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Friday, August 9, 2013



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GARDEN named for Thomas

Allan WISHART/Free Press Nita Tinsley, Sophie Thomas’s oldest granddaughter, left, Emily Tinsley, Sophie’s oldest daughter, and her husband, Ted, take a walk through Sophie’s Garden, dedicated June 29 at the BC Cancer Agency’s Centre for the North.

Allan Wishart Chief Stanley Thomas said June 29 was only a new beginning. The son of the late Sophie Thomas, and a member of the Saik’uz First Nation, told a group gathered at the BC Cancer Agency’s Centre for the North, “She left us a lifelong story to tell. “Today we start another chapter.” June 29 saw the Healing Garden at the centre officially named Sophie’s Garden, in honour of Sophie Thomas, a respected Dakelh Elder and traditional healer. “It is a great honour they give my mother,” Stanley said. “She plowed a great path for me and my family.” Then he amended one of his remarks. “It’s our mom, not my mom,” he said, indicating his brothers and sisters also present. Then he amended it again. “I think I can safely say she was all of our’s mom.” Pamela Tobin, the regional director of operations for the agency, worked with Sophie on the design of the garden. “One of the stipulations for the company which won the contract to build this facility was to make it as welcoming as possible for the Aboriginal communities in the north.” So she called Jasmine Thomas, Sophie’s great-granddaughter, and asked for her fam-

ily’s input. “We pulled together a committee, which Sophie was part of. We met with the architect and planned the garden, and what would be in it.” Sophie passed away just a few days after that first meeting, but her family continued to work closely in the design of the garden, making sure the plants were indigenous, and were ones Sophie had used in her own recipes. “All the plants here have healing properties,” Tobin said. “Some you rub on your hands and then your face, and it keeps mosquitoes away. Others have healing properties for cancer treatments.” The centre and the garden opened in November, and Tobin said the healing garden has seen a lot of use. “We put the plants in last summer, and were very happy to see they all came back. You come by here anytime, and there are people out in the garden. Staff members will sit out here for lunch, clients and visitors will come out and just sit for a while.” Looking around the grounds, she laughed. “When we started the planning, in 2009, this was just a parking lot. Sophie’s dream has come true.” Sophie’s daughter, Maureen, unveiled a plaque in the garden honouring Sophie, and read a quote from Sophie on the plaque: “If we look after our earth, it will look after us. If we destroy it, we’ll destroy ourselves.”

Allan WISHART/Free Press Jasmine Thomas, a great-granddaughter of Sophie Thomas, drums and sings while Maureen Thomas, Sophie’s daughter, unveils a plaque marking the healing garden at the BC Cancer Agency Centre for the North as Sophie’s Garden, recognizing the contributions of the late healer.



Friday, August 9, 2013



Delynda Pilon Born on July 22, with his name announced July 24, it’s doubtful many children come into the world surrounded by as much speculation and heraldry as little Prince George. With British newspaper articles speculating on the effect the birth of the boy will have on the economy, gold and silver coins minted to commemorate the birth and lullabies recorded specifically for him, his birth was met with both interest and joy in England and mirrored around the world. Sharing a name with the commonwealth’s future King, the city of Prince George was drawn into the eye of the media hurricane that went, hand in glove, with the birth. The mayor’s office was inundated with calls, from both national and international journalists eager for a quote or two. “It was a crazy day, very exciting and a total surprise,� Mayor Shari Green said of the experience. Knowing almost immediately she’d never keep up with the constant calls, Green said she pulled a bit of a strategy group together, deciding early the message they wanted to share about the city. “I was really pleased,� she said. “I saw it as an opportunity, and there is a branding opportunity attached to this as this youg prince gets older. We have a bit of time to wonder what opportunities we may have around that. We know it’s all purely coincidental. They could have named him Rupert, and everyone would be talking to a different mayor.

