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Mystery leak stymies pool staff J.R. Rardon Gazette editor PORT HARDY—A persistent and elusive leak that delayed the opening of the aging local swimming pool could leave patrons high

and dry this season, depending on its source and ultimate solution, Port Hardy Recreation staff said this week. “We can sustain ourselves to open for a short period with this

much water loss, but we can’t sustain it for the long term,” aquatics director Melinda Dennison said Monday. “It’s too much water.” The 40-year-old pool, which opened Sunday after a six-day

delay, will close again this weekend while additional measures are taken to try to find the source of

See page 3 ‘Pool closure’


Walk-off home run wraps up OrcaFest slopitch tournament. Page 14


Theatre hosts duo for workshop, concert in Port McNeill. Page 19


WFP training program opens door to jobs in timber industry. Midweek, inside LETTERS Page 7 NORTH ISLAND LIFE Page 10-11 SPORTS Page 14 CLASSIFIEDS Page 16-18

The one that got away

The guys from the Victor’s Secret Pageant reel in a young spectator with a bra lure during the annual OrcaFest parade in Port McNeill Saturday. See more in North Island Life, pages 10-11, and online at J.R. Rardon

Port Alice joins Lac-Mégantic effort Gazette staff PORT ALICE— Councillors voted last week to back a fundraising initiative to support those affected by the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster — even agreeing to add their own personal

frontline GLASS Solutions

contributions to the total. The initiative was the brainchild of Port McNeill Mayor Gerry Furney, whose council approved a donation of a dollar for each citizen of Port McNeill in a gesture of

solidarity to those affected by the catastrophe. Furney also urged other municipalities to “join us in this tangible and practical way.” The Village of Alert Bay followed Port McNeill’s lead soon after, but with

voted to back the motion. With around 800 residents in the Village, councillors and mayor agreed to up the

See page 4 ‘Council disagrees’

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250-949-6662 • 6990 Market St. Port Hardy NEWS:

Port Alice Council, like other councils on the North Island, operating a reduced summer schedule, this was the first opportunity councillors had to formally discuss the suggestion. The council unanimously

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2 www.northislandgazette.comThursday, August 22, 2013

Meetings planned on hospitals project Gazette staff The Vancouver Island Health Authority has scheduled a series of community information meetings next month in Port Alice, Port Hardy and Port McNeill to discuss the North Island Hospitals

Project. These meetings will focus on the scope and progress of the $600 million project, which includes the construction of a pair of new hospitals. A $266 million, 95-bed Campbell River Hospital is

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planned for construction on the existing hospital site, and a $334 million, 153bed Comox Valley Hospital is planned for a new site in Courtenay. Participants at the community information meetings will

find out more about how the North Island Hospitals Project aims to support their health care needs and those of their family and local community when these new state-of-the-art acute care facilities open in 2017.

The information sessions are scheduled to take place at:

1061 Marine Dr. Board Room — Sept. 18, 12-2 p.m.

•Port McNeill Community Hall, 1473 Broughton Blvd. — Sept. 17, 7-9 p.m.

•Port Hardy Community Hall, 7450 Columbia Street — Sept. 18, 7-9 p.m.

•Port Community

Representatives of the North Island

Alice Centre,

North Island Dining Check out these local restaurants’ HOT specials and go to the North Island Gazette Facebook and vote for your favourite dish.

with balsamic glazed beets, strawberries & goat cheese

Glen Lyon

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Hospitals Project and VIHA staff will be on hand to answer questions and gather input from the public. For more information on the North Island Hospitals Project visit the VIHA website at: www.viha. ca.

9040 Granville St, Port Hardy Inn 250-949-8381


Thursday, August 22, 2013 3

Pool closure, leak check set for weekend

Diver Victoria Burdett-Coutts of Pacificus Biological Services checks for leaks along a seam in the liner of Port Hardy pool Friday. J.R. Rardon

from page 1 the leak, which was not located by a diver brought in last Friday. Since the pool’s annual summer maintenance closure, which was plagued by major equipment failures, the facility has been hemorrhaging hundreds of litres of water each day. The scheduled Aug. 12 opening was pushed back to Aug. 18 while staff ordered non-water soluble epoxy and brought in a diver to inspect the pool’s liner. Diver Victoria Burdett-Coutts of Pacificus Biological Services made a painstaking search of the liner Friday without locating a leak. The pool opened Sunday and will remain open through this week

Melinda Dennison

before shutting down again Saturday and Sunday for additional checks. But in the meantime, water must be pumped into the facility continually. “We’re trying to narrow the findings to determine if (the leak) is in the plumbing or in the shell,” said Dennison. “Our plans are to re-open Monday, but the plans might change. “The bottom line is, we’re still losing water.” The pool liner

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c a p s u l e

was designed for an approximately 30-year lifespan, District of Port Hardy recreation foreman Gord Wolden said. If the liner or the plumbing cannot be repaired in a costefficient manner, it could mean the end of the current pool. The District’s capital and maintenance budgets are not up to the cost of a new pool or major renovation at this time. While the pool was closed this summer, its pump failed and a replacement had to be purchased. Then, one of two hot-water boilers had to be replaced. “It’s a 40-year-old pool,” Wolden said. “We’re doing everything we can to keep it going; that’s all we can do.”

“The bottom line is, we’re still losing water.”

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NORTH ISLAND HOSPITALS PROJECT COMMUNITY INFORMATION SESSIONS The Vancouver Island Health Authority is hosting community information meetings for the North Island Hospitals Project in Port Alice, Port Hardy and Port McNeill. These meetings will focus on the scope and progress of the $600 million project, which includes a new $266 million, 95-bed Campbell River Hospital on the existing hospital site, and a $334 million, 153-bed Comox Valley Hospital at a new site in Courtenay. Find out more about how the North Island Hospitals Project will support your health care needs and those of your family and your community when these new state-of-the-art acute care facilities open in 2017. The information sessions will take place at: • Port McNeill Community Hall 1473 Broughton Blvd. September 17th, 7-9 p.m. • Port Alice Community Centre 1061 Marine Dr. Board Room September 18th, 12-2 p.m.


$ 99

w w w . p e o p l e s d r u g m a r t . c o m Port Hardy - Thunderbird Mall • 250-949-9522




• Port Hardy Community Hall 7450 Columbia Street September 18th, 7-9 p.m Project and VIHA staff will be on hand to answer questions and gather input. For more information on the North Island Hospitals Project visit the VIHA website at:

Port McNeill - Broughton Plaza • 250-956-3126

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Port Hardy aquatics director Melinda Dennison, left, offers a strip of teflon tape to Burdett-Coutts.


4 www.northislandgazette.comThursday, August 22, 2013

Council disagrees with trustee decision from page 1 donation to $1,000, personal donations from the council making up the difference. “When we stepped up to the plate we didn’t want to do $800,” explained Mayor Jan Allen, “ we wanted to top it up but not at the expense of the taxpayer. I’m very proud of the council.” School Board Trustees The Village continued its resistance to proposed changes to the makeup of School District 85’s Board of Education. After a lengthy consultation process and a series of meetings to discuss the issue of representation, the SD85 Trustees voted

in May to change electoral boundaries. The move would see Port Alice lose its guaranteed seat at the table. Instead, future Village representatives would vie for one of two open seats in a southern zone which includes Alert Bay, Sointula and Woss. Port McNeill would have two guaranteed seats under the new system. Although approved by the majority of the Board of Education, the changes are still subject to approval by the Ministry of Education. The mayor penned a letter to the Hon. Peter Fassbender, Minister of Education, voicing the concerns of the Village and urging a

rejection of the proposed changes. “The new proposal concentrates five of the seven seats in Port Hardy and Port McNeill and effectively disenfranchises Port Alice by lumping our voters in with a variety of other communities with whom we do not share even geographic commonalities,” she said in the letter. Also included in the agenda were letters from Neucel and Margaret Flostrand voicing opposition to the changes. Councillors also saw

Council Meeting Port Alice a response from the Ministry which cites the guidelines for making changes to trustee electoral areas and stating that, “Prior to any decision being made regarding the Board’s request, careful consideration will be given to the supporting material it has provided. Please be assured that the opinions of stakeholders and the views of members of the public will

The Sensible BC tour is coming to town! Meet Dana Larsen and join the campaign for a marijuana referendum.

Monday August 26th Port Hardy - 11:30am Moe’s Restaurant - (7070 Market Drive) Port McNeil - 2:00pm Mugz Coffee & Tea - (1597 Beach)

be taken into account.” “That’s as much as we can do,” said the mayor. “It’s now in their court. We’ve gone to the limit of what we can do.” “We’ll accept whatever is decided and move forward,” she continued. Community Forest question After receiving a qualified opinion on its audit for the first time, the Village has penned a letter to the other shareholders in and board of the North Island Community

Forest requesting financial information. “We’re all very pleased with Community Forest,” said Mayor Allen, “but we don’t like the report we got from the auditors.” In essence, the qualified opinion means that the auditors did not have enough information from NICF to give the Village a clean bill of health. “We have never had a qualified opinion,” said the mayor. “We’ve been around since I think ‘65 and this has never hap-

pened.” The Village, along with Port Hardy and Port McNeill, is a shareholder in the project and is seeking a set of financial information from the board to ensure the qualified opinion is not repeated next year. “Although our financial management is otherwise above reproach,” read the mayor’s letter, “our financial status has nevertheless been compromised. We intend to see this resolved by the next annual audit cycle.”


