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HISTORY LIVES: A recent historic homes tour took residents down memory lane – PG 3

MOVING FORWARD: Blackfalds and Lacombe councils divided on regional transit – PG 9

HONING SKILLS: Junior program at Lacombe Golf and Country Club sees success – PG 16

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IN THE FIELD - A farmer takes advantage of the dry weather and works on a field west of Lacombe with the harvest season upon us once again. Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Heritage Home Tour helps residents experience history A number of local houses were highlighted during the recent event BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express


s Lacombe is full of rich history, so are its houses. And, on Aug. 24 around two-dozen Lacombians took advantage of the Lacombe & District Historical Society’s annual Heritage Home Tour. Executive Director Marie Péron said the event goes hand in hand with the Historical Society’s mission to promote local history within the community. She added there is a lot to learn about local history by spending just a few minutes in a historic home. “I think the houses are very telling of the people who lived there.” She went on to say that the houses are often a reflection of what the historical owner’s social status was and what they did in the society. Péron added that getting to tour these homes help people make a personal connection with the history. “You get the feeling like you live there for a couple minutes,” said Péron. The tour, which has been running since before Péron became involved with the Society in 2011, featured five houses including the Michener House Museum which was the starting point for the tour. After picking up their booklets at the museum, tour-goers then traveled to their other destinations where they were met by homeowners and/or volunteers of the Historical Society who were available to tell them more about the home’s history. This year’s tour showcased the 1922 Owens residence at 5210 53 St., the 1912 residence at 5430 53 Ave., the early 1900s Puffer residence at 5224 C&E Tr. and the 1919 Morrison House at 5331 51 Ave. The Owens residence, named as such for its first owner Percy C. Owens, was originally assessed at $350.

HISTORIC HOME – Lorraine Pearson stands in front of her early 1900 heritage home. Pearson said she has been renovating the home piece by piece since her family bought it in 1985. Hard to believe this beautiful property was once worth less than the average renter pays in a month now. Between then and 1953, the house changed hands several times and the price fluctuated reaching as low as $320 to as high as $3,240 in that period. Little is known about the origins of the 1912 residence now owned by Ellen Corea. O Over the years, the home has undergone extensive renovations to make it more modern, but the house still has a distinct historical feel in some areas. Now, Corea said she has plans to make

Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express

modifications to the home that will further that historical feel by installing a staircase and claw-foot bathtub salvaged from another (now destroyed) home in Lacombe that was built during the same period. William Puffer, the prominent businessman and politician, was who the Puffer house was built and named for. It was also used as a boarding home during the dirty 30s and dances used to be held for boarders in the kitchen of the home. Later still, the building was split into two apartments and current owner Lorraine Pearson has a histori-

cal photo of the home in her kitchen that shows the buildings two separate entrances. Morrison House, now the Morrison House Café operated by current owners Cindy and Chuck Bourn, was the final stop of the Heritage Home Tour. Participants were treated to a tea at the café and shown around the home that once belonged to W. Norman and Bertha Morrison. Likely the largest and most expensive home to be built at the time, the Morrison House cost $12,000 to build in 1919. Much of the information used in identifying homes

for the Heritage Home Tour comes from the City of Lacombe’s heritage survey inventory. Péron added that, even with this spectacular resource at the Society’s disposal, it can sometimes be difficult finding historical information about the houses. She also said one can never tell what information might be found. Péron said the Historical Society tries to feature different homes on the tour each year. She said that there have been some repeats, but the Society tries to avoid having them run consecutively. “We always try to mix

it up from year to year because there are so many homes to choose from,” said Péron. “We have so many homeowners in the community that are just so wonderful to work with so we try to give everyone that opportunity.” Homes for the tour are chosen by the Historical Society who contact homeowners to find out if they are interesting in participating in the tour. Péron added that anyone who wishes to make their heritage home a part of the tour is welcome to contact the Lacombe & District Historical Society.

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4 Lacombe Express

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blackfalds’ Melodie Stol to seek re-election BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express Having recently released its latest census showing Blackfalds population has now reached 7,275, there are some interesting times ahead for the Town. As such, Mayor Melodie Stol is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead as she once again runs for mayor. “We are coming into this really exciting time for Blackfalds,” said Stol. She said with new facilities like the Abbey Centre coming online and economic growth in the commercial sector, Stol hopes to continue working to improve Blackfalds in those areas. Looking back, 1998 was the first year Stol ran for council. She said she was looking for ways to get more involved in her community and she thought council might be interesting. Stol added that at the time, there were some developments happening in her neighbourhood and she thought council would also be a good way to learn more about the development process.

“At that time I was a stayat-home mom with two kids and I found the politics of Town council to be very interesting. So I used to go and just watch council meetings quite often just to see what was going on in the community.”

MELODIE STOL Stol has been on council since then. In 2007, she became mayor and hopes to serve a third term as such. Stol said she decided to run for mayor after serving three terms on council and wanting to find new challenges. She added that she thought being mayor would fit well with her personal strengths, such as public speaking.

Regional projects are another strength for Stol, she said. She added that she has done a lot of work on regional projects such as the regional sewer and water lines and hopes that citizens recognize how such projects will benefit the community. “I hope the people see that the strength of Blackfalds will be enhanced working regionally. I really tried to build a reputation over the years as being someone who does that.” Stol said she hopes that the people of Blackfalds recognize her strengths fit well with the role of mayor and that she will continue to strive to achieve what is best for the community. “I hope that over the years that whether people have 100 per cent agreed with me or not, they have seen I have an open mind towards issues,” said Stol. “I don’t try to come in with a it’s my way or the highway kind of thing because that definitely doesn’t work in local politics. “You have to be able to listen and respond to the community. And I hope

that I have done that.” Local politics and how municipalities resolve issues and improve their communities is important to Stol. “I just have a real interest in local politics because it is the level of government closest to the people.” She

added that it is important to remember that council is made up of individuals from the communities they represent. “So often in politics today, people take an ‘us versus them’ kind of attitude, one side against the other. I don’t really care for that.

Local government is an extension of the community.” Stol went on to say that councillors are elected to handle a diverse range of requests from the public and she enjoys coming up with the best solution for each.

GRAZING GAGGLE - A mother goose stands lookout as her babies graze on the lawn at Ellis Bird Farm.


Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blackfalds council approves new subdivision BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express Blackfalds Town Council has voted to approve a new subdivision, despite their own misgivings. When the proposed subdivision first came before council at its Aug. 13 meeting, council expressed its concern about lack of access to the rear lane in the subdivision as well as parking congestion in the subdivision’s cul-de-sac. Twelve of the dwellings within the subdivision would have no access to a rear lane and thus would be unable to park anywhere but within their attached garages and/or the driveway. Mayor Melodie Stol said that, especially given the recent problems Blackfalds has had regarding parking, the small frontage of the dwellings in the subdivision as well lack of access to the lane were concerns for her. “Are we creating a parking nightmare?” said Stol. She added that she had further concerns about space for garbage pickup from the front of the dwellings as well. In response to such concerns, council voted to refer the proposal back to administration for review and give the developers a chance to re-examine their plan as well.

“INITIALLY WHEN I SAW THIS BACK ON THE AGENDA I REALLY WASN’T THAT HAPPY BECAUSE THERE WASN’T ANY CHANGES THAT I COULD SEE. SO I’M GLAD THAT OUR DELEGATION WAS HERE TONIGHT TO CLEAR UP SOME OF THIS.” DEAN WIGMORE However, when the issue returned to council at its Aug. 27 meeting, the developers and engineers involved said theirs hands were tied. “We are really restricted on the site because of the width of the site and the land-use bylaw,” said Fahim Quamrul of Al Terra Engineering. Allen Trites of Meadowglen Developments added that he had examined some other closes within Blackfalds and found that other residents seem to be doing just fine in similar situations. He said that one close he drove around, despite having access to a lane, has no one parking at the rear. “They have the same situation as if they didn’t have a lane in the back,” said Trites. He added that the proposed subdivision has just as many parking lots in the close itself as

other areas in Blackfalds as well. “So there is really not that much difference,” said Trites. Although administration, developers and engineers were not able to resolve the concerns council had with the proposal, council seemed somewhat more at ease knowing an effort had been made. “Initially when I saw this back on the agenda I really

wasn’t that happy because there wasn’t any changes that I could see,” said Councillor Dean Wigmore. “So I’m glad that our delegation was here tonight to clear up some of this.” However, not all the minds of council were put completely to rest. Councillor Carol Simpson expressed her doubts on the plan, saying that although she understood it met all the requirements

she still foresaw problems with the development in the future. “I will support this motion,” said Simpson. “I’m still somewhat uncomfortable with it, it’s a working solution. I still have a little bit of foreboding that we are setting ourselves up, a little bit, to fail. I still think that there are going to be issues with parking and I still think there are going to be some upset citizens out there.”

Wigmore, who made the motion to approve the subdivision with amendments recommended by council and administration, said he understood Simpson’s concerns. “I would agree with you 100 per cent,” said Wigmore. “Don’t think that I’m making this motion very happily, but I think it’s the best solution, probably, for this parcel.”

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6 Lacombe Express

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The evolution of regional highways The QEII Hwy., the ribbon of pavement that joins Calgary and Edmonton, began life as a trail through the bush that lay between the two fur trading centres known as Fort Edmonton and Fort Calgary. This trail was basically an extension of a trail that led north from Fort Benton on the Missouri River into western Canada. It was from the seat of an oxcart on this trail that Father Lacombe, en route from Fort Benton to Fort Edmonton in 1854, had his first glimpse of the area that would become Lacombe, an area known at that time as the Strawberry Plain. He returned up the Fort Benton trail in 1862, this time as the driver of a wagon train bringing supplies to furnish his new mission on the site now known as St. Albert. Meanwhile the trail had become well used by pioneers flooding into the area from the United States and eastern Canada. The first serious attempt


