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NO ONE INJURED IN MOTOR HOME ROLLOVER The RCMP and the Williams Lake Fire Department responded to the scene of a small motor home rollover down the steep bank below Best Buy Propane (Sun Valley Gas) on Highway 97 in Williams Lake Thursday morning, shortly before 10 a.m. “It appears the driver, owner, left the vehicle in gear when he parked,” the RCMP said in a press release. “The vehicle was completely destroyed. The dollar value is unknown.” No one was injured in the incident, however the fire department removed a battery and full propane tank that were on board, before the remnants of the motor home were towed away. Tara Sprickerhoff photo

Rafters tour Williams Lake’s Potato House ...........Page A14

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McLeese Lake wildfire person-caused A wildfire at McLeese Lake near Robertson Road, Wednesday was person-caused and is under investigation said Cariboo Fire Centre information officer Greig Bethel Thursday. “Apparently, the fire was burning in an open field and moved into standing timber,” Bethel said. “It has been re-estimated at 1.3 hectares in size, down from the 1.5.” The fire was brought under control by Cariboo Fire Centre/ Wildfire Management Branch crews with bucket support from helicopters and heavy equipment on Wednesday evening by about

8 p.m. An airtanker also actioned the fire on Wednesday afternoon. Approximately 16 WMB personnel returned to the site Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m. to continue putting out hot spots. “It looks like things are moving toward mop-up at this time,” Bethel said. Helicopters and airtankers in action during Wednesday’s wildfire at McLeese Lake near Robertson Road was spotted by local resort owners. Bob Kelly photo

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Friday, August 16, 2013 Williams Lake Weekend


Weed of the Week - Mountain Bluet The feature for this week is not your everyday garden variety; it’s beautiful but can be a pest! Mountain Bluet also known as Bachelors Button and Perennial Cornflower is a popular garden plant that we have on our priority list because it is spreading in the Cariboo Chilcotin. Mountain Bluet is native to Europe and was brought over as an ornamental but it readily escapes gardens all over the world. It has now become established in the British Isles, Scandinavia and some parts of North America. Mountain Bluet grows up to 18 inches tall, has silvery-green wooly foliage and has blue and purple lace-like flowers at the ends of the stems. It usually flowers from May to August. How can this beauty become a garden nightmare you ask? Mountain Bluet has many invasive plant traits; it is a self-seeder and also spreads rapidly by above

ground roots. This plant is tolerant to many different environments such as drought and alkaline soils. It is persistent once it has established and one plant can live up to 15 years in ideal conditions. Treatment options for Mountain Bluet: Small Infestations: Hand pulling but make sure that all parts of the plants are dug up including root fragments. Do Not Compost Invasive Plants! Bag them and dispose of invasive plant material at designated areas such as invasive plant bins at the Williams Lake, Quesnel, and 100 Mile House landfills. Large Infestations: Herbicide can be utilized, but the infestation must be carefully assessed first to ensure herbicide use is appropriate for the site and all instructions on the label must be read and followed. How can you help stop



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Mountain Bluet the spread of Mountain Bluet? Learn to identify Mountain Bluet. Be cautious when planting this in your garden or avoid it all together. Cut and bag flower heads before it goes to seed. Check vehicles and clothing for seeds and plants before leaving an infested area. Stay on trails and

roads. Report any new sites to the CRD at 1-800-665 1636, on our website at or email Instead of planting Mountain Bluet in your garden try these alternatives: Bee Balm (Monarda Didyma), Summer Gentian (Gentiana septemfida) or Clustered Bellflower (Campanula glomerata).

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Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 16, 2013

NEWS You Can’t Eat the View

Growing up on a ranch was wonderful; wide open spaces, horseback riding, and the intoxicating smell of freshly cut hay on a summer afternoon. Those are the things I remember most. Of course, farming also meant isolation, sick animals and the nauseating sight of a crop ruined by hail, rain or drought.   Farming can be a cruel occupation. This year we’ve had so much rain the hay fields around us have grown thick and lush. Some are saying it’s the best crop of hay they’ve seen in 26 years. There’s just one problem…it won’t stop raining long enough to cut, dry and bale it. The hay that is getting put up is mostly what the locals refer to as “well washed”. Sometimes having a sense of humour is the

only thing that keeps a farmer sane. Once the hay has been cut it has to come off the field, so even when it has been washed so often it’s black, you still have to bale it. There are few sights more heartbreaking than a farmer spending time, fuel and twine putting up black bales of hay destined for burning. There is still plenty of hay standing, but now, even if it did stop raining, the hay is getting past its prime. Once the grasses and legumes start going to seed much of the nutritional value is lost. With such a narrow window to work with it’s a wonder any good hay ever gets put up at all, but— against all odds—it does. There are years when the fields are speckled with bright green bundles. Years where the hay makes it off the field, stacked


and stored in its prime without a drop of rain. Of course, those are the years everyone has lots of good hay so the price drops. Such are the economics of farming. Hence the joke my father loved to tell about the farmer who wins the lottery. When he is asked what he plans to do with all his money he enthusiastically replies, “I am going to farm until it’s all gone.” In the thick of the farming years my mother would often lament that farming was

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the only occupation where you worked all year to bring a product to market and then asked what they would give you for it, instead of demanding a profitable price. Then there’s the old adage that once in your life you will need a lawyer, a doctor, a policeman and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer. Even without the weather and crop prices to contend with farming is becoming more difficult economically. The size and scope of machinery has pushed the smaller farmer out, while the price of land makes it impossible for a young person to get into farming unless they’re lucky enough to have inherited land. On the long weekend we took a drive up into a ritzy subdivision overlooking Fort St. John. In the

midst of the million dollar homes was a hay field and an old tractor making its familiar rounds. We fell quiet as we watched the hay fall into neat swaths behind the tractor. We looked beyond the field to the breathtaking view of the Peace River banks and the city below. The bales might go to feed cattle that will sell for a few hundred dollars a head. Or the bales might get sold for thirty bucks a piece. Or if it rains, they will make nothing but ashes. Scarcely a mile away four acre lots with a far lesser view are selling for almost a quarter million each. I doubted this private pocket of pasture l a n d — s u r ro u n d e d as it were by massive homes already on subdivided acreages—was protected by the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve). And even if

AN APPLE A DAY... We’ve been hearing for years that a needle-free injection device will soon be on the market. Well, the scientists at MIT have developed one which delivers a microscopically thin stream of medicine under high pressure through the skin and into the tissue. It is still being tested but hopefully available in a year or two. There appears to be a link between the amount of sugar we consume and our blood pressure. One easy way of cutting sugar consumption is to reduce the number of sugar-drinks you consume daily. Even reducing by one can help. Reducing our daily calorie intake can produce a multitude of health benefits. Start today. It’s always interesting to read about how health affected some famous people. Beethoven, for example, used fewer higher notes in his later compositions as his deafness increased. Analyses of his string quartets found he used fewer notes above G in his later quartets because he couldn’t hear them.

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In England, more and more people are successfully quitting smoking. The National Health Services Stop Smoking program in 2011-12 reported that 800,000 people set a quit date with 49% being successful which is a 5% increase in success from 2010-11 and a whopping 235% increase over 2001-02. It can be done. Pharmacists can help smokers quit with smoking cessation programs. We’d love to talk to you about what’s available to help you with your decision to stop. You and your family won’t regret it.

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it were someone with deep pockets would pay a few million to own it. Maybe the farmer was one such person. Maybe he was simply a millionaire living the green acre dream on the weekend. Or maybe his family had always farmed here and he was holding out like that family who used to raise strawberries in a field next to Disneyland. Maybe he was wise and understood money wasn’t everything; that being cash strapped from time to time was worth getting to spend his days outdoors circling a field with a view. If you’re a small farmer or someone who dreams of spending their days working the land, all is not lost. After decades of hearing how the family farm is going extinct there are rumbles of it making a come- A3

back. With the growing interest in organic, ethically raised food there is a niche market for those who are willing to work for it. Some are even becoming urban farmers and leasing neighbours backyards to grow enough produce to sell at Farmer’s Markets. If it’s livestock you’re interested in, I just finished reading a wonderful book called Gaining Ground; A Story of Farmers’ Markets, Local Food and Saving the Family Farm by Forrest Pritchard that serves as a ray of light in a cloudy world. And right now we could all use a little more sunshine and a few less clouds. Shannon McKinnon is a humour columnist from Northern BC. You can catch up on past columns by visiting


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Revisions to the provincial awards program


Lily Drey, 5, drains a mini-golf putt at Bell-E-Acres last Sunday during the Cariboo Chilcotin Partners for Literacy Family Fun Day. The event included mini-golf, regular golf, story telling, puppet shows, draw prizes and more. Greg Sabatino Photo

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Friday, August 16, 2013 Williams Lake Weekend

Beginning in September 2013, the Provincial Awards Program will be revised to provide school districts with greater flexibility and better align with the BC Education Plan. The revisions will phase out the Passport to Education over the next three years. “This change coincides with our ongoing development of district/authority awards, where students will have more areas to qualify for postsecondary awards and scholarships,” the Ministry of Education noted in a press release. These areas will better align with the goals of the BC Education Plan and allow more students to be recognized for their unique interests like trades, Aboriginal languages, volunteer activity or technology education. Within these broad categories, districts will have greater discretion to locally manage allo-

cations, tailoring their decisions to the unique demographics of their community. The Passport to Education Program will be phased out starting with Grade 10 in 2013, Grade 11 in 2014 and Grade 12 in 2015. Students who have already earned Passports to Education in their

Saturday, August 24th Noon to 4pm BBQ Family Games Livestock Live Entertainment

and consultations will occur over the coming year to further define the categories and award allocation process. The Graduation Program Examination Scholarship, the Secondary School Apprenticeship, and the Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship still will be offered.

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grade 10, 11 or 12 year will still receive their award. No new Passports will be awarded to incoming Grade 10 students. The Passport to Education Program was outdated and administratively complex to deliver, said the ministry’s press release. Additional work


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Partner Assisted Learning (PAL) is offering a FREE Tutor Training program for anyone interested in volunteering to help adults with their literacy challenges. We provide one-to-one tutoring for adults in the community who struggle with the every day demands of reading, writing, and math. Volunteering opens our hearts and minds. Training sessions will be held starting in September 2013. Thanks to the Province Janette Moller For more information on becoming a volunteer tutor - please call Janette Moller at 250-392-8161. of BC for our funding Operations Manager Shelly Joyner - 250-395-9303 Sponsored by The Kiwanis Club Books for Babies Project and the Williams Lake Tribune • Executive Director

Bruce Mack - 250-392-6867 CCPL President

Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 16, 2013 A5

News Victoria resident Sharon Noble hopes thousands of opponents of wireless smart meters join an intended class action lawsuit against BC Hydro. Black Press file photo

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Smart meter class action lawsuit off to slow start Opponents of BC Hydro’s wireless smart meters are scrambling to quickly assemble enough people willing to be part of a planned class-action lawsuit they hope delivers a permanent opt-out from the program. Victoria resident Sharon Noble, with the group Citizens for Safe Technology, said success in convincing a judge to certify the class action may hinge on how many people take part. She estimated Wednesday that 100 to 150 people are registered – a start she called slow – but added hundreds more sign-ups are likely in progress. Given the number of people who have blocked smart meter installation or had one installed against their wishes, she said,

it would be surprising if thousands don’t join the lawsuit. “The courts would be very influenced by having a large number,” Noble said, adding a judge could soon begin considering whether to certify the class action. “The more people we have signed on by then, the more likely the courts would look on this as being a very significant movement, as opposed to a movement of a handful.” About 60,000 households have refused smart meters or less than four per cent of all BC Hydro customers. BC Hydro has not yet issued its response to the claim filed July 25 on behalf of representative plaintiff Nomi Davis. It demands free choice “without extortive fees, coercion or conditions designed to intimidate.” Registering with the

lawsuit costs $100. The provincial government has indicated those who still have analog power meters they want to keep will be able to pay around $20 a month extra to continue manual meter readings. Opponents aren’t happy with the fees or Hydro indications that smart meters may still replace analog ones as they break down. They also say those with smart meters should have the ability to turn off wireless transmissions. “The opt-out option that Hydro is offering needs to be a legitimate one,” White Rock resident Linda Ewart said. “What they need to say is ‘If you don’t want one of these meters, you don’t need to have them.’” Another concern over choice is what happens when someone moves to a new home

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for the donation of the fire truck! Deputy Chief Larry Chambers has filled most of the gear in the compartments of our new fire truck and it is full of water. We are very excited and working hard for a complete Fire Hall functioning in Likely. Big lake has helped in many ways to this date. B and Toni are helping out again. Thanks So Much.

B and Toni We appreciate your generous gift! B. Hooker and Deputy Chief Larry Chambers

and a smart meter is already installed. Many objectors claim health concerns or sensitivity to radiofrequency waves, even though third-party tests have found emissions from smart meters are low compared to other sources. BC Hydro officials say the lead plaintiff’s analog meter was broken and had to be replaced for safety reasons. “BC Hydro will work through the judi-

cial process to explain why we are obligated to replace a customer’s meter when there is potential for a safety hazard,” said Greg Reimer, executive vice-president of transmission and distribution, in a statement. He said both the B.C. Court of Appeal and B.C. Utilities Commission have previously dismissed smart meter legal challenges and that Hydro has “acted at all times within the law.”