“I don’t take it seriously, but it’s a good news story, and it gives us a chance to tell our story, and tell people why Prince George is a great place to live, about the quality of life here. “It’s an opportunity for Prince George to put it’s best foot forward.� As a way to celebrate, Green said they erected a crib and decorated it while encouraging people to donate to charity, an act the Royals have been known to support and encourage. She added the city won’t send a bunch of gifts, things the couple will not likely need, but rather a few trinkets marking the city and an invitation to join in on the fun during the Canada Winter Games. “I would be thrilled if they came,� Green said. “It would be interesting.� Meanwhile, all the media coverage following the naming of the child meant an interview with the Today Show as well as a stint on a radio talk show. She was asked if she was concerned about getting enough snow for the Canada Winter Games. “I told them we spent $5,000,000 getting it off the street last year, so I’m pretty sure we will have enough snow.� The Abbotsford councillor who suggested new names for the city last year, and who was requoted in Lower Mainland papers following the prince’s birth, also called, rather embarrassed by the story. “I invited him to come to Prince George. He is a branding professor, and we hope to hear from him what our new opportunities look like. He will come to the end of August chamber luncheon,� Green said.




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Five Finger Death Punch Equal-opportunity heavy-metal band Allan Wishart It was a heavy-metal committee. “We went around the table with each song to see how people felt about it,” is how Jason Hook, guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, describes the process of working on songs. “We’re really tight as a creative group, so everyone gets input.” Five Finger Death Punch (or FFDP) will be headlining a concert at the CN Centre on Sept. 25, and fans can expect to hear songs off The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, which will have been released by then – sort of. “We had enough songs for two albums,” Hook says, “and we were originally trying to make each record different. Then we decided to make two mind-melting albums and release them as a double.”

Which is not unusual, except Volume 1 is being released July 30 and Volume 2 later in the fall. “We had to go through and split the songs between the albums. We didn’t want to frontload the first album. “It actually turned out to be fairly easy to split. Again, we did the committee thing, and just went around the table.” Hook was born and raised in Toronto, but moved to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career. “I met Jeremy Spencer (drummer) in the mid-90s, and we became best friends. We put together a few bands, but nothing that got a deal.” So Hook hit the road, working as a guitar-for-hire. “I did gigs with Alice Cooper, Vince Neil, other bands. It was really good work.” Spencer was still working out of L.A., looking to play heavy metal. “He answered an ad from (guitarist) Zoltan Bathory, who was looking to put together a group.


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8. Union group 9. Brilliant fish 10. Hors d’oeuvres 11. It’s of miner concern 12. Evening party 13. Coming 14. Smallest 24. Toward the mouth 26. Heavily embellished story 27. Garrets 30. Like fine wine 32. Shade of gray 34. Pummel 35. Poorboy 36. Takes in 37. Church calendar 38. Island garlands 39. Cry audibly 42. Medieval poem 44. To the briny 45. Map 46. Shriveled 48. Ravine Copyright ©, Penny Press 49. Remind incessantly 35. Six-line stanza 50. Blissful interlude 71. Celtic priest 36. Joined by fusing 51. Dumbfounded 73. Bond for bricks 39. Raw-fish dish 53. Links peg 75. Shakespearean fuss 40. Prior to, to Prior 54. Adam’s-apple site 76. Beach plaything 41. Taken 57. “Wayne’s World” 77. In line 42. Tennis stroke comment 79. “____ American Cousin” 43. Concludes 58. Come before in time 80. Small gull 47. Decrees 59. Green with 81. Tamarisk tree 49. Collar vegetation 82. Lunchtime, for many 50. Annoyance 60. Raise to maturity 83. “____ O’Clock Jump” 52. Middling 61. Hollow stones 84. Balaam’s mount 53. Food fish 62. Sanctions 85. Percolate 54. Forthwith 63. Rorqual 86. “Sixteen ____” 55. Maize unit 64. Theater offering 87. Lass’s counterpart 56. Remove pins from 65. Minty drink DOWN 59. Revere 67. Bar chair 1. Mosque priests 61. Abundant 68. Finnish bathhouse 2. Stray calf 63. Withdraw from an 69. Fouled up 3. Small plant-opening alliance 72. Anger 4. Wood sorrels 64. Blot out 74. Holds title to 5. Apronlike garments 65. Beef ____ 76. Ballet step 6. Child 66. African fox 78. Australian marsupial, 70. Gilligan, to Bob Denver 7. Prowled for short

Photo submitted Chris Kael, left, Zoltan Bathory, Ivan Moody, Jeremy Spencer, and Jason Hook make up Five Finger Death Punch, the headliners for a hard-rock show Sept. 25 at the CN Centre.