FREDEEN to improve this trail was made in 1873 by John MacDougal and his brother David. Their object was to improve access between the two primary Methodist Missions on the western prairies, Victoria east of Fort Edmonton and Morley west of Fort Calgary. They straightened and widened the trail as required and bridged boggy spots with corduroy. It was adopted provincially as the Calgary Edmonton Trail. In 1886 the North West territorial government engaged surveyor George P. Roy to provide the first official survey of this trail. His survey served as the basis for the CP railroad built in 1890. This rail

line when completed in 1891 reduced travel time between the two cities to 12 hours from the four days previously required by stagecoach. Since the railroad also took over the mail delivery there was no longer any need for stagecoach service. Real improvement of the trail began with the arrival of the automobile. The old C & E Trail was redesigned and graveled during the 1890s and a new graveled road was built linking the communities along the rail line. This embryonic highway displaced the C & E Trail as the primary transportation route. In 1934, under the auspices of Premier Brownlee’s United Farmers of Alberta government, a 30-mile section between Ponoka and Red Deer was paved with bitumen from Fort MacKay. This was the first major use of this product for highway construction. The entire road was eventually paved to become Hwy. 1 in the late 1930s. It

was renamed Hwy. 2 when the east-west Trans Canada Highway became reality in the 1940s. It was later renamed Hwy. 2A when the four-lane expressway was built in the late 1940s to early 1960s. The winter of 1947-1948 saw a series of record blizzards blanket the west from Alberta south to Colorado. When spring came ‘every stream a banker ran’. Several communities along the Red Deer River were accessible only by boat, and the main highways were closed to truck traffic. The snow departed; the roads opened again in mid-May and were quickly crammed with transport trucks, each heavily overloaded to make up for lost time. One week later came a sudden snowstorm, heavy wet snow, almost 24 inches in 24 hours, followed immediately by a chinook. The roads basically dissolved. Transports sank until their boxes rested on the road surface. The C & E Trail past the

Experimental Station became an enforced parking lot with trucks, bellies in the mud, bogged down nose to bumper. Vic Popow’s tow truck, after many attempts, extracted the lead vehicle; then, anchoring his tow truck to a venerable cottonwood in the boulevard, he attempted to extricate the second. When he finally threw in the towel the transport had not moved but five cottonwoods lay in the mud. It was late fall before repairs to this section of the trail were completed. Coincidentally the highway through Lacombe was being upgraded as befitted its new role as Hwy. 2A. To the north of Lacombe

this upgrade paralleled the CPR railroad, crossing over Wolf Creek at a point where the CPR line employed a trestle to accommodate the flowing water. The highway engineers disdained that example and installed two 24-inch culverts. Their judgment was flawed; the high grade became a dam when the flood came in the spring of 1948 and the resulting lake engulfed the CPR rail line. Until the barrier was breeched and the highway grade washed away, train locomotives with driving wheels half submerged, were forced to creep into Lacombe through two miles of water- submerged track.



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Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Protect yourself from hackers A group hackers recently demonstrated that some free messaging apps for smartphones may not be very safe. At a conference in New Delhi, a team of ‘white hat s hackers’ (the kind of hackers software companies hire to test their security features) showed how messages sent through a Chinese free texting app can be decrypted and used to obtain a mobile device’s chat logs, location, mail and more. This shouldn’t be news, but apparently it is. Despite ever increasing awareness against hackers, scammers and other such con artists, these people continue to fool others and find their marks, sometimes with generally ridiculous methods. In any case, there are some really simple things you can do to protect yourself. While hacking and identity theft are very real threats, hacking takes a great deal of knowledge and effort. So much so, that

it could be referred to as an art form. On the other hand, the majority of con artists are lazy and don’t want to put a great deal of time or effort into their scamming. Instead, they are looking for quick and easy marks. As such, they prey mostly on naive people. Don’t send sensitive personal information through text or email. Similarly, don’t give out such information over the phone when asked by people you don’t know. Since the Internet has made everyone’s personal information a little more public, scammers have become a bigger threat. Scammers know this and have taken to sending phone calls or emails asking for personal information claiming it is in order to ‘protect’ victims from scammers who have infected their computers or other devices with dangerous software that will steal their personal information

unless they take immediate action. What some people don’t know, but everybody should, is that no one can obtain information from your computer unless you have sent it to them. Most malware and spyware needs to be accepted by a user in order to start ob-

taining any information. True, this is usually done in a way that the user doesn’t know they have just activated a malicious program on their own computer, but the simple solution to this is not to send or accept anything from programs or people you do not recognize.

Therefore, if someone tries to tell you they have information you are pretty sure you haven’t given them, they are lying and trying con you. Again, the best way to protect yourself is not to give any kind of information out to anyone over any electronic device. Ever.

Tips for surviving life away from home As usual, summer has sped by much too quickly and autumn is here. Of course, that means it is back to school time. While some (parents, perhaps) are excited for this time of year, many dread it and trudge back to class counting down the days until June. Others however may be excited for September to begin for different reasons, so they can start a new chapter in their lives. I am speaking of course about those who have finished school here in Central Alberta and are moving away from home for the first time. Moving away from home is often an exciting, frightening, heartbreaking and fun experience all at once. It is exciting because of the new possibilities -- new people to meet, new places to see and new adventures to be had. It is frightening for that same reason however, being new. What is new and unknown is usually scary on some level and entering into it without the support of family and friends that have always been there for you is at the very least a bit un-


VOSSEN comfortable. When I graduated from high school and moved away from Viscount, Saskatchewan to Calgary for school, I was glad for many of the lessons I had learned before moving but still wished someone had been able to tell me more about what living on my own would be like. Luckily, I did eventually learn and now I can pass on that knowledge to any others who are about to start making it on their own. First, learn to cook. Not a week goes by that I am not thankful my mom taught me the basics of cooking long before I moved away from home. You would be surprised how sick you can get of pre-packaged meals, Kraft Dinner and pizza. To save time and effort with meals, you can also invest in a slow cooker. These things are great for hot meals on the run. Dump some

meat and veggies into the pot with a tiny bit of water as you are leaving the house, turn the slow cooker on and voila! Hot, hearty stew when you get home at the end of the day. Lots of these gadgets come with cookbooks to make a wide variety of meals as well, none of which require a great deal of effort from the lazy or inexperienced chef. Second, expect the worst from your roommates. Living with roommates is an annoying, though often necessary evil that most of us have to go through at some point or another. My own personal experience with roommates has been less than enjoyable until I moved in with my girlfriend in May of this year. Don’t get me wrong. I know lots of people who developed strong friendships with their roommates that remain to this day. I’m just saying it’s not something you should expect. If you assume the worst and are lucky enough to get some great roommates, it will be a pleasant surprise. Third, do the dishes. Unless you are one of the few people lucky enough to have a dishwasher in

your first home, you will probably be doing dishes by hand. It’s important to do them every day so they don’t get out of hand. A good way to cut down on dirty dishes is not to bring full sets of dishes with you when you move. I remember when I first moved away from home, my grandfather told me to take one plate, one bowl, one spoon, one cup... etc. I thought he was joking. It turned out to be the best advice I never took. Instead, I took a full set of dishes and so did my three roommates. The end result was that no one did dishes because there were always clean ones in the cupboards - that is until there were enough dirty dishes to cover every surface in the kitchen. It was pretty gross. Doing dishes every day will help you get along with roommates too. Something like 90% of the fights I had with my roommates were over doing dishes. While it seems a small thing, you would be surprised how much stress can be caused over dishes. So if you have a dishwasher, start counting your lucky stars.


8 Lacombe Express


‘Summer Sundays in the Park’ – runs Sept. 1 from 2 to 4 p.m. on the Bower Ponds stage in Red Deer, featuring award-winning multi-instrumental duo PEAR. They will be here to grace the stage with their dynamic and high energy blend of country, pop and roots music. An opening reception for featured artist Sandra Bingeman runs Sept. 7 at the Gallery on Main, from 5 to 9 p.m. Join us here at the Gallery to meet Sandra and enjoy a social evening. The Lacombe Legion has bingo on Mondays at 7 p.m. in the upstairs hall. Coffee time runs Wednesdays from 9:30-11 a.m. ($2 for coffee, tea and cookies). On Fridays, there are four meat draws and tickets are $2/set of three tickets. Draw starts at 6:30 p.m. On Saturdays, there are four meat draws which start at 4:30 p.m. Chase the ace starts after meat draws. Jack Connors teaches a yoga class at Canadian University College and will be restarting his classes in September after the long weekend. For more information, class schedules and locations visit facebook. com/YogaWithJack. The schedule for September-October is Sunday 7-8 p.m.; TuesdayThursday 9-10 p.m. Hot yoga at Dancer’s Edge in Lacombe; Wedesday - 9-10 p.m. hot yoga at Dancer’s Edge in Blackfalds and finally Monday-Wednesday from 6:45 to 7:45 p.m. with GetFit Fitness in the Canadian University College Gym. New to Lacombe? Contact Lacombe Welcome Wagon at 403-348-9567 for free maps, information about the City and area, as well as free gifts from local businesses. New baby in the family? Contact Lacombe Welcome Wagon at 403-3489567 for free information, baby product samples as well as free gifts from local businesses. Youth Unlimited Drop-in Activites every Tuesday and Thursday, for ages 12 and up. Movies, crafts, games, and more! It costs $2/

Thursday, August 29, 2013

These events brought to you by:


Your weekly Community Events Calendar

night or $50 $50/season (JuneSeptember). Last Thursday of September) the month is girls only. Hours are 6 to 9 p.m. and activities run at the YU-Turn Youth Centre.

Daily historic walking tours run at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The tours, which explore downtown Lacombe, last about 45 minutes each. They start at the Michener House Museum and ending at the Flatiron building. Adults $10, children 16 and under are free. Daily tours are available seven days a week, all summer. To book a private tour, group/ school/camp tour, or for more information call us at either 403-755-6935 or 403-782-3933.

nutritious meals for anyone interested. It runs at Bethel Christian Reformed Church. Harvest Festival at the ReynoldsAlberta Museum on Aug. 31 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The farm machinery is humming and the ovens are hot, so bring the whole family and celebrate the historic sights, sounds and smells of bringing in the harvest! Plowing, threshing and binding are just a few of the fieldwork demonstrations, along with other displays, such as stooking, grinding grain, flailing, and winnowing. The museum is located at 6426 - 40 Ave. in Wetaskiwin.

you will be welcomed. Experience the joyful sound of four-part harmony with a group of wonderful women. For more information, call Nancy at 403-357-8240, or our director, Sheryl @403-7424218 or check out our web site at Coffee Time at the Lacombe Legion runs every Wednesday morning. Come join us for coffee. $2. Gatherings run from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Lacombe Legion. Old-time dances run at the Red Deer Legion every Wednesday evening. Smorg at 5 p.m. with dance at 7:30 p.m. Cover charge $6. Country music runs


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Lacombe Writers Group meet every two weeks, on Mondays. Gentle and encouraging group with writers of all different genres. Call 403-885-4251 for more information. Drop in Pool Tournament run every Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. at the Lacombe Hotel. Youth Unlimited Road Hockey for boys ages nine and up outside the Youth Unlimited Building (YU-Turn). $2/night or $50/ season. Aug. 1 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the YU-Turn Youth Center. Lacombe Farmers Market runs every Friday morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Michener Park across from the golf course on Hwy 12. Every Friday morning there will be vegetables, fruit, homemade baking and bread, crafts, jewelery, birdhouses, bedding plants, meats and more. Call 403-7824772 for more information. Circle of Friends - free weekly supper for the community,

