer wheel repaired and I was thinking, “boy this is going to hurt the old pocket book,” but once again, I was pleasantly surprised and felt Country Tire did me more of a favour than made money on the repair. Considering I was a firsttime customer and from out-of-province to boot made it even more special and appreciated. I just want to send out a huge thank-you to George and his staff. Dave Hay Valleyview, Alberta

Curing a community cash crunch increased corporate and personal income ball, they may find themselves with costs tax revenues as well as sales taxes, which inflated by a hot construction market and aren’t shared with local governments. an arbitrary deadline to get the job done. One key proposal is to return to a system Then there are new regulations imposed of revenue sharing grants introduced by senior governments. The most dramatic by the Social Credit government in the example these days is a 2020 federal 1980s. They were funded by deadline for Greater Victoria one point each from personal to construct land-based sewage and corporate income tax treatment. Even with federal and six per cent of sales, fuel and provincial cost sharing, this and resource tax revenues, project is going to land heavily thus increasing in years when on property tax bills, including provincial revenues were strong. those of pensioners and poor The UBCM proposal is renters who will have it passed to put a share of provincial on to them. revenues into an infrastructure Leonard points to another bank, to be distributed by the arbitrary system, provincial Tom organization on a more stable facilities that pay grants in lieu of Fletcher basis. property taxes. Saanich is home Saanich Mayor Frank Leonard, to the University of Victoria, a one of the authors of the report, uses a community of 25,000 people that needs basketball analogy to describe the current water and sewer service, as well as police and system of federal-provincial grants for road fire protection. Saanich gets an annual grant and bridge projects. It’s a “jump ball,” where in lieu of property taxes of $120,000 for communities have to apply to a fund when UVic, enough to cover wages and benefits it’s offered and then see who gets it. for one cop and maybe some gas money. Even if a community wins the jump Cariboo Regional District chair Al


ocal politicians from across British Columbia are in Vancouver, Sept. 16-20, to participate in the annual Union of B.C. Municipalities convention. There will be trivia reported as news, such as the cost of hotels. Suggestions to license mobility scooters or lower speed limits to 40 km/h, dreamed up in Vancouver Island retirement locales, will be rejected by delegates from the rest of the province. Serious discussion will revolve around a report by a UBCM executive committee to reshape the financial relationship between the province and local governments. If this proposal gets the support it deserves, Premier Christy Clark’s government will be asked to undo a couple of decades of political meddling in that relationship. One problem for local governments is they depend on property tax, a stable source of revenue but one that has no relationship to the property owner’s ability to pay. It tends to load costs onto lower-income groups, such as seniors and renters. Economic growth results mainly in

Richmond, co-chair of the UBCM committee, is concerned about new water and flood protection legislation the province is preparing to impose. His district and others like it have thousands of kilometres of riverfront, with relatively few property owners. Interior communities also want BC Hydro to pay something for power lines, as is now being done with some aboriginal territories. Local politicians will be expecting a sympathetic ear from the new version of the B.C. Liberal government. Former Quesnel councillor Coralee Oakes is the new community, sport and cultural development minister, with direct responsibility for local government issues. And one of the original members of this UBCM committee was former Langley City mayor Peter Fassbender, who is now minister of education. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and Twitter:@tomfletcherbc E-mail: tfletcher@


Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press


the province Man ‘lucky to be alive’ after grizzly bear attack BELLA COOLA — Jerry Lacerte still isn’t sure how he survived a Sept. 6 sudden attack, but he’s still amazed that he escaped. “I shouldn’t be alive,” Lacerte said as he was preparing to be released from hospital. “It’s not fun to dance around with a grizzly bear.” Lacerte was heading east on Highway 20, just above Thorsen Creek, at about 8:15 am Friday morning. He said he just caught a glimpse of the bear out of the corner of his eye before the attack. “She was about 50 feet behind me on the other side of the road,” he said. “I turned and she was galloping towards me.” Lacerte had just enough time to turn around and tried to make himself look big, but she charged on. “She grabbed my arm and knocked me to the ground and started mauling my face and head,” he said. “It was like being hit with a sledgehammer.” Lacerte was just about knocked out by the bear, but managed to recover quickly enough to punch her in the nose. “When I punched her she let go,” he said. “Then I just covered up my head and tried to protect myself.” Lacerte played dead and was rescued almost immediately afterwards by a passing vehicle and transported to the hospital.

Coyote kills dog in Westbank KELOWNA - A miniature pinscher dog was killed in a coyote attack in its his fenced yard Sept. 2, warns Conservation Officer Ken Owens. He said the coyote hopped over a six-foot high fence to get at two pets in the downtown Westbank area. Although he says normally spring is the worst time for pets being killed by coyotes, because the parents are trying to feed their pups as well as themselves, he said there’s another spike in the fall as the parents teach those pups to hunt. There wasn’t anything the dog’s owners did wrong, he said, but he does warn residents to make sure pets are inside for the night and that no pet food or other attractants are left out where coyotes could get at it.

Your view

& QA



Do you plan to take in the South Cariboo Community Fall Fair this weekend (Sept. 6-8)?

YES 15% NO 85%

THIS WEEK Are you pleased with the results of the Sept. 7 referendums VOTE ONLINE Scroll down to poll DISCLAIMER: This web poll is informal, not scientific. It reflects opinions of site visitors who voluntarily participate. Results may not represent the opinions of the public as a whole. Black Press is not responsible for the statistical accuracy of opinions expressed here.



Are you pleased with the results of the Sept. 7 referendums passing the South Cariboo search and rescue, and recreation functions?

Adara Fowler 100 Mile House

Joanne Young 108 Mile Ranch

Gary Hoyenga 105 Mile

Linda Barker Lac la Hache

Raising taxes is OK for the soccer fields because the children need more healthy things to do here. I am indifferent on the search and rescue issue; I don’t know if we need that or not.

I am glad they both went through. More support for the arts is needed, and search and rescue services are crucial.

The search and rescue I can understand, that is a small tax increase. I’m sorry to hear taxes are going up so much for the recreation function, we pay enough as it is.

I am pleased for the South Cariboo Search and Rescue Society; we need those services. The recreation referendum doesn’t affect me, as I live outside the boundaries.

C apsule C omments Exercises like swimming, jogging and cycling are aerobic because the muscles demand a continuous stream of oxygen to burn the energy stored in their cells. Strength-training exercises like weight-lifting are considered non-aerobic since the energy is derived mainly from biochemical reactions not oxygen. But both types of exercises are important to good health. Obesity research is going in the direction of the microchip. In the future, it’s hoped that a microchip can be implanted in the vagus nerve. This nerve sends hunger signals to the brain. The chip may be able to send another message to override the vagus message and, in essence, control appetite. Still a little way in the future. In Canada, over 3 million women and one million men suffer from migraine headaches. Sixty percent have more than one attack per month. One of the many triggers of migraine headaches is dehydration. You can avoid that trigger by drinking more water and limiting caffeine intake. Simple things but just may help.




Pharmacists and doctors encourage you to take most antibiotic medication for a set length of time. It is based on research on how long it takes to eradicate an infection. This varies with the bacteria and the antibiotic. So to get the most out of your antibiotic prescription, take it for the number of days the doctor orders.


As your pharmacist, our job is to make sure you understand how to get the most from your medication. We’ll reinforce important information so, as in the case of an infection, you’ll get better more quickly.



Birch Ave.


100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Driver tattoos Birch Avenue building Vehicle hits 100 Mile House building; driver earns unsafe backing violation

Gaven Crites

sure it was safe to occupy,” says Darrel Blades, fire chief of 100 Mile House Fire-Rescue. “We put in a couple posts for support as a

Free Press

A driver backed her car into the front of a business in the 200 block of Birch Avenue in 100 Mile House on Sept. 6. At 9:20 a.m., the female driver of a black Ford Fusion was attempting to parallel park on the street in front of Hardline Tattoos when she accelerated in reverse, jumped the curb and crashed into the front of the downtown tattoo shop. No one was injured in the accident; however, two witnesses, who observed the incident,

Del’s Cuisine Where neighbours meet.

report 100 Mile House RCMP responded to 65 complaints and calls for service during the past week. Grossly impaired Shortly after 2:15 p.m. on Sept. 7, 100 Mile RCMP were issued a notification from Clinton RCMP of a possible impaired driver travelling north on Highway 97 towards 100 Mile House. A vehicle description and a plate number were

Sheridan Lake Complex on Hwy 24 250-593-2156

Check out the new look of our building and our

New Asian/Canadian Menu

with Chinese food & a variety of homemade spring rolls. Daily Specials Gaven Crites photo

The driver of this black Ford Fusion was attempting to parallel park in the 200 block of Birch Avenue in downtown 100 Mile House on Sept. 6 before she accelerated with the car in reverse and crashed into the front of a tattoo shop. No one was injured in the accident and the driver was issued a violation for unsafe backing.

had to jump back to avoid being hit. A structural engineer

and Cariboo Regional District building inspector were brought in to

inspect the building following the accident. “Once we removed

the car, we had the front portion of the building checked out to make

provided. This vehicle, a red Chevrolet pickup, was located coming into 100 Mile House by 99 Mile. The vehicle was pulled over. The driver displayed gross symptoms of impairment by liquor. He was detained and brought to the 100 Mile House RCMP Detachment where two samples of his breath were obtained of 240 mg%. Charges of impaired driving and driving over the legal limit will be recommended to Crown against a 49-year-old male resident of Clinton. He was

released on an appearance notice for Dec. 3 in 100 Mile House Provincial Court.

administered at the location and the result was a “fail.” The driver requested a second test

which was also a fail. He was issued an Immediate Roadside

MVIs keep 100 Mile House RCMP busy


temporary fix. They were able to occupy the building again.” The driver was issued a violation ticket for unsafe backing.

Impaired driving Around 2:45 a.m. on Sept. 7, 100 Mile RCMP responded to a report of a single-vehicle incident in the 5000 block of Easzee Drive in the 108 Mile Ranch. Police located a Dodge Sprint approximately 50 metres off the roadway with the occupants still inside. The driver of the vehicle displayed symptoms of liquor consumption. An approved screening device was

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Continued on A12

Come to Nuthatch Books Friday, Sept. 13 from Noon - 5pm to meet author Marianne Van Osch signing her new book


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SEPT. 29




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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press



Last week, 16 mm of rain was recorded. Highs peaked at 28 C, with lows to 2 C. Wednesday

High Low

27 13



High Low

28 14




RCMP on lookout for distracted drivers Distracted driving remains leading cause of motor-vehicle fatalities On Sept. 5, the B.C. Liberal government, ICBC and the province’s police forces launched a month-long distracted driving campaign using a driving simulator to demonstrate the impact of distractions behind the wheel. Distracted driving is the third leading cause of fatal car crashes in

British Columbia, trailing behind speed and impaired driving. On average, 91 people are killed each year in B.C. due to driver distractions, such as using a hand-held electronic device behind the wheel. Police are stepping up enforcement across the province and will be checking for distract-

ed drivers throughout September. A 2012 Ipsos Reid survey, conducted on behalf of ICBC, showed that B.C. drivers consider texting while driving to be just as risky as drinking and driving, yet 40 per cent of those who own cell phones admit they’ve used their hand-held phone

Australian driver causes collision From A11 High Low

26 13

Mainly sunny


High Low Sunny

25 14

High 26 Low 12 Sunny


High Low

17 10

Light rain

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tundra by Chad Carpenter

“We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage.”

Driving Prohibition for 90 days and his vehicle was towed and impounded for 30 days. Prohibited driver Shortly after 8 p.m. on Sept. 7, 100 Mile RCMP located a vehicle attempting to conduct a U-turn in an intersection. The driver of the vehicle was believed to be a prohibited driver. The vehicle was pulled over and the driver was confirmed to be prohibited from operating a motor vehicle under the Motor Vehicle Act. The driver was issued an appearance notice for a court date of Nov. 5 in 100 Mile Provincial Court. Rollover incident Shortly after 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 6, 100 Mile RCMP responded to a report of a singlevehicle incident at the 108 Mile Beach Road. Police determined that the vehicle in question, a grey Ford F150, had rolled but had since been put back on

its wheels. The driver of the vehicle was determined to have consumed liquor. An approved screening device was administered at the location. The result was a fail. The 25-year-old male driver was issued an Immediate Roadside Driving Prohibition for 90 days and his vehicle was towed and impounded for 30 days. Over the line Around 5:15 p.m. on Sept. 4, 100 Mile RCMP were dispatched to a two-vehicle incident on Highway 24 near the

Bridge Lake Store. Investigation determined that a rented Ford Edge was being driven by an Australian driver. As he crested the hill, the male driver drifted into the oncoming lane. A north-bound vehicle attempted to avoid the collision but the two vehicles impacted on the passenger sides, resulting in both vehicles being inoperable. None of the four vehicle occupants were injured and both vehicles were towed. The investigation into this collision is continuing.

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while driving. The distracted driving campaign aims to change driver attitudes and behaviours. Drivers can create a culture where people encourage each other to avoid

distractions behind the wheel so that our roads are safer for everyone. For more tips and information on this year’s distracted driving campaign, visit www.

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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013












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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Pot crusader pans ticketing idea

Jeff Nagel

prepare to ask them to sign a petition that would press for a referA recommendation endum on a proposed to let police treat simple law blocking use of B.C. marijuana possession police resources for as a ticketing offence is enforcing simple posbeing opposed by the session. head of a provincial “Our solution does campaign to decrimi- not involve fines or nalize pot. alternative penDana Larsen, alties, it involves whose group leaving people Sensible BC is alone.” set to kick off If Ottawa a petition camembraced paign Sept. 9 broader legislato force a reftive reform, he erendum on added, it should Dana marijuana simply legalize Larsen policy, says the pot. new resolu“I’d rather tion from the Canadian see revenue generated Association of Chiefs of through legalization, Police is counter-pro- regulation and taxation ductive. rather than fining the The chiefs’ associa- people who happen to tion argues the option be unlucky enough to of writing tickets to get caught by police.” punish people caught Larsen noted tickwith less than 30 grams et-empowered police of marijuana would would still have the be less costly and ability to charge some time-intensive than pot users, raising quessending criminal charg- tions about potential es through the courts. selective enforcement. “It’s a bad idea,” The federal governLarsen said. “It’s actu- ment, which would ally going to result in have to change federal more cannabis users legislation to enable being persecuted.” marijuana ticketing, He added police in indicated it has no plans British Columbia issue to legalize or decrimiwarnings or write nalize pot possession. reports on 18,000 peoVancouver Police ple a year for use of Chief Const. Jim marijuana without lay- Chu, president of the ing charges. Canadian Association “They would all get of Chiefs of Police, said tickets under that new the organization does system.” not support cannabis He said the propos- decriminalization or al could confuse B.C. legalization. voters as canvassers Chu said police now

must either turn a blind eye or lay charges when they encounter pot use, and ticketing would offer a new, more effective enforcement option. The chiefs also say pot users who are ticketed for simple possession would avoid a criminal record that can block them from international travel, getting a job or gaining citizenship. SFU criminology professor Rob Gordon called the resolution a significant shift that indicates police across the country – not just in B.C. – are ready for reform. “It’s the thin edge of the wedge. It’s the beginning of a move away from the criminal enforcement approach.” He said Sensible BC campaigners are pushing for change too fast and said ticketing would be part of a more gradual move to alter public thinking and government policy. “When marijuana policy is normalized, I think we’ll look back at this period and say this is when the process began for the shift from criminalization towards regulation and taxation. “If you go slowly, you can help people shift their thinking from their current belief that marijuana use is some sort of demonic activity to recognizing it as just another recreational drug that does minimal

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harm and the sky will not fall.” Gordon said he wouldn’t be surprised if B.C. liquor stores sell pot within five years. Although Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been firmly against marijuana reform, federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s call for change this summer in B.C. re-ignited the issue.


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100 Mile Red Cross Medical Equipment Loans Service, a division of the Canadian Red Cross, is in need of Volunteers. The service provides those in need with a short-term loan of medical equipment. We need volunteers with two to four hours a week of spare time to be on hand to loan out the equipment.

NEEDS call 250-395-9092 VOLUNTEERS betweenIf you10amwishandto volunteer 2pm weekdays for more information.

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Gordon said Harper won’t be able to ignore the chiefs’ resolution, although he might send it to a committee for a lengthy period of study. He said there are signs even Harper is positioning his government for a pivot on the issue, noting the recent cabinet shuffle saw the departure of several



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Axed Higgins Lake aerator discussed 50% off 40% off

Carole Rooney Free Press

Higgins Lake residents unhappy to have recently learned their lake’s aerator will once again be removed met with Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operation (MFLNRO) Cariboo Region resource management director Rodger Stewart on Aug. 29. More than 30 people attended the meeting at the South Cariboo Business Centre, some of them Deka Lake residents who fish the neighbouring lake. The meeting was facilitated by CaribooChilcotin MLA Donna Barnett, whose 100 Mile House office ended up being too small to host the sizable group, despite the absence of seasonal residents.

Police call signals shift toward cannabis reform

After the meeting, natural ‘recruitment’ Stewart said it was ... but in removing the a good chance to get aerator, we will need to together with the land- augment that natural holders. production to “It was a be able to mainvery, very usetain the fishery ful meeting and opportunity. At a good opporthis particular tunity to share juncture, we’re information of looking at going the managein that direcment of the tion.” Laurie lake’s ecosys- Sayenchuk Me anw h i l e, tem.” there is “a lot” The MFLNRO rep- more information to resentative added he share, and Stewart said explained the ministry he has committed to is trying to continue to provide that, as well provide fishing oppor- as to continue to work tunities, but at a lower with the stakeholders. cost to taxpayers. Higgins Lake resi“We said, ‘we’ve got dent Laurie Sayenchuk alternatives’. We can said the property ownmeet the same objec- ers are now waiting to tives by using a stocking hear those details in program versus using order to know where the aerator system.” they stand. He noted it would “The consensus is most likely involve his there will be no aeraministry stocking catch- tion; they will end up able-sized trout each taking it out. [Stewart] spring, which would did talk about maybe then grow larger by ice- running the aerator over based on the lake’s for a bit before the ice fish production capacity. comes on, just to see “We can rely on some if there’s more oxygen

in the lake. He talked about drilling a hole in the lake and testing it.” Residents agreed if the aerator is taken out, the minimum solution acceptable to them would be a written guarantee of a springtime stocking of catchable trout each and every year, she added. “I think everyone would be satisfied with that. “[But] we’d like to see the aerator stay; I mean, all said and done, it is just $7,000 [to maintain].” However, the area community groups’ fundraising efforts are already maxed out and many lake residents are seniors on fixed incomes, Sayenchuk explained, so it’s not feasible for them to take on this expense. “The costs of fishing licences and things like that are supposed to go toward these things, and then, we pay taxes, too.” Barnett said government and residents are

Get a Stihl of a deal!

From A14


law-and-order hardliners, including former Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. A B.C. justice ministry spokesperson said police in B.C. must enforce the federal Controlled Drugs and Substances Act as it now stands and any changes to the legislation would be up to Ottawa.


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“working on a solution.” “We are waiting for that guidance from Rodger Stewart, and if the community wishes, we will have another meeting. “It was a very positive meeting ... and their main concern is – as mine is – protecting the integrity of the lake and the fish.”

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Foreclosure – The Simplified Version

Many people think the law is “stacked against the little guy” – and many not so little guys wish that was true. The law of foreclosure is an interesting example. While it’s true that in most cases the little guy does lose his/ her house in a foreclosure, that’s a financial problem – not a problem with the law. What is interesting about foreclosure is how many obstacles the legal system puts in the lender’s way before the borrower loses his/ her house.

A foreclosure starts because a borrower has defaulted – usually by not paying the mortgage. Even then, the lender can’t take the borrower to Court until it has made a written demand for payment and given the borrower a couple of weeks to pay. If payment isn’t received at that point, the lender starts Court proceedings by filing appropriate documents with the Court. Then, before the lender can take further steps, it must usually have the documents delivered by hand to the borrower – and give the borrower 3 weeks to file reply documents with the Court. After that, a notice of hearing is delivered setting the hearing for at least 8 business days later. Finally, there is the first Court hearing. At the first hearing, if the borrower has any equity in their property, the Court will usually give them 6 months (called the redemption period) to sell or re-mortgage the property. Only after these 6 months can the lender take over the property – and even then most lenders won’t take the property because if they take the property, the borrower is relieved of any obligation to pay out the loan. Thus, after the expiry of the redemption period, most lenders will seek to have the property sold – and the borrower will usually remain in the home until a sale is made.