“I was on the road with Alice at the time, and he called to let me know about the new group. He said, ‘He sounds a lot like you’, and I was (laughs) a bit jealous. It was like, ‘You’re seeing another guitarist?’” Spencer and Bathory started auditioning singers, and when they heard Ivan Moody, they knew they had found the man. “I was in the audience for their first showcase for the record labels,” Hook says, “and I could tell they were going to be good. They went on tour, and I started getting phone calls. ‘Our other gui-

tarist is driving us crazy. Do you want to be in the group?’ “I said OK, but that I wanted to be on the creative side as well. I said, ‘If you just want a guitar for hire, I’ve already got the best gig going with Alice.’ They said no problem, that I would be a full member of the band.” Hook gives full marks to Spencer and Bathory for their persistence in making FFDP work. “When something has that magic, you sometimes have to work to find the right combination to make it perfect. They did that.” Hook says the band is

working right now on the stage show for the Wrong Side of Heaven tour. “We typically like to go overboard with the production. You can have the greatest songs, but people want to know ‘What are you offering as a show?’ You have to make it visually compelling, so they leave the show, and they’re already planning to go to your next show in a couple of years.” Five Finger Death Punch plays the CN Centre on Sept. 25. Opening acts are Escape the Fate and other guests. Tickets on sale at all Ticketmaster locations.

More than counting trees Delynda Pilon

aspects, planning and fire protection, among other things. “We make sure all operations are in compliance with legislation,” Mosher said. “We pick a sample then the team goes into the field with the BCTS and checks things out, like harvesting blocks or bridges, making an on the ground assessment of what’s been going on in the past year.” The scope, Mosher said, is on all crown land. Whatever information is put together is made open to the public. “For every audit we do we release a public report,” Mosher said. “It takes a fair bit of analysis and compiling of information to complete. We focus on the ground in summer, in winter we focus on reports.” Sometimes it’s a bit like leap-frogging, Mosher said. It means working on a file for a time, moving to another file, then coming back at the appropriate time. “Sometimes, especially with the BCTS, the audit focuses with the government entity, but a lot of what we look at will be the responsibility of the timber sale licence holder,” he added. “The BCTS is responsible for operational planning and setting things up.” The licensee’s responsibilities include harvesting. Once they are done, the licence is transferred back to the BCTS. If there are no issues, the public will likely get a look at the report sometime before Christmas.

Members of the Forest Practices Board were in Prince George the week of July 22 to audit B.C. timber sales in the Prince George area. Chris Mosher, Director of audits, said the audits require a lot of analysis, and mean looking at everything from bridges to harvest blocks. According to the website, the Forest Practices Board is an independent forestry watchdog, doing audits since 1996. It monitors and oversees forest and range practices on public land, doing the same with the government’s enforcement of the Forest and Range Practices Act. Using a modified random sampling, field-based audits, either limited or full scope, thematic or enforcement, examine any aspect or combination of aspects of forest practices. Results are published in a public report, letting people know if forest practices are achieving government objectives. The Prince George audit will be full-scope, as are 95 per cent of the other audits the board does. The exception comes in very specialized cases, like a windrow issue on Vancouver Island, where the board took a look at how it was being dealt with. “We identify what activities on either the licensee, or in this case the BCTS • Heated In-ground • Deluxe Family Pool Facilities (B.C. Timber Service) and Sites (59 full • Laundromat its licence holders,” Mosher • 128 service, including • Store • Playground 39 pull thru) said. • Cable Available • Tents Welcome This means looking at (firepits included) • Modem Friendly harvesting blocks, roads, • Wi-Fi • 2 Camping Cabins silviculture concerns, whether or not replanted blocks are at a free-to-grow OPEN YEAR stage, something marked ROUND as a milestone, operational