Canadian Expert

will be providing free appraisals as well as looking to purchase Northwest Coast and North American Indian art and artifacts dating before 1900. For an appointment please contact Howard Roloff at 1-800-595-1911 or email

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August 23rd, 24th, & 25th Friday, Aug. 23 Friday night kick off

Saturday, Aug. 24 11:30am - Salmon Parade (for more details contact Jill Miles 250-973-6483) 12pm - Park Activities 9pm - Salmon Day Dance featuring “The Impalas”

Sunday, Aug. 25 9am - Downtown Main Street Party FMI: Myrna Williams 250-973-6985 •

Thursday, August 22, 2013 5

Raft Cove Provincial Park reopens to public Gazette staff Raft Cove Provincial Park reopened to the public this week. An announcement on the BC Parks Facebook site Monday read: “Raft Cove Provincial Park is now open. We would like

to thank the World Rainbow Gatherers for recognizing that this was not the right location for their event. “We encourage the public to come and enjoy the natural beauty of this west coast park on northern

Vancouver Island.” During the closure representatives of Tourism Vancouver Island were quick to point out that the North Island had a wealth of stunning alternative sites that were unaffected by the

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closure. “We are fortunate to have so many wonderful parks and recreational camping sites throughout the Vancouver Island region,” said Dave Petryk, President and CEO of Tourism

Vancouver Island. “Although Raft Cove on the North Island may be closed until further notice, outdoor enthusiasts will find ample outdoor recreational experiences in other North Island parks and out-

door sites including Cape Scott, Schoen Lake, Marble River and God’s Pocket Provincial Parks to name a few.” Raft Cove Park was closed in response to concerns arising from the planned World

Rainbow Gathering and the increase in visitors to the remote site. For further information about the parks and recreation on the North Island, visit the web site at

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Thursday, August 22, 2013


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Pooling our resources In a development that might as well be published under “irony” in current dictionaries, the Port Hardy swimming pool is threatened with closure just as the District has launched a survey asking participants what services and programs they currently use and those they would like to see added to the District’s offerings. The survey itself is a timely and welcome offering, and one we recommend residents across the North Island take part in ( A recently discovered leak in the 40-year-old swimming pool at the District’s Rec. Centre, however, points out the limitations of the options available. For a region recognized as a resourcebased area, North Vancouver Island seems to be rather short on resources these days. If the pool cannot be repaired in a timely and economical fashion, it may be lost for the season — and beyond. Mind you, this is not a condemnation of the North Island’s resilience. To the contrary, even as the District addresses its swimming pool issues, Port Hardy has recently upgraded its ice arena infrastructure. Music programs were jettisoned from local schools as enrolment declined, but the Wild Heart Music program is offering choir instruction to students in Port McNeill and Pacific Winds is poised to resume its after-school band offerings. Gate House Community Association continues to provide music, theatre and instruction in addition to prerelease movies. And Mount Cain Ski Area and Seven Hills Golf Course, despite their economic limitations, continue to provide outdoor recreation opportunities. We sincerely hope local swimmers have a venue for aquatics this winter. But even if the pool shuts down, it doesn’t have to mean the end of swimming here. We may be high and dry for a time, but anyone who counts out North Islanders is all wet.

We Asked You Question:

Was BC Parks right to close Raft Cove Provincial Park?

Yes 70%

No 30% Total votes received for this question: 30 Voting deadline is Monday at 3 p.m.

Pressure on for skills training VICTORIA – Advanced Education Minister Amrik Virk has offered some advice for students heading for post-secondary education this fall. In a commentary, Virk reminded students that his task “is to ensure postsecondary students obtain the experience and qualifications needed to put a paycheque in their back pocket.” B.C. is forecast to have one million jobs to fill by 2020. More than 40 per cent of them will require trades and technical training, and, likely, a move north. “My advice to students is to look at where the jobs are based and tailor their education and training to match,” Virk wrote. While defending his ministry’s spending plans in the recent legislature session, Virk described some of the problems that are entrenched. Parents, particularly in immigrant communities,

B.C. Views


Tom Fletcher

push their children towards medicine, law, or engineering, he noted. Students themselves gravitate toward areas that are familiar to them, such as teaching. B.C. universities graduated 2,000 new teachers last year. Another 850 arrived from out of province and were licensed to teach in B.C. During the same year, the B.C. school system hired 800 teachers. It’s been hammered into us by the B.C. government’s endless “jobs plan” adver-

The North Island Gazette is published Thursdays at Port Hardy, B.C. by Black Press Ltd. Canadian Publications Mail Agreement #391275. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Well, the rain turned the trick, as it always does in the end. The North Island’s fire ban has been lifted for the season.

SD85’s school trustee distribution remains a point of contention, with Port Alice asking the ministry to reject a proposed change.

tising that more students need to focus on trades and resource industries. Virk acknowledges that his budget contains another $1 million for advertising, but he danced around the question of whether there will be spaces in technical programs. NDP critics say the waiting list for these kinds of programs at Kwantlen University and B.C.I.T. are running between a year and three years. Virk said post-secondary institutions working with industry have produced 456 additional seats in highdemand programs for this year. It’s a start. In July, Premier Christy Clark joined the chorus of premiers protesting Ottawa’s plan to claw back $300 million in federal training money to provinces, for its new employerdriven Canada Jobs Grant. Clark and New Brunswick Premier David Alward were assigned to find an alternative to this drastic shift and A member of

This North Island Gazette is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province's newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to

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. Sandy Grenier . . . . JR Rardon Aidan O’Toole . Lisa Harrison . Sandy Grenier

report back in the fall. As usual, the NDP spent lots of time grilling Virk about student debt and the alleged need to reduce it. Ministry statistics show that about 30 per cent of students take out loans from the federal-provincial program, and the average is $20,000. One of the latest changes is a program of grants that go toward student debt as a reward for those who complete their chosen program. With 23,000 students collecting $41 million in grants, it might be working. Virk is under instructions to review the student loan program “to find further improvements to meet students’ needs.” Given the magnitude of the gap between what skills our education system produces and what the economy needs, a larger shift in priorities is needed. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press. tfletcher@

Canadian Media Circulation Audit

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High-speed, slow change Dear editor: After reading the article "Internet upgrade on the horizon Aug. 1", about the internet upgrade to fiber optics between down Island and Port Hardy, I expect most people that are on Telus High Speed Internet now will see little change unless Telus upgrade the copper phone line to fiber optic lines. I am on Telus high speed internet and live two blocks from the phone exchange. The down load rate is 2.7 to 2.8 Mbps and upload .48 to .54 Mbps, copper wire phone lines will not go much faster than that even if they are connected to a fiber optic system from down Island. Places like a large stores, banks, schools,

"When will fiber optics be installed to home locations?" No sign of stopping

wind farms, BC Hydro and government offices will see a much higher rate of speed as Telus will put in fiber optic lines to those locations. When will fiber optics be installed to home locations? No commitments has been given by Telus to this date. John E Galbraith Port Hardy

B.C. needs green future Dear editor: Re: “NDP soul search going nowhere” (B.C. Views, Aug. 1). Climate change is a reality, and bold political leadership is needed to address it. During the election campaign, New Democrats put forward a plan to expand the base of the carbon tax to include venting emissions from oil and gas operations, capturing an additional five per cent of carbon emissions in the province, but that plan didn’t include all industrial process emissions. We believe that government should work with the oil and gas sector to make sure companies pay their fair share for the emissions they produce. This is particularly important as the B.C. Liberal government pursues an aggressive schedule of LNG expansion which, if realized, will make it nearly impos-

&Rav s Rants e

"Climate change is a reality, and bold political leadership is needed to address it."

sible for the government to reach our legal emission reduction requirements. New Democrats will hold the government to account for their green promises, and continue to advocate for policies that help reduce emissions and spur efficiency, innovation and best practices.  Spencer Chandra Herbert New Democrat environment critic MLA, Vancouver-West End

Letters to the editor

How about a rant for public safety? Yet again we sit at the dealership and watch traffic coming into town oblivious to the change in speed and stop sign at the corner of Granville and

Hwy 19. A small 50km in city limits A daily occurrence to watch does not do it! How about a people blowing through the flashing speed sign similar to stop sign. Nanoose? Why is there still no large posted speed sign coming into Cory Klassen town? Port Hardy

Crafty criticism... Crafty Rant from a visitor: Why isn't there a open market place for crafters to display and sell their products to locals and tourists? There is so much talent in Port Hardy area!

...and customer congrats A huge Rave of gratitude to Bargain Shop employees. Sue, Diane, Michelle, Kate in Port Hardy and Michelle in Port McNeill — great customer service! Gaynor Bonar-Brotchie

More heed, less speed How about every time I go down Island, which is frequently, some idiot decides to take my life in their hands by passing on a double yellow line? With the amount of deaths in recent years because of this exact reason people should be more responsible! There are plenty of opportunities to pass! Being impatient will one day be the death of you and, God help you, me! Take a moment to think whether this is your day to die and possibly take someone with you.


Kellie Dukes Port Hardy

Dave Landon Motors Ltd. has a career opportunity position open for an

Automotive Salesperson We are looking for that special person with superior customer service skills, a dedication to continual product training and the competitive drive to achieve sales targets. This position has the potential for advancement to a management role based upon proven sales results and exceptional customer satisfaction. If you feel you have the skills and ambition to meet and exceed our expectations please send a resume to or make an appointment to apply in person to Todd Landon by calling 250-949-6393.



