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WEDNESDAY, August 21, 2013

NEWS BRIEFS Tl’azt’en Nation upheaval

While Tl’azt’en administration did not return phone calls prior to press time, office staff did confirm Chief Ralph Pierre will be resigning. Emergency meetings were called and the details were still being determined after the Tl’azt’en Annual General Assembly last week. The assembly had reportedly resulted in chief and council being removed in a vote, however, it was unknown whether any changes would take place immediately or the details of the vote. Staff at the office did say Pierre would be resigning as of October and elections would have to take place. Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada also did not respond to questions prior to press time. There has been ongoing controversy at Tl’azt’en related to financial issues, including an estimated $800,000 housing deficit the band was facing earlier this year, along with lawsuits by former employees of the band and criminal investigations into overbilling by a senior health official supposed to be providing psychological counselling services. Part of Tl’azt’en Nation, the Binche Reserve, has also been attempting to negotiate a separation from the rest of Tl’azt’en in order to manage their own reserve independently, and have been frustrated by a lack of progress.

PHONE: 996-8482

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Fort St. James firsts

Kayakers Dan and Phil paddle out on Stuart Lake one evening last week. The pair are electricians working on the Nak’albun school and have been taking advantage of opportunities to do outdoor activities in the evenings. It was Phil’s first sea kayak experience and he had also been for his first rock climb as well as learning to try and roll a river kayak while in the Fort. Phil is originally from Vanderhoof but lives in Prince George and Dan lives in Houston. Ruth Lloyd/Caledonia Courier

Council considers action on harassment complaints Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier The investigator’s report into the alleged sexual harassment complaints against Fire Chief Rob Bennett has been completed and given to mayor and council. “We’re reviewing the information that has been presented to us ... and we will take this week to evaluate that information and from there we will conduct remedial actions as dictated,” said Mayor Rob MacDougall. While the time frame for determining what, if any, action will be taken is unclear, MacDougall said he wants to see a decision soon. “We’re hoping to do it as quickly as possible but at the same time we want to make sure that we’ve looked at all the information and made sure that any decisions we make are the right decisions,” he said. Mayor and council are also still discussing whether or not to release any of the report. Kirsten Rudolph, a firefighter who filed one of the two formal sexual harassment complaints against Bennett, said she understands council’s concerns over releasing some of the report, but

she would have no issues with it being released herself. “There’s a lot of dirt that would have been uncovered by that report and as far as I’m concerned, it is what it is and I have no issues with that being released because these things need to come out into the light so that they can be dealt with,” she said. Rudolph also said she would like to see it released to those directly involved and know what the recommendations are and whether or not they have been followed through. “This is a matter of optics, because the village does look like they’ve been hiding something,” she said. The mayor said District’s anti-harassment policy itself may also be amended if necessary. “This is the first incident (of harassment) that we are aware of as a council and so we’ll look at our policies and make sure that they’re meeting the needs of today’s society,” said MacDougall. Previous concerns over Bennett’s behaviour had been brought forward to the District office administration in a letter from volunteer firefighters in April. MacDougall said these were dealt with, and

did not involve harassment. Rudolph’s perspective was the concerns had not been dealt with, which is part of why she wants to see if there is follow-through on the report’s recommendations. “If the solution is ineffective, it in essence hasn’t been dealt with because the problem is still there,” she said. Rudolph said she is glad the investigation was done and she understands the council taking their time to consider the information in the report. “They really do have to get this right,” she said. Rudolph said many firefighters would likely leave if Bennett were to return. “We’re not going to put up with it anymore,” she said. Rudolph did say she and two other female firefighters have spoken to RCMP, who she said are also now conducting their own investigation. The sexual harassment complaints have not been publicly confirmed and are still allegations. Fire Chief Rob Bennett did not respond to messages prior to press time.



Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Caledonia Courier


Golden Timbers and Marvelous Stoves

Murray Ridge Ski Area, Fort St. James, BC

Child Abuse Prevention Month Prevent Child Abuse America 312-663-3520 BeaverOnGolfCourseC0804.EPS

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GATE PRICES: Friday Only $30 Saturday Only $40 Sunday Only $20 FREE CAMPING

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MoM is grateful for the generous support of these communty partners:

MoM is a family-friendly festival, please be respectful of those around you. Please plan to pack out what you pack in. Artists are subject to change without notice.


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Clare Singleton, artist in residence at the Fort St. James National Historic Site, stands next to one of her paintings being shown at her exhibit Golden Timbers and Marvelous Stoves. The show is on display at the site’s visitor centre until September 22 and is showing works Singleton has done while in residence at the park. Singleton has a fascination with history and the way of life associated with pioneer times, and lives off-grid in Endako, B.C..


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Star Viewing @ Historic Site 7pm – 9 pm Music on the Mountain Festival

Music on the Mountain Festival

29 9 First Day of Passover

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4pm Ladies Golf 6pm Cops For Cancer Benefit Dinner @ Pub

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Best Bannock Cook-Off @ NHS


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Mourning Day 28 Workers 27 (Canada) Fore! Golfers - Aug 19-21 - 9am-11:30 - @ Stuart Lake Golf Club

FSJ Minor Hockey Registration - Aug 19- 21 - 6pm-8pm @ Arena

Robin Hood Archery - Aug 22-23 - 9am-11:30 - 11698 Dickinson Loop Rd. Art Attack - Aug 19-23 - 1pm-3:30pm @ District Rec. Rm. Hoop Dancing - Aug 14 - 9:00am-noon @ District Rec. Rm. It’s a Mystery - Aug 6-7 - 9:30am-3pm @ District Rec. Rm. Amazing Race - Aug 8 - 9:30am-3:30pm @ District Rec. Rm.

Fear Factor - Aug 9 - 9:30am-3:30pm @ District Rec. Rm. Little Chefs - Aug 13 - 9:00am-1:00pm @ CNC Campus Kids Camp Out - Aug 15-16 - Drop-off: 12pm, Pick-up: 4pm @ Paarens Beach PG Railway + Forestry Museum - Aug 12 - 8:30am-4pm @ District Rec. Rm. PG Aquatic Center - Aug 26 - 8:30am-4pm @ District Rec. Rm. End of Season Bash! - Aug 27 - 10am-3pm @ Cottonwood Park

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Caledonia Courier Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Binche separation signs destroyed Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier Signs put up along Tachie Road near Binche have been destroyed. The signs were put in place to raise awareness among members of the Tl’azt’en Nation and the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council members of Binche Reserve’s desire to separate, said Josh Hallman of the Binche Separation Committee. Tensions appear to be rising between the two communities, with Hallman calling the wrecking of the signs “sickening.” The signs were cut down with a power saw and then cut into pieces so they can not be put back up. Hallman said the signs were put up before Tl’azt’en hosted the annual general assembly of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council in the hopes they would create awareness and perhaps encourage dialogue and progress. “It’s time to deal with us too,” said Hallman about his frustration at the lack of progress in the separation negotiations. Hallman said there has been no progress on the separation negotiations because

Mt. Milligan starts up Mount Milligan Mine began to process their first ore on August 15. The first feed into the concentrator marked the beginning of a phased startup expected to take until the fourth quarter of this year. Routine testing and commissioning of all equipment and process circuits will continue through the startup period, with concentrate production expected within the next several weeks. Kevin Loughrey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Thompson Creek, said, “We are pleased to report that we have processed the first feed material through the concentrator as scheduled and that everything went as planned. All of us at Thompson Creek are proud of this achievement and look forward to the initial production of copper and gold concentrate at Mt. Milligan in the third quarter.”

the committee appointed to deal with the negotiations on the Tl’azt’en Nation side has not been showing up for meetings. Hallman said there is no excuse for a two and a half year delay and now he wants to see the chief and council at Tl’azt’en take over and make the decisions to move the process forward. In protest of the lack of progress on the separation, Hallman and Gloria Duncan, who are both elected councillors for Tl’azt’en Nation and members of the Binche Separation Committee, are no longer attending council meetings and will not be participating in the annual general assembly for Tl’azt’en, which is taking place this week. Hallman said the group is not going to be held hostage by people who will not show up for meetings to represent Tl’azt’en. “It’s not a good situation when you have one party not willing to deal with it,” said Hallman. “It’s a frustrating, frustrating process.” There are also unconfirmed reports the Tl’azt’en annual general assembly has resulted in the chief and council being voted out of office before their terms end, which could impact the separation process as well. Chief Ralph Pierre had not yet returned phone calls and the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development

SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 91 (NECHAKO LAKES) SCHOOL OPENING AND REGISTRATION All schools will open on Wednesday, September 4, 2013, at the regular time. Parents and students should note that on school opening day school bus runs would be as follows. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2013 Bus runs will begin on their regular schedule in the morning and will make the return run immediately following school dismissal at noon. Please note that noon hours vary from school to school. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 THURSDAY, September 5, 2013, will be a full, regular day with regular bus runs both morning and afternoon. Kindergarten students will begin regular bus runs. For further information, see the advertisement re: Kindergarten.