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August 16, 2013

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Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3x3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: you must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column or 3x3 box.


Friday, August 16, 2013 Williams Lake Weekend


Alkali Lake requests confidentiality at hearings STAFF WRITER When the federal review panel hearings take place at Alkali Lake on Tuesday, Aug. 20, the Esk’etemc (Alkali Lake) would like some of the information it presents kept confidential. The federal review panel for the New Prosperity Gold-Copper Mine announced Thursday it has received a request from the Esk’etemc to present oral and/or written evidence in confidence during the upcoming community hearing session respecting Esk’etemc’s

treaty settlement and land (“TSL”) selections and concerns respecting adverse impacts to title and TSL and Esk’etemc’s specific claims area and traditional use knowledge and information respecting the location and nature of Esk’etemc’s sacred sites and burial grounds. To maintain the confidentiality of the information, Esk’etemc has also asked the panel not to publicly post the information on the panel’s registry, and that only Secwepemc members and specific Taseko Mines Ltd. repre-

sentatives who have signed a confidentiality undertaking be allowed to attend when that information is presented to the panel. In addition, Esk’etemc requested the presentation of information be closed to the general public and interested parties, and be held in-camera and not reproduced in the audio or written transcripts posted on the public registry, and that the panel avoid site-specific reference to the areas identified by Esk’etemc in the panel’s report to the minister. As outlined in Article

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Priests: Father Derrick Cameron Father Clinton Pendleton Sunday Mass 9:30 and 7:00 pm Saturdays 5:00 pm anticipated for Sunday 450 Pigeon Ave. 250-398-6806

Salvation Army Williams Lake Corps Family Worship Centre 267 Borland Street, Williams Lake 250-392-2423 Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 am Captains Randy & Claudine Kadonaga

St. John Lutheran Church 377 Hodgson Road, Williams Lake


Summer Worship Service 9:30 a.m. Pastor Andy Kahle

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Brought to Williams Lake by the Seventh-day Adventist Church Full Info On Worship Services Only or Call 250-392-1905

Cariboo Bethel Church 833 Western Ave., Williams Lake 250-398-6731 Worship Service 10:00 am • Kids Club Camp Likely July 24 - August 24 Lead Pastor Jeremy Vogt

Evangelical Free Church Sunday Morning Service 10:00 a.m. Pastor Dan Smith 1100-11th Ave. North, Williams Lake 250-392-2843

2.4 of the Procedures for Requesting Confidentiality, the panel is making the Esk’etemc request for confidentiality available for a short comment period. Interested Parties are requested to provide any comments on the request for confidentiality by Aug. 18 at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time). Any comments should be submitted via email at: Newprosperityreview@ The panel will then afford Esk’etemc the opportunity to respond to comments submitted. The Esk’etemc

response to comments should be provided on Aug. 19. After reviewing the comments received, the panel will determine whether the disclosure of the information could potentially result in harm to either the environment or to the Esk’etemc. The panel’s decision on whether to grant the request will be announced at the start of the Aug. 20th hearing day in Alkali Lake. During the panel hearings in Xeni Gwet’in last week, a similar request was granted by the panel.

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Find a Church... ...Sponsored by the Williams Lake Minister’s Fellowship

“I’ve got nothing against Jesus. It’s just his fan club I can’t stand.” I remember having a good chuckle the first time I read those words on a bumper sticker. As a pastor, I should have been offended by someone taking an obvious shot at the church, but the truth is, I can relate. I mean, really! Who has seen the ugly side of church more than one of its leaders? God’s fan club can indeed be a rowdy bunch! But as many knocks and bruises as I’ve endured from God’s fellow “fans”, I’m not pulling away from the church, nor do I ever plan to. The reason? Well, I could say a lot of things here. I could say that my own experience has been that the amazingly loving and gracious fans by far outnumber the petty and hurtful ones. But the real reason is that Jesus didn’t just call people to follow him; he called them to follow him together. Tragically, there are a lot of people who have bought into the idea that they can live as solo trekkers on the pathway to God. They miss the fact that Jesus never endorsed that approach. One can’t read about him and his way of doing things without coming to the conclusion that he always called people to come together. From the earliest days Jesus’ followers have understood that although the life of a Christian is very much an individual choice, it is not an individual pursuit. I read an insightful author who pointed out that people who say they want Jesus, but not the church, usually tell her that they want to identify directly with the primary source, Jesus, but not with “the annoyingly fallible human beings who have tried to follow Him but failed.” “They describe to me a personal


BY Chris harder privatized journey free of the sins of the historical Church but with a direct hook-up to the guy who got it all started. What all of this implies, however, is that the person who loves Jesus privately is somehow better at it than those who try to do it with other people.” (Lillian Daniel, Relevant Magazine) The thing that might make me reluctant to identify with other followers of Jesus is part of the very reason that I need to identify with them: our shared tendency to get things wrong. I can stand back and criticize others from a distance, but when I do that I fail to look critically at my own heart. A quick gut-check will tell me that I’m just as prone to mistakes as the people I’m criticizing. How can I think

that I, alone, will be able to navigate the spiritual path? Jesus alone is able to say, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” The rest of us need to keep our eyes on him if we’re going to stay on the path, and the truth is that I’ve been kept out of the ditch plenty of times by my fellow travellers giving me a tug on the sleeve when I got distracted. But, to quote Daniels again, “In a culture of narcissism, the easiest way to follow Jesus is from a distance on a solo stroll to the beat of the same drummer you have listened to your whole life: your own personal preferences and already held beliefs.” All of this is why I stay with the church. I believe that it’s God’s plan for my good and for the good of many. Historically, the church has taken different forms, from tiny house-church gatherings to stadiumsized mega-churches, and I won’t speak against any one of them because they can all be really healthy expressions. And they can all be incredibly flawed. Health happens when people do what church is for: helping each other worship, supporting one another in spiritual growth, and pursuing a mission far bigger than themselves. Flaws manifest themselves when people put their own agendas, preferences, and biases ahead of God and lose track of what they’re there for – whether it’s a house church or a mega-church. The great thing is that God is still incredibly at work drawing flawed people into a relationship with himself. That’s what gives me hope – because I’m one of those flawed followers.

Chris Harder is the Lead Pastor at Williams Lake Alliance Church The views expressed in this column are not necessarily the views of all the churches in the ministerial association.

WILLIAMS LAKE ALLIANCE CHURCH Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. Nursery and Children’s Sunday School 261 - 3rd Ave. South • 250-392-4280 Pastor Chris Harder ...real people ...real needs ...real hope

625 Carson Drive, Williams Lake 250-392-5324 Sunday Morning Service 10:00 am KidsStreet at 10:30 am - Ages 2-10 Lead Pastor: Corwin Smid Youth Pastor: Steve Pederson Affiliated with PAOC

Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 16, 2013 A7


35th Anniversary Sale

Commercial sockeye catch at Fort Langley in 2010, one of the largest runs in recent history. Black Press photo

Store-Wide Specials 250-392-5644 • 130 Oliver Street

THANK YOU Mount Polley Mine

Fraser sockeye run, water level low TOM FLETCHER Black Press Commercial and sport sockeye fishing remained closed on the Fraser River system last week, as the Pacific Salmon Commission reported a lower than expected return of fish in what was already expected to be a poor return year. Based on the latest test fisheries, the commission’s Fraser River Panel upgraded its forecast of early summer-run sockeye from 400,000 to 452,000 fish. The following summer run “is either lower than forecast or their migration timing is much later than expected,” the joint Canada-U.S. panel reported last week. The proportion of late-run sockeye through ocean approach areas has increased in recent days. The late run is expected to be dominated by Birkinhead, Weaver and Late Shuswap sockeye, with some from the Portage and Cultus Lake systems. Water level and temperature in the Fraser system is another concern, after a dry early summer. As of Aug. 5, Fraser River water discharge at Hope was 26 per cent lower than average for that date. The temperature was 20.5

degrees, 2.8 degrees higher than average, a condition that would risk high prespawning death if it continues. The 2013 run is the next in the four-year sockeye life cycle after the disastrous 2009 run, which was expected to see 10 million return. After only one million came back, the

federal government appointed Justice Bruce Cohen to head a commission of inquiry on the state of Fraser sockeye. As the inquiry was hearing testimony, the 2010 run came in at an unusually high 35 million fish, reflecting the complexity of the system that sustains Pacific salmon.

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The Cohen commission found overall declines in most west coast rivers starting in the late 1980s, from

Washington state to the Fraser, Skeena and Nass in B.C., Yukon’s Klukshu and Alaska’s Alsek River.




• By using colour tones, you can open up small spaces with light colours, and warm up a room with tones of red, orange or yellow. An access wall can create a great focal point; try a colour such as a rust red! Keep in mind, the darker the tones, the more coats of paint you will need.

Boitanio Park

• If you are unsure of colour combinations, visit a paint store and check out the colour schemes on paint chips and catalogs professional designers have assembled.

Good luck and have fun!




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Let me help you

Cariboo Realty 232 Third Ave N • 250-302-1785 Pauline Colgate

Mount Polley’s donation is greatly appreciated!

Likely & District Volunteer Fire & Rescue Society


• Rearrange furniture and paint can dramatically change the look of a room.

• Add new paint to coffee or end tables can freshen up a room, and try rearranging furniture in a curve rather than at right angles, this appears more inviting. Rearrange your wall art as well by creating unique groupings of different size frames, or for a sleek look create a row of identically sized and framed pieces of art.

for the generous donation of $10,000 towards the construction of our rescue station. We are planning to have the building next to the community hall in Likely.




Friday, August 16, 2013 Williams Lake Weekend

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Another round of liquor reforms The B.C. Liberal government is ordering up another round of liquor regulation changes, looking for ways to make life easier for businesses and customers without aggravating the health and social problems associated with alcohol. Discussions with B.C.’s 10,000 liquor licence holders have identified a few problems that should be fixed. Going into a consultation phase that runs to October, the government is looking for answers to a few obvious questions, such as why it takes a pub or bar up to a year to get a licence. Another question: why can a family with underaged children go into a licensed restaurant for lunch, but can’t go to a pub and place the exact same food and drink order? This should be allowed, perhaps until the traditional 5 p.m. “happy hour” when the pub reverts to adults-only. A couple of suggestions have come out of the healthy growth of B.C. wine, craft beer and distillery operations. Look for new licence opportunities for farmers’ markets to sell local beverages along with the produce and preserves. Letters inviting suggestions from existing licence holders have gone out, and Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap will be meeting this fall with industry groups, local governments, police, health and social policy organizations and First Nations in the fall. A website will be put up in September so members of the public can have their say. Here’s my suggestion to start things off. Recent incidents in-


volving so-called “party buses” shone a light on this growing industry, The sudden death of a 16-year-old on a party bus outing in Surrey in

February turned out not to be alcohol-related, but to no one’s surprise, open liquor was found aboard the bus. Open liquor isn’t allowed in any vehicle, but perhaps a new kind of special event licence could be created for party buses. They have been viewed mainly as part of the solution to impaired driving, and the situation isn’t much different from a supervised event on a boat. Here’s another suggestion. Gourmet cooking classes are becoming popular, with customers preparing and then enjoying their meals. Why not

licence these establishments, at least so people can bring their own wine for dinner? Both the B.C. Liberals and NDP have advocated for easing the archaic rules on inter-provincial trade in wine. B.C. lifted its restrictions on mailorder wine and has urged other provinces to follow suit. There are a couple of reasons why this Prohibition-era structure persists. Liquor sales are a cash cow for provincial governments, and every case of wine brought in from elsewhere is lost profit for the provincial wholesale monopoly.

Then there is the local industry lobby that would rather not add to its competition. Premier Christy Clark pressed this point at the recent premiers’ meeting in Ontario wine country, bringing in the maximum amount of B.C. wine allowed under Ontario rules and urging free trade in Canadian wine. The Toronto media drank it up, aghast that they were barred from ordering the latest Naramata Bench tipples directly. No movement so far from the Ontario government, in a province that has done well developing its own wine industry.

The B.C. government will no doubt be lobbied again to allow beer and wine sales in grocery and convenience stores. Our politicians show little interest in that, which is understandable. The B.C. Liberals don’t want to upset the private liquor stores they have nurtured for a decade, and the NDP would never risk annoying the government liquor store union. There are more creative ways to liberalize alcohol sales. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and



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Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 16, 2013 A9


Community For NON-PROFIT EVENTS happening WITHIN 2 WEEKS. Posting must be limited to TIME, DATE & PLACE (excluding dollar amounts). Deadline is 5:00 p.m. Tuesdays. Postings run the following Friday. Email to: Attention: Community Calendar

NOTICES Williams Lake BC SPCA - Volunteers needed BBQ at the Brick, Sat, Sun & Mon., Aug. 31, Sept. 1 & 2.