So how does all of the above help the little guy? If the lender tries to skip a step or makes errors in Court documents, the Court might simply throw out the lender’s case and the lender will have to start over again. Even if that doesn’t happen, it usually takes a minimum of 9 months (usually more) before the lender can force the borrower out of his/her house. During those entire 9 or more months, the borrower can sell the house or find a new lender and the foreclosure will be over. Article written by Centennial Law Corp. (Douglas E. Dent)

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Free-wheeling fundraiser

‘Drive One’ event to raise funds for community service club Gaven Crites Free Press

The 100 Mile Lion’s Club and Sunrise Ford in 100 Mile House have partnered for an interesting event to help raise funds for a number of causes and projects in the community. In what is being called a “non-fundraiser fundraiser,” Sunrise Ford will pay people - $20 for five minutes – to drive a car, truck or SUV with the earnings going to the 100 Mile Lion’s Club. In essence, it gives people an opportunity to donate funds without donating their own personal funds. The “Drive One” event will take place between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the SaveOn-Foods parking lot in 100 Mile House on Sept. 21. With the help of Save-On-Foods, a hotdog barbecue will also

be taking place. “Every year the club uses the money [we raise] for scholarships, donations to hospitals, children’s camps and Special Olympics,” says Neil VanderHorst, vice-president of the 100 Mile Lion’s Club.

“It’s all money scattered within the community to a few big projects and many small ones.” Ford is looking to give away $6,000, so they would like to attract 300 drivers. It’s a new fundraising

venture for the Lion’s Club, so they’re eager to drum up support for it. VanderHorst adds they’re trying to raise funds, and also awareness and interest in the club. “We’re always keen to look for new members.”

We wish to thank the community for supporting us in another year of

s Scotty’


Without our neighbours, friends and their family’s time and efforts we would be unable to host this event. Just to name a few volunteers: Byron Mayes; Keith and Diane Bleeker and Courtney (+ Brandon); Ed and Colton Monical; Linda Forman; Chad, Ben and Caitlyn Donovan; Irene Glotze; Tammy, Melissa, Jodie and Jamie Linnell; Chelsea Cole; Donna Paulson; Tammi Sigmund; Rylan; Jim Beck; Fred Wilcox; Brad Paulson... Just to name a few sponsors: Safeway, Performance All Terrain, United Concrete, Kal Tire, Century Home Hardware, 100 Mile Auto Rescue, LTC Transport, Central Cariboo Disposal, 100 Mile Free Press, Cariboo Fabricators, The Wolf Radio, Frankenstein Trucking, C.M.C. Heavy Duty Repairs, The Log House, Larsen’s Truck Service, Sanders Redi-Mix, Regency Chrysler, Long Horn Fencing, Burgess Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, Smitty’s Restaurant, Chew ‘n Chat Restaurant, The Red Rock Grill, Big O Tires.... This is a community run event and we couldn’t do it without you! Greatest Appreciation, Scotty and Liesbeth Lang and sons (Casey, Cameron, Colton, Carson)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Back to School Special

Lube,Oil,Filter AND

Brake Inspection


for most cars & trucks

$ 199 Exeter Road, 100 Mile House, BC 250 395 4017

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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

100 Mile House Welcome Windows winners announced, rewarded

Kimberly Vance-Lundsbye

Congratulations go to Dominic Pacaud, Murray Casey, Ethan Mori, and the Colbert children. The winners of the “Welcome Windows” Scavenger Hunt were presented with a cool treat for a summer day on Aug. 16. Many people commented that it was a nice way to welcome the weekend. Here are some fun facts about the project: • The workers behind the windows had the opportunity to choose the language painted on their door. • Some 120 services and businesses participated and Joanne Young, from Creating Joy in Art, painted more

Melody Newcombe photo

Six-year-old Ethan Mori won a Banana Split gift certificate from the Chew & Chat in 100 Mile House. Mori was one of the winners of the local Welcome Windows scavenger hunt.

Dog walk slated The 100 Mile House SPCA is having their Paws for a Cause event at Centennial Park on Sept. 15. Registration is $25 and starts at 10 a.m. The walk around the park begins at 11 a.m., followed by games and hotdogs. Registration and pledge forms are available at Total Pet and online at www.spca. “All are welcome,” says branch manager Randi Dewhirst. “It’s the largest provincial fundraiser for the BC SPCA. Our target is $1 million. It’s really a pretty big thing.” “Something like this is very important,” she adds. “We have cut down to two fundraisers per year.” For more information or to volunteer, call 250395-5303. “We had a lot of dogs there,” Dewhirst adds of last year’s Paws for a Cause. “We had a lot of fun.”

than 135 “Welcomes” and “Hellos” in both English and in 32 different languages. To see them all in one place, be sure to check out the 100 Mile House Branch Library to see the cheery mural of children reading stacks of books. The books display all of the languages seen around town. Our prominent German and Swiss population in the South Cariboo was most largely represented on almost 30 per cent of the windows. The next two most represented languages; French and Secwepemc (Shuswap) were tied at nearly 12 per cent each. For more information on Secwepemc

Community Canning Workshop


language, history and culture, there are excellent resources available at www.secwepemc. If folks have stories to share about why a language was chosen and what it means to their businesses or customer reactions to the windows, please contact me at 778-482-0090 or Kimberly@cariboolit

YOGA CLASSES Starting Monday, October 21 1:30pm - 2:45pm 4:45pm - 6:00pm NEW: 6:15pm - 7:30pm Beginners Welcome. Register early to avoid disappointment as space is limited. Yoga classes with a strong focus on breathing and relaxation.

Katherine McKibbin 250.395.6112 939 Cariboo Trail, 100 Mile House

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Two Saturdays September 14th & 21st from 11am-3pm for only $25*! HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO LEARN HOW TO PRESERVE YOUR OWN CROP OF GOODIES? C.E.E.D.S and Welcoming Communities have partnered to present a two-day workshop. Learn how to can veggies one day and make a plum jam the next. This is a non-profit program so fees are set to cover only material costs (jars & produce). The workshop will be held in the 100 Mile House Lodge Kitchen. Call Kimberly at 778-482-0090 to register. Why? Because you “can”!






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Dawn was licensed in our area back in 1993 - 1998 and specialized in the Clinton area. Dawn then moved to Whistler where she worked in property management. Her love of real estate and the South Cariboo has brought her back. Dawn will continue to specialize in the Clinton area. Call her today!

You can contact Dawn at the 100 Mile RE/MAX office at #2-441 Alder Ave. Phone 250-395-3422 • Toll Free 1-800-731-2344 • Cell 250-945-5125 Email

Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:30pm Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Must do event

Choose to recycle your milk containers.

The First Annual Cariboo Chilcotin Early Years Conference is slated for Thompson Rivers University campus in Williams Lake on Oct. 4-5. The theme for this inaugural event is Inspire – Encourage – Support. The conference is co-hosted by 100 Mile House Child Care Resource & Referral (CCRR) and the Williams Lake CCRR in partnership with Success by 6 and Children First. The doors for this fun, informative networking event will open Oct. 4 at 6 p.m. Participants can network with colleagues, sample authentic appetizers and be impressed by provincial family policy advocate and presenter Dr. Paul Kershaw at 6:30, followed by musical entertainment. On Oct. 5, the doors will open at 8:30 a.m. and participants will be able to choose from many educational sessions, including: Making sense of frustration in children; Laughter Yoga; Caring for the Caregiver; and Red Flags and Tough conversations. Participants who register by Sept. 13 will receive the Early Bird ($55) rate, but registration will be taken until Sept. 27. For more information, contact Erica Henderson – 100 Mile House CCRR, 250-3955155 or Bullah Munson – Williams Lake CCRR at 250-392-4118.

And choose a better future for all of us.

More people than ever are doing what’s right for the environment. That’s why over 666,000 kg of milk containers were recycled at Return-It™ Depots in 2012. And it’s easy to make the right choice a part of your routine; just bring them in along with your bottles and cans.

For more information and to find a Return-It™ Depot near you, call 1-800-330-9767 or visit Zero deposit paid = zero deposit refunded. > K A M L O O P S I N N OVAT I O N: T U R N I N G O U T S U CC E S S F U L S TA R T U P S!



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Watershed Communications group Suit 203-1226 Hamilton Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2 S8

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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Concert a delight for all

Library hosting annual book sale The Cariboo Regional District’s 100 Mile House Library Branch will be hosting its annual book sale Sept. 12-14. The book sale will be held in the Program Room of the library on Sept. 12, from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.; Sept. 13, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; and Sept. 14, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Come out and get some great deals on used books; there will be something for every member of the family. Folks can also enter their names in a draw to win a gift certificate for the Nuthatch Book store in 100 Mile House. Contact the 100 Mile House Library at 250395-2332 for further details about this event. For further information about library events and programming at your local branch, visit the CRD Library Network online at

Studio 2 Studio Art Tour SELF GUIDED 108 MILE RANCH

25% of all Sales PLUS All Donations In Support Of South Cariboo Health Foundation


Saturday, Sept. 14th 10am - 4pm




8 6 1 7

Visit These Artists At Home! Dennis Tupman photo

The performers for the ‘A Summer of Songs’ concert on Aug. 31 were brilliant. They included – back row: Sophie Brager, left, Lydia Kinasewich and Heather Heales; middle row: Nicole Weir, Courtenay Cave, Mia Weir and Mary Martin; and front row: Joy Martin and Michaela Dickey.

this concert, which was a culmination of a weeklong summer workshop for young singers in the community. This event was produced with much moral and financial support from businesses, individuals and societies in 100 Mile House. The concert included selections of a diverse nature, which were organized to delight the audience. Opera, oratorio, and concert favourites were bal-

have been excited and challenged with the positive and heart-warming audience response. We look forward to the concert after next year’s summer workshop, building on this year’s successful inaugural camp. We also hope to hear male voices in the future, to show that singing and music have no gender restrictions. Moms and dads please encourage your boys to sing – they need it.

5. 5208 Davis Drive Laurie Embree Pottery

2. 4753 Chilcotin Cresc. Arlene Dahl Quilting

6. 4862 Cumsu Pl. Reta Munro Oils

3. 4730 Kitwanga Dr. Yoka Loiseau Mixed Media

7. 4910 Gloinnzun Cres. Shirley Gibson-Bull Watercolour and Collage

4. 4774 Kitwanga Dr. Cindy Wickingstad Acrylics and Jewellery

8. 5345 Annaham Cresc. Melanie Eva Photography


Prices in effect Sept. 13 - 19, 2013 Limits may be in effect. While quantities last. See store for details.


ea. 199

With in-store or on-line coupon $3.99 without coupon

Pharmasave Naproxen Sodium Tablets 220mg 24’s

No purchase necessary. Entrants must be of legal age and a resident of Canada. Some restrictions apply. See complete rules and regulations in-store or online. Deadline for draw entries is September 320, 2013.

Hot Tub Sale - Sept



Friday and Saturday – 10:00am-5:00pm



THE 720 AE




For more information please call

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beachcomber hot tubs . 13-14



anced with pop and folk material that was selected to satisfy all kinds of tastes. The inclusion of Weir and Dickey was an excellent idea to round out the concert, which featured seven youthful singers in our area. Prodigious accompanying for all performers was ably provided by local pianist Pat Friesen. 100 Mile House area residents take pride in their youthful talent. The performers must

1. 4874 Pierreroy Crescent Gordon Spare Oil and Acrylics

© 100 Mile Free Press

By Dennis F. Tupman On Aug. 31, an overflowing house at 100 Mile United Church Hall enjoyed local singing talent in a concert that ended a week of workshops and study with emerging professional singer Michaela Dickey. Nicole Weir, 100 Mile area mom, business worker, drama director, singer and member of the local Performing Arts Society, produced this music workshop. She also demonstrated her vocal talents during the concert. Dickey, who comes from 100 Mile House, has been studying voice and music in various cities in eastern Canada, performed selections along with the young workshop participants from the 100 Mile area. The audience was clearly visible and audible in its wish to show support and appreciation to all involved in


• BLUETOOTH • AIR CONNECT • SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM Up to 147 different jetting combinations Seating for 7 people, plus 1 cooling seat


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When you purchase a new Hot Tub at this sale you get 2 Robes and 2 Towels worth $350

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® 250-395-2921 Cariboo Mall, Hwy 97, 100 Mile House

Give them what they want. $10, $25, $50 or $100

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press



Gaven Crites and Monika Paterson photos

Did our Free Press photographer take YOUR picture? If you don’t see the picture you want, please come into the Free Press office as we have many more available for reprints.

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013


South Cariboo Community Fall Fair September 6, 7 & 8 Monika Paterson photos

Did our Free Press photographer take YOUR picture? If you don’t see the picture you want, please come into the Free Press office as we have many more available for reprints.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Fishing success expected to improve LAC DES ROCHES

All are welcome but only members can vote. The $10 biennial family membership can be purchased at the meeting.

Shallow water Water levels continue to drop, despite the many rain showers we have enjoyed during the last month. While the channel is passable, extreme caution must be exer-

Sharron Woloshyn 250-593-0041

August is typically a challenging month for trout fishing at Lac des Roches. Warm water makes the fish lethargic or stay down deep while the abundance of natural feed in the lake offers a satisfying menu over the foreign flies, worms and spinners the fishers use as lures. Statistics don’t keep residents and their guests from trying their luck on the tempting shoals. Andy Fochuk, a longtime visitor to the lake, fishes regularly in the rivers around his home in Fort St. John where he claims to “throw in anything brown and fuzzy and catch a fish right away.” With a little extra advice from family and neighbours this summer, Andy successfully landed his first rainbow trout on Aug. 31. Local fishers claim the trout fishing will pick up in the cooler days of autumn, which have already begun lowering the temperature of the lake. Wolves to the north Several nearby wolf sightings have been reported by residents. On Aug. 31 at the junction of 201 Road and Wavey Lake Forest Service Road at Rabbit Meadow, a local family observed a pack of

in the 100 Mile Free Press every Wednesday. Flyer prices are in effect from Friday to Thursday weekly. If you did not receive your Canadian Tire flyer in the Free Press, please call 250-395-2219

Critter watch Ground squirrels

families of otters are fishing with the loons on the south shores of the lake. A moose crossing the lake was a treat for one resident, as she followed its progress through the deep water then through the tangled underbrush of the south shore. There is evidence of fresh beaver activity at the west end of Boultbee Road.


Allison Fochuk photo

Andy Fochuk of Fort St. John caught his first Lac des Roches rainbow trout in August, during the time of year when fishing can be very challenging.

three wolves for several minutes until at least two more wolves, which had been out of sight, started to howl and they all disappeared into the woods. The group also discovered remnants of a wolf-killed moose. With reports of cougars in the vicinity of Bridge Lake, residents must never forget the many wildlife hazards when living out on the edge of the wilderness. Logging underway The active logging just south of Lac des Roches may be out of sight but the distinctive sound of a feller buncher sawing its way through the forest definitely disrupted the tranquility of early

mornings at the lake for many visitors. Nylon tents and fibreglass trailers dotted throughout the neighbourhood housing sleepy campers during the Labour Day weekend offered little in the way of sound buffers from the heavy equipment working early in the mornings. Several visitors were actually looking forward to return to the quiet mornings they claimed they would find back home in the city. AGM planned The annual general meeting for the Friends of Lac des Roches and Birch Lake will be held on Sept. 30 at the Lac des Roches Resort, starting at 7 p.m.

Have You Seen The


have hibernated and hummingbirds have flown/ south. While it is too early for the Canada geese to migrate, they have relocated from the lawns in the McCarthy subdivision, and that is a welcome reprieve to those residents who must clean up after them. Deer have returned to the residential areas, although sparsely and

Best Friends

Ducks Unlimited Look for the

cised to avoid the many sunken logs. The rock shoal near the west end of Eagle Island is partially exposed but well marked with buoys. Bays that are now only covered by inches of water are perfect hunting grounds for the many Great Blue Herons that fish there regularly.


• RBC - Royal Bank • Red Rock Grill • WL & Dist. Credit Union Thanks for your support of Ducks Unlimited Canada

Amy Jordaan washing her dog Pfeifer

Max Wurach with his best friend Chinook

Theme for September:

Eldy’s Little Shop

“Me and my pet”

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Not many fleas in the Cariboo, but dog lice can be a problem

Dog Grooming

• By appointment only •

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Kennel Services Available

Fleas can be a great nuisance for dogs and cats living on the coast, but one of the many benefits of living in the Cariboo is that we are rarely troubled by these pests, and preventive measures against fleas are not necessary here. However, in place of fleas, we sometimes have dog lice - another small insect about the size of a flea, but slower moving and unable to jump. Lice will cause itching and scratching, and are very contagious between infected canines that are in contact with each other. Dog lice will not spread to cats or other animals other than canines, and the lice themselves do not spread other diseases. Lice are said to be species specific, that is to say that horse lice are only able to live on horses, dog lice on members of the canine family, and so forth. Often, owners of “lousy” dogs will be able to find the tiny insects crawling about on their dog’s hair, although they are often mistaken for fleas; their small size makes them difficult to identify without magnification. Lousy dogs can often be successfully treated with any product that will kill fleas, although it is very important to Quality dog treats treat all other dogs in made with contact with the infected natural ingredients, one, or the infection will preservative free and simply pass around again baked fresh. once the treatment has Dale Grinyer worn off. 250-791-6268 Box 611 Dr. Gord Laity Mile Ranch, BC Join me on Lakeland Veterinary Clinic 108 V0K 2Z0 Facebook

The Little Dog Bakery

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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tour benefits health-care foundation

Diane and staff welcome TAMMYLYNN FILGATE to their team.

108 Mile Ranch artists open their doors for public tours

Gaven Crites Free Press

A number of artists in 108 Mile Ranch are opening their homes to the public on Sept. 14, giving visitors a special glimpse into where, what and how they create. The inaugural Studio 2 Studio Art Tour is a fundraiser for the South Cariboo Health Foundation (SCHF), with 25 per cent of all sales – plus all donations – from the self-guided tour will go towards buying new health-care equipment to serve the

South Cariboo region. The tour is on Sept. 14 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. “The challenges of technology, increasingly sophisticated equipment, plus new diagnostic and treatment procedures place additional pressure on limited resources,” says MJ Cousins, SCHF fundraising co-ordinator. “In response to staff needs, the South Cariboo Health Foundation continues to raise funds to support the delivery of high-quality health care in the South Cariboo

Rotary Club Lobsterfest serves community Fresh Atlantic lobster is on the menu at the Third Annual Rotary Club of 100 Mile House Lobsterfest at the 100 Mile House Community Hall on Sept. 28. “They fly them across live and we cook ‘em up live,” says Rotary Club president Maureen Pinkney. “We have lots of donations lined up for door prizes, silent auction and live auction.” One of the larger live auction Maureen items this year is a houseboat Pinkney trip for four days for 15 people. Last year, the local Rotary Club raised more than $20,000 at the event. Tickets are $75 each and include a charitable tax receipt of $40, Pinkney explains. “Most of the money we raise stays here either helping our local youth or the hospital or local organizations that financial help. “We are sending a student to Educo (adventure school) again this year.” It starts at 6 p.m. Only 200 tickets will be sold and although they’re not sold out yet, Pinkney advises people get their tickets early. Tickets are available at RE/MAX Country Lakes or from Pinkney, who can be reached at 250-395-0462. “Everyone had a great time last year and we’re looking forward to it again.”

Lone Butte Fire Department 250-395-3112

• Weekly Message • Weekly Message • Weekly Message •

Keep matches and barbecue lighters out of sight and reach of children Practices every Thursday 7pm ~ New members welcome

region.” The tour features eight local artists: • Gordon Spare (oil and acrylics) 4874 Pierreroy Cres. • Arlene Dahl (quilting) 4753 Chilcotin Cres. • Yoka Loiseau (mixed media) 4730 Kitwanga Dr. • Cindy Wickingstad (acrylics and jewelry) 4774 Kitwanga Dr. • Laurie Embree (pot-

tery) 5208 Davis Dr. • Reta Munro (oils) 4862 Cumsu Pl. • Shirley Gibson-Bull (watercolour and collage) 4910 Gloinnzun Cres. • Melanie Eva (photography) 5345 Annaham Cres. “It’s clear to me there’s a lot of talent in this community and I thought it would be fun and interesting to see how these artists actual-

We welcome all new and existing customers to come in and meet Tammylynn.

ly produce their pieces,” Cousins says. “It’s more personal than seeing it hanging on a wall at a gallery or a restaurant. People are quite interested and quite excited about it.” A map and more information can be found at www.south No tickets are required. For additional information, contact 250-706-2926.