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The goal is to publish every letter, so keep them brief, clear and to the point. Be hard on the problem, not the person; skip quotes except where readily confirmable; accept editing for length and legality. Include full name and home community (plus phone number to confirm authorship). Mail, fax, email or drop off c/o the editor by 4:00 pm Friday.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things to do on the


August 22 A&W hosts its Cruisin’ for a Cause classic car show to benefit Multiple Sclerosis, 1 p.m. For every Teen Burger sold $1 is donated to the fight against MS; free root beer for entering a car, free balloons for the kids. August 23-25 Sointula Salmon Days. Parade, live music, traditional salmon barbecue, dunk tank and games, vendors, beer garden at the ballpark. Info, www.sointulasalmondays. com. August 24 North Island Farmer's Market returns to the Hyde Creek Petro Canada, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Produce, bedding plants, baking, crafts and more. Table cost $5, must provide own table/canopy, if desired. For more information see the North Island Farmer's Market Facebook page. August 24 Quarterdeck Inn and Marina barbecue, 3-9 p.m. at the marina. Dinner by donation at 5 p.m., live entertain-


• Are you interested in being part of the team? Join the PH Fire Dept. drop-in meeting every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the fire halls. • Port Hardy Museum & Gift Shop open TuesdaySaturday, 10 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m. • Quatsino Museum & Archives is open Friday to Sunday from 1:00 -2:00. Open daily July & August. FMI • Every 1st & 3rd Saturday at 7pm: Coal Harbour Activity Centre Game Night. Bring a friend. Free. FMI 250-949-0575. • PH Lions Club Bingo every Thursday. Doors open at 5:30pm. • The German Edelweiss Cultural Club meets Thurs. at 7pm in PH Inn Pub. FMI 250-2301376.

ment featuring Steve Hillis, Lions Club bar. Fundraiser for Royal Canadian Legion and Port Hardy Fire Department. Info, 250-902-0455.

tography, and much more. Entertainment, concession, more. To volunteer or for more info, call Brenda at 250-949-7778 or email

August 24 Rexall Drug hosts a customer appreciation barbecue, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Hamburgers, hot dogs, customer appreciation cake and more, 8925 Granville St., Port Hardy.

September 11 The North Island Community Services Society AGM, 6 p.m. in the Seniors Room, Old School, Port McNeill. The meeting is open to the public but a $1 annual society membership is required to vote.

August 24-25 Annual Kelsey Bay Fishing Derby to benefit the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock, Sayward. Tickets $25 weekend of the event. Advanced tickets may be picked up at the Sayward RCMP detachment. Info, Gary at 250-2823853 or Bryanne, 250-282-3464. August 31 Port McNeill Toy & Rod Run; starting from Port McNeill Community Hall 11 a.m. and from Port Hardy’s Carrot Park, noon. Bikers from across Vancouver Island show their rides while benefitting the Gazette Hamper Fund. Followed by the 8th annual Pig Roast and Stomp, featuring live music from Steelhead, 6 p.m., 704 Eagleridge Rd. in Hyde Creek. Dinner, dance, cash bar, to benefit local causes. Advance tickets $30 available in Port McNeill at The Flower Shoppe and Timberland Sports. Info, 250-902-9527. September 7-8 Mount Waddington Regional Fall Fair at Chilton Regional Arena, Port McNeill. Enter or view locally produced arts & crafts; baking, preserves and beverages; flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits; art and pho-

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September 14 Port McNeill Lions Club hosts its second annual North Island Night, 7-9 p.m. at the Lions Hall. Featuring art show and sale presented in cooperation with North Vancouver Island Artists’ Society, along with wine samplings and cheese tasting. Tickets $15 per person at the door; for info call 250-956-4296. September 18 Port Alice Learning hosts a meet and greet, 7 p.m. at the Community Centre. Bring your questions or suggestions for future courses or improvements. Courses starting in September include digital photography, fitness, cooking, gardening, arts & crafts and more. September 21 Mount Waddington Highland Dance Association annual competition, 9:30 a.m., North Island Secondary School, Port McNeill. September 21 Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock kickoff dinner and auction at the Legion Hall in Port Alice.

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September 7 & 8 • 10am

Chilton Regional Arena, Port McNeill Exhibits to be entered Thursday evening or Friday before 6 pm. Cash prizes! Exhibits, vendors, entertainment, animals, farmer’s market, hockey gear swap.

Fun for old and young! Smokey the Bear is coming! Volunteers needed for exhibits, judging & decorating. Call Sandy 250-949-7778.

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Spa Therapist: $9,900 Hair Artistry: $9,900 Nail Technology: $3,900 #3B-311 Hemlock St. (Above Subway) Port McNeill


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Thursday, August 22, 2013 9

Chrysler cruisers Members of the B.C. Modern Mopar Club paid a visit to Port Alice, August 10, as part of a Vancouver Island tour. The tour was organized by Surrey’s Glen Gebert, an employee of the company that supplies lime to Neucel Specialty Cellulose. The group, pictured here with their vehicles at Port Alice mill, made stops in Campbell River and Port Hardy in addition to the Village before returning to Vancouver. Shirley Scott

Fire ban lifted for North Island

Gazette staff North Island campers got a bit of good news for their latesummer outings Friday when a ban on campfires was lifted for the Mount Waddington Regional District. As of August 20, campfires and Category 3 open fires are permitted from Courtenay north on the Island, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations’ Coastal Fire Centre announced this week. A campfire and open fire prohibition still remains in effect in some other areas of the Coastal Fire Centre. A map of the area is available at http://bit.

ly/14hB8mQ. Campfires in the permitted areas must not be larger than a halfmetre wide by a halfmetre high. Anyone who lights a campfire must have a hand tool (such as a shovel) or at least eight litres of water nearby to fully extinguish the campfire. Never leave a campfire unattended and make sure the ashes are completely cold to the touch before leaving the area for any length of time. A Category 3 open fire is a fire that burns material in piles larger than two metres high by three metres wide, windrows, or grass over an area larger than 2,000 square metres in size. Any person light-

ing a Category 3 open fire in the permitted areas of the Coastal Fire Centre, must comply with the burning regulations and obtain a burn registration number by calling 1-888-797-1717. The rescinding of the campfire and Category 3 open fire prohibition within this area applies to all BC

Parks, Crown and private lands, but does not apply within the boundaries of local governments that have forest fire prevention bylaws and are serviced by a fire department. Please check with civic authorities for any restrictions before lighting a fire. Anyone contravening an open fire pro-

If so give Lisa a call for display ads and Lilian a call for listings at 250-949-6225 Distributed to North Island hotels, visitors, businesses and in the Gazette


*5555 on a cellphone. For the latest information on current wildfire activity, burning restrictions, road closures and air quality advisories, go to:


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Display ads: Thurs. Aug. 29 - 4pm Classified ads: Fri. Aug. 30 - 5pm


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be subject to a penalty of up to $10,000 and be ordered to pay all firefighting and associated costs. To report a wildfire or unattended campfire, call 1-800663-5555 toll-free or

In accordance with sections 40 and 94 of the Community Charter, the District of Port Hardy hereby gives notice of its intention to adopt District of Port Hardy Highway Closure and Dedication Removal Bylaw No. 1014-2013 (the "Bylaw"). If adopted, the Bylaw will have the effect of closing to all traffic, part of an unnamed and unconstructed highway that comprises 115.8 square metres as shown outlined in heavy black line on the reference plan below (the “Parcel”), and to remove its dedication as highway. Persons who consider they are affected by the Bylaw will be provided the opportunity to make representations to District of Port Hardy Council at its meeting at the Municipal Hall, 7360 Columbia Street, Port Hardy, BC, on August 27, 2013 at 7:00 p.m., or by delivering a written submission by 4:00 p.m. on August 27, 2013 to the Director of Corporate & Development Services using the contact information below.

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hibition may be issued a ticket for $345 or, if convicted in court, be fined up to $100,000 and sentenced to one year in jail. If the contravention causes or contributes to a wildfire, the person may

In accordance with sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter, the District of Port Hardy further gives notice of its intention to sell the Parcel as well as that portion of land described and shown on the above reference plan as "Part Section 30 Township 6 PLAN VIP61471" (the "Land"), to the adjacent landowner, Port Hardy RV Resort Ltd., Inc. No. BC0910515, for $7,517.75 plus the District's costs associated with closing to traffic and removing the dedication as highway as well as conveyance of the Parcel and the Land. The sale is subject to Port Hardy RV Resort Ltd., Inc. No. BC0910515, amalgamating the Parcel, the Land and its two properties described as: 1) Block 2, Section 30, Township 6, Rupert District, Plan 810, Except Parts in Plans 38040, 1593RW and VIP78088; and, 2) Block 3, Section 30, Township 6, Rupert District, Plan 810, Except Parts in Plans 38040, 1593RW and VIP78088, into one property. Jeff Long, Director of Corporate & Development Services District of Port Hardy, 7360 Columbia Street, PO Box 68, Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0 Email: Facsimile: 250-949-7433

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10 Thursday, August 22, 2013 11

North Island Life Whale of a time in Port McNeill Gazette staff PORT MCNEILL—The summer fun continued last weekend in Port McNeill as the town played host to the annual OrcaFest celebrations. The town filled up

Clockwise from above: Carly Klughart looks back with a smile as the OrcaFest parade passes Saturday; Annie Leblanc tosses candy to the crowd; Catherine Symons waves a bubble wand while marching with the Wild Heart Music team; Wendy Melan of Stubbs Island Whale Watching puts a tattoo on Kaydence Fleenor; Tessa Zimmermann takes aim with a water pistol; Rose Browne of Port McNeill enjoys a colour-coordinated cloud of cotton candy; surfer girl Chelsea Noel is joined by her mother, Jennie-Lynn, in the parade; Mallary Smith takes a swing at the Bounce-a-Rama jousting; Gates Purdy of Port Hardy gets her face painted; Kassidy Beek, Adysen Verbrugge and Travyn Foster wave out from the deck of the Pirate ship ‘Cousins’ during the Parade; Gus’s Bar and Grill hosted the annual car show-n-shine; Deedree Fischer of Port McNeill tows her twin tykes, Taylor and Tyler Tanguay, Xandryn Frost and Ella Barrett look down from the deck of the SAR boat; Olivia Wilson enjoys a hair-raising hop in a Bounce-a-Rama game; a family sorts the booty following the parade; Stephanie Lacasse offers a wave while cycling with other members of the Wild Heart Music Program. A O’Toole, J.R. Rardon

Saturday as revellers came out to enjoy the parade before breaking out to take in the show-n-shine at Gus’ Bar and Grill, the kids’ play area by the waterfront, the plethora of food and vendor stalls throughout town

and the live music from in front of the Gate House Community Theatre. With so much on offer it was hard to narrow the selection to just a few images of the day, but here are a few of our highlights from

the festivities...