• Close to Shopping, Services, Restaurants & Golfing • 21 kms of Hiking Trails

TOLL FREE 1-888-964-7271 (250) 964-7272

6.2 kms west of Hwy 97. Turn right on Hwy 16 at Art Knapps. 4433 Kimball Rd, Prince George, BC V2N 5N7 e-mail:



Teresa Mallam


Cyclist Joachim Ostertag has a dream to make communities safe from men’s violence against women. He hopes his passion for bike riding will help him spread the word that everyone can be part of his Change the Cycle. Ostertag stopped by the Free Press on July 23 to talk about his trip so far and his plans to be in Vancouver on August 10 for an anti-violence rally and fundraiser. He looks fit and tanned from the sun – and ready to put more kilometres on his bike. “I want to draw some attention to the issue of men’s violence towards women,” he said. “Men struggle with this topic whereas women easily talk about it. We have to start early teaching young boys to have respect for women. Pornography is a big problem. It puts women in a submissive role. It is very powerful among young male teens – the biggest consumers of pornographic material are boys aged 12 to 17 years old – where the brain forms images because the physical reaction to it is so strong.” Joachim Ostertag Ostertag says that being office. a man makes it easier to talk with other men about the subject of violence and his background with a men’s program allows him to anticipate and deal with any problems that may arise. “For 23 years, I have worked with men in a clinical setting. Since I had some holiday time to use up, I decided to go cycling and raise awareness. Violence against women is about power and control.” In June Ostertag set off on his solo cycling tour from Ontario. His tour slogan is: Change the Cycle of male violence towards women. “As I travel,” he said, “I collect stories from people I meet and talk about how they have been affected by male violence and how men can be the change.” In Prince George last week he attended a dugout canoe project, part of UNBC’s Native Studies course at the Lheidli T’enneh reserve where First

Friday, August 9, 2013

unexpected situations and great moments. “And that is how change works, it’s not easy. You need to have a destination and put in the miles and overcome lots of disappointments and celebrate successes along the way.” Why a bicycle trip? “You can cover long distances in a simple way without leaving a big footprint and you are close to the environment and to communities you pass through. This solo bike tour will allow me to be up close with many men and women and be able to talk with them about the changes they want to see to end violence,” he said. “I plan to collect stories from the people I meet on the way, stories about their losses due to male violence, their vision of a violence-free world and any changes they would like to see in their relationships, communities and nation.” The planned route takes him through Owen Sound, Sault St. Marie, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Vancouver Island and Vancouver.

Everywhere he stops, he plans to speak with local groups, organizations and agencies however the focus is talking to men and engaging them in the work of ending violence against women. “I will collect the stories and messages I hear in a trip diary and post them on my blog so they can be shared along the way,” he said. Ostertag hopes that the tour will contribute “in some small way” to collective efforts to make our homes, communities and country a safer place. In Vancouver, supporters will meet him for the Vancouver Bike rally and fundraiser held Saturday, August 10. The event starts at noon at UBC Fountain and then it’s on to a park at 2 p.m., where the group will meet at the missing and murdered women memorial. When it ends, Ostertag’s journey will have taken him over 5,000 kilometers from Georgian Bay in Ontario to the Strait of Georgia. For more information visit www.


A variety of floor plans and features to choose from such as: Teresa MALLAM/Free Press poses on his bike in front of the Free Press

Nations and non-native women and men have been working on building two canoes over the past four weeks. In addressing violence against First Nations women and the Highway of Tears where women went missing and were found murdered, Ostertag and daughter Sonja, who lives and works in Prince George, joined forces for part of the tour, an 800 kilometre route between Prince George and Prince Rupert. He will meet up with a second daughter, Julia, in Vancouver, who heads up the rally there. In the meantime, Ostertag will journal about his findings. “Many men are becoming more courageous and want to get involved in ending violence against women,” Ostertag says on his website. Of his bike trip, he wrote: “This bike tour will be a tough but worthwhile challenge that may push me to my limits at times and will include lots of tough guys,