Service ’s Full Salon

In support of the

Tammylynn Filgate

Highlighting a full range of Esthetic & Personal Care Services

“Your complete hair and beauty centre”

250-395-2745 #3 - 250 Birch Ave. 100 Mile House

Visit Us On The Web:


n a M


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

New faces to take stage

All country entertainment event raises money for local area promotion Gaven Crites Free Press

Cariboo Country Night has a reputation for showcasing great live entertainment, says organizer Mark McMillan. And this year, it’s no different. “Everybody who has been there in the past knows how good it was. “We always try to bring in at least one, if not two, new faces every year.”

Rae-Lee Fraser

New stars this year include The Hanson Family Singers from Oregon, which won the 2013 Kamloops Cowboy Festival “Rising Star” Award, and cowboy poet Rae-Lee Fraser from Barriere. “They play some really old type western music and some western swing,” McMillan says of the Hanson Family. Local entertainers include Ernie Doyle and Leslie Ross.

Now in its 14th year, Cariboo Country Night is an annual fundraiser for the Watch Lake/ Green Lake Business Association, which uses the funds for area promotion that benefits the tourism industry. McMillan has been involved for 14 years. “It’s a favourite every year. It started out, originally, I think the first year there was a petting zoo and some old-time horse-drawn equipment on display and it was around a campfire outside. It went over really well, but I think over the next couple years ... the entertainment moved inside and it sort of seemed nobody was interested in the animals and old equipment. “They just wanted to hear the entrainment. It turned into an indoor theatre type concert. “It’s all country entertainment.” The event goes Sept. 14 at the Watch Lake Community Hall. Admission is $25 and “includes the concert, the (steak) dinner and the dance.” Tickets are on sale at the Watch Lake Lodge, the 70 Mile Store and through McMillan. For more information, contact 250-456-2425, or visit www.cariboovaca “Normally we sell out,” says McMillan.

Ag centre seeks cold storage

The South Cariboo Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre is looking for donations of one or two fridges and a freezer in good working condition. Rita Giesbrecht says boosting its cold storage capacity will help offer a more consistent emergency food safety net. The centre gathers and temporarily stores perishable foods Rita for distribution through several Giesbrecht community food-supply agencies. The fridges can store more produce, such as from the Community Garden, while a freezer will help garner meat donations, which must be donated frozen and kept frozen. For further information, contact Rita at 250-791-6631.

Give Us a Call 250-644-2700 6am - 4pm CaribooRadio.Com Call-In Line

Submitted photo

The Hanson Family Singers are Daniel, left, Theresa and Lisa Hanson from Veneta, Oregon. The will be new to Cariboo Country Night and the crowd will love this award-winning trio.


Please contact Chris Nickless: 250-395-2219 CANADA’S CONSERVATION


will be publishing a special FIRE PREVENTION SUPPLEMENT


for this supplement. Please email your photos to with identification of members included or call our newsroom at 250-395-2219. Deadline for submissions is Sept. 27/13

Advertising courtesy of The 100 Mile Free Press


100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Riders impress crowd at fall fair

FAST bytes

Hundreds turn up for B.C. Professional Bullriders 2013 finals


Gaven Crites

Presidential duties will rotate amongst the 100 Mile & District Minor Hockey Association executive this season. With the departure of recently elected president Matt Bowen and secretary Carole Bowen, first and second vice-presidents Matt Carr and Kim Mills will be sharing the president’s responsibilities. Past president Darrell Blades will also be assisting. In the meantime, registration deadline is tomorrow (Sept. 12). For more information or to register call 250-395-4344 or visit www.100mileminor

Free Press

“They’re the gladiators of the new millennium.” Rodeo announcer Keith Dinwoodie might have said it best when he addressed the close to 300 spectators in the stands at the Outriders Arena in 100 Mile House in anticipation of the British Columbia Professional Bullriders (BCPB) 2013 finals on Sept. 7. “Two thousand years ago it was man against beast in the Coliseum,” Dinwoodie said. “And 2,000 years later it still draws a crowd.” The BCPB event was a first for 100 Mile House and it was held in conjunction with the South Cariboo Community Fall Fair, which took place at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre Sept. 6-8. The championship saw 15 of the province’s top riders take a total of four rides on some of Canada’s best bucking bulls, supplied by local stock contractors Diamond D Rodeo Bulls and C-Plus Rodeos from 150 Mile House. Ryan Jasper of Riske Creek was the top bull rider of the weekend, taking home $3,040 by earning a total score of 241.25 points riding three bulls. Colton Manuel from 150 Mile House took second place and won $1,360 by riding two bulls for a combined score of 159.5. Levi Lawlor of Quesnel finished in third place and earned $932 for riding two bulls. “The bulls we’re a little tougher than the riders this weekend,” says Randy Brodoway, president of the South Cariboo Rodeo Association. “We have never had a crowd that impressed.” Bull rider George Archie of 100 Mile House was taken to hospital after sustaining injuries during a ride on Sunday, Brodoway said. “He got piled into the ground pretty good. He’s hurt, but he’s not wounded. “He has a sore head and a sore leg. He didn’t have any (bones) broke, so he’s good.” Brodoway called it a good weekend all around. “The crowds were great. The people who helped were awesome and the sponsors that did step up were awesome. “We didn’t have one complaint. Everybody enjoyed it. The fair board was thrilled we were there, Brodoway adds. “I want to send a thank you out to the public. Everybody deserves appreciation.”

CLINTON RIDER PLACES Dakota McColl of Clinton finished in second place, scoring a 74 in the junior steer riding category at the North Thomas Fall Fair and Rodeo in Barriere (Aug. 30-Sept. 2). McColl took home $212.94 from the event, which was sponsored by the British Columbia Rodeo Association. Monika Paterson photo

100 Mile House bull rider George Archie took at a ride on Wolverine, a bucking bull from stock contractor C-Plus Rodeos, at the British Columbia Professional Bullriders 2013 finals at the 100 Mile & District Outriders Club Arena on Sept. 7. The inaugural bull riding event was held in conjunction with the South Cariboo Community Fall Fair, which took place in 100 Mile House, Sept. 6-8.

Wranglers even up pre-season record

Gaven Crites Free Press

The 100 Mile House Wranglers are 1-1 in Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL) pre-season play going into their final exhibition game tonight (Sept. 11) at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre. On Sept. 7, the Wranglers travelled to the Princeton District Arena to take on the Princeton Posse and came away with a 7-0 win. Goalie Kristian Stead kept the Wranglers in the game early on, explains general manager/coach


Doug Rogers. “We were outshot in the first period and (Stead) kept us at 0-0 after the first period. Stead has been playing extremely well in the pre-season and continued his strong play in this game.” The Wranglers lost their first exhibition game 4-3 against the Kamloops Storm on Sept. 4. “I don’t put a lot of importance or emphasis on exhibition games, win or lose. Most teams do not play their entire roster as it

will look on opening day. “[On Saturday], we went with a lineup that will likely be an opening day lineup, minus two or three changes.” Princeton did not dress their full lineup, Rogers adds. Colorado native Adam Shaner, 18, scored all three goals for 100 Mile House in their loss to Kamloops. However, it was another line that led the Wranglers offensively last weekend in Princeton.

“The line of Brady Ward, Kevin Raimundo and Darcy Flaherty played very well, with Ward picking up a hat trick. All three players on that line have significant KIJHL experience.” The Wranglers will meet the Storm again tonight (Sept. 11). Game time is 7 p.m. “We will provide some players with a last opportunity to make an impression to stick with the Wranglers. We are still at 28 players as of [Monday] and I would like Continued on A27

T-SHIRT MANIA TONIGHT The 100 Mile House Wranglers are doing something special for tonight’s (Sept. 11) pre-season game against the Kamloops Storm at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre (SCRC) at 7 p.m. To get into the game, folks must be wearing a Wranglers souvenir T-shirt, which costs $20. They are available at the Wranglers office at SCRC (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.), Central GM reception, and at the door, but get there early if you don’t have your T-shirt yet. It’s a great keepsake of the Wranglers first home game.


Shane Wilkie repeats as champ

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Cariboo Boilers

Golfers tee off at 108 Golf Resort annual tournament

Gaven Crites Free Press

It was a familiar name at the top of the leader board when the 2013 Cariboo Open drew to a close on Sept. 1 at the 108 Golf Resort. After 53 holes of play, four-time champion Shane Wilkie and firstflight golfer Tom Huth were tied for lowest score. On the last hole, Huth shot a double bogey, while Wilkie made par. “The final round wasn’t really good, but nobody played well in the final round, so I got away with one,” says Wilkie, who shot a total of 217 to earn his fifth consecutive Cariboo Open championship. Wilkie has been dealing with a shoulder injury this summer, so his participation this year was in question and he only entered the tournament at the last minute. “No excuses there,” Wilkie says of his shoulder. “Tommy [Huth] couldn’t find his ball [on the last hole]. So he ended up with a double bogey and kind of gave it to me. “It was a good weekend. I saw old faces and had fun.” The overall low-net winner was Ian Ross from Maple Ridge who shot a three-day total of 195. Andy Wahnschaff, 108 Golf Resort head professional, says the club couldn’t be prouder of the course’s condition and how the tournament played out.

Submitted photo

Five-time Cariboo Open champion Shane Wilkie, right, and Ian Ross from Maple Ridge took home top honours at the 2013 Cariboo Open at the 108 Golf Resort on Sept. 1. Wilkie was the three-day, annual golf tournament’s low-gross winner with a total score of 217, while Ross was the overall lownet winner with a score of 195.

“There are a lot of people feeling invigorated about what’s happening here at 108. “I could say right now, with my 32 years experience in the golf business, I’m feeling comfortable the 108 is capable of hosting a PGA event when it’s in this condition. I’ve played in PGA events that have not been on a golf course as good as this one right now.” The 108 Golf Resort has been hosting the Cariboo Open since the early 1970s. A total of 108 golfers were entered this year and split into four flights. The top 5 low gross scores in the first flight belonged to Huth, Jeff Harris, Chris Seeley, Jamie Graissie and Chris Morley, while the top 5 low net scores in the first flight belonged to Richard Smith, Jim Laird, Scott Seeley, Jay Scott and Jeff Kendy. Low gross in the second flight went to Kevin

Guenther, followed by Shawn McManus, Tyler Williams, Al Sidor and Bob Garrow. Low net in the second flight were Eric Ohlund, followed by Gary Combres, Kevin Ploeger, Terry Palasty and Dennis Thompson. The third flight’s low-gross winner was Jim French. Brad Duncan was second, Jeff Perry was third, Bob Weiduwilt was fourth and Bob Evans was fifth. Low net in

the third flight was Lee Hansen, followed by Jack Rausch, John Baylis, Dan Hadden and Steve Herkovits. Fourth-flight lowgross honours went Jayson Harris, with John Savage in second, followed by Ed Cassie, Shawn Reid and Ron Thurston. Low net in the fourth flight was carded by Alan Kregosky, with Peter Messner, Dave Ross, John Mix and Grant MacDonald rounding

out the next four. Closest-to-the-pin winners were Messner (Aug. 30), Smith (Aug. 31) and French (Sept. 1). Longest drives were hit by C. Seeley (Aug. 30), Graissie (Aug. 31) and Chris Morley (Sept. 1). “The weekend was in one word: ‘Perfect’,” Wahnschaff says, while crediting the tournament’s success to local sponsors and volunteers. “We couldn’t be more proud of what we did.”




SEPT. 12, 2013 All registrations received AFTER that date will be placed on a WAITING LIST. Players will be placed on teams, space permitting. For information or to register, please call Kersti at (250) 395-4344

Sunday, Sept. 15 13th Annual


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Meet at A&W Parking Lot at 10:30am Ride leaves at 11:00am

Bring a new, unwrapped toy suitable for youths aged 0 - 16. The ride will travel through 100 Mile House and area with a stop at Carefree Manor and will end at 100 Mile Food Bank on Seventh Street. Motorcycles, Classic/Custom Cars & Trucks, Hot Rods Welcome!

Your Local Central Boiler Dealers Gary & Donna Milward Box 520, Clinton, B.C V0K 1K0 Phone: 250-459-2715 • Fax: 250-459-2711 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w


Here’s what’s happening with your Wranglers Hockey Team…

* * * * * * * *

SEPT. 11


WRANGLERS VS KAMLOOPS STORM ~ Only pre-season home game ~ 7:00pm start Tickets $20 and include a SOUVENIR T-SHIRT

* * * * * * * * – AWAY GAMES –

SEPT. 13: Wranglers @ Golden SEPT. 14: Wranglers @ Columbia Valley SEPT. 15: Wranglers @ Sicamous SEPT. 20 Wranglers @ Chase OCT. 4 Wranglers @ Revelstoke OCT. 11 Wranglers @ Chase



Game Time 7pm Doors open at 6:30pm

Adults $10 Seniors (60+) $8 Kids 5 and under FREE This Wranglers Wrap Sponsored By: 250-395-2414 HWY 97, 100 MILE HOUSE


Cappuccino Bar & Bistro

250-395-4644 • 150 Birch Ave., 100 Mile House

Williams Lake and District Credit Union 2 95B Cariboo Hwy 97

v Coach House Square v 250-395-4094

• All Games at the SC Rec Centre • COME ON OUT AND BE A PART OF HISTORY!

Watch this weekly ad for more info or phone 250-395-4344

w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rough riding in Kamloops

Gaven Crites Free Press

Motocross racers from the 100 Mile House area were among the dozens of riders making noise at the Whispering Pines Raceway in Kamloops during a two-day British Columbia Motocross Association event Aug. 31-Sept 1. Tyler Glover, 14, of 70 Mile House found success early on Aug. 31, finishing number 1 and then number 3 in the first two races in the Junior B division. However, in the last race on Sept. 1, Glover only found the dirt. Riding in second place during the second lap, he looked to pass the leader as they approached a jump, but he was cut off at the top of it and the bikes touched and that was the end of Glover’s racing that day. “It almost knocked me out,” Glover says of the crash. “Before I hit the

ground, my helmet came off. The bike stood up and the foot peg ripped off and I hit the ground face-first with no helmet on. “I had to go to the medical thing there. I busted the front of my helmet. I bit through my lip and did some nose damage. “The medic guy wouldn’t let me go. So, I couldn’t finish.” However, Glover finished in fifth place overall. It’s not bad,” he says of his standing. “I wasn’t too happy with the crash.” Brandon Watrich also raced in the Junior B division. Watrich, a former South Cariboo resident who now resides in Kamloops, finished third overall, earning third-, fifthand sixth-place finishes. Brad Perron of Lac la Hache and Patrick Griffin of 100 Mile House raced in the Schoolboy division. Perron finished sev-


The last name of a family was misspelled in the story, Gymkhana season winds down, on page A26 of the Sept. 4 edition of the 100 Mile House Free Press. We had Kassidy, Kennedy and Tracy Kalinski, but it should have read Kassidy, Kennedy and Tracy Kolisnyk. We apologize for the misspelling.

Phone 250-395-2900 • 385 Cedar, 100 Mile House

Low, Low Life Insurance Rates MALE FEMALE AGE 30 40 50 30 40 50 100K $8.55 $11.07 $21.51 $6.39 $9.09 $15.75 250K $14.85 $19.80 $41.40 $10.80 $15.30 $30.60

Monthly premiums, non-smoker, 10 year term. Rates effective Sept. 4, 2013. Subject to change.

Judy Simkins

enth overall (14 racers), going ninth, fifth and 12th. Griffin finished 12th overall. Brad Inglis, 30, of 108 Mile Ranch finished fourth overall in the Plus 25 division and seventh in Pro MX-1. After taking most of the season off, Inglis says it was a difficult weekend. “I crashed [in the MX-1] in pretty much every [race]. I kept [losing traction] with the front tire out on corners. Inglis says he is look-

ing forward to the next BCMA event in Williams Lake on Sept. 14-15. “I’m starting to race again pretty much every second weekend. I was a little bit out of shape. It’s hard to get back in it.” Despite the wipe-out and shot to the head, Glover says he is purchasing some new equipment and looking forward to Williams Lake, too. “I’m definitely going to be there.”

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to be down to 25 or 26 by Wednesday. We will then get down to 23 by Thursday.” The pucks drops on the Wranglers inaugural season at 7:30 p.m. in Golden on Friday (Sept. 13) when they take on the Rockets. Editor’s Note: 100

Mile House Wranglers fans will be able to see all of the 100 Mile House Free Press Wranglers’ coverage on the home page of our website at www.100milefreepress. net. Just click on the “click here for more info” button to “Find out about the exciting launch of a Jr. B Hockey team.”

u o y k n a Th

to the following people and businesses for assisting in the funding for my trip to Winnipeg for the Western Canadian Fast Pitch Championships Aug. 2 - 5, 2013. • Pharmasave • 108 Building Supply • Country Tire • Sanford & Dillman Men’s Fastball Team • Rocky Forestry Management • 111 Mile Sand & Gravel • Shakey’s Contracting • JMC Welding • New Wave Docks • BMO • Greg Aiken


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Roster shapes up ahead of last exhibition game, regular season From A25


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Ken Huber returns to 100 Mile ~ Blinds by Maureen ~ East meets West in national boxing championship tournament spirited, sportsmanlike and technical display of sparring, which is what Huber was looking for in his return to 100 Mile House. “He’s a top notch boxer, a top notch coach,” Huber says of Ricketts, who is pushing 60-yearsold and still holds his own in the ring. “I have trouble getting challenging sparring at home and I need to travel around and get what I can where I can from better boxers.” Ricketts will be in Huber’s corner in Langley on Sept. 13.

Gaven Crites Free Press

It wasn’t your average afternoon at Zeus Fight Science on Aug. 30. More than two dozen spectators filled the boxing gym in 100 Mile House and a Kamloops news camera captured the action as WBC Western Canadian cruiserweight champion Ken Huber stepped in the ring for a four-round sparring session with Zeus Fight Science owner/coach Kelly Ricketts. He was looking to fine tune a few things ahead of an upcoming bout for a national title. Huber is fighting London, Ont., boxer Renie Placid at the Coast Hotel and Convention Centre in Langley on Sept. 13 as part of the first WBC Canadian Championship tournament. Huber’s is one of 10 fights on the card, which features boxers represented by the Ontario Boxing Association and the BC Combative Sports Association – members of the Canadian Fight Sports Association, which has recently joined the World Boxing Council (WBC). “I’ve never met him,” Huber says of Placid. “I just know he’s the best in the East and I’m the best in the West. We’re going to meet in the ring and see what happens.” Huber, 29, was born and raised in 100 Mile House and now calls Kamloops home.

Gaven Crites photo

Ken Huber, left, sparred with coach Kelly Ricketts at the Zeus Fight Science Boxing and Fitness gym in 100 Mile House on Aug. 30. Huber, a Kamloops resident, is the current WBC Western Canadian Champion and was born and raised in 100 Mile House.

He operates a boxing gym there with his father, who, like a lot of Huber’s family, still resides in 100 Mile House. Huber’s amateur record is 27-4 and he’s been fighting since he was 24. “This is the biggest title I’ve fought for so far,” Huber says. “I fought in the Canadian Nationals in Cape Breton, N.S., for Team BC. I lost a close decision. I was pretty upset about that. “This is my second chance at a national title and I want it bad. I’ve been training hard. I’ve been working really hard for it. I’m visualizing the win.” Frank Araujo has been training Huber for the past year. “Tough as nails” is how he describes his fighter.


“He has a big heart. He won’t quit. You got to cut his head off for him to quit. “He’s beaten the best. He is the best. Each opponent he’s had, they’ve all been great battles and he’s come out on top.” Araujo also admits they don’t know much about Huber’s opponent, but says Huber’s fight plan stays the same. “In the first round,

we’ll feel the guy out and see what he’s about. Then it’s business.” Huber sees himself coming forward and pursuing his opponent in the ring on Friday night. “I’m a pressure fighter and I like to brawl. When I’m challenged, I fight back. I’m not a stick-and-move kind of fighter.” On Aug. 30, Ricketts and Huber put on a

KOKORO JUDO Accepting New members 6 years of age and up

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Beginner Class Starts Sept. 9 Intermediate Class Starts Sept. 18 Monday: Beginner 5:45 - 7:15pm Tuesday (Meg): Beginner/Ongoing - 10:00 - 11:30am Wednesday: Intermediate 5:45 - 7:15pm Thursday (Meg): Beginner/Ongoing - 10:00 - 11:30am Thursday (Meg): Lunch Hour Yoga 12:10 - 12:50pm Mindfulness Classes Starting in October. Call Kaye for more information 250-706-1022

6 week/class session = 6 consecutive classes

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Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile House Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013 A29

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Timeshare CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. No risk program. Stop mortgage and maintenance Payments today. 100% money back guarantee. Free consultation. Call us now. We can help! 1-888-356-5248.