TOP: One of a series of signs put in place along Tachie Road before they were destroyed by vandals. BOTTOM: One of the signs after a person or persons destroyed the signs.

NOTES: With student population shifts in various locations, some changes in bus runs or pickup locations may be required. Problems such as these will be carefully studied and parents will be notified. Cooperation by all concerned will be appreciated. If you have any questions, contact Tracey Syrota, Transportation Manager, at 250-567-9618.

Top Photo Ruth Lloyd Bottom Photo Josh Hallman

Canada was also yet to respond to questions to their office regarding the separation.


SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 91 (NECHAKO LAKES) KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION 1. DAVID HOY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Fort St. James Parents should register Kindergarten pupils new to the area on August 26 - 30, 2013. 2. SOWCHEA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Fort St. James Parents should register Kindergarten pupils new to the area on August 26 - 30, 2013.

Registration for all students who are NEW to this District will take place in the school listed below on the dates indicated during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. unless otherwise stated. Grade 7 students going to Grade 8 in the same town and students who are returning to their same school as last year do not need to re-register. Report cards or transfer records should be presented to the school upon registration to assist in proper placement in the school. Please bring the student’s birth certificate and care card. Beginning students (Kindergarten and Grade One) who have already registered should not re-register. SCHOOL



Evelyn Dickson Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 7

August 26 - 30, 2013

Mapes Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 7

Nechako Valley Secondary

Grade 8 - Grade 12

August 26 - 30, 2013 **(9:00 am to 1:30 pm) August 26 - 30, 2013

Prairiedale Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 3

August 29 - 30, 2013

Sinkut View Elementary

Grade 4 - Grade 7

August 26 - 30, 2013

W.L. McLeod Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 7

August 26 - 30, 2013

7. PRAIRIEDALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Vanderhoof Parents should register Kindergarten pupils new to the area on August 29 - 30, 2013.

Fort Fraser Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 7

August 26 - 30, 2013 **(9:00 am to 12:00 noon)

8. W.L. MCLEOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Vanderhoof Parents should register English or French Immersion Kindergarten pupils new to the area on August 26 - 30, 2013.

Fraser Lake Elementary Sec.

Grade 4 - Grade 12

August 26 - 30, 2013

Mouse Mountain Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 3

August 26 - 30, 2013 **(9:00 am to 2:30 pm)

David Hoy Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 7

August 26 - 30, 2013

Fort St. James Secondary

Grade 8 - Grade 12

August 29 - 30, 2013

Sowchea Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 7

August 26 - 30, 2013

EBUS Academy

Kindergarten - Grade 12

Online, July & August, 2013

3. FORT FRASER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Fort Fraser Parents should register Kindergarten pupils new to the area on August 26 - 30, 2013, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. 4. MOUSE MOUNTAIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Fraser Lake Parents should register Kindergarten pupils new to the area on August 26 - 30, 2013, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 5. EVELYN DICKSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Vanderhoof Parents should register Kindergarten pupils new to the area on August 26 - 30, 2013. 6. MAPES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Vanderhoof Parents should register Kindergarten pupils new to the area on August 26 - 30, 2013, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

9. EBUS ACADEMY - Vanderhoof Please phone our registrar at 1-800-567-1236 any weekday during the summer to discuss how the EBUS distance learning Kindergarten program may fit your child’s needs. TRANSPORTATION: Kindergarten pupils will be transported on regular school bus runs. To request transportation for your child/children, please contact the office starting the week of August 26, 2013. Fort St. James Bus Garage: Frances Honeywell, at 250-996-7835 Vanderhoof Bus Garage: Graeme Kellem, at 250-567-9618 Fraser Lake Bus Garage: Tracey Syrota, at 250-699-6995


Those students who register after Friday, September 6, 2013, may have difficulty in registering in classes due to space availability.

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A blast from the past Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier Time flies. It is amazing to me how fast time has gone by in my life. I am sure this is a feeling most of us get at some point in our lives, and one of those mid-life moments when we have shocking realizations about how much time has passed since high school. While I feel like a lot of my life has been full-speed-ahead, especially during the 10 years of seasonal firefighting work I did where seasons of constant work are broken up by time off spent globe-trotting or snowboarding, I have recently had an experience which sharply reinforced the passage of time. It was via the magic of Facebook with which four of my best friends from high school and I reconnected as a group. The five of us were great friends throughout much of high school, and were perhaps bonded together by a mutual enjoyment of things not part of small town pop culture such as skateboarding and Monty Python. We loved alternative music, far before alternative music had a broad fan base in small-town British Columbia,

and thanks to the girls with older brothers in college, we listened to bands like The Pixies and The Cure and later Nirvana and other grunge bands. We stayed up late watching Saturday Night Live as young teens, imagining far off places like New York City and laughing at our own ridiculous senses of humour no one else seemed to share. While one of the group moved to the Lower Mainland before we finished high school, we still stayed in touch and some of us made it down at different times to visit her. I went to my very first live rock concert on one of those visits - Stacey and I saw Sloan at The Vogue Theatre, thanks to my mom who was amazing enough to drive me down there for the event. But over the years, we all went our separate ways, as people do, and we had lost touch. Some had drifted in different directions towards the end of high school, and after high school we all scattered to the winds really. Jera taught diving in the Virgin Islands for a few years, and then worked on cruise ships. Stacey lived in Greece for a year, then got married, sent us a postcard telling us as much from India, and moved

Look for us online at :

to England. Angie had moved to the Kootenays with her parents after high school. Then after traveling Europe and the Middle East, she got married and settled in the Kootenays, becoming a nurse. Diane had gone to school in North Vancouver then moved to the Sunshine Coast with her husband and had kids. To some degree I had kept in touch with most of them off and on, but most times more off than on. We were all busy and I thought some were even keen to separate from their past, so we did our own things. But while it is easy to dislike many aspects of Facebook (time-wasting and cyber-bullying perhaps?), I am very grateful it allowed us all to reconnect properly. After I posted a birthday message to one of them back in July, the rest all began commenting on the post and finally we just decided it was time to reunite, after 20 years. It was kind of a lightbulb moment when I realized it had been so long since we were all together, and I had thought with how busy everyone was it might never happen. However, once again, thanks to the brilliant immediacy and ease of Face-

book, we just picked dates, made a plan and it all came together. I feel like the realization it had been two decades since we had gotten to do something all together perhaps gave us all a little jolt of our own mortality and the fleeting nature of our lives on this planet, so we were extra motivated to make it happen. And happen it did. We gathered in central B.C., and we all came, from nearly every corner of the province. From Fort St. James to Grand Forks, the Sunshine Coast to Williams Lake, we all converged for a weekend full of laughter, food and memories. The years disappeared, and scarily enough, it seemed as though no one had really changed all that much - though I’m sure we all feel a whole lot different than we did as teenagers. To think after 20 years I could be lucky enough to still have such incredible people in my life. Those women were a big part of making me who I am, they helped broaden my horizons and my sense of humour. Ladies, let’s not make it another 20 years. Thanks Facebook, you really came through on this one.

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Caledonia Courier Wednesday, August 21, 2013 A5

Rediscover Fort St. James

College of New Caledonia - Fort St. James Campus Working with Business and Industry Employers to Build a Sustainable Workforce! CNC-Nechako Region has been serving adult learners in the respective communities for more than 30 years! The Region includes campuses in Fort St. James and Vanderhoof, with a satelite office and classroom in Fraser Lake. We are pleased to offer post-secondary learning opportunities and services to the diverse populations in the Nechako Region of CNC.

Past Fort St. James CNC student Patzy Joseph remarked, “If it wasn’t for CNC in Fort St. James and being able to take a workplace skills training programs, I wouldn’t be set for life – I have a job I love and it’s fulltime employment with Thompson Creek Metals.”

A variety of courses are offered for continuing education and university credit/transfer. Courses are part-time, close to home and accessible! Call your local campus for details.

Our vocational education program offerings develop and strengthen a variety of employabilty skills for individuals seeking to enter and re-enter the workplace. Whether you want to work in office setting, tourism & hospitality, community daycare, or start your own business… come talk to your local campus about your options for training starting this fall 2013!

The Nechako campuses work closely with buisness and industry employers to ensure we are delivering training relevant to their needs. Light Warehousing, Welding “C”, “B”, “A”, Pipe Trades Foundation, Mineral Processing Operator, Environmental Field Assistant, Electrical Foundation, Heavy Duty Mechanical Foundation… all fulltime programs planned for fall and winter 2013/14! Are you in grade 11 or 12 at high school, and interested in enrolling in a trades program – the first step is to contact your career counselor at your high school.