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Teresa Mallam Necessity is the mother of invention. Paul Carmichael is a father who came up with the idea for a support device for iPads and tablets after watching his seven-year-old daughter, Sofie, struggle to use her new tablet while balancing it on her lap. He calls his invention The Kribbitt. Why? “Because it holds – it’s kind of funky and shaped like a frog,” explains Carmichael who stopped by the Free Press Wednesday. Currently, there is a patent pending (utility and design.) If all goes well, The Kribbitt may soon be more widely distributed. Carmichael is proud it’s being carried by London Drugs stores and if sales soar, he may have to raise his daughter’s allowance. She was, after all, the one who inspired him “We bought Sofie a tablet for Christmas and I saw her on the couch during the holidays trying to use it and I realized she needed support for it. I couldn’t find what I wanted in the stores, so I went into the garage and pulled the wires off the tops of some

five-gallon paint cans and fashioned my first [prototype] out of them. That’s how I got started.” When it was first launched this year, The Kribbitt got rave reviews from users and website testimonials. Carmichael said he used the catchy theme: ‘The 12 Days of Kribbitt’ and the orders started coming in. Now the devices are made from a non-latex rubber over wire and The Kribbitt is being manufactured – where else? – in Carmichael’s garage. He has the help of one assistant but if and when demand exceeds supply, he may have to find a warehouse and employ a whole assembly line of people. The device is unique because it can be used in many ways. Similar holding devices on the market are more limited in function, says Carmichael. This one can be placed at various angles for easier viewing and to reduce eye and muscle strain. It holds tablets vertically or horizontally, can be held in place over the hand or on the knee, adapted to fit under kitchen cabinets or used with attachments for tripods, cameras or mic stands. Its rubber cushion protects tablets from coming directly into contact with hard surfaces. Carmichael turned 47 last week. He lives in Mill Bay, Victoria however, he was born and raised in


Photo submitted Paul Carmichael with his ‘handy’ support device invention, The Kribbitt.

TOUR DE NORTH Dawson Creek – Fort St John – Hudson Hope – Chetwynd – Powder King - Mackenzie – Bear Lake – Prince George – Hixon – Quesnel – Williams Lake September 13 – 19, 2013 Helping kids with cancer and their families. We are making a difference! Please give courageously. Donate generously. Info: Erin Reynolds 250-645-2365 or



Prince George and most of his family members still live here. Not surprising, Carmichael’s father was an inventor and businessman. The Kribbitt fits all tablets (5.5 inches and over) and iPads including iPad Mini. It comes in several “fashion” colours including neon green, pink and silver. Recently, Carmichael returned from a conference and trade show in New York where The Kribbitt was seen and liked by a number of potential distributors. The support device is of particular interest to special needs groups,

especially for children and adults with disabilities and arthritis sufferers whose mobility is limited. It is durable and lightweight for easy transport and ideal for home, outdoors, marine, aircraft and other places. One of its best features, says Carmichael (besides the fact it is made in Canada) is that the device allows users to teach, demonstrate, take videos or pictures with one or both hands free. For more information on The Kribbitt visit the website at www.kribbitt. com or phone 1.888.490.0708.


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Livestock Lambs for sale $150 each 250-971-2205

Merchandise for Sale

Heavy Duty Machinery A-STEEL SHIPPING DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS Used 20’40’45’53 in stock. SPECIAL 44’ x 40’ Container Shop w/steel trusses $13,800! Sets up in one day! 40’ Containers under $2500! Call Toll Free Also JD 544 & 644 wheel loaders JD 892D LC Excavator Ph. 1-866-528-7108 Delivery BC and AB

Misc. for Sale HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 KILL BED Bugs & Their Eggs! Buy a Harris Bed Bug Kit, Complete Room Treatment Solution. Odorless, Non-Staining. Available online (NOT IN STORES). STEEL BUILDING. Sizzling summer savings event! 20x22 $4,188. 25x24 $4,598. 30x36 $6,876. 32x44$8,700. 40x52 $12,990. 47x70 $17,100. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422. STEEL BUILDINGS/ Metal buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-4572206.