Employment Business Opportunities ALL CASH drink/snack vending business route. Complete training. Small invest. req’d. 1888-979-VEND (8363). DJ Business For Sale! $8,500 includes all equipment for DJing. Serious enquiries only. Call 1 (250)992-2362 EMPLOYMENT ALERT. Some “ Work at Home” advertisements as well as some advertisements that appear to offer jobs usually sell information manuals and directions. GET FREE Vending machines 100% lease financing. All cash income, 100% tax deductible. Become financially independent, all Canadian company. Full details call now 1-866668-6629, MAKE MONEY, save lives. Work from home. No selling. Turnkey business. Invest after installation. Small initial investment. 20 hours a month. Guaranteed 100% investment return. 1-855-933-3555; WANTED small logging contractor for logging two patches of salvage timber in the Lone Butte Green Lk area approximately 1500 cubic meters. contact Bob at 604-483-7199

Drivers/Courier/ Trucking

Must be able to have extended stays away from home. Up to 6 months. Must have valid AZ, DZ, 5, 3 or 1 with airbrake license and have previous commercial driving experience. Apply careers and then choose the FastTRACK Application.

Education/Trade Schools 21 Week HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Classes start November 18, 2013. Call for more information. Taylor Pro Training Ltd. 1-877-860-7627. TRAIN TO be an apartment/condominium manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 32 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-6658339, 604-681-5456.

An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call (780)723-5051 Edson, Alta.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


For further detail on this week’s job postings get in touch with us. • Manager (Resort) • Maintenance Person • NCCP Level 1 Certified Coach • Truck Driver • Delivery Driver • Refinish Technician • Chambermaid • Front Desk/Laundry • Electronic Sales/Computer Technician (Williams Lake) • Sales Associates (Williams Lake) • Certified Fallers • Security Officer (Williams Lake) • Tutor • Baker • Grocery Clerk • On Call Bus Drivers


(just down from Sunrise Ford) • Website:


Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Attention: Button Top Operators Loaderman required for reload job. Approx. one hour west of Williams Lake. Must have (min) five years loading experience with short logs. Fax resume: Attn. Rob Menzies (250)398-6273 or call (250)398-0564 For More Details.

IF YOU would like to volunteer for the residents of Mill Site Lodge/Fischer Place Care Homes, then please join our auxiliary. We meet the first Thursday of every month at 10:30 a.m. in the Mill Site Lodge boardroom. For info call Shelly at 250-791-9277.


AZ, DZ, 5, 3 or 1 w/ Airbrake • Guaranteed 40hr. Work Week & Overtime • Paid Travel & Lodging • Meal Allowance • 4 Weeks Vacation • Excellent Benefits Package

CLASS 1 DRIVERS w/ AIR Req. for DH Manufacturing, Houston BC. BC & Alberta routes to be determined based on experience. Hour Pay Based On Exp. & Full Benefits After 3 Mos. Apply with resume & abstract by emailing:

• Auto Body Technician • Auto Technician • Mechanic • Detailer/Wash Bay Person • Collision Technician • Parts Person/Counter Consultant • Ranch Hand • Carpenter Helper • Caregiver • Care Aide • Gas Jockey/Pizza Cook/ Deliverer • Prep Cook • Servers • Labourer • Custodial Staff


• GENERAL HELPERS • CAMP ATTENDANTS • JANITORS North Country Catering has immediate openings for permanent full-time camp opportunities in Northern Alberta. Shift Rotation; 3 weeks in camp and one week home. Founded in 2000, NCC has become one of the largest independent management, operation & catering company in Western Canada. NCC is responsible for managing and operating remote work camps.

Competitive Wages & Benefits After 3 mos. Interested applicants are invited to forward resumes to: North Country Catering, Human Resources e-mail: hr@ fax: 1-(780)-485-1550

Help Wanted

SURESPAN STRUCTURES requires Welder/Fabricator. Requirements: Welder Level “C” or 1st year fabrication minimum. Forklift and crane operators experience. Knowledge of how to interpret engineering drawings. CWB ticket an asset. Understand & apply basic mathematical skills. Preemployment drug screen may be required. Mail resume to 3721 Drinkwater Rd., Duncan, BC V9L 6P2, fax: 250-7468011 or email:

Home Care/Support ASSISTED LIVING care given in my lovely quiet country home setting. Own private bathroom & bedroom. High spd internet. Laundry, home cooked meals, snacks, transportation to your appointments. Female only for now. Quesnel area. 250-249-5200.


Help Wanted

VERNON 100 Mile House is expanding their sales force. Looking for individuals with sales experience & knowledge of electronics/cellular. Full time Salary/Commission w/potential wage to be $40,000 + - $50,000 Benefits. $45,000 - $75,000 Benefits.+ Drop off resumes to #200 - 3107 Vernon Drop off resumes to48th 916AAve. Alpine Ave., or 100email: Mile House No phone callscalls please. or email: No phone please.

SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 27 (CARIBOO-CHILCOTIN) We are currently seeking on-call custodial staff for the Williams Lake and area, and for the 100 Mile House and area. Applications are invited from candidates who are fully available for day and afternoon shifts, who have WHMIS certification, previous custodial experience, and who are physically capable of performing all custodial operations. An orientation and training shifts will be provided to successful applicants. As a condition of employment, successful applicants will be required to comply with the Criminal Records Review Act. Please complete a “General Application for Permanent Employment” or “Application for Posting”, (available on-line and from the Board Office or school offices), and return it along with a comprehensive resume which includes three current workrelated references, to the Assistant Manager of Facilities and Transportation, Richard Desormeaux by October 15, 2013. You may submit your documentation via email to  rich.desormeaux@ or via fax to 250-392-2202 or in person to the Williams Lake Maintenance Office at 765 North Second Avenue in Williams Lake. We appreciate all those who apply; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. School District No. 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) is an equal opportunity employer.


Wednesday, September 11, 201311,100 Mile House Wednesday, September 2013 100 Mile Free Press



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IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: it’s that simple. Your credit/age/income is not an issue. 1-800-587-2161.

CKC Registered Boxer Puppies - 2 brindle black-masked males ready to go to their forever homes. Health Guarantee, micro-chipped, tails & dewclaws done, 1st vaccinations & on deworming program. $800. Call (250)9917901 or text (250)316-0721

Heavy Duty Machinery

Trades, Technical GUARANTEED JOB Placement: General laborers and tradesmen for oil and gas industry. Call 24hr Free Recorded Message. For Information 1-800-972-0209.


Art/Music/Dancing INSPIRE YOUR CHILDREN to be creative and expressive through music! Group keyboard lessons for children ages 3 - 9 that include singing, rhythm, movement, composition and more! Find a teacher near you 1-800-828-4334 or

Counselling TRAINED Counselor is available 24 hours a day to offer support, understanding, and help. Confidential and free of charge. Interior Crisis Line Network Call Toll Free 1-888-353-CARE (2273) www/

Therapy Groups ALANON - Does someone’’s drinking bother you? Meet with others who feel the same. Meet Thursdays, 7pm at the Health Centre at the back of the Hospital. Contact 250-3954646 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meetings in 100 Mile area: Mondays noon at #18 - 208 8th Street. Tuesdays, 8pm, 100 Mile United Church. Thursdays 7:30pm, 108 Community Centre. Sundays 7:30pm, south Cariboo Community Health Centre,rear entrance. 250-791-5286, 250395-4646, 250-395-6154, 250395-5368

Education/Tutoring ARE you an adult who struggles to read, write or do math? Partner Assisted Learning (PAL) can help! We provide free one-to-one tutoring. Call Mary at 250-395-0404

CUTE English Bulldog Puppies $600. Healthy Male & female. 9 weeks, Health, shot papers. 2818990861 Email:

Legal Services CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind and a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Drywall LAC LA HACHE Drywall Services Prices to suit - top work to boot

John Paterson 250-396-7615

Painting & Decorating CARIBOO PAINTING SERVICES and repairs. Residential and commercial. Fully insured. Chris 250-644-4033.

WANTED: Old lever action Winchester rifles and carbines. Call (250)791-6369



SHEEP breeding stock for sale: Ewes $150 each. Locally raised, grass-fed lamb for sale, $3/lb. plus $80 processing. Ph. 250-706-3666 or 250397-4126. Sheep & Goat Auction September 14th @ 11:30 AM 4071 McLean Rd. Quesnel All LiveStock must be in on Friday September 13th. All Sheep must be tagged. Please Consign Early. Phone BC Auctions (250)992-2459 or (250)983-1239

LEGAL firewood: Bulk quantities available. Call for info: 250-459-2145

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Garage Sales

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TED SAWYER: Firewood for sale. 250-395-3951

Garage Sales



BEEF: Whole, Half or Quarter, Beef-in-a-Box LAMB: Whole or Half GRASS-FED, GRASS-FINISHED No Antibiotics • No Growth Hormones

Raised the natural way.

Please call 250-395-0138



• Landscaping and Lot Development • Land Clearing • Wetland Work • Demolitions • Gravel Materials & Hauling • Premium Mix Topsoil • Driveways • Basements

250-395-2311 982 Alpine, 100 Mile House


st Wanted o M Contracting Ltd.

General Contractor

Custom Homes • Remodeling

• Ralf Baechmann • 100 MILE: Downsizing! Sat. & Sun. Sept. 14 & 15 from 9-4 at 133 Blackstock Rd.

100 MILE: Sat. & Sun, Sept, 14 & 15 from 8-5 at 6031 Horse Lake Rd. DeWalt table saw, cabinets & shelving, lots of free stuff. 108 RANCH: Neighbourhood garage sale, Sat. Sept. 14, 8-2, Wawpuss Place. (off Goinzunn Dr.) 108 RANCH: Sat. Sept. 14, 8-4 at 4905 Gloinnzun Cres. Futon ensemble, computer desk. New & gently used items. 108 RANCH: Sat. Sept. 14. from 9-2 at 5276 Chintu Dr. No baby items or toys.Household items and tools. BRIDGE LAKE: Sat. Sept. 7 thru to Sun. Sept. 15 from 9-5 at 8042 N. Bridge Lake Rd.

108 RANCH: Sat. & Sun. Sept. 14 & 15 from 9-2 at 4866 Pierreroy Crescent. Everything must go! Beds, dining room table, futon, recliners, freezer, night tables, lamps, pot & pans, dishes, tools, ext. ladder, plus plus plus. Cash only. Same day pickup. For questions or pre-sale serious buyers phone 780-799-9204. FAWN CREEK RD: Sat. Sept. 14 from 9-2 at 6826 Fawn Creek Rd. Furniture, household items, electronics, tools, misc. farm supplies. No early birds! FLEA MARKET EVERY FRIDAY

at the 108 Mall 10am - 4pm To book a table call Brenda 250-396-7144 LONE BUTTE: HUGE COMMUNITY Garage & Craft Sale. Sat. Sept. 21 from 9-2 at Horse Lake Garden Centre, 6614 Katchmar Rd. Everyone welcome! Be a vendor, book your bench space for $5. Call 250-395-3301.




STEEL BUILDING Sizzling summer savings event! 20x22 $4,188. 25x24 $4,598. 30x36 $6,876. 32x44 $8,700. 40x52 $12,990. 47x70 $17,100. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

1987 Chev. Safari Van, V6 automatic, very good condition. $2,500 OBO. One weight set, $250 OBO. 250-395-6089.

100 Mile House: Indoor garage sale, Sept. 14, from 9-4. 6358 Wolf Rd. Anderson subdivsion.Furniture, antiques, bunkbeds, etc.

HUNGRY VALLEY HAY: Grass rounds for free feeding horses, $40. Grass/Alfalfa mixed rounds for horses, $40. Cow quality round bales, approx. $100/ton. All baled and stored dry. 250-395-3539. QUALITY grass/hay mixed: Square bales, barn stored, no rain. Delivery available. 250397-2378.

FOR SALE 2-M/SP235-75R15 tires $75 for pair. 2-All Season P235-75R15 tires, like new $100 for pair. Also 2-Shaw cable boxes $50 ea. Phone 250-791-6616 after 6pm.

STEEL BUILDINGS/Metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-4572206.

Misc. for Sale

Feed & Hay

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

DROWNING IN debt? Cut debts more than 50% and be debt free in half the time! Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. Toll Free 1-877-5563500 BBB Rated A+

PUREBRED (w/o papers) Shihzu puppies. 9 weeks old $500 each. 1st shots included in price. Call Sharon 250-3954920. SHILOH SHEPHERD, Beautiful puppies - large, rare breed w. plush coat. born 06/19, micro chipped, shots / Shiloh registr. $1500 250-838-0234 SPCA - Your best choice in pets. 250-395-5303 The SPCA needs 2 to 3 phone volunteers to answer the emergency line. Suits retired or semi-retired individuals. Also, temporary foster homes needed. Please call 250-3955303 and leave a message. *WARNING* -Ads reading, “Free to a good home”, have the potential to attract individuals that see your family pet as a way to make $$money through any number of undesirable situations; i.e. selling to animal testing labs or in the case of horses, the slaughter house. Contact the SPCA at 250-395-5303 for information on successfully placing your pet in the right kind of home. Leave a message and a volunteer will get back to you.

Pets & Livestock

100 MILE DOG CLUB, obedience & agility lessons. Agriplex starting Sept. 19, 2013. Obed 6:30 pm, agility 7:00 pm. For more info call: 250-395-6491. BOUVIER DES FLANDERS puppys for sale. 3 girls, 2 boys available. Hardy and bold, good ranch dogs, great with kids and animals. Hypoalergenic (do not shed hair) $900. 250-644-2386. CARIBOO CANINE CENTER is offering Basic Dog Obedience Classes Thursday, Sept 19. At the Forest Grove Supply lot. 6 Classes $80. Must have proof of vaccinations. Call Kay at 250-397-2670 PUPPIES: Great guard dogs Maremma/Weimaraner cross. $250 each. Ph. 250-706-7202

Financial Services

A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20’40’45’53’ in stock. SPECIAL 44’X40’ Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! 40’ Containers under $2500! Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB


GREAT opportunity to relocate to Beautiful Prince Rupert, Enjoy affordable housing and various recreational opportunities; skiing, kayaking, hiking, golf, and the fine arts. The Crest Hotel is currently accepting resumes for full time servers and bartenders in Charley’s Lounge. If you have a passion for customer service, with experience in a busy lounge environment, we offer a union wages $15.14 for servers $18.30 bartenders, medical and dental coverage and excellent gratuities. Previous serving and bartending experience is required, must have serving it right, and be legally permitted to work in Canada. Knowledge of wines and squirrel experience is an asset. If you are interested in joining our award winning customer service team, send resumes to or mail your resume to the Crest Hotel 222 1st ave west Prince Rupert, BC. V8J 1A8.

Professional Services

and make some money doing it!

Ph: 250-395-1256 Cell: 250-706-4706

Big Country Storage Terminal Ltd. 44 Heated Units 65 Non-heated Units Freight Agents for: VanKam Freightways Clark Reefer

250-395-2447 Across from Ogden Sr. Sec. School

Box 115, 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0

•Travel Trailers • 5th Wheels • Toy Haulers • Truck Campers • Tent Trailers • Cargo Trailers • Utility & Equipment Trailers

• Sales • Service & Repairs • Parts & Accessories • Secure Storage 5430 INDUSTRIAL FLATS RD. Open 6 days a 100 MILE HOUSE week! (At Hwy 97 & 24)




• A 4-line or less classified word ad ($1.00 per line charge for additional lines) • Large garage sale signs to hang up around the neighbourhood • Red and yellow balloons to grab everyone’s attention • Felt pen for completing signs and marking prices One Week Special

16 .50


Plus GST

Two Week Special $



Plus GST

10 TIPS TO A GREAT SALE! 1. Place your advertisement for 2 weeks in our classified section. 2. Call friends and neighbours to see if they’d like to do a sale together. The bigger the selection, the more customers you’ll have. 3. Give yourself a couple of days to get organized. 4. Gather boxes, newspapers, and bags to use during the sale to package purchases. 5. Set your dates and times. The first and middle of the month are paydays for many people. 6. Take the time to clean up your items… products will sell better when they look “taken care of.” 7. Make the most of your display by setting up in a visible area such as the front yard, the driveway or near the curb. Don’t tuck yourself and your merchandise in a dark garage. 8. Label everything for sale with tape. Price it so you might consider buying it for yourself. 9. Before the sale, go to the bank. Get plenty of small bills and change to have on-hand. Keep a calculator handy for quick adding. 10. Be an entrepreneur. Make extra money by selling canned sodas, lemonade, etc., to shoppers. If you have kids, have them do this! In the Pinkney Complex on Horse Lake Road in 100 Mile House


Our Team Delivers!



Call me for print, online and flyer advertising! Phone: 250-395-2219

Fax: 250-395-3939

Martina Dopf Consultation in English/German

#2 - 536 Horse Lake Rd. Pinkney Complex, 100 Mile House

100 Mile House Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013 A31 A31

Merchandise for Sale





Misc. Wanted

Apt/Condo for Rent

Mobile Homes & Pads

Homes for Rent

Scrap Car Removal

FURNISHED 3-BDRM, 2 bath, 5 yr.-old home, 1 acre, Watch Lake. (30 min to 100 mile House) F/S, W/D, wood & elec. heat, N/S, clean dog ok, no cats. $795./mo. Call Robert Lacerte at 1-800-830-7175. TOP HALF of newer house. 93 Mile. 3 large bdrms, ensuite, beautiful oak kitchen, infloor heating, 5 appl., window coverings, includes utilities. $875/mos. Ph. 250-459-7771.


Genuine Coin Collector Buyer Collections, Olympic Gold & Silver Coins etc 778-281-0030 WANTED: Old lever action Winchester rifles and carbines. Call (250)791-6369

Real Estate Mobile Homes & Parks FACTORY DIRECT Wholesale CSA certified modular homes, manufactured/mobile homes and park model homes, we ship throughout Western Canada. Visit us online at or 877-976-3737


1 BDRM furnished condo on Canim Lake. Clean, quiet, N/S, N/P, util. incl. Ref. req’d. Avail. Sept. 15 - June 15/2014. $650/m. 250-397-2243. BC HOUSING is now accepting applications for housing from persons 55 years and older as well as disabled persons 19 years of age and older. Eligible tenants pay 30% of gross monthly income for rent. For applications contact: 250395-4743 or 1-800-834-7149.

South Cariboo Branch

CMHA-SCB is now taking applications for our affordable family housing development, located on Cariboo Trail and Jens Street, 100 Mile House B.C. Application forms can be picked up at the Community Resource Centre (between the Hospital and the Junior High School), or at the

Women’s Centre (102 Bridge Creek Centre, Birch Avenue). The 25 unit project has 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units. Applicants must provide income and asset information and verification upon application. This project is sponsored by the Canadian Mental Health Association - South Cariboo Branch and British Columbia Housing and Management Commission.

Other Areas LUXURY ARIZONA golf course properties from $97,900. Investment or vacation home. Short and long term rental programs available. Immediate positive cash. Financing available! 604-620-3728.

Homes for Rent

2 & 1 BDRM, in 100 Mile. Call 250-397-2041 for details. 3 BDRM duplex. $875/mon. plus util. Close to all amenities in 100 Mile. Avail. immed. Appliances incl. 604-881-6074. 3 BDRM duplex, On school bus route. N/S, refs req. $650. 250-791-6383.

1 BDRM waterfront house: furnished, utilities inc. No pets. $650/mon. 250-395-4455. 2 bd 1 bth Home in CLINTON Bright, Large lot, wood stove, $625/mth. Call 604-461-1555 2bdrm home +den on Lac La Hache, large yard & garage. N/S pets okay. Great for couple or small family. $1200/mo +util., ref req’d Avail. Oct. 15th/Nov 1st (250)297-0104 Can view at ad #520041736. 2 BDRM plus loft, small home on 108. Close to airport. Ref. req. Avail. Oct. 1st. $650/mon. 250-791-5787. 2 BDRM trailer w/addition on 3/4 acre. Beautiful Horse Lake view. Older model. $600/mon. Avail. now. Refs req. NP. 250395-3030. 250-395-6546. 3 BDRM, 1&1/2 bath. Self contained 1 bdrm, 1 bath suite on lower floor included. Fenced yard. Few minutes from 100 Mile on school bus route. $1200/mon plus utilities. Call 250-395-3253. 3 BDRM mobile with add on & workshop at Traveller Trailer Court in 100 Mile. $600/mon. Call 1-306-882-5314 or email: 4 BDRM, 2 bath house on Eagle Creek Rd. Appl. incl. Pasture avail. Ref. Req. Avail. Oct. 1st. $800/mon. 250-397-2351. 4 BDRM fully renovated home in 108 Ranch. 3 full baths, new HE N.G. heating, fenced yard, double garage, storage shed, view. Ref. Req. $1200/mon. Ph. 250-791-5538. 6298 MOOSE POINT DRIVE, across from Watch Lake Access, 2 bdrm house, gas fireplace, electric baseboard heaters, w/d, insulated hobby shop. $795/mth. 250-456-7503. AVAIL. OCT. 1ST: 3 bdrm house, 8 min. from 100 Mile. 5 appl. Garage. $875/mon. plus utilities. Call 250-579-5959.