Fort St.

Partnership and cooperation are key elements to the success of CNC Nechako Region. We are proud of our commitmment to social community development and the lead we have taken to support programs such as Neighbourhoud Space, Seniors Connected, Fort St. James KEY Resource Centre, Vanderhoof Youth Centre, Fort St. James and Vanderhoof Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP) and ESL among other initiatives. All these have demonstrated to be very positive for participants as they become more engaged in their own communities.


James C

Vanderhoo f



Health Services Office Assistant

Starts in September (part-time for 7 weeks)


Register Now!

Contact: 250-996-7019 179 Douglas Avenue, Fort St. James

Come in and see what we have in stock in our showroom. Our staff can help you find the right appliances for your home from our models in stock or from the GE website.

Ouellette Bros. – Building Supplies 2880 Lot 33, Hwy 27 Fort James, BC V0J 1P0 Phone: (250) 996-7457 Fax: (250) 996-7157




Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Caledonia Courier

Photo booth fun at Prince George Exhibition

Court report For files appearing before the Fort St. James Provincial Court on August 9, 2013. Rick L. Alexis was sentenced to 14 days in jail for failure to comply with a probation order. Matthew W. Collins was sentenced to one day in jail for failure to comply with a probation order. Bernard A. Haskell was found guilty and fined $250 for failure to comply with conditions of undertaking. Samantha L. Konig was fined $250 and given a one year suspended sentence and one year probation with conditions for failure to comply with conditions of an undertaking and assault. Stanley Teegee was charged a $500 surety to keep the peace for six months and fined $100 plus a $50 victim surcharge for failure to comply with a condition of an undertaking.

ALL PHOTOS: The Fort St. James National Historic Site created a dress-up photo booth for visitors to the British Columbian Northern Exhibition (PGX) in Prince George August 8-11. The dress-up costumes are normally found in the visitor centre of the historic site, but Product Development Officer April Hilland said they were a hit at the event as well. Photos courtesy of FSJNHS



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Since 2010, Conifex has successfully reforested over Since 2010, Conifex has successfully reforested over 8,000 hectares in our Mackenzie and Fort St. James operating areas. 8,000 hectares in our Mackenzie and Fort St. James operating areas.

Since 2010, Conifex has successfully reforested over 8,000 hectares in our Mackenzie and Fort St. James operating areas. We wish to thank Apex Reforestation Ltd. for their support in helping us to achieve this milestone.  We wish to thank Apex Reforestation Ltd. We wish to thank Apex Reforestation Ltd. for their support in helping us to achieve this milestone.  for their support in helping us to achieve this milestone.



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Conifex Celebrates our Conifex Celebrates our  Conifex Celebrates our  10 Millionth Tree Planted!  10 Millionth Tree Planted! 10 Millionth Tree Planted! 



Our Mission Our Statement Mission Statement Caledonia August 21, 2013 A7 civi TheCourier FortWednesday, St James Chamber exists to promote trade, progress, development, the economic and mesThe Chamber Fort St James existsChamber to promote existstrade, to promote progress, trade, development, progress, development, and the and economic the econom and Our Mission Statement welfare ofChamber our community in order to make Fort St. James to promote trade, progress, welfare of The our welfare community of ourExists in community order to in make order development, to make and the economic and civic welfare of our community in order to make it a better place to live and work

Fort James Chamber Chatter St. James Chamber Chatter Fort St. Fort James FortSt. St.Chamber James Chamber Chatter Chatter Hello my name is Mitzi

Hello my name Mitzi is Mitzi Hello my name isHello Mitzi my isname Arias. be working Arias. I willI will be working Arias. I will beatworking Arias. I will working the Chamber of be at the Chamber of at the Chamber of at thefor Chamber of Commerce the Commerce for the sumof 2013. By Commerce forsummer the Commerce sumfor the summer ofat2013. By workworking the info mer of 2013. By workmer of 2013. By workcenter I hope to gain ing at the info center I such working ing at the infoskills center ing atas I the info center I hope to gain skills such withhope the community, hope to gain skills such to gain skills such as working with the assisting tour-ists and as working with the as working with the learning more about community, assisting the B.C. region and its community, assisting community, assisting tourists and learning history.

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tourists and learning tourists and learning their needs their toneeds the be to more about the B.C. ability. more about the B.C. more about the B.C. ability. ab region and its history. LOVE Fort St. James! BC Chamber says Core Review promises region and its history. region and its history. The District of Fort St. James is thrilled to announce that they will be launching a “LOVE Fort St. James” buy-local campaign. This campaign will engage local business owners in collectively promot-ing the advantages of shopping locally, and recognizing the wide variety of products we have availa-ble. LOVE Fort St. James will consist of a strongly branded website and support materials, as well as providing professional photographs for participating businesses for inclusion in the project. We have launched our page for project and everyone it out at In order Thehost District of Fort St.the James invites you to invite come out to our first to evercheck Inter-Community Night Market on toAugust participate, businesses should fall under the following criteria: 20 from 5-10PM. Vendors from Fort St. James, Vanderhoof, Fort Fraser, and Fraser Lake will be

“substantive” gains

Vancouver, July 31, 2013 –The BC Chamber of Commerce commends the B.C. government

Northern Development partners for advancing plans for a Core Review, which targets with greater effisix ciencycommunities and accountability in govern-ment’s use of taxpayers’ dollars. “We think a Core Review with this mandate Northern Development Northern Development partners partners with six with communiti sixandcom scope promises substantive gains for B.C.’s taxpayers, ” said John Winter, the BC Chamber’s on "Small Town Love" buy-local program president and CEO. “This initiative is great news for British Columbians and aligns directly on "Small Town on "Small Town buy-local Love" buy-local program program withLove" what our 36,000 represented B.C. businesses have been calling for.” Winter said that

to come Theout District to our of Fort firstSt.ever James Inter-Community invites you to come Night out to Market our first onever Inter-Community Night Market on and selling their goods in Spirit Hot foodbe vendors willFraser, provide and delicious options Fort St. August James, 20showcasing Vanderhoof, from 5-10PM. Fort Vendors Fraser, from and Fort Fraser St. Square. James, Lake Vanderhoof, will Fraser Lakefor will be some ofB.C. the- best news com-ing out of the government’s just-released termshave of reference Six communities throughout central and northern British Columbia partnered with 1. The business is privately held or owned byFort athat co-operative. Non-profi t societies who Central and northern dinner and the streets will be filled with music from one of four bands will be performing throughout pirit Square. showcasing Hot food and selling vendors their will goods provide in Spirit delicious Square.options Hot foodfor vendors will provide delicious options for for the Core Review includes: Northern Development Initiative Trust to deliver buy-local campaigns to strengthen local businesses, localColumbia competi- ha produce products for sale or hold events are also included. Central and northern B.C.Central - Six communities and northern B.C. throughout - Six communities central and throughout northern central British andColumbia northern British have partnered the evening. There will also be a number of fun-filled activities and games for everyone to enjoy. musicdinner from one and the of four streets bands will be that filled will with bemusic performing one throughout of that will be performing throughout 2. The physical business isfrom located infour Fortbands St. James tiveness and keepTrust more to dollars inInitiative thebuy-local local Trust economy. The six communities included intothe pilot program arebusines the Northern Development Initiative Northern Development deliver campaigns to deliver buy-local to strengthen campaigns local strengthen businesses, local local com r of fun-filled the evening. activities will also games be afor number everyone of fun-filled to enjoy. activities and games50 formiles everyoneFort to enjoy. ● the theDistrict broadofscope of the initiative, which B.C. ministries, boards, 3.There and The owners are local live St. James at least halfmore Districttiveness of Logan in Lake, Fort St. the District ofincludes 100The Mile House, theinDistrict of Vanderhoof, thepilo Downtown businesses will be open late residents and invite youand to come inwithin and check out their of specialtiveness promotions and keep dollars and the keep local more economy. dollars inJames, The the local six communities economy. included six communities the pilot included program in the are commissions, Crown agencies, schools, colleges and hospitals; and 5,000 the year. Village ofDistrict Valemount the Village ofDistrict Burns Lake. EachSt. of the100 six universities, communities has athe population of of lessVanderhoof than forbusinesses the evening. Door prizes betheir awarded to you guests make a purchase onetheir of our local retail stores District of Logan Lake, the District of●Logan ofand Fort Lake, St. the James, the of District Fort of James, the Mile District House, of 100 District Mile House, the District o and invite Downtown you to come in and will be check openwill out late and invite special promotions tothat come in and check at out special promotions an emphasis on finding alternative, more cost-efficient service delivery models. 4. the hours The business is registered in BC with no corporate headquarters outside of the North. during of the Night Market. ofstores Valemountresidents. andVillage the Village of Valemount of Burns and Lake. the Village Each of of the Burns sixLake. communities Each of thehas six communities a populationhas of aless population than 5 rded tofor guests the evening. that make Door aprizes purchase will beat awarded one ofto our guests localthat retail make stores a purchase at one of ourVillage local retail