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Band of Brothers - Band of Brothers challenges men to an adventure: reclaiming their hearts to God. It is a chance for men to be real about life and faith in a confidential and informal setting. They meet Monday evenings at the Youth Unlimited building located in downtown Lacombe. Taoist Tai Chi - a relaxing, low impact exercise; continuing classes year round, for those who have completed beginners or have learned Taoist Tai Chi before. Participate in classes of your choice. Available in Red Deer, Lacombe, Rocky Mountain House, and Innisfail. Contact 403-3466772 for more information. Love to sing? Hearts of Harmony, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, is an a cappella chorus for Central Alberta women of all ages who love to sing and harmonize. Rehearsals are Monday nights from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Davenport Church of Christ (68 Donlevy Ave.) in Red Deer. Join us any Monday night,

Friday and Saturday evenings 7 to 11 p.m. 403-342-0035. ‘Country Gospel in the Park’ Music Weekend is planned for Sept. 6-8 at Blackfalds All Star Park. This event is hosted by Blackfalds United Church. Scheduled performances start on Friday night at 5 p.m. and a Church service goes on Sunday at 9 a.m. Performances are in a heated tent (bring your lawn chairs) and food is available on site. Performers include Visions Country Gospel, Ben Kellert, Freedom Seekers, The Lamontagnes, The Tapleys, Re Newed, R&J, Three and Company, Potters Clay, New Song Band, CJ Berube, Generations, Ron Fengstad, Gospel 792, Casual Country, Davina & Friends, Stewart Family Band, Gospel Trubadors, Victoria Street . $30 for a weekend pass. Day passes are also available. For more information contact John 885-4857, Moe 357-6678 or Jim 391-1397 or on-line at www. or

Looking for a stress-buster for clients, employees and friends? How about an evening of non-stop laughs, buffet dinner and drinks with great prizes? Three world-acclaimed - HBO and Comedy Central - standup comedians are set to take the stage at the Red Deer & District SPCA Raise the Woof event Sept. 14 at the Red Deer Curling Centre. It will be a howling good time! There will be a cash bar, buffet dinner and great prizes! Tickets available at the Black Knight Inn Ticket Centre. For more information, go to Fred Penner Concert - renowned children’s entertainer will be performing on Sept. 26, 6:30 pm at St. Andrew’s United Church in Lacombe. Tickets are $16 and available at the church office (403-782-3148) or the Flatiron Museum at 5005 - 50 St. Lacombe (403-755-6935). Sponsored by St. Andrew’s United Church. Profits from this concert will go to Caring for Children fund in Lacombe.


TOPS - Take off pounds sensibly. Meetings run at the Clive Christian Fellowship Church - 9 - 10:30 a.m. starting Aug. 29th. W.H.O.L.E. - Widows Helping Others Live Earnestly. W.H.O.L.E. can help you adjust to your loss, to channel your grief into helping others who are struggling with loss, and to help you gain perspective as a person who has a new role to be fulfilled. It’s about widow-to-widow interaction and socialization. It’s about being able to express the pain and confusion that comes with loss, as well as the encouragement and friendship to help you once again live a life filled with meaning and purpose. There are no councillors present, only a facilitator to help keep conversations moving. W.H.O.L.E meets monthly and is open to widows of all ages. Space is limited, so please phone to book a spot. Are you having problems with someone else’s drinking? We are an anonymous group of men and women who can offer encouragement and support. Call Al-Anon Family groups at 403-346-0320 for a list of meetings in the area.

Lacombe Express 9

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Councils approve Regional Transit proposal BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express By a narrow margin, Lacombe City council has voted to move forward with the Regional Transit proposal that would see bus service between Lacombe and Red Deer through Blackfalds. After much debate and discussion at its Aug. 26 meeting, council voted four to three in favour of formalizing an agreement between Blackfalds and Red Deer in order to make a regional transit service a reality. Capital funding for the project is estimated at $900,000 and would be used to purchase two buses. City of Red Deer has obtained funds from the Green Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP) that would be used to cover $600,000 of this cost. The remaining $300,000 would be split between Lacombe and Blackfalds at $150,000 each. Red Deer will retain ownership of the buses and will provide all maintenance and staffing needs. Red Deer Transit will administer the regional service at an estimated $104 per hour. Guy Lapointe, community and economic development manager for the City of Lacombe, added that these costs did not include funding necessary for further transit infrastructure such as benches, bus shelters or signage. Lapointe said that at start up, such infrastructure would amount to an estimated

Ballet to Street Jazz Contemporary to Zumba Preschool to Adult Unbeatable Prices

$70,000 for 10 stops within Lacombe at $700 each. However, Lapointe also said there might be an opportunity to piggyback on agreement between Red Deer and an advertising agency to build stops at no cost in exchange for the exclusive rights to advertise on them. Other additional costs to the program include a forecasted 59/41 cost share between Lacombe and Blackfalds for variable operating costs, additional fares required for connections within Red Deer and a $50,000 annual fleet replacement feet, split between Lacombe and Blackfalds at $25,000 each. After seeing the costs that Lacombe would have to front in order to make such a service a reality, Councillor Reuben Konnik expressed his concern that the cost would to great. “When this first came out I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt,” said Konnik. “We always knew there was going to be an operating cost to this and until I saw those numbers I was going to reserve judgment on this. Having seen the numbers though, quite frankly, I shudder at these numbers a bit.” Konnik added that he felt too few Lacombians would take advantage of the service to warrant that cost. “I can’t support this, it’s too much money, it’s way too much money,” said Konnik. Councillor Grant

A at Jazz Dance Studio Inc.

“WE ALWAYS KNEW THERE WAS GOING TO BE AN OPERATING COST TO THIS AND UNTIL I SAW THOSE NUMBERS I WAS GOING TO RESERVE JUDGMENT ON THIS. HAVING SEEN THE NUMBERS THOUGH, QUITE FRANKLY, I SHUDDER AT THESE NUMBERS A BIT.” REUBEN KONNIK Creasey shared Konnik’s concerns. “This is a very hard pill to swallow,” said Creasey. “I just don’t see this being at all viable in any way, shape or form.” Creasey added he would rather see a transit service within the City of Lacombe before a regional transit partnership. Councillor Outi Kite disagreed. She said that she sees the proposed agreement as a way for youth to obtain employment in Red Deer, make it easier for seniors to do shopping and for student to commute. “I only see positives,” said Kite. Councillor Wayne Rempel agreed. “I think this is something that people are looking for,” said Rempel. He added that he believed the bus service would see more and more use as more people realized the advantages of it. Coucillor Ian Foster agreed that the costs are great, but also said he has no problem supporting the project if the benefits are worth it. “I am not against the investment if it makes sense,” said Foster. He

Registration Dates: Registration Date: August 28 3:30 - 7:00 September 4 September 3:30 - 7:00 3:30 4- 7:00

5029 - 56 A St. Lacombe

added that he was not sure if that investment was justified with Lacombe’s current population. He also said he thought Blackfalds would be getting much more benefit out of the agreement than Lacombe. Chief Administrative Officer Norma MacQuarrie commented that, if this is a service Lacombe wants to provide for its citizens, the only way to provide it is to partner with other communities in the region. “I don’t believe Lacombe is of a size to accomplish this independently,” said MacQuarrie. “But regionally there is the opportunity to spread this across two municipalities.” Lacombe Mayor Steve Christie stated his staunch support of the region-

al transit proposal and seemed disappointed that there was not more support from the other members of council. “I have had nothing, nothing but pressure from a lot of different groups of people to see this happen,” said Christie. He said administration had looked into every other option in regard to a regional transit service, that it is clearly too expensive for Lacombe to accomplish on its own and that Lacombe may see some benefits from citizens of Red Deer and Blackfalds coming to Lacombe as well. When it came to the vote, Creasey asked that it be recorded. That vote passed four to three, with Christie and Councillor Peter Bouwsema, Kite and Rempel voting for and Creasey, Konnik and Foster voting against. On the other hand, Blackfalds had much less debate on the same proposal when it came to their regular council meeting on Aug. 27. Those few councillors who did speak on the proposal




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showed nothing but support for it and the motion to formalize the agreement was carried unanimously. In a joint press release from the City of Lacombe and Town of Blackfalds, Blackfalds Mayor Melodie Stol said that this service provides opportunities for commuters, students and seniors. She added she is very happy to see this longterm desire come to realization. “Blackfalds Town council is very excited about this new service,” said Stol. “Regional transit has been discussed for over six years – its very satisfying to see this dream come to fruition.” Christie agreed and praised all of the partners involved for excellent regional cooperation. “This partnership is a significant achievement and a great example of regional collaboration,” said Christie. Now that the partnership has been formalized, service is expected to commence in September 2014.

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10 Lacombe Express

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lacombe students benefit from Tools for School campaign BY KIRSTEN PALARDY Lacombe Express Most parents with school-age children have been stocking up on supplies for almost a month already, but there are those parents who simply can’t afford to do so. Having the proper supplies heading back to school can make a world of difference in a child’s learning experience as well as impact their confidence heading into the school year. For these students and their parents, for the ones who can’t afford to buy their own supplies or simply are need a helping hand, there is Tools for School. Lacombe and District Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) aims to help these families through the Tools for School program by collecting and distributing the proper school supplies to them. Volunteer services coordinator with FCSS, Jan Pocock, said the team of volunteers have been sim-

“IT’S SUCH A POSITIVE ENERGY IN THAT ROOM. THESE PEOPLE ARE WORKING TO FILL BACKPACKS KNOWING THAT THEY ARE CREATING OPPORTUNITIES AND EQUALITY FOR THESE CHILDREN TO START A NEW YEAR.” JAN POCOCK ply knee-deep in backpacks getting them ready for the school year. “It’s such a positive energy in that room. These people are working to fill backpacks knowing that they are creating opportunities and equality for these children to start a new year,” said Pocock. Through the months of July and August jars for collecting money were located at local grocery stores and drug stores. The money from these jars goes towards the Tools for School campaign. With all the fees associated with sending a child to school, back to school supplies are often just one extra cost that low-income families simply can’t add to their list. “Every child needs the same supplies, but the backpacks are built based

on their needs, school and grade.” She said it is important that the backpacks are not built to look alike, but that they are unique in some way. Children receiving these backpacks don’t want to be singled out for having a Tools for School backpack, they just want to fit in. “So that little Grade 1 student might get a special Spiderman backpack just like any one of his friends may have another character.” Items most needed include binders and backpacks and other smaller items like glue sticks, scissors, markers, crayons, pencils and erasers. Items for donation must be newly purchased. Today, Aug. 29, while people proceed with their day or head off to work, a group of volunteers will be

filling the backpacks to disperse to families. These backpacks will then be available for pickup to eligible families before the start of school on Aug. 30-31. In order for a family to qualify for the program they are required to provide a copy of their tax summary when they apply at FCSS. This is to ensure that the families and children who need back packs most receive them.