Rick Brundrige of Cariboo Good Sams presents a cheque for $100 to Liz Dighton of the Williams Lake SPCA. The Good Sam organization is an international organization of RV owners. Photo submitted


Continuous Open Stage Show , , All Nite Indoor Jam Area Trade and Craft Fair, Slo-Pitch Jams , & more!


Free Corn Roasts Nightly!

The Crow Brothers - Clayton, Ga. High Plains Tradition - Colorado

The Fisher/Stevens Band - Calgary, Alta. Downtown Mountain Boys - Seattle, Wa. Clover Point Drifters - Victoria 5 on a String - Coquitlam The Still Blue - Langley


AUGUST 30, 31 & SEPT.1

At the

Albion Fairgrounds

23448 105 Ave., Maple Ridge, B.C. Advance ticket in formation Call 604.467.6613

to guarantee your space advance tickets are recommended for RV’s & Campers

Scout Island Summer Program Nature Fun Summer Adventures. Ages 3-8: Mon. - Fri. 9:30-11:30 or 1-3. Ages 8-13: Wed. 9:30-3:00 or 1-3. Aug. 19 - Mammals Inside & Out. Sign up no later than the day before. Registration & info: 398-8532 or scoutisland@midbc. com. August 20 8-10 p.m. Night Life at Scout Island Nature Centre -Bats, Beavers, and Bugs. We will start with a talk about the night life then go out walking to see and hear them. All ages, Children with an adult. Bring a flashlight that shines red. Registration and info: 398-8532 or scoutisland@ Williams Lake BC SPCA Paws for a Cause @ Boitanio Park Sept. 15. Registration opens at 9 am, first walk out at 10 am. Register on -line at Sat. & Sun., Sept. 7, 8 a Williams Lake BC. SPCA BBQ at the Brick. Oliver St. Market is expanding! There will be a partial street closure from 3 to 9 p.m. in front of Old Courthouse square. Lots of room for food, families and fun. New vendors welcome. 250-

Calendar 296-4592. Williams Lake Over 40’s Activity Group A group for singles and couples over 40 with similar and varied interests. Activities may include dinners, hiking, camping, movies etc. Always looking for more ideas and people willing to host activities. Fees (if any) for activities are the responsibility of the individuals participating. For more information please send a message to Heather at MEETINGS BC SPCA meeting for volunteers, staff and anyone interested. Thurs. Aug. 29, held @ Coast Fraser inn Board room 6 p.m. Central Cariboo Hospice Palliative Care Society 2013 AGM Wed. Sept. 4 at 6:00 p.m. Education Room - Deni House, 517 N. 6th Ave. WL. If you are not attending the AGM, you may choose to vote via ballot, which will be sent to the membership by Wed. Aug. 21, 2013. Refreshments and a light meal will be provided, so please RSVP to 250.392.5430. The WL Garden Club meets on Thurs. Sept. 5th at 7 p.m. in the Arts Centre (old Fire Hall). Guest speaker will be Emily Sonntag and her topic is Invasive Plants. New members are always welcome. Drop-in fee. For more info call Charlene at 392-2699.

NOTICES and MEETINGS that remain the same from week to week are printed once a month in the Weekend


(*On page 10 of the first Friday of each month) Be sure to clip out the monthly and save for up-to-date weekly information.


Friday, August 16, 2013 Williams Lake Weekend

Liz Twan’s

Work on Display

Where to go, what to do.

• In our Gallery • On our Website

35 1st Ave S • 250-392-3996 Tues-Fri 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Certified Picture Framer Sat 10:00 am to 4:00 pm free ideas • free estimates • frame creations

Film festival ends Saturday The “First Annual Moonrise Film Festival” is being held Aug. 15 - 17, at the Sunset Theatre in Wells, B.C. The festival focuses on Western Canadian filmmakers, both established and emerging, with specific focus on filmmakers from the Cariboo Region.

After reaching out to film communities in B.C., Alberta, and The Northwest Territories, the festival received over 70 submissions from over 40 filmmakers. After this, they narrowed down their selection to 30 short film spots, including films that are narrative, documentary,

experimental, and animation. Most of these films will be projected digitally, but some will be projected on 16mm! The goal in the programming was to create three evenings that were both potent and eclectic. About half of the independent selected films in the festival have had

extensive festival play in places such as the Montreal World Film Festival, TIFF, Whistler, and more. Some of these films have even gone on to win Leo nominations and awards. But among these films, they were also sure to accept unique works that have so far not had festival

Garden centre open 7 days a week

play. In the programming they will be sure to highlight these as Moonrise premieres! Also booked are short and feature length films from acclaimed filmmakers, Don Hertzfeldt, Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis, Gary Burns, and even CBC’s own Jim Brown!

4-H Show and Sale starts Friday raising them from birth. Saturday, Aug. 17 will start with an animal weigh in, with rally judging, gardening, poultry and small engines being featured in the afternoon. Sunday, Aug. 18 is sheep day. Members of 4-H who raised sheep will be judged on their sheep projects as well as their showing skills. Rabbit and photography judging will also happen that day, and in the evening female beef will be featured. Monday, Aug. 19 is beef day, where 4-H-ers will show their steers

Thursday, August 22nd 6 pm - 8 pm Boitanio Park

6pm - Rowan, Kylie and Sam 7pm - My Wife’s Quartet Sponsored by BMO - Bank of Montreal

Presented by: Brought to you in part by Gold Sponsor Bank of Montreal

Sponsored by:

Williams Lake Tribune, Got News Network Inc. and The Wolf/The Rush

and beef projects, and Tuesday, Aug. 20 is swine day where the same will happen with pig projects. Wednesday, Aug. 21 is the final day of Show and Sale with an awards ceremony. Buyers and community members will be especially interested in the Parade of Champions that starts at 5:30 as well as the Sale, which will start at 6:30. The 4 Hs in 4-H stand for Head, Hands, Heart and Health, as in the 4-H pledge: “I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyal-


Starting today, Friday, Aug. 16, and running until Wednesday, Aug. 21, the 55th annual 4-H Show and Sale will be taking place at the at the Williams Lake Stockyards. Youth will be showing and selling their sheep, swine, and beef as well as other projects which include photography, gardening and small engines. Many of these students have worked all year on their projects, some raising animals from when they were very small, and others breeding their own and

ty, my Hands to larger service and my Health to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.” There are nine different 4-H clubs participating in the Show and Sale, including Canim Valley, Horsefly, Highland, Clinton, Rose Lake/Miocene, Chilcotin, Chimney Valley, Springhouse, and Big Lake. Visitors are encouraged to wander through the Williams Lake Stockyards and take a look at all of the animals and hard work youth have put into

50% Off

All live goods Trees, shrubs, Perennials, Hanging Baskets and Planters 1050 South Lakeside Dr. • 250-392-3303

Subscribe to The Tribune and have 52 chances a year to


their projects, as well as to watch some of the judging events or even bid on one of the 4-H animals.

Check out The Tribune Classifieds every week for your name to win a gift certificate for a large pizza. Contact The Tribune by the following Wednesday to claim your Panago gift certificate.

Last week’s lucky subscriber was Ken Huston.

Public Bowling

Summer Hours OPEN PLAY

Wednesday - 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm Thursday - 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm Friday - 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Cosmic Bowling

Friday Nights - 6 pm to 10 pm

Saturday, August 17th 1 - 4 pm

Saturday - 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm & 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Cariboo Bowling Lanes 250-392-5526

204 1st Avenue N.

Williams Lake Studio Theatre Society presents:

We are looking for: 1 Male 50-55 years old 1 Male 20-23 years old 1 Male 40-45 years old 1 Female 45-50 years old 1 Female 23-25 years old 1 Female 19-22 years old 1 Female 55+ years old


Directed By: Brad Lawryk

Steven Hunter

Show Dates: November 6th - 9th and November 13th - 16th, 2013

Sunday, August 25th & Monday, August 26th 7:00 pm at the Studio Theatre (old Glendale School) More information can be found online: or call Brad Lawryk at 250-855-8835

Since 1931 2011 Chamber of Commerce Community Booster Award Winner

Infoline: 250.392.4722 Planes

Cinemas SHOW DATES: Fri, Aug 16th to Thurs, Aug 22nd


We’re the Millers

7:00 & 9:15PM Nightly Sat/Sun Matinees 2pm

7:00 & 9:15PM Nightly Sat/Sun Matinees 14A 2pm

G Violence

Coarse & sexual language


7:00 & 9:15PM Nightly Sat/Sun Matinees 2pm 14A Violence, coarse language

Matinees ($2 surcharge for 3D)

Kick-Ass 7:00 & 9:15PM Nightly


Sat/Sun Matinees 2pm

Violence, coarse language

Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 16, 2013 A11

Best Price Best Selection

The Honda






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Friday, August 16, 2013 Williams Lake Weekend


Pool’s next steps The Central Cariboo Joint Committee, comprised of the city of Williams Lake Council and the Cariboo Regional District Directors from Electoral Areas D, E and F, have agreed to establish a finance committee for the major renovations and expansion of the Sam Ketcham Pool. The committee will determine funding sources and strategies; and provide recommendations to the Joint Committee as the project moves forward. Establishing a finance committee, made of members of Williams Lake City Council and CRD Directors, was a key recommendation from the Williams Lake and District Pool Feasibility study. “Establishment of

this committee will allow elected officials and staff to source appropriate opportunities and funding channels for this project,” said Central Cariboo Joint Committee Co-Chair, Mayor Kerry Cook. “We will partner with senior levels of government to ensure this project moves forward, and in a cost-efficient manner for our taxpayers.” The results of the finance committee’s work will provide specific information and options to proceed to additional detailed public consultation, and the eventual referendum process to borrow funds for the renovations and reconstruction. “The pool feasibility study was conducted as a thorough and

inclusive community engagement process, which will be carried forward in the next phases of this project,” said Central Cariboo Joint Committee CoChair, Director Joan Sorley. “The committee members are dedicated to this project, and will keep residents apprised of its progress through a comprehensive communications process from start to finish.” The committee will review options for a preferred date of the referendum and the feasibility of funding sources. Regular status updates as a standing item on the Joint Committee agenda will provide a consistent communications process and a report from the Finance Committee will be due in four months.

• • • • • •

St. Andrews United Church

24 Hr. ULC Monitoring CCTV/Video Surveillance Card Access Control Prewiring Medical Alarms Check with your insurance company for possible discounts

1000 Huckvale Place (just off Midnight)

Sunday Worship


• Alarms & Installation Locally Owned & Operated Sean Kelly Owner


350 Borland Street

Rev. Jenny Carter 250-398-6745

Malissa Kelly Owner

come celebrate

150 years

Back to school means back to saving. INTERNET GENIUS Now parents won’t freak out at the cost of high-speed Internet. Unfortunately, thier kids rooms is another matter.

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BARKERVILLE: 150 years of Chinese culture in BC

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Faster Internet. Where you live.


Can Com Electronics - Williams Lake 1.250.706.8656

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Limited time offer of $39.99 applies on 4G platforms to new customers who agree to a 1 year term commitment on Xplornet’s “Share” 5.0 Mbps, 20 GB/Mth package. Rate applies for the first 3 months, regular price plan resumes in month 4:$59.99 on 4G Share FixedWireless and $64.99 on 4G Share Satellite,plus applicable taxes.$99Activation fee applies on a 1 year term commitment. Monthly service fee includes rental cost of equipment. 2Xplornet high-speed Internet service includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, you will receive a refund of all amounts paid to Xplornet if you cancel your subscription within 30 days of activation. 3A router is required for multiple users and may be purchased from your local dealer. Xplornet® is a trade-mark of Xplornet Communications Inc. © 2013 Xplornet Communications Inc. NTL PRICE ADMAT 07/13 1

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7/17/13 11:11 AM

Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 16, 2013 A13


2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4x4 Low kms • 5 Speed Lifted

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Friday, August 16, 2013 Williams Lake Weekend

Good things come from

100% Canadian milk The 100% Canadian Milk™ symbol is a seal of origin guaranteeing that the dairy products you buy are made from Canadian milk renowned for its quality, purity and great taste. It also means you are supporting Canadian dairy farmers, one of the 100 good reasons to look for it on your dairy products.