Misc. Wanted

Misc. Wanted

CARIBOO GARDENS Clean, large, bright 1&2 bedrooms Seniors Welcome For reliable service call Drew

250-395-0809 or 250-395-0168


TRAILER:1100 sq ft. 3 bdrms, 2 baths 1 acre fenced. Quiet location. 8 min. to 100 Mile. $950/mth.DD. Wood fireplace. 250-267-2467. Avail. now.

1250 sq. ft. commercial retail space, street level, in Rosewood Building, for rent or lease. Across from Donex. 250-396-7334 or 604-5304224. RETAIL area: 44’x54’ with overhead door at 750 Exeter Road. 250-397-2182.

Cottages / Cabins $700/MTH, plus utilities,w/d. Cute, warm, well insulated, 1 bedroom cabin, perfect for mature adult and a pet. Cabin is 530 sq.ft. Large new view windows with view of Green Lake and sunsets in winter. Small view in summer. 1 acre fenced. Beautiful neighbourhood. Green Lake access, 3 min walk. 604-807-4558

Duplex / 4 Plex

Box 67, 100 Mile House B.C. V0K 2E0



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Now Featuring Watkins Products 2000 Toyota Tundra V8 - 4.7 Litre $7000 Can be viewed at Greeny Lake Campsite Lac la Hache Contact by email: 2008 Colorado 32 ft 5th wheel. In top shape, pulled less than 1000 km. 3 slides, furnace, A/C, bi vacuum, full size fridge,queen walk around bed plus hide-a-bed, flat screen TV with cable hook-up, winter pkg. Must sell, just not using $22,500 250-296-4136


Trucks & Vans 2000 GMC SIERRA 1500: 1/2 ton, 4x4, 4.3L, V6 Camper Special, 4 spd trans. $4895, obo. Mark 250-456-2151.

Boats 1995 BAYLINER: 16 ft./120 hp ONC. Runs well.Many extras, Asking $ 4,000 obo.250267-2467. FIBRE GLASS custom built pontoon (party) boat. 20’ x 8’, seats 10 adults. New 30 HP Merc engine, new canopy, carpet, paint job. With trailer. $8250, obo. 250-456-6028.


Moving Or Starting A New Business? COMMERCIAL, RETAIL & OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-10,000 sq. ft. • Quality Buildings • Good Locations Multiple Zoning • Lots of Parking


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The Cariboo Regional District is acceƉƟng tenders Ĩor the winter road ŵaintenance oĨ rƵral reĨƵse ĨaciliƟes in the Eorth Cariboo. The worŬ inclƵdes regƵlar reŵoval oĨ snow as well as sanding and ice reŵoval as reƋƵired. The Cariboo Regional District does not bind itselĨ to acceƉt the lowest or any ƋƵote͕ and reserves the right to reject all ƋƵotes͕ and negoƟate with any bidder. ^elecƟon will be based ƵƉon sƵch Ĩactors as ƋƵaliĮcaƟons͕ edžƉerience ;esƉecially on siŵilar ƉrojectsͿ͕ ability to ƉerĨorŵ the contract according to its terŵs ;inclƵding Ɵŵing reƋƵireŵentsͿ͕ availability oĨ contractors͛ worŬĨorce and sƵbcontractors͕ iĨ aƉƉlicable͕ reƉƵtaƟon oĨ ƋƵality oĨ worŬ and Ĩor Ɵŵeliness͕ Įnancial stability oĨ Įrŵ͕ and cost. Tender docƵŵents and ĨƵrther details are available Ĩroŵ the Ƶndersigned. CoŵƉleted tenders are to be delivered no later than Ϯ͗ϬϬ Ɖ.ŵ.͕ ^eƉteŵber Ϯϱ͕ ϮϬϭϯ͕ to the address below͕ at which Ɵŵe a ƉƵblic oƉening will taŬe Ɖlace. Tera Grady ^ƵƉervisor oĨ ^olid taste Danageŵent Cariboo Regional District ^Ƶite D͕ ϭϴϬ Eorth ϯrd venƵe tilliaŵs >aŬe͕ C sϮG Ϯϰ Whone͗ ;ϮϱϬͿ ϯϵϮͲϯϯϱϭ ϭͲϴϬϬͲϲϲϱͲϭϲϯϲ

building communities together

Cariboo Regional District Client:





Wednesday, September 2013 100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 201311,100 Mile House

108 Men’s Club crowns champions Tony Morete, Eric Ohlund top golfers at 108 Men’s Club Championships

Gaven Crites Free Press

This year, the 108 Men’s Club championship belongs to Tony Morete and Eric Ohlund. The pair walked away from the two-day tournament at the 108 Golf Resort (Sept. 4 and 8) with low-gross and low-net scores respectively. Morete shot a total of 150 and Ohlund shot 138 to capture the separate 2013 titles. The golfers were Submitted photo divided into two flights and also competed in Tony Morete, left, and Eric Ohlund won first place in low gross and low net longest drive, longest respectively at the 2013 108 Men’s Club Championships held at the 108 Golf putt and closest-to-the- Resort on Sept. 8. pin competitions each day of the tournament. Kendy. Low-net win- Kuharski. Dennis Thompson in Jim Laird shot low ner in the first flight Winner of low gross third and Met Boyson gross in the first flight, was Rob Douglas, fol- in the second flight was in fourth. Low net in 9 second flight went 5-221the followed by Jim Zailo, lowed by Bill Baerg, John Tomlinson, (250) 39with Phone: Matt McNeil and Jeff SJohn McNeil and John Erv Hannah in second, to Dean McNeil, fol0X0 FREE PRE S


100 MILE

Run-bike-run for fundraising fun Fax:

Requested By:


9 (250) 395-221 9 (250) 395-393

D DONNA LAN Fax: re ef il m 0 0 1 classifieds@ 1 s Inserts:notes. of an Carole Rooney that are a bit tougher to ing, providing each V b. N & dŚĞ ariboo ZĞŐioŶaů iƐƚricƚ iƐ accĞƉƟŶŐ ƚĞŶdĞrƐ Ĩor ƚŚĞ s ck ru T 0 04/21/201participant 851<ůĞĞŶĞ ĞdžcaǀaƟoŶ oĨ ƚrĞŶcŚĞƐ aƚ ƚŚĞ ocŚiŶ >aŬĞ aŶd <ůĞĞŶa Free Press traverse, submits the Borg explains regDate: she explains. End ss.: iƐƚricƚ. ClaZĞŐioŶaů ůaŶdĮůů ƐiƚĞƐ wiƚŚiŶ ƚŚĞ Therefore, sharing fee. istrations will be 0 1 0 /2 1 04/2

Date: oĨ ƚrĞŶcŚĞƐ Ĩor a ƚŚrĞĞ artĞdžcaǀaƟoŶ dŚĞ worŬ wiůů iŶcůƵdĞStƚŚĞ LJĞar ƉĞriod. drĞŶcŚ ǀoůƵŵĞƐ aƚ ƐƉĞciĮc ƐiƚĞƐ ǀarLJ Ĩroŵ ϭϮϬϬ #: ƚo ϭϲϬϬ cƵbic ŵĞƚĞrƐPO ƉĞr ƐiƚĞ.

lowed by Peter Messner, Rick Lunsted and Allan Kregosky. Morete also won the first flight’s closest-tothe-pin on Sept. 4 on holes No. 4 and 12. Thompson was the second flight winner on No. 15, while the longest putt was made by Laird on No. 18. Longest drives on Sept. 4 went to Rob Douglas on No. 3, Rick Lunsted on No. 2, Bob Garrow on No. 16 and Jim French on No. 17. On Sept. 8, Lunsted was closest-to-the-pin winner on No. 4 and No. 12, while Laird was closest on No. 15. Longest drives that day went to Garrow on No. 2, D. McNeil on No. 3 and No. 16 and Morete on No. 17. Tomlinson dropped the longest putt of the day on No. 9.

100 Mile House Fire-Rescue organizes off-road duathlon

An inaugural fundraiser for local youth programming offers a 100 Mile chance for folks to head ions:arĞ aǀaiůabůĞ Ĩroŵ ƚŚĞ dĞŶdĞr docƵŵĞŶƚƐ aŶd blicatdĞƚaiůƐ PuĨƵrƚŚĞr ƵŶdĞrƐiŐŶĞd. oŵƉůĞƚĞd ƋƵoƚĞƐ arĞ ƚo bĞ dĞůiǀĞrĞd Ŷo ůaƚĞr out on the trails in a 0 $0.0 : addrĞƐƐ bĞůow͕ ƚŚaŶ Ϯ͗ϬϬ Ɖŵ͕ ^ĞƉƚĞŵbĞr aƚ mouƚontƚŚĞ PaidϮϲ͕AϮϬϭϯ duathlon event. wŚicŚ ƟŵĞ a ƉƵbůic oƉĞŶiŶŐ wiůů ƚaŬĞ ƉůacĞ. $0.00put on by It’s being e: ic Total Pr dŚĞ ariboo ZĞŐioŶaů iƐƚricƚ doĞƐ Ŷoƚ biŶd iƚƐĞůĨ ƚo accĞƉƚ 100 Mile House Firethe lowest or any bid and reserves the right to reject all bids. Rescue (OMFR) at the ^elecƟon will be based ƵƉon sƵch Ĩactors as ƋƵaliĮcaƟons͕ 99 Mile Ski Trails on edžƉerience ;esƉecially on siŵilar ƉrojectsͿ͕ availability oĨ contractors͛ worŬĨorce and sƵbcontractors͕ iĨ aƉƉlicable͕ Sept. 21, and organizer reƉƵtaƟon Ĩor ƋƵality oĨ worŬ and Ĩor Ɵŵeliness͕ Įnancial Veronica Borg says it stability oĨ Įrŵ͕ and cost. will become an annual Tera Grady event. ^ƵƉervisor oĨ ^olid taste Danageŵent “We want to do Cariboo Regional District more in the commu^Ƶite D͕ ϭϴϬ Eorth ϯrd venƵe tilliaŵs >aŬe͕ C nity because usually we sϮG Ϯϰ meet people on their TeleƉhone͗ ;ϮϱϬͿ ϯϵϮͲϯϯϱϭ or “worst day” - when we ϭͲϴϬϬͲϲϲϱͲϭϲϯϲ are on fire and medical calls.” building communities together The Code Three Duathlon will involve a five-kilometre run, then a 15-km bicycle ride, followed by another five-km run. “We are really trying to encourage a family event.” Most of the route includes wider trails that are easier to run or bike over, but a few are narrower, single tracks

the three event legs may be appropriate for groups with varied fitce: ness levels. Balan OMFR welcomes Taxes: parents, grandparents, siblings and children to register together, Borg says, adding groups may share the running and bik-

Registration is $20 accepted online until for adults or $15 for noon on Sept. 20 (or youth, 0 will include by calling Borg at 250$0.0and a race package includ- 395-1112 right up to Page 1 of 1 ing $an 0.00event T-shirt the event), and par(while supplies last), ticipants only need to race number, and other bring a mountain bike related items. and a helmet. Bottled-water staAll of the funds tions will be set up raised will be split along the way, she equally for distribu-

tion by the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre for youth at risk programming in the community, and by the Hun City Mountain Bike Club, she adds. Register online at (enter keyword Code Three at the top), or call Borg at 250-395-1112 for more information or a registration form.

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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obituaries JONG

Yuk Kee (‘Yogi’)

Reg Berrington photo

Heather Haynes and her dog, Lad, worked well together during the Third Annual Sandhill Lea Sheepdog Trial off Abel Lake Road on Aug. 31. Event organizer Lorne Landry says the event attracted 40 competitors and their dogs, as well as a couple of hundred spectators.

Sheepdog trial a success Handlers, herders compete at sheepdog trial at nearby Abel Lake Gaven Crites Free Press

Herding dogs were put to the test at the Third Annual Sandhill Lea Sheepdog Trial near 100 Mile House recently. Organizer Lorne Landry says the event – which saw close to 40 competitors and their dogs navigate an international sheep dog style course Aug. 31- Sept. 1 – attracted a couple hundred visitors and was very successful. “We had great weather and quite a few spectators. Everything went smoothly.” The competitors were divided into three categories, which include novice/novice (beginner handlers and beginner dogs); pro-novice (dogs and handlers who have moved up from novice/ novice, or for practiced handlers who are running a beginning dog); and open class (any dog and any handler), which held separate trials each day. Results first through third were as follows: Novice/Novice class: Lindsay Ibbotson and Zeus (Vancouver); Nancy Barker and Gwen (Chilliwack); and Sandra Hurst and Koda (Coquitlam). Pro-Novice class: Carol Nelson and Kale (Pink Mountain); Brian Nelson and Jake (Aldergrove); and Pam Boring and Sophie (Pink Mountain).

Open Class (Aug. 31): C. Nelson and Taff (Pink Mountain); Gayle Cochlan and Leah (Loon Lake); and C. Nelson and Jess (Pink Mountain). Open class (Sept. 1): C. Nelson and Jess (Pink Mountain);

Cochlan and Meg (Loon Lake); 3. B. Nelson and Pleat (Aldergrove). Landry says he plans to host the trial again next year on Labour Day weekend at his property on Abel Lake Road, located 10 kilometres west of 105 Mile.

Senior golfers counted their putts

Twenty-four seniors turned out for Seniors Day at the 108 Golf Resort for a game of count your putts on Sept. 5. First place to Ervin Hannah with 14 putts with John Tomlinson in second place with 15 putts. Tied with 17 putts each were Ken Brennan, Carol Plautz, Maureen Menzies, Gloria Corno, Sharlene Anderson and Shirley Boyson. Sept. 12 is the last day for the senior club this year, as the members wind up with a fun day of golf, lunch and prizes, says Boyson. “I hope you have all enjoyed your season.”

100 Mile Funeral Service Ltd. SERVING THE CARIBOO SINCE 1978.

• Traditional Funeral and Cremation Services • Bronze and Granite Memorials Shane Ian Gunn

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for these local flyers in this week’s

• Higher Ground Natural Foods • Exeter Forest & Marine/Husqvarna • Pharmasave • Work n Play

It is with heartfelt sadness that we announce the loss of a devoted husband, amazing father, and loving grandfather. Born on November 12, 1936, in southern China, Yuk Kee passed away on February 1, 2013 in Vancouver, B.C. Yuk Kee immigrated to Canada in 1951, and he moved to 100 Mile House in 1956 to work as a chef at the Exeter Arms Hotel (now the Lakeview Inn). In 1968, he and his wife Ming opened the first stand-alone western Chinese food restaurant - the Four Seasons Restaurant - in 100 Mile. They owned and operated this successful business for almost 30 years until Yuk Kee’s retirement in 1997. He was a kind, honourable, and thoughtful man, and his legacy to all those he touched will be one of integrity, honesty, hard work, reliability, and friendship. He is survived and dearly missed by his wife Ming, sons Yen (Barb) and Hoover (Darcy), daughter Elaine, and grandchildren Stan, Kurtis, Megan, Sophia, and Brian. He is fondly remembered by friends, former customers, and family in Vancouver, 100 Mile House, and other areas of B.C. On February 8, 2013, a private service was held at the Glenhaven Memorial Chapel in Vancouver followed by interment at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Burnaby, B.C.



Sherry Lavonne Aug. 17, 1944 - Aug. 29, 2013

In Loving Memory Sherry passed away peacefully at Fischer Place in 100 Mile House, B.C. with her soul mate, Ken Nelson, by her side. She was a kind, loving mother, grandmother, sister and friend. She is survived by her loving son Kelly Weaver, daughter Suzanne, husband Darrel Anderson, grandchildren Kaitlyn and Carley, sister Wendy and brother-in-law Brad Dycke, nephew Monte and Carrie, Piper and Isaac Doerkson; niece April and Steve Zboyovsky, and Brooke; sister Penny and brother-in-law Les Acheson, nephew Harley and Cindy and Laurel Acheson; niece Charlene, Ralph, Sara and Brett Friedrich; the Wendland family and many friends: old and new. Thank you Sherry, for choosing to spend your last beautiful three months with us in the Cariboo. We’re eternally grateful for our time together. Forever In Our Hearts Brad, Wendy, Kelly, Ken, Penny, Les and Muffin

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.


FITZPATRICK Constance Therese Marie (neé Vincent)

Aug. 1, 1960 - Aug. 30, 2013

Surrounded by her family and bathed in love, Connie succumbed to a valiant eight-month battle with leukemia at 1:07 p.m. She was joyfully greeted by our infant daughter, Morgan, upon transition. She leaves behind her devastated and grieving family: husband Marvyn, daughter Alyse, and son Keenan. She is survived by a loving host of family: mother and father Anita and Albert Vincent, sisters Brigitte (Dave) DeAngelis, Louann (Dan) Marshall, Anissa (Richard) Pelland and brother Ken (Colette) Vincent. Also left mourning are her in-laws: mother Elma Fitzpatrick, Morley (Debbie) Fitzpatrick, and Marlene (Rob) Cathcart, and Laurie (John) Monkley. An incredible host of beloved nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles and friends also grieve her passing. Connie was born in Selkirk, Manitoba; lived in St. Georges, and moved with her family to 100 Mile House. After graduation, she qualified as a medical office assistant and was employed in that capacity for many years. There were not too many sports she did not attempt, being most successful in badminton, curling and slo-pitch, all with an eye to being the best she could be. Where she excelled truly was as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter and all-around relative. Her definition of family included friends from all walks of life. Her love of people was all inclusive. To have her on your side was to really know your back was covered. Towards the end, she was puzzled by how many people stated their love for her. The answer was simple: love begets love. On behalf of her family, we would like to extend our thanks to all those who have given so much throughout her ordeal. We cannot express how much our families, St. Ann’s staff and family, her employers (Drs. Triessman and Okano and staff) TRU and staff, and so many others lightened our burden. If anyone has been overlooked, please excuse the omission. There were and still are so many. Cremation has taken place. A memorial service was held on Sept. 5, 2013 at Holy Family parish in Valleyview. We gathered to celebrate a lovely person

Sept. 22, 1920 - Aug. 2013

Nick was born in Pragenau, Russia. His family left for Canada in 1925. They settled in the Peace River area of Alberta, near Grande Prairie. In 1943 the family moved to Delta, BC. Nick attended Peace River Bible Institute and later, following the war, graduated from Prairie Bible Institute. After returning to BC, Nick met his future wife, Hildegarde, and they were married on July 20, 1951. The newlyweds moved to Terrace, BC, where they planted a church and had their first two children: Esther and Kenneth. In 1955 they moved back to the lower mainland and shortly after, Stephen was born. Rodney and Cheryl completed their family in the years that followed. Nick worked in a plywood plant in Surrey and continued working for Weldwood when they moved to 100 Mile House in 1969. Nick and Hildegarde were very involved with the 100 Mile Evangelical Free Church. He served as Sunday School Superintendent for many years and both of them were vitally involved with the music in the church. Hildegarde was masterful on the piano and Nick had a beautiful tenor voice. In 2003, Hildegarde was taken home to heaven. Despite his incredible loss, Nick’s faith and commitment enabled him to continue to be a loving father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Recently, Nick was allowed to take the last steps of his journey here with us. We are grateful for the time we have had with him. He has now rejoined all of his loved ones. We celebrate his life then and now. Funeral Services were held Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013 at the 100 Mile Evangelical Free Church, Officiated by Pastor Pat Stitch. Nick was laid to rest beside his beloved Hildegard at Valleyview Cemetery, Surrey BC on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013 The Goertz family wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to the staff of Carefree Manor, Dr. Schoeman and the nurses and staff at 100 Mile Hospital for their professionalism and compassionate care of their dear father during his final days, and also to Pastors Pat Stich and John Marshell and the people of the 100 Mile Evangelical Free Church for all of their help with the memorial service and reception. 100 Mile Funeral Service Ltd. entrusted with the arrangements. 250-395-3243 Condolences can be sent to the family care of


Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Golfers enjoying extended summer weather


Gaven Crites Free Press

Ladies Day saw 28 golfers tee-off at the 108 Golf Resort for their first round of the month on Sept. 3. The special game for the round was closest-tothe-pin. Those honours went to Deb Case on No. 8 green, with Lorraine McCaffrey on No. 5 and Marion Lines on No. 4. Low-gross winner in the first flight of golfers was Annie McKave, followed by Cathy Waite and Heather Matsuda. Lowest net scores in the first flight went to Linda Hames, followed by Clara Koehn and Carol Ohlund. The second flight’s low-gross leader was Leslie Bell, with McCaffrey in second and Pam Dutchak in third. Low net winner was Pauline Weigelt, followed by Sharon Claassen and Gloria Corno. First place in the third flight with the lowest gross was Sharlene Anderson. Second was Eileen King and third went to Lines. Low-net winner in the third flight was Lynn Smeds, followed by Wendy Foster and Angie Wahnschaff. The birdie pot went to Hames and Matsuda. Beginner golfers are welcome to join Ladies Day, which goes Tuesdays at the 108 Golf Resort.

lebrating our 40th Anniver e c e sary ar ke you to join i l d l e u o w e W w us! A nd

Heather Nelson photo

What appeared to be an inverted cold-air funnel cloud graced the skies above 100 Mile House on Sept. 6. Unlike storm-driven funnel clouds, the cold-air type doesn’t lead to precipitation, and won’t turn into a tornado if it touches land.