10 Thursday, August 22, 2013 11

North Island Life Whale of a time in Port McNeill Gazette staff PORT MCNEILL—The summer fun continued last weekend in Port McNeill as the town played host to the annual OrcaFest celebrations. The town filled up

Clockwise from above: Carly Klughart looks back with a smile as the OrcaFest parade passes Saturday; Annie Leblanc tosses candy to the crowd; Catherine Symons waves a bubble wand while marching with the Wild Heart Music team; Wendy Melan of Stubbs Island Whale Watching puts a tattoo on Kaydence Fleenor; Tessa Zimmermann takes aim with a water pistol; Rose Browne of Port McNeill enjoys a colour-coordinated cloud of cotton candy; surfer girl Chelsea Noel is joined by her mother, Jennie-Lynn, in the parade; Mallary Smith takes a swing at the Bounce-a-Rama jousting; Gates Purdy of Port Hardy gets her face painted; Kassidy Beek, Adysen Verbrugge and Travyn Foster wave out from the deck of the Pirate ship ‘Cousins’ during the Parade; Gus’s Bar and Grill hosted the annual car show-n-shine; Deedree Fischer of Port McNeill tows her twin tykes, Taylor and Tyler Tanguay, Xandryn Frost and Ella Barrett look down from the deck of the SAR boat; Olivia Wilson enjoys a hair-raising hop in a Bounce-a-Rama game; a family sorts the booty following the parade; Stephanie Lacasse offers a wave while cycling with other members of the Wild Heart Music Program. A O’Toole, J.R. Rardon

Saturday as revellers came out to enjoy the parade before breaking out to take in the show-n-shine at Gus’ Bar and Grill, the kids’ play area by the waterfront, the plethora of food and vendor stalls throughout town

and the live music from in front of the Gate House Community Theatre. With so much on offer it was hard to narrow the selection to just a few images of the day, but here are a few of our highlights from

the festivities...


12 www.northislandgazette.comThursday, August 22, 2013

Spiritual, not religious

... and they lived happily ever after. Above: Youngsters in the Vancouver Island Regional Library Summer Kids Reading Program show off their certificates and medals at a wrap-up party Friday in Port Hardy. Additional wrap-up events have been under way in Woss, Port Alice, Port McNeill and Sointula. Below: Julie Morzoff, left, and other children listen to a story read by Mother Goose (Jodie Lukow) aboard the Literacy Bus during the wrap-up event for the Summer Reading Program at Port Hardy library Friday. J.R. Rardon

I met a man who told me that he did not believe in God. He believed that when we die, that is the end. He found organized religion to be more than a little bit odd and recounted stories which supported his belief that it was just another place of contradiction, lies, and pain. I could not argue with him. My own experience lent truth to the stories he told. The curious part of the conversation was that he then went on to share the ways he managed his life. Like all of us, he had a need to make sense of being here. Without purpose or dreams or hope, life is empty. For him, purpose was found in trying to make the future for his children and grandchildren better. His dream was to live a life which modelled grace and mercy in his dealings with other people. His hope was to be a good father, husband, man. He admitted that it was a struggle often and that he sometimes needed to find time to be alone and sort it all out. As it turned out, he had numerous places he could retreat to where he was alone but not lonely. He spoke about the awe he experienced

This column will be about exploring the relationship between that higher power and ourselves... In the Spirit with Rev. Wade Allen when sowing a crop and the miracle of the harvest. He named the peace which flooded him when the sun rose as he worked the land. The look of sheer bliss which came to his face was a delight to see. Once again, I was in the presence of someone who was a deeply spiritual person—spiritual, but not religious. My hunch is that he is not alone. That most, if not all of us, are spiritual. For better or for worse, the church is no longer the place where many choose to acknowledge or live that awareness. Yet all of us need to somehow make sense of life and death, pain and suffering, joy and delight. The root of any peace we can claim around life and death is, I believe, found in our quiet places, our secret places—the places we go when we need to make sense of it all. I am spiritual—not

religious. I do belong to a faith community which tries to make sense of life by living an intentional relationship without that presence. This column will be about exploring the relationship between that higher power and ourselves and, hope-

fully, naming ways we can remind ourselves that we are not alone. There is joy, hope, and grace in that place. Take the time to be in that place. Rev. Wade Allen is the Anglican/United minister for North Vancouver Island.

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Hosted by Tyee Chevrolet, Buick, GMC. Vehicle entry is by donation. Event runs from 9am-2pm and includes BBQ, drinks and DJ music.

Online Silent Auction ~ Now through August 23rd

Bid on a variety of items online to support Tour de Rock. Select “find your charity” & choose Cops for Cancer – Tour de Rock.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013 13

Illuminating light legality There is little doubt in my mind that one of the most popular add on accessories for vehicles is some type of light. I was asked recently to comment by a visitor to the DriveSmartBC web site who said that he had noticed rectangular LED light bars in the bumpers and on the roofs of trucks and SUVs. While it is possible that some of these lamps are legal for use on the highway, many are not. The question

is, how do you tell? In general, lights that comply with requirements are marked by the manufacturer. North American equipment bears SAE or DOT codes, European lamps with E codes and Japanese lights with JIS/JASIC codes. A lack of these markings should raise a red flag. Unfortunately, it is common to find counterfeit markings on aftermarket lamps, particularly those pur-

chased from outside of Canada on eBay. If you cannot find a similar LED lamp that is original equipment on a vehicle manufactured in North America be suspicious that the approval markings are bogus. If the lamps do not show any approval markings or words similar to “check with local authorities before using on the highway” are present on the packaging it is highly prob-

Just for You We would like to thank the following for their support for the regatta and our Society during the past year: Quarterdeck Marina Gillian White Stryker Electronics Tiffany Spencer Scarlet Point Brokerage Wa Wadhams Keltic Seafoods Curtis Cassen K&K Electric Betty Carlson Koprino Contracting Eileen Field School District 85 Regatta Committee District of Port Hardy Barb Colburne Visitor Information Center Stephanie Nelson Pacificus Biological Services Tuula Lewis Canadian Coast Guard Denise Gordon George Burroughs River Spirit Kendra Parnham Flying Dragons Matt & Louisa Clarke Prevailing Winds Sointula Recreation Ladies of the Lake Arend Munroe Warriors Lance Karsten Na’max’sala Dennis & Leigh Swanson Dragon Slayers Debbie Perkovich Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish Rhonda Millar Pilotage and Air Cab Sandra Masales Port Hardy Bulldozing Al Martin JR-Editor-NI Gazette Pierre Maas GDF Suez (Cape Scott Wind Kathy Martin Farm) Selena Coults Parr’s Construction Jeff Brendt Lemare Lake Logging Lorece Hogweide Traci

Thank You

able that these lights are not legal for use. All non-approved lamps installed on your vehicle are considered to be “off road lamps” and must be covered with an opaque cover when the vehicle is being driven on the highway. The author is a retired constable with many years of traffic law enforcement experience. To comment or learn more, please visit


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35th Annual General Meeting Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Time: 6:00 pm Place: Old School - Seniors Room - Port McNeill Cost: $1.00 - one year membership in Society, fee must be paid to be eligible to vote Financial Review Society Report Election of Directors The meeting is open to the public

Celebration of Life for

Overwaitea would like to announce the retirement of

Ben Perlini

Rob & Faye Martyn

Saturday, August 31 2pm at Providence Place in Port Hardy For more info call Rob 250-974-8257

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From all of us, we wish them the best. The Rotary Club of Port Hardy would like to thank the following people and businesses that donated time or resources to help make the RCMP Musical Ride a wonderful success: Busy B’s Distributing C-Force Marine Café Guido Dave Mullett, gold panner extraordinaire District of Port Hardy Fort Rupert Curling Club Fox’s Disposal Home Hardware John Tidbury Lions Club of Port Hardy Macandales Marine Harvest Mark Reusch Missy Milligan Murray Doak

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Tell us about items of interest to the sports community. August 24-25 Drag racing North Island Timing Association hosts the final two Rumble on the Runway races at Port McNeill Airport. Time-in heats 10 a.m., eliminations 1 p.m. Stock cars Tri-Port Motor Sports Club hosts its annual Dust Bowl weekend. Racing begins 7 p.m. Saturday and resumes at 1 p.m. Sunday. Concession, kids play area. Admission $5 adults, $3 youth, $2 children and seniors. Fishing Annual Kelsey Bay Fishing Derby to benefit the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock. Derby tickets August 30-Sept. 1 Slo-pitch Fred Donaldson Memorial Tournament in Port Alice. Concession, beer garden. Finals Sunday afternoon. September 7 Stock cars Tri-Port Motor Sports Club hosts points series racing at TriPort Speedway, 6 p.m. Concession, kids play area. $5 adults, $3 teens, $2 under 12 and seniors. September 7-8 Golf Seven Hills Golf & Country Club Men’s Open championship, 9 a.m. each day. 36 holes of stroke play with hole-in-one and other prizes. Registration fee $140, includes brunch Saturday, dinner Sunday, reduced rates for practice round Friday. Registration deadline Sept. 1; to sign up or for info, call Seven Hills at 250949-9818. September 21 Stock cars Tri-Port Motor Sports Club hosts points series racing at TriPort Speedway, 6 p.m. Concession, kids play area.