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Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 16, 2013 A15


Parks Canada continues search for lost Franklin ships The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Canada’s Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, announced Aug. 9 that Parks Canada underwater archaeologists will return to Canada’s Arctic to continue an expedition of international significance; the continuing search for the lost vessels HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, from the ill-fated Sir John Franklin voyage. “Our government is pleased to pull together for a fifth season both existing and new Canadian partners and researchers to continue the search for HMS Erebus and HMS Terror,” said Minister Aglukkaq. “Being from Nunavut, I am especially excited about this project, as it will collectively increase our understanding of early Arctic exploration and its impact on Canada’s development as a nation, while showcasing the beauty and unique culture of the Arctic.” The search capacity this year will be the most comprehensive yet. Beginning around August 10th and continuing for almost 6 weeks — the longest amount of continuous time on the water to date — Parks Canada will be joined by a broad array of partners for a fifth season in search for the historic shipwrecks. This year, the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and Defence Research & Development Canada (DRDC) will lend their expertise and enthusiasm to the project, which also includes the Arctic Research Foundation, the Government of Nunavut, Canadian Hydrographic Service, Canadian Coast Guard, the Canadian Ice Service, and Canadian Space Agency. The Parks Canada-

led survey team will conduct the underwater search from aboard the Arctic Research Foundation’s Research Vessel Martin Bergmann for the full 6 weeks or so, and will be further supported during that time by the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Sir Wilfrid Laurier for an additional week. The team’s traditional side-scan sonar surveying method will be boosted this year with the addition of a military-grade, side-scan sonar provided by DRDC, and by a new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and remotely-operated vehicle (ROV), recently acquired by Parks Canada. As with all past surveys, the data acquired will be shared among partnering organizations, which contributes to important priorities like safe navigation and environmental knowledge of the Canadian Arctic. “I am proud of the

incredible commitment, research capability and momentum this team continues to harness from so many valuable partners each year,” added Minister Aglukkaq. “Having already covered more than 800 km squared, the team is narrowing their search on the world’s most elusive shipwrecks, while systematically surveying Canada’s vast and largely uncharted Arctic waters. Weather permitting, this year’s search will significantly build upon the important scientific and archaeological understanding in this fascinating part of Canada’s history,

and geography.” Canada’s Arctic has a rich, diverse history related to the Arctic exploration of Canada, the enduring quest to discover the Northwest Passage and the significant roles in the history of Inuit-European relations in this vast territory. The search for the Franklin vessels offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the nationally significant places, persons and events that make up the rich tapestry of our country’s Arctic heritage. For additional information, please visit http://www.pc.gc. ca/eng/culture/frank-

Christ Centered Family Focused Sunday 10:00 AM & 1:00 PM* Wednesday 7:00 PM *Note new service time

Rick Lendvoy, Pastor 250-302-2008

3015-D Mackenzie Avenue N.

Go Back To School With

Boitan io Mall

Get an Entry Form to Win

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lin/index.aspx for a new video with Parks Canada’s underwater archaeologists discussing this year’s search.

Divorce Hurts.

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New Seminar starts Tuesday, Sept 10th

Call today for more info.


Held every Tuesday from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at Youth for Christ, 289 N. 3rd Avenue

565A Oliver Street Williams Lake O.A.C., E&EO

Andrea Cass, AMP

Accredited Mortgage Professional

TOUR DE CARIBOO - SEPTEMBER 7TH Set your next fitness challenge on the Tour de Cariboo, a 76km bike ride from Williams Lake to Gavin Lake.

76km a bit much for you?

Split it up with friends and form a relay team. There are absolutely


for the team. Make up your own! Have as few or as many riders as you like. Ride a little or ride a lot.


in Boitanio Mall Gift Certificates with each purchase from Aug. 15th to Sept 2nd.

Ardene Bentley Leather Bootlegger Dollarama EasyHome Hub International Barton Insurance

Mall Administration Office Mark’s Work Wearhouse Mike’s Spot Northern Lenscutters Staples The Source


Full contest details at Draw Barrel in Centre Court. Winner announced September 2, 2013. The Historic

Chilcotin Lodge

To learn more about the Tour visit or give us a call at Big Brothers & Big Sisters 250-398-8391



Friday, August 16, 2013 Williams Lake Weekend

SOLD D L O S D L O S D L SO SOLD D L O S D L WHETHER YOU’RE O S D L SOLD SO LD O S D L O S D L O S BUYING OR SELLING Participants in theSOLD SOLD LD SOLD Sustainable Living O S D L O S Helping you is what I do! D L O S Leadership Pro-SOLD SOLD DGertzen L O S gram visited the PoKaren D L O S D L O 250-305-4120 LD tato House Monday, SOLD S SO D L O S Aug. 12. D L O S D L Chris Hornby photo SOLD SO OLD S D L O S D L O S D SOLD SOL LD O S D L O S D L O S SOLD

Rafters visit Potato House Chris Hornby Special to the Tribune The Sustainable Living Leadership Program with Marin Patenaude representing Horsefly/Williams Lake stopped at the Sheep Creek Bridge for one night, long enough to come into Williams Lake by motorcycle to lead a tour of the Potato House Community Sustainability Project. She works there as an executive director getting the project up and running with her beautiful community gardens and house renos plus Friday night workshops 7 p.m. on recycling, herbs, parenting, music, worms, • 171 Oliver Street • 250-392-4422

Computer Repair On Wheels Service ... Service ... Service Sales/Upgrades/Repairs/Free Quotes

etc. Mary Forbes, president of the Potato House Society was present to welcome Marin and her rafting leadership team. Mary rafted the Fraser River and was accepted as a team


Specializing in Livestock and Farm Sales

Armstrong, BC

On offer at Valley Auction Ltd. July 18, 2013 Head of Livestock 296 Number of Buyers 25 Baby Calves ............................. $100.00 $160.00 Veal Calves .............................. $ -$ -D 1-2 Cows ............................. $ 75.00 $ 85.75 D 3-5 Cows ............................. $ 63.00 $ 72.00 Holstein Cows .......................... $ 30.00 $ 69.75 Bulls ........................................ $ 80.00 $ 94.00 Bred Cows ............................... $ -$ -Cow Calf Pairs ......................... $1085.00 $1300.00 FEEDER CATTLE DIVISIONS (prices quoted per 100 lbs.) Steer Calves 300 - 400 ............ $ -$ -Steer Calves 400 - 500 ............ $ -$ -Steer Calves 500 - 600 ............ $ -$ -Steer Calves 600-700 .............. $128.00 $132.50 Feeder Steers 700-800 ............ $118.00 $125.00 Feeder Steers 800-900 ............ $114.50 $117.50 Feeder Steers 900-1000 .......... $ -$ -Heifer Calves 300 - 400 ........... $ -$ -Heifer Calves 400 - 500 ........... $ -$ -Heifer Calves 500 - 600 ........... $ -$ -Heifer Calves 600 -700 ............ $ -$ -Feeder Heifers 700 - 800 ......... $112.00 $116.50 Feeder Heifers 800 - 900 ......... $ -$ -Feeder Heifers 900 - 1000 ....... $ 97.00 $ 108.50 HOGS, SHEEP & GOATS Sows ....................................... $ 75.00 $110.00 Feeder Pigs.............................. $ -$ 85.00 Feeder lambs ........................... $ 85.00 $125.00 Lambs & Ewes ......................... $up to $150.00 Goats ....................................... $12.50 $155.00

member three years ago for promoting the Potato House Project for community sustainability. Sue Hemphill of Scout Island organized a supper for the rafters and guide of whom Fin Don-

nelly was one. He swam the Fraser River twice to promote attention to the sustainability of the salmon and First Nation communities along the river who depend on the salmon for their food.



Buy any Nutro 13.6 kg or larger


Dog it Water Fountain

Firstmate Dog & Cat Food!

BEST BUY $25.99

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reg $53.99

Cat it Water Fountain 2-3 litre

Any 6.6 kg ... Save $3.50 Any 13 kg .... Save $5.00

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Now stocking Blue Buffalo Dog & Cat Food! Come check out our monthly in-store specials Largest selection of pet food & supplies in the Cariboo

“Denise’s Dog Grooming” Mon - Sat 9:00 am - 5:30 pm • Sun 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

32 N. Broadway


Pets of the Week

North Cariboo Growers A Division of Vanderhoof & District Co-op Association

Chill Out at our Convenience Store

Ice Caps, Chillers and the ever popular F’reals

OPEN Mon-Sat 7:00 am - 7:00 pm 1280 Quesnel-Hixon Rd. Quesnel

Toll free: 1-888-992-2667


Adult male Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler Cross. He has not been neutered.


Male Domestic Short Hair Cross kitten. He has been neutered.

Brought to you by the SPCA & Total Pet

Bryan McElroy A+ Phone: 250-305-1120

1172 N. 2nd Avenue, Williams Lake

This Week’s Crossword ACROSS 1. Current unit 4. Antidiuretic hormone 7. “What’s up?” 10. A female domestic 12. Animal catching device 14. Large tailless primate 15. Forearm bones 17. Agarwood oil 18. Japanese waist pouch 19. 36th President 22. Largest Mediterranean island 23. Nicklas Grossman’s birthplace 24. Point that is one point E of NE 25. 1841 Rhode Is. rebellion 26. Largest CA city 27. Michigan 28. Visualized 30. Remain as is 32. The Volunteer state 33. Chinese painter Zhang __ 34. Small young herring 36. Reverences 39. Cape Verde capital 41. Optically formed duplicates 43. Travel around the world 46. Chills and fever 47. Tennis player Erlich

48. Elicit or derive 50. Small scissors cut 51. Thin continuous mark 52. Prevents harm to creatures 53. Belonging to a thing 54. A boy or youth 55. Old small French coin DOWN 1. A Dalton (physics) 2. Shopping complexes 3. Chinese transliteration system 4. Lack of normal muscle tone


5. Clobber 6. Pilgrimage to Mecca 7. Divine language of Hinduism 8. A sudden outburst 9. Laborer who does menial work 11. Move to music 13. Unit of loudness 16. Suitable for use as food 18. Financial gain 20. 14760, NY 21. Possessed 28. Saddle foot supports 29. Encircle with lace 30. Hindu religious teacher 31. Haulage 34. Faucet 35. 1509 Portuguese/ Indian battle 37. Good Gosh! 38. Frame-ups 40. Pentyl 41. Covered with ivy 42. Painting on dry plaster 43. Colombia’s 3rd largest city 44. Short fiber combed from long 45. Tolstoy’s Karenina 49. Cologne

Williams Lake Weekend Friday, August 16, 2013


Come and see us!!!

Quality Workmanship

REG. #1156

Sales • Service • Installation

36 N. Broadway • • 250-392-3301

Heating • Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Fabrication • Electrical

Serving Williams Lake and area for over 35 years.

Residential • Commercial Industrial


Installation • Repairs All Makes & Models

24 Hour Emergency Service


985 D North Mackenzie Ave. BCEC#38260

TRAYNOR’S Tile & Stone

Ceramic Tile - Marble/Granite - Travertine/Slate Schluter Shower Kits Glass Blocks Fireplace Facings Cultured Stone

Bruce Traynor Ph/Fax: 250-296-3698 Cell: 250-267-3374 Williams Lake, BC

An unusual feature of this three-bedroom family home is a bonus room located over the double garage and neatly separated from the main living areas, making it an ideal spot for a studio, play area or quiet hide-away. Linked to the garage by a space that contains the laundry room, coat storage and a lavatory, the main house features a gracious covered porch across the front.  Double front doors open into a roomy foyer with a convenient coat cupboard. To the right is a den, and straight ahead is the great room. Open to the kitchen and an eating nook, the great room boasts a corner fireplace, as well as access to a covered patio that overlooks the back garden. A partial double-height ceiling adds drama in the great room, eating nook and dining area.  The kitchen is separated from the nook by a raised eating bar, so the cook will never feel isolated. The U-shaped counter configuration will save steps.  Next to the kitchen is a formal dining area, with a built-out buffet and an extra-deep sill on the window that overlooks the covered front porch.  On the opposite side of the home is the master suite, with a window, fitted with a cozy seat that looks onto the back garden. The partial double-height ceiling lends this room an airy spacious feeling. A large walk-in closet and an en-suite with double basins and a soaker tub, as well as a linen cupboard, complete the amenities.  On the second floor of the main house, reached via a

U-shaped staircase, are the second and third bedrooms, each with its own three-piece bathroom. The rooms are separated by a loft with a vaulted ceiling. At each end is a railing, with the floor below visible beyond it. • Kitchens • Countertops The exterior of the home is finished in shingles and • Vanities • Closets • Desk/Office Cabinetry horizontal siding, with decorative wooden bracing in the • Laundry Room Cabinets gables. Windows are partly mullioned. Painted pilasters with stone bases complete the look of old-world comfort. This home, which includes an unfinished basement, 250-392-4039 910A S. Mackenzie Ave. has nine-foot ceilings throughout and measures 73 feet Fax: 250-392-4208 wide by 49 feet deep, for a total of 2,873 square feet.  Plans for design 6-3-361 are available for $834 (set of 5), $945 (set of 8) and $1014 for a super set of 10. Also add $30.00 for Priority charges within B.C. or $55.00 outside of B.C. Please add 7% P.S.T., 13% H.S.T. Or 5% G.S.T (where applicable) to both the plan price and Priority charges. Security Patrols Our NEW 45TH Edition of the Home Plan Catalogue Alarm Response containing over 300 plans is available for $13.50 Security Site Assessments (includes taxes, postage and handling). Make all cheque and money orders payable to “Jenish House Design Ltd.” and mail to: JENISH HOUSE DESIGN LTD c/o...(The Tribune) #203- 151 Commercial Drive Kelowna, BC V1X 7W2 OR SEE OUR WEB PAGE ORDER FORM ON: www.jenish. com AND E-MAIL YOUR ORDER TO: homeplans@jenish. com Mark Doratti tilestone.htm



Concrete or Gravel... our team delivers!