The owner(s) have full decision making authority over the business including chari

residents. residents. during the hours of the Night Market. “We’re pleasedbetween to see that the government truly trying to put house in order, donations, choice of suppliers Come beat table the summer heat whileand exploring Downtown Fort St. James and everything it has to offer. Check The pilot program is avery partnership Northern Development isand entrepreneur Amyits Quarry,who created and including tackling areas of public initiative concern insuch as B.C. ’sQuesnel. Crown corporations, ” Winter said. The business has no more than 10 outlets with the majority located in the North. out our “MADE IN FORT ST. JAMES” items and see all of the amazing products and services that are launched the original "Small Town Love" buy-local the City of With more than 50 local Quesneloring Downtown Come beat the Fort summer St. James heatand while everything exploring Downtown it has to offer. Fort St. Check James and everything it has offer. Check Theto pilot program is a partnership The pilot between is aNorthern partnership Development betweenfor Northern and entrepreneur Development Amy entrepreneur Quarry,who Amy created Quarr “Weprogram also com-mend the government emphasizing alternate and service delivery modThe LOVE Fort St. James campaign is an exciting opportunity for local businesses and we encouravailable to you right outside your front door. businesses working collaboratively underLove" the in "Small Love" marketing brand, Quarry's original program ms andout seeour all “MADE of the amazing IN FORT ST. products JAMES” items and services and see all that of the are amazing products and services that are launched the originalbased "Small launched Townthe Love" original buy-local "Small Town initiative buy-local the Town Cityinitiative of Quesnel. in theWith City of more Quesnel. than With 50 local moreQue than

age business owners to take part. We are hoping to have all participating businesses confirmed by

els, which could bring private-sector efficiency to some government operations.” The BC

was extremely well receivedworking and highly successful (one-in-five Quesnel residents now ownmarketing aQuarry's copy of the first "Small door. available to you right outside your front door. based businesses working based collaboratively businesses the collaboratively "Small Town under Love" theplans "Small marketing Town brand, Love" brand, original Quarry prog Chamber alsounder applauded the B.C. government’s to refi ne the ideas that emerge from Registration August still open for interested vendors. For more information please contact Jessica at jessicaTown Love" guide, which sold out in less than four months). The program is anchored by a strongly branded website was extremely well received was and extremely highly well successful received (one-in-five and highly successful Quesnel (one-in-five residents Quesnel now own residents a copy now of own first a copy "S the Core Review through consulta-tions with industry and other stakeholders. “All inthe all, Please contact Emily Colombo at the District Offi ce at 250-996-8233 or by emailing edo@fortstjames. or (778) 978-0709. endors. Registration For moreisinformation still open forplease interested contact vendors. Jessica For more at jessicainformation please contact Jessica at jessica-

with the highest quality photography, which features many independently owned businesses. Town Love" guide, which Town sold out Love" inextremely guide, less than which four sold months). out in how lessThe than four months). anchored The local program by a is strongly anchored branded bytoa strongl we we’re pleased to see thisprogram initiative isisadvancing and we look forward

ca to learn moreorabout the program. 0709. (778) 978-0709. with with the highest quality features photography, many which independently features many independently local businesses. owned local businesses. helping fiwhich nd private-sector solutions to some of B.C. ’sowned challenges, ” Winter said. At the time of publication, the event is being sponsored by the District of Fort St. James, District of the highest quality photography, The Northern Development-led pilot program supports the development of buy-local website portals that will proVanderhoof, Fort St.the James Chamber of Commerce, and St. James Community Arts District Council, of in being sponsored At the time by of publication, the District of event Fort St. is being James, sponsored District by ofthe theFort District of Fort St. James, mote local in each of the six communities included in theof initial partnership. Northern Development's The Northern Development-led The businesses Northern pilot program Development-led supports pilot the program development supports thebuy-local development website of buy-local portals website that will po theChamber Fort St. James Farmers Market Commerce, Vanderhoof, andpartnership the Fort Fort St. with James St. James Community of Commerce, Arts Council, andand theNational Fort in St.Historic JamesSite. Community Arts Council, in

Analysis: New recycling regs risk hurting small business board directors, which is made of elected representatives andinitial provincial appointees from throughout central mote local businesses in of mote each local of the businesses six communities inupeach of the included six communities in the included partnership. in the initial Northern partnership. Developm Northe

mers Market partnership and National with the Fort Historic St. James Site.Farmers Market and National Historic Site.