Above left: Mr. Mike's Jays infielders Drew Forrest and Rick Carley both try for the catch as the Intersport Dodgers' Clinton Hall slides into second base under the eye of umpire Joe McDonald. Above right: Stacey Stromme, right, is congratulated by teammates after hitting her second home run of the day during the OrcaFest Slo-pitch Tournament in Port McNeill Sunday. J.R. Rardon

Tourney a tribute to Tompkins

J.R. Rardon Gazette editor PORT McNEILL— The crowd went wild for the long ball, but the hit that made the difference in the final of the OrcaFest Slo-pitch Tournament never left the infield Sunday at Centennial Field. The Intersport Dodgers of Campbell River claimed the A final with an 11-9 win over Mr. Mike’s Jays, on a two-run, walkoff home run by Mark Berry. But Berry’s gamewinner was made possible after Audrey “Auz” Fuccenecco rapped a potential game-ending ground ball to second base, a grounder that ultimately led to teammate Zac Ashdown scoring the tying run from first base. Though its local teams had already been eliminated, Port McNeill Slo-pitch Association hosted the final as a tribute to the late Jack Tompkins, a longtime local and Vancouver Island ballplayer and umpire. Local umps Dave Trebett, Tom Baker, Joe McDonald and Marc Dumonceaux all took the field wearing Tompkins’ trademark black shorts and high white socks in a tribute to Tompkins, who died in March at age 67 after a brief battle

Infielder Rick Carley of Mr. Mike's Jays reaches for the ball as Intersport Dodgers' Zac Ashdown runs for second base during the A final Sunday. J.R. Rardon

with cancer. Tompkins was so identifiable on the diamond that his final service has been scheduled for September 21 in Courtenay, on the day he would have worked his final game of the season. Following the tourney, organizers also unveiled the inaugural Jack Tompkins Memorial Most Sportsmanlike Team trophy, which went to Timberlands of Port

McNeill. Berry’s winning home run came with a runner on second and one out in the bottom of the seventh inning, after the Dodgers had tied the score 9-9. Asked if he was trying to hit a home or just looking for a solid hit, Berry grinned. “No, I was trying,” he said. It fit the theme of the day. Before his tourneyending shot, the talk

of the ballpark was Jays infielder Stacey Stromme, who lofted a walk-off homer to straightaway centre in the eighth inning of her squad’s semifinal win over Port McNeill’s Woodchuckers. She became just the second woman in the tourney’s 25-year history to hit two home runs when she added a solo shot to left field in the A final. It came after teammate Rich Castro launched a two-

run shot in the top of the fourth inning to cut the Dodgers’ lead to 6-2, and helped spark a seven-run inning that put the Jays up 7-6. Former Port McNeill resident Dave Iseppe added a two-run shot later in the big inning for the Jays, whose players hail from Duncan, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Campbell River and Port McNeill. “We were going to be called Might Include Nuts,” said outfielder Scott Sanders, who added a two-run home run in the sixth. “Somehow it became Mr. Mike’s Jays.” The Dodgers also did some fence-clearing, with Clinton Hall blasting a three-run homer in the first inning and Shane Dumanoir adding a solo shot to lead off the sixth. Fuccenecco came up with one out and Ashdown on first in the bottom of the seventh inning with the Dodgers trailing 9-8. Her sharp, one-out grounder, a potential game-ending double play ball, skipped off the glove and leg of Jays second baseman Rick Carley and sailed high into the air. As Carley tumbled to the ground, Ashdown ran past and rounded second base. Jays shortstop Drew Forrest tracked down the ball and fired to third base,

but his throw sailed past teammate Kristy Arsenault to the fence as Ashdown headed for home. Arsenault recovered quickly and rifled a throw home as Ashdown slid to a halt before crossing the no-return line, but her throw also eluded back catcher Tracy Barker, and Ashdown resumed his run home to score the tying run. That left Fuccenecco on second base and brought up Berry, who lifted a pitch over the fence in left field for the game-winner. The win gave Port Hardy’s Ravens third place in the A Division, with the Woodchuckers finishing fourth. The B final was an all-Port Hardy affair, which Load ‘em Up won over Master Batters on Arlene Clair’s walk-off sacrifice fly with one out in the bottom of the seventh. Hi Vis of Port McNeill topped the Woss Brew Crew in the C Final, Port McNeill’s T&B claimed the D with a win over Port Hardy’s Salmon Kings; Base Hits outdueled Loose Change in the E final, and Sportsman downed Timberland in the F Division. Additional results and awards appear in Scoreboard, page 15.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sports & Recreation 15

Dustmen dump Woodchuckers in title game Gazette staff PORT McNEILL— Ivan Hall hit two home runs, including a goahead, grand slam in the bottom of the sixth inning, as the Dustmen rallied for a 13-10 win over the Woodchuckers in the championship final of the Port McNeill Slo-pitch Association’s league playoff tournament Tuesday at Centennial Field. Hall finished with seven RBI as the Dustmen bounced back from an 18-6 loss to the Woodchuckers one night earlier that forced the “if-necessary” rematch in the doubleelimination tourney. “We just wanted to build up the anticipation,” Dustmen infielder Ashlynne Moore joked of Monday’s loss. “And we wanted a tune-up for the (OrcaFest) tournament this weekend.”

Following a pattern that fit all three of the teams’ meetings in the league tourney, the Woodchuckers jumped out to the early lead. Home runs by Aaron Desbiens and Dustin Carmen staked the Woodchuckers to a 4-0 lead in the third inning and another, three-run homer by Carmen in the fourth made it 8-2. But Hall followed singles by Keith Balcke and Ryan Rushton and a fielder’s choice by his wife, Kendra Parnham Hall, with a three-run blast in the fifth inning to draw the Dustmen to 8-5. In the sixth, he came to bat with the bases loaded and lofted the ball over the fence in right-center field to give the Dustmen their

first baseman for the Dustmen. “We got some real key hits from our ladies today,” pitcher Glenn Moore added. “That was big, because it meant there were more baserunners when Ivan came up.” Kendra Hall reached and scored three times, Ashlynne Moore was 2-for-4 with a triple, and Aleta Rushton reached base for the first time in two nights and scored as part of the team’s sixth-inning eruption. The Woodchuckers Al Rushton of the Dustmen blasts a home run in the team's win were not finished. over the Woodchuckers in the final of the Port McNeill Slo-pitch Brandi Payne and playoffs last Tuesday. J.R. Rardon Randy Hunt started a rally in the top of the first lead, at 10-8. The and a two-run shot by run rule. “Our hitting was seventh with singles team kept the inning Al Rushton making the going, with a solo lead 13-8 and ending a lot better today,” and, one out later, Matt homer by Glenn Moore the inning to the five- said Jessica Garrick, Miller drove in Payne

Taking a swing at ALS Doug Petrie, former Port Hardy resident and current golf pro at Comox Golf Course, is joined by Wendy Toyer, Executive Director of the ALS Society of B.C. Comox was one of three courses that took part in a golfathon fund-raiser. They combined to raise more than $4,000.

Sports Scoreboard SLO-PITCH 2013 OrcaFest Slo-pitch Tournament Aug. 16-18 A Division 1. Intersport Dodgers; 2. Mr. Mike’s Jays; 3. Ravens; 4. Woodchuckers. Most Sportsmanlike female: Melinda, Ravens. MSP male: Randy, Woodchuckers. B Division 1. Load ‘em Up; 2. Master Batters; 3. Adrenaline Rush; 4. Dustmen. MSP female: Shelby, Master Batters. MSP male: Glenn, Dustmen. C Division 1. Hi Vis; 2. Brew Crew; 3. Ball Busters; 4. Generals. MSP female: Sabrina, Generals. MSP male: Jordan, Brew Crew. D Division 1. T & B; 2. Salmon Kings; 3. The Off; 4. Boozers. MSP female: Shawna, The Off. MSP male: Rob, Salmon Kings. E Division 1. Base Hits; 2. Loose Change; 3. Storm; 4. Ballerz. MSP female: Nicky, Base Hits. MSP male: Rob, Base Hits F Division 1. Sportsman; 2. Timberland. MSP female: Tammy, Timberland. MSP male: Cory, Sportsman.

with another single. After a fly out left the Woodchuckers down to their final out, John Klughart drove a hit off the fence in left field. Hunt came home with another run, but Miller was tagged out trying to advance to third on a throw from Ryan Rushton to his uncle Al. “They’ve got some great hitters over there,” Glenn Moore, the Dustmen pitcher, said with a nod to the Woodchuckers dugout. “They’re a tough team to pitch against. You just try to keep the ball off the middle of the plate, but you know they’re gonna get you eventually.” Carmen finished 3-for-4 with four RBI.

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Athlete of the Week ATHLETE of the Week StAcey Stromme The infielder becameSCOTT just the second CONNOR woman to homer — twice — during Thethe Port McNeill midgetSlo-pitch skater and annual OrcaFest atom assistant coach was named Player tournament in Port McNeill Sunday. of the Year during Port McNeill Minor J.R. Rardon Hockey’s annual awards night. J.R. Rardon photo

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ALERT BAY area: 3 bdrm home for rent, $700/mo on Cedar Rd. For more information please call 250-923-4145, for application:






The District of Port Hardy would like to apologize to any property owner who received a reminder notice for unpaid second quarter Utilities in error, as the notices were printed a few days prematurely. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions or concerns about your account, please call the District office at (250)-949-6665. Allison McCarrick, Director of Financial Services

IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ALCOHOL WE CAN HELP Port McNeill-Mon and Fri 8pm Room 3 at the old school. 375 Shelly Crescent. Call Greg 250-949-0153 or Rick 250-230-4555. SointulaThur 7:30pm at the Sointula Medical Centre. 25 2nd St. Call Annie 604-250-7085.




TRAVEL GETAWAYS LONG BEACH - Ucluelet Deluxe waterfront cabin, sleeps 6, BBQ. Fall Special. 2 nights $239 or 3 nights $299 Pets Okay. Rick 604-306-0891

EDUCATION/TRADE SCHOOLS MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION RATED #2 FOR AT HOME JOBS • Huge Demand In Canada • Employers Seek Out Canscribe Graduates • Over 90% Graduate Employment Rate 1.800.466.1535

LOCAL CRISIS LINE 24/7 Port Hardy (250)949-6033 Alert Bay/Kingcome (250)974-5326


WE’RE ON THE WEB www.bcclassiďŹ

LOST: ALUMINUM TRAILER TAILGATE 6’x1’ constructed of 2� aluminum square tubing and aluminum grating. Possibly left at District yard waste dump site on July 29. Please call 250-230-0103.