We offer competitive pricing on all insulation and installation. We use only the best Eco-friendly insulation products from Knauf Insulations.

• Concrete Blocks • Bedding Sand • Pea Gravel • 3/4 Clear Crush • Drainrock & More!

Call Sue for details.

Summer Sale

Don’t be disappointed

Check us out! CONSUMER’S CARPET WAREHOUSE 262A Third Ave. South 250-392-2621

• Re-roofing • Consulting • Assistance


R o o f i n g

s i n c e

1 9 7 5

Wise Creek estates 18 Estate Lots

• Lots range from 3 to 6 acres • Only 3 minutes from the 150 Mile Centre • Lots starting at $85,000 (including well) • Excellent water (all lots include wells) • Complete home packages available

Lifetime Warranty






10 11



310A North Broadway 250-392-1177

on Carpet,

Vinyl &

Laminate Hi Amy!

Sale Prices Held Over


StagE 2

250-392-3443 Toll Free 1-888-311-5511

What’sYour Dream.......

We Love Pets










OnLy 6 LEft!

1 1 SOLD



Cabinets & Countertops


ea s... ody B


StagE 1

For more information: 250-302-1777

Come in and check us out! 101B 369 Oliver Street • 778-412-3399



98 N Second Avenue

A18 A18

16, 2013 Williams Lake Lake Weekend Friday, Friday, AugustAugust 16, 2013 The Willams Tribune

Your community. Your classifieds.

250.392.2331 fax 250.392.7253 email INDEX IN BRIEF Family Announcements............001-007 Community Announcements............008-076 Children........................080-098 Employment..................102-165 Services........................170-387 Pets/Livestock...............453-483 Items For Sale/Wanted..503-595 Real Estate....................603-696 Rentals..........................700-757 Transportation...............804-860 Marine...........................903-920 Legals................................Legal


It is agreed by the advertiser requesting space that the liability of the Tribune (Black Press Group Limited) in the event of failure to publish an advertisement in or the event of an error appearing in the advertisement as published shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for only one incorrect insertion or the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect or omitted item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event greater than the amount paid for such advertising. All claims of errors in advertising must be received by the publisher within 2 days after the first publication. All advertising is subject to the approval of the publisher. The Tribune reminds advertisers that under Provincial legislation, no person shall use or circulate any form of application for employment, publish or cause to be published an advertisement in connection with employment or prospective employment, or make any written or oral inquiry of an applicant that (a) expresses, either directly or indirectly any limitation, specification or preference as to race, religion, color, sex, marital status, age, ancestry, or place of origin or a person; or (b) requires an applicant to furnish any information concerning race, religion, color, ancestry, place of origin or political belief. In order to be credited for any mistakes the Tribune is responsible for, corrections must be made before the second insertion.



In Memoriam

Happy Thoughts

Advertising Deadlines Word Classifieds Tuesday Issue 3:00 p.m. the preceding Friday Thursday Issue 3:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday Friday Issue 3:00 p.m. the preceding Wednesday

Display Advertising Tuesday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Friday Thursday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday Friday Issue 12 noon the preceding Wednesday

Flyer Booking Tuesday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Friday Thursday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday Friday Issue 5:00 p.m. the preceding Tuesday

Call (250) 392-2331 188 North 1st Ave. Williams Lake

188 N. 1st Ave., Williams Lake, B.C. V2G 1Y8 250-392-2331 Fax 250-392-7253 All Tribune and Weekend classified ads are on the Internet at ... also with a link through

After 60, if you don’t wake up aching in every’re probably dead.


I<>@JK<I KF;8P 7D:H;9;?L;

=H;7J:;7BIED IJK<<JE:E" FB79;IJE;7J7D: J>?D=IJEI;;

Employment Boyes

Anna Marie Boyes, of Likely, BC, passed away on August 10, 2013, in Williams Lake, BC, at the age of 62. A Celebration of Life will be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at the Pioneer Complex. Pastor Marty Outhouse officiating. Donations can be made to Cariboo Foundation Hospital Trust. LaPrairie’s Funeral Services entrusted with arrangements. 250-398-9100


Career Opportunities Dental business assistant position available full time Do you have excellent communication skills on the telephone and in person? Are you enthusiastic, caring and dependable? If you have experience with scheduling and like working in an office that appreciates their team members, please send resume to: Email: Fax: 250-398-8633 121 North 1st Avenue Williams Lake, B.C. V2G 1Y7

at Historic Dunlevy Ranch 35 km north of Williams Lake, 13 km south of McLeese Lake on Hwy 97. Easy to follow signs.

250-297-6369 or 250-297-6515





August 27, 1941 – August 8, 2013

Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy. ~ Eskimo Legend The family of Jessie Edna Jean Bellerose (nee Haynes) sadly announce her peaceful passing on August 8, 2013, at Kamloops Royal Inland Hospital, with her loving family and friends at her side. Jessie was born in Toronto, Ontario. Although Jessie is gone, her spirit live on in our hearts and memories through husband Frank Bellerose, sons David Rowntree, Bryan Rowntree, James Rowntree, Timothy Rowntree (Tina), Travis Bellerose (Jolene), Randell Bellerose (Crystal), Franklin Bellerose (Destiny), and eight grandchildren. She will be together again with her son Stuart Weedon. The family of Jessie Bellerose wish to extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Fedor in Williams Lake, Dr. Hansen in Kamloops, as well as all the wonderful nurses in Williams Lake and Kamloops. A Memorial Service will be held Saturday August 24, 2013 at 11am at The Elks Hall, 98 First Avenue South in Williams Lake, BC. Jessie, you will be greatly missed by all who knew you! You will always and forever be in our hearts and memories.

The eyes have it


Fetch a Friend from the SPCA today!



121 North 1st Ave. Williams Lake


Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

U-Pick Soda Creek Sweet Corn

298 Mackenzie Ave. S •

BCDaily Obituaries


Jessie Edna Jean Bellerose Serving the best since 1992

Register Online at


One issue 3 lines $11.00 + TAX HST Three issues: TAX 3 lines $20.99 + HST Vehicle promo: includes photo maximum 4 lines 3 times a week for TAX 1 month $44.95 3 months $44.95++HST HST

NEW 24-Hour Outdoor Water Vending




Immediate Job Opportunities Available Ideal for Students! Williams Lake Seniors Village

Williams Lake Seniors Village, our state-of-the-art and highly regarded ‘campus of care’ in the Cariboo Region, is recruiting for the following front line support positions (casual and part-time shifts available) t Cooks t Dietary Aide (Server) t Housekeeping t Laundry Please submit your resume IMMEDIATELY, in the strictest confidence, via our website at: Retirement Concepts is an equal opportunity employer.

Position Title: Instructors/Instructional Assistants Dept: Community U - Williams Lake Duties: TRU Community U Williams Lake is working with the TRU Grants department to deliver training in our outlying areas. We are looking for Instructors and Instructional Assistants who can teach or assist in teaching the following workshops in: Administrative Skills Computer Software Intro to Bookkeeping Employment Readiness Workshops (Job Search, Resume Writing, Interview Skills, etc.) Life Skills (Time Management, Stress Management, etc.) Cooking Workshops First Aid Health and Safety Workplace Essential Skills Introductory Trades The successful candidates will teach individual workshops to participants at various rural communities in the Cariboo Chilcotin area. Included in these workshops will be references to the nine Workplace Essential Skills as identified by Service Canada. Qualifications: • PID or equivalent experience teaching workshops and designing curriculum • Knowledge of the Nine Essential Skills for the Workplace • Experience in one or more of the workshop subjects listed above • Must have a reliable vehicle and be willing to travel Start Date: September 2013 - January 2014. Part time, evenings/days/weekends, depending on schedule. If interested, please apply with resume to TRU Williams Lake Community U at your earliest convenience, by fax to 250-392-8008, or by email to Julie Bowser at Interviews will be scheduled on an on-going basis. Final closing date for applications: September 6th, 2013

For your convenience Tribune obituaries can be viewed on our website; Remember Your Loved Ones 250-392-2331

The Willams Tribune 16, 2013 Williams Lake Lake Weekend Friday,Friday, AugustAugust 16, 2013 A19 A19




Career Opportunities

Education/Trade Schools

Help Wanted

The District of Kitimat is seeking to fill the following positions: Project Engineer: must be a professional Civil Engineer with minimum 3 years professional experience (preferably in municipal environment) and eligible for registration with APEGBC. Permanent full-time (PFT) exempt staff position with competitive compensation and full benefits. Deputy Operations Manager: will have several years experience in municipal or related field and post-secondary education in Water Quality, Civil or Building Technology or related Trade Qualification. PFT exempt staff position with competitive compensation and full benefits. Engineering Technologist 2. Must have a civil engineering technologist diploma, 3 years experience in the civil/municipal discipline, and eligibility for registration with ASTTBC. Bargaining Unit position. Wage: $37.01 - $44.78/hr over 2 years. Submit resumes by September 10, 2013, 4:30 p.m., to Personnel, District of Kitimat, 270 City Centre, Kitimat, B.C. V8C 2H7. Fax (250) 632-4995, e-mail Further information can be obtained from our website at

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SignUp online! 1-866-399-3853

Eldorado Log Hauling Ltd in Williams Lake has an immediate position for a Licensed Commercial Mechanic with a Commercial Inspection Ticket. Logging Truck experience would be an asset but not necessary. We offer an excellent benefit package and competitive wages. A drivers abstract will be requested at point of hire. 1.800.466.1535

Resumes may be submitted in person to 605 Marwick Drive, by fax 250-392-3504 or email to While we appreciate all applications, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

TRU invites applications for the following positions: ADMINISTRATIVE Community Coordinator Continuing Studies Williams Lake Campus (2 Positions) For further information, please visit:

H e l p

f o r

t o d a y .

We wish to thank all applicants; however,only those under consideration will be contacted.

H o p e

f o r

Canoe Creek Indian Band

Here’s my Card!

Despite every technological advance, business cards remain an essential business tool.

Reserve your space!


• Huge Demand In Canada • Employers Seek Out Canscribe Graduates • Over 90% Graduate Employment Rate


Title: Treaty Manager




t o m o r r o w . . .

Heads Up for Healthier Brains Here are 4 simple things that you can do at any age to improve your brain health and that may help reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease: 1. Challenge your Brain – give it a daily workout 2. Be Socially Active – connecting socially helps you stay connected mentally 3. Choose a Healthy Lifestyle – be active, eat well and watch your health numbers (cholesterol, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure) 4. Protect your Head – use a seatbelt and wear a helmet for sports Take action for a healthier brain today. Find out more at: or call 1-800-936-6033

Job Summary The Treaty Manger contributes to the overall success of the organization by managing the Treaty program. Required Education • Graduation from a recognized degree program. A combination of education and relevant experience may be considered. Competencies, Skills and Abilities: The candidate should demonstrate competence in the following: • Proven ability to adapt to changing dynamics. • Critical problem solving skills. • Able to set goals and be accountable. • Strong communication skills oral and written. • Microsoft Office - intermediate. • Ability to analyze and evaluate using innovative thinking and creativity to find answers. • Strong administration, conflict resolution, time management, interpersonal communication, proposal preparation, and negotiation skills. • Recognizes and respects all cultural diversity and has an understanding of Aboriginal culture. Experience: • Two plus years working in a related capacity to support Treaty process. HOW TO APPLY: Applications will be accepted by FAX: 250-440-5679, hand delivered or by mail: Canoe Creek Indian Band, General Delivery, Dog Creek, BC V0L 1J0. email: Attention: Band Administrator. *NOTE** Applications received after 12:00 NOON on August 22, 2013 will not be considered. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Job Description available at the Band Office or email

Call a Tribune advertising consultant today!


C & Ski Small Engines Sales and Service of All Small Engine and Marine Equipment

• 2 stroke crankshaft rebuilding • Cylinder boring • Buy and sell used equipment all makes and models • Many parts - new and used available • Dealer for Motovan, Kimpex, Trans Can Imports, Western Marine and many more • Warranty Contractor for Sears

Colin Stevens 25 years experience


3616 Stanchfield Road - 15 mins up Horsefly Road

MIND PATH HYPNOTHERAPY Vicky Ortiz - RDH, M.H., C.Cht Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

WHO WOULD YOU BE IF YOU COULD ONLY CHANGE YOUR MIND? Weight Loss • Reduce Anxiety Reduce Depression Increase Self Confidence Increase Self Esteem Believe in the Power of your own mind!