and northern B.C., approved awhich $75,000 budget up for of theelected pilotand program. While many economic development initiatives board of directors, which board is made of directors, up of elected isrepresentatives made representatives provincial appointees and provincial fromappointees throughout from cet Analysis: New recycling regs risk hurting small business B.C. ’s businesses are expressing concern – andsorightly so – about a new recycling regulation on pack-and northern concentrate effort on business recruitment and new program. development, the pilot buy-local program is a locally driven retention B.C.’s businesses are expressing concern – and rightly – about a new recycling regulation on and northern B.C., approved a $75,000 B.C., budget approved for the a $75,000 pilot budget for While the many program. economic While many development economic initia deve hurting Analysis: smallaging business New recycling regs risk hurting small business that’s due come into effect in early 2014. packaging dueto come into effect inregulation early program that focuses on enhancing the strength of existing The partnership as adriven pilot is while business concentrate recruitment effort onand business new development, recruitment andbusinesses. the newbuy-local development, program the will buy-local isoperate a locally program areten loca cern – B.C.’s and rightly businesses so are –that’s about expressing atonew concern recycling – and rightly on – about a new recyclingconcentrate on effort on The regulation dates back towhen, 2011 when, withfanfare very and littlelimited fanfare andregulation limited ’s en- toward The The regulation back to 2011 with very little consultation, B.C.’sconsultation, B.C. BC Chamber is enhancing driving awareness of, andof solutions to, B.C.’s skills will gap In awill looking the possibility of on future projects. fect inpackaging early 2014. that’s due todates come into effect in early 2014. program that focuses on program enhancing that the focuses strength of existing thebusinesses. strength existing The partnership businesses. The challenge. operate partnership as a pilot operw ministry extended its recycling regulation to include packaging and printed material. environment ministry itsconsultation, recycling regulation to include packaging and printed material. to the bring skills gap of expertise to the Chamber network throughout the province, the hen, with The regulation veryvironment littledates fanfare back and toextended 2011 limited when, with very little B.C.’s fanfare and limited consultation, B.C.’s looking toward theinpossibility ofmove toward future projects. possibility future projects. Read:ministry businesses would beits required to pay recycling costs for anycosts packaging orand flyers used inmaterial. Read: businesses would be required to pay recycling for any packaging or flyers used sellinglooking cycling environment regulation to include extended packaging recycling and printed regulation material. to include packaging printed BC Chamber featured an expert panel on this topic at its recent Annual General Meeting selling their goods. their goods. o payRead: recycling businesses costs would for any be required packaging to pay or flyers recycling used costs in for any packaging or flyers used in Nanaimo. BC Chamberindriving skills gap solutions: The BC Chamber is driving awareness of, and solutions to, B.C.’s Due to some communications gaps, many B.C. businesses are just now learning about this regulaDuegoods. to some communications gaps, many B.C. businesses are just now learning about this regulaselling their Kelly Pollack, executive director of the to Immigrant Employment Council ofthe BC (IEC-BC), gap challenge. In a move to bring skills gap theis Chamber network throughout province, the tion for firstfirst time. Many have learned about it, with some with theshock, receipt of compliBC Chamber skills BC Chamber gap solutions: driving skills The gap BCexpertise solutions: Chamber The driving BC Chamber awareness is driving of, and awareness solutions of,BC and to,C many Due B.C.tobusinesses some communications are justtime. now gaps, learning many B.C. about businesses this regulaare just learning about this regulation forthethe Many have learned about it,shock, withnow some with the receipt of driving compliance was one of the panel experts who shared insights with the Chamber network. ance letters from Multi Material BC (MMBC), the industry-led agency that has developed a ber featured an expert panel on this topic at its recent Annual General Meeting in Nanaimo. gap challenge. In a move gap to challenge. bring skills In a gap move expertise to bring skills to the gap Chamber expertise network to the Chamber throughout network the throughout province, tt rned about tion forit,the with firstsome time. Many shock, have with learned the receipt about it, ofwith complishock, with the receipt of compliletters from Multi Material BC (MMBC), the some industry-led agency thatMinistry has developed a stewardship stewardship planMaterial for the packaging materials in question which agency was approved by the of “Given all of theatcompetition for the same people that youofmay be hoping will tothe panel Kellypanel Pollack, executive director of the Immigrant Employment Council BC (IEC-BC), wascome oneinofNanaimo. (MMBC), ance letters theplan industry-led from Multi agency BC that (MMBC), has developed the industry-led a which that has developed a ber featured an expert ber featured on this an topic expert panel its recent on this Annual topic at General its recent Meeting Annual General in Nanaimo. Meeting for the packaging materials in question was approved by the Ministry of Environment Environment on 15th. Canada andthe come to work for employers in your communities, I suggest that the thinkmaterials stewardship in question plan for theApril was packaging approved materials by the in question Ministry which of was approved by the Ministry of who shared insights with Chamber network. on Aprilwhich 15th. Kelly Kelly director Pollack, of the executive Immigrant director Employment of the Immigrant Council Employment of BC (IEC-BC), Council of BC was(IEC-BC), one of thw As B.C.’s largest and most broadly-based business organization, we’re actively working with Pollack, executive ingcompetition on the attraction and retention skilled international needstoa Canada paradigm ” to wor Environment on April 15th. “Given all of the for the same people of that you may be hopingtalent will come andshift, come As B.C. ’ s largest and most broadly-based business organization, we’re actively working with MMBC to toand ensure that our members have the information to comply withworking this regulation. who shared insights with who theshared Chamber insights network. with the Chamber network. based As business B.C.’sMMBC largest organization, most we’re broadly-based actively business working organization, with they need we’re actively with Pollack said in her presentation. ensure members havethe the information they need to comply with this regulation. But we’rethat also our working with MMBC, as itinformation finalizes somethey key program details, towith mitigate employers in your I suggestfor thatthe thesame thinking on the attraction and retention of will skilled internationa “Given all of the competition “Given for all communities, of thethe same competition people that you may people be hoping that you will may come be hoping toand Canada come andtocome Can have the MMBC information to ensure they that our need members to comply have with this regulation. need to comply thispotenregulation. Pollack spoke about solutions and resources that can help Chambers Chamber tial program impacts onMMBC, B.C.’s small we’re also working with as itsome fipotennalizes some key program details, to mitigate potential needs a paradigm shift,” Pollack said in her presentation. , as itBut finalizes we’reBut also some working key program with details, asMMBC, itbusinesses. to finalizes mitigate key program details, to mitigate potenemployers in your communities, employers I in suggest your communities, that the thinking I suggest on that the the attraction thinking on and the retention attraction of and skilled retention inter o members connect with B.C.’s skilled immigrant talent. In particular, she highlighted three B.C.impacts is a province of forward-looking businesses that consistently demonstrate leadership on program impacts on small B.C.’s small businesses. businesses. tial program on B.C.’s businesses. Pollackneeds spokeacurrent about solutions andpresentation. resources that can help Chambers and Chamber members connect with B.C.’s needs a paradigm shift,” Pollack paradigm said in shift,” her Pollack said in her presentation. immigrant employment projects being led by Chambers in the province. environmental issues. However, we need to ensure that B.C.’s regulatory regime, however wellB.C. is a province of forward-looking businesses that consistently demonstrate envi- immigrant talent. In particular, she highlighted three current immigrant employment projects being led by g businesses B.C. is athat province consistently of forward-looking demonstrate businesses leadership that consistently on demonstrate leadership on leadership on skilled Pollack spoke solutions PollackThese and spoke resources aboutare: solutions that can andhelp resources Chambers that can and help Chamber Chambers members and Chamber connect member with intentioned, doesn’t hurtHowever, ourwe small businesses’ ability to grow, prosper, drive B.C.’s broader projects need to environmental ensureron-mental that issues. B.C.’s However, regulatory regime, need to ensure however that wellB.C.’s regulatory regime, however wellissues. we need to ensure that B.C.’sand regulatory regime, howeverabout well-intenChambers in the province. prosperity. skilled immigrant talent. skilled In particular, immigrant she talent. highlighted In particular, three she current highlighted immigrant three current employment immigrant projects employment bein •at the Kitimat Chamber, the development and delivery of employer workshops on comusinesses’ intentioned, ability doesn’t to grow, hurtprosper, our businesses’ drive B.C.’s abilitybroader to grow, prosper, and drive broader tioned, doesn’t hurtsmall ourand small businesses’ ability to grow, prosper, andB.C.’s drive B.C.’s broader prosperity. This is why the implementation details of MMBC’s packaging stewardship plan are so crucial. We in the province. These projectspetency-based are:in the province. approaches for hiring and retaining immigrants; Chambers prosperity. This is why to the implementation details of MMBC’s packaging stewardship plantoare so crucial. We willChambers will continue work with MMBC to ensure the utmost care is used in developing those details ils of This MMBC’s is why packaging the implementation stewardship details plan of MMBC’s are so crucial. packaging We stewardship plan are so crucial. We •at the Kitimat Chamber, the development and delivery of employer workshops on with competency-based •at the Campbell River Chamber, an initiative to provide employers immigrant em-approache These projects are: are: continue to work with MMBC to ensure the utmost care isB.C.’s usedmany in developing those details to ensureThese projects ensure that the program is affordable and administratively simple for small businesso ensure willthe continue utmost to work care is with used MMBC in developing to ensure the those utmost details care to is used in developing those details to hiring and retaining immigrants; ployment tools and support through mentoring, skills training and cultural-diversity •at the Kitimat Chamber, •at the the development Kitimat Chamber, and the delivery development of employer and delivery workshops of employer on competency-based workshops on compete ap that the program is aff ordable and administratively simple for B.C. ’ s many small businesses. es.the program and administratively ensure that simple is affordable for B.C.’sand many administratively small businesssimple for B.C.’s many small businessguidance; and immigrants; •atimmigrants; the Campbell River Chamber, an initiative to provide employers with immigrant employment tools and supp As a province, B.C. is committed to cutting red tape and supporting job-creating businesses; we a province, B.C. is committed to cutting red tape and supporting job-creating businesses; we hiring and retaining hiring and retaining es. thean Prince George Chamber, development ofand an immigrant awareness campaign to recruittools needand toB.C. ensure this program doesn’t red undermine those goals. those need to ensure that thistoprogram doesn’t undermine goals. businesses; through skills training and cultural-diversity guidance; •at the Campbell River Chamber, •atmentoring, the •at Campbell initiative River Chamber, to provide anthe initiative employers to provide with employers with employment immigrant employ an cutting Asred a province, tape supporting is that committed job-creating cutting businesses; tape and supporting we job-creating we and retain skilled new immigrants families to Prince George and region. thethrough Prince George Chamber, the development ofcultural-diversity antheir awareness to recruit andthe retain skilled new imm sn’t undermine need to ensure those thatgoals. this program doesn’t undermine those goals. through mentoring,•atskills training mentoring, and cultural-diversity skills training andand guidance; andcampaign guidance; and All of these projects, which are funded and governments grants andthe their families to Prince George the region. by the •at the Prince George Chamber, •at Prince the George development Chamber, ofand an the awareness development campaign offederal an awareness to provincial recruit campaign and retain to recruit skilled and rn throughwhich the Employer Innovation Fundand housed with IEC-BC, are built around All of these projects, are funded by the federal provincial governments through thecollaboraEmployer Innovat grants and their families grants to Prince and their George families and to the Prince region. George and the region. Come to the 4th Annual tive IEC-BC, partnerships. IEC-BC is also co-hosting partnerships. regional forums on immigrant employment Fund housed with arethe built around collaborative IEC-BC is also co-hosting regional forum Come to the 4th Annual Music The projects, All On of these which All ofare these projects, by federal are funded and provincial by the21federal through governments through t for funded employers in which the Northwest on August and governments 22,and 2013provincial in partnership withthe the Employer Kitiimmigrant for employers in the Northwest oncollaborative August 21IEC-BC andpartnerships. 22, 2013 in partnership with the Kitim Fund On housed with IEC-BC, Fundemployment are housed built with around IEC-BC, collaborative are built around partnerships. is also IEC-BC co-hosting is also region co-h Come to the 4th AnnualCome Music to On the The 4th Annual Music The mat and Prince Rupert Chambers and NorthWest Community College. What makes all of Mountain August 23rd to 25th Princeimmigrant Rupert Chambers and NorthWest Community College. What makes all2013 of these that the immigrant employment for employers in unique the Northwest forisemployers onled inAugust the Northwest 21 and and on 22, August 21 inprojects and partnership 22,unique 2013 is in with partn th theseemployment projects that they’re by business community organizations. Mountain August 23rd to Mountain 25th August 23rdPrince to 25th led by Prince business and community organizations. Rupert Chambers and NorthWest Rupert Chambers Community and NorthWest Community WhatIEC-BC makes College. allspecifi of What these makes projects all of these unique proj is As a convener, coordinator andCollege. solutions broker, works cally with business At the Murray Ridge Ski a convener, coordinator solutionsto broker, IEC-BC works specifically with market businessdemand and business led Hill by business andAscommunity led by business organizations. andand community organizations. and business associations develop initiatives that match labour with associat develop thatofmatch labourtalent. market demand with supply ofand immigrant talent. IEC-BC focuses on small At the Murray Ridge At Skithe Hill RidgeAs Ski Hill a convener, Asinitiatives a and convener, solutions coordinator broker, and IEC-BC solutions works broker, specifically IEC-BC works with specifically business and with business business supply immigrant IEC-BC focuses on small medium-sized enterprises. Visit AtMurray Murray Ridge Skiinitiatives Hill coordinator medium-sized enterprises. to find out how you canimmigrant connect employers your loc develop that match labour initiatives that match demand labour with market supply demand of with supply talent. of in immigrant IEC-BC focuses IECo tomarket fiVisit nd out how you can connect employers in your community withcommunity localtalent. im- with Call Lionel atthe 250.996.1897 for tickets immigrant talent. migrant talent. medium-sized enterprises. medium-sized Visit enterprises. to find Visit out how you to can find connect out how employers you can connect in your employers community in you Call Lionel at 250.996.1897 Call Lionel for at tickets 250.996.1897 for tickets