Many communities run their own Tools for School programs so that all children can return, or start, school feeling equal to their peers. These programs are highly successful and many have been running in excess of 10 years in many locations. The Tools for School program is run under the United Way umbrella and in 2012 supplied just over 9,700 backpacks to children in the province. In

Lacombe and District Pocock said they distributed 84 backpacks, and this year have already filled 80. “Donations, of course, are accepted year-round. We would definitely like more for breathing room, but we always seem to be able to make ends meet. School supplies just aren’t cheap.” For more information visit the FCSS web site at

PUBLIC NOTICE Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Hearing An objection has been made to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board against a decision made by the City of Lacombe Municipal Planning Commission on August 7, 2013, to approve a deck with a discretionary side yard variance at 5619 - 53 Avenue. PLACE OF HEARING: City Hall Council Chambers City of Lacombe Municipal Office 5432 56 Avenue, Lacombe TIME OF HEARING:

7 PM


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Any person affected by the proposed development may present a brief at the hearing. Written submissions should be presented to the Secretary of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, and must be received no later than 12:00 PM on Monday, September 9, 2013. Date of First Publication: August 29, 2013 Date of Second Publication: September 5, 2013

Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express


Bylaw 1161/13 Town of Blackfalds/ Lacombe County Intermunicipal Development Plan


he Town of Blackfalds Council wishes to advise the Public that it has given First Reading to Bylaw 1161/13 to adopt the updated Town of Blackfalds/Lacombe County Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) which promotes a cooperative approach to managing growth and development in the plan area shown in black. The IDP serves as a tool for coordinating future land uses and development between the two municipalities. It establishes a framework for the two municipalities to work together to address issues of mutual concern. The Intermunicipal Development Plan also helps guide decisions on how private and public lands are used and developed. It is the intention of Council to review Bylaw 1161/13 on September 10, 2013 at 7pm. Comments or concerns may be submitted to the Planning Department by September 4, 2013 or you may attend the Public Hearing and express your concerns. Bylaw 1161/13 may be reviewed on the Town website

For Information Contact: Secretary, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Phone: 403.782.6666

MOVE THIS WAY - Jack Connors teaches a yoga class at Canadian University College recently. Connors will be re-starting his classes in September after the long weekend.

5432 56th ave., lacombe 5432 56th ave., lacombe

For more information or comments, please contact Terry Topolnitsky, Planning and Development Manager @ 403-885-6237 or e-mail:

Lacombe Express 11

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New director of student services for Wolf Creek Janice Swanson has been appointed as the new Director of Student Services – ECS to Grade 6 for Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS). Most recently, Swanson has fulfilled the role of district psychologist with Wolf Creek Public Schools. Prior to this, she worked for Parkland School Division in a central office leadership position providing programming support for students with diverse learning needs, promoting inclusive practices and coordinating services. Swanson also has more than 20 years of teaching and counseling experience at all grade levels. She has a deep understanding of early learning and inclusionary practices and a breadth of knowledge and expertise in addressing the dynamic needs of all students, officials say. “I am very pleased to commit my skills, passion and knowledge to a school system that embraces excellence and values diversity,” said Swanson. “The director position provides an exciting opportunity to help create flourishing, fluid educational environments for students at developmental stages when specialized knowledge, skills and supports are especially critical. I look forward to collaborating with all staff, families and partners to support our students.” The Director of Student Services - ECS to Grade 6 is responsible for the leadership, management, and service delivery to support students with diverse learning needs primarily in ECS to Grade 6. This includes coordi-


nating speech, language, occupational and physical therapies, educational psychology services, interagency and other supports. Swanson will also work with WCPS students, teachers, administrators, families, division level personnel and external agencies to promote and support inclusive practices within the division.


“We are pleased to have Janice as a part of our Student Services team,” said Amber Hester, assistant superintendent. “She brings with her a skill set and knowledge base that will complement our division team as we support our schools as they program to ensure excellent learning environments for all students.” Swanson holds a Masters of Education degree in educational psychology from the University of Alberta and is a registered psychologist in the province of Alberta. Outside of work, Swanson enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and participating in a variety of outdoor activities. -Weber

VANDALISM - Blackfalds RCMP are asking for the public’s assistance identifying the person or people involved in an act of vandalism to the Iron Ridge Junior Campus School. On Aug. 20, Blackfalds RCMP responded to a complaint of vandalism done to doors of the school. Upon investigation, RCMP discovered that someone had spray painted skulls and phrases on three of the doors to the photo submitted school. Anyone with information is asked to contact Blackfalds RCMP at 403-885-3333.

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Saturday, Sept. 7, 8 am Ponoka Legion 3911 Hwy 2A


Non-restricted course and exam $120 Restricted Firearms exam available $80 Combined $180


This is the course you need to get your firearms license.

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To register call Guy 780-461-7686








12 Lacombe Express

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hantavirus case confirmed in Central Alberta Officials emphasize precautionary measures against sometimes fatal illness Following confirmation of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome in an individual from a rural community in Central Zone, Alberta Health Services is advising area residents, and all Albertans, to take simple precautions to protect themselves. “Because humans can be exposed to Hantavirus when the urine or feces of an infected rodent – such as a mouse – become airborne, anyone who disturbs areas of mice or mice droppings can be at risk,” says Dr. Ifeoma Achebe, medical officer of health – Central Zone. “It is essential that Albertans take precautions to protect themselves, and greatly reduce their risk of illness.” To safely clean mouse droppings, nests, or dead mice, observe these precautions: - Open doors and windows for ventilation, and

keep out of the area for at least 30 minutes prior to commencing clean up. - Wearing rubber gloves, thoroughly soak droppings, nests and dead mice with a bleach/water solution (one part bleach to nine parts water) or a household disinfectant.  Let the bleach water solution sit for five minutes.  - Never disturb any droppings, nests or dead mice, prior to soaking with this bleach solution.  - Mop up bleach-soaked droppings, nest and/or dead mice, or pick up with paper towels, and place them in a plastic bag. - Seal the bag and put in a garbage container with a tight fitting lid.  - Wash your gloves before removing, and then wash your hands.  Never vacuum or sweep droppings, nests or dead mice. This can create dust that can be inhaled. The

dust may contain Hantavirus. Albertans dealing with significant mouse infestations or with mouse infestations in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation should contact Health Link Alberta, at 1-866-408-5465, to discuss necessary special precautions. Although Hantavirus infection is rare, it can be fatal. Individuals infected with Hantavirus generally show symptoms one or two weeks after exposure, however symptoms have been known to appear up to five weeks after exposure. Initial symptoms resemble the flu, including fever, body aches, abdominal problems, but if Hantavirus is involved this can progress to severe trouble breathing. Anyone who develops difficulty breathing and has recently been in an area contaminated by ro-

dents should see a doctor immediately. “It is very important that anyone who has recently been in an area contaminated by mice and who has subsequently developed severe flu-like symptoms or difficulty breathing see a doctor immediately.” According to Alberta Health, deer mice surveys for hantavirus were done in Alberta around a decade ago. Between four and 23% of mice were positive. There was no correlation between the number of mice and the number of human cases. The only confirmed carrier of the Hantavirus in Alberta is the deer mouse (reddish-brown or in some cases grey, but always with white fur on the underside of the neck, belly, feet, and tail). However, it is possible that other rodents may carry the virus and it is not always easy to determine what kind of mouse one is exposed to (particularly when the only evidence is droppings). The virus does

not appear to have any effect on mice which carry it. The public should know

all rodents should be treated as potential carriers. -Weber

HEAVY LIFTING - Peter Schulze uses a backhoe to excaBrian Vossen/Lacombe Express vate a section of 50th Ave.

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Questions? Comments? Story Ideas? Let us know how we’re doing.

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Lacombe Express 13

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lacombe Express

deadline: Monday @ noon

CLASSIFIEDS To place an ad, call Toll Free: 1.877.223.3311 or email:

Announcements .................0005-0030 What’s Happening .............. 0049-0070 Garage Sales ........................0100-0650 Employment ........................ 0700-0920 Service Directory ................. 1000-1430


is Friday, AUGUST 30 @ 5 p.m. for the September 5 publication

E S TAT E S A L E For May Smith 3909 45th St., Ponoka Friday Aug. 30, 5:00 pm to Monday Sept. 2, 5:00 pm Large selection of household, collectables and antiques. Partial list: Miniature Crystals, large selection of dishes and glassware, housewares $5.00 per/box, Royal Copenhagen plates, piano, large collection of thimbles, ladies bike, 2003 Buick Century (76 km. very nice shape), dolls, flat screen TV, milk glass, outdoor fire place, books, beds, dressers, dining room suites (furniture is in very nice shape and 1950’s era). Many other items not listed.

Phone 780-682-3754 before the sale date for more info. Lost


LOST BICHON SHITZU! Could have been picked up from along hwy 2, NE of Linn Valley. Went missing the morning of the 22nd. Kira is black and white, 15 lbs, has a tattoo in her ear, very friendly & med. length hair. If anyone sees her or has her please please call 403-357-9748 or 403-391-3221. She has a medical condition that needs attention and we’re offering a huge reward.



COCAINE ANONYMOUS 403-304-1207 (Pager) R U A BRAT Classifieds...costs so little Saves you so much!



Congratulations on your new arrival can be placed here. Please call 403-782-5303


Employment #700 - #920 Caregivers/Aides................710 Clerical ..............................720 Computer Personnel ..........730 Dental ................................740 Estheticians........................750 Hair Stylists ........................760 Janitorial ............................770 Legal ..................................780 Medical ..............................790 Oilfield ................................800 Professionals......................810 Restaurant/Hotel ................820 Sales & Distributors ..........830 Teachers/Tutors..................840 Trades ................................850 Truckers/Drivers ................860 Business Opportunities......870 Miscellaneous ....................880 Volunteers Wanted ............890 Positions Wanted ..............895 Employment Training ........900 Career Planning ................920



Apply Now 403-755-8163 Recruiting Assistant Openings Outgoing & Incoming Calls. Basic Comp. Skills and Positive Attitude Necessary. $11/hr to start. F/T & P/T schedule.



$2500 Bonus Every 100 days IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Night Foremen, Day & Night Operators Must have H2S, First Aid, valid driver’s license. Pre-employment Drug screening Competitive Wages. Benefit Package Please submit resume with references to: or by fax to (403) 783-8004 Only individuals selected for interviews will be contacted



RATE ENERGY SERVICES INC., a growing Production Testing company, based out of Sylvan Lake, is currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

* Experienced Production Testing * Day Supervisors * Night Operators * Experienced Production Testing Assistants

Please specify position when replying to this ad.