PORT HARDY BAPTIST CHURCH Corner of Trustee & Highland Morning Service 11:00 am Plus regular family activities Office: 250-949-6844 Pastor: Kevin Martineau 11/13

ST. COLUMBA ANGLICAN UNITED Reverend Wade Allen 9190 Granville St. Port Hardy Phone 250-949-6247 11:00 a.m. Sunday School and Service Wed., 1:00 pm Bible Study Everyone welcome Meeting rooms available


To Learn, To Love, To Serve ECE and K-9

Avalon is pleased to announce our Play School and Pre-school Program under the guidance of Miss Teresa Heare.

Avalon Adventist Junior Academy Is Accepting ECE children and Students For The 2013-2014 School Year. Free Tuition for Kindergarten and New Students Grades 1-4. Fifty Percent Discount for New Students Grades 5-6 Small classes, Family Atmosphere, Caring Teachers, French K-9, Spanish 8-9, Sports Program Provincially Accredited School, Teachers, and ECE Staff with a Safe, Caring Environment Where Learning Flourishes Holistic Approach Addressing the Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Development of Students Come to a School that All Can Enjoy. Please call Clifford at 250-949-8243 or email

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS NOTICE is hereby given that Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of John Terrance Mallory also known as John Terry Mallory and Terry J. Mallory, deceased, who died on April 21, 2013, at Campbell River, BC, are hereby required to send them to the undersigned Administrator, c/o Shook Wickham Bishop & Field, Barristers and Solicitors, 906 Island Highway, Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 2C3, before the 7th day of October, 2013, after which date the Administrator will distribute the said Estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard to the claims of which it has notice. Patricia Gail Booth, Administrator, c/o Shook Wickham Bishop & Field, Barristers and Solicitors, 906 Island Highway, Campbell River, BC, V9W 2C3.

WE’RE ON THE WEB www.bcclassiďŹ

$)3#2)-).!4/29 ,%')3,!4)/.


NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS Port Hardy meets on Mondays & Fridays at 8pm. Located at Upper Island Public Health Unit on Gray St. (rear entrance), Port Hardy, B.C. For more information call 1-877379-6652.

FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 2540 Catala Place Port McNeill (across from Firehall) Sunday 10:30 am - Morning Worship Church Office 250-956-4741 Pastor Stan Rukin Youth Pastor: Steve Taylor Cell: 250-527-0144 Office hours: 10am-4pm Mon-Thurs Visitors always welcome


CHRIST CHURCH ANGLICAN Alert Bay Sunday Services - 10 am Reverend Lincoln Mckoen 1-250-974-5844 Warden Flora Cook 250-974-5945 Warden Joan Stone 250-974-2234 11/13

SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 4680 Byng Rd. Port Hardy Pastor George Hilton 250-949-8925 or 250-949-8826 “Everyone welcome� Saturday Services 9:30am - Bible Study groups 10:45am - Worship/Praise service Wednesday @ 7pm - Prayer meeting Avalon Adventist Jr. Academy Offering Christian Education 250-949-8243




North Island Church Services NORTH ISLAND CATHOLIC CHURCHES Sunday Masses St. Mary’s Port McNeill: 9am St. Bonaventure Port Hardy: 11am St. Theresa’s Port Alice: Saturdays 5:00pm Alert Bay: 2nd & 4th Saturdays 10am Father Roger Poblete 250-956-3909


PORT MCNEILL BAPTIST CHURCH 2501 Mine Road Sunday 9:45 am (Sept-June) - Sunday School 11:00 am - Worship Service 7:00 pm - Evening Fellowship Youth Group Wed - 7:00 pm Children’s Programs & Adult Bible Studies are scheduled throughout the year. For information contact Pastor Dave Purdy • 250-956-4737 11/13

LIGHTHOUSE RESOURCE CENTRE • Chaplain Services • Bible Studies • Spiritual Counselling • Weekly AA Groups (8635 Granville St. Port Hardy) 250-949-8125

PORT ALICE ANGLICANUNITED FELLOWSHIP Reverend Wade Allen Sunday Services - 4pm 1-250-949-6247 Box 159, Port Alice You are extended a special invitation to share in our Services


ST. JOHN GUALBERT UNITED ANGLICAN CHURCH 250-956-3533 Email: Sunday Worship - 9:00am Reverend Wade Allen All Welcome 175 Cedar Street Port McNeill 11/13

GWA’SALA-’NAKWAXDA’XW SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH at entrance to Tsulquate Village (8898 Park Dr) Saturday/Sabbath 10:00 am-Sabbath School 11:15 am-Worship Service Pastor Randy Elliott 250-230-1885 cell 11/13


PORT HARDY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP at Providence Place, 7050 Rupert St Sunday Worship 10:30 am & 7 pm Tuesday Prayer 7:30 pm Midweek Biblestudies - Call the church for time and place 250-949-6466 Pastor George & Karen Ewald (home) 250-949-9674 11/13

Thursday, August 22, 2013 North Island Gazette Thu, Aug 22, 2013 17 A17












We, Neucel Specialty Cellulose (Box 2000, Port Alice, BC V0N 2N0), intend to submit this amendment application to the Director to amend Permit 1634, issued July 17, 1972 and last amended December 19, 1983 which authorizes discharge of 9 m3/day of industrial refuse from a dissolving sulphite pulp mill to an industrial SHUKĂ„SS The land upon which the industrial refuse is generated (Neucel pulp mill) is situated on District Lot 1188, Rupert Land District located at 300 Marine Drive, Port Alice, BC. The land upon which the discharge occurs is within an area of approximately 3.8 ha., 165 m southwest of the northeast corner of District Lot 1187, Rupert District located approximately 400 m north of the Neucel pulp mill site. The amendment requests that the following conditions be changed: Quantity of refuse discharge rate: Before: 9 m3 per day After: 24 m3 per day. Types of refuse which may be discharged: Before: bark, paper wastes, metal wastes, wood wastes and other miscellaneous mill wastes After: boiler ash; lime grits; usable wood; non-recyclable paper, plastics, rubber and metals; construction/demolition wastes, mineral soil and sediments from UVUZHUP[HY`TPSSZL^LYZHUKLÉŠ\LU[MHJPSP[` (U`WLYZVU^OVTH`ILHK]LYZLS`HɈLJ[LKI`[OLWYVWVZLKHTLUKTLU[HUK^PZOes to provide relevant information may, within 30 days after the last date of posting, publishing, service or display, send written comments to the applicant, with a copy to the Regional Manager, Environmental Protection at 2080A Labieux Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 6J9. The identity of any respondents and the contents of anything submitted in relation to this application will become part of the public record. Dated this 16 day of August, 2013 Contact person: Doug Bradshaw, Environmental Manager


Telephone No.: (250) 284-7809



EMERGENCY COORDINATOR with the DISTRICT OF PORT HARDY NOTICE OF NOMINATION The District of Port Hardy invites applications for the position of Emergency Coordinator. This is a volunteer position, although an honorarium is provided. Ideally, the successful candidate will have some prior training related to emergency planning and the establishment and operation of emergency operations centres (EOCs). Training will be provided through Emergency Management BC and the Justice Institute of BC. The Emergency Coordinator may be required to act as EOC Director during emergency events that necessitate establishment of an EOC, is responsible for coordinating regular meetings and activities associated with the District’s Emergency Planning Committee, the day to day management of the local Emergency Program including coordination of staff and resources, coordination with external emergency management organizations, and implementing training exercises and operations under the District’s Emergency Plan. For a more detailed listing of the duties of the Emergency Coordinator, please see Emergency Program Bylaw 172007. This Bylaw is available at the Municipal Hall at the address below or on the District’s website at (select Municipal Hall at the top of page, then click “Bylaws� and then “Common Bylaws�).




An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators, Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call (780)723-5051 Edson,Alta.

Application No. 232376

Application for a Permit Amendment Under The Provisions of the Environmental Management Act



Western Forest Products Inc. is an integrated Canadian forest products company located on Vancouver Island that is committed to the safety of our employees, the culture of performance and the discipline to achieve results. We currently have the following openings:

BLACK BEAR RESORT Port McNeill Now hiring Housekeepers. Apply in person. No phone calls. $13/hr starting wage. Must be available weekdays and weekends.

Detailed job postings can be viewed at

LOGGING AND Construction jobs. We are looking for experienced and motivated people for the following positions: Hoe Chuckers, Roadbuilders, Skidder Operators, Yarding Crews (tower and gy, hooktender, rigging puller, linewinder), Weight Scale operators, Processors, Front End Loaders, Lowbed and Log Trucker Drivers. Lots of work, local to Fraser Valley and out of town, various day shifts, benefits, good pay, good people. Please fax resume to 778-732-0227 or email

Area Planner Campbell River Planning Admin Assistant Campbell River Road Foreman Gold River Saw Filer Chemainus Steel Spar Hooktender Gold River Grapple Yarder Hooktender Gold River Log Loader Operator Gold River Heavy Duty Mechanic North Island WFP offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefit package. If you believe that you have the skills and qualifications that we are looking for, please reply in confidence to:

Human Resource Department Facsimile: 1.866.840.9611 Email: HELP WANTED


Administrative OfďŹ cer North Island Community Services is seeking an Administrative OfďŹ cer for the Community Links Program. The position is 25 hrs/week and is based in Port McNeill. A valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle and a completed RCMP criminal record check are required. Job description available upon request. Preference will be given to applicants with education and experience relating to administrative duties. Please submit resumes to: North Island Community Services Society Community Links Program 375 Shelley Crescent Box 1028, Port McNeill, B.C. V0N 2R0 Or email: Closing date: August 30, 2013

MOTEL MANAGEMENT required for Ponoka, Alberta. We are seeking a positive, capable, entrepreneurial person or couple with previous resort or motel experience. Email resume: PORT HARDY CHEVRON is hiring 2 F/T, Pmt, Gas Bar Cashiers for 8905 Granville St, Port Hardy, BC, VON 2P0. $10.30/hr. Rotating shifts: day, night, weekends, Stat holidays. Duties: Greet customers, identify price of goods and receive payments. Wrap or place merchandise in bags and any other duty as instructed by the Manager. Apply in person or email to: THE LEMARE GROUP is accepting resumes for the following positions: • Off Highway Logging Truck Drivers • Log Loader Operator • Grapple Yarder Operators • Boom Boat Operator • Chasers • Hooktenders • 2nd Loaders-Buckermen • Heavy Duty Mechanics Fulltime camp with union rates/benefits. Please send resumes by fax to 250-956-4888 or email to

LABOURERS FACTORY laborers for 130 foot fishing vessel (factory trawler). Must be physically fit, no experience required. 604360-0169

TRADES, TECHNICAL GUARANTEED JOB Placement: General laborers and tradesmen for oil and gas industry. Call 24hr Free Recorded Message. For Information 1-800-972-0209.