BC Chamber driving skills gap solutions:

Music On The Mountain August 23rd to 25th

Call Lionel at 250.996.1897 for tickets immigrant talent.

immigrant talent.


Over the week of August 8 to August 15, RCMP responded to 93 complaints from the Fort St. James detachment. On August 8 at 2:44 p.m., RCMP received a complaint a female had been assaulted by an unknown male at an unknown location on a reserve at midnight the night before. The female victim when interviewed at the hospital reported she had been assaulted by her exboyfriend on the Tache Reserve. The suspect had reportedly dragged her into his residence on the reserve and kicked and punched her. The suspect was on conditions to abstain from alcohol and have no contact with the victim but was reportedly intoxicated at the time of the alleged assault. The suspect was then brought in and has been remanded into custody until a court date of September



Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Caledonia Courier

Fort St. James RCMP report

10 to face charges of forcible confinement, assault causing bodily harm, three counts of breach of probation and uttering death threats. On August 9 at midnight, RCMP received two reports of a red Dodge pickup driving erratically on the Tache Reserve. Members attending then passed a vehicle matching the description leaving the area and heading towards Fort St. James on the Tachie Road. The members did not manage to catch up to the vehicle until the Conifex Mill and estimate the truck was traveling at between 140 and 150 km per hour. The police then saw the truck turn onto the tracks and police stopped their pursuit. The vehicle was later located with the help of a CN employee. It was found with a flat tire, highcentred on the railway tracks, abandoned. The driver is still unknown and the vehicle was

towed and has been impounded. Anyone with information on the incident, contact the Fort St. James RCMP at 250-996-8269 or Crimestoppers at 1-800222-8477. On August 10 at 2:33 a.m., police conducted a check stop at Second Avenue when they observed a vehicle crossing the centre line several times. The driver, when pulled over, reportedly exhibited signs of impairment and said he had only had two to three drinks an hour ago and he had no history of impaired violations. The driver then produced fail readings on a roadside screening device. The driver was then given an immediate roadside prohibition from driving for 90 days and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days. Drivers receiving these immediate roadside prohibitions do not receive criminal records, however the infraction does show up on their driving records.

On August 11 at 2:34 a.m., a male complained his ex-girlfriend assaulted him in his residence on Nak’azdli Reserve. Upon the arrival of RCMP, the female suspect then reportedly ran out the side door of the home. The victim said he was punched several times in the face. Both the suspect and the victim were reportedly intoxicated at the time of the incident. The suspect was later located by police passed out in the bushes in the area. The suspect is a young offender and appeared in court on August 13. On August 11 at 10:23 p.m., police came across a white Dodge pickup parked on an angle facing into the ditch on the Lynn Lake Pitt Road. The driver was reportedly in his seat, passed out and being held up by his seatbelt. The driver was a man from Prince George who is working in the area.

The driver exhibited signs of intoxication and failed to provide suitable breath samples. The driver will appear in court on November 5 to face charges of impaired care and control of a motor vehicle and failure to provide breath samples. On August 13 at 8:30 p.m., RCMP received a report a female had been bear sprayed at the Tache playground. The complainant said his cousin was sprayed by another female. When police arrived, the suspect reportedly fled on foot and threw the can. She was then caught by police, who also located the bear spray, which they seized as evidence. The young offender was from Prince George and has been arrested for assault with a weapon, possession of a prohibited weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. She has since been re-

leased into the custody of her grandmother under the conditions she not return to Tache or Fort St. James, she adhere to a curfew and she can not possess any weapons, including bear spray. On April 14 at 3:45 a.m., three unwanted fe-

males were reported at a local service station possibly prostituting themselves to passing truck drivers. The women had been asked to leave and were later identified to police. Police attended but the women had left the premises.

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Listen up Editor: Listen up people, a golden opportunity is knocking on our door. A campaign has started across B.C. called Sensible B.C. – its objective being a marijuana referendum (much like the HST) – to get marijuana decriminalized in B.C.. We must take this chance for change seriously. I know that I do, and I urge you to do the same. Think of all the reasons – millions in redirected and generated revenue (tax dollars), its medicinal properties, its commercial possibilities (endless). Does anyone really think that I and countless more are criminals because I/we smoke weed? The law does. Let’s force the government into letting the people vote for sensible cannabis laws. Myself and others will be canvasing for your signature starting Sept. 9, 2013.

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SUNDAY LITURGY: Saturday 7:30 pm & Sunday 10:30 am DAILY MASS: Monday - Friday 9:00 am PASTORAL TEAM: FATHER FRANK SALMON 250-996-8343 SR. PAT MACAULAY, SR. DIVINA PEDRO



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Community Events are free of charge as they are sponsored by the Caledonia Courier COMING EVENTS... Will appear as space is available, free of charge in this section. Coming events are available to non-profit organizations only. This area is not intended for thank you submissions or selling products. It is simply a place for nonprofit organizations a place to announce upcoming free activities. You can e-mail your item to or by fax: 567-2070. Your organizations’ announcement can also be dropped off at our office located at #111-250 Stuart Drive, Fort St. James. Decision of the publisher is final. *** UNTOLD seeks contributions from nonFirst Nations students and staff who experienced Catholic residential or day schools abuse in Northern BC. For more info email *** FIREwEED STOppING ThE VIOLENCE & OUTREACh SERVICE For those who believe all is possible!...Provides free Confidential, Safe, and Supportive counselling and outreach services for women. Hours of Service: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and every other Friday. Location: Room 203, 349 Stuart Drive, Fort St James, BC Phone: (250) 9961214 Fax: (250) 996-7647 Email: *** ST pATRICk’S ANGLICAN ChURCh... hosts a free lunch every Tuesday from 11.00am - 1.00pm. All are welcome. This lunch is made possible through the generous giving of time and resources,by many people in the region, including Sylvia Isaac, The Roman Catholic Church, Camp Living Water, and many other individuals.We wish to thank all those who contribute their labour to this program as well as those who provide food and other necessities. We also run a small food bank on Tuesday morning,

and are very thankful for all who contribute to this endeavor. For further information please call Gwen Andrews 567-6744. *** SERVICE TIMES... at St Patrick’s Anglican Church, Fort St James, will be 10:30 am every Sunday. Free lunch every Tues between 11-1pm with music and Prayer. Please come and join us. *** FIREwEED CLOThES DRIVE...The Fireweed Safe Haven is doing a winter clothes drive. We are looking for jackets, boots, snow pants, mitts, hats, scarves, fleeces, etc, for men, women and children. The items will then be given to families in the community that need them. If you do not have anything at home that you can part with but still wish to contribute, you can purchase mitts, socks, or thermal underwear. Please drop items off at the Fireweed Safe Haven. For more information please contact Talia at (250) 9968081. Every little bit helps. *** AUxILIARy TO STUART LAkE hOSpITAL... Monthly meeting 2nd Wednesday each month. Hospital Cafeteria 7:00 p.m. *** FORT ST. JAMES pUBLIC LIBRARy hOURS... Tuesday 11:30-8:00 Wednesday 11:30-4:30 Thursday 11:30-4:30 Friday 11:30-8:00 Saturday 11:00-3:00 *** NEChAkO VALLEy COMMUNITy SERVICES SOCIETy...Child and Youth Mental Health and Counseling Services available at no cost. Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Call 996-7645 for appointment. *** FORT TRAp AND hANDGUN CLUB... meets last Sunday of every month. Contact (Sue) at 250-9967728 (h) for more information.