FREE ns Tim Horto nuts o d coffee and & 14 3 1 Sept. Sept. 14 o H t Dogs




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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Soapbox racing comes back to Clinton CLINTON Katie McCullough 250 459-2172

Clinton residents won’t want to miss the Clinton Soapbox Races on Sept. 21 in Clinton. Build your own soapbox and compete in the competition there are categories for children, teens, adults and teams. For more information, contact Desiree Loiselle at 250-8529875 or desireeloiselle@ Please register in advance. There will also be other events in the park,

including a clown, and possibly a bouncy castle and fun sumo wrestling. Soapbox racing was held in Clinton in the 1960s. In those days, they would close down Highway 97 and race from the top of the hill near Big Bar Lake Road down towards Clinton.

Hockey registration For hockey players in Clinton who would like to play hockey in Ashcroft this winter, registration for the Thompson Cariboo Minor Hockey Association is currently underway. Registration forms need to be submitted immediately, as teams are being made up. Registration forms can be printed off at thompsoncariboo

Teams range from pre-school to midget age divisions. For more information, contacts are on the website or the TCMHA Facebook page. This is a great opportunity for children to play organized hockey because, unfortunately, Clinton does not have enough children in each age group to have its own teams and be a part of an association or league. Several Clinton youth currently play hockey in Ashcroft. It is possible that, depending on the makeup of your child’s team, number of Clinton players and coaching, there could be some ice time in Clinton for certain teams, as there was in 2012 for the ban-


tam team. Most teams practice two to three times per week in Ashcroft in the evenings with games and tournaments on weekends. There is also an all-girls team of mixed ages.

Rodeo update During the summer, several Clinton youth have been competing in the British Columbia Little Britches Association circuit. Kailey Dube, Tayler McCullough, Wyatt McCullough, Bacardi Zimmerlee, Hailey Ambler, Emma Blain and Colby McCullough have been travelling all over B.C. competing in various events. The last rodeo of the season was held in Williams Lake on Sept.

7-8. Many of these youth will be attending the awards banquet in October and have placed in the top 10 in B.C. in their events. The circuit takes

them from Langley in the south to Prince George in the north. At the final rodeo of the year, Tayler, Kailey and Wyatt all came home with awards for the


Cariboo Chilcotin EARLY YEARS CONFERENCE October 4 & 5, 2013

Inspire ~ Encourage ~ Support Networking & Speakers Keynote Speaker Friday, Oct. 4 Dr. Paul Kershaw

Assoc. Prof. at UBC Human Early Learning Partnership ~ One of Canada’s leading thinkers about family policy.

Jamie Waterlow


Director Child & Youth Programs at Langara Family YMCA

Chair: Dan Ashton, MLA (Penticton) Deputy Chair: Mike Farnworth, MLA (Port Coquitlam)

~ Certified Laughter Coach.

Would you like to share your views on priorities for the next provincial budget?

W E W A N T T O H E A R F R O M YO U ! The all-party Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services is inviting submissions on the Budget 2014 Consultation Paper, prepared by the Minister of Finance. British Columbians can participate by attending a public hearing, answering an on-line survey, making a written submission, or sending the Committee a video or audio file. The consultation process concludes Wednesday, October 16, 2013. For more information, please visit our website at:

weekend. These cowboys and cowgirls work hard all year to achieve their rodeo dreams and they are all very proud of their accomplishments in 2013.

Dr. Deborah MacNamara, PhD On Faculty at the Neufeld Institute

& in private practice offering counselling and educational services regarding learning, behavioural and developmental issues.

Kirsten Bevelander

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society, Child Care Advisor ~ Burnaby Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant at the BC Centre for Ability ~ Instructs Children’s Language and Literature for the Burnaby School Board

Early Bird Registration ends Sept. 13. Registration Deadline Sept. 27 For more information call 100 Mile House CCRR 250-395-5155 or Williams Lake CCRR 1-250-392-4118

or contact: Parliamentary Committees Office, Room 224, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC V8V 1X4; tel: 250.356.2933, or toll-free in BC: 1.877.428.8337; fax: 250.356.8172; e-mail: Susan Sourial, Committee Clerk


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press












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100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Community Garden enjoys productive season Learning to grow organically important for sustainability Gaven Crites Free Press

Bruce Madu can spend hours here. “Sometimes I’ll bring a book, put the watering on, and sit and read my book and listen to the water. It’s really nice being here at 5:30 or 6 a.m. in the summer because the birds are up and they’re singing. “It’s peaceful. I relax. I just work away.” One recent morning at the 100 Mile House Community Garden, Madu stood over his double plot and pointed out different vegetables he has in the ground – a row of potatoes here, he says, adding parsnips, cabbage, carrots, turnips and some beets, and romaine lettuce down there. “It’s the first time I’ve tied beans in here. I just picked a few, but they’re not doing what I expected.” With the potatoes, however, he’s never seen anything like it in his 40 years of growing them. “We had friends in for dinner a week ago. I came down and dug out two potatoes like that,” Madu says, holding his fingers about eight inches apart. “They fed eight of us.” Madu and his wife, Sandy, moved to 100 Mile House four years ago. He’s been co-ordinator of the community garden for the last three years, along with Linda Savjord. “Between the two of us, we make it work.” Savjord’s house overlooks the community garden, which is located on property that historically belonged to the Emissaries of the Divine Light on Heron Ridge Road behind the Red Coach Inn. And just like the Emissaries did

Gaven Crites photo

100 Mile House resident Bruce Madu scooped potatoes out of the ground from his plot at the 100 Mile House Community Garden recently. Madu has been the community garden co-ordinator for three years.

in the past, gardeners there today do their best to grow organic, local produce. The community garden is supported by the South Cariboo Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre and the Community Enhancement and Economic Development Society (CEEDS). They’re groups

that work to promote food security in the 100 Mile House area, Madu explains. “We try to encourage food sustainability and teach people if they want to come and learn how to garden, we’re prepared to help them. We use organic growing as much as possible and look after

the land.” Currently, the garden has 24 plots being tended by a number of people in the community. Dawna Lace has had a plot in the garden since it opened to the community close to seven years ago. She’s also a community support worker with the Cedar Crest Society

for Community Living and has a handful of adults who regularly work at the garden and some have a small plot of their own. Lace says it’s important for people to see where their food comes from. “They do the whole thing from

Home is where the Heart is. Call Laurette to schedule a personal visit 250.305.1131 or 250.305.3318

1455 Western Avenue

Continued on B2


Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Garden provides a venue for education

From B1

digging in the compost, to weeding to planting to harvesting. “A lot of them have never seen a carrot come out of the ground or a potato come out of the ground. We take the produce we have and they learn how to cook it and they see how wonderful it tastes.” And it’s good exercise on top of that, she adds. “A lot of our people don’t like getting their hands dirty. The whole aspect of getting their hands in the soil, digging and pulling weeds, bending over – it’s an eye-opener for a lot of them.” That includes Christian Samson, 22, a self-described “beginner at this.” “I thought it was going to be easy, but it isn’t,” Samson says of tending his vegetable plot, which includes beets, lettuce and carrots. “One thing I learned is you never know. It’s unpredictable.” Samson plans on planting more food next year. Although it really depends on how early fall weather hits 100 Mile House, Madu says the community garden should be cleaned up and shut down by the end of September.

“I would like to see more people get involved,” Madu says, looking ahead to the start of the next growing season. “We’ve got room to put in another 15 plots if we ever have the demand. It’s $20 a season. Plus a $10 cleanup fee that’s refundable if they clean up their lots.” Madu tries to store as much food as he can. “It keeps our grocery bill down. It’s a lot of work over the summer. You’re tied down, but it’s certainly worth it.”

Aaron Goodwill, 23, of 100 Mile House watered a section of the 100 Mile House Community Garden recently.

A ministry of the Cariboo Presbyterian Church WORSHIP 7pm Sun. eves, Little Church, Timothy Lk. Rd. 7pm Mon. eves, at 7243 Rainbow Cres. Canim Lk. 7pm Wed. eves, at Bonter Residence, Hwy 24 For Info call 250-396-4251 Ministers: Charles McNeil, David Webber

HORSE LAKE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Meetings at the Good News Centre 5827 Horse Lake Road Bible Teaching Meeting ...... Sun. 11:00am

Christian Samson, 22, of 100 Mile House removed weeds from a section of his plot in the 100 Mile House Community Garden recently.


September 14th

per person

includes BBQ Steak Dinner with all the trimmin’s and entertainment

Good Ole’ Country Dance BBQ Steak Dinner Cowboy Concert The Hanson Family and Rae-Lee Fraser join local singers Ernie Doyle and Leslie Ross

at the Watch Lake Community Hall




5691 Horse Lake Road 250-395-4429 Fax: 250-395-4228

Rev. Vernantius Ononiwu

WEEKEND MASSES: Sat: 5pm - OAPA Hall at Lac la Hache Sun: 9am - St. Jude’s, 100 Mile House 11am - St. Augustine, Canim Lk 1:30pm Holy Family, Bridge Lake WEEKDAY MASS: at St. Jude’s Mon.- Fri. 8am, and Sat. 9am

for For the 100 MILE LIONS CLUB Make $240/hr on Sept. 21st Only! The 100 MILE LIONS CLUB and Sunrise FORD are pleased to announce another HUGE opportunity for the community. DRIVE ONE FOR YOUR COMMUNITY is an amazing NONfundraiser FUNDRAISER brought to you exclusively by Sunrise FORD and The 100 MILE LIONS CLUB! FORD pays you to drive a car, truck or SUV for 5 minutes and you donate all “earnings” to the 100 MILE LIONS CLUB. That is correct! A fundraiser that does NOT cost you any funds! How easy can that be? This event will give us up to $6000 if YOU show up to test drive a new market-changing FORD vehicle. NO ONE WILL SELL YOU and NO ONE WILL CALL YOU LATER. This is about getting money for the 100 MILE LIONS CLUB and we need your help as one of the 300 drivers that will help earn the $20 for each 5 minute test drive necessary to earn the total available $6000 that FORD of Canada and Sunrise FORD are trying to give away! ON SEPT. 21ST show up between 9:30am to 4:30pm at the SAVE-ONFOODS parking lot and give us the few minutes it takes to make this great community fundraiser successful.

Brought to you by the 100 Mile Lions Club

* * * * Info - 250-456-2425



Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship

Cariboo Country Night


9am & 11am Sunday Service 7:30pm Wednesday - Youth Church Huge Kids’ Ministry Pastor Rick Barker Church 250-791-5532 Church email: Website:

Holy Communion.....Sun. 10:30 am


The 14th Annual


“Find friends and food for faith”

Join us for our Sermon Series

4930 Telqua Drive (Church at the 108) • 250-791-5532

“We preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake” For info telephone 250-395-1070

The Log Church at Blackstock and Horse Lake Road

Is there really something after? Will you see your loved ones?





Every Sunday this Fall 9:00 & 11:00am

CHURCH SERVICES Come Worship With Us

Sat. Sept. 21st

Gaven Crites photos

100 Mile House & Area

Visit us at…

100 MILE HOUSE UNITED CHURCH 49 Dogwood Ave. 250-395-2932

AN OPEN COMMUNITY OF FAITH. Worship every Sunday 10:30am Communion celebrated second Sunday of every month Come as you are, and rest in the presence of God.


Pastor Patrick Stich Associate Pastor John Marshall Sunday Morning Worship ~ 10am American Sign Language available Sundays

566 Birch Ave. 250-395-2337


SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30am Vicar Aaron Astley Phone: 250-395-5159




100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Outdoor cinema slated for Centennial Park

Gaven Crites Free Press

The 100 Mile House Waterpark Society is expecting several hundred people in attendance when it hosts a movie night on a huge inflatable projection screen in Centennial Park in 100 Mile House on Sept. 14. Sponsored by Success By 6 – an initiative dedicated to early childhood development – the Waterpark Society has arranged for Fresh Air Cinema, an outdoor movie company, to play the computer-animated film. This sort of event is a first for 100 Mile House, explains Jamie Hughes, co-founder of the Waterpark Society. Hughes has received a welcome response from people around the community, as she set out delivering invitations and lining up sponsors. “Our goal is to get 500

Submitted photo

The 100 Mile House Waterpark Society is hosting a movie night fundraiser in Centennial Park on Sept. 14. The familyfriendly computer animated film will be played on a large inflatable projection screen provided by outdoor movie company Fresh Air Cinema. The show starts at 8:30 p.m., but visitors can start finding their seats anytime after 8 p.m.

people. I think we’re going to reach that. It sounds to me like people are talking about it. “It’s something that’s affordable. You can take your kids and it’s safe. You

can enjoy something together as a family. I think it’s re-energized everybody.” The movie starts at 8:30 p.m. and people are welcome to find a place to sit anytime after 8 p.m. Admission is


by donation with proceeds going to the Waterpark Society, as it tries to raise close to $300,000 to build a spray park in 100 Mile House. Since its inception in

NEW LISTINGS Visit us on Facebook.

Debora Watson 250-791-5298

Jovanka Djordjevich 250-764-8828

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Cell: 250-706-9776

Res: 250-456-2226 Toll Free: 1-877-593-2276 Fax:events 250-456-2276 For anniversary visit Email: or email

Help celebrate our 150th Anniversary!




Comedian/Magician and Spaghetti Dinner

Start time: Safety Checks 9am

Derby Race 10am

Place: David Stoddart School Hill Cariboo Ave


In the Red Kaboose, Lot 250.459.2261 to speak Save-On-Food’s to us directly callParking

For more info call 250-397-2547 or Will at 250-706-3131

4 Classes: Kids 6-12, Teens 13-19, Adults, Teams. Also there will be a pudding eating contest and Chris The Clown will be present.

NOW $649,900

Recently remodelled 3 bdrm, 3 bath home with south 1.75 ac., 2 lots, fully serviced 48x25 workshop w/bath. exp. 90 ft. sandy beach, landscaped. Fully finished Great potential here. Updates to the house, Large basement w/fam. rm. 2 gas f/p . Level access to beach, family home with unfinished basement, Close to town. covered patio. Close to 83 Mile. Min. off Hwy 97. 4 bdrm, 2 bath. MLS#N228418

Every Friday 8:30am - 1:30pm • New Location: Birch Ave. by the Community Hall

For info 250-852-9875 / 250-318-8145

5716 Green Lk Rd. N. Was $699,000


D&M Djordjevich Vineyards

& Other Sweet Treats


6452 Mercer Rd.

Featured Vendors: Fudge

March 2013, the group has raised approximately $40,000. With the help of local sponsors, the Waterpark Society has already covered the $3,330 in costs associ-

ated with hosting the event on Sept. 14. We’re hoping to raise anywhere from $500 to $10,000, Hughes says, adding it’s an event the whole community is getting behind. “The 2014 grads [from Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School] will be at the movie night. Because it’s going to be dark, they’ll be there as personal [ushers]. “They’re going to hang around the parking lot and help families pack their lawn chairs and get them to their spots. Afterward, they’re going to walk people back with flashlights if they need it.” Hughes asks that people leave their pets at home and refrain from smoking in the movie crowd. “Because it’s outside, we can’t enforce it. I just really hope people respect that. There will be a ton of kids there.

Clinton W. Gray For more info 250-459-7729 250-459-7036 / 250-459-2487

Sept. 21, 6:00pm Dinner Show Comedian/Magician Clinton W. Gray 7:30pm Cost $10 Adults. $7 12 and under

Proceeds to the Clinton Cleavages, for Breast Cancer Research

For more information please call 250-459-2261


Drive with caution: school's in session 108 Mile Ranch

Reg Berrington 250-791-9235

Students are back in school, so we hope all drivers have adjusted their speed and passing habits to accommodate the students in their quest to get to school safely and not to be worried about the traffic. We all know that in some instances it is OK to pass a school bus, but remember there are school children standing at the side of the road waiting for the bus, so caution at all times cannot be stressed enough. Road lines visible At long last, we have our yellow road lines and white crosswalks at the 108 Mile Ranch and they look great. We now have some definition on the roads, so perhaps poor drivers can stay on their side of the road and drive more responsibly at the posted speed. Ditches need work We have had some heavy rains recently, creating some flooding to a number of properties especially the driveways. Many of the roadside ditches have not been cleaned out for a number of years. They are slowly filling with sand and debris from the road sweepers. Many of the drainpipes are almost covered over and the rainfall never seems to be in the ditch, but just runs off into people’s driveways

causing damage. Perhaps it’s time for the 108 Mile Ranch Community Association (RCA) to contact Interior Roads Ltd. to investigate this problem. Break-and-enters There have been a few instances of someone breaking into storage facilities on private properties lately. In one case, someone cut large entrance holes in the back of storage tents, but was disturbed when the owner’s dog started barking a warning. So please keep an eye on your belongings.

This would be a good time to get a neighbourhood watch in place. If you observe anything, call the RCMP at 9-1-1 or the nonemergency number at 250-395-2456. Let’s take care of each other. CCLF news The Solid Rock Café (music at its best) located at 4930 Telqua Dr. is coming up again on Sept. 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Rock Youth Centre on the Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship grounds. This event is moving to a seasonal (four times a year) versus a monthly time slot, with the next

scheduled one slated for Dec. 20. Admission, coffee & desserts are by donation – come and bring a friend. The Band of Brothers is having a fall kickoff barbecue baseball night at the Rock Youth Centre at 6 p.m. on Sept. 17. For further information contact Marie at the church office 250791-5532. RCA news The 108 Mile Ranch Community Association

(RCA) Resident’s Coffee Club is once again meeting the first and third Thursdays of the month from 10:30 a.m. to noon in the main hall of the 108 Community Centre located off Telqua Drive. There is a $2 drop-in fee for coffee, tea and snacks. The first fall meeting is scheduled for Sept. 19 and all 108 residents are welcome. Continued on B6

108 Mile Ranch

Business Directory Come VISIT us

Cariboo Chilcotin Partners for Literacy

108 Building Supply

Fencing • Paint • Hardware

Lory Rochon Literacy Outreach Worker 250-395-0655

For all your building products!

y a

Free Group TuTorinG

Phone: 250-791-5244 • Fax: 250-791-7344 E-mail: 108 Mile Ranch, BC • Located behind the 108 Mall


every Monday from 10:00am to 1:00pm at the United Church, 43 Dogwood Ave., 100 Mile House.

Available at:

Order ahead for large gatherings 250-791-5336

108 Supermarket 99 Mile Super Market The Country Pedlar


Come and work on your personal learning goals! Free child care and lunch provided.

Daily Lunch Specials

Eat-In / Take Out • 108 Mall • 250-791-5449


Become a LifeLong Learner!

For more information, please call Lory at 250-395-0655.

Full line of Groceries Fresh Meats & Produce Bakery & Deli • Post Office Rural Agency Liquor Store

with walk-in beer & white wine cooler

Lottery Tickets

Mary Packham - 250-395-0404 PAL & ESL Coordinator Shelly Joyner - 250-395-9303 Executive Director Bruce Mack - 250-392-6867 CCPL President

HOURS: Sun - Thurs 8am - 8pm Fri & Sat 8am - 9pm

250-791-6699 Located in the 108 Mall Easzee Dr., 108 Mile Ranch


Call Heather at the 100 Mile Free Press at 250-395-2219 or email if you would like to be a part of this great advertising feature!

Thanks to the province of BC for our funding

Whatʻs happening at the…

YOUTH ZONE Proud Sponsor


Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

OPEN 3-8pm Friday, Sept. 13th

e Drop In to the! n o Z th u Yo It’s FREE!

School Year Hours now in effect!