Williams Lake

Grant’s Summer Road Trip Special! ✔ Oil Change (up to 5 L of oil, synthetic extra)

YUNESIT’IN HEALTH DEPARTMENT Health Director Qualifications The Health Director will have a history of demonstrated dynamic leadership in any health, education or social service First Nation organization that targets rural aboriginal people. Education and Experience • Post secondary education in Health Administration, Public Health or related field • Minimum two years managerial experience including supervision of staff, preferably in the Health Care field • Experience or education in Health Program Planning, Administration and Evaluation • Experience developing, monitoring and maintaining budgets • Experience or education in developing policy • Tsilhqot’in cultural knowledge and Tsilhqot’in language would be an asset Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: • Knowledge of traditional medicines and the ability to integrate as a central and vital part of all health service delivery • Ability to collect and interpret health related statistical data and prepare reports • Knowledge and skills developing and implementing emergency response planning procedures • Strong proposal writing skills • Knowledge of First Nations funding agencies • Ability to work in a team environment • Ability to maintain and promote client confidentiality • Excellent oral and written communication skills • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and other related computer software • Valid Class 5 BC drivers license • Own reliable transportation Wages: Commensurate on knowledge and experience Terms of Employment: Full Time Deadline for Applications: August 30, 2013 by 4:30 pm Please send cover letter, resume and 3 references to: Lena Hink, Band Manager PO Box 158 Hanceville, BC V0L 1K0 Fax: 250-394-4407 Only the applicants short-listed will be notified

✔ Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection ✔ Brake Inspection



Ü Betcha!

Grant Abel

Licensed Mechanic


Open Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm Sat: 9am-5pm DL#30676 550 North 11th Ave

Brad Huston • Small Appliance Recycling Depot • E-Waste Electronic Recycling Center 250-982-2611 Bella Coola

Daily service to Quesnel Wednesday & Friday to Bella Coola In-Town Deliveries

250-392-7567 Williams Lake

405 Mackenzie Avenue South, Williams Lake

Fax 250-392-5440 •

Custom Home Theatre Design & Installation


Create the ultimate entertainment experience in your home with home theatre systems and multi-media rooms. Our skilled professionals will design and install complete, dedicated private home theatre systems that complement and enhance the aesthetic demands of your home. From screen to furniture, Audio Video Unlimited will help your family enjoy must-see TV and movies.

234 Borland St.



service design sales Highlands Irrigation Ltd. Williams Lake 250.392.2321 1.800.665.5909 Irrigating BC and the Yukon since 1974

A20 A20

Friday, Friday, AugustAugust 16, 2013 The Willams Tribune 16, 2013 Williams Lake Lake Weekend



Pets & Livestock

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Help Wanted

Ofce Support

Feed & Hay

$400 & Under


AUTO DETAILER required for our busy ICBC accredited collision repair shop. Full time position Monday - Friday. Benefit package available. Apply via e-mail to or in person to...

PT receptionist required. Drop off resumes Mon or Wed only. Integrated Elements Wellness Clinic 29D Third Ave. S.

HORSE hay for sale, Mcleese Lake area, 60 lbs square bales, $5.50. Call 250-7478416. Will deliver. HORSE hay for sale, Mcleese Lake area, 60lbs square bales, no rain, in shed $5.50. call 250-747-8416. Quality hay 55/60lb sq. bales, grass or alfalfa mix; $4.75 upick from field; $5.25 from pile; $6.25 delivered with minimum 100 bale order. (250)243-2084 QUALITY horse hay, Square bales $5.00 each. Big Lake (250)243-2222

15’ Coleman Scanoe $400. Firm. (250)620-0531

WANTED: Old lever action Winchester rifles and carbines. Call (250)791-6369

Trades, Technical CLASS 1 or 2 Drivers, no air brake required. Adventure Charters is looking to hire casual and on call drivers for 20 to 29 passenger shuttle style buses. Great opportunity for recent retirees who want to keep active and busy! Drop in and see Randy Gertzen at 84A Broadway Ave N with a driver’s abstract or email a resume to

Services 250-398-8116

655 N Mackenzie

is now hiring!

Front Counter Staff All Shifts

We are looking for strong customer skills & the ability to work in a fast paced team oriented environment. We offer an excellent bene¿t package. Please apply in person with resume to: 1059 Hwy 97 Williams Lake, BC Between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm

Art/Music/Dancing INSPIRE your children to be creative and expressive through music! Group keyboard lessons for children ages 3 - 9 that include singing, rhythm, movement, composition and more! Find a teacher near you 1-800-828-4334 or

Financial Services

Merchandise for Sale

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.

Merchandise Rentals Full time and part time kitchen & front counter attendants required. Must be available for all shifts including weekends. Apply in person at the highway location or online at An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call (780)723-5051 Edson, Alta. Bartender required. $13/hr & a cook $13/hr. Shift work. Phone (250)297-6241 or drop resume at Oasis Pub, McLeese Lake. Experienced mature cook & waitress needed at Dog ‘N Suds. Please drop off resume. Full time butcher needed. Must have 4 yrs. experience in boning, cutting, & trimming. Wage $17.00/hr. Email resume to:

WEEKEND ROUTES AVAILABLE *605-635 Hull Rd 613-874 Roberts Dr.* *57-195 Fifth Ave. S. 71-314 Seventh Ave. S. 26-98 Sixth Ave. S.* *1300-1585 Eleventh Ave. N*

Pets 1 Bichon/Maltese female puppy, ready to go. Has had 1st shots. (250)398-2223 CKC German Shepherd pups intelligent,versatile, family compatible, contact or call (250)3032269 Mastiff - Dane Pups for sale. $1000. Ready Sept 5/13 Call: (250)396-4322

FURNISHED room for rent. Student or professional. $425/mo inclusive. 392-6360 or 302-8112



Drive a little Save a lot Giant Auto Auction. Need a vehicle? Buy direct and save thousands on your next vehicle purchase, over 150 cars, trucks, suv’s, 4x4’s and vans. Selling on behalf of bankruptcies, repo’s, leasebacks and police recoveries. Don’t miss the huge savings. Sat, Aug 17th @ 11:00 am. Call Auction World 250-765-5282 Kelowna, BC.

$100 & Under


10 Dozen Canning $20.00, (250)296-3066 Canning jars quart $4.00 per dozen. (250)398-6643

Depot for batteries, rads, copper, aluminum, catalytic converters, alts. and starts. Will p/u, will pay cash! Phone 250-398-0672

Jars size. Call

$200 & Under

Pets & Livestock

Chain Link panels 6X10 w/without doors $100 & up, (250)398-2093

Feed & Hay

$300 & Under

Excellent quality cow & horse hay, large round & large square bales. “2013 hay available.” Phone early a.m. & evenings. Deliveries available (250)398-2805

Hot Tub, fiberglass, 6-person capacity. Pump & heater incl. not used for 1 year, $250 OBO (250)305-6350

Help Wanted

JOB OPPORTUNITIES Processor Operators Bush Mechanic Excavator / Cat Operator

Westline Harvesting Ltd. requires experienced Processor Operators, Bush Mechanic, Excavator / Cat Operator for Full Time work in our Williams Lake area commencing August 12 2013. Westline provides stable, consistent, long term employment. We pay industry competitive wages, and provide an extended health care plan, dental plan, disability insurance, life insurance and a registered pension plan package. Interested applicants should fax their resume to 250-392-2836, email their resume to or drop their resume off in person at 4605 McRae Street in Williams Lake.

*3000-3039 Edwards Dr.* *110-114 Cygnet St. 104-134 Mayfield Ave. 907-1068 Proctor St.* *1123-1298 Lakeview Cres.* *40-40 Lakeview Ave. 91-177 Lakeview Ave. 1000-1099 Pine Cres.* *318-696 Sunset Dr. 902-1012 Toop Rd.* Please call Sherry Parker at (250)392-2331

Small Ads work!

WESTERN WOOD HEAT LTD. In search of Installer/Helper/Sales. Must be physically fit and enthusiastic, have good communication skills, willing to serve customers, answer phone calls and take notes/messages. Can not be scared of heights, must be able to climb ladders and not afraid of getting dirty. Resumes can be dropped off at 1515 Hwy 97 S. No phone calls please. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

2.2 Mercury Outboard motor, 2 cycle model. $400. Firm. (250)620-0531


Wicker Deck Set, incl: Gazebo, loveseat, 2 chairs & table. Excellent condition. $500. (778)412-1871

Legally obtained firewood, Timber #A91272, $150/measured cord, price will increase Sept 1, 2013 (250)267-7950 Leave message Volunteer needed for pensioner with arthritis at Puntzi, 5 cords 20” wood, 1(250)4811155



$500 & Under

TOOSEY INDIAN BAND JOB POSTING HOME CARE NURSE The Toosey Indian Band is seeking a part-time Home Care Nurse. Duties include: plan, deliver, and evaluate the care needs of acutely, chronically and terminally ill clients of the Toosey Band, initiate referrals to other professionals or agencies where required, provide education and counseling to clients/families/ caregivers, collaborate with other interdisciplinary team members in the provision of home support services, supervision of some staff and management of program budget. Qualifications: • Bachelor Degree in Nursing, including or supplemented by training in community health nursing; or graduation from an approved diploma school of nursing and at least 3 years experience as a community health nurse or equivalent education and experience • Current practising membership with CRNBC • Experience in a supervisory/management capacity • Previous Diabetes Nurse Educator experience an asset • Familiarity with First Nations culture and traditions • Computer experience • Current CPR and First Aid Certification • A Valid BC Drivers License is required • A Criminal Records Check is mandatory Salary: Negotiable, competitive with First Nations Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada Please submit resume by fax, email or hand delivered to: Teresa Johnny, Health Director fax: 250-659-5601 Closing for resumes will be August 26, 2013 We thank all applicants however only those short-listed will be contacted.

TOOSEY INDIAN BAND JOB POSTING ALCOHOL & DRUG COUNSELLOR Part-Time 20 hours per week GENERAL: The Toosey Indian Band has an opening for an Alcohol & Drug Counsellor. Reporting to the Health Director, the Alcohol & Drug Counsellor will be part of the health team in the Toosey community. Working with one or more team members, the A&D Counsellor will assist in the delivery of health promotion, prevention and aftercare programs. DUTIES: • Maintain confidentiality on all matters related to the Toosey Indian Band, and members • Provide one-on-one and group counselling sessions • Make referrals to outside agencies when needed • Document all counselling sessions and maintain accurate files • Provide the Health Director with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports • Coordinate, and participate in workshops • More specifics will be addressed with the hired individual POSITION REQUIREMENTS: • Grade 12 miminum • Successful completion of substance abuse counselling certificate program • 2 year minimum counselling experience • Knowledge of Chilcotin Language would be an asset • Strong verbal and written communication skills • Strong case planning and client assessment skills • Demonstrated skills with addictions based counselling techniques • Must comply with the conditions of a criminal records search and oath of confidentiality • Valid Drivers License with reliable vehicle

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• Soften lines around the mouth • Volume lift and cheek enhancement • Botox Cosmetic and Juvéderm ~ Terrific Alone. Better Together

For a new younger you Dr. J.D. Neufeld • 250-392-7227 • 402 Borland St

FOR ALL YOUR AUTO REPAIRS Serving the Cariboo since 1981

Government Inspections Shuttle Service


Licensed Technician

Tuesday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Saturday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

A.R.S. Enterprises Ltd 1075 N. Mackenzie Ave.

Phone 250-392-3522 • Fax 250-392-3548

Country Cottage Welcomes Donna Donna Bergen Unsure of colour? Let me introduce you to a few foils! Call and book your appointment today!

Evening appointments available!

Open Monday - Saturday

Country Cottage Hairstyling 250-398-STYL • 250-398-7895 • 250 Barnard St.

COMPUTER SERVICES • Software & Hardware Installation • Computer & Router Set Up • General Computer Help 250.392.7629



Mobile Audio Service

Industrial Audiometric Technician Industrial / Commercial / Logging / Construction Dwight Satchell Box 4105, Williams Lake, BC V2G 2V2 250-392-2922 • 1-866-327-8678 Fax: 250-392-2947

Advertising is an investment that can help a store’s turnover and net profit

Salary: To commensurate with experience Closing Date: August 26th, 2013 Apply to: Teresa Johnny, Health Director, Toosey Indian Band Box 80, Riske Creek, BC V0L 1T0 Fax: 250-659-5601 Resumes with cover letter and three references will be accepted by mail, hand delivery, fax or email. The Toosey Band thanks all applicants, however only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Gilles Mailhiot

call me!

Brenda Webster

Advertising Consultant

250-392-2331 188 N. 1st Ave.

The Willams Tribune 16, 2013 Williams Lake Lake Weekend Friday,Friday, AugustAugust 16, 2013 A21 A21

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate

Real Estate


For Sale By Owner

Houses For Sale


BOUTIQUE Buy • Sell • Trade New & Used Quality Furniture 4900 sq.ft. of browsing space 64 N. Broadway 250.398.5649

3bdrm Cabin at Horsefly Lake. 100’ waterfront; nice beach area; power to cabin; no running water; dock only a few years old; new foundation under cabin; new front deck. $240,000. Call (250)296-4495

Heavy Duty Machinery A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20’40’45’53 in stock. SPECIAL 44’ x 40’ Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! 40’ Containers under $2500! Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph. 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Hobbies & Crafts Serger Pfaff sewing machine. Pfaff hobbylock 756 serger includes 84 large threads. Like new. Paid $1200 like new Asking $800 (250)267-3387

593 Roberts Drive 2 acres, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, updated kitchen, Stainless Steel appliances, 2 gas fireplaces, 2 car garage, and 2 car carport. $399,000 (250)392-3509 For more info or appointment to view.