*** FORT ST. JAMES SEARCh & RESCUE... steering committee meetings first Tuesday of every month. 7:00 p.m. above the Fort St. James Firehall. Training is the third Tuesday of every month at the Firehall at 7 p.m. New members welcome. *** MUSIC MAkERS...New members always WELCOME. Not everyone has to be on stage, there is lots of work behind the scenes. Call Rosemary Allan at 250-996-8997 for more info. *** ThE ThRIFT STORE...has a new name! “The Bargain Basement”. We are still at the same location, across from Shoppers Food Mart. Donations of clean clothing and small housewares are greatly appreciated. Please, no books or magazines. Proceeds are used for community needs. Open Wed-Sat, 12 noon to 4pm. *** SERVICE pUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT...If you know anyone, including a child, who has been abused or harmed by a psychiatrist call the Citizens Commission on Human Rights at: 1-800-670-2247. *** ALCOhOLICS ANONyMOUS... Every Thursday, 8 p.m. at the United Church Hall on 2nd Avenue. Contact 996-8290. *** FIREwEED SAFE hAVEN...a safe place for women and their children leaving violence or abuse. 24 hour access - please call 9968000. *** FORT ST. JAMES pARENT ADVISORy...3rd Tuesday every month 7 p.m. at High School. *** DROp IN AT ThE LEGION... for fun darts. No charge. Every Saturday 2:30 p.m.

Caledonia Courier Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Nak’azdli Criminal election results record check changes Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier The results are in and Chief Fred Sam has been re-elected for another term as the Chief of Nak’azdli Band. Councillors will be: Wayne Sam, Ann Joseph, Ann Sam, Howard Sam, Crystal Mallard, Carl Leon, Ron Prince, and Violet Prince. The election was held on August 8 and had a good turnout with a total of 474 valid ballots cast. There are an estimated 600-700 eligible voters in the band membership, putting voter turnout in the 70 per cent range. The last B.C. provincial election had a voter turnout of only 52 per cent of eligible voters. Nak’zadli Band has a full election of chief and councillors every six years. Terms for the four councillors with the lowest number of votes are only two-years, while the chief and the four councillors who received the highest votes are elected

for three years. This means Chief Fred Sam, Wayne Sam, Ann Joseph, Ann M. Sam, and Howard Sam will have three-year terms while Crystal Millard, Carl Leon, Ronald Prince and Violet Prince will all have only twoyear terms. The youngest candidate, Kristi Howell, lost out on a councillor position to Ronald Prince by only three votes. Both Carl Leon and Howard Sam were re-elected councillors from the prior council. The council now consists of a balance of four women and four men. Candidate Margot Sagalon was not far behind Fred Sam for the role of chief with 108 votes and Alec McKinnon was not far behind her with 102. The next closest candidate was Vincent C. Prince with 82 votes. Chief Fred Sam was away on vacation after the election, but look for more on his plans for the next three years in an upcoming article.

Ruth Lloyd Caledonia Courier Criminal record checks can only be picked up Wednesday afternoons, and they need at least a week to be completed. After changes to the rules on police information checks (commonly known as criminal record checks or background checks) have come into effect, the Fort St. James RCMP are implementing a few rules for clients. The checks now take police at least a week to complete, when they used to be done the same day. This is primarily due to having to send messages to other detachments for clarification on their files. This means anyone dropping off their forms Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning can attend the detachment the following Wednesday afternoon to pick up the completed check. Those dropping off forms on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday or Friday will have to wait until the second Wednesday after to return to pick up their information.

If the checks are not completed by the appropriate Wednesday afternoon, the detachment will notify the applicant when the completed check is ready to be picked up.

Lakeshore Realty 5493 StoneS Bay REDUCED If you are looking for something out of the ordinary this home is for you. Fully renovated 5 bedroom home with new cherry kitchen cabinets, granite counter top, hardwood and tile flooring. Main bath features soaker tub and walk in shower. upper wrap around deck, lower covered deck, and the list goes on. $450,000.

You’ll find us at 169 STUART DRIVE, FSJ 250-996-8618

FREE EVENTS going on can be

submitted to the Caledonia Courier online calendar, visit: and see the calendar on the bottom right and click on add your event.

Crosswalks and more Submitted The transportation committee is pleased to announce work has begun on installing several bulbed pedestrian crosswalks. In order to try and improve the safety of pedestrians, four sets of ‘bulbed’ pedestrian crosswalks will be installed between Cottonwood Park and the RCMP station.  Bulbing is when the sidewalk is curved outwards into the street at crosswalk locations.  This has been proven to provide several safety features.   The bulbs tend to ‘calm’ traffic which should slow down industrial traffic through the core of town.   Pedestrians are more visible to approaching traffic, and it is easier to determine what the intentions of the pedestrians are as they enter onto the bulb area.     The committee did initially have concerns around snow removal and the impact of the bulbing on winter traffic flow.  To ensure that these concerns were mitigated the public works department

has been working in close conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation on the design and they feel that the benefits will far outweigh any concerns.   Construction of the bulbs will take a couple of weeks and there will be some impact to traffic patterns while the work is underway.  The committee apologizes for any inconvenience this causes and ask for consideration as this project proceeds.  Established a year and a half ago, the transportation committee is made up of a cross section of community representa-

tives including local and rural residents, First Nations, RCMP and the Chamber of Commerce. One of the key focuses of the committee over the last year has been to ensure the safety of our community.  In 2012, the Ministry of Transportation and ICBC in conjunction with the transportation committee conducted several safety audits.  The traffic engineers then proposed   options to improve the safety of our community.   Several of those improvements have already been implemented; they include replacing and improv-

ing signage, speed reader boards, pavement, lights, installation of a pedestrian controlled cross walk, and improvements to both the North Road and Tachie Road.     The community of Fort St James has seen a  significant increase in commercial traffic through the downtown core over the last couple of years and this has led to an increase in the number of concerns raised regarding  pedestrians attempting to cross the main road.  If you have any questions or concerns you can contact any member of the transportation

If you Currently Subscribe to You can NOW READ Full Page Views Including ALL ADVERTISING!!! “ON LINE” go online to or call 250-567-9258 169 Stuart Drive West, Fort St. James

committee. Councillor Joan Burdeniuk (250) 996-8667 and/ or Dave Stewart public works superintendent (250)996-8233 are both available for more information.

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Beaulah (Bea), Lillian Lutkehaus nee Baughman, 93, of Fort Saint James BC, passed away peacefully on Thursday July 4, 2013 of natural causes. She was born in Loverna, Saskatchewan on June 10, 1920, to the late Doris and Gale Baughman and grew up in Bergen, Alberta. Bea was married to George Lutkehaus June 17, 1940, until his death in 1987. Bea moved to Fort St James in 1956 with her young family. Bea and George built their home at Cottonwood Beach, where she has lived ever since. Bea began working at the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1956 for 10 years. She loved to garden and was often seen outside her house raking leaves, picking Saskatoon berries and enjoying its beauty. Bea loved to do crosswords and other word puzzles. She was a quilter and spent many a winter’s night making warm blankets for her family. She is survived and greatly missed by her sister June Haug of Bergen, Alberta, her 3 children Gale (Anne), Orvin (Anne) and Evelyn; Her grandchildren, Moira (Mat), Mark (Holly), Grace (Phil), Richard, Brenda (Dennis), Aubrey and Warren; 13 great grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild. She is also survived by many nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. There is no service as requested.

In Memoriam Donations P.O. Box 1480, 7th Ave Prince George, BC V2L 3P2

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Employment Career Opportunities The District of Kitimat is seeking to fill the following positions: Project Engineer: must be a professional Civil Engineer with minimum 3 years professional experience (preferably in municipal environment) and eligible for registration with APEGBC. Permanent full-time (PFT) exempt staff position with competitive compensation and full benefits. Deputy Operations Manager: will have several years experience in municipal or related field and post-secondary education in Water Quality, Civil or Building Technology or related Trade Qualification. PFT exempt staff position with competitive compensation and full benefits. Engineering Technologist 2. Must have a civil engineering technologist diploma, 3 years experience in the civil/municipal discipline, and eligibility for registration with ASTTBC. Bargaining Unit position. Wage: $37.01 - $44.78/hr over 2 years. Submit resumes by September 10, 2013, 4:30 p.m., to Personnel, District of Kitimat, 270 City Centre, Kitimat, B.C. V8C 2H7. Fax (250) 632-4995, e-mail Further information can be obtained from our website at

Education/Trade Schools INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SignUp online! 1-866-399-3853

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION RATED #2 FOR AT HOME JOBS • Huge Demand In Canada • Employers Seek Out Canscribe Graduates • Over 90% Graduate Employment Rate 1.800.466.1535

Help Wanted An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call (780)723-5051 Edson, Alta.