RECEPTIONIST for Hygiene Department req’d. No exp. req’d. Reception & business admin. exp. an asset. Possibility of growth with-in the company. Please drop off resumes to Associate Dental, Attn. Corinne or fax 403-347-2133



LOCAL SERVICE CO. REQ’S EXP. VACUUM TRUCK OPERATOR Must have Class 3 licence w/air & all oilfield tickets. Fax resume w/drivers abstract to 403-886-4475



DENTURE LAB (full service) requires a F/T ASSISTANT/ If you are a team player TECHNICIAN to manufacture interested in the oil and dentures. Experience is gas industry, please preferred but will train if submit your resume, necessary. $23/hr depending current driver’s abstract on exp. Drop resume and current safety at Associates Dental certificates to the following: (attn. Trevor) or Fax 403-887-4750

Start your career! See Help Wanted Looking for a new pet? Check out Classifieds to find the purrfect pet.


Items to Buy/Sell ................. 1500-1940 Agricultural .......................... 2000-2210 For Rent ............................... 3000-3200 Wanted to Rent....................3250-3390 Real Estate ...........................4000-4190

We would like to thank all those candidates who apply, however only qualified personnel will be contacted.

URS FLINT TUBULAR MANAGEMENT SERVICES requires Tubing Inspection operator, manual lathe operator, and Shop & Yard Laborers. Exp. an asset but will train to suit. Competitive wages and benefits. Apply w/resume to: 4115 Henry St. (Blindman Industrial Park)

WELL TESTING: Supervisors Night Operators Operators • • • •


Must have class 5 Q endorsement license, please provide drivers abstract as well as valid oilfield tickets. Drop off resumes at 7889 49 Ave. Red Deer.


Day Supervisors (5- 10yrs experience)

Night Supervisors (2-4yrs experience)

JOIN OUR FAST GROWING TEAM!! Competitive Wages, Benefits, Retirement and Saving Plan!

Please email resume with current driver’s abstract to: • Under Career Opportunities •


* No cancellations, refunds or exchanges. Please read your ad the first day it appears. We will accept responsibility for 1 insertion only.


Have current Safety certificates including H2S Be prepared to work in remote locations for extended periods of time Must be physically fit Competitive wages, benefits and RRSP offered

HYDROTESTORS 2000 is currently taking resumes for

Open House Directory ....... 4200-4310 Financial ..............................4400-4430 Transportation .................... 5000-5240 Legal/Public Notices .........6000-9000

• • • • •



Restaurant/ Hotel


LOOKING for exp’d waitress with liquor license, p/t QUALIFICATIONS: or f/t . Apply in person with resume to #35 6320-50 Must be able to Ave. Red Deer Provide own work truck Leadership and SuperCelebrate your life visory skills- mentor with a Classified and train crew ANNOUNCEMENT Strong Computer Skills Operate 5000psi 10,000 psi (sweet and Sour wells) Collect Data - pressure, Trades rates, temperatures Assist in Rig in and Rig out of equipment Travel to and from locations across Western Canada



APPLY NOW Valid 1st Aid, H2S, Driver’s License required! NOW HIRING • Must be willing to G.M. Tech or ASEP. submit pre access fit With good communications for duty test, as well as skill and work ethics drug and alcohol LOOKING FOR • Travel & be away from to work with award winning EXP’D Boiler Operators G.M. dealership in home for periods of time 21/7 with tickets for work in Lacombe Alberta. • Ability to work in Central Alberta and Good hrs & bonus. for changing climate Northeastern BC. Submit production. conditions resumes to Training provided . Apply to confidential website: email: Methods to Apply: HRCanada@ ARROW ARC WELDING pnieman@ is looking for WELDING APPRENTICE NOW HIRING IN THE Your application will be FOLLOWING POSITIONS LOCATED BY Gull Lake. kept strictly confidential. ROUGHNECK & Phone Brian 403-318-6760 DERRICK HAND

TEAM Snubbing Services now hiring experienced operators Email: janderson@ fax 403-844-2148

Something for Everyone Everyday in Classifieds

Busy road construction company looking for PRODUCTION TESTING SUPERVISORS & OPERATORS Day & Night Must have tickets. Top paid wages. Based out of Devon, AB. Email resume to:


Equipment Operators, Class 1 Drivers, Directional Drillers, Locators and Labourers required immediately. Qualified candidates should have a positive work ethic and PRODUCTION TESTING must possess a valid SUPERVISORS driver’s license. & OPERATORS Email:careers@ Day & Night or Fax Must have tickets. 780-960-2927.We offer Top paid wages. competitive wages and are Based out of Devon, AB. committed to maintaining a Email resume to: positive and safe work environment.

Experience preferred but willing to train the right person **MUST HAVE VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE, H2S AND FIRST AID.** ** MUST BE ABLE TO PASS PRE-EMPLOYMENT TESTING** If interested please fax your resume to 403-652-7060 or call Jeff at 403-336-4945


FINISHING HOE & DOZER OPERATORS Minimum 5 yrs. exp, work 7 days a week at least 12 hrs. a day, overtime and subsided pay. Please Fax: resume to 403-309-1944 or email to:

FIELD SERVICE MECHANIC - Gas Pro Compression packages & services single well gas compressors. We are currently looking for a field service mechanic. Preference will be given to licensed technicians with relevant experience. Apprentices will be considered. Successful candidate must possess strong work ethic. Please fax resumes to 403-443-5288, apply in person at 227, 17th Ave N. Three Hills, AB or email to:

JOIN OUR TEAM! Independent Paint & Body and/or Fix Auto Collision is currently accepting resumes for experienced Prepper or Painter. Apply with resume to 7453 - 50 Ave Red Deer, AB or email resume to

LOCAL renovation company looking for experienced worker and or apprentice. Must have transportation. Must have common sense and pride in work. Preference to someone from Saskatchewan or parents from Saskatchewan. 403-588-8163

LOCAL renovation company looking for experienced worker and or apprentice. Must have common sense and pride in work. Preference to anyone from Saskatchewan or parents from Saskatchewan. Must have transportation. Call 403-588-8163

Western Masonry Structures F/T bricklayers and Stone Layers. Must have own transportation. Fax resume to 403-340-0762 or email resume to

14 Lacombe Express Trades


Petrofield Industries is accepting resumes for: Assembly Department: Industrial Painters, Electrical Technicians; and Labourers. Our Company has an enthusiastic, fast paced working environment with advancement for motivated individuals, and an excellent benefit package. Please forward resume to hr@ or Fax 403 742-5544

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Truckers/ Drivers


DRIVERS for furniture moving company, class 5 required (5 tons), local & long distance. Competitive wages. Apply in person. 6630 71 St. Bay 7 Red Deer. 403-347-8841 Eagle Builders, LP. a concrete precast company based out of Blackfalds, AB, is currently looking for an

exp’d class 1 driver.

All applicants must be willing to work long hours (60+/-) and be dedicated due to a demanding delivery schedule. Duties would include hauling aggregate 2 days per week from Lacombe to Blackfalds. The remainder of the week would be spent hauling various concrete products to other locations. Must have a minimum of 5 years experience and provide a 5 year drivers abstract. Wage will Petrofield Industries, be based on experience, a Division of Empire Iron attitude and willingness to Works Ltd., is looking for commit to long term someone with construction employment. Please fax experience, as well as resume to 403 885 5516 someone with Aluminum attn: Craig, or email to welding experience; mostly MIG, but occasional TIG. Willing to train if candidate All candidates considered to be invited for an has related basic skills or interview will be contacted experience. Wages would directly. All other resumes be commensurate with will be kept on file for experience/skills. Our future consideration. Company has an enthusiastic, fast paced working environment with F/T TRUCK drivers req’d. advancement for motivated Minimum Class 5 with air individuals, and an and clean abstract. Exp. excellent benefit package. preferred. In person to Key Email thowarth@ Towing 4083-78 St. Cres. Red Deer. 403-742-5544. See http://www.tornadotrucks. RONCO OILFIELD HAULING com for what we build. Sylvan Lake. Openings for winch tractor, bed truck SHOP FOREMAN drivers and swamper’s. Pressure Piping & Steel Top wages and benefits. fabrication shop Email resume tom@ Only experience personnel need apply or fax. 403-887-4892 -Journeyman Pipefitter preferred -Must be able to organize RONCO OILFIELD HAULING men and projects Sylvan Lake. Openings for -Background & experience winch tractor, bed truck with Acorn Piping program drivers and swamper’s. Understanding and Top wages and benefits. implementation of QC for Email resume tom@ structural & Piping -Oversee all material or fax. 403-887-4892 ordering, handling & receiving -Competitive Wage & Misc. Benefits Please apply to info@ Help or fax 403-340-3471 ARE YOU AN AMATEUR COMEDIAN looking to test out your material? (kid friendly) We have a main stage spot for you at a local festival. Please email Well established manufacturing shop is looking for a DISPATCHER req’d. 4th Year Apprentice Knowledge of Red Deer or Journeyman HET and area is essential. to diagnose/repair Verbal and written Hydrovac Trucks, forklifts, communication skills are and shop vehicles, as well req’d. Send resume by fax as test newly built trucks. to 403-346-0295 Candidate to possess good organizational skills, Eagle Builders, LP. based troubleshooting abilities, out of Blackfalds, Ab. and be able to communirequires a hard working, cate effectively with motivated individual customers. Our Company to fill full-time position at has an enthusiastic, fast our company. Must be paced working environphysically fit as this ment with an excellent labourer position requires benefit package. Wage constant heavy lifting and would be commensurate involves fast paced, on the with experience/skills. job training. Must also be Please forward resume to able to travel. All meals or Fax and hotel expenses are 403-742-5544. paid when out of town. Applicant must have reliable transportation to Truckers/ and from work and a valid Drivers class 5 driver’s license. Construction experience an asset. Full benefits provided. Starting wages based on experience. Fax resumes to 403 885 5516 attn: Eric or e-mail at installation@ CLASS 1drivers req’d for We thank all applicants for their road construction. Truck applications, but only and pup exp. Living allowthose selected for an ance incld. Fax interview will be contacted. 403-309-0489



Misc. Help


EMF NUTRITION is looking to fill a

CLASS 1 DRIVER POSITION Straight dayshift Monday to Friday, home every night. Full benefits after 3 months. Please submit your resume and drivers abstract to one of the following: Fax: 403-341-3144, Email: mike.hesketh or you can drop off at 4747 60 St. Red Deer, AB

GRAYSON EXCAVATING LTD. requires experienced foremen, pipelayers, equipment operators, Class 1 drivers, topmen and general labourers for installation of deep utilities (water and sewer). Fax resume to (403)782-6846 or e-mail to: info@

KAUNS Seed Farm Now hiring for full time/part time position. Applicant must have Ag experience. Duties would include Seed Plant, Farm Equipment, and Truck Operation. Must have Class 1 license. Seed Cleaning experience would be an asset. Phone 403-886-4562 or David 403-350-2555, or Mark 403-340-9203

LOOKING for laborers and flaggers for road construction. Fax 403-309-0489

Looking for reliable newspaper carrier for 1 day per week delivery of the Central Alberta Life in the town of INNISFAIL Packages come ready for delivery. No collecting. Contact Quitcy at 403-314-4316

NEWSPAPER CARRIERS REQUIRED For afternoon delivery once per week In the towns of:

Misc. Help


NEWSPAPER CARRIERS REQUIRED To deliver the SYLVAN LAKE NEWS & CENTRAL AB LIFE 1 day a week. Please call Debbie at 403-314-4307 Precast Concrete Plant in Blackfalds, AB, is looking for new team members to join an enthusiastic and rapidly expanding company.