Apt/Condo for Rent


• 1 & 2 bedroom apartments available • Close to hospital & downtown • Rent includes heat, hot water • Elevator to undercover parking • Fridge, stove, quality carpets, drapes • Laundry on each floor • No pets

To Rent Call:

Real Estate Apt/Condos for Sale 2 bed apt. near Parkwood , includes heat/elec/cable Adult oriented, quiet & secure n/p n/s $775 per month 250-612-9052 250-617-5147

Mobile Homes & Parks FACTORY DIRECT Wholesale CSA certified modular homes, manufactured/mobile homes and park model homes, we ship throughout Western Canada. Visit us online at or call 1-877-976-3737.

JUBILEE Apt’s One 2 bedroom Adult orientated, close to downtown & bus route. N/S, N/P. Parking.

Call: (250) 562-7172


2666 Upland Street 1 & 2 bedroom apts. Rent includes: hydro, heat, hot water, appliances, drapes and parking. Quiet, no pets

Real Estate

RV Sites REDUCED SUMMER pricing. Beachfront Avorado RV Resort. New sites for sale $44,500. Co-op Resort w/Lifetime Ownership! Call (250)228-3586 or online at:

Other Areas 20 ACRES FREE! Own 60 acres for 40 acre price/payment $0 Down, $198/mo. Money Back Guarantee, No Credit Checks. Beautiful Views, West Texas. Call 1800-843-7537.

Furn. rooms TV, Cable, internet, phone, shared kitchen & laundry, Ref. required, $375/m (250)614-9123 or (250)613-9123

Suites, Lower

Townhouses 2 bed townhouse, Alpine Village $750 plus utilities. W/D included,N/P’s 250-562-8049


Cars - Domestic

250-564-3162 VENICE PLACE APTS 1438 Queensway Bachelor, 1 & 2 bdrm Suites Balcony, Elevator, Underground parking. Heat included 45+ Building Call (250)561-1446

Commercial/ Industrial

Majestic Management (1981) Ltd. CE • OFFI ERCIAL M • COM IL • RETA Space available for rent For all your rental needs Call 562-8343 or 562-RENT

2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP V8 303HP Auto/Tap shift,black,fully loaded, 112,000km, $9900 Call 250-563-0518.

Recreational/Sale 1999 Damon Challenger Class A Motorhome, Ford V10, 33’, one slide, 92,000 km, new tires, brakes & batteries, $27,500 obo. (250)365-7152 Castlegar

Scrap Car Removal


P&R 250-963-3435 Email:

Duplex / 4 Plex


Duplex 3 bdrm 1.5 bath full basement & garage $950 + utilities. Serious inquiries only 250-962-6368





$100 & Under Raspberries for sale $15 bucket $10 if you pick 250-9626368

Shared Accommodation

439 South Ogilvie, 2 bedroom basement, big & clean $799 per month utilities included 250-961-2265


Misc. Wanted Local Coin Collector Buying Collections, Olympic Gold & Silver Coins etc 778-281-0030

Office/Retail 900 sq ft 533 Dominion St. Retail/Office space $900/mo neg + gst. Heat & Ph. not incl. Ph:Anna 563-1289 or Danillo 563-2738

Answers to puzzle NO. 285

Answers to puzzle NO. 519



Friday, August 9, 2013



.40 cents Off Gas until 2015

on select vehicles




$232 @ 5.99%-96 months


0,000 110,000




1-866-995-5911 1-866-920-4058 1-866-920-4058 STK# TK# 13RO101410 13RO 13RO1 O1101410 001410 0141 100

DISCLAIMER: All prices and payments plus taxes and fees ON APPROVED CREDIT. All payments are OAC, no money down at 5.99% for 96 months. Lowest cash prices shown above using all dealership incentives. Prices above include $589 Administrative Fee which is mandatory on purchase of used vehicles. All Vehicles available at time of Printing. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. See Dealer for details.

2649 Queensway, Prince George, BC




August 09, 2013  

Section Y of the August 09, 2013 edition of the Prince George Free Press

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