40 Acre Hobby Farm with log home and second residence. B & B Potential

Real Estate Acreage for Sale PANORAMIC 58 Acres along West Fraser Road. 35 acres in hay. $124,900. 780-394-7088

Business for Sale

• 1x2 Bordered Ad LQ WKe FODVVLÀedV on Beautiful Big Lake, located 50kms NE of Williams Lake on the Likely Rd. 0.68 acres with 100 feet of shore land, 950 sqft cabin plus 160 sqft loft. Screened in front porch, 12x16 deck at back, 16x24 ft garage and wharf. $209,000 Call 1(250)243-2156 or 1(250)499-7168

Mobile Homes & Parks

• :LWK or ZLWKoXW D SKoWo • 3 times a week

Reserve your space!

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NEED NEW OR USED EQUIPMENT PARTS? We can source parts for new & used equipment for all makes of Industrial Equipment Items include: Rubber Tracks • Steel Tracks • Undercarriage Parts Hydraulics & Cylinders • Diesel Engines

1-800-811-6911 • 250-392-7755 685 S Mackenzie Ave email:

Ior  weeks (NO AGENTS)

188 North 1st Ave. 250-392-2331 Fax 250-392-7253 FOassLÀeGs#ZOtrLEXQe.FoP

FREE ACUPUNCTURE for MSP assistance (10 times)

1986 Regency 14X70, 2bdrm with a 3rd bdrm in the addition. Large storage shed included. Located in Wildwood Trailer Park. Pad Rent $255/month asking $48,500 (250)398-0464

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

143 4th Avenue South Free consultation Yorston Medical Building coupon 2nd Floor

778-412-0153 If you operate any motorized recreational watercraft in Canada you need a

Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Fred Nohels

250-243-0066 Email:

3 bdrm Double Wide Mobile Home #26-1700 Broadway Ave S Executive Style Home Short walk to Golf course club house, Approx. 4400 sq. ft., includes 3 car garage & partially finished bsmnt. Corner lot, access to back, property approx. 1/2 acre. 3bdrm, 3bthrm, 3 fireplaces. Large kitchen, family room Central Vacuum, new roof, furnace,flooring, appliances. Large deck off kitchen area. Asking $450,000 Ph. (250)305-6886

in Adult Park, level lot, lots of parking space, perfect view of Williams Lake

$59,000. obo (250)392-5095

One of a Kind!

166 Country Club Blvd Sunday, Aug 18th 9am -12pm No early birds Leftovers from your Garage Sale?

Moving Must Sell

2010 Moduline Mobile Home 3 bedrooms, comes with washer, dryer, fridge, stove & a 2010 wood shed (10x14) Moving must sell at a reduced price for a quick sale.

Quiet & secluded, 1300 sf mobile w/addition on 10 + acres overlooking the mighty Fraser River. Million Dollar views, storage sheds, gardens, dog kennel located in the Pablo Creek area. Reno’d inside & out. Hiking, biking, fishing, horse riding trails & wild life at your back door. $194,000 Call (250)398-5986 Serious Inquiries Only!


Asking Price $64,000. Firm (250)398-9396

Recreational 5 acre lot on Summit Lake with 816 sq. ft. furnished cabin c/w 3 bedrooms, propane stove, fridge and wood stove. New renovation include: foundation by Techno Post, 8x20 floating dock, Selkirk chimney and two sundecks. Total costs in excess of $30,000. 2013 assessment $144,600. Selling price $144,000 obo. 964-8446

Please consider donating your soft goods to Big Brothers & Big Sisters Recycling Program Purple bins are located at:

Share Shed •Surplus Herby’s Canadian Tire • Safeway

Thank you for your support For further information 250-398-8391

Estate Garage Sale

Sat Aug 17 & Sun Aug 18

9am - 3pm 650 N 5th Ave LANE Quality ladies clothing size s/m, shoes, jewelry, sewing fabrics, crafts, Christmas decorations, misc. household items & Avon gift items Kid DVD’s. Come Check It Out!

Garage Sale Sat Aug 17 & Sun Aug 18 9-2 #20 trailer in Pine Valley Trailer Park New fridge, oak desk, TV & cabinet,12’ pool, basketball hoop, kitchen cupboards, books gardening & mystery + kids stuff. Everything Goes!

GARAGE SALE Saturday, August 17th & Sunday, August 18th 9am - 2pm 1000 Slater Street Lots & Lots of Stuff!

Multi Family Garage Sale Saturday, Aug. 17th 8am-1pm 512 Winger Rd. Check it out! Multi Family Garage Sale Saturday, August 17 9am - 3pm 542 Hodgson Rd. A little bit of everything.

We’re Moving on September 3 to 25C South 4th Avenue (next to Safeway on 4th Avenue)

Not-For-Profit Thrift Store All proceeds to local groups

‘local people supporting local needs’ 250-392-7787

Self Serve Bottled Water Filling Station • Open 24 hours a day • $2 for 5 gallons


Home Environment Centre Inc 250-392-4440 260F Broadway Ave. N.

beside ICBC Claim Center - follow the signs

Consistent Advertising = Familiarity = Trust = Customers

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent

Business for Sale

Despite every technological advance, business cards remain an essential business tool.

Phone: 1 (250) 620-0006

Misc. Wanted

SELLING 1,000 feet of 3in. irrigation pipe with couplings for $1200 OBO. Phone 250-7902226


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Certified Examiner & Instructor

WANTED: Old lever action Winchester rifles and carbines. Call (250)791-6369




Drive a little Save a lot

11hp Honda pressure washer, new wand, extra long hose. $1450. obo (250)296-9058 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper?


Recreational Cottage

Misc. for Sale

Giant Auto Auction. Need a vehicle? Buy direct and save thousands on your next vehicle purchase, over 150 cars, trucks, suv’s, 4x4’s and vans. Selling on behalf of bankruptcies, repo’s, leasebacks and police recoveries. Don’t miss the huge savings. Sat, Aug 17th @ 11:00 am. Call Auction World 250-765-5282 Kelowna, BC.

BEAUTIFUL updated home with an excellent view. 4 bdrm, 2 ½ baths, water softener, attached garage, central vac, wood heat or electric. Laminate flooring throughout, Plenty of room for RV. Large workshop, backyard backs onto a treed park. Close to all schools and college. $258,000. Call to view 250-267-1495


You can trust me with your advertising.


1 (250)620-6804 or 1 (250)620-3338

Lovely units, new paint and floors, no pets, laundry facilities available. 250-392-2997

Serious inquiries only.

1bdr. apartment, 1144 N. MacKenzie Ave. f/s n/s n/p. $475 + heat. Avail Sept. 1 (250)303-2233

Return all your empty beverage containers to a Return-It Depot for recycling. Find locations at

Lori Macala

Advertising Consultant

188 North First Avenue Williams Lake, BC V2G 1Y8 Bus: 250-392-2331 Fax: 250-392-7253

A22 A22

Friday, Friday, AugustAugust 16, 2013 The Willams Tribune 16, 2013 Williams Lake Lake Weekend






Apt/Condo for Rent

Misc for Rent

Antiques / Classics

Off Road Vehicles



Senior Assisted Living

Available immediately. Renovated and in a secure building. 250-392-9171

One of a kind in an excellent neighbourhood. Completely handicap accessible, no pets. Low income available,must have references. 250-302-9934



1 & 2 bedroom suites. Most desirable apartments for seniors. Clean and quiet. Next to Boitanio Park behind Boitanio Mall. Suite comes with heat, hot water, elevator, patio or balcony, fridge, stove and dishwasher. Laundry facility on site, no pets.


In quiet clean building, heat and cable included. 250-302-9108

Mobile Homes & Pads 2bdrm mobile home, w/d f/s., n/g heat, Dog Creek Rd $650/mo. +util. (250)392-5667

Williams Lake Seniors Village

1-800-222-TIPS 2&3 bdrm. houses. 2 full bathrooms, n/p F/S Please call (250)392-7617.

Apartment Furnished

2 bdrm on 1/3acre couple of little shops, wood/gas heat,$1100/mo for viewing 4597 Dallas Rd (Wildwood/Bull Mountain) (250)3985111


Fully furnished suites in different locations. These are hotel ready and in lovely condition.


Homes for Rent 2 bdrm house with acreage. N/S. Good renters wanted. 15 min. north of town. $1500/mo. 250-989-0361 or 250-2452900

3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath House on South Broadway in Williams Lake. F/S, W/D. Hardwood Floors, Fenced Front Yard, Large Deck. $1200 per month plus utilities. 250 398-6154

3bdrm house in town, $1175/mo incl heat & light, w/d Recently updated. n/p n/s r/r (250)392-3907 (250)392-5019 3bdrm house in town, f/s d/w w/d included. $1150/mo +util. Call 587-433-6795 or email: Avail Sept. 1st.

Commercial/ Industrial PRIME LOCATION Two 20’x50’ Bays for rent. Has many extras. Also, 1300sqft retail space. 565 N. MacKenzie Ave. Call (250)392-7313 or (250)392-5915 evenings

Duplex / 4 Plex 2&3 bdrm suites in 4-plex downtown, $635. & $725. w/d hook-ups (250)398-7552 2-bdrm. suite in 4-plex, downtown,clean freshly painted heat included, coin w/d, storage, small dog/cat ok, $726/mo. Avail. August 1st (250)296-4429



Big Lake Community Hall Lakeshore setting, fully equipped kitchen, reasonable rates Weddings, Private Parties, etc.

Large waterfront 3bdrm, 2 1/2 bath home in town. 5 appl. $1800/mnth +util. n/s n/p ref. req’d. Call Mark (250)3057742 Litzenburg Cres., 3bdr. top floor of house, w/d, patio, yard, pet friendly, excellent cond. $895/mo. (250)392-9119 Newly renovated 4bdrm top floor of house 2 bath, 5 appliances, South Lakeside, quiet, great view $1200/mo +Util. damage deposit, r/r, no drugs, Avail. Sept. 1 or earlier (250)267-7325 Reduced 3bdrm house,Top floor. View of the Lake, quiet area, F/S, no dogs. Call (250)392-3037 after 5pm. Rental Home in Westridge Estates. Beautiful view of city. f/s & dishwasher incl., optional w/d, 2bdrm, 2 bath, quiet area, suitable for adults, n/s, n/p. Superior references required. (250)392-3730

Water Front on Williams Lake

Enjoy Luxury Living

Misc for Rent 2-85 S 3rd Ave


References Required 2 bedroom top floor of executive 4plex $1050 + hydro Top floor of multi family unit, 3 bedroom $1000 utilities included

Call Marilyn Martin

Your Property Management Specialist

250-392-2253 • 250-855-7127 (Cell)

Shared Accommodation Roommate needed to share small 3bdrm house. $450/mo incl util. $150 S/D (778)4120040 Tue & Wed before 6pm and Mon, Thurs & Fri after 6pm




250-392-4777 or 250-305-5251

Pioneer Complex, 351 Hodgson Rd

Suites, Lower 1bdrm bsmt suite close to university. $625/mnth inc. heat & hydro, n/s, n/p, r/r. Avail Sept 1st (250)305-9197. 2bdrm ground level, close to school and bus stop r/r, $800/month utilities included n/p (250)305-1213 2bdrm suite for clean, quiet, responsible person, no parties, downtown, n/s n/p r/r $750.00 per month plus utilities (250)392-4314 2 bedroom ground level large windows cable t.v. internet own driveway, utilities included, mature persons, n.s., n.p., r.r., laundry room, deep freeze. $750. 392-6520 leave a message thank you. 4 bdrm House in W.L. Walk to school/university. Available Sept 1. $1375 + util. N/S N/P Good references only. Call or txt (250)208-3005 or (250)3922390. Fully furnished 1 bdrm / 1 person exec. suite in town incl. util., internet, cable, w/d, n/s, n/p, $650/mo. Near rec center. Available Sept. 1st Large 2bdrm suite, n/p n/s Quiet working person preferred $650/mnth incl util. Avail immed (250)392-4642 Private 2bdrm suite in town. n/p, n/s, incl. utilities, w/d optional $800/mo (250)392-6504

Suites, Upper

250-243-0024 At 1927 Bass Rd 3 Bed 2 Bath 1500 sqft Beautifully Renovated Home. Live the dream for only $1,807 month plus utilities. Call Samantha now before someone else snaps it up: (250)267-2594

Rooms for Rent For a fully employed male, full use of rec room, tv etc. $450/mo. (250)392-3810 or (250)267-7878

1957 Pontiac Sedan 4 door, 3-speed, new 6 cyl motor, tires, very good condition, lots invested. $6500 O.B.O. Interested? Call (250)398-6651

2006 YZ 450 F

We’re on the net at

Auto Accessories/Parts

Newly updated 3 bdrm 1 1/2 baths, f/s, d/w, w/d, r/r, d/d, good location, fenced yard, n/s, one yr lease, pets? p/d. $1200/mo util. included avail Sept 1st. Call after 5pm (250)392-9484 Spacious, furn. 2 bdrm. suite, sat TV, quiet & private, bus & school close, pet on approval, avail Sept.1, ref/req. $750/mo +hydro. (250)392-6750


3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE “Perfect Condition” Excellent location and close to all schools. Parking garage, W/D included. References Required. 250-305-4970 or email to

Drive a little Save a lot Giant Auto Auction. Need a vehicle? Buy direct and save thousands on your next vehicle purchase, over 150 cars, trucks, suv’s, 4x4’s and vans. Selling on behalf of bankruptcies, repo’s, leasebacks and police recoveries. Don’t miss the huge savings. Sat, Aug 17th @ 11:00 am. Call Auction World 250-765-5282 Kelowna, BC.