General labourers are needed to do framing, cleaning, reinforcing, pouring and other precast related jobs. All applicants must be flexible for hours and dedicated due to a demanding production schedule. Benefits are paid and lots of overtime. Own transportation to work is needed. Please fax resume to 403 885 5516 or email to k.kooiker@ We thank all applicants for their applications, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Business Services #1000 - #1430

Accounting .......................... 1010 Acupuncture........................1020 Advocate/Mediation ............1025 Antique Dealers & Stores ...1027 Automotive ..........................1029 Bands & DJ s ......................1030 Beauty/Cosmetic ................1040 Bookkeeping .......................1050 Cabinet Makers...................1054 Child Care/Caregivers.........1060 Carpentry............................1062 Car Rentals .........................1064 Cat Work .............................1065 Cleaning .............................1070 Clerical................................1080 Construction .......................1085 Consulting...........................1090 Contractors ......................... 1100 Computer Services ..............1110 Drafting & Design................ 1120 Eavestroughing ................... 1130 Educational ......................... 1140 Electrical ............................. 1150 Entertainment ..................... 1160 Escorts................................ 1165 Farm Equipment ................. 1168 Financial ............................. 1170 Fireplaces ........................... 1175 Flooring............................... 1180 Food/Catering ..................... 1190 Furnace Cleaning ............... 1193 Glass Shops ....................... 1196 Mobile Glass Shops............ 1197 Handyman Services ...........1200 Health Care......................... 1210 Income Tax .........................1220 Insurance ............................ 1130 Landscaping .......................1240 Land Mapping .....................1250 Legal Services ....................1260 Limousine Services ............1270 Massage Therapy ...............1280 Mechanical .........................1285 Misc. Services ....................1290 Moving & Storage ...............1300 Oilfield .................................1305 Painters/Decorators ............ 1310 Personal Services ............... 1315 Pet Services ....................... 1318 Photography .......................1320 Plumbing & Heating ............1330 Printing................................1335 Rental - Equipment .............1340 Rental - Misc .......................1350 Repair Service ....................1360 Roofing ...............................1370 Snow Removal....................1380 Travel ..................................1385 Upholstery ..........................1390 Well Drilling ........................1400 Welding ............................... 1410 Window Cleaning ................1420 Yard Care ............................1430



BLACK CAT CONCRETE Garage/patios/rv pads sidewalks/driveways Dean 403-505-2542

CONCRETE??? Blackfalds Lacombe Ponoka Stettler Call Rick for more info 403-314-4303



CLEANING SERVICES Specializing in eaves trough cleaning, window cleaning & gentle washing of vinyl siding. Pricing packages available. Free quotes, senior discounts. 403-506-4822

Handyman Services


GREYSTONE Handyman Services. Reasonable rates. Ron, 403-396-6089

Massage Therapy


Executive Touch Massage (newly reno’d) (FOR MEN)STUDIO 5003A-50 st. Downtown 9 am - 6 pm. Mon. - Fri. 403-348-5650

Misc. Services


5* JUNK REMOVAL Property clean up 340-8666

Moving & Storage



Painters/ Decorators


JG PAINTING, 25 yrs. exp. Free Est. 403-872-8888

Building Supplies


DISCOUNTED VINYL FENCE - 8’ section w/post & Cap. Limited amount on hand. 86 section privacy 68” high tan; 60 section privacy 68” high, white; 72 section, privacy 56” high w/12” accent top, white; 56 section concave picket fence 4’ high, tan; 60 section privacy, 5’ high, clay color; skit of 120, 2’x4”x12’ blank rails, white. Call 403-347-3455

Farmers' Market


BLACK DRESSER SET, 3 piece. $200. Excellent condition. (403)872-2411

Misc. for Sale


6 CORRELL dinner plates $10; old meat platter $6; crystal fruit bowl $15; small microwave oven $8 403-346-2231

FRESH LIQUID HONEY $2.75/LB. Bring your own containers. 403-227-2719 or 227-0092 INNISFAIL To book your appointment. Tours also avail. Look for us at Red Deer Farmers Market Wed & Sat & Innisfail Market Thurs! Also look in local grocer. RED mammoth raspberries, Evans sour cherries




FIREWOOD. Pine, Spruce, Poplar. Can deliver 1-4 cords. 403-844-0227

We’ll do it all... Call E.J. Construction Jim 403-358-8197 or Ron 403-318-3804


RMD RENOVATIONS Bsmt’s, flooring, decks, etc. Call Roger 403-348-1060

Now Offering Hotter, Cleaner BC Birch. All Types. P.U. / del. Lyle 403-783-2275

Semi loads of pine, spruce, tamarack, poplar. Price depends on location. Lil Mule Logging RICK’S 30 yrs., ref’s: taping 403-318-4346 paint, texture 403-864-6540


2290 CASE TRACTOR Good running order. 5300 hours. $10,000 obo. Or trade for cattle 403-556-2954

Farm Custom Work


3 -5 MONTH OLD MALE KITTENS good for farm or house cats. Completely litter trained, socialized & taught to hunt by their mom. Need to find good homes as soon as possible. 1 Leopard spotted orange, 1 tiger strip orange, 1 orange. Free to loving home. 403-782-3130 3 WILD SAVAGE BEAUTIFUL KITTENS. 21 bright orange males, 1 long haired black & gold female. Free to good home. Need to be tamed. 403-782-3130 SIAMESE (1), (1) Balinese (3) BURMAN kittens. $40/ea. 403-887-3649



BERNESE Mountain Dog Plot Hound Mix, 15 mos. FREE to good home only. 403-887-2119

Buit custom services 3 trucks, Bunning vertical beaters. JD 544 loader 403-588-1146


Farm Equipment ..............2010 Haying Equipment ............2020 Tractors ............................2030 Combines & Headers ......2040 Fertilizer Equipment..........2050 Misc. Farm Machinery ......2060 Equipment Wanted ..........2070 Farm Custom Work ..........2080 Farm Auctions ..................2090 Livestock ..........................2100 Livestock - Exotic..............2110 Sheep ..............................2120 Poultry ..............................2130 Horses ..............................2140 Horse Boarding ................2150 Riding Supplies ................2160 Horse/Stock Trailers ........2170 Pasture Wanted ................2180 Grain, Feed, Hay ..............2190 Seed Grain ......................2200 Seeding & Tillage ............2210

Farm Equipment


MH751 PULL TYPE COMBINE, always shedded, in good order $1000 403-784-3507 STEEL GRAIN BINS ON WOOD FLOORS $1000-$5000. 403-887-5646 TO RENT HAWKUS Quik pick custom bale hauling, custom haul, 16 bale mover 403-588-1146


16 YR. old QH Sorrel gelding, 15.2, very well broke, neck reins, backs up, spins, rode down roads, real nice horse. $3000. 403-783-4943


1 LIGHT industrial bay 1143 sq. ft., one 10 x 12 overhead door, one man door, concrete floor/walls, located Northland Business Center. $1450/mo. Call Cathy 403-318-2992

Real Estate #4000 - #4190

Realtors & Services..........4010 Houses for Sale................4020 Houses Wanted ................4030 Condos/Townhouses ........4040 Acreages ..........................4050 Acreages Wanted ............4060 Farms/Land ......................4070 Farms/Land Wanted ........4080 Manufactured/ Mobile Homes ..................4090 Income Property ..............4100 Commercial Property ......4110 Industrial Property ............4120 Cottages/Resort Property ..4130 Businesses for Sale..........4140 Buildings for Sale ............4150 Lots for Sale ....................4160 Out of Town Property ......4170 Investment Opportunities ..4180 Mortgages Bought/Sold....4190

Houses For Sale


30 inch registered miniature mare with Pinto filly, $1500 403-227-2680 WANTED: all types of horses. Processing locally in Lacombe weekly. 403-651-5912

Grain, Feed Hay


1790 SQ. FT. BUNGALOW, Re-done in Rosedale. Reduced, $458,000. Call Century 21 Dan Wind 403-341-0294

ROUND bales, Alfalfa Timothy Brome mix, $50/bale; Clover Alfalfa Timothy mix $40/bale 780-975-3313

Seed Grain


CERTIFIED NORSTAR WINTER WHEAT Lyster Farms Ltd. 403-742-4456, Stettler AB

Houses/ Duplexes Agricultural #2000 - #2290

Warehouse Space



Homestead Firewood Spruce, Pine, Spilt, Dry. 7 days/wk. 403-304-6472


BRUTE 6.5 Quantrum self propelled lawn mower w/bag $125; Sylvania CUSTOM HEAVY DISCING Hay & Pasture Land snow thrower 9 amps, 16” Subsoiling & Scraper Work wide $50 403-358-7678 Equipment Rentals Call Field 403-506-0592 LEATHER recliner for motorhome, like new, $30 MANURE SPREADERS obo 403-343-3160 FOR RENT, 3 Bunning manure spreaders, THREE 80 L. garbage bar- 3 different sizes, vertical rels with lids, never used beaters, custom corral $40; set of folding legs for cleaning with bunning table $20 403-309-1737 spreaders on truck, Phone 403-588-4787 Contact Lawrence Buit 403-588-1146


NIXON HONEY FARM Limited time offer!


Household Furnishings


Drive a little save a lot Brand new Laebon home in Sylvan Lake. Many stunning features, 3 bdrms, 2 baths, 1,342 sq.ft. $363,300 Call Jennifer 403.392.6841

ALIX 3 bdrms. & full bath on main floor, partially developed. basement. w/1 finished room & full bath. Fenced-in back yard. N/S, no pets. Call 403-823-0051 RIMBEY, 4 bdrm. 1/2 duplex 2 bath, big living rm., lrg. kitchen, lots of storage, family rm., cold rm., deck, big yard, close to schools & shopping. Avail. Oct. 1st or earlier. $1000 rent/d.d. + utils. 403-843-3684


Open concept floor plan, stainless steel appliances, 2 bdrms, 2 baths all for under $300,000. Call Jennifer 403.392.6841


1 BDRM. apt. across from hospital, 3rd flr. balcony, Avail. Now. $780./mo. no pets 403-877-3323 ONE bdrm. ADULT only apt. close to college, $780/mo., avail. immed. no pets 403-877-3323 SPACIOUS new 2 bdrm. apartment 15 minutes out of Red Deer, $1350, all appls, horse facility avail. 403-342-1413

Roommates Wanted

Live in Beacon Hill...