PERSONAL SERVICES ART/MUSIC/DANCING INSPIRE your children to be creative and expressive through music! Group keyboard lessons for children ages 3 - 9 that include singing, rhythm, movement, composition and more! Find a teacher near you 1-800-828-4334 or

Did you know‌

Applicants must submit a letter stating why they are interested in and in what manner they are qualiďŹ ed for the position, along with their rĂŠsumĂŠ and list of references, by email, fax, hand delivery or mail, no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 13, 2013, to:

My business is to help you grow your business.

Jeff Long, Director of Corporate & Development Services District of Port Hardy 7360 Columbia Street, PO Box 68, Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0 Ph: 250-949-6665 Fax 250-949-7433

To ďŹ nd out how I can help you increase sales, give me a call at

The District thanks all applicants for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Lisa Harrison Sales Rep


250-949-6225 or email me at:

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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE BUILDING SUPPLIES LOG HOME shell kit WRC 6X8 flat 3 bdrm w/grge & curved glass sunroom, ready to ship, 604-856-9732

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3%,,Ă–)4Ă–&!34Ă–7)4(Ă– #,!33)&)%$3


18 A18

Thursday, August 22, 2013 Thu, Aug 22, 2013, North Island Gazette











20 ACRES free! Own 60 acres for 40 acre price/payment. $0 Down, $198/mo. Money back guarantee, no credit checks. Beautiful Views, West Texas. 1-800-843-7537.

7175 HIGHLAND Dr. Port Hardy. 2520 sq ft 4bdr home. 2 landscaped lots joined. 2dr garage. Walkout basement/suite. 250-949-8922 or Asking $336,000.

875 Lanqvist - Hyde Creek Rancher on 2 acres, 3bdrm, 3 bath, hot tub, 40x30 shop wired & plumbed, full RV hookup, fenced back yard. Priced to sell at $375,000. Call 250-230-7340.



PORT HARDY Well maintained 6-plex Great investment $385,000 Call Noreen 250-949-6319

RENTALS APARTMENT/CONDO PORT HARDY Airport Rd 2 bdrm, quiet. NS. Refs. $550. Avail Sept 1. 250-949-6319.

HOUSES FOR SALE Incredible 5 acre treed PARK-LIKE PROPERTY with Well-Maintained Furnished Home 1500 sq.ft, 3-bdrm, 2 bath. Extremely close to Pristine Cowichan Lake, in the town of Caycuse. Perfect for recreational property or full time living. Motivated seller $358,800. Exceptionally low yearly cost. Not leased land. Call 250-745-3387 PORT McNEILL. 5-BDRM Double-wide with basement, 5 bdrms, 2.5 bathrooms. View, private fenced yard. $159,900. 250-956-4009.

Port Hardy, BC West Park Manor & Lindsay Manor Large one & two bedroom suites, some with a great view, all clean and in excellent condition. Also elegantly furnished executive suites available. Well maintained secure & quiet buildings. Close to shopping. Friendly onsite resident managers. Lisa & Richard. Call 250-949-9030 or email for info & pictures: wpark_lindsay@



PUBLIC NOTICE The District of Port Hardy has surplus equipment for sale. Viewing of the units is from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm at the District Public Works Yard, 8900 Park Drive. Bid Forms will be available at the Public Works office. Equipment is being sold on a “AS-IS, WHERE IS BASIS”. The District makes no claim as to the condition of the equipment. • 1997 FORD F250 SC 4WDR – Salvage • 96 FORD CM274 MOWER COMES WITH MULCHING CUTTING DECK • 1997 OLYMPIA ICE RE-SURFACER Please submit your bid on the forms provided in a sealed envelope to: District of Port Hardy: Surplus Vehicle Bid The deadline for bids will be 4:00pm, Friday, August 30, 2013. All successful bidders must remove the equipment within 7 days. Successful bidders will be notified by phone. For more information contact: Trevor Kushner, Director of Operations 250-949-1523

PORT HARDY Renovated 3 bdrm condo, secure building & caretaker on site. N/P, N/S. Avail. August 1. Heat & hot water incl. $750/mo. Ref. req. Call 250-949-7085 leave message. PORT MCNEILL3 Bdrm townhouse, close to schools & hospital. Available Aug/Sept. 250-956-3440. www.portmcneilltown


New Management 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom apartments. Competitive prices.

SUITES, LOWER GREATER PORT Hardy area: Fully private, above ground, 1bdrm suite, newer ocean view home, across the street from beach. High ceilings. Hardwood. Tastefully furnished. No excessive drinking. Satellite TV. Avail Sept. 1st, $495. 250949-9970.


Call 250-956-3526.

SEAHAVEN APARTMENTS 7070 Shorncliffe St. Oceanview 2 bdrm suite. Fridge/stove, balcony, blinds, private parking stall, locker, laundry on premises. Quiet, adult building, non smoking, no pets. References required. Inquiries contact 250-230-1462.

PORT HARDY 3 bedrooms for rent. Available immediately. W/D, new paint. Ref. req. Call 250-902-2226, 250-504-0067. PORT HARDY: Seawind Estates, like new 3 bdrm, W/D, $825. Call (604)418-3626 or email:



Large fully furnished 2 bdrm Apartments include F/S, W/D, pots and pans, towels and linens. Clean, comfy, quiet, reno’d, repainted and upgraded. Rural setting overlooking harbour. Satellite TV channels included ($90 value). Available Sept 1. $750 inclds hydro or $595 + hydro with a 1 year lease. 1-250-949-8855. More info at

APARTMENTS FURNISHED PORT HARDY Highland Manor •Bachelor •1bdrm furnished •1 bdrm suites References Call Jason 250-949-0192

DreamTeam Auto Financing “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals

1-800-961-7022 DL# 7557

COTTAGES PORT McNEILL: Hyde Creek furnished 1 bdrm suite, selfcontained with kitchen, private country setting. Amazing ocean views, very clean, cozy & warm. Laundry, hydro, digital TV & wireless access incld’d. N/S facility. N/P. Ref’s req’d. Avail. Oct. 1 - May 31. $800./mo. 250-956-2737.

MOBILE HOMES & PADS PORT MCNEILL Mobile Home Park Pads for rent. Short walk to shopping, school & ocean. $283.00/ month Call 250-956-2355

TRUCKS & VANS 1995 JIMMY 4X4 $1000 OBO.Good motor. 250-9020449.



WINTER RENTAL available in Port Hardy - 2200 sq. ft. fully furnished house. Avail. Oct 1-Mar 31, 2014. Mature couple, non smoking, etc. $1200/mo. plus utilities. Call 250-949-7112.


of the week.

Spots available at Great Rates. Daily, weekly, monthly. Pool, Hot tub, exercise room, laundry, putting green, hiking, fishing, Pickle Ball Court. Free coffee in one of the best clubhouses on the island. Nanaimo area. 250-754-1975 or

Rayah Dustin of Port McNeill checks her new look after having her hair coloured during OrcaFest Saturday. J.R. Rardon

MARINE BOATS 24’ HARBOURCRAFT- loaded, new Garmin GPS, radar, fish finder, shrimp and crab pot puller, 4 stroke 225, 9.9 auxillary engine, 2 Scotty electric down riggers, new dual axle easy load trailer. $55,000. Call for more details: (360)790-5733.

One quick turn... and it’s all over for this dog! Dogs are easily jolted out of open pick-ups and often suffer crippling injuries or death. Use a protective kennel secured to the truck bed, or better yet, let your best friend ride safely in the cab.

One quick turn...and it’s over for this dog! Dogs are easily jolted out of open pick-ups and often suffer crippling injuries or death. Use a protective kennel secured to the truck bed or, better yet, let your

Is this any way to treat your best friend? Dogs are easily jolted out of open pick-ups and often suffer crippling injuries or death.