We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.

SCHOOL HOURS • Monday-Thursday OPEN 3-6pm • Fridays OPEN 3-8pm • Saturdays & Sundays CLOSED • AGES 12-18 YEARS OLD School Year Hours Friday, Sept.13th OPEN 3-8pm

What’s On Here’s a convenient listing of upcoming arts, entertainment and cultural events by non-profit groups in the South Cariboo. To be included, call 250-395-2219 at least one week before the event.

• Sept. 11 – The fall start-up of the Eclectica Community Choir will be held at the 100 Mile United Church at 43 Dogwood Ave. Registration is at 6:30 p.m. and the choir goes from 7 to 9 p.m. For more information, contact Barbara Hooper at 250-397-2980. • Sept. 13 – Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre is hosting a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder awareness event in downtown 100 Mile House between 10 a.m. and noon. Folks can get some cookies from those on a horsedrawn carriage, decorated by area youth, as it trots along Birch and Cedar avenues. • Sept. 13-Oct. 5 – Chuck Brager’s show, Home, Heart and Soul, the Folk Art of Chuck Brager will be held at the Parkside Art Gallery. Brager carves folk art canes, furniture, frames, animals and many other items from wood. Parkside hours are Monday to Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday, noon-4 p.m. • Sept. 14 – Cariboo Country Night at Watch Lake Community Hall features a barbecue steak dinner, cowboy poetry, western music, dance and live band. Featured entertainers include The Hanson Family and Rae-Lee Fraser, Ernie Doyle and Leslie Ross. Tickets $25 – contact Mark McMillan at 250-456-2425. • Sept. 14 – Success by 6 is sponsoring Fresh Air Cinema in 100 Mile House at Centennial Park, starting 8:30 p.m. Donations will be gratefully accepted. Proceeds go to the 100 Mile House Waterpark Society. • Sept. 14 – Studio 2 Studio Art Tour is a selfguided tour of various artists at the 108 Mile Ranch. Twenty-five per cent of the proceeds and donations will go to the South Cariboo Health Foundation. For more information, call 250-706-2926. • Sept. 15 – The annual 100 Mile House Terry Fox Run will be held at the South Cariboo Visitor Centre on Airport Road at 11 a.m. Registration will be taken at centre at 10 a.m., or folks can register online at www.terryfox. org. More information is on the website, or by phoning 1-888-836-9786. • Sept. 15 - The 100 Mile SPCA is hosting the annual Paws For A Cause at Centennial Park, starting at 10 a.m. Registration and pledge forms are available at Total Pet and online at (click on events; then click on Scotiabank & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause...Walk for the Animals; the hover over map to find the 100 Mile House button and click on it. • Sept. 20 – The Solid Rock Café, in the Rock Youth Centre at 4930 Telqua Dr. at the 108 Mile Ranch, is hosting live music, featuring, country, bluegrass, gospel, etc. There is no cover charge. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. and music starts at 7. • Sept. 21 – Momentum Productions presents a Schoolhouse Concert with Blues guitarist Brandon Isaak. The Juno award winner “Best Blues 2008” will be playing at the Bradley Creek Stumpranchers Hall outside Forest Grove, with doors opening at 7 p.m. and the starting at 8. Tickets are $15 and available at Nuthatch Books or from Astrid and Steve at 250-397-4103. • Sept. 21 – The Village of Clinton continues to celebrate its 150/50 anniversary with a magician, soap box derby and spaghetti dinner. for more information, call 250-459-2261.


MONDAY to FRIDAY - 9am to 5pm Phone: 250-395-5353 Fax: 250-395-4085 email:

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Carpet bowlers bring home silver INTERLAKES 250 593-2155

Many congratulations go to Interlakes carpet bowlers who earned the silver medal for Fours at the BC Seniors’ Games held in Kamloops, Aug. 20-24. For the first time, Deka Lake’s Rose and Robert Magnusson, who usually play with Maureen and Ed Van Gool, were partnered with Sheridan Lake’s Kitty Carroll and Marion Mickelsen for the win. Bingo Deka Family Bingo is over until Dec. 11. Going into that Christmas game, the Super G pot stands at $494, which would make a nice little extra at just the right time. BLCS Bridge L ake Community School (BLCS) is back in action with pickleball Monday evenings at 6:45 p.m.; $2 drop-in fee. At 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 20, learn how to make perogies, for $10; registration deadline is Sept. 18. Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) courses are being offered by instructor Curt Roy. The one for youth aged 10-15 years comprises four sessions of four hours at 3:30 p.m., Sept. 24-27. The


Improve your indoor air quality and the efficiency of your heating system by having your furnace ducts cleaned. We use a combination of brush and vacuum technology to loosen the debris and clear it out of the ducts. We also have a camera system for before and after inspections.

been “numerous sightings in the area over the previous six weeks.” The CO said they “suspect juveniles that don’t know to stay away from residences,” and that he would come out and look for a possible carcass to explain the increased number of sightings.

Diana Forster


JOE SHAVER Licensed and Bonded Gasfitter

See before and after video at our website: Shaver Comfort Solutions, Ltd.

Ph: 250-395-5344 Unser Techniker Spricht Deutsch.

Continued on B8

Is Friday the 13th LLUCKY?


Submitted photo

Several South Cariboo Region residents represented the North Central Zone at the 2013 BC Seniors Games in Kamloops, Aug. 20-24. Kitty Carrol, left, Robert Magnusson, Rose Magnusson and Marion Mickelsen pose with silver medals they earned in the four-person carpet bowling event.

cost is $150. The adult CORE runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sept. 28-29; cost $150. Adults who already have PAL need to stay only four hours. Registration deadline is Sept. 18. On Sept. 28 at 10:30 a.m., Elaine Kisby will give garden tips. Bring perennials and swap for something you

don’t have. The cost is $8. A new dog obedience course commences at 6 p.m. Oct. 10, and continues on Oct.17, 24 and Nov. 7. The cost is $60 per dog. Minimum participant numbers are always required, so register as early as possible for all classes; call BLCS co-

ordinator Gail Larson at 250-593-4351. Cougar sighting Mid-morning on Aug. 29, Bob Barwell called the conservation officer (CO) to report a cougar “walking down his driveway’’ near Cottonwood Bay Road and Highway 24, only to be told that there had

You’re Invited To The

16th Annual


DINNER and AUCTION Saturday, Oct. 5, 2012

Especially for new subscribers and renewal subscriptions!



ONE DAY ONLY… FRIDAY, SEPT. 13 off new or YOU renewal local subscriptions SAVE


You pay only $57.12 (local) including GST and you get all the local news, sports and community coverage - not to mention all the advertised sales, discounts and classified advertising. Drop in or charge by phone


The Valley Room Behind the Red Coach Inn

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Doors Open: 5 p.m. • Dinner: 6 p.m. • Auction starts: 7:00 p.m. Auctioneer: Donna Nivison

Dinner catered by Smitty’s: Roast Beef, Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies, Three Salads, Buns, Desserts, Tea & Coffee

urs Office Ho m 4p 8:30am day

Monday -


$25 Tickets available at Donex, Total Pet and Lakeland Veterinary Clinic.

If you’d like to attend the auction only, please come to the Valley Room at 7pm on Saturday October 5th for admittance. Design and Advertising subsidized by the 100 Mile Free Press.

Charitable Reg. BN11881 9036 RR0001

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7/23/13 12:47 PM


Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

… from your



FROM CONCEPT TO Let’s G o Ro d e o ! FINISHED PRODUCT When you, your business or your group needs a poster built and printed, contact us! We have the expertise and experience to create an eye-catching poster at a most competitive price. IN 100 MILE HOUSE SUNDAY & MON DAY MAY 19 & 20

SAT., MAY 19

DINNER & DANCE at Jake’s Pub

MON., MAY 21

Second Big Go-Aroun d BCRA Professional


Featuring… • Bull Riding • Saddle • Bareback • Team Broncs Roping • Barrel Racing • Steer Riding and much, much more! Action starts at noon Sunday and Monday on at the Outriders Grounds on Airport Road! CONCESSION & REFRESHMEN TS BOTH DAYS

SUN., MAY 20 BCRA Professional


Featuring all your favourite action… • Bull Riding • Bronc Riding • Team Roping • Pole Bending • Cow Riding • Barrels …and much more!




Sponsored By… •

SALES 10-4Rocks! JULY



(Beside Tim Hortons)


At this time of year, it is still dark and there have been some near misses. So, if joggers wish to wear dark clothing, please use reflectors or have something on your person to alert the driv-

Watch Lake North Green Lake Volunteer Fire Dept.

Needs You!

ers that you are there. This also serves as a reminder for motorists to drive with caution, especially around blind corners. Let’s make this sport safe for everyone.

“Don’t Dither, Call Diether”

100 Mile House, BC

424 250-395-3-8426 1-800-R663 e a l Est ate C o n n e c TLY OWNED





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dist • free




5, • July





By Tom Fletche Black Press

in the visitor Clark sat ure on Premier Christy Columbia legislat speech British ment’s throne tments seats of the her govern June 26, as Liberal commi the B.C. . renewed a May election Guichon read from the or Judith r session Lt. Govern open a rare summe ment to govern brief speech ure, reiterating utive balof the legislat for four consec carbon tax commitmentss and a freeze on rates. anced budget al income tax to person returning a and most d before gn for Clark attende r and a campai ion premie in a byelect duties as e-Kelowna seat in Westsid 10. it a little bit set for July take a seat makes to s as quickly “Waiting to busines get in the get down letting that harder to a but I’m not a visit to as I’d like, told reporters on . in Saanich ction way,” Clark before I under constru care facility the legislature back this bal“We called want to get because we had a seat passed.” called it anced budget leader John Horgan health NDP house aims to hold growth, budget that a “bogus” g below one per cent Credit care spendin seen since the Social 1980s. a target not of the early July 25, program sit until restraint ure is to spending The legislat budget and the ies as the ment ministr debating for all govern estimates RS: 26 on June by law. business required NEW HOU - Saturday order of of veteran The first election Monday - 2:30 p.m. unanimous Liberal MLA Linda was the 7:00 a.m. East B.C. ure. Richmond r of the legislat B.C. Liberal TAKE-OUT • Reid as speake rke Mountain IN EAT • elected deputy Coquitlam-Bu Horne was onds NDP MLA MLA Doug y-Edm r. r and Burnab deputy speake of t speake er Corn an is assistan th St. Raj Chouh


Breakfast • Open for h Specials • Daily Lunc ring • Cate


Fishp&s Chi cial

Lunch Spe


250-395-4 Hwy. 97 &

Chris Nickless


sian Dance yn’s Polyne on July 1. e Site with Cheral who dance at the 108 Heritag Larsen, tion and Skylinn Day celebrathe day. n, back, the Canada during Rachel Klasse ed during entertainment perform lineup of Studio, a great There was




For more information, phone Meg Griffiths 250-791-7263 or Debbie Porter 250791-6472.

Jogging concerns Most of us agree jogging is a great form of exercise, but recently there have been some close incidents with joggers who are running in the early morning.


96 Hwy 97




From B4

Vol. 7 No.

Throne speech renews vows

Lone Butte


Butte, Hwy wn Lone in Downto250-395-1010

Here’s a very unique

Cariboo r Connecto

Going We’reRock! To 6


Joggers not visible on dark roads


The renovations continue as contractors Ella and David of Beharrell Enterprises prepare the ground along the new sidewalk and retaining wall, which will finish off the asphalt parking area. The building will look spectacular when everything is finished.


Reg Berrington photo

© 100 Mile Free Press


“Tough Enough to Wear Pink” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness on Sunday

Tim Hortons • Central GM • Regency • Sunrise • Lazy B Tack • Yummers Ford • Buckin’ Horse Contractin EnRoute • Red Coach Inn • TIM-BR Mart • Exeter Forest & Marine g • The Log House • Shawn Parkins Electric • Safeway • Diamond • Meadow Lake Ranch D Bulls • Taseko Mines • Teniye Logging Ltd. • 108 Building Supply • 108 Supermarket • Jake’s Pub • PMT • Horse Gate Trailer Accounting • GPS Forest Consultants Sales • Panorama Custom Woodwork ing • 100 Mile Free Press

Rd. 5467 Scuffi00

House 100 Milending Area Parking Lot n-Food’s and Surrou

6148 Higgins

$325,0 66’ of water’s area. ac within Private 1.03 & spacious living New edge. Openreplace & sun room. Lk Master w/fi 25x40 insl. shop. Greeny Lk & Mt roof in ‘08. shing. Near Timothy has good fi Hill. MLS#N220290 Timothy Ski


from $339,900 Higgins Lk fishing on & tastefully Peaceful trout 4pc docks. Renovated your own rancher w/loft, 2 bdrms, for windows decorated ceilings. Lg. backup. bath. VaultedWoodstove w/elec. great views. MLS#N226688 2 car garage.

Lake Rd. 5441 Greeny 00

$349,92.5 bath custom den, floors. 3.73 ac. 4bdrm,home Hardwood LR, DR, sunkennook, built updated main with eating Spacious w/island, & Room for FR. Lg kitchen 080 water & backyard. overlooks to town. MLS#N216 horses & close

3910 Abbey

Frontage 00


$559,0 Well Maintained sundeck 518’ level shore. 5 ac in ALR, w/ huge composite kitchen, updated 2 storey home docks., lake. Recently overlooking 3 garage doors, updated to Lac minutes new floors, & x-fenced. hot tub, fenced N227436 la Hache. MLS#

KATHY FIRTH 6-9776 Cell: 250-70 93-2276

Toll Free: 1-877-5

m onepercentre

Email: kathy@


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e, Save-O

Caboos In the Red

#3- Pinkney Complex, 536 Horse Lake Road 100 Mile House, BC Phone: 250-395-2219

395-4042 250-395-4042 Call Rob for


around 100 Mile House. Furniture, boxes, anything that will fit in my van!

Watch Lake – North Green Lake VFD 5771 Green Lake North Road, 70 Mile House B.C. Phone 250-456-7460

“PETS FIRST” ALL-CANADIAN PETS FIRST pet food is high quality and all natural. Delivered to your door.

ROB 250-395-4042 ROB 395-4042

Stand Out!

3RD ANNUAL 100 MILE HOUSE ROTARY CLUB LOBSTERFEST! Saturday, September 28, 2013 6:00 PM 100 Mile House Community Hall

Tickets: $75.00 each

Includes a Charitable Tax Receipt of $40.00 A colour advertisement in the

will make your business stand out from the rest.




Only 200 Tickets Sold - Sold Out last year!

Tickets available at Remax 100 Mile House or phone Maureen Pinkney 250.395.0462

Live Auction! • Silent Auction! • Door Prizes! Community Fundraiser for local Projects, Scholarships, Youth Camps and more!


100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Annual food drive underway Local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints congregation members will be going door-to-door in 100 Mile and some of the 108 Mile Ranch, collecting food for the 100 Mile Food Bank Society on Sept. 14. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints branch president Neil VanderHorst says they will be dropping off the forms to people’s homes in 100 Mile and the 108 this week. Donations will be collected from people’s porches between 10 a.m. and noon on Sept. 14 and then they will take the food to the Food Bank. The local church’s effort is supporting the Food Banks British Columbia Third Annual Food Drive, VanderHorst says, adding they need the help of local residents fill the

shelves of local Food Bank. For more information, visit www. It’s easy to donate to this worthy cause, he notes. “Just put unopened, non-perishable food items in a bag with the form attached, and place them on your doorstep.” “We will not ring your doorbell on collection day, and we do not

solicit financial donations.” He asks folks to place their bag of food on their front doorsteps and have them ready for pickup by 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 14 If your donation is not picked up by 12:30 p.m., or for further information, folks can call 1-855-742-2833 (Saturday only). VanderHorst says the congregation has enough volunteers to

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do pickups in 100 Mile House and some of the 108 Mile Ranch, but the members want to expand the food drive area. “We would be happy to partner up next year with another congregation or volunteer organization to reach further into the 108 Mile Ranch, Horse Lake and other outlying areas. Any interested party can contact me at 250-395-4412.”


Just a note to all men and their spouses:


Below The Belt

If you are having an issue



there is help!

ma r s mpho r e y L e c r r c e n s e c n a c n i a an C er Can Hodgk mies n’s iti lC d tate C orecta erticul icular h o itis • Pros • Col • Div • Test • Blad • Non • Ost • Cro • Col

250 791-9235


250 791-5540

250 791-6616



Virtual 360˚photography interior/exterior still photography

Monika Paterson

T: 250 395 0918 F: 250 396 7615 W:



CAR TRAvEl we ask the right questions to build the right insurance program just for you.

100 mile house

Do the math. Advertise in the newspaper.

1 – 205 birch aVenue | 250-395-2424

1 2 3

Select your household items to sell

WFG-2596_5.8125x7_Handcrafted_July19_FINAL.indd 5

13-07-19 2:05 PM

1 2 3

Post your items to earn entries* WFGR-024-13N01E HEADING/VERSION Handcrafted Insurance


SIZE 5.8125” X 7.0”


DKT WFG-2596

DATE July 18, 2013



1 2 3 WIN!** Contest closes September 30, 2013 *See Official Rules & Regulations at for details **Winners will be notified via email

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Anniversary celebration planned

The Village of Clinton is continuing to celebrate its 150/50

Golden Spoon to be awarded at Chili Cook-off From B5

Calendar Call the writer for contact numbers. • “13 to 93” next meets 5 p.m. on Sept. 13 at 7895 Dean Rd., Bridge Lake. • BLCS Chili Cookoff and Neighbourhood Party: 11a.m. to 2 p.m., Sept. 15. • Knotty Ladies Applique Group meets noon to 3 p.m., Sept.

Have a ball, play BINGO and support your favorite charity. MONDAY

100 MILE COMMUNITY CLUB BINGO Every Monday night in the 100 Mile Community Hall. Doors open at 6:00pm - Bingo Starts at 7:00pm LOONIE BALL & PROGRESSIVE List your BINGO here every week and let the players in your area know about you. Only $11.14 per week. Call 250-395-2219



infant nurse layette pacify See this weekend’s Cariboo Connector for more!

See Full Page Views Aim your sights on our RED NECK SALE

Check our ad in the Hunting Guide in Aug. 28 Free Press.


Consignment & Crafts OPEN: MON. – SAT.

10AM-4PM in Downtown Lone Butte, 250-395-1010 Hwy 24

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Shelly Carrera Forest Grove Area 250-397-2400

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o • augus t 23,



Ca r




Website: www.100


Duct Cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning Gas & Electric Furnace Service & Repairs Canim Lake Gas & Electric Furnace Band member Replacements House product Mark Boyce, Gas & Electric Boiler who scored the insurance pects game thatCole Zimmerman, right, Service during goal for concluded the Gas Fireplace Maintenanc & Repairs Wranglers Aug. the 100 Mile House WranglersTeam Blue, took a slashing Ken Alexander photo 18-20 Main Camp. penalty against Blue and White Water Heater Service, e & Repairs another 100 game. There Mile was a good crowd Repair & Replaceme for the prosnt Water Softeners Water Filters Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems Ken Alexander Appliance Service help determine Free Press and Repairs which


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JOE SHAVER Licensed and Bonded Gasfitter

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Spricht Deutsch.