ACREAGE Home to share N/S, within 5 mins. of RD $425+ , 403-357-9352

Modern New Laebon Home 2 bdrms, 2 baths, stainless steel appliances, open concept floor plan. Call Chris 403.392.7118 PINE LAKE, AB. New home in gated community on golf course overlooking lake. Open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, chefs kitchen, fully dev. bsmt, master suite has fireplace, ensuite. Golf course, clubhouse and pool outside your door. Vendor may take trades or carry financing. Bill or Glen 780-482-5273 or email

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Houses For Sale


RIMBEY, INVESTMENT PROPERTY, Full duplex. 4 bdrm., 2 bath, each side. Decks & more. On large lot in residential area. Close to schools & shopping. Has been renovated. Asking $325,000 obo. 403-843-3684 No Agents Please. Tired of Standing? Find something to sit on in Classifieds

Farms/ Land


LAND FOR SALE - Central AB. 1 km off Hwy 12. SW21-40-23-W4. Natural subdivision, creek, oil revenue. Call 403-747-2168

LAND FOR SALE - Central AB. Power & well. SE24-40-24-W4. Oil revenue. 1 km off Hwy 12. Call 403-747-2168


Manufactured Homes

WOW. Brand New Home in Timberstone with many stunning features. Open concept, tray ceilings, 3 bdrm, 2 baths $426,100. Call Chris 403-392-7118

Looking for a place to live? Take a tour through the CLASSIFIEDS


1997 MODULINE INDUSTRIES 16x80. $49,500. Call for photo’s. 403-358-8933

Lots For Sale


Pinnacle Estates (Blackfalds) You build or bring your own builder. Terms avail. 403-304-5555

Antique & Classic Autos

CELEBRATIONS HAPPEN EVERY DAY IN CLASSIFIEDS Tired of Standing? Find something to sit on in Classifieds








Auto Wreckers


RED’S AUTO. Free Scrap Vehicle & Metal Removal. AMVIC APPROVED. We travel. May pay cash for vehicle. 403-396-7519

1997 HONDA, 5 spd., 2 dr., very clean. 403-318-3040

Vehicles Wanted To Buy

1994 FORD T-Bird, 2 dr., loaded. clean. 352-6995



2001 CHEV BLAZER 4x4. Excellent condition & very clean. $4250 obo. 403-343-1651 or 341-0606



2004 CHEV Avalanche 4x4 loaded $8000 obo 403-391-8264

Heavy Trucks


2007 MERCEDEZ Sprinter dump truck 93,000 miles $38,000 403-887-4610

Tires, Parts Acces.

COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION Red Deer 6th Annual Fall Finale Westerner Park Indoors Sept 20 & 21 Consign your vehicle today 888-296-0528 ext. 102


2007 NISSAN Altima 2.5S like new cond, fully loaded, 106,000 kms. $9000 403-865-1605

2006 HONDA CIVIC LX 2 Door, 84,202 km., original owner, great condition. Keyless entry, iPod aux. jack, brand new battery. Asking $10,900. 403-302-1138 (Red Deer)




RED’S AUTO. Free scrap vehicle & metal removal. We travel. May pay cash for vehicle. AMVIC APPROVED. 403-396-7519 You can sell your guitar for a song... or put it in CLASSIFIEDS and we’ll sell it for you!


Buying or Selling your home? TRUCK, cars, vans. Cash Check out Homes for Sale 2010 SILVERADO 1500 LTZ, in Classifieds silver, 90,000. 403-346-2608 for some. 403-391-4144 TOO MUCH STUFF? Let Classifieds help you sell it.

2007 SUBURBAN 1500 LT, loaded, new tires. DVD, 103,000 km. 403-346-2608

Successful Careers

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Adams Chevrolet is Expanding and Looking to Add to Our Team Looking for out-going professional, self-motivated individuals to join our SALES TEAM! We offer leading edge, flexible pay plans as well as group benefits, and a savings plan program.

INNISFAIL TRUCK RANCH Sungold Specialty Meats Ltd.

Located in Innisfail Alberta is currently recruiting for the following positions:

CJ Enterprises

• Labourers • • Meat Butchers/Cutters •

is currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

We are looking for team players, willing and able to work in both slaughter and fabrication depts. Previous experience in the food industry, meat processing an asset but not necessary. We provide on the job training. Steady year round employment and job rotation. Competitive wages starting @ $14.25/hr with the potential to earn $19.50/hr plus performance related bonus potential. Full benefits program including registered pension plan. For more information or to apply you can: Visit our website @ Fax: 403-227-1661 Attn: Ashley Ford HR Coordinator In person @ 4312-51 Street Innisfail, Alberta T4G-1A3 Email:

If you are interested in joining our dynamic dealership family, please send resume to or stop by in person and ask for Steve Wolbeck

Sales experience required.


• SERVICE MECHANIC to work in Stettler shop. Some travel to worksites to service equipment as needed.

Please fax resume to 403-742-0241 or email to Drop off resumes to 4607 - 42 St., Stettler


Service Directory Advertise your service or business here for 3 weeks and receive the 4th week


Call 403.782.5303

•Skidsteer Services •Gravel Hauling •Excavating


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16 Lacombe Express

Thursday, August 29, 2013

SPORTS Lacombe Golf and Country Club wraps up junior program BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express

said Friesen. “It just clicks.” “They get the confidence to know they can do it,” said McKinlay. With kids about to head back to McKinlay added that that this year’s school, Lacombe Golf and Country Junior Program saw many juniors Club has wrapped up its junior pro- showing extreme improvement over gram for the year. the season. The program finished off earlier this “There are a few juniors, it’s just week with the Adult Junior Golf Day crazy how much they have improved.” held on Aug. 25. Unfortunately, the juLacombe Golf and Country Club’s nior skills competition, slated for Aug. Junior Program teaches the funda26, was cancelled due to that morning’s mentals of play, how to swing with rain, but Junior Program Coordina- each of the clubs, etiquette and also tors Jason McKinlay and Tye Friesen gives juniors a chance to play. said the junior program still ran well McKinlay said that some aspects of overall. the game can be boring for kids learn“It was awesome,” said McKinlay of ing about the sport, but he and Freisen the Adult Junior Golf Day, which saw have found ways to keep things inter10 pairs of adult and junior golfers hit esting. One such example is using a the links on Sunday. Jeopardy style He added that game to teach the it was a very good players about eti“FOR ME PERSONALLY, turnout for the firstquette. IT’S SEEING THEM IMPROVE ever event and the “We try always club hopes to do even to incorporate THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. better next year. fun into the lesTHEN, WHEN YOU SEE THEM Adult Junior Golf son,” said McKinAGAIN NEXT YEAR, THEY Day had golfers play lay. IMPROVE MORE AND MORE. nine holes with some Freisen and of the juniors stickMcKinlay shared YOU KIND OF SEE THEM GET ing around to play their thoughts HOOKED ON THE GAME.” extra holes afteron why golf is wards, said McKina popular sport JASON MCKINLAY lay. Hole prizes were with kids, saying given out for things they thought it like longest put and was because of closest to the pin the individuality as well as other prizes like the Most of the game. Sportsmanlike, he added. McKinlay “A lot of other games, like soccer also said they are thinking of adding or hockey, you have to rely on teama Best Dressed prize category for next mates,” said McKinlay. year’s event. “(With golf) you get that competitive Both Friesen and McKinlay have aspect but it’s not a team sport, it’s an been running the Junior Program for individual sport,” said Friesen. some time and said that what keeps He added that, as there are no teamthem interested in instructing younger mates or coaches and the player is engolfers is watching them improve. tirely in charge of the game, he or she “For me personally, it’s seeing them can put as much or as little pressure as improve throughout the year,” said desired on how to well to perform. McKinlay. “Then, when you see them According to Friesen, golf is a good again next year, they improve more sport for young people as it teaches and more. You kind of see them get more than just how to play the game. It hooked on the game.” also teaches kids manners, professionFriesen agreed. alism and how to be courteous, said He said that, even when kids get Friesen. frustrated with a technique that is not “There’s a lot more to golf than just working, it is important for instructors the sport,” said Friesen. “Everyone is a to continue trying. When the student better person because they played golf does get it, the reward is worth it. as a junior.” “It’s almost like a light bulb, right?”

SWING SCHOOL – Tye Friesen (left) gives some instruction to junior golfer Chase Broderson, 13, at the Brian Vossen/Lacombe Express Lacombe Golf and Country Club.

NEW DAILY FLIGHTS TO CALGARY AND THE WORLD. Starting September 3, 2013, we’re offering three flights daily from Red Deer to Calgary, with convenient connections to over 175 destinations worldwide.

Plan your getaway today.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013


TRICKSTER – Brian Lehr, a comedy magician performs for a crowd of about 50 people at the Blackfalds Public Library using Laine Unger, 12, as his assistant for a trick in which he tears up a Jenna Swan/Lacombe Express piece of tissue paper and pulls it intact from his mouth.

Blackfalds United Church presents Country Gospel Weekend BY BRIAN VOSSEN Lacombe Express With summer winding down and children heading back to school, Blackfalds United Church is holding one last celebration before the end of the season. Country Gospel Weekend, which runs Sept. 6-8 at the Blackfalds All Star Park, is a weekend full of great old-fashioned entertainment in support of the Blackfalds United Church. “If you like music, if you like down-home music, if you like visiting with your neighbours, it’s all there,” said event organizer Jim Escott. “It’s a weekend of getting together and having some fun and listening to some great entertainment.” Country Gospel Weekend be-

gins at 5 p.m. on Sept. 6 and runs straight through the weekend with a Gospel church service Sunday morning. This year, Escott said there will be 18 entertainers performing and he is anticipating more than 650 country Gospel fans attending. He added that the event has grown considerably over the years since its beginning, when 200 fans was normal for the weekend. “We’ve certainly gotten some notoriety,” said Escott. Escott said the key to Country Gospel Weekend’s success and growth is the entertainers. As an entertainer himself, Escott said he understands the importance of keeping entertainers happy and makes every effort to make those at the concert feel welcome and treat them just like big league

music stars. “If you have a happy entertainer you have a happy audience,” said Escott. Keeping people happy is a theme of the event it seems. Escott said that one of the purposes of the event is to give the community a chance to take it easy and forget about what’s going on in their lives for a little while. “It’s just to spread some fellowship,” said Escott. “For as long as you are there, hopefully you forget about some of the problems you might have.” To further promote that community feeling, Escott focuses on showcasing local talent at the event rather than obtaining bigger and possibly better known acts, he said. He added instead, the concert works to promote these local per-

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formers and makes it easier for the people to connect with them. Escott also said that there is a lot of local talent that would go unrecognized if not for shows like this one. “It’s better for the church, it’s better for the people and they don’t realize how good they are until they actually listen to them,” said Escott. He said the Country Gospel Weekend began seven years ago and was originally held in Eckville. In the third year of the concert, the show was moved to the multiplex in Blackfalds in order to simplify its organization and expand the event. A year later, it was moved to its current location at the ball diamonds in Blackfalds All Star Park. It is now in its fifth year in Blackfalds.