1997 Chrysler Intrepid Car, Brown, very clean, low miles, new battery, thermostat & sensor, power windows, air, spare tire and Jack. Ready to go $2,600 Call (250)392-6333 after 5 Weekdays.

Cars - Sports & Imports


10’ Bigfoot fiberglass fully insulated camper shell with overhead queen size bed, air conditioner and heater mounted on a 16 ft. car trailer with dry box spares. Ideal for hunting, mining, week-enders etc. In Likely Area. $3,000 O.B.O. Leave Message (604)855-5992

1994 Starcraft Tent Trailer Good condition, Queen & Double, New Battery. Indoor/Outdoor stove. Portable Toilet, spare tire. $2000. Phone Dan or Wendy (250)392-9715

1996 Nomad Travel Trailer 20.5’ Bedroom & dinette, Sleeps 4. Super Clean. $7000. (250)392-0451

1996 Terry Travel Trailer 29 1/2 ft., living room slide out, queen-size bed, microwave, full bathroom, livingroom slide-out, sleeps six. Hardly used. $11,000. (250)392-5779


FOR Sale, A Sweet Car 1961 Studebaker 2 door Hawk fully restored to original condition with collectors plates insured for road. Runs great, beautiful interior and exterior, and a 1958 Silver Hawk in bad shape, Both for $19,900. Call 250-593-4475 Richard



Hot Shot Deliveries Anywhere In BC

250-392-3700 • 250-398-5260 evenings

1993 Volkswagon Jetta GL, 280,000kms, 5spd, Diesel, 55mpg, 4dr, serviced regularly, looks good, runs great, comes with extra mounted tires. $2950. obo (250)2969058

2003 Mazda Protege

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Has maybe 50 hrs, like brand new, looked after well. Still original rear tire. $4500 Ph. (250)303-1180

Cars - Domestic

4bdrm mobile home fridge, stove, close to casino. n/p (250)392-7617

1 - 2 bdrm apt F/S Dishwasher and A/C in most units. Quiet Good references only. Ask about our incentives. Call Bernice 250-305-1155 pics at

Reserve your space!

4 Blizzack winter tires on Volkswagon mag rims. Studless tires. 195/64R15 $650. (250)392-5824

3bdrm mobile at 150 Mile. Close to shopping center and school. n/p (250)392-7617


Despite every technological advance, business cards remain an essential business tool.

Independent Living Suites

Wheelchair accessible. One bedroom available. 55+, Quiet, Pet Friendly With a safe and secure environment. Appliances included. Laundry facilities. To view call Laurette at 250-305-3318.

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Do you have a NON-performing asset? Want to change your cash flow? Our team has a 10 year track record & several thousand customers that have come from the company.


Art Saari & Gerald Doering 250-398-2275 • 250-303-0631

If you or someone you know is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or suffering the pain of a past abortion, there is compassionate, non-judgemental confidential support available.

Phone or text 250-267-5081 Email

Creating Advertising Solutions for YOUR Business Give me a call

Lisa Bowering 250-392-2331

250-392-2331 188 N. 1st Ave.

Publisher/Sales Manager

Mom & Me Daycare Multi-age (0-12 years) in-home daycare Opening Sept. 3, 2013 Registration Aug. 19 - 23 Experienced child-care provider licenced • full program

Sabrina Wheeler 250-398-5543 1998 Gulfstream Friendship 40’ Motorhome 1 Slide, 50,000 miles, excellent condition, new tires. Just serviced, 330 Cummins diesel, Oak interior , tow car available. $60,000. firm (250)392-4615 1999 Damon Challenger Class A Motorhome, Ford V10, 33’, one slide, 92,000 km, new tires, brakes & batteries, $24,900 obo. (250)365-7152 Castlegar

Put your message here

for more information phone

250-392-2331 and ask for Brenda, Lori, Lauren or Lisa

Williams Lake Weekend Friday,Friday, AugustAugust 16, 2013 The Willams Lake Tribune 16, 2013




Trucks & Vans A23 A23



Legal Notices

Drive a little Save a lot 2008 Dutchman Sport 27B Sleeps 7-9, walk around queen bed, bunks, great shape. $9800. (250)296-4429 For Rent: 2008 28’ RV Trailer, sleeps 9, queen bed & bunks, can deliver to lake. So you can just enjoy it! One week/$475. (250)296-4429 (150 Mile Hse)

Sport Utility Vehicle

1996 Suburban Runs Great! Newer motor with 100,000kms. Recent tune up, new intake gasket, ball joints and leaf springs. Moving must sell! Asking $3,500. (250)243-2119

Giant Auto Auction. Need a vehicle? Buy direct and save thousands on your next vehicle purchase, over 150 cars, trucks, suv’s, 4x4’s and vans. Selling on behalf of bankruptcies, repo’s, leasebacks and police recoveries. Don’t miss the huge savings. Sat, Aug 17th @ 11:00 am. Call Auction World 250-765-5282 Kelowna, BC.

2004 F150 Lariat 4X4 Fully Loaded, Power Everything, 182,000 kms. $9300 O.B.O. Will consider Traders. (250)392-1501

2000 GMC Yukon XL 2500 Great family vehicle.

$8000. OBO (250)398-6180 MAKE US AN OFFER!

2005 Yukon Good condition! Leather interior, Sunroof, DVD player. 220,000kms Well maintained. Asking $10,000. Call (250)392-5787 2010 Jeep Sport Wrangler 3.8L V6, 6 speed. Removable hard top. 26,200kms, like new. $15,000 (250)392-9711

2003 Four Winns Fish & Ski Freedom 180 F/S,

Our classified ads are on the net! Check it out at

fully serviced 4.3L VOLVO PENTA engine, removable side windows for more fishing room, tilt steering, removable seats with interchanging seat posts, rear entry ladder, front control for rear leg trim, full cover with anti pooling poles, electric motor off bow for fishing, custom matched trailer, Bimini top.

This is really a great boat!! $15,000 obo. (250)354-7471 Nelson

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Lyonheart Woodworks & Cabinets Custom Furniture, Cabinets, Countertops, Storage Solutions, Moulding & More

250-267-5117 Terry Lyons Owner


2007 Dodge Ram 1500, 72,000kms, Superchips programmer, Air bags, 20” rims, colour matching canopy. $22,000 obo (250)392-0975

Seats eight. Fully loaded. Bush bumper and extra lights. 238,857kms. Automatic.

16’2” Malibu Bowrider with 115hp Merc O/B & trailer. Great shape. $5400. (250)398-6113

ADVERTISEMENT To; Leonard Soloman (AKA Brian Solomon); Amanda Debbie-Leigh Inglis; Virginia Geoff ; (AKA Virginia Jeff); Ron Currie; Leonard Deroso, and Dorian Madden. TAKE NOTICE THAT On Aug 2nd, 2013, an order was made for service on you of a Notice of Application for an order for Production of Records issued from the Williams Lake registry of the Provincial Court of British Columbia in preceedings number 31975-1 by way of the this advertisment. In this application, disclosure of government records, which may contain information about you are being sought for use in the court proceedings. You may obtain from the Williams Lake Court Registry at 540 Borland St., Williams Lake, BC a copy of the notice of application for an order for production of records. This Advertisement is placed by Shawn Buckley, who’s address for service is, Buckley Law Office, 588 Braemar Dr., Kamloops, BC.

Sell your vehicle in 4 Papers One Price

2008 F150 4x4 XLT Ext. cab, Long Box, A/C, Cruise, PW, PDL, PM, Heated mirrors, Canopy, tow package. Truck is in Kamloops will deliver. $9000. (250)682-5404 93 CHEVY SILVERADO EXTENDED CAB 1500 2WD, 350 AUTO, PW, PDL, ICE COLD A/C, TOW PKG, REAR SUSPENSION AIR BAGS, ECONOMICAL RUNS ON GAS OR PROPANE, VERY CLEAN, EXCELLENT MECHANICAL COND, CANOPY AND NEW WINTER TIRES INCLUDED. $3500. 250-392-5067 EVES, 250-303-2393 DAYS. Chevy Heavy Half, ^ stud rims, propane complete 100 L tank, blown motor parts only. (250)989-4207

Let me make your

RENTAL INVESTMENT HEADACHE FREE by providing all the needed functions to operate rental units

Marilyn Martin

4 wheel drive, low kms. Great Price Call 555-555-1515

Property Management Specialist

Williams Lake Realty Independently owned & operated


2-85 S 3rd Avenue,Williams Lake

after 4 p.m.



1 column x 2” ad

Sweet Deal! Like New

plus tax

Bring in or e-mail your picture

Flower and Gift Shop • Floral designer with 22+ years experience

Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Motorcycles, Recreation Vehicles, Boats, 4 Wheelers, Snowmobiles, etc.

• Large selection of Art & Giftware by local and Canadian Artisans

• 2 times a week for 4 weeks. • Once a week for 4 weeks.

• Daniel’s Belgian Chocolate



• Once a week the newspaper for 4 weeks. • Every other week COAST MOUNTAIN NEWS for 4 weeks.

cariboo advisor

250-392-2331 Fax 250-392-7253 FOassLÀeGs#ZOtrLEXQe.FoP

Sheila Chometsky

Like us on 83D 2nd Ave. S. in Hodgson Place Mall 250-392-6016

ZED-TECH ELECTRIC Commercial/Residential Licenced Electrician specializing in • service upgrades • renovations • power to outbuildings Call Joe Zombori for your free estimate Cell: 250-267-4868 • Phone: 250-392-7443

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for more information phone

250-392-2331 and ask for Brenda, Lori, Lauren or Lisa

Creating Advertising Solutions for Advertising YOUR Business is an investment that can Give me a call help a store’s turnover Lisa Bowering and net profit 250-392-2331

Brenda Webster 250-392-2331 Advertising 188 N.Consultant 1st Ave.

call me!

250-392-2331 Publisher/Sales 188 N. 1st Ave. Manager


Friday, August 16, 2013 Williams Lake Weekend

GET READY TO GO BACK! 19 N 1ST AVE. • 250-392-5923 •





KV695 (B/G)


reg. 64.99 • Velcro closure


Fresh Press



reg. 43.99


Shadow View



Character V (B/G)


reg. 45.99


reg. 54.99 • Velcro closure


Flawless (B)






$ reg. 59.99




reg. 54.99




University Mid (F)


reg. 89.99


NYC83 Low (F)


reg. 89.99


NYC83 Mid (M/F)



reg. 54.99

NYC83 SLM (F) or NYC83 Vulc (M)








reg. 59.99


reg. 64.99

Kicker 2




Spartan Hi (B)

reg. 49.99


reg. 64.99




High (M)




Mohave 2.0




reg. 49.99



Treble Yell



reg. 64.99



RVM (M) reg. 89.99


Cartel Mid (M)


reg. 99.99

6999 Tilt (M)


reg. 79.99



Telford Echelon (M)


reg. 129.99

Spartan Lite (M)


reg. 94.99


Spartan Hi WC (M)



reg. 99.99

NYC83 (B/G)

reg. 94.99

reg. 109.99

Radar (B)



reg. 99-109.99

Pure (B)

reg. 69.99


Uptown 2.0 (F)


Pure (M)



reg. 74.99


Skytop (M)


reg. 129.99


Vaider (M)


reg. 119.99


Passion (M)


reg. 99.99

reg. 49.99

Court Graffik (M/F)


Chelsea (G)





Air Force Mid (M)


reg. 74.99

reg. 129.99

reg. 49.99


1969 Special



reg. 51.99




reg. 34.99

Hot Fudge HALF Sundae PRICE • 3 pack

reg. 46.99






reg. 51.99

Simpski Gym Bag


$ 49 reg. 10.99

• choose from 7 colours





Lido (G)



Lido Rope or Lido II (F)




$ 49 reg. 16.99

reg. 41-43.99

Lunch Hour Lunch Bag

Solids or University




reg. 15.99


Manoa Leather (M)


reg. 124.99


Twilight Mid SE (M)


reg. 99.99




reg. 54-59.99


Dunk High LR (M)


reg. 109.99

Williams Lake Tribune, August 16, 2013  
Williams Lake Tribune, August 16, 2013  

August 16, 2013 edition of the Williams Lake Tribune