Why not let your dog ride in the safety of the cab instead?

rt Hardy Gazette - March 17, 2010

ON NOW AT YOUR BC BUICK GMC DEALERS. BCGMCDEALERS.CA 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. ‡/^/*Offers apply to the purchase of new or demonstrator 2013 GMC pickups, crossovers and SUVs. Freight included ($1,550/$1,600). License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in BC Buick GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer trade may be required. Limited quantities of 2013 models available. GMCL, RBC Royal Bank, TD Auto Financing Services or Scotiabank may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See Buick GMC dealer for details. ++ Based on GM Testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. ¥ For retail customers only. $3,500/$4,000/$2,500/$6,500 manufacturer-to-dealer credit available on cash purchases of 2013 Terrain/Acadia/Sierra 1500/Sierra HD. Dealers may sell for less. Other cash credits available on most models. By selecting lease or financing offers, consumers are foregoing such discounts and incentives which will result in a higher effective interest rate. $7,500 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit available on the 2013 Sierra 1500 (tax exclusive) for retail customers only. Other cash credits available on most models. See participating dealer for details. Offers end September 3, 2013. ‡‡ Offer only valid from July 3, 2013 to September 30, 2013 (the “Program Period”) to retail customers resident in Canada who own or are currently leasing (during the Program Period) a GM or competitor pickup truck to receive a $1,000 credit towards the purchase, finance or lease of an eligible new 2013 GMC Sierra Light Duty or GMC Sierra Heavy Duty. Only one (1) credit may be applied per eligible vehicle sale. Offer is transferable to a family member living in the same household (proof of address required). This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. The $1,000 credit includes GST/PST/HST as applicable by province. As part of the transaction, dealer will request current vehicle registration and/or insurance to prove ownership. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Void where prohibited by law. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See your GM dealer for details. ^ 0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by RBC Royal Bank/TD Auto Financing/Scotiabank for 84/72 months on new or demonstrator 2013 Terrain and Acadia/Sierra 1500 and Sierra HD. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $10,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $119/$139 for 84/72 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $10,000. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. + The Best Buy seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications, LLC, used under license. ^* For more information visit ** U.S. Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are a part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( † Offers available to retail customers in Canada only between July 3, 2013 and September 3, 2013. Price includes freight and PDI but excludes license, insurance, registration, dealer fees, fees associated with filing at movable property registry/PPSA fees, duties, marketing fees and taxes. Dealer may sell for less. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. See participating dealer for details. ≠ Offer only valid from July 3, 2013 to September 30, 2013 (the “Program Period”) to retail customers resident in Canada who own or are currently leasing (during the Program Period) a GMC Terrain, Pontiac Torrent, Aztek, Sunrunner, Buick Rendezvous, Saturn Vue will receive a $1,000 credit towards the purchase, lease or factory order of an eligible new 2013 GMC Terrain. Only one (1) credit may be applied per eligible vehicle sale. Offer is transferable to a family member living in the same household (proof of address required). This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. The $1,000 credit includes GST/PST/HST as applicable by province. As part of the transaction, dealer will request current vehicle registration and/or insurance to prove ownership. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Void where prohibited by law. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See your GM dealer for details. ¥¥ The GMC Sierra LD received the lowest number of problems per 100 vehicles among large light-duty pickups in a tie in the proprietary J.D. Power 2013 U.S. Initial Quality StudySM. Study based on responses from 83,442 new-vehicle owners, measuring 230 models and measures opinions after 90 days of ownership. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of owners surveyed in February-May 2013. Your experiences may vary. Visit *† 2013 GMC Sierra HD payload of 3276 kg (7222 lb.) based on model C30903 DRW, ball-hitch towing of 8165 kg (18,000 lb.) based on models K30953/K30943 and 5th-wheel towing of 10,478 kg (23,100 lb.) based on model K30903 DRW. Maximum payload capacity includes the weight of the driver, passengers, optional equipment and cargo and is approximate. Maximum trailer weight rating is calculated assuming a properly equipped base vehicle, except for any options necessary to achieve the rating, plus driver. Weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight that your vehicle can tow. *‡ Requires Regular Cab model C30903 with Dual Rear Wheels and gas engine. Maximum payload capacity includes weight of driver, passengers, optional equipment and cargo. ^* Available on GMC Sierra Heavy Duty models only. Vehicle features and performance capabilities subject to change. Additional charges for product options may apply. See Dealer for Details. ††Offer applies to new 2013 MY Sierra Heavy Duty Models delivered by September 3, 2013 at participating dealers in Canada. Dealer trade may be required. This offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See your GM dealer for details.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

3920.13.MMW.2C.indd 1


Gazette staff PORT McNEILL— Making good on its promise to promote live theatre on the North Island, Gate House Community Association last week brought a pair of young performers for a musical theatre workshop and concert at Gate House Theatre. And the fun doesn’t end there, as after-school Joey Clarkson, left, sings while her cousin, pianist Elizabeth drama classes for youth Hornby, looks on during their concert at Gate House will start up at the theCommunity Theatre last Tuesday. J.R. Rardon atre in September.

Theatre announces classes









GM SBCP0177 3920.13.MMW.2C 10” x 145L (10.357”) Gotham Family, Klavika Family 220 dpi See MRF TAB HP 1 13.08.16


Singer-songwriter Joey Clarkson of Courtenay and her cousin, pianist Elizabeth Hornby of the U.K., performed selections from their respective CDs last Tuesday. The show followed a day-long musical theatre workshop by Clarkson, who has given the workshops from Canada to the U.K. to Dubai. Students were provided instruction in voice preparation, enunciation and projection, and






0% 72 FOR

0% 72 FOR

0% 84















K 485

Note to Publication: PLEASE examine this material upon receipt. If it is deficient or does not comply with your requirements, contact: Amberlea Schaab - Production Director 604-601-8573 Adam Buechler - Production Artist 604-601-8577

movement, and prepared a short presentation for their parents. “We didn’t try to do too much, because of the mix of ages and experience levels” said Clarkson, who typically provides weeklong workshops to homeschooled youngsters. “It was mainly a chance to give them an introduction to musical theatre.” Hornby joined her cousin on stage after a performance tour with


84 OR







+ $1,445 + $1,000 tRuCk BuCkS FOR CuRRENt tRuCk OWNERS#
















stops in California and Washington State. Drama classes at the theatre for grade 5-6-7 students will be held each Thursday from 3:30 to 5 p.m. beginning in September. Classes for highschool aged students will follow each Thursday from 5:30-7 p.m. Registration forms and info are available the Gate House Community Association Facebook page.











- Maximum Fifth-Wheel Towing Capacity of 23,100 lb (10,478 kg)*† - Maximum Ball-Hitch Towing Capacity of 18,000 lb (8,165 kg) - Maximum Payload Capacity of 7,222 lb (3,276 kg)*‡ - Legendary Duramax Diesel Engine & Allison Transmission (397 HP and 765 lb-ft of Torque)^*







- Consumers Digest Best Buy For The Fourth Year In A Row+ - 2.4L I4 Engine or Newly Available 3.6L V6 Engine - Multi-FlexTM Sliding And Reclining Rear Seat, Offering Class-Leading Legroom†*



- Fold Flat Second and Third Row Seating for Flexibility and Cargo Capacity

- IIHS 2013 Top Safety Pick^* and NHTSA 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for Safety** - Consumers Digest Best Buy For The Sixth Year In A Row+



Call E.J. Klassen Motorcade at 250-949-7442, or visit us at 9045 Granville Street, Port Hardy. [License #7983]

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Black Press is proud to be an official sponsor for the 2013 Canadian Cancer Society Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock, with photojournalist Arnold Lim on the 21-member tour team as a media rider. Follow Arnold’s personal story of training for the Tour and the ride itself at tourderock. ca under the blog posts, or on Twitter at @arnoldlimphoto. ON TOUR: This year’s Tour de Rock begins in Port Alice on Saturday, Sept. 21 and ends Friday, Oct. 4 in Victoria. Tour de Rock raises funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research and programs. HELP OUT: Donations can be made at FIND OUT: To catch up on all the Tour de Rock news, photos and videos, go to: tour-de-rock

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tofino, Ucluelet take on the tour Strong RCMP contingent from rugged west coast Susan Quinn Black Press

For the first time in the history of the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock, both Ucluelet and Tofino are represented by riders from their respective RCMP detachments. Chris Squire, a constable in Ucluelet, started thinking about joining the ride when he spoke with several riders during a stop last year in his community. Ucluelet RCMP Sgt. Jeff Swann, while not a past rider, is a staunch supporter of the Tour de Rock, and he urged Squire to put his name in for a spot on the team. “Jeff is a big supporter of the Tour de Rock,” Squire says. “He’s got four little kids and they all shave their heads every year. He talked me into it. It’s a good cause.” Squire has already raised close to $10,000 for the Tour de Rock, double his original goal. Squire lost his grandmother to cancer, but says he hasn’t had much personal experience with the disease – unlike Tofino Cpl. Andrew Waddell, who along with his wife Vicki and son Justin, have all been diagnosed with cancer in the past few years. Squire’s junior rider this year is Brett Wasylyniuk of Port Alberni, who has been treated for rhabdomyosarcoma, or a cancer of the muscles that attach to bone. Tofino rider Waddell’s journey with cancer has been a long one. The 27-year RCMP veteran was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1997; he had surgery to remove what could be removed, and radiation to try and hit the rest. He still lives with the tumour but says it’s stable. Vicki has had melanoma, or early skin cancer removed, as well as some basal cell carcinomas. Justin was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia when he was only two years old. He went through three years of chemotherapy between ages two and five. Justin is now 15 and loves to surf.

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(Above) Ucluelet RCMP Const. Chris Squire and (right) Tofino RCMP Cpl. Andrew Waddell are from small detachments, but have taken on the big commitment of Tour de Rock. Waddell said the time is right for him to participate in the Tour de Rock. “The reason I’ve come up with is because I can. I have a family that supports me. We benefited from others and now it’s my turn, so families that can’t get out and fundraise can get out there and benefit.” Waddell’s junior rider is James Albrecht, also from Port Alberni, and also being treated for rhabdomyosarcoma. Waddell met James at the end of July, and says he’s an amazing young man. “It’s pretty astounding to see a young person in week 10 of 55-week chemotherapy bounding around the house like he is,” Waddell says. “There’s guys like James that are living because money from cancer research is keeping them alive.” Because Squire and Waddell both work in small

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detachments and work opposite shifts, they haven’t done much riding together outside of mandatory Tour de Rock rides with the northern team. Squire, a reformed mountain bike rider, does a lot of solo rides on his road bike, but says he prefers to ride with a group. Waddell is known as Tofino’s “bike cop,” so he is no stranger to cycling. Waddell cycles 175 kilometres per week between Tofino and Ucluelet for his tour training. “I go up Radar Hill every time I go by it at the turnoff (to Highway 4),” he says. Of course, powering up Radar Hill is nothing compared to what children with cancer suffer through, Waddell says. And that’s why he decided to tackle the Tour de Rock this year. “It is important to celebrate each day, cheer for every success, and not rest until cancer has been conquered.”

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North Island Gazette, August 22, 2013  
North Island Gazette, August 22, 2013  

August 22, 2013 edition of the North Island Gazette