While Escott was perhaps instrumental in getting the weekend-long concert started, he was quick praise the rest of the extremely dedicated group of volunteers without whom the event would not be possible. “I’m not the only guy,” said Escott. “There is no ‘I’ in team.” Country Gospel Weekend runs Sept. 6, 5 to 9:30 p.m., Sept. 7 from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Sept. 8 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with a 9 a.m. worship service. Weekend, day and individual performance passes can be purchased at $30, $15 and $5 respectively. RV camping is available. For more information contact Jim at 403-391-1397, Moe at 403-357-6678 or John at 403-885-4857 or visit

18 Lacombe Express


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Country singer stages benefit for African ministry George Canyon performs at New Life Fellowship in Red Deer on Sept. 7 BY MARK WEBER Lacombe Express Singer George Canyon has been described as a ‘country neotraditionalist par excellence.’ The married father of two will be performing at New Life Fellowship Church in Red Deer on Sept. 7 in a fundraiser benefitting Fountain Of Life Ministries which is raising funds for work in Africa, specifically in Nigeria, building homes for widows and orphans. Part of Canyon’s current ‘Believe Tour’, the concert will feature some of his gospel music and stories of faith. It begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 and available at New Life or online at Canyon, born and raised in Nova Scotia, picked up the guitar and sang at a very early age. It was also in his community church where he honed his talents, learning hymns and stories that would inspire both his life and music.  “Mom and dad took me to church every Sunday at Holy Name Parish in Westville and I remember playing and singing on many different occasions during the service,” he says. His passion for faith and Christian music indeed laid the foundation early on for what was to come - a successful country music career.  He essentially catapulted onto the country scene in 2004 on  Nashville Star – a competition similar to the American Idol format. He has since sold more than 300,000 albums - achieving two certified gold records as well as numerous Canadian Country Music Awards, Juno Awards and East Coast Music Awards. These days, his  devotion to Christian music has taken him full circle – he released his first worship CD Believe this past March. “About three years ago God put it on my heart that it was time,” he says of recording Believe. “I always wanted to record a worship record but just didn’t feel the time was right. I guess I was waiting. “Believe is an acoustic record that I felt I needed to record and I am excited to record a second worship record soon. The songs kind of just presented themselves

in a way for the record - songs that touched me and songs that I love to sing.” The country music style has always seemed the ideal genre for Canyon to express himself as well. “Country music is the storytelling genre, in my opinion. I love telling stories and sharing my faith and testimony.” Canyon is also a spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 14, Canyon, a young air cadet at the time, was told he would have to forgo his ambitions to serve as a pilot in the Canadian Air Force. Years later he would learn to manage his disease through diet, lifestyle and the use of insulin pump technology. In 2009, Canyon passed a series of medical tests and as a result of this was able to obtain his pilot’s license. In early 2008 he also was recognized for all his philanthropic work in support of the Canadian troops and was appointed Honorary Colonel for the Canadian Air Force at 14 Wing Greenwood in Nova Scotia. Later that year, he took his story and his own plane across Canada and organized talks and concerts to inspire youngsters with Type 1 diabetes with his message, a project he named ‘The Sky’s Not The Limit’. He urged them to take ownership of their disease, pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. “Being a kid is hard enough without having a disease that limits your choices. If I can tell my story and change a life or two, that’s the kind of imprint I want to leave.” In the fall of 2010, Canyon performed and spoke to more than 20,000 people at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles at a JDRF fundraising event. His single I Believe in Angels was adopted as a theme song by the JDRF in the U.S. Meanwhile, Canyon regularly tours Europe, the U.S. and engages his fans the old fashioned way - by playing more than 100 shows a year in his home country. The past few years have indeed been busy ones - in 2008 Canyon and pop/rock icon Richard Marx signed on to produce Canyon’s What I Do album which yielded seven hit singles including Just

MISSION – Singer George Canyon performs in Red Deer on Sept. 7 in support of Fountain of Life Ministries, a mission photo submitted known for its extensive work in Africa. Like You, the album’s first single, which was written for Canyon’s son, Kale. Marx and Canyon teamed up again to write and record songs for the 2011 disc Better Be Home Soon. In late 2012, Canyon released the Classics II album. Ultimately, Canyon sings not just about things that are bigger than

him but also about everyday experiences. “My passion comes from my faith and my family. I am so blessed to get to live this life. It’s not hard to have passion for music that worships my Lord and Saviour and tells of the love of my family.” It’s that sense of authenticity

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that so strongly connects him and his audiences. “You look at a lot of things in life, and you wonder gosh, I wonder what it’s like on the other side of that fence, and you imagine things and you dream things up,” he says. “But the other side of the fence is like the side you’re on.”

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Horoscope ARIES






Mar 21/Apr 20

Apr 21/May 21

May 22/Jun 21

Jun 22/Jul 22

Jul 23/Aug 23

Aug 24/Sept 22

Taurus, although you

It will be really difficult

Cancer, you may want

Exercise can do more

have many questions,

to put you in a bad

to be friends with

mood this week,

everyone, but you may

Gemini. Your energy

have to accept that you

Aries, no matter how hard you work, you just cannot seem to get ahead this week.

the answers will not come so easily to you

and cheer will be a

have a few people who

bright light to those

just do not meld with

take a break and

Bide your time for a

around you, so enjoy

your interests. Hang



the next few days.

out with those who do.

Instead of tiring yourself unnecessarily,

in the next few days.

Virgo, each time you think the grass will be greener somewhere physically fit, Leo. It else, you quickly learn also can help boost it is not the case. Learn your mood when you to appreciate what you need a pick-me-up, have, and you will be which could be the glad for having done so. case in the near future. than just keep you







Sept 23/Oct 23

Oct 24/Nov 22

Nov 23/Dec 21

Dec 22/Jan 20

Jan 21/Feb 18

Feb 19/Mar 20

Libra, generosity will

Scorpio, avoid taking

endear you to others,

on any more projects

Sagittarius, you will have to buckle down and get some things done at work, even if you are a little under the weather. Take things nice and easy once your work is done.

Capricorn, devoting time to a spouse or children is of the utmost importance this week, while other matters will have to wait. Enjoy this opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.

but you have to be generous for the right reasons. It’s not a good idea to build

for the time being. Although you excel in tackling things, even

friendships on false

the best of us need a


rest from time to time.

Aquarius, a

There are enough

hectic schedule is

diversions around to

compromising your

take your mind off

ability to stay focused

of your problems,

on the tasks at hand.

Pisces. They may not

You may need some

disappear, but you can

help sorting some

address some issues

things out.


CLUES ACROSS 1. Feminist Lucretia 5. Lacrimal gland fluid 9. Airborne (abbr.) 12. Double-reed instrument 13. De Mille (dancer) 15. Burn plant: ____ vera 16. Represent by drawing 17. Roy Harold Scherer 19. Point that is one point N of due E 20. Causing vexation 21. Belonging to a thing 24. Leg joint 25. Suffragette Anthony 27. Form a sum 28. Point midway between E and SE 31. Convert a hide

into leather 32. Radical derived from butane 34. Priest’s liturgical vestment 35. Goat and camel hair fabric 36. Sticky 38. Talk 39. Committed information rate 40. Strong twisted cotton thread 42. 331/3 rpms 43. Honey (abbr.) 44. Founding Father Franklin 45. Frees from pain or worry 47. Tennis player Bjorn 48. Not inclined to speak 49. Shoulder blade 53. Express pleasure 56. One week before Easter

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60. Attired 62. Chew the fat 63. Weighing device 64. Captain __, British pirate 65. Tropical American cuckoo 66. Any place of bliss or delight 67. Remain as is

CLUES DOWN 1. “Rounders” actress Gretchen 2. Off-Broadway theater award 3. Grave 4. Court game 5. Pitch 6. Sense of selfesteem 7. Mandela’s party 8. Lights again 9. Likewise 10. Film set microphone pole

11. “Housewives’” Leakes 14. A torn off strip 15. Promotions 18. A. Godfrey’s instrument 22. Bill in a restaurant 23. Cozy 24. Knocking out 25. Polio vaccine developer 26. Numeral system 28. Former gold coin worth $10 29. Swats 30. Flows back or recedes 31. Rotation speed indicator 33. Respect beliefs of others 37. Original matter 41. Cologne


44. Small round soft mass 46. Kisses noisily 47. Large passenger vehicle 49. Prevents harm to creatures 50. Songwriter Sammy 51. Jai __, sport 52. Payment (abbr.) 54. Settled onto 55. Incline from vertical 57. Father 58. Brew 59. Strong desire 61. Insecticide

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

! n O w No




Loaded, Leather, Sunroof, DVD, 6.0L!

Loaded, Navigation, Leather!

Loaded, Bucket Seats!



2005 GMC YUKON SLT #13N170B


SOLD Loaded, Remote S Start, Bluetooth!



Loaded Diesel Loaded, Diesel, Power 4x4, Vinyl floor!



Leather, Sunroof, V6, only 18,000 kms!





Loaded, Dual Sunroof, 7 Passenger!





2009 GMC 1500 REG CAB LT #12N159A

Loaded, Power Seat, Matching Topper, Low Kms!


90,000kms, 6.0L V8, Loaded, Buckets, Remote Start!




3.9 V6, 7 Pass, DVD, Power Seats & Doors, 94,000 kms, Perfect Family Unit!







Leather, Sunroof, Loaded, Nav., 6.2L!



Loaded, Leather, Dual Sunroof, Very Nice SUV! Only 48,000 kms!

Loaded, Leather, Dual Power Seats!


Loaded L Loaded, Leather, t Dual Power Sunroof!











2012 MINI COOPER #14N001A

Loaded, Leather, Automatic, Heated Seats, Sunroof!


59,000 kms, Leather, Sunroof!

$16,900 2013 GMC YUKON XL SLT #13P032


Luxury at bargain price! V8, Sunroof, a must see!

Loaded, Leather, Heated 2nd Row Seats, Sunroof!





Leather, Sunroof, DVD!



39,000 kms, Factory Warranty, 5.3 V8!


Open 24/7 at

5640 Hwy 2A, Lacombe, AB

403.782.3626 •1.888.259.6950

Lacombe Express, August 29, 2013  

August 29, 2013 edition of the Lacombe Express

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