100 Mile and SurroundHouse ing Area

In the Red Caboose,


4397 Begg Rd. Lac la Hache


Parking Lot

Two Sections

, 52 pages






Monika Paterson

Cariboo Garlic at the South garlic harvest B1.) off some of their more photos on page in Lumby showed la Hache. (See t of Skye Farms festival in Lac weekend-long and Yarrow Earthhear Tahbi Skye, left,a regular vendor at the annual is 24. The farm


/month +GST

You can


How to reach us: Ph: 250-395-2219


festival on Aug.

up with remarks Hearings wrapus ‘live long and prosper’ at home : let Supporters message

the on addressed Nick Christians is and his nt elsewhere on behalf of himself seeking employme per cent panel construction phase demonstrated by the 25 the says, family. 700 people in the well says he told in the region, he Carole Rooney operation, with Christianson mine a ratio of seniors and 600 during the provinclear to him the jobs. We are Free Press this is well over panel it is now 1,200 indirect and adding y is merely a way en were over community, project controvers resource-based Two local businessm closing cial average. of the SCCC, Doucette groups to pursue First Nations than two dozen with Boss Mountain [mine] On behalf his panel for among the more that we when time centred issues. is s he it minds their notes in the early 1980s, potential land-claim people who spoke nt needs to deal on Prosperity Gold- welcome a new mine – speremarks “The governme ... South [land claims] the federal New .” impacts to the First Nations environmental Prosperity mine with New Project because of Copper pub- cifically, he notes are limiting progress Cariboo economy. wrapped up its Doucette and social they review panel block. with a Closing children and “The economic this stumbling explained his lic hearing sessions Aug. 23. will generate the [First Nations benefits that it “I don’t think on ren should have be felt d you can’t hold Remarks Session two grandchild “stay, live and will most certainly Cariboo involved] understan says he made to to furLen Doucette one an option s as a ‘hostage’ home comwithin the South to the panel, jobs the proponent claims.” prosper” in their presentations to ty through Chamber of not be forced ther their land LEN DOUCETTE communi Prince as a South Cariboo representative, munity and and indirect an Aug. 21 direct notes both – work. He find busiCommerce (SCCC) Yes to New leave to article states some t is support of local George Citizen his Say “Student enrolmen from 2001. supplies in “repeatedly” and one for cent since Facebook group. First Nations presenters ness.” location down by 38 per Prosperity (SYNP) he felt his closing told the panel the mine a summary omic index released Doucette says by the The socio-econ the Both were essentially Continued on A4 economic impacts by School District #27 shows out remarks were well received was not of the social and place Mile the session have on 100 hilcotin in 49th panel, but adds the mine could SYNP Cariboo-C as the hearings. ” began with his as well attended of 57 [districts]. House, and he younger workers This exodus of summary. will be employing “The new mine

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Katie McCullough Clinton 250-459-2172

28, 2013

Continued on 7

Lovely, fully reno’d 2 bdrm 1 bath cottage on 10.88 View of Lake. ac. hobby farm. w/24x16 shelter. Fenced pasture 2 seasonal springs. drilled wells plus electrical, windows New plumbing, & drywall. Easy Access to Hwy. Backs on to Crown land. Adjoining 5 ac. for sale too.

Fax: 250-395-3939



Once players formed the nucle- munity again the com- and a lot of crashing us of the roster. support was There was and markers a good banging. 100 Mile outstanding.” in the second In turnout for the his House period post-gam e 100 product Kevin As for the game House Wranglers Mile comments, general Raimundo Lane on two goals by itself, man- Team Vanderwettering, Blue, with club delivered a couple of B Hockey Club’s Junior ager/head coach including the Doug vice-pres Blue & Rogers crushing body game winWhite game. checks. ident indicated he AUGUST Greg ner (one assist) was Aiken behind Team White’s pleased with and one More than 200 Brady the bench, Ward GST what he knocked specta- saw opened the scor- by Luke Santerno (two off Team White, $1.30 includes – not only from tors watched and assists). the with club cheered players ing at 19:32 of for the 34 the second chipped Connor Sloan president and prospects tators. but also the spec- governor period, which in with three – 30 skaters Tom Bachynski saw the helpers. and boys settle down PUNGENT PAIR behind the bench, “I am goalies – as they four to play 5-2. Mark Boyce of some hockey. skated blue/white confident the There was no Canim fast, hit hard Ward also Lake game will proscoring got and left vide got the insurance his team’s second in the first period, nothing in the the Wranglers goal which near the with saw both gas tank some end of the second goal in the third and during a game teams getting player announce Braeden St. Louis that will ments frame. - good chances, scored in the near future. great saves, with three seconds Team Blue pushed players driving left on to the net with back the clock. three unanswer ed

The voice of the South Cariboo since 1960

Monika Paterson Lac la Hache 250-395-0918


$ 17

(Beside Tim Hortons)

100 Mile House, BC


i b o o Re a l Est ate C o

opinion A8 letters A9 B3 entertainment sports A23 community B1 classifieds A28

Diana Forster Deka Lake/Bridge Lake/Interlakes 250-593-2155

For as low as


96 Hwy 97




250-395-3424 1-800-663-8426


If It’s newsworthy

oo Conn ector

Vol. 7 No. 45


Celebrations Congratulations to Pam and Doug Canty on their 44th wedding anniversary on Sept. 12; and to Natalie and Dave McCaw for their 18th on Sept. 16. Champagne and caviar go to Alan McAninch on his 91st birthday tomorrow; and to Dave Regehr who turns 43 on Sept. 16.

How Do You Spell Fun?

CRyptO Fun


Hot and spicy Interlakes youth group, Teen Space, is holding its first annual Chili Cook-off from noon to 2 p.m. at Interlakes Hall, Sept. 22. The first Golden Spoon will be awarded to the winning teen. Residents are invited to drop in and sample their wares. Admission is by donation.

16. Call 250-593-4070 for venue. • Highway 24/ Interlakes Lions meet 5:30 p.m., Sept. 16 at Interlakes Hall. • Log Cabin Quilters meet 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sept. 18 at Interlakes Hall.


fundraiser at Clinton Memorial Hall, with dinner at 6 p.m. The show, featuring comedian/magician Clinton W. Gray, starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $10 for adults and $7 for children 12 years and under. Proceeds will go to the Clinton Cleavages for Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For more information or tickets, contact Lois at 250-459-7729, Marian at 250-459-7036, or Carol 250-459-2487.


250 459-2172

12 years; 13-19 years; adults; and teams. There will also be a pudding-eating contest and Chris the Clown will be present to entertain racers and spectators. For more information, contact Desiree at 250-852-9875 or e-mail desireeloiselle@ or Kira at 250-318-8145 or e-mail The second event of the day features a c om e d i an / m ag i c i an and spaghetti dinner


CLINTON Katie McCullough

Anniversary with a couple of great events on Sept. 21. To start the day off, there will be a soap box derby at David Stoddart School on Hill/Cariboo Avenue, and there is no admission charge. The event starts with safety checks at 9 a.m. and racing gets underway at 10. There will be four classes of racing: six-

Here are the answers to the September 6th Cariboo Connector ‘Challenge Yourself’ Page.




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Peter Hart Canim Lake 250-397-2645

“A New Way To Listen To Radio”


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Designs for Living

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Ask an Expert:


What fall landscape maintenance do I need to do?

Total Living Area: 1801 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Main Level: 1233 sq. ft. Foyer, kitchen, great room, master bedroom and master bath, second bedroom and bath. Second Level: 568 sq. ft. Large bedroom with bath, 10’x26’11” loft, open on either side of loft over foyer and great room below. Special Features: Entry porch and large rear porch, spacious great room and foyer open to second level, loft, entry to both master bath and second bath from master bedroom.

As the end of summer approaches, the growing season comes to an end. But don’t put your garden and lawn care tools away just yet. This is a good time to scrutinize your garden and yard for landscape maintenance purposes. Providing fall preparations for next year’s growing season will help ensure a graceful entry into the following spring, with a green lawn and garden space nearly ready for planting. Just follow the helpful tips below: Don’t wait until spring to divide your overgrown perennials; do it now. This not only provides a jump start for quicker blooms, but healthier blooms, as well. Slugs breed in the fall. If slugs are a big problem for your garden, this is a good time to set out traps. You can make a slug trap by filling an empty (unwashed) tuna tin with beer. Place the tin in a shady spot in the soil so that the rim is at ground level. Maintain the trap every few days by emptying it out and refilling it. Because trees and shrubs continue to lose moisture in the winter, give them a watering boost. Deeply water trees and shrubs before hard frosts begin. If you have flowering shrubs, some of them might need fall pruning. Spring-flowering shrubs begin to develop flower buds that won’t open until the following spring. These type shrubs should be pruned early; immediately after flowering. Pruning them too late risks removal of developing buds for next year’s flowering season. Summer-flowering shrubs, however, develop buds during the early spring. Prune them during the dormant season; just as fall turns to winter or late winter is fine. Clean woody debris and fallen leaves out of ponds and off your yard. Use the leaves raked up from your lawn as mulch for flower beds. Not only will tender perennials be protected through the winter, but the decaying leaves will help build soil nutrients. Dry, excess leaves can be bagged in airtight bags to add to compost piles later. By taking the time in the fall for garden and lawn maintenance, you will reap rewards the following spring.

Houseplan provided by


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press

Excited raffle winners all from the South Cariboo Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Department open house successful


summer while visiting with friends and said the prize she really wanted was the smoker. Brown-John lives at Lac la Hache and loves to smoke kokanee, so that’s why she had her heart set on the smoker. Fourth prize went to John Digman (ticket #838) who won the Sage Combo Fly Rod. Fifth prize went to Thomas Moeller (ticket #877) for the portable fish finder, and the sixth-

Monika Paterson 250 395-0918

The Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Department held its open house and Cariboo Regional District chair Al Richmond drew the lucky raffle ticket winners for the GLVFD Super Boat Raffle 2013 on Aug. 31 at the Greeny Lake Fire Hall on Timothy Lake Road. Fire department member Sue Fox noted all of the winners of this year’s annual raffle were either full- or part-time residents of the South Cariboo. The grand prize fishing boat went to a young couple from Forest Grove, as Brad Forster’s ticket #1211 won the 14-foot G3 Aluminum Boat, 25 horse power

Monika Paterson photo

Judy Boehm displayed some of the goods that are available at one of the three thrift stores in Lac la Hache. There are some great deals on a wide selection of clothing and household goods for Lac la Hache area residents.

Yamaha motor, electric trolling motor and Garmin 145 Sounder. Fox says Forster’s wife bought the ticket hoping she would win a prize for her husband whose birthday is in September. Second prize went to Chris Bunting (ticket #218) who won the Outcast Pontoon Boat. Third prize went to Betty Brown-John (tick-

Would you support an AQUATIC facility in 100 Mile?

Let us! now k John & Sue Code 250-395-1219 or Elaine Saunders 250-395-3542 Adv. Courtesy of 100 Mile House Free Press

et #513) who won the Bradley Smoker. Fox says Brown-

John bought a ticket at the Greeny Lake Campground this

u o Y k n a h T l a i A Spec

GREENY LAKE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. thanks all the folks who attended our

OPEN HOUSE/SUPER BOAT RAFFLE Special thanks to Donex and Exeter Forest & Marine for helping with raffle prizes and to Top-Line Printers for the great job on tickets and posters. Thanks go to 100 Mile Free Press, Century Home Hardware, Safeway, Save-On-Foods, Wolf Radio, Kal Tire, Pharmasave and Off-Road Pizza, as well as all the artisans who contributed to the silent auction.

Moving people out of poverty will create opportunities for a better life for everyone in our communities. Please give to change POVERTY TO POSSIBILITY.

place prize went to Bob Hamill (ticket #1320) who took home the Minn Kota Electric Motor. The GLVFD members thank everyone who purchased a ticket on the raffle and made it such a great success. Bingo open again Lac la Hache Bingo has been cancelled the past couple weeks due to much dust from the ongoing upgrades

and facelift of the Lac la Hache Community Hall. But the good news for bingo-goers is their favourite game will resume tonight (Sept.) 11, with the doors opening at 6 p.m. and bingo starting at 7. News needed If you have news you would like to share with the community, please e-mail me at llhnews@, or give me a call 250-395-0918.

HELP the HUNGRY! The need in our community is


and YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. There’s a FOOD CRISIS in 100 Mile House. The South Cariboo Food Security Committee has put out a plea for food donations to support the hungry families and individuals in need this summer. Local gardeners with extra produce in their plots, and the general public through non-perishable donations, are being asked to help with this food crisis. Children, youth and families are challenged daily in having enough to eat, especially nutritious food. For more information, or to donate, please contact Rusty Martin Loaves and Fishes 250-395-2708 Sylvia Peniuk 100 Mile House & District Women’s Centre 250-395-4093 Debbra Williams Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre 250-395-5155 Margaret Perry Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre 778-482-2216

100 Mile Free Press Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The Calendar South Cariboo Holiday Dinner Host – a new program that matches local people with newcomers to the South Cariboo area for a one-time dining experience. You provide your time, community knowledge, and a home-cooked meal, and in return, you get the chance to learn about a new culture or connect with someone from your cultural background. To learn more, contact the Welcoming Communities co-ordinator Kimberly at kimberly@ or phone 778482-0090.

Community events listed must be of a non-profit nature and will be published free of charge one week prior to the event. Deadline for submissions is Friday at noon. Events for the online calendar can be submitted to the calendar feature on the home page at However, online calendar submissions are not automatically picked up for the Free Press.

100 MILE q The 100 Mile & District General Hospital Auxiliary is hosting its Second Annual Garage Sale in the 100 Mile District General Hospital parking lot at 555 Cedar Ave. on Sept. 21 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. All donations gratefully accepted (call Mina at 250-791-6750). Proceeds go towards equipment for the hospital.

100 MILE Kindergym at 100 Mile Community Hall on Thursdays, 9:45-11:45 a.m. Lots of free fun; parents/caregivers with children up to five years welcome. For information, call Elke at 250-3951256.

100 MILE q The fall start-up of the Eclectica Community Choir will be held at the 100 Mile United Church, 43 Dogwood Ave., tonight (Sept. 11). Registration is at 6:30 p.m. and the choir goes from 7 to 9 p.m. For more information, contact Barbara Hooper at 250-397-2980. 100 MILE q Help is available to access books in different formats. Come to the 100 Mile House Branch Library on Sept. 19 between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to learn more about the Canadian Council for the Blind-100 Mile House and District White Cane Club and the Print Disabled Book Club we have started. There is no fee. Bring your own lunch. For more information, please phone Kathy at 250-395-4547. 100 MILE q The 100 Mile Lions Club and Sunrise Ford are getting together for a Drive One For Your Community fundraiser in the Save-On-Foods parking lot on Sept. 21, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For every person who takes a five-minute test drive in

Carole Rooney photo

Dakota Richard, left, Ciara Loiselle and Skylar Hain were excited to be reconnecting with their friends on the first day back at 100 Mile House Elementary School on Sept. 4. Skylar is entering Grade 2, while Dakota and Ciara are starting Grade 3.

a Ford vehicle, the club will get $20 for its ongoing community contributions. 100 MILE q The South Cariboo Food Security Committee is looking for fresh vegetables and fruit from local garden plots with extra produce, and non-perishable donations from the general public, due to the Food Bank summer closure. For drop-off information, call Debbra Williams at Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre at 250395-5155.

100 MILE q The Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre Early Years Program is accepting donations of non-perishable food items, including infant food and formula, summer maternity wear, diapers, infant summer wear, including sun hats and sun screen. Donations accepted Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 250-395-5155 for more information. 100 MILE q Would you like to become a

the Canadian Mental Health Building (small building in front of ambulance bays). For more information, call Sue at 250-3951981 or Lorraine at 250-791-5520. 100 MILE q The Council of Senior Citizens Organizations (COSCO) is an advocacy group devoted to improving “ The Quality of Life” for all seniors. Seniors organizations, associations, wishing to affiliate, or individuals wishing to become members please contact Ernie Bayer at 604-576-9734, fax 604-576-9733 or e-mail for further information. 108 MILE q The Rock Youth Centre, 4940 Telqua Dr., is open for students in Grades 5-7 on Tuesdays from 2:30 to 5 p.m. Call 250-791-6770 for details.

100 MILE q Fischer Place/Mill Site Lodge Family Council meets every third Tuesday of the month at 4:30 p.m. in the Mill Site boardroom. The council works to support quality care for residents of the facility. For more information, contact Katherine McKibbin at 250-3956112.

LAC LA HACHE q The Lac la Hache Community Club monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the community hall. Bingo is every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m. Membership is $5 per year. For more information, contact Judy at 250-396-7298.

100 MILE q The South Cariboo Genealogy Group (researching family history) meets the third Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m. in the 100 Mile House Branch Library. New members are welcome. For information, call Millie at 250395-2079.

KAMLOOPS q The 18th Annual MS Bike – Kamloops Thompson River Ride – takes place on Sept. 22, starting at Riverside Park. Cyclists can pick their own pace and choose to challenge themselves with any one of the ride’s five distance options – 12, 28, 40, 57 or 100 kilometres. To register, or for more information, visit www. or call 250-314-0773.

100 MILE q The North Central Appaloosa Club now meets the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at the A&W in 100 Mile House. For more information, contact Dennis at 250-395-4232. 100 MILE q Weight Awareness Incentive Team (WAIT) meet Wednesdays at 6 p.m. at 555 Cedar Ave. in

WATCH LAKE q The Watch Lake-North Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department is in dire need of volunteers, or there is a possibility the department will be forced to close. For information about volunteering, call fire chief Andy Palaniak at 250-456-7460.

Ken Alexander photo Shelly Carrera photo

Vendor Silvia Appel, left, had a conversation about her dream catchers with customer Diana Richter during the recent Health and Wellness Fair in the Eliza Archie Memorial School gymnasium on the Canim Lake Reserve.

100 Mile House Wranglers fans will be seeing a lot of these two ladies, as Lorette Penn and Valerie Streber will be taking tickets at the home games at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre. However, for the Wranglers lone home pre-season game tonight (Sept. 11), folks will have to be wearing the Wranglers souvenir T-shirts to get into the game.

Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, », ‡, >, †, §, € The All Out Clearout Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after September 4, 2013. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing includes freight ($1,595–$1,695) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees, other dealer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. •$19,998 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (29E) only and includes $8,100 Consumer Cash Discount. $19,998 Purchase Price applies to the new 2013 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package (22F+CLE) only and includes $2,000 Consumer Cash Discount. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2013 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. »$1,500 Ram Truck Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash is available to qualified customers on the retail purchase/lease of any 2012/2013 Ram 2500/3500 models (excluding Cab & Chassis models) and 2013 Ram 1500 (excludes Reg Cab models) and is deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. Eligible customers include current owners/lessees of a Dodge or Ram pickup truck or any other manufacturer’s pickup truck. The vehicle must have been owned/leased by the eligible customer and registered in their name on or before September 4, 2013. Proof of ownership/lease agreement will be required. Additional eligible customers include licensed tradesmen and those working towards Skilled Trade certification. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. ‡4.19% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package/2013 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package model to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Examples: 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package/2013 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package with a Purchase Price of $19,998/$19,998 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discounts) financed at 4.19% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $113/$113 with a cost of borrowing of $3,555/$3,555 and a total obligation of $23,553/$23,553. >3.99% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2013 Dodge Dart SE (25A) model to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Example: 2013 Dodge Dart SE (25A) with a Purchase Price of $16,880 financed at 3.99% over 96 months with $0 down payment, equals 416 weekly payments of $47 with a cost of borrowing of $2,844 and a total obligation of $19,724. †0.0% purchase financing for 36 months available on the new 2013 Dodge Dart SE (25A) to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance on 2012/2013 Jeep Compass, Patriot and 2013 Dodge Dart models. Example: 2013 Dodge Dart SE (25A) with a Purchase Price of $16,980, with a $0 down payment, financed at 0.0% for 36 months equals 78 bi-weekly payments of $217.69; cost of borrowing of $0 and a total obligation of $16,980. §2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $29,495. §2013 Dodge Journey R/T shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $31,640. §2013 Dodge Dart GT shown. Late availability. €$10,750 in Cash Discounts are available on new 2013 Ram 1500 models (excluding Reg Cab) and consist of $9,250 in Consumer Cash Discounts and $1,500 in Ram Truck Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash. See your dealer for complete details. ¤Based on 2013 EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Transport Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan – Hwy: 7.9 L/100 km (36 MPG) and City: 12.2 L/100 km (23 MPG). 2013 Dodge Journey SE 2.4 L 4-speed automatic – Hwy: 7.7 L/100 km (37 MPG) and City: 11.2 L/100 km (25 MPG). 2013 Dodge Dart AERO (Late Availability) – Hwy: 4.8 L/100 km (59 MPG) and City: 7.3 L/100 km (39 MPG). ^Based on 2013 Ward’s Middle Cross Utility segmentation. **Based on 2013 Ward’s upper small sedan costing under $25,000. ≠Based on Automotive News classification and 2013 Ram 1500 3.6 L V6 4x2 and 8-speed transmission. 11.4 L/100 km (25 MPG) City and 7.8 L/100 km (36 MPG) Highway. Based on 2013 EnerGuide fuel consumption guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. Ask your dealer for complete EnerGuide information. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications LLC, used under license. ❖Real Deal. Real Time. Use your mobile device to build and price any model. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.

B12 T:10.25”


47 2013 DODGE DART











59 MPG

HIGHWAY 4.8 L/100 KM HWY ¤














19,998 •






2013 Dodge Dart GT shown.§






$ @


4.19 %


1,500 BONUS CASH H >>



Wednesday, September 11, 2013 100 Mile Free Press




37 MPG

HIGHWAY 7.7 L/100 KM HWY ¤

2013 Dodge Journey R/T shown.§

2013 RAM 1500


10,750 €




2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew shown.§




Just go to to easily find special offers, incentives and current inventory from your nearest dealer.❖


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100 Mile House Free Press, September 11, 2013  
100 Mile House Free Press, September 11, 2013  

September 11, 2013 edition of the 100 Mile House Free Press