LOGGING AND Construction jobs. We are looking for experienced and motivated people for the following positions: Hoe Chuckers, Roadbuilders, Skidder Operators, Yarding Crews (tower and gy, hooktender, rigging puller, linewinder), Weight Scale operators, Processors, Front End Loaders, Lowbed and Log Trucker Drivers. Lots of work, local to Fraser Valley and out of town, various day shifts, benefits, good pay, good people. Please fax resume to 778-732-0227 or email

Medical/Dental ARE you an animal lover who has experience working in a veterinary clinic; are you a VOA or an RAHT? Nechako Valley Animal Health Services offers an integrative approach to patient care and currently has a position open. Knowledge of Avimark, and horse handling skills are an asset, but not a requirement. Please send your resume/cover letter, including references to

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Key plant management team roles in Fort St. James for

People in Pursuit of Excellence Conifex—through astute strategic acquisitions and strong leadership—is emerging as a major national player in the forestry and sawmilling industry. Operationally, our approach is to blend state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of people who believe in the value of excellence. Together, we can achieve our vision to become a premier forest products company.

Supervisor—Graveyards In this position, reporting to the Senior Sawmill Supervisor, you’ll be responsible for the overall management of Sawmill Cleanup and for providing leadership while ensuring excellent safety performance for your crew. Fostering a highly effective work relationship with all employees, you will also provide exceptional supervision for personnel.

Supervisors—All Departments Responsible for the overall management of the production/ maintenance crew, you’ll ensure excellent safety performance and maximize productivity, quality and customer satisfaction while minimizing costs. You’ll use your exceptional supervisory skills to foster a highly effective work relationship with all employees. For the roles above, you'll need to bring problem-solving and team-building abilities as well as knowledge of performance management and continual improvement processes that will prepare you well for leading a team. Steeped in history, Fort St. James is located in the Bulkley Nechako District 160 km northwest of Prince George, where abundant wildlife and year-round outdoor activities abound. To learn more, visit: Pursue excellence in your career— apply by emailing your résumé, quoting the appropriate job title, to by August 30, 2013.

Need an employer who isn’t afraid of new technology? Our online job matching solution will provide you with 100’s of job listings where you can login to your account to view potential jobs that match your criteria. Your path to a better job begins here,

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INSPIRE your children to be creative and expressive through music! Group keyboard lessons for children ages 3 - 9 that include singing, rhythm, movement, composition and more! Find a teacher near you 1-800-828-4334 or

Financial Services GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

2003 Four Winns Fish & Ski Freedom 180 F/S,

fully serviced 4.3L VOLVO PENTA engine, removable side windows for more fishing room, tilt steering, removable seats with interchanging seat posts, rear entry ladder, front control for rear leg trim, full cover with anti pooling poles, electric motor off bow for fishing, custom matched trailer, Bimini top.

This is really a great boat!! $15,000 obo. (250)354-7471 Nelson

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Feed & Hay ROUND HAY Bales for sale. Call 250-846-5855

Merchandise for Sale LOG HOME shell kit WRC 6X8 flat 3 bdrm w/grge & curved glass sunroom, ready to ship, 604-856-9732

Heavy Duty Machinery A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20’40’45’53 in stock. SPECIAL 44’ x 40’ Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! 40’ Containers under $2500! Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph. 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Misc. for Sale HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper?


Ft. St. James B.C. Call (778) 667-0346 In a Jam, call BAM BAM. Remote Water Hauling, Water teƐƟng anĚ dreatment͘ 'raǀel Hauling, džĐaǀaƟon ǁorŬ͘ OEoǁ ƉroǀiĚing >iƋuiĚ Ɛtorage tanŬƐ Ĩor Water anĚ WaƐte Danagement͘ &or ReƐiĚenƟal anĚ /nĚuƐtrial uƐeƐ͘ ORainǁater ŚarǀeƐƟng ƐoluƟonƐ͘ O

Water Delivery and Gravel ^eaŵleƐƐ WŽlyetŚylene danŬƐ džĐavaƟŽn



Serving Fort St. James and area since 1972

Apt/Condo for Rent HILLCREST apts. Lg. 1 & 2bdrm suites. Clean and quiet. Adult orientated,Security system,Strict Management,no pets ph# 250-996-7854 Lakeview Apartments 752 Stuart Dr. W. Fort St. James. 2bdrm apt. Newly renovated. Quiet, clean building. Adult oriented. no pets R.R. Avail. now 250-996-4073 or 250-996-7598

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Townhouses Stuart Lake Townhouses Newly renovated, family oriented, 3 bdrm, 2 bath with basement, 2 parking stalls, No dogs. Ref Req’d 250-996-4073 or 250-996-7598


Recreational/Sale 1999 Damon Challenger Class A Motorhome, Ford V10, 33’, one slide, 92,000 km, new tires, brakes & batteries, $24,900 obo. (250)365-7152 Castlegar

Boats 17 ft. Alum. Canoe “Spring Bok” very stable, perfect for family / hunting canoe. $500. Call (250) 692-2372

Serving Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, Fort Fraser and Fraser Lake

Pam Berger Publisher 150 W. Columbia St Box 1007, Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A0

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Houses For Sale

Houses For Sale


2635 SQ.FT. LOG HOUSE ON STUART LAKE 5.7 ACRES 230’ LAKE FRONT 5 bedrooms - 3 bathroom, open floor plan with new laminate flooring in living room, dining, kitchen & bathroom. 6 appliances, new metal roof. Stuart Lake is 60km long. Excellent Rainbow, Trout & Ling Cod fishing. 3 blks to elementary school. 10 min. to town CALL: ED SCHWARTZIN 250-692-0007 CEL: 250-996-1071

TWO BRAND NEW HOUSES LOCATED IN THE CENTRE OF FORT ST. JAMES CLOSE TO SCHOOLS AND ALL AMENITIES. Secluded and on their own private street backing onto Nahounli Creek. First home has 1,736 sq. ft., three bedroom, 2 full baths, with air conditioning and wood burning stove. Second home has 2,300 sq. ft. of living space, four bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bathrooms, bonus room and 540 sq. ft. attached garage. Features air conditioning and natural gas fireplace. Smaller of the two homes is priced to sell at: $249,800, and the second is listed for $329,000.

Call: (250) 996-3621 during the day, or (250) 996-8981 evenings. A11


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Sullivan Motor Products


is celebrating 40 years in business & we’re giving away



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• 105,880 KMs • Automatic, AWD • Leather interior • heated seats • sunroof • fully loaded

Reg. Price: $22,900

2006 BMW X5 3.0I SUV




! sale price 00




Reg price $38,900

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! sale price 00 2011 CHEVROLET CAMARO 1SS COUPE $ 37,400R1494 • 86,475 KMs • Automatic • front wheel drive • cloth interior • satellite radio • security system • remote start

Reg. Price: $16,900

Reg price $18,900

Reg. Price: $12,900



le price! 0 0 2011 CHEVROLET CRUZE sa 0 0 $ 8 LT TURBO SEDAN R1221 16,



! sale price 00



• 29,478 KMs • automatic • front wheel drive • cloth interior • cruise control • security system • tilt steering

• 78,780 KMs • automatic • fully loaded • leather interior • air conditioning • tilt steering • traction control

• 95,055 KMs • automatic • front wheel drive • cloth interior • cruise control • tilt steering • security system

Reg price $22,900

Reg price $16,900

Reg price $16,900

! sale price 00



! sale price 00 1991 MERCEDESBENZ 500 SL COUPE $ 15,400 R1485

Reg. Price: $12,900

! sale price 00


Reg. Price: $26,900

• 36,210 KMs • automatic • front wheel drive • cloth interior • cruise control • satellite radio • fully loaded

• 39,550 KMs • manual • front wheel drive • cloth interior • tilt steering • CD player



• 8,505 KMs • Manual V8 • leather interior • heated seats • reverse park assist • parking sensors • OnStar, fully loaded

• 39,975 KMs • 6 speed manual • front wheel drive • cloth interior • OnStar • security system • tilt steering

! sale price 00



• 152,430 KMs • Automatic, AWD • leather interior • heated seats • 3rd row seating • OnStar • panoramic sunroof • fully loaded




price! 2009 PONTIAC VIBE sale 00 0 0 $ 9 HATCHBACK R1072 15,

• 204,860 KMs • automatic • front wheel drive • cloth interior • air conditioning • tilt steering

• 159,026 KMs • manual • front wheel drive • cloth interior • air conditioning • tilt steering

Reg. Price: $4,950

Reg. Price: $7,995

! sale price 00





! sale price 00




Price does not include documentation fee of $399

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WWW.SULLIVANGM.COM Highway 16, Houston


Ph: 250-845-2244 • TF: 1-800-665-3151

Sullivan Motor Products Ltd. ...Northwest’s Largest Volume Dealer for a Reason!!

Caledonia Courier, August 21, 2013  
Caledonia Courier, August 21, 2013  

August 21, 2013 edition of the Caledonia Courier